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From California to Massachusettes to Poland, seniors will spread across the country and world next year. Here’s where you can find them.








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Remember when you were supposed to turn in your senior future to the West Side Story? Well, now you can read about all the people that did below. Don’t forget to check out your name, sitting there, all alone.

Mohamed Abdelrahman Bryson Adcock - I plan to continue my education

at Augustana College next year. I will major in applied mathematics and business administration as well as being a part of the football team. Kathryn Alden - I am heading to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA to study biochemistry with a minor in economics. I am excited for the views, rain and to live in a place I’ve never been to! Amani Ali - I will attend the University of Iowa with an interest in physician assistance and minor in business and psychology. Bailey Anderson - I will be attending the Hospitality Arts program at Kirkwood Community College to study Restaurant Management. I will also be continuing to shake it off to Taylor Swift because she never goes out of style :)

Camille Anderson Hope Anderson - I plan to attend Wellesley

College outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the fall. I will major in physics and will likely take a lot of women’s and gender studies classes to back up all of my feminist rants that have somehow counted as coherent essays for the past three years.

Erik Anneling Joshua Anthony - I will be attending the

University of Notre Dame in order to become a hardcore scholastic. And whither then, I cannot say. Shawntice Applys - In the fall of 2016, I plan on going to Kirkwood Community College for a total of two years. Once my education there is complete, I will transfer over to Iowa State University to continue my study and journey to become a veterinarian. Nicole Asa - I will be attending THE Ohio State University and plan on majoring in molecular genetics. Go Bucks!

Kitisia Ashley Barbara Badovinac - I will be attending the

University of Iowa with a focus on pre-med and I will be rooming with my best friend.

Diariou Balde Jacob Barber - I am planning on going to ISU

next fall, although the colors seem a little wrong.

Thomas Barker Nathan Barnes - I plan to go to college and play baseball, but I haven’t chosen a college yet.

Ike Barrash - To be an Iowa State, I’m going to

engineering. Keep excellence a tradition West High! DESIGN BY JEREMY HU

Luke Barta - I plan to study mechanical

engineering at the University of Iowa. Molli Bartruff - Molli is planning on attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to pursue acting for film and screenwriting. Noon Bashir - My plan is to go to Kirkwood Community College after graduation. Leela Bassuk - I will be drinking lactose free skim at the University of Iowa. Emily Baum - I am attending the University of Iowa and planning on going into pharmacy. I will be working in a pharmacy over the summer and traveling with my friends. Alexandria Bebber - I will be attending Iowa State University to major in aerospace engineering and minor in astronomy. Jarrett Beireis - I will be attending the University of Iowa and I plan to major in computer science. I have yet to decide if I’m going to continue playing rugby next year.

Ayne’ Bell Peyton Benge - I will be attending the University of Iowa.

Jared Benson Ryan Benson Benjamin Bertell - I am attending the University of Iowa where I am looking to study marketing and sales through the Tippie School of Business. Matthew Bertell - I plan on attending the University of Iowa.

Mason Bertelli Jordan Bibby - I will be attending the University

of Iowa to major in nursing and be a Hound with my squad #gangang #Hound life #yeeyee Grant Bigelow - This summer I will be working, sleeping and I will be a Counselor at camps in Cedar Rapids and Illinois. This fall I will be attending Graceland University in Lamoni, IA, where I will be majoring in computer science. Hannah Birt - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will major in business. GO HAWKS!!! Allie Biscupski - I will be drinking café con leche and avoiding my responsibilities in Madrid, Spain next year through Rotary Youth Exchange. Catch me at the next Shakira concert.

Griffin Blackhurst Lucille Blair Chase Blatz - Next fall I will be attending the

University of Iowa, where I will be studying business at Tippie. Go Hawks. Blake Bonde - I will attend the University of Iowa with an interest in engineering. This summer I will

mostly be working to save for college.

Francis Bourges Jr. Mitchell Boxwell - I am planning to go to

Wartburg University, a 4 year private college in Waverly, IA. Drew Bradley-Estes - I plan to go to Kirkwood and/or be full time at Hy-Vee. Rory Brady - In the fall I will be attending the University of Iowa as an open major. Eva Branson - I am excited to be at the University of Wisconsin-Badger next year and am majoring in econ. Paige Brazina - This summer I will be moving to my new residence in Dallas, TX. Then in the fall I will be attending Mays Business School at Texas A&M University at College Station. Molly Breitbach - I will be attending Kirkwood for two years and then plan on finishing school on the West Coast, so when I’m stressed at least I can cry on the beach and not in zero-degree weather.

David Breno Joseph Brophy - Playing hockey ferda boys. Baari Brown Morgan Brunk - I plan on attending the

University of Iowa next year where I will be majoring in biology. Benjamin Burch - Shadow ruler-rule with a puppet-president. Ellen Burns - I will be attending the University of Iowa with an open major. Evan Cameron - I am going to Kirkwood Community College and then Iowa State University where I will major in natural resources. My focus will be the study of reptiles, amphibians and fishes.

Joseph Carlson Aaron Carter - Establishing a new corner at the University of Missouri. MIZZOU-RAH!

Logan Carter - Along with many great things,

I will be attending the University of Iowa and majoring in the fine arts of mechanical engineering. Also, I have accepted a full ride scholarship (non-official) to play intramural sports at the University. Mason Carter - I am planning on going to Wartburg in Waverly, IA. I will play football and study physical therapy. Parker Carter - I will be attending Kirkwood for a 2 year transfer. I wanna do stuff with graphic design.

Katherine Chace Jack Chen - I will be attending Wartburg College

next year where I will be studying business, along


with playing soccer.

Ioana Cherascu - I will be attending the

University of Iowa, and will be attempting premed.

Derek Choi Sarah Chou - O_O Ankit Choudhury - Next year I plan to further

my academic endeavors at the University of Washington in St. Louis where I will study biochemistry and molecular biology.

James Christensen Emma Christison - I will be attending the

University of Tampa, far away from Iowa winters!!!! Victoria Cicha - Victoria is going to Iowa State University to study medical illustration. She’s also working on an eight pack. She wants to get shredded.

Aaron Clinkenbeard Thomson Coffey Vaughnisha Coney Andrew Conquest - I’m heading to the

University of Alabama despite being from Mississippi. Screw the Bulldogs and Rebels. Roll tide till the day I die. Morgan Conrad - Next year I’m planning on going to Kirkwood and studying business.

Grant Cooper Jacob Courtois Jessica Cruz Amna Dafalla Lyndsey Dahm - I plan on skipping college and

moving in with my baby daddy, Connor Gast. We plan to get married in August before baby #7 comes in September. You’re all invited! Ashlynn Dale - Next year I will be attending Stripper University in Las Vegas, Nevada. I plan to turn up often and make lots of money.

Rachel David Schyler Davis - I am going to go to Lipscomb


Makalah Davis - I plan on going to Kirkwood and working and starting a reading group for little kids. Mariah Davis - This summer I will be at basic. Second semester I will attend Hawkeye community college, then after Hawkeye I will attend UNI. Shelby Davis Jacob Dawson Willie Dean III - I am going to Ellsworth

Community College for social work and auto mechanics. I want to mostly help people, and secondly learn cars. Nicholas Deerberg - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study computer science. Felix Diez Taylor Digmann - I will be going to the University of Iowa with the squad, studying finance and accounting. I will continue to eat sushi, and I will finally get my own bulldog. Best of luck to all. Peter Dimitrov - Gains. Anoushka Divekar - I will attend CU-Boulder College of Music to double major in Clarinet

Performance and Instrumental Music Education. She will also keep up her studies in French throughout college. Austin Doak - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will major in chemical engineering and minor in being a hound. Emma Fowler will continue to try to copy off me. Alexandra Dobre - Next year I will be attending the George Washington University in D.C. where I will be studying economics and hanging out with Michelle Obama. Will Dolan - I am heading to Iowa State University to study mechanical engineering.

