28 November 2017

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Tuesday 28 November 2017

5973 6424 or email: team@mpnews.com.au www.mpnews.com.au Making it happen: The mayor Cr Bryan Payne joined sports minister John Eren, Western Port Basketball Association president George Yerondais, association members and members of Mornington Peninsula Badminton at the Somerville Recreation Centre rebuild announcement. Picture: Supplied

State steps up for stadium A $1.3 MILLION grant from Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Better Indoor Stadiums Fund will help rebuild the Somerville stadium destroyed by fire in May last year. Sport, tourism and major events minister John Eren was last week joined at the site by Mornington Peninsula Shire mayor Cr Bryan Payne and representatives of Western Port Basketball Association and Mornington Peninsula Badminton. The shire has always said it had adequate insurance in place to rebuild the facility on a “like for like” basis, but that the focus had been on securing additional money for extra courts. “Council confirmed at its August meeting that, should the grant application be successful, it would commit up to $3 million in the 2018-19 financial year budget to meet the grant funding requirements,” Cr Payne said. “The allocation of this grant will enable council to ensure the stadium and community facilities are updated to modern standards and expanded where possible.” The shire advertised its application for a planning permit in August, and called for tenders for the construction of the building in October. It is planning for four courts – up from two – and is due to make a decision on the final scope of the project soon. Tenders are expected to be announced before

Mayor set to end the party Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au NEW Mornington Peninsula Shire mayor Cr Bryan Payne last week defended proposed laws regulating short stay rental accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula. Under the tough new law property owners could face fines of up to $3100. The draft local law, open for comment until Friday 7 December, centres

around a registration system listing the property owner’s name and address, as well as an appointed agent who must respond within two hours to neighbours’ complaints. It also establishes a code of conduct limiting the number of occupants, outlining expectations of behaviour of occupants, and controls over car parking and rubbish disposal. Some of the more contentious rules include banning rowdy parties; banning guests from using swimming pools, spas, outdoor decking and bal-

conies 10pm-8am; and not allowing visitors between the same times. Speaking on ABC radio, Cr Payne said the draft laws were “not over the top but an innovative process to curb an important problem”. “Mornington Peninsula, like all resort areas, has got a real problem. “Just next door to my place we had this going on for 12 months; they just have parties all night and you ring the police and nothing happens,” he said. “We've [the shire] had 87 complaints in the past 12 months … one


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poor lady was put into hospital with stress because of the whole thing, other people have been threatened. “While people are having these parties and the neighbours have to put up with it, the owners are sitting back in Melbourne oblivious to what’s going on.” The mayor said the registrations aimed to tackle party houses “set up for 20 people”. “We are trying to stop it at the start,” he said. The shire may cancel a property’s registration after it receives three

or more “substantiated” complaints about tenants’ activities from nearby residents over 12 months, or it receives a substantiated complaint “of such severity that immediate cancellation is warranted”. Further fines will be issued for each day offences continue after a court has found the owner guilty of an offence. Under the code of conduct, the owner must display the property’s permit number at all times and be responsible for any visitors. Continued Page 12

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Western Port News 28 November 2017


Hall of fame for tourism winners TWO Mornington Peninsula-based tourism businesses have been inducted into the Victorian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame for being awarded gold in three consecutive years, including this year. Peninsula Hot Springs and Harmony Bed & Breakfast, both at Fingal, entered the hall of fame for their respective categories, ecotourism and hosted accommodation. Other peninsula businesses to win medals at this year’s RACV Victorian Tourism Awards were: Gold - Arthurs Seat Eagle (new tourism business); silver - Crittenden Estate (tourism

wineries, distilleries and breweries), Lakeside Villas at Crittenden Estate (self-contained accommodation), Bunyip Tours (major tour and transport operators); bronze - Mornington Peninsula Brewery (tourism wineries, distilleries and breweries), Aquabelle Apartments (elf-contained accommodation). The awards were announced in Melbourne on Thursday 23 November. All Victorian business category gold winners are automatically entered into the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards which will be held in Perth in February 2018.

SHARON Richardson of Harmony B & B, above, and the Peninsula Hot Springs team, right, at last week’s tourism awards.

Tourism needs a balance - study Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au THE effects of tourism on the Mornington Peninsula residents is reaching critical levels, according to a researcher Monash University honours student Pallavi Shridhar is upfront in saying increased levels of tourism can reduce a community’s quality of life. Also, that increased exposure to the impacts of tourism reduces residents’ ability to cope with the changes it brings. It also increases their sensitivity to these impacts. In her year-long study overseen by senior Monash Business School lecturer Glen Croy, Ms Shridhar highlights “low levels of community resilience” among the 161 peninsula residents as indicating that an increase

in tourism “will have a significant effect on the community … which is at, or nearing, a critical tourism level”. Ms Shridhar’s research appears to reflect the concerns of some residents that tourism-at-any-cost is a not a good thing for the peninsula – particularly in the light of traffic gridlock in Rye and Sorrento over summer; increased litter on streets and foreshores; environmental damage; and the increasing numbers of apartments. The combined effect of these impacts is to remove all that attracted tourists to this area in the first place – as one letter writer to The News said. Ms Shridhar said it was reasonable to expect that tourism should focus on adding value to the community – and be halted if these impacts turn negative. “Yet the focus is often on how to harness the community and educate

them and garner support for further tourism development,” she said, adding that studies have shown that “too much tourism ... can create irreparable damage to the community”. Despite the desirable focus on the wishes of the community, the “majority of community tourism studies work on the underlying assumption that ... tourism is a fundamentally beneficial phenomenon for the community”. Ms Shridhar said that because tourism was likely to increase, it was important to mitigate its negative impacts and “potentially limit its development”. Visitor numbers to the peninsula have risen over the past decade, with almost eight million people visiting last year. Off-season tourist numbers rose 62 per cent 1998-2016. Mr Croy said the results of the study showed that residents were sensitive

to the environmental impacts of tourism – more so than the economic and socio-cultural impacts. “It [tourism] is seen as a tool which brings economic impacts to the area but residents also feel its [negative] social and cultural impacts,” he said. While the research was compiled over winter, Mr Croy said summer brought the most dramatic impacts to the peninsula, and that residents traditionally had used the off-season to rejuvenate and prepare for the busy holiday rush. He said a Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism Authority strategy was to spread tourists around the peninsula, rather than having them concentrated in the south. Community input into the formulation of the shire’s tourism policy was important, he said. “We can see that

lots of people are concerned about the levels of tourism but not many are prepared to speak up,” he said. Ms Shridhar said it was “vital” that governments and tourism bodies “understand how tourism affects local communities”. “Stronger community engagement is crucial to ensure tourism develops in a manner that puts community interests at heart, rather than only tourism or economic development. “This … requires the community being … involved in planned changes and that residents participate to inform planning and decision-making.” This would help refocus attention away from economic and destination development to “community and resilience development, using tourism … as a tool for community protection and development”.

Western Port News 28 November 2017




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Aldi lifts ban on college students A MORNINGTON Aldi supermarket appears to have settled its dispute with Mornington Secondary College over claims of students’ shoplifting and disruptive behaviour. Although neither the store manager nor the school would comment, Friday, it appears the store’s ban on students has been lifted. A social media storm erupted when student Jai Duesterhaus filmed himself being refused service and shown the door by the manager of the Peninsula Homemaker Centre store on Nepean Highway. “You’re telling me I can’t come in because I’m from Mornington Secondary College?” he asks the manager, known as Dom, in his recording. The manager replies, “Yes, correct. Unfortunately like I said, mate ... tweet it, Facebook if you like, but unfortunately schoolkids have stolen from the store. Students plural.” The student’s mother, Anita, said online she was sent a “written apology” by Aldi after complaining, but that she was told later by the manager over the phone that he “would rather lose the custom of all 1600 families that attend Mornington Secondary, rather than have them in his store”. “I understand that they have had trouble with shoplifting in the past, however I think it’s utter discrimination to outright ban 1600 students just because of the actions of some,” she wrote online. A spokesperson for Aldi Australia, who would not be named, said Thursday: “In store locations where we identify shoplifting, disruptive or disrespectful behaviour that involves school students, our preference is to work with the local school to

make the issue known. “This allows the school to attempt to address the issue before it becomes a matter for the police. “Despite the engagement and support of the local school, a handful of students continued to display inappropriate behaviour. As a result, the Aldi Mornington store made an independent decision to temporarily ban students unless accompanied by an adult. “The Facebook posts from aggrieved parents and students have been reviewed by Aldi. We agree that the decision to ban unaccompanied students is not a viable solution to this issue and we have since lifted the ban. “Aldi will continue to work with the school and, if required, with the local police.” Mornington Secondary College refused to comment. Stephen Taylor

Against violence YOUR Rights, Your Choice, Your life is the name of a campaign being discussed at Safety Beach Yacht Club, 2-4pm, Monday 4 December. Those attending will join in a conversation over afternoon tea about elder abuse and their rights as part of this year’s Victoria Against Violence campaign. Speakers include Parliamentary Secretary for Human Services Sharon Knight; commissioner for senior Victorians and ambassador for elder abuse prevention Gerard Mansour; and the 2017 senior of the year Roy Francis. Register at elder.abuse@dhhs.vic.gov.au or call 9096 7057. The club is at 185 Marine Drive, Safety Beach.

EMILY Ashman at Tyabb airfield alongside a World War II SNJ training plane.

Aviators’ charity toy run DESPITE the grey skies and wet weather an enthusiastic crowd visited Tyabb airport for the open day and toy run by members of Peninsula Aero Club on Sunday 26 November. Toys were donated to the Food for All charity which will make Christmas a happier time for

some disadvantaged peninsula children. Some of the airport’s historic planes were on display, including two World War II-era Mustang fighters. It was the first time they had been seen together. Visitors were also interested to see the police helicopter land to refuel.

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Kits bridge gap for school starters

Bay kayaker’s body found THE body of missing Mt Eliza woman Kylie Phillips was found by a fisherman 500 metres off the pier at Indented Head, Tuesday 21 November. The police Air Wing, water police and emergency services crews had been searching for the missing kayaker, 44, who disappeared off Mt Eliza, Wednesday 15 November. Her kayak was found in waters off Altona, Friday 17 November. It is believed Ms Phillips had a medical condition. Mornington police said the family had been notified immediately. The Water Police will prepare a report for the coroner. Anyone with mental health issues should call Lifeline Australia 13 11 14.

CHILDREN starting primary school at Hastings next year are being “prepped” by their parents using a kit designed to “bridge the gap” between pre-school and more formal schooling. The get-ready-for-school kit was developed by former prep teachers Nat Petersen and has now become part of the Linking Schools and Early Years partnership formed 11 years ago after statistics showed Hastings children lagged behind their peers in several important areas of education. The imbalance has been corrected to a large extent, although Australian Early Developmental Census (AEDC) figures show Hastings children “are considerably behind their state and national peers when they first commence school in prep,” Ms Petersen said. “This is a huge worry because often children who are behind at this stage can find it very difficult to ever catch up.” The Linking Schools and Early Years partnership, along with Hastings’ schools, kinders, Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services, Hastings Western Port Rotary Club and businesses, agencies and volunteers, have succeeded in improving children’s language and cognitive development skills. However, they are still behind the state average. The get-ready-for-school kits being handed out to parents cost about $100 each and have been paid for through Western Port Rotary Club and local businesses. “We are so very grateful to Rotary”,

Helpful beginnings: Rotarians and traders have backed a get-ready-for-school kit designed to make it easier for Hastings preschoolers to make the transition to primary school. Picture: Supplied

Ms Petersen said. “It simply wouldn’t have been possible without their amazingly generous support. “When the teachers at the three Hastings schools were deciding what to put in the kit, they got quite carried away and went way over the initial budget. Paddy Fincham, president of Rotary Hastings Western Port, graciously let them have their way and Rotary provided the extra money.” Western Port Chamber of Commerce asked High St traders to sponsor a child starting school in Hastings

Hastings RSL

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for $20. “This money would enable the addition of more valuable items to the get ready-for-school kit, and hopefully bring a further sense of purpose to the whole town,” Ms Petersen said. “We needed 85 $20 sponsorships to supplement the 85 kits and the shopkeepers did it. “The end result is a kit of pre-literacy, pre-maths, pre-writing readiness activities valued at just under $100 that has been given to the parents of every child starting preps at one of our Hastings schools next year.

Have your say ‘Party House’ law Addressing anti-social behaviour from short stay rental accommodation Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Draft Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law addresses the potential impacts of anti-social behaviour on the local community from occupants of short stay rental accommodation properties - commonly referred to as party houses – across the peninsula.

The proposed local law will: • Implement a registration system • Provide a Code of Conduct • Minimise the risk affecting the peace of neighbours • Ensure appropriate management and presentation

The RSL club is available for HIRE for that SPECIAL FUNCTION

1066 Club – every Thursday 10.00am – 3.00pm

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Western Port News 28 November 2017

“Parents receiving the kits will be guided by the teachers on how to make the most of the activities over the next few months. “Hopefully our youngest students will develop the confidence to jump right into formal learning in 2018. “I don’t know of any other small town anywhere that is prepared to help its youngest students like we have just done and have been doing for 11 years now through the Linking Schools and Early Years partnership.”

Have your say More info and have your say online: mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay Submissions close 7 December, 2017.

Friends turning up heat on coal plan

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Peace talks MORE than 300 people are expected to attend a symposium next month at the Baitul Salam Mosque, Langwarrin to explain that “Islam’s teachings” have no links to terrorism. The event is being run by the Victorian chapter of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Australia to promote “peace and unity between all people”. The Langwarrin mosque is regarded as the largest in the state and Sunday 3 December will be the second annual event of its type at the mosque. Imam Syed Wadood Janud said the symposium’s theme “World crisis and the pathway to peace” will “focus on reaffirming that Islam is a religion of peace at a time when rising extremism and nationalism are escalating in the world”. The keynote address will be presented by the Ahmadiyya community’s national president and grand imam Inam-ul-Haq Kauser. “This symposium was launched in 2003 by His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the fifth Khalifa and leader of the global Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who is based in London, in response to growing extremism in Europe and around the world. The message is just at pertinent today as it was in 2003,” Imam Janud said. “Today, no part of the world is safe from the threat of terrorism and extremism. Australia too is not safe.” Details: www.Ahmadiyya.org.au



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Ms Adam said the group had seen the powerful effect of “people power”, with the Stop Adani movement influencing Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to veto government funding for the project.

Merry Christmas

A GROUP of southern Mornington Peninsula residents are united around one big issue: stopping the Adani coal mine being developed in central Queensland. The group formed after an impromptu protest in October when Lynn Carpenter put out a call on social media for people to meet on the beach at Rosebud for a “Stop Adani” protest. “With only four days’ notice 30 or so people turned up,” Gillian Adam said. “From that original protest a Facebook group was formed called Southern Peninsula Friends of the Planet. The core of this group: Lynn Carpenter, Belinda Edmonson, Gillian Adam, Kerri McCafferty and Stella Patience, are now trying to organise a noticable protest by making a human sign on the beach adjacent to the Rye pier on Sunday 3 December. Those attending are asked to wear red. “We are just ordinary working women - I am a retiree - while Stella, Lynn and Kerri are nurses and Belinda is in emergency management and currently back at university,” Ms Adam said. “Two of the group have small children. “We are all concerned about the effect this mine is going to have on the Galilee Basin, the area’s water resources and the Great Barrier Reef. “We have contacted many other groups on the peninsula – from the Greens Party to Luke English from Red Boats Scuba Diving – and have been surprised at the support for our protest. “We’ve distributed posters to shopping and community centres, cafes, surf clubs, hospitals and tertiary institutions on the peninsula and surrounding areas. We have also emailed posters to all our contacts and environmental groups on the peninsula.”

