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The Shield Westside High School Omaha, Nebraska Vol. XXIV 1976


elebrat.e! The Bicentennial year is a time for celebrating. With two hundred years of history behind us, we have quite a reason to celebrate and to be thankful. People all across the United States are celebrating, each in their own individual way. A way that expresses their feelings towards America. Some of these things are spontaneous, happening on the spur of the moment, with no lasting effect. Others are things which have been thought out and will leave a lasting effect. Lighting off fireworks and marching in fourth of July parades are two ways some have chosen to celebrate. Others are writing essays, performing skits, and expressing themselves artistically. To some, celebrating the bicentennial is not important or even justified. They will say that the Declaration of Independence has not set everyone free, that tyranny is still around us and that it would be hypocritical to celebrate. They feel the words of this doctrine are simply that, words with no practical purpose. Maybe before we begin to celebrate we should look at this doctrine and at our country and see if we truly do have something to celebrate.

Equality, does it exist in the United States? We have so many people of different backgrounds it is hard to think of everyone as equal. People excel in different areas, this fact sets us apart. Some are better than others, yet we are equal? The Declaration of Independence is not talking about man's capability to do things. It is talking about how each citizen stands before the government and on his right to develop his talents to the fullest. Every citizen of the United States is entitled to certain rights. Each person is equal to any other in his right to vote and his right to the same treatment in any matter regardless of his social class. People came to this country from all across the world, for the opportunity to make something of their lives. Everyone, no matter what their background, can reach their goal in life. Ho'wever, it is not handed to everyone. For some it is an easy thing to reach, while for others it is a struggle. All of this is very well to say, but if it is not practiced it means nothing. Around us we see cases of discrimination and favoritism. It is our responsibility to change these things and make them right.


The right to vote, to say what we feel, do as we wish, and worship as we want, are just some of the rights guaranteed us. None of us, who have lived all our lives in this country, could imagine what it would be like not to have these rights. We are so used to them that we take them for granted. These rights we should cherish. We must make sure that they are always guarded and never taken advantage of. They are what make this country unique.

The sun shone upon her warming her creatures fair. Giving off an adventure for all the people there. Surrounding her loved ones in her arms and letting freedom ring. Gale Winkempleck

A student reaches slowly for his independence and once it is grasped he realizes what he has obtained and tightens his grip, determined not to let go. Becky Vohoska

For two hundred years America has undergone changes in order to satisfy the majority of the people. The results are freedom, strength, justice and liberty. Deanna Desmet





Life; something most of us take for granted. After all it comes naturally. There is no effort on our part to maintain it. Yet we all enjoy it, especially here, in America. Nebraska, the good life, is a slogan heard around these parts. What makes it the good life, here or any place else in the United States? Could it be our standard of living, advanced technology, our freedoms or maybe a combination of all three. Whatever it is that makes this the good life, it has been around a long time and no one is anxious to lose it. American life - sown in hardships, reaped in freedom. Through experience, we're free to grow. We're the masters of our minds. As Americans before us suffered and learned, so shall we. Laurie Bedwell It was once only a patriots dream. A small flick of hope and promise in the eyes of those old pioneers. Today it is everything they had hoped for. Its greatness reflects the greatness of its people, old and young. Evie Thomas Life in America, what's it all about from the time of pilgrims 'till the age of rockets? Where will the roads lead us, where do we go from here? Connie Schleich


Liberty, a thing so dear to man that he is willing to die for it. We who live in the United States are lucky. Our ancestors fought for it for us, so now all we need to do is enjoy it. A dear price was payed for our liberty. A price which we continue to pay in an indirect way. Through our defense system and involvement with other nations we are protecting our liberty. Some may say we go too far interfering in other's business. When something of such great value is at stake, who can say what is too much? From their warm safe houses they criticize her. From their big easy chairs, reading uncensored papers they condemn her. When will they realize that if it wasn't for her, they wouldn't have ... safe houses uncensored newspapers or the right to criticize and condemn. Julie Nelson Liberty and freedom important enough to fight over. Trying to keep our democratic rule Important enough to fight over. Keeping our free country free. Our rights is our life Bless our country. Debbie Flower


Every individual's definition of happiness is different. Happiness comes to each person in an unique way. No one can guarantee happiness. Just because we are Americans does not mean we will be happy. We do have the assurance though, that in our quest for happiness, we will not be hindered by the government. Happiness is an essential part of life. Without it, life loses a great deal of value. Blue skies on the prairie Sunflowers on the hill Grand Canyon in a sunset flitting whippoorwill Snow covered Appalachians Cool lakes and timber tall Wonderful Rocky Mountains USA one and all. Ann McCullough Amidst the tall golden prairie grass I see a barren dusty path overgrown with weeds, rubble, and memories of settlers who drove their wagons across these plains in order to civilize this country for their children. Deanna Desmet American concepts housed in a place of knowledge; Preparing students for future experience; Giving them responsibility, a freer rein on themselves; Lettip.g them try, fall, succeed, and learn. Laurie Bedwell


l Our democracy, is it a government that is really for the people, and by the people, as it was set up to be two hundred years ago, or has it become a government run by power hunger men? Is it a government full of corruption or one simply surviving in the only way possible? Our government, like any other, has had its share of crooked politicians. This does not mean that the system is bad. It only stresses the. need for citizens to study the candidates more closely and ,to vote according to the facts. Maybe our government is in need of improvement. It is an experiment. One which has been going on for two hundred years. A few changes is not the same as throwing out the whole system. We have the power and the right to change things that need .to be changed. This is something that people of all other nations cannot claim. We, by our votes and by letting our voices be heard, can change our government.


[S tudent Life


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142 178




(1) Luis' American brother, Joel Armstrong. {2) Sebastian Weissenbacher. Sebastian {3) chats with a friend, Barb Oliver. {4) Luis Vilanoua. {5) Joel Armstrong and Luis Vilanoua. (7) Bruce Anderson and Sebastian Weissenbacher. {6) Sebastian and friend discuss the differences between Austria and America.


AFS students visit for a year at WHS Each year, students come to Westside from varied parts of the world to study, play, and learn of American life. They come as part of the AFS organization and stay with a family while they are here. Luis Vilanoua and Sebastian Weissenbacher are the AFS students for this year. Luis comes from Caracas, Venezuela and he is staying with Joel Armstrong and his family. Luis explains that he came to the U.S. to "learn to live," to encounter different

life-styles. He believes "everyone is human, so we're all the same." Luis has graduated from high school in his country. Sebastian is staying with Bruce Anderson while in the States. He is on the WHS gymnastics team and likes to travel and paint. He came to Westside from Vienna, Austria, where there is no drinking age, although one must be tall enough to reach the counter at a bar, he admits.


[nflation affects students?

Inflation, and the high cost of livng are obviously problems that tffect a considerable amount of the >opulace. Some people have theorzed that this is forcing students back o work, perhaps to support a car, or tobby. But does inflation affect Nestside students or not? Senior Cindy I ohnson doesn't hink so. She works at a bakery, but loesn't consider inflation the reason or her working. "When you ' r e vorking, you're not wasting time . (ou have a good time at work, and ots of money to play around with." Senior Jane Yaffe agrees. "Work ives me something constructive to !o with my she commented.

However, Junior Cris Jensen disagreed. "The price of recreation has limited my activities to a point of <;utting down on concerts and other trips. " She is currently working at a fast food industry. Apparently, opinion is divided between students. Of course, some have more expenses to meet than others. Some students pay for gas for their cars, others do not. Parents of some students pay for more expenses than do others. Most people appreciate the chance to have extra spending money for whatever they want. It seems mainly for this reason, and not because of any economic squeeze, that Westside students are currently working. A Westside senior bags groceries (1) at Food City, while Dennis Dibble (2) handles business at Westside Texaco. Jerry Jirkousky (3) grills steaks at Ponderosa. Senior Cindy Johnson pumps gas into her car; while at McDonalds, Kelly Martins keeps things clean (5). Pat O'Connor (6) dumps french fries at Burger King.

Seniors overcome all On the bitter cold Sunday afternoon the two teams anxiously awaited the confrontation. The event was the annual Powderpuff football game held between the Senior and Junior classes. Big, tough, and mean the Seniors epitomized the drive and determination that was needed to have a winning football team. The Juniors made up with their spirit for what they lacked in experience. Key plays in the game included fumble recoveries by Seniors Cindy Johnson and Lisa Skoog. The Seniors running game was dominated by Peggy Moffet. The Seniors major force against the Juniors was their outstanding defensive players. The game ended in a fourteen to fourteen tie which sent the game into a sudden death playoff. The seniors put together a drive and marched to a touchdown that brought them a seven point lead and a victory over


the Juniors. Coach Roger Roeman stated that "Powderpuff football is great because it gives many girls a chance to participate in athletics when they might not have had the chance otherwise. It also gives the guys a chance to show their appreciation to the girls. I'm behind Powderpuff 100%." Senior Lisa Vohoska commented, "The competition was tough, but we proved to be even stronger apd overcame them." Senior Cindy Johnson kidded, "This is the only chance the Seniors get to hit the juniors and get away with it." Junior Lori Nelson feels that "Playing powderpuff was so much fun nothing is going to keep me from playing again next year." Although Powderpuff is a kill and be killed sport, it is gre'e ted with so much enthusiasm year after year, it seems to be here to stay.


A triumphant defensive unit, (1) including Seniors Lisa Skoog, Sue Chastain , Cindy Johnson, and Trish Morrow, return to the sidelines. Juniors complain (2) with no avail to referee Dave Rose. Senior Cindy Johnson (3) struggles to hold her opponent back. Juniors stand ready and waiting (4) for the game to begin. Junior Mary Mazzei (5) looks nervously behind her. Senior women hold a conference with their coaches (6) during halftime. Arguing with the referee (7) seems to get this frustrated player nowhere. Senior Jackie Bloom (8) reaches out for the evasive flags. Another Junior hits the ground (9) as a victorious fist reaches for the sky. Senior Kaye Bender (10) switches directions in the hope of gaining a few more yards.

Rallies attract crowds The scene: Friday morning before a football game. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are crammed into the bleachers in the boys' gym. Still more are pushing in the doors. Girls in black and red are standing on the floor, looking apprehensively at their watches and each other. Suddenly it starts. The cheerleaders are into their first cheer. Pep Club is on its feet , singing along, and the pep rally has


begun. "Pep rallies are good, I because they're entertaining, an look how many kids turn out, explained Senior Cindy Johnsor Drill Squad member Connie Bw boom commented jokingly, "Besid! the real reason for a pep rally, whic is to get out of class, they really hel get the team psyched up for a game.


Stacy Carlson and Julie Nelson (1) point the way to a winning game. Senior men replay All-Star Wrestling (2). These underclassmen (3) ponder a Westside victory. Dan Young (4) addresses the crowd. Drill Squad (5 and 6} stepping out. Londa Harless leads the crowd (7) in a cheer.

Attendance down at sock hops? Where do you go after the game? Sock hops? Have you ever been to a sock hop? "I've been, yes," said Senior James Morton. "I thought there were poor acoustics, the band had to play stuff they didn't want to." In general, "They're rather noisy. I was threatened at another one." Alison Betz said thoughtfully, "It depends on the band. It also depends on the people there, which depends on whether you won the game or not." "When I was a sophomore," said Senior Sandy Ross, "everyone went. It was packed. But now -" she shrugged, "nobody goes, it seems like." Sock hops are sponsored by groups such as the SAB, the junior or senior class. or DECA.


Down Under (1) plays at one sock hop. Students (2) step out at the hop. Unwinding (3) after a week of school. Some dance, some watch (4) some talk to friends Juniors Julie Ebner (5) and Lisa Pate show how to have a good time. After the dance. (6)


A Westside tradition Westside has had a homeroom ever since the school was built. in 1951. It was not always in the advisor form it is now. It used to be held in the upper and lower auditoriums and the boys ' gym. Every student was assigned a seat number, and if they were not in that seat when attendance was taken, they were counted absent. Announcements were read once. As might be expected, students lost interest in coming to this vast and faceless assembly. The advisor program was started in the fall of 1972. Ideally, 21 students are in each homeroom, with an equal ratio of juniors, sophomores and sen-

iors . Vice Principal Jim Findley believes it makes for better communications between students and advisors. Why is homeroom necessary? Mainly for attendance purposes . Westside is given funds by the state according to the average daily attendance. So the attendance must be taken at some time during the day when everyone is present. The beginning of the day, unfortunately, seems to be the most convenient time. Homeroom has its failings; most things do. Some people don't like their homeroom advisors, others are habitually late, some simply don't show up. However, it can be a good place to make friends, catch up on some last-minute cramming, or just to wake up in. For some students (1) homeroom is held on the loge steps. Mr. Kolterman (2) takes attendance. The lower (3) auditorium is a homeroom for some. Congestion in the halls after homeroom is a cause of many complaints (4, 5).

Parade passes on by It was a strange feeling. On the one hand, it was a happy time. It was Halloween. and Westside was sure to win, and the Homecoming parade was the longest and best ever seen . As it swept down the streets, people stood and watched and cheered . The winning floats went by. Interact -Z Club captured first. with Drill Squad

getting second and Band at third. Excitement was running high. But there was another feeling. One of sadness and vulnerability. These things will not last. Like the pictures in an old photo album, only ghosts will be left. And the time is so short for Homecoming parades and victorious games and first place floats.




The winning float - Interact-Z club (1) with the theme "Knights in White Salin." Driving west on Center in a Classy car (2). Enthusiastic juniors (3) wave to bystanders. A twenties roadster (4) drives by elegantly. Drill Squad displays excitement (5). The famous (6) Football Car. Cheerleaders (7) ride by in a blur of pom-pons.

L toR: 1st row: Ross Stebbins, Lori Santora, )an Howrey, Mat Heffron. 2nd row: Todd Jacobs, Mary Power, Jodi Kinsley, Greg Benak. 3rd row: Mike McHugh, Marcia Talty, Sandy Ross, Chuck Farguson . 4th row: Dave O'Doherty, Kitty Fieber, Sheila Finn. Tom Pflug.


Bob are 1975-76 Royalty Picture, if you will, the girl's gym. A once bare place, it has been transformed into a variety of colors, streamers and crepe paper tablecloths. For this is the Homecoming dance, November 1975. Bob Billinger, varsity football player, has been voted Homecoming King and Kathy Rudeen, varsity cheerleader, is his Queen. Traditionally royalty is a big deal; however

only a small number of students voted this year. Does that upset Kathy? "Well, yes," she admits, adding, "I think they should have voted in homeroom like they did two years ago." Did she think she might win? "It was kind of a shock . I didn't really think I'd win, there were so many candidates. I was really happy, really lucky. It's kind of an honor."

L to R: 1st row: Dennis Myers, Kristi Halvorson, Bob Billinger, Kathy Rudeen, Charlotte Conner, Mark johnson. 2nd row: Griff Davenport, janet Arnold , jackie Bloom, Dan Severa, Kaye Bend er, Mark Bro. 3rd row: C. L. Landon, Lori Christel!. 4th row: Tim Davis, Trece Rahel, Lisa Skoog, Bill Singer.

King Bob (1) and Queen Kathy. Couples (2) dance to the music of Allspice at the dance. Kathy and Bob (3) enjoy a dance together. Homecoming (4 and 5) candidates. Allspice (6) was appreciated by all. Pages (7) Christina and Buster Hall.

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HOME ROOM Tl'.ACllll!t_



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9 : 31




10:10 10:30

Forum Member Becky Vohoska's first semester (1) schedule and her new (2) nine-mod schedule for second semester, Dr. Tangdall, principal (3) and Assistant Principal Lee Perkins (4) were some of the people responsible for the change.

8 9



, 11:30














1: 50


' 2:10


; 2:30





! A Ml!.eicon""


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10 : 50







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'v I P'-''i.s\cs

v YQo.f.









mod day for second semester I









8 :20-9:00













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l) -!:1 ·


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II \J-S-


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Il Lunch 5








-· 3







u.s. H\.st

Mv· Lunch &

14d'-' ·




P.6v 7

1 :10-1 :50




2 :30- 3 :10

d.. AMe.e.. We..5.-+'

v.s . we.s;-


t-hs\ .


"Last March or April, the decision was made that we would start a 9 mod day." (Assistant Principal Lee Perkins.) ''I'm optimistic. I think it will work . . . " (Senior Mick Finn) "I think it's stupid to start it now." (Senior Aggie McMillan.) " . . . but I'm only going to be here another semester so it won't affect me that much." (Mick Finn) The subject, obviously, is the nine mod day, which officially came into being on Monday, January 19. "We were pretty sure, from our experience," said Mr. Perkins, "that it would work." Scheduling problems were low, and there were " fewer conflicts." " I think it couldn't be tha t bad," d e cided Junior T e rri Welch . " Th e only thing is, I think it's going to be a problem with thr e e mod large groups. " However, Senior Aggie McMillan, forum member, didn't think it was a good idea. "They should start it next semester," she explained. The nine-mod schedule has four forty-minute morning mods, two lunch mods of one hour and five minutes each, and three forty-minute afternoon mods. With or without student approval, the nine mod day is proceeding full speed ahead at Westside, however long it is fated to last.

Rose Duffy (1) at check-out at Hinky-Dinky. Susie Albert emiles(2) at the thought of how much money she's making at Natelson's. Fred Heimrod (3) shows off the merchandise at Sentry Hardware. Stuart Rosenberg (4) helps a customer. Kaye Bender pauses (5) at the cash register.


Students learn at work What is the purpose of Distributive Education? Dale Fuerst doesn't even have to think about it. "DE encourages the developme.nt of future leaders in marketing and sales," he says "and it encourages interest, too." It does this, in part, by requiring students to work, besides going to class. Their classes are scheduled in the morning, to allow them to work in the afternoon. Tom Barr works at Penney's as part of his class. "DE is a worthwhile project," he says, "designed to introduce the many aspects of the business world


to the young businessman." Working outside classes is the on-the-jobtraining part of the program. {OJT) Fuerst says of OJT, "We learn these things in class and then go out and work with them , use them. It 's a combination package." If students don't have a job when they start the course, the teacher may help them find one. If they are already employed, that's fine, too. The important thing is that they are working and learning at the same time.


The band marches on

Strains of the Westside B< greeted students many a fall morr as they rehearsed their half-t i shows for coming football gan Under the direction of new lea Robert Jenkins, the band put for successful year. In competition with other Om area bands during a Columbus Parade, Westside won a first p trophy. "This was not my succ! Jenkins said "It was the Band's." Another hoped for highlight w trip to the Sun Carnival in El P Texas. They had planned to m< in the parade and play in a con1 but the decision was made not tc "Unfortunately, there was enough student interest to good band," explained Jenkins." many members already had ot plans for vacation." Fund raising projects during year included the selling of Ch mas candles, light bulbs and gr; fruit.

Left, right, left, right Conductor Bob Jenkins asked me only one question when I requested to join the Marching Band to do a feature assignment for the Lance. "Are you coordinated?" "Yes," I lied. "O.K.," he said. I was in. The only instrument I play is the piano, (which requires a great deal of brute strength to march with), so I was going to fake it with a clarinet. I was confident I would have little trouble marching. How hard could it be? Left, right, left, right, anyone could do that. I was wrong. I went to all the 7:00a.m. practices where

I learned the half time show. Things were fine until they started doing right turns. Those really separate the marchers from the morons. Looking around, I could see I was the only moron in the group. Homecoming night finally arrived. I was so excited, I got ready about an hour before we were supposed to be at school. Jenkins gave me my clarinet. Proudly fingering my instrument (which didn't have a mouth piece) I got through the half time show without choking. Margaret Kane

'¡ Adams, Kurt Beck, Chuck Armstrong, Jenny Barr, Betty Bellinger, Tom Bertch, Karen Bergenen, Eric Biebel, Eileen Bierman, Brent Brennam, Susan Brownback, Paul Borgen. Amy Caraker, Kathy Carson, Kent Chalupa, Dave Chelf, Kris Cohn, Bill Crisp, Lisa Cronk, Robyn Dahl, Dan Davies, Heidi Davis, Cathy Dickmeyer, Lisa Dierks, Doug Donnelly, Karen Eaton, Larry Eaton, Rick Elsasser, Mike Emery, Chris English, Roxane Ecrickson, Chris Ecrickson, Jenifer Ecrickson, Lisa Fennessy, Tom Field, Mark Fowler, Ellen Fox, Jeff Gossert, Steven Giwoyna, Brian

Glesmann, Tim Goodenkauf, Laurie Halm, Brenda Hansen, John Hawkins, Pam Hector, Alane Helser, Barbara Hildreth, Joni Hill, Linda Hubbert, David Hunter, Ann Ingram, Mike lske, Steve Jenner, Terry Johnson, Curt Jones, Linda Keyes, Kathy Kroeger, Kathy Kunkle, Laura Laughlin, Linda Laughlin, G. R. Leader, Tim Lewis, Cheryl Lewis, Dan Lindell, Dan Loeck, Dan Lof, Dave MacDonald, Susan Madsen, Chuck Matthaidess, Jeff Maynard, Aaron McMullen, }ani Miller, Paul Mollner, Kurt Moran, Don Morehead, Esther Morehead, Ruth Morrison, Todd Nutty, Sara

Olsen, Sharon Paustian, Jim Perry, Brenda Perkins, Tom Perrone, Terri Peterson, Dave Peterson, Kris Phillips, Becky Purjenter, Joe Rock, Edie Rockwell, Debbie Roffman, Debbie Rohde, John Rot, Brian Ruback, Randy Sanders, Christie Schmitz, Carrie Schnackel, Sue Senter, Jim Shainholtz, Todd Shubik, Katie Stofferson, Leslie Strevey, Phil Thomas, Cheryl Trygg, Kyle Vondrasek, Bob Weins, Mary Weins, Theresa Welch, Jennifer Wergin, Dave Westphal, Kathy Wills, Wendy Williams, Jim Winslow, Rick Young, Tony Zimmerman, Vicki

Mark Field concentrates on his music (1) John Rohd e co nt e mplat es hi s nex t se lection (2) Westside Marching Band (3) Dave Lof demonstrates style (4) saxophone players practice for half-time e ntertai nme nt (5) fl ute player displays good music form (6) Westside Band (7) Sophomore Warrior looks for direction (8).


Music a lasting ability "Music lasts a lifetime." explained Harold Welch, Westside's Orchestra director. "Though few will have musical careers, the ability to play instruments is an excellent form of entertainment." Welch explained that at Westside, Orchestra members play the same pieces they hear at symphony programs. A particular pride of Westside this year was the Chamber Orchestra. In keeping with the Bicentennial,

eleven members performed in 18th century costume and earned money playing at different functions in the Omaha area. Joni Ballion devoted an entire program to them and they appeared on the magazine cover of Nebraska Music Education "Chamber music is popular in Omaha," commented Welch. "The money the kids received was a reward for their hard work."

Albright, Cheryl Armbrust, Karl Bartlett, Cathy Bradford, Patty Beck, Chuck Berg, Andy Bergstrom, Rick Bierman, Brent Bridges, Ted Broyles, Sherri Burham, Dave Carson, Kent Conyers, Dena Granton, Scott Dickerson , Bob Dresp, Teri Dunkley, Cheryl Eddens, Quince English, Roxanne Freriks, Teresa Frost, Sara Gessert, Steve Goodenkauf, Laurie Hathaway, John Huston, Lorie Ingrum, Mike Jenner, Terry Krenzer, Pam Krogh, David Kunold, Sharon Kunold, Wendy

Laughlin, G.R. Lerner, Bob Lyon, Shannon McMullen, Jani Newton, Nancy Niehaus, Beth Nunmela, Michelle Olsin, Dave Perrone, Terri Rot, Bryon Rath, Dan Render, Tina Repichowskyi, Kris Richardson, Dave Roper, Tim Ross, Sandy Ruback, Randy Rupe, Teri Seidler, Mary Shanks, Sharon Sherlock, Kathy Sivinski, Connie Sparks, Ann Spiers, Mary Strevey, Phil Tatreau, Kevin Tilly, Ledsli Vondrasek, Bob Wallin, Julie Wergin, Dave Williams, Jim

The Westside Orchestra in action (1) Chamber Orchestra members, Teri Dresp and Teresa Freriks do a specialty (2) Dave Burham and Tim Roper fiddle away (3) Harold Welch bows to applause (4) Cathy Bartlett is a picture of concentration (5) Chamber Orchestra in their Bicentennial costumes (6)

eeling: Dave Krogh, Bob Dickerson, Dave Burham. Standing: Wendy Kunold, Pam Krenzer, Tim Jer, Sharon Shanks, Dan Rath, Teresa Freriks, Teri Dresp. Not Pictured: Karl Arm burst.


Special bands perform on holiday "Warriors Wind Symphony," explained Robert Jenkins, band director," is the source from which we supply speciality bands with Juniors and Seniors." Symphony members performed several concerts this year, beginning with a Christmas program on December 11. "It was difficult to be prepared for this date," Jenkins commented . "The length of the football season left us with a few weeks to rehearse our Christmas numbers." Elected officers from the Symphony included Tim Glessman as President, Kent Carson as Vice-President, and Terri Perrone as Secretary.


Striving for excellence "My goal is to excell this year's Sophomores by starting them in instrument quartets and quintets and seeing them improve to their senior year," stated Robert Jenkins, band Director. Sophomores performed with Juniors and Seniors in their several concerts. Another highlight of their first year at Westside was their participation in a District 66 Bicentennial program. "Music Departments from all over the district contributed, it was quite an extravaganza," explained Jenkins. 75-76 Sophomore representatives were G.R. Laughlin and Phil Strevey.

Curt Johnson begins to play his next piece (1) as Kent Carson and Christie Sanderson (2) and Byron Rot (3) play their instruments during The Warrior Wind Symphony performance. Robert Jenkins presides over a sophomore performance (4) Sophomore drummers take the beat (5) flutists share their music (6) Sophomore band warms up (7).


Singers with dedication "I select members for the Chamber Choir out of my Warrior Voices," explained Don Schuller. "They are better singers and more dedicated. Besides class time, they are often required to meet early in the morning." Chamber. describing a small sized group, includes about 20 Westside students. Also involved in the concert tour to Minnesota and Wiscon-


son. they participated in money making projects of candy and jewelry sales to raise $3.000 for expenses. The choir also performed at seven district elementary schools during the holiday season and gave six outside performances to service organizations. Asked if they were ever paid for their music. Schuller replied "We often accept gifts. but we never charge our audiences money."

Kris Chelrs thoughts are on his music. (1) Chamber Choir harmonizes. (2) Beth Kaplan and John Hansen enjoy a song together. (3) Mary Power and Shelley West sing with joy. (4) Don Schuller is pleased as he plays and listens to his pupils. (5)


New director makes CJB changes "Concert I azz Band members are the cream of the Band Department's crop," commented Bob Jenkins. Three days a week, the group meets for 7 practice. "It isn't a scheduled class and they aren't graded. It's a tradition and enjoyable." As new band director, I enkins made two major structure changes. A student director was not selected and he alone chose members during tryouts this fall. "I thought they needed more experienced leadership and that I would make the fairest decision in putting the best players in the band." Jenkins' expert advice apparently paid off. At the March 6 Mid-America Jazz Festival in Lincoln, CJB competed against 16 other school ensembles and placed first.


Singers travel on tour A concert tour highlighted Warrior Voices' year. "We performed at high schools in Minneapolis and Madison, Wisconsin," said Donovan Schuller, director. Traveling by bus, the trip took place March 21-24. Music performed included Pop and Classical selections. To help finance the trip, Voice members conducted candy and jewelry sales. They collected bottles also.

"I require candidates for Warrior Voices to try out," explained Schuller. They also must have been previously enrolled in another of Westside's choirs or glee clubs. The Warrior Voices sang an Oratory Concert and sang the Messiah at Christmas. During education week, Warrior Voices performed at the Westroads.

Westside CJB performs at their Christmas Program (1) Doug Tubach during his drum solo (2) Robert Jenkins salutes his audience (3) Mr. Schuller, Warrior Voices director (4) practices with the Warrior Voices (5) Vicki Zimmerman, Julie Kramer, and Martha Bean sing along (8)


Dancers in Thespians "International Thespians concerns all of the different facets of drama," explained Anna Clark, club sponsor. This year. along with Reader's Theater, that involves the spoken word, and Mime troupe that uses only body movement to tell a story, a new section was added. "Dance Troupe," said Mrs. Clark involves body movement to music. Each year I have a special core of seniors that are the club's officers. They take a section of drama that interests them and directs that field ." Secretary, Beth Kaplan, was the instigator of Dance Troupe.


To join the club an, amount of points must be earned. We are a chapter of an international club," says Mrs. Clark. "Our members earn points by viewing or performing." "You'll find," concluded Mrs. Clark "That most dramatic productions at Westside are sponsored by Thespians." Some of this year's commitments were all three class plays and a Thespian Christmas program. Other officers of the club are Bill Tobin, president, John Hansen, vice president. and Jean Patenaode, treasurer, and Beth Kaplan. secretary.

Sherri Bale Julie Bernstein Jon Billig Patty Bradford Susie Cain Cindy Connolly Betsy Crites Wendy Dann Lisa Dolquist Jane Engdall Sue Feinberg Amy Frost Lori Glissman Kristi Halvorson Jennie Hein Dinah Hites joyce Hoellerich Leslie Johnson Sue Johnson Lisa Kaplan

Pam Krender Cheri Krumel Laura Kunkle Genette Miller Stacie Parkee Tina Render Steve Schermerhorn Sharon Shanks Kathy Sherlock MikeStadie Bruce Thompson Mike Wasserman Scott West KrisWoodke Jane Yaffe Karl Ziegler Bill Tobin- President john Hansen- Vice-Pres. Beth Kaplan- Secretary Jean Patenode -Treasurer

Dinah Hites puts expression into her acting. (1) Thespians interpret their scripts in a first rehearsal. (2) Mime Troupe displays fine moving ability. (3) jon Billig walks through his part. (4) Thespian officers. (5)

John Hansen. Beth Kaplan, Jeanne Patenode, Bill Tobin

Mooseketeers entertain Mickey Mouse was the inspiration behind the fifth annual Sophomore Variety Show, titled "The Mickey Moose Show." Eight "Mooseketeers" entertained between the songs, dances, and dramatic readings. "The theme was a group decision," commented Anna Clark, show sponsor. "There is a revised interest in Mickey Mouse. We decided to use moose


antlers in place of mouse ears." Twenty-three sophomores made up the cast. "Everyone who tried out got a part." Explained Mrs. Clark, ''I'd like to see more students get involved." Westside's Thespians presented the show. Senior member, John Hansen, was student Director, other seniors acted as production staff.

Acts behind-the-scene "Stage crew students achieve experience for future jobs in the theater," Robert Mumm, stage crew sponsor explained . Close to fifty members this year attended classes and did volunteer work for Westside's various theatrical productions. "The group learns to do the various behind-the-scene functions that are necessary in every show," Mr. Mumm added. The amount of work

Betsy Crites and Kathy Sherlock sing the song, "A Wonderful Day Like Today" (1) Mimi Hassel balch sings the song "I'm the greatest star." (2) The Mooseketeers perform. (3) Mark Thompson sorts through different stage props. (4) Stage crew takes a breather (5) Tim Owens constructs a prop for an upcoming production (6).

involved can range from one week to one month. "Thespians members are a big help," commented the sponsor. "They often do the majority of the work. Our crew's major difficulty is stemmed from a lack of people with interest in this field . Our projects involved extra time after school. Without volunteers, this work doesn 't get done. "

The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. by Carl Sandburg Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands And take it when it runs by, As the Apache dancer Clutches his woman. I have seen them Live long and laugh loud, Sent on singing, singing, Smashed to the heart Under the ribs With a terrible love. Joy always, Joy everywhereLet joy kill you! Keep away from the little deaths. Keep away from the little deaths. by Carl Sandburg


An evening with Sandburg A cast of four perches on high stools under the glow of a high spotlight. Stage right, an armchair, a guitar and stacks of books are arranged symbolically. First reader, Dean Mathison, tells us of the World of Carl Sandburg, the Junior Class Play's title. "We chose the play," explained Mrs. Anna Clark, show director, "in Keeping with the Bicentennial." With Dean, Juniors Barb Oliver, Karl Zeiglar and Sherry Bale recited poems by Sandburg. Karl also accompanied the poet's "Songbag,"

collections of sungs from all over the country. "It gave the readers a chance to be themselves," Barb Oliver commented, "We did our own interpretations of the poems." "I regret that more students didn't see it," Mrs. Clark concluded, "Americans must realize what their contributors to fine arts are. Other members of the cast included nine dancers whose choreography was done by Jolene Smith, a former Westside student. Student director was Lori Glissman.

Vicki Zimmerman calls to friends offstage (1) Tim Glessman, Vicki Zimmerman, Pam Krenzer, and Bill Toben complete their performance. (2) Karl Ziegler plays a mean guitar (3) Mrs. Clark makes vital decisions during rehearsal (4) Julie Moore and Scott West wonder which steps come next (5) Vicki Zimmerman and Julie Moore pose for a picture (6).

Sitting: Mary Weins, Katie Shubik, Jim Richter, Steve Luby. On floor: Jim Trouba.

Sitting: Dave Richter, Teresa Weins, Ed Fried. Sam Freedman, Todd Little. Standing: Mr. Gowans, Gordy Gendler, Andy Schack, Jeff Glass.

Debate helps students "Debate is a lot of hard work if you want to win," commented Steve Luby, Varsity Debator. Steve spends an average of about two hours a night preparing for debate cases. Andy Schack, Junior Varsity debator explained, "Debate has helped me to learn to talk and stand up without being nervous. It is more like a sport to me, and alot of people think it's just a class." "Speaking is an important skill and debate helps the student develop great confidence," said Chuck Cow-

ans, debate coach. "Debate aids the student a great deal in researching his ideas, handling ideas, proving them and disproving them," explained Gowans. "Term papers are very similar to debated cases and students who have taken debate find it much easier to write them," said Gowans. The Varsity Team participated in several tournaments throughout their long season. The debate season begins the first week of November and ends the last week of March.


... ... ... ... . .. .. . ..... . .. ... . . .. â&#x20AC;˘

. . . ..



Standing: Bob Lennen, Dave Olsen, Fritz Angle, Dave Little. Sitting: john Steinberg, Steve Gessert, Pam Sullivan, julie Bernstein, Dave Olsen . 0

Varsity Debate Team (1) Katie Schubik prepares her debate case (2) Junior Varsity Debate Team (3) Mary Weins prepares for a debate (4) Novice debators (5) concentrating, Steve Luby remembers his next words (6) .

Theme: Proves difficult "Following the Bicentennial theme has made this yearbook one of the most difficult we'ver ever had to work with," said Ms. Boshart, advisor of the Shield Staff. "Probably the hardest part was making the celebration relate to a year at Westside. Since every yearbook has the obvious theme this year, it was tough not to overdo the patriotism." Lisa Vohoska, Copy Editor of the Staff, added that she did think the Bicentennial year was important, "It

Shield Staff Sandy Ross ................ . . Layout Editor Usa Vohoska ..... .. .... .. ... . . Copy Editor Cindy Johnson ............... Senior Section Holly Anderson . ..... ... .. . .. Junior Section Ellen Freeman .......... Sophomore Section Jodee Elliott ........ . .. .. .... Faculty Editor Debbie Roffman ........ Asst. Faculty Editor Kim Wells .............. Student Life Editor Terry Brady . .. . . .. ... . . Organization Editor Pam Cooper .... . .. Asst. Organization Editor Kathy McNamara ... .. ...... Fine-arts Editor Laurie Bedwell .. .. .... Asst. Fine-arts Editor Brian Schmuecker ............ Sports Editor Becky Vohoska . ... . .. . .. Asst. Sports Editor Julie Ebner .............. Advertising Editor Drew Lepinski .. . .............. Photo Editor Joel Armstrong . ... .. .... Chief Photographer Jim Maultsby ...... . ......... . Photographer John Rohde ............... . ... Photographer Aaron Maynard ........... . ... Photographer Rick Jorgensen ............... Photographer

only comes once in a person's lifetime and it's a big thing in our country's history." "We've had a very qualified staff working out the problems." Ms. Boshart put in. "It's a smaller staff than last year, but they are very aware and knowledgeable." "The new staff caught on quickly," commented Sandy Ross, Layout Editor. "It's important for us to have organization in order to meet deadlines.

Sitting: Drew Lepinski, Lisa Vohoska, Becky Vohoska, julie Ebner, Laurie Bedwell, Kathy McNamara , Ellen Freeman, Pam Cooper, Holly Anderson, Sandy Ross. Standing: Jim Maultsby, Aaron Maynard, Debbie Roffman, )odee Elliott, john Rohde, Rick jorgensen, joel Armstrong. In trees: Kim Wells, Terry Brady.

