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Cell imaging multimode reader BioTek introduces the Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. The second-generation imaging reader includes added functionality to both the automated digital microscopy and conventional multimode microplate detection modes, enhancing phenotypic cellular information and well-based quantitative data.

Particle-size measurement accessories The Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyser enables rapid particle size dis-

The product’s microscopy module

tributions for both wet and dry dispersions. Measuring a particle size range of 3.5 mm to

provides cellular visualisation up to 60x

10 nm, it delivers high performance in a small footprint and enables operator-independent

magnification in fluorescence, bright-

measurements. The product now has two accompanying accessories: the Hydro Sight, an

field, H&E and phase contrast modes. The device also includes temperature

imaging accessory; and the Hydro SV, a small-volume wet dispersion unit. Hydro Sight provides real-time imaging of the liquid dispersion process in line with the

control to 65°C, CO2/O2 control, shaking and Gen5 software, designed to make

user’s laser diffraction particle size measurement. Hydro SV is a wet dispersion unit requiring just 5.6-7 mL of sample. It is provided with a

sample detection, image capture and

magnetic stirrer to ensure representative sampling and a wash-station accessory. The de-

analysis quick and effortless.

vice is particularly useful to support early-stage product development to predict and control

Millennium Science Pty Ltd

properties such as product stability, uniformity, flowability and appearance. It can also help

with understanding the processability of a new material. ATA Scientific Pty Ltd

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Exceptional Water Quality Converting tap water into high purity ASTM Type II purified water, the Pacific TII is the ultimate system for the automatic and economical production of Type II water. The Pacific TII can support daily requirements from 20 to 200 litres. Reliable, easy to operate and with low running costs, the Pacific TII is the best choice to meet your lab’s purified water needs.

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