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ne of the biggest life de- and I try to run five days a week,” cisions is hitting seniors said Peplow. right now: what to do Peplow’s post high-school deciafter high school. For many stu- sion was different than Houghton’s, dents this task is cumbersome however. while it’s an easy decision for others. “I went out to the Naval Academy For Houghton, her family has a his- in eighth grade to just look around. tory of going into the Air Force. That’s when I felt that was where I “My dad is in the Air Force, and needed to be,” Peplow said. he’s always talked to me about [joinAlthough it is exciting to leave ing],” Emily Houghton ‘13 said. “I home, it’s also bittersweet. never took him seriously, but junior “I’m going to miss my family,” said and senior year I Houghton. started looking at After comall of the expenses pleting the necof going to colessary training lege, and I just dein the Navy, cided to join.” Peplow has a Deciding what couple careers to study was an he is interested easy decision for in pursuing. Houghton. She “I’m leanwill be carrying towards ing on her love the Marines or of languages as Service Warshe enlists in the fare,” Peplow United States Air said. Force to study Houghton linguistics at the also has a couDefense Language ple different Institute Foreign careers that she Language Center is interested [DLIFLC] in Cali-Jackson Peplow in pursuing. fornia. She took a test Before going to administered the DLIFLC, she by the military must train in order to meet the rig- known as the Defense Language orous demands of the program. Aptitude Battery [DLAB]. Based on “Once a month, I go see my re- a person’s score, he or she is able to cruiter. He gives us basic informa- learn specific languages. tion. I have to exercise a lot. It’s “I scored high enough that I can better to get in shape before basic get any language. I’m hoping for training,” Houghton said. Chinese or Japanese,” Houghton Houghton is not the only West said. High student that has to get in peak Peplow already has a clear idea of physical condition for the special how long he wants to serve in the forces. Jackson Peplow ’13 will Navy. be entering into the United States “There’s a five-year commitment. I Navy. think I will do that. I don’t want to “I’m lifting with Performance P.E., be a career guy,” Peplow said.

I went out to the Naval Academy in eigth grade just to look around. That’s when I felt that was where

I needed to be.”

On the other hand, Houghton is undecided as to how long she will be in the Air Force. “My contract is for six years, but the typical contract is four years. I haven’t decided if I’ll stay in it longer,” Houghton said. Although military rules and regulations can be a severe shock to those used to civilian life, a few are willing to take the plunge. “I’m excited that I’m getting to learn a new language and can go overseas to places that will be fun to see,” Houghton said. FOR MORE OF THIS ARTICLE GO TO WSSPAPER.COM



STEPPING UP: From left to right, Blake Manternach, Nicolas Wagner, Emily Houghton, Ryan Holte and Jackson Peplow. Not pictured: Thomas Burrill and Justin Hamlin on his finely-tuned vibrato. can roll out of bed every morning Wagner intends to obtain a Bach- and be excited to do what I do,” Burelors of music or vocal performance rill said. in pursuit of his dream - to sing in Wagner has known he the Metropolitan Opera in New wanted to major in muYork. sic since his sophomore year. Burrill is more interested in the “All of the experiences that I’ve had competition side of piano perfor- here at West and with my teacher mance. [have helped me to decide that I “As a musician, your career is real- want to continue singing],” Wagner ly frontloaded. If you want to make said. “I couldn’t not continue to sing.” it as a performer you have to have While Wagner acknowledges that a won a decent size competition by career in music will be difficult, he is the time you’re 23, 24, made a name still sure of his choice. for yourself and started performAccording to Manternach “there ing. I’m hoping [wasn’t] a speto start competcific moment ing in four or [that made me five years,” Burrill choose a casaid. reer in music.]” While he is Rather, it was a undecided as to cumulation of what his future his time spent will hold, Manin different jazz ternach is open bands. to a variety of While Burmusic-related carill is excited -Thomas Burrill reers. His journey to begin his will begin on the studies at NEC, East Coast because, according to he is not without remorse. Manternach, “[it has a] better jazz “I know I love music, but I also scene.” However, Manternach says know I love other aspects of the acahe is unsure of whether or not he demic world, so I’ll definitely try to will still enjoy the East Coast after take advantages of being in Boston four years of college, and intends to and being around other really great go where the jazz leads him. colleges. But man, let me tell you, it’s All three realized at different stages going to be busy,” he said. that they wanted to pursue music “For me, music is one of those professionally. It took Burrill until things ... where it’s worth all the pain the end of his junior year to finally and the suffering,” Wagner said. realize that he wanted to devote his life to music. “It was sort of a drawn-out process, where I only really consciously realized it last summer, I had sort of taken a break for a year, a year-anda-half where I practiced on and off [and] didn’t really take it very seriously . . . I realized music was something I couldn’t give up in my life. I

I realized music was something I

couldn’t give up in my life.”




n late August and early September, three West High graduates will prepare for collegiate classes at top-tier music schools to study chord progressions, vocal exercizes and buzzing on brass mouthpieces. Thomas Burrill ’13 and Blake Manternach ’13 plan to attend the New England Conservatory in Boston to major in piano performance and trombone performance, respectively.

“I’ll have the opportunity to work with some really amazing faculty while I’m there. They’re the older generation, so it’s kind of a once-ina-lifetime opportunity,” said Burrill. Intending to emphasize his studies on jazz, Manternach will spend his time in Boston “performing, touring and gigging,” in order to further his presence in the jazz scene. Burrill’s performance over the next few years will have extreme impact on his musical opportunities. Burrill and Manternach’s classmate, Nicolas Wagner ’13, will ride to Northwestern University this fall


Senior futures Class of 2013, you shared your future plans with the West Side Story, and now we are here to share them with your peers. Anna Aaberg - I will be attending the University of Iowa with a major in art and a minor in Japanese. Josh Abdo - I’ll be staying nearby and attending the University of Iowa with an open major, but leaning towards a major in business/economics. José Abreu - I will be attending Columbia College in Chicago where I will be in the inaugural class for comedy writing and performance majors. Michael Acherkan - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study political science. Evelin Adame Charles Adolph - Going to Simpson College to study criminal justice and play football. Andrew Advani - I will be attending Iowa State University to study aerospace engineering. Liliana Agrell Azza Ahmed Zachary Ahrens - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College to get an associate’s degree in business administration. I then plan to attend the University of Iowa, where my sister has graduated and my brother is now attending, to get my MBA degree. Go Hawks! Mark Alatalo - I will be attending University of Iowa where I will study secondary English education. Dustin Albrecht - I’m moving to FL and working. Diana Aldana John Aldana Caitlin Alexander - I will be attending the University of Iowa and majoring in athletic training, then going on to physical therapy school. Dondre Alexander Sami Amin Rachel Anderson - I will be attending University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. I plan to study psychology. Super excited to be a Panther! Kyle Appel - I will be majoring in biology and playing tennis at Luther College. Dionna April - After graduating from lovely West High, go Trojans!! I’m going to attend Kirkwood Community College where I’ll be studying liberal arts such as nursing and sociology. David Assem - I am going to be attending the U of I for engineering. Sabrina Austin - Attending Iowa State University with an undecided major. Katherine Axt - Like both my parents and my older sister, I’ll become a Hawkeye and will be studying pre-med. Hurie Bah - Much to my dismay, I will be attend-

ing college next year. Kirkwood Community College. Ashley Bailey - I’m going to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. It’s a two-year college with 4,000 students. I plan to participate in their band program and work toward a secondary degree in mathematics. Go Badgers! Colin Baker - I will be attending the University of Iowa. Justin Baker Mileena Baker Uma Balakrishnan - I will be majoring in bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh. Nicholas Barker - I will probably be attending Middlebury College in Vermont. Chelsea Barry - I will be attending Iowa State to study chemical engineering. Ibrahim Bashir - I will be doing the two plus plan through Kirkwood and Iowa studying criminal justice. Kimberly Bates - Skip town. Become a bandit. Make my way to LA and become the world’s next superstar ... or attend Iowa State in the fall. Myzeah Batie-Gaddy - Junior college - Kirkwood to play basketball to study liberal arts. Dalton Beemer Matt Beneke - Staying close to home and “mom’s laundry service”, I will be following in the footsteps of my parents and attending the University of Iowa. Go Hawks! Asya Bergal - I will be heading to MIT next fall to pursue my manifest destiny of becoming fabulously wealthy and creating my own Mark-Zuckerburg-level programming start-up. Eventually, I hope to own a futuristic tech company with the resources to fund Ben Sheff ’s space elevator. John Bibby - I’m going into the National Guard and doing school on the side at Kirkwood. Anna Bigelow Zackari Binns Samuel Black - I will be going to Kirkwood and then Iowa. Ashley Blair - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City for two years, then I’ll continue on to the University of Iowa for my Bachelor degree in psychology. Uma Blanchard - After kayaking 500 miles of the Alaskan coast this summer, I will be attending Bowdoin College in Maine. Graham Bly - U of I - Thank you BASED GOD. Tyler Bly - Next year I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will be a cinema major working to someday become a film director.

