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Life is told in a series of stories. The stories of Westminster alumni are deeply rooted in memories and lessons learned from the special people, the infamous legends of Westminster, who touched their lives. Alumni never forget the remarkable faculty and staff who challenged them, cared about them, and helped them succeed as students. • This issue of Leadership celebrates eleven special individuals of Westminster, past and present, who shaped life on campus and changed the lives of the students who passed through their classrooms and offices. Join in celebrating these Legends, Legacies, and Leaders of Westminster during this year’s Alumni Weekend.

Phyllis Masek


has provided me the opportunity

to meet so many wonderful faculty, staff and

Registrar or 573-592-5213

students throughout the years.


love working with

students and being a small part of their experience .



a member of the

is a privilege that




am very grateful for.”


fter over thirty years devoted to Westminster, Phyllis Masek is one of those seasoned staff members in the college community that everyone goes to see when they have a question or need a piece of institutional memory. She came to Westminster in 1977 as the Assistant to the Associate Dean and in 1981 was advanced to the role of Registrar. College presidents call her up when they have a question about how something is done. For example, when President Forsythe faced his first decision as to whether to close the College in the face of a horrible ice storm, Phyllis got the call for advice. The flow of students at her counter with questions or the need for help with adding or dropping a class or a grade in a course is endless on some days—particularly close to commencement. When she is not working, Masek loves spending time with her family. A quiet day on the family farm with her husband, three children and two dogs is her ideal relaxation. She also loves to travel and thoroughly enjoyed a recent trip to Hawaii to visit her son.

Robert A. Seelinger

Professor of Classic Studies—Coordinator of Fine Arts—Dean of Faculty—College Vice President or 573-592-5275

“Westminster is a fantastic environment where the interaction and engagement among all members of the community is extremely high and positively intense. In essence, we live and learn in a setting where busy and dynamic individuals take the opportunity to exchange ideas and to apply their talents and abilities in both academic and social settings. Westminster is a great place to be a part of.”


oming to Westminster as a part-time instructor in 1979, Bob Seelinger found an academic home. He rose through the faculty ranks to become Interim Dean of Faculty (1998-1999) and then Dean of Faculty and Vice President of the College (1999-2005). Currently, he is working diligently as Coordinator of Fine Arts to refine and expand the College’s involvement in the arts.

Seelinger became passionately interested in the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome as a junior in college, seeing them as “part of an enormous cultural, linguistic, historical tapestry” and constantly wanting to learn more about how the ancient and modern worlds intertwine. This led to three major sabbatical leaves, two in Athens and one in Ancient Corinth where he was able to participate in archaeological excavations. During his last stay in Athens (2005-2006), he immersed himself in the fields of classics and archaeology at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and his entire family became actively involved in the life of this major international city. His son’s involvement in the local boy scouts prompted him to lead the troop on a tour of the major sites of Athens, help scouts with the archaeology merit badge, climb Mt. Olympus, camp on the grounds of monasteries, and participate in a service project at a Greek orphanage and refuge center. He has traveled with Dr. Mike Amspoker and students to Belize (2005-2006), studying the archaeology and cultural contexts of the area, and is currently working with Dr. Sam Goodfellow on a trip to Greece this spring. In the future, he hopes to organize a cycle of regular study trips with students, alternating between Greece and Belize.

Dave Collins Professor of English


or 36 years Dave Collins has served Westminster in a variety of capacities: Chair of the Department of English, Head of the Humanities Division, Director of International Programs—there’s hardly a campus committee of which he has not been a member. Two ad hoc committees he headed led to significant innovations, the Writing across the Curriculum program and the Westminster Seminar. Collins’ abilities as a teacher and writer have been recognized both on and off campus. In 2001 he won the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. For three years he was rewarded with Westminster’s Cotton Chair in the Humanities. What thrills Dave Collins is superior craftsmanship. “Good writing,” he contends, “words, sentences, and paragraphs so carefully fitted together that the reader hardly realizes he’s being led by the hand in a direction of the writer’s choosing, is not so very different from the work of a fine cabinetmaker who shapes and fits and smoothes lengths of wood.” Helping young people to recognize what’s good,

