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“[My friends and I] had “My favorite memory from high school is when I won a JV crossthis awesome country race on our home course at the MVC meet my junior year ... I won the race by 100 yards. I was ecstatic, as I had never won a race idea of going before, and assured that I had done what I needed to do to prove myself. I am so thankful for all of my teammates that day as they to Costco cheered me on the entire one weekend and stocking [our locker] way.” -Maria Burtch with all the food we bought, and a One “I will miss playing high Direction poster, of course ... it was school sports and single-handedly the best idea we ever spending every day surrounded by friends. had during high school. So, freshmen: I will also miss the learn from the pros.” -Kelsey Blocklinger excitement that comes with finding out there is “High school has been memorable in so many ways for me. I have grown as a person and have gotten to grow a snow day.” -Jenna Mabry with close friends around me.” -Claire Shive

Claire Jenna

Kelsey 51

Maria DESIGN BY JAYCIE WEATHERS photo by madie miller COMPilED by brittani langland





longest r ela

always single

Have you ever been drunk?

52% 48%

? nship tio

our y as

31% 13% 10% 18% 14% 15%

said no

less than 1 month

more than 2 years



have parked in the teachers' lot


less than 6 months


less than 1 year

enjoyed high school

have changed their morals since freshman year

have had a crush on a Have you ever teacher skipped a class? does dr. a know your name?






i think so...


have snuck




do you consider yourself democrat or rebublican?

1-2 years

said yes

support gay marriage



19% republican 40% neither

54% 46%

said no

said yes 320 seniors surveyed



whic h

9th 7%

11th 48%



have been cheated on by a significant other

e hard

have cheated on a significant other



f high school is t o ear

10th 34%

how many jobs have you had?

13% 37% 33% 11%

12th 11%

0 1 2 3 3 6% how many times a week do more than



x ua

xua are se

53% 47% 3%

you shower?

18% said 3-5 said more said 5-10 66% 13%believethani 10 said less than 3

are happy with their plans for next year

said yes



95% 41%

said no


said yes

nG o

24% said no


lly e s active Are not u o y Have you ever tried marijuana?


said maybe


47 THE LAST STORY MAY 2015 wsspaper.com

SENIOR FUTURES Remember when you were supposed to turn in your senior futures to the WSS? You can read about the people that remembered to do so below. If you forgot, your name is just standing alone.


Alex Aaberg-Oh, it costs money. Abdelrahman Abdalla Kassim Abdalla Emma Abels-Iowa State University. Jack Abels-It is with great pride that I say that I will be attending the University Of Wittenberg in Springfield, Ohio where I plan to study elementary education. Yair Abramoff-I will be attending the Naval Academy to major in boats and minor in girls. Rebika Acharya Maggie Ackers Ma’any Ahmed Souad Ahmed Jorney Alber Abdalla Ali-I’ll spend young money to start up a camel herd in Arabia or I’ll be going to a University that starts with an N to pursue a career in medicine. Either would be equally satisfying. Ali Ali Ayoub Ali Maria Ali-I’m going to be studying engineering at the University of Iowa. Nora Ali Emma Allen Tyler Allen-I plan on going to the University of Iowa to study electrical engineering. Tyrek Allen-I plan on attending Kirkwood then transferring to the University of Iowa. Alexander Aller-I plan on attending the University of Iowa to study business. Sandra Amouzou-With wavering confidence but hopeful positivism, I hope to do great things with my life during and post attending the University of Iowa (for something here or other). Nicholas Andersen-Going to attend Wartburg College and playing soccer there as well. Grace Anderson-I’m going to the University of Colorado-Boulder to study the world and what not. Matthew Anderson-I plan to go to St. Cloud State University and swim and study business and chemistry. Lushia Anson-I will be moving to Claremont, California to attend Pomona College, studying Media Studies and Psychology while fulfilling my life quest to become a real-life meme (see page 34.) Aaron Armstrong-I’ll be going to the University of Iowa with an open major. Zachary Armstrong-I am going to UNI to study to become an athletic trainer. Isaak Arnold

texture courtesy of abudeezo.com


Fatoumata Bah Kara Bailey Jakeb Bakken-Going to Army Basic Training in Georgia and taking a year off before attending college. Bailey Banks-I will be a proud Hawkeye next year as I further my education in order to become a medical technologist. Lasendo Banks Ruby Bass Jesse Baum Dina Bazofabharushe Kelsey Beasley-I plan to attend Iowa State University and major in elementary education. Gregory Beaver Timothy Beemer Anne Belding-Moving out to the East Coast to attend Marymount Manhattan College, where I plan to study advertising and marketing. Davon Bell Emilee Benedict-I plan on partying it up with the future trophy wife, Haley Roudabush, at the University of Iowa. I also plan on majoring in biology to pursue a career in medicine or secondary education. Kylie Beneke-I will attend the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business and plan to study accounting, international business and Spanish. German Benitez Jasmine Benner-I will attend Kirkwood for a semester and then transfer down to the University of Alabama. I plan on majoring in nursing and minoring in psychology and African American studies. Kaitlyn Bernhard-Attending the University of Iowa and patricipating in AirForce ROTC Matthew Birely-I will be attending the University of Iowa to study engineering. Fadhili Birindwa-Attend college at Kirkwood Community College Jack Biscupski-I plan to attend Iowa State University to study chemical engineering and dunk on everybody in the intramural basketball leagues. Aaron Bleil Kelsey Blocklinger-I will be staying a Hawkeye for another four years and attending the University of Iowa this fall to major in Human Physiology. Allye Boardman-I plan on attending the University of Iowa with an open major. Go Hawks! Akash Borde-Like many famous Khans be-

fore me, I will be studying filmmaking at Khan Academy. Chandler Bosch Myriah Boyer-As a family tradition and also because I love the campus, I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa, studying sport psychology and majoring in athletic training. Ryan Bozer-After many years of obsessing about dinosaurs, I am going to major in Geology with a focus on Paleontology at the South Dakota School of Mines in Rapid City. Emmy Brady-Studying biology at the University of Iowa! Benjamin Brandauer-I am going to the University of Northern Iowa and majoring in Psychology. Sara Branson-Next year I will be at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. On Wisconsin! Noah Brase-I will attend Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. Cameron Braverman-I will attend Northwestern University and major in biomedical engineering and minor in jazz studies. Jayme Braverman Sabrina Bretz-I plan to study engineering at Iowa State University. Nathan Briddle-University of Iowa. Business. Griffin Brunk-I plan on attending the University of Iowa and joining their beer pong team. Catch yall on the flip side. Stay safe out there. Peace out homies. ;) Jeremiah Brusegaard-I am going to Iowa State University. I’m going to study Chemistry and be the next Walter White. Ashley Bryant Tyshika Bryant D’Tresean Burge Stephanie Burkett Maria Burtch-I am attending Creighton University in Omaha next fall and majoring in premed! Devin Bush John Cain Schuyler Cantrell-I plan to master the art of Krav Maga and commit crime with both direction and magnitude. Shelby Carson-Villhauer-I plan to go to college for nursing. Joshua Chen-University of Iowa. Natalie Childs-I will be attending the University of Iowa and hoping to study either business, or history/English education. Mason Chinchilla-I plan to go to U of I hope-


wsspaper.com may 2015 the last story 46

fully. Jenna Choi-Jenna will be following Amy Xiong to California. Brenden Clark De’Quan Coats Johnathan Collentine Rachel Collins-Luther College. Actually more like the woods in Decorah. Sinai Colon-Sanchez Caroline Connolly Corbin Countryman-In the fall I will be taking my talents to the Univeristy of Arizona where I will studying mechanical engineering. Danielle Craig-Attending Cal State Fullerton to do some some surfing and ball it up. #look4meonEllen Jacob Cram-I will be attending Iowa State University to study engineering. Thomas Crawford Camille Crossett-I will be attending the Univesity of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. I will be majoring in history education and will probably minor in political science. MacKallen Crouch-I will be attending Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids and majoring in Exercise Science then transfering to Iowa after 2 years, I also will be playing Ultimate Frisbee at Iowa. #WingUp Julia Crouse-I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa where I will study Communication Sciences and Disorders. Key’Shawna Crutcher Zaccary Curtiss-I will attend the University of Iowa to study Business (Finance), and minor in Political Science. Daniel Dagle-I will be attending Iowa State. Don’t worry, it’s for engineering, either chemical or materials. Kristen Dandridge-I plan on raising my son while attending our community college Kirkwood. Mackenzie Dawkins-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College this fall for a liberal arts degree. Takia Dean-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College located in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I will be going to 2 1/2 years to be a R.N. or medical assistant. Kevin DeLaney Angelica Diez-I plan on going to the pre-med route and then eventually apply for PA school to hopefully work in the psychiatry field. I’ll either be going to the University of Iowa, Iowa State or the University of South Florida...not sure yet. David DiLeo-I will be attending New Hampton Prep School for a year. Lily Dirks-Next year I will be staying in Iowa City and attending Kirkwood Community College for two years. After that I will go to the University of Iowa to study something that is far from being decided. Michael Dlouhy Megan Donahoe-I will be staying in the forever-beautiful 319 and attending the University of Iowa. I plan on majoring in business and fur-


