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Westside Foundation Annual Report



Projects and Programs Announced in 2017 Engineering Department Expanding Key Area

The Westside Foundation provides student scholarships, classroom grants, facilities improvements, and support for Westside Community Schools when tax dollars are not available. Supporters and donors include alumni, district residents, businesses, teachers, staff, parents and friends—most from within district boundaries and the metropolitan area but many from across the state, and around the nation, too. They all share a common belief that a strong public education is essential to the quality of life and the future well-being of our community.

In addition to all the great things highlighted in this Annual Report, the Westside Foundation also supported the following initiatives in 2017 benefiting Westside Community Schools:


was invested this year which helped the district in being granted a Personalized Learning Innovation grant from Nebraska’s Innovation Grant Program, totaling $483,000 per year for two years.


was contributed by the district’s vendors and suppliers through the newly created Business Partners Program benefiting specific initiatives and district outreach events.

Statement of Financial Position Assets Recognized

Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents Prepaid expenses Investments Total Current Assets Assets Recognized Temporarily restricted cash Restricted investments Total Assets Limited As To Use Property, Plant, and Equipment Land and building Equipment - Early Childhood Accumulated depreciation Net Total Property and Equipment Total Assets


$ 1,050,096 -$ 1,007,096 $ 2,057,192

$ 1,559,572 $ 22,673 $ 537,214 $ 2,119,459

$ 597,171 $ 275,905 ( $ 524,912) $ 348,164 $ 2,940,917

Liabilities and Assets Recognized 2017


$189,519 $301,937 $491,456 $ 597,171 $ 270,345 ( $ 506,949) $ 360,567 $ 2,971,482


Current Liabilities Accrued Benefits



Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Net Total Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

$ 2,409,241 $ 231,546 $ 300,014 $ 2,940,801 $ 2,940,917

$ 2,481,949 $ 189,519 $ 300,014 $ 2,971,482 $ 2,971,482

Making an Impact in 2017

was donated to the Levy Override Ballot Committee which was successful and benefited Westside Community Schools.


was invested in professional development for district teachers to receive continued education.

Foundation Staff Awards 2016-2017


$ 231,546 $ 304,015 $ 535,561


Robert Adams Memorial Scholarship Abby Sualy BRAVO Award Jamie Elliott Sarah Schuppan Deanna Stevens

Westside Foundation UNO Staff Scholarship Sara Fischer Hannah Kalal Chancy Sims

Classified Secretarial/ Assistant/Building Service Winners: Val Carlson Dick Lundquist Excellence Alice Dahir in Teaching Award Ashley DeSciscio Eric Sayre Gail Engen Harley Schrager Jennifer Hirchert Outstanding Coach Dorothy Howell Award Carmen Jones John Brian Rese Kent Mitch Kavanagh Linda Seals Tammy Welch Phillip and Terri Schrager Distinguished Teacher Award Leah Markley Carla Ohm

Westside High School continues to collaborate with the engineering and construction industries on ways to elevate the Engineering and Technology Department curriculum. The department’s goals have always been to build strategic partnerships to better suit the students, teachers and industry. Expanding the department’s welding area and curriculum is drastically needed to better prepare students for post-high school education and multiple career paths. The project will provide instructional space that is conducive to the education students need in order to enhance their exposure to welding, and develop the skills needed for this high demand career field in industry, engineering, fabrication and construction management. Since announcing the campaign in 2017, the Westside Foundation has had commitments totaling over $612,000 toward our goal of $900,000. We are excited to create a community-wide project that brings public private partnerships to the forefront with financial commitments coming from Omaha foundations, industry and corporations.

Establishing the Louis J. Miloni Legacy Fund It is safe to say that a great teacher and/or coach has impact on thousands of students through their career. The Westside Foundation was approached by former wrestlers to honor their beloved coach, Lou Miloni. Coach Miloni taught perseverance, work ethic, discipline, respect and teamwork during his 36-year career as a wrestling coach and teacher. A steering committee has been established to honor Coach Miloni in ways that will continue to endorse his values, and remind all future wrestlers and students the importance of his connection to Westside High School. The goal was announced in 2017 to raise $150,000, and we are excited that we have already raised $85,000. When the goal is achieved, we will (1) establish endowed post-high school scholarships in Coach Miloni’s name, (2) provide a discretionary fund for the current Westside wrestling program, and (3) dedicate and name the high school wrestling room in his honor – the Lou Miloni Wrestling Center.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Partners with Westside High School Westside Community Schools, the Westside Foundation, and Nebraska Furniture Mart announced a new partnership to create the Nebraska Furniture Mart School of Entrepreneurial Thinking at Westside High School. Nebraska Furniture Mart will invest $150,000 into a 2-year pilot fully immersing students into the business world to learn entrepreneurial skills, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and corporate insight as they prepare for future careers. “This is a win-win for all,” said Ryan Blumkin, Vice President at Nebraska Furniture Mart. “For Westside High School, for Nebraska Furniture Mart, and for the community. Mrs. B, our founder, was a true entrepreneur. Many of her philosophies are instilled in our culture and are still alive and well after 80 years; we are thrilled to be able to share these philosophies with Westside students. We are also excited to learn and hear ideas for how to improve our business from Westside students. We at Nebraska Furniture Mart commend Westside for creating such a unique platform of entrepreneurial thinking. We hope our investment will encourage other companies to get involved as well.”

