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THE LAST STORY 2014 senior issue

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26 at Iowa State University

50 at Kirkwood Community College

80 at the University of Iowa

proud to serve

Instead of heading to the dorms in the fall, these four seniors will be enlisting in the armed forces. COMPilED by//Hannah Merrill and matt murry PHOTOS by//ABBY BURGESS

I’m excited to go overseas because I’ll be protecting what we value in the United States. What interested me [about] becoming a Marine was how they present themselves, [and] how they help foreign and domestic problems. The Marines challenge each other into becoming better people. That’s why I joined.” -Ivan Perez ’14

Part of it’s physical, with the entrance requirements and whatnot, but a lot of people who have been through boot camp say it’s mostly mental. So if you can get through the physical [part of it], it’s all mental.” -Lukas Schmidt ’14

I’m really nervous for training. I don’t think I’m going to know enough about military education. I’m also nervous for the physical side of training. [To prepare] I am working out a lot more. At first I needed my parents and Grayson (my boyfriend) to push me to get out and run a lot, but now I can get out and go on my own.” -Hannah Fairfield ’14

I have an uncle who is in the army, and my grandfather retired from the army, so it’s kind of a family thing, [but] I am nervous about laughing when my drill sergeant yells at me.” -Sam Asher ’14 DESIGN BY//VELARCHANA SANTHANA

MAY 26 MAY2014 2014 SENIOR SENIOR 46


Class of 2014, you shared your future plans with West Side Story and now we are here to share them with your peers. Solomon Abdul-Wahhab - 2 years at Kirkwood, then 2 years at Central College. Hannah Abram - your mom. Clayton Adamson - I will be studying neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis. Tyus Adkins - Attend Upper Iowa University and play baseball for the Peacocks. Shout-out to my boys Austin Miller and Teagan Bell, stay awsome boys. #MS Hassan Ahamed - I plan on attending the University of Iowa in their pre-med program and eventually pursue a career in medicine. Omar Ajam Grayson Alberhasky Erica Albright - I will be attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida to major in marine biology. Jamese Alexander - I will be attending Kirkwood’s liberal arts program for two years. Then an art school for fashion design, preferably The Art institute of Chicago!! Hassan Ali - This fall I will be taking my talents to the U of I college of Engineering to build a better tomorrow. Shatoya Anderson Karsten Anneling - I plan to study computer science at Kirkwood for 2 years before transferring to another college. Rebecca Anson - Attending college at Kirkwood while still finishing my goal of catching all 719 Pokemon before Erin Cook does. Kate Anstreicher - After romping around outside all summer at Taproot Nature Camp, I will attend Yale University in New Haven, CT. I hope to study environmental studies or evolutionary biology as a major, and will probably minor in theatre. My main goals in life are to save the whales and clear 6’0. Jeremiah Anthony - Surf and corn-free turf bound, I will be attending Pepperdine University where I will be studying international relations. Vikraman Aravamudhan Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik - Smell Irresistable and Save Yourself.. Meredith Arpey - I will be going to Luther College where I will play soccer, hopefully make friends, and avoid Addy Taylor at all costs. Samuel Asher - I have joined the army and I am going to Afghanistan to serve. Mehdi Assem - I don’t know just where I’m going/ But I’m gonna try for the kingdom/ if I can ‘cause it makes me feel like I’m a man/ When I put a spike into my vein/ And I’ll tell ya, things aren’t quite the

45 SENIOR MAY 2014

same/ When I’m rushing on my run/ And I feel just like Jesus’s son/ And I guess that I just don’t know/ And I guess that I just don’t know. Jasmine Bailey Langston Bailey-Murray - I will be pre-law at the University of Iowa. Alex Baller - I plan to attend Iowa State University for mechanical engineering or business in hopes of one day working for a major car company or on Wall Street. Trevon Banks Jordan Barber - Even though Kelcie Kraft and I will be going through extreme separation withdrawals, I will be headed to the University of Oklahoma next year to study dance. Megan Barkalow Jason Barnes - Kirkwood Community College. Seth Barrash - I will attend the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. I don’t know what my major will be yet. Alyssa Baressi - I will be attending the University of Iowa in the fall. Fatoumata Barry Maya Bassuk - Does she even go here? Anthony Batie - I plan to attend Kirkwood next year. I have not decided what to study in college yet. McKinley Battle - After high school I’m going to Kirkwood and majoring in fashion. Kristina Bauer - In the fall, I will be attending Miami University in Ohio where I will be studying speech pathology and audiology. Sydney Beaurivage - I am choosing my adventure at Iowa State and plan on studying engineering. David Bernat - I will be attending the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. Stephon Berry - Higher Edumacation at Lawrence University, in Ton of Apples Wisconsin. Imma study engineering and dance. Max Bessey-Cashen Leah Best - I will be studying biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa come next fall. Hayden Bevelacqua - I will be attending the University of Iowa with an interest in pharmacy. Go Hawks! Alhan Bilal - I will be investing in lots of big dreams, working, and building my empire ... and no college. Shopan Bilal - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College where I will study medical technology. Kababana Birindwa - After high school, I plan to attend Kirkwood Community College for 2 years,

then later transefer to University of Dubuque for aviation. Garrett Blair Alex Bode - Going to the University of Iowa, where I will continue to grow out my hair despite what anyone says. Nate Boland - I will be attending Iowa Western Community College where I will be playing football while starting my major in engineering. Stephen Bork - I will be attending Princeton University, where I shall commune with the spirit of Woodrow Wilson in my study of public policy. Andrea Broman - Univeristy of Iowa. Masters/ PhD in Muscuskelatal Biomechanics/Biomedical Engineering. Bailey Bowman - Kirkwood Community College for hotel management. Jessica Bowman - I will be attending the University of Kansas in the fall with a major in business. Alex Bradshaw - After high school I plan to study pre-law at THE University of Iowa. Later on in life I plan to discover a new alien race somewhere in a galaxy far far away. Abby Brayton - Much to the dismay of my Hawkeyeloving grandparents, I will be attending Iowa State University where I will study architecture. Josh Brenneman - Going to Iowa State for computer science. Elise Bristow - Planning to attend Kirkwood with an unknown major. Abigal Brown - Next fall I will be attending Boston College where I will follow my lifelong dream of becoming a New England prepster. Besides, burgundy and gold is much more flattering than green and gold anyway ;) Matt Bruegge - Do stuff. Averi Bryant - Uhh, I’m going to Kirkwood and then the U of I ... then I’ll probably go do something awesome but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just sleep instead. Trevon Buckman - Attending the National Aviation Academy in Clearwater, Florida to become a avionics technician and work for Boeing. Abby Burgess - I will be attending the University of Iowa with an interest in journalism and mass communications in hopes of one day being a part of a large publication. Amiela Canin - I’m going to the University of Chicago. Payton Cannon - I plan to attend Kirkwood for 2 years, then UNI to pursue a degree in elementary education. Then I will marry Justin Bieber.

Nolan Carroll - I plan on attending the Univeristy of Iowa this fall. Megan Chelf - I will be attending the University of Iowa with an interest in nursing. Jack Christensen Zach Cicha - I will go to Iowa State to study agriculture or to the streets to study rap music. Jared Clark - While others are going to college, I am not. I will instead be going on a mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons as most people know us by. I will be serving in the Fort Collins Colorado mission starting July 9, 2014. Michael Clement - Even though my parents wish for me to remain in Iowa, I will be moving to Waltham, Massachusetts to attend Bentley University where I will major in accounting with a minor in law. Alison Clements - I will be attending the University of Iowa to pursue a major in human physiology. Megan Clements - I will attend the University of Iowa for nursing with a minor in music therapy. Sometime within the next four years I’d also like to study abroad in Spain. Mariah Clipperton - To travel to Australia and attend Kirkwood, then transfer to U of I. Anthony Coleman Ryan Collins - Attend college at Iowa State or Wisconsin and major in aerospace/mechanical engineering. Fatima Colon-Sanchez - Kirkwood Community College. Wyatt Colony - I plan on attending Iowa State University to study some sort of engineering. Erin Cook - Will attend Emerson College in Boston while keeping up a side hobby of catching all 719 Pokemon before Bekkuh Anson does. Ben Cool - Unfortunately, I will make a series of very poor decisions, beginning with choosing to study chemical engineering at Iowa State University. Tabitha Cooper Allie Copple - I will be attending Iowa State University to study animals sciences and then go into veterinarian medicine 4 years later. Boden Crouch - I plan to either go to Kirkwood for two years and then swap to a 4 year college, or go to Iowa State. Beth Crow Kayla Culjat - I will be studying psychology at the University of Iowa. After I graduate, I hope to volunteer overseas before I settle down. Meredith Cullen - I will attend the University of Notre Dame to study political science with a focus in international relations, and French. Emily Culver - I will be attending Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota where I will brave four more cold winters as I (tentatively) study to become a teacher. CJ Cunningham - University of Iowa; civil engineering. Elijah Currier - I plan on going to Kirkwood to become Batman to beat Superman in battle. Paul Curry - Study at the University of WashingtonSeattle in computer science, probably.

