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1 Suburban News and Hamlin-Clarkson Herald Wrap - AUGUST 12, 2018

JIM BARNARD CHEVROLET “It’s Not ‘Business As Usual’, It’s Personal!� Andy Barnard, Tim Barnard & Allyn Barnard

• Guaranteed best price Every day! • Large inventory of new Chevrolet Cars, Trucks, and Certified Pre-owned Vehicles. • If we don’t have what you’re looking for we will get it for you, no extra charge! • All just minutes away on Buffalo Road in Churchville! • No Ridge Road hassles, no Henrietta Road hassles, no hassles at all!

Jim Barnard - Founder

Real expeRts. Real Value. eVeRyday.

GM dexos1 Full Synthetic Oil Change, Tire Rotation & Multi-Point Inspection 6-QUART





95 OR $


package Includes: 6-Quart or 8-Quart Full synthetic Oil Change, 4-tire Rotation, Multi-point Vehicle Inspection Expire 8/31/2018


on the purchase and installation of any ACDelco Advantage or Professional Battery when purchased with a

GM or BuyPower CardÂŽ OR $10 MAIL-IN REBATE with any other form of payment. All offers expire 8/31/2018.


Getting your battery tested by a Certified Service Expert can help you avoid potential trouble down the road.



#!!!" "

//*,/# $/)( /#!'





/,/ !/ $/".$//3)1-*($//4,,$*0(&/



% '% % /$/3)1(2-$//4**$-0(&


99 $ 11995

after $40 MAIL-IN REBATE when purchased with a GM or BuyPower CardÂŽ

per axle




with any other form of payment.

Add $145 car/$185 truck (per axle) for new ACDelco Advantage Rotors installed. Expires 8/31/18.

%#%  %#%%"" %#%  %#%%"" 3/ +00*$/+( /#&$//!$/ //#&/ #$/ !

3/ +001$/++ /#&$/ / /$//!$/ !/ 

%) &(((

%) &(((

%#%  %#%%"" %!% %% /3+.1,$/

//*,/# $/)( /#!'


3/ +01*$/+- /#&$/ /$/ //!$//#&/ #

./ 2 /#&$//#&/ #$/ / !/ $/!/ /! 

%) &(((

%) (((

%"% %% /3)1,+1$/ %$% %%/3+1(,$/ ./ + /#&$/ !/ $/'+/ / $//#&/ #


*/ - /#&$/ % /#$/ //#&/ #


//*,/# $/)( /#!'

%&% %% %#% %% /3)1,12$/


3/ +1+($/)( /#&$/! / $/ / &/ / $/ % /#&


Brake Pads Installed  per axle

% '%  %%




##! # $


ACDelco Professional


# # 



% '% % % /3)1,21$//4*0$02-&



% '%  %% /$/3)1(2)$//4*,$-*(

*Must have current lease in household. Take delivery by 8/17/18. **Must finance through GM Financial , all buy prices include current lease in households. All prices are plus taxes, 1st payment, bank ($650) & DMV Fees.


%$%  %%

%$%  %% /3)1,1*$/

3/ +1+1$/+. /#&$/+/ / / $/ /!  

1/ + /#&$/ / / $//$/ / % /#$/'+/

%) '(((

//*,/# $/)( /#!'


%) &(((

+/ . /#&$/'+/ $// /#&/ #$/ !/ 


%#% %%

%#% %% /3+1,($/+( /#&$/

3/ +1+2$/,0 /#&$/ % / /#$/ !! /

/  % /#&$/ &/$/' /+/ $//#&/&



All sale prices are plus tax, title, license & reg. Must take retail delivery by 8/17/18. Prior sales excluded. for our entire family sales dept. Hours: Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 8am-8pm Wed. & Fri. 8am-5:30pm; Sat. 9am-5pm parts & service Hours: Mon., Wed., Thur. & Fri. 7:30-5:30; Tues. 7:30am-8pm, Sat. 9am-1pm

7101 Buffalo Rd. (Rt. 33) Churchville • 293-2120

advertised vehicles may be subject to open safety recalls. Go to or contact dealer for more info.

by Kristina Gabalski

:6GAN 9:69A>C:

Due to the Labor Day holiday, there will be an early deadline for ALL news and advertising for the September 2nd editions of Suburban News and The Herald. All news and ads MUST be in our office by

)/%%EBdc LZY#!6j\#'.i]#

There can be no exceptions. Please note that if you are leaving materials at one of our drop-off locations, the deadline for that drop-off will be 24 hours earlier than usual.

