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BACK TO SCHOOL 12 Hot Lunch Programs Lacking in BC

FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS by Andrea Vance Baby Guide brings you fun and resourceful information on traveling, feeding baby first foods, and taking time out for yourself. Even if your kids are older now, it’s a great read.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Speaking of cozying up at home, this is also an issue where we feature Families at Home, including home design tips on creating work spaces for kids. Plus how to make it work when your child becomes Vegan or Vegetarian.

Oh we love fall so much! The coolness that allows us to cozy up in blankets, start wearing our favourite jeans and sweaters, while still enjoying the crisp air and playing outside. It’s a time for pumpkins and apples, bringing warmth and comfort.

It’s mixed emotions each September as many parents celebrate back to school, and others lament leaving their toddlers on the steps of school for the first time. For all families, it’s a time of change and growth and hopefully for most, excitement.

So it’s fitting that this is also the time for our annual Baby Guide in WestCoast Families magazine. So many new and expecting parents talk about the need to “nest” when baby is born. Staying close to home, close to each other, and enjoying the comfort of family. This year, the

We hope you enjoy your coziest socks, and a hot cup of tea as you curl up with this latest issue of WestCoast Families.

Baby & Family Fair 2018 October 27 & 28 Canada Place, Vancouver A two day consumer event, with an extensive selection of exhibitors, presentations and hands-on demonstrations! Good for bellies, babies, toddlers and up.




“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”


Win A Family Visit To Taves Family Farms Applebarn! This family-run farm is a must-visit fall destination for families who are looking to introduce their children to the magic of a more traditional lifestyle, with a few extra adventures to enjoy along the way! Featuring freshly-roasted and buttered corn-on-the-cob, u-pick apples, a corn maze, a petting barn, a pumpkin cannon, hay rides, an oversized jumping pillow, Bunny Town, a cider mill, the brand new sunflower patch, and so much more, this is the ultimate destination for a fall family day of play. Enter for a chance to win family passes to Taves Family Farms Applebarn, including admission and attractions passes for 2 adults, and 2 kids, apple cider slushies for everyone in the family, and one pumpkin (up to $10) per family. There are 3 family prize packs to be won! Enter online at Deadline to enter: September 30, 2018

Sept/Oct 2018


WESTCOASTFINDS 1) School Supplies (Flat Mini Supply Kit) Let’s face it, going back to school after a fun-filled summer can be a bit bleak. Why not brighten the back-to-school mood with colourful stationery goodies that look good, and do good too! For every Yoobi item purchased, a school supply item will be donated to a child or classroom in need in Canada. Products available nationwide through Indigo retailers. | Flat Mini Supply Kit $5

2) Home Ice: Reflections of a Reluctant Hockey Mom by Angie Abdou



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This one’s for all of the hockey parents out there! Through her story, this hockey mom and former varsity athlete, shares the reality of the struggles, joys, and strains of having a child in amateur hockey. Covering topics such as cost, gender bias, concussions, and family pressures, her compellingly honest view is a must-read for the parents of today’s young athletes. | $22

3) Blingja Book by Mara St. Onge

4) Zapped Outfitters Backpack

“Bling out your inner ninja” with this easy-to-understand book based on the Vancouver-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum known as Blingja. Blingja, a portmanteau combining “bling” and “ninja”, shares the story of a mindful adventurer who uses special multi-sensory tools to create a feeling of calm, focusing on finding solutions to problems. Not only a great read for parents with children who suffer from anxiety, but a message that can be easily understood by the children themselves.

West Coast kids love to play hard outdoors, but it’s important that they remain visible, too - especially during the darker winter months. To ensure that kids can be seen while playing near the street, Zapped Outfitters created a line of urban, everyday kids wear, that is lined with tonal reflective fabric that reflects light at night. Thanks to this new line, kids can stand out and stay safe, while blending in with fashion-forward jackets, backpacks, ball caps, and kicks! | $16 | $80


FREE! Display until Fall 2019

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Featuring local resources and information for new and expectant parents. • Traveling with Baby • Starting Solids • Self Care for Mom

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2018 2019 4 WestCoast Finds 6 Travel With Baby 8 Time Out for Mom 10 Feeding Baby 11 Family Travel 12 Resource Listings Instagram: @westcoastfamilies

WESTCOASTFINDS 1) Pipsneaks Soft-Soled Shoes


Is there anything more adorable than a baby wearing stylish kicks? This newly-launched soft-soled shoe brand was developed on BC’s Sunshine Coast by new parents who wanted to create fashionforward footwear for babies and children on the move. Available in a range of bright colours and quirky prints, you’ll want to pick up more than one pair. | $45

2) Wunderkids Play Mat Wunderkids safe baby playmat, with its modern design, complements your home decor beautifully and simply. Ideal for cushioning any hard surface area, the mats are multi-purpose and can be used for children’s play area, exercise mat, floor protection and much more. We love that the waterproof surface makes it easy to clean and its non-toxic too! | $285




TRAVEL WITH BABY The Benefits of Bringing Baby Abroad by Claire Newell, Travel Best Bets When parents take babies or young children travelling, I always hear comments like, “why bother if they won’t even remember it?” Although that is technically true, there are so many benefits for both you as a parent and your child when travelling together during their earlier years. Travel can be unpredictable, so there may be hiccups along the way, but raising little travellers is so worth it especially when it benefits you too! The most basic benefit to travelling with children is the perks. Priority boarding on the airplane, advanced hotel check-in, line skips, extra space - the list goes on. People will often go out of their way to assist a family to ensure the kids are settled and everyone remains happy. Many think travelling with children is expensive or a waste of money, but keep in mind that other than the cost of plane tickets, they’re basically free. Babies and younger children don’t need their own hotel room, they get onto most public transportation for free, they’re almost never charged entrance fees, and their food is super cheap - if not free. If you splurge on a room that includes a kitchenette, you’ll save on meals, too! Sometimes when we travel as adults, we take moments for granted. Perhaps we’re tired and just want to relax by a pool all day. However, add your kids to the trip, and you’ll be encouraged to make every moment count. In order to keep them entertained and energized, you


