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Coughs, Colds & Flu


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West Hamilton Pharmacy NewNawton Mall, Nawton. Phone 846 3121. Facsimile 846 3165

Coughs and colds are inevitable in the winter season. We have all experienced the dreaded symptoms, which often start with a dry (raspy and sore) throat, leading on to other symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose and headache. The common cold lasts for a few days – around 5 - 7, and there is no cure. The nasal passages and throat get infected by viruses that keep changing every year, so it is hard to develop a cure. Your own immune system is your best defence. Recovery is helped best by resting in bed, drinking plenty of fluids such as water, fruit juice or soup, and not smoking (this is a good time to quit, so ask your Self Care pharmacist about the Quit Smoking fact card). Colds are not serious for healthy people. People often, mistakenly, think that antibiotics will treat a cold. They won’t because they don’t work on viruses. Antibiotics will be useful for a cold only if you develop a secondary bacterial infection - like a chest or sinus infection. So when you have a cold, don’t go to the doctor expecting to get a prescription for antibiotics. Since colds are not bacterial infections, and because of concerns about bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, doctors are very cautious about prescribing antibiotics. People often refer to a cold as the flu (influenza). While it is caused by viruses and, like the common cold, spread by coughing and sneezing, the flu is a more serious and severe infection. It comes on very quickly and often will be accompanied by very sore and achy muscles, and a high fever. The flu also tends to last longer than a cold (about 1-3 weeks). Flu vaccinations are the way to guard against getting the flu, but you need a new vaccination each year because the viruses keep changing - making the past year’s vaccine ineffective against current flu ‘bugs’. Medicines can help relieve common cold symptoms, especially when you are feeling

miserable and having trouble sleeping at night. Self Care pharmacists can help you choose the right medicine for your symptoms. “Lozenges or gargles are available for sore throats,” recommend Self Care pharmacists. “Decongestant tablets, nose drops, nasal sprays or steam inhalations can help a blocked nose, antihistamines can relieve a streaming nose associated with a head cold, and paracetamol and ibuprofen reduce fever and relieve head ache. Cough suppressants can dull a dry irritating cough. Other cough medicines can help loosen phlegm.” Products with many different ingredients are available to treat more than one symptom at a time. “It can be a bit confusing” advise Self Care pharmacists, “so it is best to ask us for advice. Sometimes treating an individual symptom, rather than having products with many different ingredients, makes it easier to control symptoms. Taking products with lots of different ingredients also makes it easy to double-up on medicines without realising. The most common example is cold preparations containing paracetamol for pain and fever when you are already taking paracetamol on its own for headache. Check with your pharmacist first if you are unsure. And a very important warning! Do not give cough and cold medicines to children under 6 years of age. Current research shows they aren’t always effective, and can cause harm. Children with colds should be allowed to rest, made to feel comfortable and be given plenty of fluids. In some cases it may be appropriate to give saline nose drops, or to give honey drinks to children over one year of age to soothe a cough. Talk to you Self Care pharmacist about this, and about what alternatives are okay for children and babies.

Te Rapa, Pukete, St Andrews, Beerescourt, Whitiora, Maeroa, Forest Lake, Frankton, Dinsdale, Aberdeen, Templeview, Nawton, Livingstone, Western Heights, Rotokauri, Crawshaw, Brymer

Hardcourt for Crawshaw School? Last month, Crawshaw School Principal Kevin Lawson submitted a submission to Hamilton City Council Annual plan to have a Multi-use Outdoor hard court to be situated in Odlin Park also known as Crawshaw park. This is the first time Crawshaw School has made a submission to Hamilton City Council and he spoke to her Worship the Mayor and City Councillors on this topic. The proposed submission to have a Crawshaw Multi-use Outdoor Hardcourt would allow for the provision of expanded sporting activities for the Crawshaw and Nawton community, including basketball and volleyball tournaments, which would help to achieve more positive activities in the Park. By providing this Multi-use Outdoor Hardcourt for Crawshaw it will increase the number of activities available for young people to participate in. This submission is based on the idea that young people who are occupied and

engaged in some activity are less likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour. The youth population in Crawshaw is high with 23% youth and 43.2% Maori. Most of the Crawshaw young

New North Community Advisor

Community Development Kayley Gaustad started as at Lincoln University, the North Neighbourhood Christchurch and then Community Advisor in moved on to manage the November 2010, and is OSCAR programmes for currently located at Pukete the Invercargill YMCA. Neighbourhood House and Next stop was Rotorua Chapel Hill Community working for the New Church. Being born and Zealand Red Cross as bred in the Waikato Kayley the Programmes and is excited to be back in her home town, and ready for new adventures. Fundraising Manager. Kayley completed a Bachelor of For the past eight years Kayley Recreation Management majoring in has been actively involved in youth communities, leading at a range of youth groups, running leadership training courses and also managing and directing motorbike camps throughout New Zealand. Kayley is also a keen sportswoman who participates in a range of different sports including volleyball, netball and touch and has a vast array of experience coaching a range of sports. If you are living or working in North Hamilton, please don’t hesitate to contact Kayley on 838 6699 or Kayley.Gaustad@hcc. to get advice from Stolen! Quite a few of the ‘Welcome to Hamilton’ council, find support for entrance signs, like this one last month from State Highway One, near the Dairy Factory. your community event or We ask people who have pride in their city to let the initiative or link with other Council (856 6699) know if you hear anything about the low-lifes who have been nicking these expensive signs. agencies and providers.