DJGD;;>8:HL>AA8ADH: VicddcdcI]jghYVn!6j\#(%i]VcY l^aagZdeZcVi.VbIjZhYVn!HZei#)i]


Publishers of Suburban News & Hamlin-Clarkson Herald

Working at a local Cooperative Extension office means I get to see local gardeners and homeowners who come in seeking advice and answers to gardening questions. Recently, a family was concerned that they might have giant hogweed - a noxious invasive plant with sap that can cause severe burns when it comes in contact with human skin. The plant in question turned out NOT to be giant hogweed, but Queen Anne’s Lace - a common wildflower which has naturalized itself in North America. The white lacy blooms are sometimes used in flower bouquets. The family was encouraged to remove the Queen Anne’s Lace by hand from their garden if they wanted to remove it, but oftentimes, people want a quick, easy and painless solution to what they perceive to be a problem. Queen Anne’s Lace and other wildflowers, particularly natives such as goldenrod, can help support wildlife in your landscape and lure pollinators to your fruit and vegetable crops. They are garden helpers, not garden enemies. In a New York State IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Program blog, Joellen Lampman wrote in praise of a certain level of messiness in the garden. “If we learn to live with a bit more unkemptness, we will improve the health of wild bees, wildflowers, field crops and ourselves.” Lampman noted that a neat and nondiverse yard does not sustain the wild bees so necessary for pollination of food crops, and that increasing entropy in your landscape is as easy as not mowing every spot in your yard. Gardeners can in fact, learn many good gardening practices from nature. Following nature is one of the basic principals of organic gardening. The virtues learned by gardening with nature are many. Here are a few examples. Nature loves diversity. Plant drifts of many different kinds of plants (especially natives) in your yard. Combine vegetable crops with cut flowers and perennial plantings. Allow some of those native “weeds” to pop up in your plantings. Diversity in nature helps keep disease and harmful insects in check. Embracing diversity is also good for human beings. Showing inclusion and tolerance for others can help keep our communities and neighborhoods “healthy” places to live. Tolerance - this relates to diversity, but is another gardening virtue that can help your garden’s health as well as your relationships with other people. Don’t be

Natives, specimen plants and wandering wildflowers can all help to create a sustainable landscape that is also beautiful. Photo by Kristina Gabalski. too quick to judge a plant or an insect as bad and reach for an herbicide or pesticide spray to “solve” all your gardening ills. Often times, gardening issues are complex and resolving them properly can take time and effort. If you have a low tolerance for things like swamp milkweed and goldenrod, which are often viewed as weeds - remove the plants by hand as opposed to spraying. Try to leave a few “weed” specimens for Monarch butterflies and native bees and at the same time, learn to be more tolerant of your neighbor (or your teenager)! Patience - something we could all use more of. Gardening certainly teaches the virtue of patience - waiting for seeds to germinate, plants to grow, to bloom and bear fruit; waiting through the long winters for the bright spring bulbs which were carefully planted months before to bloom. Nature works constantly but slowly to make rich, fertile soil from dead organic material. You can take part in this process through composting organic waste and adding the rich compost back into your garden soil and lawn. Organic material improves soil tilth and enriches your soil without chemical fertilizers. Patience will also pay off in your human relationships - especially the ones within your immediate family! With all the good effects of growing things, it’s no wonder that gardeners are often really wonderful people.

Suburban News and Hamlin-Clarkson Herald Wrap - AUGUST 12, 2018

A Garden of Virtues

by Kristina Gabalski


Get out & grow!

3 Suburban News and Hamlin-Clarkson Herald Wrap - AUGUST 12, 2018



unlimited Since tours, inc. 1982

Buffalo footBall @ New era field

NY YaNKee HoMe GaMeS Stay in NYC till game end....$210+ Dep. 2am most dates, tix in Grandstand, upgrade options 8/18 Jays Dep. 4:30am 8/19 Jays 9/1 Tigers 9/2 Tigers 9/20 BoSox 9/22 O’s WildCard

YaNKee oVerNiGHt triPS ~ 2 GaMeS!

