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Life On The West End

Student Lack of Sleep: Does it impact student performance in the classroom? (See pages 6 & 7)

Iowa City West High School June 1 2011 Volume 1 Issue 1

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Life on the West End Iowa City West High School Introduction to Journalism June 2011

2- Editorial: Vendors Staying Another Year 3- Balance Bands: Athletic Enhancer or Marketing Gimmick? 4- Student Savings: Pinching Pennies 5- Reviews: Cheba Hut & Ice Cream Shops 6/7- Student Lack of Sleep 8- Baseball,Softball & Raygun Updates 9- Athlete Nutrition 10- Performance P.E.: When Hard Work Pays Off 11- Intramurals: Football 14- Opinion: Freshman Nostalgia, We’ve Had Enough!

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Vendors Staying Another Year ~Blake Termini     

Every fall, a frenzy like no other sweeps into Iowa City. Monstrous RV’s crowd area streets, bringing with them thousands of screaming visitors. Town itself becomes immersed in a sea of black and gold sportswear, and mouthwatering smells of grilling food waft the cool autumn air near the University of Iowa campus. The vendors sell brats, chicken, hats, t-shirts, gloves, and the famous giant turkey legs.  Simply put, it’s Hawkeye Tailgating season and there’s no stopping it. Or could there be? This annual event is a year tradition since 1990 and in recent months has been targeted by no other than the Iowa City city council. They had initially proposed banning commercial vendors from setting up shop along the famed Melrose Avenue and serving the thousands of Hawkeye fans. Unheard of right? Not if you ask the residents of the neighborhoods around the towering Kinnick Stadium. It is no secret that with game days come lots of littering, trash and people in the streets, causing immense street congestion. The council also has noted that there are no current regulations for the vendors.   Luckily, the city council voted NOT to impose a ban on the street vendors. (At least for now). Former University of Iowa Hawkeye kicker, Daniel Murray says that his favorite part of the street vendors is the fact that, “It brought a bunch of people together to hang out.  It also was really fun to drive into before every home game.” When Murray was asked what his thoughts were when he

found out that the city council was considering a ban on street vendors, he said, “It is an interesting part of Kinnick’s tradition. It would be a loss to not have [the vendors] anymore.” Murray felt that if the vendors were banned, then, “It would take away from the tradition that is part of Kinnick.” When West High School teacher and Coralville city council member, Mitch Gross, was asked what his thoughts were when he hear that the Iowa city council was considering a ban on street vendors, he said, “I don’t like it, I think it would greatly take away the wonderful atmosphere and options the vendors provide. I was glad that the council voted not to do that.” When Gross was asked what his favorite part of the vendors at Hawkeye football games are, he said, “I love the variety of food they offer: Pork on a stick and turkey legs have become symbolic of the Kinnick experience.” Gross says that if the city council would have banned the vendors, then, “It would have diminished the experience. The street vendors play a critical role in establishing the game day atmosphere that Iowa City is known for.” Colton Haight ‘14 has a more direct tie to the street vendors than most. His family used to own Haight’s Hawkeye Meat Market and would sell as a street vendor at Hawkeye games. When asked about what he thought when he heard about the city council’s proposal to ban the street vendors, he said, “I think that they were considering doing this because some businesses make a lot of money, street vending at Hawkeye

games. Like me and my family, we made a big chunk of our yearly money during the Hawkeye football season.” Haight said that if the vendors were banned, then, “A lot of businesses would probably go out of business because they will not get the boost from the college football season.”   Haight says that an alternative solution to the problems that caused the city council to consider a ban on the vendors, instead of banning them, could be prevented by, “…coming up with some sort of policy the people must follow to prevent littering. They could put up guard rails to prevent as many people from running into the streets all the time. And as for the residents, the street vendors were there before them so if the residents do not like the street vendors, then they should move away. The vendors are a part of Iowa football, so the city cannot ban them!”   You may think that it does not matter now since the city council voted not to ban the vendors. Well it does matter. Just because the council voted not to bean them does not mean that the problem will go away. This is still a potential problem that could come up again. That is why we need to fix the problem now so we do not have to go through this every year!          

Come visit Bungleberry’s Berry Farm in Iowa City! Get a free bushel of rasberries or strawberries... no peaches. Visit Dane’s for one free small ice cream cone!

Got ance? Get Clear with Clearasil! Come into any Iowa City McDonald’s for a free Strawberry Lemonade!