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Western Port News 28 November 2017



Western Port

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Fun and games: Scouts from 2nd Mornington group enjoyed the activities. Picture: Supplied

To advertise in Western Port News Being prepared … for fun contact Martyn Ashton on 0481 289 154 or email martyn@mpnews.com.au ABOUT 2000 Scouts from across Victoria had a weekend of activities at the Bay Park Scout camp, Mt Martha, last weekend. The camp has been running for 41 years and each year more scouts attend, district commissioner Tina Bennett said. Activities include abseiling, canoeing and sumo wrestling. The scouts

Western Port

camp in patrols. There is no competition involved – just two days of activities. Mornington Peninsula Scouting has enjoyed an 11 per cent growth rate in the past year, Ms Bennett said. There are 12 groups in the district from Mt Eliza to Sorrento. Details: call Ms Bennett 0409131489.

FLINDERS MP Greg Hunt says mobile phone “black spots” at Red Hill and Shoreham are “one step closer” to being fixed. He said the two areas are named as priorities on the federal government’s latest list of 106 black spot areas. “It’s fantastic to see that our community of Flinders is one step closer to receiving new and improved mobile coverage. I call on the telecommunications companies to give us their best tenders to deliver coverage to our area,” Mr Hunt said. The government expects the tender process for new telecommunications towers to be finalised by the end of the year and construction in 2018. Meanwhile, Telstra says it has boosted mobile capacity to better cope with network demand over the coming holidays at St Andrew’s, Portsea, Safety Beach and Sorrento. Upgrades to 4GX that bring faster speed to customers have also been completed at Mornington, Mt Martha, St Andrew’s Beach, Tootgarook, Mt Eilza and Hastings. Telstra’s area general manager Loretta Willaton said the capacity and 4GX upgrades “will relieve summer holiday anxiety and keep customers connected”. “Social media plays a big role in how Victorian’s plan their holiday, with half of us researching our destination on social media and 41 per cent choosing where to go based on an online photo or recommendation,” Ms Willaton said. “That connection with social media continues while we’re way, with 70 per cent of us checking in to see what family and friends are up to and 42 per cent sharing a photo in order to inspire some holiday jealousy.”

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Western Port News 28 November 2017

Outdoor cinema • Visit from Santa and his elf • Food vendor's available • raffle

111 Cranbourne Rd Frankston

BYO deck chair or rug. Strictly no BYO food or drink. Strictly no alcohol permitted. Check our Facebook page for more details - @frankstonpowercentre

Biosphere backed: Clockwise from above, delegates at the Western Port Biosphere’s inaugural water stewardship forum; Lachlan Vize, of Moorooduc Primary School, receives his award Wester Port Biosphere executive officer Cecelia Witton for collecting the most species during Lifesearch 2017; Lisa Brassington, of Peninsula Fresh Organics receives a farm gate sign from biosphere chair Duncan Malcolm and project officer Lance Lloyd. Pictures: Supplied

Water awards for meat and vege producers A CHICKEN processing plant and a vegetable farm have received awards for their use and treatment of water. The awards, including farm gate signs, were made by the Western Port Biosphere Foundation under its water stewardship program. “The Western Port Biosphere program is the first regional recognition program to be established in the water

stewardship framework and is being considered as a model for other programs in Europe, the US and China,” executive officer Cecelia Witton said at the inaugural water stewardship forum on Thursday 16 November at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne. Ingham’s Enterprises, Somerville, and Peninsula Fresh Organics, Baxter, are the first businesses to have ful-

filled the requirements of the program. Farm owner and market gardener Wayne Shields said his company Peninsula Fresh Organics “is committed to sustainable water management for our site, as well as contributing to sharing the program's benefits with the vegetable industry”. “We are really pleased that two participants have completed site water





stewardship plans that conform to the international standard for … and will produce demonstrable improvements to water and land management on their properties and acknowledge their significant contribution to the sustainability of the biosphere,” water stewardship project officer Lance Lloyd said. Ingham’s sustainability manager

Boram Keam saw the award as “one of a series of milestones Ingham’s has achieved in the water space recently”. “In 2015, we became a certified water steward and our involvement as a project partner to the Western Port Biosphere Foundation has been critical to achieving our gold level certification.”

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Western Port News 28 November 2017



Rays still suffer despite ban Keith Platt keith@mpnews.com.au EARLY morning walkers at Safety Beach on Friday were horrified and saddened to see the white underbelly of a large dead stingray lying in the shallows. Several passersby they thought it was one they had often admired from the beach. Regulations to protect stingrays, skates and guitar fish came into force on 7 November making it illegal to catch the fish from or within 400 metres of any man made structure. Fisheries officer Rod Barber, who on Friday was checking boats at the Safety Beach launching ramp, found a round wound behind the dead stingray’s head. “If they’re not going to eat the ray it should be returned unharmed to the water,” Mr Barber said. “This one looks like it’s been stabbed and thrown back.” He said the new regulations were also intended to increase people’s respect for the fish “as everything has its place in the environment”. The community group Project Banjo which earlier this year launched a public campaign to protect fish commonly identified as rays or banjo sharks, sees the new regulations as “a huge step forward”. Members of the group photographed parts of the seabed around piers on the Mornington Peninsula littered with the corpses of dead rays, often mutilated by knife wounds. On 1 November the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) announced a ban on the taking of rays more than 1.5 metres across; reduced the bag limit for all skates, guitar fish and all other rays from five to one a day; made it mandatory for the entire fish to be brought back to land so its size could be checked; and banned rays, skates and guitar fish being taken from or within 400 metres of any man made structure. The regulations were introduced in the face of a media campaign which attracted international attention and included a 33,000-signature petition. Project Banjo predicted the changes “are set to lead the way both nationally and internationally in recognising the

need for better treatment of these marine animals that play a vital role in the heath of marine ecosystems” (“Bay rays win protection” The News 7/11/17). Project Banjo coordinator P T Hirschfield, a keen scuba diver and underwater photographer who lives at Safety Beach, said the new regulations “are a massive win in direct response to the senseless slaughter of rays, in particular smooth rays and fiddler rays” publicised by the group. She said the VFA’s “comprehensive solutions package” included the new rules being added to the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide and signs on piers and jetties around Port Phillip. “Rays are generally not considered to be desirable catch, and the Project Banjo action group has collated significant photograph and video evidence of unwanted rays that have been systematically been either slaughtered or mutilated and returned live into the water,” Ms Hirschfield said. “Too often, the smaller rays have been considered as pests that compete for fish or who repeatedly take bait. “Some anglers have killed them to avoid the inconvenience of catching the same ray twice. Many have been mutilated to retrieve inexpensive fishing hooks. Others have been dealt knife wounds and deep cranial splits and had flaps removed or been cut in half while still alive before being discarded into the water, which is blatant animal cruelty.” Ms Hirschfield said stingrays had been portrayed as “malicious man-killers” following the death of Steve Irwin while filming a documentary in 2006. She said the death of the zookeeper, conservationist and television personality was just the third ray-related death in Australian history. “In reality, rays do not attack humans but have been known to act in self-defence when they feel themselves to be in any way threatened,” Ms Hirschfield said. “Typically, these rays are much loved by locals and tourists alike in the waterways and around the man-made structures they frequent.” The deliberate harming of non-target fish species – including rays, toadfish and native sea stars – can be reported to Fisheries Victoria on 13 3474 (13FISH).

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Western Port News 28 November 2017

Discarded catch: Fisheries officer Rod Barber with a stingray found dead at Safety Beach on Friday. The fish had a stab wound behind its head. Picture: Keith Platt

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Western Port News 28 November 2017


NEWS DESK Party house rules Continued from Page 1 Other rules include not exceeding parking spaces, not allowing tents, caravans or campervans and warning tenants of emergency management procedures, such as bush fire evacuation plans. The shire’s environment protection manager John Rankine said the proposed law would require the police to respond to complaints of anti-social behaviour and late night party noise at the time. Council officers would follow up complaints from neighbours “to get their statements and gather further evidence”. Stayz short-term rental provider Christine Delamore, who rents out her holiday home in Dromana mainly to visitors from South-East Asia, said any new rules should apply to all – not just renters. “Whenever rules are brought in they want to appease those who complain,” she said, referring to the 10pm-8am deck and pool curfews which apply only to short-term renters – not other residents. “They really got up our nose,” she said. “Not being allowed to make noise applies to only one segment of the population.” While saying the curfew was “unfair” Ms Delamore agreed “there should be some rules”. “It’s not hard to target repeat offenders and all of the complaints would concern larger homes which take up to 20 people.” Stayz’s government relations chief Eacham Curry predicts the “onerous costs or processes will discourage people from listing their homes and drive up the cost of holiday accommodation”. The shire’s Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law (draft) is on display until 5pm, Friday 7 December, at mornpen.vic.gov.au/haveyoursay

Eyesore: The offending bins. Picture: Supplied

Time to move on smelly bins - resident

Rally against animal deaths Stephen Taylor steve@mpnews.com.au ABOUT 40 pet lovers rallied outside Mornington Peninsula Shire’s offices in Queen St, Mornington last week to protest at the number of animals being killed by the shire’s animal shelter. The Save Mornington Pound Pets rally, Sunday 19 November, expressed concern about the running of the pound, and pushed for changes that would see more animals put up for adoption rather than being put down. The group heard that since the opening of the shire’s new $900,000 shelter in Watt Rd last month, adoption rates have declined and kill rates risen. “This is a public concern as the shire’s decision

Thinking of adopting a pet?

to open the pound 10am-1pm Saturdays without an appointment to increase adoptions seems to have failed,” rally organiser Eugenia Holak said. “The animal caring public want to know where the impounded dogs and cats are going, and what is happening to them, as they are not being put up for adoption at this new facility. “The public wants answers and changes with the running of this pound, to secure more animals for adoption and bring them back into the community into loving homes.” The shire was asked if the Saturday morning trial openings at the animal shelter were effective, what were visitor numbers and how many pets were being adopted. No reply was received before deadline.

“SMELLY, overflowing bins” cluttering up the corner of Mornington-Flinders Rd and Collins St, Red Hill, should be better managed, according to resident Joanna Milosz. Ms Milosz said the often overturned bins, were “not only disgusting to look at but are also a major health hazard, especially now with the hot weather approaching”. “They are right next to [a shop] selling fresh bread and pies, and opposite Red Hill Consolidated Primary School where parents drop off their kids,” she said. “They look disgusting and smell foul. “I think [Mornington Peninsula Shire] council has a duty of care to provide a safer solution to the current situation, but I suspect that, unless this is mentioned in a more public arena, they will simply ignore it.” Ms Milosz wants the shire to “provide a proper enclosure or bigger bins with lids that keep the rubbish in and stop it spilling out”.

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Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5pm By appointment (closed 1pm – 2pm)


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Western Port News 28 November 2017

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AN attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest chain of scuba divers in the world will bring hundreds of divers to Rye next weekend. The Dive Industry of Victoria Association is out to beat the old record of 308 divers off Rye Pier, 10am, Saturday 2 December. Organiser Luke English, who runs Red Boats scuba and snorkelling charters, said that when he originally applied to the Guinness Book of World Records to host a record attempt it stood at 179 people. “I thought we might be able to beat that but, when we got the notice that we had been approved, the record had risen to 308 divers,” he said. That’s the target to beat. The scope of the attempt was daunting, Mr English said. “It’s a big logistical exercise”. “So, I approached the Diving Industry Association and said we would be better doing it as an industry and they agreed.” So far, 400 divers have registered for the attempt. “We could have got more,” said Mr English, adding that he would prefer to beat the record narrowly rather than smash it. That would generate interest in future attempts. “Our goal is to break the record by, say, five people. That would be on my wish list.” Participants will enter the water from the shore east of the car park at 8am. The $26 cost includes a t-shirt. Details: events@divelatrobe.org.au


Tue 12 Dec - All $30 ALADDIN

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Picture: Gary Sissons

Choir sings its last note – maybe MIXED voice choir the Mornington Musicale will present what “may be” its final concert to the Mornington Combined Probus Group on Tuesday 5 December. Formed by Derek Reeves-Cox with the assistance from Fred Abbot, Zena Cohn and Ron Fallaw, the 18-member group established itself as a popular group of entertainers led by musical director Jill Linley and music identity Heather Wickes. Now, after almost 20 years of voluntary service to the peninsula

community, the group has decided to go into “recess” for most of next year. Ms Linley said the musicale had delivered 18-20 professional standard concerts each year. That means that, over time, the group has voluntarily provided about 350 hours of entertainment to more than 8000 audience members in aged care homes, retirement villages, seniors and Probus clubs across the peninsula – from Rosebud to Hastings and Mornington/Mt Eliza. “The group has always been in

demand, with most venues making bookings 12 months in advance,” Ms Linley said. “However, with an ageing complement of singers, increasing retirement travel plans and family demands, the decision has been made to call a stop at the end of this year. “Although the possibility of resuming late next year in some modified form remains open, this December will see the end of the Mornington Musicale in its present 18 mixed voice chamber choir and 20-concert format.”

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Deadline for art show entries MORE than 300 entries have been received for the next Mornington Art Show and organisers expect another 500 works will arrive before the Friday 15 December deadline. “The art show has established itself as the biggest and best quality on the Mornington Peninsula and one of the best in Victoria,” Mornington Rotary Club president John Renowden said. The club will hold its 46th art show for nine days from the opening night on Thursday 18 January until Australia Day, Friday 26 January at the Mornington Peninsula Community Theatre , corner Nepean Highway and Wilsons Rd, Mornington. “Opening night will have a gala party atmosphere with an environmental theme and a display of Aboriginal totem art,” Mr Renowden said. “Gourmet finger food will be served by waitresses and waiters and refreshments will be available from our bar area and jazz music will

punctuate the evening and our feature artists will mingle with guests.” Feature artists at the show will be John Bredl and Kate Jenvey. Mr Renowden said the 800 paintings from a range of media would be for sale. “The great attraction of the Mornington Art Show is the wide variety of art genre from local and interstate artists employing a wide range of media,” he said. Profits from the art show will be used by Mornington Rotary Club for community and international projects. Tickets for the opening night are available at mornington artshow.com.au or from Farrells Bookstore, Main St, Mornington. Artists can submit their work through Gallery 247 until 15 December and any businesses wanting to join the sponsor list should call John Parkinson on 0412 110 804.


MORNINGTON artist Cathy Van Ee gives a demonstration at last year’s Mornington Art Show.

Letters - 300 words maximum and including full name, address and contact number - can be sent to The News, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915 or emailed to: team@mpnews.com.au

Monumental fraud I have found out the hard way that there are some unscrupulous stonemasons who prey on grieving, vulnerable families when it comes to choosing a monument for their loved one that has passed away. I chose a particular stonemason because we saw his work at the Dromana cemetery. We made contact in May and he came to our house and presented as being personable and sympathetic. We signed a contract and had a verbal agreement that the monument would be completed just before my late wife’s birthday (roughly 19 weeks from the signing of the contract). I was to pay in three instalments: up to now I have paid $4600. The trouble started after payment of the second instalment. He would commit to a start date and then, without explanation, wouldn’t show up. He does not reply to text or phone calls and I have since discovered that he does not have premises to work from, but rents space from another stonemason. Up until today, my wife’s monument is not completed. What I have to look at every day that I go to her grave is a hole in the ground covered by a sheet of ply board with three witches hats sitting on top. I have been informed the stonemason has changed his company name and now have to engage a reputable stonemason to complete the work that this so-called stone mason reneged on. My advice to anyone that is getting a monument for their loved one is to check out the bona fides of the person they’re engaging. Check with the Dromana Cemetery Trust at the Mornington Peninsula Shire offices or contact the stonemasons’ association to see if they are in fact who they say they are. As for me, I have to write off $4600 and start again. Be very careful. John Cain, McCrae

Sounds of dogs The new [proposed] party house laws are welcome. Exactly the same process and law

modelled on this should also be put in place regarding barking dogs. The requirement for recording barking dogs over a prolonged period makes it a frustrating, tedious process. Despite direct approach to the owners and occasional visits from rangers, we put up with two nearby neighbouring houses, each with dogs that are barkers. The dog owners seem entirely unwilling to remedy the situation, so it’s about time a more proactive approach was taken - including substantial fines and penalties. I’m sure the barking dog owners wouldn’t hesitate to complain about a party house if their peace and quiet was compromised! Neville Green, Mornington

Sounds of tractors Thank you for your sensitive handling and publishing of my piece you entitled “Shire hypocritical with help for aged” (Letters 31/10/17). The letter to the mayor, as mentioned, received an automatic reply stating that the correspondence was important and would be forwarded to the relevant department for consideration. Department? It continued: “As part of our correspondence commitment, you will receive a response from the [Mornington Peninsula] Shire within 12 work days or less”. Again that word “commitment”. They failed. Nothing has been received by post or email. We are now past the 13th work day and counting. Today a letter was sent to David Bergin (executive manager planning services) challenging and disproving things that he has written to us, such as claiming to not have sufficient evidence to issue our neighbour a prohibition notice under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act, when council has been sent dozens if not hundreds of photographs. When he and his offsider came to our house to discuss matters they were invited to see duplicates of all photos we have sent to council. They refused to see them and also refused to listen to a single sound of the many hours we have of recorded industrial and vehicular noise.

