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Warrior Spirit Then & Now

Nancy Lawson and Nanci (Shook) Stevenson (‘65) reminisced about the fun they had in Pep Club.

The 2017 Westside football team boasted an 8-3 record, a playoff appearance, and a noticeably spirited student body. Currently, students generate school spirit through assemblies that recognize academics, athletics, behavior, and activities. Cheerleaders teach the fight song to homerooms and organize theme nights at sporting events. A strong social media presence, including school-sponsored Twitter accounts, continues to foster school pride.

earned chevrons for their sleeves. They earned points by making posters, attending games and meetings, and selling ribbons for ten cents to their classmates to wear on game day.

1965 Pep Club members Phyllis (Donaldson) Choat, Anne Leigh Hellbusch, Nancy Lawson, Jackie (Hauptmann) Nagle and Nanci (Shook) Stephenson shared their experiences as Pep Club members. Though it’s been 52 years since they wore their From the time Westside High School opened uniforms, they fondly remember their time in 1952 through the mid-1970s the Pep in Pep Club. Club provided the most spirited and unified “It would have been hard to imagine being expression of Warrior pride. Pep Club was an without Pep Club. Everyone was into it” all-female organization created to promote recalled Jackie (Hauptmann) Nagle. school spirit that soon became an institution at Westside. Nearly every girl was a member, Requirements for membership included with membership at around 500 throughout positive behavior, showing up on time to the 1960s. On game-day the girls wore their games, wearing their uniform and gloves. uniforms featuring a red sweater and a black Chewing gum was not allowed! The Pep skirt, often accompanied by saddle shoes or Club girls of 1965 remember their sponsors loafers. White gloves were required at games. Mrs. Clara Dunn and Mrs. Judy Khrounek signing posters and issuing demerits to girls Pep Cub members worked for points to who did not comply. The ladies recalled earn the coveted red “W” patch to sew on that although the rules were strict, few their sweaters. After getting their “W”, they questioned them as they were such a vital

part of the overall Pep Club experience. They appreciated the sense of unity and school pride the club created. “When you think of someone back in high school you think of them in their Pep Club uniform,” said Nanci (Shook) Stephenson. By the mid-1970s, Pep Club membership declined significantly. In 1977, Pep Club’s last year, The Shield stated, “People just don’t want so much organization.” Changing attitudes towards uniformity and selfexpression and an increasing number of girls’ sports opportunities may have contributed to the decline of Pep Club. Jackie (Hauptmann) Nagle really enjoyed her time in Pep Club. “You always knew what to wear on Fridays.” she said. Pep Club may be gone, but its embodiment of school spirit should not be forgotten. We applaud all the Pep Club women of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s for their school spirit and pride that paved the way for future generations and new expressions of Warrior spirit.


Winter 2018

On behalf of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Happy New Year! We hope your 2018 brings you joy and is full of blessings. As your new president, I am ready to serve our alumni association through its mission. We strive to maintain effective communications with and among alumni and friends through our newsletters, emails, website, and social media. In addition, we work with the outstanding Westside High School teachers and principal to support the educational objectives for its students. Through the Hall of Fame event, outstanding alumni are recognized. In coordination with the Westside Foundation, we plan and coordinate gatherings and events such as the Homecoming Tailgate, and raise the financial resources to fulfill this mission through the Westside Open golf outing. We also host the Westside Alumni Basketball Tournament for alumni to compete and have fun while raising funds for scholarships. The support and pride of our alumni and community are incredible. I feel fortunate to reside in District 66. Our children attend Westside Community Schools. Thanks to the overwhelming community support of a $79.9 million dollar bond issue, we see the building improvements every day. Ava is in 8th grade at Westside Middle School. John is in 6th grade at Oakdale Elementary School and is excited to move into the newly built Oakdale. During the Oakdale construction, I enjoyed walking the hallways of my junior high, Valley View (Oakdale moved here while the new school was built). I realized one of the best ways to make yourself happy now is to recall happy times from the past. I remembered where my first ever locker stood. I recalled the rhythmic sounds of our typing class, and reminisced the taste of soft-serve ice cream in the cafeteria. These simple things–just moments to me in the 1980s–are now memories. Amazing reunions have been held and are being planned, including my class of 1988’s 30th reunion. Be sure to stay connected with the Alumni Association through our newsletters and social media. You just might reconnect with someone whom you once knew or meet someone you never knew who is also a Warrior like you. Sincerely, Meagan (Davis) Van Gelder (’88)

Class of 1957 Holds First 60-Year Reunion

Members from the class of 1957 attended the Annual Homecoming Tailgate.