end up exploring the destination and taking advantage of every hotel amenity to keep them active and engaged. Similarly, kids force us to slow down. It’s tempting to race through a city to see as many sights as possible, but we all know that isn’t going to happen with kids in tow. This can actually be a benefit. You’ll become a better observer, and will truly experience and enjoy your surroundings, instead of just snapping a picture and moving on. Even better, if your kids are old enough, they’ll constantly be pointing things out and asking questions about everything they see things that you might otherwise have overlooked. Another temptation when on vacation is to sleep in for far too long! But in a small hotel room, once you get the kids to sleep, there isn’t much else to do but sleep too, as you can’t exactly make noise or leave the property. You’ll all wake up early feeling refreshed and ready for a full day of sightseeing or activities. How many times have you made friends with other adults on vacation? Maybe some people are good at that, but most of us tend to stick to our own space. Kids are always making friends - especially in resorts, and you’ll end up interacting with the other parents as well. And if you’re the only tourists around, babies are the ultimate icebreaker, even if you don’t speak the local language. Locals will be welcoming you with open arms! If your children are old enough to walk, they will get so much out of travelling. Not only is it a great time to bond as a family, but it makes your children more curious and instills a sense of adventure that will last a lifetime. Travel throws them into the whirlwind adventure that is travel, and forces them to try new things, experience cultures that they didn’t know existed, and puts them outside of their comfort zone. Even if they don’t remember the specifics of these trips when they’re older, the lessons that they’ll learn through travelling will shape them into more compassionate, curious, and adaptive adults. Overall, it’s better to travel with kids when they’re young, when you can either carry them around while they sleep, or tap into their bundles of energy. Have you ever tried to get a teenager out of bed early so that they can go sightseeing with their parents? I think babies or toddlers might actually make easier travel companions! Claire Newell is a travel expert, author, travel consultant on Global BC, and president of Travel Best Bets by Jubilee Tours and Travel.

Baby Guide 2018



TIME OUT FOR MOM A Return to Self Care by Michele Kambolis Does it feel like it’s getting harder to decompress from that “mommy angst”? You’re not alone. Ninety six per cent of moms say they feel like they’re far more stressed out than their own mothers were. Most admit that their stress levels are probably affecting their kids. Unchecked stress can hurt our health, parenting, and peace of mind. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

In order to care for others, we need to learn how to better care for ourselves. This goes beyond green juices and long baths, it means finding a balance of mind-body wellness from deep within. However limited your time, carve out a space to learn the practice of mindful self care, with these resources and tips. Prenatal Yoga. For new moms, it’s never too early to start building a dedicated practice for whole body health. Prenatal yoga is a great place to start. Prenatal yoga classes are deeply supportive and provide the kind of nurturing that new mothers crave. You’ll learn yoga and breathing techniques that are safe to use during pregnancy and beyond. This is a great place to meet new moms-to-be and share in the experiences that only other moms can understand. Try the prenatal yoga classes offered by Semperviva. Mama Mondays. The Juice Truck has been supporting family health since its inception. Now they offer Mama Mondays, self-care events that focus on connecting moms with the very best in local health resources. Offerings range from Mama Mindfulness, to vegan cooking tips. They even offer pelvic floor training! Check The Juice Truck website for the full schedule of events. Support For Single Moms. If you’re a single mom who wants a little time for herself and a great way to meet other single moms, take a look at the YWCA Single Mothers’ Support Group. Connection is protection when it comes to mind-body health. This is a great way to both meet new moms and learn some valuable tools for even better parenting. A bonus: YWCA provides the child care! Connect with Joann McKinlay at 604-895-5849 to learn more. Goop Health Summit. We’ve been watching Gwyneth Paltrow for years as she curates products, podcasts, and lifestyle events with an eye towards wellness. Now a little splash of Goop is coming to Vancouver with the Goop Health Summit. This October, moms can enjoy panel discussions, seminars on wellness, and breakout sessions of yoga, workshops, and exercise classes. This smaller event will promote a more intimate, experiential day. Get a Better Sleep. Sleep is probably the most coveted of all self-care tools and for good reason. Sleep is the gateway to our entire health; it’s linked with longevity, better overall health, and fewer mental health challenges. Sound impossible with kids waking in the night or crawling into bed with you? Hiring a sleep consultant can do wonders to help you and your child sleep better. For solving sleep problems I always turn to 10-year Sleep Expert veteran Alanna McGinn. McGinn and her team have helped families worldwide to customize a sleep plan that takes them from sleep deprived to well rested. Their sleep educators walk you through the entire process, making the whole endeavour a whole lot less daunting. Visit for more information. Mama Space. If you’re a mama looking for a deeper transformative practice of conscious mothering and some serious self care, pick up The Mama Space, a 30-day practice of self care, strengthening and renewal - it will bring you back home to self and seriously revolutionize your mothering! The Mama Space is a digital package that gives you the foundational tools to build a daily practice of self care and conscious mothering, including Mama Meditations, a systematic Mantra Practice, Conscious Mothering Journal, and more. You’ll experience 30 soul supporting days to amplify your authentic presence, emotional balance, and healing. Michele Kambolis is a 20-year veteran child and family therapist, acclaimed author, and parenting expert. A MA/PhD (cand.) in mind-body medicine, Michele combines her knowledge and passion for integrative healing, to support parents and children through their challenges.


Baby Guide 2018



FEEDING BABY The Scoop On Solids by Alyssa Bauman, I’m sure there are so many emotions running through your head right now - solids already? - but feeding baby their first solid food can be thrilling! Between 4-6 months old is the optimal age for starting solids, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. But only you know your baby, so go with their signs and pay attention to their cues. The best piece of advice that I can give you, both from a nutrition standpoint, and from my own personal experiences feeding my own three children is to flow into it with an open mind - free from anxiety - and to forgo all the ‘rules.’ Instead, fear not, jump in and enjoy this first milestone. It will make all the difference and will even increase your baby’s nutrient intake.