Casey Dahm - Playing baseball at a junior college or smaller university. Tiffany Danger - I plan to attend the University of Iowa to study mechanical engineering. Rose Daniels - I am planing on working and taking a year off. Wadood Daoud - I plan on studying mechanical or chemical engineering at Iowa State University. Karyssa DeKeyser - Before I marry the love of my life and have, like, four perfect children and seven fluffy dogs, I will be attending Kirkwood and then a university to pursue a career I am really passionate about. I’m hoping to get over my fear of blood to be a veterinarian. Adam Dellos - Going to University of Iowa to follow my brother and strengthen our lovely bond. #lifeislimited #loveiseternal Ben Dellos - Stay-at-home dad with no kids. Colleen DeMatta - Will be attending ISU next year with an undecided major in design. Keara Dennis - Kirkwood Community College for nursing with a minor in social studies education, and will transfer to either U of Iowa, Northwestern, or Georgia State! Rebecca DeWitte - Going to Kirkwood for 2 years to get required courses out of the way, then I’m going to UNI to get my masters in teaching and special education. Alison Doak Greta Doucette - I plan to attend the University of Iowa to study communication studies. Declan Doyle - I am committed to play baseball at Iowa Western. I will be majoring in business. After 2 years I will be transferring to a bigger school or will sign in the draft. Lauren Dunkelberg - I am attending Columbia College in Chicago for fashion design and business. Tiffanie Duong - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study biology (pre-medicine). I’ll also continue to play music, take photographs, and dance. Allison Dykstra - I plan on studying microbiology at the University of Iowa, then getting my Masters degree in public health. My main goal in life is the prevent World War Z. ;) John Ealy - I will be attending the University of Iowa to major in biomedical engineering. Jodie Eckamn - Creighton University. Fiona Edberg - I will be attending Luther College next year, and studying English ... or psychology ... or nursing ... who knows! Maggie Eichorn - I will be following in my amazing parents’ footsteps and attend Iowa State University where I plan to major in elementary education. Alexandra Eldridge - I will attend the University of Northern Iowa in the fall, where I will study theatre (with a performance emphasis), as well as communication. Carolyn Ellis - I will be attending Hope College in Michigan where I am deciding on possibly majoring in education and psychology and minoring in art. In addition, I’m going to be the only Iowa girl in the sailing club. I also hope to to have the chance to

study abroad in either Italy or England. Ahmed Elmaleh - I will be attending the University of Iowa this fall. My focus will be in software engineering. Yannik Encarnacao - I will be attending the University of Iowa next year to study theater and neurobiology. David Engle Amber Erickson - I plan on attending the Univeristy of Iowa in the fall for elementary education! Chelsea Evans - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College for culinary arts. Grant Ewing - University of Iowa to get good at super smash with Ben Mirr. Olivia Ewing - I will be attending the University of Iowa in the fall. Go Hawks! Hannah Fairfield - I will attend the United States Military Academy at West Point where I will learn the necessary skills to become the perfect housewife. Joey Farinelli - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study engineering and then hopefully go into med school to be a radiologist. Maggie Ferrel - I will be attending Luther College to pursue medicine and major in either biology or psychology. Rowan Fiscus-McKee Erica Fisher - Next year I will be studying marine biology and art at the University of Iowa. I also plan on beginning my own t-shirt business/clothing line. Pavi’elle Fitch Randy Flanscha Cassie Foeresnter - I’ll be going to the the University of Northern Iowa next year and majoring in elementary education. Jared Ford - I am going to the Univeristy of Iowa to study engineering. Alex Fraley - I plan on joining the Teen Titans so I can make it to Justice League status. Anfernee Frazier Carly Fridrich - I will be going to Kirkwood for two years and Iowa for two years for elementary education. Anna Furlong - I’ll be attending Northwestern University outside Chicago. Nick Gallagher Daniel Gardarsson - I don’t have a future. Diana Gerxhaliu - I will attend Kirkwood Community College where I will study architecture (interested in engineering as well). Vjollca Gerxhaliu - I will attend Kirkwood Community College where I will study nursing, and also I am interested in traveling, and also I will be working during summer to save money for traveling. Grant Gholson - I plan to be a trophy husband. Andrew Gillbaugh Paul Gillbaugh Mallory Gillispie - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study human physiology and dance. I am also a member of the University of Iowa Dance Team so for all of you Hawkeyes out there, see you at Kinnick! Go Hawks!

MAY 2014 SENIOR 44

Emma Goldman - I will be attending Western Illinois University to study forensic chemistry next year. Alex Grady - I will be attending the University of Alabama next fall to study to become a child life specialist. Max Granfield Veronica Graves - Attend Iowa State University. Kaleb Greiner - I will attend Iowa State University and spend the next five years studying agriculture and life sciences. Garrett Grimsman - I will be attending Wartburg College next year to play soccer and will be majoring in sports communications or sports business. Emily Gudenkauf Jason Guymon - I will be attending BYU in Provo, Utah and will be majoring in chemical engineering. Colton Haight Tanner Hakert - I plan on attending the Univeristy of Missouri next year. Chandler Hames - Venturing far to the University of Iowa College of Engineering to study biomedical engineering. Meredith Hamilton - Will be attending Concordia College in Moorhead, MN to study education. I am hoping to teach English in foreign countries through the Peace Corps program after college. Carly Hammes - I plan on pursuing a career in culinary arts at Kirkwood. I’m hoping to combine my interest in art and cooking in my future career path. Jae Eun Han Alyssa Hancock - I will be attending the University of Iowa and majoring in child life therapies. GO HAWKS! Brooke Hand - I’ll be moving to Santa Barbara, California in August where I will attend Santa Barbara City College, then transfer to UCSB. Sam Hansen - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I might attempt to walk onto the swim team after discovering my talent in the pool this year. Alicia Hardin Stephanie Harris Isameldien Hashim - Going to Kirkwood then transferring to U of I. Manasik Hassan - 2+2 (Kirkwood + Iowa) Majorpsychology, Minor- education. Brock Hatzky - Roll Tide. Cole Hatzky - I plan on going up north to St. Olaf College where I will study economics and Norwegian (I love Norway). Anna Hausler - Attend University of Kansas and study nursing. Chris Haynes - I’ll be attending the University of Arizona with a major in finance. Tyler Hebl Crosby Hedden - Roll tide. Devin Hedlund - I will be attending Luther College. Abby Hellem - I plan on attending the University of Iowa to study international relations. Melvin Herrera

43 SENIOR MAY 2014

Nathan Hess - Attending the University of Iowa. Zach Hingten - Next year I will be attending college in a state with more shoreline and beaches than any other. The yearly average temp is also 32 degrees. Welcome to Minnesota. I am set to become a Golden Gopher and for now I’m hoping to learn a thing or two about economics. Lydia Hinman - I will be moving over the river to study something at the University of Iowa. Adam Holmes Hannah Hong Shonda House - I will be attending Kirkwood community college sometime in the fall. I’m happy for myself I made it. I keep my head up. It was hard cause of Ke’shun my baby boy, but I promised him I will finish high school and I accomplished my goal. Marcel Hoy Grace Hoyland - I will be attending St. Olaf College next year. Tayler Hull - I will be attending Buena Vista University to study criminal justice. Keon Hunt - I plan on attending the University of Iowa, studying business, and hopefully becoming an artist manager. Megan Introna - I will be attending Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. I am majoring in intelligence studies with a minor in Russian. Ahmed Ismail Dion Jackson - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College where I will be taking culinary arts. Also I will be making music and doing more upcoming shows this summer. Eric Jacobsen - Kirkwood for one year and then Iowa to study mass communication. Damien Jambor - I plan to continue playing guitar and make a band one day. I also plan to go to Kirkwood for two years and learn as much as I can about sound and audio. Jacquelyn Jasek - I am attending Kirkwood Community College. Jocelyn Jasek - I’m attending Kirkwood Community College. Connor Jenkins - I will be attending the University of Kentucky where I will major in exercise science and business management, with a minor in nutrition. Alyssa Jennings - I will be attending the University of Iowa for one or two semesters, then hopefully transfer to Texas Christian University where I plan to major in fashion merchandising. Adrienne Jensen - I will be attending Drake University this fall and am looking forward to playing on the tennis team as well. Billy Jensen - I plan on joining the Coast Guard or Army. Taylor Jensen - I will be attending Columbia College in Chicago where I will study musical theatre and continue being fabulous. Will Jewell - I will be attending Iowa State University to major in mechanical engineering with a possible minor in military science. I am planning on spending this summer fishing and working. Jeremy Johnson