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2 Western Community News - June 2011

people are disadvantaged as there are no recreational facilities within the area to keep them active and engaged. Crawshaw School is the only Hardcourt in Crawshaw community, however this facility is not available for public use. The Crawshaw Multi-use Outdoor Hardcourt would provide a free facility for Crawshaw’s youth and families, which would be relevant to their interests, cost-effective and accessible. Currently at Crawshaw Park there is a mini hardcourt approximately 5-7 metres wide and 10-12 metres long with one basketball hoop. The concrete area is unsafe for young people to use, due to the cracks and overgrown grass in the cracked areas and no one can enjoy it. This Hardcourt will be an ideal resource to have available in support of this role for Crawshaw community. We will keep you updated on the final outcome once we hear more from Hamilton City Council.

Nawton Memories – Back in the Day... Western Community News met with Betty and Monty Cowley who are celebrating 67 years of marriage. Betty and Monty have four children, 11 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. Currently, they are proud to say that they have great grandchildren attending Nawton School. Not only do they celebrate many years of marriage they also embrace many memories whilst residing in Grandview Road, Nawton since 1971. In this time they recall Bartholomew Road in Nawton actually being a shearing farm, where Monty was employed shearing sheep and a great shearer he was. Nawton Hall located in Crawford Street, was the main centre of attraction, also known as Nawton’s community hub. The Women’s Institute, a women’s community group held regular meetings at Nawton Hall. Monty shares a memory of the Forestlake lights and Avalon Drive area having no houses at all, no traffic lights, no schools, no shopping mall however

he does recall Tucks Sawmill, the timber mill of Hamilton which was where the Forest Lake lights are currently located. Monty and Betty also remember that Magnolia Street was a huge area fill of sawdust. One finest memory the Cowley family brings to mind is having their under ground swimming pool installed at their home, where many of the children from Grandview Road congregated and Betty had the opportunity to teach them to swim. Betty and Monty have seen the many changes over time from a small community of Nawton to the growth development of Hamilton City and they will continue to make Nawton their place they call home.

Your Say: So what’s your favourite thing to do during the Winter ?

Rebekah In a blanket drinking hot chocolate

Stacey Snuggle up in a warm blanket watching movies

Cameron sleep


Huddling around Watching movies a fire with friends in a warm blanket sipping hot chocolate drinking hot chocolate

Chill in the Park

Hey People, The Western Stars Youth leadership team are running an event during the second week of the school Holidays on Wednesday the 27th of July 2011, our Youth event is called Chill in the Park. From 1pm till 4pm at Elliott Park in Nawton, this event is Free and involves a range of Fun activities for everyone. Activities such as Caged soccer, Chalk drawing competition, Jelly wresting, food competitions, loads of awesome


prizes, free sausage sizzle, free soup, hot drinks and 4 TONNES of ICE to chill in. If you’re more interested in being indoors then there will be a Chill room inside where we will have fun activities indoors like play station games, ping pong table and an area just to chill. So if you’re got nothing to do during the school holidays or in the area come down to Chill in Park. We hope to see you there. Western Stars Youth Leadership team

Ashley Sleep or play video games


Corey Stay at home and sit by the fire place

Watch movies

KiwiSport in the West Since the inception of KiwiSport in the Waikato, over 10,000 young people have had a taste of sport. KiwiSport Officers representing 12 sports are just about to launch into season five of their free sport taster sessions and afterschool programmes across the region. 12 Sporting Organisations partner with Sport Waikato to deliver the KiwiSport initiative. KiwiSport Officers are employed by each sporting organisation to visit 25 Waikato towns or districts and provide afterschool programmes and in-school taster sessions for children aged 5-18 years, with the support of local clubs and local people. They spend 4-5 weeks in each town running activities designed to attract local young people including newcomers to sport. KiwiSport Touch Officer Rachel Wikeepa has been running her

afterschool program alongside the Western Stars Community Centre in the Nawton area. The children have been learning skills to enable them to learn a new game called Turbo Touch. For details of where and when KiwiSport Officers will be visiting the area and the sports covered go to www.

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Western Community News - June 3

No Age Limit to Volunteering at Crosslight Trust On either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning (when it’s fine), we hold a stall in the carpark outside our op shop which has all sorts of things for sale. Alex and Donald are sometimes joined by Darcy, and they joke that they have a combined age of 257!! Alex is the senior member of this trio and has 17 years on the other two. Amazing don’t you think! Of course during winter holding the stall is somewhat spasmodic, but on a fine and not too chilly a wind day, you will see them out there, chatting to potential customers who are looking for a bargain. Why not come along sometime and see what you can find – after all, they may just have what you have always needed. They sell anything from

ornaments to pots and pans, gardening tools, books, toys and much more – it varies from week to week. Any enquiries, please phone us on 07 847 2998.