What to Feed Your Baby First Keep foods as nutrient dense as possible. I am big fan of organic. Look to the Environmental Working Group for organic recommendations. Baby’s system is so pure and can only handle a little at a time, so it is important to pack in the nutrient punch. Stick to whole foods. Think mashed avocado, smashed peas, mashed banana, pureed sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots and other vegetables. Thin out vegetables by adding a little breast milk or formula to get extra nutrients and calories. There is no reason to ever feed your baby processed and packaged foods, sugary foods, high salted foods, candies, or snack foods.

How To Introduce New Foods After you have introduced fruits, vegetables, and iron fortified cereals, add in pureed poultry and meats, legumes, whole fat plain dairylike yogurt, and kefir (keep added sugars to a minimum). When introducing new foods, remember: the slower, the better. There is no rush. Wait at least a day before introducing another food to monitor your baby’s reaction.


As far as the commonly allergenic foods eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish, the old rule of thumb was to wait before introducing these until baby’s first birthday, but more relevant research suggests that introducing them earlier, between 4-6 months, may actually help prevent food allergies. Again, do it slowly. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology recommends waiting three to five days before introducing each one of the more commonly allergenic foods.

How Much Food To Feed Per Day By 6-7 months, baby can be eating solid foods twice a day, aiming for 3 meals a day by 8-9 months old (in between breast or formula feeding). Only you know your child, so let them guide you. By 9 months, a typical day could look like this: Breast milk/formula, iron fortified cereal like organic baby oats, pureed vegetables, fruit and protein—pureed poultry, fish and meat, lentils, plain whole fat yogurt, eggs (if not allergic).

Foods to Avoid Cow’s Milk and Soy Milk: Both milks contain proteins that are hard for baby’s young and sensitive digestive tract, so hold off. In fact, there is no need to ever give children these milks. I know, contrary to popular belief, but more and more parents are ditching dairy completely. There are so many other calcium sources that are more readily absorbed - think kale, 
, mustard greens, 
bok choy, 
collard greens, edamame, organic almonds, 
Brazilian nuts, 
flax seeds, 
almond milk, 
sesame seeds
, beans, 
herring. A green smoothie like the Nourished Go-Go Juice has more absorbable calcium than milk. 
So my biggest piece of advice is to start them on a green smoothie as soon as they can drink on their own. The faster they get used to the taste of greens, the more nourished they will be.

Honey: Baby’s intestinal tract can not handle potential spores honey may harbour. These spores can produce life threatening toxins. So no honey until at least 12 months. Processed Meats: Salami, bacon, hot dogs, very processed cold cuts, smoked meats, and other highly processed meats are not only nutrient void, but contain high levels of damaging nitrates, and way too much sodium for baby’s tract. Watch for Choking Hazards: Make sure to cut foods into at least ½-inch pieces. Grapes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and other vegetables are all choking hazards if not cut small. Pumpkin seeds, pits from cherries, stone fruit, watermelon, nuts, popcorn, pretzels, chips, hard candies, sticky foods like nut butters, and dried fruits can also get stuck in baby’s throat so it is best to wait on these foods altogether. This kind of goes without saying, but your baby doesn’t need gummy bears or marshmallows (and neither do you!) Finger Foods: You will love these and so will baby. Watching your baby play with their food is part of the experience, so your patience is indeed required! Allowing your baby to use their pincer grip while picking up, smashing and throwing their foods is part of the exploration of food. The more freedom they have, the more adventurous they will be in trying new foods. So for the sake of that alone, allow them to play. Whole foods are favourite fingers foods: ½ inch cut up fruit and vegetables, scrambled or broken hard boiled eggs, cubed tofu, whole grain pastas, soft cooked beans, cubed meats, whole grain cereal pieces, and cubed cheeses. Certified Holistic nutritionist and health consultant, Alyssa Bauman, founded Nourished {A Health Consulting Firm} six years ago when she was constantly being asked for healthy living advice. It’s not as difficult as it seems, that’s where Alyssa comes in and guides you through whatever your nutritional needs may be. When she isn’t upgrading food choices, she will be playing in the park with with her most treasured muses—her three daughters.


DISNEYLAND RESORT Hidden gems and amazing spaces for families by Andrea Vance When I think of Disneyland, I remember when I was 12 years old and our family took a road trip down the I-5 to visit “The Happiest Place On Earth” for the first time. Pulling into the parking lot and seeing the massive Disneyland entrance, is one of the best memories of my childhood, as well as the thrill that we got from rides like the Matterhorn, Space Mountain and It’s a Small World. Now I’m all grown up with a family of my own, and I still love the adrenaline rush of the roller coaster rides. My kids, on the other hand, aren’t as into the major rides, and they don’t get stars in their eyes when they see the latest characters. When we were invited to visit Disneyland earlier this year to check out Pixar Fest 2018, we jumped at the chance to enjoy a few days in the sunshine at the amazing Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Combined with some rides and a parade or two, this trip would be well worth it. As a family, we’ve always been pretty easygoing travellers. We had a few highlights at Disneyland that we wanted to hit, but mostly we were looking forward to spending the time together, and just having fun. Exploring Adventureland at Disneyland Park, the kids spotted the raft ride over to Tom Sawyer Island. Amongst all of the amazing rides and attractions of Disneyland, this lesserknown spot turned out to be a great little piece of paradise, one that gave our family hours of creative adventure. The kids found wobbly bridges to cross, caves to explore, rocks to climb, and treasures to discover. The whole island is one outdoor play space and the kids couldn’t get enough. As parents, we were happy to sit and watch, or explore the caves and rocks with them. We saw the paddlewheeler cruising by, and spotted the displays on the shores across from the island that we would never have seen otherwise. The washrooms were easy with no lineups, and there were lots of shady spots to sit and cool off. Even with the lure of the more amazing rides and treats, it was hard to convince the kids to leave this adventure island.