Aisha Jones Ethan Jorgensen Michaela Just - Playing softball this summer, you all should come to our games! Then going to University of Iowa. Gabriel Kanakares Sarah Kang - Eating good homecooked meals while I attend the University of Iowa and study psychology with a track in pre-law. Then, obviously, law school. Wynton Karanja - I plan to study biology after high school and continue to pursue my life goals through a journey that will hopefully lead me to Kenya where I can then pursue my running goals. Eleni Katz - I will be attending UW Madison next year and plan on double majoring in bassoon performance and an undecided field. Keion Kazerani Katelyn Kelly - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will study psychology. Micah Kelsay - Attend Iowa State and major in business. Rachel Kessler - I will attend the University of Iowa to study biomedical engineering. Maezz Khalid Woosuk Kil - I’ll be attending University of Washington in Seattle to major in business. David Kilima Eric Kim - I’ll be attending Kirkwood in Iowa City. Jacob Kinlein - I am enrolling for 2 years at Kirkwood, then 4 years at the U of I in criminal justice. Cali Kinney - I will be attending Iowa State University with an undecided major. Erin Kleinow - I will be attending the University of Iowa in the Early Decision Nursing Program. I will also be auditioning for the Hawkeye marching band. Lizzy Klemme - I will attend Iowa State University to study business management. Aaron Knight - After a year of some serious soulsearching, I plan to move to California and attend Musician’s Institute, where I hope to become the next Katy Perry. Noah Knosp Payton Knupp - Plan to attend the University of Iowa to major in speech & hearing sciences. Hilah Kohen - I will study chemistry and history at Washington University in St. Louis. Alice Kolder Courtney Kovar - I’m planning on going to an art school in Savannah, Georgia called Savannah College of Art and Design or S.C.A.D. Kelcie Kraft - Plan to attend University of Iowa and major in business. Alora Kraus - I will proudly attend the University of Iowa in the fall for biochemistry and pre-medicine. I’ll also be conducting research in the Department of Radiation Oncology for the discovery of new combination of therapies for metastatic melanoma throughout my undergrad! Benjamin Kuntz - I will be doing the automotive program at Kirkwood. Nick Kurth - Studying architecture at Iowa State

University. Mitchell Lambert Jeremy Lantz Gabrielle Law - I will be attending the University of Iowa majoring in linguistics and French. I want to move to Europe and teach French. Markele Leach - College, I am still undecided. Max LeaVesseur - I will complete my general education at Kirkwood and then transfer to the University of Iowa. Jaeho Lee - I’m planning to attend art school in Maryland (MICA). Tereysa Leherentz - I will be swimming for the Iowa Hawkeyes and studying graphic design. Stephanie Leners Amari Lewis Hannah Lidr al Vincent Lin - I will be going to Colby College in Maine, so lots of lobsters- I suppose. Abbey Lind - Heading to the University of Missouri to pursue a career in medicine. Brooke Lofgren - To attend Drake University and major in business marketing. Wyatt Lohaus - I will attend the University of Northern Iowa where I will play basketball and study something along the lines of exercise science. Sheng Lu - I will be attending Iowa State University next year. Helena Magalhaes - I’m going to the University of Iowa to be a dance major and also maybe something else, I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go along. Irene Maheshe Makky Makky - I’m going to the University of Dubuque to major in aviation. Caitelynn Mallard Amy Man - After a four month summer, I will be attending Northwestern University. I am currently undecided about a major, but I am interested in biology and chemistry. Collins Marine - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College for the next two years, followed by Iowa State where I will study animal ecology. Christian Marsh Marissa Marshall - Next year I will attend Kirkwood Community College. I will be in the nursing program and hopefully graduate with my RN degree. Then I will transfer to the University of Iowa to finish my BSN of nursing. In the future I hope to be a leader. Not just in nursing but in life. I will be traveling, working and living life to the fullest potential. Oskar Martin - Two years at Kirkwood Cedar Rapids campus. Toni Martins Michael Martin-Stites - I plan on attending the University of Iowa and I am unsure of my studies. Dakota Mason Mollie Mason - I will be attending Central College in Pella, where I will be studying biology and playing volleyball. Sophie McClatchey - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will be doing a program to get my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in

public health: psychology within five years. Devaughn McCullough Kaitlyn McCurdy - I will be going to some college (most likely Iowa, let’s be real) to study psychology. How fascinating. Trey McDonald - Business at Arizona State University. Morgan McDowell - I am going to the University of Northern Iowa to major in education. My plan is to be an elementary school teacher. Hannah McGowan - I will be attending the Univeristy of Colorado in the fall and plan to major in English. Joel Meadows Morgan Mellecker - I’m gonna hit up K-wood and then go to Iowa. Also, I’m going to live with Katy Kelly in a duplex downtown where we shall have rad parties and such. Michael Mendoza Sofia Mendoza - Beginning my journey to become a Pokemon trainer at Iowa State University. Hannah Merrill - I am going to attend Georgetown University starting this fall. Paige Meyer - I will be attending Iowa State and majoring in hotel restaurant management, in hopes to open my own bakery someday. Alex Miller - I’m going to Earlham College to study history. Carson Miller Kate Miller - I will be attending Macalester College next year to study international affairs. David Millmeyer - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study engineering. Go Hawks! Ben Mirr - I plan on attending the University of Iowa. Donte Mitchell Harry Mitchell - I plan to attend ISU and major in comp. sci. Kiara Mitchell - Iowa State University. Clay Moel - I’ll be going to the University of Iowa next year. Fight, fight , fight for Iowa. Woo. Geaux Haeux. Isaac Moel - I’m going to the University of Iowa Eman Mohamad - I am planning to go to Kirkwood Community College to be a pharmacist. Harold Molina Anna Mondanaro - Going to live in the capital city where I will attend THE George Washington University and never watch another football game ever again. Additionally, I plan to unfollow “Ben G. Dellos” (aka @youngergurlparty) on every social media platform and wear A LOT of Lilly Pulitzer. Katie Mons - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa to study elementary education, and one day I hope to teach first or second grade! Alex Moriyama - University of Iowa. Taelor Morman-Thein - After high school I will be putting college on hold and modeling full-time, living in Chicago. Amelia Moser - I will be attending Tufts University, majoring in ... something. Possibly political science or psychology, if I spend enough time away from Fenway Park to actually graduate.

Bennett Mueller - I will be attending California Polytechnic University to study architecture. Hannah Muellerleile - I will be going to Reed College in Portland, Oregon, to learn a ton, make art, explore the Pacific Northwest and probably major in something eventually. Jenna Mullins - I will be attending Wheaton College where I will study applied health science and Spanish. Colton Murrey Matthew Murry - I plan on attending the University of Iowa to play ultimate and study biology (in that order). Ada Mushalangwa Colbee Neff Rob Nelsen - I most likely will going to a university on the east coast to study audio production, engineering, and composition. Jacob Nelson - I am going to the University of Iowa to study exercise science and become a personal trainer. Rob Netolicky - I plan to either run at Wartburg College or study mechanical engineering at Iowa State University. Ben Neustrom David Nguyen Jonathan Ni - I will be attending Northwestern University, doing a dual degree in piano performance and economics (and possibly another major in math). Rachael Niehus - Next year I will be attending University of Northern Iowa for elementary education! Taryn Nishimura - I will attend the University of Iowa and major in both human physiology and music. Kate Noel - I’m going to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota where I’ll be studying biology. Zachary Nullmeyer - My family and I will be moving to California this June and I will attend Vanguard University, where I’ll double major in accounting and English. Additionally, some summer plans include 1) run a marathon 2) job 3) watch all crummy summer blockbusters 4) spelunking 5) surfing 6) In’NOut 7) cry/cheer at AP results 8) that California tan. <3 Isaiah Nyberg - I plan on attending Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and majoring in business. Brad Ockenfels Ryan O’Deen - I will be attending North Central College to play soccer and study business. Blake Oetting - Age like the finest wine while captaining bougie scholars to social superiority. Lucas Oglesby - College ... the final frontier. I plan on entering Starfleet Academy in hopes of one day exploring the far reaches of space as captain of the USS Enterprise. “Ex astris, scientia” - “From the stars, knowledge.” Jack Olson - Dogecoin.com. Doge to the Moon. Brendan O’Sullivan - I am attending the University of Iowa next year with an undecided major. Chayse Owens

MAY 2014 SENIOR 42

Chloe Pacha - I will be attending Grand View University and will be studying digital media. Paige Parker - I plan on attending the University of Iowa. Apurv Patel - Attending the University of Iowa. Megha Patel - Next year I will be attending Marquette University where I plan study to become a physical therapist. Brecken Peden - Going to Kirkwood and Iowa for construction management. Paul Pelfrey - I am going to the Universal Technical Institute for auto and diesel mechanics. Ivan Perez - Going into the Marine Corps. Unknown college yet. Tziona Perry Alli Peterson - I plan on attending the University of Nebraska where I will be playing Division I soccer and majoring in biology. Benjamin Peterson Monique Phillips - I plan to attend the University of Iowa as a history major with a possible minor in English. Gabriella Pitcher - I plan to attend the University of Iowa on a premed track. Shoutout to mah gurl Apoorva!!!!!!! Elena Plotner - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College for two years, and transfer to a 4-year college, where I will study criminology. Anthony Pottratz - I will be attending Coe College next year. I will be playing soccer and doublemajoring in accounting and economics. Bianca Powell Andre Price Bailea Prosser - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College. I have been accepted into the Dental Assisting Program. This summer I will be working and saving money to move out on my own and starting my life as an adult ... and, of course, hanging out with my best friends!! Lizzie Pruneau Brayden Purkapile - I will be attending Kirkwood for my first two years, and will then transfer to the University of Iowa. Lilly Pypes - I’m taking a mission trip to Costa Rica for 9 months to fight storm troopers and destroy the One Ring. Madeline Quint - I will be moving to Los Angeles to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for theatre. Then, I will head to their joint school, St. John’s University in Queens, New York where I will finish with a B.A. degree in dramatic arts, film and television. Zenaido Quintero Devin Raffensperger - Playing baseball at DMACC. Apoorva Raikwar - I plan on attending the University of Iowa with a major in neurobiology and a possible minor in environmental science. Zak Ranshaw - I am attending Coe College next year where I will play football and study elementary education. Ali Rashid Mohammad Rashid Garth Ratchford - I will be attending Transitions.