thering my hobby of eating mega amounts of ice cream. Jared Donovan-I will attend Kirkwood Community College for two years, then transfer to Iowa State to finish off in mechanical engineering. Maxsam Donta-I am going to have the most dandy of times. :) Nikolas Donta-Going to Iowa State in the fall to be a part of their engineering program. Alexander Dorau Kevin Dowell-I will be continuing my football career & education at Iowa Western Community College where I will be studying subjects in media. Eveline Dowling-I am absolutely honored to be promoted from Iowa’s frozen tundra to Minnesota’s polar vortex as I join my sister at Carleton College in the fall. Michael Dudley Christopher Duhaime-I will be attending Iowa State University where I will be studying Agricultural Engineering. Tyler Eads-Play football at UNI and major in finance with a minor in real estate. Leola Eko-I will be attending Texas Tech University to study biology and minor in journalism. Go Red Raiders! Abdalrhman Elgaali-I will be attending the University of Iowa as a double major in industrial engineering and finance. CEO of Google Irish Allah. On the side, I will be the 6th man of the Sacremento Kings in the NBA (National Basketball Association) as a three point specialist. Mustafa Elhilo Ahmed Elkhalifa-I wanna major in engineering/or architecture to learn how to build a house in Kavai and do me. Gretchen Elmer-I will be attending the University of Iowa in hopes of becoming a business major! Kylie Fahrenkrug-I plan on attending Mount Mercy University next year and major in healthcare administration. After I have completed my four years I plan on achieving my masters degree at MMU. I also aspire to study abroad along with doing internships throughout my college career. McKenzie Fairfield-I will attend Iowa State University this fall with a double major in Business and Event Management. Jacob Federici-I plan on going to the University of Iowa to study finance and sports management. Riley Finer-I will attend the University of Iowa, and am planning to major in Health and Human Physiology and minor in Psychology. In the future I want to be married and have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends, and no one can say no to being my friend. Matt Fisher-I will be attending the University of Iowa to study politcal science with a minor in English. Samuel Fleagle-I’m going to the University of Minnesota to become a wizard. Alyssa Fletcher-Phlebotomy training.



45 the last story May 2015 wsspaper.com

Noah Fletcher William Feeney Allison Fuhrmeister-I am going to Kirkwood for 2 years then transferring over to U of I to become a mechanical engineer Ranon Fuller-I will traverse the United States to live in Calgary, Canada, serving a mission for two years. After that I will go to BYU in Utah. After I graduate, I hope to pursue a career as a mall cop. Raul Galvan Ian Gassmann Adrieanna Gathings William Goins-Roanoke College. Venture capitalist and music production gang gang bang bang I love you but it’s not like that the is <3 Omar Gonzalez-I plan to go to Kirkwood for a year or two then transfer to Iowa or WIU for criminal justice. Tia Goodman-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids with the mindset of studying radiology and specializing in ultrasound! Adam Goodwin Connor Gordon Martin Goree-No diction in my vast vocabulary may express the boundless, infinite elation I shall experience at The Washington University in St. Louis, whereupon I shall pursue my studies in the burgeoning Classics of Baroque. Adieu, peasants. Sarah Graber-I will be reading, travelling, and studying to be a superhero at Truman State University. Ndovia Grace-Studying for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iowa. William Grahs-I will attend the University of Northern Iowa next fall with an interest in history or Spanish TESOL. Jesse Gray-I will be attending the University of Iowa, and I plan to double-major in spanish and biology (on the pre-medicine track). Conner Greene-Iowa State. Then President of the United States in 2048. Just wait on it. Channon Greer-I will be attending the University of Iowa this fall with an interest in Liberal Arts with minors in most likely Spanish and Arabic. Callee Grell Anna Griebel-I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa to study secondary education. Alexis Gronewold-Salon Professional Academy starting July 28, 2015. I will be in a trade school for cosmetology. Kai Gui-I’ll be attending Grinnell College to meditate in the midst of corn fields. Dilan Guran-After high school I will be working all summer and traveling. For college I will go to kirkwood and study two year business later transfer to uni and complete my education. Kate Gylten-University of Iowa. Jillian Haas-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College for two years then two more years at University of Iowa to major in Business and Dance.




Jerone Hamilton Teah Hannaford-Attending Truman State University to study biology Ryan Hansen-I will head up north to be a student at the University of Northern Iowa. I don’t have a major right now, but chances are I’ll end up in education to round out my parents disappointment by being the third child to want a low-paying job. Megan Hanson-I plan to attend the University of Northern Iowa to study elementary education. I am very excited to become an enthusiastic teacher. T’Shailyn Harrington-Next fall I will proudly join the University of Iowa BizHawk family! Bradley Havel Ryan Havel Terriyon Hawkins K’moni Hawthorne Hayden Hendricks-Going to the University of Iowa to study chemical engineering. Luc Henk-I will be enlisting in the Air Force. Amelia Herlein Tyler Herring-Next year I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. I plan to major in Marketing Management. It’s been real West High. Stay Classy. Grant Higgins Rebecca Hilmer-I will be attending the University of Iowa for chemistry and law enforcement! Emily Hollingworth-I will be attending Northwestern University where I will double major in Oboe Performance and Biology. Wildcats-get’cha head in the game! Allie Holzmiller-I will be attending Northwest Missouri State University with an interest in biological sciences and genetics. Audrey Hopewell-I will attend the University of Oklahoma as a National Merit Scholar, where I will major in economics. I hope to go on to graduate school and become the next Janet Yellen (or Beyonce.) Nicholas Houg Jeremiah Houghton Clay Hugen-I am going to Iowa State to study chemical engineering. Hank Hugen-Going to the University of Iowa to study business. Peace out West High! Riley Hulsebus-I will attend Drake University and major in business. Einas Ibrahim-I want to study medical school for two years and from there transfer to University of Iowa. Te’ah Jackson Megan Jans-I will attend Grinnell College and pursue my interests in psychology, ‘troll’ memes, and funny hamster videos on YouTube. Irene Jara-Since I graduated early, I am currently attending Brigham Young University in Idaho. I’m majoring in psychology with an emphasis in industrial and organizational field. Walker Jarvie Ayat Jasim Ryan Jenn Joshua Jensen-I will bike to Grinnell College


where I will remain for four years. Annika Johannsen-I’m attending St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota next year. I plan to major in biology in hopes of becoming a physician’s assistant. Benjamin Johnson-I will be attending Luther College. Isaiah Johnson Quincy Jones-I’ll attend Kirkwood for two years then transfer to the University of Iowa studying electrical engineering. Margaret Kabolo-I plan to attend college to go into nursing. Gloire Kakuru-I’ll be attending the university of Iowa where I will study biomedical engeneering, but not until 2017 for I will start my two years at kirkwood community college then later on tranfer. Debor Kalonji Riley Kelley-I plan to go to Kirkwood for the culinary arts academy finish that find a job as a chef in a high end fancy restaurant get money and start my own restaurant Timothy Kelly-I will be attending a university, at which I will study a subject of some kind. After that, I will get a job and maybe a wife, and then I will die. Mikinna Kerns-Attending Iowa State University for a degree in photography with a business minor. Hannah Kim-I will be attending University of Connecticut with an interest in Actuarial Science. Megumi Kitamoto-I will be going to Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, where I will master the art of explaining where Iowa is. Nathan Kleese Kailey Klein-I will be going to Kirkwood Community College to study early childhood education. Lauren Knudson-I will spend the next four years studying at Swarthmore College and telling people “it’s a small liberal arts school outside of Philadelphia.” Hyun Ko-I will be attending University of Iowa to study pharmacy. I’ll be living on campus next year. Xavier Koch-Iowa State University for Engineering. Eugene Korolev Elias Kovoor Dylan Krantz Sean Krummel Michael Krupp-I will be attending Clemson University in South Carolina, where I will be playing rugby and studying hard to get my degree. In the future, I hope to work as a Sports Medicine Physician and provide care for people with sports related injuries. Treyton Krupp-I will attend the University of Iowa, studying Human Physiology. Still won’t be cutting my hair. Molly Kuehn-In the fall, I will be attending the University of Notre Dame to become the next Rudy. If my football career fails, I will be pursu-