The next day we headed to California Adventure Park, where we eyed up the big rides like Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land, and Fly Over California. Goofy’s Sky School at Pixar Pier was a huge hit with the kids as I covered my eyes in denial. We drove bumper-style cars in A Bug’s Life and spun in circles in tractors on Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. A few hours later, we were back at the pool, sitting with beverages and food served on the deck - a welcomed break. Looking over the pool at the Grand Californian Hotel towards California Adventure Park, we could see huge rocks and bridges that we soon learned were part of the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Curious, we checked it out the next day. Two hours later, we had to drag the kids out, only on the promise that we would return to explore some more. It was an amazing free adventure play area for the kids, featuring fun rock climbing, wobbly bridges, imaginative natural creation areas, ziplines, cargo net climbing, and learning areas focused on elements of the environment. It really was a place for all of us to relax and explore. There were no flashing lights or long lineups, and nothing electronic or fast about it. It was creative, adventurous, and fun, and we all loved it. Another spot of paradise where we could find a break from the heat and excitement of the rides and lights.

When we look back at our Disneyland Resort adventure this year, we have so many great memories of crazy fun rides, run-ins with Disney and Pixar characters, and dancing at the amazing parades. When we ask our kids about their favourite memories from our trip together, they shout out the names of rides and attractions that we initially had to drag them on, but when we remind the kids of the time we spent together, enjoying Tom Sawyer Island and the Redwood Creek Adventure Trail, they light up, squeal excitedly about how much fun we had there, too. The shady places, the creative play, the free structure, and lack of lineups made these our favourite two spots on the whole resort. If your family is heading to Disneyland soon, be sure to add these hidden gems to your must-see list!

New This Year: Pixar Pier - a whimsical boardwalk where Pixar stories and characters come to life. A redesigned ferris wheel, games, and Pixar themed treats. Incredicoaster - with an Incredibles storyline. A thrilling roller coaster where you join the Parr family chasing Jack-Jack.

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It’s a special time But up to 10% of pregnant women experience leakage of amniotic fluid during their third trimester—a stressful development with serious implications for both baby and mother.1,2,3



Get peace of mind: AmnioSense® blue is the only panty liner self-test that helps to identify probable leakage of amniotic fluid.

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References: 1. Alexander JM, Cox SM. Clinical course of premature rupture of the membranes. Semin Perinatol. 1996. 2. Simhan HN, Canavan TP. Preterm premature rupture of membranes: diagnosis, evaluation and management strategies. BJOG.

3. El-Messidi A, Cameron A. Diagnosis of premature rupture of membranes: inspiration from the past and insights for the future. J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2010. 16 2005.

WCFNEWS Ronald McDonald House Creates “Home For Dinner” Fundraising Initiative Through a new initiative launched by Ronald McDonald House called “Home For Dinner”, locals are encouraged to embrace the tradition of connecting with family around the dinner table by hosting a dinner event in their home, or at their favourite restaurant. Instead of bringing a host gift, or paying for their meal at the hosted dinner, guests are encouraged to provide a donation as a thank you for the dining event. All funds raised through these donations, go towards families staying at Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver, ensuring they benefit from a supportive and healing environment while their child or children undergo life-saving medical treatments. Through hosting a “Home For Dinner” event, participants can take time to enjoy the company of loved ones, while giving back to an important cause. Participation is easy, simply visit the website, sign up as a host, collect donations, and share the funds raised with the families of Ronald McDonald House.

Link Discovered Between Depression And Diabetes Treatment Lesley Lutes, a clinical health psychologist who directs the PhD program in clinical psychology at UBC’s Okanagan campus, has conducted extensive research and has discovered that there is a direct link between Type 2 diabetes and depression. Over a three year period, Lutes used a $450,000 grant to develop a treatment strategy that incorporates both behavioural and medical interventions for the treatment of patients who experience uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes. The treatment outcomes were a huge success, with many study participants indicating a significant decrease in blood sugar levels without increased medication as a result. The strategy also revealed a huge impact on the mental and physical health of each participant, which directly influenced the ultimate health outcomes in the study. To learn more about the new discovery and resulting treatment options, please visit the website.

Ackery’s Alley Art Installation Has Launched in Downtown Vancouver Last month, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) launched the second of three reimagined laneway projects, thanks to a grant from the City of Vancouver. This newest public art installation is located in the laneway behind the Orpheum Theatre, and has been named Ackery’s Alley, after Ivan Ackery, who managed the Orpheum from 1935 to 1969. The purpose of the trio of laneway projects is to create places of connection and engagement in Vancouver’s downtown core. Created by the same artist who is responsible for the light installation that allows visitors to control the lights on the Science World dome, this latest installation, titled FIELD, encourages laneway visitors to activate music by moving through squares of light that beam down the corridor.

Cops For Cancer Tour de Valley Since it first began in 1994, Cops For Cancer has raised over $42 million dollars for childhood cancer research. What first began as a local effort by an Edmonton police sergeant to raise funds for a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosed with cancer, has evolved into a national fundraising effort that occurs each year across Canada. As part of the Cops For Cancer fundraising efforts, the Tour de Valley cops cycle will take place from September 13-21, where participants will trek by bike across a distance of 800 kms, northwards from Langley to Boston Bar, then south to Tsawwassen and White Rock. To find out how you can participate or donate to this important cause, visit the Canadian Cancer Society website.