Madyson Boardman - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will study how to be more like Hayden Bevelacqua. Stay golden, sweet cheeks. Lauren Bobst - Signed with Augustana in Sioux Falls to run track and field and will study biology or chemistry. Blake Bohner Adam Boldt Reid Bonner - The “U.” Blake Boseneiler - After high school I plan to attend the University of Iowa with a major in dance. It was a tough decision between staying home for college or going away, but I wouldn’t mind being close to family for a little longer. I also plan to study health sciences, because in the future I want to be a physical therapist. Mahamadou Bouare Austin Brenner - Dr. A refuses to hold me back so I’ll be staying close just in case at the University of Iowa. Chase Briddle Michael Brophy Antoine Bryant Maurice Bullocks - I am planning on going to Kirkwood for two years. I want to major in architecture & minor in art! I’m geeeeked! Tabitha Burns Thomas Burrill - Will be spending an unprescedented amount of time in small, white, padded rooms at the New England Conservatory of Music pursuing a Piano Performance major. Rachel Buser - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College to study psychology in the liberal arts program. Then, I will continue my last two years at the University of Iowa. Savannah Butler - I will be swimming for Harvard University, where I will major in chemical engineering. Post college I plan on being a bum in Europe. Titus Bwayo Francisco Carbajal - I’m taking a year after school to help my dad with his chicken farm. After that I’m going to make bank and drive a Range Rover. Emily Carpenter - I will be going to the U of I where I will be majoring in art. Thomas Carr - I will be attending UNI to major in political science. Olive Carrollhach - Trophy wife. Ashley Carter Michael Chace Melvyn Chatmon ART BY//OLIVE CARROLLHACH



Kevin Chin - It is my destiny to go to the University of Iowa to work hard, long and passionately to one day become a legal drug dealer/pharmacist. Anagha Chitnis Ji-Eun Choi - I will be attending Duke University to study neuroscience. Armand Christain Dan Clark - I will be attending Kirkwood for two years, then transferring to the University of Iowa. Jenny Clark - I plan to study pediatric nursing at Winona State University in MN. Emily Clarkson Trevor Clinkenbeard - I will be studying mathematical finance at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Will Code - I will be attending Indiana University where I will study finance. Unfortunately for me I know nothing about basketball, and that seems to be kind of a big deal there.... Ryan Cook - I will be attending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology next fall to major in chemical engineering. Ryan Craven - I will be attending Iowa State University to study construction engineering. Da’Quan Crawford David Cray - Next year I will be going to the University of Iowa to study business. McKennan Cronbaugh Joshua Crosbie Courtney Dauber - After high school it’s Kwood all the way! Tyler Deatsch - Staying here in Iowa City and going to the University of Iowa for engineering. Brenna Deerberg - I will be attending Coe College next year and intend to double major in environmental studies and creative writing. I plan to continue working at Fareway and to also work in the Coe College writing center. I will continue to play the trumpet and hand bells through the college as well. Sean Dempsey - I plan on attending Luther College where I wil study international relations and hopefully study abroad. ¡Bienvenidos! Devin DeNeve Kaitlin Deschenes Hannah Dettwiler - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa and I will be majoring in elementary education. Zach Digmann - plans to attend the University of Iowa where he will major in Java House Studies and minor in Netflix Instant Streaming (he’s undeclared in case you haven’t figured it out yet.) Ally Disterhoft - I will be attending the University of Iowa on a basketball scholarship with direct acceptance into the Tippie College of Business. I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of my life as an Iowa Hawkeye! Jackie Dowling - In the fall I’ll start at Carleton College potentially running, swimming and majoring in biochemistry. This summer I’ll compete in a Boulder triathlon, explore some national parks and travel with my French exchange student in Europe.

Matt Drobot - Will spend his future actively trying to relive the day from Ferris Bueler’s Day Off. Nathaniel Druivenga Casey Duhaime - I will be going to the University of Iowa next year where I will be studying physical therapy and looking forward to partying errrrr day. Sorry, Mom! Ashton Duncan - Over the summer I’m going to climb Mt. Netflix Queue. In the fall I will attend the University of Iowa and double major in English and a field I might actually get a job in. Whitney Duncan Brianna Dusterhoft - Attending Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids. Just far enough away from my parents! Joseph Eckrich Marshall Egerton Yasmin Elgaali Sara El-Hattab - I will be attending the University of Iowa as a biology major, post-college, I guess I’ll just go with the flow... Cameron Elias Will be attending the University of Iowa to major in popping bubble wrap. He will also continue to be a gangstarrr. Lukas Elkins-Nesheim - I will be attending the University of St. Thomas and studying political science and economics. Thorne Ellis Omar Elramady - I will be attending the University of Dubuque with an interest in flying. I will be studying aviation, and that’s gonna lead me to become a commercial pilot. Stephanie Engelhardt - I will be attending Maryville University near St. Louis. I plan to major in elementary education and minor in Spanish. I will also plan on trying out for the Maryville cheerleading squad! Kyle Erb Ashley Erikson - I am very excited to be attending Luther College in the fall to major in nursing. Kylie Erickson - Kylie plans to attend Iowa State University next year to study music education. She also plans to become a Disney princess next summer with Erin Kallsen, and plans to kiss a frog that will turn into a prince for her to marry. Audrey Evans - I will be attending the University of Kansas School of Engineering. To Erin Evans, llama. Ali Fawaz - “May your summer be like toilet paper—Long and useful.” You’ll find me in the 319. Matthew Feeley - I will be attending the University of Iowa, where I will study pharmacology. Alex Felker Simone Fernandes - Next year I plan on having a blast at the University of Iowa! Go Hawks. Lexie Finer - Lexie will be studying speech and hearing sciences and dance at the University of Iowa! Courtney Fleming - This fall, I will be following my dreams to study dance at the University of Iowa. I’m excited to start this next chapter in my life and finally accomplish one of my many goals as a dancer.

Justin Fleming Colin Foerstner - I will be attending UW-Platteville, where I will be studying software engineering and tearing it up on the football field. Go Pioneers!! Gabrielle Foreman - Next year I will be attending Arizona State University where I will be the fourth Sun Devil in my family! Jackson Fowler - I’m going to live with my bestbro Drew at Burge while attending the U of I. Ally Franz - I’m going to Luther College with my BFF Lauren :) I plan to be involved in music but I’m undecided on a major! Alex French - I plan to attend Grinnell College, where I will double major in chemistry and computer programming. Jacob Frisbie - I’ll be joining the crew headed to Luther College where I will study biology and play soccer. Wynne Fuller - I am returning to the home of my people to work at Walgreens and possibly attend BYU on the side. #ringbyspring #TEAMYOLOSWAG Jazmin Garcia Valeria Garcia Madi Gast - Kwood bound on a scholarship to the twerk team. Sam Gates - Going to K-wood for one year then Iowa for however long it takes to achieve my goals. Waale Gbara - I am attending the University of Iowa and majoring in biochemistry in the premedical program. I’ll be participating in MAPS and volunteering at the UI Hospital. Jessica German - Kirkwood. Kenny Goins - I will be attending Luther College next year and I plan to play tennis there. Go Norse! Timofrey Goloschchapov - After two years at Kirkwood, I plan on studying social psychology and languages at the University of Iowa. Hopefully, I will get to go see Niagara Falls and do many other memorable things with my friends that will bring a lot of positive emotions this summer. Jacob Gorvin Drew Haas - I plan on attending the University of Iowa with my bro Jack to study business. Patrick Hagan - I will be attending University of Iowa Tippie College of Business. Justin Hamlin - I will be attending the University of Iowa and participating in the Army ROTC program. Nobuki Harata - I will be attending Cornell College. <3 Hannah Harless - After these joyful 4 years of high school I will be attending Stanford University to study diplomatic relations in hopes of one day being the U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican City. All while simultaneously working on my M.R.S. degree. Alex Harper - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College, then the University of Iowa to get a degree in American history or criminal


