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The Local Guide for Active Urban Families

happy holidays! from our family to yours

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november/december 2014

• winter fun • family photography Photography Creating Memorable Family Photos in the City

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Winter Fun Gifts That Keep on Giving

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on our cover... The WCF Kids are cozied up fireside and ready for hot chocolate, please! Pyjamas courtesy of Hatley | www.hatley.com Photo by Dylan Doubt www.dylandoubtphotography.com

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from our family to yours

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Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again, when rosy cheeks abound, hot chocolate is craved and holiday gifts are being wrapped. I love when the temperature dips and I can finally don my scarves and mittens, although my dog would prefer the rain stayed at bay! It’s also perfect weather for cracking the spine on some great new books and then busting out my knitting needles to create stuffed animals for my newest nephew! Here at WestCoast Families, we’ve been busy putting together the best list of locally available gifts that will delight any family member. We’ve also gathered some great stories on the best things to do in the Lower Mainland and a special feature on how you and your family can give back to the community at a time volunteers and donations are needed most. When in doubt for things to do or places to shop, check out our amazing advertisers, who offer the latest and greatest in local, special and superior services. Happy Holidays everyone, from the WestCoast Families team!


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Mike the Knight Become a fellow knight-in-training with Mike the Knight! This loveable “Treehouse� character is coming to Vancouver and a lucky WestCoast Families reader will win four tickets and a meet and greet with Mike! Deadline to enter: December 30, 2014 Enter at www.westcoastfamilies.com

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holiday gift guide

Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker

Lost My Name Book

This high-quality speaker offers amazing sound and depth of bass and is resistant to dirt, water and still works after being dropped!

Personalized for a boy or girl, this unique book takes your child on a tour of their very own name!

www.futureshop.ca | $220

www.lostmy.name | $35

Ollie and Sphero

08 Left Art This awesome duo creates art and t-shirts based on worldwide airports and allows you to customize colour, options, and sizing.

www.08left.com | $20 and up

Use the app to control these fun robots that do fun tricks. Durable, waterproof and run on Bluetooth technology!

www.gosphero.com | $100-$130

Panasonic Bluetooth Headphones RPBTD10K


Grit Hockey Bags

These easy to use headphones connect to Bluetooth with next to no effort and are comfortable, stylish and modern with amazing sound quality.

These original hockey tower bags on wheels are easy to carry and come in fun colours for any sports fan. Get it in Vancouver Canucks pattern!

www.panasonic.com | $200

www.gritinc.net | $130-$160


Osmo This fun iPad game allows children to be creative problem solvers by completing puzzles with the interactive pieces.

www.playosmo.com | $80

Natural Earth Paint Made with all natural pigments, these safe, toxic-free paints make for amazing colours for your next art project!

www.naturalearthpaint.com | $33-40

Easy Care Canadian First Aid Kit for Families Make sure the whole family is safe and protected with these comprehensive first aid kits full of everything you need for emergencies.

www.tendercorp.com | $10

Sharing Small Sock Subscription A subscription to this service delivers two pairs of socks a month for kids age 2-12 in fun patterns and colours. They also give back to charities.

www.sharingsmall.com | $10

Pillow Fight Factory These comfy and creative pillows are created in Vancouver and look like amazing graffiti art on your cushion!

www.pillowfightfactory.com | $90

Nov/Dec 2014


family photography

Pretty City Creating Memorable Family Photos

We twisted some arms and found out where some of WCF’s best covers were shot! free!

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Erin Boniferro The Local Guide for Active Urban Families

By Dylan Doubt and Krysta Furioso

Once you’ve chosen your location and backdrop, use that as a starting point to decide what everyone will wear and do in the photo. If you’re going to use the pink wall, why not get everyone to dress in pastel colours and go for a whimsical, giggly scene? Just tell a joke and start clicking! Don’t be afraid to keep shooting while your subjects are looking away, engaged in conversation, or otherwise “not ready” to be photographed. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll capture in those natural moments when no one has had time to become self-conscious. The most memorable shots will be those where everyone is looking like themselves, and their personalities are able to show through. Asking everyone to smile and say cheese is a one-way ticket to an awkward, contrived photo, and those are the ones that we don’t tend to keep on display for very long. Who wants to look at a photo of their loved ones looking like they’re all posing for passport photos? If you’re looking for something a little more classic, dress everyone in unbleached garments, or classic earth tones and head to Stanley Park where

10 WestCoastFamilies.com


June 2014 july/august 2014

summer fun family real estate & design

take a bite out of

summer free!

The Local Guide for Active Urban Families

Once you leave the comfort of your living room behind and set out into the city, the opportunities for creating a really memorable photo of your kids and family are endless. Start by taking a drive around town and keeping an eye out for places that might serve as an interesting backdrop for your photos. Once you start to think outside the box, locations will start jumping out at you. What about that brick wall in Gastown? Or the train tracks in Kerrisdale? Or the glass dome at Queen Elizabeth Park? Or the bright pink wall at the ice cream parlour on Venables?

This amazing textured pink wall is located kitty-corner to La Casa Gelato, at Venables & Glen in Vancouver. The Local Guide for Active Urban Families

make tracks

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travel &adventure guide march 2014

spring break fun | travel & adventure


travel &adventure guide

Our 1st Annual Family Travel & Adventure Guide:

special offers, features, resources for the whole and family! Brought to you by



ow many Christmas cards have you received from friends and family in which everyone is posed in front of a Christmas tree, fireplace, or superimposed winter scene? As thoughtful and quaint as these images might be, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a photo that you actually wanted to keep on the mantle, even after the holidays have passed?

July/August 2014

This classic yellow cinderblock background is actually the back wall of the Buy Low grocery store at Fraser & 45th in Vancouver.

give him a break this

father’sday! june 2014

party guide • performing arts summer learning

dads westcoast

Shawn Preston Ned Bell Jamie Hooper

March 2014 These great overgrown train tracks are located just east of Quilchena Park in Kerrisdale.

a single tree could serve as the background. Instead of telling a joke, ask a question about the height of the tree, and then start clicking as everyone looks up at the tree, pondering. As far as wardrobe, try to avoid everyone wearing contrasting colours, or loud patterns. Simple is best. After all, you’re capturing a moment in time, not a moment in fashion. Have everyone get dressed and then stand them all together to ensure they complement each other well, and take into consideration what your backdrop will be. If you’re going for that whimsical shot in front of the brightly coloured wall, don’t dress anyone in the same colour as the wall or they’ll disappear into the background! If you have small children, be patient and don’t try to drag out the photo session longer than necessary. Choose a location where they’re free to move around and be sure to take breaks so that they don’t get frustrated. Don’t wait for that perfect moment where they’re looking at the camera and instead, let the little ones do their thing, and if you keep clicking, you’ll undoubtedly end up with a shot that captures their personality.

family photography

Advice from the Experts We asked some of our favourite local family photographers for their advice on great family photos. Here’s what they had to say!