41 SENIOR MAY 2014

Jeremiah Reed - I plan to go to Kirkwood and then transfer to the University of Iowa or another university. Kobi Reese - Yeah mane. College, here I come! #eaglebound Josh Reid - I’m going to Iowa Central to major in tech theater. I’ve had a lot of fun working with theater here at West so I’ve decided that’s what I want as a major. Kathryn Reynolds - I am attending Kirkwood Community College for the next two years and then planning to attend University of Northern Iowa for elementary education. Zac Richmond - I plan to go to Florida and attend Full Sail Univeristy. Skyler Richter - I will be attending the University of Iowa next year with interests in psychology and criminology while tearing up IC with my BFF Jordan! Go Hawks! Abbey Ries - Moving to LA to continue pursuing my modeling career with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Enrique Salazar Rios - I plan to go back to my home country, Mexico! I plan to attend the National Autonomous Mexican University to study medicine. Hurley Robertson - I plan to attend Rose State College in Oklahoma City, OK and study psychology. Walter Robles - I want to help change the world for a better tomorrow. First, I will attend the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to study environmental engineering. Then I will help the world, one day at a time. TJ Rogers - I am going to Iowa State University next year to study software engineering. Jasmine Roghair - I will be swimming for Truman State University where I will study biology and be a bulldog just like my Borlogue bulldog younger sisters. Eventually I will get a job doing something somewhere. Zachary Rohm Victoria Rose - Going to the University of Iowa. Jeb Rosebrook - I am going to attend Central College in Pella, and I want to study anthropology and ancient history. Andrew Roskos - After high school I will be attending Iowa State University studying animal sciences. After my four years with that I will further my education by studying pre-vet! Mandy Rosse - I will attend the University of Iowa for the first year (or 2) then transfer to an out-ofstate private liberal arts school & do something hopefully quite joyous. Chad Rubin - I will be attending Arizona State University and starting a new chapter in my life. Jeff Ruhlow - I will be attending Clarke University in Dubuque. I will be majoring in secondary education. I will also be a part of the track team. Emily Ruiz Faron Rush - I plan on attending Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. I will major in business management and I still will be pursuing my music career.

Bailey Ryan - I will be moving all of five minutes away to attend the University of Iowa. I am going to major in biology, and if everything goes as planned, I will hopefully be going to dental school after undergrad. Yay college! Velarchana Santhana - I will be attending the University of Iowa as a biomedical engineering major. After that I want to go to medical school to become a pediatrician. #luvbbys Leela Sathyaputri - After high school I will attend the University of Iowa as a psychology major, then make my way to a medical residency at the Mayo Clinic. I’ll decide on my medical school in a couple of years- the destination matters more to me. Elijah Schenkel Lukas Schmidt - I will be joining the United States Marine Corps infantry. I have a four year, active duty contract. Wes Schmidt-Rundell Jordan Schneider - I plan to stay in the 319 and attend The University of Iowa on a sports management major, and plan to participate in the Army ROTC program there. In my free time, I will be tearing up the town with Skyler Richter. GO HAWKS!!! Trent Schneider - Next year I will be playing tennis at Luther College and hope to study business and psychology along the way. Go Norse! Jeffrey Schnell Connor Schueler - I intend to go to Iowa State and study history and political science. Andrew Scott - HA. Callum Scott - Besides going to Grinnell, I plan to finally practice my favorite activity more frequently. Not being in high school. Javon Scott Theresa Scott Ian Selch - I want to go to college, preferably a college for art! Looking into the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Michelle Seo - I will be going to Germany to study violin performance at a music school there. Zach Serovy - Playing soccer at North Central College. Majoring in sports management with a coaching philosophy minor. Go Cardinals! Callie Seylar - I plan on attending Simpson College in Indianola, IA and majoring in elementary education and minoring in psychology. I have received a music scholarship and plan on singing in the choir at Simpson. Michael Shaw Anna Sheffield - I am planning on attending Kirkwood Community College this fall and then transferring to Brigham Young University in Idaho or Hawaii after my first year or two. I plan on studying social work and sign language. College should be a great new start for me! Sophie Shoultz - I plan to attend Georgetown University next fall, where I will spend my time changing my major every time the wind changes direction. Hope Shreves - I’m taking a year off and I’m traveling to Indonesia and the Himalayas to learn

their language and culture. Gunnar Shull - Going to Kwood then going to the U of I. Rachel Simons Wil Simpson - I will be attending the University of Iowa as a mechanical engineer next fall. Breanna Sims Chad Smith Thomas Sparks - I plan to study music ed. with an emphasis on jazz at UNI. I will also be planning on running the country someday and fixing the economy with a new new deal. Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!!! Holden Speer McKenzie Spencer Nicholas Spiess - Haven’t decided what college I will attend. Willow Spring - Though the discomfort of family members, I’m not going to college next year. I’m choosing to work at ACT Testing Company, I think its what I need to prepare myself for both college and the real world, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about my choice. Carly Stamnes Emily Starman - Luther College (Iowa City North). Go Norse! Derek Steffen - I will be attending the University of Iowa as a direct admit to the Trippie College of Business. Noah Stevens - I will be studying computer science at the University of Utah in (surprise) Utah. Analisa Stewart - I will be attending Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah to study elementary education or special education. :) Kennedy Stewart - I will be attending Mount Mercy University in the fall of 2014 with going into the field of nursing. I am very excited to be a mustang! Logan Strabala Austin Stumpf - I am moving to the Moon with my wife Wilma Chang and our son James Nick O’Hare. We are going there to support Dogecoin. DOGE TO THE MOON! Weijia Sun Olaf Sunleaf - I plan on attending St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. I am not sure what I am going to major in while I’m there, but I plan on becoming an architect. Ryan Swartzendruber - Attending the University of Iowa in the fall. Miranda Swearingen Danial Syed - As Langston Hughes probably asked at one point, “what happens to a dream waitlisted?” I’m on a LOT of waitlists, so I currently have no idea what my future is. For now, though, I’m set to pursue biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa along a premed route. Whatever I do, though, it’ll definitely have something to do with birds! Emilia Szmyrgala - I will be attending UCLA and majoring in linguistics and minoring in Spanish. Madeline Tait - Thanks to the recent polar vortex, I am fully prepared for next winter in Minnesota, where I will attend St. Olaf College with a focus in public health. DESIGN BY//BLAKE OETTING

Addy Taylor - I plan to attend Luther College where I will spend most of my time trying to sneak cats into the dorms and stalking Meredith Arpey. Ryan Taylor Blake Termini - I am going to attend the University of Iowa to study psychology. I want to get my PhD in counseling and become a sports and/or criminal psychologist and possibly work with the FBI in psychological strategies. Daniel Thayer - I am very proud to be attending the University of Iowa to start my next chapter in life. Kimberly Thompson Kate Thorne - Next year I will follow my dreams at Washington University in St. Louis, where I will pursue my interest in social sciences and art. This summer, I will be working, reading, and trying to learn how to do laundry. In the future I plan to join the Peace Corps! Abbey Tiecke - I will be attending the University of Iowa. Benjamin Tirgardoun - I am going Iowa State next year and plan to study computer science. Amber Tomas - I’m planning on moving to Kansas & working for a year. Then I will be attending KU the following year to become an occupational therapist. Lenny Tarapane - Kirkwood for culinary arts, then Thailand for a ... thing. Ben Troester - I plan to attend Drake University where I will study finance and accounting. I will also be playing soccer at Drake. Alexander Trouch Julia Truszkowski - I will be wearing green and gold for four more years at the University of Oregon! Jason Uhm Chike Ukah - I will be playing basketball at Kirkwood Community College. Kylee Valiquette - After high school, I plan on attending St. Ambrose University for occupational therapy. Gage Van Dyke - I will be vying for an English degree at the University of Iowa. I plan on applying to the Creative Writer’s Workshop whilst pursuing a masters in fine arts. Aspen Van Fleet - Kirkwood Community College Miracle Vaughn Jacob Verry Anastasia Vest Chad Villhauer - I will be attending Luther College, playing some ultimate frisbee, and hopefully figuring out what to major in. Camden Voigt - I will be in the Iowa State Honors Program and studying software engineering. Tyler Voss - I will be attending Drake University in the fall, majoring in health sciences. Karrlisa Wade Carly Wagner - I will be attending the University of Iowa and majoring in biology. Mike Wanger - I plan on studying music education at Luther College. Kalee Waldron - Fall of 2014 I will be off to Golden, Colorado to study engineering. Happily Golden is connected to Denver by light-rail, so I’ll have no

shortage of opportunities. Christopher Walters - I will be attending South Dakota State University. I’m majoring in physical therapy and wrestling for the jackrabbits. #getjacked Shirley Wang - I will be studying at Tufts University where I will most likely live off of cannolis from Little Italy in Boston, take classes like American Superheroes: Power, Politics and Morality, and figure out how wear dark brown and baby blue together. OJ Warsame Lexi Weber - I will be attending the University of Iowa, and I plan on pursuing a career in corporate law. Eric Wells Amber Wen - University of Minnesota- international business and management information systems double major. Rebecca Wen - I will be attending UC Berkeley. Karl Wenzel - I plan to play tennis at Wheaton College in Chicago next year! Kaden Wesely Tyler Whitehead - Will be studying business at the University of Iowa, while simultaneously ballin’ out with the roomies Bode and Swartzy. Danielle Williams - I plan to go to Kirkwood for either nursing or radiology. Malik Williams Jamie Woodburn Jennifer Wu - I will be studying English and biology at the UI. Aydan Wynos Kai Yan - I will be studying economics at Dartmouth College. Elizabeth Yang - I will be attending the University of Iowa with an open major. Marquise Yarbrough Tim Yim - I plan to study biology @ University of Rochester! Ashlynn Yokom - I plan to run XC and track for the University of Missouri. Elliot Young - I will continue my pursuit of hAPiness next year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I will study materials science and engineering. Jamie Zeithamel - I will be attending the University of Iowa majoring in pre-business. Lilian Zhu - I’m attending the University of Georgia, where I will be playing ultimate, avoiding the pool, and studying at Oxford University in the UK while simultaneously trying to do as little schoolwork as I possibly can. Shout-out to my friends, my family, and my Wings teammates #wingup for helping me get to where I am today. Bethany Zimmerman - I will attend Iowa State University and will major in engineering or something in that area of study.