ing neuroscience and global service. Dylan Kuennen-Going to the University of Iowa to study to become a doctor. Clare Lanaghan-In lieu of attending my first choice school, Hogwarts, I will be going to Beloit College to study witchcraft in the real world, physics. Nathan Langel-Attending Iowa State University for aerospace engineering Brittani Langland-I will be attending the University of Missouri School of Journalism, and will continue to defend Space Jam as the greatest cinematic experience in existence. Zane Larson-I plan to attend Luther College and major in music education. Go Norse! KaDeem Leach-SUMMER DUH. Yeah but then two years at Kirkwood and the rest at Iowa State. Crystal Lee Sarah Lee-I am staying in Iowa and attending the University of Iowa Payton Lentz-Kirkwood and stuff Callahan Linebarger-I will be moving to Philadelphia and going to Temple University to study neuroscience. Adios, corn. Patrick Link-Kirkwood auto tech and bigger stuff Katherine Lipes Molly Lipman-Before attending Tufts University for engineering, I will be taking a gap year. I’ll spend the year in Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Israel doing different service projects in each place! Azemina Lisinovic Evan Logsdon-Work and enjoy my summer then go to Kwood for biology. Isabella Lozano-Dobbs-I got an athletic scholarship to attend Indiana Tech to play basketball. Bennet Luethje-I plan on attending the University of Iowa next year, I plan on studying human physiology with a pre-physical therapy major. Aliyah Lukes-I’ll be traveling the world and expanding my internet business internationally because who needs college debt and a job for 40 years? Elizabeth Lynch-Attending the University of Northern Iowa for athletic training Jenna Mabry-Samford University-Birmingham, AL, studying prepharmacy Daniel Machlab-I will attend the University of Iowa to study electrical engineering and business. After I graduate, I plan to leave the state for grad school and get a Masters of Business Administration. Aside from education, I will continue to travel the world and start a cleanenergy company. Makaila Madison-I plan on going to University of Iowa studying accounting and finance Tina Madison Alexander Malo Harry Manaligod-i AM GOiNG TO EAT ALWAYS HEALTHY AND LiFT WEIGHTS EVERY DAY EXCEPT FOR SATURDAY SO i CAN GAiN 230 POUNDS OF PURE MUSCLE MASS N BE A NEON BURLY BOY AND TRANSFORM INTO THE SUPERHERO KNOWN AS


wsspaper.com may 2015 the last story 44

VERSACE HULK HOGAN OR THE PiNK PYTHON YOU KNOW WHAT iM SAYiNG? Sydney Manders-I will be attending to Kirkwood for teaching, or Capri for hair, and skin. Holly Manternach-Iowa State University; civil engineering Brenna Marks Emily Martin-NO IDEA. Riley Martin Alexander Masada-Corey Henock Matiyabo Jackson McCarragher Ian McGillicuddy-I’ll be choosing my adventure at Iowa State. Liam McGillin Michael McGrane-After high school I plan on attending Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids. I will be entering the CAD Engineering Program and graduating in 2 years to work. Alyssa McKiness-I will be attending Concordia University Chicago where I will be majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis on English. Vanessa Mebus McKenzie Mellecker-I will be running track and cross country at Mount Mercy University for the next 4 years while studying to become a nurse practitioner. Jacob Mentz Isra Mergani Joseph Milani-I will be attending the University of Iowa to major in Health & Human Physiology while continuing my football career. Madie Miller-After graduating, I plan to go back to elementary education and do it all over again. Go Norse! Madison Miller Tatayonna Miller Eric Millers-To keep ridin’ the wave. University of Iowa. John Millmeyer-I will be attending the University of Iowa. “The word is fight, fight, fight for Iowa. Let every LOYAL Iowan sing” Just sayin’. Go Hawks Conner Minikus Anthony Mirabito Farhain Mohamad-I will be attending Kirkwood community college I will study software engineering. Ashley Molina Alison Monroe-I will be greatly expanding my horizons by traveling across the river and up the highway to study biochemistry at the University of Iowa. Benjamin Moore-I plan on getting a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Iowa. I plan on still liking pugs too. Caitlin Moore Mikaela Morgan-I have a basketball scholarship to play at the University of Northern Iowa. To study elementary education and become a kindergarten teacher :) Blake Moser-I will be going to Kirkwood and then going to Iowa to study business.

Madison Mullinnix-Living in a rainforest bungalow with my 50 cats, painting bowls of fruit. Araz Muradli-I plan on attending U of I Christopher Murphy-Veigelt-I’m going Milwaukee School of Engineering. Ruby Murray-I plan to go to Kirkwood for two year and then go to the University of Iowa for the last two year and major in math teaching and become a math teacher. Casey Murrey-I plan to be a criminal investigator starting at Kirkwood then transferring to Iowa after 2 years Peter Murry-Attend Luther College, then attend law school at University of Wisconsin-Madison Boni Mushalangwa Ann Mwangi-University of Iowa, pre-dentistry, major in biology, minor in Spanish Eva Mysnyk-I will be traveling down to Arizona to attend Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. I plan to study business management but I don’t really know. Eric Nash Alex Nelson Benjamin Nelson-I will be attending Southwestern Community College, where I plan to study Jazz Voice, Jazz Piano, and Jazz Guitar. No clue what I’ll do after... Chase Ney-I’m going to start off at Kirkwoood then will be headed off to Harvard Joshua Nichols Micayla Nicks-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College Gabriela Nisly-I will be going to Johns Hopkins University, hopefully to learn how to do life correctly. In my free time, I will be attempting to major in Neuroscience (pre-med) and minor in Music Performance at the Peabody Conservatory while maintaining my ability to sleep for 8 hours every night. It probably won’t work. Da’Sha Nocentelli-I’m Going To Be Attending Kirkwood In Iowa City, Working Two Jobs And Getting An Apartment And Just Living Life Aileen Norris-While waiting for my application for a rocket ship to Pigfarts to come through, I will be attending the University of Utah, where I will double major in Modern Dance and English with a concentration in Education. Also, I’ve already heard that Mormon joke you’re planning on cracking. MacKenzie Novotny-I will be attending Iowa State University this fall where I will study I don’t know what. Unless, of course, I get my Dragon School acceptance letter over the summer, in which case I will fly off into the sunset on my dragon. Bailey O’Brien-I’m staying in town! Going to the University of Iowa, to study what? I’m not sure, I’d like to go into policy, activism, reform, or any subset of holistic wellness. Over all I just want to keep being healthy and create a nice community for myself. Aaliyah O’Connell-I will be studying Pharmacy and participating in Army ROTC at Iowa! Go Hawks! Micah Otterbein-I will be attending the Univer-


43 the last story may 2015 wsspaper.com


sity of Northern Iowa majoring in Mathematics Education. Derrika Outlaw-I will attend Kirkwood College for their interior design program next fall for 2 years. Ryan Pals-I will study Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. Carter Parker-Will be attending The University of Iowa for financing Bhavik Patel-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Fall 2015!! Manvik Patel-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Fall 2015!! Nidhi Patel-You’ll be seeing me around trying to relive the good old days as I go to the University of Iowa to study Speech Language Pathology! Go Hawks! Willem Paul-I will attend Iowa State University, where I plan to major in software engineering and minor in one or two of a variety of things that interest me. I plan to continue playing trombone at ISU and pursue my hobbies and pastimes. I am considering attending grad school after college. Ted Paulsen-I’m going to have a safe and fun time next year while attending the University of Iowa. Kyle Payne Jacob Pelland-catch every pokemon in the kanto region in less than a day. blind folded. under water. in a bear trap. fighting a shark. nbd. Michael Pennell Jenna Pepic-UNI Katie Peplow-I will anchor down at Vanderbilt University in hopes of becoming the next Nora Wingfield Tyson (google her). Silvia Perez-Going to Kirkwood and then Iowa to become an orthodontist Trevor Peterson Winter Philibert-Go to Iowa State for pre-vet and then Kentucky for vet school. My dream is to study animal behavior and help make the world a better place for everyone in it. Katie Pigge-My plan is to attend Kirkwood Community College for a year and then transfer to the University of Northern Iowa in 2016 to study early childhood development, hoping to become a kindergarten teacher! Chase Plank-I plan on attending Kirkwood Community College for 2 years then I will transfer to The University of Iowa where I will get a degree in business. Alexis Posey-I will be attending Northern Illinois University where I will major in nursing. Justin Preuschl-Kirkwood then transfer. No idea what my major will be but I want to be a coach Kathryn Quelle-I will attend the University of Pittsburgh where I will study pharmacy in their 6-year Pharm.D. program, possibly pursuing a minor in French. Jonathan Raley-I have committed to play football and ultimate at Coe College on a pre-med track while double majoring in biology and business administration. I hope to dive into the