All kids have different personalities, and they often wear them all over their faces. Be open to the character of each child coming through in the photo- play it up! If you’ve got a little ham, let them mug for the camera. If you’ve got a shy guy, let him keep his chin down and give you an apprehensive look. Work with what you have instead of asking everyone to “say cheese!” I guarantee you’ll get a better shot, and as you look back on the photo years later, you’ll be delighted to be reminded of what your kids were really like, and not how you asked them to look. Krysta Furioso, WCF Art Director

As a photographer, essentially you are telling a story. You take a chaotic, busy scene and try to make sense of it. That said, the most important bit of advice I could offer is to keep it fun. If your subjects aren’t into it, don’t force it. Take a break, run around... My favourite photographs are either shot from afar using a longer lens, stealing candid moments, or in the middle of the action, up close from weird perspectives. Don’t be afraid to “shoot from the hip,” move the camera around, get low, get high... Don’t be afraid to shoot without looking through the lens. When shooting moving targets try to “pan,” or move the camera along with your subject, this will keep them in focus while the background blurs. And, remember that kids love playing with cameras, so pass the camera around and you’ll get some interesting results. Dylan Doubt Photography | www.dylandoubt.com

Nov/Dec 2014


family photography Let them be naughty. During your session, relax and leave everything to me. Your littles don’t need to be perfectly wellbehaved. In fact, it’s better if they’re not. The photograph of them belly-laughing with sparkling eyes after they’ve just beat me in a screaming contest is probably the one you’ll love most anyway. Don’t worry about whether they’re doing the “right” thing. The more personality they show during the session, the better your images will be. You focus on loving your littles and letting them run wild and free, and I’ll make sure you look beautiful while you’re doing it. Jenn Di Spirito Photography | www.jenndispirito.com

1.Don’t rush to or from the shoot. Life gets busy, especially with kids. But don’t let the photo shoot become just another thing to check off the list. You need the space to really show the special love and relationships between mom, dad and kids. 2. Choose a fun location. A playground, amusement park or forest can serve as a great backdrop for the photographer and help the family have fun and relax, which always equals better photos. 3. Make sure everyone is fed and watered. “Hangry” kids (and parents for that matter) make for very grumpy pictures. Brendon Purdy Phtography | www.brendonpurdy.com

12 WestCoastFamilies.com

Allow the photographer to take control of the session. If your child knows to listen to the photographer and isn’t getting mixed messages from the parents, they will cooperate better. If you tell your child to smile, most likely you’ll be seeing an unnatural or fake smile! Just relax, enjoy the moment and don’t worry if your little ones are being a little unruly. Its natural. Let them be silly, funny and even a bit crazy. Don’t stress, this is how we get real smiles and can show their true personality in the photos! Amber Poffinbarger, Just Arrived Photography www.justarrived.ca

One thing I try and get parents to do is relax and throw away the expectation for the perfect “cheesy smile” photo. I often ask my clients to pretend I’m not there and just have a real moment together, a laugh, share something funny or chat about something you all love. The result is wonderful, natural and genuine. This also works wonders for children and teens in the group. They feel less pressure to perform, less awkward and their smiles will show in their eyes not just their mouth. Krishna Neale Photography | www.krishnaneale.com

Life isn’t perfect, it doesn’t stand still, and capturing those special moments is no different. If you go into a photo session prepared and realistic about what to expect, you’ll likely be much happier with the results. Give the kids warning about the photo session and get them excited about the family fun day. Full tummies (for everyone) make for happier people, which equals better photos. Laugh, be silly, love your kids and let them be themselves. When these types of authentic moments happen, the photos taken are so real and are favorites. The personalities will jump out! Lisa Porter Photography www.lisaporterphotography.com

As a boutique photography studio owner, but mostly as a mother, my best advice to all parents is to have your portraits printed! I believe so deeply in surrounding yourself with beautiful images of the people you love most. Frame your portraits, hang them on your wall and every day when you look at those images you will be reminded of that love. Invest in a professional photographer every couple of years to document your family’s growth but also to be in the portrait yourself. Parents are often the ones taking the photographs of our kids, but when you hire someone else and are in the frame with your children, you are surrounding your children with that archived, documented love. Bethany Schiedel, Images By Bethany www.imagesbybethany.com

Nov/Dec 2014 13

gifts that keep on giving


hristmas is the time of year when people tend to think most about donating their time, money or used items to those in need, and the Lower Mainland has many organizations doing their best to make sure that at Christmas, adults, children and even animals are not forgotten. These organizations hand out food, clothing, blankets, toys and Christmas gifts to those who often go without and during the colder seasons. It’s easy to give back, if you have some time, and there are many fun ways to get into the Christmas spirit while helping others.

Monetary Donations If you like Christmas decorations, consider decking your house out and collecting donations from the people who come see it. Have the whole family involved in decorating the yard and choose an organization to donate to. One such charity is the BC Lions Society, which hosts Timmy’s Christmas Telethon, Sunday, December 7, raising money for Easter Seals. www.lionsbc.ca Every year, the Bright Nights Train and Plaza at Stanley Park is lit up with millions of beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Have a cup of hot chocolate while you stroll through the Christmas scenes. Admission to the plaza is by donation, with all proceeds going to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund, helping burn survivors and their families. www.vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/bright-nights-train.aspx

Food Food is often in short supply at Christmas and throughout the year. According to Food Banks BC, each month approximately 95,000 people throughout BC visit one of the province’s 95 food banks. The Lower Mainland has many food banks in each city looking for donations of unopened, non-perishable food items. Organize a food drive or set up a food donation bin as part of your family’s Christmas party. Make a commitment to buy extra non-perishable items each time you go grocery shopping so you can donate them. Have the whole family select food and treats to share with others. Encourage your child to get their whole classroom to participate! www.foodbank.bc.ca Residents in the Fraser Valley can also donate non-perishable items to The Full Cupboard, sponsored by Envision Financial. The Full Cupboard partners with local food banks to make sure donations of food and money are distributed locally. Donations of food and money can be dropped off at any branch of Envision Financial. www.envisionfinancial.ca/Personal/Community/FullCupboard

Clothing Organizations are constantly looking for donations of gently used clothing, but that need becomes urgent when the cold winter months hit. As children outgrow their winter jackets, scarves, gloves and boots, why not gather those items up and donate them? Encourage your friends and their children to join you. Set aside a night with children to go through closets…it’s also a great way to get organized! Or, go out as a family and pick out a new item or two for donation.

