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The Middle School Athletics Guidebook 2013-2014 Athletics Statement of Philosophy Girls learn much more than mere physical skills through their participation in athletics as they benefit from the values of discipline, dedication, selflessness and hard work derived from team participation. The collaborative experience of pursuing and attaining a common goal in athletics is unique as it is combined with interscholastic competition. Through this experience girls are able to develop courage as they take risks, strength while displaying finesse, competitive intensity while exhibiting generosity of spirit, and mental as well as physical endurance. While the focus is to facilitate the development of each girl’s athletic potential, the greater hope is to instill motivation to continue in lifelong physical activity.

Middle School Athletics – A New Look! Middle School Philosophy Revamped Middle School Athletics provides an opportunity for every student of varying ability -from beginner through club player -- to participate at the appropriate level of competition. The Tigers will continue to focus on fielding a highly competitive teams for the 8th grade (Green Team) while continuing to provide opportunities for a novice team in the 7th grade (White Team) as well as offering tournament teams for those new to a particular sport or those students who are not able to commit to a five day per week program. What does this mean? This means it’s time to “get serious”. In order to properly prepare our Middle School athletes for competition in Upper School, we need to provide our girls with the tools to compete – proper conditioning, teaching of fundamentals as well as game strategy, emphasizing good sportsmanship, and the implementation of strategies in sport psychology to gain the mental edge. Put simply, we are now demanding more from our Green Team as we move to gain both subjective (enjoyment of the sport and being a member of a team) and objective (more wins!) success. We still want it all! We encourage all Middle School students to tryout for as many sports as they like, with the knowledge that they are going to be placed on a team that can help them develop new skills within a supportive and learning environment. Each student is expected to take her commitment to Middle School Athletics seriously which is reflected in her attendance at practices and games as well as being attentive during practices as this will culminate in our students receiving a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Tryout days are a great time for you to come out and give it a go, even if you've never kicked a soccer ball or held a basketball before! If after try-outs you decide it's not for you, no problem, just let the coach know of your decision 

The Commitment Practice Time – 3:15 – 4:45 p.m. Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball Green Team – Comprised of the top 7th and 8th grade athletes, the Green Team will practice five days per week. Girls are required to attend all practices and games. The Green Team will offer two “passes” per season should there be a practice conflict (e.g. orthodontist appointment, family dinner). Passes are not eligible for use on game day. In order to provide a more competitive experience, the roster size for the Green Team will be reduced to reflect a more appropriate limit for each sport. The Green Team will continue to compete in playoffs for the Middle School Independent League (MISL). White Team – Only 7th graders may be a member of the White Team as per Middle School Independent League rules. Student-athletes who have had significant outside experience in a given sport or who have shown potential in physical education will comprise the White Team. Practices will run four days per week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tournament Teams The Tournament Team is for our beginning players who are interested in learning the fundamentals of their sport. Competition is deemphasized and camaraderie is the key! The Tournament Team will practice three days per week (Monday, Thursday and Friday) and play in two tournaments per season in additional to intramural competitions. Should girls wish to hone their skills further they may join the White Team practice on Fridays. Changing Teams Mid-Season Girls progress in athletics at different rates. Based on this reality girls are encouraged to communicate with their coaches should they improve dramatically and wish to inquire about the possibility of being on another team. While team selection is done very carefully, we want to always “keep the door open” for further conversation. Green Team Tennis Girls who have had previous tennis experience are encouraged to participate on the Green Team. The MSIL league competition is coed in tennis. Practices are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with matches on Wednesdays throughout the season. Tournament Tennis This team is designed for the beginning tennis player! Concentration will be on basic fundamental skills and rules of the game. Practices are on Monday, Wednesday and

Fridays. Girls will compete primarily within an intramural structure, but may have opportunities to compete with area schools. Softball Currently, Westridge competes in softball only as a Green Team. Should the Tigers have enough interested students to form two teams Westridge will then add the White team. Green team practices are daily after school. Flag Football, Golf, Swimming Westridge competes in a single day fun event for flag football, golf and swimming. Girls will be exposed to football during physical education. Girls interested in golf and swimming should have basic fundamentals and some experience. Track & Field The Tigers compete in two or three track meets per season (contingent upon spring break calendars) as a single team. All girls who are interested in these meets will practice afterschool on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays four weeks prior to the first meet.