world of venture capitalism and commercial real estate while traveling and volunteering throughout the rest of my life. #WingUp Joseph Ranard-University of Iowa for engineering. Mehmedalija Rasic Isaiah Ratcliff-Wait for college for two years University of Iowa Karl Ratner-Attending University of Illinois at Chicago for Criminology, Law, and Society. Emily Reasoner-Luther College Cody Reuter-I plan to become a traitor and attend Iowa State University for computery engineering. Kevin Reynolds-I plan to work and go to Kirkwood Community College Zachary Rhodes Alyssa Rieckens Sarah Rinehart-I will attend the University of Washington to study public health and Spanish. I will also be meeting Sam Ruback in Portland on the weekends. Sarah Ritchie-I will be studying engineering at the University of Iowa. Abigail Robinson Zachery Rodriguez Cameron Rogers-Plan to work for a year then attend Kirkwood’s Ag Diesel Program in the fall of 2016. Tanner Rohweder Margaret Rompot-I plan to go to Iowa State and study animal ecology. Morgan Ronnebaum-I plan on going to Kirkwood for a 1 year then transferring to the University of Iowa. Haley Roudabush-Plan A: Become a trophy wife Plan B: Attend the University of Iowa to study elementary education Samantha Ruback-I will being going to the University of Oregon to study who freaking knows what Ryan Ruckdaschel-I will attend the University of Iowa with an interest in Physical Therapy and minor in Sports Nutrition. I also hope to continue my gymnastics career with the Hawkeyes! Ryan Ruden Abigail Rummelhart David Ryu-I will be attending Drake University to pursue a degree in Music Performance. In the meanwhile, since I will still have time to mess around, I will continue to draw online and compose new soundtracks. Have a nice day :) Mathias Sader Albarra Sadigahmed-I will be in the South of France teaching French girls English. Then spend the next four years at the University of Iowa, where I will stare at the clouds on foggy days, and I’ll make sure to get my 5 minutes of cardio by running on the cement sidewalks. Fatima Saeed Robin Saffold Maria Rios-I plan on moving back to Mexico which is where I come from. The schooling there is different so I will go straight into medical school next year to become a heart surgeon


(hopefully :D) Izet Salesevic Jacob Sanderson Evy Adame Jared Sasina Kirk Saylor-I’m going to the University of Iowa because I was too lazy to apply anywhere else. And I can barely send in my Senior Future on time, much less decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. You’re welcome. Megan Schade Kelsey Schmitt-I will be attending The University of Iowa as a direct admit into the Tippie College of Business, and I’m planning on double majoring in Marketing and Graphic Design! I can’t wait to meet all of the Hawkeyes (or hotguys?) Addison Schmitz-Addi will attend the University of Iowa, where she will pay thousands of dollars to stay in her dorm room, studying and eating ramen. To offset the sodium, she will participate in marching band and do sit ups. She plans to major in biology, with minors in Spanish and Tumblr. Anya Schmitz-I plan on backpacking for 10 months in Southeast Asia before starting college in Germany Cole Schuchard Anna Schuchert-University of Iowa to double major in business and psychology. Joseph Scott-Kirkwood.... maybe Kierstin Scroggins Kelsey Sehr-After high school I plan to attend the Salon Professional Academy in Iowa City for cosmetology Michael Shaver Olivia Sheff-I plan on moving to the bustling metropolis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa to attend Coe College and perfect the art of annoying Megumi across seas. Hannah Sheldon-I will be headed to the Mediterranean coastline in August to live in Italy as part of a year long program through the Rotary Club International Youth Exchange. Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto. Spencer Shelton-This fall I will be attending the University of Iowa to study Business with a focus on Accounting. Samantha Shirazi-I will be attending Iowa State University next year, and will major in Apparel Merchandising. Claire Shive-I will be attending Iowa State in the fall, and my major will be Communications with a possible Event Management minor. I would love to plan events some day. Senead Short-The University of Iowa’s status as the number two party school in America enticed me from the get go. However, unlike my future partying Hawkeyes I will probably be reading too many books and attending artsy events on a regular basis, and of course double majoring in International Studies and French. Ahmed Sidahmed Layla Siddig-I will attend Harvard University to major in molecular/cellular biology and govern-

ment with a focus on international relations. By biology I mean sleep and by government I mean Netflix documentaries ayy lmao. Go Crimson! Siddharth Singh Christian Sitzmore Kailey Skinner-Kirkwood Emmie Skopec-Will be attending the University of Kansas and racing to my dreams as a member of the track and cross country teams. Daniel Smith-I will be attending the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities where I will double major in materials science and living on a negative budget. Karl Smith-In the fall of 2015, I will either attend Luther College or St. Olaf College Kazimier Smith-Kaz will attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to major in Japanese literature and poetry with a focus on the Heian period (794-1185 AD). Kennedy Smith-In the fall I will be attending Loyola University to study psychology and explore the city of Chicago. Go Ramblers! Kylie Smith Mareda Smith-I will be heading north to the beautiful town of Decorah to be a Luther College Norse! I hope to study psychology, and eventually pursue speech pathology. Maggie Smith-I plan to attend the University of Northern Iowa and study English education. Benjamin Sommers-I will be attending Kirkwood Community College, studying firefighting. Minsu Song-I will be attending Wartburg College next year, majoring in either music therapy or elementary education. Go Knights! Maggie Southwick-I will be attending Iowa State University where I will major in chemical engineering. Samuel Stalkfleet-Attending University of Wisconsin next year to obtain a degree in business. Cordell Staten-Trapping out the Bando Holiday Stearn-Joining the United States Army as a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout. I will be jumping out of planes. Earlier mornings and long days of hard work out in the field. Blood Sweat and tears all for the freedom of the American citizens. Haley Steffen-Next year I will be attending Luther College to major in biology with a focus in genetics. And of course, I will continue dancing! Go Norse! Benjamin Stein Lexi Stephens-I plan on attending the University of Northern Iowa, to major in psychology and minor in sociology. GO PANTHERS! Jordan Stern-I plan to go to Kirkwood and become the #1 pong player in the nation. Logan Stevens-I am attending Kirk and going to major in sports marketing. Gustave Stewart-I plan to go to University of Iowa. I do not know my major yet, but I plan to make it a good one. All my life I wanted to be someone. Now I realize I should have been more specific. Tavian Stilwell-Will be attending the University of Iowa with no idea of future plans.

wsspaper.com may 2015 the last story 42

Paul Stone Makenzie Strabala-Attending the University of Tennessee Evan Streck Christina Stroback-Attending Iowa State University Shane Sturtz-I am going to the University of Iowa and I have no clue what I will be majoring in. John Sunderland-I plan to leave the state of Iowa (finally) and attend Creighton University in Omaha to study physics. Michael Swafford-Attending the University of Iowa for mechanical engineering and being the next Chris Forsberg Brianna Swift-I plan to continue my education at Kirkwood for 2 years, then transfer to UNI to study Elementary Education. Zachary Swihart Erin Taber-I will be staying in my hometown for another four years, as I plan to attend the University of Iowa to major in Biology (Genetics and Biotechnology) with a minor in Business Administration. Eventually, my goal is to become a doctor or a hospital administrator. Go hawks!! Grace Tafolla-I will be attending The University of St. Thomas next year to study becoming famous and play basketball. Ayah Taha-I will be traveling to the Motherland this summer, and attending Kirkwood this fall! Can’t wait to start a new chapter in life! Rawan Taha-I will be attending Kirkwood then transferring to the University of Iowa. Shadi Taha Savanna Tait Maggie Taylor-Next year, I will be attending the University of Pennsylvania and frequently informing Iowans that Penn State is a separate institution with a far better football team. Caleb Teager Kane Templeton Jacintha Thomas-I’m looking forward to diving D1 at the University of Iowa. I also, plan on studying health and human physiology, or something to that nature before I head off somewhere to Med school and become some sort of doctor. #DiveHawk #Can’tWaitForAllThatDebt Shayne Thomas Megan Thomasson-I will be attending Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska with an interest in biology. #rolljays Keanan Tinkey Sam Tinkey Kyle Triplett-I will be attending Iowa State University studying industrial design focusing mostly on cars. Jazmyne Truesdale-I will be attending UNI where I will be majoring in English. Hannah Twitchell-This summer I will be watching copious amounts of Netflix while I recover from breast reduction surgery (stay tuned for what size birthday bras to buy me come August). In the fall I will be attending UNI for a Theatre major (because who didn’t guess that).



