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Katelyn Carroll Alright alright alright, you gonna learn taday. McKyla Carson I will be attending Drake University and I plan on studying biology. Logan Carter I’m just going to keep it real and live my life to the fullest. Eamon Case Will attend The University of Iowa and major in business. Sam Chalkley I will be attending Cornell College in Mount Vernon where I will be a member of the wrestling team. Julia Chaloupka Will be attending The University of Iowa where she will major in biomedical engineering. Megan Chase I plan on going to Clarke University so I can save people’s lives by majoring in Nursing. Danielle Chelf Is attending the University of Northern Iowa. Hsin (Henry) Chen I am going to Iowa State University next year to study an undecided engineering. I might study aerospace engineering after freshmen year. Brian Choi I will be going to Washington University in St. Louis. Megan Clark Will be attending Kirkwood Community College to study medical assisting. Keith Clay I plan on studying at Iowa Western Community College and major in EMT: paramedic. Kani Coleman Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids for Culinary Arts. Emily Collins I plan on attending Loyola University in Chicago and majoring in psychology. I hope to get my PhD and if that fails, I’ll get my teaching certificate and replace Mr. Neuzil. Jane Colony I plan on attending the University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Anthropology. Rebecca Connelly I am going in to the Air Force. Sarah Conner I’m going to Kirkwood Community College for two years then I will go to the University of Northern Iowa for a teaching degree. Elizabeth Connolly “I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa and possibly majoring in some level of education. I am going to miss my friends very much!” Andy Cooper Plans to go to college at The University of Nebraska-Omaha for Criminal Justice. Afterwards, he plans on moving to Philadelphia, PA. Ana Maria Correa Will attend the University of Iowa where she has been admitted to the Tippie School of Business. Bailey Countryman I plan on attending Kirkwood as a part-time student and majoring in education, & seeing where that takes me. Otherwise I’ll be busy working at Happy Joe’s, IHOP, & housekeeping at Walden Place on to top of that! Shelby Craig I am going to Iowa State University and am planning on majoring in Civil Engineering. Stephanie Crawford Will attend the Transition Services Center. Lucas Crimmins I will be attending Winona State University in Minnesota to play baseball. Shout out to my boys Tanner Wilson and Tyus Adkins, Stay Sexy! Live Like Line everyone! Kalie Davis Next year, I will be starting my degree 24 THE LAST STORY

for early childhood education. I’ll be doing my gen eds at Kirkwood then transferring to Iowa. Parker Davis Going to Iowa State to study engineering and your mom goes to college. Kendra Dawson Kendra will return to the land of her people and attend BYU where she hopes to pursue her career in interpretive dance. Jenna Deboer I will be attending Hawkeye Community College, then UNI to major in communications. Jose Delgado Leah deMatta I will be attending the University of Iowa to study biology and metalworking. Following graduation I will move to the Amazon and live a tree. Victoria Tori Dennis I like Unicorns. THEY’RE SO FLUFFY! Vinayak Deshpande I will be bro-ing it up at ISU, where I will be doing serious things while also trying to build a light saber to aid me on my quest to enlightenment. If those two things end up not happening, I will walk away and go to med-school like a good Asian son. Jeffrey Ding Jeffrey will be studying political science at the University of Iowa. Emin Dizdar Will be attending Kirkwood Community College where he will major in business and will be getting turnt up. Emina Dizdar Will be attending the University of Iowa to pursue her interest in pharmacy. Jeremy Dolder Is attending Central College in Pella. Benjamin Dolinsek Wei Feng Dong Megan Donze Next year I will be studying engineering on the lovely Iowa State campus. Christopher Drew [Is] “Heading down to West Point, New York three weeks after graduation for Basic Training and hopefully will graduate the United States Military Academy to be an Airborne Infantry Army Officer. Then I plan on serving ‘Murica until the day I die or retire. Ioana Druga Jiaxin Duan James Duling Is going to Kirkwood for gen eds then U of I for economics Jessica Duling K-wood for a year then transferring to the U of I and major in journalism. Ian Dunlap Will assume his place as king of cloud nine. He will also be attending an undetermined college within the next year. Anna Egeland Will be attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts to major in French, African Studies or Environmental Studies. She plans to spend as much time as possible studying abroad in France and Africa. Ravyn Eilderts Is attending University of Iowa to study theater, English, and German. Fatima Elbadri Mohamed Elbadri Manar Elboshari Will be going to Transition Center at Eastdale Plaza, and will continue with special Olympics bowling, basketball, track, softball, golf and cross-country skiing. Doaa Elgaali I will be attending The University of Iowa. I keep changing majors, but now I’m considering English as a second language and a minor in some type

of psychology. You’ll also see me in the news for feeding children in Africa. Tiffany Ellis I am going to Central College in Pella to study Elementary Education. T’Keyah Fair I will be majoring in Social Work at the University of Northern Iowa while stalking One Direction. I love them. Olivia Fairfield I am going to West Point Naval Academy and as for my future plans, I am deciding between being a sniper or a trophy wife. Camila Farias I plan on going to the University of Iowa. Although my major remains open now, I plan on majoring in an area of liberal arts and sciences. Dane Fedler Benjamin Fick I plan on attending the University of Northern Iowa to study Biology with an emphasis in Biomedical, and possibly running on the cross-country team. Frederick Flax Timothy Fleagle I am going to Wartburg College in Waverly, IA to play soccer. Kelley Fliehler Is attending Iowa State University next year, and after four years there will be moving to the OC with Shelly Stumpff! Nichole Foreman “I plan to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder next fall. I want to major in International Business and start a Best Buddies chapter at CU!” Joshua Fortmann I am going to BVU in Storm Lake as biology major in their pre-med program, after four years there I intend to go into a PA program at either UI or DMU. Anthony Fortney To serve in the military for the rest of my life. That’s about all my plans are other than to move out of Iowa. Anna Freeman I’m going to Europe for half a month with Sarah Hellem and starting at Iowa next fall. Tyler Freund Majoring in criminal justice at Kirkwood then transferring to Western Illinois University. Tyler Fridrich Next year I plan to go to The University of Iowa to study Computer-Software Engineering with a minor in business. West High gave me a solid foundation and I’ll miss all of the great people. James Gaffey Kirkwood. Gen eds, then transferring to Luther to study music education. Austin Gambrall Slaying alligators with trebuchet daggers. Maria Gannon I am going to attend Iowa State University with a major in Pre-Physical Therapy. I will be on the swim team and watch my brother [Jacob Gannon] play football. Alejandro Garcia-Lair Ben Geissel Will be attending the University of Arkansas to major in shenanigans and minor in engineering. Nicholas Gerken Plans to snap necks and cash cheeks at UNL in biological systems engineering. Alissa Gilbaugh I plan to attend Northwestern College in Orange City to study Nursing and run cross-country. Laura Gillespie Will be majoring in Computer Science at the University of Iowa. Michael Ginty Will attend Iowa State, enjoy four



Goodbye, West Side Story seniors


Most mysterious

Class clown

Morgan Lytle & Alex Karrett Adam Millers & Kendra Dawson

Runners-up: Davy Pearlman & Natalie Paul

Biggest drama king and queen

Biggest flirt

Runners-up: Charlie Rodgers & Jaylinn Tressler

Runners-up: George Grigalashvili/ Adam Millers & Zebby Wahls

Runners-up: Rob Grady & Kaitlyn Robinson

Quentin Misiag & Emily Pitlick

Most likely to become president

Most full of sunshine Grant Linden & Jenna Deboer Bennett Thompson & Blair Peustch

Runners-up: Ben Geissel & Olivia Lofgren

CJ Drew & Eleanor Marshall

Best bod

Most wise

Runners-up: Joe Henderson & Caroline Van Voorhis Runners-up: John Bourjaily & Margaret Shultz/ Linda Xiong

Richard Bryant & Olivia Mekies

Most Mother Theresa

Runner-up: Grant Linden/ Alex Troester & Brenna Gray

Most likely to become famous

Joe Henderson & Emma Winstead Ben West & Caroline Van Voorhis

Runners-up: Bennet Thompson & Eleanor Marshall

Grant Linden & Nakisa Kachingwe

Runners-up: Shamis McGillian & Elizabeth Shiraziw


Su Se pe ni rla o tiv r es


Most beastly Josh Fortman & Jenny Hanson Runners-up: Jake Gylten & Mckenzie Piper

Best smile

Alex Troester & Olvia Lofgren

Bryton Ostler & Caroline Found



Will Blair & Katherine Stratton


Runners-up: Anthony Lehrentz & Anna Pashkova


RO -

Most changed


Best couple that never was


Runners-up: Mondo WIlliams& Nakisa Kachingwe

Parker Davis & Griffin Reed

Megan Klatt & Tim Yu



Most fly


Julian Sabin & Lizzy Connolly



Most unique

Shamis McGillin & Jane Moye-Rowley


Runners-up: Alex Klopp & Hunter Wingert/ Nakisa Kachingwe

Blair Peutsch & Justin Gorgone

Most driven

John Wen & Eleanor Marshall

Runners-up: Hahn Lee & Kaitlyn Robinson

Runners-up: CJ Drew & Megan Klatt



We asked these West High seniors who have never been in the West Side Story before to share their words of wisdom.

5. 6.






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“Never be afraid to make friends with someone you usually might not talk to because you might just surprise yourself.”-Nicole Becker ’12

] [ ] [ ] [

“For me, I am driven by two philosophies: I know more today than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.” -Patience Klein ’12

“Don’t let high school stress define you. Enjoy life; this is not a dress rehearsal.” -Abby Sparks ’12




] ] ]

“Never take things for granted. Hold every person you love to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you’ve lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.” -Andi Wolfe ’12

“You haven’t lost until you quit trying.” -Tom Harder ’12 “Dont quit. If you’re already hurt, if you’re already in pain, get a reward from it.” -Jacob Preuschl ’12



On board, ready for takeoff

ABOVE: Skateboard enthusiast Chris Varcadipane has been skating since his freshman moving to Iowa City. This summer, he will be a skateboard instructor at Lake Camp Owen in Cable, WI.


quentin.misiag@wsspaper.com Having the chance to catch air alongside some of the country’s top skateboarders, including Chris Varcadipane ’12 Ryan Sheckler and The Real Skateboard Team is a feat most people couldn’t even dream of doing. Chris “Renegade” Varcadipane, a devout skateboarder since his freshman year is not your average senior. His first experience with the life of a skateboarder came when a close friend of his from his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida invited him to a local skate park. Despite having never picked up a board, he jumped at the chance. Today, Varcadipane’s true passion involves nothing more than a board and a positive mindset. He’s a self-described carefree individual - someone who takes the path less traveled.This sum-


mer, as many seniors will be soaking up the final few months before the beginning their collegiate careers, Varcadipane will immerse himself in everything skateboard. Beginning in June, he will join hoards of other action sports enthusiasts at Lake Owen Camp - a camp designed for students ages seven to seventeen with interests in gymnastics, cheer, biking, motocross and more. Varcadipane will

call Cable, Wisconsin home for much of the summer as he prepares to take on the responsibility of a camp skateboard instructor. “I know the owners of [Lake Owen] and one day, they just called me and offered me the job on the spot,” said Varcadipane. Prior to devoting much of the past four years of high school to rails, flips and endless tricks on his skateboard,

Varcadipane played football and basketball. Choosing to focus his energy on skateboarding meant that his techniques to improve had to change. “Unlike in football, basketball and a lot of typical sports, with skateboarding, I just grab my board and go. You don’t have that mindset of practice, practice, practice. It’s much more laid back.”

