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May 2013


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on our cover... WCF magazine’s own Events Coordinator, Monica stays calm amidst the busy life of a mom with two amazing kids: Melisa and Mateo. Photographed by Bopomo Pictures Props courtesy of Stepback

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May 2013


editor’s note


With spring here in earnest, it’s high time for us WestCoasters to shed the heavy layers and get outside for a little vitamin D. Whether we’re participating in The David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 by 30 challenge to spend 30 minutes in nature each day for the whole month of May, or we’re dusting off our bikes, or training for the Sun Run, we can rejoice that we’re no longer imprisoned inside with kids bouncing off the walls. (If you’re still feeling a bit harried, we recommend bribing your kids into entering this month’s Mother’s Day contest on page 7). Our issue is full this month with great Mother’s Day ideas, our Day Camp Guide, fantastic health tips, and information to get your little ones ready for preschool one baby-step at a time. Spring is busy for families, and there’s no one who can attest to that more than Christy Clark, our WestCoast Mom for May, who talks about being a mother, and maintaining a healthy private life while working for the public good. So celebrate spring, the mothers around us, and find some time to get outside and enjoy all that our Lower Mainland has to offer!

Stephanie MacDonald Editor

more online! this month at

Visit us online to see complete Preschool and Daycare listings, as well as our full Camp Guides Part I and II. Also, an expanded community calendar, new feature articles and guest blogs too.

Coming in the June issue of WCF The 2013 Party Guide! Venues, entertainers, and supplies – everything you need to know for a great kids party.

Kids Get Active! Ideas to get your kids moving and why it’s so important for their health and well-being.


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Visit us online for new contests every issue! Your Mom Deserves a Day at the Spa! Hey kids, does your mom look like she put her finger in a light socket? Does she have bags under her eyes, grey hair, and a frazzled appearance? If she does, for goodness sakes, DO NOT tell her that (just get her a glass of wine or a cup of tea asap). Even if she looks great, moms go to a lot of effort for their families on a daily basis, and they really, really appreciate when someone gives them a day of relaxation (believe us!). So if you think your mom is a really great person who deserves a day being pampered, write us a letter and tell us why. Your mom could win a day at the spa, along with six hours of cleaning services from AspenClean! There’s something in it for you kids too, if Mom wins, you will clearly win her “Most Favourite Child of the Month” award, and you know there are many perks that go along with that.

Enter online at and good luck!

May 2013


westcoast finds mother’s day gift guide editor’s pick Sing-a-Gift Whether Junior sings like a nightingale, or squawks like a crow, there is no fairer music to a mother’s ears than hearing her children’s voices, especially when they are singing to her. With the Music Box’s team of vocal coaches and audio recording equipment, Sing-A-Gift is a personalized CD Gift to offer Grandma, Uncle Joe, or keep for posterity. They’ll record you or your child’s voice, with professional audio equipment, and high quality backing tracks, and your singer will sound sharp in no time flat!

Whistler Naturals Skin Care Give Mum the gift of soft, smooth skin this year. Whistler Naturals is healthy, eco-friendly, and safe to use on kids as well as grownups. Packed with natural and organic active botanicals and extracts, including vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids, and real fruits, each natural and organic botanical ingredient is hand-picked for the maximum therapeutic benefits for your skin, including revitalizing, moisturizing, firming, and anti-aging.

Gift Sets from $50 at

$30-40 for 30-minute singing and recording workshop at

Create It Emporium Glass Picture Frame Handmade things and pictures of children are pretty much at the top of every mother’s list of fave gifts. This glass picture frame handmade by the giver fits the bill on both counts! Enroll in the Glass Fusion Class for Beginners and learn the skills to make this beautiful glass frame for Mom and return to create many more glass masterpieces in the future.

$20, register at


Filou Sheriff Pendant We all know that it’s really Mom who calls the shots around here, so why not get her a funky necklace to prove it? These beautiful silver sheriff badge pendants let her know she’s got your respect, and Filou Designs has a whole further collection of Wild West and nature-inspired pieces to add to her collection.

$55 on

Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag Escents Eau de Parfums Escents Aromatherapy is launching four new Eau de Parfums just in time for Mother’s Day. Each dazzling scent embodies the spirit of Courage, Grace, Joy or Hope that lives inside each woman. 10% of the proceeds of these fragrances are going to “The Truth Isn’t Sexy” campaign, which is run by The Salvation Army. This campaign concentrates on the often forgotten issue of Human Trafficking.

$35 at Escents Stores and online at

You do not need a diaper bag covered in tacky storks or teddy bears to advertise the fact that you have a baby. Lugging around a baby is usually enough. Carry around the rest of your baby accoutrements in style with the Charlie diaper bag by Timi and Leslie. This bag features stroller straps, insulated bottle holders and a self-contained interior sac for potentially stinky stuff, all within a bag that you’ll want to keep on using even after Baby is grown up.

$160 at Hip Baby

Hypnotherapy Massage Massage is relaxing as it is, but can you imagine the recharging effect of hypnotherapy plus a soothing massage? Alisha Lalji, an esthetician, massage therapist, energy healer and the owner of EM Luxury Spa in Vancouver, combines massage with hypnotherapy, the ancient practice through which practitioners help people reach a trance state of enhanced relaxation, enabling the subconscious to receive powerful healing suggestions. And Em Luxury Spa comes right to your door!

$210, call for an appointment

Dinner and Gift Basket at Edible Canada When you walk in for dinner at the Edible Canada Bistro on Granville Island, imagine her surprise when she sees the specifically hand-picked Mother’s Day gift box full of chocolate and caramel cookies waiting for her on the table. You don’t have to do any wrapping, and you both get to enjoy a fabulous dinner from the best that Canada’s bounty has to offer.

Make a reservation at

May 2013



Bellingham, WA Take a Break in Historic Bellingham By Joanna Nesbit

Henderson Books, down the block, is worth a visit for book lovers. It’s Bellingham’s mini-version of Powell’s Books in Portland, and with floor-to-ceiling shelves, it’s easy to linger here.


or BC residents, Bellingham is a favorite stateside stop for affordable Costco shopping, but if you haven’t explored further, you’re missing out on the town’s true self. Also known as the City of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham’s indie restaurants, off-beat museums, and outdoor opportunities offer fun for all ages. Add in accessible size, and you’ve got a great weekend getaway for Vancouver families. Here’s what our family recommends. You can start by bunking at the Fairhaven Village Inn in the ‘Ham’s historic neighborhood. Over the years, Fairhaven’s red-brick district has undergone a major facelift to become a popular destination. It’s cute, compact, and packed with shops and restaurants just a few minutes walk from each other. I also like the friendly evening vibe for family strolling (downtown is safe but can feel seedy after dark). Hang out on the Village Green with a statue of Dirty Dan Harris, Fairhaven’s 1890’s developer, and wander through the Toy Garden, Paper Dreams, and Village Books. Avenue Bakery makes fabulous sandwiches and don’t miss Katie’s Cupcakes. My kids are teens now and still love it. On Saturday mornings, downtown’s covered Farmers Market comes alive with buskers, artisan crafters, and farmers. Sample local fare and stop in at the adjacent Ralf’s Pretzel Bakery for a fresh Bavarian pretzel. Street parking can be tricky, but it’s possible if you don’t mind a little walk. Be sure to check out the nearby Cultural Arts District for museums, secondhand bookshops, and the Pickford Cinema. Mindport Exhibits, the all-ages discovery museum, blends hands-on science and art under a soaring ceiling. It’s been compared to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, but it’s tiny and has its own flavor. Explore quirky displays like Magnetic Molasses, Swirl, and Backwards Speech. Admission $2 ( If your kids like antique stuff, the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention exhibits scientific achievement through the ages with original inventions by Edison, Tesla, and Morse. It’s pretty amazing what’s packed in here, including a gallery of antique radios and a place to play with static electricity. On weekends, the MegaZapper Electrical Show sends out 4,000 volts of purple lightning. Fair warning, it’s loud; noise-sensitive kids will want to skip it. Admission $6/3 under 11 ( Artsy families will appreciate Whatcom Museum’s stunning Lightcatcher for its fine art galleries and Northwest-themed Family Interactive Gallery (best suited for 8 and under). Older kids can peruse the art exhibits while younger sibs play in the children’s area. As you tour the museum, notice the 180-foot curved wall glowing with soft light. That’s the lightcatcher catching sunlight. Admission $10/$8/$4.50 for 2-5 (