MAY 2014 SENIOR 40

After school arts

From choir swing shows to musicals to nearcountless art classes, West High contains a wealth of artistic activity. Moreover, some of West’s seniors have chosen to take their passions for the arts beyond high school. Here’s what they’ll be doing come fall. COMPilED by//fIONA aRMSTRONG-PAVLIK & danial syed

mance ore perfor m t e g rk to ] and to wo y major “[I chose m pecially in operas … e, es experienc sicians.” ssional mu fe o r p h it w

suk ce and Maya Bajosring in vocal performan

wa ersity of Io at the Univ cy li o p ic econom

logy is, ic. Techno s u m d e lv nd use vo ls to deal a jor that in il a k s m e e v th ti n p r d an ada nt to lea at I wante ve, so I wa ti a v o n in “I knew th sic.” nd xtensive a roduce mu e p , e d s n r a u r o c te of , mas York y to make m at New technolog logy progra a

Double m

n h Rob Nealsudeio engineering throuicge


a music te

and ch growth u m o s ’s e bles and r … ther and ensem r next yea e s a h c tr a s e te h y c r be in o s with m take lesson also really excited to to d e it c x e “I’m really that will happen. I’m ent y.” developm r at the communit ig b a f o cond majo t se r a d p e d a ci e e d b

o Pursuing nciple in v with a pri y, it rs e iv n U

ance and Eleni Katjozring in bassoon perform

an unde

t lking abou ta ly n o t o t [in mn ur ideas. I’ cing and acting. Ar o e r a h s g, dan t way to art is grea d designin t n a u o th s e , v g e li in “I be ke writ rt pieces, li s people inspired.” rd physical a ke vision awa f Art, always ma ] e creative o m th e r , g e fo ip ll h y o n rs C a stitute l schola

a n Double m n-Madiso f Wisconsi o y it rs e iv Un


aryland In

ep eM ee rships—th Jaeho Lth hip from th ree schola rg scholars u Received ett Nearb and the R ctive art scholarship be pursuing intera will where he

ing I’m also go … n ig s e d nd game work my hopefully ve media a ti d c n a a r te lm in fi lizing in tion and “I’m specia up minors in anima ick dios.” to try to p Marvel Stu t a b jo a way up to

Erin Cook Majoring

uction at edia prod

in visual m


Emerson C

g since been doin e v a h d n at I a ve mething th o s by that I lo b n o r a h le a is “Music ontinue to e.” I want to c . le tt li r a long tim s fo a o s Iw o d I hope to enjoy, and

Ni ce and Jonathan g in piano performan

s at


ajorin Double m rsity ern Unive st e Northw

39 SENIOR MAY 2014


MAY 2014 ADS 38

by the

numbers senior class of 2014

*310 seniors surveyed

COMPilED by//Velarchana Santhana

How many jobs have you had?

19% 31%



believe in god

14% 5% N W



maybe believe in god



23% Republican


42% Democrat

39% YES





enjoyed high school

have changed their morals since freshman year





Does Dr. Arganbright know your name?

Does Mr. Sauser know your name?


Don’t believe in god

support gay marriage


have been cheated on


have cheated

37% YES



have had a crush on a teacher


37 SENIOR MAY 2014


47% dr






14% showers per week







9% 17% <1 y ear



29% Always single


Which year of high school was the hardest?





have snuck out



on th





What’s your longest relationship?


ye a


have tried marijuana


a ye >2







0 >1










d lle pu g ve yin ha ud st




81% ha




have parked in the teacher lot



are sexually active







r ei th r a ith ye w y ext pp n ha or e sf ar l a n p



5% 42% 37% 16% MAY 2014 SENIOR 36

HIGHLIGHTS of the school year

Photo by//Lydia hinman


COMPilED by//Stephon Berry & Brooke Lofgren

I really liked the atmosphere of the football games this year. Everyone knew it was going to be our last season of football so we got really into it.”

-Hannah Fairfield ’14

There’s nothing like the first time. The atmosphere was loud and wet. I’ll remember most my coach Byron literally screaming till his eyes and neck

bulged to dangerouslooking extremes. Dude

was freaking out, but in the best way.” -Callum Scott ’14 Show choir gRAND champions

Photo Used with permission from//ANNA HAUSLER

art by//Kaitlyn mcCurdy

First time BOYS swimming state champions


[tHERE WAS A] feeling of empowerment after winning and breaking

the eIGHT-year no-win streak, but most of all I liked that

35 SENIOR MAY 2014

I made friends with people from other groups that I’m still friends with today.” -Michael Clement ’14 DESIGN BY//KATIE MONS

1 for

wsspaper.com more coverage go to

scan this with your smartphone to link to our website

What’s behind your teacher’s desk? By the end of the school year, we’re all a little disorganized - even the teachers. West Side Story took a look behind a few teachers’ desks to see the treasures they have collected throughout the year.


COmpiled BY//abby Burgess

Summer reading Recs West Side Story asked nine English teachers to recommend a few of their favorite summer reads. Check out slideshows with their recommendations.


compiled by//hilah kohen

Investigating passing periods “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Ironically, time also flies when you are desperately lugging several pounds of unrelated notebooks in a feeble attempt to reach a room several continents away from your latedismissed class. West Side Story takes a closer look at our passing periods and whether the five-minute time period holds up when put to the test.






MAY 2014 ADS 34

Traveling the World

While most graduates will pursue a traditional college education in the fall, four seniors are expanding their horizons and going abroad to experience unique opportunities. WSS caught up with these seniors to see where their travels will take them.

Lilly Pypes Costa Rica

COMPilED by/amelia moser

Come next August, Lilly Pypes ’14 is set to fly to Costa Rica for a nine-month-long mission trip. “When I’m there I’ll be taking ... just Spanish classes and Bible classes, and working with local churches down there, probably working with kids, things like that,” she said. She added that the program included helping teach English and ELL classes. Part of Pypes’ reasoning for joining the mission was wanting to take a gap year before college and concentrate on her faith. “I know a lot of times people will go to school and not really be sure about it, or their major or something like that, and I guess I wanted to take a year off for that reason,” she said. “[Additionally,] my faith is really important to me, so having a year off to just focus on that [is another reason I’m going].” Pypes is traveling through Score International, a Christian missionary organization. Having an arena to practice her Spanish skills in was another draw for Pypes. “Knowing a different language can open your eyes to different cultures and help you see things from their perspectives,” she said. “I know that’ll be an interesting part.”

Justin Barry COMPilED by/hilah kohen


Justin Barry ’14 is a recent addition to this year’s graduating class: last year, he decided to leave West High one year early and spend 10 months in Colmenar Viejo, Spain through the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club’s international exchange program. “After I realized that this was a viable opportunity for me [and] that I had enough credits to graduate, I looked into it, and it just seemed like something that I’d personally like to do for senior year before college,” Barry said. Barry is currently completing his fourth year of Spanish classes. However, he looks forward to the extra dimension a year abroad will add to his cultural knowledge. “I’ll be going to school and I’ll be meeting new people ... I’ll participate in the festivals and other things that they do, so I’ll be really, truly immersed in the culture,” Barry said. During his year in Spain, Barry will live with one or more host families and study for one year at a local high school. In his free time, Barry hopes to hold up his end of the cultural exchange by bringing some of his current hobbies to his new home. “I don’t even know if they know what it is over there, but I’m pretty sure I’d like to play some ultimate frisbee,” Barry said. 33 SENIOR MAY 2014

Michelle Seo



COMPilED by//Hilah kohen

Michelle Seo ’14 has been playing Johann Sebastian Bach’s violin music since she was seven years old, but she never thought that she would study in the illustrious composer’s homeland. “My aunt lives in Germany. She always told me, ‘Think about coming to Germany at some point,’” Seo said. “At first, we didn’t really think of it as a real option. Then, it came to the point of ‘tuition’s too expensive ... why not Germany?’” Unless she is removed from the waitlist of the Colburn School’s Conservatory of Music, which offers full scholarships to all of its students, Seo will begin taking classes in German next fall near her aunt’s home in Cologne. When she has mastered the language, she plans to audition to study in a conservatory in Germany or Switzerland. “I think it’s a really good opportunity to learn different kinds of music and adopt them by traveling to other places and experiencing their cultures,” Seo said. Seo plans to meet the next stage of her life with an open mind. “You’ve just got to try your very best and do whatever you can to get what you want,” she said. “I don’t think people should rush things. There’s a lot of time in your life, you don’t need to have everything sorted out.”