Mission impossible

Brandon Koogler travels to Vegas to spread faith BY ANSEL LANDINI


ansel.landini@wsspaper.com Who wants an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas? The flashing lights, the clubs, the towering hotels and monuments, and the casinos galore. Vegas is known as the capital of all seven sins, but spreading the ten commandments there seems like much more of a gamble. Brandyn Koogler ’12 is leaving for Vegas this summer not to win big in blackjack, but with the hopes of enriching himself and others in a much different way. Just this once, what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. Raised Mormon, Koogler will embark on a two year mission to Nevada in the name of Latter-day Saints. As it sounds, this mission isn’t going to be easy. Before even making it to Sin City he must undergo training at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah, where he will learn mission basics and of course how to “tract” or go door to door. After Provo, Koogler will enter the aptly named Battle Born state for his own personal battle: letting go of the

outside world, and concentrating on faith. “The hardest part was convincing my parents they couldn’t visit me,” Koogler said. “It’s a matter of being focused, I mean, can you be distracted on a job?You can’t use facebook, that would distract you. Visits are just like that.” Due to this immense concentration, the mission becomes not only about spreading faith to others, but also strengthening one’s own, he explained. “Everyone has the angel and the devil on their shoulder, the new strengthened faith I will gain will help me choose the right side so much easier. It makes being a better person easier,” Koogler said. Whether he converts whole neighborhoods or only a few, Koogler isn’t planning on counting. And he made it clear that his goal was to go for the experience not to be a Whale among his peers. “To be able to serve faith, faithfully to the best of my ability is my goal, whether or not I get someone to come to church, I’ll still have no regrets,” Koogler said.

years without parents but still able to get free items from them. Maybe try some ROTC. Samuel Glenn Going to college, specifically Kirkwood for 2 years and Iowa State for 2 years, from there I’m going to be rich. That’s the plan. Clare Goerdt Next year I will bless the University of Iowa with my presence. I plan to major in prephysical therapy and minor in Spanish.” Tre Goode Will go to Iowa State University to major in architecture and run track. Megan Goody I plan on attending The University of Iowa in the fall of 2012. I will also be rooming with Fatima Jayoma, the best person ever! Catharine Gordon I will be attending Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina to major in Marine Biology. Katherine Goree Can’t wait to study at Scripps college in Claremont, CA. Justin Gorgone Will be attending Kirkwood Community College in the fall, where he will major in boys. Meanwhile, he will prance through open fields with fairies in his hair and grassland nymphs on his heels. Rob Grady I will be attending the University of Alabama to study Civil Engineering in the Honors College. Meghan Grahs I will be attending Augustana College to major in communication sciences and disorders. Lindsay Gravatt Will attend Drake University, majoring in Pre-Medicine. Her intended area of study will be Radiology or Anesthesia. Brenna Gray I’m planning to go to Upper Iowa University in the fall and maybe major in Physical Therapy. I’m also going to play soccer. Erik Griebel Will be attending Iowa State University to study Business Administration. George Grigalashvili Will be attending the University of Iowa for Mechanical Engineering. Nickolas Grimsman Will be attending Iowa State University. Emerson Grow Will be taking a year off of school to work before heading off to college. Lincoln Grow I am going to Neumont University to pursue a degree in Software and Game Development. Brett Guerra My post-high school plans are to Texas Christian University and major in Nursing. Jingyun Guo I am attending Ohio State University as biology major, with an interest in pharmacy. I will then buy a large mansion and fill it up with many, many, lion stuffed animals and live happily ever after with my adorable Maltipoo Snowball. Jacob Gylten Mackenzie Haight Will attend Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, IA to study Criminal Justice and Psychology. Bryce Haines Will be attending The University of Iowa to study Engineering. Ian Hamilton Attending Luther College to study the amazing uses of YOLO in everyday life. William Hancock Will be attending The University of Iowa, most likely majoring in Economics and/ or Political Science. Alexa Hansen Will be attending the University of Northern Iowa, studying Business AdminstrationMarketing. Ali Hansen Will be attending The University of 30 THE LAST STORY

Northern Iowa, majoring in Elementary Education. Gabriel Hanson Jennifer Hanson I plan to head to University of Iowa; majoring in Pre-Medicine with a minor in skiing and chilling (hopefully without turning into a complete hipster). Robert Hanson Mikako Harata Will go to the University of Rochester to study on the Pre-Medicine track. Thomas Harder I am attending the University of Iowa and am undecided on a major. Anthony Hardy Well, I don’t exactly know what I will major in. But I’m going to Kirkwood to get my gen eds done. Nedrick Hardy Will be going to Employment Systems. Celeste Harper I am going to get my Culinary (Bakery Emphasis), Culinary General and Restaurant Management A.A.S. After I finish these, I’m going back to Reno, Nevada to work in a casino until I open my own restaurant.” Benjamin Hartman Going to do what everybody else is doing and attending Iowa State to major in mechanical engineering. Caroline Hartman Will be attending The University of Iowa and is tryna major in pharmacy. Ahmed Hassan Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for the two plus two program to major in chemical engineering before attending the University of Iowa. Alissar Hassanein I am going to UOI four years double major in political science and human relations, as well as a minor in English, then moving back home to Egypt for a job. Johnathan Hathaway I plan on moving to Oregon, sitting out a year, then attending Oregon State University where I plan on wrestling and majoring in Parks & Rec., while I don’t have to deal with Iowa’s terrible weather. Mary Hausler I plan to attend Drake University to major in biology and become a physical therapist for a Major League Soccer team. Most likely I’ll be working with Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo. Michael Hayworth I’m going to Simpson College. I’m going to major in education. I’m also going to play football. Grant Troyer, here is a shout out for you. See you next year at Simpson, buddy! Bryn Hedlund I am attending Luther College and play to double major in English and Music. Kirah Heffner This summer I’ll be living in Nicaragua for a month. Then in the fall I’m headed to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK to study early education and Spanish. Rachel Hegeman Will be attending John Hopkins University where she will be going into the school of engineering, with an undecided major. Sarah Hellem I plan to attend the University of Iowa to study medicine or something health-science related. Joe Henderson I will be attending the University of Iowa to study finance. Afterwards, I’ll earn an MBA and start a hedge fund with Tim Yu. William Henk I signed up with the army and I

volunteered for airborne school and ranger school as an infantryman. I have a total of 225 days of training and I’m happy with my choice. Ethan Herlein Mitchel Hermiston Will move to Colorado with plans to open a bakery. Nicholas Hilmer Cynthia Holcomb Ethan Holmes Is currently undecided between the University of Northern Iowa and Kirkwood Community College. Kaylee Holzmiller Woo Tack Hong Brieana Houg Mitchell Howard Will attend Iowa State University for computer engineering. Justin Huang Allison Hubler I’m going to Kirkwood Community College for business and then I’m going to continue studying business at the University of Iowa after two years. Josiah Humpleby Olivia Hunter Leena Ibrahim Adam Ibrik Hannah Infelt I will be attending the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota to play volleyball and to major in mechanical engineering with a minor in Spanish. Fatima Anne Jayoma Is going to the University of Iowa and majoring in communication studies! P.s. good luck living with me, Megan Goody! Darryl Jenkins Jr. Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for one year before transferring to Iowa State for Retail Marketing. Cassandra Jenn Will be studying Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University. Ha Young Jeong I am going to The University of Iowa. Party and party and party,YEAH! Oh and I will major in international studies. Over and out. Woodly Jeune Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for a year and then will transfer to Iowa State University for mechanical engineering. Amanda Johnson Austin Johnson Within a year after graduation, I will be joining the Army as a Combat Medic. After my first four years I will apply to be a Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps to continue my military career for the next sixteen years (minimum) flying helicopters. Matt Johnson Plans to attend the University of Iowa and major in Chemical Engineering and Economics. Mechelle Johnson Will be attending the University of North Texas with Grace Koh. Reed Johnson I am going to Luther College next year where I plan to study biology, chemistry, and/ or Spanish. Andrew Jones I plan to attend Brown University to explore hippiedom and study Defense Against the Dark Arts with Emma. Maurice Jordan Alex Kaaret University of Rhode Island, history major. Nakisa Kachingwe Is getting signed by a modeling

agency and moving to New York City to model and become a fashion designer after going to the University of Iowa for a year. Jean Kahindo Will attend Iowa State University. Nowela Kahindo Timothy Kang Will be attending The University of Iowa with an open major. Natalie Kasper Quinlin Kavanaugh I plan on attending the University of Iowa. I am undecided on my major. I plan on rooming with Eamon Case, the best Pictionary player ever. Hannah Kelsay I am going to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and I plan on majoring in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Alex Kiebel Will be attending Iowa State University where he will major in Civil Engineering. Sawyer Kieffer Will be attending The University of Iowa. Soeun Kim I will be going back to South Korea early in June and will be attending KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. I plan to major in chemical engineering. Sue Reon Kim Will attend the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. James Kincade Will be attending Iowa State University where he will major in Civil Engineering. Megan Klatt Will be attending the University of Michigan and plans to study pharmacy. Andrea Klein I will attend Wartburg College as a biology major, music minor and leadership minor. I want to become a marine biologist and move out of Iowa. I thank my family and friends and Madame Juhl for being there all four years, and the Medds for teaching me so much! Patience Klein I am going to Wartburg College, majoring in Elementary Education, with a minor in Music. Tatum Klein I am attending Minnesota State University to play softball. Alexander Klopp After spending the summer yachting off of Nantucket with my good friends, The Romney’s, I will be subjecting myself to four years of Minnesota winter at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. Go Scots! Kris Knight Isaac Knosp Will attend Coe College in Cedar Rapids. Natalie Koberna Will be attending Iowa State University. Kinsey Koch Will be attending cosmetology school at the Salon Professional Academy. Justin Koethe Will attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to wrestle. Ju Eun (Grace) Koh Will be attending the University of North Texas with Michelle Johnson! Deuces Iowa! Brandyn Koogler After high school, I plan on going on a mission for my church for about two years. After that, I don’t know what life has in store. Vasiliy Koptelov Sojung Kwon Will be attending The University of Iowa and majoring in speech language pathology before studying abroad in France and Korea for half a

