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In This Issue... Closed for Business: The 2013 Government Shut Down...1 NaNoWriMo............................................................................1 Guess Who: Westover Faculty...............................................2 15 Confessions from My Time at Westover.........................2 Varsity Volleyball Turning Point...........................................2 #Trends.....................................................................................3 iheartfroyo................................................................................3 Westover Girls in the Wilderness..........................................4 Horoscopes...............................................................................5 Letter from the Editors...........................................................5 Wick Staff..................................................................................5 Wick-er of the Month.............................................................5

Closed for Business: The 2013 Government Shut Down When one hears the phrase “government shut down”, I am certain images of flaming buildings and midnight raids pop into the heads of many a concerned citizen. People may assume that the government shut down is merely the preface to the United States’ spiral into a dystopian society, one that bears a striking resemblance to that of Orwell’s 1984. Believe it or not, this would not be the first time the United States government has posted a “closed for business” sign in its window. Prior to the 2013 government shut down (lasting 16 days), the United States government has been shut down seventeen times. The most common cause of the shutdowns? A little thing called a funding gap, in which the government fails to pass legislation funding any projects or agencies run by the government. This question of funding government programs does not end at moving a few dollars and cents around: we’re talking about millions, billions of dollars in federal funding! During a shutdown, national parks and monuments are closed, and “non-essential” government employees are laid off from work. Veteran’s hospitals stay open, but many government departments close their doors until an agreement is reached. It is often a question of whether or not the government shut down is helping America in the long run, or merely straining an already persisting problem (in this case the ballooning national debt). How the government decides to spend its money depends largely on party politics and the ever-present question of morality and its place in the government. For example, there were six government shutdowns between Gerald Ford’s and Jimmy Carter’s administrations, each lasting anywhere between eight and eighteen days. The issue at the heart

Learn more about Courtney and Emily’s adventures in Washington and Alaska on page 4!

of these shutdowns was funding for abortions, and as a result the Health department was most deeply affected by the shutdowns. The most recent shut down (from October 1st to October 16th, 2013) was also pertaining to healthcare, specifically funding for the Affordable Health Care Act, which would provide healthcare to uninsured Americans. Party politics were crucial in this shut down. The House Republicans (who currently control the House of Representatives) did not want to fund the Affordable Health Care Act, using the current national debt as backing for their argument. The Democrats, however (who currently control the Senate), pushed strongly for funding for the act. Both of these stances are not surprising as they both speak to the political ideologies of the respective parties. In the end, Congress decided they would raise the debt ceiling in order to fund the Affordable Healthcare Act, a victory for Senate Democrats. The government shut down has its clear supporters and opponents, and while many may view the shut down as an assault on the American public, there are some that defend the shut down in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson’s belief that a little rebellion is necessary to sustain a successful democratic society. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, but the question remains how much blood should be shed before it goes too far. Sources: html -Lauren Danielowski ‘14

NaNoWriMo It’s that time of year again. The time when all the trees start to lose their leaves and the flowers droop and lose their petal: a time when writers from all over the globe to write about the beautiful month of November. November is known to many as the month of Thanksgiving or the starting of the end of the year. However, to Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo, November is the start of a winter wonderland. Chris Baty, whom some of you may have heard of, is the founder of a competition known simply as NaNoWriMo or otherwise known as The National Novel Writing Month. Each participant of the NaNoWriMo competition is asked to write fifty thousand words of pure imagination. Throughout the month of November, the NaNoWriMo organizes forums for the anxious, concerned, and skilled participants. Along with forums for writers to chat on, the NaNoWriMo provides each participant with an account on she can view her daily progress. Winners of the NaNoWriMo receive special codes to gain writing software at discounted prices as well as free gifts from yearly sponsors. Next time you feel the urge to cozy up with a warm blanket amid the cold November air, I encourage you to think of joining the NaNoWriMo competition. Clearly this writing competition takes determination, work ethic, and willpower; however, the few who successfully complete this daunting writing task are the true faces of perseverance. -Rachel Yerks ‘16