14 WestCoastFamilies.com

By Heidi Turner

Coats For Kids is an annual drive from the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association. It accepts donations of jackets, scarves, gloves, blankets and unwrapped toys for children, teenagers and adults. Donations can be dropped off at retail locations around the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Visit the website for donation sites in your city. www.gvhba.org/events/coatsforkids For many people, pyjamas symbolize love and warmth. Main Street Chiropractic has started collecting donations of new pyjamas, in partnership with the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, to be given to children in need. Go out, buy some new children’s pyjamas and drop them off at Main St. Chiropractic. www.mainstchiropractic.ca/initiatives/pyjama-drive

Christmas Gift Packs Some organizations send out gift packages for people living in poverty. These gift packs often contain Christmas gifts, toiletries and necessities for people who cannot afford them. Sponsors can purchase a full gift pack to go to a family, donate money so the organization can put together a gift pack or donate items. Sit down with children and have them come up with one item they would like to pick out themselves. Kids will take pride in searching for the perfect gift to help a family in need. Covenant House offers a variety of ways people can donate to their gift packs, which are given to homeless youth living in Vancouver. Families can pick up items from the Christmas Backpack Checklist to donate, or can donate an entire backpack. Items donated must be new and unopened. www.covenanthousebc.org/donate/donate-items/christmas-backpackprogram The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau accepts donations at Oakridge Shopping Centre and various Vancouver fire halls. Toy donations received by the Christmas Bureau are distributed to 12 Christmas bureaus throughout the Lower Mainland. In 2011 alone, more than 1,800 families received food vouchers or toys from the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. www.lmcb.ca.

Don’t Forget the Animals! At Christmas, we think of our loved ones and for many families, that includes pets. But there are a lot of animals that spend Christmas at a shelter or other animal rescue facility, all of which are grateful for donations. Among items that animal shelters and rescue facilities often need are food, gently used blankets, animal toys, or money. Kids will love picking out gifts for furry friends in need. If kids want to be more involved, why not spend the holidays volunteering at a shelter? Visit your local branch and get kids involved in bathing, feeding or even walking animals in need. The whole family will feel great afterwards! Tisol runs a pet food bank, donating donations of food to animal shelters. Purchase some pet food and drop it off at a Tisol donation bank in the lower mainland. www.tisol.ca/pfb Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is often looking for donations to help the animals they rescue. Drop items off with LAPS and make an animal’s Christmas without a family a bit better. www.lapsbc.ca

fun winter

by Laura Grady

Whether you want to discover a new place or start a new Christmas tradition, these ideas are sure to give your repertoire of family fun a shake up!

Aldor Acres Kick-start the holiday season with a trip to the farm. Aldor Acres invites you to wander their five-acre field and hunt for the perfect Christmas tree (you get to cut your own). Once the hard work is done, warm up around the campfire with a hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Don’t forget to visit the barn and say hello to the animals and play in the hay tunnel.


Heritage Holiday at Fort Langley Between December 20 and January 4, experience a traditional holiday atmosphere at the fort. The whole family will enjoy stepping back into the 1800s and taking in the sights and sounds of the past. Enjoy stories told by costumed guides, participate in crafts, warm up by the fire and indulge in some roasted chestnuts and hot chocolate. $19.60 per family


VanDusen Garden Maze Grab a jacket and a thermos full of your favourite hot beverage and get lost with the family. The VanDusen Garden maze is made up of over 3,000 pyramidal cedars. Twist and turn your way through the labyrinth and find the treasure at the centre–the Monkey Puzzle tree. Work as a team or race to the end. Don’t fret; there is an observation terrace for parents to track their little explorers. $16.75 per family


16 WestCoastFamilies.com

Christmas in Steveston Village Our favourite little village by the sea is a hub of Christmas festivities. The fun kicks off on December 7 when Santa arrives at Fisherman’s Wharf by boat. The day will be filled with holiday carolers, horse drawn carriage rides and a Classic Christmas car display. Between December 7 and 23, visit the Gulf of Georgia Cannery for their annual Festival of Trees. While you are there, why not spend the day in the village and enjoy some fish & chips and holiday shopping?


Krause Berry Farm There’s always something exciting happening at Krause Berry Farm. Everything from a homegrown market to cooking school classes, and of course, some of the tastiest treats around! There’s also live music and lots of opportunities to cross off some family and friends on your Christmas shopping list. And it’s not just berries growing at the farm. You’ll also find some of the freshest produce around, straight from the farmer to you. Don’t forget the Pancake Breakfast with Santa on Dec 14! ww.krauseberryfarms.com

Edmonds Community Centre Pool Dive into some fun at Burnaby’s newest indoor pool. Slip into your swimsuit and take a ride down the pool’s two waterslides, cruise down the lazy river and dodge the large bucket of dumping water. Little ones will love the mini in-water playground and parents will appreciate the extra-large hot tub, sauna and steam room. Wednesday’s are Loonie swims. From $1


Main Street

Baker’s Market Stock up on goodies for the holidays or just treat the family to something yummy. The Vancouver Baker’s Market features talented professionals and home bakers selling fresh baked goods, breads, chocolates and more (there are even some free samples). Have the kids hunt for the perfect cookies for Santa or a delicious gift for teachers. Market dates are November 22, 29 and December 6. Free admission.


Hollyburn Lodge The best kept secret on the North Shore Moutains is this amazing historic ski lodge. Built in 1926, Hollyburn Lodge has weekly music evenings supporting local talents, and boasts a fully licensed kitchen where chilly snowshoers can enjoy veggie chili and a pint of thick winter ale, as well as many other declicious treats.

www.cypressmountain.com/ hollyburn-lodge

Start a new holiday tradition in one of the city’s hippest hoods. Stop and admire the Christmas window displays, visit the Granville Island Toy Company, pick up some craft supplies at Urban Source, chose a new holiday sweater for the kids at Bean Sprouts and gobble up some comfort food at Burgoo. www.shopmain.ca

Got Craft? Holiday Edition Crossing names off your Christmas list does not have to be painful. Got Craft? is Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair featuring local and handmade items. Kids will have fun browsing all the little treasures (maybe even picking out a gift for someone special). Skip the mall and enjoy an afternoon shopping beautifully curated vendors, snacking on baked goods and joining in on a D.I.Y workshop. Show runs December 13-14 at the Maritime Labour Centre. $3 per person www.gotcraft.com

Commodore Lanes Bowling is the perfect rainy-day family activity. Commodore Lanes is Canada’s oldest bowling alley and it is sure to stir up some good old-fashioned family fun. Tie up those laces and roll into an afternoon of strikes, spares and gutter balls–retro style. www.commodorelanes.com

Nov/Dec 2014 November/December 2013 17

GEAR UP FOR FAMILY FUN THIS WINTER The Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Region is a winter wonderland, full of outdoor adventures and festive events that will get you in the holiday spirit. Here are a few of the top events and activities:



Attend the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival: Nov 15 & 16


Celebrate the Season at the Vancouver Christmas Market: Nov 22 - Dec 24


Join the Holiday Festivities at the Sea to Sky Gondola: Re-opening Nov 27


Ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express: Nov 29 - Dec 14

Thousands of wintering bald eagles descend upon the Harrison River every year, drawn by the abundance of salmon. Visit Harrison Mills for excellent eagle viewing opportunities, jetboat tours of the river, interpretive talks and more!