-Balance Bands-

[Life on the West End-03]

Athletic Enhancer or Marketing Gimmick? By: Quentin Misiag Most of us have seen them, (or at least heard them) on the radio, television and the internet. Evolving from the days of the Livestrong bracelet fads comes no other than “balance bands”, the silicone, hologram wrist bands that are said to not only improve the average person’s balance, but heighten an athlete’s performance with “Performance Technology”. The “secret is a small magnet, located in the center of each band that is said to balance the body’s natural weight. The most popular brand currently is an Australian company’s Power Balance product and believe it or not first became a sensation on the golf course. But as predictable as rising gas prices, these brands soon became the envy of American celebrities and athletes from the likes of Robert DeNiro, Shaquille O’Neal and even newly royal Kate Middleton. Even more predictable came a domino effect rise in success thanks to no other than the American consumer. One might think with so many users and the millions of marketing dollars spent on this product, it has to work even just a little bit, right? On the website of Power Balance, they claim that “Power Balance is based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flow, similar to concepts behind many Eastern philosophies. The hologram in Power Balance is designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body”. We asked 30 West students from all grades f they believed the product was merely a marketing scam, or scientific breakthrough and if they would consider buying them. Tishay Steele (‘12) believes the hype is simply a waste of money. ‘It doesn’t seem logical that you can put on a rubber band and it will improve your balance.” We found that many people, like Steele, agreed and some students had surprising connections to the product. LIly Huber (‘13) was able to try them out for free for a demonstration. “My friend Keely Clements (‘12) works at a kiosk at Coral Ridge Mall selling them. It was the first day they started selling them and when I held it in my hand, I actually felt less balanced than without it.” Some students claimed they had tried the bands during a class period and ended up hurting themselves. Laila Abdettam (‘14) was in study hall when she had her first experience with one. “They suck! I was wearing one and trying to move alot to shift my balance. I wanted to see if they actually worked! I ended up falling,” Abdettam said with a smile. So do people have a natural “energy field” inside their bodies that when balanced just right, they can maximize sport performance and concentration? According to a recent British Broadcasting article, with the help of Simon Singh, co-author of Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial, no. To them, they are simply nothing more than a bit of rubber with clever packaging and expensive endorsements. They believe that the product has a placebo-effect on the consumers who tell themselves that by buying it, their life (and balance) will be so well improved; it’s worth the initial $30 price tag. Enough of us must have purchased these trinkets since their introduction in 2006 that the company has now expanded by offering silicone, silver and zinc pendants as well individual holograms. What’s more is that American NBA franchises have cashed in on the success with their personalized team bands. If you’re still dead set that you must have one of these ever-popular bands but don’t necessarily want to shell out $30, have no fear. A BBC Wales investigation found that there was no difference between the Power Balance brand and generics. They are currently available at Finish Line, Scheels All Sports, The Sports Authority, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Do You Believe Balance Bands Improve the Body’s Balance?



*30 Students surveyed total. All grades represented.

Photos by Quentin Misiag

[Life on the West End - 04]

Pinching Pennies By: Quentin Misiag

We’ve all seen the signs. Those painful black digits that pop up in front of us every time pull into the gas station to fill up our tanks. As high school students, its as equally hard to spend money as it is to save. Life’s hard enough without the $4 gallon gas, rising food and clothing prices and college around the corner (for some of us, the corner is right up against us). Even if you have a job, it’s still important to save money for the future. If you’re a quick impulse shopper that has trouble saving money, don’t fear, we’ve got you covered in more ways than one.

The easiest way is to get A JOB! Like most college towns, Iowa City and the surrounding area is filled to the brim with part-time seasonal jobs that may or not be related to the University of Iowa. These can include cleaning college dorms and apartments a few times a week over the summer, tutoring, or even getting the all too common mall job. Employers ARE flexible, you just have to speak up and let them know what clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities you’re involved in and about how many hours a week you can work.

How to Save Money on Car Maintenance and Gas: Even if you’re not cruising around in a hybrid, there are still many ways you squeeze a few more miles per gallon out of your car. Keep tires properly inflated: Know this: AIR is free! The next time you’re at the gas pump, check and see if the station has a tire inflator center. They’re usually located outside and don’t cost a penny to use. Just be sure to keep a tire pressure gauge (most cost around $20). Lose some weight: By this of course, it means to get rid of extra junk within your car (i.e. clothes, winter gear, toys, etc.) They can quickly add up and slow you down. Keep It Tuned: Keeping the right amount of fluids in your car, from powering steering fluid and motor oil, along with keeping the engine in tip top shape can improve fuel economy about 4%. Also, faulty spark plugs, improper fuel ratio and incorrect spark timing can have a big effect on gas mileage.

How to Save Money on Clothing: By new clothes out of season: By your winter apparel in the spring months, and summer clothing during autumn. This is when prices are at their lowest and you’ll be most likely to find what you want exactly with more choices.

How to Save Money on Dining/Groceries: Did you know that your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can offer deep discounts when you choose to eat out? When you “like” and “follow” your favorite restaurants, you are able to get coupons through your phone or email for free or reduced items. Infamous Happy Hours aren’t just for adults anymore. Many restaurants will run specials during slower periods of the day or week. Also, just by signing up for a restaurants monthly newsletter online, you will be alerted instantly as to where the best deals for the best meals are. How to Save Money for College: We’re high school students, so it’s common for us t dream big! If you have hopes of leaving Iowa to study around the country (or world), you’d better start pinching pennies now.

