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Inside the classroom, outside the classroom— at Westminster college, you’ll engage in every aspect of your college experience. This is an active education, a whole education, enabling you to become your very best—as a scholar, as a leader, as an engaged citizen in a global world. Come—get involved, try new things, meet new people, learn and grow as never before. Engage in a full college experience. Inside the classroom. And out. To learn about Westminster College, inside and out, visit us at, or call our Admissions Office at 1-800-475-3361.

Jeff Chacko ’11

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From Dr. Day to the 21st Century Faculty & undergraduates take advantage of research opportunities at Westminster


Parallels - Westminster Then & Now Scholarship recipients compare notes with their alumni donor


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Young alumni step up to help a community family in need


Blue Jay Across the USA! Get we come! Summer road trip may be stopping at a town near you


Legends, Legacies & Leaders Hear from 12 of the greats on their favorite Westminster moments. Special trading card insert included


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PRESIDENT’SCOLUMN Dear Members of the Westminster Community:


uring the Presidential campaign, nominees from both parties emphasized the importance of change. This message is nothing new to Westminster. Our community constantly looks for ways we can bring change that will advance our mission and learning environment without compromising the principles, the traditions, and the success we have experienced at Westminster. One recent exciting change is the establishment of The Churchill Institute and Center for Engaging the World, which is described in more detail in this Leadership edition. The Institute will link the legacy of Churchill with the global mission of our College and will be led by Dr. Rob Havers. One of the responsibilities of The Churchill Institute will be to plan and organize the Symposium on Democracy. We have already begun planning next year’s Symposium which is focused on global health. Another key area where change is taking place is in our Business Office. Longtime Vice President for Business and Finance, Dr. Wayne Lowen, is returning to his position as Director of Planned Giving in the Development Office. A search committee interviewed the top candidates to replace Wayne. All of those interviewed were of the highest quality, and the two finalists selected by our search committee came on campus to meet the entire college community before Terry Bowmaster was named our new Chief Financial Officer. A Certified Management Accountant, Terry has served as the Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer for several excellent institutions of higher learning, including the University of Hartford, Butler University, Yavapai College, and Cochise College. In addition, he has 18 years of corporate experience with the Pillsbury Company as a Controller and CFO. Terry and his wife Michele transitioned to Fulton and joined the team on March 1. Change is also the predominant theme in our Development Office. A number of new talented people have come on board to work with the alumni and friends of Westminster in building the future of the college through stronger endowment and scholarship programs. Donald Wood, Class of 2000, is our new Executive Director of Development. Ron Graves has assumed the Director of Development position. Angie Robinson is the new Associate Director of Development. All of them will be working under the guidance of Dan Diederich, our Vice President for Institutional Advancement, to continue to move Westminster forward as a great liberal arts college.


Leadership SPRING 2009

While we all recognize these are challenging times for our country, the good news at Westminster continues. Our students continue to distinguish themselves in many areas. Just recently, Alouat Hamoudi from Algeria (Western Sahara) became the first Westminster student to speak before a committee of the United Nations on the plight of his people. Felipe Cordero, a senior from Chile, presented at the Global Engagement Summit at Northwestern University, and Fon Komkai, a junior from Thailand, participated in the United Students for Fair Trade International Convergence in Seattle. Together, we have made great progress, and the College now has excellent momentum. The Forbes Top 50 ranking is drawing prospective students to campus in record numbers. Applications for admission are running at all-time highs, and we are optimistic we will enroll another strong class next fall. But the economy is having an impact on the College just as it is on everyone. Please consider supporting our students, faculty, and staff in these challenging times by making a contribution to the Westminster Fund today. Your gift, at whatever level you can afford, will make a difference. It’s a sound investment in your future, our College’s future, and the future of our society. As the steward of your investment, you can count on me and the entire Westminster team to use our financial resources prudently and efficiently to achieve the College’s mission. Just as I have in the past, I know I can count on you and other alumni and friends for the generosity that helps make Westminster an unquestionable example of excellence among higher education institutions in America. For your convenience, you can give to the Westminster Fund by visiting us at and clicking on “Give to Westminster” or by returning your gift in the envelope provided in this magazine. We truly appreciate your support in these times of change. Whether good or bad, change is inevitable and how we adapt determines how we will prosper as a college. Without a doubt, Westminster College will emerge stronger and more effective in serving our mission because of our students, our faculty and staff, and because of YOU. Go Blue Jays!

George B. Forsythe, Ph.D. President, Westminster College



CAMPUSNEWS Becoming Global Citizens

Nov. 18-19 Westminster learned to be more engaged global citizens from speakers like Eugene Robinson (MSNBC & Washington Post) and Garrett Graff (Washingtonian) at Symposium on Democracy III. Photos courtesy of James Fashing.


Leadership SPRING 2009

Making Beautiful Music Nov. 7, Champ Auditorium The Westminster Men’s Choir serenaded the crowd at the Fall Fine Arts Celebration at Champ Auditorium.

Dining With the Prez

Oct. 17, Backer Dining Hall Derick Dailey from Little Rock and nine other students gave closeup looks at their Westminster lives and achievements for The President’s Dinner.


Oct. 7, Historic Gym Westminster fans were energized by the motivational speech given by legendary Notre Dame basketball coach and ESPN commentator Digger Phelps.




Let’s Build A Can Castle

Oct. 25 Alyssa Cuquet ‘09 and Nikki DiSalvo ‘11 show off their winning “can castle” at the end of the week-long canned food drive to collect food donations for SERVE during Homecoming Week.

King and Queen For A Day!

Oct. 25 King Grant Crombie ‘09 and Queen Lindsay Woodland ‘09 reigned over the Westminster Homecoming activities.

Dig The Pink!


Leadership SPRING 2009

Oct. 7, Historic Gym Head Volleyball Coach Kristen Ely was decked out in pink after losing a bet when her team raised over $3,000 at the “Dig Pink” event to combat cancer through the Side-Out Foundation.

Here Comes The Judge!

Nov. 13, Hermann Lounge Pre-law students got a close-up look at justice when the Western District Court of Appeals held a court session on campus.

Comedy on Parade at Faculty-Senior Basketball Night Dec. 12, Historic Gym It’s all smiles from the mysterious hip hop ref that resembles John Comerford, announcer Terry Logue and Coach Matt Mitchell at the faculty-senior basketball game sponsored by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (seniors won 65-64).

A Showcase for Diversity

Nov. 21, Champ Auditorium The dancing prowess of Basanta Gurung and Dawa Dolma Sherpa from Nepal was just one of the talents showcased as Westminster international students presented their annual show of music, fashions and culture.



CAMPUSNEWS Desperately Wanting More

Feb. 5, Champ Auditorium The alternative rock sound of national recording artists Better Than Ezra filled Champ Auditorium as a part of Student Government Association’s success in bringing the best in entertainment to the Westminster campus community. Photo courtesy of Luke McKinlay ‘11.

Global Awareness

Feb. 13-15, Austin, TX Westminster junior Fon Komkai gained national attention for the Youth for Climate Change Initiative she has proposed for her home country of Thailand at the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting held at the University of Texas.

Time Of Our Lives


Leadership SPRING 2009

Feb. 24, Champ Auditorium American Idol winner David Cook rocked a sold-out house as he made a thrilled Westminster crowd his first Missouri concert stop on his Declaration Tour. Photos courtesy of Dak Dillion.



estminster is truly a close campus community. However, how much do you know about the wide range of academic research that is taking place across our curriculum? Now is the opportunity to test your knowledge with the Blue Jay Research Quiz below. Just match the research topic with the correct faculty member. You can check your answers at the bottom of the page and take a great deal of pride in the fascinating work that is being conducted in a variety of departments.

Faculty A. B. C. D. E. F.

Rich Geenen, Philosophy Erin Martin, Mathematics Abby Coats, Psychology Theresa Adams, English Bill Guinee, Anthropology Irene Unger, Biology/ Environmental Sciences G. Rabi Bhandari, Economics H. Glen Frerichs, Chemistry I. Mike Amspoker, Biology J. Keith Hardeman, Communications/Fine Arts

Research 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Romantic Poetry Marine Diatoms Poverty in Nepal The Emotional Lives of the Elderly Chemical Oscillators Intelligent Design Personal Experience Narratives in Alcoholics Anonymous 8. Academic Freedom 9. Geometric Analysis 10. Trees



ANSWERS 1-D, 2-I, 3-G, 4-C, 5-H, 6-A, 7-E, 8-J, 9-B, and 10-F


iving the Legacy


Legend has it, there was once a certain professor at Westminster College who could pick up a phone and get his students into any medical school in the nation. It may sound like a myth, but the legend isn’t far from the truth. That legendary professor was Dr. Cameron D. Day, and truth be told, his students could get into any medical school in the nation—especially with Dr. Day tugging a few phone lines here and there. From 1928 to 1963, Dr. Cameron Day taught and inspired science students at Westminster College. He challenged his biology classes, he galvanized his pre-medical scholars, he instilled the spirit of academe in all his undergraduates, and he created a legacy through his students and his ambitious programs. Dr. Day’s Pre-Medical Program was renowned for its rigorous curriculum which produced well-prepared graduates and over four hundred future physicians leading lives of success, significance, and service. Likewise, Dr. Day’s undergraduate research opportunities encouraged and shaped his students’ life-long passion for research and learning. Dr. Day taught students such as Dr. Thomas E. Starzl ’47 who performed the first liver transplant, is known as the “Father of Transplantation, and was awarded the National Medal of Science Laureate from President Bush—the nation’s highest science award. However, Dr. Day’s legacy is not only seen in his successful graduates. It can be found right here at Westminster College—in the faculty, staff and students. Dr. Michael Amspoker is the current Cameron Day Biology Chair. He began teaching at Westminster over twenty years ago in 1986, and since then, the Natural and Mathematical Sciences Department has continuously flourished. Notorious for his challenging classes, Dr. Amspoker

Leadership SPRING 2009

The Cameron Day Chair

invigorates students and encourages that very same spirit of academe and pursuit of understanding that Dr. Cameron Day began to foster in 1928. Dr. Amspoker is truly living the legacy. His research on diatoms has led him to discover a new species and two new genera and find colleagues and peers around the world—from California and Belize to Britain and Poland, Dr. Amspoker’s research and academic network is multifaceted as ever. During his latest research project funded by the Cameron Day Chair Endowment, Dr. Amspoker described a new araphid genus of diatoms, Hyaloneis, and discovered a structure on this diatom that had never been seen before. Using a combination of a light microscopy, including oblique illumination and differential interference microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Dr. Amspoker was able to identify and describe the species’ apical slits that were previously unknown to Dr. Friederich Hustedt, the major diatom researcher who first described this species in 1955 from Beaufort, North Carolina. Armed with this key discovery and knowledge of other diatoms with similar apical slits and structures, Dr. Amspoker was able to distinguish a new genus, unique from previously described genera. This discovery wouldn’t have been possible, however, without Dr. Amspoker’s perseverance, the funding from the Cameron D. Day endowment, and a bit of help from colleagues at home and abroad. Dr. April Potterfield, Coordinator of the Health Professions Program here at Westminster College, collected samples of sand containing the diatoms from the very same site that provided Dr. Hustedt with his sand samples, thanks to a colleague, Dr. Humm, who collected them for Hustedt in 1949. Incidentally, Dr. Amspoker had been “musing over [this] species for 35 years” because of its seemingly incorrect genus assignment.

Due to lack of information and limited technology of his day, Professor Hustedt was unable to assign a proper genus to the species —a fact that had stirred Dr. Amspoker’s inquisitive mind throughout his research career (more specifically, ever since he first encountered the species on Scripps Beach in Southern California while working on his master’s thesis in 1972!). So, when Dr. Potterfield presented additional samples of these diatoms that had stimulated Dr. Amspoker’s mind for so long, he seized his research opportunity. With generous funding from the endowment, Dr. Amspoker was able to pay

He challenged his biology classes, he galvanized his pre-medical scholars, he instilled the spirit of academe in all his undergraduates, and he created a legacy through his students and his ambitious programs. for the use of the SEM at University of Missouri-Columbia’s Electron Microscopy Core Facility following extensive light microscopy research of the diatom. The funding granted Dr. Amspoker a sense of freedom, as well as brilliant pictures of Hyaloneis’ never before seen apical slits. Dr. Amspoker commented on the freedom the Cameron Day Chair funding has given him: “When I was working for research groups and granting agencies, I felt as though I was working for somebody else. My passion was hindered. But now I’m working for myself and it’s a completely different feeling. I can sit in my office with my diatom journals spread about all over the floor; I can pop in to look at specimens on the light microscope; or head over to the MU Scanner [scanning electron microscope] if I need to see something in that detail—I’m happier than ever.” With the stunning pictures and new information, Dr. Amspoker was able to embark on the difficult task of transferring

Allie Saucier ’09

received a paid pre-dental internship with St. Jospeh Health Center. See how she did it.

