2017 - 2018 Annual Report

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Over the past year we have seen many signs of progress throughout the


Downtown District, with strong growth in the residential and business sectors. Most notable is the surging growth of residential properties in DowntownWPB, with nearly 1,000 new housing units either in development or under construction.

A more vibrant, active, and safer community is the primary focus of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) programs, and with the increased residential occupancy in the Downtown, the DDA has been more involved than ever before in ensuring a clean, safe, and inviting environment for residential stakeholders. Through our work with the residential community, we have tackled challenging issues impacting residential quality of life. To remain in step with the needs of the City’s urban core, the DDA expanded and improved upon the services and programs that support quality of life for residents, enhance the business environment, and attract new visitors to the area. We saw our partnerships strengthened through mutual advancements and benefits. Some of the most gratifying partnerships were with local organizations that provide services to help end the challenge of homelessness – a primary concern for all stakeholders in our community. We pulled together a team to solve problems and address opportunities that have been both inspiring and motivating for all parties and we truly experienced that this past year. As we look to the new fiscal year, the DDA is committed to creating positive outcomes for the community we serve through influencing positive change with our plans and programs. This report shows the power of partnership and how much can be accomplished when committed to creating positive outcomes for our community. The DDA is humbled with the success we have accomplished, and we want to do even more for you in the coming years. Warm regards, Raphael Clemente Executive Director 1

ABOUT THE DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is an independent taxing district created in 1967 by a special act of the Florida Legislature. Working in close coordination with the City of West Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to deliver the most impactful and value-based outcomes possible to our stakeholders. The mission of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority is to promote and enhance a vibrant Downtown West Palm Beach.


Upendo Shabazz



Board Chair

Rob Samuels

James Hansen

Board Vice-Chair

Board Member

Mary Hurley Lane

Cynthia Nalley

Board Member

Board Member

Rick Reikenis Bob Sanders

Robert Sanders, Esq.

Board Member Board Member

Board Member

Raphael Clemente

Teneka James-Feaman

Executive Director

Associate Director

Penny DeStefano

Tiffany Faublas

Catherine Ast

Director of Administration

Marketing Director

District Services Manager

Sherryl Muriente

Leslie Piester

Manager of Urban Placemaking

Marketing Coordinator


Samantha Murrell Administrative Assistant


ENHANCE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT ...by achieving a higher level of maintenance and attractiveness by focusing on public space maintenance, beautification, and improving safety and security. Projects and programs include traditional as well as experimental programs and pilot projects.

Appearance and perception play a critical role in getting and keeping the attention of residents, visitors, and investors. Maintaining a high quality of life for residents and protecting property values depends upon a well-maintained public realm. 5

DOWNTOWN CLEAN TEAM In partnership with The Lord’s Place, Inc., this program focuses on assisting our homeless population by providing part-time employment to formerly homeless or incarcerated individuals to assist them on becoming re-acclimated into society and earn a living wage while improving the quality of public spaces throughout the district. Since its inception in March 2018, the team works to keep public spaces throughout Downtown clean and tidy, responds to clean up requests, and reports graffiti and other maintenance issues.

Cans # Times Cleaned

Sidewalk Blocks Cleaned



NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANING Providing streetscape cleaning services in the public realm throughout the district for the benefit of Downtown businesses, residents and visitors.

Landscaping: Scott Lewis’ Gardening and Trimming has maintained the beautiful landscape along Clematis Street and other key areas in the Downtown District. The landscape team cleans debris from sidewalks and plant beds daily, maintains healthy trees on Clematis Street with proper maintenance and pruning. As well as various smaller-scale projects throughout the district as needed. The main coverage area is Clematis Street from Narcissus Avenue to Tamarind Avenue. Pressure Washing: To maintain a clean space, we contract with Green Earth Power Washing to clean Clematis Street monthly. This cleaning is done using steam instead of a traditional pressure wash and an ecofriendly cleaning solution. Also cleaned on a quarterly basis are Narcissus 1,342,338 sq. ft. of pressure washing... Avenue, Dixie Highway, Olive Avenue and Rosemary Avenue, from Banyan Boulevard to Datura Street. When needed, That equals 24 football fields! extra cleaning is executed and this year it included Tamarind Avenue and Sapodilla Avenue, from the Kravis Center to Banyan Boulevard.