Quick Money-Getters! Looking for some quick ways to make some easy cash this summer? Here’s some ideas!

- Babysit your neighbors -Mow some lawns -Do some extra chores around the house -Walk your neighbors dog -Wash some cars -Dogsit -Lemonade Stand -Work at Dane’s Dairy for the summer

[Life on the West End-05]

Restaurant Reviews Q & A with Robinson

Life on the Westend sat down with Ashleigh Robinson an avid customer at the Cheba Hut. Q: What is your favorite thing about Cheba Hut? A: “The fact that they truly practice the first amendment. I find it super humorous the vibe the restaurant gives off ” Q: What is your favorite sub there? A: “The Humbolt for sure.Yay veggies.” Q: What do you think of the theme? A: “I think the theme is very much appreciated by me and a large portion of the downtown community. I think it was a cool risk to take and I very much enjoy the chill atmosphere”

Cheba Hut By Blake Oetting

Walking into Cheba Hut, a new sub “alternative” shop in downtown Iowa City, I didn’t expect it to live up to the fast food deli giants like Jimmy Johns or Quiznos. But Cheba Hut or “Cheba” as it is called by the array of reggae hipsters and college students who eat there, won me over with their fun, laid-back atmosphere and their slightly controversial but fully unique marijuana theme. The Food: Despite the superb theme choice, the food was average at best. The meat’s texture and taste was slimy and rather reminiscent of Subway. I ordered the Afghani, consisting of spicy turkey, jalapenos, and bacon. The flavor combination was rather good,

however, again, the meat was… wet… with grease. But, in spite of the meat, the bread was incredible, Panera-esque (if that’s even possible.) I got the white bread but you also have the option to choose wheat or garlic herb.The outside of the white bread was very crunchy, while the inside was a yeasty, heavenly cloud. TheAtmosphere: Located on busy Burlington Street, minutes from the Ped Mall, the shop looks plain from the outside,but just wait until you get inside. Upon your immediate arrival, you are enthralled by the marijuana themed murals on the wall, the cereal boxes strewn on the shelf, and your diverse mix of customers. I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. The “Extras”: Cheba was filled with little sur-

prises and twists. One of the most surprising things I noticed was that they had Kool-Aid on tap! (fruit punch and grape flavors). All over the wall are small stickers portraying marijuana (my favorite is a picture of a Hawkeye with a bloodshot eye), and on the tables are plants, and believe me, I did check, they are not marijuana. One of the other things that was interesting about Cheba Hut was their hemp brownies. They didn’t taste any different than a regular brownie; however, they did contain hemp seeds, which gave them a textual element which was much appreciated.

Ice Cream Shops By Nathan Peterson

Dairy Queen Dairy Queen has a drive-thru and you can’t see what they are making. Dairy Queen has three locations in Coralville ,Iowa City and North Liberty. Dairy Queen makes blizzards, twists cones, dilly bars and other cold treats. This ice cream shop is ranked 5 in taste,3 in price,5 in convenience Cold Stone Creamery Cold Stone has waffle cones and it also makes ice cream cakes. Cold Stone has two locations in Coralville and Iowa City. It makes the ice cream with ice cream spoons. Whitey’s Whitey’s has cones and milk shakes. Whiteys, a local favorite, has two locations in Iowa City and Coralville. They have many different flavors and servings styles. Whiteys has traditional flavors and many exotic flavors as well.different serving has many people that go there every day. Differences between shops Why do people like the different shops? At Dairy Queen you can use different flavors of ice cream and you can put different candies into your Blizzard. While at Cold Stone and Whitey’s, you can see the workers making your dessert and they have the products out to see.

Favorite Flavors Right: Survey Results taken from West High Staff and Students

Favorite Shops Mint chocolate chip Vanilla Cookies & Cream Cookie Dough Strawberry Chocolate Other

Whiteys Cold Stone Dairy Queen Other

I C DoWNTOwn SummeR 2011 -Don’t MissIowa City Jazz Festival (July 1st-3rd) Iowa Arts Festival (July 4th-6th)

Taste of Iowa City (Aug 24th) SAND IN THE CITY (Aug. 20th-22nd)

WE THe kings one night Only Aug. 7th 5:30 p.m. All ages show: $15 with: The Summer Set, The Downtown Fiction, Hot Chelle Rae, Action Item

Blue Moose Tap House: 211 Iowa Ave. Downtown I.C.

