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Annual Report 2013

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Westover Student Accomplishments


Faculty Profile: Kate Seyboth Director of Women In Science and Engineering (WISE)


Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover; Faculty & Student Profile


Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Inspiring Generations of Donors


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Inspiring Women Campaign Donor Listings


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A Message from Ann Pollina, Head of School Year after year I spend time in conversation with the senior class before they graduate. The number one thing our seniors say should never change is our community. They describe what is precious to them in many ways… the traditions that bind us, not just to each other but to generations past; the size of the school that makes it possible to form ties and friendships to other classes; the main building that holds us together, as one Senior once told me, “like a big hug”. Their connection to their teachers is one of the most often mentioned components of what they have come to treasure. One of the things that distinguishes this community from that of other schools, even other boarding schools where teachers and students come to know each other well, is the amount of time we spend together, one on one, in academic conversations. Yes, many good schools offer “extra help” sessions with teachers, but what Westover does is much richer and deeper than ‘help’. We call it “conference” because it is too awkward to say “A-life-changing-chanceto-learn-how-to-be-a-scholar”, but that is what it really is. These rich conversations remind our students that their ideas are important, help them to become comfortable in dialogues with adults and teach them to speak with authority and confidence. As they move into an increasingly pluralistic world, we hope to invest them with the skill and the responsibility to put their insights on the table, even if the conversation is difficult or the ideas controversial. These young women are the leaders our world needs going forward, and their training begins here, at Westover, thanks to you. As the graph to the right illustrates, this Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover has allowed us not only to withstand a difficult economy, but to continue to grow. We would not be in this position of strength without your continued, generous support.

Inspiring Women W Campaign Comparison Inspiring omen  Endowment Campaign   Endowment  Comparison   2013   2012   2011  

Ann Pollina, Head of School

Endowment without   campaign   Endowment  value  

2010 2009   2008   2007  


$10,000,000 $20,000,000   $30,000,000   $40,000,000   $50,000,000   $60,000,000  


Westover Student Accomplishments 2012-2013 Academic Year


• Five Westover girls participated in a Crew pilot program associated with Chase Collegiate School in Spring 2013, competing in a “four with coxswain” in six races, including an impressive win over Gunnery, Chase, and Canterbury. • For the second year in a row, Westover students took first place and three other honors at the Connecticut Poetry Society Lynn DeCaro Poetry Contest. Afua Nsiah ’15 was the first place recipient. • In the Swim Team’s fourth season, five swimmers qualified for the New England Division III Championship Finals in three events. • The Sonia Osborn Museum Studies Internship Program (SOMSI) marked its five year anniversary. In Fall 2012 First Head of School Chae Uhm ’13 worked at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington and presented a research paper on the ballerina paintings of Edgar Degas that are part of the museum’s collection. • Caroline Richardson ’16, a member of the Dance Ensemble, represented Westover in the 2013 Connecticut Classic, a statewide ballet competition sponsored by the Connecticut Dance Alliance held at Westover in March 2013. • Three photography students won Gold Key Awards at the Connecticut Scholastic Art Awards for their photography portfolios, which qualified them for the national award competition. One of them also won the Hartford Art School Scholarship. 3

• Amy Tiong ’14 and Nadia Gribkova ’14 studied filmmaking in a three-month program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The two took part in Saturday classes in the Spring Future Artists Programs. It is the second year in a row that two Westover students participated in the selective program. • Twenty-three Westover students earned Advanced Placement Scholar Awards from the College Board in 2013. The AP Scholar Awards recognize high school students who have demonstrated exceptional college-level achievement through AP courses and exams. • Westover played host to the New England Prep School Track Association’s Division III Cross Country Championships in November 2012. It is believed that Westover was the first single-sex school to host the championship, which drew approximately 500 runners representing 23 schools from throughout the region. More than 40 volunteers drawn from Westover’s faculty, staff, and parents staffed the event. • Two members of the Westover Community – student Zulma Dunn ’16 and Kate Seyboth, Director of the School’s Women In Science and Engineering Program (WISE), traveled to Rwanda during Spring Break in March 2013. Zulma and her father volunteered with Gardens for Health International and toured the Maranyundo School for Girls, Westover’s sister school. Kate was also at the Maranyundo School sharing her technical expertise; she returned in June to continue to work with the school’s faculty. • Invest in Girls (IIG) completed its second year with Westover as one of three schools in a pilot program designed to introduce students to the world of finance, investments, and philanthropy. In the third year of the program in 2013-2014, more than 50 Westover students will be taking part in IIG classes. One of the highlights of the program was a tour of the New York Stock Exchange, made possible through a gift from alumna Charlotte Beyer’s Principle Quest Foundation. A past President of the Board of Trustees, Charlotte is a member of the Class of 1965. 4

• Westover student poets were honored by the Connecticut Young Writers Trust Competition, with Ailsa Slater ’13 receiving first place, Kira Hunter ’14 third place, and three other students among the finalists. Riley Boeth ’13 was a National Gold Key winner at the Connecticut Scholastic Poetry Awards, and two students received Regional Silver Keys. • The Connecticut Food Bank presented Westover with its School Action Hero Award in fall 2012 for students’ community service activities on behalf of the food program. As part of the School’s community service program, since April 2006, students have volunteered more than 350 hours by sorting food at the Food Bank’s Waterbury warehouse, taking part in the Greater Waterbury Walk Against Hunger, attending food drives, and picking tens of thousands of apples in orchards for the Food Bank. • Students and faculty participated in a video project sponsored by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, called the “Moments of Voice for Malala Yousafzai” Video, to honor the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban in an assassination attempt because of her advocacy for girls’ education. Westover’s group performed a song called “One Hand, One Heart, One Voice,” written by Marla Truini, Westover’s Theater Program Director. Videography Instructor Kati Eggert created the video from hours of film submitted by 19 schools from across the United States, Canada, and Kenya. • Three members of the Class of 2016 created and submitted a video to the “Girls Impact the World” Film Festival. Their video focuses on various forms of slavery that persist in the world today. The video was one of several created by students in Westover’s World History class. • For the second year in a row, a Westover student was one of three finalists for the Smith College Poetry Prize for High School Girls in New England. This year’s finalist was Nadia Gribkova ’14. 5

Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover will strengthen our foundation and allow us to move boldly forward. Our campaign pillars are endowment and annual funds supporting  community, programs, and daily life. With your support, we are securing and enhancing our intentional community of students and faculty and our unique, forward-thinking, leading-edge programs — the very heart of our school. Students pictured above are two senior Heads of School with the students we welcomed from four new countires for the academic year 2013-2014: (l to r): Farahnaz Afaq (Afghanistan), Tracy Nkulikiyimfura (Tunisia), Anna Chahuneau (France), Sahra Hassan (Somalia), Brianna Bergen (Saudi Arabia) and Nadia Gribkova (Russia). This year, Westover welcomes students from 17 states and 20 countries.


“As we move toward the finish line of the Inspiring Women Campaign, we are so thankful for the continued loyalty of our alumnae, parents, and friends.  So many of you have participated, but we need everyone’s support to reach our goal for Westover’s future strength and success. This final year of the campaign will be both challenging and exciting! We are counting on each of you to stretch a little bit more to help us reach our goal. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your endorsement of Westover’s mission to educate and inspire girls today. It is a privilege to serve as the co-chairs of this campaign.” Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin, Co-Chairs of the Inspiring Women Campaign

Campaign Progress $42M Campaign Progress as of June 30, 2013


Faculty Support


• Westover was able to sustain raises for faculty during difficult economic times when other schools were not only holding pay raises, but also actually cutting back on faculty.

• Because of the generous support of the Annual Fund, Westover has updated and renovated several classrooms throughout our historic campus, including providing the technology necessary for our flipped classrooms, and the addition of white boards and smart board technology.

• Because of the Campaign, Westover was able to both retain and hire teachers with advanced degrees: 2008 – 2009 = 44% 2009 – 2010 = 50% 2010 – 2011 = 57% 2011 – 2012 = 61% 2012 – 2013 = 63%

Support From Alumnae

• Alumnae contributed $1,070,052 to the Annual Fund in 2012-2013, the highest amount ever donated by alumnae in one fiscal year.

2013 – 2014 = 67%

Student Support • A sustained, strong commitment to Financial Aid allows us to stretch to meet the needs of our families. Many funds this past year went to keep students at Westover, increasing awards to some families and granting awards to families who in the past did not need aid.

The Campaign is raising funds in the following areas:

• With the completion of the Campaign, we will continue to commit to a diverse socioeconomic student body, allowing us to bring the best candidates to our school.

Campus Stewardship daily life

$10 million

community $25 million

programs $10 million

• With a combination of solar panels and a new cogeneration system, 70% of the electric energy used by the School is generated on campus. • Westover’s campus and grounds have always been one of the School’s greatest assets, its lawns, fields, and woodlands often used by teachers and students as a living laboratory for science classes, a source of inspiration for art classes, and a quiet space for reflection and study. One of the goals of the Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover is to support Campus Stewardship and Sustainability; $5 million from the Campaign will be allocated to preserve and maintain the campus, as well as increase the School’s sustainability and green initiatives.

• Since the beginning of the Campaign, we have reached our Annual Fund goal every year. This is a true testament to the loyalty and generosity of our alumnae.

Programs • Because of the support of the Campaign, Westover is able to continue to develop our signature programs. In the 2012-2013 academic year, 50% of Westover students participated in one of the following signature programs: Manhattan School of Music, Women in Science and Engineering, the Online School, and our Global Exchange Programs. • The Women in Science and Engineering program continues to produce amazing results, particularly with our sophomore students who take the AP Computer Science exam. In the state of Connecticut, Westover produced 21% of female students with the highest score (5).

Unrestricted • Because of the generosity of unrestricted gifts, Westover was able to develop new athletics programs in crew, cross country, and swimming. • Westover launched a new program in Technical Theater. Technical Theater Apprentices receive “on the job” training including set building, lighting design, sound design and mixing, and involvement in campus events which require running audio systems and video production. Over the past three years of the program over 30 girls have enrolled.


In May 2013, ten Westover students (mostly sophomores) took the AP Computer Science exam; four earned the highest score, 5; six earned the next highest, 4. 2013 AP Computer Science Mean: Westover Mean: 4.4 National Mean: 3.2 National Mean for Girls: 3.03 Connecticut Mean: 3.29 Connecticut Mean for Girls: 3.11 Among girls in Connecticut taking the AP Computer Science exam in 2013 : • Westover students represented 21.05% of those receiving scores of 5. • Westover students scored 17.86% of the passing grades. • Westover students were 11.24% of all the girls taking the exam in Connecticut.


“Our students work unbelievably hard and they don’t shy away from challenges. I often throw tough assignments at them just to see how far they will get, and they consistently amaze me.”

Kate Seyboth – Director of Women In Science & Engineering (WISE)

• Joined Westover’s Faculty in 2006 • Teaches classes in WISE and Mathematics • Coaches Cross Country and Swim teams • Robotics Team Advisor, Gay Straight Alliance Advisor • Tufts University, B.S. & M.S. in Computer Science

When parents, alumnae, and other visitors come to Westover these days, they often comment on the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of the students they encounter that seems to fill every corner of the campus, from classrooms to playing fields, from dormitory corridors to meeting spaces. Faculty members like Kate are the nurturers of that energy and enthusiasm. Now in her eighth year as Director of the WISE Program, Kate has seen firsthand what Westover students are capable of doing when they are called upon to excel. The results are impressive. In May 2013, 10 Westover students (most as sophomores) earned top scores on the AP Computer Science exam; four of them received 5s and six received 4s – scores that will earn the students college credit with honors. Enrollment in WISE is at its highest level since the program was founded two decades ago. Kate and her fellow WISE teachers Jana Dunbar and Ben Hildebrand offer a range of science and engineering courses to their students. “One of the things I love is that the three of us have different specialties and interests, so we are able to offer a really broad range of upper-level electives,” Kate explained. A programming course teaches students how to create iPhone apps from scratch; an engineering class will have them constructing their own trebuchets (ancient catapult-like machines) that will toss pumpkins across a playing field; a course in forensics will have students investigating mock crime scenes. This year Kate is the advisor for the newly formed Robotics Team, founded on their own initiative by students. The team plans to enter the robot they are constructing in state competitions later in the school year. Kate admits that she herself is a novice at robotics, but the students are taking the lead. “They tell me what they need and I try to help,” Kate said. “They are incredibly resourceful.” Kate sees that same determination outside the classroom. She has seen students push themselves on both the Cross Country and Swim teams she coaches to regional team and individual honors. On both of the teams, she noted, “We have students join with no previous experience, but because they work hard they see vast improvement in their results.” 9

A Musical Tradition, Steadfast but Evolving

Stephanie & Bob

“Westover is unique in that every student gets a chance to take part in the performing arts in some way – if not Glee Club, then handbells, music lessons, theater productions, or music courses. Even if you aren’t the best, you have the opportunity to try it out and see what you are capable of doing, sometimes in surprising ways.” Stephanie Crudele ’14 First Head of Glee Club; First Head of Chantarelle, an a capella singing group, as a junior; member of Glee Club and Chantarelle all four years; cast member of annual musical all four years; nominated for a Halo Award for Best Comedic Performance by a Female for her role in Legally Blonde; Co-Head of Women’s Rights Club

Bob has worked closely with Stephanie throughout her years at Westover. During her freshman year, he served as her faculty advisor. Now, as First Head of Glee, Stephanie often assists Bob by leading sectional rehearsals. The tradition of music, especially the tradition of singing, has been a part of Westover since the School’s founding. “But what I think is true of all traditions is that it cannot remain static,” Bob said. “The students have to be actively involved in the process and make it their own.” So over the decades, some pieces have replaced others in the Glee Club canon. That being said, Bob noted that Felix Mendelssohn’s “Lift Thine Eyes,” sung by the Glee Club for over a century, remains one of the favorite pieces for 10 the students to perform each year.

The School’s commitment to music and the performing arts was one of the main reasons Stephanie wanted to attend Westover. “I feel that I am really lucky to be at a place where we set aside a time several days a week when we only have Glee Club rehearsal scheduled,” she explained. Even for students who don’t sing in Glee or the School’s other musical ensembles, Stephanie added, so many of the School’s most beloved traditions – Candlelight Services, traditional songs around the West, Over, and Senior trees in Quad, the Lantern Ceremony – all have music woven into the experience.

We are pleased to present the next in a series of student and faculty profiles illustrating the foundations of our Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover. These are the women of Westover – and their inspiring teachers.

“Music – and this is especially true of singing – is one activity that draws upon the whole person. You are using your body, of course, to help produce the music, but you are also using your mind and getting in touch with your spirit in the process of creating the music. It’s an activity that is universal in that way.” Robert Havery, Director of Music Member of Westover Faculty since 1968 as Director of Music; Chair of Arts Department since 1994; Instructor in Music & Humanities; Minister of Music at St. John’s Parish in Waterbury, CT; founding member of the Everyman Guild; a member of the Yale Camarata; Juilliard School of Music, B.Music & M.S.


Invest & Inspire


Charlotte Beyer ’65: Inspiring Generations of Donors Why do I invest in Westover? Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 has long been recognized as a wise and generous supporter for Westover, not only as a Past President of the School’s Board of Trustees and as an impassioned, eloquent advocate for girls’ education, but also as an entrepreneur who, after spending 20 years on Wall Street, founded the Institute for Private Investors in 1991. In September, she shared her philanthropic motivation at a campaign donor recognition event hosted by Nevitt Nugent Jenkins ’67 and Betsy Darling White ’57 in New York City.

I see first hand what a Westover education fosters. When 40 Westover girls came to Wall Street last winter, we had lunch at the Downtown Association, then we went onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I watched with admiration and pride as the Westover girls asked terrific questions and displayed such curiosity and intelligence. These girls were from all over – from Bejing, China, to Waterbury, CT. During our lunch I had them puzzle over how to stop a bank run as I showed them the front page of The Wall Street Journal that day showing long lines outside the bank in Cyprus. Through their thoughtful responses, these young women demonstrated all the best of what Westover provides. The School has been blessed with generations of inspiring women. Two, in particular, have influenced my philanthropy. I recall the wise words of past President of the Board of Trustees, Anita Packard Montgomery ’47, who plainly told me to “step up” and Pat Castles Acheson ’42, also a past President of the Board of Trustees, who said “it’s your turn now.” Just like these women, I have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of Westover supporters. Author Mary Hiles writes, “The art of paying attention is vital to human life. Attention is the way we love. We might say what we pay attention to is what we love. When someone pays attention to us, we feel not just heard, but loved. To be loved is to sense another stretching out toward us fully here and nowhere else. When someone remains present when we are talking, no matter how stumblingly or ineloquently, this is love. To love and be inattentive is a contradiction. To love is to attend, to attend is to love.” The faculty and leadership of Westover in Ann Pollina illustrate this definition perfectly, and that is why I invest, and by investing, hope to inspire.

Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 (in the lower right corner of the photo) with Westover students on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

Throughout her relationship with Westover, Charlotte has made philanthropic commitments to various Westover projects and initiatives, including more than $150,000 to the Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover. In August 2011 Charlotte was featured in The Wall Street Journal as “Donor of the Day”, a profile of philanthropists and major donors to charities in the New York region. 13


Invest & Inspire

Providing Now and for the Future We give to the Annual Fund because Westover has given our daughter Sarah so much: lifelong friendships with amazing girls from a wide range of incredible backgrounds, confidence that comes Sarkis and Giselle Boyadjian, parents from working in a strong of Sarah ’12; Giselle is the Director of Westover’s Library and Sarkis is academic environment the Chair of Westover’s Mathematics where girls really strive to Department be successful, and great learning relationships with committed and hard-working faculty that she can build on as she continues to follow her dreams and passions in college. We hope to support the next generation of Westover girls so that they will have the same opportunities that Sarah had. – Giselle Boyadjian (P’12)

The first time you visit Westover you recognize the special environment that your daughters will have to develop friendships, the opportunities for education and learning, Brian Jones and his wife Xue Hui, and the sense of parents of Fiona ’15 and Briana ’17 community that allows each young girl to become a leader not only within the School, but in her own community and in her future. Westover School is a special place and both of my daughters recognize this unique opportunity they have been given to attend, to learn, and to grow at Westover. Our contributions to Westover ensure that this success not only continues today but also for future generations at Westover. – Brian Jones (P’15, ’17) 15


Inspiring Leadership This past May, I had the pleasure and honor of giving the Commencement Address at the Class of 2013’s graduation. In my closing words to the graduating seniors I said:

From left: Head of School Ann Pollina, Trustee President Francene Young ’71, Alumnae Association President Ann Clark Priftis ’96

Yes, I believe that life is a journey where you have to choose to play an active part. To know when the challenges are real and how to deal with them and to recognize when you have created your own challenges and how to get out of your own way and not blame others.

On this journey, when you fall, get up, reach out to others when you need help and offer a hand when they need help … And by taking with you into the world this supportive community that you created at Westover, you will be able to provide each other a network of support as you travel on your individual paths.

This Annual Report reflects the example that has been set by alumnae, parents, and friends of Westover in taking on an active role to foster and sustain the supportive community that is Westover. Thanks to your generosity, you truly exemplify the underlying meaning of our Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover. Francene Young ’71, Board of Trustees President

A gift to the Annual Fund is a gift to the Inspiring Women: Campaign for Women and with $3 million left to raise in just over a year, our Board of Governors is focused on finding creative ways to engage detached alumnae and developing compelling reasons for active alumnae to maintain and/or increase their involvement with the School. Our Board encourages you to ask yourself the same important question we’ve asked ourselves as Governors: What can I do to help Westover achieve its goals and live its mission? We urge you to share your passion for Westover with colleagues, friends, and family. Use your personal and professional networks and skills to advocate for the School. Tap into your unique set of gifts and strengths to help the School reach its goals. Ann Clark Priftis ’96, Alumnae Association Board of Governors President


Q · The Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover is a comprehensive campaign. What does this mean?

Q · During the campaign, will people be asked to support Westover Ways to be Involved... through a gift to both the Annual Fund and the endowment?

A · A comprehensive campaign is one that includes both the Annual Fund and the endowment. Throughout the duration of the campaign every gift is considered a campaign gift.

A · This campaign is two pronged: Annual Fund and Endowment. For example, making a $250 gift to the Annual Fund from your checking account and then a $250 gift to Endowment for your savings account each year for five years would make you a $2,500 donor to the campaign!