year each or just one full year of one of them. Spencer Lackman Nathan Lade Jennifer Lam-Lu Will attending the University of Iowa with an open major. Ansel Landini Is attending the University of Iowa for Computer Science. Brandon Lantz Ruchira Laroia Will be going to Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. After that, who knows? Maybe she’ll start a practice in New York City or maybe she’ll stick around. Either way, it’ll be fabulous. Phillip Laux III Will attend University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mackenzie Laux I will attend Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA and major in either Massage Therapy, Sports Medicine, or Pre-Chiropractic. I will also be playing softball [at Coe] too. Albert (AJ) Lee I am going to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, majoring in Biology. Hahn Lee I’m attending the University of Iowa and going into pre med. Anthony Lehnertz Will be attending The University of Iowa to major in business, with plans to become a financial advisor. Makayla Leichty I am going to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids to study occupational therapy. Grant Leonard Will attend M-Town (Marshalltown Community College) and the San Francisco Academy of Art at the same time. Afterwards, I will make movies. Katie Lew I am attending Davidson College in North Carolina and plan to double major in history and political science. Grant Linden I will be living in Los Angeles and pursuing my career in acting for a year before college. Rob Lineback I will be attending Iowa State University to study chemical engineering. Allan Liu Octavio (Efrain) Lobato-Buendia Olivia Lofgren I plan to attend St. Ambrose University [in Rock Island, IL] where I will play tennis and study physical therapy.” Marita Loops Hannah Lovaglia I am planning on starting at Kirkwood for gen eds and psychology and do some more courses for health care and when I figure out what I want to do as a career I will go to a 4-year college. I really want to go to Harvard University in Washington, DC. Morgan Lytle Will be attending Mount Mercy University with a major in nursing. Steven Lytle Will be attending Kirkwood Community College to study media communications. Eleanor Marshall Eleanor Marshall will attend Yale University where she will write for the Yale Daily News and become real-life Rory Gilmore. Jediah Martins Will attend Transition Services Center. Andrea Mason Will be going to Kirkwood and is hoping to possibly pursue education and theatre. Travis McAtee Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for criminal justice. Ian McBrearty Will either be attending Springfield College in Boston or the University of Iowa.

Evan McCarthy Evan McCarthy will be attending the University of Iowa with a probable Political Science major. Shamis McGillin Is moving to downtown Chicago in the summer and will attend Columbia in the fall majoring in photography and television/film production, focusing on high fashion photography. Get famous along the way! Erin Means Emily Medd I plan to attend the University of Iowa, majoring in Dance Performance and Elementary Education. Tessa Meisner Will be attending St. Olaf College and tentatively planning to go pre-med, majoring in exercise science and psychology with concentrations biomedical studies and neuroscience. Olivia Mekies I plan to attend the University of Iowa next year and major in business. Go Hawks! Mark Mellecker Kirkwood and Iowa for the two and two program; followed up by a career in the gaming (video, board, etc.) industry doing reviews, creating, or developing. I most of all look forward to a happy life. Sofia Meredith Asia Meriwether I will be attending Biola University in California and I will be majoring in engineering physics and probably hanging out at the beach. Jumber Merkviladze Jumber plans to attend Kirkwood Community College to receive a liberal arts degree with hopes of one day working in the music industry. Corey Meyer I am going to play football and party it up at Simpson College in Indianola, preparing to become a coach and teacher. Can’t wait to get Jessie Petersen and Xavier May at Simpson. Go Storm! Meghan Meyer First of all, I’m going to Africa with Alaa Mohammedali where we will Zumba down the Nile [River], swim with sharks and re-find Bin Laden. I will then attend Iowa State University in the fall. Christa Michel Kirsten Milder I am going to Kirkwood Community College for Apparel Merchandising and then hopefully I will become a designer. Mackenzie Miller Adam Millers I’m going to the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business and studying Economics. Keep on rockin’ in the free world cause it won’t be free for long. (Nicolas) Javier Miranda-Bartlett Javier plans to fly clockwise around the planet to turn back time. He will fly back to Krypton to prevent a catastrophic disaster. Then he will study Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University. Quentin Misiag Following high school, I will attend the University of Iowa, majoring in Business Administration with emphasis on Marketing and Advertising with a minor at the School of Journal and Mass Communication in public relations. Chelsea Misner Ashley Moeller Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for two years, before transferring to the University of Iowa for a degree in graphic design. Alaa Mohamedali First of all, I’m going to Africa with Meghan Meyer where we will Zumba down the Nile [River], swim with sharks and re-find Bin Laden. I will then attend Northwestern University [in Evanston and Chicago, IL] in the fall. Lauren Mondanaro Will be attending St Ambrose University with an undecided major. Maggie Monson I will be attending Iowa State University majoring in Engineering. But if that doesn’t work out I will move to Australia and become the new Steve Erwin. Jane Moye-Rowley Jane Moye-Rowley will go to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis with a 31 THE LAST STORY

minneajor in microphysics. Garrett Mumm Leah Murray I’m going to Hope College, to get more knowledge. Gonna spread my rap career, be part of the dew crew & cheer. Don’t know what I’m gonna study, but my dream is to be the next Kid Cudi. Hannah Neel I will be attending the University of Iowa and majoring in English and minoring in History. While in college, I plan to study abroad. Benjamin Neese Benjamin Neese will be attending the University of Texas-Austin with a double major in mechanical engineering and Arabic. Tyler Nerad Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for his first two years and then transferring to The University of Iowa to study business management. Emily Nicholson I am going to UNI to pursue a career in education. Benjamin Nielson Hunter Nierman Taylor Nogaj Will be attending Kirkwood Community College before transferring to a fouryear. Samuel O’Brien I will be attending Iowa State University to study engineering. Riko Ohashi I am planning on attending Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I will enjoy being in Chicago, but I am an Iowa girl at heart. Sarah Olson Sarah Olson will be returning to the Mormon homeland to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, UT where classes will (regretfully) begin June 18. Bryton Ostler I will be attending the University of Oklahoma to study engineering. Madelin Otterbein I will be attending Vanderbilt University and majoring in English and Secondary Education. Mayu Oya Jason Pals Plans on majoring in Engineering and attending the Honors program at Iowa State University. Shakira Parker Tyler Parker Plans on attending University of Iowa majoring in business and engineering. Anna Pashkova I will be attending Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina and playing volleyball there with an undecided major. Natalie Paul I’m going to the University of Iowa and I have no clue what I’m going to study... okay great. Sabina Pehlic Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for an open major. She eventually wants to pursue a career in dentistry. Carissa Penaluna Will be attending Iowa State University. Karla Perez Morales I plan on being an art major. I’m going to attend the University of Northern Iowa, with the plans of someday being able to teach art at a university overseas and also be able to sell my art. Davy Perlman Hey. I just met you. This is crazy! But here’s my number, so call me Davy. It’s hard to look right, at you baby, so here’s my number, call me Davy. And all the other boys, they try and chase me, but here’s my number, call me Davy. #3193251678callmemaybe Sara Petersen I will attend Iowa State University. Nathan Peterson I plan to look for a job and come back for job training and take some classes at West like foods, career connection and Professional Pathways. Nora Petran I’m going to the university of Iowa for engineering next year. I’m additionally considering studying Art and music as a double major or minor and hopefully theater outside of school. I want to travel everywhere. Shannon Pham I plan on majoring in chemical engineering at the University of Iowa. Alana Phillips Will be attending the University of Iowa. 32 THE LAST STORY

McKenzie Piper Will attend The University of Illinois where she will play small forward for the Fighting Illini basketball team. As far as her major is concerned, she is undecided as of right now but hopes to go into the medicinal field. Emily Pitlick I will be attending the University of Northern Iowa and majoring in Elementary Education. Vanessa Plata Mora I plan to move back to my home country Venezuela. I plan to attend a four-year college, La Universidad de los Andes, to study world languages. I also plan to apply to U of I to get my masters degree. Yakell Pollard Jacob Preuschl Plans on going to Iowa and Majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in History, and while at Iowa join the ROTC. Colton Proesch Going to Kirkwood Community College to major in LAN (Local Area Network) management. After College: Join the workforce, or join the Basic Officer training program for the US Navy. Blair Puetsch I am attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA to major in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry. Eventually, I want to become a Pediatrician and work on missionary projects. Catherine Rebelskey Cat Rebelskey is going off to Central College with a double major in Communication Studies and Theater. She wants to one day have her own T.V. or radio talk show, so no worries, one day you will hear her laugh worldwide. Griffin Reed I plan to attend Ashford University to play basketball and study psychology/criminal justice. Kaylee Richmond Kaylee plans to move to Dubuque and attend Clarke University. She is going on a golf and theatre scholarship. If none of that works out she plans to move back to Iowa City and live with her true love Emily Medd. Thomas Rieckens Dalton Rios Will be attending Kirkwood Community College before transferring to The University of Iowa to pursue a career in boxing. Alyssa Robbins I plan on attending Kirkwood Community College this fall to receive my A.A.S degree in dental hygiene and transfer to the University of Iowa to pursue a career as a pediatric dentist. I also plan on continuing my music and performing at local bars and events. Thanks for the support! Kedrick Roberts Andrew Robinson I will be attending the University of Iowa as a history major while maintaining my amateur status in ultimate Frisbee so as to compete in future Olympics. Jessica Robinson I’m going to Luther College to major in pre-physical therapy or sports medicine. I may or may not miss K-Rob$ and Emily… you’re still not ginger. Kaitlyn Robinson After high school, Kaitlyn plans to drop out of society for a while and hangout in Narnia. When she gets tired of that, she may enroll at the University of Northern Iowa with an undecided major- possibly in elementary education, she will miss CJ Drew dearly. And her twin. Sameah Robinson Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for two years, before transferring to The University of Iowa to become a dental hygienist. Nancy Robles Quiroz Charles Rogers Play football for Iowa State, get my 4-year degree. Go to the next level (NFL). Carolyn Rosenquist Will be attending The University of Iowa, majoring in health sciences. Shelby Roth The odds weren’t in my favor. I’m off to the Hunger Games. If I survive, I’m off to ISU. Hopefully they’ll let me bring my wand! Daniel Rothman I will be attending Brown Uni-

versity where I will embrace my inner douche bag. Lincoln Rozeboom I plan to attend Northwestern College, where I will run cross-country and track. I hopefully will complete a major in psychology and get my pre-med requirements. Rachel Ruback Studying abroad in France. Hannah Rublaitus After spending a summer singing I will be attending Iowa State to study Performing Arts to hopefully pursue a career on Broadway someday.YOLO . Nicholas Rude Will study music at Kirkwood Community College. Meghan Ruden Will be attending the University of Iowa to study Nursing. Julian Sabin Next year I will be swimming on a full-ride scholarship to Stanford and when I get bored at that after a year or two, I’ll transfer to ISU to study architecture. Chloe Sadler Will be attending UNI for Business Administration and Spanish. James Sandifer Jacob Schmitt I will be attending Iowa State University, studying Mechanical Engineering. Jahmil Scott Elizabeth Scranton After saving the world, Elizabeth plans on attending the Colorado School of Mines (mines, not mimes.) Daniel Seabra de Andrade Daniel is going to Sunny California in order to attend beautiful CalTech and impose his awesomeness on the inhabitants of that region. Also, hi mom. I’d also like to thank the academy and all that good stuff people say when get an award. I less than three all of you. Max Solace Will be attending The University of Iowa to study business. Erica Segre Will be attending The University of Michigan to study industrial engineering and political science. Yi-Re (Brian) Seo Will be studying at University of Iowa. Jordan Shavers I plan on moving in with Sawyer Smith, Ryan Williams, Kenny Berry and Nerad. I plan on going to Kirkwood for two years, then [the University of] Iowa with a major in Business. Jessica Sheldon Is attending Creighton University to study Liberals and Sciences. I plan on studying abroad and eventually work for the Peace Corps. Elizabeth Shirazi Elizabeth plans to attend the University of Iowa with a Pre-Medicine major. Jessica Shull Will be attending the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology where she will continue her basketball career and work to become an engineer. Margaret Shultz After spending the summer writing poetry and working on an organic farm, I will attend Yale University to study English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Ryan Siems Will attend Clarke University in Dubuque, majoring in athletic training and going into physical therapy graduate school while at the same time playing baseball. Michael Skallerud I will be attending Iowa State University to major in Mechanical Engineering. Jay Slocum Will study engineering at Kirkwood and have fun. Eunice Smith