If interested in supporting or learning about any of the above projects and programs, please use the enclosed envelope or contact us at 402-390-2133 or westside.foundation@westside66.net

Westside Foundation Annual Report 2017


Westside Foundation Scholarship Recipients 2016-2017 American National Bank Business Scholarship Paige Grogan Ben Silverstein Memorial Scholarship Darlondo Hill Blake Schuler Scholarship Abby Lang Blazek Family Scholarship Philip Trimble Bob Allen Special Education Scholarship Kailey Claussen Bodhan Koszweski Scholarship Emily Alston C.S. Perry Teacher Scholarship Hannah Warren Samara Hoeft Carla Beardmore Harding Memorial Scholarship Ava Bowman

John Hamilton Memorial Christian Kasel

Toddlers = 71

Part Time Employees = 63

Preschool = 287

Total Enrollment: 1,149

Four-Year-Old Program = 48 School-Age = 783

Total Employees: 133

Full Time Employees = 70

Masterson Scholar/Athlete Bennett Hellman Danielle Dircks

Service Learning Project Benefits Open Door Mission Families

Mundy Family Scholarship Elizabeth Seline Niels C. Wodder Memorial Scholarship Kaylee Lehr Richard and Helen Kelley Scholarship Alison Dassner

Vicki and John Hallett UNL Scholarship Alice Nguyen

Fran Carr Memorial Scholarship Brooke Howery Destiny Phillip

Westside Connection Scholarship Katya Ward

the 2018 westside open presented by the hawkins sisters

MOND AY, J U NE 25, 2 0 1 8 4-Person Texas Scramble S H O T G U N S TART: 7 : 3 0 AM O R 1 :0 0 P M Awards Banquet begins at 5:30pm

Wheeland Family Memorial Scholarship Destiny Phillip Willsie Cap and Gown Ryan O’Neal Sabrina Janse VanNoordwyk

Making an Impact in 2017


Awarded through scholarships in 2017!

Westside Early Childhood Centers and Club 66 recently completed a service learning project with the Open Door Mission. The project began with staff members attending a training with Open Door Mission representatives who presented information regarding the needs of children and the families they serve. The staff became motivated and put together plans for each site to participate in a donation campaign. Each site selected a highly needed item (in the case of this site, the item was pasta) and set collection goals. They engaged the students by having them create posters advertising the project and sharing why it is important to assist others in their community. The project was a huge success. Collectively our families donated over 3,000 items. Thanks Westside families!

The students learned why it is important to assist others in their community.

The RED Event

Westside High Eagle Scout Scholarship Robert Gabel

John P. Young Paddock Road Scholarship Anastassia Sedletsky


The Westside Foundation supports the Westside Early Childhood Program which provides a safe, engaging educational environment for children ages 18 months through sixth grade. The program offers developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to grow and develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically with the support and guidance of competent and compassionate adults.

Maryan Stadie Loveland Elementary Scholarship Kaya Miller

Emil F Vohoska Journalism Scholarship Elizabeth Seline

Jennifer Leigh Sayre Memorial Scholarship Nathan Wallace

Thank you for “giving a little bit” and supporting the Westside Foundation through Omaha Gives! In 2017, with your support, we raised $24,493 for students in Westside Community Schools! We look forward to Omaha Gives! 2018 on May 23.

Lois Lucas Memorial Scholarship Lauren Mott

UNO Cooperating Teacher Scholarship Candace Cusimano

Glen L Spaulding Scholarship Seth Norton

Early Childhood Education

Joseph & Marjorie Moore Performing Arts Hannah Warren

Debbie Mazgaj Scholarship Megan Algya

Gary Ohm Westgate Scholarship Lily Spier

Omaha Gives!

The Players Club 12101 DEER CREEK DRIVE OMAHA, NEBRASKA sponsorship and registration available online Spring 2018


RED stands for Recognizing Educational Dreams. The RED event was held for the first time on May 9, 2017 at the Scott Conference Center. This event was created to honor outstanding seniors that have received scholarships. Over 200 parents, teachers and students attended the event. The students were recognized for college scholarships, Westside Foundation Scholarships and Alumni Association Scholarships. The Westside Chamber Singers entertained the group before scholarships were presented. The Westside Foundation and Westside Alumni Association sponsored the event.

Westside Foundation Annual Report 2017


Grants During 2017, the Westside Foundation gave $20,000 in grants to support educational programs in District 66. These grants encompass a wide collection of enhanced learning experiences, which encourage a well-balanced lifestyle for students. The Foundation supports these and other projects throughout Westside Community Schools that would otherwise not be financed by the General Fund Budget.

Enhanced Summer School Program Thanks to the Dr. C. C. & Mabel L Criss Memorial Foundation for supporting the Summer School Programs at Hillside, Westbrook, Westgate and Paddock Road. The funds allowed for a variety of enrichment and extension opportunities for our students. One of the highlights was PraireSTEM (pictured on right) coming in and leading a variety of hands-on robotics, programming, and innovation challenges while students learned 21st century skills like communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The grant money was used to purchase four Ozobots for each school. They were used during summer school and now reside in each school’s Tinker Lab where students are allowed to check them out and use. The grant money also allowed for two authors to come in and lead the students in a writer’s workshop. Students learned about and practiced the writing process while honing in on their creative skills. Students came to summer school excited knowing that it would be more than just remediation in math and reading. The grant dollars allowed us to provide students with a connection in the real-world where math and reading skills are used everyday.