Q · What’s the difference between the Annual Fund and the endowment, and how do they fit into the campaign? A · Think of the endowment as a savings account—you’re able to use the income that it generates to either spend when you need it or invest it in the future. The Annual Fund, on the other hand, provides the cash that Westover uses each year to support the operating budget. Westover would need another $30 million in endowment to generate what the $1.5 million raised in our Annual Fund every year. This is why the campaign is so important, because both of these funds work together. Q · Why is increasing the endowment so important to Westover? A · The endowment supports the long-term sustainability of the School. If Westover is to be here 100 years from now and continue to attract the most talented students and faculty and support them, we need an endowment to sustain us in both strong and challenging economic times. At a time when technology is changing the world at a rapid pace, a strong endowment gives Westover the flexibility to adapt to changing needs. Q · How long will this effort be under way? A · All gifts and pledges received by 12/31/14 will count toward the Inspiring Women Campaign for Westover. 18

Q · What specific areas of the school will benefit from the campaign? A · The campaign is about people—it will support the enrichment of faculty and students in all ways; and campaigns that support people—the lifeblood of the institution—are essential to delivering a superb education. Q · How do I become involved? A · If you have never given, give now! If you are a lapsed donor, come back on board! If you are a regular donor, we thank you and ask you to consider increasing your gift. Q · Does my reunion gift count towards the IWC? A · Yes, reunion gifts count towards the Inspiring Women Campaign. Your reunion is the perfect opportunity to stretch your philanthropy to new levels. We hope that beginning with your reunion during the Inspiring Woman Campaign, you will consider a larger gift to Westover and continue this stretch going forward.

Ways To Be Involved Many thanks to everyone who has supported the Campaign so far! As we race toward the finish line, we need your continued support. $42M


Campaign Progress as of June 30, 2013

• The Annual Fund If you have never given – Give Now! If you are a lapsed donor – Come back on board! If you are a regular donor – Increase your gift!

• Make a Stretch Gift Two pronged: Annual Fund & Endowment. For example: Making a $250 gift to the Annual Fund (from your checking account) and a $250 gift to Endowment (from your savings account) each year for five years, makes you a $2,500 donor to the Campaign!

• Make Provisions in your Estate Plans for Westover

Your bequest may be counted in the Inspiring Women Campaign: If you are or will be 80 years of age by December 31, 2014 or if you are celebrating your 50th, 55th or 60th Reunion


Inspiring Women Campaign Donors

The School has received the following leadership gifts & pledges since the start of the Campaign:


Comprehensive Leadership Gifts The Campaign which began in 2006 and runs through 2014, is a comprehensive campaign that encompasses gifts of Endowment and Annual Fund giving. The School has received the following generous comprehensive leadership gifts and pledges since the start of the campaign. $1,000,000+ Hugh T. Adams (FR) (d) Alison Kimball Bradford ’44 (P’70) Rosamond Seidel Clark ’37 (P’70) Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49 (P’72) Mary McCreath Godley ’38 (P’62, ’67) G. Barrie Hogan Landry ’62 and Kevin Landry (d) Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Marion Searle Searle ’73 Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey ’38 (P’62) Katherine Dixon Thomson ’72 Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 (P’69, GP’00, ’03) (d) Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Anonymous

$500,000-$999,999 Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Margaret Clement Green ’65 Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 (d) The Martin and Brown Foundation Janice and Matt Meehan (P’11) Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P ’68, ’73, GP’97) Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57

$250,000-$499,999 Faith Emeny Conger ’50 (P’80) Adele Q. Ervin ’42 Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Sarah Mead Hands ’44 (d) Leslie Parker Hume ’65 Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin Margaret Butler Miles ’63 Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 Ariane Yassukovich Wellin ’51

Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69,’72,’76, GP’12) (d) Anonymous

$100,000-$249,999 Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Ann Cluett Burroughs ’31 (d) Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Nancy duPont Cooch ’37 (P’63, ’64) Edith McLane Edson ’44 (P’68) Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 and Arthur Golden Patricia Kelly Healy ’35 (P’60) (d) Mrs. Andrew Heminway (P’74) Laura Wallace Houghton ’89 Holly S. Kennedy ’74 Margaret Velie Kinney ’54 Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Philip J. Passantino Louise Mead Resor ’34 (P ’65) (d) Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42 Margaret Love Stevens ’49 Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 and Thomas Sweeney (P’12) Marcelo Tortoriello and Dr. Liliana R. Yelin (P’07) Mr. and Mrs. Esam Trabulsi (P’89,’12) Jane Jackson Trask ’58 and Mr. Frederick Trask (GP’12) Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63 Anonymous

$50,000-$99,999 Abigail Mason Browne ’61 Susan Clark ’71 Fred and Terri Clark (P’11) Virginia Stanton Duncan ’42 (d) Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 Caroline Campbell Edwards ’66 Nancy May Field ’35 (d) Elizabeth Perry Gleason ’39 (d) Anne Newbold Godfrey ’46 Jennifer P. Gold ’87 Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69 (P’00) Christine Goodman Hayworth ’54 Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Deirdre Healy Henderson ’60 Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 Jane Belcher Phinney ’69

Ann and Ben Pollina (P’00,’03) Wendy Griswold Reily ’54 Harmony Clement Spongberg ’64 Elise Sweet Wylde ’61 (d) Francene Young ’71 Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser ’60

$25,000-$49,999 Eleanor D. Acheson ’65 Lucie Taft Bard ’42 (P’74, ’78) Linda Beard Brandi ’65 Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh ’71 Virginia Powell Cheston ’55 (P’84) Margaret Evans Dennis ’46 Pamela Gordon duPont ’70 Helen Minton Farley ’44 Rowena Summers Fenstermacher ’76 Beatrice Bronson Garvan ’46 (P’72) Florence Anderson Gibson ’41 (d) Jane Rovensky Grace ’35 Judith LeSage Grassi ’74 Jean Van Sinderen Henry ’39 Suzanne Chapman Hutchins ’56 Hetty Euwer Knox ’49 (d) Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mead (P’13) Betsy Shirley Michel ’59 Joseph and Beth Molder (P’80) Katharine Murphey Pell ’59 Karen Kjorlien Phillips ’71 Adeline Bradlee Polese ’51 (P’80) Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58 and Dirk Soutendijk Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 (P’00)

(d) deceased (FR) Friend

Annual Fund Leadership Gifts The School has received the following generous Annual Fund leadership gifts and pledges since the start of the campaign. Annual Fund Only $100,000-$249,999 Hugh L. Adams (FR) (d) Dr. Amy P. Goldman (P’10) Elizabeth Huidekoper ’70 Charles and Sarah Radcliffe (P’08) Anonymous

$50,000-$99,999 Cherie and James Flores (P’14) The Edward E. Ford Foundation Dr. Jeffrey and Mary Ellen Jay (P’10) Kirsten Tauck Mahar ’87 Helen Grace Spencer ’54 (d)

$25,000-$49,999 Margaret Peet Anderson ’64 Amanda Mortimer Burden ’62 Allison Garver Caesar ’39 Collier Foundation, Inc. Gretchen L. Cooney (P’08) Robert Cooney (P’08) Elizabeth Detwiler ’80 Eunice Strong Groark ’56 Lesley Bissell Hoopes ’64 Elizabeth McCabe Keith ’71 Mr. and Mrs. Masao Morita (P ’09) Emily Ward Neilson ’81 Louise Hoover Neuhoff ’48 (P’73) Cora Rust Owen ’28 (d) Hilary Higgins Parker ’71 Nancy H. Pratt Robert Rousseau (P’14) Divya Singh ’83 Joan Johnson Stott ’59 Anonymous


Endowment Leadership Gifts

Planned Gifts

The School has received the following generous endowment leadership gifts and pledges since the start of the campaign.

In accordance with the Inspiring Women Campaign guidelines approved by the Westover Board of Trustees, the following generous donors have made Planned Gifts to the School since the start of the Campaign.

Endowment Only $1,000,000+ Mary Tate ’64 (d)

$100,000-$249,999 Mr. William G. McKelvy (FR)

$50,000-$99,999 Mr. Russell P. Duncan (d) Berrell Evans Street ’38 (d) The David, Helen and Marian Woodward Foundation

$25,000-$49,999 William Adamson Jr. (FR) Phoebe Taylor Biddle ’47 (d) Barbara Stine Cruice ’42 (d) Catharine Montgomery Hunt (FR) (d)

(d) deceased (FR) Friend

Lucie Taft Bard ’42 (P’74, ’78) Marianna Johnson Baker ’62 Phoebe Taylor Biddle ’47 (d) Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Ann Cluett Burroughs ’31 (P’58, GP’82) (d) Barbara Stine Cruice ’42 (d) Adele Q. Ervin ’42 Nancy May Field ’35 (P’60) (d) Florence Anderson Gibson ’41 (P’68) (d) Elizabeth Perry Gleason ’39 (d) Anne Newbold Godfrey ’46 Marim Pew Hamilton ’47 (d) Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 (d) Patricia Kelly Healy ’35 (P ’60) (d) Hetty Euwer Knox ’49 (d) Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 (d) Margaret Butler Miles ’63 Louise Mead Resor ’34 (P’65) (d) Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42 Berrell Evans Street ’38 (P’60, ’71) (d) Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey ’38 (P’62) Mary Tate ’64 (d) Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 (P’69, GP’00, ’03) (d) Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63 Ariane Yassukovich Wellin ’51 Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69, ’72, ’76, GP’12) (d)

Some BEQUEST INTENTIONS by living alumnae COUNT towards Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover! In order to expand opportunities for more Westover alumnae participation in our current Campaign, in October 2011 the Board of Trustees amended the existing Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover counting policy to include some bequest intentions by living alumnae. Accordingly, if you are 80 years old or more, OR you will reach your 80th birthday on or before December 31, 2014, the full face value of any bequest you make to Westover (that is verified in writing) will count towards your gift to Westover’s Campaign! Also, if you have your 50th or 55th reunion in 2014 the full face value of any verified bequest you make during your reunion year will count towards your gift to Westover’s Campaign.

For the purpose of continuity, we have listed all alumnae donors by class name unless otherwise requested. If you would like to be recognized differently in future publications, kindly contact our office with your request.


We have made every effort to insure that the information in this report is current and accurate. In the event that we have made an error, please accept our apology and contact the Development Office directly at 203.577.4646.

Campaign Leadership Campaign Executive Committee Campaign Co-Chairs Martha Bacon Martin ’65 & David Martin Beth Smith Golden ’65 Maura Tansley ’00 Ann Pollina, Head of School Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Francene Young ’71

Campaign Steering Committee Beth Smith Golden ’65, Chair Muffie Clement Green ’65 Toni Walker Hamner ’69 Lolly MacMurray-Cooper ’63 Martha Bacon Martin ’65 David Martin Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Ann Clark Priftis ’96 Mary Maier Walker ’54 Sara Belcher Wardell ’60, Chair Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63 Francene Young ’71


Annual Report 2013


The Annual Fund 2012-2013 Summary of Annual Fund Gifts Annual Fund Constituency

Total # of Donors % of Participation


Restricted Total

Alumnae 1,155 35.64% $ 938,511 $ 131,541 $1,070,052 Current Parents 71 35.86% $ 125,172 $ 40,430 $ 165,602 Friends 70 22.44% $ 29,675 $ 103,370 $ 133,045 Parents of Alumnae 145 12.63% $ 66,183 $ 1,723 $ 67,906 Grandparents 15 17.24% $ 13,550 $ 0 $ 13,550 Corporations 5 2.29% $ 725 $ 2,400 $ 3,125 Foundations 4 2.74% $ 0 $ 31,783 $ 31,783 Organizations 3 2.08% $ 7,096 $ 725 $ 7,822 Faculty/Staff 67 77.01% $ 2,713 $ 9,803 $ 12,516



2012-2013 Annual Fund* $1,505,401 Friends $133,045 – 9%

Current Parents $165,602 – 11%

Parents of Alumnae $67,906 – 5%

Grandparents $13,550 – 1%


$ 321,776 $ 1,505,401

Foundations $31,783 – 2% Faculty & Staff $12,516 – 1%

2012-2013 Annual Fund*

* including both Unrestricted and Restricted Gifts

Alumnae $1,070,052 – 71%


Giving By Class 1928

AF: $5,325.00 Total: $5,325.00 Annual Fund *Cora Rust Owen (d) +

1934 20%

PG $67,183.53 Total $67,183.53 Planned Gift Louise Mead Resor (d)

1935 50%

1938 64%

Dorothy Gannett West AF: $ 55,519.00 END: $200,000.00 Total: $255,519.00 Annual Fund *Jane Cheever Lyman Eleanor English Whitman Dorothy Gannett West Annette Goodell Gardner *Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey Mary Harris Clark Cynthia Heffron McAdoo *Mary Hopkins Biddle *Mary McCreath Godley

AF: $ 100.00 END: $5,000.00 Total: $5,100.00

Endowment Mary McCreath Godley

Annual Fund *Nancy Logan Von Klemperer

Jean Van Sinderen Henry AF: $14,794.03 END: $ 800.00 Total: $15,594.03

Endowment Jane Rovensky Grace

1937 50%

AF: $20,800.00 END: $10,000.00 Total: $30,800.00 Annual Fund *Dilys Demorest Peirce Nancy duPont Cooch *Rosamond Seidel Clark *Constance Smith Endowment Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney


1939 58%

Annual Fund *Katharine Clarkson McDonald *Anna Ingersoll Roberts (d) *Sidney Lauck Mattoon *Georgina Miller Bissell Julia Morris Disston *Suzanne Perrin Kloman *Jean Van Sinderen Henry Endowment Georgina Miller Bissell

1940 45%

Hatheway Minton Hasler AF: $875.00 Total: $875.00 Annual Fund Grace Ewing Huffman (d) *Anne Heyniger Willard

*Constance Lazo Tysen Hatheway Minton Hasler *Ann Tomlinson Reed Martha Weeks Sherrill

1941 21%

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 AF: $11,300.00 Total: $11,300.00 Annual Fund *Fanny Curtis Luke *Emily Detwiler Uhl Ann Huidekoper Brown

1942 52%

Sonia Allen Spalding AF: $7,915.00 Total: $7,915.00 Annual Fund *Sonia Allen Spalding *Anne Demorest Hurtt *Adele Q. Ervin *Patricia Franck Sheffield *Nancy Heimbach Claypool *Elizabeth McMillan Ringer Suzan Phillips *Sally Piper Noyes *Maria Randall Allen Patricia Smith Goodyear (d) *Lucie Taft Bard *Marian Vilas Reid Mary Waters Anderson

1943 33%

Margery Wyckoff Baruch AF: $ 2,455.00 END: $13,071.26 Total: $15,526.26 Annual Fund *Alison Barbour Fox Elinor Bliss Malcom *Catherine Curtis Allard Jane Darrin Williams

Joan McKelvy Taft *Margery Wyckoff Baruch Endowment Alison Barbour Fox

1944 32%

Kirsten Tauck Mahar ’87 AF: $12,690.00 Total: $12,690.00 Annual Fund *Elizabeth Chick Parker *Margaret English von Wichman Mary Ann Grammer Byers *Edith McLane Edson *Helen Minton Farley *Natalie O’Brien Conklin Yvonne Perry Segerstrom *Nancy Smith Lovejoy *Anonymous

1945 57%

Dorothy Tremaine Hildt AF: $ 7,025.00 PG: $100,000.00 Total: $107,025.00 Annual Fund *Winifred Anthony Stearns Jessie Batcheller Cogswell Marie-Louise Carroll Escher (d) *Nan Fullerton Shupe *Justine Harwood Laquer *Sally Howard Hollaman Isabel Lincoln Elmer Mary Lee Lumpkin Sparks *Diana Parsons Scholle *Anne Simmons Finley *Dorothy Tremaine Hildt *Mary Wilshire Mead *Barbara Wood Vilter *Lucia Ewing Planned Gift Alethea Kunhardt Walker (d)

1946 56%

Beatrice Bronson Garvan Susan Colket Rakestraw AF: $11,910.00 END: $30,227.19 Total: $42,137.19 Annual Fund *Beatrice Bronson Garvan *Susan Colket Rakestraw *Anne Corkran Nimick *Lisa Dean Moseley Margaret DeVecchi Gabriel Ann Ellis Raynolds *Margaret Evans Dennis *Mary Gibson Geer *Anne Newbold Godfrey Roxana Schulke Kaufmann *Justine Upson Arnold Endowment Anonymous

1947 71%

Elizabeth King Rodiger AF: $ 39,025.00 END: $ 427.48 PG: $ 981,228.31 Total: $1,020,680.79 Annual Fund *Anne-Louise Baker Carroll *Barbara Drake Daspit *Anna Ewing Bull *Patricia Foote Davidson *Jerone Godfrey Paul *Susan Hill Vos *Elizabeth King Rodiger *Calista Lincoln Harder (d) *Ethel Manville Woolverton Anne Northrop Ott *Joan Ross Bolling Anne Savage Barnum Susanne Townsend *Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss *A. Maybury Viall Fraser

*Mary Wells Jencks *Barbara Whiting Lee Endowment Anne Farquhar Griffin Anita Packard Montgomery (d) Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss A. Maybury Viall Fraser Mary Wells Jencks Planned Gift Anne Holmes White (d) Calista Lincoln Harder (d) Anne Northrop Ott

1948 41%

Priscilla Lucas Stevens AF: $ 6,237.74 END: $169,109.00 Total: $175,346.74 Annual Fund *Helen Angier Trumbull *Juliet Boyd Patterson *Jean Bronson Mahoney *Martha Burdett Billings *Mary Bush Clement Estabrook Cornelia Gibson Nelson *Sylvia Handy Bowman *Marguerite Hoadley O’Connell *Jane Lancaster *Margaret Lumpkin Keon *Julia Morrill Decker Patricia Richardson Jamison *Sheila Rorick Book *Suzanne Spencer Garvin *Stephanie Stunzi Zuellig Endowment Helen Angier Trumbull

1949 59%

Nancy Lee Ballenger AF: $ 4,235.00 END: $220,000.00 Total: $224,235.00

Annual Fund *Judith Blair Green *Lois Boots Berry *Barbara Crowell Wheeler *Catherine Devine Hayden *Sheila Grainger Edee Ellen Grimes Noble *Luigi Horne Mumford *Pamela Jayne Miller *Barbara Lamb Johnson *Nancy Lee Ballenger *Gayle Nin Rosenkrantz *Sabra Packard Cleveland Joan Peterkin Foxwell *Joan Pirie Leclerc Endowment Margaret Love Stevens Suzanne Searle Dixon

1950 68%

Caroline Chickering Fish Mary Wainwright Lelewer AF: $15,150.00 Total: $15,150.00 Annual Fund *Emily Baldwin Nissley Antonia Bissell Ryan *Patty Bundy Wray *Caroline Chickering Fish *Constance Clement Leslie Alice Cole Jones *Cynthia Cronkhite-Jones *Josephine Eaton Wagner *Faith Emeny Conger *Maryan Fox Chapin Sarah Goodbody Norris *Louise Hicks Crispin *Barbara Holbrook Miltenberger *Lorna MacLean Terhune *Jane Mason Manasse Starr Taber Eliza Taggart Davies *Frances Thomas Martin *Mary Wainwright Lelewer

*Ronalda Whitman

1951 49%

Alice Potts Wallis Glenna Vare Kalen AF: $4,375.00 END: $ 100.00 Total: $4,475.00 Annual Fund *Adeline Bradlee Polese *Constance Heckscher Wood *Anne Hoyt Hepner *Francine LeRoux Haskell *Barbara Massey Clothier Gladys Merrick Cutler Lolita Mitchell Lanning Edwina Louisa Munson (d) Maryann Perkins Munson *Alice Potts Wallis Katherine Sortor Prokop *Suzan B. Beard Bryant *Jean Theopold Lamphere *Sarita Van Vleck *Glenna Vare Kalen *Janet West Lloyd Georgene Yeatman Taylor Endowment Barbara Massey Clothier

1952 55%

Priscilla Perry Morris ’59 AF: $2,820.00 Total: $2,820.00 Annual Fund *Deborah Bennett Moore *Barbara Cates Baynard *Judith Croy Stevens *Miriam DeCosta-Willis *Florence Dillingham Howe *Meta Dunning Melby *Daphne Hersey Wetmore Kathleen Kelly Anne McPherson Tracy


*Pamela Miller Gerard *Ann Pew Curran Terry Shrady Fry *Angelica Spykman Harter *Diana Tench Stovall *Gillet Thomas Page *Roberta Vilas Nichols *Roberta West Waddell *Roma Wickwire Knight

1953 48%

Esther Spaulding AF: $7,555.00 Total: $7,555.00 Annual Fund *Jean Ackerman Robinson *Alice Bell Reid Anne Chickering Hill *Sally Coxe Taylor *Dicka Hoadley DeLude Josephine Kane Wood Marcia McCuaig Geer *Patience Merritt Campbell *Barbara Moore Rumsey *Katharine Neiley Begien *Mary Reynolds Moser *Antonia Schildge Malone *Ann Whitfield Roberts (d) *Esther Spaulding

1954 70%

Deborah Cook Siegel Mary Maier Walker AF: $ 34,063.43 END: $138,208.83 Total: $172,272.26


Annual Fund *Marie Bowman Wengert Anne Chalfant Brown *Aldys Chapman Davis *Deborah Cook Siegel Mary-Elisabeth Coolidge Cost *Priscilla Cunningham *Lane Fryberger Smith