Guess Who: Westover Faculty

Pictures collected from Westover’s archive by Cailee Tallon ‘14

15 Confessions from My Time at Westover

Varsity Volleyball Turning Point

1. I once asked Corky if I could put “stress eating” in the Activities sec- The 2013 Varsity Volleyball squad is closer than ever. Even with a rough start to the season, the team kept its composure and prevailed. The tion of my common app. 2. Last year during winter term exams, I legitimately considered getting team stayed positive in September, even when its record wasn’t the best. a sex change so that I would have to leave the school and go to Trinity Finally, on October 5th at an away match against Watkinson, Varsity Pawling, because I’m pretty sure their exams are just manly tasks like Volleyball won 3-0. This game seemed to be a turning point for the team, as they have lost only one other match out of the past five. One tying a bowtie and bench pressing freshmen. of these wins was in a great home game against Chase Collegiate. I was 3. I cannot bench press anything, much less a human being. 4. I don’t even know the words to any of the school songs. I just sing lucky enough to have some free time to see the game, and I could tell that the girls have great chemistry and communication with each other. “bluh bluh bluh bluh WESTOVER bluh bluh RAISE OUR CHEER Everyone would call for the ball during the plays and compliment one bluh bluh BARGES bluh bluh.” another once the plays were over. It was a close and intense match, but 5. That was a lie. I can play the hammer song on the ukulele. 6. I still have a lot of difficulty remembering which faculty baby belongsWestover came out strong and won 3-2. Head Coach Veronica McMahon says that this is her favorite group of girls to coach so far at Westoto whom. 7. Sometimes I’m really tempted to skip chapel, but Tom Hungerford is ver. The team also has a great group of loud and enthusiastic seniors that set the attitude for the team. The Varsity Volleyball team has three my advisor, and I feel like he would disown me. 8. I cannot tie a knot in a cherry stem with any kind of efficiency. I havemore home games before the CISAC Tournament; everyone should try to go, even if it’s just for a ten-minute study break! managed it once in almost 18 years of life, and afterwards, I cried. 9. When I’m procrastinating on college apps, I feed my fish so I can feel as if I’ve accomplished something. 10. I once saw a girl double-fisting eclairs during an impromptu advisor conference. (In case you’re wondering, no, it wasn’t me, but yes, I would definitely do that without any shame whatsoever.) 11. Sometimes I make devious plans to snip the wires that control the 4:30 bell (and all the other bells. But mostly that one. Because that is the worst one.) 12. Really, my hatred of the 4:30 bell is so strong that even my therapist is getting a little concerned. 13. One time I was in the student kitchen and I found a drawer full of raw eggs still in their shells. And I did nothing. Just whimpered and closed the drawer. 14. During tours, I usually refer to the FAC as the “sport sport place.” 15. Sometimes I wonder if the English department would like me better if I grew a beard. -Rhian Lewis ‘14

-Paige Cunningham ‘14


#Trends This month in #Trends we ask Crystal Pemberton and Nadia Gribkova about what is trending in pop culture and in their lives. In this article I ask the tough questions about Kanye West, music, television, and everything else. These questions were submitted by Westover students and by yours truly. 1.Favorite Song of 2013? N: “Oh, the popular songs get to me very slowly. Just few weeks ago I was introduced to M.I.A.’s Paper Airplanes. It’s such a cool song!!! It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I can actually sing along with my friends, whenever they burst into singing. My next step is conquering Drake. As for recent songs… Recently I was happy to watch the new Britney Spears video on her new lyric song Work B*tch. Great educational video teaching simple values of good and honest lives. ‘You wanna hot body? You wanna Bugatti? You wanna Maserati? You better work …’ . I couldn’t agree more. Preach, Britney!” C: “Blurred Lines! It’s a fun song!” (Couldn’t agree more, catchy tunes and controversial lyrics.) 2. Kanye ripped his pants, how does that make you feel? Also, he had a man dressed up as God preform in his concert with him, because he has a song that is featuring God; what are your feelings about that? And he is engaged with Kim. *Kim Kardashian (rich, famous, and sometimes business women) *Kanye West (artist) N: “He ripped his pants off? Gosh, I hope he has another pair… He couldn’t have ripped them, though. I bet he used those pants with some small pieces of Velcro or something, like the ones that strippers use… Those must be so much fun, especially if you need to go to the bathroom. (I meant rip in his crotch area, but close…) As for God and Kim Kardashian… I don’t know. I can see how it can be offensive for some people. It’s important to understand that he is driven by the commercial interest when using these two iconic figures. One of them is a spiritual leader, praised by many believers all over the world; the other one is God. I feel like, in any case, it demonstrates bad taste. I think if he would engage with Lord the Savior and have a man dressed up as Kim dancing on his show, it would make bigger news. But that’s a matter of taste, I guess.”(I think Kanye needs a new publisher and Nadia is the one up for the job.) C: “I think that Kanye lives in a world within the world in which we live. In his world that’s fine for him because things that cause embarrassment or shame in our world are fine in Kanye’s world. I think that it is interesting, that Kanye could feel that a person dressed in certain clothing, whatever else that included, could look like God. I personally have never seen God, and don’t know what he looks like. I don’t know the purpose of having a person dressed as God, but then again, for Kanye that’s probably okay. (Kim and Kanye’s engagement) That’s nice. I think they match.”(If being a dorm parent doesn’t work out, Crystal can definitely get a job as Kanye’s therapist.) 3. Breaking Bad ended. (A show about a chemistry teacher who becomes a meth cooker to pay for his cancer) What are your feelings on a chemistry teacher turned meth cooker? Is that a life choice you agree with? N: “To be honest I have not seen a single epi-

