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SPECIAL PUBLICATION- TODAY'S READERBOARD Fish on drugs — Traces of a common medication changed the behavior of perch in a recent study. Such chang-

es could havemajor ecological consequences.A3

• La Pine: Did you glimpsemeteori a te recently? If so,an expert wants to know By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

Afghanistan withdrawal — As operations wind down, getting all the equipment out of

the country is creating a logistical nightmare.A4

Four days before the meteor explosion over Russia that injured an estimated 1,200 people, another errant rock from space may have passed though the skies above Central Oregon.

Although details are few, according to the account shared with Lynn Carroll from theOregon Observatory in Sunriver, at around 10:45 p.m. Sunday, a group of children camping in their backyard in La Pine saw a blazing orange fireball

streaking across the sky directly overhead. Traveling west to east, the fireball was visible 12-15 seconds, roaring like a jet before splitting into roughly eight

still-glowing pieces. Carroll said Wednesday that the children's father,

who was inside the house at the time, saw the curtains light up as though night had briefly turned to day. As of Friday night, efforts to contact first-hand observersofthe fireball were unsuccessful. See La Pine/A6

A phntn Stnf jf —What's happening at WinterFest.B2

FreSh dreWS —Central Oregon's Rat Hole Brewing is

• Russia: Siberia sees the largest recordedmeteor strike in morethan a century

finally getting its beers out to the public.CS

And a Web exclusiveThe Senate is evenlosing money on haircuts: The tax-

payer-subsidized SenateHair Care shop runs hugedeficits.




Young and insured? Preparefor 'rate shock' By N.C. Aizenman The Washington Post via The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Many young, healthy Americans could soon see a jump in their health-insurance costs, and insurance companies are saying: It's not our fault. The nation's insurers are engaged in an all-out, last-ditch effort to shield themselvesfrom blame for what they predict will be rate increases on new policies they must unveil this spring to comply with President Barack Obama's health care law. Insurers point to several reasonsthatpremiums will rise. They will soon be required to offer morecomprehensive coverage than many currently provide. Also, their costs will increase because they will be barred from rejecting the sick, and they will no longer be allowed to charge older customers

The contrail of a meteor that exploded over Russia on Friday is seen from the city of Chelyabinsk. The bus-size meteor set off the largest explosion of its kind in more than a century, at least according to Western scientists. And even more unusual for an incoming meteor, it caused numerous injuries, mostly from flying glass, as the shock wave violently jolted Chelyabinsk. Based on preliminary calculations, the asteroid weighed about 7,000 tons and was about 50 feet in diameter when it entered the atmosphere at 40,000 mph, said Peter Brown, a professor of physics at the University of Western Ontario.

sharply higher premiums

a fighting chance.

than younger ones. Supporters of the law counter that concerns about price hikes are overstated, partly because federal subsidies will cushion the blow. The insurers' public relations blitz is being

They're hopeful Friday's cosmic coincidence — Earth's close brush with a 150-foot asteroid, hours after the 50-foot meteor

propelled by a growing cast of executives, lobbyists, conservative activists and state health officials. They increasingly use the same catchphrase — "rate shock" — to warn about the potential for price

surges. Aetna chief executive Mark Bertolini invoked the term at his company's recent annual investor conference, cautioning that premiums for plans sold to individuals could rise as much as 50 percent on average. See Insurance/A5


See video of the Siberian explosion on The Bulletin's website:

Region onthe men, stea ily By Lauren Dake The Bulletin

SALEM — After experiencing one of the nation's biggest dives in the housing market, CentralOregon's economy has stabilized and begun a slow-but-steady rebound, state economists said Friday. "Bend obviously suffered a severe recession, but the prospects for long-term growth in the area remain good," said Josh Lehner, a state economist, after giving a revenue forecast to state lawmakers Friday. "The things that attracted people to move there, those are all true and good ... It's an attractive place to live." New construction has nearly doubled in the last year in Bend. "It is absolutely turning around," Lehner said. It's not close to reaching the same levels it did before the housing bubble burst, but the free-for-all ha s stopped and building permits and construction have spiked. "It's been depressed for a long time, but we're getting impressive growth rates," Lehner said. See Economy/A5

Girl breathing on her own after surgery By Heidi Hagemeier The Bulletin

• What's going on? Cosmicoi c ncidenceshavepeople talking, and maybeworried Bulletin wire reports CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A space rock even bigger than the meteor that exploded like an atom bomb over Russia could drop out of the sky unannounced atany time and wreak havoc on a city. And Hollywood to the contrary, there isn't much the world's scientists and generals can do about it. But some former astronauts want to give the world

struck in Russia — will draw attention to the dangers lurking in outer space and lead to action, such as better detection and tracking of asteroids. "After today, a lot of

people will be paying attention," said Rusty Schweickart, who flew on Apollo 9 in 1969, helped establish the planet-protecting B612 Foundation and has been warning NASA for years to put more muscle and money into a heightened asteroid alert. Earth is menaced all the time by meteors, which are chunks of asteroids or comets that enter Earth's

"After today, a lot of people will be paying attention." — Rusty Schweickart, former astronaut atmosphere. But many if not most of them are simply too small to detect from afar with the tools now available to astronomers. The meteor that shattered over the Ural Mountains was estimated to be 20 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. It blew out thousands of windows and left about 1,200 people injured

Inside • Meteors, meteorites, asteroids: a Q-and-A,A6 in Chelyabinsk, a city of I million. And yet no one saw it coming; it was about the size of a bus. "This is a tiny asteroid," said astronomer Paul Chodas, who works in NASA's Near-Earth Object program in Pasadena, Calif. See Meteor /A6

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Lindsey Bingham began breathing on her own Friday morning, roughly 24 hours after surgeons successfully completed an operation to give her a new heart. The 9-year-old Eastern Oregon girl was taken off the ventilator and has been awake, said her father, Jason Bingham. She remains in the cardiovascular intensive care unit of Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., which doctors say is standard forthree to seven days after a heart transplant. "She can't eat too much yet," Jason said Friday afternoon. "All she wants is ice." Lindsey's steady, positive recoverycomes atthe same time as troubling news for the

Bingham family regarding the eldest child, 13-year-old Sierra. See Heart/A5

Small farmer takes onMonsanto over seedpatents By Andrew Pollack New York Times News Service

W ith his mere 300 acresof soybeans, corn and wheat, Vernon Hugh Bovtnnan said, "I'm not even big enough to be called a farmer."

TODAY'S WEATHER A few clouds High 53, Low 27

Page B6

Yet the 75-year-old farmer from southwestern Indiana will face off Tuesday against the world's largest seed company, Monsanto, in a Supreme Court case that could have a huge impact on the future of

genetically modified crops, and also affect other fields from medicalresearch to software. At stake in Bowman's case is whether patents on seeds — or other things that can self-replicate — extend beyond the first

generation of the products. It is one of two cases before the Supreme Court related to the patenting of living organisms, a practice that has helped give rise to the biotechnology industry but which critics have

long considered immoral. The other case, involving a breast cancerrisk testfrom Myriad Genetics, will determine whether human genes can be patented. See Seeds /A8

The Bulletin

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NATION 4% ORLD ChBVeZ phetOS —The world got its first glimpse of Hugo Chavez since he underwent a fourth cancer-related surgery in Cubamore

ee in is orius

than two months ago, with photos released Friday showing the Venezuelan leader alongside his daughters in Havana. Along with images

of the puffy-faced Chavezcamea government explanation for why

acesmur erc ar e

no one has heard from the longtime president since his surgery: He's breathing through a tracheal tube that makes speech difficult.

Odama III ChiCagO —Pressing his case in the town that launched his political career, President Barack Obama called Friday

for the government to take anactive, wide-ranging role in ensuring By Jon Gambrell

Henke, and his brother, Carl, reached out to touch his shouland Gerald Imray The Associated Press der to comfort him. PRETORIA, S o ut h A fThe 26-year-old Pistorius, rica — In a courtroom, not an the double-amputee sprinter Olympic stadium, there w ho wo n w o rl d a c was no click-click-click claim b y c o m peting of Oscar Pistorius'prosin last summer's Lonthetic limbs. His only don Olympics, did not sound Friday was loud, speak or enter a plea. uncontrollable sobs as He held his head and prosecutors c h a rged Pi s toriu s wep t a s h e heard the him with premeditated charge, which carries a murder in the shooting death life sentence. of his model girlfriend. A statement released later "Take it easy," Chief Mag- by his family and agent said istrate Desmond Nasir told Pistorius disputed the murthe Olympic star-turned-mur- der charge "in the strongest der-defendant as his f ather, terms."

I 777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, OR97702 P.o. Box6020 Bend, OR97708

The track star's arrest in the Valentine's Day killing of 29year-old model Reeva Steenkamp shocked South Africa, where Pistorius was a national hero dubbed the Blade Runner for his high-tech prosthetics and revered for overcoming his disability to compete in the London Games. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said he would pursue a charge of premeditated murder against Pistorius in t h e s l aying of

every American has a "ladder of opportunity" into the middle class.

Steenkamp, a leggy blonde

placed underVatican receivership after the Holy Seedetermined that

model with a law degree who had spoken out on T w itter against rape and abuse of women.

its founder was a spiritual fraud who sexually abused his seminarians and fathered three children with two women.

Speaking atHydeParkAcademy inChicago,Obama soughtsupport for proposals, unveiled this week in his State of the Unionaddress, to increase the federal minimum wage and ensure every child can attend

preschool. Healso pitched plans to pair businesses with recessionbattered communities to help them rebuild and provide job training. LegiOn Of GhriSt dOCumentS —Documents detailing the dubious fundraising practices of a disgraced RomanCatholic religious order called the Legion of Christ were released to the public Friday, showing how the organization took control of an elderly woman's

finances andpersuaded her to bequeath it $60 million. The records include the first-ever depositions of high-ranking Legion officials. They shed light on the inner workings of a secretive congregation

PenSiOn refarm in FranCe —President Francois I-lollande is preparing to take on aFrench sacred cow: pensions. Facing European Union pressure to reach budget targets, the Socialist president is risking the wrath of his core supporters to shrink the pension system, which had a deficit of14 billion euros ($19 billion) in 2011. Hollande


may propose separating pension increases from inflation, government officials said.


Kellye eleCtlell —Uhuru Kenyatta, the son of Kenya's founding president who's due to go on trial for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court, has been cleared to run for the presi-

Dmmmm W

dency by the country's High Court. The court "lacks jurisdiction" to rule whether Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto are eligible to stand for office next month, Judge Hellen Omondi, reading the rul-


ing of a five-member bench, said Friday in the capital, Nairobi. It's the

Chairwoman Elizabeth C.McCool...........541-383-0374 Publisher Gordon Black ..................... Editor-in-Chief John Costa.........................541-383-0337

"exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court."

Israel spy agency flap —Inthe spaceof three days, atwoyear-old mystery about an unidentified prisoner who hanged himself

in a high-security Israeli prison has become scandal a for Israel's vaunted Mossad spyagency. Many here are predicting that it will

DEPARTMENT HEADS Advertising Jay Brandt..........................541-383-0370 CirculationandOperations Keith Foutz ......................... 541-385-5805 FinanceHolly West...........541-383-0321

cost some top officials their jobs. The Israeli government now acknowledges that Prisoner X was an Australian citizen named Ben

HumanResources Traci Donaca ......................

CellgreSSIOIIBI reCeSS —Military readiness will be threatened.

Zygier who washeld in solitary confinement for eight months in this country's notorious Ayalon prison before he hanged himself. So will food inspections, teaching jobs, mental health services and more, all because of the automatic spending cuts due to take effect

TALK TO AN EDITOR Business...................,........541-383-0360 City Desk Joseph Oitzler.....541-383-0367 CommunityLife, Health

March1. Congress, though, has left the building. Lawmakers areoff

JulieJohnson.....................541-383-0308 EditorialsRichard Coe......541-383-0353 Family, AtHome Alandra Johnson................541-617-7860

ter, that the White House warns will "threaten thousands of jobs and the economic security of the middle class." — From wire reports

GD! Magazine Ben Salmon........................541-383-0377 News EditorJan Jordan....541-383-0315 PhotosDeanGuernsey......541-383-0366 SporlsBill Bigelow.............541-383-0359

until Feb. 25 for their Presidents Day recess. That leaves four days to

find a way to avoid automatic spending reductions, called asequesHasan Jamali /The Associated Press

A child places posters into razor wire that read "down with dictatorship," after a pro-democracy march in Budaiya, Bahrain, Friday. Thou-

sands of anti-government demonstrators jammed amajor highway Friday as clashes brokeout for a second daybetweensecurity forces and protesters marking the anniversary of the uprising in the Gulf nation.

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Oregon Lottery results As listed at

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawn Friday night are:

Q11 ©5Q41©2(44I®o The estimated jackpot is now $26 million.

Passengersslog home after 'horrible' Gulf cruise By Jay Reeves

buses broke down during the two-hour ride to New Orleans. The Associated Press Carnival spokesman Vance MOBILE, Ala. — Passen- Gulliksen said the passengers gers finally escaped the dis- got on another bus and made abled Carnival cruise ship Tri- it safely to New Orleans. Pasumph and were on the move sengers aboard another bus Friday: some checked into also said their luggage was hotels while others hopped on somehow lost. buses or jumped on charter Gulliksen said up to 20 charflights home after five numb- ter flights would leave New Oring days at sea on a cruise leans later Fridaytotake guests liner paralyzed by an engine- who stayed in hotels there to room fire. their final destinations. The vacation ship carrying Nearly 2,000 passengers arsome 4,200people docked late rived at a New Orleans Hilton Thursday in Mobile to raucous in the wee hours, and by dawn cheers from passengers weary many were headed out again of overflowing toilets, food to fly to Houston. They then shortages and foul odors. had to get a connecting flight "Sweet Home A l abama!" home or chartered bus back to read one of the homemade their cars in Galveston. "It just feels so good to be signs p a ssengers a f f i x ed alongside the 14-story ship as on land again and to feel like many celebrated along deck I have options," said Tracey rails lining several levels of Farmer of Tulsa, Okla. "I'm the stricken ship. The ship's just ready to see my family. It's horn blasted several t imes been harder on them than us I as four tugboats helped it to think because they've been so shore at about 9:15 p.m. CST. worried about us. It's been exSome gave a thumbs-up sign tremely stressful for them." and flashes from cameras and Buses arrived at the Port of cellphones lit the night. Galveston on Friday morning "It was horrible, just horafter an eight-hour drive from rible" said Maria Hernandez, Mobile. Port o f G a l veston 28, of Angleton, Texas, tears police said they expected as welling in her eyes as she many as 800 people by bus. t alked about waking up t o While c o mplaints a b out smoke inher lower-level room Carnival itself piled up, pasSunday from the engine-room sengers nearly universally fire and the days of heat and praised the crew. "The crew was awesome. I stench that followed. She was on a "girls trip" with friends. don't know how they did it, I It took about four hours for mean, gloves, masks, sprays — they were up and down the allpassengers to disembark. Carnival spokesman Vance hallway 24/7. Our little cabin Gulliksen s ai d p a ssengers boy, I don't know when he had three options: take a bus slept because he was always straight to Galveston, Texas, in there cleaning our bathto retrieve cars parked at the rooms," said Brandi Dorsett, ship's departure port, take a 36, of Sweeny, Texas. bus to New Orleans to stay at In Mobile, tugs pulled the a hotel before a charter flight ship away from the dock Frihome or have family or friends day, moving it down a waterpick them up in Mobile. way in the direction of a shipAs if the passengers hadn't yard where city officials said it endured enough, one of the will be repaired. and Brendan Farrington

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It's Saturday, Feb. 16, the 47th day of 2013. There are 318 days left in the year.




Tiny mutation

Highlight:In1968, the nation's first 911 emergency telephone

may haveshaped

system was inaugurated in Haleyville, Ala., as thespeaker of the Alabama House, Rankin Fite, placed a call from the

modern humans

mayor's office in City Hall to a red telephone at the police station that was answered by U.S.

Rep. TomBevill. In1804, Lt. Stephen Decatur led a successful raid into Tripoli Harbor to burn the U.S. Navy frigate Philadelphia, which had fallen into the hands of pirates. In1862, the Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson in Tennes-

more willing to explore new areas and devoured food more quickly-

see ended assome12,000 Confederate soldiers surrendered; Union Gen.Ulysses S.

New Yorlz Times News Service

Grant's victory earned him the

nickname "Unconditional Surrender Grant." In 1868, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks was organized in New York City. In 1923, the burial chamber of

King Tutankhamen's recently unearthed tomb was unsealed

in Egypt by English archaeologist Howard Carter. In1937, Dr. Wallace H. Caroth-

ers, a research chemist for Du Pont who'd invented nylon,

received a patent for the synthetic fiber.

In1945, American troops landed on the island of Corregidor in the Philippines dur-

ing World War II. In1959, Fidel Castro became premier of Cuba a month and a half after the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista. In1961, the United States

launched the Explorer 9 satellite. In1987, John Demjanjuk went

on trial in Jerusalem, accused of being "Ivan the Terrible," a guard at the Treblinka Nazi

concentration camp. (Demjanjuk was convicted, but the

conviction ended upbeing

overturned by the Israeli Su-

preme Court.) In1988, seven peoplewere shot to death during an office rampage in Sunnyvale, Calif., by a manwho was obsessed with a co-worker, whowas wounded in the attack. (The

gunman, Richard Farley, is under sentence of death.) In1998, a ChinaAirlines Airbus A300-600R trying to land in fog near Taipei, Taiwan,

crashed, killing all196 people on board, plus six on the ground. Ten years ago:More than 100,000 people demonstrated

in the streets of San Francisco to protest a possible U.S. invasion of lraq. Michael

Waltrip raced past leader Jimmie Johnson to win the rain-shortened Daytona 500

for the second time in three years. Eleanor "Sis" Daley, the matriarch of Chicago's Daley political clan, died at age95. Five years ago:President George W. Bush, on asix-day tour of Africa, made his first

stop in Benin before flying on to Tanzania. John McCain,

the presumed Republican presidential nominee, picked up a total of 50 GOP national convention delegates from

Michigan and Louisiana. One year ago:A federal judge in Detroit ordered life in prison for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a young

Nigerian man who'd tried to blow up a packed Northwest jetliner with a bomb concealed

in his underwear. NewYork Times correspondent Anthony Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer

Prize winner, died of an apparent asthma attack in Syria while reporting on the upris-

ing against its president; he was 43.

BIRTHDAYS Rhythm-and-blues singer

James Ingram is 61. Actor LeVar Burton is 56. Actor-rapper Ice-T is 55. International Tennis Hall of

Famer John McEnroe is 54. Rock musician Andy Taylor is 52. Rock musician Taylor

Hawkins (Foofighters) is 41. Olympic gold medal runner Cathy Freeman is40. Rapper Lupe Fiasco is 31.Actress Elizabeth Olsen is 24. — From wire reports

By Eryn Brown

Perch exposed to a common anti-anxiety medication became antisocial, behaviors that could have a significant impact on aquatic ecosystems. By Pam Belluck Traces of a common psychiatric medication that winds up in rivers and streams may affect fish behavior and feeding patterns, according to a study in the journal Science published Thursday. Researchers in Sweden exposed wild European perch to water with different concentrations of Oxazepam, an anti-anxiety medication that can show up in waterways after being flushed, excreted or discarded. Researchers reported that fish exposed to O x azepam became lesssocial and more active and ate faster, behaviors they said could have longterm consequencesforaquatic ecosystems. Scientists who study pharmaceuticals in waterways said the research was intriguing because it examined the potential effect on animals of a specific medication intended to affect human behavior. "It seems to be a solid study with an envi r o nmentally relevant species," said Donald Tillitt, an environmental toxicologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, who was not involved in the study. He said it made sense that a medication that binds with a certain brain receptor in people could act similarly in fish, and the measures of behavior — activity, sociability, boldness and feeding rate — "are all important ones that we like to look at when we're trying to see the environmental effects of pharmaceuticals." Still, because even the lowest concentration of O x azepam in the study was higher than that found in a Swedish waterway t ha t r e searchers tested, "the relevance of their study to the real world is unclear," the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in written answers to questions. The agency said that while "most pharmaceuticals do not seem to pose known risks to humans, animals or the rest of the ecosystem" at the levels they occur in the environment, there are some medications "for which some researchers have noted physiological effects in fish exposed to levels close to t hose occasionally reached in the environment. These include some ingredients used for contraception, hypertension and mood disorders." The agency said that how often this occurs and the possible environmental repercussions are unknown.

The Washington Post

A research team at Umea University in Umea, Sweden, studied perch, like the one shown, to determine potential effects of discarded drugs on marine life. and Zoloft in the brains of fish collected downstream from wastewater discharge in Colorado and Iowa. But some antidepressants that were more common in those waterways, including Zyban and Citalopram, were not found as frequently in the fish.

The study In the Swedish study, researchers first tested perch in the wastewater-treated Fyris River, near the city of Uppsala, and found their muscle tissue contained six times the river's concentration of O xazepam, said Tomas Brodin, the lead author and an assistant professor of ecology at Umea University. Researchers then took baby fish hatched from the roe of wild perch in what they considered a drug-free waterway and divided them into three

groups of 25. One group had no exposure to Oxazepam; the other two were placed in water with what researchers called a low concentration, at three times higher than the Fyris River, or an extremely high concentration, at 1,500 times

adapt to new environments as they spread around the About 30,000 years ago, world. "You can letthe genome a tiny mutation arose in a gene now known as EDAR tell you what's been imporand began to spread rapidly tant in h u man evolution," in central China, eventually said Harvard University gebecoming common in the neticist Pardis Sabeti, senior region. author of the tw o studies This week, scientists at published in Cell. Harvard University offered L iving b e i ng s e v o l v e some explanations for why through a process known the EDAR m utation m ay as s election. O r g anisms have been so s uccessful. with a d vantageous t r aits They observed how the gene thrive, passing their DNA to affects mice, animals long another generation. Harmused in disease research but ful traits die off when their never before for the study of hosts can't live long enough human evolution. to reproduce. The small change, substiScientists can recognize tuting one chemical letter of patterns in DNA that indiDNA for another, may have cate a particular version of helped humans in Asia sur- a gene has spread through vive crippling heat and hu- a p opulation b ecause i t midity by endowing them boosts survival. But those with extra sweat glands, the b eneficial m u t ations a r e scientists reported Thursday usually passed down along in the journal Cell. It may w ith t h ousands o f o t h er also have made people with v ariants t ha t h a ppen t o the mutation more attractive live in their chromosomal to the opposite sex by allow- neighborhood. ing them to grow t h icker That has made it hard for hair or fuller breasts. researchers to determine The research showed how exactly w h ic h m u t ations scientists are getting bet- tweaks conferredthe comter at identifying the DNA petitive advantage. changes that made humans Sabeti and a n i n t ernawhat they are today. The tional group of scientists are analysis also revealed that using multiple techniques mutations in genes involved to dig out the key drivers of in bone density, skin color human evolution in the avaand immune system func- lanche of genetic data made tion were probably impor- possible by faster, cheaper tant i n h e l p ing h u m ans sequencing technology. Los Angeles Times

were unclear for perch, which might benefit from Oxazepam

exposure by becoming more efficient eaters or be disadvantaged because enhanced risk-taking b ehavior m i g ht increase their vulnerability to predators. Zooplankton, algae and other organisms could also be affected by changes in fish behavior, he said. Tillitt, the toxicologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said, "We're smart enough and we should be able to des ign chemicals that f u l f i ll these same sorts of functions but with less stress on the environment."



higher. The more Oxazepam they ingested, the more active the fish were, measured by the number of swimming motions in a 10-minute period. They were also less social, spending less time near a section of the tank with other fish and more time near an empty compartment. And they were quicker to grab and eat zooplankton. At the highestOxazepam concentration, fish were also bolder, measured by how long it took them to leave a box in the tank and explore new territory. "Basically, no one left the box beforethey were subjected to the drug," said Brodin, who said he saw the difference when he entered the room each day. The nonexposed fish "were hiding basically," while the others "were out there, greeting me. They were totally different fish."

A growing field

Differing conclusions

The study joins a small but growing body of research exploring the possible environmental impact of chemicals in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products. Many of these chemicals are not removed by wastewatertreatm ent plants, which are i n tended toremove bacteria and nutrients, experts said. The topic is difficult to study partly because concentrations of chemicals in w a terways can vary with season, hour and distance from treatment plants, and o t her m e dications in water may influence a chemical's effects. The U.S. Geological Survey has found "intersex fish," or male fish that develop female sexual characteristics, in the Potomac River and its tributaries, raising questions about whether h ormone r esidues might be responsible. A study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology found antidepressants like P rozac

In a s t atement, Matthew Bennett, senior v ice p r esident of th e Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, said the study yielded "somewhat expected results" because of its higherthan-natural c oncentrations. He said the behavioral changes were small, and the study methods contradicted "widely accepted protocols that determine how the low levels of Oxazepam found in the environment accumulate in fish. The environmentalrelevance and potential for long-term impact from this drug, which has been in use for decades, are therefore debatable." Joel A. Tickner, an environmental scientist at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, who was not involved in the research, said he considered the study significant. "These effects may be very subtle," he said, but "what they're finding is it's biologically relevant." Brodin said the implications

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By Richard W. Stevenson New Yorh Times News Service

WASHINGTON — P r esident Barack Obama's decision to bring home more than half the U.S. troops in Afghanistan over the next year is setting off intensified debate over an issue with bigconsequences for Afghanistan's future: how long the U.S. and its allies should pour civilian aid into the country. The 12-year effort to modernize and stabilize Afghanistan is by some measures the most ambitious nation-building program ever undertaken by the United States. It is also among the most scrutinized and second-guessed.

The program has given most Afghans access to health care for the first time, even if it is weighed down by corruption and waste. It has drawn violent reprisals from the Taliban but has helped educate a generation of Afghan girls. Accused of fostering a d e p endency culture, it h a s n o netheless provided the foundation for a functioning economy. But with m ost U .S. and NATO troops set to leave by the end of 2014, advocates of continued aid are warning against too precipitous a cutoff of financing from the United States and its allies. They acknowledge that corruption in the Afghan government and b udget-cutting pressure in Congress do not help their cause. "Because we have so many of our own constraints economically right now, there's a huge possibility that Congress will say we're not going to provide $2.5 billion a year indefinitely," said Caroline Wadhams, a senior fellow at the CenterforAmerican Progress, a liberal research group. T he a d ministration a n d other advocates of aid are trying to maintain support for an international plan, agreed to last year among the major donor countries to Afghanistan, to scale back aid gradually so that the Afghan government and other institutions have plenty of time to adapt. "Our record of creating rea lly significant gains in A f ghanistan over the last decade is what is going to enable us to continue to convince Congress and the American people that these investments are worth continuing t o m a k e," s a id J.Alex Thier, who heads the U.S. Agency for International D evelopment's efforts in A f ghanistan and Pakistan. At stake, advocates of aid and other experts say, is Afghanistan's ability to negotiate the next few crucial years, w hen the g overnment w i l l have to wean it s economy, budget and social programs off foreign aid even as it takes over responsibility for security and fighting the Taliban. U.S. development assistance alone exceeds the roughly $2 billion a year in tax revenues collected by the Afghan government. Compounding the economic effects o f d i sen-

gagement is a sharp drop off i n civilian spending by t h e U.S. military, which is a major employer of Afghan civilians and contributes substantially to the nation's gross domestic product.

'Ambitious goals' In a r ecent speech, John Sopko, the inspector general who monitors the cost-effectiveness of the reconstruction effort, said U.S. officials in Afghanistan were keenly aware that the security and economic transitions were linked to each other. "I think it's fair to say that the success or failure of our entire investment in Afghanistan is teetering on whether these two interrelated and ambitious goals can be met," Sopko said. By the broadest measure of accounting for the costs of the effort, the United States has spent $90 billion on aid and reconstruction i n A f g h anistan since 2002, a figure that includes programs run by the U.S. military and the costs of providing security for the effort, according to Sopko's

agency, the Special Inspec-

Odama'splan for withdrawal President Barack Obama said Tuesday in his State of the Union address that he will bring home within a year about half of the 66,000 U.S. troops now in Afghanistan, shrinking the force to the size he found it when he entered the White

House vowing to reinvigorate a stalemated war. More will leave the battlefield in 2014, he said, but he did not spell out what U.S.

military presencewould remain after 2014, when the U.S.-led combat mission is scheduled to end. Obama said that his war

goals could beachieved by bringing 34,000 U.S. troops home by this time

next year, leaving somewhere between 32,000 and 34,000 to support and train Afghan forces. That is about the number in Afghanistan when he took office in January 2009; in a

series of movesdesigned to reverse the Taliban's battlefield momentum, he tripled the total American force before starting to scale it back in the summer of 2011. — The Associated Press

tor General for Afghanistan Reconstruction. By the narrowest measure — money funneled through USAID, the State Department agency that has taken the lead in the civilian aid program — the total is $15 billion since 2002. Obama is likely to seek an additional $2 billion to $2.5 billion for each of the next severalyears to meet the commitments made by the United States at an international donors conference lastyear in Tokyo. The donor countries pledged to provide $16 billion in civil economic assistance to Afghanistan over the next four years, with about half to come from the United States. "The key is how to manage declining aid, mitigate the adverse impacts, and put aid and spending on a more sustainable long-term path," the World Bank said in a report last year. On a practical level, aid programs are already facing constraints because of the military pullback. With f ewer bases scattered around Afghanistan, fewer troops on the ground and reduced air transportation, the military has less capacity to provide security for development teams.

Congressional support Congress will not take up the issue in earnest until later this year. But proponents of continued aid have gained support from an alli ance of Democrats and Republicans eager to protect Afghan women and girls from aTaliban resurgence and to maintain the fragile stability gained by the United States' dozen years in Afghanistan. "It's not going to be easy, but it is possible to make a strong case for strategic investments so that our soldiers will not have died in vain," said Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., a member of the appropriations subcommittee that allocates money for foreign aid. Given the vulnerability of Afghan w omen a n d g i r l s, Landrieu said, support for continued aid from female senators on both sides of the aisle can be "a bulwark against the natural tendency to retrench." But as the debate plays out, some aid advocates say they worry that the problems that have surrounded aid efforts during the war will taint the whole idea of civilian assistance, even though it is only a tiny slice of U.S. government


"I've often worried that the lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan — and especially Afghanistan — is that we don't know howto do foreign aid and therefore we shouldn't continue to provide aid at the levels we have been," said Wadhams of the Center for American Progress.

ettin eai omewont eeas By Thom Shanker

Soldiers from Bravo Company, 1st Armored Division, 1st Battalion load up

New Yorlz Times News Service

WASHINGTON — Asthe military begins carrying out President Barack Obama's order to cut force levels in Afghanistan by half over the next year, getting 34,000 troops out is the easy part: Just deliver them to an air field, march them by the hundreds onto t r ansport planes and fly them home. But after 11-plus years of war, the accumulated U.S. hardware in Afghanistan amounts to more than 600,000 pieces of equipment valued at $28 billion. In that arsenal are systems that always present challenges to international shipping, including MRAP mine-resistant troop transports and Strykerinfantryfightingvehicles, each built with tons of armor, and heavy tractortrailers and tankers. So far, the heavy vehicles have all been shipped out by air because Afghanistan is landlocked, it has a primitive road system and the Taliban remain strong in many parts of the country. But the real problem to withdrawing from Afghanistan is the same one that has helped make fighting there so difficult: the tenuous relationship with neighboring Pakistan, which offers the cheapest land route to the closest seaport but through border crossings that are unreliable. Logistics officers are only too mindful that Pakistan closed the routes after U.S. airstrikes killed24Pakistani soldiers at an outpost on the Afghan border in November 2011. The routes were reopened only last July after Washington apologized. But U.S. officials hope that up to 60 percent of the hardware in Afghanistan can be sent out by way of Pakistan.

Logistical challenges As Obama delivered his State of the Union message Tuesday night, almost 40,000 armored or other large vehicles remained in Afghanistan. The military

has a goal of bringing out 1,500 of them every 30 days, a target it can reach — in a good month — by air. But there are just 22 months until the U.S.-led combat mission ends in December 2014. It is going to be a challenge, requiring Pakistan to open those border crossings permanently, and it is going to be expensive. The military, of course, is practiced at massive movements of material, and most of the senior officers involved in pulling equipment from Afghanistan — they call the effort "retrograde" — did the job in Iraq. But these officers stress that Iraq offered a sophisticated roadway system and flat terrain. Even more helpful, Iraq borders Kuwait, where U.S. equipment could be stored in large numbers at American bases, and then shipped home on a relatively unhurried timeline. "Afghanistan is not Iraq, and it's harder," said Lt. Gen. Raymond Mason, the Army's deputy chief of staff for logistics. "No. I, it's landlocked. And we have no Kuwait. We have no 'catcher's mitt,' no shock absorber. In Iraq, on the last day, you could still send stuff across the border into Kuwait, and absorb it there." Mason said re-establishing with certainty a pair of ground crossings into Pakistan would allow a larger volume of e quipment to make a faster exit from Afghanistan; the gear would be driven to Karachi, and then shipped by sea back to the United States. He said the first containers of hardware leaving Afghanistan had been driven into Pakistan just in the past few days. "That's the good news," he said. "But it is still very fragile." Maj. Gen. Kurt S t ein, commander of t h e F i r st Theater Sustainment Command, in charge of logistics across the Middle East and Southwest Asia, said there was another land route out of Afghanistan, called the Northern Distribution Network, which r uns n orth through Central Asian re-

an armored

vehicle as they prepare to leave the Strong Point Haji Rahmuddin II outpost in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Bryan Denton New York Times News Service

publics. But the initial land portion is inconveniently long as it strings toward ports on the Black Sea,the Mediterranean and Atlantic, and presents its own challenges: Railroads are of different gauges, and there are prohibitions on shipping lethal cargo. Regardless, the movement north from A f ghanistan requires passage through the Salang Tunnel, dug into the mountains of Parwan province. The tunnel was a favorite of insurgent ambushes during the Soviet invasion and withdrawaL And, today, U.S. troops are not deployed in Afghanistan's north. "About 85to 90percentofour equipment is south and east of the tunnel," Stein said, noting that the military never relies on what officers call"a single point of failure" like the lone and vulnerable tunnel on the northern exit route.

them if they are not relevant to future wars. Likewise, officers do not want to scrap them or give them to Afghans or other allies — and then have to buy them again if needed in the future. Other challenges remain. Even as forces are withdrawn on a timeline set by Obama, sufficient troops must remain to carry out the mission to train and assist Afghan forces — and to facilitate the withdrawal of the gear, and protect that effort. Senior officials warn that as the number of U.S. troops dwindles, they will be living

dining facilities, gymnasiums and other support services are pulled out in advance of critical combat services that will be the last home. DOUBLE SAVINGS NOW! $25-50 rebales on select Hunter Douglas products, and matching instant dealer rebates (thru 4/2/1 3)


an increasingly rugged life as


After Afghanistan Then there is the question of where the equipment is to go once it leaves Afghanistan. As the withdrawal accelerates, the armed services are negotiating with Pentagon civilians about how best to sort the equipment: Some weapons and hardware must be brought home, repaired and redistributed across the fighting force; some will be sold or donated to the Afghans or other partner nations in the region; and some will be scrapped because it is damaged or obsolete. Members of Congress are carefully watching to see how the Pentagon deals with the MRAP troop carriers in Afghanistan, part of a $45 billion urgent effort to build a fleet of armored transports to deflect lethal roadside bombs. The military does not want to pay for hauling them home and fixing

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Insurance Continued from A1 They could more than double forparticular groups such as the young and healthy. The danger of "rate shock" has also become the favored weapon of conservative opponents of the law, repeated in a drumbeat of op-eds and policy papers in recent weeks. The argument is a powerful one because the success of the law, which was the signature domestic accomplishment of Obama's first term,

depends on enough people signing up for insurance, particularly healthy people. The issue is surfacing as the most recent significant challenge in implementing the health care overhaul. Supporters o f the l aw complain that the warnings amount to a smear attack by special interests and political partisans, akin to earlier claims that the law would allow bureaucrats to deny lifesaving care to save money. "'Rate shock' is th e n ew 'death panels,'" said Wendell Potter, a former head of communications for the health insurer Cigna who is now a critic of the industry. "They've chosen these words very carefully to scare people. It's the ideal term for what is, at its core, a

fear-based campaign."

Getting more, paying more Yet even analysts who favor the law concede that it will result in higher costs for some

young, healthy people. Most of the new rules that could push up premiums will not apply to plans sponsored

by large employers, only to those sold to individuals and small businesses. These policies will be available on ins urance m a r ketplaces, o r "exchanges," that the law sets up in each state beginning in 2014, and that are ultimately

expected to serve about 26 million people. The law will require insurers to offer a generous package of benefitsfor exchange


affordable because we want people to p a rticipate," said AHIP's president and chief executive, Karen Ignagni.

tag many will be facing on the exchanges is still an appealing deal, he said — especially in light of the nearly $700 minimum penalty they will have to The subsidy factor pay for failing to get insurance Supporters of the law note by 2016. that it will provide many peoInsurance executives are ple with income-based federal less sanguine that young peosubsidies to help buy insur- ple will buy insurance. They ance and say that this will note that the penalty for not more than offset the impact of h aving coverage will be a s the higher rates. low as $95 for many people in In four of f i v e states he 2014. studied, more people will end They are pressing the adup saving money than losing ministration to issue regulait, said Jonathan Gruber, an tions that would bolster peoeconomist and key adviser to ple's incentives to get insurObama duringthe debate over ance — for example, allowing the health care law. "The typi- plans to charge higher rates to cal case I'm looking at is that people who don't sign up right roughly two-thirds of people away. are better off, once you factor The insurers also want the in the tax subsidies, and one- administrationto delaythe rule third of them are worse off," that limits premiums for older he said. "'Worse off' isn't even customers, to allow customthe rightword to use, because ers with existing policies that you're still getting more gener- don't meet the law's standards ous insurance than you were to keep them longer, and to rebefore." peal an excise tax that the law But many 2 0-somethings imposes on insurance compatoday buy stripped-down innies, which they say will only surance, and that changes the boost premiums higher. "We're very c o n cerned picture. Eighty percent would spend more o n e x c hange about this," said Alissa Fox, policies in 2014 than they do a senior vice president at the on their current, often bare- Blue Cross Blue Shield Assobones, plans, even when sub- ciation, which represents 38 sidies are taken into account, independent insurers. according to the New YorkObama officials have debased consulting firm Oliver clined to say whether they Wyman, which does work for have the authority or inclinaAHIP. tion to grant the industry's If these young and healthy requests. people find the pinch to their Some insurance executives wallets too painful, they could say privately that they hope either go without insurance their public messaging around and pay a tax penalty or take "rate shock" will at least head advantage of a provision in the off what they fear could be a law that allows those under frenzy of insurer-bashing once 30 to buy a h igh-deductible premiums are announced this "catastrophic" plan that will spring. "Let's face it," said an execupresumably be cheaper. Gruber doubts that either tive at one company. "We're option will prove popular. The not exactly everybody's favor$1,600 or $2,000 annual price ite industry."

plans, including coverage of maternity care, prescription drugs and treatment for mental illness. It also caps customers' out-of-pocket expenses. Many 20-somethings who buy their own insurance have plans that are considerably skimpier. So, under the new law, they will be getting and paying for more, whether they want the added coverage or not. Another key driver of higher prices: Insurers will no longer be able to turn away or charge more to people with preexisting conditions. Perhaps most significantly, insurers will be allowed to charge their oldest customers only three times as much as their youngest. In most states, older customers are paying at least five times as much. The result: The price of a policy for a y oung, healthy man in, for instance, Milwaukee, could triple from $58 per month to $175, according to a survey of insurers released by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank, and a former director of the Congressional Budget Office. Insurers argue that such increases could prompt many healthy young adults to opt out of coverage, skewing the insurance market so heavily toward the old and sick that it implodes. The trade group America's Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP, is lobbying for the delay or suspension ofsome of the stricter standards that could increase rates. "We want the system to be

lems, including Lindsey. It wasn't until Lindsey became Continued from A1 ill and was diagnosed last Both girls have been diag- spring that the parents realnosed with dilated cardiomy- ized all their children are in opathy, or DCM, an enlarge- danger. ment of the heart muscle that Throughout the last few causes it to weaken. days, Jason and Stacy said they've received an outpourSierra received a h eart t ransplant i n 20 0 6 . O n ing of support from both Wednesday, she was admit- their Palo Alto and Eastern ted to the cardiovascular ICU Oregon communities. The following a routine test that Binghams l i v e be t w een showed abnormal results. the rural Oregon towns of Doctors now believe that Haines and North Powder. Sierra's body is building up At one p oint T h ursday antibodies against the trans- morning, while Lindsey was planted heart. Jason said the stillin surgery, Jason checked organ might have already his phone. While not all of sustained some damage. the voicemails were new, the Sierra w a s d i s charged woman's voice on speakerfrom the hospital Friday and phone said, "You have four ... Jason said she is energetic, hundred ... messages." "It's humbling, the amount wanting to do her homework and go to sports practice. of support we've received But a team of physicians will from back home," Stacy said. soon meet to chart what steps "Never in a m i l lion years to take and how aggressively would I have imagined that to proceed. kind of support " "I'm going to tell you, that's After t h e c a r d iovascusome pretty hard news," Ja- lar ICU, Lindsey is slated to son said. move into a regular room in "This is a pretty blunt re- the hospital. She might be ality of what a heart trans- able to leave the hospital in plant i s, " h e co n t inued. several months "It's ongoing, with lifelong And when she is ready, Jacomplications." son is going to let her cut the The youngest of the five hair on his chin. Bingham siblings, Gage, 4, As a promise to Lindsey, also has been d i agnosed J ason started growing a with DCM. The other two goatee in June. He said he c hildren ar e h e althy b u t wouldn't cut it until a donor bear the genetic markers for heart was found. It's now several inches developing the disorder. Genetic tests became more ex- long. The Binghams intend act only in the last few years, to make a ceremony ofcutand scientists just recently ting it with the nurses and confirmed that DCM in chil- staff they consider family at dren regularly has genetic the hospital. "This is Lindsey's time," links. When Sierra was diag- Jason wrote Friday afternosed in 2006, the belief was noon on his blog, jasonand it was an i ndividual case., At that time, the whole fam- "Lindsey's day." — Reporter: 541-617-7828, ily was tested for DCM and none of them had heart probhhagemeier®

Economy Continued from A1 Overall, the state of Oregon is projected to see an $87 million bump in tax revenue in the next t w o -year b u dget cycle, economists said Friday. The increase gives lawmakers more money to work with as they craft the state's budget, but the state still falls short by about $700 million to keep stateservices at their current levels. The state's projected budget for the next biennium is $16.6 billion. House Republican l e aders used the state'sforecast to push theneed for reforms to the state's public pension system. "With this revenue forecast, the Legislature can begin to develop the 2013-15 state budget," House Republican Leader Mike McLane said in a statement. "Throughout this process, House Republicans will call for a budget that doesn't raise taxes on O regonians, along with l arge budgetary reserves to protectservices throughout the biennium. Further, we will continue to push for real PERS reforms to put more teachersin classrooms." Economists expect capital gains taxes will be up 44 percent this year, and say corporate income tax c ollections

also are coming in higher than projected. Analysts say it's likely a temporary spike caused by reactions to changes in federal law. "State economists are forecasting slow economic growth and a slight increase in tax revenues," said Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, a member of the House Revenue Committee, in a statement. "But this 'recovery' is not generating enough jobs for Oregon families. The Legislature should pass measures to encourage more hiring, and w e m u st focus on growing small businesses and other employers here in Central Oregon and other areas in the state." On the job f r ont, House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, agreed. "We're seeinga steady pattern of improvement in Oregon's economy," Kotek said in a statement. "Things are looking up for Oregon families, workers and businesses. At the same time, we still need to get more people back to work and will have to make very difficult choices in the state budget. There's a lot of work to do in the months ahead." — Reporter, 541-5541-1162,; The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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administrator in Chelyabinsk said that more than I million square feet of glass shattered, leaving many buildings exposed to icy cold. And as scientists tried to piece together the chain of events that led t o F r i day's disaster, residents of Chelyabinsk were left to grapple with memories that seemed to belong in science fiction. "I opened the window from surprise — there was such heat coming in, as if it were summer in the yard, and then I watched as the flash flew by and turned into a dot somewhere over the forest," wrote Darya Frenn, a blogger. "And in several seconds there was an explosion of such force that the window flew in along with its frame, the monitor fell, and e verything that was on t he desk." "God forbid you should ever have to experience anything like this," she wrote. At 9 a.m., the sun had just risen on the Ural Mountains, which form a ridge between European Russia and the vast stretch of Siberia to the east. The area around Chelyabinsk is a constellation of defensemanufacturing cities, including some devoted to developing and p r oducing nuclear weapons. The factory towns are separated by g reat expanses of uninhabited forest. As residentsof Chelyabinsk began their day on Friday, a 10-ton meteor around 10 feet in diameter was hurtling toward the Earth at a speed of about 10 to 12 miles per second, experts from the Russian Academy of Sciencesreported in a statement released Friday. Scientists believe the meteor exploded upon hitting the lower a tmosphere and disintegrated at an altitude of about 20 to 30 miles above the Earth's surface — not an especially unusual event, the statement said. This meteor was unusual because its material was so hard — it may have been made of iron, the statement said — which allowed some small

Continued from A1 "It would be very faint and difficult to detect — not impossible, but difficult." As for the three-times-longer asteroid that hurtled by Earth later in the day Friday, passing closer to the planet than some communications s atellites, a s t ronomers i n Spain did not even discover it until a year ago. That would have been too late for preemptive action — such as the launch of a deflecting spacecraft — if it had been on a collision course with Earth. Asteroid 2012 DA14, as it is known, passed harmlessly within 17,150 miles of Earth, zooming by at 17,400 mph, or 5 miles per second.

The sceneofthe explosion The scenes from Chelyabinsk offer a glimpse of an a pocalyptic s c enario t h a t many have walked through mentally, and Hollywood has popularized, but scientists say has never before injured so

many people. Students at the Chelyabinsk Railway I n stitute g athered around a w i n d ow, g azing at the fat white contrail that arceditsway across the morning sky. A missile? A comet? A few quiet moments passed. And t hen, w i t h i n c redible force, the windows blew in. The s t udents c r a mmed through a s t aircase thickly blanketed with glass out to the street, where hundreds stood in awe, looking at the sky. The flash came in blinding white, so bright that the vivid shadows of buildings slid swiftly and sickeningly across the ground. It burst yellow, then orange. And then there was the sound of frightened, con-

fused people. Around 1,200 people, 200 of them children, were injured, mostly by glass that exploded into schools and workplaces, according to Russia's Interior Ministry. Others suffered skull trauma and broken bones. No deaths were reported. A city

La Pine Continued from A1 Both Carroll and Dick Pugh, director of the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory at Portland State University, believe it's likely the fireball was a lowflying and possibly recoverable meteorite. But so far, the report from La Pine is the only sighting they know of. Pugh said the fact that the fireball could be heard as it passed overhead s u ggests pieces may have made it to the ground intact. "I don't get excited until people start hearing things, and then the fact it lit up everything like a lighting bolt, that's another good sign," Pugh said. Pugh said n early everything has to line up right for a meteor to make its way to the Earth's surface. Meteors enter th e a t mosphere at 35,000-40,000 mph, Pugh said, The density of the air increases as the meteor descends, and the accompanying friction will begin melting the meteor, he said, causing it to glow brightly. Pugh said most meteors are

Did youseeit? Did you observe ameteor around 10:45 p.m. Sunday? A bright light or

unexplained noise, like aIet aircraft? Dick Pugh at the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory wants to know about it, or

any other potential meteor sighting. Call him at 503287-6733.

too small to survive the fall without burning up completely — those seen in a typical meteor shower are rarely larger than a BB — but those that make it to the ground intact are reclassified as meteorites. "The ideal angle is about 15 degrees, that's what the shuttle tries to hit," he said. "Any shallower and you bounce off the atmosphere, and if it's much steeper, you burn up." Pugh said only one meteorite that was observed falling from the sky has ever been recovered in Oregon. Because most of Oregon is lightly populated, a meteorite fall can go

fragments,or meteorites,perhaps 5percent of the meteor's mass, to reach the Earth's surface. Nothing similar has been recorded in Russian territory since 2002, the statement said. Estimates of the meteor's size variedconsiderably. Peter Brown, a physics professor and directorof the Center for P lanetary Science and E x ploration at the University of Western Ontario, said it was closer to 50 feet in diameter and probably weighed around 7,000 tons. He said the energy releasedby the explosion was equivalent to 300 kilotons of TNT. Meteors t y pically c a u se sonic booms when they enter the Earth's atmosphere, and the one that occurred over Chelyabinsk w a s fo r c eful enough to shatter dishes and televisions in people's homes. Car alarms were triggered for miles around, and the roof of a zinc factory partially collapsed. Video clips, uploaded by the hundreds starting early Friday morning, showed ordinary mornings interrupted by a blinding flash and the sound of shattering glass. Maria Polyakova, 25, head of reception at the Park-City Hotel in Chelyabinsk, said it was the light that caught her

eye. "I saw a flash in the window, turned toward it and saw a burning cloud, which was s urrounded by s m oke a n d was going downward — it reminded me of what you see after an explosion," she said. The blast that followed was forceful enough to shatter the heavy automatic glass doors on the hotel's first floor, as well as many windows on the floor above, she said. Valentina N i k olayeva, a teacher in Chelyabinsk, described it as "an unreal light" that filled all the classrooms on one side of School No. 15. "It was a light which never happens in l ife, it h appens

probably only in the end of the world," she said in a clip posted on a news portal, Life

unseen, he said, and a single sighting is rarely sufficient to determine where m eteorite fragments might be found. Any fragments that survived are likely to look something like a charcoal briquette, Pugh said, possibly with small indentations like thumbprints where softer minerals burned up faster than harder minerals. Fragments are likely to be attracted to a magnet, he said, and spread out over an oblong debris field roughly 10 miles by 5 miles. Every report of a meteorite sighting helps researchers like Pugh narrow down the likely location where it fell to Earth. Sightings from communities east of La Pine like Fort Rock and Brothers would be especially useful, he said, though he added it will still be difficult to determine where to start looking with much accuracy. "Ifwe could get 30 observations or can get close, we can figure out maybe which hundred square miles this thing is on," he said.

Meteorites aren't uncommon By Frank Jordans The Associated Press

What's the difference •between a meteor and a meteorite? Meteorsare pieces of • space rock, usually from largercomets or asteroids, which enter the Earth's atmosphere. M an y are burned up by friction and the heat of the atmosphere, but those that survive and strike the Earth are called meteorites. They often hit the ground at tremendous speed — up to 30,000 kilometers an hour (18,650mph) — releasing a huge amount of energy, according to the European Space Agency.

lated city, while the Russian fireball exploded miles in the air, reducing the potential damage. I s there any link b e Q •• tween this meteor and the larger asteroid that passed Earth later on Friday? • No, it's just cosmic co• incidence. According to NASA, the trajectory of the Russian meteorite was significantly different from that of asteroid 2012 DA14. "In videos of the meteor, it is seen to pass from left to right in front of the rising sun, which means it was traveling from north to south. Asteroid DA14's trajectory is in the opposite direction, from south to north," the U.S. space


agency said. • How often do mete• orites hit Earth? . Experts say smaller . strikes happen five to 10 times a year. Large meteors such as the one in Russia on Friday are rarer, but still occur about every five years, according to Addi Bischoff, a mineralogist at the University of Muenster in Germany. Most of them fall over uninhabited areas where they don't injure humans. • Howbig was Friday's • meteor and why did it cause so many injuries'? • Before it entered the • atmosphere, the meteor was about 15 meters (49 feet) in diameter and had a mass of about 7,000 tons, NASA says. The space agency also says the fireball from it , which was brighter than the sun, is the biggest reported in more than a c entury, since a 1908 event in Siberia. The blast released the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of tons of TNT. The huge release of energy shattered windows and sent loose objects flying. The blast produced 20 times or more the explosive force of the U.S. bomb dropped over H i roshima during World War II. But the bomb detonated just 2,000 feet above a densely popu-

was the last event Q •• When like this?


• In 2 0 0 8, a s tronomers • spotted a meteor similar to the one in Russia heading toward Earth about 20 hours before it entered the atmosphere. It exploded over the vast African nation of Sudan, causing no known injuries. The largest known meteor in recent times caused the "Tunguska event" — flattening thousands of square miles of forest in remote Siberia in 1908. Nobody was injured by the meteor blast, or by the Sik-

NM f


hote-Alin meteorite that fell in eastern Siberia in 1947. S cientists believe that a far larger meteorite strike on what today is Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula may have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago. According to that theory, the impact would have thrown up vast amounts of dust that blanketed the sky for decades and altered the climate on Earth. What Q ..learn

c a n s c i entists f r o m Fr >day's

strike? . Bischoff says scientists . and treasure hunters are probably already racing to find piecesofthe space rock. Some meteorites can be very valuable, selling for up to $670 per

gram, depending on their origin and composition. Because meteors have remained largely unchanged for billions of years — unlike rocks on Earth affected by erosion and volcanic outbreaks — scientists will study the fragments to learn more aboutthe early universe. Alan Harris, a senior scientist at the German Aerospace Center in Berlin, says some meteorites are also believed to carry organic material and may have influenced the development of life on Earth.

t r al O r eg o n

National Alliance on Mental Illness-Central Oregon February 19, 2013 Education Meeting YogaCalm, Acupuncture, ReikiThe Mind Body Connection When: 3rd Tues. 2/19/13, 7-9 PM Where: St. Charles Medical Center-Bend Conf. Rm. "D" Pleaseattend to learn how these techniques createcalming, awareness and healing; techniques that connect mind and body in wellness. Our practitioners will discussand demonstrate their specialties. Attending helps you connect with others in supporting, educating and advocating for mental health LaCentral Oregon. Presenters: Anna Thedford - Yoga Calm Consultant; Cyndee Overland - Central Oregon Acupuncture; Nancy Montefreddi — Reiki Practitioner Meeting ishee and opento the public





— Reporter: 541-383-0387,


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Former foes on same team: panel to fix voting system By Jeff Zeleny New York Times News Service

WASHINGTON — Robert Bauer and Ben Ginsberg, two of the nation's pre-eminent election lawyers, have long been on opposing sides of legal arguments. In the fall they were quarreling over voter registration, early voting laws and how the debates should be staged between theirrespective clients, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. But for the next six months they will be working side by side on a n e w p r esidential commission, surveying election officials and customer service specialists — possibly from theme parks and other crowded places — to find ways to streamline how Americans cast their ballots and reduce the long lines that kept hundreds of thousands of people from voting in November. The president, in announcing the commission during his State of the Union address Tuesday, noted that the presence of Ginsberg, a longtime

Republican, would lend credibility and move beyond party politics to ensure its bipartisan nature. Dan Pfeiffer,a senior adviser to the president, said the timing of the effort will also

help. Yet since elections are governed by a patchwork of local laws, improvements to voting problems will likely rise or fall on action in state legislatures or county governments rather than in Congress or recommendations by a presidential commission. Several groups that study the voting system applauded the White House for highlighting the issue, but some critics expressed skepticism that improvements would be made simply because ofa presidential commission. "We have long lines at the polls every four years. It's not new," said Elisabeth MacNamara, president of the League of Women Voters. "Sending this to a commission is not a bold step."

T he president, wh o h a s sought to draw attention to voters waiting hours to cast ballots in November, said he created the commission "to improve the voting experience in America." The White House will also name five other people to the commission, aides said. Bauer and Ginsbergdeclined to comment about the commission, saying they wanted to get their work under way first. But associates of both men said they were committed to setting aside their partisan arguments to find common ground on voting problems that affect Republican and D emocratic candidates alike. "The idea here is to help people administer their elections better," Pfeiffer said. "There is a whole set of ideological partisan issues around voting, but on the very specific questions of the administration of elections, that is something that you would hope and believe Republicans and Democrats would want to solve."


'cR~srTZL'A'IvoRL'RG'oK + I

, IC I


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II ~






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$24,995 I




• J


I ' 'I

II w~~

~26,995 II I Aaron P. Bernstein / New York Times News Serwce

f/ I


$28,495 I



• I


Vernon Bowman, of Sandborn, Ind., will face off on Tuesday against Monsanto, the world's largest seed company, in a U.S. Supreme Court case that could deal a huge blow to the future of genetically modified crops. center says there are many other cases in which farmers settled out of court or before a suit was filed. Monsanto says it must stop i nfringers to be fair t o t h e large majority of farmers who do pay to use its technology. But M o n santo t y p i cally exercises no control over soybeans or corn once farmers sell their harvested crops to grain elevators, which in turn sell them for a n i mal f eed, food processing or industrial use.

ing Intel computer chips containing patented technology licensed from LG Electronics. The court ruled that once Intel sold the chips to computer manufacturers, LG's r i ghts were exhausted and LG could not control how the manufacturers used the chips in their machines.



®30,995 I


e I



• • L •

I /






I e



I '



r I


Standing his ground

In the seed case, Bowman a rgues, Monsanto had n o more rights on the beans sold to the grain elevator. Monsanto and i t s a l l i es Patent exhaustion counter, saying that selling Bowman said that for his to a grain elevator and buymain soybean crop, he honing back seed would be too ored Monsanto's agreement, simple an end-run around the buying new seeds each year patents. c ontaining t he Rou n d up They say exhaustion apReady gene, which makes the plies only to the particular plants immune to the herbiitem sold and does not give cide Roundup. That technol- the buyer the right to make ogy is hugely popular, used unlimited copies of that item, in morethan 90 percent of the which is what Bowman did nation's soybeans, because it by growing new soybean allows farmers to spray fields plants from the grain elevator to kill weeds without hurting beans. the crop. Bowman's side says that But Bowman also planted he was not making seeds, but a second soybean crop later merely using the seed from Powerful seed companies in the growing season, after the elevator, which i s p erSome critics o f b i o tech- harvesting his wheat. Since missible. It just so happens nology say that a victory for that late crop is more prone that because of the nature Bowman could weaken what to failure, he says, he did not of a seed,using one results they see as a stranglehold that want to pay the high price for in more copiesbeing creMonsanto and some other big patented seed. ated. Bowman argues there biotech companies have over S o starting i n 1 9 99, h e should not be an exception farmers, which they say has bought commodity soybeans to the exhaustion rule just led to rising seed prices and from a grain elevator. These because a patented item is the lack of high-yielding va- beans were a mixture of vari- self-replicating. rieties that are not genetically etiesfrom different farmers, Bowman and his allies say engineered. but, not surprisingly, most of a ruling in his favor would not Patents have "given seed them were Roundup Ready. decimate the biotechnology companies enormous power, So Bowman sprayed Round- industry. Monsanto could still and it's come at the detriment up on his late-season crop. use contractsto stop farmers " All t h rough h i story w e of farmers," said Bill Freese, from saving newly purchased science policy analyst for the have always been allowed seed, which i s w h a t m o st Center for Food Safety, which to go to an elevator and buy farmers will continue to use. was an author of a brief on commodity grain and plant Most farmers would not buy the side of Bowman. "Seed- it," he said in an interview. large amounts of seed from saving would act as a muchThe courts, however, have grain elevators, they say, beneeded restraint on skyrock- not agreed. After Monsanto cause it is of poor quality. eting biotech seed prices." sued Bowman in 2007, a disBowman said that before Farmers who plant seeds trict court awarded the com- his case, Vernon Hugh Bowwith M o n santo's t e chnol- pany more than $84,000. The man v. Monsanto, 11-796, was ogy must sign an agreement Court of Appeals for the Fed- taken pro bono by Mark Walnot to save the seeds, which eral Circuit, which special- ters and other lawyers from means they must buy n ew izes in patent cases, upheld the firm o f F r ommer Lawseeds every year. that decision, saying that by rence 8c Haug, he had spent Monsanto has a reputation planting the seeds Bowman $31,000 on l egal f ees and for vigorously protecting its had created newly infringing handled much of the legal reintellectual property. articles. search himself, using a comThe Center for Food Safety, Bowman's main defense is puter at the library because which has tracked the cases, patent exhaustion — the con- he does not own one. He said said Monsanto had filed more cept that once a patented ob- he never considered settling than 140 p a tent i n f r i nge- ject is sold, the patent holder because he thought he was in ment lawsuits involving 410 l oses control over how it i s the right. "I was prepared to let them farmers and 56 small farm used. businesses, and had so f ar T he Supreme Court a f - run over me," Bowman said, r eceived $23.67 million i n firmed this principle most re- "but I wasn't getting out of r ecorded j u d gments. T h e cently in a 2008 case involv- the road."



Seeds Continued from A1 It is scheduled to be heard April 15. Monsanto says that a victory for Bowman would allow farmers to essentially save seeds from one year's crop to plant the next year, eviscerating patent protection. In Bowman's part of Indiana, it says, a single acre o f s o ybeans can produce enough seeds to plant 26 acres the next year. Such a ruling would "devastate innovation in biotechnology," the company wrote in its b r ief. "Investors are unlikely to make such investments if they cannot prevent purchasers of living organisms containing their invention from using them to produce unlimited copies." The decision might also apply to live vaccines, cell lines and DNA used for research or medical treatment, and some types of nanotechnology. Many organizations have filed briefs in support of Monsanto's position — universities worried about incentives for research,makers of laboratory instruments, and some big farmer groups like the American Soybean Association, which say seed patents have spurred crop improvements. The Justice Department is also supporting Monsanto's argument. B SA/The Software A l l i ance, which represents companies like Apple and Microsoft, said in a brief that a decision against Monsanto might "facilitate software piracy on a broad scale" because software can be easily replicated. But it also said that a decision that goes too far the other way could m ak e n u isance software patent infringement lawsuits too easy to file.



— ~47,99S


I ' I




s .

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s12,995 r I e •







s<9,995 r




s23,995 I








s ' • 'I




Is I





$25,995 GMC




U JT I O N •




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USCBpresident died Thursday Virginia Reddick, president of the United Senior Citizens of Bend, died Thursday at St. Charles Bend. She was 81.

"It was suddenand shocking," said her son March Reddick, of Bend.

He said his mother died at 2:30 a.m. as the

consequence of amajor stroke. Reddick became president of USCB

around 2000, hesaid. "She devoted her life to

the seniors." "She's probably put in more hours towards the betterment of the

senior community

I lO

BI' 8 S

• Bill would keep legislators out of public pension systemto avoid conflict of interest By Ben Botkin The Bulletin

Imagine elementary school classrooms packed with 50 students and Bend-La Pine Schools forced to shed 10 percent of its full-time teaching staff. That's the future for public schools absent any major reforms to the state Public Employees Retirement System, according to a presentation from officials about the pension system. Forty attendees heard the outlook — and part of why officials say reforms are needed to the pension sys-

tem — in a town hall meeting on Friday in Bend. The event, sponsored by the Bend Area Chamber of Commerce,had a panel of speakers: Bend-La Pine Schools Superintendent Ron Wilkinson, Deschutes County Commissioner Alan Unger, Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, and Bend-La Pine School Board Member Cheri Helt.

Knopp said he has personally opted out of PERS, though he's eligible for the program as a state legislator. He also said he is backing a bill this session that would

Bll8 I 5 keep future legislators from enrolling in the PERS system. The proposal doesn't force current lawmakers enrolled in PERS off the program, though it would create an alternative retirement plan if they opt out. Knopp said that's a good starting point for reform, noting the potential conflict of interest presented lawmakers who make decisions about PERS that directly impact them. "There's certainly a perceived conflict if not an actual conflict," Knopp said. Knopp said he's seen elementary classrooms with 35 students while touring schools in his district — and they will

end up growing to 50 students if PERS costs soar unchecked. "We have a choice as Oregonians — are we going to fix this problem, or are we going to sacrifice a generation'?" Knopp said. "I don't want to do that." M ark Molner, president of the Bend Education Association, which represents BendLa Pine teachers, attended the event. Afterward, Molner said PERS is an issue that needs a solution, but it's just one part of the economic pressures impactingschools and teachers. Others include freezes to cost-of-living increases and lost contract days through cuts, he said. SeePERS/B5

than any other person in Bend's history, and

her presence will be sorely missed," said attorney Bill Buchanan,



Wyden pledges schoolfunding Sens. RonWyden, D-Ore., andMax Baucus, D-Mont, pledged Friday

to secure anotheryear's funding for the Secure

Rural Schools Program. The program, first authorized in 2000, provides federal funds to

primarily rural western communities that have seen funding for their

schools dry up as timber harvests have declined. Historically, timber com-

panies paid royalties for the right to cut on federal land,much ofwhich was

directed to rural school districts to make up for the fact that federal lands

are exempt from state and local property taxes. In a newsreleaseissued Friday,Wyden and Baucus vowed torenew the Secure Rural Schools

who represented USCB.

Program foranother year

"Literally thousands

in order to find time to

and thousands and thousands of hours

develop a longer-term solution. The programcost the federal government $346 million in fiscal year

that were dedicated to

helping seniors, particularly the lower-income seniors who had the

2012, with $102 million directed to Oregon.

greatest need." According to her son,

Senators fight postal plan

Virginia Reddick was born March 26, 1931, in

Milwaukee andattended business college in

Oregon Sens.Jeff Merkley andRonWyden, Oregon Democrats, were among 24senators Friday to challengethe U.S.

Houston. She moved to

Hollywood, Calif., where her family relocated its

printing business. He said she later movedto

Postal Service postmaster general's authority

Huntington Park, Calif., and after working in the

to discontinueSaturday mail delivery without

steel industry becamea

congressional approval. The senators wrote

pioneer in the business side of cellular tele-

Patrick Donahoe urging him to work with

phones. She was married

Congress toaddressthe

briefly in the1950s and

financial challenges facing the post office. The

divorced; she movedto Bend in 1994, he said. Reddick was part of

senators also suggested that switching to a five-

the USCBcampaign

day service weekcould lead to further declines

in the 1990s to raise funds to help build

in revenue, and that the change would hurt rural

Bend's Senior Center,

1600 S.E. Reed Market Road. However, the

communities andmid-

rew Diehl, 28, of Redmond, a Galvanic Event staff employee, tests out the snow jump he helped build

dle-class families. In addition, their letter pointed out that the change isa violation of an existing law under the Continuing

with his co-workers by launching over it on his snowboard in final preparations for WinterFest. See

tion of 2012.

organization in 2012 fell out with the Bend Park & Recreation

District, charging the district shortchanged

the seniors in whose interest the center was built. USCB demanded

a refund of the money

Andy Tullis/The Bulletin


Page B2 for more photos from the first night of the event and a schedule for the rest of the weekend.

it helped raise, but the district declined.

Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements, said Holly Houston, a

manager with the firm. March Reddicksaid a

memorial celebration is being planned. — From staff reports

ROAD CLOSURE Shevlin Hixon Drive will be closed for WinterFest until early


d Mill gI

7 > c.„.„



Greg Cross/The Bulletin

Well shot! reader photos • We want to see your best photos capturing local wildlife for another special version of Well shot! that will run in the Outdoors section. Submit your best work at www.bendbulletin. com/wellshot/wildlife, and we'll pick the best for publication.

Stopping mail service on Saturdayswould affect 70,000 jobs. The

change inservice is scheduled to takeplace later this year.

Protester sto ring bellsforclimatechange

St. Francis openhouses

By Dylan J. Darling

St. Francis School in Bend will hold a series

The Bulletin

Bells will ring Sunday in Bend to sound an alarm about climate change, saythe organizers of a march through downtown. The Green Ministry Team at the First Presbyterian Church in Bend, the Sierra Club Juniper Group and other Central Oregon organizations with an environmental focus are planning the rally to coincide with

an event also planned for the same day in Washington, D.C. Gretchen Valido, Juniper Group chair, said she is hopeful the Bend rally will draw 40-50 people. She said those who plan on being there should bring a bell. "It can be little jingle bells ... a cowbell, whatever makes a ding and a ring," she said. The sidewalk march will start at 12:30 p.m. Sunday at Troy Field, the ballfield on

Bond Street next to the First United Methodist Church, in downtown Bend, said Thiel Larson,chair ofthe Gr een Ministry Team. From there it will head along Bond Street to Greenwood Avenue before going back through downtown along Wall Street. The march will end at the intersection of Wall Street and Minnesota Avenue, where some speakers will talk about climate change, Larson said.

Ifyou go

of openhouses for pro-

What:Climate change march When:12:30 p.m. Sunday

Where:Troy Field, on Bond Street in downtown Bend Like Valido, she said she is hopeful that about 50 people will be in the march. SeeClimate /B5

Les Schwab Amphitheater


Appropriations Resolu-

New communit ygarden planned in Bend Bulletin staff report Bend residents will get a new community garden this

year. The Franklin's Corner Garden project includes a demonstration "rain garden" to capture stormwater, and a design that will make the entire project accessible to people with disabilities, according to a city news release. The garden will be at the intersection of Northeast Eighth Street and Franklin Avenue, on cityowned land. It could open as early as this spring, city Volunteer Coordinator Cheryl Howard wrote in an email. On Tuesday, the city announced it won a $3,500 grant from the Fiskars Corporation, plus a Fiskars tool

kit worth $1,500. The city partnered with the nonprofit Celebrate Bend to apply for the grant; local businesses are also donating materials for the garden. Volunteers will build and maintain the garden, according to the city press release. The garden will also conserve water and teach students from local schools about the benefits of gardening. The city might give preference for some of the garden plots to families in the neighborhood, Howard wrote. For more information about Central Oregon community gardens, visit centraloregonfoodpolicy. org/projects-2/communitygardens.

spective students and

parents. The firstopenhouse will be held from 9 a.m. to1 p.m. Thursday. Ad-

ditional openhousesare scheduled from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Feb. 25, and March 5. The event will be held at the school on Northeast 27th Street.

Parents andstudents are encouraged tovisit and learn moreabout the programsSt. Francis School offers for children pre-K through 8th grade.

For more information, call 541-382-4701. — From staffreports


Edible-plant boxes

In observance ofPresidents Day,most city, county, state and federal offices will be closed.



Banks will be closed. Post offices will be closed, and mail will not


Larcih Dsr.

Gree ood Ave. Juni er Park Fra klinAve. ~ CLt

Source: City of Bend

Bear Creek Rd'.

be picked up ordelivered. All Central Oregon schools will be closed.

Libraries in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties will be



closed. Central Oregon liquor stores will have normal Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin




interFest began Friday at the Old Mill

« „at/

District near the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend, showcasing winter sports, ice and snow sculptures, live music and more. Check out these photos of what happened Friday to see what kind of events are coming up for the rest of the weekend.

If yougo What: Bend WinterFest When:11a.m. to10 p.m. today;11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday Where:Old Mill District in Bend (near Les Schwab Amphitheater) Cost:A WinterFest button is $8 at the gate and is required for admission to all WinterFest events. or 541-323-0964 Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

A group of spectators photographs a fire pit on display at WinterFest.

««L,.. Lr.



r « « V

Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

P Ice carvers work on making a sculpture Friday. More ice carving is scheduled at 11 a.m. today.

Andy Tullts / The Bulletin

g Randal Seaton, 24, of Bend, lays out a backflip on his snowboard in the U.S. Cellular Dayglow Big Air Ski Show. The event continues at 5:30, 6:30 and 8 p.m. today. Lisa Donze of Olympia, Wash., works on her snow sculpture titled "Phoenix."

«p L

Ryan Brennecke The Bulletin

Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Brian Mennenga, 33, takes photos of the athletes participating in the Dayglow Big Air Ski Show.




Deal easesUmatilla Basinwater dispute By Steven DuBois

The rich farmland of the The Associated Press Umatilla Basin produces peas, P ORTLAND — T h e d e - potatoes, wheat, watermelon cades-longtug-of-warbetween and other crops. Potentially farmers and environmental- valuableacres are leftunused, ists in Eastern Oregon's Uma- however, because of insuffitilla Basin eased Friday when cient water. they, along with tribal interThe nearby Columbia River ests and government regula- tempts farmers with w a ter tors, agreed to a "declaration they can't use because it's tarof cooperation" on a handful geted for hydroelectric power of projects to increase irriga- and salmon. tion water without hurting enBob Levy, a f armer who dangered salmon. grows peas, corn and alfalfa, The deal s i gned F r iday said the water problems will by Gov. John Kitzhaber and probably never go away, but members of a taskforce com- Friday'sagreement represents prised of competing interest progress. "Everything h e l ps," he groups includes water storage projects that could divert said. "The idea is to go slow more Columbia River water in and progress at a speed that the winter, which is less detri- doesn't harm the environment mental to fish than spring and as we move into more agriculsummer withdrawals. tural activity." "There is a path forward The projects that won a conthat allows us to find solutions sensus include: that balance both in-stream • Completing the Umatilla and out-of-stream uses of wa- Basin aquifer recharge projter," Kitzhaber said. ect, which would divert water


from the river in the winter, when its flow i s h i gh, and store it underground for future use. The governor's office says it should be up-and-running within three years. • Repairing t he W a l l owa Lake Dam, which is now in such poor condition that water levels in the lake have been reduced. Fixing it would allow higher water levels and the subsequent release of more water during irrigation season. The governor's proposed budget seeks $250,000 for feasibility w o rk . C o n struction could be done within five years, but more money will be needed. • Building a Juniper Canyon storage reservoir, estimated at almost 50,000 acre-feet of water, which would be pumped from the Columbia during the winter. The governor's pro-

SPIRIT OFTHEWEST DAY: Meet high desert pioneers, hear their stories and participate in their activities; included in the price of admission; $12 adults, $10 ages 65 and older, $7 ages 5-12, free ages 4 and younger; 11 a.m.-3 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or ZWICKELMANIA:Tour11 local participating breweries, speak with brewers and sample beer; shuttle service available for some breweries; free; 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; http:/I "WE ARELEGION": A screening of the 2012 documentary about the internet"hacktivist" collective, Anonymous, followed bya discussion; free; 2 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, Brooks Room, 601 N.W. Wall St.; 541-318-8169. MCMANUS INLOVE:A one-man show aboutromance and dating starring Tim Behrens, written by humorist Patrick F. McManus; $30$40 plus fees; 3:30 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www.towertheatre. org. VFW DINNER:A dinner of roast beef; $8.50; 5 p.m .;VFW Hall,1503 N.E. Fourth St., Bend; 541-389-0775. "THE LASTPIRATEOFTHE CARIBBEAN":Children's Theater Company presents a murder mystery dinner theater; registration requested; $15; 6:309 p.m.; The Bridge Church of the Nazarene, 2398 W. Antler Ave.,

"THE METROPOLITANOPERA: RIGOLETTO":Starring Diana Damrau, OksanaVolkova and Piotr Beczala in a presentation of Verdi's masterpiece; opera performance transmitted live in high definition; $24, $22 seniors, $18 children; 9:55 a.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-382-6347. HUMANE SOCIETYOPEN HOUSE: An open house with refreshments, dog and cat adoption promotions, and an animal photo shoot from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.; proceeds benefit the Humane Society; free admission; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; HumaneSociety of Central Oregon, 61170 S.E.27th St., Bend; 541-382-3537 or www.hsco. org/. RUN FORCHOCOLATE:A 5Krun/ walk with chocolate aid stations; proceeds benefit the La Pine High School Athletic Department; free for spectators; 10 a.m.; Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive; BEND WINTERFEST: Winter carnival featuring a big air show, races, a children's area, live music, a fire pit competition, ice and snow sculptures and more; a portion of proceeds benefits Saving Grace; $5$6 for WinterFest button in advance, $8 at the gate, free for Mt. Bachelor season pass holders;11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Old Mill District, 661 S.W. Powerhouse Drive; 541-323-0964 or

Alleged drunk driver is alleged dank rodder — oregon State Police say amanarrested on adrunken driving charge near Eugene turned out to be asuspect in a bank robbery about11 hours

other 5-to-10 years, and money would be needed. T he Co l u mbi a Riv e r Umatilla Solutions Taskforce also supports leasing water from Washington state, and developing a stronger interstate approach to Columbia water with Washington and Idaho. The agreements with Washington are expected to take severalyears, said Eric Quaempts, naturalresources director for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Quaempts said the monthslong process ofreaching the agreement helped everyone understand there are no simple solutions. "But it d idn't get contentious," he said. "I think what

earlier and nearly 500 miles to the south. The police said Friday that

troopers found a largeamount of marked cash whenthey stopped a 1993 pickup about 9 p.m.Wednesdayand confirmed the next day it had been taken from a robbery at a Sacramento, Calif., bank. Police

saidthesuspect,57-year-oldJamesDearofLasCruces,N.M.,was arrested Thursday andheld for extradition to California. Sacramento police say the robber told a teller at the First Northern Bank a bomb was in his backpack and fled on foot after the holdup.

SiCk Cup leaVeS guu at ChurCh —A lawenforcement officer visiting a church in Lebanon got sick in the bathroom, put his gun on

a shelf and didn't retrieve it. TheRev.Frank Moloney of First Christian Church told the Albany Democrat-Herald that church members found the handgun the next morning, Sunday. For a time, Moloney says, they

believed it belonged to ahomeless manwhoslept in the parking lot and had used the bathroom Sunday morning. But during the Sunday

service, church leaders spokeabout finding a "very expensive item," and the deputy claimed thehandgun. Thedeputy wasn't identified.

Expelled student's family plans lawsuit —Thefamily of a student expelled from aSalemhigh school for having a pocketknife has filed notice that it will sue the district. The Salem Statesman Journal reports the family of Robert Mann challenges the district's

happened was people began

right to expel a student for having a pocketknife when it's legal to carry one outside the school. Mannwas expelled from Sprague High

to appreciate why it's complex, why it's challenging and why posed budget seeks $250,000 you can't just go write a bill for feasibility work. Construc- and get 100,000 acre feet out of tion would not occur for anthe Columbia."




School for the rest of the school year, but he can attend an alternative

program. — From wire reports

Email events at least 10days before publication date to or click on "Submit an Event" at Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Contact: 541-383-0351.

Redmond; 541-460-3024 or www. COMEDY WITHDEAN OLESON: The Seattle-based comedian performs; $10 includes a drink; 6:30-9 p.m.; The Original Kayo's Dinner House and Lounge, 415 N.E Third St., Bend; 541-323-2520. HAVE AHEARTFORBEND FUNDRAISER:Featuring beer and wine tasting, a raffle, live music by the Soul Benders and dancing; proceeds benefit St. Vincent de Paul social services; $35; 7-11 p.m.; Elks Lodge, 63120 N.E. BoydAcres Road; 541-389-6643. MACHETASO PROFANO:The Portland-based metal band performs, with Hive Tyrant and more; $5; 7 p.m.; Domino Room, 51 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541788-2989. "WORKING":Thoroughly Modern Productions and Stage Right Productions present the musical depicting the working lives of everyday people; $21, $18 students and seniors; 7:30 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626 or ARCHAEOLOGYFESTFILM SERIES: A screening of the best films from the 2012The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, including "The Hobbit Enigma"; $6; 7:30p.m.,doorsopen7 p.m .;Central Oregon Community College, Boyle Education Center, 2600 N.W.College Way, Bend; 541-345-5538 or www.

CENTRAL OREGONLOCAVORE FUNDRAISINGDANCE:A grand opening party featuring food, drinks, races, a dance party and live music; proceeds benefit the nonprofit's services; free; 8 p.m.; Central Oregon Locavore, 1216 N.E. First St., Bend. TONY HOLIDAY 5 THE VELVETONES:The North Carolinabased blues act performs, with Satori Bob; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W.Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879 or thehornedhand. DJ WEATHER:The Portland-based DJ performs; free; 10 p.m.; Astro Lounge, 939 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-388-0116.

SUNDAY BEND WINTERFEST:Winter carnival featuring a big air show, races, a children's area, live music, afire pit competition, ice and snow sculptures and more; a portion of proceeds benefits Saving Grace; $5$6 for WinterFest button in advance, $8 at the gate, free for Mt. Bachelor season pass holders;11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Old Mill District, 66 I S.W. Powerhouse Drive; 541-323-0964 or "WORKING":Thoroughly Modern Productions and Stage Right Productions present the musical depicting the working lives of everyday people; $21, $18 students and seniors;3 p.m .;2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette

Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626 or JOHN FAWCETTAND AARON PETIT RECITAL:Violinist John Fawcettand pianist Aaron Petit perform classical works; free; 3 p.m.; Foundry Church, 60 N.W. Oregon Ave., Bend; 541647-6875.


TUESDAY "PUBLISHINGYOUR WORK ON THE INTERNET":BendGenealogical Society presents a program by George Larson; free; 10 a.m.; First Presbyterian Church, 230 N.E. Ninth St., Bend; 541-317-9553 or www. THE LIBRARY BOOKCLUB: Read and discuss "Will in the World" by Stephen Greenblatt; free; noon; East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road; 541-330-3764 or www. SCIENCE PUB: Learn about new research at Oregon State UniversityCascade Campus, titled "Alternative Transportation fuels: What About Natural Gas?"; registration


In-Home Care Servlces Care forloved ones. Comfort for au. s41-389-0006

requested; free; 5:30 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-3825174 or

WEDNESDAY LUNCHANDLECTURE: Learn about Northern spotted owls in Oregon, bring a sack lunch; included in the price of admission; $12 adults, $10 ages 65and older, $7ages 5-12, free ages 4 and younger; noon-1 p.m.; HighDesertMuseum,59800S.U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or CHEW ON THIS: FOOD FACTS AND CONSIDERATIONS: A presentation by health and human performance professor Owen Murphy covering various aspects of food production and consumption; free; 4-5 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, Hitchcock Auditorium, 2600 N.W. College Way,Bend; 541-383-7786 or www.cocc.edul.


• r

NEWS OF RECORD p.m. Feb. 13, in the19300 block of Laurelhurst Way. Theft —A theft was reported at 12:20 p.m. Feb.13, in the1800 block of Northeast Lotus Drive.

POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log when such a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, caII 541-383-0358.

Oregon State Police Vehicle crash —An accident was reported at9a.m. Feb.14, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 near milepost 162. Vehicle crash —An accident was reported at 8:30 a.m. Feb. 14, in the area of U.S. Highway 20 near

Bend Police Department Theft —A theft was reported at 7:48

milepost 82. DUII —Jeffrey R. Ford, 50, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 8:45 p.m. Feb. 14, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 near milepost141.

BEND FIRE RUNS Wednesday 18 —Medical aid calls.





5)/y~~ h

C -'r

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IT&lk ~ ~ ~~ I N & FRm FREQ~ g ~ „,

kF%a G+NN~ CRUI5E/

ive Sen. Ron Wyden credit for consistency and perseverance. He is once again trying to get the federal government to recognize the fact that hemp does not equal marijuana. After failing to get his bill approved last session, the Oregon Democrat filed it again Thursday with support from fellow Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley, as well as Kentucky Republicans Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. Wyden's Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2013 would remove federal restrictions that bar farmers from growing hemp, as long as it has less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that makes marijuana a controlled substance. The two plants are related, but differ sharply in the amount of THC they include. Oregon is one of eight states that already distinguish hemp from marijuana, but farmers face raids and penalties because federal law lists it as a controlled substance. The U.S. is the world's largest consumer of hemp, but its farmers can't profit from growing it. Wyden's office reports that U.S. imports have grown 300 percent over the last decade. Canada, which provides most of U.S. imports, doubled the acres devoted to the crop between 2011 and 2012. Hemp is used in the manufac-

ture of a wide variety of products, including paper, clothes and rope. Its seed oil can be used in food, paint and pharmaceuticals, among others. For those opposed to the kind of marijuana legalization recently approved in the states of Washington and Colorado, it's critical to emphasize that this is a separate issue. This bill doesn't tackle the larger question roiling in many states — including Oregon — about marijuana legalization. Nor does it have anything to do with medical marijuana, which is legal in more states. This bill simply corrects a failure of the federal law to distinguish between marijuana and hemp. Its approval would allow American farmers to produce this lucrative crop, bringing jobs and profits home from overseas. As Wyden commented in presenting this bill, "Unfortunately, there are some dumb regulations that are hurting economic growth and jobcreation, and the ban on growing industrial hemp is certainly among them." Well said.

Cash-strapped counties

seek leviesfor police ommissioners in three of Oregon's most financially strapped counties will put a piece of their problem squarely in voters' laps come May when they ask for local option levies to help keep their law enforcement systems afloat. If history is an indicator, the commissioners have a tough sales job ahead of them. Lane County commissioners decided this week to ask voters for money to beef up services at the county jail, a facility designed for 255 inmates that currently houses only 83. In Curry County on the Oregon coast, meanwhile, voters will decide the fate of a levy designed to keep public safety services at their current levels. In Josephine County, the proceeds of a levy would expand the number of available jail beds and pay for some other public safety services, as well. All three counties face similar hurdles in getting their levies passed. Lane County voters have rejected nine consecutive public safety levies since 1998. Josephine and Curry counties, with the lowest and second lowest property


tax rates in the state, respectively, also are near the bottom in median incomes among Oregon counties. The median income is the one squarely in the middle value of all incomes. Historically, all three counties have been particularly dependent on timber income to balance their budgets. All are among the counties that were promised half of timber receipts by Congress in 1937 when timber income amounted to something. All have been particularly reliant on federal income from the Secure Rural Schools Act since it first was approved in 2000, though that money has declined dramatically and the act is not expected to be renewed inthe coming year. And voters in all have, to some extent, been willing to gamble with their property taxes, refusing to approve levies. Perhaps they hope Uncle Sam will come to the rescue. That's unlikely to happen this time, however, and it places voters in the three counties on the hot seat. If they want to keep criminals in jail, they're going to have to be willing to pay for it.