Senior Allie Saucier, with the help and supervision of Dr. Amspoker, pioneered a first for a Westminster undergraduate: a paid pre-dental internship. The fruition of this internship involved many people; from the professional dentists and coordinators to the generosity of a Missouri hospital and community. To begin with, Dr. Amspoker and Career Services Coordinator Dan Gomez-Palacio helped Allie find an internship that would suit her career goal as a dentist, leading her to work with Westminster alum Dr. Norm Freiberger DDS ’55 at the St. Joseph Health Center in the Senior Services Department in St. Charles, Missouri. Allie had to find a place of residence, but was reimbursed for gas by the hospital and provided with meals at the cafeteria with a hospital discount. Allie was given great opportunities to shadow several dentists participating in a non-profit geriatric program to provide dentistry to the elderly. The program provides transportation from the nursing home and hygienists provide free health services. Allie got to see everything from a basic oral checkup and minor denture work to much more extreme procedures such as root canals and removal of decayed teeth. Allie not only shadowed volunteer dentists and Dr. Freiberger during his in-services in surrounding nursing homes, she was also given many responsibilities of her own. For example, she gave lectures to nursing home staff as well as residents of independent living facilities on oral hygiene and answered questions from patients. She related, “It was great to see interest from patients and experience that kind of patient/doctor interaction when answering questions after my presentations.”



A Closer Look... Below are just some of the diverse opportunities Westminster students have excelled at in the medical field. Patricia Catrow ‘05 A.T. Still University, School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona Michael Ornbun ‘06 Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine Devin Bell ‘06 Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences Alisha Toti ‘07 Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences* Nonku Kunene ‘07 Ross University School of Medicine Elizabeth Rigsby ‘07 University of Arkansas College of Medicine*

Shane Wilson ‘07 A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine* Jennifer Roehrs ‘08 A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine* Andrew Revelle ‘08 A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Scott Oldenbecken ‘09 shadowed in the Callaway Community Hospital emergency Room*; worked in laboratory during previous summer; traveled to San Diego for Experimental Biology 2008

Dimerogramma hyalinum to a new and proper genus, Hyaloneis. In order to move a species into a new genus, it is necessary to confirm that the species in question is in fact the very same species that was observed by the original researcher. Thus, in order to proceed with his hypothesis, Dr. Amspoker needed an original sample that Dr. Hustedt observed when he assigned the genus Dimerogramma—a Herculean task made easy with a bit of serendipitous help from abroad. Fortunately, a British friend and colleague, Dr. Richard Crawford, curator of the Friedrich Hustedt Diatom Collection at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polarand Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany, sent a vial containing a small sample of the original 1949 material to Dr. Amspoker. Dr. Amspoker was able to examine the same material with the light and scanning electron microscopes that Dr. Hustedt used to describe his species in 1955, and


Leadership SPRING 2009

Sharad Paudyl ‘09 shadowed in the Callaway Community Hospital emergency Room* Stephanie Beamer ‘09 interned at the Callaway County Physicians Clinic* Ilia Bailey ’10 interned at the Fulton State Hospital and participated in two research projects with the State Hospital. * was involved in cadaver program

thus was able to confirm that the two diatoms were one and the same. In 2008, Dr. Amspoker published his research in the journal Diatom Research and presented his findings at the Central States Microscopy and Microanalysis Society at the University of Missouri, Colombia. But, as one research project closes, another one opens. Dr. Amspoker’s research and perseverance won’t end with Hyaloneis—“keeping the ball rolling,” as he says. Currently, he is corresponding with Polish diatom researcher Dr. Andrzej Witkowski about Dr. Amspoker’s possible discovery of a new species of diatom. He is also planning to continue his study of the Scripps Beach diatoms and to collect sand samples from Pacific beaches in Costa Rica next fall to compare with the Scripps Beach flora. Likewise, Dr. Amspoker’s students will be provided new research

opportunities, as he not only conducts his own research but also supervises and guides many Westminster student research groups and internships. Dr. Amspoker is not the only faculty member actively involved in undergraduate student research. For the last five years, Dr. April Potterfield has taught and energized students majoring in biology and allied health. Currently, as Coordinator of the Health Professions Program and Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Potterfield not only advises students interested in allied health professions, physical therapy, and occupational therapy but also

This year students are examining the effect of phytoestrogens on breast cancer, a cutting edge area of research. coordinates allied health field trips, speakers, undergraduate research, and instructs the human anatomy cadaver classes. Annual field trips open to students include the University of Missouri Medical School Open House and student participation in the Missouri Academy of Science, in which students present a poster on research they have completed and the significance of their findings. Even more impressively, Dr. Potterfield is able to find time between advising, teaching, and coordinating off-campus learning to consistently promote undergraduate research at Westminster. There are many research opportunities for students, such as Dr. Potterfield’s annual breast cancer research projects. This year students are examining the effect of phytoestrogens on breast cancer, a cutting edge area of research. Though Dr. Potterfield is very selective in arranging her breast cancer research team, students are always encouraged to take part in research teams for the Missouri Academy of Science posters. Other research opportunities come from the introductory and 400 level Gross Anatomy classes taught by Dr. Potterfield. In 2008, students in the 400 level Gross Anatomy class presented a poster at the Experimental Biology Conference in San

Diego, “An anatomical and histological study of pathologies and anatomical variations discovered in the course of cadaveric dissection in an undergraduate anatomy lab.” Students also have the opportunity to participate in Mizzou’s Life Sciences Week, which is a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students’ work. In this way, Westminster students are afforded the opportunity to present with other undergraduates and given a glimpse into the sophistication of graduate research. If that isn’t enough, Dr. Potterfield even supervises student independent study. In the past, independent studies have included unique focuses such as a chiropractic anatomy independent study of the head and neck (which isn’t dissected by students in the Gross Anatomy classes) as well as a brief independent study of eye structure. In this way, the Gross Anatomy class is not only limited to the anatomy classes, but open to non-major classes that can learn a great deal, too, about the human body. Non-major human biology classes, women’s health issues classes, perceptions of death, and Biological Psychology students are all given the amazing opportunity to physically view what they have learned conceptually all semester. Thanks to wonderfully dedicated Biology professors such as Dr. Amspoker and Dr. Potterfield and well-connected Career Services professionals such as Dan Gomez-Palacio and Abigail Manwell, Westminster undergraduate research and internships are thriving. Students have a multitude of opportunities in place as well as the wonderful potential to create their own research projects with their peers and under the supervision and guidance of their professors. Internship opportunities are available year-round. The possibilities are truly endless. Students graduating today will surely leave with an enduring passion for research as well as life-long learning, just as they did during Dr. Day’s time. If Dr. Cameron Day were here today, he would certainly be impressed with our faculty, staff and students living his indelible legacy.



WESTMINSTERPARALLELS From the past to the present; Westminster College’s Legacies live on. See how the times have changed with John McFarland ‘62 and his scholarship participants David Jackson ‘10 and Gina Campagna ‘09.

1. Why did you choose Westminster? JM: I chose Westminster because I was introduced to the college by a good friend from high school who was a student there. I made a campus visit for a weekend and quickly decided Westminster was the school for me. Like many of my most important decisions, the decision was made quickly and almost intuitively. I might have applied to a couple of other schools, but, if I did, I was only going through the motions because my mind was made up after I spent my weekend at Westminster as a high school senior. DJ: The small community atmosphere at Westminster stood out against both large and small competitors in my college search. Although my father, brother, and sister-in-law played a significant role as alumni who proudly promote the benefits of the school. The small class sizes and leadership opportunities were attractive in developing my character and abilities that would benefit me both during and after the college life. In addition to academics, I was drawn to the activities that the school and Greek life offered that separates Westminster from other small institutions that get labeled as commuter schools. GC: I chose Westminster because I knew that I’d get a better education here than at a large school. Also, I liked the community and the home-like feeling that I had when I first visited the campus. I knew that the Westminster community would give me a good home for four years... and I knew that it would be the type of place that I’d want to stay involved with long after my graduation. 2. Favorite Fulton hang-out? JM: Other than the Sigma Chi House where I lived for four years, my favorite hang out was Westwood’s Pizzeria. Of course, I also spent considerable time at the library. DJ: Arris’ Pizza, Tiff ’s Ugly Mug or Beks. GC: Other than the library of course, some of my favorite hang-outs include Westwood’s Coffee, Bek’s, and Tiff ’s Ugly Mug.


Leadership SPRING 2009

3. What it takes to be a leader in a global society? JM: Initiative, self-confidence, perseverance, diligence, clear thinking, and clear articulation of thoughts. DJ: Empathetic listening, dedication, and human dignity as well as the ability to be open and accepting of new ideas, values, and environments. GC: In order to lead in the global society, you must educate yourself with the global community and then work toward accomplishing the goals that benefit the entire community. You must care about the potential and the success of all involved. 4. Favorite Westminster Professor? JM: Bill Parish and Russ Jones DJ: Bob Hoerber GC: Keith Hardeman, John Langton, and Ken Muse 5. Favorite Westminster Class? JM: American History DJ: Business Marketing GC: Intro. to Sociology and Business and Professional Communication 6. Interesting fact or hobby? JM: Researching and recording my family genealogy and related history. DJ: I enjoy a variety of sports and going on random adventures. GC: I live off-campus with three of my best friends, but spend more time on campus than I do at my actual house. I sometimes dream about working at Westminster one day! 7. Favorite movie? JM: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and On Golden Pond DJ: Varsity Blues GC: Now and Then




hen Jay Howard ’03 and his wife Christine (McCaul) Howard ’03 heard that the ABC television hit Extreme Makeover Home Edition was coming to Arkansas, they contacted the show’s producers to volunteer furniture donations for the project. “When we found out a family near us would be receiving a new home, we instantaneously wanted to volunteer and donate furniture,” says Christine. “Part of our mission at I.O. Metro is to give back to the local and international communities where we do business. Extreme Makeover Home Edition was a wonderful way to combine our products and desire to better the lives of those in need.”

on a donated rental, the McCully’s needed a place to call home. The Home Makeover team, local builder Woodhaven Homes, and hundreds of volunteers and workers such as the Howards were determined to provide it. The McCullys described the style of their new home, Jay and Christine put together options to fit the design, and the show’s designers choose the final pieces of the $50,000 in I.O. Metro furniture, lighting, accessories, mirrors, and art that went into the new home. Three other former Westminster students who work for the company—Jeremy Teeple ’04, Chief Financial Officer; Cole Prenger ’05, Director of Operations; and Lauren Christmann ’04, Accessory Buyer; were also involved in the logistics of getting all the right merchandise for the home to Little Rock.

When the producers of the show assessed numerous furniture stores in the Little Rock/Central Arkansas area, the minute they walked into the Howards’ store, I.O. Metro, they said “this is it.” And why wouldn’t they? I.O. In a week the Howards Metro is a specialty lifestyle and their team ordered, furniture retailer that sells packed, loaded, delivered, eclectic import furniture unloaded, unboxed, and and accessories from 14 helped place the furniture different countries at in the home, working outrageously low prices until the wee hours of in its 14 stores located the morning to ensure in Arkansas, Kansas, everything was perfect Missouri, Oklahoma, for the family. Tennessee, Texas and “It was amazing to see so many strangers Massachusetts. “No words can express from various walks of this overall experience. life come together to It was amazing to see The McCully family from complete the project” so many strangers from Bigalow, AR were the lucky recipients. Their 10-year-old son Job had various walks of life come together to complete been in and out of the hospital for years, surviving the project. This experience confirmed for us leukemia and a bone marrow and double lung that there are countless people who care and want transplant. He still suffers side effects from all to make a difference in the life of others,” says his treatments, including diabetes, and is in a Christine. “This family taught us that nothing wheelchair. In 2006, the McCullys were forced is ever hopeless and faith is the key to surviving to move out of their home, which was sinking and tough times. We feel blessed to have had the dilapidated, but worst of all, filled with mold that opportunity to donate our time and products to was believed to have contributed to the fungus this worthy family. We received much more than found in Job’s lungs. Struggling to pay a mortgage we gave from being a part of such a worthy cause.