Last Fall, our District celebrated an unprecedented event in the history of Westside, as more than a dozen graduates joined to celebrate 60 years since their high school graduation. Fifteen members of the Class of ‘57 reunited to reminisce, update each other on their lives, and to celebrate their special bond as Westside Warriors, six decades strong. “A lot of water has passed under the bridge for us all,” said Reunion Chair, Dave Humphry. “We have seen the end of the Korean War, then Vietnam (which directly affected us all), the Cold War, the turbulent 60’s, Title IX, and amazing new technology. Plus, we have had the personal life experiences involving family, health, work and leisure, experiencing both difficulties as well as joys along the way.” Together, many of these graduates have witnessed the vast changes that have taken place throughout Westside Community Schools. “I remember when there were farm buildings on the land where the high school now sits,” said Humphry. “The school opened in fall of 1952, and originally consisted of grades 7 through 12; we were 8th graders. The District was rapidly growing and before we graduated, one new addition had been completed, and another one was under construction, as I recall.” Change continues throughout our District today, as construction crews improve and in some cases, rebuild our historic schools, ensuring we have state-of-the-art facilities to take our students through several more decades. Through it all, our community focus on excellence in education has remained a priority, a common thread connecting students past and present, spanning several generations. “Through all these 65 years, Westside gained and has maintained an excellent reputation,” said Humphry. “I’d like to think we were part of building a strong foundation for Westside which has continued to hold up and get stronger through the years.”

REUNIONS 1963: 55th Reunion | August 17-18 WHS (’63) - Nancy (Berg) Jenkins, Jane (Stockman) Rauch, Judy (McClendon) Stratbucker and the “boys”. Casual evening affairs: August 17, 2018 at the Omaha Marriott, 10220 Regency Circle (our room block hotel) & August 18, 2018 at Happy Hollow Club. More detailed info coming next year! Hope you save the dates, ‘63 alumni, and connect with your ‘old’ classmates!

1968: 50th Reunion Plans are in the works for our 50-year class reunion that will coincide with the 2018 Fall Homecoming. Although the exact date has not been announced, it will be sometime in mid-to-late September. Friday night we will attend the Alumni Tailgate followed by the football game. A Bluegrass and Barbecue gathering will take place Saturday night at the Historic Florence Mill owned and operated by classmate Linda (Sorensen) Meigs. Please send your updated contact information to:

For more information: Our reunion email: Nancy Donovan Bill Koile (402) 301-5821 Carole Jansen (214) 679-5502 Alison (Vickery) Rider (402) 397-5969

1988: 30th Reunion | July 13-14 Friday, July 13: Fox & Hound at 506 N. 120th Street Saturday, July 14: Westside HIgh School Tour + Golf Saturday, July 14: Jimi D’s at 6303 Center Street Contacts: Meagan (Davis) Van Gelder, Debbie (Moss) McGrew, Gary Baker and Dana (Studenberg) Blakely If you would like to plan or be on a planning committee for your class reunion, please contact the Westside Alumni Association at 402-390-2183 or email us at

Alumni Association Seeks Hall of Fame Nominations Do you know an outstanding alumnus whose professional and civic accomplishments reflect well on Westside High School? Or perhaps you would like to honor a school district booster who has made noteworthy contributions to Westside Community Schools. The Westside Alumni Association is accepting nominations for the 2018 Hall of Fame through April 1, 2018. The nomination form and details about the nomination process are available at under Alumni Happenings/Alumni Hall of Fame. Awards may be given posthumously. Inductees will be selected by representatives from the Westside Alumni Association, the Westside Community Schools Foundation and the Westside Community Schools administration. The biennial Hall of Fame/Lighthouse Leader Dinner will be held in the Fall. Please contact the alumni office at with questions.

The class of 1963 planning their 55th reunion while at the Robson Ranch Golf Club in Eloy, Arizona. From left to right, Bill Eilers, Don Chase, Jeff Dale and John Gerard. See you in August!