From Arizona to State Basketball Champions

Westgate 4th Graders Receive Recorders Learning to play the recorder is a great skill for young students, and one that will benefit them for years to come. Becoming skilled at reading the line and space notes on the treble cleff, practicing teamwork as they have to play together and learning musicianship are just some of the positives. The fourth grade students at Westgate received recorders after a grant request from music teacher Martha Bosworth. They will use the recorders at school, and were also each gifted with a recorder to keep at home for continued practice. Mastering playing the recorder will give the fourth graders a head start if they continue with a woodwind, brass, string or percussion instrument.

4H Class Visits

Students came to summer school excited knowing that it would be more than just remediation in math and reading.

Your 2018 Westside Warrior girls are State Basketball Champs with a 28-3 record! What made the team a championship caliber team? The answer is ARIZONA!

proved they could compete with anyone. Lessons learned in Arizona propelled them once back in Omaha as they won the Metro Holiday Tournament, Districts and then the ultimate prize, State!

Along with other community donors, the Westside Foundation awarded a grant to the girls basketball team to travel to Arizona this past December to compete in the Nike Tournament of Champions. After starting bracket play 3-0, they lost in the championship game to a Maryland team on a last second shot. Although a tough loss, it

The grant provided by the Westside Foundation allowed the 2018 Westside Warrior girls team to follow their dreams and excel at the highest level. Thank you girls for representing Westside Community Schools, Westside Foundation, and thousands of alumni across the country. Go Warriors!

After a grant was given to fund experiences facilitated by the 4H Extension Office, fourth graders across the district are learning about science concepts while doing hands on experiments with household items. They are learning about polymers by making their own slime comprised of corn starch and water. Demonstration topics also highlighted Newton’s Laws of gravity, how diseases are spread, and the devastating impact of human pollution on our water supply. The kids had a great time while learning about these important topics. After participating in the water pollution activity one young participant said, “This changed my life! I will use less water to save and protect it.”

Fraction Towers at Hillside Learning about the various types of fractions can be tricky for any student. Erica Riffner’s fourth grade class at Hillside was struggling with the concept of converting improper fractions to mixed fractions. Then the class received fraction towers which the Foundation purchased for them after a grant request from Hillside, and the kids were amazed by how much easier the concept was to understand. They could visually see how to create the fractions they were learning about, instead of looking at illustrations and practicing on paper and worksheets. Now the fraction towers are used every day so the children can become secure in their skills. As one student commented on the towers, “They help me see what I’m doing and help me focus.”

...the kids were amazed by how much easier the concept of fractions was to understand.


Making an Impact in 2017

Westside Foundation Annual Report 2017


The W Club was created in 2016 to support the thousands of kids and hundreds of teachers in advancing District 66 to provide funding for programs and continue our tradition of excellence. In just two short years, Warrior Nation has invested over $100,000 through the W Club! We are excited to announce that a significant portion of the 2017 W Club funds will be used for the Little Theater renovation at the high school. Every alumnus has experienced the Little Theater at one time or another, and with your support, the space will be overhauled to meet the needs of today’s students. The use of this year’s W Club funds will be highlighted on our website and in the 2018 W Club brochure that you will be receiving in May. Please note, the W Club Campaign will be starting in May this year to help us in our realignment of fundraising activities within the Westside Foundation. You will have the opportunity to join the W Club campaign through December of 2018. If you wish to join the W Club, please contact 402-390-2133 or westside.foundation@westside.net. Your support has been unbelievable this year! Thousands of students around the district will be impacted by your gift. We set new records in 2017 with 280 W Club members donating over $65,000!

$65,428.55 Raised in 2017

159 New Members

2017 Co-Chairs: Katie (Hamer) and Ryan Anglim (’93) Lisa (Murante) and DJ Rezac (’89) Amy (Schlesinger) and John Kampfe (’75)

280 Total Members 26 States Represented

Help us break 2017’s record numbers by joining Warrior Nation as a 2018 W Club Member! Please contact us at 402-390-2133 or westside.foundation@westside66.net.

W Club 2017 Members Thank You For Your Support HALL OF FAME ($5,000)

SHIELD ($500)

Wende and John Kotouc WARRIOR ($2,500) Maren and Thomas Hood* Emily and Clark Lauritzen* Lisa and DJ Rezac* Michael Staenberg* SQUIRE ($1,000) Anonymous* Katie and Ryan Anglim Fred and Sally Bekins Foundation* Rick Berkshire Casey and Ed Fehringer* Kayla and Chris Hawkins* Cindy and Scott Heider* Randy Horn* Marnee Jepsen Jackie and Terry Kroeger Krohn Family Foundation Gerry and Bruce Lauritzen Dean Rasmussen* Kendi and John Seaman Seline Family Foundation* Lindsey and Scott Semrad Ann and Ken Stinson Angie and Billy Thorell* June and Cory Wedergren