(, IILI ~I ( ((f (

( IJtpgNER

M IVickel's Worth Ignoring Newton's law of motion

town." Setting aside the numerous unintended consequences of this tax increase — for instance those It is everyone's right to make an who at the end of their stay see the argument for what they believe, but full price and say "not again" — the they should not contradict the laws statement that local residents will of science to make their point. not pay for this tax is not completely In a Feb. 5 letter, Harlie Peterson accurate. disagreed with the NRA's contenLocal residents pay for infrastruction that "guns don't kill people, ture such as streets, water, sewer, people kill people." He stated "guns etc., that benefit the people we bring do kill people," but he completely to Bend. It could even be argued ignored Sir Isaac Newton's first law that their use reduces the lifespan of of motion which states: "a body at such infrastructure — roads being rest will remain at rest unless acted the first to enter that thought. If the upon by an outside force." amount of money brought to town Therefore, if I place a loaded gun that contributes to infrastructure on a table in the middle of Times cost and maintenance was equal to Square, it will remain there, gather- visitors' use, there would not be an ing dust and harming no one until issue. hellfreezes over, unless some jerk Between 2001 and 2007, I colpicks it up and uses it. lected data from all customers to Untouched byhuman hands, that whom we provided service at the gun is no more dangerous than a Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. car, an airplane, a baseball bat or On average, 20 percent of our cusa multitude of other things, all of tomers did not reside or pay taxes which can kill and have killed. We in Deschutes County. Our transient need to stop blaming inanimate ob- room tax revenue was less than 10 jects with no mind of their own for percent of our budget and the differthe failings of human beings, some ence came from localtaxpayers. of whom also have no mind of their I would recommend that in the fuown. ture, advertising to sell this increase Terry LaPora to the voters not include the stateRedmond ment "this tax will not be paid for by local residents." Visitors add costs Les Stiles Bend to local infrastructure

— who helped win World War II is eligible to be honored in the World War II Registry of Remembrances managed by the national World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Those so honored become a permanent part of American history. The nonprofit Bend Heroes Foundation has honored 207 World War II veterans with free, four-day "Honor Flight" trips to Washington, D.C., visiting their national World War II Memorial and 12 other grand attractions. We will take another 100 heroes to D.C. this year beginning with our seventh trip, May 15-19. That trip is full and another will be scheduled for this fall. After these "trips of a lifetime" — as the veterans call them — we enroll the veterans in the World War II Registry. Examples of ou r e n r ollments: Bend's Robert D. "Bob" Maxwell, World War II recipient of the Medal of Honor and a foundation director, and the late Donald G. Brown of La Pine. Please take the time to honor someone you know or knew who helpedfree the world from tyranny seven decades ago. A great source of information is military discharge records and interviews.Discharge records can be obtained by contacting any County Veterans Service Officer. Honoring the Greatest Generation is free of charge unless a photo Visit Bend leaders recently proHonor WWII veterans is included. The enrollment certifiposed a 2percent increase in trancate also depicts the World War II sient room taxes. In a couple of John Costa's Feb. 3 e d itorial Memorial in D.C. and would be a statements made by p r oponents "World needs Pattersons" prompted great gift. of the increase, this comment was me to respond. Eugene Patterson Dick TobIason made: "This tax will not be paid for served in the Army during World Chairman, by local residents — it will be paid War II. Anyone — military members Bend Heroes Foundation for by people coming from out-of- and civilians on the "home front" Bend

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Society must come together to solve its problems By Jim Engels


e have long associated our country with firearms. These tools were used to feed, protect and, most importantly, secure freedoms not onlyhere but around the globe. This doesn't mean always for the good. It is simple fact. As time went on, the tool has evolved as we have as a world populace and, in many cases, because of firearms' existence. We can never accept or justify the actions of the inexplicable and horrific acts by the few who decide to harm other people, adult or child. It is also why we do not understand the brutal rape of a young girl in India, the mass killings in Mexico due to drugs, the genocide in many

African countries — not to mention our own murders and other crimes in this country, by too many

loosely, since the beginning of mankind. It started with the biggest, b addest caveman in t h e

they would look at music, drugs, video games, TV, movies, our way o f communication (o r l a c k o f ) , weapons to mention. This is I N M Y VIEW cl an, and now it's the big- the idols we worship (TV, movies, mostly because the general gest, of anything — coun- sports, etc.), mental health and, yes, population just does not think this try, people, group o r i n d i vidual guns. Too bad we don't have this way. We value life; we believe in around. type of leadership; I do mean all of life. Our forefathers did not understand ourleaders. We talk and talk about old laws or foresee what we have come to, or This sounds like utopia and we all a nd new laws and how t his w i l l what we have been ableto develop know that is literally unattainable. change if we do this or that. However, — both for good and for bad. They The question, I believe, we all need we seem to always miss the mark could only use what they had at the to answer is why not try? This brings (sorry, I used one of those gun terms). time, and I personally think they did us back to the mark. In one man's I will get back to this later. a hell of a job. opinion, it is that we need to believe No law — against guns, drugs, Yes, they could not have foreseen we can and that is the start; we must alcohol, murder, rape, I could go on the advent of the weapons we have start! — has stopped or will ever stop indi- today, as they could not have foreWe need to come together and viduals, groups, nations and society seen the radio, TV or power grid, achieve using k n o wledge, faith, in generalfrom from breaking these etc. intelligence, common sense and Let's all take a step back from our weighing all sides' views. We need laws. We have had some form of law individual ideas and look at it from to stop refusing to see the other and order, using this t erm v ery their perspective. I t r ul y b e lieve side's point of view if we ever truly

want to make a difference and solve today's problems or at least make a dent in them. I wish I was a fl y o n th e wall when our forefathers were in that room because this is what I envision happened those many years ago and gave that start to a new country — a new idea in freedom and a society that cares more about itself than it does about each individual's view to make that society the best, strongest and most caring it can ever be. With laws that make sense for the times but will never infringe on the freedoms that those forefathers knew were the basis of why they came together, literally putting their lives on the line and creating them in the first

place. — Jim Engelslives in Bend.




BITUARIES DEATH NoTIcEs T. Jean Garrett 'Zsa Zsa' Gilbert Donald Best, of Bend

Aug. 29, 1932 to Fed. 12, 2013

Jean celebrated her 80th s urprise b i r t h da y p a r t y l ast A u g u s t and w a s crowned Queen for a Day. All her family and lifetime www.deschutesmemorialchapehcom friends were m attendance. Services: J ean h a s 11:00 AM, Tuesday, Feb. now been 19, 2013; Graveside with ranted Military Honors at er faith's Deschutes Memorial fulfillGardens, 63875 N. Hwy ment to 97, Bend. live in Contributions may be made eternity to: without Humane Society of pain or Central Oregon, 61170 restricSE 27th St., Bend, OR Jean 'Zsa Zsa' t i o n of 97701. Garrett any p hysical a i l m ents . Ch i l DEATHS d ren: Br enda, S cott, a n d Skip. G r a n dchildren: AnELSEWHERE g ela, Jenn i f er , K ate , Micah, an d A n n ie . GREAT-Grandchildren: Deaths of note from around R oman, T r e v in , B r o d i e , the world: Sophie, and Al exa, plus a Richard Collins, 98:A black6 th due du r ing he r b i r t h listed screenwriter who later day month of A u gust. Her named names to Communist three younger sisters are: hunters during the M cCar- Joyce Mi l l er, Fa y P o r t er , thy era. Collins was one of 19 and Kay Lane. W e w il l m i s s o u r l i t t l e writers and directors called by Italian mama and the part the House Un-American Ac- s he played in each of o u r tivities Committee in 1947 in a lives. A small note I found probe of supposed Communist in her kitchen, sums up her subversion in Hollywood. He p hilosophy i n l i f e : "We went on to write and produce make a living by w h at w e such shows as "Bonanza" and GET; we m a k e a l ife by what we GI V E ." F o r s h e "Matlock." Died Thursday in was a Jolly Good Old Gal, Ventura, Calif. William Watts Biggers, 85: which nobody can deny. A casual MemorialrecepThe co-creatorof the cartoon t ion potluck w i l l b e h e l d "Underdog," the m i l d-man- Sunday, F e bruary 1 7 a t n ered shoeshine boy w h o S untree Village Rec H a l l , turned into a caped superhero SE 15th St. near corner at to rescue his girlfriend. Went Reed M a r ket R d . P l e a se on to become vice president feel free to drop in d u ring of promotionand creative ser- the hours of 1 p.m. through vices at NBC. Died Sunday in 4 p.m. (Parking is l i m ited. B e m i n d fu l of p r iv a t e Plymouth, Mass. — From wire reports driveways) Feb. 12, 1919 - Feb. 13, 2013 Arrangements: Deschutes Memorial Chapel, (541)382-5592;


Civil defensechief organized Cold Warshelter program By Emily Langer

ries, offices, churches and other locations across the United Steuart Pittman, chief of States, ordered by Kennedy. President John F. Kennedy's At the peak of U.S. preparedcivil defense program who ness, Pittman said, national and marshaled a national effort at local governments were ready the height of the Cold War to to offer shelter to two-thirds of organize the massive — and the U.S. population in case of now largely forgotten — sys- nuclear attack. Shelters were tem of nuclear fallout shelters marked with w hat b ecame across the country, died Sun- iconic yellow and black signs. day at his farm in DavidsonPittman found that public ville, Md. He was 93. interest in civil defense in genHe had a stroke, said his eral and the shelter program daughter, Romey Pittman. in particular came and went Pittman spent nearlyhis entire with emergenciessuch as the careeras alawyerwiththeWash1962 Cuban missile crisis. ington firm of Shaw, Pittman, The program had begun to Potts 8 Trowbridge. A veteran attract criticism from memof government commissions, he bers of Congress and local govrose to national attention in 1961 ernment officials who argued when Kennedy named him as- that the shelter system was too sistant secretary of defense in expensive, that it gave a false charge of civil defense. sense of security and perhaps Civil d e fense e ssentially fueled an immoral "every man encompassed all nonmilitary forhimself"approach toemermeasures to protect the nation gency preparedness. in the event of disaster. It had Pittman countered that the long been regarded, at best, as stakes of nuclear war were second fiddleto the military. Pit- "too high to ignore any practitman became the first official to cal measures"that could save operatethe program from the lives. He added that the counDefense Department. try could not afford a defeatist Shortly before Pittman took attitude. "If it is appropriate to use office, a Cold War showdown in Berlin intensified, and the moral epithets, such as cowSoviets began to erect the wall ardly and selfish," he told a that would divide the city for congressional committee in decades. In response, Congress 1963, "I personally believe approved morethan $200 mil- they are more aptly applied lion in supplementary civil de- to those who loudly proclaim fense funds. Most of the money their willingness to lie down was intended for the survey of and die while our country is nuclear shelter space in facto- under attack." The Washington Post

ns ectorssi no on roa sm os By Bennett Hall Corvaiiis Gazette-Times

CORVALLIS — If you see a couple of old duffers tooling around the countryside at night in a late-model SUV, peering at road signs, it doesn't necessarily mean they're lost.

T hey might

b e si g n

inspectors. In an effort to meet federal safety mandates, Benton County employs a part-time crew of retired transportation workers to cruise rural byways after dark, checkingroad

signs for legibility, general upkeep and retroreflectivity — a traffic engineer's persnickety term for how well they show up in your headlights. I t's important work. A c cording to U.S. Department of Transportation statistics, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 35. About half of all traffic fatalities occur at night, and 57 percent — more than 19,000 deaths a year — happen on rural roads. In an effort to bring those numbers down, the Federal Highway Administration issued new rules in 2009, when it published a major revision of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Among other things, the 850-page tome setnew standards f o r re t r oreflectivity and readability — standards that states, counties and cities would be required to meet within a specified timetable or face the loss of federal highway funds. "It's kind of a moving target," Benton County Public Works Director Roger Irvin said. "They're always coming up with new stuff." After a national outcry from harriedstate andlocal officials, the deadlines were relaxed last year. But all those outdated signs still need to be upgraded as they wear out, and that's a major undertaking. There are a little over 6,000 signs in the Benton County road system, and every year a certain number need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. Others are damaged in storms, knocked over in car crashes, spray-painted, shot up or stolen. (The sign

Jesse Skouho / Corvallis Gazette-Times

Benton County chief sign fabricator Gary Champion shines a new road sign recently in Corvallis. In an effort to meet federal safety mandates, Benton County employs a part-time crew of retired transportation workers to cruise rural byways after dark, inspecting road signs. for Rambo Lane, near Alpine, was swiped and replaced five or six times before the name was changed to Rainbow as a cost-cutting measure.) The county road budget includes about $175,000 a year for making, maintaining, inspecting and replacing signs. But the new standards have upped the cost, and the feds have not provided any financial assistance. As a result, the number of signs that can be replaced has gone down. "We used to do about 1,000 signs ayear," said Kent Mahler, the county's road maintenance manager. "Now we're doing 700 to 750 signs with the same amount ofmoney." There are a number of cost factors involved, starting with improved reflective material. Two types of vinyl coatings are available. The first, called h igh-intensity prismatic, i s five times brighter than the old standard, known as engineer-grade. It also lasts a little

Mahler said. "They really shoot light back at you." But the new coatings don't come cheap: $1.40 a square foot for high-intensity prismatic and $3 for diamond grade. Of course, new signs require new lettering, which has to be printed out and hand-applied at the county sign shop. Sometimes, signs can be recycled by stripping off the vinyl coating and pressurewashing the old sign blank. But other times, new blanks have to be fabricated from heavy-gaugealuminum. The new regulations are also making s om e s i g ns


One of the revisions to the Manual of U niform Traffic Control Devices concerned the lettering on street signs. Under the old rules, the letters had to be 4 inches high. Now they have to be 6 inches high — and instead of all capitals, street names must now be rendered in upper- and lowercase longer. letters. "If you've got a P or a G Another o p t ion, c a l l ed diamond grade, has g lass with a tail on it, you need a beads embedded in a clear larger blank," points out Gary film over the reflective vinyl, Champion, the county's chief making it five to seven times sign fabricator. brighter than high-intensity Taller and w i der blanks prismatic. With luck, it will can create a ripple effect. Adlast 10 to 12 years, compared ditional regulations require with 5to 7 years for engineer signs to be a certain height grade and up to 10 years for above the ground and a cerhigh-intensity. tain distance from the edge of "Those really glow at night," the road, which means some

posts have had to be replaced or relocated. And then there are the unforeseen consequences, such as increasedwind resistance. "You'll go out after a windstorm and the sign will be leaning over because it's got so much surface area," said Dave Hannahs, a r etired county road worker who still helps out on a part-time basis. But rules are rules, and even without a firm deadline, local jurisdictions are required to ensure that all their older road signs are brought up to the new standards as they wear out. That's where the inspection

program comes in. To make sure signs meet visibility requirements, they can be tested with a retroreflectometer, a high-tech gizmo that provides extremely accurate measurements — but that can also cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000.

Like many localgovernments, Benton County has opted for a visual inspection program instead. Even that, however, has to be done by the book. In order to meet Federal Highway Administration requirements, the i n spection must be conducted at night, using a model year 2000 or newer pickup or sport utility vehicle with its headlights set on low beam. The driver can be any age, but the inspector must be at least 60 — presumably to be sure the signs are visible to older eyes — which is why Benton County relies on retirees to do the work. "It's fascinating to us every time we find a new regulation

or a new sign (requirement)," Mahler said. "It never seems to quit." Irvin said he understands the need for astandardized system of traffic signs to make the nation's roads safer. And the new retroreflectivity rules make sense, given a population that is getting older and driving faster at th e same time. "The opposite thing would be everybody could just slow down and pay more attention," he added. "But that's not in the cards."


Wolf population nearly doublesin1 year By Nicholas K. Geranios The Associated Press

SPOKANE — The number of gray wolves in Washington nearly doubled in the past year, according to a new survey released Friday by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. The survey found at least 51 wolves in nine packs in Washington state, including five successful breedingpairs. The 2011 study documented just 27 wolves, five wolf packs and three breeding pairs. Wildlife wolf program director Nate Pamplin said the actual number of wolves is likely much higher, since lone wolves often go uncounted and those that roam Washington but do not den here are not included in the survey. Biologists already suspect there are two additional wolf packs in the state. Using estimates of the average packsizein other western states, Pamplin said there could easily be as many as 100 wolves in Washington "The survey shows that

our state's wolf population is growing quickly," Pamplin said in a press release. "That growth appears to be the result of both natural reproduction and the continuing in-migration of wolves from Canada and neighboring states." The recovery of wolves in Washington state is a heated topic. While many environmental groups hail the development, advocates for ranchers blame wolves for killing livestock. Several bills intended to improve wolf management are pending in the Legislature, including a tonguein-cheek proposal to import wolves from rural parts of Eastern Washington to populous Western Washington. A wolf pack is defined as two or more wolves traveling together. A successful breeding pair is defined as an adult male and female with at least two pups that survive until the end of the calendar year. One of the nine packs represented in the survey is the infamous Wedge pack, which now has two confirmed mem-

bers in northeastern Washington. Last summer, the Department of Fish and Wildlife killed most members of that pack to end a series of attacks on an area rancher's cattle that left at least six calves dead and 10 other animals injured. Pamplin said biologists do not know whether the two wolves living near the Canadian border in Stevens County are members of the original Wedge pack or whether they are new arrivalsfrom inside or outside the state. "Either way, we were confident that wolves would repopulate that area," he said. "We really hope to prevent the kind of situation we faced with the Wedge pack last summer by working with ranchers to use nonlethal methods to protect their livestock." State Sen. John S m ith, R-Colville, said th e g r owing number of wolves shows that recovery is exceeding expectations. " We must put a p lan i n place now for wolf population

management as recovery targets are reached," Smith said, adding that the state must "act now to provide for public safety and economic safeguards." N oah G r eenwald, w i t h t he e n vironmental g r o up Center for Biological Diversity in Portland, said wolves have the ability to reproduce

quickly. "Wolves have a t r emendous ability to recover," he said. "They are smart, adaptable animals." He cautioned opponents of wolves to learn to live with the animals. "Polls show the majority of people want to see wolves return and are glad to see wolves return," Greenwald said. The gray wolf is listedby the state as an endangered species throughout Washington and is federally listed as endangered in the western twothirds of the state. Once common, wolves were eliminated in most western states during the pastcentury because they preyed on livestock.

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ence for next year, the district would need the jobs of Continued from B1 74 teachers, Helt said, addThe presenters stressed ing it's not what she wants. that the challenge isn't be- That's 10 percent of the discause of p u b li c e m ploy- trict's teaching force, which e es and their need for a has the equivalent of 747 retirement. full-time teachers. "It's really about a system At the same time, Helt that's out of b a lance and s aid, she w a nt s t o a d d needs to be put back in bal- teachers as funding allows — not cut more. In the last ance," Wilkinson said. In the next year alone, an five years, the district has a dditional $5.2 million i n trimmed nearly 100 teachPERS costs are anticipated ers, while growing by 800 for Bend-La Pine Schools, students. "My first priority is going Helt said. In the next three years, increases without re- to be to add teachers back to form amount to $26 million the classrooms,"she said. more. — Reporter: 541-977-7185, To make up th e d i

Climate Continued from B1 "We are up against the WinterFest," Larson s aid, "but we are hoping that people will take it seriously and come." Some churches around Bend plan to ring their bells as well at 12:30 p.m. Sunday as part of the event, Larson said. The Green Ministry Team, which focuses on local, state and national environmental issues, meets monthly at the First Presbyterian Church. The Sierra Club Juniper Group covers Central Oregon. The national chapter of

"Since we can't make it to Washington, D.C.,we canjoin them in recognition." — Gretchen Valldo, Sierra Club

Sierra Club, as well as about 160 organizations, are planning the Forward on Climate Rally for Sunday at the National Mall. "Since we can't make it to Washington, D.C., we can join them i n r e cognition," Valido said. — Reporter: 541-617-7812,



W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided by Weather Central LP ©2013. • •


Today:A few clouds,

Tonight:A cool night,

flurnes in the

staying part

ly cloudy.







d dd d d 4 4 4 d d d d C

4 4 49/39d 4ddd4 4 3 4 4 d ' ' Seasideo ' c d d d d klOOdd 4 4


• Cannon Beach4 5 4 4 4 4 RIVer 4 Tlle "




'8 4 4 4 '4 d

4 4 44


'Redmo" d 55/25 wff d d d Sunriyer • Bend 8/3 6 4 4 4 4 4

51 39 ~5 G



~ •

51/2 2

soag• 4 4 d d 4 444 4d 4 4

53/ 27



4 Port'Orfor • 53ag

M • Beach



Riley 42/19

Yesterday's state extremes

Jordan Valley



Frenchglen 50/25

• Klamath



• 20o


• Lakeview

FallS 57/26






• 56/34

• Brookings

• 69'







rants Pass



•• B„r„

Chr i stmas Vagey

Silver Lake

Nyssa •


45/1 5


4 53/351



Lake g


tario 49/31

La Pme52/21 sii/22 • Cr escent • port Rock 53/23

c Crescent•

49 /35 ~



• Pau l ina 48/22



45/22 ~




o www m ' 4~

4d~ ~




.i d G G

• 86'


Bapid City

444 344




• -17'



-,- ~ R 2 Des Moines 31/21 Chicago on Columbus + "


Fosston, Minn.

• 1.14 w


m 38/24 II

Vegas 65144 Xo ,


Los Angeles 75/52 K

CO 76/69



' -50S

Louisville '







OklahomaCity~~ N • 52/35 I


B ps

as hvgle

I 37/23 •

Q 3 Atlarlta

Dallas M4/29 43/24 55/38 ' New Orleans 54/37 • Houston 60/38 o





2 3/27

De n ver

Phoenix( y Os 75/49

Honolulu ~



P • IP H

San Francisco

Miami, Fla.

Hahfax 39/34


ismarck 4 4 •

Billings 53/29


Thunder Bay 12/0



Fullerton, Calif.



4 oseattle 4 4 47/39 4 4

(in the 48 contiguous states):


I •

+ 4 c q6/27

ps Chihuahua 60/34


3 3 ai

I 444

clo t

70 36 • Miami 77/47


La Paz 75/58


Monterrey 68/44Q Mazatlan ~8 3 /67


• os

Juneau 37/28







-4+++ ++++t ++


More snowfall, snow will be light.

qp Cv





41 25

40 20

38 18

40 21

SUN AND MOON SCHEDULE Sunrisetoday...... 7 02 am. Moon phases Sunsettoday...... 5 37 p.m. First Full L a st Sunrise tomorrow .. 7:01 a.m. Sunset tomorrow... 5:38 p.m. Moonrise today...10:04 a.m. Moonsettoday ........none Feb.17 Feb. 25 Mar. 4 Mar. I I •



Tomorrow Rise Set Mercury....7:37 a.m...... 7:14 p.m. Venus......6:44 a.m...... 4:43 p.m. Mars.......7:38 a.m...... 6:43 p.m. Jupiter.....11 04 a.m...... 2 06 a.m. Satum.....l1;39 p.m.....10:05 a.m. Uranus.....8:28 a.m...... 8:47 p.m.

Yesterday's weather through 4 p.m. inBend High/Low.............. 57/25 24 hours endmg 4 p.m.*. . 0.00" Recordhigh........66m1996 Monthtodate.......... 0.00" Record low.......... 4 in 1990 Average month todate... 0.62" Average high.............. 44 Year to date............ 0.70" Averagelow .............. 24 Average year to date..... 2.1 5"

Barometricpressureat 4 p.m30.26 Record24 hours ...0.87 in 2011 *Melted liquid equivalent



Yesterday Saturday Sunday The higher the UV Index number, the greater Ski report from around the state, representing Hi/Lo/Pcp H i/Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eye and skin protection. Index is conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday:

City Precipitationvaluesare24-hour totals through4 p.m.

Astoria ........59/40/0.01 .....49/39/r.....48/37/pc Baker City......47/21/0.00.....44/26/c.....40/20/pc Brookings......67/50/0.00....55/41/pc.....57/38/pc Burns..........48/22/0.00....43/20/pc.....37/16/pc Eugene........46/37/0.00.....50/36lr.....49/33/pc Klamath Falls .. 56/24/0 00 ...57/26/pc ...49/23/pc Lakeview.......52/21/0.00 ...45/25/pc..... 40/16/s La Pine........ 59/21/0.00.... 52/21/rs.....43/I 9/pc Medford.......69/29/0.00....56/34/pc.....52/32/pc Newport.......61/41/0.00.....49/39/r......48/36/c North Bend..... 61/39/0.00..... 53/38/r.....49/37/pc Ontario........54/26/0.00....49/31/sh.....48/24/pc Pendleton......57/30/0.00.....56/34/c.....48/28/pc Portland ....... 61/38/0.00..... 50/38/r.....49/35/pc Prinevige....... 57/28/0.00....52/26/pc.....47/22/pc Redmond.......60/20/0.00.....52/25/c......46/21/s Roseburg.......58/40/0.00....55/37/sh.....51/33/pc Salem ....... 59/39/000 ....51/37/r ...50/33/pc Sisters......... 54/25/0.00..... 53/24/r.....40/24/pc The Dages......58/29/0 00.....53/35/c......50/30/s

for solar at noon.

Snow accumulation in inches Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes ...... . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . . 68 Hoodoo..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . . . . 72 Mt. Ashland...... . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . .68-1 08 Mt. Bachelor..... . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . .98-112 Mt. Hood Meadows..... . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . . 93 Mt. HoodSkiBowl...........0.0......54-57 Timberline..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . 122







ROAD CONDITIONS Snow level androadconditions representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday. Key:TT. = Traction Tires. Pass Conditions 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit........ Carry chains or T. Tires 1-84 at Cabbage Hill....... .. . Carry chains or T. Tires

Warner Canyon....... . . . . . . . 0.0... no report Wigamette Pass ........ . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .42-92

Aspen, Colorado...... . . . . . . . . 3 . . . . . .28-36 Mammoth Mtn., California..... 0.0... . .90-180 Park City, Utah ...... . . . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .48-61 Squaw Valley, California..... . .0.0.. . . . .23-93 Sun Valley, Idaho....... . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .24-47 Hwy. 58 at Wigamette Pass.... Carry chains or T.Tires Taos, New Mexico...... . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .49 55 Hwy. 138 at Diamond Lake.... Carry chains or T.Tires Hwy. 242 at McKenzie Pass........ Closed for season Vail, Colorado...... . . . . . . . . . . 5 . . . . . . . . 34 For up-to-minute conditions turn to: For links to thelatest ski conditions visit: or call 511 Legend:W-weather, Pcp-precipitation,s-sun, pc-partial clouds,c-clouds,h-haze,sh-showers,r-rain, t-thunderstorms,sf-snowflurries, snsnow, i-ice,rs-rain-snowmix, w-wind,f-iog, dr-drizzle,tr-trace

Hwy. 20 at Santiam Pass...... Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Government Camp.. Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Ochoco Divide..... Carry chains or T. Tires



Yesterday's extremes


A few light flurries are expected.

. vtr CF

be much


EAST Partly to mostly cloudy skies.


g~ • BratherS 52/21

4 d d COttage rt Oakridg

Coos Bay 4 d

Another day of sunshine.

tures will

CENTRAL Mostly cloudy



Baker Ci

Mltcheg 54Q7




• Spray sz/za


2 4 d d d

• 43/24

49/31 Union

on on evzg

I"4 4 4"4 454-d' ddd~ S i sters' 44 d cE g Florence4


• Meacham

La Grande•






d i s a ao 4 Orya 104 4 4 4CampShermano

• Pendleton m•


• imllo d I

d4 444

d d 4 iae d44 44

49/39 po d


444 4 4 dMaupin 4 Go v ernment> ses s

84 ,sa le+ 4 Camp 35/26


• Hermiston 52i33 ) Wallowa

• Arlington 5 •a I I o W a sco 52/35

4 4"H(l,bo,zportlanp 4 „"4 4 >58/58G 'SandJJ, Tillamook j,,r t ' 4 • G co <49/38 d V

WEST Clouds and rain with snow above 5,000 feet.


, Astoria 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

CMcMinrfvilfe 4 5o/38 3,4

Oa,",.;,",,' Q BEND ALMANAC






444 3 444

W ar m Stationary Showers T-storms


* :* * * * * '* ** * * * +


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Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene TX......49/38/0 00...62/38/s.. 70/46/s GrandRapids... 28/23/0 00...24/7/sn.28/19/pc RapidCity........34/7/000..53/34/pc. 50/27/pc Savannah.......65/36/0.00... 55/28/r .. 52/34/s Akron..........37/27/001 ..26/14/sn. 25/17/sn GreenBay........24/5/0.00...18/5/pc.23/19/pc Reno...........60/26/0.00...61/28/s.. 54/26/s Seattle..........56/41/0.00... 47/39/r. 47/37/pc Albany..........48/34/0.00...31/15/c.. 22/8/pc Greensboro......60/32/0.00...41/23/r.. 39/24/s Richmond.......63/31/0.00... 40/22/r .. 36/24/s SiouxFalls.......21/10/0.03...31/21/c. 41/23/pc Albuquerque.....52/25/000...53/28/s.. 58/30/s Harasburg.......51/30/005...37/22/c.. 26/20/s Rochester, NY....39/30/0.00 .. 25/11/sn. 18/11/sn Spokane........50/26/0.00 .. 44/27/rs. 41/28/pc Anchorage ......32/28/0 1I...21/14/c. 27/10/sn Hartiord,CT.....48/32/0 00..36/I7/sn.25/10/pc Sacramento......71/37/0.00... 70/42/s .. 66/38/s Springfield, MO ..42/31/0.00.. 38/26/pc.. 55/38/s Atlanta .........63/37/000..42/26/pc.. 49/34/s Helena..........45/27/000..46/28/pc. 36/18/sn St. Louis.........42/30/0 00 .. 34/22/pc. 46/36/pc Tampa..........67/54/0 02 ..66/39/pc .. 58/36ls Atlantic City.....55/27/0 00...38/23/r. 32/21/pc Honolulu........82/70/0 00..76/69/sh. 79/68/sh Salt Lake City....40/25/0 00... 38/24/s.37/I 8/sn Tucson..........71/39/0.00... 73/44/s .. 74/44/s Austin..........64/32/0.00...6406/s.. 71/54/s Houston ........69/39/0.00...60/38/s.. 67/56/5SanAntonio.....71/40/0 00... 64/36/s.. 71/55/s Tulsa ...........45/28/0.00..46/29/pc.. 63/47/s Baltimore .......59/29/000... 41/23/r. 36/21/pc Huntsville.......58/34/0.00 ..40/24/pc. 51/36/pc SanDiego.......75/51/0.00... 82/52/s.. 64/51/s Washington, DC..60/36/0.00...41/25/r. 36/24/pc Billings.........40/23/002..53/29/pc..45/19/rs Indianapolis.....39/27/0 00..2il6/pc. 33/27/pc SanFrancisco....68/46/0.00... 61/45/s.. 58/43/s Y/ichita .........43/21/O.ti..48/28lpc.. 62/36/s Birmingham.....63/33/000 ..43/24/pc. 51/33/pc Jackson, MS.... 62/33/0.00..47/26/pc .. 62/43ls SanJose........72/42/000.. 68/41/s.. 62/39/s Yakima .........57/26/000...53/27/c.. 49/27/s Bismarck........24/17/000 ..34/24/pc.. 36/17/c Jacksonvile......66/36/000... 59/27/r .. 52/29/s SantaFe........47/22/0.00...49/23/s.. 52/25/s Yuma...........78/58/0.00... 77/50/s .. 76/51/s Boise...........53/27/000..51/30/pc. 43/21/pc Juneau..........42/33/0.88.. 37/28/rs.. 36/28/c INTERNATIONAL Boston..........47/30/000 .. 39/21/rs. 26/13/sn Kansas City......37/19/0.00...38/26/c .. 5605/s BadgeportCT....45/26/000 .. 38/19/rs. 27/I5/pc Laasing.........30/22/0 00..25/I3/sn. 26/19/pc Amsterdam......45/34/006 45/34/c 34/28/c Mecca..........97/73/000 .89/6ms..86/68/s Buffalo.........36/26/000 ..25/I0/sn. 20/11/sn LasVegas.......67/43/000... 65/44/s .. 66/46/s Athens..........57/50/0.03 ..56/48/pc.48/43lsh Mexico City .....75/45/000 .72/39/pc.. 75/45/s BurlingtonVT... 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OSU's simuator at ore ront o ot new nucear tec noo y By Bennett Hall

For one thing, they produce State. But recent advances in only about half as much radiomaterials science are promptactive waste. For another, their ing renewed interest. design makes a meltdown im"The base technology is not possible — the graphite core new," Woods said. "What is can withstand temperatures new is the ability to Use hotter This green energy technol- of 1,600 degrees Celsius, far temperatures." ogy is currently limited by a hotter than the operating level, Measuring about six f eet number of factors, including and won't sustain nuclear fisacross and 18 feet high, the the difficulty o f p r o ducing sion at that heat. s imulated reactor will b e a large quantities of hydrogen. At least, that's the theory '/64-scale model of a commer- There areseveral methods of — and that's what the OSU cialreactor.The mock reactor cracking water molecules to simulator is designed to test. vessel will be fabricated from free the hydrogen atoms inWoods and hi s s t udents stainless steel with a ceramic side that require a major heat will put t h e m oc k r e actor core that mimics the graphite source, and high-temperature through all kinds of situations core of a working VHTR. He- reactors could p rovide t h e that might occur in a real-life lium gas will be used as the heat without the need to burn accidentto generate more recooling element. fossil fuels. alistic safety data. The infor"The optimal c o nfigura- mation will be provided to the Computer models suggest that VHTRs built with today's tion would be to have a dual Nuclear Regulatory Commisa dvanced m aterials c o u ld purpose," Woods said. uDur- sion, and Woods plans to pubsafely operate at temperatures ing the day, when demand is lish his findings in scientific up to 1,000 degrees Celsius peak, you generate electricity. journals. "The calculations w e 've (abottt 1,800 degrees Fahren- At night, when demand is low, heit), roughly three times hot- you switch over to hydrogen done show that n o m a tter ter than conventional water- generation mode." how hot it gets, the core just cooled reactors. VHTRs also have a number can't get hot enough to melt," Those high operating tem- of safety advantages over con- Woods said. "That's our job, to peratures make VHTRs very ventional nukes. run those accidentscenarios efficient for spinning electrical turbines as well as a number PAID ADVERTISEMENT of other uses — from providPRESENTED ing process heat for industrial BY complexes to running water desalination plants. ca But one of the most intrigu-

clearengineering at Oregon

Corvczllis Gazette-Times

CORVALLIS — A new test facility under construction at Oregon State University could pave the way for next-generation nuclear technology that would do double duty — not only generating electricity but

also producing hydrogen for fuel cells. Work is under way on a small-scale simulator of a very high-temperature nuclearreactor — known in the industry as a VHTR. The $4.8 million research project, funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is expected to come on line in ApriL Like other reactor simulators at OSU's Radiation Center, this one will be heated by electricity rather t han u r anium. The only n u clear-fueled reactoron campus is a 1.1 megawatt research model, which is considered too small to pose any sort of meltdown risk. VHTR technology has been around since the 1950s but has not been widely adopted, said project director Brian Woods, an associateprofessor of nu-

ing applications for these hotter reactors is the production of hydrogen for f uel c ells, which offer the potential to power automobiles with zero emissions.

+""""" ST. PATR iCK'S DAY






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e Gao t GG, Ooal '

imt a

'. Amp atSud ~Packages

:~P $1$9.99".;.;: onoc

" Remole Slarl SVstems e -g ~~ ~ '4R119;$$"

Start and Finish — Deschutes Brewery, downtown Bend

. •

ot oo

5K Fun Run benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs Sunday, March 17-10:05 am


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ky g tndtv




tatiOnS, and that'S abOut it.u Some of t hose questions could be answered by Woods and his students. When OSU's simulator is finished, it will be the only such facility in the United States and one of only a handful worldwide. But it could have a short lifespan. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission funding for the project only runs through mid-2014. Unless f ollow-on funding i s o b tained, either from the federal government or a corporatepartner interested in commercializing the research, it would likely shut down at that point. "It will b e a g o o d f acility, u Woods said. "It will be a shame if we don't get to use it quite a bit.n

and see what happens in our test reactors." Chris Gadomski, an analyst who follows the nuclear industry for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said VHTR is a p r o mising technology that's still decades away from being viable. While China, South Africa and a few other nations have launched development programs, a host of questions remain to be answered beforethese kinds of reactors are ready for commercial use. "There's been a lot of effort to develop a very high-temperature reactor technology,bttt a lot of it is still conceptual," Gadomski said. "A lot of those reactor programs are PowerPoint presen-




• ' •


Food, beverage 8c live music at the Post Dash Bash Wear the green — prize awarded for best costumes


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+~gi scftctntt~



541 -389-9983 www.

1465 SW Knoll Avenue, Bend (just off Century Drive)




Professional Installation Available



IN THE BACI4: BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NE%S > Scoreboard, C2 Motor sports, C4 Sports in brief, C3 College basketball, C4 Prep sports, C5 NBA, C3 NHL, C3 Tee to Green, C6



Ducks prepare to take on Gougars Oregon spent Thursday devoting time to a review, a short preview

and then hadthe opportunity to view the other contenders for the Pac12 title in action.

Oregon beganpreparing for today's game at Washington State

(Pac-12 Network at 4 p.m.). The 23rd-ranked

Ducks (20-5 overall, 9-3 in the Pac-12) kept their hold on first place in the

conference the previous night with a 65-52 victory at Washington.

That was followed by a quick flight back to




o in O • Central OregonGolf Trail hitting regional golf shows to promotearea By Zack Hall The Bulletin

Central Oregon golf has logged more miles of late than a long-haul trucker. From Seattle last week to Spokane, Wash., this weekend and on to Portland nextweekend, the Central Oregon Golf Trail has been blazing a path to consumer golf shows across the Pacific Northwest. And the Golf Trail — a marketing coalition that formed in 2009 and now includes24 area courses — isnot done

Eugene sothat players could attend classes on Thursday. Even during Oregon's recent offensive

e S ow with its barnstorming. It plans to head to golf shows in Vancouver, British Columbia, in March, and in Sacramento, Calif., in April. The reason is simple. "Our goal is to get in front of the 10,000 people at the Seattle show or the 23,000 people at the Sacramento show who may not have heard of Central Oregon or have not been here recently," says Tommy Berg, executive director of the Golf Trail and an assistant pro at Awbrey Glen in Bend. "And there are quitea few people who have never been, orit'sbeen 10 years since they've been here last." The Golf Trail's efforts have greatly expanded this year. SeeShow/C6


t, fr U t D , c ,


Photo courtesy of Central Oregon Golf Trail

Sunriver pros Jeff Keyes (front right) and Mike Palen (back right) man the Central Oregon Golf Trail booth at last week's Seattle Golf & Travel Show at CenturyLink Field Event Center in downtown Seattle.

Little League baseball, softball registration in gear


struggles, one constant for the Ducks has been

effort, coach DanaAltman said. "We played really hard," he said of the game in Seattle. "With the exception of the

Stanford game, where we gave upsomeeasy


Bulletin staff report

baskets, I can't fault

how hard we've played.

The upcoming baseball

"We've put a lot of

Altman still didn't want to offer anything firm on the return of

and softball season is rapidly approaching, and registration is currently available for many area Little League programs. Registration for the 2013 season may be done in person, online or by phone,

freshman Dominic Artis,

depending on the organiza-

who has missed the

tion. Area Little League programs offer baseball and softball for boys and girls as

effort into games. We haven't always played smoothly, but we've

played hard."

past six games. Asked about ESPN broadcasters voicing the opinion of an Artis return "next

young as 4 years old and up

- .'n

to 16, depending on the organization. The season begins in the early spring. Parents may check with the organization in their community to determine their child's eligi-

week," Altman said "I don't know what they

were saying. I hopehe can (play next week), but I've got no idea.

It'll happen whenhe's cleared and he's ready."

bility regarding age.

— The Register-Guard


Beavs aim to sweep Huskies Oregon State goes after its first regular-

season sweep ofWashington in10 years when the Beavers and Huskies face off in a Pac-12 men's basketball contest tonight in Seattle. Game time at the University of Washington's Alaska Airlines Arena is 8 p.m.; the game will be televised live by Root




(north Bend, Tumalo, areas north of Tumalo) Method:Online registration Cost:$85, cost increases to $100 after March 1 if space is still available



State trying for a rare it is trying to win backto-back games for the first time since before Christmas.

Joe Kllne i The Bulletin

Sisters' Taylor Nieri (4) drives past Elmira defender Jessica Lay during the first half on Friday night at Sisters High School.

The Beavers (13-12 overall, 3-9 Pac-12) are coming off a 67-66 win at Washington State on Wednesday night.

Washington (13-12, 5-7) lost at home to Oregon

on Wednesday, 65-52. Oregon State is led

by junior guard Roberto Nelson, who scored a



•TheOutlawstakea60-46 Sky-Em Leaguevictory over Elmira Fridaynight

ing in conferencegames

By Grant Lucas

points per contest. — Bulletin staff report

on top heading into the

weekend,C6 com/site/2012bsll/ Contact: Crook County Little League Method:In-person registration available from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Feb. 18, 25 and 27 in the Crook County Middle School cafeteria Contact:info@bendnorthlLorg; 541-241-8799 Note:All softball players residing in the Bend North boundaries will be playing with Bend South Little League this year. Prospective softball players should contact Bend South softball

Ages:4-14 for girls, ages 4-15 for boys Contact: Jefferson County Little

League (Madras, Culver and part of Crooked River Ranch) Method: In-person registration is available from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at Rodriguez Annex in Madras, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Feb. 23 at Culver City Hall in Culver, and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Feb. 27 at Rodriguez Annex in Madras. See Registration/C4

The Bulletin

SISTERS — Three weeks ago, Sisters was forced to forfeit 13 girls basketball games

— 11 of which were victories — for having used an ineligible player. The Outlaws went from holding a sparkling 133 record to a lackluster 2-14

Bulletin staff report GRESHAM — The preliminary rounds of the Oregon School Activities Association's state swimming championships at Mt. Hood Community Collage, held Friday, are in the books, and Central Oregon high schools will be well represented in today's finals. In Class 5A, Summit advanced swimmers to all but four events between its boys and girls teams, including six top seeds. Tommy Brew-


hand andahome play-in game

Receive A $250 Gift Card

ready to be scheduled. SeeSisters/C5

State finals nextstop for C.o. squads Fredrick Jacobson and Sang-Moon Bae(above)

ing on age group Ages:5-14

mark, and their postseason hopes looked bleak. But on Friday night Sisters emerged from the ashes, a convincing 60-46 Class 4A SkyEm League win over Elmira in


Two golfers tied for PGATourlead

Method: Through March 2, registration forms may be taken to the Bend Fieldhouse (401 S.E. Roosevelt Ave., Bend) or mailed to Bend South Little League, 61535 S. Hwy 97 No. 9-112, Bend, OR 97702 (registration available through March 22 for T-ball) Cost:$80 to $110, depend-


team-high17 points in the win over Washington State. Nelson currently leads the Pac-12 in scorwith an average of18.5

Bend South Little League

(south Bend to LavaButte)

Cost:$65 Bend North Little League

Sports. Not only is Oregon sweep of the Huskies,

The following is a list of area Little League programs and information (as available) about registration opportunities. Documentation is required to register — usually a birth certificate and a combination of documents that demonstrate proof of

vice president Kim Nelson at 541-598-6246 or at softball@


Good in our restaurant or golf shop * i TiHRU MrA,RCH 31"'OoFFER GcOeoeo

PREP SWIMMING er (200-yard individual medley, 100 breaststroke) and John Hartmeier (100 freestyle, 100 backstroke) led the way for the Storm, rolling into today's finals as No. 1 seeds in both their individual events in addition to swimming legs on Summit's the 400- and 200-yard freestyle relays. SeeState/C5





ON THE AIR: TELEVISION TODAY GOLF 6a.m.:European Tour, Africa Open, third round, Golf Channel. Noon:PGATour, Northern Trust Open, third round, CBS.

GOLF 6 a.m.:European Tour,Africa Open, final round, Golf Channel. Noon:PGATour, Northern Trust Open, final round, CBS.

Noon:LPGATour, Women's Australian Open, third round,

Noon:LPGATour, Women's Australian Open, final round,

Golf Channel. 3:30 p.m.:Champions Tour,

Golf Channel. 4 p.m.: Champions Tour, ACE

ACE GroupClassic, second round, Golf Channel.

Group Classic, final round, Golf Channel.

WINTER SPORTS 7 a.m.:Curling, U.S.

BASKETBALL 9 a.m.: Men'scollege,Holy

Championships, women's finals, NBCSN.

Cross at American, CBSSN.

11 a.m.:Snowboarding, USSA

State at Wisconsin, CBS.

Sprint U.S. Halfpipe Grand Prix

(taped), NBC. Noon:FIS Alpine Skiing, World Championships (taped), NBC. 1 p.m.:Red Bull Signature Series, NBC 1 p.m.:Curling, U.S. Championships, men's finals, NBCSN.

BASKETBALL 8 a.m.:Men's college, Kent State at Ohio, ESPNU.

9 a.m.:Men's college, Villanova

10 a.m.:Men's college, Louisville at South Florida, ESPN.

10:30 a.m.:Women's college, DePaul at Louisville, ESPNU.

10:30 a.m.:Women's college, West Virginia at lowa State, Root

Sports. 11 a.m.:Women's college, Temple at Saint Joseph's, CBSSN.

11:30 a.m.:Women's college, whip-around coverage: Alabama at Auburn, Georgia Tech at North

9 a.m.:Men's college, Clayton

Noon:Men's college, Arizona at

10 a.m.:Men's college, Kentucky at Tennessee,CBS. 10 a.m.:Men's college, La Salle at Saint Joseph's, NBCSN.

10 a.m.:Men's college, Rutgers at DePaul, ESPNU.

11 a.m.: Men'scollege,Purdue at Indiana, ESPN. 11 a.m.:Men's college, Virginia Tech at North Carolina State, ESPN2.

Carolina State, Notre Dameat Marquette and Oklahoma at Kansas, ESPN2. Utah, Pac-12 Network.

12:30 p.m.:Women's college, Stanford at UCLA, ESPNU.

12:30p.m.:W omen'scollege, Texas at TexasTech, Root Sports. 1 p.m.: Women's college, UNLV at San Diego State, CBSSN.

2 p.m.:Women's college, whiparound coverage: Cincinnati

11 a.m.: Men's college, Army at

at St. John's, lowa at Purdue, Maryland at Virginia and Vanderbilt at Tennessee, ESPN2.

Navy, CBSSN.

2 p.m.:Women's college, Calat


USC, Pac-12 Network.

at Tulane, Root Sports.

3 p.m.:Men's college, Miami at Clemson, ESPNU. 4 p.m.:Women's college,

Noon:Men's college, Creighton at Evansville, ESPNU.

1 p.m.:Men's college, Missouri

1 p.m.:Men's college, Butler at

Washington State at Oregon, Pac-12 Network. 5 p.m.:NBA, All-Star Game, TNT. 5 p.m.: Men's college, Wichita State at lllinois State, ESPNU.

Fordham, CBSSN.

7 p.m.: Men'scollege,USCat

1:30 p.m.:Men's college, Gonzaga atSanFrancisco,Root Sports. 2 p.m.: Men'scollege,

California, Root Sports.

at Arkansas, ESPN.

1 p.m.:Men's college, UCLAat Stanford, ESPN2.

Mississippi State at LSU, ESPNU.

3 p.m.:Men's college, Dukeat Maryland, ESPN.

3 p.m.:Men's college, Detroit Mercy at Valparaiso, ESPN2.

3 p.m.:Men's college, Temple at UMass, CBSSN. 4 p.m.: Men's college, Baylor at Kansas State, ESPNU.

4 p.m.:Men's college, Princeton at Harvard, NBCSN.

HOCKEY 9:30a.m.: NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins at Buffalo Sabres, NBC. 12:30 p.m.: NHL, Los Angeles KingsatChicago Blackhawks, NBC. 3 p.m.: NHL, W ashington Capitals at New York Rangers, NBCSN.

MOTOR SPORTS 10 a.m.: NASCAR, Sprint Cup,

Daytona 500, qualifying, Fox. 5 p.m.: NHRA, Winternationals

4 p.m.:Men's college, Oregon

(same-day tape), ESPN2.

at Washington State, Pac-12 Network. 4 p.m.: Men's college, Saint Mary's at Loyola-Marymount, Root Sports.

LACROSSE 10 a.m.:Men's college, Denver

5 p.m.:Men's college, Georgia at Mississippi, ESPN2. 6p.m.:Men's college, Memphis at Marshall, CBSSN. 5:30 p.m.:NBA, All-Star Saturday Night, TNT.

6 p.m.:Men's college, Texasat Kansas, ESPN.

6 p.m.:Men's college, Arizona

ON DECK Today Boys basketball: Redmond vs. Bakerat Prairie City,1p m.;GilchristatButteFalls,4p m.;Rogue Valley Adventist atTrrnity Lutheran,8p.m. Girls basketball: Gilchrist atButteFalls, 2:30p.m.; RogueValey Adventist atTrinily Lutheran,6:30p.m. Swimming: Statechampionships atMt. HoodCommunity College inGresham:Class 4A/3A/2A/1A finals, 8:15p.mzClass5Ahnals,1 p.m.;Class6A finals, 5:45p.m. Wrestling: Gilchrist,Culveratdistricts in NorthLake, 8 a.m.; LaPine,Sisters, Madras, CrookCounty, Ridgeview at4ASpecial District 2 regionalmeetin La Grande,11a.m. Nordic skiing: OHSNO pursuit racesat Mt. Hood Meadows,11a.m.


10 a.m.:Men's college, Ohio

at Connecticut, ESPN. 9 a.m.:Men's college, Xavier at Dayton, ESPN2. State at Montevallo, CBSSN.



vs. Penn State, NBCSN. 12:15 p.m.:Men's college, Jacksonville vs. Ohio State, NBCSN.

BOWLING Noon:PBATour, league qualifier, round 3 (taped), ESPN. GYMNASTICS 6 p.m.:Women's college, California at Stanford, Pac-12 Network.

State at Colorado, ESPNU.

6 p.m.:Men's college, San


6 p.m.: Men'scollege,Boise State at New Mexico, Root Sports.

8 p.m.:Men's college, New Mexico State at Utah State, ESPNU.

George McNeiff

GP W L OT Pts GF GA NewJersey 14 9 2 3 21 40 31 Pittsburgh 1 5 1 0 5 0 20 48 35 N.Y.Rangers 13 7 5 1 15 36 34 Philadelphia 15 6 8 1 13 37 45 N.Y. Islanders 13 5 7 1 11 40 46 Norlheast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Boston 12 8 2 2 18 34 29 Montreal 13 8 4 1 17 36 33 Ottawa 14 7 5 2 16 35 27 Toronto 14 8 6 0 16 40 36 Buffalo 15 6 8 1 13 43 50 Southeast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Carolina 13 8 4 1 17 41 37 TampaBay 13 6 6 1 13 49 40 Florida 13 4 6 3 11 30 47 Washington 14 5 8 I 11 40 49 Winnipeg 1 3 5 7 1 11 33 43 Western Conference Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Chicago 1 4 1 1 0 3 25 48 29 Nashville 14 7 3 4 18 28 26 St. Louis 1 4 8 5 1 17 48 45

UCLA ArizonaSt. Colorado

California SouthernCal Stanford Washington Oregon St. Utah WashingtonSt.

8 7 7 7 7 6 5 3 3 2

4 5 5 5 5 6 7 9 9 10

18 7 18 7 17 7 15 9 12 13 15 10 13 12 13 12 11 13 11 14

Friday's Games East Columbia 62, Brown51 Loyola(Md.)54,Manhattan34 Marist 68,Niagara41 Penn77, Harvard72 Princeton77, Dartmouth65 Rider73,Siena61 Yale67,Cornell 58 South William 8Mary78,Northeastern 70,OT Far West California79, UCLA51 Colorado 55, Arizona42 Stanford79,SouthernCal55 Utah54,ArizonaSt.46 Washington 97, Oregon71 Washington St.51, OregonSt. 49

State at Washington, Root

Sports. MOTOR SPORTS 5 p.m.: NASCAR, Sprint Cup, The Sprint Unlimited, Fox. 7 p.m.:NHRA, Winternationals,

qualifying (same-day tape), ESPN2.

GYMNASTIGS 7 p.m.:Women's college, UCLA at Oregon State, Pac-12 Network.


ON THE AIR:RADIO TODAY BASEBALL 12:30p.m.:College,Oregon Statevs.Gonzaga,KICE-AM 940.

BASKETBALL 4 p.m.:Men's college, Oregon at Washington State, KBND-AM 1110. 5:30 p.m.:NBA, All-Star Saturday Night, KICE-AM 940.

8 p.m.: Men'scollege,Oregon State at Washington, KICE-AM 940, KRCO-AM 690.

SUNDAY BASEBALL 1 p.m.:College, Oregon State vs. UC Riverside, KICE-AM940.

BASKETBALL 4 p.m.: NBA, All-Star Game, KICE-AM 940.

Chris Kirk DavidLynn

James Hahn JeremiahWooding PeterHanson CameronTringale AndresRomero Y.E.Yang StuartAppleby KevinStreelman Tim Herron MichaelBlock Matt Every Scott Piercy MarkWilson Justin Leonard BrianHarm an RetiefGoosen CharleyHoffman JasonKokrak KevinStadler StewartCink Vijay Singh RossFisher JohnsonWagner MarcLeishman Jeff Maggert Detroit 14 7 5 2 16 38 41 Scott Harrington Columbus 14 4 8 2 10 31 43 DavidMathis Northwest Division CaseyWittenberg GP W L OT Pts GF GA MichaelBradley Vancouver 13 8 3 2 18 38 29 Jerry Kelly Minnesota 14 6 6 2 14 30 36 Martin Flores Edmonton 13 5 5 3 13 29 34 Ryo Ishikawa Calgary 12 4 5 3 11 35 44 Failed to pualffy Colorado 12 5 6 1 11 27 32 Graeme McDoweff Pacific Division DustinJohnson GP W L OT Pts GF GA KevinNa Anaherm 1 3 1 0 2 1 21 47 35 WilliamMcGirt Dallas 15 8 6 1 17 38 39 SteveLeBrun San Jose 1 4 7 4 3 17 37 33 Phoenix 14 6 6 2 14 35 38 PatrickCantlay CharlesHowell III l.os Angeles 12 5 5 2 12 28 33 Woodiand NOTE: Twopoints for a win, onepoint for overtrme Gary NicolasColsaerts loss. RobertStreb Friday's Games JohnSenden Buffalo 4,Boston2 Tim Clark NewJersey5, Phiadelphia 3 Martin Laird Pittsburgh 3WinnipegI Jeff Overton Anaheim 5, Detroit 2 J.B. Holmes Chicago 4, SanJose1 CoreyPavin St. Louis5,Calgary2 KevinChappe Dallas 4, Vancouver3 ZachJohnson LosAngeles2,ColumbusI BrianGay Today's Games RorySabbatini Tampa Bayat Florida, noon PatrickReed OttawaatToronto, 4 p.m. JasonBohn Philadelphiaat Montreal, 4p.m. ColtKnost NewJerseyatN.Y. Islanders, 4p.m. MikeWeir Anaheim at Nashvile, 5 p.m. Brendon deJonge Columbus atPhoenix,5p.m. KenDuke Colorado at Edmonton, 7p.m Kevin Sutherl and Sunday's Games Dicky Pride PittsburghatBuffalo, 9:30a.m. RobertoCastro LosAngelesatChicago,12:30p.m. ChadCampbell Bostonat Winnipeg,3p.m. JohnHuh CalgaryatDallas, 3pm. RussellHenley Detroit atMinnesota,3p.m. GeoffOgilvy Washin gtonatN.Y.Rangers,3 p.m. D.A. Points St. LouisatVancouver,6 p.m. RyanPalmer PadraigHarrington BASKETBALL TroyMatteson Jeff Klauk D.H Lee Men's college BubbaWatson Friday's Games LucasGlover East AaronBaddeley Brown58,Columbia55 RickyBarnes Cornell68,Yale61 DavidHeam Harvard73, Penn54 DanielSummerhays Manhattan 74,lona73,20T Scott Verplank Niagara57,Marist 54 Bo VanPelt Princeton73,Dartmouth 55 JamesDriscoll StonyBrook65,Vermont48 TomGiffis South BudCauley Jacksonville70,North Florida68 JonasBlixt Midwest Robert Affenby Georgetown 62,Cincinnati 55 TommyGainey GreenBay66, ClevelandSt.59 Ben Crane YoungstownSt.94,Milwaukee80 Will Claxton Troy Kelly ArronOberholser Pacific-12 Conference WesShort, Jr. All Times PST MichaelThompson Chris Stroud Conference Overall Carl Pettersson W L W L CameronBeckman Oregon 9 3 20 5 SeanO'Hair Arizona 8 4 20 4

Women's college

8 p.m.: Men'scollege,Oregon

GregOwen Seung-YulNoh BenCurtis JesperParnevik LukeGuthrie GrahamDeLaet Jim Furyk FredCouples JimmyWalker CharlieWi J.J. Henry BrendanSteele AngelCabrera BrandtJobe Pat Perez KeeganBradley K.J. Choi

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division

Today's Games UCLAatStanford, I p.m. OregonatWashington State,4 p.m. ArizonaStateat Colorado, 6p.m. OregonStateatWashington, 8 p.m. Sunday's Games Arizonaat Utah, noon USC atCaifomia, 7p.m.

Diego State at UNLV, NBCSN.

Phil Mickelson TedPotter,Jr. Josh Teater HunterMahan BryceMolder BlayneBarber TrevorImmelman BrianDavis Bob Estes Harris English

Northern Trust Friday AI Riviera CountryClubCourse Los Angeles Purse: $6.6 million Yardage: 7,349; Par: 71 SecondRound Sang-MoonBae 68-65—133 FredrikJacobson 68-65 — 133 John Merrick 68-66 —I34 John Roffins 69-65 — 134 LukeDonald 69-66 — 135 Charl Schwartzel 69 67 136 WebbSimpson 70-66 — 136 LeeWestwood 68-68 —I36 JohnMaff inger 71 -66—137 Biff Haas 70-67 — 137 RyanMoore 70-67 137 64-73—137 Matt Kuchar GregChalmers 69-69 —I38 SergioGarcia 65-73 — 138 71-67 — 138 AdamScot ErnieEls 70-68 138 67-71—138 CharlieBelian

71-67 — 138 71-67 — 138 70-68 — I38 70-69 — 139 74 65 139 69-70 — 139 70-69 — 139


68-72 — 140 73-67 — 140 69-71 — 140 70-70 140 68-72—140 70-70 — 140 69-71 — 140 72-68 — 140 68-72 — 140 68-72 — 140 70-70 — 140 75-66 — I41 72-69 — 141 70-71 141 69-72 — 141 66-75 — 141 68-73 — 141 71-70 — 141 71-70 — 141 71-70 — 141 73 68 141 67-74—141 67-74—141 75-66—141 69-73 — 142 73-69 — 142 71-71 — 142 70-72 — 142 73-69 — I42 73-69 — 142 68-74 142 69-73—142 70-73—143 72-71—143 71-72 — 143 70-73 — 143 76-67 — 143 71-72 143 73-70—143 71-72—143 72-71—143 71-72 — 143 75-68 — 143 72-71—143 73-71—144 69-75—144 72-72 — 144 73-71 144 71-73—144 71-73—144 73-71 — 144 71-73 —144 74-70 — 144 71-73 — 144 73-72—145 76-69 — 145 74-71 145 73-72—145 76-69—145 70-75—145 73-72—145 73-72—145 70-75 — 145 68-77 145 72-74—146 75-71 — 146 74-72 — 146 72-74 — 146 71-75 — 146 75-71 — 146 73-73 — 146 72-74—146 72-74 — 146 71-75 146 73-73—146 73-74—147 72-75—147 75-72—147 71-76—147 76-71 — 147 74-73 147 73-74—147 75-72 — 147 71-76 — 147 75-72 — 147 72-75 — 147 76-71 — 147 75-72 — 147 73-75 — I48 77-71 — 148 77-71 148 75-73—148 76-72—148 77-71 — 148 77-71 — 148 78-70 — 148 70-78 — 148 74-75 149 75-74—149 75-74 — 149 70-79 — 149 77-72 — 149 71-78 — 149 77-72 — 149 74-76 — 150 76-74 — I50 77-74 — 151 80-71 151 78-73—151 78-74 — 152 77-75 — 152 78-79 — 157 78-80 — 158 76 —WD 77 WD 80 —WD 83 —WD

LPGA Tour Australian Women'sOpen Friday At Royal CanberraGolf Clubcourse Canberra, Australia Purse: $1.2 million Yardage: 6,672; Par:73 First Round a-amateur 64-67 — I31 Mariajo Uribe 65-67 — 132 Jiyai Shin x-LydiaKo 63-69 132 68-68—136 Kristie Smith 68-69—137 BeatrizRecari Holly Aitchison 70-68—138 SarahJaneSmith 68-70—138 Rebecca Artis 72-67—139 GennaPiler 72-67 — 139 JessicaKorda 70-69 139 YaniTseng 68-71—139 Giulia Sergas 67-72 — 139 AyakoUehara 66-73—139 Christel Boellon 72-68 — 140 JennyShin 71-69 — 140 MoriyaJutanugarn 70-70 — 140 Rebecca Lee-Bentham 66-74 — 140 BrookePancake 73-68 — I41 Nikki Campbell 71 -70 —141 CarlotaCiganda 71-70 141 KatheenEkey 71-70—141 JulietaGranada 71-70—141 BrittanyLincicome 71-70 — 141 x-MinjeeLee 70-71 — 141 StacyPrammanasudh 70-71 — 141 Vicky H urst 69-72 — 141 KatherineHull-Kirk ffheeLee

x-YanJing AnnaNordqvist MarranneSkarpnord VeronicaFelibert DanieffeKang CindyLacrosse BelenMozo FlorentynaParker Eun-HeeJi DewiClaireSchreefel LizetteSalas CheffaChoi WhrtneyHilier JenniferRosales AshleeDewhurst CarolineHedwaff KarineIcher LexiThompson Thidapa Suwannapura Austin Ernst StacyLewis AngelaStaniord Mi BreeArthur Maria Hjorth HannahBurke AmyHung SarahKemp ChristinaKim


68-73 141 73-69—142 72-70 — 142 72-70 — 142 72-70 — 142 71-71 — 142 71-71 — 142 71-71 — 142 71-71 — I42 71-71 — 142 70-72 142 70-72—142 69-73—142 74-69—143 74-69—143 74-69—143 73-70—143 72-71—143 72-71—143 72-71—143 71-72 143 69-74—143 69-74—143 68-75—143 66-77—143 73-71 — 144 73-71 — 144 72-72 144 72-72—144 72-72 — 144 72-72 144 72-72—144

So YeonRyu


MiJungHur Pornanong Phatlum AlisonWalshe CheyenneWoods Beth Allen CourtneyMassey JanePark BeckyBrewerton CatrionaMatthew CharlotteEllis x-Su-HyunOh StaceyKeating Pao aMoreno Gwladys Nocera Lee-Anne Pace Stephanie Sherlock Kris Tamulis Line VedelHansen JessicaSpeechley LauraDavies JenniferSong KarrieWebb Missed theCut LydiaHall Haeji Kang Felicity Johnson JadeSchaeffer MianneBagger Katie Futcher Lorie Kane JenniferJohnson Lisa Mccloskey LauraDiaz Dori Carter Mindy Kim FrancesBondad Joanna Klatten Jee YoungLee SydneeMichaels MicheffeWie Tamie Durdin TaniaElosegui LaurenDoughtie MariaHernandez NicoleJeray AzaharaMunoz JaneRah Karin Sjodin RachelBailey PemiffaLindberg RyannO'Toole TamaraJohns JenniferGleason WendyWard Moira Dunn JennieLee PaigeMackenzie Mina Harigae Jin YoungPak KatelynMust Julia Bo and SarahOh SophieGipuel-Bettan Stephanie Na Kim Welch Danielalacobeffi CassandraKirkland BrittanyLang TayloreKarle NontayaSrisawang Danie ff eMontgomery SaraMaudeJuneau Mo Martin CarolineMasson Nikki Garrett

MeaghanFrancega Jody Fleming VickyThomas CathrynBristow VrctonaElizabeth KarenStupples Pamela Pretsweff HeatherBowreYoung KarenLunn JacquiConcolino KaylaMorteffaro DawnShockley EmmaDeGroot EstherChoe Numa Gulyanamitta Anne-LiseCaudal SarahKing Carly Booth LynnetteBrooky SophieGustafson Amanda Blumenherst Karlin Beck

72-72 —144 72-72 144 71-73—144 71-73—144 71-73—144 71-73 144 70-74—144 70-74—144 70-74—144 69-75 144 69-75—144 75-70—145 75-70—145 74-71 145 74-71—145 74-71—145 74-71—145 74-71 145 73-72—145 73-72—145 72-73—145 71-74 145 71-74—145 71-74—145 76-70 146 76-70—146 75-71 —146 75-71 —146 74-72 146 74-72—146 74-72—146 73-73—146 72-74 146 71-75—146 70-76—146 77-70—147 76-71 147 75-72—147 75-72—147 74-73 — 147 74-73 —147 73-74 —147 73-74—147 72-75 — 147 72-75 —147 72-75 —147 72-75—147 72-75 — 147 72-75 —147 71-76 —147 69-78 — I47 77-71 — 148 76-72 —148 75-73 —148 75-73—148 74-74 —148 74-74 —148 74-74 —148 73-75—148 73-75 —148 69-79 —148 77-72 —149 77-72 — I49 76-73 —149 76-73 —149 76-73 —149 75-74 — I49 75-74 —149 73-76 —149 72-77 —149 77-73 — I50 75-75 —150 74-76 —150 72-78 —150 72-78 —150 71 -79—150 70-80 —150 77-74 —151 76-75 —151 75-76 —151 75-76 —151 73-78 151 72-79—151 78-74 —152 76-76 —152 75-77 152 74-78—152 74-78—152 80-73—153 77-77 154 76-78—154 81-74—155 77-78—155 73-82 155 76-80—156 76-80—156 81-76—157 85-77 162

Cham pions Tour ACEGroupClassic Friday

At TwinEagles GC (Talon Course) Naples, Fla. Purse: $1.6 million Yardage:7,193; Par:72 (36-36) First Round 33-29 — 62 BemhardLanger BobTwa y 30 35 65 31-35—66 TomPerniceJr. 33-33—66 Jay Don Blake 32-34—66 JohnHuston 35-32 67 ChienSoonLu 34-33—67 FredFunk 32-35—67 MarkWiebe 34-33—67 MarkO'Meara Mike Hulbert

MikeGoodes D.A. Weibring Gil Morgan RogerChapman BradFaxon DavidFrost LorenRoberts KennyPerry Jeff Freem an John Harris SteveElkington DuffyWaldorf MichaelAllen Olin Browne BobbyWadkins BradBryant CraigStadler Jeff Sluman Bob Gilder TomKite MarkMouland Joey Sindelar Morris Hatalsky AndrewMagee GeneSauers Wayne Levi Biff Glasson Scott Simpson Hal Sutton PeterJacobsen Mark McNulty JohnCook Willie Wood GeneJones Jim Rutledge TomPurtzer DavidPeoples Bart Bryant StevePate SandyLyle RussCochran Mark Calcavecchia Jay Haas RoccoMediate Allen Doyle SteveJones Mark Brooks BobbyClampet PeterSenior SteveLowery FuzzyZoeffer GaryKoch Gary Ha Iberg Larry Nelson Scott Hoch TomLehman Tommy Armour III Jim Gallagher, Jr. Larry Mize Chie-HsiangLin DanForsman Joe Daley EstebanToledo DanaQuigley Jim Thorpe DonnieHammond DavidEger Jay Sigel Hale Irwin BenCrenshaw AndyBean

TENNIS Professional

35-33 68 35-33—68 36-32—68 35-33—68 34-34 68 31-37—68 34-34—68 33-35—68 34 34 68 36-32—68 33-36—69 37-32—69 33-36 69 34-35—69 33-36—69 37-33 — 70 34-36 70 36-34—70 35-35—70 37-33 — 70 33-37 70 36-34—70 36-35—71 38-33 — 71 37-34 71 36-35 — 71 36-35 — 71 36-35 — 71 36-35 71 35-36 — 71 35-36 — 71 37-34 — 71 36-35 — 71 35-36 — 71 36-35 — 71 36-35 — 71 39-33 — 72 35-37 — 72 35-37 — 72 36-36 — 72 36-36 — 72 39-33 — 72 38-34 — 72 36-36 — 72 37-35 — 72 38-35 — 73 35-38 — 73 37-36 —73 37-36 — 73 36-37 — 73 35-38 — 73 35-38 — 73 38-35 — 73 38-35 — 73 36-37 — 73 38-35 — 73 37-36 — 73 40-34 — 74 38-36 — 74 35-39 — 74 35-39 — 74 36-39 — 75 37-38 — 75 37-38 — 75 36-40 — 76 38-38 — 76 39-37 — 76 37-40 — 77 38-40 — 78 39-39 — 78 39-40 — 79 WD

SAP Open Friday At HP Pavilion

San Jose, Calif. Purse: $623,730(WT250) Surface: Hard-Indoor Singles Quarierffnafs TommyHaas(4), Germany, def. SteveJohnson, UnitedStates,6-4, 6-2. John Isner(2), UnitedStates, def. Xavier Malisse (8) Belgium,7-6(8), 6-2. Milos Raonic(1), Canada,def. DenisIstomin(6), Uzbekistan, 7-6(0), 6-3.

Brazil Open Friday At Ginasio doIbirapuera Sao Paulo Purse: $519,775(WT250) Surface: Clay-Outdoor Singles Guarterfinals SimoneBoiegi, Itaiy,def.Aibert Montanes,Spain,

6-4, 6-4. Martin Alund, Argentina, det.FilrppoVolandri, Italy,

7-5, 7-6(5). DavidNalbandian,Argentina,dei. NicolasAlmagro (2), Spain7-6 , (5), 3-6, 7-6(3). RafaelNadal(1),Spain,def.Carlos Berocq,Argentina,3-6 6-4, 6-4.

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament Friday At Ahoy' Stadium Rotterdam, Netherlands Purse: $1.34 million (WT500) Surface: Hard-Indoor Singles Quarterfinals Grigor Dimitrov,Bulgaria,def. MarcosBaghdatis, Cyprus,6-7(4), 7-6(0), 6-3. Juan Martindel Potro(2), Argentina,def. Jarkko Nieminen,Finland,6-3,6-4. Julien Benne teau, France,def. RogerFederer (1), Switzerland,6-3,7-5. GigesSimon(5), France,def. Martin Klizan,Slovakia, 6-7(6),6-3, 3-0retired. Qatar Open Friday At The Khalifa TennisComplex Doha, Qatar Purse: $2.369million (Premier) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Guarterfinals MariaSharapova(3), Russia, def.SamStosur (8), Australia,6-2, 6-4. VictoriaAzarenka(1), Belarus,def. SaraErrani (6), Italy, 6-2,6-2. SerenaWiliams(2), UnitedStates,def. PetraKvitova (7),CzechRepublic, 3-6,6-3, 7-5. AgnieszkaRadwanska (4), Poland,def. Caroline Wozniacki(10),Denmark, 6-2, 7-5.


Qualifying Friday At Auto ClubRaceway Pomona, Calif. Qualifying continuestodayfor Sunday'sfinal eliminations. Top Fuel 1. TonySchumacher, 3.758seconds, 328.14mph. 2. BrandonBernstein, 3.761,325.22.3.Antron Brown, 3.768, 328.14. 4. DougKalitta, 3.795, 326.71 5. Khalrd alBalooshi, 3.798,326.16. 6. Clay Milican, 3.799, 325.77. 7. DavidGrubnic, 3.812,308.14.8. Bob Vandergriff, 3.813, 324.83. 9 MorganLucas, 3.81 4,325.06.10. SteveTorrence, 3.815,321.50. 11. SpencerMassey,3.827, 318.17. 12.BrittanyForce, 3.845, 293.22.NotQualified: 13. LarryDixon,3.848, 318.39. 14. LeahPruett, 3.865, 291.38.15. Sidnei Frigo, 3873,306.60 16.TJ. Zizzo, 3.959,270.48 17. Terr yMcMillen,3.962,286.32.18.Shawn Langdon, 4.013, 222.14. 19. SteveFaria, 4.994, 149.08. 20. StevenChrisman,9.317,83.38.

FunnyCar 1. JackBeckm an, DodgeCharger, 4.045, 316.67. 2. GaryDensham,Charger,4.053,30709.3. Courtney Force,FordMustang, 4.071,311.49. 4. JohnnyGray, Charger, 4085, 30878. 5 Cruz Pedregon,Toyota Camry, 4.093,296.44.6.MattHagan,Charger,4.097, 304.46 .7.DelWorsham,Camry,4.101 306.26.8. RonCapps,Charger,4.102,314.53. 9. Alexis DeJoria, Camry,4.107, 302.69. 10 BobTascaIII, Mustang, 4.190, 305.08. 11.TimWilkerson, Mustang,4221, 283.25. 12.TonyPedregon,Camry, 4.225, 248.89. Not Qualitied: 13. Phil Burkart, 4.239,287.96. 14. John Force,4300, 251.20. 15. Robert Hight, 6.658, 103.52. 16.Jeff Arend,7.107, 95.17. 17.TerryHaddock,7901,7367.18.ToddLesenko,10190,6341. Pro Stock 1 Mike Edwards,ChevyCamaro, 6528, 212.39. 2. V. Gaines,DodgeAvenger, 6.538, 211.49. 3. Erica Enders-Stevens,ChevyCobalt, 6.539,212.23.4. Jason Line,Camaro, 6.541, 212.43 5. VincentNobile, Avenger,6.567,210.67. 6. GregAnderson, Camaro, 6.580, 211.03. 7. GregStanfield, Camaro, 6.585, 209.82 8.RodgerBrogdon,Camaro, 6.590,209.33. 9. SteveKent,PontiacGXP,6.606,208.84.10. KurtJohnson, GXP, 6.607, 209.65. 11. Deric Kramer, Avenger, 6.611, 209.01.12. Chris McGaha,Avenger, 6.612, 209.04 NotQualified: 13.ShaneGray, 6.614, 209.75. 14. Warren Johnson,6.616,208.52 15.Larry Morgan, 6.617, 208.71.16. Matt Hartford, 6.627,209.79. 17. MarkWolfe,6.764, 204.76. 18.JegCoughlin, 6.896 208.26 19.AllenJohnson,13.855,63.06.

BASEBALL College Oregon 3,Hawaii 0



American League CLEVEL ANDINDIANS—SignedOFMichaelBourn to a four-yearcontract. KANSAS CITYROYALS—Agreedtotermswith LHP Chris Dwyer, LHPDonnie Joseph, LHPJustin Marks, LHPEverettTeaford, RH PNateAdcock, INFIrving Falu and OF JarrodDysononone-yearcontracts. National League MIAMIMARLINS—Signed1B CaseyKotchmanto aminor-leaguecontract. WASHING TDNNATIONALS—Agreedtotermswith RHP JordanZimmermannonaone-yearcontract. FOOTBALL

National Football League BUFFALO BII.LS—Re-signedQBTarvaris Jackson. GREENBAYPACKERS—Released DB Charles Woodson. ST. LOUISRAMS—NamedTimWalton defensive coordinatorPlacedWRTitus Youngonwaivers. CanadranFootball League B.C. LIONS —Signed WR Pans Jackson andDB KoreyBanksto contract extensions. EDMON TON ESKIMOS—Signed DLDdeff Wilis and DBMarceffYoung. HAMILTON TIGER-CATS—Signed LB-DEShomari Williams. MONTREALALOUETTES—Re-signed CB Seth Williams,FBDahrranDiedrick andDTMotonHopkins.

SignedDBGeoff Tisdale. ReleasedDBJerald Brown.


ant TurnerandSBClarenceDenmark.Agrredtoterms with OLMarkDewit


NationalHockeyLeague CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS—Recalled G I-lenrik Karlsson fromtheRockford (AHL). COLUMBUSBLUEJACKETS— ActivatedD Adrian

Aucoinfrominjured reserve. DETROIT RED WINGS— Recalled RW Gustav Nynuist fromGrandRapids(AHL). PlacedFToddBertuzzi on injuredreserve. Reassigned RWWillie Coetzeeto GrandRapidsfromToledo(ECHL). NASHVILLE PREDATORS— Assigned FBrian McGrattanto Milwaukee(AHL) for atwo-weekconditioning assignmet.n NEW YORKRANGERS—AssignedF Chris Kreider to Connecticut(AHL). OTTAW ASENATORS—Recalled FDavid Dziurzynski and FDerekGrant, DEric GrybafromBinghamton


COLLEGE NEWMEXICO—Named Scott Baumgartner wide receivers coach WASHINGTON AND LEE— Named Jon Berlin assistantfootballcoachandassistant professorof physical education. WYOMING Named DanGeorgalas assistant volleybaffcoach.





Blackhawks beat sliding Sharks4-1

BASEBALL Beavers winseasonopener — Jake Rodriguez, Kavin Keyes

and Michael Conforto all had two

hits to pace theOregon State baseball team to a 5-2 win over Utah Valley in the club's 2013

season opener Friday in Palm Springs, Calif. Rodriguez drove in two runs on atwo-out single

The Associated Press CHICAGO — J o nathan Toews felt he had to stand up for himself, so he skated up to Joe Thornton, jabbed him with his stick and then

to left field in the third inning that

served as the gamewinner. Conforto had driven in the Beavers'

first run of the gameearlier in the inning, and heand Danny Hayes

dropped his gloves.

scored when Rodriguez lined the first pitch he saw into left. The win marked the Beavers' fourth con-

secutiv eseason-openingwinand improved headcoach Pat Casey's mark to13-6 in the first game of a

season during his tenure atOSU.

BASKETBALL Payton leadsHall list

— Former OregonState star and NBA All-Star Gary Payton, along with Tim Hardaway and Mitch

Richmond, wereamong 12finalists announced Friday for election into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Former Houston Cougars coach Guy Lewis, current Louisville coach Rick Pitino and former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian also

are finalists for the 2013class. The others include former NBA stars

Maurice Cheeks,Spencer Haywood and Bernard King, longtime North Carolina women's coach Sylvia Hatchell and five-time WNBA All-Star Dawn Staley. Boston Celtics great Tom Heinsohn,

already inducted as aplayer, is a finalist in the coaching category.

No. 15 Georgetowngets

wln —Otto Porter Jr. scored 16 points while playing in foul trouble, and No. 15 Georgetown

wasted a12-point lead in the second half before rallying for its seventh straight win Friday night,

62-55 over Cincinnati in Cincinnati. Markel Starks hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 5:35 left and made

five free throws in the final minute, helping the Hoyas(19-4, 9-3) stay atop the Big East. They were

tied with Syracuse andMarquette headingintotheweekend games.

Ronald Martinez/The Associated Press

Team Chuck'sKenneth Faried, ofthe Denver Nuggets, dunks as Team Shaq's Chandler Parsons, of the Houston Rockets, looks on during the first half of Friday night's Rising Stars Challenge at NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston.

eam a eo


By Chris Duncan

The Associated Press

H OUSTON — K e nneth Faried wa s a Manimal among boys in the Rising Stars Challenge. Faried had 40 points and 10 rebounds and entertained the crowd at the end with a series of dunks, leading Team Chuck to a 163-135 victory over Team Shaq on Friday night. Nicknamed "Manimal" for hi s p hysical style of play, Faried made 18 of 22 shots and was selected the game's most valuable player. He'll also compete tonight in the dunk contest at All-Star Weekend and offered a sneak preview of what he has planned with several

powerful jams.

"It was more of a tease," Faried said. "Tomorrow is a lot different, a lot bigger stage. I have a lot of different types of dunks and

moves. Keep people guessing." For the second straight year, the rosters of both teams were a mix of rookie and second-year players, and former stars Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley served as oppos-

ing general managers.

WINTER SPORTS i.igety wins GS at worlds — Ted Ligety has become the

Sacramento point guard Isaiah Thomas had 18 points and 10 assists for Barkley's team. Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving, lastyear's MVP, scored 32 points, and rookie

first man in 45 years to earn three gold medals at the skiing world championships by winning the giant slalom in dominating

style in Schladming, Austria. The American can match French great Jean-Claude Killy, who earned four

By Kristie Rieken

Austria was 0.81 seconds behind

HOUSTON — Kevin Durant wanted to set the record s traight once an d f o r a l l about his relationship with LeBron James. "I hate him," he said before breaking into laughter. Then he got serious. "We're actually really good friends," he continued. "I think people want us to hate each other so bad just because we're battling against each other." That doesn't mean he has any good feelings toward him when they face each other. "I like the friendly competition, but when we're on the court we're the furthest thing away from being friends," he said. "We don't take it easy on each other." That much was never more evident than when the two competed in last year's NBA Finals, which the Heat won in five games. James led his team in scoring in each game, and Durant paced the Thunder in all but Game 4. Soon after that, the two met up once again to play for the U.S. in the Olympics in London.

Italy took third, trailing Ligety by

1.75 seconds.

MOTOR SPORTS Schumacher leadsNHRA's Top Fuel pualifying —Tony Schumacher raced to theTop Fuel qualifying lead Friday in the

NHRA's season-opening Winternationals with a 3.758-second run at a top speed of 328.14 mph

in Pomona, Calif. Schumacher's parachutes failed to deploy after the run and his car came to a stop in the sand trap at the end of the

track. He wasn't injured. Jack Beckman topped the Funny Car field, and Mike Edwards had the

Pro Stock lead. Beckmanhad a pass of 4.045 at 316.67, and Edwards finished in 6.528 at 212.39.

The final two rounds of qualifying are set for today.

FOOTBALL Goodell paid $29million

— Commissioner RogerGoodell was paid $29.49 million by NFL

owners in 2011,nearly triple his compensation from the previous year. According to the league's most recent tax return, most of Goodell's pay comes in theform of a $22.3 million bonus. His base

pay was $3.1 million. TheNFLwas scheduled to file the return Friday. While the league declined com-

ment on specifics, it must, by law, make the return available upon


Packers release defensive dack GharlesWoodson — The GreenBay Packers have released veteran defensive back Charles Wo odson.Generalmanager TedThompson announced

the move Friday, saying the team would not have won the 2010

Super Bowl without Woodsonand saying the "once-in-a-generation talent" was anambassador for the organization off the field. The36year-old Woodsonhastwo years left on a five-year contract that was

worth as much as$55 million.

Dion Waiters, Irving's Cavs teammate, added 23 for Shaq's team. Portland rookie Damian Lillard finished with 18 points for Team

Shaq. The last few minutes of the meaningless game devolved into a spontaneous dunk contest, with players taking turns showing off their acrobatic moves while the others stood and watched. Faried drew the biggest cheers with four thunderous slams. "I just went out there to have fun," said Faried, the 22nd overall pick in the 2011 draft by Denver. "I guess that is a regular game for me, enjoying myself and having fun." He cradled the crystal MVP trophy after the game, an unexpected bonus to his busy weekend in Houston. "I didn't come into the weekend thinking, 'Oh, I want all of the attention," Faried said. "I just came in to have fun, no matter which way you try to put it or what people try to say, 'Oh, he wanted the MVP.' I didn't want it. I couldn't care less. As long as I have fun playing the game, to me, that's all that matters." The average score of the game over the past five seasons was 138-131, and New Orleans rookie Anthony Davis set the tone with an alley-oop pass to San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard for a dunk 20 seconds into the game.

DLirant lOVeS COmPeting againSt JameS

golds in1968, if he wins the slalom on Sunday. Marcel Hirscher of in second, and Manfred Moelgg of



The Associated Press

at as competition, and look at as a guy that I'm chasing every single day. Him and Kobe Bryant and Carmelo (Antho-

ny), those are guys I look at and feel like I'm chasing and trying to be as good as them." James said his relationship with Durant doesn't affect the competition at alL " People always want t o talk about the friendship me and KD have. It's a new era," James said. "It starts with how long we've been competing against one another since we were kids. You don't have to hate somebody to compete against somebody. People get that twisted. Did you watch the game last night? It wasn't friendly at all. We're competing, but we respect each other. "Before me and D-Wade

(Dwayne Wade) came togeth-

er, everyone remembers the battles me and D-Wade had. But our friendship was one of the best we had, too. People just don't have anything to talk about, so they want to try to make a story." Old LeBron? James has never competed "He's going to go down as in the slam-dunk contest on one of the best of all time," All-Star Weekend. Asked FriDurant said about James. "I day if he ever will, James said don't think anyone will be he thinks his window of oplike LeBron James. I'm glad portunity may have passed. He's only 28, but he is playI get a chance to compete against him year in and year ing his 10th NBA season. "I'm getting older," he said. out, and I'm also glad I was "It ain't looking good." on his team to win the gold Dwight Howard, who commedal." James and the Heat beat peted multiple times and won Durant's Thunder 110-100 on a dunk contest, had another Thursday night. James en- theory for why some players tered the game having scored won't give it a try. "I think for us, the reason 30 points with 6 0 p ercent shooting in an NBA-record why a lot of us don't parsix straight games. ticipate is because we do so James had 39 points in that much during All-Star Weekgame, but the Thunder took end, by the time we get to some solace in keeping him the dunk contest we have no legs," he said. "When you do below 60 percent shooting. "I'm glad we held him unthe dunk contest, you want to der 60, but he still shot 58 have your legs, you want to be percent on us," Durant said. ready to go because you want "But I'm glad his streak didn't to put on a good show for our continue. He's such a great fans. So I think some guys, I player. He's somebody I look think they don't want to get

e mbarrassed in t h e d u n k contest, so they just choose not to do it."

Payton vs. Jordan Back in the day, Gary Payton relished the opportunity to guard Michael Jordan. Payton was selected as a finalist for election to the Hall of Fame on Friday, kicking off All-Star Weekend in Houston. Jordan, meanwhile, turns 50 on Sunday, and the league is planning a tribute. "I've got a lot of memories for him," Payton said, smiling. "We always had great battles. That's what brought it out of me. He and John Stockton were the two guys I always looked forward to p l aying against because I knew I was going to learn something." Payton's Seattle team faced Jordan's Chicago squad in the 1996 NBA Finals, after the Bulls had rolled to a leaguerecord 72wins in the regular season. The Bulls stormed to a 3-0 lead in the series, but the Sonics won the next two

The Chicago Blackhawks responded to the rare fight for their captain. The sliding San Jose Sharks just went down again. Marcus Kruger and Andrew Shaw scored during Chicago's strong second period, and the NHL-leading Blackhawks beat the Sharks 4-1 on Friday night for their fifth win in six games. Dave Bolland and Niklas Hjalmarsson alsoscored for the Blackhawks, who remain the league's only team without a regulation loss. Jamal Mayers had two assists and backup Ray Emery made 27 saves for his fourth win in four starts this season. "Everything was good tonight," Toews said. "The penalty kill was huge in the first period, with the big 4-minute penalty kill we had to kill.

