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AUGUST 11, 2012




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Romney’s running mate: Reports say Ryan • A3 Hunters will soon get to use 15,000 acres of area private land



Water rate changes proposed

By Lauren Dake The Bulletin

SALEM — Two Central Oregon landowners have teamed up with the state to open 15,000 acres of prime hunting grounds. In exchange, the landowners will get help from the state in eradicating invasive species on their properties. Decades ago, it wasn’t uncommon for large landowners to allow hunters to roam their property for game. Jim Wood, whose family owns the Aspen Valley Ranch east of Prineville, near Post, is one of the landowners opening up his family’s 8,000 acres. Wood recalls in the late 1970s when his family’s ranch was open for public hunting. “There was a proverbial rotten apple that spoiled it for the whole bunch,” he said. Six of his family’s cattle were shot, along with a horse. Because of the past, Wood has reservations about allowing hunters on his property. But he’s hopeful it will work well and it will encourage other landowners to open up their properties. And this time around, the state will be administering the program. The hunting parties must be small and the land will be open starting Sept. 29 for rifle season for deer, elk, antlerless elk, cougar and youth hunting. Hunting by archery will not be allowed. Interested hunters need to contact the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Prineville office and not the landowners. See Hunting / A7

TOP NEWS VATICAN: Nuns seek an ‘open dialogue,’ A3

• City officials would like to switch to an entirely usage-based system By Hillary Borrud The Bulletin

The amount of water Bend residents use to irrigate their yards, wash cars and take showers could begin to have a more visible impact on water bills as early as January. For years, city officials reviewed different water rate systems. Many City Councilors now support charging utility customers based on how many cubic feet of water they use. The current system gives customers an allowance of 400 cubic feet and charges them for what they use above that amount. The new rate system city employees are proposing is referred to as “zero allowance,” because it would eliminate the flat fee for the first 400 cubic feet. Instead, customers would be charged for the exact number of cubic feet used. “I’ve been pushing for a long time to just charge people for what they use, and it’s taken a long time for the city to get on board with that concept,” City Councilor Jim Clinton said in an interview late last month. See Water / A7

Matt Slocum / The Associated Press


shton Eaton celebrates on the podium after being presented with the gold medal for the men’s decathlon at the Summer Olympics in Lon-

don on Friday. The event consisted of 10 track and field events over two days. Eaton, a 2006 graduate of Mountain View High School, scored 8,869 points, falling just shy of the Olympic decathlon record of 8,893 points.

AFGHANISTAN: Police officer kills U.S. troops, A3 TODAY’S WEATHER Sunny High 94, Low 50 Page D8

For more on Eaton, see Page C1.

Some win gold, but riches are elusive By David Segal

Vincent Hancock shoots during the men’s skeet event at the Summer Olympics Tuesday.

New York Times News Service

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LONDON — Vincent Hancock won gold in skeet shooting here this week, missing just two of 150 targets in the competition. It was an extraordinary performance and unprecedented, too. Hancock prevailed in the same event in Beijing in 2008, making him the first skeet shooter to successfully defend his Olympic title. The man is a superstar in his sport. So what riches await this impeccably mannered, 23-year-old Army captain when he returns home? What companies are lining up to write sponsorship checks? What signs are there that his life is about to change?

Rebecca Blackwell The Associated Press

“None, really,” he said in an interview on Wednesday. “I’ll try to go after some of the higher profile companies in November, once I leave the military. But I’m not going to get greedy. I’ll be thankful for anything I’m given.” Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be skeet shooters. Or slalom canoers. Or judo fighters. Or, to be

quite blunt about it, any sport that has an international audience only when the Olympics roll around. Not if you would like your babies to take long, post-glory media tours and pocket wads of cash. The reality is that even competitors in popular sports are likely to find that life after gold is not very lucrative. See Riches / A6

Behind a serious nuclear breach, a nun’s bold fervor By William J. Broad New York Times News Service

She has been arrested 40 or 50 times for acts of civil disobedience and once served six months in prison. In the Nevada desert, she and other peace activists knelt down to block a truck rumbling across the government’s nuclear test site, prompting the authorities to take her into custody. She gained so much attention that the Energy Department, which maintains the nation’s nuclear arsenal, helped pay for a lengthy oral history in which she described her upbringing and the development of her anti-nuclear views. Now, Sister Megan Rice, 82, a Catholic nun of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, and two male accomplices have carried out what nuclear experts call the biggest security breach in the history of the nation’s atomic complex, making their way to the center of the site where the U.S. keeps crucial nuclear bomb parts and fuel. See Nun / A7


At orphanage, friendship ignores dads’ allegiances By Kevin Sieff The Washington Post

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Hamidullah, 12, and Rahmatullah, 10, have nearly everything in common. They have the same haircuts, the same blue uniforms, the same jokes, the same notebooks with sailboats and convertibles on the cover. They sleep next to each other in a big room where a ceiling fan stirs warm air. They eat together and play on the same cricket team. When they get older, they want to be neighbors. They arrived here — bunkmates in southern Afghanistan’s largest orphanage — under the same tragic circumstances. Just one detail separates the best friends. Their fathers were killed fighting on opposite sides of the war. See Orphanage / A7



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The numbers drawn Friday night are:

10 18 36 38 44 08 x4 The estimated jackpot is now $36 million.

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Cute, cuddly and ecologically devastating • In the Northwest — and throughout the world — rabbits upend the natural systems of islands

Destruction Island’s shifting ecology One of the world’s largest colonies of rhinoceros auklets has declined 60 percent in 35 years, thanks to a population of invasive European rabbits believed to have been introduced decades ago by a lighthouse keeper’s daughter.

These invasive bunnies have been introduced to more than 800 islands around the globe and wreak havoc on native ecosystems; the ravenous rabbits on Destruction Island mow down knee-high vegetation until grassy cliffs are as neatly trimmed as putting greens; they also draw birds of prey, such as bald eagles, which then eat or scare off seabirds.

The Seattle Times

A delicate balance It can be a prickly problem. Cottontails, to some — especially in North America — remain a sort of charismatic cuddly fauna. For years, nearly 500 toothy, grass-guzzling, invasive rabbits transformed San Juan Island’s American Camp prairie into what the National Park Service dubbed “a moonscape.” But the agency two years ago backed off plans to shoot and trap the animals after a public outcry. The Park Service is conducting a more detailed environmental analysis. Still, islands are home to some of the planet’s most exotic creatures and scientists increasingly consider them important ecological safe harbors. Globally, the vast majority of species extinctions have taken place on islands. And the most common reason those animals disappear: introduced non-native species, such as rabbits. “Island ecosystems are unique, and the species that use them can be like the canary in the coal mine for global warming, ocean acidification, and all sorts of other ocean issues,” said Kevin Ryan, project leader for the Washington Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Complex, which oversees Destruction. “It’s important to maintain these areas for sentinel reasons.” The waters around Destruction are an important breeding ground for sea otters, auklets, troubled populations of tufted puffins, common murres and red-beaked oystercatchers. Those waters are also visited by an array of harbor seals, sea lions, porpoises and bald eagles. But some animals’ feeding patterns are changing in odd ways and that may be helping drive down populations of auklets and puffins. Perhaps more important, the island’s native vegetation is in transition, as hungry

HAPPENINGS • The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight through early Sunday morning. • Mitt Romney plans to announce his running mate. A3


By Craig Welch

DESTRUCTION ISLAND, Wash. — Peter Hodum crouched high above the crashing surf and jammed his arm into a tunnel of dirt. An infrared camera was strapped to his face, and his right hand held the cordlike lens, which he snaked through a long earthen bunker that had been dug by a bird. The biologist and his colleague, scientist Scott Pearson, had come to this steep uninhabited pile of rocks to catalog the decline of the rhinoceros auklet, a gray seabird that nests deep in hollowedout hillside burrows. But instead of spying one of the white-eyebrowed creatures, Hodum came eye to eye with the most likely cause of its decline. “Oh, there’s a rabbit in here!” Hodum whispered. “Wow, look at that. I see you!” Even here, in one of the Northwest’s most remote places — an out-of-the-way island so wild and ecologically sensitive it is now largely off-limits to people — humans have managed to upend the natural system. And we did it the way we have on more than 800 islands around the world: We brought bunnies. From the Channel Islands in California to Washington state’s own San Juans to islands off Chile, North Africa and New Zealand, invasive European rabbits wreak such havoc on plants and seabirds that governments the world over have spent a century trying to eradicate the furry beasts. Now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is making plans to try its luck here, on a 30-acre sea-swept outcropping off the Washington coast, 17 miles southwest of LaPush.

It’s Saturday, Aug. 11, the 224th day of 2012. There are 142 days left in the year.

TUFTED PUFFIN Puffins are rarer on Destruction Island than auklets but they are susceptible to all the same threats; in addition, puffins are so skittish they are easily scared away by the mere presence of eagles and may then refuse to produce new chicks or simply abandon the island for good.

RHINOCEROS AUKLET Auklets make their homes by burrowing deep into seaside cliffs, but rabbits trim hillside grasses and speed erosion, causing burrows to crumble into the sea.

Source: Peter Hodum, Scott Pearson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NRC Research Press Graphic: Kelly Shea, The Seattle Times

rabbits chomp away at once knee-high perennial grasses, allowing invasive annual grasses to take their places. The rabbits keep these new grasses so short they are no longer enough to hold steep hillsides together. The cliffs erode sooner than expected, prompting bird burrows to collapse into the sea.

Surveying the scene Three miles off shore, just south of where the Hoh River meets the Pacific, the jagged crags and rocky shelves that form the base of Destruction Island meet steep mud cliffs and spongy, grassy banks that rise 80 feet to a tabletop of green. It’s these steep earthen slopes that drew Hodum, a bird biologist from the University of Puget Sound who regularly studies seabirds in South America, and Pearson, with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. The damp grass and moist earth are heaven for tunneling seabirds, which have scraped out thousands of long, winding dens to rear their young. The men arrived here on a sunny day to gauge how many burrows were occupied and how many bird pairs were successfully producing chicks. The scientists, both former rock climbers, hoofed uphill as nimbly as mountain goats onto unstable grassy hummocks. They stepped gingerly around fragile bird eggs and over pellets that had been regurgitated by eagles. With infrared cameras over their eyes — Hodum jokes that the get-up makes him look like Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge from “Star Trek” — they threaded lenses into tunnels stretching eight or nine feet into mud. They jotted notes anytime a blinking auklet stared back. “All right, OK,” Hodum shouted as he stood exposed on the cliff, his back to the sea. “I’ve got an adult and eggs on both of these two.” Pearson, seated near a burrow about 10 feet away, said: “Peter’s probably probed more burrows than anyone else in the world.” “That’s how simple-minded I am,” Hodum said, laughing. As the two moved along the high cliffs quickly documenting bird reproduction, Pearson explained the problem. While auklets appear to be doing exceptionally well on Protection Island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, researchers have seen a 60 percent decline in burrows on Destruction Island since 1975. And Destruction is one of the species’ biggest nest sites globally. Meanwhile, tufted puffins, another crazy-beaked squat seabird, are far rarer on De-

struction. But they’re also declining throughout much of the Northwest and are so skittish they’re difficult to study on other offshore islands. The two species are like the yin and yang of burrowing seabirds. Tufted puffins feed their young during the day and are easily driven from their nests. Auklets feed their young at night, but, as Hodum and Pearson demonstrated, they can prove pretty hard to spook.

Damaged ground Early one afternoon, the researchers crested a slope not far from where the birds land at night. Giant brier patches of willows cover the flat top of this island, but the willows open occasionally onto grassy pads, each as well-groomed as a putting green. On one patch, an abandoned lighthouse and outbuildings serve as reminders that this place remains the only offshore island of significance between this stretch of Washington coast and California’s Farallon Islands. The lighthouse protected sailors for 117 years, until the Coast Guard turned the lights off in 2008. After a few minutes of quiet stillness near these decaying buildings, a dozen or more eagles began to circle above. As the predators rode thermals, brown bunnies — some no bigger than squirrels, others as large as small dogs — quickly hopped into the shadows. “See how cropped this grass is?” Hodum pointed out later. “We’d never have this without rabbits.” These rabbits, native to southern Europe, have found their way onto islands for centuries, as stowaways on boats, brought intentionally by game enthusiasts for hunting or for food, or by settlers who kept them as pets. While no one knows for certain how they reached Destruction, scientists and land managers have gathered evidence in support of a theory: A lighthouse keeper used to live on the island, and local lore suggests his daughter kept rabbits as pets. Either the animals escaped, or someone set them free. The fur balls have changed island ecology in many ways. Scavenging rabbits have mowed down thigh-high luxuriant perennial grasses. Nonnative annual grasses have risen in their place, but rabbits keep them so sheered they barely rise above boot heels. Without grass, the muddy hillsides, always subject to slow erosion, crumble faster into the sea. That leaves less earth and more rock on hillsides, which can’t be trans-

© 2012 McClatchy-Tribune News Service

formed into bird burrows. Meanwhile, the rabbits have helped draw in ravenous bald eagles that hunt for the bunnies — and gnaw on rhinoceros auklets. And the eagles’ presence often is enough to keep tufted puffins from entering their burrows. That can drive the troubled seabirds away just as their young need food. “Sometimes the puffins just stay away and decide not to breed at all,” Pearson said. And sometimes, though it’s rare, rabbits even wander into auklet burrows and drive out the birds for good.

A push for restoration The researchers hope to do more to catalog the cascade of impacts from rabbits. In the meantime, they and Ryan, with Fish and Wildlife, are in the early stages of making plans to try and remove the rabbits. The planning and budgeting process could take months or even years. But, they hope, by shooting, trapping or poisoning Destruction’s rabbits, they could fairly easily restore a bit of balance to a rich Northwest island community. Gregg Howald, with Island Conservation, said the ecological track record for water-locked communities that removed invasive rabbits is quite good, even for islands home to burrowing seabirds. The numbers of pink-footed shearwaters, a similar species on a South American island where Hodum also does research, rebounded in about three years after rabbits were removed there. “We know what the mechanism causing the changes appears to be,” Pearson said. “And we know we can do something about it.”

IN HISTORY Highlights: In 3114 B.C., the current cycle of the Mayan “Long Count” calendar began. (By some estimates, the cycle will end, and a new one will begin, on Dec. 21 of this year.) In 1934, the first federal prisoners arrived at Alcatraz Island (a former military prison) in San Francisco Bay. In 1965, rioting and looting that claimed 34 lives broke out in the predominantly black Watts section of Los Angeles. In 1984, during a voice test for a paid political radio address, President Ronald Reagan joked that he had “signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Ten years ago: Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, a bioweapons expert under scrutiny for anthraxlaced letters, fiercely denied any involvement and said he had cooperated with the investigation. (Hatfill was never charged, and the Justice Department ended up agreeing to pay $5.8 million to settle a lawsuit Hatfill had brought against the government for wrongly implicating him.) Five years ago: President George W. Bush welcomed French President Nicolas Sarkozy to his family’s estate in Kennebunkport, Maine. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won an easy and expected victory in a high-profile Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll. Funerals were held in Newark, N.J., for three college or college-bound students shot to death in a schoolyard. One year ago: Minnesota rivals Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann sparred bitterly during an eightcandidate Republican debate in Ames, Iowa; Mitt Romney sought to stay above the fray as he focused on President Barack Obama, saying, “Our president simply doesn’t understand how to lead and how to grow the economy.”

BIRTHDAYS Computer scientist and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is 62. Wrestler-actor Hulk Hogan is 59. Actress Viola Davis is 47. Actor-host Joe Rogan is 45. Actor Chris Hemsworth is 29. — From wire reports



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T S Afghan police officer kills 3 U.S. troops By Matthew Rosenberg New York Times News Service

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan police officer shot and killed at least three U.S. Special Forces soldiers Friday after inviting them for a meal at a check post in southern Afghanistan, an Afghan official said, in what appeared to be premeditated killings of U.S. soldiers by one of their Afghan allies. Details remained sketchy, and Afghan and coalition investigators were still trying to piece together how the shooting unfolded as dusk approached. A dawn-to-dusk fast is being widely observed in Afghanistan as Muslims observe Ramadan. The U.S. command in Afghanistan, which functions alongside the NATO-led coalition, issued a terse statement saying that three soldiers had been killed by a man in an Afghan uniform — standard

phrasing used by military authorities here when a member of the Afghan security forces kills a coalition service member. Afghan officials offered more details. Muhammad Sharif, the governor of Sangin, said a police commander had invited the Special Forces soldiers to eat at his check post. He then shot them when their guard was down and fled, Sharif said. He put the number of dead Americans at four. But the coalition said the soldiers may have arrived not for a meal or for any other gathering when the shooting took place. A prominent tribal elder said he had been told by local authorities that his son, Assadullah, 25, a police officer, was suspected of carrying out the killings at a check post in the village of Khanan, which lies near a base used by U.S. Special Forces soldiers.

Seth Perlman / The Associated Press

Sister Pat Farrell, right, outgoing president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and President-elect Sister Florence Deacon, left, listen to questions from reporters Friday after releasing the group’s response to the Vatican.

Nuns seek an ‘open dialogue’ with Vatican By Michelle Boorstein The Washington Post

American nuns on Friday backed away from a direct confrontation with the Vatican, saying they want a respectful “open dialogue” with Rome about disputes over gender, human sexuality and authority. The decision by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents 80 percent of American nuns, came at the end of an intense annual conference in St. Louis this week, where about 900 women met to decide how to respond to an April report by the Vatican saying the group had strayed dangerously far from orthodoxy and the pope and needs to be “reformed.” The women considered generally accepting the report, rejecting it and becoming an independent Catholic organization (rather than an actual office of Rome), or finding some middle ground. In a statement Friday, the women said that members want to pursue dialogue with the three-bishop team appointed by the Vatican to approve their conference speakers, literature and training programs. The women’s expectation is that “open and honest dialogue may lead not only to increasing understanding between the church leadership and women religious, but also to creating more possibilities for the laity and, particularly for women, to have a voice in the church.” Conference leaders “will proceed with these discussions as long as possible, but will reconsider if LCWR is forced to compromise the integrity of its mission,” the statement read. Different reactions to the nuns’ decision showed the fragile and divided state of American Catholics over everything from gender roles and the purpose of sex to what it means to submit to authority. Some experts said the women’s announcement that they wouldn’t simply comply may

be viewed as defiance. Others said their decision not to disaffiliate their group from Rome mirrored the frustrations of liberal Catholics who stay close to the church because they think they can sway a Vatican laser-focused on enforcing orthodoxy. “Both sides in the standoff speak of ‘dialogue,’ but they seem to mean different things,” said R. Scott Appleby, a historian at Notre Dame. Leading bishops “understand dialogue as a conversation about how best to implement the pope’s vision of religious life and witness. The sisters mean an open-ended giveand-take that is more of a mutual discernment of where the Spirit is leading the Church at a given moment in history.” While the women were never discussing leaving Catholicism, the concept that sisters — the very icons of Catholic dutifulness — could consider taking an official step away from Rome was extraordinary. Historians said the standoff was the most far-reaching in American Catholicism. There have been conflicts between Rome and individual orders or theologians, but the Leadership Conference represents the vast majority of the country’s 56,000 sisters. “They’re saying it’s only about doctrine. But for us, the dialogue is about reflecting on our lives out of Gospel. Theology in our view is about exploration and discovery. They think that’s wrong. It’s like cutting the heart out of who we are,” said Sister Simone Campbell, a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington who this summer led nuns on a wellpublicized tour called “Nuns on the Bus,” meant to respond to the Vatican report with more visibility. Asked if the differences were more about free debate or if even hot-button issues such as contraception were on the table, Campbell said: “Absolutely. Theologies have evolved over two millennia. When Jesus died and rose, it wasn’t all settled.”

Polls show Obama widening his lead


By Bill Turque The Washington Post

Eric Thayer / New York Times News Service

Mitt Romney flies on a chartered plane to Norfolk, Va., Friday, where he is scheduled to announce his running mate, with several signs pointing toward Rep. Paul Ryan.

Ryan as VP pick? Bulletin wire reports NORFOLK, Va. — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has picked Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to be his running mate, according to multiple sources close to the Republican’s campaign. They will appear together today in Norfolk, Va., at the start of a fourstate bus tour to introduce the newly minted GOP ticket to the nation. Several national news outlets, including The Associated Press and NBC News, reported late Friday that Romney has chosen the 42-year-old Ryan, the House budget chairman. In a statement, Romney’s campaign would say only that the running mate would be revealed at the Nauticus Museum today. Berthed at the museum is the USS Wisconsin — which offered a hint about Romney’s choice.

Aimed at conservatives Before Romney’s team issued the statement, all signs seemed to point to Ryan, the seven-term Wisconsin congressman whose nomination could help assuage the conservative base of the party that has been reluctant to fully embrace Romney. Romney’s preference for a team player cannot be overstated in a campaign led by an inner circle that has

worked together for a decade in some cases. Campaigning together during this spring’s GOP primary, Romney and Ryan were visibly comfortable with each other on a personal and professional level. Romney eagerly shared the microphone with Ryan during campaign events, they shared hamburgers at a fast-food restaurant, and the congressman played a leading role in an April Fool’s joke on the Republican presidential contender. Conservative pundits have been urging Romney to choose Ryan in large part because of his authorship of a House-backed budget plan that seeks to curb overall entitlement spending and changes Medicaid into a voucherlike system to save costs. On Thursday, Romney fueled the buzz around Ryan, telling NBC that he wants a vice president with “a vision for the country, that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country.” Several Republicans took that as an indication that Ryan had shot to the top of a short list said to include Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Neither of those Republicans had plans to be in Virginia on Saturday. Romney’s completion of the

GOP ticket comes as he tries to repair an image damaged by negative Democratic advertising and shift the trajectory of a campaign that’s seen him lose ground to President Barack Obama. The vice presidential selection will dominate headlines, and Romney’s team has been relentlessly teasing the announcement for weeks.

Who is Paul Ryan? Ryan, 42, is viewed by some in the Republican Party as a bridge between the buttoned-up GOP establishment and a riled-up tea party movement that has never warmed to Romney. As the chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan could help Romney make the argument that only the GOP ticket knows how to turn around a nation in the midst of a sluggish economic recovery. As talk about Ryan swirled this week, Democrats have been castigating Romney for embracing the Ryansponsored budget proposal that critics say is painful to the poor and elderly. The move also now links Romney directly with House Republicans, including nocompromise tea partyers who have pressed for deep spending cuts. Obama has been casting them as an impediment to progress in often-gridlocked Washington.

A bumpy overseas trip and a month of pummeling by Democratic ads depicting Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat and possible tax evader appear to have taken a toll. Three polls released in the last few days — before Romney announced a running mate — show President Barack Obama widening his lead over the former Massachusetts governor to as much as nine points. The surveys of registered voters, all conducted sometime between Aug. 2 and 8, also have Romney’s unfavorable ratings headed north. Two of the polls show his support among independents slipping. A Fox News poll found the largest deficit, with Romney trailing by nine points (49 percent to 40 percent) That’s the widest gap Fox has reported all year. Its July survey had Obama up by four points (45 percent to 41 percent). Fox found that Obama’s increasing advantage comes mainly on the strength of a big bump from independents, who now support the president by 11 points, up from four points in July. Twenty-six percent of voters described themselves as “extremely” or “very” comfortable with the prospect of a Romney presidency, while 71 percent said they were either “somewhat” or “not at all” comfortable. Forty-one percent were extremely or very comfortable with a second Obama term, while 59 percent fell into the somewhat or not-at-all categories. A new CNN/ORC International survey placed the race at seven points (52 percent to 45 percent), up from 49 percent to 46 percent in July. Among independents, Obama’s lead is at nine points. Fifty-two percent of independents view Romney unfavorably, up from 40 percent in May.




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Sikhs mourn victims, lament targeting

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Bulletin wire reports Across the country, Sikhs are mourning the deaths in the shooting rampage at one of their temples outside Milwaukee, and some are saying the killings revived bitter memories of the period just after the Sept. 11 attacks when their distinctive turbans and beards seemed to trigger harassment and violence by people who wrongly assumed they were militant Muslims. This week, Sikhs reflected on the uncomfortable fact that because their appearance sets them apart, they are sometimes mistakenly singled out as targets. Observant Sikh men often wear turbans and do not cut their hair or shave their beards. “I have been called Osama bin Laden walking down the street, because in the popular imagination a turban is associated with bin Laden and alQaida,” said Prabhjot Singh, who works in the high-tech industry near San Francisco. “But 99 percent of the people who wear turbans in the United States are Sikhs, so they face a disproportionate number of acts of discrimination.” Ever since they arrived in the U.S. as farmers and lumber mill workers in the late 19th century, Sikhs have struggled with how little Americans knew about the faith. In 1907, a mob in Bellingham, Wash., who called Sikhs “the Hindus,” ran them out of town. (Bellingham officials apologized formally 100 years later.) Over time, they established themselves in the United States with major temples from Boston to California. Still, they remained a small, often misunderstood community, readily identifiable by their turbans. During the 1970s Iranian hostage crisis, Americans often mistook Sikhs for Iranians. Vandals attacked some temples after the Oklahoma City bombing, committed by white U.S. Army veteran Timothy McVeigh. So when the Sept. 11 attacks occurred, the Sikh community immediately began organizing, working closely with U.S. Arabs and Muslims on domestic anti-terror policies that respect civil rights. In collecting data about post-Sept. 11 hate crimes, the Justice Department does not draw a distinction between Sikhs and Muslims, an entirely separate religion. A report from October says, “In the first six years after 9/11, the department investigated more than 800 incidents involving violence, threats, vandalism and arson against persons perceived to be Muslim or Sikh, or of Arab, Middle Eastern or South Asian origin.”

Acts of violence The massacre Sunday at

People gather at a candlelight vigil in Oak Creek, Wis., Tuesday for the victims of a mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Sunday. Tom Lynn The Associated Press

Sikhism: a young and misunderstood faith • How did the Sikh religion originate? Sikhism, a monotheistic faith that emerged from the Punjab region of India about 500 years ago, is one of the world’s youngest major religions. It emphasizes self-reliance and individual responsibility and draws its tenets from the words of 10 gurus. The last guru, named Singh, died in 1708. It was founded in 1469 by Guru Nanak, who preached monotheism and equality, in reaction to the Hindu caste system. After fights with India’s Muslim Mogul rulers, the religion grew more militant. The 10th and final founding leader, Guru Gobind Singh, commanded Sikhs to carry a kirpan, or curved ceremonial dagger. • What is Sikhs’ historical role in India? There are 27 million Sikhs worldwide, the vast majority still in India. Sikhs at one point controlled a powerful kingdom in what is today western India and parts of Pakistan. The British captured it in a bloody war in 1849. Around that time, the British army formed a Sikh regiment that still exists in the Indian military. British colonialists in India tended to favor the Sikhs, viewing them as more Western than the Hindus and Muslims, who made up the vast majority of the population there. Though Sikhs comprise about 2 percent of India’s population, they make up a far higher percentage of the military. • What are the customs of their faith? More than many other religious practitioners, Sikh men wear a uniform: unshorn hair and a small comb covered by a turban; a steel bracelet; and, for a certain group of initiates, a kirpan. Traditional Sikh men don’t cut their beards or their hair. Most cover their heads in yards of cloth elaborately wrapped into a turban. Sikh men all take the name Singh, meaning lion. The religion’s holiest site is the Golden Temple in Amritsar, which is surrounded by a lake. — The Associated Press, New York Times News Service

the suburban Milwaukee Sikh temple left six Sikhs dead and several people wounded, including a police officer who responded to the scene. Authorities have identified the gunman as Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran described by civil rights groups as a neo-Nazi and white supremacist. Police have called the attack an act of domestic terrorism. For Sikhs, the attack was the latest — and worst — of a string of horrific assaults on their community. Many of the recent attacks have been outright hate crimes. Others remain unsolved. Other recent acts of violence against Sikhs — the defacing in February of a temple in Michigan, the beating of a cabdriver in California in late 2010 — involved mistaken references to militant Islam. In fact, the first post-9/11 killing classified as a hate crime took place in Arizona, where a Sikh was gunned down by a man who is now serving a life

sentence. “They are identifiable. Both Muslims and Sikhs are visible minorities,” said Diana Eck, a Harvard University professor and director of The Pluralism Project. “Both have been subject to misapprehension and targeting as a result of ignorance and prejudice.”

Reaching out As early as the 1990s, Sikhs in Washington and other major cities began organizing, building relationships with leaders of other faiths, Eck said. But after the Sept. 11 attacks, Sikhs around the country reached out with more urgency. Like American Muslims, they organized open houses at their places of worship. The Sikh Coalition, a New York-based civil rights group, formed about one month after the attacks from a volunteer effort to protect members of the community. The group has since reported more than 700 hate crimes and has fielded

hundreds of complaints about unfair treatment at airports. In April, the coalition unveiled a free mobile application, FlyRights, which allows travelers of all backgrounds to complain immediately to the government if they feel they’ve been treated unfairly by airport screeners. The coalition and another group, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund, have been taking on cases of Sikhs who say they have been pressured by employers to stop wearing their turbans on the job. In June, the White House held what is believed to be the first briefing on Sikh civil rights.

Feeling misunderstood It’s a significant effort for a group that remains a tiny minority in the United States. Of the 27 million Sikhs worldwide, the majority live in India, where the religion was established in the 15th century. The exact number of Sikhs living in America is not known. Estimates range from 200,000 to 500,000. Many left their homes in the agricultural Punjab province, known as the breadbasket of India, and arrived first in the West and Pacific Northwest in the late 1800s. The first major temple was built in 1912 around Stockton, Calif., but like other immigrants, Sikhs were not allowed to bring their spouses to the United States, which restricted their numbers. When President Lyndon Johnson eased immigration quotas in the 1960s, Sikhs began arriving in larger numbers with their families. Temples were built around Boston, Chicago and other parts of California. Yet, no matter how established they felt in the United States, many Sikhs felt misunderstood. In recent years, many young Sikhs have cut their hair or worn baseball caps instead of turbans to avoid standing out. Vishavjit Singh cut his hair for years but has returned to the faith and now wears a turban. “What is amazing, even 10 years, 11 years after 9/11, most Americans don’t know who Sikhs are,” Singh said. “That scares me.”

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Can liberal Christianity save itself from an imminent collapse? By Ross Douthat New York Times News Service

In 1998, John Shelby Spong, then the reliably controversial Episcopal bishop of Newark, N.J., published a book titled “Why Christianity Must Change or Die.” During his career, Spong dismissed almost every element of traditional Christian faith as so much superstition — and most recent leaders of the Episcopal Church have shared his premise. Thus their church has spent the last several decades changing and then changing some more, from a sedate pillar of the WASP establishment into one of the most self-consciously progressive Christian bodies in the United States. It is flexible on dogma, friendly to sexual liberation, willing to blend Christianity with other faiths and eager to downplay theology entirely in favor of secular political causes. Yet instead of attracting a younger, more openminded demographic with

these changes, the Episcopal this environment. The most Church’s dying has proceeded successful Christian bodies apace. Last month, while the have often been politically church’s House of Bishops conservative but theologically was approving a rite to bless shallow, preaching a gospel same-sex unions, Episcopa- of health and wealth rather lian church attendance fig- than the full New Testament ures for 2000-10 circulated message. in the religion blogosphere. But if conservative ChristiThey showed something be- anity has often been comprotween a decline mised, liberal Chrisand a collapse: In COMMENTARY tianity has simply the last decade, collapsed. Practicalaverage Sunday ly every denominaattendance dropped 23 per- tion — Methodist, Lutheran, cent, and not a single Episco- Presbyterian — that has tried pal diocese in the country saw to adapt itself to contempochurchgoing increase. rary liberal values has seen This decline is the latest an Episcopal-style plunge in chapter in a story dating to the church attendance. Within 1960s. The trends unleashed the Catholic Church, too, the in that era — not only the sex- most progressive-minded reliual revolution, but also con- gious orders have often failed sumerism and materialism, to generate the vocations necmulticulturalism and relativ- essary to sustain themselves. ism — threw all of American Both religious and secular Christianity into crisis and liberals have been loath to ushered in decades of debate recognize this crisis. Comover how to keep the nation’s mentators consistently hail churches relevant and vital. these forms of Christianity as Traditional believers, both a model for the future without Protestant and Catholic, have reckoning with their decline. not necessarily thrived in But if liberals need to come

to terms with these failures, religious conservatives should not be smug about them. The defining idea of liberal Christianity — that faith should spur social reform as well as personal conversion — has been an immensely positive force in our national life. No one should wish for its extinction, or for a world where Christianity becomes the exclusive property of the political right. What should be wished for, instead, is that liberal Christianity recovers a religious reason for its own existence. As the liberal Protestant scholar Gary Dorrien has pointed out, the Christianity that animated causes such as the Social Gospel and the civil rights movement was much more dogmatic than present-day liberal faith. Its leaders had a “deep grounding in Bible study, family devotions, personal prayer and worship.” They argued for progressive reform in the context of “a personal transcendent God.” Today, by contrast, the lead-

ers of the Episcopal Church and similar bodies often don’t seem to be offering anything you can’t already get from a purely secular liberalism. Which suggests that perhaps they should pause, amid their frantic renovations, and consider not just what they would change about historic Christi-

anity, but what they would defend and offer uncompromisingly to the world. Absent such a reconsideration, their fate is nearly certain: They will change, and change, and die. — Douthat is a columnist for The New York Times and the author of “Bad Religion.”

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Continued from A1 There are always a handful of breakout stars in the games, and the most compelling and accomplished will turn up on Wheaties boxes or in Adidas ads. But such triumphs are the exception. Great, earsplitting ka-ching moments elude the overwhelming majority of Olympians. “Just look at swimming,” says Peter Carlisle of Octagon, a sports marketing firm in McLean, Va. “One of the most popular sports at the Olympics, and there are a lot of U.S. gold medals in swimming. If you’re an American, you need to stand out, you need to be distinguishable. There’s no way all the gold medal American swimmers will wind up in the mainstream market.” If even athletes in big-time sports have trouble getting paid in the United States, imagine the fate of winners of obscure gold in smaller countries. Michele Frangilli of Italy just beat all comers in men’s archery. Let’s just say he is not expecting that his next car will be a Lamborghini. “Normally, this is a sport that is not existing for most people in Italy,” Frangilli said on Thursday. “Only football (soccer). People know archery during the Olympics.” Any nibbles since the victory? “At the moment, no,” he said. “Maybe when I go home. But Giorgio Armani — you know who is Giorgio Armani? — he is a sponsor of the Italian Olympic Committee, so probably we will be in some kind of advertising. The whole team.” Urska Zolnir of Slovenia won a gold medal in women’s judo on Wednesday. There will be a parade in honor of her and her teammates once the games are over, in the capital city of Ljubljana, and she is expecting interviews with magazines and radio stations in the next couple of weeks. But sponsorships and enduring fame? No way. “I will not be rich,” she said, with a smile, during an interview in the athletes’ village. Which is just fine with her. The role model pressure, the performance anxiety of interviews — she could live without it. Her goal, she explained, is to get back to training with a minimum of intrusion. Or as she put it, “Just to be the same like was before the medal.”

Mosque opens after long struggle By Robbie Brown and Christine Hauser

Ulla Attot, left, and Huda Alkyhami attend the opening of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in Murfreesboro, Tenn. The congregation opened without the protests or violence some had feared.

New York Times News Service

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — The worshipers bowed low, their heads touching the freshly laid carpet, as the new mosque filled with echoes of exultation. “God, thank you for the ability to worship here today,” said Remziya Suleyman, 27. “Thank you, thank you.” After years of threats, attacks and court action, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro’s new mosque opened its doors Friday, allowing 300 people to mark the occasion on Islam’s day of weekly public prayer. Following the shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on Sunday and an arson attack on a mosque in Missouri on Monday, the opening went off without the protests or violence that some had feared. Muslims from across Tennessee gathered at the 12,000square-foot center to begin the final week of Ramadan. The congregation’s former building was so small that members often spilled into the parking lot and car-pooled to save parking spaces. Here, they fit comfortably. “We’re all humbly enjoying the right to worship, an American tradition that a small minority tried to eliminate out of ignorance and misunderstanding,” said Nihad Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who flew here from Washington. For two years, the opposition in this city of 110,000 about 30 miles southeast of

Tim Harris New York Times News Service

Nashville has been small but vocal. In 2010, vandals painted “not welcome” on construction signs at the mosque and set fire to construction equipment. A Texas man was indicted in June on charges that he left messages threatening to detonate a bomb at the center on Sept. 11. In May, a county judge ruled that the construction plans had not received sufficient comment from the public and that an occupancy permit could not be granted. Federal prosecutors filed a discrimination lawsuit, and a federal judge ruled in the mosque’s favor last month. Only one opponent of the mosque came to voice his concerns at the opening. Dan Qualls, 50, a former auto plant worker, wearing an “I Love Jesus” hat and a Ten Commandments shirt, said he understood that the First Amend-

ment protected the right to worship freely but said he believed Islam represented violence. When he heard about the mosque’s opening on the local TV news, he decided to come out and “represent the Christians.” “My honest opinion is, I wish this wasn’t here,” he said. The mosque prayer hall forms just one part of the center, which will eventually be expanded to more than 50,000 square feet to include a gym, a swimming pool and other facilities, said Saleh Sbenaty, a board member. The prayer hall itself, about 4,500 square feet, can hold up to 500 people, but has a movable wall to divide the area to allow for other uses, like interfaith events with churches, synagogues and other religious communities. The center is in a quiet, suburban neighborhood, beside a

Baptist church. On Friday, workers hoisted an American flag up a pole. Many in Murfreesboro have embraced the congregation’s right to worship freely. “That religious organization has been treated just exactly as we treat any other religious group,” said Ernest Burgess, the mayor of Rutherford County. “It has been a difficult struggle through the legal process. But we treated these people fairly, as they deserved.” Sbenaty said the center will hold an official, full-scale opening in several weeks after a permanent certificate of occupancy is issued, but on Friday they opened the prayer hall for the special weekly Friday worship, known as jumaa. He estimated there were about 250 to 300 Muslim families in the area who would likely be regularly served by the center.

Postal Service loss puts pressure on Congress Angela Greiling Keane Bloomberg News

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service’s announcement Thursday that it lost $5.2 billion in its third quarter added to calls for Congress to help the agency that’s supposed to run itself like a business and in many ways can’t. The Washington-based service reported its 11th consecutive quarter of losses and said it may lose $15 billion in the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30. The loss was more than any quarterly net deficit in the past 12 months among companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Nasdaq Stock Market, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican who is an author of a bill to alter the Postal Service, called the House’s inaction on a postal proposal “irresponsible.” “Without legislation, the universal mail service that drives a trillion dollar mail industry and supports more than eight million jobs will be in jeopardy,” she said in an email. The service said it still will make payroll for its workforce of 530,000 and pay suppliers when it temporarily runs out of cash in October.

Opportunities exist But if there is a way to turn all that practice and toil into dollars, why not? Four years ago, Hancock was barred from accepting a couple of sponsorship offers because of military rules. He was, however, allowed to pocket a total of $105,000, from the U.S. Olympic Committee and the USA Shooting team. “It was enough for a down payment on a house,” Hancock said. “Didn’t pay for the whole house, by any means.” In the immediate aftermath of his Beijing medal, he remembers, there were few requests for interviews. “Quite frankly, people weren’t that interested in us,” he said. The ever-simmering issue of gun control might have had something to do with it. “We aren’t the most politically sound sport out there.” Once he returned to the United States, there was an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show, in Chicago, though that was with medalists in a bunch of sports, so the stage was crowded. Hancock had a moment to say hello to Oprah and that was about it. There were a few radio interviews, and some other TV cameos. And then, nothing. For a while, Hancock decided to quit. The joy had gone out of skeet shooting, and he had achieved his ultimate goal, Olympic gold, at the age of 19. What do you do after that? Win it again, he ultimately decided. As made-for-television tales go, this one sounds pitchable: All-American type nearly retires, then returns and repeats gold medal showing, in a sport where that has never been done. But there is a meta competition at the Olympics, a contest of personal narratives, and Hancock is a low seed in this tournament. The trick is to be introduced to the public before your event takes place, so that the public knows you pre-triumph. To qualify for that kind of TV time you need a personal tale that wins the attention of NBC producers, who, courtesy of their broadcasting rights, are arguably the real king makers here.


Subject to approved credit on John Deere Financial Installment Plan. Some restrictions apply, so see your dealer for complete details and other financial options. 2Offer valid until 8/31/12. Offer not available at all locations, see our local John Deere dealer for details. All attachments and/or implements included in offer are John Deere and/or Frontier-branded. John Deere’s green and yellow color scheme, the leaping deer symbol and JOHN DEERE are trademarks of Deere & Company. Before operating or riding, always refer to the safety and operating information on the vehicle and in the operator’s manual.


Scientists release biggest 3-D map of the universe

Orphanage Continued from A1 Rahmatullah’s father was killed by the Taliban. Hamidullah’s father was killed fighting for the Taliban. In this ethnic Pashtun heartland, where vengeance and pride so often dictate action, Rahmatullah and Hamidullah might have been expected to inherit their fathers’ allegiances. Instead, they started fresh, embracing each other. “No matter what their fathers did, they are friends,” said Sayyid Abdullah Hashemi, the director of Afghanistan’s orphanages. “Our goal for the country is to have the same attitude as the orphans.” That seems a distant prospect. Afghanistan is full of villages and families that are bitterly divided between the insurgency and the government. Eleven years into the war, efforts to bring the country together through a nationwide reconciliation process have yielded nothing. But on a much smaller scale, some wounds heal. When men die in Kandahar, it doesn’t matter whether they’re soldiers, civilians or insurgents: Their sons are taken to the same smattering of drab buildings and assigned to the same dorm rooms at Sheikh Zayed Orphanage.

The yateem Many of their mothers are alive. But women in southern Afghanistan are seen by many here as being incapable of independently providing for their children. Sometimes, the boys are found wandering aimlessly around bazaars and are picked up by police. Sometimes uncles or cousins drop them off with a quick explanation: “His father is gone.” They are the sons of police killed in targeted attacks, of Taliban fighters struck down by American airstrikes, of farmers who stepped on improvised explosive devices. Hundreds of attacks every year means hundreds of newly fatherless children. There are 16,700 of them in Afghan orphanages. Of those, 440 are in Kandahar. They are known as yateem, a particularly pitiable title in patriarchal Afghanistan. Boys without fathers. Orphans. For years, the boys grieve quietly, scribbling their fathers’ names in notebooks and on the wall next to their beds. They dwell privately on their dads’ allegiances. Dislodged from their sliver of a fractured province and bound by the same weighted

By Deborah Netburn Los Angeles Times

Talk about a giant data set: Scientists at the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III have released the biggest three-dimensional map of the universe ever created. Using data collected by a 2.5-meter wide-angle optical telescope at the Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico, scientists were able to pinpoint the locations and distances of 1.35 million galaxies. “We want to map the largest volume of the universe yet,

and to use that map to understand how the expansion of the universe is accelerating,” said Daniel Eisenstein, director of SDSS-III, in a statement. Unfortunately, you can’t go to the SDSS-III’s website and see a Google Street View-type map of the universe. The information isn’t presented that way — at least not yet. But Miguel Aragon-Calvo, an astronomer at Johns Hopkins University, said he’s working on one that may be released in the next few months.

Lorenzo Tugnoli / for The Washington Post

Hamidullah, 12, center, is praised by his teacher and classmates for a good grade in a classroom at Sheikh Zayed Orphanage. His father, Noorzai, was killed with other combatants in the Arghandab Valley — an insurgent hotbed just beyond the orphanage walls.

word, they let themselves like one another. Hamidullah arrived in 2009, when he was 9 years old. His understanding of his father’s death is full of vagaries — a terrible event but not something he could explain. A midday firefight and a burial ceremony the next day. That’s all he remembers. Before being sent to the orphanage, he went to his mother for details. “Who was my father and how did he die?” he asked. “Your dad was a Taliban fighter,” she told him. She said that his father, Noorzai, was killed with other combatants in the Arghandab Valley — an insurgent hotbed just beyond the orphanage walls. He had been fighting U.S. and Afghan forces for two years. Hamidullah wanted more specifics but was afraid to ask for them. He decided not to tell anyone at the orphanage the few details he knew. Rahmatullah arrived about a year later. His father was an officer in the Afghan National Police. In 2010, after several years working at a local security checkpoint, he was shot and killed by insurgents when he walked out of a mosque. Although no killer was identified, no one doubted that the Taliban had taken down another government employee. “He was representing the government and security forces when he was killed,” Rahmatullah said. A few weeks after the killing, Rahmatullah’s older brother drove him to the orphanage, where about half of the boys

are the sons of fallen soldiers and police officers. The other half includes a number of boys with familial connections to the Taliban. Rahmatullah was 8 when he arrived, and Hamidullah was one of the first boys he met. If Rahmatullah had inherited any biases from his father’s slaying, they hadn’t yet congealed. Mostly, he needed friends. “He was kind, well-behaved and smart,” Rahmatullah said of Hamidullah. “We became close very quickly.”

A ‘sad issue’ But the topic of their fathers’ deaths has never come up. “It is our habit not to talk about this with each other. It’s a sad issue,” Hamidullah said. The two boys started studying together. They told each other made-up stories and jokes. Every day, they listened when the radio or television in the orphanage blasted the local news. “Things like 29 dead and 29 injured in bombing,” Hamidullah said. “Things about the attacks in Kandahar,” Rahmatullah said. They rarely talked about what they heard, except for Hamidullah’s occasional political commentary. “There will be fighting until the Taliban are allowed to come into the government,” he said. The boys still seek to rationalize the deaths of their fathers, even if they express little interest in exacting revenge. “He was fighting for the government. Defending our country. And I’m proud of that,” said Zulmai, 12, whose father was

Nun Continued from A1 “Deadly force is authorized,” signs there read. “Halt!” Skulls emphasize the lethal danger. With flashlights and bolt cutters, the three pacifists defied barbed wire as well as armed guards, video cameras and motion sensors at the Oak Ridge nuclear reservation in Tennessee early on July 28, a Saturday. They splashed blood on the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility — a new windowless, half-billion-dollar plant encircled by enormous guard towers — and hung banners outside its walls. “Swords into plowshares,” read one, quoting the Book of Isaiah. “Spears into pruning hooks.” The plant holds the nation’s main supply of highly enriched uranium, enough for thousands of nuclear arms. The actions of Rice, a New York native who grew up on a prosperous block in Morningside Heights, and her cohorts, ages 57 and 63, are a huge embarrassment for President Barack Obama. Since 2010, he has led a global campaign to eliminate or lock down nuclear materials as a way to fight atomic terrorism. Now, the three — two of whom, including Rice, are now free and are awaiting a trial in October — have made nuclear theft seem only a little more challenging than a romp in the Tennessee woods. In interviews this week, Rice discussed her life — somewhat reluctantly at times — and kept emphasizing what she called “the issue.” “It’s the criminality of this 70-year industry,” she said. “We spend more on nuclear arms than on the departments of education, health, transportation, disaster relief and a number of other government agencies that I can’t


Shawn Poynter / New York Times News Service

Sister Megan Rice, 82, a Roman Catholic nun and activist against nuclear arms, is awaiting an October trial after breaching security at the Oak Ridge nuclear reservation in Tennessee on July 28.

remember.” Federal prosecutors, needless to say, take a different view. “This is a matter of national security,” William Killian, a U.S. attorney, told reporters outside a Knoxville courtroom after the protesters made their first court appearance. “It is a significant case.” Megan Gillespie Rice was born in Manhattan on Jan. 31, 1930, the youngest of three girls in a Catholic family. Her father was an obstetrician who taught at New York University and treated patients at Bellevue Hospital. Her mother received a doctorate from Columbia University in history, writing her dissertation on Catholic views about U.S. slavery. In the oral history, by the University of Nevada, Rice portrayed her mother as strongly in favor of interracial marriage. “I just can’t wait,” she quoted her mother as saying, “until everybody in the world is tan!” Rice went to Catholic schools in New York, became a nun at 18 and earned degrees in biology from Villanova and

Boston College, where her studies included class work at Harvard Medical School on how to use radioactive tracers. From 1962 to 2004, with occasional breaks, she served her order as a schoolteacher in Nigeria and Ghana. “We slept in a classroom — no electricity, no water,” she said of her early days in rural Africa. While visiting Manhattan in the early 1980s, she joined in anti-nuclear protests. She began visiting the Nevada test site for demonstrations and prayer vigils. Her mother accompanied her at times. Around 1990, Rice and other nuns set out on foot in the desert toward the site’s operational headquarters to distribute anti-nuclear leaflets. But security guards, she recalled, “came up with their guns and treated us as though we were terrible criminals.” In 1998, she was arrested in a protest at the School of the Americas, an Army school at Fort Benning, Ga. It taught generations of Latin American soldiers to fight leftist insurgencies; some went on to commit human rights abuses. The

killed while serving as a bodyguard for Kandahar’s police chief. “The Taliban he was fighting for — they made mistakes, but they are good people,” said Agha Wali, whose father was killed in an American airstrike while fighting for the insurgency. Afghan officials worry that the unlikely bonds among orphans could come undone when the boys return to their home villages, surrounded again by those on the same side of the conflict. Hashemi, the orphanages’ director, estimates that 13 of the Kandahar orphanage’s 30 high school graduates last year might be susceptible to the insurgency’s recruitment tactics. The sons of fallen Taliban fighters have always been easy targets, he said. “That’s just how Kandahar is. It was the Taliban heartland. There will always be a Taliban presence. They will always look for young fighters,” he said. For Hamidullah and Rahmatullah, graduation is more than a half-decade away. They have more immediate concerns. Hamidullah has a Pashto exam coming up. Rahmatullah is struggling to learn addition. Every evening, they study together. They want to be doctors or teachers or something else that doesn’t involve carrying a gun. Their fathers’ jobs, both said, “were too dangerous.” But they’re in no hurry to leave the orphanage. “We like this place a lot,” Hamidullah said. “Everything we need is here.”

school has since been closed. Rice served six months in federal prison. “It was a great eye-opener,” she said. “When you’ve had a prison experience, it minimizes your needs very much.” Malaria and typhoid fever began to impede her work in Africa and brought her back to the United States permanently. Around 2005, her order gave her permission to join the Nevada Desert Experience, an activist group based in Las Vegas that organizes spiritual events near the atomic test site in support of nuclear abolition. “She’s the kind of person who would risk her life to protect others,” Jim Haber, the group’s coordinator, said in an interview. Late last month, Rice set her sights on the Oak Ridge nuclear reservation, which covers more than 50 square miles, including densely wooded hills. Her aim was to draw attention to its nuclear work. After the break-in, the protesters released a detailed “indictment” accusing the United States of crimes against humanity. On Thursday in Knoxville, federal prosecutors shot back with an indictment of their own. They charged Rice, Michael Walli, 63, of Washington, and Gregory Boertje-Obed, 57, of Duluth, Minn., with trespassing on government property (a misdemeanor) as well as its destruction and depredation (both felonies). The charges carry penalties of up to 16 years in prison and fines of up to $600,000. All pleaded not guilty.

Water Continued from A1 Clinton said the current monthly water allowance overcharges small users and undercharges larger water users. The costs or savings for various ratepayers are currently unclear, because a consultant working for the city has not yet calculated the rates that would be necessary to pay for city water services under the zero allowance structure. Conservation is among the reasons some City Councilors cited for their interest in the change, although Finance Director Sonia Andrews said this rate structure does not typically encourage people to save water. That’s because at $1.55 per 100 cubic feet, the cost of water is low enough that only people who drastically reduced their consumption would notice much of a difference, Andrews said. “If there’s some kind of business where they waste a lot of water, they could implement some measures and maybe save some money,” Andrews said. “If you’re already very conservationminded and already not wasting a lot, I don’t know if it will save you much money.” “However, going to the zero allowance would mean you’re now paying for every cubic foot of water,” Andrews said. In other words, a residential customer who lives in an apartment and consumes only 300 cubic feet of water per month would no longer pay for a minimum of 400 cubic feet of water. Andrews has not calculated how many people use less than the minimum allowance each month, but she said most homeowners use at least that much during the summer. City Councilor Tom Greene said the zero allowance would be fairer than the current structure. “If you have a senior citizen living in a condominium and they don’t use the mini-

Hunting Continued from A1 “This is the first time in Central Oregon we’ve had a by-permission hunting system in place,” said Meg Eden, a wildlife biologist with ODFW. “It’s a win-win on both ends. The landowners get some habitat work on a larger scale than they’ve been able to do and hunters can hunt areas they haven’t been able to before.” Wood said the state will help him rid his property of 2,500 acres of Juniper. “I probably don’t need to go over the problems of Juniper,” he said. “It takes over, it uses phenomenal amounts of water per day, and it completely wipes out everything. You have a monoculture of Juniper trees; there’s no forage for any herbivore, be it big game or bovine cattle. It brings a lot of habitat loss.” Eden said opening up the Central Oregon properties is a test. The other property is also east of Prineville. If it’s successful, she hopes it “opens the door for other landowners who are interested.”

Care for loved ones. Comfort for all. 541-389-0006

mum rate allowance, (the zero allowance is) a lot fairer,” Greene said. Councilor Mark Capell also cited fairness as a reason to change the rate structure. “It’s something I want to see happen because right now, regardless of how much water you’re using, a low water user that uses less than 400 units is subsidizing a high water user, and that’s not fair,” Capell said. Water bills will still include a base charge, which pays for costs including new construction and maintenance of the city system that brings water to all neighborhoods for fire protection. This costs the city money regardless of how much water people use. There are 26,000 water accounts in the city. If the City Council approves a new rate structure, it would be the second rate change to hit residents in one year. Water rates increased on July 1 to pay for improvements to the water and sewer systems. There is no guarantee the City Council, which rejected two previous versions of a zeroallowance rate structure in recent years, will like this one. The city still needs the same amount of money to pay for operations and debt from previous and future water projects, so the consultant has to figure out the rates necessary to generate that revenue using the proposed zero-allowance model. “We would recalculate the rates based on a zero allowance, rather than a 400-cubic-foot allowance,” Andrews said. “The calculations are quite complex.” The Infrastructure Advisory Committee likely will review the proposal in October and send its recommendation to the City Council in November, Andrews wrote in an email. It’s still possible that if the council approves it, the new rate structure could take effect in January, Andrews wrote. — Reporter: 541-617-7829,

More information For more information or to make a reservation, call Meg Eden with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: 541-460-2266.

There will be a designated parking spot on the grounds and hunters will have to pack out anything they kill by foot. The state is funding the land improvements, which also include building fences and developing new water sources on the property from a $296,949 USDA Farm Services Administration grant. “We are really opening new ground,” said Matt Keenan, the access and habitat program coordinator with ODFW. “We don’t have anything similar going on in Central Oregon. From what I gather, hunters have wanted to get on these properties for a while.” — Reporter: 541-554-1162,

for appointments call 541-382-4900



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Fly-in today in Prineville The public is invited to a free fly-in at the Prineville Airport today from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event, sponsored by the Prineville Airport and Experimental Aircraft Association, will include a pancake breakfast, aircraft displays, a flight simulator, orientation flights, classic cars, raffles and other activities. Those wishing to donate to the local food bank are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item. Proceeds from the fly-in will go to the association’s aviation education program. Contact: Chuck at 541-548-0922 or Kelly at 541-420-3789


h, summer. Blue skies and moths at the porch light and the mountains slowly losing their mantle of white. It’s our favorite, if shortest, of the seasons. It’s hot and dusty, but we’re never far away from water in Central Oregon. It’s sunny and bright, but the humidity is never too high. Lately I’ve been enjoying summer by taking my lunch to Riverbend Park, inevitably a hotbed of activity at the noon hour. There are bikini-clad teens hauling air mattresses down to the water. Families having picnics in the grass. Couples smooching in the shade. Folks everywhere walking a multitude of dogs of all shapes and sizes. And, being Bend, there are always muscled men and women doing yoga, sweating through calisthenics, joining boot-camp style workouts and running, always running. These are the locals. Then there are the out-of-towners. These folks are easily recognized by the way they say Tumalo (Too-malow), Terrebonne (Terra-bone) and, in the case of the sweet couple from Wisconsin I overheard this week, roundabout (rhund-eh-boat). They gather in groups and discuss their next stops and activities. Have you heard about the beer trail, they ask? What about the paddle surfboard things we saw on the river? Is that a cycle surrey? But more power to them! Here they are in our fine city, renting tubes so they can float the river, taking a stand-up paddleboard lesson in the park’s grass so they can test their balance in the current. They ring the cute little bells on the cute sherbet-colored cruiser bikes they rented and take off in packs down the paved paths of the park. Ding ding! Let’s go check out the River Trail! Ding ding! Don’t get me wrong — I am not mocking the tourists. I’m glad they are here — tourism has long been an important component of Central Oregon’s economy. I support tourists spending their dollars in Bend. I want them to appreciate Central Oregon in all its beauty and summery loveliness. I don’t mock. The truth is, I’m jealous. I haven’t floated down the Deschutes one time this summer. I’ve never set a toe on a stand-up paddleboard. Cruising through town on bikes with cute baskets and little bells? My bike has flat tires, a rusty chain. And I haven’t eaten at one of Bend’s marquee restaurants in longer than I care to admit. I may know the lesser-used beach on the backside of Elk Lake where you can go to take a dip away from the crowds. I may know the secret eroded boulder top above the river at Smith Rock State Park that affords both seclusion and a spectacular view. I may know Bend’s back roads and shortcuts and where to get the best deal on beer. You know, the stuff the locals know. But I almost never experience the Bend that’s been featured in travel magazines and those happy photos that are in the brochures from the local tourism bureau. Central Oregon has much to offer its residents and its visitors. And I would say there are advantages to being a resident that tourists never get to explore — that’s one of the many reasons we live here, right? But another reason many choose to live in Bend is so they can be the “tourist” every day. Walk that river trail, bike around downtown, get out on the river. You know, enjoy the everyday niceties and opportunities Bend has become known for. Life gets in the way sometimes. We get busy with kids and jobs and homes and, you know, life. But sometimes I want to leave all that stuff at home and just go be a tourist for a while. After all, I hear Bend is a beautiful place with lots to do. — Julie Johnson is the features editor at The Bulletin. 541-383-0308,

Joe Kline / The Bulletin

Chuck Thomson, of Bend, stands in front of his 1966 Chevy Caprice while at the Flashback Cruz 2012 car show at Drake Park in Bend. Thomson is a member of the Central Oregon Classic Chevy Club.

DRIVEN by a love for cars • Central Oregon’s car culture is fueled by people who enjoy a classic set of wheels By Mac McLean • The Bulletin


ne of the things Chuck Thomson loves about his 1966 Chevy Caprice is a handful of rice that’s been stuck between the two-door coupe’s windshield and dashboard since his wedding — a life-changing event that happened two weeks after he bought the car.

“I’ve had the same car and the same wife for 46 years,” Thomson, 75, joked as he showed off his coupe during last week’s Flashback Cruz car show. Sponsored by the Central Oregon Classic Chevy Club, the Flashback Cruz is one in a series of classic car shows that take place across the region each summer (See “Upcoming car shows” box below). Senior car collectors at these events claim they’ve had a lifelong fascination with cars, something that’s not surprising since they came of age during a postwar era of prosperity when hot rods and convertibles rolled off the assembly line as quickly as new highways and interstates were built. But they’ll also admit it wasn’t until after they retired that they’ve had the time and the money to pursue this hobby to its fullest extent. “From the time I retired I’ve been working on cars just about every day,” said Butch Ramsey, who is copresident of the Central Oregon Old Car Club and the proud owner of a 1953 Ford F-100 pickup and a 1902 Totem Paw Runabout that was made in a Nevada blacksmith shop. Thomson said Bend’s status as a popular retirement destination has really had an influence on its car culture, car clubs and car shows. The region’s tendency to attract retirees from California, an area that had a very strong car culture when many of the baby boomers were growing up, also played a role in making the local car scene what it is today, he added. “The retired people who came to Central have definitely contributed to its level of car activity,” said Tom Tomlinson, the president of Crook County Rodders, a Prineville-based club that formed in 2004. He said 95 percent of the club’s members are retired.

The cars Chevy Club President Joan Spongberg said the annual Flashback Cruz car shows easily reach their 500-vehicle capacity as people come from all over the state to show off their pre1979 model cars. The Cruz is a three-day festival that includes a couple of drives through town. See Cars / B8

Youth Choir sets auditions The Youth Choir of Central Oregon is scheduling auditions for its Debut Choir — for singers in grades five through eight — and for its Premier Choir — for singers in grades eight through 12. Prospective choir members can call 541385-0470 to schedule an audition, or visit the choir’s website at Auditions should be performed by Aug. 24. Rehearsals start in September. The Youth Choir of Central Oregon is a community-based choir with singers from Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties. It also offers a non-auditioned program, the Singers’ School, for children in grades one through four.

Tryouts ready for classic play

Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin file photo

Six-year-old Jacob Towner, of Bend, walks through a row of cars in the parking lot of Smolich Motors just prior to last week’s Flashback Cruz, featuring vehicles from 1979 and earlier.

Upcoming Car Shows Chuck Thomson, the owner of a 1968 Chevy Caprice, said there’s a car show in Central Oregon just about every weekend during the summer months — and he’s right, according to this list of car shows we’ve pulled from the Bulletin’s Community Calendar.

AUG. 11 Highland Baptist Church’s Third Annual Car and Bike Show will take place at 3100 SW Highland Ave. in Redmond from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information call 541-550-6329.

AUG. 17-18 The Drifters Car Club’s Harvest Run Car Show will take place in downtown Redmond starting at 5 p.m. August 17 and 10 a.m. August 18. For more information call 541548-6329.

AUG. 24 The Bethlehem Inn is hosting a Rod and Custom Car Show from 5 to 8 p.m. For more information contact 541-322-8768.

AUG. 25 The Terrebonne Cruise In will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information contact 541-548-2603.

SEPT. 8 The Central Oregon Old Car Club will host its High Desert Swap Meet and Car Show starting at 7 a.m. For more information contact 541-548-4467. — Mac McLean

“It’s just a lot of good, clean fun. Everybody who has a car here respects what it represents.” — Joan Spongbert, president of the Chevy Club and owner of a 1968 Camaro RSSS

Innovation Theatre Works, 1155 SW Division Street, will hold auditions for “Inherit the Wind,” the first production of its MainStage Season, at 6 p.m. Monday. The American classic by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee calls for 10 men and 10 women of all ages and will start rehearsal Aug. 20. The play opens Sept. 20. Actors interested in auditioning should prepare a monologue or be prepared to cold read from the script. Actors with reservations will be taken promptly at their reserved times. Otherwise, actors will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact: brad@ or 541-977-5677.

Cancer center plans training The Cancer Resource Center of Deschutes County plans a volunteer training session from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday at St. Charles Cancer Center, 2100 N.E. Wyatt Court, Bend. The training will prepare volunteers to help cancer patients — many of them newly diagnosed — identify resources. Volunteers help cancer patients through their journey, listening to their questions, concerns and fears, according to the American Cancer Society. Volunteers need not be cancer survivors. Contact: 541-4343114 or For more information on volunteer opportunities, go to — From staff reports



TV & M ‘The Closer’ wraps up a long, successful run



Me� had all landed within the previous three years. But it was “The Closer,� with its By Mike Hale 7 million viewers, that took New York Times News Service the category a step further, “It looks like love.� establishing the idea that a Those were the first words cable drama could compete Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh in the Nielsen ratings with Johnson spoke in “The the Big Four networks. Closer� seven seasons ago It did this by being more on TNT, and like a broadcast they’re also the TV SPOTLIGHT network show last words she — firmly episodspeaks, more or ic and faithful to less, in Monday night’s fi- the rhythms and formulas nale of that long-running cop of the case-of-the-week copdrama. shop mystery. It also benefitIn 2005 they were mor- ed from a superb supporting dant, the prickly new boss’ cast. response to the battered, naBut discussion of “The ked body of the show’s first Closer� has always centered murder victim. This time on Sedgwick’s showy perforaround they’re choked and mance as an acerbic, closedmore than a little mawkish, off workaholic, for which she the sentimental old boss’s received an Emmy in 2010 goodbye. (after four nominations). But It’s an easy metaphor for as the series progressed, its the show’s evolution. Like a central character was somelot of successful series, “The times the least convincing Closer� got softer over time thing about it. as its characters settled into Painted as both a neugrooves (and the actors play- rotic, narcissistic supercop ing them developed fan bas- and a likable, nurturing den es). Kyra Sedgwick’s portray- mother — not to mention a al of Brenda Leigh became crack-the-glass-ceiling femibroader, and her Southern nist — Brenda Leigh never accent more pronounced. quite seemed real, despite In its swan song, the show Sedgwick’s best efforts. is drawing the largest audiThe writers never did ences of any scripted series make sense of her frenzied on cable this summer. The trampling of suspects’ civil show’s creator, James Duff, rights and it was often diffiand much of its cast will cult, if not impossible, to give move on to the spinoff “Ma- her the benefit of the doubt. jor Crimes,� which begins Brenda Leigh was supMonday night after the origi- posed to be redeemed, on nal’s finale. a weekly basis, by the reWhen “The Closer� made spect she inspired in her colits debut, original dramas leagues (as well as the hatred had established a solid beach- she aroused in the bad guys). head on basic cable: USA’s And the supporting charac“Monk�; SyFy’s “Stargate: ters were so enjoyable that a SG-1� and “Battlestar Galac- regular viewer could think, tica�; and FX’s “Nip/Tuck,� OK, if they’re willing to go “The Shield� and “Rescue along with this, I will too. The Closer 9 p.m. Monday, TNT

Regal Pilot Butte 6 2717 N.E. U.S. Highway 20, Bend, 541-382-6347

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD (PG-13) 12:45, 3:45, 6:30, 9:10 THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL (PG-13) Noon, 3, 6, 9 THE BOURNE LEGACY (PG-13) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:05 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG-13) 12:30, 4, 7:30 LOLA VERSUS (R) 1, 3:30, 6:45, 9:15 MOONRISE KINGDOM (PG-13) 1:15, 4:15, 7:15, 9:20

Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend, 541-382-6347

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG13) 3:30, 9:50 THE BOURNE LEGACY (PG-13) 12:05, 1:15, 3:15, 4, 4:30, 6:25, 7, 7:30, 9:35, 10, 10:30 BRAVE (PG) 1:20, 3:50, 6:20, 9:05 THE CAMPAIGN (R) 12:15, 1:45, 4:10, 5, 6:40, 7:45, 9:10, 10:10 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG-13) Noon, 3:40, 7:20, 9:20 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES IMAX (PG-13) 12:45, 4:20, 7:55 DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (PG) 1, 3:25, 6:05, 9 HOPE SPRINGS (PG-13) 1:05, 3:55, 6:45, 9:15

ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (PG) 12:30, 3, 6 NITRO CIRCUS: THE MOVIE 3-D (PG-13) 1:55, 4:55, 7:15, 9:45 STEP UP RESOLUTION (PG-13) 12:50 TED (R) 2, 4:45, 7:50, 10:25 TOTAL RECALL (PG-13) 12:20, 1:30, 3:10, 4:35, 6:30, 7:35, 9:25, 10:20 THE WATCH (R) 12:35, 7:05

McMenamins Old St. Francis School 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend, 541-330-8562

KATY PERRY: PART OF ME (PG) Noon MEN IN BLACK 3 (PG-13) 2:30, 6 PROMETHEUS (R) 9 After 7 p.m., shows are 21 and older only. Younger than 21 may attend screenings before 7 p.m. if accompanied by a legal guardian.


Myles Aronowitz

Greta Gerwig plays the title character in “Lola Versus.� THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2:30, 6:05, 9:30 DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (PG) 11:30 a.m., 1:45, 4, 6:15, 8:30 TOTAL RECALL (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30

SISTERS Sisters Movie House

Tin Pan Theater

720 Desperado Court, Sisters, 541-549-8800

869 N.W. Tin Pan Alley, Bend, 541-241-2271


REDMOND Redmond Cinemas 1535 S.W. Odem Medo Road, Redmond, 541-548-8777



THE BOURNE LEGACY (PG-13) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:15

• Open-captioned showtimes are bold. • There may be an additional fee for 3-D movies. • IMAX films are $15.50 for adults and $13 for children (ages 3 to 11) and seniors (ages 60 and older). • Movie times are subject to change after press time.

Madras Cinema 5 1101 S.W. U.S. Highway 97, Madras, 541-475-3505

BOURNE LEGACY (PG-13) 12:50, 3:40, 6:30, 9:25 THE CAMPAIGN (R) 12:25, 2:35, 4:45, 7, 9:10 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG-13) 1, 4:15, 7:30 DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (PG) 12:20, 2:25, 4:30, 6:40, 9 TOTAL RECALL (PG-13) Noon, 2:20, 4:35, 6:50, 9:20

PRINEVILLE Pine Theater 214 N. Main St., Prineville, 541-416-1014

THE BOURNE LEGACY (PG-13) 1, 4, 7, 9:30 DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (UPSTAIRS — PG) 1:10, 4, 6, 8 Pine Theater’s upstairs screening room has limited accessibility.