Sandy Ross helps new staff members finish their first deadlines (1) Becky Vohoska proofreads copy as Julie Ebner watches. (2) Sheild Staff (3) Usa Vohoska watches in wide-eyed wonder. (4) Pam Cooper gets an idea. (5) Jodee Elliott and Debbie Roffman look over a contact sheet. (8)



Creativity: staff theme Staff members of the 75-76 Lance will be remembered for their creative efforts, according to co-editors, Jennie Hein and Beth Kaplan and sponsor Ms. Kathy Boshart. "We had more individual talent this year," commented Ms. Boshart. "The staff had a desire for a newspaper that was tops, our budget was increased to meet the cost of putting out the Lance, so that they had enough time to worry about creativity and not concern themselves so much with money." Lance issues this year were characterized by more original lay-outs, in-depth news stories and editorial to topics that were relevant to the , school. "We had total communication," Jennie Hein said. "Everyone was willing to share their ideas."


"We would sit down and think of what kids were going to enjoy reading," explained Beth Kaplan. "Our idea was to get away from the 5-line story about club office elections and put something else into each issue.'' Ms. Boshart described the editorial staff's leadership as one of the paper's strong points. "All of them had an ability to find relevant topics. Their articles were opinion-based and not shallow." Our staff had a lot of trouble meeting deadlines," admitted Jennie Hein. But when a story was turned in late, we expected more quality and I think we got it!" "Students were exposed to things outside the realm of high school," Beth Kaplan concluded. "I hope we gave them more than they expected."

First row: Margaret Kane, Jim Racine, Cindy Connolly, Karen Olsen, Terri Perrone, Dan Hammann. Second row: Bob Peterson, Tim Zweiback, jay Malkin, jennie Hein, Rick Pantoga, janet Davis, Pam Uhing, Kathy O'Hara. Third row: Kevin Parks, Gregg Leuder, Nancy Baska , Beth Kaplan, Bob Gassman, ::onnie Schliech. Fourth row: Mark Hansen, Casey Randall, Steve Luby.

Jennie Hein, co-editor, proofreads an important, feature ft) Beth Kaplan, co-editor, previews the new Lance (2) Cindy Connolly and Karen Olsen discuss a story (3) Connie Schleich hurries to meet deadline. (4) Lance Staff (5) Bob Gassman works hard on a sports story (6).


Art interests booming "There's been a larger enrollment since we did away with prereqwsites in some art classes," commented AI Vapp, art teacher and club sponsor. Such classes include ceramics and batik and fibers. About 14 semester art courses were offered this year, with 3 teachers and one secretary running things. During first semester, students helped build a new kiln. They also

took up a coilection to buy a stereo to listen to while working on projects. "Art club provides opportu.nities for people who can't get into art classes," Vapp stated. "Interest is the only qualification. Their projects this year included a trip to the Old Market for a clay show and designing murals for the halls in the art wing. "We tried to do things that weren't done in class," explained Vapp.

Standing: Colleen O'Brien, Debbie Kopecky, Kathy O'meara, Nancy Newberg, Scott Smith, AI Vap, Sheri Bendorf. Kneeling: Jean Patnode, Sue Westphal.

Ann Copenhaven adds to her ceramic pot (1) Usa Olsen makes her own jewelry (2) Amy Olsen paints a self-potrait (3) Carla Bange glazes her pot (4) Art Club (5) Janie Schwetz creates at the potters wheel (6) Annette Weigel mixes colors (7) AI Vapp, art sponsor (8).



Holly Anderson Karl Arm burst Nancy Baska Martha Bean PamBecic Robert Belgrade julia Bennett Karen Bertch jacqueline Bloom Alicia Blumer Linda Breitag Ted Bridges Beverly Brokke Patricia Burden Linda Burney Robert Gassman Dena Conyers Scott Cramton Dan Darst William Davenport Robert Dickerson Theresa Dresp Anne Dworak Richard Eaton Chris Eddens Leslie Eisen Ionila Elliott Kathy Eloen jane Engdahl Chris Erickson Roberta Feinberg Christina Fogle Paul Foresman Steve Freeman Sam Friedman Teresa Freriks Leslie Fryer Tammy Garey judy Garfoot Dick Giller jeffery Glass


Kristi Halvorsen Daniel Hamann Valerie Hammack Julie Harmon john Hathaway Sarah Heacock jennifer Hein Adelia Hill Rachel Hoffman julie Holmstrom Richard Kalina Daniel Kaplan Eric Kennedy julie Kramer Kathy Kroeger Cathy Landis Elaine Larson joan Latta Linda Laughlin Craig Lincoln Todd Little james Luebbe Gregg Lueder Susan Major William Mariucci Marc Maun Tom McFadden Kathy McNamara Cindy Mcnolascino Genette Miller Paul Miller Margaret Moffer Brenda Moskovits David Myers Mary Sue North Sarah Nutty jenny Olsen Barb Oliver jeanne Patenode Gono Raha Daniel Rath

Tina Render Michael Richards Alison Roach Craig Roberts john Rhode Randy Ruback john Ruevc Kathleen Rudeen Ruth Ruevc Scott Sage james Schome Jane Schorr julie Schreiner Guy Schropp Dianna Sellner Kathryn Shubik John Sinovich Kristen Skoog Mary Spiers Sue Strandlund Anthony Stremlau Mark Stanway Kevin Tatreau Richard Thiesfeld Evelyn Thomas Denise Thomte judy Jill Vestal Jullie Wallin Anne Watland Patrick Weigel Elaine Weldon Shelly West Nancy Whittaker Richard Winslow Mike Winstrom Dan Wolk Katharine Wyatt Mary Zimmerman Timothy Zweiback

NHS members inducted Jan. 28 "I feel it's like a hit or miss thing. Not the most important thing, but it was nice someone said, 'good going Linda'," commented Senior Linda Burney upon her induction into National Honor Society. One hundred thirty-one Juniors and Seniors were inducted into the society on January 28. Members are selected on the basis of their citizenship, character, service and scholarship. "A lot of students who deserve to make it don't. We're limited as to how many members we can have," staled Senior Connie Hubbard, a present member of NHS The organization is sponsored by Dr. James Tangdall, Mrs. Mary Conner and Mr. Gary Dedlacek. Officers for this year were Jeff Binder, president, Joe Flanagan, vice-president, Steve Gendler, treasurer, and Karen Belknap, secretary. Senior Eric Kennedy (1) receives his pin from Mrs . Conner. Junior Holly Anderson (2) accepts congratulations from Dr. Tangdall. NHS new members (3) repeat the society's pledge. Secretary Karen Belknap (4) gives an inspiring speech. Senior Valerie Hammack (5) looks over her certificate.


Deca deals with public The Distributive Club of America is the largest national organization. The Westside memberhip alone averages about 100 persons per year, while the nationwide membership surpasses the 200,000 mark. Part of its large size might be due to the fact that every member of the distributive education program is automatically included in the group, yet still, well over half the members are actively involved. "It's a beneficial club for any area of marketing because it gets you out in the public," said Fred Heimrod, president of DECA. Students are offered the chance to participate in a variety of local fund raising projects. Activities include the DECA Disco and the DECA Breakfast, which is in its seventh successful year. There are also nationwide conferences which include the Officers Workshop and

the Career Development Conference. At the latter, mini-conferences are held with other members in similar jobs.


Back row: Lisa Damman, Lori Dudley, Lisa Jenson. Second row: Shelly Almato, Tom Constantino. Dan Hammon, Bill Amailbout, Mark Donavan . Third row: Barb Allen, Sherry Cornelius, Forrest Carlson, janet Harringtin, Larry Brophy, Terri Growl. Fourth row: Mike Hall, Bernie Gillogly, joel Armstrong, Ned Kashiwabara, Pat Hamilton, Susie Albert, Patty Hinkle.

Back row: Mike Kenny, Rodger Roeman, Dave Knowles, Randy Rosse, Kaye Bender, jan Roberts, Kathy Kinney, Debbie Lay. Second row: Harold johnson, Bob Brennan, Debbie Kaldenbeg, Diane Potts, jenny Sabin, Sheila Finn, Sheri Blackman, Lori Pfeil, Cindy johnson, jim Fleming. Third row: Eric Ford, Quince Eddens, Mary Gibreal. Casey Randall, Chuck Fargusen, judy Paul. Rose Duffy.

Fred Heimrod (1) takes time out for a laugh while at work. Members of DECA (2, 3, and 6). Kaye Bender (4) finds that work can be a learning experience. The DECA Officers (5) are; Fred Heimrod, president, Stuart Rosenberg, vice-president, Mike Scheafer, treasurer, and Todd Engels, secretary.

P1 .1¡ \


lack row: Mike Taggant. Bob Stephenson. Dave Schnaidt, jim Noland, Ross Stibbins, Ann Scholz, Ceri Stein, Marian Padgett, Ri ch Hsson, Jim Simpson. Second row: Sherri Williams, Steve Gzegivtah, Tom Struyk, Susan Stockfield, Kitty Milone, Andy Winstrom, ;inger Smith, Sharon Toft, Debbie Uhrich, Sue Shockly, joy Noddl e. Third row: Tod Webber, Sherri Sweetwood, Bill Vann, Barry )'Halleran, Doug Wilson , Brad Nelson , Sheri Noar.

Clubs portray cultures Foreign language clubs at Westside are very active. The German Club has around thirty-five members. They participate in the annual Octoberfest and the club musically entertains at homes for the aged. They also sponsor a soccer game with another school's German Club. President, senior Mike Halsted, said, "The main thing is to see more aspects of Germany through the club. We try to speak in German during all meetings and functions."

Spanish Club has about fifty members and they are also active. A main activity of the club is to plan a Christmas program, portraying Spanish traditions. They also participate in Activities Night at Westside. The club helps to raise money for AFS by selling candy and putting on a progressive dinner. "The club's main goal is to explore Spanish culture," explained, Junior, Bev Brokke, president.

lsi ro\\': Linda Hill. N;mc;y Neal. Kathy Kroger. Lori Schlichtmier. Kristi Skoog. Karen Belknap. Erin Savage. Barb Greer. Sue Conley. 2nd row: Sarah Nutty. Amy Nelson . Mike Halsted. Mr. Gilt. Alison Betz. Joe Flanagan, Debbie Belknap.

lsi row: Kelly Mallery. Sheri Kern, Linda Jones, Teresa Colantuono, John Donnygard . Kristi Salser. Paul Brown back. Ester Hamann, Patty Rodman . Mary Ann Bartlett. Eric Bcrgersen. Mr. Miller.

.: 1st row: Sharon Uhrich, Ann Swoboda, Bev Brokke, Sally Epstein, Chris Peterson, Mr. Brodsky. 2nd row: Lynn Durkan, Janet Wood, Cathy Olsen, Chris

Hughes, Beth Lishinski, Kim Nilsson.

Members of Spanish Club (1). Bev Brokke and Mr. Ira Brodsky (2) work together as president and sponsor of Spanish Club. Mike Halsted (3), president of German Club, discusses his plans. The entire German Club (4) and (5), and the rest of Spanish club members (6).

1st row: Chris Peterson, janet Wood, Chris Hughes, Cheryl Castan, Beth Niehaus, Cathy Olson, Amy



:)teve Gessert. Rick Secor, Dan Goldman, Greg Lueder, Cindy Hagerty, Tim Zwieback, Dolly Addison, Mary )ffutt. Kris Kirchner, Sue Brenner, Linda Ehrenberg.


Game taken by donkeys It was meant to be a contest between the Student Advisory Board members of the opposing schools, but the real challenge turned out to be between the students and the donkeys. Burkes victory over Westside, in the school's first donkey basketball game, hardly compared to the true success of the asses. Of course, the real triumph will go to the recipient of the SAB scholarship for whose benefit the game was staged. The donkey basketball game was just one of many originally planned fund raising projects put on by the

group to add to their growing revenue set apart for the scholarships. On top of that, they have also launched a plan to tackle the reputation of the school. The Student Forum is also looking for improvements, this time within the school. Student awareness seems to be a growing concern of the government. "There are so many neat things going on and people don't realize it," said Breck Wilson vicepresident. Suggestions to publish a complete list of activities were suggested.

orum Officers: John Hoich. president; Dick Giller, treasurer, Anne Taylor, Secretary; Breck Wilon. vice-president.


Donkey bucks basketball player (1). Junior Joan Splittberger listens attentively at Forum meeting (2). SAB members (3). Dick Giller checks attendance at Forum meeting (4). SAB members (5). Forum Officers (6). Mike Abramson discusses the 9 mod day with Lee Perkins, Forum sponsor (7). Donkey strikes back at player (8).


Spirit raised by marchers "Our main goal is to help boost the school spirit by performing well," said Julie Holmstrom, Drill Squad Captain. "The girls strive to furnish entertaining routines and marches." An added feature to the Drill Squad this year was the increase in junior members. In the past, only eight underclassmen were allowed, this year the junior and senior members balance out. "The girls were picked strictly on ability. Selection wasn't based on past experience, or class position," Julie added.

The Squires, a second marching unit, is similar to the Drill Squad. The team is smaller in number but taller in height. "I think for a new squad we've done very good," said Cindy Pruess, Squire Captain. Out of 13 girls, 11 are new members. The Twirlers also made up of fresh faces, with two of the sophomore members champion twirlers who have performed in national competition. Warrior Woman, Selma Kessler, also adds to school spirit.

First raw: Kim Peck, Jill Sopcich, Jakie Dorothy. Second row: Marcia Booth, Selma Kessler. Third row: Suzie Green hager, Jonnie Herzog. ¡ First row: Julie Wallin, Mary Egan. Second raw: Teresa Finn, Sue Rocker. Mary Mazzei, janet Lehmkuhl. Third row: Connie Busboom, Sue Carson, Candy Wenzel, Liz Salistean.

Selma Kessler


First row: Connie Hubbard, Anne Campell, Teresa Briggs, Julie Tully, Barb Roskens, Meg Gilmore, Cindy Pruess. Second row: Jodee Elliott, Kelly Spires, Linda Moreland, Lisa Pate, Patty Burden, Ann Munson.

Kitty Fieber, Jan Howrey, Jan Tuerk, Natha Mitchell, Julie Pluntz, Kristy Kelt, Kris Kirschner, Julie Holmstrom, Diane Haney, Julie Tuerk, Diane Potts, Gretchen Coffey, Janet Rome, Shiela Finn.

Drill Squad members (1) perform at pep rally. Warrior woman (2). Twirlers (3). Drill Squad (4), (6), (7). Squires (5).

First row: Martha Bean, Janet Arnold, Patty Abraham, Mary Power, Barb Oliver. Second row: Jenny Olson, Anne Murphy, Lisa Richards, Susie Albert, Lorrie Farris, Sandy Ross.


1st row: Dave Krogh, Bill Hughes, Cindy Retelsdorf, Cathy Morrow, Matty Wells, john Fredrickso 2nd Row: Tom Dalton, Eric Smith, Mike Halsted, Doug Grokack, Brian jacobson.

1st row: Bruce Anderson, Sabastain Winkenbach, Steve Page. 2nd row: David Stamm, Leslie Eis Eric Kennedy, Brad Frink, Tom Baker, Jeff Newberg.


New and old succeed


Something new and fresh has begun at Westside this year. The Outdoors Club offers students the chance to live simply with nature. Backpacking and moutain climbing are the two activities the club participated in. Sophomore, Dan Goldman, organizer and president of the club explained, "!' wanted to give Westside the chance to enjoy and learn the techniques of backpacking and climbing." Dan has climbed for two years and along with one other experienced climber and sponsor Mr. Pat O'Mally, the club is qualified to teach and guide the twelve to thirteen members.

The club has two main trips planned for this year, Palace National Park out of South Dakota and a big trip in Wyoming or Colorado for mountain climbing. "Anywhere around Nebraska is great for backpacking, all you nP.ed is a back pack, warm clothes, and you're ready to go." Dan stated. Subsurfers are still as active as ever. The club consists of thirty-five certified scubadivers. Their main activity is the Spring Contest where the members compete in a obstacle course, jug inflation, and box construction under water. The club ' s trips are arranged by Harly Hardison, sponsor.

lst row: Mike Saltzman, Andy Bock. 2nd row: Pat O'Mally, Doug Wolf, Bob Kelly, Jay Margolin. 3rd Jane Wenstrind, Dan Goldman, president, and Chris Olsen.


Subsurfers Eric Kennedy (1), and Leslie Eisen (2), warming up. Mike Salsman (3) The new Outdoors Club (4). demonstrates the techniques of mountain climbing?Subsurfer members (5) and (7). Dan Goldman, president of Outdoors Club prepares to climb (6). Harley Hardison sponsor of subsurfers (8).


Linda Ehrenberg, Stacey Carlson, Linda Harless, Cheryl Hein .

Nan Crawford, Ann Thompson, Lisa Roach, Cathy Chapin, Synda Swift, julie Nelson.


The new faces of the 75-76 sophomore cheerleaders (1). A new member of the Varsity Squad, Senior Marcia Talty, looks hopeful, (2) along with Seniors, Jackie Bloom, Kathy Rudeen, Kaye Bender, and Lori Christen (3). The 75-76 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (4). The Varsity Squad (5), with Jody Kinsley (6), leading a cheer. Jackie Bloom and Kathy Rudeen (7) showing an example of squad's spirit.

Lori Christell, Kathy Rud een, Kaye Bender, ]ody Kinsley, Trece Rahel. Marcia Talty, jackie Bloom, Charlotte Conner.

New criteria introduced "As far as senior and junior girls are concerned, I feel the spirit has died," said Beth Jansen, former Pep Club sponsor. This is most obvious when considering past cheerleading tryouts. Last year a mere 13 girls applied to fill the eight varsity positions. "The girls just don't want to work for their letters," she added. Each girl is required to letter in Pep Club. Those who do achieve their letter have proved their determination and spirit. The letter and

the tryouts make up the criteria in selecting the cheerleaders. This year a new system of selection has been incorporated. It's based on 30% Pep Club voles, 30% teacher recommendation forms, and 40% votes from th e teachers, administrators, and pompom girls from UNO. "We're not looked upon as any special group of girls. We 're accepted for what we are individually," explained Jackie Bloom, Varsity Cheerleader.


Top row, L to R: Jill Vestal, Kathy Vilnow. Second row: 'Janey Pospichal. Cindy Haggerty, Ann Munson. Third row: :oleen Skinner, Kathy Chaput, Lisa Pate, Beth Scott.

Top row, L toR: Julie Holmstrom, Lisa Roach, Kathy Croeger. Second row: Kathy Rudeen, Kathy Morrow, Jeane Vifquain . Third row: Leslie Eisen, Cindy Retelsdorf.

Top row, L to R: Sheri White, Joan Latta. Second row: Wendy Dann, Pam Nathan, Randy Friedel. Third row: Sue Fricke, Marla Goldberg, Patty Abraham, Becky Vohoska.

Top row, L toR: Jane Shore, Sarah Nutty. Second row: Amy Nelson, Chris Meller, Elaine Weldon. Third row: Nan Crawford, Julie Wallin, Mary Zimmerman, Cathy Chapin. (1), Z-club (2), (3), (4), (5), (7), (9). Interact (8), (8).

Top row, L toR: Sue Strecker, Chris Roach. Second row: Mary Power, Jody Kinsley, Lori Santora, Ellene Abramson. Third row: Connie Schlielch, Holly Anderson, Kris Krichner, Julie Moore.

Clubs unite to clinch float prize Interact and Z-club combined efforts this year to come up with the winning homecoming float. "Knights in White Satin" came in first against some of the toughest competition presented in years. Much time and energy was put into the planning and construction, which is a characteris-

tic of all the club's activities. "Some of these kids deserve a prize for everything they participate in," said Lisa Skoog, Z-club president. "We had a super good group of girls this year, really active." Both Z-club and Interact are Omaha service clubs which perform

rop, L toR: Paul Stine. Second row: Rich Secor, Rick Winslow, Ken Holquist, AI Vapp, Dan Wolk. rhird row: Doug Barton, Steve Gendler, Tom Dalton, Bob Wheeler. Fourth row: Dan Severa, Tim )avis, Joe Flanagan, Dick Giller, Eric Kennedy.

op, L to R: Clark Kampfe. Second row: Dave Dunham, Jim Schone, Clark Antonson. Third row: Jm Pflug. Dave Rose, Ted Bridges, Bill Cohn, Rick Winslow. Fourth row: Doug Grewcock, Todd cobs, Mike Halstead, Mark Dickhute, Bob Wheeler.

a variety of duties each year. They helped with parties at recreation centers. bazaars for hospitals, and symphony guilds. They organized Rat Pack and Powder-puff football. They also aided in some of the special needs of the school.

Top row, L to R: Sue Lewis, Bobby Feinberg, Lori Schlictemier. Second row: Julie Bennet, Kristy Halverson, Sue Strandlund. Third row: Denise Pelligrino, Teresa Blazek, Pam Becic, Adelia Hill.

Z-club officers: Cindy Menolascino, Lois Devereau, Lisa Skoog. Not pictured: Sue Conley, Kay Haws.


Wide range covered between clubs Winter time is the season Ski club anxiously awaits every year. The club's main trips include three days of skiing in Breckenridge and during Spring vacation they ski for five days at a place of the groups choice. Mr. Dan Miller is club sponsor. "This year's group is really good. They plan to take a few visually impaired kids to Crescent, Iowa, on a

one to one ratio," commented Miller. Members of the club range from beginners to advanced. "We have a few extremely good skiers. Hopefully we'll be entering an innermetro ski competition by next year. The main drawback, though, is the lack of facilities in the immediate area," continued Miller. The club is also thinking of expanding to cross coun-

try. "Key Club's main goal is to be ready to help the community whenever a problem arises," explained President, Dan Darst. "We're basically a service club, sponsored by the West Omaha Kiwanas." A few activities include taking the aged shopping or some other form of recreation.

Top row: Kari Megard, Carla Blanche, Kathy Moreland, Linda Moreland, Susie Zorinsky, Barb Holland, Sue Day, Soni Lastovica, Pam Dowd. Second row: Lori Farris, jane Somberg, Rebe O'Dohetry, Liz Buckley, Nancy Novak, Nene Ehlers, Debbie Gill. Third row: Kim Flagg, Denise Pellingrino, Pam Nathan. Ski Club members (1) and (2) get together. Officers of Key Club (3) and members (4) and (5) work hard for the community. Junior, Keith Briggs (6) finds out all the details before taking a ski trip.

-:-Top row: Dan Miller, Mike Van Hosen, Bob Bennett. Second row: Steve Olson, Kevin Busacker, Jamie Beran, Rose Duffy, jerry Byam, Kate Combs, Mike McCann. Third row: Mike Miesinger, Dan Kaplan, Keith Briggs.

Paul Sline. treasurer, Dan Darst, president, Matt Burke, secretary.

Mike Abramson, Rick Winslow, Dean Mathieson, Steve Spark.

Paul Sline, Matt Burke, john Stienberg, Bill Cohn, Dan Darst.


Spirit changes places As each year goes by changes occur in attitude, style, and the degree of school involvement. One of the most obvious examples of change can be seen through Pep Club and Rat Pack. Pep Club was once the main center of spirit at all the athletic events. Now the spirit seems to generate from Westside's Rat Pack, open to any student and forming a strong, united, school support. According to Junior, Laurie Bedwell, secretary of Pep Club, "The spirit is still there, but not in Pep Club. Rat Pack is taking over." Requirements were lowered this

year for Pep Club, hoping that more girls would join. No demerits are given and no one can be kicked out. Unfortunately the leniency in rules has not attracted more members. Jana Antonson, sponsor of Pep Club, sees it as an "overall trend of apathy in the 70's. I believe Pep Club spirit should come back though." "People like Rat Pack because it's fun and there aren't any requirements as far as dress or time of arrival." commented one Rat Pack member. One thing for sure, is the spirit is present whether it be in Pep Club or not.

1st row: Elaine Weldon, treasurer, Carla Bange, vice-president, Laurie Beawell, secretary. 2nd row: Lisa Skoog, president, Kristi Halvorson, vice-president.

Westside's Rat Pack members showing team support at games (1), (2), (5). Pep Club members also supply spirit {3). Officers of Pep Club (4).


Club is old but active International Club is one of the first clubs organized at Westside. It was active then and has since continued to grow in membership and activities. The main purpose of the club is to sponsor a foreign student exchange system . "Students are becoming increasingly interested in the club because traveling to foreign countries is more common and also a foreign language can be helpful in any type of job," commented Mrs. Mary Davis, advisor of International Club. American Field Service {AFS) is a program that sponsors foreign students to live here a year. Some of the main activities the club has are International Week, a progressive dinner in the spring when each language club prepares a dish, and a big candy sale to raise money for AFS. Americans Abroad Students (AAS) is a



program to send American Students to foreign countries. Mrs. Davis also added, "This year International Club has decided to include not only the AFS students but all of the foreign students at Westside."

Junior, Barb Oliver, (1) gives a sly smile at International Club picnic during tbe summer. Some seniors also enjoy tbe picnic (2) which was held at senior, Rick Graham's house. Cathy Chaput, (3) enjoys meeting people through tbe club. Juniors, Julie Wallin (4) and Terri Perrone (5) botb are involved. Officers of International Club are seniors, Sue Greenly, president, and Barb Greer, vice-president (6).


Back row: Robyn Nichols, Kevin Tierney, john Sunnygard, Linda Egger. 2nd row: Susan Mogckler, Debbie Lacz. 3rd row: Steve Warta, Brenda Andreason, Cindy Drake, Sue Strandlund. First row: Nancy Moglkler. Nancee Root. Lori Gould. Tina Render, Genette Miller.

Back row: Breck Wilson, Rick Wallace, Karen Jones, Patty Rodman, Karen Donnely, Synda Swift, Sue Fricke, Patty Burden, Lisa Roach. Front row: Ste1 Rothenberg, Aggie McMillian, Karen Belknap, Linda )ones, Pat Weigel, Debbie Dvuitich, Pam Becic, Arlis Innes, Ann Thompson, Guy Schroop.


Rhinoceros show entertains club

3ack row: Sheryl Wiitala, julie Wallin, Leslie Eisen, Mike Finn, Sue Fricke, julie Harmon, Joe Flanlagan. Front row: Ellen Fowler, Marisa Pruckler, Sue Kash , Denise Thomte, Nancy Newstrom, Lynn :handler, julie Langle.

Reclining leisurely against the sofa, he stretched out a limp hand in order to reach the plate of hors d' oeuvre set near his head. The roman slowly bit down on the delicate morsel savoring each tempting piece, and thought dreamingly of the feast that lay ahead. Westside Latin Club students will experience much the same rich treatment at their annual Roman Banquet, all excluding the sophomores who, dressed in clean white togas, will serve as slaves for the seven course supper. The banquet is just one of many activities planned for the Latin club each year. Picnics, parties and numerous dinners fill the club agendas for both the Latin and French organizations. "We want to promote an interest in the cultures," said Linda Egger, sponsor of the French club. "We feel we can best handle this through a socially orientated approach." The French club's program included trips to see showings of Rhinoceros, a movie version of the French play and Garde Republicaine, a world renowned French Military band.

tck row: Mark Hopkins, Mike Walencayk, Keith Briggs, Wanda Kosaeweski, Dean Mathisean, Douglas Russell, Steve Green, Chris Eddens, Robby Hann. Middle row: Cathy Lehn, Nancy Keegan, Martha Rigby, Tammy Snipes, Tom Tritch. Front row: Carol Bruecks, Mary Schroeder, Laura Ernst, Sonya 1rton, Trece Rahl, Martha Bean.

French club (1). French club member (2) helps promote the AFS Weekend. French club (3). Latin club (4). Julie Harmon and Cindy Drake (5) put up posters to advertise upcoming square dance. Latin club (6).


1st row: Chris Thelander, Debbie Rockwell, Nancy Newton, Elaine Schwid. 2nd row: Cindy McMillan, Sally Epstein, Susan Chevalier. Sharon Vulcek. 3rd row: Bob Stevenson, Chris Hargett, john Fredrickson.

Everyone's in business Accounting, typing, sales and marketing, shorthand, and numerous other business classes have doubled enrollment this year. Why? "Because everybody is in business, no matter who or what you are business has become a part of life," explained La Neta Carlock, sponsor of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Through FBLA students are given the chance to develop self confidence and strong, aggressive business leadership. The club also helps

to prepare for opportunities in a business occupation . Field trips are taken frequently to various businesses and leading businessmen from the surrounding area speak. A main activity of the club is the state conference. The conference this year was held in Omaha. Students compete in all areas of business and are judged not by teachers but from outside business men. Mrs. Carlock added, "Students are really finding out what FBLA offers."

1st row: Kristi Kelt, Sue Day, Cheryl Zeigler, Jo Melotz, Liz Hybl. 2nd row: Tad Laurence, Giwayna, Janet Arnold. 3rd row: John Hobsa, Laura Quirk, Mike Korff, Teresa Freriks.

FBLA members get together (1). Junior, Debbie Rockwell and Sophomore, Sally Epstein (2) listen intently at a meeting. FBLA is made up mostly of business students (3). Sophomores John Hobsa and Tad Laurence (4) find out what the club offers. Mrs. Joan Anderson (5) points out the more important facts. Nancy Newton, a junior, (6) slightly looses interest? FBLA effects individuals in all directions (7).


Club needs help from student body ''I'm too young to give" seems to head the list of excuses given by students to avoid blood recruiters sent out through the Future Medical Assistants organization. Of course, excuses such as that are to no avail against the well informed minds of the recruiters. They've heard them all and know all the answers. The group does accept all the 17 and 18 year olds with parental consent with

few exceptions. Each year FMA plays an important role in working in correlation with the Red Cross. The members are responsible to recruit at least 41 pints each day the Red Cross is here. It raises quite a question when considering how to produce that much with such little support from the student body. A full fledged campaign is launched to get at the precious 10 pints each student has

available. Twice a year the self contained unit for donaters appears in Westside's parking lots. The project is cheerfully referred to as the Vampire Drive with Bela the Bloodmobile. The procedure itself takes only 20 minutes and is beneficial to both the volunteers and the increasing demand for blood and its by products.

Back row: Lisa Crisp, Sarah Nutty, Eadie Rock. Front row: Lori Schlichtemier, Henrietta. Chris Fogel. Nancy Keegan .

Westside volunteer gives blood (1). Future Medical Assistants (2). Club sponsor, Donna Kendall listens to comments at a meeting (3). Chris Fogel and Lori Borgen discuss possibilities for recruitment (4).


TAR: busy campaigning Teenage Republicans (TAR) was a newly formed club last year. This year membership has increased from ten last year to thirty. The club backs the Republican party and is especially busy this election year. Their objective this year is to raise enough money for the entire club to go to Kansas City in August for the National Republican Convention. According to Kathy McNamara, president, "Jobs will be available at the convention for us or we could go as spectators." There are dinners held in Lincoln for TAR members. Kathy com-

mented, "It's really a lot of fun. You have the opportunity to get to know big officials and candidates." Some activities TAR has are to pass out pamphlets at the polls, raising money by getting donations, and getting people to join the party. The club is sponsored by the Young Republicans, which consist of members between the age of eighteen and thirty-five. Future Teachers of America is being reformed this year. President, Teresa Freriks hopes to bring it back as an active club.

1st row: Diane Haney, Elaine Weldon, Becky Yohoska. Barb Roskens. Anne Cambell, Russ Undeland. 2nd row: Kathy McNamara. Laurie Bedwell, Lisa Roach, Mary Mazzei, Cindy Norby. Dan McCarthy, Lisa Pate, Kathy Morrow, Dan Howe, Carla Bange. Kevin Tierney. Mike Milder, Rick Winslow.

9 ..

President of TAR, Kathy McNamara , (1) stresses her point during a meeting, A speaker for TAR explains the '76 elections (2). Two more TAR members, Laurie Bedwell and Becky Vohoska (3), discover the funny side of politics too . All of the TAR members (4) . Members of ITA (5) trying to revive the club this year.


Linda Hill, Teresa Freriks, Ga ry Brady, Barb Greer, Grant Cranshaw.


Chess and Math clubs place high Math Club may be small in size but it has proved to be very powerful. This year's enrollment of about twelve is the lowest in a long time. The club is open to anyone who has reached the Pre-Calculus level , a grade average is not required. Westside's team placed first in the national contest last year. "We have a good team again this year and I'm sure we'll achieve high placement," said Mr. AI Zimblman, sponsor of the club. Math bowls are held once a month. This is competition within the club. They also parti.cipate in Creighton University Math Field Day. Westside sponsors an inner city bowl which includes sixteen high schools. According to Mr. Zimbleman, "Westside is not included in this because we're sponsors. Many disagree with me but it's what I feel is right." Another small but mighty club is Chess. "The decline in interest was triggered by the Fisher vs Spasky match, two years ago," commented Mike Kmiechek . The club placed third in Metro, despite it's low membership.

Math Club members (1). Jim Trouba and Amy Holmquist (2) concentrate on a game. Mike Hopkins (3) leads his team to a victory at a math bowl, while Senior, Scott Woskoff (4) is in deep concentration. The entire Chess Club (5) is ready for competition.


1st row: Pat Wagel, Sam Freidman, Dave Little. 2nd row: Brian Armstrong, Todd Little, Scott Wosdoff. president, Mike Hopkins.

.: ; .



tr" ;':..lP,: ·0

!:"':.. :l':. "t

,:- t.,.,.

.. ::; \4

lsi row: Todd Little, Jim Trouba, Bob Greenhagen. 2nd row: Dan Wolk, president, jim Williams, Pat Roach, Amy Holmquist,

ack Dillon.


Auxiliary backs wrestlers Wrestling Auxiliary has had another exciting year of supporting Westside. "The guys really seem to appreciate us. Wrestling is growing fast in popularity and more kids seem interested," commented Cindy Johnson, president and cheerleader of the auxiliary. The club was started three years ago and has grown to its present fifty members. There was a great lack of interest and support before that. Now the auxiliary's main goal is to give the wrestlers all the support and spirit they can. Besides spirit though, the girls prove extremely useful at the games by helping technically. They keep score, time, and run cards. During the games the club supplies refreshments for the wrestlers. One of the most popular among them is orange slices. Before an important

meet the girls often fix breakfast. The Wrestling Auxiliary has an annual Dad's Night for the wrestler's fathers. In short, the wrestlers are getting better while the auxiliary has raised the spirit.

1st row: Terry johnson. Kip Porsoski, Georgie Bender, Tammy johnson, Sheri Householder, Vikki Zimmerman, Kathy Storm. 2nd row: Leanne McNiven, Mary Kromer, Kelly Malory, Sherri White, Sheri Goss, Debbie Flower, Lori Nelson , Debbie Clark. 3rd row: Donna Gohr, Kathy Benak, Becky Danenhaver. Kathy Kranzar, Barb Brown, Patti Louhgran, Sue Martins, Cindy Mattlen, Sally Nuchio, Cindy johnson.

Wrestling Auxiliary (1, 2, 3, 4) keeps the spirit high by cheering, serving refreshments, and, a little praying. AJI the girls (5) together form the largest auxiliary Westside's ever had. The elected officers and cheerleaders (6).

ndy Mettlen, Sophomore representative. Donna Gohr. secretary. Sheri White, treasurer, Ann >wark. senior representative, jill Hesmark, vice-president, judy Lanaha. junior representative, ndy johnson. president.

Phyto-holics aid nature Westside's greenhouse is like a summer camp. When you enter you sense the fresh smell of countless plants and the warmth of the sun as it streams through the glass roofing. Horticulture club plays a great part in setting up this indoor garden. "I am a phyto-holic," admits Mark Wiesman, horticulture member. "I can't help it, I'm addicted to plants." The club produces over a million plants for the chance to "play in the dirt."

Ecology club seems to be addicted to plants too, as well as animals, waterways, and the air we breathe. Through the collection of paper, bottles and cans the group comes up with tons of recyclable items. They also assisted in campaigns to boost Fontenelle Forest and an attempt to save the Niobra. The famous canoeing river is the sight of the future Nordan dam and sympathizers are working to save Nebraska's only rapids.

From L to R: Shannon Lyon, Mark Wiesman, Susan Prescott, Kathy Wyatt, Eadie Rock, Sharon Ulrich, julie Prescott.


Alison Petz, Ken Blum, G. R. Laughlin, Rod Larson, Kevin Tatreau .


Tom Holcombe and Eadie Rock {1) discuss new pick up sites for their recycling program. Lori Vermerhen {2) prepares plants for potting . Ecology members Julie Pres cott , {3) Sharon Ulrich and Gale Winkempelek paint trash cans to place around the school. Kurt Mollner and Louis Neiman {4) check greenhouse plants . Ecology club {5) G. R. Laughlin{&) cares for growing plants. Horticulture club {7) Ecology club {8)

Gale Winkempelek, Tom Holcombe, Leslie Fryar, Cheryl Albright, Sue Nelson, Dan Glasgow.




Photo interest increases "As far as photography goes, you can work as a club, but it's mostly up to the individual," said Tom Carman, photography club sponsor. "We just try to get people together with the same interests to share ideas." Despite difficulties the club, like all phases of photography, has initiated a growing interest among the high school students. The membership has more than doubled in the past year due to this rise. The group is designed to expand the knowledge of the photographers'

techniques. Through films, slides and each other, they learn the art of the camera. Activities are made up of whatever they choose to partake in. Photographers on both the Shield and Lance staffs are showing more enthusiasm also. "We ' re coming through with better quality and quantity in pictures, we ' re really pleased." said Shield editor, Lisa Vohoska. Photographers admit to the opportunities it provides as a hobby, an expression and a chance to make money.