Charles Arbogast/The Associated Press

Chicago Blackhawks goalie Ray Emery (30) celebrates with Marcus Kruger, front left, and Sheldon Brookbank after Friday night's game against the San Jose Sharks in Chicago. The Blackhawks won 4-1.

We haven't been that way all

seven games." Each of the Blackhawks' first three goals came on re-

bounds, including an ugly gaffe by Niemi in the second period. Also on Friday:

Big goal by Bolly (Bolland)

Sabres .......... . . . . . . ... 4

after that, and I think that just set the tone for the night with that penalty kilL" T he B l ackhawks w e r e forced to play a man short after Toews and Thornton got into it with about 4'/~ minutes left in the first period. The star centers locked up for a minute before Thornton dragged Toews to the ice and the linesmen skated in. "He asked me to fight and I was kind of shocked," said Thornton, who became San Jose's captain in 2010. "I said, 'Sure.' That's how it went. He'd hit me f rom behind, but it wasn't anything serious. Then he just asked me to

Bruins...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 BUFFALO, N.Y. — Christian Ehrhoff scored the winner with 10:58 remaining and the Buffalo Sabres rallied for three goals in the third period to beat Boston. Devils ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Flyers ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 NEWARK, N.J. — David Clarkson scored on a deflection at 10:43 of the third period and New Jersey rallied from a two-goal deficit to defeat Philadelphia. Penguins..... . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 J ets.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 WINNIPEG, ManitobaCraig Adams scored his first fight, so I obliged. two goals of the season to lift "Hopefully the guys could Pittsburgh to its seventh road rally after it. They didn't, but win of the season. we'llbe back. What do you Ducks ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 do'? They want to fight, so Red Wings...... . . . . . . . . . . 2 sure, I'll fight." DETROIT Andrew Toews received 2 minutes C ogliano scored t w o o f for boarding, 2 minutes for Anaheim's three goals in the unsportsmanlike c o n duct thirdperiod, sending surging and a 5-minute fighting ma- Anaheim to its third straight jor. Thornton got 5 minutes win and seventh in e ight for fighting. But the Sharks games. were unable to take advan- Blues...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Flames ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 tage of the resulting power play. CALGARY, Alberta — Da" There's a l w ay s li t t l e vid Perron scored twice on things, players that are going the power play and St. Louis un a n swered to be chipping at you and try- scored f ou r ing to get under your skin," goals in the first period to Toews said. "I think the rest is cruise to the victory over history right now. Like I said, Calgary. I felt it was something I need- Stars ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 ed to do, stand up for myself, Canucks.......... . . . . . ... 3 and I did it and glad I did it. I V ANCOUVER, Br i t i s h think it helped our team." Columbia — Brenden DilSan Jose has d r opped lon scored the go-ahead goal seven in a row after getting w ith 3 minutes left in t h e off to a 7-0 start. Three of the third period and Dallas rallosses have come in a shoot- lied past Vancouver to end out or overtime. the Canucks' six-game winTim Kennedy scored his ning streak. first goal of the season for Kings...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 B lue Jackets..... . . . . . . . . . 1 the Sharks (7-4-3), and Antti Niemi had 33 saves against LOS ANGELES — Kyle his former team. Clifford opened the scoring "Tonight, let's face it: One late in the second period, team was fast, moved pucks, Jonathan Bernier made 12 attacked," San Jose coach saves and Los Angeles beat Todd McLellan said. "An- Columbus for the defending other team bobbled pucks Stanley Cup champions' first a nd misplayed them a n d regulation win at home this was slow. Simple as that. season.

games. P ayton, known a s " T h e Glove" for his defensive ability, guarded Scottie Pippen early in the series. Seattle coach George Karl put Payton on Jordan in Game 3. "The only thing I remember is w e go t d ow n 3 -0," Payton said. "We got into a hole and we came back and won two. I wish I could've g uarded h i m ear l i er . I didn't guard him in the first


• •




e •




• •



three (games). It probably would've been a better series, I don't know." Jordan had 22 points and seven assistsin Game 6 and the Bulls won their fourth c hampionship. W h il e J o r dan won their championship matchup, Payton said when it came to trash talking, Jordan was no match for him. "Mike didn't r eally t a lk any trash," Payton said. "The

only guy who can probably get close to me is probably Larry Bird. And Reggie Miller. They're the only ones who can come close to me, and I think I'm No. 1."


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NCAA basketbal lmay have reacheditspeakofugliness By Paul Newberry

The Associated Press

ATLANTAhere is dribbling, lots of dribbling, in college basketball these days. There is bumping and banging, lots of bumping and banging. Not to mention all the grabbing and tripping and colliding. If this was roller derby, it would be OK. But this is NCAA hoops, and it's downright

T John Raoux/TheAssociated Press

Kurt Busch drlves back to the garage area after he was involved In a crash durlng practice for today's Sprlnt Unlimited Shootout on Frlday In Daytona Beach, Fla.


ractice o ens wit wrec MOTOR SPORTS: NASCAR

By Mark Long The Associated Press

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — It took about 10 minutes to wreck several cars at Daytona International Speedway on Friday. Matt Kenseth triggered a five-car accident in the opening practice for the Sprint Unlimited, the non-points race that kicks off the season. Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Mark Martin and Juan Pablo Montoya also were involved in the crash. Busch's No. 78 Chevrolet sustained the most damage, forcing the team to switch to a backup car for tonight's exhibition event. Edwards and Martin also went to backups. "It's tough," Busch said. "A lot of hard work goes intothese cars,and six weeks ofpreparation can be trashed in six laps." Kenseth took blame for the melee, saying he didn't see Busch gaining ground inside his No. 20 Toyota on the 2'/~-mile superspeedway. "That was100 percent driver error,my driver error," Kenseth said. "I had no idea anybody was there and he had a run at the same time and I came down in front of him and he couldn't get slowed up from staying out of me. It was a hundred percent my fault." The accident came less than 10 laps into the first practice of Speedweeks. It was supposed to be a learning session for NASCAR's redesigned race car, the one dubbed "Generation 6," and a preview of next weekend's Daytona 500. Instead, it turned out much like a test at Daytona last month. Dale Earnhardt Jr. caused that big one when he turned Marcos Ambrose, causing a 12-car wreck that essentially ended the three-day session. Teams returned to the track this week in hopes of learning more about the new cars, which have been tweaked to more closely resemble those that ar e i n m a n ufacturer showrooms. They also have different driving characteristics. The biggest issue, especially for those teams with damaged cars, could be a lack of inventory. NASCAR's development process took time, and outside vendors struggled early on to keep up with demand. That left several teams, including some of the big-budget ones, trying to play it safe at a track where side-by-side, bumper-to-bumper racing at 200 mph usually leads to massive collisions. Hendrick Motorsports driver Kasey Kahne predicted at Media Day on Thursday that prac-

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tice would be conservative. "There is definitely a shortage of cars right now," Kahne said. "There may not even be an Unlimited practice because nobody ... we can't lose a car. We lost that one at the test, which you don't expect, so we need to make it through." It didn't happen — at least not for the five teams involved. The wreck caused several teams to sit out the second practice session Friday night. "As soon as we saw one wreck, I think everybody was going to play chicken and not go out much after that," defending event winner Kyle Busch said. The season-opening event used to be called the Budweiser Shootout. NASCAR changed the name this year along with the entry rules. The sanctioning body went back to race's roots, inviting pole winners from the previous season and former event winners who raced at least once during the previous season to enter. The result was a made-for-TV event that included five former Cup champions and nine former Shootout winners in the 19-car field. Five-time series champion Jimmie Johnson, four-time champion Jeff Gordon and three-time champion Tony Stewart are in the field. So are two-time race winner Kevin Harvick and fan favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reigning Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski, though, didn't earn a spot in the retooled race. "I think any driver that's not in a race is disappointed to not be in it," Keselowski said. "I think it limits some of your ability to win the 500, not all of it, but some of it. But at the end of the day, this is not tee balL Not everybody plays. We didn't earn our spot; we don't play. Pretty simple. "We spent our time and energy working on what we could do to win a championship, not winning a pole. Quite frankly, if I had to choose between being in the Shootout or winning the championship, I would take the damn championship a hundred out of a hundred days." The 75-lap race will be divided into three segments, and fans were given unprecedented say in determining aspects of the format. NASCAR is holding open voting to determine what kind of pit stop, if any, teams will be allowed to make after the first 35-lap segment. Fans also can decidewhether two, four,six or no cars are eliminated after the second, 30-lap segment.


days, and at the Warm Springs Community Center recreation department from 8 a.m. to 5 Warm Sprlngs Nation p.m. Mondays through Fridays (Warm Springs Reservation Ages: 7-14 for softball and 7 and outlying areas) up to age 17 for baseball, deMethod: In p e rson start- pending on interest in upper

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There is little running the court, or soaring through the air, or crisscrossing through the lane, all the things that make this such a beautiful game. No, more often than not it's just organized mayhem, with plenty of stalling thrown in for good measure, which not surprisingly makes everyone look like the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. The college game, quite frankly, is in need of a major overhaul. "Our game is brutal to watch right now," said Jay Bilas, an analyst for ESPN. In case you haven't noticed — and how could you not'? — scoring hasn't been this low since at least 1982, and one has to go all the way back to the early 1950s to find another season that beats this one for offensive ineptitude. Field-goal percentages are at 1960s levels. Three-point shooting has never been this bad since the long-range line was added in the 1980s. Some people want to blame the players, saying they're not as good as they once were, not as fundamentally sound, that the good ones don't stick around long enough to make an impact on the game. Hogwash. The players are as good as they've ever been. Sure, it hurts when someone takes the one-and-done route, but that's not the major issue confronting the game. No, this is about coaches who paralyze their players with overcoaching, about referees who are reluctant to call all the fouls they surely see, about a scattered system of governance that makes it difficult to address the problems with a broad stroke. So, while professional leagues such as the NBA, the NFL and even the NHL have taken significant steps to clean up their sports and boost scoring, college basketball has gone the opposite direction. "It's organized fouling," Bilas said. "The referees feel like they can't call it all, and they don't call it all. The result is we're having wrestling matches instead of basketball games. It doesn't take long, if you're really watching, to see what's happening and say, 'Oh my god, this is awful.' " Awful, indeed. Northern Illinois set an NCAA record by scoring only four points in the first half of a 42-25 loss to Eastern Michigan, and it's not at all that unusual for teams to be held under 50 points. The elite programs aren't immune to these sort of games, either. Last month, Kansas scored fewer than 70 points in six straight games for the first time since the mid-'70s. And guess what'? The Jayhawks won all six of them, content to run the shot clock and rely on their stifling defense. Even teams that prefer to run-and-gun can sometimes look like they're playing in quicksand. North Carolina State, for instance, is tied with Duke for the Atlantic Coast Conference scoring lead at 78 points per game. But the Wolfpack lost to Maryland 51-50, and fell to Virginia 55-52. "Our game," coach Mark Gottfried said, "is tremendously more physical than it used to be. I think it's a gradual thing, year by year by year by year. All you have to do is grab a tape from the '90s or the mid-'80s, and you can watch it and you'll say, 'Wow, there's very little contact.' " Anyone can see the game is more physical than ever, but you can't tell by listening for the sound of the whistle. Incredibly, fouls have

dipped to a per-team average of 17.6, nearly a half-foul less than last season and on pace to be the fewest in NCAA history, going back to 1948. "These games are ridiculous," Bilas said. "The amount of contact that's allowed — the hand-checking, the arm bars, the dead-on pushing, the body checks on the shooter, the contact after the shot is released. Guys are getting knocked down and it's not called." But this isn't necessarily a knock on the refs. With 32 Division I conferences overseeing the officials (at least until they get to the NCAA tournament, when the national governing body takes over), there's too many masters and not a clear way to implement the sortofwidespread changes thatare needed in the way the game is called. Which brings us to a few of the changes that are needed ASAP to get the game back on track: • Consolidatethe referees under one sanctioning body. It's vital that everyone be held to the same standard. For instance, if hand-

checking is going to be a point of emphasis, then everyone shouldget the memo, regardless of what league they're playing in. At the very least, Bilas said, the major conferences should come together on this issue. • Follow the rule book. A bunch of new regulations aren't needed; there's plenty of things that aren't being called already. No one wants see the game become nothing more than a free-throw contest, and it may take a year or two for the message to sink in. But it will. • Reduce the35-second shot clock. This is more of a step to show the fans that college basketball is serious about addressing its problems, and likely would have less impact than the first two steps. But going with the NBA's 24-second clock or,at the very least, the 30-second clock already used in the women's game would undoubtedly create more possessions. Certainly, there needs to be more shooting. This season, teams are taking an average of 55.2 shots per game, which is roughly on par with the past few seasons but pales in comparisonto the 1950s,'60sand early '70s,when the average was generally in the high 60s. Which brings us to another matter that can't be addressed through legislation: coaching. Unlike the NBA, this will always be a game that's more about the guys wearing suits than those out on the court. And too many of the suits have decided that winning is all that matters, even if the style they're using is ruin-

ing the game. Check out Alabama, which hasn't scored more than 60 points in its past eight games but is tied for second in the Southeastern Conference. Coach Anthony Grant actually sounds proud of his team's offensive woes, saying an "ugly win beats a pretty loss any day of the week." Maybe so, but it shouldn't be every day of the week, which is what the sport

is becoming. Or listen to Georgetown coach John Thompson III, who insists that the game is just as good as it's ever been. "I don't think the level of play is down at all," he said. "I think defenses acrossthe board are betternow, but Idon't think the fact that the scoring has gone down means that the game is any less exciting." W e beg to differ. Heck, there's even some coaches who find it tough to watch. And judging by all the empty seatswe're seeing at arenas around the country, there's plenty of fans with the same mindset. "A couple of nights ago, I'm watching an SEC game and there's 5 minutes to go in the half and one team has six points or eight, something like that," Gottfried said. "Just as a fan watching the game, that's not a lot of fun." Paul Newberry is a national writer for The Associated Press. Write to him at pnewberry@ or www.twittercomlpnewberry1963.

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State Continued from C1 Brewer was especially fast in the 100 breast, turning in a Class 5A state meet record time of 57.54 seconds. Bend High freshman Ben Brockman earned a spot in the finals of the 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly to highlight the Lava Bears' opening-day effort. For the girls, Mackenzie Halligan led the Storm on Friday, advancing to the finals in the 500 and 200 freestyle races as well as contributing to Summit's 200 medley and 400 free relay teams that both will be No. 1 seeds at today's finaL Bend saw Bella Wiener (50 free, 100 free) and Brooke Miller (100 fly, 100 back) advance to the finals to go along with all t h ree of th e L ava Bears' relay teams. Chyna Fish qualified in the 200 freestyle, and Jennifer Robeson followed suit in the 200 IM and 500 freestyle. P hoebe W eedman ( 1 0 0 breast) and Justine Hanway

a ono ense ea s eafs 0 wln oveI' orm Bulletin staff report Bend High's scoringbalance overcame a torrid effort by Summit's Nick Moyer in a 66-60 Lava Bears boys basketball road victory against the Storm on Friday evening in Bend. Led by David Larson's 16 points, four

Madras with 16 points, Rodney Mitchell poured in 14 and Steele Haugen chipped in 13 points and eight rebounds. Jhaylen Yeahquo also grabbed eight rebounds as the White Buffaloes outrebounded Gladstone, 40-35. Madras (14-9 overall, 5-4 Tri-Valley) will try to improve its playoff playersscored in double fi gures for position Tuesday at Estacada, with a posBend, which improved to 10-11 overall sible play-in home game on the line. and 2-5 in Intermountain Conference R edmond..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 play. Despite a school single-game scor- C rook County...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 ing record of 35 points from Moyer, PRINEVILLE — Redmond bounced Summit dropped to 10-12 overall and 1-6 back from a rare defeat, rolling to the in the IMC. Intermountain Hybrid road wi n over The contest was tight throughout, and Crook County. Th e P a nthers, who the Lava Bears held a slim 28-25 advan- dropped a67-56 home decision to Intertage at the intermission. Storm coach mountain Conference rival Mountain Jon Frazier said Bend knocked down View on Tuesday to end an 11-game winfive of its seven total 3-pointers in the ning streak, outscored the Cowboys 21-7 third quarter. in the first quarter and led 34-16 at half"They shot the ball really well in the time. Mason Rodby scored 14 points to second half," Frazier said about the Lava lead Redmond, which also got 13 points Bears. and seven rebounds from Matt Dahlen Bend also had an advantage at the and nine points and six steals from free-throw line — making 13 of 19 at- Derek Brown. Crook County was led by tempts compared to three of six for Sum- Preston Washechek with 14 points, and mit — which Frazier attributed to Bend Dillon Dees added 11. Seven different being more aggressive in driving to the players hit 3-pointers for the Cowboys (7-15 overall), who host Ridgeview on basket. Wyatt Beaumarchais chipped in 15 Tuesday. The Panthers (17-5) play a nonpoints for the road team, which takes on league game against Baker today at 1 Redmond at home on Tuesday. p.m. at Prairie City. Redmond returns to Jaylin Robinson had 14 points, and IMC play Tuesday at Bend High. Connor Scott added 11 for Bend. S weet Home.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 Cade Cattell recorded 10 points for L a Pine..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Summit, which is scheduled to play at SWEET HOME — In a must-win game to lock up a berth in the play-in round, the Mountain View on Tuesday evening. Also on Friday: Hawks spotted the Huskies a 27-8 firstBOYS BASKETBALL quarter lead and could not overcome the M ountain View..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 deficit in Sky-Em League play. Tyler ParR idgeview.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1 sons recorded 19 points, six rebounds, REDMOND — Mitch Modin scored four assists and three steals to lead La 23 points on nine of 11 shooting to lead Pine (10-13 overall, 5-5 Sky-Em). Camthe Cougars past the Ravens in an Inter- eron Kraft added 14 points, six rebounds mountain Hybrid road game. Coming on and four steals, and Gavin Boen scored the heels of its win over Intermountain 10 points. La Pine faces Sweet Home for Conference leader Redmond Tuesday, the second time in four days on Monday. Mountain View fought through incon- The two teams are slated to square off sistency to jump on Ridgeview 35-19 by at 7:15 p.m. at Sisters with the Sky-Em's halftime. "We were a little flat at times third and final postseason berth going to after Tuesday," said Mountain View head the victor. coach Craig Reid. "But we got a huge E lmira.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1 game from Mitch Modin offensively." S isters .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Ridgeview hit a school-record 10 3-pointSISTERS — The Outlaws ended their ers, including Justin Alvarez's six, help- season with a Sky-Em League loss, coning the Ravens hang around for much cluding their year 5-16 overall and 2-8 of the night. But the Cougars never al- in league play. Justin Harrer and Ethan lowed the Ravens to get within striking Luloff scored eight points apiece to lead distance in the second half. Grant Lan- Sisters. The Outlaws trailed just 18-14 at nin scored 14 points and grabbed eight halftime, but the Falcons outscored Sisrebounds, Erik Siefken added 12, and ters 20-6 in the third quarter. Ments Haugen chipped in 10 for Moun- Hosanna Christian.......... . . . . . . . . ..68 tain View (18-3 overall). Alvarez led G ilchrist... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Ridgeview with 20 points and Tanner GILCHRIST — The Grizzlies fell to 10O'Neal chipped in 13. The Cougars will 11 overall and 7-8 in the Class IA Mounhost Summit on Tuesday, and Ridgeview tain Valley League with the loss to Ho(4-19) travels to Crook County. sanna Christian. Gilchrist will wrap up M adras.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 its regular season today at home against G ladstone ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Butte Falls. MADRAS — Stifling third-quarter deGIRLS BASKETBALL fense put the White Buffaloes on top for B end ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 good over Gladstone and clinched at least S ummit..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1 third place in the Tri-Valley Conference The visiting Storm gave the reigning and a berth in the 4A play-in round. After Intermountain Conference champions all gaining a slim 24-22 advantage, Madras they could handle before the Lava Bears outscored Summit 4-2 in overtime to seal jumped on the Gladiators by holding them to just two third-quarter points. the league victory. Mekayla Isaak led a "You hold a varsity to two points in a balanced Bend offense with nine points, quarter ... that was the key," said Madras two of which came in the extra period. coach Allen Hair. "We really came out Jessica McClay and Brydie Burnham and played well." Jared Pichette led each added eight points and Lisa Sylves-

ter and Kendall Kramer contributed six points apiece. Raja Char paced Summit with a game-high 15 points. The Lava Bears (16-5 overall, 6-1 IMC), who had already beaten the Storm twice earlier this season, led 38-31 at the end of three quarters, but Summit outscored Bend 9-1 during the final eight minutes of regulation to force the game into overtime. The Bears are at Redmond on Tuesday and Summit (16-6, 4-4) hosts Mountain View the same day. R edmond...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 C rook County...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 REDMOND — Defense was the difference for the Panthers in their Intermountain Hybrid home victory. "I can't say enough about our defense," said Redmond coach Angela Capps. "It was a great defensive effort from the whole team, really fun to watch." Kaylee Wilson made three 3-point baskets and joined Chantel Dannis with 11 points to lead the Panthers in scoring. Baileigh Baker had six steals, five assists and five rebounds to go with her six points for the winners, who had 20 steals as a team. Crook County was led in scoring by Jena Ovens with 11 points. Both teams play again on Tuesday, the Cowgirls (9-13 overall) at Ridgeview and the Panthers


(100 free) will represent Mountain View in today's finals, as will the Cougars' 200 and 400 freestyle relay squads. The Madras Highboys highlighted the Class 4A/3A/2A/ IA state preliminary round, which was also held at Mt. Hood Community College on Friday. All three of the White Buffaloes' relay teams earned a spot in today's final. Individually for Madras, Bryce Williams posted the fastest 200 freestyle prelim time. In the small-school girls competition, Ridgeview's Rachel Haney set a 4A/3A/2A/IA state meet record in the 100 backstroke in 58.4 seconds. Haney also will swim in today's final in the 200 IM and as part of the Ravens' 200 medley relay team. Sophie Gemelas led the White

Buffalo girls squad by posting the top 200 IM prelim time of the day. Swimming continues today at 8:15 a.m. when the 4A/3A/ 2A/IA finals kick off. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for students.


ter leading 8-6 and would not even things up a fter being tied 20-20 early in the second Continued from C1 "They came in tonight calm quarter. With the win, Sisters finand ready," Sisters coach Julianne Horner said of her play- ished in a tie with Elmira for ers. "We had done everything third place in Sky-Em play, but we needed to do. We had bro- the Outlaws have the tiebreakken it down. They knew by e r advantage with w in s i n game, by quarter, what we both meetings against the Falhad to do, and they executed cons. Junction City leads the beautifully." league, and because of Cottage Behind Taylor Nieri's game- Grove's No. 7 4A ranking, the high 29 points and nine re- Lions get the wild-card spot to bounds, the O u tlaws (7-15 advance to the first round of overall, 5-5 Sky-Em) turned a the state playoffs. Sisters fills single-digit contest into a 16- Sky-Em's No. 2 position — a point lead midway through home play-ingame. the fourth quarter en route to Knowing that her team will their fifth win in the regular be playing at home makes season's final six games. things even sweeter. "We didn't doubt ourselves," If not for the forfeits, Horner said Nieri, who hit a school-re- said, "we would have been seccord 20 free throws in the vic- ond because we lost to Junctory. "We knew that after we tion City twice. "I look at the wins and losses dropped Junction City (a 38-33 road loss on Feb. 8) that there from the floor," she continued. "We just took second again was really no option but to win. We knew after the games anyway, so I feel like we have gottaken away thatwe needed our retribution in the way we to win, so that's been our main needed it. We earned it. We focus ever since." earned every second of it." Cassidy Edwards anchored The Outlaws' victory FriSisters' first half, pouring in day night proved that Sisters 16 points en route to a 21-point has always been in the hunt performance to go along with for greatthings, Horner said. fiverebounds and four steals. It showed that the Outlaws With Edwards' contributions, have a lot of heart, according as well as the post players to Nieri, and that wins games. Horner called the "unsung he- Now, Sisters will look to the roes," the Outlaws outscored postseason and aim to keep Elmira 13-3 to begin the fourth the magic going. period, opening up what had Horner said the O utlaws been a six-point edge. have what it takes "internally" "We've always been a sec- to continue their run, and Nieri ond-half team, from the very agreed. "We're starting fresh now," beginning," s a i d Hor n e r, whose Outlaws will wait for Nieri said. "I think that from the Oregon School Activities here on out, we're just going Association's final Class 4A to work really hard because rankings on Tuesday night we've worked so hard already to find out who they host in a just to get to this point. After play-in contest. "They came everything we'veovercome, I out knowing that they did not don't think we're ready to stop want anything but a win, and yet." — Reporter: 541-383-0307; they wanted a big w in. It's their tenacity, their determiglucas® nation. You can see it on their faces as they play, and not one of them steps back." McKenzie Ingram paced the Falcons (15-8, 5-5) with 541-548-2066 14 points, but Elmira would Adjustable not regain an advantage af-

(10-13) at home against Bend High. M ountain View.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 1 R idgeview.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Ten players scored for the Cougars as Mountain View ran away from the visiting Ravens in Intermountain Hybrid play. Rhiannon A l exander recorded 13 points and five assists, Megan McCadden posted 10 points and seven rebounds, and Hannah Johnson added 12 points for Mountain View, which led 31-23 at halftime. The Cougars (16-5 overall) made 28 field goals against Ridgeview, including six 3-pointers. Chloe Ross led the Ravens with 16 points. Mountain View is on the road Tuesday at Summit. The Ravens (1-22) host Crook County the same day. M adras.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 G ladstone ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 GLADSTONE — M a r ia h S tacona scored a game-high 12 points, dished out five assists and posted seven steals to help the White Buffaloes improve to 6-3 in Tri-Valley Conference play. Madras (12-11 overall) trailed 10-6 at the end of the first quarter but outscored Gladstone 15-2 in the second period to take a 21-12 halftime lead. Inez Jones and Vanessa Esquivel added nine points apiece for the Buffs and Jones grabbed six rebounds. " The last four or f i v e games, teams have really focused on Mariah (Stacona)," Madras coach Mike Osborne said. "Other players are getting shots, and their confidence is going up." The White Buffaloes finish the regular season on Tuesday with a home game against Estacada.

Hosanna Christian.......... . . . . . . . . ..51 G ilchrist... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 GILCHRIST — Sierra Shuey scored 13 points and grabbed seven rebounds but the Grizzlies fell to Hosanna Christian in a Class 1A Mountain Valley League

game. Sydney Longbotham grabbed 11 rebounds in addition to five points for Gilchrist (7-13 overall, 5-10 MVL). The Grizzlies will wrap up the season today when they host Butte Falls.


IN !

WILSONSof Redmond



BASKETBALL Girls Friday's results Class 5A Intermountain Conference SUMMIT (41) — Raja Char 15, ieinly 10 Edwards7, Patterson7, Hasenoehrl 2, Cumff, Trejo Totals 12 13-1641. BEND I43) — MekaylaIsaak9, Mcclay 8, Burn ham 8, Sylvester 6,Kramer6, Crook3, Froelich 3 Maloney .Totals17 7-15 43. Summit 1 0812 9 2 — 4 1 Bend 1310 15 1 4 — 43 Three-point goals —Summ> t Char, Heinly, Ed wards,Patterson;Bend:Sylvester, Crook

Intermountain Hybrid CROOKCOUNTY(37) —JenaDvens11, Severance 8,Lindburg6,Loper4, Malott 4,Benton 2,Smith L Wood1,Apperson,Estes. Totals1212-1937. REDMOND (65) — KayleeWilson 11, Chantel Dannis 1LBergum9, Benson 9, Current 8, Baker6, Williams 6,Lennie3, Hendricks2, Reed.Totals 23 15-29 65. C rookCounty 7 10 4 1 6— 3 7 Redmond 14 15 16 20 — 65 Three-point goals — Crook County: Ovens; Redmond: Wilson3,Benson

MADRAS(40) — MariahStacona12, Jones9, Esqui vel9,T.Adams5,J.Adams2,Sloan2,K.Adams 1 Totals 16 4-640. GLADSTONE (27) — Bradshaw6, Kerchum5, Burrell 4, Campos3, Simic 3, Bebb2, Peterson2, Webster,J. Peterson,Shoemaker. Totals not available. Madras 6 15 13 6 — 40 10 2 8 7 — 27 Gladstone Three-pointgoals—Madras: Stacona2,T.Adams, Esquivel;Gladstone:NA. Class1A Mountain Valley League HOSANNA CHRISTIAN (51I — Carli Bigby21, Hampton10, Bush9,Thompson4,P Moro 3,Sundet 2, Smith1, B.Moro, Mumay.Totals 20 7-15 51. GILCHRIST(32) —SierraShuey13, C.James8, A.James5,Longbotham 5,Lowell1,Johnson,Archer, Krohnke, Bean.Totals12 5-11 32. Hosanna Christian 13 10 9 19 — 51 Gilchrist 6 7 14 5 — 3 2 Three-pointgoals—HosannaChristian: Bigby2, Bush, p.Moro;Gilchrist: c. Jamesz

Boys Friday's results Class 5A Intermountain Conference

BEND (66) David Larson16, Beaumarchais 15, Robinson14, Scott 11, Spitler 7, Parsons3, Ricker,Johnson.Totals 2313-19 66. SUMMIT (60) — Nick Moyer35, Cattell 10, Peter s 9,Ritchey 3,Rasmussen 3,Menefee,Lucas, Dermon, Mullen,Higlm.Totals 25 3-6 60. Bend 14 14 22 16 — 66 Summit 9 16 19 16 — 60 Three-pointgoals—Bend: Beaumarchais 3, Robi n son 3, Spi t l e r; Sum m i t : Mo yer6, Ritchey. Mountain View 1 71 4 22 18 — 71 Three-pointgoals Ridgeview: Durre;Mountain Intermountain Hybrid View:Johnson2, Platner,Alexander, Bailey, Booster.

ELMIRA I46I — McKenzieIngram14, sink 9,Lay 9,Robbins 7,Kesling 7,Messman,Palmer, Heitzman. Totals 1613-23 46. SISTERS(60) — Taylor Nieri 29, Edwards21, PeNerson 4, Mann4, Rowe2, Craig, Cornis, Ricker, Henson. Totals 15 27-3660. Elmira 1 8 9 12 7 — 4 6 Sisters 20 14 11 15 — 60 Three-point goals — Eimira: Ingram;Sisters: Edwards 2,Nieri. Tri-Valley Conference

Three-poingoal t s— Mountain view:Haugenz Lannin ;Ridgeview:Alvarez6,O'Neal3,Mendazona.

REDMOND(65) — MasonRodby14, Dahlen 13, Brown9, Bordges7, Powell 6, Genz6, Cravens5, Thomas5, Troutman, Davies, Craig, Nieves,Benson, Burroughs.Totals 26 6-14 65. CROOKCOUNTY (52) Preston Washechek 14, Dees11,Benton10,Mahurin6, Rutz3, Kessi 3, Hernandez 3, Cooper2, Tavernia, Bartels. Totals 18 7-21 52.

Redmond 21 13 16 15 — 65 C rookCounty 7 9 15 2 1 — 52 Three -pointgoals Redmond:Dahlen 3,Rodby 2, Cravens,Bordges;CrookCounty. Mahurin2, Rutz, Benton,Kessi,Washechek, Dees, Hernandez. MOUNTAINVIEW(63) —Mitch Modin23, Lannin14, Er>k Siefken12, Haugen10, Carrol 2,Webb2,

ELMIRA(51I — Reid13,Gabuca11,Faye 1II, Bryant6, Nestram6, Adams3, Boggs2, Hieberger 2Totals 1717-24 51 SISTERS(29) — Ethan Luloff 8, Justin Harrer 8,Adams7, Moore2, stadeli z Totals 11 4-11 29. Elmira

Mountain Medical Immediate Care 541-388-7799

11 7 20 13 — 51

Sisters 3 11 6 9 — 29 Three-pointgoals —Elmira: Reid, Gab uca; Sisters:Harrer2, Adams.

1302 NE 3rd St. Bend

Class 4A Tri-Valley Conference

GLADSTON(45) E — Ryun Gibson15, Smith8, Stoutt 6,Browning6, Galvin 4, Kelly 2, K.Wiliams 2, S. Williams 2, D.WilIams, Staehle.Totals 23 4-6 45.

MADRAs(56I Jared Pichette16,Mitchell 14, Haugen13,Yeahquo6,Spino3, T.Smith 2,Sullivan 2, J. Smith,Fine,Lindgren. Totals 2415-21 56. Gladstone 1 8 4 2 2 1 — 45 17 7 14 18 — 56 Madras Three-pointgoals —Gladstone: Gibson3, Stoutt 2 Madras: Mitchell 4, Haugen2, Pichette.


RIDGEVIEW (39) — ChloeRoss16, Hidalgo 10, H.Wilder8 Durre5, D.Wilder, Stroup, Simmons, Wilcox.Totals16 6-1539. MOUNTAINYIEw I71I — RhiannonAlexander 13, Johnson12, McCadden10 Waldrup9, Booster 9, Platner5, Bailey5, McCarthy 4, Cant2, Warren 2, Farnsworth,Reeves Totals 28 7-18 71. 1 2 11 7 9 — 3 9 Ridgeview

Class 4A Sky-EmLeague

KurzynowskiLogan, , HjelmCorrigan, Whitsett, Holly. Totals 2510-20 63. RIDGEVIEW I51) — JustimAlvarez 20, O'Neal 13,Bowman 9,Mendazona5,Rollins 3,Johnson1, Stiles, StantonAamodt. Totals 16 9-14 51. Mountain View 1 52 0 12 16 — 63 Ridgeview 14 5 12 20 — 51

LA PINE (60) —Tyler Parsons19, Kraft14, Boen 10, Wieber8, Gacke4, J. Ramirez2, Syres1, Siauw1, Young1,Skopp,A.Ramirez.Totals 2211-2360. SWEETHOME(75) —GrantKauffman23, Sarter 16,Jutte11, Daniels 10,Porter 8 Tison6, Adams 1, Hutch>ns, Rose,Gaskey Totals 2712-16 75. La Pine 8 17 19 16 — 60 Sweet Home 27 2 3 15 10 — 75 Three-pointgoals—La Pine:Kraft 3, Parsons2, SweetHome:Kautfman3, Sarter 2, Daniels2, Jutte, Porter.

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aco son, ae ie or ea In

Bend golfer secondagain — Andrew Vijarro again narrowly missed his first developmental

mini-tour win. This week, three The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — A move down the California coast hasn't changed a thing for Fredrik Jacobson. One week after his best finish in more than a year,Jacobson birdied the two toughest holes at Riviera on his way to a 6-under 65 on Friday and a share of the lead with Sang-Moon Bae going into the weekend at the Northern Trust Open. The Swede did just about everything well, from his tee shots to his iron play, just what it takes to get around the classic design of Riviera. And it helps to get a little luck, such as a 55-foot birdie putt from just off the green at No. 9 that bumped along until disappearing for an unlikely birdie. "That was probably the biggest bonus of the day," Jacobson said. Bae played in the morning and began with four straight birdies, all of them from tap-in range until holing a 25-foot putt on the 13th. He wound up making birdies on half of his holes in his round of 65. They were at 9-under 133, one shot clear of John Merrick (66) and John

Tour events — a tie for eighth in Hartford as the defending champion, and his tie for seventh last week at Pebble Beach. "I obviously take a lot out of that, just being in contention again," he said. "I've had some good practice sessions before, but to bring it on the course and play under pressure, that's what it's about. And the sooner I can get back and put myself in this position where Ican get some pressure, that's the best practice you can get." The shocker was that everyone finished the second round, a rarity at Riviera with a 144-man field. Robert Streb had to make par on his last hole for 70 players to make the cut. Instead, he missed a 5-foot putt and took double bogey. That not only allowed 10 players into the weekend at 2-over 144, but Streb wasn't one of them. His double bogey dropped him to 3 over. In other events on Friday: Colombian up one in Australia CANBERRA, Australia — Colombia's Mariajo Uribe shot a 6-under 67 to takea one-stroke lead over 15-yearold amateur star Lydia Ko and South Korea's Jiyai Shin after the second round of the LPGA Tour's seasonopening Women's Australian Open. Uribe had a 15-under 131 total at Royal Canberra. Two-time British Openwinner Shin had a 67, and Ko followed her opening 63 with a 69. Eagle helps Langer take lead NAPLES, Fla. — Bernhard Langer holed a 9-iron shot from 141 yards for an eagle on the par-4 10th and finished with a 10-under 62 to take a three-stroke lead in the Champions Tour's rainy ACE Group Classic. Bob Tway was second after a 65, and Tom Pernice Jr., Jay Don Blake and John Huston shot 66.




Rollins (65). Still very much in the picture was Luke Donald, who chipped in twice for birdie and worked his short-game magic around the course for a 66. Playing for the first time in two months, Donald didn't look as if he had much rust. He was two shots behind. Lee Westwood birdied the last hole for a 68 to join the group at 6-under 136 that includes a pair of major champions, Charl Schwartzel (67) and Webb

Simpson (66). Phil Mickelson was lurking, despite a sloppy double bogey on the 10th hole. Mickelson still managed a 67 and was five shots back. "I had a little hiccup on the 10th," Mickelson said. "I was just trying to make 4 and I couldn't even do that. But 4 under is not a bad round, with the exception of No. 10. That took a great round and turned it into a pretty good round." It sets up for a wide-open weekend along Sunset Boulevard. Twenty players were separated by five shots. That included defending champion Bill Haas (67) and Matt Kuchar, who had a pair of double bo-

Show Continued from C1 It has partnered with the Central Oregon Visitors Association on marketing "to leverage resources and continue to position the region as a golf destination in key markets," says Alana Hughson, COVA president/CEO. For the first time the Golf Trail — w h ich i s f u n ded mostly by the proceeds of its Player's Card discount program and nominal dues paid by each participating facility — is manning its own booths in Vancouver, Sacramento and Spokane in an effort to cast a wider net. The idea is to reach new markets, crucial if Central

Oregon golf courses are to teem with visitors, Hughson says. And golf shows provide a relatively direct path to

golfers. "Maintaining and growing a presence at top-tier golf consumer shows in the West is a vital component of the

Central Oregon golf brand

geys in a 73. They were four shots behind. Sergio Garcia bogeyed three of his last five holes for a 73 and was in the group at 4-under 138 that included Mickelson, Ernie Els and Adam Scott.

CentralOregon Golf Trail Golf showsthe coalition of 24 area golf course has attended orplans to attend this year: • Seattle Golf & Travel Show — Feb. 8-10

• Spokane Golf Show — Feb. 16-17 • Portland Golf Show

(Oregon Convention Center) — Feb. 22-24 • Vancouver Golf & Travel Show — March 2-3

•HagginOaksGolfExpo (Sacramento) — April 26-28

FOR MORE INFORMATION Central Oregon Golf Trail: centraloregongolftrail.

com Portland Golf Show:

as golf destinations in the strategy," H u ghson s a ys. world. The knowledge base " Representation a t these is expanding, and that is our travel trade shows by Golf ultimate goal." Trail members is designed How often a convention to support and complement attendee turns a questionCOVA's comp r ehensive and-answer session into an broadcast, print and digital actual vacation is hard to Central Oregon Golf Trail figure, Berg concedes. But, marketing campaign." he adds, early returns have Reminding golfers t h at been encouraging. "It's a process," Berg says. Central Oregon exists is one "But we certainly get webthing. Is the Golf Trail booth, site hits and p hone calls adorned wit h p i c turesque from people who are (at the images of Central Oregon's shows)." varied golf landscapes, efHuffer says the Golf Trail fective in actually piquing could expand to even more enough interest to actually shows in the West next year, motivate a golfer to travel to i ncluding as fa r a way a s the region? Arizona. " Absolutely," s ay s P a t "As we go forward we're Huffer,head professional at going to continue to evaluate Crooked River Ranch and the shows and the exposure," Golf Trail president. "We've Huffer says. "We're taking filled our database and have baby steps so far, but I think had new golfers come to the we're beginning to catch on." area." In the end it comes down Golf show attendees are to a goal for t h e Central unlikely to sign up for a trip Golf Trail that is necessary on the spot. The booth is to keep so many golf coursthere more to plant a seed, es for such a smallregion Huffer says. healthy. "It's a good opportunity It also provides feedback on where Central Oregon for us to expand and imstands compared with other prove our golf destination," golf destinations. says Berg, "and attract more "We're definitely gaining people." — Reporter: 541-617-7868, ground," Huffer says. "We've moved up the ladder as far zhall@bendbulletirLcom.

Jacobson has chronic back issues, and he has them under control at the moment. Since his lone win at the Travelers Championship in the summer of 2011, he has only two top 10s in official PGA

ond-place finish, Vijarro placed second at aGateway Protourna-

mentat Anthem Golf and Country Club in Anthem, Ariz., near

Phoenix. TheBendgolfer shot a 9-under-par 70-68-69 — 207 to

finish alone in second place in a field of 99 players. Vijarro, a Bend High graduate who turned pro last

June after a four-year collegiate career at the University of Oregon, finished one stroke behind winner Ryan Dillon, of Dallas. The runner-

up finish earnedVijarro $7,000 and moved him to fourth on the Gateway money list with $13,750

in winnings through three tournaments this year.

W idgi Creek names new head prO —Matt Phillips has been namedthe headprofessional at Widgi Creek Golf Club in Bend. Phillips, 39, had been the head

pro at Aspen LakesGolf Course in Sisters for four years before leaving the golf business in June 2011. Phillips replaces Dan Ostrin, who

was head pro atAspen Lakesfor eight seasons before being let go from the club last month as part of

a restructuring effort.

G.O. Golf Trail Player's

Card on sale —TheCentral Oregon Golf Trail, a marketing

partnership of nearly two dozen Central Oregon golf courses, is currently selling its 2013 Player's

Card. For $139 ($159after March 31 j, holders are entitled to a 50 percent discount off the regular

green fee for one round ateachof 19 participating courses through Dec. 31. The Player's Card is valid

for rounds after noon sevendays a week, including holidays. A por-

Brazilian on top by three strokes

Reed Saxon /The Associated Press

Fredrik Jacobson chips to the 10th green in the second round of the Northern Trust Open golf tournament at Riviera Country Club in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles, Friday. Jacobson is tied for the lead after two rounds.

weeks after earning his first sec-

E AST LONDON, South A f r i ca — Brazil's Adilson Da Silva opened a three-stroke lead in the Africa Open, completing a 10-under 62 in the winddelayed first round and shooting a 68 in the second. The 41-year-old Da Silva had a 14-under 130 total on the East London course in the event sanctioned by the European and South Africans tours. South Africa's Jaco Van Zyl was second after a 67.

tion of the proceeds from sales of the card benefits the Central

Oregon Junior Golf Association and funds a $1,000COJGAscholarship sponsored by the Golf Trail.

To purchase, visit Central Oregon Visitors Association on 705 S.W. Bonnett Way, Suite1000 in Bend,

or online at centraloregongolftrail. com. — Bulletinstaffreporfs

GOLF SCOREBOARD The Bulletin welcomes contributions to its weekly local golf results listings and events calendar. Clearly legible items should be faxed to the sports department, 541-3850831, emailed to, or maile d to P.O.Box 6020;Bend,OR 97708.

Club Results BRASADA

stein's shootout, Feb.10 Stroke Play Gross:1ltiel, JohnBaker,73; Rosie Cook, 73.3, pat woerner,75. 4(tie), charlieRice,78; verl steppe, 78; stein swenson,78. Neu 1,Normorio, 67.2, Dick Kalac,70 3, Justin Walsworjh,71. 4(tiel, Frank Knchief,72;KentWickham,72;RogerAiken, 72. CENTRALOREGON INDOORGOLF Spring LeagueWeek1, Feb.12-14 at Simulation of Indian SpringsCountry Club Net Scramble

1, Mara Mccleery/DaniMccleery/Justin scott,23. Kp — Mara Mccleery, No.7. DESERTPEAKS

SundayGroupPlay, Feb.10 Stroke Play Gross:1 Denny Story, 72.2,FredBlackman,73 3 (t<e),Franc>scoMorales,75; GaryHopson,75.Nee1, Jimwyzatd,64 2,Russscholl,65.3, GerryEllis,sa KP — DonKraus. LD —MikeGardner. EAGLECREST

Men's Club, Feb.13 at Ridge Course stableford scoring A Flight — 1, Reed Sloss, 45. 2, Dennis Flinn, 44. 3,RogerEdgerly,4z 4 (tie), RandyMyers, 41, Ron Wolfe,41. 8 Flight — 1,JimMeyers, 41.2 ltiei, HenryRogers,39, Mac Heitzhausen 39 4,KenWellman,37.5 ltiei, BobReed, 36; KenBenshoof, 36;PaulPertner,

stroke-playtournament atMeadowLakesGolt Course in Primevile.Individualstroke-playtournamentteesoff with a10a.m.shotgun.Costis $20plus greenfee. For more informationor to register,call theMeadowLakes pro shopat541-447-711a March 2 — Rotaryclub of Jetfersoncounty's CherryTreeOpen is a four-personscrambletournament held at Kah-Nee -Ta High Desert Resort near WarmSprings. Shotgunstart at10 a.m.Cost is $60 per person andincludes netand grossprizesandholein-onecontest.Registrationdeadlineis Feb.21, and individualhandicapslimited to 26.Formoreinformation or toregister,call 541-815-8317. March 9-10 — TheKah-Nee -Ta Spring Invitational atKah-Nee -TaHigh Desert Resort onthe Warm SpringsIndianReservation is presentedbytheOregon ChapterOfthe PGA.Admission is tree to spectators. For moreinformation, call 541-553-4971or visit wwjN. orpgacom March15 — CentralOregonWinter Seriesevent at JuniperGolt Coursein Redmond. Beter-ball tournament begins with an n a.m.shotgun.Two-person teams with nomorethanoneprofessionalallowedper team.Costis $30tor professionals, $50foramateurs. cost includesgrossand netskinscompetitions. Gart costs extra.All players mustsignUpby noononthe Thursdaybeforethe event. To register or for more information, call Pat Huffer, headpro at Crooked RiverRanch,at541-923-6343or email himatcrrpatO . March 22 —CentralOregonWinter Seriesevent at pronghomclub's Nicklaus coursenear Bend. scramblebeginswithann a.m.shotgun.Two-person teams with nomore thanoneprofessional allowedper team.Costis $30tor professionals, $50foramateurs. cost includesgrossandnet skinscompetitions. Gart costs extra.All players mustsignUpby noononthe Thursdaybeforethe event. To register or for more information, call Pat Huffer, headpro at Crooked RiverRanch,at541-923-6343or email himatcrrpatO . April 1 — CentralOregonSeniors Golf Organization eventat EagleCrest Resort in Redmond. The

format is individualgrossand netbest ball, aswell as teambest ball. Cashprizesawardedateachevent. Tournament series is opento men's club membersat host sites,andparticipants musthaveanOregonGolf Association handicap.Costis $150for theseasonplus a$5 per-eventfee. Formore information, callTedcarlin at 541-604-4054. April 4 — Central Oregon Golf Tourindividual strokeplaytournament at pronghornclutrs Nicklaus Coursenear Bend. TheCentral OregonGolf Touris a competitivegolf seriesheldatgolf coursesthroughout CentralOregon.Grossandnet competitions opento all amateurgolters of all abilities.Prizepoolawarded weekly,andmembership not required Formoreinformation or toregister:541-633-7652,541-318-5155, or www.centraloregongolftourcom. April 5 — CentralOregonWinter Serieseventat Brasada RanchGolf CourseinPowell Butte Better-ball tournament begins with ann a.m.shotgun. Two-person teams with nomorethanoneprofessionalallowed per team.Costis $30tor professionals, $50for amateurs. Costincludesgrossandnet skins competitions Cart costsextra.Al playersmustsign Upby noonon the Thursday before the event. Toregister orfor more information, call Pat Huffer, headpro at Crooked RiverRanch,at 541-923-6343or email himatcrrpat@ April 22 — CentralOregonSeniors Golt Otganization eventat Kah-Nee-TaHigh Desert Resort near WarmSprings Theformat is individual gross and net bestball, aswell asteambest ball. Cashprizes awardedat eachevent. Tournamentseries is opento men's clubmembers at host sites, andparticipants musthaveanDregonGolf Association handicap.Cost is $150for theseasonplus a$5 per-event fee. For more information,call Tedcarlin at 541-604-4054. April 25-28 — Thecentral oregonshootout is a two-personteamevent held at Aspen Lakes Golf Coursein Sisters, BlackButte Ranch andEagle Crest Resort in Redm ond. Thetournamentwill feature scramblebest , ball andChapman formats Cost is $580 per teamandincludes greenfees, carts, rangeballs, teegift, continental breakfast, andlunch.

Deadline toregister is April 17orfirst180 teams.For more information or to requestanentry form, call541549-4653,541-595-1294or 541-923-4653; orvisit,,or www .

Professional PGATour STATISTICS

ThroughFeb. 10 Scoring Average

1, BrandtSnedeker,68.8a 2, Chris Kirk, 69J1. 3, CharlesHowell III, 69.0. 4, BrianGay,69.31. 5, Kevin stadler,69.61.6, Jimmywalker, 69.64. 7,Russell Henley,69.70. 8, Brianstuard, 69.73. 9, Robert Garrigus,69.74. 10,MattKuchar,69.75. Driving Distance 1, Ryanpalmer,30.0. 2, stevenBowditch, 306.3. 3,JasonKokrak,306.0.4,Nicolascolsaerts,305.z5, John Daly304.7. , 6, LukeList, 304.2.7, RobertGarrigus, 3037. 8, BradFritsch, 303.6. 9,SeanO'Hair, 30a3.10,TagRidings, 3030

Driving AccuracyPercentage

1, RusselKnox, l 74.70%.2, JeffMaggert, 74.21%. 3,DavidToms,7z73%.4,Tim Clark,72.12%.5,Ken Duke,71.67%.6, Kevinstadler, 71.50%.7, Jin Park, 71.0jj%. 8, ZachJohnson,70.87%. 9, Dicky Pride, 70 62%.10,Patrickcantlay, 70.16%.

Greens in Regulation pcu 1, Bubbawatson, 8z54%. 2, zach Johnson, 79.01%. 3, camilo villegas, 78.40%. 4, Jordan Spieth, 77.78%.5, NickWatney, 77.38%.6, Brandt snedeker,77.19%.7, Nicoiascolsaerts, 7685%.8, GrahamDeLaet, 76.39%.9 (tie), WebbSimpsonand Bill Haas,7619%. Total Driving

1, Kevinstadler,39. 2, BooWeekley, 40. 3, D.J. Trahan,54. 4, RossFisher, 6z 5, LucasGlover,69. 6 (tie), Kevinstreelmanand Bily Horschel,80. 8, Brendon deJonge,8z 9 (tie), RussellHenleyandJordan Spieth,85.


Hole-In-One Report Feb. 10 THE GREENS AT REDMOND

Jim Velasquez,unknown N0.12............ n5yards.... pitchingwedge Feb. 11 EAGLECRESTRIDGE Allan Falco, Redmond No.13............ 160 yards......... .. 5-iron



• ~




Ed skavinsky,Redmond

No. 9.............121 yards........... 7-iron Feb. 13 BANDONPRESERVE(BANDON) Tye Winsor, Bend No. 4............. 107 yards.... pitchingwedge

I '


Calendar The Bulletin welcomes contributions to its weekly local golf events calendar. Items shouldbe mailedto P.O.Box 6020,Bend,OR 97708; faxed to the sports department at 541-

m-Ot31; oremailed tosportsobendbullesn.


CLINICS OR CLASSES Saturdays —Seriesoftune-up golf clinics tor ladies atCentral OregonIndoor Golt in southeastBend. Bob Garza,director of instructionat Lost TracksGolf Club in Bend,w>ll teachhybr>d s and ta>rway woods (reb. 16)anddrivers (Feb.23). Eachclinic beginsat1 p.m.andcostis $65to attendaIfour essons. Formore intormationor to register: AnnaRobbins at skisrar© bendbroadb TOURNAMEN TS Feb. 22 —CentralOregonWinter Serieseventat CrookedRiverRanch. Aggregateshamble begins with an 0a. m shotgun.Two-personteamswith no more than one professionalallowedperteam. Cost is $30for professionals$50 , for amateurs. Costincludesgross and net skinscompetitions. Cartcostsextra. All piayers must signupbynoonontheThursdaybefore theevent To registeror formoreinformation, call PatHufer, head pro atCrookedRiverRanch, at541-923-6343or email him March 2 — PolarBearOpenis an individual

I •





C7 © To look upindividual stocks, goto Alsoseearecapin Sunday's Businesssection.


p 37

13,981.76 ~



S&P 500

5 53



Saturday, February 16, 2013

PC problems Dell is preparing to bow out of the stock market in a $24.4 billion buyout deal announced earlier this month. The proposed move is an attempt by founder and CEO Michael Dell to turn the struggling PC maker's

business around away from Wall Street's financial pressures. For now, investors can get a look at Dell's latest financial report card on Tuesday when the company reports fourth-quarter results.

10-YR T-NOTE 2.00%



S&P 50P

1,520 "



1 3 94ol.

Close: 1,519.79


Change: -1.59 (-0.1%)

1 ,480

SILVER $29.84/

GOLD ~ $1,608.80




Close: 1 3,981 .76

14,400 .


Change: 8.37 (0.1%)




13,600 1,450 13,200 1,400

12,800 .








Vol. (In mil.) 3,741 1,809 Pvs. Volume 3,441 1,830 Advanced 1491 1145 Declined 1543 1253 New Highs 3 05 198 New Lows 29 16



14000.13 13908.11 13981.76 5982.69 5937.45 5946.45 473.02 471.02 472.38 8959.77 8905.18 8933.22 3206.22 3184.03 3192.03 1524.24 1514.14 1519.79 1119.19 1113.55 1115.75 16117.11 16017.03 16069.37 927.34 921.74 923.15

DDW DDW Trans. DDW Util. NYSE Comp. NASDAQ S&P 500 S&P 400 Wilshire 5000 Russell 2000



C H G. + 8 . 37 -1.25 + 1 . 36 -19.85



%CHG. WK MO OTR YTO +0.06% +6.70% -0.02% L +1 2.05% +0.29% L +4 . 26% L -0.22% +5.80% -0.21% +5.71% -0.10% +6.56% -0.12% +9.34% -0.12% L +7 . 16% -0.07% +8.69%

-6.63 -1.59 -1.37 -19.93 -0.61

NorthwestStocks NAME

ALK 31.29 — AVA 22.78 BAC 6 . 72 — BBSI 15.68 — BA 6 6 . 82 CascadeBancorp CACB 4.23 CascadeCp CASC 42.86 Columbia Sporlswear COLM 45.37 Costco Wholesale COST 81.98 Craft Brew Alliance BREW 5.62 FLIR Systems FLIR 17.99 — Hewlett Packard HPQ 11.35 Home Federal BucpID HOME 8.67 Intel Corp INTC 19.23 Keycorp K EY 6 . 80 — on Wednesday. Kroger Co KR 2 0 . 98 ~ Lattice Semi LSCC 3 .17 ~ LA Pacific L PX 7 , 66 — Housing starts MDU 19.59 — Seasonally adjustedannual rate MDU Resources Mentor Graphics MENT 12,85 — I in thousands ' est. Microsoft Corp M SFT 26.26 ~ NKE 4 2.55 ~ $910 Nike Iuc 8 '12 NordstromIuc JWN 46.27 ~ 900 Nwst NatGas NWN 41.01 ~ 800 OfficeMax Iuc DMX 4.10 — PaccarIuc PCAR 35,21 — 700 Planar Systms PLNR 1.12 Plum Creek PCL 35.43 600 Prec Castparts PCP 150.53 500 Safeway Iuc SWY 14.73 Schuitzer Steel SCHN 22.78 400 A SHW 98,29 — S 0 N D J Sherwin Wms Staucorp Fucl S FG 2874 ~ source: Factset StarbucksCp SBUX 43.04 ~ Triquiut Semi TQNT 4.30 ~ Umpqua Holdings UMP Q 11.17 ~ US Baucorp U SB 2826 ~

Eye on home construction

An improving housing market has homebuilders feeling more confident about ramping up home construction. Builders broke ground on homes in December at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 954,000, nearly double the recession low reached in April 2009. Economists expect new construction slowed last month. The Commerce Department reports January housing starts data

On the mend American International Group is making progress after nearly collapsing in the 2008 financial meltdown. In the years since the crisis, AIG has been selling off divisions and raising money to repay government loans. Today it is about half the size of its former self and has been profitable the last two years. Even so, Wall Street has forecast that the company will report a loss for the fourth quarter on Thursday.

Washington Fedl WellsFargo& Co WestCoastBcp OR Weyerhaeuser

0 0 0



o 0 0

0 0


W A FD 14,30 — o WF C 2 9.80 ~ WCBD 15,90 — o WY 1 8 .60

— o

49.52 28.05 12.42 43.75 78.02 7.18 65.45 58.47 105.97 8.92 27.04 30.00 14.00 29.27 9.60 28.80 6.89 21,75 23.90 17,50 32.95 57.41 5 8.44 50.80 11.45 48.75 2.60 49.69 194.95 23.16 47.45 167.24 41 99 62.00 7.26 13.88 3546 18,42 36.6 0 24,06 31.74

48.98 +.27 +0.6 26.49 +.85 +0.2 12.83 -.18 -0.8 43.93 +.61 +1.4 75.83 +.18 +0.1 w 6.49 64.52 25 -0.4 w 52.76 82 -1.5 102.17 +.15 +0.1 w 6.83 +.81 +0.1 26.74 +.84 +0.1 16.79 24 -1.4 V 11.61 +.28 $.2.5 21.12 -.12 -0.5 9.4 8 ... ... w 2 7.8 9 -.35 -1.2 w 4.94 -.88 -1.6 L 21 .79 + . 4 8 +2,3 L 23 .95 + . 23 +1.0 L 17 .43 + . 12 +0,7 L 2 8.8 1 -.03 -0.1 L L 54.9 5 +.3 3 +0 .6 L 55.4 0 +.1 5 + 0 .3 W 4 5. 4 7 -.02 . . . L 10 .75 -.14 -1.3 48 .89 -.88 -0.2 1 .8 1 -.12 -6.2 w 47 .88 + . 8 8 +0.2 V 185.47 + . 83 +0.4 w 20 .42 -.45 -2.2 31 .12 + . 38 +1.0 166.70 +3.03 +1.9 3 970

+ 23 + 06 L 5 4. 3 4 -1.21 -2.2 W 4.87 -.07 -1.4 L


V w L


L L L L L L L W L w L L


13. 1 1 +. 0 2 +0.2 L 3 391 -.08 -02 L 18 .85 -.10 -0,6 L 35.16 -.85 -0.1 L L 23 .82 +. 8 5 + 0,2 L L 30 .65 + . 21 +0.7 L L

+ 13.7 +28.2 6 2 1 1 1 +9.9 + 7. 3 2 5 0 1 8 1 .22f L + 3.6 +52 . 515225046 0. 0 4 +15.3 +148.8 9 1 23 0.5 2 -0.4 +1. 6 3 5 25 1 5 1 . 94f L +3.7 +1 4 . 5 6 dd L +0. 3 +1 4. 8 4 3 3 1 4 1 . 4 0 V -1.1 + 9 . 6 15 1 1 8 0. 8 8 +3.5 +30.9 3820 25 1 .10a L +54 +4 0 14 53 + 19.8 + 9 . 4 9 7 6 1 8 0. 2 8 L +17.8 -39.7 15163 dd 0 .53 -6.6 + 7 . 0 33 89 0. 2 4a +2.4 -17.4 28892 10 0 .90 L +12.6 +2 1 .4 9 5 31 1 1 0. 2 0 L + 7.2 +20. 5 6 0 46 2 3 0. 6 0 L +23.8 -25.4 7 2 6 d d L +12.8 + 1 67.0 1979 o o L +12.8 +13 .9 69 3 0.69 L +2,4 +17, 8 87 0 15 L +4.9 -5.2 48779 15 0 . 92 L + 6.5 +3.9 34 4 8 2 3 0. 8 4 L +3.6 +11 . 2 1 6 11 1 7 1. 0 8 L +2.9 -0.7 8 5 20 1.8 2 L +1 0. 1 + 93.8 2438 2 0. 0 8 +6.4 +15.0 1876 15 0.80a L +26 6 -77 4 dd L +7.9 +2 6 . 4 6 5 8 3 8 1. 6 8 w -2.1 +8. 5 852 2 0 0.1 2 L +12 . 9 -2.8 6356 10 0 . 70 +2.6 -24.2 31 3 4 6 0 7 . 5 L + 8.4 +65 . 6 99 6 2 6 2. 0 0f L +8 3 +2 8 135 13 0 93f L +1.3 +14 . 6 8 9 69 2 9 0. 8 4 L +0.8 -19.4 2550 d d L +11. 2 +6. 4 48 8 14 0. 3 6 L +6 2 +19 9 735 2 1 2 0 78 L +7,0 +16, 1 23 9 1 4 0,3 2 L +2.9 +19. 1 20867 10 1. 00f L +7,5 +47, 8 3 7 2 1 0,20 L +10.2 +55 .5 3 7 11 4 3 0. 6 8

DividendFootnotes: a -Extra dividends werepaid, but are not included. b - Annual rate plus stock c - Liquidating dividend. e - Amountdeclared or paid in last12 months. 1 -Current annual rate, wttutt was mcreased bymost recent div>dendannouncement. i - Sum ot dividends pud after stock split, no regular rate. I - Sum of d>vidends pud tns year. Most recent dnuend was omitted or deferred k - Declared or pud tn$ year, a cumulative issue with dividends marrears. m - Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p - Imtial dividend, annual rate not known, y>eld not shown. 7 - Declared or paid in precedme 12 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, appro70matecash value on exvustrnutioa date.PE Footnotes:q - Stock is a closed-2nd fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc - P/E exceeds Sa dtj - Loss in last12 months






~ tu 4


Stock in the upscale grocer COmpnny The company, which is down 9 percent since the Spntiight also reported fiscal chain revised its 2013 first-quarter results revenue outlook late Wednesday. W e d nesday, still expects 2013 The Austin, Texas,company e a rnings between $2.83 and $2.87 now expects revenue to climb 10 p e r share. to 11 percent. Its previous Kate Wendt a financial analyst guidance was a 10 to 12 percent a t W ells Fargo Securities said in a increase. Based on revenue of clie n t note that Whole Foods' more $11.7 billion in 2012, that implies co n servative full-year outlook was revenue of $12.87 billion to likely because the company saw $12.99 billion. Analysts polled by a n o p portunity to make revisions FactSet were expecting revenue sin c e Wall Street's estimates were of $13.2 billion. already above its prior guidance.

WhOle FOOdS market (WFM) Friday's close:$88.12 T otal return this year: -3% 3 - YR *: 44% AP

5-Y R * :19%


$80 ~

Price-earnings ratio (Based on past12 months' results):35 1 0- Y R*: 15%

~ ~ ~ 1Q2 Div i dend: $0.80 Di v . yield: 0.9%

Total returns through Feb. 15




PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK N AV CHG YTD 1Y R 3 Y R 5YR 1 3 5 21.29 -.02 $ 4.4 +13.3 $-12.2 +5.6 A A A 12.85 - 0 5 +3 8 +5 9 +4 0 D C E 54.14 +.84 + 2.6 +11.8 +10.0 +3.0 A 8 C 38.71 + 4.1 +15.2 +9.9 +1.9 8 C C 42.44 -.85 + 3.0 +11.6 +7.7 +1.0 C 8 A BkofAm 1522503 12.03 -.10 FnlnvA m 43.17 -.87 + 5.9 +15.5 +13.1 +3.7 8 C C RschMotn 909322 14.16 -.92 Schwab Iutllndex d SWISX GrthAmA m 36.29 -.86 + 5.6 +15.3 +12.2 +3.6 A D D SPDR Fncl 611344 17.76 —.08 IocAmerA m 18.71 +.81 + 3.6 +13.0 +12.2 +5.2 A A 8 Microsoft 487790 28.01 —.03 VALUE BL EN D GR OWTH InvCoAmA m 31.69 -.86 + 5.1 +13.8 +11.3 +3.3 C D D MicronT 398717 7.91 -.17 5u NewPerspA m 32.66 -.85 $ 4.5 +15.4 $-11.5 $3.9 A 8 8 CntryLirtk 391161 33.02 + . 75 cC 03 Cisco 390552 20.99 WAMutlnvA m 32.84 +.01 + 5.2 +14.0 +14.0 +4.1 D 8 8 GertElec 382764 23.29 —.12 0e $L Dodge &Cox Inc o me 1 3.86 -.81 0 . 0 +5 . 3 + 6.4 +6.9 8 C 8 iShEMkts 382425 43.99 -.16 IntlStk 36.85 -.14 + 4 .1 + 14.9 +8.5 +1.1 A 8 A Stock 131.66 -.25 + 8 .0 + 20.7 +13.7 +2.9 A 8 C 5L Gainers cC 03 Fidelity Contra 81.18 .. . + 5. 5 + 1 3.2 +14.2 +5.3 8 8 8 5a NAME LAST CHG %CHG GrowCo 98.81 - . 12 + 5 . 1 +9 . 4 +16.1 +7.1 D A A LowPriStk d 42 . 83 -.82 + 6 .4 + 14.0 +15.3 +7.5 D C 8 MethesE rt 5.40 +1.39 + 3 4 .7 Fidelity Spartan 50 0ldxAdvtg 53 . 95 -.05 +6 .9 + 15.7 +14.6 +4.7 8 A 8 ETrSPlat 28.70 +6.21 + 2 7 .6 «C Vill8&T 2.57 +.54 + 2 6 .6 03 FrankTemp-Fraukliulncome A m 2.2 9 ... +3. 2 + 1 3.4 +11.9 +5.8 A A 8 BioFuel rs 6.73 +1.23 + 2 2 .4 «C Oppeuheimer RisDivA m 18.5 4 . . . +6. 6 + 1 2.1 +12.9 +4.1 D C C UranmR rs 3.11 +.53 + 2 0 .5 RisDivB m 16.7 9 . . . + 6. 4 + 1 1.1 +11.9 +3.2 E D D 470 QlikTech 26.83 +4.07 + 1 7 .9 RisDivC m 16.7 1 . . . + 6. 4 + 1 1.3 +12.1 +3.4 E D D Mornirtgsiar OwnershipZone™ MS Crgil31 31.70 +4.65 + 1 7 .2 SmMidValA m 35.74 -.85 + 10.3 +12.3 +11.4 +1.2 E E E TrnsRty 5.49 +.79 + 1 6 .8 O o Fund target represents weighted SmMidVal8 m 38.15 -.84 + 10.2 +11.4 +10.5 +0.4 E E E Trulia n 35.35 +4.85 + 1 5 .9 average of stock holdings TotRetA m 11.1 9 . .. -0.2 + 6 .7 + 6 .7 +7.3 A 8 A MillMda n 14.20 +1.74 + 1 4 .0 • Represents 75% of furtd's stock holdings PIMCO T Rowe Price Eqtylnc 28.36 -.84 + 7 .2 + 17.6 +14.0 +4.3 8 8 8 Losers CATEGORY Foreign Large Blend GrowStk 39.68 +.82 +5 .0 + 12.4+ 15.0 +5.9 8 A 8 NAME LAST CHG %CHG MORNINGSTAR 44.92 +.07 +9.0 +26.7 +22.6 +13.2 A A A HealthSci RATING™ * * * t t 1 t -7.01 -29.6 Vanguard 500Adml 148.38 -.14 +6.9 +15.7 +14.6 +4.7 8 A 8 LogMeln 16.65 AmicusTh 2.89 -1.00 -25.7 ASSETS $1,614 million 500lnv 148.36 -.14 +6.8 +15.6 +14.5 +4.6 8 A 8 -5.69 -22.4 eHealth 19.71 CapDp 36.94 +9.9 +19.6 +11.9 +5.8 A D 8 EXP RATIO 0.19% BDS Ltd rs 3.45 -.81 -19.0 Eqlnc 25.82 -.81 +6.9 +17.1 +16.8 +6.0 8 A A MANAGER Ron Toll -1.20 -17.0 MotorcarP 5.85 GNMAAdml 18.84 +.81 -0.4 $-1.3 +5.2 $5.7 D A A SINCE 2011-02-28 MulntAdml 14.39 +0.4 +4.0 +5.6 +5.3 8 8 8 RETURNS 3-MD +13.1 Foreign Markets STGradeAd 18.82 +0.1 $3.5 +3.6 +3.8 8 8 8 YTD +3.2 StratgcEq 23.45 -.81 $9.3 +17.0 +18.0 +5.8 8 A C NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +12.8 -0.6 +2.8 +5.4 +5.6 D D C TotBdAdml 18.99 Paris -9.23 -.25 3,660.37 3-YR ANNL +7.5 Totlntl 15.38 -.83 $2.7 $9.9 +7.2 -0.4 D C 8 London 6,328.26 + .90 + . 0 1 5-YR-ANNL -0.6 TotStlAdm 38.24 -.84 $7.3 +15.6 $-15. I $5.4 8 A A Frankfurt -37.68 —.49 7,593.51 TotStldx 38.23 -.84 $7.3 +15.5 +15.0 +5.3 8 A A Hong Kong 23,444.56 $ -31.31 $ . 1 3 TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT Mexico USGro 22.73 -.82 +6.9 +12.5 $.13.9 $5.9 8 8 8 44,153.70 $.275.42 $ . . 63 Nestle SA 1.99 Milan 16,489.80 -55.15 —.33 Welltn 35.33 -.83 $4.4 +12.4 +11.5 +6.0 A A A HSBC Holdings PLC 1.7 Tokyo 11,173.83 -133.45 -1.18 WelltnAdm 61.82 -.85 $4.4 +12.5 +11.5 +6.1 A A A 1.52 Stockholm 1,183.43 + .52 + . 0 4 iShares MSCI EAFEIndex Fund Footnotes. b - ree covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d - Deferred sales charge, or redemption Sydney -2.65 -.05 Novartis AG 1.32 fea f - front load (sales charges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually a marketing feeand either asales or 5,054.57 —.74 Zurich 7,500.57 —.01 BP PLC 1.29 redemption fee. Source: Mornngstar.

This fund offers low-cost exposure FAMILY FUND to foreign stocks. It tracks the MSCI EAFE index, covering large- American Funds BalA m Most Active BondA m and mid-cap companies from CaplocBuA m NAME VOL (Ogs) LAST CHG developed markets in Europe, CpWldGrlA m S&P500ETF 1944924 152.11 —.18 Asia, and Australia. EurPacGrA m


CBS Close:$44.64L1.70 or 4.0% The media company said that revenue and earnings grew modestly in the fourth quarter, helped by the presidential election. $45




Herbalife HLF Close:$38.74%0.47 or 1.2% A regulatory filing showed that billionaire investor Carl Icahn holds a 12.98 percent stake in the nutritional supplementcompany. $50






D J 52-week range


F $45.87


D J 52-week range

$24.24 ~

F $73.00

Volu15.7m (2.3x avg.) PE: 1 9 .2 Vol3 37.8m (3.8x avg.) P E: . . . Mkt. Cap:$26.44 b Yiel d : 1. 1% Mkt. Cap:$4.18 b Yiel d : 3. 1 %



Alaska Air Group AvistaCorp Bank of America Barrett Business Boeing Co

1' 45






The Standard & Poor's 5DD index inched lower Friday, its first loss in four days. The biggest drops came from stocks in the energy industry, which were hurt by falling prices for crude oil and natural gas. Other industries whose profits closely depend on the strength of the economy also fell, including financial stocks and producers of raw materials. Economic reports were mixed. Consumer sentiment rose in February, according to a survey by the University of Michigan. But industrial production weakened in January, when economists expected to see a gain. The markets will be closed Monday in observance of Presidents Day.


10 DA Y S


Dow jones industrials

l •




RIG Close:$56.26 V-3.04 or -5.1% A Deutsche Bank analyst cut his rating on the oil drilling company to "Sell" partly because of rising costs and increasing downtime. $60

Orbitz OWW Close:$3.33%0.18 or 5.7% The online travel company's fourthquarter revenue exceeded expectations, and there were signs its hotel business was improving. $3.5 3.0




D J 52-week range


F $59.50

Vol.:10.3m(3.1x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$21.03 b


D J 52-week range


Yiel d : 2 .8%

VFC Close:$157.88L5.07 or 3.3% The clothingcompany, whose brands include Wrangler and Nautica, said that its fiscal fourth-quarter

net income rose 30 percent. $170

Agilent Tech.

45 40

F $189 82


Close:$42.25 V-2.33 or -5.2% The maker of medical electronic measurement and diagnostic machines cut its net income and sales outlook saying demand is volatile. $50


$72953 ~

P E: . . . Yield :...

Mkt. Cap:$349.82 m


D J 52-week range

F $4.75

P E: . . . Vol.:721.9k (2.7x avg.)

V.F. Corp.




D J 52-week range

$35.32 ~

F $48.28

Vol.:1.6m (1.9x avg.) P E: 17 . 5 Volu14.7m (4.1x avg.) PE: 1 2 .9 Mkt. Cap:$17.39 b Yiel d : 2. 2% Mkt. Cap:$14.66 b Yiel d : 1. 1%

IPG Photonics


Close:$62.76 V-6.72 or -9.7% The maker of lasers used to process industrial materials posted higher fourth-quarter profit, but analysts expected stronger growth. $70

Brocade Comm.






D J 52-week range



Close:$5.86 V-o.t 4 or -2.3% The networking technology company reported a loss in its fiscal first quarter because of a $78 million charge related to tax laws. $6.5


D J 52-week range

$4.128 ~

F $8.44



Vol.:4.4m (8.7x avg.) Mkt. Cap: $3.22 b

P E: 22 .6 Vol.:17.7m (3.1x avg.) Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$2.67 b

PE: 1 4 . 3 Yield: ... AP

SOURCE: Sungard


NET 1YR TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO OTR AGO 3 -month T-bill 6-month T-bill 52-wk T-bill

The yield on the 10-year Treasury note held steady at 2.00 percent Friday. Yields affect interest rates on consumer loans.

. 1 0 .10 . 1 2 .12 .15 .15

... ...

2 -year T-note . 27 .27 ... 5-year T-note . 86 .85 +0 . 0 1 1 0-year T-rtote 2.00 2.0 0 ... 3 0-year T-bond 3.18 3.18 ...





.10 .12








.29 .86 1.98 3.14


Barclays Loog T-Bdldx 2.81 2.76 +0.05 L Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.04 4.04 . . . L Barclays USAggregate 1.92 1.95 -0.03 L PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 5.91 5.95 -0.04 W RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 3.90 3.94 -0.04 L YEST 3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.14 1.14 . . . L 6 MO AGO 3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 2 .81 2.85 -0.04 1 YR AGO3.25 .13

Commodities The price of gold slumped to its lowest level since August and at one point fell below $1,600 per ounce. Crude oil fell following an unexpectedly weak report on industrial production.

Foreign Exchange The dollar rose against the Japanese yen and was little changed against the euro. Officials from the world'6 20 leading economies are gathering in Mexico to talk about currency values.

h5N4 QG



2.66 4.57 2.06 7.3 1 3.81 1.07 33 . 3

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD Crude Dil (bbl) 95.86 97.31 - 1.49 + 4 .4 Ethanol (gal) 2.35 2.33 - 0.09 + 7 . 4 Heating Dil (gal) 3.21 3.22 - 0.41 + 5 . 4 -5.9 Natural Gas (mm btu) 3.15 3.16 -0.32 Unleaded Gas(gal) 3.13 3.12 +0.57 +11.5 FUELS


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. 1608.80 1634.70 29.84 30.34 1677.70 1710.90 3.73 3.73 752.75 763.65

%CH. %YTD -1.58 -3.9 -1.1 -1.66 - 1.94 + 9 .0 + 0.03 + 2 . 5 - 1.43 + 7.1

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD -2.6 1.26 1.26 +0.48 1.37 1.38 -0.76 -4.8 Corn (bu) 6.99 6.95 + 0.58 + 0 . 1 Cotton (Ib) 0.81 0.81 + 0.37 + 8 . 2 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 399.80 395.50 + 1.09 + 6 . 9 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.29 1.31 -1.38 +11.0 Soybeans (bu) 14.25 14.18 + 0.46 + 0 . 4 Wheat(bu) 7.42 -4.6 7.32 +1.40 AGRICULTURE

Cattle (Ib) Coffee (Ib)

1YR. MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5516 +.0031 +.20% 1 .5691 Canadian Dollar 1.00 7 1 + .0057 +.57% . 9 9 93 USD per Euro 1.3355 +.0009 +.07% 1 . 3063 Japanese Yen 9 3.40 + . 3 8 + . 41 % 78 . 4 3 Mexican Peso 12.7 034 + .0274 +.22% 12.8652 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.6893 +.0067 +.18% 3.7511 Norwegian Krone 5.5457 +.0022 +.04% 5.7873 South African Rand 8.8483 +.0715 +.81% 7.7498 6.3294 +.0049 +.08% 6.7250 Swedish Krona Swiss Franc .9223 —.0004 —.04% .9239 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar .9713 + .0052 +.54% .9 3 57 Chinese Yuan 6.2372 -.0000 -.00% 6.2995 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7544 +.0003 +.00% 7 .7537 Indian Rupee 54.316 +.300 +.55% 4 9.375 Singapore Dollar 1.2373 +.0017 +.14% 1 .2633 South Korean Won 1081.08 -4.22 -.39% 1121.50 -.05 -.17% 2 9 .51 Taiwan Dollar 29.62




More 4G service coming to region U.S. Cellular plans to bring its high-speed mobile network to

several Central Oregon communities by the end of the year, the com-

pany announced Friday. Customers in Bend,

Redmond, Terrebonne and Powell Butte will

be able to access 4G Long Term Evolution

service, which provides faster Web browsing

and video streaming on smartphones and tablets. U.S. Cellular, which

had 5.8 million custom-

a o e's eersarenowon a • Central Oregon's latest breweryoffers unusual flavors By Rachael Rees The Bulletin

Rat Hole Brewing has kept a low profile for the past year at its home east of Bend, but its owners recently began sendingsamples ofitsbrews to growler stations and pubs around town. "We've been working on trying to get our beer at a level we thought was worthy

of public distribution," said Susan Toepfer, who co-owns Rat Hole, with her husband, Al. "They demand high quality beer in Bend." The brewery is the latest of about 20 in Central Oregon to release its beer to the public. The Toepfers plan to serve their chocolate oatmeal porter tonight at "Have a Heart for Bend," a fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul. Construction of the brewery started in October 2010, and two years later, Rat Hole received its license from the

Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Since then, the couple has been experimenting with different brews on their 2'/2-barrel system. To catch the taste buds of the discerningbeer drinker, Susan Toepfer said, the brewery bypassed the popular styles seen in Bend, like IPAs, and chose to incorporate flavors like hazelnut, saffron and a lemon wheat into its brews. "We are doing all kinds of testing right now to see what the possibilities are," she said. "They're endless." Bottled samples of Rat

Hole's porter and red ale were given to three growler stations two weeks ago, and another eight locations got a taste this week. "You can give a beer to 10

people and they're all going to have a different reaction to it," she said. "You have to keep sampling it out." Al Toepfersaid the brewery should have up to seven beers for distribution in kegs this year. They have no plans to bottle beer, other than for special occasions, he said. In March, Platypus Pub on Northeast Third Street in

Bend plans to hold a tasting of Rat Hole's beers, putting two of the brews on tap, said Tom Gilles, co-owner of the pub. Gilles said his bar is famous for offering the crazy unusual flavors people like to try, but he still sells more IPA than anything else. "Getting a consistent handle in town takes a lot of work, but the bottom line is you have to have a good beer," he said.

"As long as you make good

beer it will be served around town." — Reporter: 541-617-7818,

ers in 26 states at the end of the third quarter,

expects to have 4GLTE service in 3,800 com-


munities across the nation by the end of the

year. Verizon Wireless

new tech to fjght

rolled out 4G LTE service in Bend in October, and BendBroadband

upgraded its wireless Internet to 4G LTE in 2011. Most of the major

carriers offer some type of 4G service, and have 3G, or third gen-


eration, coverage. To use the higher-

By Dina EIBoghdady

much of the nation's

more populated areas

The Washington Post

speed 4G LTE network,

WASHINGTON — The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to launch new computersoftware later this year to spot accounting anomalies, including potential fraud, in the financial statements companies file with the

however, consumers must have smartphones or other devices equipped to access it. Many 3G devices cannot access 4G LTE. — From staff reports



The software would scan a firm's financial disclosures, assess risk factors, and generate a score based on a model

BEST OF THE BIZ CALENDAR TODAY • Design workshop: New homes, new products, cooking and appliance demo and bath remodeling; 9:30 a.m.; Neil Kelly, 190 N.E. Irving Ave., Bend;541382-7580. SUNDAY • Central Oregon Saturday Market 2013 kickoff meeting: New and returning vendors are invited to plan for and find out more about the upcoming summermarket; free; 1 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 N.W. Wall St.; 541-42090 I5 TUESDAY • Visit Bendboard meeting: Open to the public, email Valerie© to reserve aseat; free; Sa.m.; Bend Visitor Center, 750 N.W. Lava Road; 541-382-8048. • Nursing program orientation: Review the selection procedure for students interested in applying to COCC's Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program aswell as the prerequisites for applying and supportcourses necessaryforthe AAS degree;itis not necessary to be enrolled at COCC to attend this orientation, and reservations are not needed; room 305, building 3; free; 9-10 a.m.; Central OregonCommunity College, Redmond campus, 2030 S.E College Loop, Redmond; 541-3183741. • Crooked River RanchTerrebonne Chamber Of Commerce networking social: Troy Ford, owner of 5T's Computer Repair and Video Surveillance, will host the event; food and networking opportunities; free;5:30 p.m.; Juniper Realty, 14290 S.W. Chinook Road; 541-9232679. • How to start a business: Presented by COCC Business Advisor Robin Mirrasoui; RSVP requested; free;6 p.m.; La Pine Public Library, 16425 First St.; 541-382-1795 or541-383-7290 or www.

To find free incometax preparation help, visit the Events Calendar at www. For the complete calendar, pickup Sunday's 13ulletin or visit bendbulletin.comlbizoal

developed by the agency, Patrick TahanI sah Jose Mercury News

Nicholas Talesfore, owner of ID-3D Design, holds a Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch Case as the 3-D digital design of the product is shown on a computer behind him in San Jose, Calif.

Craig Lewis, the SEC's chief economist said in a recent speech. The score would be used to identify potential outliers within a peer group. "It is a model that allows us to discern whether a registrant's financial statements stick out from the pack," said Lewis, who also heads the agency's risk, strategy and financial innovation division. The software is scheduled to be available in nine months. The effort is the most recent sign of the agency's commitment to beef up its technological prowess as it tries to better police Wall Street and avoid oversight lapses, like the ones that allowed the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme to go undetected for years. The new software is based on an existing model that the SEC has used to evaluate hedge fund returns and identify fraud, mostly by looking for performance that was inconsistent with a fund's investment strategy. The agency brought seven cases based on information culled from that project since 2011. "This success has only fed our ambition for what we can do with sophisticated datadriven monitoring programs," Lewis said. The goal is to make use of the "veritable treasure trove of information" that the SEC regularly receivesfrom companies.

so tware revo utionizes esi 0 c onsumer ro ucts By Steve Johnson San Jose Mercury News

While developing an electric bicycle for his San Rafael, Calif., company, Marcus Hays had planned to insert a battery into one of the bike's supporting tubes. But then he did an analysis of his concept with three-dimensional computeraided design software. The technology revealed anotherway the bike could be built. "We learned that if we changed the shape of the tube slightly, literally by a half an inch in one direction, we w ere able to reduce the costof our goods by approximately $350,000 dollars in the first 100 bikes," said the 53-yearold founder of Pi Mobility. In years past, anyone designing a new product had to laboriously draw their idea on paper and then erase their work or start all over on

another sheet if their boss or some customer insisted on a last-minute alteration. But that has changed with the advent of three-dimensional computer-aided design software. Used for everything from guitars, cars, toys and furniture to houses, electronic gadgets, candy bars and clothing, 3-D CAD technology allows products to be sketched out and easily modified in stunning displays that can be tilted, spun around, flipped over and viewed in countless

ways. As a result, the task of making many products has become more efficient, less expensive and quicker than ever before, according to those who use the technology. Moreover, they say, because of the software's growing adoptionby businesses, store shelves in the future will be filled with an increasing vari-

ety of new merchandise. "The consumer will benefit definitely from this," predicted NicholasTalesfore,who uses the technology at his Campbell, Calif., company, ID-3D Design, to help others create items for sale. But "the downside," he added, is there are going to be a lot of obsolete products, because newer products will come out every six months or three months." Although 3-D CAD has been around for half a century, its use has exploded as the technology has improved. Just about every type of consumer industry employs it today, from makers of luxury yachts to golf clubs to health products. San Jose, Calif.based Align Technology, for example, says its technology can create 3-D digital images of patients' teeth, which then can be turned into veneers, inlays, crowns and bridges.

With 3-D software, instead of having to erase or redraw product concepts when adjustments are required, alterations

can simply be plugged into the computer, which instantly displays the new version on its screen. That lets designers not only experiment with appearance, but also substitute parts or add features to the model, and see the changes automatically reflected in every view they look at. "It enables you to get a look at a product in the very early design process," said Anye Spivey, CEO ofLion Hound Technology in Oakland, Calif., which used the services of ID-3D Design to create a Bluetooth iPod nano watch case that fits on a person's wrist so they can listen to music wirelessly while exercising. "And when you are selling an idea to investors, that is a critical component."