I look forward to living near my dads in Cedar Falls where I plan on periodically stealing their food and cable (thx fathers). Hannah Underwood Hannah Van Roekel-I will be attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona with a major in nursing. I plan to become a traveling nurse which will enable me to live and work all over the country/world. Go lopes!! Tyler Vandewater Stephanie Vest-going to Kirkwood Community College next year, studying psychology and art. Maybe one day finding the mental process of BATMAN Eric Vidhamali Rylee Villhauer-I will be attending the University of Iowa to double major in pre-business and dance. Madison Voigt-I’m excited to be joining the Class of 2019 at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I plan on studying political science and keeping warm during the cold Minnesota winters! Jayme Waite-I will be going to University of Iowa. Alon Wald Devon Walker-I plan on attending Kirkwood Community College, then transfer after two years to the University of Iowa Shayne Walker Asante Walker-Garcia Abby Walling-I can’t wait to attend Carleton next year! Currently, I hope to major in biology and go to medical school to study neurology. Pengyu Wang Cameron Waul-Captain of the University of Iowa beer pong team Jaycie Weathers-I will be moving to Chicago to attend Loyola University majoring in environmental science. From there, I intend to save the world while maintaining homeostasis. Mitchell Webster Aileen Weeks-I’m attending Winona State University as a social work major and a member of the cheerleading team! I’ll probably end up marrying Fran Ruck in the near future, too. Go Warriors! Adam Weis-I’ll be studying Chemical Engineering and probably running for the track club at The University of Iowa, because Iowa City>Ames Mariah Weston-I plan to enter the physical therapy program at Saint Louis University, where I will not stay true to my Cubs roots despite being surrounded by Cardinals. Austin Westpheling Parker Wetherell Ceci White-Baer-I will attend Georgetown University in order to become the next Monica Lewinsky (give TED talks for a living). Laynie Whitehead-I will be attending Northeastern University in Boston, MA next year. I plan to study behavioral neuroscience and am looking forward to living my dream of being a D-I volleyball player! Go Huskies :)

Austin Wicke-I plan to attending the University of Iowa where I will be studying music!! GO HAWKS!!! Savanah Willard Imani Williams Joseph Williams-Rodeo School ---> Walla Walla Community College Michael Williams Pierre Williams Abbie Wilson-I will be attending Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois. I will be double majoring in business and social work. Evan Wilson Kiana Wilson-I plan on going to the University of Northern Iowa to become a special education teacher Michelle Wise-I will be running cross country and track at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. I will also major in business administration and continue singing. Goals include not gaining the freshman 15 and having a pet hedgehog in secrecy. Go Tommies! Connor Woodring Nathan Woodring Joshua Wootonn-I will attend the University of Iowa majoring in electrical engineering and minoring computer science. Amy Xiong-I will become in a beaver. In California. Edward Yao-I will be attending Dartmouth to study biology or computer science and economics. Maurice Yarbrough Kevin Yen Mitchell Yoerger-I plan to attend Wartburg College and play football. I plan on studying and majoring in exercise science and want to be a strength and conditioning coach Hasnaa Yousif-Kirkwood two years then Iowanursing


41 the last story May 2015 wsspaper.com

wsspaper.com MAY 2015 THE LAST STORY 40



Xavier Koch & Sandra Amouzou





Throughout April, West Side Story collected votes from the senior class on the peers they believed

stood out from the crowd. photos/design by madie miller











annika johanssen & zane larson

layla siddig & akash borde

hannah van roekel & MICHAEL KRUPP *Received multiple votes in multiple categories.









“I will miss my West High teammates, but I am excited for the competition that comes from college basketball.”

A select group of seniors will be continuing their athletic careers at Division I universities.


“I am looking forward to the opportunity to prove myself at a really high level. I will miss all the guys at West. Our environment and team chemistry is just something that you can’t really replace.”








Cal State Fullerton


“I am excited for the variety of the competitions next year, as opposed to JOHN MILANI FOOTBALL high school where most of our meets UNIVERSITY are just around the OF IOWA area. At Kansas I’ll be travelling all around the country, so that will be fun.” -EMMIE SKOPEC 37 THE last story MAY 2015 wsspaper.com


Holds the school


“I am looking forward to being able to continue to play the game that I love, and getting to meet new people. My biggest challenge will be competing against other players who are the best players in their high school, and that everyone will be as good or better than I am.” -JOHN MILANI

RYAN “I am lucky enough to be RUCKDASCHEL going to a great school, GYMNASTICS with an equally as great UNIVERSITY OF IOWA

gymnastics program that’s really just starting to build its way up.”




LAYNIE WHITEHEAD VOLLEYBALL Northeastern University in Boston



“I think it will be cool to play on a bigger stage for more people, and at a higher level. I will have to adjust because the game will be a lot faster, and everyone is a lot better.” -TYLER EADS





“I’ve had so many great memories at West High. I think winning state freshman year was the best, but I also loved this year when we upset two teams to go to state, because I had more impact on the team as a senior.” -LAYNIE WHITEHEAD








“I am excited to meet new people, and being able to see my brother more often. I am also excited to see how the whole college basketball life goes.”



“I’m looking forward to becoming really good friends with all of the other divers, and getting the experience of a college diver, and seeing how far I can go with it.” -JACINTHA THOMAS

wsspaper.com mAY 2015 THE LAST STORY 36


IC & RESTAURANT 231 W Marengo Rd Tiffin

35 THE LAST STORY MAY 2015 wsspaper.com

Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 10 PM



BRITTANI LANGLAND Most LIKELY to win a tetris world championship


Most likely to be a reallife meme


Most likely to have a pet named “Stitch”


Most likely to be the first and last person laughing


Most likely to have an interracial marriage


Most likely to judge a restaurant based on its menu font

LAUREN KNUDSON Most likely to use a blanket in class



wsspaper.com MAY 2015 THE LAST STORY 34



I got caught sending nudes in the bathroom.


WSS asked seniors to anonymously submit confessions about their high school experience.

I've gotten double school lunch but put it on one plate so I didn't have to pay for it twice.

I 100% peaked in high school. WEST HIGH SCHOOL

Where Excellence is a Tradition

On my first day of school as a freshman, I was trying to get to my class on the third floor, ended up on what I thought was the third floor but was actually the fourth, and spent the whole period knocking on the door and crying because I thought they had locked me out.

This girl dropped her scarf in the hallway, and instead of giving it to her, I kept it because it was cute. I still feel SO HORRIBLE.

I was supposed to graduate last year but no one noticed, so I’M BACK.

Once I hit Dr. Arganbright's car in the parking lot, and it definitely left a scratch. I just drove off.

I never registered my car, and I've been parking in the visitor lot along the front of the school for two years now.

One time I was doing homework on the soccer field on a Sunday and I parked my car past the gate next to the field. When I went to leave, the gate was closed and so I drove in the prairie until I got to a spot in the fence that was already down and just drove over it. 33 THE LAST STORY MAY 2015 wsspaper.com

When people ask what I'm doing after high school, I only say I might take some Kirkwood classes so they shut up. I have no desire to go to college, and get a degree. I already own my own business and have high goals for myself, none that college could help me achieve. It's uncomfortable telling people my dreams and actual goals because they can't comprehend the intensity or enormity of it all. DESIGN BY BRITTANI LANGLAND


The class of 2015, born in 1996 or 1997, are the only students at West who remember the 2011-12 school year. The WSS takes a walk down memory lane and reminisces about trends that consumed our freshman year.

‘96-’97k i d s complete the


with John Sunderland


call me maybe by carly rae jepsen

WSS: But you didn’t have to sunderland: yell WSS: Make out like it sunderland: is 1921 WSS: and that we were nothing and I don’t even need your sunderland: love WSS: but you treat me like sunderland: a table WSS: and it feels so rough

WSS: I’d trade my sunderland: soul WSS: for a sunderland: scholarship WSS: Pennies and dimes for a sunderland: clock WSS: I wasn’t looking for sunderland: a trashcan WSS: but now you’re a sunderland: a trashcan

I’d Cap That

COMPilED by kai gui

COMPilED by kai gui COMPilED by leola eko

trends of freshman year. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 was released in July 2011, ending a 10-year long magical journey at Hogwarts, as well as the childhood of a generation. However, Harry will always (The Boy Who) Live(d) on in our hearts. The comedy Bridesmaids, starring Kristen Wiig had huge box office success in the summer of 2011, and

you seen

bridesmaids and why?

Sombody that i used to know by gotye

in pop culture

If you camped out at Coral Ridge Theater to see the final Harry Potter film, if you can quote every line from the movie Bridesmaids, if you know the significance of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries or if you remember the hashtag #Kony2012 being overused to the point of becoming a ridiculed internet meme, congratulations. You had the pleasure of fully experiencing the pop culture

how many times

Kazimier Smith

“Zero. I have never heard of this movie in my life. I was literally unaware of its existence.”