Leadership SPRING 2009

Job McCully inspired us to remain dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer and I.O. Metro has also partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for the Thanks and Giving Campaign.” The Westminster mission—preparing to make a difference in the lives of others—was certainly not lost on Jay and Christine Howard who live that mission every day. I.O Metro is also the 2007-2008 Corporate Sponsor for the young

Leaders Society for the United Way of Northwest Arkansas, and Christine serves on the board. Sharing their blessings with others is a way of life for them. Find out more about the Howards and their wonderful furniture business on their web site



BLUe JaY AcroSS the USA Westminster On Tour July 9 – July 26, 2009

Four thousand miles. Seventeen days. Four Westminster Current students Alicia Gibbs ’11, Maddy Mayadunne ’11 Road Crew. 500+ T-shirts. Introducing Westminster’s and Samantha Martinez ’09 have been working hard first ever summer road trip - Blue Jay Across the USA – on planning the details of the road trip. Westminster on Tour. Follow our fun adventure on the web Four Westminster young alums and students will be where we will be posting daily blogs, photos traveling across the country on July 9 – 26 to engage and videos from each stop of our trip at you in a whole new way! This will be more than a series of alumni events – we will engage prospective students and parents, current students and parents, Want to get involved? We are looking for alumni alumni and friends in fun exciting new events to host our road crew each night at their homes, including BBQs, service projects, picnics, assistance in planning events in each area, financial go-cart racing and more! support (gas money), and help spreading the word and encouraging people to come to the tour events. Along the way the road crew will ask guests to share Contact the Alumni Office at (573) 592-5319 or their thoughts and memories on Westminster and to assist the project will be posting the videos online after each event. and for more information. The focus of these videos will be on our Westminster mission and especially on showcasing our alumni who lead professional and personal lives of success, significance and service.

Get readY For BLUe JaY AcroSS the USA - WeStmINSter oN ToUr!


Denver July 24

Finish Kansas City July 26

July 10

St. Louis July 9

Colorado Springs

July 23 Amarillo July 22

Tulsa July 18

Start Fulton July 9 Northwest Arkansas

July 17 Oklahoma City

July 21 Dallas July 19 Fort Worth July 20


Leadership SPRING 2009

Columbus July 12

Chicago July 11

Little Rock July 16

Louisville July 14 Lexington July 13 Nashville July 15


Jason Clay Warncke ’09 Saint Peters, Missouri Biochemistry Major

This road trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am incredibly excited about it. I look forward to meeting alumni from all across the nation, along with spending time with my fellow roadtrippers. July can’t come soon enough!

Maduhsa Mayadunne ’11

Colombo, Sri Lanka Biology Major

As an ambassador and student of Westminster college, I understand the importance of fostering and maintaining strong relationships with our alumni. This trip will be a fun and rewarding experience through which new bridges will be built and old ties strengthened.

Sarah Beth Leininger ’10 O’Fallon, Illinois Biology Major

I’m excited to share experiences and memories across the generations of Westminster Students outside the Westminster community of Fulton.

Gina Campagna ’09

Kansas City, MO Speech/Communication Major

I’m excited about this unique road trip experience because of the way it is going to bring students, alumni, and families together from all over the nation. This trip is going to have such a fun and farreaching impact that once we’re done Blue Jay-ing Across the USA.... the whole nation will love Westminster College!



In the following profiles Leadership gives you a taste of these Westminster greats—some who have retired…some who are still on campus…but all of them are near and dear to the Westminster community—past and present. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to them personally at the roundtables they are hosting for Alumni Weekend on April 25. So mark your calendar now!

Every school has them—those remarkable faculty and staff whose personalities, passion for their subject matter, and teaching style attract students to fill their classrooms and offices generation after generation, and keep in touch with them long after graduation. They are the legacies, legends and leaders.

wayne zade

What are your proudest achievements at Westminster? My proudest achievements were made possible with the cooperation of faculty colleagues and students. First, the English Department over my time here has produced an ongoing and outstanding visiting writers series. When I think of the writers who have been here—winners of every national literary prize—I can’t believe that a college the size of Westminster has been able to offer our students the experience of hearing them. Second, a bit earlier in my career, I was very involved in arranging classical music and jazz concerts on campus. Musicians are my favorite people in the world, and they have much in common with writers.

How did you first come to Westminster? I came to Westminster in 1976, two months after my first child, my son, was born. I had a grant to support my writing that year, and I could afford to work part-time. A part-time job in creative writing was open, and I got it. That turned into a full-time job, and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve often told people that I thought I’d stay here a few years—many faculty members say this. And then something happened, and I fell in love with the College, and I never wanted to leave. The workload is still rewarding, and the camaraderie among the faculty enormously supportive and encouraging. It’s possible, after a number of years, to begin to feel your teaching, service, and research interests converging, becoming mutually sustaining, and that has been very satisfying to me.

Where else could you take a class called “Jazz and Japan” except from longtime Westminster English Professor Wayne Zade? Teaching American literature led him to as Robert Frost said “unite my vocation and avocation” by teaching courses that integrate modern American literature and jazz and blues. Wayne has been teaching creative writing and modern American literature classes along with a freshman writing class for the past 32 years. Always finding new and fascinating class approaches for his students, Wayne will soon offer them a course in “Jazz, Country & Western, and Poetry.” Wayne has the knack of making the English lamguage music to his students’ ears—literally!




What is your proudest achievement of your years at Westminster? During my time as Chaplain (1975-96), I helped some wonderful student leaders develop a diverse and well-supported program of ecumenical worship, study, service and fellowship. As a member of the faculty, working with colleagues to envision and implement the first-year (now Westminster) seminar, Churchill Academy, and New Foundations Curriculum. But most of all, seeing so many students in my classes respond to the challenge of developing their minds as well as their hearts and go on from Westminster to fulfilling and purposeful lives of service to others.

How did you first come to Westminster? I left a tenure-track position at a university on the West Coast to come to a little college in a small town in Missouri because I sensed very strongly that in this community, more than anywhere else, I could grow and flourish and have the opportunity to play a meaningful role in the lives of students. I feel very privileged and blessed to have been a part of the Westminster family. As I finish my career, it feels very good to know that Westminster has become an internationally recognized liberal arts college with virtually unlimited potential.

What significant changes have you noticed at Westminster over the years? Everything about Westminster has changed since I arrived in 1949. The number of campus buildings has more than doubled. The enrollment is nearly twice what it was at the time. The College is now co-educational. Football has been added. ROTC has come and gone. There are many more international students. The quality of the students has improved, and the academic program is broader and more rigorous.

What is your proudest achievement of your years at Westminster? The role I played in the adoption of co-education. For several years as Dean of Admissions, I had advocated strongly for the admission of women—with no success. When Harvey Saunders became President, he understood the importance of making this change and assigned me the task of preparing a report for the Board of Trustees, proposing a break with the all-male tradition. We were successful in those efforts, without which Westminster would certainly not be the thriving institution it is today.

When Bill Young first came to Westminster in 1975 to become Chaplain, the College was an all-male institution. Now, as he completes his career after more than three decades, he has been able to see firsthand what a dramatic improvement the decision to become a coeducational learning community has brought to the campus. During his tenure he has served as Chaplain, Religious Studies Professor, Assistant Dean of Faculty, and Director of the Churchill Academy. But whatever the role, Westminster has always felt like family to him.

bill young

Westminster College has been the primary focus of Jack Marshall’s life for the past 60 years as a student, employee and alumnus. He received a B.A. from Westminster in 1953 and worked for the College from 1955 to 1995 in a multitude of different areas—Admissions, Alumni, Public Relations, Student Life and Development. Because of his longevity and decades of support of the school, he is definitely a walking Westminster history text.

Jack marshall


Leadership SPRING 2009

What significant changes have you noticed at Westminster over the years? Westminster was strictly a men’s college when I arrived there in 1955, although we later had William Woods women under a cooperative

It is difficult to imagine how the transition of Westminster to co-educational could have happened without the firm but gentle guiding hands of Audrey Remley, Westminster’s first female full professor. Some in Westminster’s male student population met the first female students with resentment and ridicule, subjecting them to sexist remarks and actions. In order to make their first weekend on campus a little easier, Audrey rented a bus and took the women students to St. Louis for lunch and to shop. Women students soon learned they had a friend and confidante in Audrey, and she and German Professor Linda Pickle organized a weekend retreat off campus that first spring so women students could air their concerns. Later on in the year, the two women professors helped organize Women of Westminster (WOW) as a support group. The women themselves chose the name. Later it would become the Westminster Women’s Association. Audrey’s tremendous contributions to the Westminster’s transformation from an all-male school to a co-educational learning environment have been recognized with the establishment of the Remley Women’s Center on campus to promote awareness of women’s

Retired Professor Bill Parrish is well known as the official “College Historian of Westminster,” earning the title with his well researched book Westminster College: An Informal History 18511999. However, when he first looked for a job straight out of a doctoral program at the University of Missouri at the age of 24, jobs were scarce. Having legendary MU Dean Francis English, who had been Superintendent of Schools in Fulton earlier, and MU President Elmer Ellis as mentors certainly helped him get his foot in the door at Westminster where he became a beloved figure in the history department. Writing the history of Westminster gave Bill “a strong sense of what the legacy of Westminster is all about” and deepened his love of the school. His original version of the History of Westminster appeared in 1970 and he revised it for the College’s 150th anniversary in 2001.

Times have certainly changed for Carolyn Perry since she came to Westminster in the fall of 1991 to teach English. Although the College had been co-ed for nearly a dozen years, lingering habits from the old days held on. Coming straight from graduate school, she had to convince some older faculty that she really could manage “the boys,” and she had to convince a female student that it was fine to disagree with a male student in class. Today she is Interim Dean of Faculty and much loved by students, colleagues, and staff. And how could you not when always greeted with that warm, inviting smile?

What are your favorite Westminster memories? I have so many-most involving students. One of the funniest happened one day when I was trying everything I could think of to help students understand the psychosis of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land. Suddenly, Patrick Clark lit up and declared “I got it!” and started doing the “zombie dance” from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Crazy as it sounds, it worked. I’ll also never forget the day that a student who was clearly under-achieving at Westminster said to me, “today you completely

audrey j. remley

bill parrish

carolyn perry



How would you describe your feelings about Westminster? Westminster is a college where your vocation becomes who you are. Because of the emphasis on teaching, on service, and on a close community, I have found that atWestminster, my work life flows naturally into my home life which connects naturally to my service to my community and the world. I’ll always be deeply thankful that my children have grown up surrounded by Westminster students—in fact, it’s a rare family vacation that doesn’t involve spending a day or two with an alum! My daughters find that Westminster students—whether from Fulton or from around the world—are the role models they look up to. Westminster has truly provided a family for us. At the same time, Westminster has taught me what it means to be a leader who leads by serving. When I found myself volunteering in Budapest, Hungary, a few summers ago, teaching English to a group of troubled teenagers, I gave the credit to Westminster for helping me develop a heart for service—and the confidence to take off on such an adventure!

changed my attitude toward thinking”—and he now has a Ph.D in psychology. But many of my favorite memories involve Westminster students with my family. Taking seventeen students—and my entire family—to Sunderland, England, for a semester was absolutely wonderful. My three daughters have many memories of sleeping on buses in the arms of Westminster students after a day in London or at Stonehenge, or of watching our small English home fill to the brim when the students came for dinner. Most recently, my favorite memory is of getting to call out the names of seniors at graduation last spring, as I had no idea I’d feel so proud being the one to greet each one as they walked across the stage. How would you describe your feelings about Westminster? I count the 23 years I spent here as a key to my whole professional development—then and subsequently. I will always be grateful to Larry Davidson for taking a chance with a young raw Ph.D. I was his first hire after he became President. He became a wonderful friend and a strong influence in my professional growth. I was deeply honored to write the most recent Westminster history, following in the steps of Dog Lamkin, who was a personal friend. I was also deeply honored when the College bestowed on me an honorary degree a few years ago, making me a true son of Westminster. My memories of my colleagues through those years and the friendships we formed are still a strong part of my thoughts. I am very proud of all that has been accomplished since I departed and certainly the growth of the campus structurally and academically in recent years.

program. Coeducation was not established until after I left. Enrollment stood at 367 my first fall semester, and freshmen were housed in the Gym during rush and then moved immediately into the fraternity houses afterwards if pledged, which more than 90 percent of them were. It was Larry Davidson’s first year as well as mine, and what a legacy he was to leave. The campus was limited to The Hill. Three of the buildings we had then: Swope Chapel, Reunion Hall, and the Biology Building are long gone. How it has grown in all respects!

How would you describe your feelings about Westminster? In my 32 years at Westminster, I saw many ups and downs and experienced a wide array of emotions. I marveled at and took pride in the strength of the institution when it weathered hard financial times and toxic individuals. I cried tears of sorrow when we had memorial services for Westminster men who were killed in Vietnam, tears of joy at watching the first class of women walk through The Columns, and tears of anger and frustration when they and others suffered the mocking behavior of discrimination. I learned as I watched the classes go through that the students came to Westminster as boys and girls, but were young men and women when they left. I believe there is a distinctive stamp that Westminster puts on its graduates. I am pleased to have been a part of that.

