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Celebrating Our Women in Polo



EST 1890

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INDIO, CALIFORNIA - SINCE 1957 THE HEART OF POLO IN THE DESERT FOR OVER 60 YEARS Eldorado Polo Club in the perfect place to enjoy world class polo in the beautiful Coachella Valley playing January through March. Whether you wish to check out a match with family & friends in the warm California winter sun or try your own hand at the game, there is no better place! SUNDAY POLO EVENTS - CANTINA RESTAURANT - PROFESSIONAL LEAGUES AMATEUR LEAGUES - ONSITE POLO ACADEMY - CORPORATE EVENTS


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The Ranchmen’s Club Your Club of Choice


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Established in 1891, The Ranchmen’s Club is the private Club of Choice for excellence in service, dining and events. We are primarily a business club, but our social opportunities ensure that we can be your one stop shopping for business and personal enjoyment. The Club is an historic jewel conveniently located in Calgary’s Beltline district. With over a 1300 members the Club is active, vibrant and promises to provide exceptional service, dining and events.

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Commissioned Animal Portraits in Oil by JAN WALKER-ROENISCH

Limited Membership Opportunities Available! Contact Kim Iwamoto, General Manager for more details kim@ranchmensclub.com 587-349-8101 710-13th Ave S.W. Calgary, AB T2R 0K0 www.ranchmensclub.com @ranchmensclub1891 4 www.calgarypoloclub.com

Rich Roenisch and Jan Walker-Roenisch

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The champions of 2018.

AD SALES EXECUTIVE: Sally Bishop Denice Roth

Welcome to the 129th year at the Calgary Polo Club.



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Tim Mills’ work is integral to the success of the Calgary Polo Club.


Honouring the extraordinary ladies of the 2019 season.

ON THE COVER Aly Rooney and Lesley Tims battle it out on the field. Photo by Kerri Kerley.

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n behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, I welcome you to our 129th year at the Calgary Polo Club (CPC). This year will offer something for everyone from the first time spectator, to those in the Coaching League, Club League, Four-Goal and High Goal match games. Nestled along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, CPC’s 300-acre facility has full sized polo fields and provides a stunning setting for a day out in the country. Bring a picnic and tailgate while an action-packed game of polo is being played directly in front of you.

Throughout 2019, we look forward to continuing to improve the polo experience for all of our members and spectators. Barbados will be back this year and in keeping with their “Year of Wellness and Soft Adventure,” they are teaming up with the Alberta Children’s Hospital to raise money for the new Calgary Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. This great event will take place on July 20, 2019 and will highlight junior polo, as well as a match game. The highlight of the season will be the Canadian Open, scheduled for August 17, 2019. Be sure to look at our social media for updates. We are happy to announce that the CPC




will be the site for the Centre of Excellence for Canada’s National Junior Polo program. Our junior program has shown growth in 2018 and it will strive to grow and provide a world class venue to promote the sport of polo for junior players locally and across Canada. The CPC would like to acknowledge and thank the corporate sponsors for their support. With the support of our sponsors, players and members, the CPC will continue to grow the sport of polo in Calgary. Thank you, Rob Foster follow @calgarypoloclub






June 28 - July 1 Western Canadian Polo Tournament / Ross Fargey Cup

4 Goal

1 Canada Day Match Games 1 Fish Creek Junior Polo 4-7 American Day Cup Finals 4 Goal 11-13 Mike Francis Cup 0 Goal 12-14 J.B. Cross Cup Finals 4 Goal 18-21 CP Air Cup 0 Goal 19-28 J.C. Palmer Memorial 4 Goal 20 A Polo Match for Mental Health 27-28 Gilgit Cup 0 Goal 2-11 Calgary Cup 4 Goal 3-4 Heart Cup 0 Goal 5 Kimo Cup For Grooms & Beginners 10-11 Big Rock Cup 0 Goal 15-18 Hull Cup 0 Goal 16-25 USPA Pacific NW Circuit / Roenisch Memorial Cup 4 Goal (Money Game, playing for $12,000) 17 Canadian Open 20 Goal 24-25 Rocky Mountain Cup 0 Goal

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Ranch House Events August 23 Lobster Dinner Tournament and event dates are subject to change, please visit www.calgarypoloclub.com for daily tournament scheduling

