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September 2013


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back to school on our cover... Dylan, 12, and Andrew, 13, are cool for school, boarding the Vancouver Tumblebus of fun! Photographed by Dylan Doubt

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September 2013


editor’s note


egardless of how you feel about summer ending, those of us with kids in school can all rejoice a bit in the return to a familiar routine and feel exited about the start of a new school year for our youngsters (even if they may be a bit less enthusiastic then we parents are). Our September issue this year explores some Back-to-School stories you may not be expecting: our WestCoast Mom, Peggy Lee, is a formerly high-powered businesswoman who, after having her daughter two years ago, decided to put her formidable energy into redefining what a preschool can be with her new endeavour, Little Sunshine Academy. Mark and Monica Gonzales write about what family life with two little ones is like when the main breadwinner parent goes back to medical school, and our talented teen correspondent Karina Alibhai tells us about what tech tools you might be interested in for your kids at all their growing stages. Once again we did a lot of organizing and had a lot of fun putting together our Back-to-School photo shoot, and we were thrilled to work with some amazing local companies who made our little models look so cool they feel (almost) ready to go back to the grind. See the resources section to find out where you can pick up some of these awesome looks for kids. If the end of summer still seems a bit depressing, our suggestion is to start planning your next sunny getaway for when the weather starts to get more Vancouver-y! Jodi Iverson tells us all about her great California Caper and gives us some wonderful destination ideas to escape the frigid weather. Another idea is to stop moping about summer ending and start planning your next skiing/snowshoeing/snowboarding/stormwatching adventure. WestCoast Families will be there with great family suggestions and helpful tips every step of the way so don’t miss our fall issues. Happy back to school everyone!

Stephanie MacDonald Editor

more online!

this month at Back to School Fashion We continue our BTS Fashion celebration online with more clothes, information about these cool kids designers and stores, and discounts too! Education Watch for our feature articles on Education: Homework Tips, Nutrition and Academic Success, and more. Consignment and Vintage Shopping Browse our online listings and live weblinks to see cool consignment, vintage, and second-hand fashion stores for kids and adults.


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September 2013


westcoast finds

Chummie Bed Wetting Alarm Deep-sleeping kids are great, they get lots of rest, they wake up refreshed, and they can snooze through your loud party music. But sometimes they also pee the bed, which is no fun for anyone involved. End bedwetting for good with the Chummie Bedwetting Treatment System, an alarm that will gently wake the sleeper at the first sign of an accident. Dry sheets, no more diapers and happy kids and parents all around.

$110 on

NEATreceipts scanner system It may be shocking to some of us, but chucking all your receipts into your handbag and forgetting about them until they overflow is not an efficient filing system. Neat brings scanned documents to life, using Intelligent Text Recognition technology to read and understand key information, then automatically organizing what it sees. The resulting digital files are useful and usable – easy to find, easy to access, and easy to share. Your handbag will thank you.

$180 at


Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker Fast food breakfast sandwiches may have saved your life at the 9 am meeting the morning after the office Christmas party a couple of times, but they are far from healthy. Make your own delicious and healthy sandwiches in five minutes with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Pop in your English muffin or bagel, an egg, some cheese, and whatever healthy extras you like and run out the door with a nutritious and economical breakfast you don’t have to drive-thru for.

$30 at the Bay, Sears, and home and kitchen stores

Poppy Drops

Funbites for kids Struggling to get your kids to eat their lunches is a very lame part of parenting, but sometimes the presentation can make all the difference. Funbites easily and efficiently cuts up your sandwiches, fruit and vegetables into cute, bite-sized shapes that even picky eaters will devour. Mealtimes become more fun for kids and much less trying for grownups too.

$6 at

Swaggertag SwaggerTags are identification tags that reflect your personality and help you keep track of your gear. By customizing with your own photo, image or logo, you can let everyone know it’s your stuff. You decide what personal information to include and your SwaggerTag reveals the information only if it is opened. A SwaggerTag is water-, weather- and impact-resistant, with strong attachment points and ties to ensure it will stay with your gear.

$4 each at

Little girls love earrings and sparkly things, and they love being able to change their jewellery for their outfit. What they may not be up for is someone shooting a needle through their earlobe. Poppy Drops are temporary tattoo earrings that come in a wide variety of cute designs and themes. Made with vegetable dye, these adorable little body decorations don’t have to be confined to the ears, and they live up to their motto of “no piercing, no pain, just FUN!”

$8 at

Eco•Ditty Cotton Sandwich Bags The evils of plastic are many and well known, so why not switch to a more environmentally friendly and health conscious way to transport your sandwiches? Ecoditty cotton sandwich bags are reusable, washable and fully customizable for your kids’ lunches. They even come with fabric markers so your kids can unleash their creative talents on them, and they are great for things like pencils, crackers, Barbie clothes – anything your kids want to carry around.

$10 on

September 2013



California Dreamin’ Winter or Summer, The Dream is Alive By Jodi Iverson


ith its mild weather, natural beauty and proximity to YVR, many local families will visit California this year, but how many will look beyond the famous mouse? We recently visited the sunshine state and found some less explored alternatives for family fun!

Long Beach Named for its miles of sandy beach, there is a real sense of “walkablity” in Long Beach that allows your family an opportunity to explore world-class attractions at your own pace. We strolled through the waterfront marina and stopped for lunch at the charming Shoreline Village, an old fashioned seaport boardwalk, with shopping, games and a plethora of restaurants. The whole family can enjoy lunch inside Parkers Lighthouse with its extensive menu and gorgeous views it was a hit with our group. Be sure to check out the Queen Mary, just across the harbour. This luxury liner turned warship turned hotel is full of historic fun. We also visited the world renowned Aquarium of the Pacific which boasts 11,000 animal exhibits! We were especially impressed with the up-close encounters and educational opportunities. Long Beach also hosts many cultural events that may coincide with your visit. Check www. for more info.

Terranea Resort With its breathtaking location covering 102 acres of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, there is plenty of room to for the whole family to play here. The setting is truly one-of-a-kind with 270-degree panoramic ocean view that kept us mesmerized. Golf, fine dining, outdoor adventure and spa services abound, but most impressive to us was…wait for it…the kids’ club. Innovative programs provided by the award winning staff at have the kids engaged with activities including birds of prey and buried pirate treasure! If you are looking for a relaxing, resort-style family friendly vacation you would do very well considering Terranea.