[Life on the West End - 06]

Lack of Sleep By: Quentin Misiag

Every morning, hundreds of West High students (along with millions of other American teens) arrive to school with one for sure thing in common: they’re completely exhausted from a complete and utter lack of proper sleep. It comes to no surprise then that they aren’t necessarily looking forward to eight hours of classes. Sound familiar to you? Why wouldn’t it? With multiple student activities before, during and after school, from sports, music lessons, school-related clubs, and part-time jobs, it’s no wonder why teens just can’t seem to rake in the right amount of zzz’s. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and many a times, those 24 hours, just don’t seem to cut it. What’s worse, the older we get, we only seem to get fewer and fewer hours of rest despite the increased responsibility. So how EXACTLY does a few less hours of sleep in your day affect your ability to function throughout the day? We asked multiple West students, from various grade levels, genders and their involvement.

Hannah Infelt (’12): Infelt, like most West students got involved in high school fresh out of junior high. She has played varsity volleyball for the past two years, played tennis her freshman and sophomore years, is active in the Silver Cord volunteering program, The University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon, Student Senate and also participates in choir. Did I mention she takes numerous AP courses? Sound stressful doesn’t it? “There is just not enough time in the day, especially during volleyball season. We’ll have practices [for West] until six, not to mention weekend tournaments that can be two or three days. It’s hard to have any catch up time and get all of your assignments done, while still having room left to socialize.” Though not shy to procrastination, Infelt still manages to squeeze about 6 ½ hours of sleep per night, usually going to bed anywhere between 11 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. With volleyball, she usually gets 50 hours of sleep per week and 52-56 hours in the off season. While in a sleep-deprived state, she admits that yes, she has fallen asleep during class more than a few times, gets distracted easily, continually wants caffeine, can become grumpy, and takes longer to take tests. To cope with the lack of sleep, Infelt has her fair share of rituals. To help fall asleep after a tiring day, she has to take a shower, then just before going to bed, must turn her lights on and off in her room and occasionally read. To stay awake, Infelt simply drinks up the caffeine (but only if its tea or hot cocoa). “I don’t like coffee at all so if I’m really tired, I’ll wash my face and shower before games and tournaments.”

Cat Rebelskey (’12) has a slightly different take on why she suffers from a lack of sleep than Infelt’s. She’s a waitress at Steak & Shake, involved in community theatre, plays volleyball alongside Hannah for West High volleyball but also frequents the gym and put socializing high on her priority list.

[Life on the West End - 07]

“A lot of time, I don’t get enough sleep because I’m dealing with people’s drama, have late night theatre, or I’m too stressed to rest.” Rebelskey was quick to note that texting, over thinking situations and flat out procrastinating were also big factors. “I get about 5 hours of sleep per night, if I’m lucky and only about 40 hours per week. “I can definitely become more than a little irritated, fall asleep during class and have a short attention spans throughout the day when I don’t get enough sleep. That’s why I try and nap after school to help me have more energy.”Secrets of Rebelskey include her routine weekly visits to her gym New Life Fitness World; listen to loud music and keeping the TV on while doing homework. To fall asleep, she simply listens to soft music, reads only sometimes and watches her favorite kids cartoon, Rugrats. For Maria Gannon (’12), getting up early has become a ritual in itself for the past three years. Every weekday morning, she gets to school at 6 a.m.-a time where the majority of us are still trying to get at least a few more minutes of shut eye- to lift weights. It’s all to prepare the Varsity swim star for the day, and for her, it definitely helps. Along with swimming for West, Gannon also swims for I-Fly, plays the flute and piano and lifeguards and teaches swim lessons at the Coralville Pool. With all of this to do, Gannon learned early on that procrastinating would get her nowhere. “I usually have I-Fly competitions one or two times a month, but it varies. I swim three hours a day from 4-7 p.m. too. Because I don’t procrastinate, I usually get my homework done fairly quickly before swimming.” Gannon says she gets anywhere between 6-8 hours of sleep per night and around 50 per week. When she doesn’t get enough sleep, it can instantly show. “I get headaches when I don’t sleep, I can’t concentrate, my memory is affected, and when I take tests, I usually have to re-read questions many times.” With all of this, it’s almost a shock that she hasn’t fallen asleep in class yet! “Before I go to bed, I listen to all types of music, that’s it. Occasionally I’ll drink tea in the morning and have a small piece of fruit or bagel before bagels, but I don’t really have any rituals to keep me awake throughout the day.”

“To stay awake, I listen to loud music and I usually have the TV on while I do my homework. I get around five hours of sleep a night, if I’m lucky.” Cat Rebelskey (‘12) “There is never enough hours in a day, for homework assignments, especially during volleyball season. I hardly can find time to catch up.”