WINNERS CIRCLE 4 Goal Tournaments



Nacho Bello, Dayelle Fargey, Gordon Ross, Matt Schneider

Bryan Middleton, Carin Middleton, John Rooney, Ali Rooney

Runners up I Somerset Kyle Fargey, Heidi Clark, Loreto Natividad, Lesley Tims

Runners up I BD & P James Kidd, Saul Torres, Russell Stimmel, Mitch Horne



Nacho Bello, Dayelle Fargey, Gordon Ross, Matt Schneider

Nacho Bello, Dayelle Fargey, Gordon Ross, Matt Schneider

Runners up I BD & P James Kidd, Saul Torres, Russell Stimmel, Mitch Horne

Runners up I BD & P Mitch Horne, Russell Stimmel, Saul Torres, James Kidd

Winners I Remax

Winners I Remax

Winners I Blizzard

Winners I Remax

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CLUB LEAGUE Tournaments


Winners I Scott Polo

Scott Palmer, Rogelio Ramirez, James Scott, Jodi Morel



Winners I Blue Besos

Tiffany Burns, Luis Galdon, Doug Byblow, Rob Foster


Winners I Identity Polo

Winners I Identity Polo

Hope Kerley, Tiffany Burns, Ryan Kerley, Anne Evamy, Rose Brownridge Runners up I Bird Dog Tom LeBoldus, Brent Watson, Kim Ross, Micaela Saracco

Tom LeBoldus, Anne Evamy, Luis Galdon, Micaela Saracco

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MIKE FRANCIS CUP Winners I Identity Polo

Tom LeBoldus, Anne Evamy, Luis Galdon, Brent Watson Runners up I Blue Besos Ryan Kerley, Tiffany Burns, Rose Brownridge, Kim Ross, Scott Cunningham

CP AIR NATIONS CUP Winners I Tekarra


Hope Kerley, Frank Galdon, Tiffany Burns, Thomas Keeper

HIGH GOAL Tournament CANADIAN OPEN Winners I M5 Team

Marcello Abbiati, Martin Donovan, Marcos Llambias and Ron Mathison Ryan Kerley, Jenn Foster, Anne Evamy, Rob Foster

Runners up I Chateau D’esclans John Rooney, Pedro Orellana, Luis Saracco, Fernando Reynot follow @calgarypoloclub


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Charged with the maintenance of seven polo fields, barn repairs, irrigation and the care of over 60 horses during the winter, Mills’ responsibilities at the CPC are endless.


With an international reputation for worldclass facilities and its friendly atmosphere, the Calgary Polo Club (CPC) has become a premier destination for polo in western Canada. Behind the scenes is one man and his crew, keeping things together. Though he often goes unnoticed, Tim Mills’ work is integral to the success of the CPC. Charged with the maintenance of seven polo fields, barn repairs, irrigation and the care of over 60 horses during the winter, Mills’ responsibilities at the CPC are endless. His tasks are perhaps not as glamorous as the other club positions, however, Mills tackles them all with pride. Hailing from Calgary, AB, Mills has been with the CPC since 1992 and will celebrate his 28th season here in 2019. “What I enjoy the most is seeing everyone going home after a game. It can be a dangerous sport so for me, success is everyone going home after the game – both

horses and riders. We try to make everything as safe as possible around here,” he says. Throughout the years, the facilities manager has seen his fair share of interesting weather. He chuckles when he thinks about it, “Outdoor sport in Alberta can be challenging at the best of times!” Mills can recall snow in August during his first season with the CPC. He can also remember a visit to the grounds by Lady Mountbatten in his early years, as one of his all-time favourite events. “The army came out and put on a massive lobster event,” Mills says. “We got rained out for polo, but it was still pretty entertaining!” As the club property is very expansive, Mills relies on the help of his assistant, Matt Giles, and many other people who help with grounds-keeping from time to time. Originally, Mills had two fields under his supervision and over the years, that has

changed to his current seven. He admits it has been a challenging affair at times. “We have a great a staff here. And the members are pretty patient with us. Everyone knows the fields come first and then when we can get to the other things, everything around the fields comes second. “It’s a big property for just a few of us to care for. And that’s why the members are so great to work for,” he states. “It’s almost a shame to call it a job, because they come out here with a smile on their faces, before they even start playing.” As one season blends into the other, Mills divulges that he does miss many of the people who are usually at the club in the summer months, over the course of the winter. “Some of the members have been around long enough that we get to watch their family members grow up here too – that’s been exciting. The Calgary Polo Club is a great place to work,” he says. In addition to the members, Mills would like to extend his gratitude to his wife Karen, for her support year after year. “Thanks goes to my better half for supporting me on this. It can be pretty challenging for Karen sometimes because in the summer time, I’m not at home. In the winter, I put her work. But I couldn’t do this job without her.” follow @calgarypoloclub



Honouring the extraordinary ladies of the 2019 season. By Piper Wilson & Jenn Webster

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Heidi Clark Heidi Clark and her husband, Kevin, live on an acreage between Okotoks and High River, AB, sharing their home with 12 horses, two dogs and two cats. Between their animals and her job in the oil and gas industry, working in the surface land department of a company based in downtown Calgary, Clark leads a busy life. Still, she enjoys travelling during the winter, heading south to play polo in warmer conditions.