John Filkins

Steven Anderson*

Laura and Michael Alley*

Kristi and Mark Frei*

Stacey and Brett Atlas*

Alley Poyner Machietto

Andrea and Rao Gutta

Ann Balusek

Bill Hanley*

A.J. (Beau) Beauregard*

Amy and Terry Hanna

David Beavers*

Jay Dandy

Paula Harris

Brent Bierman*

Jill Greve

Amy and John Kampfe

Susan Bonnett

Kevin Kerr*

Dave Bunkers

Chrisi and John Hughes

Sarah Konigsberg*

Thomas Burns

Diny and Jim Landen*

Wendi and Scott Kroeger*

Ann and Dennis Christiansen*

Kimberly and Andrew Robinson*

Patty and CL Landen

Catherine Clark*

Judy and Bob Thomas

Cathy and Rick MacInnes*

Jackie Conway

Maureen and Bob Toy*

Kelley and Thomas Maxwell*

Valerie Davis

Jenny and Scott Meyerson*

Dottie Deines

Linda and Ron Wax*

Susan and Doug Nielsen

Jodie and Jim DeSordi*

Jeff Zanarini

Melissa and Pat Regan*

Meg and Nate Dodge*

Mark Ruben

Dodie Douglas*

Samantha and Andrew Wahl

Christine Dwyer

Kim and Josh Weiss*

Gary Epstein*

Anne and Arnie Weitz

Sandy and Paul Epstein

Lareeni and Walter Wood*

Sally and Jim Findley

Woodward Family Foundation*

Ed Fleming*

Shannon Boerner Stephanie and David Cota

Katie and Mike Grier*

Wendy and Beau Ward

LANCE ($250) Cindy and Mogens Bay Gary Bliss Deb and Sam Brower* Anne and Scott Carlson* Phyllis and Norm Choat* Lee Cummins

VICTORY ($100)

Susan and Bill Cutler*

Carl Adrian*

Jill and Mark Dietrich*

Suzanne and Richard Ahlstrand

Mary and Louie Dircks

Tarek Ali*

Making an Impact in 2017

Monique Forman Chuck Garlock* Jack Garlock Lynne Friedel Gellman* Jennifer and John Glazer*

Kay Lynn and John Goldner

Grace Willing Sadler

Mary Jo Losen Greenup

Greg Armitage

Whitney and Dave Goldner*

Mike Saklar

Carol and Howard Halperin

Gary Chasen

Gina and Mack Greder

Amie and Bill Schellpeper

Mark Hasebroock

Bill Eilers*

William Guild*

Mitch Schuler

Maryann and Rob Henrichs

Kjirsten Finnegan

Julie Hamann

Rich Secor

David Humphry*

Matthew Focht

Greg Hand

Jennifer Seidler

Erin Kaese

Brenda and Shawn Frederick

Mark Harless

Chip Spielhagen*

Barbara Karpf

Don Glasgow

Courtney and Jason Hellman*

Patty and Fred Suarez

William King*

Janet Golden*

Katie and Doug Henningsen

Athene Tenney*

Chad Kooiker

Danielle and Jeff Gordman*

Sharon and Roger Herring*

Phyllis and Del Toebben*

Eileen Kroeger*

Sharon Griffin*

Scott Hinckley*

James Turpen

Kathryn and William Lake*

Jenny Haase

Eric Hofschire*

Todd Urosevich*

Sonja Barton Loar*

Anna Hargis*

Shari Hofschire*

Everett Vanderpool

Justin Madson

Cari Harris

Jill Hollander

Mary and Timothy Wahl*

Linda Jackson McPhail*

Thomas Helligso

Laura and John Iliff*

Michelle Warner

Michael Mellor

Wendy Kirkle*

Ashley and David Ingvoldstadt

Joy and Gordon Watanabe

Laurie and Paul Meyers

Ann and Rick Kutilek*

Brenda and Jason Irwin

Nancy and Warren Whitted

Bruce Moore*

Andrew Liakos

Randi Friedel Jablin*

Kristin Williams*

Ann Oliphant*

Judy and John Major

Kristi and Todd Johnson

Mike Williams*

Russ Olsen and Stephanie

Dana and Chris Mathiasen

Lorrie and Gary Katelman

Barb and Todd Wimmer

Nicole and Rick Kelley*

Jim Woodland

Tiffany and Jay Opperman

Michael Paskach

Nancy Kerr*

Brea Woodson

Ralph Palmer

Kim and Gary Petersen*

Lloyd Kilmer*

Brian Worrall

Kerri and Justin Palmesano

Dianne Polly*

Gary Kinloch

Jennifer Zatechka*

Jeremy Passer*

Kay and Jerry Rubendall*

Kari and Doug Krenzer*

Bruce Zimmerman

Kim Russell

Craig Smith*

Sharon and Richard Krueger

Jacqueline Zoucha

Don Salyards

Sally Stalnaker*

Sandi and Adam Sawyer*

Patricia Stillmock*

Jackie and Joe Schaffner

Linda Stroud*

Emilie Schmid

Ronald Tegtmeier*

Julie and Travis Schmitz

Courtney Toder

Terri Schrager*

Christine Tucker*

Christine and John Sennentz

Sara and John Young*

Richard Kutilek* Lynn and Rick Lawson Cynthia and Roger Leitner* Gail Lovercheck Tom Mariucci Harriette McPherson Laura Havelka Miller* Linda and Louis Miloni Mary and Larry Morrissey* J. Gunnar Mossblad* Debralee Nelson Margaret and Jeff Nelson Kristi and Todd Newcomb Katie O’Brien Sandy and Dave Parker Connie Paskach* Jessica and Dennis Pate* Lisa Peters Rick Rhodes Maryanne Ricketts* Terri and Fred Rieser Lisa and Michael Ringer* Theresa and David Rogers* Brenda and Rich Rosenblatt Elizabeth and Mark Rupp

LOYALTY ($50) Cheri and Paul Andrews Jane Archerd Dan Arnold Cynthia Avis Nancy Ayoub* Bradford Barker David Boyer* Jerry Caffey Angel and David Carl* Steve Carter* Kelly and Russ Collins Susanne Cook John Coburn Stephen Dickinson Donna Downing Diana Doyle Mark Estey John Ferguson Alison Fox* Lori and James Gigantelli* Kristin and Gary Gilger Arkadiy Ginzburg Jeffrey Glass* Holly Goshinski


Shelley and Kent Siemers Joan Smith* Stacie Spies-Matz Tangdall Family* William Trowbridge*

Gary Morey

*Renewal member We apologize for any omissions due to printing deadlines.