Hannah Infelt (‘12)

[Life on the West End- 08]


Trend Alert: Raygun By Blake Oetting

Have you visited the greatest store in the universe? If you haven’t, it is time to go down to the ped mall and visit Raygun, the newest, hippest store in town. Raygun specializes in custom-made t-shirts, jackets, and pants that brand some hilarious saying and slogans. This immediate rise in popularity is due to the new, general appreciation for locally produced goods according to a Raygun representative. “I think there is a general move away from large chains and toward local distribution -- whether it’s local stores, locally grown food, or whether it’s moving from the suburbs to downtown,” said the Raygun rep. But some of the growing buzz about this store must be about the witty remarks on the items of clothing. According to the Raygun rep, some of the most popular t-shirts are: “Yay cleavage”, “Des Moines: Hell Yes”, “I listened to NPR before it was cool”, “Iowa: Wave the next time you fly over”, and “Iowa City: All of our creativity went into the name” among others. But Raygun doesn’t just sell t-shirts. They also sell sweatpants, jeans, watches, wallets, and hats. (my personal favorite are the sweatpants that display “Not everything is flat in Iowa” on the backside.) You may ask why you don’t see this trend on TV, movies, or on celebrities. This small company started in Des Moines, but has plans for the future. “Right now, we have two major projects that we’re waiting to see how they turn out. One is the Iowa city store. We may want to open other stores, but we want to see how the Iowa city store goes, how successful we are in other markets, and how long it takes to reach that point. The second is our own jeans, which are made just for us and will arrive later this month. this is our first foray into stuff other than shirts in a big way, and we’ll see how sales for these go. Those two things will kind of determine whether we want to open other physical stores, or whether we want to keep everything very Iowa-centric in terms of physical stores, and then wholesale our private label stuff to other stores as well as sell it directly online, ” said the Raygun rep. So now that you know about this new icon, get out there and shop (on 103 East College Street) and if you think you have a good idea for a shirt or jacket, contact Raygun reps on their website or call (319)-248-1258.

Softball/Baseball Update By Michaela Recker

The temperature’s rising, farmer tans are coming through, sliding scars come with the pain and the sound of metal cleats on’s season baby. Baseball season that is. With fourteen seniors graduated from last year, only __ varsity players are returning, including at least two sophomores. Could this hurt the team? Absolutely not! Starting pitcher, Ryan Rumpf has high hopes for this years team. “We haven’t won our conference in I don’t know how long, so that’s our first goal”. And by reaching that goal, the team has been working hard in the off season by lifting and practicing on their own time. Looking back on last year, the Trojans ended their season with a 31- 4 record with their disappointed faces heading back home from the state game. Losing to Cedar Rapids Kennedy in the finals was hard, but just made the determination a whole new level for this year. The Trojans opened their first game with Cedar Rapids Xavier, __(results)___ and play tomorrow, June 3rd away at Dubuque Wahlert. Along with all the supporting fans West has for the baseball team...the softball games should have a good turn out as well. The Women of Troy too have high hopes for their team. Leaving behind the good memories of winning the Mississippi Valley Conference Title last year... and the bad memories (the regional final game to a one pitch home-run loss to Xavier), the team hopes to make history this year by making it to the state tournament. “We are our biggest enemy, we cannot become complacent,” says Coach Jeff Kelley. Starting pitcher, Mackenzie Haight ’12, agrees, “ I see us going very far with our season but like good ol' Coach Kelley says... We can't be complacent!” Aside from being their own team’s enemy, you would have to think...does the team fear of playing as well as they did last year? Pish-posh, not at all. Alise Miller ’11, captain of the team, is very excited and eager to get “back in the game”. “It will be good competition to handle Xavier in the beginning of the season, we’re going to have to work hard, but I’m pretty sure this whole team would like some revenge on them.” The Women of Troy were supposed to open their season to Cedar Rapids Jefferson,but because of rain is reschedueled to June 15.,They also start with Cedar Rapids Xavier on Tuesday, May 31.They will be hosting their first home game of the season tonight at 5:30, against Linn-Mar.

[Life on the West End-09]

Best (and Worst) Foods for a Better, Faster, Stronger You By: Quentin Misiag

As high school students, we all know how it feels to be short on time, tired and fatigued. With hefty loads of homework, clubs and jobs, sometimes it’s even hard to find any time to eat healthy (or at all!) For student athletes (or those of us who simply love to look and feel good) it’s even more important to feed your body well so you can lift more, hit harder, throw farther and run faster. It’s important to not only get the most out of your workout by managing your time (and talent), but also to prepare your body before and after strenuous training. The same foods you eat before a workout or game may not be the best ones to eat afterwards. Here are some helpful tips and meal options to stay in shape and improve athlete performance all season long. Eat This! Clif Bars (any variety)

Calories: 230-250 Carbohydrates: 41-45 grams Total Fat: 3.5 grams-7 grams Saturated Fat: 0-2 grams

Fiber: 4-5 grams Sodium: 125-240 mg. Protein: 9-11 grams Sugars: 21-26 grams

Also try Larabar, Clif Builder’s, Kind and Luna Bars. Thay are made with only all natural, organic ingredients and have the essential nutrients your body needs after a hard workout: slow-burning CARBS, healthy FAT, FIBER, PROTEIN, and CALORIES.