Kaya Smith LaReya Smith I am going to be an Iowa Hawkeye next year and also walk onto the gymnastics team. I will be majoring in Chemistry first semester but later will transfer into a major of Chemical Engineering. I want to go into the field of Pharmaceuticals. I am hoping to get the whole college experience with many opportunities and I can’t wait to finally be a Hawkeye! Sawyer Smith After high school, I am attending the University of Iowa and I am taking an open major (and will be holding wild house parties as well.) Salimata Soumare After high school, I plan to go to Kirkwood. Abigail Sparks Abby will attend Iowa State University to study food science. She also hopes to meet more crazy band kids as she auditions for the Cyclone marching band. Jordan Speer Is currently attending The University of Iowa. Alexander Spragle Will attend Luther College. Tishay Steele Van Stephan I am planning on attending Iowa State in the fall to study engineering. After my four years of excellence there, I am going to take a job somewhere warm. Then after a break from school, I am going to go back to get my Master’s degree. Lauren Stoner I plan on moving to Colorado and attending Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado. Javon Stovall I plan on attending Luther College in Decorah, IA to triple major in music education, saxophone performance, and vocal performance, to later become the best high school choir director ever to grace the Midwest. Katherine Stratton Retaining an air of mystery by being vague. This includes going East and hanging out with Mexicans. Some college will be involved. Katie Street Sarah Strub I’m going to the University of Iowa to minor in American Sign Language and an open major. I will hopefully be studying abroad in Australia or somewhere fun. Eric Stuart Will be attending Iowa State University for Environmental Science. John Stuart I plan to go to Iowa State University, majoring in Computer Science. Amrika Stumpf I will be attending Kirkwood and then transferring to a four-year school to major in education. Shelly Stumpff I plan on attending Wingate University to play volleyball. Once I FSU in NC, me and Kelly Fliehler are moving to the OC. CALI SWAGY’ALL!! Brianna Sturtz Next year I will be attending Mount Mercy University where I will be playing softball. I am thinking about majoring in elementary education and minoring in Spanish, but I’m not 100% sure yet. Erin Swartzendruber I plan on attending the University of Iowa to possibly major in elementary education. Edwin Tack Rebecca Tanner I’m going to Kirkwood. Michael Tappan I plan to attend the University of Iowa College of Engineering for Mechanical Engineering. Ellen Taylor I plan on attending the University of Kan-

sas as part of the class of 2016. Rock Chalk! Alexandra Thompson I plan to attend the University of Iowa to study Chemical Engineering. Bennett Thompson I will be attending Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania to garden hopefully study useful things. Patrick Tierney I plan on attending Harvey Mudd College in Southern California. Roya Tirgardoun Is going to Transition Services Center and will continue working at PotentiallyYours. Karissa Tomas Going to Kirkwood Community College, then to the University of Iowa for the Two Plus Two program. I am Going to major in Psychology. Andrew Topping Will be attending Kirkwood Community College to study business. Ian Toye I’m going to Kirkwood to start the 2 + 2 program; I’m also storm chasing this summer! Nhan Tran-Phan Will attend the University of Iowa for Electrical Engineering. Jaylinn Tresslar I want to pursue my career in acting on set of Workaholics with plans of filming season three because the cast and I have a special bond. Alex Troester I will be attending Drake University on an academic and athletic scholarship where I will play soccer and major in chemistry. Cecilia Trujillo I’m will be attending Kirkwood Community College in Iowa City. Taylor Van Fleet Caroline Van Voorhis I am going to Vanderbilt University where I will major in Medicine, Health and Society and become best friends with Taylor Swift. Ivy Vance Will attend The University of Iowa to find ways to keep playing soccer and viola. Elizabeth Vandenberg Will be attending Bryn Mawr College with an undecided major. Christopher Varcadipane After graduation, I will be going to the Lake Owen Camp in Cable,Wisconsin to become a skate instructor. Francisco Ventura Will be attending Kirkwood Community College for their liberal arts program before attending a four-year university. After, he plans on pursuing a career in photography and graphic design. Madison Vernon Next year I will be attending St. Ambrose University in Davenport to major in education and mathematics. I will also be a member on the dance team. Sarah Vining Is moving to Australia to become a kangaroo trainer. Possibly a koala trainer as well. Akia Wade Zebedia Wahls Zebby Wahls will be attending The University of Iowa to major in Art History in order to investigate art forgery and theft. Austin Waite Will attend Iowa State University. Gal Wald Join an Israeli frat house at Cornell University Tessa Walz Will be attending The University of Iowa where she has been pre-accepted to the College of Nursing. Sylvia Wangui I am going to Kirkwood College and then I am going to the University of Iowa. Michael Watkins Will attend the University of Iowa for Mechanical Engineering. Evan Weinschenk I am going to Iowa State University and then launch my own brand “Juicy Corn”. It will

sell clothes and shoes and make me a billionaire. Samantha Weiss I will be attending Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids and studying Horse Science Technology while hopefully working at REM in Mount Vernon. John Wen Will be attending Yale with a major in biology. Benjamin West I will be studying Biology at Bowdoin College in the beautiful, yet seasonably frigid, Brunswick, Maine. David Wheeler I’m going to Iowa State, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in awesomeness. Angel Williams Armando Williams I am going to Iowa Western [Community College] to play football and run track after a year or two we will transfer to a 4-year college and hopefully still play sports. Chante’Williams Narika Williams Ryan Williams I will be attending Bunker Hill Community College and majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Shahana Williams Will attend Kirkwood Community College. Ernest Willis Blake Wilson Become a clone, while learning how to be a teacher. ISU BOOOIIIIII!!! Hunter Wingert Will be attending Truman State University for either biology or anthropology. E m m a Winstead I am going to Drake University to study pharmacy and play soccer. Andi Wolfe I’m going to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids for accounting. Linda Xiong Will be attending Northwestern University. Shi-Ke Xue Will attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Computer Science Yijiang (JaJa) Yang Is going to Iowa and China and will train for a marathon hopefully by next year. Kaisen Yao I will be swimming for Washington University in St. Louis next year. Plan to major in Biochemistry w/ Pre-Med/Health emphasis. Also, I just met Davy Perlman, and it was crazy. I gave him my number and he called me, maybe. Aubrey Yates I plan to play guitar around 12-14 hours a day. Yu-Harn (Flora) Yen Will attend Iowa State University. Kellen Yoder Will be attending NIACC (North Iowa Area Community College) majoring in pre engineering while playing baseball. Paul Yon Will attend the University of Iowa and make some games in his free time. Alexandra (Alex) Young I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and majoring in either history or business. Timothy Yu I plan to attend the University of Minnesota next year where I plan to study finance. However, I hope to transfer to another University out east after my freshman year. I look forward to owning my own hedge fund, Henderson Yu and Associates with Joe Henderson. Kimmer Zambrano I’m planning to attend Kirkwood for two years then transfer to Northwestern University in Saint Paul, Minnesota to get my major in microbiology and theology. 33 THE LAST STORY


Kim returns to Korea BY OLIVIA LOFGREN olivia.lofgren@wsspaper.com

Soeun Kim ’12 is returning to her home country after graduation, where she will attend the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and study chemical engineering.

When graduation time comes, the senior class often can’t wait for its next adventures, heading off to unknown places. However, Soeun Kim ’12 will be returning to a familiar place. Next year, she will be heading back to her home country to attend Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). “KAIST is a research-based engineering school, so I will be studying chemical engineering. My father got his Ph.D. there in chemical engineering,” Kim said. On June 9, Kim and her family will start the journey back to Korea. “I am a halfexcited because I get to go to such a great school and half-sad, because I am leaving Iowa City. I love it here. Not only that, but June 9 is my birthday, so I lose the day by

flying,” Kim said. According to Kim, KAIST has the same application process as colleges in the United States. KAIST reviews AP test scores, grades and scores on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT. Advanced placement scores, however, do not transfer over to credit at KAIST. “Round one is paper work, and then if you are accepted you go to round two, which is a Skype interview. There are about five people going to KAIST from the United States and about 70 people from around the world. The rest of students are from Korea,” Kim said. For Kim, the most surprising part of her application process was something that happened during her Skype interview. According to Kim, even the smallest difference in her Chemistry grade intrigued

questions. “They asked me what happened and why I got an A- in Chemistry. It’s crazy, but it’s just the different cultures,” Kim said . KAIST offers full scholarships to almost all the students that keep a 3.0 or higher after completing freshman year. “The school gets funding from graduates and the country government supports KAIST,” Kim said. Kim received advice from a friend who attends KAIST. “The first tip is to enjoy my senior year, the second one is to review AP math and science material and the last one is to learn to live with three hours of sleep,” Kim said with a smile. Kim plans on attending KAIST for four years then coming back here for graduate school, “but that can always change. Five years ago I didn’t expect to be going to KAIST,” Kim said. PHOTO BY// ABBIE SKEMP