*Bourne Gafill Morris Buss *Wendy Griswold Reily *Wendy Hill Merriman *Lee Imbrie Selden *Diana Jewell Bingham *Louisa Jones Palmer *Mary Anne Langdon Almquist *Mary Maier Walker *Gail Miller Stoddart *Joy Peterkin Rasin *Anne Richardson Johnson Barbara Ringe Ritter *Sandra Soule Ashley *Margaret Velie Kinney *Nancy Watson King Endowment Priscilla Cunningham Wendy Griswold Reily Louisa Jones Palmer Mary Maier Walker Anonymous

1955 58%

C. Sheila O’Connor Sevier Virginia Powell Cheston AF: $11,928.36 END: $10,000.00 Total: $21,928.36 Annual Fund *Ann Atlee Webber Katrina Barhydt Duff *Susan Berger Sheridan *Ann Bradlee Tauchert *Susan Brown Denious *Margo Dean Pinson *Sherry Fisher Huber *Wendy Fox Baurmeister Priscilla Gibb Wallace *Jane Hamilton Warriner *Lucie Hill Collins *Eve Naramore Skerritt *C. Sheila O’Connor Sevier *Virginia Powell Cheston *Jane Rawlings Odenweller

*Carolyn Robbins Laflin *Nancy Schroeder Snyder *Deborah Schust Harding (d) *Sandra Sheppard Rodgers (d) Marie Louise Sibley Scudder *Wendy Smith Brainerd *Susan Terbell Hersey Joanna Uihlein Bratt Endowment Maurita Foley Lannan (d)

1956 62%

Sally Hastings Foehl Marcy Tench Crimmins AF: $18,175.00 END: $37,228.41 Total: $55,403.41 Annual Fund *Mary Stewart Baird *Susan Birge Isetorp Bonnie Davis Gerrard *Joan Dominick O’Brien *Caroline Elliott Williams *Elizabeth Froment Brown *Cynthia Fulenwider Denham Susan Green Foote *Sally Hastings Foehl Percilla Lincoln Chappell *Linda May Smith *Susan McInnes Howard *Jane Meanor Hastings *Nancy Nicholas Hatfield *Leila Patterson Peck *Suzanne Reitz Weinstein *Jennifer Robbins Manocherian *Lucille Rundin Evans *Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe *Eunice Strong Groark *Marcy Tench Crimmins *Cassandra Van Alen Ludington *Frances Welch

Endowment Suzanne Chapman Hutchins Jane Meanor Hastings

1957 76%

Alane Gerdau Dorothy Milner Pease AF: $ 35,385.00 END: $100,000.00 Total: $135,385.00 Annual Fund *Martha Allen Ross *Sharon Anderson Smith *Susan Bicknell Hoopes *Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley Alexandra Chappell Cole Nancy Corbin Nelson Ann Cronkhite Goldblatt *Elizabeth Darling White *Leslie de Bretteville *Barbara Edwards Hicks *Betsy Fox Fisher *Alane Gerdau *Elizabeth Glassmeyer Treynor *Janet Haskell Spalding *Mary-Rose Hickey Cooney Gretchen Hill Kingsley *M. Birch Hincks Milliken *Varick Katzenbach Niles *Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell Florence Lincoln Short *M. Dale MacDonald Jensen *Julia MacLaren West *Lavinia Meeks *Mary Merrill Hoffman *Dorothy Milner Pease *Margaret Moon Minor *Susan Nichols Wittmer *Virginia Ramsburg McElman *Laura Ridder Evans *Mary Denny Scott Wray *Isabella Sommerhoff Patty *Andrea Soule Graves *Diana Strawbridge Wister *Carolyn Wende Niles

Endowment Diana Strawbridge Wister

1958 68%

Catherine Baird Smith Deborah French Glynn Jane Jackson Trask S. Elizabeth Patterson Lancaster AF: $21,059.36 END: $ 7,000.00 Total: $28,059.36 Annual Fund Andrea Alberts Stewart *Catherine Baird Smith *Mary Brereton Frost *Anita Burroughs Fahy Sarah Carroll Herring *Peyton Chapman Horne Bonnie Drake Poloner Selden Dunbar Illick *Grace Fletcher Brown *Deborah French Glynn *Elizabeth Green McCutcheon *Lynn Hamilton Elaine Hodges Harvey *Jane Jackson Trask Joan Lee Kremer *Lucy Lisle Murray-Brown Priscilla Machold Loeb Judith Malone Hayne *Martha McCormick Porter *Jane McPherson Nickerson *Josephine Merrill Eastman *Deborah Morgan Luquer *Louise Munson Herring *Gail Owen Troutman Brita Patten Gwinn *S. Elizabeth Patterson Lancaster *Helen Potts Palmer Helen Richards *Emily Taylor Ambler *Mary Tremaine Soutendijk *Helen Tyson (d)

Endowment Catherine Baird Smith Josephine Merrill Eastman Mary Tremaine Soutendijk

1959 57%

Pamela Eakins Wharton Mary-Clark Seymour Garfield Margo Stratford Russell Judith Swanson Redway AF: $19,820.65 END: $ 150.00 Total: $19,970.65 Annual Fund Wendy Anderson Bianchi *Laurie Blake Sawyer Margaret Day Jones *Pamela Eakins Wharton Annette Eustis Jarman *Ann Fisher McComish Danielle Hirsh Tubiana *Gretchen Holverstott Haight *Alison Lemkau Vaughn Lilian Manger Lewis *Dorinda Miles Smith *Lillian Milner Smyser *Katharine Murphey Pell *Eleanora Patterson *Priscilla Perry Morris *Phoebe Pier Fairburn *Lily Russell Heiliger *Anne Sammis *Mary-Clark Seymour Garfield *Betsy Shirley Michel Susan Sterling Sterling Monjauze Margo Stratford Russell *Judith Swanson Redway *Phebe Thorne *Nina Truslow McKee Sally Wade Smith Endowment Katharine Murphey Pell

1960 66%

Sara Belcher Wardell AF: $ 46,960.00 END: $170,055.00 Total: $217,015.00 Annual Fund *Susan Behr Travers *Sara Belcher Wardell Barrett Brady Frelinghuysen *Cynthia Burdick Patterson Elise Clement Cutler Diana Delafield Muir Ann DiGiorgio Costigan Jane Gillespie Robbins *Deirdre Healy Henderson Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser *Joanne Johnson Olson *Jennifer Jones *Antoinette Lapham Wheeler *Dorothy Macy Damon *Berrell Mallery *Belinda Miles Chen Kate Munson Rowe Barbara Norman Bankson Lisa Overly Markham Sarah Rawlings Skidmore *Deborah Roberts Watson Elisabeth Scott Porter *Susan Simmons Phillips Jenny Sommerhoff Haviland *Priscilla White Givan Endowment Sara Belcher Wardell Cynthia Burdick Patterson Deirdre Healy Henderson Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser

1961 42%

Susan Scott Webb AF: $ 10,800.00 END: $ 1,250.00 Total: $ 12,050.00

Annual Fund *E. Kirtland Abeles Heald *Joan Atwood Kunzelmann *Catharine Cavanagh Maslow Marcia Haight Erickson Louise Higley John *Marianna Jackson Price *Laurie Lisle *Abigail Mason Browne Barbara Morgan Bishop *Karen Noble *Katrina Rauch Wagner *Susan Russell Watson *Susan Scott Webb *Ann Skelly *Elise Thayer Patterson *Jannie Whitcraft Mills Linda Williams Cox Heins *Schuyler Wilson Field Endowment Abigail Mason Browne Schuyler Wilson Field

1962 44%

Louise Hill Davis AF: $ 29,425.00 END: $475,457.53 Total: $504,882.53 Annual Fund *Ruth Barnes Fiordalis *Nancy Bristol Homer *Ann Dugdale Wick Caroline Fearey Schimmel *Beatrice Frelinghuysen van Roijen Elizabeth Harbison Carole Hayes Williams *G. Barrie Hogan Landry *Judith Lawrence Carmany Candace McElroy *Michele Montgelas van der Kieft *Anne Newhard Martin *Susanne Roberts *Irene Sedgwick Briedis


Pamela Shepardson Coleman *Martha Talbot Oberlander Cynthia Titus Powers Endowment G. Barrie Hogan Landry

1963 67%

“We were privileged enough to attend Westover and now it is time to pay back Westover for that special education experience which can only improve because of the Annual Fund.” Dorothy Milner Pease ’57, member, Board of Governors & Annual Fund Committee


Louise Bailey Connor Mary Dobbin Greeley Nicky Johnson Weaver Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper Elizabeth Markham Nicholson Mary Turner Tackett Alison Wardrop AF: $13,805.00 END: $31,450.00 Total: $45,255.00 Annual Fund Elizabeth Barstow Lyn Bremer Chivvis *Margaret Butler Miles *Susan DuVal Phipps Martha Ferguson Buller Lucile Hannan Vaill *Mary Hayward Griffith Patricia Henriques McConnell Elysabeth Higgins Miller *Catharine Holden *Nicky Johnson Weaver *Elizabeth Jones *Holly Lewis Lentini *Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper *Elizabeth Markham Nicholson *Margaret McClave Snowden *Marda Perry Phelps Laura Pratt Gregg *Robin Reath Graves *Nancy Reeder El Bouhali Joanne Shirley Gill Julie Slocum Dahlgren *Mary Turner Tackett *Suzanne Wardwell Prescott Martha Wilcox Van Allen

Endowment *Louise Bailey Connor Mary Dobbin Greeley Enid Fraser Robinson Lucile Hannan Vaill *Mary Hayward Griffith *Nancy Higley Cudd *Nicky Johnson Weaver *Holly Lewis Lentini *Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper *Elizabeth Markham Nicholson *Marda Perry Phelps Laura Pratt Gregg *Nancy Reeder El Bouhali *Jeannette Stone Reynolds *Suzanne Wardwell Prescott

1964 58%

Charlene Claypool Hansen Anne Wigglesworth Walker AF: $23,009.00 END: $ 2,550.00 Total: $25,559.00 Annual Fund *Lesley Bissell Hoopes Irene Brown *Carol Cameron von Kaenel Suzanne Cattier Taliaferro *Charlene Claypool Hansen *Barbara Clement Stoever *Harmony Clement Spongberg *Patricia Day Perry *Jeanne Edmonds Anderson *Penelope Ferenbach Franchot *Gail Funston Wasson Nancy Green White Elizabeth Joy Oberdorf *Nancy Kellogg Lightbody *Nancy Kent Henry *Deborah Lawrence *Catherine Mauk Mather Christine McArdle McGuire *Martha McCahill Cowden *Margaret Peet Anderson *Janet Reed Goss

*Dorothy Taft Ahlgren Anne Templeton Macaskill *Helen Tremaine Gregory *Pamela Whittemore Bell *Alison Wickwire Olivieri *Anne Wigglesworth Walker *Susan Willcox Mackay Endowment Anne Wigglesworth Walker Alison Wickwire Olivieri

1965 58%

Elinor Ladd Craver Polly Wingfield AF: $ 89,597.16 END: $199,206.14 Total: $288,803.30 Annual Fund *Eleanor Acheson *Martha Bacon Martin *Linda Beard Brandi *Charlotte B. Beyer Bronwyn Black *Leslie Parker Hume *Nancy Burkham Williams *Jane Carmody *Louise Clark Hood *Margaret Clement Green Stacey Coates *Ellen Durham Christensen *Rebecca Finnell *Virginia Fox Wagenseller *Edith Glassmeyer Heilman Elizabeth Goodenough *Elizabeth Halsey Register Deborah Howell Kurd *Judith Kuryla Huntington *Elinor Ladd Craver *Laura Maxwell Seaman Nancy Moyer Dingman *Judith Peterson Sappington Ellen Pollak Powers *Minda Putman Daniell Susan Robbins

*Helen Rose King *Patrice Semenza Swanson *Elisabeth Smith Golden R. Caroline Thompson Benson *Caren Vignos Sturges *Elsie Walker *Melissa Whitcraft Mintz *Polly Wingfield Anonymous Endowment Eleanor Acheson Martha Bacon Martin Linda Beard Brandi Leslie Parker Hume Margaret Clement Green Edith Glassmeyer Heilman Elisabeth Smith Golden

1966 29%

Cynthia Perry Colebrook ’68 AF: $ 23,210.00 END: $106,100.00 Total: $129,310.00 Annual Fund *Katherine Bader Caroline Campbell Edwards *Monique Corbat Brooks *Lucy Huidekoper Edson *Mary Kuryla Thompson Elizabeth Pratt Wax *Christina Ruschp Dickinson *Mary Elizabeth Ruwell *F. Kimberly Sartorius Mel *Emily Schabacker Anne Schulhof Butler *Katharine Tarbox McLeod Anonymous (2) Endowment Jennifer Martin Katharine Tarbox McLeod

1967 49%

Phyllis Dewart Greene

Amy Shepard Knight AF: $14,382.00 END: $ 550.00 Total: $14,932.00 Annual Fund Linda Armour Kelly Marcia Clay Hamilton *M. Abbe Clement Stein *Margot Clement Clark *Beverly Cutler *Phyllis Dewart Greene Lalla Dodge Brutoco *E. Linda Baruch Leon *Elizabeth Goddard Gentry Germain Graves *Pamela Heymann Ricciardi *Mari Hill Harpur *Nora Lapham Wendel *Pamela Markham Heller *Constance McCarrens *Luisa Miller *Nevitt Nugent Jenkins *Madeleine Pagon Brownell *Alison Peake Ann Quarles *Galen Savage McWilliams *Amy Shepard Knight *Lydia Thompson Whitehead *Laura Uhl *Doris Ulmer Endowment M. Abbe Clement Stein Pamela Markham Heller

1968 69%

Adeline Gwynne Kurz Susan Henry West Whitney Neville Harvey Leigh Keyser Phillips Patricia Simonds Taylor AF: $15,719.57 END: $ 100.00 Total: $15,819.57

Annual Fund Catharine Barclay Fender *Helen Behr Sanford Jeanne Campbell Sedgwick Barbara Chadwick *Caryn Cluett Gregg Rebecca Coates Milliken *Abigail Congdon *Natalie Conklin Susan Criswell Fiordalis Claire Curtiss-McDonald Penelope Dillon *Annis Gilbert Kukulan Amanda Goodan *Cynthia Gould *Adeline Gwynne Kurz *Helen Heard Hetherington Susan Henry West *Beverly Johnson Jaques *Leigh Keyser Phillips *Cynthia Kroll Dwyer *Susan Logan Whitman Ann Markham Judd Deborah Massey Patricia McClave Jackson *Whitney Neville Harvey *Augusta Off Moravec *Cynthia Perry Colebrook Elizabeth Reed Dorothy Reed *Mary Rockefeller Runestad *Patricia Simonds Taylor Helen Stone Fitzgerald Elizabeth Taylor Greer *Marion Thompson Murfey *Emily Thomson Williams Barbara Twichell McKeon Endowment Caryn Cluett Gregg

1969 38%

Elaine Rundin Starr White Snead AF: $60,091.00 END: $ 5,000.00

Total: $65,091.00 Annual Fund Ellen Arnoff Sonis *Jane Belcher Phinney *Jeannette Byers *Cynthia Coggeshall Trask *Barbara Fearey West *Nancy Gerrity Achilles *Charlotte Goodwin Tieken *Elizabeth Green Mary Ann Hurlimann Lowry Igleheart-Keach Carita Kruse Polin *Meredith Mandeville Hollis Deborah Melum McBee *Deborah Merrick Brisbane *Linsley Pietsch *Priscilla Stevens Polk *Elizabeth Swift Mitchell Susan Tarbox Destefano *Antoinette Walker Hamner *Starr White Snead Anonymous Endowment Jane Belcher Phinney

1970 39%

Dorothea Moore AF: $34,805.00 END: $ 5,071.74 Total: $39,876.74 Annual Fund *Mary Bell *Marjorie Bradford Stanford Carlyle Claypool Conrad *Teresa Connors Johnson Joan Davies Jefferys Sallie Deans Lake Pamela Dodge-Peterson *Diana Drew Harbison *Pamela Gordon duPont *Susan Handy Stover *Nancy LeSage Hellmuth


Shielagh McNutt Shusta-Hochberg *Elizabeth Huidekoper Susan Mohn *Dorothea Moore Suzanne Otto Carter *Ellen Pease Sole Suzanne Petersen *Susan Root Graham Jean Rowland Joslin Robin Tilp McManus *Margot Trotter-Davis *Christina Warner Mulligan *Olive Warner Geehr *Anonymous Endowment Pamela Gordon duPont

1971 24%

Coila Worley Campbell ’78 AF: $29,918.13 END: $23,500.00 Total: $53,418.13 Annual Fund *Heather Allen *Pamela Birkins Swift *Sarah Carleton Wechsler *Susan Clark Debbie Edmonson Drake *Hilary Higgins Parker *Sheila Jackson Brown *Karen Kjorlien Phillips *Colleen O’Rourke Carson *Kate Proctor Brooks *Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh *Shelley Sagar Payer *Francene Young Endowment Susan Clark Karen Kjorlien Phillips Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh Francene Young


1972 44%

Gretchen Handy Comstock Jean Pearce AF: $ 13,245.00 END: $259,250.00 Total: $272,495.00 Annual Fund *Amy Benson Cutting Elizabeth Bucknall Petty *Jane Castles Thompson Dianne Crary Annie DiSesa McHugh *Joan Gerster *S. Ellen Greulich Coco *Gretchen Handy Comstock Lily Hurlimann *Margaret Johnson-Orrick Kathryn Klopfer O’Brien Karla Lawrence Keating *Lila Leslie Foster Berris Candace McDonnell Hanau Felicia Murray *Amy Nickell-Willson Jean Pearce Anne Spalding Robin Tilghman Stevens *Emily Uhl *Caroline Watson Morong Polly Whittaker Cricket Wingfield Endowment Katherine Dixon Thomson Gretchen Handy Comstock Caroline Watson Morong

1973 32%

Nancy Handy Grogan Palmer Marrin Elizabeth Wood Crane AF: $ 91,138.00 END: $150,000.00 Total: $241,138.00

Annual Fund *Anne Benedict McCarthy Janet Costikyan Waite Lindsay Du Gan *Rosemary Furse Taylor Louise Guion *Nancy Handy Grogan *Ellen Harrington Campbell Anne Hewson Keen Marina Kelley *Marion Markham Abood *Palmer Marrin Mary Runnells Ann Scott Lynch *Marion Scott Searle Alison Solbert Paine Elizabeth Wood Crane Endowment Marion Scott Searle

1974 20%

Susan Boynton AF: $11,806.92 END: $64,638.75 Total: $76,445.67 Annual Fund *Susan Boynton Shawn Caldwell Alshut Shelby Coleman Rogerson *Drucilla Frederick *Holly S. Kennedy *Judith LeSage Grassi Cynthia Travis Metzger Endowment Holly S. Kennedy Judith LeSage Grassi Anita Montgomery

1975 30%

Jessie Cogswell Tichko Christine McIntosh Coffin AF: $ 6,659.00 END: $18,600.00

Total: $25,259.00 Annual Fund *Patricia Brown Virginia Goodlett *Pamela Handy Shepley *Lynn Loveridge Kling Kristi McCarthy Robertson *Christine McIntosh Coffin *Jane Scheerer Parkes Leonore Smith Cunningham Endowment Christine McIntosh Coffin

1976 39%

Victoria Darlington Yoder Anne Edmonson Kerr 
AF: $40,513.90 END: $18,475.00 Total: $58,988.90 Annual Fund *Marianne Barbino Dubuque *Tamara Bettcher Walker *Diane B Blackey Sullivan *Cathy Bushkoff Collins *Anne Edmonson Kerr Mihae Lee *Elizabeth Lubrano Dwyer *Katherine Montgomery *Catherine Stewart *Deirdre Sullivan *Rowena Summers Fenstermacher *Cassandra White Sweeney Endowment Marianne Barbino Dubuque Tamara Bettcher Walker Elizabeth Montgomery Zimmerman Rowena Summers Fenstermacher Cassandra White Sweeney

1977 32%

1979 31%

Rosa Gatling Williams AF: $1,120.00 END: $ 100.00 Total: $1,120.00

Sarah Bliss Seamans Diane Lewis-D’Agostino AF: $4,250.00 Total: $4,250.00

Annual Fund *Kathleen Brown-Carrano *Christina Coleman Owen *Rosa Gatling Williams *Elizabeth Gilbert *Katherine Kennedy Hines *Kristin Lindgren Karen Schottin Klein *Anne Spencer Holm Endowment Elizabeth Gilbert

Annual Fund *Caroline Barhydt Francis *Sarah Bliss Seamans *Karen Bogen *Karen Hall Nancy Hoft *Diane Lewis-D’Agostino *Eloise Lipscomb Reynolds Lyann Mannella *C. Elizabeth Spencer *Jodi Summit *Renee Voltmann

1978 32%

1980 33%

Annual Fund *Barbara Bell Cook *Lauralyn Bellini Cannistra Victoria Blewer *Theodosia Burr Zeleznik Susanna R Cook Scott Christine Gamble Brooks *Hae-Soon Hahn *Debra James Case Jennifer LaMonte Johnson *Andrea Manzi Frank Claudia Rawal Morris *Emily Renz Barron Lynn Sheldon Carla Skinner Malstrom *Elizabeth Uhl *Coila Worley Campbell