Vancouver is home to a German-style outdoor Christmas Market! Listen to live music and enjoy traditional food and beverages while your kids ride the Christmas carousel or make their own Christmas ornaments.

The Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish is re-opening for the winter season on Nov 27! Experience the beauty of snow-capped mountains as you enjoy winter activities like the Tree Lighting at the Summit Lodge on Nov 28, or meeting Santa on Dec 5 & 6.

Consider lengthening your stay in Squamish with a stop at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. On weekends, the Polar Express leaves several times a day and



5 Visit 604pulse.com/winter-fun for more family-friendly activities.



everyone is invited to wear their pajamas for the 45-minute ride to the North Pole. It’s best to purchase tickets ahead of time for this popular event!

There are plenty of events and activities to check out in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Region this winter. Visit 604pulse.com/winter-fun for more information and to start planning your getaway today!

Discover the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain: Nov 28 - Dec 24

Written by: Crystal Solberg Photos by: 7. Kelly Funk 5. Destination BC/Insight Photography Map: htp://bcer.trams.bc.ca /pics/wvtlq.jpg

Every year, Grouse Mountain is transformed into a magical winter wonderland. Along with visiting Santa at his workshop, kids will love meeting Santa’s reindeer in the Wildlife Refuge, skating on the outdoor rink, and going for a sleigh ride through the snow.


Go Ice Skating at Robson Square: Re-opening Dec 1 Downtown Vancouver is home to an outdoor skating rink with free public admission! There are rentals available if you don’t own your own skates, and a concession stand with warm drinks.


Be the First on the Trails at Dakota Ridge: Re-opening Dec


Zip Downhill at Manning Park Resort: Winter 2014/2015

BRITANNIA MINE MUSEUM Open 7 days a week www.BritanniaMineMuseum.ca

The Dakota Ridge Winter Recreation Area on the Sunshine Coast boats 20km of track-set cross country ski trails and 7km of snowshoe trails to explore! The trails wind through old growth forests and open areas in a beautiful subalpine setting.

Manning Park Resort is a family-friendly resort located just east of Hope. Along with some great beginner skiing and snowboarding runs, the resort is also home to Polar Coaster Tube Park. Kids and adults alike will love zipping downhill on groomed runs with lift service, so they don’t have to trek uphill with their tube!


Our history. Your fun.

The Sea to Sky Gondola, located 45 minutes from Vancouver along the Sea to Sky highway, provides new access to winter activities. Adventures include snowshoe trails, a tube park, cozy fire pits and winter fare in the Summit Lodge. Enjoy the Spirit of Christmas Celebrations from November 28 January 4. Santa visits, Christmas choirs, story time and lots of other festive activities. The inaugural Winter Season runs from November 27 - April 30, 2015. Open weekly Thursday - Sunday, daily during the Christmas holidays and statutory holidays.

For details and to save on tickets, visit seatoskygondola.com

Photos: Paul Bride

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chaodiceres 2014


Children’s Performing Arts program Circus West Music with Marnie Arts Umbrella

•• • •• • •• • •• •

Children’s Dance Program Arts Umbrella Shift Dance Barn Children’s Visual Arts Program 4Cats Arts Umbrella Shadbolt Centre for the Arts

Activity Play Centre Go Bananas Kokos Great Escape

•• •

Kids Day Camp YMCA SFU Pedal Heads

Local Daytrip Whistler Stanley Park Granville Island

•• • ••

Family Restaurant White Spot Rocky Mountain Flatbread | Red Robin

•• •• • •• • •• • •• •

Vacation Destination Within BC Whistler Victoria | Harrison Hot Springs

Natural/Organic Foods Store Whole Foods Choices Market Nature’s Fare Market

Best Swimming Program Hillcrest Pool Aquaventures Vancouver Parks & Rec

•• • •• •

Vacation Destination Outside BC Disneyland Hawaii Oregon Coast

•• • •• • •• •

Grocery Store Real Canadian Superstore Whole Foods Thrifty’s | Save-On Foods

Best Children’s Gymnastics Program Circus West Phoenix Gymnastics Jump Gymnastics

Family Ski Area/Mountain/Resort Whistler/Blackcomb Grouse Mountain Cypress Mountain

Grocery Delivery Service SPUD Thrifty’s IGA

Kids Sports Equipment Sport Chek MEC Sports Junkies

•• •

Travel Agency/Resource Flight Centre Expedia Travel Best Bets

Best Pizza Panago Fresh Slice Rocky Mountain

Learning/Tutoring Centre Kumon Tutor Doctor Sylvan Learning

•• • Pediatric Dentist/Dental Clinic Child’s Play Monarch Pediatric Dental North Shore Pediatric Dental

Kid’s Party Venue 4 Cats Arts Studio 6 Pack Indoor Beach Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Women’s Beauty/Health Spa Spa Utopia Skoah Le Petit Spa

Best Party Supply Store Party Bazaar Party City Turkey’s

•• • •• • •• •

Fitness Program/Gym Steve Nash | Fitness World Fit for Two Club 16 Trevor Linden | Good Life Fitness

20 WestCoastFamilies.com

•• • •• • •• •

Best Children’s Entertainer/Performer Music with Marnie Bobs & Lolo Will Stroet

Local Family Attraction Vancouver Aquarium Science World Maplewood Farm | Burnaby Village Museum

•• • ••

Best Annual Baby/Family Show/Event Circus West May Show PNE

Family Photographer Bopomo Lisa Marie Photography Robert Marlow

•• •

you spoke...

we listened!

Of course, we know our readers are the smartest people out there. So it’s time again to harvest this wealth of knowledge and experience in our annual Reader’s Choice Awards! Read on to discover what you have chosen as the best of the best in and around town.