Polo handicap:

–1, but much higher in the hitting cage!

How she got started in polo:

That’s a long story, but basically I made a promise to a friend that I would try it. He was very involved in polo and thought that I might like it.

Favourite playing pony:

I have eight polo ponies. My favorite depends on the day; I love them all for different reasons.

Favourite thing about the sport:

I had never played a team sport before polo – I find that challenging and interesting. Kerri Kerley

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

There’s so much I need to work on – to look around more! And to meet up with my friends Kate and Emma to play in Houston in November.

Leslie Tims Lesley Tims resides in Calgary, AB, where she is a faculty member in the Department of Finance at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business. Her job gives her the flexibility to travel and pursue all kinds of outdoor activities, with her dog, Burger, along for the ride. In addition to playing polo throughout the summer, Tims enjoys all sports, including rock climbing, golf and competing in triathlons, marathons and relays.

Polo handicap:

I am a -0.5 handicap, and I think there’s been some discussion about bumping me to 0! It is both exciting and intimidating to move up the rankings.

How she got started in polo:

Kerri Kerley

At my last job, my boss, Ron Mathison, suggested that I take a lesson at the Calgary Polo Club. He knew of my past love for the sport of dressage and for horses generally. Instructors, Megan and Kyle began teaching me the basics of the sport three summers ago, and I was hooked. Our family spends a fair bit of time in the Palm Springs area, so I was also able to play down there. I first purchased a great little pony, Honey, from Cotterell Farms, who knew the game better than I did. Ron’s 16 www.calgarypoloclub.com

polo teammate, Marcelo Abbiati, was extremely helpful in getting me started in polo and finding the right horses or teams for me at the right time. I even took a year off to travel and learn more about the sport, while improving my riding. I was lucky enough to watch games all over the world. My best experience was in Argentina, where Chris and Ines Zimmermann deepened my experience and love for the sport and the people in it. I learned so much from them and was able to spend countless hours on a horse down there. Unfortunately, Ines passed away this year, but her groundbreaking developments in the world of women’s polo in Argentina live on and have even spread to North America. I will never forget Ines and I plan to take her spirit with me to the field!

Favourite playing pony:

It is so hard to choose one pony, as I love them all, and each one has different strengths. Kenya, from the Fish Creek polo operation, often gets compliments on her quick turns and ease of play on the field. Geniol, from

Luis Sarraco, is a little motorcycle with all the gears and the softest mouth. Emma, who’s newer, is really stepping up the horsepower in my lineup. And I mentioned Honey whose experience with the game surpasses them all. I really do love them all!

Favourite thing about the sport:

I love how competitive and challenging the sport is. It’s an easy way to get lost from everything else going on in the world, or your life. Once you pick up that mallet, you have to be focused during every second you spend on the field. I have never experienced such an intricate sport, with so many moving parts. It requires so much focus and intensity; and it forces you to tune everything else out. The challenging nature of the sport means I continuously have room for improvement – there’s something to be said about a sport that can never truly be mastered (with some exceptions, of course). I also just love being active outside, and around the horses; it’s a form of meditation in and of itself.

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

In 2019, I’m hoping to improve my game anticipation and my reaction time on the field. I always look forward to getting coached by any player who’s willing to give me a tip here or there. I find it really valuable. I’ve also engaged a trainer off the field, who I believe will help improve my strength and stability on the horse this summer. I’m hopeful that we can win a few tournaments here in Calgary and that I can return to California in March (my teaching schedule permitting). I always enjoy the tournaments there and I hope the luck that I’ve had so far sticks with me. The learning curve in this sport is huge. I want to especially thank everyone who has helped me maneuver through it. Whether it was teaching me how to properly wrap a leg, throwing me in as a substitute in a terrific match, or having a lot of patience while my understanding got up to speed, I have not forgotten any of the kind gestures. I know I have to find a way to pay it all forward, because polo is such a great experience for me.