For an evening out with older kids, check the Pickford Film Center’s schedule for family-friendly indie flicks. The Pickford, founded by a group of local film-lovers, was renovated two years ago to feature two screens and a café. You’ll be mingling with the locals here. For blockbusters, we have a brand-new Barkley Village Cineplex with stadium seating and 16 screens, including IMAX, RPX and 3-D. It rivals any big-city complex, and it’s just few minutes from downtown. Traveling with teens? My kids and their friends love the Upfront Theatre’s live improv performances (Thursday-Saturday nights). The small, club-style venue makes kids feel grown up, and the comedy is hilarious. Tickets are available online or at the door if the show’s not sold out. Depending on your views of incidental salty language, it’s probably appropriate for kids ages 11 and up. Tickets are $10/$8. Bellingham has a range of restaurants. Our family frequents downtown’s Taco Lobo for authentic fish and carne asada tacos. Order at the counter and help yourself to the salsa bar in the Southwest-themed dining area. Fairhaven’s Mambo Italiano (reservations recommended) and La Fiamma’s wood-fired pizza are also sure bets. ‘Hamster families flock to Mallard Ice Cream for homemade ice cream and futuristic red barstools. It’s fun. And if you like really good cake, head to Pure Bliss Desserts, where slices are generous enough to share (my daughter recommends the salted caramel). Your kids will feel they’re attending a proper tea party with the dainty pink-and-black color scheme. As you leave town, your family will feel a new kinship with your Washington neighbor. Bellingham’s soul lies in its laid-back cultural scene and stunning landscape, and a weekend here will show you why we love it. Joanna Nesbit lives in Bellingham with her husband and two teen kids. She loves calling the Cascadia region home.

Resources City of Bellingham Fairhaven info; Fairhaven Village Inn; Farmers Market; Pickford Upfront:

May 2013



Nature’s Miracle The Wonders of Coconut Oil


By Alyssa Schottland-Bauman,

ou can call it “goddess grease”. It’s rich, creamy, exotic, and the ultimate in luxury. We are talking about Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s high fat content gave it a bad rep for a while, but thank goodness the majority of us smartened up and now understand some fats are actually good for us and essential to thriving cells. Eat it, spread it, cook it, there’s not much you can’t do with it. You should have bottles in the kitchen, bathroom and the bedroom. OK, I’m a bit obsessed with it. And it’s no fad. Here’s why: Heart Healthy: Coconut oil’s saturated fat is lauric acid, proven to protect the heart by reducing bad cholesterol and enhancing good cholesterol levels. It also helps lower blood pressure and it does not lead to accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries. Metabolism booster and fat buster: OK who doesn’t want either of these? Coconut oil’s medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) break down in the liver and are easily converted into energy not just stored as fat. This leads to more efficient energy burning and an increase in metabolism. Simply put, eating this will give you more energy. And because it does not spike blood sugar levels (great for those with diabetes or pre-diabetes), hunger is satiated for a longer period of time and you won’t be ready to reach for that who-knows-what at snack time. It also contains fewer calories than other oils. Can I say any more? Beauty Builder: It’s an amazing moisturizer and great for any kind of skin irritation including bug bites, scrapes, bruises, red patches, eczema and diaper rash. Rub it on and watch your issue disappear. Seriously. My all time favorite is using it as a makeup remover. It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop. Clear the counter. Immune Booster: It is anti-everything—anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-ager and anti-viral—both when applied topically and consumed. It helps our bodies mount resistance to both viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.

3. Pancakes never tasted so good using coconut oil instead of butter to cook them. 4. A tablespoon to daily power smoothies. Adds a nice subtle flavor. 5. In steel cut oats. I add a tablespoon to the boiling water. Makes it creamier and just a touch tropic. 6. Mix with cocao powder, almond milk and honey for a healthier hot chocolate or chocolate milk. 7. As a winter face and body moisturizer. 8. Add half cup to the family’s bath. Soothes any itchiness, scratches, rashes and red patches we may have. Plus it softens the water just so. 9. As a smooth, easy-to-apply and easily absorbed massage oil.

Here are my top 10 uses for this bottled-up miracle .

10. As a detangler. Take half teaspoon, melt it and mix with three cups water. Put in spray bottle.

1. A complete replacement for butter in baking. Chocolate cookies never tasted so good.

For recipes incorporating this super food into your everyday, check out www.

2. Almost a complete replacement for Olive Oil in cooking. Yup, you heard that right. It’s more stable. I sauté all my veggies in it. I still like my Olive oil for dipping and salad dressing, but never in cooking anymore.

Easy and healthy recipes and holistic solutions from a local holistic nutritionist that promotes sustainable food and healthy eating. Sign up for inspiring and insightful monthly emails on healthy living for you and your family at


May 2013 13

preschools & daycare

Assessing Readiness Is my child the pre-school type? by Natacha V. Beim


ou’ve managed to get through potty training and leaving your little one alone for the first time. But now that the big moment has arrived, you’re having doubts. Is my child old enough to start an early learning program?

The short answer is yes. From the moment your child is born, she is ready to learn. Your child is learning at an incredibly rapid pace in the first five years, and that learning will affect her for the rest of her life. She is building her brain pathways, and for that, she needs to be stimulated. Children of any age are thrilled to go to school if that school is set up for them to explore even beyond what they can explore at home, so rest assured that your child is not too young to go to school.

Understanding the early learning myth For many parents, deciding whether or not to send their child to pre-school is not an easy decision. Not only are there conflicting opinions from critics who believe children should stay at home as long as possible, but there is such a wide range in the types of early learning programs offered, that the choice can become overwhelming.


Luckily, with a little education, you can cut through the chaos and make a sound choice that will benefit your child for years to come. In order to do this there are two myths that need to be distilled. 1. Your child is not too young to learn. Children’s curiosity increases because they have an acute need to understand the world around them. A good early learning school knows provides plenty of opportunities for children to experiment, and continue developing at an optimum level. A great early learning school goes even further and observes your child as an individual, ensuring that she is challenged and always has something new and interesting to discover or learn. The key is choosing a school caters specifically to your child’s temperament and interests.

2. Your child is definitely the “pre-school type”. Some parents look at their child running wild in the park, yelling at the top of their lungs, and conclude their child is not right for pre-school. This is complete nonsense. If you feel that your child is not “ready,” you have not found the right early learning environment.

not just mimic the activities you do at home. The curriculum will not be strict, but should have clear learning objectives. Look for programs where the learning is not taught solely by just by seeing and listening. Children have to experience things (touch them, hold them, taste them, feel them) in order to learn.

It is true, you want to avoid environments that mimic elementary schools, expecting children to sit on chairs for hours on end, work quietly, or listen to the teacher without interrupting. These types of programs are not only boring, but also inappropriate for a young child.

Once you are satisfied with the program, you still need to make sure that the social group is the right one for your child. If your son is the only two year old in a group of five year olds, the group is not ideal for your child. If children are the right age but are relating to each other in an aggressive manner, you might want to look for a better fit for your child. Find a place where teachers seem happy, children seem happy, and where you feel your child would perfectly fit in.

Learning and play must be one and the same. By this we do not mean either or, both, but a perfect combination of both. Modern early learning schools will not simply provide your child with some time to learn intermeshed with some time to play. Instead every activity feels like play to your child, but is designed specifically with learning objectives in mind. In these schools, play is the way istudents learn music, math, science, and reading and writing. Through play, children will also learn empathy and social skills. The difference between this play and just regular play is the training of the teachers and the strength of the curriculum. The program is designed to enhance your child’s development during the brain’s most formative years. We know from early learning and brain development research that children excel in an environment of this type. So if you have a feeling that your child is not the pre-school type, you just have not found the right pre-school.

