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creative writing: poems and lyrics

sixth hour class project - winter 2013


Ashley Blair

We’d been through hell we’d been through pain i tried to work my magic I tried to make you sain I trusted you with my secrets handed everything to you I thought you felt the same till you turned my heart black and blue you a broke a heart that no one can heel i hope you like what you see i tried to give you the world but your world just wasn’t me

Melvyn Chatmon

Poor Kid Dreams (Wisdom) We are going to continue to hustle and grow and develop by far As I continue to rotate around like Kendrick Lamar This is the issues and the divisions Got to get off yo ass and get it man That is the only way your pockets is going to expand Apply yourself to supply your wealth Only limitations you’ll ever have are those that you place upon yourself Life is definitely on the move, exercise your wisdom and don’t depend on no one else

Erin Cook

A Poem About Dragons Let’s talk about dragons. How cool are they? They fly through the skies And sleep through the days. Dragons are richThey always have gold. It’s piled in mountains (Or so I’ve been told) Dragons breathe fireHow cool is that shit? If I had a pet dragon, We’d chatter with wit For a dragon’s humor Is much to admireYou won’t find its equal (you’d laugh til you tire) Oh man, there’s a dragonGlorious and proud. Do you see it there? Majesty abounds! A glimmering shine From his scales of red hueAnd with teeth razor sharp, He’s coming for you.

Art by Erin Cook

K ylie Erickson

The Media

I catch my reflection in the window of a popular store my middle much too thick ribs at a good 32 inches around I stare at myself standing on a cold, rainy street wearing a cozy coat that suddenly seems like a bear’s much too distasteful, bulky Victoria leers at me from within the store through thick, long lashes, and glitter keeping the secret of beauty safe within her grasp dangling it 10 feet above my head, taunting Bronzed goddess, mocking my meager appearance and in a sense, my essence with all her brilliant skin and flowing tresses I cast my eyes down, giving in, losing



Tainted Wisdom I was born a judgmental soul, hating about myself what I criticized in others. But yet, on a brisk morning on the back porch with my love that won't matter. My self-loathing will be cloaked by neutrality, the incredible power to enjoy the silence overtaking the dawn.

Merle Huff

“Life” They say that life is truly hard And they say life is all a dream But there are times when you give up Because it isn’t all it seems

And I assess my situation While I look back upon life How did I get to where I am? And what all did I sacrifice?

Because we all want to be perfect And we all want to be free But there’s a price to pay to live So you should be all you can be

Because I give it all my effort And I try my best to cope But you are leading me downtown On this very tricky slope

You paint a picture of the sky And tell me that’s your point of view You tell me “shoot for all your goals” But is that what you really do?

And at the end of all these places You start to show me that you care But that is after I had left So now you can’t really be there

And now your story fades to grey And all your pages are in tatters Cause you don’t heed your own advice So now you feel like nothing matters

And faded picture leave their imprint While your smile elaves my mind And I start to live again As I leave my past behind

Why do you do these things to me? I wonder why you act so vain And now my sorrow clouds my mind While I wonder if I’m truly sane

And as I forget about your presence I begin with something new But now you leave me with your impact And I hope I left mine on you

vanessa jernagin

“take me away” take a look at the world today and i’d say anything is possibe you win some you lose some. move on to the next obstacle you dreaming? well dream bigger hearts racing like an innocent finger on a trigger you can call me a winner but i’d probably laugh you hand in future naw i think i’ll pass you staring? well come closer pay attention and i’ll show ya i’m not afraid of anything that comes my way so if you ask me i’ll say Anything is possible. But are you willing to stay?

Connor Jones

Dead Melody

Such morbid thoughts, Dreamt in my head. of the dark ladies calling the melody of the dead Haunted memories, vivid dreams. Conjuring thoughts meant unseen. Dressed in black, her scythe in tow, her chilling coice will freeze your soul. You hear the screams, the chimes of fear, the clock struck twelve, your end is near, and when she comes, the mist shall seal, the blood soaked sythe, craddled so dear. Haunted memories, vivid dreams, conjuring thoughts, meant unseen. dressed in black, her scythe in tow, her eyes are pits of fire and brimstone Your last emotions, you remember so clear, love, hate, sorrow, and even fear. Of love and life, of death and hate. these are the roads that we call fate. Diming memories, unending dreams, unraveling thoughts, at the seams My distant eyes, now sealing shut, her song of life now ending thus.