Elizabeth Donze Donovan Doyle - I will be wrestling at Harvard

University and I am currently undecided on what I would like to study. Thomas Duffy - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I plan on double-majoring in Ethics and Public Policy and Political Science. Nanananananananana #gohawks Amanda Duys - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa to study elementary school education. Devon Eberl - I was gonna go somewhere cool like Canada or Australia but I decided not to make y’all jealous so I’ll be down the road majoring in airplanes. Bryanna Elder - I plan to go to Cartoon Network University and study to be powerpuff girl. Then everyone will love me and kick Blossom out because no one likes her. I will be Blossom Butt.

Bret Eldridge Ahmed ElGaddal Elhadi Elhadi - Next year I will be attending the University of Iowa, to study biomedical engineering.

Aliyah Ellis Abdallah Elmaleh Dena Elnagib Mohammed Elobeid - Planning to attend

University of Iowa and major in electrical engineering. “I haven’t even begun to peak.” Obeid

Ali Elramady Nancy El-Sheikh Cameron Elsner Hussein El-Zein Kevin Engle Malik Eskridge Amy Evans - Plan to attend University of Iowa

double-majoring in theatre and psychology on a pre-med track. Nicholas Feeley - Attending the University of Iowa

Joseph Feldmann Hannah Femino - U of I. Max Fennell-Chametzky - In the late fall I

will be headed to Hyde Park to the University of Chicago to study something TBA. Suggestions welcome and can be faxed to this number: 3198553900. Miranda Finley - Next year I will start college at Kirkwood Community College and will spend


my first two years there. After that, if things go according to plan, I will transfer to the University of Iowa for the next two years. Madison Fisher - Attending the University of Iowa with an open major. Courtney Fitzharris - University of Iowa, double majoring in accounting + finance. Madeline Fletcher - I am going to Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. Catelyn Foerstner - I will be attending Iowa State University. Emma Fowler - I plan to attend the University of Iowa and be more successful than everyone, especially Austin Doak and Alex Infelt.

Marissa Frisbie William Gale Christian Garcia Connor Gast - I will be attending the University

of Northern Iowa where I will hopefully get an education and a growth spurt. Zoe Geerdes - I plan on attending the University of Iowa and after that I plan on marrying the love of my life Wanch (Alex Infelt) and everyday will be game day. ;) Stacy German - I’m planning to work all summer and then attend Kirkwood in the fall. Emma Gilbaugh - I am going to UNI to study elementary education. Annie Gleason - I plan on continuing to breathe and will be working on breathing fire and growing gills. Timothy Gomendoza - In pursuit of some money-making ventures in the sciences, I’m going to Iowa State University for aerospace engineering.

JD Goodfellow Lauren Gray - I will be attending the University

of Iowa and studying either chemical engineering or computer science.

Mackenzie Greiner Vazha Grigalashvili Jasmine Gu - I plan to attend University of Iowa,

continue doing the music thingy, try and keep up with the rowing team, and get enough sleep while having alcohol-free fun. Alexander Gudenkauf - I will be attending the United States Military Academy and joining the Long Gray Line. I am looking forward to having my own fashion consultant for the next 10 years. Go Army! Beat Navy!

Barlow Guess Thomas Gumpper - I will be studying Music

Theory and Composition at the University of Northern Iowa. Emma Guthart - I will be attending the University of Colorado at Boulder next year with an environmental studies major.

Ashley Haas Liam Hagan - I will be studying mechanical engineering at the U of I.

Jamie Halverson - I will attend Kirkwood with

my focus being in portrait photography. I plan also to work for Halverson Photography. Elizabeth Han - Boston Boston? Boston Boston Boston! Boston.

Abby Hansen - I will be attending the University

of Iowa in the fall to study who knows what. Probably business or economics, but I’ll have to let you know in a couple years.

Tazkira Haque Jessica Harder Madelynn Hardy Tanner Harms Matthew Harper - I will be attending Luther

College in Decorah to study Music Education in hopes of becoming a high school choir director. McKenna Harris - I will be attending the University of Iowa to major in elementary education and dance.

Anthony Haughton Rowan Haverkamp - Next year I will be

attending the University of Iowa to study athletic training and tailgating.

Parrice Hawthorne Jacob Heid - I am planning on making Mr. Witt

proud by studying statistics at the prestigious University of Iowa. Then, I will move to Portland where I will open my business, the Creamy Needle, a combination tattoo and ice cream parlor.

Liann Heisterkamp Alexander Henderson - I will be attending the

University of Iowa, and I am rooming with my boys Logan Carter and Chase Blatz.

Nicholas Herlein Yeshuwa Hicks - After highschool I plan to

attend Iowa Western CC to play football for 2 years and hopefully after those 2 years I can continue playing football at a 4 year division 1 college for 2 years. Terra Hill - I will be majoring in music education at the University of Northern Iowa in order to become a band director.

Mariam Himat Terrance Hines Alexis Hinman Louis Ho - I hope to graduate with a major in

computer engineering and hopefully VLSI design.

Morgan Hoeft - I’ll be attending the University

of Northern Iowa to major in criminology, and minor in military science.

Oskar Holmes Dasol Hong - I plan on attending Kirkwood for

the first two years and transferring to U of Iowa to major in biomedical engineering and minor in sign language.

Tremaine Hoover Serenity Hopkins - Going to Kirkwood for


Alison Hsu - I will be attending The College

of Wooster (only 70 miles away from my womb mate) with an open major and goin’ to just keep swimming. Erica Hsu - I will be swimming for Denison University and majoring in something science related. Shout out to the weirdo that looks like me, I’ll miss our daily car jams and seeing your face! Jeremy Hu - I’ll be going to The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (because undergrad student debt is overrated) where I will be fighting thousands of other kids to study CS +

anthropology on a pre-medical track otherwise just anthropology if I’m too weak. Grace Huber - I’m going to Luther College to study music education and performance with an emphasis on theatre and musical theatre. Emily Hudachek - I will be traveling to a distant and exotic land called Cedar Falls where I will attend UNI to earn a unique degree in business.

Gabriel Huinker Christopher Hunt Courtney Hurt - University of Iowa planning

to major in English to eventually become a high school English teacher. Josiah Huston - I will go to Kirkwood for a degree in Criminology, then the University of Iowa for a degree in psychology so that way I can become a Forensics Detective in my future. I hope to have fun this summer before I go to college, can’t wait for my future!

Triston Hyatt Hiba Ibrahim - After I graduate, I will be

continuing to pursue my professional career as an actress, model, entrepreneur, philanthropist and vocalist. I will also continue to establish a relationship with my fans, despite my very hectic schedule! If you would like to join the movement (HEEBURS) you can follow me on IG and SC: heebuh. Nada Ibrahim - I plan to go to the University of Iowa and graduate with a masters in public health and continue my path to becoming a pediatrician. Alexander Infelt - Excited to be studying engineering at the University of Iowa next fall.

Ashley Jackson Ellie Jacoby - I will be attending Drake University

but plan on living at Jordan Creek Mall. I plan on following a pre-med track with hopes of becoming an OB/GYN and specializing in womens reproductive health care. I’m moving from the old capitol to the new capitol.

Antoine Jacques Morgane Jambor - I’ll be attending Mount

Mercy University in Cedar Rapids by August of this year. In the meantime I’ll spend it laughing at all of the underclassmen in the comfort of my own room. Enjoy the heat waves, kids. Akar Jani - I will be going to the University of Iowa to study cellular biomedical engineering and Spanish..any girls going to iowa, I’m also I’m single. Francis Jayoma - Headed to Iowa State University in hopes to start up H2PUG Club 2. In the meantime I will most likely be watching the WWE Network for $9.99.

David Jenkins Sonia Jeon - I’m majoring in human

organizational development and violin (not fiddle) performance at Vanderbilt University. Kenyatta Johnson - I will attend Northwest Missouri State University to pursue a teaching degree for K-8 math as well as criminology.