Saturdays, June 30 - Sept. 22 | 10am-2pm NorthWest Crossing Neighborhood Center

for appointments call 541-382-4900


*In HD, these channels run three hours ahead. / Sports programming may vary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



BD PM SR L ^ KATU KTVZ % % % % KBNZ & KOHD ) ) ) ) KFXO * ` ` ` KOAB _ # _ # ( KGW KTVZDT2 , _ # / OPBPL 175 173











KATU News World News KATU News Martin-Roasts Jeopardy! ‘G’ Wheel Fortune ›› “The Game Planâ€? (2007) Dwayne “The Rockâ€? Johnson. ’ Poppy Cat ‘Y’ Justin Time ‘Y’ News Nightly News Jeopardy! ‘G’ Wheel Fortune XXX Summer Olympics Track and Field, Diving, Volleyball (N) ’ Ă… Miracle Blade Evening News The Unit Two Coins ‘PG’ Ă… Old Christine Old Christine NYC 22 Turf War (N) ‘14’ Ă… 48 Hours Mystery ’ ‘14’ Ă… The Closer Strike Three ‘14’ KEZI 9 News World News Ugly Betty ’ ‘PG’ Ă… ›› “The Game Planâ€? (2007) Dwayne “The Rockâ€? Johnson. ’ NUMB3RS ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Paid Program Two/Half Men NFL Preseason Football Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks From CenturyLink Field in Seattle. (N) This Old House The Lawrence Welk Show ‘G’ Last of Wine Travels to Edge Steves’ Europe Globe Trekker ‘G’ Ă… (DVS) My Family ‘PG’ Outnumbered To Be Announced Nightly News Newschannel 8 Special Edition Olympic Zone XXX Summer Olympics Track and Field, Diving, Volleyball (N) ’ Ă… (4:00) › “Ready to Rumbleâ€? ’Til Death ‘PG’ ’Til Death ‘PG’ Seinfeld ‘PG’ Seinfeld ’ ‘G’ House Pitcher’s broken arm. ‘14’ House Cursed Demanding. ‘14’ Julia Child Cooking Class Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Backstage Pass The Lash ’ ‘G’ Front Row Center Train ‘G’ Ă… Austin City Limits ’ ‘PG’ Ă…





Castle Undead Again ‘PG’ Ă…


Comedy.TV ‘PG’

48 Hours Mystery ’ Ă… Castle Undead Again ‘PG’ Ă… News Two/Half Men New Tricks The Fourth Man Ă…

News Walk Fit 19 News (N) Ă… Inside Edition Cops ‘PG’ Ă… Cops ‘14’ Ă… Masterpiece Mystery! ’ ‘PG’

That ’70s Show That ’70s Show Cheaters ’ ‘14’ Ă… ››› “Champagne for Caesarâ€? (1950, Comedy) Champ.-Caesar


Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Shipping Wars Shipping Wars *A&E 130 28 18 32 Shipping Wars Shipping Wars Storage Wars (3:45) ››› ››› “The Cowboysâ€? (1972) John Wayne. Rancher takes (5:45) ››› “The Shootistâ€? (1976, Western) John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, James Stewart. People ›› “Big Jakeâ€? (1971, Western) John Wayne, Richard Boone, Maureen O’Hara. Premiere. An *AMC 102 40 39 estranged father returns to find his kidnapped grandson. schoolboys on cattle drive. Ă… “Hondoâ€? (1953) pester old, dying gunfighter. Ă… Tanked: Unfiltered ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Tanked: Unfiltered ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Tanked: Unfiltered ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Tanked (N) ’ ‘PG’ Tanked: Unfiltered ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Tanked ’ ‘PG’ *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Tanked: Unfiltered ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA ››› “The Fifth Elementâ€? (1997, Science Fiction) Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman. Fifth Element BRAVO 137 44 (6:45) ›› “Smokey and the Bandit IIâ€? (1980) Burt Reynolds, Jackie Gleason. ’ Ă… My Big Redneck Vacation ‘PG’ Redneck Island (N) ’ ‘PG’ Ă… My Big Redneck Vacation ‘PG’ CMT 190 32 42 53 (4:30) ››› “Smokey and the Banditâ€? (1977) ’ Princess Lauren Princess Treva How I, Millions How I, Millions The Suze Orman Show Ă… Princess Lauren Princess Treva Insanity! Hair Restoration CNBC 51 36 40 52 How I, Millions How I, Millions The Suze Orman Show Ă… Piers Morgan Tonight CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Presents ‘PG’ Ă… Piers Morgan Tonight CNN Newsroom (N) CNN Presents ‘PG’ Ă… CNN 52 38 35 48 CNN Presents ‘PG’ Ă… (5:53) ›› “Acceptedâ€? (2006, Comedy) Justin Long, Jonah Hill. Ă… (7:56) ››› “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Storyâ€? (2004) Ă… Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain ‘14’ Jeff Ross Roasts America ‘MA’ COM 135 53 135 47 (3:52) › “Let’s Go to Prisonâ€? (4:30) City Club of Central Oregon Talk of the Town Local issues. Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show Talk of the Town Local issues. COTV 11 (5:45) Road to the White House (N) Road to the White House Events and news from the 2012 campaign. Road to the White House Road to the White House DNC Platform Meeting CSPAN 58 20 12 11 White House A.N.T. Farm ‘G’ Austin & Ally ’ Jessie ‘G’ Ă… Good-Charlie Good-Charlie My Babysitter A.N.T. Farm ‘G’ Jessie ‘G’ Ă… Shake It Up! ‘G’ Good-Charlie Austin & Ally ’ My Babysitter My Babysitter *DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie MythBusters ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Mars Landing 2012: Search MythBusters ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Mermaids: The Body Found ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Mermaids: The Body Found ‘PG’ *DISC 156 21 16 37 (4:00) MythBusters ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Keeping Up With the Kardashians Chelsea Lately The Soup ‘14’ Keeping Up With the Kardashians ›› “The Wedding Plannerâ€? (2001) Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey. › “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larryâ€? *E! 136 25 Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) Ă… SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… ESPN 21 23 22 23 Little League Baseball Year of the Quarterback Ă… 30 for 30 Ă… Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) Ă… NFL Live (N) (Live) Ă… NFL Yearbook NFL Yearbook ESPN2 22 24 21 24 ATP Tennis ››› “Catching Hellâ€? (2011, Documentary) Ă… ››› “Catching Hellâ€? (2011, Documentary) Ă… “Boys of Summerâ€? (2010) Ă… ESPNC 23 25 123 25 ››› “Catching Hellâ€? (2011, Documentary) Ă… SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. Highlight Express (N) (Live) ESPNN 24 63 124 203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) Ă… ››› “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixâ€? (2007, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. “The Count of Monte Cristoâ€? FAM 67 29 19 41 (4:30) ››› “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireâ€? (2005, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. Justice With Judge Jeanine (N) Geraldo at Large ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Journal Editorial FOX News Justice With Judge Jeanine Geraldo at Large ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Red Eye FNC 54 61 36 50 Huckabee (N) Restaurant: Impossible Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Iron Chef America *FOOD 177 62 98 44 Iron Chef America UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar II - Prelims (N) (Live) ››› “Iron Manâ€? (2008) Robert Downey Jr. A billionaire dons an armored suit to fight criminals. Anger Wilfred ‘MA’ Totally Biased Louie ‘MA’ FX 131 House Hunters Hunters Int’l Home by Novo Dina’s Party ‘G’ Shop Room Shop Room Great Rooms High Low Proj. House Hunters Hunters Int’l House Hunters Hunters Int’l HGTV 176 49 33 43 Going Yard ‘G’ Curb/Block Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ Pawn Stars ‘PG’ *HIST 155 42 41 36 Nostradamus: 2012 ‘PG’ Ă… ›› “The Elizabeth Smart Storyâ€? (2003) Dylan Baker. ‘14’ Ă… “Taken Back: Finding Haleyâ€? (2012) Moira Kelly. Premiere. Ă… ››› “Taken in Broad Daylightâ€? (2009) James Van Der Beek. ‘14’ LIFE 138 39 20 31 (4:00) “Stolen Childâ€? (2011) Ă… Lockup: Raw The Convict Code Lockup: Raw Survival 101 Lockup: Corcoran Lockup: Corcoran Lockup: Corcoran Lockup: Corcoran MSNBC 56 59 128 51 Lockup: San Quentin Snooki Snooki Snooki (7:14) Awkward. ’ ‘14’ (7:49) Awkward. (8:24) Awkward. Awkward. ‘14’ Awkward. ‘14’ ›› “Dance Flickâ€? (2009) Shoshana Bush, Damon Wayans Jr. ’ MTV 192 22 38 57 Snooki Robot, Monster SpongeBob “Fred 3: Camp Fredâ€? (2012, Comedy) ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Big Time Rush Big Time Rush Big Time Rush Big Time Rush Yes, Dear ‘PG’ Yes, Dear ‘PG’ Friends ‘PG’ Friends ‘PG’ NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob Disappeared Danger at Dusk ‘PG’ Disappeared ’ ‘PG’ Ă… Disappeared No Exit ‘PG’ Ă… Sweetie Pie’s: An Extra Slice Sweetie Pie’s: An Extra Slice Disappeared No Exit ‘PG’ Ă… OWN 161 103 31 103 Disappeared Gone at 17 ’ ‘PG’ Mariners Pre. MLB Baseball Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (N) (Live) Mariners Post. MLS Soccer Seattle Sounders FC at San Jose Earthquakes (N) Cycling ROOT 20 45 28* 26 Seahawks ››› “Casinoâ€? (1995, Crime Drama) Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone. A mob employee makes a play for power in 1970s Las Vegas. ’ ›› “The Wolfmanâ€? (2010) Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins. ’ SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (3:00) ››› “A Bronx Taleâ€? ’ › “Mothmanâ€? (2010, Suspense) Jewel Staite, Connor Fox. ‘14’ “Boogeymanâ€? (2012) Eddie McClintock, Emma Samms. ‘14’ Ă… “Scream of the Bansheeâ€? ‘14’ SYFY 133 35 133 45 “Snow Beastâ€? (2011, Suspense) John Schneider, Jason London. In Touch W/Charles Stanley Hour of Power ‘G’ Ă… Billy Graham Classic Crusades Not a Fan Travel the Road ›› “A Walk to Rememberâ€? (2002) Shane West, Mandy Moore. Live Oak Tree Virtual Memory TBN 205 60 130 Friends ’ ‘14’ Friends ’ ‘14’ Seinfeld ‘PG’ Seinfeld ‘PG’ Big Bang Big Bang ›› “Men in Black IIâ€? (2002) Tommy Lee Jones. (10:45) ›› “Scary Movie 3â€? (2003) Anna Faris. *TBS 16 27 11 28 Friends ’ ‘PG’ Friends ’ ‘14’ ››› “Lolitaâ€? (1962, Comedy-Drama) James Mason, Shelley Winters, Sue Lyon. A middle-aged (7:45) ››› “The Desert Foxâ€? (1951, War) James Mason. Field Marshal Rom- ›››› “A Star Is Bornâ€? (1954, Musical) Judy Garland, James Mason, Jack Carson. An actor turns TCM 101 44 101 29 professor becomes smitten with a 12-year-old. Ă… (DVS) mel emerges as a unique military figure. Ă… to alcohol as his wife becomes a megastar. Ă… Dateline: Real Life Mysteries ‘14’ Hoarding: Buried Alive ‘PG’ Ă… Hoarding: Buried Alive ‘PG’ Ă… Hoarding: Buried Alive ‘PG’ Ă… Hoarding: Buried Alive ‘PG’ Ă… Hoarding: Buried Alive ‘PG’ Ă… *TLC 178 34 32 34 Dateline: Real Life Mysteries ‘14’ › “Law Abiding Citizenâ€? (2009) Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler. Ă… ››› “A Time to Killâ€? (1996) Sandra Bullock. A lawyer’s defense of a black man arouses the Klan’s ire. ››› “The Clientâ€? (1994) *TNT 17 26 15 27 (4:00) ›› “Lakeview Terraceâ€? Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball ››› “Monster Houseâ€? (2006, Fantasy) Voices of Steve Buscemi. Home Movies King of the Hill King of the Hill Family Guy ‘14’ Black Dynamite The Boondocks *TOON 84 Street Foods International ‘G’ Fast Foods Gone Global ‘G’ Ghost Adventures ‘PG’ Ă… Ghost Adventures ‘PG’ Ă… Ghost Adventures ‘PG’ Ă… Ghost Adventures ‘PG’ Ă… *TRAV 179 51 45 42 State Fair Foods ‘G’ Ă… Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond King of Queens TVLND 65 47 29 35 Andy Griffith Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Suits Rewind ‘PG’ Ă… (DVS) USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: SVU Hollywood Exes ’ ‘14’ Hollywood Exes ’ ‘14’ Hollywood Exes ’ ‘14’ Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ’ ‘14’ Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ’ ‘14’ VH1 191 48 37 54 Big Ang ’ ‘14’ Big Ang ’ ‘14’ Single Ladies ’ ‘14’ PREMIUM CABLE CHANNELS

(6:05) ›› “Kindergarten Copâ€? 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ă… ›› “White Chicksâ€? 2004, Comedy Shawn Wayans. ’ ‘PG-13’ Ă… ››› “The Rockâ€? 1996, Action Sean Connery. ’ ‘R’ Ă… ENCR 106 401 306 401 (4:20) ›› “Hard to Killâ€? 1990 FXM Presents ››› “28 Weeks Laterâ€? 2007, Horror Robert Carlyle. ‘R’ Ă… ›› “The Strangersâ€? 2008 Liv Tyler. ‘R’ Ă… FXM Presents ›› “The Cellâ€? 2000 Jennifer Lopez. ‘R’ Ă… FMC 104 204 104 120 (4:30) ›› “The Strangersâ€? 2008 ›› “Game of Deathâ€? (1979, Adventure) Bruce Lee, Gig Young, Hugh O’Brian. ›› “The Legend of Drunken Masterâ€? (1994, Action) Jackie Chan, Ti Lung, Anita Mui. UFC Post Fight Show (N) (Live) UFC Post Fight Show FUEL 34 Live From the PGA Championship Live From the PGA Championship Golf U.S. Women’s Amateur, Day 4 From Cleveland. GOLF 28 301 27 301 Live From the PGA Champ. ››› “Your Love Never Failsâ€? (2011, Comedy) Elisa Donovan. Ă… “The Music Teacherâ€? (2012, Drama) Annie Potts. Premiere. ‘PG’ Ă… “The Music Teacherâ€? (2012) ‘PG’ HALL 66 33 175 33 “Beyond the Blackboardâ€? (2011) Emily VanCamp. ‘PG’ Ă… (4:30) › “Gulliver’s Travelsâ€? 2010 Jack ›› “The Saintâ€? 1997, Suspense Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue. A master of dis- ›› “J. Edgarâ€? 2011, Biography Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Armie Hammer. Premiere. J. True Blood Eric plots his escape. ’ Hard Knocks: HBO 425 501 425 501 Black. ’ ‘PG’ Ă… guise finds romance and danger in England. ’ ‘PG-13’ Ă… Edgar Hoover becomes the first director of the FBI. ’ ‘R’ Ă… ‘MA’ Ă… Training Camp ››› “Apocalyptoâ€? 2006 Rudy Youngblood. The end of the Mayan civilization draws near. ‘R’ ›› “The Beachâ€? 2000, Drama Leonardo DiCaprio, Tilda Swinton. Premiere. ‘R’ ››› “Apocalyptoâ€? 2006 Rudy Youngblood. ‘R’ IFC 105 105 “The Adjustment ›› “The Whole Nine Yardsâ€? 2000, Comedy Bruce Willis, (7:15) ›› “The Thingâ€? 2011, Horror Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton. Strike Back The agents trail two sui- ››› “The Matrixâ€? 1999, Science Fiction Keanu Reeves. A computer hacker MAX 400 508 508 Bureauâ€? Matthew Perry. ’ ‘R’ Ă… Arctic researchers battle a shape-shifting alien. ’ ‘R’ Ă… cide bombers. ’ ‘MA’ Ă… learns his world is a computer simulation. ’ ‘R’ Ă… Wicked Tuna Grudge Match ‘14’ Wicked Tuna Pirate Problems ‘14’ Wicked Tuna ‘14’ Wicked Tuna Grudge Match ‘14’ Wicked Tuna Pirate Problems ‘14’ Wicked Tuna ‘14’ Wicked Tuna Mutiny at Sea ‘14’ NGC 157 157 Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Hero Factory ’ Hero Factory ’ SpongeBob SpongeBob Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Invader ZIM ’ Invader ZIM ’ NTOON 89 115 189 115 Fanboy-Chum Jimmy Big Time Raglin Outdoors Ultimate Hunt’g Trophy Quest Most Wanted Commander Outfitter Boot Ted Nugent Craig Morgan Sasquatch Commander High Places Best Defense OUTD 37 307 43 307 Trophy Hunt ›› “Powderâ€? 1995, Drama Mary Steenburgen, Lance Henriksen. An albino Weeds ’ ‘MA’ Ă… Episodes ’ ››› “The King’s Speechâ€? 2010, Historical Drama Colin Firth. England’s mon- ›› “Redâ€? 2010, Action Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman. The CIA targets a SHO 500 500 outcast possesses amazing mental powers. ’ ‘PG-13’ Ă… arch strives to overcome a nervous stammer. ’ ‘R’ Ă… team of former agents for assassination. ’ ‘PG-13’ Ă… ‘MA’ Ă… SPEED Center World of Outlaws Lernerville Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Indianapolis Rolex Sports Car Series Racing SPEED 35 303 125 303 Rolex Car (5:40) ›› “When a Stranger Callsâ€? 2006 ‘PG-13’ (7:10) ›› “Cars 2â€? 2011 Voices of Owen Wilson. ’ ‘G’ Ă… ››› “The Ides of Marchâ€? 2011 Ryan Gosling. (10:45) ›› “Just Go With Itâ€? 2011 Adam Sandler. STARZ 300 408 300 408 Just Go With It (4:55) ›› “Road to Nowhereâ€? 2010, Romance Shannyn Sossamon. A film- ›› “Timelineâ€? 2003, Adventure Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor. Adventurers ›› “DeadHeadsâ€? 2011 Michael McKiddy. Coherent zom- (10:35) “Alien Raidersâ€? 2008 Carlos Bernard. Scientists TMC 525 525 maker becomes wrapped up in a crime. ’ ‘R’ Ă… travel back to 1300s wartime France. ’ ‘PG-13’ bie pals go in search of one’s former flame. take over a supermarket to find aliens. ‘R’ Ă… MLS 36 ‘PG’ Bull Riding PBR Express Classic From Tulsa, Okla. MLS 36 ‘PG’ Poker After Dark NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Bull Riding PBR Express Classic From Tulsa, Okla. (N) (Live) Braxton Family Values ‘PG’ Braxton Family Values ‘PG’ Braxton Family Values ‘14’ Braxton Family Values ‘PG’ ›› “P.S. I Love Youâ€? 2007, Romance Hilary Swank. ‘PG-13’ *WE 143 41 174 118 Braxton Family Values ‘14’


A  & A  

Teacher needs help to recall former students Dear Abby: I have been teaching for 30 years in the same school district. I can’t tell you how many times 30to 45-year-old men have come up to me and said, “You don’t remember me, do you?� When they were in elementary school, they were not sporting facial hair and didn’t have receding hairlines. Still, I feel bad not being able to make their day by spouting off their first and last names. All of my students are special to me. However, although some of these men attended my school, not all of them were in my classroom. I’m flattered they recognize me, but what’s the best way to respond in a situation like this? Also, could you give your readers some suggestions about how to approach former educators so we won’t have to rummage frantically through the file cabinets of our brains trying to decide which child from the past this grown-up might be? — Struggling to Recall in Arkansas Dear Struggling: When someone approaches you and says, “You don’t remember me, do you?� an appropriate response would be, “Refresh my memory!� Said with a smile, it shouldn’t be offensive. This potentially embarrassing problem can easily be avoided if the former student simply says, “Mrs. Jones, it’s so nice to see you. I’m ‘John Smith’ and you were my teacher in 1991.� Dear Abby: We have some neighbors who recently bought a large parrot they keep in a cage in their backyard. This bird squawks so loudly we can hear it inside our home with the windows closed, and we are no longer able to enjoy our own backyard or patio. Their yard is fenced in, so I haven’t met or even seen these neighbors. For the life of me, I cannot understand how someone could subject others to this kind of intrusion. It is so disre-

DEAR ABBY spectful. We can only assume the bird is kept outside so they don’t have to listen to its loud screeching inside their own home. The bird squawks loudly about every 10 to 15 seconds and it goes on for hours — usually in the mornings and evenings. My nerves are rattled and I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I hesitate to call the authorities because I am worried about the consequences. What would you suggest? — For the Birds in Florida Dear F.T.B.: Unfortunately, some people decide to buy parrots without first researching what’s involved in their proper care and maintenance. Parrots are gregarious creatures and must be kept socialized with another parrot or with the humans who care for them. They also require mental stimulation to remain psychologically healthy. Because their natural habitat is the rainforest, they have loud voices so they can communicate over long distances. Your neighbors obviously didn’t take that into consideration when they bought the bird and decided to house it outside. Inform them politely about the noise problem their bird is creating and ask that they house it inside. If they refuse, inform the Humane Society or the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to ensure that the enclosure is being kept clean, and that the bird is being fed a healthy diet and has access to clean water. As a last resort, if necessary, inform local law enforcement that your neighbor’s parrot is creating a sound nuisance. — Write Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Horoscope: Happy Birthday for Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012 By Jacqueline Bigar This year you open up to new possibilities. Your fiery side emerges when dealing with others, especially when it comes to your joint interests. Meetings seem to be a powerful vehicle for feedback and support. Use these events to the max if you want to succeed. You sometimes come off as too serious and demanding. In general, you are one of the more diplomatic signs. If you are single, you meet available like-minded people through your circle of friends. If you are attached, socialize more with your friends. You will like opening up more as a couple. GEMINI points to the right path. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult ARIES (March 21-April 19) HHHH Once more, you do the unexpected and surprise others. You have the ability to start conversations, which makes others feel more open. A new opportunity emerges out of the blue. Do not ask too many questions; just jump on it. Tonight: Visit with friends. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) HHHH Stay open to different possibilities. You gain insight about someone you deal with financially. A new purchase might be OK once you do some price comparison; otherwise, you might pay more than you had intended to. Tonight: Indulge not only yourself, but also others. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) HHHHH The unexpected occurs within your circle of friends. You will enjoy the excitement if you do not get too engaged. A fun offer just might be too enticing to say “no� to. You’ll feel more positive than you have in a long time. Tonight: The world is your oyster. CANCER (June 21-July 22) HHHH Listen to news that is forthcoming that not only enlightens you, but also increases your security. The unexpected develops out of the blue, and you will seize the moment. Tonight: Not to be found. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) HHHHH Zero in on what is important and necessary. You will enjoy being together with friends more than anything. You also sense that others want to catch up on news. Tonight: Where the gang is.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) HHH Others acknowledge what you are doing, as you assume a leadership position. Know that what is happening behind the scenes does not need to be communicated to others. Make it OK. A partner or associate acts in the most unexpected manner. Tonight: In the limelight. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) HHH You could be pushed to the max by a situation that forces your hand. Once you open up to new ways of thinking, you could be surprised by what happens. Laughter comes more easily. Reach out for someone at a distance. Tonight: Try a new spot. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) HHHH Deal with a partner openly, and you’ll find out how easy it is to get to the bottom of a problem. Good news comes from this person; still, don’t trust him or her with your checkbook, as he or she appears to be in the mood to spend. Tonight: Dinner and talks. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) HHHH Defer to others and understand where they are coming from. Go along with a friend’s or loved one’s suggestion. You might find that expressing an interest in this person’s favorite pastimes is rewarding. He or she appreciates your efforts. Tonight: The only answer is “yes.� CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) HHHH Touch base with a close friend, and you’ll discover how very fun and enjoyable this person can be. Open up to changes in your relationship. Invite this person to join you on a picnic or for some other fun moment. Tonight: Don’t push too hard. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) HHHHH You have zip and get-up-and-go. There is a lot of fun ahead of you if you can just let your impulsive, childlike side come forward. There is a potential romance in your future. Tonight: Let the good times rock and roll. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) HHH Invite others over for a fun day with the family. As a result, you help people relax. Optimism and good times surround your home and family. A new addition to the family or your home adds to the moment. Tonight: Keep it easy and fun. Š 2012 by King Features Syndicate


C C  Please email event information to or click on “Submit an Event� at Allow at least 10 days before the desired date of publication. Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Contact: 541-383-0351.

TODAY RUN FOR THE BIRDS: 5K and 10K runs, followed by a family adventure walk featuring interpretive nature stations; registration required; proceeds benefit the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory; $35 in advance or $40 day of race for run, $15 in advance or $20 day of race for the walk; 8 a.m., 10 a.m. walk; Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive; 541593-8704 or www running. SPIRIT OF AVIATION: A fly-in featuring a pancake breakfast, aircraft displays, a flight simulator, classic cars and more; free; 8 a.m. -3 p.m.; Prineville Airport, three miles southwest of Prineville on state Highway 126; 541-548-0922. PRINEVILLE FARMERS MARKET: Free; 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Prineville City Plaza, 387 N.E. Third St.; 503-739-0643 or prinevillefarmersmarket@gmail .com. HIGH DESERT CELTIC FESTIVAL AND SCOTTISH HIGHLAND GAMES: Event includes Highland games, heavy athletics, dancers, food, live music and more; $10 adults, $7 students 17 and younger and seniors older than 55, free ages 5 and younger; 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Jefferson County Fair Complex, 430 S.W. Fairgrounds Road, Madras; MADRAS SATURDAY MARKET: Free admission; 9 a.m.-2 p.m.; Sahalee Park, B and Seventh streets; 541-489-3239 or CENTRAL OREGON SATURDAY MARKET: Featuring arts and crafts from local artisans; free admission; 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; parking lot across from Bend Public Library, 600 N.W. Wall St.; 541-420-9015 or www. centraloregonsaturdaymarket. com. CROOK COUNTY FAIR: Featuring a carnival, animals, bull riding, concerts, magic shows, a kids zone and more; free admission; 10 a.m.-11 p.m.; Crook County Fairgrounds, 1280 S. Main St., Prineville; 541-447-6575 or www. NORTHWEST CROSSING FARMERS MARKET: Free; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; NorthWest Crossing, Mt. Washington and Northwest Crossing drives, Bend; 541-382-1662, valerie@ or www. RELAY FOR LIFE: A 24-hour walking event; proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society; free, $100 per walking team; 10 a.m.; High Desert Middle School, 61111 S.E. 27th St., Bend; 541-504-4920, stefan. or www. SUNRIVER ART FAIRE: A juried art show showcasing 60 artists, with demonstrations, a kids center, live music and more; proceeds benefit nonprofits in southern Deschutes County; free admission; 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive; 877-269-2580, or PAN FOR GOLD!: Pan for gold in a re-created placer mine; $2 plus museum admission; 11 a.m.4 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www VFW DINNER: A dinner of barbecued ribs, pork and more; $10; 5 p.m.; VFW Hall, 1503 N.E. Fourth St., Bend; 541-389-0775. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: William Dietrich talks about his book “Emerald Storm�; RSVP requested; free; 5:30 p.m.; Sunriver Books & Music, Sunriver Village Building 25C; 541-593-2525 or www. BEND GAME NIGHT: Play available board games or bring your own; free; 6 p.m.-midnight; East Bend Public Library, 62080 Dean Swift Road; 541-318-8459. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Rick Steber talks about his book “A Promise Given�; free; 6:30 p.m.; Paulina Springs Books, 252 W. Hood Ave., Sisters; 541-5490866. “THE TEMPEST�: Innovation Theatre Works presents Shakespeare’s play about a sorcerer trapped on an island, with a Woodstock theme; free; 7 p.m.; GoodLife Brewing Co., 70 S.W. Century Drive, 100-464, Bend; 541-504-6721 or www. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Kevin Bleyer talks about his book “Me the People�; free; 7-9 p.m.; Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 2690 E. U.S. Highway 20, Bend; 541-318-7242. GREG EARL PROJECT: The Portland-based blues act performs; free; 7 p.m.; Niblick and Greene’s, 7535 Falcon Crest Drive #100, Redmond; 541-5484220.

Norah Jones performs Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend. Tickets are $39 or $60 reserved, plus fees; 541-318-5457 or SHOW US YOUR SPOKES: Featuring a performance by Avery James and McDougall; proceeds benefit Commute Options; $5; 7 p.m.; Parrilla Grill, 635 N.W. 14th St., Bend; 541-617-9600. STAND-UP COMEDY: Featuring performances by four female comedians; $8 in advance, $10 at the door; 8 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541312-9626 or www.2ndstreettheater. com. THE JACKALOPE SAINTS: The Portland-based folk act performs, with Mike Brown; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879 or thehornedhand. CHAMPAGNE CHAMPAGNE: The hip-hop band performs, with The Knux and more; $5; 9 p.m., doors open 8:30 p.m.; Liquid Lounge, 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend; www

SUNDAY SUNRIVER ART FAIRE: A juried art show showcasing 60 artists, with demonstrations, a kids center, live music and more; proceeds benefit nonprofits in southern Deschutes County; free admission; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive; 877-269-2580, or FIDDLERS JAM: Listen or dance at the Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Jam; donations accepted; 1-3:30 p.m.; VFW Hall, 1836 S.W. Veterans Way, Redmond; 541-647-4789. “THE TEMPEST�: Innovation Theatre Works presents Shakespeare’s play about a sorcerer trapped on an island, with a Woodstock theme; free; 2 p.m.; GoodLife Brewing Co., 70 S.W. Century Drive, 100-464, Bend; 541504-6721 or www.innovationtw. org. SECOND SUNDAY: Toni and Michael Hanner read from a selection of their works; followed by an open mic; free; 2 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, Brooks Room, 601 N.W. Wall St.; 541-312-1032 or www. SUNRIVER MUSIC FESTIVAL FAMILY CONCERT: Members of the Sunriver Music Festival Orchestra perform classical music; free, but a ticket is required; 2 p.m.; Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center, 57250 Overlook Road; 541593-9310 or www.sunrivermusic. org. SUMMER SUNDAY CONCERT: The pop-rock act The Features performs; free; 2:30-4:30 p.m.; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 S.W. Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend; 541-3229383 or MOLLY’S REVENGE: The Celtic band performs; $15; 7 p.m.; Angeline’s Bakery & Cafe, 121 W. Main Ave., Sisters; 541-549-9122 or

MONDAY AUTHOR PRESENTATION: C.J. Wurm reads from her book “Uppity�; free; 4-7 p.m.; Athletic Club of Bend, 61615 Athletic Club Drive; 541-385-3062.

TUESDAY OREGON STAR PARTY: Gather at Indian Trail Spring for night sky viewing, with speakers and more; registration required; directions to site available on website; $75, $25 ages 12-17, $15 ages 6-11; ; www. REDMOND FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 2-6:30 p.m.; Centennial Park, Seventh Street and Evergreen Avenue; 541-550-0066 or redmondfarmersmarket1@hotmail. com. TUESDAY FARMERS MARKET AT EAGLE CREST: Free admission; 2-6 p.m.; Eagle Crest Resort, 1522 Cline Falls Road, Redmond; 541-6339637 or info@sustainableflame.

com. BROOKSWOOD PLAZA FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 3-7 p.m.; Brookswood Meadow Plaza, 19530 Amber Meadow Drive, Bend; 541-323-3370 or farmersmarket@

WEDNESDAY OREGON STAR PARTY: Gather at Indian Trail Spring for night sky viewing, with speakers and more; registration required; directions to site available on website; $75, $25 ages 12-17, $15 ages 6-11; ; www. BEND FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 3-7 p.m.; Brooks Alley, between Northwest Franklin Avenue and Northwest Brooks Street; 541-408-4998, or MUSIC IN THE CANYON: The John Shipe Band performs rock music; free; 5:30-8 p.m.; American Legion Community Park, 850 S.W. Rimrock Way, Redmond; www. PICNIC IN THE PARK: Featuring a performance by cover band Design Band; free; 6-8 p.m.; Pioneer Park, 450 N.E. Third St., Prineville; 541447-6909. NORAH JONES: The mellow pop artist performs; $39 or $60 reserved, plus fees; 6:30 p.m., gates open 5 p.m.; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 S.W. Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend; 541-318-5457 or THE MOONDOGGIES: The boogie and blues act performs; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www. SUNRIVER MUSIC FESTIVAL CLASSICAL CONCERT I: Featuring selections from Beethoven, with the Central Oregon Mastersingers; $30-$60, $10 youth; 7:30 p.m.; Bend High School, 230 N.E. Sixth St.; 541-593-9310, tickets@ or www. HELLBOUND GLORY: The Reno, Nev.-based country act performs, with Johnny Outlaw and the Johnson Creek Stranglers; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879 or thehornedhand.

THURSDAY OREGON STAR PARTY: Gather at Indian Trail Spring for night sky viewing, with speakers and more; registration required; directions to site available on website; $75, $25 ages 12-17, $15 ages 6-11; ; www. TREEHOUSE PUPPETS IN THE PARK: With a performance of “Princess Patty’s Silk Sheets�; followed by a coordinated activity; free; 11 a.m.-noon; Wildflower Park, 60955 River Rim Drive, Bend; 541-389-7275 or www. THE LIBRARY BOOK CLUB: Read and discuss “Hearts of Horses� by Molly Gloss; free; noon; La Pine Public Library, 16425 First St.; 541312-1090 or www.deschuteslibrary. org/calendar. BEND BREWFEST: Event includes tastings from more than 50 breweries, food vendors and more; children admitted until 7 p.m.; ID required for entry; free admission, must purchase mug and tasting tokens; 3-11 p.m.; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 S.W. Shevlin Hixon Drive; 541-312-8510 or www. TUMALO FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 3-6 p.m.; Tumalo Garden Market, off of U.S. Highway 20 and Cook Avenue; 541-728-0088, or http:// MUNCH & MUSIC: Event includes a performance by blues guitarist Tommy Castro, with FX Blues; with food and arts and crafts booths, children’s area and more; dogs

prohibited; free; 5:30-9 p.m.; Drake Park, 777 N.W. Riverside Blvd., Bend; AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Dick Linford reads from his book “Halfway to Halfway and Other River Stories�; free; 7-8:30 p.m.; Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe, 135 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-749-2010. CONJUGAL VISITORS: The soulfolk act performs; $5-$10; 7 p.m.; Angeline’s Bakery & Cafe, 121 W. Main Ave., Sisters; 541-549-9122 or “RIFFTRAX LIVE, ‘MANOS’ THE HANDS OF FATE�: A screening of the film, with commentary by the comedians of “Mystery Science Theater 3000�; $12.50; 8 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-382-6347 or www. BENYARO: The New York-based Americana act performs, with The Harmed Brothers; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879 or thehornedhand.

FRIDAY OREGON STAR PARTY: Gather at Indian Trail Spring for night sky viewing, with speakers and more; registration required; directions to site available on website; $75, $25 ages 12-17, $15 ages 6-11; ; www. HIGH & DRY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL: Festival includes live music, instrument workshops, food and more; directions to venue, Runway Ranch in Bend, on website; $15 for weekend; 12:30-10 p.m.; HIGH DESERT BRIDGE SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT: Central Oregon Bridge Club presents a duplicate bridge tournament; $9 or $8 ACBL members; 1 and 7 p.m.; 1 p.m. free for players with less than 5 MPS; Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, South Sister, Three Sisters Conference and Convention Center, 3800 SW Airport Way, Redmond; 541-322-9453 or pldouglas@ BEND FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 2-6 p.m.; St. Charles Bend, 2500 N.E. Neff Road; 541408-4998, bendfarmersmarket@ or http:// BEND BREWFEST: Event includes tastings from more than 50 breweries, food vendors and more; children admitted until 7 p.m.; ID required for entry; free admission, must purchase mug and tasting tokens; 3-11 p.m.; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 S.W. Shevlin Hixon Drive; 541-312-8510 or www. SISTERS FARMERS MARKET: 3-6 p.m.; Barclay Park, West Cascade Avenue and Ash Street; www. SUNRIVER FARMERS MARKET: Free admission; 4-7 p.m.; Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive; www. HARVEST RUN: Drifters Car Club presents a car show with approximately 200 autos, hot rods and more; with live music and a barbecue; proceeds benefit MakeA-Wish Foundation of Oregon, Redmond-Sisters Hospice and Sparrow Clubs USA; free admission; 6 p.m.; downtown Redmond; 541548-6329. “HOW DID WE GET HERE?� LECTURE SERIES: Dennis Jenkins talks about “Oregon’s Earliest Inhabitants; Archaeological Investigations at the Paisley Caves�; $10, $8 Sunriver Nature Center members, $3 students, $50 for series; 6:30 p.m.; Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory, 57245 River Road; 541-593-4394. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Noah Strycker talks about his book “Among Penguins: A Bird Man in Antarctica�; with a slide show; free; 6:30 p.m.; Paulina Springs Books, 252 W. Hood Ave., Sisters; 541549-0866. “THE TEMPEST�: Innovation Theatre Works presents Shakespeare’s play about a sorcerer trapped on an island; free; 7 p.m.; Village Green Park, 335 S. Elm St., Sisters; 541-504-6721 or www. SHOW US YOUR SPOKES: Featuring a performance by Mosley Wotta and Cloaked Characters; proceeds benefit Commute Options; $5; 7 p.m.; Parrilla Grill, 635 N.W. 14th St., Bend; 541-617-9600. SUNRIVER MUSIC FESTIVAL CLASSICAL CONCERT II: Featuring selections from Schubert and Beethoven, featuring Steven Moeckel; $30-$60, $10 youth; 7:30 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-593-9310, or www. SARA JACKSON-HOLMAN: The Portland-based singer-songwriter performs a CD-release show; $10 in advance, $12 at the door; 8 p.m., doors open 7 p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, 148 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-389-0803. HOOVES: The blues band performs, with Avery James and the Hillandales; $5; 9 p.m.; Liquid Lounge, 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend.



























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Summer romances: Love letters in the sand By Caitlin Gibson

Take a swarm of young people with suggestive tan lines and raging hormones; add moonlight, crashing surf and alcohol, and the rest becomes the stuff of lifelong memories. Rarely, but sometimes, it becomes the stuff of lasting love.

The Washington Post

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. — She kept stealing glances at him across the crowded aisle, amid the blaring games and flashing rides at the Rehoboth Beach amusement park where they’d found work for the summer. He was helping customers onto the Free Fall — a ride that lifts you straight up and then drops you so fast that your heart leaps into your throat. He was tall, with tousled dark hair and sculpted arms. It turned out that Tristan Crawshaw, the 21-year-old English boy, had also caught the attention of other girls on staff at Funland, a landmark on the Rehoboth boardwalk for the past 50 years. Adela Binderova, the 23-year-old Slovakian girl, wasn’t about to compete for his affection. She decided this summer would be about the beach and friends, not romance. But Crawshaw had also noticed Binderova, a pretty brunette with a mischievous smile. So they flirted a little at parties. Then came a night in late June, at the end of a long shift. The park was getting ready to close, and Binderova was sweeping the concrete floors. Crawshaw was working at one of the games, but he had no customers. The two started talking. Less talking, more sweeping, teased one of the managers as he hustled past. The young pair made eye contact. And Binderova knew that this summer might be about more than just the beach and friends.

Photos by Sarah L. Voisin / The Washington Post

Tristan Crawshaw, 21, of England, and Adela Binderova, 23, of Slovakia, wait to ride the SuperFlip while on a break from their summer jobs at Funland in Rehoboth Beach, Del. They both came to the United States for the summer to work at Funland, a family amusement center on the boardwalk.

wistful. “November . . .” A summer romance must abide by the words of the poet Philip Larkin: “Always is always now.”

Tough goodbyes

It happens every summer They fall in love every summer. Starting in late May, the Delaware beach towns are flooded with teens and young adults arriving to work. Like Crawshaw and Binderova, many are international students who come on temporary work visas. Soon after they arrive, they start looking around to see who else is there — hunting for the people they’ll go to the bars with, sneak beers with, hold hands with on the beach. Take a swarm of young people with suggestive tan lines and raging hormones; add moonlight, crashing surf and alcohol, and the rest becomes the stuff of lifelong memories. Rarely, but sometimes, it becomes the stuff of lasting love. Chris Darr, Funland’s personnel manager, has seen just about everything during his seven summers of managing 100 teen and 20-something staffers. There are the flings that implode midsummer, revealing bruised egos in the workplace: “They’ll say, ‘Don’t make me work with so-and-so. I’m done with them.’ ” There are the relationships that don’t survive beyond Labor Day: “There’s lots of tears at the end of the season. . . . Some of them know that they can’t sustain it past that.” There are the couples who try to stay intact across hundreds of miles or an ocean. “But they’re so far apart. It’s too hard.” And then there are the romances that go all the way. There’s a pink paper heart tacked to a front-office bulletin board. “Met at Funland — now they’re married!” it declares, framing 19 pairs of names scrawled in cursive. Darr’s name is there. He and his wife, Erin, met when they were 14, working at Funland for the summer. Their version of romance was all childhood sweetness. They took walks on the beach, went for ice cream, played mini golf. When the end of the summer came — it always comes too fast — they made plans to say goodbye the morning Erin would leave. But Darr overslept, then bolted from bed with the sickening realization that he was more than an hour late for their farewell. The teen grabbed his bicycle and pedaled the eight blocks to her parents’ house at breakneck speed. Her family’s car was packed. They were just about to leave when he raced up the street. She was so relieved to see him, he remembers. Sitting in his office at Funland, the 31year-old smiles at the portraits of their two little daughters hanging on the walls. “I made it just in time,” he says.

Ian Curry, 29, whose family owns Funland in Rehoboth Beach, Del., and wife Fiona, 30, met in 2002 while working at Funland. The couple is now married with a son, 22-month-old Jay, peeking out of the box. Ian is a fourth-generation member of the family that has owned the park since 1962.

“Maybe,” she said. But she did go to Ricky’s party. And when she and her friends slipped out, Ian went with them. After that, they were almost always together. Both of their mothers asked them — nervously — “This is just a summer romance, right?” Fiona laughs. “I said, ‘Yeah, I’d say so.’ ”

Night on the boardwalk At the Funland office, a heart documents the many couples who met while working at the park. Many summer romances take place at Rehoboth and other beaches.

Blossoming romance It was a Saturday in early July, and Binderova got a little too drunk at a party. Crawshaw left with her to walk along the boardwalk. It was late, past the beach’s 1 a.m. closing time, but Binderova bolted down one of the fencelined pathways to the sand. “She kept yelling, ‘Let’s go into the sea! Let’s go into the sea!’ ” Crawshaw says. “I said, ‘We can’t. We’re not allowed there.’ ” The couple sit in a BaskinRobbins, sipping milk shakes as they recount the night their romance began in earnest. The conversation is a musical back-and-forth between Crawshaw’s baritone voice and Binderova’s alto, his British inflection and her Slovakian accent. They’ve been dating for about a month. Other girls on staff tell Binderova she’s lucky to have landed the sexy Brit. She scoffs at this, batting her eyelashes at Crawshaw. “The girls are so jealous. But I tell them, ‘Come on, it wasn’t my move,’ ” she says. “He is the lucky one.” Binderova’s unflinching confidence was effective, Crawshaw admits. His hand is on her shoulder. “I did all the work,” he said. “It made me want her more.”

Defying the odds The stereotype of the summer romance — even the Urban Dictionary definition — demands that it end come September. It’s just a fling, just

fun, all sweat and sand and skin, and then it recedes into rose-hued memory with the arrival of fall. But some of the most renowned pop-culture examples of summer love (think “Grease,” “Dirty Dancing” or “The Notebook”) say otherwise. They instill the dream of a romance that doesn’t fizzle but perseveres despite the odds. Sitting on the floor of her living room in Rehoboth Beach with her husband and toddler, Fiona Curry, 30, remembers the summer of 2002. She was Fiona Hill then, just 20 years old, one of three Scottish girls working at Funland for the summer. At first, she didn’t notice Ian Curry — the boss’ son, her friends told her, a fourth-generation member of the family that has owned the park since 1962. Ian had spotted Fiona, though. She was hard to miss — long blond hair, big blue eyes, a lilting brogue. But when he saw her walking to her apartment with her friends on a warm June night, he tried not to seem too interested. “I tried to play it cool,” he says, smiling at his wife. A decade later, Fiona says she can still picture what he looked like that night, the handsome 19-year-old American boy with the green eyes who strolled out of the Royal Treat ice cream parlor, holding a cone, asking her a casual question: “Are you going to Ricky’s party later?” She played it cool, too.

On a hot night, the Rehoboth boardwalk is packed with people ambling past the blazing neon storefronts. The air is heavy with the scent of saltwater and sweat and sunscreen; the tepid breeze carries drunken shouts from a nearby bar (and the faint sound of someone retching). But there’s still a certain woozy enchantment to the scene. A couple of teenage boys are playing guitar on a nearby bench. Down on the sand, beyond the reach of the boardwalk lights, someone has lighted a Chinese sky lantern. The candle flares, and the lantern becomes a tiny hot-air balloon — carried by the heat of the flame, rising in the black sky over the sea. The drifting light catches the attention of a couple walking by. They stop to watch. The pretty young woman in a long cotton dress asks what it is. “It’s a paper lantern,” her companion says. He puts his arm around her. “It goes up and up, until the flame burns out, and then it falls.” She smiles. “That’s very romantic,” she says. It is. Above them in the dark, a waxing moon beams like the Cheshire cat’s grin. On a muggy Friday afternoon, Binderova and Crawshaw flee to an air-conditioned theater to catch a movie before their evening shift at Funland. Inside, they sit entwined as the previews roll. Despite the escapism of a summer by the sea, the world beyond sometimes forces its way in. A teaser for the new James Bond movie flashes across the screen. “Ah, we’re not going to be here for this one,” Crawshaw says. “Yeah,” Binderova says,

Before the years of jetting back and forth between Scotland and the United States, before the countless hours spent talking on the phone with cheap international calling cards, before the big Scottish wedding and the birth of a baby boy, there was a goodbye at the end of a summer. Ian drove Fiona and her friends to the bus stop in Rehoboth on a clear September morning. He helped the girls with their suitcases. Fiona was in tears. Ian says he wasn’t — “Well, not really. But there was just the sinking feeling of goodbye . . . .” It was a few months after the movie “Shrek” — the animated classic about the grouchy ogre and his beloved princess, Fiona — had appeared in theaters. So Ian gave Fiona a giant stuffed Shrek, one of the prizes from a game station at Funland. It would be his replacement, he joked. After the last of their embraces, Fiona climbed aboard the bus, clutching the enormous stuffed ogre. She cried and waved to Ian, but the windows were tinted dark; Ian thought he caught one last glimpse of her before the bus pulled away.

Nearing the end There has been some talk about what might happen between Binderova and Crawshaw at summer’s end. Some of their co-workers are leaving in the next couple of weeks, before the end of the season. Binderova says: “It’s like, ‘Oh

my God, it’s coming. It’s already coming.’ ” “It’s gonna suck,” says Crawshaw, gulping a Long Island iced tea on a rooftop bar after a closing shift at Funland. “It’s like this is the best time of your life, and you know it.” Crawshaw leaves on the weekend of Sept. 9 to head back to England. Binderova will stay and travel for a couple of extra weeks. She’ll be in Slovakia by the end of September. On her way home, she’s planning to stop in London for a couple of days to see Crawshaw, she says. They’ll stay in touch, see how things go. Both have one more year at school before they graduate and big plans for the rest of their lives. Crawshaw wants to be a commercial airline pilot. Binderova wants to manage a business, maybe be a chief executive someday. All that’s far away. Now, Crawshaw’s talking about how he “saved Adela’s life” the other day by rescuing her from powerful waves at the beach. Binderova recalls how sweet it was when Crawshaw won her a colorful squishy ball from one of the Funland games. Crawshaw says he loves that Binderova makes him friedegg sandwiches when they get home from the bars. Maybe they’ll stay an extra few days in Rehoboth, after the park closes. They haven’t booked flights yet. “Well, we can talk about that later in the season,” Crawshaw says, looking at Binderova. She smiles, noncommittal. After a few drinks, they head home. They’re staying at Binderova’s tonight, an apartment she shares with three roommates, in a neighborhood halfway between Rehoboth and Dewey Beach. As soon as they’re outside the car, they reach for each other’s hands. The night is hazy and warm; the soft breeze whispering in the trees betrays no hint of autumn. The couple walk to the door slowly, their shoulders touching. There’s no hurry. Here in the always-now, their flame is still aloft.

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‘Bourne Legacy’ looks to be huge at box office

Butch Ramsey stands in front of his 1953 Ford F100. The co-president of Central Oregon Old Car Club fixes up every part of classic cars from the engine to the interior.

By Amy Kaufman and Ben Fritz Los Angeles Times

Photos by Alex McDougall The Bulletin

Cars Continued from B1 “It’s just a lot of good, clean fun,” Spongberg, 70, said while hanging out by the 1968 Chevy Camaro RSSS she had on display at the Flashback Cruz last week. “Everybody who has a car here respects what it represents.” Spongberg said for her, classic cars like the Camaro represent the early days she and her husband, who is now in a wheelchair, spent together. He owned several cars when they were dating, she said, and they often went on trips in them. When Spongberg retired in 2001, she took her interest in classic cars one step further by joining the Chevy Club and helping its annual car show take off. “It’s a fun thing to do too,” Spongberg said, adding she also has a lot of fun driving classic cars like the Camaro, especially when people wave and shout at her as they see her drive it through town. Thomson’s connection to his Caprice is obvious. Though he wanted to get a fancier, more expensive sports car like a Corvette, he decided to get the less-expensive Caprice 46 years ago because he was get-

Chuck Thomson shows off the 365-horsepower engine of his 1966 Chevrolet Caprice. Thomson bought the car brand-new two weeks before his wedding. Thomson had an organizing role in last weekend’s classic car show, which had about 420 participants.

ting married and wanted to start a family. He took his children on trips in the car when they were growing up and has let them drive it away from their weddings. “Everybody loves their cars,” he said, adding that when people love their cars they also love getting together and showing them off.

The clubs The Central Oregon Classic Chevy Club and the Central Oregon Old Car Club

— which holds its annual car show, the High Desert Swap Meet, in Redmond Sept. 8 — are just two of the more than half a dozen car clubs currently operating in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. Some of these groups, like the High Desert Region Porsche Club of America or High Desert Corvettes, cater to a specific type of automobile while others are open to all vehicles. Many members of one car

club are members of another car club, said Jim Larson, president of the Drifters Car Club, a Redmond-based car club that’s hosting its annual car show, the Harvest Run Car Show, in downtown Redmond next weekend. “The clubs work well together,” said Larson, 59, who is the owner of a 1969 Chevy Camaro SSRS and a 1936 Ford Slantback. He said this even transcends the great FordChevy divide — most likely the result of intense competition between two American car makers that experienced their heyday during the postwar era — and that “everybody gives each other all the help in the world.” But the various car clubs also like to do their own things, he said. Each club has its own type of car to highlight, a place where it meets, a favorite charity it likes to support, and as a natural extension, its own tradition of hosting a car show that in some cases has gone back for almost 30 years. “Probably not a weekend goes by without having a car show down here,” Thomson said. — Reporter: 541-617-7816,

LOS ANGELES — After making his name as a supporting player in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and “The Avengers” and toplining in the Oscar-winning “The Hurt Locker,” Jeremy Renner will try to prove he can kick butt himself at the box office this weekend in “The Bourne Legacy.” The relaunch of the spy franchise that started a decade ago with star Matt Damon is expected to have a healthy debut of about $45 million in the U.S. and Canada this weekend, according to those who have seen prerelease audience surveys. It is certain to be No. 1 at the box office, replacing “The Dark Knight Rises” after that Batman film held the top spot for the last three weeks. With a new star and a new director in Tony Gilroy — who had a writing credit on the previous three films in the action series and co-wrote this one — “The Bourne Legacy” is not expected to match the last entry, 2007’s “The Bourne Ultimatum,” which opened to $69.3 million. It should be a strong weekend at the box office overall, as two other new films are also likely to have solid launches. “The Campaign,” a political comedy starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, is expected to take in $30 million during its first three days in theaters. “Hope Springs,” a romantic comedy about a longmarried couple (played by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones), hit cinemas Wednesday as Sony Pictures tried to get a jump on the weekend competition. The inexpensive picture grossed an estimated $2.2 million Wednesday and is likely to collect about $15 million by Sunday. It took several years for Universal Pictures to decide how to continue the “Bourne”

franchise after Damon and director Paul Greengrass declined to return. Because the franchise was one of Universal’s most lucrative — the first three films have a total of $944 million in ticket sales worldwide — the studio was hellbent on finding a way to make it work. Enter “Michael Clayton” director Gilroy, who came up with the new story line about an even more covert government program. With slightly dimmer commercial prospects, given the new star, Universal spent a bit less on the fourth movie than the third, budgeting “The Bourne Legacy” at a cost of $125 million to $130 million and co-financing the picture with Relativity Media. If the movie is successful, Renner’s super-spy could continue as a franchise of its own. Meanwhile, “The Campaign” hits theaters late in a summer when big-name comedy stars have failed to draw audiences to the multiplex. Adam Sandler’s latest flick, “That’s My Boy,” fell far short of his usual $100 million domestic benchmark, and even the combination of Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill wasn’t able to attract moviegoers to “The Watch.” Warner Bros. is hopeful that “The Campaign,” about two candidates vying for a seat in Congress, will buck that trend. Galifianakis is hot off the “Hangover” series, but Ferrell’s last two major star vehicles, “The Other Guys” and “Land of the Lost,” were both box-office disappointments. “The Campaign” has so far generated largely positive reviews, as has “Hope Springs.” The latter movie is being distributed by Sony, which together with partner Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer bought domestic distribution rights from financier Mandate Pictures for about $15 million.

FBI progam gives teens a taste of what it’s like to be an agent By Mihir Zaveri The Washington Post

Yellow crime tape hung along the length of the block from the Bank of Hogan at one corner of the street to the pharmacy, Allmed Drugs, at the other. Each had just been robbed, and FBI agents prowled the sidewalks outside. Alongside them, 38 teenagers swarmed the crime scene, pistols holstered at their hips and notebooks in their hands. The robberies, pistols and crime scene were fake, a simulation set up at the FBI’s Hogan’s Alley training facility — complete with fake movie theater, used-car lot and suburban home — at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. Clad in matching white polo T-shirts and khaki pants, the more than three dozen Washington-area high school students ran through the investigation Thursday, collecting evidence and conducting interviews. It was all part of the FBI’s Future Agents in Training Program, which this year had 20 boys and 18 girls ages 16 to 18 drawn from a pool of 84 applicants, FBI officials said. The weeklong summer program, described as being geared more toward education and awareness than recruitment, began in 2007. Since Monday, the group had learned about counterintelligence, espionage, white-collar crime and more, FBI spokeswoman Lindsay Godwin said.

On Friday, there’ll be a graduation ceremony, but on Thursday, the teens were putting what they had learned to work. The simulation “kind of put them in the role of what it’s like to be an FBI agent,” said Abby Perkins, a supervisory special agent in community outreach at the FBI’s Washington Field Office. The group gathered shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday in a small room at the Dogwood Inn, a fictitious Hogan’s Alley hotel. A blue sign on the wall read “No Live Ammo” in white letters. The students, who had been divided into five squads, were briefed by Eddie Winkley, a special agent with the FBI, who stood behind a lectern. Winkley assigned each squad a task and sent them across the street to the crime scene. Matt Rea, 17, shuffled into the Bank of Hogan along with more than a dozen other students to confront the robbery’s aftermath. Fake $5 bills were scattered on the ground, and a handful of frightened bank employees — FBI employees who volunteered for their roles — bickered about details they recalled from the crime. The high-schoolers struggled to keep mock witnesses in check, watching as the actors changed stories, walked away frustrated and burst into tears. Many, like Rea, enjoyed it. “That was awesome,” said Rea. “Being able to go around and interview people allows

you to test your social skills and leadership qualities.” About 11 a.m., the group reconvened, hunching over tables to exchange notes and stories from the people who had just been interviewed. Rea quickly took the lead, scribbling down a list of facts the group could corroborate. After a quick break for lunch at an FBI Academy cafe, the group was back to work, reinterviewing witnesses to fill in holes in their story. “It’s a good group,” Winkley said later. “They’re taking in a lot of good information and taking in a lot of detail.” About 1:30 p.m., the exercise came to a head when FBI agents taught the students how to make arrests. Eric Marquez, 16, rapped on the door of the Dogwood Inn. He had just stepped carefully away from a large glass hotel room window, through which he might theoretically have been seen — or shot at. A group of other students lined up along a brick wall, blue mock pistols drawn. The door creaked open and the group burst into the hotel room, telling an FBI agent masquerading as an arrestee to freeze, kneel and show his hands. The day concluded with five arrests, including that of the bank’s “president.” Students had to get approval for simulated search and arrest warrants from a magistrate. “It was very fun,” Marquez said.

The Guide to Central Oregon Schools publishes Wednesday, August 15


Scoreboard, C2 Olympics, C3-C6


COLLEGE FOOTBALL LSU’s Mathieu kicked off team BATON ROUGE, La. — Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu was kicked off LSU’s football team Friday for breaking an athletic Mathieu department rule, a blow to the Tigers’ national championship hopes three weeks before their season opener. The junior defensive back — nicknamed Honey Badger for his tenacious style, small stature (5-foot-9, 175 pounds) and blonde streak of hair — rose from obscurity to become one of college football’s biggest stars last season. He was a sleeper Heisman candidate as the Tigers won the Southeastern Conference championship and reached the BCS title game. They are among the favorites to win the title this year, and remain so even without Mathieu. At a news conference Friday, coach Les Miles would not specify the reason Mathieu was dismissed. “We’ll miss the guy,” Miles said. “The football team’s got to go on. We’ll have to fill the void.” — The Associated Press

NBA It’s official: Howard to L.A. LONDON — Dwight Howard held some of the championship trophies in the Los Angeles Lakers’ facility Friday, the first act of the next phase of his NBA career. “Making some wishes,” Howard said. One of his wishes has finally come true. At long last, he’s out of Orlando. It took four teams, 11 other players, five draft picks and countless rounds of talks over many months, but the Orlando Magic decided the time was right to start over without the NBA’s best center and end a saga that has dogged the franchise for what seems like an eternity. Howard is off to play alongside Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, after a megadeal involving the Lakers, Magic, Philadelphia and Denver was worked out Thursday and completed Friday after the NBA reviewed and approved the particulars. “It was just a very tough situation for everybody to let go,” Howard said. “I’m finally glad that it’s over with. Myself and the Magic organization, we can all start over and begin a new career. Today is a fresh new start for all of us.” As far as the other headliners involved, Andrew Bynum leaves the Lakers for Philadelphia and Andre Iguodala is heading to Denver. — The Associated Press


Tiger shares lead heading into weekend Leaderboard Scores in relation to par at the PGA Championship: Vijay Singh Tiger Woods Carl Pettersson Ian Poulter Jamie Donaldson Rory McIlroy

By Doug Ferguson The Associated Press

-4 -4 -4 -3 -2 -2

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. — The major known as “Glory’s Last Shot” turned into one last chance for Tiger Woods. On the toughest scoring day in PGA Championship history, Woods made putts from one end of Kiawah Island to the other Friday for a 1-under 71 that gave him a share of the lead with Vijay Singh and Carl Pettersson going into the weekend. “It was tough out there — wow,” Woods said. Wow, indeed.

In relentless wind that began at sunrise and whipped up the Atlantic waters with 30 mph gusts, par never looked better in this championship. There were more rounds in the 90s — two of them by club pros — than in the 60s. There were 41 players who failed to break 80, a list that included Rickie Fowler, Matt Kuchar and Hunter Mahan. Singh, a three-time major champion who hasn’t won in nearly four years, scratched out five birdies in a remarkable round of 3-under 69. See PGA / C8

Evan Vucci / The Associated Press

Tiger Woods chips to the 16th green during the second round of the PGA Championship on Friday.



Local referee honored by OSAA By Zack Hall The Bulletin

Ben Curtis and Lee Jin-man / The Associated Press

American decathlete Ashton Eaton, left, and Jamaican Usain Bolt, right, both won gold medals on Thursday.

Eaton or Bolt? • It’s a fair question: Is decathlon gold medalist Ashton Eaton or 100- and 200-meter winner Usain Bolt the better athlete? By Philip Hersh Chicago Tribune

LONDON — How do you measure greatness? By two events that lasted fewer than 30 seconds combined? By one 10-part event that ground on for 25 hours over two days? About 45 minutes after Usain Bolt of Jamaica won the Olympic track title he thought was necessary to call himself a legend, Ashton Eaton of the U.S. became the latest to win the legendary title. Bolt is the reigning world’s greatest athlete, small letters and capital achievement. Eaton is the current World’s Greatest Athlete, capital letters courtesy of a Swedish king 100 years ago. A specialist and a generalist. World record holders both. One now has five gold medals in two Olympics. The other one in one. Bolt, 25, is an athlete for the contemporary world, with its short attention spans and admiration of outsized egos. Twice in half an hour, he urged reporters to mention his Twitter handle, as if 140 characters were enough to convey the dimension he gave himself, the dimension he had set as his goal. “I am now a living legend,” Bolt said.

Eaton, a year younger, is an athlete for an older, more contemplative age, one that did not need its entertainment chopped up into nine and 19-second doses, one that would not have been inclined to go along on Bolt’s ego trip. “If I really felt like the world’s greatest athlete, I would have to get 10 perfect events, and I know that is not possible,” Eaton said. “For me to consider myself the world’s greatest athlete, I would have to amaze myself in every event, but I also don’t want to discredit what King Gustav said to Jim Thorpe.” The story may be apocryphal, but it is upon apocrypha that legends often are built. See Eaton / C6

Olympic Medals Table Through Friday’s events: Nation G S B Tot United States 41 26 27 94 China 37 25 19 81 Russia 15 21 27 63 Britain 25 15 17 57 Germany 10 18 14 42 Japan 5 14 16 35 Australia 7 14 10 31 France 9 9 12 30 South Korea 13 7 7 27 Italy 7 6 8 21 Netherlands 6 5 8 19 Canada 1 5 11 17 Hungary 8 4 3 15 Ukraine 3 1 9 13 Spain 2 8 3 13

More coverage • U.S. men’s hoops reaches final, C3 • American women crush 4x100 record, roundup, C4 • See C3-C6 for TV listings, coverage of Friday’s events, and more.

Mike Smith loves basketball. That much is clear for the 36-year veteran of high school officiating. “I’m out there having fun,” says Smith, a 61-yearold Bend resident. “When it’s not fun, you shouldn’t be doing it.” Smith’s enthusiasm for officiating is no doubt one reason why the Oregon School Activities Association and Oregon Athletic Officials Association recently named him 2012 basketball official of the year, a first for a Central Oregon official. And his experience probably didn’t hurt, either. “I think it means I have been (officiating) a long time,” Smith, who has lived in Bend since 1978 and has been a fixture on the region’s courts since, says of the OSAA award. “They know there are better officials out there, I’m sure. But I think it’s more about the body of work and years of service. “But it is definitely an honor,” adds Smith, who was nominated by the Central Oregon Basketball Officials Association and selected out of hundreds of Oregon officials. A basketball junky who says he did not play for his high school team, Smith started officiating in his 20s in Northern California. He has been honing his skills ever since. Game management helps make up “for a lack of speed,” to keep up with such a fast-paced game, says Smith, who has worked in numerous state championships, including the 2012 OSAA Class 1A state championship in Baker. See Referee / C8


For UO, no James is no problem • With Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas at running back, the Ducks might not miss LaMichael James that much By Mark Morical The Bulletin

Dwight Howard


MLB, C7 Colleges, C8

EUGENE — University of Oregon all-time leading rusher LaMichael James is now in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, leaving the void of the 1,805 yards he gained last season for the Ducks. But Oregon figures to have little problem filling that void, with the return of experienced senior Kenjon Barner and multiple-threat sophomore De’Anthony Thomas. Barner — who started five games in 2011

and posted four 100-yard rushing efforts, all against Pac-12 opponents— is expected to be the full-time starter at running back. He ran for 939 yards mostly in a backup role, boding well for his potential success as the Ducks’ featured back this season. Oregon, again expected to be one of the highest-scoring teams in the country, hosts Arkansas State at Eugene’s Autzen Stadium on Sept. 1 to open the season. “Basically, I’ve prepared myself,” Barner said this week at the opening of preseason camp in Eugene. “I’ve been ready for this role for a long time. It’s not like it will just hit me and I’ll be like, ‘Wow.’ It’s not going to be a hard transition. You just mentally have to prepare yourself for what’s coming. And mentally prepare yourself for more of a beating than you would take as a backup.” See Oregon / C8

Chris Pietsch / The Register-Guard

Oregon running back De’Anthony Thomas talks to reporters during the team’s media day on Monday in Eugene.



O  A


TELEVISION Today MOTOR SPORTS 6:30 a.m.: NASCAR, Nationwide Series, Zippo 200 qualifying, ESPN2. 8:30 a.m.: NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Finger Lakes 355 qualifying, ESPN2. 11:15 a.m.: NASCAR, Nationwide Series, Zippo 200, ABC. GOLF 8 a.m.: PGA Tour, PGA Championship, third round, TNT. 11 a.m.: PGA Tour, PGA Championship, third round, CBS. SOFTBALL 9 a.m.: Senior league, finals, teams TBA, ESPN. SOCCER 10:55 a.m.: World Challenge, Real Madrid vs. Celtic, ESPN2. 9:30 p.m.: MLS, Seattle Sounders FC at San Jose Earthquakes (same-day tape), Root Sports. BASEBALL 10 a.m.: MLB, New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays, MLB Network. 11 a.m.: Little League World Series, Midwest Regional, final, ESPN. 1 p.m.: Little League World Series, Northwest Regional, final, ESPN. 3 p.m.: Little League World Series, New England Regional, final, ESPN. 5 p.m.: Little League World Series, West Regional, final, ESPN. 5:30 p.m.: MLB, Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers or Washington Nationals at Arizona Diamondbacks, MLB Network. 6 p.m.: MLB, Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels, Root Sports. CYCLING 1 p.m.: Tour of Utah, Root Sports. TENNIS 1:30 p.m.: ATP, U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, semifinal (same-day tape), ESPN2. 3:30 p.m.: ATP, U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, semifinal, ESPN2.

HORSE RACING 3 p.m.: From Saratoga Race Course, NBC Sports Network. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS 5 p.m.: UFC 150, Henderson vs. Edgar II prelims, FX. RODEO 5 p.m.: PBR, Express Classic, NBC Sports Network. NFL 4 p.m.: NFL, preseason, Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers, NFL Network. 7 p.m.: NFL, preseason, Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks, Fox, NFL Network.

Sunday GOLF 8 a.m.: PGA Tour, PGA Championship, final round, TNT. 11 a.m.: PGA Tour, PGA Championship, final round, CBS. MOTOR SPORTS 10 a.m.: NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Finger Lakes 355, ESPN. NFL 10:30 a.m.: NFL, preseason, St. Louis Rams at Indianapolis Colts, NFL Network. TENNIS 10:30 a.m.: WTA, U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, semifinal, ESPN2 4 p.m.: ATP, U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, final, ESPN2. BASEBALL 12:30 p.m.: MLB, Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels, Root Sports. 2 p.m.: Little League World Series, Mid-Atlantic Regional, final, ESPN2. 2 p.m.: MLB, Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox, TBS. 5 p.m.: MLB, Atlanta Braves at New York Mets, ESPN. HORSE RACING 3 p.m.: From Saratoga Race Course, NBC Sports Network. SOCCER 8 p.m.: MLS, Los Angeles Galaxy at Club Deportive Chivas USA, ESPN2. Listings are the most accurate available. The Bulletin is not responsible for late changes made by TV or radio stations.

S   B Cycling • Keough wins Tour of Utah stage: Jake Keough broke free during a late sprint to win the fourth stage of the Tour of Utah on Friday in Salt Lake City, while fellow American Christian Vande Velde retained the overall lead. Keough finished the 134.3-mile stage in 4 hours 47 minutes, 6 seconds. Italy’s Marco Benfatto was second, and U.S. rider Tyler Farrar finished third. Vandevelde has a 3-second lead over Thomas Danielson. David Zabriskie is third, also three seconds behind. Bend’s Chris Horner finished the stage in 50th place, three seconds behind the leaders; he is eighth in the overall standings, 41 seconds behind. The fifth stage today is a 102-mile leg that begins in Park City and cuts through four counties before finishing at Snowbird Ski Resort just outside Salt Lake City. • Judge questions USADA, Armstrong lawyers: A federal judge in Austin, Texas, had tough questions for U.S. anti-doping officials in their pursuit of Lance Armstrong, grilling them at length in a hearing Friday. U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks wondered whether USADA has given the seven-time Tour de France winner a legitimate chance to defend himself against charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career. But Sparks also asked Armstrong’s attorneys to show why USADA should not have jurisdiction in the case, as they have argued. Armstrong has sued USADA to block its attempt to prove he cheated. Sparks made no ruling and gave lawyers another week to file more legal briefs.

Golf • Choi shoots 67, leads at Farr LPGA: Chella Choi shrugged off two bogeys to start the back nine, birdieing three holes coming down the stretch for a 4-under 67 and a one-shot lead Friday after the second round of the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic in Sylvania, Ohio. Choi, winless in her four years on the LPGA Tour, started with a 66 and was at 9-under 133 at rainy Highland Meadows Golf Club. Inbee Park, winner of the most recent tour

event, the Evian Masters, had the day’s low round, climbing 29 spots on the leaderboard with a 6-under 65. Mika Miyazato and Hee Kyung Seo joined Park at 8 under.

Football • Chargers’ Mathews breaks collarbone: San Diego Chargers starting running back Ryan Mathews is expected to miss at least a month after breaking his collarbone in a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers Thursday night. Mathews was injured on his first carry of the preseason in the first quarter and did not return to the game. He had surgery Friday morning and coach Norv Turner said he’ll be out four to six weeks. • Judge does not rule in Vilma lawsuit: A federal judge questioned the fairness of the NFL’s bounty investigation of the New Orleans Saints, then held off on making any rulings while urging all sides to settle the matter on their own. U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan also said the season-long suspension of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma was excessive and that she would be inclined to rule in his favor if she were certain she had jurisdiction to do so. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has justified his suspension of Vilma by describing him as one of the ringleaders of a program that offered Saints defenders improper cash bonuses for injuring opponents. • NCAA reviewing Auburn RB’s transcript: Auburn freshman running back Jovon Robinson is being held out of practice while the NCAA investigates allegations that his high school transcript was falsified. Athletic department spokesman Kirk Sampson said Friday that Robinson’s academic status is being reviewed. Memphis City Schools said in a statement that NCAA officials contacted the school district Tuesday regarding allegations involving a former Wooddale High School athlete. The statement said schools Superintendent Kriner Cash ordered an immediate investigation and that a school guidance counselor resigned after admitting to creating the fake transcript. —From wire reports

Katy Harris Ryann O’Toole Jennifer Rosales a-Lindy Duncan Meaghan Francella Sandra Changkija Kim Williams Marcy Hart Hanna Kang Karlin Beck Elisa Serramia Heather Bowie Young Sarah Kemp Hannah Yun Morgan Pressel Diana D’Alessio Stephanie Sherlock Michelle Ellis Mitsuki Katahira Jackie Gallagher-Smith Tanya Dergal Courtney Harter


PREPS Prep Calendar ——— To submit information to the Prep Calendar, email The Bulletin at ——— Bend High football Conditioning: Aug. 6-9 at Bend High football field, 5 to 6 p.m. each day, free. Air Bear Camp: Aug. 13-16 at Bend High practice field, 5 to 8 p.m. each day. Cost is $100 for early registration and $110 for late registration. Contact Bend High head coach Matt Craven at matt.craven@bend. or go to for more information. Daily doubles: Aug. 20-30 at Bend High; Varsity/ JV from 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 5 to 7:30 p.m. Freshmen from 8 to 10:30 a.m. and 4 to 6:30 p.m. Equipment checkout: Aug. 14 for all players, freshmen, junior varsity and varsity, 8 a.m. to noon, Bend High. Note: Paperwork is available at the Bend High’s athletics office starting Aug. 6. Paperwork and fees are not necessary to check out equipment but must be completed before practice starts Aug. 20. Mountain View football Weightlifting/conditioning: Grades 9-12, Aug. 6-9 and Aug. 13-16, 9 to 10:30 a.m. Cougar Camp: Grades 9-12, Aug. 13-17 from 3 to 5:30 p.m.; cost is $65 at registration on Aug. 13 at 2 p.m. Daily doubles: Aug. 20-24; varsity/JV 9 to 11:30 a.m. and 3 to 5:30 p.m.; freshmen 8 to 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Paperwork: Will be available for final clearance starting Aug. 6 in the Mountain View High athletics office. All paperwork and physicals must be on file before Aug. 20. Summit football Summit Storm Camp: Aug. 6-9 at Summit High football field, 8 to 10:30 a.m. for grades 9-12. Cost $30, summer participation form required. Contact head coach Joe Padilla at to sign up or for more information. Conditioning camp: Aug. 13-14, 8 to 10 a.m., and Aug. 15, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Summit High; Aug. 16 at Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, 2:15 to 4:30 p.m. Cost $60. Daily doubles: Aug. 20-24, varsity/JV 8 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.; freshmen 9 to 11 a.m. and 4 to 5:30 p.m. Paperwork: Available at the Summit High athletics office starting Aug. 6. Mountain View girls soccer Preseason training: Aug. 6-17 at Mountain View soccer fields; 6 to 7:30 p.m. each day with additional 9 a.m. workouts on Aug. 7, 9, 14 and 16; $70; for girls entering grades six through 12; for more information go to Summit girls soccer Conditioning camp: Aug. 13-17, 8-10 a.m.; $30; meet at Summit Stadium. Tryouts: Aug. 20-24, 8-9:30 a.m. and 5-7 p.m. at Summit High. Players must fill out appropriate paperwork prior to Monday morning; paperwork is available in the athletics office at Summit. For more information go to SummitGirlsSoccer/. Mountain View boys soccer Technical camp: Aug. 6-9 at Mountain View High, 5:30 to 7 p.m. each day. Conditioning camp: Aug. 13-16 at Mountain View High, 8 to 9:15 a.m. and 5:30 to 7 p.m. each day. For more information call coach Chris Rogers at 541-280-9393. Ridgeview boys soccer All incoming Ridgeview and Redmond Proficiency Academy students living within the Ridgeview boundary are welcome to attend all of the following events. For more information go to Preseason technical camp: Aug. 6-8 and Aug. 10, at Obsidian Middle School; Aug. 6-8 sessions 10 to 11:45 a.m.; Aug. 10 session 1 to 2:45 p.m.; free. Participants should wear shinguards and a white shirt and bring a size 5 ball. Ridgeview physical and clearance night: Aug. 13, 5 to 8 p.m. (see specific time by last name at at Obsidian Middle School. Parents need to accompany players to complete clearance process and submit pay-to-play fees. Physical exams are required for incoming freshmen and juniors; $30. Ravens daily-double tryouts: Aug. 20-24 at Ridgeview High; check-in Aug. 20, 9-10 a.m., in TV production lab inside school. Sessions run 10 to 11:45 a.m. each day. Players should bring shinguards and running shoes. Summit cross-country Practices: Aug. 13 and Aug. 16, 8:45 a.m. both days at the Summit High track. For more information contact head coach Carol McLatchie at 541-788-1577 or at, or see the Summit High Athletics XC link. Cascade Middle School football Contact camp: At Summit Stadium for incoming seventh-graders and eighth-graders; Aug. 6-9, 10:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.; Aug. 20-23, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Cost $80 for two-week camp. Contact Summit High head coach Joe Padilla at or call 541-610-9866 to sign up or for more information. Equipment checkout: Aug. 6, 8 to 10 a.m. at Cascade Middle School.

FOOTBALL NFL NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Preseason Glance All Times PDT ——— Friday’s Games Tampa Bay 20, Miami 7 Cincinnati 17, N.Y. Jets 6 Jacksonville 32, N.Y. Giants 31 Cleveland 19, Detroit 17 Kansas City 27, Arizona 17 San Francisco 17, Minnesota 6 Today’s Games Houston at Carolina, 4 p.m. Tennessee at Seattle, 7 p.m. Sunday’s Game St. Louis at Indianapolis, 10:30 a.m.

SOCCER MLS MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER All Times PDT ——— Eastern Conference W L T Pts GF New York 12 7 5 41 40 Houston 11 6 7 40 35 Sporting Kansas City 12 7 4 40 28 D.C. 11 7 3 36 35 Chicago 10 7 5 35 25 Montreal 9 13 3 30 35 Columbus 8 8 4 28 20 Philadelphia 7 11 2 23 22 New England 6 11 5 23 26 Toronto FC 5 13 4 19 25 Western Conference W L T Pts GF San Jose 13 5 5 44 45 Real Salt Lake 13 8 3 42 35 Seattle 10 5 7 37 31 Vancouver 9 7 7 34 26 Los Angeles 10 11 3 33 39 Chivas USA 7 8 5 26 14 Colorado 8 14 1 25 29 FC Dallas 5 11 8 23 26 Portland 5 12 5 20 20 NOTE: Three points for victory, one point for tie. ——— Friday’s Game New York 2, Houston 0 Today’s Games Real Salt Lake at Vancouver, 4 p.m. Toronto FC at Columbus, 4:30 p.m. D.C. United at Sporting Kansas City, 5:30 p.m. Colorado at FC Dallas, 6 p.m. Seattle FC at San Jose, 7:30 p.m. Sunday’s Games Chicago at Philadelphia, 4 p.m. Montreal at New England, 4 p.m. Los Angeles at Chivas USA, 8 p.m.