Our Goal While the team structure has changed, the mission of Westridge Middle School Athletics has not. It is our intention that Middle School Athletics will achieve the following:      

Promote enjoyment of sport to encourage lifelong fitness. Understand the spirit of teamwork. Emulate good sportsmanship in both competition and practice. Understand the benefits of discipline, dedication and hard work. Improve athletic skills and learn what it is to have and play with competitive intensity. Provide every Middle School student the opportunity to be a part of an athletics team.

Top 10 (or so) Questions Answered! 1. Which sports does Westridge offer for Middle School students and when are they played? The order for 2013-2014 athletics is as follows with competition beginning on the following date (note practices begin 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the season and will be updated on Edline):          

Volleyball – September 9 Green Team Tennis – September 30 *Soccer – October 28 *Basketball – January 8 Tournament Tennis – February 10 to March 14 Track and Field – March – TBD Flag Football – MSIL annual game in March - TBD Softball – April 15 Swimming and Diving – MSIL annual meet in May - TBD Golf - MSIL annual match in May - TBD

* Basketball and Soccer seasons flip annually.

2. Where do I find game schedules? Game schedules are confirmed prior to each season and posted separately on Edline at: As schools often need to change times/dates, schedules are not posted for the entire year. The Middle School Athletics Coordinator, Jason Windass, will send a weekly email on Fridays confirming games for the upcoming week.

3. Which schools comprise the Middle School Independent League (MISL)? Chandler School, Clairbourn School, Flintridge Preparatory, High Point Academy, Mayfield Junior School, Polytechnic School and Rio Hondo Preparatory.

4. When are try-outs? Tryouts for every sports season will be held two to three weeks before athletic competition begins. These days will be used to determine on which team student-athletes will be placed. Middle School sports are open to everyone, whether new to the sport or an

experienced player, all students will be placed on a team and will have an opportunity to experience Middle School Athletics!

5. What are the expectations required of my daughter in Middle School Sports? The Westridge Middle School Sports program affords the opportunity for all students to participate on any athletic team of their choosing. While it is our philosophy to provide competitive opportunities for each student, we expect each student to take her commitment to Middle School Sports seriously. As Middle School students have myriad activities, we realize making every practice may not be feasible. Therefore, we offer students the possibility of missing up to three practices (White and Tournament teams only; Green Teams have two passes) should they have an ongoing appointment or an extenuating circumstance. Students are required to be in attendance at all competitions. In order to exercise the option to miss practice, girls must complete the practice pass form and notify their coaches at least 24 hours in advance.

6. What is the protocol for leaving class early? If a team is scheduled for an early dismissal, each student must email the teacher of the class from which she will be departing early at least 24 hours in advance of the competition. Girls are also expected to follow up with their teacher in person to find out what work they will miss due to the early dismissal. Conference periods are a wonderful time to follow-up and meet with teachers regarding any missed work. Most importantly, students forgetting to email their teacher about the early dismissal will not be released from class early and may have to miss the athletic event that you are scheduled to play (yikes!). Finally, if you are scheduled to leave class early please be sure to change into your game uniform during lunch. This way coaches can give you a thorough warm-up in preparation for the game ahead. If you are not scheduled to leave class early then please change once school has ended.

7. Where will I be able to find my daughter on campus after practice or when she returns from a game? Middle School Athletics and the After School Program have developed a new system to supervise your student-athlete if you are unable to pick her up immediately following practice or after any game.

If a student's ride has not arrived by the end of a practice or game, the designated coach will take girls to Room W where they will sign in to the After School Program. Once the parent has arrived, the student must sign herself out in Room W. Per After School Program guidelines, girls may move about campus freely until 5:45 p.m. when they are required to be in the Middle School locker area, the Rothenberg Computer Lab, or in Rooms X or W.

8. May I take my daughter home directly from a game? But, of course! You will need to go to the competition site (i.e. field, gym) and directly communicate with the head coach that you will be transporting your daughter. If you have not arrived to the school by the time the bus is ready to depart, your daughter will need to return to Westridge on the bus (we cannot delay the team’s return).

9. Do I need to buy my daughter a uniform? No, the school provides the girls with all uniforms. You may need to purchase sportspecific shoes (e.g. basketball, volleyball, soccer/softball cleats, tennis shoes) as different surfaces require different types of shoes. Generally, running shoes are not acceptable for “court” sports due to the potential risk of injury.