SECURITY AMBASSADORS 8,780 routine check-ins 554 service calls 574 hours per week 9,344 security interactions

Full-time private public safety force contracted with Professional Security Consultants. This dedicated team works closely with the West Palm Beach Police Department to improve safety throughout the district; essentially the “eyes and ears” for the district –to assist businesses, residents and visitors with information or to contact emergency services. Their presence significantly improves perceptions of safety as they execute routine check-ins at various locations throughout the downtown district, including residential buildings, parking garages, the Waterfront, and other areas. Each team member is trained in CPR and First Aid. This year, members were trained to better handle difficult situations in a communication class called Persuasion Power.

CITY OF WEST PALM BEACH DINNER DETAIL In response to two isolated incidents, the DDA and the City of West Palm Beach Police Department entered into an interlocal agreement in April to begin a 90-day pilot program to increase police presence on Clematis Street during the evening. The detail provided two additional patrol officers during peak dinner hours as an added compliment to the existing police deployment. By coordinating efforts with the Security Ambassador Program, officers were able to increase the visibility of enforcement within the area and reduce the number of reported incidents. This pilot program led to an increase in regular duty patrols and improved security in the Downtown District. 6

TROLLEY RIDERSHIP The Downtown Trolley serviced over 575,000 people this fiscal year on the Yellow and Green lines. The Blue Line Trolley pilot program which began in 2015 with the Palm Beach Outlets, the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the DDA transitioned to operating year-round after servicing 40,000 people in the previous fiscal year.

575,000 people = over 5x the population of West Palm Beach!




...by working to ensure that DowntownWPB is a great urban neighborhood – walkable, safe, vibrant and attractive. Advocacy and action on issues that erode quality of life for residents is a top priority. Downtown West Palm Beach is as much a neighborhood as it is the City’s central business district. As downtown has evolved, has the DDA’s programs designed to address quality of life issues. Making up the bulk of the DDA’s budget expenditures, projects and programs that enhance the physical environment of Downtown are the core of what the organization delivers. These programs generally fall into three areas of focus:

CLEAN, SAFE, AND BEAUTIFUL Utilizing Downtown Clean Team, the Security Ambassador Program, pressure washing, and landscape maintenance.

HOMELESSNESS Working collaboratively with the City of West Palm Beach and The Lord’s Place to decrease the impact that homelessness has on our community.

ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT IMPACTS Addressing potential negative impacts of the nightlife business sector on residential stakeholders, coordination with Entertainment District Police Unit, and code enforcement for nuisance issues.

In addition to these specific programs, the DDA’s partnership with the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) enables a strong line of communication between the residential population and the DDA.


ENHANCE THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT ...by working with the business community, helping to reduce commercial vacancy rates, and using business recruitment strategies to attract the most appropriate and desirable businesses to the area. Through various programs and initiatives, the DDA helps convert unused space in downtown buildings into economically productive property. The DDA is focused on ensuring that Downtown West Palm Beach is economically vibrant by capitalizing on its resources and assets, enhancing its amenities, and strengthening the business environment. One way the DDA strengthens the business environment is through programs that help retain existing businesses as well as attracting new ones. These programs include grants that fund property improvements designed to assist new and existing businesses.

New Business Openings Travel Leaders of the Palm Beaches 329 Clematis St. Loic Bakery 480 Hibiscus St. Flagler Bank 606 N. Olive Ave. ILEEN Girl 310 S. Dixie Hwy. #306 Pipeline Poke Co. 310 S. Dixie Hwy. #300 Flowers & Fringe 316 S. Dixie Hwy. West Palm Beach Brewery 332 Evernia St.