8/18-19 toronto Blue Jays S413-426, tour.....................$440+ 9/1-2 detroit tigers US Open Tennis Option ..............$430+ 9/20-22 red Sox aNd orioles = 2 nights hotel ..............$550+ 2 games with O’s & BoSox return Sunday 4am..$590+ **All Yankee Overnight Trips Above includes: Touring, Manhattan Hotel, 1 bed, ppdo

All include Bodine Monster Tailgate Buffet, Bus Dep. 7:40AM. Family Oriented Fun For All Ages! Sect. 307 or 201 $200+ 50 yard line S333-334 $220+ Prime 20 yard line S114 $320+ **Bus/tgate w/your own tix is $110pp 9/16 Chargers 10/7 Titans 10/29 Pats 11/4 Bears 11/25 Jags 12/9 Jets 12/16 Lions 12/30 Fish 8/26 Bengals @ Buffalo ride/tgate/tix Dep. 12pm ....$130+ 9/8-9 Buffalo @ Baltimore Hotel, tix, tgate, transp....$450+ 9/28-10/1 Buffalo @ Green Bay 3 nights, tix, transp. .........$1460+

Colorful road triPS for fall fuN

Complete Menu of Dinner Choices

9/8-9 Steelers @ Clev. Browns Hotel, tix, tgate, ride $430+ 10/27-28 washington redskins @ NY Giants tgate, tix, ride, Dep. 10AM, return Sunday 11pm........................$510+ HorSe raCiNG ~ teNNiS ~ SuMMer fuN 11/8-9 Carolina Panthers @ Steelers w/tgate, 8/22 Saratoga day at the races Ride, guide, admission, ride, bfast/tix/hotel, Dep. 12pm Leroy .................$460+ snacks, Dep. 7:30am, Exit 44 .............................$120+ 11/10-11 Buffalo @ NY Jets tgate, Bfast, tix, ride.........$290+ 8/29-30 Miami Marlins @ Boston red Sox 10am, Club Seats, dtown hotel ~ Faneuil Hall .................$590+ 8/31 Big & rich outdoor Concert, Light picnic, adm., ride from Exit 44 Park & Ride................................ $60+

11/17 Su orange vs. Notre dame football @ Yankee Stadium, Dep. 6am ...........................................$540+

10/20 finger lakes Beer festival @ watkins Glen Ride/adm, Dep. 10am, Canandaigua ...................... $95+

10/4 Bruins 2/1 Chicago

w/NYC Sightseeing, Fun Times! Dep. 10am

The dining room and bar are open and serving... FRIDAY

Buffalo SaBreS HoMe GaMeS

9/1-2 uS open tennis 2 Sessions Dep. 4pm Henrietta or LeRoy...........................................$140+ Hotel, guide, Fun! Dep. 9am Naples...................$450+ w/light pregame meal, tix in S319, Club 202 add $50+ 10/8 Vegas 2/15 Rangers

10/25 Habs 3/14 Pens

11/21 Flyers 4/2 Preds

5480 County Rd. 36, Honeoye, ny 14471

585.367.2904 •

Departs Pittsford. Itineraries mailed 7 days prior to departure. Please read and sign company policies prior to booking.

See our ad in the Westside News Hometown Community Directory

Early Bird Special

Rotary Pancake Breakfast

BEFoRE 5:30 pm

soup & 10.75 with salad bar


Sunday, August 19, 2018 8am to 12pm


AFTER 5:30 pm

soup & 11.75 with salad bar

Special of the Week Chicken and Biscuits $


with soup & salad

Serving 4:30 - 8:30 p.m.

355 Washington St., Spencerport, New York

Pro Shop 352-4300 • Club House 352-3664 • Tennis 352-1840

Located at

Ledgedale Airpark,

Salmon Creek Country Club

Eisenhauer Dr. in Brockport

Let Us Cater YoUr

­"vvʜvÊ-Üi`i˜Ê7>ŽiÀÊ,`°]Ê £ÊÀœ>`Ê œÀ̅ʜvÊ œLÞÊ-Ì°®


Sponsored by Spencerport Rotary Partial proceeds to Camp Haccamo and

Catering Menu

Other Rotary Projects.