To think of Westminster as an institution is a mistake. Institutions do what they must to survive. People get exploited; people get hurt. Westminster at its best is people— faculty, staff, students—helping each other in good times and bad. I’ve learned here what it means to be a good professor and, more important, what it means to lead a good life. Supportive colleagues, former students who become lifetime friends—that’s what Westminster is all about. watching the glint in the eye, the change in body language when a student suddenly understands, sustains his enthusiasm for teaching. Away from campus, Collins admits he’s an arch-romantic who enjoys what Wendell Berry calls “the peace of wild things.” “My wife and I have a cabin by a small lake in Maine. I love tending the land, sitting by the lake to watch the loons swim and the osprey hunt, slipping away to climb the occasional mountain.”

Bob Hansen

Interim Vice President and Dean of Students—Director of Counseling and Health Services—Assoc. Professor of Leadership Studies or 573-645-3344 (cell) or 573-491-3344 (home)


ob Hansen collected two “Firsts” on his climb up the Westminster professional ladder from the time he arrived as a counselor and Assistant Professor of Psychology in 1986 until his position today as Interim Vice President and Dean of Students. He was Westminster’s first Head Coach for Women’s Soccer and the College’s first Greek Advisor.

“I’ve been incredibly blessed to have been part of the Westminster family for twentythree years. To encourage students to dream big dreams and then to help them take steps to make these dreams come true…who could ask for a better vocation?”

For the past seven years, his passion outside the campus has been developing international service-learning experiences for students in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, El Salvador, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Since 2007, he has provided leadership to the Rwanda Community Partnership Project, linking Fulton and Callaway County with Kibungo Town in the Ngoma District of the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Over the past year, by working together, the Westminster and Fulton communities have raised nearly $100,000 to build a women’s and children’s health center near Kibungo. Recently, Hansen has been working on smaller health projects with the Maasai in northern Tanzania. All of his work in Africa has been through the organization Humanity for Children, a humanitarian organization headquartered in Seattle that focuses on children and mothers’ health in remote areas of Eastern Africa. Hansen’s next goal is to organize a trip to Africa for a group of Westminster alumni in 2011.

Richard Mattingly

Professor of Philosophy—Dean of Faculty—Vice President or 573-642-3286


ichard Mattingly had a long and distinguished career at Westminster from 1966-2000, leaving the philosophy department in 1977 to become Dean of Faculty and Vice President in 1978 before returning to the classroom in 1995. During his years as an administrator, he worked with President J. Harvey Saunders to put additional resources into the scholarly activities of the faculty in areas such as publications, participation in professional meetings and honors and awards.

“What made my years at Westminster so pleasant and satisfying were the people with whom I worked—colleagues on the faculty and in the administration, students, staff and trustees.”

British Columbia, and his camera has caught such breathtaking places as Glacier Bay and Denali National Park in Alaska. Each of his three favorite locations—Denali, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks— combines spectacular and distinctive landscapes, relatively accessible wildlife and a rich variety of wildflowers. Wherever he goes, Mattingly discovers that each mountain area has its own individual character displayed in the geology, plants and wildlife. His job as a photographer is to capture that character—a goal his work attests that he does very well.

While all these years at Westminster brought him great professional and personal joy, his friends will tell you that he is never more enthralled than when he is pursuing his two interrelated loves—nature photography and hiking. Since Mattingly’s work concentrates on mountain landscapes, wild life and wild flowers, his hiking boots take him to many fascinating places. His hikes in the Rocky Mountains ranged from Colorado to Alberta and