“It’s Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy and they’re the bomb-dot-com. There’s a lot of super Addison Schmitz inappropriate jokes mixed in with very childish jokes, and that’s a nice combination.”

since then, there have never been more people telling each other that they “smell like pine needles and have a face like sunshine.” Kim Kardashian, who got famous for basically doing nothing, became even more famous when she married NBA player Kris Humphries and filed for divorce from him after 72 days. This is important for all of us, because we get to brag that we stayed in school

longer than Kim Kardashian stayed in her marriage. #Kony2012 was created in early 2012 to gather attention to a guerilla group in Uganda that utilized child soliders and sex slaves. When the video created to spread awareness went viral in the U.S., #Kony2012 quickly turned from advocating to take out a dangerous militia leader to a fluffy internet meme mocking the original purpose.

This app took the halls by storm with its random caption generator. The WSS demonstrated the classic comedy that kept us busy during American Studies all those months.

photos by jaycie weathers


wsspaper.com may 2015 the last story 32

Join us at West Partners, Inc.!

We offer excellent pay and a flexible work schedule.We will work around school and activity schedules!

Now Hiring

107 2nd Street Coralville, IA 52241 PA I D






Are you in 10th grade? Do you have a friend that smokes cigarettes? What is involved? • • • •

3 in-person visits over 2 years 2 questionnaires over the phone Having your blood drawn 3 times Providing a saliva sample 3 times

Compensation of $300 is available over the 2 year period as visits and questionnaires are completed. Interested? Contact Nancy Hollenbeck by phone at 319-353-4524 or by email at nancy-hollenbeck@uiowa.edu

31 THE LAST STORY MAY 2015 wsspaper.com

JETTING FROM THE NEST COMPilED by kai gui and lauren knudson

Italy, Thailand, Cambodia and Israel may seem like places that are only accessible through photos. These seniors will be able to experience these countries firsthand as they embark on their respective journeys.



While many seniors have complemented their college applications with volunteer work, Molly Lipman is continuing her service globally. “First semester, I’m doing a program that’s going to Thailand, Cambodia and India, and then second semester I’m doing a program in Israel,” she said. “In Asia, there are two different projects we’re working on … For the agriculture one … we do a homestay for four weeks in Thailand with a family that owns a farm and we help them either transition … to organic and sustainable or help them improve whatever they’re already doing,” she said. “In India, it’s an education project. We do another homestay for four weeks and we help out in upcoming schools that were recently open and help them with manpower and stuff.” In her second semester, Lipman will experience life on a Kibbutz, a collective community unique

Anya Schmitz

Some might take a camping trip to the local camp ground the summer before college, but Anya Schmitz is taking this to the next level. “I am planning on backpacking in Southeast Asia for ten months. I am going to start out in Bangkok, Thailand, and even though I don’t want to plan out details, I know I want to visit Cambodia, India and Nepal,” said Schmitz. Schmitz has loved traveling since she was little and her parents’ stories about their travels have inspired her to take on this adventure. “My parents both love traveling and their stories have inspired me to explore what’s out there and to get to know different cultures.” Schmitz said. Though she doesn’t know exactly where her trip will take her, Schmitz is looking forward to the freedom to go where ever she wants and “waking up one morning in a place that most people only dream of seeing. … learning from the people I will meet and the experiences I will make.” Although Schmitz is excited about her plans she realizes that the whole trip will not be fun and games. “I am most nervous about running out of money. Since I have saved up quite a bit, there is always that fear that I’ll need to fly home early.” Schmitz said. After her year backpacking, Schmitz will go back to Germany, where she has family, to go to college. DESIGN BY KATIE PEPLOW

Hannah Sheldon

to Israel. “It’s like a little community that’s sustainable within their community. In the olden days there used to not even be money… but nowadays it’s a little more modern.” In addition to learning about sustainability, Lipman will travel to Jerusalem and find a charity to volunteer with. For aspiring global travelers, Lipman offers some sound advice. “Google.com is a really helpful tool … I started googling different programs, and I did a lot of research, and I finally found two that I really liked.” Although Lipman will be spending her time helping others, she sees her service as an opportunity for herself. “I’ve always wanted to travel to a lot of different places and be there for a long time,” she said. “More than just a vacation, I wanted to experience a different culture.” For more coverage, go to wsspaper.com


Sheldon is looking forward to learning about a new culture, especially considering she has never been to Europe. “I look forward to learn the customs of everyday Italian life … I am nervous that I do not know how some may view my [vegetarianism] diet ... I am fascinated by the extensive art history in Italy. I am overjoyed to experience and learn about it in person more so than I ever would be able to through any replication.” Although Sheldon has attended several events with current rotary program students studying in the United States and other students planning to study abroad next year, she is still nervous about the language barrier. “Although I am doing my best at learning the pronunciation and vocabulary, there is no getting around that I won’t be fluent in Italian right when I hop off the plane,” she said. Although Sheldon doesn’t have concrete plans for what she will do when she returns from her study abroad she hopes to “expand my experience of the Italian culture in my own fitting and fulfilling way” and recognizes that “I am certain that my mindset on what I want to do will be greatly changed.”

Many students will take a semester off in college to study abroad. Hannah Sheldon decided to take her trip a little earlier. Next year Sheldon will be heading to Italy to be a part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program. “The idea of being a foreign exchange student has always been intriguing to me … It is fitting for who I am that I spontaneously found out within a year I had the ability to be immersed in a foreign culture, and to make a place some thousands of miles away from my home, my home,” she said. Sheldon decided to take this trip late last year and applied to the program in January. Sheldon said foreign exchange students she met in Iowa helped influence her decision. “I met Sophie; an exchange student from Germany through family friends who are hosting her in their home. She influenced my decision in both becoming an exchange student with Rotary as well as my country choice.” WSSPAPER.COM may 2015 the last story 30



Whether enlisting directly, attending Naval Academy or entering a ROTC program, these seniors have decided to devote part of their lives to serving the country in the armed forces.

Hoping to go into special forces, Henk will be entering the Air Force after graduation.

Air Force

WSS: What career area within the military are you interested in? LH: Special operations: my job will be to control the airplanes within the infantry. WSS: Why did you pick the branch that you did? LH:There’s something about flying planes that excites me … I knew I didn’t want a desk job … I wanted something on the front lines that wasn’t

photo by megumi kitamoto

Kaitlyn Bernhard

Bernard hopes to stay in the Air Force her entire life as a special investigations officer. WSS: Who or what inspired you to serve? KB: My dad [inspired me.] He is a police officer but he was in the military as a young man. WSS: What career area within the military are you interested in? KB: [I would like to be a]

physically fighting. Seriously, just seeing where I can go in the world and the travel part excites me. WSS: Who or what inspired you to serve? LH: It’s always been something I’ve seen myself doing. My brother’s in the army too, he’s an army ranger, but I think either way I would have gone in.

Air Force ROTC at University of Iowa

special investigations officer. WSS: Why did you pick the branch that you did? KB: Because I would rather not fight on the front lines. WSS: What have you done to prepare enlisting? KB: Lots of exercise and paperwork. COMPilED by lushia anson, madie miller and megumi kitamoto photo by megumi kitamoto

photo by lushia anson

Yair Abramoff Naval Academy

29 the last story may 2015 wsspaper.com

Determined to defend the freedom the U.S. offers, Abramoff will be attending the Naval Academy. WSS: Who or what inspired you to serve? YA: My grandparents had to hide during the holocaust for six years, and they still tell me stories about how they remember American soldiers walking to their house and freeing them from hiding. As an immigrant in this country, I feel accepted for my religious views here, and the values that America holds,

as cheesy as that sounds, are still very important to me. WSS: What career area in the military are you interested in? YA: I would love to be either a surface warfare officer or be a fighter pilot. I’ve always loved sailing and the water, and it’s always been a dream of mine to be a pilot, and I want to help protect [America] in the best way that I can.

Joining the military has been a dream of O’Connell’s ever since she was young, and she will be finally able to realize those dreams. WSS: What are you most looking forward to in being part of the military? AO: I’m most excited about serving my country and the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes with it. WSS: What career area within the military are you interested in? AO: I want to be a pharmacist in the army.

Aaliyah O’Connell

WSS: Why did you pick the branch that you did? AO: Because I am doing medical, my choices are limited between Army or Navy. The University of Iowa doesn’t have a Navy ROTC program so I decided to do Army ROTC. If I wasn’t doing medical, I would probably have chosen the Air Force.

Army ROTC at University of Iowa

photo by lushia anson

Working to continue his family’s tradition in the military, Bakken will be joining the Iowa Army National Guard.

