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June 30, 2019

ATurINg: E F N O I T C E duation S a r L G A I r C o E f P s S e A l Candidat nitions o o h c S h g i • Area H nd Recog duates a s d r a w A r a • Senio ings for Gr t e e r G l a i c • Spe


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2 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

The history of the graduation cap

Congratulations to our graduating Senior...


AvAilAble For...

Weddings Reunions Bereavement Company Picnics


Jack Sweeney 389 East avE., Brockport 585-637-4745

7 Days a WEEk Mon.-sat. 9-6; sun. 9-5

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Congratulates all Class of 2019 Area Graduates from Albion, Brockport, Kendall, Holley, Spencerport, Hilton, Byron-Bergen & Churchville-Chili High Schools. Here’s to a bright future from all of us at


6265 Brockport-Spencerport Rd. Brockport • 637-6331 Pharmacy 637-6500

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Graduation ceremonies are a tradition that dates back to the first high schools and universities. While many aspects of graduation ceremonies have evolved over the years, the graduation cap has remained a hallmark of such ceremonies. Graduation caps are one of the most visible aspects of graduation dress. Many scholars believe the mortarboard style cap graduates don was developed from the biretta, a similar-looking Italian hat worn by Roman Catholic clergy. In the 12th and 13th centuries, students and teachers typically wore clerical clothing because the church was highly influential at this time. Medieval universities helped inspire academic dress, including the familiar graduation cap. Mortarboards are shaped like a square, perhaps to give them a scholarly appearance like a book or to represent the shape of a quad on the campus of England’s Oxford University, where many graduation dress customs are believed to have originated. Others theorize that the mortarboard, which is named after the flat board used by bricklayers and

masons, represents the skill of a master workman. Many graduation caps were initially black or gray. According to the graduation information site Graduation Source, when color photography became the norm in the 20th century, schools began to use gowns and caps in different shades because they would show up in photographs. Schools often coordinate caps and gowns so their colors reflect their official school colors. While certain degrees warrant different styles of gown, cowls and hoods, mortarboard caps are relatively standard. In addition to the cap, there is a single button at the top. Tassels hang from these buttons. At commencement, tassels are traditionally worn on the right side of the cap and then moved to the left once graduates receive their diplomas. Graduation caps are part of the larger scope of academic dress that comprises school traditions. Millions of graduates across the globe will don their caps and toss them into the air later in celebration of their hard work. (Metro)

Tips for grad party planners Graduation is a milestone moment worthy of celebration. Whether newly minted graduates will be pursuing further education after donning their caps and gowns or embarking on their lives as professionals, come commencement season, graduates and their families should pause to celebrate and recognize the hard work it took for grads to earn their degrees. Graduation parties provide perfect opportunities for grads to unwind and celebrate their achievements. People tasked with planning such festivities can heed the following tips to make sure the party is one grads won’t soon forget. Personalize the affair. Much like birthday parties, graduation parties are celebrating a particular guest of honor. As a result, planners should not hesitate to personalize graduation parties so they reflect the grad who’s being honored. If the guest of honor just earned his or her law degree, order a cake in the shape of Lady Justice. Planners tasked with honoring college grads on their way to medical school can ask guests to don scrubs or white coats. Such personal touches can add fun to the festivities while still honoring the new grad. Ask grads before devising the guest list. Since the day is all about the recent graduate, let him or her provide input about the guest list. Some grads may be uncomfortable serving as the focal point of a large soire, while others may prefer family gatherings or less formal affairs with only friends. The goal of the party is to celebrate the new graduate, so make sure they’re comfortable with who is in attendance. If grads choose a friend-heavy guest list, plan a dinner out with family on another night.

Invite teachers. Some graduates form strong bonds with teachers who helped them get through difficult coursework or provided invaluable advice during their academic careers. Make sure these people, who may include teachers past and present, are invited to the party, and recognize their role in helping the guest of honor achieve his or her academic and professional goals. Speak with other parents/planners. Graduation season is a social time of year. Planners and parents can speak with one another to ensure that parties are not scheduled on the same day. This allows all graduates to enjoy their moment in the sun and ensures friends won’t miss the chance to celebrate one another’s accomplishments. Planners and parents can even coordinate parties together if graduates express a desire to do so. (Metro)

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Salute to the Graduates 2019 3

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

2018-2019...It Was A Very Good Year...At Churchville-Chili High School Churchville-Chili Class of 2019 Top 10 Seniors


(Front, l-r) Jennifer Zambuto (#3), Lilly Gleason (#5), Jennifer O’Brien (#6), Sarah Naramore (#9), Molly Rowe (#10). (Back, l-r) Joseph Territo (Valedictorian), Serafina Wezelis (Salutatorian), David Perkins (#4), Jenna Guyette (#7), Gregory Czolgosz (#8).

SENIOR STUDENT-ATHLETE AWARDS Athletes of the Year   Isabella Orologio   Ty Raines

Ambassador Awards   Savannah Perez   Ty Raines

Academic Athletes of the Year   Ethan Wilson   Jennifer Zambuto

Andrea Kofahl Award   Jennifer Zambuto

Career Athlete Awards   Benjamin Davis   Serafina Wezelis Patrick’s Pride Award   Kyle DeRomanis

James B. Francis, Jr. Memorial Award   Grant Perkins Mason E. Stacey Memorial   Will Zimmerman


Excellence in Studio Art Award   Marissa Audycki   Cole Favro   Carmelo Ortiz Excellence in Digital Arts Award   Elizabeth Bowen   Makayla Horne   Grant Kaiser   Alyssa Raniewicz   Aidan Seaburg Excellence in Photography   Alexa Kapitan Excellence in Pottery and Ceramics   Shannon Croston Excellence in Sculpture   Jillian Sauer   Lydia Todd


Wall Street Award   David Andolina   Shannon Croston Top Executive Award   Jeffrey Ess   Peter Kostarellis   Terrence Wilson iBusiness Award   Tyler Krause   Grace Laing Fortune 500 Award   Arianna Bliss   Andrew Melia

Work Study Excellence Award   Ashely Baer Career Internship Award   Joseph Territo


Building Trades Award   Colton Munding   Jennifer O’Brien   Lydia Todd

Civil Engineering & Architecture Award   Emmalene Draper


English Achievement Awards   Betul Duru   Lilly Gleason   Sarah Naramore   Joseph Territo   Jennifer Zambuto Shakespeare Award   Alexander Mathewson Creative Writing Award   Alexander Mathewson


Foreign Language Achievement Award   Emma Burke   Jenna Guarino   Jenna Guyette   Makayla Horne


Descartes Award   Logan Bauer

James E. Widener Athletic Scholarships   Victoria Beach   Connor Starr James Latona Baseball Memorial Scholarships   Jacob Carroll Sports Booster Perseverance Awards   Jacey Gruschow   Nathan Sanborn 3-Sport Athletes   Kyle DeRomanis - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field Erike Hoston Jr. – Football, Indoor Track, Track and Field Oliver Kelley - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field


AP Physics Award Oliver Kelley

Physics Award   Michael Abbey   Benjamin Thomas

Andrew Korts - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field Peter Kostarellis - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field Seamus Parker – Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse Grant Perkins - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field Jonah Petty - Cross Country, Swimming & Diving, Track Vincenzo Ruva - Cross Country, Basketball, Track and Field Connor Starr – Soccer, Bowling, Tennis Aidan Townsend - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field Terrence Wilson Jr. - Football, Basketball, Track and Field Jennifer Zambuto - Cross Country, Indoor Track, Track and Field


Social Studies Department Awards   Vanessa Dawley   Alexander Mathewson   Mary Munding William James Psychology Award   Jenna Guyette

Science Achievement   Trever Barry

Newton Award   Jennifer O’Brien   Ethan Wilson Einstein Award   Joseph Territo Pearson Award   Joseph Territo


Music Department Awards   Marissa Audycki   Christopher Bunk   Rebecca Butcher   Taylor Calisto   Bridget DeHond   Erika Dick   Jenna Guyette   Alexander Mathewson   Isaac Perkins   Vladimir Rosien   Jessica Snider   Charlotte Spaulding   Hanna Walker   Ethan Wilson   Jennifer Zambuto Bob Moog Award   Joshua Sultar Piano Class Award   Amanda Jordan Guitar Class Award   Grant Perkins Renee Fleming Award   Taylor Calisto


Faculty Cup Award – Selected by faculty and staff vote, this award honors the senior boy judged the most outstanding in citizenship, scholarship, leadership, character, responsibility and service. The recipient receives a medal and an engraved paperweight, and his name is engraved on the Faculty Cup. Trevor Calus

Faculty Cup Award - Selected by faculty and staff vote, this award honors the senior girl judged the most outstanding in citizenship, scholarship, leadership, character, responsibility and service. The recipient receives a medal and an engraved paperweight, and her name is engraved on the Faculty Cup. Lydia Todd

ACADEMIC HONORS Students who received Highest Honor Roll for 1st three quarters Marissa Audycki Logan Bauer Victoria Beach Christopher Bunk Emma Burke Rebecca Butcher Kristin Butts Taylor Calisto Trevor Calus Haley Corey Ashleigh Cummings

Gregory Czolgosz Vanessa Dawley Erika Dick Molly Doles Emmalene Draper Delaney Emerson Lilly Gleason Jenna Guarino Jenna Guyette Nolan Hopkins Grace Huether

Jessica Jong Alexa Kapitan Oliver Kelley Brandan King Andrew Korts Peter Kostarellis Tyler Krause Christina Kurdt Amy Lian Brandon Lisowski Stephanie Longfellow

Alexander Mathewson David Meisenzahl  Andrew Melia Rachel Miller Brynne Mittermeyer-Parkman Sarah Naramore Jennifer O’Brien Kaitlyn O’Mealia David Perkins Keopasith Phaphanthong

Katherine Pittman Ty Raines Alexia Raniewicz  Alyssa Raniewicz  Dylan Rippe Molly Rowe Amaury Samalot Monroig Taylor Shakeshaft Kennedy Skuse Marina Smith

Jessica Snider Charlotte Spaulding Joseph Territo Lydia Todd Hanna Walker Serafina Wezelis Ethan Wilson Mariam Woods Madisen Zabawa Jennifer Zambuto

SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY AWARDS Jay Alexander Memorial Award   Jenna Guarino   Peter Kostarellis   Andrew Melia American Legion Award   Vladimir Rosien Dean B. Arlidge Award   Andrew Korts John P. Casey Memorial Award   Nicholas Melia   Abigail Preston Chili Lions Club Award   Jessica Snider CCEA Scholarship   Erika Dick Churchville Lions Club Memorial Award   Alexander Wellin   Serafina Wezelis

Daniel Myslivecek Award   Tyler Angora   Ty Raines   Daniel Talbott

Churchville-Chili Leo Club Award   Alexa Kapitan   Lydia Todd

Health Education Award   Jessica Smith

Ronald Cicero Music Scholarship Award   Isaac Perkins

Dance Award   Christopher Bunk   Emmalene Draper   Erike Hoston   Grace Hunt   Rachel Miller

Superintendent’s Outstanding Senior Award – given to a senior who has strong academic achievement, character, citizenship, leadership, participation and responsibility. This student is a positive example to peers and has been chosen by Churchville-Chili Central School District Superintendent Lori Orologio. Asha Charles

Churchville-Chili Monroe County Math League MVP Award   Joseph Territo

David Raymond Coates Award   Daniel Preston John E. and Alice R. Cornell Scholarship   Gregory Czolgosz

Independent Order of Oddfellows— Humboldt Lodge #138 Scholarship   Jenna Guyette   Anna Tenebrusco

Sons of the American Revolution - Alexander Millener Good Citizens Award   Gregory Czolgosz

Nancy L. Karnischky Award   Mariama Woods

Triple “C” Award   Zachary Camacho   Lilly Gleason

County Executive’s Community Awards   Mary Munding   Savannah Perez

Andrea Kofahl Memorial Scholarship Award   Lilly Gleason

D.A.R. Good Citizen Award   Lydia Todd

Mary Ann Lowden Award   Giavanna Kearney

Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison Foundation Scholarship   Christopher Bunk   Ashleigh Cummings   Grace Huether   Jackson Hughes   Kyle Louison   Alexis Raniewicz   Molly Rowe   Taylor Shakeshaft   Ethan Wilson   Jennifer Zambuto

Lynd Award   Logan Bauer

Entrepreneur Award   Jeremiah Daley Gates-Chili Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award   Amy Lian Greater Churchville-Riga Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Award   Arianna Bliss

Zoe Alexis Vargo Memorial Scholarship   Alyssa Raniewicz Harold W. Way Scholarship Award   Brandan King

Make All the Difference Scholarship   Adriana Haitz   Stephen Nicolazzo Daniel W Myslivecek Community Service Scholarship   Taylor Calisto New York State Comptroller Achievement Award   Jenna Guyette Dexter Perkins Award   Vanessa Dawley Pearl B. Redfern Scholarship   Delaney Emerson Senior Citizens of Riga (SCOR) Award   Jenna Guyette   Jennifer Zambuto

Congrats Grads!

4 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Churchville-Chili High School Candidates for Graduation Michael Abbey, Prabin Acharya, Garland Akins, Richard Allen, David Andolina, Tyler Angora, Marissa Audycki, Ashley Baer, Trever Barry Logan Bauer, Victoria Beach, Sierra Belardino, Abigail Bell, Truman Benz, Benjamin Bice, Divine Bishop, Arianna Bliss, Janiya Blue Elizabeth Bowen, Emily Brockman, Elijah Brown, Isabelle Bunger, Christopher Bunk, Christopher Burchfield, Emma Burke, Rebecca Butcher, Kristin Butts, Anthony Calamita Taylor Calisto, Trevor Calus, Zachary Camacho, Mikayla Mae Carlos, Kenneth Carr, Jacob Carroll, William Carrozzi, Malaysia Carter, Elijah Chalmers, Rachel Chapman Asha Charles, Trenton Chick, Jacob Ciancione, Adrianna Ciroula, Brandon Clark, Taylor Cliff, Kristarra Clingerman, Nicole Coates Montana Coia, John Collier, Christian Collins, Wesley Colucci, Jordan Cone, Bianca Cook, Haley Corey, Connor Cotturone, Rayshaun Cramer, Shannon Croston Alexander Cummings, Ashleigh Cummings, Nathan Cummings, Gregory Czolgosz, Juliana D’Orazio, Andrew Dafoe, Jeremiah Daley, Benjamin Davis, Nicholas Davis, Vanessa Dawley, Bridget DeHond

Hunter Gill, Sotirios Gitsis, RoseMarie Gizzi, Lilly Gleason, Christian Godard, Teriann Green, Jacey Gruschow, Jenna Guarino, Jenna Guyette, Adriana Haitz Donye Hannah, Tayshon Hannah, Ethan Hartwig, Frank Hassett, Emily Havens, Aidan Healy, Dylan Herman, Nolan Hopkins, Makayla Horne, Erike Hoston Amarria Howard, Grace Huether, Jackson Hughes, Grace Hunt, Ngan Huynh, Anthony Ibezim, Marcellus James, Mackenzie Jefferson, Trevor Johnson Jessica Jong, Amanda Jordan, Michael Junot, Grant Kaiser, Alexa Kapitan, Cole Kaupelis, Giavanna Kearney, Oliver Kelley, Stephen Kerr, Kyleigh Kilbury Brandan King, Mandaryn King, Amari King-Macartney, Isabella Klewicki, Kyle Kline, Rachel Knuuti, Henri Koch, Lilyan Kongmany, Andrew Korts, Peter Kostarellis Matthew Kotsch, Tyler Krause, Christina Kurdt, Christopher Lagiewski, Grace Laing, Dominic Laure, Elizabeth Leisenring, Janai Lewis, Justin Lewis, Amy Lian

Madalynn DeMatteo, Kyle DeRomanis, Erika Dick, Lauren Diegert, Brandon Doerr, Molly Doles, Emmalene Draper, Jenna DuBois Betul Duru, Colby Egan, Madison Elam, Delaney Emerson, Heidi Enssle, Alexandria Erickson, Jeffrey Ess, Ryan Evans, Cole Favro, Zachary Fellows Alyssa Ferra, Sutton Fiorito, Timothy Fogarty, Priscilla Ford, Audrey Forte, Jacob Gath, Mollie Gerber, Jason Gibbs, Mariah Giglio, Darius Gilbert, Kiara Gilbert

Congratulations Class Of 2019 from Tim Barnard - Class of 2005 Andy Barnard - Class of ‘81 Allyn Barnard - Class of ‘76 and all of us at JIM BARNARD CHEVROLET 7101 Buffalo Road 293-2120 Our Best Wishes To The Entire Graduating Class Of 2019 BABE’S UNISEX SALON & SPA and MASSAGE by MAGGIE 7 Fitch Street, Churchville 293-1176

Congratulations to the Class Of 2019 ELLEN STEVENS Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 130 Congratulations Class Of 2019. Special Congratulations to Amanda Jordan. ANG MARKET SHURSAVE FOOD SHOP, LAUNDRY, DRY CLEANING & LIQUOR STORE 7127 Buffalo Rd., Churchville 293-2920

Salute to the Graduates 2019 5

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Churchville-Chili High School Candidates for Graduation Angelina Libardi, Angelica Lisboa, Brandon Lisowski, Adam Lockwood, Stephanie Longfellow, Ryan Lotemple, Kyle Louison, Mya Mahon, Masin Markert, Christian Martinez-Gilbert Alexander Mathewson, Vincent Mathias, Samuel McArthur, Edward McCaffery, Riley McIlmoyle, Antonio Medina, David Meisenzahl, Andrew Melia, Nicholas Melia, Jenna Melita Dah’Jear Mewborn, Collin Miller, Rachel Miller, Brynne Mittermeyer-Parkman, Abdelmoneim Mohamed, Chandler Montana, Joshua Moore, Michael Moore, Macguire Morien, Bryan Mosbruger Colton Munding, Johnathan Munding, Mary Munding, Augostino Muscianese, Julia Napolitano, Sarah Naramore, Jaden Nelomes, Jaron Nesmith, Stephen Nicolazzo, Samuel Nieboer Jennifer O’Brien, Kaitlyn O’Mealia, Alexis O’Neill, Dylan Ormsbee, Isabella Orologio, Carmelo Ortiz IV, Logan Ost, Anthony Palermo, Seamus Parker Nikki Paxson, Baileyana Peacock, Genna Pellerino, Savannah Perez, David Perkins, Grant Perkins, Isaac Perkins, Jonah Petty, Dylan Pfendler