Thank You from Jason Hellman, WAA President 2014-2017 I would like to thank the Alumni Board members and officers who helped throughout my tenure as Alumni President. Thanks also to our amazing Alumni Association Administrator Lindsey Natvig, the Westside Community Schools Foundation staff and leadership for their continued support, and the Westside High School administration and faculty for their part in our success. Please join me in welcoming our new officers: President Meagan (Davis) Van Gelder (‘88), Vice President Ricky Anderson (‘05), Treasurer Marc Lowe (‘76) and Secretary Phyllis (Donaldson) Choat (’65). I look forward to watching our Alumni Association thrive under their leadership. For more than 30 years, Westside has held a special place in my heart. In 1986, after interviews and tours at Millard North, Millard South, Burke and Prep, I chose to attend Westside. I sensed there was something very special at Westside, something that I did not ‘feel’ at the other schools. To this day, that something special remains difficult to pinpoint. “Did they know why they knew? Not at all. But they Knew!” - Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking As our children grow and enjoy their own Westside years, even their own Westside graduations, I still wonder - what makes our school such a special place? When I look at our District today, I don’t always see what I saw in 1986. I normally see something even better. Our “private-feeling public high school” remains remarkable. We enjoy one of the most sought after educations in the “number 1 city to raise a family in America” (Movoto Real Estate 8/12/2014). Even as we navigate challenging times, we continue to be a Lighthouse District,. Please keep playing your role in making our community school special. Thank you for your time. It has truly been my pleasure to serve you. Go Warriors! Jason B. Hellman (’90)

Winter 2018

2017 W Club Members: HALL OF FAME ($5,000)

Chrisi and John Hughes

Kim and Josh Weiss*

Kay Lynn and John Goldner

Margaret and Jeff Nelson

Wende and John Kotouc

Diny and Jim Landen*

Anne and Arnie Weitz

Whitney and Dave Goldner*

Kristi and Todd Newcomb

WARRIOR ($2,500)

Kimberly and Andrew Robinson*

Lareeni and Walter Wood*

Gina and Mack Greder

Katie O’Brien

Maren and Thomas Hood*

Judy and Bob Thomas

Woodward Family Foundation*

William Guild*

Sandy and Dave Parker

Emily and Clark Lauritzen*

Maureen and Bob Toy*

Julie Hamann

Connie Paskach*

Lisa and DJ Rezac*

Wendy and Beau Ward

VICTORY ($100)

Greg Hand

Jessica and Dennis Pate*

Michael Staenberg*

Linda and Ron Wax*

Mark Harless

Lisa Peters

Courtney and Jason Hellman*

Rick Rhodes

SQUIRE ($1,000)

Jeff Zanarini


LANCE ($250)

Katie and Ryan Anglim

Cindy and Mogens Bay

Sally and Fred Bekins Foundation*

Gary Bliss

Rick Berkshire Casey and Ed Fehringer* Kayla and Chris Hawkins* Cindy Heider* Randy Horn* Marnee Jepsen Jackie and Terry Kroeger Krohn Family Foundation Gerry and Bruce Lauritzen Dean Rasmussen* Kendi and John Seaman Seline Family Foundation* Lindsey and Scott Semrad Ann and Ken Stinson Angie and Billy Thorell* June and Cory Wedergren

Deb and Sam Brower* Anne and Scott Carlson* Phyllis and Norm Choat* Lee Cummins Susan and Bill Cutler* Jill and Mark Dietrich* Mary and Louie Dircks John Filkins Kristi and Mark Frei* Andrea and Rao Gutta Bill Hanley* Amy and Terry Hanna Paula Harris Amy and John Kampfe Kevin Kerr* Sarah Konigsberg* Wendi and Scott Kroeger* Patty and CL Landen

SHIELD ($500)

Cathy and Rick MacInnes*

Laura and Michael Alley*

Kelley and Thomas Maxwell*

Alley Poyner Machietto Shannon Boerner Stephanie and David Cota Jay Dandy Jill Greve Katie and Mike Grier*

Jenny and Scott Meyerson* Susan and Doug Nielsen Melissa and Pat Regan* Mark Ruben Samantha and Andrew Wahl

Carl Adrian* Suzanne and Richard Ahlstrand Tarek Ali* Steven Anderson* Stacey and Brett Atlas* Ann Balusek A.J. (Beau) Beauregard* David Beavers* Brent Bierman* Susan Bonnett Dave Bunkers Thomas Burns Ann and Dennis Christiansen* C.L. Clark* Jackie Conway Valerie Davis Dottie Deines Jodie and Jim DeSordi* Meg and Nate Dodge* Dodie Douglas* Christine Dwyer Gary Epstein* Sandy and Paul Epstein Sally and Jim Findley Ed Fleming* Monique Forman Chuck Garlock* Jack Garlock Lynne Friedel Gellman* Jennifer and John Glazer*