10. Awards Each team sport will have a celebratory pizza party after the season! At the end of the school year, a recognition and awards ceremony is scheduled. Girls receive patches for their participation on sport teams.

11. Who organizes the snacks and water for the teams? Well, our parent volunteers do  Parents may choose to email, call or use Once we have the final game schedules, the head team parent will organize the snack schedule. Healthy snacks and drinks should be delivered directly to the competition venue. Thank you parents!

12. What happens if my daughter becomes injured? Westridge has a trainer, Aubrey Prince, on campus daily to oversee taping and respond to injuries. Should you daughter become injured, you will be notified immediately. If your daughter’s injury requires medical attention, she will need a doctor’s note in order to

return to practice/competition. Communication with the Health and Wellness office is imperative. Absence due to an injury will not affect your daughter’s membership on her team.

13. Parent Role Parents are our greatest advocates as they inspire excellence in their daughters and seek the same in our Athletics program. We encourage parents to foster their daughter’s athletic passion by enrolling them in camps and clinics as appropriate and to encourage their daughter’s to try several sports during their Upper School years. The most critical role that parents play in their daughter’s athletic development is to be a voice of positive encouragement – girls tend to be very self-critical and need ongoing positive feedback to offset this predisposed style. Girls are also acutely aware of “false-positives” which demeans their performance as it is disingenuous. While not every performance can be stellar, constructive criticism housed in positive feedback will facilitate the athlete’s development. Additionally, parents should first and foremost be parents by supporting their daughter’s efforts with positive feedback – coaching during the game should be left solely to the coaching staff.

Team Parent This year we are requesting a parent volunteer from each team who is willing to communicate to the Middle School Athletics Coordinator on a regular basis. The goal is to work in partnership with our parents in order to have the best athletics program possible. Sport Parent Advice Kevin Jackson, the head wrestling coach at Iowa State University and former Olympic gold medalist, talks about what parents should say from the sidelines. We encourage all parents to be advocates for their daughters during as well as before/after competition. Please allow our coaches to coach and our support team and fans to support! m/v/SJ8gCkto6HU%26f%3Duser_uploads%26d%3DAdZL4QkdDkrlx928rk1tdGsO88H sQjpE1a8d1GxQnGDm%26app%3Dyoutube_gdata&utm_source=pca&utm_medium=e &utm_campaign=ctr

14. How can I support my daughter’s development in athletics? Camps, etc. If your daughter begins to develop a passion for a particular sport, it will enhance her development to participate in Westridge summer camps and mini-clinics, area camps (e.g. Occidental College, UCLA, USC), club teams and to continue to work on her overall physical conditioning. It is highly recommended to encourage your daughter to observe high school and collegiate play for the sport(s) which she finds interesting.

Westridge Conditioning While weight training and cardiorespiratory conditioning have been in place for Upper School athletes, this is the first year that our Middle School athletes will be able to take part in conditioning Monday through Friday. Conditioning is for those students who choose not to participate in a particular sports season, but are wishing to train for an upcoming season or to simply want to get in good overall condition. Conditioning practice will run from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. No appointment necessary. Just be there! Westridge Collegiate Athletics Evening Does your daughter have aspirations to compete in college? Do you want to know how the process begins and how to position your daughter for successful recruiting? Lynn O’Grady, Director of College Counseling and Melanie Horn, Director of Athletics are offering a College Athletics evening in the Fran Norris Scoble Performing Arts Center in November. Date/time TBD.

15. How do I get in contact with the Athletics Department? Coach Jason Windass is the Middle School Sports Coordinator. Email Coach Jason at or call at 626-799-1053, x228. Melanie Horn is the Director of Athletics and can be contacted at or 626-799-1053, x255. Athletics trainer Aubrey Prince is at or 626-799-1053, x228.