Moses Robinson, Evan Rodgers, Vladimir Rosien, Molly Rowe, Michael Rowland, Norah Royce, Vincenzo Ruva, Amaury Samalot Monroig, Nathan Sanborn

Dimitrios Tamoutselis, Anna Tenebruso, Joseph Territo, Benjamin Thomas, Na’siere Tisdale, Lydia Todd, Gianna Toole, Alejandro Torres, Nicolas Torres, Aidan Townsend, Andrew Vannest

Keopasith Phaphanthong, Miarri Phillips, Jared Phinney, Christina Phommachanh, Julia Piccininni, Fatih Pirbudak, Abbrielle Pitcher, Katherine Pittman, Dyana Planteny, Colby Pokracki

Lemanual Sanchez, Jillian Sauer, Marianne Scarpino, Greg Schepler, Sidney Schinsing, Ivy Schladebeck, Braeden Schmidt, Owen Schwartz, Chandler Scott, Nahcer Scott, Aidan Seaburg, Alex Seaman

Aiyana Vargas-Owens, Rabia Varli, Matteo Ventura, Ariadna Vicens Mira, Alexis Vietor, Steven Vitello, Anthony Vogler, Hanna Walker, Andrea Warren, Kendra Watson, Gabrielle Weaver, Alexander Wellin

Ian Popp, Hunter Potts, Branden Powell, Jessica Pray, Abigail Preston, Daniel Preston, Haley Proctor, Aliyah Pursel, Ethan Putney, Connor Quinn

Taylor Shakeshaft, Hannah Shepard, Amanpreet Singh, Amalie Sklenarova, Kennedy Skuse, Jessica Smith, Kylie Smith, Marina Smith, Haley Smout, Jessica Snider

Skylar Wetzel, Serafina Wezelis, JahSheik Whitfield, Anna Wiater, Madison Wilder, Ethan Wilson, Rosemary Wilson, Terrence Wilson

Meaghan Quinn, Kasey Rabideau, Ty Raines, Tabitha Ralston, Nyasialees Ramos, Alexis Raniewicz, Alyssa Raniewicz, Joseph Renna, Robert Richards, Chase Richardson, Dylan Rippe

Alexandra Soklevski, Charlotte Spaulding, Savino Spennacchio, Connor Starr, Natalie Stevenson, Anthony Stone, Nathan Sucy, Joshua Sultar, Edward Sushko, Katherine Sweeney, Daniel Talbott

Congratulations Class Of 2019 WESTSIDE COMMUNITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 125 East Buffalo Street, Churchville 293-3840 Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133 Congratulations to All the Seniors Class Of 2019 and especially Kenneth Carr. the JOHNSON HOUSE A Steak House for Over 40 Years 19 South Main St., Churchville 293-1111

Alyssa Wingard, Jason Woodard Jr., Mariama Woods, Asli Yusuf, Madisen Zabawa, Jennifer Zambuto, Liliya Zhylyak, Will Zimmerman, Garett Zupp.

6 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Brockport High School Candidates for Graduation 2019 Shadow Michael Alaimo, James P. Alercia, Doralis Maria Allen, Samantha Barbara Anderson, Samantha Rose Anderson, Aidan Andrews, Nicholas S. Andrews, Adrian Arbelaez, Makenzie Ashe, Nicole M. Ashley

Jordyn Bombay, Ruslana Boychuk, Maleyah Brewer, Victoria Brock, Jordan W. Brooks, La’Ryn Denicco Brown, Perseus Brown, Austin M. Brozak, Sarah Nicole Brundage, Jake M. Burchfield, Brandon M. Burley

Jarrett D. Atkins, Kylie Jessica Baker, Emilio Ball, Kaitlyn Jean Ballou, Bryant T. Barber, Soleemar Barreiro, Clara Barrett, Natalie I. Beabout, Nathalia G. Belarmino, Julian C. Beltran

Branden Caceci, Josephine May Caiazza, Anthony Caldarelli, Makayla Caldarelli, Joshua J. Cappadonia, Tatum Leigh Carroll, Miles Cejas, Tyliyah Chatman, Aniyah L. Cheves, Malachi Clay

Savannah Rae Bennem, Laura Berg Nielsen, Frankie J. Bernie, Esperanza R. Bernier, Aiden Paul Bertino, Ryan Billington, Lilly Wen Bishop, Angelina C. Bissanti, Alana Mone’ Blocker, Brennen Bock

Austen Blake Cleveland, Nicholas Cody, Simone Victoria Collini, Miguel M. Colon, Adam Charles Comstock, Tyanna Mae Cook, Malacai Cooper, Alissa Countryman, Angelina R. Courtney, Jalyn Cox-Cooper Logan Cramer, Michael D. Crespo, Kathryn Rose Crissman, Emily Alise Crooks, Grace Elizabeth Crowe, Maeve Curry, Leeanna K. Dalheim, Talia Nicole Danno, Jacob Davies, Brianna Nicole Davis Shandal Sharday Davis, Zachary Delcour, David J. D’Ettorre, Ryan DiPasquale, Lynzy Dixon, Madison L. Dobbertin, Abigail Marie Dodson, OliviaLynne F. Doherty, Destinee E. Ellison, Brittany N. Ellsworth Janelle Esler, Alexander C. Evans, Trevor M. Evans, Stephanie Everhart, Steve Glen Everhart, Madelyn Rae Fadale, Luke C. Fairbanks, Olivia Faith-Ferrazzi Ferris, Dalicia Fountaine, Constance Freitag, Madison Frost Samuel A. Garcia-Piccione, Elizabeth Gardner, Saraya Garlipp, Jacob A. Geiger, Samantha N. Gillette, Rowan Dorothy Grady, Sheridan Grady, Corey Granby, Jasmine Green, Joshua Robert Greenman Cameila K. Greer, Brian K. Griffin, Stacy E. Grugnale, Emily R. Gundrum, Nickolas H. Hackett, Zoë Katherine Haines, Grace E. Hall, Ishmael J. Hannah, Jared Hardies, Vander B. Hart Nathan R. Hartman, Bryn Hayes, Alexander C. Henion, Matthew Heyden, Cuyler B. Hoke, Conlan S. Holohan, Celine Hua, Wilson Huang, Nicholas R. Humphreys, Fidel E. Jacobo Cameryn E. Jessmer, Alexieanny Johnson, Sarah Lyndsey Johnson, Emily E. Jolly, Destinie A. Jordan, Madison T. Kavulich, Hannah Kemmer, Christopher I. Kennelly, Riesen L. Kimmerly Alexandria King, Curtis J. Kipple, Kira Ashlyn Kuriatnyk, Jessica Rose Lake, Nicholas Paul LaRocca, Andre Leno, Emily Ann Lenz, Giuliana Giovanna Lincoln, Ashley J. Lippa, Evan Francis Little

Class Of 2019 Congratulations & Best Wishes WAYE MOTORS Hamlin 964-2418

Congratulations Class Of 2019 From All Of Us At DUNN’S FURNITURE 115 Main Street, Brockport 637-3710

Sincere Best Wishes Class Of 2019. Add a smile to your day. CROSBY’S Brockport 637-2247

Congratulations to the Class Of 2019 ELLEN STEVENS Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 130

God’s Blessings Always Congratulations Class Of 2019 MARY LOU ROCKOW WESTSIDE NEWS INC. (BHS Class of ‘55) 352-3411 ext. 134

Smile...the future is yours! Congratulations Class Of 2019 DR. STEVEN J. THOMPSON 42 Public Square • Holley 638-5435

Congratulations Class Of 2019! THE STEWART INSURANCE AGENCY 50 Main Street South, Brockport 637-6030

Salute to the Graduates 2019 7

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Brockport High School Candidates for Graduation 2019 Tamara Rose Lloyd, Natalie A. Maar, Cassidy Rayne Macdonald, Erin Mahoney, Bryanna R. Manners, Ann Marie Elizabeth Marseglia, Zachary Thomas Marshall, Nathan C. Martin, Antonio Marvin, Nanika Elizabeth Marvin Kyle A. Matthews, Alia N. Maurer, Quincy E. Maxfield, Samuel B. Maynard, Rin L. McCall, Gabrielle Charis McGarvey, Matthew W. McGraw, Jade M. Meier, Alexandria Mendez, Alexander C. Mesiti

Breanna Lynn Payne, Xochitl R. Paz, Meghan E. Pedley, Isabella Rain Pellegrini, Olivia Piacente, Cody Place, Qam’ron Don Christopher Plaskett, Dominic Joseph Polizzi, Tyler Powlowski Krysta L. Pratt, Jalen Prior, Braedon Alexander Pryor, Christina Ruth Lee Putnam, Meghan L. Putt, Jesus Adrian Rangel, Brendan Ratcliffe, Nicholas M. Ray, Robert Reddick, Angeliana L. Reyes

Amanda E. Meyer, Peyton Meyerhoefer, Yasmine L. Miranda, Jonathon Michael Mogenhan, Tyler Molyneux, Marsella M. Monnier, Mateo Mortellaro, Calvin Moulton, Bridget April Moyer, Waykn Murphy

Maxim James Reynolds, Myles N. Rich, Nathanial Howard Riexinger, Erin-Elizabeth Roffe, Nathaniel R. Rogers, Jannara Rosales, Alexandra Sue Ellen Rothenburgh, Edward David Rowley, Juliana N. Ruth, Joseph Saitta, Joseph Rocco Salomone

Isabella Natoli, Alicia Navarro Portalatin, Trey A. Nenni, Paige Elizabeth Newman, Zac M. Nicholls, Kennedy Nicole Northrup, Alyssa Claire Ouelette, Kyle Palka, Hudson R. Panning, Carli A. Pauly

Marissa Salonen-Roperti, KhaVy K. Sangasy, Daniel Santos, Samantha Savary, Liam Gawain Schreiner, Nicholas Adam Schucker, Hannah L. Schultz, Taylor Scranton-Keller, Mackenzie N. Sebastian Jezelle M. Sergenton, Sara Serrano Zapatero, John Theodore Jozef Skakuj, Racheal Jean Ann Smith, Joseph Charles Snyder, Laney C. Sodoma, Samantha Lynn Sorokti, Kristina Stephens, Timothy Stewart-Barnhart, Karlee R. Stone Destiny Faith Stringer, Jack E. Sweeney, Haley Jessica Sweet, Peter James Taccone, Audrey L. Thurley, Alan R. Tinch, Hannah Michele True, William W. Tschetter II, Tabbethia Skye Turturro, Sara Elizabeth Tyndell Kyle J. Urban, Abigail Louise VanGelder, Patrik Martin Velten, Adam James Ver Steeg, Timothy J. Voigtschild, Trent Trinity Wade, Nathaniel Wall, Todd Ward, Brenden Weed, Kaylyn E. Weits, Ryan Christopher Wells Logan C. Wencek, Timothy Shawn Westcott, Nikolas C. White, Tristan Gabriel White, Christian Jacob Wiest, Mackenzie Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth Wojtas, McKenna B. Wright, Grace Eliana Young, Mikayla Rose Zarr, Karina Jasmilly Zayas.

Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133 Congratulations Class Of 2019 and especially to Ashley Lippa. SPENCERPORT FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 2775 Spencerport Rd., Spencerport 352-6890

Congratulations Class Of 2019. Special Congratulations to Cuyler Hoke. ANG MARKET SHURSAVE FOOD SHOP, LAUNDRY, DRY CLEANING & LIQUOR STORE 7127 Buffalo Rd., Churchville 293-2920

Best Wishes Class Of 2019 DEB LAMMES-REDICK Westside News Inc. 590-4427 Nichols Service would like to wish the Brockport Class Of 2019 the Best of Luck! NICHOLS SERVICE 354 State Street, Brockport 637-4495 • Tow 637-5090

8 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Brockport High School Senior Class of 2019 BHS Awards Night

Mary Jane Holmes Award

Brockport H.S.

Sarah Wojtas Zachary Nicholls

Lift Bridge Book Store Awards

Jeanne Kirby Memorial Award

Grace Hall Marsella Monnier Gabrielle McGarvey

Dr. Carolyn Mrowka Award Marissa Salonen-Roperti Career Internship Award

Wilson Huang Ashley Lippa Hannah True

Miss Mary Crowley Business Award

Mary Jane O’Connor Business and Career Education Award Thomas A. Burns Award

Executive Director and Trustee of the Margaret A. McGrath Charitable Foundation Richard J. Dollard presented Wilson Huang, Ann Marie Marseglia, Laney Sodoma with the Philip and Margaret Dollard Business Scholarship and Kyle Palka (not pictured) with the Marie Dollard McGrath Elementary Education Scholarship. First Amendment Award

Talia Danno Talia Danno Alexandra Rothenburgh Peter Taccone

BHS Multimedia Club Award Chris Zorn Technology Award PLTW Engineering Award

Laney Sodoma

Mateo Mortellaro

Bookstore Award Wegmans Scholarship

Audrey Thurley

Nathanial Riexinger Calvin Moulton Hudson Panning

Blue Devil Awards Jalyn Cox-Cooper

Robert W. Northrup Government Award Calvin Moulton Hamlin VFW Awards

Dexter Perkins Prize in History

Matthew Heyden Laney Sodoma Ryan Billington

Alexander Millener Good Citizenship Award Jalen Prior Shawna Cyr Memorial Award The Eric Martin Mathletes Award

Jesus Rangel Cody Place

Brockport High School Calculus Award Calvin Moulton Dean Henion Memorial Mathematics Award Giuliana Lincoln French Honor Society Prize French V Award Spanish V Award

Class of 2019 Salutatorian Rowan Grady and Valedictorian Giuliana Lincoln.

Bryanna Manners Erin Mahoney Jalyn Cox-Cooper

David Delancey Athletic Sportsmanship Award Alexandria Mendez

Honor pins were awarded to seniors who received High Honor Roll and/or Excelsior Roll for all four years of high school. This year’s recipients are: Liam Schreiner, Zachary Nicholls, Ashley Lippa, Giuliana Lincoln, Grace Hall, Audrey Thurley, Wilson Huang, Grace Crowe, Nathaniel Rogers, Destinee Ellison, Jalyn Cox-Cooper. Not Pictured: Kylie Baker, Lilly Bishop, Jordyn Bombay, Kathryn Crissman, Jacob Davies, Brittany Ellsworth, Madelyn Fadale, Elizabeth Gardner, Saraya Garlipp, Rowan Grady, Sheridan Grady, Zoe Haines, Jared Hardies, Bryn Hayes, Matthew Heyden, Cassidy Macdonald, Ann Marie Marseglia, Alexander Mesiti, Amanda Meyer, Bridget Moyer, Trey Nenni, Alyssa Ouelette, Hudson Panning, Carli Pauly, Cody Place, Robert Reddick, Alexandra Rothenburgh, John Skakuj, Laney Sodoma, Abigail VanGelder, Kaylyn Weits, Sarah Wojtas, Karina Zayas.

Doralis Allen Nicholas Andrews Angelina Courtney Cassidy Macdonald Alexandria Mendez Dominic Polizzi Robert Reddick

Robert D. Ellis Award

Laney Sodoma

Jeremy Murray Memorial Awards for Softball & Baseball Softball: Karlee Stone Baseball: Christian Wiest Brockport Soccer Boosters Awards

Mark Zagata Memorial Award Richard N. Pelcher Golf Award Section V Scholarship Award

Jordyn Bombay Calvin Moulton Dominic Polizzi John Skakuj Sarah Wojtas

New York State Comptroller Achievement Awards Sheridan Grady Bryn Hayes State of New York – Department of Law Triple “C” Award Perseus Brown Paige Newman 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Golden Key Award Jalyn Cox-Cooper

Recipients of the Sperandio Family Scholarship Award - Talia Danno and Peter Taccone with BHS Assistant Principal Michael Bourne.

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Class Of 2019

Salute to the Graduates 2019 9 The Brockport Retiree Teachers’ Association Memorial Scholarship Karlee Stone The Edward And Doris Banker Scholarship Award Saraya Garlipp Brockport Lions Club 3-1-3 Scholarship Jacob Davies Sweden Senior Association Inc. Award Bridget Moyer Sweden Senior Association, Inc. Awards Madelyn Fadale, Tyler Molyneux, Jezelle Sergenton The Michael L. Pratt Memorial Scholarship Kylie Baker The Alan S. Bader Memorial Scholarship Marsella Monnier The Brockport High School Student Council Leadership And Character Scholarship Elizabeth Gardner, Nathanial Riexinger, Laney Sodoma, Kaylyn Weits The Molly Efron STEM Scholarship Giuliana Lincoln The J2 Visconte STEM Scholarship Award Rowan Grady, Calvin Moulton The Baker Family Scholarship

Sarah Wojtas

Dr. Tobias Ekeze Memorial Scholarship McKenna Wright Recipients of the Brockport Teachers’ Association Scholarship - Kaylyn Weits, Abigail VanGelder, KhaVy Sangasy and Kathryn Crissman with BHS Principal Dr. Brian Weller.