Katie and Doug Henningsen Sharon and Roger Herring* Scott Hinckley* Eric Hofschire* Shari Hofschire* Jill Hollander Laura and John Iliff* Ashley and David Ingvoldstad Brenda and Jason Irwin Randi Friedel Jablin* Kristi and Todd Johnson Lorrie and Gary Katelman Nicole and Rick Kelley* Nancy Kerr* Lloyd Kilmer* Gary Kinloch Kari and Doug Krenzer* Sharon and Richard Krueger Richard Kutilek* Lynn and Rick Lawson Cynthia and Roger Leitner* Gail Lovercheck Tom Mariucci Harriette McPherson Laura Havelka Miller* Linda and Louis Miloni Mary and Larry Morrissey* J. Gunnar Mossblad*

Maryanne Ricketts* Terri and Fred Rieser Lisa and Michael Ringer* Theresa and David Rogers* Brenda and Rich Rosenblatt Elizabeth and Mark Rupp Grace Willing Sadler Mike Saklar Amie and Bill Schellpeper Mitch Schuler Rich Secor Jennifer Seidler Chip Spielhagen* Patty and Fred Suarez Athene Tenney* Phyllis and Del Toebben* James Turpen Todd Urosevich* Everett Vanderpool Mary and Timothy Wahl* Michelle Warner Joy and Gordon Watanabe Nancy and Warren Whitted Kristin Williams* Mike Williams* Barb and Todd Wimmer Jim Woodland Brea Woodson Brian Worrall Continued on next page Donors Continued

Jennifer Zatechka*

Lori and James Gigantelli*

Bruce Zimmerman

Kristin and Gary Gilger

Jacqueline Zoucha

Arkadiy Ginzburg

LOYALTY ($50) Cheri and Paul Andrews Jane Archerd

Maryann and Rob Henrichs

Nancy Ayoub* Bradford Barker David Boyer* Angel and David Carl* Steve Carter* Kelly and Russ Collins Susanne Cook Stephen Dickinson Donna Downing


Erin Kaese William King* Chad Kooiker Eileen Kroeger* Kathryn and William Lake* Sonja Barton Loar*

John Coburn

Alison Fox*

David Humphry* Barbara Karpf

Jerry Caffey

John Ferguson

Mary Jo Losen Greenup Mark Hasebroock

Cynthia Avis

Mark Estey

Holly Goshinski Carol and Howard Halperin

Dan Arnold

Diana Doyle

Jeffrey Glass*

Justin Madson Linda Jackson McPhail* Michael Mellor Laurie and Paul Meyers Bruce Moore* Ann Oliphant*

Russ Olsen and Stephanie Hornung Tiffany and Jay Opperman Ralph Palmer Kerri and Justin Palmesano Jeremy Passer*

Fran Witt*

Wendy Kirkle*

Sandra Wolf

Ann and Rick Kutilek*

Joan Yaffe

Andrew Liakos

Debra and Scott Young*

Judy and John Major

Rosie Zweiback*

Dana and Chris Mathiasen Gary Morey

Kim Russell Don Salyards Sandi and Adam Sawyer* Jackie and Joe Schaffner Emilie Schmid Julie and Travis Schmitz Terri Schrager* Christine and John Sennentz Shelley and Kent Siemers Joan Smith* Stacie Spies-Matz Tangdall Family* William Trowbridge*


Michael Paskach

Kathryn Anderson*

Kim and Gary Petersen*

Tanin Arkfeld

Dianne Polly*

Greg Armitage

Kay and Jerry Rubendall*

Gary Chasen

Craig Smith*

Bill Eilers*

Sally Stalnaker*

Kjirsten Finnegan

Patricia Stillmock*

Matthew Focht

Linda Stroud*

Brenda and Shawn Frederick

Ronald Tegtmeier*

Don Glasgow

Courtney Toder

Janet Golden*

Christine Tucker*

Danielle and Jeff Gordman*

Sara and John Young*

Sharon Griffin*

Meagan Van Gelder

Jenny Haase

Tony Villotta

Anna Hargis*

Susie and Erik Wagner*

Cari Harris

Jean Welch Susan and Mark Wheeler*

*Renewal member We apologize for any omissions due to printing deadlines.