Today’s letter included 21 pictures taken during October of tractors being operated next door and was sent by internal mail from the shire’s Hastings office after ensuring that it was all sighted by the attendant who signed my preprepared receipt. Name and address supplied

‘No’ vote fears Perhaps the federal government may now be able to settle down to running this country in the wake of a most physically and socially aggressive action on the “Yes” to the same sex marriage survey, with major corporate funding, and even threats to smaller businesses. Even sporting gurus got in on the act. This will not be a good look for the yet unborn generations if and when they study Australian politics. However, in a TV broadcast this past week, there was an interview being conducted with two swarthy, middle-aged men, possibly guardians of a child as one was holding a pale baby girl, probably about seven months old. I found some of this disturbing as to the nature of this association when we are more focused than ever on child safety. Was one of them the parent, with the child’s mother consenting? In what part of the world did this take place? My heart really went out to this little girl (made me cry actually) who in her life will never know the warmth, touch and loving care of a mother. No man can ever fill this void. It is my concern to protect the rights of children who have no voice in their own fate. Where are the militant feminists on this issue? Maureen Federico, Frankston South

Mayor’s road ahead Congratulations to Colin Hampton being elected mayor of Frankston. To read his opening speech how Frankston is gearing up for possible state and federal elections, is outside his domain; it defies belief. If the mayor wants unity and respect, he must keep his views to himself. I suggest to Cr

Hampton should immediately work towards a bipartisan unity within the council. All Frankston councillors must work together. Respect only comes to a healthy, honest and transparent leadership. Mayor, please lead the way forward without any political agendas. Do it for the Frankston community, not yourself. Vic Langsam, Frankston

No happy returns The government says the National Energy Guarantee will save the average household up to $115 a year after 2020. I am still waiting for my $500 savings from the elimination of the carbon tax. I sent [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt an invoice, but never received a cheque so did no bother invoicing him for subsequent years. Joe Lenzo, Safety Beach

Spare the chickens The story on ABC TV last week showing chickens being scalded to death in a Victorian abattoir shocked many viewers, but also illustrates a basic truth about animal agriculture: wherever there is exploitation for money, there will be abuse. Corporations that abuse animals are governed only by their bottom line; animal welfare will always play second fiddle. This is the way economics works, and calling for better supervision, by governments who see their role as maximising those same profits, is whistling in the wind. The only way to stop chickens being slaughtered in agony at a fraction of their potential lives, or the other shocking abuse of other animals we have witnessed repeatedly in exposes by animal activists (and never by government inspections), is to vote with our dollars. Three times daily, we can all vote to stop animal abuse by choosing to buy delicious, healthy vegan foods instead of artery-blocking animal flesh, milk and eggs. Desmond Bellamy, special projects coordinator, PETA Australia

New generation TOP-UP hearing aids now FREE* Eligible pensioners and veterans are entitled to FREE hearing aids through the government’s hearing services scheme*, or they can pay extra (TOP-UP) for hearing aids with additional or more advanced features. As an EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFFER, Hidden Hearing is providing eligible pensioners and veterans with certain TOP-UP hearing aids incorporating the

latest generation technology (valued at $3,000) FREE OF CHARGE until the END OF DECEMBER.

CALL NOW to book your FREE hearing assessment and start hearing better again.

The choice is yours, either a discreet deep canal aid or a miniature receiver in canal aid. In both cases the aids will be small and discreet, and programmed to your specific hearing levels and unique personal needs.

1800 717 717


HIDDEN,, UH EARING "A hearing loss is more noticeable than a hearing aid"

*Conditions and eligibility requirements apply under the Commonwealth Hearing Services Voucher System. Offer ends December 31st, 2017.

Western Port News 28 November 2017



Western Port News 28 November 2017

• Driving Range • Precision Fitting Centre • Lessons & Clinics

Centenary Park Public Golf Course is an 18 hole course and is recognised as one of Melbourne’s best public golf courses and one of the longest at 6122 at metres.

f Just of a ul s n i n e P Link

2 Centenary Park Golf Course – McClelland Drive, Frankston. Ph 9789 1480

1 Edithvale Public Golf Course – Fraser Ave, Edithvale. Ph 9772 4242



custom fit set of irons

W I N a

Play a round of g at any of these fe olf courses for your c atured hance to

48 Loders Rd, Moorooduc 3933 03 5978 8470 www.devilbendgolf.com.au

Devilbend Golf Club





Only $1195 | No Joining Fee

Lifestyle Membership

Golf Course Directory

Western Port






‘a lifestyle village for the over 50’s’ 249 High Street, Hastings, 3915 www.peninsulaparklands.com.au

$ 1 8 0 , 0 0 0

$ 1 9 0 , 0 0 0

u Kitchen and separate dining u Large lounge u Bathroom and Euro laundry u Two bedrooms with BIR’s u Single lock-up garage u Air-conditioning

u u u

u Huge open lounge u Dining area with bay window u Two bedrooms with BIR u Kitchen with bench space u Fantastic backyard u Single carport

$ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0

$ 1 9 0 , 0 0 0

Open plan living u Formal lounge Two bedrooms with BIR’s u Modern kitchen u Single carport Quality bathroom

$ 2 3 8 , 0 0 0



u Huge open lounge u Modern kitchen u Dining area with bay windows u Large verandah u Two bedrooms with BIR’s u Single garage

u Open plan kitchen u Sep. bathroom and laundry u Sep. meals area & lounge u Air-conditioning u Two bedrooms with BIR’s u Single garage

$ 2 6 0 , 0 0 0

u Huge kitchen & dining area u large lounge u Air conditioning

u Two bedrooms u European laundry u Garage with roller door

To arrange your site inspection contact David Nelli 0403 111 234 or at the office on 5979 2700 Email: david@peninsulaparklands.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 2



A LIFESTYLE BEYOND COMPARE START each and every day with a breathtaking 180-degree Port Phillip Bay and Mornington harbour view from this magnificent Tuscan-style villa nestled on a 738 square metre block alive with colour. Astoundingly elegant, the three level residence was built to capture the ever-changing panorama of the bay, but perhaps most enchanting of all is the glorious terraced garden which combines the charm of an quaint English tea house with that of the main home, which draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean. The home is securely set behind a rendered wall with sturdy iron gates across the drive that leads down to a large double garage complete with wash room, laundry and a cellar. Several living areas on the ground floor are all orientated towards the bay, in particular the family and lounge areas that both open out to one of two expansive terracotta tiled balconies. A vibrant showcase of colour and plush carpets are on display in the formal lounge which also has a magnificent wood heater with marble hearth. There is an adjoining formal dining area, and to the lovely kitchen are thick 40-millimetre stone bench tops and a range of quality Smeg and Miele appliances including a dishwasher and wall oven. The main bathroom has a large shower and claw foot bath tub, and you can just as comfortably soak it up in the luxurious ensuite with corner spa bath that complements the master bedroom upstairs. Other external appointments include automatic blinds and awnings, six water tanks, and at the end of the garden is storage shed. Available to purchase for the first time in 20 years, this fantastic beachside home is an once in a generation opportunity not to be missed.n



ADDRESS: 7 Craigrossie Road, MORNINGTON FOR SALE: $2,300,000 - $2,500,000 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car AGENT: Kara James, 0412 939 224 - Harcourts, Suite 2/1a Main Street, Mornington, 5970 8000 mpnews.com.au


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

By Appointment


Page 3

$1.2 - $1.32 MILLON


$495,000 - $515,000









STYLISH AND SPACIOUS FAMILY RETREAT • Master and guest bedrooms both with WIR & ensuite • Spacious and separate living areas • Kitchen with ample bench & cupboard space • Huge outdoor undercover alfresco area • Two paddocks to the rear, and single paddock to the front • Plenty of sheds with power and mezzanine floor


SEAN CRIMMINS 0411 734 814

• Single level 3 bedroom unit; master bedroomwith FES • Large living area, quality kitchen with s/steel appliances • Reverse cycle split system • Separate bathroom and laundry • Double garage with internal access • Lovely courtyard and low maintenance gardens.








0419 955 177

$795,000 - $820,000








TRADIES DELIGHT • Home in need of a complete renovation • 3 Bedrooms • Open plan living area • 600sqm approx block

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! • 547sqm corner block • 2 units on one title, each with 2 bedrooms, living area, dining area, kitchen & outdoor alfresco • Polished floorboards • Air-conditioning • TERMS 10% DEPOSIT, SETTLEMENT 60/90/120 Days

ARCHITECT DESIGNED CONTEMPORARY HOME • Well proportioned open plan living area • Kitchen with high quality detailing throughout • 3 to 4 bedrooms • Main bathroom and ensuite to master bedroom • Semi-circular driveway with double garage • Gardens enclosed by rendered retaining walls







SEAN CRIMMINS 0411 734 814

PRICE GUIDE $650,000 - $710,000

DON McKENZIE 0419 955 177

DON McKENZIE 0419 955 177 $620,000 - $670,000




$540,000 - $594,000







ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE PROPERTY - 1882sqm (approx) • 2 large bedrooms with built in robes • Light and bright aspect • Premium gas heated Blue Marlin in-ground pool • Enclosed outdoor entertaining with toilet & kitchenette • Massive backyard

INVESTOR/OWNER OCCUPIER • Designer kitchen with stainless steel appliances • Open plan living / dining with separate lounge • Main bedroom has WIR and ensuite • Carpets, floating floors, heating/cooling • Landscaped gardens • Swimming pool, schools and park lands are close by

IMMACULATE FAMILY HOME! • 3 bedrooms; master bedroom with WIR & FES • Kitchen with s/steel stove & plenty of bench space • Separate living areas • Open plan dining area • Outdoor alfresco area • Double garage plus side access for extra parking







SEAN CRIMMINS 0411 734 814

DON McKENZIE 0419 955 177

SEAN CRIMMINS 0411 734 814

1/109 High St, Hastings, VIC 3915 03 5979 4412 | enquiries@baywestrealestate.com.au baywestrealestate.com.au


Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 4


Shop 1/34 High Street, Hastings

5979 8003




$600,000 - $650,000



$2,300,000 - $2,500,000






Set on a massive 2,120m2 block, this cosy 2 bedroom cottage with rustic country features is surrounded by native gardens and offers blissful privacy. Rear access from Urquhart Crescent to a huge workshop, with other features to the home including polished timber floor boards, vaulted ceilings, large colonial windows, decked front and rear bull nose verandahs, built in robes, gas cooking and gas heating, modern bathroom, water tank and BBQ area. Contact: Wendy Tallon 0419 135 836 or Nick Grounds 0402 216 265













3 Bedroom, 1 bathroom fibro cottage situated on a large 2,158m2 block which backs onto the the Crib Point pony club. Featuring built in robes, solar panels, air conditioning, ducted heating, gas cooking appliances, large workshop with power and concrete floor. 4 car carport, with high span clearance for caravans and boats, 2 x 9,000L water tanks, and all town services areconnected.

Situated on approx. 10 acres of slightly undulating land in Kinfauns Estate, this home has has been designed with space, luxury and quality in mind. Welcomed with opulence as soon as you step into the formal entry, this immaculately presented 60sq home plus 15sq patio (approx 75sq in total) has endless inclusions. Featuring open plan kitchen, dining, family and rumpus room, the kitchen has a dishwasher, Insinkerator, gas oven and cook top. A luxurious master bedroom features his and hers walk in robe and ensuite with spa, double shower, toilet, bidet and electric floor coil heating. Two more bedrooms have BIR’s and share the main bathroom. Several additional living zones plus a double garage with loft.

Contact: Wendy Tallon 0419 135 836 or Nick Grounds 0402 216 265

Contact: Wendy Tallon 0419 135 836


$640,000 - $680,000



$530,000 - 580,000


Fully renovated 3BR home set on a 1011m2 block offering modern comfort, privacy and character. Lovely natural light gleams off the solid timber floorboards that flow throughout the front lounge room with gas log fire and into the kitchen with dishwasher and s/steel gas oven. An adjoining rumpus room opens to an undercover alfresco area featuring a wood fire, BBQ area and café blinds.

Immaculate 4BR home set on a 719m2 block with full length verandah, large lounge and formal dining with cosy open fire place. A well equipped kitchen and meals area features a gas cook top, electric oven, pantry & dishwasher. Other features include BIR’s to 3 bedrooms, master with WIR & FES, gas heating, gas hot water, slate floors, plenty of storage and natural light throughout.

$920,000 - $990,000

$1,375,000 - $1,500,000






$200,000 - $220,000





Tucked away in a quiet street sits this whopping 2149m2 allotment with a spacious family home offering double lock up garage with work shop, three bedrooms, galley kitchen with s/steel appliances, two living areas, master bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite, electric log fire, split system air conditioning and a large rear pergola. Only a moments drive to the beautiful Balnarring Beach, walking distance to shopping centre, transport, primary and pre-schools.

185m2 block situated right in the town centre. Available with plans and permits for a 2 bedroom Townhouse, a short walk will have you arrive at the foreshore, schools, High Street and transport. This property offers the perfect opportunity for retirees, investors or first home owners wanting something new, affordable with savings on stamp duty.

A winding tree lined driveway conceals this versatile 3.8 acre lifestyle property in the beautiful semi-rural Kinfauns Estate. This property is currently run as a boutique equine property, and is also suitable for hobby farming. The double storey home offers a beautiful upstairs parents retreat which includes master bedroom with WIR & FES, there is a separate formal lounge opening to a wrap around deck where you can enjoy delightful views of the property, and downstairs includes a well-equipped kitchen and family meals area, plus a spacious formal dining and lounge room which also opens to an outdoor entertaining deck and terrace.

WENDY TALLON Director / Sales Manager Licenced Real Estate Agent 0419 135 836 wendy@btre.com.au mpnews.com.au

NICK GROUNDS Sales Consultant Licenced Real Estate Agent 0402 216 265 sales@btre.com.au




Contact: Wendy Tallon 0419 135 836

btre.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 5


UNIQUE LUXURY IN SOMERS Be captured by the sheer size of this wonderful home including the sprawling balcony and expansive sunrooms affording Westernport Bay views, an envious indoor pool and sauna, just to name a few of the luxuries occupying this Somers home. Only a short walk to the stunning Somers beach and a three minute drive to the General Store you will fall in love with this exclusive and quiet Suburb. Boasting quality & functional features including, four bedrooms all with BIR’s, Master with WIR and ensuite, solid timber kitchen with plenty of cupboard & bench space, huge light filled living areas, two sunrooms & top level leading to the enormous entertainers terrace with sink/food prep area and electric awning, indoor pool area houses the large sauna, a bathroom, sink /bench area, 3 expansive sliding doors, dehumidifier and ample heat strips for year round entertaining, sizeable laundry separate utility room plus underground basement/cellar, low maintenance gardens, DBL L/U garage, heating/ cooling to upstairs & downstairs, no immediate neighbours to the right or to the rear of the property. If you’ve been searching for a sea change, looking to upsize or an impressive holiday home for family & friends to enjoy, then don’t let this one go.