Senior Class of 2019 Awards & Scholarships

Betsey Nasca Rojas Memorial Scholarship Wilson Huang The John C. Hoppe Scholarship

Class Of 2019 Valedictorian – Giuliana Lincoln Class Of 2019 Salutatorian – Rowan Grady The Brockport Teachers’ Association Madlyn Rowe Memorial Award Giuliana Lincoln The Brockport Teachers’ Association Peter A. Terlouw Memorial Award

Calvin Moulton

Linda McGrath Memorial Scholarship Jalyn Cox-Cooper The Thomas And Helen Hage Scholarship Joshua Cappadonia Linda Diane Rock Memorial Award The Elizabeth “Betty” Face Memorial Scholarship Award

Calvin Moulton

Brittany Ellsworth

The David Goodnight Memorial Basketball Scholarship

Doralis Allen

Jared Hardies

Dr. Hidetaka H. And Patricia Sagawa Memorial Scholarship Award Calvin Moulton Brockport PTSA Scholarship

Nikolas White

Brockport Teachers’ Association Scholarship Kathryn Crissman, KhaVy Sangasy, Abigail VanGelder, Kaylyn Weits Greg Pelletier Memorial Scholarship Dominic Polizzi

The Willard Hunter Family Scholarship Bryn Hayes, Liam Schreiner

Suzanne H. Lee Scholarship Award Adam Comstock, Grace Crowe, Zoe Haines, Giuliana Lincoln, Cassidy Macdonald, Hudson Panning

Make All The Difference Scholarship Alexander Henion

The Salvation Army Human Service Award Sarah Wojtas

Class Of 2017 Flec Award Kristin Strandberg Osborne Vocal Music Scholarship Award Vocal Music Award

Zachary Nicholls Nathanial Riexinger

Lilly Bishop Joshua Cappadonia

Brockport Rotary “Young Citizen Of The Year Award” Calvin Moulton

Philip And Margaret Dollard Business Scholarship Wilson Huang, Ann Marie Marseglia, Laney Sodoma

Douglas H. Westcott Memorial Award Alexandria Mendez, Matthew Heyden

Greater Brockport Chamber Of Commerce Business Award Jezelle Sergenton

Brockport Elks Prize

Kyle Palka

Gladys Queen Future Teacher Scholarship Brittany Ellsworth

Ralph J. Beaney Memorial Scholarship Madelyn Fadale

Dorothy J. Ruger Memorial Scholarship Award Maeve Curry & Alia Maurer

Margaret Dollard McGrath Elementary Education Scholarship

Nancy E. Lagamba Memorial Scholarship Samuel Garcia-Piccione

The Roger J. Gramlich Memorial Award Nathanial Riexinger

The Craig W. Rath Memorial Scholarship Sarah Wojtas

The Jeffery Brown Honorary Scholarship Award Laney Sodoma

Marilyn Donsky Memorial Scholarship Award Ryan Billington

Katie Sweeting Memorial Scholarship Emilio Ball, Jordyn Bombay

The American Red Cross Scholarship Liam Schreiner

The Edmund And Tina Hundt Scholarship Grace Hall

Urban-Suburban Scholarship Alana Blocker, Jannara Rosales, Jezelle Sergenton, Destinee Ellison, Jalyn Cox-Cooper, Karina Zayas

Brockport Engineering Design Award Calvin Moulton, Zachary Nicholls, Hudson Panning, Cody Place

The Cody Alvito Memorial Scholarship Perseus Brown

The Donald F. & Maxine B. Davison Foundation Scholarships Lilly Bishop, Destinee Ellison, Elizabeth Gardner, Rowan Grady, Sheridan Grady, Amanda Meyer, Cody Place, Nathaniel Rogers, Hannah Schultz, Karina Zayas

The Sperandio Family Scholarship Award Talia Danno, Peter Taccone

Jordan C. Bouwes Memorial Award Angelina Bissanti G. Spencer Terry Memorial Scholarship Ashley Lippa, Robert Reddick Clifton Rife II Memorial Scholarship Award Karlee Stone The Hamlin Lions Club John Cottom Memorial Scholarship Ann Marie Marseglia Spirit Of The People Helping People Scholarship Award Mateo Mortellaro Keith D. Schleede Memorial Award

John Skakuj

The Linda Schleede Huffman Memorial Award Paige Newman The James C. Fallon Scholarship Award Alyssa Ouelette

Laney Sodoma (pictured left) was recognized as outstanding Brockport High School senior by Superintendent Dr. Lesli C. Myers-Small (pictured right) at the Monroe County Council of Superintendents Dr. Michael O’Laughlin Outstanding Senior Recognition Dinner. One senior from each high school is selected for this honor based on his/her scholarship, service, and character.

10 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Byron-Bergen High School Candidates for Graduation 2019 Peyton Armison, Aaron Barnum, Daren Barron, Cory Bater, Sarah Bleiler, Benjamin Bowman, Nicholas Brown, Stephanie Buell, Anthony Calarco III, Lydia Campbell

William Johnson, Viktoria Khomitch, Isaac Ladley, Hunter Leach, Alexandra Lord, Trinitty Madison, Trinity Maskell, Danielle Mason, Janae’ Meister, Kyle O’Grady

Cole Carlson, Michael Caruso, Ryan Cooper, Caleb Curts, Colin Davis, Anthony DiQuattro, Harrison Dodson, Serenity Donahue, Adam Drake, Jared Fregoe

Kevin Paasch, Erin Parnapy, Sabastian Pawlukewicz, James Roggow, MacKenzie Rosse, Dekota Schmidt, Brianna Shade, Alexander Smith, Emma Smith, Lucas Stucchio

Tabitha Fuller, Leah Gale, Emma Goodman, Destiny Henning, Demetrius Herring, Jr., Anna Hershey, Annaliese Hersom, Jason Hoehn, Joshua Hohn, Rebecca Johnson

Wade Thompson, Shawn Turner, Rebecca Velasco, Hunter Wade, Joshua Whalin, Michael Wildschutz, Jr., Holleyann Winder, Kyong-ae Yun, Jonathan Zittel.

Congratulations Graduates! Follow your dreams! SOMETHING ABOUT RELAXATION Alexis Roniger (2014 Holley Graduate) 43 Market Street, Brockport 431-3306 Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133 Congratulations to the Class Of 2019 ELLEN STEVENS Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 130

Salute to the Graduates 2019 11

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Byron-Bergen HigH ScHool

Class of 2019 Awards & Scholarships

This list includes special recognition awards presented to Byron-Bergen High School seniors at “Academic & Athletic Awards Night,” at the spring concerts, and the “Batavia Career and Technical Center Awards Night” (Awards and Scholarships given at graduation are not included here.)

“Academic & Athletic Awards Night” Academic Varsity Letters Caitlin Ashton, Alexander Dean, Sara Fraser, Jillian Menzie, Chloe Shuskey, Annabella Vurraro, Lydia Campbell, Annaliese Hersom, Hunter Leach, Sabastian Pawlukewicz, MacKenzie Rosse, Wade Thompson Academic Varsity Letters and Pins Siomara Caballero, Adam Drake, Emma Goodman Academic Varsity Pins

William Johnson

Alfred University Kazuo Inamori Alfred Award Cambria Kinkelaar U of R Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award Sara Fraser Bergen Historical Society Award

Jared Fregoe

Brian R. Ivison Memorial Industrial Arts Award Isaac Ladley Brian R. Ivison Memorial Wrestling Award Hunter Leach The Byron-Bergen S.T.E.P. Booster Humanitarian Leadership Scholarship MacKenzie Rosse Byron-Bergen Sports Booster Scholar Athlete Award Annaliese Hersom, Jared Fregoe

Female Athlete of the Year

Miriam Tardy

U of R Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Sciences Siomara Caballero

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award Isabella Wilder

U of R George Eastman Young Leaders Award Annabella Vurraro

U of R Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology Justine Bloom

Male Athlete of the Year

Anthony DiQuattro

The Matthew Kota Memorial Scholarship Zachary Hannan Matthew Kota Memorial Medical Scholarship Tabitha Fuller NYS Comptroller Achievement Award Shawn Turner Paul Smith Memorial Wrestling Award Jared Fregoe The President’s Award for Educational Excellence William Johnson, Emma Goodman, Adam Drake, Annaliese Hersom, Hunter Leach, Jared Fregoe, MacKenzie Rosse, Benjamin Bowman, Leah Gale, Lydia Campbell, Sabastian Pawlukewicz, Wade Thompson Principal’s Award Lydia Campbell, Hannah Catalino, Kelly Ireland, Grace Shepard, Caris Carlson, Victoria Rogoyski

The Clarkson University High School Leadership Award Cambria Kinkelaar

The Rensselaer Medalist Award Siomara Caballero

Community Achievement Award from Keuka College Caleb Sharpe, Mikaela Hubler, Chloe Shuskey, Miriam Tardy, Alexander Dean

The RIT Computing Award Garrett Swinter, Caitlin Ashton

Dawn Gruendike Memorial Award William Johnson Duane Streeter Memorial Award

Janaè Meister

The Elmira College Key Awards Caitlin Ashton, Jacey Donahue The Emily Reis Memorial Scholarship Annaliese Hersom The Faculty Department Award Cassidy Ball, Jack Benstead, Alexander Brumsted, Cameron Carlson, Caris Carlson, Braedyn Chambry, Tyler Chapman, Jared Fregoe, Chloe Gilbert, Emily Gonyea, Hope Hersom, Rose Hubbard, William Johnson, Cambria Kinkelaar, Jillian Menzie, Nathan Parsons, Kendall Phillips, Abigail Raccuia, MacKenzie Rosse, Hannah Seppe, Annabella Vurraro, Ava Wagoner

Wanda L. MacVean English Recognition Award Jason Hoehn

Gary Liles Memorial Award Trophy Janaè Meister

The Clarkson University High School Achievement Award Grant Williams

Dartmouth Alumni Club Book Award Siomara Caballero

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award Anthony DiQuattro

The RIT Innovation & Creativity Award Jillian Menzie, Nathan Zwerka Samuel Landis Wiant Golf Award

Wyatt Sando

Spring Concerts The Band Award

Sarah Bleiler, Jared Fregoe

Band & Chorus Achievement Award Sara Bleiler Byron-Bergen Music Booster Scholarship Sarah Bleiler, Jason Hoehn, Erin Parnapy, Hunter Leach, Emma Goodman Byron-Bergen Musical Theater Award Sarah Bleiler, Jason Hoehn, Erin Parnapy Choral Award

Sarah Bleiler, Jason Hoehn

John Philip Sousa Award

Isaac Ladley

Most Improved Choral Award Leah Gale, Danielle Mason, Erin Parnapy Raymond Scott Choral Samaritan Award Jason Hoehn Vince Zarcone Music Scholarship Nicholas Brown, Isaac Ladley

“Batavia Career and Technical Center Awards” Gene Haas Foundation Scholarship James Roggow

Saint Michael’s Book Award for Academic Achievement & Social Science Sara Fraser, Hannah VanSkiver

James P. Donnelly Award

Scholar Program Awards William Johnson, Emma Goodman

Health Dimensions Most Improved Award Viktoria Khomitch

The Stephanie Lynn Tooley Cheerleading Scholarship Superintendent’s Award Triple “C” Award

MaKenzie Rosse Jared Fregoe Zachary Hannan

US Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award Caleb Sharpe US Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence Jared Fregoe

Lucas Stucchio

12 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Chili Legion Post 1830 Auxiliary awards scholarships Chili Legion Post 1830 Auxiliary awarded 2019 Neil Collins Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to Hanna Walker and Delaney Emerson. Hanna Walker is a senior at Churchville-Chili High School. She recently received Girl Scout Gold Award. Hanna plans on continuing her education at Nazareth College in childhood education.

Delaney Emerson is a senior at Churchville-Chili High School. She has been a long time junior member of the Chili American Legion Auxiliary with many credits in service to the military through the Post. Delaney plans on continuing her education at SUNY Geneseo in childhood/special education. Provided information

Be aware of all of the costs for college

Give campus life a “green” makeover College is full of challenges. While studying, socializing, joining clubs, and getting good grades are probably on college students’ priority lists, young people also can think about living green on campus. Data from Nielsen points to millennials as being an eco-conscious generation. Millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings, and they tend to stick to brands that have established a reputation for environmental stewardship. Even though college students may have packed schedules, they can still manage to keep the planet in mind as they live and educate themselves. Here are just a few ways college students can live green in dorms and incorporate eco-friendly practices into their studies as well. Live on campus. One green idea is to skip the commute to and from classes and reside right on campus in dormitories or nearby student housing. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is responsible for 13 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Living close to the classroom can help reduce emissions. Recycle as much as you can. Whether it’s plastic, paper, aluminum, or books, put recyclable items in the proper receptacles. Find ways to lend or give away items that you may no longer need, such as last semester’s textbooks. Recycling cuts back on the size of landfills and lowers the demand for the production of new materials.

Buy and dine locally. Choose sustainable, organic and locally produced items when shopping or dining out. This can include locally made furnishings and supplies, as well as farm-to-table restaurants. Walk or bike. Leave the car in its parking spot and walk or bike to nearby events. It’s good exercise and good for the planet as well. Borrow dorm room items. Scout out items from family members or friends that can be used to equip a dorm room. Chances are you can find people willing to give you or loan out chairs, a small table, desk, electronics, and more. Borrowing enables you to buy less. Take e-notes. Bring a tablet or laptop to class and take electronic notes. This cuts back on paper usage and will enable you to have all notes in a compact file. Use LED lights. Illuminate your dorm room and work station with lamps that use LED lights, which burn significantly less energy and last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Enroll in an environment-focused class. Enroll in Environmental Science or a similar course that teaches you more about the impact industry and personal living has on the environment. Take what you know to educate others about what they can do to be more eco-conscious. Going green on campus can have a profound impact on students and their futures. (Metro)

College is often met with excitement and interest by students pursuing their passions and what they hope will be fulfilling, lucrative careers. And the rising costs of college, coupled with the growing number of students taking on substantial debt to finance their educations, make it necessary that prospective students consider their earning potential when deciding on a major. According to the College Board, the average cost of college tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 school year was $34,740 at private colleges, $9,970 for state residents at public colleges, and $25,620 for out-of-state residents attending public universities. The cost of tuition and room and board may catch parents’ eyes, but there are some lesser known expenses associated with college that can make attending school even more expensive. According to, a website offering ideas on how to pay for college, the extra costs of college can cost between $250 and $500 per month. The following are some lesser known expenses that college students and their families may need to budget for this school year. Transportation: Commuter students will need to drive to and from campus, which involves budgeting for gas, repairs and auto insurance. Students who live on campus may be subjected to a high fee for a resident student parking pass. Colleges in the United States earn an average of $4 million to $5 million in parking revenues each year, according to the most recent rate study from the National Parking Association. A typical four-year college or university in the United States charges about $635 per space for the school year. Other students use public transportation or ridesharing services to get around. Those fees can quickly add up, too. Students attending school far away from home also need to budget for plane tickets home during the holidays and other breaks. Fraternities and sororities: Many students join Greek organizations to

fully immerse themselves in the college experience and make new friends. Many of these groups charge fees to prospective pledges and then semester dues once students are accepted. Parties, trips, living expenses, and other expenses may come up as well. Added fees: Many colleges and universities charge technology fees, sports center fees and activity fees. Exploring these fees in advance of the school year can help families create accurate budgets. Dining out: Families spend hundreds of dollars on campus meal plans per semester, but students also like to visit local eateries during the school year. Snacks, lunches and dinners purchased from such establishments can cost hundreds of dollars per year. Farmer’s Financial Solutions, a division of Farmer’s Insurance, says off-campus dining expenses cost an average of $770 a year. School supplies: A new laptop or tablet, textbooks and other supplies a professor requires can cost thousands of dollars. The College Board estimates students spend $1,300 on books and supplies in a typical school year. The cost to attend college extends beyond tuition and room and board. Many additional expenses can stretch families’ budgets. (Metro)

Learn about meningitis and how to stay safe Meningitis and meningococcal disease are serious and potentially deadly diseases that can affect people of various ages, notably children under age five and adults over age 55. However, collegeaged men and women are often affected as well. That makes it key for incoming students who will be living in dormitories or residence halls to get the facts to keep themselves safe. Meningococcal disease is any illness caused by a type of bacteria called “Neisseria meningitis,” which causes meningitis and bloodstream infections known as septicemia. Meningitis can be caused by parasites, fungi, amebic sources, viruses, and bacteria, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While each case of meningitis is significant, those caused by bacteria are often the most serious and can be deadly. Such cases of meningitis require immediate medical attention. Bacterial meningitis can result from various bacteria entering the body. These include pneumococcus, meningococcus and listeria. In young children, a bacteria called “Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib)” was a common cause until the Hib

vaccine became available, states WebMD. The bacteria that cause meningitis can spread when people who are infected cough or sneeze. That’s what makes it especially contagious in places where close contact is common, such as college dorms and even military barracks. Meningitis also causes an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, called the meninges. The Mayo Clinic says, if left untreated, meningitis complications can be severe and include permanent neurological damage. Some complications can include gait problems, hearing loss, difficulty with memory, brain damage, seizures, and kidney failure. Meningitis often peaks in winter into early spring, right during the time influenza occurs. Many symptoms of both conditions overlap, including fever, neck stiffness, lethargy, nausea, unrelenting headache, and confusion. Because meningitis may be mistaken for flu, this can delay the onset of treatment. While a regimen of antibiotics can help treat meningitis and meningococcal disease, the best defense is to mount a successful offense through vaccination.