Meagan and John Van Gelder Tony Villotta Susie and Erik Wagner* Jean Welch Susan and Mark Wheeler* Fran Witt* Sandra Wolf Joan Yaffe Debra and Scott Young* Rosie Zweiback* RED AND BLACK ($25) Kathryn Anderson* Tanin Arkfeld

Leave a Legacy by Making a Planned Gift. Alumni, District 66 residents and friends have supported Westside Community Schools through their estate. Please contact us at 402-390-2133 to learn more about options for making a planned gift.

Westside Foundation Annual Report 2017


“Back for the Future” was the theme for VI-VI 2017. Four hundred guests attended the gala event on Friday October 6, 2017 at the Omaha Design Center. Hors d’oeuvres were passed and dinner was served by volunteer students wearing “Back to the Future” theme-inspired “Lou’s Cafe” t-shirts and retro diner food server hats. Catering Creations treated guests to an upscale diner themed dinner.

VI-VI 2017 Donors

Thank You For Your Support

Event Chairs: Mike and Kyle (McGill) Robino (‘88) & Michelle (Johnson) Warner (‘88), and husband, Scott.

A rare DeLorean owned by Westside High School alum Thom Donaldson (‘69) was on display for photo opportunities with guests. Thom also contributed a ride in the DeLorean as part of the live auction. VI-VI 2017 netted $180,000 for Westside Community Schools. These funds will go directly toward innovative educational opportunities in every school – building on the strong fundamental foundation by integrating new methods or technologies to further enhance the educational experience for every student. Brandi Petersen was the emcee for the evening and Russ Moravec served as auctioneer for the live auction.

Honorary Chairs: John and Chrisi Hughes

Honorary chairs for VI-VI 2017 were Chrisi and John Hughes. Event chairs were Kyle (McGill) (‘88) and Mike Robino and Michelle (Johnson) (‘88) and Scott Warner. DeLorean on display

EVENT SPONSORS Dr. C.C. & Mabel L Criss Memorial Foundation Anonymous Parker Family Foundation

Sandy and Dave Parker & Andrew (‘05) and Breanne (Schroeder) Parker (‘05)

SILVER SPONSORS Danielle and Dana Bradford Jackie and Terry Kroeger Holly and Mike Boyer Sue and Steve Seline

PLATINUM SPONSOR Chrisi & John Hughes GOLD SPONSORS Sarah & Adam Yale

Michael Staenberg


Making an Impact in 2017

Hillside Community Club Kristi and Mark Frei Kayla and Chris Hawkins Doug and Kari Krenzer

PATRON SPONSORS Rick and Nicole Kelley Marie and Blane McCann Breanne and Andrew Parker Kyle and Mike Robino

Charlie and Adrianne Agulla Hesham Ali Johnna and Dave Allen Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture American National Bank Katie and Ryan Anglim Cassie and Eric Arneson Jill and James Barger Dana and Josh Bartee Kelly and Todd Bartusek Kenneth Bayles Sarah and Scott Becker Erin and Jeremy Behrens Lindy and Karl Bender Ann and Thomas Berry Melissa and Greg Betts Sarah and Terry Beutler Amber Biegler Annie and Ken Bird Elizabeth and Doug Bisson Dana and Darren Blakely Susan Bonnett Debbie and Tom Bouc Alexis and Matt Boulos JoAnn and Scott Bowden Holly and Mike Boyer Dani and Dana Bradford Barbara and Marc Brey Deb and Sam Brower Amy and Kris Brown Kelly and Kevin Buscher Angel and Dave Carl Stacey and Andrew Carnazzo Rebecca and Bill Cartwright Phyllis and Norm Choat Ann and Dennis Christiansen Jennifer Coco Kelly and Russ Collins Mike Coyle Creative Sites Dr C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Memorial Foundation Mary and Hal Daub

Caitlin and Andy Davis Kristi and Matt Davis Kim and Adam De La Cruz Breanne and Jeffrey Demers Jodie and Jim DeSordi Jill and Mark Dietrich Katy and Adam DiPrima Jenny and Brian Doyle Mary Drake Rachel and Gil Dysico Joni and Tony Eitzmann Enterprise Bank Jodi Epstein Jennifer and Jeff Faiman Stacie and Chris Faust Casey and Ed Fehringer Darlynn and Tom Fellman Joan and John Ferguson Shawna and Grant Forsberg Kristi and Mark Frei Jamie and Ted Friedland Friedman Foundation Marla Fries Megan and AJ Froehlich Laurie and Kevin From Jenna and Brian Gabrial Whitney and David Goldner Kathleen and Mike Grier Sharon Griffin Wendie and Scott Grogan Andrea and Rao Gutta Anne and John Hall Amy and Terry Hanna Lisa Hatch Karen and Kim Hawkins Kayla and Chris Hawkins Cindy and Scott Heider Katie and Doug Henningsen Sharon and Roger Herring Rachel and Garret Higginbotham Hillside Community Club Lori and Paul Hogan Karen and Randy Horn Elaine and Tyler Hottovy