Mark Lowe

Proud of Me By mark lowe

Grew up a screw up my momma told me good ridden Now I’m a grown ass man dog, I’m not kitten An athlete, I was always on one of the top lists My friends were into drugs, burning weed and not blank disks That wasn’t me at all; plus I knew momma would find out But then I got a car and with my homies I would just ride out Never had a curfew so like playgrounds I would just slide out Momma had an issue with that, my father had my back But then they soon spilt like bananas all in my smoothie Then they moved away, I was thinking it was all groovy If I had to explain my childhood, it was definitely like a movie With all of the bullshit and the antics, I was frantic But i had ice in my veins, Mark Lowe would never panic I got more involved in the sports so as far as my future I kind of planned it And I knew that hard work would pay off, aint nothing handed,

Cierra J. Maach

“GUNFIRE TREASON� What do you say What was the reson You can only refer to it as gunfire treason Now men and women fight To keep something alive What is the reason for this strive What do you say What was the reason For the terrible gunfire treason Now we see There is nothing to defend The news of dead children was not easily sent What do you say There was no reason For the wakeful gunfire treason

Clarissa Peak

Promise That February day you left this world, Tears were rolling on down each person’s face. Everyone seemed lost and each mind was swirled. Every step, every breath had stopped its pace. A day goes by, it seems like a nightmare. Every skin is pinched as if we will wake. We try our hardest, yet we pull our hair. We want you back now as hard as we shake. Seeing you hearing you brightened our day, Seeing you that night, just gave her heartache. Then we put you in your new bed to lay, Trying so hard not to cry you a lake. From now on we all will remember you. In our hearts forever, a promise so true.

Mickey Pelfrey

WHAT LUCK My last name is Lucky, Oh the irony Cuz I can’t get bad luck away from me Got another DUI, on MLK day I was part of a sit-in In the county pin They took my car, I won’t get it back I knew they’d have me if they found my crack I was such a fool, such a typical drunk I pray to god they don’t open the trunk For the trunk is where my ex is at I’ll never be free if they find that I’ll be wearing stripes like the cat in the hat So I say I’m drunk and they take my car All is well and good so far I bet you by now they’ve crushed it for me So instead of life, I get set free

Tziona Perry

Solitude Small faces, haunting places All alone he stands, wondering why Surrounded by people and alone No real place to call home All alone he stands, wondering why

He reaches towards the shadows, ignored Who will take him home and hear about his day? Who is he waiting for? He doesn’t know; but he reaches out anyway Sometimes, he can’t help but wonder why

Because who can hear and who would care? The voice of a small child Floating through dirty streets unheard like the wind Facing angry, vulture-ish looks all the while

All alone he stands, and it’s hard not to cry But his answer appears, wearing a caring face Bringing along the scent of flowers, And good-smelling blends

All alone he stands, wondering why Crippling fear and a loaf of bread are his friends When is the end? When Mommy returns and tells him it is okay, When the cold of the night melts into a warm day?

And no longer alone, he is taken away And looking through the window On the way to a new home He wonders if, in all that time It had always been a clear and sunny day?

James Riley

“My Future� The future So uncertain College, work, life The unknown Is the greatest fear Into the real world Money, Fame, Success Past, Present, Future

Tavian Rouson

kill cold blooded bodies in guttas and childless mothers wildest of the pack wolf hunters stray dogs with no papa dog to love us give teachers the cold shoulder so they shove us burn books like tires burn rubber deifyant young tyrant kid till i’m old in retirement never ask whose hiring just what crimes to commit from the pigment you can tell he ignorant when he spittin’ seen many giftless christmas’s but always knew he was gifted but his mind resembles odb hair the boy twisted



“Wonderful Winter” Winter is the best season of the year As I drive down the street in my sleigh Christmas songs ring in my ear Oh what a wonderful day My nose is tingling with the feeling of frost Where did everyone go? I think I’m lost! All I have is my beautiful snowman If only he was a foeman I hope I don’t freeze That wouldn’t be the bees knees

JaVon Scott


Welcome to New York the Modern Day Gotham No Batmen just black kids with revolvers missin’ our fathers tryna make profits plus the Landlord getting hostile if you can’t pay then you can’t stay how we gonna eat? how we gonna drink? even think prolly catch you with a piece in your sleep so when I rested i didn’t even dream until the daytime Bumpin Pete Rock and Tupac little shorty in his tubesocks clutching my juicebox and hangin on the rooftops coming from the birthplace of Nas and Biggie let me welcome you to GOTHAM CITY

Wade Shive

Shark Attack When things get quiet. Like the calm after a storm. You wonder what’s around you. You get really cold. But your ears get real hot, like a dish right out of the oven. There’s just a whole lot of water. Mother isn’t around to comfort you. Brother isn’t around to save you. It isn’t like the movies. There’s no creepy music. They can’t call “cut”. No bu da bu da. No sign at all.