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE • John Taylor, a portfolio manager at RBC Wealth Management in Bend,has been selected asone ofeight finalists for the 2012 RBC Volunteer of theYear. Taylor Taylor Leach von served onthe board ofthe Borstei Deschutes County United Way, as vice chairman of the has experience as alocal Fremont District Boy Scouts business owner andmore of America and as avan driver eight years of experience for the local Disabled American than in real estate and residential Veterans group. construction. • Bea Leach, of John L. Scott • Mark Garcia has joined Real Estate in Redmond, Remington Real Estate in Bend was the top listing agent for as a broker. Garcia is a local January. business owner andhas more • Noah von Borstel, of John L. than nine years of experience Scott Real Estate in Redmond, in mortgage lending and was the top salesagentfor residential construction. January. • Craig Glazier has joined • Matt Burgess has joined the commercial division of Remington RealEstate in RE/MAX KeyProperties in Bend as a broker. Burgess Bend as abroker. Glazier

Burgess G a rcia will be focusing on leasing and investment sales. His experience includes being a foundingowner and managing partner of a real estate investment, development and management firm and managing investment portfolios. • Jo Ellen Silva has joined the residential division of RE/MAX Key Properties in Bend as abroker. She specializes in relocation and residential acreage properties, as well as buyer andseller representation. She has been


F r i edman S treater

licensed since 1997. • Howard Friedman, of Compass Commercial Real Estate Services andKen Streater, of ARIS Group, were presented the 2012 Transaction of the yearAward at the Commercial Investment Division of the Central Oregon Association of Realtors annual presentation. It was the first time the awardwasgiven to two separate Realtors. Friedman represented the seller of the property and Streater represented the buyer. The transaction closed in February

administration and aMaster of Business Administration from the University of Washington. • Hair stylist Tracy Newton, Ashley N e w to n B l a nch- who works at O'Hairs Salon in Bend, recently completed ette a three-day Redken Symposium Professional 2012 after being on the market Stylist haircolor course in Las for more than six years. yegas, where shelearned the • Eii Ashley has been latest techniques in color and appointed president of the hair cuts. She hasworked as a board for the City Club of Central Oregon. Ashley has 30 hair stylist for 24 years. years experience working with • Craig Blanchette has joined Northwest Quality Roofing capital campaigns, challenge in Bend assales director and grants, public-nonprofit project supervisor. In this partnerships, events, boards, position Bianchette assists committees and strategic in the daily operations of the planning. He previously was company, including quality the executive director of the assurance, scheduling, Tower Theatre Foundation dispatch and placing orders. He and was aparticipant in the also leads residential sales and City Club of Tacoma. He has a customer relations. bachelor's degree in business

IN THE BACI4: ADVICE 4 ENTERTAINMENT > Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer Search, D4






"It's just the most fun I've ever had playing music. It's impossible to be unhappy when you're playing the ukulele." — Linda Roberts, Bend resident and member of the Bend Ukulele Group

Schwab Amphitheater's first two announced

concerts of the season, featuring the Steve Miller Band and Pink

Martini, are on sale now. Classic rocker Steve Miller, whose long

string of hits includes

ou can't fool Mother Nature,

"The Joker," "Jet Airliner" and "Abracadabra,"

they say.

But Mother Nature can fool you, or maybe just make a fool of you. Also, Mother Nature can make moot your well-laid plans to have your children learn from the natural consequencesoftheir own choices. I'm a big believer in natural consequences. Forget your homework? Then you'll get a failing grade on it, because I won't go back home to pick it up and bring it to school. Forget to feed the dog? You'll get no dinner, either, until all the pets are fed, watered and otherwise taken care of. This time of year, I depend on the weather to reinforce the natural consequences of my children's forgetfulness (or stubbornness, depending on how you look at it). I can remind them a dozentimes before we leave the house to grab their coats, but inevitably at least one will forget. We'll be halfway to the grocery store before I notice that despite my cajol-

will perform at 6:30 p.m. on June 28.General admission tickets

are $39, reserved seats $79, plus service fees. Portland ensemble Pink Martini will bring its eclectic array of jazz,

pop and world music to town for a 6:30 p.m. performance on July



12. Tickets are $35 and

$65, plus service fees. Contact: www.

I Aht

Members of the Bend Ukulele Group play and sing songs during their weekly Tuesday-night jam at Kelly 0's bar in Bend, where asmany as 60 group members show up to play,sing and enjoy.Members include Bob Rasmussen, center,and Anne Howard, center left.

Images are being "Oregon's Bounty," a calendar produced by the Oregon Farm Bureau that features photos of agriculture,

orchards,ranches, fields and people. The

• For a growing number of Bendresidents, the ukulele hasnever beenmorepopular

— Julie Johnson is the features editor at The Bulletin. 541-383-0308, jj

Farm Bureau is inviting the public to submit

photos of anything that By Alandra Johnson • The Bulletin

t was instant euphoria."


That's how Bend resident Bob Rasmussen describes his first

' '

photo specifications visit oregonfb.orgl media/publications. The Oregon Farm Bureau is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that represents the state's farmers in

taken out ukuleles and started playing

policy making.

and singing Christmas songs.

Seminar focuses on rural living The Oregon State

Rasmussen. Soon he and his wife

University Extension Service is hosting its

bought instruments and began playing

2013 Living on aFew Acres conference, which features more than 30

agricultural classes for

Rasmussen is part of an everexpanding local group dedicated to playing the ukulele, called Bend ABOVE: Linda Roberts strums her instrument during the Tuesdaynight jam with the Bend Ukulele Group.

Ukulele Group, or BUGS. Membership

RIGHT: Bill Brinckerhoff, of Bend, left, strums at his ukulele at Kelly D's bar.

a room adjoining a local bar.

is near 200 people and about 60 or so gather each Tuesday to jam together in Infectious. Fun. Happy. These are the words fellow BUGS members use to talk about the experience of playing ukulele. The weekly jams consist mostly of people in their 40s to 60s, butthereare a few olderand younger

rural landowners, at the Deschutes County Fair-

grounds in Redmondon March 16 from 8 a.m. to

5 p.m. Classes will cover such topicsas: • Farm food safety

• Efficient water use • Septic system care • Electric fencing

•Greenhouses • Water rights

• Animal evacuation plans • Food preservation Tickets are $45 per person or $85 per couple if ordered before March 8. Tolearn more about the conference and buy tickets, visit

extension.oregonstate .edu/deschutesl or e-mail toni.stephan

© or call 541-548-6088.

members sprinkled irL See Ukulele/D4

To learnmore For more information about Bend Ukulele Group, including information about the Tuesday

night jams aswell as anupcoming concert and workshop by Hood River folk duo The Quiet

American, To learn about the group's Ukulele University,

aweekendinJulypackedwithworkshops,jams and much more, visit Photos by Andy Tullis • The Bulletin

bureau and copies of the calendar.

he knew, about 30 or 40 people had

81 the time.

vp <ttj." +

membership into the

and other contest rules,

"It was just infectious," said

BELOW: Bob Shimek, from left, his wife, Debi Shimek, and their friend Ann Hanson, all of Bend, play and sing.

receive photo credit,

He and his wife, Linda, were living in


+'i++i y '+g+g1

and ranching. Photographers selected will

The deadline for submission is Sept. 15. For

invited to a Christmas party. Next thing

P"x p. j4~

depicts the beauty,

technology, culture or tradition of farming

encounter with playing the ukulele. California at the time and they were

school playground. So thanks a lot, Mother Nature. Thanks for nothing. I thought you had my back, but now I'm just the crazy mom yelling about coats in the warm, clear-sky sunshine.

com or 541-312-8510.

sought for the 2014

few years ago:

"It's a phenomenon sometimes called 'false spring,' when the days get longer, the sun climbs higher in the sky and the mercury rises into the 40s, 50s or even higher. And according to experts, it's not just a blip on the radar screen. "In the last eight decades, data from the National Weather Service show that local temperatures have topped 50 degrees for an average of five days each year during the period from Feb. 15 to Feb. 28. " 'It's something that seems to happen every year around the second week of February,' said Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor. "... Taylor said the timeline for the switch from winter to spring varies from year to year but usually becomes visible in February.... But because it's still technically winter, more snow and cold temperatures are almost guaranteed to be in the forecast." AHA! Did you read that last part? Cold temperatures are ALMOST GUARANTEED to be in the forecast. Which means my kids should definitely listen to me and wear their coats — freezing temps, blizzards, etc., could be just around the corner. W e could be on the verge ofan ice age AT ANY MOMENT. But they don't listen to me, not when the sky is this clear and blue and there are no clouds on the horizon and it's grossly inconvenient to carry an unworn coat around the, info©bendconcerts.

Farm Bureau seeksImages

ing, my 10-year-old is wearing only a T-shirt and jeans, no coat in sight. While I wouldn't let them go outside in sandals if there were 2 feet of snow on the ground, a missing coat can be a good reminder of why occasionally, it's important to listen to Mom; if a kid shivers in the cold for a few minutes while walking from the car to the store, that's the natural consequence of forgetting the coat. But what good is it to depend on the weatherto reinforce the consequences of forgetting winter wear when the weather is downright balmy? "I don't need a coat!" my 10-yearold insists. "It's warm out!" And it is warm out. February is still the middle of winter, but the past few weeks have been sunny, warm and, well, delightful. I've even left my own coat behind on a few of the more glorious days in the past few weeks. But today's weather (or even this morning's) could be misleading; a cold snap could be a matter of hours away. And it's certain to get cold again when the sun sets, right? This is what I tell my kids every day as I harass them about their coats, even as they stubbornly continue to forget them. And the days have stayed just as stubbornly warm. It's a typical weather trend this time of year. From a Bulletin article a

Schwab books 2 summershows Tickets for Les

Winter coats? What for?



Gontact us with your ideas Email event information to events@ or click on "Submit an Event" at Allow at

least10 days before the desired date of publication. Contact: 541-383-0351. Email story ideas to

communitylife©bend — From staff reports





Televisioncommercialshowshow America isaccepting of Islam By Samuel G. Freedman

in 1989, Quaker Oats removed Aunt Jemima's kerchief and On a S u nday a f ternoon gave her pearl earrings so s everal months ago, I w a s she no longer evoked a house engaged in one of my favor- slave. ite religious rituals, watchI was intrigued enough by ing pro football on television. the Prudential commercial to During a break in the game, I find Abdul-Rashid. Like the reflexively clicked the "mute" other nine people in the cambutton on the remote control. paign, he is an actual person, But my eyes stayed fixed on a not a hired performer. And as startling commercial. his name implies, he is MusThe screen showed a bald- lim, a n A fr i c an-American ing man with tawny skin and born in Los Angeles who cona salt-and-pepper goatee, and verted to Islam in 1980. seconds later it spelled out his A bdul-Rashid, wh o d o e s name: Mujahid Abdul-Rashid. some acting on the side, first The advertisement went on to heard about the Prudential job show him fishing, playing in a through a search for recent reyard with two toddlers and sit- tirees that was picked up by an ting down to a family meal. email list for actors in the Bay One week later, again dur- Area, where he lives. He made ing an NFL game, thesame it through several rounds of incommercial appeared. This terviews to be selected for the time I listened to the words. series of "Day One Stories," as The advertisement was f or the campaign was called. His Prudential's financialproducts spot had its debut during CBS News' "60 Minutes" in Novemforretirees.Abdul-Rashid was talking about his own retire- ber 2011 and has played about ment after 19 years as a cloth- 130 times since then on neting salesman, and the family works like the History Chantime he now intended to enjoy. nel and ESPN. Adweek maga"That's my world," he said zine saluted the commercial over that closing shot of the with one of its "Ad of the Day" family dinner. designations. New Yorh Times News Service

someone who strives to live in the way of God," he said. "And, yes, it means holy warrior, too. But if you ask me, that means

fighting the good fight. If you see a hungry person and feed him, that's fighting holy war. The greatest holy war is within ourselves."

Expanding the dream

Not being an advertising specialist, I consulted several experts to hear their view of the Prudential commercial. They concurred on its uniqueness and importance. "It expands our idea of the American Dream and it gives us a new way of looking at it," said Timothy Malefyt, a professor of marketing at Fordham University who worked in the advertising industry for 15 years. "This guy shares our ideals, our fears. He talks about his work ethic, his love of family. Right away, you can see he's Muslim. So he's different from us, but he's also like us. This lets us re-evaluate America Muslim identity." The ad struck Nazia Du Bois, the director of global cultural strategy for Ogilvy & Mather, as singular in the Appealing, everyday person Ad doesn't mention religion American market. "I can't think of any other What I had just seen was Nobody from Prudential or something rare and laudable: from Droga5, the agency that ad as bold, as brave, as this," what seems to be the f i rst created the "Day One Stories," she said in an interview. Ammass-market product c o m- ever a s ke d A b d u l-Rashid plifying her point in an email, mercial featuring an identifi- about his religion. Nor does she wrote, "This commercial ably Muslim person not as a the commercial show him in demonstrates an enlightened security risk, not as a desert any religious activity. Still, for definition of what it means to primitive, but as an appealing, any sensate viewer, his name be American. It does this by everyday American. alone attests to his Muslim broadening the definition of As if t o u n d erscore the identity. the American 'everyman.'" "I'd never thought about the If you want a delightful postpoint, the Prudential commercial with Abdul-Rashid was ad inthose terms, because the script, try this: Abdul-Rashid, appearing on television dur- thrust of the commercial had with more time for theater as a ing the same period last fall nothing to do with my religion retiree, is performing in an acthat saw two widespread com- whatsoever," A b d ul-Rashid, claimed revival of August Wilmercial campaigns vilifying 61, said. "You saw an African- son's play "Gem of the Ocean" Muslims. One was the series of American family interacting in San Diego. ads on New York subways and and then my name atthe end. But there's a more depressbuses placed by a group led by But one day I went to a mosque ing footnote, too. When I conPamela Geller, the outspoken in Oakland with my f r iend, tacted Prudential for comment blogger and critic of I slam, and the imam said, 'This is about the c ommercial, the which depicted a worldwide good; it lets people know we company repeatedlydeclined conflict between the civilized are the mainstream.' " to speak. Its vice president West and Islamic "savages." Abdul-Rashid's first name, for global c ommunications, The other was the billboard given to him by a Saudi AraDeborah Meany, asserted in during the presidential cam- bian teacher with whom he an email that Prudential had paign that showed President studied Islam before convert- no idea Abdul-Rashid was Barack Obama submissively ing, is the kind of thing the Muslim. kissing the hand of a sheik. Pamela Gellers of the world An aphorism says that no Then, during last weekend's could have waved like a flag. good deed shall go unpunSuper Bowl, a Coca-Cola com- Even some of Abdul-Rashid's ished. You can only hope that mercial trotted out the stereo- theater colleagues suggested Prudential's silence about its type of the Arab on camel- after the attacks of Sept. 11, own admirable commercial back. As points of comparison, 2001, that maybe he would be isn't an example, in a nation consider that Frito-Lay retired wise to change his name. He where Islamophobia persists, its "Frito Bandito" caricature refused. of a good deed that is being "The name Mujahid means disavowed. more than 40 years ago. And

To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email bulletin@ or call 541-383-0358.

JOURNEY CHURCH: PastorKeith Kirkpatrick; "Being Strategic," as part of the series "Ruth"; HymnSunday; Sunday at 9 a.m.and10:30 a.m; 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend.

ANTIOCH CHURCH:Senior Pastor KenWytsma;Sundayat9:30a.m.; Redux Q-and-A after the service; BendHighSchool,230 N.E.Sixth St., Bend.

NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Craig Jorgensen; "OnHoly Ground," based onExodus3:1-6, as part of the series "Season of Lent — 40 Days of Renewal"; Sunday at9 a.m. and11 a.m.; 60850 Brosterhous Road, Bend.

BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Pastor Dave Miller; "Speak Up for What You Believe: Part 2"; Sunday at10a.m.;4twelveyouth group: Wednesday at 7p.m.; 19831 Rocking Horse Road,Bend. BEND CHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE:Pastor Virgil Askren; "Six Reasons toCelebrate"; Sunday at10:15 a.m.;1270 N.E. 27th St., Bend. COMMUNITYOF CHRIST:Elder Mark Petrie; "GiveYour First Fruits," based on Luke4:1-13; Sunday at11 a.m., following 10:45 a.m. praise singing; 20380 Cooley Road, Bend. DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor DaveDrullinger; "Clarifying the Mystery," based onJohn 3:1l5;Sunday at10a.m.;334 N.W . Newport Ave., Bend. EASTMONTCHURCH:Pastor John Lodwick; "Love," from the series "God Is" based on1 John 4:8,16 and John15:13; Sunday at 9and 10:45 a.m.; 62425 EagleRoad, Bend.

GRACEREFORMED PRESBYTERIANCHURCH:Pastor Dan Dillard; "God, Workand Rest: Part 2," based onGenesis 2:1-3; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 62162 Hamby Road,Bend.

CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev. Willis Jenson; "Christ Conquered theTemptations of the Devil for All Men," based on Luke 4:1-2; Sunday at11 a.m.; held at Terrebonne GrangeHall, 828611th St., Terrebonne.

SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITY OF THE CASCADES: Guest speaker DougCristafir; "Random Acts of Frequency"; Sunday at 9 a.m.; held at The OldStone Church,157 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend.

EXPERIENCEGOD'S POWER AND ENRICHMENT: Women only, worship and praise event; free; 7 p.m.Feb. 20-22; Prineville Praise andWorship Center Pentecostal Church of God, 405 N.W. Ninth St., Prineville; 541241-4207 or ttcsmithmom©

SPRINGS OFLIFEMINISTRIES: Evangelist and Bible teacherEddie Cienda; W ednesdaysat7p.m.;The Sound GardenStudio, 1279 N.E. Second St., Bend.

UNITARIANUNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OFCENTRAL OREGON: The Rev. Alex Holt; "Where Does Wisdom Live?"; Sunday at11 a.m.; at the Old StoneChurch,157 N.W. Franklin Ave., Bend.

GRACEFIRSTLUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "What Seeds areSown?" and "WWJD?";Sunday at9:30 a.m.; 2265 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend.

COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel; "The Purpose of the Gifts," based on1 Corinthians14:2033, as part of the series "Growing Up God's Way"; Sundayat9:30 a.m.;1 Theater Drive, Sunriver.

RIVERWOODSCHURCH:Pastor Rene Houle; "The Weapons: Living in Victory," based on Psalm1; Sunday at11 a.m.; 60377 Cinder Butte Road, Bend.

THE FELLOWSHIPATBEND: Pastor Loren Anderson; "God's Building," based on1 Corinthians 3:9-23; Sundayat10 a.m.; Summit High School, 2855 N.W.Clearwater Drive, Bend.

FOUNDRYCHURCH(FORMERLY FIRST BAPTISTCHURCH):Pastor Bryon Mengle; amessagebased on Philippians 3:1-11 aspart of the series "1 Mind: AJourney Through Philippians; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 60 N.W. OregonAve., Bend.

AGAPE HARVESTFELLOWSHIP: Youthgroup Wednesday at7 p.m.; 52460 Skidgel Road, LaPine.

REAL LIFECHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Mike Yunker; "God's Redeeming Love"; Sunday at 8, 9:30 and11 a.m.; 2880 N.E.27th St., Bend.

TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH:The Rev. David Carnahan; "If," based on Luke 4:1-13; Sunday at 8a.m. (guitarled worship and communion) and11 a.m. (piano/organ-led worship); 2550 N.E. Butler Market Road, Bend.

FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH: The Rev. Thom Larson; "Wandering," based onLuke4:113 and Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16; Sunday at 9 and 11a.m.; 680 N.W. Bond St., Bend.

SHEPHERD'SVALLEYCOWBOY CHURCH:Pastor Jordan Weaver; Sunday at 9 a.m.and10:30a.m.; in the cafe of TheRim Rock Riders Equestrian Facility, Brasada Ranch, 17037 S.W.Alfalfa Road, Powell Butte.

NEW HOPE CHURCH:Pastor Randy Myers; "The Word of Assurance," as part of the series "WhenGrace Speaks"; today at 6 p.m. andSunday at 9 and 10:45 a.m.; 20080 Pinebrook Blvd., Bend.

FATHER'SHOUSECHURCH OF GOD:Pastor Randy Wills; "Followers Worship," as part of the series, "Are YouCrazy"; Sunday at10a.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend. The youth group meets Wednesday at 7p.m.

FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: Lead pastor Steven Koski; "Money," as part of the series "Simplifying the Soul"; Sunday at the 9 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and 5:01 p.m. services; 230 N.E Ninth St., Bend.

Eric Burtness; "Letting the Lord Be My Shepherd," as part of the series "Psalm 23: NewTime With an Old Friend"; Sunday at8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.; 1113 Black Butte Blvd., Redmond.

PURIM CARNIVAL:Games, crafts, prizes, lunch, silent auction and raffle sponsored by theJewish Community of Central OregonandTemple Beth Tikvah to benefit BenTannen Community Religious School, come in costume; $10per person, $30 per family; 11 a.m. Mini-Megillah reading, carnival at11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Feb. 24; 21555 Modoc Lane, Bend. MIGHTY BE OURPOWER: Kathleen Jacobson will lead this book review anddiscussionofwomen as peacemakers, soup lunchavailable; donations accepted;12:30-2:30 p.m. Feb. 24; Nativity Lutheran Church, 60850 Brosterhous Road,Bend; 541-388-0765.

WESTSIDECHURCH:Pastor Bo Stern; "Signs of Life, Part 3 — Healing at the Pool"; todayat6:30 p.m.and Sunday at 8, 9 and10:45 a.m.; 2051 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Scott McBride; "Signs of Life, Part 3 — Healing at the Pool"; Sunday at9 a.m. and10:30a.m.; 'l245 S.E. Third St., Bend.

Find It All


COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor RobAnderson; "How Do We Respond toTemptation?," based on Luke4:1-13; Sunday at 9 a.m. and11 a.m.; 529 N.W.19th St., Redmond.

EMMAUSLUTHERANCHURCH: The Rev. David Poovey; "Who Am I Anyway?"; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; and "Love's Embrace," based onHebrews 4:14-16; Wednesday at 7 p.m.; 2175 S.W. Salmon Ave., Redmond.


JUR[ p '

ST. PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "Is Temptation a Sin?," based onMatthew 4:1-11; communion service; Sundayat 10 a.m.; Southwest12th Avenueand Forest Ave., Redmond.





SUPPORT GROUPS The following list contains support

group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be

updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to

communitylife© ABILITREEPEER GROUP FOR PERSONSAFFECTEDBYA DISABILITY:541-388-8103, ext. 203. ABILITREEYOUNG PEER GROUP: 541-388-8103 ext. 207. AIDS HOTLINE:800-342-AIDS. AL-ANON: 541-728-3707 or ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS (AA): 541-548-0440 or ALS SUPPORTGROUP: 54 I -977-7502. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION: 54 I -548-7074. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORTGROUPS: 541-382-5882. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUP/ADULTSAND CHILDREN: 54 I-383-3910. BREAST-FEEDINGSUPPORT GROUP: 541-385-1787. CANCER INFORMATIONLINE: 54 I -706-7743. CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 54 I-536-7399. CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 54 I-706-6802. CELEBRATE RECOVERY: NewHope Church,Bend,541-480-5276;Faith Christian Center, Bend, 541-3828274; RedmondAssembly of God Church, 541-548-4555; Westside Church,Bend,541-382-7504,ext. 201; Metolius Friends Community Church, 541-546-4974; AgapeHarvest Fellowship, La Pine, 541-536-4384. CHILDREN'SVISION FOUNDATION: 54 I -330-3907. CHRISTIANWOMEN OF HOPE (WOMEN'SCANCER SUPPORT GROUP): 541 -382-1832. CLAREBRIDGEOFBEND (ALZHEIMER'SSUPPORT GROUP): 541-385-4717 or rnorton10 COFFEEAND CONNECTION CANCER SUPPORTGROUP: 541-706-3754. COMPASSIONATEFRIENDS (FOR THOSE GRIEVINGTHE LOSS OF A CHILD):541-480-0667 or


CHILDRENAFFECTEDBYAUTISM SUPPORTGROUP:541-771-1075 or http:I/coregondevdisgroupaso.ning. com. PARENTS OFMURDEREDCHILDREN (POMC)SUPPORT GROUP: 541-410-7395. PARISH NURSESANDHEALTH MINISTRIES:541-383-6861. PARKINSON'SCAREGIVERS SUPPORTGROUP:541-317-1188. PARKINSON'SDISEASE SUPPORT GROUP:541-280-5818. PARTNERS IN CARE:Home health and hospice services; 541-382-5882. PFLAG CENTRALOREGON: For parents, families and friends of lesbians andgays; 541-317-2334 or PLAN LOVINGADOPTIONS NOW (PLAN):541-389-9239. PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: 888-875-7820. PMS ACCESS LINE: 800-222-4767. PREGNANCYRESOURCECENTERS: Bend,541-385-5334; Madras,541475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919. PULMONARY HYPERTENSION SUPPORT GROUP:541-548-7489. RECOVERINGCOUPLES ANONYMOUS (RCA): 541-389-0969 or SAVINGGRACE SUPPORT GROUPS: Bend, 541-382-4420; Redmond, 541-504-2550, ext. 1; Madras, 541-475-1880. SCLERODERMA SUPPORTGROUP: 541-480-1958. SELF-ESTEEMGROUP FOR WOMEN: 541-389-7960. SOUP AND SUPPORT: Formourners; 541-548-7483. SUPPORT GROUPFOR FAMILIES WITH DIABETICCHILDREN: 541-526-6690. TOBACCO FREEALLIANCE: 541-3227481. TOPS OR: Bend, 541-388-5634; Culver, 541-546-4012; Redmond, 541-923-0878. TYPE 2DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP: 541-706-4986. VETERANSHOTLINE: 541-408-5594 or818-634-0735. VISION NW:Peersupport group; 541-330-0715. VOLUNTEERSINMEDICINE:







O~ffeiing Fu~ll Bathreem Remedefing

• Walk In Tubs • Tub-TO-ShOWei

Conversions • Dufabath® SSP Tub 6 Shower Bases with Lifetime 9/ari anty • Replacement Bathtubs • Variety of Styles 6 Colors Let our Certified Aging In Place Specialist show you how Re-Bath can make your bathroom safe and accessible.

Re-Bath' Central Oregon •

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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2013 • T HE BULLETIN D 3 "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism

"Star of David" Judaism ST. THOMAS CATHOLIC CHURCH 1720 NW 19th Street Redmond, Oregon 97756 541 -923-3390







You AreTheMost Important Part of OurServices

Father Todd Unger, Pastor MassSchedule: Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Ash Wednesday Services: 10:00 am, 12:10 pm and 6:00 pm Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English) 12:00 noon (Spanishl Confessions on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm

and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

"Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

"Star 8

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confumanism

FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1049 NE 11111 St. • 541-382-8274 SUNDAYS:

9:30am Sunday Educational Classes 10:30 am Morning Worship

This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, Pastor Mike will be sharing his message, "Now's The Time" in the



541-593-8341 Beaver at Theater Drive, PO Box 4278, Sunriver, OR 97707 "Transforming Lives Through the Truth of the Word" All are Welcome!

Sunday service, beginning at 10:30 am.


Childcare is provided in our Sunday morning service.

Coffee Fellowship - 10:45 am Bible Education Hour - ll:15 am Nursery Care available

On Wednesdays "Restored Youth" service begins at 7:00 pm A number of Faith Journey Groups meet

throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street. REDMOND ASSKMBI.Y OF GOD 1865 W Antler • Redmond 541-548-4555 SUNDAYS

Morning Worship 8:30 am F 10:30 am Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7 PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery W ednesdayNITE Live Kids Youth Group

Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel of the Community Bible Church will preach a message from I Corinthians 14:20-33 entitled, "The Purpose of the Gifts" in the series titled "Growing Up God's Way" at the 9:30 service tomorrow. The church is located at Beaver and Theater Drives in Sunriver Everyone is welcome. •Women'sBibleStudy -Tuesdays,10 am • Awana Kids Club (4 yrs - 6th gr.) Sept.- May • Youth Ministry (gr. 7-12) Wednesdays 6: 15 pm • Men'sBibleStudy -Thursdays9 am • Home Bible Studies are also available Preschool for 3 F 4 year olds Call for information


NE Neff Rd., I/2 mi. E. of St. Charles Medical Center Sundays 9:00 a.m. F 10:45 a.m.

Senior Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Associate Pastor: Jake Schwarze visit our Web site Listen to KNLR 97.5 FM

at 9:00 am. each Sunday to hear "Transforming Truth" with Pastor Glen.


20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (541) 383-5097 Web site: Sundays: 8:30 B 10:30 am Wednesday Night Study: 7pm YouthGroup:Wednesday 7 pm Child Care provided Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are available, call for days and times. "Teaching the Word of God, Book by Book"

Worship Services Sundays 6:00 p.m. Hispanic Worship Service Weekly Bible Studies and Ministries for all ages Contact: 541-382-5822 Pastor John Lodwick FOUNDRY CHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the

Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Syd Brestel SUNDAY

9:00 AM Sunday School for everyone 10: 15 AM Worship Service This Sunday at Foundry Church,

For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541-382-3862

Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish Office: 541-536-3571 HOLY REDEKMER, LA PINE

16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday, Wednesday S Friday Mass 9:00 am Sunday Mass — 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays — 3:00-4:00 pm HOLY TRINITY, SUNRIVER

18143 Cottonwood Rd. Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm Sunday mass 8:00 am Confessions; Thurs. 9:00 - 9:15 am OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS, Gilchrist 120 Mississippi Dr Sunday Mass — 12:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 12:00-12:15 pm HOLY FAMILY,

57255 Fort Rock Rd Sunday Mass — 3;30 pm Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3: 15 pm ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI CATHOLIC CHURCH Pastor Rev. James A. Radloff Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti 541-382-3631 NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street


Masses Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM

3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond • 541-548-4161

Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AMF 7:00 PM Domingo 12:30PM - Misa en Espanol

Sunday Worship Services: 8.00 am, 9.30 am, II:00 am Sunday Bible Fellowship Groups 9:30am6 II:00am Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor

For complete calender: •

Reconciliation / Reconciliacion Saturday3:00 PM - 4;45 PM - English Thursday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PMEnglish o Espanol Domingo 11:15 AM - 12:15PM - Espanol

Near Highland and 23rd Ave. 2378 SW Glacier Pl. Redmond, OR 97756 Wepreach the goodnewsof JesusChrist, singgreat hyinns of failh, and searcli the Scriptures together. Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am Bible Study- Thursday, 10:30 am Teaching from the KJV and NKJV Bible Pastor Ed Nelson 541-777-0784

Sunday Services 8 am Traditional Service (No child care for 8 am service) 9:30 am Contemporary Service with full child care II am Service (Full child carel For information, please call ... Minister - Mike Yunker - 541-312-8844 Associate Pastors Don Henderson & Mike Sweeney "Loving people one at a time." •

Serving Central Oregon for 20 Years, We Are a Non-Denominational Egalitarian Jewish Community Our Synagogue is located at 21555 Modoc Lane, Bend, Oregon 541-385-6421 Resident Rabbi Jay Shupack Rebbetzin Judy Shupack Shabbat and High Holiday Services Religious Education Program Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training Weekly Torah StudyEvery Sat @ 10 am Adult Education Upcoming Events: Friday, February 8, 6:00 pm Erev Shabbat Service Sunday, February 10, 3:00 pm Tannen Religious School Friday, February 15 In Home Shabbat Dinners Friday, February 22, 6:00 pm Erev Shabbat Service Sunday, February 24, 3:00 pm Ben Tannen Religious School *Torah Study meets every Saturday at !0:00 am that there is not a service*

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIKNTIST 1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am W ed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided. Reading Room: 115 NW Minnesota Ave. Mon. through Fria 11 am - 4 pm Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm


Religion of the Light andSound of God Experience an Eckankar Community HU Learnhow tosing HU, a love song to God: a loving, uplifting, Spiritual Exercise. HU, pronounced like the word hue, is sung for about 20 minutes and is followed by a brief period of sacred contemplation. Followed by a discussion. Regardless of your beliefs or religion, singing HU can bring you greater happiness, love, and understanding. Singing HU can draw us closer in our state of consciousness to the Divine Being. It has helped people of many different faiths open their hearts more fully to the uplifting presence and security of God's love. Singing HU can help you experience: • Comfort, peace, joy • Expanded awareness • Inner light and/or sound • A subtle sense of Divine Love • The healing of a broken heart • Solace during times of grief • A release offears • Answers to your questions For more information please visit or or call 541-728-6476. •

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH 469 NW Wall St. • 541-382-5542

Jueves 7:00 PM - Misa en Espano

8 am Holy Eucharist 9:15 am Education for All Ages 10:15 am Holy Eucharist (w/nursery care F Godly Play) The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector All are welcome through our red doors

Stations of the Cross Friday 7:00 PM - English

Corner of NW Franklin S Lava Masses Sunday 4:30 PM Monday- Friday 7:00 AM 8 12:15 PM Saturday 8:00 AM Exposition S Benediction Monday after 7:00 AM Mass —6:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Wednesday after 7 00 AM Mass6:00 PM Thursday after 7:00 AM Mass6:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Reconciliation Tuesday 7 30 AM - 8:00 AMEnglish o Espanol Saturday 8:30 AM - 9:30 AMEnglish o Espanol

Estaciones de la Cruz Viernes 7:00 PM - Espanol

THE SALVATION ARMY 755 NE 2nd Street, Bend 541 -389-8888 SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP 541 NE Dekalb

Sunday School 9:45 am Children & Adult Classes Worship Service - II:00 am Major's Robert F Miriam Keene NEW HOPE EVANGELICAL

20080 Pinebrook Blvd. 541-389-3436 Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church! Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am, Pastor Randy Myers

ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH KLCA Worship in the Heart of Redmond Sunday Worship Service 8:30 am Contemporary 11:00 am Liturgical Sunday School for all ages at 10 00 am Wednesdays in LentSoup Supper 6:15 B Service 7:00 pm

Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee, snacks and felloaship after each service M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rdTues.Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach


(Across Ninth St. from Bend High) All Are Welcome, Always! Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

Simplifying The Soul: Money 9:00 am contemporary 10:45 am traditional 5:01 pm relaxed Sunday School: 3 yrs to 6th grade Nursery care provided "God, lews F History" Rabbi Jay Shupack 3:00 pm —Sundays Continues through March 10 Wednesday Noon SilenceF Supper Worship 12:30 pm Contemplative Prayer Youth Events See Youth Blog:

Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 — 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness

230 NE Ninth Street, Bend 541-382-4401




Temple Beth Tikvah is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by choice. Our monthly activities include social functions, services, religious education, Hebrew school, Torah study, and adult education Rabbi Glenn Ettman Friday, February 22 at 6:30 pmShabbat Service Saturday, February 23 at 9:00 amTorah Study Saturday, February 23 at 10:30 amTorah Service Sunday, February 24 adult education (call for information)

Sunday, February 24 - Purim Carnival II:30 am - I:30 pm Come in costume! Central Oregon Community Sunday School Congregation Shalom Bayit 21555 Modoc Lane, Bend Annual passover Community Seder M onday, March 25 at6:00 pm For information B reservations:

EASTMONT COMMUNITY SCHOOL "Educating and Developing the Whole Child For the complete schedule of for the Glory of God" Services 8 Events go to: Pre K - 5th Grade 62425 Eagle Road, Bend• 541-382-2049 Principal Lonna Carnahan For more information about our education programs, please call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826.



American Missionary Fellowship

REAL LIFK CHRISTIAN CHURCH Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th


BERKAN BIBLE CHURCH In Parinersfiipwith

POWELL BUTTE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays Potluck 6 pm Music and the Word 7 pm Sunday Worship Services 8:30am- 10:15 am-11 am Nursery F Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy Osborne and Glenn Bartnik 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541 -548-3066


All services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541-388-8826

Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994 We provide a congregational setting

for lews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at: Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701 Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include:

• Davidic dance and worship • Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes • Home groups • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy Visit us on the web at or contact us at 541-385-5439 LIVING TORAH FKLLOWSHIP

© Celebration Church 63830 Clausen Rd Ste 102, Bend Saturday 10:30 am - 2 pm Worship/Dance-StudyFood/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshipping in Spirit and Truth 541-410-5337 Children's Program

2/17: Divine Service: The Festival of Ash Wednesday(Observed).I00 PM. 2/24: Vespers. I:00 PM 3/3: Vespers. I:00 PM. 3/10: Vespers. I:00 PM. 3/17; Vespers. I:00 PM 3/28: Divine Service: The Festival of Maundy Thursday 7:00 PM. 3/29: Divine Service: The Festival of Good Friday. I;00 PM

The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor. 8286 11th St (Grange Hall), Terrebonne, OR condordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773 GRACK FIRST LUTHKRAN CHURCH 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 541 -382-6862

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Sunday School 10:20 a.m. Education Hour 10:45 a.m.

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service Nursery Care S Children's Church ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday WEDNESDAY 6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study THURSDAY

10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY

Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. •




CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241

Sunday Morning Worship 8:45 am & 10:45 am

Men's Bible Study Wednesday 7.30 a.m.

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"SeasonofLent- 40 DaysofRenewal" By Interim Pastor Craig Jorgensen Sermon title "On Holy Ground" Exodus 3:1-6 -

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Two questions: WliatdoesJesasashof as? What doesorganized religion ashof us? I-lowdifferent lfie answers appear lo be! 'Seeking answers tothefirst question? Soarewe. Worship with us Sunday, February 17th at II a.m in the Community Room of Redmond'sRay's Market, 900 SW 23rd Street, just off of Hwy 126. Or, come early at 10 a.m. for adult study and discussion. All Peoples meets on the first and third Sundays of each month. On March 3rd, we meet again in the Community Room of Redmond's Ray's Market. For details, directions and possible help with car-pooling,

Meeting at the Golden Age Club 40 SE 5th St., Bend Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated to worshipping God and teaching the Bible truths recovered through the Reformation. Call for information about other meetings

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Rev. Alex Holt: "Where Does Wisdom Live?": This morning we will continue our consideration of the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalist faith. The third Source speaks to wisdom.Where does wisdom reside and how do we enlarge its presence in our life?

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February 17, 2013 at 11:00am:



MISSION (LCMS) Themissionof! Iie Cliurcli is!o forgive sins(hroayh ihe Gospeland(herehygrant e(ernal life. (St. fohn 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession XXVIII.8, 10) 10 am Sunday School II am Divine Service

"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation

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near Christmas Valley Bryon Mengle will be speaking from Philippians 3:1-11. Come hear what the Bible has to say when dealing with a believer's confidence.

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'Die Hard'

/tltlV',1 l/t 'l' Y t'tXil i

~ .~ e

Continued from D1 Many don Hawaiian shirts ': il W and sip on alcoholic bever/ 3 tOt/l ages, giving the place the laid.1st back vibe of a Jimmy Buffett concert. Patrons from Kelly D's, which adjoins the room where they jam, occasionally wander in to lu check out the concert. This week one fellow meandered over and was instantly transfixed by the large group. When they wrapped up "Runaround Sue," he cheered and hollered "That is freaking awesome!" It's a sentiment that gets expressed a lot around BUGS. Longtime member Roger FishPhotos by Andy Tullls /The Bulletin er says this about playing each Members of the Bend Ukulele Group, including Bob Rasmussen, center, and Anne Howard, center right, play and sing songs together at week: "I haven't had so much their weekly, Tuesday jam at Kelly D's bar in Bend. fun my whole life." ular at the weekly sessions. Eyed Girl," "Can't Help FallBeginning 'ie. Despite the age difference ing in Love With You," "Dead I When Anne Howard came between her and most of the Flowers," "Eight Days a Week" to Bend in August 2010, one members of BUGS, Anya says and "Harvest Moon." of her first ideas was to start people treat her just like one of The group is welcoming to a ukulele club. Howard's dad the group. She likes the ukule- new members. As new faces taught her how to play when le because it is easier than the filed in, someone would say "She's new, can you help her?" she was just a girl. For years, guitar and it's fun to play with she avoided the instrument, other people. They set newcomers up with coming back to it only recently. song books and shared music How easy is it? She keeps a photo of her father stands. playing the uke on her music S o just how easy is it t o BUGS is hoping to spread stand;they were able to share learn the ukulele? I put Ras- the love. The group recently their love of the instrument just mussen to the test. He took donated 40 ukuleles to High before he died recently."He about 20 minutes before the Lakes Elementary School and was just thrilled," said Howard, jam started this week to teach hopes to donate more instruthat she had picked it up again. me what he could. Inthat time, ments to other schools for chilH oward c o nnected w i t h I was able to learn a few basic dren to learn to play. Bob and L i nda Rasmussen Anya Rozek, 11, of Bend, strums along and sings with the Bend chords and get the strumming BUGS raised the m oney and by January of 2011 the Ukulele Group. Rozek was the youngest musician at the jam. technique down. It didn't seem for the instruments through a informal group formed. They to matter much that I had al- weekend-long event last sumstarted off playing in friends' most no musical background. mer called Ukulele University, living rooms — just a handful to record"Tiptoe Through the to shut her up," joked Roberts. By the end of the lesson, I which included workshops, of people each week. Tulips." Instead, she ended up falling wouldn't h av e n e cessarily jams and much more. The But as time went on, the group But it is making a comeback in love with the ukulele. "It's been able to play along with event was a big hit and they grew and grew. They moved to now. Eddie Vedder — of the just the most fun I've ever had the songs, but I probably could are planning another Ukulele a local brewery, then outgrew rock band Pearl Jam — replaying music. It's impossible have faked my way through. U for this July. The group also that; they moved to a local bottle corded an album featuring the to be unhappy when you're And with 60-some ukuleles sends afew volunteers to a loshop and outgrew that, too. instrument, "Ukulele Songs," playing the ukulele." there, any mistakes would be cal nursing home every month "People hear us and it brings and it has been featured on well hidden. to share the music. "There are no wrong chords, a smile to their face," said How- popular recordings bythe rock Playing Surveying t h e cr o w ded ard. "It draws people to you." band Train ("Hey Soul Sister") One of the great appeals of there are no bad voices," said r oom Tu e sday, Ho w a r d Fisher believes people are among others. playing ukulele is how easy it Fisher. He jokes that many of smiled. "When you think of also drawn to the group beWhile people may associate is to become proficient. With the BUGS members wouldn't where it started, with four of cause they want to find a way the ukulele with happy, care- just four strings, it's much eas- feel comfortable singing alone us playing in living rooms, this to connect with one another free music,it can offer sad, ierand more manageable than in the shower, but with 50 other is awesome. Look at this! It's and "to enjoy each other's com- deep and complicated sounds the standard guitar, which has people "all of a sudden you are kind of taking over." pany in a nonthreatening way." as well. "As an instrument, it's six strings. The smaller size just part of a crowd." — Reporter: 541-617-7860, It's comfortable and no one This is a way to participate and not limited in any way," said also helps, especially for kids ajohnson@bendbulletin/com make music with friends. Rasmussen. or more petite people. The is judging. "It releases a lot of Most of the people playing cost also makes it accessible. people's inhibition," said Fisher. Ukulele in BUGS came to the instruRasmussen estimates a decent The group favors songs Rooted in Hawaii, the uku- ment fairly recently. Bend resi- ukulele can be purchased for from the 1960s and 70s — they Central Oregon lele has come and gone in dent Linda Roberts has been about $100. always open the show with • Derm a tology Mark Hall, MO popularity through the years. playing and teaching music At age ll, Anya Rozek was Bob Dylan's "You Ain't Goin' It was a hit in the 1950s, but for most of her life. She first the youngest person at the jam Nowhere." Songs during the then many people grew to dis- came to one of the jams be- this week. She started playing recent jam included "Brown • . s I. . s s like it after Tiny Tim used the cause her friend kept pester- ukulele last fall after her grandinstrument in the late 1960s ing her about it and "I wanted parentstaught her. She is a reg/t nn ''tttti ltttiil ~'t/I nt .

sequel tops box office By Amy Kaufman Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — "Safe Haven" will f in d n o r e fuge at the box office this weekend, as the latest "Die Hard" movie is set to annihilate the competition. " A Good Day t o D i e Hard," the fifth installment in the Bruce Willis action franchise, is expected to gross a robust $55 million by Monday evening, according to those who have seen pre-release audience surveys. 20th Century Fox, which released the film in theaters late Wednesday evening, is anticipating a softer opening of about $40 million. Either way, the weekend's other three nationwide debuts won't stand a chance at securing the No. 1 position. Romance author Nicholas Sparks' eighth f i l m ad a ptation, "Safe Haven," will probably collect about $25 million during its first five days in theaters. Another film aimed at young women, "Beautiful Creatures," could p r o ve to be a rival for "Safe Haven," as the supernatural romance may take in about $22 million over the long weekend. The animated 3D film "Escape from Planet Earth," the only new movie that debuted Friday instead of Thursday, is set to gross about $19 million during its first four days of release.

- U~



neighborhood on Bend's westside.



I VoLUNTEER SEARcH VolunteerSearchis compiled by the Department of HumanServices VolunteerServices. The organizations listed areseeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. Toseeafull list, and for additional informationon the types of helpneeded, goonline to Changes,additions or deletions shouldbe sentto1300 N.W. Wall St., Suite103, Bend 9770'I, email Lin.H.GardneI@state.or.usorcall 54I-693-8988.


ANIMALS AND ENVIRONMENT BENDSPAY& NEUTERPROJECT: 541-617-1010. CAT RESCUE,ADOPTION & FOSTER TEAM (CRAFT), 541-389-8420 or541-598-5488. CHIMPS, or 541-410-4122. DESCHUTESLANDTRUST: www.descht/ or 541-330-0017. DESCHUTESNATIONAL FOREST: JeanNelson-Dean,541-383-5576. EAST CASCADES AUDUBON or 541-241-2190. THE ENVIRONMENTALCENTER: 541-385-6908. EQUINEOUTREACH HORSE RESCUE OF BEND: www.eqttineoutreach. comor joan©eqttineoutreach.comor 54 I -419-3717. HEALINGREINS THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER: Darcy Justice, 541-382-9410.

HUMANE SOCIETYOF CENTRAL OREGON:Jen, or 541-382-3537. HUMANE SOCIETYOF THE OCHOCOS:541-447-7178. HUMANE SOCIETYOF REDMOND: Y/olunteer©redmondhumane.orgor 541-923-0882. JUNIPERGROUP SIERRA CLUB: 541-389-9115. STEWARDSHIPFOR SUSTAINABLE BAGGING: Lexa McAllister, Imcallister@cocc.eduor 541-914-6676. SUNRIVERNATURECENTER& OBSERVATORY:541-593-4442. VOLUNTEERCAMPGROUND HOST POSITIONS: TomMottl, 541-4 I6-6859.

HEALTH AMERICANCANCER SOCIETY: CharlieJohnson,541-434-3114. AMERICANREDCROSS: 54 I -749-411 I. DESCHUTESCOUNTYHEALTH DEPARTMENT: Tuesday Johnson, TuesdayJohnson@co.deschutes. or.usor 541-322-7425. FRIENDSWITH FLOWERS OF OREGON: www. or 541-480-8700. HOSPICEOF REDMONDSISTERS:www.redmoitdhospice. orgor VolunteerCoordinator at 541-548-7483. MOUNTAINVIEWHOSPITAL:JoDee Tittle, 541-475-3882, ext. 5097. MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL HOSPICE: 541-460-4030 or Tori Schultz, tschultz@mt/hd.orgor 541475-3882, ext. 5327. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS— CENTRAL OREGON: Eileen White, namicentraloregott@ NEWBERRY HOSPICE:541-536-7399. PARTNERS IN CARE:www. or SarahPeterson at 541-382-5882. RELAYFORLIFE:Stefan Myers, 541-504-4920. ST. CHARLESIN BENDAND ST. CHARLESIN REDMOND: 541-706-6354. VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE: Kristi, 54 I-585-9008.


/ II

ARTS CENTRALSTATION: 541-617-1317. CASCADESTHEATRICAL COMPANY: 541-389-0803. CENTRAL OREGONSYMPHONY ASSOCIATION: Julie, 541-383-7779. DES CHUTESHISTORICAL MUSEUM: 541-389-1813, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. DESCHUTESPUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM:541-312-1032. FRIENDS OFTHE BEND LIBRARIES: www.fobl.orgor Meredith Shadrach at 541-617-7047. HIGH DESERTCHAMBER MUSIC:Isabelle Senger,www., info@ highdesertchambermusic.comor 541-306-3988. HIGH DESERTMUSEUM: 541-382-4754. LA PINE PUBLICLIBRARY:Cindylu, 541-317-1097. LATINOCOMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Brad, Y/olunteer@latca.orgor 541-382-4366. THE NATUREOFWORDS: or 541-330-4381. REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY:54I-312-1060. REDMONDINTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE (R.I.C.E.): Barb, bonitodia©msn.comor 541-447-0732. TOWER THEATREFOUNDATION: 541-317-0700.







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PublishingDate: Friday, August 9












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BEND BREWFEST THECOMPLETEGUIDETOTHE BREWE RIES,THEBEERSANDALL THEFUN. The Bend Brewfest is a celebration of the craftsmanship and artistry of beer making across the Northwest, offering fine brews, food and entertainment while supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon. Held in Bend's Old Mill District, the event honors the success of local brewers and spotlights their roles in the vitality of Central Oregon's economy. This official booklet, designed as an interactive reference guide as well as a beer lover's keepsake, is distributed to all Bulletin readers and the thousands who attend the festival.

OREGON FESTIVAL OF CARS THEGUIDETOCENTRALOREGON'S EXCLUSIV EEXOTICCARSHOW The Oregon Festival of Cars features the world's most rare and exotic automobiles. Both new and vintage models are featured in this show that attracts spectators from across the region who dream of sitting behind the wheel of such sophisticated machinery. The guide includes photos and descriptions of each car featured in the show as well as additional event details.

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Publishing Date: Friday, August 9

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TV SPOTLIGHT "Killing Lincoln" 8 p.m. Sunday, National Geographic Channel By Kate O'Hare © Zap2it

On a sultry summer day in Richmond, Va. — the Confederate capital during the Civil War — a film crew has gathered at a historic building refitted to look like a telegraph office.The scene being shot features A b raham L i n coln

(Billy Campbell) receiving a message and then discussing it with Secretary of War Edwin Stanton (Graham Beckel). Despite the sweltering heat, the bearded men wear waistcoats and jackets, and t he women are decked out in perioddresses,with corsets.The only person who seems comfortable is local actor Benjamin Perkinson, with his little suit and slicked-back hair, as Lincoln's young son, Tad. In production is "Killing Lincoln," set to air Sunday on National Geographic Channel, a two-hour mix of drama and documentary based on the b est-selling " h i storical thriller" of the same name by Fox News Channel anchor Bill O'Reilly and historian/researcher Martin Dugard. Tom Hanks narrates. Executiveproducers forthe project are brothers Ridley and Tony Scott (the latter who tragically committed suicide

National Geographic Channels

Billy Campbell portrays Abraham Lincoln in the television film "Killing Lincoln," based on the best-selling book by Bill O'Reitty.

in August 2012) for Scott Free Productions, in p a r tnership with N a t ional G e ographic Channel. The o ther s c ene b e i ng shot in t h e s m all b u ilding — crammed with c ameras, crew and cast — is between Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth (Jesse Johnson, son of actor Don Johnson) and his sister, Asia (Sara Eshleman). It features Booth singing a song whose lyrics were uncovered duringresearch forthe movie. It's a sad scene, in which Asia realizes that her brother's fanaticism will ultimately be his undoing. A bit later on, when the crew breaks for lunch, Beckelwho has just arrived that day

and isn't entirely sure what channel this movie will air on — gets to meet Johnson for the first time. He's flabbergasted by his resemblance to the real Booth. Blue-eyed Johnson — who grew a mustache and had his blond hair dyed dark for the

role — pulls up a photograph

on his phone to show Beckel the inspiration for his look. "Man, you're perfect," Beckel says to Johnson. "Which one's you? You're p erfect. You've got the swagger." "Yeah, man," says Johnson. "I'm really excited that you're on this project. You don't know me, but I know you." Beckel is the brother of one of O'Reilly's fellow Fox News

Channel commentators, liberal Bob Beckel ("The Five"). But both Beckel brothers also have a personal connection to the Lincoln assassination story. Beckel explains, "My greatgrandfather wa s i n F o r d 's Theatre the night that Lincoln got killed. I'm very close to this story." He's also done some reading about the theory that Stanton was, if not complicit in the assassination, not exactly ignorant of it. "Boothput abulletin Lincoln's head," says Beckel. "But it was something that Stanton damn well knew about. But he didn't want him to go to the theater. He was ambivalent about it. "His fingerprints are all over it, only because he knew ... but he didn't know Booth. Stanton had spies all over the country. He was aware of it, and he knew what the motives were." As an actor playing an assassin who w a s a n a c t or, Johnson did his research and says, "What I discovered was a man who was completely c ontradictory t o m y hi g h school history books, in terms of character.He's this very complex, passionate and magnanimous, magnetic character that was so often depicted as this demonic, mustache-twirling villain — and understandably so. " President L i n coln w a s martyred, and Booth was vilified. That was the black-andwhite story that could be told,

omo ouro tsto eavea user

that could sell newspapers and then make its way into the ink of our history books forever." As rainbeginsto fall outside, the movie caravan moves to a series of what may have been cotton or grain storehouses next to some railroad tracks, where Campbell is shooting a scene inwhich Lincoln poses for photographs with Tad. Already t a l l , Ca m p bell

("The 4400") has had gray

added to his hair, grown a beard and had makeup to create the dark, war-weary shadowing around Lincoln's eyes. While he didn't have time to lose weight for the role as the rail-thin Lincoln, the resemblance, even up close between takes, is remarkable. Says Campbell, "We felt it was important to convey this hidden side of Lincoln, this sense of his almost wasting away with p r emonitions of death, even as he was outwardly so poised and steadfast through the closing of the war." Campbell didn't have much time todo research, and since hitting Richmond, he's been doing a bit of catch-up. "What I've learned so far," he says, "just being here and talking to the people that are knowledgeable about Lincoln, the little bit of r eading I've been ableto do since I've been here, his humanity, how much he hadto overcome personally to do what hedid,how much what he did took out of him."

MOVIE TIMESTDDAY • There may beanadditional fee for 3-D andIMAXmovies. • Movie times are subject to change after press time. t

Dear Abby:I have lived in an abusive marriagefor ll years. Now, when I have finally mustered the courage to leave, everybody says I must stay "for the children" as he is a "changed man." I no l onger love him and he refuses to give me a divorce. • EAR He also refuses to admit there is anything wrong in the marriage and says

vorce or not, he cannot force you to remain married to him. An attorney can help you with the process once you are out of there. Dear Abby: I'm a 2 3 -year-old woman with a university degree, a fulfilling job, downtown apartment and a busy social life. I am also heavily tattooed. M y ta t t oos bring me a great deal of happiness. I work in a field where visible tattoos are acceptable, and I'm very good at covering them when necessary. Myproblem is how to politely deal with strangers who criticize my tattoos when I'm out in public. I have been told I have "ruined" myself, that I have no future, that I'll never find a husband, that I am ugly, an insult to women and trashy. I do not dress scantily and, in my opinion, these comments are uncalled for. I usually tell people that I am affecting only myself and that I'm happy, but this usually results in scoffs or more rude remarks. Part of me wants to be rude back because I am offended. What should I say the next time I am inevitably picked on'? — Inked and Irked in Calgary, Canada Dear Inked and Irked:I printed a


I'm exaggerating everything.

I have tried counseling and therapy alone because he refused to join me. I do not want my four children to be affectedby my choice and wish for a mutual discussion, but he doesn't want to discuss divorce. I am afraid to stay and afraid to leave. I have no support system here. — Wants Out in Illinois Dear Wants Out:After II years of abuse and counseling and therapy alone because your husband would not accompany you, his wishes should no longer affect your decision. Pick up the phone and contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-7233. That's the place to find information about how to form anescape plan foryourself and your children. Whether your husband is willing to discuss di-



letter last spring about a Canadian woman who insisted that people north of the border are nicer than people in the U.S. Your letter shows that's not necessarily the case. The next time someone makes an unkind remark about your body art, look the person in the eye and say, "That you would say something so hurtful to me shows you are uglier on the inside than you think I am on the outside." Dear Abby: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 11 months. He's 18 and I'm 17. Every date we go on is initiated and planned by me. For once, I'd like to be surprised and swept off my feet by his actually planning a date. I don't know how to go about this. I want to tell him without hurting his feelings. — Get ting a Lit tleBored in Quakertown, Pa. Dear Getting a Little Bored: The basis for a successful relationship is communication. While I don't advise you to tell your boyfriend that you're "getting a little bored," I do think it would be helpful to express that you'd like HIM to plan your dates once or twice a month so you don't have to do all the work in maintaining the r elationship. That's not hurtful; it's truthful. — Write to Dear Abby at orP.o. Box 69440, Los Angeles,CA 90069

other person's issue will be appreciated. Are you ready to discuss what is on your mind, too? Tonight: Avoid crowds.

year you might say one thing yet do By Jacquetine Bigar something else. If you get feedback SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21) regarding this issue, it would be wise to ** * You might be holding back a work on resolving it; otherwise, people concern, and you could become very GEMINI (May 21-June 20) might not know ** * Look beyond what is happening, tight-lipped and rigid as a result. You Stars showthe kind what to expect might want to consider discussing this and understand why others are reacting of dayyou'll have wh en interacting the way they are. You might decide not to reservation, especially as it could be ** * * * D ynamic with you. Once you make the same judgment call. Help them affecting others. Tonight: Play it low-key. ** * * P ositive be come clearer, to see the bigger picture, and they will be SAGITTARIUS (Nov.21-Dec.21) ** * A verage the possibility of more comfortable as a result. Tonight: ** * Pace yourself, but don't linger ** So-so getting involved Vanish, but don't tell everyone. on what might be defined as a difficult * Difficult in a dynamic moment. Your strong drive marks your CANCER (June21-July22) relationship will decisions, especially with domestic ** * * A loved one causes uproar in a be enhanced. If you are single, the first matters. Ask a loved one for his or her couple of choices you make for a potential way that causes you to distance yourself. impression. Tonight: Go off with friends. Df course, if you are single, this behavior sweetie might not be the right match for could emanate from a potential love CAPRICORN (Oec.22-Jan. 19) you. Trust yourself. If you are attached, interest. Stop and rethinkyour choices. ** * * Use your imagination, and the two of you will become closer if Tonight: Keep it light. you'll make an ordinary day far more you accept yourself and are willing to interesting. Know that you might not be transform. PISCEScan irritate you. LEO (July23-Aug. 22) able to cheer up a depressed friend, as he ** * * H ead out the door. Whether ARIES (March 20-April 19) or she is set on being glum. Tonight: Paint you go to put in overtime at work or take ** * * R evise your plans if there the town red. off to visit a friend makes no difference. is a last-minute change to take into By distancing yourself from your AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) consideration. You might disappoint personal life, you will be able to get some ** * You could be overwhelmed by someone, or perhaps you could invite perspective. Tonight: A force to be dealt everything that you have to do. In fact, this person to join you. Your strength with. and sense of direction encourage others you might not want to answer your front door or any incoming calls. Indulge to follow your lead. Tonight: A must VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) appearance. ** * * R each out for feedback, even if a loved one. Tonight: Stay in your fortress. you don't like what you hear. Sit on your PISCES (Feb. 19-March20) TAURUS (April 20-May20) opinions for now, and understand their ** * * M ake plans only with those ** * * A n emotional collision role in the question at hand. Take a drive you want to hang out with. News from a encourages you to head in a different distance could be a problem. Know that direction. Put on your rainy-day emotional in the country with a loved one. Tonight: Letsomeone else decide. you might have missed a detail. Discuss gear and do something else. You'll the situation with someone else who is discover that a friend delights in your LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) company. Go tothe movies and havea involved. Tonight: Dinner at a local spot. ** * Your willingness to have a late lunch afterward. Tonight: As you like. discussion and get to the bottom of the ©20t3 by King Features Syndicate





7:15p.m. on HBO,Movie:"The Lucky One" — Theromantic-tragic approach of novelist Nicholas Sparks ("The Notebook") services Zac Efron reasonably well in this 2012 drama about a Marine who believes his life was saved during Iraq combat by his locating a photo of a woman(Taylor Schilling). When he returns to America, he headsto Louisiana to find her. Director Scott Hicks' ("Shine") cast also includes Blythe Danner. 8p.m. onH C), Movie:"Harry Potter and theChamberof Secrets" — A mysterious force threatens Hogwarts School of Witchcraftand Wizardry in the totally captivating secondmovie adapted from J.K. Rowling's novels. Harry, Ron and Hermione (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson) must find out what is causing people known as Mudbloods to become petrified; otherwise, the school will be closed. Robbie Coltrane, Kenneth Branagh andRichard Harris co-star in this 2002 tale. 8 p.m. onE3, "Person of Interest" — Reese (Jim Caviezel) becomes trapped with his Person of Interest (Amy Acker), a psychologist in danger from one of her patients, in the most heavily surveilled part of the city. He must rely on Finch,Carter andFusco(Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman) to help him fend off the FBI, corrupt copsand a bevy of old foes in "Firewall." 9 p.m. on HBO, "Beyonce: Life Is but a Dream" — The multiple Grammy-winning singer has always been a private person, but she shares her personal life on her own terms in this new self-produced documentary. She speaks candidly about her relationship with Jay-Z, issues with her family of origin and the joys of motherhood. The film also includes plenty of performance footage, but it's the private moments that are the most compelling.


Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX,680 S.W.Powerhouse Drive, 541-382-6347 • BEAUTIFULCREATURES(PG-13) 12:30, 3:30, 6:50, 9:50 • DJANGO UNCHAINED(R) 12:50, 4:25, 8 • ESCAPE FROMPLANET EARTH(PG)3:25, 9:25 • ESCAPEFROM PLANET EARTH 3-D(PG) I:05,7:05 • A GOOD DAYTODIEHARDIMAX (R) 12:15, 2:35, 4:55, 7:15, 9:45 • AGOOD OAY TO DIE HARD (R)Noon,2:20,4:40,7,9:40 • HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCHHUNTERS(R) 3, 9:15 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY 3-D(PG-13)6 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (PG-13)I:45, 9:40 • IDENTITY THIEF(R) 1:10, 3:55, 6:10, 7:10, 9:55 • LIFEOFPI(PG) I2:20 • LIFE OF PI 3-O (PG)3:20, 6:25, 9:20 • LINCOLN (PG-13) 11:50 a.m., 3:05, 6:20, 9:35 • MAMA(PG-I3) 1:35, 4:05, 7:40, 10:10 • THEMETROPOLITAN OPERA: RIGOLETTO (noMPAA rating) 9:55 a.m. • SAFE HAVEN (PG-13) 12:40, 3:45, 6:40, 9:35 • SIDE EFFECTS (R) 1:20, 3:50, 7:25, IO:05 • WARM BODIES (PG-13) 12:55, 3:35, 6:05, 9:25 • ZERO DARK THIRTY (R) 11:45 a.m., 3:10, 6:35, 10 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies. • Today's OscarMarathonscheduleincludesogjango Unchained"(1215 pm),"SilverLinings Playbook"(320 p.m), "Zero DarkThirty" (545 p.m) and "Argo" (845 p.m). Only one-day or two-daypassesareavailable. Check www. bendbuiiletin.t omloscars for moreinformation. t



10 p.m. on HIST,"Stories from the Road to Freedom" — Rare recordings, photos and film footage document the lives of ordinary African-Americans from the Emancipation Proclamation through the civil rights movement in this new special. Highlights include audio of World War I veteran Edward Nichols, who witnessed the Red Summer riots of 1919; film of Ernest Beane, who documented his life as a Pullman porter; and the earliest known footage of a Juneteenth celebration from1900. ©Zap2it

iPPure Crradk / o.

a~ B~ dU Bend Redmond


Regal Pilot Butte 6, 2717N.E.U.S. Highway 20, 54'I-382-6347 • AMOUR(PG-13)Noon, 3, 6, 9 • ARGO (R) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:20 • THE IMPOSSIBLE (PG-13) 12:15, 6:15 • LES MISERABLES (PG-13) 1,4:15, 7:25 • QUARTET(PG-13) 1:15, 4, 7, 9:30 • SILVERLININGS PLAYBOOK (R)12:30,3:30,6:30,9:25 • STAND UP GUYS(R) 3:l5,9:15

John Day Burns Lakeview



McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • RISE OF THEGUARDIANS (PG)11:30a.m. • SKYFALL (PG-13) 5:30 • THIS IS 40 (R)9:15 • THETWILIGHTSAGA: BREAKING DAWN — PART2 (PG-13) 2:30 • After 7 p.m., shows are2f and older only. Younger than2f may attend screenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by a legalguardian. t


Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin Pan Alley, 541-241-2271 • BARBARA (PG-13) 6, 8:30 • A ROYAL AFFAIR (R) 3 I


E LEVATIO N Elevation Capital Strategies 400 sw BtuA Drive suite 101 Bend Main: 541-728-0321



Redmond Cinemas,1535 S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • BEAUTIFULCREATURES(PG-13) 11:15a.m.,1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • AGOOD OAY TO OIE HARD (R)Noon,2:15,4:30,6:45,9 • SAFE HAVEN (PG-13) 11 a.m.,1:30, 4, 6:30, 9 • SILVER LININGSPLAYBOOK(R) 11 a.m., 1:30, 4 • WARM BODIES (PG-13) 7, 9:15 Sisters Movie House, 720 Desperado Court, 541-549-8800 • ESCAPE FROMPLANET EARTH(PG) 2:45, 5, 7 • AGOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (R)3:15,5:30,7:45 • SAFE HAVEN (PG-13) 2:30, 5,7:30 • SIDE EFFECTS (R) 2:45, 5:15, 7:45 rf

•r I



f• '


~~/ •


Pine Theater, 214 N. Main St., 541-416-1014 • ESCAPE FROMPLANET EARTH(PG) Noon, 2:10, 4:30, 6:50 • SILVER LININGSPLAYBOOK(UPSTAIRS — R)1, 4, 7 • Theupstairs screening roomhaslimited accessibi/ity.




Madras Cinema 5, 1101S.W. U.S. Highway97, 541-475-3505 • ESCAPE FROMPLANET EARTH3-D (PG) 12:50, 3, 5:05, 7:10, 9:15 • A GOOO OAYTOOIEHARD(R) 12:40, 2:50, 5, 7:20, 9:40 • SAFE HAVEN (PG-13) 2, 4:25, 6:50, 9:20 • SIDE EFFECTS (R) 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:25 • WARM BODIES (PG-13) I, 3:10, 5:20, 7:25, 9:30 •


I •

• •



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Im I

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Getaways Travel and The Bulletin. This fabulous trip for two includes: roundtrip air from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui and five nights'accommodation at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort 8c Spa. You'll discover the sparkling magic of the lagoon, admire the awe-inspiring Mount Otemanu while luxuriating in the peace and tranquility of the surroundings. A prize package valued at $7,000


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C h a n d l e r

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. ,• B e n d






Pets 8 Supplies

Pets & Supplies

Pets & Supplies

Pets & Supplies

Pets & Supplies


Adult companion cats Automatic cat litter box, FREE to seniors, dis- lightly used, very good abled & veterans! Tame, cond, $50. 541-815-2737 altered, shots, ID chip, more. Will always take back for any reason. 541-389- 8420. V i s it Sat/Sun 1-5. P h otos, info: Items for Free Alaskan Malamute AKC Cavalier King Charles ups, ready to g o . King s i z e Me m o ry p Spaniel-$1500 F irst shots 8 d e w Foam, mattress/box ormed. $ 7 00-$800.6 week old male. I'm all snuggles & kisses. Crate spring set 5 yrs old . 541-410-7563. trained & being potty 541 -647-4031 trained. 541-382-7614 Alaskan Malamute http://www.companion pups, 2M 3F, $400 each. 541-771-9255. Pets & Supplies A merican Eskimo, 5 Chihuahuas, 8 wks, long mo. old male, pure hair female 8 male, $250 The Bulletin recomwhite, AKC/UKC reg., ea, cash. 541-876-1028 mends extra caution $800. 541-610-2286 when purc h asAustralian Shepherd ing products or services from out of the AKC Reg'd puppies, red & blue merle, red tri, area. Sending cash, ready to go! $700/up. checks, or credit in541-420-1580 or f ormation may b e www.highdesertaussieacom J~ v subjected to fraud. Dachshund mini, AKC Australian Sh e pherd For more i nformaChoc longhaired F. Shots tion about an adver- minis, purebred, no pa- done, saving new owner tiser, you may call pers, 1 blue female, 1 red $120! $600.541-598-7417 the O r egon State male. 541-604-6060 Attorney General's BEND'S HOMELESS NEED OUR HELP! Office C o n sumer The cold weather is upon us and sadly there are Protection hotline at still over 2,000 folks in our community without 1-877-877-9392. permanent shelter, living in cars, makeshift camps, getting by as best they can. The Bulletin The following items are badly needed to help them get through the winter: CAMPING GEARof any sort: @ Adopt a nice CRAFT cat New or @ used tents, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets. or kitten from Tumalo sanctuary, Pet Smart, or 8 WARM CLOTHING: Petco! Fixed, shots, ID Rain Gear, Boots, Gloves. chip, tested, more! 3898 420. P h otos, in f o : PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR DONATIONS AT THE BEND COMMUNITY CENTER 8 like 1036 NE 5thSt.,Bend, Mon.-Sat.9 a.m.-5 p.m. us on Facebook.





Diamond Dog Food Lamb & Rice 40 lbs. - $26.99 Quarry Ave. Hay 8, Feed. 541-923-2400

FREE Male Black Lab Siberian Husky female, (9 yrs) & Male Chiwe- AKC, 15 mos, beautiful! nee (6 yrs) both neu- $400. 541-977-7019 tered, current shots. Only2 Moving & can't take left!! with us 541-233-3534

Donate deposit bottles/ German Shepherds, AKC cans to local all volun- 541-281-6829 teer, non-profit rescue, to SpanielPups help with cat spay/neuter Japanese Chin pups, Springer Ready to go now! vet bills. Cans for Cats 1M 1F 7 wks, 1st Champion lines, $400. trailer at Sheriff's parking shots, $250 ea. 541-604-6232 lot, Hwy, 20 W, 2/11-22, 541-447-0210. PetSmart 2/23-25. DoYorkies! Everlasting love nate M-F O Smith Signs, Lab, black male (9) & just in time for Valen1515 NE 2nd; or at Tu- male Chiwenee (6) both tines, 3 puppies left. malo sanctuary anytime. neutered, current shots. 541-777-7743 Info: 541- 3 89-8420;Moving; free to g ood 210 homes. 541-233-3534 Furniture & Appliances Labrador, AKC b l ack DO YOU HAVE puppies, family raised, SOMETHING TO parents on site. $300 A1 Washers&Dryers SELL each. 541-508-0429 $150 ea. Full warFOR $500 OR ranty. Free Del. Also Labrador Pups, AKC LESS? wanted, used W/D's Chocolate/Yel(ow/White Non-commercial 541-280-7355 Hips OFA guaranteed. advertisers may $300-$400. place an ad with COMPUTER DESK 1-541-954-1727 oui L-shaped,$40. "QUICK CASH MiKi/Chihuahua pups 541-633-7017 SPECIAL" 1st shorts, $250 ea. 1 week 3 lines 12 Desk, for office use or 541-447-0210 sewing machine. Oak. o ~2 e e k s 2 N QueenslandHeelers Ad must include $95. 541-389-5233. standard 8 mini,$150 & price of single item

of $500 or less, or multiple items whose total does not exceed $500.

up. 541-280-1537

Rc aiIK ,+< Cort P Rodent control experts

8 C tIS g

Visit our HUGE (barn cats) seek work in home decor exchange for safe shelconsignment store. 541-385-5809 ter, basic care. Fixed, New items shots. W e del i v er! arrive daily! 541-389-8420. 930 SE Textron, Bend 541-318-1501 Found Dog 2/8 n e ar S cottish Terrier A K C 12th 8 G r e enwood,male, 1st shots, wormed, Bend. Call to identify, 10 wks, ready to go now! 541-41 9-4201 541-317-5624 GENERATE SOME excitement i n your neighborhood! Plan a garage sale and don't forget to advertise in classified! Call Classifieds at


8th Street Artisans Moving Sale!! 6 1329 Saturday Market, 10-4 Fairfield Dr., F r i-Sat every Sat. 1036 NE 7am. Col l ectibles, 8th St., Bend behind books, k itchen, fur7-11 on Greenwood. niture. 541-728-8854

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Place an ad in The Bulletin for your garage sale and receive a Garage Sale Kit FREE! KIT INCLUDES:

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Garage Sales Garage Sales Garage Sales Find them in

The Bulletin Classifieds

541-385-5809 290

Sales Redmond Area

Ave., Bend, OR 97702

Feb. 15-16 Moving Sale 3753 SW Cascade Vista Ct., 8-4. Furniture, refrig, yard equip, TVs, misc.

The Bulletin



1777 SW Chandler

Sales Other Areas


Good classified ads tell Remember to remove the essential facts in an Garage Sale signs interesting Manner. Write your (nails, staples, etc.) from the readers view - not after your Sale event the seller's. Convert the is over! THANKS! facts into benefits. Show From The Bulletin the reader how the item will and your local utility help them in someway. companies. This advertising tip brought to youby

The Bulletin

The Bulletin

servingcentral oreqon since ata


Inside Yard Sale; Fri. Door-to-door selling with S at. & Su n . 8 - 5 . fast results! It's the easiest 62069 NE Nate's Pl. way in the world to sell. Electronics, furniture, c oats, c lothing, & The Bulletin Classified misc. Dean Swift to 541-385-5809 Carl St. & Nate's.

Antiques & Collectibles





Coins 8 Stamps

Crafts & Hobbies Rockhound Equipment

- Saw, grind, sand & p olish. L o rtone & Highland Park Bend. Info 541 280-5574

HELP YOUR AD stand out from the rest! Have the top line in bold print for only $2.00 extra.

Beer "Pump",1900s, made in England by Gaskell 8 Chambers, $450. 541-408-4613

Bicycles & Accessories Men's 26" Huffy bike, $100.

The Bulletin

541-678-5605 Need to get an 541-385-5809 ad in ASAP? You can place it Private collector buying Guns, Hunting p ostage stamp a l online at: 8 Fishing bums 8 c o llections, world-wide and U.S. 573-286-4343 (local, AR-15 Bushmaster A-2 541-385-5809 cell ¹) carbine .223 cal, 2 mags, $1495. 541-815-4901


Divorce Liquidation Bend local pays CASH!! Crafts & Hobbies Autographed guitar colfor all firearms 8 lection: Clapton, McCart- 8th Street Artisans ammo. 541-526-0617 ney, Eagles, others. ValSaturday Market ued over $2500 each; 10a.m. -4 p.m. Browning B-80 Semi asking $475 each with Auto Shotgun. 2-3/4" 1036 NE 8th St., Bend authenticity 8 appraisal behind 7-11 store on with a mod i f ied Call cell, 561-880-7352. Greenwood. c hoke. In gr e a t condition perfect for The Bulletin reserves Support your local skeet, trap and bird craftsman! the right to publish all hunting.$375 OBO. 541-977-1737 ads from The Bulletin Cell 541-639-6162 newspaper onto The Bulletin Internet web- Empty brown home site. brew bottles, 22 oz CASH!! For Guns, Ammo & each, 5 cases in all, The Bulletin Reloading Supplies. $60. 541-504-5982 ServrngCentral Oregon since 1903 541-408-6900.

You have what if fakes. Call us today! 1-888-MSOREGON


Loveseat-rocker, earth tones, $35 541-678-5605

Sales Northeast Bend Sales Southeast Bend

O r e g o n

Microwave: over the range, Maytag, white, $30. 541-633-7017



Fri., Feb. 15th, Sat., Feb. 16th, Sun., Feb. 17th

Lower sale opens at 8:00 am Middle sale opens at 8:30 am Lower house sale opens at 9:00am (Directions-Take Rickard Rd. (south of Lanbdfill) and go 1 1/2 miles to sale site. Follow parking guides to field!!!! Lower House Sale Area Items: American Heritage Pool Table; 15' Shuffleboard table; Maytag front load washer and dryer; Electric lift twin beds-makes a king size; Electric leather dual recliner unit; Leather black and cream chairs-swivel rockers; Taupe sofas(2); Taupe Chairs & Ottomans (2) Burgundy Red Sofa, Loveseat, Chair & two Ottomans-gorgeous!! 60" Hitachi TV; five older TV's; Scale model Ertl cars; Kitchen ware-pots and pans and dishes; Art gallery-Ducks unlimited; Wonderful linens, down pillows; clothes.

The Bulletin Classifieds has an "After Hours" Line

24 hrs. to cancel your ad! Refrigerator, F rigidaire 26 cu ft side x side with water 8, ice, $250 obo. 541-923-8006

Call 541-678-5605


dryer pair, good cond, $350. 541-389-1086


The Bulletin recommends extra '

541-419-4742 days • 541-382-5950 eves

~E Rsrrrp




Maple Star oregon


Services Provided to Foster Parents: Free comprehensive orientation

• Intensive, individualized, support and training for new foster parents

l caution when pur- l

• 24/7/3 65 on-call support


• Paid respite

chasing products or • services from out of I l the area. Sending 8

cash, checks, or l l credit i n f o rmationl may be subjected to


information about an g advertiser, you may I call t h e Or e gon /

l State A ttor n ey ' l General's O f fi c e Consumer P rotec- • t ion ho t l in e at I l 1-877-877-9392.


I Deedy's Estate Sales Co.

o+ cX

Door-to-door selling with fast results! It's the easiest way in the world to sell.

Fourth Sales Area: Small paddleboat; Outhouse tool storage; Boat l FRAUD. For morel

Handled by...

Change one life, change the world.

Tea tables (2), light oak, $25/pair.

new, $100. 925-914-3147 Lower Area Sale Items: Heartland Sweetheart wood burning cook- W hirlpool w asher 8

trailer; Lawn sweeper; Spike tooth Harrow; Drag; Water cannon; Stock water tanks; Three old fire alarm units from the Old mill; Old birdhouses; Two fuel tanks with stands; Water hauling tank; Compost tumbler; four wheelbarrows; Large barbecue grates; Building materials; Large water pump; Lots and Lots of other items. This is a must see sale!!!!

Open your home and heart.

Call 541-383-2371

Three Garage Middle Sale Area Items: Post office box units; 12' Mounted SAILFISH; Two side by side refrigerators; 24' freezer 8 combo refrigerator/ freezer; Cross top refrigerator; Kenmore washer and dryer; The Bulletin Classified Double pillow top Queen mattress and box springs; Queen mattress and box springs; Beige hide a bed; Golds Gym Exercise weight unit; Tread541-385-5809 mill; Hang-ups exerciser; Four brand new Kitchen cabinets-8' tall-34" wide; Corner shelf cabinet; 7 air beds; Mahogany Baby crib; Glider TV armoire, 6'x3' solid rocker and footstool; 14 commercial fans; 50 Fluorescent lights. oak, 5 Irg drawers, like stove-new!!! Wood "Fort " swing set; 18' by 8' Fiberglass greenhouse; Garden art and birdhouses; Sitting Bear; Eagle Bench; Two Hitachi 46" TV's; Tec infared gas barbecue; Large variety iof Tile and marble pieces; 10' granite countertop; Lateral file cabinet; Dog beds; Several dog crates and cages; Portable dog washer; Fishing poles and reels; Makita 16" beam saw; 9000 Watt Generator; Large gorilla racks; Two new rolls of rug; Husqvarna items include- Lawn mower, three weed eaters & chainsaw. Antique Washing machine; Three four drawer metal file cabinets; Lots and lots of garden tools and hoses and sprinklers and Nozzles; Outdoor bar table and stools; 5HP Honda Water pump; Handyman jacks; Rope, Wire, etc; Hand and Power tools; Building materials; Aluminum ramp racks-two sets; Hundreds of other items.

Learn how you can make a difference in the lives of foster youth with high emotional, behavioral, and/or menfaI heaIth needs.