The CDC, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American College Health Association recommend meningitis vaccines. Vaccination produces immunity within seven to 10 days and remains effective for approximately three to five years. Two vaccines protect against four types of meningococcal

disease. An additional type of vaccine protects against serotype B, which also causes meningitis. Preteens are often given the vaccinations, with a booster dose at age 16. Meningitis is a serious illness, but one that can be prevented or managed. (Metro)

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Salute to the Graduates 2019 13

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Career and Technical Education Class of 2019 Brockport Central School District Shadow Alaimo, Samantha Anderson, Makenzie Ashe, Nicole Ashley, Jarrett Atkins, Bryant Barber, Brandon Barker, Zackary Beach, Dakota Bechtold, Brennen Bock, Ruslana Boychuk, Jordan Brongo, Jordan Brooks, Dante Burandt, Jake Burchfield, Brandon Burley, Alexis Claypoole, Manuel Colon, Leeanna Dalheim, Tyler Daly, Destinee Ellison, Luke Fairbanks, Constance Freitag, Elizabeth Gardner, Jasmine Green, Ishmael Hannah, Alexander Henion, Cuyler Hoke, Fidel Jacobo, Jacob Kelsey, Timothy Kemp IV, Riesen Kimmerly, Jessica Lake, Emily Lenz, Taylor Marciano, Ann Marie Marseglia, Rin McCall, Matthew McGraw, Elijah Paul, Breanna Payne, Isabella Pellegrini, Olivia Piacente, Tyler Powlowski, Tyler Prince, Meghan Putt, Angeliana Reyes, John Rounseville, Samantha Savary, Jack Sweeney, Haley Sweet, Dominic Teegarden, Sara Tyndell, Adam Ver Steeg, Logan Wencek, Timothy Westcott, Tristan White, Ethan Wilson, Meloni Witchen, Karina Zayas Churchville-Chili Central School District Richard Allen, Trever Barry, Janiya Blue, Elijah Brown, Zachary Camacho, Trenton Chick, Jacob Ciancione, David Cieslinski, Adrianna Ciroula, Montana Coia, Christian Collins, Bianca Cook, Daniel Dafoe, Jeremiah Daley, Shawnqual Daniels, Sutton DePascale, Alexandra Dodgson, Brandon Doerr, Juliana Dorazio, Alyssa Ferra, Jacob Gath, Mollie Gerber, Christian Godard, Adriana Haitz, Ngan Huynh, Amanda Jordan, Michael Junot Jr, Stephen Kerr, Kyleigh Kilbury, Mandaryn King, Lilyan Kongmany, Justin Lewis, Derek Lupia, Annaleise Marcille, Chandler Montana, Bryan Mosbruger, Augostino Muscianese, Stephen Nicolazzo, Nikki Paxson, Colby Pokracki, Branden Powell, Jessica Pray, Daniel Preston, Robert Richards, Chase Richardson, Evan Rodgers, Michael Rowland, John Tolevski, Skylar Wetzel, Madison Wilder, Jason Woodard, Liliya Zhylyak. Gates Chili Central School District Olivia Armstrong, Jeremy Audin, Cyon Badger, Stanley Baird III, Muhammad Bargouthi, Mykia Binion, James Cassidy, Mackenzie Clancy, Tiara Clark, Joseph Crocker, Jacob Cropo, Madelyn Crowley, Nicholas Cubiotti, Erkin Damlar, Micheal Dean Jr, Frederick DelFave III, Nina Dowd-Ciaramaglia, Bryan Echavarria Bonilla, Malina Endulovski, Karim Euchi, Kodi Figueroa, Andrea Flores, Shauntia Foster Smith, Francesca Frattali, Nicolas Furino, Michael Garcia, Juliza Gonzalez, Victoria Gudonis, Connor Hamilton, John Hands, Rayna Harmon, Emily Hobbins, Gavin Jessmer, Allen Kafton, Emily LaPietra, Brianna Lengo, Christian Leonardo, Christian Maio, Hason Miller, Kayla Nero, Patrick O’Hara, Claire Oistad, Zachary Piecuch, Anthony Pragle-Jankovics, Kevin Reagan Jr, Anthony Rich, Amber Riggs, Christopher Roberts, Brandon Roman, Daniel Rush, Joaquin Rutledge, Roberto Santos, Dominic Saporito, Christopher Schmitt, Matthew Schuyler, Olivia Skrotzki, Yanixa Soto, Graciana Torres, Ethan Truax, Santina Tulensa, Marissa Turney, Leah Walker, Emily White, Ellie Woodin, Venessa Ziriada.

Greece Central School District Mohammad Bakar, Alessandro Baker, Corey Ball, Alexander Bates, Michael Boccacci, Alexander Bojko, Daniel Boyuk, Kate Buckley, Ashton Butler, Michaela Cacia, Dillon Callaghan, Anthony Castillo-Quintero, Robert Cousins, James Davis, Nathan DeCamilla, Kayla DeJesus, Salvatore DiMaggio Jr, Patrick Donlon, Jaheim Dyer, Dillon Fezette, LaQuonna Figueroa, Dylan Flynn, Kurt Gielenfeldt, Grace Gogal, Jordan Hahn, Rachel Haller, Kayla Hardin, Travon Harper, Anthony Hayslip, Michael Hernandez, Rashad Howard, Philip Interlichia, Garrett Johnson, Johnaisa Lewis, Nathaniel Lill, Zachary Lippens, Alexander Mack, Bianca Mancuso, Zairah Marquez, Antonio Martin, Trinity Martin, Nadia McCraw, Aidan McMurray, Mishayla Meikle, Khaliah Moorehead-Edwards, Brandon Morris, Shamayha Murrell, Tyler Papkey, Samantha Paris, Alexis Parrott, Tyler Patterson, Sachen Perez, Brianna Porterfield, Taylor Pulver, Xavier Reese, Gyovannie Rodriguez, Brandon Rogers, Armani Rosario, Natalie Santana, Sabrina Sarkis, Lauren Schlafer, Sheyma Shabna, Karina Shuvalov, Levi Sorta, Jose Soto, Jacob Stoyle, Matthew Striks, Andrew Teall, Kyle Tibbetts, Alexandria Torre, Alyssa Trombley, Michael Valle, Brandon Veneron, Leah Villone, Cheyenne Vorndran, Colin Vorndran, Sierra Wood-Beckwith, Italia Yannantuono. Hilton Central School District Moriah Acciaio, Christopher Arilotta, Tyler Arilotta, Ludmila Boyko, Megan Cardella, Brandon Collins, Adrianna Covone, Morgan Coyle, Nathan Danielecki, Erika Danzig, Pedro Delgado III, Matthew DeVos, Matthew DiMora, Alexandra Dittman, Jesse Ensman, Kelsey Evers, Isabella Ferrante, Caroline Firkins, Timothy Frisbee, Jacob Gage, Ian Gagliano, Emma Garver, Danielle Goodenow, Lauren Goodrich, Shane Graham, Mallory Guarino, Kyler Haines, Riley Johnson, Ronni Johnson, Margarite Korolchuk, Allen Kubitz, Justin Kuebel, Samuel Lana Jr, Andrew Lemmon, Kaitlyn Liucci, Talia LoMaglio, Domenico Longo, Connor Maksymciw, Dylan Mangiacapre, Dominic Marcello, Landon Mastowski, Samuel Matiishin, Curtis Matzan, Haley Mesavage, Carlie Minnehan, Savanha Morgan, Igor Odarchuk, Matthew Olek, Ryan O’Mara, Anthony Pagano, Luis Pascual, Victor Poplavskiy, Connor Richards, Nicholas Romano, Melissa Roth, Mitchell Rothenburgh, Isabel Rumpf, Alivia Ruta, Jeremy Saile, Raymond Sanna Jr, Ryan Scavuzzo, Abbey Shannon, Isabella Shannon, Jenna Sloan, Alexander Smith, Brandon Steiger, Zachary Strussenberg, Daniel Svarishchuk, John Taddeo, Jacob VanSlyke, Salina Vega, Daniel Ward, Aaron Wisniewski.


Holley Central School District Cade Aina, Emily Bibby, Ethan Bibby, Alexander Brimacomb, Britney Donovan, Damyan Famoly, Braden Ferranti, Matthew Hahn, Dixon Keon, Hunter McLean, Jordan Mekus, Alicia Osborne, Kory Puente, Elijah Stanton, Zachery VanAmeron, Abigail Williams, Anastasiya Yaroshchuk. Kendall Central School District Roy Ault, Stephen Balka, Amber Bartel, Mazie Carpenter, Abigail Collins, Abigail Jenks, Kasey Kennard, Jacob Kuhn, Alec Reed, Donald Smith, Joshua Wietz. Spencerport Central School District Noelle Alexander IV, Gage Bradley, Courtney Brown, Carter Budziszewski, Jamie Cervini, Sophia Coccitto, James Curthoys, Mary Daley, Samantha DiMarco, Jaager Dool, Mason Epping, Jayton Eve, Austin Frey, Matthew Giovino, Jeremy Green, Ryan Griffin, Robert Jackson, Riley Kane, Kelly Langdon, Zachary Mann, Nathaniel Miller, Dakota Quarles, Angelina Rodriguez, Parker Scholand, Gia Surace, Nico Tarana, Quan Thomas, Amar Thompson, Christina Tino, Amber VanEpps, Elric Viau III, Michael Vinci, Hanna Wallace, Dylan Waring, Nicholas Weiss, Grace Wood, Avalon Yorio, Caliah Young, Mark Zicari. Wheatland-Chili Central School District Michael Bauman, Zachary Donals, D’Asija Glover, Zachary Newman, Vanessa Nowicki, Tyler Root, Jordan Sobolew, Dakota VanEpps. Additional Students Completing CTE Programs Tinashae Barnes, Michael Biletskiy, Richard Brentari, Cordel Carver, Jacob Hartman, Zachary Hick, Tyrus Kirk, Krystal Lenear, Sachalee Lucret, Elizabeth Mayes, Alan Mc Lean, Ja’Chin Meeks, Kayla Newland, Nicholas Ragland-Bennett, Mitchell Sheflin, Kristopher Sumeriski, Corey Thurman, Zaivon Thurman, Christopher Torres, Mashanti Weems.

14 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Monroe 2-orleans BoCes Career and TeChniCal eduCaTion award winners

association of Career and technical education administrators (aCtea)/ WeMOCO student of the Year award The Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators recognizes one student enrolled in CTE at each BOCES for exemplary overall performance. The student is selected based upon his/her performance in the CTE class and outstanding leadership and dedication to CTE outside of the classroom. Madelyn Crowley (Gates Chili) Laboratory Technology John B. Barry Memorial award John B. Barry was a Chrysler Motors dealer with over 25 years of service. Barry was instrumental in developing the automotive program at WEMOCO and served on the first Advisory Committee. This award is given to an outstanding student in the automotive program on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Brockport. ethan Bibby (Holley) Automotive Technology

ethan Bibby

Joseph Crocker

kayla deJesus

Braden ferranti

adriana haitz

Bianca Mancuso

donald f. and Maxine B. davison Memorial scholarship The Donald F. and Maxine B. Davison family has dedicated scholarships to be awarded to graduating seniors who have earned distinction and are pursuing full-time study in an accredited college, university or technical school. The scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in the following programs: advertising design/multimedia, certified nurse assisting, or Engineering and Metal Fabrication Academy. The students need to have demonstrated distinction via at least one of the following: school performance, leadership, service and/or character. kayla deJesus (Greece Athena) Certified Nurse Assisting taylor pulver (Greece Athena) Certified Nurse Assisting Chase richardson (Churchville-Chili) Engineering & Metal Fabrication Academy Brandon steiger (Hilton) Advertising Design/Multimedia John M. dennis Memorial scholarship The John M. Dennis scholarship fund was established in memory of a dedicated Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES retiree. This award honors a student who has demonstrated the ability to achieve his/her academic and career goals and possesses a strong work ethic. The recipient can use this scholarship to financially assist entering the workforce and/or education. Braden ferranti (Holley) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Cameron B. estes Memorial award The Cameron B. Estes Award recognizes students who are cognizant that the proper use of leisure time takes as much careful and thoughtful planning and preparation as does a career, and that effective use of leisure time can provide individuals with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their communities, their families and to themselves. shane graham (Hilton) Carpentry Bianca Mancuso (Greece Odyssey) Carpentry

daniel preston

ferris goodridge auxiliary award The Ferris Goodridge Auxiliary Award is presented to a senior student who is pursuing a career in nursing. The student must display commitment, initiative, responsibility and competency in the field of nursing. In order to be considered for this award, the student must be accepted into a collegelevel nursing program. Constance freitag (Brockport) Certified Nurse Assisting the John d. klock scholarship John D. Klock served the school districts of Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES as a board member for 28 years including 15 years as a member of the BOCES board. His legacy to education continues today with his generous gift of a scholarship fund to benefit students pursuing career and technical education. Matthew szczepanski (Spencerport) Outdoor Powersports Technology rochester home Builders association/ William Morehouse scholarship This scholarship is supported by the New York State Builders Association Research and Education Foundation (NYSBA REF) and the Rochester Home Builders Association. The scholarship is committed to improving the future of the building industry by creating educational opportunities for students throughout the state. It is awarded to students who attend or plan on attending a college or certificate program and studying construction or a related field. shane graham (Hilton) Carpentry adam Ver steeg (Brockport) Carpentry rOMOld, inc. scholarship ROMOLD, Inc. presents this scholarship to a hard-working, committed student in the Engineering and Metal Fabrication Academy program who is enrolling in a machining program at the community college level, is viewed by their instructor(s) as a “go-getter” and is willing to learn and further explore manufacturing. daniel preston (Churchville-Chili) Engineering & Metal Fabrication Academy

taylor pulver

Chase richardson

Brandon steiger

the Victor and Janet salitan scholarship Victor Salitan served for 30 years as a school district attorney for several school districts including Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES for approximately 16 years. In 1980, the Victor Salitan Fund was established at the Rochester Area Foundation. This gift is held by the foundation as an endowment designated to benefit BOCES 2. adriana haitz (Churchville-Chili) Certified Nurse Assisting Joseph Crocker (Gates Chili) New Visions Health Professions timeless Beauty scholarship The Timeless Beauty Scholarship is awarded in honor of Eleanor Nettnin, who devoted 60 years to the hair and beauty profession. The scholarship recognizes a cosmetology student who demonstrates commitment, service, responsibility and exemplary performance in the cosmetology program. Mary daley (Spencerport) Cosmetology

Madelyn Crowley

Mary daley

Constance freitag

shane graham

Matthew szczepanski

adam Ver steeg

Monroe 2-orleans BoCes award winners Make all the differenCe sChOlarship The Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES Educational Foundation established the Make All the Difference Scholarships. These scholarships were created to assist current or past graduates of non-traditional programs. The scholarships are intended to help students in meeting their financial need and can be applied toward support services, specialized equipment, transportation, tuition or supplies, or another documented need. Donations to support future Make All the Difference student scholarships can be sent to the Monroe 2–Orleans Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 495, Spencerport, NY 14559. stephen Balka (Kendall) Make All the Difference Scholarship ethan Bibby (Holley) Make All the Difference Gerald Hochreiter Scholarship

Outstanding seniOr One senior from each high school in Monroe County is selected by their superintendent for the Outstanding Senior honor based upon their scholarship, service and character. The student is recognized at the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents’ Dr. Michael C. O’Laughlin Outstanding Senior Recognition Dinner. Madelyn Crowley Gates Chili

patrick donlon (Greece) Make All the Difference Campus Construction Scholarship Braden ferranti (Holley) Make All the Difference Scholarship

anthony Castillo-Quintero (Greece) Make All the Difference Aramark Scholarship

Caroline firkins (Hilton) Make All the Difference Harris Beach PLLC Scholarship

abigail Collins (Kendall) Make All the Difference Scholarship

adriana haitz (Churchville-Chili) Make All the Difference Scholarship

Madelyn Crowley (Gates Chili) Make All the Difference Rochester West Central Kiwanis Scholarship

rachel haller (Greece) Make All the Difference Scholarship

kayla deJesus (Greece) Make All the Difference Scholarship

alexander henion (Brockport) Make All the Difference Scholarship emily hobbins (Gates Chili) Make All the Difference Scholarship

andrew latona (Greece) Make All the Difference Scholarship elizabeth Mayes (RCSD) Make All the Difference Scholarship kayla nero (Gates Chili) Make All the Difference Scholarship kayla newland (Rush-Henrietta) Make All the Difference Scholarship stephen nicolazzo (Churchville-Chili) Make All the Difference Aramark Scholarship Jordan saeva (Wheatland-Chili) Make All the Difference Scholarship ryan scavuzzo (Hilton) Make All the Difference LaBella Associates Scholarship

Salute to the Graduates 2019 15

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Salutes 2018-19 Students National Technical Honor Society welcomes 30 BOCES 2 CTE students Thirty 12th-grade students were inducted into the WEMOCO Chapter of the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). To be a member of NTHS, a student must have good academic standing, an excellent attendance record, a CTE teacher recommendation and be graduating with a local, Regents or Regents with Distinction diploma. The students must adhere to the seven tenets of the NTHS: skill, honesty, service, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship and leadership. The following students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society: Makenzie Ashe (Brockport), Ethan Bibby (Holley), Madelyn Crowley (Gates Chili), Nicholas Cubiotti (Gates Chili), Malina Endulovski (Gates Chili), Alyssa Ferra (Churchville-Chili), Caroline Firkins (Hilton), Constance Freitag (Brockport), Grace Gogal (Holley), Shane Graham (Hilton), Rachel Haller (Greece), Alexander Henion (Brockport), Andrew Lemmon (Hilton), Emily Lenz (Brockport), Alexander Mack (Greece), Bianca Mancuso (Greece), Chandler Montana (Churchville-Chili), Bryan Mosbruger (Churchville-Chili), Augostino Muscianese (Churchville-Chili), Ryan O’Mara (Hilton), Jessica Pray (Churchville-Chili), Taylor Pulver (Greece), Daniel Rush (Gates Chili), Matthew Schuyler (Gates Chili), Abbey Shannon (Hilton), Brandon Steiger (Hilton), Dakota VanEpps (Wheatland-Chili), Adam Ver Steeg (Brockport), Michael Vinci (Spencerport), Grace Wood (Spencerport).

Alternative High School Ceremony at BOCES 2

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Alternative High School Graduation, held on June 13, was attended by proud family and friends celebrating the accomplishments of the Class of 2019: (l-r): Noah Clayton (Rochester City School District), Jordan Mekus (Holley), Michael Garcia (Gates Chili), Frankie Rivera (RCSD), Isaiah Vazquez (East Irondequoit). Not shown: James King (Greece).

Department for Exceptional Children celebrates at Moving On ceremony

Ten students were honored at the 2019 Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Department for Exceptional Children’s Moving On ceremony. Congratulations to: Mykia Binion (Gates Chili), Mallory Blackman (RCSD), Victoria Gudonis (Gates Chili), Hason Miller (Gates Chili), Greg Morton (RCSD), Austin Neva (Brockport), Emma O’Donnell (Gates Chili), Paul Preston (Gates Chili), Najali Rivera (Gates Chili) and Ashley Rose (Hilton).

Project SEARCH Celebration

Westside Academy Graduation at BOCES 2

Westside Academy celebrated graduation with laughter and tears, as their seniors prepared to step into the future. Each of the nine grads made a unique, irreplaceable contribution to the school, and all will be missed. 2019 Westside Academy Graduates (lr): Jacob Ortiz (Brockport), Michael Vitaliy Biletskiy (East Irondequoit), Abigail Marie Dodson (Brockport), Christian Martinez-Gilbert (Churchville-Chili), Joseph B. Brase (Spencerport), Victoria Brock (Brockport), Egypt Stanley-Walker (Gates Chili), Jared Phinney (Churchville-Chili). Not shown: Rayshaun T. Cramer (Churchville-Chili).

Eleven students were honored for completing Project SEARCH, a partnership between Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, the University of Rochester Medical Center and Arc of Monroe. Congratulations to: Brandon Clark (Wheatland-Chili), Nicolas D’Olivo (Gates Chili), James Dumond (Brockport), Jamel Griffin (RCSD), Mamata Guardalben, Bi’ron Jones (Gates Chili), Shayna Joseph, Anthoney Majors (Gates Chili), Maria Marchionda, Matthew Varela (Churchville-Chili) and Michael Vargas (East Irondequiot).