GA 34 27 21 27 24 43 21 24 28 40 GA 28 28 22 28 39 21 32 32 37

GOLF PGA Tour PGA Championship Friday At Kiawah Island Golf Resort (Ocean Course) Kiawah Island, S.C. Purse: $8 million Yardage: 7,676; Par: 72 Second Round Vijay Singh 71-69—140 Tiger Woods 69-71—140

74-73—147 73-74—147 72-75—147 77-71—148 76-72—148 70-78—148 76-73—149 74-75—149 74-75—149 73-76—149 78-72—150 75-75—150 77-75—152 77-75—152 79-74—153 74-79—153 72-81—153 74-80—154 74-80—154 78-78—156 80-77—157 79-79—158

TENNIS Professional

Carl Pettersson Ian Poulter Jamie Donaldson Rory McIlroy Aaron Baddeley Adam Scott Blake Adams Trevor Immelman Graeme McDowell Phil Mickelson Peter Hanson Tim Clark Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano Francesco Molinari Zach Johnson Marcel Siem Pat Perez Martin Laird Ben Curtis John Daly Keegan Bradley Scott Piercy Miguel Angel Jimenez Fredrik Jacobson K.T. Kim K.J. Choi Padraig Harrington Bo Van Pelt Marc Leishman Greg Chalmers Gary Woodland Ryo Ishikawa Geoff Ogilvy Alex Noren Charl Schwartzel George McNeill Ernie Els David Lynn Y.E. Yang John Senden Robert Garrigus Cameron Tringale Steve Stricker Justin Rose Rich Beem Jimmy Walker Bubba Watson Retief Goosen Paul Lawrie Matt Every Toru Taniguchi Bill Haas Brendon de Jonge J.J. Henry Marcus Fraser Thorbjorn Olesen Ken Duke Thomas Bjorn Darren Clarke Jim Furyk Louis Oosthuizen Seung-yul Noh Sang Moon Bae Luke Donald Chez Reavie David Toms Dustin Johnson Jason Dufner John Huh

66-74—140 70-71—141 69-73—142 67-75—142 68-75—143 68-75—143 71-72—143 71-72—143 68-76—144 73-71—144 69-75—144 71-73—144 67-78—145 70-75—145 72-73—145 72-73—145 69-76—145 71-74—145 69-76—145 68-77—145 68-77—145 68-78—146 69-77—146 71-75—146 69-77—146 69-77—146 70-76—146 73-73—146 74-72—146 70-76—146 67-79—146 69-77—146 68-78—146 67-80—147 70-77—147 71-76—147 72-75—147 73-74—147 73-74—147 73-74—147 74-73—147 69-78—147 74-73—147 69-79—148 72-76—148 73-75—148 73-75—148 73-74—148 73-75—148 72-76—148 72-76—148 75-73—148 71-78—149 72-77—149 74-75—149 75-74—149 71-78—149 70-79—149 73-76—149 72-77—149 70-79—149 74-75—149 72-78—150 74-76—150 74-76—150 72-78—150 71-79—150 74-76—150 72-78—150

Failed to Qualify Hiroyuki Fujita Anders Hansen Davis Love III George Coetzee Nicolas Colsaerts Ted Potter Jr. Sergio Garcia Webb Simpson Johnson Wagner Bernd Wiesberger Robert Allenby Thomas Aiken Hunter Mahan Jonathan Byrd William McGirt Bob Sowards Mark Wilson Matteo Manassero Rafa Cabrera-Bello Robert Karlsson Ryan Moore Lee Westwood Jason Day Stewart Cink Simon Dyson Bryce Molder Charles Howell III Branden Grace Scott Stallings Jeff Coston Thongchai Jaidee John Rollins Matt Kuchar Rickie Fowler Brendan Jones Michael Thompson Mike Small Chris Stroud Nick Watney Jeff Overton Darrell Kestner Brandt Snedeker Rory Sabbatini Lucas Glover Shaun Micheel Bud Cauley Alan Morin Danny Balin Roger Chapman Kelly Mitchum Spencer Levin Angel Cabrera Rod Perry Pablo Larrazabal Charlie Wi Charley Hoffman Ryan Palmer Mitch Lowe Kyle Stanley Martin Kaymer Tommy Gainey Brian Cairns Jeev Milkha Singh Alvaro Quiros Frank Bensel D.A. Points Jose Maria Olazabal Matt Dobyns Mark Brooks Brian Gaffney Robert Rock Paul Scaletta Mark Brown Brian Davis Marty Jertson

72-79—151 72-79—151 72-79—151 73-78—151 73-78—151 74-77—151 76-75—151 79-72—151 75-76—151 72-79—151 75-76—151 72-79—151 72-80—152 73-79—152 73-79—152 75-77—152 76-76—152 71-81—152 71-81—152 74-78—152 73-79—152 75-77—152 72-80—152 74-78—152 73-80—153 75-78—153 76-77—153 74-79—153 74-79—153 74-79—153 73-80—153 72-82—154 72-82—154 74-80—154 76-78—154 73-81—154 76-78—154 73-81—154 73-82—155 74-81—155 75-80—155 77-78—155 73-82—155 77-78—155 72-83—155 80-75—155 74-81—155 77-79—156 78-78—156 76-80—156 78-78—156 76-80—156 75-82—157 77-80—157 79-78—157 81-76—157 71-86—157 79-79—158 80-78—158 79-79—158 77-81—158 75-83—158 76-83—159 76-83—159 84-76—160 73-87—160 74-86—160 81-79—160 78-82—160 76-85—161 76-85—161 75-87—162 78-84—162 75-87—162 80-82—162

Corey Prugh Paul Casey Bill Murchison Michael Frye Doug Wade Scott Verplank Kevin Na Sean O’Hair Michael Hoey Joost Luiten x-Luten has a 73 thru 17 holes.

78-85—163 79-85—164 82-86—168 79-90-169 83-93—176 75-WD 75-WD 75-WD 78-70—DQ 68-x

LPGA Tour Jamie Farr Toledo Classic Friday At Highland Meadows Golf Club Sylvania, Ohio Purse: $1.3 million Yardage: 6,428; Par: 71 (a-amateur) Second Round Chella Choi 66-67—133 Inbee Park 69-65—134 Hee Kyung Seo 68-66—134 Mika Miyazato 66-68—134 Hee-Won Han 68-67—135 So Yeon Ryu 67-68—135 Karine Icher 66-69—135 Pernilla Lindberg 64-71—135 Beatriz Recari 70-66—136 I.K. Kim 69-67—136 Jiyai Shin 69-67—136 Jacqui Concolino 68-68—136 Angela Stanford 66-70—136 Mi Jung Hur 71-66—137 Kathleen Ekey 69-68—137 Sydnee Michaels 69-68—137 Lindsey Wright 69-68—137 Stacy Lewis 68-69—137 Dewi Claire Schreefel 68-69—137 Jessica Korda 73-65—138 Jennifer Johnson 70-68—138 Samantha Richdale 69-69—138 Christine Song 69-69—138 Jeong Jang 68-70—138 Meredith Duncan 66-72—138 Numa Gulyanamitta 66-72—138 Candie Kung 69-70—139 Jennie Lee 69-70—139 Paula Creamer 68-71—139 Danielle Kang 68-71—139 Jane Park 68-71—139 Tiffany Joh 71-69—140 Belen Mozo 71-69—140 Wendy Ward 71-69—140 Dori Carter 70-70—140 Irene Cho 70-70—140 Valentine Derrey 69-71—140 Sandra Gal 69-71—140 Natalie Gulbis 69-71—140 Nicole Hage 69-71—140 P.K. Kongkraphan 69-71—140 Jee Young Lee 68-72—140 Janice Moodie 68-72—140 Ayaka Kaneko 67-73—140 Jenny Shin 67-73—140 Amy Yang 67-73—140 Karin Sjodin 73-68—141 Kristy McPherson 72-69—141 Victoria Tanco 72-69—141 Maria Hernandez 71-70—141 Ji Young Oh 71-70—141 Na Yeon Choi 70-71—141 Veronica Felibert 70-71—141 Jimin Kang 70-71—141 Brittany Lang 70-71—141 Tzu-Chi Lin 70-71—141 Leta Lindley 70-71—141 Cindy LaCrosse 69-72—141 Mo Martin 69-72—141 Becky Morgan 69-72—141 Danah Bordner 68-73—141 Brooke Pancake 68-73—141 Ilhee Lee 67-74—141 Gerina Piller 67-74—141 Haeji Kang 72-70—142 Reilley Rankin 72-70—142 Taylor Coutu 71-71—142 Sarah Jane Smith 71-71—142 Julieta Granada 70-72—142 Moira Dunn 69-73—142 Brittany Lincicome 69-73—142 Momoko Ueda 69-73—142 Laura Davies 68-74—142 Jane Rah 68-74—142 Failed to Qualify Amanda Blumenherst 74-69—143 Mikaela Parmlid 74-69—143 Isabelle Beisiegel 73-70—143 Ashli Bunch 73-70—143 Lorie Kane 73-70—143 Alison Walshe 73-70—143 Lacey Agnew 72-71—143 Na On Min 72-71—143 Yani Tseng 72-71—143 Lisa Ferrero 71-72—143 Eun-Hee Ji 71-72—143 Angela Oh 71-72—143 Alena Sharp 71-72—143 Amy Hung 70-73—143 Rebecca Lee-Bentham 70-73—144 Jennifer Song 70-73—144 Mina Harigae 69-74—144 Paige Mackenzie 69-74—144 a-Rachel Rohanna 68-75—144 Michelle Wie 75-69—144 Amelia Lewis 73-71—144 Azahara Munoz 73-71—144 Laura Diaz 72-72—144 Katherine Hull 72-72—144 Min Seo Kwak 72-72—144 Anna Nordqvist 72-72—144 Christel Boeljon 71-73—144 Ai Miyazato 71-73—144 Jessica Shepley 71-73—144 Mariajo Uribe 71-73—144 Lizette Salas 68-76—144 Beth Bader 74-71—145 Stephanie Kono 74-71—145 Christina Kim 73-72—145 Meena Lee 73-72—145 Pornanong Phatlum 73-72—145 Dina Ammaccapane 71-74—145 Kirby Dreher 70-75—145 Giulia Sergas 70-75—145 Mindy Kim 76-70—146 Stephanie Louden 75-71—146 Vicky Hurst 74-72—146 Kris Tamulis 73-73—146 Nicole Castrale 72-74—146 Cydney Clanton 72-74—146 Jin Young Pak 71-75—146 Jean Bartholomew 69-77—146 Katie Futcher 77-70—147

ATP Rogers Cup Friday At Rexall Centre Toronto Purse: $3.2 million (Masters 1000) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Third Round Richard Gasquet (14), France, def. Tomas Berdych (4), Czech Republic, 6-4, 6-2. Mardy Fish (11), United States, def. Juan Monaco (7), Argentina, 2-6, 6-1, 6-4. Janko Tipsarevic (5), Serbia, def. Marin Cilic (10), Croatia, 6-2, 6-4. Novak Djokovic (1), Serbia, def. Sam Querrey, United States, 6-4, 6-4. Marcel Granollers, Spain, def. Jeremy Chardy, France, 6-1, 6-4. Tommy Haas, Germany, def. Radek Stepanek, Czech Republic, 2-6, 6-4, 6-1. John Isner (8), United States, def. Philipp Kohlschreiber (12), Germany, 6-7 (3), 6-4, 6-4. Quarterfinals Janko Tipsarevic (5), Serbia, def. Marcel Granollers, Spain, 6-4, 6-4. Richard Gasquet (14), France, def. Mardy Fish (11), United States, 5-7, 6-1, 6-2. John Isner (8), United States, def. Milos Raonic (16), Canada, 7-6 (9), 6-4. Novak Djokovic (1), Serbia, def. Tommy Haas, Germany, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3. WTA Rogers Cup Friday At Uniprix Stadium Montreal Purse: $2.17 million (Premier) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Second Round Caroline Wozniacki (7), Denmark, def. Kiki Bertens, Netherlands, 7-5, 6-1. Angelique Kerber (6), Germany, def. Ekaterina Makarova, Russia, 6-3, 6-3. Tamira Paszek, Austria, def. Victoria Azarenka (1), Belarus, vs. 3-3, retired Third Round Petra Kvitova (5), Czech Republic, def. Marion Bartoli (9), France, 6-1, 6-1. Lucie Safarova (16), Czech Republic, def. Sam Stosur (4), Australia, 7-6 (9), 7-6 (5). Aleksandra Wozniak, Canada, leads Christina McHale, United States, 7-6 (5), 5-2, susp. rain.

DEALS Transactions BASEBALL COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE—Suspended Philadelphia minor league RHP Gabriel Bermudez and Atlanta minor league RHP Darrel Leiva 50 games for violations of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. American League BOSTON RED SOX—Agreed to terms with OF Scott Podsednik on a one-year contract. Optioned OF Ryan Kalish to Pawtucket (IL). Transferred OF Ryan Sweeney from the 15- to the 60-day DL. BALTIMORE ORIOLES—Assigned RHP Joe Rosan and RHP Chris Green to the Gulf Coast Orioles. CHICAGO WHITE SOX—Traded INF Tyler Kuhn to Arizona for cash considerations. Placed 1B Paul Konerko on the 7-day DL. CLEVELAND INDIANS—Released RHP Derek Lowe. OAKLAND ATHLETICS—Reinstated RHP Brandon McCarthy from the 15-day DL. Placed INF Eric Sogard on the 15-day DL, retroactive to Aug. 7. TEXAS RANGERS—Reinstated RHP Mark Lowe from the 15-day DL. Designated INF Alberto Gonzalez for assignment. TORONTO BLUE JAYS—Recalled RHP David Carpenter and INF Mike McCoy from Las Vegas (PCL) and then optioned Carpenter back to Las Vegas. Claimed RHP Juan Abreu off waivers from Houston and optioned him to Las Vegas (PCL). Designated RHP Scott Richmond for assignment. National League ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS—Placed RHP Josh Collmenter on the 15-day DL. Recalled RHP Brad Bergesen from Reno (PCL). CHICAGO CUBS—Promoted Tim Wilken to special assistant to the president/general manager. Named Jaron Madison director of amateur scouting. HOUSTON ASTROS—Optioned OF J.D. Martinez and INF Matt Downs to Oklahoma City (PCL). Recalled OF Fernando Martinez from Oklahoma City. LOS ANGELES DODGERS—Reinstated INF Adam Kennedy from the 15-day DL. NEW YORK METS—Agreed to terms with RHP Drew Carpenter on a minor league contract and assigned him to Binghamton (EL). PITTSBURGH PIRATES—Reassigned OF Christian Marrero from Indianapolis (IL) to Altoona (EL). ST. LOUIS CARDINALS—Selected the contract of INF Ryan Jackson from Memphis (PCL). BASKETBALL National Basketball Association CLEVELAND CAVALIERS—Signed C Michael Eric. ORLANDO MAGIC—Sent C Dwight Howard, G Chris Duhon and F Earl Clark to the L.A. Lakers and G Jason Richardson to Philadelphia. The Lakers sent C Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia and F Josh McRoberts, G Christian Eyenga and a 2017 first-round draft pick to Orlando. Philadelphia sent G-F Andre Iguodala to Denver and F Moe Harkless, C Nikola Vucevic and an undisclosed first-round draft pick to the Magic. Denver sent G Arron Afflalo, F Al Harrington and the lower of its 2014 first-round draft picks to the Magic. FOOTBALL National Football League BUFFALO BILLS—Placed RB Chris Douglas on the waived-injured list. CAROLINA PANTHERS—Placed OT Lee Ziemba on the waived-injured list. Signed G Andre Ramsey. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS—Waived DE Jayme Mitchell. SOCCER Major League Soccer NEW ENGLAND REVOLUTION—Announced the retirement of M Zak Boggs. COLLEGE METRO ATLANTIC ATHLETIC CONFERENCE— Named Jordan Confessore assistant commissioner for women’s basketball and NCAA championship operations. AUBURN—Named Ty Megahee assistant baseball coach. BAYLOR—Named Adam Revelette director of baseball operations. FLORIDA—Announced WR Ja’Juan Story will transfer. LSU—Dismissed CB Tyrann Mathieu from the football team. WASHINGTON—Announced basketball G Mark McLaughlin has decided to leave the school.

FISH COUNT Upstream daily movement of adult chinook, jack chinook, steelhead and wild steelhead at selected Columbia River dams last updated on Thursday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd Bonneville 732 158 3,279 1,182 The Dalles 503 152 3,235 1,285 McNary 428 59 2,208 874 Upstream year-to-date movement of adult chinook, jack chinook, steelhead and wild steelhead at selected Columbia River dams last updated on Thursday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd Bonneville 244,692 21,246 121,170 50,673 The Dalles 189,111 18,445 80,183 35,896 John Day 169,421 17,494 46,460 21,866 McNary 167,619 9,950 38,215 15,807



TV SCHEDULE • For an interactive guide to NBC’s coverage, visit Note that most of the coverage on NBC itself is tape-delayed for Pacific time. The schedule is subject to change. • If you have a cable subscription that includes CNBC and MSNBC, you can also watch live streams online at For a complete schedule of the day’s events, see Olympic Scoreboard, C6.

Games of the XXX Olympiad • July 27-August 12, 2012 • Coverage on C3-6



U.S. volleyball coach creates new story line

TODAY Midnight: Boxing, CNBC. 1 a.m.: Track and field, men’s 50K walk, NBCSN. 5 a.m.: Taekwondo, NBCSN. 7 a.m.: Men’s soccer, gold medal match, Mexico vs. Brazil, NBCSN. 7 a.m.: Modern pentathlon, MSNBC.

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7:30 a.m.: Men’s field hockey, bronze medal match, Australia vs. Britain, MSNBC.

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9 a.m.: Track and field, women’s 20K walk, NBCSN. 9 a.m.: Women’s basketball, bronze medal game, Australia vs. Russia, MSNBC. 10 a.m.: Canoeing, NBC. 10:45 a.m.: Women’s volleyball, bronze medal, South Korea vs. Japan, NBC. 10:45 a.m.: Modern pentathlon, MSNBC. 11 a.m.: Women’s handball, bronze medal match, South Korea vs. Spain, MSNBC. 11:15 a.m.: Taekwondo, MSNBC. Noon: Men’s field hockey, gold medal match, Germany vs. Netherlands, MSNBC. 12:30 p.m.: Women’s handball, gold medal match, Norway vs. Montenegro, NBCSN. 12:30 p.m.: Boxing, CNBC. 12:45 p.m.: Cycling, women’s mountain biking, NBC. 1 p.m.: Rhythmic gymnastics, NBC.

Charles Krupa / The Associated Press

United States’ LeBron James, right, grabs a rebound as teammate Kobe Bryant blocks out Argentina’s Luis Scola during a men’s semifinal basketball game at the Summer Olympics in London on Friday.

2 p.m.: Cycling, NBC. 2:15 p.m.: Wrestling, NBC. 2:30 p.m.: Taekwondo, NBCSN. 2:45 p.m.: Cycling, women’s mountain biking, NBC. 4 p.m.: Women’s basketball, gold medal game, United States vs. France, NBC. 8 p.m.: Primetime, track and field, diving, volleyball (women’s final, United States vs. Brazil) (same-day tape), NBC. SUNDAY Midnight: Boxing, CNBC.

Americans defeat Argentina, set to face Spain in final By Brian Mahoney The Associated Press

3 a.m.: Men’s basketball, bronze medal game, Russia vs. Argentina, NBCSN. 4 a.m.: Men’s marathon, NBC. 4 a.m.: Wrestling, MSNBC. 4:45 a.m.: Men’s handball, bronze medal match, Hungary vs. Croatia (joined in progress), NBCSN. 5:30 a.m.: Cycling, men’s mountain biking, MSNBC. 5:30 a.m.: Boxing, CNBC. 6 a.m.: Modern pentathlon, NBCSN. 6:30 a.m.: Men’s water polo, bronze medal match, Montenegro vs. Serbia, NBCSN. 7 a.m.: Men’s basketball, gold medal game, Spain vs. United States, NBC. 7 a.m.: Olympic events TBA, MSNBC. 7:45 a.m.: Men’s handball, gold medal match, Sweden vs. France, NBCSN. 9:45 a.m.: Men’s volleyball, bronze medal match, Italy vs. Bulgaria, NBCSN. 9:30 a.m.: Men’s water polo, gold medal match, Croatia vs. Italy, NBC. 11:45 a.m.: Modern pentathlon, NBCSN. 11:45 a.m.: Wrestling, NBC. 12:45 p.m.: Olympic events TBA, NBCSN. 1 p.m.: Men’s volleyball, gold medal match, Brazil vs. Russia, NBC. 8 p.m.: Primetime, closing ceremony (same-day tape), NBC.


LONDON — LeBron James turned away from his teammates gathered in the center circle and waved to the fans as if to say: “See you Sunday.” Right where the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team always expected to be, in the gold medal game, against the opponent it figured to see again. “Anything less than this would have been unsatisfying for us,” Carmelo Anthony said. “We believe that we could get here, and we’re here now. We got one game left.” Kevin Durant scored 19 points, James and Anthony added 18 apiece, and the U.S. turned on its slamming-and-shooting spectacle in the second half to overwhelm Argentina for the second time in five days, 109-83, in the semifinals Friday night. The U.S. will play Spain on Sunday, a rematch of the Americans’ victory four years ago for the gold medal in Beijing. “I think it’s only right,” James said. “Everyone said that this is the game they wanted to see. We look forward to it. We’re happy as a team we’re able to be back in this position. We’ve got to defend, we’ve got to rebound, we’ve got to share the ball.” It’s a daunting challenge for Spain. The Americans have said they believe this team is better than the ’08 gold medalists, and they are certainly more potent — with a chance to end up outscoring the original Dream Team in 1992. They have breezed through the London Games, winning by an average of 36 points. “You have three scorers on this team who get blistering hot if they make two

shots in a row,” said Kobe Bryant, playing in his second Olympics. “I’ve never seen anything like it.” Spain can’t afford many mistakes. “They’ve got to play almost a perfect game and they’ve got to force them to play 5-on-5 and not let them run,” said Argentine star Manu Ginobili, who scored 18 points and now will play Russia for the bronze medal on Sunday. “But yeah, yeah, they can be beat. It’s not easy. The odds are not with Spain, but, of course, if you play your best game and they’re not very inspired, you’ve got a shot.” Argentina, playing the U.S. in the semifinals for the third straight Olympics, hung around until early in the second half, just as it did Monday in the final game of pool play. And just like that night, the Americans hit them with a wave of dunks and threepointers in the third quarter that turned it into a romp. While not quite as explosive as their 4217 period in Monday’s 126-97 win, this one had just as many highlights. Ahead by only four after Ginobili opened the third quarter with a threepointer, the Americans pulled away with James’ strength and Durant’s shot. Durant made two three-pointers in an 8-0 spurt that pushed the lead to 13, and when Argentina got back within eight, the NBA’s MVP and runner-up teamed up to blow it open. James had a basket and drove for a powerful dunk while being fouled. Durant followed with consecutive three-pointers, James tipped in a miss, and suddenly the lead was 19, 72-53, with 1:30 left in the period.

LONDON — Hugh McCutcheon stayed on the sideline and watched with delight. All around him, his players celebrated on the court, coming together for a group hug. The U.S. volleyball coach often speaks of creating a new story. This is it. This run by the American women’s team at the Olympics is providing all the material, and with a star named Destinee, no less. Next up is the gold-medal match tonight. Everything is so different now, four years after McCutcheon’s father-in-law was stabbed to death at a Beijing tourist spot right before the opening ceremony. Different athletes now, different tournament — he coached the men to gold last time amid the anguish — different everything. McCutcheon has long since separated that China trip from his latest coaching assignment: bringing home the first Olympic gold for the American women. They won silver in Beijing and soon after committed themselves to gold in London. While McCutcheon planned to hunker down Friday studying film and plotting strategy for the title match against Brazil, the U.S. women’s basketball team was also getting ready. Coach Geno Auriemma’s four-time defending champions, led by Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, play France for the gold medal tonight at O2 Arena. Also today, Usain Bolt looks to add another gold to his 100 and 200 when the Jamaican sprint great runs in the 4x100-meter relay at Olympic Stadium. Across town at Wembley Stadium, Brazil and Mexico meet for gold in men’s soccer. McCutcheon’s players are thrilled he has another chance to coach a championship. But not because of the turmoil he faced in China. “We’ve never actually thought about that,” outside hitter Logan Tom said. “I think it’s a totally different step in his life. He was coaching guys, we’re girls. There’s definitely big differences just in that realm of things.” Destinee Hooker delivers the offensive blows and key blocks for the unbeaten and world No. 1 Americans, who are looking at long last to win it all at the Olympics. It has been two silvers and a bronze so far for the U.S. since volleyball joined the Olympic program in 1964. As chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” rang through Earls Court after a commanding semifinal win against South Korea on Thursday, McCutcheon quickly shook hands with the opposing team before standing back to observe — just as he always does. This is their moment. That’s the way he prefers it. He never planned for Beijing to become all about him and his adversity. “It’s not really relevant,” McCutcheon said. “I understand the media’s interest, but generally the media are the only people who bring it up. It’s not part of our story; it’s not part of our journey. From Day 1, it’s been about USA women’s volleyball and trying to get to the mountain top. That’s it.”

NBC Saturday prime time schedule 8 p.m.-midnight (EDT/PDT) Track and field: gold-medal finals in men’s 4x100m relay, men’s 5,000m, men’s javelin, women’s 4x400m relay, women’s 800m, women’s high jump. Men’s diving: platform gold medal final. Women’s volleyball: gold medal final U.S vs. Brazil.


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2012 Summer Olympics


U.S. women crush record in 4x100 relay • The Americans top the world record by more than half a second in a dominating performance The Associated Press LONDON — Eyeing the trackside clock as she approached the finish line, Carmelita Jeter pointed the black baton in her left hand at those bright orange numbers. She wanted to make sure everyone saw what she saw: The United States was breaking the world record in the women’s 4x100-meter relay — and it wasn’t even close. Allyson Felix, Tianna Madison and Bianca Knight built a big lead, and Jeter brought it home Friday night, anchoring the U.S. to its first Olympic gold medal in the sprint relay since 1996 with a time of 40.82, more than a half-second better than a record that had stood for 27 years. “As I’m running, I’m looking at the clock and seeing this time that’s like 37, 38, 39. In my heart, I said, ‘We just did it!’ I definitely knew we ran well,” Jeter said. “When I crossed the finish line, I had so many emotions because we haven’t been able to get the gold medal back to the U.S.” Felix collected her second gold of the London Games, along with the one she won in the 200 meters, while Jeter completed a set, adding to her silver in the 100 and bronze in the 200. “I just knew if we had clean baton passes that we would definitely challenge the world record. Smash it like we did? We had no idea,” Madison said, “but I knew it was in us.” The American quartet erased the old mark of 41.37 run by East Germany in October 1985. Here’s how long ago that was: Jeter was 5, Madison was a month old, and Felix and Knight weren’t even born. “It’s an absolutely unreal feeling. It just feels like for so long, we looked at women’s sprints and the records were so out of reach. To look up and see we had a world record, it was just crazy,” said Felix, who gets a shot at a third gold in the 4x400 final today. “I didn’t think that was going to happen.” Jamaica won the silver medal in a national record of 41.41 seconds, with a team of 100 champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 100 bronze medalist Veronica Campbell-Brown, Sherone Simpson and Kerron Stewart. “All their girls are in top shape this year. You can’t say they didn’t deserve it. They prepared for it and they came out here and they delivered,” Fraser-Pryce said. “For us, it’s back to the drawing board.” The bronze went to the Ukraine in 42.04. Madison ran the opening leg, and Felix the second. Then, with Knight approaching for the final handoff, Jeter took nine strides, reached her hand back and took a perfect exchange. Jeter was staring at the clock as she covered the final 10 meters — and she jutted the stick in that direction. “I saw the huge lead that we have, and I looked up on the board and saw the time flash, and I was so confused,” Felix said. “I was like, ‘That is not a 4x100 time.’ I was waiting, and then I saw the world record, and I was like, ‘This is insane.’ It was just a beautiful thing to see. As soon as Bianca passed to ‘Jet,’ it was done.” Afterward, the quartet of champions paused to watch a replay of their record performance on the scoreboard at 80,000-seat Olympic Stadi-

Associated Press photos

Above, United States’ Carmelita Jeter reacts as she crosses the finish line to win the women’s 4x100meter relay at the Summer Olympics in London on Friday. At left, the U.S. team members — from left, Tianna Madison, Carmelita Jeter, Bianca Knight and Allyson Felix — pose with the timing board displaying their world record time of 40.82 seconds.

um. When Jeter was shown crossing the finish line, Knight punched the air. The perfect trip around the track ended a string of disappointments for the U.S. in the event. In Athens eight years ago, Lauryn Williams was involved in a bad exchange in the final, leaving her team without a medal. In Beijing four years ago, the Americans didn’t even reach the final because Torri Edwards and Williams bobbled the last exchange in the semifinals. That marked the first time since 1948 that the U.S. wasn’t involved in the women’s 4x100 medal race at the Summer Games. This time they were back in the final — and now they’re champions again, too. “It’s a relief. It’s a joy. It’s everything,” Felix said. “We went into this race and it was the most comfortable I’ve seen this team. We were laughing and smiling. We’ve never been like that. We were confident. We felt good. We were confident in the passes, and it showed.” The U.S. performance was part of a speedy night on the track, even if Usain Bolt wasn’t around: The U.S. and Jamaica turned in two of the five fastest men’s 4x100 relays in history to set up a showdown in today’s final. And in the 4x400, Ramon Miller of the Bahamas overtook Angelo Taylor of the United States to give his country its first men’s Olympic gold medal in any sport. Miller powered Bahamas to a time of 2:56.72, 0.33 seconds better than the U.S., which had won that event at every Olympics since 1984. Trinidad and Tobago took third. The United States was missing three injured runners, including Manteo Mitchell, who finished out his preliminary lap Thursday on a

broken leg and was there to watch Friday, leaning on crutches. The South African team finished last, falling way behind before double-amputee Oscar Pistorius even got his hands on the baton for the anchor leg. In the 4x100 semifinals, dash bronze medalist Justin Gatlin ran the anchor leg as the Americans broke a 20-year-old national record by finishing in 37.38 seconds. The old mark of 37.40 was initially established in 1992 with Carl Lewis on the last leg, and later equaled. Jamaica ran 37.39 in the other semifinal — and that was without Bolt, who got a chance to rest a day after adding gold in the 200 to his gold in the 100 but is expected to run the anchor in today’s final. “We’re going to figure out a way to go out there and compete with them,” Gatlin vowed. “We’re not scared of them.” The American men are back in the final after missing it in Beijing when Darvis Patton and Tyson Gay mishandled the baton exchange in a preliminary heat. The rest of the Olympic action Friday: BMX Maris Strombergs of Latvia won his first gold in 2008. Now he has two. Strombergs defended his BMX title over a harrowing course in Olympic Park, taking the lead at the start and never relinquishing it. He cruised across the finish line in 37.576 seconds to add to the title he won in Beijing, when the sport made its Olympic debut. American Connor Fields finished seventh. Former world champion Mariana Pajon won the women’s BMX competition, giving Colombia its first gold at the London Games.

SWIMMING Ous Mellouli of Tunisia won the grueling 10-kilometer race to become the first swimmer to win medals in the pool and open water at the same Olympics. Mellouli pulled away from a small group of leaders in the fifth of six laps and finished in 1 hour, 49 minutes, 55.1 seconds in the murky waters of the Serpentine in Hyde Park. He also won bronze in the 1,500-meter freestyle last week. BOXING Lightweight Vasyl Lomachenko and two Ukrainian teammates advanced to gold-medal bouts. Lomachenko, Chinese light flyweight Zou Shiming and Italian super heavyweight Roberto Cammarelle all won their semifinals, earning the right to fight during the final weekend for their second straight Olympic gold medals. Britain will have three fighters in gold-medal bouts. Bantamweight Luke Campbell, welterweight Freddie Evans and super heavyweight Anthony Joshua also scored semifinal wins. TAEKWONDO South Korea’s Hwang Kyungseon defended her Olympic title in the women’s 67-kilogram division, and Sebastian Crismanich of Argentina won the gold medal in the men’s 80-kg category. Hwang defeated Turkey’s Nur Tatar 12-5 in a final in which both fighters attacked from the start. The bronze medals were won by Paige McPherson of the United States and Germany’s Helena Fromm. Five-time world champion American Steven Lopez lost his opening bout in the men’s competition. Two members of his family said later that he had broken leg. SAILING Australia’s Mathew Belcher and

Malcolm Page, and New Zealand’s Jo Aleh and Olivia Powrie won the 470 class gold medals by overwhelming their British rivals on Weymouth Bay. The victory by Belcher and Page guaranteed that Australia will win more sailing gold medals than the strong, well-funded British team. That’s a remarkable feat, although the British will lead all countries with five sailing medals — one gold and four silvers. The British came in thinking they had a shot at medals in all 10 classes. The Americans failed to win an Olympic sailing medal for the first time since 1936. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING There’s no question which country is the best at synchronized swimming. Russia grabbed the team gold medal for its fourth consecutive team victory and sixth straight overall gold. The Russians totaled 197.030 points with a free routine featuring swimmers doing acrobatic flips and pirouetting like ballerinas above the water. CANOE SPRINT Ed McKeever of Britain clocked the quickest time over the heats and semifinals as the 200-meter canoe sprint made its Olympic debut. Racing in front of a flag-waving crowd under sunny, cloudless skies at Dorney Lake, the barrel-chested McKeever crossed in 35.087 seconds in his heat and then easily won his semifinal. Canoeing officials replaced the 500-meter race with the 200 sprint in a bid to inject more excitement into the sport and attempt to move it out from rowing’s shadow at the Olympics. The 200 races were played out in front of the whole length of three packed grandstands, generating a vibrant atmosphere. FIELD HOCKEY The Netherlands retained the women’s Olympic title with a 2-0 win over world champion Argentina at Riverbank Arena. Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel and captain Maartje Paumen scored for the Netherlands, which will try for the first-ever Olympic double when the country’s men’s hockey team takes on Germany today. GYMNASTICS - RHYTHMIC Russia’s Evgeniya Kanaeva finished on top of qualifying, putting her in position to defend her Olympic title. Kanaeva had been second behind Russian teammate Daria Dmitrieva going into the final rotation after a rare mishap in her hoop routine on the first day. But Kanaeva performed flawlessly in the ribbon, giving her 29.400 points and the top spot in the standings with 116.000. Dmitrieva was 1.45 points behind, and Azerbaijan’s Aliya Garayeva was third. The final is today. ELSEWHERE IN LONDON Park Chu-young scored to lead South Korea to a 2-0 victory over Japan and a bronze medal in men’s soccer. Brazil and Mexico play in the gold-medal match today at Wembley Stadium. ... Brazil and Russia advanced to Sunday’s men’s volleyball final. ... Qui Bo of China led the 10meter platform preliminaries and teammate Lin Yue was second, putting the country in position to claim the last diving gold medal of the games. The top 18 divers advanced to today’s semifinal, with the final in the evening. ... Italy upset Serbia 9-7 to advance to the men’s water polo final against undefeated Croatia, which beat Montenegro 7-5 in the other semi. ... Defending champion France will take on Sweden in the men’s handball final Sunday. The French advanced with a 25-22 victory over Croatia, and Sweden edged Hungary 27-26.



2012 Summer Olympics



Red welt over eye, gold Success in quirky in hand for U.S. wrestler sport depends on

courting a stranger

• Jordan Burroughs is a rare bright spot for the Americans in combat sports at these Olympics

By Camp bel l Rob ertson an d Sarah Lyall New York Times News Service

LONDON — Today we consider the unfamiliar horse. This afternoon, at the halfway point of the unusual and grueling Olympic ordeal that is the modern pentathlon, after the competitors have dueled with epees and swum 200 meters, they will arrive in leafy Greenwich Park to be confronted with the most irksome and potentially disastrous element of their day: riding a horse they have only just then met. All they have to go on is riding experience, cursory scouting reports from their coaches and an official handout with equine-temperament descriptions so vague is it unclear whether the athletes are supposed to ride the horses or date them. “Careful, very willing,” such descriptions read. “Forward going, sensible, experienced.” “Sensitive.” “Easy.” The riders then have a critical 20 minutes to get to know their horses, to learn if they are bossy or open-minded, whether they like a kick now and again or want to be left to their own devices. There will be a little sweet-talking, a few jumps and, according to Donna Vakalis, a Canadian pentathlete, perhaps a few surreptitious breaths into the horse’s nostrils as a gesture of understanding. Then athlete and horse will head off together on the hope that the date does not end in disaster. “Your goal is to ride effectively,” Vakalis said. “And just like in speed dating — I’ve never gone on a speed date but what I imagine you need to do is the same thing you need to do in your 20-minute warm-up, to really quickly figure out what the horse’s personality is.” And, as in dating, “you are not there to fix them.” The 100-year-old sport of modern pentathlon is itself something of an unfamiliar horse to most Americans, though it is quite popular in Eastern Europe. Legend has it that Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics and an ardent romantic, selected the five sports based on what any self-respecting soldier would do if he were behind enemy lines, that is, repel his antagonists in a fencing match, swim across something, run a certain distance, shoot at some people and ride away on whatever horse he happened to come across. “That’s nonsense, really,” said Andy Archibald, a historian of the pentathlon and a member of Britain’s gold-winning team in 1976. “His selection of sports was quite random.” In the first pentathlon in 1912, the athletes were allowed to use horses with which they were acquainted. That is the

JIM LITKE LONDON — ou wouldn’t know by watching Jordan Burroughs that Americans can’t fight anymore. Not the men, anyway. And not at these Olympics. Just three days after the U.S. men’s boxing team exited the games emptyhanded for the first time, the best and cockiest middleweight freestyler in the world guaranteed the men’s wrestling team wouldn’t do the same. With a partisan crowd at the ExCel trading chants like punches and the clock running down in each of the first two rounds, Burroughs coolly executed a double-leg takedown of Iran’s Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi to lock up the gold medal match. Then he waltzed into a room packed with reporters and turned on the charm. Even with a bright red welt throbbing over his left eye, his joy was unmistakable. “Did it make any difference that you were wrestling an Iranian?” a reporter asked, mining the geopolitical angle. “If the Queen of England stepped out onto the mat,” Burroughs replied mischievously, “I’d probably doubleleg her.” With each answer, he looked and sounded like the star his sport desperately needs. A smart, funny bundle of energy who dreamed up the Twitter handle @alliseeisgold a year ago, Burroughs turned out to be just as comfortable behind a microphone as he is at his keyboard. “How will you resist the money MMA (mixed martial arts) is going to throw at you?” “I got another at least five years of wrestling in me, so I’m definitely going to Rio. That’s the goal right now,” Burroughs said, referring to the 2016 Summer Games site. “Plus, I’m not as tough off the mat as I am on it. I’ve never been in a fight before in my life and I’m pretty scared to get punched in the face.” “You said you wanted to be an American hero. Are you?” “I guess we’ll see in the morning,” Burroughs said, his widening grin revealing a wrestler’s cauliflower ears, puffy and misshapen after years of scar tissue growing over cut after cut. “How much is this win likely to do for wrestling?” “Poker is on ESPN more than wrestling,” he said, somehow smiling even wider, “and I just drew a royal flush.” A half-hour was barely enough. Burroughs could go on this way forever, but you get the point. The problem is that the U.S. wrestling and boxing teams used to be full of guys like him, world champions who were as talented as they were dedicated and entertaining. No more. Some are siphoned off by the better paydays in mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting — the UFC circuit claims nearly 70 percent of its fighters wrestled in high school and college,


Paul Sancya / The Associated Press

United States’ Jordan Burroughs, in blue, celebrates after a winning move against Iran’s Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi during their gold medal match in a 74-kg men’s freestyle wrestling competition at the Summer Olympics on London on Friday.

The problem is that the U.S. wrestling and boxing teams used to be full of guys like him, world champions who were as talented as they were dedicated and entertaining. No more. Some are siphoned off by the better paydays in mixed martial arts and ultimate fighting — the UFC circuit claims nearly 70 percent of its fighters wrestled in high school and college, including stars Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. including stars Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. Burroughs isn’t going there, at least not right away. But U.S. coach Zeke Jones knows every day he has him around, the program will be an easier sell. “He hasn’t even scratched the surface of his potential. He’s already a much better freestyler today than he was a year ago, because he’s learning the game, learning the tactics,” Jones said. “He loves being the ambassador. He’s only going to get a lot better.” It used to that USA Wrestling needed little help to keep its best in the system. Past greats like John Smith and Cael Sanderson segued into coaching and 1996 gold medalist Kurt Angle turned to the WWE to pay bills. But fewer and fewer prospects these days

are willing to endure the low-budget living for long. The lack of depth and the continued strength of traditional rivals Russia and Iran eventually caught up with the U.S. men’s team. They won only a single gold medal in the three previous games and Burroughs — the reigning world champion, who came in with 38 straight wins before adding four in a row Friday — was considered the only lock. Things were even worse this time around for the Greco-Roman wrestling team. Like the U.S. men’s boxing team, it failed to advance even one competitor into the semifinal round, meaning coach Steve Fraser’s job could be in jeopardy. Things are more hopeful on the freestyle side. Though the team is light on international experience, it qualified wrestlers in all but one of the 14 weight classes and the sport remains popular at the high school level, though funding at colleges is shakier every year. In a bid to add some buzz, USA Wrestling staged a wrestle-off for the last spot on the men’s team in Times Square and a new booster program called “Living the Dream Medal Fund’ will pay Burroughs $250,000 for his Olympic gold. Only a year ago, he was still “a poor college kid” at Nebraska, occasionally forced to choose between a midnight snack or a gallon of gas for his old beater of a car. “Are you going to get that Audi you’ve been talking about?” Burroughs was asked at one point. “My mom,” he said, “might want me to take her shopping first.” — Jim Litke is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press. Write to him at




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case in other equestrian events, where the long-forged symbiosis between rider and horse can be the deciding factor in a competition, and the course is designed to test the horse as well as the rider. But de Coubertin believed from the beginning that the real test of an athlete’s mettle was his ability to handle a horse that he had never met, or, in the usual lingo, the unfamiliar horse. And from 1920 onward, that is how the event has been conducted. The process of assigning the horses is fairly straightforward. The athletes will line up at the site of the riding event and the numbered horses will be paraded before them. The athlete who is highest in the standings will pick a number, and from this one draw the horses will be assigned to all the competitors. Sometimes they might draw a piece of paper out of a hat, sometimes the ceremony involves one of those bingo-hall contraptions with the frenetic Ping-Pong balls. At these London Games, the athlete will draw from a bowl with individually numbered wooden blocks. Someone from each team, a coach or sometimes the athlete herself, is likely to have recorded video of the horses at a test run the day before, and after the drawing the competitors will rush to study it. But it really comes down to the 20-minute icebreaker. Still, there is not much even the best rider can do about the horse that is simply bad, which is more often the case than one might expect. “I got thrown off in Moscow in a competition last year and broke my arm in two places, and I’ve had horses that wouldn’t go over anything,” said Margaux Isaksen, a U.S. pentathlete. “I’ve been to some countries, and I won’t give specifics, but the horses are just about lame.” The horses are often donated by show-jumping trainers, and choosing the most suitable ones can be something of an art, explained Philip Harland, the riding director for the London Olympics. Over the past few months, Harland has winnowed a pool of 149 horses to 45, favoring the capable and even-tempered. “We don’t want any horses with any vices,” Harland said. Stories of bad draws are legion. Many end with some successful competitor plummeting in the standings after trying vainly to negotiate with a horse that seems unfamiliar not only to her, but to the experience of being ridden at all. Considering that these are top-level competitors, there are an unexpected amount of injuries. “Every single time I’ve been in a pentathlon, something unfortunate has happened,” Suzanne Stettinius of the U.S. team said.



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2012 Summer Olympics OLYMPIC SCOREBOARD

Eaton Continued from C1 The first Olympic decathlon took place in Stockholm in 1912. After Thorpe won it, King Gustav V of Sweden told him, “Sir, you are the World’s Greatest Athlete.” That sobriquet has been applied to all Olympic decathlon champions since. “By virtue of his winning here, Ashton is the World’s Greatest Athlete,” said one of his predecessors, 1996 Olympic decathlon champion Dan O’Brien. “Bolt is the world’s fastest man. He can have that title.” Victory in Thursday’s 200 meters made Bolt the first runner ever to win the 100 and 200 in consecutive Olympics. He did it here by running six races over six days, an aggregate of just 900 meters. “That is a lot of work for a sprinter,” O’Brien said. There was no irony in O’Brien’s voice. He said it in a way meant to maximize appreciation of what Bolt had accomplished. Bolt led a Jamaican medal sweep in the 200 with a time of 19.32 seconds, leaving Yohan Blake (19.44) second, as he had been in the 100. The winning time matched the fourth-fastest 200-meters time in history, a list topped by Bolt’s world record 19.19. He had won Sunday’s 100 in 9.63 seconds, a time second only to his world record 9.58. Small numbers, easily digested. As he crossed the finish line in the 200, Bolt put a finger to his mouth, a gesture he later said was telling those who had doubted him to shut up. Then he dropped to the track and did a few pushups. “There wasn’t a doubt in my mind,” Bolt said. “After the 100 meters, I was really confident.” Decathletes have little energy for such flamboyance. They drag themselves through the last event, the 1,500 meters, and then all join in a celebration of having survived the two days. Bolt finds training for races longer than 200 meters so painful he decries all talk of his moving up to the 400.


Photos by Jed Jacobsohn / The New York Times

At top, Ashton Eaton (center) crosses the finish line during the 100-meter portion of the men’s decathlon at the Summer Olympics in London on Wednesday. At bottom, Usain Bolt (center) reacts after winning the men’s 200-meter final on Thursday.

That is the distance decathletes cover in the fifth event of day one. The sprints are wondrously easy to comprehend. Fastest one to the tree, the corner, around the block or the finish line in a stadium filled with 80,000 onlookers. The appeal of seeing that question answered quickly makes the races pure Hollywood. “The decathlon is always overshadowed by the glamour events,” O’Brien said.

The decathlon is esoterica, pages from a medieval manuscript. Its winner is determined by a scoring system that seeks a form of relativity in assessing performances in the 10 events but might as well be the theory of relativity to spectators. Eaton scored 8,869 points, under the world record 9,039 he amassed at the U.S. Olympic trials in June but 198 more than runner-up Trey Hardee, his U.S. teammate.

“He is the best ever,” Hardee said, referring to Eaton’s decathlon record. “That wasn’t the last time you are going to see 9,000. I think Ashton is going to do it once a year until we get to Rio (the 2016 Olympics.)” Nine thousand or 19-point something? In this case, as Bolt was so eager to say, there is no doubt. Not in 2012, when two days is from here to eternity, and smaller is necessarily greater.


Kicks and punches aside, what’s going on? By Sarah Lyall New York Times News Service

LONDON — Confusion reigned at the Olympic taekwondo competition this week. Sara Basharmal, a spectator, was confused because she did not understand why the referee kept separating the competitors, barking what might have been instructions at them, and then letting them fight some more. “I think it’s because he is saying, ‘We think it’s a mistake,’ and they must have got a point, or they didn’t get a point,” she said. Andrew Whenman, on the other hand, was confused by the fact that, as he said, “there were letters going up and down the scoreboard, and I don’t know why.” He tried to elaborate: “Some of them were T’s, but there were also other letters.” If there is a sport designed to inflict maximum bafflement on the average Olympics crowd, it is taekwondo, an ancient Korean martial art whose name means, loosely, “the way of the foot and fist.” The other day it might well have meant, “Sport in which many of these spectators do not know what is happening.” “No — really, I don’t know anything,” said Muriel Varella, when asked to discuss the match unfolding before her, which pitted a Brazilian against an Iranian. After the fighting ended in a tie, the victor was declared by a three-judge panel, based on the panel’s analysis of the two players’ fighting moves during the match. Varella consulted her husband. “Did you see what happened?” she asked. “The referee said that the guy from Iran won. He said, ‘If it is a tie, we won’t have a fourth round, so the jury will decide.’” Taekwondo is a highly ritualized, extraordinarily gruel-

Ng Han Guan / The Associated Press

South Korea’s Hwang Kyung-seon, left, fights Slovenia’s Franka Anic during their semifinal match in women’s 67-kg taekwondo competition at the Summer Olympics in London on Friday.

ing sport in which, very basically, players wearing helmets and chest armor score points by kicking each other on the midsection and occasionally the head. (Sometimes, but not always, they are allowed to punch each other.) As with most sports, it has its own language, conventions and idiosyncrasies. But while most sports are fairly easy to work out, at least in a rudimentary way, that is not the case here. Start with the scoreboard, in which each opponent is listed as either Chung — blue — or Hong — red. “Why?” said Margaret Green, who was there with her granddaughter, watching Marlene Harnois of France lose to Hou Yuzhuo of China. “It’s because that’s their names. They’ve got three names. Hong is the Chinese lady, and the French lady is named Marlene Harnois Chung.” Other things are perplexing, too, like the time-consuming ceremony surrounding point challenges, or instant video replay reviews — when players believe that they should have, or their opponent should not have, been awarded points. Fighting stops. The referee

walks to the side and bows to the athlete’s coach. The coach bows back and hands him a little colored square. The referee walks back to the center and holds up the colored square, then walks back out to a different side, bows again, and hands the square to a member of the three-judge panel. The judge takes the square back to his other judges, and they decide whether to award, or remove, the point. Such a scene was touched off by a particularly vicious set of exchanges between Rohullah Nikpah of Afghanistan and Mohammad Bagheri Motamed of Iran, ending when each kicked the other and fell down. Bagheri Motamed scored; Nikpah did not. Also, he hurt his shin. A woman from Nikpah’s entourage came out, sprayed the shin with something from an aerosol can and then went away. Nikpah’s coach challenged. The announcer tried to explain. “So, Nikpah is asking for a review because of, uh, him being on the ground at the time of the point being scored,” he said. The crowd waited.

“It’s unsuccessful!” the announcer said. “If you want to know why the review was rejected, it’s because Nikpah was not fully on the ground when the kick went in.” George Meredith Hardy, the lead producer for sports presentation at ExCel, the site for taekwondo, wrestling and other sports during the London Games, said part of the announcers’ job was to help “educate the spectators and make sure they understand what is going on.” Taekwondo presents particular challenges, Hardy said. “It’s a little confusing for the fans,” he acknowledged. “Often you see kicks that you think should result in a point, and they don’t.” Exactly, said Suheda Khan, who had come to watch the match featuring Nikpah, who lost. “I think they’re trying to score points by getting hits off the, uh, the area,” Khan, 21, said. “I think they said the torso area. I don’t really know. They gave an explanation in a video.” Down at the match in progress, the referee was shouting out commands in Korean to the competitors, telling them to get ready and to begin. “Joonbi!” he said. “Shijak!” “He’s clearly directing them with hand signals,” said Whenman, the man who was confused about the letters on the scoreboard. His fiancee, Emma Maule, 29, said she did not think they were actually letters. “There were different colored squares flashing on and off,” she said. The spectators were still trying to figure out what was going on with the referee: What was he saying? What language was he speaking? “English and French,” Jo Andrews, 46, said. “It’s a Korean type of dialect,” Green said. “I don’t know,” Basharmal said. “Chinese?”

Friday’s Olympic Medalists ATHLETICS Men Pole Vault GOLD—Renaud Lavillenie, France. SILVER—Bjorn Otto, Germany. BRONZE—Raphael Holzdeppe, Germany. 4X400 Relay GOLD—Bahamas (Chris Brown, Demetrius Pinder, Michael Mathieu, Ramon Miller). SILVER—United States (Bryshon Nellum, Los Angeles, Joshua Mance, Chino, Calif., Tony McQuay, West Palm Beach, Fla., Angelo Taylor, Decatur, Ga., Manteo Mitchell, Mooresboro, N.C.). BRONZE—Trinidad & Tobago (Lalonde Gordon, Jarrin Solomon, Ade Alleyne-Forte, Deon Lendore). Women 1500 GOLD—Asli Cakir Alptekin, Turkey. SILVER—Gamze Bulut, Turkey. BRONZE—Maryam Yusuf Jamal, Bahrain. 5000 GOLD—Meseret Defar, Ethiopia. SILVER—Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot, Kenya. BRONZE—Tirunesh Dibaba, Ethiopia. Hammer GOLD—Tatyana Lysenko, Russia. SILVER—Anita Wlodarczyk, Poland. BRONZE—Betty Heidler, Germany. 4X100 Relay GOLD—United States (Tianna Madison, Elyria, Ohio, Allyson Felix, Los Angeles, Bianca Knight, Ridgeland, Miss., Carmelita Jeter, Gardena, Calif., Jeneba Tarmoh, San Jose, Calif., Lauryn Williams, Rochester, Pa.). SILVER—Jamaica (Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Sherone Simpson, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Kerron Stewart, Schillonie Calvert, Samantha Henry-Robinson). BRONZE—Ukraine (Olesya Povh, Hrystyna Stuy, Mariya Ryemyen, Elyzaveta Bryzgina). CYCLING (BMX) Men GOLD—Maris Strombergs, Latvia. SILVER—Sam Willoughby, Australia. BRONZE—Carlos Mario Oquendo Zabala, Colombia. Women GOLD—Mariana Pajon, Colombia. SILVER—Sarah Walker, New Zealand. BRONZE—Laura Smulders, Netherlands. FIELD HOCKEY Women GOLD—Netherlands. SILVER—Argentina. BRONZE—Britain. SAILING Men 470 GOLD—Australia (Mathew Belcher, Malcolm Page). SILVER—Britain (Luke Patience, Stuart Bithell). BRONZE—Argentina (Lucas Calabrese, Juan de la Fuente). Women 470 GOLD—New Zealand (Jo Aleh, Olivia Powrie). SILVER—Britain (Hannah Mills, Saskia Clark). BRONZE—Netherlands (Lisa Westerhof, Lobke Berkhout). SWIMMING Men 10km Marathon GOLD—Oussama Mellouli, Tunisia. SILVER—Thomas Lurz, Germany. BRONZE—Richard Weinberger, Canada. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING Women Team GOLD—Russia. SILVER—China. BRONZE—Spain. TAEKWONDO Men 80Kg GOLD—Sebastian Eduardo Crismanich, Argentina. SILVER—Nicolas Garcia Hemme, Spain. BRONZE—Mauro Sarmiento, Italy. BRONZE—Lutalo Muhammad, Britain. Women 67Kg GOLD—Hwang Kyung Seon, South Korea. SILVER—Nur Tatar, Turkey. BRONZE—Paige McPherson, Abilene, Texas. BRONZE—Helena Fromm, Germany. WRESTLING Men 55Kg GOLD—Dzhamal Otarsultanov, Russia. SILVER—Vladimer Khinchegashvili, Georgia. BRONZE—Kyong Il Yang, North Korea. BRONZE—Shinichi Yumoto, Japan. 74Kg GOLD—Jordan Ernest Burroughs, Sicklerville, N.J. SILVER—Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi, Iran. BRONZE—Denis Tsargush, Russia. BRONZE—Soslan Tigiev, Uzbekistan.

Basketball All Times PDT ——— Men Friday, Aug. 10 Semifinals Spain 67, Russia 59 United States 109, Argentina 83 Sunday, Aug. 12 Bronze Medal, Russia vs. Argentina, 3 a.m. Gold Medal, Spain vs. United States, 7 a.m. ——— Women Today, Aug. 11 Bronze Medal Australia vs. Russia, 9 a.m. Gold Medal United States vs. France, 1 p.m.

Volleyball All Times PDT ——— Men Friday, Aug. 10 Semifinals Brazil 3, Italy 0 (25-21, 25-12, 25-21) Russia 3, Bulgaria 1 (25-21, 25-15, 23-25, 25-23) Sunday, Aug. 12 Bronze Medal, Italy vs. Bulgaria, 1:30 a.m. Gold Medal, Brazil vs. Russia, 5 a.m. ——— Women Today, Aug. 11 Bronze Medal South Korea vs. Japan, 3:30 a.m. Gold Medal United States vs. Brazil, 10:30 a.m.

Women’s 20km Race Walk, 9 a.m. At Olympic Stadium Men’s 5000 final, 4x100 Relay final, Javelin final; Women’s 800 final, 4x400 Relay final, High Jump final, 10:45 a.m. Basketball At North Greenwich Arena Women Bronze Medal Australia vs. Russia, 9 a.m. Gold Medal United States vs. France, 1 p.m. Boxing At ExCel Men’s Light Flyweight (49kg); Men’s Bantamweight (56kg); Men’s Light Welterweight (64kg); Men’s Middleweight (75kg) and Men’s Heavyweight (91kg) finals, 12:30 p.m. Canoe (Sprint) At Eton Dorney, Buckinghamshire Men’s Canoe Single 200 final; Men’s Kayak Single 200 final; Men’s Kayak Double 200 final; Women’s Kayak Single 200 final, 1:30 a.m. Cycling (Mountain Bike) At Hadleigh Farm, Essex Women’s Cross-Country race, 4:30 a.m. Diving At Olympic Park-Aquatics Centre Men’s 10-Meter Platform semifinal, 2 a.m. Men’s 10-Meter Platform final, 12:30 p.m. Field Hockey Men At Olympic Park-Hockey Centre 11th Place South Africa vs. India, 12:30 a.m. 5th Place Spain vs. Belgium, 3:30 a.m. Bronze Medal Australia vs. Britain, 7:30 a.m. Gold Medal Germany vs. Netherlands, noon Gymnastics At Rhythmic Wembley Arena Women’s Individual All-Around final, 5:30 a.m. Modern Pentathlon Men Fencing (At Olympic Park-Handball Arena), 12:35 a.m. Swimming (At Olympic Park-Aquatics Centre), 5:20 a.m. Riding (At Greenwich Park), 7:20 a.m. Combined Event (At Greenwich Park), 10:45 a.m. Sailing At Weymouth and Portland, Dorset Women’s Elliott 6m (medal race), 4 a.m. Soccer At Wembley Stadium Gold Medal Mexico vs. Brazil, 7 a.m. Taekwondo At ExCel Men’s +80kg and Women’s +67kg preliminary round of 16, 1 a.m. Men’s +80kg and Women’s +67kg quarterfinals, semifinals, 7 a.m. Men’s +80kg and Women’s +67kg repechages, bronze and gold medal contests, noon Team Handball Women At Copper Box Bronze Medal South Korea vs. Spain, 9 a.m. Gold Medal Norway vs. Montenegro, 12:30 p.m. Volleyball Women At Earls Court Bronze Medal South Korea vs. Japan, 3:30 a.m. Gold Medal United States vs. Brazil, 10:30 a.m. Wrestling (Freestyle) At ExCel Men’s 60kg, 84kg and 120kg qualifications, 1/8 finals, quarterfinals, semifinals, 5 a.m. Men’s 60kg, 84kg and 120kg repechage rounds, bronze and gold medal contests, 9:45 a.m. ——— Sunday, Aug. 12 Athletics At The Mall Men’s Marathon, 3 a.m. Basketball At North Greenwich Arena Men Bronze Medal Russia vs. Argentina, 3 a.m. Gold Medal Spain vs. United States, 7 a.m. Boxing At ExCel Men’s Flyweight (52kg); Men’s Lightweight (60kg); Men’s Welterweight (69kg); Men’s Light Heavyweight (81kg) and Men’s Super Heavyweight (+91kg) final, 5:30 a.m. Cycling (Mountain Bike) At Hadleigh Farm, Essex Men’s Cross-Country race, 5:30 a.m. Gymnastics At Rhythmic Wembley Arena Women’s Group All-Around final, 5:30 a.m. Modern Pentathlon Women Fencing (At Olympic Park-Handball Arena), midnight Swimming (At Olympic Park-Aquatics Centre), 4:35 a.m. Riding (At Greenwich Park), 6:35 a.m. Combined Event (At Greenwich Park), 10 a.m. Team Handball Men At Copper Box Bronze Medal Hungary vs. Croatia, 3 a.m. Gold Medal Sweden vs. France, 7 a.m. Volleyball Men At Earls Court Bronze Medal Italy vs. Bulgaria, 1:30 a.m. Gold Medal Brazil vs. Russia, 5 a.m. Water Polo Men At Olympic Park-Water Polo Arena Seventh Place United States vs. Australia, 2:20 a.m. Fifth Place Spain vs. vs. Hungary, 3:40 a.m. Bronze Medal Montenegro vs. Serbia, 6:30 a.m. Gold Medal Croatia vs. Italy, 7:50 a.m. Wrestling (Freestyle) At ExCel Men’s 66kg and 96kg qualifications, 1/8 finals, quarterfinals, semifinals, 12:30 a.m. Men’s 66kg and 96kg repechage rounds, bronze and gold medal contests, 4:45 a.m.

Soccer All Times PDT ——— Men BRONZE MEDAL MATCH Friday, Aug. 10 South Korea 2, Japan 0 ——— GOLD MEDAL MATCH Today, Aug. 11 Mexico vs. Brazil, 7 a.m.

Friday’s Scores HANDBALL Men Semifinals Sweden 27, Hungary 26 France 25, Croatia 22 HOCKEY Women Gold Medal Netherlands 2, Argentina 0 Bronze Medal Britain 3, New Zealand 1 5th Place Australia 2, China 0 11th Place Belgium 2, United States 1 WATER POLO Men Semifinals Croatia 7, Montenegro 5 Italy 9, Serbia 7 Classification Spain 8, United States 7 Hungary 10, Australia 9

Schedule (Subject to change) All Times PDT ——— Saturday, Aug. 11 Athletics At The Mall Men’s 50km Race Walk, 1 a.m.

Records Selected world records set at the Olympics through Aug. 10 ATHLETICS Men 800m — David Lekuta Rudisha, Kenya, 1:40.91, Aug. 9 (Previous Record: David Lekuta Rudisha, Kenya, 1:41.01, Aug. 29, 2010). Women 4x100 Relay — United States (Tianna Madison, Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight, Carmelita Jeter), 40.82, Aug. 10 (Previous Record: East Germany Silke Gladisch, Sabine Rieger, Ingrid Auerswald, Marlies Gohr, Oct. 6, 1985, 41.37). SWIMMING Men 100m Breaststroke (Final) — Cameron van der Burgh, South Africa, 58.46, July 29 (Previous Record: Brenton Rickard, Australia, 58.58, July 27, 2009). 200m Breaststroke (Final) — Daniel Gyurta, Hungary, 2:07.28, Aug. 1 (Previous Record: Christian Sprenger, Australia, 2:07.31, July 30, 2009). 1500m Freestyle — Sun Yang, China, 14:31.02, Aug. 4 (Previous Record: Sun Yang, China, 14:34.14, July 31, 2011). Women 400m Individual Medley (Final) — Ye Shiwen, China, 4:28.43, July 28 (Previous Record: Stephanie Rice, Australia, 4:29.45, Aug. 10, 2008). 100m Butterfly (Final) — Dana Vollmer, United States, 55.98, July 29 (Previous Record: Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden, 56.06, July 27, 2009). 200m Breaststroke (Semi) — Rebecca Soni, United States, 2:20.00, Aug. 1 (Previous Record: Annamay Pierse, Canada, 2:20.12, July 30, 2009). 200m Breaststroke (Final) — Rebecca Soni, United States, 2:19.59, Aug. 2 (Previous Record: Rebecca Soni, United States, 2:20.00, Aug. 1, 2012). 200m Backstroke (Final) — Missy Franklin, United States, 2:04.06, Aug. 3 (Previous Record: Kirsty Coventry, Zimbabwe, 2:04.81, Aug. 1, 2009). 4 x 100m Medley Relay (Final) — United States (Missy Franklin, Rebecca Soni, Dana Vollmer, Allison Schmitt), 3:52.05, Aug. 4 (Previous Record: China (Zhao Jing, Chen Huijia, Jiao Liuyang, Li Zhesi), 3:52.19, Aug. 1, 2009).




AL Boxscores Angels 6, Mariners 5 Seattle Ackley 2b M.Saunders cf J.Montero dh 1-Figgins pr-dh Jaso c Seager 3b Carp 1b C.Wells lf Thames rf Ryan ss Totals

AB 4 4 4 0 3 4 3 4 4 3 33

R 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 5

H 1 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 6

BI 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 5

BB 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

SO 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 2 2 2 11

Avg. .222 .248 .270 .178 .283 .249 .213 .233 .240 .202

Los Angeles AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Trout cf 3 1 1 5 0 1 .345 Tor.Hunter rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .291 Pujols 1b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .281 Trumbo lf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .288 K.Morales dh 4 0 2 0 0 0 .282 2-Bourjos pr 0 1 0 0 0 0 .227 Callaspo 3b 3 0 0 0 1 1 .243 H.Kendrick 2b 3 2 2 0 0 0 .285 Aybar ss 3 2 1 0 1 0 .268 Iannetta c 2 0 0 0 1 1 .207 a-M.Izturis ph 0 0 0 0 0 0 .251 Totals 30 6 6 5 3 5 Seattle 005 000 000 — 5 6 2 Los Angeles 003 020 001 — 6 6 2 One out when winning run scored. a-was announced for Iannetta in the 9th. 1-ran for J.Montero in the 8th. 2-ran for K.Morales in the 9th. E—Ryan (4), Thames (2), Pujols (6), H.Kendrick (9). LOB—Seattle 3, Los Angeles 4. 2B—M.Saunders (27), K.Morales 2 (15), H.Kendrick (17). HR—Ackley (9), off E.Santana; Jaso (6), off E.Santana; Trout (21), off F.Hernandez. SB—Aybar (8). DP—Los Angeles 2. Seattle IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA F.Hernandez 7 5 5 4 1 3 104 2.74 Kinney L, 0-2 1 1-3 1 1 1 2 2 24 5.40 Los Angeles IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA E.Santana 6 1-3 5 5 4 1 6 91 5.82 Takahashi 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 5 4.62 Jepsen 1 1 0 0 0 1 11 3.68 Frieri W, 1-0 1 0 0 0 0 3 13 1.83 T—2:31. A—39,016 (45,957).

Tigers 6, Rangers 2 Detroit A.Jackson cf Dirks lf-rf Mi.Cabrera 3b Fielder 1b Boesch rf Berry lf D.Young dh Avila c Jh.Peralta ss Infante 2b Totals

AB 4 5 5 4 3 1 4 2 4 3 35

R 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 6

H 2 1 2 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 9

BI 1 0 1 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 6

BB 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0 1 6

SO 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2

Avg. .319 .344 .323 .313 .253 .274 .266 .267 .261 .298

Texas AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Kinsler 2b 5 1 1 0 0 1 .277 Andrus ss 4 0 1 1 0 0 .298 Hamilton cf-lf 3 1 1 1 1 1 .288 Beltre 3b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .302 N.Cruz rf 3 0 2 0 0 1 .267 Gentry cf 1 0 0 0 0 0 .326 Mi.Young dh 3 0 3 0 1 0 .275 Dav.Murphy lf-rf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .295 Napoli c 4 0 0 0 0 2 .223 Moreland 1b 4 0 2 0 0 1 .286 Totals 34 2 10 2 2 9 Detroit 000 104 100 — 6 9 0 Texas 101 000 000 — 2 10 1 E—N.Cruz (2). LOB—Detroit 8, Texas 8. 2B— D.Young (17), Avila (17), Kinsler (31). 3B—A.Jackson (8). HR—Fielder (20), off Feldman; A.Jackson (12), off Scheppers; Hamilton (31), off Scherzer. DP—Detroit 1; Texas 2. Detroit IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Scherzer W, 11-6 6 8 2 2 2 8 112 4.65 Dotel 2 1 0 0 0 1 21 2.95 Valverde 1 1 0 0 0 0 9 3.78 Texas IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Feldman L, 6-7 5 2-3 6 4 4 1 2 88 4.64 R.Ross 1-3 1 1 1 2 0 15 1.82 Scheppers 1 1 1 1 1 0 20 5.31 M.Lowe 2-3 1 0 0 2 0 21 2.25 Kirkman 1 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 17 5.23 T—3:17. A—47,255 (48,194).

T—3:13. A—29,362 (48,633).

American League

National League

East Division Pct GB WCGB .589 — — .540 5½ — .536 6 ½ .491 11 5½ .473 13 7½ Central Division Pct GB WCGB .550 — — .540 1 — .460 10 9 .438 12½ 11½ .429 13½ 12½ West Division Pct GB WCGB .586 — — .536 5½ ½ .531 6 1 .447 15½ 10½

East Division Pct GB WCGB .619 — — .580 4½ — .478 16 9½ .455 18½ 12 .451 19 12½ Central Division Pct GB WCGB .593 — — .563 3½ — .540 6 2½ .459 15 11½ .396 22 18½ .325 30½ 27 West Division Pct GB WCGB .540 — 2½ .540 — 2½ .504 4 6½ .439 11½ 14 .373 18½ 21

New York Baltimore Tampa Bay Boston Toronto

W 66 61 60 56 53

L 46 52 52 58 59

Chicago Detroit Cleveland Minnesota Kansas City

W 61 61 52 49 48

L 50 52 61 63 64

Texas Oakland Los Angeles Seattle

W 65 60 60 51

L 46 52 53 63

Friday’s Games Boston 3, Cleveland 2 Baltimore 7, Kansas City 1 N.Y. Yankees 10, Toronto 4 Detroit 6, Texas 2 Chicago White Sox 4, Oakland 3 Tampa Bay 12, Minnesota 6 L.A. Angels 6, Seattle 5

L10 6-4 7-3 7-3 3-7 2-8

Str Home Away W-3 34-22 32-24 W-1 29-27 32-25 W-4 32-27 28-25 W-1 29-34 27-24 L-4 28-24 25-35

L10 6-4 7-3 2-8 5-5 6-4

Str Home Away W-1 31-25 30-25 W-1 33-23 28-29 L-1 29-28 23-33 L-2 23-33 26-30 L-1 21-32 27-32

L10 6-4 4-6 4-6 4-6

Str Home Away L-1 34-22 31-24 L-1 34-26 26-26 W-1 31-22 29-31 L-5 25-29 26-34

Today’s Games N.Y. Yankees (Nova 10-6) at Toronto (Laffey 3-2), 10:07 a.m. Boston (F.Morales 3-2) at Cleveland (McAllister 4-4), 3:05 p.m. Kansas City (Mendoza 5-8) at Baltimore (Tillman 5-1), 4:05 p.m. Oakland (Blackley 4-3) at Chicago White Sox (Liriano 3-10), 4:10 p.m. Tampa Bay (Price 14-4) at Minnesota (Blackburn 4-7), 4:10 p.m. Detroit (Verlander 12-7) at Texas (D.Holland 7-6), 5:05 p.m. Seattle (Iwakuma 2-3) at L.A. Angels (Haren 8-8), 6:05 p.m.

Washington Atlanta New York Philadelphia Miami

W 70 65 54 51 51

L 43 47 59 61 62

Cincinnati Pittsburgh St. Louis Milwaukee Chicago Houston

W 67 63 61 51 44 37

L 46 49 52 60 67 77

Los Angeles San Francisco Arizona San Diego Colorado

W 61 61 57 50 41

L 52 52 56 64 69

Friday’s Games Cincinnati 10, Chicago Cubs 8 San Diego 9, Pittsburgh 8 Philadelphia 3, St. Louis 1 Atlanta 4, N.Y. Mets 0 L.A. Dodgers 5, Miami 2 Houston 4, Milwaukee 3 Washington 9, Arizona 1 Colorado 3, San Francisco 0

Astros 4, Brewers 3

L10 9-1 7-3 4-6 6-4 4-6

Str Home Away W-7 32-22 38-21 W-2 32-26 33-21 L-1 27-29 27-30 W-1 25-32 26-29 L-2 27-28 24-34

L10 5-5 5-5 6-4 6-4 1-9 2-8

Str Home Away W-1 36-20 31-26 L-2 35-19 28-30 L-1 34-23 27-29 L-1 33-26 18-34 L-1 28-25 16-42 W-1 26-31 11-46

L10 5-5 5-5 5-5 6-4 4-6

Str Home Away W-2 33-25 28-27 L-2 32-24 29-28 L-1 30-25 27-31 W-5 27-30 23-34 W-1 21-37 20-32

Today’s Games Cincinnati (Arroyo 7-7) at Chicago Cubs (T.Wood 4-8), 1:05 p.m. Colorado (D.Pomeranz 1-6) at San Francisco (M.Cain 10-5), 1:05 p.m. Milwaukee (Estrada 0-5) at Houston (Keuchel 1-4), 4:05 p.m. San Diego (Marquis 5-6) at Pittsburgh (A.J.Burnett 14-3), 4:05 p.m. St. Louis (Westbrook 11-8) at Philadelphia (Cl.Lee 2-6), 4:05 p.m. Atlanta (Medlen 2-1) at N.Y. Mets (J.Santana 6-7), 4:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers (Blanton 8-9) at Miami (Nolasco 8-11), 4:10 p.m. Washington (E.Jackson 6-7) at Arizona (Miley 12-7), 5:10 p.m.

American League roundup

National League roundup

• Orioles 7, Royals 1: BALTIMORE — Manny Machado thrust himself into the Orioles’ record book in his second major league game, hitting two home runs and driving in four runs to carry Baltimore past Kansas City. At 20 years and 35 days old, Machado is the youngest Oriole ever to have a multihomer game. • Yankees 10, Blue Jays 4: TORONTO — Ichiro Suzuki matched a career high with five RBIs, and Freddy Garcia won in Toronto for the first time in more than a decade, leading the New York Yankees over the injury-riddled Blue Jays. • Red Sox 3, Indians 2: CLEVELAND — Clay Buchholz pitched a two-hitter, Cody Ross hit a tworun homer, and Boston broke a three-game losing streak by beating Cleveland. • Rays 12, Twins 6: MINNEAPOLIS — Matt Joyce hit a two-run homer and a two-run double, Jose Molina drove in three runs, and Tampa Bay beat Minnesota for the Rays’ ninth win in 12 games. • Tigers 6, Rangers 2: ARLINGTON, Texas — Austin Jackson hit an inside-the-park home run and a triple, and Detroit beat AL West-leading Texas. Prince Fielder hit his 20th homer, a three-run shot in the sixth that put the Tigers up 4-2 and chased Scott Feldman (6-7). • White Sox 4, Athletics 3: CHICAGO — Jordan Danks hit his first major league homer in the bottom of the ninth inning and the Chicago White Sox overcame a three-run deficit to top Oakland. • Angels 6, Mariners 5: ANAHEIM, Calif. — Rookie sensation Mike Trout tied a career high with five RBIs, including a three-run homer and a rare two-run sacrifice fly, and pinch-runner Peter Bourjos scored on a wild pitch in the ninth inning to give the Los Angeles Angels a victory over Seattle.