justice. Hopefully I’ll decide between becoming a police officer or a history teacher. Go Eagles. Katie Harper - She would love to travel in the TARDIS with the Doctor, but until that happens, she plans to attend Iowa State University. She will double major in music and business in order to pursue a career in music administration. Ann Hassan - I will be going to the University of Iowa to study anthropology and international studies. I will spend my summer in Sudan and hopefully travel to other countries surrounding and taking pictures of everything. Traveling will be a big part of my future and I hope to join the Peace Corps after graduating college and helping in anyway possible. Terrence Hawkins James Heim - I will be attending Kirkwood and transferring to Iowa in order to study computer science and programming. Jayne Heinrich Halie Henning - Following in the footsteps of my grandpa, parents and siblings, I plan to attend the University of Iowa where I am looking forward to all possibilities. Go Hawks! Jeremy Heuer - Will train to become a Goodwill employee. Shelby Heumphreus - Will be attending Kirkwood Community College to study general education. Taylor Higgins Ben Hilmer - I will be attending Waldorf in Forest City, Iowa to study education and be a student coach for the football team. Daniel Hingtgen Cami Hippee - I will be attending Vassar College where I plan to study biology. Clarissa Hird - Is attending the University of Iowa where she will study political science and Spanish. S/O to the Scooter Gang and the Yard Avengers and the JV2 girls soccer team for a great senior year. #POGS #TEAMYOLOSWAG. David Hodge Kamil Hodges Ryan Holte - I will be attending Saint Thomas University where I plan to participate in the ROTC program. Emily Houghton - After high school I am enlisting in the United States Air Force. I will be studying linguistics at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) in California. Lily Huber - In the fall I will be attending the Universty of Iowa where I plan to study special education. Merle Huff Zora Hurst - I will be spreading my trademark charm and wit to the Decorah area, as a Norse, gracing the Luther campus with unparalleled sass. Afterward, will marry a nice Jewish boy, keep Kosher and raise puppies. Joel Hurt Giao Huynh Reyes Ibarra

Roawa Idris Amalia Introna - I will be studying fashion merchandising management and international marketing and buying. I hope to spend a semester abroad in Italy and plan on graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Lynn Jehle - Will be playing softball at William Penn University. Hayleigh Jelinek - Going to Hawkeye Community College in the fall to major in photography. Isaac Jensen - I will be attending Luther College next fall to study biology and environmental studies. Kathryn Jensma - I will continue at Kirkwood in the pre-engineering program then go on to either Iowa or Arizona State University for mechanical engineering. HaLim Jeong Valisia Jernagin Vanessa Jernagin Alexander Jewell Kyle Johannsen - Attending the University of Columbia, Chicago to study music and audio engineering. Jeremy Johnson Sheila Johnson Connor Jones Java Jones - After high school I will be attending Kirkwood Community college where I’ll study liberal arts such as music and art history. Chaein Jung - I will be attending Cornell University. Erin Kallsen - In the fall, I will be attending Marquette University and majoring in biomedical sciences. Afterwards, I plan to pursue a career as either a Disney princess or a professional twerker. James Kang - After high school, I will attend Kirkwood Community College for mechanical engineering and attend Art Institute of Chicago later for photography, where I will nurture and perfect my skills. Kaley Kantor - Next year I will attend the University of Iowa, and will be changing my name to “Kaley from the Pack.” Dan Kauble - I will the attend the University of Northern Iowa to acquire the skills needed to be an über awesome high school social studies teacher. Zakaria Kecira - I will definitely open my mind to any new things if I get an idea, but I’ll probably be studying business the University of Iowa. Miranda Keplinger Seung-Tai Kim Austin Klemesrud Ashley Knudson - I will be heading down to Washington University in St. Louis. Plans after college include eloping with Pombie Silverman and traveling Canada in a *classy* RV. Sarahann Kolder - Will be happily studying international relations at George Washington University in D.C. Morgan Konchar - I’m attending the University of Iowa with an interest in pre-law and English!

Alexa Kramer - Will be attending St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN and double majoring in biology and feline studies. Nick Kuntz - I will be going to Central College in Pella to play soccer and study bio-chemistry. Mitchell Kurt Andrew Kwon - Will be attending the University of Iowa. Jessica Lamp - I will be a Kirkwood Eagle studying business and accounting. DeVante Lang Lauren Larson - I will be going to Luther College where I will be majoring in elementary education and playing softball. I am so excited to be going to school with Ally Franz next year! Kendahl Lawrence-Krause Joe LeBlanc - I will be attending University of Iowa for biochemistry. Harin Lee - I will be attending Brown University where I will be studying international relations and classics. Sal Lee - I will be going to the University of Iowa where I will study law. I’m really pumped to go to all the home Hawkeye games and actually sit in the student section. Go Hawks! Collin Leiffert Ivy Lenane - I will be attending Iowa State University where I’ll be double majoring in integrated studio arts and psychology in hopes of being an art therapist. Amalia Leveille - Next year I will have to learn to love to read because I will be running at Bradley University and studying health science. Maddie Leyden - I will be going to Iowa State where I will study elementary education. Daniel Lin - I will be attending the University of Minnesota to study actuarial science as opposed to fake science. Jessica Lin - I will be attending the University of Iowa this fall. In my family, I’m the first person to attend college. I want to earn a business degree of some kind, possibly accounting. I will volunteer at the library this summer. Joanne Lin - I am going to spend most of my time sleeping, because I’ll probably be sleep deprived in the near future. I will also try to learn how to cook without burning down the whole kitchen. Kristen Lineback - Will be attending Johns Hopkins University to study neuroscience, chemistry and psychology. Austin Liu - I am excited to be joining my older brother Chris and my best friends the Chyi’s at Iowa State University! Ruolu Liu - I’m going to Washinigton University in St. Louis to study business and maybe political science. Lauren Logsden - I’m headed to the U of I to study political science and gender studies. I will always be on #teamswaggy. Jasmine Lopez Jasmine Louis Makenzi Lovelady


Nathaniel Lovin - Despite reports to the contrary, I will be taking a gap year next year to travel and write. Phoebe Low - Will be attending the University of Pennsylvania for either pre-med or pre-law. Mark Lowe - I will be attending North Iowa Area Community College to play basketball and I will be studying sports administration. Greg Ludwig - I’m going to do work at the University of Iowa. McCaffery and Ferentz both want me to play for them so we’ll see how that goes. Victoria Luse Cierra Maach Dennis Maach Eva Madden-Gardeniers Majed Magzoub Mousa Makky - I will go to UNI to study business and try to work at a bank somewhere so I can make my mark and grow up like a plant. Also, I want to learn how to surf and cook awesome meats like steak, ribs, grilled chicken and hamburgers. Joseph Malanson - I will be attending the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia to study political science. Aidan Manaligod - Will be studying biology at Northwestern University and will stay active with music. He has a four month summer, so maximum chilling is highly recommended. Navya Mannengi - Imma be going to U of I next year to do fabulous things, I hope. Blake Manternach - I will be attending the New England Conservatory in Boston to study the music of the man, the myth, and the legend... DUKE. SILVER. Ignacio Marcelino Diaz Andre Marsh Paris Martins - I will be attending Wartburg College next year to play soccer and study physical education. Avery Martz - Next year I will be living it up at Iowa State “studying” civil engineering and checking out their awesome-looking weight facilities. Espoir Matamura Shelby Maxwell Xavier May - I will be taking my talents to Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee on a full ride to play football and study biology in the hopes of one day becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Brian McCarthy - Will be attending Iowa State University to study chemical engineering. He would like to thank all students and staff at West for making the past four years so enjoyable. Ross McCurdy - Is going to U of I to study physics. Mason McDowell Kevin McKeever Alyssa McKeone - I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa and will study elementary education and middle school education. Samuel McLeran Alice McNamara - I will be attending Luther