Ruback broadens horizons abroad


eleanor.marshall@wsspaper.com This August, the senior class will be smug as the juniors file in to the same old classrooms for one more year at West, while they’re off to bigger, newer adventures. But Rachel Ruback won’t be among them. In fact, she’s graduating a year early with the 2012 senior class, and taking off on an international adventure of her own. Ruback is jet-setting over and out of Iowa City and heading to France next year with a study abroad program called Youth for Understanding. After a threeweek language intensive in Paris, she will spend four months with a French family, attending a French high school. At the end of her stay, the program facilitates a tour of France’s major landmarks. Ruback was already accumulating enough credits to graduate at the end of this year when she made the decision this October to say bon voyage a year early and hop the pond to France. And she’s adjusting well to her new membership in the senior class. “I’ve finished high school at this point. I’ve done enough that I can graduate. I’m ready for an adventure,” she said. Ruback isn’t looking to kick back along France’s beaches, but to broaden her horizons in the more metaphorical sense. “It will make me have a better under-

standing of the way the world works. I’m excited for getting out of my comfort zone and learning to be a big kid. [I will] learn what I’m capable of and what I’m not capable of, and when I need help,” she said. Ruback is literally setting off on her own. She doesn’t know anyone else in the program – or in the country, for that matter, and her parents aren’t allowed to visit during the five month duration of her stay. Ruback has yet to receive her family assignment for next year. She says she could be notified as late as the day before she leaves, and isn’t guaranteed to live with a “sibling” close to her age. Add it to the list of unknowns. In fact, Ruback said she is most excited for the change in scenery and in culture – and she is eager to discover the differences between her current home and her new one. She is taking AP French this year, and doing additional practice work with the language outside of class, but beyond that, she’ll have to play it by ear. “I don’t feel like there’s much you can do to prepare for the culture shock. It’s more about mentally preparing myself and saying to myself ‘I will be scared and I will feel out of place and that is okay,’” she said. Ruback’s main goals aren’t the usual, like to see the Eiffel tower and to swallow escargot without triggering her gag reflex. Instead, she is confronting her feel-

ings of foreignness head on – and hoping of improving her French – a language she to combat them person by person. finds beautiful, and that she hopes to use “I want to get lost in a place where I to do service work in Africa later in life. don’t know the language or the people Rachel will return mid-way through and have to find my way back and to start next year, and plans to attend a four year a conversation with a random stranger university starting in the fall of 2013. But and only half communicate, but, by the don’t expect her to be the same person end, leave having gotten to know [him she was when she left. or her].” “I’ve had such an easy life up to this These goals are particularly gutsy for point, I haven’t really been challenged. the introvert Rachel considers herself. This will give me a chance to grow up She hopes being alone in France will force and know what I’m capable of. It will her out of her shell. But mostly, she’s hop- make me more self-aware,” she said. ing for an adventure. Ruback was originally in- PHOTO BY// ADAM CANADY spired to study abroad by a Disney movie she watched years ago about a pre-teen protagonist on her own adventure abroad, and when she asked her parents about it, they agreed to explore the options. “At first it was kind of a joke and my mom was like, ‘Yeah, sure. If you want to!’ but my dad was more like, “Holy cow my baby’s leaving.” Eventually, the plans became more concrete and Ruback shopped around Rachel Ruback ’12 is graduating a year early for locations and pro- and traveling to France for five months with the grams. She chose a fran- study abroad program Youth for Understanding. cophone country in hopes 34 THE LAST STORY


KINDERGARTEN CUTIES Now that seniors have reached the very last day of their K-12 careers, it’s time to look back on the first day of their first year of school. Check out these kindergarten photos from the class of 2012.








“I love playing football

because, it’s like my Charlie Rogers

second life. ... It’s

something that I have loved

since the first game

Iowa State University


I played in sixth grade.”

“What really helped

me get this far

in my career

is the continued support

Jack Hathaway Oregon State


of friends, family, and coaches.”

“I’m looking forward to

meeting new people who are going to help me succeed in

wrestling ... and people

who are going to help me

succeed in school ...

Dakota Bauer

Iowa State University


[and] open up new doors for me.”

“I love playing basketball because it always poses a

challenge for me.

There is always something

that I need to improve or learn, it keeps me driven.” “I love the feeling that I get after spending all of my time

in the wrestling room,

... but when the day comes

and I win that big

tournment ... I realize that

it has all been worth it.”

Mckenzie Piper

University of Illinois


Justin Koethe

University of Wisconsin


“I love being around my teammates

and coaches because we are able to push each other. We toe the line together and go

through the same daily struggles.

Though at the same time we get

to experience the good time, those

times when you accomplish your goals ” 36 THE LAST STORY

Phillip Laux

University of Wisconsin


A t h l e t e s 1



Alex Troester

Drake University


Olivia Fairfield

West Point University


Emma Winstead

Drake University


While most seniors are going off to challenge themselves academically, a select few are going off to challenge themselves physically as well by participating at the highest level of their sport -- division one athletics.

“The level of competition in practice and in games

will allow me to

elevate my game to

the next level.”

“I love playing

volleyball because it’s a way to escape

if I am having a bad day.” “My favorite experience was

the first state game

my freshman year. ... It was the first time there was a crowd at

any game I played.” “My best sports experience

Anna Pashkova

Gardner-Webb University


at West High was definitely winning the state

championship this year.

Winning it last year was amazing

but this year was a lot more

special after everything our

team went through.” 37 THE LAST STORY


By the numbers

the class of 2012

193 seniors were surveyed


have drunk alcohol

76% believe in God have a criminal record

en ADD have tak ithout ew medicin ion to ipt a prescr derall, d A . e . i ( focus etc.) Ritalin,




ha ve are par d ent sep ivorc s tha ara ed o t ted r

d in at least e lv o v in re e w rricular one extracu est activity at W

11 %

n o en e e e b plan v ha air an

% 2 9


have never been to a Theatre West production, school dance or school sporting event


have tried marijuana




have been to a different continent


have been bullied

44% 17% 20% 11%

have had a crush on a teacher have never been kissed have been cheated on by a significant other

have cheated on a significant other 38 THE LAST STORY



What was your longest relationship in high school?



over two years

less t h one m an onth

less than one year

30% 21%

to one years two

20 %

s lway a e hav single n bee


37% ofareseniors sexually

less tha n six mon ths


0 1 2 3 4+

How many jobs have you had?




% 53have been called



to Sauser’s office


50% 18% 32% I think so?

55% 14%



Yes No

78% got into their first choice school






have failed a class




have cheated on a test

29% are happy with their plans for after high school

The hardest year of high school was... Freshman


have skipped class





have pulled an all-nighter to study


have snuck out


did not enjoy high school



Everyone has secrets. West seniors shared theirs and now the WSS shares them with you. ART BY//ASHTON DUNCAN AND OLIVE CARROLLHACH



Mixed grade advisories: This year isn’t the only year we’ve spent our precious advisory minutes in the divine presence of seniors – but the last time it happened, we weren’t seniors, too. Instead of this fancy mentor program, our freshman year we did some good old-fashioned mingling with students from every grade level, back when our advisory was an all-ages affair. D-lunch: In 2009-2010, lunch lines got so long we required not three, but four lunch periods, each overlapping the others. A.k.a. a hall monitor’s worst nightmare. A.k.a. the good old days when there were no hall monitors.

Don’t forget to


When our football team lost every game: In 2009, West High’s football team was literally the opposite of undefeated. In fact, they went all season without winning a single game. But it just made their first victory in 2010 (and all of the wins since) that much sweeter.


Curfew imposed on Iowa City: At the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, several violent outbreaks led to Iowa City considering imposing a curfew that would make it illegal for minors to be out “too late” in Iowa City. The council never agreed on a time, or a law and hooligans remain free to roam the streets at all hours. The school store: Once upon a time, you could buy laffy taffy, pop, and other goodies right from school - no car or open necessary. Little did we know, bake sales were next to go. At least we’re healthier now, right?


The Smudge: During our freshman year, an underground newspaper hit the halls. Famous for its f-bombs and designs (also names, headlines, ideas, etc) that appeared eerily similar to one WSS, the Smudge made it for a few years before fading to a light stain on our high school memories. Because of the f-bombs.

When the West Side Story was a newspaper: After our freshman year, the WSS retired its unwieldy newsprint for a subtler, chicer, glossier read. As an added bonus, the updated magazine is much easier to hide in class when you’re supposed to be working.You’re welcome.

Patrick Diamitani’s walk out: On Oct. 17, 2009, Patrick Diamitani ’10 was scheduled to be suspended for what the administration deemed racist remarks made on advisory announcements. In protest, he staged a walk-out attended by over 100 West students and the local media. There hasn’t been a walk-out since.



Now I know my ABC’s Gibberish BY CAROLINE VAN VOORHIS, LEAH MURRAY AND OLIVIA LOFGREN Thirteen years ago, the three of us sat criss-cross applesauce on the storytime rug in front of our kindergarten teacher at Weber Elementary. It was right before nap time (during which we never actually napped…what were we thinking?!), and we were practicing the alphabet song. As five year olds with five minute attention spans, we never imagined that, 13 years down the road, we would be preparing to head off into the real world. But here we are, about to graduate from West High and move away from the life we’ve always known. We decided to revisit those ABC’s for one last time during our K-12 careers. Here’s a shout out to the people, the memories, and the things that have made our last year of high school so great. Awkward situations. Dan and Pombie. Dan and Adam. Dan rapping. Dan’s stories from Claremont. Dan and the sub. Dan breaking tables. We love you Dan! ;) Bridesmaids. The best movie of our high school years, and probably our entire lives. If the award for Best Movie Ever is a little questionable, it undoubtedly gets the award for best movie to quote...all the time. “Gracias para vivar en la casa, en la escuelas, en el azul...markada. Tienes con beber en las Fortuasla.” Computer backgrounds in the newsroom. Always creeping us out. Domination. That’s the only word that can describe West High athletics this year. State champs in volleyball and boys’ and girls’ basketball, eighth at nationals for pom, MVC champs in girls’ cross country, football, boys’ and girls’ track, boys’ tennis, boys’ soccer....need we say more? Education. Thank you teachers for giving us the best education ever. We are now 15 times more prepared for college than all of our future classmates. Finish Strong. Without these wise words of Mr. Breitbach echoing in our minds, we might have let senioritis get the best of us. Oh wait...it did. But at least we’re graduating. Graduation parties. Where else can you eat non-stop without paying a penny? Help me I’m poor....But don’t worry...it’s fo’ free! (Bridesmaids quotes FTW) Hope for a Helmet. One of the few ways to take a horrible situation and get a little positive out of it, just as Caroline would have done. ICE CREAM. No matter what, it’s always there for you. ;) Jerry Arganbright, we love you man. <3 KahlerGangOrDie. The best addition to our faculty.