AUCTION Saturday 9th December at 1:00pm TERMS 10% Deposit, Vacant Possession Balance 30 days Saturday 12:30 - 1:00pm VIEW Tayla Schoots 0415 517 340 AGENT






SWEET AND NEAT HOBBY FARM Be quick to secure your very own, fully off-grid micro-farm with 4 bedroom home on 46 acres and no council rates! Features include beautiful grazing land, excellent fencing, multiple paddocks, dams, ample shedding, strong stock-yards, shelter trees and a short drive to a great beach. Live the dream on this wonderful island paradise, only an hour from Melbourne and a short ferry trip over Westernport Bay. French Island also has a vehicle barge to transport cattle and sheep trucks to and from the island as well as a brand new passenger ferry service to make access the best it has ever been.


4 CENTURY 21 HOMEPORT 5979 3555

CENTURY 21.COM.AU mpnews.com.au

Contact Agent By Appointment Phil Bock 0438 497 715 Chris Watt 0417 588 321




SMARTER BOLDER FASTER Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 6



FANTASTIC FAMILY HOME Set on a generous 750sqm block, this home offers space, privacy and convenience, located in a peaceful, family friendly neighbourhood, central to all amenites Hastings has to offer. Comprising 4 bedrooms all with BIR’s, plus a study, master with WIR & double basin ENS two generous & light filled living areas both open to a large concrete alfresco area, central kitchen with 900mm gas cooker, huge pantry, plenty of bench & cupboard space, ducted heating throughout with split system air-conditioning to the lounge. Outside boast plenty of room to entertain, alongside the double garage is side access to the rear of the block to park a caravan/boat. Currently tenanted on month by month basis.

PRICE $630,000 - $650,000 VIEW Saturday 2:00 -2:30pm AGENT Tayla Schoots 0415 517 340







If space is what you’re after, this is the one for you! A 4 bedroom, country style cedar home occupies this wonderful block with all its original fixtures and fittings, two large living areas, central kitchen, front & back verandah and gas coonara - Potential to renovate and create a beautiful family home. Outside features veggie patch, fruit trees, wood sheds, chicken house and a HUGE SHED with mezzanine plus an office/studio perfect for those working from home. A large, flat block of land located in the quiet streets of Crib Point represents a great opportunity for tradies, renovators and families looking to upsize, renovate the house or build a new home of your dreams. This property is true value for money and won’t last long.


PRICE $690,000 - $740,000 VIEW Saturday 12:00 -12:30pm AGENT Richard whitehead 0412 328 718






CALLING ALL DEVELOPERS PRIME 3296M2 SITE 2 Substantial brick buildings originally designed for educational use and now in need of substantial works for residential conversion OR demolish to make way for a completely new development. Both buildings (one split level) feature truss roof construction, colourbond clad roof and aluminium windows with brick fence to front and sealed car park adjacent to Stony Point Road. Rear access off 12 meter wide unconstructed Government Road.Zoned General Residential under the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme and subject to Design and Development Overlay # 19 which restricts accommodation to a maximum of 4 dwellings (STCA).

FOR SALE BY TENDER CLOSING WED 6th DECEMBER @ 4:00PM TERMS 10% Deposit. Balance 60 days Vacant Possession VIEW By Appointment AGENT Richard Whitehead 0412 328 718 Chris Watt 0417 588 321



CENTURY 21.COM.AU mpnews.com.au

SMARTER BOLDER FASTER Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 7

5979 2489

64 High Street, Hastings www.robertsandgreen.com.au N TIO DAY C AU TUR SA ON


CRIB POINT 151 Disney Street

BITTERN 2562 Frankston-Flinders Road

UNFORGETTABLE ELEGANCE & STYLE IN THE HEART OF TOWN - Behind the picturesque facade of this captivating residence, you will find superbly proportioned interior spaces which brilliantly balance period elegance with family comfort.

SURPRISINGLY SPACIOUS & READY TO RENEW - With a flexible, well-designed layout and an abundance of storage options, this versatile property is positioned for ultimate convenience to the town centre, transport and Bittern Primary School.

Three bedrooms + study. Gorgeous kitchen with stone & timber benchtops plus stainless-steel appliances. n Light filled lounge and dining with split system heating and cooling. n Side access via a laneway to store a truck or caravan. n Hard wood floors and high ceilings with traditional cornices. n Front yard boasts landscaped gardens and a choice of two sun decks.

Well-suited to first home buyers, tradespeople or renovators. Four bedrooms with built-in-robes. n Free-standing bungalow which can be utilized as a study or fifth bedroom. n Central family kitchen with gas cooktop and servery to the casual dining room. n Spacious lounge and meals area, plus fully enclosed alfresco. n Single garage with internal access and large workshop to the rear.

Auction: Saturday, December 2nd at 12:00pm Terms: 10% Deposit, Settlement 30/60/90 days.

Auction: Saturday, December 2nd at 2:30pm Terms: 10% Deposit, Settlement 30/60/90 days.

n n

Inspect: Saturday 11:30-12:00pm







n n


Inspect: Saturday 2:00-2:30pm








HASTINGS 15 Burke Street

BITTERN 48 Morton Crescent

TIMELESS STYLE, DYNAMIC SIZE & A DESIRABLE SETTING - It will be easy to fall in love with this beautiful family home in Old Tyabb which sets the scene for offering a sensational lifestyle that will appeal to large families who love to entertain.

FAMILY DIMENSIONS WITH A HUGE SHED & LOW-MAINTENANCE BLOCK - With plentiful living space, generous accommodation and abundant natural light; the property is located in a family-friendly suburb where shops, schools and transport are all close by.

Set on 1,009sqm (approx.) Three bedrooms; master suite with walk-in-robe, ensuite and ceiling fan. n Study or fourth bedroom with robes. n Formal lounge at the front of the home and a children’s rumpus room to the rear. n Kitchen with electric oven/ gas cooktop and a Bosch dishwasher. n Open-plan dining and living space opens to a wrap-around alfresco. n n

For Sale: $795,000 - $850,000 Inspect: By Appointment







Four bedrooms; master bedroom with generous walk-in-robe and ensuite. Well-designed kitchen with stone benchtops, LG dishwasher and Technika oven. n Casual living and dining area, family room and a separate study. n Ducted heating and cooling. n Side access to an enormous shed with power and large sliding door. n Outdoor entertaining area, solar panels and plenty of space for extra parking. n n

For Sale: $750,000



Inspect: By Appointment

Lisa Roberts

Wilma Green

Jodie Makepeace Paige Brierley

Chris McKearny

Ronelle Kraulis

Gail Miles










Anna Puszka

Tuesday, 28 November 2017




John Woolley ACCOUNTS


Page 8

“The difference between a good price and a great price is a great estate agent”




HASTINGS 1 Spring Street $550,000 open to view By Appointment n 3 bedroom home in a great location, set on a 795m2 block n Walking distance to High Street, bus route and marina n Potential 3 or 4 unit site (STCA)






SOMERS 42 Sandy Point Road $1,800,000 - $1,950,000 open to view By Appointment n n n n








Town water & gas - Approx 10 acres of land 6 bedrooms + study and four bathrooms Kitchen with gas cooktop & dual wall ovens A spectacular property of grand scale and size

Nigel Evans| 0439 540 055

Dominic Tallon| 0408 528 857


EVIEW GROUP PROPERTY MANAGER OF THE YEAR! Congratulations to Trudie Thobe from Tallon Estate Agents who has been awarded Property Manager Of The Year at the annual Eview Group Gala Awards. Trudie was chosen above all other property managers in the Eview Group Australia wide to take out this prestigious title. Trudie’s focus on excellent communication with both landlords and tenants, along with her years of experience and attention to detail, have earned her this respected industry recognition.

Are you a landlord who deserves the best? Give Trudie a call on 5979 3000 and you’ll see why she’s #1.


Why list with one, when you can list with all Office: 35 High Street, Hastings



Tuesday, 28 November 2017

5979 3000


Page 9

‘ Western Port Christmas Giving Program supply gifts to around 360 children 12 and under as well as non- perishable food items to make hampers for around 350 families, couples and singles from Baxter through to Flinders who have registered.

Please donate a present and/or food items before the 14th of December into our office at

69 High Street, Hastings to put under our giving tree and we’ll make sure it gets to a deserving family in our local community.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 10





SET on park-like grounds that measure about 3040 square metres, this character-filled home is one of comfort, perfectly attuned to the needs of a growing family. Lovely authentic period features grace the interior with the high ceilings complemented by decorative cornices and polished timber floorboards. The master bedroom has an ensuite with corner spa bath and twin vanity unit, plus air-conditioning and from here there is direct access out to the huge entertaining deck which has café blinds. Three more bedrooms – two with built-in robes and a study desk - all share the elegant main bathroom with claw foot bath. A lightfilled open-plan family area incorporates the splendid timber kitchen which showcases a dishwasher, Tasmanian Oak benchtops, a walk-in pantry and a gas cooktop. The rustic charm of a combustion wood fire radiates warmth throughout the nearby lounge and dining zones, yet for convenience there is split system heating and cooling, and zoned ducted heating is throughout the home. Externally there is a large double garage under the roof line complete with toilet and wash basin, and a free-standing workshop has power connected.n

THIS well-maintained property has lovely street appeal, and with first-class presentation inside and out this will be an absolute gem for any first home buyer. There are two living zones which include a spacious living room with gas log-effect heater, ceiling fan and airconditioning, and a bright meals area and family room with woodheater that adjoins the kitchen. The character kitchen has an upright electric stove with gas hotplates and plenty of shelf and cupboard space. All three bedrooms have built-in robes and share the main bathroom. Pleasingly, the home is just as appealing on the outside with the flat 684 square metre block featuring neat gardens, a tandem carport to the front, and towards the back of the block is a double garage with workshop. Opening from the family room is a private undercover entertaining area with ceiling fans. Positioned in a quiet pocket of popular Tyabb, central to many of the attractions on the peninsula, this pleasant home is close to shops, schools and transport.n




ADDRESS: 127 Urquhart Crescent, BITTERN FOR SALE: $895,000 - $984,000 DESCRIPTION: 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car AGENT: Lisa Roberts 0488 910 368Roberts & Green Real Estate, 64 High Street, Hastings, 5979 2489

2/93 Salmon Street, HASTINGS

3/93 Salmon Street, HASTINGS



Modern Townhouse Living Practical and stylish, this two storey townhouse is perfect for the first home buyer or investor. An open plan living and kitchen space flows out to the undercover outdoor area, and also on this level is a bedroom with BIR’s and a bathroom. Upstairs are 2 more bedrooms; master with WIR & FES, plus a second lounge room. The Hastings Marina along with shops and cafes is just around the corner. It is periodically leased at $360 per week.


ADDRESS: 1 Pine Grove, TYABB FOR SALE: $510,000 - $560,000 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 2 car AGENT: Tim Ripper 0434 513 640 - Harcourts, 10/14 High Street, Hastings, 5970 7333




for sale PRICE



Saturday 2:00-2:30pm


Ruby Smith 0434 744 744 ruby.smith@stockdaleleggo.com.au


An Excellent Investment A stylish, modern design makes this impressive townhouse the ideal choice for those seeking a low maintenance lifestyle. Downstairs is the well-appointed kitchen with s/ steel appliances that overlooks the open plan dining & lounge area which has sliding doors opening out to a private courtyard. Upstairs is the main bathroom, a small living area and the master bedroom with WIR, FES and balcony. Also including double garage, ducted heating and air-con. Currently leased until Oct 2018 and returning $360 per week.




for sale PRICE



Saturday 2:00-2:30pm


Ruby Smith 0434 744 744 ruby.smith@stockdaleleggo.com.au


5979 4177 69 High Street, Hastings mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888


Magnificent from first impression to final detail, Dalywaters is set on a breathtaking 10 acres (approx.) with beautiful landscaped gardens complementing a true country four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home with a multitude of living areas. The park-like grounds filled with roses, pinot noir vineyard and winding walks leading you through fragrant arbours, Evergreen Alder glade, entertaining gazebo, ornamental dam with jetty, to the wetlands and Balcombe Creek. Designed to host weddings, Dalywaters features an exquisite garden Chapel and extensive parking opening up an exciting opportunity for the purchaser to carry on the tradition, retain for private purposes or bring to life their own business venture.

A4 B3 C4 Auction Inspect Contact

Saturday 16th Decenber 2:00pm As advertised or by appointment Damian Smith 0481 875 243 Sam Galvin 0447 343 513


bowmanandcompany.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888

Dromana Auction this Saturday


360 Boundary Road, Dromana Framing stunning panoramic bay and coastal views that showcase the city skyline, the best of the Peninsula and glorious bay, this state-of-the-art north-facing two-year-old five-bedroom, three-bathroom plus a study residence is a flawless entertainer’s oasis. To give you a taste there’s a dream Caesarstone kitchen with four ovens, a magnificent entertainer’s garden with expanses of decking and an eight seater spa with surround sound, beautiful family spaces, theatre room, upper-level living with kitchenette and balcony backdropped with panoramic views, also enjoyed from the luxurious master bedroom suite. Features double glazed windows, motorised blinds, 5kw solar electricity and more!

Auction Saturday 2nd December 1:00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Kylie Miller 0404 041 554 Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 bowmanandcompany.com.au

A5 B3 C2



7 Strachans Road, Mornington A sanctuary by the sea, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom two-storey residence is wrapped in private and low-maintenance gardens while showcasing fabulous upper-level bay views. Features ground-floor living with gas fireplace, Caesarstone kitchen and dining room opening to front and rear dining decks, top-floor living and dining with magnificent views across the bay and Mornington, sea-viewing main bedroom with double shower en suite, heating, air conditioning and floorboards.

Auction 9th December 11:00am Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 Kylie Miller 0404 041 554 bowmanandcompany.com.au

A4 B3 C2 bowmanandcompany.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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VERY NICE ON VENICE THIS luxurious beach side townhouse has a clever design and an excellent frontage that generates great street appeal. Showcasing a quality finish full of class and distinction, the double storey home features handsome oak floorboards and high ceilings to a spacious, light-filled living area which has access out to an alfresco deck with retractable awing. The impressive kitchen has Caesarstone bench tops, and a host of stainless-steel by Bosch includes a dishwasher incorporated into the large island bench. Adjoining the kitchen is the lovely dining area which also opens to a pleasant entertaining deck. Rounding out the ground floor is a gorgeous master bedroom with walk-in robe and ensuite, and a handy powder room. Upstairs is perfect for the children with a rumpus room at the top of the stairs perfect for studying or gaming, and three large bedrooms all share the main bathroom. Smart features that elevate this townhouse above the others include a ducted vacuum and ducted heating system, there is refrigerated cooling, and the beautiful grounds are fully landscaped.n



ADDRESS: 1/9 Venice Street, MORNINGTON FOR SALE: $1,195,000 - $1,295,000 DESCRIPTION: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car AGENT: Keith Burns, 0416 079 401 Ray White Real Estate, 5/117-133 Main Street, Mornington, 5977 1877

168 Main Street, Mornington VIC 3931 T. 03 5975 6888 Mount Martha


11A Hakea Drive, Mount Martha Yet to celebrate its first birthday, this as new single-level three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence is the embodiment of first class low-maintenance living in a prime location. Private, light-filled and stylishly detailed, the home enjoys set-back seclusion, sun-drenched alfresco entertaining backdropped by rose lined low-maintenance gardens in addition to a double remote garage. Separate living and dining rooms each feature walls of glass sliding open to expanses of decking; while the kitchen hosts on trend appointments from a stone island with breakfast bar to Smeg appliances. Ducted heating and cooling add to the excellence close to Bentons Square shopping, parks, buses and schools.