College. P. Brian Melendez - Community College at Hawkeye for that bussiness life, oh yea GOOOO MUDDDINNNN’!!!!!!!!!!! Emily Merdinger - I will be attending the University of Iowa as a direct admit into the Tippie College of Business. Carlton Meriwether - Will pursue a higher education in Iowa City or elsewhere. Ashley Merrick - I’m attending University of Northern Iowa to study buisness. Katie Milani - I have been artistically accepted into the Department of Dance at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. After I have received a BFA in Dance from Point Park, I hope to pursue a professional dance career in New York City. Chetti Milavetz - Next year I will support the Golden Gophers at the University of Minnesota. DeQuan Miles - Will pursue a higher education. Aaron Miller - I am going to St. Olaf College and will play soccer there as well. Jacob Miller - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study Business. Leah Miller - I will be attending Iowa State University with my bff, Hayley Ross, and majoring in elementary education. I plan on minoring in tea party etiquette and princess parade waves to further my future as a princess. Nicole Miller - I will be attending the University of Iowa with a major in history. After spending this spring semester working full time and visiting my friends in Australia and Kiwiland, I hope to continue my travels and study abroad in Germany or Australia while I’m at the U of I. Also, SCOTLAND 2014! Zachary Miller - I plan on going to a private college. Wartburg or Central College is where I will be studying chemistry. Emma Monroe - I will be staying in Iowa City to attend the University of Iowa to study nursing as a part of the early decision nursing program. Suzanne Moore - I’m going to the University of Marquette and probably will be studying speech pathology. Darrick Morgan - Will be pursuing a higher education at Career Connection. Jeremy Morgan - My dad and sister both played basketball at Iowa, but I will be going to play at UNI and I am still undecided on what I will study. Allison Morlan - I will be attending Kirkwood for two years starting this summer semester, then Iowa, majoring in biochem and hopefully a minor/double major in Spanish. Meanwhile, I plan to work my butt off at Hy-Vee this summer to ease the “burden” of living at home. Megan Moser - I plan on studying nursing at Winona State University in Minnesota. Rwigema Mpundu Andrew Mullinnix - ISU. Aysel Muradli Reagan Mutabazi Dominic Muzzin - By September, to the dismay of some and the gaiety of many, the collective for-

merly known as “the pack” will be disbanded. After losing my sense of direction, I will eventually find purpose at the University of Michigan. Payton Myers - I plan on working, and traveling until I settle down at an undecided art institute and get my PhD in film. I’ll eventually go on to become famous and create a stop-motion film with Tim Burton. Rachael Mysnyk - I will be attending University of St. Thomas. PTL for that :D Wade Nash - I am going to the University of Iowa to study business. Azzah Nasraddin Logan Natvig - I will be braving the cold north at Macalester College in St. Paul. Michael Neese - I’m going to the University of Iowa in the fall to major in linguistics. I’ll be living on campus in Daum. Alexandra Nelson - I will be attending Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota to potentially study law. Barbara Newhall - Attending the University of Iowa. I plan on majoring in chemistry and going either pre-pharmacy or pre-med. Shane Nicholson - I will be taking my talents to Drake University where I plan on studying business. DeShun Nocentelli - To continue to make my parents and grandfather proud, and after being the first of his grandchildren to graduate, I will be attending the Unviersity of Iowa, where I will major in communications. Ahmed Noureldaim - I plan to attend the University of Iowa next year while majoring in premedicine. Yusra Obed - Going to college to become a pilot, so I’ll have a good job and a better future. I’m going to Indian Hills. Akimi Oya - I’ll be attending the University of Iowa. Austin Parsons - I will attend Macalester College, where I’ll spend most of my time trying to make Blake Oetting proud. Margaret Parsons - While my family says “La revedere!” to Iowa and moves to Bucharest, I’ll be taking the kitties to Western Washington University where I hope to study English and do a lot of dancing in the rain. Shubham Patel - Will attend Kirkwood Community College or College of DuPage (Chicago), and will be doing information technology or computer science. Gina Payne - I will attend Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City where I plan to study biology. Clarissa Peak - I will be attending Kirkwood for my first 1-2 years. I am then planning on transferring to Black Hills State in South Dakota where I will major in exercise science and minor in psychology to pursue a career as a dietitian or physical therapist. Nick Pearce - I’m going to St. Ambrose University to learn. I’m planning on double majoring in


theatre and marketing. When I grow up, I’m still planning on being a pirate. Bye! Bryston Peden - Plans on attending Hardvard Law School and becoming a soul singer in his free time. Mitchell Pelfrey - I will be attending Maryville University in St. Louis for my undergraduate degree. I plan on becoming a chiropractor. While at Maryville I will be on the wrestling team. Benton Peller - Plans on studying business economics at the University of Iowa. Jackson Peplow - Stayin’ afloat at the U.S. Naval Academy. Francisco Carlos Perez Mesinas - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College for the first two years then I will transfer to Iowa with an interest of web designing and restaurant and hotel management. I hope to manage a business and later own my own. Jessie Peterson Royce Peterson - I have committed to Iowa Western to play football with an undecided major. Gil Phelps - Gils just wanna have fun. Orion Phillips - I will be taking a year off to earn some money, then going to Kirkwood. Jonah Pouleson - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will major in business and theatre. This summer I will be working at a day camp and living a Based lifestyle. Paige Powers - While still figuring out what I want to do I will be attending Kirkwood Community College. Maud Prineas - I’m going up to Minnesota, along with a plethora of wool socks, where I will attend Carleton College. Cort Pugh - I will be attending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology where I will study computer science and economics. Rachel Ranard Megan Rash - I will be attending Kirkwood. Andrew Raymer - I plan on attending the University of Northern Iowa where I will study business. Grant Read - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I’ll study pre-med. Michaela Recker - Going to Iowa and rooming with QT next year... pray for me. Ezra Reiners - Playing football at Iowa State. Eliza Reinhardt - Plans to attend the University of Iowa in the fall. She will be a pre-business major with an interest in fashion marketing. She is looking forward to studying abroad and is excited to be a Hawkeye! Jon Reis - Will be attending Kirkwood then going to the U of I. Madison Richard Addy Riley - Will be playing tennis at Luther College majoring in pre-law. James Riley - Iowa State University college of design and business. Christina Robinson Ryan Rose Hayley Ross - I will be attending Iowa State with

the awesome Leah Miller and studying family consumer sciences. In my spare time, I will be organizing my tiara collection and watching Disney movies! Paul Ross - I will be attending Luther College to study music and physics. Go Norse! Andy Rosse - Moving to California to pursue a career in professional wrestling and amateur belly dancing, while volunteering as much time as I can at the local sloth sanctuary. Jordan Rossen - Call me Mr. Flintstone. I can make your J rock. Spencer Roudabush - Will attend Iowa State, intending to become a history professor. Tavian Rouson Travis Rubel Holly Russell - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College for interior design. Morgan Ryan - I will be attending Simpson College in Indianola, IA. I will be double majoring in math and computer science. I will also be playing softball there, too. Samantha Ryken - I’m going to the University of Washington to study marine biology. Irnesa Salesevic - Graduating early was the best choice I have made, I got a chance to really find what I want to do, and as a 4-year-old lead at a daycare, I know I want to continue my career in education. I will be attending Kwood for 2 years and U OF IOWA for 2 years ;) Isel Samano - I want to go to Kirkwood for two years, and then transfer to U of I to major in psychology. Miranda Suavé - Will attend the University of Iowa in hopes of becoming a neo-natal nurse. Michael Schelling Amy Schey - Due to my foreign- ness, I will be spending next year in Israel, and later I will come back to the USA to major in physical therapy and minor in dance. Evan Schmidt - will attend Ohio University to study film production and business. Landon Schreck - Engineering at the University of Iowa. EJ Schroder - I will be attending Central College to play soccer. I am undecided on what I am going to study. Nathan Schuchert - I will be attending the University of Iowa next year to study chemical engineering. Michael Schupp - Will be pursuing a higher education at the Transition Service Center in Iowa City. Sam Scott - Next year I will be going to DMACC to play baseball. I’m undecided on what I’m studying. Michael Scudiero - I will be attending Iowa State to study both Aerospace and Software Engineering. Can someone please knock some sense into me? Sam Searls - I will be attending Iowa State University where I will study engineering. Ala’a Sharairi - Kirkwood.