PAGE 3 sode of Breaking Bad. But the idea of a chemistry teacher turning into a meth cooker, to be honest, has been in my mind for a while… I can see Mr. Jean and Jana doing some chemistry magic in the middle of the night in the chemistry lab… maybe that’s why the library is locked at night…” C: “No, I don’t at all. Yeah, I think that I appreciate how Hollywood portrays things, as crazy as it seems, that are actually true. I don’t like that we glorify the bad in it.” 4. High-Low skirts and Dresses? Do you love them? (When a skirt is short in the front and long in the back) N: “I don’t know how I feel about them. When I first saw them in the store, I was very skeptical. I couldn’t understand how one can be so indecisive about the length of the skirt. Just pick how short you want it to be, and stick with it. But I’ve seen people around the school wearing them, and girls actually make it work. So yes, if that was the question, I am letting them be.” C: “I love those. They let me be edgy when I want them. I love living on the edge. I know you want to say the dress is too short, but is long in the back.” (I agree high-low skirts are the best and everyone should wear them.) 5. Best and Worst Movie/TV show of 2013? N: “To the Wonder by Terrence Malick. Paul mentioned it in class last year, and I decided to watch it. Nothing I can possibly say would be able to describe just how WONDERful (you see what I did there?) the film is. If there is anything I would like the reader to get out of this interview is my advice to watch that movie. If you are still hesitant, talk to Paul about it. The worst … I don’t usually remember the worst movies or TV shows. It is my self-preservation mechanism. I simply do not remember bad movies I have watched. Does that mean there were no bad movies and shows made in 2013? I would like to think so.” C: “Best- Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs 2. I’m a fan of cartoons and food. Worst-Gravity, I didn’t see it. I don’t understand the preview and why Sandra Bullock’s flying out in space is a movie.” (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney...ugh sounds annoying.) 6. The government shutdown has ended! Are you happy about it? N: “Well, as a person who found out about the government has been turned back on from that very question…congratulations! You say “government shutdown” – I think “pandas in the national zoos”. What were they doing all of this time??? They are so lazy! They never do anything before the cameras in their cage, nor in front of the visitors. Though I think they are secretly workaholics and masterminds, but they are just hiding it from us. I bet people would come back to the zoos, and pandas will have their own government set up, with taxation, and little national debt (they probably have been borrowing money from a nearby terrarium). It’s hard to get it right.” C: “I’m happy that it ended. I don’t think it has ended. I know the shutdown has ended but the madness that caused it is still looming!” (We’re talking to you Ted Cruz!) 7. Halloween Costume? N: “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Kim Kardashian! I’ll take a picture of myself and send

it to Kanye, proposing my idea. I’ll be rich! Oh, except I would have to be a man… never mind then.” C: “No. I don’t celebrate Halloween. I understand why people like it. I have, I guess, problems with some of what happens.” (I was thinking Crystal could be Beyoncé, but that’s just me.) 8. Your Fall must-have? (Clothing, electronic, etc.) N: “High-low skirts, I guess. Try them out. It didn’t work for me; it might work for you. Some common sense would be nice, too.” (YES! Do it they are amazing.) C: “Everyone should have Uggs!” -Lauren-Nicole Laurenceau ‘14


Starting off this month’s article, here are a few questions to ponder: Do we as Westover students desire froyo simply because of its sweet, creamy taste? Or is it Froyo World’s prime location and easy accessibility that makes our craving for frozen yogurt increasingly desirable? During this past Parent’s Weekend, I was able to venture away from my typical Froyo World adventures and experiment with other competitors of the dessert world.

