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E-Recruitment Process Step One Login into E-Recruitment –

Step Two Create Request to Recruit Refer to Section 1 – Creating a Request to Recruit of User Manual

Step Three Submit Request to Recruit for Approval Refer to 4.2 & 4.3 of User Manual

Step Four Request to Recruit proceeds through the Defined Approval Process Members of the Approval Process are required to approve or reject the request – refer to 5.2 Member of Approval Process Refer to Section 2 - Approval Process of User Manual

Step Five Once Request to Recruit has been approved the position is then advertised. The advertising dates are in accordance with the Schedule for Advertising Positions located on COLIN under the HR Tab.

Step Six Candidates apply for the positions advertised. Applications will be submitted online on the Council’s website. The Candidate completes an online application form providing personal details which will include of list of referees and a CV.

Step Seven Applications are shortlisted (culled) Applications are viewed by each member of the Selection Committee – refer to 6.2 of User Manual Shortlisting can commence once an application has been received, you do not need to wait till the closing date – refer to 6.3.1 of User Manual

Step Eight Position Closes

Step Nine Interviews are to be arranged. Shortlising is to be finalised by all members of the Selection Committee and suitable applicants are selected for interviews. Suitable applicants are contacted to schedule an interview, once the interview schedule has been confirmed with all applicants the ‘Interviews to be Scheduled’ form can be completed – refer to 6.3.2 of User Manual (Human Resources can assist with arranging interviews) Candidates who are unsuccessful for interview and not suited if a second round of interviews is required can be sent an unsuccessful notification – refer to 6.4 of User Manual

Step Ten Interviews are conducted as per current process. Referee Checks are to be conducted on preferred candidate/s and completed online – refer to 6.2.1d of User Manual Step Eleven Once the interviews have been conducted and a suitable candidate selected a recommendation is to be made by completing an ‘Interview Results Report’ - refer to 6.6 of User Manual The ‘Interview Results Report’ is to be submitted for approval much the same as the approval process for a Request to Recruit – refer to 6.6.1 Step 3

Step Twelve Once the approval has been received for the ‘Interview Results Report’ if applicable a medical is to be arranged by Human Resources. Once the medical results have been received or a medical is not applicable, Human Resources will contact the applicant and offer the position. If the applicant accepts the recruitment needs to be finalised – refer to 6.7 of User Manual. Unsuccessful Interviewees are to be notified – refer to 6.4 of User Manual

Step Thirteen Letter of Appointment and relevant payroll forms is forward to the successful applicant.


eRecruitment process flowchart  

eRecruitment process flowchart