Lastly, discuss your child’s particular interests with the teachers, and ensure that they are part of the curriculum. Does your child love painting? Riding a bike? Making rocket ships out of giant cardboard boxes? Chances are, the right program will have all of these components. Once you’ve found the right fit, I guarantee you these will be the most memorable school years in your child’s life. Natacha V. Beim is a writer, speaker, teacher, and the founder or Core Education & Fine Arts Junior Kindergarten schools ( You can reach her at

How do you know when you’ve found the right school? Armed with this knowledge, carefully interview the schools you are interested in. A good program will stimulate your child’s development,

May 2013 15

preschools & daycare

Preparing Your Kids for Daycare Starting daycare in the rainy city By Tania Zulkoskey


ain, daycare wait lists, and more rain, those are the things you can count on in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It is important to find a daycare that matches your core values, whether it is healthy snacks, inclusive of LGBTQ families or a no-superheroes policy. Once you have navigated choosing a daycare, success depends on how you prepare your child or children – both emotionally and gear-wise. Emotional preparation The transition to daycare starts weeks to months before they actually enter the daycare, and includes talking to them about going, showing them the daycare and picking up those special items that are just for daycare. Drop-offs with clinging death-grips can be heartbreaking for any parent and this is often the focus of daycare transition. However, what is often not talked about is the pick-up transition to go home at the end of the day. While other children are running into their parents’ arms, you might find your child crying, fussing, and melting down the minute you walk in. Lost artwork, missing socks, and a wet favorite toy may be all it takes to tip them into utter nuclear meltdown when they lay eyes on you. You may have experienced the same thing having them spend a day with the grandparents - with reports of having a great day, no problems, no tears, until you showed up. Embarrassment aside, this is a normal child reaction having “held it in” and managed all day on their own – now they are ready to let loose with you because you are safe, loving and responsive to them. Big feelings can come exploding out and it’s your job to hold all of those big feelings for them, providing comfort and structure. Sometimes we are so soft and loving as parents we need reminders to hold firm boundaries. Let the staff know you are working on things and how to support you such as keeping other children away from the attentionseeking behaviors. Carol, a child educator on the North Shore, talks about the little-shared fact that the first month of daycare is usually positive, but then the honeymoon is over once they’ve had a chance to play with everything in the room. Parent(s) need to leave enough time to deal with the end of the honeymoon and the onslaught of illnesses, to avoid scrambling with work and childcare arrangements. Gear up! As Vancouver has less snow than the rest of Canada, your primary focus will be having quality rain gear that is easy for your little one to put on.


From muddy buddy full-body suits to rain pants and lined raincoats, your child will be out longer in the rain than anyone else in Vancouver, so it’s important to keep them dry. A size or two larger for rain gear also helps them to pull them on over their clothes. To keep life easy, consider having two sets of rain gear instead of hauling it back and forth. In Vancouver there will always be a need for a raincoat and rain boots, and yes, with twins it’s worth having a set of four to reduce anxiety of whether or not you should have sent them in a raincoat today. Many of us love sending our children out in their adorable outfits, but consider when they are on their own what will be the easiest for them to navigate. As cute as zipper jeans and cargo pants are, your child will have more success with potty training if they have sweat pants or loose tights. If you want to remember if you need to restock the back-up supply of pants at daycare, leave your child’s outrageous or colorful pants there. You will recognize instantly upon pickup that you have some dirty clothes to bring home and when they are in the wash you know they need to go back. If you want your child to be playing outside more than trying on shoes, leave the laces and buckles for home and have velcro shoes and rubber boots. Labels are key in daycares, and you will find that everything needs labels so it is worth investing in some commercially printed labels (e.g. Mabel’s Labels). When you need to start labeling for more than one child or have twins, consider putting both first names on the label to reduce the double orders, to keep it easy to swap between kids and for show and tell items they generally share. Lunch boxes with multiple compartments under one lid leaves less mismatch issues for you and your child, and a water bottle that is seethrough will let you know easily how hydrated they have stayed during the day. Sending your children to daycare is a major life change both for your children, and you as parents. Think about what will make their life easier when you are not around, both logistically and emotionally. Strategize about how to best manage pick-ups and drop-offs, and as soon as problems start develop a plan to keep the daycare experience positive for everyone. The reward for giving your kids the functional tools for success in managing themselves while you are away is that wonderful running-into-arms hug at the end of the day! Tania Zulkoskey is a registered clinical social worker who works as a therapist with children and families on relationships, parenting, trauma, and LGBTQ issues. As a mother of twins she knows double the meltdowns, double the fun and how to double the bribes.

wcf advertising partners in


Take a look at these Preschools and Daycares, who help make WestCoast Families magazine possible by advertising. Global West Montessori Preschool and Daycare Tsawwassen Shalom Licensed Preschool Richmond Blue Spruce Montessori Richmond Burnaby French Language Preschool Burnaby Edleun – Education Learning Universe Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody Elite Montessori Academy Vancouver Highlands Preschool North Vancouver Jewish Community Centre Preschool Vancouver Jellybean Park Burnaby, Langley Lion’s Park Montessori Vancouver

North Star Montessori North Vancouver Pomme D’Api Vancouver Reach for the Stars Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam Sunflower Academy Vancouver Vancouver Bilingual Preschool Vancouver

Resources - Excellent information on how to choose childcare, workshops available, listings, and much more. - Childcare referrals, resources, and support for child care providers and parents across BC. Training and workshops, listings, and more. – General information plus ratings on

daycares and preschools around the Lower Mainland, based on Fraser Health Authority reviews. - Listings of daycare centres across Canada.

Vancouver Montessori Vancouver - Listings of daycare centres across Canada.

Westside Montessori School Vancouver

in the province of British Columbia - Professional organization of family child care providers

YMCA Preschools Vancouver Elgin Centre Preschool Surrey Council of Parent Participation Preschools multiple locations

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camp name location basic description website Advertisers listed in bold

Sasamat Outdoor Centre Art Space Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel Canlan Sports Staccato Taiken Manga! SFU Summer camps Create-It Emporium Place des Arts Evergreen Cultural Centre Bricks 4 Kidz Pony Pals Riding Stables Wetlands Summer Daycamps The Little Gym of Langley Haney Summer Music Camp My Gym Childrens Centre Timberline Ranch BC SPCA Kids Camp Byte Camp CEFA Royal Soccer Club YMCA Camps of Greater Vancouver Stagecraft Theatre School Camp Monarch Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak North Shore Equestrian Centre City of Port Coquitlam Gabriela’s Movement Studio Gateway Academy for Preforming Arts Marina’s Swim School Animal Adventure Summer Day Camps at Cinemazoo The Drama Class Acting Up! Arts Umbrella Atlantis Programs Bard on the Beach Bridge Church Circus West Dance Co Decor4Teens Digital Media Academy Dojang Eagle Awareness Elements Academy of Martial Arts Extra Steps FUN Camps High Touch Science Made Fun iGirl JCC Day Camps Jean Lyons School of Music Jericho Kids Club Jericho Sailing Centre Jump Gymnastics Pacific Dance Arts Phoenix Gymnastics Science Camps St John Ambulance Summer Day Camp Summer at St Georges Summer Improv Camp Tom Lee UBC Gymnastics Summer Camp UBC Phenomenal Physics Summer Camps VSO School of Music Vancouver All Stars Summer Baseball Camp Vancouver Aquarium Kids Camps VanDusen Botanical Garden Windsure Adventure Watersports Whistler Camps


Belcarra Burnaby Burnaby Burnaby Burnaby Burnaby Burnaby & Surrey Cloverdale Coquitlam Coquitlam, Port Moody & Poco Delta Delta Delta Langley Maple Ridge Maple Ridge Maple Ridge Multiple locations Multiple locations Multiple locations Multiple locations Multiple locations North Shore & Vancouver North Vancouver North Vancouver North Vancouver Port Coquitlam Richmond Richmond Richmond Surrey Surrey Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver Whistler