NOT That! Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars (Cashew)

Calories: 160 Total Fat: 7 grams Sugars: 12 grams Saturated Fat: 2.5 grams

Sodium: 135 mg. Carbohydrates: 23 grams Fiber: 1 gram Protein: 2 grams

Why? Despite the brands “natural” name and ingredients, this bar is nothing more than a few cashews covered in High Fructose and High Maltose Corn Syrups, artifiical colorings and stuck together with three different types of high fat oils.

Eat This! Fage Yogurt (0%) plain 6 oz.

Total Fat: 0 grams Calories: 100 Sodium: 65 mg.

Carbohydrates: 7 grams Sugars: 7 grams Protein: 18 grams

Fage (Pronounced Fa-yeh), is one of the most nutriton-packed yogurts around. The average cup has more than twice as much protein as the average mainstream varieties and isn’t dripping with artifiical sweeteners, colors and (even sodium). Got a sweet tooth? Try their naturally sweetened flavors such as Blueberry Acai and Strawberry Goji.

NOT That! Yoplait Original (or any variety) 6 oz.

Total Fat: 1.5 grams Calories: 170 Protein: 5 grams Try to avoid meat heavy meals up to two hours before a workout and opt instead for a small piece of fruit (such as a banana or orange). Natural fruit smoothies are also a great choice.

Carbohydrates: 33 grams Sugars: 26 grams Sodium: 85 mg.

Yoplait is constantly marketing itself as a healthy lifestyle brand and claims that its yogurt has twice the amount of calcium as the leading brand. What they neglect to tell us is that their yogurt has almost as much sugar as a regular sized Snickers Original Bar (28 g. vs. 26g.), 170 calories per 6 oz. cup and a measely 5 grams of protein. Like many products, Yoplait also uses less actual milk, and more High Fructose Corn Syrup, sugar and modified corn starch.

Eat This! Kashi Go Lean Crunch! (1 Cup)

Total Fat: 3 grams Saturated Fat: 0 grams Dietary Fiber: 8 grams Calories: 190

Carbohydates: 37 grams Sodium: 100 mg. Protein: 9 grams Sugars: 13 grams

NOT That! Kellogg’s Low Fat Granola without Raisins (1 Cup)

Total Fat: 5 grams Saturated Fat: 1 gram Dietary Fiber: 6 grams Sugars; 28 grams Calories: 380 Protein: 8 grams Sodium: 220 mg. Carbohydrates: 80 grams Kellogg’s variety’s ingreidents are glued together with HFCS, “artificial flavor”, palm oil, and preservaties. Kashi’s option is not only all natural, it flat out tastes better with more protein and more fiber, while half the carbs, sugar and calories. It’ll sure keep you concentrated on your workout with continuous energy, without the fatigue that the Kellogg’s will deliver.

After a workout (15-30 min.) avoid high fat foods such as burgers and pizza, candy, chocolate or fatty meats such as bacon.

[Life on the West End - 10]

When Hard Work Pays Off By: Quentin Misiag Hard work. Dedication. Time consuming effort. The seemingly endless struggle to not only do well, but excel. Many of us associate these characteristics with academics. However, this time, they describe something completely commitment: Extreme fitness. Performance or Advanced P.E. has been a West High staple for the past 5 years and its start was no mistake. Initially spearheaded by Matt Orton, a fitness expert who has also ran fitness camps in the summer months, the course, rumored to be the most popular courses offered at West has over 200 students enrolled per trimester.(At its start, only 60 students were taking it.)Unfortunately for West, the rumors have proven to be true. Next year Orton will be leaving behind a short-lived but momentous legacy here to coach wrestling at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High. Orton’s intentions are to start a similar program at Jefferson next year but said their block scheduling may become an issue.To say that he is proud of the course he founded would be a complete understatement. “I have really enjoyed my time at West. I have had the opportunity to be involved with two large grants. The Carol White Grant brought our school the Cardio Room and the Heart Rate Monitors. Most recently, the $33,000 AdoptA-School grant,” Orton noted. With the immense success of the the program, other districts have visited West to see what is happening first hand. In turn, the class has become the envy of schools from Cedar Rapids, Pleasant Valley, Des Moines, Marion and Evanston, Illinois. “Many students don’t realize what a great opportunity they have here at West High. I have had so many student athletes return to West after going away to college and tell me how well prepared they were for the strength training at the collegiate level. Many have also stated that their high school training program was superior to what they have at their respective institutions,” expressed Orton. There has been two articles published about the programs so far, including one in Cross Fit Kids, that emphasize the influence it has had on students. Memorable moments for him also include having 200 students in one trimester finish the mile run in under nine minutes, having a student over 265 pounds perform an unassisted pull-up and overall seeing students surpass goals they thought were out of reach.