Ben Sheff - I will be attending the University of California Berkeley, where I plan to study physics. Wade Shive - I’ll be going to Northern Iowa in the fall to study education. Daniel Short - I plan to major in an engineering field at Iowa. Julia Shriver - I will be attending Webster University in St. Louis this fall with a double major in journalism and English (emphasis in creative writing) and a minor in French. Siddig Siddig - I will be attending the U of I to study engineering with a minor in business, maybe. Pombie Silverman - Will be doing scholarly things up in Minnesota (environmental science at Carleton College) and will eventually elope with Ashley Knudson in the blessed land of Canada. Cutler Simpson - Much to the dismay of everybody I lied to, I am walking on at Kentucky to play basketball over the summer then tranferring to Iowa in the fall for actual school stuff. Katelyn Simpson - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will be majoring in theatre. Mereweneza Sindano - I plan on attending a four year college or university to better prepare myself for life and a future career. I want to be in computer science, and I hope I will attend Kirkwood Community College. Juliann Skarda - Will attend St. Olaf College with a major in biochemistry and will write for the Manitou Messenger. Abbie Skemp - I’ll be attending Michigan State University, majoring in criminal justice and psychology then headed for the FBI Academy to be a criminal profiler. Brittany Skinner - I will be attending UNI to study business, in hopes of making bank later in life. Brian Slade Alyse Slaughter - I’m going to ride the CNN news van to Northwestern where I will be studying journalism. (Thanks RL!) Kaden Smidt - I’ll be attending Kirkwood to finish my liberal arts. I’ll do this for two years and then transfer to whatever college I’ve picked by then. Bryan Smith Charles Smith Tavian Smith Michael Smith Ben Soll - Attending U of Iowa. Hanky Song - Traveling and then Grinnell College. Grant Spading - I will be attending the University of Iowa after changing my mind four times. Jessica Spidle Benjamin Stahl Catherine Staib - I will be Livin’ it up in Boston at Wellesley College, where I plan to major in Japanese and economics. I will miss all of my friends in Iowa though (Shout out to Lauren Logsdon, Katelyn Simpson and Alyse Slaughter) :3


Catherine Staib - I will be Livin’ it up in Boston at Wellesley College, where I plan to major in Japanese and economics. I will miss all of my friends in Iowa though (Shout out to Lauren Logsdon, Katelyn Simpson and Alyse Slaughter) :3 Elliot Stalter Sierra Stanfield-Miller Quinn Steigleder - I will be attending Colgate University, where I will play soccer and study economics. Ivy Stein Jason Stewart Mara Stewart - Is taking the year off to work and visit family in the United Kingdom. Rachel Stovall - Studying marine biology at the University of Miami. Collin Strabala Dalton Strauser - I will be studying space permittivity at Iowa State University. Darra Stuart - Plans to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where she will be apprenticing as the next Potions Master. Team Slytherin! Brooke Stutsman - I will be attending Iowa State University and majoring in something agricultural related. Happy farming :) Megan Suedkamp - I will be attending Iowa State University next year to study business. Mueng Sunday - I will be continuing my education and soccer career as a Bulldog at Drake University. Austin Swank Jaime Swihart - I will be attending Kirkwood in the fall to get my required classes done. I then plan to move to Michigan to double major in interior design and business. Taha Taha Ashley Taylor Ryan Taylor - I am going to Kirkwood for 2 years and hopefully transfering to UNI for criminal justice. Madison Teager - I will begin the journey of becoming the first woman president by attending Columbia University. I will then further my education by going to Yale Law School. The next step in this prolonged process is to be elected as a senator and start my campaign for the election of 2032. Quinn Terrill - Going to Iowa and rooming with Mk and our monkey Marvin. Yay for not having a RA on our floor ;) Wish us luck guyz Savantha Thenuwara - I am deciding between following the pre-med track at Iowa and going back to Sri Lanka for medical school. Bryce Thoeny - I will attend Iowa State University and study engineering. Chris Thomas - This Iowa State undergraduate will be studying engineering and doing music production on the side. My only goal is to change the world for a better future. Eva Thomas - I will be attending UC Berkeley in California, where I plan on doing absolutely everything. Devonte Thompson - This fall I will attend Chi-

cago State University and study psychology. Brittany Todd - I will be attending the University of Iowa in the fall where I will be majoring in biology and vocal performance. Aaron Torres - Going to Job Corps. Victor Torres - I don’t know yet, I hope Kirkwood though. Grant Troyer - Plans on going to K-Wood next year, as well as rooming with Blake Bohner. Kristen Turnquist - I’m going to Iowa State to learn how to train cats. Afterwards, I am going to Africa to tame lions and marry a tribal warrior. Melaney Uhlrich - I am going to spread my wings and become a Kirkwood Eagle and study either teaching or nursing! Sally Vandenberg - Hopefully by the time this is printed I will have my future figured out! Right now I’m thinking Scripps College in Southern California... or the Villanova business school... or maybe Georgetown University. Mayson Vernon - Will be studying at the University of Iowa in, as of right now, communication studies and mass communication. But, being indecisive, that’s subject to change:) Joshua Verry - I am taking my talents to the University of Iowa. Anthony Vik Bernhard Rabenau Libby Wagner - UNI for psychology and sociology/minor in studio art. Nicolas Wagner - After a long, stressful year of college applications and auditions, I will be attending Northwestern University. I will be pursuing a Bachelor in voice and opera. Madison Waite - I’ll be attending the University of Iowa next year, and I have no idea what I want to study! Kegan Wakefield - Going to the University of Iowa to study physical therapy. Quamaine Wallace - My plan is to go to Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for two years. After that, I will go to Iowa State in Ames, Iowa for two more years. Kylie Wallin - I’m going to Iowa State University where I will study to become an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. Francesca Walton - I will be attending the University of Iowa to study physics and astronomy. Lizzie Warren - I will be going to Macalester College to possibly study biology. Aliyah Washington - I will attend Kirkwood for one year and then transfer to the University of Iowa. Taryn Washington - I will be attending Clark Atlanta University in the fall to become a kindergarten teacher or pediatrician. Erin Weathers - I will be heading north to the Twin Cities to attend the University of Minnesota. There I will study psychology and ~*get famous*~ Aaron Weber Michael Weber - Going to UNI to study construction management so I can build my future. Kaylee Webster - I will be attending the Univer-

sity of Iowa and eventually I plan on becoming a physical therapist. At some point I am moving to the south where everyone has southern accents and my Lilly Pulitzer and monogram obsessions are accepted. Mason Weibel Frank Weirich - I’ll be headed to the University of Kansas to tell stories (journalism) and become Indiana Jones (archaeology). ROCK CHALK! Emily Weis - I will be attending the University of Iowa where I will major in elementary education. Roisin Welch - This fall I will be attending Iowa State University to study engineering. I hope to study abroad and stay involved with theater and choir programs! Go Cyclones! Bailey Wetherell - I am attending the University of Northern Iowa with a double major in biology and chemistry. I will also be running for the cross country and track teams. Jamie Wichhart - I will be attending Iowa State University to study engineering. Diante Williams Elena Wilson - I will be attending Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. My summer will be comprised of teaching tennis camps and revising the majority of my wardrobe for the Texas heat! Bring it on! Yee haw...? Savannah Wilson Tanner Wilson - I will attend the University of Iowa to study art while possibly pursuing a job for a pilot. Kenzie Wiskus - I am going to UNI to study zoology and hope to eventually journey to South America to study the migration patterns of hippos. Hannah Wohlgemuth Evan Woodring - I will be majoring in software engineering at Iowa State University this coming fall. Jordan Wright - I will be attending Kirkwood Community College where I will figure out what I want to do in life. Danny Yanecek - Will be attending Iowa State University. Majoring in business. One day I will own all of you. Eric Yang - I plan to go to Iowa and study art. Ivan Ye - I will attend University of Pennsylvania to study pre-med and conduct scientific research. Justice Yordi Hunter Yrigoyen Tong Yu - I will be going somewhere slightly warmer than Iowa and major in world domination with a minor in palm reading. Kasra Zarei - If you’re a bird then I’m a bird. Eileen Zepeda Anthony Zhang Victoria Zhu - I will be attending Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA this coming fall. I’m keeping an open mind, but I will most likely pursue economics. If all else fails, I’ll probably just marry a rich Harvard grad. Jiahang Zou - Will be attending University of California, Berkeley to enjoy some sunshine.



PostSecret Inspired by a community project where people air their dirty little secrets via postcard to the Internet,the WSS asked seniors for theirs. ART BY//ASHTON DUNCAN & ZORA HURST


I've been saving for college but I’ve spent it ALL.


ave NO












49 %




% 46 YES

17 %



% 24 MAYBE


43 %




% 25 NO



21 % HAVE


56 % HAVE






54 %






48 % 64 %





43 %

66 % TEST

71 %



1. a 2. b 3. a 4. a




test wers ans



42 % 10 % JUNIOR




Quinn Steigleder Colgate University

[Soccer is] going to be really hard in college. The girls are going to be re-

ally good and a lot faster. Everyone will

be the best player on their high school

no weak players.” team. There will be

Jayne Heinrich Butler University

[College] will be more demand-

ing soccer-wise

and school-wise, but I’m looking forward to being more

involved in soccer year-

round and getting

new coaching experience.” 16 THE LAST STORY MAY 2013}


OUT OF STATE Dondre Alexander University of Southern Mississippi

I’m most excited to go to the next level and see what the competition is like - hopefully

being able to play with them. Getting a free education is also

exciting. A challenge will be

adjusting to the different talent and different

style of the game.”

Sam McLeran University of South Dakota

[College will] be a lot harder, obviously, but it will be much better ... Going from being here where you’re higher on the food chain to there where everyone is good [will] be a change of pace but I’m

ready for it ... it’s

a dream come true to play D1.”