Thomas Helligso

Construction Update This is truly an exciting time for Westside Community Schools. Landmark events at several buildings in our District marked the beginning of 2018. Thanks to the generous support of our stakeholders, District 66 passed an $80 million Major Facilities Plan bond in 2015 and we are now seeing the remarkable results of that support. After more than a year at our Swing School, located at 108th and Grover Streets, excited students and staff moved into the brand new Oakdale Elementary on January 8, to kick off second semester. In late November and December, crews put the finishing touches on the school, including landscaping. Oakdale, the first construction project to be completed, came in on time and on budget!

Once vacated by Oakdale, the Swing School welcomed Swanson Elementary students at the beginning of second semester. In the spring, crews will decommission the historic school to make way for a new state-of-the-art building. The Board of Education has approved the Design Development Plan; architects have gathered Design Committee input, as well as that of our community and teachers, to fine-tune their plans. The new Swanson Elementary is slated to open to students in August 2019. Work on a new Sunset Hills Elementary is also progressing according to schedule. With students remaining in their longtime building next door, crews have been building a brand new facility just to the west and nearly double in size. To date work includes pouring concrete, mechanical and plumbing rough-ins, and laying brick. The planned opening remains set for August 2018. Westside Middle School is completing phase 3 of ongoing renovations. Crews completed work in Area 7B and Area E Lower Level before Thanksgiving. With lockers and furniture in place, staff moved into their new spaces over winter break. The portables were finally empty when students returned to the building in January to start learning. Work on Area E Upper Level and the Cafeteria will be completed by summer break. Roof work also continues.

School Board members join excited students at the Oakdale ribbon cutting.

To all of our alumni who still live in our District and have supported us throughout these projects, thank you. You are making these new and exciting changes possible for our 6,000+ students currently entrusted to us, and countless learners in the future! Blane McCann, Ph. D. Superintendent

Winter 2018

Alumni Happenings Basketball Tournament

Alumni Homecoming Tailgate

The 24th annual Westside Alumni Basketball Tournament was held November 25, 2017. After the Class of 2016 mounted a spirited comeback to pull within three points, the Class of 2012 prevailed, 30-24. Organizers Rob Laughlin (’75) and Rick Berkshire (’72) rolled out commemorative reversible red/black jerseys in anticipation of next year’s 25th tournament. Thank you to Curt Huston (’81) for the pizza and Steve Achelpohl (’68) for the water.

The Westside Alumni Association and Westside Foundation hosted the annual Alumni Homecoming Tailgate on September 15, 2017 at the John L. Hoich Alumni House. More than 200 alumni and friends turned out to enjoy burgers, brats and each other’s company. The Warriors delivered a resounding victory, beating Omaha Northwest 49 – 0. Look for Homecoming 2018 information in the Spring “W” Newsletter.

Westside Alumni Vice-President Ricky Anderson (bottom left) and his classmates made sure the Class of 2005 was well represented at the tailgate.

Pictured at the plaque of Coach Hall from the Class of 2012 are top row: Brett Meyer, Andrew Nelson, Pat Hawk with Mitch Cap (‘10). Bottom Row: Sam Kline, David Badalucco and Malcom Willett all from the Class of 2012.

25th Annual Westside Alumni Basketball Tournament Whether you played 5 or 25 years ago, now is the time to start getting your team together for the 25th Annual Westside Alumni Basketball Tournament. Contact your high-school teammates or put together a parent/child team. Everyone will want one of the commemorative jerseys to celebrate this milestone event! Proceeds fund the Tom Hall Scholarship for boys and support the Vic Porter Scholarship for girls. Can’t play any longer? Contact Rob Laughlin at to volunteer. Everyone is welcome! Watch the “W” Newsletter and social media for date and details.

Expense Summary September 2016 to August 2017 Support of WHS $11,600 — 56.82% Alumni Events $3,080 — 15.09% Office Expenses $3,645 — 17.86% WHS Activities $2,089 — 10.23%

2017 Westside Athletic Hall of Fame — Linda Schabloske Roh (‘91) Linda lettered two years in track and field from 1989 to 1991, but it was on the basketball court that she really excelled, lettering all four years. By the time she graduated in 1991, Linda was selected First Team All State All Class, All State Class A, Miss Nebraska Basketball, Converse High School All American, Metro Coaches Player of the Year, Class A State Tournament First Team, All Metro First Team, All Academic First Team (1990-91), Kiwanis Club Player of the Year, Metro All Star Game MVP, and State All Star Game MVP. She attended the

University of Nebraska at Omaha where she was a successful four-year letter winner. In 1995, she was selected to the All-NCC Conference Team and led the conference in free-throws at 91.7%. Linda also excelled in the classroom and was selected to the All Conference Academic Team for four years. Linda holds the UNO school record for most steals in a game (12) and is eighth in the number of 3-pointers made in a single game. Linda teaches math and coaches basketball at Lincoln East High School. Linda’s bio was inadvertently omitted from the Fall “W” Newsletter.