Live Like Line. Although she couldn’t walk through the halls of West high this year, giving everybody bear hugs and pulling pranks, Line still managed to make a bigger impact on our school than any other student at West. Keep Livin’ Like Line, class of 2012. Mama Sara. Shout out to Mama Country Sara for putting up with all of our nonsense and for having such beautiful golden hair. And the best accents. What would we have done without you? Newsroom. Even though Pombie and Olive eat all our food, Dan makes the entire room smell like popcorn and Quentin lets his old lunches mold in there, we wouldn’t have been able to survive high school without it. Where else would we go when we wanted to accomplish absolutely nothing during open and instead hack into all the facebook pages that were left up?! One goal, one fight, one day, one night. 24 hours filled with dancing, eating Coldstone at 3 in the morning, hanging out with friends, seeing the grandma cheerleaders and the UI breakers, showing our love of ’Murica...all For The Kids. What could be better? Pranks. Toothpaste in oreos. Classic. Quote to ponder: “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Rapping. Here’s one last original throwdown by Feminem (a.k.a. Leah Murray): I’m not that good at rapping, but I like to think I am / Maybe in 10 years, you’ll be my biggest fan. / I like to think those last lines were a little clever / Good luck to you all in your future endeavors. Sweet Caroline, bum bum bum. High school never seemed so good. So good, so good! THANK YOU! There are way too many people to thank, but we’ll throw out a few. Thank you to Sauser for just being you, to Carmen for always understanding, to the fearsome fifth period friends, to Amy Nicholson for being the best cook and mother ever, to everyone in newspaper for learning the rapping parts to Drummer Boy and to whoever created easydefine. com for making 300 words so easy. Unicorns. Do you have any better ideas? Valuable lessons we’ve learned in high school: cover your mouth when you yawn, don’t accidentally drop a pencil, never take a cough drop out in class. #indirect Weberhooders. We’re all still friends. Also, we can leave at 7:58 and still make it to school on time. Wait...who are we kidding? We can leave at 7:58 and only be two minutes late to class every day. Xoxo, Gossip Girl. 84 more episodes until we’re all caught up. One episode every day of summer? Done. YOLO. Did you do something stupid? Just throw out a hashtag YOLO and there’s some immediate justification. Zzzzzzzz-what all the seniors will be doing tomorrow while the rest of you are in school #suckstosucknonseniors


ansel.landini@wsspaper.com PkjAdfRg tOFfsM eHdfOsPdES yO uDdfOdNss’T eVd edzqN dOze tdHxImS. iTsdjv’SN oscTTeOcxO lAexTr eTdxcO tAscKx eA sTexpEr pBdrAxc CsKdh aNsxeD LOrp oK asT yOxzU rPrrtLA NS.srD OrrvxwN ’tWrx orwxR rrexY ucNrik lmExrS sYrxzO uSyu hOrxU lD. oTrxHrx e rWptIsxS E yO u’LtzsLS pErzN dTxqsO oMUrnC hoaTI mES eAR CinsHIp nG fOiR sErzCcyxx rElzfT mEerAcxzNr iNtoG s,AND MxIrfS sTHrEG rACcE oFW hAT’S rImdGf HaTs iN fafROlN tOp FYOU. How long did you try deciphering that on your own? Hopefully not too long, and don’t worry, at the end of the column I’ll give you the key. When I walked into West High as a Freshman I was worried about my future. The grades we get during these four years have a substantial impact on where we go from here. So I worried, I skimped out on some classes I wanted to take, I took classes that weren’t for me and then I stuck with them for the grade. Don’t do that. These four years aren’t only about getting good grades and getting into a great school by May 23. High school is about learning what you love, and meeting the people who will shape what that is. 56% of college freshman change their major by the time they graduate, this is high school. We all walk in here carrying our past, and leave here thinking “wow I can’t even believe that’s how I was back then.” And that’s okay, that’s what we came here for. Time is limited. Don’t waste it on things that don’t make sense. If you hate a class, drop it before it’s too late and take a new one. If you hate the new class drop it too. Time’s way too short to spend twiddling a pencil through all four fingers until you can do it flawlessly. Find your interests, they won’t find you. I’ve been here four years and I’ve taken classes from 20 of the 100+ teachers at our school. At least 3 of them dramatically affected me during my passage. If you’re in a class that’s not doing it for you, try something new.You may be pleasantly surprised by the person you meet at the head of the room. We may be called the school of Excellence, but we are certainly the school of Experiences. Go back and write out only the first letter of each word regardless of case, and all the capitals.





dan.rothman@wsspaper.com I’m going to miss: Pancheros, the place where I have probably eaten more over the last year than my own kitchen. I’m sure someday I will pay for the gallons of queso dip I have ingested over the years, but I certainly won’t regret it. Sitting around the newsroom, blasting music I would be embarrassed to listen to in any other scenario (Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, etc.). I still remember, back during sophmore year, watching the “One Less Lonely Girl” video and laughing at how that Bieber kid was flirting with a girl who was clearly about twice his age. How innocent we were. Herman, for not doing anything on the countless occassions where I fell asleep in AP Bio. Nine cent drinks at Iowa Book. Every single friday. Seriously guys, get on that. The entire fifth-open group, for figuring out how to set up a ping-pong table in the cafeteria. Sara, for putting up with all the creeping we’ve done over the years. I would also like to use this as an opportunity to apologize for whatever pictures may or may not be hidden around the newsroom. Adam, the person I could always count on to talk me out of actually doing work. I will now have nothing to do without plethora of inside jokes. I’ll still give them one last shot, if for no other reason than to alienate every other reader. Snow Fence. PUT THE SAFETY ON! Prison Break. Rape Five. FISH FILLET. Giving up on doing homework, and just watching TheWire instead. Frese, for making me feel proud of all my obscure and useless movie knowledge. Speaking of Frese, working the phrase “bad intentions” into basically every English essay I wrote during the second half of the year. Some of those took about as long as writing the paper itself. Bennett, for being so consistently happy that I still list the only time I was 43 THE LAST STORY

able to get you mad as one of my major high school accomplishments. Having three open hours: third, fourth and fifth hour. If anyone in the future can somehow pull off this bit of scheduling genius, I highly recommend it. The Zombie Sub. And mostly the fact that nearly every single person knows exactly what substitute teacher I’m referring to when I say that. My fledgling JV tennis career. One of my few regrets in high school was not trying a random sport sooner. Heck, even Wiese a little bit. Even if he made it so I can’t eat a burrito without getting self-conscious. Pranking the sub who kept eating all our food in the newsroom. Wait, no. I mean, that wasn’t me. But whoever it WAS, I’m gonna miss it. Sauser, for not getting my sarcasm. Late-Night Nick Cage Movie Nights Katie, for putting up with all my laziness with (relatively) little complaining. Gross’s death stare. Except not. The fact that I can get away with writing and publishing inside jokes/references here that no more than twenty people will understand. Making fun of Mrs. Shullaw every time the Red Sox lose. Unnecessary hashtags #seniorswag Reading Eleanor’s writing and feeling confident that I will never in my life be able to write as well as Eleanor can in high school. Messing with people’s facebook pages. Adam still hasn’t found all the things we’ve done to his #YOLO. Leaving fifth period to go fishing. Davy randomly bursting out into song. Yes, I will call you Davy. If only just to hear ‘We are Young” one more time. Amazing lunches at Emily Nicholson’s house #tastytuesday Leah, Caroline and Olivia. Mostly because I promised you guys I would put you in here. Although the fact that I only get mentioned in your senior column when you’re talking about awkward situations doesn’t exactly help your cause. Blake, for your amazing rapping prowess. I will never be able to listen to Kanye the same way again. Everybody that helped get me through these last four years. I was only able to touch on a few here, but every single one of you is awesome, and I can never thank you enough for everything you’ve done.

Open letter to the class of 2012 GUEST COLUMNIST STEVE CALLAWAY Rodney Dangerfield did it in the movies, but not many grownups get a chance to go “back to school.”Yes there are adults (teachers) in all of your classrooms, but they are in the big desks at the front of the room. They stay in place as the students pass through. The teachers see a snapshot of your school experience, but I have seen the whole movie. Since you (the class of 2012) were in seventh grade, I’ve been in your classrooms with you. I’ve walked the halls with you, gone to the same assemblies, and eaten the same school lunches. I’ve witnessed your triumphs and your tragedies. At first I felt like an 800-pound gorilla sitting in the classroom, but I soon realized that I was all but invisible. Students and teachers alike acted as though I wasn’t there. I embraced that. I tried to be like a fly on the wall, observing, but not participating. I read the same books and listened to the same lectures. I looked forward to new teachers, new trimesters, spring break, summer vacation and extra curricular activities. I saw you finishing your algebra during the biology lecture. I saw who REALLY did all of the work in your group projects. I learned 100 ways to hide your cell phone while appearing to be paying attention. I witnessed your frustrations as well as your AHAH moments. I have enjoyed being in the hallways before school to catch a quick view of your social world. From my assigned location, I’ve been watching since you were pacing the upstairs loop at Northwest before the first period video announcements. I’ve watched inseparable couples separate. I’ve noticed flirtations begin and new couples emerge. But the most obvious thing I’ve observed is your growth. Of course there is the physical growth,

but more striking has been your emotional growth. I saw you change from being the top dogs in elementary school to being lowly “sevies” (seventh graders). When I joined “team Odin” at Northwest, I saw you stuck somewhere between childhood and adulthood. I saw you change from timid “sevies” to becoming the school leaders in eighth grade. Then I witnessed you going back to being the smallest, newest members of the school community when you entered ninth grade at West High. And now I have watched as you navigated through four years of high school to stand on the verge of the biggest change of all. Your accomplishments are too many to list, but they encompass all of the possibilities for high school students. From being math contest champions, all state band members, newspaper award winners, speech and debate champions, to being champion athletes, you will be leaving a legacy of success. Some of you have blossomed as high school student, and some of you are on the verge of blossoming soon. But all of you should know that it gets better and better as you go on. I look forward to following your successes as you move on from West High. Whether it is going on in your education, joining the armed forces, or joining the workforce; once again you will be the newest, and youngest. From what I have been observing for the past six years, I know that you will adapt and continue your growth. One day in the future, I will have been at the North Liberty pool attempting a “Triple Lindy” off the high dive. When I wake up in the emergency room, the sight of Dr. Breneman standing over me as my doctor will comfort me. I just hope you weren’t on your cell phone during anatomy class! Live Like Line, Steve Callaway

Loose changes BY ELEANOR MARSHALL eleanor.marshall@wsspaper.com

(One more thing It will never fit. An armoire of a suitcase Pushing back against its zippers and seams. I’m lucky to have filled it up, triumphant to have fit it all, But it will win. I will lose almost all of it. Burst and broken down during some transition, It will wind up as unclaimed baggage sold Somewhere in Alabama. And I, too, will be lost Trembling with my carry on, Outside the edges of my map Sweater sleeve keeps catching on passing nostalgia. It’s too foggy, flight delayed – cancel it, cancel it – no. Go. Our spindly legs are the only blast off, So bend low and push hard. Maybe it is too much – or worse, the wrong way - but I hope not. @@@@%%%% >>})))))]])))}=> fwwwwOOOOOOMMM!!!* I’ll leave you a font And an old project poster. Some coffee stains, A pun. {(=)} I’ll tell you to call and You might. But it isn’t anything like third period AP Bio or The newsroom during lunch and I never check my voicemail.


anna.egeland@wsspaper.com So here we are. High school is over for one-fourth of the West High student body. This happens every year, but for me, well, this is my first last year of high school, and while I do feel completely enlightened and filled with the wisdom of the world, I think you’re better off learning from your own experiences than trying to take advice from me. So, instead of publicly thanking people I should probably thank in person or summarizing all of the lessons I’ve learned in the last four years of my life, I’m going to tell you about all of the things I never want to forget. The afternoon I spent walking home in the rain with Erica, completely carefree in our rain boots and raincoats until we realized our backpacks were “permeable” and our homework was soaked. That time I brought a can of whipped cream to

Sorry, I’m setting sail. I will miss you like baby shoes Like raspberry crumble mini-pies reduced to just crumbs Like throwing back the covers in late morning Like the last pedal push up Benton. We’re the chickens that flew the coop. We will arrive at our destinations totally unprepared For the weather. The few staples we clung to transformed Into memories like see-through nighties And too-short shirts that looked really cute two years ago. We are G r o w i n g a p a r t And I can’t even remember what it is that I Forgot. It is lost. It had to be, to make room. But hidden From identity thieves and the weather, Kept with you through security, even, You made a loose-stitched permanence As you learned to sew,


Funny how we pocket such funny little moments: Loose changes, A few pennies of sense. The odd Spanish phrase, An even function, those themes, the stupid importance of proofreading that time we dumpster dove big blocks of chocolate and were late to the farm. Made totoro t-shirts for Snowday 2011 and wikipediaed u(l)traquism Met the loves of our lives at Occupy and stayed even though we almost lost our fingers to frostbite. Had Sunday Funday or made pasta Or laughed too much in a meeting. Got lost and made up descants to the radio. That time (…) Funny. I always cry when I laugh. I cry all the time, actually. That day pages were due and he yelled at my questions The time(s) I wish(ed) I hadn’t said no …or yes… The times I thought no one was coming or That I had too much to do and wasn’t donWhen I think about the impossibility of all that we have lost.