Adventure camp Arts, music, theatre Games & fun Activities Sports Camp Music camp Mangaillustration (comics) Sports & Outdoor Arts and crafts Art Camp Behind the scene fun Lego lovers Horse Riding Nature (themed camps) Various adventures Music Gymnastics Sports & Outdoor For Animal Lovers Computer skills Learning & Fun Soccer Various adventures Performances Arts, Music & Dance Kayak Camp Horse Riding Art and nature Art & Dance Singing, dancing & Acting Swimming For Animal Lovers Theatre Performing theatre Arts program Biking and Swimming Shakespearean workshops Sports & Performing Arts Circus Dance Interior Decorating Filmmaking & Gaming Martial arts & adventure Nature & Survival Athletic Adventure Adventure camp Leadership Skill Building Science Self esteem and confidence Arts, crafts, games, sports Music camp Various Field Trips Sailing Gym & Sports Dance Gymnastics City Science First aid & babysitter certification Sports, Science & Fun! Acting Music camp Gymnastics Science Music Baseball Marine Camps Nature camps Windsurfing & Skimboarding Sports and Adventure

More online! Go to to see even more camps!

guide listings

• •••••••••••••••part 2: day camps

length cost swimming biking gymnastics martial soccer hockey water other tech music arts outdoor science dance arts /skating sports sports sports /nature

5d+ $160+ y 5 $185-275 n 5 $130-160 n 5 $150+ n 5 $100+ n 5 $190 n 1d+ $42+ y 1-3d $45-115 n 5 n/a n 5 $220-235 n 5 $75+ n 5 $350 n 5 $130 n 1-10d n/a n 5 $110+ n drop in n/a n 5 $199 y 4 $175 n 5 $100-275 n 5 n/a y 5 $169 y 5d+ $177+ y 5 $130-240 n 2wk $550+ n 5 195+ n 5 $399 n 1-5d $14-150 n 1 & 5d n/a n 5+ $200+ n 5d+ $120+ y 5 $225 n 5 125+ n 5 $300 n 2wk $300+ n 4-5d $79-$299 y 1&2wk $360-450 n 5 $125+ n 5 $175-340 n 5 $75+ n 5 $289-319 n 5 $865+ n 5 $399 y 5 $165 n 5 $375 y 5 $130-165 y 5 145-195 y 5 $165 n 2-3d $159-199 n 1-2wk $150-460 y 5 $150 n 5 $177-$200 y 5 $200-295 y 1-5d $62/day|$275/5days n 4&11d n/a n 5 $72+ n 1wk $310+ n 5 $195 n 1&2wk $110+ y 11 $375 n 5 $250 n 5 $220-275 y 5 n/a y 5 $125+ n 5 $45-280 n 5 $260+ n 5 $170+ n 5 $159-209 n 5 $135-230 y

n n n n n n n n n n n n y y n n n n n n n n n n n n n y n n n y n n n n n n y n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n y n n n n n n y n n n n n n n n n n n y n n n n n n n n n n n n y n n n n y n n n y n n n n y y n n n n n y y n n n n n n n n n n n y n

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We’ve done our best to ensure the information shown here is accurate, but it is always a good idea to check with each camp to confirm


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May 2013 21

see full camp guide at


May 2013 23

wcf news >> New Online Diagnostic Tool Helps Parents Determine if Their Toddler’s Language Development is On Track Knowledge in Development, publisher of the language assessment measure, the Language Use Inventory (LUI), announced today the launch of My Child’s Talk, an online portal where concerned parents can quickly find out if their two- or three-year-olds’ spoken language is on track. Approximately one in 10 children under the age of five are estimated to be atrisk for delays in their language development. Delays in language development can affect a child’s development in many other areas, such as making friends, transitioning to school, and learning to read, or in some cases may an indicator of a more serious developmental problem. At My Child’s Talk, parents complete the Language Use Inventory, a 20-minute questionnaire backed by over a decade of scientific research by developmental psychologist Dr. Daniela O’Neill, a professor at the University of Waterloo, and used worldwide by speech-language professionals. Once completed, parents immediately receive a report that tells them precisely where child’s language stands relative to a representative set of boys or girls of the same age in months. The cost for the service is $20. Parents can use this information to help them decide what to do next, whether it’s discussing the results with their family doctor, seeking an assessment from a speech-language professional, or making changes at home to foster their child’s talk. Visit


>> UniverCity Childcare Centre Celebrates 1st Anniversary as “The Greenest Childcare on the Planet” Says Dale Mikkelson, UniverCity’s Director of Development, “This is going to be one of the first true “green generations” in any high-density urban community in North America. Just think, a child born in UniverCity can attend the Verdant Early Learning Centre, spending their early cognitive years in a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold facility with great indoor air quality, lots of natural light, and a connection to community. At age three, they graduate to UniverCity Childcare, where they go from passive enjoyment of a healthy and sustainable environment to three years of immersion and learning in a facility where it’s normal to treat blackwater, to generate energy, to avoid toxicity, and to embrace the environment through the Reggio Emilia childcare program. Then, at age five or six, they move to the LEED Gold University Highlands Elementary School, where the whole curriculum is focused on sustainability. They learn about the BC Hydro solar demonstration project on the roof. They sit in outdoor classrooms in the forest or around the stormwater pond. And they can measure their own environmental impact in real-time on monitors in the school. What other community allows a child to be immersed so naturally in a culture of sustainability?” The building aims to be the first “Living Building” in Canada, creating as much energy as it uses, is made from renewable, non-toxic resources, and captures and treats its own water. Not only that, but it was built on a budget that was not out of line with standard construction costs in the Lower Mainland.

>> Scientists Bring Innovative Program to Local Schools Science class at school is about to get an upgrade. Through the Scientists & Innovators in the Schools (SIS) program administered by Science World, students will have an opportunity to learn from real-world scientists and benefit from their first-hand knowledge of science and technology. These scientists will interact with the students and share their advanced knowledge of their field at no cost to the school. Available to grades K–12, SIS visits are FREE of charge.

>> Cultivating the Nature Habit What is Canada’s 30x30 Nature Challenge? During the month of May, we are challenging you to add a daily dose of nature to your routine by spending 30 minutes in nature for 30 days. Once you’ve signed up for the 30x30 Nature Challenge, you will receive tips and stories from the Foundation as well as opportunities to win great prizes. You can share your stories and experiences in nature on the 30x30 Nature Challenge Facebook group. Canada’s 30x30 Nature Challenge is a simple way you can get healthy and reconnect with nature. Start your nature habit today! Watch www.davidsuzuki. org for details.

>> Street Hockey Nights in Canada are Almost Here! Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! is Canada’s most amazing street 4 on 4 hockey tournament and outdoor hockey festival, and this summer, in the Lower Mainland, this event takes place June 8th and 9th in Coquitlam Centre. Each event involves closing over 1km of street, and involves the operation of 20 to 50 separate “street rinks” with games running on each rink at all times throughout an entire weekend! Hockey Night in Canada’s “Play On!” tournaments feature hundreds of teams and thousands of participants and include separate divisions for both genders, all skill levels, and all ages. Each player in the event receives a commemorative Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! t-shirt and an assortment of neat items from national and local sponsors. So call your friends, put your team together and prepare yourself - because Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! will be one of the most memorable events of your summer!! For more information and to register, visit

>> PNE and Playland Unveil Two Exciting New Rides Bring the family to Kids Playce in Playland, where you can ride together on two brand new, family-friendly rides! Take a spin in the classic ride Teacups. The entire family can get in and enjoy this ride together. Then head over to Balloon Explorers, a hot air balloon ride that is safe for you and your little ones. Rise high up into the sky and enjoy a fun ride while you explore the park around you.

May 2013 25


preschool apps & websites

As parents, we know that there are some times when handing over an iPhone to your little one can give you a much needed break. We’ve come across quite a few apps and websites that are not only entertaining for kids, but maybe even a little bit educational!