Outstanding Maeroa Choir Performance

An outstanding performance from 50 of the Maeroa intermediate School Choir! On Friday, 13 May, our choir was a part of 580 students from schools around the Waikato. They ranged in age from 5 to 13 years. Dressed in brightly coloured garments they entertained the audience at Founders Theatre for almost 2 hours with the 18 songs that they had been learning since the start of the year. From the little girl in the front row who was threatening to go to sleep, and gave her eyes separate opportunities to sleep throughout the show, to the large cat who came on stage, the entire performance was wonderful! Suzanne Prentice dressed as ‘Timmy’, with great big teeth, a little boy sent away to camp and desperate to be home because the rain has stopped all activities. (Hello Mother, Hello Father). The highlight of the evening, for the Maeroa students at least, was having our own Jessie Peterman perform “Tomorrow” with a student from another school. It

Krishna Fest shares culture From the streets to the airwaves, Hamilton’s Hare Krishna community are now sharing their message of spiritual enlightenment on Community Radio Hamilton, with their weekly radio show ‘Krishna Fest’ broadcast live at 10am on Sundays. The show offers an introduction to Krishna Consciousness and the lifestyle, music, philosophy and practices of this ancient Indian culture. Show host Dr. Chi Rouse-Amadi promises to tackle society’s tough issues “People are starting to look for deeper meaning to life and a more sustainable, progressive and holistic approach,” he believes. “We hope to show listeners how genuine spiritual practice is the key to remaining healthy and balanced, both individually and collectively.

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Contact Ioana on 849 5170 - or - Tim on 847 9044 or email:

for a competitive rates chart & publication schedule Western Community News is produced by the Western Community Centre, Inc. and Hamilton’s Fraser High School every 2 months. Staff and volunteers working on this issue were Ani Nock, Tim Atkinson, Ioana Manu, Neil Tolan, Dave Macpherson & all those who contributed articles. 4 Western Community News - June 2011

Chi, who was born and raised in the UK, first became interested in spirituality during a three month visit to India whilst at medical school. Since then he has been a keen practitioner of yoga and meditation and student of the ancient yoga texts such as Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. The community also hosts weekly festival evenings every Tuesday at 6pm at Krishna House, 28 Sheridan Street, in Silverdale, Hamilton. The evenings are free and include live music, mantra meditation, discussions and an Indian vegetarian feast. Tune in to Krishna Fest live on 1206AM, 106.7FM or, where a podcast is also available for download on-demand.


By Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe

Despite substantial progress in recent years, New Zealand still lags behind many other countries in road safety. The NZ Transport Agency is considering changes to our give way rules and aiming to improve school bus safety as part of the Government’s 10-year Safer Journeys road safety strategy. Public consultation is underway on the proposals. Any changes will come into force early next year. Our give way rules for turning vehicles are confusing and out of step with the rest of the world. Simplifying them will help reduce intersection crashes by an estimated seven per cent. Currently, drivers turning left give way to right turning traffic coming towards them. The change would reverse this so the left turning vehicle would have right of way. Changes are also planned to the rule which applies when there are conflicting right-turns at a T-intersection. Currently, the right-turning vehicle on the terminating road has priority over the rightturning vehicle on the through road. The change will require traffic from an uncontrolled terminating road to give way to traffic on a through road. An extensive public awareness campaign would be carried out before any changes come into force. You can make a submission at the NZ Transport Agency website:

was with considerable pride that Maeroa was able to take 3 soloists along. Brittany Hughes and Mikayla Hennessey competed with 16 other students and can be proud of their achievements. This concert was all in aid of Worldvision, a charity close to Suzanne Prentice’s heart. As we watched video footage of how some people are forced to exist in other countries, it brought it home to us how truly fortunate we are in New Zealand.

Volunteers serve up ‘A Night of Honour’

Grandview and Northwest Baptist Church. Facilitator Grant Hubbard, Pastor of Westside Church in Nawton, said Fraser staff had been through a difficult time over the last 18 months dealing with the fallout from investigations and criminal charges laid against former staff. “Our aim was to see the staff go away built up and encouraged, because that will flow on to the students at Fraser. We saw ‘A Night of Honour’ as an investment in our teachers and support staff. “And we wanted to encourage our community to stand with their school as they rebuild. So for one night, instead of the Fraser staff serving our community, the community served the Fraser staff.”

Fraser High staff are familiar with serving, but not being served. On Monday, 23 May, community volunteers honoured the whole Fraser staff for their success in educating the young people of West Hamilton. Teachers and support staff were treated to a three course restaurant meal plus gifts, entertainment and video tributes, and thanked by city leaders, ex-students, parents and community groups. 160 staff were served by 80 volunteers who had raised $12,000 to fund the event. Key organisers were Westside Church and Life Church, supported by the Western Community Centre, Friends of Fraser, St David’s and St Mark’s Anglican Churches, Salvation Army

CAFÉ meets with Rhode Street School students C.A.F.E. (Creative Activities For Elderly), programme meets each Friday from 10.00 – 12 noon. On Friday 20th May we invited a group of children from Rhode Street School, aged 6 to 13 years (13 children) to join our group who are aged from 70+ to late 90’s (19 adults). It was a great time of Intergenerational interaction. The children served the morning tea. After that the children and older people were partnered up and discussed things like, how many siblings they have, what is their favourite kind of music, what month were they born and other interactive questions. There was a lot of chatter going on. Other activities included doing the Hokey Tokey with actions with the not so active watching on; followed by everyone getting into two teams, with a mixture of children and adults in each throwing ping pong balls

into an egg crate. There was great cheering going on.

