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what’s new Walkaway clinical chemistry analyser The Diatron Group has launched its walkaway clinical chemistry analyser, the P500. The medium-throughput system (215 tests/h on a typical sample mix) is ergonomically designed and user friendly, with a high level of automation. The intuitive, Windows-based software and smart architecture means the product is able to offer many features on an accessible platform. These include uninterrupted workflow, enhanced walkaway operation and remote-access diagnostics. The unit has a well-structured, easy-to-service design and ‘one window’ software featuring an easy-to-use icon interface menu and inventory management. The minimal usage of consumables and low water consumption enable good performance, while the product’s high-quality components ensure accurate results. There is also an optional ISE module available which significantly increases the throughput to over 450 tests/h. Diatron has also released a range of high-quality clinical chemistry reagents which have been developed to complement the P500 and the company’s other clinical chemistry analysers. The QC-guaranteed range includes substrates, enzymes, electrolytes, lipids, specific proteins and special tests, all with good sensitivity, precision and linearity. The reagents are manufactured in an ISO9001-certified production facility and undergo extensive performance testing for each batch and lot, ensuring minimal variation and maximum shelf life. The tests’ liquid reagents are safe and easy to use and are designed and performance-optimised for direct loading and use on the clinical chemistry analysers.

Confocal Raman microscope The inVia confocal Raman microscope, from Renishaw, enables users to study a wide range of samples with the broad range of Raman imaging techniques. The company’s suite of complementary imaging options makes it easy for users to get the chemical and structural information they need. Transmission Raman mapping is a suitable method for the fast, quantitative analysis of bulk material homogeneity. Transmission Raman mapping is said to be particularly advantageous for pharmaceutical applications such as tablet dose and blend uniformity, in comparison to static Raman transmission. Renishaw Oceania Pty Ltd


BioPure fluid path components, connect with confidence Specialists in the design and manufacture of single-use bioprocessing components. • Lot numbers moulded in for full traceability • Emulate over-moulded components full through bore diameter, no obstructions • Lower cGMP manufacturing costs through simplified production operations • Reduce process validation • Manufactured and packed in an ISO Class 7 clean room +61 1300 wmbpumps |

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