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Biofilm detection in real time

Particle measurement system ATA Scientific recently installed the first Mor-

The presence of biofilms on sur-

phologi G3-ID in Australia at Southern Cross

faces within food and beverage

University (SCU) within the School of Science,

processing areas is a serious

Environment and Engineering. The instrument

potential cause of contamination

is intended to be used primarily by re-

of the final product. Biofilms can

searchers and students at SCU and other

be caused by bacteria including

research institutions to support cutting-

Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli and

edge research involving environmental

Staphylococcus, among others.

particles. The instrument will also be available

Biofilms are invisible to the naked eye, but now they can be

for external commercial work. Rapid and accurate characterisation of different

detected quickly and efficiently.

particles in a sample is seen as a challenge as traditional manual microscopy methods have

Itram Higiene has developed

shown to be both subjective and time-consuming. Automated image analysis systems provide

BioFinder, a product for the detec-

a means for improved statistical classification of particles, enabling differentiation based on their

tion of biofilms in open surfaces

size and morphological parameters.

and an effective tool for hygiene

The Morphologi G3-ID, from Malvern Instruments, can accurately measure particles in the range

monitoring. The biofilm detection

of 0.5 to 1000 µm. An integrated dry powder dispersion system automates sample preparation for

spray reacts in the presence of

repeatable and reproducible measurements of a wide range of samples. When equipped with a Ra-

biofilms, so the user can easily

man microprobe, the product gains the additional ability to chemically identify particles enabling the

visually identify if biofilm exists

differentiation of chemical components within a blend and the identification of foreign contaminants.

through a clear reaction to the

The instrument will be available for collaborative work with researchers from other research insti-


tutions and for commercial work through the university’s Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL).

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