I was able to indulge in some peppermint soft serve yogurt at J.P Licks, located right down the hill from my house (at home, I must find other establishments to satisfy my addiction). As I had the peppermint yogurt, I came to the conclusion that Froyo World is in serious need of new flavors; I never thought I would say this, but J.P. Licks outdid Froyo World…never in my life have I had such a tasty flavor. After discovering this magical peppermint froyo, I have made it my November goal to convince my buddy Jay that the peppermint flavor is a necessity in regards to the business of frozen yogurt. With an obsession like mine, I must follow my heart and fulfill its desires. Since my previous article I was able to visit Froyo World three times. I spent roughly seven dollars each visit-a whopping two dollars more than my average of five dollars per visit last year. I guess I need to take it easy with the machines and quit using the “but it just comes out so fast!” excuse. My first trip I had to beg for. One would think that when your mom comes to visit you at boarding school, she wouldn’t mind making a stop at Froyo World. WRONG. Turns out that only in my eyes is this place heavenly because, in my mom’s, it is a “complete waste of money.” The day she was coming to visit just happened to be the day I received my yellow, honor roll slip in my mailbox from spring term last year. Once my mom refused to make the stop, I thought maybe I could pull the whole “but I am doing so well” trick and show her the slip. I underestimated her cleverness, though, because she responded by reading the date off the paper: “May 2013.” Although she could have easily kept driving, she gave in and took


PAGE 4 me to Froyo. I have to say, the flavors were nothing extraordinary this month. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, pumpkin is definitely a seasonal favorite of mine, along with the traditional blueberry. On the other hand, I cannot seem to wrap my head around why they still have the green apple flavor available. Overall, I have narrowed down my monthly do and don’t flavors for October:

Do’s: Pumpkin Blueberry Birthday Cake Original

Westover Girls in the Wilderness

Don’ts: Smores’ Green Apple Dark Chocolate Sorbet Pecan Cheesecake

Hopefully, November will hold a wider variety of delicious flavors. Keep reading and stay tuned for next month’s article that will talk about the faculty vs. student opinions on Froyo World. Thank you for reading and see you next month in The Wick’s column, Iheartfroyo. -Parley Hannan ‘15