The kids exerted a lot of energy tossing balloons to the older ones who were sitting down. A quieter time followed with word quizzes, children versus the adults. Each won a round. A little notebook was made assisting one another, some gifting their craft work to their partner. The children sang a few songs and lastly they practised their reading in small groups or one-on-one. It was a most enjoyable morning with much talking and laughing and making new friends. We look forward to being able to do this again. If you are 70 years or over and would like to join the group please contact Jennifer Calderwood, CAFÉ Co-ordinator, Crosslight Trust Ph. 8472998. Jennifer Calderwood (CAFÉ Co-ordintaor)

Cardboard Box Experience On the 28th May 2011 a group of people from the North part of Hamilton joined forces to provide an event in support of the World Vision 4O hour Famine. The goal was to set up a real life experience of living in a third world country by creating a cardboard box village for a night and providing an exciting but different way to support our 40 and 20 hour famine participants in the area. The event was designed to create awareness of the plight that is ongoing in third world countries with the focus this year being East Timor. The event gathered approximately 70 youth aged between 13 -18 and leaders aged 20 upwards. With simulation activities

and guest speakers from World Vision providing great insight into the reality of poverty, many youth left the event with a greater knowledge and understanding of the daily battles young people all around the world live with. The event was filled with rumbling tummies as all participants abstained from eating for either the 20 or 40 hour period. Event organiser Hamilton City Council Community Advisor, Kayley Gaustad said “it’s great to have a group of young people willing to step out of their comfort zone in support of their peers overseas, and also to have the opportunity to unite the youth of North Hamilton”.

Western Community News - June 5

Being a part of the production of Jesus Christ Superstar was an amazing experience. Over the 10 weeks of rehearsals, we all learnt a lot of new skills and had the chance to see the many talents that our peers and others have. Our director, Sonja McGirr-Garrett, is both an amazing person and performer in her own right. She made us all feel important. Highlights of the show were Zac Stokes as Jesus, Gardenia Davidson as Mary and Sebastian Tuimaseve as Judas. Through this process we made many new friends and became extremely close. We never wanted the process or getting to perform each night to end. We will treasure the memories forever. – Jessica Dodunski

photos: Tim Atkinson

6 Western Community News - June 2011

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Building Bridges With Other Schools

This term, Fraser High School staff members have been spending time working with Maeroa School Year 8 students, giving them an experience of what to expect at high school. Recently, science teacher, Sarah Summerfield (right), has been involving students at Maeroa in some science experiments. The students had a great time seeing the effects of helium filled balloons exploding, watching chemicals turn water pink – and then clear again, using Bunsen burners to burn magnesium, and making burnt tea bags fly to the ceiling. Here is some of the feedback from students: Ryan McCord – One thing I liked about the science lesson was predicting what was

about to happen and the science involved. Another thing I liked was being able to attempt the experiment ourselves, which made it a lot of fun. Shaye Paki – I liked how when the balloons filled with hydrogen and oxygen hit a lit candle and an explosion occurred. Kelly Nikora – It was really interesting to see what happens when chemicals react to different things, rather than just talking photo: Gay Summers about it. Elisa Keung – I liked being able to do different science with a high school teacher, taking it to the next level. Maia Waudby – Although we do science in our own class, it was great to have an outsider come into our school and take us to the next level with science.

Dinner a Truly Humbling Experience On behalf of the entire staff of Fraser High School, I cannot thank our community enough for your hard work and most beautiful gesture of care and support you have shown us, culminating in the wonderful evening on 23 May. It was truly a humbling experience for us, to have our community acknowledge and support the dinner event because you care about Fraser High School and appreciate our contribution to your community. There are many reasons for developing school, family, and community partnerships, but I believe the main reason is to help our children succeed both in school and in later life. When parents, teachers, students, and others combine as partners in education, a caring community forms around our children and begins its work. This event is a powerful message for us,

Teen Parents go Caving at Waitomo

our children and for the wider community, that together we are stronger; we will prevail and our partnership can be effective as we focus on the heart of the matter, our children. Grant Hubbard was inspired. Our community inspired the Fraser staff and we are very grateful for the reminder that we have a strong and prevailing spirit of community, which is alive and well in Hamilton West. Virginia Crawford, Principal

Former Fraser Student Excels in Wintech Computing

Teen Parent students challenged themselves in the Waitomo Caves. A lovely walk in the bush followed by a tramp through the underground passages was an experience never to be forgotten. In 2009 Craig Osborne (above left) was the highest achieving 1st Year Diploma student in the School of Information Technology at Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec). Again, in 2010, this past pupil of Fraser High School was the highest achieving 2nd year Diploma student. He recently graduated from Wintec with a Level 6 Dip. I.T. (Distinction) and was given a Special Award for coming top of the course. At the awards ceremony special mention was made of the fact that he was the first student in 21 years to gain Merit (95% +) passes in all 14 papers of the Diploma course. Craig is now studying Computer Science at Waikato University.