---,-- Staff Photographers Mark Hansen SteveLuby Rick Jorgenson Joel Armstrong Drew Lepinski John Rohde Aaron Maynard Jim Maultsby

Dennis Mcintyre (1) supervises as the photo club (2) mixes chemicals under Tom Carmen's directions. Ed Bileck (3) marks a newly filled chemical bottle. Lance photographer Steve Luby (4) measures the size of his photo. Jim Maultsby (5), Shield photographer, eyes carefully his negatives. Photo club members (6) prepare to develop pictures.



Warriors prove potential "I still think we have a better team than Bellevue- they just capitalized on our mistakes," commented Senior Linebacker Tim Davis. The Warriors lost 14-6 to Bellevue in the opening game of the season in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 5,000 at Bellevue's Chieftain Stadium. Coach Johnson commented, "They played good but the offense and defense lacked consistency." Senior Bob Billinger, Halfback, remarked, "We have great potential we just made a lot of mistakes." Senior Quarterback Dan Severa felt that, "We have to get more consistent, but the coaches have been doing everything possible to get us ready for a winning season and now

it is up to whether or not everyone does his job." Coach Johnson cites their goal as winning the rest of the games this season. Billinger, nicknamed MonsterMan, stated, "We really have a lot of depth in all the positions and if we can just get it all together we'll finish with a winning season." Davis feels that "Even though we lost our first game, we're not going to let that stop us - other teams have lost their first games and still went on to have a victorious season." Dan Severa summed it all up by saying, "We've got a great team and great potential and we're going to prove it!"

Coaches Anderson and Hall, Front row: M. Johnson. K. Clarke, R. Roeaman, D. Myers, B. Billinger. B. Singer, G. Davenport, T. Cheslak. Second row: M. Thomas. T. Boyer. B. Salisbury. B. Danenhauer, R. Kalina, D. Dawson, C. Amato. Third row: Dan Knight, P. Crites, R. Brown, R. Stebbins, D. O'Doherty, K. Wilhelm. J. Keefe, D. Severa.


Coach Louis Miloni and Head Coach Don johnson. First row: D. Rath, G. Chance, C. L. Landon, T. jacobs, T. Pflug, G. Benak. Second row: C. Farguson. B. Nocita, D. Sergei, M. Bro. j. Beavers, D. Darst. Third row: C. Anderson, T. Davis, M. Heffron, B. Muenster, C. johnson, R. Focht, R. Linde.

Coach Johnson {1) confers with referee over disputed play in Bellevue game. Varsity Football (2) team. Dan Severa (3) fights for ground while Bellevue defense converges on him. Warriors line up (4) against foes. Rick Kalina (5) dodges Bellevue foes. Varsity (6) Football team. Warriors {7) "Stack up."



Statebound Warriors are defeated

It wasn't just another football game. It was the first game in the first playoff series for a state football championship in Nebraska. The opponent was Bellevue, who had defeated the # 1 rated Warriors in their first game clash, 14-6. Only one problem for the Chieftans, the Warriors were ready this time. With spirit and determination the Warriors opened the game with an unstoppable ground attack, taking the lead from the first kick to the last wasted seconds. The Chieftans last chance at a victory was wiped out when their attempt at a two point conversion was foiled by Westside's fierce defense. The final seconds of the game ticked away, leaving a scoreboard which read 21-18. Another Warrior victory, number to be exact. But it wasn't over yet -The Warriors still had the mighty Spartans of Lincoln East to battle with. The Spartans were without a loss in two years and they weren't exactly looking for one. As the ball was kicked off the air tensed with the excitement

that held the high pitched emotions of the fans and players. Hopes were high after the Warrior drive to the end-zone in the opening minutes of the game. But the Spartans were too tough to handle. They pushed to the goal line three times, stacking up 18 big points over Westside's 7. As the cheers of the crowd filled the stadium the Warriors battled on. They had worked too hard all season to let down in the most important game of the season. The fight raged on with both teams achieving safeties, bringing the score to 20-9. The final seconds seemed like eternity, as the Warriors faced their 2nd defeat of the season. They left the field amidst cries of "We're Westside proud, say it loud!" Seven members came out on the All Metro list. The list includes Seniors: Dan Severa, Bob Billinger, Dave O'Doherty, Mike McHugh, Ross Stebbins, Mark Bro and Junior Brian Muenster. And that concludes the 1975 football season.

(1) Warrior teammates congratulate each other. (2) Referees call the plays. (9) Coach Hall during the Bellevue game (4) Warriors anticipate the snap. (5) Senior Dan Severa goes for a touchdown. (6) Warriors take the ball and run.


First Row: G. Hand, B. Daisley, G. Niver, R. Schwenke, S. Haas, B. Pistillo. Second Row: S. Fried¡ man, D. Simmons, S. Nelson, P. Ferrante, Eumbaugh, C. Madsen. Third Row: M. Mackie, P. Tully, P Morgan, K. Keifer, C. Grady, B. Paeper, B. Berguin. Fourth Row: S. Walton, R. Walker, J. Luebbert G. Hawley, B. Danenhauer, L. Roark. Fifth Row: G. Schropp, P. Linde, M. Berner, S. Sage, D. Pfeffer Coaches Rich Collura, Roger Herring and Dan Young.

JV squad shows talent "We played well throughout the season and showed a lot of talent," commented Coach Dan Young. He also stated, "We have numerous standouts on the team that have really help lead the team. But it is still a 'total' group effort that made us as strong as we are." Coach Rick Collura pointed out, "The team came out and showed us that they wanted to win. So they did!" The team's toughest games of the year came against Burke, Bryan and North. Coach Young explained that, "Those games really tested the team." He also remarked, "Our defense was very sound this year


and the offense proved that we could move the ball with ease, most of the time." The offense was guided by Guy Schropp, Larry Roark, Scott Nelson and Steve Friedman, while the defense was led by Dan Simmons, Paul Tully, Bob Pistillo and Bill Daisley. All the coaches agreed that the team continued to show improvement throughout the season. Coach lngoldsby ended by stating that, "We had a basically good year and the team always gave what they could. Next year we should have a great team."

Reserve gridders on par "This year's team is on par with last year's team, in my book," remarked Reserve Coach Tim lngoldsby. Last year Coach lngoldsby was noted as saying that, "This team is probably the best reserve football team Westside has had in a long time." One of the team's problems he pointed out was getting the team ready every week. "Because," he stated, "The team tends to overlook the light teams, and doesn't take those games seriously enough." A decline in the number of students going out for reserve and JV

football took place this year. The coaches were a little puzzled by this. Especially since both teams had such exceptionally good seasons last year. Coach Ingoldsby added, "We didn't have to make any major adjustments throughout the season and that always helps ." He later commented that he was disappointed because they were not scheduled to play arch-rival Burke. The offense got its leadership from Craig Ladwig and Tom Tritsch, while the defense was motivated by Bob Luebbert and Alan Lindsey.

-st Row: Coach Tim lngoldsby, Bergman, Lindell, Ladwig, Rising, Minardi, Palmer, Toth, Tritsch, R. Burke, S. Burke, Coach Howard Bigham. Second w: Lindsay, Margolin, Meser, Ford, Wodder, Aarvig, Hatt, Bolton, Ryan, Rodgers. Third Row: Fennesey, Belecastro, Jensen, Hinchik, Kelliher, Greco, lton, Luebbert.

(1) Warrior Bob Pistillo attempts a one point conversion after score. (2) J.V. football team. (3) Westsider makes reception against Tech defender. (4) Roncalli defenders chase Westside runningback down after four yard gain. (5) Reserve football team. (6) Westside's Mike Mackie pitches to Guy Schropp during offensive drive. (7) Steve Friedman fights past Roncalli opponent. (8) Westside defenders surround Tech opponent. (9) Westsider chases Tech opponent down for a three yard loss.


Warriors best in State "We have the best team in the state and other coaches will agree," was tennis coach Paul Nyholm's remark when asked about this year's team. With an optimistic outlook like that, it is no wonder the netters won every game preceding Metro 5-0. The Warriors also came out successful in Metro with a score of 6-3, 6-1. Senior Brian Worrall, Co-captain, accredits their victories to the fact that, "A lot of the players are experienced tournament players and really know how to play under stress." "In addition to the Juniors and Seniors who did so well last year we've got some really outstanding sophomores who have really added depth to the team," Nyholm added. One of those sophomores is Dan Goldman, who participated in

several meets this summer. Dan said "One of the reasons this year's team is so good is all the experience each of the players have." Junior Tom Rice, "T-bone," said "I think we've got an excellant team and we can prove it by how well we came out in the Brownell-Talbot Invitational." The Warriors came out successful in the invitational thanks to Bob Gassman who played singles and Tom Rice and Brian Worrall who handled the doubles. Senior Bob Gassman, the teams other Co-captain, summed it all up by saying, "We've got a lot of great players and a lot of depth and we all want to win!" With spirit like that, its no wonder this year's tennis team is the best ever.

Standing left to right : Coach Nyholm, Steve Albert, Mike Mellen, Kort !gel, Grant Poucher!, Chris Olson. Kneeling: Steve Davis, Ken Somberg, Tom R Brian Worrall, Bob Gassman, John Staenberg, Dan Goldman. Front: Jennifer Wolfe, student manager.


(1) Junior Tom Rice awaits opponent's serve. (2) Varsity tennis team . (3) Brian Worrall accepts victory handshake from North opponent. (4) Bob Gassman prepares to return a serve. (5) Steve Davis, Junior, lines up a shot. (6) Senior Doubles team made up of co-captains Worrall and Gassman.


First row: Tom Holcombe, Mike Mash!. Nancy Keegan, Tony Young, Hanna Rief. Linda Ranney, Doug Dierks, Rick Thill, Robin Holcombe. Second Coach Lee Weyh, Pat Roach, Scott Prideaux, Rick Winslow, Dave Powers, Steve Wilt, Dinah Hites, Brian Schmuecker.

Archers sweep State "I am very pleased with our performance at State," commented Archery Coach Lee Weyh. Both Westside Boys' and Girls' Teams took first place at the State Tournament held at Columbus. The Boys' team improved this year by scoring 700 points more than last year and the Girls' team surpassed last year by nearly 300 points. In individual competition Sophomore Steve Lewis took first in the Boys' Division while Senior Sean Kelly took third. The Girls' Division was swept by Westside with 1-2-3 finishes by Senior Leslie Tilly, Sophomore Nancy Keegan and Junior Carol Agerback respectively. Weyh later remarked, "I feel that concentration is the big key to success in archery. You really have to concentrate hard to shoot good


because it is almost a totally pyschological sport. You have to think out every move you make." The team had over 30 members this year which equals the amount of people in tennis and golf, two other individualistic sports offered at Westside. Coach Weyh stated, "This shows that interest in the sport is increasing and I am glad to see it happen. We have got alot of talent and potential this year and really improving." One of Weyh's main goals is to see archery become a recognized State and Metro inter-school sport. With the talent, potential and interest in archery growing it looks like the archers will receive their acceptance and recognition as a sport in the near future.

1) Archery Team. 2) Sophomore Dave Powers practices after school. 3) Archer Nancy Keegan aims carefully. 4) Coach Weyh adjusts a sight on a bow. 5) Sophomores Scott Prideaux and Powers compete against each other during practice . 6) Westside team warm-up before scoring. 7) Tom Holcombe prepares to release his arrow. 8) Archery Team scores their arrows.



Sophs add team depth "We have had to work hardest on getting some depth in every event," commented Gymnastics Coach Tim Willits. "I am really pleased with the team because they have worked hard and everyone has given an individual effort." "The amount of sophomores that came out was more this year than in the past," remarked team Captain Kevin Dunkley. Coach Willits added, "I feel that we had the best, well rounded team that we have ever had." "We lost Kevin Dunkley early in the season due to a back injury,"

stated Willits, "But he finally came back in later part of the ¡ season to lead the team¡ to a 4-4 . dual meet record." The team leaders were Dunkley on the rings, Tom Barrett on the vault, Brian Buxton on the trampoline and Sophomore standout Louis Kohli. One record set by the team took place this year when the team scored the most points ever achieved by a Westside gymnastics team. They scored 114 points in a dual meet. AFS student Sebastain Weissenbacher also competed on the team.

First Row: Ken Stuart, Mike Osmond. Second Row: Joe Armin trout, Coach Willits. Third Row: Doug Fletcher. Fourth Row: Sebastain Weissenbacher, Randy Farris, Bill Jetter. Fifth Row: Louis Kohli.


(1) Senior Kevin Dunkley works on his floor exercises. (2) Group shot. (3) Westsider skillfully somersaults during floor routine. (4) Sebastain Weissenbacher flys off the vault during a dual meet. (5) Louis Kohli carefully performs his routine during a meet against Northwest. (6) Captain Dunkley prepares to dismount. (7) Westside's Brian Buxton heads toward the trampoline after doing a somersault. (8) Group shot. (9, 10) Buxton shows his talent on the trampoline. 9

First Row: Paul Splitgerber, Gary Bachorski. Second Row: Coach Willits, Kevin Dunkley. Third Row: Kevin Pavlik, Tom Barrett, Tom Holcomb. Fifth Row: Brian Buxton.

Standing left to right: Steve Simons, Jim Carnazzo, Coach Mallissee, Dan Overton, Dave Maenner. Kneeling left to right: Tom Secor, Dave Weigel. Bruce Anderson, Rod Larson, and Mark Mitera.

Runners 2nd in District "Individually everyone has achieved their goal and that's all that really matters," stated Senior Dan Overton, a member of the Cross Country team at Westside. "This year's team is not the quality we've had in the past because the runners aren't as experienced but they've met their goals for the season and came out looking good," commented Coach Mallissee. Tom Mallissee has coached a lot of cross country teams and commented on this year's by saying, "The team really suffered because, of the five guys that went to State last year, and only one returned for this year." Rod Larson, a sophomore runner said, "I think we have overcome the disadvantages of a small inexperienced team by the fantastic attitude displayed by both the experienced runners and the beginners." "Another factor that set us behind this year is all the injuries that we've

had. We also lacked the depth that previous teams have had," continued Overton. Even with the inexperienced team, as they call themselves, the Cross Country team hasn't done too bad. They came out with 2nd in district and took 10th place at the State meet in Kearney. The guys admit that they couldn't have carried off the season as well as they did if it hadn't been for their coach, Mallissee, who is a teacher at Westbrook Junior High. The guys summed up their feelings about Mallissee as, "He's an excellent coach who works with each runner separately and keeps them going." Cross Country isn't one of Westside's most widely publicized sports so when Dave Maenner, a Junior, was asked why he liked Cross Country he replied with a smile, "It's definitely a different sport- and I enjoy it!" (1) Rod Larson and Mark Miters show stress. (2) Bruce Anderson and Jim Carnazzo pace themselves. (3) Coach Mallissee checks time. (4) Dan Overton strives ahead. (5) Westside Track Team. (6) Overton and Dave Maenner squeeze ahead and past the pack.



Dribblers get good start "We got off to a good start and we're going to keep it going that way," commented Center Rick Graham, after Westside opened their basketball season up with a 66-41 victory over Gross. One of the main reasons for the team's strength was the return of four varsity lettermen. Senior Guard, Dave Sharpe, one of the returning lettermen said, "I plan to play pro next year or in the near future and being a starter for Westside has really given me a look at what it will be like."

The other three returning lettermen were seniors Pete Denes, Jeff Hansen, and Rick Graham. Junior Steve Crouse rounded out the starting five this year along with the returning lettermen. Graham attributes their success to having alot of team unity. He also stated that, "Most of the guys have played together for 2 years and we can really get it together." Head Varsity Basketball Coach Tom Hall stated, "The guys have all got a lot of talent, work together good and strive to win."

(1) Jeff Hansen passes. (2) Tom Thurmand prepares to shoot. (3) Coaches Tom Hall and Roger Herring. (4) Warriors prepare to pounce on ball. (5) Rick Graham jumps against Lincoln. (6) Varsity basketball team. (7) The opening jump. (8) Brian Muenster sinks a good one. tnding: Brian Muenster, Pete Denes. Steve Crouse, Rick Graham, Dave Burg, Bruce Salisbury, j Bridges. Kneeling: Steve Tangdell, Dave Sharpe, Jeff Hansen , Mike Mackie, Bill Mariucci, Tom ug.







Warriors stun Bluejays "We had problems with experience and with shooting but we had the potential," stated Varsity Basketball Coach Tom Hall. One of the best games of the season was the Prep-Westside game. Westside started off with an early lead in an attempt to get a jump on the Bluejays and it worked - for a while, but the steady shooting and a tight defense from Prep saw the Warriors lead diminish before halftime. But they came out to start the third quarter the Warriors played steady defense and choosing the best shot, the Warritirs kept the game close. Senior Center Rick Graham commented "We waited for just the right shot before we took it." In the middle of the fourth quarter Prep, ahead by eight points, started to make mistakes and Westside took advantage. With a 95% freethrow

execution rate and a tight defense the Prep lead diminished at the hands of the Warriors. With less than two minutes left to play, Westside closed the gap to one point. With less than a minute to play Junior Steve Crouse took a shot which was short but Senior Dave Sharpe took the rebound and shot the winning basket with 54 seconds to play in the game. Prep then stalled to get the last shot but failed to score with two seconds left and the Warriors won. Coach Hall concluded, "We played the best we ever did all season and our defense was great when things got rough. We didn't let them score for the last 5:43 minutes of the game." Graham led the Warriors with 14 points in the winning effort over the third rated Bluejays.


(1) Junior Brian Muenster guards opponent. (2) Mike Mackie tries to block a pass. (3) Jeff Hansen prepares to shoot. (4) Hansen dribbles around Prep defender. (5) Senior Rick Graham shoots a freethrow. (6) Westside penetrates Prep's zone defense.


StandinR: T . Inl!ram, D. Fletcher, D. Dawson, D. Nelson, T. Thurmond, C. Anderson. Front: S. Friedman.

J. Skoog, D. Giller, J. Pflug, J. Schone, D. Dahl.

Team unity important "Good team unity - that helped a lot," commented J.V. Coach Paul Anderson on the success of his team. "Because of our unity we had no main shooter, someone picked up on the slack," said Sophomore Center Dan Dahl. "We've got depth in our unity and because of this our defense and offense are equally good," continued Dahl.


"We've never outscored a team in field goals, but because we have less fouls we can pick up the points on our free throws," explained Junior Forward Curt "We've really had a good year, everyone put in a lot and we came out looking pretty good," concluded Dahl.

Individuals with depth "We had a lot of outstanding individuals," stated Sophomore Coach Rick Collura, when asked about his basketball team. "Basically the guys had a fast breaking and good pressing team, it really helped them in their games," continued Collura. "Depth was one of our best assets," said Steve Maun, who played center. "We had to work hard and stick together because we had a

shorter team than most of the competition," added Maun. "Our practice time was messed up a lot because we had to share the gym, but nobody really minded, we even had practices over vacation," said Guard Rod Larson. "I think we came out looking pretty good considering the obstacles we had to overcome," concluded Collura.

4 mding: Coach Collura, M. Peterson, T. Acquazzino, S. Conley, J. Rice, S. Maun, D. Arnold, 8 . Ehler. Kneeling: S. Byer, C. Ladwig. R. Hanson, R. Larson. Caniglia, K. Kelleher.

(1) J.V. Team. (2) Airborne Maun reaches for ball during tip off. (3) Friedman sets up the offense (4). Sophomore team (5). J.V. team sinks another one, (6) Aquazzino attempts to break the press.




"Psyched up attitude" "Although we lost a lot of good seniors last year we made up for it with the incoming sophomores," said Coach Cal Bentz about this years' swim team. "Potentially we were better off than last year because we had a lot of new inexperienced swimmers to work with," commented returning Junior State Champ Chuck Sharpe. Among other returning State Champs are Seniors Tom Whaley and Scott Morgan who were members of the Medley relay team. Junior Scott Macteir along with Sharpe made up the 400-freestyle winning relay team last year. "As in the past, this years' team kept up the high standard expected of Westsides' swim teams," com-

men ted Senior Tom Barr. "We need¡ a lot of work, but this team has the potential to be the best team in Nebraska's swimming history," commented Senior Captain Jeff Zweiback. Bentz who has been coach of the swim team for the past 11 years has seen 10 state victories. "We couldn't do it without him, he makes us work at our swimming, he makes the show go," remarked Sharpe. "We're a united group with a lot of team spirit, we really want to prove how good we are to other teams. We have a different attitude about our meets, we always get psyched up for them - but you should see us before State- that's our ultimate!" concluded Junior Mactier.

Back: T. Miles, D. Koukal, J. Harvey, M. Hopkins, G. Lueder, D. White, M. Stanway, S. Miller, D. Keane. Middle: J. Zweiback, B. Hartford, M. Hasebrook, J. Putgenter, C. Sharpe, S. Mactier, S. Morgan, J. Sinovitch, J. Sweeney, B. Wilson. Front: Coach Cal Bentz, D. Murphy, B. Westphal, S. Ostrand, R. Farris, R. Rhodes, P. Tully, T. Whaley, T. Zweiback, M. Richards, Student Managers Mitch Ernst and Howard Max. ¡



1. take off 2. Relay race against Ralston 3. Back strokers strive on to a victory 4. Group shot 5. Sharpe grins as he checks his winning time 6. Senior Swim Team Captains: Bob Hartford, Tom Whaley, and Jeff Zweiback.


First row: JV Team: Ann Jessen, Debbie Stryker, Judy Burke, Sue Sciford, Carrie Schmitz, Patty Peetz, Dee Dee Luebbe, Helen Good. Second row: Varsity Team: Kay Gloor, Judy Sanders, Suzi Hallas, Cathy O'Connor, Lori Zimmerman, Lynne Ernst, Jennifer Erickson, Mary Hayes, Coach Leslie Royle. Not Pictured: Kathy Benak, Robin Towey, Mary Kromer, Kelly Spires, Margie Theel, Mary Mahon, Janet Pattavina, Coach Jackie Henningsen.

Girls gain confidence "Our girls gained alot of confidence this year and worked hard individually, and as a total group. I believe that is a major reason for their success," remarked Girls' Volleyball Coach Leslie Royle, "They really had alot of team spirit too." There were some other reasons they did so well, one of them was the team's high scorer, Senior Mary Mahon with 92 points and Junior Lori Zimmerman who became a starter after the season began and ended up as the second highest team scorer with 90 points. Other reasons were Seniors Lynne Ernst, Mary Hayes and Margie Theel as well as Kay Gloor.


"We played some excellent teams this year. I feel that our hardest games were against Burke, TJ, Lincoln High and Roncalli. They really have some strong players and alot of depth, commented Coach Royle. She also stated that, "We really have improved over the last few years and have become especially strong during the last three seasons. She finally stated that, "We had more Sophomores and Juniors this year and I hope we can give them experience and add depth to the team." The team ended up with an 11 - 7 season record and qualified to go to State where they were knocked out in the quarterfinals. II


Enthusiasm still grows A chance to compete and to have fun are two reasons that Intramurals are so popular at Westside. The boys' basketball Intramurals have been around for several years. It has proven to be popular by the amount of teams that compete every year. There are two divisions A and 8 which play on Monday and Tuesday nights respectively at Westside. "It's a good chance to have good competition in basketball and hockey, commented Intramural participant Junior Tim Owens. "The only bad thing," state Owens, "is some of the calls that the referees make. But otherwise its a great

chance to get involved." The basketball league plays during the winter months while the hockey league is played during the spring months. With the enthusiasm that surrounds Westside's Intramuralprogram, they will be around for many future years.

(1) Mary Hayes spikes the ball over the net. (2) Warrior team huddles between games. (3) Intramural opponents tip for control of the ball. (4) Margie Theel prepares to set the ball up fnr a spike. (5) Volleyball Team. (6) Oppo¡ nent makes a jump shot over defender's head. (7) Dan Darst out jumps an opponent while attempting to score. (8) Anxious player waits for a chance to steal the ball. (9) Jennifer Erickson spikes the ball. (10) Ludlow team member dribbles down toward the basket.


Warriors pin opponents Coach Lou Milani put together another strong and quick wrestling team this year. The team placed second in the first two invitational meets of the season and took first place at the Millard Invitational in January. Coach Milani expressed his feelings about the Millard meet by stating, "Winning there meant a lot. It gave us an opportunity to see the top teams from out-state and that helped." The team is aided this year by the return of last year's State champion Dave Walton and nine other return-

ing lettermen including Kirby Clarke and C. L. Landon, who are this year's co-captains of the squad with Walton. Milani later remarked, "Overall I feel we have a strong team. Our only real area I was concerned about was the bigger weights and we tried to make up for it by dominating the smaller weights." Senior Walton commented, "If we wrestle our best we can take State." Clarke added that, "Milani is an outstanding coach. He knows how to build a winning team."




(1) Jim Luebbert nearly pins Viking opponent. (2) Dan Knight takes down opponent. (3) Bill Danenhauer enters match against North Wrestler. (4) Westside grabbler grabs the legs of his opponent. (5) Varsity Wrestling Squad.

First row: Jim Luebbert, Dan Knight, Kirby Clarke, Mark Meister, Dave Walton, Tom Barrett, john Butler, Tom Bro. Second row: Roger Swenke, C. L. Landon, Dan Simmons, Gary Niver, Tom Cheslak, Bill Danenhauer, Mark Magistretti. Third row: Tom Mareno, Bob Danenhauer, Andy Bachorski, jack Nelson. Coaches Tony Martinez, Greg Derickson, Lou Miloni, Bruce Moore.


N proved strength


"You really have to be committed to wrestling to be any good," commented JV Wrestling Coach Greg Derickson. "I feel this is one sport that demands your undivided effort." Derickson added, "We stress conditioning and I feel that this has been, and probably will be one of our most important factors in producing strong and quick teams." In the second invitational meet of the season, the South-Bryan Invitational, Westside placed second behind defending champion Bellevue. The invitational is only open to freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

Derickson remarked, "This meet really shows how much depth we have as a squad. It also exposes some wrestlers that we think have excellent potential for the varsity squad." Approximately 75 students went out for the team this year which is a slight decline from last year. Mark Magistretti pointed out that, "The coaches are tough and they know what they're doing. " Coach Derickson summarized by saying, " We've got a lot of hard working guys and they all deserve a chance but unfortunately they don't all get it."


(1) Jeff Ladwig jumps up in exuberance over a pin. (2) Warrior gets ready to pin North opponent. (3) Ladwig is declared the winner. (4) Grabbler Ladwig pins opponent. (5) JV Group Shot. (6) Westside Wrestler turns North opponent over. (7) Warrior attempts to pin foe.

First row: Rick Learch, Jeff Ladwig, Doug Larson , Phil Strevey, Bill Cambridge, Brett Barrett, Mark Larson, Tom Brown. Second row: Todd Rath, Mark Mitera, Brad Hatt, Don Dougherty, Mike Menolasicno, Mark Estey, Dean Dougherty, Joe Armantrout. Third row: Jeff Finley, Chris Ederer, Glen Rumbaugh, Dan Simmons, Bob Luebbert, Greg Hand. Fourth row: Jim Mauptman, Paul Roach, Kevin Jensen, Tom Vana, Clark Boom, Bob Daisley. Coaches Moore and Derickson.



Warrior women drown opponents with state title After two years of always ending up second best, the Girls' Swimming Team took first place in Metro and State this year. They also went undefeated in all their meets. The season was capped off with a overwhelming victory at State by beating runner-up Bellevue by 183 points. Coach Cal Bentz felt that, "We deserved State this year and proved it." He went further and added, "When you take first place in five out of eleven events that shows the strength you've got." The team got an additional boost from Senior Anne Watland who led the team throughout the season and took first place in the 200 and 500 freestyle events for the second year in a row at the state meet, which was held at Lincoln East High School. Bentz later commented on the

team by saying, "I am very pleased with the team this year because they really put in a lot of individual effort." The support the girls received from the boys team was outstanding. Before the State meet the guys decorated the school with posters. Anne Watland remarked, "The spirit that we had was nothing like we've had before."

4th row: T . Johnson. C. Klemz. ). Tully, M. Mangino. R. Alexander. ). Howard . 3rd row: Student Manager Eric Schempp, L. Bentz, M. Maack. L. Berkshire,) . Morrison, S. Foley. E. Bickel. 2nd row: P. Moffat. T . Schneckenberg, D. Hartford, S. Lewis. T. Perrone. S. Greenly, C. Conners, S. Berger. 1st row: A. Watland, L. Small.

Top r ow : Sue Major. Coach Edmonds, Barb Holland , Debbie Ginsberg. Bottom : Karen Eckholm, Karen Miller. Nanci Harris and Patti Kinney.

Golfers improve scores "Even though we didn't come out on the top I think we had the best team Westside has ever seen," said Varsity Girls ' Golf Coach Lois Edmonds. Lois, who has been coaching girls golf for the past three also said, "On the whole the scores were a Jot better and the girls really showed a Jot of improvement. " Nanci Harris, a junior on the golf team stated, "I play golf because I would like to become professional and being on the team has really helped. I think golf is a sport with a Jot of opportunities for women and I really enjoy it." The girls had a fantastic season, winning all their dual matches and taking 2nd place at the Metro meet.

(1) Coach Cal Bentz watches thoughtfully. (2). Girls' Golf team. (3). Barb Holland prepares to tee off. (4). Senior Sue Lewis anxiously waits. (5). Girls' Swim Team. (6) . Senior Holland checks her score. (7). Warrior Women take the plunge. (8). Nanci Harris watches her shot.


). Pattavina, K. Rudeen, K. Megard, ). Sanders, L. Pate, S. Greenly, P. Deness, ). Erickson, K. Gloor, C. Connor, L. Burney, Coach Nordine.



Confidence is gained "We really got better as the season went along," stated Girls' Varsity Basketball Coach Leland Nordine. "We lacked experience at the start of the season but gained confidence as we entered the mid-season stretch," remarked Nordine. The team started out weak, losing their first four games but went on to win the next two in the last few minutes. This is the second year for Girls' Basketball as a Metro sport. Last year only a few teams participated but this year there was almost a 100%


turnout of the Metro schools. Coach Nordine commented, "With very few really experienced teams, the competition is tough because everyone is just starting out." He further added, "This year really helped establish the team and built them up so they'll be ready for next year." Junior Lisa Pate, who plays commented, ''I'm really glad they started a girls' program, it's fun and everyone has really learned a lot, especially about working as a team, I'll be out next year too!"

J. Pattavina, M. Bolen, D. Lueber, L. Zimmerman, S. Wiggins, T. Roach, M. Combes, A. Jessen, S. Christie, C. Thompson, B. Nilsson, P. Peetz, H. Good, Coach Moscrey. (1) Varsity team. (2) Pate fights for the ball. (3) Erickson grabs the ball. (4) Mad scramble for the ball. (5) JV team. (6) Warriors battle for the ball. (7) Nordine gives pep talk.







'3ack: B. Snowden, K. Kelsey, M. Kersten, ). Welch , N. Ross, B. jensen, V. Moakler. Front : Coach Edmonds, T . Brown, V. Sortino, T. Rupe, L. Loff. M. -lassel bach, C. Crone, L. Ri chards, Coach Willits.

Gymnasts "stick to it" "It was an off year and even :hough we didn't do super fantastic we each accomplished our own remarked Junior Gymnast "Jan Crawford. Most of the team was made up of wphomores and the rest were junors, no seniors participated. "For the nost part the sophomores caught on well, it was a new sport for all )f them and they really learned fast," Junior Lisa Richards. "Our victories were few and far

between but everyone continued to stick to it - no one wanted to give up," explained Crawford. "We were a united group, everyone was always ready to help somebody else. We learned how to laugh at our mistakes," continued Richards. The coach for the girls' gymnastic team was Lois Edmonds who was assisted by Tom Willits, P.E. teacher at Sunset. (1) Synda Swift exhibits grace during floor exercise. (2) Girls Gymnastic Team. (3) Kelsey peers apprehensively over bar.(4)Liz Salistean prepares to land.(5) Synda does a successful walkover. (6) Candy Crone balances delicately. (7) Terry Rupe demonstrates a dramatic dismount. (8) Nan Crawford flies thru the air.

I 'tO


)V FOOTBALL WHS 27 6 46 36 45 14 0 16 0

OPP Lin coln South Tech Ryan Ronca IIi Burke North T.) .


H H ()

B 6 6

6 0 12

WHS 6 35 22 34 42 7 20 35 49 21 9

CROSS COUNTRY WHS 15 17 20 15 23 6 15 35 33 27

Ryan T .). Bryan North Ron calli Burke Tech Prep Northwest Central

Bellevue North Tech Bryan Roncalli Prep Burke T .J. Ryan Bellevue Lincoln E.


19 6 {)

WHS 6 28 34 40 12 12 24 28

WHS 138 176 187 203 195 179

A.L. North Tech T.J. Bryan Burke



OPP 52 0 0 12 35 32 26 14

1B 20

GIRLS' GOLF OPP 50 4B 30 50 25 17 50 15 18 22

South Northwest Tec h A.L. Bellevue South

BOYS' GYMNASTICS OPP 171 234 244 26B 239 1B1

WHS 79 91 91 114 99 104 99 114 114

OPP Bryan T .). Northwest A.L. Ron ca IIi Burke North Central Benson


100 103 104 57 100 110 114 139

BOYS' TENNIS WHS 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5


T.) .

Tech Bryan Roncalli Northwest Bellevue North .Bryan

OPP 0 () ()

0 () () ()




A definition of English English- it's a very general term that covers an enormous number of ideas. At Westside High School the meanings of English are many and diverse. They cover anything from the study of literature to television production to drama or the American West. In total there are 37 English courses offered at Westside and each one adds something of its own to the definition of English. The English Department is the largest department in the school because every student at Westside is taking one or more courses in English. This year the department

wanted to give its students more options. In previous years, courses such as Debate, Journalism and Drama did not receive English credit. Now, however, all courses, with the exception of Creative Writing, give credit towards English requirements. Mary Connor, head of the English Department, stated, "We're trying to satisfy the needs of our students with the language art skills." This extended variety of courses now makes it possible for every student at Westside to be involved in a course more fitting to his needs and his abilities.

Linda Joern

David Fitzekam

Virgil Windels, Gary Sedlacek

Not Pictured: Hazel Patz

Mary Conner

Steve Drickey, Frank May

Don Kolterman

Lloyd Kilmer Dick Bock, Tom Hall


Judy Hoyt

Judy Stern

Lynn Price Anna Clark, Chuck Gowens


New semester courses "Every course is a semester course; that wasn't so before," commented Mary Connor, English Dept. Head. She explained that there are 24 faculty members, both new and old, handling the 37 courses offered by the English Department. Connie Goldenstein has returned to Westside after a year's leave of absence. There are also three new faces. Lynn Price comes to Westside from Valley View Junior High, Lloyd Kilmer from Arbor Heights, and Steve Drickey is in his first year of

teaching. When Kilmer, himself a former graduate of Westside, was asked to comment on his experiences here at Westside he said, "I enjoy the freedom and responsibility the students show." Esther Hamaan, a sophomore, also commented on the responsibility and the change from junior high, "Here you're expected to get homework done on your own time where injunior high they gave us time in class.

Connie Goldenstein

Lorraine Rogers

Kathyrn Little, Sue Bird

Bob Dornacker

Howard Bigham


Alternative teaching "We don't offer a lot of courses. We offer a few with many alternatives of learning within them," commented Dr. Chuck Lang, head of the Science department. There are sixteen courses offered by the fifteenmember faculty and these courses have several different approaches to

adapt to many types of students. Bob Klein, one of the three team Physics teachers, explained the philosophy of the department, "We think something good should happen to each kid every day. We don't want Science to be the tough course."

Tim lngbldsby, Chuck Lang, Bob Klein


Louie Niemann

Harley Hardison, Roger Herring, Howard Ebmeier







Bob Moscrey, Don Glasgow, Lynn France





Jim Allen

Bruce Skinner

Ron Hatfield, Ron Crampton, Tom Boe

Color for Math IMC A new look has been added to the Math IMC, this year, with Math symbols in green, yellow, and orange brightening up the walls of the study area. AI Gloor, Math Department head, commented on the teachers' artistic ability, "There's a whole new atmosphere in the IMC with the painted decorations." Fifteen teachers make up the Math Department faculty, and enrollment in the eleven courses offered is up to 72%.

A new course was introduced this year. "Topics in Math is a course intended to touch on many areas in which math is involved," explained Jackie Henningson, teacher of the course. Approximately 90 junior and senior students are enrolled in the course. Another addition is an added terminal for Computer Science. According to Gloor, the computers are used an average of nine hours every day.