Auction Saturday 16th December 12:00pm Inspection As advertised or by appointment Contact Robert Bowman 0417 173 103 Kylie Miller 0404 041 554 bowmanandcompany.com.au

A3 B2 C2 bowmanandcompany.com.au


Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Hastings 3/19 Edward Street Ground Floor 2 Bedroom Flat This well presented ground floor flat features new paint and carpet plus large open plan lounge room, well planned kitchen with plenty of

cupboard space. Bathroom with shower/toilet. Separate laundry. Located at the rear of the block. Car space available





Close to all amenities

For Lease $230 Per Week View By Appointment www.harcourts.com.au Hastings Office P 03 5970 7333 hastings@harcourts.com.au Harcourts Hastings 10/14 High Street


Situated within a quiet court and only minutes walk to the town centre is this presentable family, brick veneer home. Consisting of 3 bedrooms, separate lounge with gas heating and a split system, meals area off

the kitchen equipped with electric cooking. Outside offers low maintenance gardens and a single carport. All this within walking distance to the foreshore!



For Lease $315 Per Week View By Appointment www.harcourts.com.au Hastings Office P 03 5970 7333 hastings@harcourts.com.au

Harcourts Hastings 10/14 High Street


Hastings 41 Coolstore Road Two Bedroom Home Spacious two bedroom home only moments from the town centre. Featuring main lounge upon entry which leads you to the kitchen/meals area. Kitchen features a freestanding gas oven and plenty of cupboard

Hastings 9 Ash Court

space. Two spacious bedrooms, both with BIR’s. Large main bathroom and separate laundry. Further features are gas heating and evaporative cooling. Single lockup garage with internal access.




For Lease $310 Per Week View By Appointment www.harcourts.com.au Hastings Office P 03 5970 7333 hastings@harcourts.com.au

Bittern 3/27-29 Sudholz Street


Brand New Two Bedroom Unit Brand new two bedroom unit available in Bittern. This well presented unit features two bedrooms with BIR’s. Open plan living combined with the kitchen. Kitchen features gas

stove top, electric oven and dishwasher. Main bathroom and seperate laundry. Ducted heating and split system. Single remote garage with internal access

Harcourts Hastings 10/14 High Street



For Lease $360 Per Week View By Appointment www.harcourts.com.au Hastings Office P 03 5970 7333 hastings@harcourts.com.au Harcourts Hastings 10/14 High Street

When It comes to managing your property, we have an unwavering commitment to place the best tenants into your number one asset. For outstanding service, knowledge and a property management experience that exceeds your expectations, talk to us. Contact Sue, Mellisa, Kristy or Liane for any property management needs, to them it’s not just a job it’s a passion. hastings.harcourts.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Somerville 211 Coolart Road





Appreciate the vista Perfectly positioned, this double storey family friendly spacious home provides some of the Mornington Peninsulas best views stretching over Westernport Bay. Set on a 1 acre block surrounded by larger properties, this home boasts 3 good sized bedrooms, each with their own split system for individual comfort, master with semi ensuite and walk in robe, family bathroom and 2 fantastic living areas which allows for a bit of peace and privacy for everyone. The modern kitchen, only 12 months old, with stainless steel appliances, stone bench tops, soft close draws and dishwasher, connecting seamlessly to a dining area and outdoor entertaining deck through bi-fold doors. You will never tire of enjoying a drink morning or night from the large upstairs living area with built-in cabinetry, bi-fold doors leading onto decking, taking in the vast and beautiful panorama stretched out below. But if you do, downstairs offers a choice of an open deck or undercover deck with spa, a great option to relax. Outside you cannot miss the 16 x 10 shed, fully lined and insulated, connected to power and with built-in storage, a great place to run a business or store the toys. Areas for our four legged friends and chooks are catered for as well.In addition: a bore, 45,000 litre water tanks, single garage, single carport and small shedding. Six split systems throughout the home, study nook, floating timber flooring. This is your chance to feel like you are sitting on top of the world every day, call now to secure this amazing opportunity.


Saturday 2nd December at 1:00pm View Saturday from 12:30pm www.harcourts.com.au Sandra Barling M 0419 631 179 P 03 5977 7110 sandra.barling@harcourts.com.au

Harcourts Somerville 1 Eramosa Road West

Stephen harvey M 0410 378 792 P 03 5970 7333 stephen.harvey@harcourts.com.au

Harcourts Hastings 10/14 High Street

hastings.harcourts.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Balnarring 27 Hurley Court





Balnarring Beauty - Potential 4 Lot Subdivison (STCA) This beautiful home is situated in a premium position on a generous 2642m2 (approx.) lot, and will appeal to families, holiday makers and developers alike. From the beautiful cottage gardens, ample sheds, aviary and multiple deck areas, which all have a fabulous outlook across the property, this gorgeous home has timber lined vaulted ceilings to the open plan lounge and family areas, separate dining room, study and country style kitchen with stainless steel range hood. There is also a great sized laundry and a separate toilet. Three spacious bedrooms include the master bedroom with BIR, ensuite with dressing area, study nook, sitting area and access to the front deck, whilst a guest bedroom has a dual-entry bathroom and a walk-in robe. The beautiful garden has a flat lawn area for the kids and pets to run free, and also outdoors is a large garage that has been lined and comes with power, cooling and water. Other outbuildings include a carport. Located in an ideal pocket of Balnarring, walking distance to the shops, trendy restaurants, cafes, schools, and just a short drive to the beach and wineries, this property will not be on the market for long.

For Sale

Expressions Of Interest closing 19th December 2017 unless sold prior View By Appointment www.harcourts.com.au Jacqui Robinson M 0409 919 419 P 03 5977 7110 jacqui.robinson@harcourts.com.au Tim Ripper M 0434 513 640 P 03 5977 7110 tim.ripper@harcourts.com.au Harcourts Hastings 10/14 High Street

hastings.harcourts.com.au mpnews.com.au

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Mornington 29 Marine Avenue

A4 B3 C2

No Car Required!

Such a rare find, this single storey home on approx 600m2 is right on the doorstep to popular Fishermans Beach and cosmopolitan Main Street. This spectacular builder’s own home has been built to stand the test of time and is in great condition for its age. It offers formal lounge and dining, plus family room with an accompanying casual meals area off the spacious kitchen. Further features include ducted heating, air conditioning, ample storage throughout & a double garage. Add to this an attached, rear self contained one bedroom unit - perfect for a teenager or parent retreat - and you have a very enticing package indeed. Update further and modify as you see fit, but rest assured that the brilliantly central location will never change!

For Sale $1,200,000-$1,300,000

Simon Farrar 0412 734 130

inspect OFI or by appointment

Mornington 25A Neptune Street

Vivienne Spencer 0409 558 330

A3 B1 C1

Auction this Saturday!

This beautiful cottage is sure to delight the most discerning buyer. It offers a cosy lounge with polished timber floors and Jetmaster open fire place. A well appointed kitchen with lots of cupboards, granite bench tops, s/s appliances (including a 900mm oven) which overlooks the spacious family dining area with a ‘Heatglo’ fireplace and reverse cycle air conditioner. Floor to ceiling glass doors open onto a private courtyard with an open fire place and built-in seating, perfect for entertaining all year round. There are two large bedrooms with built-in robes, with a third bedroom/study with french doors opening onto the courtyard, which would make a lovely home office. A large family bathroom with double shower and fitted laundry complete the inside. Other extras include gas ducted heating and solar panels. Outside there is a carport with remote roller door, beautiful landscaped front yard which is fully fenced for privacy and security.

Auction Saturday 2nd December at 12 noon

Vivienne Spencer 0409 558 330

inspect 11.30am prior to Auction

Mornington 5976 5900 mpnews.com.au


Bentons Square 5976 8899


jacobsandlowe.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Mornington 6/11 Napier Street

A2 B1 C1

A Rare Find - Beachside and Renovated Beachside location and meticulously renovated, this two bedroom unit will suit those looking to downsize, first home buyers or the astute investor wishing to add to their portfolio. The striking kitchen with stone bench tops compliments the spacious, light filled living room and separate dining area. There is also a stylish bathroom, two bedrooms - both fitted with built-in robes and a fabulous deck, perfect for outdoor entertaining. Other features on offer include plantation shutters, ducted gas heating, split system air conditioning and single remote garage. Within walking distance to Fishermans Beach, Lilo Cafe and Mornington’s bustling Main Street, this low maintenance unit is sure to appeal to those wanting to enjoy the lifestyle Mornington has to offer.

For Sale $580,000-$630,000

Mandy Castle 0407 855 585

inspect OFI or by appointment

Seaford 1 & 2, 19 Rosslyn Avenue

A3 B2 C2

Buy one or Buy Both – The Choice is yours! Choice of two ideally positioned beachside properties within a 10 minute stroll to Kananook Reserve, the Tennis Club and the pristine shores of Seaford beach. Front Dwelling $450,000-$480,000 - A perfect opportunity to transform this original 3 bedroom 1950’s weatherboard home into the modern era. Ideal for the enthusiastic trades person where the opportunities & potential are limited only by your own imagination. Rear Dwelling $550,000-$580,000 - Superbly presented 2 bedroom villa unit with generous open plan living, 2 bathrooms including a full ensuite, separate study or multipurpose room and a sundrenched outdoor decking area. Both properties offer separate titles with individual garaging & additional parking and would be ideal for the first home buyer, the astute investor or those looking to down size.

For Sale Contact Agent

Stuart Cox 0417 124 707

inspect OFI or by appointment

Mornington 5976 5900 mpnews.com.au


Bentons Square 5976 8899


jacobsandlowe.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Tyabb 46 Graydens Road

A4 B2 C3

Style, Substance & Space! This superb contemporary home solves a quandary often experienced when ‘moving to the country’. It astutely offers all of the luxuries and features we come to expect in urban living but with the allure of being surrounded by 14.5 lush acres (approx) only minutes to nearby townships and schools. The as new, custom built residence is ideally suited to the demands of family living and resplendent with a full array of quality fixtures allowing new owners to indulge a passion for horses or other lifestyle pursuits on the magnificent Peninsula.

For Sale $2,150,000-$2,300,000

Cameron McDonald 0418 330 916

Inspect OFI or by appointment

Tyabb 65 Boes Road

A4 B2 C2

‘Elm View’ - 35 Ac (approx) Fastidiously developed over the past 14 years, this stunning property is a botanical wonderland that features one of the finest gardens in the Westernport area. Recently open to the public for the first time to rave reviews, it blends hedging and specimen trees, tranquil ponds and sculptural garden art all set amidst lush, sprawling lawns that create a haven from the outside world. Its country style 4 bedroom plus study residence sits harmoniously overlooking a resplendent alfresco deck, landscaped in-ground solar pool and beyond to an ornamental dam and boathouse.

Auction Saturday 9th December at 12 noon

Cameron McDonald 0418 330 916

Inspect OFI or by appointment

Mornington 5976 5900 mpnews.com.au


Bentons Square 5976 8899


jacobsandlowe.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Balnarring Beach 3 Tulum Court

A4 B3 C1

Ultimate Location

Undoubtedly one of the best locations on Westernport Bay, just 2 doors off the sand. This substantial coastal residence has been tastefully renovated to reflect the modern era of today. The home comprises stunning light filled living areas, master suite opens to wide balcony with views to coastal reserve, full bathroom, generous walk-in robe and storage, 3 additional bedrooms and 2 additional bathrooms. Also features covered outdoor living area overlooking sunny citrus garden, gourmet kitchen and butler’s pantry, meals area, ducted heating and cooling, garage, workshop and more.

For Sale Contact Agent

John Hanna 0408 374 334

inspect OFI or by appointment

Balnarring 23 Bittern-Dromana Road

A4 B2 C2

Buy {doc.Heading1} ‘The one Manse’ or Buy - 3 Ac Both (approx) – The Choice is yours! Sitting proudly at the end of a tree lined driveway is this striking reproduction home set in a manicured garden setting that epitomises the Peninsula lifestyle. Sprawling lawns, beautiful specimen trees and privacy hedging create a relaxed setting that makes both open-air and indoor entertaining a breeze. With zoned living spaces suitably scaled for large families, faithful yet contemporary bathrooms and a lovely balance of period features, this residence is truly a delight to behold.

For Auction Sale Saturday Contact Agent 9th December at 3.00pm

Mandy Castle Cameron McDonald 0418 330 916 0407 855 585

inspect OFI or by appointment

Mornington 5976 5900 mpnews.com.au


Bentons Square 5976 8899


jacobsandlowe.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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/ Commercial jacobsandlowe.com.au/commercial


9 Bennetts Road Bennetts Road Warehouse For Lease 250m2 building approx Small secure yard at the front n Inspections now available n Available from 1st December 2017 n n

FOR LEASE $2350pcm + GST + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

Mornington 71 Watt Road

MORNINGTON FACTORY FOR LEASE Warehouse within Peninsula Business Park Great location with street frontage n Total building size of approximately 366m2 n Carpeted & air conditioned office/showroom 108m2 approx n Plus warehouse of approximately 258m2 n Available Now n


FOR LEASE $3,333.34pcm + GST + Ogs



33 Speed Circuit n n n

n n n

FOR LEASE $1600pcm + GST + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


2/1879 Frankston-Flinders Road n n n

500m2 approx with front and rear entry 3 phase power Office, kitchen and toilet

FOR LEASE $3,183.48pcm + GST + Ogs

Mornington 03 5976 5900 mpnews.com.au

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


Mornington n n

0407 743 858

n n n

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

n n

Great position, now available for lease Approx 43m2, suitable for office or retail use Allocated car space

FOR LEASE $3000pcm + GST + Ogs

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

43 Glendale Avenue

Brand new factory for lease in Tyabb 225m2 approx Carpeted office with split system

FOR LEASE $1900pcm + GST + Ogs



5 Lamandra Place

185m2 approx warehouse Busy industrial location Kitchen/toilet facilities

FOR LEASE $1900pcm + GST + Ogs

Michelle Adams


5 Bayport Court n

175 Main Street

140m2 approx with heating & cooling Executive office spaces with reception Lift from the basement carpark & 5 spots

FOR LEASE $3500pcm + GST + Ogs

0407 743 858


Level 2, 2/315 Main Street

203 m2 approx Fully fitted office with heating and cooling Roller door

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

n n n

248m2 approx including office space Secure rear yard & fully fenced secure front yard Kitchenette & toilet facilities

FOR LEASE $1380pcm + Ogs

Benton’s Square 03 5976 8899

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

jacobsandlowe.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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/ Commercial jacobsandlowe.com.au/commercial


102 Wilsons Road RETAIL DEVELOPMENT SITE Located in the popular Wilsons Road Shopping Strip 180m2 land size n Zoned: Commercial 1 n Sold with Vacant Possession n Invest, Occupy or Redevelop n n

AUCTION Wednesday 6th December at 11am

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


94 Baxter-Tooradin Road COMMERCIAL FREEHOLD The tenant, Bubbles Dog Grooming business has been established for 30 plus years. Exceptional reliable tenant Building area 80m2 approx n Vacant land area at the rear of 61m2 approx n Close to Peninsula Link, Eastlink, Frankston Freeway n Rent return of $9600 per annum + Outgoings n n

FOR SALE $580,000

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858


Point Nepean Road 61 Watt Road 827-829

D L S3 O ! D L O S

MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT SITE This exceptional development opportunity has a number of attributes some of which are as follows: Flexible Commercial 1 Zoning Land Area 743m2 approx n Two street frontages n Beach front exposure n Offered with a monthly tenancy n Suit developers or occupiers n n

FOR SALE UNDER CONTRACT Starting from $759,050

Frank Vinci 0418 375 375

Joseph Carbone 0418 351 316

Michelle Adams 0407 743 858

Peter Skewes 0417 364 035


61 Cool Store Road NOW AVAILABLE SEPARATELY Warehouse 1: $300,000 218m2 approx 3 year lease comm 1/6/17 Rent: $13,318 pa + GST + Ogs 4% annual rent increases Warehouse 2: $280,000 260m2 approx 3+3 year lease comm 15/7/16 Rent: $16,036 pa + GST + Ogs 4% annual rent increases

FOR SALE W/H 1 $300,000 W/H 2 $280,000

Mornington 03 5976 5900 mpnews.com.au


Benton’s Square 03 5976 8899

Michelle Adams

0407 743 858

Peter Skewes

0417 364 035

jacobsandlowe.com.au Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Page 23

For Lease

For Sale or Lease

Premier Retail/ Office Space On High Street

A Cut Above The Rest

Vacant Possession

39 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs

32 High Street, Hastings

Building area: 411m2 (approx.) 12m frontage providing unrivalled exposure

Office area:

Modern construction - ideal for retail/ office

Warehouse area: 1,048m2*

Rear access via extra large roller door off council car park

Total area:


High end office fit out and with many extras 46 on site car spaces and fully fenced Amenties to ground floor, first floor and warehouse

Surrounded by national tenants including IGA, Coles, Liquor Land and Salvation Army

Land area:


Dual RDS’s and street frontages

9775 1535 nicholscrowder.com.au

Jamie Stuart 0412 565 562 Tanya Scagliarini 0438 289 859

1 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs


9775 1535 nicholscrowder.com.au


Josh Monks 0409 335 179 Michael Crowder 0408 358 926

1 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs

Find out what your home is worth.




Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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Western Port News 28 November 2017




d e on





e Pen n


© Gary Lisbon

Golf Club





• 2 players with motorised cart • Your choice of 9 or 18 holes • Plus a FREE beer each!



Cayley Ave, HMAS Cerberus (Enter Via Stony Point Rd, Crib Point)

5983 6006 or 0414 925 587




The Royal Australian Navy’s Premier Golf Course

Post entry to MPNG Golf, PO Box 588, Hastings 3915.

Simply play a round of golf between now and Monday January 8th, 2018 at any of the featured courses on this spread send in your scorecard to go into the draw to win. Entries close 15/1/18. One scorecard per envelope. Include your name, address and phone number on the back of envelope. Winner will be announced.

Mornington Golf Club, Tallis Drive, Mornington, 3931 | P: (03) 5975 2784 | E: Manager@morningtongolf.com.au



o n n on


PH: 9789 1480

McClelland Dve, Frankston


and Gavin Campbell


8 Moonah Links – 55 Peter Thomson Drive, Fingal. Ph 5988 2000

7 Rosebud Country Club – 207 Boneo Road, Rosebud. Ph 5950 0800

6 Safety Beach –10 Country Club Dr, Safety Beach. Ph 5981 0100

5 Cerberus Golf Club – HMAS Cerberus, Crib Point. Ph 5983 6006

4 Devilbend Golf Club – Loders Road, Moorooduc. Ph 5978 8470

3 Mornington Golf Club – Tallis Drive, Mornington. Ph 5975 2784

WIN a custom fit set of irons supplied by CENTENARY PARK Centenary Park Golf Course

Warren Young

Steve Montgomerie,

PGA Professionals

your local experts

available • Specials available at the Pro Shop

Safety Beach







facebook: Edithvale Public Golf Course

Edithvale Public Golf Course Fraser Avenue, Edithvale Phone 9772 4242 austgolfclub@bigpond.com

(Incl. Handicap/Insurance/Reduced Green Fees)

Weekday Green Fees Adult $18 Concession $16 School aged Student $7.50 Weekend Green Fees Adult $20 Concession $18 School aged Student $10 AGC Membership $190 pa

9 Hole Course – Licenced Proshop




10 Country Club Drive, Safety Beach Phone 5981 0100

5988 2000 | www.moonahlinks.com.au

55 Peter Thomson Drive, Fingal 3939

Crib Point



12373325-LB48-17 16030965

welcome to


Edward ‘Ted’ Bull & Daughter A Family Who Cares With a genuine 59 years of personal experience and service, the people who Ted employs are a caring and family oriented team. When that sad time does occur and you have to contact a funeral director, it can be difficult. You feel lost, in some cases it is too hard to speak, and you can be too upset to think straight. This of course is very understandable. To lessen the burden, telephone our office and a representative will be available to call your home, at a time that suits you and your family. Our very competent staff will be able to assist you in every direction, helping to lessen the anxiety you are having at the time.

Edward ‘Ted’ Bull & Daughter FUNERAL SERVICE


(Incorporating Ted Bull’s Funeral Service)

Ted and Joanne Bull



5977 5684 9781 5545


split system units, reverse cycle systems & space heating

Ph 5977 6122

Service: 5977 5789 baygas7@bigpond.com

A.B.N. 15 050 136 322. Plumbers Licence: 14942. R.H.L. L025363 PAGE 42

Western Port News

28 November 2017



Ignite Your Body At ‘Ignite Your Body’ they are dedicated to providing high-quality treatment of our services to ensure that we reduce your pains, increase your range of movement, building your core strength and create a healthy mind and happy body. Who said you need to spend hours every day working out? Ignite Your Body delivers in 50 minutes a high intensity, core and body-toning extreme workout that helps increase fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength. Their wide range of classes cater to all ages and all fitness levels and our instructors get to know you and your body helping you to work within your limits, and push yourself where you need to. Services include: n Studio Pilates: A 50-minute workout designed to promote physical conditioning, injury rehabilitation and prevention, strength, flexibility and posture. n Classes are tailored to suit an individual’s needs and fitness levels taking into account goals and any pre-existing injuries. Studio Classes have a maximum 6 participants per class n Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Therapy: Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement using a range of techniques. Ignite Your Body therapists are highly skilled enabling us to test and identify the causes of your pain; whether it be a joint injury, muscle imbalance due to over or under training, postural problem or arthritis. *Treatments claimable on private health n Yoga: Focused on increasing your strength, flexibility and wellbeing, Ignite Your Body Yoga Classes are more than just calorie burning and muscle toning, they are a total mind and body workout. Classes are medium to high intensity and are designed for all levels from beginners to advanced participants. n Barre-Barre Attack is a dynamic fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Fitness. Classes are designed

Shop 18, 17 Eramosa Rd West, Somerville (03) 5977 5602 info@igniteyb.com.au

to tone and sculpt your entire body, creating longer, leaner muscles. Barre Attack is a low impact, high-intensity exercise combining standing Pilates moves, short interval high-intensity cardio and ballet/dance principles. Classes are suitable for all ages and all fitness levels and will take your training to a whole new level! n Mums & Bubs - A Studio Class which welcomes new mums to bring along their babies and pram. These classes are to help prevent back pain from lifting your child, improve incontinence, tone pelvic floor and treat abdominal separation post birth. Mums & Bubs Classes have a maximum 5 participants per class. This class welcomes children 4 years and under. *INTRODUCTORY OFFER* 5 classes for $50 *Conditions Apply – Classes can be used for Pilates, Barre, Yoga or any combination of the 3. The 5 classes must be within a 2-week period from the first class. Offer limited to once per client. Ignite Your Body Shop 18, 17 Eramosa Rd West, Somerville (03)5977 5602 Email – info@igniteyb.com.au www.igniteyb.com.au

*Introductory Offer $50 for 5 classes* Visit www.igniteyb.com.au for information & timetable At ‘Ignite Your Body’ we are dedicated to providing high quality treatment of our services to ensure that we reduce your pains, increase your range of movement, building your core strength and create a healthy mind and happy body. Who said you need to spend hours every day working out? Ignite Your Body delivers in 50 minutes a high intensity, core and

Plant Sale

body-toning extreme workout that helps increase fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength. Our services include: Pilates, Yoga, and Barre Pilates, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage Therapy and Mums & Bubs classes. *Classes can be used for Pilates, Barre, Yoga or any combination of the 3. The 5 classes must be within a 2-week period from the first class. Offer limited to once per client.

! e g n a R e g u H Only While Stocks Last!





from $4.95

from $3.95

from $3.95

from $24.95

Wholesale potted plants $3.95 Massive Range s Plu Screening plants like Conifers and Pittosporums $3.95 from

Lilly Pillies $4.95 Tomatoes s ’ and Chilli LANDSCAPING AVAILABLE / FREE QUOTES e r He NOW! 427 Coolart Road, Somerville Phone: 5977 8912 *ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST

Western Port News 28 November 2017



Telephone for police station under consideration Compiled by Brodie Cowburn CR MASON drew attention to the disturbance that had occurred at Frankston on the previous Saturday, and the necessity that existed for additional police protection and also the installing of telephone service at the police station. It was false economy not to have the telephone at police station. The lack of it allowed men to get 50 miles away before the police could be informed, and cost the country pounds to effect their capture. He moved that the Council feel they have implicit confidence in the Officer in Charge, that he is tactful and one of the most efficient officers ever in Frankston. Cr Clements seconded the motion, and it was carried unanimously. *** MRS E. Henderson and family desire to thank their many friends for kind expressions of sympathy, letters and cards received during their recent sad bereavement in the death of their beloved son and brother Pte D. Henderson, killed in action somewhere in France, 20th September 1917. *** MRS Dent and family desire to thank their many friends for visits of sympathy and cards received during their recent sad bereavement in the death of their dearly beloved son and brother, Pte Alfred James Dent killed in action some where in France on the 16th Oct 1917 *** Vast Plans of Y.M.C.A. AN indication of the vast projects of the Y.M.C.A is given in a message just received by the National Com

mitte if that organisation in Australia from Dr John R Nott, General Secretary of the International Committee of Y.M.C.A.’s at New York. “We have been deeply impressed, writes Dr Mott, by the remarkable service you have rendered in Australia to your troops overseas. The example of what you have done has not been without its influence on our plans. At the recent meeting of our National War Council where we reported your work, it, was decided that we raise and spend before July 1st, 1918, a fund of about £7,296,000. This will be used in furthering the Association work in the American Army, in the armies of Russia, France, Italy, and other allies and in the prisoner of war camps.” *** THE Wattle Club Committee most heartily thank all those who assisted in every possible way to give the visiting French soldiers a good time on Tuesday last. It was a huge undertaking to prepare luncheon and afternoon tea for 1.000 people, but the undoubted success proves once more, the splendid unity and sympathy which exists in the Frankston people. *** DURING shunting operations at Seaford on Thursday afternoon two empty trucks attached to the 9 a.m. Melbourne train to Frankston were derailed. Passenger traffic was in no way interfered with, however, and practically no damage was done to either rolling stock or permanent way. The train was delayed at Seaford

for about two hours, consequent upon the mishap. *** THE Royal Life Saving Club will visit Frankston next Sunday afternoon to give a demonstration of life saving with the object of opening a club at Frankston. *** MR L R N. Utber has been appointed a Commissioner of the Supreme Court of the State of Victoria for taking affidavits. *** A PUBLIC meeting is called by the President of the Shire at the Frankston Mechanics Institute on Friday evening next to consider the preservation of the late ‘Hermits” place of residence. *** A CORDIAL invitation is extended to all who are interested in Red Cross work, to attend a “Snowball Tea” at Mrs Moloney’s Pier Hotel, on Wednesday afternoon next. *** VERY necessary improvements have been made recently at Langwarrin Camp. A fine gateway now marks the entrance, which gives to the camp an appearance of stability and permanence. The carriage way has been greatly improved, fresh beds and lawns have been added to the gardens. The addition of a fish pond and fountain gives pleasure to sightseers, while a greenhouse will be much appreciated this summer. *** Shire news FOR the position of ranger at Somer-

ville the application of C.E Gumm was accepted, duties to start from 1st December, on the motion of Cr Murray, seconded by Cr Longmuir. Cr Clements reported that he has made inquiries with regard to vacancies in the Benevolent Asylum, and was informed that there were not at present but there would he one in a few days: - It was decided that Cr Longmuir interview the old man Holman, who is a Crimean veteran and see if he is willing to go to the asylum. F. H. Wells, ranger at Frankston, complaining that a young man named Smith rescued two horses from him which he was taking to the pound on 15th November—Cr Clements moved and Cr Mason seconded that the Secretary take proceedings against Smith for rescuing the horses. Carried. Cr Murray complained of the damage done to roads and brides by the pine carters. He estimated it would cost £200 or £300 to repair them and he moved that an inspection be made and damages assessed wit a view to some action being taken. Seconded by Cr Unthank and carried. *** A CONCERT in aid of the proposed Methodist Church building, to be erected on a central site given by Mrs Goodson, was held in the School, on Friday evening, November 23rd. Rev E. Tonkin of Frankston was chairman. The programme was contributed to by visiting and local performers, all the items of which appeared to be appreciated by an audience which,

considering the threatened weather, was highly satisfactory. *** THE Social Club held another Novelty Night on Saturday, which was well attended. \ The lady’s prize was won by Miss J Ross and Mr Sullivan was the successful gentleman. Next Wednesday, 5th December, Brigadier General Williams will unveil the School Honor Roll and name the avenue where the trees are planted in honor of our brave soldiers. A good attendance is expected. We hope that all the friends of the soldiers will come along and make this day a success. *** WANTED Horse, suitable for orchard and General work. Trial required. Apply J. SMITH, Mt. Eliza. *** WANTED to buy Large pine trees, cut or standing, highest prices. E. MACPHERSON, Warburton St., East Brunswick. Phone Bwk. 795. *** ALEX Scott & Co. Pty. Ltd. will hold a special stock sale in the Corporation Yard adjoining the Tanti Hotel. when they will offer:—300 head store and dairy cattle 300 x br ewes 2 tooth to full mouth 250 xbr wethers 2 and 4 tooth 200 Merino wethers 4 to 6 tooth. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 1 December1917


A Story You Couldn’t Makeup By Stuart McCullough I AM somewhat plain looking. Don’t bother trying to convince me I’m wrong – I know it’s true. I could try and deny it but my features have never quite hung properly on my face. They’re like a painting after an earth tremor. I’m more your character actor than leading man. Not that I always knew it. For years I thought every camera I ever came across was defective in that they all consistently failed to render what I regarded as an appropriate likeness. Until the somewhat appropriately titled ‘ugly truth’ dawned on me – these cameras aren’t broken, this is what I really look like. The only thing worse than being kind of plain looking is the tyranny of acne. It is something of a cosmic joke that just at the moment you become interested in others is the moment your facial pores stage a full-blown insurrection. Like most teenagers, I despaired at the dermatological mutiny to which I was subjected and prayed daily for some kind of miracle. Every potential cure was worth trying. From old-wives tales to potion-spruiking carnival huckster; I was up for just about anything. I slept with the window open, even in winter, because someone told me it would be good for my complexion. I’m not sure it made my face any fresher but it certainly gave me a healthy respect for frostbite. I drank a tall glass of water every morning having heard that this would help cleanse my system. My father suggested drinking the water that had been used to boil the silverbeet, but forgot to tell


Western Port News

me that I should let it cool down first. I’ll say this much – you’re unlikely to be worried about blemishes when you’ve got third-degree burns on your chin. They would arrive, unwelcome and uninvited. There was nothing worse than waking up on a school day and sensing that a pimple that, much like the Great Wall of China and Chadstone Shopping Centre, could be seen

28 November 2017

from space now possessed your face. If my brothers and sisters avoided eye contact and kept as far away as possible as we passed in the hallway, I knew it was going to be an absolute whopper. The moment of truth would ultimately arrive when I had to look at myself in the mirror and ask, just as Hamlet did in his ubiquitous soliloquy; ‘To squeeze or not to squeeze.