IN-STATE Jeremy Morgan University of Northern Iowa

The big challange for me is transfering

speeds because in

college it’s a lot faster and everyone is a lot stronger.”

Mueng Sunday Drake University

It’s great being close to home so my parents are going to make it to every

I like the coaching staff and the team they have going on. I think game, and

I’ll be able to fit in and have a


time as well as get a good education.”

Royce Peterson Iowa Western Community College

I’m excited to play and focus on defense [as well as] being able to play against harder

and better people and having the higher competition.”

Ally Disterhoft University of Iowa

I’m excited to meet some new people, play for a different team and

learn the different style of play there ... It’s obviously a lot more physical than in high

school and I’ll probably have to put on some weight ... It’ll

be a chal-

lenge but I’m

looking forward to it.”




OUT OF STATE Bailey Wetherell University of Northern Iowa

One of my goals is to be the first guy from West High to break

4 mintues in the 1600 [meter race]. I’m excited for that next year because I think running at UNI

will help me achieve

that goal.”

Ezra Reiners Iowa State University

[I’m excited for] the

experience. I will definitely need to improve my work ethic and be at my

top game all of the time.”

Molly Leveille Bradley University

It’ll be challenging to step it up once again. You’re always trying to do your best year after year, and it’ll be another big step up into D1 athletics. I’m expecting

it be difficult but

I’m looking forward to

working hard and improving as much as I can.”

Savannah Butler Harvard University

I’m worried about

juggling school and swimming at

Harvard. ... I want so badly to make HWSD [Harvard Women’s Swimming and Diving]

proud of me

and realize that they chose well. I

don’t want to let them down.” 18 THE LAST STORY MAY 2013}


From freshman to senior year

Seniors who had English teacher Ann Rocarek freshman year opened letters they wrote during her class and describe how they have changed since freshman year. COMPILED BY//JORDAN ROSSSEN

“I haven’t changed much since freshman year,

I appreciate little things more like


year I found a good

balance between friends and school, which has led me to a high school career with no regrets.”

Kevin Chin

Kaylee Webster

impromptu plans with my friends.”

“When I was a freshman, I hoped that I would be a straight-A kid that people respected and was well behaved . . . In my senior

become a

more confident person than

Xavier May

what I was freshman year, and I also just don’t care what ohers think of me.”

“I told my future self to

always do what you love. I think I’m doing a good job.”

Cami Hippee




s d i k ia s 90 alg t s no

play date iron beads

The most painstaking arts and crafts activity known to our generation: iron beads. Sitting at the kitchen table, placing miniscule wax cylinders onto a grid to create masterpieces such as dolphins or horses consumed afternoons.

lisa frank

reading rainbow

a to z mysteries

This 26-part series by Ron Roy chronicles mysteries from The Absent Author to The Zombie Zone. Readers join Dink, Josh and Ruth on their adventures and watch as the not-very-dramatic drama unfolds. The books were perfect for kids who liked mystery but couldn’t handle suspense.

GOOSEBUMPS R.L. Stine wrote these classic thrillers that included monsters such as malicious skeletons and run-of-the-mill serial killers. Obviously an instant classic among the K-6 crowd, these books could send a chill up anyone’s spine. Not just for the writing quality, either.

magic tree house Providing the perfect escape from the classroom during SSR time was the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. Tagging along on Jack and Annie’s journeys, readers went everywhere from Ancient Egypt to the North Pole, with a portion of the series taking place in Camelot.

If pink and purple kittens were your thing, Lisa Frank was your go-to brand. Providing students with brightly-colored, animaladorned folders and notebooks, Lisa Frank was a staple in the elementary school classroom. Still seeking a Lisa Frank fix? Check out apps that allow you to embellish photos with stickers, or another that serves as a digital coloring book.

beanie babies

The hottest toys and/or collectibles were Beanie Babies. With animals from all ecosystems, there was a Beanie for every baby. Pristine Beanie Babies can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars today, so congratulations if you had the foresight to keep yours boxed up and minty fresh.


Like to jump rope but need to have your hands free? Then SkipIt, the slightly hazardous driveway activity for all ages and genders, was for you. No matter who you were, you had to make sure you were adequately protected to avoid a Skip-It ankle sore.

memory lane Hitclips

Did you like to listen to one minute of the same Backstreet Boys song over and over again? Then HitClips were your jam. The single-song MP3 player was advertised towards our age group, with chips sold individually. The music covered pop songs: Britney, Christina, N*SYNC, etc.






t Looney prominen Alongside ters such as Bugs rac iTunes cha Duck, M d Daffy n a is h y n d n e u B unk an slam-d en li a st chael Jord ain ictory ag way to v e movie features Th and an enslavers. basketball uraga glowing dtrack enco an n u so g in inspir hey] C “Believe [t ing kids to Fly.”

was Halfree candy es id ie’s es b en hen Marn Hallowe hannel. W al ing about C ic g th y a t e n m es b is g e Th possessin ing on D n m a co m o a n w H w own, l(a nice loweento her homet ndmother to ra s g g a n f li o b witch fold. d her si enarios un kes her an powers) ta all kinds of kooky sc eentown, the woes low et rg fo er v e Who could ? Not only per family o o ic C e th f o nnel class isney Cha y il m fa did the D er gle-fath n si a in re featu was beg d ole dad o o d g a e h er it h w but m, boom!” ate again, art go boo and her ning to d et house e h cr y se m s, e k te a pu on , zoom! M gs to Zen sibling dis a computer pron oom, zoom his frosted tips sin “Z d cky fashio a n a w is h n a it ie m rt W d . n pa to 9 a 4 y a e0 it o 2 il ap Z b L ”) in the a etus Proto (“space stay sts) and lingo (“Z gram with . housewife. ce station u s a m 0 th century sp 5 0 9 re 2 1 a e h a e it th s fest a ovie of d chrom y kid w m n n a e a iv ts r it es n fo (v defi A favorite ng mom, “Smart re, this is a tus!”) galo ari an overbe e. p e us all ho House” gav

e show tim

a i n a m e i v o m A


als, you’re lk to anim rnberta to ift g ’s Tho Thornberry llows the ’t envy Eliza ickelodeon show fo n as this the id w d ly u o n y o If life. Not f. The N d el il rs w u n o a y vee (simiic lying to ting Afr eir Comm ah. en th t m u u c b , o n d ily visio ann rys, a fam ily on tele in the Sav imated fam ost pimped out ride n a st le o co em V) was th lar to an R

ids to uraging k om. Enco o Z intros w a o w sh Pinterest the PBS l , a g s. in in g h ri et o The to viewer do som and crafts e TV and e s th th ck ff a n o o sn rn , tu mes s roots ovative ga ut olee has it b o s D et e e e n sw duced inn n a es game of F : Fannee Doolee lik ot The word ple e likes Fro m le a o o ex D n a e e s e’ n n er a F H . ? w er o sh noth y. Need a hates cand es cereal. hat Loops but ; Spinelli, atic leader ground; sm ri a ch TJ, the f the play d punk o e cool the spirite t; Vince, th rat; n ia g e tl en b g Mikey, the e unlucky military th nerd; s, u le G b a ; e g ck d jo le the know show Gretchen, these, the e k li rs te oon c rt ra a a c ch y e with The Disn . ce la p ri face vals falls into g as they n a g the e th shleys and follows Bob, the A g in K s a such inster. evil Miss F

purple&green ketchup “Unappetizing” is the word that comes to mind when unconventionally colored ketchup is mentioned. The limited edition hot dog-topper produced by Heinz named EZ Squirt hit grocery stores in 2000. Over 25 million bottles were sold before all six hues (green, purple, blue, pink, orange and teal) were pulled from shelves, but not from our hearts.

ational yet n the educ O . er ch a class go on ate te is the ultim dents in “The Friz’s” e field trips le zz ri F s. ag M g show, stu ’t the aver entertainin However, these aren cher; this class n s. a field trip dile at H e moon, , Lyle Croco ol bus and goes to th tures to see Lyle o en h v sc d n r magic avels a boards thei human body, time tr g at in ch at w an. Kids ce inside the o em e th th d f om o aroun to the bott t the world Ms. Frizzle’s u o b a d e home learn vicariously through g while livin . ts en stud

bubble tape

Though it made its debut in the 1980s, Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape peaked in popularity during the 90s. This conveniently-packaged six-foot rope of bubble gum appealed to all ages, though this didn’t make it any easier to share. The self-serve format made it impossible to regulate how much a younger sibling snatched. MAY 2013 THE LAST STORY 21







Open commons

For a good majority of our high school career, the commons were just that - common.They were as crowded and filled with unwashed teenage masses as the rest of the school and a popular hangout before and after class. Now they serve their true purpose as a gated off area.