Congratulations graduates We wish you success in all you do.

16 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

College majors that can lead to higher earnings Choosing a college major is an important decision that many students delay making until their sophomore or even junior years. Only after taking a few courses and uncovering one’s interests do some college students figure out what they want to do with their lives. Each student is different, and while some may pursue a degree based on a particular passion, others may choose majors that can lead to high-paying jobs. While men often lean toward majors like engineering and computer science that have traditionally been linked to high earnings, women have historically gravitated to lower-paying specialties like education and social sciences. But in recent years a shift has occurred, and more women have begun to choose majors associated with higher post-graduate salaries. Reports from the career guidance site Glassdoor analyzed how much male and female professionals with the same college degree earned and identified many instances in which women went on to earn more than men in the first five years of their career. They’ve identified several majors where female college graduates can earn as much or more than their male counterparts and find successful careers.

•Architecture •Pharmaceutical sciences •Information sciences •Chemical engineering •Computer science •Electrical engineering •Mechanical engineering •Computer engineering •Business economics •Civil engineering •Sports management Despite these findings, the college resource CollegeFactual and the U.S. Department of Education says that women remain likely to pursue education, design and applied arts, health services, and social work as career options. Students unsure of which major they want to pursue can take career assessments to help narrow down their options. Working with mentors or engaging in internships also can present a first-hand idea of high-paying career paths. (Metro)

Margaret A. McGrath Charitable Foundation awards scholarships The Margaret A. McGrath Charitable Foundation announced the awarding of 16 scholarships totaling $66,000 to local students for the 2019-2020 academic school year. The Foundation offers two types of scholarships to residents of the towns of Sweden and Hamlin. The Philip and Margaret Dollard Business Scholarship is awarded to those majoring in business and the Marie Dollard McGrath Elementary Education Scholarship is awarded to those majoring in elementary education. Scholarships are for Undergraduate and Graduate degrees. This years recipients of the Philip and Margaret Dollard Business Scholarship are: •Wilson Huang (Sweden) - Rochester Institute of Technology •Jacob Lewis (Sweden) - University of Buffalo •Christopher Sodoma (Sweden) - St. John Fisher College

•Jacob Vinch (Hamlin) - St. John Fisher College •Joseph McNulty (Hamlin) - Roberts Wesleyan College •Ann Marie Marseglia (Hamlin) - St. John Fisher College •Anthony Polizzi (Hamlin) - Case Western Reserve University •Quinlan Ignaszak (Sweden) - Finger Lakes Community College •Regan Nugent (Hamlin) - Niagara University •Taylor ReQua (Hamlin) - Niagara University •John Rath (Hamlin) - SUNY Oswego •Laney Sodoma (Sweden) - Ithaca College The recipients of the Marie Dollard McGrath Elementary Education Scholarship are: •Julia Pacitto (Sweden) - SUNY Oswego •Kyle Palka (Hamlin) - The College at Brockport

•Juliana Schwab (Hamlin) - The College at Brockport •Solera Sherry (Hamlin) - Buffalo State College Margaret A. McGrath established the foundation in 2004 under her will to provide scholarships to residents of the towns of Sweden and Hamlin who have chosen to pursue a degree in either business or elementary education. The foundation has awarded $745,000 in scholarships since its formation. Qualifying 2020 graduating high school seniors and current college students should submit applications for the 2020-2021 academic year by March 1, 2020. For more information, contact Richard J. Dollard, Executive Director and Trustee at 637-7170 or visit www. Provided information

Hats Off To The

Class of 2019 Congratulations OLIVIA FERRIS Brockport High School Class of 2019 Love, Your Family

Joshua Jordan Cappadonia Brockport Class of 2019 Love, Your Family

Congratulations     Graduates!

Salute to the Graduates 2019 17

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Congratulations 2019 Graduates!! Mom & Dad:

Let us cater YOur ceLebratiOn!! Enjoy yourselves.

Top it off with an

ice creaM caKe!! Call now for details.

1420 County Line Road • Kendall (585) 659-9131 Hours: 9-9 • 7 Days A Week

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Hamlin Lions John Cottom Scholarship 2019 award winners are (l-r): John Rath and Morgan Davis from Kendall High School; Ann Marie Marseglia from Brockport High School; and Lucas Speer from Hilton High School. Provided photo.

Chili Presbyterian scholarship announced The Board of Deacons and Scholarship Committee from the First Presbyterian Church of Chili have named Alex Mathewson as the recipient of the 2019 First Presbyterian Church of Chili Scholarship. Alex is the son of Jay and Kathy Mathewson. He is graduating from Churchville-Chili Central School. In the fall, Alex will attend SUNY Fredonia, where he will major in biology and biomedical engineering. After volunteering through both the church and scouts, doing such things as helping with the Fall Supper and Chicken Barbecue, as well as attending two mission trips to Ohio and Colorado, he knew he wanted to make a positive and lasting impact on the community. Alex believes that joining the medical field is the best way for him to do that. Provided information and photo

Tia Clark

SUNY Fredonia Dance

Taylor Tydings Nazareth College Music Therapy

Alex Mathewson

Tips for students studying abroad Study abroad programs can change students’ lives, opening their eyes to other cultures and helping them to make memories that last a lifetime. Study abroad programs also may inspire a love of travel that students will foster for the rest of their lives. Students who have enrolled in or are considering enrolling in study abroad programs can make their experiences overseas more memorable if they take some time to prepare for life abroad before boarding the plane. Learn about your host country. Students who can successfully assimilate into their host countries may get more from their time overseas than those who do not. Studying a host country’s customs and history is a great way to learn about life there before your plane touches down. If the native language in your host country is different than your own, do your best to learn the language. While you won’t become fluent overnight, learning some basic words and phrases can make your time overseas go more smoothly and increase the chances that you develop meaningful relationships with locals. Enthusiastically leave your comfort zone. Daily life might be vastly different in your host country than it is at home. Rather than dwelling on the differences between life overseas and life at home, embrace this chance to leave your comfort zone. Approach cultural differences with enthusiasm instead of skepticism, even trying local cuisine you might otherwise not experience back home. Get out of the dorm. Study abroad programs include the word “study” in their titles, so students should recognize they will still need to devote

time to their schoolwork. But during your down time, embrace chances to get out of your dorm room or apartment to soak in your host city. If your host country is in Europe, where traveling between countries tends to be simpler than in other regions of the world, learn about neighboring countries and do your best to visit some during your time overseas. Disconnect from your devices. Whether or not life at home is dominated by devices, use your time overseas to disconnect so you can fully experience your host city and country. Don’t miss out on the sights and sounds of your host country by spending too much time using your tablet or smartphone. Keep a journal. One of the best ways to commemorate your time abroad is to keep a daily journal. You will no doubt enjoy many unique experiences while overseas, and keeping a daily journal is a great way to ensure you remember each of those experiences and all the people you meet along the way. Study abroad programs can benefit students in myriad ways, and a few simple strategies can ensure young men and women make the most of their time overseas. (Metro)

Megan Richardson

SUNY Geneseo Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Karenna Waite

Alfred University Art - Drawing & Painting

Norah Royce

SUNY Geneseo Forensic Anthropology

Congratulations Seniors! believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.

La Danse Workshop

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18 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Hilton High School Candidates for Graduation 2019

Moriah Acciaio, Anthony Adams, Arion Aghaie, Hussian Ali, Morgan Andrews, Skyler Andrews, Katherine Annable, Isabella Antonini, Anthony Antoniou Jr., Leah Appleton

Brennan Callen, Thomas Callery, Megan Cardella, Bradley Carr, Mitchell Carr, Chelsey Case, Christian Casini, Diego Cazares, Abigail Cerame, Joseph Chirdo

Nicole Fortuna, Eden Francis, Emma Freeman, Timothy Frisbee, Michael Fronczak, Dayna Fuino, Nicholas Furioso, Michael Galante, Makenna Garbowski, Emma Garver

Gianna Arbore, Christopher Arilotta, Justin Arilotta, Tyler Arilotta, Kevin Armbruster, Carly Baker, Caitlyn Barker, Charles Barker, Tyler Basile, Connor Bateman, John Bateman

Maverick Clark, Tia Clark, Shayna Cliff, Brandon Collins, Chase Connor, Savannah Connor, Keara Conolly, Jade Cook, Owen Copey, Haley Corette

Logan Gefell, Evan George, Taylor Gerone, Casey Gibbs, Vincenzo Gizzi, Marissa Glitzer, Jack Gombatto, Joseph Gombatto, Danielle Goodenow, Lauren Goodrich

Joshua Battaglia, Shanelle Beaty, John Beedle, Nathaniel Begue, Riley Bevilacqua, Michael Bilby, Kevin Billoti, Victoria Bisciotti, Justin Blackwood, Skylar Bode, Kayla Bonter

Adrianna Covone, Morgan Coyle, Brittany Cripps, Alyssa Cusimano, Nastalgia Cylar, William Czebatol, Dylan D’Aloisio, Nathan Danielecki, Erika Danzig, Ryan Danzig

Shane Graham, Nicholas Grasso, Mallory Guarino, Kaitlyn Guyett, Tyler Hacker, Kyler Haines, Skylar Hamlin, Kathryn Hardin, James Hayward, Juliana Helfer

Justin Borelli, Bayli Bostley, Josephine Boyd, Ludmila Boyko, Autumn Briggs, Isabella Brooks, Mitchell Buckert, Mason Burdick, Ryan Butts, Zachary Cahill

Luke DeFiore, Shane DeFiore, Colby DeGraeve, Pedro Delgado III, Genna DelVecchio, Richard DelVecchio III, Michael Denise, Domenico Dentino, Abigal DePrez, Samuel DePrez

Ambria Helmer, Drew HerrNeckar, Aiden Herron, Nathan Higgins, Amanda Hilderbrandt, Alexis Hill, Olivia Hoffman, Lily Holt, Camryn Holtz, Amanda Hough, Chloe Houser

Margot Dhuicque, Jaysen Dibble, Arthur Dilbert III, Anthony DiLullo III, Jackson DiPalma, Alexis Distefano, Alexandra Dittman, Jacob Dixon, Jacob Donoghue

Brenden Howell, Britney Hughes, Kyra Hyatt, Nicholas Iuppa, Caleb Johnson, Kaitlyn Johnson, Mackenzie Johnson, Riley Johnson, Ronni Johnson

Shawn Doran, Shaina Doser, Kyle Douglas, Lillian Draper, Bryant Dudek, Rachel Duford, Taylor Eccleston, MiReina Eid, Jesse Ensman, David Eve Kelsey Evers, Kylie Faller, Isabella Ferrante, Cody Fertitta, Matthew Fiorino, Caroline Firkins, Matthew Flagg, Alexis Fletcher, Lilli Follett, Alexandra Forberg

Congratulations Hilton 2019 Graduates from all of us at GALAXIE AUTO PARTS 4974 Ridge Road West Spencerport 352-0996 We would like to Salute and Congratulate all Seniors in the Hilton Class Of 2019. HILTON MONUMENT CO. 18 East Avenue, Hilton 392-9909

Congratulations Class Of 2019. Add a smile to your day. CROSBY’S Parma 392-5950 Congratulations to the Class Of 2019 ELLEN STEVENS Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 130

Yana Kasap, Kelly Kaufman, Jacob Kelsey, Anthony Kessler, Rachel Knittel, Margarite Korolchuk, Allen Kubitz, John Kudela, Justin Kuebel, Nicholas Kuhn Samuel Lana Jr., Nicole Lang, Jacob Lantz, Alan Lawson, Jordan Lawson, Emily Leach, Leslie LeBeau, Andrew Lemmon, Megan Letta, Jeremiah Lewis

Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133 Congratulations & Good Luck Class Of 2019! HEINRICH COLLISION 60 Gorton Ave., Hilton 392-7800

Salute to the Graduates 2019 19

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Hilton High School Candidates for Graduation 2019 Justin Lewis, Ava Licata, Zachary Liddle, Kaitlyn Liucci, Talia LoMaglio, Victoria Loreca, Johnathon Lute, Matthew Lyons, Leonard Makohon, Connor Maksymciw

Kaylee-Anne Nunez, Ryan O’Mara, Igor Odarchuk, Matthew Olek, Ambre Ollio, Jacob Ouriel, Anthony Pagano, Noah Panepinto, Alex Pardi, Anya Parks, Rebbecca Patten, Kelly Patterson

Jonnah Malsegna, Noah Malta, Nicholas Malyk, Abbey Manetta, Dylan Mangiacapre, Souriya Manivong, Ethan Mann, Marissa Mansfield, Dominic Marcello, Emily Marino, Charles Mason

Julianna Pavlovych, Brooke Pearce, Hannah Pearson, Derek Perrotto, Ethan Petricone, Colden Philps, Vincent Picciotto, Catherine Pickering, Antonio Platt, Gia Polito, Victor Poplavskiy, Nia Porter, Marquise Powell, Mikayla Provost

Samuel Matiishin, Jacob Matlock, Emily Mattice, Jessica Mattioli, Curtis Matzan, Isabella Maxwell, Marissa Maxwell, Chloe Maytan, Meaghan McGwin, Ivy Mcintyre, James McKague Ryan McKeeby, Ryan McNair, Emma Meisner, Haley Mesavage, Samuel Messura, Melina Michailidis, Luis Miguel Pascual, Carter Miles, Thomas Miller Jr., Carlie Minnehan, Lourdes Molares Garcia, Gavin Moore, Gina Morelli Savanha Morgan, Justin Mosher, Caitlin Mott, Amanda Mousaw, Ella Muir, Julianna Murphy, Justin Neu, Madison Newbauer, Matthew Nielson, William North, Travis Northrup, Massimo Notarpasquale, Alexander Noto

Nieryssette Ramos, Dayna Randazzo, Eli Ransom, Weston Ransom, Kayla Reese, Linzee Reyes, Connor Richards, Megan Richardson, Anthony Robertson, Laura Robinson Spencer Robison, Elizabeth Robrahn-Drost, Laura Rodriguez, Dylan Rogers, Hanna Roman, Nicholas Romano, Jadalyn Ross, Christian Roth, Melissa Roth, Mitchell Rothenburgh, Jordin Roy, Isabel Rumpf, Alivia Ruta, Tyler Sadler Jeremy Saile, Cassidy Salamone, Raymond Sanna Jr., Maya Santiago-Lee, Jason Sapienza, Hannah Sarnov, Ryan Scavuzzo, Meghan Schiano, Brooke Schmitt, Brooklyn Schneider, Reece Schroeder, Anthony Sefo Patrick Seiler, Abraham Shaibi, Muthana Shaibi, Abbey Shannon, Isabella Shannon, Michael Shannon, Lucas Shea, Michela Silivestro, Catherine Skinner, Jenna Sloan, Alexander Smith, Jake Smith Jalen Smith, Sophia Spallina, Hannah Spatula, Lucas Speer, Andrew Springer, Molly Spurles, Brandon Steiger, Mariyah Stewart-Feliciano, Anthony Stirpe, Jack Street, Zachary Strussenberg Emily Sutton, Daniel Svarishchuk, Kaila Tackley, John Taddeo Jr., Justin Tahara, Brookelyn Tallman, Veronica Thaler, Jacob Thibault, Venessa Thurston, Layla Torres, Erica Trobia, Joseph Tuohey Taylor Tydings, Cole VanDoren, Jacob VanSlyke, Adamaryz Vargas, Jose Vasquez, Elizabeth Vazquez, Salina Vega, Grace VerWeire, Gabriella Viavattene

Congratulations Class Of 2019. You are no longer students... YOU ARE ALUMNI! hilton education foundation PO Box 232, Hilton, NY 14468 Find us on Facebook God’s Blessings Always Congratulations Class Of 2019 MARY LOU ROCKOW WESTSIDE NEWS INC. 352-3411 ext. 134

Good Luck 2019 Graduates HILTON NAPA 109 Lake Avenue, Hilton 392-7660

Tristan Vick, Anna Vinch, Kyle Walsh, Cassandra Walters, Audri Walworth, Daniel Ward, Matthew Weber, Justin Wegman, Christina Wessman Caroline West, Aidan White, Jordan Whitney, Julia Whitney, Lauren Wiggins, Brian Wise, Aaron Wisniewski, Edward Zimmerman.

20 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Hilton High School Class of 2019 Matthew Fiorino Marcus Gibbs Acres of Diamonds Scholarship

Kaitlyn Guyett Hilton Rotary Hal Belinger Scholarship

Caroline Firkins BOCES “Make All the Difference” Scholarship

Kathryn Hardin 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Mayflower Compact Award

Nicholas Furioso 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Robert & Vesta Dowd Memorial Science Award Vincenzo Gizzi Wegmans Scholarship Jack Gombatto Connie Bradt & John Sweeney Hilton Bus Driver’s Association Memorial Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Marcus Gibbs Acres of Diamonds Scholarship St. Bonaventure University Provost Scholarship Steve Fowler “Be a Cadet Fan” Award The Purple Justice Scholarship

Erika Danzig and Jackson DiPalma were awarded the Monroe County Executive Community Award. HILTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2019 AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS Katherine Annable Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Get-it-Straight Orthodontics Scholarship Wegmans Scholarship Isabella Antonini Athletic Scholarship for Women’s Diving Team-D1 Centennial Scholarship George Collamer Sportsmanship Award Gianna Arbore 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Justin Arilotta U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award Connor Bateman Season Athlete Award John Bateman Season Athlete Award Caitlyn Barker Hilton Central Schools Teacher Association Scholarship Student Council Leadership Award Charles Barker Hilton Central Schools Teacher Association Scholarship Hilton Heat Scholarship Wegmans Scholarship Victoria Bisciotti Roberts Wesleyan College Academic & Athletic Scholarships Mitchell Buckert Brian Scroger Memorial Scholarship

Ryan Butts David Johns Award-Men’s Sports Hilton Education Foundation Corporate LaBella Association Scholarship Hilton Education Foundation Scholarship Hilton Jr. Cadets Football and Cheerleading Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship

Joseph Gombatto Connie Bradt & John Sweeney Hilton Bus Driver’s Association Memorial Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Marcus Gibbs Acres of Diamonds Scholarship St. Bonaventure University Provost Scholarship Season Athlete Award Steve Fowler “Be a Cadet Fan” Award

James Hayward Hilton Heat Scholarship Integrated Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage Student Scholarship Rochester Chapter Credit Union Association Scholarship Juliana Helfer 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Amanda Hilderbrandt U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award Alexis Hill Dr. James Nundy Scholarship Olivia Hoffman Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Amanda Hough Season Athlete Award

Thomas Callery Hilton Coaches’ Award Maverick Clark 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Highest Achievement in Mathematics Award Hilton Education Foundation Corporate New York Business Sales Scholarship Hilton Heat Scholarship Keara Conolly Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Alyssa Cusimano Hilton Cadet Girls Soccer Scholarship Erika Danzig Hilton Jr. Cadets Football and Cheerleading Scholarship Hilton Parma Hamlin Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Monroe County Executive Community Award Abigail DePrez Accepted to Americorps for July 2019 Samuel DePrez Outstanding Male Senior Athlete Jackson DiPalma Andrew Rohloff Merit Scholarship Betty Waters Memorial Scholarship-Hilton Lioness Club Craig W. Rath Memorial Scholarship Hilton Apple Fest Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Monroe County Executive Community Award Ruth Roy Memorial (VEPTO) Scholarship Salvation Army Human Services Scholarship

Caroline West was recognized as an outstanding Hilton High School senior by HCSD Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek at the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents Michael C. O’Laughlin Outstanding Senior Recognition Dinner. One senior from each high school is selected for this honor based on his or her scholarship, service and character. Danielle Goodenow Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation

Nicholas Iuppa Rochester Institute of Technology Presidential Scholarship

Lauren Goodrich Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Sons of the American Revolution Award

Kaitlyn Johnson United Food & Commercial Workers Local One Benefit Scholarship

Nicholas Grasso American Legion Hiscock Fishbaugh Post 788Citizenship Scholarship Hilton Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Carol Tobey Award Marcus Gibbs Acres of Diamonds Scholarship

Mackenzie Johnson 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Season Athlete Award

Alexis Distefano 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Ellen Reitter Acts of Kindness Award Greece Rotary Scholarship Hilton Cadet Girls Soccer Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Alexandra Dittman Season Athlete Award U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

Caroline Firkins and Ryan Scavuzzo are the Monroe 2-Orleans Educational Foundation Make All the Difference Scholarship recipients.