Kids CBC

Fun games, videos, and characters for preschoolers. Commercial-free. Also a Kids CBC parents site link with great resources and information.

Net Nanny

Parental Control software to keep kids safe while online. Protect your kids from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying and more. This software will mask profanities on otherwise-safe web pages, monitor photos on social media without having to “friend” or know your child’s password, set time controls for screen time, and more. $40

Norton Online This FREE Web-based product blocks bad sites, controls time on the computer, supervises chat, and watches social network use on all your PCs and Macs. Activity reports provide you with information remotely so you know what your kids are doing online to protect and guide them.



A free kids web browser, curated by hundreds of parents and teachers. Filters the internet to create a kids version that is safe, big, and fun, with over 2 million websites. Kids explore only age-appropriate YouTube videos, games, and websites. No email, chat or text. Parental controls allow you to monitor what your kids have been doing on Kidzui. Note: this browser does contain commercial content and prompts offers to upgrade for a cost.


Good quality, educational, non-commercial website for kids. Games, videos, activities, crafts, recipes and more. Early May: send in a message for Mom and it may appear on TV!

Poisson Rouge

Simple, commercial-free play site with an easy elegant design. No reading required makes it perfect for preschoolers or different languages. Kids can play and interact with little parent help.

PBS Kids

Fun, safe, educational games, videos and activities with all your kids’ favorite characters. Commercial-free site. Links to sites for parents and teachers too. Check out the link to the PBS Kids Lab for experiments and activities to learn from. Something for all ages.

Enchanted Learning 

This website offers many free teacher resources like printouts and educational activities. These are projects that don’t require a child to be at the computer Subscribe for $20/year and you can view and use even more materials.Great for homeschool families, preschool teachers, and parents too.

Created for kids up to the age of 10 by parents who were inspired to create a kid-friendly website that could be enjoyed even as the kids grow up. More than 700 educational games and activities of all levels so your kids are sure to find something they will love.


A preschool website that offer online gamespromoting Math, languages, science, geography and history, sports, music, and more. Stocked full of educational games of varying levels and subjects. This site needs supervision, but once the child becomes familiar with the games and activities, he or she will be able to play independently.


This is a fantastic resource for early readers and popular with elementary teachers and parents. Online books highlight each word as a narrator reads aloud. Also a section with animated ABC’s suitable for two year olds too.

Story Place

Interactive online reading, featuring original stories divided into pre-school and elementary categories. Stories also offer a related educational activity for the kids to do after reading or listening to the story. There are also activities for parents and reading lists filled with recommendations for similar books your child may want to read.

Canadian Geographic Kids

Learn interesting and weird facts about Canada’s animals and geography. Check out cool maps, puzzles and games. Share stories and pictures of your summer adventures with other CG Kids across Canada in the Interactive channel.

Science World Vancouver A great local resource for more than 350 handson activities and fun science experiments and projects you can do at home. There are fun educational games, and a section called “We Can Explain” that is full of cool factoids.

High Touch High Tech Hands-on Science experiements you can do with your preschooler and elementary age students at home to learn about. Super fun projects like Volcanos, home made ice cream, and exploding colours!

May 2013 27

stylefile Yummy French Toast • 1 loaf French bread sliced and dried overnight • 6 eggs

The classic BRUNCH

• 1.5 C milk. • 1 Teaspoon vanilla • 1 Tablespoon Sugar Mix all ingredients other than bread. Dip bread into mixture and fry in coconut oil for 2-3 mins per side. Top with strawberries or other fruit, and a sprinkling of icing sugar (optional).

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, or just a gorgeous Sunday morning, brunch is a great meal to enjoy on the deck or in the yard. Let your imagination go wild and fill your table with colour, memories, and tasty treats.

Herbed Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms in Crispy Pancetta Cups Makes 6 Servings Ingredients: 200 grams of pancetta Preheat oven to 400 degrees C. On a muffin tin turned upside down, press slices of pancetta over the 6 of the cups until they are covered. Then fit another muffin tin over the top of the first one, and cook in the oven for 15 minutes or until the pancetta is crisp and cooked. Remove the top muffin tin and let the pancetta cool. Then fill with sautéed mushrooms or spinach, and eggs scrambled with herbs or cheese. Garnish with parsley and chives, and serve on a bed of greens lightly dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Flowers Gather flowers from your garden, or from a local floral shop like our bunches from the Flower Factory in Vancouver. Place in a milk glass vase from a thrift or antique store to sweeten it up!

Teacups Shop your local dollar or discount store for fun bright tablecloth and napkins. Don’t worry about matching – colours are great for spring and summer! To save even more money, head to your local fabric store for bright cottons that can easily be cut for your table.

Painted Glass Use Glass paint from a craft store to decorate and customize wine or juice glasses. Use as placeholders on the table, and a take-home treat for guests.


Fruit-infused Water Slice up some lemons, limes, strawberries, cucumbers, or oranges and mix with cold water in a clear jug to make a colourful and tasty addition to your brunch table. Serve in wine or juice glasses.

May 2013 29

i’m raising my family...

gluten-free “m

By Jennifer Palma

ommy my tummy hurts!” Since she could speak, my now six-yearold daughter, Aurea, has been complaining of a ‘hurtey’ tummy. We blamed it on milk, and my apparent bad genetics, after all I always had a ‘hurtey’ tummy for as long as I can remember. But last fall our tummy troubles could no longer be ignored. Much like other moms, I always felt tired…I have two kids, Aurea, and three-year-old Zev. I also work, volunteer, and shuttle children to countless activities. Whenever my stomach acted up I figured it was stress. But when the exhaustion paired up with daily dizzy spells, memory loss, and abdominal cramping so intense I couldn’t breathe, walk or talk, I started to get worried. Then, just before my birthday this past fall, I started throwing up. I thought it was a stomach bug. But three weeks later, and ten pounds lighter, the doctors sent me for urgent biopsies, and a slew of tests. As we headed out the door on Halloween, I got the answer that would end years of pain. I had celiac disease. The doctors told me I was malnourished, and severely anemic. That’s what’s scary about celiac disease. The pain, bloating, and bowel troubles may be bad, but you can deal with it. What gave me food for thought was this auto-immune disease was destroying my small intestine, and if left unchecked, could put me at an increased risk for lymphoma and osteoporosis. Then the truly scary thought…what about my kids? Back to the doctor. One easy blood test later we had more news I didn’t want. While Zev was free and clear, Aurea was diagnosed as celiac. All I could do was hope she didn’t suffer irreparable damage. Kids with celiac disease can have several issues, including stunted development. Besides the health issues, there were social issues I hadn’t anticipated dealing with. Like other parents I just want my kids to be happy and healthy. Now what to do on hot lunch days, at birthday parties, or letting her indulge in the occasional junk food treat? How do you explain to a sixyear-old that a chocolate chip cookie may taste good, but that it’s secretly destroying her ability to absorb nutrients? So began the tight-rope walk between balancing Aurea’s nutritional needs with her social life and development. We explained she would have to watch her diet, and that she wouldn`t be able to eat certain foods, but that we were trying to find substitutes that all of us could stomach. She looked at me with her big hazel eyes and said: `”So I’m like you Mommy.” “Yes” I answered. “I’m sorry.” She had after all inherited my faulty genetics. “That’s ok Mommy.” I cried.