Annual Fund Hilary Bibb Porado Frederica Carpenter *Gabrielle Gerstein Kalis Margot Gismondi Todaro *Carol Goldburg *Caroline Guion Schadler *Judith Herdeg Wilson Susan Kerr Rogers Sarah Knowles Dent *Susan L. DeSimone *Marjorie Molder Cook Sandra Nichols Nash Ann Shettle Hansen Robin Smith Melvin *Sarah Tauchert Rushing *Joline Thompson Douglas *Elizabeth Detwiler Endowment Susan L. DeSimone

Cynthia Bellamy Eleanor Bissell Wilson Elizabeth Uhl Coila Worley Campbell AF: $5,035.00 Total: $5,035.00

Susan L. DeSimone AF: $11,675.00 END: $ 2,000.00 Total: $13,675.00

“Before I joined the Board of Governors I gave to the Annual Fund out of a basic desire to show my support for Westover. As I’ve learned more about the Annual Fund, my giving, and encouraging others to give, has taken on more importance. The Annual Fund provides the operating support that allows the School to offer scholarships to create a socioeconomically diverse campus, to outfit the soccer team in new jerseys as they take the field against Porter’s, and to refurbish the dorms that current students call home and that attracts future students and their parents. I know that supporting the Annual Fund isn’t just a way of showing support, it’s essential to supporting Westover.” Maura Tansley ’00, member, Board of Governors, & chair, Annual Fund Committee


1981 19%

Mary Clark Price Amanda Thatcher Soares AF: $5,860.00 Total: $5,860.00

“I give to Westover because at Westover, and I quote their admissions material, ‘Ideas of what a woman should or should not be do not exist here.’ I’ve torn out the quote and placed it on my desk for inspiration, for finding my voice as a researcher and as a teacher. I give because I know that Westover women stand with me in facing the challenges of a professional woman in male-dominated professions” Katherine Sredl, Ph.D. ’91 member, Board of Governors & Annual Fund Committee


Annual Fund *Jody Bates Bliss Martha Beretta Mainiero *Anne Downey *Sonja Lindgren *Heidi Luquer Heidi Steeber Clements *Amanda Thacher Soares *Elizabeth Walker Mecke Emmy Ward Neilson

1982 17%

Christina Fahy AF: $5,580.00 Total: $5,580.00 Annual Fund Emily Church *Christina Fahy *Amy Franklin McCoog *Elizabeth Kaufman *Christine Muldowney Dahl *Carolyn Scott *Vanessa Spang *Louise Webber Fallon

1983 15%

Maura Tansley ’00 AF: $10,175.09 END: $ 100.00 Total: $10,275.09 Annual Fund *Robin Cruz McClearn Kris Goodman Kerr Rose Hafley *Divya Singh Lisa Tagney Whitney

Endowment Laura Nash Volovski

1984 27%

Emily Cooke Nolan Kecia Walker Ford AF: $4,375.00 Total: $4,375.00 Annual Fund Mary Ballentine Scott *Virginia Cheston Spencer *Lida Cook Fay *Emily Cooke Nolan *Lucy Frost Lewis Mary-Clement Gelezunas Maritza Moncada *Melissa Musarra Hilary Rice Sara Russell Catherine Strong Mitchell Elisabeth Wahlers Connors *Kecia Walker Ford Emily Webber Brown

1985 24%

Laurie Mikes Plaggenborg AF: $4,785.00 Total: $4,785.00 Annual Fund Rachel Bross Walsh *Hilary Carpenter Lynch Gwendolyn Fischer Magnan *Anne Harvey Riddle Amy Maisterra Michelle Lobl New Laurie Mikes Plaggenborg Erin O’Rourke Herron Elizabeth Preston De Vos Ann Vileisis *Mary Walker Allen Brooks Whitney Phillips

1986 12%

Erin Zyko Hussein ’88 AF: $1,020.00 END: $ 50.00 Total: $1,070.00 Annual Fund *Nancy Aordkian Pelaez *Cavarly Berwick Garrett Heather Bullard *Shelley Conzelman Burger Kate O’Malley Quinn Endowment Nancy Aordkian Pelaez

1987 20%

Kirsten Tauck Mahar AF: $17,975.00 END: $ 4,000.00 Total: $21,975.00 Annual Fund Katharine Bainbridge *Alice Bowdoin *Jennifer Burlington Hague Heather Colmore *Jennifer Gold *Roxanne Guesnon *Erica Indelicato Wood Martha Rooney Webb *Kirsten Tauck Mahar Kathryn Yarhouse Anne Roche Endowment Jennifer Gold

1988 46%

Neil Patterson King Barbara Rands Valente Nicole Witkin Keldsen Erin Zyko Hussein AF: $1,378.00 Total: $1,378.00

Annual Fund Carrie Appelbaum Gray *Robin Ariola Morgan Birtwell Bau Matilda Cantwell Nicole Cintas Stacy Gevry Prall Eileen Gharzouzi De Lantzendorffer *Jessica Gorycki Walton Jennifer Hally Potter Julianne Hauser Katherine Hillenbrand Crowther Julie Janovic Brooks Helen McGrath *Neil Patterson King *Barbara Rands Valente Claudia Schildkraut Pettit Marla Stelk Sloane Tomassetti Stefanik *Nicole Witkin Keldsen Erin Zyko Hussein

1989 31%

Elizabeth C. Casey Laura Major AF: $34,726.00 Total: $34,726.00 Annual Fund Lubna Abu-Osba Edith Alston McDonnell *Jane Banta Fisher Wheaton Bullock Mahoney *Elizabeth C. Casey *Samantha Conklin Moro *Dayna Kaltman Lori Kopsick *Miriam Kubiska Zahn *Mia Leahy Miller *Laura Major *Laura Mullins Nolen Storey Smith West Kari Stelljes Elizabeth Tortorella Atlan Laura Wallace Houghton

1990 19%

Marra Stankus Francis AF: $7,480.00 Total: $7,480.00 Annual Fund *Jennifer Brent Andreoli Brooke Brown Barzun *Jillian Evans-Beauchamp Franciscovich *Susanna French Jennifer Geoghan Devika Singh *Marra Stankus Francis Eliza Wolcott Brown

1991 52%

Alexandra Conway Marks Maria Petrone AF: $6,515.00 Total: $6,515.00 Annual Fund Courtney Altschul Olsen Heidi Bioski Shauna Bisson *Alexandra Conway Marks *Caitlin Corrigan Kirsten Fullerton Stephens *Lisa Glickman Green *Pia Guido Murphy Veleska Hinds Wyatt *Elizabeth Kostojohn *Michelle Kubiska Tscheppe *Heather Mannella Nuzzo *Kristin Martinkovic White *Kim Miller Freedman Dorothy Patterson *Maria Petrone Astrid Rapp *Kyla Reynolds P’an Helena Riesenfeld D’Arcy Zandra Sagona Gay *Meredith Shirey Lindsey Shuford Collins Katherine Sredl, Ph.D

*Charlotte Strick *Lisa Zorn Smeglin Anonymous

1992 21%

Elizabeth Coffin AF: $570.00 Total: $570.00 Annual Fund Marisa Biello Shaker *Elizabeth Coffin Amanda Darrach Filippone *Jessica Gray Kerry Picket *Sarah Sperry Hehman Romy Torres McCloskey

1993 30%

Susanne Charbonneau Carpenter Dina Madhani Jennifer Sabatini Heather Sherman Chirumbolo AF: $3,208.00 Total: $3,208.00 Annual Fund Macaire Carroll-Gavula *Susanne Charbonneau Carpenter Chay Costello Sosin Caroline Demirs Calio Honore Ervin Tiffani Evans Sarah Glennon Pietragallo Paige Haley Dina Madhani Alison Mayhew Bennett Jennifer Sabatini Sarah Sanford *Lane Newton Summers

1994 24%

Stacy Tattar AF: $1,565.00 Total: $1,565.00

Annual Fund Victoria Campbell *Tricia Carlson *Danielle Diaferio Scaringi Lucy Fenn Caroline Forbes Burns *Sonya Kim Heil *Alicia Lyttle-Pierce *Allison Perry Sullivan *Baylah Tessier-Sherman *Catherine Witry

1995 28%

Molly Barker Gilligan Stacie Cass Sara England Xiania Foster Elizabeth Van Hoose Briggs AF: $960.00 Total: $960.00 Annual Fund *Elsbeth Baldwin Todd *Camilla Boyd Barrett Siobhan Carroll Chewning *Stacie Cass Sara England Jennifer Jankowski Samantha Leonard *Ledlie Mosch Pastor Sarah Richards Frances Van Hoose Briggs *Sarah Wasbes Howell

1996 33%

Katia Allexi Christina Biello Cosmos AF: $970.00 Total: $970.00 Annual Fund *Kelly Agnew Medvigy Katia Allexi *Christina Biello Cosmos Heidi Bosek Dunavant Mollie Jurewicz


Alecia Magnifico Elizabeth McCormick *Katrina Mergen-Adams *Gina Nelson Samson *Ann Clark Priftis Julieanna Ullrich Wellman Martha Woods Yancey

1997 34%

Edith Emerson-Dorsch Alessandra Love Simons AF: $860.00 Total: $860.00 Annual Fund Laurie Black Stefanowicz Lisa Born Ellis Elise Desjardins Stanford Edith Emerson-Dorsch Melissa Franqui Tricia George Alessandra Love Simons *Katie Marages Schank Savita Ostendorf *Helen Phillips Trementozzi *Jessica Sieller Hines

1998 26%

Kyle Fitch Stephanie Girard Catherine Novak-Rainer Magdalena Nunez AF: $710.00 Total: $710.00


Annual Fund Gabrielle Cesario Stephanie Girard Katie Heffernan Melanie Lyons Rachel Nevas Catherine Novak-Rainer Magdalena Nunez Meredith Renda Oana Sanziana Marian Heather Williams

Lee-Ann Zarrella Lovelace

1999 17%

Erin Herzeelle AF: $1,620.00 Total: $1,620.00 Annual Fund *Maura Coleman Janiszewski Jessica Gray *Alexandra Harper Jennifer Marra *Heather Sherwin *Brooke Whiteley Weise *Anonymous

2000 50%

Victoria Viera AF: $9,146.00 Total: $9,146.00 Annual Fund *Katherine Aldrich *Rachel Clement *Sarah Cugini *Marissa Famiglietti Apland Elizabeth Fitzgerald *Katherine Hamner Cooper Jacqueline Jacques James *Caitlin Lampman Megan Liebow Dunlap *Shelby Mastroianni Neal Elizabeth Panilaitis *Emily Pollina *Rhiannon Rhodes Jacqueline Rowland *Sarah Schipul Swift *Nicole Sieller Warnek *Karsten Solberg-Jamieson *Ameliaranne Sutton *Maura Tansley *Victoria Viera *Katherine Walker *Sonja Wittek

2001 30%

Lisa Nelson AF: $3,280.00 Total: $3,280.00 Annual Fund Simone Barabasz Meredith Beaton Louisa de Heer *Mary DeStefano Izukanne Emeagwali Rebecca Luger-Guillaume Poindexter Alyssa Menegat *Lisa Nelson *Amma Osei *Rebecca Paolino *Katie Perkins Rachel Stock Lesher *Lisa Zheng Kirsch

2002 46%

Lindsay Clark Makenzi Hurtado Ashley Kalaus Mariano AF: $1,110.00 Total: $1,110.00 Annual Fund *Ruth Amoh Curzan *Greta Atchinson *Ellen Bird *Lindsay Clark Coriana Close *Aimee Gough *Katherine Hallaran *Makenzi Hurtado *Mary Kelly *Jessica Lillian Karen Lostritto *Megan Mann Burlington *Caitlin Reynolds Taylor Southworth *Anonymous

2003 47%

Sarah Bronko Karimah Gottschalck Emily Pomeroy Schneider Danielle Stewart Knope AF: $6,609.70 Total: $6,609.70 Annual Fund Lindsay Bell Lauren Brady *Sarah Bronko *Abigail Collier Buhrman Elise Drew Leon *Karimah Gottschalck *Jessica Haggerty Adrienne Jones *Elizabeth Kveton *Amanda Newberg *Colette Opsahl *Emily Overholser Gruber Goldie Peacock *Elizabeth Pollina *Emily Pomeroy Schneider Mia Psorn Alissa Ryan Kelley Daisy Smith *Danielle Stewart Knope Sarah Welinsky Jaime Winchenbach

2004 19%

Hilary Davis Caitlin Snyder Crystal Velez AF: $400.00 Total: $400.00 Annual Fund Sarah Cave *Markey Culver Emilie Dufour *Amanda Durand Mawena Gbedema Sarah Hoke Jin Lee *Elizabeth North

Lindsay Rhodes Newton *Crystal Velez

2005 32%

Alyssa Siefert Annie Zheng AF: $405.00 END: $300.00 Total: $705.00 Annual Fund Brenda Battad *Iris Castro Christianne Dawis Claire Fetherstonhaugh Chantal Hurtado Sarah Keklak Caitlin McDonold *Elizabeth Norment *Alyssa Siefert *Jessica Smith Annie Zheng

2007 19%

Mary Cutrali Lisa DonDiego Tatiana Fonseca Hailey Griffin AF: $230.00 Total: $230.00 Annual Fund Jennifer Agius *Lisa DonDiego *Tatiana Fonseca Hannah Keklak *Nora Lovotti *Jane Magida *Jasmine Rasberry *Morgan Siller

2008 28%

Shannon Acas Courtney Mulligan AF: $778.33 Total: $778.33

Rebecca Bernbach Alexandra Fonseca Elizabeth Froeber Hannah Gotlieb Diamond Howell Kendall Mulligan Kelly Pryor Caitlin Sanctuary Janet Sykes Elizabeth van Luling AF: $720.00 Total: $720.00

Annual Fund *Melissa Arsenie Mackenzie Buchanan *Rona Lee *Alanah Luger-Guillaume *Christine Mastrocola *Courtney Mulligan *Margaret North *Megan O’Keefe Stephanie Roussel *Alyssa Smith Audrey Tiong Brittney Williams

Annual Fund Rachel Basset *Elizabeth Foltz *Alexandra Fonseca *Elizabeth Froeber Catherine Gross Danielle Harrison Judith Wilson Emily Mitchell *Kendall Mulligan Kelly Pryor Caitlin Sanctuary Yaishna Santchurn

Endowment Gabrielle Sirkin

2006 26%

*Janet Sykes *Elizabeth van Luling

2009 12%

Mary Sheehan AF: $95.00 Total: $95.00 Annual Fund Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong Rachel Hickcox Kayla Meduna Hyun Seung Pyo Hillary Zeiss

2010 17%

Olivia Bates Hope Boyer Allison Dinielli Nicole Dover Brooke Yancy AF: $1,345.00 Total: $1,345.00 Annual Fund Meghan Beebe Grace Buckles Missán DéSouza Allison Dinielli Francesca Dolnier Hannah Hartmann Claire Murphy Morgan Winston

2011 19%

Sophia Gumbardo Myriam Kelly Madison Moore Katherine Norfleet Adebanke Otunba-Payne Elizabeth Peterson

2012 20%

Rose Bradley Emeline Carlisle AF: $408.00 Total: $408.00 Annual Fund Genna DeSimone Courtney Fennell Charlotte Forcht Melissa Hall Cristina Pretto Valeria St. Laurent Danielle Stratton Keelin Sweeney Jillian Verzino Hannah Webster Hayley Wolcott Morgan Winston AF Annual Fund END Endowment PG Planned Giving + Donor has endowed a gift to the Annual Fund in perpetuity through a planned gift that produces income every year.

Alana Fitts Julie Grome Sophia Gumbardo AF: $450.00 Total: $450.00

* Donor who has contributed to the Annual Fund or a special class fund for the past five consecutive years. Gifts to other funds are not reflected in this designation.

Annual Fund Devon DeSimone Jennifer Downes Alana Fitts

(d) Deceased The names of Reunion Volunteers are italicized.


Gifts From Reunion Classes* Class Year

Annual Fund




Planned Gifts


1928 $ 5,325 $5,325 1938 $ 55,519 $200,000 $255,519 1943 $ 2,455 $ 13,071 $15,526 1948 $ 6,238 $169,110 $175,348 1953 $ 7,555 $ 7,555 1958 $ 21,059 $ 7,000 $28,059 1963 $ 13,805 $ 31,450 $455,000 $500,255 1968 $ 15,720 $ 100 $15,820 1973 $ 91,138 $150,000 $241,138 1978 $ 5,035 $5,035 1983 $ 10,175 $ 100 $10,275 1988 $ 1,378 $1,378 1993 $ 3,208 $3,208 1998 $ 710 $710 2003 $ 6,610 $6,610 2008 $ 720 $720



*This reflects cash gifts received and verified planned gift expectancies from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.



Classes with the Highest Gift Totals in Dollars

Classes with the Highest Percentages of Participation

Class Dollars Raised Agents/ Reunion Volunteers

Class% Participation Agents/Reunion Volunteers

1973† $91,138 Nancy Handy Grogan Palmer Marrin Elizabeth Wood Crane 1965 $89,597 Elinor Ladd Craver Polly Wingfield 1969 $60,091 Elaine Rundin Starr White Snead 1938* † $55,519 Dorothy Gannett West 1960* $46,960 Sara Belcher Wardell 1976 $40,514 Victoria Darlington Yoder Anne Edmonson Kerr 1947* $39,025 Elizabeth King Rodiger 1957* $35,385 Alane Gerdau Dorothy Milner Pease 1970 $34,805 Dorothea Moore 1989 $34,726 Elizabeth C. Casey Laura Major * Winners in both dollars raised and in participation † Reunion Classes

1957* 76% Alane Gerdau Dorothy Milner Pease 1947* 71% Elizabeth King Rodiger 1954 70% Deborah Cook Siegel Mary Maier Walker 1968† 69% Adeline Gwynne Kurz Susan Henry West Whitney Neville Harvey Leigh Keyser Phillips Patricia Simonds Taylor 1958† 68% Catherine Baird Smith Deborah French Glynn Jane Jackson Trask S. Elizabeth Patterson Lancaster 1950 68% Caroline Chickering Fish Mary Wainwright Lelewer 1963† 67% Louise Bailey Connor Mary Dobbin Greeley Nicky Johnson Weaver Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper Elizabeth Markham Nicholson Mary Turner Tackett Alison Wardrop 1960* 66% Sara Belcher Wardell 1938* † 64% Dorothy Gannett West 1956 62% Sally Hastings Foehl Marcy Tench Crimmins * Winners in both dollars raised and in participation † Reunion Classes


Annual Report 2013 Annual Fund 2012-2013 Gifts from Other Donors & Leadership Societies


Gifts from Other Donors Current Parents Class of 2013 Annual Fund

Alphonse Hangu Byusa (P’09, ’13) Robert & Kathryn Colucci (P’13) Daniel Coursey (P’13) Lee & Danette Dierdorff (P’13) Steven Farnham & Nancy Thurston (P’13) Judith Friedman (P’13) Stephen & Elizabeth Funk (P’13, ’16) Wonsik Hong & Young Sook Chang (P’13) Milton & Maura Johnson (P’13) Stephen & Mary Macchio (P’13) Dr. Clinton & Nancy McLean (P’13, ’15) Nelson & Elizabeth Mead (P’13) Mickey & Laura Morris (P’13) *Carolyn Scott ’82 & Rod Neff (P’13) Nicholas & Pamela Solley (P’13) Dr. Carl & Tara Spadola (P’13) Yueh & Bee Chu Tiong (P’06, ’13, ’14) Dr. Wan Sik Uhm & Gyong-A Ok (P’13) *Robert & Kim Zdon (P’10, ’13)


Nelson & Elizabeth Mead (P’13)

Class of 2014 Annual Fund

*Cornelia & Ernest Beaulieu (P’14) *Jody Bates Bliss ’81 & Daniel Bliss (P’14) Domenick & Dawn Calabrese (P’14) *Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82 & Nils Dahl (P’14) James & Cherie Flores (P’14) Dr. Robert Gelfand & Mrs. Jody Gelfand (P’14) Paul Iwasaki & Tania Wessel (P’14) Lawrence & Wendy Janesky (P’14, P’16) Robert S. Kinkel (P’14) Chol Lee & Jinhee Koo (P’14) Roland & Gray Lemay (P’14) Steven & Rachel McGovern (P’14)

Eun Soo Oh & Hee Soon Chang (P’14) Eric Penanhoat & Rebecca Eyre (P’14) Robert Rousseau (P’14) Mitchell & Deanna Smooke (P’14) *James & Christina Sorrels (P’14) Xiaojun Wang & Qiuhong Dong (P’14) Yueh & Bee Chu Tiong (P’06, ’13, ’14)