Maxwell Johnson Andre Jones Jared Jones - I will go to Kirkwood Community

College in Cedar Rapids to study Automotive


Ashai Jordan - I will be going to Kirkwood to study vet medicine. Then transfer to Iowa State. Kendrick Jordan Christian Jung - I will be attending Vanderbilt

University this fall, where I will be studying chemical biology. Christine Kallsen - I plan to attend Marquette University to major in biomedical sciences + pursue physical therapy. Angie Kalwies - New year, I will attend the University of Iowa to major in (probably) human physiology and (definitely) pre-medicine. Megan Kann - I will be attending Bradley University in the armpit of Illinois in order to pursue my dream of becoming a Barnhouse. Patrick Karanja - I will be attending U of I engineering (undeclared)/civil engineering/ biomedical engineering - keeping an open mind as of right now. Hopefully U of I XC and track and field -> lots of running to supplement my learning #milesofsmiles Mary Kariuki - I will be going to Kirkwood Community College for the first two years of college then transferring to the University of Iowa where I’ll maybe study/pursue pharmacy.

Dillon Karr Taylor Kass - I will be attending Kirkwood

Community College to receive an Associates of Arts degree while also being part of the dance team. I will then go to Iowa State University to major in Architecture and minor in Business. Yay college! Aidan Keen - This summer I will be doing a lot of swimming to prepare for the 2016 Olympic trials. Afterwards I will likely just relax and enjoy summer. In the fall I will attend the University of Missouri, Columbia where I will study engineering and be on the swim team. Go Tigers!

Nathan Kelsay Kelsey Keranen - trying my best @ USC. Nicholas Kerns Nicholas Kertels - After I leave west high, I want

to stay close to home. I am planning on attending Kirkwood, studying on forestry and natural resources, which is there agriculture program. Then two years I plan to transfer to Iowa State University to finish my schooling. In the future I plan on being a DNR Officer ( Department of Natural Resources). Jared Kiebel - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa this fall and will be majoring in Education and Theatre Production and Design. David Kim - Shalom, dudes! This fall, I’ll be attending Northwestern University McCormick School of Engineering in Evanston, Illinois! I plan to continue my soccer career through intramural sports. Creativity is courage, bro. When I picture college, I see myself as a Wildcat! Rawr! ;-) As Breitbach says, “finish strong”!! Joseph Kim - As a lover of limes (or is it iimes?) my plans for the future involve me getting big. Like massive. My role models are Christian and Pete cause they’re big. Just hmu if you wanna cop a feel of my musculos.


Mary Kinlein - I plan on going to college to study to be a vet assistant or a day care. Not sure which one I want to do yet. Clementine Kiray Kazuma Kishiue-Koval - I will attend the

University of Wisconsin to study civil engineering. Katie Klopp - I will attend the University of Iowa to study Psychology, unless anyone has a better idea, in which case you should let me know ASAP. Mallory Knoop - I will be attending the University of Iowa and plan on majoring in elementary education. Go Hawks! Joseph Koberna - I plan to attend the University of Northern Iowa for business. Mason Koch - I will be attending Dartmouth College where I will be studying biochemistry on a Pre-Med track and continuing my football and rugby careers. Go Big Green! Nadav Kohen - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study saving money with an emphasis on doing laundry at home. I will be making regular commutes to Colorado as well for recreational purposes. Avery Kout - I will be attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX next year. I plan to major in marketing and minor in psychology or fashion media. Go Mustangs! Maggie Krizan - I’ll be kickin’ it at Kirkwood por dos años and then going to the University of Iowa to become a child life specialist. See you around!

Noah Kruger Sarah Kula - I plan on going to Kirkwood next

year to get a certificate in pet grooming, then potentially going back for the Vet Tech program. Erin Kurt - I plan on attending Kirkwood or the University of Iowa for nursing.

Jaron Lamp Raven Lance - I will be attending Kirkwood

where I will study education. Riley Larson - I am going on a life changing journey for two years serving the good people of Benin and Togo in West Africa. Then I will go to BYU and learn things and sing.

Akiya Law Erika Law - I plan to attend Iowa State and study

nutritional sciences and then possibly attend physical therapy school or physician’s assistant school.

Kendra Law Noah Lehan Mackin Jeovany Leiva Benitez David Lemon - I plan on going to Kirkwood for

2 years before transferring to Florida.

Marquell Lewis Mary Li - Future? I AM the future. Taylor Libby - I will be attending the University

of Iowa in order to further my education on how to not strike out in the classroom and the diamond. Go Hawks!

Shamari Little Jamie Liu - I will be attending Iowa State

University to study biology on a pre-dental track.

Tanner Lohaus Rosa Loops


Alejandro Lopez Caleb Lounsbery Aaron Lu Lauren Luce - I will be attending the University

of Northern Iowa to dual major in elementary and middle school education. Kayla Luegering - I am attending the University of Iowa for Elementary Education! GO HAWKS! Kailin Lust - I will be attending the University of Iowa, majoring in health and human physiology,with hopes to attend u of I medical school and become a pediatrician specializing in developmental disorders. Maija Liisa Luttinger - Double majoring in psych + art @ University of Iowa. Andie Lynch - I am applying to the University of Freiburg in Germany in June and will be studying there for 4 years. My backup is the University of Iowa. Anna Mabry - In the fall I will attend Samford University in Birmingham, AL where I plan to major in sports marketing. Go Bulldogs! Matilda Mackey - I’ll be livin’ my dream dancing at the Juilliard School in NYC. Maya Magaraci - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa where I will study business. Maya Mahajan - Skipping undergrad and law school and going straight to being a corporate lawyer.

Dallas Majors Zainab Makky - I plan on going to the University of Iowa to study international relations.

Clement Mamona Mackenzi Marsh - I will attend the University of Colorado Boulder.

Bryan Martinez - I plan to attend UNI’s College

of Arts & Sciences and attempt to major in nursing or medical field. I plan to live at dorms and have a job to have a fun time.

Riley Marvin Divine Massaki Jeremie Massaki Isaac Mattes Leslie McAndrew Tèa McBride - Goats are like mushrooms. If you shoot a duck, I’m scared of toasters.

Wakemia McCray Tannor McDonald - I plan to attend the

University of Northern Iowa next fall and major in Secondary Education (Math). Claire McDonnell - I plan to attend Winona State University where I will be playing soccer and studying marketing and finance. Mark McGlaughlin - I will be attending North Carolina State where I will study biology and compete with the Wolfpack swim team. Ebony McKeever - I will be going to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and majoring in neuroscience. Allyson McKeone - I’m going to the University of Iowa for the next 4, fab years. I’ll be continuing my passion for women’s rights & politics by majoring in gender & women’s studies along with

political science or something like that. Oh, and continue to be my lovely feminist-self. Jakob McLaughlin - I’ll be bumming around the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign trying to study accounting and economics, all the while on a quest for good vibes, new pals, comfy clothes, and determining my place in the universe.

Catherine McLean Zachary McLean John McLure Spencer Meacham - I will be attending

Kirkwood Community College to work through my general studies, then later attending USC in hopes of attaining a film degree.

Ailaf Mergani Lauren Meyer - Next year I will be attending

the University of Iowa as a direct admit to the Tippie college of business. I plan to double major in accounting and finance and get a certificate in international business. Alyssa Michel - I will be attending the University of Iowa in the fall as an open major for now. I would like to study abroad for a semester somewhere in Europe. Someday I want to buy my own villa in Tuscany!

Austin Miller Madison Miller - I’m moving way up north to

Cedar Rapids, IA to attend Kirkwood Community College for their nursing program, but I will be back in IC to support my Hawkeyes in the fall!

Nila Mitchell Noah Mitchell Rimisa Mohamed Trenton Montgomery - I’ll be going to

the University of Iowa to study biomedical engineering. Abbie Moore - I will be majoring in Engineering (undeclared) at the University of Iowa, while participating in the Air Force ROTC program. I hope to travel and learn for years to come. Go Hawks!