Jay Miles Karr

Professor of English—Department Chair—Cabinet Member or 573-642-2150


ay Karr left a tenured position in California to arrive at Westminster just in time for the construction of the Churchill Memorial and the arrival of the first women students . For the next 31 years he worked at the College, making his way to full professor, then Chair of the English Department several times and eventually a member of President Larry Davidson’s Cabinet. His proudest achievements include the establishment of the first creative writing program, the initiation of Janus magazine, the hiring of Professors Wayne Zade, Dave Collins and Carolyn Perry and a grant that brought famous writers such as Ralph Ellison to campus. Once he retired, Jay returned to a hobby he had loved earlier in life—painting in oils and acrylic. He put away his canvas in 2001 but not before he had amassed an impressive collection of work. Karr paintings have been sold to collectors all across Central Missouri. Fifteen of his works hang on the walls of his home on 7th Street in Fulton. One of his most popular subjects is the Churchill Memorial. Those interested in seeing a piece of his work can go to Murry’s Restaurant at 3107 Green Meadows Way in Columbia and view his painting of the establishment’s head waitress at the time. In the fall of 2006, his novel Leaving the Home Front, which he labels “faction” (part fact-part fiction) went on sale. Based on the life of Karr’s boyhood friend, Nile Kinnick, the book traces the journey of Miles Morgan from his Iowa boyhood to first love and finally to a soldier’s duty in World War II. Copies can be purchased on campus at the Churchill Memorial.

“My greatest satisfaction of over thirty years at Westminster has been, and still is, to be present ‘at the creation’ while Westminster has grown, not only in size, but in academic stature from a very small singlesex college to a co-educational institution of truly national academic stature.”

“What I will always remember about Westminster is my wonderful interaction with faculty, students, and staff and the excellent facilities. My faculty colleagues were great to work with and the terrific staff was always there immediately with support whenever I needed it. Of course, it goes without saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my students. They helped to make my twenty-eight years at the College a joy.”

“As I reflect over my thirty-one years at Westminster, images of students and colleagues automatically come to mind—memories of my first senior thesis student, of an early Vietnam War class, of colleagues on the tennis courts and of the camaraderie of faculty, staff and administrator gatherings. To me, Westminster has been, and continues to be, about a supportive community of people learning, laughing and sometimes crying together.”

Ann Lael

Richard “Butch” Lael

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Professor of History


fter seven years at the University of WisconsinParkside, Ann Lael began at Westminster as a part-time instructor in the Mathematics Department, teaching four classes in the fall and three in the spring, until accepting a position as a full time instructor in 1979. She retired from full time teaching in 2007 but graciously returned to teach several classes the following fall semester. She was inspired to enter the field by her high school geometry teacher and has always considered mathematics to be a creative art form, accessible to anyone willing to enter the art of logical, deductive reasoning and problem solving.

ichard “Butch” Lael came to Westminster from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1978 and over his years of valuable service in the History Department has served as Department Chair, Humanities Division Chair and Vice Chair of the Faculty. He is an Army veteran of Vietnam and received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for 20002001. He is also currently the Cotton Scholar’s Chair for the Humanities. An accomplished writer, he is author or co-author of four books, including one on the Fulton State Hospital and one that was awarded the Missouri Conference on History Distinguished Book Award.

While traveling, she became interested in collecting antiques and particularly antique fireplace tiles and the contemporary art glass of Chicago area artist Charles Lotton. The Laels own several Lotton lamps and have quite a display of the fireplace tiles on the walls of their home. Today much of Lael’s time is involved with enjoying her two grandchildren from Columbia and one from Kansas City. However, she spends much of her spare time reading four to five books from the public library every week and holds a special place in her heart for mysteries. Two of her recent favorite authors are John Irving and Barbara Kingsolver.

Once out of the classroom for the summer, Lael enjoys going to visit Grand Mesa in Colorado where he can fish for trout, walk, and read some of his favorite fiction, mystery and science fiction authors such as C.S. Forester, Tony Hillerman and Lawrence Block. He enjoys the different wildlife and habitat in the area and last summer witnessed a record moose sighting of three in one day, which is remarkable since moose in the area were eradicated in the early 20th century and were just reintroduced to the habitat several years ago. Spending time in the area also allows him the opportunity to visit relatives in nearby Grand Junction. He has also been working for the past two years on a history of the downtown renovation of Grand Junction during the 1960s. At home the past two years, he has put his home improvement skills to work as well, building two decks, completing reroofing, home addition, plumbing and electrical projects.