LThe Bulleting

• Competitive financial reimbursement for

providing care • Regular face-to-face contact and support from our agency members

"Like" us on facebook:



541-385-5809 or go to


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Employment Opportunities Would love to do child care or in-home adult Caregiver Driver - Delivery c are, p a r t tim e . Prineville Senior care CDL required, must be 541-383-2851 h ome l o oking f o r willing t o w o r k in Caregiver for multiple stone yard as well as On a classified ad 476 s hifts, p a rt-time t o d eliveries. Fork l i f t go to full-time. Pass exp. a plus. Must be Employment 325 criminal background able to lift 50+ lbs. to view additional Opportunities Hay, Grain & Feed check. 541-447-5773. Drug free work enviphotos of the item. r onment. Apply i n • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5 Noon Tuess BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS 1st quality grass hay, p erson a t 632 6 5 CaregiversCAUTION READERS; 70Ib bales, barn stored, Experienced Jamison Rd., Bend. Search the area's most $250/ ton. Also big bales! Part-time 8 24 hour comprehensive listing of Ads published in "Em- caregivers. Home InPatterson Ranch, classified advertising... Field Service ployment Opportunireal estate to automotive, Sisters, 541-549-3831 C o . is t ies" i n clude e m - stead Senior Care is Hoffmeyer seeking an energetic merchandise to sporting currently see k i ng and Caregivers to provide person for ployee long-term goods. Bulletin Classifieds Looking for your i ndependent pos i - in-home care to our employment, Will asappear every day in the next employee? tions. Ads for posiprint or on line. C andidates sist w it h c o nveyor Place a Bulletin tions that require a fee seniors. belting installs shipbe able to lift, Call 541-385-5809 help wanted ad or upfront investment must transfer, provide per- ping, receiving, today and must be stated. With tomer service. Job resonal care 8 assist in reach over any independent job various home duties. quires flexible work 60,000 readers opportunity, p l ease Serv ngcentral oregoni nce rgla in c l uding Dementia/ schedule investigate thor- Alzheimer/ each week. ALS experience is nights 8 w e ekends; 263 oughly. Your classified ad some overnight travel. needed. Must have Place a photoin your private party ad PRIVATE PARTY RATES Tools will also to pass backNo expenence refor only $15.00 perweek. Use extra caution when ability Starting at 3 lines appear on checks 8 have quired; will train. ODL applying for jobs on- ground 176 sheets of 9"x11" tt insurance. REQUIRED. $9-$17/ "UNDER '500in total merchandise OVER '500in total merchandise line and never pro- valid DL provided. sandpaper, 40e ea or which currently Call hr. Application necesvide personal infor- Training $75 all. 541-410-4596 7 days .................................................. $10.00 4 days.................................................. $18.50 receives over 541-330-6400, or fax sary. Please apply in mation to any source 1.5 million page 14 days................................................ $16.00 resume to: person: 20575 Paint7 days.................................................. $24.00 24 pcs 2ya" rubberized you may not have re541-330-7362. ers Ct., Bend, OR, or views every *Must state prices in ed 14 days .................................................$33.50 Cratex wheels, $3 ea; searched and deemed 9675 SW Commerce $65 all. 541-410-4596 month at no to be reputable. Use 28 days .................................................$61.50 Garage Sale Special Circle, Wilsonville, OR Court Operations extra cost. extreme caution when (call for commercial line ad rates) 4 lines for 4 days.................................. 97070. Supervisor Bulletin r esponding to A N Y Building Materials Classifieds online e m p loymentState of Oregon Judicial Food Service Department, Jefferson Get Results! ad from out-of-state. REDMOND Habitat County, Madras, Oregon. Meadow Lakes Golf A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Call 541-385-5809 RESTORE Court Operations Super- Course is looking for We suggest you call or place your ad Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Building Supply Resale visor 3 & Mediation Co- a w ait s t af f e m on-line at the State of Oregon * Quality at ordinator. Provides suBELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN ( ) ployee. Good work Consumer Hotline at LOW PRICES pervision and training of ethic and excellent 1-503-378-4320 REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well 1242 S. Hwy 97 court staff, and coordi- customer se r v ice 541-548-1406 nates the District's me- skills are essential. as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin 358 For Equal Opportunity d iation program. R e Open to the public. Farmers Column reserves the right to reject any ad at bendbulletimcom L aws: Oregon B u - quires associate's degree Must be 21 or over 266 reau of Labor & In- and 3 years supervisory as you will be exany time. is located at: 10X20 STORAGE dustry, C i vil Rights experience (or education pected to be able to Heating 8 Stoves 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. BUILDINGS Division, and experience equiva- tend bar periodically. for protecting hay, 971-673-0764 lent to 4 years). Salary: H ours ma y v a r y . NOTICE TO Bend, Oregon 97702 firewood, livestock ADVERTISER $3801-$6188/mo. plus Pays minimum wage etc. $1496 Installed. If you have any ques- benefits. For complete and tips. Apply onSince September 29, 541-617-1133. tions, concerns or announcement and ap- line at w w w.cityofPLEASE NOTE:Check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is 1991, advertising for CCB ¹173684. comments, contact: plication visit needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or used woodstoves has kfjbuilders O www.courts.ore on. ov/ Classified Department been limited to modreject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher The Bulletin O~JD/'obs shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or more days els which have been Rafter L F Ranch & Housekeepers 541-385-5809 or call 541-447-6541, c ertified by the O r - Farm Svcs.- Custom will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. hou s e x 102. Closes March 13, E xperienced egon Department of Haying & Field Work keepers needed in 2013 O 11:59 pm Environmental QualCall Lee Fischer, Sunriver. P a r t-time 246 The Bulletin gerwng centralorego s ce 1903 ity (DEQ) and the fed541-410-4495 only, must be flexible Guns, Hunting Guns, Hunting Guns, Hunting Misc. Items eral E n v i ronmental Find exactly what and be able to work & Fishing 8 Fishing & Fishing Protection Ag e n cy 375 ADMINISTRATIVE you are looking for in the weekends. Must have Buying Diamonds (EPA) as having met Meat & Animal Processing own t r a nsportation. Supportive CLASSIFIEDS /Gofd for Cash Fidelis Arms CAR-15 Ruger Mini 14 ranch rifle smoke emission stanFor more information Specialist Colfax Tactical M-4 5.56 w/mag. New .223 w/4-16x scope, 150 Saxon's Fine Jewelers dards. A cer t ifiedEastern Oregon ranch- Services call 541-593-1827. 541-389-6655 80% AR-15 lower. $1200. 541-633-7017 rds ammo. E x cellent! w oodstove may b e raised, grain-fed quality COVO (Bend, Oregon) Customer Service 8 No F.F.L. required. $1150. 541-771-5648 identified by its certifi- beef, I/g, tra or whole, for exp. needed. Plumber, Journeymen BUYING Candidate will provide sales GUN SHOW $350. 541-693-4160 cation label, which is Summer 2013 delivery. support Masonry, landscape needed for new conLionel/American Flyer Feb. 23rd & 24th, 2013 SKS MAK 91; National and administrapermanently attached $3.25/Ib hanging wt + tive assistance, serve as knowledge, fork lift 8 struction, local 8 valley Deschutes Fairgrounds trains, accessories. Match AK47; C Sharp to the stove. The Bul- processing. For more info a central point of contact, heavy lifting required. areas. Start immediately! 541-408-2191. Buy! Sell! Trade! 4570; Taurus 92 357; letin will no t k n ow- call Ed, 541-701-1492. conduct eligibility screen- Must have good com- Call Gary, 541-410-1655 SAT. 9-5 • SUN. 10-3 tT MISSTHIS Rossi 92 44 mag; DOM BUYING & SE L LING $8 Admission, ingly accept advertisinterviews, intake puter skills. Apply in Glock 17 9mm. All gold jewelry, silver ing for the sale of Grain-fed beef $2.88/lb. ing, 12 & under free! process, record keeping p erson a t 6326 5 H 8 H Firearms 8 Tack hanging weight, half and and gold coins, bars, uncertified Call a Pro OREGON TRAIL GUN case notes. Atten- Jamison Rd., Bend. 541-382-9352 DO YOU HAVE rounds, wedding sets, woodstoves. or whole to be pro- tion to SHOWS, 541-347-2120 detail and followWhether you need a SOMETHING TO class rings, sterling silcessed m i d -march.up is essential. Degree or Dental Assistant or 541-404-1 890 SELL ver, coin collect, vin267 fence fixed, hedges $500 deposit. Spring Chinook equivalent experience; with EFDA needed. Send tage watches, dental FOR $500 OR HUNTER EDUCATION Half Hog Sale, $190 in- business administration resume tt cover letter to Fuel 8 Wood trimmed or a house Trips. LESS? classes at Bend High 30 Fishing gold. Bill Fl e ming, cludes cutting wrap- and/or social services. Box 20277396, c/o The ft. N o rth R iver built, you'll find 541-382-9419. Non-commercial beginning Feb. 25th. ping and cure. P ositive attitude i s a with cabin for any/all Bulletin, PO Box 6020, advertisers may Sign up online at professional help in WHEN BUYING WHILE THEY LAST! must. 28 hours per week. Bend, OR 97708. weather (Portland Just bought a new boat? place an ad 541-573-2677 Sell your old one in the FIREWOOD... Compensation is $14.75 The Bulletin's "Call a area). $125 per perwith our Ask about our per hour. Veteran status Leupold scope 3x9x40 son. Ask about full classifieds! Service Professional" To avoid fraud, "QUICK CASH DO YOU NEED Super Seller rates! is preferred, although not Rifleman, new in box, boat special! March The Bulletin SPECIAL" Directory 541-385-5809 a requirement. A GREAT 15th - early June. $200. 541-647-8931 recommends pay1 week3lines 12 Central Oregon VeterEMPLOYEE 541-385-5809 Call Captain Greg Commercial sewing ma- ment for Firewood OI' ans Outreach (COVO) is RIGHT NOW? 541-379-0362. chine, Tacsew T111-155 only upon delivery ~g e ek s g g l a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Call The Bulletin w/table 8 m o tor, a s- and inspection. Remember.... Ad must which advocates for vetLargest 3 Day before 11 a.m. and Strawberry Mountain sembled, walking foot, • A cord is 128 cu. ft. A dd your we b a d include price of erans of all eras. get an ad in to pubGUN & KNIFE clutch motor installed, 45 4' x 4' x 8' dress to your ad and Gun 8 Knife Show Applicants e-mail a cover ~gl e ; t e a f $500 lish the next day! min. use on machine, reSHOW • Receipts should Sat-Sun, Mar 9-10, 2013 letter and current reor less, or multiple readers on The cently svc'd, great cond! 541-385-5809. Grant County Fairgrounds February 15-16-17 include name, sume to items whosetotal Bulletin' s web site $2000 obo. Call or text VIEW the John Day, OR rich phone, price and Portland Expo will be able to click does notexceed 421 Vendors cail 541-575-1900 541-777-0972 Classifieds at: Applications a c cepted kind of wood pur$500. Center through automatically or applications online at Schools & Training until Feb. 22, 2013, 5:00 chased. 1-5 exit ¹306B to your site. rantcoun fair rounds com DISH Network. Starting pm. No phone calls or • Firewood ads Admission $10 Call Classifieds at Buy-Sell-Trade at $19.99/month (for A IRLINES ARE H I R- walk-ins accepted. Rifle raffle donated tgy 541-385-5809 Fri. 12-6, Sat. 9-5, 12 m os ) & Hig h MUST include speING - Train for hands John Day Ace Hardware Social Worker(LCSyy) cies and cost per Sun.10-4 Speed Internet starton Aviation Maintecord to better serve I 1- 8 00-659-3440 I ing at $ 14.95/month Wanted: Collector nance Career. FAA Automotive Techni(where av a i lable.) our customers. i seeks high quality approved p r ogram. c ian Neede d . S AVE! A s k Ab o u t fishing items. • • I I Financial aid if quali- Mopar exp. desired. SAME DAY InstallaRemington 270 Model Call 541-678-5753, or gerwng Cent~al Oregons>nre lggg fied - Housing avail- Chrysler ce r t ified t ion! C A L L Now ! 503-351-2746 770 b o lt-action r i fle, able. Call Aviation In- and ASE certifica1-866-947-7995. $200. 541-647-8931 /n Care Meet singles right now! of t ion are a ma j o r 1 cord dry, split Juniper, stitute Weatherby, Remington No paid o p erators,Remington700 - 7mag, rifles, ammo, lots of re- (PNDC) $190/cord. Multi-cord Maintenance. p lus. V er y b u s y Partners In Care, is seeking a full-time Social Garmin Street Pilot GPS, discounts, & ya cords 1-877-804-5293. shop. Hard worker just real people like 3 x 9 s c ope, 300+ load. 541-401-8989 Worker to provide support to its hospice you. Browse greet- rounds ammo. $675 barely used, works from available. Immediate (PNDC) and attention to depatients and families. Winchester 22LR ammo, home or a u to, $ 90. delivery! 541-408-6193 tail. Will be reqarded ings, exchange mes- obo. 541-419-5060 ATTEND COL L E GE with top pay. high velocity, 500-rd box, 541-504-5863 sages and c o nnect Preferred candidates will have a M aster's All Year Dependable ONLINE 100%. live. Try it free. Call Ruger Mini 14, .223, with $45. 541-647-8931 Send replies to: degree in Social Work (MSW) including LCSW GENERATE SOME Firewood: Seasoned "Medlcal, "Buslness, now: 8 7 7 -955-5505. 1000 rnds of a mmo,Wolf 7 .62x39 A K -47 PO Box 6676 certification and previous hospice experience. EXCITEMENT Lodgepole, Split, Del. "Crlmlnal J us t ice, $1800. 541-280-2815 (PNDC) Bend, OR 97708 ammo, 240 rds, $200. IN YOUR Bend: 1 for $175 or 2 "Hospltallty, *Web. Qualified applicants are encouraged to send 541-647-8931 NEIGBORHOOD. for $335. Cash, Check Job placement assisPlan a garage sale and or Credit Card OK. tance. Comp u ter Caregiver for AFH, 24-hr c over letter an d r e sume vi a e m ail t o don't forget to adver541-420-3484. available. F i nancialwknd shift. Must have 2 or regular mail to: tise in classified! Aid if qual i f ied.yrs exp with dementia/ Tamarack seasoned 2 541-385-5809. Partners ln Care / HR Department, SCHEV a u thorized. A lzheimer's 8 years, $225 cord. pas s 2075 NE Wyatt Ct, Call 86 6 - 688-7078criminal check. Salary 541-977-2040 GET FREE OF CREDIT Bend OR 97701. www.CenturaOnline.c nego. 541-382-1284 Hiking boots, L O WA CARD DEBT N OW! C all 54 /-385-58 0 9 269 om (PNDC) Gortex wm's 11, worn Cut payments by up Gardening Supplies to ro m o te ou r se rvice once, retail $179; sell to half. Stop creditors Independent Contractor position $75. 541-815-2737 N rg & Equipment from calling. Building/Contracting Handyman Daytime Inslde sales. 866-775-9621. Misc. Items





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Thursday • • ••. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . N o o n Wed. Fr i d ay . . . . . . • • • • • . • • • • • • • • . • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri. Saturday • • • • 3:00 pm Fri. Sunday. • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri. The Bulletin


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(PNDC) For newspaper NOTICE: Oregon state Margo Construction Computers law req u ires anyLLC Since 1992 Highspeed Internet EVdelivery, call the one who co n t racts • Pavers• Carpentry T HE B U LLETIN r e - ERYWHERE By SatCirculation Dept. at 541-385-5800 for construction work • Remodeling • Decks ellite! Speeds up to quires computer ad• Window/Door To place an ad, call to be licensed with the vertisers with multiple 12mbps! (200x faster 541-385-5809 C onstruction Con - Replacement • Int/Ext ad schedules or those than dial-up.) Starting tractors Board (CCB). or email Paint • CCB 176121 at $49.95/mo. CALL selling multiple A n active lice n se 541 -480-31 79 tems/ software, to dis- NOW & G O F AST! 1-888-718-2162. means the contractor close the name of the i s bonded an d i n - Landscaping/Yard Care business or the term (PNDC) s ured. Ve r ify t h e "dealer" in their ads. POULAN RIDER contractor's CCB O R E G O N Private party advertis- 42" cut 18ya hp, $650 People Look for Information c ense through t h e N OTICE: ers are defined as About Products and Contracobo. 541-389-9268. CCB Cons u m er Landscape tors Law (ORS 671) those who sell one Services Every Day through Website computer. ProFlowers Enjoy 60 r equires a l l bus i www.hirealicensedcontractor. percent off T e nder The Bulletin Clasaifieds nesses that advertise com Hugs and Kisses with SUPER TOP SOIL or call 503-378-4621. to p e rform L a n dChocolates for your www.herene The Bulletin recom- scape C o n struction Screened, soil 8 comvalentine! Site price: inclu d es: mends checking with which m i x ed , no deck s , (2) $100 Budget Blinds $49.99, you pay just post the CCB prior to con- p lanting, High hutracting with anyone. fences, arbors, custom order certificates, $19.99. Plus take 20 rocks/clods. off other gifts mus level, exc. f or Some other t r ades w ater-features, a n d sell $70 ea.541-388-0865 percent over $ 29 ! G o to flower beds, lawns, also req u ire addi- installation, repair of 9-pc quilted full/queen straight gardens, tional licenses and irrigation systems to bed pread, floral pattern, abulous or call s creened to p s o i l. certifications. be licensed with the $45. 541-678-5605 Bark. Clean fill. De1-888-721-9617. Landscape Contracliver/you haul. Debris Removal t ors B o a rd . Th i s Advertise V A CATION (PNDC) 541-548-3949. 4-digit number is to be SPECIALS to 3 m i l- SHARI'S BERRIES included in all adverJUNK BE GONE lion P acific N o rth- Delight all of your val270 tisements which indi- westerners! 30 daily I Haul Away FREE entines w i t h our Lost & Found cate the business has newspapers, six freshly dipped strawFor Salvage. Also a bond, insurance and states. 25-word clas- berries, Cleanups & Cleanouts dec a dentFOUND: Child's workers compensa- sified $525 for a 3-day truffles Mel, 541-389-8107 and scooter, Obsidian 8 tion for their employ- a d. Cal l (916) hand-crafted sweets! 27th i n Re d mond. ees. For your protec- 2 88-6019 o r vis i t SAVE 20 percent on Excavating ossibly fell out o f tion call 503-378-5909 qualifying gifts over P truck. 541-848-9180. Levi's Dirt Works or use our website: ising pndc.cfm for the $29! Visit www.berfor all your dirt tt excava- to Pacific Nor t hwest r o r Found large set of keys tion needs. Concrete, check license status Daily Con n ection. Call 1-888-718-8479. on ring, Indoor Swap Driveway GradingMeet parking lot, 2/9. before co n t racting (PNDC) (PNDC) Low cost! ccb¹ 194077 with th e b u s iness. Call 541-317-4847 541-639-5282 Persons doing land- Bend's Indoor Swap The Bulletin Offers Found: Mini Mag Light, Meet - A Mini-Mall full FreePrivate Party Ads on trail scape m a intenance off J a guar Handyman of Unique Treasures! • 3 lines - 3 days do not require a LCB Ave., South of Red3rd St. & Wilson Ave. • Private Party Only license. mond. Call I DO THAT! 10-5 Thurs-Fri-Sat. • Total of items adver541-548-5674 Home/Rental repairs SPRING CLEAN-UP! Boots, 2 pair new men's tised must equal $200 Small jobs to remodels Aeration/Dethatching Lost little black dog, 25¹ or Less Honest, guaranteed Weekly/one-time service Hytest, sz 9ya EE & 9yaE, FOR DETAILS or to mini Schnauzer, male, $50 ea 541-678-5605 work. CCB¹151573 avail. Bonded, insured. Sunriver. Call PLACE AN AD, Dennis 541-317-9768 Free Estimates! 503-327-1531 or Call 541-385-5809 Just too many COLLINS Lawn Maint. 541-410-0308. Fax 541-385-5802 ERIC REEVE HANDY Ca/l 541-480-9714 collectibles? SERVICES. Home 8 REMEMBER: If you Vision cookware, 8 pcs, Commercial Repairs, have lost an animal, $35. Sell them in Carpentry-Painting, Need to get an don't forget to check 541-678-5605 Pressure-washing, The Humane Society The Bulletin Classifieds ad in ASAP? Honey Do's. On-time Wanted- paying cash in Bend 541-382-3537 You can place it promise. Senior for Hi-fi audio & stuRedmond, 541-385-5809 Discount. Work guaronline at: dio equip. Mclntosh, 541-923-0882 anteed. 541-389-3361 J BL, Marantz, D y Prineville, or 541-771-4463 Brass fireplace tool set, naco, Heathkit, San541-447-7178; Bonded 8 Insured $12. sui, Carver, NAD, etc. OR Craft Cats, 541-385-5809 CCB¹181595 541-678-5605 Call 541-261-1808 541-389-8420.

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PacificSource HEALTH PLANS

Help us change healthcare! If you are an RN with a broad clinical background and would like to enhance patients' quality of life, we have two excellent opportunities at PacificSource Health Plans!

Senior Nurse Care Manager: This position would be responsible for oversight of defined Health Services programs, services, or functions which may include, but not be limited to, condition/disease management program, behavioral health services, complex case management, UM/CM, grievance and appeals, claim review, and/or policy/procedure writing.

Nurse Case Manager: Provide case management services which promotes quality, cost-effective outcomes by helping selected member populations achieve effective utilization of healthcare services. Incorporate the essential functions of professional case management concepts to enhance patients' quality of life and maximize health plan benefits. Review the full job description and complete our online application at EOE

Clerical/Office We are looking for a full-time employee that is resourceful and self-motivated to assist a large staff and write daily clerical reports. This person should like working in a fast-paced environment and be able to meet tight deadlines on a daily basis. Prior writing or editorial experience preferred. Organization, flexibility and a high level of computer proficiency are essential. A solid knowledge of keyboard short-cuts and a typing speed of at least 50 WPM is required. Ability to work for long periods of time doing detail-oriented work is necessary. This person must understand the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in all duties. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are required. Must enjoy working with the public. College degree or previous office experience preferred. Pre-employment drug screening is required prior to hiring.

To apply, please send a resume to: Box 20281649, c/o The Bulletin, PO Box 6020, Bend, OR 97708 EOE

Mid-South Sales Promotions is seeking to hire two sales people to work from The Bulletin circulation offices as Independent Contractors to secure sponsorships for the Newspaper in Education program. This is not selling subscriptions or advertising, but involves having local businesses support The Bulletin's Newspaper in Education program. This is a relaxed environment and approach involving business to business sales. Mid-South offers a brief paid training program but the ideal candidates will possess business to business sales experience.

Average salesperson earns between $400 -$700 for less than 30 hours weekly. The dress code is relaxed and casual. This is not ad or subscription sales, however if you have previous experience in advertising sales, I will give you priority consideration. I'm seeking motivated, energetic and articulate people with excellent communication skills. Please call Melanie at 541-383-0399. Independent Contractor

* Supplement Your Income*

Operate Your Own Business ++++++++++++++++++ Newspaper Delivery Independent Contractor

© Call Today © We are looking for independent contractors to service home delivery routes in:

* Terrebonne *

Must be available 7 days a week, early morning hours. Must have reliable, insured vehicle.

Please call 541.385.5800 or 800.503.3933 Mon.-Fri., 8-4 or apply via email at online © bendbulletirhcom

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Loans & Mortgages WARNING

The Bulletin recommends you use caution when you provide personal information to companies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for advance loan fees or companies from out of state. If you have

concerns or questions, we suggest you consult your attorney or call CONSUMER

Boats & Accessories •


Mot o r homes

Fifth Wheels •

NuWa 297LK H i tchHiker 2007,3 slides, 32' touring coach, left kitchen, rear lounge, k~ many extras, beautiful c ond. inside 8 o u t , Southwind 35.5' Triton, $32,900 OBO, Prinev2008,V10, 2slides, Duille. 541-447-5502 days pont UV coat, 7500 mi. & 541-447-1641 eves. Bought new at $132,913; asking $93,500. r .I, t Call 541-419-4212

20.5' 2004 Bayliner 205 Run About, 220 HP, V8, open bow, exc. cond., very fast w/very low hours, lots of extras incl. tower, Bimini & custom trailer, $19,500. 541-389-1413




Antique & Classic Autos


1921 Model T Delivery Truck Restored 8 Runs $9000. 541-389-8963

Pilgrim 27', 2007 5th wheel, 1 s lide, AC, TV,full awning, excel- 1966 GMC, 2nd owner, lent shape, $23,900. too many extras to list, $8500 obo. Serious buyWinnebago 30A Sight- 541-350-8629 ers only. 541-536-0123 seer 2012, 31 ft., all

20.5' Seaswirl Spyder 1989 H.O. 302, 285 hrs., exc. cond., stored indoors for life $11,900 OBO.

options, 2

sli d es,

Ford 250 XLT 1990,

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6 yd. dump bed,

139k, Auto, $5500 541-410-9997

362HP V10, 10K mi., mint cond., $105,900. 541-330-5516


Chevy Sil v erado 2000, 1/2 ton, V-8, 8' box, bed liner, std cab, auto, 4x4, 54k mi., e xc . co n d ., $9000. GMC Yu kon D e nali 541-977-6653 2005, loaded, v e r y clean. Vin¹ 1 69789. Chevy Silverado 2010 Now $15,477 HD 2500 Diesel CrewCab. Red w/ Blk Lthr. S UB A R U . 11,800 miles. $46,000. 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 541-593-0204 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354





Sport Utility Vehicles


Autom o biles •

Automo b iles

CHECK YOUR AD Please check your ad on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. Sometimes ins tructions over t h e Scion XB 2006, 5 dr., phone are misunder- FWD, tinted windows, stood and an e rror Clean. Vin¹ 060269. can occur in your ad. Now $9688. If this happens to your ad, please contact us I ttfli S U B A R U . the first day your ad 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend appears and we will 877-266-3821 be happy to fix it as Dlr ¹0354 BUBARUOIUEND COM

s oon as w e c a n . Deadlines are: Weekdays 12:00 noon for Garage Sales next day, Sat. 11:00

Garage Sales Garage Sales

a.m. for Sunday; Sat. 12:00 for Monday. If we can assist you, please call us: 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified

Find them in The Bulletin Classifieds

Chevy C o balt 2 0 0 5, lv ..-MRDXB'8 Pilgrim In t e rnational white, 4-dr, 2.2L, 108K Honda CRV 2004, Chevy C-20 Pickup 2005, 36' 5th Wheel, miles, over 35mpg, auto $10,495. 1969, all orig. Turbo 44; Model¹M-349 RLDS-5 Call 541-610-6150 or see trans, AC, CD player, 5 4 1 8385-5809 auto 4-spd, 396, model DOWN? Private party .I Fall price $ 2 1,865. CST /all options, orig. http'//bend craigslist org dual airbags, manual Ford F350 Super Duty /cto/3617273265.html locks & windows, good will loan on real es- 22' Custom Weld Jet, Winnebaqo Suncruiser34' 541-312-4466 owner, $22,000, 2002, 350 Vortec, 210 King Ranch 20 04, in/out, runs/drives tate equity. Credit, no 2004, on1y 34K, loaded, 541-923-6049 : tm r i cond 8o~ Lesr! Deisel, loaded. Vin¹ g~ problem, good equity hrs, garaged, loaded. too much to list, ext'd great, non-smkr, always A34788. maintained. $4950. is all you need. Call 541-923-0854. warr. thru 2014, $54,900 55 Chevy 2 dr . w gn 0 Now $23,788. Call 541-350-9938 Dennis, 541-589-3243 P ROJECT car, 3 5 0 now. Oregon Land Ads published in the Subaru Loyale 00 • I Mortgage 388-4200. small block w/Weiand "Boats" classification I SU B A R U . 1991, 4x4, 5-spd, dual quad tunnel ram include: Speed, fishLOCAL MONEY:Webuy $1950. with 450 Holleys. T-10 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend • T r a vel Trailers • ing, drift, canoe, secured trust deeds & Jeep Wrangler Unlim877-266-3821 541-420-3277 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, note,some hard money house and sail boats. 23' Wanderer, 1997, exited 2008, Hard top, Dlr ¹0354 Chrysler Sebring ConWeld Prostar whls, loans. Call Pat Kelley For all other types of lift, S weet ! V in¹ vertible, 2004, beautiful extra rolling chassis + FORD RANGER XLT 541-382-3099 ext.13. watercraft, please see cellent condition, f u ll 572535. Now condition, dark g r ay/ Toyota Camrysr extras. $6000 for all. bath, roll-out awning. Class 875. 1995 Ext. cab 2WD 5 $23,988. brown w/tan leather inte573 541-389-7669. 1984, $1200 obo; $5800. 541-546-9395 541-385-5809 speed, with car alarm, rior 84K miles $5995 1985 SOLD; Business Opportunities CD player, extra tires S UB A R U . Aircraft, Parts RV CONS IGNMENTS 541-350-5373 1986 parts car, on rims. Runs good. WANTED & Service 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend A Classified ad is an Clean. 92,000 miles $500. We Do The Work ... 877-266-3821 EASY W A Y TO o n m o t or . $ 2 6 0 0 Call for details, You Keep The Cash! Dlr ¹0354 REACH over 3 million OBO. 541-771-6511. 541-548-6592 On-site credit Pacific Northwesternapproval team, ers. $52 5 /25-word with o u r Chevy Wagon 1957, sp e c i al web site presence. Toyota Corolla 2004, c lassified ad i n 3 0 rates for selling 4-dr., complete, your I We Take Trade-Ins! auto., loaded, 204k daily newspapers for ~ boat or watercraft! $7,000 OBO, trades M Free Advertising. I nternational Fla t My LittleRed Corvette" miles. orig. owner, non 3-days. Call the PaPlease call 1/3 interest i n w e l lBIG COUNTRY RV Bed Pickup 1963, 1 1996 coupe. 132K, smoker, exc. c ond. 541-389-6998 cific Northwest Daily / Place an ad in The equipped IFR Beech BoBend 541-330-2495 26-34 mpg. 350 auto. $6500 Prin e ville on dually, 4 s p d. Connection (91 6) B ulletin w i t h ou r Redmond: 541-548-5254 nanza A36, new 10-550/ Chrysler 300 C o upe ttrans., great MPG, Nissan Armada 2007, $12,500 541-923-1781 503-358-8241 2 88-6019 o r e m a il / 3-month package prop, located K BDN. 1967, 44 0 e n g ine, could be exc. wood 4x4, tow pkg., pw, pl. WHEN YOU SEE THIS $65,000. 541-419-9510 V in¹ 7 0 0432. N o w auto. trans, ps, air, hauler, runs great, Want to impress the for more info (PNDC) ~ which includes: $13,988. frame on rebuild, re- new brakes, $1950. relatives? Remodel ~Oo Extreme Value Adver- [ *5 lines of text and painted original blue, 541-419-5480. your home with the S UB A R U . tising! 30 Daily news- a photo or up to 10 original blue interior, On a classified ad papers $525/25-word [ lines with no photo. original hub caps, exc. 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend help of a professional classified, 3- d a ys. *Free online ad at go to chrome, asking $9000 from The Bulletin's 877-266-3821 S pringdale 2005 27', 4' Reach 3 million Pa- I or make offer. "Call A Service slide in dining/living area, Dlr ¹0354 cific Northwesterners. *Free pick up into to view additional 541-385-9350 sleeps 6, low mi,$15,000 Professional" Directory 1/5th interest in 1973 For more information ~ The Central Oregon ~ obo. 541-408-3811 photos of the item. Toyota 4Ru n ner Call The Bulletin At Cessna 150 LLC call (916) 288-6019 or f Nickel ads. Look at: 1 993, blue, 4 d r . , 150hp conversion, low 541-385-5809 RAM 2500 2003, 5.7L email: time on air frame and Place Your Ad Or E-Mail hemi V8, hd, auto, cruise, 4WD, V6, 5 speed, elizabeth I I Rates start at $46. I am/fm/cd. $8400 obro. t ow pkg., plus 4 for Complete Listings of engine, hangared in for the Pacific NorthCall for details! Bend. Excellent per- At: 541-420-3634/390-1285 studs tires on rims, west Daily ConnecArea Real Estate for Sale 541-385-5809 r uns g reat. W a s formance & affordtion. (PNDC) $ 5500, no w o n l y able flying! $6,500. Looking for your $4000.541-659-1416 Ford Taurus wagon 2004, 541-382-6752 next employee? very nice, pwr everything, Chrysler SD 4-Door slide,Bunkhouse style, 1983, 8000-Ib Warn 120K, FWD, good tires, Place a Bulletin help 1930, CD S R oyal sleeps 7-8, excellent Ugoodbuy GENERATE SOME exSay $4900 obo. 541-815-9939 wanted ad today and winch, 2 sets of tire Standard, a-cylinder, $ 1 6 ,900, citement in your neig- condition, reach over 60,000 chains, canopy, 22R to that unused body is good, needs 541-390-2504 readers each week. borhood. Plan a gasome r e s toration, motor, 5-spd t ransKia Optima EX 2004 item by placing it in rage sale and don't Your classified ad mission, $2495 obo. runs, taking bids, 2.7L V6, all power will also appear on forget to advertise in 541-350-2859 The Bulletin Classifieds 541-383-3888, options, moonroof, classified! 385-5809. 541-815-3318 Toyota Lan d cruiser spoiler, leather, 935 which currently reInfinity AM/FM/CD, 2000, Au t o, 4x4, 5 41-385-580 9 ceives over 1.5 milSport Utility Vehicles leather. Vin¹ 214783 alloys, Michelin & Serving Central Oregon smie I903 lion page views studded tires, Now $18,788. Snowmobiles every month at Sprinter 272RLS, 2009 Location, Location, meticulously mainUsed out-drive no extra cost. Bulle29', weatherized, like ~ S U BA R U. tained, $5500. 2007 Ski-Doo Renegade Location! parts - Mercury tin Classifieds n ew, f u rnished & Bend, 760-715-9123 600 w/513 mi, like new, Executive Hangar OMC rebuilt ma2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend Get Results! Call ready to go, incl Wine- at Bend Airport (KBDN) now reduced to $4500. 877-266-3821 385-5809 or place rine motors: 151 ard S a t ellite dish,60' wide x 50' d eep, FIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, Call 541-221-5221 Dlr ¹0354 $1595; 3.0 $1895; your ad on-line at 26,995. 541-420-9964 w/55' wide x 17' high bidoor panels w/flowers Buick Enclave 2008 CXL (2) 2000 A rctic C at 4.3 (1993), $1995. & hummingbirds, Vehicle'? fold dr. Natural gas heat, AWD, V-6, black, clean, Z L580's EFI with n e w 541-389-0435 white soft top & hard mechanicall Call The Bulletin offc, bathroom. Adjacent y sound, 82k covers, electric start w/ to Frontage Rd; great top. Just reduced to miles. $20,995. and place an ad toThe Bulletin recoml reverse, low miles, both day! 875 visibility for aviation busi- $3,750. 541-317-9319 Call 541-815-1216 excellent; with new 2009 mends extra caution i ness. 541-948-2126 or or 541-647-8483 Ask about our Trac-Pac 2-place trailer, Watercraft when p u r chasing ~ email "Wheel Deal"! Weekend Warrior Toy drive off/on w/double tilt, f products or services Toyota Tacoma 2011, for private party Hauler 28' 2007, Gen, lots of accys. Selling due from out of the area. A rcher 1 9 8 0, 4x4, lift, very clean. advertisers 2007 SeaDoo fuel station, exc cond. Piper to m edical r e asons. J S ending c ash , based in Madras, al2004 Waverunner, V in¹ 0 1 5638. N o w $8000 all. 541-536-8130 sleeps 8, black/gray ways hangared since checks, or credit inexcellent condition, $26,988. i nterior, u se d 3X , formation may be I new. New annual, auto • Yamaha 750 1999 LOW hours. Double $24,999. Chevy Tahoe 1999, 4x4, © 3 S U B A R U. Mountain Max, $1750. trailer, lots of extras pilot, IFR, one piece / subject to FRAUD. 541-389-9188 For more informawindshield. Fastest Ar- Ford Galaxie 500 1963, most options, new paint • 1994 Arctic Cat 580 $10,000 f tion about an advercher around. 1750 to- 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, & tires, 159K mi., $4250. 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend EXT, $1250. 541-719-8444 390 v8,auto, pwr. steer & Call 541-233-8944 877-266-3821 tiser, you may call Looking for your tal t i me . $6 8 ,500. • Zieman 4-place 541-475-6947, ask for radio (orig),541-419-4989 Dlr ¹0354 I the Oregon State I trailer, SOLD! next employee? U Ads published in WaPlace a Bulletin help Rob Berg. ~ Attorney General's f All in good condition. Ford Mustang Coupe tercraft" include: Kay- wanted ad today and Office C o n sumer Located in La Pine. 1966, original owner, aks, rafts and motorT-Hangar for rent • Vans reach over 60,000 f Protection hotline at Call 541-408-6149. V8, automatic, great at Bend airport. Ized personal readers each week. 1-877-877-9392. Nissan Sentra 2012, shape, $9000 OBO. Call 541-382-8998. Check out the watercrafts. For 12,610 mi, full warranty, Your classified ad 530-515-8199 96 Ford Windstar & "boats" please see classifieds online will also appear on PS, PB, AC, & more! Dodge Durango 2004, Serving Centra( Oregon since1903 2000 Nissan Quest, $16,000. 541-788-0427 Class 870. Limited, leather, tow Ford Ranchero both 7-passenger Trucks & 541-385-5809 which currently reUpdated daily pkg. V in ¹ 1 4 2 655. vans, 160K miles, 1979 ceives over 1.5 milHeavy Equipment Now $9988 low prices, $1200 8 with 351 Cleveland 860 lion page views evServmg Central Oregon since 1908 $2900, and worth modified engine. ery month at no Motorcycles & Accessories 4 @ S U B A R U . every cent! Body is in 880 extra cost. Bulletin 541-318-9999 excellent condition, Classifieds Get Re2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend CRAMPED FOR • Motorhomes $2500 obo. 877-266-3821 sults! Call 385-5809 CASH? 541-420-4677 or place your ad Dlr ¹0354 Use classified to sell Chevy Astro on-line at those items you no Cargo Van 2001, Diamond Reo Dump longer need. pw, pdl, great cond., Truck 1 974, 12 -14 Call 541-385-5809 business car, well yard box, runs good, maint'd, regular oil $6900, 541-548-681 2 32' Fleetwood Fiesta '03, Legal Notices • Legal Notices changes, $4500. Serving Central Oregon smcR 1903 Fifth Wheels no slide-out, Triton eng, Please call Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 p roper form a n d LEGAL NOTICE Harley Davidson Soft- all amenities, 1 owner, G K E AT 541-633-5149 eng, power everything, F ord E xplorer X L T have proof of serTail Deluxe 20 0 7, perfect, only 17K miles, IN TH E C I RCUIT 2006, 4 x 4, cle a n . new paint, 54K original vice on the plaintiff's OURT O F T H E white/cobalt, w / pas- $21,500. 541-504-3253 miles, runs great, ex- V in¹ A 1 8448. N o w Chevy Lumina 1 9 95 C a ttorney or, if t h e senger kit, Vance & STATE O F ORHyster H25E, runs $7,988. cellent condition in & 7 -pass. v a n wit h p laintiff does n o t Take care of E GON FOR T H E Hines muffler system well, 2982 Hours, out. Asking $8,500. p ower c h a i r lif t , have an a ttorney, & kit, 1045 mi., exc. COUNTY OF DESI SU B A R U . $3500 call 541-480-3179 your investments 4@ $1500; 1989 Dodge proof of service on CHUTES FEDc ond, $16,9 9 9 , Carri-Lite Luxury 2009 541-749-0724 Turbo Van 7 pass. with the help from 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend the plaintiff. If you 541-389-9188. ERAL N A T IONAL by Carriage, 4 slidehas new motor and 877-266-3821 have questions, you ASThe Bulletin's outs, inverter, satelt rans., $1500. I f i n - M ORTGAG E Harley Heritage Dlr ¹0354 should see an attorSOCIATION, lite sys, fireplace, 2 terested c a l l Jay Softail, 2003 "Call A Service ney immediately. If (FNMA), Plaintiff, flat screen TVs. F ord Freestvle S E L 503-269-1057. $5,000+ in extras, you need help in vs. THOMAS Professional" Directory $60,000. $2000 paint job, 2006, V6, AWD, AT, AC, finding an attorney, GRANDE IV; Good classified ads tell 541-480-3923 & side airbags, 25 30K mi. 1 owner, GMC b ton 1971,Only front you may call t he STATE O F ORthe essential facts in an For more information mpg, 3rd row seating, $1 9,700! Original low Peterbilt 359 p o table CHECK YOUR AD EGON D E P ART- Oregon State Bar's pwr Ithr seats, multi-CD, interesting Manner. Write please call water t ruck, 1 9 90, mile, exceptional, 3rd Lawyer Ref e rral traction control, new tires from the readers view - not MENT OF EM541-385-8090 3200 gal. tank, 5hp owner. 951-699-7171 Service at PLOYMENT; (503) 8 brks, maintained exor 209-605-5537 8 the seller's. Convert the p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, 684-3763 or toll-free O CCUPANTS O F t remely well, runs & facts into benefits. Show HD Screaming Eagle camlocks, $ 2 5 ,000. in Oregon at (800) THE P R OPERTY, drives exlnt,148K hwy mi, the reader how the item will 541-820-3724 Electra Glide 2005, Econoline RV 19 8 9, 452-7636. The re$7200. 541-604-4166 Defendants. Case help them in someway. 103 8 motor, two tone l ief sought in t h e No.: 12C V 1 129. fully loaded, exc. cond, Please check your ad 929 This candy teal, new tires, 35K m i. , C omplaint i s th e R e duced on the first day it runs SUMMONS BY 23K miles, CD player, $15,250. 541-546-6133 advertising tip Automotive Wanted Jeep Comanche, 1990, f oreclosure of t h e PUBLICATION. To: to make sure it is corhydraulic clutch, exbrought to you by property located at Thomas Grande IV. rect. Sometimes in- DONATE YOUR CAR- original owner, 167K, cellent condition. 21163 Copperfield You are hereby reWinds Class 4WD, 5-spd, tags good structions over theI The Bulletin Highest offer takes it. Four Fast Free Towing 24 Avenue, Bend, OR quired t o a p pear A 32' H u r ricane till 9/2015, $3900 obo. phone are mis- • 541-480-8080. 97702. Date of First a nd d e fend t h e 2007. CAN'T BEAT understood and an error hr. Response - Tax 541-633-7761 GMC Envoy 2002 4WD Deduction U N I T ED Publication: FebruC omplaint file d THIS! Look before can occurin youradI $6,450. Loaded, BREAST C A N C ER ary 9, 2013. Mcagainst you in the Automobiles you buy, b e low If this happens to your Leather, Heated ATVs FOUNDATION P r oCarthy & H o lthus, market value! Size above entitled seats, Bose sound ad, please contact us viding Free MammoLLP, Robert Hakari, cause within thirty & mileage DOES system. Ext. roof rack the first day your ad grams & Breast CanOSB¹ 114082, 920 matter! 12,500 mi, (30) days from the appears and we will (21 8) 478-4469 cer Info 888-785-9788 SW 3r d A v enue, all amenities, Ford date of service of be happy to fix it (PNDC) V10, Ithr, c h erry, First Floor, Portland, this summons upon as soon as we can. Plymouth B a r racuda slides, like new! New Get your OR 97204, Phone: you, and in case of If we can assist you 1966, original car! 300 low price, $54,900. FINDYOURFUTURE (877) 369-6122, Ext. your failure to do so, business BMW 740 IL 1998 orig. please call us: hp, 360 V8, center541-548-5216 Fax: ( 5 03) HOME IN THE BULLETIN 541-385-5809 owner, exc. c o n d. for want t h ereof, 3370, Yamaha Banshee 2001, lines, (Original 273 694-1460, 101k miles, new tires, Plaintiff will apply to custom built 350 motor, Gulfstream Scenic The Bulletin Classified Yourfutureis just apageaway. eng & wheels incl.) G ROW I N G rhakari@mccarthythe court for the rerace-ready, lots of extras, loaded, sunroof. 541-593-2597 Whether you'relookingfor ahal or Of AtCruiser 36 ft. 1999, lief demanded in the $5500/obo 541-647-8931 $8900. 541-706-1897 torneys for Plaintiff Cummins 330 hp dieaplaceto hangil, TheBuletin Complaint. NOTICE PROJECT CARS:Chevy with an ad in Qo sel, 42K, 1 owner, 13 ~ TO D E FENDANT: Classifieds yourbest source. 2-dr FB 1949-(SOLD) 8 LEGAL NOTICE The Bulletin's in. kitchen slide out, READ THESE PAM orePixatBendbulletin,com ~Boats & Accessories Coupe 1950 Laidlaw Water District Everydaythousandsol buyersand Chevy "Call A Service new tires,under cover, PERS CARErolling chassis's $1750 Ordinance D e s cripBMW I Series 2008, hwy. miles only,4 door sellers ofgoodsandservicesdo ea., Chevy 4-dr 1949, FULLY! You m ust tion for Agenda: Professional" 53k mi REDI 17' 1984 Chris Craft "appear" in this case fridge/freezer iceLaredo 2009 30' with 2 complete car, $ 1949; business inthesepages.They ¹F06662. $16,988 Directory - Scorpion, 140 HP maker, W/D combo, slides, TV, A/C, table knowyoucan't beatTheBulletin Cadillac Series 61 1950, or the other side will "Amend and restate inboard/outboard, 2 & c h airs, s a t ellite, 2 dr. hard top, complete Interbath tub & win a u tomatically. Paragraph 10(b) of Classi f ied Se c t i o n for sel e cti o n Arctic pkg., p o wer depth finders, trollshower, 50 amp prow/spare f r on t cl i p ., To "appear" you S ection 7 o f O r d iand convenience-everyitem is $3950, 541-382-7391 ing motor, full cover, awning, Exc. cond! Oregon pane gen & more! m ust file with t he nance No. 1982-1 to EZ - L oad t railer, AutnSource $28,000. 541-419-3301 court a legal paper $45,000. justa phone callaway. remove the require933 $3500 OBO. 541-948-2310 541-598-3750 called a "motion" or ment for customers to TheClassifiedSectioneeasy 541-382-3728. Pickups "answer." The Umotest their own backIo use.Everyitemiscategorized tion" or "answer" (or flow devices and inBuick Lucerne CXL GMC Envoy 2005, 4x4, "reply") m ust b e andeverycategoryis indexedon stead require the Dis2009, $12,500, low Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 running boards, tinted 18.5' Sea Ray 2000, given to the court the sedior/sfrontpage. trict to test customer low miles; 2003 Le1971 new trans, 2 window. Vin¹ 260943. 4.3L Mercruiser, 190 clerk or administrabackflow devices and Sabre $4000. You'll new t i r es , ne w Now $12,688. hp Bowrider w/depth W hether you are l o ok i n g for a h om e tor within 30 days of 3585 2008, pass the costs of such not find nicer Buicks brakes, 2nd owner, finder, radio/CD player, Monaco Dynasty 2004, MONTANA or need a ser vi c e, your f u t u re i s i n the date of first pubexc. cond., 3 slides, testing through to its One look's worth a r uns/drives g o o d . 1 S UBARU . rod holders, full canlication s p e cified the pages ofTheBulletin Classlad. BUBARUOPRENDCOM loaded, 3 slides, dieking bed, Irg LR, thousand words. Call customers in order to Make good wood vas, EZ Loader trailer, herein along w ith Arctic insulation, all NE Hwy 20• Bend realize cost savings to sel, Reduced - now Bob, 541-318-9999. exclnt cond, $14,500. truck. $2395 OBO 2060877-266-3821 the required filing $119,000, 5 4 1-923options $37,500. for an appt. and take a t he District and i t s The Bulletin 707-484-3518 (Bend) 541-350-2859 fee. I t must be in 8572 or 541-749-0037 541-420-3250 Dlr ¹0354 drive in a 30 mpg car! customers." HOTLINE, 1-877-877-9392. BANK TURNED YOU




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Let your heart lead the way to the Subaru True Love Event. Get a great deal on a 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick Subaru with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Now through February 28.


B UB A R U .

C onfi d e n c e i n M o t i o n

FORESTERS 0.0% FINANCING UP TO 63 MONTHS 2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 3 .6 R L imited 5A T

2013 S u b a r u Im p r e z a 2 .0 i Sport Premium CVT

Power Moonroof, Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror w/Integrated Rear Vision Camera g Homelink

Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink, Bumper Applique, 5-Door, Cargo 1 ray, 5D All Weather Floor Mats, Seat Back Protector 0

J •


Auto Dim Mirror/Compass w/Homelink

All Weather Package: Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors, Fog Lights, Display Audio Unit w/HD Radio Luggage Compartment Cover, Floor Mats, All Weather, Cargo Tray, Rear Bumper Cover, Auto-Dimming Mirror/Compass


cr Automatic


3y69 9

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T



MSRP $35,023. VIN: D2264228. Cap reduction $3,099.62. Cap Cost $28,420. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 52% $18,211.96. No Security Deposit. Includes $1,000 Subaru Lease Cash.*Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down paymentis cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DDK-04

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X P remium 4 A T

MSRP $23,147. VIN: D2828154, Cap reduction $2,126.54. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 58% $13,425.26. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. & doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DLK-01

MSRP $29,067. VIN: DH407964. Cap reduction $2,564.08. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54% $15,696.18. No MSRP $26,793. VIN: DH444693. DFF-24

Sale Price


s igning

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i 6MT

Auto Dim Mirror/Compass w/Homelink Splash Guard Kit, Rear Bumper Cover, Cargo 1 ray



Security Deposit. Includes $450 Subaru Lease Cash.*Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. & doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DFM-01



2013 S u b a r u Trib e c a 3 .6 R L imited 5A T

Standard Model. Rear Seat Back Protector.



2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T StandardModel.Rugged Package ¹f. Aero Cross Bars. Rear Bumper Cover. Luggage Compartment Cover.

Power Moonroof. Auto-Dimming Mirror, Rear Vision Camera, Roof Rails. Front Bumper Underguard. Rear Bumper Cover. 7 Passenger








Automatic MSRP $29,067. VIN: DH407591. Cap reduction $2,564. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54% $15,696.18. No Security Deposit. *Tier I linancing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc, and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DFM-01

Manual MSRP $24,764. VIN: D1262653. Cap reduction $2,273.93. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 55% $13,620.20. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. & doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DDA-01

3,095:":.-. 4S

Subaru Certified Pre-Owned


2,799:-":.- .

Automatic MSRP $35,729. VIN: D4400115. Cap reduction $3,258.52. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 45% $16,078.05. No Security Deposit. Includes $450 Subaru Lease Cash. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic.& doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.DTD-04

Automatic MSRP $28,942. VIN: DH408392. Cap reduction $2,562.53. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54% $15,628.68. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DFM-01



7-YEAR, 100,000-MILEPOWERTRAIN WARRANTY Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers: • 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Coverage • $0 deductible

• Factory-backed coverage • 152-point safety inspection

• CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i L i m i t e d

2 012 S u b a r u F oreste r 2 . 5 X T Yurbo

2 012 S u b a r u I mpreza 5 - D o o r S port L i m i t e d

CVT Transmission, Leather, Moonroof, Premium Sound, Low Miles

Automatic, Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, Low, Low Miles!

Moonroof, Leather, Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Multi-Disc

2 012 S u b a r u I mpreza W R X 5 -Door P r e m i u m





VIN: CH239954


VIN: GG225848







For homes online WWW b e n d h O m e S . COm




River Meadows - 2,898 Sq. Ft.


55761 Lost Rider Loop, Sunriver. One level 3 bedroom, 3 bath+ den, high grade custom built home on I/2 acre lot that backs to National Forest. Vaulted great room with magnificent gas fireplace and gourmet kitchen. Very large master suite with vaulted ceilings. Oversized triple garage. Neighborhood pool, recreation room, tennis, boat launch to the river and more! $429,900.


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New Homes Starting at $129,990!


Hayden Homes newestcommunity, North Village. Available new homes are under construction now. Conveniently located in NE Bend with mountain views & easy access to highway 97, North Village continues the Hayden Homes tradition of offering signature quality homes at an exceptional value. With six well-appointed home plans available, you are certain to find the one to call your own. Homes will be similar to photo shown. Directions: From HWY 97: E. on Cooley Rd, N. on Hunters Circle. Call 541-516-1530 or find us on the web at




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by Christopher L. Ingersoll, The Bulletin Advertising Department rends in design don't always f ollow practicalities of t h e era. Consider,for example, the warm, earthy golds of the 1970s. These palettes boasted an envir onmental feel meant to b r i n g the outdoors inside. At the same time, its luster was the result of man-made synthetics that were sometimes manufactured using harmful materials. According to some builders in Central Oregon, the homes being built and remodeled in 2013 are showing more practically. A more environmentally conscious population coupled with the need to reduce energy usage and costs have left an undeniable imprint on the homes constructed today. The hugely popular craftsmanstyle homes that have dominated Central Oregon neighborhoods for yearsare beginning to share blocks with simple and spacious contemporary homes. Deby Falconer, a designer and owner ofGraceful Paths Designs in Bend, said the primary trend shift is largely due to individuals of ornearing retirement age.


Over the past five years while the economy has been slow to stabilize, many of t hose adults had to make adjustments to their retirement plans. She believes the scarcity of work resulted in many families banding together, creating homes with sometimes three generations living u nder one roof. This has impacted what people are looking for i n t h eir next home. W hat Falconer has f ound i s when the time comes to buy a retirement home, seniors want something that has a master suite on the ground floor as well as a second story. With the possibility of more people living in the home, they also want large, open living spaces that can accommodate a number of people without feeling crowded. Lastly, the retiring homeowner doesn't want to continue to spend extra money on t h e c are a nd maintenance of a house unless it is essential. "A lotofolder couples come here and build a house they can retire in," said Falconer. "Having two master bedrooms is really popular with that group because many of them have multi-generational households which reflects the

current economy." In addition to homes with two master suites, Falconer said retirees are looking for open floor plans that offer plenty of room to get around and shared living spaces. As confidence in the economy grows, she has also noticed an uptick in the sale of larger homes thatrange from 2,300 to 2,500 square feet. Dave Rink, president of D .E. Rink Construction, said people are not only looking for two master suites, but ease of maintenance as well. "In creating more curb appeal for their homes, we saw a lot of extra building going into the outside of homes which meant more painting and more upkeep," Rink said. "Now, as people are looking to retire, trends are leaning toward a contemporary feel. This means that people have less to take care of on the outside of their house, and the cost of materials to do so is less." The pragmatism o f s e n iors, many of whom have childrenand grandchildren living with them, is driving a certain look that is reminiscent of early 20th century designer, Frank L l oyd W r i ght, who revolutionized the concept of





"Having a large overhanging roof with a low pitch requires less materials to build. They also have the added benefit of shading the windows for more of the day, which keeps the house cooler in the summer."


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"There area number of features that are low cost and low maintenance, which is attractive to seniors who want to keep their energy cost down without having to put a great deal of effort into the upkeep," she said. Today, modern doesn't mean what it did in the 1950s when we dreamed we could cook our meals from dehydrated food pellets. Nor does it mean that we have teleporters that can send us to work or the store in a split second. What modern means today is open, simple and clean design. Modern means efficient w h i le still b e in g l o w m a i n tenance. It also means comfortable livi ng with the possibility of t w o or more generations under one roof.

harmony between structures and the environments in which they are built. According to M ar k H u f fman, general contractor and co-owner of Sage Builders, modern designs not only create a unique and clean aesthetic, but they are also more energy-efficient. "Having a l a rge overhanging roof with a low pitch requires less materials to build," Huffman said. "They also have the added benefit of shading the windows for more of the day which keeps the house cooler in the summer." Falconer said that clients with tight budgets avoid more expensive green technologies such as solar panels. However, some building practices inherently support a greener lifestyle.

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Apt./Multiplex NW Bend

RV Parking Commercial/Investment Condo/Townhomes Homes for Sale Homes for Sale Homes for Sale Properties for Sale for Sale Small studio close to li- RV space for rent Tu12445 NW Rainbow 1491 NW Promontory- 17360 Brant - Large ~/~ brary, all util. pd. $550, malo. 30 amp + water 16461 William Foss, La $259,900 Rarely used Private Setting on 5 Awbrey Butte Acre Lot Near Big De$525 dep. No pets/ & sewer. Gravel lot. Pine, OR. $379,900. & never rented, like Acres Backing Public Charmer on 1.05 Acre schutes. $242,900 smoking. 541-330Avail. 3/1. $350 mo. Formerly lot, Owner T e rms. TEAM Birtola Garmyn We s t ern new 3 bedroom, 2.5 Land. $348,000 9769 or 541-480-7870 541-41 9-5060 $625,000 High Desert Realty Title b l dg . Q u a lity bath Creekside town- TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 c ommercial off i c e home. Backs to com638 541-312-9449 693 High Desert Realty www. BendOregon High Lakes Realty & mon area/BLM with Apt./Multiplex SE Bend www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 Office/Retail Space Property M a n age- Cascade M o u ntain www. BendOregon ment 541-536-0117 v iews. Great r o o m for Rent 60818 Windsor - SE A STUNNING floor plan, master on Bend Home on ~/2 51863 Fordham Gor 2 BDRM/$615 16480 William Foss, La the main, 2 additional geous Craftsman 3 19558 Greatwood Acre. $145,000 623 NW Hill St. 61545 Parrell Road Pine, OR. 1800 sq.ft. loft area & bdrm + O ffice Loft. Bend Westside River TEAM Birtola Garmyn Classy new exterior, 850 sq.ft., classic 1913 former family medical bedrooms, full b a t h up s tairs. $189,900 Rim Home on Corner High Desert Realty small, quiet complex, vintage office, exc. off facility with home & Tons of upgrades & TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 lots of upgrades, Lot. $245,000 street p a rking in shop. $178,000. High very private setting. www. BendOregon High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn beautiful new kitchen, downtown l o c ation. Lakes Realty 8 PropHome-ID 837 541-312-9449 with slab granite High Desert Realty $ 800/mo. Cal l P a t erty Man a gement Eagle Crest Properties countertops, large www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 KeIIey 541-382-3099 541-536-0117 $ 110,000 S t ic k b u i lt 866-722-3370 www. BendOregon master with 3 closets. Dutch barn. Check out the private fenced patio, MLS¹201300648 classifieds online Outdoor e n t h usiasts!59774 Cheyenne - Re laundry on site, InCall Linda Lou cludes w/s/g. No R esort L iving w i t h modeled 4 Bedroom 2 3475 Hwy 20 East Day-Wright, Bend . 36+ Acre Bend Cas easy access to out- H ome in smoking/no pets. Call Updated daily cade Nursery. Broker, 541-771-2585 or text 541-633-0663 doors. Main floor with $164,900 Crooked River Realty 51847 Hwy 97 . 1 . 64 t wo s e parate e n - TEAM Birtola Garmyn $749,000 648 High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn 835-837 3rd St. - In acre commercial on trances. Condo has 541-312-9449 H wy i n La Pin e . everything you need! High Desert Realty Houses for come Inv e s tment www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 $675,000. High Lakes $69,000 MLS Property in High Traf Rent General www. BendOregon Realty & Pr o p erty ¹201300532 fic Area. $300,000 Management Paula Mellon TEAM Birtola Garmyn PUBLISHER'S 17075 Oxnard - Won541-536-0117 541-977-4009 730 NOTICE d erful 2 0 0 2 Bui l t 530 N E Sho s hone- High Desert Realty Central Oregon Realty 541-312-9449 All real estate adverMultiple Business home on ~/2 Acre. 4bedroom Home on 2 New Listings Group, LLC tising in this newspaOpportunity! $200,000 Lots, L a n dscaped. www. BendOregon $209,900 per is subject to the $199,000. Awbrey Butte Lot ( Great business oppor- Price Reduction! This TEAM Birtola Garmyn F air H o using A c t tunity w/separate livHigh Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn $172,500 BULLETINCLASSIFIEOS which makes it illegal • .86 acre lot ing quarters facing condo will make for a 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty Search the area's most to a d v ertise "any • City view city park. Shop previ- g reat g etaway o r www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 smart inv e stment. comprehensive listing of ously used as m epreference, limitation • Wooded, private www. BendOregon classified advertising... or disc r imination• MLS 201300606 c hanic s hop, h a s Close to d o wntown and the ever popular Call The Bulletin At real estate to automotive, based on race, color, Shelly Hummel, Broker, many options. Gift 3456 NE 45th CounOld M i l l Dis t r ict. 541-385-5809 merchandise to sporting religion, sex, handishop etc. Clean & CRS, GRI, CHMS inc l u de Place Your Ad Or E-Mail t ry Living Close to goods. Bulletin Classifieds cozy rooms. Will con- Amenities cap, familial status, 541-383-4361 Downtown Redmond. pool, tennis c ourts appear every day in the marital status or na- We never stop moving: sider Trades. and trails accessing At: $149,499 print or on line. tional origin, or an inJett Blackburn Real the Deschutes River. 61681 Woodriver - 2 TEAM Birtola Garmyn tention to make any Estate, 541-573-7206 Call 541-385-5809 Only $99,900! High Desert Realty such pre f erence, Lots Total .77 Acres 738 541-312-9449 Grant Ludwick, Broker Adj 2 Lots For Sale limitation or discrimi541-633-0255 or www. BendOregon nation." Familial staMultiplexes for Sale Too! $450,000 541-389-7910 Servmg Ce tralOagon imie 1903 TEAM Birtola Garmyn tus includes children MORRIS Hunter Properties under the age of 18 Investment Opportunity! High Desert Realty 61250 King Solomon$265 000 Home w ith REAL ESTATE Duplex! $166,000 541-312-9449 living with parents or H uge 72x60 S h o p Updated Kings Forest legal cust o dians, Indcpendently~cd and Opented NE Redmond duplex, 744 www. BendOregon 3 b edroom H ome. MLS¹201209007 single level 1250 sq. pregnant women, and Open Houses Linda Lou Day-Wright, $285,000 people securing cus- Northwest Crossing ( ft., 2 b d r m, 2 b ath Broker, 541-771-2585 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Indio - Cabin in tody of children under $384,900 each, gas fireplace. Open Sat. 1-3pm, 33 17225 Crooked River Realty High Desert Realty 18. This newspaper • 1574 sq.ft. Single car g a rage, SW Truman, Bend. the Woods on ~/2 Acre 541-312-9449 Lot. $131,000 will not knowingly ac- • 3 bedroom plus office, landscaped,fenced $209,000. Pr i s tine TEAM Birtola Garmyn 3546 SW 3 5 th-Large www. BendOregon cept any advertising 2 bath Paula Mellon 4 000+Sq.ft. Hom e s ingle l e ve l to w n High Desert Realty 541-977-4009 w/Wine Cellar. for real estate which is • Mt. Bachelor Views home, 2/2, 2 patios, 541-312-9449 1188 NE 27th St. ¹113 in violation of the law. • MLS 201300676 Central Oregon $477,000 fenced yard, near Old www. BendOregon Realty Group, LLC TEAM Birtola Garmyn Immaculate home with Our r e a ders ar e David Gilmore, Broker Mill District. Must see. extensive upgrades in hereby informed that 541-312-7271 High Desert Realty Nancy Hoover, Terrific Investment. Snowberry V i l lage, 541-312-9449 all dwellings adver- We never stop moving: Principal Broker 704 S E Du n h am Tri-Plex, SW Redone of Bend's finest tised in this newspawww. BendOregon HomeSmart Central 395.77 Acres Nestled mond, Great location 55+ parks. This home per are available on Realty A top B ea r Cr e e k 1-3 bdrm, 1550 SF/3 offers 1512 sq.ft., 2 an equal opportunity Cg 541-815-2425 Butte. $382,000 bdrm, 1270 SF/2 Bdrm/2 bath + den/ofbasis. To complain of TURN THE PAGE TEAM Birtola Garmyn bdrm, 1131 SF/1 fice w it h c a t hedral discrimination cal l High Desert Realty bdrm. Garages, Patio, 745 For More Ads ceilings. A l l new HUD t o l l -free at 541-312-9449 MORRIS $235,500 Homes for Sale The Bulletin kitchen a p pliances, 1-800-877-0246. The www. BendOregon REAL ESTATE MLS¹ 201209269 lighting, ceiling fans & toll f ree t e lephone Indcpcndenrly~cd and Opcrated Jim Hinton 7780 NW 93rd- 11 Acre m uch m o re . T h i s number for the hear19717 Mt. Bachelor 541-420-6229 Homesite w N i e ws, m o ve-in ¹9 S a ndhill -Resort Recently Updated Mt. home is ing im p aired is Central Oregon Realty Ridge At Eagle Crest [ Owner Fin a ncing. ready. 1-800-927-9275. Home Near Fort Rock B achelor Vill a g e Group, LLC $219,900 $129,900 Park i n Sun r iver. Condo. $169,000 Rented your prop• 1345 sq.ft. TEAM Birtola Garmyn 6989 Maralin Baid$315,000 TEAM Birtola Garmyn erty? The Bulletin • 2 bedroom, 2 bath Find exactly what High Desert Realty e nmann, Brok e r TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Classifieds you are looking for in the • Sun Forest built 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 541-325-1096 High Desert Realty has an "After Hours" • MLS 201300668 www. BendOregon John L. Scott 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon CLASSIFIEDS Line. Call Dana Miller, Broker Real Estate, Bend www. BendOregon 541-383-2371 24 541-408-1468 Upscale Duplex. Now is hours to Baker - Custom We never stop moving: the time to purchase 2 0355 Murphy - B e n 16010 Green Forest- 18920 l d! Cedar-Milled Log $129,000 - 2 bedroom, ~ efits of Large Country i ncome property t o H ome on 1 Ac r e . 2 bath on 1.12 acres. Lot w/City Amenities. R emodeled 4 B d rm take advantage of in658 MLS¹201203821 Home, Owner Financ $289,000 creasing rental rates $99,900 Call Linda Lou Houses for Rent ing. $159,000 TEAM Birtola Garmyn and historically low TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Day-Wright, Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Redmond High Desert Realty i nterest rates. T h i s Broker High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 MORRIS townhome styled du541-771-2585 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon Smith Rock area guest www. BendOregon plex is located in EmREAL ESTATE Crooked River Realty www. BendOregon house, gorgeous setting, p ire Village and i s 1 dcpc entlyo cds dopcmtcd 1 bdrm 1 bath, all utils $ 179,900 Ama z i ng close to three schools, 60235 Ridge v iew incl. $790/mo., 1st/last + parks and shopping. $47,500 - 13740 SW $84.900 - 3 bd, 2 ba, - Woodside Ran c h Views ...Park-like setdep. No pets; references Sisters ~ $169,000 Canyon Drive. 1.22ting with 2.39 acres. Each unit features 3 1.03, garage, wood Home, 2. 3 A c r e s, req'd. Now taking appli- • 1682 sq.ft. townhome Home fully r e modbdrm, 2.5 baths, open acre l ot . C r o oked s tove, vaulted c e il Shop. $340,000 cations: 541-480-4645 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath eled, new metal roof, kitchen with i s land, River ings. TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Convenient location windows, c a b inets, g as f i replace a n d MLS¹201105164 659 MLS¹201208375 High Desert Realty • MLS 201300538 Call Melody Curry appliances, doors & single garage. Lo541-312-9449 Call Melody Curry Houses for Rent Kelly Neuman, Broker 541-771-1116 large wrap a r ound cated on a nice cor541-771-1116 www. BendOregon 541-480-2102 Sunriver deck! 30x40 ner lot with fenced Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty We never stop moving: back yards and landgarage/shop ... fully VILLAGE PROPERTIES 26720 Horsell 120 Pri 64444 Collins 4.9 i nsulated 8 32 x 3 6 scaping. 20830 Nova 903 N W N e w port Sunriver, Three Rivers, RV/boat s h ed . A Loop. $309,947. Great Bend Westside vate Acres of Central Fenced Acres in Tu La Pine. Great Beau t y . malo, Owner Financ beautiful gazebo surGary Everett, CCIM Location on Large Lot. O regon Selection. Prices range $420,000 ing. $175,000 rounded by m ature Principal Broker $150,000 $425 - $2000/mo. TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-480-6130 landscaping. S usan TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn View our full MORRIS High Desert Realty High Desert Realty Pitarro, Broker Joan Steelhammer, High Desert Realty inventory online at 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 541-410-8084 or Broker 541-312-9449 REAL ESTATE Vi/ I dcpc dc vyo cda dopcmtcd www. BendOregon www. BendOregon 541-389-7910 541-419-3717 www. BendOregon 1-866-931-1061 Hunter Properties LLC Remax -

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2 bdrm, 1 bath, $530 & $540 w/lease. Carports included! FOX HOLLOW APTS.


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(541) 383-31 52

Cascade Rental Management. Co.

Studios & Kitchenettes People Lookfor Information About Products and Furnished room, TV w/ cable, micro 8 fridge. Services Every Daythrough Utils & linens. New TheBulletin C/assifieds owners. $145-$165/wk 541-382-1885 Call for Speciais! Limited numbers avail. 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. W/D hookups, patios or decks. MOUNTA/N GLEN, 541-383-931 3 Professionally managed by Norris & Stevens, Inc.

Justboughtanewboat? Sellyouroldoneinthe classifieds! Askaboutour SuperSellerrates! 541-385-5809


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2 007 Tou r H o m e , h eautifu l f i n i s h e s , m ountain a n d c i t y v iews, 4 b e d r o om , 4.5 bath, 4043 sq. ft. 1255NW Constellation 3-car garage, theatre r oom an d o f y i c e . Directions: Mt. Washington ML5> 201300858 Dr. /o Consre//adon.

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Extremely secluded 20015 Chaney Rd., Bend

riverfront estate

Directions: Cross B. Riley 6 Glen Uista.

$849,900 Hos/ed 6 Listed byr DANA MILLER


PrinciPal Broker, AHWD

SUNDAY 1:00 - 4:00 PM Tranquil and p r ivate a on almost two acres! ' • 'Q P roperty b a c k s t o a wesome lava f l o w . H as n i c e p ri v a t e p oo l w i t h d e c k 60197Turquoise Rd., Bend surrounding in back. Directions: Baker //d. past V ery q u i et , p a v e d B rookswood. C o n t i n u e s treet, and room f o r on Lakeview Rd. 5 o n r o a ll of y o u r t o y s ! 4 //iver~ovds Dr. Left on bed/2 bath. Turquoise

HOS/ed & LiSted byr




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PrinciPn/ Broker


54x-408-z46s I

$1,850,000 Hos/ed 6 Lis/ed CASCADIA PROPERTIES byr JOHN GIST







11AM — 2PM

1:00 - 4:00 PM

• II M I III • Brand new 2162 sq. tt. P ahlisch home i n T h e Bridges! Great room with cozy fireplace, kitchen with stainless appliances. Large master suite with 61168 Lot 75 Sydney huge walk-in closet. Big Harbor Dr, Bend g uest rooms & B o n u s Room loft area. Two-car DireciionsrFrom the Par/.u'ay.

garage, fenced yard. Just east on Reed ifarket, sourh on /5th d own th e s t r eet f r o m the amazing community Street, ro community o~ ftle(easr). amenities.


Hosted 6 Listed by EDIE DEIAY Principal Broker


Pride of o w n ership s hines t h r o u g h o u t t his 3 b e d ro o m , 2 bath, 2044 sq. ft. h ome . 2 p r i v at e p atios. 2 st all b a r n 1285 SW BITTERBRUSHDR. w ith h a y s t o r a g e . MADRAS Fenced and pasture Direcrionsr H<vy97 /vonh, righ( area.

HOS/ed byr


541-979-8991 LiSted byr R E A L

T 0





osHall, righr ons. Adams Dr., 2nd left onto sE crestview Ln, left on sE Biuerbrush Dr.


9ohn K,.Scoff

A mazing p r i d e o f o wnership ! H o u s e has many upgradescustom cabinets, wood floors, g r e enhouse, l ow m a i n t e n a n c e 1376 NELocksley Dr., Bend landscape, RV parking, Directions:/Veff Rd. east, right m tn. vi ew s & m o r e ! on Providence Dr.,first left on Close to m e d i cal iocks/eyDr..House is on left shopping. This is truly hand side. a must see! 3 hed/2.5 bath.


HOSted 6 LiSted byr

Q A r . z,z m .


541-420-5886 j


gt I

Beautiful custom home between Bend & Sisters. Relax outside on the huge covered porch & listen to the water feature! Home is very well designed w/radiant heated flooring, open floor plan, loft area and more! Very close proximity to horseback riding and 3 stall barn. Just 10 minutes to Bend & 8 minutes to Sisters.$920,000 18135Pfaittview Rd., Bend

JODELL BORN, 7/ro/rer ~~






TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

$180,000 Gated 60674 Rocking Awbrey Glen Beauty. Build your DREAM Cascade Mountain Crosswater j $395,000 Community... Horse Ct. Live in b eautiful AwHome! Views • .42 of an acre lot Charming 8 well Traditional sale! Nestled brey Glen situated on Private hidden commu- Beautiful single l evel • On the 4th hole cared for home. Light in the pines this home the 17th fairway! 4 nity in B e nd. Cas- home on over 1 acre. • Views of the Paulinas & Bright, vaulted ceil- offers a great open bedrooms, 3 baths, + cade View Estates. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, • MLS 201300149 i ngs, s kylights, a i r floor plan, 3 bdrm, 2 den. 2625 sq.ft. 3567 Beautiful juniper trees upgraded gra n i te Brandon Fairbanks, conditioning 8 l a rge bath, 1639 sq. ft. with NW McCready, Bend. on flat t e rrain. 4 .9 kitchen. Detached ofBroker, SRES, deck. Amenities in12 ft. ceilings. Newer $579,000. acre parcel. Only 5 fice/studio. 2-car gaGRI, CDPE D a n ielle 541-728-8647 c lude front yard & v inyl windows a n d Snow, Broker mi. f ro m B r a sada rage, la n dscaped, common area mainte- Trane h ea t p u m p. 541-306-1015 Ranch Resort. freshly painted, spar- We never stop moving. nance, pool, sports Spacious .34 acre lot John L. Scott $189,000 Nadine Ash, kling c l e a n and c ourt, & s n o w r e - with plenty of room for Real Estate, Bend Broker 541-390-4017 move-in ready. Room moval. Susan Pitarro, RV parking and a ll John L. Scott to build a shop. CanCg Broker 541-410-8084 your toys. A definite Real Estate, Bend dice Anderson, Broor 541-389-7910 must see!. ker 541-788-8878 Awbrey Village j Hunter Properties LLC Maralin Baidenmann, John L. Scott $444,000 MORRIS Broker 541-325-1096 • 4 bedroom, 2 bath Business Opportunity Real Estate, Bend 1 Acre with studio REAL ESTATE John L. Scott • 2818 Sq.Ft. j $149,000 - La Pine I d p d cdy 0 « d c d Op tct d • Tropical Beach TanReal Estate, Bend • Earth Advantage S tick built h o me , 3 • MLS 201300043 ning Close-in Acreage j bdrm/2 bath, wood$410,000 Del Nero, Broker • NW Bend, near COCC stove + shop. Guest 63730 Cascade Village Cathy Custom Homes in • Established clientele • 2428 sq.ft. 541-410-5280 Three Pines quarters with b a th, Dr. Very open plan, • MLS 201205145 • 4 bedroom, 2 bath We never stop rnoving: kitchen 8 pellet stove with french doors off Immaculate 3529 sq. ft. Paula Vanvleck, Broker • 4.78 acres, pond 4 Bdrm, 3 bath home on ow n d r i veway. l iving r oo m ar e a , 541-280-7774 • MLS 201206420 MLS¹201207856 close to Shevlin Park. beautiful upd a t ed Michelle Tisdel, ABR, Cg We never stop moving. G reat r o o m wit h Theresa Ram s ay, k itchen, n ic e s i z e PC, Broker Broker, 541-815-4442 Rogue River stone dining area, l a r ge 541-390-3490 fireplace, Br a z ilian John L. Scott covered front porch, 2 We never stop moving: MORRIS Real Estate, Bend cherry wood floors 8 bdrm, 2 bath and den. 27' cathedral ceilings. Turn-key mov e - in REAL ESTATE Chef's kitchen w/SS c ondition with n i c e I dcpc dc dya cd d a p c tcd Cg 20.39 Acres j MORRIS GE Monogram applioutside e n tertaining $525,000 a nces. 2 mast e r p atio and f i r e p i t . REAL ESTATE • 2334 sq.ft. suites, tandem 3-car USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! I d p d t l y O d dtyp « d $54,950. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath MORRIS garage. Cascade Village • Steven Van Sant deDoor-to-door selling with Homes N.W. LLC REAL ESTATE signed Need to get an 541-388-0000 I d p d t t y O d dt yp t d hellyarnold. fast results! It's the easiest • MLS 201207288 MLS¹201208803. ad in ASAP? Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, Affordable Living in SW way in the world to sell. $632,400 Shelley ArClose to the River! You can place it CRS, GRI, SFR Bend Broker nold, 2002 MH, .98 acres The Bulletin Classified 541-610-9427 1 998 M.H. c lose t o online at: 541-771-9329 w/garage/shop, water 541-385-5809 We never stop moving: d owntown and O l d John L. Scott feature, fi r e pit, Mill. 3 b e droom, 2 Real Estate, Bend greenhouse. New b ath, 1080 s q . f t . BANK OWNED HOMES! flooring - t r avertine, 541-385-5809 dg Open floor plan, large FREE List w/Pics! tile, d o ors, l i g hts, backyard with huge sinks, paint & MORE! Dobbin Acres j deck, carport. $24,900 bend and beyond real estate Cabin in the WoodsCall f or deta i ls! MORRIS Teresa Brown, Bro20967 yeoman, bend or La Pine $275,000 $136,900! Lisa M cker 541-788-8661 F urnished t u r n ke y Carthy, Broker, SRES • 1987 sq.ft. REAL ESTATE • 4 bedroom, 3 bath John L. Scott rental opportunity or Broken Top j Indcpc dcptlyO cdccdtypc«tcd 541-419-8639 • 2.2 acres, 1.5 acres Real Estate, Bend 2nd h o me . See $1,175,000 John L. Scott irrigation • 3814 sq.ft. vrbo¹356290. 4 bdrm, 20737 Livingood Way. Real Estate, Bend • MLS 201202322 • 3 bedroom plus den, 3 2 bath, large living Newer 2003 3 Bdrm, Amazing Golf Views! Sydne Anderson, r oom plus a lo f t . bath 2 bath turnkey home. Situated perfectly be- • Golf Broker, CRS, WCR, Course Views Wood stove for warm New appliances, lots hind Broken Convenient Top's first • MLS 201204424 CDPE, GREEN cozy nights. On 1.05 of upgrades, custom green with approach Country Living 541-420-1111 acres. Fully fenced. Quiet, close to Bend ... window c o v erings, shot a n d fai r way David Gilmore, Broker Shop w/1 bay. Lo541-312-7271 front and back decks. views from the Masacreage with l a rge We never stop moving cated in the heart of pond, gated, fenced Pristine fenced court- ter Bedroom, Living, We never stop moving Central Ore g o n's and yard entry. Very open and Dining r ooms. c ro s s-fenced. Cy recreation area and concept with close to Well worth your time Home and large shop Cy less than an hour from 1500 sq.ft. $74,300. all one building. Granto view t hi s B r and Mt. Bachelor - Marci ite kitchen, insulated Cascade Village New remodel with ExSchoenberg, Broker, shop, many extras. MORRIS Homes N.W. LLC c ellent Attention t o 541-61 0-7803 541-388-0000 MORRIS REAL ESTATE D etail. Updates i n John L. Scott I d p d tt y c y d dO p t d harona. clude a com p lete REAL ESTATE 20774 LivingWay. Like Real Estate, Bend MLS¹201209064 l dcpc dc«lya cdc dapc«tcd functional master bath New 3 Bdrm, 2 bath Sharon Abrams, CRS, new home is loaded with restructure, P rincipal Brok e r, Downtown riverfront for upgrades, i ncluding flooring t h r oughout, Broken Top TownCasa Mariposa j 541-280-9309 $99,000. new granite counters, c ustom paint, n e w home j $369,000 $3,990,000 In the center of everyJohn L. Scott lighting, skylight and new stainless energy • 1876 sq.ft. • 8676 sq.ft. thing that you l ove Real Estate, Bend custom deck i ng. efficient a ppliances, • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath • 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath about Bend, this 650 Oversized 2 car ga- finely refinished cabi- • Broken Top 9th fair• Bachelor to Jefferson s q. ft. condo is l o netry, interior/exterior rage with storage and way views cated directly over the Crooked River Ranch workshop area. paint, hybrid gas as- • MLS 201300566 • MLS 201106412 D eschutes Riv e r . 6031 SW Tarpon, 3/2, sist/wood bur n ing Shelly Hummel, Broker, $84,700. Megan Power, 1 620 s q . ft. , 5. 1 4 Keep in t h e r e ntal fireplaces in the living Cascade Village CRS, GRI, CHMS Broker, GRI, CDPE acres, 28x30 shop/ga- pool or bring your deroom a n d ma s t er Homes N.W. LLC 541-383-4361 541-610-7318 rage, w e l l . MLS signer and personalbedroom, and an out- We never stop moving. 541-388-0000 We never stop moving: ¹201204594 ize this home to restanding 500+ bottle flect your style. Gated Teri Cravens, Broker 20780 Livingood Way. wine cellar. Make this 541-647-0910 parking along w i th B rand n e w 201 3 unique home a priorCg Fred Real Estate Group y ear-round pool & home, 3 bdrm, 2 bath. ity to view today. REspa. Tom Eilertson, Features great room DUCED $649,000. People Look for Information Broker 541-350-8097 design with very large Neil McDaniel, Broker MORRIS MORRIS John L. Scott open kitchen, walk-in About Products and 541-350-9579 Real Estate, Bend REAL ESTATE pantry. Iots of tile, Co- Fred Real Estate Group REAL ESTATE Services Every Daythrough I dcpc dc dya cd d a p c tcd rian c enter i s land, I dcpc dc tlyO c d dO p c t cd The Bulletin Classfffeds stainless appliances, Attractive Home Inside large master bath with 8 Out $156,000 3 b d rm , 1 y/2 b a t h soaking tub and walk beauty, sunny remodin all tile shower. Designer colors and win- eled Kitchen & baths. dow coverings. Land- Tile & Pergo floors. scaped and f e nced Colorful, sequentiallywith large attached blooming flower Beds. Open floor plan, congarage. $94,500. temporary l i g hting. Cascade Village Environmentally Homes N.W. LLC friendly heating. 541-388-0000 Jett Blackburn Real $274,500 P r id e Of Estate, 541-573-7206 O wnership! Gre a t room floor plan, inAwbrey Butte j $1,065,000 cludes family room, 3 bdrms, 2 baths. Cus- • 3299 sq.ft. tom features include • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath tile, faucets & an in- • Gary Norman built s ulated/heated g a - home rage. Low m a inte-• MLS 201206604 Susan Agli, nance landscape w/ Broker, SRES Trex decking. Back of 541-383-4338 home is located next 541-408-3773 to greenway. Debbie T allman, Brok e r We never stop moving •



541-390-0934 541 -389-791 0

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Also inquire about other listings vve have in each neighborhood. Knowledgeable brokers are on site and at our office ready to answer your questions.

20536 Gloucester Ln. • Greenbuildingfeatures$179,950 '' J '

• Open great room • Convenient island kitchen Directions: From BendParkway, east on Empire Are., left on Boyd Acres Rd., left on Gloucester Ln.


- PA

20125 Cirrus Ct.


R R -

• Large den/office $279,500 • Two gas fireplaces • Superb features & finishes

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Directions: FromBend Parkway,west on Powers Rd., right on BlakelyRd., right on Reed Ln., right onDuncanLn., right on Cirrus Ct.

1496 NE Saddle Rock Ct. • Freshly painted inside $235 500 • Den/office & flex room • Vaulted ceilings, skylights


Directions:From NE3rd St. (Business 97),easton NE Olney Ave.(becomes NE Penn Ave., then NENeff Rd.), left ory NE Parkridge Dr., left on NEDaphneDr., right into NE Saddle Rock Ct.


26 Klamath Ln. suNRlvLR y

• Quiet & close to river $387,000 • Wraparound deck • Vaulted great room Directions:From main Sunriver entrance (S. Century Dr.), stay on Abbott Dr. past Circle 4, right on Klamath Lane.

Hunter Properties LLC 3.68 Acres j $1,350,000 • 4760 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Deschutes Riverfront in Bend • MLS 201202960 Julia Buckland, Broker, ABR, ALHS, CRS, GRI

541-719-8444 We never stop moving: Cy

MORRIS REAL ESTATE Icdcpcndcptlyty«tcd ccd Operated


Awbrey Butte j $469,000 • 2938 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Eastern & city views • MLS 201209345 Rookie Dickens, Broker, GRI, CRS, ABR 541-815-0436 We never stop moving: •

I dcpc dc tlyO c d



AlI Mixed up„,

• MLS 201208244

Homes 8 Remodeling Design / Build

lots, lots,

170 SW SCALEHOUSE LOOP • BEND 541.389.2089 • CCB¹146351

Rosemary Goodwin, Broker, Certified Negotiator


541-706-1897 We never stop moving. Cg

MORRIS REAL ESTATE I dcpc dc tlya c d

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I dcpc dc tlyO c d

I dcpc dc tlya c d

d a p c t cd

•~jgaa tb e g a r nergrouP Real Estate LLC •



Visit our Sales Office at .




Custom homelots andacreage parcels available in many desirable locations including Awbrey Butte, Three Pines and other areas. Mountain, river and forested terrain views. Choices range from residential lots to 40 acres. Whether your dream location is in the center of urban activities or a secluded spot in the country, we can show you avariety of building sites.

d a p c t cd

Awbrey Butte j $899,000 • 3811 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath • Mountain and city views

d O p c tcd

Popular frozen yogurt and treats cafe located in a high-traffic area of the Neighborhood Center at NorthWest Crossing. Turnkey ready with a!fixtures I and furnishings for $99,900. Premises currently leased with options to renew.

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4-plex j $425,000 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath units • Prime NE location • Excellent rental history • MLS 201204524 • MLS 201208263 Judy Meyers, Broker, Dana Miller, Broker GRI, CRS 541-408-1468 541-480-1922 We never stop moving: We never stop moving •



d a p c«tcd

Awbrey Butte j $875,000 • 4293 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 4 bath • Beautiful, landscaped lot

3 bd/2ba, 1 99 9 Mf g home i n C r e scent. Fenced, front & back deck. Detached garage with partial section of the garage finished. $69,900 MLS

Cascade Realty, Dennis Haniford, Princ. Broker

Sale includes: • 4 self-serve frozen yogurt machines • 3-door refrigerator/ freezer • 2 smoothie bienders • Two-terminal cashier system • Indoor/outdoor furniture • Signage, video display,

l dcpc dc«lya c d

d O p c t cd



Our lead home design team lead by Steve Van Sant and Spencer Williams, will work with you to design the right home for you and your budget. Together with our talented teams of project managers, interior designers, and administrative support staff creating dream homes for our clients is our passion. Our team has experienced every possible situation and surprise you can imagine. Why is this important? When it comes to designing and building a custom home for our clients, our experience creates a comfort level and confidence you won't find anywhere else.


Lynne Connelley EcoBroker, ABR, CRS 541-408-6720




• MLS 201204031


d d Opc t c d

Just bought a new boat? Sell your old one in the classifieds! Ask about our Super Seller rates! 541-385-5809

39+ Acre Ranch j $695,000 • 3731 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • 5 minutes to Costco

We never stop moving:


You have the right team in place. Our team has been building the highest quality, best valued custom homes in Central Oregon for more than 30 years combined. Speak with any of our very satisfied clients and discover for yourself the difference when you choose Pacwest to build your home.


' 'I ® '~@~Qf4



54q 383 436p

NorthWest Crossing.