Al Gloor

Pat O'Malley

Margie McMaster, Lois Devereaux

â&#x20AC;˘ Walton Lovercheck


Rick Collura

Bruce Anderson

John Graff Dan Young, Jackie Henningson, AI Zimblemen


Marian Hanson

Roger Hoffman

Phil Kaiser

Paul Anderson


Band Captures First When the first note of music was made it opened up a whole new avenue of expression. Westside's Music Department incorporates this in teaching its students the value of music. Harold Welch, Donovan Schuler, and Bob Jenkins, a new addition this year, head up the Orchestra, Vocal Music, and Band Departments. A large number of students participate in the music program and benefit from the various courses such as Music Exploration, Music History,

the glee clubs, and the instrumental music courses. Jenkins, formerly an elementary band teacher at Arbor Heights. likes teaching high school students "because of the variety of different personalities I run across." In October of this year the Westside Marching Band, directed by Jenkins, took part in the Columbus Day Parade, held here in Omaha. The band came away with the first place trophy. "We were really surprised," commented band member Terri Perrone.

Don Schuler

Harold Welch

Robert Jenkins


Art: Form of expression Art is another form of expression dating back to the beginning of time. Through many varying mediums of art people have communicated their thoughts and feelings for thousands of centuries. Students at Westside are given their chance to create and learn about this form of expression through the Art department. The team of three teachers staffing the department consists of Diane Hansen, Al Vap, and Ken Heimbuck. Courses in Batik, Ceramics, and Art Appreciation are offered to students with only interest as a prerequisite, and for the first time, this year Ceramics is open to sophomores. Photography, Design, Watercolor, and Acrylic Painting are other courses offered along with Jewelry, Sculpture and Commerical Art.

Diane Hansen

Ken Heimbuck

AI Vap


Increased enrollment "Our enrollment keeps increasing whereas the national trend, both in high school and college, is dropping. Many colleges are even dropping language requirements altogether." Head of the Westside Foreign Language Department, Mary Davis, continued, "In fact, there are a number

of people taking two or three foreign languages. It says a lot for our people and our department." The four languages offered are French, German, Latin, and Spanish, and each of the language teachers has either lived in or visited Europe or Mexico.

Debbie Tarrant

Linda Egger

Julie George


Lew Miller

Warren Gitt

Sheryl Wiitala

Ira Brodsky NOT PICTURED: Madeleine Kemp, Roseanne Lenz Mary Davis


Foods mouth-watering At any time of day a Westside student can walk down the hall of the Science wing and feel his mouth water at the smell of cooking food or freshly baked pastries drifting through the door of the Foods room. Joann Roehl and Iris Clark head up the Foods section of the Home Economics Department and teach students the art of cooking and preparing their own meals. In the Clothing room students may

take any of a variety of courses dealing with clothing construction. The third division of the Home Economics Department deals with people, their feelings, and their relationships with one another. Pat Mitchell teaches Child Development, Personal Adjustment, and Adult Living to her students. Included in this department is also Interiors which covers home decorating.

Pat Mitchell

Hester Anderson lone Perry

Iris Clark


Joann Roehl

One semester required One of the requirements for graduating from Westside is the completion of one semester of Physical Education. This ?hysical Education course consis\s of three separate six week periods. The first two of these include physical fitness, lifetime sports, and recreational activities. Sports such as archery, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and a variety of others are covered. One period a week is spent on studying health of

the human body. The last six weeks is spent at the pool where swimming courses are taken. Students may take beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, or swimmer according to their ability. The Physical Education Department also includes mini courses, Water Safety Instruction, Senior Lifesaving, First Aid and sports like golf and tennis.

Lois Edmonds


Cal Bentz

Lou Milani

Max Kitzelman


Interest in Psychology "Around the United States the most popular course is Psychology, and it is a rapidly growing course here at Westside. I guess it's because kids want to find out about themselves." Bill Nelson, head of the Social Studies Department also commented, "Although enrollment is up in courses such as Sociology and Psychology, other courses haven't fared as well. Overall enrollment in Social Studies has dropped about 5%

under last year's." Government courses have suffered the most. "We just can't get kids interested in government." Nelson accredited this partly to the disillusionment of youth with government. Two new mini-courses, Current Events and Westside High School have been added this year with hopes that some action groups would result from them.

Bill Hayes

Bill McCormick

Susan Taylor, Jan David


Jana Antonson

·. . .

. ..

.. . . •':

. .. .. .....,



... .. .. 0


Jim Knutson

Doug Pierson

Rob Johns

Steve Wiitala


Joe Higgins

Bill Nelson, Ben Bruner

Tom Carman

Paul Andreas


Teachers keeping busy Outside of teachinfl classes, the seventeen-member faculty in the Social Studies Department keep busy with a variety of other activities. Each year an Involvement Fair is sponsored by the Social Studies Department where students have the opportunity to volunteer their services to any number of organizations throughout the community. Many trips are also offered to students. Bill Higgins and Bill McCormick offer a New York to Washington trip for seniors, and Jana Antonson and Steve Wiitala sponsor trips to Europe. The school faculty isn't left out

either. A Bicentennial Missouri River trip was held for the faculty on the Zebulon Pike in September and an outstate Nebraska trip is also offered to Westside teachers. "We're known for bringing in relatively strong speakers," stated Nelson. These have included such local personalities such as Senator Ernie Chambers, Ex-Governor Morrison, and Councilwoman Betty Abbott. This year, a computer was added to the IMC. Ben Bruner, who programmed the terminal, explained, "We hope to include this in our teaching activities and individual instruction."

Dennis Mcintyre


Mike Kmiecek

Rod Karr


Industrial arts courses Industrial Arts - it's not just working with machines. Industrial Arts is woodworking, metal sculpture and on-the-job training. Industrial Arts includes mechanical drawing and the study of architecture. In the Metal Shop, techniques in welding and foundry are taught, while in the classrooms of Medical I and II students are taught medical terminology and an understanding of the human body.

For students interested in electronics there are six levels of Electronics offered that deal with everything from basic circuitry to television and radio operation. Through Electronics students may obtain a Federal Communications Commission first class radio-telephone license. Also included in the Industrial Arts Department are Auto Mechanics, Building Trades and Stage Crew.

Robert Mumm

Jerry Kluza, Alan Kraeger

Paul Nyholm

Ruth Grabow


Ron Fehr

Ed Stribley

Dick Lane

Donna Kendall

Cecil Dewitt

Lee Weyh


Prepares for occupation Business Principles, Accounting and Consumer Ed. are just three classes where increased enrollment has been made in the Business Department. Sophomore Susan Hanson feels that Business Principles helps you "learn how to manage your money and prepares you for many different jobs." This is true of many of the courses

in the Business Department according to Dale Fuerst, the head of it. Students are learning useful skills, which they can use right now. They are also getting a background which can help them decide on their future occupation. Senior Kim Wells stated that, "I'm taking Busines Law because I might be interested in law, and this is one way of finding out."

Don Johnson


Business Department shows creativity

Tina Rowe

La Verne Allen


Beth Jansen

Joan Anderson

Greg Derickson

Leslie Anne Royle


Dale Fuerst

Helen McLeod

Jeanne Nielsen

Jeanette Christiansen


Many business courses offered Business Law , Consumer Ed ., Sales and Marketing, and Accounting are just a few of the courses offered in the Business Department. Why are over 20 courses offered? Because student interest is high. Junior Mary Egan commented, "Business will help you in just about any field, and can help you at home with managing money matters and doing income taxes." When a student takes Sales and Marketing they have the opportunity to take DE (Distributive Education) and OJT (on-the-job training), which is why Junior Ellen Freeman says she is taking Sales. Junior Colleen Skinner said that she was taking shorthand because, "I'm thinking about being a secretary and this would enhance my chances of getting a better job."

LaNeta Carlock

John Slovek

Clarann Winslow


Counselors keep busy Besides the normal daily activities with scheduling conflicts, marriages, pregnancies, drop-outs, potential college bound students, drug problems, and just students wanting to talk, counselors do a lot more. The counselors have helped students through mini-courses. The counselors themselves hold three of these courses; self-understanding, human relations, and peer-counseling. All of these classes help students understand themselves more, plus understand and be able to help fellow peers. "One of the goals of the department was to do a better job of getting information to students about such things as scholarships, tests, and financial aid," said Guidance

Department Head Dick Lundquist. The counselors have started writing letters home about these things instead of depending on morning announcements, which are often never seen or heard! As a result of getting more information spread around there was increase in students taking PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests, and there has also been an increase in people wanting to take personality and interest surveys distributed by the guidance department. Maybe you never really thought about how much your counselor really does! Well give them a break next time you can't get an appointment for a week, or you wait in their office for them for over a half hour, they're busy people.

Mike Crabbs

Ron Huston


Orval Jensen

Pam Harrington

Dick Lundquist

JoAnita Anderson

Sharon Bjornsen

Terry Bahl


Know where things are Have you ever thought about who makes the projectors run, or who splices the films, or who makes slides and transparencies? These and other activities are a media-specialists work. Media-specialist is a new term for librarian, because now they do more things dealing with different kinds of media. These women are really profes-

sional teachers. All of them have four or more years of college and each has a certification in Library Science. These people who work in the Library really must "know where things are," said Mrs. Jones, one of the Specialists. They must be like a resource specialist to help students.

June McDonough

Joyce Jones Ann Wilson

Mary Leeper


Experience supplied The Work Experience Program is designed to help students discover their vocational interests, participate in on-the-job vocational training, and then pursue a selected field to reach their occupational goal. This year the staff is starting new with Linda Karr, Dan Miller, and aides Gail Abramson and Mary Grant. In selecting and preparing for a career, the programs builds on stu-

dent strengths. The enrollment in the Work Experience Program at Westside is approximately 26 to 30 students. After completing the three year program students often enter into a vocational school. Food, Child Care, Medical and Industrial sections are four of the many areas involving student vocational goals, for later workstudy programs.

Mary Grant

Gail Abramson

Dan Miller

Linda Karr


District 66 School Board

Gordon Schempp Robert Innes- Vice-Pres.

H. Vaughn Phelps- Supt.

Robert Hasebrook- Treas.

Robert Berkshire

-Irvin Yaffe- Pres.


Wayne Meier

Westside Administration "This years administration is the best I've seen in the past five or six years," commented Westside Principal James Tangdall. "Our main objective for the 75-76 school season has been working out plans for the 9 mod day. Other topics have included integration, and the new tornado shelter at Westgate Ele-

mentary School. The School Board members are elected every two years by the District 66 community. The School Board and Administration meet twice a month to discuss changes which affect the school system. The meetings are held at the ABC Building.

Lee Perkins

James Tangdall

Bill Hoyt

Peg Johnson- Dean of Girls

Jim Findley

Bill Schleifer - Dean of Boys


Paraeducators work hard Many things like checking out books, tapes, films, correcting tests, keeping iMC's in order, previewing films, and finding out who's in and who's out of school, have to be done by someone . The people who do such things as these are called paraeducators. There are over 30 of these people who help keep the school running

smoothly. The women working in the Social Studies IMC, the AudioVisual room, the Guidance Office, and the Art Department, are just a few of the many areas involved. It takes a lot more people than just students and teachers to keep Westside going. What would we do without people like our paraeducators?

John Tourek

Jean Wilmoth, Kathie Perez Florence Moorehead

Mary Primeau


Annette Yaffe, Marilyn Hohenstein, Evelyn Holmstrom

Virginia Kobold, Doris Goodhard

Sharon Prideaux

Debbie Early

Darlene Toscano, Barbara Taxman NOT PICTURED:

Helen Urosevich, Jean Gardner, Margie Trouba

Rosemary Smith Virginia Davis Carolyn Andresen Grace Burns Irene Christie Helen Groteluschen Marijean Scheinost Gloria Smith Geri West Harriet Nutty Delores Knudsen Mary Lou Coglianese Kim LaPier


They can handle it Feeding over 2500 students, teachers, and other people at Westside is a big job, and it takes the 22 people that are employed in our food service to do it. There is 13 full-time workers, including the head cook Marie Zimmerman. There are also seven part-

It's time to get ready!

time workers. Our two cashiers, Dorothy Haas and Annette Fitzpatrick, also play an important part at lunch time. Thanks should also be given to the many students that help during the busy lunch periods. Annette Fitzpatrick, Dorothy Haas.

Marie Zimmerman, Marge James, Marie Yetts, Rachel Humphrey

Front: Amy Burk, Dorothy Bourke, Fanny D'Agosta, Sharon Gohr, Kathryn Swoboda. Back: Lucia Kurez, Agnes Lang, Darlene Bloom, Barbara Chase.


Gertrude Kleffner, Peggy Spencer, Wilma Hoeven, Annette Lindse Alice Hearty, Jane Edgington, Florence Olsen.

Secretaries help out Seven women make up our secretarial staff here at Westside, and each one has a different but important job. There are three women that work in the main office. Helen Newland works with Mr. Perkins, and keeps track of all student records, plus works with the Guidance Department. Betty Scalia is Dr. Tangdall's secretary. Doris Sladek works at the switchboard plus does a lot of the typing. Delores Cortese works in the

Alice Gillogly

bookstore and Joyce Leinert is in charge of the attendance office. For the third year we have Kay Rozmajzl working in Job Placement. Our seventh secretary is Alice Gillogly, who has been with us the longest. Among her long list of duties is getting substitute teachers, and being in community relations. All these women are a large addition to our administration and a help to our students.

I Helen Newland, Betty Scolla, Doris Sladek

Delores Cortese NOT PICTURED:

I oyce Leinert. Kay Rozmajzl

I 'T7




Onlookers anxiously await the Homecoming parade.

Sarah Larsen finds her way around easily.


Sophomores Gain New Knowledge

Betsey Crites - Treasurer, Dick Steinberg - President, Mimi Hasselback Vice-President, Not pictured is Jackie Miller- Secretary.

Sophomore fixes wrestling mat.

This year's Sophomore Class containing 820 students is one of the largest in history at Westside. For the most part they found the change from junior high to high school to be rewarding, yet quite a challenge. Sophomores got quite a head start on Prom '77. Looking forward to it enthusiastically they came up with a new fund raising project of selling popcorn. Sophomore Class President Dick Steinberg stated "It's difficult to try and raise money with all the other clubs competing. Hopefully it will be a very profitable idea. We have a great advantage being able to sell door to door. We hope to continue raising money all year." Throughout the year sophomores were introduced to new clubs, athletic opportunities, and the minimum competency tests. Although it was all new they quickly fell into the high school routine, and learned to gain knowledge and accept recognition. Coping with the unexpected pleasres, long hours, and hard work of nigh school life , the Sophomore Class is eagerly anticipating their junior standing.


). Aarvig ). Allen ). Anderson

M. Acamo K. Allen K. Anderson

M. Adams D. Amoura ). Angle

S. Albracht C.Anconn J. Arant

R. Alexander E. Andersen V. Arkoosh

D. Arnold M. Bartlett S. Beier K. Berguin

K. Astle S. Barton Belknap L. Berkshire

D. Baca

B. Baker M. Baum R. Bendorf E. Bichel

C. Barlow B. Beamis T. Bennett B. Bierman

V. Barton G. Bender ). Bernstein

B. Barmore M.Beamis L. Bentz E. Bilek

S. Barnhart E. Beber C. Berger S. Billinger

B. Barr ). Becker E. Berger ). Birdman

D. Barringer C. Beeler C. Berglund C. Bishop

J. Blake Sophomore wrestlers practice before a meet.

D. Bowles D. Brooks J. Burke T. Carriere

D. Boynton M. Brown R. Burke C. Castan

P. Bradford T. Brown S. Burke T. Castor

K. Bradley T. Brown C. Burmester L. Chandler

B. Blum R. Boe

D. Bienden K. Blum B. Bolton

D. Bliss A. Bock L. Bonge

S. Blodgett B. Bockm an A. Borgen

S. Bloom B. Boe T. Bowen

T. Brady P. Browenback P. Burns B. Chapman

S. Brennan S. Broyles N. Burne C. Chauche

G. Broadbent C. Bruecks B. Cambridge J. Christianson

D. Broadhurst L. Buechler G. Campbell D. Clark

R. Bromley C. Burk R. Caniglia B. Collins

... ... ·-··



cnn nonv

M. Combes A. Conley S. Conley M. Constantino B. Cook J. Cooper M. Cooper A. Copenhagen S. Cornell

Sophomores get involved with Homecoming parade.

J. Corsen

K. Cushing K. Davenport L. Dickmeyer


J. Coyle

M. Czaja C. Davis D. Dierks

P. Craig D. Dahl V. Davis M. Dodenhof

M. Crisan D. Dahl C. Dawson K. Donnelly

B. Crites B. Daisley D. Decker R. Donovan

C. Cullen B. Danenhauer K. Daniels E. DeLaittre M. Desmet D. Dougherty T.Doody R. Cronk

J. Cunningham C. Darby K. Dibble J. Dowd

D. Curlis T. Daum P. Dickhute C. Dunkley

Is the change at the semester from a 21 mod schedule to a 9 mod schedule a beneficial or trivial issue for an improved education?

"I feel as far as students who are not self motivated are concerned it will be a change to their advantage. To others, the difference won't be noticeable." Beth Kniebel '77 "People were against the 21 mod day when started too, it's just the hassel in changing it but I think it will work out okay." Chris Olsen '78 "I think it is a waste of time and money for the administration, as the advantages won't be that great, and it won't be that big of a change." Yippee DeLaittre '78 Jim Carnazzo participates in Westside's cross country team.

L. Durken M. Esters K. Faur L. Focht

L. Ehrenberg

K. Ekholm

K. Eklund

J. Estey T. Fennessy S. Foley

L. Estill A. Ferlic A. Foran

B. Eyler D. Ferris M. Ford

C. Emery D. Falcone J. Finn A. Forsythe

S. Epstein

J. Farber

S. Finn E. Fowler

B. Erickson V. Fargeson D. Flemming J. Fox

L. Erickson S. Farris D. Fletcher J. Francis

C. Essex K. Faur

G. Fletcher A. Frost


K. Hanson J. Harvey Kim Healey

Halloween pumpkin represents Nebraska farmer.

A. Ihnen B. Jetter T. Johnson M. Kauan

T. lngram B. Johnson L. Jones J. Keck

S. Iselin D. Johnson N. Jones N. Keegan

J. Janowski J. Johnson C. Jordan N. Kelley

A. Jassen M. Johnson L. Kaplan K. Kelliner

B. Jensen M. Johnson B. Karnes K. Kelsey

L. Hanson M. Hasebrock A. Hector

L. Harless B. Hatt C. Heim

B. Harris K. Haycraft B. Heiser

j. Jensen R. Johnson K. Karnett J. Kennelly

L. jensen S. johnson B. Karnun P.Kenny

L. jensen T. Johnson L. Kaskie P. Hermansky

R. Fuerstenau R. Fulton S. Funkhouser C. Funkhouser L. Furore S. Gessert D. Giboo D. Gibson

A. Fuchs

S. Gillespie L. Goodman P. Greenwell B. Halm

B. Gillogly G. Gordon D. Gregg E. Hamann

J. Gilster M.Gourzis J. Griffith J. Hamann

C. Funknouser B. Calstah J. Gibson

D. Ginsberg R. Graham B. Groves G. Hamilton

Cheryle Mowrley coming back from gym class.

J. Givens A. Grant B. Gunset C. Hammack

R. Godfrey D. Greco T. Haas B. Hamsa

V. Golden K. Green M. Hagedorn G. Hand

D. Goldman

J. Greenberg M. Hahn R. Hansen

H. Good S. Greenhagen L. Hale B. Halstad


In general, are the sophomores discriminated against? "As I look back at last year, at first we were discriminated against, but towards second quarter when the newness wore off it didn't seem to matter." Mike Abramson '77 "Yes. We are required to take certain classes such as gym, whereas juniors and seniors are not. Also we are more restricted as to leaving the building." Sivan Wall '78 "Yes. I don't mind because we know that next year we will be juniors, and we'll pick on the sophomores. It's always been that way, everyone can't wait to get to the top." Carol Mangimelli '78 Sophomore takes advantage of the IMC's resources.

S. Hansen T. Holcob C. Hughes P. Kinsella


J. Hiatt

A. Holmquist A. Hunter D. Kleffner

H. Himes

J. Hobby

M. Hopkins P. Hustig L. Kohli

S. Hosman C. lgel D. Kopecky

S. Hobby D. Hotovy A. Ihnen M. Krasne

J. Hobza J. Howard S. Kern C. Kreifels

M. Koch M.Howsden K. Kernen T. Krelle

D. Hofmaier D. Hubbert R. Keuchel K. Krenzer

M. Holmcomb P. Huelskamp S. King C. Krone

uger nold nger

K. Kulesh

C. Ladwig J. Langle

L. Kunkle T. Landen L. Larrick

rsen euck ndell :Ieman

M. Larson C. Lewis C. Linden D. Luebbe

R. Larson D. Lewis M.Linn B. Luebbert

Marching band diligently practices for next performance.

B. Lashinsky S. Lewis D. Loeck J. Lynch

G. Laughlin

J. Lienemann E. Lohff T. Lynch

T. Laurence J. Lightfoot T. Loker C. Lyon

T . Leader M. Lightheart P. Loughran M. Maack

C. Lehn J. Lind R. Lowe S. McDonald

B. Lemmers

J. Lind

D. Lucas B. MacLean



Sophomores partake in the book fair.

P. McClaughry C. McMillen D. Merritt ]. Miller

M. McClellan D. McMillen R. Messer ]. Miller

G. McConkie L. McNiven C. Mettlen S. Miller

M. McCormick M. Meisinger D. Meyer L. Minardi

S. McDonald L. Melius

]. Meyers D. Mitten

]. Mahowald K. Mahowald K. Mallory G. Mangiamele C. Mangiameli R. Mapes ]. Margolin G. Marlake ]. Matthaidess

M. Manganm C. Marcotte ]. McCalester

]. McFadden M. Mellen M. Milder N. Moackler

]. McMenimen L. Merrick G. Miller M. Munson

B. McKenzie M. Menolascino T. Miles K. Mollner

G. McKonkie T. Mergens G. Miller S. Momsen

R. Montmorency J. Morgan P. Murphy S. Murphy S. Nelson N. Newberg

S. Moreland D. Myers N. Newstrom

E. Murphy D. Nelson R. Nichols

B. Neihaus D. Nun C. Olson R. Oye

K. Nilson T. O'Brian S. Olson A Pascale

J. Nofsinger T. O'Brian T. Olsen D. Pavlik

B. Nilsson C. O'Brien K. Olson L. Palmer

A bicentennial birthday cake.

M. Nolan C. O'Connor K. Omeara K. Pavlik

D. Norris J. O'Conner S. O'Neill D. Pavlov

J. Novak M. Offutt S. Ostrand J. Payton

L. Novak

D. Olsen M. Ostrom K. Peck

M. Nummela A. Olson

J. O'Sullivan B. Perry



P. Peetz j. Pfeifer ). Polsky

M. Petersen ). Pflug j. Power

K. Peterson B. Phillips D. Powers

M. Quinn

L. Quirk

L. Remer

B. Reynolds K. Robertson N. Rozgay

E. Rabes R. Rhodes C. Rockwell K. Prososki

M. Raff D. Richardson P. Rodman G. Rumbagh

Car's graffiti shows great spirit of Westside students.

S. Prescott L. Ranney E. Richman S. Rogers

S. Prideaux L. Ranney M. Rigby j . Roggenbach

M. Pruckler T. Raymond M. Rising D. Rohen

M. Pugh j . Reegmann

T. Roach T. Rosenbaum

j . Putjenter S. Reimer L. Roark N. Ross

). Roarty D. Rothwell

In comparison to other schools within the community, what are some advantages at Westside? "If you organize your free mods right then you can get a lot more work done in school. Also there are a lot of college preparation courses available in your area of interest." Lisa Holquist '77

"Modular scheduling allows for a lot of freedom. Also other advantages are the convenience of the library and resource centers." Mike Ostrum '78 "Westside has alot of extra curricular activities and wide range of classes plus good teachers and facilities." Wendy Dann '77

<. Runice :!:. Savage 111. Schroeder D. Sutton

Student takes a break during his free time.

T.Rupe L. Schack L. Schulz M. Swayze

J. Ruther

E. Schempp K.Schupack j.Swim

C. Ruvolo C. Schenkel berg j. Schwartz A. Swoboda

M. Ryan L. Saab S. Scnermerhorn J. Schlicker S. Seiford A. Scott R. Tabor T. Tapp

B. Saint C. Schilz J. Scott V. Thatcher

C. Salser S.Schnacker J. Suter K. Scudder

J. Sanders T. Schreiber T. Sutko T. Secor


Dan Goldman and Mr. O'Malley enjoying the outdoors.

B. Sistek T. Sneckenberg D. Steinberg T. Streight K. Thompson


D. Sivinski T. Snipes B. Steinert P. Strevey M. Thompson

J. Skoog B. Somberg L. Stevens J. Stryker L. Thomte

C. Skutnik K. Somberg K. Stewart P. Sullivan M. Toews

S. Sleyster A. Sparks D. Stewart J. Sunnygard S. Torskey

P. Seume J. Shaler D. Silk

T. Shainholtz K. Sherlock C. Simmons

S. Shanks J. Shields B. Simon

D. Sharp S. Shkolnick J. Simon

B. Smilh L. Stadie L. Stofferson R. Thill D. Trouba

B. Smith J. Staenberg C. Stokes B. Thompson L. Tully

S. Slyter

S. Slyon

K. Spires

K. Springeorg

J. Stickrod C. Thelander D. Toth

D. Stock C. Thiel T. Tritsch

P. Tully L. Urich K. Vavra

T. Twedt K. Valenlic P. Vicario

L. Uhing T. Vana T. Vogt

R. Undeland M. Vanhosen G. Vranac

Mr. Bahl aids a sophomore.

J. Walstrom D. Wendt J. Williams J. Worrall

M. Wales C. Watkins S.West J. Windover J. Wright

D. Walker A. Weigel P. Westphal J. Winn K. York

V. Walker P. Weiner L. White K. Wisler A. Young

S. Wall B. Weir S. White A. Wodder B. Zacharia

C. Walters J. Wenstrand R. Williams W. Woskoff

M. Walton

D. Wergin W. Wills D. Waster

P. Walsh J. Walling M. Wells J. Welch C. Wiar J. Wilke C. Woodruff J. Wood L. Zimmerman S. Zorinsky



Bruce Anderson- President

Julie Wallin- Treasurer

Nancy Harris takes a swing.


:nvolvement Sets Off Junior Action

Liz Salistean- Vice-President

In achieving a desired goal, involvement sets off the action. Commitment, along with the support of others, can make the attempt successful. "Some of our main efforts are directed toward organizing money raising projects for prom, which is given in honor of the Senior Class," stated Junior Class President Bruce Anderson. Among the various money raising activities held were pop bottle drives, a car wash, bake sales, selling pop at football games, soc hops and selling mistletoe at Christmas. "It's hard to raise money when there is so much competition with the clubs in school," expressed VicePresident Liz Salistean. However, a large profit was made through tupperware parties, a new idea inspired by the Junior Class. "We've got the ideas, they just need to be put into action. Getting more people involved is another main goal we would like to accomplish," commented Anderson.

Jodee Elliott- Secretary


Getting ready for a game, junior girls look over the crowd.

B. Andersen C. Ashe C. Bartlett S. Beisch


CAndersen T. Atkinson D. Baughman T. Bellinger

B. Anderson S.Bacon D. Beam S. Bendorf

H. Anderson S. Bade M. Bean B. Bennett

S. Anderson T. Baker H. Beber D. Bergi

B. Andresen S. BaM! C. Beck T. Bergstrom

P. Abraham S. Adams S. Albert

M. Abramson D. Addison C. Albright

K. Adams

C. Antonson E.Bandur L. Becker B. Berguin.

K. Anzalone

K. Armbrust

C. Bange S. Beckwith K. Bergum

K. Barlow L. Bedwell D. Beringer

C. Agerbeck D. Allison

When asked about the minimum competency tests, students replied:

"I don't think they prove that much. Maybe if it wasn't a test, but instead a classroom situation where you learn the information it would be more beneficial." Mark Hopkins '78 "I feel that they are a really good idea. It assures the students that when they graduate they will have a minimum education." Dave Allison '77 "Westside is too large of a school for this type of program. A lot of the students fail the test the first time, but eventually they pass." Tom Strong '77

Laura Paynter tries to cure her midmorning munchies.

M. Berner D. Boynton E. Brown }. Butler

J. Billig T. Bram M.Brown A. Campbell

S. Binder B. Brejnik N. Bruggerman }. Carlin

B. Blackman C. Brennan A. Brune K. Carson

K. Block K. Briggs L. Bucholz T. Cash

A. Blumer

J. Brinkman

D. Bunkers D. Chalupa

M.Bolen H. Broadbent P. Burden G. Chance

M.Bonham K. Brookstein V. Busch C. Chapin

T. Boyer K. Brougham S. Burhenne K. Chaput


E. Crisman

G. Clark S. Cooper S. Crous

L. Conser D. Conyers D. Costanzo S. Cramton B. Danenhauer D. Daniel

S. Cooley N. Crawford R. Daniels

W . Dann D. Diamond W . Drew J. Elliott

J. Dappen D. Dierks D. Dunham M. Elsasser

H. Davies J. Dixon R. Duros R. English

D. Dawson K. Donovan R. Eaton L. Ernst

T. Church P. Cooper


S. Davis R. Dolezal J. Eades J. Erickson

Junior Class play comes to an end.

S. Day J. Donovan C.Eddens M. Estey

B. Decker

R. Derr

S. Doolittle M. Egan G. Fallon

P. Dowd L. Eisen M. Faust

D. Dessel T. Dresp J. Elafros L. Favara

L Fulner

J. Glass

N. Gourley D. Haney

A. Gappa L. Glissmann D. Graham C. Hargitt

D. Funkhouser J. Garfoot D. Gohr T. Glesmann G. Greco R. Grabow N. Harris M. Hansen

M. Ferer K. Floan J. Fredrickson

P. Ferrante R. Focht E. Freeman

B. Fesler L. Forsgren E. Fried

K. Gartin M. Goldberg S. Green D. Hartford

D. Giller L. Gollehon D. Groteluschen D. Haug

T. Gillogly P. Goral S. Haas S. Hawkins

D. Findlay N. Foster

S. Friedman

J. Gilmore S. Goss S. Hallas J. Hawley

T. Finn V. Frahm P. Fritz

M. Gilmore L. Gould D. Halsey T.Hay

Should Westside eliminate Prom?

"I don't feel we should do away with proms, but there should only be one formal dance during the year." Rob Linde '77 "Prom is a major social event of the year and too much emphasis is placed on getting a date. However, people still enjoy going." Ann Mammel '77 "Definately not. It's something the junior class can look forward to sponsoring. It gives us something to work for." Patti Abraham '77

junior Kelly Martens makes her way to class.

S. Hayes D. Holub C. Ihnen C. Johnson


J. Heider K. Hopkins B. Ja cobson G. Johnson

S. Hermanski M. Hopkins S. Jacoby J. Johnson

D. Herring S. Housholder B. James K. Johnson

J. Hestmark S. Howell J. Jansen M. Johnson

A. Hill B. Hughes C. Jay S. Johnson

D. Hoffman R. Humbert C. Jensen J. Jones

C. Holmes S. Hunter L. Johnsen M. Jones

L. Holquist M. laffaldano C. Johnson V. Jones

(anson :a !ina <arnes

W. Jungbluth C. Kampfe R. Karnes

K. Kadavy K. Kantor T . Keck

:elley (iefer ragh Cunkel

L. Kelly M. King J. Kramer J. Kusleika

D. Kelly K. Kirchner S. Krantz J. Ladwig

Liz Salistean hesitates over a puzzling problem.

C. Kelt

C. Klemz P. Krenzer S. Landis

B. Kendall K. Kmiecik M. Kromer J. Lanoha

K. Kenney B. Knebel B. Kruger T. Larsen

N. Kentner T . Knowlton C. Krupinsky M. Larson

M. Kersten W . Koszewski J. Kube S. Lastovica

K. Keyes D. Koukol D. Kugler L.Laughlin



Anne Campbell wonders as to the intentions of Barb Roskens.

J. Luebbert B. Marivcci D. McCarthy J. Melotz

G. Lueder S. Markley P. McCarthy D. Mercer

S. Mactier K. Martens K. McCartney D. Miller

C. Madsen M. Mashl K. McEveny K. Miller

M. Magistretti A. Mason K. McKenzie M. Mitera

R. Learch T. Lemmers D. Lewis

T. Lee S. Lester R. Linde

A. Mahbouvi M. Mason J. McMullen S. Moackler

A.Mammel D. Mathisen K. McNamara B. Moore

J. Lehmkuhl

B. Leighton M. Levin K. Loft

M. Manzer

T. Marcuzzo M. Mazzei B. Melcher D. Moran

M. Leuck M. Lodien

J. Maultsby J. McWhorter J. Moore

E. Morehead T. Morrison B. Muenster

P. Morgan C. Morrow M. Muffitt

D. Morris B. Moskovits A. Munson

J. Morrison P. Moustakes N. Nachman

A. Napraunik

D. Neely A. Oglesby B. Paeper T. Perkins

J. Nelson T. O'Halloran K. Page T. Perrone

L. Nelson B. Oliver L. Pate M. Petersen

S. Nutty T. Owens D. Perdue

Junior Dolly Addison finds a spare moment to stop at her locker.

S. Nelson D. Olson J. Pattavina D. Pfeffer

N. Newton !.Olson J. Paustian D. Pinkes

G. Niver K. O'Meara T. Payne B. Pistillo

M. North M. Osten K. Payton J. Polito

S. Nuccio J. O'Sullivan T. Peery L. Poppino

Junior Pat Roach found an easy way

T. Render N. Robinson S. Sage A. Schack


C. Retelsdorf E. Rock T. Saint S. Schaff

J. Reynolds S. Rocker S. Saitta C. Schleich

N. Pospichal G. Proud C. Ralya

make it to class on time.

T.Rice D. Rockwell L. Salistean L. Schleifer

L. Richards S. Roley G. Salmen G. Schmidt

M.Richards N. Root R. Salts S. Schmidt

G. Pouchert J. Putjenter D.Rath

D. Richter L. Roach B. Roskens S. Rothenberg C. Sandel D. Samson B. Schrnuecker J. Schone

J. Prescott G. Quirk B. Reinhart

K. Roarty J. Rueve C. Scavio J. Schorr

Are the three divisions of sophomores, juniors, and seniors overly distinctive at Westside? "It's more like two classes, but it depends on the individuals. For the most part it seems juniors and seniors stick together, while sophomores stay within their own groups." Mary Spiers '77 "No, not at all. If you are in a mixed class you're not referred to as a sophomore, junior or senior. It's usually more that way out of class." Dick Giller '77 "Yes. It seems only natural for your friends to be people of the same grade level. Your interests tend to be alike." Steve Maun '78

Lisa Pate makes a grand entrance.

G. Schropp L Sharp B. Smith K. Spires

J. Schuler

C. Sharpe E. Smith J. Splittgerber

D. Schumacher S. Sherwin M. Smith B. Srb

R. Schwenke

N. Schwetz

M. Shipman

L. Sides

P. Smith D. Staenberg

B. Snowdon D. Stalder

E. Schwid D. Simmons V. Sortino D. Stamm

B. Scott

R. Secor

L. Sinos

C. Skinner

S. Sparks S. Stewart

F. Spicka T. Stokke

K. Shapland K. Skoog M. Spiers K. Storm



Junior Bruce Anderson shows great determination.

C. Thomas J. Tollefsrud M. VaJentic D. Walker

E. Thomas B. Toscana P. Vana J. Wallin

M. Thomas C. Trovato K. Veldman J. Walters

S. Thomas K. Trygg J. Vestal S. Walton

A. Thompson J. Tushner C. Vickland J. Waner

V. Stremlay B. Sturm S. Swift

J. Strong P. Sundberg S. Taborsky

C. Thompson P. Uhing J. Vifquain S. Warta

T. Thurmond R. Uhing K. Villnow M. Wasserman

T. Strong S. Swancutt K. Tatreau

K. Tierney

D. Stryker B. Swanson R. Templeton

L. Todd S. Uhrich B. Unruh B. Vondasek M. Walenczyk N. Waltonville H. Wax

P. Weigel

C. Wenzel K. Westphal

T . Weins B. Westerlin C. Wheeland

S. Weissenbacher E. Weldon C. Weston B. Westphall M. Wheeler C. Whener

Lisa Roach appears amazed at the latest gossip.

N. Whittaker S. Wiggins R. Winslow T . Winkler C. Ziegler K. Ziegler

K. Whiles B. Williams S. Yank J. Zimmerman

D. White R. White M. Williams T. Wills D. Young T. Young J. Youngman M. Zimmerman. V. Zimmerman D. Zook

D. White

J. Williams

D. Wilkie K. Woodke C. Zimmerman

S. White K. Wingard B. Zalkin D. Zulfer


Seniors reach out Your Senior year - thirty-six weeks of self-satisfaction. You are caught up in a frenzy of books, work, people, and fun. Each new experience an individual encounters adds to his growth. Life is a journey, that starts at birth and ends wherever an individual takes it. Graduates must hang on to their dreams, they must not let them drift away. Seniors are bound together by common bonds. They are all leaving their golden high school years behind them. Many seniors wonder


where they will be in a year or two or ten. Others have been waiting all of their lives for a chance to challenge the world, to show everyone that they can reach out beyond their fears and make things better. Experience has proved valuable to seniors. We are a class of individuals who realize the difference between worldy success and true fulfillment. High school memories will not linger for these seniors. as these magnificent years will soon fade into foggy memories.