7 7 3

Grand Openings Faรงade Enhancement Grants $54,090.64 Total Private Investment $157,626.97 34.3% DDA Investment Business Assistance Grants $93,822 Total Private Investment $884,717 10.6 % DDA Investment

MARKET THE DOWNTOWN …to investors, visitors, and tourists by strengthening the brand identity and image of DowntownWPB by using its amenities, history, location, business offerings, restaurants, and collection of arts and cultural destinations to present a positive image of the area.

5,936 residents > 15K businesses FLAGLER SHORE: FROM PAVEMENT TO PEOPLE October 7, 2017 - March 1, 2018 A pilot project which repurposed a section of Flagler Drive in Downtown as a temporary expansion of public space for pedestrians, bicyclists, and merchants. Working closely with the City and CRA, the DDA was tasked to activate the new temporary space to test concepts that could be used in future permanent designs. Activations included Coffee Outside, weekly Monday morning bike ride with coffee; Lunch at the Shore with food trucks and vendors; a monthly Sunday picnic for families; and the Bicycle Valet at the Green Market, a weekly Saturday bike parking service at the City’s Green Market; and, Music at the Shore, a large-scale music, fashion, and food event in December. The project created a unique opportunity to interact with the residents, visitors, and merchants of West Palm Beach; which allowed us to learn more about their preferences and ideas for public realm improvements. With over 60 community activations and approximately 15,000 visitors, the project created a space for social interactions amongst neighbors, improved economic opportunities for local businesses with increase sales in neighboring restaurants, and created exposure to original art, music, and cultural activities.

12 FOR 12 WPB: POP-UP TO RENT BUSINESS COMPETITION January 24, 2018 - July 8, 2018 A collaborative and innovative program with the City and CRA to bring interesting retail to DowntownWPB. It created an economic opportunity to fund a series of pop-up storefronts in Downtown West Palm Beach, which created an environment for the small businesses to grow, landlords to have consistent tenants, and to form a sense of place for all City residents and visitors. The business incubator concept was selected as one of the 33 winning projects of the 2017 Knight Cities Challenge from which 4,500 applicants submitted across the United States. Knight Foundation awarded $180,000 to the project to be used to support new or existing businesses that applied to participate in the 12 for 12: Pop-up to Rent Business Competition.

SOUTHEAST URBAN DISTRICT FORUM February 12 - 13, 2018 The International Downtown Association (IDA) and the DDA collaborated to bring the inaugural Southeast Urban District Forum to West Palm Beach. Attendees learned about innovative mobility options; economic development strategies; and creative placemaking. It was to our advantage to host the event here in our growing downtown. With history, culture, natural beauty, and a rapidly evolving urban core, West Palm Beach was the perfect showcase for what is happening in IDA’s Southeast Region.

We continue to work to bring residents and visitors into Downtown West Palm Beach through our exciting events and happenings. 10

MARKET (Continued) THE DOWNTOWN SMALL BUSINESS WEEK April 29 - May 5, 2018 As part of National Small Business Week, the DDA took the opportunity to highlight our entrepreneurs and small business owners in Downtown West Palm Beach. This is the 3rd year executing this campaign which consisted of 2-week radio advertisement, promotional social videos showcasing downtown businesses, marketing collateral, cross promotions and placement of street decals to increase awareness to the community and businesses. This year a lunchtime break was initiated with WILD 95.5 at City Hall Plaza; which consisted of informing people of the special happening especially for the week, giveaways, music, and games. Retailers and shoppers were encouraged to use #ShopLocalWPB during the week.

BIKE VALET May 3 - 6, 2018 The DDA encouraged visitors and residents to pedal to SunFest for a convenient and environmentally friendly commuting experience. For more than a decade, the DDA has offered a free bicycle valet service for SunFest attendees. More than 5,500 SunFest patrons have taken advantage of this convenient, gas-saving program since its inception in 2005. A partnership with the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) provided bike safety information and giveaways to riders. Over 600 bikes were parked and taken care of by the 30 volunteers. The TPA also conducted surveys to gather information on routes riders took to arrive at the event.