Jakeb Bakken

Iowa Army National Guard

WSS: What career area within the military would you like to go in? JB: I joined the infantry, and would like to stay in the combat side of things for the rest of my career. WSS: Who or what inspired you to serve? JB: I’ve wanted to be in the military for a long time and my grandfathers both served, so that inspired me.

WSS: What is your largest apprehension about going into the military, if any? JB: I would like to go into active duty at some point in my life, and there is a lot of paperwork involved in transferring from National Guard to Active, and I hate paperwork, so that kind of sucks. Otherwise, none, I’ve loved every minute of being a soldier.

photo by madie miller

Inspired by her brother who attends the Naval Academy, Peplow will be commissioned in the Navy after attending Vanderbilt University. WSS: Who or what inspired you to serve? KP: My brother sort of got me interested at first when he went to the Naval Academy. At first, I didn’t think I was strong enough mentally to join the military, but he told me I am. Having his support is really something that made me feel more confident DESIGN BY LAUREN KNUDSON

in it and made me believe in myself, too. WSS: Why did you pick the branch that you did? KP: I like the career options the most. There are a lot of exciting things, like being a pilot, going on a submarine, or being a surface warfare officer.

Katie Peplow

photo by megumi kitamoto

Navy ROTC at Vanderbilt

wsspaper.com may 2015 the last story 28


THE STATUS QUO(TE) By Megumi Kitamoto

Here are some of the important quotes from my four years in high school.


By akash borde No one likes to taco ’bout things that leave bad tastes in the mouth, like the global impact of what s/he just had for lunch. But when those ideas are dressed with gravy and mashed potatoes on holidays like “Turkey Day” or stuck on the dollar menu for everyone to easily afford, they don’t taste so bad anymore. Meat tastes so good! You’re missing out on so much, Akash! I don’t know how I could go a day

11 Reasons I Still Haven’t Finished My Senior Column (The 9th Might Surprise You) By kai gui

1. Age of Ultron: This movie required a ton of prep. I have

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping it will transform into a door.” -Coco Chanel This quote inspired me to take matters into my own hands, and I have accomplished more thanks to this mindset. “My body is a temple.” -Byron Butler Make high school memorable. Just for one weekend, put off your homework and go to a JV invitational swim meet. You won’t be disappointed. #jocklyfechoseme “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” -Timothy Kelly It’s always good to take a break after a long day. You can only push yourself so much before you break.

“Who is Justice Beaver?” -Dwight Schrute Self-expression is a great way to take a breather from school. If expressing yourself is through saying weird comments like Dwight, go for it. “Harriet Tubeman ran the Underground Railroad.” -Alon Wald Don’t take academics too seriously. Find ways to spice up your schoolwork. “Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” -Mark Twain Try to be kind to everybody, because it might make someone’s day better. If I wasn’t nice to you, I’m sorry.

“I am not blah, I am a hoot.” -Chandler Bing Self-confidence is key, especially when some people are out there to make you feel down. On a side note, thank you Chandler Bing, for blessing me with so many relatable quotes that helped me through my (relatively long) awkward phase. “Whatever.” -Mr. Thelander Sometimes, you just can’t take things too seriously. Do a weird hand gesture and move on. “Meow.” -My Cat Does this quote need an explanation? Love that guy. Peace out, West Side Story. Telling stories to the West High population has been a great experience.

without bacon. <3 My seven-year-old self decided that since I could never bring myself to slaughter an animal in cold blood I shouldn’t eat one either. I’m fortunate I made the decision so early — I don’t remember what I’m missing. Well, taste-wise, at least. I do know I’m missing out as being a consumer to an industry that inseminates, confines, and then kills 35 million cows, 115 million pigs, and 9 billion birds each year in the United States alone (Kolbert). I could never bring myself to pick up chicks (they seem to run away when they see me coming) and electrify them before chopping their heads off, so I would never

pay Chick-Fil-A to do it for me. If that sounds rather extreme, that’s because it is. Before your next meal, I dare you to watch a video on where meat comes from. Otherwise, it might just make you lose your lunch. Even if someone convinced me that raising animals for mass slaughter is just a part of the food cycle, I’d still have beef with the sheer economic and environmental impacts of eating meat. It’s often easy to forget, living in a state where pigs outnumber people, that over 925 million people suffer from chronic hunger worldwide (Lougheed). The grain used to feed U.S. livestock alone

could feed 800 million of those malnourished people (Segelken). And corn doesn’t fart greenhouse gases, either, although the people that eat it might. I’m in no position to write a recipe for your lifestyle — I have plenty of missed steaks in my own. The milk I drink twice a day probably comes from cows that were forced into lactation, and the eggs I had for breakfast probably came from imprisoned hens. I do hope, however, that my ideas give you something to chew on. Although there are serious implications to having an omnivorous diet, this column is not reason enough to stop cold turkey.

invested hours and hours in catching myself up on everything that has happened so far in the Marvel Universe. With ten movies to watch, there was little time for anything else. 2. AP Tests: I’m totally studying for them, Mom. No, I didn’t just Alt-Tab out of Daredevil. 3. Eye-strain: After binge watching the second season of Agents of Shield, it hurts to look at the screen. It’s not healthy to type a column after that. 4. Sleep: I could stay up a bit later, but I’ve grown accustomed to more restful nights in my senior year. Mandatory eight hours. With a

nap. Or maybe two. 5. Summer reading: It’s never too early to start reading through quality literature. On my list I have some Gladwell, Kagan ... and a whole bunch of Marvel wikis to work through. I have to figure out who Thanos is somehow, right? 6. Reddit: Dank memes, cat pics, and major time suck. After I exhaust the front page, I usually refresh and browse through the same content a second time. Really though, being productive is hard. By the way, anyone else see the AntMan trailer on /r/movies? 7. Academic Competitions: The regional math tournament is a

thing, and I probably should be responsible and make my last competition count, but honestly, I’ll get carried anyways. For us lessnumber-inclined folk, it’s all about the drive, and this year’s drive will be all about Smash Bros. I have to practice my fighting game skills if I’m ever going to take a game off the anyone else. 8. Biking with the gang: What can I say. Rolling down I-80 on my tri-wheeled, double-coatedplastic chassis bike is one of my life passions. 9. 10. 11.

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THROUGH THE MIND OF AN INTROVERT By leola eko I’m very quiet and I like to keep to myself. As a result, I have a lot going through my mind everyday to a point that I can’t sleep at night. People ask me “Leola, why do you always have your head in the clouds? What are you thinking about?” I am going to break my silence and reveal what ran through my mind at various points


By lauren knudson You know those days where you are like hellsa no, nope, not happening, this day is not


By lushia anson Dear 9th Grade Lushia, The “LOL so random XD” trend died in eighth grade, so please stop overusing words like “awkward” and “random” and “crazy” to describe everything. Also, get rid of your Rue21 graphic tees. Absolutely nobody will take you seriously in a shirt that says, “I’m a dinosaur so like, RAWR, and stuff!” You will cringe three years later as you realize that this was an actual shirt you owned and wore in public. Also, you don’t actually

in my high school career. August 2011 - You’ve made it to high school. These next four years are going to fly by. February 2012 - WOW, English 9 really sucks. What even is Symposium??? Hopefully my teacher won’t notice if I write the same thing on all 50 notecards…. October 2012 - Really... there are better things to worry about rather than your sophomore homecoming. Focus, Leola! March 2013 - And the countdown begins! Only two years and two months until graduation. September 2013 - Taking all honors classes is a good idea, they said. They’ll prepare you for college, they said. Riiiight. More like they’ll prepare you for a lower GPA and emotional breakdowns, haha.