Austin Moore-Praska Andrea Morgan - I am going to the University of

Missouri next year, and I will be majoring in either biology or chemistry. Jenna Mott - I will be attending the University of Iowa to obtain a bachelor’s of science in nursing. Go Hawks! Bridget Moy - I will attend Kirkwood Community College. Alena Mueller - I will be attending California Polytechnic University and majoring in Graphic Communications. Katherine Mukumbilwa - Going to Mount Mercy or Graceland studying “social work”. Meredith Music - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study pre-medicine. I also plan to continue playing the piano throughout college. Heelah Nadler - I plan to attend the University of Iowa next fall.

Idan Nadler - I plan on attending the University of Iowa. Let’s change the world! Zohar Nadler - I will be attending the University of Iowa in fall 2016 with a Public Health major and hopes of eventually entering the medical field. Jackson Nasby - I am going to attend Gustavus Adolphus College. Yobana Navarrete - I will start my education on pre medicine at Kirkwood Community College and continue at The University Of Iowa. Janvier Ndayisaba - My is too thank God that I just get out of big prison of High School. Now I’m about to begin new life. Jonathan Neese - I will be attending West High 2.0 (U of I) to study dentistry and learn more Chinese. I will play lots of intramurals in hope that they balance my consumption of large amounts of food. Emilie Nelson Thadd Nelson - Attending the University of

Northern Iowa for engineering education. August Nicklaus - I will be attending the University of Iowa. Hailey Nielsen - I plan on attending the University of Nebraska next year and double majoring in health science and dance. Go Huskers! Jacob Nishimura - I’m going to the University of Iowa for a B.A. in music and a B.S.E. in Computer Engineering.

Bo Nock Salma Noureldaim Emma Oglesby - Due to my early graduation,

I will be deferring this following year from the University of Iowa of which I will be attending their Art program. I will be traveling to Scholastic Book Publishing company in New York and will be building up my portfolio this following year and will then attend Iowa in the fall of 2017. Alexa Oleson - I’ll be attending the University of Iowa as a mathematics major.

Dillon Olmstead Katie Olson - I’m going to UNI to weasel, play

soccer, and major in business. Adara Opiola - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa and am planning to major in political science to pursue a career in law.

Khalid Osman William Oxley Wali Parks Kevan Patel Philip Payne II - I am attending Iowa State

and will be working towards a general major in engineering, although in the future I will most likely switch to mechanical engineering. Alicen Pearce - I’m going to Grinnell College, where I plan on majoring in political science and/ or saving the world.

David Pederson Ela Pemmaraju - I will be attending Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Andoni Perez Nicholas Peters - I am planning to attend the

University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota next year.

Adriana Peterson - I will be attending the

University of Iowa as a pre-occupational therapy and Spanish major. Go Hawks! Annie Peterson - I will be attending Knox College in Illinois, where I will be majoring in Chemistry and playing soccer!

Sidney Petitgout Nicholas Pitcher Anthony Pizzimenti - Getting my B.S. in

computer science at the University of Iowa.

Tisa Plotner - Plan to attend Kirkwood to major in Dental Hygiene.

Samantha Plummer - I will be attending the

University of Iowa in the fall and plan to major in Nursing! Ian Pope - I’ll probably head off to follow my brother to the University of Rochester in New York. Despite my best efforts, I will at least partly be studying art in the form of animation. Cali Portillo - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College here in Iowa City. And I will be studying in the field of occupational therapy, hopefully helping special needs kids/adults in the further future. Shout-out to my family for helping me make this decision :) Payton Pottratz - I will be attending Iowa State next year as a student and as an athlete on the girls soccer team. I am excited for the new adventure of having new teammates, meeting new friends, and traveling to states I have never been before. Payton Proud - I will be majoring in Communication Disorders and minoring in French at the University of Northern Iowa. Evan Purkapile - I plan on attending the University of Iowa with my SQUAD. Kavir Ramos - I will go out in the world knowing how to solve linear equations. William Reinhardt - I’ll be attending Northwestern University to study biomedical engineering.

Lydia Rhomberg Marisah Richards - I will be attending the

University of Iowa in the fall of 2016 to study nursing.

Lauren Ries Graham Robles - Next year I’ll be going to Drake University to study pharmacy and get my MBA.

Jordin Robles Quiroz Ricardo Rodriguez Spencer Roetlin - I’ll be attending the Univ. of

Iowa with THE DWU and mah’ boi Boy Beaver. Maybe Derk - idk yet. Ariel Roghair - I will be attending Macalester College in St. Paul, MN to continue to swim and study something.

Nick Rohm Stephen Ross Jacquan Rouson Helen Rumelhart - I will be attending Iowa State University to study fashion merchandising.

Matthew Ruppenkamp - I will attend the

University of Iowa College of Engineering to decide on, declare and complete my major. Only time will tell where I go from there.

Savonna Rush III Caitlin Ryan - I will be attending Wartburg

College majoring in Sociology and playing soccer. Mohmed Salama - I planned to attend Kirkwood Community College and i’ll be studying an accounting. Antonio Sanchez - I will attend Drake University to play fútbol. Tia Saunders - I’m going to the University of Iowa to science and run circles.

Trae Saunders Jordan Schade Nicole Schilling - I will be attending the University of Iowa as a nursing major.

Hannah Schillinger - Since I never got my

acceptance letter to attend Hogwarts, I’ll still be showing my Hufflepuff pride by wearing black + gold at the University of Iowa where I will be studying English + waiting for Gandalf to take me on an adventure when I’m 50. Stefan Schmidt - I hope to be incarcerated for something really cool like radical leftist political activity or comandeering a space shuttle - and then break out again in an even cooler way. Morgan Schmitt-Morris - I’m going north to study who-knows-what with the moose and the hockey-obsessed at the University of MinnesotaTwin Cities. Haley Schneider - Next year I am attending the University of Iowa with the other half of my class! I am currently open major, but I will be minoring in Spanish. Matthew Schneider - I will attend the University of Northern Iowa where I will be double majoring in electrical engineering technology and computer science. I will also be running cross country and track for the Panthers.

Abigail Schuchard Kara Schueler - I will be attending Purdue

University and plan on majoring in agricultural education. Edie Schwickerath - Next year I plan on attending Drake University with a major in pharmacy. HMU if you want that good stuff. William Scott - I will be attending the University of Iowa. I’m going to be swimming for the Hawks so if anyone (there is at least one) wants to come, do it.

Shadi Shariff Dylan Sharp - Much to the dismay of my

Hawkeye-loving family, I will be attending Iowa State University where I will study Engineering.

Jacob Shaw CeeCee Sheng - I will be attending UCLA for art

and trying not to drown in the out-of-state student debt. Parker Sherlock - Plan on attending the University of Northern Iowa. Naomi Shilyansky - I will be attending Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota next year! Natalie Shoultz - Something, probably.

Darian Showalter Grant Shreves Maria Shriver - I will attend Grinnell College WSSPAPER.COM MAY 2016 THE LAST STORY 42

and continue with writing and music. Carolyn Shultz - I will be moving to sunny California to attend Pomona College in Claremont. I’m interested in studying geology so I will have to watch out for earthquakes. Ahmed Sidahmed - Attending UNI to become a high school teacher.

Ahmed Sidahmed Mostafa Sidahmed Madeline Silva - I’m going to the University of

Iowa to study computer science, with my ultimate goal being to develop the technology to finally subsume my consciousness into the digital void. Adrianna Simpson - I will be working for a year so I can help pay the for trade school that I want to go to in Nashville, Tennessee.

Braxton Simpson Avery Smith - I will be attending University of Iowa. Nice!

Ryan Smith - I will be attending the University of Iowa with a major in biology. Minor undecided. Tabitha Smith - I plan to attend Kirkwood in June to take their veterinary technician program and then see where life takes me after that.

