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Firmware for mass flow meters and controllers Alicat Scientific has expanded its Gas Select firmware to include a library of up to 130 preloaded gases, referenced to NIST Prop 9 and a utility for defining mixed gas compositions. The Composer utility gives users the ability to quickly program and store up to 20 personalised gas compositions directly on Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers. The utility allows the devices to

Benchtop freeze dryers

adapt to a range of laser

The Martin Christ Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus and Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus

manufacturing applications and users’ changing needs.

benchtop freeze dryers are high-performance, universal laboratory

The firmware comes on all Alicat mass flow meters and control-

and pilot systems for lyophilisation of solid or liquid products in

lers. Version 5.0’s expanded library includes up to 130 preloaded

ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles or dishes. They share a

full gas calibrations, depending on the instrument series. In ad-

geometrical likeness with large production machines and use similar

dition to many pure gases, the firmware includes six gas mixes

temperature-controlling systems.

common for carbon dioxide and helium-neon lasers. The library

The Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus and Epsilon 2-4 LSCplus units have an internal ice condenser temperature with a minimum of -55 and -85°C

has also been updated to include complete NIST Ref Prop 9 gas properties data for the preloaded gases and gas mixes.

respectively and are available with one shelf with 0.11 m useable

For precise control of virtually any type of laser gas, the Com-

surface area. The dryers are suitable for pre-freezing products on

poser module brings customisation and flexibility to accurate

temperature-controlled shelves; freeze drying (sublimation) of products

mixed gas measurement. Using the device’s integrated digital

according to pre-selected desired time, temperature and pressure

display, users can define gas compositions to 0.01% for each of

profiles; and final drying of products.

up to five constituent gases. Up to 20 laser gas mixes can be


The latest cooling techniques provide for shelf temperatures of -45

created and stored simultaneously on each device. Users who

or -70°C (pre-freezing) in the compact chamber. This permits sensitive

operate their instruments via computer can generate gas lists for

pharmaceutical and biotech products, eg, amorphous structures with

multiple devices in seconds with single line RS232 commands. As

a low glass transition point, to be freeze dried safely.

personalised gas compositions can be added or deleted quickly,

John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd

the instruments easily adapt to different flow needs in the future. Duff & Macintosh |

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