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AGTA conference

’Omics for all

Genomic technology conference The AGTA conference, Australia’s foremost genomic technology conference, is an essential event for researchers and industry representatives who work with genomic technologies in a variety of contexts including platform development, medical genomics, functional genomics, non-model systems, epigenomics and plant genomics.

Speaker highlights


York City.

The session organisers have invited scientists at the cutting edge of integrative -omics research to present keynote lectures at the conference who will cover topics such as crowdfunded genomics, space missions, cancer, brain development, undiagnosed genetic disorders and the metagenomics of New Keynote speakers include:

• Associate Professor Beth Shapiro — University of California Santa Cruz, USA • Associate Professor Christopher Mason —

he conference also offers an important

to new and evolving technologies, and to hear

opportunity for computational biologists,

how those technologies are being applied to

bioinformaticians and data visualisation

genomics research.

Cornell University, USA • Associate Professor Huaijun Zhou — University of California, USA

specialists to interact with technologists and

AGTA/NZ NGS 2016 will showcase dynamic

biologists. This unique mix is one of the reasons

cross-discipline-omics research and uniquely

that the Australian genomics community has

allow genomics and bioinformatics researchers,

a dynamic cross-disciplinary and innovative

as well as industry, to interact over a wide range

approach to genomic analysis, and is at the

of topics; these will include technologies focused

forefront of analysis tools for new types of

on genome regulation: biology, phenotype

‘omics’ data.

and utility, genomics and agriculture, genome

AGTA/NZ NGS 2016 will attract staff and

diversity and evolution, human disease and

clients from all genomics core service providers

clinical genomics, plant genomics, microbial

in the region, and beyond, eager to be exposed

and single cell genomics and transcriptomics.

• Associate Professor Lance Miller — Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA • Dr Richard Edward Green — University of California Santa Cruz, USA • Professor Gregory Gibson — Georgia Institute of Technology, USA • Professor Piero Carninci — RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies, Japan

Preconference workshops Two preconference workshops will be held on Sunday, 9 October: • Bisulfite sequencing: Genomewide methylation sequencing • Metagenomics: Understanding microbial communities with next-generation sequencing Delegates can register to attend these workshops when they register to attend the conference.

What: 16th annual conference of the Australasian Genomic Technologies Association (AGTA) and the 8th Annual New Zealand Next Generation Sequencing Conference (NZ NGS) When: 9–12 October 2016 Where: Pullman Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand Registration: More information:

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