Megan Kozminski Megan Kozminski’s life is all about polo. She divides her time between Okotoks, AB, from spring to fall, and Indio, CA, for the winter polo season, teaching and organizing lessons part-time in both locations. Kozminski is also the president of Media Spur Inc., a company that produces luxury magazines focusing on the sport of polo.

Polo handicap: B.5 How she got started in polo:

I grew up competing in hunter/ jumper and I have been riding since I was six-years-old. When I met Kyle Fargey he got me started in polo. Dayelle Fargey took me in my first tournament at Eldorado Polo Club in California a few years later – I was on Field 1 and had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun!

Favourite thing about the sport:

All the great ponies and all the great friends.

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

I spend a lot of time on the polo academy field teaching junior, beginner and intermediate players, and my goal is to get as many of them playing chukkers as possible! It’s amazing to watch some of the young female players coming up at Favourite playing pony: the club. About three or four years ago, Rouge is my favourite pony in the I started teaching junior players Nadia world! She played high goal at Santa and Sabine Stobbe-Wiens and Grace Barbara under Hugo Barabucci and Tanton. Now they have their own ponies Luis Saracco, and then I was lucky to and are riding players off (including me!) buy her from Dayelle Fargey. She is and stealing the ball. It’s great to watch the perfect horse to hit off and she has them progress and have so much fun taught me a lot about playing. doing it. follow @calgarypoloclub


Candice Crosby

Polo handicap:

Kerri Kerley

Being an equine veterinarian takes Candice Crosby to a variety of exciting places, including the Calgary Polo Club. Originally from Windsor, NS, Crosby lives in Calgary, AB, and works with TD Equine, specializing in performance horses. “I love working with the polo horses,” she says. “They are amazing athletes and generally great patients to work with as well.” Crosby is also an FEI Official Veterinarian, lending her expertise on the Spruce Meadows and Rocky Mountain Show Jumping veterinary teams. -0.5

How she got started in polo:

I grew up riding on my family farm in Nova Scotia, Crosby Stables. My father and mother were both riders, and my brother and I grew up training young horses and showing hunter/jumpers. When I moved to Calgary, I started doing some vet work at the polo club, and everyone said I should try it. After my first lesson with Kyle and Megan in the coaching league, of course I was hooked!

Favourite playing pony:

My favorite pony is Flurry. She was my first pony and is nearing retirement age now. She has a lot of personality and can be a handful at times, but she loves to play the game and has taught me a lot!

It’s so amazing to be part of a sport that incorporates team play and horsemanship! I love being part of the Calgary Polo Club—the horses, the sport and the camaraderie make it an amazing place to spend the summer!

Favourite thing about the sport:

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

I love the team aspect of polo.

I will play in the club league in 2019.

Maggie Keeper Maggie Keeper is truly enthusiastic about the sport of polo. A Calgary-based photographer and mother of two, Keeper plays polo with her husband, Thomas, and loves the time their family spends with their horses. “In the summer that just really takes over our life, and polo is such a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, so that’s a big part of what we do,” she said.

Polo handicap:

18 www.calgarypoloclub.com


How she got started in polo:

I got started through Kyle and Megan at the Academy, and they were great. Thomas started polo before me, and I started polo and riding at the same time – so I wasn’t a horse gal to begin with. I was happy to just watch and support my husband while he played, and then I decided to give it a whirl and just try the horse bit. Megan always said, “We’ll just do a sunset ride and then we’ll have Prosecco after.” So I said, “That sounds really nice – we’ll try that.” I got on the horse and instantly fell in love, and then I started swinging a mallet, and one thing led to another and now I’m totally hooked as well.

Favourite playing pony:

His name is Achilles, and he’s just so

lovely. He does everything you want him to do… He’s just so sweet and easy and gentle, but he can turn it up to high gear if he needs to do that. He stays at every gait that I want him to stay at, and he’s just really an easy, sweet boy and I love him so much. I’m really obsessed with him.

Favourite thing about the sport:

I love the whole lifestyle around polo, and with us having two kids who are six and seven, I just love that it can include the whole family, so we really all bonded over that. The horses are incredible animals. It’s been so amazing getting to know them and having respect for them. What they do for us is amazing. And being out in the fresh air all the time, in the country – I love the whole lifestyle

aspect of polo. I love that my husband and I can do it together. I love the co-ed aspect of it as well. We always get asked questions from people: ‘Do you play on the women’s team and Thomas plays on the men’s?’ Even though that does exist, it’s amazing here in Calgary that we are a true co-ed club.