The Thrill Rappin for the thrill On the court I kill You can’t ball like I ball All of yall id kill See me on a poster wanted for some felonies Yall can’t stop me, you are not the boss of me Want to battle me, its about to be a tragedy Comin through wildly, standby, hold please Disconnected from the phone She was callin me Your girl line one sitting waiting for me she’s Crazy but freaky So now you are creeping But dont go in too deep Im a monster I gotta eat I will do anything, ya im a freak But more of a killer cuz I just killed the beat.

Ben Soll A change for Landon, by Ben Soll: Through the withering night That grew very fast Landon saw lots of plight Through the looking glass Landon looked for a change But It was not found Then what happened was strange As quick as a sound Darkness came to a change And Landons frown was turned upside down

Gas just passed, by Ben Soll Flash that smelly old mold, jittery Asian eating rice And tofu out of a bowl, suddenly he farts its running down his leg all the suddenly Gets a flashback to having an accident at his third grade spelling bee Not enough hold is his buns to prevent water leaks Suddenly the time will elapse When a bystander notices the brown lines down his pants The restaurant is starting to smell like a swamp filled with fries Everyone’s is filled with surprise by the Asian guy And they will all remember the strain on his face When the Asian guy couldn’t control that leaky blast They will make fun of his fall from grace With a look in their eyes like “gas just passed” Have you ever had a day ten tums couldn’t fix? When you weren’t able to control that temporary blitz? The Asian guy did on that day he had the shits His bowls couldn’t control the mind numbing glitch Now he is fine and conforms And takes so many antacids his stomach will never misperform But just in case he installed a toilet in his ford He has forever felt a moment of triumph any more

None Shall Pass, by Aesop rock Flash that buttery gold, jittery zeitgeist wither by the watering hole, border patrol what are we to heart huckabee art fuckery suddenly? not enough young in his lung for the waterwing colorfully vulgar poacher outta mulch like "i'm 'a pull the pulse out a soldier and bolt" fine sign of the time we elapse when a primate climb up a spine and attach eye for an eye by the bog like swamps and vines they get a rise out of frogs and flies and i will remember your name and face on the day you are judged by the funhouse cast and i will rejoice in your fall from grace with a cane through the sky like "none shall pass" if you never had a day a snow cone couldn't fix you wouldn't relate to the rogue vocoder blitz how he spoke through a no-doz motor on the fritz cause he wouldn't play roll over fetch like a bitch and express no regrets, though he isn't worth a homeowner's piss to the jokers who pose by the glitz. sign of the swine in the swarm when a king is a whore who comply and conform miles outside of the eye of the storm with a siph lure out a prize and award



“Obidience“ Doors have been opening left and right But lately I have been feeling like a deer in the headlights Recently I have been sensing a strong speritual yearn to go to a college in the northern But as concerned and protective parents you aren't so thril ed about your daughter's absence I want to be a good disciple of the Lord But I don't want your opinions to be ignored. I have prayed long and hard to see His wil but right now I feel at a standstil All I want is for your acceptance then hopefully my heart won't be fil ed with cold empty silence

Gage Van Dyke

A WAY OF LIFE The prisms of my mind rock and break Like thunder and bark The ancient bones peel as the stones carve Feathers of the sky sway and dive A baby’s hand reaches for its mother And falls My vision swims in the blood of the serpents The canine’s air tangles and bleeds into my soul The marching of paws Padding the tunnels of my senses The burning wind Drying the saliva on my chin My knuckles jutting out of their bed of skin Springtime brushes summertime’s breath My teeth align with the pulses of life Meat of my ancestors under my nails A buildup of consenquences I am one now, a prolwer of grief My knees buckle as my lips split Hands spinning shredded hope Death becomes appetite Life becomes delicacy

Aliyah Washington

“The Thought Of Letting” We sit and think about the future that’s near Every truimph i was given has come with tears I was told that i was to forget and forgive, with no reasons But I can’t just let it go for in my mind it reappears I’ve said this amd that, and fought back many tears But you never listened, what happened to tears I was never afraid to let you go away But today, just for today, i beg you please to stay

2013 Creative Writing's Poetry Book  

2013 Creative Writing's Poetry Book

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