Good Result for Fraser Students at Rowing Awards Student Achieves Full SAR Status To be part of Search and Rescue you normally have to be 18 years old, unless you have completed four solo experiences. This is the achievement that Year 13 student, Jane Carswell (right), has recently done. For Solo 4, Jane had to plot a 14km trail through untracked bush and stay within 20m of that trail for 90% of her journey.  Her course was plotted by live-tracking and also by a GPS which she had

to carry in a sealed bag so that she wasn’t able to use it to assist her. Jane had to tramp for 11 hours over two days, camping out overnight in the middle of nowhere. It took Jane extraordinary mental and physical fortitude to complete the exercise. It involved a great deal of time, planning how long it would take to cover distances between landmarks and calculating bearings. She

carried about 17kg of gear throughout her journey and had little access to water. She had to be completely self-reliant. Radio contact to base was limited and only used to radio in her position. At most, approximately six people per year pass this test and Jane is only the second girl to ever do so. She is now a full member of Search and Rescue and this means that she can participate as a

field member in search operations in the greater Waikato as well as in other regions if needed. Although Jane was not among them, many Youth Search and Rescue graduates participated in rescue operations in Christchurch after the February earthquake.

At the Hamilton Rowing Club prize giving held recently the following Fraser rowers were acknowledged for their outstanding performance during the year. Reuben Stephenson, Kurt Tudor and Josh GabySutherland were part of the Mens Novice 8+ which received photo: Tim Atkinson the cup for Most Above: Reuben Stephenson and Kurt Tudor with Improved Crew. the Award for “Most Improved Crew”. Reuban Stephenson received the Congratulations to the award Cup for the Best Maiden Sculler winners and the other Fraser and he also received the Cup for rowers who all had an outstanding the Most Promising Male Novice. season.

Western Community News - June 7

FRASER HIGH SCHOOL Te Kura Tuarua o Taniwharau

Teriffic Time at Tabloids An awesome way to end the term! The turf came alive with colour, flair and co-operation as group rooms battled it out for bragging rights as this years “tabloid winners”. A huge thank you to both Level 2 sports science classes for their organization, planning and fun afternoon of activities. All group rooms were well represented and enjoyed the chance to relax and have fun together after a long term. Laughter, fun and colour were the highlights of the day with all groups competing fairly. Thanks for an awesome afternoon and we’ll see you all next year!

photo: Sue Fayter

photo: Sarah Horne

School holds Special ANZAC Service This year both Poppy Day and ANZAC Day coincided with the school holidays so it was our privilege as a school cadet unit to be able to plan and conduct a special Fraser High School ANZAC Service Assembly on Wednesday 13 April. It has been many years since the school had such an assembly and it was great to be able to rekindle this tradition again in remembrance of those former Hamilton Technical College/Fraser High School students, who had served, or continue to serve, our country in the armed forces. The Fraser High School Cadet Unit, supported by members of No. 7 (City of Hamilton) Air Training Corp and Hamilton City Cadet Unit, provided a cenotaph guard and a parade of cadets who fulfilled their duties with discipline, integrity and respect. It was also our honour to have Mr Len Knapp (RSA President) and Mr Barry Cook, from the Hamilton RSA to share this occasion with us. The service began with a brief introduction from Mrs Crawford followed by an historical account of ANZAC Day from the Senior Student Council. Mrs Crawford then read the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ which was followed by a short visual presentation on Gallipoli by a former Fraser High student, Tamara Shorter, to set the scene for the reading of the names (by the Student Council) of those former students who fought and died in both

Students Get Behind the Scene at V8s With the V8’s in town recently there were opportunities for students to get a look behind the scenes. We gathered at Wintec with our eight selected Fraser students along with students from other high schools around the Waikato and were bussed to the race track. Once there we were met by a V8’s Supercar representative and taken to a marquee where we heard from several Supercar employees about their work and how they got into the business. Some had completed sports degrees and others had changed career and had completed a business management degree. Camilla Milburn had changed career from a PE teacher after having a serious car accident. She is now Communities Project Manager for V8 Supercars. We were treated to a walk down pit lane as the pit crews were setting up and were able to talk to drivers and crew about their jobs and what it was like. Photo opportunities included Greg

Students walking along pit lane. Murphy’s car amongst others and driver, Jason Bargwanna who happened to stroll down pit lane. We were taken up into the race control tower to have a look at the TV commentators’ area with screens covering the whole track, as well as the race control room. We were then taken back to the marquee where we could ask further questions and farewelled. After being bussed back to Wintec we were treated to lunch and a spot prize draw. Overall the day was

very enjoyable and the students found it very informative. Fraser students from the Automotive and Tech Academy classes also got to go on the “Students on Track” day held on the Friday which gave them a work book full of information and questions to answer during the day, as well as free access to the track. Another day thoroughly enjoyed by the students and the teachers who accompanied them. Andrew Simpson, TIC

photo: Tim Atkinson

World Wars. The Last Post was trumpeted by Mr Kent Russell, followed by a one minute silence. The reading of the ‘soldier’s ode’ and reveille, completed the service. Thank you to all the students and staff of the school for demonstrating the school’s values of Respect, Integrity and Perseverance throughout the service. A special thank you goes to our guests from the RSA, and Mr Kent Russell, whose moving rendition of both the Last Post and Reveille touched us all. Lastly, thank you to all the members of the Cadet Forces from the school for fulfilling their duties and by demonstrating the Cadet Force Core Values of Discipline, Respect, Integrity and Loyalty. Lt R Kerapa, Unit Commander, Fraser High School Cadet Unit.