D lunch


Jodee Blanco

You may have thought she was bullying you, but this breath of hot air was a speaker our sophomore year and her book was required reading for West High teachers.

Freshman year you could have it four different ways five days a week! The four lunch system was to reduce crowding and line times in the cafeteria, now aided by the freshman commons serving area.

Powderpuff #suckstosuck. Actually, it really did suck when the Junior Powderpuff team was banned from wearing their t-shirts at the game due to the possible provocative interpretation of their good-natured baiting of the other team.

Spiral staircase During our freshman year, the front entrance to West was blocked off due to construction. Many hoped it was a waterslide and were severely disappointed when it was a new, modern spiral staircase that was apparently more inviting than the aged, cracked staircase that existed before.


It matters to us

Sophomore year impending budget cuts threatened to cut teachers and programs alike. Many students took up a banner of navy blue and organized a documentary as well as a rally to show support.

School squirrel At the beginning of our sophomore year, the school was left without Internet because an errant squirrel was entangled in a love affair with our fiber optics, chewing through the cords at a pace much faster than the average West High Internet connection.


The Smudge

Lunch changes Frosted some-kind-ofbread-product stuffed with some kind of filling? It’s got to be Poptarts. Now Poptart - singular.

Many will also remember the change from the Wedge’s delicious pizza to the current fare.

In the fabled days of yore and dreadful freshmen memories, The Smudge, a brilliant, satirical newspaper saw its last days. Noted articles include one that said the f-word over 100 times.


When we were bad at sports As incoming freshmen we were heralded with a legacy of failure. But remember that time we won back the Boot and won state or came close in several different sports? That happened.




Now that seniors have reached the very last day of their K-12 career, it’s time to look back on some of their first days of school. Check out these kindergarten photos from the class of 2013.

Elias ABOVE: Cameron

er d Leah Mill ER: Jake an T N E C , W BELO

ABOVE: Savanth a Thenuwara

r ynne Fulle BELOW: W

BELOW, LEFT: Br ittany Skinner



Most likely to be president

Most sass

Zora Hurst and Zach Digmann

Senior superlatives

Runners up: Graham Bly and Sally Vandenberg

ass clown l C

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As I spend my second weekend in a row hulled up in my bedroom cramming before the onslaught of AP testing, my thoughts have drifted back to a recurring question. Why am I doing this to myself? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? I’m only taking these tests for potential college credit, but that’s a lie I can’t bring myself to believe. I wouldn’t be feeling this degree of pressure, this desire to validate my intelligence if that were true. Nor would I feel this disgust that I am determining any amount of my self-worth based on three hours I spent filling in bubbles. I used to laugh about people like this, and now I look around and it doesn’t seem so funny

anymore. I’m watching people turn into numbers - ACT and SAT scores instead of high school students. We look at other people, and ourselves, and think we can judge someone’s intelligence and abilities from a test - a test where you get credit for spelling your own name right for goodness sake. This hype and this distorted perspective are ridiculous. Honestly, I’m still sorting through what exactly I learned in high school, but I hope you’ll let me offer you some advice from my bank of completely finite senior wisdom. You are not a C-, a D, an A+, a percentage or a silly, little number on a scale from one to five. Your actions are what define you, not your test scores. So study hard and try your best, but don’t forget the importance of actually doing things. I’m always far more impressed with the people that read the book in English class than those who brag about getting a perfect on the reading quiz without having opened it.



Mirror mirror on the wall, why has West High decided that it’s more important that girls look their best than boys? It’s a conundrum that almost every male member of the student population has found themselves thrown into. After an extremely satisfying use of the facilities and an even more satisfying handwashing, I look up expecting to see a dashingly handsome young adult staring back at me, but am confronted with the harsh reality of a cold, unsmiling white cinder block. While there are some mirrors in the boys bathrooms the ratio of boys to girls mirrors is ridiculously low. Let’s do a little math. In the school there are 18 mirrors

Acknowledgements BY ASHTON DUNCAN


If life is made of the etceteras, in that ever-present microcosm of the world sense high school is too. Little big moments that were big bangs in my universe but maybe just a fading star in someone else’s. I don’t want to get into too many cheesy deep space metaphors (or puns), but anyone might have been the asteroid that wiped out someone’s dinosaurs or might have been a shooting star without ever knowing it. I don’t think they knew it, at least. I remember sitting in English 30 THE LAST STORY MAY 2013

class during freshman orientation and, with a mix of social ineptitude and a decided lack of grace, asking about required reading. Now, I probably worded it wrong, but it was the first question I’d asked all day. In return I got a decidedly patronizing response and a blush that didn’t fade (I swear) until the next day. It set the tone for the whole year, because I refused to speak in that class from then on unless forced, a trend that has mostly continued to this day. But I also remember writing my first article for intro. to newspaper profiling Sara and receiving the comment that I had a knack for writing, though I’d obviously gotten completely atrocious sources. That comment boosted my motivation in journalism, and if I hadn’t gotten it I don’t know if I would have even applied to be

on the WSS staff, which was no contest my favorite thing about high school. My love of King Arthur had kind of reached critical mass during the Arthurian tales unit of English 10 H. It had grown through Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Meg Cabot’s Avalon High (I refuse to be ashamed) and somehow managed to persevere through A Connecticut Yankee. When Ms. Barnhouse read part of my paper in front of the class I did not pass Go, have Bedivere throw my sword in a lake, get shipped off to Avalon or collect $200. I was so, so happy and embarrassed and proud of my essay and maybe for the first time of myself. I realized maybe I could actually write well, a claim I’m still semi-unsure of and embarrassed to write here. And, finally, frankly I’m

in male bathrooms and 37 in female bathrooms. This alone demonstrates a large inequality into the mirror ratio, but it gets worse. The average male bathroom mirror size is 223.9 square inches while the average female mirror is more than 250% larger. Most of this is accounted for by the presence of full length mirrors, which exist solely in female restrooms. If we want the ratio of total mirror space we can do a little bit more math. The total male mirror space is approximately 4,030 square inches. That sounds like a lot until you do the math for the total female mirror space which comes out to about 20,700 square inches. This means the female population is entitled to more than five times more mirror space than the male population. Throughout my high school experience I have found West High to be a very accommodating and rational actor (sparing closed hallway rules), and I find it a shame to have such an inequality in such an otherwise great place.

impressed Mr. Frese put up with my BS all year. I wrote “tiger” one time for every reading quiz answer I didn’t know - which was pretty much all of them because it was Heart of Darkness. Let’s be honest, I only knew the basic plot of Heart because of the “Heart of Archness” episodes in season three of “Archer.” I didn’t come into it with bad intentions, I swear. Also, I did read the Sound and the Fury. I could say it was for enrichment, but it was mostly guilt. Still though, I’ll take my successes where I can get them. I’d always assumed my senior column would be brimming with acerbic wit, but I guess I turned into a sap here at the end. So I guess I might as well hit the last cliches. These are the acknowledgements to this chapter of my life. The end.

The regression pro- Joyous yet painful gression {DESIGN BY JORDAN ROSSEN}



When I was in elementary school, I bonded with friends over heaping bowls of ice cream, Disney movies and a shared distrust of boys. The decadent, sugary dairy product coated our throats with sticky residue as we belted out butchered renditions of “I’ll Make a Man out of You” in our parent-inflicted pigtails. And when it was time to go home, my sticky hand would grasp my mom’s and I would let her kiss me on the head whenever she so pleased. However, as we climbed into the perpetually late yellow monstrosities that would carry us along to junior high, it became apparent that something was different. Pocahontas raised her hand to us in farewell as we, quite suddenly, became fully-immersed in a cacophonous sea of Chris

Brown and Relient K. “Play dates” changed dramatically as well. If you were lucky enough to be invited, you would spend your Friday or Saturday nights as part of a tight hemisphere about an empty, madly spinning bottle. Boys no longer had cooties, and their glaring flaws could be overlooked if they had the presence of mind to complement you. It was a confused time of praying away swim days in PE so you could cover your shame-inducing bacne back up, and hoping that a boy, any boy, would ask you to dance with him at the school parties. These egregious flaws clung to me like Saran-wrap all the way to the freshman wing of West High, before I realized something was wrong. Even then, it took me until the end of my junior year to recognize my problem. The important things that I learned about myself are all things that I already knew before junior high warped me. I adore cramming hundreds of calories worth of ice cream into my face at any time of the day, Disney movies have some of the best hidden innuendos ever and my mom is a boss. Boys? Meh.