Children’s Clothing Store GAP Children’s Place Gymboree 8

•• • •• • •• • ••


Shopping Mall Metrotown Coquitlam Centre Park Royal

•• •

Maternity Store Thyme Maternity Room for two Boomers & Echoes | Lusso Baby (tied) Consignment or Vintage Store Value Village Salvation Army Front & Co

Children’s Hair Salon Great Clips Melon Heads | Sparky’s


Consignment Store – children’s Wee Ones Value Village | Boomers & Echoes Kids Shoe Store Panda Payless Shoes Gap

•• •

Children’s Book Store Kidsbooks Chapters/Indigo Black Bond Books

•• • •• • ••

Children’s Furniture IKEA West Coast Kids TJ’s the Kiddie’s Store Baby Equipment TJ’s the Kiddies’ Store West Coast Kids | Babies R Us Family Bike Shop Caps Canadian Tire Mountain Equipment Coop | Different Bikes

•• • Midwife or Doula Services Mother Me South Community Birthing Centre | Pacific Midwifery | Main Street Midwifery


Nanny Agency Nannies on Call Options | Not Just Nannies


Best Location to Pick up WestCoast Families Magazine Online Safeway Public Library

•• •

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Looking for a way to stay healthy and eat well on the run? Look no further than Fresh Now, a brand new, Vancouver-based company that seeks to keep Lower Mainlanders on a healthy eating routine despite busy workdays and hectic schedules. With vending machines placed around the city and moving into community centres, Fresh Now dispenses healthy salads with add-on proteins available to boost nutritional value. Developed by Haely Lindau, a nutritionist and food lover, each salad is packed full of nutrients and fresh veggies that are all replaced daily, so eaters know they’re getting fresh salads and meats created by a chef who knows healthy food. Haely also offers seminars on healthy living to coincide with her fresh food offerings. Check out local buildings and locations for a vending machine near you!

Looking for a way to save money and teach your child the importance of savings and money management? Look no further than the Vancity Youth Credit Union, which reaches out to elementary schools to teach children money management and encourage the use and development of math skills. Vancity staff will transform a classroom into a mini Youth Credit Union over the lunch hour, including teller wickets. Students role-play as tellers under the supervision of older students and Vancity staff, and children are shown the benefits and methods for depositing their allowances in the bank. Funds are taken to a branch for processing and students will then receive monthly statements to track their savings progress. Want to take the money back out? Easy! Kids bring their parent or guardian and transactions are done at any Vancity branch. Children will learn how interest works, how to save and how to use credit. With over 25 participating schools and 2,000 students taking part, the financial future is looking bright! www.vancity.com


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>> Heart Mind Online The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education is excited to announce the launch of Heart-Mind Online, which aims to serve as a resource for parents and teachers. The website will provide activities and awareness about the benefits of stress management, managing conflict and friendship that can then be passed on to children to develop their Heart-Mind wellbeing. “Heart-Mind Online is a really exciting project,” says Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, interim director of the University of British Columbia’s Human Early Learning Partnership. “It is so important for parents and educators alike to have a place where they can find practical resources and tools, rooted in science, that really educate the heart. These competencies, like empathy, altruism and compassion, are so critical not only in childhood, but also later in life.”
Leading experts in the field have come together to help produce Heart-Mind Online so it promises to be full of tidbits, facts and awareness of the benefits of developing compassion, care and awareness in children. www.heartmindonline.org | www.dalailamacenter.org

>> BC Green Games BC Green Games is back for year seven, in conjunction with Science World, to encourage kids to create a green team to create eco-conscious plans to win fancy prizes while promoting a healthy and safe planet. Students in kindergarten to grade 12 are encouraged to form a team (from two students to a whole school!) with a Teacher Sponsor and then identify an environmental need with a plan to overcome that challenge. Teams are encouraged to be unique and creative in their plans before putting them into action and spreading the world about environmentalism and a greener planet. Through BC Green Games, an online archive of over 750 fresh and creative student projects from all across the province have been collected. Of course, there are some fantastic prizes! Win a green-based field trip valued at $3,000 or a field trip to Science World during Green Month celebrations and more! Submit your plan by November 30th to win big with sponsors including BC Hydro, Call2Recycle and Encorp. www.bcgreengames.ca

>> Pacific Medical Law Janna Epp Bursary Cerebral Palsy affects countless children across North America, affecting physical and cognitive function. The cost for care for children coping with the disease can be costly and the emotional effects on families can be straining. Pacific Medical Law has established a bursary fund in honor of Janna Epp, a beautiful, determined young girl with cerebral palsy, who faced challenges that few of us could imagine. Sadly, on October 11, 2012 Janna passed away after her battle with the illness. In memory of Janna, each year Pacific Medical Law will donate $5,000 to a child living with cerebral palsy, to assist with that child’s care, therapy or recreation. The recipient of the award will be selected by Janna’s mother with the 2014 recipient to be chosen on December 12. If you would like further information on the bursary, contact Pacific Medical Law at 604.685.2361, toll free 1.888.333.2361 or info@pacificmedicallaw.ca


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Corry Flader Umbrella Empress By Kelly S. Thompson | Photo by Dylan Doubt

Although her business is important to her, Corry truly shines in her most important role as mother to her three children, which she admits is often hectic amidst her busy professional schedule. But she claims technology has saved her in more ways than one, allowing her to have constant connection with those she loves. “My rule of thumb is that motherhood is always primary. In saying that, any working mom will tell you that there’s always stress between being a good mom and being there for your business” says Corry. “The invention of the cell phone changed my life. Someone could get in touch with me all the time. It freed me up to be the parent I wanted to be.” At her work desk, pictures of her children are tacked up on the wall, a constant reminder of what is most important in life and why she works so hard to keep her family business legacy alive.

A visit to one of Va n c o u v e r ’s t h r e e Umbrella Shop locations is like stepping back in time, when dressing for the day meant careful consideration of every accessory, including one’s umbrella. Here on the West Coast, we can’t afford to be without one, which is why Corry Flader and her family have been making umbrellas since 1935. Today, she and her three children carry on the tradition, running a thriving business that has become a local mainstay. What becomes obvious after a short time with Corry Flader is that her passion for family, business and life are implicitly infectious. She is a large presence, filling a room with smiles and jokes that make any and all customers feel at ease. She prides herself on being a good mom while also running a business that is an extension of her family, by encouraging staff members to come forth with ideas and bringing them on trips to China and Thailand to see how products are made and where fabric designs come to life. Despite being the head honcho, Corry hasn’t lost her zest for umbrellas, likening herself to the picking the “perfect wand, like in Harry Potter.” True to form, after a quick assessment of character and skin colouring, Corry is able to produce the perfect parasol that speaks to any personality. Corry’s grandfather was the first to open an umbrella store, after he worked repairing broken ones on customers’ doorsteps. Her father eventually took over, then her brother, Glen, also known as “The Umbrella Man.” Finally, Corry came onto the scene and brought a female flavour to the business for the first time. Under Corry’s leadership, the Umbrella Shop grew from one storefront to three, all while Corry juggled raising her three children, Suzy, 20, Isador, 17, and Matty, 16 and caring for her brother, Glen, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Sadly, Glen succumbed to the illness earlier this year and Corry took over as full owner.