(20 person minimum)


8/10/18 THRU 8/16/18

Disney’s CHRisTopHeR Robin

(PG) Closed Caption, Audio Description, Assistive Listening; Digital Presentation

Come see aircraft, Mercy Flight Helicopter, Brockport Fire Trucks, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department Mounted Unit, Civil Air Patrol, and Antique Tractors from WNY Two Cylinder Club!

FRi - THU: (1:15), (4:00), 7:10, 9:20

MaMMa Mia! HeRe We Go aGain

(PG-13) Closed Caption, Audio Description, Assistive Listening; Digital Presentation

FRi - THU: (1:15), (4:00), 7:00, 9:20

*Buffet includes plates, napkins, silverware and serving spoons.

Regular Buffet - $9.75 per person (Includes 2 meats and 2 sides) Deluxe Buffet - $11.25 per person (Includes 3 meats and 3 sides) ChoiCe of MeatS: • Roast beef in au Jus • chicken Pieces • chicken Parmesan • marinated chicken breast • Pulled Pork

• macaroni & cheese • barbeque beef • barbeque chicken breast • chicken French • Virginia baked ham • italian sausage

ChoiCe of SideS: macaroni salad garlic mashed Potatoes Rice Pilaf tossed salad mashed Potatoes French style green beans caesar salad cajun corn baked beans cole slaw wild Rice tuna macaroni salad salt Potatoes mixed Vegetables Potato salad oven Roasted Potatoes scalloped Potatoes Pasta salad corn Ziti Rolls with butteR and maRgaRine included Plus tax, and $35 delivery within 15 miles is available

HoTel TRansylvania 3: sUMMeR vaCaTion (PG) Closed Caption, Audio Description, Assistive Listening; Digital Presentation

FRi - THU: (1:00), (3:00), (5:00), 7:00, 9:00 Adults $8.00 MAtINEE $6.00 ChIldrEN AgEs 2-11 $6.00 sENIor CItIzENs $6.00 CollEgE studENts $6.00

355 Washington St., Spencerport, NY 14559



50 spencerport Rd. • Gates Plaza

To make entering our Directory Contest easier we now have the questions on our website

429-6540 426-3397

Click on “Features” and select the Directory Contest from the choices. That week’s questions will be on that web page. All answers can only be found in the current edition of the

Bakery & take-Out Open at 9am Daily

Fresh Baked Breads and Pastries

Hometown Community Directory simply email your answers to the four questions to

Restaurant Hours Lunch & Dinner… Monday-thursday 11am-9pm; Friday & saturday 11am-9:30pm; sunday 4pm-9pm

AGAIN THIS YEAR... WIN $600 FUN PACKAGE! Possible Tour Prizes, We Will Give You A Choice Of 2 Or More. • Syracuse Football/Basketball • Buffalo Pro Football • Buffalo Sabres • Yankees • Red Sox • Blue Jays • NY Mets @ Citi Field • Finger Lakes Wine Festival • US Open Tennis • Nascar & Indy Racing • School Trips • White Water Rafting • Ski Tours to Gore Mountain & Austria • NYC Shopping/Exploring/Rockettes Make your selection and $600 will be applied against the total. **Certain exclusions apply, based on availability.

Package courtesy of




Also we’ll draw 3 winners for additional prizes each month.


1. Watch your Suburban News or Hamlin Clarkson Herald each week for your entry blank Simply answer the questions & send it in. 2. PLUS make a copy of every receipt over $25 for purchases made at any of the listed advertisers from the Hometown Community Directory and you’ll receive credit for one entry for each receipt submitted. 3. PLUS make a copy of every estimate for services made by any listed advertiser from the Hometown Community Directory and you’ll receive credit for one entry for each estimate submitted.


1. Limit one entry per week per household for answers to questions printed below. No limit on entries submitted with a receipt for purchase or estimate for services as described above. 2. All entries must be submitted in individual envelopes. All envelopes must have a return address on the front of the envelope including name of entrant. Entries submitted with a receipt must say “RECEIPT” on the envelope. Entries submitted with an estimate for service must say “ESTIMATE” on envelope. Numerous entries submitted in one envelope will count as only one entry.