How did you come to Westminster? When I completed my baccalaureate degree in business education from the University of Missouri in Columbia in 1963, there were no highschool teaching jobs available in Fulton, and my next-door neighbor and friend, Gale Fuller, offered me a job at Westminster as an assistant for the Psychology Department and the Counseling Center. I was a glorified secretary but did not have that title because none of the secretarial staff had degrees. Since I had a baccalaureate degree, they ended up giving me the title Assistant in Psychology. In two years, I was the Institutional Researcher. By 1969, I had completed my master’s degree over four summers, had started doctoral studies and was teaching the basic psychology courses and was a counselor in the Counseling Center. I worked my way up.

issues on campus, provide leadership for female students, and serve as a meeting place for college activities and groups.


Leadership SPRING 2009

What significant changes have you noticed at Westminster over the years? Westminster was an all male, primarily

How has Westminster changed since you first came here? My personal association with Westminster began in the fall of 1954 when I entered as a freshman. At that time, the campus was bounded by Seventh Street on the north and Fourth Street on the South. Most classes were taught in Westminster Hall except for biology and chemistry which had classes in their respective buildings. The student body consisted

As a graduate of Fulton High School, John Schultz knew early that he wanted to attend Westminster College and follow in his older brother’s footsteps. However, he would never have known that President Larry Davidson would ask him to come on board as a faculty member in 1964 when he finished his graduate degree. Even at that early age, from being around Westminster so much, John recognized that it was a special place that prepared its graduates to find success in life. He wanted to be a part of that —which led to almost four decades of teaching as a Professor of Chemistry. However, the one great constant over all those years was a faculty who valued teaching above anything else…a faculty committed to define and redefine what it meant to be liberally educated.

John Langton has never lost the passion for issues and causes he gained from being a part of the counterculture of the sixties. Fortunately, for Westminster, that passion is contagious and is passed on to the countless students that have been taking Dr. John’s political science and political theory classes since 1981. He can often be found on campus at a table with a small group of engaged students enjoying the give-and-take of lively discussion; or at his computer, talking via email with a large, far-flung group of Westminster graduates who want to continue exchanging ideas, opinions, and experiences with “Dr. John.”

Whenever the accolades pour in for Westminster’s strong job placement services for its graduates, the name of this esteemed woman who initiated the program is heard. Sally Reynolds started as a clerk-typist and rose to the position of Secretary of Placement in 1975 when President at the Purcell promoted her after realizing sixty percent of the Westminster graduates were receiving no help in this area. Sally worked aggressively to prepare students to enter the job market and promote them in the business world. She held seminars on resume letter writing skills and interviewing. She centralized the data on business opportunities and graduate programs. She established the career seminar program, inviting panels of alumni to return to campus to discuss their experience and tips. She served in this position until 1999. When she retired, her former students began a scholarship fund in her honor. How did you come to Westminster? When I first came to interview at Westminster, I had never been any further West than Pittsburgh. I was born in New York City, moved to Miami when I was three, and then moved to Norristown, Pennsylvania, about twenty miles from Philadelphia, when I was ten. I went to Allbright College in Reading, and after receiving my B.A. there, I went to Georgetown University where I received my Ph.D. in 1980. I always wanted to teach in a small liberal arts college on the East

john schultz

john langton

sally reynolds



How would you describe your feelings about Westminster? Westminster knows how to do everything first class. First class students—I named my placement guide book to finding a viable job or graduate school “The Cream of the Crop” because that’s exactly what they were and are today. An unmistakably quality and demanding faculty is a major part of the whole equation. Although the faculty was/is demanding (faculty love students who love to learn and share their passion for the subject), they were also caring and concerned about their students. Lots of us had students/ alumni in our homes for a meal, an overnight, or just a chat. I am going to have an alum and some Westminster folks in my home for a weekend next month. And the alum graduated 30 years ago! Westminster was my second family and an important part of my life. I treasure the memories.

Caucasian institution in 1968 when I went to work here. I also believe it was a very traditional and conservative college with not only a homogenous student population but homogenous faculty as well. There were some innovative ideas put in place in the early 70s such as the Pass, High Pass, Distinction grading system that later proved to be unsuccessful. There was a Forum Series where students were required to attend a certain number each semester. These were lectures, musicals, and cultural programs. Nonetheless, I would say that the college seemed content to keep things traditional and conservative—pretty much as it had been for years. There were few, if any, part-time faculty and almost all lived in Fulton where they were not only close professional colleagues. Faculty and their families socialized together. I saw that begin to change in the 80s, if not before. How would you describe your feelings about Westminster? Westminster today is a much bigger, stronger, and more diverse school than when I arrived thirty years ago. We have a lot of work to do, but we’ve made a lot of progress since I first came here with a lot more hair than I have today. I’ve been here more than half my life because I love this College. I cherish my classes and the relationships I’ve established with my colleagues and with so many of my current and former students. My proudest moments are the teaching recognitions I have received from my colleagues—being named the “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” in 1997 and being chosen for five years in a row (2003-2007) by a new Alpha Chi inductee as his/her “Most Inspiring Professor.” I am happy that so many of my students have said that I have helped them to read and write better; to become more effective critical thinkers; to prepare for the rigors of law school, graduate school or a professional career; to understand politics more deeply and to see that we can change the world for the better. Teaching at Westminster has been my life’s work, and it has been a labor of love. I hope I can teach another decade, helping the College and its students as they strive to move from good to great.

Coast. But when I came to Westminster I liked the school a lot, and then I fell in love with it. A line from the Stones seems appropriate: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you may find, you get what you need.”

What is your proudest achievement of your years at Westminster? The successes of my many students. I had the privilege to know, teach, and learn from all of them—the gifted, the average, the struggling, the hard working, and the lazy ones. As Marshal of the College, I worked with the Skulls of Seven, leading many processions involving national and international figures. I was also privileged to be part of the evolution of computing on campus from IBM 1620 to the campus network we now enjoy. My position in chemistry gave me the opportunity to help plan the construction and later renovation of Coulter Science Center. I am also proud that many members of my family have been part of Westminster. My oldest daughter, Betsy Humphreys '83, was the first woman to enroll at Westminster. Two years later her sister, Margaret Biggs, followed her. They were charter members of Kappa Alpha Theta. My brother, R.J. Schultz; my brother-inlaw, Ken Love; my nephew, R.J. Schultz, II; and my son-in-law, Steve Humphreys; all are graduates of Westminster. My oldest granddaughter, Katherine Humphreys, is a senior and will graduate in May.

of about 400 students. There were only about thirty faculty members. Almost all of the students resided in six fraternity houses or Reunion Hall, the College’s only dormitory. I returned to campus as a faculty member in 1964. Coulter Science Center, Champ Auditorium, and the Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury were all completed in the late sixties. Westminster Hall and the Hall of Science were renovated. The Biology Building was razed, the President’s Home on South Westminster Avenue was constructed, and Reunion Hall was replaced with Hunter Activity Center. An addition to the library was completed. Throughout the years, the one great constant of Westminster was the faculty who valued teaching above anything else. Together we worked to define and redefine what it meant to be liberally educated.


Leadership SPRING 2009

How would you describe your feelings about Westminster? The longer I am at Westminster, the more I value the place. My early days (I arrived when I was 27) were hectic and enjoyable, but I rarely reflected on what we did here as professors and educators. Now (at 42), I reflect often about our goals, our programs, our authenticity, and whether we make a difference in students’ lives, hopes and dreams. I don’t want to work at a place that is not authentic or one that does not care about students or people. I want to work at a place that helps people realize their dreams

What are your proudest achievements at Westminster? Watching my students take leadership roles in various organizations from state government to multinational corporations and seeing them progress in their postgraduate studies. I’ve had several get JDs, MBAs, PhDs, MAs, etc. This tells me that I’ve (and my colleagues have) helped stoke academic curiosity in them, and they’ve taken that curiosity and gone to the next level academically and professionally. When I get the report of a former student’s success, I get excited.

At a college that prides itself on preparing its students for the dynamics of a global society, Professor Kurt Jefferson’s classes in comparative European politics and international politics are a hot commodity. Since 1993, he has been intriguing Westminster students with the lively classroom discussions he elicits, and many Westminster students become involved in Model UN Midwest because of his encouragement. This professor of political science and division chair of the social sciences at Westminster is also past president of the Central Slavic Conference, an interdisciplinary professional organization that seeks to expand the teaching, analysis and understanding of Slavic states and societies.

Kurt Jefferson

Friday, April 24, 2009 Westminster / William Woods Golf Tournament Golden 50th Anniversary Luncheon Campus Tours by Students Retirement Reception for Ken Muse & Sharon Salem Skulls Reception Westminster/William Woods Cocktail Party - Cantina Westminster Fiesta Alumni & Student Dinner Golden Anniversary and Old Guard Dinner Delta Tau Delta 70th Anniversary Dinner Westminster Alumni Softball Game Westminster Alumni Baseball Game

Student Play - Rumors by Neil Simon Champ Auditorium Thursday, Friday & Saturday - 7:30pm

Registration and Alumni Hospitality Suite & Services Hermann Lounge, Hunter Activity Center Thursday, 2pm – 5pm Friday, 10am – 7pm Saturday, 8am – 2pm

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What are your proudest achievements at Westminster? I had the privilege of helping initiate coeducation to Westminster in 1979. What a great day it was to watch our first group of women go through The Columns that fall. I also played a significant role in bringing large numbers of international students to our campus so we could all be enriched by the global learning community we enjoy today.

How has Westminster changed since you first worked here? The campus is fuller (1,000 students instead of 700). Very average facilities have been transformed into first-rate ones. We have greater diversity in our student body now with women, students of color, and international students. And, there is a much healthier and balanced relationship among our Greeks and Independent students today.

If there is a Westminster alumni who can get through a campus visit without a warm smile and hearty handshake from Pat Kirby, then Pat was ill that day. For over three decades, the lion’s share spent as Dean of Student Life and Dean of Enrollment Services, Pat has established a relationship with every student on campus and keeps in touch with most of them after they graduate. Truly “Westminster’s Goodwill Ambassador,” Pat Kirby looks on Westminster not as a job, but as a “wonderful lifestyle.”

patrick t. kirby

and goals. Westminster is a real community with students who are aware of the great education they are getting. I am blessed to be a part of all of this and am glad I have spent the bulk of my career in this liberal arts environment where thinking, learning, dynamism, authenticity and communication are important.

Included in this edition of Leadership are 4 of the 12 collector series Westminster College Legends, Legacies & Leaders cards. These cards feature just a few of the faculty and staff who have inspired, challenged and educated generations of Westminster College students. Collect all 12 by trading with friends or at Alumni Weekend registration.

Sunday, April 26, 2009 Church Service Celebrating 40 Years of the Church Alumni Weekend Brunch Kemper Lecture by author Lynne Olson

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he Westminster College Alumni Association recently reviewed the Alumni Awards program. The awards program had not been evaluated for several years and the Alumni Council decided it should be updated to better fit with the mission and vision of the College. The following awards have been updated or added to our Westminster College Alumni Awards program and will be awarded during Alumni Weekend 2010. Lifetime Alumni Achievement Award: The Lifetime Alumni Achievement Award is presented annually to alumni whose accomplishments reflect the Westminster mission and who have distinguished themselves through personal achievements, professional achievements and/or have made significant contributions to society. The Lifetime Alumni Achievement Award is approved by the Alumni Council and given to up to six alumni each year at Alumni Weekend.

*New* Young Alumni Achievement Award: The Young Alumni Achievement Award is presented annually to recognize alumni who demonstrate the Westminster mission through outstanding achievement early in their chosen career and/or dedicated leadership and service to their community. The Young Alumni Achievement Award is approved by the Alumni Council and given to up to two alumni each year at Alumni Weekend.

*New* Alumni Loyalty Award: The Alumni Loyalty Award is bestowed upon an alumnus/a who demonstrates a continued interest in Westminster College through contributions of time, talent, influence and/or funds, and who have demonstrated exceptional loyalty, commitment, dedication and service to the College. The Alumni Loyalty Award is approved by the Alumni Council and given to up to one alumnus/a each year at Alumni Weekend. To make nominations…

Nominations for the Alumni Awards Program are accepted throughout the year and can be submitted to the Alumni Office at (573) 592-5319 or Nominations made by June 15th will be considered for the following Alumni Weekend. If you have any questions or comments contact Kris Lensmeyer, Executive Director of Alumni & College Relations at or (573) 592-5319 or Beth (Howard) Stubbs ’00, President of the Westminster College Alumni Association at A special thank you to the Alumni Council Award Review Committee: Art Hoge ‘75, Lindsey Manning ‘04, Beth Stubbs ‘00, Betsy Humphreys ‘83, Chris Vinyard ’02, Matt Gowin ‘92, Jim Orton ‘55 as well as the entire Alumni Council.

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The Alumni Office will contact the nominees for additional information for their award nominee packet.