With her oldest daughter already in university at McMaster, Corry has recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Ontario, where she hoped to show her boys the options available for their education. Although her children have their own passions and ambitions, it seems that Corry’s children might be the next step in the Umbrella Shop ownership. Corry and her youngest son Matty recently designed a new line of umbrellas, with interchangeable handles and designs. “It’s always been my dream to let people customize,” said Corry. And when part of her factory family wants to be part of design and production, having designed his own fabric, Corry was quick to take one of her employees on a trip to Thailand so he could see the behind the scenes details of production. Corry runs her family business as though it were an extension of her family, with the same passion and care that she gives to every element of her life. Corry proudly beams the knowledge and experience of her employees, singing their praises while she gives a tour of the careful consideration behind each umbrella constructed. “I stand by my staff and they stay with me because of that. I care more about the health of the employees, the family relations…those are my priorities, not money,” Corry says. She routinely holds work functions where she foots the bill, encouraging staff to mingle and have fun and as a testament to her role as a boss, most of her employees have been with her for years. Despite a demanding schedule, Corry is routinely generous with her time, making employees, family, and customers in her shop feel important and cared for. It’s no wonder that Vancouver umbrella shoppers return to her store again and again, as she’s proven that the Umbrella Shop stands behind their products and their staff. “In business, I never sweat the small stuff,” says Corry. “We can repair just about anything we do. We can just about always turn around an unhappy customer.” Browsing through the endless options of colours, handles and fabrics in the Umbrella Shop, it’s hard to imagine anyone being unhappy with one of their products. Despite a hectic life that involves constant travel and the usual parent shuttling of children to school and events, Corry rises above any challenge by putting her focus on what matters. “I’ve learned that the most important thing in life is your family and your health,” she says. Like any mother and businesswoman, Corry is busy and bustling, but above all, her values and priorities indicate her strength of character and amiable personality that have made her family and her family business a success without a hint of storm clouds on the horizon. Nov/Dec 2014 25

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Shimmy and Shake! Embrace Your Body with Burlesque


by Kelly S. Thompson, aka G.I. Jiggles

ith constant images of the “ideal” body presenting itself on every magazine page, it can be hard to embrace the shape we are born with. Life events can further alter body image, including childbirth, weight fluctuations, and illnesses. These days, women are seeking fun options for keeping in shape while engaging with their community and cultivating new friendships. It was while looking for these things that I sought out burlesque dancing as a new form of exercise. Most of the WestCoast Families readers likely don’t know that I spent eight years in the Canadian Forces as an Air Force Officer. I was medically released after I broke my leg and after several surgeries, it didn’t heal. The military was an interesting environment as a woman, with only 15% female workforce. I was unable to be as active as I once was and riddled with pain, I gained twenty pounds. I felt miserable. I sought to change that with a visit to the Vancouver Burlesque Centre (VBC), run by the fantastic Lola Frost and Cherry On Top, two all-star choreographers who embraced my injury with open arms. These women are full of sass that makes even the most nervous attendee feel sexy and strong. The VBC runs several drop-in classes a week and also offers progressive workshops designed to build up to a performance in their student showcase. “The amazing thing about women exploring burlesque is that there is room for everyone, every body,” says Lola Frost, co-owner of the VBC. “Burlesque is an art forms that encourages diversity in body and expression, which makes it all the more alluring for woman in an age where

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marketing is always trying to make them into something they might not want to be. Here, we just want you to be a more shiny, more fun and more accepting version of what you already are.” I read the class descriptions online a million times, unsure if my body could withstand the activity or if my brain could fathom scampering scantily clad on a stage. I arrived to my first workshop and was instantly welcomed into a fold of proud, strong women of all shapes, sizes and ages. We were a united front as Lola Frost led us into a warm up and showed us our intended routine for the Student Showcase Performance in two months time. At first, watching the other women shimmy and shake in front of the VBC’s mirrored studio, I felt overwhelmed with my own clumsiness. But I knew I’d found a group I belonged to. We practiced our routine for the next hour and by the time we were finished, I was exhausted, sweaty, and happy. The next day, muscles hurt in ways I didn’t know possible, but I’d found a safe way to exercise…a way that made me feel attractive and capable, no matter my size. The night of the performance, I was nervous as I sat in overdone makeup and funky hair that I had sprayed stiff with hairspray. I came up with my “Burlesque Name,” G.I. Jiggles after considering a play on my old military life and my new existence as a dancer with an extra pound or two, extra pounds I was feeling more accepting of lately. My fellow dancers and I got on stage and took to our routine as though shimmying around in underwear was the most natural thing in the world. The crowd, full of our loved ones clapped and cheered so loudly that my heart swelled with pride and acceptance.

Afterwards, we were glowing from the outside in. We were proud. We hugged and cheered for one another and we patted ourselves on the back for doing something that none of us ever imagined possible. On that night, we claimed our bodies as our own and showed them to the world, flaws and all. And that crowd? Faced with our dimples, our lumps, our bumps, and our beauty, they loved us. Burlesque can be a great way to exercise and the staff at the Vancouver Burlesque Centre can teach even the most nervous and new of dancers how to feel like a million bucks. And of course, if you just want the exercise without the pressure of an on stage performance, you can do that too! So if you want female unity, acceptance and a new form of pride, give burlesque dancing a try. You won’t regret it! For more info, visit www.vancouverburlesquecentre.ca

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Adult Events for the Hip Mom Around Town! Christmas Craft Fair St. Thomas Aquinas High School, North Vancouver November 2, 10am-4pm Full of charming Christmas cheer, over 100 crafters from Barbie fashions to bathroom bazaar, warm woolen knits and sparkling silver jewelry. Admission $2.00 604.999.5029

Christmas Craft Fair Saints Joachim and Ann Parish November 14-15, Aldergrove Whether you’re looking for the perfect present, handmade goods from local artisans and crafters, charming Christmas ornaments, or the ultimate strawberry jam, you’ll find it here. 604.857.2902 | 604.287.6153