Middle School Athletics Directions Chandler School 1005 Armada Drive, PASADENA, CA 91003 (626) 795-9314 3 miles from Westridge 1. Take Orange Grove Blvd. (North). 2. Turn left on Rosemont Ave. 3. Turn right on Prospect Terrace. 4. Turn left on Prospect Blvd. Turn left on Armada Drive.,+PASADENA,+CA+91003&hl=e n&sll=34.177867,-118.16004&sspn=0.007261,0.013089&z=16

Clairbourn School 8400 Huntington Drive, SAN GABRIEL, CA 91775 (626) 286-3108 5 miles from Westridge 1. Take Orange Grove Blvd. (North) 2. Turn right on California. 3. Turn right on San Gabriel Blvd. 4. Turn left on Huntington Drive. School is on right hand side.,+SAN+GABRIEL,+CA+9177 5&hl=en&sll=34.159279,-118.163099&sspn=0.007262,0.013089&z=16

Flintridge Preparatory School (Prep) 4543 Crown Avenue, LA CANADA, CA 91011 (818) 790-1178 6 miles from Westridge 1. Take 210 West; exit Foothill Blvd. 2. Turn left on Foothill Blvd. 3. Turn right on Hampton Road 4. Turn right on first driveway; parking lot is under 210 Freeway.,+LA+CANADA,+CA+91011&h l=en&sll=34.127811,-118.085623&sspn=0.007265,0.013089&z=16 High Point Academy

1720 Kinneloa Canyon Road, PASADENA, CA 91107 (626) 798-8989 8 miles from Westridge 1. Take 210 East; exit Sierra Madre Blvd./Altadena Drive. 2. Turn left on Altadena Drive. Turn right on New York Drive. 3. Turn left on Eaton Canyon Drive (1st left). 4. Turn right on Kinneloa Canyon Road (1st right).,+PASADENA,+CA+91 107&hl=en&sll=34.198457,-118.186004&sspn=0.007259,0.013089&z=16

Mayfield Junior School 405 S. Euclid Avenue, PASADENA, CA 91101 (626)-796-2774 2 miles from Westridge 1. Take Orange Grove Blvd.(North). Turn right on California Blvd. 2. Turn left on Euclid Avenue. 3. Turn left on Bellevue Drive. 4. Turn right on Waldo Avenue. Fields are on immediate right side.,+PASADENA,+CA+91101&h l=en&sll=34.174679,-118.092175&sspn=0.007261,0.013089&z=16

McKinley Middle School 325 S Oak Knoll Ave, PASADENA, CA 91101 (626) 844-7880 2 Miles from Westridge 1. Heading East on Del Mar Blvd 2. Turn left on Oak Knoll 3. School is on the right hand side,+PASADENA,+CA+91101&h l=en&ll=34.140225,-118.135192&spn=0.007264,0.013089&sll=34.138644,118.1435&sspn=0.007264,0.013089&z=16

John Muir High School 1905 Lincoln Avenue, PASADENA, CA 91103 (626) 396-5600

4 Miles from Westridge 1. Head north on Pasadena Avenue 2. Merge onto 210 West 3. Exit Lincoln Avenue 4. Turn left on Canada Avenue (first left) 5. Just past Casitas (stop sign) tennis courts on the RHS,+PASADENA,+CA+91103&hl =en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=28.529345,53.613281&z=16

Pasadena Polytechnic School (Poly) 1030 E. California Blvd., PASADENA, CA 91106 (626) 792-2147 2 miles from Westridge 1. Take Orange Grove Blvd. (North). 2. Turn right on California Boulevard. 3. Turn right on Wilson Avenue. 4. School is on right hand side.,+PASADENA,+CA+91106 &hl=en&ll=34.13582,-118.128219&spn=0.007264,0.013089&sll=34.140225,118.135192&sspn=0.007264,0.013089&z=16

Rio Hondo Preparatory School 5150 Farna Avenue, ARCADIA, CA 91006 (626) 444-9531 13 miles from Westridge 1. Take 210 East; exit Santa Anita Ave. 2. Turn right on Santa Anita Ave., (South) 3. Turn left on E. Live Oak Avenue. 4. Turn right on Farna Avenue. School is at the end of Farna Ave.,+ARCADIA,+CA+91006&hl=en &sll=34.13582,-118.128219&sspn=0.007264,0.013089&z=16

Waldorf School 209 East Mariposa Street, ALTADENA, CA, 91001 (626) 794-9564 6 Miles from Westridge

1. Take the 210 West, Exit Lincoln Avenue 2. Turn right onto Lincoln Ave. 3. Turn right onto Woodbury Road 4. Turn left onto Fair Oaks Ave. 5. Turn right onto E Mariposa Street,+ALTADENA,+CA,+9100 1&hl=en&sll=34.09992,-118.020974&sspn=0.007267,0.013089&z=16

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