We decided to let Aurea judge for herself if she wants to eat birthday cake and pizza. At first she opted to, but after being strictly gluten-free at home, she realized how great she felt, and now turns down the tantalizing gluten-laden foods. She’s learned to ask if food is gluten-free. She’s even explained it to some of her friends. After coming to terms with our new diet it was time to clear out the cupboards, pantry and fridge. Turns out gluten lives in things like soya sauce, candy, and even prepared soups. I also had to replace kitchen gadgets, cutting boards and our toaster. It seems gluten is one tough cookie. Even the dish rag is a haven for this sticky protein to hide. Now we all enjoy sourcing out new restaurants, bakeries, and products. It turns out gluten-free living is very popular right now – Which is good news for us! We’ve learned there’s a ton of restaurants that offer gluten-free menus. We’ve found replacement breads and grains. We also like experimenting with new flours. The whole family is getting into the act. The best surprise though has been all of the support we have received from family, friends and even strangers. People still have us over and are trying their best to cook gluten-free for us. I hope they know how much we appreciate that. In a strange way our diagnosis has been liberating and wonderful. Thankfully we have a disease that is easily fixed by simply eliminating gluten from our diet. It will take Aurea at least a few months to repair her intestine, me, well, we’re looking at a few years. At least my memory and motivation are back, and my iron counts are up. We know this is a lifelong change. But at the end of the day I’m just happy to break gluten free bread with my family and know that we don’t have to deal with “hurtey tummies” ever again.

May 2013 31

mom westcoast

Christy Clark By Stephanie MacDonald | Photo courtesy of Eric Hogan, Hogan Millar Media


Whatever your political affiliations, I don’t think anyone can claim that being a politician is an easy job. You have to incessantly bargain and negotiate with a testy opposition. You’re expected to follow through on your promises to the last letter, and you have very little time for yourself. You have to listen to people’s demands all day long. Everything you say is up for criticism, and at all times a percentage of the people think you’re unjust, or a big meanie, or something equally unflattering. Sounds a lot like… being a parent?


t’s not a totally raw deal, as our Premier, Christy Clark, can attest; she has been both since 2001, when she was the first sitting cabinet minister in BC history to have a baby while serving in cabinet. Her son, Hamish, is now 11, and we had the privilege of intruding on her busy schedule to see what your work/life balance is like when one side of the equation involves running a province. Here’s what we learned. It evidently takes a healthy dose of both optimism and pragmatism. “I think the moms and Premiers in this country would back me up that both roles require a healthy dose of optimism. And as a mom and a premier, I try not to see idealism or pragmatism as being two opposites. The two work together, enable each other to achieve things that are important. For instance, I’m as hands-on as I can be with my son. I want to make sure I’m raising him with strong ideals and values, about family, hard work, honesty and resilience. That takes time, and I think even if I wasn’t the Premier, I still wouldn’t get enough time with him. That’s a reality we all deal with as parents. So I try to make sure the time I do have is as special, impactful and meaningful as it can be. Pragmatism means I need to make practical choices, constantly, to make that happen. That’s the way I’ve approached my job as Premier for the last two years”. Sometimes lawmaking and being the effective parent of a tween benefit from a similar skillset… sometimes not. “That’s the great thing about work/ life balance, right? Every time you think one side is more stubborn, the other side pops up its head. Of course there are big differences. Governing is about working with people to get the best results. My son is my life. And I have to say I’m blessed that Hamish is a fantastic kid. Knock on wood. I don’t think my situation is unique. It’s tough for all of us to find balance and juggle our time. One analogy I like is that it’s like walking a tightrope – with no net. Your job will always make demands on your time. The trick is making sure you carve out enough time for your family, which I do regularly. And making sure you keep the lines of communication open. And despite the fact that I miss him a lot, I hope I’m setting a good example by deciding to serve the public and do things I feel really matter. A career in politics can lead to a successful media job… but then lead back into politics when the time is right. “[I decided to go back to politics because of ] the chance to make a difference for B.C. families. I saw that I had a chance to affect some real change, and keep B.C. on the right track economically. I wanted to raise the minimum wage, create our first Family Day, tackle bullying in our schools and of course do everything I could do to create jobs so that everyone can have the best shot at looking after the people they love.

A career in radio (the Christy Clark Show on CKNW) can be a valuable experience for a politician. “My experience in radio has affected me and the way I approach being Premier, but not with respect to the media. I think I always understood that the media have a job to do, and it’s a crucial one. Where my time on CKNW has affected me is actually with the public, directly. Hosting a public call-in show gave me the chance to hear from British Columbians, directly and unfiltered, on how they felt about the issues of the day. I had the opportunity to speak directly with some of the people who made some really good and insightful suggestions – sometimes in person, sometimes via telephone or Skype. People are so much more interconnected today, and communicate with each other in so many ways. Government needs to be open to people using the same media as they use to speak with each other.” Families are families; even when you enacted Family Day, deciding what to do is hard. “There was a lot to choose from! Hamish and I decided to stay at home in Vancouver. We took in some great events at Robson Square, and then spent the evening with another family we met on the sidelines of the soccer field. There were so many events taking place across the province, and it’s not hard to see why. For far too long, British Columbians didn’t have any holidays between New Year’s and Easter, so adding Family Day made sense. Some other provinces, including our neighbours in Alberta, celebrate Family Day the following week, which has meant long lines at attractions and events. Having our holiday the week before made sense not only for the families who didn’t want to fight those extra crowds, but for places like our ski resorts – all those Albertans still come on their Family Day.” The difficulties of politics are worth it for the chance to make a difference, and a passion for public service is worth passing down. “Public service is an incredibly tough job, which Hamish has had a unique perspective on, and probably understands the demands better than most kids his age. And while it’s a tough job, it’s well worth it. Politics is the best way to effect real, positive change for families. I’d give him and any other young person interested in politics the same advice: it’s never too early to get involved. Study the issues. Find the political party that best fits your values, and start volunteering.” Downtime from being Premier is just like the downtime for any parent. “[My family time] can be any activity. The times I get with Hamish and family are what matters. When you don’t have to say anything to each other, and you can make each other laugh. Hamish and I spend a lot of time at soccer, at hockey, reading and watching movies. He’s turning into quite a good skier – and I just stand back, and watch with pride as any parent would do, and then I wonder ‘where does that come from?’ Certainly not me!”

I’m as hands-on as I can be with my son. I want to make sure I’m raising him with strong ideals and values, about family, hard work, honesty and resilience. May 2013 33



D ay O s ’ m o

A whole day off! What would YOU do with a whole day off? We asked our team at WCF and our readers, and here’s what they said would make the most perfect day off.

Spa, shopping, a book at a coffee no particular order. - Heather Seabrook, WCF reader

Getting a cup of tea in bed, going to yoga and then out for dim sum with my family and a couple of our friends and their kids. Then girls’ shopping day, followed by dinner and cocktails at a French restaurant!

To d d l e r cuddles while lying in bed. Sleeping or not, those cuddles are awesome! - Grace Murray, WCF reader Scandinave Spa in Whistler with a good friend and a good book. A delicious dinner out on a patio afterward. - Parrish Wilson of Two Hearts+, WCF reader

- Stephanie, Editor, WCF

Sleep in a dark room with no interruptions. Or a trip to the island, shopping in Victoria followed by night at the Empress hotel no particular order. - Ai Nagasawa Constantinidis, WCF reader

Do a yoga class or workout to get the day started. Grab my camera bag and head out for a photo walk or workshop. Stroll Granville Rise to shop and eat for hours without time limits. Meet friends for a margarita or martini and amazing food. - Andrea Vance, Publisher, WCF


A bike ride around Barnston Island, foot reflexology at Golden Feet, then dinner at Acorn Restaurant on Main St.

I’d like a day to sleep in, go to the spa, have dinner with a few girlfriends, and then sleep in again!- Grace - Kelly Krol, WCF reader

Transit downtown Vancouver with (my husband) Mau, and walk till we almost drop (have done upwards of 20 km in one day). Pub lunch somewhere in there – a waterfront spot is preferable (Bridges or Whet on Granville Island, or The Mill Bistro near the convention centre) - and a relaxing dinner somewhere before we head home (transit so we don’t need to worry about what we drink with dinner). - Jennifer Brule, Bookkeeper, WCF

- Krysta Furioso, Art Director, WCF

Waking up of my own free will. Morning hike at Buntzen lake with my sister. A long shower, a nap & some lunch. A spa massage, shopping and dinner out with my husband!