Greater Palm Springs Not just golf, shopping & sun, although these are all amazing! Greater Palm Springs, which includes nine beautiful resort cities, is appealing to a whole


new generation of young families looking for a desert vacation. Our visit was jammed packed with day trips starting with a Desert Adventure Eco tour. This was a truly memorable experience as we piled into the red jeep and ventured deep into the San Andreas Fault guided by an expert naturalist. Our tour ended with a meal at their private mining camp venue and evening stargazing – highly recommended! We also spent a day at The Living Desert, a nature preserve spanning 1,080 acres in the Sonoran Desert. The Living Desert is also home to collection of animal exhibits and gardens to explore. Another highlight was the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway. Board a rotating tram car that moves you 4 kilometres vertically in just 10 minutes! Once you reach the top of the Tramway take some time to explore the 14000 acre Mt. Jacinto State Park with a hike and picnic. We only just scratched the surface of Palm Springs goodness and look forward to returning soon! www.

favorites was Pennypickles`s Workshop, an awardwinning Children’s Museum that welcomes you into the home of Professor Phineas T. Pennypickle. Filled with whimsy and science this is a must see! We also enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the valley from the serenity of a hot air balloon. Floating peacefully, our group had fun spotting wildlife, vineyards and citrus groves below. Don’t forget your camera! Southern California wine country offers a relaxed, welcoming vibe and is celebrating it all year long! www.


Temecula Valley

Temecula is a wine lover’s paradise with many picturesque wineries to visit, but if wine is not your thing, not to worry, Temecula still has you covered. Old town Temecula is a throwback to the Wild West with wooden sidewalks and rows of specialty shops and attractions. One of our

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Look to the next few pages for info about some of the best learning, sports, language, and arts programs the Lower Mainland has to offer!

September 2013


fyi a teen’s view

by Karina Alibhai

kids & technology


en years ago seeing a kid with a cell phone was the sign of a spoiled kid, but these days it is more common for parents to want to be able to communicate with their kids at a younger age. Technology is advancing rapidly and this means that there are new gadgets for your child to use and to play with everyday. So how do you keep up with the new ever-changing technological world that your children live in? Well, just send them a text, or check out the new gadgets and popular apps below.

iPad mini Why did Apple make the iPad mini? Well, for the mini hands that use it of course! The iPad mini could not be more geared towards kids. It is the perfect size for them and has everything they would want. It’s a camera, a tablet, a music player, an e-reader, but most of all it is a gaming device. There are also a variety of educational apps that are available from the App Store.

Preteens iPad

Toddlers Fisher-Price iXL Learning System This por table tablet is a learning and entertainment system that includes popular apps geared towards children such as “Story Book”, “Game Player”, “Note Book” and “Art Studio”. The device is compatible with both PCs and Macs and allows the user to upload pictures and music. This is a great device to introduce kids to technology as it embraces the idea that technology can be both fun and educational.

Once kids have reached about 10 years old they have entered the preteen stage, and this means they have outgrown their earlier gadgets. Apple provides a perfect solution for kids this age—the iPad! The iPad is right between the iPad mini and a laptop, and as your kids get older they will want more of a laptop like tablet than a small gaming device. There are iPad keyboards and if your child wants to use the iPad as a laptop buying a keyboard is a great investment. Smartphone

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera The Kid Tough cameras and videocams allow toddlers to take pictures and video from their point of view. The cameras include two eye viewing portals and are as kid proof as a camera can be. The camera has hand grips, large buttons and a 1.4” color screen making it easy for kids to use. And it’s also easy for parents to use, as the USB port allows images to easily be transferred to both Mac’s and PC’s.

The age at which one gets a phone has been decreasing since the creation of the smartphone. The average age for a child to get a phone today is around 10. And these phones are typically smartphones. The most popular smartphones today are iPhones, the HTC One, LG Optimus, Samsung Galaxy, and the Motorola Droid RAZR. While the iPhone and Blackberry Q10 are still popular, it seems that Androids are the new thing.

Teens Kids



This online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking app has become very popular with preteens and teens in the last year. Now instead of reading what your friend is up to via Twitter, Instagram allows you to see what he or she is doing instantly. Many companies and celebrities have Instagram too and many kids enjoy following them. If this is the first social networking site your child is using, I recommend that you keep his or her profile private so that only certain people can access their photos.

Believe it or not, the Nintendo Wii is still in. Similar to how you may remember the classic Nintendo as being the best video game device, the Wii is one of the best video game consoles on the market today. And what makes it different from normal video games is that most Wii games require kids to be active. The Wii is intended for all ages so it is a great device for the whole family.


Vine Similar to Instagram, Vine allows users to create and upload videos. The videos are only allowed to be six seconds in length, but teens can do some pretty crazy and funny stuff in 6 seconds. Vine allows these clips or vines to be uploaded to other social networking devices such as Facebook or Twitter. Snapchat This is probably the most basic app that your teen has on their smartphone. The purpose of Snapchat is to send pictures or videos back and forth to friends, but these snaps are only visible to the other person for a set amount of seconds. Sending pictures back and forth may seem a little boring, but it is a lot of fun and can be addicting. Go to to see our feature article on kids and technology, including safety and quotes from kids.

Karina Alibhai is our new teen corr espondent, giving both parents and fellow teens her unique insights on the issues and concerns confronting today’s teenager. We’re very happy to have her perspectives in WestCoast Families in hard copy and also online! Feel free to contact her with questions through this magazine, and read her excellent blog, BTW, which can be found at

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September 2013 13

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want it?

wear it! All photos by Bini Ball at Magna Vita Photography


Path + Laftr It’s time to head back to school, so why not do it in style? This year, the WCF team has gone hyperlocal to find the best and brightest in BTS Canadian fashion for kids!