Nominating for Award (cHECK one):

Nominations can be made by email at, phone (573) 592-5319 or mailed to Westminster Alumni Office, 501 Westminster Ave., Fulton, MO 65251

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Leadership SPRING 2009



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ALUMNI EVENT PHOTO ALBUM 1. Bryan Merry ‘03, Wilson Ward ‘00, Donald Wood ‘00, Joe Ritter ’03 and Bryan Hickey ‘03 gather at Beks Restaurant in Fulton. 2. Rick Bohon’72, David Spielman ‘72 and Carl McClellan ‘71 catch up at the Mid-Missouri Holiday Gathering at the Club at Old Hawthorne. Spielman was invited to campus to lecture to Westminster classes about his experience covering Hurricane Katrina. 3. Ellen Orthwein, Hosts Margaret and Art Hoge ’75, Rick Orthwein ‘82 and daughter Emily enjoyed the Westminster event in Oklahoma City. 4. President and Jane Forsythe opened up the President’s Home to the Westminster community for a spooky Halloween party. 5. President Forsythe visits with Mark Pfeiffer ’89 and Tom Thomas ‘66 at an event in Columbia MO. 6. (from the right: Col. Bruce Pearre, ‘78; Lt Col. Jay Keller, ‘81; Brig. Gen. Larry D. Kay, ‘83; 2nd Lt. Chas Maupin, ‘07) Four Westminster College alumni recently completed a nine month NATO-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. Brig. Gen. Larry D. Kay was the senior United States Army Commander in the Balkans region. Col. Bruce Pearre worked as Brig. Gen. Kay’s Senior Logistics Officer. Second Lt. Chas Maupin is a Military Police Platoon Leader who also worked under Brig. Gen. Kay’s command. Lt. Col. Jay Keller was assigned to Kosovo Force Headquarters legal office where he worked for Lt. Gen. Giuseppe E. Gay (Italian), Commander, Kosovo Forces. 7. DC Alumni Club – Pete Miranti ‘04, Delana Jones ‘02, Liz Icenogle ‘05, Jenna Manning ‘06, Ryan Dillon ‘06 , Laurel Minich ‘04 and Eric Feagles ‘07. 8. Peters Childs ’59, Scott Meyers’90 and Carol Keeter Meyers ‘90 visit at the Tulsa dinner at Southern Hills Country Club. 9. Jason ’97 and Kera Nadler get ready to host the Seattle Westminster event. 10. Westminster mom Reida York, First Lady Jane Forsythe, Natalie (Burton) Kohrs ’96, Dean of Faculty Carolyn Perry, Marissa (Meeks) Dudley’02, Trustee Linda Ward, Executive Director of Alumni & College Relations Kris Lensmeyer, Betsy (Sharp) Lynch ’02, Jake Lynch, current student Karri Birch ‘10 and Linda Parkins enjoyed the 1st Westminster Women’s Night Out in Kansas City. 11. Michael P Williams ‘73, Jennifer (Janson) Kirby ‘96 and President Forsythe at the Houston Gathering at Dale ’68 and Naomi Wilson’s home. 12. Leaders in Education – President & Jane Forsythe with University of Arkansas Chancellor Jane and Dave ’74 Gearhart at the new Chancellor’s home in Fayetteville, AR. 13. At the Little Rock event - Evan Daugherty ’07, Dan Daugherty ‘75, Drew Daugherty ’80, Bill Barger ‘78, Bob Hamilton ‘70, Ed Owens ‘78. 14. Whitney (Johnston)’03 and Casey ’04 Moore and Diana and Larry ’75 Daniel at the NW Arkansas event. 15. Dr Bob Buckner ’37, Scott Langdon ’06 and Jim Lacy ’60 at a Kansas City social. 16. The San Antonio Alumni Club gather at the home of Jeff ’77 and Joanne Leeka for a home cooked dinner - Jon ’00 and Tiffany Freiger, Cliff Overfelt ‘ 50, Jim ’64 and Barbara Thomas, President Forsythe, Pam and David ’65 McInnis, Nancy and Dennis ’58 James, Bob ’52 and Lucy McBee, Ana and John ’65 Bosch and Jim Reed ‘60. 17. Alumni connect at the Springfield event hosted by Trustee Ken Meyer – standing: Donald Wood ’00, Michael Nesbitt ’03, Cory and Janel (Arnold) ’03 Nibert, President and Jane Forsythe – seated: Stephanie Parker ’04, Courtney (Stubbs) Swan ’01, Jonathan Eccher ‘03 and Jamie Wise. 18. Tom McConnell ’01, Laura McConnell and Carlton Beckstead ’74 at the Phoenix event. 19. John Sharkey ’63, Tom Kleinschmidt ’62 and Allen Hall ’68 visit with Phoenix event host Kent Mueller ’62 at his new home. 20. David Woosley ’81 catches up with Kansas City event hosts Robin and Scott ’86 Boswell at Mission Hills Country Club. 21. Alumni Council members Shawn Poore ’96, Beth (Howard) Stubbs ’00 and Anne (Reid) Curchin ‘97 meet at a Mid Missouri event.










Carl Trauernicht has been awarded the Knight Commander’s Accolade which is the highest award in the Kappa Alpha Order. The ceremony was held on November 18, 2008 in St. Louis, MO. The award celebrates an individual who has upheld high standards or the core values of the Order.

Dan Stanley is one of five

1972 Bill Furst was elected to a four


Dr. Norm Freiberger was elected as Publicity Chair for the SunRise United Methodist Church.

Nick Keeley was selected for the role of Dr. Tomorrow for a Sci-Fi internet video produced by Mercury Men Pictures. The video will be shot in Pittsburg, PA.



Merle Wright retired in 2004 as

Bart Bartholdt is an

Jeff Leeka is the Owner and


President with Omega Management Corp. and has moved to Guadalajara, Mexico.

1961 Chairman of the City of Wildwood (MO) Planning & Zoning Commission, elected President of the Queeny Park Equestrian Events, Inc. in St. Louis County, elected Vice-President of Economic Development for the West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce and is also a Board Member of the Chamber.

Dr. James Pasley is an Assistant Dean and Lutterloh Professor of Medical Education at the University of Oregon.

Leadership SPRING 2009

featured financial advisors in the December 2008 issue of Research Magazine’s Advisor Hall of Fame

Commercial Investment Real Estate. He previously received the award in 2002, and has also earned the CCIM’s People’s Choice Award in 2004, 2005 and 2007. Rosen is Vice President of Brokerage at Pace Properties in St. Louis, MO.

year term as the Sarasota County (FL) Property Appraiser defeating a twelve year incumbent. Furst will oversee the valuation of 300,000 parcels of property every year.

Jon Bopp was appointed Vice-



1. From Left to Right: Louise Davis, Walter Davis ‘49, Richard Alexander ‘50, Jeannette Alexander, Beulah Alexander, Eleanor Lyons, Fred Tanzberger ‘51, Sally Anderson Hunt, and Francis Hunt ‘47 catch up at a dinner in St. Louis, MO. 2. Bob Gattermeir ‘66 3. LTC Robert McKinney (pictured on right) with a Senegalese Army Officer during a military exercise in Ghana. 4. Johnson Ho ‘75 is President of Pantheon Wine Shop, LLC in Northbrook, IL. 5. Jim Rosen ‘75

Attorney with Graham & Dunn PC in Seattle, WA. LTC Robert McKinney [3] is a Teacher of Staff Operations and Military Decision with Northrop Grumman Corp. in Africa. McKinney works with the staffs of African military units that are deployed on UN Peacekeeping missions. His most recent trip was to Simon’s Town, South Africa, where he helped prepare the newly formed Maritime Reaction Squadron of the South African Navy for its deployment to Lake Tanganyika and operations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Tim Pickell is an Attorney with Timothy V. Pickell Law Services in Westwood, KS.



Bob Gattermeir [2] was appointed to serve as a member of the Missouri Lottery Commission. Gattermeir is the Owner of Gattermeir and Company Inc. Realtors in Lake Ozark, MO.

Jim Rosen [5] received the CI 101 Instructor of the Year Award from the Certified Commercial Investment Members of Chicago. Rosen received the award for his course on Financial Analysis for

Operator of Pure Water Technology in San Antonio, TX and was featured in the business section of the San Antonio Express News in June 2008.

1978 Ed Owens is the Senior VicePresident with Arvest Bank in Little Rock, AR.

1980 James Berry [7] is the Vice

President of Strategic Growth with MDS Holdings in Budapest, Hungary. MDS Group comprises 100 companies supporting 50 major technology suppliers in the emerging markets of Europe, Middle East and CLASS NOTES PHOTO POLICY Photographs for the Class Notes section of Leadership Magazine are encouraged. Pictures must be accompanied by a list of those in the photo and cities and states of residence. Emailed photos should be taken in at least 300 dpi resolution in tif or jpg format. Submit photos for class notes electronically to: or by mail to: Class Notes Office of Alumni and College Relations Westminster College 501 Westminster Ave Fulton, MO 65251-1299 Deadline for next issue is June 30, 2009.

’74 alumni


Dr. Dave Gearhart ‘74

A Fayetteville native, Gearhart holds a Dr. Dave Gearhart ‘74 was appointed doctorate and law degree from the University. Chancellor at the University of Arkansas. Gearhart began his higher education career at Previously, he was the Vice Chancellor for Westminster where he served as Assistant to University Advancement (1998-2008) the President from 1976-77, and Director of before being selected to be the 5th Development for the college and the Winston Chancellor of the University. He also Churchill Memorial and served as Director of “Of all of the rich Library from 1977-78. Development for the contributions that He has published two University (1982-85). America has bestowed on philanthropy Gearhart is perhaps on the world, American books in higher education and best known for guiding higher education is among numerous articles. “Of all the overwhelmingly the most important.” of the rich contributions successful “Campaign that America has bestowed on the world, for the Twenty-First Century” which raised American higher education is among the more than $1 billion for academic programs most important. Our colleges and universities on the Fayetteville campus and increased have become, perhaps, the most vital the endowment from $119 million to almost expression of the American political and $900 billion. The campaign included a $300 million gift from the Walton Family Charitable social philosophy,” Gearhart states. Support Foundation - a gift that still ranks as the largest single donation to a public college or university in American history.



Getting involved. Leading. Growing.

These actions sum up my Westminster education. The Westminster Fund makes it possible for me to get the most out of my education, directly funding services I use daily and supporting scholarships that help make Westminster College affordable. Ron and Dianne Winney have agreed to match every gift designated to the Westminster Fund. This is a great way to maximize your gift’s impact. Please consider making your gift today. -Andrew Darkow Class of ‘09





Africa. Berry resides in Budapest with his wife Christine and children, James III “Trae” (14), Cole (13) and Chandler (11).

1981 Greg Steinhoff is the Director of Sales with Boone County National Bank in Columbia, MO.



Mark Gruver is the Treasury

Manager for L&B Realty Advisors, LLP in Dallas, TX.

1983 Brig. General Larry Kay

was deployed as the Commanding General of Multinational Task Force East in Kosovo. Under his command are two other Westminster alumni, Bruce Pearre ‘78 and Jay Keller ‘81.

1984 Carole Reynolds is the Facility

Manager of the Steedman-Mokane (MO) Branch of the Callaway Bank. Dr. Luke Mortensen was

appointed Assistant Dean and Director of Faculty Development at Des Moines (IA) University College of Medicine.

1985 Brad Whitlock is an

Attorney with Scheef & Stone, LLP in Dallas, TX.

1986 Bob Granger is an Account Manager for Pursuant Group in Plano, TX. Purusant Group is an internet based fundraising company for colleges, universities and Greek organizations.


Leadership SPRING 2009

6. David Deming ‘78, Wesley Burns ‘78, Robert Krantz ‘78 & Matt Krantz ‘69 visit campus in February 2008. The group reunites every Leap Year Day. 7. Jim ‘80, Trae, Chandler, Cole and Chris Berry with pets, Shiraz and Brie. 8. Jeff Winter ‘82, right, brought his niece, Amanda Krause, a prospective student, for an official visit to the College in November. Winter’s mother and daughter, Emma, a 4th grader, also attended. 9. Helen, Grace and Sarah; children of Elizabeth (Dunn) ‘89 and Kendall Kaul



Elizabeth (Dunn) Kaul [9] is

Paul Mensching is the



Bobby Sanderson is the Director of Major Gifts in the Institutional Advancement Division of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, MO.

Lance Baker is the First Vice President of Investments and Branch Manager with Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK.

the Director of Development with Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, MO.

1991 Amy (Rankin) Crane is a

Reading Recovery Teacher at McIntyre School in Fulton, MO. Stephanie (Faust) Sherrill [10]

is a Food Critic and Dining Editor for Enjoy Shanghai in Shanghai, China. She was featured in “Local Epicure Chefs” in the summer 2008 issue of Epicure Magazine, a bilingual publication in Shanghai.

1993 David Barnard was featured

in “Up & Coming Lawyers 2008” the July 2008 issue of Missouri Lawyer Weekly. Barnard is a patent, trademark and copyright attorney and was promoted to Assistant IP Litigation Department Manager at Lathrop & Gage in Kansas City, MO.