Hope Shreves COMPilED by//Rebecca Wen


While other students will be moving into their dorms, Hope Shreves ’14 will be on a plane to Indonesia. Two months after her threemonth trip, she will head to the Himalayas. “I am really interested in learning about other cultures,” Shreves said. “Also, I am not ready to go back to school … and I’m not sure what career I would like to have.” Shreves unwaveringly picked Indonesia to expose herself to Islam and escape the cold. “I am interested in Islam because we are surrounded by many people with this religion who are sometimes judged because of it, and I would like to learn more about it,” Shreves said. Shreves is traveling with Where There Be Dragons, an institution that offers many semester and gap-year programs around the world. “[For the first part of the trip] I will be living in a village with the other 12 people,” Shreves said. “During the day we spend time with our group and in the evening we go back to our host families and learn stuff from them such as cooking, language and art.” She is delighted to be traveling abroad. “I feel like this trip will change the way I look at the world and think about my life ... instead of just thinking of myself in this little bubble in Coralville, Iowa,” Shreves said. DESIGN BY//MEREDITH CULLEN

MAY 2014 SENIOR 32

31 ADS MAY 2014

DI Athletes

West says goodbye to its senior athletes going on to play for Division I teams.

COMPilED by//Meredith Cullen Photos by//Lizzie Pruneau

Not Pictured: Wyatt Lohaus, university of Northern Iowa, basketball

Tereysa Lehnertz University of Iowa swimming

Adrienne jensen Drake University tennis

Alli Peterson University of Nebraska Soccer

Ashlynn Yokom University of Missouri cross country and track

Ben Troester Drake University Soccer


MAY 2014 SENIOR 30


kdrin e l i a h ed w sprayed s p r u Ib nd ros time he caf a milk ac che n e te “O ilk in t cola ile scre lege m o h g c h n i r of tion w my col . It e s y ge ub sta wrote t that s the actually ay abou k s o I ing. ssion es -Erin Co i adm ntense.” i was

by//Anna mo

ndanar o,

apoorva ra

ik war, dan

ial syed, an

d julia trus


“I was u sing a b u cell pro ject I w tter knife to c u as work says tha ing on. t a styrofoam t I need N ball f ate to this poin t. I wen go to the offic [Price] comes or a e. I was t in and there w a bit wo ere thre to the [assista nt rr e other hand o ver my teacher } principal’s offi ied at b s ce a th you had g a knife.” and then one ere. They told and me to okay it ’s of them I not a le pulled it out a said, “I nd they from m gitimate h e were lik eard k e, “Oh, again b and told me t nife.” Then th eca ey took o never it away bring a sharper use I could’ve .” - Colt k g nife to otten su on Haig sch s pended ht if it had ool been

third ’s Brit Lit class n so b co Ja s. me into to join M bson, tricked en I decided co h Ja w r s. a e M y g st in had a d “L nd that they le class, inclu a o h lt w cu e iffi th d r, y e ll trimest ally, rea nse pan we did defe e class was re e th h g w in is k in le p th nd m the held hands a e specific exa n d n O a s. n le o rc iti ci d a a weird tr stood in me that they ld to y e the th , pers we critiqued re fo e b ” a y a b y sang “Kum p it up viciousl ri ld u o w d n a paper it at first, “Kristina Ba idn’t believe d I uer was vid s. rd a rw e aft d e eotaping m d u n cl ight at Ann ad in h n e one so b co a Ja H a u sl e d r’ e but Ms. s for some re I was going it seem so s n o cti ason. ru crazy: singin it in the inst g, screamin name it. I o g, you bviously wa legitimate.” s on a little h ig n a h h d w u h m il a e v sugar this was all - Vikraman Ara happening a not prepare nd was d for people to see the v the video, I’ id eo. In m screamin g “I like you camera in a ” at the really weird voice. Kristin on Facebook a put it though and my reputatio shot. It ’s pre n got tty much vir al now.” -Hayden Bev elacqua

29 SENIOR MAY 2014

sidisky con e r y tt e r is p whil I know careful h ly ic r h la w u , c was e pants ot parti ost positive I it n h w 'm I g it d was alm ged to make s wearin et stained, an a I w d I n a y a hetti sily g day mana “One d a lucky o ould ea as eating spag r, I somehow c g y in e v h a t ve int as h ,Iw ering I went g lunch y pants. Howe g. I figured I w h in c r n u D lu . r t in m e end I ea ill onto t spilling anyth day. Right aft m. I had to sp n p s o t row n gu hou s all going nch wit pants spotles e wad of gree nts.” -Abigail B lu h g u my hug thro y pa ad kept st and sat in a e's gum on m h I e c ls e sin at one e to take h some it w y physics a of the d the rest

“Freshman yea r I walked into the girls restro on accident an om d a girl scream ed.” -Karl Wen zel

“Freshman year I had jus t gotten to school and I saw a bunc h of boys standing at the top of th e stairs and to be cool I thought I wo uld strut up to them, but as I was ab out to pass them on the stairs I tripp ed and fell into the herd of hot bo ys and one of them screamed, ‘An d she goes down!’” -Maggie Eichhor n


“Once at doing a a football gam ch e I was like “Ev ant that was s omethin erybod ys g though t I had ay Dr. A-yo!” H e called h hole.” im Dr. Grant E wing A-

nald and “ Trey McDo rPoint on I did a Powe ive in the how to surv r. Finn’s ghetto in M an year. class freshm ughed at He kind of la n he said first but the redo this.’” ‘You need to -Cole Hatzky

MAY 2014 SENIOR 28


Class of

Commencement May 22

at Carver Hawkeye Arena

speakers: 27 ADS MAY 2014



starts at

seniors arrive by



Tyson Smith AND

Paul Curry




WSS asked five seniors to share their shining freshman faces. See their transformations from freshman to senior year below. PHOTOS BY//GAGE VAN DYKE







MAY 2014 SENIOR 26

ClassenieDustnkelberg & Stephon Berry Laur

ke Oetting & Olivia



Most creative

Jason Uhm & Colleen Dematta

RUNNERS UP: Jaeho Lee, Kate Thorn

e & Kristina Bauer

Class clown


Cole Hatzky & Hannah Fairfi RUNNERS UP: Paul Curry &

Erin Cook

Senior superlatives COMPilED by//katie mons & amelia moser photos by//GAGE VAN DYKE, ABBY BURGESS & BROOKE LOFGREN ART LEGALLY OBTAINED FROM flickr//brenda clarke

tgoing i Katz & Most oCluem ent, Elen

Michael Zak Ranshaw Blake Oetting and Alli Peterson RUNNERS UP:

Most Mother T

Velarchana S a

Most swole

Alli Peterson, Jasmine Bailey & Shopan Bilal RUNNERS UP: Brock Hatzky & Kristi

na Bauer

25 SENIOR MAY 2014


nthana & Ka

rl Wenzel

RUNNERS UP : Danial Syed , Blake Oetting & Kate Anstre icher


Blake Oetting & * received nume

Mo st sass Michael Clem

Anna Mondana

ent & Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik


rous votes for ma

ny categories

RUNNERS UP: Wadood Daoud & Erin Cook

Most likely to become famous

Most likely to cure cancer

Paul Curry & Maya Bassuk RUNNERS UP: Wyatt Lohaus

Stephen Bork & Hilah Kohen

& Taelor Mormon-Thein

RUNNERS UP: Vikraman Aravamudh

an & Alora Kraus

at Never Wgahser Best couple th a ie & Nick Gall Mallory Gillisp

il Brown & Leah




Best hair

Addy Taylor & D RUNNERS UP: Ga

aniel Gardarsso

Best smstilere & Alli Peterson

ge Van Dyke & Kia


ra Mitchell

Ben Troe

te Boland, Olaf RUNNERS UP: Na s & Maddie Tait me Ha r dle an Ch


MAY 2014 SENIOR 24

Looking for a summer job? McDonald’s offers: Flexible Schedules

Mystery Shop Payouts Store Contests Apply at mcstate.com/careers

23 ADS MAY 2014

College Credit Free Uniforms

Flashback to freshman year Freshman year seems like a long time ago, so West Side Story wanted to remind you of the songs you listened to, the shows you watched and possibly the people you stalked. COMPilED by/ Abby burgess, lydia hinman & matt murrY Photos courtesy of// FLICKR

Killing Osama bin Laden

On May 2, 2011, a United States military team conducted a raid on Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He was buried at sea a day later. Meanwhile, Americans took to the street to celebrate his death. Some argue that the death of an individual should never be celebrated, while others thought it was appropriate because it brought closure to an event that killed nearly 3,000 people.

Jodee Blanco

Remember this one? The administration’s intent was good, but many might argue that this anti-bullying seminar was less helpful than desired. The verbal and emotional assault unleashed on the audience left us wondering who was the bully and who was getting bullied.