“Back for the Future” was the theme for VI -VI 2017. Four hundred guests attended the gala event on Friday October 6, 2017 at the Omaha Design Center. Hors d’oeuvres were passed and dinner was served by volunteer students wearing “Back to the Future” theme-inspired “Lou’s Cafe” t-shirts and retro Event Chairs: Mike and Kyle (McGill) Robino (‘88) & Michelle (Johnson) Warner (‘88), diner food server hats. Catering Creations treated guests and husband, Scott. to an upscale diner themed dinner. A rare DeLorean owned by Westside High School Alum Thom Donaldson (‘69) was on display for photo opportunities with guests. Thom also contributed a ride in the DeLorean as part of the live auction. VI-VI 2017 netted $180,000 for Westside Community Schools. These funds will go directly toward innovative educational opportunities in every school – building on the strong fundamental foundation by integrating new methods or technologies to further enhance the educational experience for every student.

Honorary Chairs: John and Chrisi Hughes

Brandi Petersen was the emcee for the evening and Russ Moravec served as auctioneer for the live auction. Honorary chairs for VI-VI 2017 were Chrisi and John Hughes. Event chairs were Kyle (McGill) (‘88) and Mike Robino and Michelle (Johnson) (‘88) and Scott Warner. Thank you to everyone that supported VI-VI 2017! DeLorean on display

EVENT SPONSORS Dr. C.C. & Mabel L Criss Memorial Foundation Anonymous Parker Family Foundation

Sandy and Dave Parker & Andrew (‘05) and Breanne (Schroeder) Parker (‘05)

SILVER SPONSORS Danielle and Dana Bradford Jackie and Terry Kroeger Holly and Mike Boyer Sue and Steve Seline

PLATINUM SPONSOR Chrisi & John Hughes GOLD SPONSORS Sarah & Adam Yale

Michael Staenberg

Hillside Community Club Kristi and Mark Frei Kayla and Chris Hawkins Doug and Kari Krenzer

PATRON SPONSORS Rick and Nicole Kelley Marie and Blane McCann Breanne and Andrew Parker Kyle and Mike Robino

Robert H. Storz Foundation Angie and Bill Thorell Michelle and Scott Warner

WESTSIDE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 909 South 76th Street Omaha, NE 68114-4599


Accepting Alumni Hall of Fame Nominations through April 1st More information on page 3

the 2018 westside open presented by the hawkins sisters

MO NDAY, JUNE 2 5 , 2 0 1 8 4-Person Texas Scramble SHOTGUN START: 7:30AM OR 1:00PM Awards Banquet begins at 5:30pm

ALUMNI SUPPORT The Westside Alumni Association would like to thank Jai Wall (‘80), Judy (Youngman) Wigton (‘57) and her husband, Jim for their generous donations.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Alumni Association, please mail your gift to: WESTSIDE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 909 South 76th Street Omaha, NE 68114-4599 Please make checks payable to: “Westside Alumni Association”

WHATCHA DOIN’? The Players Club 12101 DEER CREEK DRIVE OMAHA, NEBRASKA sponsorship and registration available online Spring 2018


Be a fan of the Westside Alumni Association Facebook page and post on our timeline. We'd love to hear from you!

If you are a parent receiving this newsletter rather than the alumnus, please ask them to update their address with us.

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2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: Meagan (Davis) Van Gelder (’88) Vice-President: Ricky Anderson (‘05) Treasurer: Marc Lowe (’76) Secretary: Phyllis (Donaldson) Choat (’65) Directors: Steve Achelpohl (‘68) Rick Berkshire (’72) Mark Dudley (’73) Mike Guinane (’74) Jason Hellman (‘90) John Hoich (‘76) Curt Huston (’81) Rob Laughlin (’75) Beth (Williams) Leach (’98) Rob Owen (’87) Mark Sempek (’80) Tom Thompson (’83)