Top planning and development leaders from the West Palm Beach region provided an exciting overview about the explosive growth taking place Downtown at the 3rd Annual West Palm Beach Development & Investment Forum. They shared their views and vision on real estate investment trends, creative development strategies, and projections on the opportunities ahead. The West Palm Beach Development and Investment Forum drew nearly 400 guests and was co-hosted by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the DDA. 11

PAIRINGS: FOOD & WINE EVENT May 31, 2018 This progressive sampling & sipping tour featured restaurants and retailers in DowntownWPB. This event delivered attendees an all-inclusive pass to participating businesses that paired an appetizer, entrée, or dessert with a specialty cocktail. The purpose of this event is to bring increased traffic, revenue, and positive exposure to Downtown’s local businesses while providing stellar social and cultural experiences for residents and visitors and enhancing Downtown’s brand as THE destination for dining and entertainment.

PICNIC IN PARADISE June 23, 2018 As part of the City’s Summer in Paradise, the DDA and the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District created Picnic in Paradise to allow the community to come together and share moments while being entertained and dining at the NEW Summer in Paradise art installation, Aesop’s Tables. To draw more community engagement, residents were asked to submit videos and images that describe “What West Palm Beach means to me?”

DIG ZONE July 10 - November 1, 2018 The Clematis Streetscape project broke ground on June 4th on the 300 block of Clematis Street and the Dig Zone campaign was created to assist merchants during the construction period. Dig Zone cards were made available at all participating locations and the DDA Office. This frequent shopper program rewarded visitors to the area by awarding a swag bag valued up to $150 after 10 transactions of at least $10 each. This campaign consisted of 2-week radio advertisement, promotional social videos showcasing downtown businesses, marketing collateral, cross promotions and placement of street decal to increase awareness to community and businesses.

TRUCKTOPIA August 5, 2018 In collaboration with the West Palm Beach Police Department, the DDA sponsored the 1st Annual Trucktopia, a free and fun community event welcoming children of all ages to touch, see, and learn about their favorite trucks/equipment on wheels. Promotion and development of event branding was executed by the DDA.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING During FY 2018, the DDA continued leveraging marketing and social media to strengthen the brand identity and image for Downtown West Palm Beach. By using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram the DDA connected with a new audience to promote DowntownWPB’s assets and events.

DowntownWPB Facebook: 26,548; 11.68% increase Total Impressions 9,487,800 Women between the ages of 35-44 are the leading force among fans.

Twitter: 20,696; 7.12% increase Total Impressions 1,239,533 Men and people between the ages of 35-44 are the leading force among followers.

Instagram: 20,390; 22.83% increase Total Impressions 2,429,316 Women between the ages of 25-34 are the leading force among fans.

DDA Facebook: 303; 1,495% increase Twitter: 330; 746.15% increase Men and people between the ages of 25-34 are the leading force among followers.

LinkedIn: 713; 26.42% Facebook and Twitter pages were introduced to create better awareness of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority. Creating a more trending output to deliver details about our projects and mission.



Provided our stakeholders and investors with the research support and development assistance they needed to enhance their investment into the district.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STUDY An in-depth analysis of seven sectors in West Palm Beach: Financial, Medical, Marine, Tourism, Night-time Economy, Antique Row, and Northwood Village. Also included is a connectivity analysis highlighting existing programs and a gap identification that identified new sector opportunities. The study was funded through a partnership of the DDA, City, and CRA.

STATE OF DOWNTOWN WEST PALM BEACH Examined population characteristics, a market analysis, walkability and placemaking ratings, and compares us to 46 other downtowns across the United States. This report communicates insights including demographic and psychographic information to brokers, investors, and merchants that are looking at Downtown West Palm Beach for their next investment.