Royal wedding

If you follow the royal couple, chances are you woke up in the wee hours of the morning to watch Prince William wed Kate Middleton. Then you probably spent the next six hours wondering, “Wait, why did I get up again?” after the fourth straight hour of deep analysis on Kate Middleton’s eyebrows.


It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get ... this song out of my head. This video’s perfect combination of horrible acting, autotune and obviousness made it a hit for the ages. The ingenious lines, “Sittin’ in the front seat, sittin’ in the back seat, gotta make my mind up, which seat should I take?” will forever be remembered with company from lyrics from Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie as the music that shaped a generation.


In case you’ve forgotten, planking “is an activity consisting of lying face down sometimes in unusual or incongruous (aka inappropriate) locations” … or at least that’s what Wikipedia says. But lets face it, as much as we’d like to forget the planking fad, it’s somewhat impossible after googling the term and seeing people planking on their grocery carts in the juice aisle.


Pop songs

“Love the Way You Lie,” “Airplanes,” “Party Rock Anthem,” “Grenade,” “Moves Like Jagger,” “Super Bass” and “Like a G6.” All of these songs were once on your “Most Played” playlist. Now, when they come on in the car you can’t help but listen to some of them and get nostalgic.

“Jersey Shore”

Who would have thought that a group of unclassy Jersey party animals would become some of the most well-known people to high school freshman? Unfortunately, we all know who Snooki and J Woww are, and what GTL stands for. Let’s keep that as our guilty pleasure of freshman year.

SENIOR MAY 2014 22

Lydia Hinman Clove

Leela Sathyaputri Katniss

Rebecca Wen Johanna Mason

Velarchana Santhana Cinna

Paul Curry Haymitch

Matthew Murry Cato

Meredith Cullen

Madge Undersee

Brooke Lofgren Octavia

Stephon Berry Finnick

Katie Mons Annie

Gage Van Dyke Flavius

Amelia Moser Mags

Fiona Armstrong-Pavlik Foxface

Commander Paylor

Tyler Voss

West Side Story Staff 2013-2014

Blake Oetting Gale

Shirley Wang Lyme

Kaitlyn McCurdy Prim

Danial Syed Peeta

Abby Burgess Venia

Lizzie Pruneau Rue

Anna Mondonaro Cecelia

May the odds be ever in our favor... Anna Furlong

Hannah Merrill Cashmere

Julia Truszkowski


COMPilED by//stephon berry Art by//leela sathyaputri

Sara Whittaker Effie

Apoorva Raikwar Glimmer Hilah Kohen


Jaeho Lee



Design by//shirley wang

Words with friends

On track

By hannah merrill and Shirley wang

By stephon berry


hannah.merrillwss@gmail.com shirley.wang5615@gmail.com

Amirite: Used to get approval. Must be followed by “Lol sorite” or else yeah, try again. Bitties: Something you call your closest gal pals, which is better than the alternative naughtywordthatalsostartswithab. Also good for announcing “the bitties have arrived” when you walk into a classroom together. Blue wavy shirt: Should never be brought up in AP Econ, no matter how hideous it is. Unless you want to regret it for the rest of the year. Blonde: Not the best to be if you’re ever in one of Bach’s math classes. How many blondes does it take to derive e^x? Bz gn: The only proper way to say goodnight to a friend and relay that you love them. (*Note: “bz” stands for “bisous,” French kisses on the cheek). Estrogen night: A girls-only night with Essie nail polish. Fourth floor: Went up there once, saw two people and left (we’ll leave out the details). Gucci: How you can describe most good things. (*Note: should not be

shortened). High Ground: A coffee shop we can never go back to because a. we are loud b. we talk about inappropriate things and c. we are loud. Also see Tierra: Another coffee shop that we ruined. We like coffee shops. But coffee shops don’t like us. :( iParty: The group message for all the hip kids who have iPhones. Lololololol vs. lol: It’s important to differentiate between the two when texting, so as not to add confusion. “Lolololol” should only be used in cases when you literally are laughing out loud. “Lol” is more for humoring your friends. But really, the joke was just kinda funny. (Sorry if that offended anyone.) “Okay bai”: Must be said in a high, nasally voice. Meant to be used for dismissing boys. Swag: A word that is appropriate for everything, still relevant and can be used as a noun and verb and adjective. Your mom: Always a good comeback.

At the first track meet I ever ran for West High School, I was put in a race with a junior. I was only a sophomore and I was meant to run the 400 meter dash, my first 400 meter dash. Assuming that I’d be destroyed and embarrassed in the process, I walked out and positioned myself in front of the blocks with my chin threatening to crack my sternum. Now that I think about it, he must have had those same thoughts. After all, he was put in a race with an underclassmen. I’ll try not to digress so much. In the end I believe he won the race very narrowly, by maybe a half second. 59 seconds is what I ran. That was when I knew that running was something I’d want to do for the rest of my high school career. It was the beginning of my love for track; a guessing game. Skipping ahead to senior year and the close of my high school track career, and I have to say this year has definitely not been the smoothest schedule-wise. The year got off to an awful start with tons of tardies and AP Chem mind warp. The middle wasn’t much better, and there was the added stress

of encroaching college deadlines and my mid-senior-year crisis to complement it all, but things started looking up third tri and the acceptance letter from Lawrence accompanied by a $16,000 scholarship definitely didn’t hurt my spirits. Retrospectively, I’m incredibly grateful for the amount of understanding my teachers exercised (especially you Ms. Wiesley, and you Mrs.Whittaker) because I definitely gave them a workout. Knowing that I’ll be continuing my track career in college is something that’s brought me a sense of safety. Not everything is changing; track remains that one constant. I may not have known how high school would turn out, but I’m glad I saw it through, and I’m happy I had someone to give me a reality check. Sometimes life’s only as shitty as you see it. To paraphrase the band Lucius, “Stop looking through the wrong end of the telescope and turn it around.” No one can ever predict how an event will unfold. “It’s a metaphor.” That’s what I love the most about it.

What to expect when you’re expecting too much By velarchana santhana velarch9123@gmail.com

I’m a serial expect(er). The night before my first day of high school, I couldn’t sleep and my mind raced. Based on my few (and at the time I believed reputable) sources about high school (“Mean Girls” and Phyllis Reynolds Naylor) I envisioned everything that was going to happen the next four years. I’d get straight A’s so I could get into an elite school that Indian parents would approve of, I’d have a boyfriend or two, and I would stay best friends with my best friends from junior high. And you know what? None of DESIGN BY//FIONA ARMSTRONG-PAVLIK

those things happened. I lost my 4.0 GPA junior year, I didn’t end up getting a boyfriend, and I slowly drifted apart from some of the people I thought would be there forever. I expected too much. When I realized my pre-high school expectations weren’t going to pan out, I developed a mantra: “always surprised, never disappointed.” The idea was that if I set my expectations low, any good things that happened would be pleasant surprises. This worked for a while, but eventually I would set my expectations so low that, frankly, I ended up not believing

in myself. At a certain point, I realized that there had to be a balance (Eureka!). By expecting too much, I ended up disappointed, and when I expected too little, I also, somehow, ended up disappointed. We really need to just expect that things are going to happen and never work out exactly how we want them to. In no way am I saying this is easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things to do. But I do know that some of my favorite memories from high school (going to Wickham after the AP Euro test, volunteering with patients

in the pediatric unit, stargazing after homecoming senior year) occurred when I had absolutely no expectations. One of my favorite quotes from Alfred A. Montapert is “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.” I’d like to add on to that. I’d say, “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast - but also don’t be so expectant for problems that you don’t eat the bacon in front of you.” Am I Plato yet?

MAY 2014 SENIOR 20

#firstworldproblems By matt murry


I love the Internet. I constantly visit Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Full of cat videos and .gifs of people falling and memes, the Internet never ceases to make me laugh. But there’s one meme, one hashtag that I don’t think is funny. #FirstWorldProblems. Here’s why. I didn’t always feel this way. I thought they were funny. “Not being able to get WiFi in the basement because your house is too big” is funny, right? “I missed tonight’s ‘Walking Dead’ because I forgot to change my clocks on

Daylight Saving Time” made me laugh. It’s clever, and they were just jokes, right? Wrong. #FirstWorldProblems is an insult. It insults people in countries less fortunate than ours. Even though it’s intended to be satirical, it still sends the same message: “These are the problems that I worry about.” The world is more connected than ever. People from Africa, Asia and South America can see every myopic, self-centered post we make. It is wholly possible that people in

“third world” countries might not recognize the intended satirical nature of the memes. This in turn could contribute to the declining image of the United States as a rich, self-centered group of spoiled individuals. What’s the difference between “first” and “third” worlds? And is there a “second world”? These terms are actually a product of the Cold War. “First world” was used to describe countries aligned with NATO. “Second world” was used to describe communist Russia, China and their allies. “Third world” was reserved for countries that didn’t align with either power. Yes, this included much of Africa and South America, but also

was also composed of Sweden, Switzerland and Austria, high ranking countries on the UN’s Human Development Index. We are blindly grouping together countries that are nothing alike, all under the absurdly general term “third world.” In reality, our problems are far worse. We are dropping on almost every scale of development except military spending. We are over 17 trillion dollars in debt. People in our own backyards struggle to put food on the table. Those are the real #FirstWorldProblems, not “Someone didn’t refill the Brita pitcher and now I have to wait 30 seconds for water.”