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

This year’s a little different for us because we’re doing a bunch of travelling that we wouldn’t normally do during polo season, so I think this year just kind of maintain my skills, keep my riding up and try to stay in the saddle as much as I can. Just keep learning, keep riding – anything to do with that is what I’ll do this summer.

Hope Kerley Hope Kerley is a third generation polo player. Before her, Kerley’s grandfather used to play and her father, Mike, is a decorated polo professional. One could say she was born into the sport. Hailing from LaQuinta, CA, Kerley is currently studying business in online college courses and travelling wherever the sport will take her. At the tender age of 19, she is an avid horsewoman, a kindhearted soul and a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Kerri Kerley

Polo handicap:

-0.5 Goal in USPA handicap. And Women’s handicap - 2 Goal.

How she got started in polo: Polo runs deep in my family.

Favourite playing pony:

My mare, Kaliope. I’ve played her since I was 14 and I received her as my 15th birthday present. She never lets me down! She’s a 10 year Argentine Thoroughbred mare. A bay with a thin white blaze.

Favourite thing about the sport:

For me, I think it basically comes down to the adrenaline rush and getting to be with horses all the time. Horses are my entire life. I wouldn’t want to be without them. Polo is also a passport to the world. You get to travel a lot.

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

I want to continue getting jobs wherever I can, in as many places as possible – while I continue to try and improve my playing style and riding ability. Recently I had the opportunity to play in Denver, CO, and it was awesome! But Canada is always going to be my hometown – playing here in Calgary, AB, is one of my favorites. follow @calgarypoloclub


Kerri Kerley

Jodi Morel Jodi Morel grew up on a ranch, and her love of animals has carried through to her adult life. She and her family have seven horses, three dogs and a cat, and her senior horses enjoy their retirement at her family’s ranch. Morel lives in Calgary, AB, where she runs an advertising and marketing firm, IDMD Brand Management.

Polo handicap:


How she got started in polo:

I was at a charity function downtown and one of the items on the charity auction was polo lessons at the Calgary Polo Club. I had no idea that we had a polo club, so I asked a friend who happened to be very familiar with the club and she put me in touch with Kyle and Megan who run the academy. I went for a few lessons and before I knew it, I was buying horses and playing club league. I wish I had discovered polo sooner! I started riding when I was a very small child and tried everything including barrel racing, dressage and jumping, but 20 www.calgarypoloclub.com

nothing compares to polo. It combines horsemanship, sportsmanship and friendship like no other sport I know.

Favourite playing pony:

My favourite would have to be Baron, my 10-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, who I purchased last summer. I tried him when I was in Palm Springs last winter and fell in love. He is fast, agile and honest. I would love to have four more ponies just like him.

Favourite thing about the sport:

I would have to say the polo community.

It’s a fast, challenging team sport that can be quite dangerous, so we look out for each other both on and off the field. And because it’s such a dynamic group, you never know who you are going to meet at the cantina or asado.

Goals for playing polo in 2019:

Making goals would be a good goal. But seriously, I would like to improve my game and finish my Quarter Horse mare, Lacey, as I would like to get her playing at club level. She’s a lovely mare but I really haven’t had the time to focus on her training, so this summer is her summer.

CorryAnn Struik During the workday, CorryAnn Struik is a problem solver. Struik owns and operates an IT professional services firm that specializes in project management, and her favourite aspects of her work include sales and client management. When the workday is done, however, her mind is on her horses and the sport of polo. Struik moved to south Calgary, AB, to be closer to the Calgary Polo Club, and is now only 15 minutes away from the sport she loves.

Kerri Kerley

Polo handicap: -1 How she got started in polo:

I grew up with horses. I used to Gymkhana and 4-H as a kid. We weren’t the richest family around, and when my father got a job in Calgary that called for a move. We had to sell my horses. I was just entering high school. Broke my heart, it did. So when we moved to Cowtown, I started to look around for horses that I could “beg, borrow or steal” to ride. I read an ad about the Calgary Polo Club, who were looking to recruit new players. Now, as a high school student I didn’t have two cents to rub together, so I made a deal with a couple of the players back then to exercise their horses to turn for letting me ride them, teach me polo and let me play a game once in a while. I remember thinking that was an awesome deal I had! I did that for three glorious summers, but when I started university, I had to find a paying job that looked after those university bills! And then after university, life was crazy busy for me and I lost touch with the Club. But I always missed the horses. The smell. The company. The unspoken words. Then, five years ago, I started dating this cowboy. Cowboys have horses. (Why the heck didn’t I date cowboys a whole lot earlier?) It was great until we broke up. I remember being the most

upset about having lost my access to horses. Then I had an epiphany – who said I had to be dating a cowboy to be around horses? I promptly phoned the Calgary Polo Club to see if they were still around. It was February. Nobody answered the phone. I left a hopeful message. Sue called me back a few days later to let me know the Club would be in full swing come May. And wow, it had really grown since I was last there. After a horse-filled season, by August I had bought my first polo pony!