Courtney’s Month in Washington Leading up to my departure for Washington, I was really excited to experience a new area of woods; I had gone to wilderness camp In case you have not already heard, this past summer two amazing in Maine for seven years girls, Emily Potts and Courtney Bliss, embarked on an epic journey to prior. Arriving in the Seattle Alaska and Washington with two outairport, I was very excited door programs: The National Outdoor to see my friends and meet Leadership School and Moondance new people. Waiting in the Adventures. Although we did not parairport for the whole group ticipate in the same trip, we did basically to arrive was some of the the same thing. We hope you enjoy our most awkward hours I have stories and pictures from the wilderness. ever experienced. We all met each other and hopped into a fifteen-passenger van; this van would Emily’s Month in Alaska be our home for the next month. The first couple of days consisted of Prior to my trip to Alasplanning for our backpacking portion, which would be our longest ka, I believed going over twentime away from any sort of civilization; we would be in the woods for ty-four hours without my cell two weeks and still just getting to know each other. After two days phone or a shower would have of organizing, we were finally ready to start hiking. The first couple been detrimental to my health, of days were a struggle because we had to carry two weeks’ worth of both mentally and physically. food. We ate was a lot of pasta, But surprisingly, I adjusted to rice, and beans. My favorite meal these factors of outdoor living with ease. My trip consisted of four weeks total with two weeks sea kay- to cook and eat is called Gauaking in the beautiful Prince William Sound and two weeks backpack- do-Gaudo, and it is basically trail ing in the Chugach mountain range. My group had twelve students and pad-tai. Our hiking portion conthree instructors. On the first day of the trip, we were all dropped off sisted of hiking from campsite to at a train station in Anchorage for possibly the most awkward greet- campsite, hiking two mountains, ing of my life; from there we loaded on which were about eight thousand to a bus and drove to the NOLS Alaska feet, and another day-long hike headquarters (if I had to guess, I would into a basin. My favorite thing about the hiking portion was that we were able to hike during the summer in the snow, in shorts! The next say a maximum of fifteen words total were exchanged between the twelve of us part of my adventure was mountaineering up Mt. Adams, a mountain over 12,000 feet; the endeavor would take us three the whole ride). I can still remember the days. The first two days were for us to get to our mental freak-out I had the entire bus ride final campsite where we would begin our ascent about how the whole trip was going to be up to the summit. On our second day we had snow this quiet and about how no one was going to talk, ever. But thankfully, school where we learned what to do in case of an I could not have been more wrong. By the third day, we had become emergency and how to walk properly in the snowlike one big, VERY dysfunctional family. Much like Westover, the most yes, there is a method to properly walking in the important thing in our daily lives tended to be food. I learned very snow. That night we went to bed super early bequickly that my cooking skills were going to need to improve rapidly if cause we would be getting up at one in the morning I wanted any friends. to make a summit bid. Waking up so early was an awesome experience Throughout my whole sea because we got to see everything asleep below us. We made it to the kayaking section, Alaska had the summit, and the view was gorgeous, some of the best weather on record. except it was so cold that we only Every day it was sunny and warm spent a short amount of time up on (fun fact: because of the way the the summit. Coming down, we got earth is tilted on its axis, Alaska has to slide on our butts to our campsite, about 20 hours of daylight in the and it was the most fun I have ever summers. The darkest it became the had sledding. Once we got to our whole time I was there was the equivalent of dusk here.) One of the campsite, we packed up and headed biggest surprises to me was on first day of my backpacking section down towards the van. The day after we reached the summit, it was when I woke up to discover a fresh layer of snow (in JULY) on the ground. Despite the colder weather, backpacking was my favorite part the Fourth of July, our rest day. We hung out at the beach and played beach volleyball; then, we got spent the rest of the day playing intense of the trip. A typical day would start around six-thirty or seven. We would games of World Cup. After we enjoyed our day of rest, we spent four days sea-kayaking in the San make breakfast, break down camp, and be packed up for a specifJuan Islands. Overall, I had a ic time, which was usually eight-thirty or ten. From there we would great experience, and I loved receive the travel plan for the day, and either set out by kayak or on seeing a new part of the foot. Once we made it to our destination for the night, we would set up country and experiencing camp, cook dinner, then meet up as a group. During this meeting time the outdoors. I also loved between dinner and bed, we almost always had a debrief of the day and the people that I met, and, a class on either first-aid, leadership, or environmental issues. After honestly, by the end of our that, depending on how tired we were, we would either stay up and trip, we were able to laugh talk, write in journals, or go to bed. about how awkward we had Overall, I had an awesome time and would do it again in a been at the airport! heartbeat! If you are interested in the outdoors at all or are just an adventurous person, I would strongly consider looking into a trip like -Emily Potts ‘14 and Courtney Bliss ‘14 Photography by Emily Potts ‘14 and Courtney Bliss ‘14 mine. I guarantee you will not regret it!