Closed Hem Jog Pant $35 Kaboom T-Shirt - $20

clementine Krickets / My Pink Closet Dream Catcher Dress in red $44

emma Souris Mini Tutu Style Dress in red $40

Dream Catcher Tight in plum $13 Colourful Feathers Headband in red/blue nargorie $13



MiniMioche / Native / Puffin Gear

French Terry Jacket in grey $55

Mimimelon / Puffin Gear

Stretch dark denim $42

Rib Knit Leggings in red, pink & grey $35

Tunic Dress – aqua $43

Serenity Short Sleeve Tee in heather grey $25

Knit Beret in red $20

Yoga Pant – aqua $40

Lush Hoody in black $56

Softshell Raincoat – aqua $85

Native Jimmy’s Boots in blue $50

Puffin Gear rainhat $44

Puffin Gear Classic Melton Wool Hat $44

September 2013 15

want it? wear it!

river Krickets Mountain Station Striped Cardigan $44


Mountain Station Heavy Jersey Top in green/navy $27 Mountain Station Slim Fit Pant in dark denim $42

Souris Mini Camo to the Bone Long Sleeve T-Shirt $33 Coloured Denim in blue $50 Rugby Style Sweater in red $40 Camo to the Bone cap in green $20



Mimimelon / My Pink Closet

Girlz Rock Boutique

Boys Pants in grey $37

Supertrash Pants in black $100

Bamboo T-Shirts Long Sleeve – plane on mocha $23

Supertrash Top in black $76

Girlz Rock Boutique

Soft Shell Rain Jacket in black/grey $70

Supertrash Jacket in red $120

Desigual Leggings in purple $34

My Pink Closet dino toque

Supertrash purse in black $56

camryn Desigual Tunic in grey & purple $75

Sparkle Uggs in black $130

Ugg Boots in purple $86

(all Supertrash items now 50% off!)

Desigual Back Pack $64


melisa MiniMioche Dream Long Sleeve Tee in white $26

Kiki Kids Wear

Snug Pant in vintage plum $26

Vivian Sleeveless Floral Dress – meadow $74

Grampa Cardi in heather grey $27


want it? wear it! Go to to see even more great fashions, learn more about these great kids clothes and stores, with live links and discount codes too!

mya Pineapple Pete Baseball Style Moose Shirt - $20

willow CiciBean Love Bird Tee in black $54 Sweet Smile Skinnies in red $45


river Path + Laftr

Pineapple Pete Bamboo Comfort Tee – stripe owl print $42 Bamboo Soft Fleece Pant in pink $40

Sueded Jog Pant – black stripe $35

Scuba Hoodie in navy $55

arjen Krickets K Motors Heavy Jersey Top in red $26 K Motors Straight Leg Pants in microsuede canvas $40

camryn CiciBean Secret Crush Skort in charcoal $45 LUV U Legwarmers in heather grey $19 Wanderlust Wrap Around in heather grey print $36 Roses are Red Tee in purple $44

source guide MimiMelon CiciBean Krickets Girlz Rock Boutique MiniMioche My Pink Closet Native Shoes Puffin Gear Path and Laftr Pineapple Pete Souris Mini Kiki Kids Wear Colours and pricing may vary from photos and descriptions shown here. Please check online and in stores

September 2013 17

how to

green your closet by Peg Keenleyside

“The greenest city in the world” goal is within Vancouver’s reach, according to Mayor Gregor Robertson, who said as much to the gathered fashion industry celebs and aficionados of “upcycled” and repurposed clothing design at the Vancouver 6th Eco-Fashion Week this past spring. This necessarily includes a re-think about how we consume clothing and what we can collectively do to make our closets – and our beautiful city – a little greener. The good news is that the upcycled or ‘repurposed’ clothing movement is growing and Vancouver is on the eco-fashion map world-wide with all kinds of fascinating consignment, thrift, vintage and designer upcycled clothing stores, craft markets and on-line shopping options to explore. With the arrival of the fall shopping season, practicing those classic back-to-school 3-Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, could be the newest “life-style” fashion statement you and your family want to start making.

Clockwise: Erin templeton, Ratatouille Designs, Adhesif Clothing Company

How to get started

Shop Artisan Markets and Craft Shows

Take a detour from the annual family back-to-school clothing trek to the big box stores and explore the studios and storefronts along the lane ways of artsy Granville Island and the funkier parts of Vancouver - Main Street District, Gastown and The Drive (Commercial Drive). You’ll be amazed to see the variety of what local eco-designers, consignment and vintage shops have on offer.

Craft shows and artisan markets abound in Vancouver and feature the authentic “slow fashion” retail experience of talking with textile artists about their wearable creations. Ratatouille Designs, for instance, offers exquisite vintage linens sourced in France, refashioned and embellished with exquisite embroidery and vintage trims. Owner Susan Perkuhn will be at the Dundarave, Kits and Yaletown Farmer’s Markets in September.

Melissa Ferreira’s charming 1920s-inspired fall line of 95% recycled fabric fashions, as an example, are available at her flagship Adhesif store and studio on Main Street (where she bikes to work 6 days a week), as well as online at Visit her Adhesif website for photos and a link to her great blog talking about what’s inspiring her latest work.

Shows like Portabello West (September and December), Circle Craft (November) and the Vancouver artist in-crowd favourite shinyfuzzymuddy (December ) feature the work of inspired clothing designers and talented crafters.

Upcycled leather designer Erin Templeton’s witty, much-visited online storefront at lets you know what she has in stock in her gorgeous line of one-of-a-kind leather bag designs before you make the trek to her Gastown store and studio, Erin Templeton Leather.


If you’re taking in a show this fall or winter, don’t miss Vancouver designer Kim Cathers Kdon label designs – wonderfully creative upcycled fabric outfits with a post-modern deconstructed flair. She took on the 2013 spring Eco-Fashion Week Value Village Challenge of using just men’s suits to refashion women’s wear and the results are stunning.

Consignment & Vintage Clothing Stores

Vancouver Moms have been shopping kids consignment and thrift for back-to-school for quality second-hand clothing since before the word “recycle” was invented, because, of course, why pay retail prices for gear our kids will out grow before they’ve even written their Christmas wish list? In the heart of the Main Street district Beansprouts carries kids consignment, upcycled and some local designer sustainable fabric clothing for kids sizes baby through age 8, and Front & Co carries samples and consignment for adults. Over on the west side of town MacGillycuddy’s For Little People get the thumbs up from online reviewers, while on the eastside of our fair city, Little Earth Children’s Store on The Drive is the go-to spot. Wee Ones Reruns on Kingsway in Vancouver is always a top winner in the WCF Readers’ Choice Awards! Down in Gastown, Community Thrift & Vintage runs The Frock Shoppe, offering handpicked vintage and natural fibre recycled clothing at great prices. Also in Gastown, try Vous Valet, showcasing upcycled clothing from young Vancouver designers along with high-end vintage and consignment.