Long Yoga class outside followed by amazing veggie lunch. Jumping waves rest of day followed by beach party with dancing. - Alyssa SchottlandBauman of, WCF reader

- Jodi Iverson, WCF Sales Manager

Walk the sea wall, pack a picnic lunch & take kids to centennial beach. But honestly- when I’m kidless, I like to gut my drawers and closets and CLEAN!! I’m a bit of a freak! But no kids around, turn up the music and the end is a nice clean & feels organized. -Jennifer Bruyns, Administrator, WCF

Spend the day enjoying my fave hobby that, because of a busy mom life,has been almost forgotten: Photography. Take my camera, walk the streets of Gastown, sit at a cafe, read the newspaper, talk to a stranger. - Monica Gonzalez, Events Coordinator, WCF

momevents westcoast

Adult Events for the Hip Mom Around Town! Free In-Store Yoga Lululemon West 4th Mondays 7-8pm You’re invited to join Lululemon Athletica Kitsilano for their complimentary in-store yoga. Please come early to make sure you get a great spot. Mats are also available if needed.

Vancouver International Tequila Expo Vancouver Convention Centre May 24, 6-9pm This expo aims to raise the profile of Mexico’s most famous spirit with British Columbians & with all Canadians. Guests will be invited to meet a wide array of producers & taste their products. Cost is $65.25

Burnaby Farmers Market North Parking Lot Burnaby City Hall Every Saturday in May - October The place for produce, fruits, plants, fish, cheese & meats, as well as breads, honey, jams, sauces, pickles, pastas, salsas, ethnic foods, baking & pet treats. The crafters sell jewelry, pottery, furniture, cosmetics, photography, skin care, knitting & more. 604.628.8226 |

Mumford & Sons Holland Park, Surrey May 24 While the City of Surrey is known for its awesome free family festivals and concerts, this is gearing up to be one of the city’s largest ticketed outdoor concert events in almost 20 years since Lollapalooza. Tickets are $58 plus tax & fees

Ridge Meadows Home Show Planet Ice, Maple Ridge Fairgrounds May 3-5, check website for times This show features more than 375 exhibitor booths. See demos, how-to seminars and free samples. Under the Big Top: 35th Anniversary Celebration Marpole Oakridge Family Place, Vancouver May 9, 6:30-9:30pm An evening of celebration including Vancouver Circus School’s “Inner Ring” performers, Emcee World HipHop mom Monica Morong, fashion show, feature draws & prizes. Proceeds benefitMust be 19 years or older. The Great Canadian Craft: Spring Fling The Vancouver Convention Center May 11, 10am-8pm & 12, 10am-5pm Look forward to a carefully handpicked selection of one of a kind, unique products and interacting with their producers and designers.

EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Festival BC Place Stadium May 24-26, check website for times Celebrity chefs, popular local restaurants, wineries, food and beverage manufacturers, cookbook authors, retailers, artisans, and many others from the culinary world will come together for a three day public extravaganza. Adults $16

Kids Swap Meet Cloverdale Fairgrounds May 25, 9am-12:30pm New and gently used kids items for sale from baby to 10 years. 604.588.9919 Jack & Lola present Modern Bump Pregnancy Lunch! Cactus Club Cafe - Park Royal May 26, 12noon –3pm With expert speakers, belly photography, fantastic door prizes, swag bags, and a light lunch with other modern mamas-to-be, the month of May is a fabulous time to be expecting on the North Shore! $45 (members), $55 (regular) 778.229.3843 | 21st Century Flea Market Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver May 26, 10am-3pm This fun collector’s market is the largest of its kind in BC, with over 175 vendor tables jam-packed with vintage jewelry, china & glass, retro furnishings, antiques & memorabilia, books, records & CD’s, collectibles, sports items, silverware, paintings & more. Admission is $5

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Kids Swap Meet Abbotsford Banquet Centre May 18, 9am-2pm Parents are invited to check out this swap meet to find all sorts of bargains for your kids with all donations going to BC Foster Parents Association. Admission is $5 before 10am and $2 after 10. 604.856.1558 Mump & Smoot Historic Theatre at the Cultch, Vancouver May 22-June 2, different times Mump and Smoot, also referred to as clowns of horror, inhabit a parallel universe called Ummo, worship a god named Ummo and speak their own brand of gibberish, Ummonian. Together they turn every convention about clowns upside down in a series of darkly humorous sketches that range from the zany to the macabre. Not for children! Tickets start at $17 604.251.1363 |

The Children’s Party Specialists Face painting, balloon animals, arts and crafts, and more.

604-318-1261 • May 2013 35

community SOS Children’s Village BC Run & Walk 2013 Richmond Olympic Oval Plaza May 26, 9am Run on behalf of BC’s kids-in-care. Experience Richmond’s spectacular Olympic Oval Plaza while running or walking along the beautiful middle arm of the Fraser River. After stay for the silent auction, prize draws and kids events. Aliens Among Us Travelling Exhibit Richmond Nature Park Ongoing until June 2, 9am-5pm American bullfrogs, Scotch Broom, Smallmouth Bass and Purple Loosestrife are just a few of the species featured in. All ages are invited to interact with some of the province’s best-known and least-loved invasive species. 604.718.6188 | naturepark/about.htm Beauty and the Beast Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre May 1, 7pm Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the award-winning worldwide smash hit Broadway musical, is coming to Abbotsford.Tickets start at $45. 604.743.5027 Miniature Train Rides Burnaby Railway Ongoing until December, 11am -5pm weekends & holidays Book your birthday parties & private functions now & over 2 kilometers of track & 70 switches. | | www. | Hawthorne Spring Fair Hawthorne School, Ladner May 3, 4:30-8:30pm Bring the kids for games, entertainment and lots of fun for the whole family! Discovery Day Surrey Nature Centre May 3, 10am-2pm Meet a nature guide who will get you started with your discoveries in the forest. Check out the heritage exhibit, create an eco-craft, and learn something new with interactive Exploration Boxes and Discovery Backpacks. Drop in, free. Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Children’s Festival Maple Ridge Fairgrounds May 3-5 Enjoy three magical days of fun, great stage performances and activities for the whole family. There will be face painting, clowns, and entertainment.


Bricks, Mortar and Memories Surrey Archives May 4, 11am-12noon Discover the rich history of ten of Surrey’s historical buildings, such as Mound Farm and Pillath House. Cost is $10. Please pre-register. 604.502.6459 | Mother’s Day Gift Basket Surrey Museum May 4, 10am-12noon Give something special this Mother’s Day-a handwoven basket you made yourself, ready to fill with little treasures or treats. Must pre-register. $8.50 (8-12yrs) 604.592.6956 Fingerling Festival Noons Creek, Port Moody May 4, 11am-3pm At this free festival, children help release 40,000 young salmon for their four year journey at sea, see Bobs and Lolo in concert, over 80 environmental organizations and lots of fun activities. 604.469.9106 | Asian Heritage Day 2013 Surrey Museum May 4, 1-4pm Learn the art of furoshiki-Japanese gift wrapping. See dance performances, watch films and see colorful costumes. Try the Japanese craft of origami and other crafts. All ages are welcome by donation. 604.592.6956 Metales M5 Mexican Brass Vancouver Academy of Music May 5, 2pm In an exciting 45 minutes, kids will be introduced to the world of classical music, learn why an opera starts with an overture and awaken interest in brass instruments! Adults: $18/Seniors & Students: $15/ Children: $10 604.873.4612 | Creative Cafe Minnekhada Regional Park, Coquitlam May 5, 1-4pm This open house features a unique, fun learning activity for kids of all ages. Sweet Pea Tea Historic Stewart Farm, Surrey May 7, 10:30am-11:30am You’re invited to an old-fashioned tea party! Listen to stories about tea time, make a flower craft and enjoy cookies and lemonade in the lovely tea cups. Please pre-register 1 session $6.50 (3-5yrs) 604.592.6956