Christmas at Hycroft UWC of Vancouver at Hycroft, Vancouver November 20-23 If you need a little inspiration to get yourself into the Christmas spirit, and need some fresh new gift and decorating idea, you will LOVE Christmas at Hycroft! www.uwcvancouver.ca

Cornucopia, Whistler’s Celebration of Food & Drink Whistler November 6-16, 2014 This annual event features a sumptuous variety of handson seminars, fascinating winery dinners, gala tasting events and sizzling after-parties. Cornucopia offers something for both the experienced gourmet and those seeking to better appreciate the epicurean delights of wine and food. www.whistlercornucopia.com

Shanti Shoreline Cleanup Centennial Beach November 16, 3pm Join in the Shanti Yoga Shanti Shoreline cleanup and help make a difference for your community. See you there! www.shantiyoga.com

Just Between Friends Children’s & Maternity Consignment Sale Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver November 21-23 Shoppers enjoy 50-90% discount off original retail prices on a wide selection of new and used clothes, toys, strollers, furniture and more. http://vancouverbc.jbfsale.com/homeView.jsp

Leave it to Cleavage Nov 6 – Chilliwack Cultural Centre Nov 7 – Coquitlam Evergreen Theatre Nov 15 – Surrey Arts Centre These ridiculously perky 50s housewives aim to install the virtues of the good old days through hilarious improvised scenes, using audience suggestions and volunteers. www.leaveittocleavage.ca Vancouver Health Show 2014 Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building November 8-9 Explore the aisles enjoying an abundance of tasty food and beverage products. Learn about innovative health products, services and fitness techniques or relax with a bodywork treatment. www.thehealthshows.com Circle Craft Christmas Market Vancouver Convention Centre, West location November 11-16, Check website for hours Enjoy a market where you come face to face with fine BC and Canadian artisans and their work: wood-turners, glassblowers, sculptors and potters, clothing and jewellery designers, toymakers, and many more! www.circlecraft.net

Beautiful brrr painting pARTy N Y Grill and Bistro, Langley November 16, 4pm Local artist, Freda will guide you step by step in creating a masterpiece of your own! No experience or artistic skills needed. www.zealousart.com Private School Expo The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver November 16 These Expos are designed specifically for families that value education. The largest private school events in Canada, this expo showcase a variety of schools and will educate parents about how to find the right school for your child. www.ourkids.net Oh Myyy! George Takei Queen Elizabeth Theatre November 18, 8pm Actor, social justice activist, social media mega-power and author, George Takei will be live at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for one night only. The 17th Annual Art Studios Winter Sale & Silent Auction Heritage Hall, Vancouver November 20, 12-8pm Explore creativity from this program for people in recovery from mental illness and/or addiction, featuring art cards, crafts, jewellery, paintings, pottery and textiles. Live music and art demonstrations too. Admission by donation. 604.871.9788 | www.vch.ca/artstudios

Vintage and Revamped Furniture Market Cloverdale Fairgrounds, Agriplex Barn Nov 29 & 30, 10am-5pm With over 100 vendors, it is well supplied with original, reinvented, and refurbished items. Some of the vendors have taken all year to amass their eclectic collections to display and sell to true enthusiasts. Admission is $5. 778.242.9300 Huge Kids Swap Meet Cloverdale Fairgrounds November 30, 9am-12:30pm Everything from baby equipment, books, clothing, toys and much more! 604.533.1970 Silver Ball Science World December 4 Celebrate the holidays among colleagues and friends and join us under Vancouver’s iconic geodesic dome for Silver Ball, an elegant evening of good food, great music and festive drinks. Buy tickets online. www.scienceworld.ca 5th Annual Christmas Craft Fair Windebank Elementary, Mission December 6, 9am-5pm and December 7, 10am-3pm There will be a silent auction where funds raised will go towards putting SMART boards and projectors into the classrooms. www.windebank.mpsd.ca

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community Garden Light Festival Bear Creek Park November 6, 5:30-8pm Hit the candlelit trails under the starry night, over the stream-o-dreams and through the enchanted forest! Bring a lantern from home (battery operated candles only), or make one while supplies last. Don’t forget to pack a flashlight and dress for the weather - rain or shine! The 27-foot dragon lantern will be waiting somewhere in the garden for you! 604.501.5050 | www.surrey.ca/events Slumber Party Science World November 14 Discover exclusive Slumber Party programming and stay cool as you camp out among some of your favourite Science World exhibits. www.scienceworld.ca Max & Ruby in Nutcracker Suite November 12, Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver November 13, Bell Performing Arts Centre, Surrey Max & Ruby bring to life a wonderful tradition this holiday season as they take to the stage their most magical performance yet! Inspired by one of the greatest musical scores ever composed – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. www.ticketmaster.ca The Christmas Show Langley Events Centre November 15, 10am-9pm & November 16, 10am-5:30pm Christmas crafts, holiday gifts, seasonal fashions and decor, entertaining tips and whole lot more! Stop by on Saturday for the Gingerbread House Competition, then take your time browsing the Artisan Marketplace with 25 unique booths. Bring the kids - Santa will be making an early visit from the North Pole in Kringle’s Kids Korner! www.thechristmasshow.com

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Christmas Boutique at Place des Arts November 12 – December 19 1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam Place des Arts’ Artisan Shop expands into a veritable Aladdin’s Cave filled with glittering treasures perfect for the holiday season. All items are made by talented local artists and are a sustainable alternative to mass-produced, foreign-made products shipped from across the globe. Free festive reception for Christmas Boutique and annual Positively Petite Miniature Exhibition is open to all on Nov 13 at 7pm. www.placedesarts.ca Discovery Saturday: Norse Winter Festival Surrey Museum November 15, 1-4pm Bring your family to the Surrey Museum where you can join costumed Viking re-enactors from the Reik Felag group as they invite you into a colourful recreated Midwinter feast hall. Enjoy the sound of a Santa Lucia choir while children make take-home crafts. Drop in, admission by donation.www.surrey.caHyde Creek Salmon FestivalHyde Creek Recreation Centre & Hyde Creek Education Centre and Hatchery, November 16, 11am-3pmCome help celebrate the return of the salmon! See informative and interactive displays and exhibits, build a birdhouse, assemble a bee box, create a craft, learn about urban beekeeping & honey extraction, and decorate a salmon cookie. Then enjoy a BBQ! www.hydecreek.org Movie Night Winskill Aquatic & Fitness Centre, South Delta November 21, 7-9pm Bring your floaties to the pool, sit back, relax & enjoy popcorn & a G-rated movie for all ages. Regular admission rates apply. www.delta.ca