Adult Community Education Cooking Up a Storm Term One of 2011 was extremely encouraging with a 58% increase in students attending classes. Term Two is heading the same way. We have even had to put on extra classes for some subjects. Our school is becoming the main access for Adult Learning in the Waikato. Classes offered by ACE cover a very wide subject area so there are masses of opportunities for all. Young drivers are making the most of Right: So Fan Shum inspiring students with healthy and delicious Chinese dishes.

the Defensive Driving courses and older learners are filling up the computer classes. For further information contact

Adult & Community Education

07 847 1074

Sports Science Turbo Touch Development Session

Michael Winter, from Waikato Touch, recently gave Mrs McNulty’s Level One Sports Science class a session on the new, and developing game of Turbo Touch. It is a fast, dynamic mixture of Touch and Netball with loads of running, intercepting and touch downs. Michael, a past student of Fraser, led the session with two warm up activities that the students could use in executing the game. The students really enjoyed Michael’s energy, and will carry the skills learned, through into their preparation for a tournament where they will work towards gaining Level One NCEA credits.

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8 Western Community News - June 2011

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The Experience of a lifetime for Project K Students

Twelve Year 10 students completed the three week wilderness component of Project K over the school holidays and a few days either side. They returned to school and were congratulated at a full school assembly the following day. This year’s group contended with some challenging weather as well as wilderness activities and were duly proud to have made the 290 km trip back to Hamilton, tramping, cycling and paddling all the way back to Fraser High. The group have come together very well as a team. They are now completing the community challenge component of the programme; putting their confidence and team skills together to organize and carry out meaningful projects for our local community.

Photos by FYD Waikato Western Community News - June 9

What’s on out West

Crawshaw Community...

ZUMBA IN CRAWSHAW Zumba classes are now on Tuesday nights 5:30pm – 6.30pm, Crawshaw school hall. You don’t need to sign up just turn up on the day and join in on all the fun. Open to everyone. Costs are $5 per session. Phone Ninakaye (instructor) on 021 2703002 or Crawshaw school 07 8491565 if you require more information. Drumbo at Crawshaw Staring again 2011 held every Friday 9.00 am in the Multi Purpose Room. Come on down and have some fun, doing low impact exercise to great Pacific drum beats. For more information contact Melisa Fotu on 07 848 1002 Calling Community Members, Community Forum at Crawshaw School Do you have any new initiative or any ideas for Crawshaw? Want to share your talent with the community and help others? A Community Forum open to anyone in the community, will be held on Friday the 24th of June 3pm until 4pm in Room 30 at Crawshaw School. IRD will be present so if you want to know anything about Rebates, Tax credit refunds, Working for families or any support you are needing relating to IRD please come along. Please come along, for a cuppa and a korero, with Ioana and Ani in Room 30 at Crawshaw school or email us on and ani. contact phone number 07 849 5170.

Hamilton Scottish Country Dance

Meet every Wednesday 7.00 pm Nawton School Hall for fun social dancing, no experience necessary, no partners required, children welcome and are free $2 adults and for more information contact Shelley on 849 7792

Western Community Centre

Fruit and Vege packs - $10 is a real deal for 3 fruit and 3 vegetables. Pay at reception before 4pm Wednesday, and collect after 10am Thursday at 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton

WCC Health room: Midwife clinics – Our very own local Midwife Lena Williams holds clinic every Monday. Plunket outreach clinics - Plunket Nurse Clinics weekly on Wednesdays and fortnightly on Fridays. WCC Counselling Services For anyone experiencing challenges with life, difficultly in relationships, loss or grief, abuse call us. Call the Western Community Centre for an appointment with Margaret Higgins on 07 847 4873.

WESTERN STARS HOLIDAY PROGRAMME AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE Check out the Western Community Centre website for more information We are an OSCAR and CYFs Approved and Accredited Holiday Programme Provider, Winz Subsidies for fees are available. It is advisable to apply for your Winz subsidy at least one a month before the starting date of the holiday programme. We are limited to 40 spaces. Register Now to Avoid Disappointment. Gett off your Butt Dance classes are BACK Starting on the 8th of June 2011, Wednesday night at the Western Community Centre. Classes are FREE, 3.30pm till 4.30pm age 10 years and over. Enrol on the day, Places are limited. Programme information and enrolment forms can be collected from the Western Community Centre 46 Hyde Avenue, Hamilton 07 847 4873 ext 4, or email ani. Free Legal Services O’Sheas Barristers & Solicitors are a leading Hamilton based legal practice. We can provide you with legal services in a number of areas including: • Maori Land • Treaty • Family • Employment • Wills & Estates; & • Immigration O’Sheas now offers a free legal advice service

available through several community centres Hamilton wide. If you would like to know more, please contact us 838 3109 or contact The Western Community Centre 8474873. WEBSITE