Grant Troyer ’13 curls some weights during his sixth hour Performance P.E.

“Small accomplishments are measurable and visible in strength and conditioning. It is so nice to see students reach and exceed goals they have set for themselves,” he added. Its goal is to not only better the health of students, but to significantly enhance their flexibility, posture and full body strength. Success has come spilled beyond the walls of the weight room and into the classroom. Many students have found increased concentration and better academic performance with taking Performance P.E. as well. Currently the three instructors for all three trimesters are Coach Bergman, Matt Orton and Adam Blalock, a trainer at Performance Health & Fitness. One of the greatest aspects that sets the program from the traditional physical education classes offered at West is the close student instruction. Workouts are broken down into alternating weight lift/strength training days and “Cross Fit” exercises in which students participate in intense blood pumping workouts such as rowing, running, as well as cardiovascular exercises. The first four weeks of the program are based upon a 3:2 week, meaning that students weight lift three days (Mon., Wed., Fri), and have “Cross Fit” workout days on the remaining two (Tues., Thurs.). The final four weeks then switch to a 4:1 set-up where another day is spent in the weight room getting that much more stronger. A student interested doesn’t have to be in a sport at West to be in the class, but they do have to take it seriously and know that they will need to work hard in order to see success. This is not to say that success will come immediately. Like many concepts in life, success comes with long-lasting commitment. The success of the Performance P.E. classes has since expanded beyond West High and has had a positive domino effect on the Iowa City community Performance Therapies and Performance Sport and Speed, both located in Coralville has seen a jump in memberships due to the word of mouth from the courses offered at West. According to Adam Blalock, the Sport and Speed division has its largest clientele compromised of West High students. Despite Orton’s absence next year, the course will continue, with potentially even more offerings. With these offerings comes to the possibility for even more staffing. With all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that more hard work, dedication, time consuming efforts and seemingly endless struggles to not only do well, but excel will continue for years to come.

Ryan Swartzendruber ’14 works on his body pulls ups in after shchool weight lifting.

Sam McLeran ’13 bench presses his max out.

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Do you think that football intramurals helps your football skills and if so, how?

“Definitely, it helps me get my arm back into quarterback mode again.” ~ Xavier May ‘13 Sam McLeran ‘13 goes in for the tackle on Nate Boland ‘14. Photo by Nathan Peterson

Football is Coming ~Blake Termini

The West High School football program does something that you may not expect a high school to do before season training starts. West High does football intramurals. This spring, off-season outdoor mini-football games occur every Wednesday night at the top field adjacent to Trojan Field. All it is, is one-hand touch football, nine against nine. There are a total of eight teams, where the players have the freedom to mix grades.There is also an eighth grade team made up of students from Northwest and North Central junior highs. The coaches are the supervisors and are there to keep everything organized because four games occur at the same time. Going on his fourth year as assistant varsity football coach, Andrew Durham, responded, “I think that it is good for the eighth graders to come and get involved with the football team in football activities before they become West High students because they will learn how things work and how they should act. They also get to meet the current West High students, which will make it easier for them to make the transition from junior high to high school,” when asked what his thoughts were on having an eighth grade team for intramurals. Durham said that he and the other coaches do not coach the players during football intramurals because they are prohibited from doing so in the spring by the state. “We are only there to supervise the games,” Durham stated. According to Durham, the point of football intramural is, “ get the players used to playing football again and for them to have fun in a sport they like to play. Also to get them to know other players that they did not know before.”

Sam McLeran ’13 said his favorite part of football intramurals is, “...getting back into the groove of playing football again. But I also really like playing football with all of my friends too.” When McLeran was asked if certain plays and/ or fundamentals were stressed a lot during the intramurals, his response was, “No, we do not exactly run specific plays or anything like that. We just say, ‘hike’ and then start running. The only fundamentals that we use are just basic things that we have already learned in the past, like how to have our hands out to catch the ball or how to line up before the play starts.” Anthony Batie ’14 had his own opinion on how he thought other players felt about football intramurals. “It’s actually kind of funny, because it’s only touch football that is basically just for fun and to get back into the rhythm of playing football. But everyone takes it so seriously and always talks about it and treats it like it is a real game. Which I guess is a good thing because that means that the players really care about football and their performance,” Batie said. Batie’s favorite part of football intramurals is, “...getting to play football with my friends and having a great time.”