Kyle R. Douglas Roberts Wesleyan College Dean’s Academic Scholarship CSEA Local 828 Scholarship Taylor Eccleston Marcus Gibbs Acres of Diamonds Scholarship

Hilton High School Class of 2019 Salutatorian Alexis Distefano (left) and Valedictorian Kathryn Hardin.

Salute to the Graduates 2019 21

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Hilton Class Of 2019 Awards & Scholarships Catherine Pickering 2019 National Merit Scholarship Corporation Scholarship 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Hilton Education Foundation Corporate FrontEdge Inc. Scholarship Hilton Education Foundation Women’s STEM Scholarship New York University Tisch Scholarship Linzee Reyes Ann Jennejahn Award-Women’s Sports Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation New York State Office of the State Comptroller Achievement Award Season Athlete Award Alivia Ruta Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Hannah Sarnov Distinguished Writing Award

Candidates for an International Baccalaureate Diploma are: (front, l-r) Skylar Bode, Jessica Mattioli, Skyler Andrews, Keara Connoly, Genna DelVecchio and Hannah Sarnov; (back, l-r) Cassandra Walters, Juliana Helfer, John Kudela, Linzee Reyes and Emily Sutton. Not shown, Kathryn Hardin and Meghan Schiano. Emily Mattice Connie Bradt & John Sweeney Hilton Bus Driver’s Association Memorial Scholarship Jessica Mattioli Alicia C. Fink Spanish Award Connie Bradt & John Sweeney Hilton Bus Driver’s Association Memorial Scholarship Etoleah Education Award Laura Downs Social Studies Award Paige Adele Smith Giving Back to the Community Scholarship Ivy McIntyre Most Improved Student Award Meaghan McGwin Season Athlete Award Ryan McNair Hilton Heat Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship

Mr. Kyle Mullen presented Nicholas Grasso with the American Legion Hiscock Fishbaugh Post 788-Citizenship Scholarship. John Kudela 2019 New York State Series Scholarship for Academic Excellence Megan Letta Andrew Rohloff Merit Scholarship Outstanding Female Senior Athlete Season Athlete Award Victoria Loreca Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation

Connor Maksymciw Hilton Youth Lacrosse Scholarship Jonnah Malsegna Wegmans Scholarship Noah Malta Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Season Athlete Award U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

Carter Miles Connie Bradt & John Sweeney Hilton Bus Driver’s Association Memorial Scholarship Hilton Apple Fest Scholarship Hilton Education Foundation Scholarship Hilton Parma Hamlin Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Integrated Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage Student Scholarship Jennejahn Family Award John Pyles Scholarship Salvation Army Human Services Scholarship The College at Brockport Eagle Scholarship The College at Brockport Prometheus Scholarship The College at Brockport President Albert W. & Marjorie Brown Scholarship

Ryan Scavuzzo BOCES “Make All the Difference” Scholarship Megan Schiano University of Rochester Dexter Perkins Prize in History Brooke Schmitt Fairmount State Out of State Neighbors Scholarship Hilton Sports Boosters Scholarship Marcus Gibbs Acres of Diamonds Scholarship William White Athletic Scholarship Anthony Sefo Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Catherine Skinner New York State Office of the Attorney General Triple C Award Jake Smith Library Student Volunteer Award-Sponsored by Librette Book Club Brandon Steiger Distinguished Writing Award Emily Sutton Mayflower Compact Award Adamaryz Vargas Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Florida Institute of Technology Panther Grant Season Athlete Award Elizabeth Vazquez Connie Bradt & John Sweeney Hilton Bus Driver’s Association Memorial Scholarship Caroline West Monroe County Council of School Superintendents’ Award

Justin Mosher Most Improved Student Award Ella Muir Hilton Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Carol Tobey Award Julianna Murphy Season Athlete Award Kaylee-Anne Nunez Counseling Office Recognition Award Sponsored by Davison Foundation Madison Newbauer Season Athlete Award Colden Phillips Hilton Heat Scholarship

Mrs. Casey Karafonda awarded Catherine Pickering with the Hilton Education Foundation Corporate Scholarship sponsored by FrontEdge Inc.

Justin Mosher was presented with the Most Improved Student Award sponsored by the Hilton Fire Dept.

22 Salute to the Graduates 2019

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Holley Class of 2019 Candidates for Graduation

Cade Anthony Aina, Erik Francis Balys, Sebastian Scott Bartholomew, Brett Douglas Brian Baxter, Elijah Adam Bibby, Emily Ann Bibby, Ethan Daniel Bibby, Jocelyn Michelle Cervone, Jocelyn Jane Chilton, Hunter S. Cleveland Jeremy Joseph Crandall, Megan Nicole Donohue, Damyan L. Famoly, Garrett Douglas Farrow, Braden Anthony Ferranti, Janna Clara Grasshoff **, Gianna Kathleen Grathouse, Jordan Andrew Grein, Basile Guillo** Neila Eimile Hand, McKenzie Lynn Hill, Dixon Hill Keon, Sarah Elizabeth Klatt, Michael Shane Klimchuk, Noah Michael Kowalski, Abrianna Lynee Kruger, William Matthew Lavender, Xi Lin Shawna Kathleen Lusk, Madison Rosemary Marsh, Hunter Colbi Mclean, Jordan William Mekus, Ericka Melissa Mendoza, Joel Paul Moore, Elijah Ross Morales Stanton, Emma Louise Morlino, Gregory Robert Morrill, John Edwin Mounts Dalton James Moyer, Nicole Marie Mrzywka, Daniel Robert Norman, Alicia Diane Osborne, Cheyan Melissa Palmer, Robert Jacob Peters, Kory William Puente, Nicole Ashley Ramsey, Indigo Celeste Richards-Dyson Daniel Gene Roe Jr., Peyton Marie Sargent, Lexianne Rebekah Seewagen, Matthew William Skehan, Gabriel John Smith, Julia Renee Smith, Aaron John Richard Strathearn, Teresa Tessa Szcepanski**, Amanda Gene Valerio, Zachery Jason VanAmeron Abigail Joy Williams, Michaela Leann Williams, David Matthew Wilson, Corina Ann Wright, Anastasiya Yaroshchuk, Kristina Yaroshchuk, Ryan Andrew Zadorecky. **Exchange Student

Smile...the future is yours! Congratulations Class Of 2019 DR. STEVEN J. THOMPSON 42 Public Square • Holley 638-5435 Best Wishes in your future endeavors. Congratulations Class Of 2019! HEATH & HEATH ATTORNEYS 66 Village Square • Holley 638-6331 Best Wishes for a Happy, Successful Future. Congratulations Class Of 2019. CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL FUNERAL HOMES 16650 Route 31 • Holley 638-6397 21 West Avenue • Albion 589-4471

Congrats on a job well done! Believe you can do it... and you will! DEBBIE DAY WESTSIDE NEWS INC. 352-3411 ext. 131 Congratulations to the 2019 Graduates! GEORGE’S FANCHER ROAD SERVICE 3213 Fancher Road • Fancher 638-8066 Congratulations Class Of 2019. Add a smile to your day. CROSBY’S Corner of Batavia & State Streets 638-6307

Congratulations Class Of 2019! THE STEWART INSURANCE AGENCY 50 Main Street South, Brockport 637-6030 Congratulations & Best Wishes to the Class Of 2019! JEFFREY R. MARTIN ATTORNEY 23 Public Square • Holley 391-6300 Congratulations Graduates! Follow your dreams! SOMETHING ABOUT RELAXATION Alexis Roniger (2014 Holley Graduate) 43 Market Street, Brockport 431-3306 Best Wishes Class Of 2019 DEB LAMMES-REDICK Westside News Inc. 590-4427

Salute to the Graduates 2019 23

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HOLLEY CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT 70TH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT GRADUATION AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS – CLASS OF 2019 HOLLEY HIGH SCHOOL 2019 GRADUATION AWARDS In loving memory of her brother, David Ruggles, Class of 1948, $50 by Harlene Ruggles Slavny to the senior displaying outstanding qualities of friendliness and compassion. Robert Jacob Peters

Two $50 awards given by the Holley V.F.W. Post 202 Auxiliary to the senior boy and girl who best display the qualities of good citizenship and patriotism. Gianna Kathleen Grathouse Gregory Robert Morrill

In memory of Ruth B. Ruggles and Richard C. Ruggles, $50 by Harlene Ruggles Slavny to the most outstanding public speaking student. Cheyan Melissa Palmer

$50 by the National Honor Society, to the senior who is not a member of the society, but whose contributions to the areas of character, service and leadership have been exemplary. Peyton Marie Sargent

In memory of her father, Harland S. Ruggles, who served Holley as Chief of Police for 32 years, $50 by Harlene Ruggles Slavny to the student pursuing a career in law enforcement. Emily Ann Bibby In memory of her best friend, Edith Farino Stigliano, Class of 1955, $50 by Harlene Ruggles Slavny to the student pursuing a career in the medical field. Sarah Elizabeth Klatt In memory of Richard V. Martin and Maynard W. Martin, a plaque given by the children of Richard V. Martin, to the senior who has made the greatest contribution to athletics during four years at Holley High School. Erik Francis Balys Two $500 scholarships given by the Holley Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. to seniors residing in the Holley Joint Fire District entering into a program of study in the fields of Fire, EMS, Health Services or Law Enforcement. Emily Ann Bibby Kory William Puente In memory of Daniel Donovan, $50 each given by the Holley Fire Department Support Group to the senior boy and girl doing outstanding work in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Alicia Diane Osborne Kory William Puente $75 awarded by the Senior High Student Council to the senior boy and girl who have provided significant service to the school. Jocelyn Jane Chilton Aaron John Richard Strathearn $50 by Anita Piedimonte to the senior who has maintained the highest average in the CTE program in Spencerport. Braden Anthony Ferranti Two $500 awards given by the Holley Central School PTSA, to the seniors who demonstrated a dedication to volunteerism. Cheyan Melissa Palmer Michaela Leann Williams Two $250 awards given to the senior boy and girl displaying the characteristics of Americanism/Citizenship from the Jewell Buckman American Legion Post 529 Charles H. Strong Memorial Scholarship. Anastasiya Yaroshchuk Gregory Robert Morrill In loving memory of David Jewell, Class of 1989, $50 by Penny Cole and family to the senior boy who has displayed leadership, dedication to his team, and sportsmanship in basketball or baseball. John Edwin Mounts Virgil Bogue – Catherine Flanagan Scholarship: These past community leaders left estate funds for the education of Orleans County Youth. The Child Welfare Association of Orleans County distributes these funds and is proud of helping to further the education of our youth. This award provides the student with $200 per semester, for each of eight semesters. Lexianne Rebekah Seewagen Class of 1963 Andrew Richard DeCarlo Memorial Fund: $100 to be given to the most outstanding senior tennis player given by Joan R. DeCarlo, Fund Administrator. Aaron John Richard Strathearn In loving memory of “Butch Drennen,” $50 by his wife Betty Drennen, and his children, Tina Yacono-Bullins and Andrew Yacono, to the senior boy or girl who majored in automotive technology and will be pursuing a career or studies in the field of auto technology. Ethan Daniel Bibby

$100 by the Holley Garden Club to the graduating senior who maintained the highest average in science for four years. Abrianna Lynee Kruger $50 by Mr. and Mrs. David Brooks to the senior boy who participated in basketball or baseball, who exemplifies the characteristics of their beloved nephew, David R. Jewell. Matthew William Skehan In memory of Richard Martin, $750 from his children to the graduating senior who has displayed an exceptional work ethic and endeavored to work to the best of his/her ability. Anastasiya Yaroshchuk $500 awarded by Dr. Daniel Schiavone to the graduating senior with the highest academic average who will be attending a four-year college to pursue a degree in the dental/medical profession. Shawna Kathleen Lusk $100 from the Holley Music Department to be shared by the seniors who have shown the most dedication to the music program. Emily Ann Bibby Lexianne Rebekah Seewagen Karen Kane and Karen Cobb $25 wrestling award to the senior wrestlers who demonstrated persistence and loyalty to the wrestling program. Erik Francis Balys Elijah Ross Morales Stanton Paul Engert Wrestling “Biggest Heart” Award given to the senior wrestlers who demonstrated “Heart” and a “Never Quit” attitude during the wrestling season. Cade Anthony Aina Damyan L. Famoly In memory of Stephen “Tim” Persia, Class of 1965, $100 gift to a graduating senior girl or boy who has consistently displayed the qualities of good sportsmanship, integrity and overall good character while participating in athletic events and in the community. Damyan L. Famoly In memory of Bill Mayer, member and former Police Chief, $50 by the Murray Holley Historical Society to a student who is pursuing a degree in criminal justice. Amanda Gene Valerio In memory of Holley attorneys Mark Heath and Robert E. Heath, founders of Heath & Heath Law Offices, which continues to serve the community today, $500 by the Heath family to a senior who has excelled in English over their four years in high school. Shawna Kathleen Lusk

In memory of Jim Ferris, Class of 1959, $500 from his wife, Linda Ferris-Olsan, and his daughters, Dr. Carson Ferris-Zeolla and Jane Ferris, to the athlete that displayed the best sportsmanship, is a good citizen and maintained a “B” average or higher. Madison Rosemary Marsh In memory of Gary Zastrow, $100 to the student that displayed the characteristics that Gary displayed: compassion, loyalty and friendliness. Nicole Ashley Ramsey A $200 award given by Mae Penna and family, in loving memory of her husband John Penna, Class of 1954, who was an exceptional athlete, instrumental in starting the Booster Club and a long-time Holley Board of Education member, to the senior athlete that excelled in sports. Matthew William Skehan

A $400 award is given by the Holley Building and Grounds Department to the senior who will be attending a trade school after graduation. Erik Francis Balys

In loving memory of Keith and Jean Kernan, $200 each is awarded to the graduating senior boy and girl who freely and consistently offer a hug to the hurting, a word of encouragement to the discouraged, and who readily welcome all into their unconditional circle of friendship. McKenzie Lynn Hill Elijah Adam Bibby

In loving memory of Floyd Hanes, Class of 1994, who proudly wore number 12 on the soccer field, this scholarship created by Floyd’s friends and family awards two $512 scholarships to the seniors who best represent all aspects of Floyd: his loving, caring nature towards others, and his intensity and fire on the soccer field. Kory William Puente Matthew William Skehan

$50 to the senior who showed the biggest heart and enthusiasm for high school, and brought happiness and laughter to all those around them. Xi Serene Lin

5$100 each, given by the Fancher-Hulberton-Murray Fire Company, to the seniors residing within their fire district that have provided the greatest community service. Jocelyn Michelle Cervone Emma Louise Morlino

In memory of Eugene “Butch” Weader, $200 by the Holley VFW Eastern Orleans Memorial Post 202, to the senior who will be entering the Armed Forces. Hunter S. Cleveland

$500 to a senior, from the American Red Cross, due to our increased participation in the blood drive. Chosen by the Student Council to be given to the senior who has donated generously throughout the year, either by donation or volunteering his time. Aaron John Richard Strathearn In memory of Kathy McCall Schwan, Class of 1962, one $100 award given by the McCall & Schwan family to the most deserving art student in the senior class. Emma Louise Morlino In honor of Gary Zastrow, from his siblings Barb, Ann, Steve, Mary Ellen and Theresa, $500 given to the senior that emulates and demonstrates Gary’s traits of giving spirit, putting others’ needs first, infectious laughter and smile, and being there for children of all ages. Jocelyn Michelle Cervone In memory of soccer player and summer soccer coach Noel Lutes, Class of 1988, $50 is given by his children, Keith and Alicia, and wife, Tyanna, to a senior boy who played soccer with the most heart and for the love of the game. Matthew William Skehan

The Monroe County Council of School Superintendents (MCCOSS) recognized senior Matthew Skehan, at left, as the Outstanding Senior at Holley Central School District. Superintendent Brian Bartalo presented Matt with the award, which distinguishes students based on their scholarship, service and leadership. MCCOSS selects one senior from each high school in Monroe County for this honor.