Jom Sool Kim & Hye Young Lim (P’16) Shoujian Liu & Yueli Wu (P’16) John & Malicia Kromer (P’16) Wen Li & Qianjie Zhou (P’16) Michael & Deirdre McDonald (P’16) Lisa Moisan (P’16) Michael & Francesca Morrissey (P’16) Christopher & Kimberly Norris (P’16) Kohei & Chika Ogawa (P’16) Anonymous Endowment Susan L. DeSimone ’80 & Salvatore DeSimone (P’11, ’12, ’16)

Class of 2015 Annual Fund

*Ernesto & Karen Basset (P’08, ’15) Karl & Ellen Buckley (P’15) In Jae Chung & Seoung Won Kang (P’15) Melissa & Jeffrey Elmer (P’15) Gael Evangelista-Uhl (P’15) James & Dee Hodson (P’15) Brian A. Jones & Mrs. Xue Hui Jones (P’15) Ronald & Janice Kulpa (P’15) *Lucy Frost Lewis ’84 & David Lewis (P’15) David Lodge (P’15) Dr. Clinton & Nancy McLean (P’13, ’15) John & Margaret Pates (P’15) *Kate Peterson (P’11, ’15) Steven Pomerantz & Pamela Barton (P’15) Evan & Clare Rashkoff (P’15) Yukinari & Keiko Shiraishi (P’15) Karl & Deborah Shurberg (P’15) Y.H. Tsai & Manling You (P’15) Timothy & Janice Walker (P’15)

Parents of Alumnae Annual Fund

Endowment Laura Nash Volovski ’83 & Steve Volovski (P’12, ’15)

Class of 2016 Annual Fund Charles Bell & Katherine Lindsay (P’16) *Susan L. DeSimone ’80 & Salvatore DeSimone (P’11, ’12, ’16) Stephen & Elizabeth Funk (P’13, ’16) Tomoyoshi & Toshiko Ishikawa (P’16) Lawrence & Wendy Janesky (P’14, ’16) Incheon Jeon & Young Yoo (P’16)

Joan & William Anthony (P’95) *Peter & Barbara Aordkian (P’86) Danilo & Adeline Asase (P’11) *George & Phebe Banta (P’89) *Richard J. Beebe (P’10) *Serena Beretta (P’81) Frank & Carol Biello (P’92, ’93, ’96) *Howard & Nancy Bliss (P’79) Richard & Jane Bosire (P’09) *Sarkis & Giselle Boyadjian (P’12) *Thomas Bradley & Joanne Montowski (P’12) *Stanley & Nancy Brittingham (P’98) David & Melissa Brown (P’95) *Jeannette Brown (P’75, ’77) *Patti & Thomas W. Buchanan (P’06) Craig & Adelene Burlington (P’87) Anne Schulhof Butler ’66 & Gerald Butler (P’06) Keith & Glennys Button (P’85) *Coila Worley Campbell ’78 & Scott Campbell (P’10) Marcha Cave (P’04) *Charles & Grace Chang (P’98) *Jawaid & Karen Chaudhri (P’03) *Virginia Powell Cheston ’55 & Charles Cheston (P’84) *Fred & Terri Clark (P’11) *Stephen Clark & Penelope Igo-Clark (P’12) Reverend Elvin & Vanessa Clayton (P’11)


*Natalie O’Brien Conklin ’44 (P’68, ’70, ’85, GP’89, ’11) *Monique Corbat Brooks ’66 & Steven Brooks (P’97) Deborah Cramer (P’02) *Marcy Tench Crimmins ’56 (P’83) *Florence O. Cross (P’80) *Dawn Curtis (P’06) William Curtis (P’06) Thomas & Magda Drew (P’03) Carol L. Dudnick (P’07) *Peter & Carol England (P’95) *Edward & Ginger Fennell (P’12) Edward J. Ferns (P’99) Arthur & Patricia Fino (P’97) *Richard & Lisa Fitts (P’11) Emily FitzHugh (P’82) Cherie & James Flores (P’14) Katherine Goddard (P’67) *Ann Gorycki (P’88) *Albert & Cheryl Grande (P’04) *Roxanne Guesnon ’87 & Daniel Suggit (P’13) *Pierre & Margaret Guesnon (P’87) Charles & Anne Haddad (P’93) *Dean & Jean Hall (P’12) *Robert & Sally Hammett (P’82) *Parker & Sally Handy (P’70, ’72, ’73, ’75, ’81) *Charles & Carolyn Hart (P’05) *Charles & Karen Hartmann (P’10) *Pryce & Julie Haynes (P’88) J. Donald & Alice Hill (P’82) *Nathaniel & Jayne Huggins (P’84) *Thomas & Tilde Hungerford (P’00, ’01) Edward & Carmela Jankowski Jr. (P’95) *Jeffrey & Mary Ellen Jay (P’10) Dorothy & Andrew Jeffrey (P’00, ’04) *Miguel & Ana Kelly (P’11) John Klemundt & Deborah Horowitz (P’03) *E. P. & Jean Kostojohn (P’91) John & Creigh Krin (P’00) *Nancy Lillie (P’95)


Earl & Ann Elise Lindgren (P’77, ’81) *Thomas & Brenda Lloyd (P’09) *Donald Lostritto & Linda Musco (P’02) *Alan & Barbara Loveridge (P’75, GP’07) *Susan Loyd Turner (P’05) Rebecca Lynn (P’81) Girvan & Ilona Lyttle (P’94) *John & Joy Magiera (P’97) Regina & Tony Mann (P’02) *Robert & Deborah Marages (P’97, ’99) *John & Carol Marsland (P’80, ’85) *Joseph & Mary Mastrocola (P’06) Stephen & Mary Ann Mastroianni (P’00) *William & Barbara McCoy (P’85) Janice & Matt Meehan (P’11) *Catherine M. Miller (P’66) *Susan & Robert D. Mills (P’97, ’03) *Joseph & Beth Molder (P’80) *Lizanne & Arthur Mulligan (P’06, ’08) *Peter & Linda Murphy (P’10) Suzanna Norbeck (P’83) *Christopher & Joan Norfleet (P’11) *Christopher & Melissa Norment (P’05) *Peter North & Dorothy West (P’04, ’06) Louise O’Rourke (P’71) In Hong Park & Sung Sul Kim (P’11) *Ann & Ben Pollina (P’00, ’03) *John & Barbara Pretto (P’12) *Steven & Priscilla Price (P’06) *Charles & Sarah Radcliffe (P’08 John C. Rathbone (P’03) Geoffrey Rossano & Joan Baldwin (P’09) *Andre & Lee Roussel (P’06) Deborah Sanford (P’93) *Robert & Ilene Saulsbury (P’90) Deborah Schust Harding ’55 (P’82) *Anthony & Peggy Sciotto (P’88) *Michael & Margaret Sheehan (P’09) James & Kathleen Shields (P’00) Vincent & Eva Siefert (P’05, ’07, ’08) John & Marie Sieller (P’97, ’00) *Paul & Gene Siller (P’04, ’07) *Jackie Simmons (P’01) J. Bryan & Kim Simmons (P’96)

T. McFarland & Patricia Skelly (P’98) *Beverly Smith (P’12) *William & Norma Solberg (P’00) James & Mary Stuart (P’04) Roland & Sylvia Summers (P’93, ’02) *Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 & Thomas Sweeney (P’12) *Richard & Cathy Szanto (P’03) Thomas & Maureen Tansley (P’00) *Harry E. T. Thayer (P’75, ’81) *Edward Thompson (P’80, GP’10, ’13) *David & Karin Thwaits (P’10) *Werner & Joanne Tiedmann (P’09) Alexander & Kathleen Tournas (P’12) *Esam & Kyoung Hee Trabulsi (P’89, ’12) *Marla & Joseph Truini (P’09) *Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P’68, ’73, GP’97) *Hazel Tuttle (P’78) Dobrin & Kornelia Tzotzkov (P’95 *James & Marta Van Hoose (P’95) Jane D. Velde (P’84) *Debbie & Joseph Verzino (P’12) Kathleen Vojack (P’06) Shirley Wagenseil (P’89) *Cheryl Walker (P’01) John & Laura Wallace (P’89) Putney & Anne Westerfield (P’78) Duffield White & Isabel Guy (P’06) *Wayne & Virginia Whiteley (P’99) *Rosa Gatling Williams ’77 (P’06) *Judith Herdeg Wilson ’80 & William Wilson (P’08) *Howard Winston & Patrice Gans (P’10) *Neil Yarhouse (P’87) Anne-Marie Ziegler (P’02) Brian Fetherstonhaugh & Christine Zufelt (P’05) *Anonymous (4)


Mrs. Katharine W. Bacon (P’65) Richard J. Beebe (P’10) Jeannette Brown (P’75, ’77) Fred & Terri Clark (P’11) Richard & Lisa Fitts (P’11) Parker & Sally Handy (P’70, ’72, ’73, ’75, ’81) Timothy Lane (P’07) John & Joy Magiera (P’97) Janice & Matt Meehan (P’11) Anita Packard Montgomery ’47 (P’74, ’76) (d) Ann & Ben Pollina (P’00, ’03) Samuel & Shari Sirkin (P’05) Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 & Thomas Sweeney (P’12) Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P’68, ’73, GP’97)

Grandparents of Students Class of 2013 Annual Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carlisle (GP’12, ’13) Mr. & Mrs. Essex Finney (GP’13) Steven & Dorothy Thompson (GP’13) *Edward Thompson (P’80, GP’10, ’13)

Class of 2014 Annual Fund

Michael Caroe (GP’14) Chang Soo Chi (GP’14) Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Nolan (GP’14) Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Perry (GP’14)

Class of 2016 Annual Fund

*Assunta DeSimone (GP’11, ’12, ’16) Nelle Huettig (GP’14, ’16) Judith McCarthy (P’80, GP’11, ’12, ’16)

Grandparents of Alumnae *Abbott Combes (GP’84) *Natalie O’Brien Conklin ’44 (P’68, ’70, ’85, GP’89,’11) *Assunta DeSimone (GP’11,’12,’16) Carolyn Killefer (GP’01) *Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Loveridge (P’75, GP’07) *Mr. & Mrs. Milton Massey (GP’10) *Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell ’57 & John Maxwell (GP’12) Judith McCarthy (P’80, GP’11,’12,’16) *Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Sutherland (GP’06,’08) *Edward Thompson (P’80, GP’10,’13) *Jane Jackson Trask ’58 & Mr. Frederick Trask (GP’12) *Roberta West Waddell ’52 (GP’09) Dr. & Mrs. Carl Winston (GP’10) Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69,’72,’76, GP’12) (d)

Friends & Former Faculty Annual Fund

Francis H. Abbott (FR) *Hugh T. Adams (FR) (d) Wayne Baden Dr. John Balint Mr. & Mrs. L. Graeme Bell *Megan Mann Burlington ’02 Thomas Carr Nancy S. Chace Sue Clifford-Avut Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Cogswell *Constance W. Combes (FR) Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation Sherri Cornish Kristin Crane (FR) Mr. & Mrs. John R. Danly *Mr. & Mrs. Russell DeLuca Perry Goodman & Berengere Gay Thomas Gilbert (FR)

Pamela Graf (FR) *Diana L. Hanford *J.C. Heminway (FR) *Sharon & Hal Holladay Charles J. Hubbard Roberta W. Johnson Deborah P. Juberg Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Keeler Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Maiorino Elizabeth D. Mauk Powell Dr. Woods McCahill Andrew M. Higgins & Anne S. McDermott Frank Mirovsky *Margaret North ’06 Philip Palmer James Pharr Janet Tanner Poskas (d) Chandler M. Ralph Mary Ann C. Ramage Mr. & Mrs. William Rotch, Jr. Margaret P. Sanders Lucy Seay Leslie G. Smith Blair Stambaugh (FR) Elinor H. Stege Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Turner *Tamara Bettcher Walker ’76 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walker Mr. & Mrs. Jack Wylam *Natalie Zilaro *Anonymous


Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Abbott Jr. Hugh T. Adams (FR) (d) William Adamson Jr. (FR) Ashville School, Inc. Angela L. Carlisto Margaret W. Casey A. Gordon Clarke Jr. Diane Clarke Elliott S. Close Mr. & Mrs. Rhodes Craver Lillie R. Debevoise

Ayla D. Ficken Thomas A. Glaenzer Sharon & Hal Holladay Mr. & Mrs. Graeme Hudson Janet J. Marshall John R. Martin Constance P. Maycock Mr. & Mrs. David Molder Richard E. Mooney (FR) Archibald R. Montgomery IV Carolyn C. Montgomery John & Natalie M. Montgomery Elizabeth R. Moran Mary L. Robb & Ted Robb Amanda Shipley Blair Stambaugh (FR) Tamara Bettcher Walker ’76 Robert Wheeler (FR) Dixie G. Wigton Benjamin J. Williams

Faculty & Staff Annual Fund

*Kathryn Albee *Rachel Bashevkin *Cornelia B. Beaulieu (P’14) *Richard J. Beebe (P’10) Lynda Bilcheck Giselle & Sarkis Boyadjian (P’12) *Patti & Thomas W. Buchanan (P’06) Lisa Marie Buoncuore Lauren Fikslin Castagnola Stephanie Cohan *Dawn Curtis (P’06) *Ruth Amoh Curzan ’02 *Sam & Jo Dexter Jana Dunbar Kati A. Eggert *Jill Freeland *Michael Gallagher Bart Geissinger *Marilyn Guerrera *Bonnie & Robert Havery *Ben & Allison Hildebrand

*Thomas & Tilde Hungerford (P’00, ’01) *David Jean *Barbara Jennings Lee & Tom Juvan *Lynn Loveridge Kling ’75 (P’07) *Stephen H. Ladd *Susan Loyd Turner (P’05) *Tracy & Zachary Lytle Regina & Tony Mann (P’02) Stephen & Mary Ann Mastroianni (P’00) Eileen M. McCormack Paul McCullough Elizabeth McErlean Veronica McMahon *Susan & Robert D. Mills (P’97,’03) Caitlin Montes de Oca *Lizanne & Arthur Mulligan (P’06, ’08) *Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00 *Marie-Pierre Norris *Heather Mannella Nuzzo ’91 Torey Olson *Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86 *Ann & Ben Pollina (P’00,’03) Sara & Peter Poskas *Nancy H. Pratt Barbara A. Sabia *Jackie Simmons (P’01) *James & Christina Sorrels (P’14) Lindsey A. Spinella *Paul K. Sutherland *Christopher J. Sweeney *Marla & Joseph Truini (P’09) *Debbie & Joseph Verzino (P’12) *Kristin Martinkovic White ’91 *Beth Wirsul Kate Wymard


Richard J. Beebe (P’10) Stephen H. Ladd Susan & Craig Lamphier Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86 Ann & Ben Pollina (P’00,’03) Barbara A. Sabia Paul K. Sutherland


Laura Nash Volovski ’83 & Steve Volovski (P’12, ’15)

Faculty Fund *Rachel Bashevkin *Richard J. Beebe (P’10) R. Caroline Thompson Benson ’65 Giselle & Sarkis Boyadjian (P’12) *Linda Beard Brandi ’65 Lisa Marie Buoncuore *Katherine Hamner Cooper ’00 Daniel Coursey (P’13) *Elinor Ladd Craver ’65 *Minda Putman Daniell ’65 Sam & Jo Dexter Lee & Danette Dierdorff (P’13) Jana Dunbar *Rebecca Finnell ’65 *Jill Freeland Judith Friedman (P’13) Stephen & Elizabeth Funk (P’13, ’16) *Michael Gallagher Elizabeth Goodenough ’65 *Margaret Clement Green ’65 *Emily Overholser Gruber ’03 Bonnie & Robert Havery *Leslie Parker Hume ’65 *Judith Kuryla Huntington ’65 IBM Corporation *David Jean *Barbara Jennings Jewish Communities of Western CT, Inc. Milton & Maura Johnson (P’13) Lee & Tom Juvan John & Malicia Kromer (P’16) Deborah Howell Kurd ’65 *Tracy & Zachary Lytle *Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56 Dr. Clinton & Nancy McLean (P’13,’15) *Susan & Robert D. Mills (P’97,’03) Mickey & Laura Morris (P’13) *Heather Mannella Nuzzo ’91 Sara & Peter Poskas Ellen Pollak Powers ’65


Susan Robbins ’65 *Laura Maxwell Seaman ’65 *James & Christina Sorrels (P’14) *Caren Vignos Sturges ’65 *Debbie & Joseph Verzino (P’12) *Virginia Fox Wagenseller ’65 *Harry Webster Walker II Charitable Trust *Elsie Walker ’65 *Nancy Burkham Williams ’65 *Polly Wingfield ’65 *Mr. Robert & Kim Zdon (P’10,’13)

Corporations & Foundations Annual Fund

Aramark *Ayco Charitable Foundation Barrie Landry Charitable Foundation Bucknall Family Foundation *Camp-Younts Foundation Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo *Connecticut Community Foundation Craftland *Dobson Foundation East Bay Community Foundation Fidelity Foundation - Donor Advised Funds Financial Strategy Associates Inc. *Fraydun Foundation Inc. *Harry Webster Walker II Charitable Trust Haskell Family Foundation Hawksglen Foundation *HBB Foundation *Henry L. O’Brien Foundation Higgins Family Foundation IBM Corporation J. M. Huber Corporation James Norris Foundation Jewish Communities of Western CT, Inc. *Kent-Lucas Foundation L’Aiglon Foundation Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation Maine Community Foundation Margaret Dorrance Strawbridge Foundation of PA

Marie-Louise Escher Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. *Mathilde U. & Albert Elser Foundation, Inc. *Molder Family Foundation Nelson Mead Fund New York Community Trust *Ninigret Foundation Inc. *Olcott & Lucy Smith Foundation *Patty Foresman Foundation *Philip S. Harper Foundation Preferred Display, Inc. Roberts Family Foundation Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation *Sedgwick Family Charitable Trust Sethness Products Company *STS Foundation *The Arkwright Foundation *The Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation *The H. T. Mead Foundation The McKellan Group, Inc. The Stanley R. Miller Foundation The Stanton Foundation The William Ewing Foundation The William W. & Pamela C. Lane Foundation The Winfield Foundation *Thendara Foundation U.S. Trust Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program *Vermont Community Foundation *Vos Family Foundation William L. Searle Charitable Trust FR Friend Wrightson Ramsing Foundation GP Grandparent P Parent Endowment The Boston Foundation * Donor who has contributed Creighton Family Foundation to the Annual Fund or a special class Dudley & Shanley fund for the past five consecutive Fidelity Foundation - Donor years. Gifts to other funds are not Advised Funds reflected in this designation. Nelson Mead Fund Sally Mead Hands Foundation (d) Deceased Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.

Matching Gifts to the Annual Fund from Corporations & Foundations Aquarion Water Company AT&T Bank of America The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. Chevron Humankind Employee Funds Fidelity Foundation - Matching Gifts Program The Edward E. Ford Foundation GE Foundation Grand Circle Foundation *H.J. Heinz Company Foundation *Macy’s Foundation Medtronic Foundation *Pfizer Foundation *The Prudential Insurance Shell Oil Company The Travelers Foundation, Inc. *United Technologies *Wells Fargo Foundation

Gifts in Kind A special thank you to the following alumnae, parents, and friends of the School who donated items or services to Westover during the 2012-2013 fiscal year: Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82 William & Lisa Donovan (P’11, P’16) Howard Fielding & Barbara Hampton (P’14) Michael Gallagher Pamela Markham Heller ’67 Ivan & Thorn Ivanoff (P’16) Steven & Tina Krygowski (P’14) Roland & Gray Lemay (P’14) Augusta Off Moravec ’68 Carolyn Scott ’82 & Rod Neff (P’13) Mark & Barbara Sorosiak (P’13) Renee Voltmann ’79 Chunzhe Charles Yu & Luz Borrero-Yu (P’15)


Leadership Societies

*Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57 *Anonymous

The Centennial Society

The Lantern Society

The Centennial Society commemorates the 100th anniversary of Westover’s founding, honoring the leadership of each donor who contributes $50,000 or more to the Annual Fund in a given year. This year, $338,087 was donated by members of The Centennial Society.

Named for Westover’s symbol of enlightenment, The Lantern Society recognizes the leadership of each donor who contributes between $10,000 and $14,999 to the Annual Fund in a given year. This year, $138,550 was donated by members of The Lantern Society.