Opposites attract

Oh, dear (diary)

By katie mons and amelia moser

By apoorva raikwar

You probably don’t know us, which is okay, because we’re finding we don’t really know any of you. Side effect of being asocial with no friends. Us, not you. Anyway, this is the love story of Dum Dum (like the lollipops) and Loser (of Things). Amelia is a hyper liberal atheist with a Red Sox obsession. Katie’s a super conservative pastor’s kid whose loyalty lies with the St. Louis Cardinals. Despite those minor differences, somehow we fell in love (or became best friends) sitting in Sara’s newspaper classes. But we have to tell you, the World Series last fall was a little rough on our relationship. Back to the whole religion thing. That’s not really that small a thing to disagree on, but we make it work. Amelia constantly gets confused and asks questions (I, Amelia, can now explain the difference between an apostle and a disciple, if you’re ever curious). Fortunately, I, Katie, am not offended by my friend’s … utter stupidity. Amelia would like me to add that I’m also not nasty about Amelia’s poor church attendance record. Instead, I am

With the end of senior year here, I decided to reflect on the past few years by looking through my diary entries. March 10, 2010 (8th grade) “Well I‘ve got an important decision to make. Go to Morgan’s Birthday Party for a few hours or use those 2 or 3 hours to study for the SAT.” Two things: 1) Why are you taking the SAT in 8th grade? 2) Get your priorities straight. October 8, 2010 (9th grade) “Yeah there was Homecoming. It was boring as HELL.” Atta’ girl! October 12, 2010 (9th grade) “Tomorrow there’s a math competition. Mrs. Muhly basically made me go to it even though I got a 75% on the last test … OHMIGOSH. So I have a 89.654% in math right now and there are 4 weeks of the tri left. I need to bring it up so I don’t, like, completely ruin my high school career.” You were doing so well. April 15, 2012 (10th grade) “Bucket List: 4. Get front row tickets to a One Direction concert. 9. Learn to walk in stilettos. 10. Go to college out of state.”

katiemons46@gmail.com moser.amelia@gmail.com

19 SENIOR MAY 2014

blessed to have a friend who is curious but respectful about my faith. We’re not very good at living by ourselves. In fact, we can’t go three hours without talking to each other. Life’s a struggle. From boys to school probs to #wehateeveryone, navigating the big wide world is impossible without talking to the other person. So, good thing we’re going to colleges 1278.4 miles apart? Katie didn’t realize how far it was until right now and now she’s sad. Oops. Luckily, our respective families have adopted both of us. Amelia is ALMOST tall enough to qualify as a Mons, and Katie’s sassy enough to belong with the Mosers. That’s all that matters, right? So when you go off to do whatever amazing thing you’re doing next year, don’t forget – sometimes, opposites attract! LOL jk Amelia’s allergic to cheese (but actually) so we can’t end on that. The point is, best friends are hard to find, and you’re making it more difficult by looking for friends in people who are EXACTLY. LIKE. YOU.


4. Thank god that never happened. 9. Nope. Comfy old people shoes all the way! 10. Looking forward to being a Hawkeye next year :) December 4, 2012 (11th grade) “First of all, I think the world might actually end on December 24 because it was like 70 degrees the other day and it still hasn’t snowed once.” Please be kidding. January 07, 2013 (11th grade) “I’ve been bored lately so I applied to be an ASM (assistant stage manager).” You won’t regret it :) January 30, 2014 (12th grade) “I recently found out that Dairy Queen sells individual ice cream cakes in a cup.” Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that! As I read through my diaries, it was interesting to see exactly what was going through my head at the time. I encourage all of you to keep a journal and and jot down your thoughts whenever you can. You won’t regret it in a few years when you decide to finally dust off the cover and go back in time to meet your younger self. DESIGN BY//FIONA ARMSTRONG-PAVLIK

Outstanding thought of the year By Kaitlyn mccurdy


Let me smack you with the truth: everyone has regrets. Whoa. I regret letting that strange boy in kindergarten kiss my hand while we ran towards the school bus. I regret letting my classmates in junior high define my happiness and self-worth. Them? Idiots. Me? Not an idiot. I regret turning my back on my only friend in sixth grade because everyone else hated him. The list goes on. But let’s look on the greener side. I don’t regret asking the shy, awkward girl in Foundations of Science to sit with me at lunch, or letting the temporarily crippled girl in Algebra I make short jokes and ask about my Beatles shirt. I don’t regret knowing the girl who is never afraid to tell you that you suck and her counterpart, the girl that will always tell you that you’re the bestest. I don’t regret hanging out with the girl that could kick my

ass if I ever upset her. I don’t regret unconsciously saving a seat for injured girl number two in English. I don’t regret walking home almost every day of my underclassmen years with the girl that’s always by my side, no matter how shitty I am to her. I don’t regret befriending the boy that confidently struts down the hall in sequined shorts, or fangirling with the lovely (horrible) lady that deleted our glorious King Arthur project. I don’t regret watching “One Tree Hill” instead of studying for my AP tests. (I might after I get my scores.) I don’t regret joining West Side Story. I don’t regret moving to Iowa City before freshman year. Essentially, don’t get hung up on your regrets. Don’t waste time not being happy. End my overly sappy column.

It’s amaizeing By Hilah kohen


It seems that no Iowan may reach the age of seventeen without enduring an onslaught of heinous miscornceptions. My own four score minus 63 years have had their fill: Iowa’s flat, it’s boring, it’s all cornfields and pigsties. On occasion, these inkernal accusations appear difficult to refute; Iowa is, after all, about 90% farmland. Fortunately, one element of the anti-Iowan agenda is cobpletely corntestable. As a parting gift, I’ve decided to leaf my homeland with a solid stalk of arguments in defense of our favorite fibrous export. We may have starchted from the bottom, but now, my friends, we ear. Corn has inspired farm more of your bio class than you could ever imagine. Genetic mutability? Discovered in that plant that got stuck in your braces every summer for three years. Recombination? Genetic linkage? Chromosomal abnormalities? Thank the almighty DESIGN BY//FIONA ARMSTRONG-PAVLIK

cob. Point at an object. Any object. GMO! (OMG?) It wouldn’t be here without corn. This magazine would be in some seedrious trouble without maize in its adhesives. The toothpaste you used to scrub old kernels out of your braces contains sorbitol, which is derived from corn. Even the walls of our Deere old West are cobered in paint that’s stalked with corn-based resins. Oh, and you can’t forget that high-fructose corn syrup. So there. It’s amaizeing. Anyway, to top it all off, Iowa’s fielwds of dreams are often gracious enough to part for a couple of miles. When they do, they tend to reveal kind-hearted college towns where a kid can stuff her face with corn tortillas and her brain with books bound with cornbased glue. I’ll miss all that corn more than I can say. I could really wax poetic, but hey, that would just be corny.

Not so fresh By blake oetting


Hello, dearest self. And uglier self. Cut your hair, you look like a mop. The cargo shorts need to go, along with the graphic tees from Hollister and that horrid pair of Ugg slippers. I just wanted to let you know some things that will make your next four years smoother – things I wish we would have gotten right the first time through. Your wild expectations of academic perfection are flawed and destructive. Geometry will not be your friend. It will grant you your first B, but it will relieve you of the 4.0 pressure that many of your friends will struggle with later. Embrace the grade and get a pencil case that doesn’t let your compass poke through. Those twins you compete with so fiercely will become your best friends. Trust that the people who you love the most in this world can only make you more swaggy. You suck at standardized tests. Take the ACT a lot. Befriend the intimidating redhaired girl in math. You will be

surprised by how lovely that little desert pixie proves to be. Make sure you go to school the day of Jodee Blanco’s assembly. Stop being such an asshole to Mom. She is one of two people who genuinely care about you. Next year on “West Side Story” staff, don’t write that column about hipsters. Savor the relationships you will form junior year. They will be some of the most important in your life. They are older, I know. It will be hard to see them go, but you will, I promise, get through your senior year without them. I will rush to get a couple more pearls of warning: football games are gross, your tennis team will be lonely at the top, reach out to Drew, he is cooler than you think, and double check the cover of the April 2013 issue because it is hella pixilated. I don’t know, do you, do others, do whatever you want (see list above for exceptions) but whatever you do, have fun.

Ode to booty By FIONA ARMSTRONG-PAVLIK fiona.armstrongpavlik@gmail.com

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere – including the hallway sign on the door at the top floor entrance of the most eastern staircase. My favorite thing about West High is no longer Bosco Sticks. Instead, it’s this act of petty defacement: “booty” scrawled alllowercase in green highlighter, barely larger than the font stating the lunches the top floor hallway is open. No other words were added to the sign – just “booty.” It’s been present since at least the end of the first trimester, and if any variety of school authority figure has noticed, they haven’t

done anything about it. Is it vandalism? Barely, since it’s written on an easily replaceable piece of paper. Is it a subtle critique of the way hallways are mercilessly patrolled and regulated during lunch? A reminder that the quest for booty is more important than arbitrary rules about which path to the library is allowed during each trimester? I hope so. If you are the graffiti artist responsible for the booty, please hit me up. I think we could be good friends. P.S. Are you Banksy? Never let the man keep you down. Write “booty” on more things. ¡Viva la revolución! MAY 2014 SENIOR 18

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