In loving memory of Burton, Mary and Howard Bowen, a $100 award is given by Harold Bowen, Janet Bowen Dennis, Debbie Bowen Roe and Lynn Bowen Elliott to a student pursuing a career in the agricultural field or in veterinary technology. Nicole Marie Mrzywka

$50 to the student showing the most improvement in history by the Murray Holley Historical Society. Jocelyn Jane Chilton

A $500 award given in honor of Daniel R. Cole II, Class of 1971, by his wife, children, grandsons and family friends, to the senior boy or girl who best exemplifies the qualities that Dan displayed throughout his life: compassion for others, involvement in school, a love of the arts, a keen sense of friendship, a willingness to help others and a strong sense of humor. Matthew William Skehan

In memory of James A. Sunseri, Class of 1930, $100 to the senior athlete who has consistently displayed sportsmanship in his/her performance, proficiency in his/her execution, and tolerance in his/her participation. Matthew William Skehan

In loving memory of Patricia Passarell, former Holley Elementary School secretary, $100 each to the senior boy and girl who demonstrate the characteristics of kindness, caring and friendship to all. Cheyan Melissa Palmer Daniel Gene Roe Jr.

In loving memory of Andie Mae G. Carpenter, Class of 2017, a $500 scholarship is given by her family and friends to the senior that best exemplifies the qualities that Andie displayed throughout her life: a love of family, the outdoors, traveling and exploring all that life has to offer, while never letting anything hold her back. Based on student artwork submitted that symbolizes what “Adventures in Love” means to them, the family selected the senior they feel best represents all that Andie stood for. McKenzie Lynn Hill

In loving memory of Carmelo Rivera, Class of 2010, $250 awards given to the senior boy and girl that will be continuing their education in college and who best exemplify Carmelo’s hard work, dedication, determination, perseverance, and loving and giving nature to his friends, community and family. This award is given by his mother, Rose (Rivera) Rodriguez and his brothers and sisters. Abrianna Lynee Kruger Matthew William Skehan

$100 to the senior who is always willing to lend a hand. Aaron John Richard Strathearn

A $250 award given by the Clarendon Lions Club in memory of their deceased members to a student or students, based on grade average, service to others, and accepted into a college or trade school with a course of study in medicine/research. Jocelyn Michelle Cervone Shawna Kathleen Lusk

In loving memory of Austin Boyd, Class of 2009, $500 is awarded by his family to a senior who demonstrates the character traits of unselfish, cheerful service and devotion to the welfare of others. Jeremy Joseph Crandall

$250 memorial scholarship from the Holley V.F.W. Post 202 Auxiliary, to the senior(s) who exemplifies someone who always puts others first, is caring and compassionate to others, and promotes patriotism. Recipients are chosen by the Holley V. F. W. Auxiliary based on essays submitted by April 1 of their senior year. This year, there was a tie, so both recipients will receive $250 each. Shawna Kathleen Lusk Lexianne Rebekah Seewagen

$100 by Mr. Jeffrey R. Martin to the senior who graduates number one in his/her own class. Shawna Kathleen Lusk

The Good Neighbor award of $100 is to be given in memory of Marguerite A. Sunseri, Class of 1928, to the senior who has generously given of his or her time in supporting school and community events, displayed unflagging courtesy, exhibited unequivocal charity, and harbored no envy, but rather rejoiced in the good fortune and happiness of his or her fellow students. Emily Ann Bibby

Holley honors the Top 10 Seniors: Front row, from left, Shawna Lusk, Lexianne Seewagen, Neila Hand, Kristina Yaroshchuk and Anastasiya Yaroshchuk. Back row, from left, Emily Bibby, McKenzie Hill, Gregory Morrill, Madison Marsh and Abrianna Kruger.

$500 memorial scholarship in honor of Arnold Cardillo, Class of 1954, to a college-bound varsity athlete whose character, kindness and leadership are respected by Holley High School students and faculty, and whose contributions of time and energy to both the school and the greater Holley community are appreciated by all. Abigail Joy Williams In loving memory of Andrew S. Carpenter, a $500 award by his family to the senior pursing a degree in a health-related field. Abigail Joy Williams

HOLLEY TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS Emily Ann Bibby Jocelyn Michelle Cervone McKenzie Lynn Hill Shawna Kathleen Lusk Ericka Melissa Mendoza Cheyan Melissa Palmer Lexianne Rebekah Seewagen HARRY J. BOWER BOARD OF EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP William Matthew Lavender HOLLEY ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS Jocelyn Michelle Cervone Peyton Marie Sargent Lexianne Rebekah Seewagen HOLLEY SPORTS BOOSTERS SCHOLARSHIPS Julia Renee Smith Matthew William Skehan CLARENDON LADIES’ AUXILIARY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Kristina Yaroshchuk DAVID R. JEWELL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS Basketball: Matthew William Skehan Baseball: Matthew William Skehan PRINCIPAL’S SCHOLARSHIP Emily Ann Bibby MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP Ethan Daniel Bibby Braden Anthony Ferranti


24 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Kendall Central School District Class of 2019 – Candidates for Graduation Roy Ault, Stephen Balka, Ryan Barrett, Amber Bartel, Ethan Billings, Detonse Burroughs, Mazie Carpenter, Jessica Coble, Abigail Collins Morgan Davis, Matthew DiNatale, Harley Faro, Michael Gardner, Peter Gilman Jr., Kaitlyn Gregory, Hanna Hofstra, Abigail Jenks, Kasey Kennard, Colby Klinkbeil Jacob Kuhn, Brooke Lawson, Emily Legan, Joseph Manno, Krystal Marks, Kelly Mayes, Hunter Menze, Jason Miller, Anna Oakley, John Rath, Alec Reed, Jenna Regan Kody Roese, Donald Smith, Joseph Smith, Ethan Spalty, Callahan Speer, Tamra Stratton, Nathan Warters, Sara Whalen, Joshua Wietz.

Sincere Best Wishes Class Of 2019. Add a smile to your day. CROSBY’S 16825 Roosevelt Highway 659-2250

Congratulations Class Of 2019 HILTON-SPENCERPORT EXPRESS 16868 Kenmore Road 659-8442 “Keep On Truckin’ ”

God’s Blessings Always Congratulations Class Of 2019 MARY LOU ROCKOW WESTSIDE NEWS INC. 352-3411 ext. 134

Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133

Best Wishes for a Happy, Successful Future. Congratulations Class Of 2019. CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL FUNERAL HOMES 16650 Route 31 • Holley 638-6397 21 West Avenue • Albion 589-4471

Class Of 2019 Congratulations & Best Wishes WAYE MOTORS Hamlin 964-2418 Best Wishes Class Of 2019 DEB LAMMES-REDICK Westside News Inc. 590-4427

Salute to the Graduates 2019 25

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Kendall HigH ScHool Class of 2019 Awards & Scholarships



Kendall Fire Department Auxiliary Award Morgan davis Kelly Mayes Superintendent’s Service Award

Hanna Hofstra

F. J. Kent Memorial Kent Family

ethan Billings

Service to Community Kendall Fire Department

roy Ault Stephen Balka ryan Barrett Morgan davis

Safe Driver Award KCS Bus Drivers’ Association School Spirit & Patriotism Hamlin VFW Post 6703

Joseph Manno Kaitlyn Gregory Kody roese

Don & Ruth Rayburn Memorial Scholarship Morton Fire Company Morgan davis Robert & Helen Dodd Memorial Matthew dinatale Leonard Christopher Scholarship Matthew dinatale Elizabeth “Libby” Jurs Memorial Scholarship Joseph Manno Anderson Family Memorial Award Anderson Family Lions Club Senior Award Kendall Lions Club

Alec reed

Michael Gardner Anna oakley

Kendall Lions General Memorial Scholarship ryan Barrett

Americanism/Holley VFW Eastern Orleans Memorial Post 202 Sara whalen Virgil Bogue/Catherine Flanagan Award Orleans County Child Welfare Association Hunter Menze Theodore Reis Memorial Trudy Salvatore Memorial

Kendall Central School Award KCS Scholarship

ryan Barrett Morgan davis Harley Faro Michael Gardner

Americanism/Citizenship Scholarship American Legion Jewell Buckman Post 529 Harley Faro Hunter Menze

Abigail collins

AFS Talent Show Award

ryan Barrett

“Make All the Difference” Scholarship Stephen Balka Abigail collins Randall & Joyce King Memorial Scholarship ethan Billings Kendall Music Boosters’ Award

ryan Barrett

Studio K Outstanding Achievement Award Hanna Hofstra John Cottom Jr. Community Service Memorial Hamlin Lions Club Morgan davis John rath Nicholas R. DelVecchio Memorial Scholarship Family and Friends Jenna regan TSGT Clark Curtis Military Memorial Family of Clark Curtis

Alec reed

Philip & Margaret Dollard Business Scholarship John rath Victor Jurhs Memorial KCS Building & Grounds

Joseph E. Driesel Memorial Scholarship ryan Barrett Michael Gardner Kendall Sports Boosters’ Scholarship ryan Barrett ethan Billings Jessica coble Matthew dinatale Michael Gardner Abigail Jenks Hunter Menze Anna oakley John rath Jenna regan nathan warters

nathan warters

Matthew dinatale Michael Gardner peter Gilman Jr. colby Klinkbeil Brooke Lawson

Agricultural/Technology Scholarship ethan Billings Grace Lang Memorial Scholarship National Honor Society Hunter Menze Annette S. Babcock Memorial Scholarship Family and Friends Jenna regan Kody roese Fancher/Hulberton/Murray Fire Department Award Stephen Balka emily Legan Spurr Dealership Vocational Award Joseph Manno Patrick A. Regan Memorial Scholarship Family of Patrick A. Regan Jenna regan James Sauberan Scholarship

Matthew dinatale

George & Mary Herring Jr. Boys’ Soccer Scholarship Family and Friends nathan warters

The Monroe County Council of School Superintendents (MCCOSS) recognized senior Anna Oakley, at left, as the Outstanding Senior at Kendall Central Schools. Superintendent Julie Christensen presented Anna with the award, which distinguishes students based on their scholarship, service and leadership. MCCOSS selects one senior from each high school in Monroe County for this honor. Beverly J. McDermott Memorial Scholarship in Science

Jessica coble

Bridget L. Buzard Memorial Scholarship Jenna regan American Red Cross Scholarship

Hunter Menze

Dr. Michael C. O’Laughlin Memorial Scholarship Family and Friends donald Smith PTSA Scholarship ryan Barrett Anna oakley FFA Student Leadership Scholarship ethan Billings George & Peg Hussong Memorial Scholarship Abigail Jenks Brooke Lawson New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence Hunter Menze Anna oakley John rath Ronald Engert Memorial Scholarship Family and Friends ethan Billings Craig W. Rath Memorial Scholarship John rath Alyce Reamer Spirit Award Scholarship Hanna Hofstra Harold Kludt Memorial Scholarship Beverly Kludt & Family Morgan davis Michael Gardner RJ Gilman Memorial Scholarship Family and Friends Mazie carpenter peter Gilman Jr. Class of 1988 Scholarship Jenna regan Morton Baptist Church Timmerman Scholarship Abigail Jenks Jason Miller Kendall Faculty Association (KFA) Scholarships 2019 Elizabeth Tone Award ethan Billings Josephine Privitera Award

ryan Barrett

Patricia Harter Award

Anna oakley

Richard Gross Award Irene Eldred Award Bruce LaDue Award Kendall Faculty Award Kendall honors the Top 10 Seniors: From left, Superintendent Julie Christensen, Anna Oakley, Matthew DiNatale, Jessica Coble, Ryan Barrett, Hunter Menze, Peter Gilman, Michael Gardner, Morgan Davis, John Rath, Board of Education President Nadine Hanlon, Ethan Billings and High School Principal Carol D’Agostino.

Jessica coble callahan Speer Jenna regan Michael Gardner Hunter Menze John rath Jason Miller Abigail collins Sara whalen Kaitlyn Gregory

26 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Spencerport High School Candidates for Graduation Class of 2019 Mahdi Aburmeileh, Alyssa Adamczyk, Noelle Alexander, Kimar Anderson, Francis Antinetto III, Tori Arnone, José Avila Jr., Emily Badders, Caden Bailey

Hannah Gross, Halie Guarino, Ty Guary, Sabine Haddad, Thomas Hager, Victoria Haines (August 2018 Grad), Zoe Hanga, Nathan Harby, Jenna Heaton, Joseph Heidt

Gavin Bell, Marissa Bivone, Kai Blokhuis, Nicholas Blowers, Brett Bodensteiner, Sara Bonfiglio, Leigha Bopp, Angela Borrego-Chase, Lyndsay Boscarino, Matthew Bowerman

Kaila Heltzel, Miranda Hendricks, Ashley Herbert, Clarissa Heyward, Justin Hockenberger, Abrial Hoose, Arik Hostetler, Nathan Hueber, Khanhlinh Huynh, Malik Ibrahim

Reginald Boykins Jr., Sean Bracken, Gage Bradley, Jacob Brandt, Joseph Brase, Julia Britton, Sydney Brongo, Courtney Brown, Alyssa Burch, Blaine Burley, Michael Burroughs

Jonah Ingham, Noah Ingham, Lexington Jackson, Nicole Jackson, Robert Jackson, Daddakiss Jacque, Adam Jadwin-Gavin, Trinity Jenco, Emma Kane, Riley Kane, Graham Ketchum, John Kinsella

Savanna Calisto, Madeline Carr, Alyssa Carroll, Zachary Case, John Casey, Victoria Caton, Shannon Caufield, Jamie Cervini, Morgan Charissis (August 2018 Grad)

Mark Kozlyuk, Lucas Krolczyk, Mackenzie Kwoka, Brianna Ladiges, Kelly Langdon, Nicholas Leary, Adam Leone, Jeremy Lewis, McKenzi Lewis

Hunter Charron, Natalie Choate, Sophia Coccitto, Lindsey Coffey, Daniel Cona, Vanessa Cordaro, Erin Coykendall, Dexter Craig Jr., Kiernan Crowley, Kaitlyn Cruz, Joie Culkin, Eryk Cup Jamie D’Agostino, Mary Daley, Nicole Dates, Marissa Daubert, Jared Davis, Jeanine Davis, Anthony DeBellis, Taylor DeGeorge Raymond DePalma III, John Dickie IV, Mikayla DiFazio, Samantha DiMarco, Desiré Dodds, Brianna Donnelly, Jaager Dool, Alanna Dovidio, Zachary Edwards, Madison Ehle Rylea Eigbrett, Mason Epping, Beste Erdogan, Jayton Eve, Yelena Fedorishina, Ashley Felton, Victoria Fendikevich, Christopher Ferrari, Elizabeth Ferrari, Lorenzo Filardo Cody Finch, Mackenzie Furchill, Joseph Garwig, Nicholas Giancursio, Ian Gillis, Joseph Gionta, Stephanie Giuseppetti, Cailin Goodison, Lauren Gretzinger, Ryan Griffin

Alyssa Libonati, Amanda Lootens, Michael LoPresti III, Nicholas LoPresti, Adrian Lotta, Emily Lynah, Ashlin Mahoney, Liana Manelyuk, Zachary Mann Catherine Marks, Connor Marks, Giavanna Martusciello, Carlo Mastrodonato II, Brianda McEwen, Molly McUmber, Owen Mears, Jennifer Measday, Garrett Meier, Cameron Meiler Mary Melia, Kylie Mellott, LeVar Merritt II, Anthony Miceli, Parker Monagan, Dylan Morien, Dominic Mosher, Axel Elie Hippolyte Mougel (Foreign Exchange Student from France), Brian David Mudd, James Michael Murray Karina Myshinskiy, Meaghan Nash, Jason Nau, Hai-Yen Nguyen, Allison North, Lillian North, Caitlyn Nowak, Tyrin Oliver, Lauren Opladen, Irie Oppel-Booth, Alexis Ortiz Marcus Palozzi, Zakiya Patterson, Juliana Perrucci, Juliana Pettrone, Jazmin Phommavanh, Antonio Pisa, Madison Ploof, Maximillian Post, Ajan Rajamohan

Congratulations Seniors... Here’s To A Bright, Clear Future. Best Wishes From SPENCERPORT OPTICAL 24 West Avenue, Spencerport 352-1960

Congratulations Spencerport 2019 Graduates from all of us at GALAXIE AUTO PARTS 4974 Ridge Road West, Spencerport 352-0996

Congratulations to the Class Of 2019 ELLEN STEVENS Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 130

Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133

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Salute to the Graduates 2019 27

Spencerport High School Candidates for Graduation Class of 2019 Kavitha Rajkumar, Derek Renz, Alexander Reshota, Kristina Riggio, Angelina Rodriguez, Sydney Romano, Nicholas Rosati, Kiari Rufus, Camryn Sack, Jordan Salomone Justin Santos, Riley Schmeer, Lorraine Schmitt, Quinlan Schneider, Parker Scholand, Tyler Schranck, Colin Schultz, Kathrine Schusler, Gabrielle Sheehan, Ashley Shortino Kellie Shortino, Danielle Simone, Kaitlyn Simone, Julianna Skill, Bronson Slattery, Jadan Smith, Rachel Snider, Evan Spencer (August 2018 Grad), Savanna Stauffer, Lainey Stebbins Lindsey Stebbins, Abigail Steele, Kayla Stein, Cora Stewart, David Stewart, Myles Stone, Natalie Straub, Maximus Streeter, Robert Streicher, Andre Strezoski Kayla Stromquist, Dania Subeh, Gia Surace, Oksana Sushko, Marisela Sutton, Angelica Sviridyuk, Diana Sviridyuk, Zachary Swilley, Matthew Szczepanski, Adam Tabone Breanna Tamburello, Nicholas Thibeau, Christina Tino, Savanna Tirk, Joshua To, Harvey Tran, Zoe Turner, Alexander Uhl, Joseph Vaccarella V, Ivan Valodzka Colton VanBrederode, Amber Van Epps, Carlos Vargas III, Georgios Vasalos, Mary Veljovski, Daniel Ventress, Joseph Vernon, Elric Viau III, Michael Vinci, Karenna Waite Olivia Wall, Hanna Wallace, Noah Wallner, Karina Walls, Dylan Waring, Victoria Warner, Vanessa Watson, Miles Weber, Holly Webster, Nicholas Weiss, Leah Wengender, Tyler Wenzler Donovan West, Elizabeth Wind, Taylor Winter, Lauren Wixom, Grace Wood, Matthew Wurl, Maverick Yorio, Caliah Young Oleg Zadoyannyy, Megan Zaharkin, Zachary Zaharkin, Madison Zaso, Jennifer Zimmerman.