*Hugh T. Adams (FR) (d) Cherie and James Flores (P’14) *Mary McCreath Godley ’38 (P’62, ’67) *Marion Searle Searle ’73 Anonymous

*Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Chang Soo Chi (GP’14) Caroline Campbell Edwards ’66 *Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 and Arthur Golden *Leslie Parker Hume ’65 *Jeffrey and Mary Ellen Jay (P’10) *Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 *Kirsten Tauck Mahar ’87 *Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56 Janice and Matt Meehan (P’11) *Katharine Murphey Pell ’59 Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser ’60

The Head’s Circle Society

The Head’s Circle Society recognizes the leadership of each donor who contributes between $15,000 and $49,999 to the Annual Fund in a given year. This year, $357,309 was donated by members of The Head’s Circle. *Rosamond Seidel Clark ’37 (P’ 70) The Edward E. Ford Foundation *Margaret Clement Green ’65 *Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 (d) Laura Wallace Houghton ’89 *Elizabeth Huidekoper ’70 Brian A. Jones and Xue Hui Jones (P ’15) *G. Barrie Hogan Landry ’62 and Kevin Landry (d) *Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin *Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Robert Rousseau (P’14) *Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 and Thomas Sweeney (P’12) *Sara Belcher Wardell ’60


The 1909 Society

To mark the founding of Westover by Mary Hillard in 1909, The 1909 Society honors the generosity of those making gifts of $7,500 to $9,999 to the Annual Fund. This year $67,880 was donated by members of The 1909 Society. *Faith Emeny Conger ’50 (P’80) Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mead (P’13) *Hilary Higgins Parker ’71 Eric Penanhoat and Rebecca Eyre (P’14) *Nancy H. Pratt *Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) *Francene Young ’71 Anonymous

The Quadrangle Society

The Quadrangle Society, its name derived from the heart of the School, recognizes donors of $5,000 to $7,499 to the Annual Fund. This year, members of The Quadrangle Society donated $173,476. *Margaret Peet Anderson ’64 *Justine Upson Arnold ’46 Brooke Brown Barzun ’90 *Abigail Mason Browne ’61 *Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh ’71 *Virginia Powell Cheston ’55 (P’84) *Fred and Terri Clark (P’11) *Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 *Elizabeth Detwiler ’80 *Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 *Rowena Summers Fenstermacher ’76 Judith Friedman (P’13) *Jennifer P. Gold ’87 *Judith LeSage Grassi ’74 *Mari Hill Harpur ’67 *Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 *Deirdre Healy Henderson ’60 Incheon Jeon and Young Yoo (P’16) *Holly S. Kennedy ’74 Jom Sool Kim and Hye Young Lim (P’16) John and Malicia Kromer (P’16) Amy Roberts Lee ’66 *Robin Cruz McClearn ’83 *Joseph and Beth Molder (P’80) *Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Emily Ward Neilson ’81 Eun Soo Oh and Hee Soon Chang (P’14) *Cora Rust Owen ’28 (d) + Philip Palmer *Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 PCI: The Data Company *Ann and Ben Pollina (P’00,’03) *Divya Singh ’83 Nicholas and Pamela Solley (P’13) The Stanton Foundation

The Sallyport Society

The Sallyport Society recognizes donors of $2,500 to $4,999 to the Annual Fund. This year, $86,832 was donated by members of The Sallyport Society. *Eleanor Acheson ’65 *Mary Walker Allen ’85 *Lucie Taft Bard ’42 (P’74, ’78) In Jae Chung & Seoung Won Kang (P’15) *Katherine Hamner Cooper ’00 *Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76 *Richard and Lisa Fitts (P’11) *Mary Brereton Frost ’58 *Eunice Strong Groark ’56 *Emily Overholser Gruber ’03 *Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69 (P’00) *Lesley Bissell Hoopes ’64 Shoujian Liu and Yueli Wu (P’16) *Alexandra Conway Marks ’91 *Lizanne and Arthur Mulligan (P’06, ’08) *Elizabeth Markham Nicholson ’63 *Laura Mullins Nolen ’89 Kathryn Klopfer O’Brien ’72 *Jane Belcher Phinney ’69 *Martha McCormick Porter ’58 Janet Tanner Poskas (d) *Ellen Pease Sole ’70 Dr. Carl and Tara Spadola (P’13) *Harmony Clement Spongberg ’64 *Margot Trotter-Davis ’70 *Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P ’68, ’73, GP’97) Dr. Wan Sik Uhm and Gyong-A Ok (P’13) *Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 (P’00) *Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63

The Orchard Society

The Orchard Society salutes those who give $1,000 to $2,499 to the Annual Fund. This year, $163,492 was given by members of The Orchard Society. *Katherine Aldrich ’00 *Charlotte B. Beyer ’65

*Mary Hopkins Biddle ’38 *Linda Beard Brandi ’65 *Ellen Harrington Campbell ’73 *Patience Merritt Campbell ’53 *Judith Lawrence Carmany ’62 *Colleen O’Rourke Carson ’71 Mary Harris Clark ’38 *Susan Clark ’71 *Cynthia Perry Colebrook ’68 (P’95) *Gretchen Handy Comstock ’72 (P’07) *Abigail Congdon ’68 *Natalie O’Brien Conklin ’44 (P’68, 70, 85, GP ’89, ’11) *Marjorie Molder Cook ’80 *Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82 and Nils Dahl (P’14) *Susan Brown Denious ’55 Lee and Danette Dierdorff (P’13) Francesca Dolnier ’10 *Cynthia Kroll Dwyer ’68 *Adele Q. Ervin ’42 Marie-Louise Carroll Escher ’45 (d) *Lucia Ewing ’45 (P’68) *Anita Burroughs Fahy ’58 (P’82) *Louise Webber Fallon ’82 *Helen Minton Farley ’44 *Schuyler Wilson Field ’61 *Anne Simmons Finley ’45 *Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Joan Peterkin Foxwell ’49 Margaret DeVecchi Gabriel ’46 Dr. Robert and Jody Gelfand (P’14) *Anne Newbold Godfrey ’46 Amanda Goodan ’68 *Janet Reed Goss ’64 *Hae-Soon Hahn ’78 *Diana Drew Harbison ’70 *E. Kirtland Abeles Heald ’61 *Jean Van Sinderen Henry ’39 *Meredith Mandeville Hollis ’69 Wonsik Hong and Young Sook Chang (P’13) Mary Hopkins *Peyton Chapman Horne ’58 Lily Hurlimann ’72 IBM Corporation

Lawrence and Wendy Janesky (P’14, P’16) *Nevitt Nugent Jenkins ’67 *M. Dale MacDonald Jensen ’57 *Anne Richardson Johnson ’54 Linda Armour Kelly ’67 *Margaret Lumpkin Keon ’48 *Margaret Velie Kinney ’54 *Amy Shepard Knight ’67 *Joan Atwood Kunzelmann ’61 Sallie Deans Lake ’70 Chol Lee and Jinhee Koo (P’14) *Holly Lewis Lentini ’63 *Diane Lewis-D’Agostino ’79 Wen Li and Qianjie Zhou (P’16) *Donald Lostritto and Linda Musco (P’02) *Cassandra Van Alen Ludington ’56 *Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85 *Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 *John and Joy Magiera (P’97) *Anne Newhard Martin ’62 *Adrienne Leichtle Maxwell ’57 and John Maxwell (GP’12) *Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66 Robin Smith Melvin ’80 *Betsy Shirley Michel ’59 *Margaret Butler Miles ’63 Elysabeth Higgins Miller ’63 *Barbara Holbrook Miltenberger ’50 Lisa Moisan (P’16) *Dorothea Moore ’70 *Augusta Off Moravec ’68 *Lisa Dean Moseley ’46 *Melissa Musarra ’84 Sandra Nichols Nash ’80 *Emily Baldwin Nissley ’50 Kohei and Chika Ogawa (P’16) *Amma Osei ’01 In Hong Park & Sung Sul Kim (P’11) *Shelley Sagar Payer ’71 *Dorothy Milner Pease ’57 *Karen Kjorlien Phillips ’71 Steven Pomerantz and Pamela Barton (P’15) *Charles and Sarah Radcliffe (P’08) *Susan Colket Rakestraw ’46

*Marian Vilas Reid ’42 (P’74) *Wendy Griswold Reily ’54 *Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42 *Ann Whitfield Roberts ’53 (d) *Anna Ingersoll Roberts ’39 (d) *Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 (d) *Gayle Nin Rosenkrantz ’49 *Andre and Lee Roussel (P’06) Kate Munson Rowe ’60 *Mary Rockefeller Runestad ’68 Sara Russell ’84 *Carolyn Scott ’82 and Rod Neff (P’13) Yvonne Perry Segerstrom ’44 James and Kathleen Shields (P’00) Yukinari and Keiko Shiraishi (P’15) *Nan Fullerton Shupe ’45 Devika Singh ’90 *Catherine Baird Smith ’58 *Starr White Snead ’69 *Esther Spaulding ’53 *C. Elizabeth Spencer ’79 Blair Stambaugh (FR) *Lane Newton Summers ’93 *Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey ’38 (P’62) *Pamela Birkins Swift ’71 *Sally Coxe Taylor ’53 *Edward Thompson (P ’80, GP’10,’13) *Mr. and Mrs. Esam Trabulsi (P’89,’12) *Helen Tyson ’58 (P’80) (d) *Elizabeth Uhl ’78 *Emily Detwiler Uhl ’41 and Richard Uhl (P’67, ’72, ’78) *Katrina Rauch Wagner ’61 *Harry Webster Walker II Charitable Trust *Tamara Bettcher Walker ’76 and Thomas W. Walker Xiaojun Wang and Qiuhong Dong (P’14) *Gail Funston Wasson ’64 *Susan Logan Whitman ’68 *Patty Bundy Wray ’50 Anonymous

The Dorcas Society

Named in honor of the Westover student activities that benefit charitable organizations, The Dorcas Society recognizes those who give between $500 and $999 to the Annual Fund. This year, $71,965 was donated by members of The Dorcas Society. *Marion Markham Abood ’73 *Jeanne Edmonds Anderson ’64 Wayne Baden *George and Phebe Banta (P’89) *Richard J. Beebe (P’10) *Joan Ross Bolling ’47 (P’70) *Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley ’57 Joanna Uihlein Bratt ’55 *Kate Proctor Brooks ’71 Lalla Dodge Brutoco ’67 *Anna Ewing Bull ’47 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlisle (GP’12,’13) Percilla Lincoln Chappell ’56 *Barbara Massey Clothier ’51 Jessie Batcheller Cogswell ’45 Heather Colmore ’87 *Natalie Conklin ’68 Daniel Coursey (P’13) *Martha McCahill Cowden ’64 Leonore Smith Cunningham ’75 *Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Gladys Merrick Cutler ’51 *Barbara Drake Daspit ’47 *Patricia Foote Davidson ’47 *Margaret Evans Dennis ’46 *Pamela Gordon duPont ’70 *Edith McLane Edson ’44 Sara England ’95 Arthur and Patricia Fino (P’97) *Marra Stankus Francis ’90 *Andrea Manzi Frank ’78 *Cavarly Berwick Garrett ’86 *Beatrice Bronson Garvan ’46 (P’72) *Olive Warner Geehr ’70 *Deborah French Glynn ’58 *Carol Goldburg ’80


Patricia Smith Goodyear ’42 (d) *Karimah Gottschalck ’03 *Phyllis Dewart Greene ’67 *Gretchen Holverstott Haight ’59 Marcia Clay Clay Hamilton ’67 *Alexandra Harper ’99 *Francine LeRoux Haskell ’51 *Jane Meanor Hastings ’56 Jenny Sommerhoff Haviland ’60 *Sonya Kim Heil ’94 *Pamela Markham Heller ’67 *Helen Heard Hetherington ’68 *Barbara Edwards Hicks ’57 James and Dee Hodson (P’15) Grace Ewing Huffman ’40 (d) Selden Dunbar Illick ’58 *Susan Birge Isetorp ’56 Tomoyoshi and Toshiko Ishikawa (P’16) Jewish Communities of Western CT, Inc. Deborah P. Juberg *Elizabeth Kaufman ’82 Karla Lawrence Keating ’72 Gretchen Hill Kingsley ’57 Robert S. Kinkel (P’14) *Annis Gilbert Kukulan ’68 *Adeline Gwynne Kurz ’68 *Jean Theopold Lamphere ’51 *E. Linda Baruch Leon ’67 *Thomas & Brenda Lloyd (P’09) Martha Beretta Mainiero ’81 *Sidney Lauck Mattoon ’39 *Elizabeth Green McCutcheon ’58 Michael and Deirdre McDonald (P’16) *Nina Truslow McKee ’59 *Mary Wilshire Mead ’45 *Pamela Jayne Miller ’49 Rebecca Coates Milliken ’68 *Margaret Moon Minor ’57 *Samantha Conklin Moro ’89 *Marion Thompson Murfey ’68 Cornelia Gibson Nelson ’48 *Emily Cooke Nolan ’84 Suzanna Norbeck (P’83) *Marguerite Hoadley O’Connell ’48 Louise O’Rourke (P’71) *Elizabeth Chick Parker ’44


Evan & Clare Rashkoff (P’15) Dorothy Reed ’68 *Alice Bell Reid ’53 Barbara Ringe Ritter ’54 *Barbara Moore Rumsey ’53 Mary Runnells ’73 Barbara A. Sabia Margaret P. Sanders *Emily Schabacker ’66 *Anthony and Peggy Sciotto (P’88) *C. Sheila O’Connor Sevier ’55 (P’94) Lynn Sheldon ’78 *Meredith Shirey ’91 Vincent and Eva Siefert (P’05,’07,’08) *Ann Skelly ’61 *Constance Smith ’37 *Sharon Anderson Smith ’57 Mitchell and Deanna Smooke (P’14) *Nancy Schroeder Snyder ’55 *Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58 and Dirk Soutendijk Katherine Sredl, Ph.D ’91 *Catherine Stewart ’76 and Tom Bourgeois (P’03) *Diana Tench Stovall ’52 *Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sutherland *Richard and Cathy Szanto (P’03) *Mary Turner Tackett ’63 Suzanne Cattier Taliaferro ’64 *Patricia Simonds Taylor ’68 Steven and Dorothy Thompson (GP’13) *Charlotte Goodwin Tieken ’69 *Cynthia Coggeshall Trask ’69 Y.H. Tsai and Manling You (P’15) *Beatrice Frelinghuysen van Roijen ’62 *Debbie and Joseph Verzino (P’12) *Barbara Wood Vilter ’45 *Katherine Walker ’00 *Nicole Sieller Warnek ’00 *Jane Hamilton Warriner ’55 *Brooke Whiteley Weise ’99 Dorothy Gannett West ’38 and Thomas West (P’60, ’64) Putney & Anne Westerfield (P’78) *Daphne Hersey Wetmore ’52 *Elizabeth Darling White ’57

*Ronalda Whitman ’50 Carole Hayes Williams ’62 *Caroline Elliott Williams ’56 Cricket Wingfield ’72 *Catherine Witry ’94 *Miriam Kubiska Zahn ’89 *Mr. Robert and Kim Zdon (P’10,’13) *Stephanie Stunzi Zuellig ’48 *Anonymous

The Coagess Society

The Coagess Society honors donors from the Classes of 1997 through 2012 who made gifts of $100 or more to the Annual Fund. This year, members of the Coagess Society gave $24,907. *Katherine Aldrich ’00 *Greta Atchinson ’02 Meghan Beebe ’10 *Ellen Bird ’02 Laurie Black Stefanowicz ’97 *Sarah Bronko ’03 *Abigail Collier Buhrman ’03 *Megan Mann Burlington ’02 Sarah Cave ’04 *Katherine Hamner Cooper ’00 *Markey Culver ’04 Devon DeSimone ’11 Genna DeSimone ’12 Missan DeSouza ’10 Francesca Dolnier ’10 Megan Liebow Dunlap ’00 Izukanne Emeagwali ’01 Edith Emerson-Dorsch ’97 Charlotte Forcht ’12 Melissa Franqui ’97 Stephanie Girard ’98 *Karimah Gottschalck ’03 *Emily Overholser Gruber ’03 *Jessica Haggerty ’03 *Alexandra Harper ’99 Chantal Hurtado ’05 Jacqueline Jacques James ’00 *Karsten Solberg-Jamieson ’00

Adrienne Jones ’03 Myriam Kelly ’11 *Mary Kelly ’02 *Lisa Zheng Kirsch ’01 *Danielle Stewart Knope ’03 *Caitlin Lampman ’00 Elise Drew Leon ’03 Rachel Stock Lesher ’01 *Christine Mastrocola ’06 *Courtney Mulligan ’06 *Kendall Mulligan ’08 *Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00 Rachel Nevas ’98 Catherine Novak-Rainer ’98 *Amma Osei ’01 Savita Ostendorf ’97 Elizabeth Panilaitis ’00 *Rebecca Paolino ’01 Rebecca Luger-Guillaume Poindexter ’01 *Emily Pollina ’00 *Elizabeth Pollina ’03 *Caitlin Reynolds ’02 Stephanie Roussel ’06 *Emily Pomeroy Schneider ’03 *Morgan Siller ’07 Alessandra Love Simons ’97 Elise Desjardins Stanford ’97 *Ameliaranne Sutton ’00 *Sarah Schipul Swift ’00 *Janet Sykes ’08 *Maura Tansley ’00 *Victoria Viera ’00 *Katherine Walker ’00 *Nicole Sieller Warnek ’00 *Brooke Whiteley Weise ’99 Hayley Wolcott ’12 *Anonymous

The Young Alumnae Society

The Young Alumnae Society, established two years ago in honor of Westover’s second century, recognizes the loyalty of members of the classes from 1997 to 2012 who make gifts up to $99 to the Annual Fund. This year, members of the Young Alumnae Society gave $3,326. Jennifer Agius ’07 Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong ’09 *Marissa Famiglietti Apland ’00 *Melissa Arsenie ’06 Simone Barabasz ’01 Rachel Basset ’08 Brenda Battad ’05 Meredith Beaton ’01 Lindsay Bell ’03 Lauren Brady ’03 Mackenzie Buchanan ’06 Grace Buckles ’10 *Iris Castro ’05 Gabrielle Cesario ’98 *Lindsay Clark ’02 *Rachel Clement ’00 Coriana Close ’02 *Sarah Cugini ’00 *Ruth Amoh Curzan ’02 Christianne Dawis ’05 Louisa de Heer ’01 *Mary DeStefano ’01 Allison Dinielli ’10 *Lisa DonDiego ’07 Jennifer Downes ’11 Emilie Dufour ’04 *Amanda Durand ’04 Lisa Born Ellis ’97 Courtney Fennell ’12 Claire Fetherstonhaugh ’05 Alana Fitts ’11 Elizabeth Fitzgerald ’00 *Elizabeth Foltz ’08 *Alexandra Fonseca ’08 *Tatiana Fonseca ’07

*Elizabeth Froeber ’08 Mawena Gbedema ’04 Tricia George ’97 *Aimee Gough ’02 Jessica Gray ’99 Catherine Gross ’08 Sophia Gumbardo ’11 Melissa Hall ’12 *Katherine Hallaran ’02 Danielle Harrison ’08 Hannah Hartmann ’10 Katie Heffernan ’98 Rachel Hickcox ’09 *Jessica Sieller Hines ’97 Sarah Hoke ’04 *Makenzi Hurtado ’02 *Maura Coleman Janiszewski ’99 Sarah Keklak ’05 Hannah Keklak ’07 Alissa Ryan Kelley ’03 *Elizabeth Kveton ’03 Jin Lee ’04 *Rona Lee ’06 *Jessica Lillian ’02 Karen Lostritto ’02 Lee-Ann Zarrella Lovelace ’98 *Nora Lovotti ’07 *Alanah Luger-Guillaume ’06 Melanie Lyons ’98 *Jane Magida ’07 Oana Sanziana Marian ’98 *Katie Perkins ’01 Jennifer Marra ’99 Caitlin McDonold ’05 Kayla Meduna ’09 Alyssa Menegat ’01 Emily Mitchell ’08 Madison Moore ’11 Claire Murphy ’10 *Lisa Nelson ’01 *Amanda Newberg ’03 Lindsay Rhodes Newton ’04 Katherine Norfleet ’11 *Elizabeth Norment ’05 *Margaret North ’06 *Elizabeth North ’04

Magdalena Nunez ’98 *Megan O’Keefe ’06 *Colette Opsahl ’03 Adebanke Otunba-Payne ’11 Goldie Peacock ’03 Elizabeth Peterson ’11 Cristina Pretto ’12 Kelly Pryor ’08 Mia Psorn ’03 Hyun Seung Pyo ’09 *Jasmine Rasberry ’07 Meredith Renda ’98 *Rhiannon Rhodes ’00 Jacqueline Rowland ’00 Caitlin Sanctuary ’08 Yaishna Santchurn ’08 *Katie Marages Schank ’97 *Heather Sherwin ’99 *Alyssa Siefert ’05 Daisy Smith ’03 *Jessica Smith ’05 *Alyssa Smith ’06 Taylor Southworth ’02 Valeria St. Laurent ’12 Danielle Stratton ’12 Keelin Sweeney ’12 *Helen Phillips Trementozzi ’97 *Elizabeth van Luling ’08 *Crystal Velez ’04 Jillian Verzino ’12 Hannah Webster ’12 Sarah Welinsky ’03 Heather Williams ’98 Brittney Williams ’06 Judith Wilson ’08 Jaime Winchenbach ’03 Morgan Winston ’10 *Sonja Wittek ’00 Hillary Zeiss ’09 Annie Zheng ’05 *Anonymous