That is the question.’ I guess I became accustomed to it, never thinking that it would one day end. And then, without warning, I got a glimpse of a world that was completely blemishfree. I discovered makeup. I did what any self-respecting teenager with low levels of confidence would do under the circumstances – I entered a public speaking competition because my teacher suggested it might be a good idea and I didn’t want to upset anyone. I was, naturally, terrified. But although the speaking bit seemed like an out of body experience, the writing part of it was kind of enjoyable. I even managed to win a prize. Which, in turn, led to an offer to perform my speech on ‘Behind the News’, an educational news program for school kids. It was my first and, frankly, last time in a television studio. I was a bundle of nerves – making me easy to transport – and before I really knew what was happening, I was sitting in a chair having makeup applied to my face. I could scarcely believe the transformation I was witnessing. Teenage acne disappeared as my pale complexion was replaced by something very close to ‘swarthy’. I looked like one of George Hamilton’s nephews. The filming took an hour or so and as I stepped away from the bright lights of the studio I was intercepted by the makeup artist who offered to remove the brown, gunky veneer that had been so expertly applied to my face. Having glimpsed the art of the possible, there was no way I was

going to give up my new blemishfree existence. I felt confident, I felt self-assured. I even felt a little bit handsome. Instead of having my face cleaned up, I waved the make-up artist away and headed back to school. My classmates were impressed. Or, at least, I think they were. As I strolled around the schoolyard, they laughed and pointed at me while singing songs in my honour before eventually burning me in effigy on the oval. It was the first time I’d ever felt the admiration of my peers. For the rest of the day, I sat up straight in the classroom. I feared nothing, not even Maths B, which was incredible because I really wasn’t very good at Maths A, much less the rest of the alphabet. But it was too good to last. I went to bed that night without the window open, having not drunk the water that the silverbeet had just been boiled in and felt like the King of the World. It wasn’t to last. As I awoke from my slumber the following morning, I lifted my face from the pillow only to discover that the pillowcase looked as if it had been caked in mud. On this occasion, not only did my siblings avoid eye contact, a couple of them shrieked in horror as I made my way towards the bathroom. The mirror confirmed the worst. I was back to my pale, plain self. Perhaps it was for the best – I’d already ruined a pillowcase. I had to face up to the truth. stuart@stuartmccullough.com

Western Port News 28 November 2017


Peninsula film festival

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Enter Your Short Film Now Head to filmfreeway.com & enter by JANUARY 5, 2018 Peninsula Film Festival Saturday February 10, 2018 @ Village Green, Rosebud

1st Prize $5K CASH 2nd Prize $2.5K CASH 3rd Prize $1,250 CASH The Woodleigh School Emerging Filmmaker Award $500 CASH (open to any Australian student 18 years and under) plus prizes for Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Documentary, Best Animation. Media Partner

Festival Partners

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peninsulafilmfestival.com.au PAGE 46

Western Port News

28 November 2017

BLUES AT THE BRIARS BACK FOR 2018 Fresh off the back of 2017’s epic festival, Blues At The Briars returns on February 24 for its sixth celebration of blues and roots music on the Peninsula. A combination of great music, amazing food and wine, and a dedicated children’s area make this day a must in everyone’s calendar. The Peninsula’s best kept secret keeps delivering in the amazing rural setting of the historic Briars homestead and surrounds. Bring a chair or a picnic rug and soak up the landscape and vibe while listening to the best bands from Australia and abroad. February’s festival is shaping to be the best yet. A.J. Ghent (USA) constructs an indie rock sound howling from the church to the blues. His style can be defined as fresh, nostalgic, electrifying and rootsy, fusing blues, funk, R and B, hip hop and dream pop into a genre he likes to call neo blues. Z Star Delta (UK), described as the love child of Jimmy Hendrix and Nina Simone, takes you on a personal and spiritual journey to experience her intense magic. Come and experience her live at the Briars. Blues At The Briars are also proud to announce the triumphant return of the best boogie pianist on the planet, Ben Waters (UK) joined by Derek Nash the best Sax player going around. Derek is regarded as one of the UK’s most prominent and versatile saxophonists, playing with the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues orchestra since 2004, performing live with artists such as Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Amy Winehouse and many more. Along with many more homegrown bands and artists from around the country, this line up will be awesome. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and website www. bluesatthebriars.com for more artist announcements coming soon.

The team at Blues At The Briars takes great pride in showcasing not only established artists, but up-and-coming talent. The Teskey brothers who were a highlight at this years festival have not stopped touring throughout the UK and Australia, supporting such iconic acts such as Midnight Oil, Rag and Bone man and headlining in their own right. This year Blues At The Briars have pulled out all the stops with a sound and lighting upgrade so the tunes will be crisp and clear for all to enjoy. The VIP area returns with amazing food and drink packages, in a dedicated marquee where you can enjoy the show in luxury. Treat yourself this indulgence and make it a day to truly remember. Not many VIP areas have a prime view of the stage like this. Tickets are limited for the VIP marquee so get them quickly. For the younger blues lovers we have a safe area to roam and enjoy. Face painting, balloonists, and bouncy castle, with arts and craft to keep them amused. If you are looking for somewhere fun and funky to take the family look no further. Children under 14 are free! Entry costs are kept as low as possible to enable everyone access, with disabled access, easy parking close to the gate and friendly volunteer staff to ensure your experience is enjoyable and hassle free. A fully stocked bar with very reasonable nonfestival prices will be open all day. Blues At The Briars 2018 is a special, immersive, family-friendly experience that will stay with you long after the last notes have been played. www.bluesatthebriars.com


heritage Tavern & Restaurant

3059 Frankston Flinders Road Balnarring

Phone: 5983 2597

(Opposite the Balnarring shopping complex)







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ACROSS 1. Wily 5. Pen tips 7. Lead-in 8. Brave man 9. On an occasion 10. Lazed 11. Have effect (on) 13. Scalp parasites

14. Oversee 18. Dress ribbons 21. Tropical tree 22. More profound 24. Irritating to the skin 25. Terrace level 26. Cattle prod 27. Run off to marry 28. Old

29. Becomes faster, ... up DOWN 1. Religious non-belief 2. Local vegetation 3. Extent 4. Sloping typeface 5. Asian food items 6. Tour de France vehicle

12. Wheel tooth 15. Astounding 16. Respected 17. Pilot safety aid, ... seat 19. Beer 20. Long steps 22. Dutch sea walls 23. Golfer’s two under par

Puzzles supplied by Lovatts Publications Pty Ltd www.lovattspuzzles.com See page 52 for solutions.

Western Port News 28 November 2017


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Dive in at scuba diving school Peninsula Dive School in Hastings is a specialist provider of a full range of PADI Scuba Diving and Snorkelling courses. The dive school was established in 2010 by Ben Haddock, a local diving instructor with over 20 years’ experience in the recreational diving industry. Peninsula Dive School take great pride in imparting the passion for scuba diving onto all students whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety during all training. Whether you are interested in learning to scuba dive, get back into the water or continue your scuba training; Peninsula Dive School has something for everyone. When establishing Peninsula Dive School, Ben was adamant about providing training was as accessible and affordable as possible whilst still remaining enjoyable and safe. All courses with Peninsula Dive School feature a unique modular schedule format which, unlike other dive training facilities allows the student to select each session from a range of scheduled modules to “build a personalised course timetable” as opposed to the traditional multi-session course format where the student needs to have availability for all session of the given course. This modular format also allows clients to commence training without committing to the full course upfront, repeat components if desired and break down the cost of training. The dedicated training facility at 35c High St, Hastings features two state-of-the-art classrooms designed to enable the highest standard of training for all theory and workshop components of their PADI diving courses. In partnership with PADI Asia Pacific; Peninsula Dive School also offer National Recognised and Government Accredited training in a variety of courses including Scuba Diving, Marine, Safety and First Aid, including WorkSafe approved Level 2 First Aid, CPR and AED administration. The team and management at Peninsula Dive School are always on the lookout for passionate diving professionals to join the training team. If you are an instructor, dive master, dive guide or just passionate about the underwater world and interested in joining the team drop in and have a chat with the friendly crew. n Peninsula Dive School, 35c High Street, Hastings Call 03 5955 2512 or see diveschool.net.au or facebook@diveschools

Western Port News 28 November 2017


scoreboard WESTERN PORT

Foon ton saves the Dogs PROVINCIAL

By IT Gully MORNINGTON star Matt Foon single-handedly has Sorrento in all sorts of bother after the opening day of round six in Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association Provincial cricket. The Doggies batted first in ideal conditions after winning the toss but the top order collapsed and the visi-

tors were quickly on the back foot at 3/17. However, with his side in deep trouble, Foon strode to the crease and with the early support of keeper Charlie Parker, regained the ascendancy for their team. Whilst Parker only contributed 36, he did help the score beyond 100 before departing. Foon, however, took complete control, blasted 11 fours and a six and

finished unbeaten on 116. Nick Johnson was able to hang around long enough to help his teammate to the magical three figures, as the Dogs posted a competitive score of 206. With plenty of overs left in the day (21), it was important for Sorrento to survive and try and gain the upper hand for day two. That didn’t happen. The Sharks lost Kane Gordon (1), Tom Clarke (6) and Jedd Falck (0) to

be 3/30 at stumps. Mt Eliza has given Langwarrin some work to do on day two of their clash after scoring 207. The Mounties batted first and a number of players got starts. Justin Grant top scored with 58, Tim Clarke hit 38 and Ben Tracy was run out for 35. Matt Prosser was again the chief wicket-taker for the Kangas with 3/50 from 18 overs and Travis Campbell

snared 2/33 from 13 overs. Peninsula Old Boys have set Pearcedale a total of 217 for victory in their match at Tractor Park. The Old Boys hit 8/216 in their 80 overs, Tom LaBrooy top scoring with 60, Dylan O’Malley hitting 39 and Hugh Peacock 38. Pearcedale’s Chris Dew was the best of the Dales’ bowlers with 3/64 from 19.2 overs, while Shayne Gillings picked up 2/19 from nine overs.

Ridge dominate Eagles PENINSULA

By IT Gully MAIN Ridge is just six runs away from victory in its MPCA Peninsula clash against Somerville. The Eagles have been a major disappointment this season and that continued on Saturday at the magnificent Ditterich Reserve in Main Ridge. Winning the toss and batting first, the Eagles were bundled out for just 172 on the small deck. Had it not been for a wagging tail, the Eagles would have been lucky to push past 120. Jayde Herrick scored 31 at the top of the innings, Bailey White scored 25, Matt Eager 24 and Sean Parker 21. Sam Lyons was superb with the ball again for the Ridge with 3/34 from 16 overs while Jack Banks snared 2/10 and Luke Collins 2/53. Red Hill has left Long Island with some tough work with the bat after scoring 5/221 on Saturday. Riley Shaw and Simon Dart each scored 91 to help the Hillmen to a more than competitive total in a shortened day of 66.5 overs. Skipper Dart faced 160 balls for his

91 with 11 fours, while Shaw faced 147, went to the rope 10 times and over it on one occasion. Andrew Tweddle picked-up three of the five wickets, snaring 3/41 from 12 overs, while Stu Swift picked-up 2/34. Pines has the upper hand against Flinders heading into day two of their match at Eric Bell Reserve. The Pythons batted first and thanks to a glorious unbeaten century from Nick Wilcox (104), were able to post a strong total of 6/259. Jack Pearce-Stirling was a wonderful support for Wilcox with 51 while Chris Bartczak opened with 32. The evergreen Shark Dwayne Field bowled 28 overs for Flinders for a return of 4/67, while Neil Barfuss bowled 22 overs for a return of 2/77. Delacombe Park is in the box seat against Moorooduc after openers Jon Guthrie and Nick Christides set-up the monster total of 7/324. Christides smacked eight fours and two sixes as he hit 70 of the opening stand total of 96. Guthrie went on to make 77 while Ricky Ramsdale played his best innings in a while with 76.

Wickets fall at Hastings DISTRICT

By IT Gully ROSEBUD and Hastings are locked in an intriguing MPCA District battle after 11 wickets fell on the opening day of their clash at Thomas Barclay Reserve. The Buds batted first after winning the toss but other than skipper Billy Quigley, there was little resistance in the order. Quigley scored 48 at the top of the innings while Janaka Kumarage debuted with 27 for the Buds and showed signs that he is only going to get better. Ryan McNamara was on fire for the Blues, bowling 11.1 over and finishing with 5/34, while Isuru Dias sent down 27 overs and collected 4/36 in a sensational performance which also came with 12 maidens. Chasing 155 for victory, Hastings had to face the final nine overs of the day. It lost Rob Hearn for five, courtesy of Pat Nagel rattling his stumps. The Blues will resume at 1/20 this Saturday, however, given Hearn is in the sheds and the batting has been brittle at best this season, 154 should be enough for the Buds to defend. Seaford Tigers has challenged


Western Port News

Rye to score 201 runs for victory in their match at RJ Rowley Reserve. The Tigers made 8/200 from their 80 overs, Anthony Joel top scoring with 42, Dave Roach hitting 39, David James 31 and Luke Chevalier 24. Whilst the Tigers batted well, Rye’s Zac Stephenson was outstanding with the ball, claiming 7/72 from 26 overs. Matt Whelan bowled 34 overs for a return of 0/78. The Demons’ bowling was tight and it has given them every opportunity to challenge for the victory. Seaford has already begun its chase against Heatherhill after rolling the visitors for 190 in 63.3 overs. The Tigers will resume on 0/12 after rain cut day one short, facing just four of an available 16 overs at the end of the day. Once again the tail wagged for the Hills, Declan Albert top scoring with a well-timed 53, while Steven O’Donnell hit 35 at the top of the order. In the final match, Baden Powell has set Mt Martha a total of 265 for victory after being bowled out for 264.

28 November 2017

Howzat? An appeal to the umpire during the District match between Seaford and Heatherhill. Picture: Andrew Hurst

Cougars are on top SUB-DISTRICT

By IT Gully CARRUM Downs has given Ballam Park a challenge in its Sub District clash at Ballam Park. The Cougars batted the entire day before the rains came after 69.4 overs had been bowled, finishing the day at 8/204. Ryan Lynch top scored for the visitors with 56, Leon McConnell hit 33, Nathan Lynch 27 and Joel Williams finished unbeaten on 40 when rain interrupted play. Marc Blume was the pick of the bowlers for Ballam Park with 3/39 from 17 overs, Justin Moore claimed 2/54 from 19

overs and Daniel Edwards-Fisk snared 2/33 from 15 overs. Balnarring limped to 175 in 70 overs against Tootgarrok. The Saints got away to a shaky start before Lachlan Barton steadied the ship with 52 in the middle order, while skipper Mal Coutts hit 31. Ben King, who has been dominant with the ball all season for Balnarring, came to the crease with the bat and hit a very timely 25. In reply, Tootgarook is 0/7. In other Sub District matches, Carrum was bowled out for 215 against Dromana and Tyabb has set Boneo 280 for victory after scoring 6/279..