March 2014 - Laughing and crying at the same time… is high school over yet? :( May 2014 - Look how far you’ve come! Only one year left of high school! November 2014 - School, college essays, planning out my entire life at age 17… nah, I’m good. I’ll completely slack off and wait until the last possible minute to get my life together. And it worked out really well, didn’t it … ha. December 2014 - Well, look at you. You finally submitted your Common App … like a week before it was due. Seriously, Leola? What happened to breaking this habit before senior year? March 2015 - Only two college rejections, Leola, why are you crying? Remember, you are more

than what college admissions counselors think of you. Lol, jk, you don’t need to lie to yourself with bullshit that everyone says. Keep your head up, and everything will turn out fine. April 2015 - Lol @ the chem placement test for college … good thing I can still change my major. :-) May 2015 - You really don’t realize how lucky you are, do you? You made it through high school, you have both parents and two siblings that would basically do anything for you and you get to go to a great college in Texas this fall. Now, stop telling yourself you’re not good enough and everyone else is better than you. Take a look at yourself now and celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

happening, I am not going to school, I am not taking that test? Well throughout my high school career I have had a lot of these days, and found the perfect solution: a blanket. Now for the past three years I have left a blanket at school. I have found a teacher that I am close to and admire, and I leave my blanket in her room. This is singlehandedly the best decision I have made throughout high school. On the days where I couldn’t want to be here less I walk into that room

say “today is a blanket day” and grab my blanket and everything gets better. The soft purple fleece puts a force field around me that protects me from the horrors of these West High hallways. Who can’t be happy when they have a blanket around them? No one, that’s who. I started out high school as the most high-strung kid you will ever meet. I stressed about everything, the tiny homework assignment that didn’t matter, making sure I was NEVER late to class, making sure

my hair and makeup was always perfect (got to have that extra cover-up and lip-gloss with you at all times, am I right?). Eventually, I got tired. It is exhausting running through the halls to get from PE to biology on time. But luckily I got over it, because now I really don’t care what people think of me. And if I had one regret in high school it would be not making friends with the people who have Dunkin’ Donuts outside the library every Friday morning.

like any of those boys you think you’re “crushing on.” You’re just desperate for social validation, and you somehow think you can get that through getting a boyfriend. Spoiler alert: you don’t. Never fear, your social ineptitude, middle part and poor fashion sense will protect you from having awkward exes from your underclassman days. Dear 10th Grade Lushia, AP Euro is not actually that big of a deal. Grades are not actually that big of a deal. Test scores are not actually that big of a deal. I mean, they will be when you sell your soul off to college admissions officers, but you don’t have to worry about that for a while. I guess when I say “not a big deal,” I mean, stop talking about them. Your peers do not care how well you do in school, and getting good grades or doing

well on tests does not validate you or make you superior to others. (Side note: you should still work hard in school while you still have actual motivation.) Dear 11th Grade Lushia, You signed up for four AP classes, thinking that school was going to be the main stressor in your life. That is definitely not the case, so you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Unfortunately, many people who are close to you will struggle with their mental health this year. Sometimes, you will doubt yourself and wonder if sacrificing schoolwork to help other people is the “right” thing to do. Do your research and focus on supporting them. Yes, falling asleep during 1st period sometimes was a little embarrassing, but staying up late trying to talk a friend out of

self-destructive behavior was the right choice. Also, going on the France trip will be more than just taking wannabe-artsy Instagram photos of the Eiffel Tower; those days will be a much-needed escape from the monotony of school, and and you will bond with people over taking pictures with statue butts. Dear 12th Grade Beginning-ofthe-Year Lushia, I kind of wish I could travel back in time and tell you about some of the stuff that’s going to happen this year, just to see your reaction. Instead, I’m just here to offer some cheesy generic advice: don’t procrastinate on your college essays, listen to Nicki Minaj when you’re feeling down and know that everything is going to be okay eventually.

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Through my years at West, I’ve had one pencil. It’s one of those pink clearpoint ones, you know, the ones that look heavy duty with the extra long eraser that lasts forever. Anyway, this pencil epitomizes my time as a Trojan. I got it when I was an exuberant underclassman, ready to blaze trails with my pencil in hand. My clearpoint never left my hand.

YOUR MOM By brittani langland

Ooooo-kay. Alrighty then. Wow, high school was definitely something. Looking back, there were a lot of great experiences, and I feel #blessed that I went to West. But there were also a lot of cringeworthy moments that I will think of when I’m 80-years-old sitting on


By katie peplow Used to spending every waking moment with either my best friend Kiana or brother and next closest pal, Jackson, I was shocked when I realized they would both be leaving me at the end of my sophomore year. Within the same two weeks, Jackson headed to college at the U.S. Naval Academy

Thanks for your patience, insta followers By madie miller An outlet on the best and worst of days, my camera has gotten me through high school. To all those who have unfollowed me for my “excessive” posting on Instagram I implore you to hear me out. Photography captures a moment in time that will never exist again.

I lost steam somewhere along the way; maybe it was the end of sophomore year, and I had to patch my pencil up with clear tape to hold it together. However, I didn’t stop using it and the pencil stayed firmly grasped in my hand. I started my junior year ready to slash any papers and tests teachers would throw my way. This fervor for success slowly disintegrated when I piled too much on my plate, but I refused to admit defeat in any aspect of my life. As a result, my trusty pencil strayed from my right hand as I absentmindedly left it in classes to be retrieved the next day.

Going into senior year, I still had my pink clearpoint, but a new mindset. During senior year, I think I really came into my own; I skipped signing up for classes my friends were taking and instead focused on tailoring everything to my personality. Although I still took comfort in my familiar writing utensil, I began to notice how I was outgrowing it. One day, it struck me: this is my high school career in a nutshell. As the eraser wore down and the grips turned to a dingy rose color, I felt my life doing the same. This spring, I started to write with a Loyola University pen instead of

my trusted clearpoint. The elaborate metaphor with my history of writing utensils makes me reflect on my past four years at West. I am the pencil, going through West High, but soon I will be the pen. This thought is two parts exciting and one part scary, but I know that my strong moral values established during my time at West will keep me grounded through whatever life has to offer me. Adapting to change may be difficult, but my parting piece of advice is to know when to switch from a pencil to a pen.

a porch swing. So, I would like to take this time to give my freshman self some advice and insight on her next four years. Dear 9th grade Brittani, First of all, don’t set your alarm for 4 am thinking you will wake up and get homework done. You will sleep through it every time; every single time. In the winter, never wear a dress and tights. You will be cold, and your dress will flip up over your backpack without your knowledge as you walk down the main hallway.

At West’s Dance Marathon, don’t forget to bend your legs, because when you don’t bend them you will pass out in front of everyone. Then you will wake up as a cop is dragging you out of the cafeteria. Don’t rest your phone on the ledge of the stairs on the top floor. It will fall down three stories and break. Your mother will be mad. Sorry to rain on your parade but those weird pictures you took on the school Galapagos trip are lame. Please refrain. Speaking of lame photos, I pretty much had to delete

all the photos on your instagram from sophomore year. During a tennis match freshman year, you will successfully dive to the ground for a tennis ball, roll over on your back and stand up to hit a volley. Don’t worry, that is not your peak. You’ll randomly join the West Side Story, but it will be the best decision of your life. Savor every moment. <3 Sincerely, your mom (Bonus advice, your mom jokes are always okay.)

in Maryland, and Kiana was off to New Jersey as her dad had gotten a new job at Rutgers University. With my two closest friends gone, I felt as though my life had turned upside down. How would I fill my time? Was I going to become a recluse? What if I started to actually spend time on school work with my social life eliminated? Contrary to my fears, the opposite happened. In a way, it may have been the best thing to ever happen to me. While I still miss being attached at the hip with Kiana, her departure left me with

no choice but to branch out and try new things. I joined the WHSDM team as a morale captain and found my passion. And like I predicted, I devoted more time to school and it made me realize what I want to do for a living. I wouldn’t have done that had I not felt the need to fill the time that would have been spent with Kiana. When it comes to my brother, Jackson’s life at the Naval Academy inspired me to answer my call to serve, something I never imagined doing without his example.

At the time, I thought that the people I love leaving me was the most tragic thing to ever happen to any sixteen-year-old. While I initially struggled after they left, I can’t picture high school any other way. I learned first-hand to turn a challenge into an opportunity to embrace the new, something I can apply to future obstacles moving forward. Looking back, it’s the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned. Take it from me, it’s worth it to find the good in the bad.

Organized by the eye behind the lens, the photo can be used as an opportunity for others to feel, touch, think and love. Like a slap in the face, it shocks us with things we overlooked. Searching for the intricate in a large, ordinary place allows one to appreciate the things that matter— relationships, emotion, nature. Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact. Without slowing down, without a camera in my hand— I would miss them. In order to live simply, I approach my day in the same way I approach

what I’m photographing. At first, a scene may seem crowded and busy. Finding the heart of what deserves to be singled out in a photograph takes patience. My photos have taught me that in order to survive day-to-day, what I can’t live without must be in the foreground— in focus. Out-of-focus is the trivial. With Olympic trials qualifiers walking alongside us in the crowded halls, and the fastest Rubik’s Cube solver in the nation parked in the same overflowing parking lot as my tired Volvo— it can be easy to compare myself

to others. Overwhelmed at the responsibilities and pressures of being a busy high schooler it is important to find a way to slow down and pinpoint what means the most to each of us. Appreciate the view. Zoom in to find the emotion that is the core of those you love. Take a mental image, or maybe even a real one. And have no shame in putting it on Instagram five times, for it may urge someone else to cherish things like you do. Thanks for your patience, Insta followers.


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