Aarvig, M. Abrahamson, E. Acquazzino. A. Albert, S. Allen, B. Anson, B.

Armentrout, W. Armstrong. J. Arndt, S. Atkinson, D. Babb, L. Bachorski. A.

Barie, C. Barr, T . Barton, D. Baska, N. Bath, D. Beal. B.

Becic, P. Beck, P. Belgrade, B. Belknap, K. Benak, G. Bender, K.

Bennett, J. Beran, J. Berg, D. Beringer, C. Bertch, K. Betz, A.


Bilek, T. Billinger. B. Binder, J. Bitzes, J.


Blazek, T. Bliss. G. Bloom,J . Bloom,N .

Boland, A. Balmier, B. Bolton, B. Bonner, M. Booth,M. Booth. M.

Borgen, L. Bosse, R. Bouche, A. Bowerman, D. Bowerman, S. Brac:jy, G.

Brady, J. Brady, T. Bragdon, M. Breitag, L. Brennan, B. Briggs. T.

Britton, A. Brophy, L. Brown, D. Brown, K. Brown, R. Brown, T.

Bryant, K. Buckingham, ). Burdett, D. Burham, D. Burke, ). Burke, M.

Burney, L. Burns, B. Busacker, K. Busboom, C. Busik, D. Busler, K.

Buxton, B. Byrd, L. Campesi, S. Caraker, K.

Carlson, F. Carlson,) . Carnazzo. ). Carson, S.

Gassman, B. Chapman, ). Chase, R. Chatfield , B. Chelf, K. Cheslak, T.


Chevalier. S. Chorney, G. Christen. L. Cisar, D. Clarke, K. Cobb, C.

Coe, A. Coffey, G. Cohn, B. Collins, K.

Combs,K. Connolly, S. Conk, D. Conley,) .

Conner, C. Constantino, T. Cook, D. Cornelius, S.

double check their assignments.

Costanzo. D. Crandell, B. Crenshaw. G. Crisp, L.

Crites, P. Crowl. T. Culp, D. Dalton, T.

Damman, L. Dandy, S. Danenhauer, B. Danielson, K.

Darst, D. Davenport, G. Davis, J. Davis, K. Davis, T. Dejnozka, J.

Denes, P. DePorte, D. Desmet, D. Desmet, R. Desmond, M. Dibble, D.


Dickerson, B. Dickhute. M. Dillon. J. Dimmick, R. Dinsmoor. J. Dobson, T.


Dinnelly, J. Donovan, S. Doody,M. Dorf, R. Dorothy, J. Drake, C.

Drake, L. Dudley, L. Duffy, R. Duis,P. Duitch, D. Dunkley, K.

Dworak, A. Earle, L. Eaton, L. Eddens, Q. Edison, J. Ekholm, K.

Elder, P. Elliot. J. Elofson, T. Engdahl, J. Engels, T. Engelman, G.

Erickson, C. Erickson, K. Ernst, L. Ernst, M. Faith, L. Falcone, T .

Farguson, C. Farris, L. Farris, L. Feinberg, R. Feldman,M. Fieber, K.

Finn,M. Finn, S. Fischer, M. Fitch, G. Fjeld, M. F1agg, K.

F1anigan, J. F1eming, J. Fogel, C. Foley, K. Foran, G. Force, R.

Ford, E. Ford, S. Fortner, P. Freeman, S. Freiks, T . Friedel, R.


Frink, B. Fritz, A. Frost, S. Fryar. L. Gage, T. Gardner, G.


Garey, T. Gass, D. Gendler, S. Gibriel, M. Gilbert, G. Gill, D.

Gillogly, B. Ginsberg, B. Giwoyna. B. Glassford, D. Gloor, K. Goldstein, M.

Goodhard, j . Goodrich, M. Goss, j. Gowgal. R.

Graham. R. Grasso, M. Greenhagen. R. Greenly, S.

Greer. B. Gresham. j. Grewcock. D. Grimes, C.

Grutcluschen, Grove, N. Guinane, S. Gzehoviak, S.


Hahn, H. Hale, S. Halsted, M. Halvorson, K. Hammack, V. Hamman . D.

Hansen, J. Hansen, J. Hansen, M. Hargett, B. Harmon, J. Harrington,


Hart, J. Hartford , B. Hathaway. j . Hattem, J. Hauss, D. Hawkins, P.


Karen Olson keeps herself occupied in the art room.

Haws. K. Hawthorne. J. Hays, M. Heacock, S.


Hector, S. Heffron, M. Heimrod. F. Hein,J. Hildreth. J. Hinchik. ).

Hinkle. P. Hites. D. Hoell erich, J. Hoffman, R. Hoich,j. Holland. B.

Holmstrom,) . Holtaus. T. Hope, S. Hopkins. M. Howell, D. Howrex, ).

Hoyt. D. Hubbard, C. Hultquist . K. lngrim.M . lske. S. jackson. K.

John Hoich aids his teacher.

Jensen , M. Jensen, M. Jensen , D. Jirkovsky, J. Jacobs, T . Johnson. J.

Johnson, B. Johnson , C. Johnson, D. Johnson, H. Johnson , J. Johnson, M.

Johnson, S. Jones, E. Jones, K. Jorgenson, R. Justman, K. Kaldenberg, D.

Kamprath , D. Kane, M. Kaplan, B. Kaplan, D. Karas, K. Kash , S.

Katelman. G. Kalherenn , J. Katz,M. Kean, D.


Keefe. j . Kelly, C. Kelly, L. Kennedy, E. Kern, K. Kershaw, M.

Kessler, S. Kiehl. B. King, S. Kinney, K. Kinsley, j . Kinsley, L.

Kirchner, K. Kleiber. M. Klemz. C. Kletke. D.

Knight. D. Knowles, D. Knudsen , H. Kozeny, L.

Korff. M. Kratochvil. T. Krumel, C. Kubat , C.

Kunold , W . Kurtz. P. Kurtz. S. Lacy,) .

Lacz. D. Lambrecht, F. Lanam. B. Landen, C. L.

Larkin,) . Larson, E. Larson,) . Latta.) .

Lay, D. Lefholtz, L. Leisch. D. Lewis, S. Lieneman . C. Lighthart, P.

Lincoln, C. Lind. D. Lindsay, T . Lipelt, C. Little. D. Loeffler, M.

Senior Terry Frerika experiments with her creation.

Lof, D. Longwell, T. Loughran, R. Lowe.M.


Lund, M. Lyman, D. Lynch, M. Macchietto, A.

MaClean,M. MaClean, P. Mahon, M. Mahowald, J. Mahowald, L. Major, S.

Malkin,J. Mancuso, J. Manzitto, N. Marguardt, D. Maun, M. MeAn tire, S.

McCullough, A. McFadden, T. McGoldrick, M. McHugh,M. McHugh, N. McKee, D.

Enjoying her senior privilege, Kathy Moffet leaves after classes. ¡

McMahon, C. McMillan, A. McMillen, D. McNabb, K. Megard, K. Meier, E.

Meier, M. Meissner, P. Meister, M. Melotz, S. Menolascino, C. Mergens, A.

Messer, L. Meyers,) . Michalski,). Miller, G. Milles,B. Milone, K.

Mitchell, C. Mitchell, N. Moeller, K. Morehead, R.

Moreland, L. Mongar, K. Moore, D. Moran, M.



Morgan, D. Morgan, S. Morrow. T. Mullenax, N. Murphy, A. Naran , L.

Nathan, P. Nelson, A. Nelson, B. Nelson, D. Nelson,) . Nelson.) .

Neubauer, C. Neuman, D. Norris, T. Newberg,). Newcomer, S. Newton, B.

Noland,). Novak,N. O'Brien, D. O'Conner, P. Odinas. ). O'Doherty

O'Doherty,) . Oglesby, E. O'Halloran, B. Olsen. R. Olson, K. Olson, L.

Olson, L. Olson, S. Overton, D. Padgett, M. Page, S. Palleck, V.

Palmesano, T. Parks, S. Patenque, J. Patterson, J. Patterson, T. Pauba, K.

Paul, J. Payne, T. Pederson, K. Pellegrino, D. Perlemeter, R. Penty, M.

Perry, B. Petersen, G. Pezdirtz, J. Pfeifler, J. Pfeil, L. Pflug, T.

Picard, B. Pichler, R. Pickering, K. Pleas, C. Pluntz,J . Porter, J.


Potts. D. Powers.) . Power. M. Pressley. P. Preus. C. Prince, R.


Primeau, E. Pruckleer, K. Quinn, T. Racine.). Raha, G. Rabel. T.

Randall, C. Rasmussen, D. Raider.) . Reimer. L.

Reynolds D. Richardson, F. Richter.) . Rief.H.

Roach. C. Roberts, C. Roeman, R. Rohde.) .

Rohen, ). Rohrberg, D. Rome, ). Roncka, ).

Roper, T. Rose , D. Rosenberg, S. Ross. S.

Rot. Byron Rowe, S. Rozum, ). Russell, D.

Rudeen, K. Ruther,) . Rueve, R. Salmen, D. Sacks. S. Sanders, C.

Saniuk. K. Santora, L. Schempp, R. Schermerhorn, Schiebur. ). Schlichtemier, L.

Schmidt, M. Schreiner,) . Scholtz, A. Schulty, R. Schulze, S. Seidl, P.


Sellner, D. Severa, D. Sharp, T. Sharpe, D. Sherlock, M. Shkolmick, ).

Shriner, P. Shriner, R. Shubik, K. Sieben, D. Simon, S. Simpson,).

Singer, B. Sinovich, ). Sison, R. Sivinski, C.

Skinner,). Skoog, L. Sladek, S. Sline, P.

Small,L. Smith, D. Smith. G. Smith,j.

Snyder, M. Samberg, j. Sopcich, j. Sortino. N.

Spicka, C. Splittgegerber, P. Spracklin, S. Stadie, M. Stanways, M. Stebbins, R.

Steinberg, B. Stewart, T. Stock, H. Stockfeld. S. Stokes, T. Stolp, C.

Storm, D. Strandlund, S. Strecker, S. Streight, D. Stremlau, A. Streng, j.


The cafeteria is used simultaneously by students as a lunchroom and a meeting place.

Sullivan, B. Sullivan, P. Sundell, B.

Swanson.) . Sweetwood, S. Swift, B.

Swim.M. Swim,S. Talty,M. Tangdall. S. Taylor. A. Theel. M.

Thiesfeld. R. Thompte. D. Tilly, L. Tobin, B. Toth, S. To"Ynley, P.

Tracey, B. Tripp, D. Trouba, J. Trovato, A. Tubach, D. Thomas, C.

Seniors Quince Eddens and Doug Touback concentrate on their

Tuerck, ). Tuerck, ). Tully.) . Turner, R. Twedt.T. Urich, D.

Vanderveld, D. Vann, B. Vermehren. L. Vincent, L. Vilanova, L. Vlcek, S.

Vohoska, L. Voien, E. Wales, N. Walker, D. Walker, R. Walton, D.

Walton, D. Ward, L. Watland. A.

Watson. R. Webber, T . Weins, M.

Caught off guard, Brian Armstrong turns around to see what's going on.

Weir,J. Welch,K. Wells, K. Wemhoff. M.


West,S. Westphal. S. Whaley, T. Widholm,R.

Wiesman,M. Wiggins, M. Wilcox, T. Wilhelm,K.

Leslie Fryar finds a place to rest in the I.M.C

Wilkins, B. Williams. S. Wilson, B. Winje,S.

Wilson, D. Winstrom, A. Wolff. I. Wolk, D.

Woskoff, S. Worrall, B. Wylie,M. Yells, T.

Zalkin, C. Ziegler, j. Zimmerman, J. Zorad, C.

Zoucha, T. Barnes, D. Denny, B. Erickson, C.

Kelly, S. La tenser, P. Newstrom, B. Olson,).

Potempa, L. Shea,). Weesenbacker, S. Yaffe,).

Seniors Adams, Ann Albracht, Tom Amato. Chris Amato, Shelly Andersen, Matt Armstrong. Brian Arnold. Janet Baird, Dennis Baraquskas, Brian Barnes, Doug Beardmore, David Becerra. Veronica Becker, Christine Beebe, Carla Berg, Andrew Bergmann. Kathy Bessy, Ken Billing, Curt Bjerke. Jeff Blackman, Cherri Chastain, Sue Chitlenden, Jim Church. Bill Clute, Lisa Cobb, George Colanino. Sheri Connolly, Cindy Craig, Bobbie Culling, Dan Czaja, Pam Dahnke, Deena Davis, Roger Dinner, Kit Donovan. Mark Elworth. Tom Farrell. Bill Flemming, Lynn Freeman, Steve Gardner, Vicki Gibson, Tom Goucher, Paula Graham, Judy Gunset, John Hall, Mike Hamilton, Pat Hansen. Curtis Hillmer, Tom Hobby, Harles Hopkins, Mike House, John


not pictured Hughes. John Hunter. Don Hybl. Liz Jensen, Lisa Johnson, Merrill Johnson, Steve Jones, Tim Jones, Wayne Kemp, Marcia Kenney. Mike Klein, Marilyn Koehler. Mark Kupka. Holly Landis. Cathy Landon. Mark Larson, Mark Le, Ty Van Lehning, Stephen Luby, Steve Mahon, Rich Malone, Scott Manganaro, Steve Mapes, Janet Martin, Terry McManus, Marty Merrill, James Miller, Mark Miller, Paul Miller, Steve Moffett. Kathy Moffet, Peggy Morar, Dave Morgan, Heather Morphy, Julie Morton. Jam,es Muchemore, Kelly Murphy, Tim Myers, Dennis Myers, Pat Neal. Nancy Nelson, Ron Nquyen, Tim Noar, Sri Noddle. Jay Nolan, Tim O'Doherty, John Ortega, Debby Parker, John Parks, Kevin Pasieniuk, John

Peterson. Scott Piccolo. Tim Pilant, Vicki Pitzl. Gary Quinn. Pat Rehberg, Kurt Repichowsky, Kris Ries, Joan Roberts, Janice Robinson, Mary Ruddick, Bob Ruffino, Frank Running, Randy Sabin. Jenny Salts, Cliff Schaefer, Mike Schrader, James Scott, Carolyn Shockley, Susan Skutnik, Tom Stadie. Mike Stastny. David Stein, Geraldine Steiner, Tom Stephenson, Bob Stoesz, Scott Lee Struyk, Tom Swift. Jcitm Taggart, Mike Tanner. Scott Taylor, Cindy Taylor, Robert Terry, Paul Towney. Michele Turbes, John Van Hosen. Joe Vicario, Dan Wagner. Diane Waish, Laura Warren, Harry Wheeler. Bob Wilcox, Patty Winstrom, Andy Winstrom, Mike Wisbon, Jack Wolverton, Leann Workman. Matt Young, Elsie Zweiback, Jeff Zwein, Jack

Outstanding seniors of 1976

Mome Ec- Kathy jones, jackie Bloom, Anna Acquazzino.

; hitectural Drawing- Al Machietto, Larry .mer.

Mathematics- Mike Hopkins.

Physical Science- Scott Woskoff.

Biological Science- joe Flanagan.

Drama- Bill Tobin , john Han se n , Be th Kaplan . 237

Shop- Chris Chelf.

Medical II- Ann Taylor, Mick Finn.

Foreign Language- Mike Halsted, Nguyen Tinh, Bob Wheeler.


Office Ed.- Kris Moeller.

Art-Tom Wood.

OJT- Jeff Ziegler.

Business- Dave Knowles.


Seniors face future The open roads beckoned the class of 76. Uncountable college choices, full-time employment, the armed forces. Endless demands to be met, endless decisions to be made. An individual's senior year is whatever he makes of it. It may prove to be a time of indecision, boredom, and anxiety for some. Others look toward new experiences and ideals. While striving to make their final year of high school their most


rewarding one, the graduates of the class of 1976 made their year one of the best ever. August 26 was the beginning of an ending. Thirty-six weeks later, practices were held for the May graduation. Baccalaureate services and commencement exercises were held for the eight hundred and thirtyseven Westside seniors. 1975-1976. A year of laughter. A year of tears.


uininar1es A Aavig,Mark Football1: FBLA 1: lntt•rac:t 1: Ski Club :1: lntramurals :1: Outdoor Ed. 1: Forum 1: llonor Roll 1.

Abrahamson, Ellene Pep Club 1: Forum ·t. 2: Marching Band 1: Z-Club 2. :1: Spanish Club 2: Pep Band 1: Rest•rvt' Band. Acquazzino, Anna Adams, Ann Math Club 3: NilS 2. :t Trai'PI Club 2. :1. Albert, Susie Pep Club 1-3: Drill Squad :1: DECA 2. :1: Ski Club 1. 2. Albracht, Tom Allen, Barbara DECA :J. Amato, Chris Foot hall :!. Amato, Shelly Ski Club 3. DECA :1. Andersen, Matthew Anson, Bonnie Armentrout, Bill DECA :1. Armstrong, Brian Armstrong, joel FBLA 2: Subsurft'rs 1-:1: DECA 3: cwspaper 2: Shield :1: );\ t-:1: DPbnlP 1: lnlramurals 3. Arndt, Sue Tr<tck 2: W-Ciub. Arnold, Janet Pep Club 1-:1: Drill Squad :1: Timing Team I: FBLA 3; Bikt! Club 1. Atkinson, Dennis

B Babb, Lawrence Bachorski, Andy Foot ball 1. 2: Wrestling 1-:1: Track 1: Explorers 2. Baird, Dennis Barauskas, Bryan Baric, Cathy Pep Club 1: Forum :1. Barnes, Douglas Barr, Thomas Barton, Doug Interact 2. 3: lntramur;ils 1-:1: Foothall1. 2: Ski Club 1. 2. Baska, ancy Pep Club 1: Lance 2. :1: GPrman Club 2: Honor Roll1. Bath,Joe Beal, Brad Bea rdmore , David Becerra , Veronica Becic, Pam Pt•p Club 1. 2; Z-Club 2. :J: Forum :1: International Club :J: Fn•nch Club :1: Latin Club 3. Becker, Christie Beebe, Carla Belgrade, Bob Belknap, Karen NHS 1-:1: German 1:1: Latin Club :1: Archeology 1: Horlicult urt• :!: DPhale 1. Benak, Greg Football1-3: Bascball1-

:l. Bender, Kaye Pep Club 1. 2. 3: Timing 1. 2: Wn!slling Aux: Class OITict'r 2. :1: Forum 1. 2. 3: Baseball Aux 1: Ci\A 1: Cheerleader 1. Bennett , Juli e Bera n, Jamie Berg, Andrew Berg, David Basketball1-3. Bergmann, Kathy Beringer, Carol Bertch, Kare n Marching Band 1-:1: Warrior Concert Band 1-:1: Pep Band 1-:1: llonur Roll1. Fessey, Ken Band 1. Be t z, Alison Art Club 1: German Club 1-:l: lnlPrnational Club 2. :!: Forum :1: lnlr.tmurals 1: llorticulturl' Club :1.


IW ek, Anthony linger, Bob Football :1. Binder, je ff C)B :1: ational llonor I' res. 1. 2. :1. Sitzes, jim Foot ball1: Wrestling 1. Bjerke, Jeff Blac kman , Cherri Blazek, Theresa Z-Ciub 1: Interna tional Club 1: Latin Club 1: Pep Club 2: Forum I. Bliss, Gary Basket ball 1: Bast' ball 1: lntramurals 1-:1: Gt!rman Club 1: International Club 1: Intera ct 1-:1. Bloom, Jac kie Pep Club 1-3: Cht•t'rle.tdl'r 1-:1: Forum 2. :1: Z-Ciub :1: Honwc:uming Candidalt' :1: Powdt•rpuff Football:!. Bock , Barry Boland, Barry Boll, Sandy Bolmeier, Barb Pep Club 1. Bolton, Brad lntramurals 1-:J. Bonner, Mindy Boodro, Elizabeth Booth, Marcia Booth, Mark Booth, Mi chelle Pep Club 1. Borgen, Lori Int ernational Club 3: French Club :1: FMA 1-3: CAA 1: NilS 1-:l: P<•p Club 1. 2: llonor Roll1: Band 1. 2: E'\plor·crs 1: BnsPball Auxil 1-:1. Boucher, Andy Art Club 2: Honor Roll1 . Bowerman, Doug Bowerman, Sharie Pt!p Club 1: Girls GltH'1. Bradford, Mark Brady, Gary Brady, John Brady, Terry Pep Club 1. 2: CAA 1: Shit!ld 2.:1: Wrestling Auxiliary 1: Forum 2: Fnmch Club 1: Quill and Scroll 2. Bragdon, Mark Swimming 1. Breitag, Linda Pep Club 1. 2: Z-Cluh 2. :i: Bikl' Club 1<i: Art Club :J: Orchestra 1-:1: Warrior Voices 2. :1: International Club 2. :1: PowdPr Puff 2.


Brennan, Bob DECA 1. Choir 1. Brennan, Pat Bridges, Ted Basketball :I. Briggs, Theresa Britton, Allison Choir 1: Pep Club 1: Powdt!r Puff 2: Forum 1. 2. Bro, Mark Football1<i. Brophy, Larry DECA 3: Tennis 1. 2. Brown, David Forum 3: lntramurals 1-:l. Brown, Kevin Brown, Rick Football 1-:J: Wrestling 1: Forum 2. Brown, T e rry Bryant , Kent lntramur als 1: Wrestling 1. 2. Buck Bridget Buckingham, Julie Burham, Dave Orchestra 1-3: Plays 1:i.

Burke, Julie French Club 1-3: A-Club 1-:1.

Burke, Matt Key Club :!: Chamber Choir 2. :i: Madricals 3: Warrior Voict!s 2. :1. Burney, Linda Basket ball 3: Track 2. Burns, Bob MFT 1. 2: Socct•r 2. 3: St. Managt'r Foothall2. 3: AV Asst. 1-3. Busacker, Kevin Busboom, Connie Track 1: P<•p Club 1<1: Drill Squad :l: Shit!ld 2.

Busc h, Dennis Bus ler, Karla Buxton, Brian Byam, Bill Byrd , Lezlie

c Campbell, Dianne Campisi, Steve Caraker, Kathy Ecology Club 1. 2. :1: Bitnd 1: lntPmational Club 1: French Club 1: Sp.mish Club 1: Z-Club 2: Warrior Wind Symphony 2. :!: AFS Bo:trd 2. :1. Carlson, Forrest Ca rl son, Jan Swim Tl'am 1. 2: Cymn.tslics t: PPp Cluh 1: Cerman Club 1: AFS Voluntl'l'r. Ca rnazzo, John Carson, Susan Pt•p Club 1-:1: Cymn.tst ics 2: Drill Squad :1: Powder Puff 2: Twirlt•r 1: Forum Mt!miJPr :1: Cont:Prt Choir 2: Cirls' Clt't' 1: Singing EnsPrnhlt• 2: Warrior Voicps: AllStall' Choir 2. Cassman, Bob Tennis 1. 2. 3: Co-Captain 2. :1: Class Pn!sidtmt 1: SAB 2: Sot:t:l'r 2. :1: W-Club 2: lntt·ra ct Club 2.:1: La net• 2. :1. Chapman, Jim Chase, Ronda Girls' Track 1. Chastain, Sue Pt'p Club 1: Intramural Baskt!t hitll1. Chatfield, Barbara NHS 1-3: German Club 1: lnlt!rnational Club 1: Choir 2. :1: Tt•nnis 1: Campus Lift• 2. Chelf, Kri s Boys' Glee 1: Warrior Voit:Ps 2. :1: Chambt'r Choir 3: Marching Band 1-:1: Stagt' Band 2. :1: Warrior Wind Symphony 2. :l: jazz Bnnd

:!. Cheslak, Thomas Football 3: Wrt!stling :!: Kt'y Club 2: llorti cul ture Club 2: FCA 2. Chevalier, Sue F8LJ\ Club :!: Girls' lntramurals 2: Puff 2. :!: Campus Lift• :!. Chittenden, Jim Chorney, Gale Girls' Glee 1. Christell, Lori Chet•rleader 1-:1. Church, Bill Cisar, David lntramurals 1-3. Clarke, Kirby Wrt!slling 1-3: Football 1-:l.

Clute, Lisa Cobb, Cathy Cobb, George Coe, Andy Swimming 1; Germiln Club 1: Subsurfprs 1. Coffey, Gretchen Pep Club 1-:1: Drill Squad 2. :1: Z-Ciub 2. :!: German Club 1: lntPnwtimwl Club 1: Timing Team 1: PmvdPrpuff 2. 3: Outdoor Ed. 2. Cohn, Bill l3askPtball1: Band 1<i: Forum 1. 2: lntt•ract 2.:1: Key Club :J: Si\13 :!: M;m:hing Band 1-:1: lntramu ntls 1-:1. Colanino, Sheri Co llins, Keith Combs, Kathy Conley, Sue Conley, Jeff Tennis 1: Baskt'tball 1: Si\13 1-:l: Trt'asurt•r 2: PresidPnl :!: lnlt•ract Club:!: Outdoor Ed. 2. :!: Rat Pack 1-:l. Conner, Charlotte Cheerlradt'r 2. 3. Co nnoll y, Cindy La net• 2.:1: Quill .uul Scroll 2. :1: SAH :1: Ecll't:lic 2:

Thespians 2, 3; Outing Club 3. Constantino, Tom Cook, Doug Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Track 2. 3; Interact 3; Intramurals 2. 3; Rat Pack 2, 3. Cornelius, Sheri Costanzo, Debbie Forum 1; Gymnastics 1. Craig, Bobbie Crandell, Beth Art Club 2, 3; Spanish Club3. Crenshaw, Grant FTA 3; Cross Country 1. Crisp, Lisa Band 1-3; Z-Ciub 2, 3; NHS 1-3: Pep Band 1, 2; AFS 2, 3; FMA 1-3. Crites, Peter Football 1-3; Basketball 1; Soccer 2. 3; Yearbook 1; Key Club 1-3; lntramurlas 2. Crowl, Terri Culling, Dan Gulp, Dave Czaja, Pam

D Danhke, Bob Dalton, Tom Sub-Surfers 1-3; Debate 1. 2; International Club 1-3, German Club 1-3; Interact 3; Warrior Voices 2; Choir 2; Class V-P Damman, Lisa Pep Club 1, 2; Timing Team 1. 2; Forum 1; Wrestling Auxiliary 1; DECA 3. Dandy, Stacy Swim Team 1-3; WCiub 2. 3; Track 2; Timing Team 1. Danenhauer, Bill Football1-3; Wrestling 1, 2. Danielson, Karla Darst, Danny Davenport, Griff Football 1-3; Intramurals 1-3. Davis, janet Pep Club 1; Z-Club 3; W-Club 2-3; Tennis 1-3; State 1, 2; International Club 1-3; Forum 2; Lance 2. 3. Davis, Kathy Baseball Auxiliary 1-3. Davis, Roger Davis, Tim Football 2, 3; Intramurals 2; Track 2, 3; Interact 2, 3; W-Club 2,


Dorf, Randy Dorothy, Janet Drake, Cindy International Club 3; French Club 3; FMA 1-3; GAA 1; Pep Club 1, 2; AFS 3; Band 1; Marching Band 1; Pep Band 1; Explorers 1. Drake, Cindy Pep Club 1. Dudley, Lori DECA 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Forum 1. Duffy, Rose Duis, Pam Duitch, Debbie International Thespians 1, 2, 3; Mime Troupe 1, 2, 3; Latin Club 1, 2. 3; French Club 1, 2. 3; ZClub 2; International Club 1, 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; SAB 2; Junior Variety Show 2; FMA Vice-Pres. 1, 2; Tennis 1.

Dunkley, Kevin Gymnastics 3; Ski Club 3; Letterman's Club 3. Dworak, Anne

E Earle, Lisa International Club 1-3; Spanish Club 1-3; Latin Club 1; Forum 1-3; Debate 1; NFL 1; Gymnastics 1. Eaton, Larry A-Club 3; Marching Band 1-3; Pep Band 1-3. Eddens, Quince jazz Band 2. Edison, Joel Ekholm Karen Elder, Pam FBLA 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Office Assistant 3; Top Choir 2, 3; Girls' Glee 1; Explorers 2; Baseball Aux. 1-3. Elliott, Jeff Tennis 1, 2; Interact 3; Ski Club 1-3. Elofson, Timothy Elworth, Tom Engdahl, Jane Thespians 2, 3. Engel, Todd Engelman, Gail Erickson, Chris Ericson, Kevin Ernst, Lynne Ernst, Mitchell


Frink, Brad Fritz, Andrea Track 1-3; Pep Club 1; Honor Roll1; W-Club 2, 3. Frost, Sara International Club 3; German Club 3; French Club 3; Z-Club 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Squires 2; Warrior Wind Symphony 2; Band 1-3; Orchestra 3; Timing Team 1; Outdoor Ed. Counselor 2. Fryar, Leslie



Dejnozka, janice Pep Club 1; Band 1; Spanish Club 1; Drama Club 1; Wrestling Auxiliary 1. Denes, Pete Interact 1-3; Basketball 1-3; Football1 . Denney, Robert Basketball1, 2; Intramurals. Deporte, David Desmet, Deanna Desmet, Renee Pep Club 1, 2; Student Forum 2. Desmond, Michelle Dibble, Dennis Dickerson, Bob Dickute, Mark Intramurals 1-3; Interact 3; Track 1. Dillon, Jack Dimmick, Robert Football 2; Basketball1; Track 1, 2; Debate 3; NHS 1-3; Math Club 2, 3. Dinsmoor, John Dobson, Tim Intramurals 1-3. Donnelly, Jill Donner, Kit Donovan, Mark Donovan, Steve Doody, MikeFootball 1, 2; Sub-Surfers 2.

Club 2; DECA 3. Fischer, Mary Bike Club 1; Ecology Club 1; Forum 1; Explorers 1. Fitch, Gary Fjeld, Mark Flagg, Kim Flanagan, Joe Ecology Club 1, 2; International Club l-2; French Club 3; German Club 3; Interact Club 1-3; NHS 2, 3; Spanish Club 1-3; Thespians 1-3; Soph. Variety Show 1; Bike Club 1. 2; Honor Roll1; AFS 3; Boys' Glee 1. fleming, Lynn f1emming, James DECA 3. Fogle, Chris FMA 1-3; Pep Club 1, 2; Band 1; Marching Band 1; Explorers 1-3; Baseball Aux. 1-3. Foley, Kathy Pep Club 1. Foran, Gerriane Force, Robert Ford, Eric Wrestling 1, 2. Ford, Steve Basketball Manager 1; Basketball Statistician 1-3; Latin Club 1. 2; Intramural2. Fortner, Pete Freeman, Steven Ecology Club 1, 2; French Club 1, 2; Warrior Voices 2, 3; Chamber Choir 2, 3; Madrigal 2, 3; Stage Band 1; International Thespians 1-3; SAB 3; Latin Club 3. Freriks, Teresa Orchestra 3; Chamber Orchestra 1; FTA 2; FBLA 2; Forum 2. Fricke, Sue Young Republicans 3; International Club 2, 3; French Club 1, 2; FBLA 3; Latin Club 2, 3; Thespians 3; Z-Club 2, 3; Baton Twirlers 3; AFS 3; Concert Choir 3. Friedel, Randi Pep Club 1; Z-Club 2,

G Faith, Lori French Club 3; International Club 3; German Club 3; Z-Club 2; Squires 2; Timing Team 1; Pep Club 1, 2; GAA 1. Falcone, Terri FBLA 1. Farguson, Chuck Football1-3; Track 1; Intramurals 1-3. Farrell, William Farris, Lori Pep Club 1; Powder Puff

Gage, Tom Golf 2; Intramural1-3. Garey, Tammy Arch. Club 3; Pep Club 1; Summer Musical2, 3. Gass, David Student Forum 1-3. Gendler, Steve Interact 1-3; NHS 1, 3; Basketball1 ; Ratpack 1-3; French Club 1, 2; Intramurals 3; Outdoor Education 2; Honor Roll1; Forum 1-



Farris, Lorrie Pep Club 1-3; Spanish Club 2; Honor Roll1; Class Treasurer 2; Forum 1, 2; Ski Club 2, 3; Drill Squad 2, 3. Feinberg, Bobby Sue Warrior Voices 2. 3; Z-Club 3; Powder Puff 2; Spanish Club 2. Feldman, Marla Fieber, Kitty Track 2; Pep Club 1-3; Drill Squad 2, 3; German Club 1-3; International Club 1-3; NHS 1-3; ZCiub 2. 3; Ski Club 1; Homecoming Candidate 3; Homecoming Chairman

Gibreal, Mary Gibson, Tom Gilbert, Gary JA 1, 2. Gill, Debbie Gillogly, T. W. Ginsberg, Bernice Powder Puff 2. Giwoyna, Brian Glasford, Debra Gloor, Kay Art Club 1; Volleyball1-3; State 2; NHS 1-3; Archeology 3; Basketball 3; W-Club 2, 3; Church Youth Group 1-3; Intramurals 2. Gocher, Paula Goldstein, Mike International Club 1. 2, 3; German Club 1, 2, 3; French Club 1, 2; NHS 1, 2, 3; Forum 1. '


Finn, Mike Finn, Sheila Pep Club 1-3; Drill Souad 2. 3: ' Prom Committee 2: Z-

Goodhard , Pa t Goodrich, Mike Goss, jim Gow gal , Ron Graham, Judy Gr a ham , Ri c k Bask!'t ha II 1. 2. :l: lntPract 2. :1: Fmum1. 2. :J. Grasso, Mike Forum:!. Greenhagen , Ro be rt ChPss Club 2. :1: Soccer :1: lntPrnat ional Club 2. Greenl y, Sue Bask!' tball :t: Track 1. 2. :1: Swimming 1. 2. :J: International Club 2. :1. P1'1'S. :J: Fr!'nch Club 2. :1: lntramurals 2: W-Cluh 2. :1: Anwricans Ahmad to I 2. G re e r, Ba rb a r a Spanish Club 1. 2: CPrman Club 2. :1: lnt!'rnational Club 1-:1: Z-Cluh :1: PPp Hand 1: Marching B,md 1: Oom-Pah lland 1-:l. Gr es h a m , Ja n e Ci\i\: PPp Club: S\\'immmg. Gre w coc k, Douglas Gridley, Bart Grimes. Chri s Grot e luschen, Jim Grove, Nina Guinan e, St e phani e Powd!'rpu ff 2: Spanish Club 2: Ecl<'ctic 2: lntemational Club 2: PPp Club I: Bask!'tball 2: Outdoor Ed. 2. :1. Gun set, john Gzenovia k , Steve DEC/\:!.

H Hahn, Holly Hale, Susan Swi m ming Team 1; Ti m ing Team1. Hall, Mike DECA 3. Halsted , Mike Germa n C l ub 1-3; In te rac t 2, 3; Su bsurfers 1-3; Foru m 1-2; NH S 2. 3; In ternatio nal Club 1-3. Halvors on, Kristi Varie t y S h ow 1; Pep Club 1-3; W arrior Voices 2, 3; Cha m ber Choir 3; Ma d riga l 3; T h espia ns 2. 3; Z-Ciub 2, 3. Hamann, Daniel Fo ru m 2; La n ce 2, 3; Chess Club 3; Q u ill and Scroll 2, 3; Class Play 3; A-Club 3; Ski Club 3; Intra m ura ls 2. 3. Hamilton, Pat Football 1. 2; Wrestling 1-3: jr. Class Play 2. Hammack, Valerie Pep Clu b 1; GAA 1.