DESIGNER SHOPS & ONLINE SITES Adhesif Clothing Melissa Ferreira, Designer 2202 Main Street (604) 568-4905 Shop Online: Erin Templeton Leather 511 Carrall Street (604) 682-2451 Shop online:

Kdon Kim Cathers, Designer Shop Online: Ratatouille Designs Susan Perkhun, Designer Barking Hippo Rescued Retro Wear Available at Barefoot Contessa
: 3715 Main Street
1928 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

CONSIGNMENT & VINTAGE Front & Company 3772 Main Street (604) 879-8431 Visit the website to see what’s new in stock Bohemia Gallery 3243 Main Street (at 16th) (604) 874-2781 Visit the site to see what’s new in stock Buttercups Ladner (604)946-3997

True Value Vintage (and the I Found Gallery) 4578 Main Street (at 30th) (604) 876-2218 Shop Online: TrueValueVintage The Frock Shoppe (Community Thrift & Vintage) 311 Carrall Street (604) 682-1004 Visit the site to see what’s new in stock

KIDS CONSIGNMENT WeeOnes Reruns 612 Kingsway Ave Vancouver 604-708-0956

MacGillycuddy’s For Little People
 4881 MacKenzie Street (604) 263-5313

Beansprouts 4305 Main St. (604)871-9782

Little Earth Children’s Store 1020 Commercial Drive (778) 737-7004

Go to to see more consignment, vintage, and local designer websites. September 2013 19

i’m raising my family...

going back to school


By Mark Warwas and Monica Gonzalez ark and Monica are young parents of two active kids, Melisa five-, and Mateo, who is four-years-old. Only 14 months apart, they actually introduce themselves as the almost-twins. Mark had a stable career as a university science instructor, which meant he had a very predictable schedule, set responsibilities, and a life that could be considered simple, but fulfilling. But that did not stop him from deciding to sacrifice this stability to pursue his dream. At the age of five, Mark discovered his passion for medicine when a team of medical professionals saved his life. Since then, he has worked hard to achieve all the academic and non-academic qualities needed to gain admission to medical school. In the midst of studying, working, and volunteering, many great things happened. Mark met Monica at the age of 24 and married not too long after, they started a family when Mark was still in school working on his Masters degree, and they managed to have a fun beginning based on a very simple lifestyle. While it would be considered logical by many for Mark to concentrate on his career and move forward with teaching, Mark agrees that it was his stubborn personality and passion that motivated him to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor despite the competitive process and a few setbacks along the way. “I believe raising a family involves not only being able to economically support the family, but, mostly, to teach children the importance of life and the way to live it. I feel by following your dream, whatever that dream may be, a parent can find meaning for themselves and will be able to share this fulfillment. The rest will fall into place! In fact, having a family motivated me even more!” His dream became a reality when in May of 2012, Mark got accepted into the Doctor of Medicine program at the University of British Columbia. After all the excitement from all the great news, reality set in and it was time to answer the big question: how to raise a family going back to school full-time? He agrees that the main three challenges involved in this change were: time management, financial planning, and family support. Spending time with his family has always been a priority. With a nine-to-five job this was easy to achieve. However, with over sixty hours a week dedicated to class and study time, this means that careful planning is needed to balance both family and studies. This has been one of the greatest challenges and is definitely different from his days as a single student. “The solution was to focus on quality time”, Mark said. Mark spent Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays almost entirely at school returning to regular hours on Thursdays and Fridays with weekends completely free from school. Energized by great weekends with his wife and his children,

20 20

Mark was then ready for another challenging and fascinating week at school. One aspect of raising a family is financial support. This was another challenge Mark encountered when quitting his job to follow his dream. The obvious question was: how does one afford to quit a job to attend school and still raise a family? Mark is grateful for the financial support systems that exist for professional studies in Canada. He has been able to maintain the simple yet great lifestyle with the help of both Government and bank student loans as well as the amazing bursary program at UBC. Many local community programs support students by allowing them to enroll themselves and their families in art and sports programs. His children are now participating in swimming classes at the Robert Lee YMCA as well as art and dance classes at the Arts Umbrella, just to mention few. Mark also recognizes that his first year of medical school was possible not only by his good time management skills or the financial support provided to him, but in huge part to the family support he received along the way. “I feel everyone that is taking the challenge of raising a family while being a full-time student will need a support system behind them, I feel lucky to have that and for me, it is that support system that makes things fall into place!” Monica has supported her husband by becoming a stay-at-home mom during the week and pursuing her career on a part-time basis. Mark believed that no one should be discouraged from following a dream of going back to school due to personal circumstances and he encourages people to seek assistance if needed from their school’s student affairs department who are very able and eager to help people from all walks of life regardless of circumstances. “Our life is now better for the simple fact that our family is now stronger and we are a better team enjoying the present and working towards a better future”.

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September 2013 21

wcf news >> Get AMPED! About the Science of Music at Science World Starting October 12, bring your family to TELUS World of Science and discover Science World’s latest feature exhibition: AMPED! Explore the technology, creativity and craft behind the making and performing of modern music. The exhibition will offer unique, fun and inspirational experiences around the writing, recording and performing of music. Visitors will be able to experiment with current music technology and recording devices like DJ Controllers and Loopers that will unleash their creativity as they experience the music making process first hand. Complementing the exhibits will be programming that will explore the various aspects of the music industry. AMPED will feature music from Hedley and Hey Ocean! For more information, please visit

>> British Columbia Boys Choir Celebrates 45 Years with Memorable Events in 2014 The Choir will be creating a beautiful historical “coffee table” book to celebrate the BCBC’s 45 years of teaching boys to sing and perform. The BCBC are asking alumni and their families to send in your favourite stories from BCBC events, concerts and tours, and these will make up the majority of the book, along with photos and historical information about the Choir. The deadline to submit story suggestions and memorable events is September 15, as they want to have this book finished for December 1, so it can be sold during the Christmas holiday season. Please find the questionnaire on the BCBC website, Of course they are also planning a 45th Gala Celebration Concert where you are invited to come and socialize and sing in the Alumni Choir under the direction of the Artistic Director, Tony Araujo and Conductor Emeritus, Gerald van Wyck.