Sept/Oct 2018



DECOR TIPS How To Create The Perfect Workspace For Kids On A Budget by Karla Dreyer, Karla Dreyer Design photos by Janis Nicolay As parents, we know that kids have a lot of stuff. No matter how often, and how much we purge, their piles of stuff seems to grow infinitely bigger, and it can be tough to keep up. One of the best things we did for our 2 girls, ages 7 and 10, was to give them a designated office area in our small Vancouver home. When we originally did this, the intention was to create an arts and crafts space. Instead of having their supplies spread out all over the kitchen counter, this space would give them a place to create. As they’ve grown, the area has evolved into a space for many other activities as well. Now, they use this space for crafts, writing in their journals, creating artwork, doing their homework, and making personalized bulletin boards that change monthly. Mostly, this area has become their own creative haven a place where they can not only create, but display their artwork and special treasures, and express who they are and what they love. In hopes of inspiring you to do the same thing, I thought I would share this special area that I’ve created in my small home, using a small budget. Here are some tips on how you can do the same. Find your designated workspace. Turn a dull dead space, into a fun workspace for your kids! For us, it was a wall across from our kitchen - a bit of dead space that is now full of life. We chose this place for a couple of reasons - mostly being that it was the only blank space in the house. Now we see that it’s great for them to have an area where we can all spend time as a family. If it was in their room or basement, they would either not go there, or hide away there. With the workspace near our kitchen, we can make dinner, putter around the house, or watch TV, and they can choose to go to that space at any time while remaining a part of the family dynamic. Keep it lean. When creating an office area


that is especially for kids, you don’t need to include a big chunky desk and overwhelming wall shelves. If you opt for thin and clean lines, the workspace will take up less space visually, and will still provide them with the basics of what they need. To save space, you can always just use a long shelf mounted to the wall instead of a full-sized desk. Stick to your style. Just because it’s a kids’ area doesn’t mean that it needs to look childish. For my home, I chose to maintain the same decor style as the rest of our house when designing our kids’ workspace. Now, let’s not kid ourselves (no pun intended), your kids will likely add their own personal touches too, but starting with a solid base that will tie into the rest of the space, will set you up for style success. DIY. Adding some DIY touches to your kid-focused workspace is always fun! For our workspace, we picked up a couple of inexpensive bulletin boards and then

wrapped them in a fun fabric. Not only does it look great, but the kids now have a space to proudly display their creations and mementos for everyone to enjoy. Go vertical. Let floating shelves set the scene. Adding these above a desk area can be great for storage and displays. When space is at a premium, going vertical will save room, and a special little trick that I like to do is to display work on the highest shelves, which gives the area a put-together look to offset the creative desks. Karla is an award-winning Interior Stylist who believes in living authentically at home and in life. Her work has been featured in ELLE magazine, Style at Home magazine, and Western Living, and she is a regular guest expert on City TV’s Breakfast Television, CBC, Global, and other media outlets. She produces a weekly YouTube show featuring design tips & DIYs, and has been awarded Best of Houzz Design.


IN THE KITCHEN How To Support Your Vegetarian Kid by Rebecca Coleman “Mom, Dad, I want to become a vegetarian…” We are the parents of Generation Z; the first generation to be brought up in a fully-digital era. They are the most connected generation yet, and feel a deep social and ethical responsibility. Great. All joking aside, the digital era is helping us to raise kids that are more aware of issues in the world, and many of them feel empowered to take action. Like many of you I’m sure, I grew up in a home where we ate what was put in front of us, and we ate it quickly. I had three older brothers, and there was very little waste in our house, so if you wanted to eat at all, you ate what was presented, and you downed your food fast. Our kids as a generation are way more “woke” than we were at their age. Additionally, here in BC, nearly 40% of the population under 35 is vegetarian or vegan, according to a recent survey from Dalhousie University.

What are the reasons your kid might decide to give up meat? 1. Environmental. Raising animals puts a much bigger tax on the environment than growing vegetables. Animals consume greater quantities of water (arguably our most precious resource) and also create methane gas, which contributes to environmental pollution. Vegetarianism (especially if combined with eating locally) is a more sustainable diet for our planet. 2. Compassion. We’ve become quite removed from our food sources. We go to the grocery store, buy some nice shrink-wrapped chicken, take it home, and cook it. It doesn’t feel much like we’re eating animals, it’s just another ingredient. Kids are realizing earlier and earlier these days that, just like the pet dogs and cats they love, pigs and cows are animals too, and they equate eating meat with consuming a beloved family pet.

3. Celebrities. Our kids are heavily influenced by celebrity culture, and they see their heroes becoming vegans or vegetarians. Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Casey Affleck, and many, many more, are making veganism trendy (for better or for worse).

What’s a modern parent to do? Your kid comes home from school one day and says they’re done with meat. On one hand, you want to support them, but on the other, it creates challenges around time, shopping, meal prep, and concerns about nutrition and social situations. Here are some tips to help you support their choices: 1. Support them. “We viewed it as a feminist issue,” says Peggy Richardson, whose daughter, Elizabeth, decided to become vegetarian at the age of 5. “She controls what goes into her body.” If your kid’s decision is based on their latest celebrity crush, it likely won’t last, but for Richardson and her husband, Geoff Clay, whose daughter is now 12, it has simply become a part of everyday life. 2. Educate yourself and them. It’s important that they get a well-rounded diet, and both of you need to educate yourselves on how to do so effectively. A great book to read is “Becoming Vegetarian,” or “Becoming Vegan,” both by Vesanto Melina. There is, of course, and abundance of info and vegetarian/vegan food blogs on the internet as well. 3. Be prepared to go above and beyond (at least a little). Obviously, no one wants to cook 4 different meals every night for dinner. In the Richardson-Clay household, dinner is vegetarian, but sometimes meat is cooked and served on the side for those who want it. Richardson notes that they do have an extra frying pan and cutting board dedicated exclusively to meat to prevent crosscontamination. Elizabeth is a Girl Guide, so one challenge they had to overcome was managing campfire s’mores (marshmallows contain

gelatin, an animal product). The good news is, vegetarian and vegan specialty products are easily found these days, even in smaller communities, like Gabriola (where they live). They also make sure to have on-hand snacks like nuts, cheese and granola bars whenever they go out or travel, in case the options available are limited.