Crosslight Trust

C.A.F.E. (Creative Activities for Elderly) - home visits to those who like to have a some company, a chat, craft, game of cards, scrabble and who are feeling lonely, depressed, or have short or longterm health problems. COUNSELLING – is available at very reasonable fees – if you need someone to talk those difficult issues through with, please feel welcome to make an appointment with one of our counsellors. FOODBANK – If you are in need of assistance with food and are on a benefit, we ask that you see Work and Income first. If you have used all your entitlement, then please ask them for a letter to bring to us. Foodbank interview times are Monday to Friday from 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Please also bring your community services card or other ID. NZ SIGN LANGUAGE COURSES – Sign Language is one of the three official languages in NZ. If you would like to learn the basics of signing then please contact us – we are planning to have daytime and evening courses in 2010. OP SHOP – is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Don’t forget to look out for our specials and also the garage sales we have two or three times during the year. We have a wide variety of clothing, books, bricabrac, small electrical appliances etc (we don’t usually stock large furniture items). OVER 60’s SOCIAL GROUPS – We have two groups for the “over 60’s� and both groups have a day trip and a morning tea each month (well for 11 months of the year). Group one meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays and Group two on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. If you are over 60 and live in the general area boundaries of Nawton/ Dinsdale/Frankton (parts of Forest Lake are also included) and would like to join, please phone us. SUPPORT FOR DEAF AND HEARING IMPAIRED – If you are deaf, hearing impaired or have a family

Trash & Treasure Garage Sale

Invasion from Planet Zorgon

Yes, we’re having one of our great bargain hunter sales. Many people just love coming to our sales where they find amazing bargains. You just never know what you might be able to buy and very low prices. So when is it? WEDNESDAY 15TH JUNE 2011 What time? 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (or thereabouts) Where is it? Anglican church carpark, Rifle Range Road (opposite Frankton School) if it’s fine, or in the church hall if it’s a wet day What’s for sale? All sorts of things – including bricabrac, clothing, shoes, books, records, and “trash n treasure�. You’ve heard the saying “one man’s (or woman’s) trash is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure - well it sure will apply here!!

Talented , enthusiastic, hard working students had practised for weeks, spending time during school and outside school hours, rehearsing for the mini production �Invasion by Planet Zorgon�. This dedicated bunch of students and staff members had memorised lines, set up the stage, created props, aligned music and dance, to perform the production. “Still looking for my lost marbles, great cast of kids. Hannah and Caitlyn have been awesome left and right hands� this came from Dionne Sasso, the producer of the show. Kay Johnstone , and her costume design partner Katrina , felt that the students were amazing and creative.�Fabulous costumes! And great students to work with.� Commented Katrina. Nearly 40 students and half a dozen staff were involved in the production and were a credit to the school. Plot Outline: This is a comedy set in America “West of the Pecos� (wherever that is?), in a saloon. A travelling salesman finds himself lost in the saloon. Ma Popsley and her three lovely daughters take a fancy to this young man. Meanwhile Aliens have landed on planet Earth searching for food, they find themselves in the saloon. They are not impressed with the food on offer. Much mayhem and chaos ensued.

Stage left! Stage Right! Action! Who are they?

First week of the School Holidays!

es m m a r g o Pr Holiday 5- 7 years e n o Z t h ig l r a St 8-9 years e n o Z t h ig l n o Mo 10-12 years e n o Z t h ig Twil r 9+ VIP Zone 13 or Yea

member or someone you know who is deaf-blind and would like some support, Jean is here on a Monday to help you.

Nawton Community Church

Impact!! Holiday Programme Presents The Great Winter Escape When: 25th - 29th July 2011 Daily Monday – Friday 9:00am-3:00pm, Drop off is between 8:30-9am, Please pick up your children at 3pm. Where Nawton Community Presbyterian Church 61 Livingstone Ave, Nawton, Hamilton West. For Children aged from 5 to 10years. Cost $60 per child for the whole week, (Includes morning & afternoon teas, crafts, games, and a day trip.). How to Register Simply pick up an enrolment form from any of these locations → Nawton Primary School or Nawton Community Presbyterian Church Office Or Call Lewis Bacon on 07 850 9399/0273 767 136.

Volleyball Waikato in 2011

Social Volleyball - played every Monday night during school terms at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Church Rd, Pukete. Next competition starts 8th August - Grades for teams from beginners to guns. Cheaper fees for school student teams. Intermediate age (Yrs 7 & 8) Volleyball - at Te Rapa Sportsdrome, Mondays after school,Term 2. KiwiVolley (for Primary school-aged kids) -, contact Tim below. Junior High School competition: starts near the end of Term 3. Club Volleyball - for those serious about the game. New season under way. Beach Volleyball - at the new Te Rapa Beach Sports Centre, Wednesday night 2-a-side competitive comp and 4-a-side social comp. Starts again in early February. Contact Dave on 021-477 388, or email for enquiries & entries.

We Have Not Given Up on the Toilets for NewNawton Shops!

Recently at the Hamilton City Council submission hearings, we presented a submission, on your behalf to have the toilets at the Nawton Shopping Centre opened for public use. We await the Hamilton City Council reply sometime in June. Meantime if you feel strongly about the lack of public toilets at Nawton Shopping Centre you might like to contact your local councillor and share your views. Every call will help. Carol Snaddon and Helen Ross

Yummy Mummys


8.30 to 5 am pm

all based at Fraser High School,

Oscar Subsidies may be available,

To enrol



We also have places on our fun After School Programme! 10 Western Community News - June 2011

ty Centre The Western Communi



The Western Community Centre       

your invited to By the time this goes to print you may have seen, heard or been involved with a couple of projects I’ve been coordinating. The first was launched on the 24th May and involved Te Wananga O Aotearoa, Bunnings Limited, Fraser High school, The Western Community Centre, Police and our Crewcut contractors. This project was the first of what I plan to be a steady roll out of initiatives specifically designed to help the area with the problems we face and work together as a Community to deal with them. I’ve spent time going around local businesses, educators and key community groups trying to get a handle on the multitude of issues that cause concern for our people and work out ways of combating those situations.