Your choice of businesses to select from will be limited. Commencing with the May 2005 contest winners, we are limiting the certificate total for the next year from any particular business to the total spent on advertising by that business in the Hometown Community Directory for that year.

Find The Answers To The Questions Below Inside Your Hometown Community Directory Copies of the Hometown Community Directory may be picked up at our office at 1776 Hilton-Parma Corners Road, Spencerport. THIS WEEK’S QUESTIONS - Questions also listed on our website.

Catering for all Occasions! Both Big & Small ... Weddings, Fall Parties, Meetings, etc.

CAtERING MENU Buffet #1 - Roasted Chicken, Sausage,

Plus Many Other Buffet s Available

Peppers and Onions, Baked Ziti, Roasted Potatoes, Tossed Green Salad with Dressing, Rolls & Butter.....$8.95

Buffet #2 - Choice of meats: Roasted Chicken, Chicken French, Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken Parmigiano, Chicken Marsala, Roast Beef Burgundy, Baked Ham, Sausage, Peppers and Onions, Veal Parmiagiano, Veal French, Meatballs or Sausage from the Sauce. Includes: Baked Ziti, Roasted Potatoes, Tossed Green Prices Salad with Dressing, Italian Relish Tray, Rolls & Butter. subject to 11.95 (for 2 meats) $13.95 (for 3 meats)


change without notice.

Corporate Buffet - Choice of Chicken French, Chicken Parmigiana, or Chicken Marsala. Includes: Penne Alla Vodka or Homemade Gnocchi, Tossed Green Salad with Dressing, Rolls & Butter....................$9.95

Hot Sandwich Buffet - Choice of 2: Meatballs, Sausage, Entrees by the Pan Also Available Available For:

• Birthdays • Anniversaries • showers

• Family Parties • Bereavements • Meetings



featuring our Homemade Gnocchi Dishes, Chicken Parmigiano, Chicken French, Old World Style Tripe, our Specialty Sandwiches and Specialty Pizzas. All dishes available for Take Out. Catering available. Ask your server about our daily specials

Grilled Chicken, Chicken Cutlets, or Shaved Steak. Includes: Macaroni Salad, Chips, Rolls and All Condiments.....$8.95


Check out our New Menu at


2 Beer Battered or Breaded

FIsH FRIEs $20 Take out only. Expires 8/26/18. Fri. Only. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers.

2099 99 sHEEt PIZZA $ 36 30 WINGs

PIZZA $ MEDIUM PIZZA $ 00 LARGE w/2 Items* & 1 Dozen Wings w/Mozzarella Cheese Plus tax.

Pick up only. Expires 8/26/18. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers.


Each additional item $2.00

2099 Plus tax.

Pick up only. Expires 8/26/18. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers.

w/2 items*. Each additional item $3.00 plus

with celery and bleu cheese

*2 ITEMs = MOzzArEllA Plus 1 ITEM

1. What is the phone number of the Churchville-Chili Leo Club? _________________________________________found on page___________. 2. What pet/animal related business offers free shipping on orders over $49? _________________________________________found on page___________. 3. What chamber of commerce does Star of the West Milling belong to? _________________________________________found on page___________. 4. What funeral home has been “Serving Area Families For Over 133 Years”?

_________________________________________found on page___________.

Name______________________________________ Phone__________________ Address______________________________________ Zip__________________ Mail this ad with your answers to

DIRECTORY ESCAPE c/o WESTSIDE NEWS INC. P.O. Box 106, Spencerport, New York 14559 Questions and entry form also available on our website.

Plus tax.

Each additional item $2.00 Pick up only. Expires 8/26/18. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers.


PARty sIZE $

w/2 Items* & 1 Dozen Wings

Plus tax.


Inserts this week: • gates big m Inside all papers in Ogden and   Spencerport. • TOPS Inside all papers in Bergen, Holley,  Kendall, Clarendon and Murray. • OGDEN RECREATION Inside all papers in Ogden and   Spencerport. • DICK’S Inside all papers in Brockport and Sweden.

Plus tax.

Pick up only. Expires 8/26/18. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers.

Suburban News and Hamlin-Clarkson Herald Wrap - AUGUST 12, 2018


Westside News Wrap - August 12, 2018  
Westside News Wrap - August 12, 2018