Congratulations Graduates of the Class of 2019 From All Of Us At RESCH AUTO SERVICE 2569 Spencerport Rd., Spencerport 352-3530 To The Class of 2019 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes! HOWARD HANNA REAL ESTATE SERVICES spencerport office 421 South Union St. 352-8833 Congratulations Class Of 2019 Wishing You A Successful Future. Gary, Ginny, JoAnne THE UNIQUE SHOP 130 S. Union Street, Spencerport 352-1350

28 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Spencerport Class of 2019 LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS Arthur And KAtherine McMillAn-KincAid ScholArShip – Awarded to a graduating senior who has attended Spencerport Schools throughout his or her entire academic career. Mackenzie Kwoka dr. richArd l. Boughter ScholArShip – In memory of Dr. Boughter, who served the Spencerport School District as the school physician for 41 years. Awarded to a senior boy or girl who plans to continue his/her education in the medical field. Zachary Zaharkin donAld F. And MAxine B. dAviSon FoundAtion – Accredited to liberal arts, strong will and desire to work hard to achieve his/her goals. Brianna donnelly emma Kane edwArd prZyBycien ScholArShip – In memory of Edward Przybycien who was a graduate of Spencerport Schools and served as both a teacher and administrator for Spencerport for 37 years. Awarded to a senior boy or girl who plans to continue his/her education in the teaching field. Zachary case helen c. Moore ScholArShip – The Spencerport Area Chamber of Commerce awards a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to continue his or her education beyond high school with a major or minor in business. elizabeth Ferrari John rueping MeMoriAl ScholArShip – In honor of John Rueping, a Spencerport resident for more than 20 years, who had a long engineering career at Eastman Kodak Company. John had a passion for engineering excellence that was evident in his work & hobbies. Awarded to four students entering college to study engineering. nicole dates ian gillis lucas Krolczyk hai-yen nguyen KiwAniS cluB oF Spencerport – (Bruce Clements Memorial Kiwanis Scholarship) This award is based on scholarship, financial need and service to others (community, church, school). natalie choate liSA Miller-cutten MeMoriAl ScholArShip –Lisa Cutten was a kind and compassionate teacher who spent 30 years teaching in the Spencerport school district, most of those years at Munn Elementary. She encouraged every student to do their best everyday with kindness and a smile. This scholarship is given to two seniors who attended Munn Elementary and exemplify Lisa’s spirit of kindness and compassion to others, to further their education. Sydney Brongo Zachary edwards

MAcKenZie Bennett MeMoriAl ScholArShip –This scholarship is presented in the memory of Mackenzie Bennett, a former student at Terry Taylor Elementary School, who passed away in May of 2017. Mackenzie had a passion for helping others through selflessness and compassion. Awarded to a senior student for post-secondary study in the field of public service; i.e. Education, Health Care, Emergency Services. This student also gives back regularly to the community by volunteering their time to help others. natalie Straub norMA Frocchi ScholArShip – In honor of Norma Frocchi for her many years of dedicated service to the profession of nursing and her impact on students, their families and co-workers. Awarded to a student interested in pursuing a degree in nursing or medical related field. natalie Straub peter Scot Mueller ScholArShip – Presented to a student of outstanding character who displays good citizenship and fellowship and will be pursuing their education beyond high school. david Stewart

Zachary edwards and olivia wall earned the 2019 co-Valedictorian Award. Wall also received the Student of the Year award. Spencerport volunteer FireMen’S exeMpt – This scholarship is awarded to two seniors who intend to pursue a career in public safety. This could include law enforcement, EMS, or fire protection. Joie culkin caliah young

Spencerport Fire depArtMent lAdieS AuxiliAry – A scholarship for a student entering the field of fire science or medicine. lauren gretzinger Spencerport Fire depArtMent roBert Fowler ScholArShip – The Spencerport Volunteer Firemen’s Association has named a memorial scholarship for Robert Fowler, a dedicated Spencerport volunteer firefighter and a teacher with the Byron Bergen Central School. This is awarded to a student who chooses to pursue higher education in a public safety or medical field. Jordan Salomone Spencerport lionS cluB – Two scholarships – one to a male and one to a female; in memory of: Kenneth Barclay: Zachary edwards Rev. Donald Creech: Kaila heltzel Spencerport rotAry MeMoriAl ScholArShip – Presented in their memory by the Spencerport Rotary Club to a student who will be pursuing further study in the field of sports medicine or related medical field. Megan Zaharkin

tonyA BureK duBeAnSKy MeMoriAl ScholArShip – Presented in memory of Tonya, a 2001 graduate of Spencerport Schools with a passion for music education. Awarded to a senior student for post-secondary study in the field of music. Special consideration will be made for students who regularly give back to the community by volunteering their time to help others. lindsey coffey wilBur r. SelAnder ScholArShip – In memory of Wilbur Selander who was a principal of E. J. Wilson High School for over 22 years. Awarded to a senior boy or girl who was involved in the music program at Spencerport High School for three or more years. riley Schmeer

SchultZ ASSociAteS ScholArShip – Presented in the memory of Clair Edwin Schultz, P.L.S., who established the locally owned firm in 1959, to a graduating senior who will be attending a college for engineering. hai-yen nguyen Spencerport AluMni ASSociAtion – Two scholarships awarded to two students; one senior boy and senior girl who are furthering their education in any field. Brianna donnelly Zachary edwards

Bronson Slattery earned the 2019 Salutatorian Award

SPECIAL AWARDS Alexander Milliner Good Citizenship Sydney Brongo American Legion Ferris Goodridge Post Citizenship Award christopher Ferrari Jason nau American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Savanna calisto Clarkson Achievement Scholarship Brian Strohm Clarkson Leadership Scholarship Jaden white Dr. Carlos Stroud Book Award thomas weaver Elmira College Key Award Brendan harter Bianca Santonastaso George Eastman Young Leader’s Award Bianca Santonastaso The Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering/The Ceramic Association of New York Scholastic Recognition Award Alexander graff Keuka College - The George H. Ball Community Achievement Award Sarah Brase david Brescia elisa everett tatum Faucher hannah nguyen

New York State Attorney General’s Triple “C” Award Sabine haddad Salvatore Sack New York State Comptroller Student Achievement Award lindsey coffey Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation & Creativity Award Brandon Ferrigno heather Matela St. Lawrence University Book Award taylor laubacher St. Michael’s College Book Award david Brescia hannah iovino Student Sage Award Mercie Frink edward laduca United Food & Commercial Workers Local One Benefit Funds Scholarship halie guarino nathan hueber United States Marines Semper Fidelis Award Brianna donnelly United States Marines Scholastic Excellence Award victoria warner Wegmans Scholarship Mackenzie Kwoka Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award Anna walsh patricia wark

Class of 2019 Academic Top 10 (left to right): Brianna donnelly, Sydney Brongo, rachel Snider, Alyssa libonati, natalie choate, ian gillis, Zachary Zaharkin, Bronson Slattery, olivia wall, and Zachary edwards.

Salute to the Graduates 2019 29

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Learning for Tomorrow. Today. Presidential awards Outstanding Academic Achievement – The purpose of the Presidential Award for Educational Achievement is to recognize students who show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects. It is meant to encourage and reward students who work hard, give their best effort in school and demonstrate a commitment to learning. Hannah Beck, Jacob Brandt, Grace Dorgan, Kianna Frey, Aidan Hetzler, Jacob Heyward, Cody Lester, Angelina Priestley, Evan Veltz Outstanding Academic Excellence – The Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence encourages students to achieve high academic standards by rewarding scholars for their academic efforts and success. To be eligible for this award, graduating seniors must meet the minimum requirements of a grade point average of at least a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, and a score of 90 or better on the ELA exam and on at least one Math exam. Sara Bonfiglio, Sydney Brongo, Natalie Choate, Erin Coykendall, Kiernan Crowley, Nicole Dates, Brianna Donnelly, Zachary Edwards, Christopher Ferrari, Ian Gillis, Miranda Hendricks, Justin Hockenberger, Lucas Krolczyk, Alyssa Libonati, Owen Mears, Marcus Palozzi, Camryn Sack, Bronson Slattery, Rachel Snider, Kayla Stein, Olivia Wall Class of 2019 Academic “Top Ten” Over the course of their high school career, the following 10 students had the highest Weighted Grade Point Average among the Class of 2019. Sydney Brongo, Natalie Choate, Brianna Donnelly, Zachary Edwards, Ian Gillis, Alyssa Libonati, Bronson Slattery, Rachel Snider, Olivia Wall, Zachary Zaharkin

Student of the Year

Olivia Wall Class of 2019 Salutatorian Bronson Slattery Class of 2019 Valedictorians Zachary Edwards Olivia Wall Principal’s Award Jacob Heyward Superintendent’s Award Vanessa Watson

stUdent-atHlete awards

From left, Zachary Edwards, the Duane Tucker Award for outstanding academic senior male athlete; Vanessa Watson, the Joan P. Selander Award for co-outstanding senior female athlete; Michael Vinci, the Harold E. “Chick” Schum Award for outstanding senior male athlete; Erin Coykendall, the Joan P. Selander Award for cooutstanding senior female athlete; and Olivia Wall, the SSBC Award for outstanding academic senior female athlete. Varsity Club/PRIDE, Golden “S” Award Rick Wood Jacob Heyward received the Principal’s Award.

seniors receiving scHolarsHiPs Rochester Institute of Technology: Sean Bracken Zachary Edwards Elizabeth Ferrari SUNY Fredonia: Lillian North Niagara University: Cora Stewart

Army Reserves National Scholar Athlete Award Zachary Edwards and Olivia Wall U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award Michael LoPresti and Sydney Brongo Harvey Anderson Scholarship Nominees Justin Hockenberger and Olivia Wall Wendy’s High School Heisman Award Nominees Erin Coykendall, Olivia Wall, Vanessa Watson Hall of Fame Inductee Andy Vernooy Award “Coach Chow” Award

Nathan Lowe Vanessa Watson Joie Culkin

Rob Stultz Memorial Award Nathan Hueber and Jazmin Phommavanh Duane Tucker Award Outstanding Academic Senior Male Athlete Zachary Edwards

SSBC Award: Outstanding Academic Senior Female Athlete Olivia Wall Harold E. “Chick” Schum Award: Outstanding Senior Male Athlete Michael Vinci Joan P. Selander Award: Outstanding Senior Female Athlete Erin Coykendall and Vanessa Watson Senior Ranger Award (6 or more varsity letters) Nicholas Blowers Sydney Brongo Zachary Case Natalie Choate Erin Coykendall Jamie D’Agostino Nicole Dates Raymond DePalma Zachary Edwards Ian Gillis Justin Hockenberger Lucas Krolczyk Michael LoPresti Nicholas LoPresti Anthony Miceli Dominic Mosher Meaghan Nash Marcus Palozzi Jordan Salomone Michael Vinci Olivia Wall Dylan Waring Vanessa Watson Nicholas Weiss Zachary Zaharkin

Vanessa Watson received the Superintendent’s Award from Superintendent Dan Milgate. The Monroe County Council of School Superintendents also recognized Watson as the Outstanding Senior at Spencerport High School during a special awards dinner in May. The honor distinguishes students based on their scholarship, service and character. MCCOSS selects one senior from each high school in Monroe County for this honor.

Varsity Club/PRIDE, Golden “S” award bestowed to Assistant Superintendent for Business Rick Wood. Pictured, l-r, student Ned LaDuca, Rick Wood, PRIDE advisor, Jackie Nentarz, and Varsity Club advisor, Jamie Schneider.

Nathan Hueber and Jazmin Phommavanh are the recipients of the Rob Stultz Memorial Awards. Nathan and Jazmin are pictured here with William and Donna Stultz.

30 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Wheatland-Chili High School Candidates for Graduation

Michael Bauman, Benton Beherns III, Taylor Braselton, Nissa Burch, Brittney DeLucia, David Domina, Zachary Donals, Elijah Gissendanner, Tyler Goff, Colin Hogue Janae Hooker, Madeline Jewell, Douglas Krenzer, Christy Lentola, Rachel Lynch, Travina Meeks, Allissa Merritt, Ashley Miles, Lindsay Moore, Zachary Newman Vanessa Nowicki, Elijah Otto, Madeline Ozminkowski, Cassie Parker, Christian Passmore, Amber Pernesky, Alicia Phelps, Alejandra Rosado Mercado, Jordan Saeva Valerie Saucke, Erik Schroeder, Haley Seaman, Abigail Smith, Jordan Sobolew, Madeline Spear, Jordan Spence, Destiney Stephany, Shane Susuico, Ulises Tellado Brooke Thompson, Dakota VanEpps, Desmond Walker, Latarious Warrick, Abigail Winslow, Orion Young.

Congratulations to the Class Of 2019 ELLEN STEVENS Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 130 Congratulations Class Of 2019 LORI ANTONELLI Westside News Inc. 352-3411 ext. 133

Salute to the Graduates 2019 31

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Wheatland-Chili High School ~ Personalized Education, Powerful Results ~



County Executive’s Community Service Award: Lindsay Moore, Madeline Ozminkowski Dexter Perkins History Award: Erik Schroeder Dr. Michael O’Laughin Outstanding Senior Award: Madeline Ozminkowski John Phillip Sousa Award: Madeline Ozminkowski Valedictorian Award: Madeline Jewell

Salutatorian Award: Erik Schroeder


The following scholarships and awards were presented on June 25, 2019.

National School Choral Award: Madeline Ozminkowski NYS Comptroller Achievement Award: Michael Bauman, Vanessa Nowicki Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Award: Michael Bauman, Nissa Burch, Janae Hooker, Madeline Jewell, Douglas Krenzer, Rachel Lynch, Lindsay Moore, Elijah Otto, Madeline Ozminkowski, Cassie Parker, Erik Schroeder, Abigail Smith, Shane Susuico, Brooke thompson, Abigail Winslow

American Legion Smith Warren Post 367 Scholarship: Douglas Krenzer American Legion Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship: Cassie Parker

NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Madeline Jewell, Cassie Parker, Erik Schroeder

Diane LaDue Memorial Scholarship: Alicia Phelps

PTA Scholarship Awards:

Dominic J. Nicosia Jr. Memorial Scholarship:

Rotary Club of Scottsville: • Dr. Louise Sheinman-Pask Memorial Scholarship: Jordan Spence • Community Service: Vanessa Nowicki

Presidential Outstanding Achievement Award: tyler Goff, Colin Hogue, Allissa Merritt, Valerie Saucke, Jordan Saeva, Madeline Spear, Desmond Walker

Salutatorian Award:

Russell Hogue Award for Character and Service:

Janae Hooker

Ella Casey Math Excellence Award: Elijah Otto Etta Fraser Miller Fund Scholarship: Janae Hooker, Rachel Lynch, Erik Schroeder, Destiney Stephany

Peter Ynesta IV Memorial Scholarship: Vanessa Nowicki Alicia Phelps

Erik Schroeder

Scott Horr Memorial Scholarship

Cassie Parker

Greater Wheatland Chamber of Commerce: Rachel Lynch

(Sponsored by the Scottsville Athletic Association):

Sons of the American Revolution: Shane Susuico

Jeffrey Springsteen Memorial Scholarship: Benton Beherns III

Terence B. Coots Service Award: Colin Hogue

Triple C Award (Sponsored by the Office of the Attorney General):

Jill Skivington Jackett Memorial Scholarship: Shane Susuico

Thomas J. Connor Scholarship: Cassie Parker

Lions Club of Chili Award:

Wheatland Chili Federation of Teachers Scholarship: Valerie Saucke

Michael Bauman

Lions Club of Scottsville Award: Janae Hooker Make All the Difference Scholarship: Jordan Saeva Megan C. Carl Memorial Award: Desmond Walker

David Domina, Janae Hooker

Wheatland Historical Association Scholarship: Erik Schroeder, Jordan Spence Valedictorian Award:

Madeline Jewell

Colin Hogue, Rachel Lynch

Urban Suburban Principal’s Award: Vanessa Nowicki US Marine Scholastic Excellence Award: Douglas Krenzer US Marine Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Rachel Lynch 2019 Young Citizen of the Year: Elijah Otto, Cassie Parker


Athlete of the Year: Elijah Otto, Nissa Burch Mike Skivington Memorial Award: Elijah Otto, Madeline Spear Nellie Mobilio Scholarship Award: Douglas Krenzer, Abigail Winslow Randy Carpenter Memorial Scholarship: Nissa Burch, Desmond Walker US Army Scholar Athlete Award: Madeline Jewell, Erik Schroeder US Marine Distinguished Athlete Award: Elijah Otto, Cassie Parker

32 Salute to the Graduates 2019

Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald - June 30, 2019

Expressions of Dance by Lisa

would like to Congratulate their Graduating Seniors!

Alex Day

Jenna Grace Heaton

Graduating from Gates Chili High School Relay for Life Committee High Honor Roll for 4 years Attending Alfred State for Forensics in the Fall

Graduating from Spencerport High School High Honor Roll all 4 years National Honor Society Member Attending The College at Brockport for Chemistry in the Fall

Rachel Miller

Caitlyn Nowak

Natalie Straub

Highest Honor Roll all 4 years Graduating with Advanced Regents Diploma National Honor Society Foreign Language Honor Society 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo Attending MCC and the University of Rochester to become an Orthopedic Surgeon

Graduating with Advanced Regents Diploma High Honor Roll all 4 years National Honor Society Women’s Choir and Vocal Jazz All County Vocal Jazz for 2 years Seal of Biliteracy Going to Mercyhurst University for Music Therapy

Graduating from Spencerport High School High Honor Roll all 4 years National & Hispanic Honors Society Member Part of the SLIP Program Seal of Biliteracy Award First recipient of the Mackenzie Bennett Scholarship Attending Duquesne University for Nursing

Excellent Dancers. Excellent Students. Excellent Well-Rounded Individuals. Expressions of Dance by Lisa ... teaching students more than dance.

Expressions of Dance by Lisa “Spencerport’s Community Dance Studio”

131 Martha St. • Spencerport 352-0877 Learn. Dance. Grow.

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Graduation 2019  

A Salute to the Class of 2019 in Brockport, Byron-Bergen, Churchville-Chili, Hilton, Holley, Kendall, Spencerport, Wheatland-Chili and BOCES...

Graduation 2019  

A Salute to the Class of 2019 in Brockport, Byron-Bergen, Churchville-Chili, Hilton, Holley, Kendall, Spencerport, Wheatland-Chili and BOCES...