The Hillard Society, formed in

1992 by the Westover School Board of Trustees, honors those alumnae and friends who have confirmed a bequest provision for Westover or who have made estate plans with Westover School as a beneficiary in the form of a charitable remainder trust (including Westover’s Pooled Income Fund), lead trusts, gift annuities, or a life insurance policy. There were 92 Charter Members are there are now 295 members. Membership has been extended to those who have informed us of their plans or whose testamentary desire have been fulfilled. New Members of the Hillard Society Alumnae

Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42 Lucie Taft Bard ’42 (P’74, ’78) Patience Merritt Campbell ’53 Frances Welch ’56 Marianna Johnson Baker ’62 Mary Hayward Griffith ’63 Margaret Butler Miles ’63

Parents and Friends

Samuel M. Hamill Jr. (FR)

Current Members of the Hillard Society Alumnae

Nancy duPont Cooch ’37 (P’63, ’64) Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 Jane Cheever Lyman ’38 Dorothy Gannett West ’38 (P’60, ’64) Hope Halsey Talbot Swasey ’38 (P’62)


Mary Hopkins Biddle ’38 Allison Garver Caesar ’39 Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Suzanne Perrin Kloman ’39 Alice Valle Knight ’39 Jean Van Sinderen Henry ’39 Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Emily Detwiler Uhl ’41 (P’67, ’72, ’78) Joan Dillon Hay Madeira ’41 (P’67, ’73) Ann Huidekoper Brown ’41 Sonia Allen Spalding ’42 Adele Q. Ervin ’42 Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42 Lucie Taft Bard ’42 (P’74, ’78) Elinor Tomlinson Virden ’42 (P’70, GP’08) Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Alison Kimball Bradford ’44 (P’70) Edith McLane Edson ’44 (P’68) Helen Minton Farley ’44 Lucia Ewing ’45 (P’68) Winifred Anthony Stearns ’45 Jessie Batcheller Cogswell ’45 (P’75) Sally Howard Hollaman ’45 Dorothy Tremaine Hildt ’45 Margaret Evans Dennis ’46 Anne Newbold Godfrey ’46 Anne Northrop Ott ’47 Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Mary Wells Jencks ’47 Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P ’68, ’73, GP ’97) Joan Shiland Tilghman ’48 (P’72, GP’10) Sheila Grainger Edee ’49 (P’74) Nancy Lee Ballenger ’49 Margaret Love Stevens ’49 Alice Potts Wallis ’51 Sarita Van Vleck ’51 Ariane Yassukovich Wellin ’51 Esther Spaulding ’53 Sally Coxe Taylor ’53 Patience Merritt Campbell ’53 Margery Scott Johnson ’53 Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Clara Hoover Hendin ’54

Diana Jewell Bingham ’54 Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) C. Sheila O’Connor Sevier ’55 (P’94) Jane Rawlings Odenweller ’55 Susan Birge Isetorp ’56 Suzanne Chapman Hutchins ’56 Joan Dominick O’Brien ’56 Cynthia Fulenwider Denham ’56 Suzanne Jackson Cartier ’56 Jennifer Robbins Manocherian ’56 Lucille Rundin Evans ’56 Constance Seely-Brown Cliffe ’56 (P’81) Frances Welch ’56 Gretchen Hill Kingsley ’57 Mary Merrill Hoffman ’57 Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57 Jane Jackson Trask ’58 (GP’12) Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58 Joan Johnson Stott ’59 Margo Stratford Russell ’59 Judith Swanson Redway ’59 Phebe Thorne ’59 Nina Truslow McKee ’59 Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 Deirdre Healy Henderson ’60 Jennifer Jones ’60 (P’88, ’90) Margaret Perry Diack-Wilson ’60 Sarah Rawlings Skidmore ’60 Joan Atwood Kunzelmann ’61 Laurie Lisle ’61 Abigail Mason Browne ’61 Katrina Rauch Wagner ’61 Ann Skelly ’61 Jannie Whitcraft Mills ’61 Ann Dugdale Wick ’62 Suzanne Dyer Wise ’62 Carole Hayes Williams ’62 Marianna Johnson Baker ’62 Susanne Roberts ’62 Louise Bailey Connor ’63 Elizabeth Barstow ’63 (P’83) Margaret Butler Miles ’63 Mary Hayward Griffith ’63 Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63

Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 (P’00) Lesley Bissell Hoopes ’64 Harmony Clement Spongberg ’64 Margaret Peet Anderson ’64 Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Leslie Parker Hume ’65 Louise Clark Hood ’65 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Cynthia Choate Bjorlie ’66 Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66 Linda Armour Kelly ’67 Nevitt Nugent Jenkins ’67 Madeleine Pagon Brownell ’67 Abigail Congdon ’68 Cynthia Gould ’68 Elizabeth Taylor Greer ’68 Francie Starr Rodums ’69 Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69 (P’00) Starr White Snead ’69 Marjorie Bradford Stanford ’70 Pamela Gordon duPont ’70 Heather Allen ’71 Susan Clark ’71 Tanya Kazanjian ’71 Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh ’71 Karla Lawrence Keating ’72 Marina Kelley ’73 Holly S. Kennedy ’74 Marcia Neidley Lynch ’74 Jessie Cogswell Tichko ’75 Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76 Elizabeth Lubrano Dwyer ’76 Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 & Thomas Sweeney (P’12) Mary M. Duncan ’77 and Nick Gutfreund Victoria Blewer ’78 Carla Skinner Malstrom ’78 Karen Hall ’79 Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85 Benedicte Jones Hallowell ’85 Alicia Beach ’87 Anonymous (2)

Parents and Friends

Robert and Marlene Blalock (P’89) Milton and Josephine Bristol (P’87) Mrs. Kathleen Fletcher Elizabeth K. and G. Keith Jr. Funston Trust Stephen Gurney Parker and Sally Handy (P’70, ’72, ’73, ’75, ’81) Diana L. Hanford Robert and Mary Cay Hill (P’78) Sharon and Hal Holladay Thomas and Tilde Hungerford (P’00, ’01) Frank P. L. Minard (P’87) Lorena Novak (P’98) Charles Patterson (P’88) Caroline Spang (P’82) Paul K. Sutherland Woodruff Family

Deceased Members of the Hillard Society Alumnae

Margaret MacLaren 1910 Elizabeth Williams 1911 Elizabeth Raftery Crawford 1912 Muriel Tuttle Eden 1912 Margaret Myers Cumming 1913 Frances Williams 1913 Helen Demarest Bilhuber ’14 Carolyn Jamison Lynch ’14 Adelaide Brown Viall ’15 Elizabeth Clark Taft ’15 Evelyn Dodge ’16 Judith Crawford ’17 Edith Cummings Munson ’17 Hope Kingsley ’17 Margaret Bush Clement ’18 Martha Lambert Bulkley ’18 Courtney Letts Adams ’18 C. Rachel Trowbridge ’18 Helen Church Minton ’19 Helen Dodge ’19

Margaret McClintic Love ’19 Mary Proctor Case ’19 Martha Byrnes Wells ’20 Maud Hill Schroll ’22 Martha Hollister Burdett ’22 M. Elizabeth Read Taylor ’22 Frances Thorne Horne ’22 Birch Warner Hincks ’22 Isabell Woodruff ’22 Estelle Manville Ekstrand ’23 Helen Corlett Hubbell ’24 Mary Heffelfinger Morrison ’24 Elaine McAlpin Tate ’24 Fredrika Steif Tench ’24 Harriet Hayward Sanders ’25 Virginia Hutchinson Gray ’25 Elizabeth White ’25 Mary Blair Goodbody ’26 Margaret Creighton Williams ’27 Geraldine Lee Hess ’28 Cora Rust Owen ’28 Mary Lamb Thompson ’29 Harriet Simonds Carr ’29 Elizabeth Warner Allen ’29 Mary Spencer Fuller Russell ’30 Mary Morris ’30 Katherine Neuhaus Wilmerding ’30 Katherine Prescott ’30 Elizabeth Wells Fox ’30 Ann Cluett Burroughs ’31 M. Elizabeth Kennedy Funston ’31 Marian McComb Hayward ’31 Elizabeth Wilder Rundin ’31 Elizabeth Briggs Merry ’32 Maud Gillette MacDonald ’33 Adeline Simonds Congdon ’33 Alice Clement ’34 Barbara Cushing Paley ’34 Louise Mead Resor ’34 (P’65) Dorothy Soule Milner ’34 Mary Stine Wilcox ’34 Louise Wylie Delacour ’34 Elizabeth Bristol Bell ’35 Patricia Kelly Healy ’35 Miriam Little Kenly ’35

Nancy May Field ’35 Patricia Parker Gadsden ’36 Alison Peake Henning ’36 Jean Richmond Stone ’36 Elizabeth Batcheller McCahill ’37 (P’64) Berrell Evans Street ’38 Marie McKee Correll ’38 Elizabeth Harnischfeger Ogden ’39 Helen Hatch Warner ’39 Marcia Hobart Howell ’39 Anna Ingersoll Roberts ’39 Merriam Packard Sargent ’39 Elizabeth Perry Gleason ’39 Anne Winter Wetmore ’39 Elysabeth Barbour Higgins ’40 Cornelia Dodge Fraley ’40 Sara Struthers Frothingham ’40 Florence Anderson Gibson ’41 Patricia Castles Acheson ’42 (P ’65) Caroline English Stancliff ’42 Cynthia Kimball Hoagland ’42 Phyllis Scott Eliot ’42 Virginia Stanton Duncan ’42 Barbara Stine Cruice ’42 Emily Bannard Thomson ’43 Esther Dodge Vetterlein ’43 Rosemary Ford Gault ’43 Mary Crocker Hogg ’43 Sarah Bell Bullard ’44 Virginia Anthony Soule ’45 Barbara Benjamin Dorrance ’45 Melisande Congdon-Doyle ’45 Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 (P’69, GP’00, ’03) Joan Schullinger Seabrook ’45 Susie Skidmore Coxe ’45 Kathryn Cosgrove Netto ’46 Katharine Nicholson Coleman ’46 Martha Sherwin Stewart ’46 Candace Benjamin Owen ’47 Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69, ’72, ’76, GP’12) Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 Anita Packard Montgomery ’47 (P’74,’76)

Marim Pew Hamilton ’47 Gloria Prudden Lange ’47 Phoebe Taylor Biddle ’47 Hetty Euwer Knox ’49 Edwina Louisa Munson ’51 (P’74) Cynthia Larson Eckhardt ’52 Elizabeth Allen Wheeler ’53 Katherine Baehr Meyer ’55 Deborah Schust Harding ’55 (P’82) Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 Mary Townsend Hamill ’59 Mary Wise Wight ’60 Elise Sweet Wylde ’61 Morgan Henning Stebbins ’62 Mary Tate ’64 Dale Simonds Wells ’68 Elizabeth Keyser Evans ’73

Parents and Friends

Hugh T. Adams (FR) Margaret C. Bannerman (P’51) Wallace Moore Bartlett Theodore J. Bostroem Allan J. Clark (FR) Norman P. Clement Jr. Robert Ensign Darling (FR) Russell P. Duncan Henry W. Estabrook Catharine Montgomery Hunt Sarah E. Ingram (FR) Alice Baker Kean (FR) George C. Lyon (P’86) Joseph Morrill Jr. (FR) Julia C. Morrill (FR) Elizabeth M. Newton Mrs. Beaumont Packard (P’39, ’41, ’46, ’49) Janet Tanner Poskas


The Cogitare, Agere, Esse Society Mary McCreath Godley ’38 and Frederick In 1994 Westover’s Board of Trustees established this Society to recognize those alumnae and friends who have been exceptionally generous to Westover. It honors those individuals whose cumulative gifts to Westover have exceeded $250,000 and whose support has helped to ensure that Westover continues to provide a firstrate education to young women. The newest members of the Cogitare, Agere, Esse Society are: Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 (d) Holly S. Kennedy ’74 Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69,’72,’76, GP’12) (d)

They join the other members of the Cogitare, Agere, Esse Society: Patricia Castles Acheson ’42 (P’65) (d) Hugh T. Adams (FR) (d) Marianna Johnson Baker ’62 Benjamin and Nancy Belcher (P’55,’60, ’69) (d) Charlotte B. Beyer ’65 Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Martha Lambert Bulkley ’18 (P’57) (d) Rosamond Seidel Clark’37 (P’70) Faith Emeny Conger ’50 (P’80) Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49 (P’72) Estelle Manville Ekstrand ’23 (d) The Edward E. Ford Foundation Heywood and Elizabeth Wells Fox ’30 (P’57, ’65) (d) Alison Barbour Fox ’43 M. Elizabeth Kennedy Funston ’31 (P’60,’64)(d)


Godley (P’62, ’67) Margaret Clement Green ’65 Antoinette Walker Hamner ’69 (P’00) Sarah Mead Hands ’44 (P’68) (d) Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 (d) Patricia Kelly Healy ’35 (P’60) (d) Clara Hoover Hendin ’54 Jean Van Sinderen Henry ’39 Dorothy Tremaine Hildt ’45 Marcia Hobart Howell ’39 (P’61, ’65) (d) Helen Corlett Hubbell ’24 (d) Leslie Parker Hume ’65 Holly S. Kennedy ’74 G. Barrie Hogan Landry ’62 and Kevin Landry (d) Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Joan Dillon Hay Madeira ’41 (P’67, ’73) Hubert Mandeville (P’69) (d) The Martin and Brown Foundation Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin Betsy Shirley Michel ’59 Dorothy Soule Milner ’34 (d) Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Edith Cummings Munson ’17 (d) Candace Benjamin Owen ’47 (d) Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 C. Lawson and Dorothy Whittaker Reed ’41 (P’64, ’68) (d) Jay and Nancy Pratt Rhoads ’44 (d) Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 (d) Mary Spencer Fuller Russell ’30 (d) Marion Searle Searle ’73 Dorrance and Marjorie McComb Sexton ’29 Margaret Love Stevens ’49 Mary Tate ’64 (d) Katherine Dixon Thomson ’72 C. Rachel Trowbridge ’18 (d) Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P’68, ’73, GP’97) Edith Ingalls Vignos ’41 (P’65) (d) Louise McKelvy Walker ’32 (d) Harry W. Walker III and Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 (P’69, GP’00, ’03) (d)

Willard T. and Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69, ’72, ’76, GP’12) (d) Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57 The Woodruff Family The David, Helen & Marian Woodward Foundation Anonymous

The School has made every effort to be accurate and all-inclusive in the names listed, while respecting anonymity when requested. Please accept our apologies for any unintended errors or omissions. If you have made estate plans with Westover as a beneficiary and you would like to be included in The Hillard Society, plase call Paul K. Sutherland, Director of Planned Giving, at 203.577.4590.

FR Friend GP Grandparent P Parent * Donor who has contributed to the Annual Fund or a special class fund for the past five consecutive years. Gifts to other funds are not reflected in this designation. (d) Deceased

Gifts In Honor The following gifts to the School were received in honor of the individuals listed below in capitalized type. Unless otherwise designated, the gifts were added to Westover’s Annual Fund.

Lisa Marie Buoncuore, Michael Gallagher, Tom Juvan, Susan Loyd Turner (P’05), Shelby Mastroianni Neal ’00, James Sorrels (P’14), Debbie Verzino (P’12), Kristin Martinkovic White ’91 Mickey and Laura Morris (P’13)

Susan R. Clark ’71 Guilford Fund

Class of 1957

Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57

Class of 1965

R. Caroline Thompson Benson ’65 Linda Beard Brandi ’65 Elinor Ladd Craver ’65 Minda Putman Daniell ’65 Rebecca Finnell ’65 Elizabeth Goodenough ’65 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Leslie Parker Hume ’65 Judith Kuryla Huntington ’65 Deborah Howell Kurd ’65 Ellen Pollak Powers ’65 Susan Robbins ’65 Laura Maxwell Seaman ’65 Caren Vignos Sturges ’65 Virginia Fox Wagenseller ’65 Elsie Walker ’65 Nancy Burkham Williams ’65 Polly Wingfield ’65

Elizabeth Ross Cushman (d) Justine Harwood Laquer ’45

Sheila Grainger Edee ’49 (P’74) Judith Blair Green ’49

Adele Q. Ervin ’42 and Margo Bond ’56 (d) Frances Welch ’56

Sarah Sciotto Garvan ’88 Anthony J. Sciotto

Germaine Kenefick Graves ’67 and Mary Kent Jewett Prentice ’41 Sallie Deans Lake ’70

Emma Hibshman (d)

Suzan B. Beard Bryant ’51

Tom Juvan

Judith Z. Friedman (P’13)

Elizabeth Treman Lancaster ’23 (d) and Mary Treman Wainwright Lelewer ’50

Matthew M. Meehan (P’11) Anita Packard Montgomery ’47 (P’74, ’76, GP’09) (d) Philip Palmer Karen Kjorlien Phillips ’71 Ann S. Pollina (P’00,’03) Barbara A. Sabia Gabrielle Sirkin ’05 Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58 Blair Stambaugh Paul K. Sutherland Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P’68, ’73, GP’97) Laura Nash Volovski ’83 (P’12, ’15) Tamara Bettcher Walker ’76 Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 Nancy Johnson Weaver ’63 Anonymous

Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 Alison Wickwire Olivieri ’64 (P’00)

Jane Lancaster ’48

Louisa Jones Palmer ’54

Mildred Berendsen Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Gretchen Handy Comstock ’72 (P’07) Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76 Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 Nancy Reeder El Bouhali ’63 Rowena Summers Fenstermacher ’76 Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Edith Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Pamela Markham Heller ’67 Susan Lamphier Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 Jennifer Martin ’66 Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66


Gifts in Memory

Jane Lobdell

The following gifts to the School were received in memory of the individuals listed below in capital letters. Unless otherwise designated, the gifts were added to Westover’s Annual Fund.

Elizabeth Blair Mauk ’37 Catherine Mauk Mather ’64 Pamela Heymann Ricciardi ’67 Lucy Seay

Elizabeth S. Benson ’44

John Benson Wihelmina Stabler Bergland ’47 Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Martha Coursen Carleton ’50 Thomas Carr Nancy S. Chace Faith Emeny Conger ’50 (P’80) Craftland John R. Danly Financial Strategy Associates, Inc. Charles J. Hubbard Mary Wainwright Lelewer ’50 Sarah Goodbody Norris ’50 Josephine Eaton Wagner ’50

Kelly Pryor ’08

Elizabeth Batcheller McCahill ’37

John Balint Graeme Bell Sue A. Clifford-Avut Arnold Cogswell Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation Alexander Keeler Anne S. McDermott Dilys Demorest Peirce ’37 Chandler M. Ralph Mary Ann C. Ramage Elinor H. Stege Robert M. Turner U.S. Trust Jack Wylam

Anita Packard Montgomery ’47

Gifts in memory of Anita were directed to the Westover School Endowment Schuyler Wilson Field ’61 and Richard D. Fund in support of the Inspiring Women Field Campaign. Elizabeth Perry Gleason ’39 Francis H. Abbott Leslie G. Smith Eleanor Acheson’65 Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Drayton Grant ’66 Aramark Wayne Baden Ashville School, Inc. Georgina M. Bissell ’39 (P’64) Diane L. Clarke Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 A. Gordon Clarke Mary Wells Jencks ’47 Elliott S. Close Barbara Massey Clothier ’51 Frances Bramhall King ’40 Rhodes Craver Richard J. Beebe (P’10) Lillie R. Debevoise Wendy Griswold Reily ’54 Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76

Nancy May Field ’35


Ayla D. Ficken Morgan Henning Stebbins’62 A. Maybury Viall Fraser ’47 Ruth Barnes Fiordalis ’62 Thomas A. Glaenzer Michele Montgelas van der Kieft ’62 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Ann Dugdale Wick ’62 Anne Farquhar Griffin ’47 Parker and Sally Handy (P’70, ’72, ’73, Sarah Alexander ’75, ’81) Patterson Summers ’02 Jane Meanor Hastings ’56 Russell DeLuca Sharon Holladay Lane Newton Summers ’93 Graeme Hudson Roland S. Summers Mary Wells Jencks ’47 Carolyn Killefer Wendy Allen Wheeler ’53 Stephen H. Ladd Jean Ackerman Robinson ’53 Janet J. Marshall John R. Martin Constance P. Maycock Archibald R. Montgomery Anita Montgomery ’74 Carolyn C. Montgomery John L. Montgomery Elizabeth Montgomery Zimmerman ’76 Elizabeth R. Moran Katharine Murphey Pell ’59 James Pharr Mary L. Robb Amanda Shipley Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 Mary Maier Walker ’54 Dixie G. Wigton

Elizabeth Coleman Mooney ’44 Richard E. Mooney

Carol Dodson Pendergrass ’56 Deborah P. Juberg Margaret P. Sanders

Anna Ingersoll Roberts ’39 Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 Barbara Massey Clothier ’51

Virginia Shaw Shedden ’38

Luigi Horne Mumford ’49

The Class of 2013


Annual Report 2012 General Endowment 2012-2013


Summary of Endowment Gifts Gifts to Endowment Unrestricted Endowment


Restricted Endowment

$ 967,617

Total Gifts Received


Operating budget (FY 2013): $10.4 million Amount of operating budget funded by endowment (fiscal year 2013): $2.3 million

Endowment value as of June 30, 2013:


The asset allocation of the portfolio as of June 30, 2013:

Portfolio performance (average annual returns)

Equity Absolute Return Credit Composite Illiquid Composite Cash

• For the one-year period ending June 30, 2013:


• For three-year period ending June 30, 2013:


• For the five-year period ending June 30, 2013:


$ 26,050,788 $ 11,780,692 $ 12,684,065 $ 1,725,800 $ 1,785,939

48.2% 21.8% 23.5% 3.2% 3.3%


Westover’s Named Endowment Funds Westover is pleased to announce the establishment of two new endowed funds: • The Endowed Fund for Faculty Support in Honor of Trustee Leadership Established October 2012 in honor of Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 This fund was initiated with a generous gift from an anonymous donor and is supported by Louisa’s trustee colleagues, alumnae, family, and friends. It celebrates her leadership and dedicated service as President of the Westover Board of Trustees from 2003 – 2012. This fund will provide ongoing support for the faculty as part of the Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover. • The Martin and Brown Endowed Fund for Blended Learning Established June 2013 through a generous matching gift from Jennifer Martin ’66. This fund allows Westover to continue the work we have begun through Blended Learning, defined as pedagogical techniques based on the combination of advanced online learning techniques with traditional face-to-face classroom teaching. This grant allows us the opportunity to build an internal support structure to address professional development requirements and ongoing needs of our faculty through innovation and collaboration.