>> You could receive a free supply of creamy and delicious soya pudding tubes for you and your school! Apply to be a part of Sunrise’s Super Squeezies School Donation Program. Sunrise is looking for schools that showcase the Sunrise principle of putting ‘goodness first.’ Whether it’s through healthy cafeteria programs, annual sports meets and tournaments, or even wellness-related fundraising events, they want to hear from you! If you’re a student, parent or teacher, and you think that your school is setting a great example for encouraging healthy eating and lifestyle choices, apply to be a part of this new and exciting program. Sunrise could reward you with a FREE supply of their delicious dairy-free pudding tubes, Super Squeezies! Donations can be for consumption at a variety of events, programs and activities taking place at a school or other community location. Interested schools and school districts should submit the following information to Sunrise Soya Foods: a contact name and contact information, the name and address of the school/ school district, a brief description of how the school/school district is committed to healthy lifestyle choices, and general information about the event/program where the Super Squeezies donation would be utilized. Submissions can be made to Sunrise Soya Foods through email:, by filling out our contact form on the Contact Us page of our website, or sending us a message on our Facebook Fan Page.

>> Your Chance to Feel Like a Hockey Pro

Mark the dates: May 17 & 18, 2014 (May long weekend). The BCBC will finish the year with a Cross Canada Tour in July 2014 to celebrate 45 years of singing, by performing in each province. They will be on the road for a month, longer than usual, and the boys will have an opportunity to see our beautiful country. The show is called 
O Canada Our Home – Songs & Stories of Canada. 

The Choir is seeking sponsors and donors for the BCBC Book, 45th Gala Concert, and the Choir’s Canadian Tour; if you work with a company that sponsors the arts, please contact Margot Holmes at the choir if you think they might support BCBC’s 2014 goals. Your personal ongoing support of the British Columbia Boys Choir is gratefully appreciated and needed. A tax-receiptable donation of $10 a month makes a difference to helping boys participate. See for more information.

Many of us dreamed of becoming professional hockey players when we were kids. Hockey Helps the Homeless tournaments are designed to let you realize that dream by treating you like a pro for a day. Over a hundred former NHL players have played in these tournaments over the past 17 years including greats like Mike Gartner, Laurie Boschman, Vincent Damphousse, Theo Fleury and Kirk McLean. 

No details are spared in making this an absolutely unforgettable experience:

>> mSummit Connects Moms with Learning Opportunities

• Every room is stocked with first aid supplies, tape, pucks and water bottles

Are you a working mom looking to connect with inspiration, education and life solutions? Our event combines the best speakers in career development, business development and lifestyle inspiration. Our amazing day is jam packed with two impactful keynote sessions that will inspire a reinvention of what it means to be a mom. We are dedicated to providing learning opportunities for moms in 24 Workshop on 3 Channels of Content. We are closing the gap between your @home life and your @work life. Join us November 16th at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver. mSummit includes 24 Amazing Workshops Options: mLifestyle, mCareer, mom inc Movement (included in Full Day Pass), Education, Resource and Sponsor Showcase, 30+ Coaches Corner Sessions (included in Full Day Pass), VIP Q&A & Book Signing with Arlene Dickinson, Panel on Funding Options with Jill Earthy of CYFB, Crowd Funding with Joanna of Knixwear. For more information visit


• They dress you like a pro in your very own personalized jersey • Each player plays a minimum of three games • Enjoy an on ice Skills Session with Canucks Alumni • Get fed like a pro with a hearty lunch between games and beverages in the dressing room and on the bench • The event includes a fabulous silent auction with valuable prizes and one-ofa-kind memorabilia • And finish off with a formal reception that includes a fabulous dinner as participants are treated to some words of encouragement featuring notable guest speakers Today, it is estimated that there are between 150,000 and 300,000 homeless people in Canada, with children and young families making up the fastest growing segment of the homeless population -- despite the fact that Canada ranks as one of the top 20 wealthiest nations in the world. For more information and to register for this event, please visit

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September 2013 23

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Peggy Lee

Little Sunshine Academy By Stephanie MacDonald | Photo by Dylan Doubt


t’s easy to see why Peggy Lee was inspired to call her new school“Little Sunshine Academy.”The classroom is filled with beautiful natural light streaming in from huge windows overlooking Point Grey High School’s fields, and the almost-finished décor is colourful, interactive, and fun. Though she’s due to open the school in a mere two weeks, and permit holdups with the city have set back construction, Peggy is warm and relaxed, a woman who easily takes challenges in stride. With her background as a successful businesswoman in her import/export business that deals with residential lighting fixtures, you wouldn’t think that opening a preschool would be on Peggy’s bucket list. Peggy grew up on Vancouver’s West Side, and she graduated from UBC with a degree in English literature and went straight to work. “I really wanted to get out there straight into the business world”, she says, “I wanted to make my own money.” But since she and her husband Pascal Lavoie had their daughter Alexandra two years ago, she found her priorities changed, and she threw her considerable energy into a project that would both benefit their daughter, and become a long-term business itself. And the challenges have not been insignificant. Because of a pea-sized, dormant brain tumour that doctors determined would be risky to remove, even the road to parenthood wasn’t easy. “I could not be pregnant, because it is right on my pituitary,” she explains. So the couple went through the challenging rollercoaster ride of having their baby through a surrogate. “We relied on some absolutely amazing people who helped us along the way, and luck.” When Alexandra was born, “I kind of freaked out,” she says, “I had no other experience like this. My husband told me to tackle it like I do the business. So I tackled it. And then I found joy.” “And then I found fear again, because she is so precious to us, and I couldn’t find a school. And I knew what I wanted for my child.” The more she looked, the more Peggy found that there was nothing that fit what she envisioned for her daughter. She wanted to instill the warm family values that she had growing up, she wanted her child to learn compassion, “It’s not just about material things, it’s knowledge and self-confidence, and passion about learning.” She never planned to open a 72-student school; her plan was to design a special early childhood education program for her d a u g h t e r,


and maybe a couple of other children, if they were interested. But once again Pascal intervened.“He said, you have such a great idea, a great message, why are you not getting it out to people? Are you being a bit selfish? That’s the opposite idea of what you want to teach your daughter.” And so the concept of Little Sunshine Academy was born. She decided to go for it, and threw herself into the project with the passion of a devoted mother and the astute intelligence of a businessperson. Market research was done, and Peggy went back to get her Masters in Early Childhood Education, discovering that the more time she spent in school, the more her original ideas were reinforced by what she was learning. She decided to open the school right in Kerrisdale, in the same building as her original business offices, with massive renovations designed by a talented architect and designer. The school has two expansive classrooms filled with learning materials and led by a handpicked team of mature, experienced teachers, all of whom are parents themselves, which was an important attribute to Peggy. The school is distinguished from other preschools in a number of ways: the school day is four hours long instead of two and a half hours, because this gives parents a chance to actually do something in their time off. A registered dietician provides the snacks, customized for every dietary need. Mandarin classes are offered, and gymnastics is taught. In the evenings, parents can join Peggy and speakers for learning sessions about everything from cooking for kids to getting a better mortgage rate. Little Sunshine Academy has become Peggy’s vision, and with just a couple of weeks until opening, people are lining up to enroll their kids, sometime a couple of years in advance. Peggy knows this is because of both her passion, and also her business savvy.“I know that any successful business has to create good value for their customers, in this case, the parents.” But she also feels strongly about the benefits this school will have for children. “It’s not a gimmick, these are the things I want for my own child.”