Kara Sobaski Hannah Song - I’m going to the University of


Bailey Speraw - I am very excited to be following in the footsteps of my parents and will be attending the University of Iowa. Much like the rest of high school students, I do not know what I will be majoring in yet. Becca Staib - I plan on going to Iowa State to major in kinesiology on a pre med path with the intent of becoming a physical therapist.

Wesley Stanfield-Miller Lauren Steege - I am going to Iowa State. Anna Stevens - I am going to Iowa State for engineering.

Megan Stewart Makayla Strunk - I will attend Kirkwood

Community College in the fall where I plan to start a career in nursing.

Aaron Stumpf Suha Suleman Mari Sullivan-Spitz Carlson Sunleaf - I will be going to Gustavus Apolphus college to study psych or chemistry. Autumn Svoboda - I will be attending the University of Iowa. Daniel Szmyrgala - Going to broaden my horizons by moving from Coralville to the IC. Hoping for chemical/biomedical engineering. #GoHawks Claudia Tait - I plan to attend Loyola University in Chicago majoring in political science with a pre-law track.

Joel Tansey Jessica Taylor Peter Tearse - I am going to DePaul University

next fall for jazz studies and music education. I plan to pray to Kenny G every night and study ii-IV-I progressions. Sloane Terrill - I plan on going to the University

of Iowa for something medical!

Renata Thoeny - I will be attending Truman State

University down in lovely Kirksville, Missouri to pursue a currently undeclared major. James Thompson - I will go to Kirkwood. Anneke Thorne - I will be attending the University of Chicago (where fun goes to die), and attempting to defy the stereotype by keeping up a busy schedule of procrastination and stressbaking cheesecake. In my free time, I will major in Biology with hopes to later become a scientific researcher. I will also continue singing. Noah Tiegs - I will attend Luther College in Decorah, IA where I will study Spanish and education. Anu Tiwari - I’ll be attending Northwestern University for engineering. Chicago’s nice and purple is better than maroon. Rebekah Tokuhisa - I am planning on studying at Kirkwood Community College. Then for the next 2 ½ years I will work on the art of training animals, so that one day I can use your pets to take over the world.

Raiven Tremmel Kai Trepka - I will attend Harvard; majoring in K-pop and sleep.

Jackson Trom Joseph Trom - Attend Iowa State University

majoring in computer science. Then I will get a job involving programming (Google hopefully).

Mike Tshibanda

Kaleb Turnbull - I plan to take a year off from school to save up money. I then plan to go to Kirkwood. Anna Turnquist - I am attending the University of Iowa and going to study biology and psychology.

Kianna Vanderhurst Tailor Vaughan Annah Vesely - My post-high school plan is to go

to Kirkwood Community college and get a degree in human services. Riley Villhauer - In the fall I will attend the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus in public relations. Zachery Voss - Marines. Enough said.

Nile Wagner Colin Waldron - I will be attending the

University of Iowa to study biomedical engineering. I will be pursuing my dream of being a dank memer finding the rarest pepes and upvoting the most kek worthiest posts.

Mya Wallace Walt Wang Corrinne Warnke - I am going to college at the University of South Florida.

Khadija Washington Nyesha Washington - I will be attending

Columbia College in Chicago and I will be studying Cinematic Arts.

Mikayla Weber Marc Weckerlin Rachel Weeks - I will attend Marquette

University to study exercise physiology in the


doctor of physical therapy program. Barrett Weihe - I will be attending the University of California San Diego and will be majoring in Human Biology as a pre-med student. Possibly get a nice tan while surfing. Anna Wells - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will further my education in psychology. Go Hawks! Piper Wenzel - I will be attending Wheaton College in the Chicago area where I will major in applied health science on the pre-med track. Go Thunder! Adam West - I plan to attend Luther College to study biology and sing in their choirs. Taylor West - I plan to double major in marketing and communication at the University of Iowa. Go hawks! Alyssa Westpheling - Going to Kirkwood for nursing.

Andrew White Corey Wieland-Davenport Jackson Willette - Work in pharmacy and attend

pharmacy school at Iowa to get my PharmD, and eventually practice as a licensed pharmacist. Paige Williams - I will be attending the University of Iowa with an interest in pharmacy. Emily Wilson - U of I. Spencer Wiskus - I am going to Kirkwood CC to play baseball. After my baseball career is over I am going to join the Marines or the Army. Sage Wisner - I will be attending the University of Iowa in the fall.

Ricky Witt Artur Wolniak - I want to travel, I’m going to

Poland, UK and some other places.

Jazmine Womack David Wu - I’m going home. Sharon Xiang - Moving to the ancestral

homeland to achieve my life goal of becoming a dumpling. Jerry Xue - Going to the University of Iowa. Planning to skip all introductory classes.

Shea Yamashita Grace Young - I will be a Wildcat at

Northwestern University until I can no longer endure my dad posting High School Musical videos on my Facebook wall. Richard Zepeda - I will be attending United States Marine Corps Boot camp because i love my country then I’m gonna be a savage and become a pro boxer, because I don’t dream, I make sh*t happen. Jiahua Zhang - University of Iowa. Richie Zhang - Vanderbilt University. Yuxuan Zheng - I’ll be attending the University of Iowa in the fall of 2016. Anna Zimmerman - Iowa State—majoring in interior design. Christian Zirbes - I’m going to have to cast my vote for Panchero’s being better overall. Chipotle’s chicken can be hit or miss but they make a mean burrito bowl.

Shelby Zukin









Out of State D1 Athletes

Adara Opiola, Tanner Lohaus, Will Scott, Tia Saunders, Taylor Libby, Matt Schneider, Payton Pottratz, Katie Olson, Alex Henderson and Antonio Sanchez are not featured in this article due to the fact that they are attending in-state schools. Their stories can be found on wsspaper.com. COMPILED BY AARON CARTER

Mark McGlaughlin: Swimming at North Carolina State “North Carolina State is a rising program, jumping several places in the last four years and it is a leading sprint [swimming] school which is my main focus.”

Accolades: -3 time Junior Folkstyle AllAmerican -UWW (20 & Under) GrecoRoman All-American -MVC Wrestler of the Year -Live Like Line Award -4 time 1st Team All-MVC


Accolades: -Scholastic All-American -All-Conference -Olympic State Trial Participant -Des Moines Register’s Elite Swim Team -Iowa High School Swimmer of the Year -State record holder for 100 free & 200 IM

Donovan Doyle: Wrestling at Harvard “Harvard was the best fit for me in every area. It’s the best education offered in the world and I am looking forward to taking advantage of that while pairing it with the wrestling program.”

Aidan Keen: Swimming at the U of Missouri “Mizzou has a good engineering program and a quickly rising swim program that is known for making its athletes much better than when they came in.”


Accolades: -Scholastic All-American -All-Conference -Olympic State Trial Participant -Des Moines Register’s Elite Swim Team -State Champion in 200 & 500 Freestyle -3rd most decorated swimmer in Iowa History PHOTOS BY PAIGE BRAZINA DESIGN BY MORGAN SCHMITT-MORRIS

the est f W f nt o ink all o ou e m y h n viro and I t aching kes n e a e e e ss th positiv od at t ment m g so i m ill o ly kin on k I w relative really g e envir is wor else n i h h s ne one It re ink t y t. It’ rs a eryo mos eache gs. I th use ev es ever n t k a i the plex th nt bec it ma d e com differ eed an t c Wes to suc hard er. t bet

6 T ‘1








Seniors who have never been featured in the West Side Story offered some parting words on their experience at West High.



I get t h univer is feeling th sities a at pro re fe as [We st] tea n’t as close ssors and what chers to the cla a ir to, ob sses you ta re. I think it students viously k d e and epend ,b smalle s on r class ecause som the school y more ratio. ou go e scho pe B o think I rsonal bon eing able t ls have a o ’ll miss d with that. your t have that eache r, I

R. ‘16




My favo rite mem o cut my hair (my ry in [high schoo s e l] is whe lf and I cu nI t two ba ) right [before] homeco ld spots I had to min o n wear a h at to ho the top of my h g to work. mecomin e For the next we g and a ad. waiting e ls k o for my h air to gr I was wearing a ow back hat .