• Reds 10, Cubs 8: CHICAGO — Rookie Todd Frazier doubled twice and drove in four runs, Aroldis Chapman came out of the bullpen to stop an eighthinning rally attempt and Cincinnati beat Chicago to end its season-high losing streak at five games. • Braves 4, Mets 0: NEW YORK — Paul Maholm pitched a three-hitter in his second start for Atlanta and the Braves got two-run homers from Jason Heyward and Dan Uggla to beat New York. • Dodgers 5, Marlins 2: MIAMI — Hanley Ramirez drove in two runs playing for the first time against the team that traded him last month, and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat Miami. Ramirez, who spent seven seasons with the Marlins before being dealt away July 26, broke a tie in the sixth inning with an RBI single. • Rockies 3, Giants 0: SAN FRANCISCO — Tyler Chatwood combined with three relievers on a threehitter as Colorado beat San Francisco. • Padres 9, Pirates 8: PITTSBURGH — Chase Headley homered from both sides of the plate for the first time in his career and drove in five runs to rally San Diego past Pittsburgh. • Nationals 9, Diamondbacks 1: PHOENIX — Stephen Strasburg allowed one hit over six innings and Ryan Zimmerman homered to help Washington rout slumping Arizona for its seventh straight win. Michael Morse homered and Steve Lombardozzi had a career-high four hits and scored three runs. • Phillies 3, Cardinals 1: PHILADELPHIA — Roy Halladay pitched eight innings and Chase Utley hit a tiebreaking, two-run homer in the eighth to lift Philadelphia over St. Louis. • Astros 4, Brewers 3: HOUSTON — Brian Bogusevic’s RBI single in the ninth inning capped a two-run rally that lifted Houston over Milwaukee.

Rays 12, Twins 6 Tampa Bay AB De.Jennings lf 4 B.Upton cf 4 E.Johnson ss 1 Joyce rf 4 Longoria dh 3 1-Rodriguez pr-dh-2b0 Zobrist ss-2b 5 Badenhop p 0 C.Pena 1b 4 Keppinger 3b 3 Fuld cf 2 R.Roberts 2b-3b 4 J.Molina c 4 Totals 38

R 3 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 2 2 12

H 3 1 0 2 1 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 2 13

BI 1 2 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 11

BB 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4

SO 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4

Avg. .243 .242 .247 .273 .330 .208 .249 .000 .196 .323 .286 .140 .197

Minnesota AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Span cf 5 1 2 0 0 0 .287 Revere rf 5 0 1 1 0 0 .323 Mauer c 4 1 3 1 0 0 .320 Butera c 1 0 0 0 0 0 .213 Willingham lf 3 0 1 1 0 1 .261 Mastroianni lf 2 1 1 0 0 0 .276 Morneau 1b 3 1 1 0 1 0 .272 Doumit dh 4 1 1 1 0 0 .294 A.Casilla 2b 4 0 1 1 0 2 .228 Dozier ss 3 0 1 1 0 1 .236 J.Carroll 3b 2 1 0 0 2 0 .246 Totals 36 6 12 6 3 4 Tampa Bay 260 004 000 — 12 13 0 Minnesota 101 100 021 — 6 12 1 1-ran for Longoria in the 6th. E—J.Carroll (9). LOB—Tampa Bay 4, Minnesota 7. 2B—De.Jennings 2 (15), B.Upton (19), Joyce (12), Keppinger (10), R.Roberts (2), Mauer (24). 3B—Span (3). HR—Joyce (13), off De Vries; Doumit (13), off Hellickson. DP—Tampa Bay 1; Minnesota 3. Tampa Bay IP H R ER BB SO NP Hellickson W, 7-7 5 7 3 3 2 3 98 Howell 1 1 0 0 1 1 26 McGee 1 0 0 0 0 0 15 Badenhop 2 4 3 3 0 0 31 Minnesota IP H R ER BB SO NP De Vries L, 2-3 1 1-3 7 8 7 0 1 40 Manship 4 4 4 4 1 1 59 Perdomo 2 2-3 2 0 0 2 2 44 Gray 1 0 0 0 1 0 11 T—3:06. A—38,108 (39,500).

ERA 3.52 2.85 2.50 3.62 ERA 4.77 9.16 1.69 5.20

White Sox 4, Athletics 3 Oakland Crisp cf J.Weeks 2b Reddick rf Cespedes lf Carter 1b Moss dh Inge 3b D.Norris c Pennington ss Totals

AB 3 4 5 3 4 3 4 4 3 33

R 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 3

H 0 2 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 7

BI 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 3

BB 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 4

SO 0 0 2 2 2 1 1 2 0 10

Avg. .252 .221 .257 .307 .266 .234 .215 .206 .197

Chicago AB R H BI BB SO Avg. De Aza cf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .291 Youkilis 3b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .238 A.Dunn 1b 4 0 1 0 0 1 .207 Rios rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .315 Pierzynski c 3 1 1 1 0 0 .295 Al.Ramirez ss 4 1 2 1 0 1 .264 Viciedo dh 4 1 1 1 0 1 .246 Jor.Danks lf 4 1 1 1 0 1 .265 Beckham 2b 2 0 1 0 1 1 .231 Totals 33 4 8 4 1 8 Oakland 120 000 000 — 3 7 0 Chicago 010 100 101 — 4 8 0 Two outs when winning run scored. LOB—Oakland 9, Chicago 5. 2B—Carter (4), D.Norris (4), De Aza (24). 3B—Pennington (2). HR—Moss (12), off Floyd; Pierzynski (22), off McCarthy; Al.Ramirez (5), off McCarthy; Viciedo (17), off McCarthy; Jor.Danks (1), off Neshek. RBIs—Reddick (59), Moss 2 (24), Pierzynski (64), Al.Ramirez (51), Viciedo (52), Jor.Danks (3). SB—Crisp (25), De Aza (21). S—J.Weeks. DP—Oakland 1. Oakland McCarthy

IP 6

H R ER BB SO NP ERA 6 3 3 1 4 85 2.68

Doolittle 2 1 0 0 0 3 32 Neshek L, 1-1 2-3 1 1 1 0 1 11 Chicago IP H R ER BB SO NP Floyd 6 7 3 3 3 5 99 Septimo 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 4 Crain 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 11 Thornton 1 0 0 0 0 2 13 Myers W, 1-1 1 0 0 0 1 0 12 Floyd pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. McCarthy pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. T—2:53. A—25,041 (40,615).

3.76 2.08 ERA 4.43 5.00 2.12 3.56 0.00

Yankees 10, Blue Jays 4 New York Jeter ss Swisher rf-1b Teixeira dh Cano 2b An.Jones lf b-Ibanez ph-lf J.Nix 3b R.Martin c I.Suzuki cf-rf McGehee 1b Granderson cf Totals

AB 5 5 5 4 3 1 4 3 5 3 1 39

R 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 10

H 2 2 1 2 0 1 1 1 2 0 0 12

BI 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 5 0 0 9

BB 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 4

SO 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 3

Avg. .314 .263 .257 .317 .220 .247 .260 .199 .262 .111 .242

Toronto AB R H BI BB SO Avg. R.Davis lf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .255 Rasmus cf 4 0 1 0 0 0 .248 Sierra rf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .350 Encarnacion 1b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .285 Y.Escobar ss 4 1 1 0 0 1 .251 Cooper dh 4 1 2 0 0 0 .287 K.Johnson 2b 4 1 2 2 0 1 .234 Vizquel 3b 2 0 0 0 0 1 .214 a-Y.Gomes ph-3b 2 0 1 0 0 1 .176 Mathis c 4 0 1 1 0 1 .219 Gose rf-cf 4 1 1 0 0 2 .218 Totals 35 4 9 3 1 7 New York 021 000 034 — 10 12 0 Toronto 010 100 011 — 4 9 2 a-struck out for Vizquel in the 7th. b-singled for An.Jones in the 9th. E—Mathis (1), Gose (1). LOB—New York 8, Toronto 5. 2B—Swisher (27), I.Suzuki (19), K.Johnson (14). HR—Teixeira (22), off Delabar; K.Johnson (13), off F.Garcia. SB—Gose 2 (4). DP—New York 1. New York IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA F.Garcia W, 6-5 6 5 2 2 0 4 78 4.85 Logan H, 15 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 10 3.46 Chamberlain H, 1 1-3 1 1 1 0 0 12 8.31 D.Robertson 1 0 0 0 1 0 14 2.63 Rapada 2-3 2 1 1 0 1 19 2.87 Eppley 1-3 1 0 0 0 1 12 3.16 Toronto IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA R.Romero L, 8-9 7 4 3 2 3 2 98 5.32 Delabar 1 4 3 3 0 0 25 4.25 D.Carpenter 2-3 3 4 4 1 1 27 54.00 Lincoln 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 7 0.00 Chamberlain pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. T—3:08. A—41,610 (49,260).

Red Sox 3, Indians 2 Boston AB Ellsbury cf 4 Aviles ss 3 Pedroia 2b 3 Ad.Gonzalez 1b 4 C.Ross rf 3 Middlebrooks 3b 3 1-Punto pr-3b 0 Lavarnway dh 3 a-C.Crawford ph-dh 1 Shoppach c 4 Podsednik lf 3 Totals 31

R 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3

H 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 6

BI 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 3

BB 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3

SO 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 1 6

Avg. .246 .254 .275 .308 .278 .288 .200 .125 .267 .250 .385

Cleveland Carrera lf As.Cabrera ss Choo rf C.Santana c Brantley cf Duncan dh

R 0 1 0 0 0 0

H 0 2 0 0 0 0

BI 1 1 0 0 0 0

BB 0 0 0 0 0 0

SO 3 0 1 0 0 0

Avg. .360 .283 .288 .239 .293 .219

AB 3 4 4 3 3 3

Kotchman 1b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .226 Hannahan 3b 3 0 0 0 0 1 .231 Donald 2b 3 1 0 0 0 1 .182 Totals 29 2 2 2 0 6 Boston 000 102 000 — 3 6 2 Cleveland 100 001 000 — 2 2 1 1-ran for Middlebrooks in the 9th. E—Aviles (11), Pedroia (3), Seddon (1). LOB—Boston 5, Cleveland 1. 2B—As.Cabrera (26). HR—C.Ross (18), off Seddon; As.Cabrera (13), off Buchholz. SB—Pedroia (9). DP—Cleveland 1. Boston IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Buchholz W, 10-3 9 2 2 1 0 6 104 4.24 Cleveland IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Seddon L, 0-1 6 5 3 2 2 3 90 5.06 C.Allen 1 1-3 1 0 0 1 1 27 0.00 E.Rogers 1 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 21 2.61 T—2:40. A—27,246 (43,429).

Orioles 7, Royals 1 Kansas City A.Gordon lf A.Escobar ss Moustakas 3b Butler dh S.Perez c Hosmer 1b Francoeur rf Getz 2b J.Dyson cf L.Cain cf Totals

AB 4 3 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 0 30

R 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

H 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 2 0 6

BI 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

BB 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

SO 2 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 7

Avg. .291 .299 .257 .300 .305 .229 .245 .282 .276 .270

Baltimore AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Markakis rf 4 0 0 0 1 0 .290 Hardy ss 4 0 1 0 0 0 .227 C.Davis dh 4 0 0 0 0 3 .252 Ad.Jones cf 3 0 1 0 0 1 .295 Wieters c 3 1 0 0 1 0 .247 Betemit 1b 3 2 1 0 0 0 .264 McLouth lf 4 1 2 1 0 0 .294 Machado 3b 4 2 2 4 0 0 .500 Quintanilla 2b 4 1 3 2 0 1 .333 Totals 33 7 10 7 2 5 Kansas City 010 000 000 — 1 6 0 Baltimore 020 014 00x — 7 10 1 E—Markakis (2). LOB—Kansas City 4, Baltimore 6. 2B—Francoeur (18), Betemit (18), McLouth (2). HR—S.Perez (7), off Mig.Gonzalez; Quintanilla (2), off Hochevar; Machado 2 (2), off Hochevar 2. DP—Baltimore 1. Kansas City IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Hochevar L, 7-10 5 1-3 7 7 7 2 2 90 5.32 Collins 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 6 3.05 L.Coleman 1 1 0 0 0 2 15 4.08 Teaford 1 2 0 0 0 0 21 4.64 Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Gonzalez W, 4-2 8 6 1 1 1 5 103 3.42 Strop 1 0 0 0 0 2 13 1.24 T—2:31. A—17,277 (45,971).

NL Boxscores Rockies 3, Giants 0 Colorado E.Young rf Rutledge ss Fowler cf C.Gonzalez lf W.Rosario c Pacheco 3b Ottavino p Belisle p b-McBride ph R.Betancourt p Colvin 1b LeMahieu 2b Chatwood p Nelson 3b Totals

AB 3 4 4 3 4 3 0 0 1 0 4 2 1 0 29

R 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 3

H 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 6

BI 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3

BB 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2

SO 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 5

Avg. .292 .327 .290 .322 .241 .302 .333 .000 .250 --.278 .240 .000 .257

San Francisco Pagan cf

AB R H BI BB SO Avg. 3 0 0 0 1 1 .279

Scutaro 3b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .277 Me.Cabrera lf 3 0 0 0 1 0 .349 Pence rf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .259 H.Sanchez c 4 0 0 0 0 1 .273 Belt 1b 3 0 1 0 1 0 .249 Theriot 2b 2 0 0 0 1 0 .262 B.Crawford ss 3 0 2 0 0 1 .240 Lincecum p 1 0 0 0 0 1 .088 a-Posey ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .328 Kontos p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Mijares p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 28 0 3 0 4 5 Colorado 001 100 100 — 3 6 1 San Francisco 000 000 000 — 0 3 0 a-flied out for Lincecum in the 7th. b-lined out for Belisle in the 9th. E—Nelson (7). LOB—Colorado 4, San Francisco 6. 2B—W.Rosario 2 (13). SB—C.Gonzalez (15), Colvin (3), Me.Cabrera (13). CS—Pagan (6), B.Crawford (4). DP—Colorado 1. Colorado IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Chatwood W, 2-2 5 3 0 0 2 2 71 5.06 Ottavino H, 6 2 0 0 0 2 2 41 4.34 Belisle H, 17 1 0 0 0 0 0 10 2.79 Betancourt S, 20 1 0 0 0 0 1 13 2.63 San Francisco IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Lincecum L, 6-12 7 6 3 3 2 3 105 5.35 Kontos 1 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 15 2.13 Mijares 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 4 0.00 T—2:37. A—41,729 (41,915).

Nationals 9, Diamondbacks 1 Washington Lombardozzi 2b Harper cf-rf Zimmerman 3b LaRoche 1b Morse lf Bernadina cf Werth rf Stammen p Espinosa ss K.Suzuki c Strasburg p S.Burnett p Mattheus p b-T.Moore ph-lf Totals

AB 5 2 3 4 5 0 5 0 4 4 3 0 0 1 36

R 4 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 9

H 4 0 1 1 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 11

BI 0 2 2 1 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8

BB 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 5

SO 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 6

Avg. .269 .250 .276 .270 .297 .287 .305 .000 .244 .176 .316 --.000 .296

Arizona AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Drew ss 3 0 0 0 1 1 .211 A.Hill 2b 4 0 0 0 0 2 .294 Kubel lf 4 0 1 0 0 1 .280 Goldschmidt 1b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .301 J.Upton rf 2 1 0 0 1 1 .271 c-Jo.McDonald ph 1 0 1 0 0 0 .260 M.Montero c 1 0 0 0 2 0 .281 d-Nieves ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .308 C.Johnson 3b 4 0 1 1 0 1 .285 G.Parra cf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .275 Cahill p 2 0 0 0 0 1 .102 Albers p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Saito p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --a-R.Wheeler ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .182 Zagurski p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 30 1 3 1 4 8 Washington 001 021 104 — 9 11 0 Arizona 000 100 000 — 1 3 1 a-struck out for Saito in the 8th. b-doubled for Mattheus in the 9th. c-singled for J.Upton in the 9th. d-grounded out for M.Montero in the 9th. E—Drew (4). LOB—Washington 7, Arizona 6. 2B—LaRoche (24), Werth 2 (8), T.Moore (6), Kubel (24). 3B—Lombardozzi (3). HR—Zimmerman (16), off Cahill; Morse (11), off Cahill. Washington IP Strasburg W, 13-5 6 S.Burnett 1 Mattheus 1 Stammen 1 Arizona IP Cahill L, 9-10 6 Albers 1 Saito 1 Zagurski 1

H 1 0 0 2 H 6 1 0 4

R 1 0 0 0 R 4 1 0 4

Browning p Totals

ER BB SO NP ERA 1 4 6 104 2.90 0 0 1 9 1.81 0 0 1 12 2.72 0 0 0 21 2.29 ER BB SO NP ERA 4 3 4 105 3.85 0 1 0 18 0.00 0 0 1 16 3.86 4 1 1 38 6.18

Milwaukee C.Gomez cf Morgan rf Braun lf Ar.Ramirez 3b Hart 1b R.Weeks 2b Lucroy c Segura ss M.Rogers p Fr.Rodriguez p Axford p Totals

AB 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 2 0 0 33

R 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3

H 0 0 2 1 0 3 1 1 0 0 0 8

BI 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2

BB 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

SO 3 2 1 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 0 11

Avg. .252 .228 .306 .293 .267 .218 .326 .154 .000 --.000

Houston AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Altuve 2b 3 0 0 0 1 0 .296 Ma.Gonzalez ss 4 0 0 0 0 0 .241 Wallace 3b 2 0 0 0 2 2 .310 1-Greene pr 0 1 0 0 0 0 .218 Pearce rf 4 1 1 1 0 2 .333 S.Moore 1b 4 1 1 0 0 2 .220 Bogusevic cf 4 0 2 1 0 1 .214 F.Martinez lf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .056 Corporan c 3 1 2 2 0 0 .298 B.Norris p 2 0 0 0 0 1 .139 Fe.Rodriguez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --a-Maxwell ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .248 W.Lopez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 30 4 6 4 3 9 Milwaukee 110 000 100 — 3 8 1 Houston 000 010 012 — 4 6 1 One out when winning run scored. a-struck out for Fe.Rodriguez in the 8th. 1-ran for Wallace in the 9th. E—C.Gomez (3), Corporan (1). LOB—Milwaukee 4, Houston 4. 2B—Braun (21), R.Weeks 3 (24). HR— Corporan (3), off Fr.Rodriguez. SB—Greene (10). DP—Milwaukee 1; Houston 2. Milwaukee IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA M.Rogers 7 3 1 1 2 8 109 4.08 Fr.Rodriguez H, 20 1 1 1 1 0 1 16 5.55 Axford L, 4-7 1-3 2 2 1 1 0 22 5.25 Houston IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA B.Norris 7 8 3 2 0 7 99 4.93 Fe.Rodriguez 1 0 0 0 0 2 11 5.51 W.Lopez W, 4-1 1 0 0 0 0 2 12 2.25 T—2:53. A—21,025 (40,981).

Padres 9, Pirates 8 San Diego Amarista 2b Ev.Cabrera ss Headley 3b Quentin rf Alonso 1b Venable lf Maybin cf Jo.Baker c Volquez p Hinshaw p a-Guzman ph Brach p b-Denorfia ph Thayer p Gregerson p c-Kotsay ph Street p Totals

AB 5 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 35

R 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 9

H 2 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 8

BI 2 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 9

BB 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3

SO 0 0 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8

Avg. .274 .234 .278 .268 .269 .242 .213 .253 .075 .000 .243 --.282 --.000 .275 ---

Pittsburgh AB R H BI BB SO Avg. S.Marte lf 5 0 2 1 0 1 .290 Snider rf 5 1 2 3 0 0 .333 A.McCutchen cf 4 1 0 0 1 1 .365 G.Jones 1b 4 3 2 1 1 1 .276 Walker 2b 5 0 0 0 0 1 .288 P.Alvarez 3b 4 0 2 2 1 1 .232 Barajas c 5 0 1 1 0 0 .200 Barmes ss 4 2 2 0 0 1 .215 Watson p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Qualls p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --d-McKenry ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .281 Ja.McDonald p 0 1 0 0 2 0 .146 Resop p 1 0 0 0 0 1 .000 Mercer ss 1 0 0 0 0 0 .194 Totals 39 8 11 8 5 7 San Diego 100 060 200 — 9 8 1 Pittsburgh 011 501 000 — 8 11 0 a-doubled for Hinshaw in the 5th. b-grounded out for Brach in the 7th. c-grounded out for Gregerson in the 9th. d-grounded out for Qualls in the 9th. E—Ev.Cabrera (8). LOB—San Diego 2, Pittsburgh 9. 2B—Guzman (16). HR—Amarista (5), off Ja.McDonald; Headley (16), off Ja.McDonald; Headley (17), off Watson; G.Jones (17), off Volquez; Snider (1), off Volquez. SB—S.Marte (3). San Diego IP H R ER BB SO NP Volquez 3 1-3 7 6 6 4 3 91 Hinshaw 2-3 2 1 1 0 0 19 Brach W, 1-2 2 2 1 1 1 3 37 Thayer H, 8 1 0 0 0 0 0 12 Gregerson H, 18 1 0 0 0 0 1 11 Street S, 21-21 1 0 0 0 0 0 11 Pittsburgh IP H R ER BB SO NP Ja.McDonald 4 1-3 7 7 7 1 4 87 Resop 2 0 0 0 0 2 24 Watson L, 5-2 BS 1 2-3 1 2 2 2 2 31 Qualls 1 0 0 0 0 0 12 T—3:23. A—38,702 (38,362).

ERA 4.03 4.67 3.80 3.60 2.56 0.75 ERA 3.77 3.48 4.46 4.33

Dodgers 5, Marlins 2 Los Angeles Victorino lf M.Ellis 2b Kemp cf H.Ramirez ss Ethier rf Belisario p Jansen p J.Rivera 1b-rf Hairston Jr. 3b A.Ellis c Kershaw p J.Wright p Choate p Loney 1b Totals

AB 5 3 4 5 4 0 0 3 4 4 3 0 0 1 36

R 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 5

H 1 0 2 3 0 0 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 11

BI 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 5

BB 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3

SO 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 7

Avg. .261 .260 .354 .248 .284 ----.247 .272 .282 .175 .000 --.251

Miami AB R H BI BB SO Avg. D.Solano 2b 4 0 0 0 0 1 .250 Ruggiano cf 4 1 1 1 0 2 .350 Ca.Lee 1b 3 0 0 1 0 0 .288 Stanton rf 4 0 0 0 0 2 .286 Kearns lf 3 0 0 0 1 2 .239 Dobbs 3b 4 0 0 0 0 0 .296 N.Green ss 4 0 1 0 0 1 .125 J.Buck c 3 0 1 0 1 1 .181 Buehrle p 1 0 0 0 0 1 .060 a-G.Hernandez ph 1 1 1 0 0 0 .098 Webb p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 b-Petersen ph 0 0 0 0 1 0 .189 Gaudin p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 c-Cousins ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .160 Totals 32 2 4 2 3 10 Los Angeles 000 004 100 — 5 11 0 Miami 100 001 000 — 2 4 0 a-singled for Buehrle in the 6th. b-walked for Webb in the 7th. c-grounded out for Gaudin in the 9th. LOB—Los Angeles 8, Miami 7. 2B—Victorino (19), Kemp (12), N.Green (2). HR—J.Rivera (6), off Buehrle; Ruggiano (10), off Kershaw. RBIs—Kemp (45), H.Ramirez 2 (62), J.Rivera 2 (37), Ruggiano (25), Ca.Lee (52). S—M.Ellis. SF—Ca.Lee. Runners left in scoring position—Los Angeles 3 (J.Rivera, Ethier 2); Miami 4 (Stanton, D.Solano 2, Cousins). RISP—Los Angeles 4 for 10; Miami 0 for 6. Runners moved up—M.Ellis. GIDP—A.Ellis. DP—Miami 1 (Buehrle, N.Green, Ca.Lee). Los Angeles IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Kershaw W, 10-6 6 1-3 3 2 2 1 7 114 2.88 J.Wright H, 5 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 6 3.83 Choate 0 0 0 0 1 0 6 3.00 Belisario H, 19 1 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 14 2.84 Jansen S, 23-29 1 1 0 0 1 1 20 1.88 Miami IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Buehrle L, 9-11 6 7 4 4 1 5 91 3.80 Webb 1 3 1 1 1 0 26 4.87 Gaudin 2 1 0 0 1 2 37 4.31 Choate pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. T—3:01. A—28,130 (37,442).

Phillies 3, Cardinals 1 St. Louis AB R Jay cf 4 0 Craig 1b 4 0 Holliday lf 4 0 Beltran rf 4 1 Freese 3b 3 0 Y.Molina c 2 0 Descalso 2b 3 0 Furcal ss 3 0 Lohse p 2 0 a-M.Carpenter ph 1 0

H 1 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0

BI 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

BB 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

SO 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 2 0 1

Avg. .307 .294 .316 .286 .303 .312 .235 .265 .085 .302

0 0 0 0 0 0 30 1 4 1 0 8


Philadelphia AB R H BI BB SO Avg. Rollins ss 4 1 1 0 0 0 .248 Pierre lf 2 0 0 0 1 0 .310 Mayberry cf 0 0 0 0 0 0 .232 Utley 2b 4 1 1 2 0 0 .246 Howard 1b 4 1 1 0 0 3 .215 D.Brown rf-lf 4 0 1 1 0 1 .281 Schierholtz cf-rf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .251 Kratz c 3 0 0 0 0 2 .342 Frandsen 3b 2 0 2 0 1 0 .342 Halladay p 2 0 0 0 0 2 .176 Papelbon p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Totals 28 3 6 3 2 8 St. Louis 010 000 000 — 1 4 0 Philadelphia 010 000 02x — 3 6 0 a-struck out for Lohse in the 8th. LOB—St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 5. 2B—Craig (22), Howard (3). HR—Beltran (28), off Halladay; Utley (8), off Browning. SB—Pierre (28). St. Louis IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Lohse 7 4 1 1 2 7 101 2.72 Browning L, 0-1 1 2 2 2 0 1 14 4.11 Philadelphia IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Halladay W, 6-6 8 2 1 1 0 8 99 3.80 Papelbon S, 25-28 1 2 0 0 0 0 22 2.93 T—2:29. A—43,122 (43,651).

Braves 4, Mets 0 Atlanta Bourn cf Prado lf Heyward rf F.Freeman 1b Uggla 2b J.Francisco 3b D.Ross c Janish ss Maholm p Totals

AB 2 4 4 4 2 4 3 4 3 30

R 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 4

H 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 4

BI 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 4

BB 3 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 6

SO 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 3 7

Avg. .288 .293 .269 .279 .217 .252 .273 .188 .068

New York AB R H BI BB SO Avg. An.Torres cf 4 0 0 0 0 1 .238 Tejada ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 .318 D.Wright 3b 3 0 0 0 0 0 .324 Hairston rf 3 0 1 0 0 0 .264 Dan.Murphy 1b 3 0 1 0 0 0 .302 R.Cedeno 2b 3 0 0 0 0 2 .284 Bay lf 3 0 0 0 0 0 .152 Ro.Johnson c 3 0 1 0 0 0 .250 Harvey p 1 0 0 0 0 0 .333 a-Ju.Turner ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .286 R.Ramirez p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Edgin p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Rauch p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Parnell p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --b-Valdespin ph 1 0 0 0 0 1 .250 Totals 29 0 3 0 0 5 Atlanta 200 000 020 — 4 4 1 New York 000 000 000 — 0 3 0 a-grounded out for Harvey in the 6th. b-struck out for Parnell in the 9th. E—Maholm (2). LOB—Atlanta 6, New York 2. 2B—D.Ross (4), Hairston (18), Ro.Johnson (2). HR—Heyward (19), off Harvey; Uggla (13), off Edgin. DP—Atlanta 2. Atlanta IP H R Maholm W, 10-7 9 3 0 New York IP H R Harvey L, 1-3 6 2 2 R.Ramirez 1 0 0 Edgin 2-3 2 2 Rauch 1-3 0 0 Parnell 1 0 0 T—2:24. A—25,101 (41,922).

ER BB SO NP ERA 0 0 5 95 3.50 ER BB SO NP ERA 2 5 3 101 3.63 0 1 2 14 4.22 2 0 1 17 3.38 0 0 0 4 3.32 0 0 1 12 3.11

Reds 10, Cubs 8 Cincinnati Cozart ss Stubbs cf B.Phillips 2b Ludwick lf Paul rf Frazier 1b Valdez 3b Mesoraco c Chapman p H.Bailey p Arredondo p b-Leake ph Marshall p LeCure p Broxton p Hanigan c Totals

AB 6 6 6 5 4 4 5 4 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 45

R 0 1 2 4 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 10

H 1 1 2 3 1 3 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 15

BI 1 0 0 2 0 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 8

BB 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5

SO 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4

Avg. .246 .231 .295 .266 .367 .273 .216 .218 --.143 --.250 --.000 --.274

Chicago AB R H BI BB SO Avg. DeJesus rf 4 2 2 1 1 0 .264 Barney 2b 5 2 3 0 0 0 .270 Rizzo 1b 4 1 1 0 1 1 .299 A.Soriano lf 5 0 1 3 0 2 .268 S.Castro ss 4 0 2 2 1 1 .275 Vitters 3b 5 1 1 0 0 1 .133 B.Jackson cf 3 1 0 0 1 2 .118 W.Castillo c 4 1 2 2 0 0 .271 Germano p 2 0 1 0 0 1 .167 Al.Cabrera p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --a-LaHair ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .261 Beliveau p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --Camp p 0 0 0 0 0 0 --c-Valbuena ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 .206 Corpas p 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 Totals 38 8 13 8 4 8 Cincinnati 023 003 011 — 10 15 0 Chicago 102 001 220 — 8 13 5 a-flied out for Al.Cabrera in the 6th. b-struck out for Arredondo in the 7th. c-fouled out for Camp in the 8th. E—W.Castillo (2), Vitters (1), Rizzo (2), S.Castro (18), B.Jackson (1). LOB—Cincinnati 13, Chicago 7. 2B—Cozart (24), B.Phillips (21), Ludwick (21), Frazier (18), DeJesus (20), A.Soriano (25), S.Castro (15), W.Castillo 2 (4). HR—Ludwick (20), off Germano. SB—Stubbs (27), B.Phillips (9), Paul (3), A.Soriano (5), S.Castro (18). DP—Cincinnati 1. Cincinnati IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA H.Bailey W, 10-7 5 2-3 9 4 4 2 5 104 4.08 Arredondo 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 6 2.56 Marshall 1-3 1 2 2 1 0 14 2.89 LeCure H, 5 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 8 3.02 Broxton H, 3 2-3 2 2 2 1 0 21 9.00 Chapman S, 26-30 1 1-3 0 0 0 0 3 20 1.31 Chicago IP H R ER BB SO NP ERA Germano L, 1-2 5 2-3 7 6 4 2 2 91 4.26 Al.Cabrera 1-3 2 2 2 2 0 21 12.00 Beliveau 1 1 0 0 0 2 16 2.16 Camp 1 2 1 1 1 0 28 3.63 Corpas 1 3 1 1 0 0 15 3.81 T—3:56. A—36,891 (41,009).

Leaders Through Friday’s Games AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING—Trout, Los Angeles, .345; MiCabrera, Detroit, .323; Mauer, Minnesota, .320; AJackson, Detroit, .319; Cano, New York, .317; Konerko, Chicago, .316; Ortiz, Boston, .316. RBI—MiCabrera, Detroit, 96; Hamilton, Texas, 96; Fielder, Detroit, 84; Willingham, Minnesota, 84; Pujols, Los Angeles, 76; Teixeira, New York, 76; ADunn, Chicago, 75; Encarnacion, Toronto, 75. HOME RUNS—ADunn, Chicago, 31; Hamilton, Texas, 31; Granderson, New York, 30; MiCabrera, Detroit, 29; Encarnacion, Toronto, 29; Trumbo, Los Angeles, 29; Willingham, Minnesota, 29. PITCHING—Weaver, Los Angeles, 15-1; Price, Tampa Bay, 14-4; Sale, Chicago, 13-3; MHarrison, Texas, 13-6; Sabathia, New York, 12-3; Verlander, Detroit, 12-7; Vargas, Seattle, 12-8. STRIKEOUTS—Scherzer, Detroit, 168; Verlander, Detroit, 166; FHernandez, Seattle, 162; Darvish, Texas, 154; Shields, Tampa Bay, 151; Price, Tampa Bay, 146; Sabathia, New York, 140. NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING—McCutchen, Pittsburgh, .365; MeCabrera, San Francisco, .349; Votto, Cincinnati, .342; Ruiz, Philadelphia, .335; Posey, San Francisco, .328; DWright, New York, .324; CGonzalez, Colorado, .322. RBI—Beltran, St. Louis, 81; Kubel, Arizona, 77; Braun, Milwaukee, 76; Holliday, St. Louis, 76; CGonzalez, Colorado, 74; LaRoche, Washington, 74; Posey, San Francisco, 73; DWright, New York, 73. HOME RUNS—Braun, Milwaukee, 29; Beltran, St. Louis, 28; Kubel, Arizona, 25; LaRoche, Washington, 23; McCutchen, Pittsburgh, 23. PITCHING—Dickey, New York, 15-3; AJBurnett, Pittsburgh, 14-3; GGonzalez, Washington, 14-6; Cueto, Cincinnati, 14-6; Strasburg, Washington, 13-5; Lynn, St. Louis, 13-5; 5 tied at 12. STRIKEOUTS—Dickey, New York, 166; Strasburg, Washington, 166; Kershaw, Los Angeles, 157; GGonzalez, Washington, 154; Hamels, Philadelphia, 153; Bumgarner, San Francisco, 144; MCain, San Francisco, 142; Lincecum, San Francisco, 142.




Pac-12 working to complete deals for new TV networks By Jos h Du bo w The Associated Press

Lynne Sladky / The Associated Press

Tiger Woods hits out of the sand to the eighth green during the second round of the PGA Championship on the Ocean Course of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Kiawah Island, S.C., on Friday.

PGA Continued from C1 Only three other players managed to break par in the second round — Michael Hoey of Northern Ireland at 70, and Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ian Poulter at 71. It’s the second time this year that Woods has had a share of the lead in a major going into the weekend. He missed one chance at Olympic Club in the U.S. Open, when he stumbled to a 75-73 to tie for 21st. He was in the penultimate group at the British Open until a triple bogey on the sixth hole of the final round took him out of the mix. One last major, one last shot. “I’ve been in this position many times over my career,” he said. “Again, we’re just at the halfway point. We have a long way to go.” Six players were atop the leaderboard on this day of survival. Singh was the first to post at 4-under 140, and it didn’t look as though anyone would be able to even match that as the wind never let up on The Ocean Course. Pettersson stayed in the lead as long as he could until a few errant tee shots cost him at the end of his round and he had to settle for a 74. Woods, playing on the opposite side of the course, showed early on that he figured out something with his putter. Along with birdie putts of 15 feet and 40 feet on the opening two holes, there was a collection of big par saves — from 20 feet on the third hole, a pair of 8-foot par putts a few holes later. There were even two short par putts that swirled 360 degrees around the cup and dropped. The only disappointment was the way it ended. After hooking a tee shot that rattled around the corporate tents and allowed him a shot into the 18th, he ran his birdie putt about 6 feet by the hole and three-putted for bogey. It cost him his first outright lead in a major in three years, but this was not a day

Oregon Continued from C1 Thomas (5 feet 9 inches, 176 pounds), last year’s Pac12 co-offensive freshman of the year, expects to share some of the ball-carrying load with Barner (5-11, 192). But he will likely continue to take on a variety of roles — tailback, slot receiver and kick returner — that take advantage of his electrifying speed and ability to elude tacklers. Thomas gained 2,235 allpurpose yards last season, including 1,035 return yards. After the numbers he put up last year, whispers of a Heisman Trophy run for Thomas can be heard these days around Eugene. “I obviously think he can be better,” said Oregon head coach Chip Kelly of Thomas. “I’ve seen him do things in practice that you just kind of shake your head at. And that’s why I believe he can be better. “I think it’s our job as coaches to put him in a situation where he can utilize (his talent), but we were real

Evan Vucci / The Associated Press

Vijay Singh watches his drive from the 15th tee during the second round of the PGA Championship on Friday.

to complain. “It was fun, but it also was tough,” Woods said. “You were getting blown all over the place. It was just a very difficult day.” Poulter was tied for the lead until a bogey on his last hole, though he showed again that he can thrive in windy, demanding conditions. The last time he was in serious contention at wind-swept Royal Birkdale in 2008, when he was runner-up to Padraig Harrington. “The golf shots this golf course asks you to hit time and time and time and time again ... you really have to hit phenomenal golf shots,” Poulter said. “The room for error is so tiny, and when you get it wrong, you can be 15 feet below the level of the green in a bad lie with not much of a shot.” The course played so difficult that the afternoon groups were delayed 20 minutes, and one player failed to finish — Joost Luiten of the Netherlands, who was 1 over for the tournament and will return this morning to complete his round. The scoring average was 78.11. The previous record for the PGA Championship was 76.8 in the opening round at Llanerch Country Club in 1958. Singh is 49 and without a PGA Tour win in nearly four years. He stood tall in the wind, however, even as he kept his head down.

conscious last year to not put a whole heck of a lot on his plate, because he was still a true freshman and was really playing two positions. I think you’ll see him a little bit more in the return game. He’s as dynamic of a football player as I’ve ever been around.” No longer a freshman, Thomas said he is looking to become more of a vocal leader this season. “Through high school, through Pop Warner ball, I’ve always seen myself as a leader,” Thomas said. “People look up to me, so I need to be in that mindset to lead by example, and just do positive things.” Thomas said he likes the combination of himself and Barner at running back. “Kenjon is a great guy, and I’m really looking forward to just dominating guys with him,” Thomas said. “Me and Kenjon, we’ve been working hard this summer and it’s going to be a great season for us.” If Thomas had to choose between running back or slot receiver, he said he would

“After a while, you don’t really think about your score,” said Singh, whose last major victory was at the 2004 PGA on the first visit to Whistling Straits. “You just think about each hole, each shot and just try not to mess up. It was one of my better rounds. I didn’t strike the ball as good, but I scored really, really well. And I think that was the key.” There were 44 players under par after the opening day. Going into the weekend, there were only 10. Rory McIlroy didn’t make a birdie until his 14th hole — a tough par 3 that he has birdied both rounds — and had a 75. He was at 2-under 142, along with Jamie Donaldson of Wales, who had a 73 and was thrilled after his morning round. “That’s the best I can do,” he said. Adam Scott also had a 75 to join the group at 143 that included Aaron Baddeley (75), Blake Adams (72) and former Masters champion Trevor Immelman (72). “I thought 2 over today was like shooting 2 under yesterday,” Pettersson said. “I hit some squirrely shots, which is typical when it’s blowing 30 mph. But I hit some really good ones, too.” Mickelson, who is No. 8 in the Ryder Cup standings going into the final week of qualifying, came out firing into the wind with a 4-iron to about 2 feet and then a driver off the fairway to give himself

choose running back. “I can catch the ball and stuff like that, but I feel like I’m better in the backfield,” he explained. Kelly said how much the Ducks rely on Thomas and Barner will hinge on the tight end and wide receiver positions. Star tight end David Paulson graduated, as did last season’s leading wide receiver, Lavasier Tuinei. Sophomore Colt Lyerla figures to have a shot to start at tight end, and senior Rahsann Vaughn is the Oregon wide receiver with the most playing experience. “Are we going to be a onetrick pony where it’s (Thomas) and maybe just Kenjon?” Kelly asked rhetorically. “How much we put on Kenjon and De’Anthony’s plates really depends on what goes on at the tight end and wide receiver spots.” Thomas is among 50 players from across the country to be named to the watch list for the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award. And Barner is one of 52 players included on the watch list for the 2012 Doak Walker

a decent chance at birdie on the 11th. He didn’t advance any further up the leaderboard. He also didn’t fall too far back, and that was just as important. He was in the group at even-par 144, not knowing what the weekend will hold. Graeme McDowell had a 76 and was tied with Mickelson, still only four shots behind. “I was very happy to get off that golf course, I have to say,” McDowell said. “I’m trying to think of the last time I remember a golf course playing this difficult, because it’s a links wind, blowing across a golf course which is super soft, with some of the most difficult pins on the course out there. It’s brutal.” Woods was not immune to the windy conditions. With a sand wedge in his hand on the third, he knocked it over the green and appeared headed for bogey until his 20-foot par putt was true all the way. He looked solid on par putts at No. 5 and No. 7, and his chip from below the ridge on the ninth stopped a turn from falling. He never looked as if he would miss, even rolling in a 12-foot par putt on the 17th. The only big blip came at the 18th, his second bogey of the round. Already this week, the PGA statisticians have Woods for 23 one-putt greens. Asked if there was a putting performance that stood out among his 14 majors, he cited the 1997 Masters and 2000 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. He won those two by a combined 27 shots. Then again, he had put some distance between him and the field. This PGA Championship remains wide open, and so much depends on whether the wind continues to blow, and the scores continue to soar. Doug Wade, a club pro from Dayton, Ohio, had a 93. That was one shot away from the PGA Championship record for the worst score. Michael Frye, a club pro from Sedona, Ariz., finished par-birdie-par on three of the tougher holes for a 90.

Award, presented annually to the nation’s top running back. “Being on the watch list is an honor,” Barner said. “But at the same time, there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m going to focus on today. I have extremely high expectations of myself. I’ll be my hardest critic. I just expect myself to do what I know I’m capable of.” Thomas said he sees the preseason recognition as added motivation. But the Los Angeles native also has some extra motivation for what appears to be the biggest game on the schedule — Nov. 3 at USC. Thomas broke Oregon’s mantra of “one game at a time” to talk briefly about what is expected to be a key late-season conference showdown. “When I go home all the USC fans, they just always is on me,” he said. “But I just stay focused and just let it go in one ear and come out the other. When that time do come, it’s going to be a great game.” — Reporter: 541-383-0318,

SAN FRANCISCO — The Pac-12 said it is unlikely it will have distribution agreements in place for its new television networks with all four of the major satellite and telecommunications providers in time for next week’s launch. Pac-12 Enterprises president Gary Stevenson said on a conference call Friday that the conference is working “day and night” to reach deals with DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon and AT&T to add to agreements with cable operators in about 48 million homes. “We’re perfectionists, so we would like to have every distributor out there and that’s our goal,” Stevenson said. “If you take a look at our distribution launch compared with just about every other cable company that launched in history, that distribution with three of the five most powerful operators in the country is terrific.” The Pac-12 announced distribution deals with Comcast, Time Warner, Cox and Bright House cable systems last summer when it revealed plans for the networks. The conference has also reached deals in recent weeks with many smaller cable operators in advance of its launch next Wednesday. But reaching deals with the major satellite and telecommunications providers would help the conference deliver its programming all over the country. “There’s nothing that I’ve heard that is discouraging from any of them,” Stevenson said. “We only have 50 percent of the vote. I don’t expect all of them will be on at launch. I do believe that as we talk about our content over time, our fans that are customers of those distributors will get what they want.” The Pac-12 is launching one national sports network as well as six regional ones that each focuses on two of the conference’s 12 schools. While much of the programming, especially football and men’s basketball, will air on all the networks, each of the region-

Referee Continued from C1 But Bob Reichert, commissioner for the Central Oregon Basketball Officials Association who nominated Smith, says Smith also has a knack for communicating with players and coaches. In other words, he is more peacekeeper on the basketball floor than by-the-book authoritarian. “I get a kick out of watching him, because he’s always got some little side (conversations) going,” Reichert says. “Mike is not afraid to talk to coaches, and that’s the way it should be. And I think coaches respect that from Mike.” Some of Smith’s best memories in officiating involve the local Civil War between Bend High and Mountain View. In a boys game between the rivals in the 1990s, Smith recalls, his whistle was knocked away in the closing seconds of a tight contest. With no whistle, he was unable to blow play dead, and time expired. But Smith put a few seconds back on the clock — just enough time, as it turned out, to allow the visiting Lava Bears to hit a game-winning basket at the

als will also have about 50 lower-profile sports from the two schools in its coverage area. The networks will be on basic cable in home markets, on digital cable in cities like Sacramento, Calif., and mostly on sports tiers outside the six conference states. While some of the cable partners are paying for the networks, some like Cox will not offer it currently outside the Pac-12 region. The networks launch at 6 p.m. PDT Wednesday with a one-hour studio show, followed by a football season preview show, a 30-minute feature on No. 1-pick quarterbacks Andrew Luck, Alex Smith and Drew Bledsoe, and a rerun of last year’s conference championship football game. The first live event is a Santa Clara-Stanford women’s soccer game on Aug. 17, and there will also be 30-minute preview shows on all 12 football teams before the first football game is played on Aug. 30 between Utah and Northern Colorado. All 12 schools will play football games on the networks in the first four weeks of the season, with top contenders Southern California, Oregon and Stanford scheduled to be on the air five times during the season. “We have some blockbuster games on our network,” Stevenson said. Pac-12 Networks will also air hundreds of Olympic sports from a conference whose athletes won 37 medals in the first 13 days of the 2012 Olympics and sent 239 competitors to London. “Take all the athletes that did so well at the Olympics and think of the programming you can do on Olympic sports,” Stevenson said. “It’s really exciting for us.” The Pac-12 is also relaunching its website next week, renaming it from to All of the live events will be available there on home computers to users who also get the networks on their television systems, with programming soon to also be available to iPads, iPhones and Android.

buzzer. After the game, he recalls, an acquaintance asked Smith if he had seen the game — apparently unaware that Smith had been the official who reset the clock. “The biggest compliment as a ref is that they don’t know you exist,” says Smith, who works for a private college support program when he is not an official. Smith, of course, does exist. And if he has his way, he will continue to be on this region’s high school basketball courts for years to come. “It’s still fun,” Smith says. “I am not going to put myself in a game that I don’t think I can handle. But I still like it.” — Reporter: 541-617-7868,

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Reader photo, D2 Business, D3-5


LOCAL BRIEFING Motorcycle crash victim identified Gary Gerig, 48, was identified as the motorcyclist killed in a headon collision with a car on state Highway 126 Thursday night. Oregon State Police said Gerig, a Redmond resident, was heading east about two miles west of Redmond when for unknown reasons he veered into the westbound lane and into the path of a car driven by James Hershberger, 47, of Redmond. Hershberger slowed and moved his car toward the shoulder, but was unable to avoid the collision. Witnesses told police they had seen sparks coming from Gerig’s motorcycle just before it veered into the oncoming lane. Gerig was declared dead at the scene. Hershberger and his wife, Melissa Hershberger, 46, suffered minor injuries and were taken to St. Charles Redmond. Investigators closed the highway for about four hours while investigating the crash. Also Friday, Bend Police said they were not yet ready to identify a second motorcyclist killed in a Thursday night crash. The motorcyclist died after striking the back of a pickup stopped at the intersection of Northeast 27th Street and U.S. Highway 20.

Brewers get tips on regulations City Club is facing financial troubles By Jordan Novet The Bulletin

In this country, breweries can’t slap any old label on a beer bottle. Federal regulations require labels to get prior approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which can take days or even months. But representatives of five Central Oregon breweries learned how to streamline the process during a meeting at the Cascade Lakes Lodge in Bend on Friday with officials from the federal agency. U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, organized the meeting. Teresa Knapp, assistant director of the TTB’s Advertising, Labeling and Formulation

Division, told brewers they could avoid a long wait by applying for an accelerated label review by emailing her directly, rather than submitting electronically or by mail. “That’s fantastic,” said Chris Justema, president of Redmond-based Cascade Lakes Brewing Co., which owns the Cascade Lakes Lodge. Revising a rejected label once or even twice could delay a new beer getting to market and lead to less revenue than forecasted, Justema said. Breweries, including the 15 active ones in Central Oregon, face regulatory hurdles on the local, state and federal levels. Craft brewers in Colorado rat-

ed “cumbersome regulations” as the third-biggest factor that inhibits business growth, behind high commodities prices and lack of access to capital, according to an April report from the University of Colorado, Boulder. But some regulations from the TTB have been easing up recently. Knapp, who works in Washington, D.C., informed the brewers about policy changes the TTB made in July that permit them to make certain changes to previously approved labels without getting approval from the agency a second time. Justema and Garrett Wales, a partner of Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing Co., asked Knapp

why the TTB collects such specific information on production and supplies on a quarterly or monthly basis. Knapp asked colleagues, who joined the meeting on a conference call, to consider ways to simplify the form brewers must fill out and submit to the federal agency. The TTB is rewriting its regulations, some of which were written in the 1930s, and plans to release the proposed new regulations in September, Knapp said. Wales said he was glad to hear about the overhaul. “I’m really pleased,” he said of the meeting.

— Reporter: 541-633-2117,

— From staff reports

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The Bulletin Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin

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STATE NEWS • Portland

Shawn Burkhardt works with players during an open conditioning camp for the Prineville youth football team Thursday evening at Cecil Sly Elementary in Prineville.

Crook County youth football league on hold By Joel Aschbrenner The Bulletin

Elementary school-age football players in Prineville are conditioning this week, running sprints, working on technique and going through agility drills. Soon they’ll suit up with helmets and pads, and come fall they’ll be ready take on other peewee teams from the Bend area. High school and middle school students in Crook County play football for their local schools in Prineville, but younger ones play in the Bend Park & Recreation league. The Bend league is accommodating, but parents and coaches in Crook County have long hoped to start their own league, said Mike Gaffney, lead pastor at Ascent Christian Church in

The Bulletin

• Lakeview: Fire spreads, causing evacuations. • Portland: Push begins to fluoridate water. Stories on D7-8

Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin

Players run drills during conditioning camp Thursday evening at Cecil Sly Elementary in Prineville.

Prineville. Gaffney had planned to launch the Crook County Youth Football League this fall. He had created a nonprofit and planned to field several

local teams to play each other and possibly teams from Bend and John Day. But sponsors balked, funding was short and the league was put on hold for

another year. “Of course, one of the greatest hurdles is always funding,” Gaffney said. The league needed about $20,000 to $30,000 for equipment, insurance and a website. Several sponsors were interested, but when it came time to donate they said “maybe next year,” or “talk to us at the end of the year, when we’re looking for tax write-offs,” Gaffney said. Funding shortfalls for athletics are nothing new in Crook County. Faced with a multimillion-dollar budget gap in spring 2009, the county school district cut all funding for sports. The district has since reinstated $150,000 a year to cover some travel costs and partial salaries for coaches, said Athletic Director Scott Polen. See Football / D2

By Hillary Borrud The Bulletin

Leaders of the City Club of Central Oregon say their forums are the place to go for new perspectives on issues critical to the region. “For instance, next week’s topic is our beer industry here — what it means for tourism and business,” said Don Stevens, Principal at BBT Architects and president of the board of City Club of Central Oregon. “But there are probably other sides to that. People are concerned about water and sewage and probably concerned about alcoholism.” Since 2007, the City Club of Central Oregon has hosted forums on a variety of topics, from global warming to public records. “What the City Club tries to do is give varying points of view in a respectful way,” Stevens said. “We respect people’s opinions and we try to give them more than one side to a story.” But like other local nonprofits, the City Club has had trouble raising funds since the recession really got under way. “Like any nonprofit in the last couple of years, it’s been challenging for us so we’re definitely running lean,” said Stephanie Curtis, interim executive director of the City Club. Nonprofit tax returns for the City Club are only available through 2010, but they show the group’s revenues declined after 2008. That year, membership fees and other contributions totaled more than $93,000, according to tax records. City Club also had a full-time executive director and total expenses for the organization were more than $96,000. Revenues steadily declined through 2010, when they totaled nearly $76,000. That year, the club reduced the executive director’s position to part time, according to the tax records. Expenses in 2010 were $64,000. See City Club / D2

If you go City Club of Central Oregon Forum on Central Oregon’s craft brewing industry When: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday Where: St. Charles Center for Health and Learning, 2500 N.E. Neff Road, Bend Register for the event, which includes a buffet lunch, online at The cost is $20 for members and first-time guests. Other nonmembers pay $35. Registration closes at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Bend-La Pine schools aim to embrace technology By Ben Botkin

• Lakeview


Obituaries, D7 Weather, D8

A generation ago, education relied on paper, pencils and textbooks. For students of today’s generation, technology is also in the mix, providing digital tools for education. The Bend-La Pine Schools board, at a meeting Friday, spoke broadly about the need to recognize and embrace the

growing role of technology. Board member Cheri Helt said technology and curriculum need to be cohesive. “We have to look toward the future,” she said. Board members noted that outside the classroom, computer skills are part of jobs — from auto mechanics to the fast-food industry. “If you’re working at McDonald’s, you’re working on a

computer,” Helt said. Part of that means looking for ways to bring about that change instead of denying it, said Superintendent Ron Wilkinson. One example may be finding a way to make a cellphone interactive and part of a lesson, Wilkinson said. The work of meshing technology and education is a longterm endeavor, but changes are

already unfolding in the near term. A new program this fall, Bend-La Pine Online, will offer students of all grades online course options. The online coursework — with support from teachers — can be taken on a full-time basis or as a way to supplement classroom instruction a student is already receiving. It’s also available to home-schoolers.

“This is really trying to provide that platform across the system,” said Shay Mikalson, the district’s executive director of curriculum and instructional technology. “It’s a program; it’s not a school. It’s there to support the great work that’s happening in our buildings and the success that’s going on with our kids.” — Reporter: 541-977-7185,



Well shot! READER PHOTOS Can you work a camera, and capture a great picture? And can you tell us a bit about it? Email your color or black and white photos to and we’ll pick the best for publication. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phone number. Photos must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot be altered.

Football Continued from D1 A bare-bones athletic department would cost about $220,000 a year, Polen said. Without that funding teams are left to fund raise and find sponsors for equipment, uniforms, referees and additional travel costs. It seems there are several team car washes every weekend and at least one team doing a can and bottle drive at any given time, Gaffney said. “At the worst of times, we see the best in people,� he said. “The generosity in this community is just mind-blowing.� Polen, whose son plays youth football, said he was disappointed the local league was put on hold. “We were really hoping to have our own team because playing in the Bend parks and rec district can get spendy,� he said. Prineville teams play most games in Bend and travel costs add up for parents, Gaffney said. Then there are the participation fees. Players from Bend pay $90 to play, while

City Club BALD EAGLE IN A SNAG Bob Shea, of Bend, captured this shot of a bald eagle near Suttle Lake with a Canon EOS 60D, Av priority, 400mm lens, ISO 800, f/8.0, 1/2000 sec.

P  O    For The Bulletin’s full list, including federal, state, county and city levels, visit


Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.: 107 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: 202-224-3753 Web: Bend office: 131 N.W. Hawthorne Ave., Suite 208 Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541-318-1298 Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. 223 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 Phone: 202-224-5244 Web: Bend office: 131 N.W. Hawthorne Ave., Suite 107 Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541-330-9142 U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River 2182 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 Phone: 202-225-6730 Web: Bend office: 1051 N.W. Bond St., Suite 400 Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541-389-4408 Fax: 541-389-4452

STATE OF OREGON Gov. John Kitzhaber, Democrat 160 State Capitol, 900 Court St. Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-378-4582 Fax: 503-378-6872 Web: Secretary of State Kate Brown, Democrat 136 State Capitol Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1616 Fax: 503-986-1616 Email: Superintendent of Public Instruction Susan Castillo 255 Capitol Street N.E. Salem, Oregon 97310 Phone: 503-947-5600 Fax: 503-378-5156 Email: superintendent.castillo Web: Treasurer Ted Wheeler, Democrat 159 Oregon State Capitol 900 Court St. N.E. Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-378-4329 Email: oregon.treasurer Web: Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, Democrat 1162 Court St. N.E. Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-378-4400 Fax: 503-378-4017 Web: Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian 800 N.E. Oregon St., Suite 1045 Portland, OR 97232 Phone: 971-673-0761 Fax: 971-673-0762 Email: Web:


900 Court St. N.E., S-323 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1950 Email: Web: Sen. Chris Telfer, R-District 27 (includes portion of Deschutes) 900 Court St. N.E., S-423 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1727 Email: Web: Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-District 28 (includes Crook, portion of Deschutes) 900 Court St. N.E., S-303 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1728 Email: Web:

Email: Seth Crawford Phone: 541-447-6555 Email:

JEFFERSON COUNTY 66 S.E. D St. Madras, OR 97741 Phone: 541-475-2449 Fax: 541-475-4454 Web: County Commission

Mike Ahern, John Hatfield, Wayne Fording Phone: 541-475-2449 Email: commissioner@co.


Rep. Jason Conger, R-District 54 (portion of Deschutes) 900 Court St. N.E., H-477 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1454 Email: Web: Rep. John Huffman, R-District 59 (portion of Jefferson) 900 Court St. N.E., H-476 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1459 Email: Web: Rep. Mike McLane, R-District 55 (Crook, portion of Deschutes) 900 Court St. N.E., H-385 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1455 Email: Web: Rep. Gene Whisnant, R-District 53 (portion of Deschutes County) 900 Court St. N.E., H-471 Salem, OR 97301 Phone: 503-986-1453 Email: Web:

DESCHUTES COUNTY 1300 N.W. Wall St. Bend, OR 97701 Web: Phone: 541-388-6571 Fax: 541-382-1692 County Commission

Tammy Baney, R-Bend Phone: 541-388-6567 Email: Tammy_Baney@ Alan Unger, D-Redmond Phone: 541-388-6569 Email: Alan_Unger@co.deschutes. Tony DeBone, R-La Pine Phone: 541-388-6568 Email: Tony_DeBone@

CROOK COUNTY 300 N.E. Third St. Prineville, OR 97754 Phone: 541-447-6555 Fax: 541-416-3891 Email: Web: Crook County Judge Mike McCabe Phone: 541-447-6555 Email:

CITY OF BEND 710 N.W. Wall St. Bend, OR 97701 Phone: 541-388-5505 Web: City Manager Eric King Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: City Council

Tom Greene Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: Jeff Eager Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: Kathie Eckman Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: Jim Clinton Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: Mark Capell Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: Jodie Barram Phone: 541-388-5505 Email: Scott Ramsay Phone: 541-388-5505 Email:

CITY OF SISTERS 520 E. Cascade Avenue P.O. Box 39 Sisters, OR 97759 Phone: 541-549-6022 Fax: 541-549-0561 City Council

David Asson Phone: 503-913-7342 Email: Wendy Holzman Phone: 541-549-8558 Lon Kellstrom Phone: 541-480-9975 Email: Pat Thompson Phone: 541-610-3780 Email: Sharlene Weed Phone: 541-549-1193 Email:

La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: 541-536-1432 Fax: 541-536-1462

Continued from D1 The group is launching a membership drive in September to increase its financial support. The group has 200 members. An individual membership costs $95 per year. The organization is also trying to shore up its budget with fundraisers, grants and endowments, Curtis said. For example, the group held an invitational golf tournament at Crosswater on Thursday. Curtis and members of the City Club board met two months ago to come up with a strategy to improve the non-

“We were really hoping to have our own team because playing in the Bend parks and rec district can get spendy.� — Scott Polen, father of youth football player

out-of-district players pay $110 because they don’t pay taxes to the park district, said Greg Brady, sports coordinator with the Park & Recreation District. Gaffney said participation fees would be about half as much in the Crook County league. Brady said he supports Gaffney’s efforts to form a local league. “I think it will probably be fantastic for them,� he said. Gaffney, a former football player, hopes to have the league up and running next fall. If it goes well, he hopes to start a flag football league for younger players in Crook County. — Reporter: 541-633-2184,

profit’s finances. Now, they’re implementing that strategy. “One of the things that’s unique about City Club is we don’t have any agenda, by which I mean we don’t take sides,� Curtis said. “That’s different than any other nonprofit organization here in town. That really encourages civic engagement.� This is important to the region, Stevens said. “We promote cooperation, respect and civic engagement on many topics, topics that are world, national and local interests,� Stevens said. — Reporter: 541-617-7829,

City Council

Kathy Agan Phone: 541-536-1432 Email: Ken Mulenex Phone: 541-536-1432 Email: Don Greiner Phone: 541-536-1432 Email: Dan Varcoe Phone: 541-536-1432 Email: Stu Martinez Phone: 541-536-1432 Email:

CITY OF PRINEVILLE 387 N.E. Third St. Prineville, OR 97754 Phone: 541-447-5627 Fax: 541-447-5628 Email: Web: City Council

Betty Roppe Phone: 541-447-5627 Email: Jack Seley Phone: 541-447-5627 Email: Stephen Uffelman Phone: 541-447-5627 Email: Dean Noyes Phone: 541-447-5627 Email: Gordon Gillespie Phone: 541-447-5627 Email: Jim MacDonald Phone: 541-447-5627 Email:

CITY OF MADRAS 71 S.E. D Street Madras, OR 97741 Phone: 541-475-2344 Fax: 541-475-7061 City Council

Mayor Melanie Widmer Phone: 541-475-2344 Email:

N  R POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log when such a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358. Bend Police Department

Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 11:36 a.m. July 29, in the 61600 block of Woodriver Drive. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 10:41 a.m. July 30, in the 61100 block of Princeton Loop. DUII — Jeremy Paul Flowerday, 34, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 12:30 a.m. Aug. 6, in the area of Northwest Riverside Boulevard and Northwest Tumalo Avenue. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 9:42 p.m. Aug. 6, in the 1100 block of Southeast Third Street. Theft — A theft was reported and an arrest made at 5:39 p.m. Aug. 7, in the 2600 block of Northeast U.S. Highway 20. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 8:44 a.m. Aug. 8, in the 60800 block of Brookswood Boulevard. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 9:16 a.m. Aug. 8, in the 100 block of Northwest Oregon Avenue. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 10:31 a.m. Aug. 8, in the 61600 block of Cederwood Drive. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 12:36 p.m. Aug. 8, in the 800 block of Northwest Bond Street. Burglary — A burglary was reported and an arrest made at 9:30 a.m. July 31, in the 200 block

of Northwest Riverfront Street. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 12:41 p.m. Aug. 6, in the 3100 block of Northeast Saber Drive. Theft — A theft was reported at 12:35 p.m. Aug. 7, in the 2200 block of Northeast Fourth Street. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 9:15 a.m. Aug. 9, in the 2500 block of Northeast Butler Market Road. Theft — A theft was reported at 11:08 a.m. Aug. 9, in the 19700 block of Southwest Mt. Bachelor Drive. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 2:58 p.m. Aug. 9, in the 600 block of Northeast Kearney Avenue. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 3:42 p.m. Aug. 9, in the 1100 block of Northwest 14th Street. Oregon State Police

Vehicle crash — An accident was reported at 2 p.m. Aug. 9, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 near milepost 165. DUII — Thomas Frank McAuliffe, 54, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 6:14 p.m. Aug. 9, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 near milepost 134.

BEND FIRE RUNS Thursday 12:58 p.m. — Smoke odor reported, in the area of U.S. Highway 20. 1:22 p.m. — Brush or brush-andgrass mixture fire, 21047 Don Street. 1:22 p.m. — Natural vegetation fire, 21045 Don Street. 3:05 p.m. — Smoke odor reported, 2185 N.E. Butler Market Road. 20 — Medical aid calls.

Tom Brown Phone: 541-475-2344 Email: Royce Embanks Jr. Phone: 541-475-2344 Email: Jennifer Flowers Phone: 541-475-2344 Email: Richard Ladeby Phone: 541-475-2344 Email: Jon Young Phone: 541-475-2344 Email:

Rebecca Nonweiler, MD, Board Certified

(541) 318-7311

River View Home In Bend Overlooking the Deschutes River. Stunning home with master suite on the main level. Gorgeous kitchen, bonus room, nice deck to enjoy the river, Rivers Edge Golf Course. 3120 NW Golf View Dr.

$499,900 MLS#201204300


Sen. Ted Ferrioli, R-District 30 (includes Jefferson, portion of Deschutes)

County Court

Ken Fahlgren Phone: 541-447-6555

CITY OF LA PINE P.O. Box 3055 16345 Sixth St.

Kevin O’Meara Phone: 541-475-2344 Email:

VIRGINIA ROSS, Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI 541-480-7501




Weekly market review, D4-5 People on the Move, D5




CLOSE 3,020.86 CHANGE +2.22 +.07%

IN BRIEF Downtown Thai restaurant set Noi, a Thai restaurant, will fill the former Typhoon location in the Franklin Crossing building on the corner of Northwest Franklin Avenue and Northwest Bond Street. “It will be like stepping off Bond Street and into Bangkok,” said Darren Powderly, president and partner of Compass Commercial Real Estate Services. The owners of Noi have two restaurants in the Seattle area called Bai Tong, Powderly said. He said the new owners signed the lease in May while they were in Bangkok. “High-quality Thai is successful in Bend,” he said. “This is going to be a step above where Typhoon was, and that’s why we did the deal.” Powderly said the restaurant is expected to open in midautumn. “We are very excited for what an established restaurant will be able to do for that block of downtown,” said Chuck Arnold, the executive director of the Downtown Bend Business Association. “Having a restaurant that’s offering similar fares as Typhoon will complete the block and restaurant offerings downtown.”


DOW JONES CLOSE 13,207.95 CHANGE +42.76 +.32%


S&P 500

CLOSE 1,405.87 CHANGE +3.07 +.22%



10-year Treasury

CLOSE 1.66 CHANGE -1.78%


$1619.70 GOLD CLOSE CHANGE +$2.60

By Amy Chozick New York Times News Service

Big media companies won a battle in the fight to combat online piracy Friday when Google said it would alter its search algorithms to favor websites that offered legitimate copyrighted movies, music and television. Google said that beginning next week its algorithms would take into account the number of valid copyright removal notices that websites had received. Websites with multiple, valid complaints about copyright infringement may appear lower in Google search results.

“This ranking change should help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily — whether it’s a song previewed on NPR’s music website, a TV show on Hulu or new music streamed from Spotify,” Amit Singhal, Google’s senior vice president of engineering, wrote in a company blog post. The entertainment industry, which has for years pressured Google and other Internet sites to act against online piracy, applauded the move. “We are optimistic that Google’s actions will help steer consumers to the myriad legiti-

which Google owns. “The devil is always in the details,” O’Leary said. Sherman added, similarly, that changing the search algorithm “is not the only approach, and of course, the details of implementation will matter.” The announcement comes just over six months after a heated battle between big media companies and technology companies, which were sparring over proposed legislation intended to crack down on pirated online content, particularly by rogue foreign websites. See Google / D5

mate ways for them to access movies and TV shows online,” Michael O’Leary, a senior executive vice president for the Motion Picture Association of America, said in a statement. Cary Sherman, chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America, also commended Google’s move. “Google has signaled a new willingness to value the rights of creators,” he said in a statement. But the two men expressed caution and urged Google to carry out the change with the vigor it adopted in combating pirated videos on YouTube,

Continuing to claim unemployment insurance Initial claim Week ending July 28 3.3 million

6 5 4 3 2

Week ending Aug. 4 361,000

1 ’08



’11 ’12

Note: Report on continuing claims lags initial claims by one week Source: U.S. Department of Labor © 2012 McClatchy-Tribune News Service

EAGAN, Minn. — The doors of the Cub Foods grocery in this middle-class suburban city open onto piles of picture-perfect peaches and nectarines nestled next to jewel-toned plums and grapes. Around the corner, corn delivered in the morning from a local farm is heaped decoratively on one side of a wide, meandering path that guides shoppers through the produce section and toward the deli counter and sushi bar, where they can catch the aromas of freshly baked

breads and doughnuts, a Cub specialty, a little farther away. “You can pretty much be in Anywhere, USA, in center store, but the perimeter is the fashion side of the grocery business,” said Sharon Lessard, chief designer at Supervalu, which operates Cub Foods stores as well as chains like Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s and Albertsons in some markets. “The perimeter is where we can best distinguish ourselves from everyone else.” By center store, Lessard meant those long, soldierstraight rows of shelves that

have long been the heart of the American grocery store but are now showing signs of the grocery equivalent of atherosclerosis. Shopping and eating patterns are changing, and those changes have threatening implications for the food companies whose shelf-stable products have long filled the center store. Analysts have been surprised by the volume of sales declines over the last two quarters. Heinz reported a drop of 2.4 percent in its second quarter. Kraft unit sales were down 2.8 percent in its first quarter, and Kel-

logg said its North American volumes fell 1.7 percent in its second quarter. With center store sales down, the most forwardlooking supermarkets are rethinking the allocation of space — shrinking the staid center and expanding the sexy perimeter. In the Eaton Cub, for example, the produce, bakery, deli, meat, seafood and other perimeter areas occupy roughly 40 percent of the store, Lessard said, compared with 20 to 25 percent of Supervalu stores that have yet to be remodeled. See Grocery / D5


CLOSE $28.055 CHANGE -$0.035

BUS 97


Chevrolet Cadillac of Bend Wilson Ave.

BEND Reed Market Rd.

Andy Zeigert / The Bulletin

Alex McDougall / The Bulletin

Chevrolet Cadillac of Bend is staying open for business while construction of a new building proceeds. A new showroom, service center and waiting area are to be completed in December. Construction began June 15. The new building is scheduled for completion at the end of the year, he said. By Dec. 1, dealership employees hope to move into the new build-

ing. After the move, he said, the existing facility — except for the shop — will be torn down and replaced with additional parking and a display area. “All the parts that the consumer

New York Times News Service

LONDON — The system at the center of the rate-rigging scandal is set to be overhauled as regulators respond to public anger over the manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, or Libor. Martin Wheatley, the regulator in charge of a plan backed by the British government to restructure the rate-setting process, outlined steps on Friday that could lead to wholesale changes to Libor, which is used as a benchmark rate for more than $360 trillion of financial products, including mortgages and loans. The changes may include the replacement of the current system, which is overseen by the British Bankers’ Association, a trade body, with one overseen by government officials. They will also most likely make it a criminal offense to manipulate benchmark rates. “The existing structure and governance of Libor is no longer fit for purpose and reform is needed,” said Wheatley, who is managing director of the Financial Services Authority, the British regulator. “Trust in a vital part of the financial system has been badly damaged and timely action is needed to restore it.” The tough words came after one of Britain’s biggest banks, Barclays, agreed to a $450 million settlement with U.S. and British officials after some of its traders and senior executives were found to have manipulated the rate for financial gain. See Libor / D5

New York Times News Service

Franklin Ave.


By Mark Scott

By Peter Lattman

WHAT’S GOING UP? What: Chevrolet Cadillac of Bend Where: 345 N.E. Third St., Bend Owner: Lithia Motors Inc., Medford Architect: Kistler+Small +White Architects, Ashland General contractor: Adroit Construction Co. Inc., Ashland Contact: 541-382-2911 Details: Chevrolet Cadillac of Bend on Northeast Third Street is building a new showroom, service and parts center and customer waiting area in an effort to make the dealership more customerfriendly. “The new building stretches from our existing building all the way to the lot,” said Steve Burnett, the general manager of the dealership. “We’re adding over 10,000 feet.” The project will cost about $2 million for construction, plus additional costs for equipment and furnishings, he said.

overhaul of Libor oversight

Goldman probe ends; no charges will be filed

27th St.

The number of U.S. workers seeking jobless benefits fell last week, suggesting moderate gains in hiring.

New York Times News Service

15th St.

Out of work

By Stephanie Strom

Bend Parkway

— Staff and wire reports

Grocery store perimeter takes the center stage


WASHINGTON — With the nation’s worst drought in a half-century continuing to decimate crops, the government slashed its estimate of the soybean yield to the lowest level since 2003 and its estimate of the corn yield to the lowest level since 1995. The smaller harvests will drive up prices for food and animal feed, analysts said.

Tim Gruber / The New York Times

Joe Geisel labels packages of pork at Cub Foods, in Eagan, Minn. As sales droop in the staid center aisles full of shelf-stable products, grocers focus on more glamorous areas like the deli, bakery and produce sections.