Hannon, Dan Hansen, Curtis Hansen, jeff Track 1-3; Baske tba ll 13; W-Ciub 2. 3. Hansen, john Thespia ns 1-3; Mim e Troupe 1-3; SA B 1-3; C)B 2, 3; S tage Band 1; Ch amber Ch o ir 2, 3; Mad rigal3. Hanson, Michele Hargill, Brad S ub-S ur fers 1; Base ba ll 1: Soccer 2, 3; Intramura ls 1-3; Ra t Pack 1-3. Harmon, julie Tenn is 1; Swimming 2; Pep Clu b 1, 2; Ti m ing Tea m 1. 2; Outing Club 3; Fre nch C lub 3; In ternatio na l Club 3. Harrington, Janet Hart, john Hartford, Bob Hathaway, john Hallam, julie S wi mm ing 1; Gymn astics 1; DECA 3; GAA 1; Pep Clu q 1; Ti m ing Tea m 1, 2; Foru m 1. Hauss, David Bik e C l ub 1; Sa fe Tee ns 3; S ki Club 1. Hawkins, Pam Pep C lub 1; SAB 1, 2; 244

Forum :1: Mill'ching Band 1 -:1: Tlwspians 1-:1: lnt!'rnalional Club :J. Haw s, Ka y Z-Club 2. :1: Forum 1. 2: l lonm Rolli. 2. Hawthorne, Jay Class 2: Intramurals 1: t\ V i\ssislanl :!. Hays, Mary Heacoc k, Sara h lntpmatwnal Club 2. :J: FrPnch Club 2. :1: Spanish Club 2. :J: Forum 1. a. Hector, Sus an Hefforn , Matt lnlt•ract 2: Football ·1. 2: Bask<'tball1: N HS :!. Heimrod, Fred He in, je nnie P!'p Club 1: FMt\ 1. 2: Tlwspians 1-:1: Quill and Scroll 2. :1: St\BE :1: Z-Club :1: Lancp 2. :1: Warrior Voic:t's 2. :1: Cham lwr Choir 2. :1: :1: Cl!'P t: Forum:!. Hildreth, joni Pep Club 1-:1: FMI\ 1. :J: Z-Cluh 2. :!: AFS 2. :J: Arch. 1. Hillme r, Tom llin c hik , john Warrior Voic;Ps 1-:1: FTA :1: PP!'r Counsl'ling t-:1: Forum :J. Hinkle, Patt y DECA 1. Hites, Dinah Hobby, llarles Hoeleri c h , joyce FrPnch Club 2: lnt!'rnational C lub 2: Thespians 2: Rat Pack 1-:1. Hoffman, Rac hel Forum 1: Spanish Club 1: PowdPr Puff 2: lntl'l'national Club 1: Volunlt•l'r Projpc:t 2. :J. Hoic h, John Gymnastics 1. 2: Karal<' 1. 2.:1: Forum1. 2.:1: Pn•sid1•nls: Peer CounsPling 2. :1: You th Unio n :!. Holland, Barbara Tennis 2. 3: Coif :1: Ski Club 1-:1. Holmstrom, Julie Pep Club 1-:1: Drill Squad 2. :1: Timing TPam 1: lnlramurals 1: Forum 1. 2: Top Choir 2: Ski Club 1. Holthaus, Tom Hope, Steve Hopkin s, Mik e No\'iC<' DP iwle 1: N HS 1-:J: Honor Roll1: Math Club 13. House, john Howell, De bbie Tennis I: Ar l Club 1. 2.

How e r y, Jan Pep Club 1-:J: Drill Squad 2. :1: CPrman Club 1. 2: ZCiub. Hoy t, David ln tPracl Club 2. :1. Hubbard, Connie P1•p Club I. 2. :J: Squirl's 2. :1: Timing TPam: Ski Club 1. 2. :1: lntJ•rnalional Club :1: Fr!'nch Club :1: Track 2. :t: l-IS '1. 2. :!. Hughes, John Radio Club 2. 3. Hultquis t. Ke nt Hunt er, Donald Hy bl, Liz

ln g rim, Mike C JB 1-:J: Marching Band 1-:t: Youth Band 1:J:NHS I-:l. l s k e , Stev e Forum 2: Band 1<1; Marching Hand 1-:1.

jensen, Margare t jensen, Mary Beth Jenson , Douglas Jirkovsky , Johnson, Janel Top Choir 2. :1: Chamlwr Chou· 2. :t: M<H ll'lgl'ls 2. :1: Band 2: Man.h1ng ll<llld 2: I'I'P Band 2. Johnson , Cindy Rt\ 11 .1-:R 1-:J: Powd!'l' Puff 2. :1: Shu•ld 2. :t: SPction Editor 2. :1: 1'1•p Club 1. 2: Baton TwirlPr 2: Ch!'l'rli'<Hll•r :1: Wr!'slling 1\u:-.. 1-:J: Jr. Class R1·p. 2: Wr!'slling 1\u,. l'rPs. :t: Studpnt Forum I. 2: Ci\1\ 1: lntPI'I1atJOn<d Club 1: Spanish Club 1: OECt\ :1: I·:squ1n•s 1: Qudl and Scroll2. johns on, Da vid I nt ramur;ds 1. Johnson , llarold Cross 2: i) I·:Ci\ :!: 1-:1. Johnson , Jeff Johnson, Mark Johnson, Merrill Johnson, Steve Johnson , Stewarll ntramum ls 1. 2. Johnson, Robert Club 2. :1: Film Club 1. Jone s , Erin Jones , Kathy California ScholiirShlll F('(IJ' I'ation2: t\ FS I: Forum1. Jones, Timoth y Jorgense n, Ri ck Justman, Ken

K Kaldenberg, Debbie Kamprath , Debbie Kane, Margaret Kaplan , Beth Lanc1• 2. :J: Co-Editor :J: SPnior Cliiss S!•cr<'tary: Tlwspians 1. 2. :!: Wiirl'ior VoicPs 2. :J: Chilmfwr Choir 2. :t: Spiinish Club I. 2: Fr!'nch Club:!: Z-Ciub 2: Nil S 1. 2. :t: Quill and Scroll 2. :t: 1'1•p Club I: Cirls' St,Jtl' RPp. 2: Forum :J: VariPiy Sho\\'s 1. 2: Junu11· Class ln tl•rnational Club 1. 2. :J: Danc('t:l' roupe :!. Kaplan , Daniel Kaplan , Terry Ski Patro l :1: RPd Cross First i\1d 2. Karas, Kevin Frl'llch Club 2: lJ IS 1:t: Football. Ka s h , Susan Katelman, Grelr:han Kathrein , Julie PPp Club 1. 2: Z-Club I. 2: Cymnast ics I: Ct\t\ 1: Forum 1. 2. :t: Sk1 Club I. 2. :1: l'owdPr Puff 2: Vol!Pyh,dl I: Tlwspi;Jns 2: W-Club 1. 2.

Katz , Mi chelle Keane, Dave Di\·ing :!. Keefe, John llaskPthall I: Football :J: Track 2. :J: l nlPri iCI :t: W-Club :t: lntt·rmur,lls 2. :1. Kelley, Cind y l'l'p Club I. Kell y, Laura T!'nnis 1-:1: Ski Cluh 1: W-Club 2. :1: l'owd<'r Puff :J: Forum:!. Kelly, Sean 1\n:hpry Club 1-:l. Kemp, Marcia Kenned y, Eri c lnlPracl 1-2: Subsurfprs 1-:1: Photo Club 2. :J: Rat Pack 1-


jackson , Kat e Pep Club 1: Timing Team 1. Jackson, Sharon jacobs, Todd Baseball 1-:t: Football 1-3: In teract 2-:l. Jensen, Lisa

Kenny, Mi ch ael Kern, Kirby Sh i!'ld I. 2. Ke rs haw, Melissa Kes sler, Selma P<>p Club 1-:t: Twirl<'r 2. \Varnor Wonwn :t: Forum 2. :1. Kiehl, Beck y t\rl Club 1. King. St e ve Kinne y, Kath y 1'1•p Club 1: Councding 2. :J: FrPnch Club :1:

DECA :1. Kinsley, Jodi CheeriPadPr 1. 2. :J: PPp Club 1. 2. 3: GAA 1: Timing Team 1: German Club :1: lntPmational Club 3: Z-Ciub 3: Forum1. Kinlsey, Lori Kirchner, Karen llonor Roll 2. Kleber, Mi c hael Klein, Maril yn Klemz, Chris Kl e tke, Dan Knight , Dan Football I. :1: 1<1. Knowles, Dave Track 1-:1: NHS 1-:1: FBLt\ :1: DEC1\ :1. Knudsen , Herb Koehler, Mark Korff, Mike Swimming 2: Film Club 1: lntt•rnation;il 1-:1: Fill./\ 1-:J. Kozeny , Laddie Jliiskt'tb;ill t: Jlas!'ball t-:1. Kratochvil , Tom Krumel , Cheri lntPrnation;il Tht•spi.tns 1-:1: Ct\t\ t: C:Prman Club I. Kubat , Cindy Dt'b.tll' 1: lntprnation<li Club 1. 2: Pt•p Club 2: Sp;mish Club 1: Z-Ciub ·t. 2: 2: AI'S 2. :1: 1-'n•nch Club I. 2. Kunold , Wendy Span1sh Club 2: On:lwstra 1-:1: lntt 'l'll<llion,Ji Club 2: IIPIIo Wido\\'. Kupka , Holl y Forum I. :1: Pt•p Club I. 2: lntPI'lliltional 1-:1: Club 12: Z-Ciub :1: Timing 2: Minw Troupt• :1. Kurtz, Peggy Kurtz, Sue

L Lacy, Janet La cz, Debbie 1-'n•nch Club 2. :1: BiJ..t• Club 1: Club 2. :1: Pt•p Club I. Lambrecht, Fred Jlt't'l' C011nsPiing 2: l'l.1.1 2: Clt•P 1: Top Choir 2: Forum2. :1. Lanam, Bwt Landen, C. L.Footb;lll t-:1: t<l: Suhsurft•rs 2: Ski Club I. 2: lntra mm;lls 1-:1: W -Ciuh 2. :1. Landis , Cathy B.1nd 1-:1: Milr<.hing B.1 nd 2. :1: OrclH'sl ra I: Forum I. Landon , Mark Langdon , Cindy Larkin, Jim Larson, Elaine Larson, Jeanne Ci\1\ I: PPp Club 1: Wn•s tling A11,. 2.:1: JlowdPr Purr 2. :1. Larson , Mark Latenser, Paul Latta , Joan Jlpp Club I. 2: j.A. 2: J-'n•nch Club 2: Z-Ciub :1: Tht•spians 2.

Lay, Debbie Le, Ty Van Lefholtz, Lisa Lehning, Stephan Leisch, Dan Lewis, Sue Cirls' Swim TPam I. 2. :J: Girls' 1.!'111'1' Club I. 2. :1: Timing TP<Im I. 2. :1: Warrior Voices :1: ZCiub:l. Lienemann, Cindy Lighthart , Pat lntramur<1ls 2. Lincoln, Craig Lind, Debbie Gymnastics I. 2: Pt'Jl Club t. 2: li S 2: Ct\1\ 1. Lindsay, Tom Lipelt, Cindy

Little, David HS 2. :J: A-Club 3: Math Club 2. :1: Photo Club 2. Loeffler, Mary Latin Club 1. 2. Lof, Dave CJB 1-:l: ThPspians 1-3: Socc!'r 1-:1: lntramurals :1: SubsurfPrs 2. :1: Marching Band 1<1: Warrior Voict!S 2. :1: WWS 2. :1: Varif'ty Sho\\' 1-:1. Longwell, Tim Football 1. 2. :1: BaskPtball 1: Track 2. :1: Interact :1: WCiub 3. Longhran, Bob Lowe, Mark Luby, Steve Photo Club ·1-3: J.anr.P 2. :1: AFS 2: NilS 1-3: fkbatP 1-:1: NFL ·1:1: ChPss Club 2: Forum2. Lund, Mark lnlernalional Club 1-:1: Pres. :1: Spanish Club 1-:1: PPPr CounsPling :1: o1·ict• l)pbatP 1: E'plon•rs I. 2. Lyman, Dan Ct•rman Club t-:1: Tht•spi;nls :1. M;ulrigals 2. :1: Class Plays I. 2: Gll't' t: W<nTior Voict•s 2. :1: C:hamlwr Choir 2. :1: Mt•ns' Clt•t' 2. :J: Forum I. 2.

Ly nc h , Mike

M Macc hietto, AI Maclean, Mary Esquires t: Pt•p Club 1. 2.

Mar:lean, Paul Mahon, Mary Mahon, Rich Mahowald , Jean Tral't•l Club 2. :1: Club 1: CPrm,ln Club 1: Club I. Mahowald, Linda l'o\\'dt·r Purr 2: FilLA 1: JliJ..t• Club 1: Outdoor Ed. 2. Major. Sue Latin Club :1: llonor Roll 1: Forum 2. :1: Coli Milnagt•r 1-:1. Malkin, Jay 1-:,p lon •rs 2. :1: Ftvl t\ I: Spanish Club 1: Latin Cluh 2: Liinct• 2. :1: Photo Club :1: NilS 2. :1: Quill .111d Scroll 2. :1: t\FS 2. Malone, Scott Manc uso, Carol Pt•p Cluh I. 2. Manganaro, Steve Manzi Ito, Nancy Jlo\\'dt•r Puff :1. Mapf!s, Janet Marquardt, Dea n Martin , Teresa Maun, Mark McAntire, Susan McCullough, Ann McFadden, Tom Class 2: lntt •ract :1: E'plort•rs 1-:1. McG o ldri c k , Mike Sp;1nish 2. :1: Fn·nch 2. :1: CPrman :1: lnlt•rnational

Melotz, Steve Menolascino, Cindy GAt\ 1: Pep Club 1. 2: Z-Ciub 2. :1: lntramurals 1. 2: Tm11ng Tcam1: Class Offic<'r 1. Mergens, Ann Tennis 1: Sll'imming 1: SJ..i Club 1. 2: Pep Club 1. 2: Ewlorprs 2. 3. Merrill, James Wn•stling 1: lntramu 1: Banking Principii' 2. Messer, Laura PPp Club 1: Sll'im TPam1: Track ·t: Timing TPam 1. Meyers, Jon Mi c halski , Julie E'plon•rs I. Miller, Genctte International Club :J: Fn•nt;h Club :1: TIH'spians I: Choir 2: ChambPr Choir 1. Miller, Mark 1-:1. Miller, Paul Miller. Bill Mitchell, Cindy PowdPr Purr Foolhall :1: Tt•nnis 1: t\rt Club I. 2: PPp Club 1: Forum 1-:1: J)pmday Sll'ePl1: job's D.1ughtt•rs 1. 2: WrPstling 2. :1. Mitchell, Martha Mitchell, Natha Moeller, Kris Jlpp Cluh 1: lntPrna Club 2. :1: Club 2. :1: Wn•stling 1: liS 2. :1: ZCiub :1: llikP Club 1: W-Ciub 2. Moffett, Kathy t\n I. 2: Jlortu.ultun· :1. Moff e tt , Peggy S111mming 1-:1: I-'mum2: Latin Club 2-:1: W-Ciuh 2.:1: TimlngTt•am :1 Mungar, Kevin 1-'ooth.lll I. Moore, Donald Moran, Mary Morar. Dave Morehead, Ruth Moreland, Linda l't•p Cluh t-:1: Squirt's :1: Tinung 'i'Pill11 :1. Morgan. Da v id Morgan. Scott S11 1111111111g t .1: \\'Club. Morgan. Ileal ht!r Murphy, Julit! Morrow. Trish Morton. james Muchemure, Kelly Mullenax. i't'Jl Cl11b I. 2: Forum I. 2. Murphy. Ann /.-Club I, 2: J)nll Squ.ul :1: l't•p Cluh I :1. Murphy. Tim Myt!rt!, Dmmis Footb,Jil I :1: :1: \Vn•stl1ng I. Myers. David St dgt• ( :n•11· I.


2. :1.

McHugh, Mike Football I. 2. :1: Baskt•thall 1: W-Ciuh 2.:1: lntPra ct :1. McKee, David McMahon , Cathy l't•p C:Juh I. 2: Wn•stling Au,. 1: Ct\1\ I. Mc Manus , Marty McMillen, Aggie Clt•P t: Forum 1-:1: L.tlin Cluh :1. McMillen, Dan McNabb, Kevin JlasJ..t•th;ill t: Intra murals I. Megard , Kari Meier, Liz Z-Ciub 2. :1: Jlt•p Club ·t. 2: Squirt's 2: Timing 1: Jlonor Roll I: Ci\1\ I. Meier, Mary Meissner, Paul Managt•r :1: t-:1. Meister, Mark

aran. l.eA nn athan. Pam \ I. 2: Tt•nnls I. :1: C:1rls' C:1 mllilStl<.s 2: SJ..1 Club 2. :t: /.Club :1. eal. Nancy l't•p Club I. 2: Club :1: Club :1: ,\J-'S :1: MFT I. 2: jun1nr ,\Lhlt'l.t'llH'nt I. 2. elson. Amy Pt·p Clu h I: I1\ I. 2: I\' Tt•nnls 1: C:t·rman Cluh I. 2. :1: lntt•rCluh I. 2. :1: lliJ..o· Cluh 1: /'. Club 2. :1: '\!liS 2. :1: Forum :1: Oro Ill's tr.1 2: C.llntHIS l.ilt• :1. elson , Brad elson. Doug r. lson. Ja ck \\'n•stl1ng t-:1: lnt1.1111U r.ils I. 2. Nelson, Ja y Nelson, Ro n SJ..1 Club I. 2: "t'l Club :t: Cluh 2. :1.


Neubauer, Carol Neuman, Debbie Newberg, Jeff ln!ramurals 1-3: Outdoor Ed. :1: Forum :J: Sub-Surfers 2. :1. Newcomer, Shari Spanish Club 3. New strom, Bob Newl on, Brian Nguyen, Tinh Noar, Sheri Noddle, Jay Nolan, Tim Noland, Jim Norris, Tom lnlrilmurals 1-3: Li!nc!' 1.

Nova k , Nan cy French Club 1: Ski Club 1-:1.

0 Obrien, Dan OConor, Patricia Volleyball 1. 2: ZCiub 2. 3: W-Ciub 2; Forum 3; FBLA 2; GAA 1. 2; Jr. Achieve. 1. 2. Odinas, Joseph ODoherty, Dave ODoherty, Jean ODoherty, Johns Basketball1. Oglesby, Edward OHalloran, Barry Jntramural1-3. Olsen, Ron Ol son, Jenny Olson, Ka ren Pep Club 1; Art Club 1. 3: Swim Team 2: Ski Club 2: Quill and Scroll 2. 3: Lance 2. 3: Soccrr Auxiliary 2. Olson, Linda Olson, Lisa Olson, Steve Ski Club 1-3. Ortega, De bbie Overton, Dan

p Padgett , Mariano Page, Steve Sub-Surfers 3: Inlramurals :J: Marine Biology 3. Palleck, Vi cki Palmesano, Theresa Parker, John Baskclball1; Latin Club 2: Jntramurals 2. Parks, Kevin Art Club 1-3; German Club 1-3: International Club 1-3: Lance 2. 3: Warrior Voices 2, 3; Glee 1: Chamber Choir 2. 3: Madrigals 2; Key Club 2. Parks, Sarah Pasieniuk , John Gymnastics 1. 2. Patenod e, Jeanne Pep Club 1, 2; Art Club 2. 3: Thespians 2. 3: Warrior Voices 3: Jr. Class Play 2. Patt erson, Jill Patterson, Tim Football 1; lntramurals 1. Pauba, Kevin Paul, Judy Payne, Tresa CAA 1; Forum 1. 2. Pederson, Karen Pellegrino, Denise Pep Club 1, 2; ZClub 1: Ski Club 1. 2; Spanish Club 1, 2; French Club 1. Penry, Monte Perime te r, Rex Glee 1; W arrior Voices 2. 3: Deba te 2; NHS 1-3; Chamber _Choir 3: NFL 2; Madrigals 3: Spanish Club 1. 2. Perry, Brei Peterson, Greg Peterson, Scott 246

Pezdirtz, Jim Pfeifler, John Football 2: lnlramurills 3.

Pfeil, Laurie Esquires 1: DE :J; Arl Club2. Pflug, To m lnt!'racl :J: Foolb,ill 1-:1: NilS 1-:J: Soph. 1-:J. Pica rd , Bo b Piccolo, T im Pic hl er, Ron Pickering, Karen Pila nt , Vicki Pil zl, Ga ry Gymnastics 1. Pleas, Chris Plunl :t., Juli e Pep Club 2. :1: Drill Squad:!: Z-Ciub 1. Porter, Jim Potts, Diane DECA 1: Drill Squad 2. 3: Ski Club 3: Pep Club 2. 3: Powder Puff Football :l. Power, Mary NHS 2. :J: Chamlwr Choir 3: Z-Ciub 2. 3: Drill Squad 2. :1. Powers, Jeff lnlramurals 1-3; Forum 2.

Pressley, Patti Preuss, Cind y Primeau, Ellen Prince, Richard Pruckler, Kurt

Squad :t: Tin11ng Tt•am l. 2: liS 2. :t: l'o\\'dt ·r Pull 2. :t: Yt•arbook 2. :t: C:t\A 1: Quill.tnd Scroll 2.:1: lra t-:1: WrPslilng t\u,,· 1: llomt'coming C.tndid.Jlt• :1. Rnl , Byro n Mart :htng 1-:J: C'l'll 2. :t. Rowe, She ila Flll.t\ :1. Ro:t. um , Janel 1-:J: Sl.ill' :!: Ruba ck, Ra nd all Ort:lwsl l'il :1: CJ Ill -:!. Ruddi ck, Bo h Rud een, Kath y llonwu1ming Qut'l'll :J: l't•p Club t-:1: :1: Timing Tt ·.tm l: Ski Cluh 1: /.-Club 2.:1: CAA 1: ChPt•rlt•adt•r 2. :1. Rucvc, Ruth Tra\•t•l Club 2. :1: l·:col ogy Clii11 2: Spanish Club 2: Forum 2: lnlt•malional Cluh 2. Ruffino, Frank Running, Rand y Ru ssell , Doug Latin Club 2. :1: WCiuh 2: Studt•nt Trairwr I. 2. :1: Foot h.ill 1: I. 2. :1. Ruther, John 2.

s Sab in, Jennifer Ski Club 1: PPp Club 1.


Sacks, S usa n

Club 3: DPbaiP


Quinn , Pa l Quinn, T im

R Rac ine, Jim Lance 2. :J: Peer Counseling 2. 3. Raha, Gono Rahel, T rece Pep Club 1-3: CheerlPadPr 2. :1: Latin Club 2. 3: Interna tional Club 2. cl: Timing Team 1: ZCiuh :1: FrPnch Club 1; Homecoming Candida II' :J. Randall, Casey Rasmu sse n, Da n lnlramurals 1<l. Rehberg, Kurt Rehd er, JeffCymnaslics: Wrestling. Rei mer, La rry Repichow sky j, Kris Orchestra 1-3. Rey nolds, Do ug Ri chadson, Ken Ric ht e r , Jim Debate 1-3: NFL 1-3: NHS 2. 3: Forum 1: Speech 1-3. Ri ef, Hannelore Pep Club 2: Thespians 2. :1: Tennis 1: Track 1: FFA 1; German Club 1. Roach, Chris W-Ciub 2. 3: Track 1-3; Z-Ciub 3: Jr. Achievement 3. Rob ert s, Craig Debate 1. Robberts Jani ce Pep Club 1. Robinson, Mary Ski Club 1. Roemen, Roger Football1-3; Track 1, 2: DECA 2, 3. Rohde, John Photo Club 1-3; Class Play 2. 3; Band 2, 3: Marching Band 1. 2. 3: Pep Band 1-3; Newspaper 2. 3; Shield 3: A-Club 3; Forum 1, 2. Rohrb e rg , Durnae P ep Club 1, 2; T rack 1: Swimming 2; Ski Clu b 1-3. Rome, Janet Roncka, Jim Roper, Tim Chamber Or. 1-3; NHS 13: Chess Club 1, 2; German Club 2, 3. Rose, David Interact 1-3; Soccer 1-3; Sub-Surfers 1; ln tra mu ra ls 1-3. Rosenberg, Stuart Ross, Sandy Pep C lu b 1-3; Dri ll

Salmen, Diane Salt s, Clifford Sanders, Christi Hand 1-:J: Pep Band 1-:J: Club 2. :J: AFS 2. 3: Pep Club 1-:J: Pt'I'J' CounsPiing 2. :J: ForPign Exchang!' 1. Saniuk, Katie Santora, Lauric Marching Band 1. 2: Pep Band 1. 2: Z-Ciub 2. 3: FBLA 3: Forum 2. :1: Timing Team 2: Baseball Auxiliary 1-:J: Powderpuff 2. Schaefer, Mike DECA 3. Schempp, Ron Football1: Soccer 1-3. Schermerhorn, Schie bur, Jeff Schlichl emier, Lori FMA 1. 2. 3: President 1. 2. 3: German Club 1, 2. 3: NHS 2. 3: lnlramurals 1, 2: Z-Club 3: Forum 2. 3: Tennis 1. 2. 3; International Club 1. 2. 3: Ecology Club 1. 2: Girls' W-C iub 2: Archaeo logy Club 1: Explorers 1. 2. Schmidt , Marsha Pep Club 1: French Club 1. Schnaidt , David Scholz, Ann Schrad er,Jim Schreiner, Julie Choir 1, 2. Schultz, Roger S c hulz e , Su s an Powder Puff 2; Swimming 1. Scott, Carolyn Seidl, Patricia Sellaner, Dianna Pep Club 1. 2: Spanish Club 2: Warrio r Voices 3; T hespians 3; Internatio nal Club 2. Severa, Dan Basketball 1, 2; Football 1-3: Baseba ll 1-3; In teract 2, 3; Forum 3: W-Ciu b 2: NHS 1-3. Sharp, Tim Sharpe, David Basketball1 -3. Shea, Julia Sherlock, Mike Football 1; Baseball 1. 2; Forum 1; lnlramurals 1-3. Shkolnick, Jeff Shockley, Susan Track 1-3; lntramura ls 2. Shriner, Pat Pep Club 1. Shubik, Katie Debate 3; Band 3; Z-

h 2: TPnnis 1: Photo Club 1: l.atin b :J: Fn•nch Club :1: Math Club 1: Club :!: Porum 1: PPp Bi!nd :1. ben, Dean 1on , Steve Cross Country t -:J: ck l <l: W-Ciub 2. :1: lnl!'ract 3: ·amurals 1. 2: Wrestling 1. rpson, Jim ger, Bill >on, Ri chard inski, Connie Orchestra 1. 2. 3:

s 2. :J.

nner, Juice Forum 2. rog, Lisa Powder Purr 2. :1: Inter. b 1. 2: AFS 1. 2: GAA 1: Ski Club .: Z-Ciub :1: Forum ·1. 2: Outdoor 2. :1: Prom Chairman 2: PPp Club V-Pres. 2: Pres. 3. 1tnik,Tom dek, Scottlntramurals :1. 1e, Paul Key Club 3: FBC :J: lntPr3: lntcrmurals 1-3. all, Liz Girls' Swim Team. ith, Ginger ith , Jeanie FBLA; Powder Puff rtball; Pep Club. ith, Scott Warrior Voices 2. 3; Art b 3; Class Play 2, 3: MOBA 2. 3. 1der, Melanie nberg, Jane 1cich, Jill ·tina, Ned cka, Chris ittgerber, Paul ·acklin, Scott die, Mike Thespians 2. 3: Forum : NHS 2, 3; Glee 1-3: Warrior V. 2. mway , Noel Swimming 1-3; urn 2; W-Club 1-3; Latin Club 1-3. stny, David bbins, Ross Footballl, 2, 3; Intrara J Hockey 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basballl, 2, 3. in, Geraldine inberg, Bob iner, Tom phenson, Bob FBLA 3; DECA 3. wart, Pat· •ck, Herman Football1, 2. ddeld, Susan DECA 3. •esz, Scott •kes, Teresa •lp, Cindy Pep Club 1; MIT 1, 2. •rm, David Wrestling 1. andlund, Sue ecker, Susan Band 1, 2; Pep Club ; Z-Club 2, 3; Track 2. eight, Daniel emlau, Anthony eng, Julie om, Dave uyk, Tom llivan, Barb Pep Club 1, 2. llivan, Pat Forum 1, 2; Interact 3; plorers 1, 2. ndeli,Bob •anson, Julie Pep Club 1; Bike Club ·eetwood, Sherry Pep Club 1; Ski tb; Volleyball1. ·ift, Brian ·ift, Jon ·im,Mike


ggart, Mike lty, Marcia Pep Club 1-3; Cheerder 3; Z-Club 2, 3; NHS 2, 3; Pow-

dPr Puff :1: 1: Porum 1: FrPrH:h Club 2. Tangdall, Steve Tanner, Scott Taylor, Anne Pep Club 1: Volleyball 1: Forum1. Taylor, john Taylor, Karen Terry, Paul Theel, Marjorie Thiesfeld, Richard Thoma s, Carolyn Gymnastics 1. 2: GAA I: Pr>p Club 1. 2: Timing Team 2.

Thomte , Denise Inter . Club 2. 3: Fr!'nch Club 2. :J . Tilly, Leslianne Tobin, William Toth, Sharon Towey, Michele Townley, Paul Tracy, Barb Tripp, Debra Pep Club 1. Trouba, jim Chess Club 1-3: Debate 1-:1: SpPm:h 2. :1. Trovato, Anthony Tubach, Doug Tuerk, Jan Pep Club 2. 3: Porum 2: Track 1: Drill Squad 3. Tuerk , Julie Pep Club 2. 3; Drill Squad :1. Tully, Julie PPp Club 2: Timing Team 3: Swimming :J: Squires 1. Turbes, john Turner, Rusty Twedt, Terri Art Club 1: Ski Club 2: Pep Club 1. 2: Timing Team 1.

Webber, Ted Weidner, Leo nard Weihs, Mary Debate 1. 2. 3: Band 1. 2, :J: Spr!l'ch 1. 2. :J: Ni lS 2. 3. Weir, jackie Pep Club 1. 2; Powder Purr 2. Welch, Kris Wells, Kim Shield 2. 3: Snction Editor 2. :J: Quill and Scroll2. Wemhoff, Mike West, Shelly Pop Club 1: Z-Club 1: Deball' 1. Westphal , Susan Pep Club 1; Art Club 2. :J: Archeology Club 1-3: Ski Club 3. Whaley, Tom Wheeler, Bob Football 1: Interact :1: Ni lS :1: Ski Club 1-3. Widhalm, Ruth Wienert, Kandace Wiesman, Mark Ecology Club 1. 2: Forum 1-:1: Rat Pack 1: Horticulture Club 1. 2. Wiggins, Mike Wrnstling 1. Wil cox, Patt y Wilcox, Tami Wilhelm, Kyle Wrestling 1. 2: Football1-:i. Wilkins, Barry Archery 1: lntramu rals 1. Williams, Sherry Wilson, Breck Swimming 1-3: Letterman 1-:1: W-Ciub 1-:1: Latin Club 3: Sub-Surrr!rs 1-3: SSI Scuba Diver Studert Forum 3; Prns. 3. Wilson, Doug Winje, Sharon Pep Club 2: Z-Ciub 3. Winstrom, Andy Porum 2: DECA 2. 3.

u Urich, Debbie

v Van Hasen, joe Vanderveld, Donna Travel Club 1-3. Vann, Bill Vermehren, Laurie Vicario, Dan Pep Club 1. 2; FBLA 3. Vilanova, Luis International Club 3; Sub-Surfers Club 3. Vlcek, Sharon Pep Club 1. FBLA 3; Powder Puff 2. 3. Vohoska , Lisa Sp anish Club 1, 3; Interna tional Club 1. 3; Girls' Track 2, 3; GAA 1; Letter Club 2, 3; Shield 2, 3; Co-Editor 3; Quill and Scroll. 3; Powde r Puff 2; Wrestling Auxiliary 1; Mobil e Meals 2. Voien, Eric Wrestling 1; Ski Club 1, 2; Surf Club 1.

w Wagner, Diane Wales, Nanette Ttack 1; Forum 1. Walker, Doug Walker, Roger Forum 3. Walsh, Laura Walton, Dave Wrestling 1-3; Cross Country 2, 3; W-Club 3; Interact 1. Walton, Debra Ward, Linda Warren, Harry Watland, Anne Swim Team 1-3; Timing Team 1-3; W-Club 2, 3. Watson, Nancy Watson, Randy

Winstrom, Mike Wishon, jack Track 1-3; Pootball1. 2; Art Club :J. Witherbee, Mark Wittmaack, jorg Wolff, jennifer International Club 13: Pep Club 1: Prench Club 1. 3: Pres. 2: Tennis Manager 1-3; Z-Ciub 3: APS Board 1-3. Wolk, Dan SAB 1-3: Treas. 3: Chess Club 1-3: Pres. 3. 3; Math Club 2. 3: Interact 3: Rat Pack 3. Wolverton, Leann Glee 1: DECA 3. Wood, Tom Workman, Matt Track 2: Cross Country 2: lntramurals 2. Worrall, Brian Tennis 1-3; In teract 2, 3: W-Ciub 2: lntramurals 1. 2. Woskoff, Scott Math Club 3: Pres. 3: Radio Club 2. 3: NilS 1, 2. 3; Explorers 1. 2. 3. Wylie, Mary Spanish Club 2.

y Yaffe, Jane Spanish Club 1. 2: Thespians 2, 3: Forum 2; Readers Theater 3.

Yetts, Tim

z Zalkin, Cheri! FMA 3; Tennis. Ziegler, Jeff Ziemba, Jim Hockey 2, 3; Intramural Basketballl ; FBLA 1. Zimmerman, Jeff Zorad, Chris Zoucha, Tom Zweiback, Jeff Swim Team 1-3. '2£7


Index A

Bnrr. Tom211 Barrrll , Brei 133

AarviM. Jeff 111. 182 Aan•i)(, Murk 211

Ahrahum. Pully 75. 110, 198 Ahrahamson, Ellenll HO, 211 Ahramson. Mike 73, 83. 198 Ac:amo. Mari1! 182 Ac:quau·.ino, Anno 211.237

Ac:qutl1.7.i nu. Anyhnny 125 Ad11ms, Ann Adnms. Adams. Kurt Hill Adums. Mury 1112 Adums. Stuvl! 198 Addison. Dolly 72. 198, 205 Adkins, Julie Affleck. Mark Al!erbo>r.k, Carol198 Alherl , Stcvll 112 Alho•rt , So7.11nnc 39. 68, 75. 100. 211 Alhraehl. Slo>ve 182 AJntac:ht. Tom AlhriMhl. Cheryl44, 19R AJ.,xonder. Robin 134. 182 Alll'n. Barhara 68, 211 AJicn,)amm• Allen. Jell 182 Allen. Karyn 182 Allison, Dove 198 Amato. Chris 106 Amato. Shelly 68 Amuura, Dorothy 1R2 Anar.ona. Cindy 182 Andcrsr.n. Cur1107, 124. 198 Andersen. Eric 182 Andrrscn, Malthrw Andersen. Robert Anderson, Bru<:r. 21. 76, 118, 196, 198. 208 Andcr!inn, D. C.