I’m sorry, Blake, for assuming that my auto-tune voice is as impeccable as yours. Sorry, Molly, for singing so horribly on almost all of our recovery runs. I’m sorry Hannah Mu, for smelling your lunch all the time like a freak. And for submitting you as “Quiet but Smangy” for WSS superlatives. Isaac, I’m sorry I laughed at you

that one time when you thought a tampon was a pipette. And I’m sorry for telling everyone about it. And I’m sorry for repeating it now. I’m sorry, Akimi, for publicly advertising how good-looking you are. It’s not like I’m trying to objectify you, but you should know you’re a babe. Daniel, I’m sorry we don’t eat at Panda Express more often. Olive, I’m sorry for saying “YOLO” all the time. Sorry, Mr. Frese, for never writing proper The 300 word definitions. But I do hope you liked my reference to Precious: Based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire that one time. I’m sorry, Sara, for being



We’re on the bus coming home from an away volleyball meet freshman year. Somewhere in the background Miley is singing “moving my hips like yeah” and I’m trying to remain composed. I’ve been a hater of Miley since seventh grade, when she was dating Nick Jonas (ugh, barf). Anyway, all 30-or-so girls are singing along to the “yeaheyaheyeaheyahs” and even though I was grimacing, I was struck by an overwhelming sense of unity. The memory is joyous yet painful. This is an accurate way of describing high school: joyous yet painful. There are some awful moments (i.e. throwing up in the bathroom during a passing period) mixed in with some wonderful moments (i.e. when a stranger tells you he “likes your swag”). The best memories of high school for me are those with that sense of pretentious in all of my CD reviews. I don’t know nearly enough about music to sound that conceited. And for being the least hygienic member of the WSS. To my coach, for driving me to Kansas and Iowa State many a time, coaching the weirdest, most spastic athlete and tolerating it all for four years. Sorry, Austin, for never being serious about anything. And for punching you in the face that one time. I’m sorry, Ashley, for making you flinch every time I’m within a twofoot radius of you. XOXO Gossip Squirrel. To Ashley’s mother, for pretending that you are my mom. Honestly, it’s only the genetic part that gets in the way of our destined mother-daughter relationship. I’m sorry, Ashlynn, for giving

unity. Nothing makes me feel more like a quintessential high school student than these moments: Being on the football field taking photos and looking at the student section. I’ve never had “spirit” per say, but it gave me warm fuzzies to see all of you having a killer time together. Sharing an inside joke with everyone in the school during the days following Jodee Blanco’s visit. Every moment spent in the newsroom, of course. I’m so thankful they adopted me into their family and I’m proud to say I’ve been a West Side Story staffer. Singing “Sweet Caroline” with the student section after winning the state volleyball championship. I could write a column about that season alone, but I’ll spare you. I still get goose bumps thinking about that day. I’m so proud of all of last year’s seniors. You set amazing examples for us all. This feeling of community that I’ve felt over the past four years at West is something I’ll cherish forever and will probably never find again. I can complain all I want about my classes or my peers, but at the end of my high school career I’m thankful for everyone who was a part of it. you terrible nicknames like “Trashlynn” and “My Lil’ Chicki.” I kind of hope you like the latter one, though. Emmie, I’m sorry we didn’t become friends sooner. Sorry, Mara, because I never meant to lose touch with my first best friend, even though you only live eight houses up the street from me. I’m sorry, Uma, as well, for losing touch. I’m reminded of that every time I go to India Cafe. To Uma’s father, for calling you Ramji that one time. That’s why I call you “Uma’s Dad” now. I’m sorry, Ashton, for calling you Hitler that one time. But you were kind of asking for it. And to the WSS readers, because this column has way too many inside jokes. MAY 2013 THE LAST STORY 31


Thirteen thoughts of cutie patooties BY ZORA HURST


Since I was unable to articulate just how strongly your presence affected me, I have enumerated for you, my thirteen darlings, how thoughts of you have occupied my mind. Kindergarten: We played tictac-toe during nap time until it was your turn to pretend to kiss her under the Lego table. I couldn’t clearly express my rage at never being asked beneath the multi-colored table in the corner of the room.

1st: You didn’t speak the entire year. I would watch the blonde rope of your hair fly as you mastered the swing set and wish that we were closer so I could marry your older brother. Or you. Whatever. 2nd: Mrs. Phipps’ word puzzles were the brightest part of my day, aside from watching you fold up your glasses and put them in your desk before recess. Phipps died, did you know? 3rd: You complimented my comic strip about a super villain broccoli and his carrot minions. I planned our wedding - it was going to be at Sea World, during the Shamu Rocks night show, complete with lasers. 4th: Dusting the back of our classroom bookshelf with fingerprint dust you got at the book fair, your ingenuity astounded me. And you had a

The math of grace BY ABBIE SKEMP


Grace (the verb) is defined as doing honor or credit to someone by one’s presence. This, however, is an incomplete description. By grace I was given a chance for complete forgiveness and was stifled with my freedom. What does grace mean? What does it mean to be Christian, especially in a liberal town in the 21st century? Every question flooded my brain as if I were a grain of sand and God was the waves of the ocean crashing on the shore. I would

find out later that grace was my salvation; every sin taken from me so that I was pure and whole. I was shaken by the idea that one perfectly clean man would die a horrific death for all of humanity - a world that would just as soon abandon him. Every once in awhile I like to remind myself of the sacrifice Jesus made for me by doing what I call “the math of grace.” Even the best Christian sins upwards of 50 times a day (and that’s being quite generous). Multiply that by seven for 350 sins in one week then by four to get a total of 1,400 sins a month. 1,400 multiplied by 12 is 16,800 sins a year. If the average American lives to 80 years of age then 16,800 multiplied by 80 is 1,344,000 sins for one Christian in a lifetime. Now, factor in the bad days, the years before Christianity

cool backpack. 5th: Starting a pattern that I have yet to break, I verbally abused you. If I couldn’t tell you that you were cute, or ask you to Rock ‘n Skate, I could probably get your attention by insulting your intelligence, right? 6th: I’m so sorry for laughing at you until I peed on myself. it was not a high point, despite what a fetching picture you made covered in mud. 7th: About twenty girls followed me to your locker when I said I was going to ask you to the dance. Surprisingly, I did not vomit on you. Unsurprisingly, you said no. Your mother was right to ground you for five years straight; she saved you from hideous memories of sweat. Sweat everywhere. 8th: I joined volleyball for you—you moved to Texas later that year. You were worth every

skinned knee. 9th: Spent one whole year trying to give you the mix CD I pored over for four months. Never did. Lost it now, though - you would’ve liked it, and danced like the uncoordinated mess you are. 10th: You had the most beautiful hands, and even though your self-portraits weren’t realistic, they were sweet. You were riding a bike, or hiking. I was always smirking. 11th: Your hair. I could write for years about that heavy silk. I did. 12th: This afternoon I came to an epiphany: in twenty years, you will still be attractive, slightly melancholic and (hopefully) tattooed. Maybe by then I’ll have the courage to ask you on a real date. We’ll skip our high-school reunions and start an apple orchard instead. I’ll teach you to bake.

becomes apparent and people who don’t live for Christ; they’re most likely sinning more than 50 times a day. So tack a few more 10,000 sins to the end of that number. The final step to the math of grace is to multiply that 1.5 million sins by every single person that has ever and will ever live. The grand total is incomputable. To dive even deeper into the idea of grace is no less astounding. In Isaiah 43:25 God says “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.” In God’s eyes those 1.5 million sins are all equal to zero. He has forgiven and forgotten each and every one of our vices. This is no excuse to do as we please. It’s not God looking down at us and saying “YOLO!” Let me put it plainly: God sent His son to this world knowing he would be nailed by his hands to a cross. Jesus died with his arms open wide as a symbol of love, an embrace to all who would remember. He was

a human being afraid to die but he was also God, gladly willing to sacrifice his life for us. Grace is the freedom to choose. There are those who choose to follow God and live by His laws. Those who think they’re choosing to follow God but are deceived by darkness and exploited as crazy radicals. And, there are those who do not follow God. Jesus was not prejudice. He did not only take in the sins of those who believed in his ways but also the sins of all who have turned against him; he died for ALL. Though it’s laid out in one compact source, it has taken me all four years of high school to come to these conclusions. Grace cannot be summed up in these 600 words. It’s an indescribable, insurmountable force and it’s not going away anytime soon. We will continue to talk, preach, sing, dance and worship for the One who spread grace until all creation sees; we are the “Jesus culture.”


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