Open Weekdays 9-5 Saturday & Sunday 12-4

2762 NW Crossing Drive












Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Do you love to play Great Value on 4 Bdrm Large craftsman style NE Bend j $204,900 Pointswest j $549,000 Quail Run Riverfront Cabin j NOTICE g olf? H o w abo u t Home. Get ready to home. 2703 sq. ft. 4 • 1708 sq.ft. • 3035 sq.ft. townhome Q uality b u il t ne w e r $299,000 All real estate adverwalking out your back pack and move in this b edroom 3 ba t h s .• 3 bedroom, 2 bath homes. Open f l oor • 1160 sq.ft. tised here in is sub- • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath d oor o n t h e 1 0 t h spacious 4 bdr m $159,000 • Sits high on .13 of an plans w/s p acious• 1 bedroom, 1 bath ject to t h e F e deral• Close to the river trail g reen of Glaz e home at an a fford- MLS¹201203228 acre kitchens. F i replace, • 1.26 acres F air H o using A c t , • MLS 201203181 M eadow a t Bl a c k a ble price. It i s l o - Call Don Chapin, Bro- • MLS 201300131 loft, all appliances in- • MLS 201204647 which makes it illegal Karin Johnson, Broker B utte Ranch? T h is cated at the end of a ker, 541-350-6777 Pattl Geraghty, Broker 541-639-6140 cluding w a sher/dryCraig Smith, Broker to advertise any prefimmaculate 3738 dead-end street and Redmond RE/MAX 541-948-5880 We never stop moving. ers. 3 & 4 bedrooms 541-322-2417 erence, limitation or sq.ft. h ome o f f ers features a main level Land & Homes We never stop moving. a vailable. Larg e We never stop mowng; discrimination based many amenities, a master suite plus deReal Estate fenced ba c k yards. on race, color, religas fireplace in the luxe kitchen with ss Cs Close in to shopping gion, sex, handicap, Lava Ridges living room, wonder- appliances, cook isa nd schools. B a r Cs Cs familial status or naful ambient lighting in land 8 pantry. There 20919 Kodiak Ct. 3/2.5 bara Jackson, Broker tional origin, or inten+ Bonus room, triple every room, built-in is a neat parlor with 541-306-8186 MORRIS tion to make any such speaker system, in- cozy a fireplace and garage, RV parking John L. Scott MORRIS preferences, l i mitaMORRIS REAL ESTATE tercom & se c urity upstairs are 3 bdrms, H20 features. MLS Real Estate, Bend tions or discrimination. REAL ESTATE I d pc d clyO c d d O p c ccd REAL ESTATE systems, a b undant huge family room and ¹201300397 We will not knowingly I dcpc dc dyO cd d O p c Icd I dcpc dccdyO cdc dOpcnccd storage, wo n derful large lau n dry/craft Holly Garner, Broker accept any advertis541-480-4208 Powell Butte j views of the beautiful room. The owner just Where can you find a ing for r eal e state Take care of P onderosas & s u r - installed new carpet Fred Real Estate Group $169,000 SE Bend j $265,000 which is in violation of • 19.62 acres helping hand? • 2015 sq.ft. rounding landscape. and all ne w p aint. Located in Seneca, OR. this law. All persons • Beautiful Cascade your investments $998,000 There is a fenced yard 2 bdrm cute home w/ all From contractors to • 4 bedroom, 3 bath are hereby informed Mountain views with the help from • Cul-de-sac location John L. Scott Real p lus this is on e o f the that all dwellings ad- • Gently sloped property necessities. yard care, it's all here Estate 541-548-1712 several homes that • MLS 201300386 The Bulletin's Knotty pine, n ewer vertised are available in The Bulletin's • MLS 201205095 be available on Sue Conrad, on an equal opportusiding & v inyl winEagle Crest b e hind will "Call A Service "Call A Service Priborsky, P.C., this street. 21179 SE Broker, CRS nity basis. The Bulle- Carolyn gates & on 11th fair- Philly A ve., B e n d. dows. Covered front & Broker, ABR, CRS 541-480-6621 Professional" Directory tin Classified side deck. F enced Professional" Directory way. Great room open $239,950. 541-383-4350 We never stop moving: to dining w/covered yard, garage, Plus 2 Everett, CCIM NE Redmond j NW Bendj $750,000 We never stop moving. storage sheds. Only deck access & cook's Gary Ranch of the Canyon Principal Broker • 3658 sq.ft. $890,000 kitchen w/alder cabin$45,000! Jett Black- • 16.25 acres 541-480-6130 bedroom, 3.5 bath Tuscan style custom Cs burn R ea l E s t ate,• Development opppor- •• 3Panoramic etry, granite counter home with views of Joan Steelhammer, river & city 541-573-7206 tops 8 tile floor, overSmith Rock and the Broker tunity views looking golf course & Cascade Mountains. 541-419-3717 Located on a c o rner• Near parkway & shop- • MLS 201203099 MORRIS m tn. vistas . S p a This extraordinary 3 Remax a cre with a 4 c a re ping John Snippen, Broker, MORRIS cious master suite & REAL ESTATE • MLS 201300631 MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI bedroom, 3.5 b athgarage is this 3bd/2ba luxury bath w/see-thru Historic District j REAL ESTATE IcdcpccdccdyO cdccdOpcnc«d 541-312-7273 room 4324 sq. ft. has home. Large kitchen Lisa Campbell, Broker I dcpc dc dy 0 cd d Opc Icd fireplace & deck ac$649,000 a c h e f' s dre a m 541-419-8900 541-948-9090 with oa k c a b inets, • 2119 sq.ft. English cess to hot tub. InWe never stop moving: k itchen, w i t h dis - Shevlin Ridge Beauty new dishwasher just We never stop moving: door/outdoor speak- cottage Powell Butte Estate tressed wood plank West side c ustom i nstalled. Home i s • 3 bedroom, 2 bath ers, intercom, central 1 0888 P o well B u t te floors, built-in library, very spacious w ith Skyline Ranch Rd. - 4 vac & solar hot water • Across from Drake H wy. 4 / 4 .5 , 4 7 0 0 m aster bedr o o m bed/3 bath, 2900 SF, Cs large front deck & paCs systems. Fi n i shed Park sq.ft., on large acre- overlooking one of the Stainless steel, grant io. $ 170,000 M L S b asement, bon u s • MLS 201205806 lake s ite, cherry cabinets. age, hayfields, huge c ommunity 201300307 r oom a bove 1 0 6 0 Lester Friedman, mountain views. along amazing views Courtyard off master, Cascade Realty, MORRIS MORRIS P.C., Broker sq.ft., triple garage. Teri Cravens, Broker of t h e mo u ntains. Dennis Haniford, huge bonus room. REAL ESTATE MLS¹201203992 541-330-8491 REAL ESTATE 541-647-0910 C overed patio a n d Princ. Broker Ed Green, Broker I dcpc dccdyO cdc dOpcwccd $529,900 We never stop moving: I d p d dy O d dO p Id Fred Real Estate Group move-in ready! 541-598-5666 541-536-1731 John L. Scott Real MLS¹201300090 John L. Scott New Listing! $147,250. NW Redmond j Estate 541-548-1712 Lots o f pos s ibilities Real Estate, Bend Price Reduction!!! Pan- $725,000 2000 sq. ft. in this $169,900 Cs h ere! 0.26 L o t , 3 Over D & D Realty Group oramic Views! Great East Bend Acreage 3+ bedroom, 2 bath • 2160 sq.ft. Bdrm, 1 Bath, freshly home. Treed fenced • 4 bedroom, 3 bath LLC 541-923-8664 23095 Alfalfa Mkt Rd. location 3 miles NW of painted interior, wood lot with RV parking, • 3-car tandem garage Redmond. Views of 4/2, 2.94 acres, 1751 Sisters j $549,000 MORRIS floors, R5. $99,000 sq.ft., RV storage + Smith Rock & Redmond j $2,500,000 • 3000 sq.ft. large deck and double • MLS 201200354 MLS¹201208899 REAL ESTATE O chocos. Cus t o m • Established Car Wash • 3 bedroom, 2 bath shop. MLS garage. Quiet area Debbie Hershey, Call Virginia, ¹201300137 Icdcpccdccdy (hpccd ccd Opcccccd built 2478 sq.ft. home • Central location close to s h opping, Broker, CRS, GRI • 6.75 acres, barn Principal Broker on 4.74 acres. 1800 • Consistent sales & Daria Nelson, Broker schools & medical. 541-420-5170 • MLS 201205094 541-350-3418 541-771-4483 sw.ft. shop w/RV bay. We never stop moving: profit Mark Valceschini, P.C., Find exactly what Redmond RE/MAX 4 .74 a c r es . ML S • MLS 201206492 Fred Real Estate Group you are looking for in the 258 Peggy Lee Broker, CRS, GRI Land & Homes ¹201202726 Steve Payer, Combs, Broker 541-383-4364 Fabulous mou n tain CLASSIFIEDS Real Estate 541-480-7653 $397,000! Broker, GRI We never stop moving: Cs views, rural property John L. Scott Real 541-480-2966 John L. Scott Lots to Offer! $29,900 3479 sq. ft. 3 bdrm. Historic District j Estate 541-548-1712 Real Estate, Bend We never stop moving: Property needs some 2 .5 baths. Lots o f $696,000 Cs MORRIS TLC but lots of Possishop area! $475,000. • 3872 sq.ft. b ilities. 3 b d r m , 1 New Listing! 4 Bdrm MLS ¹201207007 REAL ESTATE Just too many • 5 bedroom, 3 bath Cs b ath, 1162 s q . f t . . $134,900 Call Jeanne Scharlund, • 1 block from Drake I dcpc dcdyO cd dOpcmccd collectibles? MORRIS Wood floors, l arge 4 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, Principal Broker, Park 541-420-7978 living area, located on double garage. Large Old Mill District REAL ESTATE • MLS 201206543 Sell them in MORRIS corner lot next to park. window i n ki t c hen61392 Elkhorn St. 3/3, Redmond RE/MAX I dcpc dccdyO cdc dOpcnccd Scott Huggin, Jett Blackburn Real makes it light, bright, 1 681 s q .ft., c o m - The Bulletin Classifieds REAL ESTATE Land & Homes Broker, GRI Estate, 541-573-7206 inviting! Separate util- petely Real Estate rem o deled, I dcpc dccdyO cdc dOpcnccd 541-322-1500 Sisters j $824,000 ity, large fenced treed Move in Ready! MLS We never stop moving Mountain River Estates • 3216 sq.ft. 541-385-5809 Good i n vestment backyard. ¹201209180 River Canyon Estates • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath Home is in the 100 19748 Dry Canyon. 3/3, John Furrow, Broker • 20 acres 2735 sq.ft., Jess Alj $325,000 year flood plain. It Peggy Lee Combs, 541-647-0910 Prineville j $154,900 Cs • 2719 sq.ft. • MLS 201200880 needs some TLC but way Custom HomeBroker, GRI, C R S, Fred Real Estate Group • 1876 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath Must See ! MLS Realtor 541-480-7653 Becky Brunoe, Broker sits on a wonderful lot • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Near Deschutes River 541-350-4772 and could make a ¹201207933 Check out the John L. Scott • Near Meadow Lakes MORRIS Trail John Furrow, Broker We never stop moving: good investment or Real Estate, Bend classifieds online Golf Course • MLS 201300617 541-647-0910 first home. Possible REAL ESTATE www.bendbulletipLcom • MLS 201207946 Jim & Roxanne Cheney owner terms. Fred Real Estate Group Icd p d cdy~ d *c d Opcccccd Nice home i n B e nd. Updated daily Darryl Doser, Brokers MLS¹201209476 Cs Broker, CRS Move-in ready 3bd/2ba Oak cabinets, island 541-390-4050 Home w/ a Guest $40,000 Opportunity K n ocks... 541-383-4334 that was just painted in kitchen, extra insu541-390-4030 Cottage! $98,900 D & D R ealty Group We never stop moving. inside, laminate floor- l ation a dded, n e w Will Yo u A n s wer? We never stop moving. LLC 541-923-8664 Loads of character & MORRIS ing, slate entry, tiled laminate f l oo r in Corner Lot, .27 acre, charm, 3 bd, 1398 sf close to al l C entral REAL ESTATE Gorgeous home! k itchen, laundry & kitchen an d d i n ing home has hard wood I dcpc dcdyO cd dOpc Icd Private backyard get- Floors, fire p lace, bathrooms. Has front room, large open liv- Oregon has to offer. Cs Cs away! .21 Acre Lot, 2 built-in cabinets. 528 & back decks & over- ing area, cozy wood Smith Rock & beyond bdrm, 2 bath w/pond/ sf guest cottage w/ all sized single car gastove, heat pump A/C City views... Remodel Call The Bulletin At s tarted... J us t a d d den/office, 1758 sq. the comforts. Great rage. $129,900 MLS & electric forced air MORRIS MORRIS 541-385-5809 ft.,a 3 - car g a rage location on dead end 201300412 heat. Home has gut- your personaltouches REAL ESTATE Place Your Ad Or E-Mail w/shop. $199,900 ters and carport, large for th e c o mpletion! REAL ESTATE Cascade Realty, street w/ view of the I d p cdcctlyO w dc dOp mccd Icdcpccdccdy (hmcd ccd Opcccccd At: MLS¹201208130 Dennis Haniford, covered deck, chain 1440 sq.ft, 3 bdrm, 2 valley. Call Virginia, l ink f e nced y a r d. bath, office and open Princ. Broker Jett Blackburn Real Principal Broker 541-536-1731 $55,000 MLS living dining, kitchen & Estate, 541-573-7206 living room. Detached 541-350-3418 ¹201208196 Horse Property - 7085 NE Bend j $192,000 John L. Scott Real Es- single garage. MLS Redmond RE/MAX Kent Lane, Culver. 39 • 1206 sq.ft. ¹ 201208907. New Land & Homes tate 541-548-1712 Acres w/37 acres of • 2 bedroom, 2 bath price: $69,500. Real Estate NUID w ate r r i g ht.• Turn key property John L. Scott Real Call a Pro Great home with work- Flood irrigated from a • MLS 201204680 Estate 541-548-1712 able floor plan, in an Ig. pond w/gated pipe. Amy Halligan, Broker Whether you need a O utstanding Val u e ! older, w el l es t a b- 1782 s q . ft . MFD 541-410-9045 fence fixed, hedges O ver 3 0 0 0 sq. f t . lished neighborhood home. 4 bdrm/2 bath, We never stop moving: trimmed or a house house that has great at the end of a dead shop, barn & 4-stall end street. Mature barn. Outside arena built, you'll find p otential, and i s i n very good condition. 2 landscaping and RV w /attached pen s . Cs professional help in Level house. Daylight parking t oo . D o n 't Mountain & c a nyon The Bulletin's "Call a basement. Has huge miss th i s one! views. MLS¹201209288 Service Professional" possibilities. MLS¹201207831. MORRIS MLS¹201207709. $51,900 $360,000 Directory REAL ESTATE John L. Scott Real D & D R ealty Group John L. Scott Real I d p d d y O d d Op c d 541-385-5809 Estate 541-548-1712 LLC 541-923-8664 Estate 541-548-1712

Snowberry Village ¹70 $69,500 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, a ttached 2-car g a r age. 1248 sq . f t . 1993 Silv e rcrest. Large living r o om, dining area. Vaulted ceilings, sunny windows. FA heat & heat pump (A/C). F ront porch and large back deck. Marilyn Rohaly, Broker 541-322-9954 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend South Deerfield Park j $224,950 • 1500 sq.ft. New Home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • MLS 201207629

Darrin Kelleher, Broker The Kelleher Group 541-788-0029 We never stop moving: Cs

MORRIS REAL ESTATE I dcpc dc clyO cd

d O p c ccd

Sr. Condo Backs to National Forest River Village c ondo, 1681 sq. ft., fully furnished. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Cedar ceilings, wood burning fireplace. Private pool for owners. Steps to the Deschutes River. MLS¹201300163. $298,000. 6693 Shelley Arnold, Broker 541-771-9329 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend

TURN THE PAGE For More Ads The Bulletin Sunrise Village j $745,000 • 4173 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 4 bath • Deschutes River frontage • MLS 201009509 Bonnie Savickas, Broker

541-408-7537 We never stop moving: Cs


d O pcmccd

Sunriver Gem! Extensive Remodel... on a large corner lot. Furnishing are beautiful, this is a m ust see! Fully furnished priced at $447,000 Unfurnished p r i ce d at $435,000 Call today for more details. Susan Pitarro, Broker 541-410-8084 541-389-7910

Hunter Properties LLC

~ ~eW Centur $9I 3

3 0 year fixed A PR

1 5 year fixed A P R

3.625% 3.802% 2.875% 3.116% Purchase price$350,000,20% down, Loanamount$280,000,30 yrfixed.

Jumbo3oyearfixed 4.000% APR 4.177% Jumbo purchasepriceI value$80jI 000-20%down/equity $640000loanamount Offervalid asofdateofad, IeltpCtippsmayapply Rates/feessubiectto change OnApprovedCredit.

932 a •

ou ar. A real classic, o 196 ruising aroun d .Greatfor cr ui ' sell,buyingmini-v

Academy Mortgage Achieves ¹1 IndependentLenderRanking for Purchase Business in the United States! data source — Coolo ec Market Trcc

YOu're neVer alOne When td/e're dOing yOur lOan




Gef 3 lines, 4 days for $16.35.

T o place an ad call 3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9

CORPORLlc.f CORP O M L-2421 NMLS ¹3113


541-323-2191 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR97702


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809


f •

.very ho'rnefis a r'nasterpiece. '4

Ponderosa Pines, La Pine ) $48,000

Seventh Mountain Resort ~ $28,000

v ) ' I~c

. -.

f r a c tion

• Sleeps 6 • Full sized kitchen


• Excellent rental income


Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Ken Renner, Principal Brokerl 541-280-5352

Beautiful Deschutes River Lot ~ $99,900




• Fully renovatedcondooffer quality • Travertine floors, rock fireplace • All new appliances • Murphy bedoffersadditional sleeping room • Very comfortable w/balconyviews of forest lk river MLS¹ 201107707

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Powell Butte: Great 5 Acre Property( $129,000

Gem in the Rough( Three Rivers South J$165,000

NE Bend ( $185,000

Cascade & Smith Rock views Water & power at home site Fully fenced Paved streets & upper-end homes • No HOA fees. Just CCR's MLS ¹ 201301013






7 Muskrat Lane, Sunriver ~ $229,000

3153 SW 35thSt.,Redmond ~ $212,000 • Meticulously cared for home in Cascade View Estates »' • 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 3-car garage ~ tj • 1867SF ' P t I lly p h t d i t • Upgraded baths i • Great backyard for entertaining w/freshly stained decks, nicely landscaped. MLS¹ 201300742



" "





Call Jordan Haase, Principal Brokerl 541-420-1559


Picture Perfect on Large Lot ~ $260,000

29 Eaglewood, Sunriver ( $299,000

SHARC • 2 decks, carport MLS¹201209274

• PrestigiousEaglewooddevelopment • 3 beds, 3baths, 1916SF • Private standalonecondo • 2 Master suitesw/their own

bathrooms • Private hottub andpeek-a-boo golf courseviews


Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokersl 541-419-4553

Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

Brokersl 541-312-5151 www

New Listing - 510 NW Utica Ave ~ $314,900

River Canyon Estates ) $315,000

DebTebbs Group lLike uson8i

Your Own Private Park ~ Coming Soon!

• Lovely,likenewhomein desirable River

• 3 beds, 2 baths • 1898 SF single level • Large bedrooms & closets • Newer roof, windows, tile, carpet & gas forced air heat • 1 Mile from Downtown!

MLS ¹201300857

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222 l

We are accepting new listings. If you are interested in selling your home, please call Kelly Horton, Broker.

• Must see!

• Single leve on approx. 1/2 acreot • Beautifully remodeledhomewith tastefulfinishes • Spacious greatroomliving • 500 SF solarium with hot tub • Fully fencedbackyard,roomfor RV or boat • 3 bedroom,2.5bath, 2070SF MLS¹201300854

Call Kelly Winch, Broker l 541-390-0398

Pronghorn Lot


• Cute Sunriver cabin • 2BD/2BA,1090SF • New furnace, windows & roof • Excellently located near ,

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO 541-480-4186

- .

• 3 bed, 2 bath, 1224 SF • Very comfortable home for weekend getaways or full time living in the woods • Desirable development • Close to the Big Deschutes MLS¹201206233

Rod Hatchell, Brokerl 541-728-8812

• 3 bed, 2 bath w/bonus room • 1815 SF & vaulted ceilings • Stainless steel appliances • Large 2-car garage • Fenced yard

• 55149 Forest Lane

• • • •

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222 l

• .38acre lot • Adjacent to fairway • Private, close to amenities • Utilities at lot • Ridge at Eagle Crest Resort offers 3 golf courses, 18-hole puttingcourse,3sportcenters, restaur ants,tennis,pools,and extensive pathways

Call Myra Girod, Principal Broker l 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Brokerl 541-788-6767

• Three Rivers South • Approx. 1.60 acres • Bonus Mt. Bachelor view • Well and Septic • Well maintained gravel road • 54653 Silver Fox Dr. MLS¹201209514


I nn of the 7th Mtn Condo ~ $89,500

Eagle Crest ( $79,900

• Wonderfully treed1.28acrelot • Perfect spotto build yourdream home orjust hangout in yourRV • Enjoy tranqui setting & proximity to all of C.O.'srecreationopportunities • Water, e ectric, septic alreadyonsite • One lotfrom pavedN. Ponderosa Way foreasyin/out access • 14812 N.SugarPineWay MLS¹201208377

• 8 weeks/year or trade with RCI! • 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath Loft

CanyonEstates • Gorgeouskitchenw/maple cabinets, granite countenops&SSappiances, nook andbeautiful hardwoodfloors • Spaciousmaster retreat with walk-in closet andensuite with soakingtub • Formal living &dining, fantastic great room &vaulted ceilings • Triple car garage &central A/C











• 2.6 acres, trails lead to BLM • 3 bed, 2 bath home,hugedecks • 24'x36' shop w/1 2'x24' storage • Custom dog kennel • Cable, electric & water to all buildings • Fully fenced, great water feature Low $300,000's

Call Kelly Horton, Broker l 541-508-9163

Call Jodi Kearney, Brokerl 541-693-4019


Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581

Call C.J. Neumann, Broker, CRSl 541-410-3710 Lisa Lamberto, Brokerl 541-610-9697

Quality Single Level ( $379,000

17940 Parkway Lane ( $399,000

Luxury Townhomes( Offered from $414,750

One-of-a-Kind Tetherow Homesite ~$375,000

• Located on Bend'swest side • P, + Large (.21 acre)landscaped lot + 2 bedrooms, 2baths, plusden P, Iliv I.,:~ • Great room floor plan, open & light usaav , f a-...-.l . • Many upgrades, professionally I%1% decorated • Includes appliances, A/C, water feature ,-.':~:-.':.'; .,'-:;..'.' •:. ~'~ : MLS¹201300837

• Expansive,one acre homesite • Elevated, overlooking ¹3, ¹4, ¹5 & ¹6 fairways


• Fabulousmountain,water,and terrain views • Unique site offering

• Permitted GP Building w/living quarter/loft • Bath, laundry area, septic, well & pumphouse • RV hookups inside & out,100 amp breaker ln shop • Great location between Sisters & Bend • Buud your dream home while you live ln loftarea oryour RV MLS¹2011P5898



exceptional privacy • Gatedarea -end ofcul-de-sac • Original price $710,000.

• Q»


.„PQ 0

• With Fairway, mountain and rive r views. Two distinct Westside communities


• Offering one & two story

floor plans • 2-4 bedroom, 2.5-4.5 baths • 1960-2956 SF

Call Judy McCombs,Brokerl 541-390-1411

Sandy & John Kohlmoos, Brokersl 541-408-4309

Call Joanne McKee, Brokerl 541-480-5159

Judy McCombs &Shelly Swanson,Brokers l 888-274-2317


Mt. Bachelor & Deschutes River ViewsJ$429,000

River Rim Custom Home ( $429,900

1700 NW lowa ( $460,000

Riverfront & Golf ... ~ $475,000

• Expansive decks overlooking the river

• 3 bed, 2.5 baths, 2183 SF • • • •

Master on main Great room floor plan 2 tax lots offer privacy One-of-a-kind home or vacation retreat MLS¹201201568




Phil's Loop Townhome, Westside Bend( $489,900



• In popular NW Bend golf community

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker, GRIl 541-480-3096

West Side Park-like Setting ( $495,000

He a rt of NorthWest Crossing ) $569,000

• Desirable community of Rimrock West • Community access to the Deschutes River • 1904 SF lodge style home • Upstairs loft can be studio or 3rd bedroom • Wrap-around deck to enjoy the sound of the river MLS¹201300623

• 3bed/2.5 bathlocated onCompass Park inheart of NWX • Charming2734SFbuilt byGregWelch • Den/offlce on mainfloor off formal entry • 3bedrooms upalongw/open bonus area &laundryroom • Master bathw/soakingtub, walk-in

common area on 3 sides MLS¹ 201301031

• In area ofhigh-value homes • Possible owner terms MLS¹ 201100814

• Mature old growth pine trees, beautiful landscaping. Must see! ' MLS¹201208025

Chris Sperry, Principal Broker, CRS, e-PRO, GRI, SFR 541-550-4922, 541-749-8479l

• This gracious 2120 SF home has it all! • Single level, Cascade views • 2 Masters plus 3rd bed/office • Abundance oflight, storage • 2-car garage • Fantastic location with

r ' 'll.,

• Rare 1.1 acre treed river front lot

• Waterfeatures,inside and out



• Tandemgarage • Private yardoasisis fully landscaped • Gas fire pit, basaltstonewater feature, retractablesolarscreen • Misting system &muchmore

Call Carol Osgood/Korren Bower, Brokers l 541-504-3839

II . Nii i

• West Hills contemporary home in the pines • 3180 SF on double a lot • Contemporary floor plan and finishes

• Many upgradesthroughout • Master on mainoffi , ce and3 bedroomsupstairs

Absolutely Stunning Setting ) $579,900 '


• 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • 3088 sq. ft. • 2.47 acres, 1 acre irrigation • Located right in heart of Bend!

•Tastefully updated • Incredible andscape front & back • Master on the main floor MLS¹201207139

shower &largecloset

• Front porchoverlooks CompassPark

MLS ¹201209457

Call Sue Price, Brokerl 541-408-7742

Call Bryan Hilts, Broker l 541-771-3200

Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340

cloudnine©bendcable. com• maryselhms©

Stunning Views of Cascades( $238,000

New Tetherow Home ~ $657,500

• Views from Bachelor to Mt. Jefferson on one of the few remaining customhomesites on Awbrey Butte



s u.(

MLS¹201206848 Call Brian Ladd, Brokerl 541-408-3912


3487 NW Conrad Drive ~ $750,000

This Property Has It All ( $849,900

• Stunning in Awbrey Glen • Cascade Mountain & 2nd fairway views • Spacious gourmet kitchen • 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 4080 SF MLS¹201 204632


• Seamlessintegration of indoor and outdoor space,openfloor p an • Private courtyard and covered back patio w/mountainviews • Energy efficient Earth Advantage • Aflex room &study allowfor maximum versatility


Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist


Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086 l

Private Elegance ) $899,500

shopping, & schools • • • •

Single level, open great room Great for entertaining Private setting, borders BLM Separate entrance for home office • Formal dining/living, cheffs kitchen

• Athletic field w/barn • Mountainviews • Teak gazebo • Beautiful water feature MLS¹201204343

Call Mary Stratton, Broker l 541-419-6340

Call Bobby Lockrem, Broker l 541-480-2356

Brokers l 541-312-5151 www.

• Overlooking 10th fairway & green • Custom home completely remodeled in 2004-05 by Melrose Construction • Kathy & Karol Niemi interior plan/ design with quality & detail - 4476 SF • 5 bed, 5.5 bath,main levelmaster • Great room design. Wonderful indoor and outdoor living spacious, quiet cul-de-sac location

• 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 4363SF • Located on the 6th green/7th tee box in BrokenTop • Italian terra cotta tile, Brazilian walnut floors & Travertine • Knotty Alder inset cabinetry, limestone &slab granite • Cascade Mountain & golfcourse views MLS¹201204037

+ • 20 acres w/4 irrigated •

19395 Cayuse Crater Ct. ~ $1,150,000

• 6792 SF, 6 bed, 4.5 bath

• Just minutes to medical,

Hosted by: Joanne McKee, Broker 541-480-5159 Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,


Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokersl 541-419-4553 Deb Tebbs Group l Like us onR

Luxury Single Level in BrokenTop ( $1,150,000




15631 SW Mecate Lane ( $1,545,000 • Brasada Ranch • 5400 SF onflat .75 acre! • 5 fireplaces! • Green built, efficient solar system • Finely crafted Gary Norman built custom

• 5 bedroom, 4 baths, 5116 sq. ft. • Overlooking Broken Top's 12th fair way and green • One level with upstairs guest suite and private office • Privacy with southern exposure • Bonus & exercise room • 3 car garage w/shop area

• Stunning finishes • Unobstr ucted mountainviews


Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086 Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086 l


e •


• I


a •


x• •

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist



baths, currently under construction

• Main level living Bi master suite • Three outdoor terraces and indoor/outdoor living ' ci;:i j<,'.;",.'-', • Large lot (16,91sq. 5 ft.j

• Open and spacious • Westerly views - beautiful sunsets

• Brand new single level 3bedroom, 3.5

. • Can be shownwith short notice, call Brian! • 3 bedroom, bonus, loft, 3-car


• Gentle slope with large o d growth pines

oI I

a e

• I


oI I


• •











Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes



Sunriver/La Pine Homes Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

Very nice home with $550,000 One of Sage 3086 NE Wav e r ly Gorgeous mo u ntainNewly renovated home 1 6060 W r i ght A v e . 3 bdrm, 2 bath horse 10 A C R ES/CUSTOM 3bd/2b in C hristmas Builders award winCourt, Bend Clean & views! 36y acres Irri- in the heart of down- $102,000. Triple wide property w/barn and HOME/ S H O P in V alley. Ha s op e n ning homes. Facing c omfortable ran c h gated w/small cabin, 1 town Redmond, close with detached garage. incredible views. Powell Butte! Unique • Easy access to trails k itchen with lots o f east and on the ¹17 style home on a large bedroom, 1 bath, pos- to dry canyon trails, High Lakes Realty & floor plan w / indoor $139,000 • MLS 201202442 storage, family room, fairway of the Challot in a great neigh- sible OWC! $225,000. C entennial Park & Property M a n age- MLS¹201203441 spa room, wide hallTenbroek - Hilber double garage, newer l enge Course. L o borhood. Home fea- MLS ¹ 20 1 2 01125. downtown amenities. ment 541-536-0117 Call Julie Fahlgren, ways, single l evel. Group, LLC Brokers heat pump. Set up for cated behind the pritures a fenced yard, Call Charlie, Desig- Features refurbished 5 2261 Broker, 541-550-0098 $365,000. MLS r ns 541-550-4944 horses with fencing vate security gate as skylights, sp r i nkler nated Broker, pine hardwood floor- $34,000 Stea Crooked River Realty 201108648 Call VirG o r geous 541-350-3419 a nd o p e n bar n . you enter the Ridge. system, mature trees, ing, laminate flooring ginia, Principal BroWe never stop moving: acre, owner will carry. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, custom $109,900. MLS Offers 3 b e drooms, RV parking, attached Redmond RE/MAX in the kitchen & dinker 541-350-3418 High Lakes Realty & home, huge shop, 201200121 3.5 baths, 3376 sq. ft. double garage, lamiLand & Homes ing room, new paint Property Redmond RE/MAX Ma n age$299,000 Cascade Realty, Home-ID 941 nate flooring, walk-in Real Estate inside & out, master ment 541-536-0117 Land & Homes cs MLS¹201203307 Dennis Haniford, Eagle Crest Properties c loset, m ai n f l o o r s eparation, din i ng Real Estate Julie Fahlgren, Broker, 56811 Besson. 3 rental Princ. Broker 866-722-3370 master, formal dining Great Home - Terrific area and formal din541-550-0098 12250 NW Dove Rd units, great history. 541-536-1731 room 8 bre a kfast Condition! $167,500. ing room, a b o nus MORRIS $ 199,900 Enjoy t h i s nook. Location offers Corner Lot, 2016 sq. r oom/solarium, n e w $234,900. High Lakes Crooked River Realty Custom cedar s i ded REAL ESTATE Look at: b eautiful view f r om quick access to the h ome with f loor t o Pr o p erty464 Pinney St., 2400 ft., 3 bdrm, 2.5 baths, landscaping, fenced Realty & Indcpc dendyO cds dOpcn<cd the Sisters to Smith c eiling windows t o Management hospital and Costco is open floor plan, fam- back yard, RV parksq.ft., 5 .5 4 a c r es, Rock on the deck of take in the mtn. views. for Complete Listings of short distance from ily room, living room, ing, alley access, de- 541-536-0117 shop. $250,000. High this townhome. This 2 a TERRANGO GLEN the nei g hborhood- patio, lan d scaped, tached garage w/shop 55515 Gross Dr. Great Lakes Realty & Prop- Immaculate 1841 sq. Area Real Estate for Sale bdrm, 2 b ath, 1419 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths t., 3 b d rm, 2 b a t h fenced RV area. MLS ¹ 201209073 area & storage along rental o r Man a gement fwith va c a tion erty in 2 276ysf o n a Very spacious 1994, sq. ft. townhome fea- John L. Scott Real Estongue & groove Jim Hinton w/ central h eat/AC. 541-536-0117 home. $94,900. High wall-to-wall tures, vaulted ceilings, gas 13,500ysf lot. Tiered 4bd/2ba 1755 sq. ft. 541-420-6229 tate 541-548-1712 Call Today! $189,900 Lakes Realty & Proplandscape 8 stairs to Mfg. home that sits on windows, built- in enHuntington, Riv- free-standing s t ove, Central Oregon Realty MLS¹201208379 erty Man a gement52625 Canal level gathering 1.27 acres. L i ving tertainment ce n t er, 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h , erfront property, 20.39 wood accents. New Group, LLC John L. Scott Real Es- 541-536-0117 1730 sq ft home, gas area w/firepit & picnic room, family room, propane fireplace and acres. $525,000. High h ardwood floors & huge Investment Opportunity tate 541-548-1712 large great room for fireplace, 16103 Eagles N e st. Lakes Realty & Propnew swimming pool. grove. Open 2 story dining area & u tility entertaining. kitchen, fenced. M fd. h o me , wel l floor plan with great room. Large 2 car gaerty Man a gement On completely fenced 3 b d rm , c h a rming Looking for your next MLS¹201300635. maintained, 1 a c r e, 541-536-01 1 7 4.81 acres. $385,000 room living space that rage listed at $79,900. Home-ID 796 Bungalow style home, emp/oyee? Eagle Crest Properties $154,000. Pam garage, $75,000. High MLS¹ 201101447 is light & bright with MLS¹201300535 in d owntown R e dPlace a Bulletin help 52505 Meadow Ln. 3 Lester, Principal Bro866-722-3370 Lakes Realty & PropJuniper Realty, m any w i ndows & mond. Detached ga- wanted ad today and Cascade Realty, Brdm, 3.5 acres, 2 tax ker, Century 21 Gold erty Man a gement 541-504-5393 custom lights. Granite Dennis Haniford, rage, lot of off street $449,900 Gour m et reach over 60,000 lots, shop. $129,900. Country Realty, Inc. 541-536-0117 tile countertops, Princ. Broker p arking. Zoned f o r kitchen, new granite readers each week. 541-504-1338 High Lakes Realty & 12851 SW Deer stainless steel appli541-536-1731 home office, residen14752 Birds Eye - Imcounter tops, master Your classified ad Property Ma n age- Crossing. Remodeled ances & porcelain cet ial, could b e c o n 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h , m aculate home i n + 2 guest bed will also appear on ment 541-536-0117 3 bedroom, 2 bath, ramic tile. Gas fire- Very well maintained 3 suite verted to commercial sq ft home on Pond Pines, 1440 sq. ft. home on bath rooms & bathrooms 1822 place with s t acked bedroom, 2 u se. $99,9 0 0 . which currently re84040 Carlon Lane, Log 2.29 acres. G ranite one acre, fenced, and $209,000. High Lakes on the main floor with rock surround, wood manufactured home a huge loft overlook 2 shops! MLS¹ t oo MLS¹201206148 Realty & Pr o perty home on 2.33 acres ceives over counters, hic k o ry mantle & buil t - in on over an acre. Has Call Kelly Starbuck, 360 degree v iews. cabinets, Management ing the great room, new...$191,900 Pam 1.5 million page bam b oo b ookcases & c a b i - double detached ga- and Principal Broker, 541-536-0117 High Lakes Realty & an expansive trex Lester, Pnncipal Broviews every month wood f l oors, v i n yl nets on either side. rage. $84,900 541-350-341 9 Property Ma n age- windows, the list goes ker, Century 21 Gold deck, ideal for enter at no extra cost. 16033 C a scade MLS 201004467 L arge m a i n fl o o r Redmond RE/MAX ment 541-536-0117 Country Realty, Inc. taining. 3 bedroom, 3 Bulletin Classifieds on. Garage, carport Cascade Realty, $114,900 1538 sq. ft. master bedroom & Land & Homes b ath. 2680 s q . f t . 541-504-1338 Get Results! and R V cov e red 541-536-1731 3 bdrm, 2 bath, over- 1 6249 South D r . bath. Formal dining Real Estate Home-ID 718 Call 385-5809 or sized garage, High $595,000. 6.27 acre parking. $10 9 ,000 Beautiful 2-Story 3 room & guest powder Eagle Crest Properties place your ad on-line MLS 201204401 Lakes Realty & Prop- horse property with bdrms, 3 baths, 1918 New Construction - 3 room too. Loft family 866-722-3370 at FOR SALE Juniper Realty, erty Man a gement g orgeous 2922 s f sq. ft., stainless appli- bdrm, 2 b ath, 1548 room w i t h bu i l t-in 541-504-5393 541-536-0117 ances, gas fireplace. h ome, shop. H i g h computer/desk unit. $599,900 It's all about sq.ft., vaulted, gas When buying a home Landscaped with irri- furnace-range-water Lakes Realty & Prop- 14198 SW Nine Peaks $315,000 MLS the views! Stunning 756 83% of Central gation $191 , 900. heater, fenced, land- Need help fixing stuff? erty Ma n agement, Pl - Mtn views from ¹201209150 Smith Rock and city Oregonians turn to Jefferson County Homes 541-536-0117 Bobbie Strome, views from this incred MLS¹201208280 scaped. $16 2 ,900 Call A Service Professional this 1960 sq. ft., 3 Jim Hinton, Principal Broker ibly built 3 bdrm, 3.5 MLS ¹ 201 2 08875 find the help you need. Close to schools! Nice 3 52240 Pine Forest, La bedroom, 2 bath Serving Central Oregonance 1903 541-420-6229 John L Scott Real b ath, 3250 s q . f t . Pam Lester, Principal home on 1.16 acre. bdrm home in town Pine 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Central Oregon Realty Estate 541-385-5500 home! Enjoy the cov B roker, Century 2 1 Call 541-385-5809 to L andscaped with a l arge s h op , 1. 2 4 U pdated wit h n e w Group, LLC ered patio with those Gold Country Realty, 755 place your fenced y a rd , RV acres. $187,500. High carpet & vinyl flooring Three Pines j $595,000 easterly views back Inc. 541-504-1338 Real Estate ad. Beautiful city views from Sunriver/La Pine Homes parking too! $79,900 Lakes Realty & Prop- and interior has been • 3488 sq.ft. Great room ing to common area this 2 60 0 s q . ft. MLS¹201106963 erty Man a gement freshly painted. 936 plan and short distance to Widgi Creekj sq. ft. garage has a 3bd/2.5 bath E agle 8 Butternut, Sunriver. D&D Realty Group LLC 541-536-01 1 7 • 3 bedroom, 4.5 bath sports center, swim $499,000 Need to get an ad shop area, 2 bays & Crest home. H u ge $294,900 3 bdrm, 2 866-346-7868 • MLS 201300652 ming pools, s pray price reduction! MLS¹ • 2586 sq.ft. townhome bath, built i n 2 0 00, N ewer home with 4 $309,900 Powell Butte 50 amp power for an Virginia Ross, Broker, • 18th fairway & pond in ASAP? park. Home-ID 989 5 .58 acres w it h 3 R V. S e parate R V 201206886 $449,000. High Lakes Realty & ABR, CRS, GRI Eagle Crest Properties John bedrooms, 2 view bdrm, 2 b ath, 2391 covered storage and L. Scott Real EsProperty Ma n age- large 541-480-7501 baths, split floor plan, • MLS 201208996 866-722-3370 s q. ft. h o me. C as carport. $139,500 tate 541-548-1712 ment 541-536-0117 Fax it to 541-322-7253 We never stop moving: large workable cade Mountain and Deborah Benson, PC, MLS¹ 201208272 $264,500 Bright, open Beautiful custom home 1715 Mare Ct . 1 8 09 kitchen, and plenty of Smith Rock views. All Broker, GRI Juniper Realty, Great Room plan w/ all on 1 level. Large The Bulletin Classifieds sq.ft., 3 large bdrms, room for a large fam- stainless appliances 541-480-6448 541-504-5393 floor to ceiling winily. Nice size yard too. in kitchen. Beautiful windows for 30x60 shop, We never stop moving: dows, gas fireplace & light/bright c o m fort. $165,000. High Lakes MLS ¹ 201202015 master suite with walk The Bulletin's built-in buffet opens to Huge master s uite NEW Construction! 3 Realty & Pr o perty$76,000 in closet, jetted tub in "Call A Service a large deck overbdrm, 2 b ath, 1700 w/vaulted ceilings & D&D Realty Group LLC MORRIS Management bath, double vanity Cg looking the first green skylights. Cozy family sq.ft, 23 acre lot, tile 541-536-0117 541-475-3030, with marble and trav Professional" Directory REAL ESTATE of t h e Cha l lenge room w/gas fireplace floors, tile backsplash, ertine thr o ughout. is all about meeting Indcpendcndy&mcd andOperat«d Priced to Sell! Affordlandscaped, fenced. Course. 4 bedroom, open t o kit c h en. 51875 Fordham Dr. 4 Tack room, hay stor yourneeds. a ble l i v ing, g r e at MORRIS 3.5 bath, 2074 sq. ft. $169,900 bdrm, 3 b ath, den, starter or investment. a ge, f e nced an d $209,900 Home-ID 951 MLS201209125 REAL ESTATE 2206 sq. ft. $194,500. Call on one of the MLS¹201208542 cross-fenced for Say "goodbuy" I dcpc dc dyo cd d O pc rcd Eagle Crest Properties John L. S cott R eal Pam Lester, Principal High Lakes Realty & $49,900. horses. Home-ID 988 professionals today! MLS¹201208170 866-722-3370 B roker, Century 2 1 Property Ma n ageto that unused Estate 541-548-1712 D&D Realty Group LLC Eagle Crest Properties Woodside Ranch Gold Country Realty, ment 541-536-0117 866-722-3370 item by placing it in 1620 SF home adjoins 866-346-7868 60590 NE Mayberry Ct. Want to impress the Beautiful home in Great Inc. 541-504-1338 90-acre pasture with Cascade Truck and Ve- View of Mt. Jefferson 1204 C h e ryl condition $184,900 The Bulletin Classifieds 3 /4, 2516 sq.ft , 7 7 Dr i v e. relatives? Remodel walking trail. hicle Wash. 1 7 071Wonderfully Single level, 3 bdrms, 2 New construction! SW acre lot on Mountain loc a ted Gorgeous Home on 2 2-mile Tracy, $39 5 ,000. h ome with a c o m - acres with shop. High Heat pump, propane High Golf C o urse. your home with the baths, office, 1792 sq. Redmond $161,900 stove, dbl gar + boHigh Lakes Realty & 5 41 -385-580 9 MLS ¹201209416 help of a professional ft. , NEW Stainless 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1466 manding view of Mt. Lakes Realty & Propnus rm . $ 1 39,900. Ma n age- Jefferson and the sur- erty steel appliances, large sq. ft. 2-story home, Property Daria Nelson, Broker from The Bulletin's Man a gement MLS¹20120766 kitchen with e a ting gas fireplace in great ment 541-536-0117 rounding area. Beau- 541-536-01 1 7 "Call A Service Three Rivers South j Fred541-771-4483 Call Nancy Popp bar. New blinds, fresh Real Estate Group room. L a n dscaped tiful well kept home Professional" Directory $97,500 541-815-8000 paint in & out. with sprinkler system with spacious rooms. 152674 Long P r airie, Crooked • .86 acre lot River Realty 1755 sq. ft. with ga747 Jim Hinton MLS¹201207534 MLS¹201206924 • 1 block from Big Desrage and shop on 5.2 1 6751 SW Dove R d . 541-420-6229 Jim Hinton Southwest Bend Homes $599,900 Outstanding $239,000 D&D Realty chutes River acres. $145,000. High detail in design and Central Oregon Realty 541-420-6229 Group LLC • Near La Pine State B eautiful cust o m c onstruction of t h i s Lakes Realty & Prop- 2,500 Group, LLC Central Oregon Realty 866-346-7868 Near Old Mill District 3 Park sq.ft. Iog home erty Man a gement beautiful 4 bedroom, Group, LLC bdrm, 2y/2 bath, 2398 • MLS 201207525 on 4.9 acres. GourFANTASTIC VIEWS WOW! Look at t hese 541-536-0117 ft . , cou n t ry 3.5 bath, 3717 sq. ft. Sherry Perrigan, Broker sq. met kitchen w/cherry of city and Smith Newer S ingle S t o ry views! Cascade mtns Sage Builders home. kitchen, maple cabi541-410-4938 gran i t e from your living room. $249,900 - 5-Cascade c abinets, Located on the 18th Rock. Large h ome h ome, 3 b d rm, 2 . 5 nets. 6970 sq. ft. Iot. We never stop moving. counters, & farmer's Home has been up- View acres borders hole of the Challenge with huge great room. bath, office, sunroom, $180,000. MLS ¹ Find them in sink. Great room has dated with newer heat BLM, 3 bdrm, 2 bath Course at Eagle Crest Easy access to Bend 2260 sq.ft, 60 acre, 201208231 custom home, dbl gar floor to ceiling winand Sisters. p ump and al l n e w Resort. Floor to ceil The Bulletin Pam Lester, Principal mtn & S m ith R o ck cs floors as well. Great + 2 shop areas. 2 strg dows w/mtn v iews. ing windows bring the $180,000. views. $269,000. MLS B roker Century 2 1 Hickory hardwood & MLS¹201201489 Classifieds! ranch-style home with bldgs, propane heat ¹ 201206306 Pam Gold Country Realty, outside in for bright tile f loors. R a diant lots of room to play. stove, granite, tile. and o p e n li v i ng. Call Travis Hannan, Lester, Principal BroInc. 541-504-1338 floor heating. MORRIS MLS¹201300187 Principal Broker, $179,000 Home-ID 352 ker, Century 21 Gold Call Nancy Popp $499,999 MLS 541-788-3480 MLS¹201208213 REAL ESTATE Traditional Sale! Coun- Eagle Crest Properties Country Realty, Inc. 201208751. J u niper Redmond RE/MAX D&D Realty Group LLC Broker, 541 815-8000 866-722-3370 Indcpendend> ~ d and Open<ed try living but just min541-504-1338 Crooked River Realty Realty, 541-504-5393 Land & Homes 866-346-7868 utes to Bend. New Real Estate carpet, new s t ove,$220,000 This is not a Tumalo j $600,000 short sale. Very pri and vaulted ceilings. vate setting, Creek • 2563 sq.ft. What are you Relax on your deck • Beautifully updated ide V i llage t o w n overlooking your very shome • 6.18 acres, 3 irrigated looking for? s i t s be s i de s ecluded acre l o t ! • MLS 201300079 & creek, in im You'll find it in This DRW home also pond Virginia Ross, Broker, s its back f ro m t h e maculate c o ndition, ABR, CRS, GRI a nd s h ow s tru e The Bulletin Classifieds road. $109,000 541-480-7501 pride-of-ownership. Mike Wilson, Broker We never stop moving: Premium up g rade 541-977-5345 or 541-385-5809 package, 3 bdrms, 2.5 541-389-7910 b aths, 1871 sq . f t . Hunter Properties LLC Paver deck w/wrought Gentlemen Farm & ReCust o m iron railing. Home-ID t irement. 746 home ove r looking 877 Northeast Bend Homes Eagle Crest Properties MORRIS Willow Creek w/Cascade Mtn. views. 2892 866-722-3370 REAL ESTATE S QUEAKY CLEA N SF 1-level home w/inI d p d dy O d d Opc t d Large 1980 sq. ft. NE 2 -Story home in N W door pool, 3360 SF B end h ome. S p a - Redmond. Large 1705 shop, 2nd home & L • • • e Tumalo Acreage c ious l i ving r o o m sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath. o ther b l dgs. 6 9 . 8 6 4474 C o yote R u n . w/gas f ireplace, 3 Knotty alder cabinets, acres w/62 acs of ir4/2.5+ Bonus room, 5 bdrm, 2.5 bat h SS appli a nces, r ig. Home has t o o • • • • I : • acres, o u tbuildings, $186,900. front/back land- many features to list. amazing kitchen. MLS MLS¹201280332 scaped with irrigation. Adjoins BLM. ¹201209378 C all J i m Hin t o n $187,900. Jim Hinton MLS¹201206931 Holly Garner, Broker 541-420-6229 541-420-6229 $795,000 541-480-4208 Central Oregon Realty Central Oregon Realty John L. Scott Real EsFred Real Estate Group Group, LLC Group, LLC tate 541-548-1712 SW Bend j $315,000 • 2044 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath

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GOLDEN R E TRIEVERQUAINT CABINON10 ACRES! PUPPIES, We are three Modern amenities and all the adorable, loving puppies quiet you will need. Room to looking for a caring home. grow in yourownlittle paradise! Please call right away $500 Call riow

FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4x4, and a tough V8 engine will get the job done on the ranch!


A INSLIE REYNOLDS M A R K F OR D JOHN KELLEY GARY EVERETT Principal Broker Broker Broker Principal Broker ¹5 Key Properties Office ¹6 Key Properties Office ¹7 Key Properties Office ¹8 Key Properties Office 100% RE/MAX Club

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$238,500 C r a ftsmanHorse property with a $39,900 Be c r eative!$106,500 Over 7 acres Breathtaking Views SW Canyon Dr. SW Shad Rd. Located style 4 b edroom, 3 spectacular mountain 123653 Holcolm Drive. Build to fit your new of p rivate p r operty 1 05+ acres with 3 60 1.13 acres with access on a p a ved street. Snowberry Village bath home w/views. view. Surrounded by a 3-story custom built, business. Lot adjoins with views. degree views of Cas- from two streets proThis 2.7 acre parcel ¹46. R elax in s w ing o n large farms and sets 18-hole golf course. MLS¹201106739 cade Moun t ains, v iding y o u man y has Mt. Jeffer son 8 log-sided home with $88,900. 3 b d r ms, covered front porch! 2 atop a knoll in Mas pectacular vie w s Great visibility! Well Call J u li e F a h lgren, Smith Rock and Can- building site options. Smith Rock v i ews. 2 baths, 1600y sq. ft. b edrooms on m a i n dras area. You can yon Rim views from Owner terms avail- The lot is level with from every window, 2 traveled paved road, Broker, 541-550-0098 1994 Silv e rcrest. level/open floor see forever! Shop has bdrm, 2 bath, on main in business area at Crooked River Realty the t o p of t his able. $58,500 many building sites. Lnnng room, separate plan/cozy f i r eplace stalls & plenty of room floor with a loft bed- CCR. one-of-a-kind Sisters MLS¹ 201106385 Crooked River Ranch dining room & large 5 acres adjoins public /great kitchen. Bonus for hay 8 t a ck. Or r oom, and 2 a d d i MLS¹201207332 a creage! Listed a t Juniper Realty, water and power is kitchen with e a ting land over Deschutes space u pstairs/triple bring your toys that Call Nancy Popp, $ 699,000. Bring a n 541-504-5393 available at the street. area. Pellet s t ove, tional sleeping areas, River. Short walk to 541-815-8000 car garage/large back don't require f o od! on third floor. Enteroffer! Septic was previously Huge covered BBQ river. $74,900. deck/patio/fenced W ith over 6 a c r es t aining deck, s k y - Crooked River Realty SW Chinook Dr. approved. $78,500 deck. Large laundry MLS¹201102328 yard. there's plenty of room. lights /kelliecook Crooked R i v e r 8 MLS¹ 201208266 thr o u ghout,$39,900 - Lot 141 SW r oom a n d 2-ca r Call Linda Lou MLS¹201300385 Call This custom b r ight wood floors and much C rater Loop. W e l l Day-Wright, Kellie Cook, Broker mountain views from Juniper Realty, attached garage. Broker, 541-408-0463 541-504-5393 VIRGINIA, P r incipal home has many up- more. $274,900. MLS Treed Lot ! t his 5.68 acres l oCall Marilyn Rohaly, MLS ¹ 541 -771-2585 Broker, 541-350-3418 grades, great f l oor 201204307. John L. Scott c ated on a p a v ed Broker, 201105162 Crooked River Realty 541-788-3480 plan, large r ooms, Real Estate, Bend street. Num e rous Call Kerry at 541-322-9954 C all M e lody C u r ry Get your Redmond RE/MAX fireplace 8 so much trees 8 many building 541-81 5-6363. R EADY T O BU I L D! John L. Scott Real 541-771-1116 Land & Homes m ore. $210, 0 0 0 business Cascade Realty 5.07 acres, flat l ot, Cascade Views in Ter- sites. $225,000 MLS¹ Estate, Bend Crooked River Realty Real Estate MLS¹201105983 201106408 mature trees, paved rebonne. $192,500 D8D Realty Group LLC 1bd/1ba frame home in $45,000 - Owner will road, 1/3 interest in Breathtaking Juniper Realty, views, Dethe town of Gilchrist. 866-346-7868 541-504-5393 a ROW I N G c arry, fantastic 1 / 2 applied for stan- schutes River CanFACTORY SPECIAL Make this your home acre l o t w/v i ews. well, dard septic. $99,900. New Home, 3 bdrm, New Construction - 3 or a getaway cabin for MLS¹201008725 yon, and farming valSW Chinook Dr. MLS¹ 2012 0 4695 ley below, 5 usable with an ad in $46,500 finished bdrm, 2 b ath, 1748 the Central Oregon Crooked River, Smith Call Julie Fahlgren Pam Lester, Principal acres with well Ideal on your site. sq.ft., on 1.49 acres, recreations. The Bulletin's Rock & mou n tain 541-550-0098 B roker, Century 2 1 J and M Homes granite counters, SS building site with un- views. Owner terms $39,999 MLS "Call A Service 541-548-5511 Crooked River Realty Gold Country Realty, o bstructed view s available. 6.9 acres 360 View / Top of Butte appliances, fireplace 201206628 - Dennis Inc. 541-504-1338 Professional" MLS¹201205208 in Terrebonne. Home, with custom mantel. Haniford, Principal Canyon City, Oregon with septic, power & Snowberry Village ¹119 MLS Gail Day 541-306-1018 Directory shop, mansion building $329,000 Broker, 541-536-1731 Investment opportunity. 139716 Dorothy Lane w ell i n stalled. I n • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 ¹ 201209128 Pam site. 2% to broker. See: Cascade Realty 4 city tax lots totalling Located on C r escentCentral Oregon Realty cludes custom home baths, 1920 sq. ft. Lester, Principal Bro 14.07 acres. Zoned Creek. This charming Group, LLC 775 plans. $189,000 • 2000 Silvercrest - Trireo/3599168220.html ker, Century 21 Gold Make this old home- R1. It's possible to di- 2 bdrm, 1 bath home MLS¹ 201008671 Manufactured/ plewide Country Realty, Inc. stead your getaway vide the lots further. boasts 120' of creek Juniper Realty, retreat, original home • Living room, family 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h, 541-504-1338 CHECK YOUR AD Mobile Homes Power, city water & frontage, cov e r ed 541-504-5393 that was built in 1940, room, dining room 1716 sq ft home on check your ad 3 along with original ga- sewer at the paved deck, wood s t ove, Please • Remodeled kitchen, 4.45 acres. P r ivate NW REDMOND on the first day it runs Snowberry Village ¹98 street. Mtn. 8 valley SW Chipmunk Rd. w/breakfast bar well & l a rge shop. bedroom, 2.5 b a t h. rage 8 storage shed. views. Many possible new paint inside and to make sure it is cor$79,500 Built-ins, tile kitchen out, new roof and new rect. Sometimes in- Level 5.19 acres with • 3 bedrooms, Home is very clean & • Private master suite MLS¹201300092. 2 baths. b uilding s ites. L o kitchen cabinets. $299,999. Pam counters, gas f i r e- still ha s i t un i q ue cated in the city limits Plenty of storage with s tructions over t h e mountain views. Well • 1 4 04 s q. f t . 1 9 9 9 w/walk-in closet treed w it h s e v eral Silvercrest • Master bath w/garden Lester, Principal Bro- place in t h e l i v ing traits. 1.63 acres with of Canyon City near w/d hookup, covered phone are misunder- possible buil d ing • Vaulted ceilings room for horses betub & double shower ker, Century 21 Gold room. $126,500 John Day. (Sellers are RV parking are and stood and an e rror sites. MLS¹201209508 hind home in open Com m unity • Gas FA heat PLUS Country Realty, Inc. can occurin your ad. designer colors licensed Oregon Real m inutes f ro m W i l Call TRAVIS HANNAN, water 8 power availf ield. $79,900 M L S AC 8 fireplace 541-504-1338 Estate brokers). l amette S k i Pa s s , If this happens to your able at t h e s t reet. • Gas heat and A/C. • Immaculate - too Principal Broker, 201300544 ad, please contact us Elevated corner lot$99,900 541-788-3480 clear lakes and trails. the first day your ad Owner terms avail- nice views $55,000 - Close to Cascade Realty, many upgrades to list! Juniper Realty, Redmond RE/MAX $275,000. Prineville Reservoir Dennis Haniford, appears and we will able. $69,000 MLS¹ • Attached 2-car ga- $129,900 541-504-5393 MLS¹ 201207074 Land & Homes 201106095 Older manufactured Princ. Broker Call Marilyn Rohaly, be happy to fix it as rage+ shop area Call Kerry at Real Estate home on 1+ ACRE 541-536-1731 Juniper Realty, Driveway in place. 7981 s oon a s w e ca n . • Front deck and rear Broker, 541-322-9954 541-815-6363 541-504-5393 LOT, Idleway Acres. John L. Scott Real SW High Cone. Deadlines are: WeekPowell Butte! 10 Acre! FIND IT! patio Cascade Realty, Call Virginia, Estate, Bend $29,900. days 11:00 noon for Views! $815,900. Call Marilyn R ohaly, BUY IT! 541-536-1731 Principal Broker SW D O V E R D . M t. MLS¹201003931 next day, Sat. 11:00 Spacious 3863 sq. ft. Broker, 541-322-9954 SELL IT! 541-350-3418 Washington & Three Call Melody Curry custom home, g o r32.42 Acres in Urban a.m. for Sunday and L. Scott Real Redmond RE/MAX Sisters views from this John bought a new boat? 541-771-1116 geous kitchen, 560 The Bulletin Classifieds Growth Bou n dary, Monday. Estate, Bend Just Land & Homes 6.1 acre property with Sell your old one in the Crooked River Realty 541-385-5809 sq. ft. office, RV bldg., Yellow Jacket Cabin Adjacent t o The classifieds! Ask about our Real Estate power installed. Close Thank you! shop, & more. Ask for $295,000 Nice flat lot in Terreb- Greens, kitty corner to The Bulletin Super Seller rates~ to t h e De s c hutes Snowberry Village ¹70 Classified Extensive Fe a t ureJust short drive from 5 Acres ln Paradise onne, .56 a c r es, new Ridgeview High River and Steelhead 541-385-5809 $69,500 Sheet $815,900. School. $59 9 ,000. Burns, OR this com- p aved s t reet, a p Acres - $425,000 Falls. $99,500 MLS¹ • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, MLS¹201106428 MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 pletely rem o deled proved fo r Perfect small acreage c a p -fill Mountain Views! 201205646 attached 2-car garage Snowberry Village ¹16 Call Virginia, Pam Lester, Principal cabin ha s it all! septic, utilities are at just outside of Burns. $103,000 Juniper Re a lty,• 1248 sq. ft. 1993 Sil- Enjoy the carefree lifPrincipal Broker B roker, Century 2 1 Comes c o m pletely 3 bdrm, 2 bath beauthe lot line. $42,000. 3.39 acres with crazy 541-504-5393 estyle at Bend's pre541-350-3418 vercrest furnished, 1030 sf, 2 MLS 32 0 1 2001172 Gold Country Realty, t iful n e we r h o m e. Redmond mountan views! • Large l iving room, mier 55+ community RE/MAX bd plus loft, '/4 bath. Pam Lester, Principal Inc. 541-504-1338 Cathedral archways & Owner will carry. n ear m edical a n d dining area Land 8 Homes Sleeps 11. Propane B roker, Century 2 1 $39,900 - 1.46 acre, flat Find It in vaulted ceil i ngs. MLS¹201100748 • Vaulted c e i lings, shopping. ImmacuReal Estate heat plus Stone fireH ardwood floo r s , Gold Country Realty, building lot a d joins Call Travis Hannan, late 3 b e d room, 2 The Bulletin Classifieds! Sunny windows Solid hickory cabin- Priced to Sell $199,900 place. Large covered Inc. 541-504-1338 bath features sepaPrincipal Broker, g reenbelt. Wat e r / 541-385-5809 • FA heat & heat pump deck. Solar power. etry. Dble car garage Spacious 3 bdrm, 2 ~/~ 541-788-3480 r ate d i ning r o o m, power available at The Highlands at Bro(A/C) Located on 1.5 acres. w/ extra room & work- bath home in Highhuge kitchen with isRedmond RE/MAX road. • Front porch and large ken top, 1 0 a c res, Rare opportunity to bench area. Also a SW Geneva View Rd. land Ranch Estates Land & Homes land, master suite with MLS¹201207930 back deck gated, private well, own this kind of rec40 x 60 shop w/ office, on 1.08 acres. SpecT errebonne. L e v e lCall Marilyn Rohaly, g arden t u b , sta l l Real Estate Call Nancy Popp, utilities at lot, applicabathroom, 3 lofts. Full tacular view. M a ny r eational retreat o n 1.14 acres that will be shower, Vaulted ceil541-815-8000 Jacket Reser- tion for cap-fill septic. Crooked Dove Rd., Terreb- easy to build on. Well Broker, 541-322-9954 RV hookup. Fenced updates win d ows, Yellow ings, wood laminate River Realty NW $535,000. MLS voir! onne. Private w ell, treed with an abun- John L. Scott Real pasture for your ani- hardi-plank siding & FA heat 8 AC. Bend floors, ¹ 201200937. Pam 4 .38 Acre v i e w l o t p ower 8 septic i n - dance o f wil d l ifeEstate, mals. Property that metal roof. Nice patio Jett Blackburn Real C overed dec ks . Lester, Principal BroEstate, 541-573-7206 has it all! backs BLM, Cascade stalled! L e ve l 5 . 12 passing thro u gh. o ff th e h u g e r e c . $94,500. Call Manlyn ker, Century 21 Gold acres wit h s e veral mtn & S m ith Rock Jett Blackburn Real MLS¹ Rohaly, Broker, room. D b l . garage The Bulletin Suntree Village ¹94 Country Realty, Inc. views. Corner lot, ap- building sites with Mtn $41,500 Estate, 541-573-7206 201102002 541-322-9954 plus 20x36 shop & 3 $44,500 To Subscribe call 541-504-1338 views. All it needs is proved for standard Juniper Realty, John L. Scott RE bay carport. • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths 541-385-5800 or go to 8996 SW Panorama Rd 541-504-5393 Jett Blackburn Real Three 9148 sq.ft. FLAT septic. $199,000. MLS your dream h ome. • 1661 sq.ft. Fuqua Custom 2034 sq ft , 4 MLS¹ ¹2809381 Pam $96,500 Estate, 541-573-7206 lots, cul-de-sac, utili• Extensively updated 780 b edroom, 2.5 b a t h SW River Rd. Exc. view • All new paint-in and ties stubbed into PUE, Lester, Principal Bro- 20120135 764 Mfd./Mobile Homes home built in 2 0 06 Price Reduction!!! PanJuniper Realty, ker, Century 21 Gold from top of property. out! close to West Canoramic Views! Great Farms & Ranches 541-504-5393 w ith Mtn v iews o n with Land 2.79 acres w alking • Newer heat pump yon Rim Park and ac- Country Realty, Inc. 1.53 acres. Many up- location 3 miles NW of 541-504-1338 distance to the Des- • Newer wood laminate cess to the Dry CanRedmond - $97,000 graded features in- Redmond. Views of Ranch in Powell Butte chutes River & Steel- floors 8 n e w v i nyl, 5 ACRES with mounyon trail. $35,000, to $49,900 - 5 Acre cor- 2.59 acres close to Ro ck & clude: hickory cabi- Smith $925,000. Pride of Falls. Hike, bike, n ew s h ower a n d tain views. 3 bdrm, 2 MLS¹ $50,000. ner lot. Near public t own. O w ne r wil l head Cu s t om ownership/Borders nets, granite counter O chocos. b ath, 1 62 0 h o m e, ride horses, fly fish. more! 2 01207687, 92 a n d carry. BLM. Feed Lot, hay land & river. Level for t ops, alder t rim & built 2478 sq. ft. home 36x40 shop, fenced, Quiet & natural set- • Vaulted ceilings-new 94. Pam Lester, MLS¹201100751 building. Neighboring Barn, Equip. Shed Principal Broker, Cendoors, hardwood & tile on 4.74 acres. 1800 irigated, ext. sprinkler ting is ideal for vaca- windows Call Travis Hannan, Pwr to property. floors. Th e m a ster sq. ft. shop w/RV bay. MLS¹201206082 system. $27 9 ,000. tions or year round tury 21 Gold Country well. Call Marilyn Rohaly, Principal Broker, MLS¹201109114 4 .74 a c r es . ML S Vicci Bowen bath has a garden tub MLS 2809225. Pam living. $49,000 MLS¹ Realty, Inc. Broker, 541-322-9954 541-788-3480 ¹201202726 541-410-9730 Call Nancy Popp, with tile surround & Lester, 541-504-1338 201009429 541-504-1338 John L. Scott Real Redmond RE/MAX 541-815-8000 $397,000! Central Oregon Realty separate tile shower. C entury 2 1 , Go l d Juniper Realty, Estate, Bend Land 8 Homes John L. Scott Real EsCrooked River Realty Group, LLC $250,000 773 County Realty 541-504-5393 Real Estate tate 541-548-1712 MLS¹ 201208347 771 Acreages 51366 Riverland, Juniper Realty, Serenity and Privacy on La Pine. 1 acre, Lots 541-504-5393 4.62 acres. Comfort$48,900, 1-acre. Moungarage, w/ non livable 3 b edroom, 2 tain views. able trailer. $28,000. 9.33 acres in P owell Seller offering b ath home a n d a $55,000 MLS¹201206664 541-659-1416 Butte - 4 bdrm, 2.5 e xcellent t erms t o 30x40 shop with overCall Linda Lou qualified buyer. Great b ath, 1928 s q . f t . , Broker, $58,000 Westerly Cas3-car garage, barn, sized RV door. Build location on J u niper Day-Wright, cade view 1 acre lot 541-771-2585 custom home Glen Circle. Flat lot shop, with RV door. Ir- your with wate r /power brea t htaking next to walking trail. Crooked River Realty rigated. $35 9 ,000 with a vailable a t roa d . MLS ¹ 2 0 1 2 037129 views of the Cascade Eagle Crest is a Re G randfathered-in R V Standard septic apPam Lester, Principal mtns. or enjoy as is. sort Destination with lot, come camp or proval. $249,000 B roker, Century 2 1 three sports centers, b uild y o u r dr e a m MLS¹201205389 MLS¹201205440 Gold Country Realty, D8D t hree 18 h o l e g o lf PeOPle HelPing PeOPle Buy HomeS SinCe 1987 Call Nancy Popp, Realty Group LLC courses and central to home. Septic/Power/ Inc. 541-504-1338 W ater. $57,9 0 0 541-815-8000 866-346-7868 Bend, Redmond, and MLS¹201207367 Crooked River Realty BETWEEN BEND & Single level on 1 acre, 3 Sisters. Home-ID 963. Linda Lou Day- Wright, 685 SE Third St, Bend, OR 97702 j 541-318-5500 j NMLS¹89511/ML-3213-10 REDMOND Eagle Crest Proper bdrm, 2 b ath, 1716 $59,900 - 1.62 acre flat Broker, 541-771-2585 Terrific location - 4 sq.ft., master separa- ties 866-722-3370 l ot with s om e i m Crooked River Realty bdrm, 1 ba th in tion, office, fenced, p rovements for R V I ,' I I I 2,888y sq.ft. home on f lower garden, R V Lot 10 Gross Drive, 1 Nice mountain views, u se. P e rfect, f l a t acre just outside Sun5.75y acres. A parking. 3.09-acres. $95,950. $ 1 4 5,000. river. $49,500. High building site. Adjoins Country feel but close MLS MLS¹201101554 ¹ 20 1 0 07848. Lakes Realty 8 Propgreenbelts. to t ow n a m enities. Pam Lester, Principal erty Call Linda Lou MLS¹201205397 Man a gement Day-Wright, Super fireplace w/rock B roker, Century 2 1 Broker, Call Nancy Popp, surround for a m b i- Gold Country Realty, 541-536-0117 541-771-2585 541-815-8000 a nce, plus a L o p i Inc. 541-504-1338 $ 79,000 Bu i l d y o u r Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty Woodstove that can Dream home on this heat the whole house. S pectacular views o f Advertise your car! .41 acre flat lot. Per Three acres flat property perfect to build Add A Picture! Great room floor plan the Cascade Mtns & fect building site with on. $59,900. Reach thousands of readers! D eschutes Riv e r . w/living room 8 t he b ac k o f yo u r MLS¹201205386 Call 541-385-5809 Custom home situkitchen having house overlooking the The Bulletin Classifieds Call Julie Fahlgren, ated on 2 . 3 a c r es babbling creek, morn wide-plank floors of w/300' of river frontreclaimed pine. Dising sun an d p e ek Broker, 541-550-0098 S W P a norama a ge. 2937 s q . f t . -a-boo mtn views from Crooked River Realty 8589 tressed maple cabiRoad. 1.169 acres, w/hardwood, c r own the front. All utilities Lot 1200 Beal Road. 40 mtn. views and close nets in Kitchen with 1 1 /2 t hi c k slat e moulding, w ainscot- on the property line. acres surrounded by to pasture. $40,500. counters. If you like a ing 8 m u c h m o re! This is the perfect lot!! BLM. $89,900. High ,500 MLS¹201105165 MLS¹201208388 cozy country f e el. Home-ID 973 Realty & Prop- C all M e lody C u r ry You've got it!! Beau- $699,000 J oh n L. Eagle Crest Properties Lakes erty Man a gement 541-771-1116 E s t a te 866-722-3370 tiful Cascade Moun- Scott R e a l Crooked River Realty 541-536-0117 tain Views. 2 corrals, 541-548-1712 $96,000 Ochoco Moun pond, shared lake, 3 View Property tains v iews, l a rge Public Notice acres of irrigation, 2 2.49 acres between 13,585 sq. ft. corner Notice is hereby given that the State of stall barn. $375,000 Bend & R e d mond, homesite o n the Oregon through its Department of AdministraMLS ¹201205878 1998 home, dbl gaRidge side of Eagle tive Services, proposes to sell the following Bobbie Strome, rage, insulated heated Crest Resort. 3 golf described property AS IS located in Bend, Principal Broker /cooled office/ work- c ourses, indoor 8 Oregon: John L Scott Real room with full b ath outdoor tennis, pools, Estate 541-385-5500 separate from house, basketball, r a c quet Bend Telecoms site Concrete RV pad and ball, a day spa, res Complete Package! Map Tax Lot: s everal hook u p t aurants & mor e . Great place 15 miles 181206D 00400, Deschutes County, Oregon *Evergreen HomeLoans is a registered trade name of Evergreen Moneysource Mortgage Company. NMLS ID 3182 spots. $180,000 Close to D eschutes from town for someMLS¹201205184 River, Mt. B achelor The property is located at 1008 y2 Emkay o ne w/ h o rses o r Call Kelly Starbuck, a nd Hoodoo. All re small herd of cattle. Drive, Bend, Oregon. The parcel is 0.17 acres Principal Broker, sort amenities in (7554 SF). This was formerly the State's tele160 acres with 158 541-350-341 9 cluded. Home-ID 847 acres g oo d n a t ive Redmond RE/MAX communications hub for central Oregon. The Eagle Crest Properties telephone equipment asbeen removed and p asture w / bu n c h Land 8 Homes 866-722-3370 grass. Nice 3 bdrm, the building is empty. The site includes a 24' x Real Estate 1 ~4 bath M H w i t h 14' concrete block building built about 1989. 51881 Fordham Drive. nicely lan d scaped R eady to b u il d a t Also included is a separate 60kW 3-phase 763 to the LOan OffiCerS of EVergreen yard. 1200 sq.ft. shop C rescent Cree k . generator, and parking for 3-4 vehicles on the w/new 240 sq.ft. of- Recreational Homes access road. It is currently zoned Light Indus$29,000. High Lakes Home Loans for being the ¹1 retail fice 8 lean-to. 3 bay & Property Realty 8 Pro p erty trial (LI. machine shed with 2 Management horse stalls & lean-to, $169,900 - Chalet on Minimum acceptable proposal to purchase is 541-536-0117 corrals with holding 5.98 acres. Finished $30,000.00 for the land and building alone, Crook Counties for 201 1. 208 2nd Ave, Culver pens. $265,000 daylight b a s ement, and $42,000 including the generator set. The Level city lot in the wood fireplace, forced Jett Blackburn Real terms of the sale will be cash. Each bid pro(information based on purchaseunits fundedper county recordings.) Estate, 541-573-7206 air heat, deep garage, heart of Culver. All posal received must be accompanied by a yI u tilities ar e a t t h e security deposit in favor of the State of private, park-like set0 Custom built home with ting. Perfect vacation street ready to be inOregon through its Department of Administrastalled. This lot just hardwood floors, up- home. tive Services, of not less than 10% of the needs y o u r new amount of such bid proposal. The Department I graded lighting and MLS¹201209404 home. $38,200 appliances. Recently Call Nancy Popp shall reserve the right to accept or reject any MLS¹ 201203505. painted an d n i c ely Broker, 541 815-8000 bid proposal and for good cause, all proposals. Juniper Realty maintained home on Crooked River Realty 541-504-5393 2+ acres. Watch the In accordance with ORS 273.780, the sale of sunset an d w i ldlife N orth P o well Bu t t e this property does NOT include the mineral Sell an Item f rom y o u r dec k ! rights. Separate application to the Department Acreage 3 LOTS! MLS¹201208145 3 buildable, rare, North of State Lands must be made for the mineral $237,000 P owell Butte C a s - rights. D&D Realty Group LLC cade Mountain views. 866-346-7868 For more information or to submit Quiet area. Call a bid proposal, please contact: Vicci Bowen If it's under$500 Great Country home Department of Administrative Services 541-410-9730 has fenced property Fred Lord you can place it in Central Oregon Realty for animals. WonderFacilities Division, Statewide Property Services Group, LLC ful location and a nice The Bulletin 1225 Ferry Street SE, U100 shop area. Ready for $75 000 - Nice mtn. Salem, Oregon 97301-7210 Classifieds for: a family wanting to views. 5.64 acres. LoKevin Pangle Mark Long live on acreage and cated in a cul-de-sac. Linda Fisher-Berlanga Phone number (503) 373-7063 have room to spread $10 • 3 lines, 7 days MLS¹2609088 NMLS¹89521 NMLSA'210118 NMLSA'208965 Fax number (503) 373-7210 out. MLS¹201209328 Call Linda Lou Web site: $16 • 3 lines, 14 days Bend/Redmond Bend/Redmond Bend/Redmond Day-Wright, $249,900 property D&D Realty Group LLC (Private Party ads only) Broker, 541-771-2585 sales.shtml 866-346-7868 Crooked River Realty ,



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IndependentlyOwned and Operated


B' tncwwt'(7



g;-'g„,".g,,' PRIME COMMERCIALCENTERI $6,590,000 • Convenient location



%41-419-8900 • MLS 201300631


If> a


AWBREY VILULGE I $849,900 • 4043 sq. ft.


• I 6.25 acres • Development opportunity • Near parkway I shopping


• Close to The Old Mill District • 3.54 acres 541-419-8900 • MLS 201300756

,' A

NE REDMOND I $890,000


• 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath • 2007 COBA TourHome™ • MLS 201300838



541.788.QQ29 f • MLS 201300849

541 383.4361



gImIXggg+ • Cascade Mountain views


SAGEWOOD I $315,000




• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Convenient SWBendlocation 541.322.15pp • MLS 201300888


• Bachelor to Jefferson views 541-610-7318 • MLS 201106412

• End of street privacy

• MLS 201300883

• MLS 201300794


CASA MARIPOSAI $3,990,000 • 8676 sq. ft. MEGAN POWER, BROKER , GRI, CDPE • 7 bedroom, 7,5 bath

MADRAS I $83,200 • 1916 sq. ft. • 4 bedroom, 2 bath


3 bedroom' 2.5 both • Custom Gary Laursen built




AWBREY BUlTE I $450,000



SISTERS I $824000


4 bedroom, 4.5 bath • 20 acres GRI CppE 541.383 4344 • MLS 201200880

• Mountain and city views


541 63g.614p • MLS 201204524

QQQ QQQ 0000 QI / . sy

i Py rs

c t

" i':


11.27 ACRES I $644,000 DAWN ULRICKSO, BROKER, CRS', g Direct BLMaccess GRI SFR'



• 2516 sq. ft. new construction


• 3 bedroom, 3 bath

• Prime GreenwoodAvelocation

DIANEROBINSON, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKER,ABR


541-419-8165 • MLS 201209414

541.815-p436 • MLS 201203206


• Single level, 3 car garage

•,46 acre lot

541 588-0687 • MLS 201300725

541 61p.g427 g 'MLS 201206478




' 3790 sq. ft. Iog home • 3 bedroom, 3.5 both

• Sub-let posstbtltttes

I SISTERS I $549,000 • 3000 sq. ft. MARK VALCESCHINI, • 3 bedroom, 2 bath P.C., BROK ER, • 6.75 acres, barn CRS,GRI 541-383-4364 • MLS 201205094








SW BEND I $465,000

NW BENDI $495,000

DEBBIE JOHNSON • 3035 sq. ft, townhome • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath BROKER • Close to the Rivertrail 541-480-1293 • MLS 201203181


• fumalo Creek flowsthrough property + Borders National Forest

541 48p.7647 • MLS 201209443


• 2500 sq. ft. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath


DIANELOZITO, • 3 bedroorn, 2.5 bath BROKER 541 548.3598 • 9 acres with Cascade views 541 3p6.9646 • MI.S 201208655

• Widg< Creek townhome

541-480-2269 • MLS 201300263

SUNRISE VILLAGEI $449,900 • 2109 sq. ft. BONNIE SAVICKAS, • 3 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER • .33of an acre

541-408-7537 I • MLS 201300729

!I Mt: t


III ::%~


7j ct y n":



I • B ~l •


AWBREY VILlAGE I $444,ppp 4 bedroom, 2 bath CATHYpELNERO •' 2818 sq. ft. BROKER

WESTHILLSI $434,900 • 3214 sq. ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath




• Earth Advantage

CHRISNHARTMAN- • 4 bedroom, 2 bath DECOUR CEY, • 4.78 acres, pond BROKER 541.312.7263 • MLS 201206420

• Custom Built

• .29 acre lot

541.41p.528p • MLS 201300043



• MLS 201209333



• MLS 201208464


• 3 bedroorn, 2.5 bath • .50acre lot 541.48Q 21Q2 • MLS 201201006





Wi.*~ s , n ::

t =- ~

e e~ e~


h msfsFd



• 4 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER

• 2.96 flat acres 541.948.Q997 • MLS 201209541


• 3110 sq. ft. JANESTRELL • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath BROKER,ABR,GRI

541 24'I.Q432 • MLS 201300330

541-948-7998 • MLS 201106138

• DR Horton built



NICOLEITE JONES, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKFR '

541-408-1511 • MLS 201300768




SUNDANCE I $329,000

• 3 bedroorn, 2.5 bath • Cascade Mountain views

~ m • Im

Kl K3


• . I 3 acre lot

• Bare land • .25 of an acare BROKE R IIImgmmg+ • Close to Tumalo Creek 5~480.1gl~ • 18 959 Squirrel Tail Loop


j • R NN 0•



OOKESTATES I $224,900 g MILLBR sq. ft. new construction DARRINKE LLEHER) •• 31605 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKER t Close to Old Mill District IIsmIIIstt~sgg 541 788 QQ29 • • MLS 201209384

WEST BROOKVILLAGEI $219,500 • 1641 sq. ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath


• New construction

541-390.5349 • MLS 201208267

MADRASI $194,900

NE BENDI $185,000

NE BEND I $192,000

• 1962 sq ft. • 3 bedroom 2.5 b«h • Beautiful hardwood floors 541-383-4334 • MLS 201209025 DARRYLDOSER, BROKER,CRS


• 2 bedroom, 2 bath • Turn key property 541.41p.gp45 • MLS 201204680 '



• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • .15 acre lot

541-312-4Q44/ •MLS 201208886


sLB *




NE BEND I $175,000


• 19.62 acres CAROLY NPRIBORSKY, Mountain views P.C., BROK ER,ABR, • Beautiful Cascade • Gently sloped property CRS • MLS 201205095 ~541.383.4350

LYNNECONNELLEY ECOBROKER, ABR • Cascade Mountain views • Level parcel CRS

541 4p8.672p • MLS 201300243

SE BENDI $132,287



• Tropical Beach Tanning

AWBREY BUTTELOTI $108,000 • 75 acre lot


TENBR OEK- HIIBE • 2 bedroom, I bath GROUP,LLC


541.28p.7774 • MLS 201205145

541-550.4944 • MLS 201202090

541.28p.6148 • MLS 201203022


• Mid-town location

• Established clientele

Pilot Butte (k ci y views • Near trails

( t

r$ ~

ie8S~~A',::,:,."'"'k= ~




• Cascade Mountain views BROKFR 541 61p.7318 • Crooked River views 541.788.3678 • MLS 2704850



• .47acre lot • Golf Course & eastern views • Easy access to Hwy 97

54'1.39p.9598 • MLS 201204299


• Backs DeschutesNational Forest • Big Deschutes River

541 383.4342 • MLS 201209006



g Pg


I acre, level lot • Build your dream retreat BROKER , GR! • Deschutes River I National Forest 541-48p.93QQ • MLS 201208695




• Bring your Rv • Close to lakes 541.35Q-4772 • MLS 201206354

February 16 - 22, 2015




' /g t)

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I M S C H A L A H R 0 L I C 0 E MM A 0 R D E A D T 0 0 L M E N A D B A R S NO D U E H A D E L K M E L E L E V E 0 8 T E V C A T 0 S E K A H N T N


0 VV N N E X T

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"— Anything ..." 19. Forever and

a day 21. Golf course score 22. Jennifer Lawrence movie,

"Winter's —" 23. Military missions 25. Actress

January 26. Super Bowl spots 27. "Rah'sw opposite? 28. "The Bad News —" 31. Cable channel,

Comedy35. Tatum and Malik 36. Blemish 37. "Today" host Kotb 38. Wait 39. Golfer Vijay 41. "The Hunger

Games" weapon 42. Tooth surface 44. "— Family" 46. Part of "CSIw 47. Cognizant 48. Ms. Perry 49. "America's

— Top Model"

DOWN 1. Mary-Louise of


2. Whoopi's "Sister —" 3. "Star Trek: — Space Nine" 4. 1981 Bill Murray movie 5. "Titanic" victim John Jacob6. Catch sight of

7. George

Clooney's "Up in the —" 8. CBS series, "— of Interest" 9. Coen brothers hit film 11. Sawyer of ABC 12. Partiality 14. Salon

supplies 17. "Leaving — Vegas" 20. "Dancing With the —" 22. "Hazel" actress Shirley 24. Name tags, etc. 25. Mr. Voight 27. Director Ingmar

28. Foundation 29. Gray and Moran 30. Assault 31. "Catch Me If You —" 32. Actor Duvall 33. Puton a pedestal 34. Croquet area 36. Ms. Cyrus 39. Shipped 40. Inventor Elias 43. Torch song, d C ry Rive r " 45. Mr. Shepard of "Parenthood"





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38 42






41 45


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KATU News This Morning - Sat (N) n «

The Celebrity C r iminal Minds HopelessTheBAU Criminal Minds The teamsuspects a Criminal Minds Akiler findsvictims on Flipping VegasCountry ClubHouse A Flipping Vegas A hugehomecreates B u cket List goe s on a manhunt. n '14' cc rock star of murder. '14' cc the Internet. n '14' cc golf courseproperty. 'PG' huge pains. 'PG' cc The Rifleman The Rifleman The Rifleman The RiflemanThe The Rifleman The **** "Planetof theApes" (1968, Science Fiction) Charlton Heston, RoddyMcDowall, Kim Hunter "Beneath Planetof 'AMC 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Apes" Visitor 'PG' Her o 'PG' Astronautscrash ona world ruledby intelligent simians. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Big Cat Diary 'G' Big Cat Diary 'G' Pit Boss TheBossIs Back n 'G' M u s t Love Cats n 'PG' cc Pit Bulls and Parolees PG cc Pit Bulls and Parolees PG cc Pit Bulls and Parolees 'PG' cc BRAVO 137 44 * * *"Sleepl essinSeattle"(1993,Romance-Comedy)TomHanks,MegRyan. Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Social Hour n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 4052 WeightLoss Dancer's Body Paid Program TRIA Cook Safe PMD Zumba Fit Get Sub D CleanHome C o ok Safe Jillian Michaels Insanity Workout CNN 55 38 35 48 Mozambique Y o ur Bottom C N N Saturday Morning (N) CNN Newsroom(N) Your Money(N) CNN Newsroom Backstage Pass Insanity! Paid Program Cindy Crawford Comedy Central (8:45) * f My Best Friend's Girl" (2008)DaneCook, KateHudson,Jason Biggs. cc COM 135 53 135 47 Zumba Fit Goods: LiveHard" COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW High School Basketball Bend atSummit Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Future of the Postal Service (N) State of State (9:40) State ofthe State Budget Outlook (N) 'DIS 87 43 1439 Octonauts n ' Y' MickeyMouse Doc McStuffins Mickey Mouse Never Land Sofia the First Phineas, Ferb Gravity Falls 'Y7' Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « Jessie n 'G' « *DISC 156 21 16 37 CookSafe Get Sub D De e pClean Pai d Program n WEN Hair Care Nutribullet Africa BehindtheScenes 'G' cc Afr i ca Cape n 'G' cc Africa Kalahari n 'G' cc *E! 136 2 5 Cin dy Crawford Supersmile To o Young to Kill: 15 Shocking Crimes '14' Chasing The C h asing The F a shionPolice'14' E! News(N) ESPN 21 23 22 23 SportsCenter cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc College GameDay(N) (Live) cc College Basketball Villanovaat Connecticut (N) (Live) College Basketball ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (5:00)CollegeBasketballacc SportsNation « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « College Basketball Xavier atDayton(N)(Live) College Basketball NBA cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:30)30for30 Can'tBlame... N BAFromChicago. cc NBA First-roundplayoff game5, played 5/7/89. « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 Interruption Aro und the Horn H-Lite Ex. SportsCenter « SportsCenter « SportsCenter ©c ** "BeverlyHills Chihuahua"(2008)Piper Perabc, JamieLeeCurtis ** "101 Da/malians (1996) GlennClose FAM 67 29 19 41 Clean Homes! Protect Family * * " Garfield: A TailofTwoKitties"(2006) FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00)FOXandFriendsSaturday B u l lsandBears Cavuto/Business Forbes on FOX Cashin'In (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Journal Editorial FOX News *FOOD 17762 98 44 SayNotoBotox! Say No to Botox! Barbecue Addi. Guy's Big Bite Best- Made B'foot Contessa Giada at Home Best Thing Ate Best Dishes Best Dishes Pioneer Wo Trisha's Sou FX 131 TRIA Insanity Workout How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men UFC Primetime Two/Half Men HGTV 176 49 33 43 Cindy Crawford Top Chef Meals! Disaster DIY 'G' Leave-Bryan Buying and Selling 'G' cc Property Bro P r operty Bro Bath Crashers Bath Crashers Yard Crashers Kitchen Crash. *HIST 155 42 41 36 Superfood Nuwave Modern Marvels 'G' cc Lost Magic Decoded'PG' cc Sold! 'PG' cc Sold! 'PG' cc Sold! 'PG' cc Sold! 'PG' cc LIFE 138 39 20 31 NewKeurig Nopalea with M u ffin Top? 'G' Norris Gym Pretty Woman EasyMeals Dan cer's Body Paid Program Zumba Fit WEN Hair Care Old Christine Old Christine MSNBC 59 59 128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N) Mel i ssa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) MSNBCLive (N) *** "NickandNorah's Infinite P/ay/isi" (2008) MichaelCera. n MTV 192 22 38 57 16andPregnantlzabella'14'« 16an d PregnantKaylan'14'« 16 and Pregnant Cleondra n '14' Snooki NICK 82 46 24 40 Rugrats n 'Y' R u grats n 'Y' O d d Parents O d d Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob Spongegob S p ongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob T eenageMut. Teenage Mut Dr. Phil Lost libidos. n 'PG' cc Dr. Phil n 'PG' cc Home MadeSimple n cc Shocking Family Secrets n '14' Sh o cking Family Secrets n '14 OWN 161103 31 103 Dr. Philn'PG' cc Pac-12 Playbook Pac-12 Playbook Pac-12 Playbook PAC12 47 310310310 Pac-12 Playbook The 12 Best College Basketball Oregonat Washington SPIKE 132 31 34 46 TummyTuck Norris Gym C o ok Safe DeepClean Insanity Workout Paid Programn Xtreme 4x4'G' HorsepowerTV Trucks! 'G' « MuscleCar'G' T attoo Night. T a ttoo Night. SYFY 133 35 133 45 No Defrosting Kitchen Cook Safe Zumba Fit EasyMeals Save-CarMD Total Blackout Total Blackout Total Blackout Wrong Turn 4:BloodyBeginnings" (2011) « TBN 205 60 130 The Lads TV (El) Auto B. Good'G' Come on Over Mary.Hopkins Lassie 'G' cc VeggieTales 'Y' 3-2-1 Penguins! God Rocks! 'Y Monstertruck Davey 8 Goliath Ishine Knect 'G Insp. Station *** "ThePursuitofHappyness" (2006) Married... With Married... With Home Improve- Home Improve Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry's MeetAre WeThereYet? According to Jim King of the NerdsIntelligenceand 'TBS 'PG' n 'PG Children n 'PG' ment 'G' « n 'PG' cc ment 'G' « House of Payne the Browns teamworkare required. '14' Will Smith. « Rain (1952) Gene (5:30) ** "CabinintheSky" (1943, (7:15) **** "Onthe Town"(1949)GeneKelly, Frank Sinatra, Ann Miler. Three **** "An Americanin Paris" (1951)GeneKelly, Leslie Caron. AGl stays in Paris **** Smgrn rn the TCM Musical) EthelWaters. « sailors on leavesearchfor a subwayposter girl. «(DVS) to paint andfalls in love with a youngwoman. «(DVS) Kelly. «(DVS) *TLC 178 34 32 34 Insanity Workout Skin Secrets Z u mba Dance T R IA Insanity Workout Say No to Botox! Lottery ChangedMyLife n 'PG' L o t tery Changed Life Myn 'PG Lottery Changed MyLife n 'PG Dallas FalseConfessionsChristopher Monday Mornings Sydneyenlists Southl and BatsandHatsJohnCooper Law & Order DopedAsuspicious nasal ** "Armored" (2009) Matt Dilon. Armored-car officersplan to (11:45) * "Biker *TNT Boyz"(2003) tries to keep a deal alive. '14' Villanueva's help. '14' « clashes with aveteran. '14' spray. n '14' «(DVS) steal fromthe company. « *TOON 84 Looney Tunes LooneyTunes Scan2Go (N) Johnny Testn Beyblade: Metal Pokemon:BW Ben 10 Star Wars: Clone Green Lantern Young Justice Johnny Test 'G' Johnny Test 'G *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Smarter Than? Say No to Pain When Vacations Attack 'PG' « Mys t eries at the Museum 'PG Off Limits 'PG' « Mysteries at the Museum'PG' Bou r dain: No Reservations 3's Company 3's Company 3's Company 3's Company 3's Company TVLND 65 47 29 35 3'sCompany Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Happily Divorced Happily Divorced Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' USA 15 30 23 30 CookSafe CarMD Cook Safe Ski n Scrt EasyMeals Mon tel WilliamsNecessary Roughness 'PG' « NCI S UnSEALed n 'PG' « NCIS ConspiracyTheory 'PG' « VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG' Jump Start n 'PG' Jump Start n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown (N)'PG' Top 20 Video Countdown (N) 'PG' * * "Sl. Elmo's Fire" (1985)n *A&E