Hank Ottinger

Associate Professor of Learning Disabilities

“When I began at Westminster, the phrase

The introduction of Hank Ottinger to Westminster was becoming a part-time instructor in a Psychology Department effort to address the needs of students with learning disabilities. Not only would he become a full-time instructor at the College in 1974, but he had the opportunity to be one of a team instrumental in establishing Westminster’s learning disabilities program, one of only three support programs of its kind in the nation at its inception. In 1976 he became director of the program. He also taught the College film class for almost twenty years as well as other courses in the English Department—notably American Environmental Literature. His passion for environmental advocacy and activism also prompted him to team teach courses in Belize, the Galapagos, and Kenya, providing the political and environmental background on the trips.

‘Westminster family’ was

to teach (and co-teach)

Ottinger is well known in Westminster circles for his great love of the outdoors, having successfully summitted 56 mountains—54 of them in Colorado, known as the “Grand Slam.” While a recent knee replacement makes him “a distant observer of summits rather than an eager visitor,” he’s hopeful he “can still scramble up a few in the future.”

Hank’s love of the outdoors has led him to pay that debt back through his environmental work as a member of the Sierra Club and his leadership the past few years as Chair of the Osage Group of the Sierra Club. In the nineties he served on the City of Columbia’s Energy and Environment Commission and worked on task forces to address energy conservation, recycling and wastewater treatment. He has also worked to elect local political candidates who share his views.

bandied about; I regarded it as a sentimental cliché. Hardly. The times that Westminster students, staff, faculty, and administrators have supported me, be it after a calamitous house fire, a climbing accident, a desire various courses as well as the overall affection I have felt during my time at the College are countless. It’s been a swell place to spend half of my life.”

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Tammy Stiller Professor of Biology

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”—Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

After joining the Westminster faculty in 1991 as Assistant Professor of Biology, Tammy Stiller quickly established herself as not just an outstanding teacher, but a leader in the campus community. Before succumbing to illness in 2006, she directed the Westminster Seminar (1998-2001), chaired the Biology Department (1999-2001), and served as Marshal of the College (2003-2006). Known for her indomitable spirit, she was instrumental in the new Coulter Science Center design, ensuring ideal facilities for teaching and research and a unifying and pleasant environment for faculty and staff. When told by the College president her suggested improvements would challenge fundraising by adding four million dollars to the effort, she replied, “Well, I guess you’re just going to have to work harder.” A tree has been placed in Tammy’s memory at the entrance of her beloved Coulter Science Center. Outside the College, Stiller gave back to the community as a member of the Board of Directors of the Callaway County Habitat for Humanity. In 2005 she became foster parent to Isaiah Shive and Blake Large and was in the process of adopting them when she became ill. Her love of her cocker spaniels was well known by all her friends and she served as Secretary of the Heart of America Cocker Spaniel Club. She was also a great aficionado of all things Harry Potter, incorporating the Potter mythology into one of her Westminster Seminar classes, resulting in a presentation on her class to a national symposium.

Douglas R. Fickess Professor Emeritus of Biology or 573-642-6133 “Westminster College offers a caring and nurturing environment where faculty and students can grow intellectually and personally.”

When Doug Fickess joined the Westminster faculty in 1962, he intended for the College to be a temporary two to three year stop while he finished his dissertation. Forty-seven years later he is still a part of the educational community as an Adjunct Professor, although his full-time teaching came to an end in 2005. While he applied numerous times to other colleges and universities over the years, as he states: “subsequent interviews led me to the conclusion that they lacked what was present at Westminster—a quality I can only describe as ‘heart.’” In his spare time, Fickess has put “heart” into a variety of projects over the years. During his early years, he enjoyed hunting and fishing with his late departmental colleague Warry Williams, or as he puts it, “being field biologists.” He also has traveled extensively with his wife Gemma, and remembers with particular fondness being at home in Edinburgh, which had the most prestigious medical school in the Western hemisphere during the 18th century. Over the past ten years, he has picked up a multitude of skills, renovating the family home on Fifth Street in Fulton. Plumbing, plastering, wall papering and carpentry are all a part of his repertoire. Currently, his focus is conducting Biblical research on alternative explanations for some of the scenes in the Old and New Testaments and the history of biology found in the Scriptures. However, one thing is certain—Doug Fickess is never idle.

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Ehren Earleywine ’94

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Head Softball Coach University of Missouri

Owner & CEO I.O. Metro

Columbia, MO

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randy johnson ’74

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