1976 Shield

Page 127

Individuals with depth "We had a lot of outstanding individuals," stated Sophomore Coach Rick Collura, when asked about his basketball team. "Basically the guys had a fast breaking and good pressing team, it really helped them in their games," continued Collura. "Depth was one of our best assets," said Steve Maun, who played center. "We had to work hard and stick together because we had a

shorter team than most of the competition," added Maun. "Our practice time was messed up a lot because we had to share the gym, but nobody really minded, we even had practices over vacation," said Guard Rod Larson. "I think we came out looking pretty good considering the obstacles we had to overcome," concluded Collura.

4 mding: Coach Collura, M. Peterson, T. Acquazzino, S. Conley, J. Rice, S. Maun, D. Arnold, 8 . Ehler. Kneeling: S. Byer, C. Ladwig. R. Hanson, R. Larson. Caniglia, K. Kelleher.

(1) J.V. Team. (2) Airborne Maun reaches for ball during tip off. (3) Friedman sets up the offense (4). Sophomore team (5). J.V. team sinks another one, (6) Aquazzino attempts to break the press.