Your true colors are a slave to your loom And your bony fingers - keep weaving. It’s all knotted and dyed into gray matter With enough accumulated wrinkles I feel like spilled milk. I’m not sure it’ll really iron out into a new beginning just a breaking of the old yarn and a free fall and some stitches. There is no reason to wear uncomfortable outfits Or stay up to bake treats on my own birthday Imprinted but incomplete, we move forward. Or think through rebuttals to rebuttals. Except that it was enough to show for those 309,600 minutes So much of what we really wanted And to feel and to file in the backs of our minds. – thought we’d never see again, didn’t know we already had – turns up after all We are together now only. in the wash after we’ve We’ll never be one. arrived But just because we won’t keep in touch (we’ve ARRIVED) Doesn’t mean I wasn’t touched) and gotten cleaned up. *thanks JMB.

Memory lane school as a prop for my ninth grade English skit and it somehow turned upside-down in my backpack and got all over the bottom. I still use that backpack, by the way. Learning the French Hokey-Pokey from Victoria, and chillin’ with the other French exchange students during junior year. Making teal waffles (or did I just imagine that they were teal?) at 4 a.m. in Lindsay’s kitchen after prom junior year. Caroline and Leah rapping their newspaper-themed version of “Black and Yellow” (No love for Dan, he’s not breakin’ hearts, only tables: push to start). Bringing only one pair of pants on the French trip, asking the waiter how to eat escargots, dodging plates in the Quartier-Latin and climbing the stairs up the Eiffel tower because the elevator broke. Happy Fridays in the newsroom: standing on wheelie chairs and hearing the comments from everyone walk-

ing by. Taking pictures with strangers on the band trip to Disney World in ninth grade. Marrying the West Side Story and Dan refusing to wear the veil. Mr. Herman’s speech about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. Mr. Frese’s re-enactments of Star Wars. Singing Shakespearean Christmas carols with Katie and Abby in our Brit Lit skit. Four years of EcoCentric retreats that wouldn’t have been complete without late-night hikes, campfire songs, and star-tripping. Searching for ice cream and watching some guys throw knives at the Minneapolis Journalism Convention. Thanksgiving dinners and decorating hula girl cookies with Kate, Carly and Laura. 44 THE LAST STORY


eNLISTED & EXCITED Students start an action-packed life after graduation Rebecca Connolly ’12 has enlisted to the United States Air Force. Connolly will fly from Des Moines to San Antonio, Texas, on Sept. 11. After 8 ½ weeks of basics in Texas, Connolly plans to attend techniRebecca Connolly cal school to become a nursing assistant. “I did research and the Air Force had the best to offer me. My dad was in the military for 25 years. He said if I ever join the military, [I should] join the Air Force. I didn’t want to regret not joining,” Connolly said. Connolly plans on signing a four year contract with the Air Force after basics training and technical school. “My family is supportive. Some were a little scared, but no matter what they support me. The most concerned were my parents. My mom has gone through two deployments with my dad.”

There is a cost to everything in life and the costs of joining the military are clear: danger and separation from loved ones, but Travis Mcatee ’12 saw that the benefits of joining the army, outweighed those costs. “I joined the Army Reserves Travis Mcatee because they have great programs and benefits. They pay for your college and after 20 years I can retire,” Mcatee ’12 explained. Mcatee will fly to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, on June 23 for basic training, which will last for 19 weeks. After training, he has signed an eight year contract with the military. He may be leaving loved ones behind, but he is following the path of many family members. His two uncles and grandfather were also enlisted. Mcatee’s Military Occupation Specialty will be a Military Police (MP) officer, in charge of area security. “My family thinks it will will help me mature and teach me discipline,” he said.

Austin Johnson ’12 has enlisted in the United States Army to save lives as a Healthcare Specialist. “I would be treating wounds on the front lines, so if it came down to my life or someone else’s, I would be forced to take Austin Johnson a life. I want to be a combat medic because I want to be able to treat wounds, but experience the risk and excitement of combat,” Johnson explained. Johnson is headed to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for basics and Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas for Advanced Individual Training. After a few years as a Healthcare Specialist, Johnson hopes to be part of the United States Army Special Forces. Johnson’s family has history in military service. Both his father and uncle were in the Marines. “My parents fully support my decision to join the military. I want to serve my country. Ultimately I want to make the military my career and do what I enjoy rather than what is going to land me jobs and make me money,” Johnson said.

ROTC ready

q&a reveals the benefits of continuing education with the military

Mike Ginty What school will you be attending this Fall? John Bourjaily: Harvard University Jackson CamJackson Cameron eron: University of Iowa Mike Ginty: Iowa State University What are you planning on studyJohn Bourjaily

ing there? JB: Russian JC: Engineering MG: Computer Science Why did you decide to go into the ROTC? JB: First of all, it’s a good way to pay for college, but I also think it will help me a lot at finding a job. It means that, when I finish college, I won’t just be standing around with some liberal arts degree that can’t actually get me a job. Having a guaranteed job right out of college is really nice. Plus, its not a huge time commitment, but it means that I can major in whatever I want and still have a job. JC: In addition to the scholarship that it provides, it is a way for me to get access to a lot of hands on experience with new, interesting technology and

engineering. MG: It gave me a chance to really challenge myself, as well as providing a valuable learning experience. Plus, it means I get to have someone screaming in my ear all the time. What are you looking forward to the most about the ROTC? JC: Being in the ROTC will let me meet all sorts of people from different backgrounds who will think in new, different ways from me. MG: I think it will help me become a better, more mature person. What effect do you think the ROTC will have on your collegiate experience? JB: I think it will mean that I won’t have as many late nights as most people, because I’ll need to get up early a lot. It will also be a great way to get

involved and to meet new people. JC: It means that I won’t just be able to sit around on the coach, I’m going to get exposed to all sorts of new things. MG: I think it means I’ll have a much more serious experience. What influenced you in considering the ROTC? JC: I’ve been interested in it my whole life. My Grandfather was in the military, so my dad grew up on military bases, and it’s just something that I’ve been exposed to a lot. MG: I was influenced a lot by my brother. He really taught me to place an emphasis on my health, and I think the ROTC will really help me get into shape. He’s also had a lot of trouble finding a job, and being in the ROTC is a great resume booster.



Westward bound West duo heads to West Point Military Academy


A typical summer for most includes eating lots of ice cream, hanging out with friends, sleeping twice as much as during the school year and soaking up rays at the pool. Replace those activities with putting IVs in classmates’ arms, getting a tube pushed up your nose and down your esophagus and going into a gas house without a gas mask and you have the summer plans of seniors Olivia Fairfield and CJ Drew. Both Fairfield and Drew will be cutting their summers short to start basic training at the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York. Fairfield will be attending West Point Prep for a year before West Point, a program that will provide her with “the academic, leadership and physical skills that will prepare [her] for success” as a cadet at West Point, according to the school’s website. While attending West Point Prep, she will be taking smaller classes that help with stress relief and study habits for her upcoming four years at West Point. She will also be practicing volleyball with the West Point coaches and red-shirting for a year. Although she is on a different track than Drew, who will graduate in four years, they both have intense basic training this summer for which they have begun preparation. On top of getting ready for nationals with her Iowa Rockets volleyball team, she lifts weights and has made it a goal to run five miles a day in the summer. Drew currently gets in 200 sit-ups and push-ups every other day, runs four to five miles a day and plans to continue these activities throughout the summer. “Olivia and I will be marching back and forth to Ghurties in our combat boots with forty pounds of gear in the heat of the day,” said Drew, explaining that they need to break in the combat boots, because all training at West Point is done in those boots and “ACU’s”, the army combat uniforms. 47 THE LAST STORY

After summer training, the actual school year will start on August 13th for Fairfield and August 20th for Drew. Although they start on different days, Drew and Fairfield will have the same itinerary virtually every school day. They will be woken up every morning by a cannon at 6 a.m. and will report to breakfast formation by 7 a.m., where they will watch the raising of the flag before going into the dining hall. They will then attend class from 8-4 p.m., and go to practice from 4-6 p.m., as playing a sport is mandatory. Following dinner, they will have time to start their homework for the day. Although the training sounds grueling and the schedule exhausting, both Fairfield and Drew are excited for the challenge and ready to deal with whatever is thrown at them. Fairfield’s older sister, Christiana ’10, is currently a sophomore at West Point and has warned both future cadets about what all is to come. “You would think that [Christiana’s] stories would scare me away, but I really like a challenge and there is no other school like West Point at all. It’s an awesome opportunity and people are so different there-they take care of each other and would never let each other fail,” Olivia said. Drew also talked to Christiana before making his final decision to attend West Point. “[Christiana] had great things to say [about West Point]. We talked, she warned me about a few things, and she made sure I wanted to go for the right reasons.” Both Drew and Fairfield grew up knowing they wanted to serve their country in some way. Drew’s mother was raised minutes from the West Point campus and both future cadets’ grandfathers served in the military. However, neither Fairfield nor Drew set their sights on West Point until sophomore year. “Sophomore year was the first time I visited. It looked really brutal, but [also like] something I wanted to do,” Drew said. During Fairfield’s second year of



Seniors Olivia Fairfield and CJ Drew will be heading to West Point next year.

high school, she also started gaining interest in West Point after Christiana committed to going there and playing volleyball. Two years later, Fairfield and Drew made their idea to go to West Point official. But their planning for the future didn’t stop there. Both aim to serve in the military for at least 20 years, a benchmark that provides many benefits for army people. Drew’s ultimate goal is to serve in airborne infantry, which is “basically light infantry. I could be deployed at any time, anywhere in the world. I would jump out of airplanes in front of the main assault, and be the first into the fight. It is one of the more dangerous [jobs], but it’s what the best West Point cadets want to do; it’s the hardest

job to get.” Fairfield has a different career in mind, however, as women are not allowed to be in combat. She wants to be in military intelligence, explaining it as the “behind the scenes work” that allowed the military to find Osama bin Laden. This job requires a lot of translating, so she will be learning Arabic or Chinese during her years at school. Although the years in between will differ for Fairfield and Drew, both of their military careers will start with the physical challenges of basic training and end with the mental satisfaction of having devoted their lives to serving our country.