“I had no other experience like this. My husband told me to tackle it like I do the business. So I tackled it. And then I found joy.�

September 2013 25

wcm feature

A Place All Her Own University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft by Andrea Vance


ulling up to the gates of Hycroft, you can already feel the history of this amazing building—and quite a history it is. Built by General Alexander Duncan McRae to exacting standards and completed in 1911, it was once the centre of the social scene in Vancouver. It is now home to the University Women’s Club of Vancouver.

Founded in 1907, the UWCV at that time consisted of eight young female graduates from Eastern Canada and the USA and was only the second University Women’s Club in Canada. Longing for a clubhouse of their own, the women of UWCV found Hycroft for sale in 1962. At that time women could not get a mortgage without a male co-signer, so they raised funds on their own and purchased the mansion outright with cash for $32,000. The building and grounds were in disrepair after having being left vacant for two years and club members spent much of their spare time at the clubhouse; sanding, gardening, stripping, and refinishing. The restored Hycroft remains as an amazing landmark and a is great source of pride for the club which has turned a once crumbling building into a warm and welcoming place for members and their guests. This is a women’s club, whose members share ideas, interests, and a lot of fun. As part of the Canadian Federation of University Women, the UWCV has a history of promoting education, rights and opportunities for women, as well as taking an interest in public affairs and educational issues. Members have worked together to be a common voice in support of women in all situations tackling issues such as homelessness, human trafficking and prostitution, safety of women, and child poverty. They also work to develop policy on many issues related to education, status of women, equality and human rights, and the environment. Another mandate of the club is to provide scholarships and bursaries to help women further their education. A total of 26 different awards are given each year to UBC, SFU, BCIT, Emily Carr University, Langara, Burnaby North Secondary, and Britannia Secondary. Donations and funds raised throughout the year support this great program. This Club is also known to kick up its heels and have some fun. Members are encouraged to start interest groups, and there are many, ranging from Golf and Writers, to Texas Hold’em Poker and Whiskey Women. Frequent barbecues in the summer time bring members and guests together in the beautiful gardens, and Christmas at Hycroft has become a Vancouver tradition and a major fundraiser to support the preservation and maintenance of Hycroft.


UWCV also has a tradition of supporting the visual arts through fine art and craft exhibits in the Hycroft Gallery and producing arts-related events to support talented, emerging BC artists and designers. Membership is open to all women who support the purposes and values of the Club, whether you are a graduate from a local or international University or a non-graduate. Membership rates are very reasonable with a one-time entrance fee of $400 and annual dues of approximately $75 per month. This provides you with full access to Hycroft including a members-only lounge and Wi-Fi, plus all interest groups and members events (some with additional food and beverage costs) as well as the opportunity to join committees which match your interests. Members also receive significant discounts on Hycroft rentals and members are always welcome to bring guests along to enjoy events and the experience of Hycroft. If you are interested in learning more about The University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft, plan to attend the next Membership Open House: September 11th at either 10 am or 5:30 pm. You will see a fantastic presentation on the Club and Hycroft history, a tour of this incredible place and refreshments. The tour alone makes it worthwhile to attend! Mark November 21st to 24th on your calendar: The 41st Annual Christmas at Hycroft is a Vancouver tradition, and great kick-off to the Christmas season.

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Adult Events for the Hip Mom Around Town! Adhesif Clothing & Bronsino Designs Summer Party Adhesif Clothing Store, Vancouver August 31, 12noon-8pm Enjoy live music, refreshments, wine, big discounts, and the chance to win an awesome prize. The BC Lung Association’s Bicycle Trek for Life and Breath White Rock to Cultus Lake September 7-8 Trek is a weekend getaway where outdoor and cycling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities can put their lungs and legs to the test while forming lifelong friendships. Participants must fundraise a min. $500. Registration fee $25. 604.731.5864 | An Intimate Evening with Canadian Music Legend Roy Forbes Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, North Vancouver September 13 & 14, 8pm Get your tickets early and avoid disappointment! A Special Fundraising Concert for First Impressions Theatre. General Admission: $30 604.929.9456 | 2013 Harvest Festival Greystone Stables, Delta September 14, 5-11pm This annual fundraiser allows guests to celebrate Delta’s harvest season at the same time as raising money for the Delta Firefighters Charitable Society. Enjoy dinner, drinks, live music, casino and other activities! Tickets are $75. Scotiabank Dance Centre Open House Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver September 14, 11am Free events from 11am-5pm and a performance from Danny Nielsen at 8pm. Tickets start at $20. 604.606.6400 |

Jim Byrnes Kay Meek Centre, West Vancouver September 14 There is nothing more powerful than a good song; something no one knows better than legendary blues man Jim Byrnes and special guest Babe Gurr. Tickets are $30 Fall into Craft The Cloverdale Agriplex September 14-15, 11am - 5pm This is the lower mainland’s finest showcase of independent artisans. Handcrafted jewelry to delectable chocolate and everything in-between! Car Trunk Sale Bill Copeland Sports Centre, Burnaby September 14, 9am-2pm Move it from your garage to your trunk! Load up your car, truck or minivan with used items you no longer need and stake your claim in our parking lot. Free admission for buyers. 604. 297.4521 | Leading Moms 2013 Revue Theatre, Granville Island September 20, 8:30am-2:30pm Be among an audience of other moms in a day filled with stories from moms making a difference in the arts, fashion, culture, business, science, sport and more. You’ll hear personal journeys in motherhood in a mix of performance, video and intimate talks delivered straight from the heart. Tickets available online $89 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Various Locations September 21-29 Organize a cleanup by becoming a site coordinator or help clean by becoming a participant.