Surrey Tree Lighting Festival City Hall Plaza, Surrey November 22 Help kick-off the holiday season as the 55foot Christmas tree is lit, then watch holiday performances on the Main Stage and Kids Stage. www.surrey.ca/treelighting Heritage Christmas Burnaby Village Museum November 22-December 12, 1-5:30pm There’s something for ever yone! Festive entertainment, a craft for children and a special Scavenger Hunt based on The Twelve Days of Christmas. Free gate admission, carousel rides $2.50 each. 604.297.4565 www.burnabyvillagemuseum.ca Christmas in Leigh Square Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam November 29, 3:15pm Free Christmas crafts and photos with Santa or wear a jersey and enjoy a free sports day skate at the PoCo Rec Complex from 3:15-4:45pm. Stay for the annual City Hall Christmas Lighting ceremony with family entertainment. www.portcoquitlam.ca Polar Express West Coast Railway Heritage Park, Squamish Nov 29 & 30, Dec 6 & 7 and Dec 13 & 14. Are you ready? Santa, the elves and Mrs. Claus will be waiting! Come ride the Polar Express to visit Santa at the North Pole. Get your picture taken with the Hobo! Ride the Mini-Rail! See the new G Scale Train Set! Lots of fun for the whole family. Parking available - $5 per car. www.wcra.org

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calendar The Composer is Dead, with text by Lemony Snicket Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver November 30, 2pm Investigate the instruments of the orchestra through children’s author, Lemony Snicket’s delightful whodunit, The Composer is Dead. Through delightful and engaging music written by Nathaniel Stookey, you will also meet the cunning instrument that snuck in for this concert: the saxophone! www.vancouversymphony.ca CKNW Orphans Fund Pledge Day Terminal City Club, Vancouver December 4, 5:30am-7pm This day that raises significant funds for vulnerable children living with special needs in British Columbia. Donate in person or online. www.cknworphansfund.com Brighten Up at Heritage Square Mackin House, Coquitlam December 6, 4:30-7:30pm Tour the house, enjoy the traditional Christmas activities and decor, take part in some caroling, meet Santa, and more! 604.516.6151 Santa Parade Lights Up Cloverdale Cloverdale Fairgrounds Parking Lot December 7, 5pm This colourful parade features special guests from “Central City’s Santa’s Big Rigs for Kids,” which is made up of lighted big rigs and trucks. This Santa parade also includes floats, boats, horses, marching units, antique cars/trucks, buses and of course, at the end of the parade, Santa will be there! This exciting event will take place rain or shine! www.cloverdale.bc.ca

Christmas Carol Sing-a-long Minnekhada Regional Park December 7 This is an afternoon of festive fun including sing-alongs in front of a Yule log fire and a visit from Santa. www.minnekhada.ca Christmas Bird Count for Kids Burnaby Lake Nature House December 7, 9am-12noon An introduction to birding skills for youth, including participating in the traditional Christmas Bird Count. Free. Ages 8 to 14. www.burnabylakepark.ca/christmas-birdcount Winter Family Ball The Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver December 7, 4:30-10pm Highlights of the evening include a champagne reception, family photographs, silent auction, and lots of fun children’s activities, a festive holiday meal, an amazing dessert buffet, special entertainment and the return of DJ Jordan who will bring the dance floor alive. Buy your tickets online! www.ilovefamilyservices.com Pancake Breakfast with Santa Krause Berry Farm, Langley December 14, 10am-1pm A free pancake breakfast by donation to Breast Cancer Research in memory of Liz Krause. www.krauseberryfarms.com

Cultural Christmas Market Astorinos, 1661 Napier St & Commercial, Vancouver December 14, 11am-7pm Shop local crafts, artisans and goodies in your town and enjoy live music & great ethnic foods. Latinos in Action Society and friends free family fair 604.593.2448 Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular Abbotsford Centre December 17 A fun-filled holiday event for the whole family, featuring holiday music favourites with live performances from Cirque Musica. www.cirquemusica.com Heritage Holiday at the Fort The Fort, Fort Langley December 20-January 4 Get away from the holiday bustle and make memories with your family and friends at the fort! Enjoy a traditional holiday atmosphere, crafts, and children’s activities. www.pc.gc.ca The Hennessey Salon & Spa Hair “Do” The Hennessey Salon & Spa, Richmond Centre The Hennessey Salon & Spa, Park Royal Shopping Centre January 11, 10am-6pm Get a fancy new style while serving a good cause. Wigs for Kids aims to provide free wigs for children with cancer, and this fundraiser allows style aficionados to get a new style for just $40 for women and $20 for men. Raise enough money in pledges and your style is free! www.hennesseysalonspa.com wigsforkidsbc.com

Visit www.westcoastfamilies.com/events_calendar for more family friendly events this month! To have your event included in the WestCoast Families community calendar, please email your details to admin@westcoastfamilies.com. Go to www.westcoastfamilies.com to see more local and community family events in your area. Nov/Dec 2014 29

hotspots West Coast Float

4433 Sundial Place, Whistler

Salamagundi West 321 Cordova St. W, Vancouver The two levels of this amazing shop are packed from floor to ceiling with treasures of all sizes are stored in display cases and apothecary cabinets, and each drawer reveals something new an unexpected. From antiques, to collectibles, to gag gifts and whimsical ephemera, you’ll leave with your entire shopping list completed!

Krysta Furioso, Art Director

30 WestCoastFamilies.com

If you’re going to be in Whistler over the winter, take a few minutes (90 to be exact!) at West Coast Float for some complete and pure rest and relaxation. I had the privilege to try this amazing experience in the Spring, and will be going back again. The pools or pods are filled with perfect body temperature water, and saturated with Epsom salts that provide healing. The extremely buoyant water makes you feel weightless, and the pods provide sensory deprivation from light, sound, or touch, leaving your mind free to explore thoughts without distraction. For those who may feel a little claustrophobic, try the Open Float Pool, which also provides a low glow of light. After your float, there is a private shower, and “get-ready” bar with blow-dryers and more. Amazing!

Andrea Vance, Publisher

Dirty Apron Cooking School 540 Beatty Street, Vancouver Dirty Apron isn’t just a first-class deli! Cooking classes are taught by amazing chefs and the cooking stations are stellar and top of the line. Ingredients are prepped and organized so that new chefs can concentrate on recreating the amazing recipes. Classes range from knife skills classes to ocean adventures! My husband and I had an amazing time and we can’t wait to buy some gift certificates for classes for our family and friends. And for those who live far away, The Dirty Apron Cookbook will be a great substitute!

Kelly S. Thompson, Assistant Editor

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