A fear 5 ome



As many seniors graduate and leave for college, choosing a housing situation becomes a priority. Many live in dorms or decide to stay at home. Some rent out apartments while others try to become accepted into fraternities and sorority houses. For seniors Sawyer Smith, Ryan Williams, Jordan Shavers, Kenny Berry, and Tyler Nerad, their plans include sharing a house. This is a unique decision that most freshman don’t chose to do. WSS: Why did you choose to live in a five person house? Sawyer Smith: I had felt close enough as a friend with all these guys in high school, but I feel that I can get to know them better in college. Jordan Shavers: We’re all good friends so living with four other guys shouldn’t be too difficult. WSS: Will you all be attending the same college? SS: Most are attending Kirkwood, I’m attending Iowa. WSS: What will be the hardest part about moving in with four other guys? Kenneth Berry: Moving away from my mom Tyler Nerad: Keeping track of food WSS: How will the house be paid for? SS: We will each be paying rent. It should be less than three hundred a month. WSS: How do you intend on paying rent? Ryan Williams: I hope to get paid as a part time shampoo bottle mascot.

WSS: How often will everyone be home at once? SS: It depends on everyone’s work and school schedule. Most likely everyone will be home at night. WSS: How many rooms will be in the house? RW: Only the master bedroom will be shared between Tyler and I. WSS: What type of food will be eaten at the house? TN: What ever comes in the largest bulk quantities. WSS: What objects will you be contributing to the house? JS: My Marvin Mcnutt signed football, along with a TV and an Xbox. SS: Two mini fridges, a TV, Xbox a pong table and an inflatable pool and a basketball hoop. TN: Bunkbeds, a mini fridge, a big stereo KB: My PS3, a lounge chair, a mini fridge and a TV. RW: A TV, Nintendo 64, ping-pong table, futon, trampoline, COMPILED BY // GRANT LEONARD

Do you have any


“I’m not doing any dishes.”

“Challenge accepted.”



PHOTO BY // GRANT LEONARD Back row, (left to right) Kenneth Berry, Jordan Shavers, Tyler Nerad, Front row (left to right) Ryan Williams, Sawyer Smith

Sawyer Smith ’12

Kenneth Berry ’12

Tyler Nerad ’12

“If anyone comes over to the house don’t mooch the food.”





College is a big deal. It seems like we spend thirteen years of our life preparing for it. Many seniors choose majors such as engineering, business or education, whereas Nicky Beaurivage is taking a different route down the highway of life and plans to pursue a career in stage management. She will be attending the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Webster University in St. Louis to study stage management. But what exactly is a conservatory? A conservatory is “an institution or school where students are taught one of the arts, most commonly music or drama, to a professional standard.” “It’s a really well-regarded program and I will get really good training to be a professional stage manager,” Beaurivage said.



The past four years Beaurivage has not only been involved with Theater West productions stage managing and even directing but also heavily involved with local community theater. Where she was a technician with groups such as City Circle and Young Footliters. “I chose to do this because I know that I want to continue stage managing and do that for a job after college, so Webster’s conservatory was the best choice for me.” she said. As for plans for after college Beaurivage is open to anything. “I’m pretty open right now to what I want to do after college but I know I want to continue stage management as a profession. I don’t have any plans yet as to where I’ll be working, but I’m just going to see how things unfold after college and go from there.”



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The questions running through most seniors’ minds as they get ready for their life after high school include: Where should I live next year? How should I choose my roommate? What classes should I sign up for? Although most seniors can head right to their college website for advice on these frequently asked questions, Grant Linden ’12 has been answering them all on his own. Eight days after graduation, Linden will head out to California, move into an apartment in North Hollywood and begin to pursue his acting career. Linden is moving out to California alone and does not yet have a roommate. However, he has a few important connections in Hollywood, including David White, the national executive director of the Screen Actor’s Guild, who is on the Grinnell College Board with Linden’s father. “I went out to Los Angeles about a month ago and met with [David White]. He gave me tips. . .he said not to be afraid to ask questions to anyone I meet and that everyone is a possible friend and supporter so don’t burn bridges. . .He said he would help me as much as he could,” said Linden. Linden decided to pursue his dream of acting






during his junior year while playing the lead role of Westley in The Princess Bride. He then struck a deal with his dad to bring his dream one step closer to reality. “I told him I’d pay for senior year of college if he took that extra money to pay for me to go out to California.” While living in Los Angeles, Linden plans to enroll in classes with acting teachers, work at Abercrombie and Fitch and hopefully get another job in acting or modeling. He is optimistic that the acting classes will give him the perfect opportunity to get noticed by the acting industry. “When you do a class with [an acting] teacher, every once in awhile they do a showcase and agents come watch. If they like you, they’ll pick you up and sign a contract,” Linden said. Even if Linden gets signed, he has definite plans to go to college in a year. After living in California, he plans to gain residency and go to “any college within the vicinity of Los Angeles” and major in theater with a minor in business. In ten years, don’t be surprised if you click on the TV and find Linden’s face. “I’d like to see myself as a TV actor. It doesn’t pay as well, but it’s more of a commitment. You have the chance to come back year after year,” Linden said.

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4 We received information on 355 of the 437 seniors.



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Seniors have spent the last four years together at West - learning in the same classrooms, eating in the same lunchroom, practic ing in the same gyms and sharing laughs, smiles and tears. For the first time, the class of 2012 will be separating and heading to all corners of the country. Check out where this year’s graduates are off to next year.



University of Northern Iowa

Iowa State University

Kirkwood Community College

University of Iowa

Top schools in Iowa:

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Remember when you were supposed to turn in your senior futures to the WSS? Well, you can read about the people that remembered to do that below. If you forgot, your name is just standing alone. Congratulations seniors! Roba Abdalla Steven Abdo Will attend Luther College in Decorah, IA. Reginald Abraham Hannah Adamson Ahmed Ahamad I am going to Kirkwood Community College hopefully to fulfill the dream of becoming a pharmacist. Michael Aitchison Meera Ajam Meera Ajam will be attending Indiana University in Bloomington with a major in entrepreneurship/corporate innovation and minors in Spanish and French. Faisal Albasri Ashley Albright Will be going to University of Northern Iowa with an undecided major and a possibility of majoring in ping-pong science. Javeria Ali Will attend the University of Iowa. Mohamed Ali Ryan Aller After the baseball season, I’ll be attending Linn State Technical College in Missouri, majoring in nuclear technology. Abdullah Almomani Andrew Altmaier Andrew plans to fly clockwise around the planet to speed up time. He will prevent Javier [Miranda-Bartlett] from retuning to Krypton and facilitate a catastrophic disaster. Then study at the Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University. Fatima Amin Jill Aunan I am attending the University of Iowa next year with an open major. I is so excited! Partyin, Partyin,YEAH! YOLO!! Over and out! Christina Bailey-Murray I am going to Coe College to double major in art and creative writing and maybe minor in psychology. Afterwards, I am hoping to get into the Art Institute of Chicago to get a Master’s degree in art therapy. I hope to become a successful art therapist and and author. Hermes Banguid I plan to study Chemistry, Physics, College Algebra and Engineering in order to become a Chemical Engineer. I will start at start at Kirkwood Community College and probably move to Berkeley, CA, to attempt to earn more degrees and face more challenges. Maria Barahona I’m planning to study interior design or photography, but I have not decided where I want to go? Maybe New York, I have heard about awesome schools there!

Kailey Barber I will be attending Kirkwood majoring in Sign Language and Elementary education, and also planning to tryout for the cheerleading squad once I go to outer space to save the monkeys from Mars. Dakota Bauer Will attend Iowa State University where he will be a member of the Cyclone wrestling team. Taqueria Beacham Well I’m currently living in Milwaukee. I’m not sure if I want to go the University of Wisconsin in Madison or DePaul University in Chicago, but as for my major in college, it’s criminology. Mason Beardshear Nicole Beaurivage Will attend Webster University in St. Louis in their conservatory program. Nicole Becker Next year, I am attending Kirkwood Community College and I am currently undecided on my major. After Kirkwood, I plan on transferring to the University of Iowa. Tatiana Bedell Tatiana will be attending St. Thomas University with plans of studying abroad and becoming a doctor. Emily Belding Emily will be attending St. Olaf College with Tessa Meisner and they are both super excited to become Olies. She will be pre-med and major in history. Finally, she plans to marry One Direction’s Liam Payne with T’Keyah Fair as her maid of honor. Dominique Bell I will be attending Kirkwood in business management then transferring to The University of the Arts. Kaitlan Bender Will attend St. Olaf College and major in history. Rachel Bernhard Kenneth Berry I’m going to Kirkwood for two years then transferring to Iowa for two years then going to med school. William Blair Kailey Boland Will be attending The University of Iowa to study exercise science. John Bourjaily I will attend Harvard on a Navy ROTC scholarship and major in Russian as a part of the Navy’s Language Skills Regional Expertise and Culture Awareness Program. Stacy Bowen I’m going to just take a few classes at Kirkwood and continue working at my job. Brittney Bowers Kathleen Bowman Will attend Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale as a member of the

women’s swim team and will be participating in a leadership program. Drew Boysen I am going to become a 5th level fire wizard and pawn some noobsin the forest of Avalon. Then I will save my fair maiden and roam middle earth on my magic carpet eating kimchi and playing Latin beats. Michael Boysen I plan to attend Iowa State University and majoring in engineering. Mary Bozaan I plan to go to Kansas City and work full time. I then plan to go back to college in one or two years. I’m moving into an apartment. Jade Bradley Going to Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, major in Humane Officer Training. Stephen Breitbach I am going to Coe College to play football and major in education. Katelyn Brenneman I’m going to U of I and am going to major in Computer Science. Lucas Brenneman Will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to run track and major in physical education and ministry. Luke Brooks I will be a champion of freedom of justice and protecting the weak from evildoers from around the world. Then I will train my body and mind to handle the trying task of moving objects with telekinesis. Afterwards, I will major in theatre at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon. Then I’ll get a milkshake or something, cuz, hey, they’re delicious. Anthony Brown I will be attending Iowa Western Community College to play football (strong safety) with plans of attending a four-year college afterwards to study Sports Medicine. Mitchell Bruegge Mitchell plans to move to Colorado and open a bakery. Richard Bryant Will be attending Iowa Central where I received a football scholarship. Amber Burkett Kirkwood for gen eds then U of I. Cassie Burkett I plan to study at the University of Northern Iowa next year. I am hoping to major in speech and pathology and biology. Eventually, I want to be a pediatrician. Andrew (Andy) Butler Will attend the University of Washington and major in computer science. Marco Cacho I will be studying principles of sociology in my first year at Kirkwood and then I’m going to Iowa State. Louis Jackson Cameron IV Adam Canady Will be attending Carleton College to study computer science and economics. 23 THE LAST STORY

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