Aids Walk for Life Sunset Beach September 22 Join this national awareness and fundraising event that takes place all across Canada. Funds raised support direct programs and services for Canadians living with HIV/AIDS in their communities. 604.915.9255 | Word Vancouver Various venues Sept. 25-29 This is the primary literary festival for Western Canadian book lovers and literacy enthusiasts promoting books and authors with free exhibits, performances, and hands-on activities for a wide range of ages and interests. All events are free. Main festival day, Sunday Sept 29. Come hear musical performances, free readings, and panel discussions and join in family activities. Yaletown Farmers Market 1100 block Mainland, Vancouver September 26, 2-6pm Enjoy the sights and sounds of a farmers market and shop for products from area producers. All ages, Free 604.829.4348 Trolley Dances CityScape Community Art Space, North Vancouver September 29, 12noon-5pm Enjoy a unique trolley ride, explore the North Shore and experience surprise unique, cultural dance performances chosen specifically for each secret outdoor location. Tickets start at $15 604.988.6844


The Children’s Party Specialists Face painting, balloon animals, arts and crafts, and more.

604-318-1261 • September 2013 27

community Fair at the PNE Hastings St, Vancouver Ongoing until September 2 This 17-day annual tradition features nightly concerts, kids shows, cultural shows, Superdogs & several great new attractions; not to mention, over 50 amusement park rides. Fort Farm Fest Fort Langley National Historic Site August 31-September 1 Explore the heritage garden and feed the farm animals, watch a barrel making demonstration, and compete in the farm relay and watch demonstrations. Regular admission fees apply; free for annual pass holders. 604.513.4777 | Artstarts River Market at Westminster Quay, New Westminster September 1, 11am & 1pm (2 sessions) Kids will explore the ingenious ways bugs and birds use plants and other materials around them to create shelter and camouflage. Make patterns with rubbings on paper, or try your hand at weaving using all natural materials diverted from green waste. Music in the Park Capilano River Regional Park September 2, 12noon-6pm Bring a picnic or enjoy the food carts and be inspired by art displays and demonstrations while enjoying free, live musical performances. Fall Fair Burnaby Village Museum September 2, 11am-4:30pm Old-fashioned fun complete with games, entertainment and market vendors. Try the races, the corn shucking or take picture at one of the photo stops. Free gate admission. Carousel Rides are free.

The RCMP Musical Ride 2013 Albion Fairgrounds September 5, 6:30-8pm The RCMP Musical Ride consists of a variety of intricate figures and cavalry drill choreographed to music. Demanding utmost control, timing and coordination, these movements are formed by individual horses and riders, in two’s, four’s and eight’s at the trot and at the canter. Tickets are $15 604.463.6922 the-rcmp-musical-ride-2013/ Learn to Fish, a Fraser River Experience Matsqui Trail Regional Park, Meet at Mission Bridge Picnic Area September 7, 10am–12noon Kids ages 5-15 can learn about fish and fishing techniques along the banks of the Fraser River. Equipment provided. Adults must accompany kids and fill out a free tidal fishing license for each child. $5/child. Registration required, 604.504.4716 Luminary Festival 2013 Sunstone Park, Delta September 7, 6-9pm Experience the magic as the park comes alive with lights. Use your imagination to create a lantern to bring to the Festival. There will be food vendors, entertainment, musicians, and childrens activities. 604.952.3177 | Wesbrook Village Festival Heart of Wesbrook Village (Wesbrook Mall and Shrum Lane) September 7, 11am-3pm Buskers will bring their beats to the streets, and musicians including Dr. Strangelove & Will Stroet will take the stage with tunes that appeal to all music lovers. Shoppers can enjoy the sidewalk sale of local retailers as they showcase their products with interactive games and contests. There will also be a free BBQ lunch and kids zone, with face-painting, crafts tables, bouncy castles and rock wall climb.

Visit for more family friendly events in September! To have your event included in the WestCoast Families community calendar, please email your details to Go to to see more local and community family events in your area.


Mexico Fest - Fiesta 2013! Vancouver Convention Centre – Exhibition Hall B September 7th, 12noon to 9pm Live cultural performances, beer garden, Mexican food vendors, kids zone, traditional mariachis, traditional Mexican dances, businesses’ booths, cultural pavilions. WestCoast Families will be there too! The Coho Festival Ambleside Park, West Vancouver September 8, 11am-6pm Several thousand people attend this event to take in exhibits in the sustainability zone, to enjoy outdoor entertainment by the water, participate in children’s activities and to enjoy the famous salmon barbecue. 604.926.6956 | 20th Annual Tree Fest Riverview Hospital Grounds, Coquitlam September 14 This free event will be a fun filled day for the whole family in celebration of trees including entertainment, crafts and activities, museum tours, food concession and much more! Place des Arts Family Open House Place des Arts, Coquitlam September 14, 2-4 pm Enjoy fun arts activities, take a tour of the centre, participate in hands-on teacher demos, win door prizes and get a discount on class registration during the event (one per family). 604.664.1636 | Southlands Country Fair Southlands Riding Club, Vancouver September 15, 10am-4pm The Fair features pony rides, petting farm, old fashioned games, equestrian entertainment, Silent Auction, a local arts and crafts market, farmers market, music, face painting, hay piles, bouncy horses, delicious food, and much more! Admission by donation, parking is free, some activities cost $1-$5, while many others are free.

calendar Adventure Challenge for Kids Jericho Sailing Club, Vancouver September 15 A multi-sport event including kayaking, cycling, and trail running, this will be a fun and exciting test of your endurance and technical skills while you travel along one of two scenic routes.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Celebrate Fifty Years of Listening and Talking! Children’s Hearing and Speech Centre of BC, Vancouver September 21, 12noon-3pm The free event will have lots of family friendly activities and a delicious barbeque.

Metamorfest Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Vancouver September 28, 12noon-6pm Check out this 3-block party & festival for local music, food, art and lots of other activities! Admission is free and all ages welcome.

Terry Fox Run Various Locations September 15 Join in a non competitive run as an individual, family or group to help raise funds for cancer in memory of Terry Fox. Please check website for locations and times.