And.,rson. Holly 61. 67. 80. 100 Anderson. Joan 182 Anderson. Karen 182 Anderson. Shelley 198 Andresen. Brenda 88. 100 Angle. John 59, 182 Anson, Bonnie 211

Antonson, Clark 81.198 Arant, Julil! 182 Archc•r, Vicki Arkuush,


ArmaMOsl, Richard Armbrust, Karl44, 198 Armbrust. Waller Armentrout, Joe 116. 117. 133 Armentrout. William 211 Armstrong. Brian . 234 Armstrong,) . Armstrong, )ocl20. 61. 68. 103,211 Arndt. Susan 211 Arnold. Danicl125, 182 Arnold. Janel 35, 75.91 Arnld. Milch Asche, Cindy 198 Ashby. Celeste Ashcraft. Jean A.•llr.. Kari 182 Atkinson. Dtmnis 211 Atkinson, Tracey 19A

B Bahh. LawrllOCil 211 Boca. David 182 Bachorski. Andy 211 Bachorski, Gary 117 Bacon. Sheila 198 Badr. Sr.oll198 Baird, Dennis Baker. Betsy 182 Baker. Thomas 76, 198 Bale, Sherry 100 Baodur. Eric 198

Bnnclur. Glen Bandur, Kurt Bange, Carla 64. 82, 64, 94. 100 Banlocr. John Barauskas. Bryan

Baric. Cathy 211 Barkdoll, Craig Barlow, Cindy 182 Barlow. Kathy 198 Barmore. Robcrl182 Barnes. DouR

Barnhart, Steve 182 Barr. Belly 182


Borrc!ll,)ames B11rrc11. Tom 117 Blltyh. Judy Bnrllell, Cathy 44. 45. 198 Bartlett , Marianne 70, 182

Barton. Doug 81.211 Bnrtun. Sonja 182

Barton, Vicky Baska. Nan<:y 6.1. 211 Bast. Annr

Bayh. Joseph 211 BauMhman. Debhor 198 Bnum, Mikt! 182

Br11l. Bradh:y 211 Btmmis. Berlyn 182 Bo•nmis. Merlyn 182 Bmtm, David 100

Bo:an, Martha 51. 175. 198 David BPitvcrs. john 107

Brher. Ed 182 Bo•hrr. Harold 198 Br.c:t•rrtt, Veronica B!!dt:, Pam 81, 88,211 But:k. Charllls 44. 1911 Bt!c:kl'r, Christine Bo·t:krr. Jaml!s 182 Bt•c:ker, Lisa 198 Bo:ckwith, Susan 1911 Bo•olwrll. Laurir 61, 84, 94. 95.198 Bet•he. Carla Bo:rlrr. Cindy 182 Bo:il!r, Scali 182 Bt•isc:h, Susan 198 Bclc:ustro, Steve 111 Bo•lhradc, Bruce Belgrade. Robrrl 211 Brlknap, D<:bra 67, 70. 211 Bo•llingrr. Tom 198 Bo•nak. GrcM 34, 107, 211 Bl!nak. Kathy 98 B!!nder, Geoi'Jlenc 98. 182 Bendrr. Kaye 25. 35. 38. 211. 69. 78,79 B!!ndorl, Randy 65. 182 Bendorf. Sheri 198 Bcnnt!r. James Bennllll. Julie 81 , 211 Bomnrll. Bnh 82. 198 Btmnc!ll, Tnmmic 182 Bentz. Laura 1:14, 182 Bo:ran, )ami!! 82.211 Bo:rg, Andr"w 44 Berg. David 122. 211 Bei'Rt'i, Davl! 107. 198 BI•I'Rt'r. Carnl134. 182 BcfHcrscn, Eric 70, 182 Be!'Riund. Carol182 Bllrhman, John 111 Bergmann, Kathy Bcrwstrom, ken 8c!11Sirom, Terri

Be!'Ruin. Bl>b 110. 198 Bei'Jluin. Kim 182 Bc!'Mum. Karen 188

Carol 211 BcrinMcr, Donna 198 Brrkshirc. Leslie 134. 182 Berner. Mark 110. 198 Bernstein, Julie 59. 182 Bertch. Karen 211 Bessey, Ken Brl7., Alison 70 Bichcl. Eileen 134, 182 Bir.rman. Brent 44. 182 Bilek, Anthony 212 Bilek. Ed 102. 182 Billig, Jon 198 BlllinMer. Bob 34, 35. 107, 211 Billinger, Susan 182 Tom Binder, Jell 212 Binder. Steve 198 Birdman, Julia 182 Bishop. Cindy 182 Bishop. Debbie Bishop. Jeri Bilzes. Jim 212 Bjerke, Jell Bit•rke. Steve Blackman, Babs 198 Blackman, Chcrri Blakr, Jell 183 Blak.,ly. Mio:hacl Blazek, Th.,rcsa 81 , 212 Blendcn. Debbie 183 Bliss, David 183 Bliss. Gary 212 Block, Kylan 199 Blodgcll. Steve 183 Bloom. Jackie 24. 35, 78, 79. 237

Bloom. Nanc:y 212 Blnum. Susu n 163 Blum. Kt:ith 18.1 Blum, Kt•nny Blumc•r. Alic:in 199 Bm:k. Andy 77, 183 Bm:k. Barry Bl>ckman. Bob 183 Bou:, Bryo:e 183 Ruxannt• 183 Bohrl!r, John Bl>lnnol. Art•nd 212 Bl>las. Alan Bl>h:n, Mary 199 Bo>ll. Carol Boll. Christine Bl>ll. Sandy Bnlmt!it!r, Bnrburn 212

Bnlmt!ir.r. William Bl>llon. Blakl! 111, 182 Bolton. Bradley 212 Lori 183 Bonham, Michal'l199

Bnnnc•r. Mindy 212 Bnudro. Elizn bt•l h Bunt h. Mom:in 74, 212

Bl>nlh. Mark 212 Bl>olh. Mi<:ht•ll" Borgen, Amy 71 . 183 Boi'Ren. Lori 93. 212 Bosse. Randy 212 Boucht!r, Andrt'w Bowen. Tim 183 Bowerman. DouR 212 Bowerman. Sharie 212 Bowlt!S, Diln 183 Bowman. William Bl>yrr. Tom 100. 199 Boynton Oan1el Boynton. David 183, 199 Bradford, Mark Bradrord, Patricia 44. 183 Bradley, Kelli 183 Brady. Gary 212 Brady. )aml!s 183. 212 Brady. John Brady. Terry 61.210. 212 BruRdnn, Murk 212 Brnm. Tom 199 Brase. Rod Brt•ilaJ.:. Linda 212 Brt•jnik, Belinda 199 Brennan. Bub 212 Cnrol 199 Brc•nnan. Pal Susan 72. 183 Bridges, Ted 44, 81 BriMM•· Keith 82, 119. 199 BriRI!S. Thcwsa 73, 212 Brinkman. Hahn 199 Brillon. Allison 213 Bro. Mark 35. 107 Bro. Phillip Broadbent. Gardner 183 Broadbent. Holly 199 Bruadhursl, Diant• 1A3 Brnkke. Bcv 71 Bromley. Roxanne 183 Brooks. Koug 182 Brookstcin. K. L. 199 Brophy, Larry 68. 213 Brougham. Kilty 199 Brown. Barbara 98 Brown. David 213 Brown, Diane Brown, Eddie 199 Brown. Kevin 213 Brown. Marguerilr.183 Brown. Mary Ellen 199 Brown. Michael Brwon. Richard 106. 213 Brown. Tammy 139, 183 Brown. Terry 213 Brown. Thomas 183 Brown back. Paul 70. 182 Broyles. Sherr! 44, 183 Bruccks. Carol89, 183 Bruggeman. Nancy 199 Brune. An.:it! 199 Bryant. Cory Bryant. Kent 213 Bur.hol•. Elizabeth 82. 199 Buck. Bridger Buckingham. Julie 213 Buechler. Linda 183 Bucl. Steve Bunkers. David 199 Burden. Patricia 75, 88. 199 Burdcllc. Duncan 213 Burham, David 44, 45. 213 Burhcnnc, Steve Burk. Cindy 183

Burkt•, Judy 128. 1&3 Burkt•, Julill 213 Burkl!, Mall hew 83.213 Burke. Richard 111.183 Burke. Slevo•111. 183 Burkt!, Tom

Connllr. Charlollc 35. 79. 134,214 Connolly. Cindy 62. 6.1. 73, 214 Cnnsc•r. Lynne 200 Cunslnntinn. M. A. 184

Burke. Tim

Conk, Davll 214 Omk . DouR Q)()k, Kelly O><>k. Bob 1R4 O><>h•y. Sandi 200 Q)()pt•r. Jell 1R4 Cuopc•r. Mikt• 184 Cnopo•r, Pam 61,200

Burml!sler. Chatlcs1R3 Burney. Linda 136. 213 Burns. Pat 183 Burns. Bob 213 Burns, Timothy Bmmc;kc!r. Kf'VIO 82, 213

Bushuum. Connie 74 , 213 Bust:h, Dennis 213 Bist:h, Vickit• 199 Buslrr. Karla 213 Butler. John 199 Bullc!rs. Dan

Buxlnn. Brian 116.117.213 Byam. Jerry 82 Byam. Bill Byrd ." 213 Byrne. Nuney

c Cain. Susit• Cnmbridgt'. O;m Bill133, 183 Campbell. Annt• 75. !14. 199, 204 Camp hell. Dianne C1mphell. 182 Cnmphii. Stt•ve 21:1 Canigha, Run 125. 1R3 Carakc•r. Kulhryn 213 Qncy. Terry

Carl . Pam Carhn. Jim 199 Carlson, Furrt•sl 68, 213 Carlson, Janel 213 Carlson. Slat:ey 26, 78 Carnazw. Jim 118,185 Carna1.w. John 213 Carpenter. Juan CarriPrc, Tort!Y 183 C1rson. Kent 44. 46. 199 Carson. Susan 74. 213 Otsh. Toni 199 Otssmun. Bnb 63. 112. 113,214 Otslan. Chcryl71. 183 Cast om , Lori 01slor. Thomas 183 O•jka. Nanc:y Chnlupu. Oil\'(! 199 Chant:!!. Gary 107 Chandler, Lynne R9. 183 Chapin. Cathh•rn 78, 80, 199 Chillllllan. Bryan 183 Chetpmun. Jim 214 Chaput, Kathy 80.87 Chasr. Ronda 214 Chnslil in . Susan 24 Chatlidd. Barbara 214 Chau<:hc, Christine 183 Chell. Kris 49. 214 Cheslak. Thomas 100. 214 Chc•vnlicr. Susan 90. 214

Chillt•nden. Jim Chorney. Gale 214 Christ ell. Lori 35. 79. 214 Chrsstiansrn. C. A. Chrssliunscn. Gerald 183 Christie. Sisnn Chruo:h, Anthony 200 Churo:h, Bill Cisur. David 214 Clark. Andrew Clark. Brian 200 Clark. Debra 98. 183 Clarke, Kirby 106. 214 Clauson, Clark Clements. Pete Clute. Lisa Cobb. Cathy 214 Cobb, George Cue. Andrew 214 Cofrry. Gretchen 75. 214 Cohn. William 73. 80. 83. 214 Cola nino. Sheri Colnnluonu, T.70 Coll>ns. BeVI'rly 183 O>llins. Keith 214 Cumbt!S, Mtlrcia 164 O>mbs. Kathy 82. 214 Q>nley. Aubyn 184 Conley, Sot• 70 Om ley. Jell 73, 214 O>nlcy. Sieve 125. 1R4

Omstunlinu, Tom 68. 214 Conyt•rs. Otma 44, 200

Ompc•r, Sam 200

Copdund. Greg Copnnhavt!r. Ann 64. 184 Cornt•lius. Dale O•rnl'lius. Elaine Corndius. Shcryl68. 214 Cornt•ll, Sho:rri 184 O•rson,Jamcs 184 Costanzo. Dan 200 Costanzo. Debbie 215 Coyll!, Jim 1R4 Cru ig, Bobbie CraiH. Paui1R4 Cramlon, St:ott 200 Crandt·ll. B"th 215 Crawrurd. Nttn 78, 80, 200 Crtmshaw, Cranl 215 Crismitn, Elln 200 Crisman. MnrRnrel 182 Crisp. Lisa 92. 215 Crites. Eli1.aheth 54, 181, 1R4 Crites, Peter 100 Crunk, Robyn 184 Crousc•. Slt!VC 200 Crnwl. Mark 68 Crowl. Terri 215 Collen. Carric1R4 Culling. C1n Culp. Dave 215 Cunninshom. John 1R4 Curlis. Denise 184 Cushing, Kathy 184 Cushins. Tom D.ajo. Michael184 O.aja, Pam

D Dahl. Dan 124. 184 Dahl. Dawn 184 Dnhnkt•. Dcrna D;thnkr. Bub Q';tislry. Bob 110. 133, 1R4 Dalton. Tom 76, 80. 215 Dummnn. Lisn 68.215 Dundy. Stat:y 215 Dancmhaue. Rebecca 98. 184 Dant•nhauer. BilllOO, 215, 131 Oanenhaucr. Bob 110, 200 Daniel. Debhie 200 Dnniels, Karen 184 Daniels. Rusty 200 On nielson. Karla 215 Dunh!lsnn. Kuvun Dann. Wendy 80. 200 Dappc•n.)oe 200 Darby. Cathy 1R4 Darst. Danny 83. 107.129,215 Onssnt•r. Margo

Daum, )amcs 184 Davenpor1. Kathy 182 Davenport. Griff 35. 100, 215 Davies. Heidi 200 Davis. Cathy 182 Davis. Diant: Davis, janet 63, 215 OiiVis. Kathy 215 Davis. Davis. Steve 112.200 Davis. Tim :15.80, 107. 215 On vis. Vinctmt 164 Dnwson. Cindy 184 Dawson. Richard 106. 124.200 Day. Sur 82, 91. 200 0.. La litre. Eli>.abeth 184 Dr.nn. Vanessa Deckt•r. Dun 184 D<•t:ko•r. Rclwcca 200 Dl'jno1.ka. Janice 215 Denes. Pclr.r D<•nnt•y, Bnb 235 Davp 215 D<•rr. Bob 200 Ot•smf't. Dcitnna 215

·smel, Mir:helle 164 !Smt:l. Renee 215

,.mnnd. Michelle 215 :sseI. Dave 200 amond. Debbie 200 bble. Dennis 22,215 bble. Karun 164 Jc;ken . Euswnc •ckcrson. Bob 44, 45. 216 a:khule, Mark 80.216 ic:khute, Paula 182 ic:kmcycr. Lisn 184 iPrks, Cappra 200 if'rks. Diannr 184

Engelman. Cail 216 Enghsh, Roxane. 44. 200 Epstein, Sully 71. 90. 91.185 Erftmu•r, Aliso Erickson. Arthur Erit:kson. Brian 165

Erio:kson. Chris. 217, 235 Erickson, Jcnni[er 128. 136. 200 Eric:ksun. Lisn 185 Erh;son. Kt'vin 217 Erixsun. Duvt•

Erkcn. llakan Erks. Barburu Ernst, Luurn 200

'ixun, Jamc 200

Ernst. Lynno•128. 217 Ernst. Molchell126 Essi'X, Charlo•s 185 Estabrook. Becky Esll•rs. Michae)185 Esll•y, John 165 Esll•y, Murk 133, 200 Estill, Lindu 185

klanc. Dorothy

Evnns. Marguerite

)obson , Tim 216

Eyler, Robert125, 185

iPrks. Kouu 112

ilion, Jack 97.216 ilion, Jason 1imara.Judy 11mmtck. Bub 216 tinsmnor.John 216 linsmoor. Mark

lodenhor. Mike 164 Xwrr. Dav1: lnh•zal. Rnb 200 lunnr.lly. Jill 216 lnnnclly, Karen 88. 164 )onuvan. Cathy 200 )unovan, JcH 200 )unuvotn, Murk 68 )onovan. Bub 164 )unovun. Stcvt• 216 )oody, Michael 216 )uody, Terri 164 Donlittlc. Sue 200 Dnrr. Randy 216 Dorothy, Janet 74, 21fi DuuKh••rty, Dean 133 Dougherty. Don 133, 164 Duwd, Janel182 Duwd, Pam 82.200 Drake, Cindy 88.89

Frcriks. Teresa 44. 45, 91.217 224 Fricke. Susan 80, 88, 89 Fried, Edward 58, 201 Froedcl. Randi 80.217 Friedman. Samuel 58. 96, 201 Fricdman. Stephen 110. 124 Friedrichsen. S.

Fronk, Brad 76,218 Bruce Fritchman. Snndm Fntz. Andrmt 218 Fritz. Mary Frit1.. Patrict• 201

Frusl. Amy 1H5 Frost, Sura 44 .218

Fry;or, Leshe 218 Fuo:hs, Ann 187 Fut!rslt•nau, Rt!inhold 187 Fulnt!r, Landa 201

Fulton. Robin 111.187 Funkhouser. Cindy 187 Funkhouser. Donald 201



)unnt•r. Chris )unnc•r. Kit

Frccmun, Steve 73.217

Cuht•hart. Ronald

Farris, Ruymond 116. 126 Farros. Shcri165

Garroot. Judy 201 Ctt rrin)(cr. Dt:bra Gartin, Karen 201


Gass. David 218 llaagt •n:wn. Pamel;l Hnss. Terry 187

Ciboo, David 187

Gihrmol. Mary 68. 218 Cihson. Daro:y 187 Gibson. Julio•187

.,..,•rrts, Daniel185

Gibson. Thomas

Fcslcr, Belli 201 Fol'lwr, Kitty 34. 75,217 Findlay. Dan 201 Fonlo·y. J.. rr

Gilbert. Gary 216 Gill. Debra 82 Giller, Dock 72, 73, 80. 127, 201

Finn. Jnmcs 1U!J

Fonn. Mike 89.217 Finn, Sheila 34. 68, 75, 217 Finn .


Fiso:ho•r, Mary 217 Fisht•r. Jacqueline

Fitr.h. Debra Fito:h. Gary 217

Cillt•spic, Rncdcan 187

Gillogly, Barbara 167 Gillogly, Bernard 68, 218 Gillogly. T. M. 201 Gilmore. Jenny 201 Gilmore, Mary 75. 201 Gilster. Jill187 Ginsberg. Bernice 218

Fitzt1i.llnck. Mark

FwJd, Mark 43,217 Flagg, Kimberly 82.217 loll' 70,80. 89.217. 237 FleminK. Donna 182 Firm mg. Lynn 217 66

Fletchllr, Duuglas116. 124. 185 Flelcho•r, Gary 185 Floocn. Kathy 201 F1uwt•r, Dcbb1c

Focht, Jay 107, Leslie 185 Fogle. Chrosllna 92.217 Fol<>y. James Folry, Kathleen 217 Foh•y, Sharon 134, 165 Foran, Angela 182 Foran. Ccrrianc 217

Fnrcc, Bob 217 Ford, Eric 68, 217 Ford, Mutt hew 111.165 Ford. Steven 217 Furesmun, Paul Forsgren. Larry 201

Forsythe, Ann 185

Ellis. Clarmn

Fortner. Peter 217 Fortunt•, Robert Foster. Nam;y 201

Elnrson. Tom 216 Elsasst:r, Bf'bbie Elsasser. Mochalli 200

Fowler. Ellen 89. 185 Fox. JcHrey 182 Frahm. Vicky 201

Elworth. Tum

Francis. Joann 185 Fram:k. Steven

Emery. Christine 185 Engdahl. fame 216 Engel. Todd 69, 216

Crimt•s, Chnstinc 219 Barry Crult•hascht•n. D. 201 Gruh•luscht•n,Jim 219 Grove•. Ninu 2Hl Crm•t•s. Brinn 187 Cru\'t'S, Teri Cutnanc. Stt:phnnac 219 Gunse•t. Barhum 187

Cuss. Mi chal'i

Feldman. Marla 217 Fennllssy, Thomas 111. 165 Perrr. Matthew 207 Fo•rloc. Ann 162 f'o•rranlc, Pholhp110. 201

Fredrickson. J. E. 76. 90, 201 Freeman, Ellen 61.201

00. 219

Gridlo•y, Bart Grirrith, Jean 1H7

Faur, Kimberly 185 Faust. Michacl200

Gessert. Steven 44, 59, 72. 187 Gibbons. Kelly

Eisen. Leslie 76, 80. 89. 200 Ekholm, Karen 135. 216 Ekholm. Kirsten 185 Eklund. Karen 185 Elarrus. James 200 Eldr.r. Pam 216 EldrodKc. Pal Elloott. Jerr 216 Elliott. Iondo 61. 75,197,200 Ellootl, Kenneth Ellooll. Sus,on

Ctrunry. Jane Grt•guska, William Crt•sharn.f;lm• 219 Crt•wc:ock, Douglas 76.

Faur. Knren 185

Gt!ndlcr. Stt:vc 218

Eincrsun. Nancy

Gro•enly. Sow nne 66. 134. 218 Grl'enwell. Jamrs 187 Cro•l'f. Barboora 70. 66, 219 Gro·RII· Donald 187

Gzl'hoviak 69, 214. 219

Fconbcrg. Roberta 81,217

Egan. Mary 74,200 Ehrenberg. Linda 72. 76. 185

Gro'mberg, Joso•ph 187 Gro•cnhagen. Robcrl97, 216

Cnrdne:r. Mike 218 Vic:kic Curey. Tammy 218

P.rrell. Willium

HauJ>Iman. ,..rrrey

Crt•t•nhag<'n. Susann 74. 187

Cunso•t. John

Fcmbcrg, Tari

Edstrom, Kcrri

Huuss. David 219 fhtwkins. Pam 219

Gunsr•l. Raymond

Favara . Linda 200

Elodcs. Jcrr 200 Earle. Lisn 216 Eaton. Larry 216 Eloton, Richard 200 Ebner. Julie 29. 60. 61 Eddens. C. 89. 200 Eddcns. Quince 44. 68. 216 Ederer, C. 133 Edison. Juel216

Greco. Danicl111.187 Cre•cu. Gcnrgt• 201 Crt:<•n. Steven 89. 201

Gappa. Ann 201

Dresp, Theresa 44. 45, 200 Drew Wyatt 200 Dross. Cary Dudley. Lori 68


Hallam, Pnul Haug, Dantl'l94

Galslnn. Brian 187

Dmkc. Lisn 216

Dut•nsing, Tom

Gray. Debra Crny. John

Fasllon, Gerry 200 Farher, Jocl'iyn 182 i'ai'Jjuson. Charles 34. 68, 107.217

Go,.,r.Cuthy Gehl. Jodi Gendh•r, Gordon 58.80

Durry. Colh:cn Durry. Rose :10.68. 82. 216 Duis. Pam 216 Duis. Paul Duilc:h. Oebhy 88, 216 Dunham, Dave 81,200 Dunkley. Chcryl44, 164 Dunklo•y. Ko•vin 116.117,216 Durkan. Lynn 71,185 Du ros, Ron 200 Dutton . Shirley Dworak, Anne 98. 199, 216

Cmham. Rose Ann 187 Grant. Annt!tlt•187 Crnsso. Mat:hacl 218

Gnehl'l. Mark GnK"· Thomus 218 Galdc, Tomolhy

Farns. Lori 82,217 Fnrrts. Lorrit• 75. 217

Haschrom:k, Murk 126. 186

Hassel hatch. Maroan 54. 139, 161 Hathway, John 44, 219 Hall , Brud 111. 1:1:1. 1116 Hallam, Julll' 219

F'atlh . Lnura 217 F'nlcune. Dinnna 185 Falcon<'. Terri 217

Furgusun, Vtcki 185

Hun•o•y, Tub

Graham. Debra 201 Grahnm. Judy Graham, Rochard 218

Ginsberg, Debbie 35, 187 Givers. Juck 187 Ciwuyna, Brinn 91,218

Glasrord. Debra 218 Glass. Jcrrrey 58. 201 Chmn. Timothy Glcsmann. Tim 56. 201 Clissmann. Lori 201

Gloeb. Georrrcy Gloor, Kay 128.218 Gocht•r, Puula

Godrrey, Richard 187 Gohr. Donna 201 Goldbrrg. Marla 80. 201 Golden, Victoria 187 Goldman, Danoel72, 77.112, 187.194 Goldstein. Mike 218 Collt•hon, Luuri<' 201

Good, Helen 128. 187 Goodcnkaur. Laurie 44 Goodhard. Put218 Goodman. Lorna 187

Haas. Scoll110, 201 Hagedorn. Mary Brlh 187 Hugcrty. Cmdy 72.80 Hnhn. I foll y 219 Hahn . Mary 187 HniM. Jo•nny Hole. Laura 187 Halo•, Sue 219 Hull. Mochu!!l 68 Hall.os, Suzan no• 72. 201 Hnllgrimsn, Dian

Halm, Brenda 187 Halm, Deborah Halst•y, Donald 201 Halsey , Ccurgann

Holstead, Brian 187 Halsll'll. Michacl70. 71. 76, 80.219 Halvorson. Krisll 35, 80. 64. 219 Oanirl63. 68. 219 Humann, Esther 70. 187 Hamann. Julie 187 Hamilton. Cent• 187 Hamilton. Pnlrick Hamilton, Steve Hammack. Connie 187

lfooHrun. Matthew 34. 107, 220 I foooder. Janos 202 Hcunrud, Fred 39,611. 220 I flo on, Cheryl 78. 166 Ho•m, Jo•nni[t•r 62. 63. 213. 220 Ht•ist•r. Barbara 186 Ht•isst•r, Stcvt•n

Ho•ndrio:ks. Murk Ht•rman. Alh•n Hc•nnan. Charll's 1-il'rmnnn.fohn

Hcrm,onsky, P. 166 Ho•rmunsky. S. J. 202 Hr•rrm)l, Dinna 202 Ht•ri.UJ(. Jmnnhn 74

Heslmurk. Jdl202 Ho.oii,Jim188 Holtlroolh, Joni 220 Holl. Adell,, 2112 Holl, Lmda 70 Hillmt•r, Thnmus Htlzemdcst:,ftm t-hmt•s, Hctdi 168

Hino:hik 111.220 Hmr.hok. John Hinllt'. Putrir:ia 60.220

Hilt>S, Dinah 114. 220 Hiykcl. Rocha I'll Hohhy, llarlws Hohhy. Janua•188 Hobby. Virgmoa 188 Holn.u, John 91, 188 Dewey

Hni'Jio•rich. Joycr 220 Horrman. David 202 Horrman. Ruo:ho'i220 I formaillr. Dale 188 Hoio:h. John 73, 220.221 Holcomab. Mark 188 Hoh:ombc. Robin Ann 114.115 Hnlcombr. Tom 101. 117.188 Holdo•rno•ss, C. Hollund . Barbara 82. 135, 220 Hnlmt•s, Chnslinc 202

Holm<tuisl. Amy 97. 188 Holmstrom. Julia 80. 220 Holquosl. Lisa 202

Hamsa. Kristin 187

Holtji1us. Tom 220

Hand. Crcg 110. 187 Haney. Di;me 94. 201 Hannon. Dan HHnstm. Curtis Hansen. Dcnnts

Hunso•n, Hanso'n, Hanso•n. Hanoo•n.

Jd[ 219 John 48. 219, 237 Mark 63, 103, 201 Roberl125. 187

Hnnsl'n. Slt:vc 122 Hnnscn, Susan 168 Hansen. Thomas Hnnson. Dnlhts Hunson. Joel Hunsun. Kevin 186 Hanson. Mary 1R6

Hanson. Mio:helc 219

Cnodrir.h, Mark

Hanson . Sharon 203

Goudroch, Michael218 Gorut. Pamela 201 Cordon, Greg 187

Hargill . Br01d 219 Hargoll . Chros 90.201 Harlo•ss, Lunda 27. 78. 166 Harmon, Julia 89. 219

Cuss. James 218 Cuss. Shari 201 Gould. Lauric 88. 201 Gourley. Nancy 201

Hnrnt•r, Elisabeth Harner. fay Mary Ann 187 Cowoal. Ron 218 Grabow,fnttnnc Grabow, Rosanne 201

Harris. Pamela 186

Grady, Creighton 110

Ht•acock. Sarah 220 Kim 100 Hl'brrt. Donnn Ht•ctor. Alant•1U6 ltt•c.:tor. Susan 219

Hammack. Valerie 67, 219

Goodroch, Kendull

Cordon, Stac:y

Hawlo•y. Gl'rald 110.201 Haws. Kay 220 Hawlhorno'. Jay 220 I fay , Timolhy 201 llaycrurt. Kathlo·o•n 166 Hayo•s, Sian 2112 I fuys. Mury 12H. 220

Harrington , Janel 68, 219 Harris. Nancy 135, 196, 201 Hart. Johathan 219 Hnrtrord. Bob 126.127. 219 Hartford. Debra 134. 201 HarVI'y. Jeff 120. 166

Holub, Dulo• 202 } loog.-nscn. K. A llupt•, Rubt:rl I Stcvt! 220

Hopkons. Kate 202 Hopkons. Murk 89, 188 Hopkons, Mo chuol126, 202 Hopkons, Mikll96, 220. 237 Hurn. Paul Hosmdn. Stephen 188

Hotuvy, Donald 188 Houst•, John

llousl'holder, Shari !Ill, 202 Howurd, Janio:e 134. 188 Howell. D<,bru 220 How('] I. Stt•vt•n 202 Howro·y. Jan :14. 75.220 Mu.;h;wi16U

Hoyt , Davod 220 Huhb,ord. Conn II' 220 Hubbert. Duvid 188 Hul'iskump, Paul188

IIUKho•s, Chrostonc 71, 188 HuHho•s. John I fughl's, Wolliam 76. 202 Hullquosl. Ko•nt 80. 220. 222 Humlwrl. Ronald 202 Hunlt·r. Ann 187

llunh·r. D<onald llunlt•r. Mu:htwl

llunlo>r. Shirlo•y 202


HusltJ.:, Paula 1H7 Huslun. L«uit· Ann 44 Hybl. Li>. 91 Hyluntl. Loury

I l.effadlanu. M. 202 l"c·l. Kurl 112. 11111 lhnc•n. Arl" 1111. 11111 lhnc•n. Audrc•y 1116 lhnc•n. Cynlhlll 202 lnc:unlro. Kt•nnrlh lnwram. Timulhy 124 . 1116 lnJ,:rim, Mu:hucl 44. 220 Jswlin. Sc;nll18ti lskc•. Sleven 220

J f,u:ksun , Sh;tron 220 J;u:uhs. TcKid :14 . HO. 107. 221 J;u:uhsun . Brinn 16. 202 Juc:uhsun , l..uri ]ac:uhy. Share 21)2 J;tnnwskt, )tm 1H6 J;cnsc•n. Jay 2112 Jay. Cynlhlll 202 ]c•ffrc•ys. ]uhn fc•nnt·r. Tt•rry Jc•nst•n, Crts 202 )c•nsc·n. Eliznht•lh 139. 1H6 Jc•nst•n, fulw 186 )t•nsc•n. Kc•v m fc•nsc•n. Jc·nscm, LaurH 1A6 Jc•nscm. Lisu M Jc•nsc•n, Marj.(urt•l 221 )f•nst·n. Mark Jens.,n. Mary Bl'lh 221 ftmsun . DouJ,:Ias 221 Jellscm, Kurl Jc•ssc•n. Ann 12H. 1116 Jc•IIN. Ma llhc•w ]l'llc•r. Willlam116. 111ti Jcrku\'sky. ]c•rald 22. 221 Juhns. Mark Allc•n Juhnsun, )unl'l 221 fuhnsun , Bnrhara 1Hn Johnson , ]uhnsun . Ccndy 22 . 24. 25. 68. 9H. 99. 2111. 221 . 241 )uhnsun , Cr.uJ.: 1U7, 2U2 )uhnsun . Curl is 46. 202 fuhnsun . Dotnny Juhnson. Dnvid 186 Johnson , Oit\'itl 221 Juhnsun , Ct•ri 202 Johnson , Ha-ruhl68, 221 Juhnsun , )t•un 202 Juhnsun. ]c•ffrc·y 221 Johnson. Ft•n!Hrt•r HWl ]uhnsun. K.elhy 202 )uhnscm. Ktmht·rl y Johnson. U·slit• 202 Johnson. M;tlc·t• 202 )uhnsun. M.trk ]uhnsun. Mnrk :15, 107. 221 Johnson , Mt•rnll Johnson. Ru ;hitfd 1Kti )cthnscm, Rcthc•rl )uhnson, S.tndrt• 186 Johnson , Sharon 202 Johnson , Sh•\'t' Johnson , Slt•warl 221 Juhnsun. Sut' )uhn:mn, Tnmi YH. HWi )uhnsun, Tt•rri 96, 1:i4, ltwi )une•s. Erin 221 Mic:hnt•l202 Junt•s. )c•rry 202 Junc•s, Kulhc •nnc• H8. 221 Junt•s. l..mdu HO, KH . 100 )unc•s. Ne•d 1Hfi Junc•s. Ttmulh y ]nne•• . Vh:ke 202 )urtlum. Chnslyn 1Hfi Hu:ky 61 . 1m. 221 ]unwhlulh. Wc•ndy 2!1:1 Juslman , Ke•nnc•lh 221

K Kudavy, Kitlhy 20:1


Kuhnt•n. Dl'hhw Kaldc•nhcrw. Dchhif! 68. 221 Kalhnrn , Sf: ull Kalinc•. Ric: hard 106. 107. 203 Kampfc•. Clark HO. 2!13 Kumpralh , Dt•borah 221 Kumpralh. Sar.t Kunt•, Kunt•, 6.1, 221 Kunt• , M<try Bt•th Kotnlur, Calht•rinc • 20:1 221 Knplun . Beth 02. Kaplan . Daniel K2. 221 Kitplun , Lisa 186 Ku,,hm. Tt•rry Kuras , Ke•vm 221 Karnes, Brt'11186 Karne•s, Mit:hurl 20:i K01rnrs, RL1ltn a 20:i KirNit•n 186 Kaqwn . Eliwh<·lh 1116 Kush . Susan KY. 221 Kasku ., Lindu 1H6 Kntt•lmHn. Grt•lc:hc•n 221 Knlhrl' in. ]uhl' 221 Knl>.. Mu:hc·lle 221 KHul. K11vun . Mic:hitt•llOO Kmuw, Du\'id 126. 221 Kc·c:k . ]c•rry 111ti Kt•t:k. Thomus 20:1 Kc•pfc•, John 106. 222 Nnn c.y H9. 92. 114 . 115. 186 Kc•llc•y. Cindy 222 Kl'llc•y. l.aura Kc •llc•y. I..Jtura L. 203 Kc>llc•y. Nic: ky 1116 Kc •llehc·r. Kc •vin 111 . 123. 186 Ke •lly. Davul 211:1 Kc•ll y. Kc•ilh 186 Kdly, Laur.e 222 Kc•lly. Rubc•rl 77 Kelly. Scan 2:15 Kc•ll . Chrisly 91 . 203 Kt•mp , Murc:iu Kc •ndall, Brinn 203 Kc•nnc·dy. Eric: 67, 76, HO. 222 Kmnc•lly. ]c·ffrc•y 111ti Kc•nnc •y. Mi c:hal'l68. 20:1 Kc •nny. Pulru:ia 100 Kc•nlnt•r. Nur.t 20.1 Kt •rn. Ktrhy 222 Kt •rn. Sht!rrt 70. lBH Kt•rnt •n. Kt •rry 1H7 Kt> , Mt·ltss;t 222 Kc•rslt •n. Murda 1:19. 203 Kc•sslt •r, Sclmn 74 . 222 Kt•ue;ht·l. Ruhe•rl 188 Kc •yc•s. Kalhlc•c•n 203 Kll'fc•r. Kurl110. 203 Kll'hl. Rch< :c:c:a 222 Kin)(, CHiht•rint • Kin)(, Mnr)t;lrl'l 20:i Kinw. Sl.,vc>n 222 Kinx. Susan 1H1 Kinnc•y. Knlhy 68. 222 Kinnt•y, Kc •vin Kinst•lla, Pnlru:iit 135, 188 Kinslc•)•, ]ode 34. 79. HO. 222 Ktnslt•y. Luri 222 Kip11. Lucy Kirc:hne•r, Kurt•n 222 Kin:hrwr. Krtsltnt• 72, 80, 203 Klitus. Wilhum Klc•hc·r. Mi c: hn1'1222 Klc•rrnc·r. Oi•ntsc• 188 Kll'in. Mnrilyn Klt•in. Klc•m>.. Chris 222 Klc•m >.. Cindy 1:14. 2!13 Klc•l kc ·. Dnn 222 Kli)>pc·rl. Kimhc•rlly Klmilt•rmun . Ann Klustc•rmun. Cat hrrinc Kmirt:tk. Kurmn 203 Knc<hl'l. Belh 20:1 Dan 106. 131 . 222 Knell I. Cindy Knuwl1•s, Duvtd 68. 222 Knuwllun , Tc·rry 20::t Knudsm . llc•rh 222 Koc:h. Mu:h.H"IlHH Keu•hh•r. Mark Kohli. Louis 116, 11111 Kupt •t: ky , Dt'hru 65, 188 Kurrr. Mike• 91 . 222 Knrlus . Kurlus. Pnmc•lu Kuszcwski . Wuntla H9. 203 Kuukul . Dnvid 126.20:1 Kozak , Dawn Ku>.Pny. Lmldic 222

Julie• 203 Kramc·r. Julie• 51 . 20:1 Kr<tnlz , Sus;m 203 Krasnt•, M;m:in 18H KraiO<;hvil . Tum 222 Krausr . Mary Krt•c:kluw , Tummy Krcifc•ls. Chc•ryl186 Krt•ll r., Tcmmc:e• 188 Kn•nzc •r, Kalhlt•c•n 188 KII'n:r.c•r. Pumt!la 44, 45. 56, 20:! K;alhy 70. 80 Kruwh . David 44. 45. 76 Krumc·r. Mary Krone•, Cnrme•l 168 Krunt •, Chrts Krut'Rt' r. Timuthy KruJ,:t'r, Bri;m 203' r, Bruec• 1H9 Krumc •l. Chl'ryl 222 Krupcnsky. Can>l 20:1 Kuhal. Cindy 222 Kuhc•. ]nmc•s 211:1 KuJ,:I1•r. Dc•unn a 20:t Kulc•sh . Knlhryn 189 Kunkt•l. Ke•vtn 20:i Kunklc •. Lauru 1H9 Kunulcl. Sharon 44 . 189 Kunuhl. w.,nd y 44. 45. 223 Kupka . llull y Kurt:r.. Pt'MJ.!Y 22:1 Kurl:r., Sue 223 KuNII'eka. Jan Kullt•r. Murrn y Kuulsun. Kns