The second project was situated at the Nawton Shopping Centre where the Police, Fire Service, St. John, Hamilton City Council, Waikato Regional Council, Plunket and Progress to Health showed agency unity in support of the Waikato Head Injury Society and their quest to raise awareness about the work they do in the community. Looking forward I’ll be continuing to work closely with the schools, businesses and community groups in the area to initiate ideas and help build community spirit. Feel free to visit myself or Willie here at the Nawton Police Station if you have any ideas or want to learn more about what we have planned. Community Constable Paul TIERNEY - Creating problem solving partnerships

The Western Community Centre


Thurs 30th June 6.30pm

Agenda s

2010 minute ports Re Chairperson ts por Manager Re ts oun Audited Acc ss ne General Busi rd Boa Election of 46 Hyde ave,


YWRC, empowering young people since 1993 The Young Workers’ Resource Centre (YWRC) is a community organisation and our main objective is to empower young people in the workplace so they have the skills to develop and maintain positive employment experiences. Up-to-date and relevant employment relations education is an important aspect of a young person’s development, and the YWRC has found through our drop in centre and networks within the community, that often young people may be prepared for a job, but are unlikely to be prepared for the workforce. In hopes to better prepare young people for work, YWRC offers workshops and unit standard

delivery to Waikato secondary schools, tertiary institutions, youth groups and community organisations about employment relations. These workshops incorporate real life examples and include topics such as good faith, health and safety, sexual harassment, discrimination, minimum rights, employment agreements and much more. Further to this we offer a free drop in centre service, where young people can access employment related information and advice. To make this service accessible to a variety of people YWRC holds office hours at the University

of Waikato, Wintec and the Dinsdale Community Link. The drop in centre services can also be accessed via email, phone and facebook. Some examples of how youth have recently utilised the drop in centre include; asking for help to understand their employment agreement, advice on ending an employment relationship and developing an action plan in regards to sexual harassment. If you know of anyone who requires some help with an employment issues or would like book a workshop please contact Kylie or Ana at the YWRC on 07 834 7124,, Kylie Zinsli, Educator Coordinator , Young Workers’ Resource Centre

Locals make the World Cup in Scotland Robyna Hokai and Mere Nock two former Fraser High Students are heading over to Scotland to compete in the Touch World Cup during June. Both named in the NZ Open Women’s’ final squad of 16 and will both compete against some of the best players in the world at this years champs. The Touch World Cup 2011 is held in Edinburgh, Scotland and will feature the biggest showcase of Touch in the tournament’s twenty-two year history. With New Zealand’s main competition being Australia the Kiwis will have a tough job bringing home the World cup trophy. Robyna and Mere have 6 NZ caps to their name having played Australia during 2009 and 2010 in Trans Tasman series, Australia had very experienced teams during these series and this years New Zealand Open

women’s Touch team is looking fit and ready for the competition. Mere said “It’s great to have a good friend in the team with me and I can’t wait to head over to Scotland”. Robyna and Mere both started playing together when they attended Maeroa Intermediate and continued to play together at High school. They currently play for Waikato together and also play in the Western City touch comp held locally at Elliott Park. Robyna and Mere will fly out to Scotland mid June along with other team members and other New Zealand Teams. “We are both looking forward to representing New Zealand again and wish to thank our families and friends for all their support” said Robyna.

Mere Nock (front) and Robyna Hokai (rear) in action for the NZ Women’s Touch team

Western Community News - June 11

Tim Macindoe


Deputy Chair, Regulations Review Select Committee | Member, Social Services Select Committee

Happy to serve the Hamilton West community | P:

| F:

| E:


Funded by the Parliamentary Service and authorised by Tim Macindoe MP, 5 King Street, Frankton


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21 days, 295km

Project K Wilderness Adventure 2011

Twelve students fly around the corner barely hitting the breaks as the Fraser High School gate comes into view and the completion of the Wilderness Adventure draws near. It’s been 21 days and 295km since they were last here and the relief is huge. Gina Hemopo spots a friend, dumps her bike and runs into their arms! “When we arrived at school and I saw my friends it felt good to be home.” Reflects Gina of when she completed the 295km journey. Along with eleven other students from Fraser High School, Gina was selected to participate in the Foundation for Youth Development Programme, Project K. “When I found out I was in the programme it was so unexpected, like out of all the people that were here I was chosen.” Packing gear and heading down to National Park, Gina said goodbye to friends and family and traded her home comforts, for a tent and bedroll. After 5 days of learning basic camping skills and learning to work together as a team, Gina and her team mates set out to cover 295km on foot, bike and canoe to

arrive back in Hamilton with the aid of three instructors from Blue Mountain Adventure Centre. The adventure was a challenging time for all students but has also provided a means for the students to learn about themselves through these challenges.

“The experience was fun but was hard, exhausting, long and tiring as well.” says Gina. “It allowed me to meet more people and I feel more confident now.” For more information on Project K visit nz

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Training Rooms


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re t n e C y it n u m Com n r e t s e W e h T 46 Hyde ave



12 Western Community News - June 2011

WCN June 11  

A local community newspaper produced by The Western Community Centre and Hamilton's Fraser High School.

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