Th ird S

Drought hits crop estimates


Google downranks piracy sites U.K. plans

Bella Moda stores closing The two Bella Moda retail clothing stores in Sisters and downtown Bend will close soon, following the owner’s decision to semi-retire. A third Bella Moda store, in Redmond, closed in April. The first store opened in Bend in 2009. Karen Poulsen, the company’s owner, wants to sell all remaining merchandise and fixtures by Sept. 24. After the stores close for good, Poulsen plans to become a style consultant and hold home-based trunk shows to sell clothing, she said. Last fall, her stores stopped carrying used clothing on consignment. They now sell only new products.


will see will be new,” he said. Burnett said other Lithia-owned dealerships that have completed similar remodels have had Chevy sales increase by about 30 percent. “For us, it’s not so much for sales, but for service,” he said. “(Currently,) when you come to get your car serviced, you have to walk though the shop.We’re trying to make it more customerfriendly.” — Reporter: 541-617-7818,

WASHINGTON — After deciding not to prosecute Goldman Sachs for its conduct during the financial crisis, the Justice Department made the rare move to publicly announce that the investigation was closed. In a 450-word statement issued late Thursday, the authorities said that “based on the law and evidence as they exist at this time, there is not a viable basis to bring a criminal prosecution.” While many legal experts said it would have been hard to bring charges, the announcement reflects the intense pressure to hold banks and their employees accountable for their reckless activities during the mortgage mania and the subsequent market crisis. By closing its case, the Justice Department has removed the taint of a possible indictment against Goldman, which had already paid $550 million to settle a related civil matter brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission. See Goldman / D5



The weekly market review New York Stock Exchange Name

Last Chg Wkly Name

A-B-C ABB Ltd 17.93 ACE Ltd 72.74 AES Corp 11.78 AFLAC 45.86 AG MtgeIT u22.82 AGCO 45.24 AK Steel 5.94 AOL u33.76 AT&T Inc 37.49 AU Optron d2.92 AbtLab 66.11 AberFitc 32.01 Accenture 61.63 AccoBrds 7.31 AccretivH 11.20 AdvAuto 68.60 AMD 4.34 AdvSemi 4.15 AdvActBear 21.87 AecomTch 18.85 Aegon 5.28 AerCap 12.00 Aeropostl 13.10 Aetna 37.73 Agilent 40.53 Agnico g 45.38 Agrium g u97.23 AirProd 83.73 Aircastle 11.89 AlaskAir s 34.18 AlcatelLuc 1.21 Alcoa 8.98 Alere d18.26 AllegTch 32.52 Allergan 85.61 Allstate u37.98 AlphaNRs 7.35 AlpTotDiv 4.42 AlpAlerMLP 16.27 Altria 34.96 AmBev 38.21 Amdocs 32.04 Ameren 34.70 Amerigrp 89.83 AMovilL 26.16 AmAxle 10.87 AmCampus 46.17 AEagleOut u20.93 AEP u43.55 AmExp 55.85 AmIntlGrp 32.60 AmTower 70.51 AmWtrWks 37.79 Ameriprise 54.50 AmeriBrgn 38.69 Ametek s 32.55 Amphenol u61.04 Anadarko 69.68 AnglogldA 34.61 ABInBev 81.09 Ann Inc 27.87 Annaly 16.87 Anworth 6.54 Aon plc 51.83 Apache 87.86 AptInv 26.04 AquaAm 25.68 ArcelorMit 15.94 ArchCoal 7.46 ArchDan 25.94 ArcosDor 14.10 ArmourRsd 7.49 ArrowEl 36.68 Ashland u72.90 AssistLiv d7.37 AsdEstat 14.99 Assurant 35.85 AssuredG 12.83 AstraZen 47.16 AtlasEngy 33.92 AuRico g 6.81 Autoliv 60.27 AutoZone 359.29 AvalonBay 140.34 AveryD 31.77 Avnet 32.52 Avon 16.28 AXIS Cap 33.81 BB&T Cp 31.56 BB&T pfE d25.17 BCE g u45.48 BHP BillLt 69.91 BHPBil plc 62.59 BP PLC 42.40 BPZ Res 2.31 BRFBrasil 14.86 BakrHu 48.69 BallCorp 42.01 BallyTech 44.65 BanColum 57.94 BcBilVArg 6.93 BcoBrad pf 16.90 BcoSantSA 6.49 BcoSBrasil 7.75 BkofAm 7.74 BkNYMel 22.25 Bankrate 19.10 Barclay 11.52 Bar iPVix d11.42 BarrickG 34.59 BasicEnSv 12.15 Baxter 58.84 Beam Inc 60.37 BeazerHm 2.78 BectDck 75.89 Belo 7.29 Bemis 30.28 BerkH B u84.77 BerryPet 39.59 BestBuy 19.21 BigLots 38.44 BBarrett 21.30 BioMedR 18.54 BlkHillsCp 31.48 BlackRock 174.41 Blackstone 13.74 BlockHR 16.11 Blount 13.09 BdwlkPpl 27.12 Boeing 74.21 Boise Inc 7.47 BoozAllenHu18.66 BorgWarn 71.32 BostProp u110.70 BostonSci 5.54 BoydGm 6.01 Brandyw u11.93 Braskem 14.18 BridgptEd 10.77 BrigStrat 17.02 Brinker u33.48 BrMySq 31.73 BroadrdgF 22.10 Brookdale 18.76 BrkfldAs g u34.78 BrkfldOfPr 17.08

+.05 -.38 +.02 +.16 -.47 +.15 +.04 -.54 +.26 -.01 +.39 -.19 +.08 -.21 +.25 +.68 -.03 +.02 -.17 -.23 +.09 ... -.12 +.20 -.27 +.06 -.11 -.31 -.13 -.13 +.03 +.12 ... +.06 +.12 -.07 +.10 +.03 +.06 +.24 -.19 +.12 +.27 ... +.09 +.01 +.51 -.54 +.18 -.62 +.09 +.23 -.08 +.13 ... +.34 +.17 +.02 +.51 -.81 -.20 +.08 ... +.38 -.64 -.07 +.13 -.02 +.04 -.53 -.33 +.01 +.18 +1.73 -.19 ... -.38 +.45 +.33 -.01 +.02 +.42 -3.83 +.95 +.20 +.09 -.16 -.12 -.14 ... +.26 +.40 +.52 +.18 -.01 +.05 +.26 +.28 +2.66 +.15 -.02 +.30 -.01 -.09 +.02 -.04 -.28 +.31 -.21 +.45 -.23 +.06 -.17 -.01 +.39 +.01 +.32 +.23 -.02 +.02 -2.87 +.15 +.17 +.02 -.38 -.19 -.01 -.21 +.09 -.07 -.04 +.15 +1.34 +.18 +.04 +.04 -.16 +.49 -.14 +.22 -.95 -.04 +.10 +.29 +.25 +.11

+.02 -.92 -.47 +1.28 -.11 +.83 +1.03 +1.13 -.09 +.13 -.48 +2.64 +1.28 -1.22 -1.96 +.59 +.25 +.19 -1.25 +2.77 +.52 +.53 -.02 +1.03 +1.42 +1.73 +2.21 +1.49 -.22 -.25 +.05 +.61 +.07 +2.34 +.16 +.94 +.46 +.13 +.04 -.96 -.26 +1.45 +.36 -.28 -.38 +.61 -1.09 +.47 +1.68 -1.76 +1.26 -2.56 +.17 +1.87 -.70 +1.38 +1.25 +1.27 +.72 -.66 +.50 -.38 -.05 +1.34 +3.01 -.66 -.14 +.87 +.74 +.40 +1.29 +.01 +1.57 +2.50 -5.49 -.27 -.80 +1.33 -.15 +2.63 +.21 +3.69 -7.01 -4.38 +.65 +.66 +1.39 +.50 -.09 -.10 +2.91 +1.90 +2.74 +1.85 +.01 +.43 +1.71 +.91 +.57 +1.33 +.21 +1.06 +.38 -.07 +.31 +.50 +1.13 +.91 -.74 +1.84 +.37 -.09 -1.36 +.45 +1.54 +.10 -.17 -.81 +1.39 +1.57 -3.07 +2.10 -.22 -.23 +1.22 -.16 +.20 -.90 -.05 +1.40 -.13 +1.30 +5.39 -2.30 +.23 +.24 -.30 +.91 +1.33 -.22 +.33 -.91 +1.19 +2.01 +.70 +.26

Last Chg Wkly Name

BrwnBrn 25.03 -.01 Brunswick 22.76 -.17 Buenavent 34.42 -.11 BungeLt 64.97 +.04 BurgerK n 14.51 -.49 C&J Engy 19.41 -.35 CBL Asc u20.33 +.08 CBRE Grp 17.77 -.03 CBS B u35.69 +.12 CF Inds u207.95 -4.51 CIT Grp 38.70 +.40 CMS Eng 23.89 +.17 CNO Fincl u8.85 +.06 CPFL Eng 23.87 +.18 CSX 22.98 +.33 CVS Care 44.95 -.07 CYS Invest 14.18 +.05 Cabelas u46.60 -.71 CblvsnNY 15.50 -.10 CabotOG s 42.88 -.60 CalDive 1.66 -.03 Calix 4.97 +.22 Calpine 17.07 +.21 CamdenPT 66.94 +.44 Cameco g 20.84 +.09 Cameron 52.29 +.34 CampSp 33.31 +.15 CdnNRs gs 31.22 -.41 Canon 34.17 -.26 CapOne 56.10 -.45 CapitlSrce 7.13 -.01 CapsteadM 13.86 -.03 CardnlHlth 40.27 +.07 CareFusion 26.29 +1.72 CarMax 28.99 -.04 Carnival 34.05 +.04 Carters 51.82 -.38 Caterpillar 88.94 +.54 Celanese 40.69 +.71 Cemex 7.51 +.25 Cemig pf s 19.86 +.04 CenovusE 32.77 -.07 Centene 39.76 -.52 CenterPnt 21.08 +.07 CenElBras 7.53 +.04 CntryLink u42.78 +.24 ChRvLab u37.08 +.53 Chemtura 16.41 +.11 ChesEng 19.68 -.63 Chevron u113.55 +.92 ChicB&I 37.21 -.86 Chicos u15.76 -.24 Chimera 2.38 -.01 ChinaMble 58.60 +.60 ChinaUni 15.98 +.03 Chipotle 295.39 -1.81 Chiquita 5.74 -.05 Chubb 72.45 +.11 ChurchDwt 51.74 -.30 Cigna 43.82 -.06 Cimarex 62.70 +1.43 CinciBell u4.50 +.13 Cinemark 23.49 -.11 Citigroup 28.90 +.04 CleanHarb 55.35 -.05 CliffsNRs 44.91 -.06 Clorox 71.85 +.37 CloudPeak 17.96 -.26 Coach 54.83 -.23 CobaltIEn 21.30 -.30 CocaCola 78.79 -.45 CocaCE 29.43 -.12 Coeur 19.95 +.46 Colfax 32.10 -.23 ColgPal 105.37 +.42 CollctvBrd u21.64 ... ColonPT 21.57 -.01 Comerica 30.81 +.17 CmclMtls 13.66 -.03 CmwREIT d15.94 -.31 CmtyHlt 24.55 -.47 CompSci 31.32 +.81 ComstkRs 16.93 -.08 Con-Way 30.41 +.07 ConAgra 24.83 +.07 ConchoRes 95.21 +1.38 ConocPhil s 57.28 +.19 ConsolEngy32.87 -.21 ConEd 63.87 +.28 ConstellA u29.94 +.09 ContlRes 71.72 -.24 Cnvrgys u15.41 -.39 Cooper Indu74.08 +.56 CooperTireu19.29 +.14 CoreLogic 24.03 +.15 Corning 11.57 -.02 CorrectnCpu32.67 +.29 Cosan Ltd 13.59 -.04 Cott Cp u8.27 -.28 CovantaH u17.29 -.07 CoventryH 32.45 -.07 Covidien u57.17 +.64 CS VS3xSlv 22.73 -.09 CSVS2xVxSd2.61 -.05 CSVelIVSt u14.16 +.25 CredSuiss 17.58 +.04 CrwnCstle 62.42 +.54 CrownHold 36.43 -.16 CubeSmart 12.28 +.14 Cummins 101.31 +.03 CurEuro 122.21 -.03

-.40 +1.10 -.09 -.44 -.72 +.08 -.09 +.69 +.63 +6.33 +1.15 -.30 +.47 +.68 -.13 +.20 +.02 -.01 +.11 +1.70 +.01 +.53 +.28 -3.27 +.21 +.20 +.52 +3.33 -.63 -1.43 +.15 -.13 +1.03 +2.17 +1.13 +.02 +1.02 +3.92 +2.40 +.26 +.57 +1.45 +3.00 -.08 +.48 +1.04 +1.92 +1.24 +1.79 +2.43 +.77 +.10 +.22 +1.72 +.89 -2.26 +.67 -.43 -4.75 +1.74 +7.20 +.74 -.56 +1.50 -5.38 +2.80 +.09 +.37 +2.17 -1.23 -2.04 +.09 +3.82 +1.38 -1.09 +.07 -.73 +.15 +.81 -2.65 +.58 +6.49 +.87 -.41 +.26 +6.44 +1.57 +3.87 -.79 +.02 +5.49 +.01 +1.59 +1.86 +1.00 +.23 +1.54 +.62 -.26 -.05 +.14 +.75 +.80 -.40 +.75 +.38 -.10 -.08 +.24 +2.31 -.84

Last Chg Wkly Name

DirxSCBull 53.91 DirxSPBull 83.61 DirxEnBull 51.06 Discover u36.84 Disney u49.65 DolbyLab 34.60 DoleFood 12.60 DollarGen 51.77 DollarTh 74.43 DomRescs 53.72 DoralFncl 1.05 DEmmett 23.55 Dover 57.36 DowChm 29.73 DrPepSnapu45.03 DryHYSt 4.36 Dril-Quip 71.89 DuPont 51.08 DuPFabros 26.26 DuffPhelp 13.26 DukeEn rs 67.85 DukeRlty 14.23 DunBrad 79.02 E-CDang 5.38 EMC Cp 26.99 ENI 44.11 EOG Res 109.99 EQT Corp 55.72 EagleMat u38.51 EastChm s 54.54 Eaton 46.15 EatnVan 27.12 EVTxMGlo 8.81 Ecolab 65.34 EdisonInt 44.98 EdwLfSci 98.17 Elan 11.10

-.49 +.41 +.36 +.31 -.31 +.19 +.09 +.42 -1.76 +.09 ... +.12 +.63 -.13 +.02 -.11 +.95 +.54 -.17 -.07 -.24 +.01 +2.08 -.14 -.02 +.11 +.58 -1.13 +.02 -.14 +.65 +.01 +.02 +.81 +.13 -.13 -.08

+2.57 +2.57 +3.94 +.35 -.12 +3.93 +.48 -.13 -2.61 -.69 -.40 -.31 +2.80 -.10 -.57 -.06 -.13 +1.61 -.41 -1.47 -.75 -.50 +4.53 +.36 +.19 +.60 +3.24 +1.74 +.44 +1.37 +1.92 +.27 +.21 +.93 -.71 -3.15 -.25

Last Chg Wkly

Flowserveu128.03 +.27 Fluor 53.66 -.70 FEMSA 87.95 +.53 FootLockr u34.12 -.42 FordM 9.35 +.01 ForestLab 33.76 +.29 ForestOil s 7.62 -.05 Fortress 3.98 -.07 FBHmSc n 22.40 -.17 ForumEn n 21.67 +.26 FranceTel 13.87 -.01 FrankRes 116.23 +.05 FMCG 36.31 +.31 Freescale 11.88 +.02 Fusion-io 26.86 +5.84

G-H-I GMX Rs .84 GNC 37.92 Gafisa SA 3.50 GameStop 17.74 Gannett 15.08 Gap u34.21 GardDenv 63.10 GaylrdEnt u40.41 GencoShip 3.50 GnCable 28.30 GenDynam 63.58 GenElec u21.10 GenGrPrp u18.70 GenMills 38.63 GenMotors 20.54 GenOn En 2.49 Genpact 18.25 GenuPrt 64.13 Genworth 4.84 GeoGrp u25.42

Name: Stocks are listed alphabetically by the company’s full name (not its abbreviation). Company names made up of initials appear at the beginning of each letter’s list. Last: Price stock was trading at when exchange closed for the day. Chg: Loss or gain for last day of week. No change indicated by “…” mark. Wkly: Loss or gain for the week. No change indicated by … Name: Name of mutual fund and family. Sell: Net asset value, or price at which fund could be sold, for last day of the week. Wkly: Weekly net change in the NAV. Stock Footnotes: cc – PE greater than 99. cld - Issue has been called for redemption by company. d - New 52-week low. dd – Loss in last 12 mos. ec - Company formerly listed on the American Exchange's Emerging Company Marketplace. g - Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h - temporary exmpt from Nasdaq capital and surplus listing qualification. n - Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of trading. pf - Preferred stock issue. pr - Preferences. pp - Holder owes installments of purchase price. q – Closed-end mutual fund; no PE calculated. rt - Right to buy security at a specified price. s - Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. wi - Trades will be settled when the stock is issued. wd - When distributed. wt - Warrant, allowing a purchase of a stock. u - New 52-week high. un - Unit,, including more than one security. vj - Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the name. Dividend Footnotes: a - Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b - Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. e - Amount declared or paid in last 12 months. f - Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. i - Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j - Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. k - Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m - Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p - Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r - Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date. Mutual Fund Footnotes: e – Ex-capital gains distribution. f – Previous day’s quote. n - No-load fund. p – Fund assets used to pay distribution costs. r – Redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load may apply. s – Stock dividend or split. t – Both p and r. x – Ex-cash dividend.

Source: The Associated Press and Lipper, Inc. Sales figures are unofficial.

-.02 +.14 +.04 +.14 -.02 -1.88 -.03 +.01 -.10 -.14 +.37 +.08 -.15 -.19 -.02 +.09 -.07 -.40 ... +.38 +.12 +.53 +.48 -.24 +.86 +.02 +.07 +.06 -.27 -.27 +.28 +.03 +.09 +.55 -.07 -.03 -.56

-.07 +.31 +2.17 +2.09 +1.41 -.30 +.47 -1.04 +.83 +1.14 +1.04 -.04 -.25 +.24 +1.45 -.17 ... +1.29 +.04 +2.00 +.08 +1.48 +3.65 -.16 +1.57 +.30 +1.12 -.02 -.09 +2.07 +2.81 +.23 +.05 -1.07 -.11 -.21 -.07

Last Chg Wkly Name

Pentair 42.87 PepcoHold 19.69 PepsiCo u72.13 PerkElm 27.82 PetrbrsA 21.02 Petrobras 21.98 PtroqstE 6.29 Pfizer 23.94 PhilipMor u92.21 PhilipsEl u22.84 Phillips66 nu40.00 PiedmOfc 17.23 Pier 1 17.40 PilgrimsP 4.65 PinWst 53.42 PioNtrl 98.29 PitnyBw 13.58 PlainsEx 40.92 Plantron 36.80 PlumCrk 40.27 Polaris s 74.48 PolyOne u15.82 Polypore 34.29 PortGE 27.48 Potash 43.44 PwshDB 28.05 PS Agri 29.94 PS USDBull 22.68 PS SP LwV 28.02 PwShPfd u14.80 PShEMSovu30.07 PSIndia 17.12 Praxair 108.16 PrecCastpt161.61 PrecDrill 8.90 PrinFncl 26.23 ProLogis 33.20

-.10 +.18 -.01 -.14 +.20 +.17 ... +.07 +.83 +.12 -.32 +.01 -.27 -.13 +.07 -1.58 -.10 -.52 -.04 +.12 +.27 -.08 +.70 +.19 +.35 -.15 -.22 -.04 +.09 -.02 -.09 +.15 +.19 +.14 +.09 +.11 -.05

-.82 -.24 -.74 +1.04 +1.35 +1.65 +.48 -.34 +.28 +.28 +.33 -.14 +.69 +.06 -.67 +.86 +.10 -.32 +3.60 -.35 -.09 +.55 +1.43 -.06 +.66 +.53 -.10 +.05 -.03 +.05 -.11 +.21 +2.38 +5.36 +.84 +.12 -.46

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-.17 +.04 +.78 -1.14 +1.10 +.12 +.40 +.10 -2.61 +.88 +4.42 +1.86 +1.94 +.21 -.23 +.09 +.24 +.17 +3.56 +.57 +1.47 -.02 +.41 -.91 +1.35 -.70 +1.50 +7.54 +1.79 -.94 -.33 -.63 +1.38 -.71 -.78

+.61 -.02 +1.46 +2.75 +.08 +.35 +.30 +1.14 -.32 +.22 +1.10 -1.18 +.04 +1.10 +.46 +.15 -.25 +3.37 -.52 -.13 -.20 -.46 -2.51 +2.53 +.47 +.86 +.45 +.42 +2.89 -.50 +1.46 +.64 +.91 +1.77 +1.26 -2.46 -2.02 +.34 +.53 +.14 +.43 -.41 +.43 +.38 +.06 -.46 +1.09 +.90 -3.66 +.08 +4.58 +1.81

GaGulf u36.63 Gerdau 9.75 GiantInter s 4.73 Gildan u30.93 GlaxoSKln 46.84 GlimchRt 10.11 GlobalCash 7.58 GlobPay 42.93 GolLinhas 5.35 GoldFLtd 13.80 Goldcrp g 37.48 GoldmanS 103.02 GoodrPet 12.53 Goodyear 11.74 GovPrpIT 21.62 GrafTech 11.22 GtPlainEn 22.09 GreenDot 10.20 GpTelevisa u23.78 Guess 31.09 HCA Hldg 27.21 HCC Ins u32.08 HCP Inc 45.45 HDFC Bk u35.58 HSBC 44.50 HalconR rs 7.41 Hallibrtn 35.19 Hanesbrds 32.11 HarleyD 41.36 Harman 45.68 HarmonyG 10.24 HarrisCorpu45.64 HartfdFn 17.41 HarvNRes 9.26 HatterasF 28.48 Headwatrs u6.82 HltCrREIT 59.66 HltMgmt 6.81 HlthcrRlty 24.55 HealthNet 21.30 Heckmann d2.80 HeclaM 4.71 Heinz u55.06 HelixEn 18.85 HelmPayne 49.92 Herbalife 50.59 Hersha 4.94 Hershey 72.23 Hertz 12.11 Hess 49.68 HewlettP 19.70 Hexcel 24.06

44.54 -.03 -.04 ArkBest d10.36 -.25 +.44 ArmHld 27.10 -.04 +.37 ArrayBio 4.55 -.06 +.04 Arris 13.75 +.18 +.88 ArthroCre 28.85 +.11 -.23 ArubaNet 16.78 -.01 +3.58 AscenaRt s 18.25 -.21 +.71 AscentSol h 1.33 +.07 +.18 AsiaInfoL 11.43 -.01 +1.34 AspenTech 22.58 -.36 -.87 AsscdBanc 12.77 -.09 -.02 AstexPhm 2.42 +.09 +.20 athenahlth u92.35 -.51 -2.66 AtlasAir u51.85 -.28 +.59 Atmel 5.88 -.16 +.44 AuthenTec 8.19 -.01 -.21 Autodesk 35.01 -.16 +.03 AutoData 57.61 +.46 +.68 Auxilium 24.22 -.11 +.04 AvagoTch 37.15 -.17 +.04 AvanirPhm 2.85 -.01 -.02 AVEO Ph d8.66 +.58 -1.18 AviatNetw 2.26 -.03 +.15 AvidTch 8.62 +.21 +.57 AvisBudg 15.42 -.28 +.25 Axcelis 1.03 -.01 +.14 BBCN Bcp u11.96 +.06 +.35 B/E Aero 39.72 +.11 +1.20 BGC Ptrs d4.89 -.03 +.09 BJsRest 39.73 -.50 +.19 BMC Sft 41.25 +.25 +2.12 Baidu 131.06 +.12 +6.22 Banner Cp u24.00 +.07 +.39 Bazaarvc n 16.43 -.08 +1.36 BeacnRfg 26.00 +.34 +1.30 BebeStrs 6.25 +.09 +.20 BedBath 62.78 -.78 +.34 BiogenIdc 145.51 +2.42 +.45 BioMarin 37.61 -.40 -.50 BioSante rs 1.38 +.10 +.13 BioScrip 7.49 +.15 +.95 BlkRKelso 9.63 +.05 +.16 Blckbaud 25.50 +.40 -2.00 BloominB nud12.86 -.63 ... Blucora 15.56 -.28 +.23 BlueNile 33.01 +1.11 +1.01 BodyCentrl 9.09 -.08 +.87 Boingo 6.88 +.11 -2.31 BostPrv 9.91 +.06 +.20 BttmlnT 23.95 +4.00 +4.43 BreitBurn 18.51 +.16 +.27 Brightpnt 8.99 +.03 +.02 Broadcom 35.35 +1.02 +1.34 BroadSoft 38.28 +.05 +11.79 BrcdeCm 5.32 -.06 +.18 BrklneB 8.62 -.04 +.31 BrooksAuto 8.25 -1.32 -1.05 BrukerCp 12.34 +.19 +.69 BuffaloWW 72.44 -.10 -.72 BldrFstSrc 3.60 -.13 -.15 CA Inc 25.56 +.13 +1.02 CBOE 28.93 ... +.74 CH Robins 54.23 +.43 +.63 CME Grp s 53.59 +.08 +2.66 CSG Sys u19.57 +.11 +1.85 CTC Media 8.71 +.22 +1.43 CVB Fncl 11.76 -.04 +.02 CadencePh 3.89 -.14 -.12 Cadence u12.56 -.02 +.13 Caesars n d8.12 -.07 -.20

CalaGDyIn 8.42 CalaStrTR u10.09 Callidus 4.02 CalumetSp 25.41 CdnSolar 2.95 CapFedFn 11.72 CpstnTrb h 1.01 Cardiom gh .33 CareerEd 3.55 CaribouC 12.44 CarlyleG n u23.79 Carrizo 25.18 Catamaran 90.66 CathayGen 16.45 Cavium 32.42 Celgene 71.94 CelldexTh 4.56 CentEuro 2.82 CEurMed 5.39 CenGrdA lf 10.55 CentAl 6.51 Cepheid 37.83 Cerner 71.12 CerusCp 3.15 Changyou 23.84 ChartInds 69.84 CharterCm 77.93 ChkPoint 51.79 Cheesecake 32.88 ChildPlace 49.68 ChinaInf rs d.90 CienaCorpu17.98 CinnFin 38.29 Cintas u40.93 Cirrus u38.39 Cisco 17.54 CitrixSys 76.26 CityTlcm s 4.62 CleanEngy 13.27 Clearwire 1.62 Codexis d2.44 CogentC 19.20 Cognex 36.26 CognizTech 64.97 Coinstar 49.27 ColdwCrk h .58 ColumLb h .84 Comcast u34.73 Comc spcl u33.97 CmcBMO 39.30 CommVlt 53.00 CmplGnom 2.66 Compuwre u9.60 ComScore 13.41 Comverse 5.70 ConcurTch 67.81 Conns u21.29 ConsolCom 16.19 ConstantC 19.49 CopanoEn 29.94 Copart s 25.07 CorinthC 2.21 CorOnDemu26.18 Costco 95.30 CowenGp 2.55 Cray Inc 11.54 Cree Inc 28.19 Crocs 16.49 CrosstexE 13.00 CrosstxLP 14.65 13.55

+.04 +.05 -.03 +.16 +.01 +.01 -.08 -.00 -.11 -.06 -.23 +.20 -2.14 -.05 -.36 +.69 -.19 ... +.08 -.13 -.08 -1.20 -.58 -.05 +.29 +.60 +2.42 +1.14 -.15 -1.13 ... +.16 +.11 +.19 +.33 -.16 +.71 +.01 -.05 ... -.66 +1.06 +.43 +.53 +.14 -.01 -.02 +.18 +.14 -.05 +.36 -.06 +.01 +.12 ... +.06 -.96 -.20 +.09 +.74 +.07 +.05 +.88 -.07 +.01 -.14 +.02 -.25 -.04 -.52 +.21

+.13 +.13 +.03 +.62 +.40 +.09 -.05 +.01 +.47 +.99 -.58 +.51 +.29 -.09 +1.40 +2.64 -.30 -.14 +.38 -.29 +.40 +3.76 -2.56 -.06 +4.47 +3.48 -2.00 +2.40 -.38 -1.27 -.09 +1.64 +.05 +.28 +.41 +1.19 +3.82 +.07 -.69 +.32 -.73 +.49 +2.32 +7.11 +2.61 -.06 +.01 +.12 +.30 -.46 +1.55 +.40 +.58 +1.20 +.26 +3.55 +3.33 +.11 +2.09 +1.65 +1.00 +.29 +1.34 -1.63 +.07 +.18 +3.22 +.49 -.70 -1.72 +.58

CubistPh 43.85 Curis 4.27 Cymer 59.89 CypSemi 11.93 Cytokinet h .69 Cytori 2.66

+.04 +.02 -.40 +.29 +.11 +.50 -.26 +.14 +.40 -.64 -.08 +.69 -3.06 -.40 -.01 -.35 +.12 -.23 -.54 +.31 -.28 -.04 +.09 -.49 +.12 +.05 +.09 -.03 +.25 +.11 -.08 -.12 +.21 -.07 -.15

+.01 -1.29 +.74 +1.84 +.62 +.75 +5.21 +3.29 -.23 +2.54 +.48 +.14 -.09 +.11 +.50 +.19 -.41 -.70 +.52 +2.05

Here are the 1,133 most active stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, the 830 most active on the Nasdaq National Market and 255 most active on American Stock Exchange. Stocks in bold changed 10 percent or more in price.

Last Chg Wkly Name

MitsuUFJ 4.71 MobileTele 19.35 MolinaHlth 25.32 MolsCoorB 44.17 Molycorp d12.90 Monsanto u86.74 MonstrWw 6.66 Moodys 39.61 MorgStan 14.61 Mosaic 58.51 MotrlaSolu 48.10 MuellerWat 3.87 MurphO 54.96 NCR Corp u25.41 NRG Egy 20.86 NV Energy 18.21 NYSE Eur 24.91 Nabors 15.23 NBGrce rs 1.63 NOilVarco 77.36 NatRetPrp 29.81 Nationstr nu25.63 Navistar 26.04 NetSuite u57.25 NwOriEd s 12.90 NY CmtyB 13.11 NY Times u8.90 Newcastle u7.50 NewellRub 16.98 NewfldExp 32.11 NewmtM 47.48 NewpkRes 7.04 Nexen g 25.64 NextEraEn 69.80 NiSource 25.17 NielsenH 28.98 NikeB 94.50

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+.10 ... +.20 +.95 -.63 +.25 +.49 -.02 -.05 +.18 +.08 -.43 -.33 +.35 +.27 -.32 -.40 +.02 -.47 +.47 -.07 +.17 -.05 +.36 -.13 -.36 +.34 -.14 ... -.01 +.24 +.38 +.39 +.15 +.16 -1.19 -.86 +.05 ... +.16 +.15 +.02 -.07 -.10 +.02 -.12 -.10 -.09 +.05 ... +.57 -.09


+.02 -1.26 +.44 +.91 ... -.21 +.73 +.41 -.01 +.11 +.15 +.04 +.12 +.10 -.11 -.03 +.03 -.11 +.04 +.25


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EldorGld g 11.44 ElsterGrp 20.46 Embraer 26.11 EmersonEl 51.25 Emulex 6.47 EnbrdgEPt 29.18 Enbridge 40.09 EnCana g 22.77 EndvrIntl 8.49 EndvSilv g 8.08 Energen 52.44 Energizer 65.56 EngyTEq 42.24 EngyTsfr 44.60 EnergySol 2.10 Enerpls g 14.21 Enersis 17.10 EnerSys u38.22 ENSCO 55.14 Entergy 71.75 EntPrPt 52.77 Equifax 45.89 EqtyRsd 60.20 EsteeLdr s 55.62 ExcoRes 7.55 Exelis n 10.84 Exelon 38.92 Express d16.34 ExterranH u18.49 ExtraSpce 32.95 ExxonMbl u88.44 FMC Cp s 54.61 FMC Tech 48.11 FTI Cnslt 24.88 FairchldS 15.45 FamilyDlr 63.71 FedExCp 87.80 FedInvst 20.51 Ferro 3.52 FibriaCelu 7.94 FidlNFin 18.87 FidNatInfo 31.06 Fifth&Pac 11.99 FstAFin n u18.63 FstHorizon 8.35 FstInRT u12.54 FMajSilv g 17.25 FT RNG 16.98 FirstEngy 45.85 FlagstBcp .95 Fleetcor 40.65 Flotek 11.77

DCT Indl 6.16 DDR Corp 14.90 DR Horton 18.09 DTE 60.51 DanaHldg 13.64 Danaher 53.48 Darden 52.85 Darling 16.89 DaVita 96.68 DeVry 19.23 DeanFds u16.63 Deere 79.37 Delek u22.99 DelphiAu n 28.54 DeltaAir 9.06 DemndMdau11.34 DenburyR 15.83 DeutschBk 31.37 DevonE 59.88 Diageo 107.22 DiaOffs 68.15 DiamRk 9.68 DiceHldg 8.32 DicksSptg u50.35 Diebold 33.54 DigitalRlt 76.25 DigitalGlb 20.16 Dillards u74.16 DxFnBull rs 93.23 DirSCBear 17.41 DirFnBear 21.06 DirSPBear d18.86 DirDGldBll 10.66 DrxEnBear d8.27 DirEMBear 12.59

+4.08 +1.46 +.73 +.20 +.26 +.22 +.94 -.02 -.11 -.11 +.25 +2.73 +2.81 +1.28 +7.37

+.13 +.47 +.33 +1.33 +.69 -.12 +.92 +.25 +.76 +.48 +1.50 +2.04 +1.36 +.58 -.40 +.21 -.10 +.22 +.67 +2.20 +.61 +.17 -.98 -.42 +.82 +.04 +1.43 +.44 -1.03 +5.33 +.36 +2.37 +.50 +1.14 -.52 +.19 -1.54 +.14 +.25 +2.94 -.39 +.16 -.48 +1.40 +2.93 -3.11 +.02 +.06 +.40 +1.97 +1.44 +.45

hhgregg 6.92 HigherOne 11.61 HighwdPrp 33.17 Hillshire n 25.32 HollyFrt s u38.48 HomeDp 53.06 HonwllIntl 59.01 Hormel 28.30 Hornbeck 42.50 Hospira 34.15 HospPT 23.29 HostHotls 15.28 HovnanE 2.55 Humana 67.62 Huntsmn 13.65 IAMGld g 11.47 ICICI Bk 34.92 ING 7.16 INGPrRTr 5.76 ION Geoph 7.55 iShGold 15.78 iSAstla 23.76 iShBraz 55.49 iSCan 27.19 iShEMU 28.35 iShGer 20.84 iSh HK 17.12 iShItaly 11.23 iShJapn 9.23 iSh Kor 58.33 iSMalas 14.60 iShMex 63.06 iShSing 13.26 iSPacxJpn 43.71 iSSwitz 23.64 iSTaiwn 12.72 iSh UK 17.20 iShSilver 27.26 iShS&P100u64.84 iShDJDv 57.58 iShBTips 120.56 iShChina25 35.23 iSSP500 141.38 iShBAgB 111.87 iShEMkts 40.73 iShiBxB 120.00 iShEMBd u118.33 iShB20 T 125.70 iShB7-10T 107.99 iShB1-3T 84.43 iS Eafe 51.87 iSSPMid 96.17

+.07 +.77 -.10 -.40 +.62 +1.77 -.04 +1.45 +.01 +.05 +.15 +.01

Fastenal 42.08 FifthStFin 10.51 FifthThird 14.29 FinclEngin 21.55 Finisar 14.63 FinLine 22.25 FMidBc 11.52 FstNiagara 8.16 FstSolar 21.43 FstMerit 15.69 Fiserv 69.88 FiveBelw n u32.71 Flextrn 6.65 Fluidigm 15.28 FocusMda 23.38 FormFac 5.44 Fortinet 24.78 Fossil Inc 86.47 FosterWhl 19.88 Francesca 30.93 FrghtCar lf 19.82 FreshMkt 58.79 FrontierCm 4.75 FuelSysSol 17.86 FuelCell 1.05 FultonFncl 9.57 FushiCopp 8.83

-.06 +.23 -.02 +.07 +.15 +.06 -.21 +.27 +.12 +.18 +.18 -.58 -.38 +.05 -.07 +.04 +.02 -.14 +.23 -.13 -.20 -.07 -.12 +.26 +.23 -.11 +.14 -.06 -.32 +3.17 +.10 +.08 +.11 +.33 -.23 -.02 -.13 -.14 +.11 +.19 +.13 -.02 -.06 +.02 +1.09 -.67 +.05 +.49 -.04 +.09 +.29 +.03

-.18 -.44 +.22 -.43 -.52 -.09 +.04 +.04 +.89 -.20 +.01 +.07 -.03 +.78 -.06 +.15 -.05 +.04 ... ... +.02 -.01 +.49 +.12 +.03 +.05 -.16 +.04 +.01 +.57 -.01 +.29 -.01 -.18 -.07 +.08 +.12 -.03 +.12 +.16 +.08 -.06 +.18 +.18 +.19 +.34 -.13 +.63 +.31 +.02 +.09 +.04

+.57 -.22 -.26 -.11 +.07 +.77 +.10 +.30 +2.98 -.44 -1.20 +.24 +.22 +4.92 +.52 +.46 +.35 +.53 ... +.69 +.17 +.24 +2.01 +.79 +.48 +.15 +.14 +.35 +.21 +2.37 -.02 -.23 -.12 +.23 -.06 +.29 +.35 +.30 +.57 +.03 -.69 +.43 +1.51 -.12 +.80 -.55 -.67 -1.72 -.42 -.04 +.88 +1.77

iShiBxHYB 91.45 iShMtg 14.54 iSR1KV 70.52 iSR1KG 65.17 iSRus1K 77.68 iSR2KV 70.90 iSR2KG 91.61 iShR2K 79.92 iShUSPfd u39.53 iShREst 64.48 iShDJHm u17.13 iShSPSm 74.39 ITT Cp s 20.72 ITW 57.31 Imax Corp 21.08 IngerRd 45.08 IngrmM 15.75 InlandRE 8.15 Inphi 10.84 IntegrysE 58.40 IBM 199.29 IntFlav 61.43 IntlGame d11.37 IntPap 32.89 Interpublic 10.74 IntraLinks 5.34 InvenSen n 13.18 Invesco 23.70 InvMtgCap 19.60 InVKSrInc u5.00 IronMtn 33.69 ItauUnibH 17.03

-.08 +.01 +.10 +.10 +.16 -.13 -.25 -.28 -.02 +.14 -.21 -.18 +.03 +.51 -.22 +.35 -.03 +.02 -.14 -.40 +.87 +.37 +.25 +.20 -.04 +.19 -.33 +.11 +.12 +.02 +.37 +.27

-.25 -.11 +1.04 +.59 +1.00 +1.20 +1.57 +1.31 +.19 -1.31 +.71 +1.23 +.45 +1.69 -.91 +2.48 +1.24 +.17 +.03 -2.76 +1.62 +5.95 +.17 +.18 -.23 +.98 +.08 +1.09 +.14 +.10 +.87 +1.09

J-K-L JPMorgCh 36.97 JPMAlerian 39.67 Jabil 22.67 JacobsEng 39.34 Jaguar g 1.10 JanusCap 8.46 Jarden u48.79 Jefferies 13.20 JohnJn 68.64 JohnsnCtl 26.11 JonesGrp 11.24 JoyGlbl 57.24 JnprNtwk 19.24 KB Home 10.34 KBR Inc 27.28 KKR 14.24 KKR Fn 9.25 KT Corp 14.56

+.05 +.23 +.17 -.32 -.04 +.77 +.07 -.14 +.32 +.20 +.03 +.50 -.16 -.40 -.32 +.03 -.01 +.28

+.88 +.19 +.65 +.35 +.10 +1.20 +1.24 +.92 -.48 +1.52 +.82 +6.66 +1.16 +1.11 +.68 +.24 +.24 +.48

KC Southn 74.16 KA MLP 29.44 Kellogg 50.98 Kenexa 31.66 Kennamtl 37.30 KeyEngy 8.73 Keycorp 8.34 KilroyR 46.97 KimbClk 82.82 Kimco 19.56 KindME 81.91 KindMorg 34.64 KindrM wt u2.76 KindMM 73.50 Kinross g 8.24 KnghtCap 2.90 KodiakO g 8.83 Kohls 51.00 KosmosEn d9.49 KrispKrm 6.32 Kroger 22.50 KronosWw 18.83 L-3 Com 70.39 LAN Air 23.58 LDK Solar 1.44 LSI Corp 7.70 LabCp 88.50 LVSands 39.95 LaSalleH 27.13 Lazard 28.22 LeapFrog 11.25 LearCorp 39.77 LeggMason 25.75 LeggPlat 23.12 LenderPS 26.09 LennarA 31.20 LeucNatl 22.19 Level3 rs 21.94 LexRltyTr 8.93 Lexmark 19.90 LibtProp 35.70 LillyEli 43.60 Limited 49.29 LincNat 22.94 LinkedIn 104.92 LionsGt g 13.46 LiveNatn 8.72 LloydBkg 1.94 LockhdM 91.03 Loews 40.51 Lorillard 123.80 LaPac u12.00

+.78 -.11 +.23 -.80 -.35 +.04 +.01 +.06 -.03 +.04 +.75 -1.17 -.09 +.10 +.18 -.17 +.06 -.42 +.13 +.01 -.01 +.09 -.02 -.14 +.01 +.04 +.06 +.08 -.30 -.08 +.13 +.24 -.25 -.06 +.01 -.29 -.03 +1.76 +.08 +.34 -.01 +.88 -.26 -.29 -.31 +.21 -.47 ... +.49 +.04 +.37 +.10

+.03 -.31 +.63 +6.93 +.29 +.96 +.10 -.79 -2.53 -.38 +2.08 -1.25 -.20 -2.04 +.52 -1.15 +.67 -.11 +.09 +.18 +.30 +.94 +.60 -.83 +.12 +.41 +1.05 +1.20 +.35 +1.22 +.56 +1.93 +.05 +.04 +1.08 +1.11 +1.08 +2.85 -.06 +1.98 -.68 -.55 +.15 +.91 -3.59 +.25 -.30 +.05 +1.64 +.16 -2.71 +.80

Lowes 26.77 LyonBas A u47.28

-.14 +1.28 -.07 +1.91

M-N-O MBIA 10.41 +.35 MDC 32.78 -.37 MEMC 2.66 +.06 MFA Fncl 7.94 +.02 MGIC 1.13 +.05 MGM Rsts 9.67 +.05 MPG OffTr 3.00 +.11 Macerich 57.27 +.12 MackCali 26.44 -.08 Macys 38.00 -.12 MagnaInt g 44.21 +1.99 MagHRes 3.90 -.08 ManchU nud14.00 ... Manitowoc 13.00 -.01 ManpwrGp 37.31 -.42 Manulife g 11.06 +.06 MarathnO 27.90 +.31 MarathPet u49.56 +.77 MktVGold 44.85 +.29 MV OilSv s 41.20 +.14 MV Semi n 33.90 +.24 MktVRus 27.91 +.03 MktVJrGld 20.38 +.04 MarIntA 36.94 -.35 MarshM 34.02 +.18 Masco 12.97 -.13 Mastec 18.07 -.22 MasterCrd 426.03 +.09 McDrmInt 11.29 +.07 McDnlds 88.20 +1.05 McGrwH 49.19 +.48 McKesson 89.06 +.46 McMoRn 14.00 -.23 McEwenM 3.40 -.18 MeadJohn 73.00 -.21 MeadWvco 28.18 +.29 Mechel 7.10 +.03 MedProp 9.81 +.13 Medicis 32.26 +.31 Medtrnic 40.26 +.26 Merck 44.57 +.29 Meritor 4.90 -.01 MetalsUSA 14.26 +.17 MetLife 34.97 +.32 MetroPCS 9.03 +.25 MKors n 42.32 -.68 MillMda n 13.72 +.67 MindrayMu35.95 +.45

+1.20 +1.19 +.70 -.17 +.29 +.41 +.11 -1.44 -.70 +.74 +4.06 +.36 ... +.81 +1.25 +.31 +1.18 +.17 +1.99 +1.44 +1.06 +.80 +.91 -.61 +.61 +.26 -.02 +1.90 -.44 -1.39 +.77 +1.63 +.46 +.21 -.84 +.39 +.30 +.02 -1.33 +.45 +.42 +.58 -2.10 +1.78 +.37 +1.13 +4.67 +5.34

NobleCorp 38.39 NobleEn 90.91 NokiaCp 2.76 NordicAm 12.78 Nordstrm 56.13 NorflkSo 74.56 NoestUt 39.59 NthnTEn nu17.64 NorthropG u68.50 NStarRlt 5.53 Novartis u58.67 NuSkin 44.43 Nucor 40.76 OM Group 16.18 OasisPet 29.80 OcciPet 91.40 Oceaneerg 54.61 Och-Ziff 8.39 OcwenFn u23.47 OfficeDpt d1.64 OfficeMax 5.16 Oi SA 14.02 OldRepub 8.69 Olin 20.87 OmegaHlt 23.52 Omncre 31.93 Omnicom 51.93 ONEOK s 44.75 OpkoHlth 4.25 Orbitz u3.34 OshkoshCp 23.84 OvShip 6.50 OwensCorn 29.85 OwensIll 18.46

+.17 +1.11 -.17 -.06 +1.05 +.87 +.39 +.74 +.10 -.01 -.06 -.15 +.08 +.06 +1.04 +.89 -.18 -.09 +.22 +.03 -.05 +.22 +.06 +.01 -.03 -.16 +.30 +.10 ... -.02 +.27 -.09 -.80 -.12

+.48 +3.21 +.39 +1.01 +1.78 +.12 +.02 +1.85 +2.13 +.23 -.32 -4.59 +1.32 +.34 +3.77 +2.83 +.32 +.67 +1.25 -.14 +.24 +.49 +.52 +.43 -.58 +.73 +.98 +.03 -.04 -.92 +2.35 +.75 +.29 +.35

P-Q-R PG&E Cp 45.24 PHH Corp 17.61 PNC 60.73 PPG 110.82 PPL Corp 29.92 PVH Corp 83.84 PackAmer u30.67 Pandora 10.11 ParkDrl 4.69 ParkerHan 83.47 PeabdyE 23.23 Pengrth g 6.82 PennVa 7.50 PennWst g 14.96 Penney 23.40 PennyMac 22.15

-.15 +.08 -.04 -.55 +.36 -.24 +.39 +.03 +.04 +1.35 +.22 -.08 -.05 +.27 +1.30 +.05

-1.26 +1.66 +.48 +2.21 +1.24 +6.30 -.18 +.56 +.23 +3.50 +1.94 +.39 +.57 +1.27 +2.50 +.07

PMC Sra 5.84 +.02 PSS Wrld 20.94 -.02 Paccar 41.34 +.53 PacBiosci 1.81 -.08 PacSunwr 2.06 -.07 PaciraPhm 15.54 -.66 PanASlv 15.79 -.04 PaneraBrd 156.28 -.28 Pantry u14.60 -.30 ParamTch 22.05 -.40 Parexel 27.01 +.01 Patterson 35.37 +.88 PattUTI 16.75 -.01 Paychex 33.18 +.26 Pegasys lf d27.85 +.83 Pendrell 1.23 ... PnnNGm 37.69 -.10 PennantPk 10.78 -.01 PeopUtdF 11.94 -.02 PeregrS nud14.90 +.05 PerfectWld 10.24 +.19 Perfrmnt nud10.60 ... Perrigo 115.50 +.39 PetSmart 68.09 -.07 PetMed 9.65 -.07 PhotoMdx 12.01 -.53 PhotrIn 6.11 +.33 Polycom 9.74 +.10 Pool Corp 36.66 -.41 Popular rs 15.58 -.16 PwrInteg 33.55 +.16 Power-One 5.80 +.07 PwShs QQQ66.86 +.04 Pwrwv rsh d.52 -.01 PresLf u13.95 -.04 PriceTR 60.93 -.09 priceline 563.16 +.90 -100.83 PrimoWtr d1.20 -.02 PrivateB 15.59 +.07 PrUPQQQ s 56.10 +.23 ProceraN 24.60 +.37 PrognicsPh d4.41 +.09 PUShQQQ rsd40.62 -.16 ProspctCap 10.94 ... QIAGEN 17.43 +.02 QLT 7.69 -.01 QlikTech 22.16 +.22 Qlogic 11.98 +.06 Qualcom 61.98 -.02 QltyDistr 9.86 +.23 QualityS s 18.23 +.15 QuantFu h .82 -.02 QuestSft 27.93 -.03 Questcor 39.30 +.32 RF MicD 3.73 +.06 RPX Corp 11.59 -.10 RadNet 2.61 +.08 Rambus 4.73 ... Randgold 99.41 +1.13 RealPage 25.53 +.20 RedRobin 31.26 -.98 Regenrn 136.84 -.97 RentACt 35.86 -.35 RepubAir 5.12 -.06 RschMotn 8.29 +.49 ResConn 11.80 +.08 Responsys 9.98 -.13 RetailOpp 12.26 +.03 RexEnergy 12.95 -.56 RigelPh 9.67 -.13

+.34 +.14 +1.62 +.11 -.10 +.12 +.89 +.31 +.14 +.15 -1.29 +.93 +1.17 +.57 -.56 +.11 +.31 +.21 +.39 ... +.79 ... -.34 +.85 +.17 -1.37 +.26 +.93 -1.23 +.48 -2.95 +.67 +1.26 +.10 +.03 +.12

ProShtDowd34.82 -.13 ProShtQQQ 25.42 -.02 ProShtS&Pd35.12 -.08 PrUShS&Pd14.49 -.04 PrUltQQQ s 57.63 +.12 PrUShQQQ 29.46 -.07 ProUltSP 58.21 +.17 ProUShL20 15.42 -.15 ProUltSEM 26.22 -.26 ProUPShD30d17.87 -.18 ProShtR2K 26.30 +.08 ProUltR2K 40.42 -.26 ProSht20Tr 28.91 -.16 PrUltSP500 83.70 +.37 PrUVxST rs d5.27 -.19 PrUltCrude 32.71 -.16 PrUShCrde 39.70 +.21 ProVixSTF d24.31 -.47 ProUltSlv s 39.42 -.03 ProUShEuro22.05 -.01 ProctGam 66.77 +.04 ProgsvCp 19.75 -.03 PUShDow rsd49.08 -.28 ProUSR2K 29.79 +.16 PUSSP500 rsd42.11 -.20 ProtLife 28.68 -.20 Prudentl 53.89 +.14 PSEG 32.80 +.24 PubStrg 144.56 +.82 PulteGrp u12.48 -.19 QEP Res 27.95 -.23 Qihoo360 16.84 -.15 QuantaSvcu24.78 +.20 QntmDSS 1.62 +.09 QstDiag 59.47 -.31 Questar 20.61 +.24 QksilvRes 4.58 -.16 Quiksilvr 2.80 -.08 RPC s 12.78 -.22 Rackspace 54.41 +.94 RadianGrp 3.10 +.10 RadioShk 3.03 -.01 Ralcorp 63.82 -.23 RLauren 150.16 +1.73 RangeRs 66.13 -.01 Rayonier s 46.93 +.02 Raytheon 56.11 +.15 RealD 10.22 +.13 RltyInco 40.58 +.07 RedHat 57.04 -.79 RedwdTr u13.36 +.13 RegalEnt 13.73 +.01

-.32 -.49 -.42 -.32 +2.20 -1.15 +1.23 +.41 -1.14 -.51 -.49 +1.30 +.37 +2.59 -.75 +1.53 -2.01 -1.56 +.88 +.28 +1.27 +.18 -.86 -1.04 -1.39 -.24 +1.86 +.16 -3.34 +1.00 +.56 +2.04 +.07 +.21 +.21 +.32 +.20 -.01 -1.59 +9.16 +.24 +.28 ... +4.49 +2.95 -.91 +.91 +.35 -.83 +1.54 +.35 -.28

RiverbedT RofinSinar RosettaR RossStrs s Rovi Corp RoyGld RubiconTc Rudolph rue21

+1.79 +2.12 +4.57 -.96 +.28 -2.10 +.41 -.07 +1.02

Last Chg Wkly Name

RgcyCtrs 48.49 +.26 -.40 RegionsFn 7.00 +.03 +.07 Renren 3.99 +.02 +.23 RentechN nu32.16 -.28 +2.06 RepubSvc 28.84 +.05 +.11 ResMed u35.89 +.13 +.24 ResoluteEn 9.27 +.13 +.68 ResoluteF 12.57 +.23 +1.14 ResrceCap 5.64 -.06 +.04 ReynAmer 46.01 +.62 -.60 RioTinto 50.70 +.27 +3.11 RitchieBr 19.16 +.18 +.14 RiteAid 1.18 +.03 ... RobbMyeru59.60 -.03 +13.25 RobtHalf 28.26 +.10 +.73 RockTen 61.78 +1.84 +1.67 RockwlAut 71.01 -.06 +2.57 RockColl 49.95 -.36 -.55 RockwdH 45.76 -.39 +1.42 Roundys n d7.71 -2.52 -2.00 Rowan 35.72 +.02 +.61 RylCarb 25.68 -.01 +.34 RoyDShllB 73.37 +.02 +1.78 RoyDShllA 70.92 -.08 +1.86 RubyTues 6.45 -.08 +.06 Ryland 24.77 -.66 +1.16

S-T-U SAIC 12.08 +.08 +.39 SAP AG 64.09 -.11 -.76 SK Tlcm 14.35 +.30 +.36 SLGreen 80.78 -.10 -.97 SM Energy 47.54 -.31 +3.47 SpdrDJIA 131.93 +.36 +1.20 SpdrGold 157.18 +.19 +1.63 SP Mid 175.09 +.03 +3.18 S&P500ETF140.84 +.23 +1.49 Spdr Div 57.08 +.08 +.55 SpdrHomeu22.14 -.29 +.70 SpdrS&PBk 22.19 -.05 +.21 SpdrLehHY 39.75 -.05 -.08 SpdrLe1-3bll45.81 ... -.01 SpdrS&P RB27.29 -.10 +.03 SpdrRetl 60.10 -.29 +.71 SpdrOGEx 53.35 -.21 +2.49 SpdrMetM 42.51 +.12 +2.53 SPX Cp 64.81 +.26 +2.82 STMicro 6.02 +.09 +.41 Safeway 15.99 -.31 +.54 StJude 38.43 -.47 +.53 Saks 11.00 -.01 +.60 Salesforce 139.84 +2.08 +11.57 SallyBty 26.67 -.16 -.05 SandRdge 6.83 +.04 +.46 Sanofi u41.60 +.17 +.04 Schlmbrg 75.35 +1.02 +2.96 Schwab 12.88 -.13 +.14 Scotts 42.97 +1.58 +2.28 ScrippsNetu59.94 +.51 +2.48 SeadrillLtd 40.43 +.06 +1.15 SealAir 13.99 -.02 +.17 SelMedHldu10.13 -.25 -1.31 SempraEn 69.03 +.15 -1.19 SenHous 22.18 -.03 -.46 ServiceCp 13.00 +.02 +.06 ShawGrp 40.36 -.16 +.89 Sherwin u141.44 +.31 +5.36 SiderurNac 5.39 -.18 +.29 Siemens 91.44 +.56 +1.85 SilvWhtn g 30.64 +.11 +3.02 SilvrcpM g 5.50 +.09 +.57 SimonPropu157.70 +.65 -5.33 Skechers 19.75 -.09 +.54 SmithfF d18.89 +.47 +.12 SolarWindsu55.02 -.47 +.77 SonyCp 12.34 +.36 +.70 Sothebys 32.00 +.24 +2.49 SouthnCo 46.92 +.11 -.43 SthnCopper 33.78 +.28 +1.33 SwstAirl 9.07 +.03 -.06 SwstnEngy 32.04 -.78 +1.44 SpectraEn 29.29 +.33 -.14 SpiritAero 25.10 -.37 +.88 SprintNex u4.92 +.12 +.65 SprottSilv 11.43 -.01 +.12 STAG Indl u14.35 -.41 -.28 SP Matls 36.06 -.03 +.94 SP HlthC 38.69 +.16 +.20 SP CnSt u35.63 -.01 -.12 SP Consum 44.62 -.04 +.29 SP Engy 72.37 +.13 +1.93 SPDR Fncl 14.94 +.01 +.12 SP Inds 36.68 +.17 +.52 SP Tech 30.13 +.07 +.59 SP Util 37.54 +.11 -.32 StdPac 6.21 -.08 +.29 StanBlkDk 68.39 +.62 +.38 StarwdHtl 54.22 -1.23 -1.49 StarwdPT u22.62 -.09 +.12 StateStr 41.85 +.04 +1.15 Statoil ASA 25.25 +.05 +.90 Steris u34.00 -.07 +1.64 StillwtrM 9.49 +.38 +1.04 StoneEngy 24.64 +.72 +.55 StratHotels 5.96 -.06 -.20 Stryker 53.06 +.27 +.31 SturmRug 47.45 +1.51 +2.33 SubPpne 37.23 +.38 -3.68 SunCokeE u17.11 +.17 +.42 Suncor gs 32.05 -.11 +.47 Sunoco 47.87 +.02 +.48 SunriseSen 8.22 -.01 +.64 SunstnHtl 10.36 -.06 +.17 Suntech 1.09 +.05 +.15 SunTrst 24.83 +.13 +.74 SupEnrgy 22.50 -.16 +1.25 Supvalu 2.44 +.10 -.13 SwftEng 20.48 +.24 +2.18 SwiftTrans 8.07 -.06 -.33 Synovus 2.00 +.02 +.05 Sysco 28.84 +.15 -.39 TCF Fncl 10.22 +.02 -.29 TD Ameritr 16.58 -.26 +.51 TE Connect 35.25 +.33 +2.27 TECO 17.94 +.09 +.18 TIM Part 22.04 -.12 -.01 TJX s 44.46 -.54 -.53 TRWAuto 42.17 +.44 +2.15 TaiwSemi 14.49 +.16 +.31 TalismE g 13.39 +.04 +.09 TangerFac u33.21 +.11 -.25 Target u62.84 +.15 +.48 TataMotors 21.04 -.30 +.39 TeckRes g 30.51 +.80 +3.21 TeekayTnk 4.09 -.04 +.02 TelefBrasil 25.00 +.43 +.96 TelefEsp 12.26 -.05 +.82 TelData 24.35 +.24 +1.70 TempurP 30.76 -.79 +1.91 Tenaris 41.19 +.07 +1.47 TenetHlth 5.22 -.03 +.53 Tenneco 29.08 +.52 +.74 Teradata 75.70 +.58 +3.00 Teradyn 15.59 +.10 +.79 Terex 21.96 +.12 +2.77 Ternium 19.83 -.04 +2.20 Tesoro u35.50 +.18 +3.71 TetraTech 6.79 -.13 -.19

Last Chg Wkly

TevaPhrm 41.15 Textron 26.83 ThermoFis 57.07 ThomCrk g 2.57 ThomsonR 29.19 Thor Inds 32.71 3D Sys u40.00 3M Co u92.29 Tidwtr 50.20 Tiffany 58.48 TW Cable 89.43 TimeWarn u42.90 Timken 41.17 Titan Intl 21.88 TitanMet 12.90 TollBros 30.42 Torchmark 50.31 Total SA 49.31 TotalSys 23.67 TransDigm127.50 Transocn 48.55 Travelers 63.98 TreeHseF d48.42 TrinaSolar 4.78 Trinity 28.47 Tronox s 22.22 TumiHld n 22.11 TurqHillRs 8.93 TwoHrbInv 11.15 TycoIntl 56.87 Tyson d16.04 UBS AG 10.90 UDR 25.19 URS 37.56 US Airwy 10.07 USEC .87 USG 17.44 UltraPt g 22.62 UndArmr su56.76 UnilevNV 34.61 Unilever 35.81 UnionPac 122.01 Unisys 19.81 UtdContl 17.78 UtdMicro 2.20 UPS B 76.30 UtdRentals 32.62 US Bancrp 33.16 US NGs rs 19.01 US OilFd 34.85 USSteel 23.41 UtdTech 77.89 UtdhlthGp 51.90 UnivHlthS 39.75 UnumGrp 19.44

... +.02 +.12 -.15 +.19 -.24 +.25 +.70 +.37 -.14 +.40 +.35 +.12 -.15 -.03 -.38 +.51 +.06 -.03 +.50 -.26 +.09 -.05 -.12 -.37 -.25 -.22 -.06 +.06 +.30 +.22 +.05 -.05 -.03 +.02 -.05 -.14 -.23 -.59 +.03 +.08 +.72 -.18 -.11 ... +.27 -.05 +.13 -.88 -.08 -.01 +.86 -.12 -.17 +.08

+1.64 +.37 +.47 +.01 +.87 +1.75 +1.50 +.59 +1.12 +3.74 +.23 +1.52 +3.47 +1.00 +.76 +1.18 -1.05 +1.58 +.20 +3.28 -.20 +.27 -6.35 +.52 +.15 -2.09 +4.16 +.36 -.07 +.65 +.64 +.13 -1.19 +2.09 -.82 +.10 +.49 +1.61 +.65 -.54 -.32 -2.53 +.47 -.48 +.04 +.54 +2.39 -.33 -.77 +.78 +1.74 +1.08 +.29 +.40 +.26

W-X-Y-Z VF Cp 147.33 VaalcoE 7.65 Valassis 23.97 Vale SA 19.21 Vale SA pf 18.73 ValeantPh 50.36 ValeroE u29.10 Validus 32.63 VlyNBcp 9.51 Valspar 52.59 VanceInfo 8.85 VangSTBd 81.22 VangTotBd 84.68 VangGrth 70.42 VangTSM 71.86 VanS&P50064.44 VangREIT 65.70 VangDivAp 58.71 VangAllW 42.69 VangEmg 41.60 VangEur 44.76 VangEAFE 32.82 Vantiv n 22.49 VarianMed 56.85 Ventas 63.79 VeriFone 34.00 VerizonCm 44.60 VimpelCm 9.41 Visa u129.09 VishayInt 10.24 Visteon 38.80 VitaminSh u57.67 VMware 97.41 Vonage 2.11 Vornado 79.89 W&T Off 17.79 WMS d15.76 WPX En n 15.43 Wabash 6.99 WABCO 57.44 WaddellR 29.45 WalMart 73.68 Walgrn 36.17 WalterEn 38.89 Warnaco 48.26 WsteMInc 35.05 Waters 78.65 WatsnPh 79.86 WeathfIntl 12.98 WtWatch 47.80 WeinRlt u27.23 Wellcare 55.39 WellPoint 57.91 WellsFargo 33.83 Wesco Intl 60.00 WestarEn u30.21 WstnRefin u26.08 WstnUnion 17.65 WestlkChmu66.78 Weyerhsr 23.54 Whrlpl 71.84 WhitingPet 45.42 Willbros u5.97 WmsCos 31.85 WmsPtrs 51.19 WmsSon 36.42 WillisGp 35.47 WiscEngy 39.26 WT EmEq 53.88 WT India 17.15 WolvWW u44.92 Worthgtn 22.53 Wyndham 51.30 XL Grp u22.98 XcelEngy 28.86 Xerox 7.18 XinyuanRE 2.95 Xylem n 24.46 Yamana g 15.36 Yelp n 25.85 YingliGrn 1.83 Youku 18.54 YumBrnds 66.83 Zimmer 61.37

-1.85 -1.73 +.02 -.17 ... +1.22 +.27 +.93 +.16 +.76 +.40 +2.43 +.24 +1.26 -.07 +.17 -.07 +.19 +.59 +2.83 -1.09 +.20 +.09 -.02 +.10 -.11 +.08 +.85 +.14 +.90 +.10 +.70 +.09 -1.43 +.08 +.46 +.12 +.81 +.19 +.84 +.13 +.67 +.06 +.54 +.16 +.49 +.42 +1.39 +.10 -3.26 +.26 -3.49 +.26 +.14 +.19 +.46 +.58 -1.89 +.07 +.51 +.96 +10.38 -2.18 +1.24 -.33 +4.36 -.01 +.15 -.12 -5.07 +.02 +1.04 -.23 -2.38 -.18 +.37 -.08 +.36 +.18 +1.75 +.02 +.68 -.17 -.47 +.08 +.37 -.14 +2.48 +.05 +7.43 +.15 +.28 +.09 +1.54 +.55 +.50 -.09 +1.10 +.45 +3.37 +.02 -.42 -1.09 +.27 +1.12 +2.87 +.01 -.29 -.83 +2.76 +.03 -.37 -.61 +1.09 +.02 +.39 -.27 +.72 +.09 -.11 +.62 +2.30 +.42 +4.20 +.12 -.98 +.24 +.33 +.11 -.99 -.20 +1.62 +.14 -.38 +.20 -.79 +.23 +.92 +.01 +.22 -.43 -.37 +.10 +.58 +.01 -1.18 -.12 +1.78 +.13 -.46 +.01 +.25 +.36 +.46 -.01 +.43 +.05 +.58 +.12 +2.45 -.04 +.15 +.03 +2.17 +.22 -.70 +.47 +2.35

Nasdaq National Market Name

Last Chg Wkly Ariba Inc

A-B-C ACI Wwde 45.04 AMC Net 43.49 ASML Hld 57.60 ATP O&G d.36 AXT Inc 3.16 Abiomed 21.45 AcaciaTc 25.07 Accuray 6.61 Achillion 5.61 AcmePkt 17.21 AcordaTh 21.72 ActivsBliz 11.64 Actuate 6.80 Acxiom 16.46 AdobeSy 32.64 Adtran 22.22 AdvEnId 13.02 AdventSoft 22.92 AdvisBd s 42.43 AEterna gh .43 Affymax 16.00 Affymetrix 4.04 AirTrnsp 4.71 AkamaiT 35.97 Akorn 12.95 AlaskCom 2.15 Alexion 103.42 AlignTech 34.44 Alkermes 17.66 AllosThera 1.78 AllotComm 25.96 AllscriptH 11.46 AlnylamP 17.26 Alphatec 1.57 AlteraCp lf 37.12 AlterraCap 23.08 Amarin 12.94 Amazon 232.75 Amedisys 14.34 AFTxE 5.74 ACapAgy 33.89 AmCapLtd u10.92 ACapMtg 24.13 AmPubEd 32.59 ARltyCT n 11.16 AmSupr 4.19 AmCasino 17.32 Amgen 82.73 AmicusTh 5.14 AmkorTch 5.52 Amyris 3.95 Anadigc 1.12 AnalogDev 40.43 Ancestry 32.49 Ansys 66.80 AntheraPh .92 A123 Sys .59 ApolloGrp 28.61 ApolloInv 7.73 Apple Inc 621.70 ApldMatl 11.95 AMCC 5.55 Approach 28.01 ArQule 6.58 ArchCap 39.26 ArenaPhm 7.27 AresCap h u17.15 AriadP 19.26

-.35 -.51 +.01 -.95 +.17 -.53 -1.63 +.02 -.21 -.13 -.25 -.01 +.02 +.13 -.01 -.34 +.18 -.14 +.04 +.01 +.01 -.02 +.18 -.24 -.36 -.01 -.21 -.28 +.12 +.01 -.28 +.09 -.65 -.01 +.25 -.38 +.03 -1.31 +.32 +.02 -.08 +.03 -.09 -.01 -.05 +.13 +.14 +.76 +.37 -.01 +.10 -.01 +.07 -.02 -.08 -.05 -.03 +.16 +.12 +.97 +.06 +.15 -.47 -.02 -.06 -.09 +.01 +.16

-.19 +.20 -.52 -1.00 +.37 -1.75 +1.41 +.33 -1.11 +1.42 -.70 +.52 +.10 +.03 +.62 +1.32 +.66 +.61 -1.09 +.03 -.31 -.07 +.80 +.49 -.40 -.04 -3.54 +.14 -.45 ... +3.84 +2.27 -.77 -.13 +1.43 -.16 +1.01 -2.22 +2.41 +.05 -.94 +.31 -.46 +6.29 +.09 +.19 +1.32 +.52 +.31 +.24 +.27 ... +.63 -.74 -.91 -.09 +.10 +1.95 -.15 +8.65 +.73 -.12 +.94 +.17 +.16 -.12 +.40 +.57

D-E-F DFC Glbl 20.33 +.02 DealrTrk 28.59 -.39 DeckrsOut 44.98 +.29 Dell Inc 12.41 +.02 Dndreon 4.63 +.13 Dentsply 38.63 +.06 Depomed 5.16 -.02 DexCom 12.50 +.15 DiamndF hlf18.31 -.25 DianaCont 6.24 +.08 DigitalGen 9.32 -1.88 DigRiver 15.55 +.09 Diodes 18.78 +.13 DirecTV A u52.10 +1.60 DiscCmA h 54.58 +.67 DiscCmC h 51.40 +.69 DishNetwk 30.91 -.08 DollarTr s 50.72 -.94 DonlleyRR 12.74 +.02 DrmWksA 18.10 -.03 DryShips 2.37 -.01 Dunkin 30.39 -.31 DurectCp .84 -.00 DyaxCp 2.34 -.04 E-Trade 8.42 -.15 eBay 43.99 -.28 EV Engy 55.86 +.83 EaglRkEn 8.96 +.01 ErthLink 6.79 +.06 EstWstBcp 21.59 -.16 Ebix Inc 23.26 -.20 EchelonC d3.22 +.10 EchoStar 28.86 -.61 EducMgmt 3.27 +.03 ElectArts 13.08 -.04 ElizArden u45.21 +1.19 EmmisCm 2.05 +.05 EndoPhrm 32.25 +.42 Endocyte 9.12 +.18 Endologix 13.35 +.05 EnerNOC 8.90 +.34 EngyXXI 33.61 +.07 Enphase n d5.63 +.07 Entegris 8.58 +.07 EntropCom 5.74 -.11 Equinix 182.49 +.36 Ericsson 9.77 +.08 Euronet 17.55 -.32 Exelixis 4.46 +.12 ExideTc 2.92 -.04 ExlSvcHld 26.21 -.07 Expedia s u54.44 -1.52 ExpdIntl 36.68 +.28 ExpScripts u61.92 -.59 ExtrmNet 3.23 -.17 EZchip d29.00 +.70 F5 Netwks102.23 -.98 FEI Co u54.23 -.14 FLIR Sys 21.08 +.03 FSI Intl 4.04 +.02 FX Ener u7.50 -.22 Facebook n 21.81 +.80 FaroTech 35.89 -.16

+.57 -.39 +3.16 +.71 +.18 +1.68 -.03 +.80 +1.98 +.04 -.91 +1.11 -.41 +1.94 +2.27 +2.82 +.47 -.40 +.23 +.15 +.16 +.52 -.10 -.25 +.56 -.51 +1.51 +.01 +.44 -.49 +1.10 -.07 +.40 +.26 +1.11 +6.52 -.15 +2.11 +.39 +1.70 +2.51 +2.17 -.40 +.57 +.21 +3.27 +.23 -.15 -1.12 -.04 +.71 -3.01 +.58 +5.20 -.07 -7.12 +9.45 +1.75 +.29 +.15 +.68 +.72 +2.16

-.73 -1.01 +.08 +.10 -.03 +.22 -.20 +.25 +.26 +1.64 -.07 +1.02 -.07 ... -.01 +.35 -.27 +4.37 -.16 -.66 -.15 +.26 -.42 +2.92 +.01 +.29 -.19 +2.20 +1.65 +3.55 -.01 -.08 +.06 +.51 -.08 +18.04 -.09 +.22 -1.04 +.69 -.12 -1.16 -.53 -1.80 +.04 +.35 +.98 +.42 -.01 -.01 -.04 +.11 -.01 -.07

G-H-I GT AdvTc 5.32 Garmin 41.80 GenMark u7.23 Genomic 35.39 Gentex 17.80 Gentiva h u9.68 GeoEye 26.57 GeronCp 1.70 Gevo d3.87 GigaMedia 1.05 GileadSci 56.77 GivenIm 13.60 GlacierBc 15.16 GlbSpcMet 13.23 GluMobile 5.07 GolLNGLtd 40.39 Google 642.00 GrCanyEd 20.10 GrLkDrge 7.62 GreenMtC 24.43 GreenPlns 4.29 Grifols rs 20.19 Groupon n 7.44 GulfportE 25.69 H&E Eq 18.22 HMS Hld su35.90 HSN Inc u43.73 HainCel 53.76 Halozyme 5.40 HancHld 30.25 HanmiF rsu12.72 HansenMedd1.48 Harmonic 4.46 Hasbro 37.56 HawHold 6.12 HlthCSvc 21.94 Healthwys 11.07 HrtlndEx 13.47 HeartWare 90.83 HSchein 77.16 HercOffsh 4.09 Hibbett u60.95

+.05 +.36 +.33 -.83 +.19 +.58 +.08 -.02 +.20 +.04 -.13 -.01 -.04 -.18 +.38 -.33 -.35 +.12 -.01 ... -.12 -.18 +.79 -.93 -.07 +.27 +.32 -1.61 -.49 -.22 +.25 -.03 +.01 +.19 ... +.02 +.23 ... +.39 +.54 +.05 -.44

+.49 +1.54 +1.68 +3.37 +1.50 +2.62 +1.89 +.01 -.13 -.08 -.10 -1.40 -.05 +.27 +.54 +.96 +.67 +4.15 +.35 +2.80 -.19 -1.05 +.85 +4.49 +1.41 +1.37 +.81 -2.19 +.79 +.06 +1.75 -.27 +.08 +1.49 -.26 -.27 +.31 -.23 +4.42 +.77 +.16 -1.14

HimaxTch 1.71 ... HiSoftTech 11.43 -.45 Hologic 19.91 +.11 Home Inns 22.13 +.95 HomeAway 23.96 -.01 HomeownCu21.14 -.71 HorizPhm 4.67 -.08 HorsehdH 9.37 +.07 HotTopic 9.76 -.21 HubGroup 30.92 +.14 HudsCity 6.61 +.04 HuntJB 54.91 +.14 HuntBncsh 6.45 +.05 IAC Inter 52.34 +.87 IdexxLabs 92.54 +2.93 II-VI 18.34 +.06 IPG Photon 59.78 -.66 iRobot 24.03 -.21 iShAsiaexJ 54.64 +.22 iSh ACWI 45.62 +.08 iShDevRE u30.36 +.07 iShs SOX 55.28 +.28 iShNsdqBio132.87 +.06 IconixBr 18.02 -.27 IdenixPh 7.99 +.22 Illumina 43.60 +.64 ImunoGn 12.79 +.23 ImpaxLabs 24.03 +.46 Incyte 18.21 +.44 Infinera 6.05 -.06 InfinityPh 15.50 -.38 Informat 31.92 -.43 Infosys 41.79 +.20 InnerWkgs 11.98 +.20 Innophos 47.95 -.99 InsightEnt 18.37 -.03 Insulet 20.80 +.70 IntgDv 5.52 -.11 Intel 26.88 +.18 Inteliquent 12.14 -.11 InteractB lf 13.71 -.05 InterDig 32.71 -.26 Intrface 13.42 -.41 InterMune d7.91 +.02 InterNAP 6.97 -.12 Intersil 9.34 +.33 IntervalLs u19.19 -.11 Intuit 59.03 -.07 IntSurg 498.58 +1.02 InvRlEst 7.95 +.03 IridiumCm 7.29 -.05 IronwdPh 11.53 -.30 Isis 12.71 -.16 Itron 43.94 +1.31 Ixia 15.21 -.09