’16 S K E E W L high school is E in H d e rn a RAC le I g g portant thin r than havin

ay bette The most im nds quarters is w r u fo g group of frie in ll v a a sm ly e that h v ti who I Having a rela ith me, and w h g 100 pennies. u la , ol e re about m my high scho e d a m h it w who truly ca ries make memo was able to yable. ay more enjo w e c n e ri e p x e





Allie Biscupski: Most likely to know all of the words to every early 2000s throwback song

Christian Zirbes: Most soothing audio voice

SUPERLATIVES Hannah Song: Most “Get yourself a freak like this”

Schyler Davis: Most likely to have a bird’s nest in hair

Stefan Schmidt: Most “Who is he?”

Jacob “Turbo” Nishimura: Most likely to go fast

Taylor Libby: Hair long enough to strangle a man

Kelsey “Keker” Keranen: Most likely to be suffering Sharon “Shrone” Xiang: Most cute-butremorseless

Paige Brazina: Most likely to talk about David Wu: Texas Most tol but smol

Jeremy “Meme” Hu: IRL cooking mama

Barbara “Babs” Badovinac: Most likely to be drowning in puns

Ebony “Bone” McKeever: Most likely to be on the ground

Anthony “Thone” Pizzimenti and Louis “Lous” Ho: Best Bromance

Aaron “A-Cart” Carter: Most likely to be in the corner Morgan Schmitt-Morris: Most sweet-butspicy





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For most of us, graduating high school only to pursue your artistic passions at a specialized higher learning institution or the like is nothing but a fantasy. These members of the West High graduating class made this dream their reality.

MATILDA MACKEY- JUILLIARD SCHOOL Juilliard School for the performing arts is located in New York City, New York and is nothing short of the ideal for a higher education in any artistic skill. With its high levels of selectiveness and alumni such as Adam Driver, Yo-Yo Ma and Viola Davis; it’s no wonder Juilliard draws the attention of young artists country wide. One such dancer, Matilda Mackey ’16 achieved the dream, and was admitted into Juilliard in late March of this year for her exceptional talent and abilities. Mackey has been dancing competitively for eleven years and was sure that dance would be her calling in life from an early age. “In 6th grade when I was 12 years old, after I had my first ankle surgery I had

my goals set on continuing to dance and becoming a professional dancer. My parents and I started looking around and Juilliard was the big name and the big goal,” Mackey said. Like most arts schools, applicants looking to get into Juilliard must undergo a rigorous audition process to determine if they have the potential and capacity to become a student of the arts. Mackey traveled to the city of Chicago, Illinois in order to complete this process. “It began at ten in the morning and started off with about 50 to 60 girls and boys in the room. We had about an hour and a half ballet class and then they cut about 30 people. Then we had a modern class that was high intensity which I loved. After that

was another cut, there were about 15 of us at this point. Then it went into the solo round.,” Mackey said. “I choreographed the dance that I did for the audition but it was still a bit nerve wracking to put myself and my choreography on the line, but it was a risk I wanted to take.” After making it through a couple more rounds of cuts and an intense one on one interview, Mackey had affirmed her position as a future student at Juilliard School. Mackey once again proves that in life, the whole is greater that the sum of its parts,saying, “[It’s about] feeling the music inside your bones and really letting that take over and turn into the piece that you’re doing so that it’s more than just the steps.”

ANOUSHKA DIVEKAR- UC BOULDER COLLEGE OF MUSIC No matter what direction you look at it, music is an irreplaceable constant in human life. From Beethoven to Beyonce, music of every conceivable genre and style has arisen from this earth since the first syllable of recorded time. Music is art that can be felt and heard, brought to life by talented musicians of every creed. Without a doubt, Anoushka Divekar ’16 falls into this category of artist. She was admitted into The University of Colorado College of Music in Boulder and plans to study music in order to pursue her passion. Divekar has been playing music all her life on a plethora of instruments. “I started violin first in the third grade and I took up piano shortly after, then I started band in fifth grade with everybody else. I couldn’t make a sound on the brass instruments and my mom vetoed percussion so I

defaulted to the clarinet.” Divekar said. Like many who have a passion close to their heart, Divekar was certain of her choice to go to a music school from an early age. “In eighth grade I made my first honor band and it was really cool to see so many people who were so passionate about music all in one place. That was when I really started thinking about it seriously,.” Divekar said. “In ninth grade I tried out for All-State and got a private teacher. She really inspired me. I made All-State and then I joined a symphony orchestra my junior year and I got to play a huge solo with a side-by-side concert with a professional symphony. That’s when I really decided that [music] is what I wanted to do.” After making it through prescreening and audition process Divekar decided she would be double majoring in music


education and clarinet performance. These majors would open up the world of performing music to Divekar in addition to teaching it, which is already familiar to her. “I have been teaching piano and clarinet since freshman year,” Divekar said. However, the wishes of the heart cannot be contained and Divekar revealed another angle of her future aspirations. “What I really want to do is perform, but that doesn’t work out for everybody so I’m hoping that performance is going to be my ultimate goal, but everyone teaches and I like to teach so I’m going to pursue an education degree as well. Probably a PhD of some kind since I want to work with older kids.”


ABBIE MOORE ’16 AF ROTC | DOCTOR ALEX GUDENKAUF ’16 WEST POINT | INFANTRY “I have gotten some disgust from others due to recent affairs overseas and they question my personal integrity. I tell them, ‘I am doing this because I love my country.’”

“Ever since I was little I loved the idea of the military and how it is respected and so important ... Personally, I love the order and the idea that you have to work hard to bring yourself success. I would feel that I wasn’t living up to my full potential if I didn’t serve the country that has been serving me my entire life.”


Entering the nation’s military is a major decision that affects families and friends worldwide, and it is often an act not frequented by many high school students. Five* seniors from West High have made this major decision and now are prepared to serve the country that has served them for the last 18 years. *Barlow Guess ’16 will also be entering the military through Iowa State’s ROTC program and was not included in this story.


This is the motto Voss lives by: Everyday give yourself a check-up from the neck up. “This helps me decide what I am going to do for the day and it makes me more productive.”

MARIAH DAVIS ’16 NATIONAL GUARD “I have wanted to do it for a long time ... My uncle and aunts served in the military, and as a kid I always looked up to the people in uniforms.” RICHARD ZEPEDA MARINES | CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR


“I didn’t want to be a bum in life. I wasn’t going to go to college because I didn’t find it interesting, and I wanted to box but if I were to only do that I would need a job. So with the military I can box and have a job.” WSSPAPER.COM MAY 2016 THE LAST STORY 30


I’ve been struggling with writing this column about as much as I’ve struggled with trying to find myself over the course of the last seventeen years. That being said, here is a look into my character development: THE TOMBOY - in the halcyon days of my youth, I was struck with a fervent admiration for the tomboy, the girl with a devil-maycare attitude and utter fearlessness when it came to creepy crawlies and physical activity. I soon discovered that I, in fact, feared bugs and physical activity like nothing else. Also, the whole idea of a tomboy is pretty misogynistic and stupid, but we can talk about that some other time. THE WANNABE SCENE KID - I wanted to give myself a stick-andpoke tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol and I also tried to dye my hair blue. Little did I know, I was


too weak to try to stick myself with a needle and dyeing your hair only works if you have bleach. I still have my Hot Topic rewards card and everything. I was an idiot. THE WEIRD/RANDOM - I liked every single Facebook page that mentioned tacos and dinosaurs and thought that MLIA was hilarious. I religiously wore a t-shirt that read “Who Invited the Ninjas?” What does that even mean? Why did I think that was funny? Why did I give Wet Seal so much money? THE “NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS” - Girls are great what was I thinking honestly?? THE FAKE DEEP - I read, like, three John Green books in junior high and I thought I was deeper than the ninth circle of Hell. I was not. John Green sucks, by the way. All John Green apologists are welcome to Fight Me in the back lot immediately after school.