Unresticted Funds Mollie Pratt Barringer ’38 Fund Phoebe Taylor Biddle Fund Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 Fund Martha Lambert Bulkley ’18 Fund Alison Ward Burdick ’31 Fund Challenge Fund Rosamond Seidel Clark ’37 Fund Margaret Bush Clement ’18 Fund


Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Fund in Honor of the Class of 1954 Mary Frances Stackpole Detweiler ’40 Fund Heywood Fox Fund Pauline Savage Furness ’21 Fund Beverly Heminway Fund Margaret Velie Kinney ’54 Fund Isabel Rockefeller Lincoln ’20 Memorial Fund Isabel Rockefeller Lincoln ’20 Fund Fanny Curtis Luke ’41 Fund Hilary Hoover Luther ’50 Fund Mahoney Family Fund Dorothy Soule Milner ’34 Fund Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Fund Flora Jackson Ramsey ’45 Fund C. Lawson Reed Fund Dorothy Whittaker Reed ’41 Fund Nancy Pratt Rhoads ’44 Fund Sandra Sheppard Rodgers ’55 Fund Mary Spencer Fuller Russell ’30 Fund Marion Scott Searle ‘73 Fund Frances Wick Sherwin ’20 Fund Berrell Evans Street ’38 Fund Katherine Dixon Thomson ‘72 Fund Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 Fund Harry and Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 Fund Westover Alumnae Association Fund J. Howard Whittemore Fund Woodruff Family Fund

Funds in Support of Financial Aid Patricia Castles Acheson ’42 Fund Mary Trumbull Adams Memorial Fund Angier Athletic Fund Angier Scholarship Fund Anonymous Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 Fund Class of 1939 Scholarship Fund Class of 1941 Scholarship Fund Class of 1942 Scholarship Fund Class of 1943 Scholarship Fund Class of 1944 Scholarship Fund Class of 1946 Scholarship Fund Class of 1947 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1948 Scholarship Fund Class of 1949 Scholarship Fund Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund Class of 1952 Scholarship Fund Barbara Rebmann Coates ’42 Fund Nancy Ann Belcher Davis ’55 Fund Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49 Fund Doolittle-Markham Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Keyser Evans ’73 Fund Elizabeth Kennedy Funston ’31 Fund Nancy Gile Gehlke ’68 Fund Mildred M. Gettis Memorial Scholarship Fund in Honor of Roslyn Morrison Class of 1990 Mary Godley Faculty Support Endowment Fund Mary Townsend Hamill ’59 Fund Sally Mills Harball ’47 Fund Florence Marvin Hatch ’15 Fund Mary Starr Griscom Holmes ’19 Fund Marcia Hobart Howell ’39 Fund Marguerite Scott Kennedy Fund Maine Scholarship Fund Mandeville Scholarship Fund H. Edward Manville Scholarship Fund Manville Scholarship Nancy Cook McAlpin ’35 Fund Joseph C. and Lillia H. Molder Fund Joseph L. and Elizabeth M. Molder Fund Mary Heffelfinger Morrison ’24 Fund Nicholson Scholarship Fund Katharine Thomas Nyce ’26 Fund Elizabeth Owens ’92 Memorial Fund Barbara Cushing Paley ’34 Fund Holly Kennedy Passantino ‘74 Fund Carol Dodson Pendergrass ’56 Fund Lucy B. Pratt Scholarship Fund Mary M. Tate ’64 Fund DeWitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund Dorrance Sexton-Louise McKelvy Walker ’32 Scholarship Fund Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Scholarship Fund Margaret Creighton Williams Fund David, Helen and Marion Woodward Fund Alden M. Young Scholarship Fund

Funds in Support of Faculty Patricia Castles Acheson ’42 Fund Mary Trumbull Adams Westover School Fund William Warren Barbour Fund Benjamin M. Belcher Fund Class of 1987 Senior Parent Fund Class of 1988 Senior Parent Fund Class of 2001 Fund for Technology Personnel Edward E. Ford Foundation Salary Fund (1989) Edward E. Ford Summer Sabbatical Fund Edward E. Ford Senior Course/Study Grant Fund Edward E. Ford Match – Class of 1953 Edward E. Ford Challenge – Parents of 2003 Edward E. Ford Challenge – Other The Endowed Fund for Faculty Support in Honor of Trustee Leadership Mary McCreath Godley ’38 Faculty Support Endowment Fund Marim Pew Hamilton’47 Fund Sarah Mead Hands ’44 Fund Patricia Kelly Healy ’35 Fund Louise Harkness Ingalls ’17 Chair Martin Faculty Salary Fund Martin Sabbatical Fund Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 Fund Marion Scott Searle ’73 Chair Margaret Love Stevens ’49 Fund Mary Maier Walker ’54 Fund

Rose Chatfield-Taylor MacMurray Poetry Fund The Martin and Brown Endowed Fund for Blended Learning Fund for Math and Technology McChesney Music Fund Prizes Fund Fund in Honor of Joachim Schumacher The Tabitha Fund Tremaine Fund for Art History Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 Fund Louise McKelvy Walker ’32 Fund Wigglesworth Fund for Current Events Dorothy White Woodbridge ’25 Music Fund Westover Endowed Chair in Honor of Music and the Human Spirit

Funds in Support of Campus Stewardship Class of 1940 Archives Fund Mary McCreath Godley ’38 Senior Garden Fund Mandeville Maintenance Fund Walker Family Westover Campus Stewardship Fund

Funds in Support of Programs Reid Handy Beyer ’37 Art Fund Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 New Girl Orientation Program Virginia Dixon Buhse ’28 and Ethel Dixon Fletcher ’32 Book Fund Chapel Fund Emily Christopher ’90 Memorial Fund Susan Clark ’71 WISE Endowment Fund Virginia Stanton Duncan ’42 Fund for Music Muffy White Dwyer Memorial Fund Nancy May Field ’35 Fund Fund for Technology Heminway Fund for Arts


Gifts to Endowment Planned Gifts Marianna Johnson Baker ’62 Lucie Taft Bard ’42 (P’74, ’78) Patience Merritt Campbell ’53 Calista Lincoln Harder ’47 (d) Margaret Butler Miles ’63 Anne Northrop Ott ’47 Louise Mead Resor ’34 (P ’65) (d) Elizabeth McMillan Ringer ’42 Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63

For Unrestricted Purposes William Adamson Jr. (FR) Susan L. DeSimone ’80 and Salvatore DeSimone (P’11, ’12, ’16) Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 (P’00) Francene Young ’71

For Programs Susan Clark ’71 Schuyler Wilson Field ’61 Leslie Parker Hume ’65 The Martin and Brown Foundation Marie Louise Walbridge McChesney ’37 Alison Wickwire Olivieri ’64 Margaret Love Stevens ’49 Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 (P’00) Diana Strawbridge Wister ’57

For Faculty Support Mildred Berendsen Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Gretchen Handy Comstock ’72 and Harwood Comstock (P’07) Louise Bailey Connor ’63 Nancy Higley Cudd ’63


Susan L. DeSimone ’80 and Salvatore DeSimone (P’11, ’12, ’16) Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76 Josephine Merrill Eastman ’58 Nancy Reeder El Bouhali ’63 Rowena Summers Fenstermacher ’76 Richard and Lisa Fitts (P’11) Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Elizabeth Gilbert ’77 Mary McCreath Godley ’38 (P’62, ’67) Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 and Arthur Golden Mary Dobbin Greeley ’63 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Laura Pratt Gregg ’63 Mary Hayward Griffith ’63 Christine Goodman Hayworth ’54 Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Pamela Markham Heller ’67 Leslie Parker Hume ’65 Susan and Craig Lamphier Holly Lewis Lentini ’63 Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin Martin and Brown Foundation Katharine Tarbox McLeod ’66 Janice and Matt Meehan (P’11) Anita Packard Montgomery ’47 (P’74,’76) (d) Elizabeth Markham Nicholson ’63 Amma Osei ’01 Louisa Jones Palmer ’54 Philip Palmer Cynthia Burdick Patterson ’60 Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86 Marda Perry Phelps ’63 Karen Kjorlien Phillips ’71 Ann and Ben Pollina (P’00,’03) Suzanne Wardwell Prescott ’63 Jeannette Stone Reynolds ’63 Enid Fraser Robinson ’63 Barbara A. Sabia Gabrielle Sirkin ’05 Catherine Baird Smith ’58 Mary Tremaine Soutendijk ’58 and Dirk Soutendijk Blair Stambaugh (FR) Paul K. Sutherland

Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P 68, ’73, GP ’97) Lucile Hannan Vaill ’63 Laura Nash Volovski ’83 and Steve Volovski (P’12, ’15) Anne Wigglesworth Walker ’64 (P’00) Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) Tamara Bettcher Walker ’76 and Thomas W. Walker Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63

For Other Restricted Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Abbott Jr. Eleanor Acheson ’65 Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Aramark Ashville School, Inc. Richard J. Beebe (P’10) Georgina Miller Bissell ’39 (P’64) Angela L. Carlisto A. Gordon Clarke Jr. Diane Clarke Elliott S. Close Barbara Massey Clothier ’51 Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes Craver Priscilla Cunningham ’54 Lillie R. Debevoise Marianne Barbino Dubuque ’76 Ayla D. Ficken A. Maybury Viall Fraser ’47 Thomas A. Glaenzer Jane Rovensky Grace ’35 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Anne Farquhar Griffin ’47 Parker and Sally Handy (P’70, ’72, ’73, ’75, ’81) Jane Meanor Hastings ’56 Sharon and Hal Holladay Mr. and Mrs. Graeme Hudson Mary Wells Jencks ’47 Carolyn Killefer (GP ’01) Stephen H. Ladd Janet J. Marshall John R. Martin Constance P. Maycock Anita Montgomery ’74 Archibald R. Montgomery IV

Carolyn C. Montgomery John L. Montgomery and Natalie M. Montgomery Eliza Montgomery Zimmerman ’76 (P’09) Elizabeth R. Moran Katharine Murphey Pell ’59 Mary L. Robb and Ted Robb Amanda Shipley Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P 68, ’73, GP ’97) Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) Westover Alumnae Association Dixie G. Wigton Nancy Hoover Zeckhauser ’60

For Financial Aid Hugh T. Adams (FR) (d) Jeannette Brown (P’75, ’77) Margaret W. Casey Holly S. Kennedy ’74 David Molder (FR) Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P 68, ’73, GP ’97) Benjamin J. Williams The David, Helen and Marian Woodward Foundation

G. Barrie Hogan Landry ’62 and Kevin Landry (d) Timothy Lane (P’07) Maurita Foley Lannan ’55 (d) Adelaide MacMurray-Cooper ’63 John and Joy Magiera (P’97) Martha Bacon Martin ’65 and David Martin Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mead (P’13) Caroline Watson Morong ’72 Anne Northrop Ott ’47 Karen Kjorlien Phillips ’71 Jane Belcher Phinney ’69 Ann and Ben Pollina (P’00,’03) Wendy Griswold Reily ’54 Louise Mead Resor ’34 (P ’65) (d) Marion Searle Searle ’73 M. Abbe Clement Stein ’67 Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 and Thomas Sweeney (P’12) Katherine Dixon Thomson ’72 Alethea Kunhardt Walker ’45 (P’69, GP’00, ’03) (d) Mary Maier Walker ’54 (P’85) Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Anne Holmes White ’47 (P’69,’72,’76, GP’12) (d)

For Unrestricted Purposes Eleanor Acheson ’65 Mrs. Katharine W. Bacon (P’65) Linda Beard Brandi ’65 Abigail M. Browne ’61 Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh ’71 Fred and Terri Clark (P’11) Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Lee and Danette Dierdorff (P’13) Suzanne Searle Dixon ’49 (P’72) Pamela Gordon duPont ’70 Alison Barbour Fox ’43 Beatrice Bronson Garvan ’46 (P’72) Jennifer P. Gold ’87 Judith LeSage Grassi ’74 Margaret Clement Green ’65 Caryn Cluett Gregg ’68 Mary Hayward Griffith ’63 Deirdre Healy Henderson ’60 Suzanne Chapman Hutchins ’56


2012-2013 Board of Trustees Officers Francene Young ’71 President Sara Belcher Wardell ’60 Ranking Vice-President Eleanor Acheson ’65 Vice-President Blair Stambaugh (FR) Vice-President Holly S. Kennedy ’74 Secretary John Magiera (P’97) Treasurer Ann S. Pollina (P’00,’03) ex officio, Head of School


Board Members Nancy Reighley Cavanaugh ’71 Fred Clark (P’11) Christine McIntosh Coffin ’75 Lee Dierdorff (P’13) ex officio, Co-President, Parents’ Council Elisabeth Smith Golden ’65 Judith LeSage Grassi ’74 Edie Glassmeyer Heilman ’65 Laura Wallace Houghton ’89 Dr. Jeffrey Jay (P’10) Matthew M. Meehan (P’11) Ann Clark Priftis ’96 ex officio, President, Board of Governors Cassandra White Sweeney ’76 (P’12) Nicky Johnson Weaver ’63

Life Trustee Helen Angier Trumbull ’48 (P’68, ’73, GP ’97) Headmaster Emeritus Joseph L. Molder (P’80)

2012-2013 Alumnae Association Board of Governors Officers Ann Clark Priftis ’96 President Leigh Vaule Steele ’87 Vice President Joan Gerster ’72 Secretary Elizabeth Uhl ’78 Treasurer Priscilla Perry Morris ’59 (P’86) Chair of the Governance Committee Maura Tansley ’00 Chair of Annual Fund Committee Abigail Mason Browne ’61 Member at Large Board Members Sarah Bronko ’03 Coila Worley Campbell ’78 (P’10) Stacie Cass ’95 Cynthia Perry Colebrook ’68 (P’95) Elizabeth Coffin ’92 Christine Muldowney Dahl ’82 (P’14) Izukanne Emeagwali ’01 Karimah Gottschalck ’03 Erin Zyko Hussein ’88

Hilary Carpenter Lynch ’85 Kirsten Tauck Mahar ’87 Pia Guido Murphy ’91 Amma Osei ’01 Dorothy Milner Pease ’57 Sarah Bliss Seamans ’79 (P’09) Katherine Sredl, Ph.D ’91 Catherine Stewart ’76 (P’03) Elizabeth Darling White ’57

Life Governors

Susan Silliman Tracy Addiss ’47 Maria Randall Allen ’42 (P’71)

Alumnae & Development Office Barbara A. Sabia Director of Development Katherine Blum ’08 Development Associate Lauren Fikslin Castagnola Director of Annual Fund & Constituent Outreach Lindsey A. Donato Gifts Coordinator Bart Geissinger Director of Major Gifts & Campaign Coordinator Margaret Clement Green ’65 Volunteer Archivist Eileen McCormack Director of Development Operations & Services Nancy Aordkian Pelaez ’86 Director Alumnae Relations Linda M. Pierce Assistant Director of Donor Relations

Paul Sutherland Director of Planned Giving Clare Tallon (P’14) Administrative Assistant

Marketing & Communications Office Publications Staff

Westover School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin in administrations of its admissions, financial assistance, educational or other school policies. Every Westover student is admitted to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School.

Kristin Martinkovic White ’91 Director of Marketing & Communications Richard J. Beebe (P’10) Publications Manager Elizabeth McErlean Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications Kate Wymard Publications Coordinator Additional Photography Caleb Portfolio This Annual Report is a publication of the Marketing & Communications Office in conjunction with the Alumnae & Development Office. Annual Report Design & Layout Mia Ferrara Pelosi ’95 Westover School 1237 Whittemore Road Middlebury, CT 06762-0847 Please direct comments, corrections, and suggestions to Barbara Sabia, Director of Development. 203.577.4646


Stock Transfer Information Stock Transfers should be forwarded to: BMO Harris Bank, N.A. DTC #992 F/C: 71-1495-05-1 N/O Westover School Inc.

Gifts of physical stock certificates should be mailed directly to our account administrator’s attention at: BMO Not-for-Profit Services Attn: Ryan Grall 111 East Kilbourn Ave., Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53202

Gifts made by wire transfer should be forwarded to: BMO Harris Bank, NA 111 West Monroe Chicago, IL 60603 ABA 071000288 DDA Account #27006 N/O General Trust Fund F/C: 71-1495-051 N/O WESTOVER SCHOOL, INC Attention: Ryan Grall, 414-287-8489 64

There are Many Ways to Give to Westover! If you think making a substantial gift to Westover is beyond your reach, please take the time to read about some creative ways to give to Westover. You may be surprised!

Gifts of Cash

Please make your checks payable to Westover School and send them directly to the Development Office. You may also make credit card gifts on our secure on-line giving site at, or by phone or mail.

Matching Gifts

Many employers and companies will match gifts made by an employee or a spouse. Inquire with your employer today!


Securities are stocks and bonds. Direct gifts of appreciated securities offer one huge advantage to you as a donor – you get an income tax deduction for the full market value of the security when you give it to Westover, regardless of your cost basis. You do not have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciated value of the security, as you would were you to sell the security and then give the proceeds to Westover, or use them for any other purpose.


A bequest to Westover is a statement in your will that you wish to leave something to Westover, usually described as an amount, a specific asset or percentage of your estate. A bequest is something everyone who wishes to support Westover can do, with no current cost and at a level of their own choosing. Though simple, bequests are powerful giving tools.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and Westover. In exchange for a gift of $10,000 or more, Westover agrees to pay you, and/or other beneficiaries you choose, a fixed amount every quarter for life. Payments are guaranteed and amounts are fixed. There can be no more than two beneficiaries, usually the donor and her spouse.

Life Insurance

Many people have life insurance policies – either fully paid for or not – that are less important to them than they once were. To make a gift of an existing policy, you must change the owner and beneficiary of the policy to Westover. When you do, you immediately qualify for an income tax deduction for the policy’s cost basis or cash surrender value, whichever is less.

For more information on any of these gift opportunities, please call Paul Sutherland, Director of Planned Giving at 203.577.4590 or email, Some BEQUEST INTENTIONS by living alumnae COUNT towards Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover! In order to expand opportunities for more Westover alumnae participation in our current Campaign, in October 2011 the Board of Trustees amended the existing Inspiring Women: Campaign for Westover counting policy to include some bequest intentions by living alumnae. Accordingly, if you are 80 years old or more, OR you will reach your 80th birthday on or before December 31, 2014, the full face value of any bequest you make to Westover (that is verified in writing) will count towards your gift to Westover’s Campaign! Also, if you have your 50th, 55th, or 60th reunion between now and 2014 the full face value of any verified bequest you make during your reunion year will count towards your gift to Westover’s Campaign.

Westover School 1237 Whittemore Road  ·  P.O. Box 847 Middlebury, CT 06762-0847 Change Service Requested. Since this publication cannot be forwarded without additional postage, we would appreciate if you would keep us informed of address changes.

Basing their conference system on a collegiate model, Westover teachers offer on average at least 1 1/2 office hours daily. Students are encouraged, and in some courses required, to meet with their teachers one-on-one to develop ideas, hone writing skills, seek extra help, or simply engage in intellectual dialogue outside of the classroom. This kind of student-faculty interaction not only fosters the engaging exchange of ideas at the heart of Westover’s curriculum but also develops a student’s skills in response to the individualized, one-on-one feedback conferences allow. At the core of this practice of conferences is the strong belief in our students’ ability to develop themselves as learners and scholars, who conduct themselves seriously in intellectual discourse with not only their peers but adults as well. Many Westover graduates tell us that, compared to their peers, they are much more engaged in their college studies because they make regular, effective use of their professors’ office hours, thereby developing deeper and more lasting relationships with their academic mentors because of their experiences here at Westover.

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2013 Annual Report  
2013 Annual Report