L L'f lt•urt 'U" . Kcmd y Lm:y. lanc!l 22:1 Lnc:z. De•hm HH. 22:1 LudwtJ.:, CrHtM 11 , 125. 189, 20:1 Uulwi).:. ldrre•y L.;tmb. Ru:ky Lnmhn•t:ht. F'rcd 22:1 l....unum , Brl't 22:1 L.omde•n , Clltrc•ne:t• 35. 101, 223 Landt•n , fnmc •s 1H9 Lund is. Calhy Utnclts. Susa n 20:1 Lotnclun. Mark L.tnJw. Luri Ralph 1H9 Lunwlc•. Julie· KY. 189 ]uca lh 20:1 L;crkcn. Jim 223 Utrru:k. Laurit• 189 UtrSi'n , Snrah lHO l.urs,•n, Dunll'l L.ur.wn, Utr.wn, Eluint! 223 Larsun. lewnnc! 223 Utrsun, Marr: 1H9 Utrsun. M;trk Utrsnn, Murk Larsun , Mit:hut•l 20:1 l..otrsun, Rndnt•y 11H. 125, 189 Lnr.wn. Tamurot 20:1 L;cshinsky. E. 71. 189 Semi H2, 203 l..otlt•nst•r. l.;ello . Juan 00, 22:1 Cra flun 44 . H2. 189 l.cnda 20:1 l..uure·nc:c•, Hnruld 91 . 1H9 l..otwsun , Luy. Dt•hurnh 6H. 22:1 Lc•. Ty Vnn Lc•aclc•r. Timulh y 1H9 U·urc:h. Rh:hurd 204 U•c•, Tt•rc:st• 204 Ll'fhull>.. Li•n 22:1 Lc•hmkuhl. ]anc•l 74. 204 Lc•hn. Cnlhy H9, 189 U•hntnJ,t. Don Lc•hncn". Slc•phc•n Lt•iJ,:hlun , Willi01m 204 U•tst:h, Will tam 223 Lc•mmt•rs, BtlllHH Lt•mmt•rs. Tt m 204 U•nnc•r. Buh 59 U•pmski. Andrt•w 61 , 103 Lt•rnt•r. Rulwrl 44 U•slc:r. Susan 204 Lc!uc:k . Murc:la 2!14 Lc!uc:k. Mark 1H9 Haruld Lt•vin. Mit:had 204 Ll'w i• . Chl!ryl189

Lt•wis, Dan 1H9 U•wis. Dana 204 U•wis. Sll'\'l'n 189 U•wis. Soc til , 1:14 U·tnc•m;mn, Cindy 22:1 Lie•hc•nutnn. )im 1H9 LiJ,thtruut . Judit• 189 LiRhthurl. Mif:hari1H9 LiNhlh•rl . Palric:k 223 Linc:uln , Lind. IJI!hurah 223 Lind. ]l'ffn•y 111!1 Lind. Judy 1H9 Linch•. Rubc•rl107. 111 . 204 Lind..! I. D.lnllli1K9 Lindc•n. Calhl!rinc 1119 Lindt•n. Paul111 Lindsuy. Alll'fl 111 Lindsay, Thomas 223 Ltnn. Mu;h,wi1H9 LipPI! . Cynlhia 22:1 L>llle, Daved 59, 96. 22:1 Lillie•. Todd 5H. 96, 97 Lodit•n, Murk 204 Lut•c:k. Donit•l189 Lc11·fne•r. May 22:1 Lee f. Dave 42. 224 Karc•n 1:19. 204 Dunn a Lc>hff. Eliwlwlh 189 Lc>kc•r. Timulhy 189 ]l'ffcry Lc>nN•HII, Timulhy 224 U•uj.(hrun, Putric:ia 189 LuuJ,:hrnn , Rutwrt 224 Luwt•, Lynn Luwt•, Mare 224 Ul\\'t', Raylt•nt• 189 Luhy. Slc•vc• 511, 63. 182. 1H3 Luctts, DPhra 1H9 Lut:us , lnmt•s Ludl'mHn. Jnmc•s 189 Ludwic:k, Dnlc• Lul!bhc•. Dcl!dc•c•128. 189 LuHhlwrl . James 110. 111 . Lc!udc•r. 72. 126 Lund , 224 Lymun . Dan 224 Lync:h . Add Lyn c: h. ]l'ffrc•y 1K9 Lync: h. Mic: hal'l 224 Lync:h. Tom Lyon. Chc·ryi1H!I Lyun, Shannon 44 . 82

M MuHc:k, MHri:ml:t4. 1H9 M1tt:. S1unlc•y Mac:c:ht•ttlu. Alhe•rt 224 Mae:dunultl. Swutn 189, 190 Mac:kic•. Mic:h•u•l111l. 123 Madt•.m, Bnrhura 189 M.u:lt•,m, M11ry 224 Mac:lc•an. Paul224 Mac:tit•r, Sc:ull126. 204 Madsc·n . Charlc•s 110. 204 Mae•nne•r. Duvid 118. 119 MiiJ.IIslrt•lll , Murk 204 Mahhoubi. Arlin 294 Muhun, Ric:h 224 Mary. Mahunt• Mahowald, )cmn 224 Mahuwuld. ]osc•ph 190 Mnhnwnld. Kenm•th 190 M;thuwald , Lindn 224 MnitH•IIc•. Mujur, Susun 1:t5. 224 Malkin . Jay 6:1. 224 Mullr.ll . Sh!warl Mallory. Kc•llil! 70. 1H9 Mnlune•, Sc:utt Mittnnwl . Ann 204 Mnnc:uso, Cnrul 224 Mnnj.(anam. Slr\'t' Mi chc•lle 190 Mun.,wmrlc•, Guy 100 MHnj.(tumrlt. Citrul HMl Munzt•r. M.trk 204 Munztllu. Nunc:y 224 Mupt•s. )nnl'l Mapt•s. Roclncy 190 Mnrc:ullr, Cllrnl190 Mare:uz:r.u. Thomas 204 Mardis. Mic:had Marwulin. Jay 77. 111 . 190 Marino, Grl').l Muriut:t:i, Willium 204


Murklc·y. Suc• 2(14 Marlotkt•, Gtnu 190 M;u'1(tlilrdl. Dt•om 224 Morll'ns. K<'lly 22. 202. 204 Marlin. Linda Marlin. Susun Martin , Tht•rt•sot Mashl. Mikc•114. 204 Masun , MnrJ,:u l'ril r. Masun . Mic:h;wl Musnn . Mikt• 204 Mnthist•n, De•an H:l, 89, 204 Mullhuidc•s. ]c•ff 190 Mnullshy. Ja mes 61 . 103, 204 M;tun , Murc; 224 Muun, Slc\'t' 125 M.tust•r. Lauru• Mu ynnrtl , Mt chn c l61 , 103 Maz:r.t'l, Mnry 25. 74. 94, 204 Mt:Anlirc, P. Mc:Antirt!, Susa n 224 Mc:Avin, Paul McCalc•sler. ]eanc•lle 190 Me:Cunn , Mu:hnc•l 82 M<.Carlhy. Danll'l94. 204 M<:Curlhy. Pully 204 Mc:Carln.,y. Kalhy 204 Pal ri ck 190 Mc:Cic•llun . Mi c: h.,le190 Mt:Cctllislc. Chris Mc:Cunkic:, ViJlCin ia 190 Mc:Curmit:k. Mary 190 Me:Cnrmir.k. Thomas Ann 224 Mc.Curdy. T>molh y Mc: Evc·ny. Kalhle"n 204 Mc:Fadden. Ja ne 190 Mc: l'udden. Tom 224 Mc.Culdrick. Meke 224 Mt;Gutrc•, Ruhc•rt Mekc< 34 . 224 Mc:Kn in. Mark Mc: Kc•c•. Dav>d 224 Mc: Ken,.lc•. Brian 190. 204 Mc:Kc •nzit•, K. Mc:M;thun. Culhc:rint• 225 Me:MHhun, DHvid Murly Me:Munus. Pnlric Mt:Me•ninwn. )e•rrrcy 190 Mc: Mellan. AMNII' 86, 225 M<:Mellen. Ccndy 90.190 Mc: Mellc•n. Dancl'l225 Mc.Mellc•n. Dun 19!1 Mc: Mulll!n. J.mes 94 . 204 M<:Nubh. Kc•vin 225 Mc:Namnra. Knth y 61 . 94 , 20. Mt:N1vc•n. J.e •.tnn 190 )itmt!S 2()4 Mt•J.:urd . K;trt 82. 225 Elizilhl'lh 225 ; ._ Mc•tt•r. Muryunn 225 Mt•tsinJ.:ur, Mu:har.l H2, 190 Mt•tssnur. Puul225 Mc•isll!r, Mark 225 Mc•l c: hc•r. Rohc•rl 204 Mt•lhurn . Mt'ltus. Lmdu 190 Mellc•n. Mic:harl112. 190 Mc•lol,., ]nde•en 91 . 204 Mt·lulz. Stc•vt• 225 Mt•Jwlusr.l nn , Cindy 81 , 225 Mt•nuluse:inu, Mikl' 190 Mt•n .t•r, Ot•hhu• 204 Mt•rJ.:t'ns , Annt· 225 Mc•rJ.:t•ns. T1molh y 190 Mc•rru ;k, Lincl u 190 Mc·rrill. )ume•s Mc•rrlll , Duvid 1UO Mc•sst>r, 225 Mc•sstJr, Ric:hurtllll , 190 Mc•lllc•n. Cynlhis 190 Mt·yc•r. DunnulOO Mt•yc•rs, lonitlh;m 225 Mc•yl!rs. ]osc•ph 190 Mi c:h;clski. ]ulis 225 Meddle•!on. Lcnda Melder. Mike• 94 . 190 Mtlt•s, Thum;ts HKJ Mtllc•r, Donn u 204 M>llc•r. Cc!fll'llc• 86, 213, 225 Mellc•r. Cc•rc 190 Melll'r. Cwc•n 190 Mtllc•r, luc:que• 190 Mtllt•r. )ant•l Mtllt•r, )uunnt• 190 M>llc•r. Karc •n 135 Millc•r, Kristin 204 Millc>r. LI!roy Millnr, Luri Ann Millc•r. Mark Miller. Paul

Stcvt'n 90. 126 Willian 225 . Kitty 69. 225 li. Larry 111. 190 •1. Cynth.a 225 :II, Marthu :11, Nutho . Murk 118. 204 . Dcbt190 ;lt•r. Nancy 88. 139. 190 dt•r. Susan 88. 204 Knslmn 00.225 II. Kathy

Nit:huls. Robyn 88. 191 Nil•haus. Bi!lh 44. 71, 191 Mary Nilsson. Betty 190 Nilsson, Kimberly 71. 191 Nivt•r. Gary 110. 205 Nour. Sheri 69 Kt•vin 225 nn. M;turt:cn 190

Nm:tt.t . )df Nut:ita, Willi om 107 Noddh•. )ay 69 Noffsmger. )err 191 NoMg. Mursh01 Nul an. Mark 191 Nulan . Ttmothy Noland. )am<•s 69, 226 Nolll•. Barb Norby. Cynlhut94 Nordman, Cry Norns. Duvc 191

nnrcm;y, Renee 191

Norris, Tom 226

11.!l 11. Michol'l t'r, Kurt190

'''"· Sc:ntt



Barba rot 204

t', Donuld 225 ''· )ul11• 57, 00.204 n. Donly204 n. Mary 225 r. Davt• ht•ad. l::st her 205, 225 ·h• •an. Ruth land. Lmda 75, 92. 225 land. Shari 62. 191 David 226 :an. H.' Sr.oll126. 226

Nurth, Mary Sul' 205 Nuvak. Julie 191 Novak. Lcunnr 191

Nuvuk. Nnncy 82. 226

Nut:t:to, Sully 205 Nummda. Mtchellc 44. 191 Nun. 191 Nulty, Sahar 70. 00. 91,205

tun . )ant• !an,)im191

Phillit> 110. 205 t>hy. )ulte phy. Llsn rts. Dm nt' 205

ris. fay risun. Judy 134. 205 nson, Tnss 205 row, Cnthcnnc 80. 96. 99.205 row , OmtMlas row, Trish 24. 226 ·tun. )ami's •kuvlls. Brf'mla 205 ..JstHkcs. Pnml'la 205

Jslukr.s. Pamela 205 .wry, Cht·rl187 "ht•mnrt•, KPIIy Drian 107. 205 ffttl. Mt•lan11• 205 Htll. Mt•lanll' 205 llt•ndx. N;mt:y 226 O!'Uln, Ann 75. 80. 205 rphy, Annt• 75, 226 rphy. Etlt•t·n 191 rphy, Pamela 191 .rphy. Shnri 191 "phy, Ttm 126 ·ers. Dennis 25, 35, 106

•t•rs. Diana 191 lf•rs.

W. Duvad


0 O'Nt•tll. Sonja 191 O'Connor, Catherine

Ohara, Louis Ohnen. Colll'l'l165. 191 OBrtcn. Dan 226 Obrten. Terry 191 Obrtcn. Ttm 191 Ot:unnur,famt•s 191 Oc:unnor. Patnc;k 23 Oc:unur. Poll ru:m 226 Ot:tnas. )usl!ph 226 O'Doherty, Dave 35. 107. 226 O'Duhl'rly, )ames O'Doht•riy, )eon 82.226 O'Duht•rty. John Offutt. Mory 72. 191 ()Misd>y, Amt•h,t 205 ()Mit•sby, Ed 226 O' llalloran. Barry 69. 226 O'llalloran , T<•rry 205 O' Hara, Kaihlet•n 63 Oliver. Barb 75. H6. 205 Olst•n, Davt• 59. 11 Olst•n. Run 226 Olsun, Amy 64.191 Olson. Cal ht•rinc 71

Olson. Chns 76. 112. 191 Olsnn, Cuvt! 44. 59 Olson. )r.nny 75, 235 Olson, Joni Olson. Karen 62, 63. 226 Olson. Lintla 226 Olson, Lisa 64.227 Olson, Sharon 191 Olson. Stcvt' 83. 227 Ol:mn . Tumura 191

ll;hm.m. Nnnc;y 205 ulh•r.)odi

1pruvnik. Ant•r 205 trun. l.t•,mn 226 It han. Pam 80, 62,226 \al . Nomd 70 •dy, David 205 !lsun. Amy 70. 00. 226 :olson. Brad 00. 226 ••lsun. David 191 .-I scm. Davitl124

dsun. Douwlas 226

'lson. )uck 226 t•lsun, Jay

t•lson, )ulit• 78, 205 lt•lsun. Lori 205 ldsun. Nic:k Je•lsun. Ronnld h•lson. Sr.ult Je•lson, Sc:oi111U Su:mn U:t. 205 Tr1u:y

"t:uh,aur:r. Curl22fi .Je•uman. Oc•hroa 226 -lt•wbt•rM. )<off 711, 226 'lle•whc•q,(, Nu ncy 65, 191 Sht•ri 226 \lNvstrom, Nanc:y 89, 90. 191 RnhPrt 235 Brinn 226 \lt•\vlun. Nancy 44.·205 Tinn,Ngoc

Parks. Sarah 227 Pdscalc. Annt•191

O'Mt•.tra. Kathleen 65.191 O'Mc;ua, Krvm 205

Orr. Brad Ortega, Dobbie Oslt:n. Mikt• 20S Ostrand. Smtt191 Oslrnm. Mikt•191 O'Sullivan, )can 205 O'Sullivan. John 191

Ov••rlun. Amy Ovl'flun, John 118.119.227 Ow<:ns. Bill Owens, Tim 55. 205 Owrns. Tom Oyt\ Rnmuna 191 Ot.mun. Mikr


Qu rk . Laur.t 91 . 192 Qu rk . M1r.hacl Qu rk , Stevt•n

P<tsicniuk. John

Pal<•. Lisa 29. 75, 00. 94. 205. 207 Patcnudc.lcomnr 65 . 227 Pattavina , Janet 205

Patterson, )ill227 Pallcrson. T1m 227 Pauha. Kevin 227 Paul. Judy 68. 227 Paustiun. James 205

Pavl1k. Dchrn 191 Pavlik, Kevin 117. 191 Pavlov, Dimitri 191 Pnynt·. Tamara 205 Puynt•, Trc:m 227 Paynlt•r. L.nura 199

Payton. )cffn•y 191 :'aytun. Kathleen 205 Debora P"ck. Kim 75. 191 Pcdcrst•n. Knrcn 227 Pt·ery. Brenda 191 Pcf:ry , Teresa 205 Prt•tz. Patty 126. 192 Pl'lllgrino. Denise 81 . 82.227 Pt•nry. Monlt• 227



Rannt•y, Larry 192 Runnt•y . Lindu114. 192 Rasmussen. Dan 228

Rchbt•rg. Kurt Rch bt·rg. Rebecca Rchdl'r. )err 228

Rt:inhart. Bt•lly 206 Rendt •r. Tina 44. 88. 206 Rt:nnt•rt . Susan Renstrom. Elizttbeth Rt•pichowsky. Kris 44

PFeFft•r. Dennis 110. 205 Pft·ifer. John 192 Pfl'ifh:r. John 227 Pft•il. La uri<• 28. 227 Pflug. John 124. 192 Pflug, Tom 34. 00. 107. 227 Phillips. Rt>bt:ccu 192

Ric:c.famcs, 125

R••il'lstlorr 7fi. 00. 206 Bnrbnra 192

Reynolds. Douglos 228 Reynolds. E. Reynolds. Jeffrey 206 Rhodes. Rtchard 126. 192 Rice. Thomas 112. 206 Richards. Lisa 75. 139. 206 Richards. Michael126. 206 Richardson, Davtd 44 . 192

Ric:hurd:mn. Ken 22U Rit:hman. Elyse 192 Richtt•r. D;tvid 58.206 Ric:hll•r. )amPs 58. 228

P;wper, Brut:t•110. 205 Png••. Knstl 205

Page, Sh•vt• 76, 227 Pullt•ck. Vit:ki 227 Palmer. Louis111.191

Rumb.tugh. Glen 192 Run tee•. Kart•n 193 Runic1•, Paul Runnmg. Cindy Runnmg. Randy Running, Russ

Ruther. jennifer 193 Ruther. John 229 Ruthl'r. Julie Ru volu. Shcryl193 Ryan . Mark 111 . 193

s Sa a b. Lmy 193 )cnnifer68 Sat:ks. Susan 229 Sadofsky, Eileen SaN"· Sr.uot110. 206 S:nnl, Tammi 206 Sam!. William 193 Sn111a. Steven 206 Silhshury. Bruct• 106

Sallsil'en, Elizabeth 74. 136. 196. 203. 206 Sulmt•n. Dmtw 229 S:almt•n. Cnle 206

S.tlst•r. Christy 70, 193 S.tlis. Clifford Snits. Ronda 206 SHmson. Dt>hra 206

Pu:hlt •r. Ronald 227

Ridt!nour. Mary

Pu:kt·rinK. K;trcn 227

Sandt•l. Cindy 207 S.•ndc•rs. Cristint• 46. 229 Sandt•rs, )mly 128. 193

Rid. llanndorc 114. 226

Sandf'rs. Terry

Pll't:k, Elizahcth Ptlnnl. Vtcku•


Rigby . Martha 89. 192

Pmkt!S. Debbie Pmkt•s. Donna 205

RiMhlt•r, Trac;c Ringwnlt . Mary

Ptsttllo. Bob 110,205 Pttzi.Gary Ph•as. Chris 227

Rising . Mark 111. 192

Pleas. Terence

Plunk<:tt, Gary Pluntz. )uhe 227 Polito, John 205 Polsky. Jeffrey 192 Pools, Kevin Poppino. Lisa 205 Purtrr. 227

PosPit:hal. Nancy 00. 206 Potts. Dmnc 68. 75. 228 PoU<:herl. Grant112. 206 Pow('r, John 192

Power, Mary 34, 75, 00. 228

Rips. Di!bb11• Rouch . Alsion 78. 00. 88. 94. 206, 209 Roach. Chris 00. 228 Roat:h. Patrick 97. 114. 206 Roach . Paul Rouch , 192 Roach . Viclnria

Roark . Larry 110. 192 Roarty, Jim 192 Roarty, Kathy 206 Roh<:rts, Crntg 226 Roberts. Janice 68

Rubl!rtson. Kctth 192 Robinson, fohn

Powt:rs. Davt: 114. 115, 192

Rubmson, Mury Ruhinson, Nanc:y 206

Prt•st:ull . )ulit· 82. 206 Prt•st:ott. Susun 82. 192 Pr<:ssh:y. Patli 228 Pn•uss. Cindy 75, 228

Rockf'r, Susan 74. 206

Rut:k. l::dith 91 ,206 Rm:kwcll. Chcryl192 Rm:kwdl. Debra 90. 91. 206

Pnhorsky. 8drbara

Rudman . Patti 70, 88. 192

Prtdeuux. Scott114. 192


Prirncwu. Ellfm 228 Princt:. Richurd 228 Prusoski. Kurcn 192 Proud, Ct"OrMc 206

Rogers. Steven 111.192

Prut:klr.r. Marisa 89. 192 Pnu:kh•r. Kurt 228 PuMh. Martin 192 Putjt•ntcr, Joe 126. 192 Putj1:nter, Judy 206

68. 214. 228

Q Qumlun. Stt•vc

Quinn. Mich11ih•192 Quinn. Patrick

Palmt!sano. Theresa 227

Quinn. Timothy 226

Pan toga, Richard 63 Parker, john Parker. Stac;ie

Quinting, Kevin

Quinting. Mary Quirk, Gregory 206

Snndmunn. Eril;

Sun1uk. Katw 229 Santora. Luurtc 34. 00, 229 Sarbin. Nathan Sttvagt'. Erin 70, 193 St:nrptno, Cary Sc:avtu. C. A. 206

St:hack. Andrew 58. 193. 206 Schack. [.orrlla St:hat•Fcr, Mikt• 69 St:horr. Stc1>han•r. 206 St:hat>.. )a no Schempp. Erit: 134. 193 St:hempp. Ronald 229 St:henkclbt:rg. C. Sc:hcrmt!rhnrn.

Brian 114 , 206

Duwn , Roht•n 192

Rohcn, )uhn 229 Ruhrberg. Durn:w 229

St:hrader, William

Roffman. Dehbto 61 RoM&cnbat:h. Jacquelyn 192 Rohrlt'. John 42. 61, 103,226

Roley , Susan 206 Romano, Jtm

Roncku , junws 229 Runt. Nancy 88, 206 Roper. Timothy 44. 45 Rose. David61. 229 Rosenbaum . Tnmi 192 Ruscnbr.rg. Stuart36. 69.229 Roskcns. Barb 75. 94. 206 Ross. Nancy 102, 139 Russ. Sandra 34. 44, 75. 229 Russell. Hugh 60.61 Rot, Byron 40, 44. 229


S<;hcrmcrhurn. )ulit• 229 Sch1<•hur. )PH 200. 229 St:hh·u:h. Cunnu• 62. 63. 00. 200 St:hhchtcmll'r, L. 70. 81 .92 St:hlu:kcr. )ac kll' 193 St:hmtdl. Gn•gory 206 St:hmtdt . M.trsha 230 St:hmttlt. Sh•vr 200 St:hmilz, Carrie 128. 193 SchmH:kd. Susim 193 Schnatdt . D.tvid69 St:holz. Ann 69. 230 St:hon<:. )amrs H1. 206 St:hoolfield, Mary St:hurr. )ane 00. 206

Rome. )ant•! 75, 229 Cathy Padgt:ll, 69. 227

Rue\'1', Ruth 229 Rufrmu. Frnnk

Ratigan. Jant'l Rnymnnd . Tmri 192

Petersen. MHrk 205 Pclt•rson. Davt Kristin 71. 192 Pt•lt•rsun . Kurt Pt•lt•rson. Robrrl 63 Peterson. Robert Pclt·rson, Scott Pczdirtz, James 227

Pu:Md. Rotwrt 227 Pu:colo. Tim

Rut•v•·. Rita

Rupt•. Teri 44, 138. 139. 193 Russt•ll. Douglas 89. 226

Rt•mcr. Lynn 192


Rudenn . Kathlc<•n 34. as. 78, 79. 00.229 Ruevt:. John 200

Rust and. Dctvid

Pt•rrone. Tt•rry 44, 63. 67, 134. 205 Pt•rry, Brei 227 Pt•h•rsen. Mark 125.192

Rudd1 c: k. Rubert

Rat h. Daniel44. 45.107. 206 Rat h. Todd

Pt·rkms. Tom 205 Pt>rlmt>lt!r. Rex 227


Rotht•nbcrg , Stt•vc 88,206 Rulhwc•ll , Dl'lHlrah 192 Rmvt!, DL•n•sl' Ruwc , Shmlu 229 Rowland , Patrick Ru:t.guy, Nunt;y 192 Ru1.urn . Jnnet 229

Rubet:k. Randall44 Rilbcs. Ertk 192 Racint•, )im 63. 228 R.tff. Margar<•t192 Ra ha. Gono 228 Rahl'l. Patrtcl! 35. 79.220 Ralya , Cathy 228 Ramer. Donald Randall , Casey 68. 228

Rcimrr. Larry 226 Rrimt •r. Susan 192 Rt•imt•rs. Scott Rt:imPrs . Steve

P()rdut :, Dilnu•l205

:an. Ht•athcr Jun . Kimberly

Parks, Kevin 63

Schradt·r. James Sc:hrcthm. Tammy 193

S.:;hn•thcr. Tim St:hrt•uwr. )ulte 2:10 St:hrtll'dt•r. Mary 89. 193 St.hrupp. Guy 88. 110. 207 S,;hull'f. )a nice 207 St:hultz. Rogt•r 2:10 St:hulz. Lmda 193 St:hul>.. Sondr.t St:hulzt•. Susan 230 St:humucht•r, Debbtr 207 St:hupack. Kim 193 St:hwurtz. )anr.l193 St:hw<'nke. Ruger 110, 207


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T Tuhur. Rntnun 193 Tnhnrsky. Sui'.itnnf' 20R TnKJ.:tlrl. Mu;hat•l69

Tally, D.olo• Tnlty, Mttrc:in 34, 78, 79 T<UtKd nll. Slo•phen 232 Tunnt•r. Sc:utt Tapp. Tt•rt 193

T.ttn•.tu. Kt•\' tn 44, 2UH T.tylur. Cmtly T.tylur, luhn THylnr. Kart·n Tt·mplt•tun. Ruht •rt Tt•nt•u.kt•n. l.nurtt T..rry. D.tlt• Tt•rry. Paul Thntc:he•r. Vu:kt 193 Tht•t•l , Maqurlt' 12R Tht'landt•r. Chrts 90

Thu•I.Carul 1!14 Thll'srt•ld. Ru :hard , 2:12 Tholl. llu.h.ord 114 , 1!14 Thum.ts, Bruc t''>. Ctrullvn Z:t2

Thum,os, Cho•ryi 2118 Thomas, E\'t•lyn 208 Thum,as, M.trk 100, 20H Thumus. Sc.ut 1 20A Thompson , Ann 78, HH. 20R Thumpsun. Brut;t• 194 Thompson , Cht'rry 20ft Thumpsun. Kiirt •n 1H4 ThompMm. Mitrk 55. 194 Thumtt •. Ot•nast• 89. 2:t2 Thumtt •, Lun 194 Thurn hui'M. I udy Thurmond. Thumns 124. 20R Tu·rne •y. Kt•vm AA. 94.200 Tolly, l"·slo.onno• 44.2:12 Tuhm. Wlllinm Mi. 2:12 Tuclcl , Lurn 2U8 Ttwws. Mnrtm 194 Tullt•rsrud . Judy 200 Turskt•y. Stac:ia 194 Tusc.tnu, Bt•n 2HH Tuth.ll f. Ill. 194 Tot h . Sh,trun fiU, 232 Tuwt•y. Mu:ht•lt • Tuwe•y. Ruhm Tuwnlt•y. P.tul2:t2 Trotc;y, Bouhitrit 232 Trapp, Ot•hr.t 2:12 Tratst.h, Thomas H9, 110, 194 Truuha. Ot•nnis Truuha, faml's 97, 232 Truvntu. Anthuny 2.12 Trovnttl. Catht•rtnt• 20R TryNN. Kylo · 21HI Tuhno:h . 50. 232. 233 2:1:1 Towrk . fan Ttwrk.fulw2:t:l Tully. full!' 134.2:1:1 Tully. Lynno• 194 Tully. Paul 110. 126. 195 Turht •s. Bcrmtrd Turbo•s. fohn Turkri.Julu• Turnt•r. Rusty 2:t:t Tushnt•r. Jac:kit• 208 Tushno•r, Jdf Twt•dt. Tllmilra 195 Twl' , Tt•rri 23:i Tyro•II, Cullo•o•n

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UhonK. Pam 6:1. 208 Rrno•o• 21HI Uhru:h. Dt•hnrah 69. 233 Uhru:h. Sh.orun 71, 208 Undrland, Russ 94 . Unruh. Rolwrl 208 Uru:h. Lunnu• 195

v Valo•nlu:, Kimho•rly 195 Vnlc·ntu:, Mnrk 208 Vnn Husen. Jorscph Van Hoscn. Mio.ha cl82, 195 Vana , Paul 2118 Vuna. Thomas 195 Vanc;r·. Hrrsc:ht•l Vundt•rvrld . Donna 233 Vunlt•uvrn , R. J, Vann , Bill69, 233 Vnssus, Oinnu Vnus.:hn. Ounnld Vura. Kt•vin 194 Vo•ldman . K. L. 208 Vt •rmt•rhcrn. Uturu• 233 Vcslai, JoiiOU, 208 V•cotrm, Dam•llc Vit:otriu. Phalip195 Vu:kland, C. 2011

Virc,u,un. Jt·,mr RO. 200 Vtlanuvot , l.ts 21 , 233

Vollnuw, K. A. HO. 208 V1puntl. Mark Vtu•k , Sharon RO, 233 Vuwt.Cintly Vu)ll , Tummy 195 Vuhusk.i. Ltsn til. 210, 233 Vuhusk.o , Rl'lwkah 60, 61 , HO, !14. 95.208 Voll'n , ..:nk 2:1:1 Vundr.tst •k. 44 G.try 19!';

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Walhn, Julll' 44. W;allmw. lt•nt 195 w,,Jsh . Laur,, W;alsh. Tum 19S W.tlstrum. Juhn 195 W.tltt·rs . C.trulyn 19:! 2UH Wultun , Dol\'t' 2S:t Wnltun , Dt•hr.t 2:t:t Wultun. Mu.h.H'IlY!i Wultun. Stt•vt• 110. 20fi W.tnt •r. (ac:k 20H w.ord , Cheryl Wnrd. Ltndit 23:1 W.trd . Te•rt•su Wotrd . Tt •r4·sa Wotrn •n , Harry Wdrlit. SIC'VI'n RH. 200 Wotsst·man. Mu:hiwi20A W.otkons. Cyntho.o 195 Wallotnd , Annt• 2:1:1 W.trsun. N.anc:y W.ttsun. Rundy 233 W.lllun\•tltt·. N _A. 2CUi Wa)l. , lfuwnrd 126, 20R Wo•,ok . Molo.ho•l Wt•hbt·r. Tht•udnn· ti9. 233 Wt•ultwr. l.t·unard • WrtJ.:t•l. Annt•ltt• 6S. HH Wo·owo•l, Palru:k 69. I 111 Wt•ine•r. Potnwl;a 195 Wt•ins, Mary 58. 209 Wt•ms. Tht•rt•s;t 58,209 Wo•or, Bradlo•y 195 Wt•tr, Jac:qtll'ltnt' 234 W! •tsst •n bac:hcr, Srb.tsltan 20. 21. 76. 116. 117,209. 234 Wo •lo.h, fo'nnofo•r 139, 195 Wt •lc.h , Krtsttnu234 Wt •lc.h ,Tt•rrt Wo•ldun, Elaono•IIO, HI . 209 Wo•lls. Kom 61,210.2:14 We•lls. Murltn 76, 195 Wo•mhuff. Moko• 234 Wo•ndl. Daryl195 Wt •nstrund.lnnl' 77. 195 Wt•ntz , Wtlmu Wo•nlr.• Cundy 44 . 209 Wo•!'Mm . D.ovod 44 . 195 Wrrtht •tn , Wo•sl . Sr.oll 195 Wo•sl , Shelly 234 Wo •slo•rhn . B. f. 209 Wt•stun , Cunnu• 209 We •s tphitl , Knlhy 209 We•stphal. Paml'l it Wo•slphal. Roho•rl 126, 209 Wo•slphal. Susan 65. 234 Whalt•y, Tum 126. !27, 234 Wht•t •lnnd. Cr<ltM 200 Who•elo•r, Bub 81 Who•rlo•r, Mark 209 Wholo•s. Kathryn 209 Whttakt•r. Cary 209 Who to·. Davod 126,209 Who to·. Dchra 209 Wholr. Lnro 195 Wholo •, Ruwo•r 209 Who to•. Ruth Whito•, Sandra 195 Wh olt•, Sho•ryl 78, 98. 99. 209 Whtttukrr. Nanc;y 209 Whlttamoro•, C. A. Wiar, Cindy 195

WIIIM.olm, Ruth 234 Wtt•nt•rt.D.tvu.l Wu•nt ·rt. Kundac:e Wll'sman , Uuvtd Wll'snl.ln , Mark 234 WtJ«, M4•1.tnll' WIN)( IllS. Mtkt· 234 Wtww•ns. 209 Wt).lutlsky. funt•y Wtltu)lo. Pottru;m Wtku:... T.trnl 2:14 Wolho•lm, Kylo• 100.2:14 Wolko •, fuhn 195 Wtlkll', Dawn 20Y Wolkons. Barry 234 Wollmms, B. f. 2119 W!lhaml', Jumrs 44 . 97. 195 Wtllt,•ms,farrud 209 Wtlhams20'-J Wolloams, Randy 19S Wolhams, Sho•rry 69. 212. 234 Wolls, Tnno 209 Wills. Wendy 195 Wolsnn . Bro•o:k 73, !18, 126,234 Wtlsun , O.tu)( 69, 234 Wtlsun . Mtkt• Woll . Sto•vo•o 114 Wtnt.lcwrr. luhn 195 Wtn)(nrc.l. Knlhlc•t•n 200 Wmw. Sharon 2:14 Wonhmph•o:k, Cah• Ann 209 Wtnklt•r. Tt•rrso:t 209 Wonn . Jul11• 195 Wtnsluw, Ru:httrd 81 . 83, 94, 114. 209 Wtn:tlrom , Andn•w 6H, 234 Wtnslrum. Clam• Wtnslrum. Mtkt• Wtshon. Jat ;k Wtslt•r. Knthlt·nt• 195 W•tht •rhc•r, Mark, Wuddc•r, Andn•w 111 Wulrt•. Dcm)ll.ts 77 Wulff. Jrnnofo•r 112. 234 Wulk. Dan 73. 81 . 97, 234 Wol\•t•rlun , Lt•;tnn Wuud , fant•l 71. 19!'; Wuud . Thum.ts Wuudkt· , Knsllnc• 209 Wnudruff. Cynlhm 195 Wc1rkmnn, Muttht•w Wurr.oll, Broan 112. 11 :1. 235 Wurr.tll , ft•nntrrr 19.') Wuskuff. So:utt 96, 2:15 Wuskuff. Wo•ndy 195 Wush•r. Dt•hurah 195 WriNhl. Ot·nnts Wrowht.fao.k 195 Wurth. Tont Wynll , Kath1•rmt• Wylw. Mary 2:15



Y.offo•. f,ono· Yank. Sht•llo•y 211!1 Vt•lls. Ruht•rts Vt•lls, Tim 235 Yurk . Komhnly 195 Ymtn).: , 114. 195, 209 Yuunw. Onn 20H YuunwhlcHu.l. J. L. YuunMmun. Juht • 2C!t

z 7.. u:hurtaf•, Brinn 195 Zalkon . IIN•nda 209 Zalkon, Cho•rol 235 Zu:h. Kitrl'n 209

Zu•wlo·r. Cho•ryl91.


Zwmha, )tmmy Zunmt•, Cindy 209 Ztmrrwrmun . JrU 209, 235 Ztmmt•rmnn , Lur1 128, 195 Ztmmt•rmun , Mary 00. 209 Vt<:kir 51, 56.200 Ztmmt •rmnnn . John 57 Zuuk , D.tvul 200 Zorad. Chrisltnr 82,235 Zurmsky. Suzy 195 Zuut:hu. Tum 2!t5 Ztll'rlt·tn.U•o Zulrt·r. Dmnnt· 209

Zwo•oh<u:k, Jdf 126, 127 Ttmnlhy 6:t. 72, 126 Zyln, Sc;not

Westside High 1976, a school year just like any other, made of typical students and events. There were the seniors, restless and tired. Waiting anxiously for their acceptance letters to their colleges and for the final day of classes. Dreaming of the exitement to come, of the opportunities waiting outside the school's doors, along with wondering if they are "really ready." Juniors tiring quickly of being "second best," wanting more rights, but not too sure about accepting all the responsibilities. The class officers were busy worrying about prom when it seemed nobody else was. Others noticing for the first time the dates of ACT and SAT testing, worrying about the future and college, realizing it is coming up fast. Finally there were the sophomores, who started out the year in a daze. Being picked on by all and con-

fused by the freedom they now had. Trying the whole year not to look like sophomores but never quite succeeding. Learning the ropes day by day. From these three groups came people who really cared, who wanted to get involved. Whether it was in the class play, through student government, sports or any other activity, these people did take an active part in this year and this book is for them. This book would not have been possible without the help of a few people, who we would like to give recognition to, along with our thanks. Thank-you Jack Wishon for the lettering in the introduction. Thank-you Kevin Parks for the cover design and the division pages. Thank-you Mr. Bigham's creative writing classes for the inspired poetry. And a special thanks to Photo Editor Drew Lepinski and Chief Photographer Jim Maultsby for the color in the introduction and for raising the quality of photography in this book. The talents of these people helped to make this book what it is. Sandy Ross Lisa Vohoska



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1976 Shield  

The 1976 Shield yearbook for Westside High School

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