Favourite playing pony:

I almost have to say it’s my first polo horse, Coca Cola. She actually came from the CocaCola family whose riders I keep in touch with. But now I have a second horse, Guapo, an Argentinian gelding, who may claim that title. Then there are all the horses I’ve ridden along the way. There was an awesome horse named Lobo in the polo school. That horse was for sure my favorite the first season when I was getting back into the game. I’ve also ridden some awesome horses in my travels, because of course vacation now always happens to be near a Polo Club. There’s an amazing horse

at the beautiful La Patrona Polo Club in San Pancho, Mexico, named Dino, who if only I could stuff onto my suitcase…

Favourite thing about the sport:

The horses! But I have to say I really like the horse people, too. The camaraderie amongst the polo community is quite amazing. It’s like family. Getting back into horses through polo has put balance back into my life. We know if we work hard, we should play hard. We don’t always. Sometimes work rules. Now not only do I care about work less, I care about life more. That’s what polo does for me!

Goals for playing polo in 2019: For sure it is to build a great relationship with my new horse. I’ll even be taking him in a horsemanship clinic to work on that bond. I believe the better connection one has with their horses, the better they will perform for you, and I want the horse to be enjoying the game, too. A good player knows if their horse is also having fun. And then? Well, horse number three, of course! follow @calgarypoloclub












EST 1890



Spend Sunday afternoons at the Calgary Polo Club this July and August enjoying fast-paced, world-class polo matches! Admission is free – bring your family and friends for an afternoon of inspiring athleticism and horsemanship. Everyone is welcome!

For more information on tournaments and events at the Calgary Polo Club visit www.calgarypoloclub.com 22 www.calgarypoloclub.com





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Offered at $4,738,000

This magnificent custom Georgian style estate home with city views from the upper levels exceeds all expectations with over 7,950 sq. ft. of luxuriously appointed living quarters including 4+1 bedrooms & grand rooms throughout. Built with the utmost care & exquisitely finished by Waterford Homes & designed by Marvin DeJong of DeJong Design Associates & winner of the 2019 Alberta Masonry President’s Design Awards. This home is designed for grand-scale entertaining & modern living. This stunning residence is situated on a private 13,861 sq. ft peninsula lot bounded by prestigious Wolfe Street & Frontenac Avenue SW.

#200, 5051 HIGHWAY 549 W

Offered at $2,900,000

This scenic 159 acre parcel is nestled along the north side of the Sheep River, only 2 kms west of Okotoks with additional development potential! The southern portion, in the middle of a hay field, features a 3 acre artesian spring fed pond stocked with trout. This property is the remaining 1/4 section of a large dairy, farming & ranching operation. There is a 4,000 sq. ft, 4 bedrooms, 5 bath cedar home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright surrounded by nature, 2 barns including a 60’x30’ former race horse barn & paddock & is perfect for an equestrian facility.


Offered at $3,275,000

This custom-built sprawling modern open concept ranch home by Trickle Creek is situated on 3.5 acres & enjoys panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, City of Calgary & rolling countryside all from its majestic hilltop location. Featuring 8300+ sq. ft of well-designed living space & a total of 6 bedrooms. Also enjoy the attached oversized quadruple garage with built in wall-to-wall cabinetry, workshop area & in-floor radiant heating, detached 40’ by 60’ Coachhouse with room for all the toys & includes an 850+ sq. ft self-contained suite above with a full kitchen, living room, spacious master bedroom & deck with more stunning views.

250087 DYNASTY DRIVE W Offered at $1,998,000 This absolutely stunning open concept, custom-built executive family home is situated on 3.5 acres & features outstanding views of the City of Calgary to the North and the Majestic Rocky Mountains to the West. No expense was spared creating this masterpiece with over 5694 sq. ft of luxurious living space on 2 levels, large rooms throughout, fully developed walkout lower level & is conveniently located on a private cul-de-sac with a secured gate, paved driveway to the home & triple attached garage. From sunrise to sunset, the views are amazing shouldn’t be missed!


GORDON W. ROSS 24 www.calgarypoloclub.com