What about nutrition? I put the question to Victoria-based Registered Dietician, Marianne Bloudoff ( “As a general rule, children and youth need between 0.85 - 1.05 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day,” she says. “But don’t get bogged down by the numbers! Most kids will meet or exceed their protein requirements if they are offered a varied and balanced diet. Focus on offering protein-rich foods with every meal, and allow your kids to choose how much they eat based on their own hunger cues.” There are tons of protein-rich food sources that aren’t meat; like pulses (beans and lentils), tofu, tempeh (similar to tofu but fermented), meat substitutes made from soy or seitan (wheat-based) and nuts. Of course, if your kid is a vegetarian, then eggs, cheese, milk and other forms of dairy will also help meet their daily protein needs. Bloudoff suggests simple, kid-friendly dishes like mac and cheese, curries, stir-fries, pizza, burgers (you can cook both veggie and meat versions), chili, tacos, or other pasta dishes made with tomato sauce. You can always serve meat on the side. Her final piece of advice: “involve your kids in choosing recipes and meals that appeal to them, and get them to help in the kitchen preparing and cooking. Exploring vegetarian and plant-based meals can be a healthy and fun experience for the whole family!” So, congratulations on your vegetarian kid. Yeah, it’s going to take some adjustment, research and work, but raising an ethicallyconscious, compassionate kid is totally worth it!

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT Hot Lunch Programs Lacking in BC by Ada Slivinski Over the summer, we had two Korean students staying with us as part of an exchange program. When we handed them bagged lunches with a sandwich, and apple they looked at us quite perplexed. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when their English got better and the topic of school lunches came up again, that they told us that they have hot lunch every day at their school in South Korea, and are served foods like chicken, rice and miso soup. They were shocked that we didn’t have the same offerings in Canada. Among G8 nations, Canada is the only one that doesn’t have a national school food program. Technically, school hot lunch programs are a provincial responsibility, but the initiatives get bounced around between ministries and often a lack of funding is cited as a reason for not providing more robust programs. As a result, the hot lunch offerings throughout Lower Mainland schools vary greatly – from for-profit pizza days once a week, to subsidized bagged lunches for kids identified to be in need, to Soup Cellar programs where soup created by secondary school classes studying food and catering is sold at cost. There is a lack of consistency with a patchwork of private businesses like Kinder Meals, Fuel Catering, and The Lunch Lady popping up to fill the void and publicly supported programs run by volunteers. As most parents know, the benefits of providing healthy, wholesome food at school are vast - from more relaxed, ready to learn children, to higher test scores and reduced bullying. The unfortunate reality is, more and more children in the province are coming to school hungry and it’s a basic need that has to be met before they can put energy into academics or social relationships. Poverty is one of the major reasons: in 2016 food banks in BC helped 103,464 people every month, with more than 32 per cent of those being children. By comparison, in 2014, this number was 97,369 individuals with 30.8 per cent children. The BC Teachers’ Federation, a longtime vocal advocate of improving school breakfast and


lunch programs, funded a study to examine the extent of hunger in BC classrooms. 80 percent of teachers surveyed said that they have students in their classroom who start the day hungry and/ or do not bring snacks or lunch from home, while only 44 per cent of the schools they’re at have lunch programs to support them. Some of those teachers bring in extra fruit and granola bars from home to hand out to hungry kids. There are also families who are not in financial need but are rushed and busy in the mornings and the kids don’t sit down for a balanced breakfast or go to school with a healthy packed lunch. With this time crunch and busy lifestyle is becoming more and more common, advocates of a universal lunch program like Lisa Werring from the organization Breakfast for Learning, are calling for a universal strategy. “When you have two parents working, Mom and Dad may already be at work [before the kids leave for school]. So if there isn’t something organized, they’ll [the kids will] just dash out the door to school. There are a lot of factors. In the end, it doesn’t matter why kids are showing up to school hungry. They just are,” she told media as part of a 2011 campaign. Since then, not much has changed and the programs offered are still cobbled together and lacking a cohesive strategy. In B.C., the Ministry of Education’s CommunityLINK program, funds some hot lunch programs, currently providing $52 million in funding to all the 60 school districts. Over the past ten years, they’ve found the demographics of children in need of supplemental nutrition during the school day has changed, with inner city schools who once received blanket subsidy through the Vancouver School Board provincially-funded hot lunch programs no longer demonstrating as much of a need, while kids in need are being identified in traditionally wealthier neighborhoods. In response, in 2015 the VSB shifted their approach to funding school lunch programs, scattering funding where it is needed as opposed to choosing a few select schools. Schools who do have a subsidized hot lunch

program operate on a pay-what-you-can model. The recommended $65-$80 covers the cost of feeding a child but kids whose parents can’t pay still get fed. As schools face tight budgets they have often turned to selling junk food via vending machines or running pizza days as a way to raise money. This approach means many of the Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC put forward by the provincial government are not met. The guidelines favour less sugary drinks and less processed foods sold in school cafeterias and vending machines, but in many cases, the logistics of how to apply these are left to individual schools. One school that has found success with a profitable and healthy hot lunch program is Dorothy Lynas Elementary School in North Vancouver, which a few years ago started changing their menu to be more in line with healthy eating guidelines. Even though their food costs grew, the program was able to remain profitable due to sourcing some fun and popular options like Booster Juice and saw the same amount of revenue generated as with the less healthy options available previously. Burnaby Mountain Secondary has found success with a Soup Cellar program started by the Home Economics Teacher Jennifer Fisher; she taught Advanced Food and Catering and had her students create stocks and soups, and the music teacher at the school suggested they sell the soups to teachers and students. Now, soup is sold every Wednesday from the Soup Cellar for $2.50, an affordable way to help kids get necessary nutrients during the day. It’s time for BC to develop a province-wide strategy. With bagged lunches for so many students falling short, we need to address the broader problem instead of handing granola bars under the table to hungry kids. When hunger and malnutrition in the classroom is impeding kids’ ability to learn, creating hot lunch programs that are consistent across the country, and accessible to all, should be a top priority.

COMMUNITYCALENDAR COMMU Day at the Farm Westham Island Herb Farm, Ladner September 8 One of the most exciting agricultural fairs in the Lower Mainland because it provides visitors the opportunity to connect with real farms, real farmers, and real food. Admission is free or by donation to the food bank.

Southlands Country Fair Southlands Riding Club, Vancouver September 16, 10am-5pm Entry is by donation, parking is free, some activities cost $1-$5, while many others are free, including, pony rides, petting farm, games, equestrian entertainment, a beer garden, local market, heritage displays, food, and more!