Chrisi and John Hughes Laura and John Iliff Pamela and Bernard Inbody Ashley and David Ingvoldstadt IP Design Cynthia and James Irvine Brenda and Jason Irwin Lindsey and Glen Jagels Ashley and Jarrod James Mary and Jim Jansen Marnee and Paul Jepsen Ruth and Virgil Johnson Amy and John Kampfe Sally and Ken Kampfe Kris and Dave Karnes Barbara and Adam Karpf Dana and Mike Kaufman Nicole and Rick Kelley Robyn and Jerry Kleidosty Sarah and Beau Konigsberg Jennifer and Brandon Koom Kari and Doug Krenzer Jackie and Terry Kroeger Janet and Mike Kroeger Wendi and Scott Kroeger Traci and Lance Kugler Anne and Steve Kutilek Julie and Joe Kutilek Lamp Rynearson Emily and Clark Lauritzen Beth and Grant Leach Julie and Charlie Liakos Joann and Paul Lofties Loveland Community Club Magnum Realty/Creative Sites Sue and Peter Maier Carrie and Ed May Marie and Blane McCann Deb and John McCollister Kathy and John McGauvran Jodie and Tim McGill Marguerite and James McGill Sharon McGill Debbie and Mike McKay

Jenny and Scott Meyerson Jill and Todd Moeller Marialina and Jason Morris Beth and Jeff Morrissette Morrissey Engineering Chrissta and Sumit Mukherjee Karen and Larry Nelsen Susie and Michael Norton Oakdale Community Club Kathleen and Lee Ogle Ira Olsen Kat and Zak Olsen Melanie Osborn Jenn and Darren Osten Paddock Road Community Club Kristen and Jason Papenfuss Breezy and Andrew Parker Sandy and Dave Parker Gail Parsonage Jessica and Dennis Pate Andrea and Eric Paulson Cathy and Curtis Peterson Kari Pokorski Prairie Lane Community Club Project Advocates Li and James Quaites Linda and Wendell Quist Sherry and Jay Rankin Cindy and Dave Rector Kara and Kyle Reeves Melissa and Pat Regan Lisa and D.J. Rezac Sarah and Blake Richards Kyle and Mike Robino Rockbrook Community Club Ronco Construction Courtney and David Rooney Rotella’s Bakery Elizabeth and Mark Rupp Amie and Bill Schellpeper Stacey Schnauber Enid Schonewise

Vanessa Schutte Security National Bank Seim Johnson Sue and Steve Seline Lindsey and Scott Semrad Tifany and Scott Shely Andrea and Michael Siegel Harriet Singer Amy and Scott Sladovnik Jennifer and Jeff Snow Michael Staenberg Libby and David Stiles Robert H. Storz Foundation Carrie and Eric Stovers Sunset Hills Community Club Kari and Brandon Tauber Denise and John Taylor Joyce and Daniel Templeton Barb and Don Terry Angela and William Thorell Abby and Jeremy Tipton Maureen and Bob Toy Sarah and Brian Troia Meagan and John Van Gelder Jennifer and Erin Vik Samantha and Timothy Wahl Lily and David Wang Michelle and Scott Warner Joy and Gordon Watanabe Dana and David Wear Jean Welch Westbrook Community Club Westgate Community Club Westside Alumni Association Westside Middle School Community Club Julie and David Williams Kristin Williams Jodi and Matt Winfrey Katie and Chris Wray Sarah and Adam Yale Mary and Bob Zagozda

DiVentures Scuba and Swim Center Don Carmelo’s Thom Donaldson Durham Museum Heather and Matt Egbert Jacquie Estee Figure Skating Club of Omaha Film Streams Fontenelle Forest Nature Association

Ginger’s Hang Up Gramercy Gunderson’s Jewelry Gutterlock Jennifer Harr Hillside Community Club Stephanie Hornung Laura and John Iliff Cynthia and James Irvine J. Coco Jackson Street Tavern Jaipur

JAMS Jerry Ryan Clothing & Sportswear Jimi D’s Jones Bros Cupcakes Kansas City Zoo Debra Kaplan Sean Kelly Kelly’s Carpet Robyn and Jerry Kleidosty Lauritzen Gardens

VI-VI 2017 In Kind Donors Robert H. Storz Foundation Angie and Bill Thorell Michelle and Scott Warner

Thank You For Your Support Aksarben Cinema Arbor Day Farm Cassie and Eric Arneson Amber and Tom Baker Bare Body Shop Barry O’s Dana and Darren Blakely Bling It On! Blooms Melissa and Alan Bone Amy and Kris Brown Camp Legacy

Catering Creations Cedar Phyllis and Norm Choat Christi Clark Classy Canine Cuts Creighton University Athletic Department Denver Botanic Gardens Denver Children’s Museum Denver Museum of Nature & Science Denver Zoo

Westside Foundation Annual Report 2017


VI-VI 2017 In Kind Donors Continued

2017 Donors Continued

Thank You For Your Support Donna Walsh and Grant Lippincott Long Dog Fat Cat Loveland Community Club Magnum Development Corporation Market Basket Martini Nails Jodie and Tim McGill Sue Meyers Phil Morgan Gabrielle and Matthew Mormino Beth and Jeff Morrissette Moylan Iceplex Nothing Bundt Cakes Oak Hills Country Club Oakdale Community Club Omaha Community Playhouse

Omaha Children’s Museum Omaha Equestrian Foundation Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium Omaha World Herald Opera Omaha Paddock Road Community Club Kristen and Jason Papenfuss Janet and Doug Parsonage Pauli’s Brandi Peterson Pinnacle Bank Championship Planet Sub Ponzu Sushi and Grill Protocol School of the Midwest Prairie Life Fitness Pucci’s