THE “TUMBLR” - Remember when I said stuff like “What is air?” and was into SuperWhoLock? Haha, neither do I. THE SHAMELESSLY INTO ANIME - If you go back far enough into my Facebook timeline, you will find that I once shared the trailer for Free! for everyone to see. You can also check out some of my early cosplay pics if you go back far enough in my profile pictures. I still like anime, but now I feel shame. THE “I WISH I LIVED IN THE 1950s” - If I could go back and fight this fella, I totally would. She was actually the worst. Like, I know u like ur midi skirts and hair rolls and milkshakes or whatever but also everyone was racist and disgusting. You literally could not have been born due to institutionalized racism. Try again next time. THE HIPSTER - I first heard of hipsters when I was around 14 years old and I thought that I had finally found myself. I pretended I liked Mumford and Sons and wore Forever 21 band t-shirts of groups I had never even listened to. I still have no idea what a Mumford is. THE WITCH - I literally went outside on the summer solstice and tried to summon fairies with a candle flame, milk and honey. Nothing happened but I’m still 100% into witchcraft. (Also - when is it appropriate to tell your future roommates that u think u are a witch? Please let me know right now immediately.)

THE SJW - lol I almost had u thinking this was over. Think again, sweaty!!!!!!! Fight the capitalist machine!!!! THE MEMER - What is it about this sad frog that I think is so funny? Someone explain this to me please? THE ART HEAUX - This is still me tbh, I’m just too tired to keep doing my makeup and putting together outfits every day. You bet I’ll be 100% back at it again once I hit LA though. THE ????? - And now here we are. I’m in a weird kind of limbo between dancing queen and legal adult, and I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with who I am yet. Maybe things will change once I leave. Maybe I’ll Find Myself, as the kids are all doing these days.. Maybe there will be some version of me waiting under a rock on the other side of the country that’s just been hiding out for 18 years in anticipation for my eventual arrival. Maybe I’ll overturn the rock and the prophecy will be fulfilled, I’ll become the hero the universe needed and all that good stuff. Maybe I’ll become the multifaceted, interesting girl I’ve been struggling to be since I still wore Bermuda shorts. Maybe I’m still in the midst of my character development and I will exit staticity eventually. Who knows, really. Tune in next time.



Having moved to Iowa back in 2000 as a two-year-old, I had no choice in whether we would move or not. Now that I am heading off to college, I do get a choice as to where I go. Here are things I will and won’t miss about leaving Iowa for college. The weather. I do like that the spring is usually nice, but that does not excuse the bipolar temperatures throughout the year, and it sure doesn’t excuse snowy winters. The location. Iowa - it’s close to the center of the contiguous 48 states, but it still manages to be far away from everything! The population. There are very few people (which I like because I am antisocial), but everyone wants to get all up in my business, even if they don’t know me~ Seriously, a little personal space and some privacy, please! Boring. I think the big cities like


Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines have some decent things to do, but it doesn’t take long to have done all there is to offer, and there is very little to do outside of major cities. Iowa Caucuses. As forgotten as our state is, it is pretty freaking awesome that we get the first voice in picking the president. We get eight months of coverage every four years to let the rest of the world know that we still exist and that politicians still love fried fair foods. Farmer’s Market. I’m really going to miss waking up early on Saturdays to go downtown and pick through fresh produce picked that morning, handmade trinkets, fair-trade drinks and more. Now that my thirteen years of mandatory incarceration is over, I get to learn what I want where I want, ¡Adios!


It’s a metaphor. No, this is not a John Green book, but a work by Spencer Johnson. Who Moved My Cheese? is a simple story revealing profound truths about change. In this short novel, there are two mice and two little people living in a maze and searching for cheese to give them nourishment and happiness. The cheese is a metaphor for what you want in life and the maze is the place you look. Throughout the story, these characters are faced with unexpected changes. Each character deals with these changes differently, either becoming enlightened and finding meaning in the result or feeling bitter and disappointed in what they observe. The most adaptable character

comes up with seven intriguing revelations about change. Now I have found a way to apply these discoveries to my own life: 1. Change happens. They keep moving the cheese. My environment and goals will undoubtedly change as I move one thousand miles away to college. Which is why I must ... 2. Anticipate change and get ready for the cheese to move. If I can anticipate changes in my life, I can be more prepared when lemons are thrown in my direction. (Hopefully then I will make lemonade to go with my cheese?) When I have my cheese I must ... 3. Monitor change and smell the cheese often so I know when it is

getting old. Knowing when to let go of something hindering progress can be difficult. Evaluating a situation regularly will allow me to see the cheese for what it really is. If I constantly monitor the cheese, I will have the ability to ... 4. Adapt to change quickly. The quicker I let go of old Cheese, The Sooner I Can Enjoy New Cheese. This new cheese may be intimidating and won’t taste the same. However, adapting to the change of the cheese and monitoring the new maze will allow me to move toward my goals more efficiently. If I’m not willing to ... 5. Change and move with the cheese, I may not have the chance

to get the cheese. In the future, I am anticipating new opportunities so I must ... 6. Enjoy change! Savor the adventure and enjoy the tatste of new cheese! If I do not like the change, it will surely not like me back. This is an important digestion because I will always need to ... 7. Be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again. They keep moving the cheese. With knowledge that I will always need to be prepared for the eternal cheese search, I can be aware there is always something else out there to chew on. It’s just A-Mazing what can happen when you embrace change!



Hey, freshman year Allie. What’s up. How’s it hanging. Is ‘swag’ still a thing people say? (I really hope not). But if so, I have some ‘swaggy’ advice for you, from a slightly older, but still entirely clueless senior Allie. Here goes. Black eyeliner on your bottom eyelid is not cute, I’d highly recommend not doing that. Also ditch those super cheap plastic flip flops you have, you’ll find a new love affair in a different sandal (birks for life). Stop trying to act different around people to try and please them. If they don’t like you, you probably shouldn’t be friends with them anyways. Speaking of friends, you’ll lose a couple of them, but also make some amazing new friends too. Don’t be afraid of growing apart from old friends and growing closer to new ones. You’ll make news friends with new traditions, like going to Java at 10 pm on a Tuesday. Seriously, be outgoing. Don’t care

what others think of you. Speak up in class (but don’t be annoying). Your best friendships will come from you being an idiot in class. School is important, but don’t make it your entire life. Don’t stay in because you have homework. You will always have school and work and other obligations. But you’ll never have that crazy night with your closest friends if you decided to stay in and study for AP Euro. Tell everyone you love them. Often. Soon, you won’t be able to see them every day like you do now. Be busy. Surround yourself with people you love and things you love to do. Don’t lose that amazement life gives you. One last piece of wisdom; the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know anything. And there’s no way to know everything. So just keep cruising through life, because you’ll always be as clueless as you are now.

READ THIS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE STEFAN SCHMIDT If there’s one thing in life that’ll help you get by, it’s excuses. Unfortunately, “my dog ate my homework” just isn’t believable anymore. However, if you bring in a pack of hungry looking dogs, no one could deny that dogs really may have eaten your homework. Checkmate, teachers. You know what looks remarkably similar to open eyes? Ping pong balls cut in half with pupils Sharpie’d on and taped to your face. It’s the oldest trick in the book: if you need to catch up on some sleep, pop those babies on, close your real eyes and take a secret nap during class. As the world became more globalized, corporations figured out a trick to save big bucks: outsource labor to cheaper workers. Take a lesson from greedy

capitalists and pay your little siblings in bubblegum to do your homework for you. Everyone knows it takes some time to bring yourself to sit down and get into the groove of doing homework. Why not cut that time out? Try staying up all night to do three days worth of homework at once - minus the initial start up time. Some call it “senioritis.” Some call it an “insightful existential awakening.” Either way, at the end of the year you will inevitably fail to keep up the motivation to do any sort of schoolwork. But don’t worry - claim you’re calling out education as a meaningless institution that has been warped into a tool of modern capitalism and you might just be able to call this a win (or, at least, peace with honor).