Joe Genovese is President of

Genovese Jewelers in St. Louis, MO and was featured in the cover story of a special addition of the Ladue News Magazine.

Dan Westhues is the Senior

Vice President of Consumer Banking at Central Bank in Jefferson City, MO, and is Treasurer of the William Woods University Board of Trustees.

Superintendent with the East Buchanan School District in Gower, MO.

1997 Jill (Schnurbusch) Sanderson is a Business Process

Analyst with Minitab, Inc. in State College PA. She returned to work in July 2008 after 5 years as a stayat-home mom to her two boys, Kergan (5) and Quinn (3). Jill, her husband Josh, and their boys reside in Bellefonte, PA

1998 Rich AuBuchon is the Chief

of Staff and General Counsel for Lt. Governor Peter Kinder’s office in Jefferson City, MO. In his new role, AuBuchon serves as chief advisor to Lt. Governor Kinder on senior and veteran issues and as a liaison with various boards and commissions, including the Missouri Tourism Commission. AuBuchon supervises the day-to-day activities of Lt. Governor Kinder’s office and all relative legal matters.

1999 Leslie (Brooke) Hunt [11]

is an Attorney with Decker, Jones, McMackin, McClane, Hall & Bates, PC and has been elected President of the Fort Worth-Tarrant County Young Lawyers Association.

Scott and Anne (Reed) ‘98 Richardson live in Shanghai

(Pudong) with their two children where Scott works for Celanese, a chemical manufacturing company based in Dallas, TX. Sarah Staudt is the Director of

Front Office Operations & Revenue Management at Hilton-Tulsa Southern Hills in Tulsa, OK.

2000 Ruth Montgomery is a DNA Analyst with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Crime Laboratory Division in Jefferson City, MO. Donald Wood is the Executive Director of Development at Westminster College.

2001 Ashley Brooks graduated in May 2008 with a Doctorate of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. Brooks is completing a residency at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Fayetteville, AR. Alanna (Neff) Goodman [12]

is the Charity Investigator for the Office of the Attorney General of New Mexico. She resides in Santa Fe with her husband Daniel. Daniel Goodman is the Registrar for the New Mexico Museum of Art. He resides in Santa Fe with his wife Alanna. Dr. Holly Russell completed her Pediatric residency at St. Louis University in June 2008 and received the 2007-08 Outstanding Pediatric ICU Resident Award. Russell joined a pediatric office in Tinley Park, IL.

Eliza Wessinger is a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Center for Addiction Research at University of Arkansas, Medical Science Department of Psychiatry in Little Rock, AR.

2002 Josh Hanley joined Commerce Bank in Mexico, MO as a Commercial Loan Officer and was appointed Province President for Phi Delta Theta International. Nathan Mendenhall was awarded one of two Shannon Bybee Scholarships given by the International Association of Gaming Advisors. Mendenhall received the scholarship for his paper entitled “Tracking 25 U.S.C. Section 2719: IGRA Exceptions to Indian Gaming on Newly Acquired Lands.” Mendenhall was also selected to serve as the intern for the Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues for the Fall 2008 Session. The Forum was established by the General Assembly in 2002 and is headquarted in New York City in the Division of Social Policy and Development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. He is pursuing a Juris Doctorate from the Tulsa University College of Law. Mishkin Santa is pursuing

a Master’s of Law in Taxation at Boston University.

Joe Terry was appointed Chief

Compliance Officer and Assistant Vice-President at Horace Mann Investors, Inc in Springfield, IL.

2003 Katherine Harding is an

Outpatient Therapist with Fremont (CA) Hospital.

Christine (McCaul) Howard

is the Creative Director with I.O. Metro, LLC in Bentonville, AR. Dr. Nicole Mannis [14]

graduated from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, MO with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Mannis resides in Quincy, FL and is completing a post-doctoral residency in forensic psychology at Florida State Hospital. Shannon McKenna is an Associate with Rosenblum & Reisman, PC and specializes in the criminal defense of Spanish-speaking clients. Jeff Risler is an IT Specialist

with American Railcar Industries in St. Charles, MO.

2004 Darcy (O’Hanlon) Brignac

received a double Master’s degree in Studies in Literature and Aesthetic Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas. Brignac has been admitted into the honors PhD program for Literary Theory. She resides in Grand Prairie, TX with her husband Jeff. Leigh (Kellman) Kolb is an

English Instructor at East Central College. Kolb received a Master of Fine Arts from Lindenwood University.


2005 Katie Benne is a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley in St. Louis, MO.

11 10. Stephanie (Faust) Sherrill ‘91 11. Leslie (Brooke) ‘99 Hunt 12. Alanna (Neff) ‘01 and Daniel ‘01 Goodman 13. Casey (Clark) ‘05 and daughter Taylor Borovac 14. Nicole Mannis ‘03 15. Trevor Smith ‘06 visits the original site of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury in London, England.







CLASSNOTES Patricia Catrow is pursuing a PhD at

A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Mesa, AZ.

Ryan Renne is a Software Engineer

for Computerized Medical Systems, an Elekta Company, in St. Louis, MO. Renne graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Master’s in Systems Science and Mathematics.

Chris Weaver is a Real Estate Associate with Century 21 McKeown Associates in Moberly, MO. Andrea Kaufmann is a Recruiting

Coordinator with Magellan Health Services in Maryland Heights, MO.

2006 Mary Poletti is pursuing a Master’s in

Journalism at the University of Missouri.

Liz Rigsby is pursuing a PhD at the

University of Arkansas College of Medicine.

2007 Amy Bakke is a Research Study

Coordinator in Mexico, MO.

John Ritz is an Accountant under the

Client Financial Operations Division covering the Premier Academic & Children’s Region for Cerner Corporation. Ritz resides in Kansas City, MO.

Laurel Ryan is an Assistant Language

Teacher with the Japan Exchange and Teaching ( JET) Program. The JET Programs seeks to enhance internationalization in Japan by hiring JET participants from various countries to introduce their culture to various locations throughout Japan. Shane Wilson is pursuing a PhD

at A.T. Still University, Kirksville (MO) College of Osteopathic Medicine.

2008 Shauna Aminath is a Journalist with Minivan News in Malé, Maldives reporting on the first multi-party democratic elections and constitutional reform in the country. In Fall 2009 she will attend Brandeis University in Waltham, MA to pursue a Master’s in Sustainable International Development.

Chris Barton is the Sports Director with the YMCA in Jefferson City, MO.

Brooke Bartin is a Kintergarten Intern

Alisha (Toti) Hinds is pursuing a PhD at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

Joe Bowmaster is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Emergency Management and Administration in Homeland Security at Arkansas Technical University in Russellville, AR. Bowmaster is the Director of AmeriCorps Alumni for the State of Missouri and a Directing Change Agent with Be The Change Inc. and Service Nation for the State of Missouri.

Lauren Pilgram is the Head Softball Coach at North Callaway R-1 School District in Kingdom City, MO. Madhav Reddy is a Healthcare

Recruiter with Maxim Healthcare Services in Tulsa, OK.

Frank Essien is an Economic Analyst at

Hudson River Group in New York, NY.

with the Clayton (MO) School District.

Paul Crawford is pursuing a Juris Doctorate at the University of ArkansasFayetteville. Prior to his graduation, he

completed an internship at the Office of the Attorney General of Missouri-Financial Services Division. Spencer Daniels is a Financial Services

Professional with Mass Financial Group Inc. in Chesterfield, MO.

Travis Figg is pursuing a Master’s of

Philosphy at Cleveland State University.

Erin Green is pursuing a Master’s in

Medical Science with a Concentration in Interdisciplinary Medical Science at the Univeristy of South Florida in Tampa.

Joey Hoflander is pursuing a Juris

Doctorate at Valparaiso (IN) University School of Law.

Jessica (Crawford) Lang is a Community Support Worker at Mark Twain Behavioral Health in Hannibal, MO. Julio Noguera is a Business

Development Specialist at the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

Katie Pilgram is a Part-Time Keeper for

the Children’s Zoo at the St. Louis Zoo.

Christy Plumley is a Math Teacher

with Hazelwood Central High School in St. Louis, MO.

Andrew Revelle is pursuing a PhD at A.T. Still University, Kirksville (MO) College of Osteopathic Medicine. Jim Smith is a Credit Card Analyst with

MFA Oil Company in Columbia, MO.

Janice Webb is a Marketing

Representative at John Deere in the Construction and Forestry Division in Moline, IL.

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1996 Ben Foster and wife Kelly announce

the birth of Harrison St. Eve Foster on May 19, 2008. Harrison joins brother Hale (2). The family resides in St. Louis, MO where Foster is an Executive and In-House Counsel with The Boeing Company in St. Louis, MO.

Sonya (Herden) Ready [1] and

husband Chris welcomed Kennedy Mae Ready on July 23, 2008. Kennedy joins older brother Jackson (3). The family resides in Indianapolis, IN where Ready is the Human Resource Manager for the Adidas Group/Reebok LLC.

Molly (Stauffer) Waldock [2]

and husband Jakin welcomed Campion Christian Waldock on September 27, 2008. Campion joins older brother Jakin (1 1/2). The family resides in Columbia, MO. Campion’s grandfather, Larry Stauffer ‘65 and aunt, Amy Stauffer ‘97 are also Westminster alumni.

1998 Jason and Stacey (McDowell) ‘01 Grote [3] welcomed Caleb John Grote on

April 14, 2008. The family resides in St. Louis, MO.

Stephanie (Fetgatter) and Matthew Horten [4,5] welcomed Wyatt Robert

Horten on January 28, 2008. Wyatt joins sister Channing Louise (2). The family resides in Wilmette, IL where Stephanie is an Attorney with the State Appellate Defender and Matthew is a Partner with Adams Street Partners.

1999 Sarah (Landwehr) Sadewhite [6] and husband Joe announce the birth


Leadership SPRING 2009

of their daughter Josey Alaina Sadewhite on September 9, 2008. Josey joins older sister Lucy Marie (3). The family resides in Columbia, MO.

2000 Alice (Hickey) Cruse and husband

Joseph announce the birth of James David Cruse on November 6, 2008. The family resides in Denver, CO where Cruse is a Senior Corporate Internal Auditor with The Sports Authority.

Dala (Reuter) and Justin ‘02 Freesmeier [7] welcomed Emory Nicole

Freesmeier on September 22, 2008. The family resides in Ballwin, MO where Dala is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones and Justin is the Director of Fiscal Operations for Suddenlink Communications.

Jennifer (Whitaker) Schaefer [8]

and husband Tom welcomed Madelyn Grace Schaefer on November 21, 2008. Madelyn joins big sister Jocelyn (2). The family resides in St. Louis, MO where Whitaker is a Technical Support Specialist with the Parkway School District.

2002 Jason Overbey [9] and wife Nicole

announce the birth of Lauren Nicole Overbey on October 8, 2008. The family resides in Columbia, IL where Overbey is a Strategic Planner for Emerson Electric.

Jordan (Bram) and Jeremy ‘04 Teeple [10] welcomed Bram Alexander

on April 30, 2008. The family resides in Rogers, AR where Jeremy is the CFO with I.O. Metro and Jordan is a Registered Nurse with Mercy Hospital. Casey (Lionberger) and Joshua Zastrow [11] welcomed Owen Grady

Zastrow on November 23, 2008. Owen joins older sister Olivia (2). The family resides in Washington, MO where Casey is pursuing her certification in elementary education and Joshua is a Process Engineer with Tyco/Covidien in St. Louis, MO.

2003 Julie (Binggeli) Hicklin [12] and

husband Clayton welcome Hannah Ann Hicklin on August 26, 2008. The couple resides in Platte City, MO.

Maggie (O’Donnell) Hofener [13]

and husband Michael announce the birth of Caden James Hofener on May 5, 2008. The family resides in Oklahoma City, OK. Whitney (Locke) Holliday [14]

and husband Michael welcomed Reid Michael Holliday on July 16, 2008. The family resides in Hannibal, MO where Holliday is a 10th Grade History Teacher, Cheerleading Coach, and part-time Dean of Students. Whitney (Johnston) and Casey ‘04 Moore [15] welcomed Hunter William

Moore on October 6, 2008. The family resides in Springdale, AR.

2005 Brett Eidson [16] and wife Naomi announce the birth of Kathryn Olivia Eidson on February 28, 2008. The couple resides in Mansfield, MO where Eidson is a Licensed Funeral Director with HolmanHowe Funeral Home.

