PISCES: February 29-March 20 My Magic-8 ball is hazy for you this month. Proceed at your own risk. ARIES: March 21-April 19 You seriously need to relax. Be it college applications, your Physics lab or the end of the sports season that’s got you on edge, take some time for yourself. Sleep in this Sunday, or catch up on New Girl (Nick and Jess, so adorable I could cry). TAURUS: April 20-May 20 Stay away from the boys this month. They’ll be nothing but trouble, and frankly, you just don’t have the time to deal with their ridiculousness. Avoid dances, football games, or even his Facebook chats at all costs. Trust me, or don’t, I’m not a professional. GEMINI: May 21-June 20 You’ve been struggling with your style lately. You’re caught at a crossroads of wanting to look put together and trying to be as warm as possible. Look in the back of your closet and the bottom of your drawers. You’ll find something that will re-inspire your looks. CANCER: June 21- July 22 Things are going great for you so far this month. You’re rocking your grades, you scored the winning goal in your last game, and you passed your driving test (everyone off the roads! Just kidding.)! Kick back and relax, because this is gonna be your life for a little while longer. Enjoy it! LEO: July 23-August 22 Watch yourself kiddo! Your on thin ice with your dorm parent for getting straight D’s on room check and you can’t keep avoiding your English teacher’s emails asking for the paper you “totally finished” and “is a winner”. Hunker down and catch yourself up with life. VIRGO: August 23-September 22 Your routine has been keeping you stuck in a rut since school started. Break out and try something new! Maybe get up early and go for a run, or make plans to go out for weekly dinners with your friends. Find any little way you can shake it up!

Letter from the Editors As the colder weather comes in, we hope that you cuddle up next to a fire with The Wick and a nice cup of hot chocolate. The staff has put a great amount of work into this issue and we hope that you enjoy hearing about our teams, students, and interests! For the December issue of The Wick, everyone should look forward to hearing more about trends from Lauren-Nicole, your fellow students, and faculty; about the lives of alumni after Westover; and about festivities as the holidays come around. We encourage anyone with an interest in writing, contributing art or photography, or even editing articles to come to our next meeting. We meet every Monday at lunch at one of the back tables. We hope to see you there at our next meeting! -Lauren and Andie


LIBRA: September 23- October 22 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU LIBRA!! You can’t wait to be home with your family and your dog and your own, comfy bed. Really take the time to spend with your family and enjoy them. They’re the people who will always be there for you no matter what, after all, they don’t really have an option. SCORPIO: October 23-November 21 Your luck has been lacking. You cracked the screen of your phone and tripped over the shoelace of your L.L. bean slipper, ripping the laces straight in half. It’s terrible, but the tides will turn very quickly. Just look out. SAGITTARIUS: November 22- December 21 This is it for you Sagittarius. It may be the month you meet the love of your life... or at least the love of the month. Your texting game is on point and the guy you’re talking to is genuinely sweet. Congrats! You’re living the dream! CARPICORN: December 22-January 19 You need to invest in a Lilly Pulitzer planner like, yesterday. “I forgot.” has been your most frequently used phrase lately. Get yourself organized by writing everything down and always having your planner on you. Especially remember those conferences, missing those can earn you a Saturday night detention! AQUARIUS: January 20-February 18 GO TO SLEEP. Keeping your eyes open has been more than a struggle for you, and your teachers have been taking notice. Head to sleep early, even if it means not being able hang out with your best friend. Your health and wellness are worth more than a three hour gossip session. -Stephanie Crudele ‘14 Drawings by Jessica You ‘15

The Wick is brought to you by: Editors in Chief: Lauren Danielowski ‘14 Andie Dahl ‘14 Writers: Courtney Bliss ‘14 Emily Potts ‘14 Lauren-Nicole Laurenceau ‘14 Cailee Tallon ‘14 Paige Cunningham ‘14 Stephanie Crudele ‘14 Rhian Lewis ‘14 Parley Hannan ‘15 Rachel Yerks ‘16 Photographers: Emily Potts ‘14 Courtney Bliss ‘14 Paige Cunningham ‘14 Artists: Nola Iwasaki ‘16 Jessica You ‘15 Layout: Hannah Tompkins ‘15 Andie Dahl ‘14 Faculty Advisor: Kati Eggert

Wick-er of the Month Our Wick-er of the Month is ..... (drum roll please!)

Lauren-Nicole Laurenceau!

Lauren, a new member of the staff this year, has been a great addition to our group of talented writers and artists. Lauren’s monthly column #Trends is a fun exploration of what Westover faculty and students think is popular each month. Last issue, Lauren interviewed Paul and Lauren Benedetto ‘14 about music, fashion, and popular culture. This issue Lauren talked to Crystal and Nadia Gribkova ‘14. Go to page 3 to check out what Nadia and Crystal had to say about current trends. We are all looking forward to Lauren’s next interview on trends in December! Thanks so much for your contributions and keep up the good work, Lauren!

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