+.15 +.50 +.38 +2.13 +.22 +2.66 -.49 +.13 +.41 -.01 +.35 +.09 +.13 -.76 +2.52 +.83 +2.54 +1.23 +1.01 +.80 +.04 +2.25 +.48 +.11 -.16 +1.47 -1.11 +.85 -.27 +.47 -1.27 +2.41 +1.74 +.06 -9.55 -.06 +1.27 +.44 +.65 -1.78 +.02 +2.14 -.22 -.31 +.44 +.61 +.31 -.04 +5.73 -.12 -.21 -.98 +.63 +1.58 +.19

J-K-L j2Global 28.11 JA Solar 1.01 JDASoft 30.53 JDS Uniph 10.90 JackHenry u35.95 JackInBox 25.56 Jamba 2.47 JamesRiv 2.65 JazzPhrm 47.23 JetBlue 5.00 JiveSoft n 15.57 JosABank 41.28 KIT Digitl 2.90 KLA Tnc 53.12

-.62 -.05 +.28 +.13 +.38 -.46 +.06 +.13 +.40 -.02 +.32 -.21 -.11 +.06

-1.32 +.04 +.86 +1.05 +.87 -.83 -.17 +.37 -1.27 -.07 -3.16 +.01 +.10 +1.42

KandiTech u4.92 KellySA 13.27 KimballInt u11.10 KnightT 8.61 KopinCp 3.46 Kraft u40.92 KratosDef 5.15 Kulicke 11.50 LKQ Corp u38.32 LPL Fincl 28.80 LTX-Cred 5.85 LamResrch 35.54 LamarAdv u33.00 Landstar 48.57 Lattice 3.87 LeapWirlss d5.45 LexiPhrm 2.22 LibGlobA u55.37 LibGlobC 51.99 LibCapA 100.40 LibtyIntA u17.52 LibVentA nud45.00 LifeTech 47.59 LimelghtN 2.53 Lincare 41.49 LincElec 41.53 LinearTch 33.13 LinnEngy 39.04 Lionbrdg u3.13 Liquidity 44.02 LivePrsn 17.03 Logitech 8.77 LogMeIn 19.70 Lufkin 51.91 lululemn gs 58.72 Luminex 18.08

-.03 -.38 ... +.07 -.02 -.15 -.12 -.08 +.59 +.11 -.06 -.02 -.65 -.29 -.06 +.49 +.07 +.33 +.25 -.06 +.80 ... +.56 -.06 +.01 +.55 +.11 +.07 -.12 -.99 -.17 +.01 -.23 -.24 +.78 +.10

+.55 +1.18 +.90 -.01 -.22 +.41 +.11 +.81 +2.56 +1.02 +.23 +.97 +2.02 -1.68 +.04 +.23 -.04 +1.16 +.64 +3.68 +.55 ... +2.72 +.09 +.02 +.52 +.67 +.58 +.06 +3.55 +.77 +.59 -.07 +4.84 +2.09 +.61

M-N-O MAP Phm 13.50 MCG Cap 4.67 MIPS Tech 6.83 MKS Inst 27.00 MYR Grp 19.27 MagelnHl 47.94 MagicJck s 21.89 MaidenH 8.39 MAKO Srg 14.65 MannKd 2.15 MktAxess 33.24 MarvellT 12.11 Masimo 22.20 Mattel u35.65 Mattson .97 MaximIntg 28.50 MaxwllT 7.54 Maxygen 6.05 MedAssetsu16.10 MediCo 25.30 Medivation 97.70 MelcoCrwn 10.30 Mellanox u112.09 MentorGr u15.71 MercadoL 85.80 MergeHlth 3.01 Methanx 28.78 Micrel 9.79 Microchp 35.06 MicronT 6.76 MicrosSys 49.41 MicroSemi 20.39 Microsoft 30.42

+.02 +.05 +.24 +.07 +.59 +.10 -.08 +.16 -.09 -.04 +.24 +.17 +.04 +.21 +.12 +.08 ... +.03 -.08 -.09 -.72 +.06 -.69 -.08 +.04 -.16 -.12 -.03 +.20 -.05 +.83 +.29 -.08

-.15 +.17 +.56 +.65 +2.49 -.27 +.57 -.24 +1.75 -.01 +.77 +.76 +.57 +.43 +.14 +.95 +.59 +.02 +.33 +.14 -1.34 +.10 +5.17 +.22 +3.12 -.26 +1.39 +.44 +.36 +.43 +.69 +1.05 +.67

Micrvis rs 2.02 ... +.22 Middlebyu113.81 +.04 +13.01 MillerHer 18.85 -.04 +.36 Mindspeed 3.01 -.03 +.32 MModal 13.98 -.06 -.15 MobileMini18.29 +.78 +3.97 Molex 26.26 +.20 +.27 Momenta 13.74 +.23 -.03 MonPwSys 21.10 -.04 +1.02 MonstrBv s 54.27 -6.93 -12.51 Motricity h .52 +.01 +.06 Motricity rt .02 ... +.01 Move rs 8.52 -.01 -.26 MultimGm 15.77 +.05 +.94 Mylan 23.46 +.16 +.33 MyriadG 25.34 +.14 +.66 NABI Bio 1.61 ... +.03 NETgear 37.76 +.46 +2.42 NIC Inc 14.07 -.15 +.24 NICESys 31.81 +.18 +.06 NII Hldg d6.60 -.06 -.20 NN Inc 8.86 +.15 -.31 NPS Phm 7.18 -.06 -.14 NXP Semi 24.26 +.53 +1.96 Nanosphere 2.95 +.04 +.14 NasdOMX 23.36 +.07 +.40 NatInstrm 26.33 +.20 +.94 NatPenn 8.73 ... -.18 NektarTh 8.24 -.06 +.03 NetApp 32.58 +.45 +.24 NetEase 54.99 +.81 +1.82 Netflix 59.90 +1.99 +5.99 NetSpend 9.18 +.21 +.23 NetworkEq 1.34 ... ... Neurcrine 7.21 +.09 +.34 Newport 12.21 -.14 -.43 NewsCpA u23.39 -.28 -.08 NewsCpB u23.60 -.22 -.01 Nordson 53.93 +.17 +2.10 NorTrst 46.22 +.05 +.74 NwstBcsh 11.85 -.03 ... Novavax 2.07 +.09 -.02 nTelos rs d16.58 +.04 +1.11 NuVasive 20.26 ... +.60 NuanceCm 23.53 +.89 +2.08 Nvidia 14.62 -.09 +.90 NxStageMdd13.65 +.14 -1.06 O2Micro 4.01 +.02 +.26 OReillyAu 84.62 -.38 -1.10 OSI Sys u71.50 +.24 +6.34 ObagiMed 13.11 -.04 +.90 Oclaro 2.63 -.04 +.21 OldDomFrt 44.13 -.29 -.14 Omnicell 14.52 -.14 +.83 OmniVisn 14.84 +.09 +.84 OnAssign 16.34 -.17 +.98 OnSmcnd 6.82 -.12 +.45 Oncothyr 4.38 +.03 +.14 OnyxPh 71.07 -1.87 +.64 OpenTxt 54.52 +5.12 +5.97 OpenTble h43.57 -.46 +4.02 OptimerPh 15.16 +.44 +.67 Oracle 31.61 +.24 +.89 OraSure 10.12 +.37 -.55 Orexigen 4.21 +.02 -.47 Otelco un d3.05 -.39 -4.19

P-Q-R PDC Engy 27.55 +.54 +3.05 PDL Bio u7.07 +.07 +.16 PLX Tch 5.85 -.02 +.38

-.33 -.25 +3.14 +2.09 -.01 -2.46 -.03 -.01 -.51 +1.99 +.42 +1.74 -.28 +1.17 -.06 +.01 +4.11 +.01 +.18 +.05 +.52 +8.78 +1.52 +1.64 -.12 -.49 +.11 +1.30 +.53 -.79 +.05 +.27 -.94

19.66 19.35 44.68 67.16 14.80 75.50 9.67 9.83 25.85

-.20 +.06 +.43 -.63 -.09 -1.28 -.16 -.04 -.12

S-T-U SBA Com 60.41 +.12 SEI Inv u21.40 -.15 SLM Cp 16.12 +.13 SS&C Tech 23.56 -1.73 STEC 7.11 +.26 SVB FnGp 55.87 -.33 SabraHltc u18.83 -.08 SagentPhmd13.21 -.04 SalixPhm 45.99 +.25 SanderFm 39.68 +.62 SanDisk 41.40 -.19 Sanmina 8.78 +.02 Sanofi rt 1.43 +.01 Santarus 6.35 +.27 Sapient 9.94 +.27 Sarepta rs 8.27 +.22 SavientP h .80 +.05 Schnitzer 32.41 -.54 SciClone 5.70 -.18 SciGames d7.06 +.30 SciQuest 16.25 +.50 SeagateT u34.18 +1.41 SearsHldgs 51.42 +.75 SeattGen 23.92 -.62 SelCmfrt 27.62 -.55 Semtech 25.08 +.26 Sequenom 3.49 +.03 SvcSource 8.20 +.11 ShandaG s 3.41 ... Shire 93.05 +.41 ShufflMstr 13.58 +.10 Shutterfly 31.04 -1.03 SigmaAld 72.07 -.33 SignatBk 63.47 -.29 SilganHld 40.75 +.20 SilicGrIn 8.58 -.10 SilicnImg 5.31 +.27 SilcnLab 39.22 +.04 SilicnMotn 15.98 +.05 Slcnware 5.62 +.12 SilvStd g 13.01 -.46 Sina 52.04 -.47 Sinclair 11.53 +.18 SiriusXM u2.48 +.08 SironaDent 50.90 +.31 Skullcandy 15.98 -.08 SkyWest 8.21 +.24 SkywksSol 29.63 +.63 SmartBal u11.56 -.31 SmithWes 9.59 -.33 SnydLance 22.87 -.33 SodaStrm 40.06 -.52 39.19 -.94 Solazyme 11.84 -.36 SoltaMed 2.76 -.03 SonicCorp 9.21 -.09 Sonus 1.78 -.05 Sourcefire 47.70 -.13 SpectPh 12.42 +.31 SpiritAir 19.64 -.46

+1.22 -.05 +.10 -1.03 -.87 -1.42 ... -4.96 +1.05 +2.46 +.03 +.24 ... -1.12 -.17 -.46 +.18 +1.69 +.35 -1.53 +1.12 +3.56 +2.10 -.73 +.61 +.54 +.36 -.25 +.08 +1.88 -.60 -1.19 +1.85 -1.01 +.35 +1.87 +.35 +1.77 +.60 +.17 +.45 +7.49 -.14 +.32 +2.54 +1.31 +1.79 +1.31 +.57 -.01 -.04 -.51 +4.49 -2.03 -.01 -.48 +.09 +2.65 -1.20 -.85

Splunk n 30.18 Spreadtrm 17.09 19.70 Staples 13.41 StarScient 4.23 Starbucks 45.57 StlDynam 13.45 Stericycle 89.82 SMadden 40.72 StewEnt 7.07 Stratasys u67.20 Strayer 73.14 StudentTr g 6.35 SunHlth 8.45 SunOpta 5.12 SunPower 4.29 SuperMicro 12.06 SusqBnc 10.42 Susser 38.46 SykesEnt 13.37 Symantec 17.28 Synacor n 9.65 Synaptics 30.39 Synchron 22.03 Synopsys 30.75 SyntaPhm 6.71 TFS Fncl 8.96 TICC Cap 9.93 TTM Tch 9.40 tw telecom 24.00 TakeTwo 9.38 Tangoe 21.43 Targacept 4.62 TASER 5.59 TechData 49.36 TlCmSys 1.52 TeleTech 16.45 Tellabs 3.30 TescoCp d11.29 TeslaMot 29.94 TesseraTch 14.64 TetraTc 26.47 TxCapBsh u43.68 TexInst 29.75 TexRdhse 17.49 Theravnce 25.93 Thoratec 32.14 TibcoSft 28.44 TitanMach 28.32 TiVo Inc 9.04 Tornier 18.04 TowerGrp d18.76 TractSupp 90.44 TrimbleN 46.43 TripAdv n 35.10 TriQuint 5.95 TrueRelig 21.97 TrstNY 5.69 Trustmk 23.99 21Vianet 10.66 USHmSy 12.44 UTStarcm 1.08 Ubiquiti n d8.71 UltaSalon 85.35 Ultratech 33.66 Umpqua 12.22 Unilife 3.06 UBWV 23.65 UtdOnln 5.22 UtdStatn 25.41 UtdTherap u55.23

-.34 -2.27 -.58 +.10 -.39 +.46 +.08 +.76 +.10 +.05 +.57 +.14 -.05 +.05 +.02 +.09 -.16 -.06 +.08 +.13 +.28 -.40 +.53 +.07 -.05 -.11 -.07 +.03 +.06 -.11 +.56 +.03 -.11 -.10 +.24 ... -.01 -.01 +.60 +.53 -.23 +.20 -.33 +.21 -.09 -.22 +.04 -.14 -.94 +.10 -.17 -.12 -1.17 -.43 -1.08 +.14 -.44 +.10 +.04 +.09 -.01 -.01 -6.30 -1.74 +1.44 -.07 +.05 +.10 -.12 -.02 -.19

+2.24 -1.90 -.80 +.48 +.24 +1.83 +.72 -2.02 +.72 +.16 +3.56 +2.69 +.27 +.10 +.04 +.20 -.37 -.02 +1.29 -1.27 +.48 -.45 +2.36 +.26 +.20 -.28 -.27 +.03 ... -.37 +1.30 +1.65 +.31 +.10 +2.08 +.12 +.21 -.03 -.77 +2.67 +.32 +.87 +.09 +1.48 +.13 -1.71 +.06 +.62 +.13 +.30 -3.49 +.92 -.01 +1.15 -1.58 +.30 +.22 +.19 -.46 +.95 +3.34 +.07 -3.70 -2.43 +2.00 -.10 -.01 +.30 +.20 +.45 +1.21

UnivDisp 39.55 +.56 +8.65 UnwiredP 2.07 -.04 +.17 UrbanOut 30.66 -.21 +.50

V-W-X-Y-Z VCA Ant 18.68 +.09 ValueClick 15.76 -.30 VanSTCpB 79.65 -.04 VanIntCpB 86.58 +.20 VeecoInst u37.77 -.34 Velti 6.83 -.32 VBradley 25.34 +.32 Verisign u46.76 +.16 Verisk 48.62 -.12 VertxPh 51.66 +.15 ViaSat 37.11 +.65 ViacomB 49.44 -.35 Vical 3.46 -.09 VirgnMda hu27.00 -.30 ViroPhrm 24.09 +.94 VisChina h .26 -.00 VistaPrt 39.17 +1.73 Vitacost 5.18 -.02 VitesseS 2.35 +.09 Vivus 21.60 -.06 Vocus 18.21 -.23 Vodafone u29.98 +.25 Volcano 27.36 -.29 Volterra 24.78 +.39 WarnerCh 17.56 +.20 WarrenRs 2.95 +.04 WashFed 16.23 -.05 17.94 -.04 WebMD 14.93 -.22 Websense 15.61 -.11 Wendys Co 4.45 -.13 WernerEnt 23.18 +.06 WestellT 2.21 ... WDigital 43.99 +.96 WstptInn g 36.81 -.29 WetSeal 3.04 -.03 WholeFd 93.96 -.70 WilshBcp u6.48 +.02 Windstrm 9.41 +.11 Wintrust 36.60 -.09 WisdomTr 6.75 -.18 Woodward 35.69 +.10 WrightM 19.68 -.07 Wynn 101.83 +.30 XOMA 3.12 -.04 XenoPort u8.71 +.30 Xilinx 33.71 -.01 Yahoo 15.15 -.86 Yandex 20.62 -.28 Yongye 3.83 +.39 Zagg 8.77 -.01 Zalicus 1.33 +.01 ZeltiqAes n 5.55 +.40 Zillow 38.83 +1.02 Zion wt8-12 d.01 -.00 ZionBcp 18.87 -.17 Zipcar 8.08 +.41 Zix Corp 2.45 -.05 Zogenix 2.10 -.04 Zumiez 34.06 -.70 Zynga n 2.95 -.06 pSivida 1.80 -.01

+.17 +.45 -.14 -.02 +3.30 +1.08 +3.14 +1.11 +1.24 +2.32 +3.26 +2.24 +.02 -.84 +4.22 -.03 +2.78 -.82 +.38 +.68 +1.31 +.27 +.33 +1.78 +.17 +.43 +.34 ... -.35 +.42 -.04 -.17 -.07 +2.99 -2.23 +.30 -.64 +.08 -.63 -.06 -.29 +1.19 +.03 +6.27 -.17 +1.06 +.57 -.82 +.15 +.39 +.46 +.21 +.61 +.20 -.02 -.06 +1.33 -.01 -.06 +.19 +.23 -.27



P   M  Jason Carr has been named to head the Partnership to End Poverty, a Redmondbased nonprofit. For the past five years Carr has been the Prineville and Crook County economic develop- Carr ment manager with Economic Development for Central Oregon. Before he joined EDCO, Carr was a television news anchor with KTVZ in Bend and KEZI in Eugene. Carr is currently the vice chairman of the Partnership to End Poverty and will be replacing executive director Scott Cooper in September.. Catherine Scanland has joined Bend Premier Real Estate as a broker. Scanland earned her California sales license in 1996. Scanland At Bend Premier Real Estate she will be working with principal broker Kristi Kaufman. Cristina Lamoureux has been promoted to vice president and treasury management team leader at Home Federal Bank in Bend. Lamoureux will be responsible for developing commercial banking relationships and overseeing treasury management teams

in Oregon and Idaho. Lamoureux has been in the banking industry for 20 years, including eight years in treasury management. She is Lamouon the board of reux the St. Charles Medical Center Foundation and on the events committee of the Ronald McDonald House. Dale Van Valkenburg, of Brooks Resources Corp. in Bend, has joined the committees of the Sewer Infrastructure Advisory Group, Bend Economic D e velo p m e n t Advisory Board and the Proj- Van Valect Advisory kenburg Committee for Prineville’s Transportation System Plan. Van Valkenburg has been a Bend resident since 1990 and has worked in the planning departments for both Deschutes County and the city of Bend. He was a planning consultant with Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis before joining Brooks Resources. Carolyn Eagan has been hired as the new business advocate for the city of Bend. The Bend business advocate is responsible for staffing the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board and works

with the community, city and local business support organizations. Eagan previously worked as the regional economist for Central Oregon and South Central Oregon with the Oregon Em- Eagan ployment Department. She has also been a member of Redmond Economic Development Inc. and the Bend Economic Advisory Board. She has a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from Portland State University and a bachelor’s degree in economics and math from La Salle University. Dave Pelletier has joined Two Old Hippies, manufacturers of Breedlove and Bedell guitars, as general manager of its facilities in Bend. Pelletier was previously president of North American sales for Gibson Guitar Corp. and before that was employed at Musician’s Friend for 14 years. Erin ZellerSchuhmacher has been named NeighborI mpact’s employee Zellerof the month Schuhfor June. Zeller- macher Schuhmacher has been with NeighborImpact since November 2009. She has worked as a Head

Start advocate and Head Start mental health services coordinator. Griffin Priebe has joined Seventh Mountain Resort as the director of owner relations and property management. Priebe previously worked in the front office and property management department at Sunriver Resort and was the events and Priebe membership manager for the Sunriver Owners Association. He has lived in Central Oregon for six years following his graduation from California State University, Chico. The Wildfire Networking chapter of BNI in Bend has new executive officers including: President, Andrew Untermeyer; vice president, Jim Sliker; and secretary-treasurer, Debra Simpkins. Sheree MacRitchie, a principle broker at ReMax/Key Properties in Bend, received awards from ReMax for the highest volume of transactions for the month of MacJune and for the Ritchie second quarter of 2012. MacRitchie has been in the real estate industry in Bend since 1991.


to the use of actual trading data to set the daily benchmark rate. Currently, a number of banks are polled each day about what their lending costs would be if they tapped the markets for financing. During the recent financial crisis, so-called interbank lending between firms was sharply curtailed, which led bank executives to submit incorrect data for Libor, according to regulatory filings. “Libor is also intended to represent unsecured interbank borrowing costs for a range of maturities, but as this type of lending has severely declined since the financial crisis, sub-

missions are more heavily reliant on judgment,” Wheatley said. The review will focus on potential criminal sanctions against individuals who manipulate the rate. U.S. and British authorities are considering the prosecution of traders implicated in the scandal, and European officials want to write new legislation to make the manipulation of Libor and other benchmark rates a criminal offense. The overhaul of Libor will also involve increased governance of the rate-setting process, after authorities found

deficiencies in how the system was overseen. In discussions dating back to 2008, U.S. and British central bankers had raised concerns with the British Bankers’ Association about how the rate was governed. In response, authorities forced the trade body to increase the auditing of banks’ Libor submissions from late 2008 to improve transparency. “Any new governance framework should ensure that the compilation process itself is subject to a much greater degree of independence, transparency and accountability,” Wheatley said Friday.

had profited by betting against the very mortgage investments that it sold to clients. It also suggested that Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman, might have misled lawmakers when testifying about the mortgage deals. Blankfein said that the bank never bet against its clients for its own profit. As part of the report, Levin, the chairman of the subcommittee, referred Goldman’s case to the Justice Department for a criminal investigation in April 2011. But after investigating Goldman for more than a year, the Justice Department decided not to bring a case. “The department and its investigative partners conducted an exhaustive review of the report and its exhibits, independently gathered and scrutinized a large volume of other documents, and tenaciously pursued potential evidentiary leads, including conducting numerous witness interviews,” the Justice Department said in its statement. Separately, Goldman also disclosed on Thursday that the SEC would not pursue any further claims against the bank

related to the sale of a $1.3 billion mortgage bond deal. On Friday, legal experts said that it was always unlikely that the government would bring a criminal prosecution against Goldman Sachs. Ever since the 2002 indictment of Arthur Andersen caused the accounting giant to collapse and caused thousands of job losses, the government has been reluctant to bring charges against a company. Instead, companies are now frequently offered so-called deferred prosecution agreements in which they pay a fine and agree to government oversight instead of facing criminal prosecution. “The likelihood of the Justice Department indicting a ‘too big to fail bank’ like Goldman Sachs was always slim-to-none,” said Stephen Plotnick, a securities lawyer at Carter Ledyard & Milburn. “And a major hurdle in a criminal prosecution of Goldman’s executives was proving that they intended to defraud their clients.” While it no longer faces the prospect of criminal charges, Goldman has absorbed sub-

stantial damage to its reputation from Abacus, the complex mortgage security that it sold to clients but was secretly designed to fail. And even though it settled with the SEC, a midlevel employee in the bank’s mortgage unit, Fabrice Tourre, still faces a civil trial related to the Abacus transaction. Its public image has also taken a hit from unflattering portrayals in the media, including its depiction as a “vampire squid” in a Rolling Stone article. On Friday, Levin said that the Justice Department’s decision only highlighted the need for stiffer regulations for Wall Street banks under the new Dodd-Frank financial reform laws. “Yesterday’s announcement makes it even more important that regulators implement Dodd-Frank with rules that do not water it down, and that they enforce those rules with vigor,” he said. “The integrity of our financial markets and the strength of our economy demand that we make sure that actions such as Goldman Sachs’ and other recently discovered misdeeds by financial institutions are ended.”

Continued from D3 A number of other global financial institutions, including Citigroup and HSBC, are under investigation for their roles in the scandal. Analysts estimate that the combined fines and penalties for the financial services industry may exceed $20 billion. Wheatley’s review will produce recommendations in late September about how the rate-setting process could be changed. On Friday, the British regulator said the inquiry might lead

Goldman Continued from D3 “We are pleased that this matter is behind us,” said David Wells, a Goldman spokesman, in a brief statement. But the Justice Department’s decision rankled Wall Street critics who want banks to pay for their actions. On Friday, the senator who had requested the criminal investigation denounced Goldman. “Whether the decision by the Department of Justice is the product of weak laws or weak enforcement, Goldman Sachs’ actions were deceptive and immoral,” Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said in a statement. Federal prosecutors began investigating Goldman more than a year ago after the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations issued a blistering report highlighting questionable conduct by Goldman and other banks. It focused on Goldman’s lucrative business of selling pools of subprime mortgage securities to clients while simultaneously betting on a decline in the housing market. In effect, the report concluded that Goldman

Continued from D3 “There’s been some stagnation in center-of-the-store sales,” said Jeffrey Ettinger, chief executive of Hormel Foods. “Frankly, I think those of us who sell products there have been a little slow to innovate, and in the meantime, sales around the store perimeter have been strong.” Most major food companies have a presence in both the center and perimeter of the grocery store. Hormel, for instance, is firmly ensconced in one of the hottest areas, the deli section, with its Di Lusso line of cold cuts, while General Mills, maker of Yoplait, is engaged in the yogurt wars raging in the refrigerated cases, another sizzling perimeter section. But food companies are nonetheless concerned at the softening of their business in the center of the store. They are responding with a variety of tactics, like attempts to add pizazz and flair to the products they sell in the center of the store and making acquisitions that give them a better toehold on the perimeter. Hormel has shortened the cooking time of some of its Compleats microwave meals to 90 seconds and pumped up the flavorings of others — ginger spicy chicken, for one — that it sells in the center of the store. It has also begun tweaking packaging, putting stalwarts like Pizza Toppings in the pouches that consumers are suddenly crazy for. Campbell Soup, taking a different tack, recently made its biggest acquisition ever, spending $1.55 billion to buy Bolthouse Farms, a vegetable and juice company that will give it a much bigger presence in places like the entrance of the Cub Foods store here. “It gives us a great platform for the growth that’s going on at the perimeter,” said Anthony Sanzio, a Campbell spokesman. “The vision is to build on the juice and baby carrots and salad dressings with dips and fresh sauces — and there will be things we can do with soups and salsas, too.” He said business in the perimeter was growing in part because of the demand from younger consumers for fresh foods and foods that are per-

Google Continued from D3 In January, media companies like Viacom, Time Warner and the Walt Disney Co. backed two anti-piracy bills, one in the Senate and the other in the House of Representatives, while Internet activists and companies like Google and Facebook argued the bills would hinder Internet freedom. Buoyed by a huge online grassroots movement, and aided by Wikipedia’s going black for a day in protest, the bills quickly died. That tension has decreased somewhat as media companies have met with Silicon Valley executives over how


ceived as wholesome and unprocessed. At the same time, older consumers are looking for more healthful foods and juices. That is not to say Campbell will be abandoning the center of the store. It will be introducing soup in pouches later this year with flavors like coconut curry, as well as sparkling energy drinks and jazzier skillet sauces like creamy chipotle with roasted corn. “We don’t see the center of the store as a problem, even though the perimeter of the store is growing faster in some stores,” said Ian Friendly, executive vice president of U.S. retail at General Mills. “You just need innovation to make it exciting to go down the cereal and snack aisles.” Friendly pointed to two products General Mills introduced last year — 90-calorie Fiber One brownies and multigrain peanut butter Cheerios — as examples of products that will lure today’s shoppers to the center aisles. “There are other trends going on that are driving the changes you’re seeing,” he said. “It used to be that people got their food pretty exclusively at traditional grocery stores, but there has been a pretty important migration to club stores, supercenters, drugstores, convenience stores and dollar stores, where sales have been growing much faster.” Stores like Sam’s Club and Target have put pressure on grocery stores to cut prices, while the other outlets offer convenience. At the other end of the spectrum, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have upped the ante by introducing an element of Cirque du Soleil into the grocery business and proving that there are big profits in fresh produce, which was previously considered a risky business. “There were big implications in how Whole Foods went about merchandising the types of products it was carrying,” said Andrew Waldek, senior partner at Innosight, a consulting firm. “They do a lot of sampling, a lot of labeling and signs, all in an effort to create a sense of transparency and demonstrate the freshness and healthiness of what they’re selling.”

to solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction. Google said it would not remove pages from copyright-infringing websites from its search engine unless it received a valid copyright removal notice from the rights’ owner. “Only copyright holders know if something is authorized, and only courts can decide if a copyright has been infringed,” Singhal said. Google has received copyright removal requests for over 4.3 million Web addresses in the last 30 days, according to the company’s transparency report. That is more than it received in all of 2009.

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The weekly market review American Stock Exchange Name

Last Chg Wkly

AbdAsPac 7.89 AbdAustEq 10.29 AbdnChile 15.30 AbdnIndo 13.10 Acquity n u10.19 AdcareHlt 4.06 AdvPhot .70 Adventrx .61 AlexcoR g d3.27 AlldNevG 27.88 AlmadnM g 2.10 AmApparel 1.03 AmDGEn 1.82 Armour wt .03 AtlatsaR g .18 Augusta g 2.47 Aurizon g 4.25 AvalnRare 1.75 AvinoSG g d1.22 Bacterin 1.52 BakerM 24.30 Ballanty 4.64 Banro g 4.05 BarcUBS36 42.71 BarcGSOil 22.85 BarcGsci36 34.08 BrcIndiaTR 52.31 BioTime 3.81 BlkMuIT2 16.65 BlkMunvst 11.19 BovieMed 3.03

-.02 -.09 +.02 -.02 +.01 +.08 +.01 -.01 -.14 +.39 -.06 -.00 -.04 ... +.00 +.02 -.06 +.04 ... -.01 +.13 +.04 +.01 -.37 -.03 -.30 +.19 -.07 +.09 -.02 +.13

-.04 -.01 +.17 +.06 -.11 +.26 +.11 +.01 -.85 +1.12 +.16 +.12 -.16 -.00 +.01 +.43 -.06 +.25 +.04 +.03 -1.55 -.37 +.24 +.18 +.58 +.67 +1.18 -.11 -.25 +.04 +.70

BrigusG g .86 BritATob 108.97 CPI Aero 11.03 CAMAC En d.57 Cardero g .81 CardiumTh .21 CelSci .34 CFCda g 20.20 CentGold g 62.45 CentSe 20.22 CheniereEn 14.66 CheniereE 24.28 ChiGengM d.40 ChinaPhH .43 ChinaShen d.42 ClaudeR g .74 CloughGEq 12.50 ClghGlbOp 11.29 ComstkMn 3.00 ConmedH 3.93 ConsEP 1.45 Contango 60.05 CoreMold 7.50 CornstProg 5.48 CornstTR 6.52 CornerstStr 7.36 CrSuisInco 3.95 CrSuiHiY u3.25 Crosshr g .18 CubicEngy .20 DejourE g .24 DenisnM g 1.33

-.02 +.03 +.65 -.31 -.31 -.20 +.05 +.01 ... -.01 -.00 -.01 ... -.00 +.01 +.19 +.35 +.69 +.01 +.27 +.60 +.90 +.08 -.15 ... +.02 -.03 +.02 -.03 -.19 +.01 +.02 +.04 +.25 +.01 +.18 -.09 +.03 ... +.01 -.02 +.06 +.49 +.13 +.03 -.50 +.03 +.13 +.01 +.21 -.02 +.19 -.01 +.02 +.01 +.05 -.00 -.01 ... -.03 +.00 +.03 +.01 +.03

DocuSec 3.88 DryfMu 10.63 EV CAMu 12.34 EV LtdDur 16.66 EVMuniBd 13.85 EVMuni2 13.80 EV NYMu 14.58 ElephTalk 1.35 EllswthFd 7.21 eMagin 3.53 EmersnR h u2.00 EnovaSys .05 EntGmg rs 2.34 EntreeGold .67 EurasnM g 1.87 EvolPetrol 8.32 ExeterR gs 1.56 ExtorreG g 4.22 FTEgyInco 29.81 FrkStPrp 10.39 FrTmpLtd 14.49 Frischs 32.20 FullHseR 2.63 GSE Sy 2.29 GamGldNR 14.08 GasNatural 10.04 GascoEngy .11 Gastar grs 1.90 Gastar pfA 20.40 GenMoly 2.86 GeoGloblR d.17 Geokinetics .30

+.07 -.28 -.04 -.14 -.14 -.26 -.08 +.11 +.05 -.14 +.03 +.11 +.06 +.19 -.01 -.02 +.03 +.06 +.52 +.58 ... -.02 +.01 +.00 -.08 -.39 -.02 -.05 -.00 +.08 -.01 +.10 -.07 -.04 +.01 +.08 +.26 +.20 -.06 +.14 -.02 +.06 -.21 +.35 -.07 -.07 -.01 -.08 +.14 +.37 +.04 +.03 +.00 ... -.08 -.03 -.11 +.25 -.04 -.01 -.01 -.04 -.05 -.05

GeoPetro .14 GigOptics 2.50 GoldRsv g 3.37 GoldResrc 18.24 GoldStdV g 1.86 GoldenMin 4.49 GoldStr g 1.35 GldFld 2.15 GormanR 27.83 GrahamCp 17.81 GranTrra g 4.94 GrtBasG g .51 GtPanSilv g 1.71 GpoSimec u10.43 GugFront 19.37 HSBC CTI 6.15 Hemisphrx .40 HooperH .68 HstnAEn 1.18 IEC Elec 5.95 IGI Labs 1.15 iSBaa-Ba bt 51.71 iShDenC bt 28.45 iShMorMl btu26.29 iBio 1.21 ImmunoCll 3.06 ImpOil gs 45.15 IndiaGC .20 InovioPhm .55 IntTower g 2.85 Inuvo .54 InvVKAdv2u13.51

-.01 +.05 -.09 +.06 -.02 +.04 -.07 -.02 -.24 -.83 +.01 -.01 -.01 -.10 +.18 +.09 +.02 +.05 +.32 -.05 -.02 +.10 -.15 +.04 +.12 -.02 +.14 -.01 ... +.15 -.10 -.08

+.04 -.05 -.03 +.18 +.03 +.40 +.17 +.10 +.30 +.60 +.54 -.02 +.04 +.14 +.27 +.03 +.05 +.04 +.35 -.05 +.07 +.07 +.05 -.09 +.12 -.04 +1.61 -.00 +.03 +.17 -.10 -.33

InvVKSelS 13.23 IsoRay .93 Iteris 1.48 KeeganR g 3.30 KimberR g .73 LadThalFn 1.35 LkShrGld g 1.15 Libbey 14.16 LongweiPI 1.42 LucasEngy 1.78 MAG Slv g 9.41 MadCatz g .63 MagHR pfC 26.12 MagHR pfD 45.25 Medgenics 11.00 MeetMe 2.19 Metalico 2.19 MdwGold g 1.11 MincoG g .45 MinesMgt 1.31 NTN Buzz .20 NTS Inc .71 NavideaBio 3.62 NeoStem .72 NBCAInt 16.56 NeuB HYldu14.93 NBIntMu 16.16 NBNYInt 15.50 NBRESec 4.71 Neuralstem .75 Nevsun g 3.78 NwGold g 10.49

-.04 +.01 -.02 +.18 +.02 +.01 -.01 -.21 +.09 -.08 -.03 -.03 +.05 +.18 -.33 -.04 -.01 -.01 -.01 -.03 +.01 -.01 -.01 +.00 +.06 -.10 +.02 -.03 -.01 -.04 -.01 -.06

-.23 -.08 -.04 +.30 ... -.06 +.12 -.45 +.16 -.16 +.08 -.04 +.10 +.50 -.25 +.26 +.20 -.11 +.08 +.05 +.05 +.03 -.22 -.08 -.39 +.33 -.87 -.67 -.15 -.16 +.36 +.52

NA Pall g d1.50 NDynMn g 2.51 NthnO&G 16.78 NovaBayP 1.17 NovaCpp n d1.77 NovaGld g 4.29 NCaAMTFr 15.21 NuvCADv2u16.02 NCADv3 14.20 NvDCmdty 22.15 NuvDiv2 u15.79 NuvDiv3 15.32 NvGADiv2 14.62 NvDivAdv 15.69 NuvAmtFr 15.31 NMuHiOp u13.83 NuvNJDiv u16.03 NuvREst u11.81 OrchidsPP 16.99 OrientPap 2.13 OrionEngy 2.14 OverhillF 4.03 Pacholder 9.47 PalatinTch .72 ParaG&S 2.40 PhrmAth 1.27 PionDvrsHi 21.15 PlatGpMet .81 PolyMet g 1.18 ProlorBio 4.87 Protalix 5.73 PyramidOil 4.85

Biggest mutual funds -.12 -.14 -.01 -.02 +.20 +1.41 +.01 -.07 +.07 +.05 +.15 +.61 -.11 -.42 -.08 -.13 -.10 -.21 +.13 +.79 -.07 -.51 -.03 -.23 -.08 -.01 -.01 +.04 -.03 -.01 +.03 -.12 +.19 +.13 ... +.14 ... -.16 +.03 -.08 -.13 -.10 ... +.13 +.12 +.16 -.03 +.04 +.13 +.12 -.19 -.08 +.18 +.09 -.01 -.02 -.02 +.02 +.05 +.10 -.12 ... +.10 +.39

Quaterra g d.38 QuestRM g 1.39 RMR RE u17.59 RareEle g 4.09 ReavesUtl 25.28 RELM 1.96 Rentech 2.16 RevettMin 3.06 RexahnPh .50 Richmnt g 3.75 Rubicon g 3.26 SagaComm 35.40 SamsO&G 1.15 SaratogaRs 5.69 Senesco .26 SilverBull .46 SinoHub .24 Solitario 1.25 SondeR grs d1.60 SprottRL g 1.42 SuprmInd 4.13 SynergyRs 2.83 SynthBiol 2.07 TanzRy g 4.31 Taseko 2.69 TasmanM g 1.46 Tengsco .78 TimberlnR .31 Timmins g 2.15 Tompkins 38.10 TrnsatlPet .99 TravelCtrs 5.51

-.01 +.11 -.04 +.02 +.29 +.11 -.03 -.06 +.00 +.09 +.03 +.15 +.01 +.01 -.04 ... ... -.02 +.15 +.03 -.02 -.02 +.02 +.01 -.04 -.02 -.01 +.00 -.04 -.14 +.07 +.03

-.02 +.14 -.25 +.19 -.52 +.41 +.11 -.14 +.01 +.25 +.12 +.51 +.06 -.31 -.04 +.02 -.06 -.03 -.03 +.03 +.13 -.08 ... +.19 +.11 -.02 -.02 -.04 +.32 -1.39 +.07 +.49

TriangPet 6.34 Tucows g 1.16 UQM Tech .79 US Geoth .34 USAntimny 2.36 Univ Insur 3.31 Ur-Energy .94 Uranerz 1.39 UraniumEn 2.07 VangMega 48.37 VangTotW 47.25 VantageDrl 1.68 VirnetX 27.25 VistaGold 3.14 VoyagerOG 1.16 Vringo 3.44 Vringo wt u1.38 WalterInv 23.69 WFAdvInco 10.87 WFAdMSec 16.07 WFAdUtlHi 12.16 WellsGard 2.19 WstnAsInt 10.67 WstC&G gs 1.00 WidePoint d.45 WirelessT 1.25 WT DrfChn 25.18 WT Drf Bz 18.82 WizrdSft rs u4.77 YM Bio g 1.98 ZBB Engy .34

+.02 +.08 ... -.00 -.08 -.02 +.02 -.01 +.06 +.08 +.09 +.01 +.52 -.05 -.04 +.10 +.03 -.06 -.12 +.03 +.25 -.02 -.03 ... +.00 ... ... +.06 +.32 -.02 -.00

+.37 +.02 -.02 +.03 -.34 +.04 +.04 -.02 +.10 +.47 +.71 +.11 +.83 +.24 -.04 +.32 +.33 +.79 +.19 +.19 +.35 -.13 -.09 +.30 -.07 -.03 +.01 +.20 +.74 +.14 -.01

Name PIMCO Instl PIMS: TotRet n Vanguard Idx Fds: TotStk n Vanguard Instl Fds: InstIdx n Fidelity Invest: Contra n American Funds A: CapInBldA p Vanguard Admiral: 500Adml n American Funds A: IncoFdA p Vanguard Admiral: TotStkAdm n American Funds A: GwthFdA p Vanguard Instl Fds: InsPl n American Funds A: CapWGrA p American Funds A: InvCoAA p American Funds A: WshMutA p Frank/Temp Frnk A: IncoSerA p Dodge&Cox: Stock Dodge&Cox: Intl Stk Vanguard Instl Fds: TSInst n Vanguard Admiral: WelltnAdm n Vanguard Admiral: TtlBdAdml n Vanguard Idx Fds: TotlIntl n


Total Assets Ttl Rtrn/Rnk ($Mins) 4-wk 163,565 71,581 65,440 58,441 57,830 56,946 56,152 55,757 54,360 45,853 45,246 44,594 40,156 39,553 38,821 36,185 35,337 35,325 34,157 33,672

+0.6 +3.4 +3.8 +2.1 +2.3 +3.8 +2.2 +3.4 +4.2 +3.8 +4.4 +4.5 +2.9 +2.9 +6.9 +6.4 +3.4 +2.5 0.0 +4.9

12-mo +7.3/A +27.0/A +28.2/A +21.3/C +17.2/A +28.2/A +18.9/A +27.2/A +21.5/C +28.3/A +16.5/B +25.2/C +27.2/B +17.6/A +28.8/A +8.2/B +27.2/A +19.1/A +4.5/E +5.3/D

Min 5-year

Init Invt

+55.4/A 1,000,000 +9.8/A 3,000 +8.1/A 5,000,000 +19.1/B 2,500 +8.4/D 250 +8.1/A 10,000 +14.3/C 250 +10.4/A 10,000 +2.7/D 250 +8.2/A 200,000,000 -1.2/B 250 +2.3/C 250 +5.3/C 250 +20.6/B 1,000 -7.4/D 2,500 -14.6/B 2,500 +10.4/A 5,000,000 +24.7/A 50,000 +38.9/C 10,000 -16.0/B 3,000

Percent Load NL NL NL NL 5.75 NL 5.75 NL 5.75 NL 5.75 5.75 5.75 4.25 NL NL NL NL NL NL

NAV 11.44 34.96 129.05 76.24 52.72 129.89 17.80 34.98 32.63 129.06 35.20 30.33 31.00 2.20 116.63 31.60 34.98 58.33 11.16 14.04

G – Growth. GI – Growth & Income. SS – Single-state Muni. MP – Mixed Portfolio. GG – General US Govt. EI – Equity Income. SC – Small Co Growth. A – Cap Appreciation. IL – International. Total Return: Change in NAV with dividends reinvested. Rank: How fund performed vs. others with same objective: A is in top 20%, E in bottom 20%. Percent Load: Sales charge. Min Init Invt: Minimum $ needed to invest in fund. NA – Not avail. NE – Data in question. NS – Fund not in existence.



E Greatness at the Olympic games



B  M C G B  J C  R  C

Chairwoman Publisher Editor-in-Chief Editor of Editorials

amaican sprinter Usain Bolt is, by his own definition, a legend. Bend’s Ashton Eaton, the decathlete, won’t even say he’s the world’s greatest athlete, a title con-

ferred on decathlete Jim Thorpe by King Gustav V of Sweden at the 1912 Olympics. Pardon us, but we’ll take Eaton, his gold medal and, more particularly, his attitude, anytime.

As the Los Angeles Times asked in an article Friday after both men had won gold, Bolt in the 200-meter sprint and Eaton in the decathlon, “How do you measure greatness? By two events that lasted less than 30 seconds combined? Or by one 10-part event that ground on for 25 hours over two days?� That same article called Bolt a man for modern times, all ego (“I am a living legend�) and short attention span. Eaton is cut from different cloth: “If I really felt like the world’s greatest athlete, I would have to get 10 perfect events, and I know that’s not possible,� he told the Times. Eaton is, by all accounts, a nice, nice young man. There’s an impulse, no doubt, to forget the flaws of someone who has accomplished what he did Wednesday and Thursday, but in this case

those who knew Eaton long before the Olympics used the same words to describe him as those who had known him for only this Olympic season. That says plenty about Eaton, about his mother, Roslyn, and about the way she reared him. He’s grounded, interested in the world beyond the end of his nose and a good guy, to boot. He shares, if not his talent, what he’s done with that talent with all the men and women who have helped, encouraged, trained and supported him over the years. We do not begrudge Bolt his Olympic accomplishments. But for us, it’s Eaton and his view of his own equally impressive accomplishments that we prefer. Greatness is not, after all, in the eyes of the medal holder but in the eyes and minds of those who know him.

From the Archives Edit o r’ s note: The following editorial from Nov. 9, 1957, does not necessarily reflect the views of The Bulletin’s editorial board today.

What to do? A quarter century of buffeting by nature and thousands of climbing children has brought the pair of 11-foot high wheels on the historic logging cart in Drake Park pretty close to the point of collapse. The wheels and long tongue slanting up to the steel box that holds them apart as an axle are the main attraction in the park for both tourists and local children, says A.B. “Bud� Lingerfelt, superintendent. Lingerfelt estimates that tourists snap an average of four photos a day during each summer of their families posing against the huge relic of the old logging days. Often he obliges by taking the picture so the whole family can be shown. Sometimes as many as 15 youngsters at a time swarm up the tongue and the stout hardwood spokes. “I can’t understand why they don’t fall off,� said Lingerfelt, “but they don’t.� Neither do the spokes but several of them have broken loose from the wooden rim and others are nearly worn through by small climbing feet. The once firm structure that dragged logs over rough ground in the forests without damage is beginning to shake under the impact of climbers and gusts. Long years of extremes of cold and heat, snow,

rain and ice have parted many of the tough oaken fibers. City Manager Walter T. Thompson and W.P. Drost, street and water superintendent, have about decided the old museum piece will soon become a menace to the safety of children. The officials are wondering if a public protest would be forthcoming if the wheels were removed. The Bulletin made a few casual inquiries at random. The persons questioned had a single answer: “The wheels ought to stay.� There is no marker on the wheels to inform the thousands of visitors of their former use, who put them in the park and when. Some of the old timers in the neighborhood were asked but only one had a definite recollection. Several hazarded a guess that the Brooks-Scanlon company donated them in the late 20s or early 30s when they were replaced in the woods by other devices... Thompson said he and Drost are considering the possibility of remodelling the historic wheels and keeping them as a park attraction. Whether a marker summarizing their history and use would decrease the interest in them is now the slow burning question. It just might do that. As for letting youngsters continue to risk their small bodies in wriggling about the 11-foot wheels — umm.

Credit approval can be elusive for seniors who may see debt as flaw By Frank Cerabino Cox Newspapers

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Can you be too old to get a credit card? Consider what happened to Madeline Otto, a Tequesta, Fla., woman who was out shopping at a local Stein Mart store recently, picking up a pair of new shoes for her upcoming birthday party — when she will celebrate turning 100 years old. “When I got to the checkout counter, the cashier said, ‘If you open a charge account today, you will save $10,’ � Otto said. Sounded like a good deal. So Otto handed over her driver’s license, and the cashier entered her information. Moments later, though, the cashier told Otto she was denied credit. “She said I was too old,� Otto said. “She was so nice. She came around the counter and said she was sorry and gave me a hug.� Otto was upset, and she contacted me, saying that she was the victim of discrimination against senior citizens. I never heard of being too old for credit. Neither did Dan Ray. Ray, the editor in chief of, spends his working days writing about the credit card industry. “Credit card companies can do business with anybody they want,� he told me. “There’s no right to credit.� However, he suspected that Ot-

to’s problem wasn’t her age, but her avoidance of debt. “Seniors are running into a new problem,� Ray said. “The way credit scoring works is that you have to have something on your credit report in order to score. And many seniors are unscorable.� Elderly people, he said, think of debt as flaw. They’re proud to have no mortgages, no credit cards, and no car loans. But this makes them invisible to credit card companies, and by living within their means, some senior citizens are thought of as “deadbeats� in the world of credit. I called back Otto to break the news. “My credit is clear,� Otto said. “I owe no one.� “So you have no credit,� I said. “That’s the problem.� “No, I have a Discover card,� she said. “I pay it right off when the bill comes.� Oops. That was going to be my advice to her. Ray had suggested that I advise Otto to get a credit card and put a regularly reoccurring charge on it, such as a utility bill. She could pay the card balance off every month without getting charged interest, and it will establish her credit. But she’s already doing that. “Are you sure the cashier said you were too old?� I asked. “Yes,� she said. So I called Stein Mart’s corporate offices in Jacksonville, Fla., and spoke with company spokeswoman Linda Tasseff, who has a

98-year-old grandmother in Delray Beach, Fla. Tasseff was surprised by Otto’s story. “The qualifications go through a standard MasterCard credit check,� she said. “I would be surprised if it’s age-oriented.� She said she would look into it. The mystery was solved a day later, when Stein Mart sent Otto an explanation, an apology and a $50 gift certificate. It turns out there really was an age issue with Otto’s credit card request. But it was nothing like she had imagined. When Otto turned over her driver’s license to the cashier, the credit check system required only the last two digits of Otto’s year of birth. She was born on Oct. 18 in 1912. The computer registered her year of birth as “12.� The system made the assumption that it must be 2012, not 1912, and denied her request for credit because people under the age of 18 are unable to get credit cards. When the cashier saw that Otto was being denied credit because of age, she assumed that the 99-yearold woman in front of her was too old, not that the computer system has incorrectly assumed that Otto was a fetus. So for anybody else out there shopping for your 100th birthday party, you can still put your purchase on a new credit card — just as long as the computer doesn’t think you’re too young. — Frank Cerabino writes for The Palm Beach Post.

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Playing to lose (and win later) is smart, not an Olympic scandal By Noah Feldman Bloomberg News

Olympic athletes want to win — we all know that. So why are they being disqualified for trying to lose? After the badminton scandal that marred the early days of the games, the latest athlete to be kicked out was Algerian middle-distance runner Taoufik Makhloufi, who walked off the course in an 800 meters semifinal on Aug. 6. Makhloufi got lucky. After an appeal, the International Association of Athletics Federations accepted the doubtful excuse that he was feeling injured, and reinstated him. The next day, Makhloufi won the gold medal in the 1,500 meters by almost three-quarters of a second. That was not the performance of an injured man. Makhloufi hadn’t wanted to run the 800 at all. For some reason, his team had left him in it. Clearly, Makhloufi knew his chances of winning gold in the 1,500 could be harmed by running the 800, which he had little chance to win. He was acting

rationally in giving up. For that matter, so were the Chinese, Indonesian and South Korean badminton players who tried to throw early-round matches for a better draw in subsequent tournament rounds. So was the Japanese women’s soccer team, which benched all but four starters and played for a tie against South Africa to avoid having to travel to Scotland for its next match. Why, exactly, do we have the instinct that acting rationally in order to win violates the “Olympic spirit�? The rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations, which governs Makhloufi’s races, demand that athletes “compete honestly with bona fide effort� or face mandatory elimination from future events in the same competition. The badminton rules are roughly the same. Of course, all the athletes in question were putting in a bona fide effort to win gold medals. They just believed that the best way to do it was to focus themselves on the main event and put themselves in the best possible position for it. That path took them through

a less than fully competitive effort in earlier matches or races. There was nothing inherently dishonest about their efforts, except that the rules require them to lie if they want to have the best possible chance of winning. One possibility — the one the Olympic authorities would no doubt like us to embrace — is that competitors should go all-out at all times, treating each moment of competition as sacred. After all, the Olympics have their origins in ancient religious ritual, and today sport can seem very much like a secular faith. The problem with this ideal is that it does not match reality. We see strategic competition all the time in sports — and ordinarily, it does not bother us much, if at all. We compliment the intelligence of runners and swimmers who pace themselves in preliminary heats, rather than expending all of their energies. We accept the intentional walk in baseball as part of the game, even though it represents the opposite of bona fide competition between pitcher and batter. We even accept that profes-

sional basketball and football teams will play their scrubs and accept nearcertain defeat once they have made the playoffs — not just to protect against injury, but sometimes even to get a better playoff draw by losing. Perhaps it could be argued that the badminton players, at least, violated the spirit of the tournament, which was designed so that the qualifiers from the initial pool would then compete in the next round according to a predetermined set of rankings. Yet it was the tournament’s design that created the incentive for the teams to lose. In essence, the matches that the players were attempting to throw were exhibitions: All the teams involved had already qualified for the next round. Indeed, it could be argued that Makhloufi’s tanking (if that’s what it was) was worse than that of the badminton players. At least they were easing up within the context of the same tournament they sought to win. The runner, by contrast, was throwing one event to have a better chance of winning an entirely different one.

The persistence of strategic competition despite the rules against it suggests another reason that the Olympic Games condemn the practice: the entertainment value. The Olympics are a big business, and organizers want the spectators to get their money’s worth. London Olympics Chairman Sebastian Coe inadvertently revealed this motive when he commented after the badminton scandal, “Who wants to sit through something like that?� Once the underlying economic motive emerges, it’s easy to see that there is a conflict between our interests as consumers and the athletes’ as producers of value. From the athletes’ perspective, ultimate victory really is the goal. Not only do they want victory for its own sake, but their future earning capacity depends on winning gold. We, on the other hand, want to be treated constantly to the spectacle of total effort — of the kind we might never use ourselves in our own strategy-suffused lives. — Noah Feldman is a law professor at Harvard University.


O D N Noell Jean Paul Dec., 23, 1949 - August 3, 2012

Mary E. Buxton, of Bend Oct. 4, 1942 - Aug. 7, 2012 Arrangements: Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home, 541-382-2471,

Services: A celebration of her life will be held Thurs., Aug. 16, 2012 at 11:30 AM in the Aspen Hall at Shevlin Park, Bend, OR.

Ruth Wheeler, of Prineville Mar. 3, 1922 - Aug. 9, 2012 Arrangements: Prineville Funeral Home, 541-447-6459 Services: A graveside service will be held on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Juniper Haven Cemetery in Prineville, Oregon.

Walter E. Means, of Elma, WA (formerly of Central Oregon) June 25, 1925 - Aug. 6, 2012 Arrangements: Redwood Memorial Chapel, Brookings, OR

Services: A funeral service will be held at 10:30am on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at Deschutes Memorial Gardens, 63875 Hwy. 97N in Bend. Interment and military honors will follow at Deschutes Memorial Gardens.

Obituary policy Death Notices are free and will be run for one day, but specific guidelines must be followed. Local obituaries are paid advertisements submitted by families or funeral homes. They may be submitted by phone, mail, email or fax. The Bulletin reserves the right to edit all submissions. Please include contact information in all correspondence. For information on any of these services or about the obituary policy, contact 541-617-7825. Deadlines: Death Notices are accepted until noon Monday through Friday for next-day publication and noon Saturday. Obituaries must be received by 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday for publication on the second day after submission, by 1 p.m. Friday for Sunday or Monday publication, and by 9 a.m. Monday for Tuesday publication. Deadlines for display ads vary; please call for details. Phone: 541-617-7825 Email: Fax: 541-322-7254 Mail: Obituaries P.O. Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708

In Loving Memory Noell Jean Paul was born at Treasure Island Naval Base Hospital in Oakland, CA, the daughter of Roland and Margaret (Casey) Smith. She married the love of her life, Russ Paul, on February 14, 1970, and they shared 42 years together. She moved to Bend with her famNoell Paul ily in 1984. Her employment over the years included: Mt. Bachelor, Bend Cable, Bend Garbage and Central Oregon Radiology, where she worked for seven years as an Insurance Specialist. She made many friends during her 28 years living in Bend. Noell had a special love for the outdoors. She enjoyed camping at Crescent Lake and boating at Lake Billy Chinook. Her other pleasures in life included photography, star gazing, reading, writing, music, card making and watching the History Channel. She studied Business and writing at El Camino College in Torrance, California. In 1990, Noell was awarded “The Most Improved Shooter� of the Bend Women’s Pool League. She was preceded in death by her mother, Margaret Smith, and nephew, Casey Smith. She is survived by her husband of 42 years, Russ; son, Aaron, daughter-inlaw, Kathleen and granddaughter, Vivian of Happy Valley, OR; sister-in-law, Rhonda Kramer of Ft. Lauderdale, FL; brotherin-law, Robin Paul of Torrance, CA; father, Roland Smith of Bend, OR; brother, Jerry Smith (Alice) of Santa Monica, CA; sisters, Paula Thomas of Bend, OR; Patty Masters (Clark) of Valdez, AK, and 16 nieces and nephews. She had a great sense of humor, smile and enjoyed laughter in her life. She was proud of her son, Aaron, and becoming a grandmother to her granddaughter, Vivian Grace. A special Thanks to the following: Dr. Tarbett at Bend Memorial Clinic, St. Charles Medical Center, Dr. Martin at Cancer Care of the Cascades, Hospice House and all staff that treated her with compassion and respect. Donations may be made to Partners In Care Hospice House, 2075 NE Wyatt Ct., Bend, OR 97701 where Noell received loving care during the last two weeks of her life. Autumn Funerals is in charge of arrangements. Memorial Service was held on August 7, at Christian Life Center, Hwy 20 in Bend, Oregon. We will always remember Noell’s strength, faith, grace and dignity.

D E 

 Deaths of note from around the world: Mel Stuart, 83: Award-winning documentarian and director of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.� Died Thursday at his home in Los Angeles of cancer.

David Rakoff, 47: Humorist who wrote for The New York Times, Newsweek and other publications and was a contributor to public radio’s “This American Life.� Died Thursday after a long illness.

Push is on to fluoridate Portland drinking water The Associated Press PORTLAND — A coalition of more than 50 health and other organizations is quietly lobbying the City Council to fluoridate the water in Portland, one of the largest cities in the country that doesn’t use the mineral to fight tooth decay. The campaign backed by public health advocates, dentists and insurance companies hadn’t surfaced publicly until The Oregonian reported on it Friday. Many in Portland and Oregon at large have long opposed public fluoridation. City Commissioner Randy Leonard, who oversees the water bureau, supports fluoridation but said he doesn’t know whether there are enough votes on the fivemember City Council to approve it. The idea is “not nearcooked enough yet to consider bringing it forward,� he said. “We’re still in talks. I’ve talked to some on the council. I would not say we’re at that place yet.� The American Dental Association said San Jose, Calif., is the largest city in the country without fluoride in the water, Portland the second-largest. The water district serving

San Jose has voted to begin fluoridation, but money to do so hasn’t been raised. Portland voters have three times rejected fluoridation, most recently in 1980. One of the opponents from that campaign, 69-year-old Roger Burt, has been fighting the idea for decades. He argues that fluoridation hurts child brain development, among other things. “I’m in favor of this issue coming out,� he said. “I think a good airing and a good vigorous campaign would only benefit us. I truly believe the facts are on our side.� A nonprofit organization, Upstream Public Health, is behind the push, which began in earnest nearly a year ago when it teamed with a wellknown political consultant, Mark Wiener. Supporters of the Everyone Deserves Healthy Teeth Coalition include the Oregon Dental Association, the Oregon Pediatric Society, the Northwest Health Foundation, Kaiser Permanente and Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon. Advocates said dental health in Oregon has reached a crisis point. Nationwide, two-thirds of

the population receives fluoridated water. In Oregon, the rate is 22.6 percent — 48th out of 50 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 35 percent of Oregon thirdgraders have untreated tooth decay, according to CDC numbers from five years ago. Compared with other states, which have different reporting periods, Oregon ranked fifth-worst. “I think that our poorest and most vulnerable children are paying pretty significant consequences,� said Nichole Maher, executive director for the Northwest Health Foundation. Portland also sells water wholesale to suburban Gresham, Tigard and Tualatin. In all, the system serves about 900,000 residents. “What I would support is A, being notified about it; B, learning about it and; C, having a public reaction from our citizens,� Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden said. The administrator of the Portland Water Bureau, David Shaff, said the system is configured so that “there’s no way not to provide it to everybody that gets water from us.�

Will Oregon Democrats exploit Republicans’ visit to topless bar? SALEM — Reports that seven Republican legislators, including the House leadership team, visited a topless bar during a vacation to Southern California in January come at an awkward time for Oregon Republicans, who are trying to take control of the House in November. The story could matter to some voters, but it’s not likely to sway control of the House on its own, campaign experts said Friday. “Unless the opponents make a big deal out of it, I don’t think it’s going to be anything more than a very interesting August story,� said Jim Moore, a political science professor at Pacific University. The seven lawmakers, including Co-Speaker Bruce Hanna and then-Republican leader Kevin Cameron, visited a bar featuring topless dancers while on a three-day golfing trip to Palm Springs, Calif., in January, according to a report from The Oregonian this week. The trip became public in a story Thursday afternoon on the newspaper’s website, two months after news broke that a former aide had accused Rep. Matt Wingard of pres-

suring her to have a sexual relationship. Wingard has said their relationship was consensual but announced he would not seek re-election. The Oregonian reported that Cameron said his decision to step down last month as the No. 2 Republican in the House was prompted, in part, by threats that Wingard, who also was on the trip, would take the story of the visit to the bar public. The other legislators reportedly on the trip were Reps. Tim Freeman of Roseburg, Vic Gilliam of Silverton, Patrick Sheehan of Clackamas, and Matt Wand of Troutdale. A spokesman for House Republicans said none of them dispute reports that they were on the trip. No tax dollars or campaign money were spent on the trip. The long-term resonance of the issue will depend on whether Democrats decide to make a big deal out of it, said Len Bergstein, a lobbyist and former political consultant who worked for Democrats. Modern campaigns have become adept at using the Internet to drive negative coverage if they want to, he said, but there’s

always a risk of alienating voters if they don’t buy the argument. “To run a whole campaign around it would be silly,� Bergstein said. “But to say it amounts to nothingburger would be silly too .... It’s not the main thing that most people will decide who they cast their vote for, but it’s something.� Rep. Tina Kotek of Portland, the Democratic leader who’s in charge of her party’s campaign effort, wasn’t available to discuss whether Democrats would press the issue, a spokesman said. The House is evenly split between the two major parties, which have 30 members each, and both are fighting aggressively to win at least one seat. When one party has a majority, it wields significant power to push its agenda and block legislation promoted by opponents. “Throughout this entire election cycle, our candidates have been focused on the issues that Oregonians care about and will continue to talk about the economy, about education, and at the end of the day the voters will decide,� said Nick Smith, a spokesman for the House Republicans.

Judge: Inventor owes $600K in legal costs The Associated Press EUGENE — A judge in Eugene has ruled that an inventor who sued archery manufacturer BowTech for $40 million but failed to win damages must pay the company’s nearly $600,000 in legal fees.

The Register-Guard reports that the dispute involves a design for an archery bow. Claude Hadley alleged BowTech used his design after turning him down. The company said its design was substantially different and

obtained independently. After a trial in March a jury decided that BowTech did breach a contract with Hadley — although it didn’t say how. The jury found that the breach didn’t do Hadley financial harm, however.


O   B School secretary sentenced EUGENE — A Eugene school secretary has been sentenced to 22 months after pleading guilty to embezzling $18,000 during her employment at Edgewood Elementary School. Edgewood Principal Larry Williams testified Friday at 58-year-old Cynthia Jo Oberfoell’s sentencing hearing. Williams said the woman used a districtissued stamp of his signature to sign checks and authorize purchase orders without his knowledge. He says she also used her district-issued credit card to buy personal items, which she falsely recorded as legitimate school purchases. The Register-Guard reports that Oberfoell pleaded guilty in June to five counts of first-degree theft. Defense lawyer Dan Koenig noted his client’s previously clean record. He called the thefts uncharacteristic behavior arising from a gambling addiction.

Cougar trapped and killed BEND — An Oregon wildlife biologist says a young male cougar blamed for killing two sheep in two days east of Bend has been trapped and killed. Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Steven George tells KTVZ-TV that the animal had a fracture high up on its right front leg and evidence of an earlier gunshot wound as well. George says both injuries would have impaired the cat’s ability to hunt and likely prompted it to start killing easy prey like livestock. One domestic sheep was killed Wednesday, prompting involvement by the federal Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services. The big cat was trapped overnight Thursday. George says it’s believed to have killed a second sheep before entering the trap.

Panel supports eliminating ‘kicker’ SALEM — A panel of citizens is recommending that voters approve a ballot measure that would eliminate tax rebates known as the “corporate kicker,� even after the measure’s proponents declined to participate in the process. Twenty-four members commissioned by the new Citizens’ Initiative Review Commission released their recommendation on Friday after spending a week studying background material and hearing from people on both sides of the issue. The panel’s recommendation will appear in the voter’s pamphlet. The initiative is promoted by the union-backed group OurOregon. It would eliminate “kicker� tax rebates that businesses get when corporate income tax collections exceed expectations. It would not affect the personal kicker that goes to individual taxpayers. — From wire reports

— From wire reports

Rambaldi was Oscar-winning special effects creator istry are deeply saddened by the news of his passing.� MILAN — Carlo RamRambaldi worked on more baldi, a special effects master than 30 films, but was best and three-time Oscar winner known for his work on E.T., known as the father of “E.T. for which he created three roThe Extra-Terrestrial,� died bots, two costumes worn by Friday in southern Itactors in the scenes aly after a long illness, FEATURED when E.T. walked, and Italian news media re- OBITUARY gloves for the hands. ported. He was 86. Rambaldi, a wizard Rambaldi won viof a discipline known sual effects Oscars for Steven as mechatronics — which Spielberg’s 1982 blockbuster, combines disciplines includRidley Scott’s film ‘‘Alien� in ing mechanical, electronic 1979, and John Guillermin’s and system design engineer‘‘King Kong� in 1976. ing — did not hide a disdain “Carlo Rambaldi was E.T.’s for computerized effects. Geppetto,� said Spielberg, re‘‘Digital costs around eight ferring to the fictional char- times as much as mechatronacter who created Pinocchio. ics,� Rambaldi was quoted by “ All of us who marveled and the Rome daily La Repubblica wondered at his craft and art- as having once said. ‘‘E.T. cost By Colleen Barry

The Associated Press

a million dollars and we created it in three months. If we wanted to do the same thing with computers, it would take at least 200 people a minimum of five months.� Rambaldi was born in 1925 in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 1951. While he dreamed of becoming an artist, he was drawn into the world of cinema when he was asked to create a dragon for a low-budget science fiction movie in 1956. He moved to Rome and found work in television before his first big success, the 1975 Italian horror film ‘‘Deep Red.� He drew the attention of Dino De Laurentiis, who

brought him to Hollywood to work on ‘‘King Kong.� Italian director Pupi Avati described Rambaldi as ‘‘a child who loved to play and make his toys. A child who dreams of making a theme park of all his characters,� the news agency ANSA reported. The pair worked together on a 1975 film. ‘‘In those years, Rambaldi was the only craftsman capable of creating, as he did, a fig tree 12 meters high that he carried to the center of Ferrara with a huge truck, a fig tree that was to change color with the seasons, and also shed its leaves.� Rambaldi had been living for about a decade in the Calabrian city of Lamezia Terme, where he died.

Gregorio Borgia / The Associated Press

Special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi walks on stage in 2002 after drawing a cartoon of ET during the Italian David Di Donatello cinema awards in Rome. Rambaldi won three Oscars for the special effects of “King Kong� by John Guillermin, “Alien� by Ridley Scott and “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial� by Steven Spielberg.



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Yesterday’s weather through 4 p.m. in Bend 24 hours ending 4 p.m.*. . 0.00” High/Low . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84/50 Month to date . . . . . . . . . . 0.04” Record high . . . . . . . . 97 in 1986 Record low. . . . . . . . . 35 in 1954 Average month to date. . . 0.14” Year to date . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.61” Average high . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83 Average low. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Average year to date. . . . . 6.42” Barometric pressure at 4 p.m.30.00 Record 24 hours . . .0.19 in 1962 *Melted liquid equivalent

Sunrise today . . . . . . 6:05 a.m. Sunset today . . . . . . 8:15 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow . . 6:06 a.m. Sunset tomorrow. . . 8:13 p.m. Moonrise today . . . 12:33 a.m. Moonset today . . . . 3:58 p.m.

Moon phases New




Aug. 17 Aug. 24 Aug. 31 Sept. 8



Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Precipitation values are 24-hour totals through 4 p.m.

Bend, west of Hwy. 97......Ext. Bend, east of Hwy. 97.....High Redmond/Madras .........Ext.

Astoria . . . . . . . .66/57/0.00 Baker City . . . . . .86/50/0.00 Brookings . . . . . .73/52/0.00 Burns. . . . . . . . . .92/51/0.00 Eugene . . . . . . . .84/51/0.00 Klamath Falls . . .88/48/0.00 Lakeview. . . . . . .90/46/0.00 La Pine . . . . . . . .86/39/0.00 Medford . . . . . . .91/56/0.00 Newport . . . . . . .63/55/0.00 North Bend . . . . . .66/57/NA Ontario . . . . . . . .98/70/0.00 Pendleton . . . . . .91/54/0.00 Portland . . . . . . .80/58/0.00 Prineville . . . . . . .85/50/0.00 Redmond. . . . . . .88/45/0.00 Roseburg. . . . . . .85/58/0.00 Salem . . . . . . . . .83/52/0.00 Sisters . . . . . . . . .86/50/0.00 The Dalles . . . . . .87/65/0.00

Mod. = Moderate; Ext. = Extreme

. . . .70/55/pc . . . . .68/54/pc . . . . .90/49/s . . . . . .94/53/s . . . . .69/61/s . . . . .67/55/pc . . . . .91/55/s . . . . . .95/56/s . . . . .90/52/s . . . . . .90/51/s . . . . .94/51/s . . . . . .93/51/s . . . . .93/54/s . . . . . .93/54/s . . . . .90/46/s . . . . . .87/41/s . . . . .99/63/s . . . . .102/63/s . . . .66/51/pc . . . . .66/52/pc . . . .66/55/pc . . . . .65/55/pc . . . . .97/61/s . . . . . .99/65/s . . . . .93/57/s . . . . . .96/57/s . . . . .87/60/s . . . . . .89/60/s . . . . .94/51/s . . . . . .92/51/s . . . . .93/51/s . . . . . .94/52/s . . . . .92/56/s . . . . . .92/57/s . . . . .89/55/s . . . . . .90/53/s . . . . .90/49/s . . . . . .88/46/s . . . . .95/62/s . . . . . .95/62/s


WATER REPORT Sisters ..............................High La Pine................................Ext. Prineville...........................Ext.

The following was compiled by the Central Oregon watermaster and irrigation districts as a service to irrigators and sportsmen.

Reservoir Acre feet Capacity Crane Prairie . . . . . . . . . . . . 36,260 . . . . . . 55,000 Wickiup. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 139,406 . . . . . 200,000 Crescent Lake . . . . . . . . . . . 74,232 . . . . . . 91,700 Ochoco Reservoir . . . . . . . . 27,744 . . . . . . 47,000 Prineville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112,711 . . . . . 153,777 The higher the UV Index number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection. Index is River flow Station Cubic ft./sec Deschutes RiverBelow Crane Prairie . . . . . . . 431 for solar at noon. Deschutes RiverBelow Wickiup . . . . . . . . . . 1,700 Crescent CreekBelow Crescent Lake . . . . . . . 138 LOW MEDIUM HIGH V.HIGH Little DeschutesNear La Pine . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92.4 0 2 4 6 8 10 Deschutes RiverBelow Bend . . . . . . . . . . . . . 142 Deschutes RiverAt Benham Falls . . . . . . . . . 2,151 Crooked RiverAbove Prineville Res. . . . . . . . . . . 1 Crooked RiverBelow Prineville Res. . . . . . . . . 216 Updated daily. Source: Ochoco CreekBelow Ochoco Res. . . . . . . . . . 17.2 Crooked RiverNear Terrebonne . . . . . . . . . . . 92.4 Contact: Watermaster, 388-6669 LOW MEDIUM HIGH or go to

To report a wildfire, call 911




Billings 89/57

• 117° • 38°


Mostly sunny.

Legend:W-weather, Pcp-precipitation, s-sun, pc-partial clouds, c-clouds, h-haze, sh-showers, r-rain, t-thunderstorms, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice, rs-rain-snow mix, w-wind, f-fog, dr-drizzle, tr-trace


WEDNESDAY Mostly sunny.


95 52

WEST Morning fog and clouds, then clearing skies today.


TUESDAY Mostly sunny.