1. Kennedy Mae Ready 2. Campion Christian Waldock 3. Caleb John Grote 4. Channing Horten 5. Wyatt Horten 6. Lucy Marie (age 3) and Josey Alaina Sadewhite (2 months) 7. Emory Nicole Freesmeier 8. Madelyn Grace Schaefer 9. Lauren Nicole Overbey 10. Bram Alexander Teeple 11. Owen Grady Zastrow 12. Hannah Ann Hicklin 13. Caden James Hofener 14. Reid Michael Holliday 15. Hunter William Moore 16. Kathryn Olivia Eidson





Joe Miranti [1] married Susan Sneegas

Thomas Bennett King married Sara Hart Weir ‘04 [3] on October

on July 5, 2008 in Springfield, MO. The wedding party included Pete Miranti ’04, Dan O’Hearn ’04 and Pam (Miranti) Spain ’02. The couple resides in Springfield where Miranti is a Principal Engineer and Chemist with Dayco Products.

1980 Russ Green married Terri Moulton on August 2, 2008 in Quincy, IL. The couple resides in St. Louis, MO where Green is the Vice President of Investments with Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc.

1993 Lance Zimmerman married Tisha

Richardson on June 13, 2008 in Mission, KS. The wedding party included Stan Roberts ’92, Braxton Bowman ’92 and Pat Curnow ’92. The couple resides in Kansas City, MO where Zimmerman is a Relationship Manager with M&I Trust Company.

1995 Deb Gorbet married Larry Birch on July

8, 2008. The couple resides in Columbia, MO where Gorbet is a Marketing Director for Fresh Ideas Management, LLC, a company which provides dining services for Westminster.

Kathryn Taylor married Stephen

Bylciw on August 16, 2008 in Chicago, IL. The couple resides in Chicago where Taylor is a Partner in the litigation department of Kirkland & Ellis LLP representing the firm’s clients in both individual and class action cases in the areas of consumer fraud, contracts, antitrust and reinsurance. Audra Miller married Michael Heller

on October 18, 2008 in Liberty, MO. The couple resides in Kansas City, MO where Miller is a Managing Partner at Full Sail Properties, LLC.

2001 Milia Islam [2] married Arfan Majeed

on July 4, 2008 in Columbia, MO. The couple resides in Los Angeles, CA where Islam serves as the Executive Director of the California South Coast Interfaith Council.


Leadership SPRING 2009

11, 2008 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury in Fulton, MO. The wedding party included Allison King ’09, Jennifer (Swan) Lee ’04, Jenna Manning ’06, Suzanne Hellebusch ’04, Katherine Kramer ’04, Lindsay Castello ’04, Tara Estabrooks ’04, Jessica Stubblefield ’04, Jessica Bass ’05, Liz Icenogle ’05, Julie Linden ’05 and Mark Worsham ’02. The couple resides in Alexandria, VA. King is a Marketing Manager with C2 Technologies Inc. in Vienna, VA and Weir is an Assistant Vice President with B&D Consulting in Washington, DC.

Carl Bricker married Andrea Wimberly ‘04 [4] on November 8, 2008

in Oklahoma City, OK. The wedding party included Ben Smith ’06, Mike West ’07 and Josh Hanley ’02. The couple are both employed with Viking International located in Bodrum, Turkey. Kevin Donnelly [5] married Lindsay

Rickman on August 2, 2008 in Columbia, MO. The wedding party included Matt Whitmore ’01, Mark Gifford ’01 and Scott Crosby ’01. Donnelly is pursuing a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Missouri University.

Abigail Fischer married Buddy

Entwistle on November 17, 2007 in O’Fallon, MO. The couple resides in Wentzville, MO where Fischer is a 6th Grade Math Teacher. Tonya Miller [6] married Doug Stopke

on August 2, 2008. The wedding party included Rachel Swain ’02, Alexis Wolfe ’03 and Bizzy Swisher ’04. The couple resides in St. Charles, MO where Miller is an Account Executive with Telcobuy.

2003 Erich Gerding [7] married Emily

Getzloff on July 8, 2008. The wedding party included Andy Dunlap ’02 and Clint Cox ’02. The couple resides in New Franklin, MO where Gerding is a High School English Teacher.

Joseph Bryan married Kourtney Wilkerson on June 21, 2008 in Millersburg, MO. The wedding party included Brent

Stegemann ’05 and Seth Lindenbusch ’03. The couple resides in Columbia, MO. Bryan is a Business Instructor at Jefferson City High School. Jessica Uelk [8] married Jeff Sackman on November 22, 2008 in St. Louis, MO. The wedding party included Carrie (Moore) Cleve ’03 and Heather (Reynolds) Metz ’03. The couple resides in St. Louis where Uelk was promoted to Manager of the Assurance Services Group at RubinBrown.

2004 Rebecca Birke married Jeremy Scheuler on September 13, 2008 in Jefferson City, MO. The couple resides in Jefferson City, where Birke is employed with the State of Missouri in Public Relations. James Clapper married Ellen Langdon [9] married on June 27, 2008

at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury in Fulton, MO. The wedding party included Randy Crowley ’06 and Laura Langdon ’10. The couple resides in Fulton, MO where Langdon is a Rehabilitation Teacher for the Blind with the State of Missouri Department of Social Services and Clapper is a Computer Information Technologist II with the State of Missouri Office of Administration. Ashley Driggers [10] married James

Starritt on August 23, 2008 in Kansas City, MO. The wedding party included Heather Gehlert ’04 and grandfather of the bride, Dean Werner ’46. The couple resides in Kansas City, MO where Ashley is a NICU Registered Nurse at Research Medical Center.

Sarah Goss [11] married John Powers

on July 5, 2008 at the Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, AR. The couple resides in Tulsa, OK where Goss is a third-year law student at the University of Tulsa Law School. Goss has accepted a job offer from the law firm Gable Gotwals in Tulsa, OK and will become an Associate in August 2009.

Kali Wright married Ryan P. Smith ‘06 [12] on August 2, 2008 in St.

Louis. The wedding party included Heather Meggers-Wright ’98, Jamie Spurrier ’02, Blaire (Leible) Garwitz ’04, Brooke ( Jackson) Mahar ’04, Sarah (Muenks) Veile ’04, Kristen (Leone) Jackson ’06, Sean Wright ’00, Adam Hans ’06, and

Ryan T. Smith ’06. The couple resides in West Lafayette, IN where Wright is a PhD candidate in political science at Purdue University and Smith is a Financial Services Representative at Regions Bank.

2005 Simon Dibwe married Besa Beshiri [13] on November 29, 2008 in Saint Louis, MO. The wedding party included Alicia Haley ’05, Jill Weissgerber ’06, Anthony Muhinja ’05, Elikem Ansah ’02 and Emmanuel Amenuvor ’06. The couple resides in Saint Louis, MO where Simon is a Sr. SQL server Database Administrator with Monsanto and Besa is a Staff Accountant with Brown Smith Wallace LLC. Besa completed an MBA at the University of Missouri-St. Louis in August 2008 and Simon is graduating in May 2009 with a Masters in Information Technology Management (ITM) from Webster University-St. Louis. Michael Lynn married Amy Mengel [14]

on September 20, 2008 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury in Fulton, MO. The wedding party included

Katie Murphy ’05, Lillian (Dean) Hoell ’04, Stephen Hoell ’05, Kate Render ’05, John Miller ’06, and Justin Werremeyer ’04 . The couple resides in Ballwin, MO where Mike is a Database Developer with Scottrade and Amy is a Childcare Provider and Owner of Miss Mamy’s Childcare Services

2006 Emily Greeno [15] married Grant

Berendt on July 19, 2008 in Centertown, MO. The wedding party included Jaime (Stonner) Young ’06. The couple resides in Jefferson City, MO where Greeno is a Math Teacher and Basketball Coach.

Michael Ornburn [16] married Alarie

Sims on July 26, 2008 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury in Fulton, MO. The wedding party included Jason Chacko ’06, Chapin Deel ’06, Adam Kloppe ’06, Matt House ’06 and Brig Halpin ’07. The couple resides in Cumberland Gap, TN where Ornburn is a first year medical student at DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine.

2007 Eric Brueckner married Courtney Campbell ‘08 [17] on July 20, 2008 in

Jefferson City, MO. The wedding party included Elaine O’Brien ’08, Lindsey Harris ’08, Emily Hunter ’08, Cara Scheidt ’08, Mark Scholl ’06, Jim Manning ’06, and Devin Bell ’06. The couple resides in Champaign, IL where Brueckner is a Graduate Student at the University of Illinois and Campbell is a Branch Associate with Edward Jones. Ashley Creek married Andrew Miller ’08 [18] on June 13, 2008 in

Kansas City, MO. The wedding party included Lindsey Creek ’09, Laura Smith ’07, Aimee (Stubbs) Goodson ’07, Walter Mickey ’06 and Theo Esser ’06. The couple resides in Lexington, KY where Creek is pursuing a Master of Library and Information Science at the University of Kentucky in Lexington and Miller is pursuing a Master of Divinity at Lexington Theological Seminary in Lexington.


















1. Joe ‘72 & Susan Miranti 2. Milia (Islam) ‘01 & Arfan Majeed 3. Sara (Weir) ‘04 & Ben ‘04 King with wedding party 4. Andrea (Wimberly) ‘04 & Carl ‘02 Bricker 5. Kevin ‘04 & Lindsay Donnelly 6. Tonya (Miller) ‘02 & Doug Stopke 7. Erich ‘03 & Emily Gerding 8. Jessica (Uelk) ‘03 & Jeff Sackman 9. Ellen (Langdon) ‘04 & James ‘04 Clapper 10. Ashley (Driggers) ‘04 & James Starritt 11. Sarah (Goss) ‘04 & John Powers 12. Kali (Wright) ‘04 & Ryan P. ‘06 Smith 13. Besa (Beshiri) 05 & Simon ‘05 Dibwe with wedding party. Photo provided by 14. Amy (Mengel) ‘05 & Mike ‘05 Lynn 15. Emily (Greeno) ‘06 & Grant Berendt 16. Michael ‘06 & Alarie Orburn 17. Courtney (Campbell) ‘08 & Eric ‘07 Brueckner 18. Ashley (Creek) ‘07 & Andrew ‘08 Miller





hey were our classmates, our friends, brothers and sisters. Together we remember those who shared their lives with us and left behind hearts full of precious memories. Martha A. Kochheim, former Beta housemother in the 1980’s, of St. Petersburg, FL on November 21, 2008. William B. Offutt ’29 of Wilsonville, OR on July 1, 2008. He was a member of Phi Delta Theta. In 1928, when famed pilot Charles Lindberg was in Fulton, Offutt helped refuel and pushout Lindbergh’s plane. Offutt joined the US Army Air Corps and later the US Air Force where he flew over 5,000 flight hours and received the Legion Award of Merit and the Bronze Star. He retired in 1958 as a Colonel. After service to his country, Offutt was Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Fountain Valley. John M. McIlroy Sr ’34 of Bowling Green, MO on November 24, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order. McIlroy attended the University of Missouri and Central Methodist College before studying law under Edward V. Long. After passing the Missouri Bar, he became a Partner in Long and McIlroy and then Senior Partner from 1955 until his retirement in 1996. McIlroy served as Deputy Circuit Clerk and Probate Judge of Pike County, Councilman and Mayor of the City of Bowling Green, Assistant Attorney General of the State of Missouri and Honorary Colonel for Governors Smith, Blair and Dalton. McIlroy owned Pike County Title Company and partnered with Senator Long in other businesses including Community State Bank and Tower Loan Company. Robert M. White II ‘37 of Mexico, MO

on November 19, 2008. He was a member of Beta Theta Pi. White was awarded a Bronze Star and retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel. From 1959-61, White was President and Editor of the New York Herald Tribune and received the Silurian award for best New York City editorial for his front page editorial, “A Letter to Krushchev.” In 1945, he became the Co-Editor, Publisher and President of The Mexico Ledger. He served on the Board of Directors of the Associated Press


Leadership SPRING 2009

from 1971-80, chairing the broadcast committee. He served as a Trustee of the State Historical Society of Missouri, Missouri Military Academy, Commerce Bancshares, the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation, Christian and Stephens colleges, Washington and Lee University, the Missouri Arts Council, Midwest Research Institute, Butler Manufacturing and the 1964 World’s Fair. In 1971 he was named to the Missouri Academy of Squires, in 1978 he was presented with the Mexico Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award, in 1982 was elected into the Association of Churchill Fellows of Westminster College, and in 1999 became a member into the Missouri Press Association’s Hall of Fame. His son-in-law, Steve Erdel ’73 and grandsons, Edward Erdel and Mitch Erdel ’09 also attended Westminster. Herman L. Heuser ‘38 of Sun City West, AZ on June 13, 2008. He was a member of the Highlanders. Heuser received a Master’s in Science Education at the University of Southern California and a second Master’s in Higher Mathematics at the University of California – Los Angeles. Heuser taught bridge in the classroom and on over 60 cruises. Joseph H. McCord ‘40 of Sikeston,

MO on October 20, 2008. He was a member of Phi Delta Theta and on the basketball team. McCord was a Partner with Beck and McCord Live-Stock Auction Company. He was awarded the Boss of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce and the Agri-Business Service award. A past president of the Sikeston Jaycees and Chamber of Commerce, he was Owner and Operator of the Cairo Car Auction and held a broker’s license.