Party@PdA: PAWcasso Place des Arts, Coquitlam September 8, 11am–1pm Paint with your pup! First your dog will paint with a painted paws technique, and then you’ll finish your masterpiece by skillfully blending your brush strokes with your dog’s paw painting. Canvases, non-toxic paints and refreshments included.

Fall Family Fun Day Newton Recreation Centre September 22, 12pm-4pm Join us for a fun day of fall crafts, games, snacks, activities, face painting, and more. All ages are welcome!

Westbrook Village Festival 2018 Westbrook Village, UBC September 8, 11am-4pm Shoppers can enjoy a sidewalk sale where local retailers and artisans will showcase new products with interactive games and contests. There will also be a kids zone, with face painting fun, craft tables, bouncy castles, and more, as well as a free barbeque! This is a free event. 20th Annual Fleetwood Festival Fleetwood Community Centre September 8, 11am03pm Celebrate 20 years of diversity, culture, and community pride through a day of fun, entertainment and community building for all in Fleetwood. Paws for a Cause Various locations September 9 Bring the family and your pet (on a leash) and help raise money for animals in need. There will be a kids zone, interactive vendors, a BBQ, and more! Kids Stuff Only Market Cloverdale Fairgrounds September 15, 9am-12:30pm Find great bargains on gently-used children’s items including books and clothing. 604-533-1970 Canadian Police Canine Association National Championship Trials Public Day Brockton Oval, Stanley Park September 16, 1pm-5pm The 2018 Canadian Police Canine Association National Championship Trials will be hosted by the Vancouver Police Department Canine Unit. Free.

Vancouver Kids Fashion Week Vancouver Art Gallery, North Plaza September 22-23, 10:30am-2:30pm This 2-day event is dedicated to children’s fashion lines and creativity featuring a recovered patient from BC Children’s Hospital strutting the catwalk as a model! There will also be singing and dance performances by talented kids of all ages. BC Reptile Club 2018 Fall Expo Exhibition Park, Abbotsford September 22-23 Meet vendors, rescued reptiles, and learn about the club. Check out the raffle prizes, fun activities for children, and meet the club’s mascot, Irwin. Taco Del Mar’s Family Night Taco Del Mar, Port Coquitlam September 25, 4pm-7pm Skip making dinner and cleaning the dishes, and spend time together! Receive a free kids meal for every adult combo meal purchased (dine-in only), and participate in a fun kids craft and activity. A Survivalist’s Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse Fort Langley National Historic Site September 29, 10am-5pm Learn essential survival skills through four fascinating activities, including wilderness first aid, musket-firing, fire-starting, and blacksmithing. This is an adults-only event. Great Canadian Literature Tea (Writers and Readers Festival) The ACT Arts Centre, Maple Ridge September 30, 1:45pm Join the Golden Ears Writers for a lively discussion about favourite Canadian authors over afternoon tea.

Family Day at PdA Place des Arts, Coquitlam September 30, 2pm-4pm Doing or experiencing art together is a great bonding experience that can inspire deeper communication, and provide lots of stimulating, creative fun! Register online for family day. Fossil Show Richmond Nature Park September 30, 11am-4pm Learn about BC’s fascinating prehistoric past, with real fossils displayed by the Vancouver Paleontological Society. Make fossil casts, and fossil rubbings. Miniature Train Rides West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Squamish Ongoing until October 15, 11am-5pm Ride the rails, and see 1/8th scale live steam, diesel, and electric trains in action! Book your birthday parties and private functions now. Open Saturday, Sundays and holidays. Cranberry Festival - Free Admission Day Fort Langley National Historic Site October 6, 10am-5pm Celebrate cranberries while learning the history of local uses of native cranberries by Indigenous people. Put on rubber boots and jump into the popular cranberry stomp, as well as other farm-related games. Stroll over to the wonderful Cranberry Festival market in the village and pick up some items to bring home! National Geographic Live Vancouver Civic Theatres October 10, 7pm National Geographic’s touring speaker series, and Vancouver Civic Theatres are proud to announce a unique, educational speaker series that will bring four of National Geographic’s most dynamic and entertaining explorers to share their stories. Light the Night Walk Lumberman’s’ Arch, Stanley Park October 12 This is a fundraising walk to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. There will be illuminated lanterns: red for supporters, white for patients and survivors, and gold for loved ones lost. Cost is free, but there is a $100 minimum fundraising goal to receive lantern & t-shirt. Register online.

OWL Gala Fundraiser Quilchena Golf and Country Club, Richmond October 13, 5:30-11pm Come meet some of OWL’s raptor ambassadors, check out auction items donated by some of the sponsors, and have an amazing buffet dinner! All proceeds go to help OWL rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned raptors. Ticket Prices: $110 per person. 50 Years of Al Simmons Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver October 14, 2pm Beloved children’s entertainer and master of all things whacky, Al Simmons celebrates his fifty years of Musical Misadventures! Toast to the Coast Vancouver Aquarium October 19, 7:30pm Sip and savour your way through the gallery as you go on a journey with meaning - one that supports important ocean issues, like halting ocean plastic pollution. Heart of the City Festival Over 40 venues throughout the Downtown Eastside October 24-November 4 This festival features 12 days of music, stories, poetry, cultural celebrations, films, theatre, dance, spoken word, forums, workshops, discussions, gallery exhibits, art talks, history talks and walks, celebrating the creative and committed artists and activists who thrive in the heart of Vancouver. Vancouver Baby and Family Fair Vancouver Convention Centre October 27, 10am-6pm, 28, 10am-7pm This is an event for the whole family with an opportunity to shop, speak with professionals, and enjoy live entertainment! Mr. I’s Slightly Spooky Songs & Stories Concert Place des Arts, Coquitlam October 28, 2pm Mr. I’s popular annual Halloween concert Slightly Spooky Songs and Stories will enchant youngsters and their parents alike. Costumes are welcome and audience participation is encouraged.