Finding Your Path to Engineering and Science: From Taxidermy to Robots H.R.MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver May 9, 7pm Join Maxime Chin and learn about animal biology mechanical engineering: two different degrees; one successful path. 604.738.7827 | The Music Man Jr. The ACT Theatre, Maple Ridge May 9, 12:30pm & May 11, 7pm The much loved Broadway musical that has been made into a movie multiple times, most recent starring Matthew Broderick is sure to be a wickedly fun time. Entertainment for the whole family the junior version has been adapted for an audience of all ages. 604.476.2787 | Blue Sky Circus PNE Garden Auditorium, Vancouver May 9-12, check website for times Circus in Wonderland is a dynamic, theatrical Circus re-interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. This performance will leave audiences entertained, dazzled and bewildered. 604.252.3679 | Stars on Ice Rogers Arena, Vancouver May 10, 7:30pm The world’s premier figure skating tour, Stars on Ice, has brought together a superstar ensemble of Olympic, World and National Champions. Expect innovative choreography, great music and stunning costumes - as they have never been seen before! Please visit website for event tickets and information. Burnaby Village Museum Heritage Fair Burnaby Village Museum May 10, 11am A celebration of Canada’s heritage in the form of student projects with a Canadian history or heritage theme. There are prizes to be won, demonstrations, a scavenger hunt, admission to the Burnaby Village and free rides on the 1912 CW Parker Carousel! 604.293.6500 | May Day Parade Beginning at Shaughnessy & Welcher Avenue, Port Coquitlam May 11, 11am Come out and see the May Day Royal Party and community floats, marching bands, motorcycles, antique vehicles and much more. It is the perfect start to an exciting day of fun-filled events! 604.927.7935

calendar Home Depot Kid Workshop: Build an Herb Planter Home Depot, various locations May 11, 10am Kids aged 4-12 will learn how to build an herb planter using a hammer and glue. Please register as this popular workshop is free and fills up fast! Spring Carnival St. Thomas More Collegiate, Burnaby, BC May 11, 11am-7pm A children’s area with bouncy house, balloon artistry, face-painting, arts and crafts, and petting zoo. Teen section with laser tag and obstacle course, dunk tank and lots of other carnival fun. Beer garden and live. A one-of-a-kind event, and a must-do on the local calendar. $2 Mother’s Day at the Glades Garden Glades Garden, Surrey May 12, 10am–4pm Wander through the paths, pause by the ponds, and listen to live music while you treat your mom to a lovely lunch in the garden. Sandwiches, desserts, tea and coffee will be available for purchase. $7 at the gate, cash only, children under 10 are free. 604.501.5100 Mrs Murakami’s Garden Britannia Shipyards, Richmond May 12, 10-11:30am In celebration of Mother’s Day, join us for a tour of Mrs. Murakami’s garden and then make a gift for your Mother by planting a flower seed in an environmental paper pot. $10 per child. Please pre register. 604.718.8037 | Frog Pond Foray Campbell Valley Regional Park, Langley May 18, 1-4pm Listen to a story, make a craft and learn about water tigers and other creatures that live in a pond. Wear shoes that can get wet and dirty. Meet at the Nature House, at 8th Avenue and 204th Street in Langley, via the South Valley entrance. 604.530.4983 Royal Victorian Party 2013 Historic Stewart Farm, Surrey May 19, 12noon-3pm Come dressed up as kings and queens, learn the May Pole dance, watch the “Queen” arrive, and share some cake as you celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday! All ages are welcome. Drop in by donation. 604.592.6956

Victoria Day Fort Langley Historic Site May 20, 10am-5pm Watch for the float in the 91st annual Fort Langley May Day Parade, which starts at 11:00 am and is followed by a community fair. Explore the fort, feed the farm animals, and watch historic weapons demonstrations. Regular admission applies; free for annual pass holders. 604.513.4777

Vancouver Symphony Tiny Tots: Musical Zoo for Me and You! Playhouse Theatre, Vancouver Terry Fox Theatre, Port Coquitlam May 24 & 25, 10 &11:30 am Children’s classics perfectly partnered with “Carnival of the Animals” and other move-along, sing-along favourites, with music played by a clarinet, trombone, and string bass.

Victoria Day at the Burnaby Village Museum The Burnaby Village Museum May 20, 2013 11am-4:30pm Special entertainment will be offered all day long including dancers, a parade, and construction of a colossal cake. After the parade, be presented to Queen Victoria by her ladies-in-waiting during the Queen’s Levee. 604.297.4565 |

Annual European Festival 2013 Scandinavian Community Centre, Burnaby May 24-26, 10am-9pm Explore 32 European countries in 1 day! See cultural displays, marketplace & children’s tent until 6 pm. Stage entertainment & food until 8 pm. Beer garden. Dance 9 pm. 604.536.3394 |

Teddy Bear Picnic Kilby Historic Site, Harrison May 20, please call for time Bring your Teddy Bear and they’ll provide the picnic. Activities include the dress up Tickle Trunk, music and crafts. 604.796.9576 |

Ladner May Days Memorial Park, Ladner May 24, 3-10pm & May 25-26,10am - 6pm Featuring live bands, free entertainment, carnival rides, craft fair and a beer garden for the adults, this fair offers a wide variety of entertainment and activities. Friday night offers half price ride tickets!

Spring Open House Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC, Vancouver May 22, 3-6pm Come join in for hotdogs, popcorn, face painting and other treats & activities. Special presentation at 5pm. Please RSVP. 604.437.0255 |

Como Lake Fishing Derby Como Lake, Coquitlam May 26, 7am-12noon As the children fish, parents are welcome to enjoy a pancake breakfast cooked by the Coquitlam Kinsmen Club. Remember to bring your own fishing pole and bait. This event is for children 16 and under

Surrey Children’s Festival Surrey Arts Centre & Bear Creek Park, Surrey May 23- 25, various times The Annual Surrey Children’s Festival inspires young hearts and minds to the greater possibilities and celebrates our rich and diverse cultural heritage though performing and visual arts experience.

Vancouver International Children’s Festival Cartwright St, Granville Island May 27-June 2, 10am-6pm Embark on a journey of discovery featuring acclaimed performances from Canada and around the world. Not to be missed! 604.708.5655 |

Gilmore Country Carnival Gilmore Community School, Burnaby May 24, 4-9pm Put on your cowboy boots, round up your family and friends & join in for an evening of fun for all ages including a BBQ, pony rides, face painting & lots more entertainment. 604.664.8707

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last look Mother’s Day Crafts By Jodi Iverson

Mother’s day crafts are almost as special for the kids making the gifts as they are for mom. Here are a few fresh ideas to get you started!

Felt Corsage materials

make it! Cut cardboard circle 2” in diameter and wrap a circle of felt slightly larger overtop securing the edges around the back. This is your centre.

• Felt sheets in Mom’s favourite colour

Cut felt into six of each 2.5”, 2” & 1.5” squares.

• Scissors

Trim squares into a petal shape.

• Glue gun • Pin back, available at craft stores • Cardboard

Use a glue gun to secure the square end of each petal. Starting with the largest petals begin gluing them to your center. Start on the outer edge with one round of the large petals, moving toward the centre with one of the medium and finally one of the small. Glue a small felt circle to the middle of your flower to finish – try using a button or some glitter if Mom likes the bling!

Fingerprint Keychain

Glue another round of felt to finish the back and attache pin back. Pin on mom!

materials • Sculpey • Keychain • Rolling pin • Cookie cutter

make it! Knead the Sculpey till it is soft enough to roll into a sheet a quarter inch thick. Cut out desired shape, or have your child create their own shape without a cutter! Press finger into center of shape. Poke a hole in the corner for the attaching the ring. Bake as per package instructions, cool & attach key ring.


Go to for more Mother’s Day treat ideas

Chicken & Bacon

Sweet Chili


At participating McDonald’s restaurants in Canada on May 9th. ®

Product availability varies by restaurant. ©2013 McDonald’s

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WestCoast Families May 2013  

The May 2013 issue of WestCoast Families with features on Mother's Day, Preschool & Daycare Special, and Summer Daycamps

WestCoast Families May 2013  

The May 2013 issue of WestCoast Families with features on Mother's Day, Preschool & Daycare Special, and Summer Daycamps