DOWNTOWN MARKET SURVEY A two-part research study which provided understanding and insights of current visitors in terms of visit behavior, spending, wants/needs, satisfaction, and demographic profile. Additionally, an understanding of market area residents in terms of awareness, visitation, perception of the area, and barriers to visitation.

AWARDS FLORIDA FESTIVALS & EVENTS SUNSATIONAL AWARDS 1ST PLACE: Downtown West Palm Beach Facebook West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District Twitter Downtown West Palm Beach Instagram Green Program and Event Recap/Annual Report (State of the Downtown) 2ND PLACE: Multi-Agency Collaborative Program (Downtown Clean Team with The Lord’s Place)

Dining is the main draw For more information on reports and studies, visit DowntownWPB.com/Studies.

DEMOGRAPHICS Downtown’s 2018 residential population is expected to grow 32% by 2019

IFEA/HAAS & WILKERSON PINNACLE AWARDS 1ST PLACE: Best Event/Organization E-Newsletter - DowntownWPB 2ND PLACE: Best Event/Organization E-Newsletter - West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District

Employment population 28,740 jobs Residential population 5,936


Median household income $49,231

Out of the Box – Downtown Clean Team

Median Age 44 According to ESRI’s Business Analysis, the median household income in the Downtown is forecasted to grow to $55,544 by 2021 *Source: U.S. Census, Esri 13

ABOUT The West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District (A&E) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization tasked with creating and implementing new arts and entertainment projects that contribute to the artistic, cultural and economic growth of Downtown West Palm Beach. The formation of the A&E District focuses the concentration of the arts and cultural institutions in the Downtown West Palm Beach area as an industry cluster. This has allowed for increased visibility in the marketplace for these institutions by introducing economies of scale in marketing and promotion, as well as through establishing strategic partnerships including the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Discover the Palm Beaches and others. The result is greater awareness of the cultural opportunities for local, county, regional, statewide, and national art and cultural enthusiasts with the opportunity for many to enjoy a multifaceted bundled experience. In addition to promoting and marketing the A&E District’s stakeholders, the organization is focused on fundraising efforts to provide unique events and programs to the community.

INSIDE OUT PROJECT November 12, 2017 The Nationwide art project selected Downtown West Palm Beach as one of their stops The one-day pop art installation event gave members of the community an opportunity to take a photo and participate in a national art installation in support of the DREAM Act. Over 150 portraits were captured on Flagler Drive.

FOTOVISION January 26, 2018 Photography from across the globe was displayed in Downtown West Palm Beach during FOTOvision, part of FOTOfusion hosted by the Palm Beach Photographic Centre. FOTOvision showcased photographic excellence in fine art, landscape, nature, photojournalism and sports.


URBAN SHORT STORIES January 27 - 28, 2018

Raphael Clemente

A two-day storytelling festival in Downtown West Palm Beach which invited families, friends, elders, teens and children to share stories of West Palm Beach – what was, what is and what could be through various events.

Gregory Dillard Toni Arpaia May Upendo Shabazz Lara Wagener Gisele Weisman STAFF Teneka James-Feaman, Director

HARMONY: AND EXHIBITION OF THE ARTS February 25, 2018 A free public outdoor performance created to engage a community of people who have never been exposed to the cultural offerings in and around Downtown West Palm Beach. The 3rd annual event featured the Palm Beach Symphony with Maestro Ramón Tebar and special guest Avery Sommers at the Meyer Amphitheatre with a gathering of more than 1,500 attendees.

HARLEM QUARTET May 6, 2018 The Chamber Music Society of Palm Beach, in conjunction with the A&E District, presented the Grammy Award-winning Harlem Quartet for a special, 60-minute appearance at the new Brightline West Palm Beach Station. The free performance gave chamber music lovers an intimate opportunity to see and hear the foursome perform both classical and jazz standards.

Promoting Our Diverse Arts, Culture and Entertainment Destinations DowntownWPBArts.com 14

West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority 300 Clematis Street, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 T: (561) 833-8873 F: (561) 833-5870 @WestPalmDDA DowntownWPB.com

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