For more family events, or to add your own event to our community calendar, please visit

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LAST LOOK Fall Family Fun by Ashley Wiles, Sole Girls I love the smell of the outdoors during the fall months! Apples, pumpkins, and falling leaves fill the streets, and despite the remnant smoky summer air, the change of seasons also brings the sense that we too are about to shift into something new. I love using natural changes in the environment to make changes in my own life, and this season is no different. With the back-toschool season now in full swing, our lives have taken a sharp 180 turn, and suddenly, our quality time with our kids is again changing. Planning simple physical activities that you can do together increases confidence, connection, and quality time. There are few things that I enjoy more than getting outside and being active, and this fall will be no different. Below are 5 ideas that can get you and your family outside and moving!

Participate in a Running Event It’s no secret that I love to run and find my happy pace, and I love seeing kids and their parents tackling fun goals together, too. The West Coast is home to some of the best running weather in the fall, and also many memorable ways to do good for the community while being active! Here are some super fun events to get out and do as a family, whether it is pushing a stroller while you tackle your own goals, or doing the shorter kids runs, or getting involved to support a cause; bonding with your kids while doing something active together should be at the top of your list.

hiking, this is your opportunity to learn with your kids! Check out these fun tours offered by Swallow Tail Culinary Adventures, or check out the Fungi Festival happening in the Shuswap area at the end of September. Head out to Abbotsford to Taves Family Farms, and do some pumpkin or apple picking! They also have a huge farm with lots of activities so you can spend the day outside just having fun together!

Try a New Sport Together Fall is a great season to try some new sports before the weather turns cold. It’s also a great way to check out the beautiful changes of nature. Here are some fun sports to try with your kids this season. Rent a kayak - head out to a lake or the ocean, Deep Cove Kayak is open 7 days a week throughout the month of September! Go mountain biking - head into some easy beginner trails together. Take a hike - there’s no need to go fast, go at your own pace and share in the creativity of your kids as they discover nature! Get indoors and try some partner yoga together! Yoga Buttons in Vancouver has family yoga!

Volunteer Be active while supporting a cause! I love volunteering with kids because it gives them a whole new sense of why we do what we do. In these formative years, it’s a cool way of showing the value of life.

Granville Island Turkey Trot on Oct 8th is a great way to be grateful during Thanksgiving. The kids run is for all ages and is always a ton of fun with great volunteers, venue, and sponsors.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many kids will not be as lucky as others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen - a great way to volunteer and spend time on your feet.

The Fall Classic hosts a fun kids run at UBC as well as an awesome adult run on Nov 4th.

On Halloween, many kids focus on the candy, but another way of getting active is to run/walk different trick-or-treat routes. How many different streets can you cover in an hour together?

Terry Fox Run, Run for the Cure, or the Moustache Miler all have ways to get the kids involved. Start off the school year with some volunteering or fundraising!

Go on a Fall Food Walk If there is something I’ve learned from teaching the nutrition portion of Sole Girls, it is that kids love to understand fun facts about their food, and it is much easier to teach healthy habits when we understand the why as opposed to just teaching no and yes. Wild Mushroom Foraging - Fall is mushroom season on the West Coast, and if you’ve ever wondered about these wild things while

Do a ‘Gram challenge together Putting together an family challenge can be a great way of getting everyone outside, or just trying something new together. Plus, the accountability from a group is great! The 30 days challenge - challenge your family to 30 days of new physical activities, 30 days of yoga, 30 days of jumping jacks, or 30 days of not complaining! Scavenger hunts - Make a list of 30 things you want to do/find this season and commit to it! Keep track with a chart or photo.

Ashley Wiles is the founder of Sole Girls, a mental health advocate, and an ironwoman. She dedicates her time to running after school programs for girls ages 5-7, and 8-12 in the Lower Mainland, empowering them to be SOLE awesome. She is a firm believer that fun physical activity leads to positive mental health and well being. Find her at



Pre-Orthodontics for today’s children

Most parents would agree their children are less than enthusiastic about taking a seat in the dentist’s chair. It can be frightening, uncomfortable and regardless of whether the patients visits a small practice or boutique dental spa the treatment experience is essentially the same. Unfortunately for the majority of 21st century children who have crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment has largely remained the same for much of the last 100 years. For decades, straightening their teeth has involved invasive treatments and relapse is all but assured. However, contemporary research has shed light on the underlying causes of cooked teeth and well-informed parents have forced the agenda, generating momentum toward non-invasive, preventive paediatrics orthodontic treatment options. The good news for today’s children and parents is there are highly developed paediatrics orthodontic treatment systems available right now. Rather than use mechanical forces to align crooked teeth. The Myobrace System is focused entirely on addressing the poor myofunctional (lips, tongue and cheeks) habits as well as the incorrect breathing that causes crooked teeth. By encouraging the patient to play an active role in their own treatment and promoting growth and development, outstanding and stable results can be achieved without relying on braces, extractions or surgery. The Myobrace System combines patient and parent education, exercises to correct breathing and strengthen facial muscles, habit correction and an intuitive removable oral appliance range to offer parents and patients a more natural treatment.

A major factor in the success of the Myobrace System is the philosophy that parents must be empowered to make educated decisions regarding their child’s orthodontic treatment. To facilitate this, comprehensive resources have been made available to help the general public gain a better understanding and clearer insight into the reasons for and benefits of early or preventive orthodontic intervention. Prior to committing to the treatment, parents are encouraged to visit the website where information regarding how treatment works and the advantages of Myobrace compared to treatment solely with traditional alternatives is readily available and only a click away. To achieve outstanding results, the Myobrace System relies on patient and parent compliance and effective education is the first step towards attaining this. In addition to facilitating a parent’s ability to make an informed decision by providing necessary resources. The Myobrace System includes several features intended to make it as accessible as possible. Once a parent clearly understands the benefits of early intervention and pre-orthodontic treatment they can make the informed decision to pursue their child’s treatment with the Myobrace System. There are then several avenues available to continue, including options to completing the Myobrace self-assessment or book a free consultation with a Myobrace provider nearby.


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WestCoast Families Sept|Oct 2018