Pure Barre Raising Canes Reve Salon & Spa Robert Maxx Opticians Kyle and Mike Robino Rockbrook Pool Sue and Steve Seline Sephora Sky Zone Trampoline Park Smoothie King Karen and Robert Sundell Sunset Hills Community Club Swanson Community Club Kellie and Jason Tagge The Bookworm The Fold The Mix The Ricketts Family and the Cubs Organization Angela and William Thorell

Tiger Tom’s Todd Smith Fitness Elizabeth Torson University of Nebraska Foundation Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Village Needleworks Michelle and Scott Warner Westbrook Community Club Westside Foundation Westside High School Westside High School Athletic Department Westside High School Dance Team Westside High School DECA Westside High School Vocal Music Department Wilson & Washburn

Lisa Worrall WOWT Omaha Mary Zicafoose Zio’s

Shelley and Bob Danenhauer Donna and Bill Danenhauer Kyle Darling Craig Dassner Lisa and Zach Daub Mary and Hal Daub Deb and Craig Daubman Jamie Davis Todd Debeer Gail and John DeBoer Jodie and Jim DeSordi DLR Group Dede and Pat Donahue Clifford Donnelly Vicki Dorris Jennifer and Tim Dowd Jenny and Brian Doyle Drake Williams Steel, Inc Kelli and Mark Dudley Julie Duff Kathy and Michael Duggan Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation Enterprise Bank John Erickson Jacquie and Brent Estee Mark Estey Kimberly Falk Sarah Fehringer Tom and Darlynn Fellman Foundation Susie and Ken Ferrarini Peggy and James Fey Laura and Brian Finley

First National Bank Cynthi and Mike Fleming Lynn and Ed Fleming William S Fleming Sue Fleming Floors, Incorporated Cynthia Focht Fourth Estate Vineyard Frankel Zacharia L.L.C. Fraser Stryker Nancy Friedman Laurie and Kevin From Michelle and John Fulmer Steve Galloway Kristine and Steve Gambaina Zachary Gemar Kay Lynn and John Goldner Samantha and Stephen Gollehon Abby and Andy Goranson Lisa and Gary Gotsdiner Judith and Daniel Graham Scott Graham Mary Grant Mary and Gerald Gray Barbara Griffith H&H Automotive Pendery Haines Susan Hall Mary Lynn and Randall Hallett Vicki and John Hallett Lori Hamilton Sue White-Hamilton

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2017 Donors

Thank You For Your Support Anonymous Access Elevator & Lifts, Inc. Maria and Sean Akers Mary Alberts Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority, Inc. Americal, Inc. American National Bank Gail Anderson Kathryn and David Anderson Anderson Food Shops Greg Anglim Katie and Ryan Anglim Ron Anglim Lynn and Thomas Ashby Jill Assman Benjamin Baber Cynthia Bailey Ronald Banse Jeannie and Nicholas Battafarano Baxter Auto A.J. (Beau) Beauregard Jean and Adam Beckman Angela and J.W. Bergman Rick Berkshire Melissa and Greg Betts Annie and Ken Bird Mike Birmingham Matt Blumkin Crystal Bolamperti Jim Bonham Susan Bonnett Charles Boone


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Making an Impact in 2017

Kathy Holdsworth Katie Holling Kimberly Holzapfel Honeywell International Charity Matching Alex Hook Karen and Randy Horn Allan Horwich Bob Howard Elizabeth Huben Molly Hurley Laura and John Iliff Imperial Systems Inc Pamela and Bernard Inbody Ingersoll Rand Lindsey and Glen Jagels Jamie Jank Patti and Jim Jansen Elizabeth and Michael Jareske Caryn and Nick Jasa Steve Jennett Jr Sandy and Michael Jernigan James Johnson Kris Johnson Johnson Hardware Dana Jones Pat Jordanm Darren Julian Erin Junge Richard Kalasky Jaime Kammandel Amy and John Kampfe Sally and Ken Kampfe Debra Kaplan Kris and Dave Karnes Betty Karolski Barbara and Adam Karpf Ann and Marty Kauffman Jeff Kavich Helen and Dick Kelley Nicole and Rick Kelley Kathleen and Rob Kemler Rosemary and William Kent Kevin Kerr Keystone Glass Company Birgit and Jimmy Khandalavala Gene Kidder Liz and Jim Killips William King Megan Kipling Angela and Dan Knight Nancy and Keith Knight Koley Jessen P.C. Anna and Shawn Kolterman Jennifer and Brandon Koom Jean Korff Nick Koszewski Elizabeth Koterba Aimee Koth Wende and John Kotouc Chad Kracher

Morgan Kraft Rebecca Kratky Amy and Chris Kriegler Wendi and Scott Kroeger Jackie and Terry Kroeger Denise Kueny Pam and Bruce Kutler Janice and Raymond Kyle Tina and Paul LaFave Sarah Lake C.L. and Patty Landen Edward Langdon Shawn Lanka Ann and Jon LaRandeau Linda and Lance Larson Lauren Latka Janet and Robert Laughlin John & Elizabeth Lauritzen Foundation Beth and Grant Leach Kristine and Leslie Leech Tim Leibel Audrey Lewis Anne Lieben Sarah Lieske Mike Limas Donna Walsh and Grant Lippincott Patti Livingstone Vickie and Ronnie Locklair Lockton Companies David Lodes Samantha Loeffler Sue and Steve Long Mary Lottinville Linda and Bob Lovgren Jeff Luby Ellen and Henry Lucas Lueder Construction Co. Judy and Richard Lundquist Cathy and Rick MacInnes Kimberly Macziewski Cindy and Tucker Magid Sue and Peter Maier Marilyn and Carl Mammel Laura Mann Russ Manners Kimberly Marasco Sara and Eric Martin Meghan Martin Micky and Barney Marvin Maureen Masters Marianne and John McCandless Marie and Blane McCann Jean and Mick McCarthy Denise and Timothy McCarthy Deb and John McCollister Mary McFarlin Patrick McIntosh MCL Construction Kira Mclean