Walter A. Thomas ‘40 of Springfield, MO on August 25, 2008. He was a member of Phi Delta Theta and the basketball team. Thomas served in the Army Air Corps during WWII and attained the rank of Captain. After service to his country, he joined his father in the family grocery business, Thomas Market. He retired from the grocery business in 1970, opened Thomas Travel in 1972, and retired from the travel business in 1988. Dr. Paul C. Ekern Jr. ’42 of Honolulu, HI on November 13, 2008. He was a

member of Phi Delta Theta. Ekern received a professional certificate in meteorology from the University of Chicago while serving in the Army Air Corps during WWII. While completing his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was the first weatherman at the Madison television station. Ekern moved to Hawaii as a Soils Physicist for the Pineapple Research Institute, and later became a Professor of Soils and Meteorology at the University of Hawaii. Vernon L. McIntire ‘42 of Kirkwood,

MO on July 2, 2008. He is survived by his sons, Bill McIntire ’67 and Vernon McIntire ’65. He was preceded in death by his uncles, Osie McIntire 1909 and Harbon McIntire ’56.

William J. Yount ‘43 of Wenatchee, WA on July 28, 2008. He was a member of Beta Theta Pi. Dr. Irl B. Krause Jr. ’44 of Fulton,

MO on November 9, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order. His son, Irl B. Krause ’75 is also a Westminster alumnus.

George R. Clipner ’46 of Osage Beach,

MO on May 3, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order.

Albert T. Hancock Jr. ’46 of Kansas City, MO on November 10, 2008. He received a Master’s from the University of Michigan. Hancock’s entire business career was with Hoover Brothers School Supply and Equipment Company, where he retired as Chairman. Paul J. Hartley Jr. ‘47 of San Diego, CA on August 23, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order. Hartley served in the US Navy for 31 years and attained the rank of Captain. He received the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star and two Air Medals. After service to his country, he became an Insurance Salesman for The Hartley Company. He was a former President of the San Diego Crew Classic, President of the San Diego Rotary Club, Chairman of the National Armed Services YMCA, and Founder of Hoover High School Foundation. Hartley was named a “National Treasure” of the YMCA of the USA and chosen as “Mr. San Diego” by the Rotary Past Presidents in 2006.

Edward R. “Riley” Brown ‘48 of

Charleston, MO on June 12, 2008. He was a member of Phi Delta Theta. After a semester at Westminster, Brown was recruited for the ROTC program at the Harvard School of Business. His education was interrupted by service to his country in the US Navy and he was stationed in Guam. Following his naval service, he attended the University of Missouri, then returned to Westminster to finish his education. Brown was the Manager and Part Owner of Bertrand Cotton Co. Brown served on the Charleston School Board and Mississippi County Savings and Loan Board.

William W. Anderson ’49 of Fort Smith, AR on October 6, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order and the Skulls of Seven. Anderson was a US Navy World War II Veteran. He was an Industrial Engineer for Boss Manufacturing in Kewanee, Il and with Wells Lamont Corporation in Niles, IL until his retirement in 1990. William Y. Frick ‘49 of Houston,

TX on March 12, 2008. Frick joined the US Navy and served in the Pacific aboard the US Destroyer Brush. He attended the University of Missouri School of Law. Frick was an Attorney and began his law career with Senator Ray Mabee in Unionville, MO. He later moved to Kirksville and joined his brother Vance in private practice. Frick served as the Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney and City Attorney, and later as the Prosecuting Attorney in Schuyler County. He served several terms on the Missouri Bar Board of Govenors and also worked as a Trust Officer and In-house Counsel for Bank Midwest in northern Missouri. He retired in January 2003.

John W. Marsh ‘49 of St. Louis, MO

on September 12, 2008. He was a member of Beta Theta Pi. Marsh served in the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps and held numerous positions with Kroger Corporation. He joined Wetterau, Inc as President of Creative Management Institute and Corporate Vice President. Marsh was John W. Marsh ‘49 a Lifetime Member of

Westminster’s Board of Trustees and served as Chairman of the Board from 1995–98. He was a member of the True Blue Society and received the Alumni Award of Merit in 1999. Marsh was active in numerous Masonic bodies including Alexander C. Garrett Lodge #1216, the Scottish Rite Valley of Dallas Moolah Temple AAONMS, and the Royal Order of Jesters Court #81. William A. Veitch ‘49 of Tulsa, OK on August 21, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order and the Glee Club. Veitch was a veteran of WWII serving in the Army’s 42nd Rainbow Division. He was President and Owner of Valian Oil & Investments and served 3 terms in the State Legislature as Representative from District 69. Veitch was a member of The Rotary Club of Tulsa, Tulsa Little Theatre, The Red Glove Revue and the March of Dimes Telethon. He was preceded in death by his brother, Jack Veitch’50, William A. Veitch ‘49 and is survived by his sons, David Veitch ’73 and Scott Veitch ’86, and grandson Drew Veitch ’05. Dr. Merton P. King ’51 of Huntsville,

TX on October 21, 2008. He was a member of Kappa Alpha Order. King served in the US Army and earned his Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of TexasAustin. In 1994, he retired as an English Professor at Sam Houston State University.

Arthur P. Midouhas ‘51 of Bristol, PA on September 13, 2008. Midouhas was Owner and Operator of Underground Storage Tank Service, a member and past president of the Bristol Borough Council, a member of the Outdoor Club of New Jersey and the Hellenic University Club of Philadelphia. Howard S. Reid ’51 of Carrollton, MO

on November 9, 2008. He was a member of Phi Delta Theta and the basketball team. Reid served in the Marine Corps during World War II and the Korean Conflict. After service to his country, he operated Reid Livestock Pavillion and worked on the family farm.

Carl R. Engelhardt ‘52 of St. Louis,

MO on October 16, 2008. He was a

member of Phi Delta Theta and the baseball team. His sons, Mark ’81 and Randy ’85, also attended Westminster. Dr. David W. Minard ’52 of Omaha,

NE on May 19, 2008. He was a member of Phi Gamma Delta and received the Westminster Alumni Achievement Award in 2007. Minard studied medicine at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha, and completed his residency in pathology at Wesley Medical Dr. David Minard ‘52 Center in Wichita, KS. Minard served in the US Army before entering an orthopedic residency program at Charlotte Memorial Hospital in 1960. In 1964, Minard returned to Omaha to enter private practice with The Physicians Clinic, a practice to which he would devote 30 years of service. In addition to his orthopedic practice, Minard has devoted his life to spirituality and medical missions. Minard began his mission work in the summer of 1978 at the Wanless Hospital in Miraj, India, and for the next 20 years helped collect equipment and supplies from various hospitals and arranged shipment to the third world. Minard retired in 1992 and started working in children’s orthopedics in Kikuyu, and helped raise funds to build an Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital at Kikuyu. During the 1990s, Minard also worked at Quang Ngai Provincial Hospital in Vietna. Since the mid-1990s, Minard focused on his spiritual path, completing a Master’s in Theology and a Doctorate in Philosophy and Spiritual Studies from the Sancta Sophia Seminary in Tahlequah, OK.

John D. Pyles ‘53 of Quincy, IL on July 6, 2008. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. After serving in the US Army, he was Vice President at Diamond Construction Company until his retirement in 1991. David A. Eddy ‘57 of Great Falls, SC on August 23, 2008. He was a member of Delta Tau Delta and the Skulls of Seven. Eddy was a veteran of the US Army. He received an agriculture degree from the University of Missouri and was the Public



INLOVINGMEMORY Works Coordinator in Somers, CN until his retirement in 2004.

Otolaryngology Society and the Tulsa Surgical Society.

Charles N. Ballard ’59 of Oklahoma

William J. “Jim” Icenogle ‘71 of Camdenton, MO on October 12, 2008. He was a member of Sigma Chi and served on the Westminster Alumni Council from 2002-07. Icenogle joined Jim Icenogle ‘71 the Navy and served as an Operations Officer, Diving and Salvage Officer, and Executive Officer on the USS Apache. He attained the rank of Lieutenant. Following his military service, he enrolled in the University of Missouri Law School and graduated with a Juris Doctorate in 1976. Icenogle was elected Prosecuting Attorney of Camden County in 1980 and served in the office until his death. He was preceded in death by his father, Bill Icenogle ’47 and his uncle, Dwane Icenogle ’47, and survived by his daughter, Liz Icenogle ’05.

City, OK on November 10, 2008. He was a member of Phi Gamma Delta.

Dr. John G. Campbell ‘62 of

Tulsa, OK on December 6, 2008. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dr. Campbell graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine and served in the US Air Force as a Surgeon. After service to his country, he was a practicing Otolarngologist John G. Campbell ‘62 Surgeon and Ear, Nose and Throat Physician. Dr. Campbell received the Westminster Alumni Achievement Award in 1996, was a member of the Westminster College Board of Trustees, President of the Oklahoma Academy of Otolaryngology, President of American Academy of Otolaryngology, Board of Trustee of the Tulsa Community College and a member of The Tulsa

William H. Riester, Jr. ‘71 of Colorado Springs, CO on September 27, 2008. Riester retired from the US Army

at Ft. Carson after 31 years of active duty service and received a Master’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado. He worked for Astronaut Jim Irwin’s High Flight Ministry and later was a Conductor with the Cadillac and Lake City Railroad. Riester was a past President of the Korean War Veterans Association. His sons, Bill Riester ’75 and Carl Riester ’78, are also Westminster alumni. Dr. Douglas A. Pohl ‘73 of Jupiter,

FL on July 7, 2008. He was a member of the Student Government Association. Pohl was the Chief Pathologist at Central Maine Medical Center until 2005, founded Silver Wings Aviation at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport where he operated his pilot service business.

Bradley A. Knudsen ‘75 of Lincoln, NE on August 8, 2008. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the swimming team and served on the Westminster Alumni Council. Knudsen was an Investment Broker with AG Edwards/Wachovia Securities.

2009 President’s Trip with President and Mrs. Barney Forsythe

From August 2-8, 2009, College President Barney Forsythe and First Lady Jane Forsythe will join Westminster alumni and friends for a unique tour of Civil War landmarks. Conducting our tour will be beloved former professor and Civil War expert, Dr. Bill Parrish, accompanied by his wife, Helen Sue. Starting and concluding in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Parrish will provide an engaging travel experience as we journey along the route of General Grant’s campaign from Shiloh to Vicksburg. If interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please contact Vicky Thomann at or by calling (573) 592-5391. For additional details as they become available, visit

Westminster College presents

Junior Jay Camp Saturday, October 17, 2009 A fun filled half day camp at Westminster College exclusively for children ages 12-15 Reserve your spot now! Coming this fall…

For more information contact Work the Westminster After Office of Alumni at (573) 592-5319 or Ever want to have an alumni event in your area? Now is your time! We need you! HelpCollege us organize 25 Westminster Sponsored by the Westminster Alumni Association events around the country on one night.

Join us in this exciting new event! To be a Westminster After Work host or for more information contact Kris Lensmeyer in the Alumni Office at (573) 592-5319 or

The President’s Club The President’s Club is Westminster’s most prestigious annual recognition club for alumni, parents and friends. Established to recognize those individuals who provide leadership support, the President’s Club honors members who help provide a financial base to ensure that Westminster’s proud heritage and tradition of academic excellence will continue well into the new century.

Invitation to Join Membership to the President’s Club is open to anyone who contributes $1,250 or more to Westminster College during the fiscal year ( July 1-June 30). A Young Alumni Membership is available to alumni who have graduated within the last ten years at $625.

Give online at For more information, contact the Development Office at (573) 592-5370.



xperiencing the beauty and artistry of professional ballet is a rare opportunity in MidMissouri. Fortunately, for members of the Westminster community and the city of Fulton, this opportunity became available thanks to the sponsorship of the Fine Arts Department of Westminster College and The Callaway Bank. The Missouri Contemporary Ballet, a professional dance company located in Columbia, MO, came on campus to Champ Auditorium to present their exciting new show Renewal. Known for its innovative works, the company did not disappoint, thanks to the wide variety of dance and music styles found in Renewal.


Leadership SPRING 2009

A grant from the Missouri Arts Council helped make the magical night happen Nov. 14, and the large attendance raised money for a very worthwhile cause…the Callaway Arts Council. An added bonus was that the ballet company agreed to let local school children from the Fulton School system sit in on the company rehearsal during the day. Many children are probably dreaming right now of becoming a ballerina when they grow up because this remarkable cultural event took place at Westminster College. As the hit Broadway musical A Chorus Line espouses, “Everything was beautiful at the ballet!”

Leadership Spring 2009  

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