Throughout most of high school, I made the mistake of worrying about what others think. People made fun of me for being the guy on TV when all I was doing was pursuing my passion. For the longest time, I took this commentary and let it fester inside of me like some abnormal bacteria, but I finally realized, way too late in my high school career, that it is

better to not give a damn. Instead of doing what I had most stupidly done in my first three years as a Trojan, I chose to make senior year all about Aaron Carter and not about the ones who demoralized me. I have stopped caring about the judgments and backhanded comments directed at me in a convoluted manner, and as a result I have become a

High school was a reasonably pleasant experience, but here are some moments that just made me go, “Well, f**k.” Hopefully, this will make you feel a little bit better about your own high school experience. 1. Not remembering freshman year at all (did it even happen?). Oh yeah, that’s right, I took two art classes and I’ve never been more afraid for my grade than I was then. 2. Thinking back on my fashion choices from fifth through eighth grade (R.I.P. the cargo shorts). 3. Driving for the first time while sitting on a pillow and then hitting a mailbox. I ripped the thing out of the ground as the car moved in slow motion and my dad said, “Stop. You’re gonna hit the mailbox. You’re hitting the mailbox. You just hit the mailbox.” 4. Anytime I had to give a presentation, along with every time I got points docked for talking too fast. Talking slowly and articulately is something I am just not good at. 5. That other time my awkwardness got in the way and I got a D in English participation. Thanks for that one Frese. 6. When math was certainly not my friend and I got a D on that logs quiz in Algebra II. I really hate those logs, especially the natural

one. 7. Looking at the FRQ questions for the AP Euro Test and subsequently realizing I knew basically nothing about all of them. 8. Just AP tests in general. 9. Every time I think it’s a Friday and it’s actually not. 10. The first week of soccer and those wonderful morning runnings. Shoutout to Benton Hill and intervals in the parking lot - I will not miss you. 11. When Dave says to line up from fastest to slowest and I make my way to the end of the line. 12. That time my wonderful white shorts got a lil red, and I had to make a quick change during halftime (made a little better by the fact that I am not the only one this has happened to). 13. That one time I actually scored and the ref (incorrectly?) called me offsides. 14. Throwback to the first time I ever did Powderpuff and threw the ball … #Ballisnotlife 15. Quick shoutout to Rae for putting my graduation invite on Twitter without my permission. 16. When you’re the preacher’s daughter. Nice to never meet you Moser. 17. Every awkward conversation I have ever had with anyone. I am so

much happier person. I feel much more confident than I ever did as a prepubescent freshman, a shy (and still prepubescent) sophomore or even a junior. So to all of you freshmen out there, I know how you all feel. It is hard to be outgoing as a freshman. You might wish to be unnoticed or you might even feel inferior to upper classmen once you realize you aren’t the hotshot on campus as you might have been in junior high (I am not inferring I was, because I was far from that). I have experienced all of this and if I can give you one word of advice, it is to stop. Throw yourself into the deep end, headfirst, and don’t worry about the repercussions. And, although it sounds corny,

pursue your passion and don’t worry about what other people murmur about you in the hallways. Don’t worry about being in the popular clique; worry more about staying true to the friends that have stayed true to you. So thank you to all the backstabbers, the put-downers and the doubters for shaping a better person that walked through the halls of West High back in 2011, and I hope this years class of freshmen will be wiser and more outgoing than freshman Aaron Carter was.

Morgan Schmitt-Morris

sorry that you had to talk me. 18. When I think about my resting bitch face. I apologize if I was ever rude to you, I probably didn’t mean to be. 19. When your younger sister (hi Allie) is more involved than you are. Also, when your sister knows more people in your class than you do. 20. And finally, when you realize you have no idea what you want be when you “grow up,” and then realizing that you are basically an

adult. Besides the obvious take away being that you should never take a risk with white shorts, I hope this has taught you to appreciate the bad moments along with the good ones. High school comes and goes quickly, and it’s my time to move on. The next step is to just get through college and the rest of my life … Well, f**k.


GUESS WHAT MY COLUMN IS ABOUT Of course it’s about K-pop. The best thing that happened to me this year was getting into K-pop (and college but w/e). Forcing myself to watch continuous videos of EXO, BIGBANG and BTS forged an obsession that re-released the

inner fangirl that I had tucked away in ninth grade after finally getting over One Direction. It also gave me a quirk to talk about in college interviews that may have weirded some interviewers out (I mean, I also talked at length about High

Sharon Xiang School Musical). The thing is, I used to HATE K-pop; I thought it was dumb and overrated. But after falling in love with Heirs and Lee Min Ho over the summer, I decided to give it another shot. And here I am, in love with 7 dorky boys (check out BTS; you won’t regret it). Why am I saying this? Because over the past four years, I have realized that I’m too afraid to try new things. I missed out on a unique cultural phenomenon simply because I was too judgmental and decided that I was “above” it all. Thinking back, I have realized that I missed so many opportunities at West High because I was either too afraid to try it (Theater West; Mrs. Nahra, I am so sorry) or too lazy

(applying to be a morale captain for WHSDM). But because I realize this, I have decided to turn over a new leaf in life (*gag* bad cliche, sorry) and try new things in college. I could learn how to dance hip-hop. Maybe join student government. OoOoOOoooh, I could learn Latin and finally take the etiquette classes I’ve been dreaming of ever since I decided to become a bougie country club wife. I should also probably go to New York to wait for the latest Supreme drop. Whatever it is, I promise myself to try new things. Deep talk over, now it’s time to get a Joisey accent and BTS tickets.


Jeremy Hu

High school was a disappointment, not really, but the media really hyped up my expectations. I expected, well frankly something like Glee, including the homophobia and emotional rollercoasters. Moving to Iowa to be surrounded by seas of corn-fields, I was mentally preparing myself, or at least as much preparation one can have, in anticipation of people calling me a fag, homo, etc, and the piercing stares and unintelligible whispers that would follow me throughout the hallways, perhaps even the occasional physical altercations with some stereotypic homophobic redneck sporting a confederate shirt and camo pants. But, as it turns out, my experience in an American high school was rather anti-climatic, slushies were never thrown in my face, which was a bit disappointing seeing how we could have had a slushie machine at school. And as it turns out, I’m not as smart as I may have sought

available three out of five are in use, you either head for a stall or hold it in for another 53 minutes. Undergraduate student debt is overrated, especially if you want that penthouse in NYC and villa in La Jolla with a kitchen full of SMEG appliances and Mason jars.

out to be; barely retaining bits of information regarding cellular respiration, electrochemistry, particle motion models, integrals, maybe something about the Pueblo Indians. But at least I can say I did pick up little bits of wisdom here and there: At least in Iowa City, you can get away with asking your health teacher how gay sex works (because let’s be real, freshman talk like they’re getting some every other night but when asked don’t know squat about human anatomy). Always keep a spatula in your car for when your brother snaps your ice scraper in half. It’s not okay to ask a teacher to retake their photo because they looked orange like an Oompa Loompa. You get your teachers to like you the same way you get other kids to, give them food. Befriend your counselor and they will let you change your schedule at least five times before the trimester


begins. Little kids are vicious, they will drag you a couple feet into the ground all the while donning puppy eyes and toothless grins to compensate for their bluntness. As a gay guy who wears shorts that violate school dress codes, no one will call you out. “TURN AROUND, THIS HALLWAY IS CLOSED” means you turn around as fast as you can and shamefully scurry back the way you came. Apparently if you don’t tell administration you’re having a bake sale, Michelle Obama will never find out either. You leave an unoccupied urinal between each person, if the

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