Molly McMeekin McMullen Ford Dan McPhail Cheryl McPherson Lisa Meehan Bradley Metzler Jamie and Troy Meyerson Michelle and Tony Militti Jenna Miller William and Mary Moeschler, Jr. Bruce Moore Susan and Michael Moore Vicki Morgan Julie Morris Marialina and Jason Morris Beth and Jeff Morrissette Sandy Morrow Rebekah and Robert Moyle Omayma Mroue-Serhan Ragdeh Mukbel Karin and Grant Mussman Dan Myers Lindsey Natvig Nebraska Furniture Mart Susan Neely Jacquelyn and Donald Nelsen, Jr. Jack Nelson Emily Nielsen Kelly Nissen Jacob North Shelley Novacek Laura and Jose Novoa Erin and Timothy O’Brien Carla and Gary Ohm Russ Olsen The Olson Foundation Omaha Steaks One Source - The Background Check Company Doug Otteman Owen Industries Victor Padios Breezy and Andrew Parker Connie and Doug Paskach Mark Passer Barb Pate Michelle Patterson Kara Pedersen Beth Peitzmeier Cindy and Fred Perry Cathy and Curtis Peterson Pfizer Foundation Nancy and John Pflug Linda Placzek Kristal Platt Gerri and Darin Plautz PML Construction Deanna Polk JoAnn and Douglas Poole

Prairie Mechanical Corporation Gwen and Ray Pred Project Advocates Verta and Gene Pugh Kendra and Trent Quinlan Linda and Wendell Quist Kyle Radek Jennifer Rands Dorothy Rasgorshek RBC Wealth Management Ryan Rhyner Marianne Rieser Doug Riley Natalie Rinn Kimberly and Andrew Robinson Kathy Roehrig Anne Rogers Nancy Rohwer Ardith and Geln Rumbaugh Grace and Jim Sadler Stanley Saklar Hector Santiago Mary and Jeffrey Sayre Michael Scarff Jackie and Joe Schaffner Schemmer Brody Schmaderer Kimberly Schmidt Deetta and Ronald Schmierer Julie and Travis Schmitz Enid Schonewise Beth and Harley Schrager Jeffrey Schrager Terri Schrager Wayne Schwarz Beau Schwenka Scooter’s Coffee Kim Secora Security National Bank Sue and Steve Seline Laura Shiffermiller Rachel Shyken Andrea and Michael Siegel Debbie and Hal Sinclair Lynette and Bill Singer Robert Singer Chase Smith Alice Smith Holly Smith Cheryl Smith Linda Spencer Spezia Melissa Steiner Dave Stevens Kyle Stover Karen and Robert Sundell Susan and Scott Swanson Nina and Patrcik Swanson Stephanie Swanson Jeremy Swartz

Swartzbaugh Family Foundation Brett Terry Barb Terry The Urology Center Marilyn and Rodney Thompson Angela and William Thorell Phyllis and Del Toebben Marlo Tomich Connie Tompkins Maureen and Bob Toy Kaye Travnicek Tanya and John Tyrcha United Health Care Mary and Todd Urosevich Susan and Robert Vacinek Kathy and Arturo Valenzuela Meagan and John Van Gelder Cindy and Tim Vann Pat Venditte Matt Vieceli Tracey and Mark Vieceli John Vilks Kerri Vise Vrana and Son Construction Company Joy and Gordon Watanabe Laura Watts Jason Weaver Kim and Edwin Weber June and Cory Wedergren Jenny and Mark Weichel Heather Weist Beth Welke Wells Fargo Valerie and Ken West Jane and Matthew West Westside Alumni Association Betty White WHS Class of 1976 WHS Class of 1990 Julie and David Williams Susan Darst Williams and David Williams Meredith and Joshua Willits Rebecca Wodder Marty and David Woodke Brea Woodson Sarah and Adam Yale Cindy and Bill Yost Sara and John Young Brenda and Bruce Zabel Michelle and Bob Zadalis Mary and Bob Zagozda We apologize for any omissions due to printing deadlines.

Westside Foundation Annual Report 2017



Westside Community Schools, Inc. 909 S. 76th Street, Omaha, NE 68114

The Westside Foundation provides student scholarships, classroom grants, facilities improvements, and support for Westside Community Schools when tax dollars are not available. Supporters and donors include alumni, district residents, businesses, teachers, staff, parents and friends—most from within district boundaries and the metropolitan area but many from across the state, and around the nation, too. They all share a common belief that a strong public education is essential to the quality of life and the future well-being of our community.

Westside Foundation Board of Directors Chairman Sue Seline


Vice Chairman Mike Williams

Mike Boyer William Cutler Mark Frei Danielle Gordman Dan Hamann Pete Hanley Chris Hawkins

Treasurer Randy Horn Secretary Nate Dodge

Board Members Emeritus Rick Kelley John Kotouc Terry Kroeger C.L. Landen Clark Lauritzen Blane McCann Beth Morrissette

Sandy Parker D.J. Rezac Kimberly Robinson Terri Schrager Meagan Van Gelder Kristin Williams

Ken Bird Jacquie Estee President Laura Iliff Development Director Terry Hanna Legal Counsel Michael Coyle

Profile for Westside Foundation

2017 Annual Report  

2017 Annual Report