30 28 1 8 32 Nopalea with Cheryl Tiegs The Rifleman


106401 306401(5:35) ** "Almost Heroes"1998 104 204104120(5:00) ** "Take aHard Ride 34 (5:00) UFC:Struve vs. Miocic

(7:10) ** "TheF/inlslones" 1994JohnGoodman (8:45) ** "Wafervvorfd"1995 KevinCostner. Aloner navigates afuture world. 'PG-13 (11:05) * "EmpireRecords" 1995 *** "Flaming Star"1960 Elvis Presley.'NR' « *** "SilentMovie" 1976 MelBrooks. 'PG' sa (8:35) ** "GoldenGirl"1951, Musical Mitzi Gaynor,DennisDay.'NR UFC: Franklin vs. LeRichFranklinvs. CungLe.FromMacau, China UFC Prefight Show(N) (Live) 28 301 27 301 EuropeanPGATour Golf Africa Open,Third RoundFromSouth Africa Golf Central P G A Tour Golf Northern Trust Open,Third Round Golf Central HALL 66 33 17533 ILoveLucy' G' I LoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy 'G' I Love Lucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls "Loveis a FourLetter Word" 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 Mercury Rising "CinemaVerite" 2011Diane Lane. n 'NR' cc * "Wrathof theTitans" 2012SamWorthington. n ExtremelyLoud (9:45) *** "While ycu lvere Sleeping"1995 SandraBullock. n 'PG "SpongeBobSquarepants" ***"Bad Boys" 1982SeanPenn.Street fighter becomes kingof reformschool. 'R IFC 1 05 1 0 5 ThreeStooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges * "Wing Commander"1999 FreddiePrinze Jr. cc MAX 400 508 508 Dragon Eyes'R' (6:45) *** f KitKi!!redge: An American Girl" 2008 Abigail Breslin. 'G (10:10) ** "One Day"2011AnneHathaway. n 'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Bill Dance Bass 2 Billfish Curling U.S.Championships:Women'sFinals FromGreenBay, Wisc.(N) (Live) College Basketball La Sallevs. SaintJoseph's FromPhiladelphia. (N) Alaska StateTroopers'14 NGC 157 157 A l aska State Troopers '14' Alaska StateTroopers '14 DoomsdayPreppers '14' DoomsdayPreppers '14 DoomsdayPreppers '14 NTOON 89 115189115 SupahNinjas 'G' Supah Ninjas 'G Power Rangers Power Rangers NFL Rush Zone Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n Planet Sheen n Dragonball GT Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. OUTD 37 307 43 307 Zona's Show P e nn's Big TrevorGowdy Velvick'sEyes Spanish Fly Hook.N-Look Gold Fever Alaskan Alaska Outdoors Major LeagueFishing SHO 500 500 (6:15) ** "VanityFair" 2004,DramaReese Witherspoon, EileenAtkins. n 'PG-13' « (8:45) * "I Don't KnowHowSheDoes i"2011eccs (10:15) *** "My LeftFoot"1989 Daniel Day-Lewis.Premiere. 'R' SPEED 35 303125303 Gearz 'G Hot Rod TV 'PG' Hot Rod TV '14' Guys Garage NASCAR Racing SprintCup:Daytona500, Practice (N)(Live) NASCARLive (N)(Live) NASCARRacing STARZ 300 408 300408 Shanghai Kngls (6:45) ** "Click" 2006,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG-13' « (8:40) ** "Batt/e:LosAngeles" 2011Aaron Eckhart. n 'PG-13' « (10:40) * "That's MyBoy" 2012AdamSandler. 'R' ** "Barnyard:TheOriginal Party Animals" 2006 ** "TheCanlervii/e Ghost" 1996 Patrick Stewart TMC 525 52 5 N i ce Guy Johnny (9:35) ** "Valkyrie" 2008TomCruise, Bill Nighy. n 'PG-13' « ** Barbershop *WE 143 41 174118 Zumba Dance Muffin Top? 'G' Joan 8 Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan Roseanne'PG' Roseannecc Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG


THE BULLETIN • FEBRUARY 16 — 22, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine









Say No to Pain 'G' Wealth Through Secret Millionaire Camping World CEO Paid Program Paid Program 'PG' Trading 'PG' M a rcus Lemoni s. « (ABC) KTVZ O O O O FIS Alpine Skiing Worl Champi d onships RedBull Signature Series From St. Paul, Minn.(N) n cc (NBC) From Schladming,Austria. n PGA Tour Golf NorthernTrustOpen,Third RoundFromRiviera Country Club inPacific Palisades, Calif. (N) (Live) « KBNZ KATU


Fat Loss for Food Boost Your En- Secret Millionaire CampingWorld CEO ESPNSports Saturday (N) Lovers 'G' ergy! Marcus Lemonis'.PG' cc KFXO IIg @ @ @ "Snow Buddies"(2008, Comedy)Dominic Scott Kay,Voicesof JimBelushi. Talk Paid Program Ten Minute Work out 'G' (FOX) ing puppiescompete in a dog-sled race acrossAlaska. KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Fons & Porter's Quilting Arts n Simply Ming n America's Test Sara's Weeknight MotorWeekSRT 'G' cc 'Q' cc Kitchen (PBS) Love of Quilting Meals 'G' Viper (N) n 'G' FIS Alpine Skiing WorldChampionships RedBull Signature Series FromSt. Paul, Minn.(N) n « KGW From Schladming,Austria. n (NBC) Tyler Perry's T y ler Perry's KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q ChatRoom n (El) On the SPot(N) n Star Wars: TheClone Wars'PG 'Q' cc (El) 'G' cc House of Payne House of Payne (CW) OPBPL 175 173 (11:00) AmericanExperience 'PG' wild! Understandingtigers. n 'G' N a t ure cuba's biodiversity. n 'G' KOHD O O O O


II ESPNSports Saturday (N)



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KATU Newsat 5 ABC World News (N)n cc Extra(N) n PG cc

Boost Your En- Free Magic Bullet Ten Minute Work- Paid Program er'gyl out 'G' Exploration Wl Explore the North-Paid Program Paid Program Derm Exclusive- CBS Evening Forget Surgeryc News (N) cc Jarod Miller west Sports Stars of Today's Hom- KEZI 9 Newsat ABC World News Tomorrow 'Y7' eowner 5:00 (N) « * "Sla ckers"(2002,Comedy)DevonSawa,JasonSchwartzman,JamesKing.A NASCARRacing Sprint Cup:The Sprint classmatethreatens to exposecheating college students. Unlimited(N) n (Live) « Woodwright's Rough CutHometime (N) Ask This Old This Old House n The Lawrence 'Q' cc 'Q' cc Shop 'G' cc Welk Show 'G' Woodworking House 'G' cc Paid Program Noodle and T h e Chica Show Pajanimals (El)NewsChannel 'Y 8at NewsChannel8at Doodle (El) 'Y' (N) (El) 'Y' 5PM (N) « 5:3 0 PM (N) Tyler Perry's Meet Tyler Perry's Meet ** "ChancesAre" (1989)Cybill Shepherd,Robert DowneyJr., RyanO'Neal. A the Browns the Browns reincarnatedlawyer stumblesinto hisformerwife's life. « Inside Nature's Giants n 'PG' Richard Bangs' Adventures Essential Pepin Cooking Class

The First 48: Missing Persons Family The First 48: Missing Persons 3:10 to The First 48: Missing Persons A74 30 28 1 8 32 Flipping modest Flipp'n Brother Randy First 48: Missing Persons unsavoryVegas past. 'PAG' cc homehas an My ambitious fixer-upper. 'PG' takes onan The niversary; Checked Out '14' Lost An Matters '14' cc Yuma; Harm'sWay'14' cc year-old woman disappears. '14' ** "Conquestof the Planet oftheApes" (1972)RoddyMcDowall. A chimpanzee (11:30) *** "Beneath thePlanet of the Apes" (1970)James (1:45) *** "Escape FromthePlanet of the Apes" (1971,Science Fiction) RoddyMcDowall, Kim 'AMC Franciscus, KimHunter. « Hunter. Apes fromthe future escapeto 1970sLos Angeles. « leads a revolagai t nst tyrannical humans. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 PitBullsandParolees'PG'cc Pit Bulls and Parolees 'PG' cc Pit Bulls and Parolees 'PG' cc Pit Bulls and Parolees 'PG' cc Pit Bulls and Parolees n 'PG' Pit Bulls and Parolees 'PG' cc BRAVO 137 4 4 Th e Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta The FaceGameOn! 'PG VanderpumpRules '14' VanderpumpRules '14' VanderpumpRules '14' Reba 'PG' « CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot 20Countdown (N) n 'PG' cc (2:45) ** "YoungGuns" (1988)Emilio Estevez,Kiefer Sutherland. n (4:45) ** "YoungGunsil" (1990) Emilio Estevez CNBC 54 36 40 52 Derm Exclusive Insanity Workout Cindy Crawford SuperFood WEN Hair Care Insanity Workout Paid Program John Denver M o ney in Motion How I, Millions Ultimate Factories Heineken 'G CNN 55 38 35 48 (11:30) Fashion: BackstagePass(N) n « Mozambique CNN Newsroom(N) The Situation Room CNN Newsroom(N) Anderson Cooper360 « ** "Coneheads" (1993,Comedy)DanAykroyd, JaneCurtin. « ** "Year One" (2009,Comedy)Jack Black, Michael Cera. cc * AMy BestFriend's Girl" (2008) COM 135 53 135 47 "Goods: LiveHard COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (10:30) BudgetOutlook(N) Military Budget CutsPossibleeffects of military budgetcuts. (N) Communicators News Politics and Public Affairs M e dal of Honor Hillary Clinton 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin&Ally'G' Austinl Ally'G Austin 8 Ally 'G' Wizards-Place Wizards-Place Wizards-Place Good-Charlie G o od-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Goo d -Charlie G o od-Charlie *DISC 156 21 16 37 Fast N'Loudn'14' cc Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Dual Survival TwinPeaks n '14' Du a l Survival n '14' cc *E! giaRule"(2007,Drama)JaneFonda,LindsayLohan. 136 2 5 E! News Special The Soup '14' * "Geor E! Investigates '14 Young, Beautiful & Vanished: 15Unthinkable Crimes '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 College Basketball College Basketball Missouri atArkansas (N) (Live) cc College Basketball Dukeat Maryland(N) (Live) College GameDay(N) (Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 CollegeBasketball College Basketball UCLA at Stanford (N)(Live) College Basketball Detroit Mercyat Valparaiso (N) (Live) College Basketball ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (11:00)NBA « NBA EasternConferencefinals, game 3, fromMay25, 1991. « NBA FromFeb. 7, 1987. « NBA FromFeb. 6, 1988. « SEC Storied ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter « SportsCenter « SportsCenter (N)(Live)D « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « f FAM 67 29 19 41 101 Dalmafians * * " 102Dalmafians"(2000,Adventure) GlennClose, loanGruffudd. ** Richie Rich" (1994,Comedy) Macaulay Culkin, John Larroquette Chronicles oi Narnia:Lion, Witch FNC 57 61 36 50 Stossel America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) FOX Report (N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17762 98 44 Chopped Seasnails in the basket. Su gar Dome (N) Rachael vs.GuyCook-Off Worst Cooks in America 'G' Worst Cooks in America 'G Worst Cooks in America 'G *** "Tropic Thunder" (2008,Comedy)BenStiler, Jack Black, RobertDowneyJr. ** "The A-Team"(2010) LiamNeeson, Bradley Cooper.FormerSpecial Forcessoldiers form arogueunit. FX 131 KnightandDay HGTV 176 49 33 43 House Crashers House Crashers Spontaneous S pontaneous Love Itor Listlt'G' « Cousins on Call JerseyStrong'G Cousins on Call Cousins on Call Cousins on Call Cousins on Call *HIST 155 42 41 36 Sold! 'PG' cc S o ld! 'PG' cc R e storation Res t oration Restoration R e s toration Re s toration Re s toration Restoration R e s toration Re s toration Re s toration LIFE 138 39 20 31 ** "Gracie' "The PregnancyProject" (2012) AlexaVega,Judy Reyes.'PG' « s Choice"(2004)Anne Heche,Diane Ladd.'PG'« Girl, Positive"(2007, Drama)Andrea Bowen,Jennie Garth. '14' « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 (11:00) MSNBCLive(N) Caught on CameraCrowdControl Caught on CameraHostage Caught on CameraBlindsided Lockup OrangeCounty *** "Catfish" (2010,Documentary) n MTV 192 22 38 57 Snooki 10 onTop 'PG' Teen Mom 2Leahrevealsnewsabouther pregnancy. n 'PG Catfi sh:TheTVShow Kya&Alyx NICK 82 46 2440 TheAdventuresofJimmyNeutron PowerRangers SpongeBob Odd Parents O d d Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents iCarly n 'G' cc SpongeBob S p ongeBob Prison WivesJane Bailey n 'PG' Prison Wives Asocial worker. 'PG Prison Wives n 'PG'acc Prison Wives Elli Panitz 'PG' cc OWN 161 103 31 103 Prison WivesDebraWilmont. 'PG' P rison Wives Georgia Benson'PG' PAC12 47 310310310 Women's College Gymnastics ArizonaState at Stanford College Swimming &Diving College Swimming &Diving College Basketball Oregonat WashingtonState (N)(Live) SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Tattoo Night. T a t too Night. T a t too Night. T a t too Night Tattoo Night. T a ttoo Night. Tattoo Night. T a t too Night Tattoo Night. T a ttoo Night. *** "IndependenceDay" n * "The Hills Have Eyes2" (2007) Michael McMilian, JessicaStroup * "Saw iy" (2007)Tobin Bell SYFY 133 35 133 45 Wrong Turn 4 * * " The Hills HaveEyes" (2006) AaronStanford. Bloodthirsty mutants hunt fresh meat TBN 205 60130 Paws & Tal Chr. World News ** "Fireproof" (2008,Drama)Kirk Cameron, ErinBethea In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley es Heroes &LegendsofBible Gaither: Precious Memories **"Stomp fheYard"(2007,Drama)ColumbusShort,MeaganGood,Ne-Yo.A EverybodyLovesFriendsn'PG'«Friendsn'PG'« Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n 'PG' cc 'TBS 6 27 11 2 8 (11:00)***"ThePursuif o/ Happyness"(2006)Will Smith, Jaden ChristopherSyreSmith. « troubled dancerenrolls in college. « Raymond *** "SevenBrides forSevenBrothers" (1954) HowardKeel, JanePowell. Or- **** "Gigi"(1958, Musical) Leslie Caron,Maurice Chevalier. A Gay'90s Parisian **** "Ben-Hur" (1959)Charlton Hes (11:00) **** "Singin'inthe Rain" TCM egon trapper's brotherswoocaptive women. «(DVS) finds hewants tomarry hiswould-be mistress. «(DVS) (1952) GeneKelly. ton, Jack Hawkins. *TLC 178 34 32 34 Lottery Changed My Life n 'PG' L o t tery Changed Life Myn 'PG' L o t tery ChangedLife Myn 'PG' L o t tery Changed Life Myn 'PG Lottery ChangedMy Life n 'PG Lottery Changed MyLife n 'PG (11:45) *"BikerBoyz" (2003)LaurenceFishburne. A young (I:45) ** "The Book oiEli" (2010,Action) Denzel Washington, GaryOldman,Mila Kunis. A lonewarrior Open Court (N)(Live) « NBA Tip.Off (N) NBA Basketball *TNT man joins theworld of illegal motorcycle racing. carries hopeacross a post-apocalyptic wasteland. «(DVS) (Live) cc *TOON 84 Incredible Crew Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time *TRAV 179 5145 42 Manv.Food'G' Manv.Food'G Man v Food Man v Food E d ge of America Coaster Wars Airport 24/7: Mi Airport 24/7: Mi Airport 24/7: Mi Airport 24/7: Mi Airport 24/7: Mi Airport 24/7: Mi TVLND 65 47 29 35 Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G Roseanne n 'G The CosbyShow USA 15 30 23 30NCISPosthumousaccusation.'PG NCIS Frame-Up n 'PG' « NCIS Mother's Day n '14' « NCIS Capitol Offense n 'PG' cc NCIS Death of apetty officer. 'PG NCIS Heartland n 'PG' cc VHI 191 48 37 54 (11:00) ** "Sf.Elmo's Fire"(1985)RobLowe. n Best WeekEver (2:15) Mob Wives n '14' cc TBA (3:20) MobWives n '14' cc (4:25) *** "8Mile"(2002,Drama)Eminem.n *A&E


106401 306401EmpireRecords (12:35)**"TheFog"2005TomWelling.'PG-13' 104204104120** "Lealherheads"2008 George Clooney.'PG-13'«

(2:15) * "Cold CreekManor" 2003Dennis Quaid. n 'R' « (4:15) *** "The Mask olZorro"1998 Antonio Banderas. n 'PG-13 FXM Presents ** "Radio" 2003,DramaCubaGoodingJrc Ed Harris. 'PG' « FXM Presents * * %v incible" 2006 'PG' « 34 UFC: Baraovs. McDonald (N) (Live) UFC Post Fight Show(N)(Live) U F C Prefight Show UFC: Baraovs. McDonald 28 301 27 301 LPGATour Golf ISPSHandaAustralian Open,Third RoundFromAustralia Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf Champions:ACEGroupClassic, SecondRoundFromNaples, Fla ***"WeddingDaze"(2004,Comedy)JohnLarroquette.'PG'« HALL 66 33175 33 "Loveisa FourLet terWord"'PG' UndercoverBridesmaid"(2012)BrookeBurns, GregoryHarrison. « BeMy Va/enfrne (2013) G « HBO 425 501 425501 (11:30) *** "ExtremelyLoud &incredib/y Close * "Wrath oi theTifans" 2012 SamWorthington. n (I:45) * vRed Riding Hood"2011AmandaSeyfried. n 'PG-13' « (5:15) ** "Monte Carlo" 2011n ** "Lordoi War" 2005Nicolas Cage. A relentless Interpol agent tracksanarms dealer *** "Gangs oiNewYork" 2002 IFC 105 105 (12:15) *** "Layer Cake"2004, CrimeDramaDaniel Craig, ColmMeaney. 'R ** "The Arf oiWar"2000, SuspenseWesley Snipes. n 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 ** "Alienvs. Predator" 2004 SanaaLathan. cc (I:40) *** "The Package"1989GeneHackman. n 'R' cc Larry Crownen NBCSN 27 58 30 209Star-SpangledSundays'G' Curling U.S.Championships:Men's FinalsFromGreenBay, Wisc. (N)(Live) College Basketball Princeton atHarvard(N) (Live) Alaska StateTroopers'14 Alaska StateTroopers '14' NGC 157 157 D o omsday Preppers'14 DoomsdayPreppers'14 DoomsdayPreppers '14 DoomsdayPreppers '14' NTOON 89 115 189 115 Avatar: Air. Ava t ar: Air T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n T.U.F.F .Puppy T.U.F.F.Puppy Odd Parents Odd Parents OUTD 37 307 43 307 Fishing Univ. L i ndners Fish Hook-N-Look B uccaneers Bottom Feeders Familiar Waters Outdoors Flyrod Outdoors Team Journal Outdoors Stev e's Outdoor SHO 500 50 0 * * " The TwilightSaga:BreakingDawn Part I" 2011 Kristen Stewart Inside Comedy *** "The Others" 2001Nicole Kidman. n 'PG-13 (4:15) *** "The WomaninBlack" 2012 Daniel Radcliffe. 'PG-13 SPEED 35 303125303 NASCARRacing NASCARLive ARCA RE/MAXSeries RacingDaytona(N)(Live) NASCARRaceDay(N) (Live) SPEEDCenter AMA Supercross *** "ReignOverMe"2007,DramaAdamSandler. n 'R' « STARZ 300408300408 That'sMyBoy (12:40) *** "Kill Bill:Vol. 2" 2004,Action UmaThurman, David Carradine. n 'R' « (5:10) ** "Click"2006 'PG-13 TMC 525 525 (11:40) ** "Barbershop" 2002Ice Cube. n 'PG-13 Black Filmmaker (1:50) ** "TheYoungAmericans" 1993 'R' « (3:35) *"Twisted"2004AshleyJudd. n 'R' « (5:15) ** "BrightonRock" 2010 *WE 143 41174118 Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne n ' G' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG

TV • PAGE 5 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



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II Jeopardy! (N)n















KATU Newsat 6 Johnny Cash, Wheel of Fortune *** "Harry Potter andthe Chamberof Secrets" (2002, Fantasy)Daniel Radcliffe, RupertGrint, EmmaWatson. A malevo KATU Newsat11 Castle Almost Hank Williams 'G' cc (N) n 'G' lent force threatensthe students at Hogwarts. n « Famous n 'PG' (ABC) (N) n cc (N)n cc KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel21NBCNightly NewsJeopardy! 'G' cc Wheel of Fortune American Ninja Warrior ANW:Best of Chicago Fire A mandies in a fire set by Saturday Night Live Host andmusical NewsChannel 21 (11:29) Saturday 'G' cc (NBC) at 6 (N) cc (N) cc Southeast (N)'PG' a teenager. n '14' guest Justin Bieber 14 « at11 (N) « Nig h t Live '14' Burn Notice Michael is hiredfor anas New Adventures New Adventures Person of Interest Firewall Reesebe- Criminal Minds Beth hassurprising 48 Hours Honor andDishonor Two KOIN Local 6at11 (11:35) Baggage KBNZ '14' cc news forHotch.'14' «(DVS ) wom e n are shotsol byda ier. (N) (CBS) sassination. 'PG' cc of Old Christine of Old Christine comes trappedwith his POI. '14' (N) cc *** "Harry Potter andthe Chamberof Secrets" (2002, Fantasy)Daniel Radcliffe, RupertGrint, EmmaWatson. A malevo KEZI 9 Newsat Fat Loss for Food KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment Tonight (N) n « 11:00 cc Lovers 'G' (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « lent force threatensthe students at Hogwarts. n « KFXO III IEI @ IEI (5:00) NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup:The Criminal MindsCompulsionGideon CSE MiamiMommieDeadest Asubur BonesAdecomposedbodyisfoundin News Channel21 Two andaHalf The Following MadLovePaul reveals (FOX) Sprint Unlimited (N) « must identify anarsonist. n 'PG' ban mother ismurdered. '14' thewoods.n 14 « First on FOX M en '14' cc Jacob's secret. n (PA)'14' yKenzo's AsTimeGoesBy New TricksMovingTargetTheteam Masterpiece Mystery! Drowninginvesti KOAB ~ gy ~ gy (5:30)TheLaw- LastoftheSum Art Wolfe's Trav- Rick Steves' Eu- Globe Trekker PapuaNewGuinea New My Famil 'PG' cc reinvestigates ahit andrun. (PBS) rence WelkShow mer Wine n 'G' els to the Edge rope 'G' cc Bri t ain Island's Dukduk. n 'G' Project gation. n 'PG' cc(DVS) NBC Nightly News Straight Talk Inside Edition Grants Getaways American NinjaWarrior ANW:Best of Chicago Fire Amandies in a fire set by Saturday Night Live Host andmusical NewsChannel 8 at (11:29)Saturday KGW 'PG' Weekend 'PG' Night Live '14' (NBC) (N) cc Southeast(N)'PG' a teenager. n '14' guest Justin Bieber. '14' « 11(N) cc CopsFortW orth, Cops Denver,Colo-That'70sShow n That'70sShow TheJeremy KyleShow Uncledemands KTVZDT2IEI Q Q Q ** "30 years toLile"(2001, Comedy)Erika Alexander, Melissa DeSousa. Black Cheaters (N) n '14' cc '14' « New Yorkersfacecrises asthey approachage30. Texas '14' « rado n '14' Hunting n '14' a paternity test. (N) n 'PG' (CW) **** "OfMiceandMen" (1939) BurgessMeredith, LonChaneyJr. OPBPL 175 173 A d ventures of Sherlock Holmes M u sic Makers U nderground Xerox Rochester Intl. Jazz Festival Austin City Limits (N) 'PG' cc KATU

Flipping VegasStinkHouseAnunholy Flipping Vegas Scott's charitable act Flipping VegasScottpurchasesa mold- Flipping VegasScott tackleshis biggest (11:01) Flipping VegasNastysurprises 3 28 8 1 32 that Flipphas ing Vleegal gaisssues. Grow'P Ho G'useA home stench won't goaway.'PG' comes at acost. 'PG' cc infested home.'PG' cc project. (N) 'PG'cc await in a filthy condo.'PG' ** "Battle forthePlanetofthe Apes" (1973) RoddyMcDowall. Gorila general *** * "Planetofthe Apes"(1968, ScienceFiction) Charlton Heston, RoddyMcDowall, Kim Hunter *** "BeneaththePlanet ofthe Apes" (1970, Science Fic 'AMC houndsapeleader and what's left of humanity. « Astronautscrashona world ruled byintelligent simians. « tion) JamesFranciscus, KimHunter. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Pit BullsandParoleesn'PG Too Cute! ExtraSpecial Pets n 'G' Too Cute! Curious Kittens (N)'G Pit Bulls andParolees(N) n Pit Bulls andParolees(N) n 'PG' Pit Bulls and Parolees n BRAVO 13 Shahs of Sunset '14 ** "HowtoLoseaGuyin10Days"(2003)KateHudson,Matthew McConaughey ** "Howto Lose aGuyrn 10Days" (2003) 44 Sha hs of Sunset '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 youngGunsll (6:45)*"Son-in-Law"(1993,Comedy)PaulyShore,CarlaGugino,LaneSmith.n My Big RedneckVacation (N) 'PG' Swamp Pawn Crawmageddon'PG' My Big Redneck Vacation n 'PG' CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheSuzeOrmanShow(N) « Princess « Princess Mario Ultimate Factories Heineken'G ' T h e Suze Orman Show « Princess cc Pr i ncess Mario Insanity Workout Consumer CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers Morgan Tonight Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Piers MorganTonight CNN Newsroom Anderson Cooper360 « *** "Weddin gCrashers"(2005,Comedy)OwenW ilson,VinceVaughn.« COM 13 53 135 47 (5:00) * "My BestFriend's Girl" (7:15) *** "HotTub TimeMachine" (2010, Comedy)John Cusack, RobCorddry. cc COTV 11 Talk of the TownLocal issues Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors Visions ofNW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show Talk of the TownLocal issues CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Hillary Clinton Apoffo16 Astronaut Charles Duke(N) Medal of Honor Hillary Clinton Apollo 16 Astronaut Charles Duke Marijuana Laws inColo. &Wash. 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin &Affy'G' Jessie'G' « Jes s ie'G' « Goo d -Charlie *** "Despicable Me" (2010),JasonSegel n « Phineas, Ferb Jessie 'G' « Aus t in I Ally 'GGood-Charlie J e s sie G « *DISC 15 21 16 37 Dual SurvivalThe GreenHell'14' Dual Survival Onthe Menun '14' Dual Survival Mars onEarth '14 Dual Survival n '14' cc Dual Survival Meltdown'14' cc Dual Survival n 14 cc *E! 13 25 E! N e ws Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Chelsea Lately The Soup '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketbaff TexasatKansas(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball NHRADragRacing O'Reilly AutoParts Winternationals, Qualifying (N) Basketball 201 2 World Series of Poker as 2012 World Series of Poker « W orld /Poker NBA cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 **** "Hoop Dreams"(1994)Wiliam Gates. Profiles twoChicagoNBAhopefuls fromage14 to18. « NBA NBAFinals, game2. FromJune 5,1991. « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. Hig h light Express(Li (N) ve) ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "Journey totheCenter ol the Earth" (2008) BrendanFraser *** "Beetlejuice" (1988,Comedy)MichaelKeaton, Alec Baldwin. FAM 67 29 19 41 "TheChronicles ol Narnia: TheLion, the Witch andthe Wardrobe FNC 57 61 36 50 JuetiCeWithJudgeJeanine(N) Ge r aldOatLargen'PG'cc Journal Editorial FOX News Jus t ice With Judge Jeanine Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Red Eye *FOOD 17 62 98 44 WorstCooksinAmerica'G Worst Cooks in America 'G Worst Cooks in America 'G' Worst Cooks in America 'G Worst Cooks in America 'G Iron Chef America *** "LiveFree orDie Hard" (2007)BruceWilis, Justin Long.America's computers fall under attack. FX 131 (5:30) ** "Knight andDay"(2010, Action) TomCruise, CameronDiaz. Anger Totally Biased HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I H ou s e Hunters Renovation 'G' Love Itor Listlt'G' « Love It or List It 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Stories from the Road to Freedom (N) 'PG' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 ** f Not Easily Broken" (2009,Drama) Morris Chestnut. « Pastor Brown" (2009,Drama) Salli Richardson-Whiffield. Premiere. « "TwistolFaith"(2013)Toni Braxton,DavidJulian Hirsh. 'PG' « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Lockup Tampa Lockup: RawThe Flip Side Lockup TheCriminal Mind Lockup InsideStateville Lockup Riverbend Lockup Return toValley State MTV 192 22 38 57 Catfish:TheTVShowKim8 Matt C a tfish: TheTVShown Caffish: The TVShown Catfish: The TVShow n Catfish: The TVShow n Catfish: The TVShow n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Squarepants n 'Y7' cc Wendell.yinnie Marvin Marvin SupahNinjas'G' Wendeff -Vinnie The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends Oprah's Next Chapter (N) n 'PG' BlackboardWars (N) n 'PG Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14 Oprah's Next Chapter n 'PG OWN 161 103 31 103Prison Wives TimMcDonald 'PG' O p rah Presents Master Class 'PG' PAC12 47 310310310 The12Best W o men's Soccer Women's CollegeGymnastics UCLAat Oregon State(N) (Live) College Swimming &Diving College Basketball Oregonat Washington State SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:00) *** "IndependenceDay"(1996)Will Smith, Bill Pullman. n (8:05) ** "WalkingTall" (2004)TheRock,JohnnyKnoxvile. n (10:11) **"Walking Tall"(2004)TheRock,Johnny Knoxvile. n * "Saw V"(2008, Horror)TobinBell, Costas Mandylor. « * "TheCollector" (2009)Josh Stewart, Michael Reily Burke. Premiere. ** "The HillsHaveEyes" (2006) SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) * "Saw Iy" (2007) « *** "Love's Enduring Promise" (2004)'PG TBN 205 60 130 Hour of Power Billy GrahamClassic Crusades ** "Love ComesSoftly" (2003), DaleMidkiff 'PG Live at OakTree Virtual Memory The King of The King of T h e King of Family Guyn The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang King of the Nerds Intelligenceand 'TBS '14' cc Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' t e amwork are required. '14' at Black (5:00)****"Ben-Hur"(1959,Historical Drama)CharltonHeston,JackHawkins,StephenBoyd.Friendsbecomebitter **** "North by Northwest" (1959,Suspense) CaryGrant, EvaMarie Saint, JamesMason. A caseof "Bad Day TCM 014410129 enemiesduringthe timeof Christ. mistaken identity endangers an ad agent's life. «(DVS) Rock" *TLC 17 34 32 34 Lottery Changed MyLife n 'PG' 4 8 H ours: Hard Evidence n '14' 4 8 H ours: Hard Evidence n '14 48 Hours: Hard Evidence (N)'14' 4 8 Hours: Left for Dead (N) n '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14 ** "Menin Black ll" (2002, Action) TommyLeeJones, Wil (10:45) * "BikerBoyz" (2003)Laurence Fishburne. Ayoung (5:30) NBABasketball 2013 NBAAll-Star SaturdayNight (N) (Live) cc Sir Charles at 50(N)(Live) cc *TNT Smith, Rip Torn. « man joins theworld of illegal motorcycle racing. *TOON 84 Adventure Time Adventure Time ** "lce Age:TheMeltdown" (2006)Voices of RayRomano. Premiere Venture Bros. Family Guy '14' Family Guy 'PG' Cleveland Show Black Dynamite The Boondocks *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Drive Thru Paradise 'PG' « Prua Paradise 2 'G' « Ghost Adventures 'PG' « Ghost Adventures Gettysburg 'PG' Ghost Adventures 'PG' « Ghost Adventures 'PG'« TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens Curb Enthusiasm Curb Enthusiasm USA 15 30 23 30 NCISSilentNightn'14' « NCIS Jurisdiction n 'PG' « NCIS BrokenArrow n 'PG' « NCIS Ships in theNight '14' cc NCIS Recruited n 'PG' « Suits Scottie returns. '14 VH1 191 48 37 54 (4:25)***"8Mile"(2002) n 40 Greatest Pranks 3 'PG' 40 Greatest Pranks 3 'PG' JennyMcCarthy Best Week Ever Mob Wives n '14' cc Jersey Shore n '14' cc *A&E


** "The Quicand k the Dead" 1995Sharon Stone. n 'R' « 106401 306401 Mask ol Zorro (6:35) ** "ScaryMovie 3"2003 AnnaFaris. 'PG-13 104204104120(5:00) ** "Invincible" 2006'PG' F X M Presents**%vincible" 2006, BiographyMarkWahlberg. 'PG' a«a

(9:50) ** "Waterworld" 1995KevinCostner. n 'PG-13' « FXM Presents ** "Leat herheads"2008GeorgeClooney.'PG-13'« 34 (5:00) UFC:Baraovs. McDonald UFC Post Fight Show UFC Prefight Show UFC: Baraovs. McDonald 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf PGA Tour Golf NorthernTrust Open,Third RoundFromRiviera CountryClub in Pacific Palisades, Calif Golf Central (N) PGATour Golf *** "Straight Fromthe Heart" (2003, Romance)Teri Polo. 'G' « HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00)"Be MyValentine" (2013) 'G' "Always andForever" (2009) DeanMcDermott, RenaSofer. 'PG' « Undercover Bridesmaid" (2012) HBO 425 501 425501 (5:15) ** "MonteCarlo"2011n Boxing AdrienBroner vs. GavinRees, Lightweights (7:15) ** "TheLucky One" 2012, DramaZac Efron. 'PG-13' cc Beyonce: Life Is but a Dream(N) n 'MA' cc *** "Gangs ol Newyork" 2002Leonardo DiCaprio. Amanvowsvengeance onthe gangster whokiled hisfather. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "Gangs ol Newyork" 2002,Historical DramaLeonardo DiCaprio. 'R ** "Sa/e House"2012,Action DenzelWashington. n 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:30) ** "Larry Crowne"2011 (7:10) ** "ln Time" 2011 Justin Timberlake. n 'PG-13' cc Banshee Wicks n 'MA' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 College Basketball SanDiegoState at UNLV(N) (Live) Star-Spangled Sundays 'G' Poker After Dark Cash200K Darts Poker After Dark Cash200K Wicked TunaFish Fight '14' Wicked TunaFishFight '14' Alaska StateTroopers'14' Alaska StateTroopers '14' NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna '14 Lords of War L ords of War NTOON 89 115189115 Legend-Korra L egend-Korra Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n Robot, Monster Odd Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob Legend-Korra Legend-Korra Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 30743 307 Wild Skies Trophy Quest Best of West E xpedition Saf Heartland Bow Speargun Hunter Ted Nugent Am e rican Archer Furtakers Tracks, Africa MagnumTV Best ofWest SHO 500 50 0 6 0 Minutes Sports '14 Melanie Comarcho: Hello! n'MA History of the Eagles(N)'MA' House of Lies Californication (9:10) ** "The TwilightSaga: BreakingDawnPart 1" 2011'PG-13' SPEED 35 303125303(5:30) AMA Supercross RacingDallas FromArlington, Texas. (N)(Live) Superbike Fam On the Edge Dreams ARCA RE/MAX Series Racing Daytona * "That'sMy Boy"2012,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'R' a«a ** "John Carter" 2012,ScienceFictionTaylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 (510) ** "Click"2006 'PG13' The Girl With theDragonTattoo f TMC 525 525 (5:15) ** "BrightonRock"2010 (7:15) ** "Barbershop" 2002,ComedyIce Cube. n 'PG-13' « * Wes CravenPresents: Dracula2000"2000 'R' (10:45) *"Hellraiser:Inferno" 2000Craig Sheffer *WE 14 41 174118 Cyndi Lauper Cyndi Lauper J o an 8 Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan CyndiLauper CyndiLauper Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG'


THE BULLETIN • FEBRUARY 16 — 22, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine


e II


Good Morning America (N) «
















KATU News This Morning - Sun(N) n «

Your Voice, Your Cindy Crawford on This WeekWith George Stephanopou- 10 Minute Workout Muffin Top? 'G' 'PG' Vote ageless skin l o s (N) 'G' « (ABC) sMcDonough;JohnHockey Dayin NHL HockeyPittsburghPenguinsat BuffaloSabresFromFirst NiagaraCenter in Buffalo, N.Y.(N) n KTVZ 0 Q 0 Q Pa id Program The Chris Mat- Today Politics withDavidGregory. (N) MeetthePressDeni (NBC) thews Show 'G' n cc McCain. (N) « America (N) (Live) « Gary Lewis' Ad- CBS NewsSunday Morning WayneBrady; meteorites. (N) Face the Nation (N) n « Paid Program NCAA March Mad College Basketball OhioState atWisconsin (N)(Live) « KBNZ cc venture Journal (CBS) ness This WeekWith GeorgeStephanopou- Today's Hom- Paid Program Derm Exclusive- Steel Dreams Stars on Ice KOHD 0 0 0 Q Pa id Program The Sprinkle Diet Good Morning America (N) « eowner Forget Surgery! 'G' « (ABC) los (N) 'G' « Paid Program Animal Rescue n The RealWinning FOX NewsSunday With Chris Wallace Paid Program Paid Program NASCARRacing SprintCup: Daytona 500,Qualifying FromDaytona International KFXO gi) IEI @ IEI Paid Program n 'PG' cc (El) 'G' cc Edge 'G' (FOX) Speedway, Fla. (N) n (Live) « Thomas & Friends Bob the Builder 'YRick Steves' Eu- Art Wolfe's Trav Nature Wolvesand buffalo inCanada. n Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Betsy's Kinder Angelina Ballerina: Mister Rogers' Daniel Tiger's 'PG' cc Neighborhood Neighborhood n y cc(DVS) rope 'G' cc Hope n 'PG' cc (PBS) garten Next els to the Edge (DVS) NewsChannel 8 atSunrise (N) « N e wsChannel 8 at Sunrise at 7:00 AM(N) « Hockey Dayin NHL Hockey PittsburghPenguinsat Buffalo SabresFromFirst NiagaraCenter in Buffalo, N.Y.(N) n KGW America (N) (NBC) (Live) « C h uck Norris P a id Program A nimal Science n Elizabeth's Great KTVZDT2IE) ~ Q @ Steam Clean for a'G' Slimming Jeans Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Key of David 'PG' cc Gym 'G' (El) 'G' cc Healthy Home Making godlydecisions. 'G' « Big World (CW) OPBPL 175 173 o r ganic-michele Changing Seas The Aviators 'G' Saving-Ocean Between, Lines The Back Page Just Seen It 'PG' *** "TheSnowsof Kilimanjaro" (1952,Adventure) GregoryPeck. Masterpiece KATU

The PumpWork- Criminal Minds Theteamsuspects a Criminal Minds Akiller finds victims on Criminal Minds JJ JJtries to reunite a Criminal Minds SenseMemoryUnusual ** "Outof Time"(2003) DenzelWash out rock star of murder. '14' cc the Internet. n '14' cc family. n '14' cc murders in LosAngeles. '14' ingtcn, EvaMendes. cc Mad MenTheColor BlueThe firm cel- Mad Men TheGypsy andtheHobo A The Killing Vengeance Thepolice learn The Killing StonewalledNewevidence *** "ThePerfect Storm" (2000,Suspense)George Clooney, MarkWahlberg. A 'AMC ebrates a milestone. « former client returns. « more. n '14' « isfound n 14 « fishing boatsails into thestormof thecentury. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Most Extreme Most Extreme Weird, True We i rd, True Un t amed and Uncut n '14' cc Dogs 101 n 'PG' cc Cats101 n 'G Bad Dog! n 'G' cc BRAVO 1 37 4 4 Kat h y The Real Housewives of Atlanta I n s ide the Actors Studio 'PG' Inside the Actors Studio cc Top Chef: Seattle '14 Top Chef: Seattle '14 CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Cook Safe Bat t le Hair Loss Norris Gym Ea syMeals Wei g ht Loss Ki t chen Cook Safe Pai d Program Z umba Fit Insa nity! Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN 55 38 35 48 StateoftheUnion Fareed ZakariaGPS(N) Reliable Sources(N) « State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS CNN Newsroom The Next List (N) ** Coneheads (1993) « COM 135 53 135 47 HOPE Fit Zumba Fit Ins a nity Workout CleanHome T h e Half Hour Comedy Central ** "Year One" (2009,Comedy)Jack Black, Michael Cera. cc COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Newsmakers W ashington ThisW eek W ashington ThisW eek *** "Despicable Me" (2010)n 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Doc McStuffins Mickey Mouse Doc McStuffins Mickey Mouse Never Land Sofia the First Phineas, Ferb Phineas, Ferb Good-Charhe J e ssie G « *DISC 156 21 16 37 PaidProgramn Key of David P aid Program n Michael Youssef Joel Osteen 'PG' (8:27) In Touch Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Bering SeaGold Dirtville '14' cc GoldRush RedemptionRoad'PG' *E! 136 2 5 Cin dy Crawford Paid Program * "Because /Said So"(2007)DianeKeaton, MandyMoore. Fashion Police '14' E! News(N) E! News Special The Soup '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 OutsideLines Sports Reporters SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc College Basketball Louisville atSouthFlorida (N) (Live) ESPN2 22 24 21 24 SportsCenter(N) « Outside Lines Sports Reporters Basketball College Basketball Dunks of the Year « Wm. Basketball ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:15) TheStreet Stops Here'PG' NBA From Feb.9,1997. (N) NBA EasternConferencefirst round, game3, taped from4/29/92. « NBA H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-L i te Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Li t e Ex. Spor tsCenter (N) (Live) « ESPNN 24 63 124203 H-Lite Ex SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "!02 Dalmafians" (2000,Adventure)GlennClose, loanGruffudd FAM 67 29 19 41 Joseph Prince Sunday Mass Boy Mts. World ** "101 Dalmatians" (1996,Adventure)GlennClose,Jeff Daniels Chronicles-Lion FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00) FOX and Friends Sunday(N) News HQ Hou secaff (N) America's News Headquarters (N) America's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17762 98 44 Dancer's Body Supersmile Ra c hael Ray's WeekDay in a'G ' G i ada at Home Trisha's Sou. P i oneer Wo. B e s t Dishes No t My Mama Guy's Big Bite Sandwich King Best- Made *** "Tropic Thunder" (2008,Comedy)BenStiler, Jack Black, RobertDowneyJr. FX 131 Say No to Botox! Say No to Pain ** "Planet cftheApes" (2001, Science Fiction) MarkWahlberg, TimRoth. HGTV 176 49 33 43 Cindy Crawford Say No to Botox! Income Property Income Property Income Property n 'G' « Income Property n 'G' « Income Property n 'G' cc Property Brothers'G' cc *HIST 155 42 41 36 PaidProgram Montel Williams Modern Marvels Roads.'G' cc Modern Marvels 'G' cc America's Book of Secrets 'PG' S e cret Access: Air Force One'PG' Secret Access: Superpower 'PG' LIFE 138 39 20 31 WENHairCare Bra Secrets In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Hour of Power David Jeremiah Joel Osteen 'PG' Cindy Crawford Double Divas * * " What Color ls Love?" (2009)'14' « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N) Mel i ssa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press cc MTV 192 22 38 57 Failosophy'14' Catfish: The TVShown Catfish: The TVShow Kya&Aly x Teen Mom 2 A NewDirection 'PG' T een Mom 2 n 'PG' Teen Mom 2Breakdownn 'PG' Te e n Mom 2 n NICK 82 46 24 40 Rugrats n 'Y' R u grats n 'Y' O d d Parents O d d Parents PowerRangers SpongeBob S p ongeBob Sp ongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob T e enage Mut. Kung Fu Panda Dr. Phil n 'PG' « Dr. Phil Separatedcouples. n 'PG' Dr. Phil n 'PG' « OWN 161103 31 103 Dr. Philn'PG' cc Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' « Super Soul Sunday n 'PG PAC12 47 310310310 Women's College Gymnastics ArizonaState at Stanford College Basketball Oregonat Washington State Women's CollegeGymnastics Utah atWashington SPIKE 132 31 34 46 CookSafe Say No to Pain EasyMeals Zumba Fit Paid Programn Insanity Workout Xtreme 4x4'G' Horsepower TV Trucks! 'G' « M u s cleCar 'G' BarRescueHogtiedHam'sn 'PG' SYFY 133 35 133 45 Cook Safe DeepClean No Defrosting SuperFood No Defrosting Cook Safe 30 Days ofNight: DarkDays" (2010)Kiele Sanchez,DioraBaird. « "HalloweenH20" TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn David Jeremiah Kenneth Hagin Winning Walk Miracle For You Redemption 'G Love/Finding I n Touch 'PG' P owerPoint It I s Written 'G' Bayless Conley Best of Praise Married... With Married... With Home Improve- Home Improve- Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n PG cc Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n 'PG' cc Cougar Town The King of The King of * "N orbil" (2007) cc 'TBS n 'PG' Children n 'PG' ment 'G' cc ment 'G' « Restless n '14' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' (6:15) *** "QuoVadis" (1951,Historical Drama)Robert Taylor, DebcrahKerr, PeterUstinov. A Romanofficer is persecuted (9:15) *** "The Bad and the Beautiful" (1952, Drama)LanaTurner, Kirk Douglas (11:15) **** "Father clthe Bride TCM for loving a Christian. « People recall a hatedHollywood producer. «(DVS) (1950)SpencerTracy. *TLC 178 34 32 34 Zumba Dance Insanity Workout Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Jiffian Michaels DeepClean Four Weddings n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « ** "TheBookol Eli" (2010)DenzelWashington, GaryOldman.A lone warrior car Law & Order Precious Agirl is found NBA Basketball 2013 NBAAll-Star Saturday NightFeaturing Shooting Stars, Skills Challenge,Three- Forensic Files *TNT Auto-Motive 'PG ries hopeacross apost-apocalyptic wasteland. «(DVS) dead in acooler. n 'PG' Point Contest andSlamDunk Contest. cc *TOON 84 Dooandthe Gobl inKing Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Dragons: Riders NinjaGo: Mstrs Beyblade: Metal Pokemon: BW Ben 10 Star Wars: Clone GreenLantern Young Justice "Scooby*TRAV 179 51 45 42 ProtectFamily TRIA When Vacations Attack 'PG' « Myst eries at the Museum 'PG Off Limits Tennessee'PG' « Dangerous Grounds Borneo'PG' M y steries at the Museum'PG TVLND 65 47 29 35 Roseannen'G' (6:36) Roseanne (7:12) Roseanne Lovers' Lane'G' (7:48) Roseanne (8:24) Roseanne Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' ** "Crank" (2006)JasonStatham,AmySmart. « USA 15 30 23 30 CookSafe CarMD Cook Safe Dav i d Jeremiah Atmosphere J o e l Osteen 'PG Suits Scottie returns. '14 Casino Rcya/e VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG Jump Start n 'PG Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' Best Week Ever Saturday Night Live n '14' cc Sat. Night Live *A&E 130 28 18 32 Portable top 'G' Cook-


106 401 306401 (5:20) *** "The Bridgesol MadisonCounty" 1995 North and South, Book II n (Part1 of 6) 'PG' cc North & South I (7:40) ** "Pirates oltheCaribbean: OnStranger Tides" 2011Johnny Depp. n 'PG-13 *** "As Youngas YouFeel" 1951'NR' « ** "Pin Up Girl"1944 Betty Grable. 'NR' « ** "TheRevolt olMamieStcver" 1956 'NR 104204104120(5 55) *** "YcuWereMeant for Me"1948 'NR 34 AMA Supercross RacingSanDiego FromQualcommStadium in SanDiego, Calif. Boxing GoldenBoyPromotions: OmarEstrella vs. RobinsonCastellanos UFC: Johnsonvs. Dodson

28 301 27 301 EuropeanPGATour Golf Africa Open,Final RoundFromSouth Africa. (N)

Golf Central

P G A Tour Golf Northern Trust Open,Final Round(N)

Golf Central

HALL 66 33 17533 ILoveLucy' G' I LoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy 'G' I Love Lucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls ** "Love ComesSoftly" 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 Magic & Bird I H ave Tourette (7:15) ** "Antitrust" 2001,SuspenseRyanPhilippe. n 'PG-13' cc Bobby McFerrin (9:45) Boxing AdrienBronervs. GavinRees, Lightweights n « Real/Bill Maher IFC 105 10 5 L o rd ol War 'R' Dilbert 'PG Dilbert 'PG' Dil bert n 'PG' D i lbert n 'PG' D i lbert n 'PG' P o rtlandia '14 *** "Nightofthe Living Dead"1968, Horror DuaneJones. 'NR ** Cursed MAX 400 508 508 ** "E/eklra" 2005Jennifer Garner. n 'PG-13' « (7:40) ** "BASFketball"1998, ComedyTrey Parker. n 'R' cc (9:20) ** "l, Robot" 2004Will Smith. 'PG-13' cc (11:15) "DeathBecomesHer"1992 NBCSN 27 58 30209NorthtoAlaska SportFishing Fishing/Martin Good Fishing FLW Outdoors 'G Star-Spangled Sundays 'G' College Lacrosse Denvervs. PennState FromJacksonvile, Fla. (N) Wicked TunaFish Fight '14 America BeforeColumbus 'PG NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna: Hooked Up '14 Mudcats MidnightMonsters'14' Supercarrier: USSRonald Reagan NTOON 89 115189115 NFL Rush Zone Dragonbaff GT Power Rangers Power Rangers Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n Planet Sheen n Monsuno n 'Y7' Dragonbaff GT Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air.

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Lindners Fish L.L. Bean Guide Spanish Fly B i ff Dance SaltFacts of Fishing American Archer The Choice W a rdens Buckmaster Clsc Trophy Hunt Magnum TV *** "YourSister's Sister" 2011 EmilyBlunt. 'R SHO 500 500 The RamenGirl (6:45) *** "TheBarefoot Executive" 1971Kurt Russell. 'G' « "I WillFollow" 2010Salli Richardson-Whitfield. 'NR' TheIron Lady SPEED 35 303125303 Guys Garage My Classic Car My Classic Car Chop-Rebuild A uto Racing NASCARLive (N)(Live) National Arenacross SeriesRacing AMA Supercross Racing Dallas nsal e.n 'PG 13'« ** "BadTeacher" 2011 CamercnDiaz. n 'R' cc STARZ 300 408 300408 (5:50) ** "John Carter" 2012Taylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' cc (810) ** fyanHelsing"2004,FantasyHughJackman,KateBecki TMC 525 525 * * *"Salesman"1969Jamie Baker.'G'« yidal Sassoon: TheMovie"2010 n 'PG' cc (9:05) *** "TheInnkeepers" 2011,Horror Sara Paxton. n 'R' « (10:50) ** "TheMissing Person" *WE

143 41 174118 Insanity Workout Zumba Dance Joan 8 Melissa: Joan

Joan & Melissa: Joan

Joan & Melissa: Joan

Joan & Melissa: Joan

Joan 8 Melissa: Joan

TV • PAGE 7 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine














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CashCabn 'PG' WealthThrough Shark TankAnentrepreneurseeksa The Taste DaringPairings Pairing adish Dr. Ordon's Cash Cab n KATU Newsat 5 ABC World News 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Trading 'PG' s e cond chance. n 'PG' « with its best wine.'14' « Secret! (ABC) (N)n cc NHL HockeyLosAngeles Kingsat ChicagoBlackhawks Fromthe United Center in Chicago. (N) n Men's Health: Hometime Work- Trout TV 'G' The Outdoors- Castle The Fifth Bullet Anait dealer gets KTVZ @ @ ~ @ NHL Hockey man'G' (NBC) (Live) « Prostate Health shop 'G' cc shot in his gallery. 'PG' PGA Tour Golf NorthernTrustOpen,Final RoundFromRiviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades,Calif. (N) (Live) « Exploration W/ Explore the North-Paid Program Paid Program CBS Evening KBNZ (CBS) Jarod Miller west News (N) cc Judge Judy n Judge Joe Brown Shark Tank Anentrepreneur seeks a The Taste Daring Pairings Pairing adish Inside Edition omg! Insider (N) KEZI 9 Newsat ABC World News KOHD gy gy gy gyBoost YourEn- Paid Program 'PQ' cc n 'PG' ' 14' « ergy! with its best wine. Weekend 'PG' cc (ABC) second chance. n PG « 5:00 (N) « Paid Program Derm Exclusive- ** "Flighfplan" (2005,Suspense)Jodie Foster, PeterSarsgaard, ErikaChris- Paid Program Ten Minute Work CSE MiamiTimeBombHoratio's ex is KFXO gi) IE) @ IEI (10:00)NASCARRacing Sprint Cup out 'G' (FOX) Daytona500,Qualifying (N) Forget Surgery! tensen. A franticwidowsearches for her daughter onanairplane. killed in anexplosion. '14' « BBC Newsnight European Journal Religion & Ethics To the Contrary Moyers & CompanyDanCantor; JonaKOAB gy gy ~ gy Live FromLincoln Centern'PG' « The Artist Toolbox Introducing NathanPacheco n 'G' «David Garrett n 'G' cc n 'G' cc n'G' cc Newsweekly With Bonnie (PBS) Rock than Soros. n 'G' cc NHL Hockey N HL Hockey LosAngeles Kingsat ChicagoBlackhawks Fromthe United Center in Chicago. (N) n 10 Minute Workout Paid Program Private Practice Tensionsrisebetween NewsChannel 8 at5PM(N) cc KGW 'PG' Sam andAddison. '14' « (NBC) (Live) « KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ Live Life and Win! Made in Holly. Made in HollywoodBruceWilis; Viola * "Sliver" (1993, Suspense)SharonStone, WiliamBaldwin,TomBerenger. Aman ** "Next" (2007, ScienceFiction) NicolasCage, Julianne Moore,JessicaBiel. A (N)'G' wood: Teen D a vis; Josh Duhamel (N) 'P.G' draws a divorcededitor into his voyeuristic world. « clairvoyant seestwominutes into the future. « (CW) Cook's Country Test Kitchen OPBPL 175 173 (11:30) Masterpiece classic Downton Abbeyn 'PG' science Mission Growing Bolder My Generation Burt Wolf Steves' Europe Globe Trekker 'PG' cc(DVS) KATU


Paid Program Cash Cab n


Shipping Wars Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars

30281832(11:00)**"Ouf ofTim e"(2003,Sus'PG' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc pense) DenzelWashi ngton. cc (1993,Science Fiction) Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, SandraBullock. A (10:00) *** "ThePerfect Storm" (2000) ** "Consfanfine"(2005, Fantasy)KeanuReeves, RachelWeisz,Shia LaBeouf. Amanwhoseesde- ** "Demolition Man" 'AMC George Clooney mons helps a policewomanprobe her sister's death. « frozen cop ithawed s outtocapture anold nemesis. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 BadDog! n'G' « Gator Boys: Xtra Bites 'PG' cc Gator Boys: Xtra Bites n 'PG' Gator Boys: Xtra Bites (N) n '14 Gator Boys n 'PG' cc Gator BoysScaredSnakeless'PG' BRAVO 137 4 4 Th e Millionaire Matchmaker '14' Real HousewivesTop Reunion Real Housewives/Beverly Shahs of Sunset '14' Shahs of Sunset'14' Shahs of Sunset '14' **"TheDukesofHazzard"(2005)JohnnyKnoxvill e.n « CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot20Countdownn'PG' cc SwampPawnn 'PG' SwampPawnCrawmageddon'PG' CNBC 54 36 40 52 Insanity! CleanHome Insanity Workout Ultimate Chef WEN Hair Care John Denver John Denver Insanity Workout Princess n 'PG' On the Money 60 Minutes on CNBC CNN 55 38 3548 YourMoney(N) Mozambique CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) Anderson Cooper 360 cc Dinner-Schm COM 135 53 135 47 (11:00) **"Coneheads"(1993) Futurama 'PG' Futurama n '14' Futurama 'PG' Futurama n '14 ** "SexDrive"(2008,Comedy)JoshZuckerman,AmandaCrew,ClarkDuke.« COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Adv Journal G e t Outdoors V i sions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (11:00) Washington ThisWeek Newsmakers Washington ThisWeek Q&A 'DIS 87 43 14 39 DespicableMe Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie P h i neas, Ferb Good-Charlie G o od-Charlie A.N.T. Farm'G' Dog With a Blog Jessie n « Sha k e It Up! 'G'Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie *DISC 156 21 16 37 PrOperty WarS PrOperty WarS The DeVilS Ride n '14' cc The Devils Ride n '14' cc The Devils Ride n '14' cc Moonshiners TroubledWaters '14' Moonshiners Adios,Mr. Still '14 *E! 136 2 5 Ko u rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' E! News Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14 ESPN 21 23 22 23 Bowling PBATour LeagueQualifier, Round 3 FromAllen Park, Mich 2012 CrossFit Games(N) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc Track and Field MillroseGames ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Women'sCollegeBasketballWhip-AroundCoverage B a sketball Women's College Basketball Whip-Arou nd Coverage (N)(Live) Basketball NHR A Thrills NHRADrag Racing NBA cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (11:00) NBA SEC Storied Second ChanceSeason cc ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N) SportsNation S portsCenter (N) SportsNation SportsCenters«e *** "Beef/ejuice" (1988,Comedy)Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin. "Journey-Center ofEaifh" FAM 67 29 19 41 (11:30) *** "The ChroniclesofNarnia: TheLion, the Witchand the Wardrobe" (2005)Tilda Swinton. FNC 57 61 36 50 Journal Editorial FOX News Ame rica's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday FOX Report(N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17762 98 44 Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell B obb y's Dinner Battle Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive Mystery Diners Mystery Diners ** "Pineapple Express" (2008)Seth Rogen.Astoner fleesafter witnessing amurder. ** "Knight and Day" (2010,Action) TomCruise, CameronDiaz, Peter Sarsgaard. *** "Live Free orDie Hard" FX 131 HGTV 176 49 33 43 LoveltorListltMcKeon-Bryce'G' E x tremeHomes'G' « Extreme HomesHumannests. 'G ' E x treme Homes 'G' « Extreme Homes'G' « Extreme Homes'G' « *HIST 155 42 41 36 (11:00) Secret Access: Superpower Beltway Unbuckled '14' cc It's Good to BePresident 'PG' cc The President's Book of Secrets *** "Motherand Child" (2009) NaomiWatts. « LIFE 138 39 20 31 What Co/or "Sins o/theMother" (2010,Drama)Jill Scott, Nicole Beharie. 'PG' « ** "TheFantasia Barrino Story:Life ls Nofa Fairy Tale"(2006) 'PG' MSNBC 59 59 128 51 MSNBCLive(N) Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera *** "Catfish" (2010,Documentary)n MTV 192 22 38 57 (11:30) TeenMom 2 n 'PG Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 Kung Fu Panda SpongeBob W i n x Club 'Y7' SpongeBob SpongeBobSquarePants n 'Y7' cc SpongeBob SpongeBobSquarePants n 'Y7' S p ongeBob SquarePants n 'Y7' The Best of the OprahShow'PG Oprah's Next Chapter n 'PG' Oprah's Next Chapter 'PG' « Oprah's Next Chapter Lady Gaga. n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Basketball Arizona atUtah (N)(Live) Women's CollegeBasketball California at USC(N)(Live) Women's CollegeBasketball WashingtonStateat Oregon(N)(Live) SPIKE 132 31 34 46 BarRescueTikiCursen'PG' Bar RescueMystiqueorMurder? BarRescueWeber'sofLies'PG' Bar Rescue OwnerOustedn 'PG' BarRescue Hogti edHam'sn 'PG' Bar RescueTikiCursen 'PG ** "The NinthGate" (1999)JohnnyDepp. Arare-book dealer is hired to track downtwo satanic tomes ** "ShutterIsland"(2010)Leonardo DiCaprio, MarkRuffalo. « SYFY 133 35 133 45"Halloween H20 TBN 205 60130 King IsComing Kingdom Conn. John Hagee MarriageToday Joseph Pri nce Gregory Dickow T.D. Jakes'G' Joyce Meyer Leading theWay The Blessed Life Joel Osteen 'PG' Kerry Shook (11:30) *"Norbif" (2007,Comedy)Eddie Murphy,Thandie * "OurFamilyWedding" (2010)America Ferrera, ForestWhitaker. Twooverbear- ** "Meet theBrowns"(2008)Tyler Perry,Angela Bassett. A womanmeets her ** f Why Did Gel / 'TBS Newton, CubaGooding Jr. « ing menwreakhavoc withtheir children's weddingplans. « late father's uproariousfamily for the first time. « Married?" (11:15) **** "Fathero/theBride" ** * " Cat ona HotTinRoof"(1958) ElizabethTaylor, Paul Newman.An alcoholic ** "Buffer/ield 8" (1960, Drama)Elizabeth Taylor, LaurenceHarvey. A Manhattan *** "Doctor Zhivago" (1965, Romance) TCM and his wifevisit his dying father in theSouth. «(DVS) call girl falls in lovewith a married man. «(DVS) Omar Sharif. «(DVS) (1950) SpencerTracy. *TLC 178 34 32 34 Four Weddingsn'PG' « Borrowed, New Borrowed, New Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou (12:15) * "RushHour3" (2007, Action) Jackie Chan,Chris Tucker, Hiroyuki (2:15) ** "Men inBlack ll" (2002, Action) TommyLeeJones, Wil Smith. Agents NBA Tip.Off (N) (Live) cc 2013 NBAAll-Star Game Fromthe *TNT Sanada. CarterandLeebattle Chinesegangsters in Paris. « Jay andKaydefend Earthfrom asultry alien enemy. « Toyota Center inHouston.(N) (Live) *TOON 84 "Tom andJerry &the Wizardo/Oz" (2011,Comedy) Scooby-Doo Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods - FanFavorites Biza rre Foods America Detroit 'PG ExtremeHouseboats 'PG'« ExtremeHouseboats 'PG'« Extreme Houseboats 'PG' cc Waterparks Wa t erparks TVLND 65 47 29 35 Happily Divorced Happily Divorced Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland The CosbyShow The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The CosbyShow The CosbyShow The Cosby Show Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' USA 15 30 23 30 (11:29)***"CasinoRoya/e"(2006,Action) DanielCraig, EvaGreen. « (2:28) *** "Ocean's Thirteen"(2007,Comedy-Drama)George Clooney, Brad Pitt. « Law & Order: Special Victims Unit VH1 191 48 37 54 Sat. Night Live Saturday Night Live n '14' cc Best WeekEver Black Ink Crew n '14' Black Ink Crew n '14 100 Greatest Songs of the '00s n 100 Greatest Songs of the '00s n

North and South, Book II n (Part 4 of6) 'PG' cc (1:20) North andSouth, Book II 'PG' cc (4:40) North andSouth, Book II 'PG' cc *** "The Devil WearsPrada" 2006Meryl Streep. 'PG-13' « FXM Presents * * "Date Night"2010 'PG-13' 104204104120 ** "Corrina, Corrina"1994, Comedy-Drama WhoopiGoldberg, RayLiotta. 'PG' « 34 (11:00) UFC:Johnson vs. Dodson UFC Tonight (N) UFC Primetime AMA Supercross Lites AMA Supercross RacingDallasFromArlington, Texas 28 301 27 301 LPGATour Golf ISPSHandaAustralian Open,Final RoundFromAustralia Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf Champions:AceGroupClassic, Final Round *** "Love'sEnduring Promise"(2004)KatherineHeigl. 'PG' « *** "Love's LongJourney" (2005, Drama)Erin Cottrell. 'PG' « ** "Love Begins" (2011)'PG' HALL 66 33 175 33 (11:00) "LoveComesSoftly" 'PG' HBO 425 501 425 ** "Battleship"2012, Science Fiction Taylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' cc 501 Real85!II Maher Mak. Battleship ** * "Chronicle" 2012 DaneDeHaan. 'PG-13' « Good Day, Die ** "TheLucky One" 2012 « *** "CopLand"1997,CrimeDramaSylvester Stallone. 'R IFC 105 105 (11:30) ** "Cursed" 2005Christina Ricci. 'PG-13 (3:45) ** "Transporter 3" 2008,Action JasonStatham,Natalya Rudakova.'PG-13 *** "Midnight Run"1988, ComedyRobert DeNiro. n 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 (11:15)"DeathBecomesHer"1992 ** "The Change-Up" 2011,ComedyRyan Reynolds. n 'NR' cc (5:10)"The Chroniclesol Riddick" NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (12:15)College Lacrosse Jacksonville vs.Ohio State FromJacksonville, Fla. (N) (Live) Fight Night Fut NHL HockeyWashingtonCapitals at NewYorkRangers (N) (Live) NHL Live (N) Killing Lincoln"(2013) '14 NGC 157 157 S u percarrier: USS Ronald Reagan On Board Air ForceOne'PG' Real AbrahamLincoln: Revealed Lincoln's Secret Killer: Revealed Real George Washington NTOON 89 115 189 115 Avatar: Air. Ava t ar: Air. T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Odd Parents O d d Parents OUTD 37 307 43 307 Buccaneers S p eargun Hunter Bottom Feeders Major LeagueFishing The Bass Pros Tracks, Africa Mathew's Dom Mathews The Crush Hun t Adventure Wildgame Nation SHO 500 500 (11:30) ** "TheIron Lady" 2011 (1:15) ** "JudgeDredd"1995, Action Sylvester Stallone. 'R (2:50) ** "Red"2010 BruceWilis. n 'PG-13' « (4:45) *** "TheRock"1996 SeanConneiy. n 'R SPEED 35 303125303(11:00) AMA Supercross Racing DallasFromArlington, Texas NASCARSprint Cup Replay (N) SPEED Center (N) (Live) Daytona 500PoleDay STARZ 300 408300408 (1210) *** "Under the TuscanSun"2003 DianeLane. 'PG-13' « (2:10) ** "Are WeThereyef?" 2005, ComedyIce Cube. n 'PG' « (3:50) ** "John Carter" 2012 Taylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' « TMC 525 525 Missing Person *** "TheSchoolo/Rock"2003,ComedyJack Black.n 'PG-13 SympathyforDelicious" 2010OrlandoBloom.'R (4:15) ** "HappyAccidents" 2000MarisaTomei. n 'R' « *WE 143 41 174118 Joan & Melissa: Joan CSE MiamiResurrection '14' cc CS E Miami Killing for gas. n '14 CSI Miamin'14 cc CSE MiamiRagingCannibal n '14' CSE Miami Bombshell '14' cc ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(11:40) North andSouth, Book II 'PG' cc


THE BULLETIN • FEBRUARY 16 — 22, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II


















America's Funniest HomeVideos (N) Once Upon aTime Searching for Gold's (9:01) RevengeSacrifice TheGraysons' (10:02) Zero Hour StrikeHank's wife is KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Castle n n'PG' cc 'PQ' cc abducted by aterrorist. '14' (ABC) son in NewYork. (N) 'PG' annual LaborDayparty. 'PG' (N)n cc A hometownhero is sus- Betty White's Off Betty White's Off Saturday Night Live in the '90s: PopCulture Nation LorneMichaels; DanaCar NewsChannel 21 Everybody Loves KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21NBC Nightly News Dateline NBC (NBC) at 6 (N) cc (N) cc pected ofmurder.(N) n « Their Rockers Their Rockers vey; Jimmy Fallon; Wil Ferrell; TinaFey. n (PA) '14' « at11 (N) cc R a ymond Burn Notice Michael is hiredfor anas- 60 Minutes Israel's Iron Dome;Maggie The Amazing RaceThe teamsgo sky The GoodWife Tensionsflare duringa The Mentalist A caseinvolving agrad KOIN Local6at11 (11:35) Cold Case KBNZ '14' cc Smith. (N) n cc diving in BoraBora. (N) n 'PG' mocktrial. (N) n '14' cc (CBS) sassination. 'PG' cc student. (N) n '14' cc (N) cc KOHD O O O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 Newsat America's Funniest Home Videos (N) Once Upon aTime Searching for Gold's (9:01) RevengeSacrifice TheGraysons (10:02) ZeroHour StrikeHank's wife is KEZI9Newsat Best SexEver'PG' n'PG' « abducted by aterrorist. '14' 11:00 (N) cc (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « son in NewYork. (N) 'PG' annual LaborDayparty. 'PG' The Simpsons The Cleveland The Simpsons (N) (8:35) Bob's Burg Family GuyChris American Dad (N) News Channel 21 Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang KFXO III IEI @ IEI Bones Acryptic messagewritten in n 'PG' (FOX) blood. n '14' cc Show (N) n '14' n 'PG' ers (N)'14' Cross (N) n '14' n '14' First on FOX M en '14' cc Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Antiques RoadshowCivil Warphoto Himalaya With Michael Palin Bhutanto Masterpiece Classic DowntonAbbey, Season3Trip to a Scottish huntinglodge. Audrey HepburnRemembered n KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field n 'G' cc 'PQ' cc (N) n 'PG' cc (PBS) Guide 'G' cc graphs;GermanPOWsigns. 'G' the Bay ofBengal n « NBC Nightly NewsThe Chris Mat- Dateline NBC A hometownhero is sus- Betty White's Off Betty White's Off Saturday Night Live in the '90s: PopCulture Nation LorneMichaels; DanaCar NewsChannel 8 at (11:35)TheChris KGW thews Show'G' pected of murder. (N) n « Their Rockers Their Rockers vey; Jimmy Matthews Show (NBC) (N) cc Fallon; Wil Ferrell; TinaFey. n (PA) '14' « 11(N) cc The King of * * " Cheatin' Hearts" (1993, Drama)Sally Kirkland,JamesBrolin. A womancomes Seinfeld The Nose Seinfeld TheAlter Rules ofEngage. RulesofEngage. KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q AreWeThere Yet?Are We ThereYet? The King of 'PG' 'PG' Job 'PG' ment 'PG' ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' to terms with herdisintegrating marriage. « nate Side 'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 D O C Martin n 'PG' cc The Greenest Building 'G' cc No Perfect Answers Moyers & Company n 'G' « American Experience Federalintervention invoting rights. 'PG' KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc


*A&E 13 28 18 32 ShiPPing 'PQ' cc Wars

Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

StorageWars 'PQ' cc

(11:01)Storage Wars 'PG' cc

(11:31) Storage

W a rs 'PG' cc

* "Anaconda" (1997, Suspense)Jennifer Lopez, IceCube,Jon Voight. A huge The Walking Dead Ricktries to save TheWalkingDead Home Thegroup (10:01) Talking DeadGuests discuss The Walking Dead HomeThe group 'AMC snake stalks a film crewin the Brazilianjungle. « one of his group. « debatesthe nextstep. (N) the episode"Home."(N)'14' debates thenextstep. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 GatorBoysGatorzilla'PG' « Wild West Alaska n '14' cc Wild WestAlaska(N) n '14 Gator Boys GatorSmackdown'PG' Finding Bigfoot (N) n 'PG' Finding Bigfoot (N) n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta Shahs of Sunset Reunion(N)'14' T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta W h at Happens Shahs of Sunset CMT 190 32 42 53 Dukes-Hazzard Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad n '14' cc My Big RedneckVacation n 'PG' Swamp PawnCrawmageddon 'PG' ** "TheDukesofHazzard"(2005)JohnnyKnoxvill e.n « CNBC 54 36 40 52 60MinutesonCNBC American Greed 60 Minutes on CNBC 60 Minutes on CNBC American Greed TRIA Tracy- Fitness CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers Morgan Tonight CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Pres ents Mozambique Piers MorganTonight CNN Newsroom Anderson Cooper360 « Jeff Dunham: Minding Tosh.0 '14' Wor kaholics '14'Jeff Dunham:Arguing With Myself COM 13 53 135 47 (5:30) ** "DinnerforSchmucks" (2010) SteveCarel, Paul Rudd. cc Jeff Dunham:Arguing With Myself COTV 11 Talk of the Town Local issues. Des e rt Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show Talk of the TownLocal issues. CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Prime Minister RoadtotheWhiteHouse Q&A Prime Minister Road to the White House W ashington ThisW eek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin&Ally'G' Austinl Ally'G' Jess>e n G « Dog With a Blog Austin & Ally 'G Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7' Good-Charlie A . N.T. Farm 'G Jessie n « Aus t in & Ally 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 MOOnahineran'14' cc Moonshiners Hat inHand n '14' Go l d Rush The NiShift ght n 'PG' GoldRush BedrockBlowout'PG' Gold Rush RedemptionRoad'PG GoldRush BedrockBlowout'PG' *E! ** "TheBrsak-Up" (2006)VinceVaughn, Jennifer Aniston 13 25 Kou r tney and Kim Take Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Chasing The E ! Special '14 Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 TrackandFieldMillroseGames Sport Science Best of the NFL SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter cc SportsCenter cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (5:00) NHRA 2012 World Series of Poker « 2012 World Series of Poker « 2012 World Series of Poker « 2012 World Series of Poker « DragRacing O'Reilly AutoParts Winternationals (N)« NBA cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 ***"Throughthe Fire"(2005, Documentary) « NBA NBAFinals game4, played 6/16/93. « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter « ESPNFCPress Pass *** "Cars" (2006,Comedy)Voices of Owen Wilson, PaulNewman,Bonnie Hunt. *** "Cars"(2006, Comedy)Voices of OwenWilson, Paul Newman,Bonnie Hunt FAM 67 29 19 41 "Journey-CenterofEarth" FNC 57 61 36 50 FoxNewsSunday Geraldo at Large(N) n 'PG' cc Huckabee Stossel Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off ChoppedMakeNoMistake (N) Wo r st Cooks in America (N) Chef WantedWith Anne Burrell (N) Iron Chef America ** "Tron: Legacy" (2010,ScienceFiction) Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund,Olivia Wilde ** "Tron: Legacy" (2010)Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde. FX 131 (5:00) *** "Live Free orDieHard" (2007) Bruce Wilis, Justin Long. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I Scoring the Deal Scoring the Deal Hawaii Life 'G' Hawaii Life 'G' House Hunters Renovation 'G House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 ThePresident's BookofSecrets Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Ax Men'14' cc Ax Men Goldmine(N)'14' cc Swamp People 'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' f LIFE 13 39 20 31 (4:30) *** "MotherandChild" ** My Sister's Keeper" (2009) CameronDiaz, Abigail Breslin. « "Pastor Brown" (2009)Salli Richardson-Whiffield, Nicole Ari Parker. « (11:02) ** "My Sister's Keeper" MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Sex Slaves in America Sex Slaves Chi - cago Lockup: Corcoran Lockup: Corcoran Lockup: Corcoran Meet the Press cc MTV 192 22 38 57 Snookil JWOWWNowWhat? '14 Snooki & JWOWW n '14 Snooki & JWOWW n '14' True Life GreatestMomentsEver B U CKWILD n '14' Buckwild n '14' Failosophy '14' NICK 82 46 2440 *** "T heSpongeBob SquarepantsMovie"(2004,Comedy)n « Wendell.yinnie See Dad Run(N) *** "Ferris Buel/er'8 DayOff" (1986) MatthewBroderick, Alan Ruck. Premiere. n « (11:33) Friends Oprah's Next Chapter Rihanna.'14 Oprah's Next Chapter n 'PG Oprah's Next Chapter n 'PG Oprah's Next Chapter Rihanna.'14' OWN 161 103 31 103Oprah's Next Chapter Usher 'PG' O prah's Next Chapter 'PG' « PAC12 47 310310310 CollegeGymnastics California at Stanford(N)(Live) Women's CollegeBasketball WashingtonState at Oregon College Basketball USC at Stanford Women's Soccer SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Bar RescueMystique orMurder? Bar RescueWeber's of Lies'PG BarRescueOwnerOustedn 'PG' Bar RescueTurt leonItsBack'PG' Bar RescueRock'N Roaches'PG' (11:01) CarLot Rescue(N) n 'PG' * "G.f. Joe:TheRiseof Cobra" (2009,Action) ChanningTatum,Dennis Quaid. « SYFY 13 35 133 45 (4:00) ** "Shutter Island" (2010) * * " Fast 8 Furious" (2009,Action) Vin Diesel, PaulWalker. Ha/loweenH20 TBN 205 60 130 Believeryoice C reflo Dollar 'G' Praise the Lord 'Y' « The Well cc Be h ind Scenes Praise the Lord People Who Met Je s u s Secrets-Bible f (5 30) ** Why DidI GelMarried?" (2007)Tyler Perry,JanetJackson. Eight mar- ** "Tyler Perry's WhyDid I GetMarried Too?"(2010, ComedyDrama)Tyler Perry,SharonLeal. Four ** "Tyler Perry'sWhyDid /Gel Married Too?"(2010)Tyler 'TBS ried friendsgrapplewith commitmentandbetrayal. « couples strugglewith thechallenges of marriedlife. «(DVS) Perry, SharonLeal. «(DVS) f ** B/ow-Up" (1966,CrimeDrama) David Hemm ings, Van (5:00) *** "Doctor Zhivago" (1965,Romance)OmarSharif, Julie Christie, Geraldine Chaplin. A Rus- * * * f A Patchof Blue" (1965,Drama)Sidney Poitier, Shelley Winters. A black TCM 01 44 101 29 sian doctor is tornbetweenhiswife andanother woman. «(DVS) businessmanbefriends an 18-year-old blindwoman. «(DVS) essa Redgrave,SarahMiles. « *TLC 17 34 32 34HereComesHoney BooBoo «Gyp sy Sistersn '1 4'« Gypsy Sisters n '14' cc GyPsy Sisters (N) n '14' cc Here ComesHoney Boo Booe«s Gypsy Sisters n '14' cc *** "Jackie Brown" (1997,CrimeDrama) PamGrier, Samuel L.Jackson. A fear (5:00) 2013NBAAll-Star GameFromtheToyota Center in 2013 NBAAll-Star Game Fromthe Toyota Center in Houston. cc *TNT Houston. (N)(Live) « less flight attendantgets in troublewith the law. « *TOON 84 ** "ic eAge:TheMeltdown"(2006,Comedy)VoicesofRayRomano Incredible Crew Looney Tunes The Oblongs n King of the Hill King of the Hill Cleveland Show Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Waterparks W at e rparks Extreme Waterparks 'G' « Sl Swimsuit 2013(N) 'PG' « Hotel Impossible 'PG' « Hot Hotels Sets (N) 'PG' « Hotel Impossible 'G' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne n 'G' King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens Curb Enthusiasm Curb Enthusiasm USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit * * * "Ocean'sThirteen"(2007) VH1 191 48 37 54 100 Greatest Songs of the '00s n 1 0 0 Greatest Songs of the '00s n 1 0 0 Greatest Songs of the '00s n M ob Wives n '14' cc Mob Wives HurricaneSandy.'14' M o b Wives Hurricane Sandy.'14 ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

*** "Piratesof the Caribbean: TheCurseof theBlack Pearl" 2003 Johnny Depp. « ** "Piratesof theCaribbean: Dn Stranger Tides" 106401 306401 North & South II (6:20) North and South, Book II 'PG' cc FXM Presents * * * "Thefnsider" 1999Al Pacino. Aformer executive exposes acigarette company's lies. 'R' « 104204104120(500) DateNight FXM Presents ** "DateNight"2010Steve Carell. 'PG13' «

The Ultimate Fighter n '14 The Ultimate Fighter n '14 UFC: Baraovs. McDonald The Ultimate Fighter n '14' 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf PGA Tour Golf NorthernTrust Open,Final RoundFromRiviera Country Club inPacific Palisades, Calif Golf Central (N) ** "Love's Everlasting Courage" (2010)Cheryl Ladd. 'PG' « ** "Love ComesSoftly" (2003, Drama)Katherine Heigl. 'PG' « HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00) ** "Love Begins" 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG HBO 425 501 425501 (5:00) ** "TheLucky One"2012 Girls Boys 'MA' Enlightened 'MA' Girls Boys 'MA' Enlightened 'MA' Girls Boys 'MA' Enlightened 'MA' (6:50) *** "TheFive-YearEngagement" 2012Jason Segel. 'R' cc IFC 10 1 0 5 * * * " Char/ie Wi/son's War" 2007, DramaTomHanks. 'R Portlandia '14' Portlandia '14' Trapped in the Closet Chapters1-33 R.Kelly's bold hiphopera. (N) 'MA *** "Apo//o 13"1995, Historical DramaTomHanks, Bill Paxton. n 'PG' cc ** "I, Robot" 2004, ScienceFiction Will Smith. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:10) ** "TheChroniclesof Riddick" 2004 'NR NBCSN 27 58 30 209 World Series of Fighting1 Fight Night Future Stars 'PG Poker After Dark Cash200K Darts Poker After Dark Cash200K KifiingLincoln" (2013,Docudrama)Bily Campbell, JesseJohnson. '14 NGC 157 157 (5:00) "Kil/ing Lincoln" (201 3) '14 Killing Lincoln" (2013,Docudrama)Billy Campbell, JesseJohnson. '14' Real GeorgeWashington NTOON 89 115189115 Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn Robot, Monster Odd Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob Legend-Korra Legend-Korra Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 307 43 307 Realtree Outdoor Truth Hunting Friends of NRA Bone Collector Spring Expedition Saf. Hunt Adventure Realtree Outdoor WildgameNation Steve's Outdoor Mathews West. Extremes SHO 500 500 Shameless n 'MA' « House of Lies Californication Shameless (N) n 'MA' « House of Lies Californication Shameless n 'MA' cc (4:45) *** "TheRock"1996'R' SPEED 35 303125303 The Day 'PG My Classic Car Car Crazy 'G' SPEEDCenter Daytona 500Pole Day The Day 'PG' Unique Whips '14' STARZ 300 408300408 (6:10) ** "BadTeacher" 2011CameronDiaz. 'R (7:45) ** "VanHe/sing"2004,FantasyHughJackman,KateBeckinsale.n 'PG-13'« Spartacus: War of the Damnedn Spartacus: War of the Damnedn ***"TheSchoolofRock"2003,ComedyJackBlack.n 'PG-13 * "HighSchool" 2010Adrien Brody. n 'R' « TMC 525 525 (6:10) ** "Sioux City"1994 LouDiamondPhilips. n 'PG.13' « (11:45) E/egy'R *WE 14 41 174118 CSEMiami WreCking CreWn '14' C S E Miami Cheating Death n '14' C S E Miami ReaurreCti '14'Occ n CSh Miami KillinggaS. fOr n '14' CSE Miami n '14' cc CSE MiamiRagingCannibal n '14 34