WESTERN PORT scoreboard

Elliott signs up for fourth straight season SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie LUCAS Elliott is just a fortnight old but Mornington fans owe the infant a debt of gratitude for the part he played in his father re-signing with the club last week. Stevie Elliott is a class act, one of the finest central defenders outside NPL ranks and for the past two months the word was that his switch to Langwarrin was all but done and dusted. Until last Thursday when the 29-year-old Englishman ended a 45-minute meeting with Mornington gaffer Adam Jamieson and assistant coach Dale White by re-committing to the club for a fourth straight season. “At the back end of last season I was out of the team and we needed to clear the air,” Elliott said. “I was honest with ‘Jamo’ and he was honest with me and in the end all I’ve known is Mornington and I didn’t know whether it would be a bit weird me playing elsewhere. “Langwarrin never actually put an offer down but there was a lot of conversation. “I was almost in limbo there for a while because although I believed that I could make the step up (to NPL) I didn’t think I could commit to the three or four times a week that they’d want you in. “I felt it was unfair to my partner (Sarah) and my new son to not be around for that length of time.” Season 2017 was far from plain

Staying put: Defender Stevie Elliott in action for Mornington. Picture: Darryl Kennedy

sailing for Elliott who struggled to overcome a medial ligament strain incurred in a round 13 clash at Elwood Park against St Kilda. “I went to run the ball out of play in the last few minutes when one of their players came in to the side of my hip and pushed my knee out and strained the medial,” Elliott said. “It was frustrating and it sort of epitomised the season for me. “We’d started off with a whole bunch of new players and it was pretty

unsettling when players were injured and Simon Webster retired. “When I did come back the boys were doing well and you don’t expect to walk back into a winning side but I was very frustrated. “Coming off the bench against Caulfield and scoring the winner was pretty good but missing out on the derby against Langwarrin the following week was the low point. “I had to question whether or not my heart was in it and I’ll admit that I

started wondering whether Mornington was for me.” If Elliott had any lingering doubts they were erased at last week’s meeting when Jamieson and White outlined their plans for 2018. “They ran through a list of players they’ve spoken to and it sounds exciting. “If we give it a good crack I don’t see why we can’t go all the way next year.” Elliott became the 13th player to sign on for next season following in the footsteps of English import Max Etheridge, Sam Scott, Sammy Orritt, Kris McEvoy, Jack Truelove, Josh Valadon, Keegan Ziada, Jamie Cumming, Craig Smart, Charlie Parker, Aaron Root and Stefan Soler. “We needed to have a chat and lay everything on the table and make sure we go after some unfinished business,” Jamieson said. “Stevie said Mornington soccer club is his home and that’s why he wanted to stay with us. “A fit Stevie Elliott is just about the best defender in the league.” Elliott has won two championships in his three seasons with Mornington. Hailing from Brighton on England’s south coast he played with clubs in Lewes and Hastings before joining Eastbourne Town. He arrived in Melbourne in November 2014 and rode his bicycle down to Dallas Brooks Park to check out the local club.

He was given the thumbs up to train and offered terms after just two sessions. His impact was immediate. He won the players’ player of the year and best and fairest awards in his first season as Mornington captured the first of backto-back titles in State 1 South-East. “I pretty much hit the ground running when I first came out here and that’s what I need to do again,” said Elliott. “I need to have a good pre-season and if I’m fit I’ve got no doubts that Mornington will see that same Steve Elliott again.” Mornington could make another key signing this week with a leading NPL player among the club’s targets. Last week the club announced the appointment of Serhat Ozenir as technical director. Ozenir has an AFC A licence and has been involved with both men’s and women’s soccer at junior and senior levels and has had stints at Monash Uni, Sandringham, Dingley Stars, Brighton, Beaumaris and Eltham. Meanwhile, new Baxter senior coach Francis Beck continues to oversee an influx of newcomers with Langwarrin striker Jack Thornton and Mornington pair, striker Mick Richardson and midfielder Jack Dempsey, training at Baxter Park last week. Beck expects some players from Seaford at Baxter training this week as his rebuilding program with the senior squad gains momentum.

Langwarrin’s under-age NPL squads for 2018 SOCCER

By Craig MacKenzie LANGWARRIN has finalised its underage squads for its inaugural season in the second tier of Victoria’s National Premier League competition. The Lawton Park outfit attracted triallists from such distant climes as far north Queensland with three Cairns teenagers from Leichhardt Lions FC getting the nod to join Kevin “Squizzy” Taylor’s under-20 squad. Taylor is a former Seaford United senior coach who was appointed coach of Bentleigh Greens’ under-20s in late 2014 and guided the youngsters to the 2015 NPL reserves championship. “I’m very happy with the squad we have put together at Langy. They are a very talented group, all technically sound,” Taylor said. “We have a good spread of ages, the youngest player being 15 while the oldest turns 20 next year. “I think the Greens’ squad was a little more experienced at this level, but player for player we aren’t far behind. “I think we’ll be very competitive and I expect several of them to be pushing to play senior football in 2018.” The club best represented among the successful triallists throughout the age groups is Mornington with 22 players. Morwell-based Gippsland FC is well represented with six successful triallists, five in Michael Vanderzvet’s under-16 squad. The season kicks-off in February. Here are the squads with previous club in brackets (note that the under-12s will field two teams): UNDER 12s GOALKEEPERS: Caleb Gray (Langwarrin), Angus Morrison (Mt Eliza). DEFENDERS: Charlie Allen (Mornington), Lucas Hodgson (Mornington), Joshua Hubble (Langwarrin), Darcy Whild (East Bentleigh), Jack Duckett

Bentleigh), Vincent Giampa (Bentleigh Greens), Dave Petty (Springvale White Eagles), Charlie Jeffs (Springvale White Eagles). MIDFIELDERS: Kyle Eichenberger (Springvale White Eagles), Manuel Sibly (Dandenong City), Sam Delaney (Springvale White Eagles), Tyler Sharpe (Bentleigh Greens), Jett Collins (Bentleigh Greens), Jack Bradbury (Springvale White Eagles). FORWARDS: Billy Owen (Springvale White Eagles), Altan Cevik (Springvale White Eagles), Tobey deJong (Springvale White Eagles), Kyle Marambio (Dandenong Thunder). COACH: Donn Delaney.

NPL-bound: Former Baxter striker Travis Ernsdoerfer has joined Langwarrin. Picture: John Punshon

(East Bentleigh). MIDFIELDERS: Thomas Gabriel (Langwarrin), Daniel Bennett (Mt Martha), Jimmy Hay (East Bentleigh), Lochlan Millar (Langwarrin), Nelson Niddrie (Langwarrin), Flynn O’Reilly (Mt Martha), Tom Oswell (Langwarrin), Nave Yoresh (Mornington), Harper Frankeni (Baxter), Sean Murphy (Casey Comets), Hugo Rosseto (Mornington). FORWARDS: Dominic FoldiFried (Mt Eliza), Bryn Martin (East Bentleigh), Juan Marchan (Mornington), Zachary Petratos (Springvale White Eagles), Alasdair Muir-Simpson (East Bentleigh), Jett Walles (Peninsula Strikers). COACHES: Mitchell Ball, Andy Duckett. UNDER 13s GOALKEEPER: Kohen Beaumont (Bentleigh Greens).

DEFENDERS: Jordy May (Rosebud Heart), Zac McEwing (Mornington), Nelson Powell (Mt Eliza), Jack Geddes (Springvale White Eagles), William Turner (Gippsland FC). MIDFIELDERS: Cooper Brisbane (Dandenong Thunder), Cooper Leopold (Oakleigh Cannons), Cain Vickery (Mornington), Hunter Vanderzwet (Bentleigh Greens), Arman Hasikic (Peninsula Strikers), Sam Ruddy (Mt Martha). FORWARDS: Lucas Chihotski (Bentleigh Greens), Kyle Parrott (Dandenong Thunder), Raman Aryal (Dandenong Thunder), Brodie Bennett (Peninsula Strikers). COACH: Gary Brisbane. UNDER 14s GOALKEEPER: Jess McManus (Peninsula Strikers). DEFENDERS: Tom Duckett (East

UNDER 15s GOALKEEPER: Nathan Lynders (Mornington). DEFENDERS: Jack Allen (Mornington), Matthew Hodgson (Mornington), Joshua Newland (Kingston City), Isaiah Liberman (Mornington), Ben Schmidt (Mornington). MIDFIELDERS: Brodie Jones (Springvale White Eagles), Gavin O’Reilly (Mornington), Dylan Fisher (Dandenong City), Maximus Brancatisano (Mornington), Charlie Gunning (Mornington). FORWARDS: Declan Jackson (Mornington), Owen Murphy (Springvale White Eagles), Tom Wood (Mornington), Brodie McMinimee (Springvale White Eagles), Sam Maggs (Springvale White Eagles). COACH: Doug Hodgson. UNDER 16s GOALKEEPER: Branten Kindler (Peninsula Strikers). DEFENDERS: Adam Ford (Frankston Pines), Oscar Plenkovitch (Gippsland FC), Nick Wright (Peninsula Strikers), Ben Nicholson (Mornington), Zoran Winkelman (Gippsland FC). MIDFIELDERS: Howie Anderson (Mornington), Logan Wilson (Lang-

warrin), Luca Sibly (Dandenong City), Tristan Donohue (Gippsland FC), Kiaren Keith (Peninsula Strikers), Mitchell Baker (Mornington). FORWARDS: Adi Page (Gippsland FC), Oscar Vanderzvet (Bentleigh Greens), Lachlan Jackson (Mornington), Adam Semple (Gippsland FC). COACH: Michael Vanderzvet. UNDER 18s GOALKEEPER: Colby Jones (Langwarrin). DEFENDERS: Aiden McKenna (Peninsula Strikers), Josh Millar (Springvale White Eagles), Rayyan Siddiqui (Springvale White Eagles), Tommy Soeun (Bentleigh Greens). MIDFIELDERS: Calvin Delaney (Springvale White Eagles), Noah Green (Mt Eliza), Cameron Boulton (Casey Comets), Coby Templin (Glen Eira), Jonathan Hardy (Keysborough). FORWARDS: Matthew Evans (Springvale White Eagles), Zachary Korolidis (Rosebud Heart), Angus Vanderzvet (Bentleigh Greens), Akieva Barlow (Dandenong Thunder). COACH: Colin Noble. UNDER 20s GOALKEEPER: Ben Caballero (Dandenong Thunder). DEFENDERS: Joshua Mulla (Leichhardt Lions FC), Cedric Benza (Springvale White Eagles), Akbar Assadi (Bentleigh Greens), Tim Millar (Springvale White Eagle), Max Boulton (Phillip Island). MIDFIELDERS: Nicholas Simmons (Langwarrin), Cassius Delaney (Springvale White Eagles), Maziad Chazbek (Dandenong Thunder), Ayden Eszes (Leichhardt Lions FC), Alexander Whyte (Bentleigh Greens). FORWARDS: Cole Ryan (Kingston City), Travis Ernsdoerfer (Baxter), Cody Eszes (Leichhardt Lions FC), Keegan Guy (Bentleigh Greens), Nat Daher (Mornington). COACH: Kevin Taylor.

Western Port News 28 November 2017


WESTERN PORT scoreboard

High school teacher triumphs in Auckland By Ben Triandafillou CARRUM DOWNS Secondary College teacher Matthew Davy, of Mt Eliza, has broken his personal best marathon run by 20 seconds to take out the 2017 ASB Auckland Marathon. Passing up the Melbourne Marathon due to sickness, Davy switched up his training program to target the Auckland Marathon two weeks later on Sunday 29 October. With an all-the-way victory, Davy had to overcome some serious cramps in his hamstrings as well as a fastfinishing Josh Maisey, of Auckland, to take out his biggest marathon victory to date by seven seconds. Davy said there was a fair bit of emotion as he crossed the finish line in first place. “I ran by myself until the end and it ended up being pretty close,” he said. “You start thinking a bit negative as you get further into the run, especially as I was getting cramps in the hamstring and had to stop and stretch them out. “To turn that around and get a win

was something special.” In the build-up to the 42.2km marathon, Davy said he was going for about 12 runs per week and was accumulating as much as 185km in doing so. “You really need to be motivated and manage your time well to fit the training schedule around school time,” he said. “You get up at 6am in the morning and then need to have the motivation to go out again after school. “Time management is a massive key and still making sure you get enough recovery and are eating the right foods to prepare you for your next run.” Davy who is also the captain of the Frankston Athletic Club’s cross-country team said he definitely wasn’t lacking in support. “You feel like you’re running with a few others by your side and you don’t want to let them down as they have been there helping you out and supporting you,” he said. “Everyone has been really supportive of the whole process.” It didn’t take long before Davy was back out and competing in another en-

durance event as he entered the 6.7km Arthurs Seat Challenge two weeks later. Davy finished just over 20 seconds behind fellow Frankston Athletic Club member Dane Verwey and made it back-to-back second placings having finished runners-up last year as well. “The crowd support was fantastic at Arthurs Seat,” Davy said. “It’s a great community event that raises awareness and funds for the fit to drive program and it has a great message which relates to the event. “Both the Auckland Marathon and the Arthurs Seat Challenge are great events and I encourage anybody to go for it and have a crack at them.” Davy said there are now a couple more marathons early next year that he might target but he has his eyes set on the Berlin Marathon in September next year. “The world record was run there and it’s known as the fastest course around the world so I want to give it a go and hopefully get a big personal best there,” he said.

Training partners: Frankston Athletic Club runners, Dane Verwey, left, and Matthew Davy, shake hands after running first and second in the Arthurs Seat Challenge. Picture: Yanni

Wheelchair tennis player national champ By Ben Triandafillou JUNIOR wheelchair tennis player Riley Dumsday, of Mornington, has been victorious at the Australian National Junior Wheelchair Championships just one year after making his debut in the tournament last year. Dumsday, 12, competed in the under18s mixed singles at the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne over the weekend of Friday 17 November. He was just getting used to the sport when he entered the tournament last year but felt much more comfortable on court this time in as he cruised through the opening rounds of his round-robin pool in straight sets.

Dumsday then went on to fight out a three-hour grand final against a familiar Melbourne rival, Finn Broadbent, which he won 6-1 4-6 6-4 to be crowned the Australian national champion. The Elite Tennis Academy star returned home with two trophies from the Queensland Wheelchair Tennis Open earlier this year and said the national championships was one of his biggest wins so far. “The grand final was very nerve-racking but it was still very exciting,” he said. “I was tired and hot afterward but I’m really proud of myself and how I played.” Dumsday said he is now looking forward to the Melbourne Open in Craigie-

burn in January next year where one of his idols, Alfie Hewett (world no. 2 singles wheelchair tennis player), is likely to attend. “The older guys are always there cheering us juniors on but he (Hewett) wasn’t at the nationals as he lives in the UK,” Dumsday said. “He’s a bit of an idol of mine and has the same disease as me (Perthes’ disease). He’s coming to the Melbourne Open which is an ITF ranking tournament so it can help with my ranking points as well.” Dumsday will have a chance to further increase his ranking at the Melbourne Open as he currently sits at 17th in the junior world singles rankings.

will now be joining the Victorian side on Saturday 2 December. Molly just missed out on making the under-12 girls team last year but after tying for second at the qualifiers, she will now join the Victorian team of four for the week-long event. Molly’s father, Craig, said she was really excited to make the team, especially after beginning with a triple bogey on the first hole. “She has had her heart set on making the side for a while so she stoked to have made it this year,” he said. “She’s a really hard worker and once you start training and having a hit, you

have to try and drag her away at the end as she just wants to hit more. “She predominantly works on her short game but she’s also a pretty good swimmer and also plays netball, so she has a lot on.” When it comes to inspiration, Craig said she models her game off Jason Day but it’s the lesser-known Charlotte Thomas who she truly aspires to be like. “I have coached Charlotte for about the past 10 years and now she (Molly) wants to be just like her,” he said. Molly has begun to make her way through the grades and earlier this year

On the up: Riley Dumsday, 12, practices at his home courts at the Mornington Tennis Centre. Picture: Yanni

Junior golfer sets sights on state final By Ben Triandafillou JUNIOR golfer Molly McLean has had a golf club in her hand since she was able to walk and now she’s teeing off with a GA Handicap of 11.6 at just 11-years-old. The Rosebud Country Club golfer has grown up with the sport all around her as her father, Craig McLean, is currently a teaching professional at the Sorrento Golf Club. For the past five months Molly has had her heart set on making the Pacific School Games in Adelaide and after a successful qualifying round at the Sandhurst Golf Club in August, she

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28 November 2017

was the only junior golfer competing in the Sorrento Plate. Molly came away with a win on 46 points alongside another Rosebud Country Club member, Narelle Colahan. She is also undefeated in pennant as her District Pennant team currently sits at the top of division four in metropolitan league. Molly will also be competing at the State Golf Primary School Finals on Wednesday 29 November at Kooringal Golf Club where she will be representing Rye Primary School. Time for tee: Molly McLean has a golf handicap of 11.6 at the age of 11.

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