Youth Fest 2013 -Surrey’s Largest Celebration for Youth Cloverdale Recreation Centre September 21, 3-8pm The 9th annual youth fest event features a Battle of the Bands, a dance battle, skate and BMX bike demos, art zone, Velcro Olympics, rock climbing wall, food vendors and more! Free Youth Fest Shuttles will provide a safe ride to and from the event from Recreation Centers all over Surrey. 9pm- midnight there will be a free Teen Dance (ages 13-18 years)

Cloverdale Open House and Early Years Festival Cloverdale Recreation Centre September 28, 10am-3pm This event is for expectant parents and their families to spend the day playing, face painting, doing arts and crafts, watch live entertainment and Community Resources & Services and informational breakout sessions and free samples! Check out the preschool open house as well. Free. 604.598.7960

SOAR Banquet Bollywood Banquet Hall, Surrey September 20, 6pm Join highly renowned guest speakers including Manny Padda, one of the top entrepreneurs in the Lower Mainland, SFU Beedie School of Business Associate Director Sam Thiara, and many more. This is a great opportunity to connect with the talent of the future while helping out a great cause at the same time! Tickets are at $. at 778.549.6768 It’s All Greek to Me! Vancouver’s Original Greek Food Festival Hellenic Community Centre, Vancouver September 20-22 This family friendly festival is a three-day outdoor event featuring the authentic Greek food, live dance and entertainment, kids activities, Greek language lessons, agora marketplace and more. 604.266.7148 Olde Harvest Fair Historic Stewart Farm September 21, 12noon-3pm Enjoy old-fashioned activities and crafts, great local food and live entertainment. Also, attend the opening of the new exhibit “Nobody Here But Us Chickens.” All ages, entrance by donation. 604.592.6956 |

BC Legends Day at Kilby Historic Site Kilby Historic Site September 21, 11am-3pm Come explore local folklore with presentations BC Legends. Experts in fields of interest will be on site to give information and listen to your stories! 604.796.9576 | Behind the Scenes Maplewood Farms September 24 & 28 Children get a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look into the operation of the Farm, including egg collection and washing, animal grooming, setting up feed and exploring “Staff Only” areas. Sessions go for about one hour. Please Pre-register. 604.929.5610 | RiverFest: Inspired by the Fraser The Fraser River Discovery Centre September 27, 4-9pm and 28, 11am-6pm The free festival consists of live entertainment; artists and artisans; community, environmental, and conservation organizations; and crafts and activities for children and their parents. 604.521.8401 |

Rivers and Trails Festival Lions Park & Peace Park, Port Coquitlam September 29, 10am-4pm Many Culture Days activities including entertainment, art activities, a salmon release, a river clean up, children’s stations and opportunities to win prizes are all part of this festival while maintaining an environmental focus. 6th Annual Vancouver Walk Now For Autism Speaks Stanley Park, Lumberman’s Arch, Vancouver September 29 This is a fun-filled, family friendly event and is their single most powerful force to fund vital research, raise money to support family services programs and initiatives and heighten awareness about autism. 604.369.3471 Family Day at PdA! Place des Arts, Coquitlam September 29, 1:30–3:30pm Free family fun with art! Drop by for this Canada Culture Days event featuring art exhibitions, artist talks and art activities. 604.664.1636 | September 2013 29

hotspots Step Back

If you love heading down memory lane, you have to stop in at Stepback. Their trademark vintage suitcases are perfect for photo props, family room décor, or even kids toys. The items here aren’t just vintage, they’re completely unique and unusual. Our latest favourite is the authentic old bus rolls – remember when the bus driver had to stand up and turn the sign himself, before the age of digital? And when you see something you like, don’t wait. Most items are one of a kind and original, and they may not get another.

Yoga Buttons

Tucked away just up Commercial Street at East 20th Avenue, (one block off of where it turns off from Commercial Drive), is one of East Van’s best-kept secrets, the Commercial Street Café. The espresso is expertly brewed, and the muffins and pastries are made in-house, along with the rest of the menu of sandwiches, salads, breakfast stuff (the gluten-free quinoa waffles are spectacular), and a wonderful selection for vegetarian and vegan customers. Two comfortable rooms with large tables make it an inviting place to come with your kids, or to meet with all your besties after yoga.

Carolyn is a primary school teacher and a mom of a very active toddler, who saw a need for a happy community space to bring kids, parents, and families together. She opened YogaButtons as Vancouver’s first kids and family yoga studio, offering drop-in yoga classes seven days a week at a variety of times to suit every age. Independent classes start as young as two years old, where parents can leave their kids to have fun and get an hour of time on their own. Classes include baby/ parent, prenatal, adult-only, family, and more. The studio is fun, bright, and inspiring, and kids classes are imaginative and active where yoga poses and techniques are mixed with music, drama, creative play, and art. What more could you ask for?

3599 Commercial Street, Vancouver |

525 W Broadway Vancouver |

2936 West Broadway, Vancouver |

Commercial Street Café

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July/August 2012 30

No crash test dummies were harmed in the testing of this vehicle. T h e A l l - N e w 2 014 Aw D The 2014 Subaru Forester is the only small SUV to receive the top rating (“G/ Good”)▲ in every safety test issued by the IIHS, granting it the TSP+ (Top Safety Pick Plus) designation. These tests include the most severe frontal collision tests performed on vehicles. But we believe the best way to protect yourself in a collision is to avoid one altogether; that’s why every Forester is equipped with symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive for added traction and control, and the option of our EyeSight™ Advanced Driving Assist System. So thanks to us, a few lucky crash test dummies have a very long life ahead of them.

wITh Starting From




DOCKSTEADER SUBARU 8530 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC V6P 6N6 Tel: 604.325.1000 | ▲

R atingsof“Good”arethehighestratingawardedforperformanceinfivesafetytests(moderateoverlapfront,smalloverlapfront,side,rolloverandrear)conductedbytheInsuranceInstituteforHighway Safety(IIHS)(,avehiclemustreceivea“Good”ratinginatleastfourofthefivetestsanda“Good”or“Acceptable”ratinginthefifthtest.*Pricingappliesto a2014Forester2.5i6MT(EJ1X0)withMSRPof$28,070includingfreight&PDI($1,650),documentationfees($395)andbatteryandtiretax($30).License,taxes,insuranceandregistrationextra.Model shownisa2014Forester2.0XTLimitedPackageCVT(EJ2XTL)withMSRPof$37,570includingfreight&PDI($1,650),documentationfees($395)andbatteryandtiretaxes($30).Taxes,license,registration andinsuranceareextra.


WestCoast Families magazine September 2013 issue


WestCoast Families magazine September 2013 issue