“It for sure helps me. It gets me back into the zone of being a football player.” ~ Ryan Swartzendruber ‘14

“Yes, it allows me to get used to playing football again and it’s really fun.” ~ Keon Hunt ‘14

“Of course, it gets me used to hustling around again.” ~ Blake Bohner ‘13


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Freshman Nostalgia By Blake Oetting Based on the title of this

column, you probably think that you are about to read an uncreative, cliché story about a freshman’s trials and triumphs throughout his freshman year. You (whoever you are) are absolutely right… except for, I hope, the uncreative and cliché part. But indeed, there are many things to be said about someone’s freshman year. The ninth grade is when people find out things about themselves that set the scene for the remainder of their high school career. Things such as clubs, sports, and electives can truly make an impact on what a freshman does for his or her next four years. I know it certainly has for me… Even before school began this year, I was signed up for something that would rock my freshman world upside down. This was of course, the class “Intro. To Journalism.” (Duh… what else were you thinking?) Journalism was my one of my three electives I took this year, along with Spanish and choir. However, Span-

ish and choir are kind of CORE classes based on how many people take them. Journalism was something different, something completely new to me, and something I have loved every minute of. The teacher, Mrs. Whittaker has taught us things such as decks, jump lines, and the difference between standing and display headlines. But she has also taught us how to keep an open mind, always question, and take a stand with words. Which are some of the most valuable, and useful skills I have learned thus far in my life. In the second or third week of school (It seems like such a long time ago now!) I visited the club fair after school. There, I was attracted to many things; however two clubs truly stood out to me. Those were BPA, and student senate. I quickly realized though that my true interest would be in student senate. This was probably because the thing that initially drew me to BPA was the large popcorn maker in front of the booth… I love popcorn. Anyway, I joined student senate. At the first meeting, I fell in love with the atmosphere; I immediately was drawn

to the idea of making things happen at West High. Making a difference in this school was a challenging task, but in the end, it was completely worth it. Fast forward from September to March, while most were enjoying their spring vacations, basking in the 30 degree, cloudy weather, I was starting one of the most emotional, and gratifying experiences I’ve ever had. The West tennis team is that experience. This group of players and our coach, Mr. Gross, has instilled in me lessons I will take with me forever. Lessons such as respect your authorities, discipline, and courage have all been bi-products of a truly successful, and awinspiring few months. So what would my advice to upcoming freshman be? Join a club, participate in a sport, don’t be afraid, be yourself, and always, always, always have fun. And if this year is any indication of the next three years of my life, then I can’t wait. Goodbye freshman naivety, goodbye deliciously air-conditioned freshman wing, goodbye seniors, goodbye all until next year. Thanks for the most stressful, crazy, awesome year of my life.

We’ve Had Enough! By:Michaela Recker End of the school year, so exciting! So why do teachers pile all the homework they can find on us students? It seems to me, that teachers don’t realize what kind of schedules many of us teenagers have. This is especially common at West, where there is a plethora of extra-curricular activities going on simultaneously. For instance, many students are involved with West High’s show choir programs and a fall sport such as football or cross country. Both of these activities, among others have demanding, time consuming schedules. With this in mind, do they really expect us to have three hours of homework at night? I mean, it’s pretty clear that we have lives! Furthermore, it seems like throughout the year they just keep adding and adding more each night. During the third trimester, at a time where not only students, but yes, the teachers and faculty are more concentrated on summer plans and a much deserved break from the bustle of school,

more work seems to be assigned. In my opinion, they all get together and decide to have quizzes and tests every week, with homework per class assigned each night. With all that homework, do you think we WANT to do it? For crying out loud, school’s almost over! Summer is almost here! Freedom is but weeks away! Why on earth would should we have any motivation to sit down late at night, after a long day at school plus sports, clubs and for many students, even jobs, and do homework for every class?This is not to say that we shouldn’t have ANY homework, because I understand that’s unreasonable. Every student can admit that homework does lead to positive results. But come on! Don’t you think you should take a little bit into consideration that we ARE teenagers and we ARE stubborn, so we WON’T do it! This may sound difficult to do, I know, and it may require a little stroll down Memory Lane, but teachers and the faculty of our school need to at least try and remember their teenage years, the mistakes they had made, the countless cramming of tests,

projects put together within hours, and limited hours of rest and relaxation. We, as students honestly don’t care if we do or do not get the credit for minimal assignments this late in the year. As long as we’re not failing any classes, we will not give a damn, enough said. We will not “check Powerschool to stay updated”, “write this assignment (along with every other assignment for every other class, each project, or each extra credit opportunity) in our planner.” We also won’t come in before or after school to ask you any questions of the new book chapter or see our test scores a day sooner than when you’ll pass them back. As students we have just one simple message to all you teachers who complain and scold us about our grades and our homework and how we can be pushing ourselves more and more until the very end of the year: we’re not going to listen, because after nine months of school…WE’RE DONE!

SUMMER WORDSEARCH In between of all your finals this week, make sure to stay pumped for summer! Prepare your mind by completing this summer crossword!
















Intro. to Newspaper's Life on the West End  

Intro. to Newspaper students create publications for their final project. Check out this year's work.

Intro. to Newspaper's Life on the West End  

Intro. to Newspaper students create publications for their final project. Check out this year's work.