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4:30 KATUNewsThis Mornin Good Mornin America AM Northwest The View Live! With Kell and Michael KATU NewsChannel 21 atSunrise Toda Toda Toda Live! With Kell and Michael KTVZ Let's Make aDeal KOIN Local 6 at6am CBS This Mornin The Price Is Ri ht The Youn and the Restless KBNZ KEZI 9 NewsThis Mornin Good Mornin America Rachael Ra The View Katie KOHD First Business A Da NewsChannel 21 atSunrise The Jeff Probst Show The Dr. OzShow Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram KFXO I Varied Pro rams Wild Kratts Curious Geor e Cat in the Hat Super Wh ! Din osaur Train Sesame Street Daniel Ti er Sid the Science WordWorld Ba r ne, Friends KOAB NewsChannel 8 atSunrise Toda The Jeff Probst Show KGW The Dail Buzz HouseofPa ne HouseofPa ne TheSteveW ilkosShow The Jerem K le Show The Wend Williams Show TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 Heartland Gre ener World Newsline Sit and Be Fit Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 Varied Pro rams Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams CSI: Miami Varied Pro rams Save-CarMD Teeter Han U s Nopalea with Paid Pro ram Montel Williams Debb Boone Behind Enem Lines II: Axis of Evil 2006, ActionMatt Bushell. « ** Hackers 1995 « Teeter Han U s Dro Lbs! WEN Hair Care No alea with Tota!G m Debb Boone *** Casino 1995Robert DeNiro. A mobem lo ee makes a la for ower in 1970sLas Ve as Save.CarMD Teeter Han U s Nopalea with Sa No to Pain Battle Hair Loss Cind Crawford *Awake2007,Suspense Ha denChristensen,Jessi caAlba,cc ** Marked for Death1990 es AMC 10240 39 Paid Pro ram Dancer's Bod No.1Kitchen WEN Hair Care Sa No to Pain ** Bi Trouble in Little China1986, Action Kurt Russell. « *** Romanan the Stone « Th Nopalea with Wei ht Loss No alea with Save-CarMD Eas Meals Tota!G m Cind Crawford *** An Officer and aGentleman 1982, DramaRichard Gere, DebraWin er, LouisGossett Jr. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Oran utan Isle Chim Eden Bi CatDia Bi Cat Diar The Crocodile Hunter Wild Kin dom Confessions: Animal Hoardin Ani mal Co s Philadel hia Movie Varied Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music Va r ied Pro rams CMT Music CMT Music CMT 19032 42 53 Squawk onthe Street Varied Pro rams Fast Mone Halftime Report Power Lunch Varied Pro rams Street Si ns CNBC 54 36 40 52 CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Varied Pro rams CNN Newsroom CNN 55 38 35 48 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Entoura e Com ed CentralDail Show Col bert Re ort Varied Pro rams COM 13553 35 47 The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Desert Cookin Ore on The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Bod Workout Bod Workout Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Varied Pro rams Public Affairs Varied Pro rams CSPAN 61 20 12 (4:00) Washin ton Journal 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Mi c ke Mouse Never Land Micke Mouse Sofia the First Doc McStuffins Never Land Micke Mouse Varied Pro rams Gas ard & Lisa:45 Octonauts Little Einsteins Chu in ton *DISC 156 21 16 37 Varied Pro rams Creflo Dollar Paid Pro ram James Robison Jo ce Me er P aid Pro ram I(Almost) Got Awa With It Ni htmare Next Door l(Almost) Got Awa With It *El Varied Pro rams Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Varied Pro rams Kourtne and Kim TakeMiami Varied Pro rams 136 25 S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter ESPN 21 23 22 23 Mike and Mike in the Mornin First Take First Take Numbers Never Mike and Mike ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams SportsCentur Varied Pro rams NASCARRacin Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 23 25 Va r ied Pro rams Mike and Mike in the Mornin Varied Pro rams SVP & Russillo ESPNN 24 63 24203 Interru tion Jo ce Me er V a ried Pro rams Bo Meet World Bo Meet World Bo Meet World Bo Meet WorldBo Meet World 700/Interactive The 700 Club Gilmore Girls FAM 67 29 19 41 America's Newsroom Happenin Now America Live FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Varied Pro rams Good Eats Unw r a ed Varied Pro rams Smarter Varied Pro rams FX 131 Cind Crawford Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Cind Crawford Balancin Act Varied Pro rams Will & Grace W ill & Grace F r asier Frasier Frasier Frasier Old Christine O ld Christine LIFE 138 39 20 31 The Dail Rundown Jansin and Co MSNBCLive NOWWith Alex Wa ner Andrea Mitchell Reports News Nation MSNBC 59 59 128 51 AMTV: Mornin Varied Pro rams AMTV: 10, To Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 Full House Fu l l House S on eBob S o n eBob S o neBob Var ied Pro rams Team Umizoomi Team Umizoomi Dora Ex lorer Dora Ex lorer Bubble Gu ies Bubble Gu ies NICK 82 46 24 40 Rachael Ra The OprahWinfre Show The OprahWinfre Show Dr. Phil Dr. Phil OWN 16110331 103 The Nate Berkus Show Varied Pro rams PAC12 47 310310310 Women's Colle e Basketball Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 Varied Pro rams SYFY 13335 133 45 Creflo Dollar J o hn Ha ee Jo s e h Prince This Is Your Da Believeryoice Varied Pro rams Behind Scenes Varied Pro rams James Robison Toda TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 Married... With Married... With M Name Is Earl M Name Is Earl Fresh Prince F r esh Prince H o use of Pa ne Meet, Browns Varied Pro rams Fresh Prince E n a ement Va r ied Pro rams 28 Shoes-Fishermn *** The Unsinkable Moll Brown 1964Debbie Renolds. « (:45) *** Mutin on the Boun 1962 MarlonBrando.Fletcher Christian andthe crewdumpCaptain Bli h. « The Bo Friend ** * Travels With M Aunt1972, Comed Ma ie Smith. « *** TheWind andthe Lion1975,Adventure Sean Conner .« 45 **TheCham 1979JonVoi ht cc 15) *** This Is Cinerama1952,Documenta How the West TCM 101 44 10129 W (5:30) That Uncertain Feelin 1941 *** Sta e Door Canteen1943 Che I Walker, WilliamTer . cc *** Tulsa1949 Susan Haward,Robert Preston Th (5:00) Blockade (:45) ** Vo ues of 19381937,Musical WarnerBaxter, Joan Bennett, Helen Vinson (:45)****Sta ecoach1939 John Wane. « The Awful Truth:45 *** Holida 1938 Katharine Heburn, Ca Grant. « *** Theodora GoesWild 1936Irene Dunne. 88 15 **** You Can't Take It With You 1938 Jean Arthur. « *TLC 17834 32 34 Varied Pro rams Bab 's First Da Rm-Multiples A Bab Sto A B a b Stor A Bab Sto A B a b Stor Varied Pro rams Sa Yes, Dress Sa Yes, Dress *TNT 17 26 15 27 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural *TOON 84 L oone Tunes Hero:108 Ben1 0 Be blade-Metl Pokemon BW Movie Varied Pro rams Johnn Test S c o ob Scoob Loone Tunes *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams Wei ht Loss Varied Pro rams Year of Adventures Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Murder, SheWrote Dick Van D ke Dick Van D ke I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc And G riffith An d Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams USA 15 30 23 30 Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Bi Mornin BuzzLive Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 5:15 Movie V a riedPro rams :10 Movie Va r ied Pro rams ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 Movie Varied Pro rams Movie FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 Mornin Drive HALL 66 33 175 33 I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc I Lo v e Luc I Lo v e Luc Gol d en Girls G o l den Girls G o lden Girls G o l den Girls H o me & Famil (5:20) ** Street Fi hter 1994rr ** Devil 2010, HorrorChris Messina. o « **The Ea le2011Channin Tatum. rr « (:05) ** The Rin Two 2005NaomiWatts, SimonBaker. rr « *Ma'or Lea ue111994Charlie Sheen. n « Savin Face n * Mr. Ma oo 1997,Comed Leslie Nielsen. n « 45 **Housesitter1992SteveMartin, Goldie Hawn. n « Be once: Life HBO 25501425501 W *** Antz1998 Voices ofWood Allen. n cc ** Water for Ele hants 2011ReeseWithers oon. n es Bobb McFerrin * Bi Mommas: Like Father, Like Son2011Martin Lawrence. n Th The Birdca e rr (:25) ** Head AboveWater 1996Harve Keitel. n ** Battleship 2012 Ta lor Kitsch, AlexanderSkars rd. rr « Mak. Battleship ** Antitrust 2001 R anPhillippe. rr « 15 *** The Lovin Stor 2011 n « ** Monte Carlo 2011SelenaGomez, Lei hton Meester. n e«s * Dream House 2011 Daniel Crai . n « ** The Ea le 2011 n cc IFC 105 105 4:45 Movie V a riedPro rams Portlandia (5:50) *** Be inners 2010EwanMcGre or. n (:35) ** Johnn En lish Reborn 2011RowanAtkinson. rr « (:20) **** Titanic1997, Historical Drama Leonardo DiCaprio, KateWinslet. rr « 05 ** Head Office1986 Jud e Reinhold. n « 40 *** The Tree of Life 2011,DramaBradPitt, Sean Penn. n « **** SavinPrivate R an 1998,W arTom Hanks.n « MAX 00508 508 W Off Air ** Fair Tale: A True Stor 1997 FlorenceHoath. :40 *** The Thin Red Line1998, WarSeanPenn, Adrien Brod, Jim Caviezel. n cc Dra onE esn (5:40) ** The Island1980 MichaelCaine. n « (:40) *** Wakin Ned Devine1998 lanBannen. (:15) ** Rounders1998 MattDamon,Edward Norton. n « (:15) ** The Chan e-Up2011 5:30 Girl With a Pearl Earrin n :10 * * * In America 2002, DramaSamantha Morton. n « *** Shrek 22004VoicesofMike M ers.n « 35 **We Bou htaZoo2011Matt Damon. NBCSN 27 58 30 209 The DanPatrick Show The DanPatrick Show The DanPatrick Show The Box Score Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Alaska State Troopers Border Wars Taboo NGC 157 157 I n vader ZIM Ad v en./Jimm A d ven./Jimm Adven./Jimm P lanet Sheen Invader ZIM I n vader ZIM Ba ck, Barn ard Back, Barn ard Planet Sheen T.U.F.F. Pu NTOON 89 115189115 Invader ZIM OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams ***Bi Eas Express2012 (:15) *** Ondine 2009 Colin Farrell, Alicja Bachleda. rr « (:15) Mumford & Sons: TheRoad to RedRocks (:25) ** Jud e Dredd1995S Ivester Stallone Maz Jobrani G e ntle Ben: Terror on the Mountain 2003 s« vn The LeendofTillamook' sGold2006SuzanneMari e Do on.« The RamenGirl 2008 Brittan Mur h, Toshi uki Nishida. n se 15 *** Tex1982, Drama Matt Dillon, Jim Metzler, Me Till, cc *** Simon Birch 1998 lanMichael Smith, Jose h Mazzello. n cc ** That Darn Cat1997 Christina Ricci. n cc Saint Misb SHO 00 500 *** Step Into Liquid 2003, Documenta n ** Vanit Fair 2004, DramaReeseWitherspoon, EileenAtkins. o « (9:55) ** The Beaver 2011 Mel Gibson. rr The Game1997 5:00 **Smile2005n « ** Touchback 2011,DramaBrian Presle, Kurt Russell 15 **Greed 1994, Comed Michael J.Fox,KirkDou las.n « :15 *** Paranoid Park 2007 SPEED 35 303125303 Pim M Ride P i m M Ride P ass Time Pas s Time Var i edPro rams STARZ 00408300408 (4:50) Movie M o vie (:05) Movie V a r ied Pro rams (:25) Movie V a r ied Pro rams (:35) Movie Smoke Si nals Black Filmmaker ** The Perfect Game 2008, DramaClifton Collins Jr. n « ** Sabrina1995 HarrisonFord, Julia Ormond. n « 15 *Brin in U Bobb n Brin in -Bobb ** * Meek's Cutoff 2010Michelle Wiliams. n :15 ** Max Is Missin 1995, AdventureCharles Na ier. n cc ** Comeback Season 2006Ra Liotta.n Waitin -Forevr TMC 25 ** M sterious Death of Nina Chereau 1987 « Missin Person 525 (:45) * Le endar 2010 Patricia Clarkson,JohnCena. o « (:45) Les Formidables 2006 Joon -Hoon Park.(Subtitled-En lish) « ** Boundaries of the Heart1988Wend Hu hes. :40 ** A Grand afor Christmas 2007 n cc 10 Fallout1998, ActionDanielBaldwin. n « Source Code n Th 5:10 ** Islander 2006 n **Sleeover2004AlexaVe a,MikaBoorem.n *** The Hel 2011, Drama Viola Davis, EmmaStone. n ss **TheFi htin Tem tations2003CubaGoodin Jr.n cc *WE 143 41 174118 Varied Pro rams Roseanne Ros eanne Ros e anne Ros e anne 20/ 2 0 on WE 20/20 on WE The Locator T h e Locator

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The Ricki Lake Show The Dr. OzShow KATU NewsFirst at Four KATU Newsat 5 World News Anderson Live Da sofourLives Dr. Phil The Dr. OzShow The Ellen DeGeneresShow News Ni htl News KTVZ Kristi Miller Bol d/Beautiful The Talk Little House on the Prairie And Griffith A n d Griffith I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc News Evenin News KBNZ The Chew General Hos ital Jud e J. Brown Jud e J. Brown Katie Jud e Jud Jud e Jud KEZI 9 News World News KOHD TMZ Extra America's Funniest HomeVideos The Doctors The Ricki Lake Show The People's Court Friends Friends KFXO Varied Pro rams Charlie Rose Clifford-Do Va r ied Pro rams Martha Speaks Cat in the Hat Arthur WordGirl Wild Kratts Electric Comp KOAB NewsChannel 8 Be a Millionaire Da sofourLives Katie The Ellen DeGeneresShow Your Four O'Clock News NewsChannel8 Ni htl News KGW Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams TheSteveW ilkosShow The Bill Cunnin ham Show Meet, Browns Meet, Browns We ThereYet? We ThereYet? TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 Varied Pro rams Tavis Smile Journal Ni htl Business PBS NewsHour Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 CSE Miami V a r ied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams The First 48 Varied Pro rams The First 48 V a ried Pro rams The First 48 V a ried Pro rams *** Casino1995, CrimeDramaRobert De Niro, SharonStone. A mobemplo ee makesa pla for power in1970s LasVe as. « Usual Suspects (11:00) ** Hackers 1995 Jonn Lee Miler. « 9:00 *** Casino 1995 *** Trainin Da 2001, CrimeDramaDenzel Washin ton, EthanHawke. « ** The Trans orter 2002, ActionJasonStatham,ShuQi. « Gone in Six 'AMC 10240 39 *** The Fu itive 1993Harrison Ford. Aninnocent manmust evadethe lawas he pursues a kiler CSI: Miami Seein Redn cc CSI: Miami BadSeed n cc (11:00) ** Marked for Death ** Hi hlander 1986, Fantas Christopher Lambert, SeanConne . « ** Swordfish 2001JohnTravolta, Hu h Jackman. « h (11:00) *** Romancin the Stone1984 « *** The Perfect Storm 2000 Geor e Cloone . Afishin boat sails into the stormof the centu . « ** The Invasion 2007,ScienceFiction NicoleKidman,Daniel Crai *** True Lies 1994 « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Too Cute! Animal Co s Philadel hia Animal Co s Philadel hia Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Swam Wars Varied Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 Varied Pro rams 14 Roseanne 4:52 Roseanne Reba CMT 19032 42 53 Closin Bell Closin Bell With Maria Bartiromo Fast Mone Va r ied Pro rams Mad Mone The Kudlow Report Varied Pro rams CNBC 54 36 40 52 The Situation Room Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper360 CNN 55 38 35 48 (11:00) CNN Newsroom Varied Pro rams Movie Comed Central:27 Futurama 4:58 Futurama Alwa s Sunn COM 13553 13547 Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram J o of Fishin A d v Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW Cit Edition Pa i d Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Capitol Hill Hearin s CSPAN 61 20 12 (9:00) Public Affairs 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Varied Pro rams Little Einsteins Varied Pro rams Gas ard & Lisa Phineas, Ferb Varied Pro rams Good-Charlie Varied Pro rams *DISC 156 21 16 37 FBE Criminal Pursuit Auction Kin s Auction Kin s Varied Pro rams *El E! News Varied Pro rams Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Kourtne and Kim TakeMiami Varied Pro rams 136 25 Outside Lines First Take NFL Live Around the Horn Interru tion S or tsCenter Basketball Var i ed Pro rams ESPN 21 23 22 23 Baseball Ton. Dan Le Batard SportsNation NFL32 Varied Pro rams Around the Horn Interruption Colle e Basketball ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams Boxin Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (1:00) NASCARRacin S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsNation V a ried Pro rams S ortsCenter V aried Pro rams S ortsCenter ESPNN 24 63 124203 S ortsCenter Full House Fu l l House F ull House Fu l l House Reb a Reba Reba Reba That '70s Show That '70s Show That'70s Show That'70s Show FAM 67 29 19 41 Studio B With ShepardSmith Your World With Neil Cavuto The Five Special Report With Bret Baier FOX Report With ShepardSmith The O'Reill Factor FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Best Dishes B'foot Contessa Varied Pro rams Dollar Dinners Secrets 30-Minute Meals Giada at Home Giada at Home B'foot Contessa B'foot Contessa Best Dishes Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams How I Met How I Met FX 131 House Hunters Hunters Int'I Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Old Christine O l d Christine H ow I Met How I Met Gre 's Anatom Gre 's Anatom Varied Pro rams LIFE 138 39 20 31 TheC cle Martin Bashir Hardball With Chris Matthews Pol i ticsNation Hardball With Chris Matthews The Ed Show MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 Peter Rabbit Max & Rub Dora Ex lorer Dora Ex lorer S on eBob S on eBob S on eBob O dd Parents Odd Parents S on eBob S on eBob S on eBob NICK 82 46 24 40 Dr. Phil Varied Pro rams OWN 16110331 103 Dr. Phil Colle e Basketball PAC12 47 310310310 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 SYFY 13335 133 45 (9:30) Movie V a ried Pro rams The 700Club John Ha ee V a ried Pro rams Praise the Lord Varied Pro rams Potter's Touch Behind Scenes Varied Pro rams TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 Accordin -Jim Love-Ra mond American Dad American Dad Wipeout Friends Friends Friends Friends Cou ar Town Kin of Queens 28 *** Grand Prix 1966James Garner. Three championrace-car drivers compete inthe GrandPrix. « *** The Time Machine 1960RodTa lor. «(DVS) *** Polter eist1982 « 10:45 ** The Cham 1979 *** The Yearof Livin Dan erousl 1982Mel Gibson. « ***M FavoriteYear1982,Comed Peter0'Toole. « *** The Racket 1928 *** The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm 1962Laurence Harve . cc DVS *** Hold Back the Dawn TCM 101 44 10129 W (11:30) *** How the WestWasWon1962 Carroll Baker, LeeJ. Cobb. Aa(DVS h Sta ecoach **** Double Indemnit 1944 (:45) *** The Lon Vo a e Home1940,DramaJohn Wa ne. « (:45) *** Forei n Correspondent1940, Suspense Joel McCrea,Laraine Da . « 45 ***Onl An elsHaveWin s1939,AdventureCa Grant, JeanArthur. « Here ComesMr. Jordan 1941 « You Can't Take **** Mr. Smith Goes toWashin ton 1939JamesStewart. « *TLC 17834 32 34 What Not/Wear Varied Pro rams A Bab Sto A B a b Stor Cake Boss Va r ied Pro rams What Not/Wear Varied Pro rams Island Medium Island Medium *TNT 17 26 15 27 Bones Bones Bones Bones Castle Castle *TOON 84 Loone Tunes Loone Tunes Tom 8 Jerr Varied Pro rams Tom and Jerr Scoob -Doo Johnn Test Jo h nn Test Varied Pro rams Adventure Time *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams Bourdain: NoReservations Varied Pro rams Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food Man v. Food And Griffith V a ried Pro rams Gunsmoke Va r ied Pro rams Bonanza Varied Pro rams And Griffith A n dGriffith An d Griffith An d Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams NCIS NCIS NCIS USA 15 30 23 30 Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 11:10 Movie Varied Pro rams 20 Movie Var i edPro rams ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 Movie FXM Presents Movie Varied Pro rams FXM Presents Movie FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams 10:00 PGATour Golf Varied Pro rams Golf Central V a r ied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 HALL 66 33 175 33 Marie Varied Pro rams Mad Hun r Ma d Hun Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Brad Bunch B r ad Bunch The Ea le 2011 ** Fast Five 2011,ActionVin Diesel, PaulWalker. n « ** The Ad'ustment Bureau2011Matt Damon (:45)**Diar ofa Wimp Kid: Rodrick Rules2011n « Be once: Life Is but a Dream n * ** Mea Maxima Cul a: Silence in the HouseGod of 2012n ** Pur le Violets 2007SelmaBlair. n « 45 ** 50 First Dates 2004AdamSandler. n HBO 25501425501 W ***The Girl2012Tob Jones. n cc ** The Luck One 2012ZacEfron. n cc 15 ***Extremel Loud&Incredibl Close2011,DramaTomHanks.n cc Wrath-Titans h (10:30) Antitrust ** Fast Five 2011,ActionVin Diesel, PaulWalker. n « Good Da, Die * * The Rin Two 2005, Horror Naomi Watts, Simon Baker. n « REAL Sports With Br ant Gumbel 11:00 **The Ea le2011 ** The Ad'ustment Bureau2011Matt Damon. :45 * Red Ridin Hood 2011,HorrorAmandaSe fried. n « ** Devil 2010, HorrorChris Messina. n « IFC 105 105 Freaks andGeeks Freaks andGeeks Freaks andGeeks Freaks andGeeks Freaks andGeeks Movie (9:20)Titanicn (:35)*** Tro 2004BradPitt, Eric Bana.Achilesleads Greekforcesinthe Trojan War. n « (:20) *Somethin Borrowed 2011n cc (:15) *** Superman1976 10:00 Savin Private R an 1998 1 2:50 *** Intolerable Cruelt 2003 n sa *** Die Hard 1988,Action BruceWilis, Alan Rickman.n « 45 * Your Hi hness2011Dann McBride.n MAX 00508 508 W 11:35 Dra on E es 2012 n cc :IO ** In Time 2011,Science Fiction Justin Timberlake. n cc ** Hesher 2010, DramaNatalie Portman.n cc 45 ** Resident Evil: A ocal se 2004 n cc h (11:15) ** The Chan e-Up2011 *** The Le end of Ba er Vance 2000, Drama Wil Smith. n « Har Potter (:15) ** The Chronicles of Riddick 2004Vin Diesel, ColmFeore. n « We Bou ht :4 0 ** Paarazzi2004ColeHauser.n « 05 ***S anlish2004,Comed -DramaAdam Sandler,Tea Leoni.n « 20 * Broken Lizard's Club Dread2004n NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Varied Pro rams The DanPatrick Show Pro Football Talk The Crossover The Crossover Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams NGC 157 157 Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Iro n Man: Armor Voltron Force Dra onball GT Avatar: Air. Avatar: Air. Pla net Sheen P l anet Sheen NTOON 89 115189115 Fanbo -Chum Fanbo -Chum Avatar: Air. OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams *** The Woman in Black 2012Daniel Radcliffe (:15)***TheGame1997,SuspenseMi chaelDou l as,SeanPenn.n « (:15) ** Faster 2010Dwa neJohnson,Bill Bob Thornton. n « 11:55 ** Touchback 2011,DramaBrian Presle, Kurt Russell *** The Others 2001Nicole Kidman. n « 45 ** Die Another Da 2002, ActionPierce Brosnan,HalleBer . n « Saint Misbehavin ThatGu ...WhoWasinThatThin n sa ToetoToe2009,DramaLouisaKrause,Sone uaMartin.n sa 25 ** Get Well Soon 2001Vincent Gallo, cc SHO 00 500 h (11:30) *** The Game1997Michael Dou las. n (4:55) *** Bi Eas Express (:40) *** Muriel's Weddin 1994 ToniCollette, Bill Hunter. n « (:25) * I Don't KnowHowSheDoesIt 2011n Paranoid Park:4 5 ** * The Others 2001,Sus enseNicole Kidman.n « ** Faster 2010,ActionDwa neJohnson. n sv :15 *** M Left Foot1989 Daniel Da -Lewis, Ra McAnall SPEED 35 303125303 NASCAR Racin Varied Pro rams On the Ed e V a ried Pro rams Cho -Rebuild Gearz NASCARRaceHub Varied Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (11:35) Movie Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams (:20) Movie V a r ied Pro rams (:35) Movie 11:15 *Brin in U Bobb 12:50 *** Tabloid 2010, Documenta n « 20 ***S rin Forward1999Ned Beatt .n :15 Real Steel 45 *Brin in U Bobb 2011MillaJovovich 11:45 * Waitin for Forever 2010 n cc The Inheritance 2010Keith David. n ss Onl the Brave 2006,WarLane Nishikawa. n cc 45 ** Shade 2003Stuart Townsend. n sa TMC 25 (11:45) ** The Missin Person 2009 n « S mpath for Delicious 2010OrlandoBloom. n 525 (:25) Nice Gu Johnn 2010 MattBush. n sa (:45) * Free Mone 1998MarlonBrando. n h 11:45 ***Source Code2011 Jake G llenhaal 20 * Twisted 2004Ashle Judd. n « 05 **Craz Jones2000 JoeAaron.n « 40 * Le endar 2010 Patricia Clarkson. n 05 ** Altered 2006BradWiliam Henke. n sa 35 Route 30 2008Curtis Armstron . n cc 05 Love Shack2010MarkFeuerstein. n sa :35 *Brin in U Bobb 2011Milla Jovovich. *WE 143 41 174118 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Gho st Whisperer Charmed Charmed Varied Pro rams KATU

TV • PAGE 11 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine




v II










Jeopardy! (N)n

Wheel of Fortune The Bachelor Thehometownsof thefinal four women.(N) n 'PG' «

Shipping Wars

Shipping Wars






(10:01) Castle Target Akidnapping plot KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' is revealed.(N) 'PG' « Kimmel Live 'PG' (ABC) (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune The Biggest Loser BeYourself Anexhausting challenge.(N) n 'PG' cc (10:01) Deception Tell MeEdward NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ @ @ ~ @ NewsChannel 21 at 6(N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) makes adisturbing discovery. '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock Generalis- How I MetYour Rules of Engage- 2 Broke Girls (N) Mike & Molly (N) n Hawaii Five-0Pa'ani Astar football KOIN Local 6 at 11 Late ShowWith KBNZ n '14' cc '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christinesimo '14' « Mot h er (N) '14' ment 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) player helpstheteam.(N) n '14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) n The Bachelor Thehometownsof thefinal four women.(N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Castle Target Akidnapping plot KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD gy gy gy gyKEZI 9Newsat KEZI 9 News at Entertainment 'PQ' cc is revealed. (N)'PG' « (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live 'PG Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Bones Theteam looks intothe death of The Following Panicspreadsat the fol- News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc Family Guy Family Family Guy n KFXO I I IEI @ IEI Two anda Half '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n 'PG ateen. (N) n (PA)'14' Goy n '14' (FOX) lowers' hideout.(N) n (PA)'14' First on FOX History Detectives U.S.World War I Independent Lens Whitney M.Young An Evening With Berry Gordy n KOAB ~ gy ~ gy This Old House n Nightly Business PBS NewsHour Reactionstoguncontrol Antiques RoadshowJosephHenry 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc (PBS) Report (N) n 'G' debate. (N) n cc Sharp oil painting. (N)'G' cc propagandaleaflet. n 'G' cc Jr. (N) n 'PG' cc NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) TheBiggestLoserBeYourselfAnexhaustingchallenge.(N)n'PG'cc (10:01) Deception Tell MeEdward NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) makes adisturbing discovery. '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show n Seinfeld TheRed Rules of Engage. The Carrie Diaries EndgameCarrie 90210 Liam prepares totestify against Cops Buffalo,New Seinfeld TheSlicer Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q The King of '14' cc 'PG' cc '14' cc Dot n 'PG' ment 'PG' York '14' ment '14' Queens n 'PG cooks Thanksgivingdinner. (N)'PG' Ashley. (N) n '14' « (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 M y Family cc Ti m e GOeS By LiVe FrOm LinCOl Center n n 'PG Artist Toolbox Artist Toolbox World News T a vis Smiley n Charlie Rose (N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU


KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

3 28 1 8 32 The 48'1 Shooting holdsFirst clues. 4' cc victim's 911 call

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Shipping Wars «Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

(11:01) Shipping (11:31) Shipping Wars 'PG' cc

W a rs 'PG' cc

(5:30) *** "TheUsualSuspects" (1995) StephenBaldwin, Gabriel Byrne. Five * small-time criminalsbegin anil-fated association. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Finding Bigfootn'PG' cc Finding Bigfoot n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly

"Gonein Sixty Seconds" (2000,Action) Nicolas Cage,Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi. A retired thief **"The Transporter"(2002, Action) JasonStatham,ShuQi, must steal 50cars tosave his brother. « FrangoisBerleand.« Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Real Housewives/Beverly VanderpumpRules (N) '14' Real Housewives/Beverly VanderpumpRules '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 (6:05) Reba'PG' (6:40) Reba 'PG' (7:15) Reba All ForeOnen 'PG' (7:50) Reba'PG' (8:25) Reba'PG ** "Blue Collar ComedyTour: Onefor theRoad" (2006, Comedy)n '14' True Blue: Ten CNBC 54 36 40 52 American GreedRichardScrushy. American Greed American Greed American GreedFunny Money American Greed Ultimate Chef Hair Restoration CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront S o uth Park 'MA' Daily Show C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 Always Sunny Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show Je ff Dunham: Minding South Park 'MA' South Park 'MA' Brickleberry COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin & Ally 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' Dog With a Blog Jessie n 'G' « Gravity Falls 'Y7 Shake It Up! 'G' Dog With a Blog Gravity Falls 'Y7' Good-Charlie A.N.T. Farm'G' Austin & Ally 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 FastN'Loudn'14'cc Fast N' LoudAmazingImpala'14 Fast N' Loud RevvedUp(N) cc Fast N' Loud (N) n '14' cc (10:01) TheDevils Ride (N) n '14 (11:01) Fast N' Loud n '14' cc *E! 13 2 5 (5:00) ** "TheBreak-Up" (2006) K o u rtney and Kim TakeMiami'14' Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14 Chasing The E ! Special '14 Chelsea Lately Kourtney-Kim ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketbaff WestVirginiaatKansasState(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Women's College Basketball Baylor atConnecticut (N)(Live) NFL Lwe (N)cc Basketball NAS CAR Now NFL Live cc SportsNation cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:00)NBA « NBA Finals game6, fromJune 14,1998 CC Boxing cc Boxing cc Ringside cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. FAM 67 29 19 41 Bunheads Takethe Vicuna n'14' Bunheads n 14 « Switched at Birth (N) n '14' « Bunheads It's Not aMint (N)'14' Switched at Birth n '14' cc The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reiffy Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive ** "TheKarateKid (2010, Drama)JadenSmith. FX 131 Two/Half Men Two/Half Men ** "TheKarateKid" (2010, Drama)Jaden Smith, JackieChan.AChinese master schools anAmerican boyin the martial arts HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters House Hunters Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It (N) 'Q' cc House Hunters Hunters Int'I Love It or List It 'G' cc *HIST 15 42 41 36 PawnStars'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' American Pickers (N) 'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' (11:02) Big RigBounty Hunters LIFE 13 39 20 31 "Pastor Brown" (2009)Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Nicole Ari Parker. « ** "TylerPerry's theFami/y ThatPreys" (2008)KathyBates, Alfre Woodard. « Double Divas To Be Announced MSNBC 59 59128 51 MSNBCSpecial(N) The Last Word The Ed Show MSNBCSpecial The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Catfish: The TVShown Catfish: The TVShow n Caffish: The TVShown Catfish: The TVShow n Teen Mom2 Under Pressure 'PG' Catfish: The TV Show (N) n NICK 82 46 2440 SpongeBob S pongeBob * * * "Over th eHedge"(2006)Premiere.n cc SpongeBob See DadRun n FuffHouse 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Oprah's Next Chapter n 'PG' « Oprah's Favorite After-the-Oscars Oprah's Favorite After-the-Oscars Oprah's Next Chapter 'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Oprah's Next O p rah's Next Chapter '14' « Pac-12 Playbook(N) PAC12 47 310310310 Women's College Basketball Washington atOregonState (N)(Live) College Volleyball UCLA at USC(N) (Live) College Basketball OregonState at Washington *** "TheGreenMile" (1999,Drama)TomHanks, David Morse. A guardthinks aninmate hasa supernatural power to heal. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (4:30) **** "GoodFellas" (1990)Robert DeNiro, RayLiotta. n SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:30) * "G.l. Joe:TheRise o/Cobra" (2009) ChanningTatum. « Continuum Time's Up(N) Being Human(N) Lost Girl The KenziScale (N) « Con t inuum Time's Up TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn. Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord 'Y' cc L i v e-Holy Land Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord JoelOsteen'PG Perry Stone The King of Seinfeld TheFace Seinfeld The Absti- Seinfeld TheCal- Family Guy n Family Guyn Family Guyn Family Guyn Family Guy n Family Guyn Conan RickyGervais;Tig Notaro; Frank 'TBS '14' « '14' cc '14' cc 'PQ' cc '14' cc 'PQ' cc Queens n 'PG Painter 'PG' nence n 'PG' z o ne 'G' « Turner. '14' « *** "Fame' (5:00) *** "Poltergeist" (I982, Horror) *** "Victor/Victoria" (I982, Comedy)Julie Andrews,JamesGarner, RobertPreston. Afemale enter *** "TheGoodbyeGirl" (1977)RichardDreyfuss, MarshaMason.A single TCM 01 44 I01 29 Craig T. Nelson. « tainer finds fameby posing as a manin drag. « mother and awould-beactor share anapartment. « (1980) cc *TLC 17 34 32 34 Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG Cake Boss 'PG Cake Boss 'PG Gypsy Sisters n '14' « Cake Boss 'PG' Cake Boss 'PG' Castle KnockoutHitmanescapes during Castle RiseDetective Beckett struggles Castle HeadhuntersCastletakes ona Dallas Trial andError Rylandcontinues Monday MorningsSungrefusesto (11:01) Dallas Trial andError Ryland *TNT a court hearing. 'PG' cc to survive. n 'PG' cc new partner. n 'PG' cc to exposesecrets. (N) « apologize. (N)'14' « continues toexposesecrets. *TOON 84 Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Regular Show MAD (N) 'PG' King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy 'PG *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods America 'PG' « Bizarre Foods America 'PG' cc Bizarre Foods Amenca 'PG' « Bizarre FoodsAmerica (N) 'PG Hotel Impossible Casa Verde 'PG' Hotel Impossible 'PG' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' M *A*S*H 'PG' T h e Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond CurbEnthusiasm CurbEnthusiasm USA 15 30 23 30 NCIS Rekindled'14' «(OVS) NCIS PlayingWith Fire n 'PG' WWE MondayNight RAWDid TheRock survive as WWEChampion at theElimination Chamber PPV?(N) n (11:05) NCIS:Los Angeles n '14 La La's Life La La's Life Lov e & Hip Hop n '14' VHI 191 48 37 54 Love & Hip HopLife Support'14' L ov e & Hip Hop n '14' Love & HipHop(N) n '14' Black Ink Crew(N) n '14' 'AMC


106401 306401(4:40) Cars2'G' **"Ace Ventura: PefDetective"1994 Jim Carrey * "Bucky Larson:Born toBea Star" 2011'R' « *** Ransom (9:40) *** "The Bourne Supremacy"2004 MattDamon.'PG-13'« FXM Presents * * * " The Curious Caseo/Benjamin Button"2008, Fantasy BradPitt, Cate Blanchett. 'PG13' « FXM Presents 104204104120(5:00) *** "TheCuriousCaseol Benjamin Buffon"2008 Brad Pitt 34 UFC ReloadedUFC146: DosSantos vs. Mir Reliveall the actionfrom UFC146. (N) UFC Insider U F C Insider UF C Unleashed UFC Unleashed

28 301 27 301 HaneyProject Haney Project Feherty 'G

Golf Central

Haney Project Haney Project Feherty 'G'

The Golf Fix

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch N U MB3RS Robin Hood'PG' « NUMB3RSPrimacy n 'PG' « Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425501 425501 AdjustmentBur Real Time With Biff Maher n 'MA ** "Fast Five" 2011,Action Vin Diesel, PaulWalker. n 'PG-13' « Boxing Be yonce: Life Is but a Dream n 'MA' « *** "SuicideKings" 1997, CrimeDramaChristopher Walken. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "SuicideKings" 1997 (7:15) * "Punisher: WarZone" 2008,Action RayStevenson, Dominic West. 'R Mulberry Street ** "Anacondas:TheHunt for the Blood Orchid MAX 400508 508 (5:15) *** "Superman"1978 ChristopherReeve (7:45) *** "Supermanll" 1980, ScienceFiction Christopher Reeve. n 'PG' cc (11:45) Banshee NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Fight Night Future Stars 'PG Fight Night Fut The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Winter Action Sports Poker After Dark $20KSit N Go Darts "SEAL Team Six: Raid SEAL Team Six: TheRaid onOsamahin Laden" (2012),AnsonMount Inside CombatRescue'14' NGC 1 57 1 57 Inside CombatRescue(N) '14 Supercarrier: USSRonald Reagan NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn SpongeBob S p ongeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Heartland Bow Fisher's ATV SnowTrax cc B o t tom FeedersOutdoorsman Best of West Elite Tactical Unit YachtTakedown Fisher's ATV B o ttom Feeders SnowTrax « W a r dens SHO 500 500 ***"TheBigLebowski"1998,ComedyJeffBri dges.n 'R'cc HomelandQ&A n 'MA'« Californication House of Lies Shameless n 'MA'ecc s Inside Comedy House of Lies SPEED 35 303125 303 Richard Petty HotRodTV'PG' DumbestStuff Dumbest Stuff Pinks - Aff Out 'PG' HotRod TV 'G' Hot Rod TV'PG' Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Unique Whips '14' ** "ThinkLike a Man"2012Michael Ealy. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300 408 300408 Lord of-Rings (6:40) *** "Miracle"2004,DramaKurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson. n 'PG' « (11:10) *** "2! Jump Street" Brother" 2011 PaulRudd. 'R' « *** "Reservoir Dogs"1992, CrimeDramaHarvey Keitel. n 'R' « **"TheMechanic"2011Jason Statham.'R'« TMC 525 52 5 B r inging-Bobby*** "Our Idiot HeartSpecial *WE 14 41 174 118 Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG

PAGE 12 • TV

THE BULLETIN • FEBRUARY 16 — 22, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II

















The Bachelor SeanTells All Seantalks Body of Proof A serial killer takes LaceyKATUNewsat11 (11:35) Jimmy hostage. (N)'14' « Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) about his journey sofar. 'PG' (N)n cc Go On Go Deep The New Normal Smash TheDramaturg Derektries to NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ (N) 'PG' « Dog Children '14' make amends with Ronnie. '14' (NBC) at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno NCIS: Los Angeles HistoryDeeksand Vegas Two of a KindA pretty actress KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ Kensi follow atrail. (N) n 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) breezes into theSavoy. '14' (N) cc The Bachelor SeanTells All Seantalks Body of Proof A serial killer takes LaceyKEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD 'PG' hostage. (N) '14' « (ABC) about his journeysofar. 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14' New Girl Parking The Mindy Project News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc Family Guy n Family Guy n KFXO '14' cc '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' bor Daze(N) '14' n '14' Spot (N) n '14' (N) n '14' First on FOX Nightly Business PBS NewsHourViolent videogames Billy the Kid: American Experience n After Newtown: Guns in America (N) Frontline RaisingAdamLanzaThe life Underground Railroad: The William KOAB ~ gy gy gyAsk ThisOld 'PG' cc (DVS) n 'PG' cc (PBS) House 'G' cc Report (N) n 'G' and behavior. (N) n cc of AdamLanza;gunculture. (N) Sti l l Story n 'PG'(DVS) cc NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) Betty White's Off Betty White's Off Go On Go Deep The New Normal Smash TheDramaturg Derektries to NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) Their Rockers Their Rockers (N) 'PG' « Dog Children '14' make amends with Ronnie. '14' (NBC) 6PM (N) « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld The Sui- Rules of Engage. Hart of Dixie LavonhelpsTomwith his Cult You're NextJeff's brothermysteri- Cops n '14' cc Seinfeld The Apol- Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q The King of cide 'PG' « ment'PG' 14 cc Queens n 'PG 5:15'14' « relationship. (N) n'PG' « ously disappears.(N)'14' « o gyn PG men t 1 4 (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 N e w Tricks Moving Target « Faith in the Hood n 'G' « John Howard Griffin World News Tavis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

II Jeopardy! (N)n

Wheel of Fortune The Taste TheArt of the SandwichCre 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' ating the perfectsandwich. '14' Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Betty White's Off Betty White's Off O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n'G' Their Rockers Their Rockers Access HollywoodWho Wants toBe New Adventures 30 Rock Larry King NCISHereafter Vanceuncoverssurpris '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine ing information.(N) n 'PG' omg! Insider (N) The Taste TheArt of the SandwichCre O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI 9 Newsat Entertainment ating the perfectsandwich. '14' 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Ton i ght (N) n cc ID< IEI (9 IEI Two and aHalf Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Raising HopeAr- New Girl Fluffer

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars «(11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage 'PG' cc Wars 'PG' cc W a rs 'PG' cc Texas(N)'PG' Texas (N)'PG' (5:30) * "Gonein Sixty Seconds" (2000,Action) NicolasCage, AngelinaJolie. A **"Marked for Death" (1990, Action) StevenSeagal, Basil Wallace. Aformer * * * " The Fugitive"(1993, Suspense)Harrison Ford,TommyLeeJones. Anin 'AMC retired thief muststeal 50cars to save his brother. « DEA agenttries to stop aJamaican drugring. a« nocent man must evadethelawas hepursues a kiler. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Wild West Alaska n '14' cc Yellowstone: Battle for Life n 'G' cc Wild Appalachia(N) n 'PG' Yellowstone: Battle for Life n 'G BRAVO 13 44 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' VanderpumpRules '14' Real Housewives/Beverly The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Millionaire Matchmaker '14' T h e Millionaire Matchmaker '14 **"Blue Collar ComedyTour:TheMovie" (2003)Jeff Foxworthy. n CMT 190 32 42 53 (6:05) Reba'PG' (6:40) Reba 'PG' (7:15) RebaDateof Mirth n 'PG' (7:50) Reba'PG' (8:25) Reba'PG' True Blue: TenYears CNBC 54 36 40 52 60MinutesonCNBC American GreedTri Energy Mad Money 60 Minutes on CNBC American GreedTri Energy Insanity! Paid Program CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Mozambique Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Tos h.0 '14' Tos h .0 (N) '14' The Jeselnik OffDaily Show C o l bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'14' Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show Ch a ppeffe Show Tosh.0 '14' Tosh.0 '14' COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Redmond City Council Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' Austin & Ally 'G'Princess-Frog * * " Starstruck" (2010) n 'G' Phineas, Ferb A.N.T. Farm'G' Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Dual SurvivalThe GreenHell'14 Dual Survival n 'PG' « Dual Survival Untamed:Zambia'14 Dual Survival (N) n '14' cc Yukon Men On the Brink (N) cc Dual Surwvaln 14 cc *E! 13 2 5 (4:00) *** "Sexand theCity" E! News(N) E! Special '14' Chasing The The E! TrueHollywood Story '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketbaff FloridaatMissouri(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 NBACoasttoCoast(N)(Live) « NFL Lwe (N)cc Basketball NAS CAR Now NBA Tonight (N) NFL Llve cc SportsNation ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:00) Boxing B oxing Heavyweighttitle bout, fromNov.6, 1993 Boxing FromFeb. 10, 1990. « Boxing cc Boxing FromApril 19, 1991. « BoxmgFromOct.30,1974.« H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. FAM 67 29 19 41 America'sFunniestHomeVideos Pretty Little Liars n '14' « Pretty Little Liars Hot Water '14' The Lying GameRegrets Only'14' Pretty Little Liars Hot Water '14' The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reiffy Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44ChoppedChefsonaMissio n Chopped I'mYour Huckleberry ChoppedChoponThrough 'G' ChoppedBellyDance!'G ChoppedMakeNoMistake Chopped ChewingtheCaulFat ** "Rush Hour 2" (2001,Action) JackieChan, Chris Tucker FX 131 Two/Half Men Two/Half Men The Ultimate Fighter (N) n '14' Justified MoneyTrap (N)'MA' The AmericansGregory 'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43 IncomePropertyn'G' « Hunters Int'I House Hunters Property Virgins Property Virgins Income Property Marli &Toby 'G House Hunters Hunters Int'I Income Property Income Property *HIST 15 42 41 36 Caligula: 1400Days of Terror 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG Top Gear150MPH Challenge'PG' Ultimate Soldier Challenge(N)'14' (11:02) TopGear RV's'PG' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 Dance Moms'PG'acc Dance Moms'PG' cc Dance Moms'PG' cc Dance Moms(N)'PG' « Double Divas (N) Double Divas Double Divas D ouble Divas MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Fri endzone 'PG' Friendzone 'PG' True Life n Teen Mom2 Under Pressure 'PG' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW (N) n '14' Nikki & Sara S n ooki NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Drake &Josh n Victorious n 'G' Full House'G' Fuff House'G' Fuff House 'G' Fuff House'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Hardcover Mysteries n '14' cc Our America With Lisa Ling 'PG' Our America With Lisa Ling n '14' Our America With Lisa Ling 'PG' Our America With Lisa Ling 'PG OWN 161 103 31 103 Hardcover Mysteries n '14' « PAC12 47 310310310 Women's College Basketball ArizonaState at Arizona (N)(Live) Women's CollegeBasketball UCLAat USC(N)(Live) College Basketball USC at California 'PG Wm. Basketball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:30) *** "TheGreenMile" (1999,Drama)TomHanks, David Morse.A guard thinks an inmatehasa supernatural powertoheal. n The Joe SchmoShow(N) n '14' W a ys to Die W a ys to Die SYFY 13 35133 45 FaceOff'PG Face Off EyeCandyThe contestants mustcreate acreature. 'PG Face Off BuggingOut(N) Total Blackout Total Blackout Face Off BuggingOut TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince ACLJ This Week Fuff Flame cc Rod Parsley P r a ise the Lord 'Y' cc Secrets-Clement Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord The King of Seinfeld 'PG' cc Seinfeld TheAn- Seinfeld TheWait The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Cougar Town n The Big Bang Conan AndySamberg;JoshHopkins; 'TBS Queens n 'PG drea Doria 'PG' Out n 'PG' The o ry n 'PG' T heory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG '14' cc Theory n '14' Lisa Loeb.(N) « *** "Wings" (1927,War)Clara Bow,Charles "Buddy"Rogers, RichardArlen. Silent. Twopilots vie for ** "TheLoveParade" (1929)MauriceChevalier, Jeanette MacDonald. A philan- *** "The SmilinLi geutenant" (1931) TCM 101 44 101 29 Rackef ** the love of thesamewoman. dering Frenchmanmarries thequeen of Sylvania. « Maurice Chevalier. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 Long Island Medium n 'PG' CC My 600-Lb. Life n 'PG' « My 600-Lb. Life: Melissa's Story acc M y 6 00-Lb. Life Ashley's Story 'PG' My 600-Lb. Life: Melissa's Story n 'PG Castle Kick theBallistics Awoman is Castle Eye of the Beholder Investigating Castle UndeadAgain A body with hu Castle AlwaysBeckett huntsdownthe Castle A novelist helps police find a Southl and BatsandHatsJohnCooper *TNT shot with Ryan'sstolen gun.'PG' a murderand atheft. 'PG' man bite marks isfound. n 'PG' man whoshot her. PG « killer. n 'PG' « clashes with aveteran. '14' *TOON 84 LevelUp'PG' Level Up 'PG' Level Up 'PG' Level Up 'PG' Level Up 'PG' Adventure Time KingoftheHiff KingoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'PG' FamilyGuy'PG' *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food Man v. Food Bizarre FoodsAmerica'PG'« Extreme Rys 'G' « Extreme Rys 'G' « Extreme Rys G cc Cleveland HotinCleveland KingofQueens King ofQueens TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' M *A*S*H 'PG' T h e Cosby Show The Cosby Show Love.Raymond Love.Raymond Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit White Collar ShoottheMoon'PG' Law & Order: Special Victims Unit VH1 191 48 37 54 (5:50) Behind the Music Ne-Yo'PG' La La's Life La L a's Life Bla ck Ink Crew n '14' Love & HipHop n '14 Mob Wives HurricaneSandy.'14 Jenny McCarthy La La's Life *A&E

3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'PQ' cc Wars

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars «Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars

* "TheBenchwarmers" 2006David Spade. 'PG-13' **"TheHauntedMansion"2003EddieMurphy *** "River's Edge"1987 n 'R' 106 401306401 *** "Boys on the Side" 1995, DramaWhoopi Goldberg. n 'R' « *** "Easy A" 2010,ComedyEmmaStone. 'PG-13' « ** "MySuper Ex-Gir/lriend" 2006 UmaThurman. 'PG-13' « ** MySuper Ex Grrlfnend 104 204 104120(5:00) *** "Easy A" 2010« 34 UFC Unleashed(N) UFC Tonight (N) UFC Primetime UFC Countdown UFC Aff Angles UFC Relaoded UFC140:Jonesvs.MachidaJonJonesfacesLyotoMachida 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf Inside PGATour Golf Central G o l f AcademyPGA Tour Golf WGC Accenture MatchPlayChampionship, Finals Inside PGATour HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch Happy Days'G' Happy Days 'G Happy Days'G' Happy Days 'G' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 50 First Dates * * * Girls Boys 'MA' REAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel "Mea Maxima Culpa " C hronicle" 2012 Dane DeHaan. 'PG-13' cc Beyonce: Life Is buta Dreamn'MA' cc *** "Batman"1989, Action JackNicholson, Michael Keaton, KimBasinger. 'PG-13' IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "Batman"1989JackNicholson. 'PG-13 (7:45) * "Slrange/and"1998,Horror DeeSnider, KevinGage.'R ** "Virtuosity" 1995Denzel Washington. 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 yourHighness * * "T he Running Man"1987 n 'R' cc (8:15) ** "What's your Number?" 2011AnnaFaris. n 'R' cc Girls in Bed NBCSN 27 58 30209 NHL HockeySanJoseShar ksatSt.LouisBlues(N) NHL Live (N) Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Skiing Poker After Dark $20KSit N Go Darts Diggers (N)'PG' Diggers (N)'PG' DoomsdayPreppers '14' Wicked TunaFish Fight '14' NGC 157 157 D oomsday Preppers(N)'14 Diggers 'PG' D i ggers 'PG' DoomsdayPreppers BuggedOut NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Av a tar: Air. Avatar: Air. Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn SpongeBob S p ongeBob Avatar: Air. Avatar: Air. Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 307 43 307 Hunting, Country Most Wanted H u nting TV Spring West. Extremes Hal & Len Truth Hunting Hunting, Country Driven TV Spring Bow Madness Grateful Nation ***"Tupac:Resurrection"2003,Documentaryn 'R SHO 500 500 * * nqaw Deal" 1986,Action ArnoldSchwarzenegger. n 'R' cc House of Lies Californication Tim Minchin and theHeritage SPEED 35 303125303 NASCARRacing Dreams Dreams Gearz'14' Gea r z'G' Dreams Dreams Translogic The List Unique Whips '14' * "GhostRider: Spirit ol Vengeance" 2012 'PG-13 STARZ 300408300408 (530) *** "FreakyFriday" 'PG' (710) **"Click" 2006,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG13' acc (1040) ***"KillBill: Vol. I"2003 UmaThurman i ****"The Crying Game"1992 TMC 525 525 (4:45)Shade'R' ** "Rosencrantz andGui/denslern Are Undead * Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000" 2000'R (9:40) ** "B/oodRayne:TheThird Reich"2010'R' *WE 14 41 174118CSEMiamiSpeed-dating.n'14' CSE Miami Piratedn'14' cc CSE Miami After the Fall '14' cc CSE Miami Addiction n '14' cc CSE MiamiSpeed-dating. n '14' CS E Miami Pirated n '14' cc ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

TV • PAGE 13 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine




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II Jeopardy! (N)n















Wheel of Fortune The Middle (N) n The Neighbors (N)Modern Family (N) (9:31)Suburgatory 20/20 FootagefromtheOscar archives. KATU Newsat 11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc (N) n 'G' (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) (N) n cc (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Whitney Breaking Guys With Kids Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Fire Viral Theteamassists the NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) Dad (N) '14' R a re Breed 'PG' Deadly Ambition(N) n '14' « bomb squad.(N) n '14' « at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock n '14' «Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favor Criminal Minds BrokenThe team's CSE CrimeScene Investigation Forget KOIN Local 6 at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine stalker getscloser. (N) n '14' Me Not(N) n '14' David Letterman (CBS) ites (N) n 'PG' cc (N) cc KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News at Entertainment omg! Insider (N) The Middle (N) n The Neighbors (N)Modern Family (N) (9:31)Suburgatory 20/20 FootagefromtheOscar archives. KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG cc (N) n cc 11:00 (N) cc The Big Bang American Idol Semifinalist Round,Part1 Girls PerformTenfemale singers News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc Family Guy n Family Guy n KFXO III g) @ g) TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang '14' cc '14' cc Men 'PG' cc M e n '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n '14' (FOX) perform. (N) n '14' « First on FOX KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Burt Wolf: Travels Nightly Business PBS NewsHour Adolescent brain devel- Nature A Murderof CrowsCrows are NOVA Mindof aRampageKiler What The Path to Violence (N) n '14' « L i f ecasters n 'PG' «(DVS) intelligent animals. n 'PG' motivatespeople tokill. 'G' (PBS) & Traditions R e port (N) n 'G' opment. (N) n cc NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) Whitney Breaking Guys With Kids Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Fire ViralTheteamassists the NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc Deadly Ambition(N) n '14' « (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) Dad (N) '14' R a re Breed 'PG' bomb squad.(N) n '14' « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s ShowMy Seinfeld The Sub- Rules of Engage. Arrow DodgerThea's purseisstolen Supernatural A manhasmurderous Cops Boston-Provi- Seinfeld The Strike Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of 'PG' « 'PQ' cc way n 'PG' ment 'PG' (N) n '14' « ment '14' Queens n 'PG Wife n '14' nightmares.(N) n '14' « dence '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 O u tnumbered n Last of the Wine Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doc Martin n 'PG' « World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'G' « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars


Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty

DuckDynastyPlan DuckDynasty«Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty

(11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy-

3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'PQ' cc Wars 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Bee 'PG' nasty Fowl Play nasty « CSE MiamiTheCSls searchfor a miss- CSE Miami BoneVoyageAsevered leg. * "Anaconda" (1997, Suspense) Jennifer Lopez, IceCube, JonVoight. A huge * "Calwoman"(2004, Action) Halle Berry, BenjaminBratt, SharonStone. A shy 'AMC n '14' cc ing groom. n '14' « snake stalks afilmcrewin the Brazilian jungle. cc artist acquires feline strength andagility. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Tanked: Unfiltered n 'PG' cc Tanked MidwestZest n 'PG' Money Barn'PG' Money Barn'PG Money Barn'PG' Money Barn 'PG' Money Barn 'PG' Money Barn 'PG Money Barn'PG' Money Barn'PG BRAVO 13 44 Top Chef: Seattle '14 Top Chef: Seattle Chefs atSea'14' Top Chef: Seattle '14 Top Chef: Seattle Finale(N) '14 Top Chef: Seattle Finale '14 Top Chef: Seattle '14 CMT 190 32 42 53 (6:05) Reba'PG' (6:40) Reba 'PG' (7:15) Reba DrivingMissKyra 'PG' (7:50) Reba'PG' (8:25) Reba'PG ** "National Lampoon'sEuropean Vacation" (1985)ChevyChase (11:15) *** "B/azing Saddles CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreedMobMoney American Greed MarkWeinberger Mad Money American GreedMobMoney American GreedMarkWeinberger Insanity Workout 21st Century CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 South Park 'MA' Tosh.0 '14' Col b ert Report Daily Show Wor kaholics '14' South Park 'MA'South Park 'MA' South Park 'MA' Workaholics '14' Kroll Show '14' Daily Show COTV 11 Bend City Council Work Session B end City Council Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' * * * * "Toy Story" (1995) Voices of Tom Hanks Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie Shake It Up! 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 U.S.Drug WarSn'14'cc Moonshiners Why the moonshiners 1stthe camerasin. n '14' cc Pot CopsCartel Threat(N) n '14 Weed Country (N) n '14' cc Pot Cops Cartel Threat '14' cc *E! 13 25 E! News Special E! Special '14' E! News (N) Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami '14 The Soup '14' The Soup '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 NBABasketball: HornetsatCavaliers NBA Basketball BostonCeltics atLosAngeles Lakers (N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball Kansas atOklahomaState (N) (Live) College Basketball Washington at Arizona(N)(Live) « Basketball NBA Tonight (N)NASCARNow Nationwide ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Long Way Down cc White ShadowSalami's Affair Boxing (N) B o x ing Classic Boxing cc Boxing cc Boxing cc H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live)©c ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Drumline" (2002, Comedy-Drama)Nick Cannon,Zoe SaIdana, OrlandoJones. FAM 67 29 19 41 FreshPrince * * "B ring/!On:A//orNolhing"(2006,Comedy)HaydenPanettiere. The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive D i n ers, Drive R e s taurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant: Impossible SnootyFox Restaurant: Impossible Restaurant: Impossible (N) Restaurant: Impossible ** "IronMan 2" (2010,Action) RobertDowneyJr., Gwyneth Paltrow, DonCheadle FX 131 (5:30) ** "RushHour2" (2001) Jackie Chan The Americans InControl (N) 'MA' The Americans In Control 'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43 Elbow Room 'G' Elbow Room 'G' Elbow Room 'G' Elbow Room 'G Cousins on Call Cousins on Call Property Brothers (N) 'G' cc House Hunters Hunters Int'I Property Brothers 'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 Restoration Re s toration Pa w n Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG'Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' (11:02) Big RigBounty Hunters LIFE 13 39 20 31 WifeSwapn'PG' « Wife Swap n 'PG' « Wife Swap n 'PG' « Wife Swap n 'PG' « America's Supernanny(N)'PG' (11:01) America's Supernanny'PG MSNBC 59 59128 51 TheRachelMaddow Show (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Fri endzone 'PG' Friendzone 'PG' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Catfish: The TVShow n Washington Heights (N) n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' NICK 82 46 2440 SpongeBob SpongeBob D rakeJos&h n Victoriousn 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14 OWN 161 103 31 103Prison Wives Latoya Marion 'PG' P r i son Wives Juli Cummings'MA Pac-12 Football in 60 PAC12 47 310310310 Pac-12 Playbook College Basketball WashingtonState at ArizonaState (N) (Live) The12 Best P a c -12 Football0in 6 Basketball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters SavageDiggers Savage Diggers Savage Di ggers Savage Diggers SYFY 13 35 133 45 Ghost Mine Secret Passage Ghost Hunters All Ghouls onDeck Ghost Hunters Ghosts FromHale Ghost MineGoldFever(N) Ghost Hunters GhostsFromHale Ghost Mine Gold Fever TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince End of the Age One Night With the King Always Good Jesse Duplantis Easter Exper. Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord 'TBS




Seinfeld 'PG' S einfeld The Little Seinfeld Thelnvita- Family Guy n The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan SnookiandJWOWW;Mark Jerry n 'PG' ti o ns n 'PG' '14' « Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' Theory Pilot '14 Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG' Normand. (N) « **** "TheLadyEve"(1941, Romance-Comedy)Barbara (11:15) **** "Hail theConquering (5:00) *** "HoldBack the Dawn" (7:15) **** "Going MyIVay" (1944, Musical) BingCrosby, BarryFitzgerald, RiseStevens. Anew Stanwyck,HenryFonda. « Hero"(1944,Comedy) « (1941) CharlesBoyer. priest breathesnewlife into a debt-ridden parish. « 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium My Addiction M y Addiction H o a rding: Buried Alive 'PG' « H oar d ing: Buried Alive (N) n 'PG' My Addiction M y Addiction H o a rding: Buried Alive 'PG' « Castle HeartbreakHotel Acasino owner *** "G/adiator" (2000, Historical Drama)Russell Crowe, JoaquinPhoenix, Connie Nielsen. Afugitive general becomes a Southland Heat Mendozais injured in a Southland Heat Mendozais injured ina is murdered. n 'PG' cc gladiator in ancientRome. «(DVS) drive-by. (N) n 'MA' « drive-by. n 'MA' « 84 Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball NinjaGo: Mstrs Dragons: Riders Incredible Crew KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food Baggage Battles BaggageBattles Baggage Battles Baggage Battles Street Eats Asia (N)'G' « Deli Paradise (N) 'G' « 65 47 29 35M*A*S*H 'PG' M*A*S*H 'PG' The Cosby Show The Cosby Show Love.Raymond Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in Cleveland HotinCleveland KingofQueens King ofQueens 15 30 23 30 NCISLt.JaneDoen'PG'« NCIS TerminalLeave n 'PG' « NCI S Faith n 'PG' « NCIS Till Death DoUsPart n '14' N e cessary Roughness 'PG' (N) Th e Moment (N) 'PG' « 191 48 37 54 100 Greatest Kid Stars Hour'P 4G' 100 Greatest Kid Stars Hour 5 'PG' ** "Malibu's Most Wanted"(2003)JamieKennedy,Taye Diggs. n Making Mr. Right (N) n 'PG' Mob Wives n '14' cc 16 27 11 28 The Kingnof'PG' Queens

** "Pirateso/the Caribbean:OnStranger Tides" 2011Johnny Depp. n 'PG-13' « (10:20) ** "Waferwor/d"1995 KevinCostner. « *** "TheRookie"2002, DramaDennis Quaid, RachelGriffiths, Jay Hernandez. 'G' « ** "lce Age: Dawnol theDinosaurs" 2009 Voicesof RayRomano FXM Presents 104204104120 "lce Age: Dawnoithe Dinosaurs" 34 UFC ReloadedUFC134;Silva vs. OkamiSilva vs Okamiand Ruavs Griffin. UFC ReloadedUFC147:Silva vs. Franklin II Highlights of UFC147in Brazil 28 301 27 301(4:30) PGATour Golf WGCAccenture MatchPlayChampionship, DayOneFromthe Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at DoveMountain in Marana,Ariz Golf Central HALL 66 33175 33 Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Happy Days ' G' Happy Days 'G' Happy Days'G' Happy Days'G' Frasiern 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 (5:30) * "Wrath o/theTitans" n ** "TheLucky One"2012ZacEfron. 'PG-13' « Mak. Battleship Real Time With Bill Maher n 'MA (7:15) * "Dream House"2011,SuspenseDaniel Craig. n 'PG-13' « IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *"Batman 8Robin" 1997, Action 'PG-13' (7:45) *** "Lethal Weapon"1987,Action MelGibson, DannyGlover, GaryBusey. 'R (10:15) * "Batman & Robin"1997 Arnold Schwarzenegger.'PG-13 MAX 400 508 508 ResidentEvil (6:20) "Anchorman:TheLegendoi RonBurgundy Banshee n 'MA' cc (8:55) BansheeTheKindred 'MA' (9:50) Banshee (10:45) *** "My CousinVinny" 1992Joe Pesci NBCSN 27 58 30 209 NHL Hockey: Flyers at Penguins NHL HockeySt. Louis Bluesat Colorado AvalancheFromthe PepsiCenter in Denver.(N) NHL Live (N) The Crossover NHL Overtime Darts Semifinals: Englandvs. Wales Inside CombatRescue'14' Highway Thru Hell '14 NGC 157 157 A l aska State Troopers '14 Lords of War(N) Lords of War(N) Alaska State Troopers '14 Lords of War L ords of War NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Pla net Sheen n Planet Sheen n SpongeBob Sp o ngeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 307 43 307 Elite Tactical Unit Amer. Rifleman Shooting Gallery 'G Best Defense E l ite Tactical Unit Shooting USA 'PG' cc Gun Stories S h ooting Gallery ** "TheIron Lady" 2011,BiographyMeryl Streep. n 'PG-13' e«s SHO 500 500 *** "Chasing Amy"1997 BenAffleck,Jason Lee.n 'R'cc Shameless n 'MA'e« s Californication House of Lies SPEED 35 303125303 NASCAR Live NASCAR Racing Stuntbusters S t untbusters D r ag Race High Drag Race High Am. Trucker A m . Trucker Unique Whips '14' *** "FriendsWithBenefits" 2011 Justin Timberlake. n 'R' « ***"Kil/Bill Vol 2"2004'R' STARZ 300408300408 (505) *** "TheIdes o/March" (650) ** "Touchback" 2011,DramaBrian Presley. n 'PG 13' s«s ** "TheFighting Temptations" 2003 CubaGooding Jr. 'PG-13' « TMC 525 52 5 * F ree Money * * " My Life'sin Turnaround"1993 Eric Schaeffer (10:05) AwayOutWest Silent. n cc *WE 14 41 174118 TheGolden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Fix My Family (N) Amazing WeddingCakes 'PG Amazing WeddingCakes'PG' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106 401 306401(5:45) *** "Si/verado" 1985,WesternKevin Kline. n 'PG-13' «

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THE BULLETIN • FEBRUARY 16 — 22, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II


















Jeopardy! (N) n Wheel of Fortune Zero Hour Face Aconfrontation with Grey's Anatomy Thedoctors try to save (10:02) Scandal BoomGoesthe Dyna- KATU News at11 (11:35) Jimmy 'G' « (N) n 'G' White Vincent. (N) 'PG' « the hospital. (N) n '14' « Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) mite (N) n '14' « (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Community (N) n Parks andRecreation LeslieandBen (9:31) 1600 Penn (10:01) Law &Order: Special Victims NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc (N) n 'G' (N) 'PG' « Unit Dreams Deferred n '14' (NBC) rush to finish aproject. 'PG' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30RockThe Fun- The Big Bang (8:31) Twoand a (9:01) Person of Interest Protecting a (10:01) Elementary Possibility Two(N) KOIN Local6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ n '14' « (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine cooker '14' David Letterman (CBS) The ory (N) 'PG' Half Men'1 (N) 4' governmentoperative. (N) n '14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Zero Hour Face Aconfrontation with Grey's Anatomy Thedoctors try to save (10:02) Scandal BoomGoesthe Dyna- KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG cc White Vincent. (N) 'PG' « the hospital. (N) n '14' « mite (N) n '14' « 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14' The Big Bang American Idol Semifinalist Round,Part 2- Guys PerformTen male singers per- News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc Family Guy n Family Guy n KFXO I(g g) @ g) TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang '14' cc '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n '14' (FOX) form. (N) n '14' cc First on FOX KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Passport to Ad- Nightly Business PBS NewsHour Increase in requests for Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field D o c Martin A pregnant Louisais moving The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes History Detectives U.S. WorldWar 0 n'G' cc (PBS) venture n 'G' Report (N) n 'G' gun licenses.(N) cc Guide 'G' « fur niture. n 'PG' « The SolitaryCyclist n 'G' propagandaleaflet. n 'G' cc NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) Community (N) n Parks andRecreation LeslieandBen (9:31) 1600 Penn (10:01) Law &Order: Special Victims NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc (N) 'PG' « Unit Dreams Deferred n '14' (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) rush to finish aproject. 'PG' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld The Pez Rules of Engage. The Vampire Diaries Therest of Beauty and theBeast Heatherwantsto Cops Seattle-Ta- Seinfeld The Deal- Rules of Engage. That '70s Shown KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of '14' « ment '14' Queens n 'PG Sparks n '14' D i spenser 'PG' ment 'PG' Sha ne's plan is reveal(N) ed.'14' stage an intervention. 'PG' coma n '14' ership 'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 T i me Goes By My Family « Boy Scouts of Harlem 759 n 'G' Fly Boys: TuskegeeAirmen World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'PG' cc PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

The First 48 Shootingdeaths in Miami The First 48 Slayings inClevelandand After the First 48 Fatal shooting of an (11:01) TheFirst 48 Fatal stabbing ata 3 28 1 8 32 The First 48cc Acorrections officer is shot The Firstmurder. 48 Miami ice probea in bed. 'PG' janitor's '14'polcc and Dallas. '14' cc Miami. '14' cc unidentified man (N) 'PG' cc Texas strip mall. '14' cc * "Anaconda" (1997,Suspense)JenniferLopez,IceCube,JonVoight.Ahuge The Walk ingDeadRickgoesbackto Comrc BookMen Freakshow(N) Immortalized (N) Comic Book Men Freakshow '14' « Immortalized 'AMC '14' « 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc snake stalks a film crewin the Brazilianjungle. « Atlanta. '14' « (N) 'PG' « *ANPL 68 50 2638 NorthWoodsLaw:OntheHuntn North Woods Law n 'PG' cc Glory Hounds(N) n 'PG North WoodsLaw(N)n 'PG' Glory Hounds n 'PG' BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta S h ahs of Sunset '14 Shahs of Sunset Reunion'14' The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kathy (N) CMT 190 32 42 53 (6:05) Reba'PG' (6:40) Reba 'PG' (7:15) Reba AsIs n 'PG' « (7:50) Reba'PG' (8:25) Reba'PG *** "Blazing Saddles" (1974)Cleavon Little, GeneWilder. n « (11:15) * "BeerforMy Horses CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreed American Greed Shipwrecked(N) Mad Money American Greed American GreedShipwrecked Insanity! Montel Williams CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Always Sunny Always Sunny Daily Show Co l bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'14' Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show Al w ays Sunny Always Sunny Workaholics '14' Tosh.0 '14' COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « A.N . T. Farm'G' ShakeltUp! 'G **** "Toy Story 2" (1999)Voices of TomHanks. Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie A.N.T. Farm'G' Jessie n « *DISC 15 21 16 37 Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Pick-OffSpecial 'PG Property Wars Property Wars Auction Kings Pick-OffSpecial 'PG' *E! 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' E! News (N) The Soup '14' E ! Special '14' E! Special '14 Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketballDukeatVirginia Tech(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball lowa atNebraska(N)(Live) College Basketball BYU at St. Mary's (N)(Live) 'G' « Basketball NAS CAR Now Sprint Cup NF L Live (N) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Friday Night Lights Blinders 'PG' F r i day Night Lights n 'PG' « Car Auctions Car Auctions B o xing cc Boxing cc Boxing cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Rememberthe Tilans" (2000, Drama)Denzel Washington, Will Patton. FAM 67 29 19 41 ***"Drumline"(2002,Comedy-Drama)NickCannon,ZoeSaldana,OrlandoJones The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reiffy Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44ChoppedOrzoltSeemed'G' Sweet Genius TwinklingGenius Ch o pped Class Acts, Too'G' Chopped LeftoversOverload 'G' Chef WantedWith Anne Burreff (N) Worst Cooks in America ** "Step Brothers" (2008,Comedy)Wil Ferrell, John C.Reily FX 131 Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Anger Anger Archer (N) 'MA' Legit (N) 'MA' Totally Biased BrandX With HGTV 17 49 33 43Seffi ng NY Seffing NY Salvage Dawgs Salvage Dawgs West End Sal. West End Sal. Rehab Addict 'G' Rehab Addict 'G' House Hunters Hunters Int'I Hawaii Life 'G' Hawaii Life 'G' *HIST 15 42 41 36 SwampPeople'PG'cc Big Rig Bounty Hunters 'PG' cc Swamp People 'PG' cc SwampPeople (N)'PG' cc Big Rig Bounty Hunters (N)'PG' Larry the CableGuy LIFE 13 39 20 31 Dance Moms'PG'acc Dance Moms'PG' cc Project Runway 'PG' « Project Runway(N) 'PG' « Double Divas Double Divas D ouble Divas MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Failosophy '14' Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Failosophy '14' Ridiculousness Failosophy '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob SpongeBob Drake &Josh n Victorious n 'G' The Fairly OddParents 'G' cc Fuff House 'G' Fuff House'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends 'PG' (11:33) Friends n '14' « Dateline on OWN n '14' « Dateline on OWN n '14' Dateline on OWN n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Dateline on OWN Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 PAC12 47 310310310 Gymnastics The12 Best College Basketball Utah atColorado(N) (Live) College Basketball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:00) *** tA Bronx Tale" (1993,Drama)Robert De Niro. n iMPACTWrestling (N) n '14' « Beffator MMALive (N)n * "My Soul Io Take"(2010,Horror) MaxThieriot, John Magaro SYFY 13 35 133 45 Total Blackout * * "The Omen" (2006)Liev Schreiber, Julia Stiles. Adiplomat's adoptedsonispure evil. House ol Bones" (2010) « TBN 205 60130 JosephPrince Hiffs Praise the Lord 'Y' « Live-Holy Land The Evidence Grant Jeffrey C r eflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord ong TV The King of Seinfeld TheNote Seinfeld The Seinfeld The Family Guyn FamilyGuy Road The Big Bang The Big Bang King of the NerdsThefirst NerdAn- Conan Mila Kunis; Chris Hardwick 'TBS Queens n 'PG 'PQ' cc Comeback'PG' Mango n 'PG' 'PQ' cc to Europe'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' them competition. (N) '14' « (N) cc (1944)*** "A Placein the Sun" (1951,Drama)Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor. A (9:15) *** "Alfie" (1966,Comedy-Drama)Michael Caine, Shelley Winters, Mil (11:15) **** "Seven DaysinMay TCM 101 44 101 29Fred 5'00MacMurray. ****"D»bis lnd«nffy" « social climbergetsrid of his poor, pregnant girlfriend. « licent Martin. Cynicalcockneybachelor picks upwomen. cc (1964) Burt Lancaster. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium Borrowed, New Borrowed, New Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress What Not to Wear(N)'PG' « Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress (5:00) NBABasketball MiamiHeat at Chicago Bulls Fromthe NBA Basketball SanAntonio Spursat LosAngeles Clippers From StaplesCenter in LosAngeles. (N) Inside the NBA(N)(Live) cc The Mentalist ThrowingFireJane *TNT United Center inChicago. (N)(Live) « (Live) « flashes back tohis childhood.'14' *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Annoying Inc r edible Crew Regular Show KingoftheHiff KingoftheHiff AmericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14' *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v.Food Man v. Food Mysteries attheMuseum 'PG Mysteries at the Museum(N) 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum 'PG Mysteries at the Museum'PG M * A*S*H 'PG' T h e Cosby Show Cleveland HotinCleveland KingofQueens King ofQueens TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' The CosbyShow Love.Raymond Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in USA 15 30 23 30 NCISWitnessn'PG'« NCIS Caught on Tape 'PG' « NCIS Masquerade n 'PG' « NCIS JackKnife n 'PG' « Suits WarDiffering opinions. '14' (11:08) NecessaryRoughness'PG VH1 191 48 37 54 LaLa'sLife L aLa ' s Life B lac k l nkCrewn'14' Black Ink Crew n '14' Black Ink Crew n '14' Black Ink Crew n '14 Behind the Music IceCube. n '14 *A&E


*** "Pirates ol the Caribbean: TheCurse ol theBlack Pearl" 2003 JohnnyDepp. « ** "The LostWorld: Jurassic Park" 1997 'PG-13 106401 306401(6:05) **** "AmericanGraffiti"1973 Richard Dreyfuss. 'PG' « hRace"2008,ActionJasonStatham,lanMcShane.'R'« FXM Presents * * "T he Mummy:Tombol the DragonEmperor" 2008'PG-13' ©c 104 204104120(5:00) ** "Death Race"2008 'R ' F X M Presents ** "Deat 34 UFC Reloaded Ultimate Matt Hughes '14 The Ultimate Fighter n '14 UFC Primetime UFC ReloadedUFC143: Diazvs. Condit Nick Diaztakes onCarlos Condit 28 301 27 301(3:30) PGA Tour Golf WGCAccenture MatchPlayChampionship, DayTwo Golf Central (N) 19th Hole (N) PGA Tour Golf WGC Accenture MatchPlayChampionship, DayTwo

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch H a ppy Days 'G' Happy Days 'G' Happy Days 'GHappy Days'G Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425 501 ** t Hop" 2011Voices of JamesMarsden. n 'PG Girls Boys 'MA' Enlightened 'MA' Taxicab Confessions: All's Fare (7:45) ** "Battleship" 2012,ScienceFictionTaylor Kitsch, Rihanna. n 'PG-13' cc IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "BatmanReturns" 1992 Michael Keaton (7:45) *** "Lethal Weapon2" 1989,Action MelGibson, DannyGlover, JoePesci. 'R (10:15) ** "BatmanReturns"1992, Action MichaelKeaton. 'PG-13 ** "The Chronicles ol Riddick" 2004Vin Diesel. n 'NR' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:35) *** "HarryPoller and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" 2011 cc (7:50) ** t RedTails"2012 CubaGoodingJr. n 'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Women's College Basketball Gonzagaat Santa Clara (N) (Live) Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Snowboarding Poker After Dark $20KSit N Go Darts Final: Englandvs. Australia Highway Thru Hell '14' NGC 157 157 D o omsday Preppers'14 Mudcats: Downand Dirty '14 Mudcats MidnightMonsters'14' DoomsdayPreppers '14' Mudcats: Downand Dirty '14 NTOON 891151891150ddParents O d d Parents Ava tar:Air. Ava t ar:Air Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn SpongeBob S p ongeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor

OUTD 37 30743 307 MajorLeague Fishing Bow Madness Ult. Adventures Bottom Feeders Cuddeback's The Crush Bon e Collector Cuddeback's U l t . AdventuresAlaska Outdoors Trophy Quest ** "Lara Croft TombRaider: TheCradle ol Life" 2003Angelina Jolie SHO 500 50 0 * * " The TwilightSaga: Breaking DawnParf 1" 2011 Kristen Stewart Tim Minchin and theHeritage (11:10) Gigolos (11:40) Gigolos SPEED 35 303125303(4:30) NASCARRacing Sprint Cup:Budweiser Duel Car Warriors Chevelle '14 Wrecked '14' W r ecked '14' Pinks'PG' Pinks 'PG' Unique Whips '14

* "That's My Boy"2012,ComedyAdamSandler. n 'R' « STARZ 300408300408 (5 35) ** "HomeFries"1998 n (715) ** "Freddy vs.Jason"2003 Robert Englund. n 'R' « Spartacus: War of the Damnedn ** "4:44 Last Day onEarth" 2011 Wilem Dafoe TMC 525 525 (4:40) Legendary "Bare Knuck/es" 2009Martin Kove. n 'PG-13' « (8:15) * "Twisted" 2004,SuspenseAshley Judd. n 'R' « SourceCoden *WE

14 41 174118 MaryMary Beginning oftheEnd

M a r y Mary Beginning End oi the

M a r y Mary Beginning theof End

M a r y Mary Beginning theof End

M a r y Mary On Brithe nk

Mary MaryEricagives birth.

TV • PAGE 15 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine




c II



II Jeopardy! (N)n











KATU Newsat 11 (11:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live '14' (N) n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Rock Center With Brian Williams NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) (N) n cc at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access HollywoodWho Wants toBe New Adventures 30 Rock The T h e Job Viceroy HotelGroupA job at CSE NYToday Is Life Anunarmedman Blue Bloods Dannyand Erininvestigate KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine Bubble n '14' V i ceroy Hotel Group.(N) n 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) is shot bypolice. (N) n '14' a cold case.(N) n '14' cc (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Last Man Standing (8:31)Malibu Shark TankUniqueeyewear madeof (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' cc KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI 9 Newsat Entertainment (N) n 'PG' Co u ntry (N) 'PG (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Ton i ght (N) 'PG cc sustainablewood.(N)'PG' « 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14 The Big Bang The Big Bang Kitchen NightmaresRamsayheadsto Touch Perfect StormAvramseesGuil News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc Family GuyHan- Family Guy n KFXO iDc Q (Ef (El Twoanda Half Two and aHalf Men '14' cc Men '14' cc Nino's in California. (N)'14' (FOX) Theory n 'PG Theory n '14' ermo inNewYork. (N) n '14' First on FOX nah Banana 14 14 « DCI Banks InnocentGravesThe murderof ateenager. n Masterpiece Classic DowntonAbbey, Season3 Trip to a KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Trave!WithKids Nightly Business PBS NewsHourGunviolence as a pub- Think Out Loud(N)(Live) ' G ' cc (DVS) 'PQ' cc (PBS) Report (N) cc l i c health issue. (N) n cc Scottish huntinglodge. n 'PG' cc NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) « Inside Edition (N) Dateline NBC (N) n 'PG' cc Rock CenterWith Brian Williams NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) (NBC) 6PM (N) « (N) n cc 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show n Seinfeld TheFix- Rules of Engage. Nikita Black BadgeAmandaframes Cult You're NextJeff's brothermysteri- Cops In Kansas Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Rules of Engage. That '70s Show KTVZDT2 (ElQ Q Gcl The King of '14' cc Up 'PG' « ment 'PG' Sea n for an assassinati(N) on.'14' City. '14' « ment '14' Queens n 'PG ously disappears. n '14' « Holy Craps!'PG (CW) OPBPL 175 173 A u drey Hepburn Remembered 'PG' Masterpiece Mystery! A bishopispoisoned. n 'PG' On Story n 'G' World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose (N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc


'Q' cc

Wheel of Fortune Last Man Standing (8:31) Malibu S h ark Tank Uniqueeyewearmadeof (N) n 'G' (N) n 'PG' Cou ntry (N) 'PG' sustainable wood.(N)'PG' « Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBC(N) n 'PG' cc

(10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' cc

Duck Dynasty FrogDuckDynasty Duck Dynasty DuckDynasty Duck Dynast ySi- DuckDynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty (11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy'PG' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc nasty'PG' «nasty 'PG' « in One 'PG' Yonara 'PG' S a murai Si 'PG''PG' cc (5:00) *** "True Lies"(1994,Action) ArnoldSchwarzenegger, JamieLeeCurtis. ** "TheCave" (2005,Horror) ColeHauser, Morris Chestnut, EddieCibrian. Pre- The Walking DeadHomeThegroup Comic Book Men Freakshow '14' « 'AMC 'PQ' cc A man livesthe doublelife of a spy anda family man. « miere. Monstershunt explorers in undergroundcaverns. debates the nextstep. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 FatalAttractionsn'14'cc Fatal Attractions n 'PG' cc Fatal Attractions n 'PG Fatal Attractions TigerTerror'PG' Fatal Attractions n 'PG Fatal Attractions TigerTerror 'PG BRAVO 13 ** "American Pie 2" (2001) 4 4 (5:47) VanderpumpRules '14 (6:47) VanderpumpRules'14 (7:47)VanderpumpRules '14 (8:47) VanderpumpRules '14 (9:47) VanderpumpRules'14 ** "Overboard" (1987,Comedy) Goldie Hawn,Kurt Russell, EdwardHerrmann.n CMT 190 32 42 53 (6:05) Reba 'PG' (6:40) Reba 'PG (7:15) RebaInvasion n 'PG' cc (7:50) Reba'PG' (8:25) Reba'G Dukes-Hazzard CNBC 54 36 40 52 UltimateFactories'G American Greed Raffaello Follieri M a d Money Ultimate Factories 'G American GreedRaffaello Follieri Get Sub D Su p ersmile CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront *** "BeverlyHills Cop" (1984) COM 13 53 135 47 (5:55) South Park (6:26) Tosh.0'14 ColbertReport DailyShow (7:57)Tosh.0'14' (8:28)Tosh.0'14' The Jeselnik Off Workaholics '14' (9:59) Tosh.0 '14' Tosh.0 '14' COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller (6:50) High School Basketball Bend atMt. 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Getaways Travel Pleeseel lleliderts. ,i


c~-vaooWYQO Enjoy a spectacular 5-night French Polynesia vacation courtesy of Pleasant Holidays, Getaways Travel and The Bulletin. Ni,tts

This fabulous trip for two includes: roundtrip air from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui and five nights' accommodation at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort 8< Spa. A prize package valued at $7,000

FOR MORE INFORMATION ORTO SUBSCRIBE, CALLTHE BULLETIN AT For complete rules and regulations, visit www,bendbulletin,com/vacationrules or stop by The Bulletin at1777 SW Chandler Ave., Bend. Additional entry forms are available in newspapers for sale across Central Oregon and in the lobby of The Bulletin. Entry forms should be delivered or mailed to The Bulletin. Last day to enter is March 22, 2013 at noon, Winner will be drawn March 25, 201 3. *Winner is responsible for transportation to LOS ANGELES and Transfers from Bora Bora airport to resort and return. Passport valid for more than 6 months after the start of the trip is required. ~



































©IFIFIICIAIL IUILILIRI'IIM CIRMWM'5 I'IRAVIRILVACAtt'Il©IMI|'IRMWM' SWIRIRIPSMKIRS IRM'II'IIV IF©lkM Sign me up to win The Bulletin's Sixth Annual Subscriber Vacation Getaway Sweepstakes! Official entry form only, No other reproductions are accepted. NAME:



E-MAIL (required): G ET M O R E LO C A L

The Bulletin 1777 SW Chandler Ave., Bend, OR 97702

find us online or just around the corner in Bend

Getaways Travel I Pleasaat Holldaql. GE1AWAYTR SAVELis located at: 563 SW 13th St., Bend, OR97702 541-317-1274




RULES:This award is valid for travel April 1 — May 31, 2013 8< November 1 — December 12, 2013. Award is non-transferable, non-refundable, not redeemable for cash and may not be sold. Travel over holidays and other peak travel periods is restricted. Optional insurance and any upgrades are the responsibility of the recipient. The recipient of this certificate is responsible for paying any resort taxes and fees, parking fees, room service charges and any other incidentals assessed directly by the hotel, and/or not directly specified above.Travel is subject to availability and some restrictions may apply. Winner must be at least 21 years old. Employees of participating companies and its properties, sponsors, vendors and their immediate families are not eligible to win. The Bulletin reserves the right to deem entries ineligible. One coupon per edition. For all rules and regulations visit Email addresses will not be sold but individuals who enter this contest may receive emails from THE BULLETIN, GETAWAYSTRAVEL and PLEASANT HOLIDAYS. One coupon per edition.

Bulletin Daily Paper 2-16-13  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday February 16, 2013

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