New Orleans 91/75

Orlando 94/75 Miami 91/76

Monterrey 100/76 Mazatlan 95/74


Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene, TX . . . . .100/74/0.00 100/75/pc 102/77/pc Akron . . . . . . . . . .78/62/0.24 . .70/57/sh . . 76/59/s Albany. . . . . . . . . .76/67/0.62 . . . 84/63/t . 83/61/pc Albuquerque. . . . .95/70/0.00 . .95/68/pc . . .94/69/t Anchorage . . . . . .64/54/0.00 . .64/50/pc . 69/50/pc Atlanta . . . . . . . . 87/71/trace . .85/66/pc . . 90/69/s Atlantic City . . . . .86/73/0.41 . . . 82/71/t . 85/71/pc Austin . . . . . . . . .106/73/0.00 102/73/pc 100/73/pc Baltimore . . . . . . .86/70/0.29 . . . 84/63/t . . 86/66/s Billings . . . . . . . . .88/70/0.01 . .89/57/pc . . 88/58/s Birmingham . . . . .83/69/0.00 . .87/65/pc . 90/67/pc Bismarck. . . . . . . .82/50/0.00 . . . 68/57/t . 76/59/pc Boise . . . . . . . . . . 94/67/trace . . . 91/55/s . . 95/60/s Boston. . . . . . . . . .84/69/1.15 . . . 83/73/t . . .85/68/t Bridgeport, CT. . . .83/71/1.65 . . . 84/70/t . 83/67/pc Buffalo . . . . . . . . .79/68/0.00 . .77/62/sh . . .79/62/t Burlington, VT. . . .77/68/1.06 . . . 83/65/t . 82/63/sh Caribou, ME . . . . .64/60/0.82 . . . 74/63/t . . .76/60/t Charleston, SC . . .89/72/0.19 . . . 89/74/t . . .89/75/t Charlotte. . . . . . . .84/70/0.00 . . . 85/66/t . . 89/66/s Chattanooga. . . . .84/69/0.94 . .85/62/pc . 88/64/pc Cheyenne . . . . . . .89/56/0.00 . . . 86/58/t . . 84/58/s Chicago. . . . . . . . .76/62/0.18 . . . 78/68/s . 79/67/pc Cincinnati . . . . . . .79/66/0.25 . .78/56/pc . . 83/63/s Cleveland . . . . . . .77/64/0.78 . .72/61/sh . 76/66/pc Colorado Springs .84/56/0.00 . . . 89/56/t . . .84/56/t Columbia, MO . . .84/63/0.00 . . . 88/62/s . 89/68/pc Columbia, SC . . . .84/73/0.02 . . . 87/69/t . 91/68/pc Columbus, GA. . . 83/71/trace . . . 87/69/t . . 91/71/s Columbus, OH. . . .80/66/0.43 . .76/58/pc . . 81/63/s Concord, NH. . . . .82/67/2.37 . . . 81/64/t . 87/63/pc Corpus Christi. . .102/76/0.00 . .99/77/pc . 98/77/pc Dallas Ft Worth. . .98/81/0.00 . . . 98/78/s . 101/78/t Dayton . . . . . . . . .74/64/0.19 . .76/57/pc . . 80/62/s Denver. . . . . . . . . .94/64/0.00 . . . 92/62/t . 88/61/pc Des Moines. . . . . .79/58/0.00 . . . 81/62/s . . .80/62/t Detroit. . . . . . . . . .73/64/0.20 . .72/60/sh . 80/66/pc Duluth. . . . . . . . . .69/50/0.00 . . . 76/57/s . 78/59/pc El Paso. . . . . . . . . .99/72/0.00 100/77/pc 100/75/pc Fairbanks. . . . . . . .71/42/0.00 . .74/48/pc . 74/50/pc Fargo. . . . . . . . . . .77/50/0.00 . .79/58/pc . 77/60/pc Flagstaff . . . . . . . .88/52/0.00 . .85/54/pc . . .85/56/t

Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Grand Rapids . . . .62/57/2.13 . .71/57/pc . 80/62/pc Green Bay. . . . . . .74/57/0.01 . . . 75/57/s . 78/59/pc Greensboro. . . . . .83/69/0.11 . . . 84/64/t . . 89/65/s Harrisburg. . . . . . .82/71/0.03 . .82/62/pc . . 82/63/s Hartford, CT . . . . .84/71/2.14 . . . 87/68/t . 86/64/pc Helena. . . . . . . . . .83/61/0.00 . . . 89/56/s . . 90/57/s Honolulu. . . . . . . .86/73/0.00 . . . 87/73/s . . 88/74/s Houston . . . . . . . .98/80/0.00 . .96/77/pc . 94/79/pc Huntsville . . . . . . .87/69/0.63 . .84/61/pc . 88/64/pc Indianapolis . . . . .77/63/0.00 . . . 79/59/s . 82/65/pc Jackson, MS . . . . .90/71/0.01 . .90/67/pc . 91/69/pc Jacksonville. . . . . .92/74/0.00 . . . 93/73/t . . .92/73/t Juneau. . . . . . . . . .59/49/0.00 . . .61/49/c . . 64/48/c Kansas City. . . . . .83/59/0.00 . .86/67/pc . 91/68/pc Lansing . . . . . . . . .63/58/2.37 . .70/56/sh . 80/61/pc Las Vegas . . . . . .110/87/0.00 109/87/pc 108/85/pc Lexington . . . . . . .78/67/0.17 . .79/56/pc . . 82/63/s Lincoln. . . . . . . . . .82/55/0.00 . .86/64/pc . 84/63/pc Little Rock. . . . . . .97/75/0.00 . . . 90/64/s . 92/72/pc Los Angeles. . . . . .79/67/0.00 . .76/66/pc . 75/66/pc Louisville. . . . . . . .82/70/0.00 . . . 81/60/s . 84/65/pc Madison, WI . . . . .75/57/0.00 . . . 78/54/s . 79/59/pc Memphis. . . . . . . .93/76/0.00 . . . 88/67/s . 91/70/pc Miami . . . . . . . . . .85/75/0.86 . . . 91/76/t . . .92/79/t Milwaukee . . . . . .73/61/0.02 . . . 77/62/s . 76/64/pc Minneapolis . . . . .79/56/0.00 . . . 79/61/s . . .74/59/t Nashville. . . . . . . .86/73/0.01 . . . 84/59/s . 88/64/pc New Orleans. . . . .88/75/0.24 . .91/75/pc . 93/76/pc New York . . . . . . .80/70/0.24 . . . 84/70/t . 86/67/pc Newark, NJ . . . . . .82/72/0.43 . . . 86/69/t . 88/65/pc Norfolk, VA . . . . . .88/77/0.00 . . . 85/71/t . 88/69/pc Oklahoma City . . .95/72/0.00 . .96/72/pc . 95/71/pc Omaha . . . . . . . . .80/57/0.00 . .85/66/pc . 82/63/pc Orlando. . . . . . . . .94/76/0.00 . . . 94/75/t . . .93/76/t Palm Springs. . . .116/90/0.00 109/87/pc . 109/87/s Peoria . . . . . . . . . .79/61/0.00 . . . 82/56/s . 79/65/sh Philadelphia . . . . .83/71/1.10 . . . 85/69/t . 87/65/pc Phoenix. . . . . . . .113/90/0.00 . .112/90/s . 112/91/s Pittsburgh . . . . . . .79/64/0.01 . .72/58/sh . 76/59/pc Portland, ME. . . . .73/68/1.71 . . . 78/67/t . . .82/64/t Providence . . . . . .83/72/1.63 . . . 86/72/t . . .86/68/t Raleigh . . . . . . . . .87/72/0.13 . . . 86/69/t . 90/67/pc

Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Rapid City . . . . . . .95/58/0.00 . . . 83/62/t . 86/64/pc Reno . . . . . . . . . .101/67/0.00 . . 103/67/t . 100/64/t Richmond . . . . . . .86/73/0.08 . . . 86/69/t . 89/67/pc Rochester, NY . . . .78/66/0.66 . .79/62/sh . . .79/61/t Sacramento. . . . .103/60/0.00 . .106/67/s . 104/63/s St. Louis. . . . . . . . .80/67/0.00 . . . 86/62/s . 88/70/pc Salt Lake City . . . .96/74/0.00 . . . 94/68/t . 95/71/pc San Antonio . . . .103/79/0.00 103/77/pc 100/76/pc San Diego . . . . . . .82/70/0.00 . .78/69/pc . 78/69/pc San Francisco . . . .66/55/0.00 . . . 74/57/s . 71/55/pc San Jose . . . . . . . .85/59/0.00 . . . 88/61/s . 85/57/pc Santa Fe . . . . . . . .94/56/0.00 . .90/61/pc . 87/61/pc

Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Savannah . . . . . . .87/74/0.02 . . . 90/74/t . . .90/73/t Seattle. . . . . . . . . .78/54/0.00 . . . 81/58/s . . 82/58/s Sioux Falls. . . . . . .77/52/0.00 . .82/62/sh . . 75/57/c Spokane . . . . . . . .91/54/0.00 . . . 89/61/s . . 91/60/s Springfield, MO . .83/62/0.00 . . . 88/64/s . 91/68/pc Tampa. . . . . . . . . .90/79/0.00 . . . 92/79/t . . .92/78/t Tucson. . . . . . . . .108/80/0.00 . .109/78/s . 109/80/s Tulsa . . . . . . . . . . .93/67/0.00 . .94/69/pc 101/72/pc Washington, DC . .88/72/0.59 . . . 86/68/t . . 87/69/s Wichita . . . . . . . . .91/63/0.00 . .95/70/pc . 98/66/pc Yakima . . . . . . . . .81/61/0.00 . . . 91/60/s . . 94/61/s Yuma. . . . . . . . . .111/87/0.00 110/85/pc 110/87/pc

INTERNATIONAL Amsterdam. . . . . .70/50/0.00 . .73/56/pc . 75/59/pc Athens. . . . . . . . . .89/82/0.00 . . . 97/75/s . 90/75/pc Auckland. . . . . . . .61/45/0.00 . .58/53/sh . 60/51/sh Baghdad . . . . . . .113/86/0.00 . .113/82/s . 114/82/s Bangkok . . . . . . . .91/77/0.00 . . . 89/79/t . . .90/79/t Beijing. . . . . . . . . .90/73/0.00 . .89/68/pc . 85/67/pc Beirut . . . . . . . . . .90/79/0.00 . . . 90/80/s . . 89/79/s Berlin. . . . . . . . . . .66/54/0.02 . .69/52/pc . . 70/53/s Bogota . . . . . . . . .66/52/0.00 . .65/52/sh . 67/53/sh Budapest. . . . . . . .81/54/0.00 . .69/51/sh . 72/55/pc Buenos Aires. . . . .72/46/0.00 . .63/50/sh . 58/43/pc Cabo San Lucas . .95/81/0.00 . . . 95/81/s . 94/79/pc Cairo . . . . . . . . . . .99/79/0.00 . . . 99/78/s . . 99/80/s Calgary . . . . . . . . .75/54/0.00 . . . 72/53/t . 75/54/pc Cancun . . . . . . . . .88/73/0.00 . . . 87/79/t . . .87/78/t Dublin . . . . . . . . . .70/50/0.00 . .70/57/pc . . 65/58/c Edinburgh. . . . . . .68/52/0.00 . . .60/53/c . 64/54/sh Geneva . . . . . . . . .81/55/0.00 . . . 80/55/s . 81/59/sh Harare. . . . . . . . not available . .77/53/pc . . 79/55/s Hong Kong . . . . . .93/82/0.00 . . . 91/82/t . . .88/81/t Istanbul. . . . . . . . .90/77/0.00 . . . 86/78/s . 83/73/pc Jerusalem . . . . . . .90/72/0.00 . . . 90/74/s . . 88/70/s Johannesburg. . . .63/43/0.00 . . . 64/36/s . . 53/30/s Lima . . . . . . . . . . .66/61/0.00 . .67/60/pc . 67/60/pc Lisbon . . . . . . . . . .93/70/0.00 . . . 84/65/s . . 84/63/s London . . . . . . . . .79/59/0.00 . .76/60/pc . 74/61/sh Madrid . . . . . . . .108/72/0.05 . .103/68/s . . 93/63/s Manila. . . . . . . . . .86/75/0.00 . . .90/77/c . . .89/78/t

Mecca . . . . . . . . .108/91/0.00 110/92/pc . 110/89/s Mexico City. . . . . .66/59/0.25 . . . 68/57/t . . .65/54/t Montreal. . . . . . . .72/66/0.00 . . . 78/67/t . 77/65/sh Moscow . . . . . . . .72/52/0.00 . . . 73/53/r . 74/56/sh Nairobi . . . . . . . . .73/52/0.00 . . . 76/54/s . 72/53/pc Nassau . . . . . . . . .84/75/0.00 . . . 87/79/t . . .90/80/t New Delhi. . . . . . .93/79/0.00 . . . 91/81/t . . .92/81/t Osaka . . . . . . . . . .93/77/0.00 . . . 89/74/t . . .88/76/t Oslo. . . . . . . . . . . .68/52/0.00 . .68/50/pc . 72/53/pc Ottawa . . . . . . . . .70/63/0.00 . . . 75/64/t . 76/63/sh Paris. . . . . . . . . . . .77/55/0.00 . . . 81/57/s . 78/62/pc Rio de Janeiro. . . .86/63/0.00 . . . 83/63/s . . 82/62/s Rome. . . . . . . . . . .90/66/0.00 . . . 88/69/s . . 87/67/s Santiago . . . . . . . .61/36/0.00 . .57/43/pc . 63/47/pc Sao Paulo . . . . . . .79/57/0.00 . .77/60/pc . 78/61/pc Sapporo . . . . . . . .77/70/0.00 . . . 77/67/t . . .79/67/t Seoul. . . . . . . . . . .84/73/0.00 . . . 88/75/t . . .88/71/t Shanghai. . . . . . . .91/81/0.00 . . . 89/81/t . . .89/80/t Singapore . . . . . . .90/81/0.00 . .88/80/pc . . .86/80/t Stockholm. . . . . . .66/48/0.09 . .68/54/sh . 69/53/sh Sydney. . . . . . . . . .57/45/0.00 . .62/47/sh . 60/46/sh Taipei. . . . . . . . . . .91/79/0.00 . . .93/79/c . . 91/79/c Tel Aviv . . . . . . . . .93/77/0.00 . . . 93/77/s . . 91/76/s Tokyo. . . . . . . . . . .88/73/0.00 . . . 87/76/t . . .86/77/t Toronto . . . . . . . . .73/64/0.00 . .72/63/sh . 76/62/sh Vancouver. . . . . . .70/57/0.00 . . . 74/57/s . . 79/59/s Vienna. . . . . . . . . .73/61/0.00 . .65/51/sh . 75/54/pc Warsaw. . . . . . . . .68/52/0.03 . .68/50/sh . 68/50/pc

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2006 Chrysler Crossfire

2pe3r m1onth

$14,995 United States Forest Service / The Associated Press

The Barry Point Fire burns Thursday southwest of Lakeview. Fire officials estimated late Thursday that the Barry Point Fire had burned nearly 12 square miles, or 7,500 acres, and made a push during the day toward Drews Reservoir. Authorities advised residents on the reservoir’s south shore that they should consider leaving.

Lake County evacuations ordered as wildfire grows By Steven DuBois The Associated Press

PORTLAND — A fire threatening homes in south-central Oregon expanded to 18 square miles Friday, and hot, dry weather is in the forecast. The Barry Point fire, started this week by lightning, is burning timber, brush and grass about 20 miles southwest of Lakeview. The flames jumped a containment line late Thursday and headed toward the western edge of Drews Reservoir, prompting an evacuation notice for about 15 homes. “It made a really big run,” said Renee Snyder, spokeswoman for the fire management team. “Even down here in town, in Lakeview, it was pretty impressive.” Deputies with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told residents to evacuate, but it’s unclear how many followed the recommendation. The Level 3 evacuation notice alerts people that “current conditions present specific and immediate threat to life and safety.” No structures had been damaged as of Friday. A Forest Service campground was closed Wednesday and a fire

y Sport

72 months @ 3.99% on approved credit plus Title and license. 720 & above credit score. Vin# 065069. Stk.#U6736A

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0 0 2008 Pontiac $ onth Solstice GXP m r e p Convertible



“Last night ... there was a big column coming up that reminded me of the smoke that comes out of an old-time steam train. But it was huge.”




— Jack DeGolia, Holloway fire spokesman

lookout tower barely escaped destruction. Firefighters have had some success, but the northeast and southeast flanks remain problematic, Snyder said. There has been no significant rainfall for weeks, and the weather forecast in the coming days includes temperatures in the 90s, humidity in the single digits and gusty winds — lessthan-ideal conditions for fighting fires. The number of personnel assigned to the fire is 830, with two single-engine air tankers and three large air tankers helping the cause. The fire was 25 percent contained. Lightning last weekend set off dozens fires in Oregon, most of them relatively small. The largest fire burning in the state is the Holloway fire, which ignited in Nevada on Sunday and spread across the

state line. Fire officials expect the blaze to continue spreading north, fueled by the hot, dry weather. The fire has scorched 152,000 acres — 238 square miles — of brush and sagebrush in the two states. No homes were threatened Friday. Jack DeGolia, the Holloway fire spokesman, said the blaze has been very active and officials said one part of the fire, in southeast Oregon, could spread five miles Friday. The blaze has also been sending off embers, creating spot fires in the dry vegetation. “We get afternoon winds and then it really takes off,” DeGolia said from northern Nevada. “Last night you could see a red glow over parts of the mountain range, and there was a big column coming up that reminded me of the smoke that comes out of an old-time steam train. But it was huge.”

72 months @ 3.99% on approved credit plus Title and license. 720 & above credit score. Vin# 123935 Stk.#F6740A

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33r m9onth pe

2005 Ford Mustang GT Convertible $21,995

d, Loade er Leath

72 months @ 3.99% on approved credit plus Title and license. 720 & above credit score. Vin# 185420 Stk.#F6743A

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Want to Buy or Rent Wanted: $Cash paid for vintage costume jewelry. Top dollar paid for Gold/Silver.I buy by the Estate, Honest Artist Elizabeth,541-633-7006 WANTED: RAZORS, Double or singleedged, straight razors, shaving brushes, mugs & scuttles, strops, shaving accessories & memorabilia. Fair prices paid. Call 541-390-7029 between 10 am-3 pm. 205

Items for Free Hideabed couch, brown/ beige tones, good cond, FREE! 541-383-1962 208

Pets & Supplies The Bulletin recommends extra caution when purchasing products or services from out of the area. Sending cash, checks, or credit information may be subjected to fraud. For more information about an advertiser, you may call the Oregon State Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection hotline at 1-877-877-9392.

Aquarium Reef

90-gal, oak stand, skimmer, overflow, pumps, lights, live rock, corals, fish, premium equip. $495. (541) 548-7947

Aussie's mini AKC, red tri's/merle's, males / females parents on site some toy size. Call 541-598-5314/788-7799 Barn/shop cats FREE, some tame, some not. We deliver! Fixed, shots, etc. 541- 389-8420

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Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

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Pets & Supplies

Pets & Supplies

Furniture & Appliances

Coins & Stamps

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Sporting Goods - Misc.

Dachshund AKC mini THANKS to Dr. Peterson puppy, ready 8/25, $350. & staff of Companion Pet Clinic, Bend, for the 541-508-4558 long- time support & expert guidance given to Cat Rescue, AdopDO YOU HAVE tion & Foster Team SOMETHING TO while they help the forSELL gotten & abused cats & FOR $500 OR kittens of Central OR. LESS? Non-commercial Wolf-Husky Pup, smart advertisers may gentle loyal male place an ad with $400. 541-977-7019 our "QUICK CASH Yorkie male 7 mo. SPECIAL" neutered & micro1 week 3 lines, $12 chipped, $250. or 2 weeks, $20! 541-419-8938. Ad must include price of single item Yorkie male pup AKC of $500 or less, or potty trained, loves kids, multiple items shots, heath guaranteed. $650. 541-316-0005. whose total does not exceed $500. Yorkie male puppy, 6 mos, shots, vet check, Call Classifieds at $600. 541-792-0375 541-385-5809 Yorkie Puppies, ready now, 1 little male left! $600, 541-536-3108 GIANT yard sale to benefit rescued animals! Every Sat/Sun in Aug, 10-4. Nonprofit, all volunteer, all proceeds for vet bills. Still need quality items! Tax deductible. Call 1st & Yorkies, 8 weeks, extake to 8950 Hwy 97, tremely friendly, UTD. Redmond or we can $500-$600. Redmond, pick up, 541-788-4170 541-280-4200 or 389-8420. Thanks! 210 Goldendoodle, miniature Furniture & Appliances adult female. Perfect companion dog, $450. A1 Washers&Dryers Gina, 541-390-1015 $150 ea. Full warranty. Free Del. Also Jack Russell puppies, wanted, used W/D’s purebred, born 7/2, $350 541-280-7355 ea. 541-420-0739

The Bulletin r ecommends extra caution when purchasing products or services from out of the area. Sending cash, checks, or credit information may be subjected to FRAUD. For more information about an advertiser, you may call the Oregon State Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection hotline at 1-877-877-9392.

Private collector buying postage stamp albums & collections, world-wide and U.S. 573-286-4343 (local, cell #) 240

Crafts & Hobbies Retiring from 20 yrs of stained glass hobby. Lots of glass, grinders, came; lead, brass and zink. Glass bevel, saws, tools and red oak framing. Call for inventory & prices. Everything must Go. Frank 541-923-2345. 241


Antiques & Collectibles Antique Safe, great condition, $1800. 949-939-5690 (Bend)

Bicycles & Accessories Huffy boys rocket bike, blue, ridden 1x, $25 541-389-3469.

Buddha needs a home! Contact Jefferson Co. Kennels (541-475-6889) or visit Buddha's Facebook page (Wanted: A Home for Buddha the Pit Bull) to learn more about Papillon Pups, AKC this sweet, playful boy. Reg, 2 males left! Parents on site, $550. CAT free to good Call 541-771-8739. home, adult male 541-318-1060. Poodle, miniature, registered adult stud, proven breeder, $450. Gina, 541-390-1015 POODLE (TOY) PUPS Well-socialized & lovable. 541-475-3889

Chihuahua Pups, assorted colors, teacup, Queensland Heelers 1st shots, wormed, standard & mini,$150 & $250,541-977-0035 up. 541-280-1537 http://

Chi-Pom female, 6 yrs Miniature needs new home. Schnauzer puppies. Family $150. 541-639-7279. raised, parents on Chi-pom puppies, three site, 1st/2nd vaccinaadorable males, 5 tions, males & feweeks old. $165 males available, $350 cash. 541-480-2824 each. 541-771-1830. Dachshund AKC mini Siamese kittens, raised piebald male, $375. in home. Gorgeous! Pix. 541-447-3060 only $15. 541-977-7019

NEED TO CANCEL YOUR AD? The Bulletin Classifieds has an "After Hours" Line Call 541-383-2371 24 hrs. to cancel your ad! Refrigerator/freezer, compact Apt. size. $50 541-593-8400 Refrigerator, GE very clean, 14 cu ft, $225. 541-383-2035 SOFA 10x8’ sectional, microfiber/cloth, $650. 541-647-2611

Call Classifieds at 541-385-5809

Ladies 10 speed bike, Gamo Hunter Extreme .177 pellet rifle. little used $60. 3-9x50 scope. Near 541-593-8400 Antiques wanted: tools, new. List $550, ask furniture, fishing, $300. 541-389-7379 The Bulletin marbles, old signs, To Subscribe call Gun cabinet, wood w/ toys, costume jewelry. 541-385-5800 or go to Call 541-389-1578 glass drs, good cond, $125. 541-480-1337 245

Golf Equipment Visit our HUGE home decor consignment store. New items arrive daily! 930 SE Textron, Bend 541-318-1501

Golf clubs, swing weight scale, $40. Bend, 951-259-5093 246

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Attn: ELK HUNTERS Sale of very, VERY old Elk Guide Jobs avail in Kittens/cats avail. thru Coffee and two end books - hundreds at $1 CO & NM for 2012 rescue group. Tame, each! Sat-Sun 9-2; tables, exc. cond. $75 season, Sept-Oct -Nov. shots, altered, ID chip, will be ongoing! for all. 541-382-1029 Must have at least 3 more. Sat/Sun 1-5, 60734 Bristol Way, Bend yrs archery elk hunting other days by appt. Coffee table, 4’ oak, & calling experience. 65480 78th Bend, w/glass inserts. $25. The Bulletin reserves No guide license re541-389-8420; visit 951-259-5093. the right to publish all quired. All fair chase for ads from The Bulletin private land hunting. Curio cabinet, new photos & more. newspaper onto The Must have 6-12 wks dark oak $250. Bulletin Internet webavailability. Lab Pups AKC, black 818-523-1884 site. Call 800-697-9881 & yellow, Master DESK: roll top, new Hunter sired, perforBend local pays CASH!! oak & brass , $450. mance pedigree, OFA for Guns, Knives & 818-523-1884 cert hips & elbows, Ammo. 541-526-0617 Call 541-771-2330 Wanted: Ceramic Gas Dresser 5’, tri-fold mirPump Salt & Pepper CASH!! rors, like new. $195. Shakers, “Flying A For Guns, Ammo & 951-259-5093 Labradoodle Puppies! Service, Brothers, OrReloading Supplies. Gorgeous multi-gen. Freezer: Sears frostegon” 701-238-4039 541-408-6900. pups. 541-953-4487 less 13 c.f. exc cond $75. 541-593-8400 Labradoodles - Mini & med size, several colors GENERATE SOME ex541-504-2662 citement in your neighborhood! Plan a garage sale and don't Labradors, AKC Reg., forget to advertise in choc & black, 2 females, classified! 3 males, 7 wks, svc dog 541-385-5809. trainable. 541-536-5385 Maltese Toy AKC (1), Champ bloodlines, 1.75 lb, $685. 541-420-1577

DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL FOR $500 OR LESS? Non-commercial advertisers may place an ad with our "QUICK CASH SPECIAL" 1 week 3 lines $12 or 2 weeks $20! Ad must include price of single item of $500 or less, or multiple items whose total does not exceed $500.

Gun Safe, 60”H x29” W 19½” deep, holds 23, $500. 541-504-9747

Take the Rifleman's UTAH + OR CCW: OrChallenge! Place a egon & Utah Conone-inch black square cealed License Class. down range at 25 Sat. Aug 25, 9:30 am, meters and put 10 Madras Range. Utah rounds inside the $65, OR+UT - $100. black, can you do it? If Incl photo for Utah, not, come join us at Call Paul Sumner The Appleseed 541-475-7277 for preProject at Redmond reg, email, map, info Rod and Gun Club, Sat. & Sunday, Au- Winchester model 42, gust 25 & 26. Visit 410 1933 1st year production ex. cond. for more info. Call Paul $1650. 541-504-4384 at 360-953-3232 Advertise your car! Add A Picture!

Reach thousands of readers!

Call 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classifieds

4 life jackets, 2 youth, 2 adult, $30 all. Minn Kota electric trolling motor, 30thrust, exlnt cond $80. 541-504-3833 248

Health & Beauty Items

Over 30 Million Women Suffer From Hair Loss! Do you? If So We Have a Solution! CALL KERANIQUE Winchester Model 70, TO FIND OUT MORE pre-64 300 Win, origi877-475-2521. nal, in great shape. (PNDC) 541-610-8535

Advertise with a full-color photo in The Bulletin Classifieds and online.

HANDGUN SAFETY CLASS for concealed license. NRA, Police Firearms Instructor, Mike Kidwell. Thurs., Aug. 16, 6:30-10:30 pm. Call Kevin Centwise, for reservations $40. 541-548-4422 Remington Woodsmaster 6mm 742 semi-automatic with 2x7 Redfield wide-angle scope; has sling, recoil pad, checkered sock with beautiful engraving, 95%. 2 boxes of Federal ammo & case. $700 all. 541-318-2219 FIND IT! BUY IT! SELL IT! The Bulletin Classiieds Ruger M77 .338 Win Mag, 3x9x RedfieldTracker scope, $1500. or best reasonable offer. 541-382-1772.

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541-385-5809 TV cabinet, medium oak, glass doors, 2 drawers, exc. cond., $250 818-523-1884



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Misc. Items

Misc. Items

Misc. Items

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Lost & Found

Meat & Animal Processing

GENERATE SOME THE BULLETIN re- 22’ alum. semi-truck trlr, BUYING & SELLING best used for storage, All gold jewelry, silver EXCITEMENT quires computer adand gold coins, bars, $500. 541-447-4405 IN YOUR vertisers with multiple rounds, wedding sets, NEIGBORHOOD. ad schedules or those class rings, sterling sil- Plan a garage sale and selling multiple sysWhere can you ind a ver, coin collect, vintems/ software, to disdon't forget to adverBuying Diamonds tage watches, dental close the name of the tise in classified! /Gold for Cash helping hand? gold. Bill Fleming, business or the term Saxon’s Fine Jewelers 541-385-5809. 541-382-9419. "dealer" in their ads. From contractors to 541-389-6655 GET FREE OF CREDIT Private party advertisCARD DEBT NOW! yard care, it’s all here ers are defined as Cut payments by up those who sell one BUYING Find It in in The Bulletin’s to half. Stop creditors computer. Lionel/American Flyer from calling. The Bulletin Classifieds! “Call A Service trains, accessories. 866-775-9621. 541-385-5809 541-408-2191. (PNDC) Professional” Directory MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. NEW! FastStart engine. Ships FREE. One-Year MoneyBack Guarantee when you buy DIRECT. Call for the DVD and FREE Good Soil book! 877-357-5647. (PNDC) Men’s black leather dress 280 286 288 290 jacket, Wilson, XXL w/ liner, $175. Estate Sales Sales Northeast Bend Sales Southeast Bend Sales Redmond Area zip-in 541-706-1051 18th ANNUAL 3 House Garage Sale! Garage Sale, Fri & Sat, Pedestal ESTATE OF ED ROSS bed with Entire household, vinBOONESBOROUGH Sat., Aug. 11, 9am-3pm. Aug. 10-11 8-4, 4700 drawers and 2 twin Lots of great stuff, inSW Antelope Dr, Crkd tage furniture, anneighborhood sale! mattress, oak. $200. Rvr Rnch. Furniture, golf cluding furniture, bikes, tiques toys tools & Solid Mahogany comSaturday August 11 clubs, misc & lots more! camping gear, packs, dolls, tons of quilting puter cabinet/desk, 8AM-3PM. 20+ luggage, lots more. $300. 541-815-1828 material & craft suphomes. Follow signs HUGE yard sale to benCash only. plies, misc. power & on Deschutes Market efit animal rescue 20525 Dorchester W. Just too many hand tools. Road to Dale Road. group. 8950 Hwy 97, 2 Fri. & Sat. at 9 a.m., Maps provided on Friday 9-4, Saturday 9-3, collectibles? mi N of Tumalo Rd 1152 SW 12th St., Dale Road. 21880 Horse Butte Trail. overpass. Each Sat/ Redmond. VISA, MC Miscellaneous stuff! Sun in August, 10-4. Sell them in 2069 NE Hollow Tree Crafting rubber stamps, & Cash accepted. Furniture, toys, sportLn., Fri. & Sat. This sale given by The Bulletin Classiieds lots of Avon inventory! ing goods, art, more! 8am-2pm. Kids stuff, Farmhouse camping gear, cloths, Household, rugs, love- MOVING SALE! 6 pce Estate Sales 541-385-5809 sectional, area rugs & household, misc. No seat, bar stools, lamps, ESTATE SALE Asian antiques, plants & furnishings, tools & early birds please. Everything Goes! pots. Sat. only, 8-4, 2232 benches, pet supplies, Playstation 3 with 3 61646 Pettigrew Rd. games, 2 remotes, 63639 High Standard Dr. SE Wind Rider Lane. Christmas galore! yard Sat., Aug. 11, 9-2 $130. 541-536-4038 Texaco planes, Rock HUGE Sale: House& garden, Sat. & Sun., 949-939-5690 T-shirts/albums, Repalla 3755 SW 34th St. 9-4. hold, Sporting Goods, Poulan Pro riding lawn cup/lure collectibles, ESTATE SALE: Fri., Outdoor Gear, Books, Moving Sale, everything mower 42” 18½ hp toys, train, slot car track, 8/10, Sat. 8/11, 9am to Clothes, Desk, Re- from kitchen appliances good shape. $700 much more. Sat. 7:00-?? 4pm. Tools, furniture, OBO. 541-389-9268 cliner, Electronics, & to bookshelves & home appliances, housemore! 20527 Rolen office items! Sat., 9-4; Steven King book collecwares, flat screen TV, Sun 9-noon, 1177 NW Ave., Fri. & Sat., 8-3 HH FREE HH tion, soft & hard cover, 1762 SE Ironwood Ct. Redwood Place. $40 obo. 541-548-6642 Garage Sale Kit Cash only, Moving Sale, Fri-SatPlace an ad in The NO EARLY SALES! The Bulletin Offers Bulletin for your ga- HUGE SALE...Lots of Sun, 9-5, 4245 SW Ben Free Private Party Ads 282 rage sale and regood stuff! Stoves, Hogan Dr. (The Greens) • 3 lines - 3 days ceive a Garage Sale Sales Northwest Bend dryer, Mitsubishi Furniture, radial saw, • Private Party Only Kit FREE! Eclipse Spyder Con- yard items, lots of misc. • Total of items adverBack Alley Sale! vertible, kitchen stuff, Multi-family garage sale tised must equal $200 KIT INCLUDES: GREAT stuff! Best sebooks, home decor, Sat. & Sun. 9-4pm. In or Less lection Friday 8/10; best • 4 Garage Sale Signs lots of women's the alley of 1537 NW • Limit 1 ad per month prices Sat., 8/11. 3219 • $2.00 Off Coupon To clothes in every size. Jackpine Ave. Can- • 3-ad limit for same Use Toward Your NW Prairie Pl. 8:00-2:00 See Craigslist for yon Rim Village 2 blks item advertised within Next Ad both days. No earlybirds! more detail. Fri.-Sat., South of NW Maple 3 months • 10 Tips For “Garage 8-3. Follow signs from Ave and 2 blks East of Call 541-385-5809 Sale Success!” NWX Garage and Kids 15th & Reed Mkt. to NW 19th St. Follow Fax 541-385-5802 Gear to Go Sale 20906 King David signs. 541-815-3599. See photos on Craigs TWO burial plots and Ave. PICK UP YOUR list 2512 NW Shields, Multiple Family Yard Sale two concrete grave GARAGE SALE KIT at Aug 11th, 8 to 11 am Huge Yard Sale, Fri-Sat, Sat., 8-3. 1623 NW boxes in Garden of 1777 SW Chandler 9-2, Furniture, books, Spruce Pl. (left @Spruce Devotion, Deschutes Sat., 9-12 - Exlnt conAve., Bend, OR 97702 CDs, DVDs, household, Ave off 10th St, follow Memorial Gardens. dition furniture for new adult clothing,baby furn. signs). Bike, air hockey $1200 ea. or two for homeowners or apts. 21425 Bear Creek Rd. table, car stereo, name $2200. 541-475-6210. 1118 NW 15th St,Bend Just moved, can’t keep it brand clothes, & more! Wanted Hearing Aid, 284 Garage Sale, Fri-Sat, all! Furn. items, Honda Sat 9-12. 1060 NW Teak needed now, Sales Southwest Bend 8/10-11, 8:30-2:30, Fur- Elite 80 scooter, much, Ave. (off 10th, house $50 cash. (I’m a Vet.) nishings, household much more! 61142 SE faces school field) New 541-410-5349 Garage Sale, 19530 SW items, tools, clothing, Sydney Harbor Dr. back cond: Legos, Nerf guns, etc. 2444 NE Lynda Ln. of house, Sat., 8-noon more. Exer equip, bikes, Wanted- paying cash Hollygrape ~ Antique for Hi-fi audio & stuQ-bedframe. high chair, Kona HUGE Garage Sale MOVING SALE - Sat dio equip. McIntosh, Cowan 24" bike, Sat, only 8-3, baby, Saturday only, 7am-dusk, Aug. 11, One day JBL, Marantz, Dyelectronics, clothes, desk, log bed, house734 NE Norton Ave. ONLY, 9 to 3, 61345 naco, Heathkit, Sanetc. Sat. 8/11, 8-1pm hold items and more. Don’t miss it! Ward Rd. - Tools, sui, Carver, NAD, etc. 2967 NW 19TH ST. hardware, furniture, 286 Call 541-261-1808 SAT. ONLY GARAGE household items, 292 Sales Northeast Bend SALE! Designer wom- collectibles, bargains 261 ens suits, household & last minute deals. Sales Other Areas Medical Equipment items, baby items, 1237 NE Burnside off toys. You don’t want to Bear Creek. Collectibles, Garage Community Garage Sale ATTENTION DIABETmiss this one! 8 a.m. Multi-Family furniture, lots of ChristSale on Ironwood Ct in The Pines in Sisters, ICS with Medicare. to 3 p.m. 3112 NE mas items, Sat. 8-4, Saturday Aug 11 from (behind BiMart on McKGet a FREE talking Wells Acres Rd. Sun. 8-3; NO early birds! 8am to 1pm. (off inney Butte Rd) Sat., 9-4 meter and diabetic Chuck Wacker Reed Mkt in Tangle- Sat & Sun 9-4, fishing, testing supplies at NO wood Subdivision) tools, books, mens COST, plus FREE Office desks, Fridge, clothes, much more. home delivery! Best Clothing, Skate Corner of Stellar & of all, this meter elimi1256 NE Paula Drive, Bend Ramps, Lots of Glendale 17020 nates painful finger Fri. & Sat.. • August 10 & 11 • 9-5 ONLY! Children's Items, A Glendale, Sunriver. pricking! Call Crowd control admittance numbers great mix for all. 888-739-7199. _____ issued at 8:00 am Friday!_____ NOTICE (PNDC) Sale of very, VERY old Remember to remove (Purcell Blvd to Paula Dr. & follow to sale site) books, hundreds at $1 your Garage Sale signs PaceSaver scooter with Queen Size bed by Bassett; Maple dining room each! Sat-Sun, 9-2, auto battery charger (nails, staples, etc.) set; Maple china cabinet; Maple double bed set, 60734 Bristol Way. $700. Custom built after your Sale event with dressers and nightstands; Maple tea cart, carrier for sale, $200 is over! THANKS! 290 and bookcase; Western theme Hide a bed; Nice (920)-960-1445 From The Bulletin sofa; Electric lift chair; Kneehole desk; Desk Sales Redmond Area and your local utility chair; Two "antique" chairs; 2004 Upright 263 companies. freezer; Lots of electrical appliances; sets of BIG! Closing business + Tools dishes and stemware; Pots and pans; cookhome moving sale, ware; Bakeware; Four drawer dresser; 6 Vacuwholesale gifts, retail Attn: Hunters & RV’ers ums; Good lawn and garden tools; Artist easels, display, quality furniLike new Yamaha Baskets; Misc. hand tools and nuts and bolts; ture. Sat. &Sun. 8 to EF3000 generator Large wardrobe; Some 1st edition books; Pills4, 339 SW 6th St. w/cover, electric start, Need to get an bury Bake off books; Gerber and Flintridge knife quiet running. New FRI. AND SAT. 8-3 sets; Linens; Aebelskiver pan; Cast Iron three ad in ASAP? $2250; asking $1500 legged small pot; Lots and lots of small decor lots of tools. 8250 NW obo. 541-815-5409 You can place it 19th St., Terrebonne. collectible items; Nice sale with good furniture. See you at the sale!!!!!!! online at: Garage Sale, 1800 NW Scaffolding: Safeway Handled by... Newell Ave, in Terreb- light-weight, 3 sections Deedy's Estate Sales Co. onne, Sat - Sun - Mon, high, all attachments & 4 Aug 11-13, 9-5. planks incl. $3200 new; 541-419-4742 days • 541-382-5950 eves 541-385-5809 Furniture, toys, etc. sell $950. 541-419-9233. TV - table top with remote. $40 541-593-8400


Bend Habitat RESTORE Building Supply Resale Quality at LOW PRICES 740 NE 1st 541-312-6709 Open to the public. 266

Heating & Stoves

383 NOTICE TO ADVERTISER Farm Produce & Food Since September 29, Market 1991, advertising for THOMAS ORCHARDS used woodstoves has Kimberly, OR been limited to modU-Pick or Ready Picked: els which have been Freestone canning certified by the Orpeaches Sunbright; dark sweet cherries, Rainier egon Department of cherries, nectarines, Environmental QualSanta Rosa Plums. ity (DEQ) and the fed325 BRING CONTAINERS eral Environmental Hay, Grain & Feed Open 7 days a week, Protection Agency 8am-6 pm only (EPA) as having met Bailer Twine 541-934-2870. smoke emission stanMost Common Sizes Visit us on Facebook dards. A certified Quarry Ave. Hay & Feed for updates woodstove may be 541-923-2400 Also we are at the Bend identified by its certifi- Farmer’s Market at Drake cation label, which is Park & St. Charles permanently attached Wheat Straw: Certified & to the stove. The Bul- Bedding Straw & Garden letin will not know- Straw;Compost.546-6171 ingly accept advertising for the sale of Looking for your uncertified next employee? woodstoves.



Fuel & Wood WE BUY FIREWOOD LOGS Juniper, Pine, Tamarack, 500+ cords. 503-519-5918 269

Gardening Supplies & Equipment Concrete garden deer, real antlers, very heavy, $80. 541-706-1051 Just bought a new boat? Sell your old one in the classiieds! Ask about our Super Seller rates!


For newspaper delivery, call the Circulation Dept. at 541-385-5800 To place an ad, call 541-385-5809 or email

you can’t beat The Bulletin Classiied Section for selection and convenience - every item is just a phone call away. The Classiied Section is easy to use. Every item is categorized and every cartegory is indexed on the section’s front page. Whether you are looking for a home or need a service, your future is in the pages of The Bulletin Classiied.

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Horses & Equipment

Excelsior genuine Australian stock saddle, 7” knee pad, 5” thigh pads, 14” seat, extremely well built, will last a lifetime! $950. 541-617-9260 Poulan riding lawnmower, 42”, 19hp, 6345 speed, w/grass catcher & trailer, top shape, Livestock & Equipment $700. 541-548-8452 Mower, 20” Reel with grass catcher, new cond. $75. 541-389-4092.


Screened, soil & compost mixed, no rocks/clods. High humus level, exc. for flower beds, lawns, 1977 14' Blake Trailer, refurbished by gardens, straight Frenchglen Blackscreened top soil. smiths, a Classy ClasBark. Clean fill. Desic. Great design for liver/you haul. multiple uses. Over541-548-3949. head tack box (bunkhouse) with side and 270 easy pickup bed acLost & Found cess; manger with left side access, windows FOUND: Bicycle, Wall and head divider. Toyo St. area. Call to idenradial tires & spare; tify 541-388-3645. new floor with mats; center partition panel; Found commercial bed liner coated in key grade backpack areas, 6.5 K torsion blower. 541-610-8471 axles with electric brakes, and new paint, Found dog, Heeler, $7500 OBO! Call healthy younger male John at 541-589-0777. carmel & white, Tumalo area. 541-771-9993 Stock Tank, aluminum, Found pair of Oakley barely used, $150. sunglasses on Cen541-480-1337 tury Dr. 541-388-8897 Found suitcase, on N. 97 Redmond at caution light. Call to identify, 541-923-2806


REMEMBER: If you Angus beef ready end HOME IN THE BULLETIN have lost an animal, of Aug. $3.25 lb. inYour future is just a page don't forget to check cludes cut & wrap. away. Whether you’re looking The Humane Society Call 541-548-7271. for a hat or a place to hang it, in Bend 541-382-3537 The Bulletin Classiied is Historic J Spear Ranch Redmond, grass-fed, totally natuyour best source. 541-923-0882 ral locker beef. Only 9 Prineville, Every day thousands of head left @ $2.89/lb, 541-447-7178; incl cut & wrap, sold in buyers and sellers of goods OR Craft Cats, whole or 1/2; 50% de- and services do business in 541-389-8420. posit reqd.541-573-2677 these pages. They know


Horseshoeing/ Farriers

HOOF TRIMMING HELP YOUR AD TO stand out from the 541-504-7764 rest! Have the top line in bold print for only People Look for Information $2.00 extra. About Products and Services Every Day through The Bulletin Classifieds

Call 541-385-5809



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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

CAUTION READERS: Ads published in "Employment Opportunities" include employee and independent positions. Ads for positions that require a fee or upfront investment must be stated. With any independent job opportunity, please investigate thoroughly.

AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Call Aviation Institute of Use extra caution when applying for jobs onMaintenance. line and never pro1-877-804-5293. vide personal infor(PNDC) mation to any source ATTEND COLLEGE you may not have reONLINE from Home. searched and deemed *Medical, *Business, to be reputable. Use *Criminal Justice, extreme caution when *Hospitality. Job responding to ANY placement assistance. online employment Computer available. ad from out-of-state. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. We suggest you call Call 866-688-7078 the State of Oregon www.CenturaOnline.c Consumer Hotline at om (PNDC) 1-503-378-4320 Take care of your investments with the help from The Bulletin’s “Call A Service Professional” Directory Oregon Medical Training PCS Phlebotomy classes begin August 27. Registration now open: 541-343-3100

For Equal Opportunity Laws: Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industry, Civil Rights Division, 971-673-0764 If you have any questions, concerns or comments, contact: Kevin O’Connell Classified Department Manager The Bulletin 541-383-0398

TRUCK SCHOOL Redmond Campus Student Loans/Job Waiting Toll Free 1-888-438-2235

personals I have a lot of questions about God. Can anyone help? Meet singles right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 877-955-5505. (PNDC)

Find exactly what you are looking for in the CLASSIFIEDS Banking

We are excited to announce an available position in Bend, Oregon. Branch Supervisor Salary Range: $ 29,000 - $40,000 EOE. For more details, please apply online:

CALL A SERVICE PROFESSIONAL Call 541-385-5809 to promote your service


Landscaping/Yard Care

NOTICE: Oregon state NOTICE: OREGON law requires anyLandscape Contracone who contracts tors Law (ORS 671) for construction work requires all busito be licensed with the nesses that advertise Construction Conto perform Landtractors Board (CCB). scape Construction An active license which includes: means the contractor planting, decks, is bonded and infences, arbors, sured. Verify the water-features, and contractor’s CCB liinstallation, repair of cense through the irrigation systems to CCB Consumer be licensed with the Website Landscape Contracwww.hirealicensedcontractor. tors Board. This com 4-digit number is to be or call 503-378-4621. included in all adverThe Bulletin recomtisements which indimends checking with cate the business has the CCB prior to cona bond, insurance and tracting with anyone. workers compensaSome other trades tion for their employalso require addiees. For your protectional licenses and tion call 503-378-5909 certifications. or use our website: to High Standard Const. check license status Full Service general before contracting contractor, post frame with the business. construction #181477 Persons doing land541-389-4622 scape maintenance do not require a LCB Need help ixing stuff? license. Call A Service Professional ind the help you need. Nelson Landscape


Debris Removal


I Haul Away FREE

For Salvage. Also Cleanups & Cleanouts Mel, 541-389-8107 Handyman ERIC REEVE HANDY SERVICES. Home & Commercial Repairs, Carpentry-Painting, Pressure-washing, Honey Do's. On-time promise. Senior Discount. Work guaranteed. 541-389-3361 or 541-771-4463 Bonded & Insured CCB#181595 I DO THAT! Home/Rental repairs Small jobs to remodels Honest, guaranteed work. CCB#151573 Dennis 541-317-9768

Serving Central Oregon Residential & Commercial •Sprinkler Repair •Sprinkler Installation •Back Flow Testing •Fire Prevention, Lot Clearing • Summer Clean up •Weekly Mowing •Bi-Monthly & Monthly Maintenance •Flower Bed Clean Up •Bark, Rock, Etc. •Senior Discounts

Bonded & Insured 541-815-4458 LCB#8759

Call The Yard Doctor for yard maintenance, thatching, sod, sprinkler blowouts, water features, more! Allen 541-536-1294 LCB 5012 Aeration / Dethatching BOOK NOW!

BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Weekly / one-time service avail. Bonded, insured, Search the area’s most free estimates! comprehensive listing of COLLINS Lawn Maint. classiied advertising... Call 541-480-9714 real estate to automotive, merchandise to sporting Maverick Landscaping goods. Bulletin Classiieds Mowing, weedeating, appear every day in the yard detailing, chain print or on line. saw work & more! LCB#8671 541-923-4324 Call 541-385-5809 Holmes Landscape Maint • Clean-up • Aerate • De-thatch • Free Est. • Weekly / Bi-wkly Svc. call Josh 541-610-6011 Home Improvement Painting/Wall Covering Kelly Kerfoot Const. 28 yrs exp in Central OR! WESTERN PAINTING Quality & honesty, from CO. Richard Hayman, carpentry & handyman a semi-retired paintjobs, to expert wall coving contractor of 45 ering install / removal. years. Small Jobs Sr. discounts CCB#47120 Welcome. Interior & Licensed/bonded/insured Exterior. ccb#5184. 541-389-1413 / 410-2422 541-388-6910 Picasso Painting: Mendoza Contracting Affordable, Reliable & Home Inspection Repairs Decks, Pressure Wash, Quality, repaints, decks, Stain/paint interior/ext. more! 541-280-9081.

541-548-5226 CCB80653




Finance & Business


For more information please visit our careers page or email Electrician General Journeyman

Warm Springs Composite Products is looking for an individual to help a growing innovative light manufacturing plant. Basic Duties: Assist in troubleshooting and repairs of plant equipment. Install, repair and maintain all electrical and electronic equipment. Able to read and revise electrical schematics, Must be able to perform both electrical and mechanical preventive maintenance requirements and report, PLC experience. Minimum Skills: A minimum of 5 years in the industrial maintenance field with a valid Oregon State Electricians License in Manufacturing. A strong mechanical aptitude with the ability to perform light welding and fabrication duties. Successful applicant shall supply the normal hand tools required for both electrical and mechanical maintenance. Benefits: Full Family Medical, Vision, Dental, Life, Disability, Salary Incentives, Company Bonuses, Pension and 401K w/Company Matching and Above Pay Rate Scale. Please remit resume to: Warm Springs Composite Products PO Box 906, Warm Springs, OR 97761 Phone: 541-553-1143, Fax: 541-553-1145 Attn: Mac Coombs,



18.5’ Bayliner 185 2008. 3.0L, open bow, slim deck, custom cover & trailer, exc. Hunter’s Delight! Package deal! 1988 Wincond., 30-35 total hrs., nebago Super Chief, incl. 4 life vests, 38K miles, great ropes, anchor, stereo, shape; 1988 Bronco II depth finder, $12,000, 860 4x4 to tow, 130K 541-729-9860. Motorcycles & Accessories mostly towed miles, nice rig! $15,000 both. CRAMPED FOR 541-382-3964, leave CASH? msg. Use classified to sell 20.5’ 2004 Bayliner those items you no Itasca Sun Cruiser 205 Run About, 220 1997, 460 Ford, Class longer need. HP, V8, open bow, A, 26K mi., 37’, living Call 541-385-5809 exc. cond., very fast room slide, new aww/very low hours, nings, new fridge, 8 lots of extras incl. new tires, 2 A/C, 6.5 tower, Bimini & Onan Gen., new batHarley Davidson Softcustom trailer, teries, tow pkg., rear Tail Deluxe 2007, $19,500. towing TV, 2 tv’s, new white/cobalt, w/pas541-389-1413 hydraulic jack springs, senger kit, Vance & tandem axel, $15,000, Hines muffler system 541-385-1782 & kit, 1045 mi., exc. cond, $19,999, 541-389-9188. 20.5’ Seaswirl SpyHarley Heritage der 1989 H.O. 302, Jayco Greyhawk Softail, 2003 285 hrs., exc. cond., 2004, 31’ Class C, $5,000+ in extras, stored indoors for 6800 mi., hyd. jacks, $2000 paint job, life $11,900 OBO. new tires, slide out, 30K mi. 1 owner, 541-379-3530 exc. cond, $49,900, For more information 541-480-8648 please call Ads published in the 541-385-8090 "Boats" classification or 209-605-5537 include: Speed, fishing, drift, canoe, HD FAT BOY house and sail boats. 1996 For all other types of Completely rebuilt/ watercraft, please see customized, low Class 875. miles. Accepting of541-385-5809 Beaver Coach Marquis fers. 541-548-4807 40’ 1987. New cover, new paint (2004), new HD Heritage Classic inverter (2007). Onan 2003, 100 yr. Anniv. GENERATE SOME ex- 6300 watt gen, 111K mi, citement in your neig- parked covered $35,000 model. 10,905 Miles, borhood. Plan a ga- obo. 541-419-9859 or new tires, battery, rage sale and don't 541-280-2014 loaded w/ custom exforget to advertise in tras, exhaust & classified! 385-5809. chrome. Hard/soft bags & much more. $11,995, 541-306-6505 or 503-819-8100. Used out-drive Monaco Dynasty 2004, 865 parts - Mercury loaded, 3 slides, dieOMC rebuilt maATVs sel, Reduced - now rine motors: 151 $129,900, 541-923$1595; 3.0 $1895; 8572 or 541-749-0037

500 800

Beauty/Barber Parts Counter Clerk Supercuts now hiring Big Country RV, Inc. stylists for Bend, Central Oregon’s largRedmond & Prineville. est RV dealer is lookApply at all 5 locaing for a Parts Human Resource tions or fax resume to Counter clerk. CusGeneralist 528 541-923-7640. tomer service experiWoodgrain Millwork is seeking a highly motience, and previous Loans & Mortgages vated Human Reparts experience a Garage Sales source Generalist at WARNING plus; computer skills the Prineville, Oregon, The Bulletin recomnecessary. Good pay Garage Sales location. In this role mends you use cauand benefits. Apply to you will be respontion when you Garage Sales sible for providing vide personal or in person at 63500 comprehensive HR information to compaN Hwy 97, in Bend. Find them expertise as well as nies offering loans or in ensuring compliance Remember.... credit, especially with laws, policies, Add your web adthose asking for adThe Bulletin and procedures. dress to your ad and vance loan fees or Classiieds Monitor and adminisreaders on The companies from out of ter workers’ comp Bulletin' s web site state. If you have 541-385-5809 claims and OSHA will be able to click concerns or quesrecord keeping. Must through automatically tions, we suggest you possess excellent Dental Assistant, Orthto your site. consult your attorney communication, interodontic: Full time Orthor call CONSUMER personal and deciodontic Assistant RV Salesperson HOTLINE, sion making skills. Big Country RV, Inc., needed for established, 1-877-877-9392. Experience in recruithigh quality office. ExpeCentral Oregon’s ing, interviewing, new rience preferred. ComLargest RV Dealer- Ever Consider a Rehire orientation, benpetitive wages & benverse Mortgage? At ship, is growing and efit coordination, payefits. E-mail resume to least 62 years old? adding to our strong roll. Proficient in Stay in your home & sales staff. We are crosoft office (Word, or fax, 541-389-5046 increase cash flow! looking for the right Excel, Outlook), SAP Safe & Effective! Call person who wants a experience a plus. Now for your FREE career in one of the Get your Bachelor’s degree in DVD! Call Now fastest growing inrelated field preferred. business 888-785-5938. dustries in Central Minimum of 3 years (PNDC) Oregon. Great opexperience in Human portunity for someone LOCAL MONEY:We buy Resources, ideally in GROW with prior vehicle a Generalist capacity. secured trust deeds & sales experience. ExWe offer competitive note,some hard money with an ad in ceptional inventory of salary, benefits inloans. Call Pat Kelley New and Used RVs. cluding medical, life, 541-382-3099 ext.13. The Bulletin’s Unlimited earning and dental insurance, “Call A Service Reverse Mortgages potential with an exand 401k. by local expert Mike Professional” cellent benefit packTo apply, please send LeRoux NMLS57716 resume to age to include: Directory Call to learn more. jtoholsky@woodgrain. • IRA 541-350-7839 com. We are an equal • Dental Plan Security1 Lending opportunity employer. • Medical Insurance DO YOU NEED NMLS98161 • Up to 35% commisA GREAT sion MANAGEMENT Call The Bulletin At EMPLOYEE • Great Training Seeking responsible RIGHT NOW? 541-385-5809 Management Team Call The Bulletin Place Your Ad Or E-Mail for established moMust be able to work before 11 a.m. and bile home/ RV park in weekends and have a At: get an ad in to pubRedmond. Good passion for the RV lish the next day! 573 people skills are business. Please ap541-385-5809. required. Duties ply in person, or drop Business Opportunities VIEW the include some mainresume off at: Classifieds at: tenance for one perBig Country RV, Inc. A Classified ad is an son and light clerical 3500 N. Hwy 97 EASY WAY TO duties for the other. Bend, OR 97701 REACH over 3 million Basic computer skills or email a resume to Pacific NorthwesternGood classiied ads tell preferred. Salaried ers. $525/25-word the essential facts in an position and a home classified ad in 30 interesting Manner. Write is provided. Call RV Technician daily newspapers for from the readers view - not 541-382-7667 to Big Country RV, Cen3-days. Call the Paschedule interview. the seller’s. Convert the tral Oregon's largest cific Northwest Daily facts into beneits. Show RV dealership is Connection (916) the reader how the item will Medical Billing seeking an experi288-6019 or email help them in some way. Bend Urology Associenced RV Tech, top ates, LLC is looking dollar & benefits. for more info (PNDC) for a full time candiGreat working envidate to process ronment. Apply in Advertise VACATION pre-authorization reSPECIALS to 3 milperson 63500 N. Hwy quests, confirm insurlion Pacific North97, in Bend. ance eligibility, follow westerners! 30 daily up on outstanding innewspapers, six Check out the Electrician surance claims and states. 25-word clasclassiieds online assist patients with sified $525 for a 3-day their account, as well ad. Call (916) Updated daily as provide backup 288-6019 or visit coverage for Plant Supervising tion. Excellent com- Sales ising_pndc.cfm for the Electrician munication skills, the Pacific Northwest Internet/ Import/ Applications are being ability to pay attention Daily Connection. Ford salesperson accepted for a lito detail and Robberson Ford of (PNDC) censed full-time plant multi-task is a must. Bend is looking for a supervising electriExtreme Value AdverExperience is presalesperson, prefercian. Position retising! 30 Daily newsferred, but not reably with internet quires minimum 5 papers $525/25-word quired. We offer sales experience. years journeyman exclassified, 3-days. medical, dental and Full benefits includperience, preferably in Reach 3 million Pavision, 401K and ing 401k and profit a manufacturing or incific Northwesterners. competitive wages. sharing, Must be dustrial plant. Must For more information Come be a part of a able to work weekhave strong troublecall (916) 288-6019 or great team environends. Please apply shooting skills. PLC email: ment in a well-estabin person @ Robprogramming and lished medical office. berson Ford, 2100 trouble-shooting for the Pacific NorthEmail your resume to NE 3rd St, Bend (Allen-Bradley) skills west Daily Connecdperrine@bendurol97701or call Mark at associated a plus. We tion. (PNDC) Or fax your 541-420-9670 offer competitive information to In small friendly North wages and benefits. 541-330-7413. Central Oregon town Mail resume’ to: The Bulletin on John Day River. Woodgrain Millwork: Outside Sales Recommends extra 2800 sq. ft. commer1948 N Main St., Wanted, driven sales caution when purcial bldg. on state hwy Prineville, OR 97754, professional for outchasing products or in Spray. Has been or email resume to: side sales manager services from out of bar & restaurant, position in Bend with the area. Sending could be anything. 541-447-4177 protected territory in cash, checks, or $125,000 by owner, EEO Drug Testing Central and Eastern credit information 541-468-3201 or Required Oregon. No gimmick, may be subjected to 541-468-2071 proven 25 year hisFRAUD. Field Service tory of successful For more informa- SOCIAL SECURITY Hoffmeyer Co. is sales to individuals DISABILITY BENtion about an adverseeking an energetic and organizations. EFITS. WIN or Pay tiser, you may call person for long-term Must be motivated Nothing! Start Your the Oregon State employment, Will asand have entrepreApplication In Under Attorney General’s sist with conveyor neurial experience or 60 Seconds. Call ToOffice Consumer belting installs, shipattitude. Must be able day! Contact DisabilProtection hotline at ping, receiving, custo sell, set own ity Group, Inc. Li1-877-877-9392. tomer service. Job reschedule, develop censed Attorneys & quires flexible work leads, manage others BBB Accredited. Call schedule including and succeed! Dy888-782-4075. nights & weekends; namic recession-neu(PNDC) some overnight travel. tral company with No experience reconsistent growth. Looking for your next employee? Looking for your quired; will train. ODL Base, unlimited comnext employee? REQUIRED. $9-$12/ missions, excellent Place a Bulletin help Place a Bulletin help hr. Application necesbenefits. Please email wanted ad today and wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 sary. Please apply in your cover letter and reach over 60,000 readers each week. person: 20575 Paintresume to Carnithreaders each week. Your classified ad ers Ct., Bend, OR. Your classified ad will also appear on will also appear on which currently Data Center Network which currently rereceives over 1.5 ceives over 1.5 milmillion page views Technicians lion page views every month at every month at no extra cost. Facebook is hiring! We’re seeking a highly no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds motivated Data Center Network Technician Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! to help us build a world-class facility at our Call 385-5809 Get Results! Call Prineville, Oregon location. or place 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at your ad on-line at The ideal candidate will have 3+ years’

experience in data center network deployment, strong troubleshooting skills, a solid understanding of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network switching/routing, and experience in configuring and supporting Cisco, Juniper, and F5 devices.

Boats & RV’s


Boats & Accessories


4.3 (1993), $1995. 541-389-0435 875

Honda TRX300 EX 2005 Watercraft sport quad w/Rev, runs & rides great, new pipe & Ads published in "Wapaddles incl. $1700 obo. tercraft" include: Kay541-647-8931 aks, rafts and motorized personal Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI watercrafts. For 2009, 543 mi, 2WD/ "boats" please see 4WD, black w/EPS, Class 870. fuel injection, independent rear suspension 541-385-5809 winch w/handle controls & remote, ps, auto, large racks, exc. cond., $7850, 541-322-0215

TURN THE PAGE For More Ads The Bulletin

Yamaha Kodiak 400, 2005 4x4, 2500 lb winch, gun rack & alum loading ramp, only 542 miles, show room cond, $4800. 541-280-9401 870

Boats & Accessories 12’ Porta-Bote, Genesis III, $600. 10’ Pelican Scorpio dinghy, $350. 541-280-0514.

16’ Crestliner fiberglass with trailer, no motor, extra stuff, nice boat. A Steal @ $300! 541-876-7029 or 541-536-1395. 17’ 1984 Chris Craft - Scorpion, 140 HP inboard/outboard, 2 depth finders, trolling motor, full cover, EZ - Load trailer, $3500 OBO. 541-382-3728.

National Sea Breeze 2004 M-1341 35’, gas, 2 power slides, upgraded queen mattress, hyd. leveling system, rear camera & monitor, only 6k mi. Reduced to $41,300! 541-480-0617 RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do The Work, You Keep The Cash, On-Site Credit Approval Team, Web Site Presence, We Take Trade-Ins. Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend 541-330-2495

Hand-crafted Kenosha canoe, built from Western Red Cedar/African ribbon strip Mahogany & Redmond: 541-548-5254 Alaska yellow cedar, 16x 36, 54lbs, a work of art! $5800. 541-617-9260

Kawasaki 900 STS 2001 3-man jet ski, low hours, Ready for fun! $2900. 541-617-0077

Southwind 35.5’ Triton, 2008,V10, 2 slides, Dupont UV coat, 7500 mi. Avg NADA ret.114,343; asking $99,000. Call 541-923-2774 Tow car cover for HHR, by Coastline, new, $150. 541-728-1265

Kayak, Eddyline Sandpiper, 12’, like new, $975, 541-420-3277.

Sea Kayaks - His & Hers, Eddyline Wind Dancers,17’, fiberglass boats, all equip incl., paddles, personal flotation devices,dry bags, spray skirts,roof rack w/ towers & cradles -- Just add water, $1250/boat Firm. 541-504-8557.

Winnebago Outlook 32’ 2008, Ford V10 engine, Wineguard sat, TV, surround sound stereo + more. Reduced to $49,000. 541-526-1622 or 541-728-6793 881

Travel Trailers





175HP in/ outboard, open bow, new upholster, $2900, 541-389-9684.

Cardinal 33’ 2007, year round living, 8’ closet, 2 slides, 2 TVs, surround sound, $22,800. In Prineville, 509-521-0369

Allegro 2002, 2 slides, Fleetwood 28’ Pioneer 22K mi, workhorse 2003, 13’ slide, sleeps chassis, 8.1 Chev en- 6, walk-around bed with gine, like new, $41,900 new mattress; power obo. 541-420-9346 hitch, very clean $11,500. Please call 18.5’ ‘05 Reinell 185, V-6 541-548-4284. Volvo Penta, 270HP, low hrs., must see, $17,500, 541-330-3939

Independent Contractor

H Supplement Your Income H

Country Coach Intrigue 2002, 40' Tag axle. 400hp Cummins Diesel. Two slide-outs. 41,000 miles. Most options. $110,000 OBO 541-678-5712

Operate Your Own Business

Fleetwood Fiesta 2005, 32’ x 11’ (wide) Class A chassis-type workhorse, $45,000. 541-306-1414

Newspaper Delivery Independent Contractor

CAN’T BEAT THIS! Look before you buy, below market value! Size & mileage DOES matter! Class A 32’ Hurricane by Four Winds, 2007. 12,500 mi, all amenities, Ford V10, lthr, cherry, slides, like new! New low price, $54,900. 541-548-5216

Funfinder189 2008,slide, A/C, awning, furnace,self contained, queen, sleeps 5, $11,500,541-610-5702


& Call Today & We are looking for independent contractors to service home delivery routes in:

H Prineville H Must be available 7 days a week, early morning hours.

Must have reliable, insured vehicle. Please call 541.385.5800 or 800.503.3933 during business hours apply via email at

Springdale 29’ 2007, slide,Bunkhouse style, sleeps 7-8, excellent condition, $16,900, 541-390-2504

Sprinter 272RLS, 2009 29’, weatherized, like new, furnished & Gulfstream Scenic ready to go, incl WineCruiser 36 ft. 1999, gard Satellite dish, Cummins 330 hp die$26,995. 541-420-9964 sel, 42K, 1 owner, 13 in. kitchen slide out, new tires,under cover, hwy. miles only,4 door fridge/freezer iceTerry 23’ 1990 maker, W/D combo, self-contained, sleeps Interbath tub & 6, in good condition, shower, 50 amp pro$3495. pane gen & more! Please call $55,000. 541-419-5495 541-948-2310












Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

Antique & Classic Autos


Sport Utility Vehicles





Viking Tent trailer 2008, clean, self contained, sleep 5, easy to tow, great cond. $6500. 541-383-7150.

Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler 28’ 2007,Gen, fuel station, exc cond. sleeps 8, black/gray interior, used 3X, $24,999. 541-389-9188 Look at: for Complete Listings of Area Real Estate for Sale Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at 882

Fifth Wheels Alfa Ideal 2001, 31’, 3 slides, island kitchen, AC/heat pump, generator, satellite system, 2 flatscreen TVs, hitch & awning incl. $16,000. (Dodge 3500 1 ton also available) 541-388-1529;408-4877

Alpha “See Ya” 30’ 1996, 2 slides, A/C, heat pump, exc. cond. solid oak cabs, day & night shades, Corian, tile, hardwood. $9750 OBO/trade for small trailer, 541-923-3417

Carri-Lite Luxury 2009 by Carriage, 4 slideouts, inverter, satellite sys, fireplace, 2 flat screen TVs. $60,000. 541-480-3923

Fleetwood Wilderness 36’, 2005, 4 slides, rear bdrm, fireplace, AC, W/D hkup beautiful unit! $30,500. 541-815-2380

Komfort 25’ 2006, 1 slide, AC, TV, awning. NEW: tires, converter, batteries. Hardly used. $19,500. 541-923-2595

SPRINTER 36’ 5th wheel, 2005, dual slides, queen bed air mattress, fold out couch. $10,500 obo. 541-382-0865, leave message!

Chrysler 300 Coupe 541-598-3750 Taurus 27.5’ 1988 1967, 440 engine, Everything works, auto. trans, ps, air, $1750/partial trade for frame on rebuild, recar. 541-460-9127 painted original blue, Ford Ranger 1999, 4x4, 71K, X-cab, XLT, original blue interior, auto, 4.0L, $7900 885 original hub caps, exc. OBO. 541-388-0232 chrome, asking $9000 Canopies & Campers or make offer. Ford Ranger XLT Jeep Cherokee 1990, 541-385-9350. Arctic Fox Silver Edition 4WD, 3 sets rims & 1998 X-cab 1140, 2005. 5 hrs on tires, exlnt set snow 2.5L 4-cyl engine, gen; air, slideout, dry tires, great 1st car! 5-spd standard trans, bath, like new, loaded! long bed, newer mo$1800. 541-633-5149 $16,900. Also 2004 Chrysler SD 4-Door tor & paint, new clutch Dodge Ram 3500 quad Jeep Compass 2009, 1930, CDS Royal & tires, excellent concab dually 4x4, 11,800 25K, 5-spd, 1-owner, Standard, 8-cylinder, dition, clean, $4500. mi, SuperHitch, $26,950. $13,400, 541-280-5866 body is good, needs Call 541-447-6552 OR both for $39,850. some restoration, The Bulletin Call 541-382-6708 runs, taking bids, To Subscribe call 541-383-3888, 541-385-5800 or go to 541-815-3318

Lance 945 1995, 11’3”, all appl., solar panel, new battery, exc. cond., $5995, 541-977-3181 FIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, door panels w/flowers & hummingbirds, Autos & white soft top & hard top. Just reduced to Transportation $3,750. 541-317-9319 or 541-647-8483

900 908

Aircraft, Parts & Service

Ford Galaxie 500 1963, 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, 390 v8,auto, pwr. steer & radio (orig),541-419-4989

Ford Super Duty F-250 2001, 4X4, very good shape, V10 eng, $8800 OBO. 541-815-9939 Wanted: 2000-2005 GMC 3/4 ton Diesel Pickup. 541-447-7807

GMC ½-ton Pickup, 1972, LWB, 350hi motor, mechanically A-1, interior great; body needs some TLC. $3131 OBO. Call 541-382-9441

Ford Mustang Coupe Flat 1966, original owner, International Bed Pickup 1963, 1 V8, automatic, great ton dually, 4 spd. shape, $9000 OBO. trans., great MPG, 1/3 interest in Colum530-515-8199 could be exc. wood bia 400, located at hauler, runs great, Sunriver. $138,500. Ford Ranchero new brakes, $1950. Call 541-647-3718 1979 541-419-5480. 1/3 interest in wellwith 351 Cleveland equipped IFR Beech modified engine. Bonanza A36, loBody is in cated KBDN. $55,000. excellent condition, 541-419-9510 $2500 obo. 541-420-4677 Executive Hangar at Bend Airport (KBDN) Toyota Tacoma 2003, 60’ wide x 50’ deep, SR5 PreRunner, 2WD, w/55’ wide x 17’ high auto, ARE canopy, silver, 73.5K miles, great bi-fold door. Natural condition, $10,000 firm. gas heat, office, bath541-306-9055 room. Parking for 6 GMC ½ ton 1971, Only cars. Adjacent to 935 Frontage Rd; great $19,700! Original low visibility for aviation mile, exceptional, 3rd Sport Utility Vehicles owner. 951-699-7171 bus. 541-948-2126 Mercedes 380SL 1983, Chevy Tahoe LS 2001 4x4. 120K mi, Power 107,830 actual miles, 1 seats, Tow Pkg, 3rd owner, purchased from row seating, extra factory in Germany, tires, CD, privacy tint$10,500/offer. Phone ing, upgraded rims. 541-382-5063 / 280-2005 Fantastic cond. $7995 Contact Timm at ONLY 2 OWNERSHIP 541-408-2393 for info SHARES LEFT! or to view vehicle. Monterrey Economical flying in Mercury 1965, Exc. All original, your own Cessna Trailblazer 4-dr. sedan, in stor- Chevy 172/180 HP for only 2005, gold, LS 4X4, age last 15 yrs., 390 $10,000! Based at 6 cyl., auto, A/C, pdl, High Compression BDN. Call Gabe at new tires, keyless engine, new tires & liProfessional Air! entry, 66K mi., exc. cense, reduced to 541-388-0019 cond. $8950. $2850, 541-410-3425. Redmond large exec. 541-598-5111 hangar for lease: Pvt. bath, heat, office, lights. Call Ben, 541-350-9729 916

Trucks & Heavy Equipment

Freightliner 2000, 24’ van box, 8.3L 210 HP eng. in good cond. $9000, 541-749-0724.

Montana 3400RL 2008, 4 slides, no smokers or pets, limited usage, 5500 watt Onan gen, solar panel, fireplace, dual A/C, central vac, elect. awning w/sunscreen arctic pkg, rear receiver, alum wheels, 2 TVs, many extras. $35,500. 541-416-8087

Ford F250 XLT ‘95, 4WD GMC Yukon SLT 2003 auto, long bed, 3/4 ton, one owner, 4WD, 3rd 8600 GVW, white,178K row seats, leather, mi, AC, pw, pdl, Sirius, towing, $9,000. tow pkg., bedliner, bed 541-382-4316 rail caps, rear slide window, new tires, ra- Honda Pilot EXL 2011 #B028263 diator, water pump, Chevy Wagon 1957, $31,995 hoses, brakes, more, 4-dr., complete, $5200, 541-322-0215 $15,000 OBO, trades, please call 541-420-5453.

Hyster H25E, runs

well, 2982 Hours, $3500, call 541-749-0724

Plymouth Barracuda 1966, original car! 300 hp, 360 V8, centerlines, (Original 273 eng & wheels incl.) 541-593-2597 933

Pickups *** CHECK YOUR AD Please check your ad on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. Sometimes instructions over the phone are misunderstood and an error can occur in your ad. If this happens to your ad, please contact us the first day your ad appears and we will be happy to fix it as soon as we can. Deadlines are: Weekdays 12:00 noon for next day, Sat. 11:00 a.m. for Sunday; Sat. 12:00 for Monday. If we can assist you, please call us: 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified ***

Peterbilt 359 potable water truck, 1990, MONTANA 3585 2008, 3200 gal. tank, 5hp exc. cond., 3 slides, pump, 4-3" hoses, king bed, lrg LR, Arccamlocks, $25,000. tic insulation, all op541-820-3724 tions $37,500. 925 541-420-3250 Utility Trailers Open Road 37' 2004 3 slides, W/D hookup, large LR w/rear window. Desk area. Big Tex LandscapAsking $19,750 OBO Need help ixing stuff? ing/ ATV Trailer, Call (541) 280-7879 Call A Service Professional dual axle flatbed, visit ind the help you need. 7’x16’, 7000 lb. ad#104243920 GVW, all steel, for pics $1400. Chevrolet 2500, 1991, 541-382-4115, or 2WD, ext’d cab, full size 541-280-7024. bed, 61,400 mi. 454 V8, spray-on bedliner, elecUTILITY TRAILER tric windows & door Single axle, $150. locks, cruise, AC, set up 541-480-1337 for 5th wheel or hitch Pilgrim 27’, 2007 5th trailer, wired for lights, wheel, 1 slide, AC, 931 exlnt cond, runs great, TV,full awning, excelAutomotive Parts, $3250. 541-382-6028 lent shape, $23,900. Service & Accessories Chevy 1 ton 1968 dual 541-350-8629 tires, 11’ flatbed, 327 Honda Accord 1981 engine, 58k miles, parts car, $250. $1000. 541-548-4774 541-447-4405 932

Antique & Classic Autos

Regal Prowler AX6 Extreme Edition 38’ ‘05, 4 slides,2 fireplaces, all maple cabs, king bed/ bdrm separated w/slide glass dr,loaded,always garaged,lived in only 3 mo,brand new $54,000, still like new, $28,500, will deliver,see, Chev Corvair Monza conad#4957646 for pics. vertible,1964, new top & tranny, runs great, exlnt Cory, 541-580-7334 cruising car! $5500 obo. 541-420-5205 SPRINTER 36’ 5th Chevy 1954, 5 window, wheel, 2005, dual 350 V-8, auto/ps, slides, bunk, 2 needs minor mebaths, queen bed air chanical work, extemattress, fold out rior good, new paint; couch. Very clean! needs some gauges, $10,500 obo. 541-382-0865, gun metal grey, $6100 leave message! obo. 503-504-2764, CRR.

Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4, 1995, extended cab, long box, grill guard, running boards, bed rails & canopy, 178K miles, $4800 obo. 208-301-3321 (Bend) Chevy Silverado 1998, black and silver, pro lifted, loaded, new 33” tires, aluminum slot wheels, tow pkg., drop hitch, diamond plate tool box, $12,000, or possible trade for newer Tacoma. 541-460-9127 Dodge 1500 2001, 4x4 sport, red, loaded, rollbar, AND 2011 Moped Trike used 3 months, street legal. call 541-433-2384

Ford Excursion 2005, 4WD, diesel, exc. cond., $19,900, call 541-923-0231.

GMC Denali 2003

loaded with options. Exc. cond., snow tires and rims included. 130k hwy miles. $12,000. 541-419-4890.

GMC Yukon 1999. #920016.


541-647-2822 DLR4821

Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd, 1995

80K miles, 4WD, excellent cond, has extra snow tires/ rims. $3000 obo. 541-420-4677

Jeep Willys 1947,custom, small block Chevy, PS, OD,mags+ trailer.Swap for backhoe.No am calls please. 541-389-6990

Chevy Astro Cargo Van 2001,

pw, pdl, great cond., business car, well maint, regular oil changes, $4500, please call 541-633-5149

Dodge Caravan Sport 2003

134,278 miles, great cond, very comfortable, $5000 OBO. 541-848-8539.

NISSAN QUEST 1996, 3-seat mini van, extra nice in and out $3,400. Sold my Windstar, need another van! 541-318-9999, ask for Bob. Ask about free trip to D.C. for WWII vets.

REDUCED! Ford 1978 truck, $1100 obo. V8 4 spd, runs good, new battery, spark plugs, rebuilt carb. Ex U-Haul,


Ford Mustang 2012 2 door coupe, V6, low miles! #211087 $25,956





Automobiles AUDI QUATTRO CABRIOLET 2004, extra nice, low mileage, heated seats, new Michelins, all wheel drive, $12,995 503-635-9494.

Ford Thunderbird 1988, 3.8 V-6, 35K actual mi., new hoses, belts, tires, battery, pb, ps, cruise, A/C, CD, exc. cond. in & out, 2nd owner, maint. records, must see & drive! Reduced! Now $3500, obo. 541-330-0733

Jeep Wrangler 1999, TJ Sahara Ed., 4.0L, exlnt tires, body & paint. 69,700+ mi, hardtop + Say “goodbuy” new full buckskin soft & to that unused bikini tops, Warn winch, motorhome tow pkg, item by placing it in stinger, alum wheels, The Bulletin Classiieds $13,000. 541-617-9176

PORSCHE 914 1974, Roller (no engine), lowered, full roll cage, 5-pt harnesses, racing seats, 911 dash & instruments, decent shape, very cool! $1699. 541-678-3249

Toyota Corolla LE 2010. #318632.


541-647-2822 DLR4821

Lexus IS 350 2006 Very Clean #001824 $18,750


541-647-2822 DLR4821

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Buick LeSabre Limited 1997 111,000 miles, blue, new tires, brakes and air, $2900 firm. Others available, INFINITI M30 1991 Convertible, always ga- Volvo 740 ‘87, 4-cyl,auto like a 1996 Regal with raged, Most options: 84,000 miles, only 86k on eng.,exc. maint. $2,900. 541-350-3353 $3500. Call Bob $2895, 541-301-1185. or 541-923-1096 541-318-9999. Want to impress the relatives? Remodel your home with the help of a professional from The Bulletin’s “Call A Service Professional” Directory

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Have an item to sell quick? If it’s under $ 500 you can place it in The Bulletin Classiieds for: $ $

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Nissan Murano SL-AWD 2004, 75k, all-weather tires, tow pkg, gold metallic, beige leather int., moonroof, $14,990. 541-317-5693

Porsche Cayenne 2004, 86k, immac, dealer maint’d, loaded, now $17000. 503-459-1580

2012 Subaru Forester 2.5X



OR AS LOW AS Toyota 4-Runner 4x4 Ltd, 2006, Salsa Red pearl, 49,990 miles, exlnt cond, professionally detailed, $24,599. 541-390-7649


Only 1




MSRP $23,270 VIN: CH456585. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. *Tier 1 financing. On Approved Credit. CFB-21

2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium


189 89

Per mo. Lease

MSRP $23,782. VIN: C3035459. Cap Reduction $2,495. Aquisition Fee $595. 42 months, 10,000 miles per year. Residual 53%, $0 Security deposit, $12,604.46 Total due at signing $2,684.89. On Approved Credit. Dealer installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. CAD-01

CVT, Leather, Alloy Wheels, New Features

’99 GMC Yukon #920016 ................ $7,995

’07 Chevy HHR LT SUV #597750 ............. $12,495

’06 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab #688883 ............. $12,975

2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium



’10 Chevy Cobalt #110478A .......... $12,995

’11 Toyota Yaris SDN 4 Door Auto Sedan, Save at the pump! #083195 ............. $13,495

’08 Ford Fusion 29 MPG! #183344 ............. $13,890


33 MPG! #302264 ............. $14,995


2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i


#318632 ............. $13,977

’11 Suzuki SX-4

0.9 % *

MSRP $26,095 VIN: C3299960. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. *Tier 1 financing. On Approved Credit. CDD-02

’10 Toyota Corolla LE

Public Notices

*** CHECK YOUR AD Please check your ad on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. Sometimes in- Mercedes E320 2004, structions over the 71K miles, silver/silver, phone are misunder- exc. cond, below Blue stood and an error Book, $14,500 Call can occur in your ad. 541-788-4229 If this happens to your Grand Marquis ad, please contact us Mercury 2004, runs excellent, the first day your ad very clean, 1 owner, appears and we will clear title, $4800. be happy to fix it as 360-508-8748 (in Bend) soon as we can. Deadlines are: Week- Mitsubishi 3000 GT days 12:00 noon for 1999, auto., pearl next day, Sat. 11:00 white, very low mi. a.m. for Sunday; Sat. $9500. 541-788-8218. 12:00 for Monday. If we can assist you, Need to sell a please call us: Vehicle? 541-385-5809 Call The Bulletin The Bulletin Classified and place an ad today! Chryser LeBaron 1990 Ask about our convertible, 5 spd, "Wheel Deal"! new paint, top, tires for private party and rims. $1800. advertisers 541-416-9566




MSRP $19,295. VIN: CH246834. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. *Tier 1 financing. On Approved Credit. CLB-01

’11 Nissan Cube Room Galore! #208360 ............. $15,995

2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i

’11 VW Jetta Sedan


Legal Notices LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR THE COUNTY OF DESCHUTES. In the Matter of the Estate of DALE E. HANST, Deceased, Case No. 12PB0071. NOTICE TO INTERESTED PERSONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed personal representative. All persons having claims against the estate are required to present them, with vouchers attached, to the undersigned personal representative at 747 SW Mill View Way, Bend, Oregon 97702, within four months after the date of first publication of this notice, or the claims may be barred. All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain additional information from the records of the court, the trustee, or the lawyers for the trustee, DANIEL C. RE. Dated and first published on July 28, 2012. CAROLYN P. HANST, Personal Representative.

#347612 ............. $16,200

’10 Nissan Altima Hybrid 33 MPG! #114849A .......... $16,485



’10 Dodge Avenger R/T Sedan 37K Miles, Loaded! #177898 ............. $17,495

MSRP $23,795. VIN: D1204145. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. *Tier 1 financing. On Approved Credit. DDA_01

’10 Chrysler Town & Country

Subaru Certified Pre-Owned

Quad Seating #232518 ............. $17,995

’11 Subaru Impreza AWD #511600A .......... $18,477

’06 Lexus IS 350 Very Clean #001824 ............. $18,750

’07 Mini Cooper “S” Turbo #T81224 ............. $18,995

’12 Ford Mustang

2012 Subaru Impreza 11,000 Miles, 2011 Subaru Outback Wagon Premium WRX STi Sedan 2.5i Limited Loaded, Wheels,

2 Door Coupe, V6, Low Miles! #211087 ............. $25,956

’12 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 6-Spd Hard Top #164879 ............. $29,475

’11 Nissan Titan SL Crew Cab #306328 .............



$ VIN: CL009010


Rear Spoiler, Leather, CVT, Moonroof, Short-throw Low Miles Shifter 6-speed Manual, Cat Back Exhaust, 10” Subwoofer, Tinted Windows



VIN: B3354649

’06 BMW X3 3.0si #J20768 ............. $29,995

Through 8/15/12 All vehicles subject to prior sale, does not include tax, license or title and registration processing fee of $100. Vin#’s posted at dealership. See Hertz Car Sales of Bend for details. Dealer #4821

UNDER THE BIG AMERICAN FLAG 541-647-2822 535 NE Savannah Dr, Bend

Thank you for reading. All photos are for illustration purposes – not actual vehicles. All prices do not include dealer installed options, documentation, registration or title. All vehicles subject to prior sale. All lease payments based on 10,000 miles/year. *Tier 1 financing. On approved credit. Prices good through August 13, 2012.


For homes online



SATUR D AY, A UG UST 11, 2 0 12



Discover Sisters!

Peaceful Broken Top Enjoy single level living on Broken Top’s 3rd fairway. Private front courtyard, spacious great room in one of Bend’s most desirable communities. Close to world class recreation and all that Bend has to offer. Offered at $629,000. For more information or to schedule a showing call Bryan Hilts, Licensed Broker in the State of Oregon. Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty 541-771-3200.


Come out this weekend and see why this award winning plan is so popular! Discover The Village at Cold Springs, located in Sisters and conveniently located near schools, shopping and all that the Three Sisters Wilderness Area has to offer. Directions: West Highway 20, west on McKinney Butte Road, north on Trinity Way, west on Allingham Avenue. Call 541-549-6681 or find us on the web at www. for more information.


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B efore setting off to hunt for a home, today’s prospective homeowners benefit from arming themselves with information. by Linda Q uon, for The Bulletin A dvertising Department

Summer is the time for hunters to gear up and get ready. But instead of camouflage and rifles, this season’s enthusiasts are armed with real estate advertisements, flyers and online listings. Before heading out to start searching for a home, buyers need the right gear and ammunition to prepare for a safe and successful venture. Education is essential in that tool kit. HomeSource of NeighborImpact is a nonprofit organization that provides home buyer education services and coaching in English and Spanish at offices in Bend, Redmond, Madras and Prineville. Its classes are structured to help home buyers save money and navigate the home buying process. “Buying a home is one of the most important decisions we ever make,” said Laura Fritz, housing director for NeighborImpact. “Our goal is to connect with people before they start looking for a home because we can help make the process easier and more affordable.” According to Fritz, home buyer classes and coaching are critical first steps. “Taking a home buyer class, whether online or in person, helps get potential home buyers on the right track,” said Fritz. “Some home buyers may find they qualify for a matched savings program that can triple their down payment investment. Whether you’re buying for the first time or you haven’t owned a home in three years, this savings program is an incredible opportunity to get more home for your money.” This could be one of the best house hunt-

ing seasons in years based on record-low interest rates and lower home prices, according to Fritz. “Mortgage interest rates are lower than they’ve been in years, so it’s a great time to think about buying a home,” said Fritz. “It may even be more affordable than your monthly rent payment. There are many benefits to homeownership, and we can help people understand their options.” According to Fritz, education is the best ammunition to prepare for the house hunting season. HomeSource of NeighborImpact offers the following tips for people thinking about buying a home in Central Oregon:

Getting Started • Before you start your search for a home, take a home buyer class or talk to an unbiased expert. Understanding the home buyer process can help you save money and access safe, affordable mortgage loans. • Find out if you qualify for a matched savings program. There are Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) available to qualified home buyers that will match $3 for every $1 saved. • Talk to a neutral, trusted advisor about what type of home is needed and what is affordable. Buyers will then be more likely to make smart decisions for successful, long-term home ownership. • Understand credit ratings and how they affect home purchases. • Learn how to budget for home ownership and maintenance.

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Home Buyer Education Locations: HomeSource of NeighborImpact: 541-323-6567

Choosing Your Home Buyer Education Options HomeSource of NeighborImpact can help potential buyers access in-person or online home buyer education classes. These classes offer guidance on how to find the right property that meets the needs and budget of the buyer. They also teach participants to evaluate loan products and access down payment assistance programs.

In-person Home Buyer Classes:

HomeSource Bend 20310 Empire Avenue, Suite A110 Bend, OR 97701 HomeSource Redmond 2602 SW First Street, Suite B Redmond, OR 97756 HomeSource Madras 645 SW Marshall Street Madras, OR 97741 HomeSource Prineville 203 NE Court Street Prineville, OR 97754

Monthly classes for all Central Oregon residents are offered in both Bend and Redmond. Participants can either attend a one-day, eight-hour weekend class or two, four-hour weeknight classes. The cost of an in-person home buyer class is $45.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 14-15, Redmond

Online Home Buyer Classes:

5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Online classes are offered through, a NeighborImpact home buyer education partner. HomeSmart Oregon is the state’s designated resource for eHome America, a U.S. online home buyer education and certification course. The cost for an online home buyer class is $65, and registration can be completed at www.

Saturday, Sept. 8, Bend

One-on-One Coaching:

To register for home buyer classes, or for additional information, contact HomeSource of NeighborImpact by calling 541-323-6567 or sending an e-mail to homesource @ neighbor i mpac Information is available online at

HomeSource of NeighborImpact is staffed with trained and certified home ownership experts who provide individual and unbiased coaching during scheduled appointments.

Home Buyer Class Schedule:

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 9-10, Redmond 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 10, Bend 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

19544 Hollygrape St., Bend BEAUTIFUL 5 BDRM, 3 BA, 3000 SQ. FT. HOME in the River Canyon Estates, near the Old Mill District. Many upgrades throughout the home. Fantastic river and gorge views with easy 0 0 access to Deschutes $2,1 River Trail.

60468 Snap Shot Lp., Bend 4.5 BA, 4 MASTER SUITES (2 upstairs, 2 downstairs). Amazing views from large deck looking onto the 15th fairway of Widgi Creek Golf Course. This exquisite home is located in the Gated Points West Community. Enjoy the seasons Bend has 0 0 $2,5 to offer.

804 NE Ross Rd., Bend NEARLY NEW 1370 SQ. FT. DUPLEX ON THE NE SIDE OF BEND. Easy access to the bypass. 2 bdrm, 2 ba. with 2 master suites. Fully applianced kitchen w/microwave. Fireplace, laundry area, fenced $1,095 patio. Oversized 1-car garage, storage space.

19620 Painted Ridge, Bend SPACIOUS AND COMFORTABLE FURNISHED CONDO in Broken Top Golf Course community. 2 bdrm, 2.5 baths with large loft area. Private decks off bdrms & 5 9 living area. Water, sewer 4 , 1 $ & yard service included.

2480 NW Shields Dr., Bend GREAT NORTHWEST CROSSING CRAFTSMAN STYLE HOME. Single story 1665 sq. ft. w/vaulted ceilings. 3 bdrm, 2 ba. This home has top quality finishes throughout, natural wood built-ins & slate floors. 5 9 6 $1, Yard maintained by owner.


If you are a Rental Property Owner, I invite you to call me. I pledge to strongly represent your management interests and surpass your expectations … Always. You have my word on it. Proudly serving Bend, Redmond, Sisters & Prineville

1199 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97701 KEVIN RESTINE, General Manager/ Property Manager


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Apt./Multiplex SE Bend

Houses for Rent NE Bend

New Listings

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Commercial/Investment Properties for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

926 - $259,900 Stunning panoramic views from this 1871 SF, 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome. Featuring master on the main and a great room open floor plan with wall to wall windows leading out to spacious deck. Upgraded finishes throughout. Washer and Dryer included! Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370 Single level Good Cents home in NE Bend, $139,900 Ad #2622 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 10 acre property w/2 homes, barn & shop, $399,000 Ad#2402 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Bend home backing lava lands, $150,000 Ad#2252 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon River & Mountain views will take your breath away. $599,000. Ad#8082 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Bend home on 5 acres w/Cascade views, $375,000 Ad #2492 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Big River Meadows Resort home on the river! $375,000 Ad#8532 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 140 ft. of Big Deschutes views. $499,490 Ad#2322 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon

887 - $340,000 2279 SF 3 bed, 3.5 bath Forest Ridge Townhome overlooking the golf course. 2 master suites (1 up w/jetted tub & 1 down), Control 4 Smart Home, security system, granite in kitchen and utility, marble in baths, Pella sliding glass door and downstairs windows, auto retractable deck awning, extra inside soundproofing. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370 Gorgeous cedar home on almost 16 acres, $479,900 Ad #2632 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Look at: for Complete Listings of Area Real Estate for Sale

A sharp, clean 2Bdrm, 1½ bath apt, NEW Luxury Home, 2450 CARPETS, neutral colsq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2.5 ors, great storage, pribath, office, 3 car gavate patio, no pets/ rage, mtn views., avail smkg. $555 incl w/s/g. 7/20. 2641 NE Jill Ct. Call 541-633-0663 $1650/mo. + dep. 541-420-3557. SHARP 2 BEDROOM $585 Spotless, Light, Bright ! 61545 Parrell Road Classy new exterior, 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath, dbl. gar, gas fireplace, fenced, small quiet complex, patio, RV parking. lots of upgrades, beau- large $1095. 541-480-7653 tiful new kitchen cabinets and countertops, When buying a home, 83% of Central dishwasher and microOregonians turn to wave, large master with 3 closets, private fenced patio, laundry on site, includes W/S/G Call 541-385-5809 to no smoking/no pets. place your Call 541-633-0663 Real Estate ad. 642

Apt./Multiplex Redmond


Houses for Rent General PUBLISHER'S NOTICE All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, marital status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination." Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women, and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-877-0246. The toll free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.

600 605

Roommate Wanted

Apt./Multiplex NW Bend Fully furnished loft Apt

on Wall Street in Bend, with parking. All utilities paid. Call 541-389-2389 for appt

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Duplex, very clean & private, large 1300 sq ft 2 bdrm 2 bath, garage w/opener, fenced backyard, deck, fridge, DW, W/D hkup, extra parking, w/s/g paid, $710 + dep. 541-604-0338





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Houses for Rent NW Bend Amazing golf course views, 4250 sq.ft., 4/3.5, 1st mo. $200. off. $2400/mo. Appt. 541-480-0612. 654

Houses for Rent SE Bend RENT OWN, $850/mo, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, fresh paint, new carpet, nice, easy qualify, $34,900, $2000 down, Call 541-548-5511 659

Houses for Rent Sunriver VILLAGE PROPERTIES Sunriver, Three Rivers, La Pine. Great Selection. Prices range $425 - $2000/mo. View our full inventory online at 1-866-931-1061 687

Commercial for Rent/Lease Garjmahal RV storage for Rent! Call Keith 541-419-6418

650 Share cozy mobile home RIVER FALLS APTS Warehouse - Industrial in Terrebonne, $275 + LIVE ON THE RIVER unit for rent. 5600 Houses for Rent utilities. 1-503-679-7496 WALK DOWNTOWN sq.ft., $2250/month, NE Bend 1 bdrm. apt. fully furnear Bend High. Just bought a new boat? nished in fine 50s style. 541-389-8794. 3 bedroom 2 bath home Sell your old one in the 1546 NW 1st St., near St. Charles, $1150 classiieds! Ask about our $790 + $690 dep. + dep. Pet free/smoke Super Seller rates! Nice pets welcomed. Real Estate free. Central air, ceiling 541-385-5809 541-382-0117 fans, bonus room, new For Sale Small studio downtown carpet, fresh interior 616 area, all util. pd. $550, paint, fully fenced parkWant To Rent like backyard. 2357 NE $525 dep. No pets/ Moonlight Drive. Call smoking. 541-330Want to rent furnished 9769 or 541-480-7870 541-678-5628 home/apt/studio or roommate situation, will pay premium, down 726 town NW Bend. Timeshares for Sale 800-248-8840 Great location - Deschutes River views! 630 AVAILABLE BEND AREA RENTALS Nicely appointed, Rooms for Rent turn-key fully-fur• Cute 2 Bdrm/1 Bath Apt. Above Garage nished, 2 bdrm, 2 NIce neighborhood. Garage not included. See Studios & Kitchenettes bath, 1/10th Timemountains from covered stairway and front Furnished room, TV w/ share/fractional. Enporch. Has A/C unit. $550. cable, micro & fridge. joy the serenity of the Utils & linens. New • 2 Bdrm/1 Bath Apt. - very close to downflowing river below, town. Lower end unit. Quite spacious. No owners.$145-$165/wk blue sky above & all 541-382-1885 Pets. $625 WST. the beauty Central • Spacious 2 Bdrm/1 Bath SE Duplex - Sgl. Oregon and Eagle garage. Large fenced back deck. New appli634 Crest Resort have to ances, carpet, paint. W/D hook-ups. No pets. offer. $10,500 Apt./Multiplex NE Bend $650 WST. MLS#201203509, •2 Bdrm, 1 Bath SE Duplex Sgl. garage. John L. Scott Real CHECK OUT THIS Maintained yard. Fireplace insert. WD HookEstate 541-548-1712 HOT DEAL! ups. New carpet & paint. No Pets. $650 WST $299 1st month’s rent! * Live where Bend meets • 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Duplex near Hospital 2 bdrm, 1 bath Bachelor. Enjoy cozy, cute with gas fireplace, W/D hookups. $530 & 540 8-weeks every year of Small pets? 725 sq. ft. $715 WS Carports & A/C incl! deeded fractional • Nice 2 Bdrm/2.5 Bath Townhome - private Fox Hollow Apts. ownership for as little deck off back. End unit. Gas fireplace. Single (541) 383-3152 as $12,900, or make garage. W/D hookups in laundry room area. Cascade Rental Mgmt. Co Central Oregon your Gas cooking. Must see. $725 WS *Upstairs only with lease* first or second home • 3 Bdrm/2 Bath SW Home - New fireplace inwith 100% ownership sert and hardwood floors. Open large kitchen. Call for Specials! starting at $70,000. New rear Trex deck. Hug corner lot. Cats only Limited numbers avail. Find out more at Sevconsidered. 1216 sq. ft. Dbl. garage. $1200. 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. enthMountainReal• 3 Bdrm/2 Bath NW Home - Shevlin Park W/D hookups, patios or call fenced back yard. Dbl. garage. Tile counters. or decks. Robin Yeakel, Broker, Hardwood floors. Dbl. sinks in master. W/D inMOUNTAIN GLEN, CRS 888-858-2643, cluded. Dogs only considered. GFA. $1495. 541-383-9313 Chris Goffrier, Broker *** FOR ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES *** Professionally 866-311-5153 CasCALL 541-382-0053 &/or Stop By the Office managed by Norris & cade Sotheby’s Int. at 587 NE Greenwood, Bend Stevens, Inc. Realty.


BOONESBOROUGH HOME SATURDAY 9AM–1PM Nice home on 2.84 acres, updated with new appliances, granite countertops and bamboo floors. 21886 Dee Drive 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1953 sq. ft. Directions: Deschutes Mkt. Private setting with Rd. to Dale Rd. to McGrath Trex deck and paver Rd. to Dee Dr. patio.


Drake Park & River River Canyon Estates Views | $749,000 $205,000 Commercial Lots In 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Open floor plan with Crooked River Ranch. 2119 sq. ft. English great room, 9 foot Great opportunity to cottage, Deschutes ceilings, wood floors, start a business or River & Drake Park kitchen with eating bar relocate an existing views, heart of down& pantry, and large business. Near restown Bend's historic master suite with taurants, hotel and district. Meticulously soaking tub. Gorgolf course. Owner updated home, pergeous fully fenced terms avail. Business fect combination of backyard with large Circle, Lot 82 - 1.05 elegance & comfort. deck for outside enacres $25,000; MLS#201205806 tertaining. Commercial Loop, Lot Greg Miller, P.C., MLS#201205616 49 - 1.26 acres. Lot Broker, CRS, GRI Margo Degray, Broker, 50 - 1.30 acres. Lot ABR, CRS 541-408-1511 51 - 1.23 acres. 541-480-7355 $35,000 each or purchase all 3 for $90,000. Juniper Realty, 541-504-5393 Income & Investment $239,000. Powell Butte Hwy 126 Frontage. .69 acre lot, 4176 sq.ft. building. Great community and locaLA PINE | $144,900 Very clean and well tion for Ag oriented Find exactly what maintained home on a you are looking for in the business. #52190 large 1 acre lot. Scott McLean, CLASSIFIEDS Vaulted ceilings, skyPrinc. Broker, lights, large master 541-408-6909 SANDY | $149,000 bedroom. 10'x20' Realty Executives storage building and a Nestled in the trees, International Central close to park with path 10'x14' shop. 2 covOregon. to access Tickle ered storage sheds. Prime Hwy 97 ComCreek. 2 story home Large cedar deck. mercial! $129,900 with maple cabinets & MLS#201205910 Updated in 2006, 850 tile counters in the Darryl Doser, sq. ft., plenty of parkkitchen, surround Broker, CRS ing in rear, central air. sound in the living 541-383-4334 MLS201003034 Pam room, & ceiling fans Lester, Principal Brothroughout. ker, Century 21 Gold MLS#201205778 Country Realty, Inc. TenBroek-Hilber 541-504-1338 Group, LLC 541-550-4944 Prime Hwy 97 commercial updated in 2006, 850 sq.ft., polenty of parking in rear, centreal air. $129,900. MLS #201003034 LA PINE | $299,000 Pam Lester, Principal Spectacular custom Broker, Century 21 home with all upGold Country Realty, grades! Great for fun, Inc. 541-504-1338 family, entertaining 738 and horses. 4 bedCheck out the room, 3 bath, bonus Multiplexes for Sale classiieds online room. MLS#201205284 Newer duplex in quiet Updated daily TenBroek-Hilber neighborhood, Group, LLC $240,000. Ad #2362 SE BEND | $199,800 541-550-4944 New construction in TEAM Birtola Garmyn quiet area of town. Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 1-level, 3 bedroom, 2 www.BendOregon bath with tile counters in kitchen & extensive distressed hardwood Large duplex in Bend’s flooring. RV parking & desirable westside. landscaped front yard $379,900. with sprinkler system. Ad #8932 MLS#201205853 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Greg Floyd, P.C., Prudential High Desert Broker Realty 541-312-9449 LA PINE | $39,900 541-390-5349 www.BendOregon 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1152 sq. ft. home located on 1.11 acre. 740 Outbuildings, shop Condo/Townhomes area, wood flooring. for Sale Needs TLC. Bank owned. Gorgeous townhome | MLS#201205866 $174,500. ImmacuMark Valceschini, P.C., late and Beautifully Broker, CRS, GRI updated. Incredible 541-383-4364 Three Rivers South landscaped backyard. $49,900 MLS#201206152. Beautifully secluded Gail Day 541-306-1018 land in Three Rivers Central Oregon Realty South. Great to build Group, LLC your future home Great floor plan, three upon or for recrebedroom townhome. ational use. Over 1 New construction with acre of partially landscaped front yard cleared flat ground and fenced back yard with RV cover, well, MLS#201201572 septic and power. NW BEND | $179,000 $85,000 MLS#201205913 Cute Westside cottage Nicolette Jones, Broker D&D Realty Group LLC in the perfect location, 866-346-7868 541-241-0432 one block to Newport Check out the Market, restaurants & classiieds online more! Well treed vate lot offers privacy and shade. Would Updated daily make a great getNewer home with 4 away or build your large bedrooms, 2 custom home! baths, split floor plan, MLS#201205918 large workable Jen Bowen, Broker kitchen, and plenty of The Kelleher Group 732 room for a large fam541-280-2147 ily. Nice size yard, Commercial/Investment too. $76,000 MLS # Properties for Sale 201202015 D&D Realty Group LLC Investment property in 866-346-7868 high traffic location, Call The Bulletin At $300,000 Ad #2342 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-385-5809 Prudential High Desert Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Realty 541-312-9449 At: www.BendOregon NEW TOWNHOME NW BEND | $279,900 Very clean, new conNew construction to be 13735 Commercial struction townhome. completed August 31. Loop, CRR. CommerWell built, double car One level home with cial building with 900 garage with landgranite, box ceilings, sq. ft. of office space scaped front yard and hickory cabinets, ofand break room. 2400 fenced backyard. fice, gas heat & firesq. ft. of open wareDon’t miss this one! place. Good location house /manufacturing MLS#201201561 for all services with area with concrete $75,000. D&D Realty the feel of living out of floor and two roll up Group LLC town. doors. Owner terms or 866-346-7868 MLS#201205755 lease option is availMark Valceschini, P.C., able. $179,000 MLS# 744 Broker, CRS, GRI 201109200 Open Houses 541-383-4364 Juniper Realty, 541-504-5393


TURN THE PAGE For More Ads The Bulletin 952 $199,900 One-level living and total privacy off the back patio of this immaculate and tastefully furnished townhome. Wall to wall windows, granite tile counters, slate entry, lots of storage, and no stairs!! Walking distance to pools, sports center, tennis, hiking and more! 2 bed, 2 baths, 1419 sq.ft. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370

Amanda McNerney, Broker Cell: 541-771-5606 Office: 541-316-1766 Licensed in the State of Oregon

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Biz Opp. North Central Riverfront Home Sat. & Sun., 1-4 pm Oregon on John Day River, 2800 sq. ft. 60773 River Bend Drive commercial bldg. on Updated 2850 sq. ft. 2 state hwy Spray. Has master suites, 800 sq ft been bar & restaurant, garage/shop. $488,500 Rick Waible, Broker could be anything. 541-749-0042 $125,000 541-468Alleda Real Estate 3201 or 541-468-2071


1655 SW Highland Ave, Suite #4


Cascade Mountain views and quiet setting. Barn, R-pen & corral for horses. Ride to BLM from property! Plenty of room for RV & toys. Traditional sale, reduced to current price.

Spacious 2517 sq. ft. home features a master bedroom with fireplace, 2nd bedroom same size as master, plus 2 additional bedrooms, totalling 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths! Kitchen countertops w/granite tiles, marble tiles in master bath, fireplace in spacious living room, 4 ceiling fans, pantry, rain gutters, custom wood blinds, hardwood floors, central AC and heat pump. All this close to shopping and medical facilities.

Downtown urban living, great location, easy walk to restaurants & shops. Home has too many upgrades to list.


Scenic Ridge at Eagle Crest Resort From these homesites you can see forever. Well, almost. Build your ideal dream home on one of these eight, one-acre plus estate homesites with full views of the Cascades. Tucked away in a gated community close to the Lakeside Sports Center and Spray Park. This neighborhood is the only one in the entire resort that allows construction of a separate guest cabin on the property (up to 1,200 square feet). HOMESITES STARTING AT $191,500 Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370

Beautiful 3,591 sq. ft. custom home offering a main level master suite, and an open concept design, great for entertaining! Features include, wood flooring, granite counters, tiled showers, and surround sound throughout. Large windows throughout the home, allow you to enjoy the Cascade Mountain view! Call now and schedule your private tour.


Directions: Deschutes Mkt. Rd. to Dale Rd., right on McGrath, left on Sylvan Loop to Melinda Ct.

Classic NW Style home in SE Bend. $335,000. Ad #3232 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 831 - $204,000 Beautifully situated on the 5th tee box/fairway of the Ridge Golf Course. This 3 bed, 2 bath, 1328 SF, Sun Forest built chalet is ready for you! Ownership also enjoys all of the amenities that Eagle Crest has to offer. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370

Amazing Home Truly Unique


64745 NE Melinda Ct

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843 NE Locksley Drive, Bend Directions: From Greenwood Ave heading East, turn left onto NE 27th St. Turn right onto NE Forum Drive. Left onto Northeast Pakenham St. Right on NE Locksley Dr.


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919 NW Cedar Ave, Redmond Directions: Cedar Ave. Cross

JACK CORNELL Street 9th. Broker

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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Outstanding mountain 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, 2124 sq. ft. Built in 1936 sq. ft. Built in views and large farm 1995. Very private 1994. Comfortable parcels surround this setting, with Cascade floor plan with master 41.75ý acres located views, and Prineville bedroom separation in the heart of Powell lights at night. ComButte with many im- from guest bedrooms, large master with provements in place. fortable home, with an walk-in closet, living Also, find the winding open floor plan. Counand family room, bo- try living and only driveway lined with a minutes from either variety of trees and nus room/office/den, Prineville, Madras, or shrubs. Smooth wire large front porch is Redmond. Peace and corrals/pasture areas perfect for those quiet? This is the with steel posts and summer evenings. MLS an oversized hay Nice level parcel per- place!! #201202008 storage, a large ma- fect for horses, and minutes of $289,500 chine shop. Addition- within riding trails... you can Team Clark ally, the main shop ride from the property! Century 21, has a set-up that can Gold Country be used while build- Crooked River Ranch offers golf, tennis, and Realty ing your dream home! 541-548-2131 Don’t miss this spe- community swimming pool... and so much cial property! MLS more. Great views of 120 Private acres of #201102008 Central Oregon the Cascades, and in $470,000 $499,900. an area of large par- Beauty. Team Clark cels, so you can en- Ad#2692 Century 21, Gold Country Realty joy your privacy. MLS TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert 541-548-2131 #201205395 Realty 541-312-9449 $284,500 www.BendOregon 808 - $330,000 StunTeam Clark ning Smith Rock Century 21, views from this Gold Country Realty Rustic home on 2+ one-level 2226 sq.ft. 541-548-2131 acres close to town. custom home. Home $235,000. Ad #2592 features Brazilian Furnished Eagle Crest TEAM Birtola Garmyn cherry floors, granite Resort townhome Prudential High Desert counter tops, pantry, $175,000 Ad#8502 Realty 541-312-9449 Jacuzzi tub, plus TEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon three-car garage! Prudential High Desert Walking distance to Realty 541-312-9449 golf, sports center, 1.5 acres adjoining forwww.BendOregon pool and more! 3 Bedest land, $189,900. rooms, 2 baths. Ad #2802 880 - $217,000 Beauti- TEAM Birtola Garmyn Eagle Crest ful chalet in Eagle Prudential High Desert Properties™ Crest Resort. Enjoy 3 866-722-3370 Realty 541-312-9449 golf courses, tennis, www.BendOregon 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths. racquetball and Built in 2007. Slate swimming. Eagle 857 - $289,500 Beautientry, gas fireplace, Crest has over 15 ful 2 bed, 2 bath tile kitchen counter miles of paved trails, home, den/office and tops with knotty pine foot paths along the custom built-ins, locabinets, 9 ft. ceilings, Deschutes River, and cated in The Falls, a oversized laundry is bordered on two room, tons of storage, sides by public (gov- 55 and older Active Adult Community, extra deep garage, ernment) lands with and just minutes to some motorized ac- situated on 15th fairway of Challenge Golf shopping, schools, cess. Deck w/hot tub. Course w/stunning parks, and the hospi2 bedrooms, 2 baths, south-easterly views. tal. Newly land1361 sq.ft. Upgraded lighting, scaped and located Eagle Crest slab granite kitchen on a large corner lot. Properties™ counter tops, window MLS #201206270 866-722-3370 treatments, electric $169,000 awning over back 8810 FORESTER DR., Team Clark deck, accent paint TERREBONNE Century 21, and more! 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, Gold Country Realty Eagle Crest 1400 sq. ft., quiet 541-548-2131 Properties™ neighborhood large THE FALLS at 866-722-3370 lot, oversized 2+ gaEagle Crest Resort rage/shop. $76,000. Central Oregon’s MLS#2011087 Call 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1876 sq. ft. Built in Premier 55 and Older Don Chapin, Broker 1994. This home is Resort Community. 541-350-6777 located on a quiet, Live the Central Or- Redmond Re/Max Land level cul-de-sac in the egon lifestyle you’ve & Homes Real Estate heights of SW Redalways dreamed of at mond, Oregon. It feaTHE FALLS at Eagle 954 - $750,000 Private tures a triple car gaCrest. Residents of cul-de-sac, w/paver rage, gas FA heat and THE FALLS enjoy ex- walkways, front & rear central AC, 2 ceiling clusive use of their deck. Vaulted great fans, vaulted front own clubhouse, ac- room w/rock and cess to three golf knotty alder enter- room with open living and dining areas, courses, and all the tainment center, separate family room rest of Eagle Crest’s gourmet kitchen, amenities. Homesites walk-in pantry, mas- and breakfast nook, and large master suite start at just $59,900. ter suite w/walk-in with walk-in closet Eagle Crest shower, soaking tub, Properties™ huge closet w/shelv- and bathroom with tiled shower and 866-722-3370 ing. Landscaped backyard, water fea- double sink vanity. HARD TO FIND PRICE Fully fenced back and ture, & greenhouse. 3 RANGE! side yard, large patio bed, 2.5 baths 3275 1296 sq. ft. home on 2 and deck, RV parking, Sq.ft. acres just north of underground sprinEagle Crest Redmond overlookkler system, garden Properties™ ing the valley below shed, mature land866-722-3370 and Smith Rock. scaping, and raised $99,000. MLS Single level in gated bed garden. MLS #201205979 community close to #201205519 Call KELLY town. $179,900. Team Clark STARBUCK, Broker Ad#3142 Century 21, 541-771-7786 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Gold Country Realty Redmond Re/Max Land Prudential High Desert 541-548-2131 & Homes Real Estate Realty 541-312-9449 Includes 3.59 acres. www.BendOregon 1.56 Acres future deThe most well known velopment property at greenhouse and gara discount price, or 877 - $220,000 Very den supply in Rednice parcel to build on private setting, Creek- mond, Oregon. Great conveniently located side Village town- Highway 97 frontage, on the west side of with lots of possibilihome sits beside Redmond. MLS pond & creek in im- ties and room to ex##201206251 pand the business. maculate condition, $45,000 Prime opportunity to and shows true Team Clark add a landscape pride-of-ownership. Century 21, business, and landPremium upgrade Gold Country scape maintenance, package, 3 bedrooms, Realty to an already well es2.5 baths, 1871 SF 541-548-2131 tablished garden suppaver deck with ply center. MLS wrought iron railing. #201202149 Eagle Crest Get your $375,000 Properties™ business Team Clark 866-722-3370 Century 21, Gold Country USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! GROW Realty 541-548-2131 Door-to-door selling with with an ad in fast results! It’s the easiest Call The Bulletin At The Bulletin’s 541-385-5809 way in the world to sell. “Call A Service Place Your Ad Or E-Mail The Bulletin Classiied Professional” At:


Directory BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN PRINEVILLE Over 2000 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, quiet neighborhood. Traditional sale. MLS#201202762 TRAVIS HANNAN, Principal Broker, 541-788-3480 Redmond RE/MAX Land & Homes Real Estate

Call a Pro Whether you need a fence ixed, hedges trimmed or a house built, you’ll ind professional help in The Bulletin’s “Call a Service Professional” Directory

541-385-5809 Spacious 4 bdrm home, master w/ fireplace. $224,900. Ad#3292 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 718 - $499,000 Full view of the 7th green of the Ridge Course, plus views of the 7th and 8th fairways. Great home for entertaining. 2680 SF, master suite and 2 guest bedrooms & bathrooms are on the main floor with a huge loft overlooking the great room, and an expansive trex deck, ideal for entertaining. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370


Unique Bend home w/ Cascade Mtn. views. River Meadows resort $590,000. Ad#8552 chalet home, TEAM Birtola Garmyn $179,995 Ad #8142 Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert www.BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Northwest lodge style home w/views! Private setting on 5 $1,595,000 Ad#2152 acres, backs up to TEAM Birtola Garmyn public land! $349,000 Prudential High Desert Ad#8782 Realty 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 2500 sq.ft. Commercial Bldg just off Bus 97. If space is what you are $175,000. Ad #3052 looking for, then look TEAM Birtola Garmyn at this 60ý acre par- Prudential High Desert cel located in the Realty 541-312-9449 heart of Powell Butte! www.BendOregon Enjoy the views of the Cascade Mountain Range and the pri- 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3170 sq. ft. Beautiful vacy amongst the custom home on a natural and well treed surroundings. In- very private and gated 23+ acres, and ready cludes Avion water to build another home, and the septic system as this 23 acres is is less than 10 years made up of 2 tax lots old. A very large shop with separate access with finished and ready to develop! office/bonus space Home boasts many and a clean/basic amenities: custom manufactured home offers many ameni- staircase, open loft, river rock fireplace, ties and options while open beamed and you build your dream vaulted ceilings, home. MLS gourmet kitchen, the#201108973 atre room, deluxe $540,000 master, and the list Team Clark goes on. Outside you Century 21, will find a large shop, Gold Country Realty 36x36 horse barn, 541-548-2131 double detached gaRemodeled 4 bedroom rage with guest quarhome, owner financ- ters and 2 full RV hookups. MLS ing, $159,000 Ad #201200235 #2382 $609,000 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Team Clark Prudential High Desert Century 21, Realty 541-312-9449 Gold Country Realty www.BendOregon 541-548-2131

Ideally located resort condo in Sunriver. $185,000. Ad#3222 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 816 - $315,000 Fabulous one-level home located in The Falls at Eagle Crest. Features great room with views, garage is extra long, fireplace and expansive deck overlooking Smith Rock. Move-in ready and like brand new!!! Enjoy the Falls Clubhouse and all other Eagle Crest amenities. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1738 Sq.ft. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370 1650 sq. ft. condo in SE Bend, $79,900 Ad#2502 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Energy efficient home, 20 acres w/irrigation. $599,000 Ad#2242 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Great location, 2600+ sq.ft. & RM zoned. $149,900. Ad#2572 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon LOTS FOR SALE • .6 Acre, septic approved $32,500 AD#2092 • 20 acres, fenced & xfenced, owc $99,000 AD#2822 • 1+ Acre, Mtn & Pilot Butte views $135,000 AD#8282 • .27 Acre, SR Resort corner lot $149,900 AD#2232 • 40+ Acre, Cascade Mtn. views $385,000 AD#3452 • 395.77 Acres, Cascade Mtn. views $399,000 AD#2644 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Perfect Turnkey operation, over 1.63 acres, $495,000 Ad #2742 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 1911 farmhouse close to downtown. $89,900. Ad#3272 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Remodeled custom home plus framed shop, $139,000. Ad#3432 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2151 sq. ft. Enjoy this private setting with sweeping views of the 18th hole of the Driver’s Dream Course on the Ridge Course. The well kept home has all of the features that you are looking for! Open and spacious living, with many recent upgrades, like the slate entry and newer granite tile countertops, and the expanded master bathroom. Coffered ceilings, many built-in cabinets, extensive landscaping, and a great floor plan make this the perfect choice! MLS #201205033 $389,500 Team Clark Century 21, Gold Country Realty 541-548-2131

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$190,000 Builders own custom 960 On-top-of-the hill. One home w/garage + of our best view locashop. $399,000. Ad# 3332 tions, quality Creekside Townhome that TEAM Birtola Garmyn includes use of all Prudential High Desert Eagle Crest Ridge Realty 541-312-9449 amenities. A great www.BendOregon buy, location and priced to move. 2 bed928 - $169,000 Town- room, 2 bath, 1419 home on private, quiet sq.ft. cul-de-sac w/golf Eagle Crest course frontage, reProperties™ sort side of Eagle 866-722-3370 Crest. Newer flooring, custom kitchen cabi- 4.75 Acres. This is a nets, and kitchen ap- wonderful parcel for pliances. Master fea- your custom home, in tures jetted tub & desirable Powell private balcony. Liv- Butte. Fantastic views ing room looks out of everything from the over the 10th fairway Cascade Range, to w/wood burning fire- Gray Butte and beplace and lovely wood yond. Ready to build... accents. water, septic feasibilEagle Crest ity, power all in place. Properties™ Adjacent properties 866-722-3370 have nice homes and landscape. Joshua Unique Luxury Court is dead-end Broken Top cul-de-sac, so there is Craftsman home very little traffic. Short $955,000. Ad #3472 drive to Prineville, TEAM Birtola Garmyn Redmond and Bend. Prudential High Desert MLS #2804050 Realty 541-312-9449 $169,000 www.BendOregon Team Clark Century 21, Gold Country 945 - $285,000 BeautiRealty fully maintained home 541-548-2131 in The Falls, the 55+ community at Eagle Hard to find resort Crest. 2039 SF, 2 home backing forest bed, 2 bath, office/TV land!, $487,000 room, 8x20 “project Ad#2102 room”. Gas fireplace TEAM Birtola Garmyn in living room w/ slider Prudential High Desert to private deck. SpaRealty 541-312-9449 cious kitchen w/breakwww.BendOregon fast bar. Master w/walk-in closet, shower & sitting area Large 1/2 acre lot near overlooking backyard. Big Deschutes. Eagle Crest $249,900. Ad #2932 Properties™ TEAM Birtola Garmyn 866-722-3370 Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Large 4000+ sq.ft. home with wine cellar, $494,987. Ad#3122 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Need to get an Prudential High Desert ad in ASAP? Realty 541-312-9449 You can place it www.BendOregon online at: 31.21 Acres. Scenic riverfront property on 541-385-5809 the Deschutes, possibility of partition into 3 parcels, very private, 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, and the road is paved 1876 sq. ft. Live almost to the property. among the pines in Excellent opportunity, Sunriver! This stratewith lots of possibili- gic and well placed ties! MLS home is extremely #201109809 private and yet the $350,000 many picture winTeam Clark dows bring the beauty Century 21, of the surrounding Gold Country pines indoors. Very Realty well kept and ideally 541-548-2131 located near shopping, dining, and 2200+ sq. ft. Craftsman endless outdoor rechome in Bend, reation. Newly added $205,000 Ad#8242 block-style paver paTEAM Birtola Garmyn tio, new exterior paint, Prudential High Desert and the composite Realty 541-312-9449 roof (2003) have been www.BendOregon completed in keeping the home in pristine condition. Most furWonderful 2002 built nishings included! home on 1/2 acre, MLS #201008596 $214,000 Ad #2312 $399,900 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Team Clark Prudential High Desert Century 21, Realty 541-312-9449 Gold Country Realty www.BendOregon 541-548-2131 On the 5th green of 962 - $195,000 Come River’s Edge golf relax and enjoy as Course! $269,500. you sip your favorite Ad #8760 beverage on the paver back patio! This TEAM Birtola Garmyn 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 townhome has upwww.BendOregon grades which include: slate entry, slate surround around the fireEquestrian facility, place, tile floor in the home w/ Cascade master bath and granviews $824,900. ite tile kitchen counter Ad#2772 tops. It’s like waking up everyday on vaca- TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert tion! Realty 541-312-9449 Eagle Crest www.BendOregon Properties™ 866-722-3370 943 - $350,000 One of Gary Austin’s best homes, single level open floor plan and tastefully decorated. Hot tub on patio and located on the #13 fairway. Many upgrades and immaculate throughout, landscaped and in a Updated 4 bdrm upscale neighborcharmer in Bend’s hood. Located behind West Hills, $475,000 the gate on the ReAd #3462 sort side. 3 bedroom, TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2 bath, 1925 sq.ft. Prudential High Desert Eagle Crest Realty 541-312-9449 Properties™ www.BendOregon 866-722-3370 Gorgeous Bend acreage, 4 Bdrm home + shop, $235,000 Ad #2072 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon













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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Bedroom, 2 bath, 2330 sq. ft. Multiple outbuildings and 6.64 acres with 5.6 irrigated acres and set-up for grass or animals. Home has been extensively remodeled and updated and includes a bonus room, tiled bath, newer flooring, newer appliances... a great answer for those looking for space! Also included: 1973 manufactured home, currently rented with great tenants! Owner terms, for short term with large down. MLS #201202706 $279,000 Team Clark Century 21, Gold Country Realty 541-548-2131

Customs home on 1/2 acre, huge back deck. $254,900. Ad #2942 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Custom home on almost an acre in Bend. $199,900. Ad #3032 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Exquisite home on acreage with a view, $699,900. Ad #3192 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Peaceful home in the pines on over 1 acre. $150,000. Ad#8052 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Small acreage, 4 mtn. views, irrigation, horse stalls, $335,000 Ad #2562 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Enchanted river setting on 2+ acres. $520,700. Ad# 2022 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Where can you ind a helping hand? From contractors to yard care, it’s all here in The Bulletin’s “Call A Service Professional” Directory 941 - $550,000 One of Sage Builders award winning homes. Located facing east and on the #17 fairway of the Challenge Course. Located behind the private security gate as you enter the Ridge. Many upgrades including hardwood flooring. Mint condition and a truly magnificent setting. 3 bedrooms 3.5 baths, 3376 Sq.ft. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370 820 - $599,900 Gorgeous custom home offers amazing views! Loaded with upgrades, 2 masters + 2 addl. bdrms, sound system throughout, beautiful private deck w/hot tub that backs to BLM, slab granite kitchen counters, quiet cul-de-sac. Designer touches throughout! 4 bed, 3.5 baths, 3569 sq.ft. Owner will carry. Eagle Crest Properties™ 866-722-3370 36+ acres, Bend, Cascade Nursery, $749,000. Ad #8452 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon 4 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1963 sq. ft. home located in the heart of Prineville. This lovely traditional style home has a low maintenance yard, solid wood cabinetry throughout, as well as a tile entry, and laminate wood floors. Master on the main floor and a bonus room over the garage. Wiring for AC unit is already there, short distance to movies, restaurants, and shopping. MLS #201108663 $159,950. Team Clark Century 21, Gold Country Realty 541-548-2131

Upland Dr., $10,000 BUILDABLE 17135 Bend. Executive get LOTS IN LA PINE away or full time livReady to build lots in ing fit this exquisite Huntington Meadows! location on the Big All utilities and roads Deschutes River. are in. Perfect locaEasy drive from Suntion in south La Pine. river. this fantastic 74 lots available. home offers much Great opportunity. more. .68 Acre river MLS#201103050. front lot, 5 bdrm, 3.5 baths, separate office 740. Jayci Larson, and bonus, attached 3 Broker 541-325-3955 car garage, detached John L. Scott Real 2 car garage, storage Estate, Bend building, private boat dock, fire pit, RV Good classiied ads tell Parking. Call for your the essential facts in an private tour today. interesting Manner. Write $635,000. Call 888-583-1888 - propfrom the readers view - not erty code #52189 or the seller’s. Convert the text 52189 to 35620. facts into beneits. Show Scott McLean, the reader how the item will Princ. Broker, help them in some way. 541-408-6909 Realty Executives International Central Oregon. $184,500 Traditional Sale… 101 ILLINOIS RIVER Gated Mtn. View Park, gorgeous open floor RD., SELMA plan, vaulted ceilings, The gateway to Illinois 3 bdrm/2 bath. SpaRiver Canyon. Last cious kitchen with privately owned parhuge counter space & cel of the Historic cabinets. Large masDeer Creek Ranch. ter w/garden tub. Gold mine, Ranch Amenities include house, 169 acres, pool and tennis spectacular land courts. Susan Pitarro, w/gravity fed pure Broker 541-410-8084 water source off or 541-389-7910 Squaw Creek. SuitHunter Properties able for grapes! Full of history. John Wayne’s $189,900 horse, Handsome Country Living Close to Boy, is buried here. Town…Great location Property offers exand close to Tumalo treme privacy, Park!!! Over ½ an trees/meadows. acre with property Fenced/cross fenced, backing up to the borders BLM. common area, en$1,500,000. MLS hancing the open feel #201203318 of the property. CaKaren Malanga, Broker sual living and a must The Hasson Company see! 541-390-3326 Carolyn King, Broker 541-550-0712 or 10 ACRES/CUSTOM 541-389-7910 HOME/SHOP IN Hunter Properties POWELL BUTTE! 20330 ROCK Unique floor plan CANYON RD. w/indoor spa room, On this year’s Tour of wide hallways, single Homes™! Imagine level. $375,000. living the Central OrMLS#201108648 egon lifestyle in the Call VIRGINIA, Prinserenity of Deschutes cipal Broker River Ranch sur541-350-3418 rounded w/comfort Redmond RE/MAX combined w/sweepLand & Homes ing river & full CasReal Estate cade mtn views. Just 15 minutes from Bend $114,900 with over 2 miles of New On The Market… Deschutes River acTerrific home in estabcess, recreation trails. lished mid-town Nestled on bluff, this neighborhood. Spacustom home is stuncious corner lot with ning example of NW mature trees offer priinfluence combined vacy in the backyard w/elements reminis& plenty of room to cent of Frank Lloyd garden. This would be Wright & Greene & an excellent starter Greene. A work of art home or perfect increated by a team of vestment. Carolyn skilled craftsman. King, Broker $2,300,000. 541-550-0712 or MLS #3201109484 541-389-7910 Karen Malanga, Broker Hunter Properties The Hasson Company 541-390-3326 1188 NE 27TH ST. #80 Open House Sat. 2044 NE FULL MOON Aug. 11 $73,000 Snowberry Village #80. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, Enjoy the carefree lif1104 sq. ft. condo in estyle in Snowberry great NE location. Village. Bend’s preOpen great room, miere 55+ community. laminate flooring, Located near shopspacious kitchen, ping and medical fafenced yard area. cilities. Well-kept SilCash only due to fivercrest offers 2 nance guidelines for bedroom, 2 bath plus condos. den/office. New roof 2011. All appliances 4064 Kathy Caba, included. Move-in Principal Broker ready. 541-771-1761 John L. Scott Real 6763 Maralin BaidEstate, Bend enmann, Broker 541-385-1096 2044 NE FULL MOON John L. Scott Real $74,900 Estate, Bend Spacious Condo in NE Bend with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, $129,900 1104 sq. ft. ~ close to With A Little Love… medical offices & Mid town cutie needs a shopping, laminate bit of TLC but has flooring, sunny & loads of potential. bright with fruit trees Fenced in yard with and fenced yard. lots of room to den with plenty of /34064 sunshine. Structure is sound (just needs a Kathy Caba, Principal Broker 541-771-1761 little lipstick). Debbie John L. Scott Real Tallman, Broker Estate, Bend 541-390-0934 or 541-389-7910 $2,199,000 Hunter Properties One-of-a-Kind Home on 2 Lots w/Cascade $132,500 Mtn. & golf course Traditional Sale! views. Master suite Home has been rew/fireplace & multiple cently upgraded with decks. Elevator, prifresh paint, all new vate oval office & appliances, Pergo and 4-car garage, tile flooring. Garage Aaron Boehm, and shop brought up Broker to code. Raised gar541-647-8851 or den beds, producing 541-389-7910 fruit trees, all surHunter Properties rounded by high fence. Susan Pitarro, $2,399,000 Broker 541-410-8084 Beautiful Golf Front or 541-389-7910 Property Hunter Properties Hand tumbled Montana rock exterior. Chef’s $149,500 kitchen with dual Country Living Close to dishwashers, high end Town Open floor plan appliances, natural with formal living room stone & granite. In& spacious family cludes wine cellar, room lends itself to pottery room with kiln casual living. On a & large. bonus room quiet cul-de-sac with with full bar & library. oversized, fully fenced 6-car garage, in.59 acre lot, great for cludes RV bay, shop entertaining & lots of & car lift. Aaron room for gardening. Boehm, Broker Debbie Tallman, Broker 541-647-8851 Ryan 541-390-0934 or Whitcomb, Broker 541-389-7910 541-639-1151 Hunter Properties Hunter Properties


60845 LARSEN ROAD $325,000 2456 NW Sacagawea $474,900 Historic Old Mill District Set In The Ponderosa Custom 4338 sq. ft. Lane home on 18 acres, 10 Snazzy Northwest This duplex has a knoll Pines Soaring ceilirrigated. Private and top setting, providing Crossing Constructed ings, fireplace, large peaceful setting. 5 privacy & natural light. by past Tour of family room with high bed/3.5 bath. Master Just a few short Homes™ Builder windows. This home on the main. 60x48 blocks to downtown Winner Ridgeline sits at the end of a AG building, 60x36 restaurants, shopping Custom Homes. cul-de-sac with over 5 barn. Fenced & & Drake Park. Each 2,400ý sq. ft., single acres. The deck is cross-fenced. Quality unit has 2 bedrooms, level w/3 bedrooms & 1000 sq. ft. which updates inside and 2 baths, private balbonus room. Chef’s adds space to outout. Call for your percony & large deck. kitchen w/walnut door living. 3-car gasonal tour. Perfect for owner occabinets, double ovrage, plus a detached MLS#201204063 cupied or vacation ens, 6-burner Kitchen RV/boat/barn, sepaCandice Anderson, rental. Aid cooktop & walk-in rate shop, 1/2 bath! Broker 541-788-8878 Mike Everidge, pantry. Master suite Mike Wilson, Broker. John L. Scott Real Broker w/double vanity, 541-977-5345 or Estate, Bend 541-390-0098 or soaking tub, 541-389-7910 541-389-7910 double-head walk-in Hunter Properties Hunter Properties shower & radiant 63245 SILVIS ROAD $499,000 heat. Extra features Gated small “farm” with $379,500 Breathtaking Views! include surround 4000 sq. ft. home on Sunrisound, tankless water The Parks at Broken Fully-furnished 6.95 underground irriTop This home sits on ver retreat. 4 bdrm, heater, central gated acres, 3600 sq. a level lot facing open vaulted ceilings, masvacuum. Unique to ft. shop, barn with space & adjacent to sive stone fireplace. NWX is a 3-car gastalls and greentrail system. Living This makes the perrage with shop & adhouse. Home inarea has vaulted ceilfect vacation getaway, ditional storage. Stuncludes walk-thru panings, gas fireplace, rental investment or ning paver patio try, wet bar, vaulted wet bar & wine refrigyour permanent paraperfect for entertainceiling, Cascade erator. Granite dise. High quality fining. $534,900 Mountain views and 3 counters, SS appliishes & new carpet. Cindy King, Principal fireplaces. Sharon ances & beautiful Call today for more Broker, ABR, CRS. Abrams, Broker walnut floors. This is a details… GRI 541-728-0033 541-280-9309 must see! Matt Robinson, Broker RE/MAX Key Properties John L. Scott Real Mike Everidge, Broker 541-977-5811 or Estate, Bend $249,000 541-390-0098 or 541-389-7910 River Canyon Estates 541-389-7910 Hunter Properties 642 GOSHAWK DR, This charming 4 bed, Hunter Properties EAGLE CREST 2.5 bath home has spacious $389,900 been freshly painted, Garage Sales Beautiful home, large kitchen, NorthWest new refrigerator, new Desirable views, 2 master suites Crossing This crafts- Garage Sales W/D, granite counand on the golf man home is a 2003 tertops, rich cabinetry Garage Sales course. Reduced to Tour of Homes™ & hardwood floors. $424,900 and owner award winner & has Large fenced backFind them will carry. A must see! been built to Earth yard w/RV space. Advantage standards. Amenities including in 4206 Bamboo flooring, pool, clubhouse, tenThe Bulletin Kellie Cook, Broker custom cabinetry & nis & a workout facil541-408-0463 gourmet kitchen Cority. This is a must see Classiieds John L. Scott Real ner/alley lot, with fully & will not be on the Estate, Bend landscaped yard. market long. 541-385-5809 Grant Ludwick, Broker Mike Wilson, Broker 541-633-0255 or 541-977-5345 or 64813 Saros Lane | 4 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 541-389-7910 541-389-7910 $234,900 3451 sq. ft., .41 acre Hunter Properties Hunter Properties Delightful 1,700 sq. ft. corner lot New home single level home under construction by 2913 NW LOWER 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths, w/mountain views in Greg Welch with BRIDGE WAY, 1389 sq. ft. in SunriStarwood. Property luxury finishes. Great TERREBONNE ver. Charming cotbacks to common room plan, Den/office, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath, tage w/separate guest area and is across the Main level master, 3 4170 sq. ft. home quarters. Recent restreet from neighborbedrooms plus Bonus located on 4.22 irrimodel includes fresh hood park. Towering upstairs. Triple car gagated acres. Need paint, counters, carvaults, great room rage. $580,000 elbow room? This pet & rustic charm. layout & wood burnproperty is for you! Cozy living room Tina Roberts, Broker, ing fireplace. Spa541-419-9022 $185,000. w/gas fireplace, cious kitchen w/dinTOTAL Property MLS#2911254 kitchen, bedrooms & ing area plus Resources, Call Don Chapin, bath. A large breakfast nook. Huge 541-330-0588 Broker wrap-around deck, master suite w/back 541-350-6777 mature trees and deck access. 3-year Redmond RE/MAX yard, cul-de-sac loca- 4 Bedroom, 2.5 baths, new vinyl siding, 1 yr 2889 sq. ft., .51 AC Land & Homes tion. Top rated Sunriold heat pump. .24 lot. Charming 2-story Real Estate ver resort! $249,900 acre lot, 2-car finhome, .51 acre lot that Tina Roberts, Broker, ished garage. You’ll $299,900 backs to the canal 541-419-9022 love to call this home! Beautiful Craftsman with no thru traffic. TOTAL Property MLS 201204411 Home This former Beautiful Great room Resources, Palmer home is Adopen to Kitchen Cindy King, Principal 541-330-0588 Broker, ABR, CRS. vantage, Energy Star, w/slab granite, vaulted GRI 541-728-0033 and Waterwise certi- 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths, ceilings & hardwood fied. Brazilian cherry floors. Game room RE/MAX Key Properties 1500 sq. ft., .43 AC lot wood floors, granite w/pool table and ofNice single level 65835 Waldron Trail counters, high end fice/den. Beautifully Architectural home located on masterappliances. Master landscaped w/sprinnearly 1/2 acre at the piece with amazing suite includes gas klers and RV parking. end of a cul-de-sac views! Magical Powfireplace, walk-in $345,900 ending near the Desell Butte sunrises, shower & soaking tub. chutes River in Tu- Tina Roberts, Broker, sunsets embracing Aaron Boehm, Broker 541-419-9022 malo. Main house has the Cascades and ev541-647-8851 or TOTAL Property 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths erything in between. 541-389-7910 Resources, with detached guest Structural design Hunter Properties 541-330-0588 cottage-bedroom lends itself to relax/studio, bath and ation, entertaining & $299,900 kitchenette behind the 4 Bedroom, 3.5 bath, simple living. TowerDesirable River Can3734 sq. ft., .32 acre 2-car garage. Large ing ceilings, light & yon Estates! This corner lot Beautiful fenced yard and RV open w/expansive use beautiful home is lodge-style home parking. Enjoy living in of windows. Spacious wonderful for enterw/hand crafted timber the country! $179,000 working kitchen protaining, Fully fenced trusses inside & out. vides tons of storage. yard with a beautiful Tina Roberts, Broker, Hardwood, Slab gran541-419-9022 Hara Schick, Archiwater feature & garite, Travertine, Heated TOTAL Property tect. 3 bdrm/3 bath den area. This home Floors, Main level Resources, plus a den, 2700ý sq. has been well cared master and oversized 541-330-0588 ft. on 10+ acres. MLS for. 4+ car garage. As201203805 $699,000 Aaron Boehm, Broker 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths tonishing HOME ... a Cindy King, Principal 541-647-8851 or 2166 sq.ft. .47 acre must see! $750,000 Broker, ABR, CRS. 541-389-7910 lot. Immaculate home Tina Roberts, Broker, GRI 541-728-0033 Hunter Properties on nearly 1/2 acre. 541-419-9022 RE/MAX Key Properties Traditional style TOTAL Property 2 Bedroom, 1 bath, 924 916 GREENBRIAR w/formal living, Resources, sq.ft. Cottage in NWX Stunning, light filled invaulted ceiling, family 541-330-0588 Adorable 2 bedroom. teriors accent this room w/gas fireplace Cottage that sits on a contemporary home adjoins the kitchen 57650 TAN OAK LANE nice corner landspecifically designed and dining area. Nice Light & bright home w/7 scaped lot w/private for the setting & skylights. Special kitchen w/breakfast fenced side yard. natural light. Atrium glass entry doors, bar. Bedrooms up w/ Open floor plan, spaand great room open masonry granite firetile baths. Park-like cious living room to protected courtplace, vaulted ceiling. setting yard w/sprinw/hardwood floors. yard. Back of home Granite kitchen klers, fenced and Nicely appointed features views of 6 w/large custom island. spacious outdoor livkitchen adjoins the waterfalls, ponds and Master w/large exering area. Paved RV dining area w/vaulted filtered Cascades. cise area, walk-in pad & covered storceilings. Single car Beautiful loft de2-person shower, 2 age. Must See! attached garage signed for piano, master closets & pri$315,000 w/alley access. Great overlooks great room vate deck. Library upTina Roberts, Broker, location! $239,000 w/full CO views, constairs. Lg. pond, spa & 541-419-9022 Tina Roberts, Broker, nects to bonus/wet privacy off deck. TOTAL Property 541-419-9022 bar, would make terMLS#201204154 Resources, TOTAL Property rific media room. Sharon Abrams, Broker 541-330-0588 Resources, Marble master 541-280-9309 541-330-0588 3 Bedroom, 3.5 bath, shower, large walk-in John L. Scott Real 4426 sq. ft., 1.13 closets. 2 downstairs 2 LOTS/ZONED Estate, Bend acres. This stunning bedrooms. Extra storFOR DUPLEXES home is nestled at the age. $514,000. Great opportunity... 2 5 Acres w/mountain end of a quiet MLS#201201614 tax lots for investor or views. 3 Bbdrm, 2 Karen Malanga, Broker cul-de-sac; enjoy the a family who needs a bath, 1620 sq.ft., irri- The Hasson Company feel of country living large lot. Tons of gated, 36x40 shop, on the small acreage 541-390-3326 character in this fenced, extensive close to town. Great charming 60s home. 3 ADORABLE sprinkler system. room w/vaulted ceilBdrm/2 bath, 1490 COTTAGE STYLE $279,000. MLS ings, hardwood floors, sq.ft. Beautiful HOME. 3 Bdrm, 1.5 #2809225 Pam granite counters, vaulted. open beam bath, 1336 sq. ft. Lester, Principal Bromaster suite on main ceilings & built-ins. Landscaped with ker, Century 21 Gold floor, office w/built-ins. Gas forced air heat. garden area. $89,500. Country Realty, Inc. 3-car garage, PLUS Close in location... MLS# 201203069 541-504-1338 detached 1600 sq. ft. walk to Sam Johnson Call VIRGINIA, shop with RV storage. Park. MLS Principal Broker 60439 Zuni Road $455,000 #201205707. 1604 W. 541-350-3418 one-level Tina Roberts, Broker, Impeccable Anter Ave. Redmond. Redmond RE/MAX home on large 0.6 541-419-9022 Land & Homes acre, 4 bed/2 bath, TOTAL Property llyarnold Real Estate 2360 sq. ft. w/upResources, graded kitchen, living Amazing West hills lot 541-330-0588 1589 Shelley Arnold, & family rooms, 440 Over 1/3 acre West Broker 541-771-9329 $474,500 sq. ft. bonus room for Hills Lot on uphill side John L. Scott Real Fabulous Place To Live! home business, guest of the street. Views to Estate, Bend Three full master suites, qtrs, etc., shop. the south, southeast 3.5 baths. Gorgeous rene deck overlookand city lights. HomeAsian walnut flooring, ing canal. A best buy Just too many site has been partially new hickory cabinets, $210,000. cleared. $145,000. collectibles? carpet and tile floors, www.DavidFoster.Biz/ MLS #201010522 or large corner lot, exZuni visit Sell them in cellent rental history. David Foster, Broker Susan Pitarro, Broker 541-322-9934 The Bulletin Classiieds Bobbie Strome, 541-410-8084 or John L. Scott Real Principal Broker 541-389-7910 Estate, Bend John L Scott Real 541-385-5809 Hunter Properties Estate 541-385-5500

ARROWHEAD ACRES BROKEN TOP GOLF Beautiful Cascade ESTATE Mountain views. Bur- Stellar Golf Course ied field & landscape Views of 17th Tee! irrigation lines. New The Pinehurst at Brocomp roof in 2006. ken Top represents New water heater and an unmatched forced air gas furnace benchmark for quality in 2007. 3 bed, 3 and craftsmanship in baths in 2272+/- sq. ft. the marketplace! home on 2.38+/Single-level by Steven acres are just waiting Van Sant masterfully for your loving care. rendered by PacWest This property is a Homes with masonry project and is ideal for wood-burning firean FHA203K loan. places, hand-textured $228,000. walls & ceilings, elMLS#201205271. egant stone baths Bobbie Strome, with heated floors, Principal Broker extensive use of cusJohn L Scott Real tom woodwork & trim, Estate 541-385-5500 and dynamic showcase kitchen equipped Artistry in Broken Top, 3 with Wolf range & bdrm, 4.5 baths, mtn. built-in refrigerator. views, golf views, boOversized three-car nus room, 4100 sq.ft., garage, paver patios, gorgeous finishes. and private hot tub New Price enhance this truly $1,425,000. MLS# phenomenal home 201109001. destined for those Cate Cushman, seeking nothing but Principal Broker the best. Call for your 541-480-1884 private tour today! MLS # 201204424 $1,269,000. ASTOUNDING CASCADE MOUNTAIN David D. Gilmore, Broker. 541-312-7271 VIEWS Coldwell Banker MorHighlands, 10.28 Acres ris Real Estate. Offered at $495,000 Cate Cushman, BUNGALOW ON THE Principal Broker WESTSIDE! 541-480-1884 Cute with endless sibilities to re-design or plenty of room to Awesome Westside add additional square Townhome. Enjoy the footage on this large easy lifestyle where double lot. Sturdy the HOA cares for the construction of a bylandscaping, exterior gone era with all the maintenance and inquirky charm you just surance. Great open don’t find in modern feeling with 3 bdrms, homes today. (2 master suites), $219,900 huge vaults and open MLS#201204713 kitchen, living room Rhonda Garrison & with fireplace, private Chris Sperry Princideck and a double car pal Broker & Broker garage. Upstairs loft is 541-279-1768 & an office or a 3rd 541-550-4922 bdrm. Great place to John L. Scott Real call home or a 2nd Estate, Bend home. 132 SW 17th MLS #2015204812 $239,000. CANYON & MOUNGary Everett, CCIM TAIN VIEWS! Principal Broker Extraordinary home on 541-480-6130 the canyon with over Joan Steelhammer, 2800 sq. ft. of excepBroker tional living. Many, 541-419-3717 many upgrades to this Remax beautiful classic one-level home on .8 BANK OWNED HOMES! acres. Must see to FREE List w/Pics! believe! Gail Rogers, Broker 541-604-1649 bend and beyond real estate 20967 yeoman, bend or John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend BEAUTIFUL MTN HIGH Quiet living in Mountain High; 2 bed, 2 bath, Tick, Tock office, deck, landscaped; finished boTick, Tock... nus area; dbl garage; 1905 sq. ft. Commu...don’t let time get nity pool, tennis, away. Hire a commons. Park-like setting! MLS# professional out 201109548. of The Bulletin’s 2582. “Call A Service Gary Fiebick, Principal Professional” Broker 541-322-9932 Directory today! John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend CASCADE MOUNTAIN VIEWS!!! BETWEEN BEND & Charming 3 bdrm, 2.5 REDMOND bath, 2294 sq. ft. cotTerrific location - 4 tage located on a sebdrm, 1 bath in rene, private and 2,888ý sq.ft. home on magical 2.63 acres. 5.75ý acres. A Mature trees and Country feel but close natural rock outcropto town amenities. pings provide privacy. Super fireplace w/rock This home is sursurround for ambirounded by natures ance, plus a Lopi beauty. The big winWoodstove that can dows attract the heat the whole house. natural light. There is Great room floor plan an abundance of open w/living room & spaces for gardening, kitchen having flower beds and room wide-plank floors of to build a shop or RV reclaimed pine. Disgarage. There is plentressed maple cabitiful storage space innets in Kitchen with 1 doors. $450,000 1/2 thick slate Bobbie Strome, counters. If you like a Principal Broker cozy country feel. John L Scott Real You’ve got it!! Beau- Estate 541-385-5500 tiful Cascade Mountain Views. 2 corrals, Take care of pond, shared lake, 3 your investments acres of irrigation, 2 stall barn. $399,000 with the help from MLS #201205878 The Bulletin’s Bobbie Strome, Principal Broker “Call A Service John L Scott Real Professional” Directory Estate 541-385-5500 Big & Beautiful CHARMING RETREAT $375,000 3 bedroom, LOCATED IN 3.5 baths, 3134 sq. ft. WOODSIDE RANCH Great room, living & 2 bedroom + den (podining, master suite tential 3rd bedroom), on the main level. 2 bath in 1408 sf. on This charming home .78 acres. Beautiful has a wonderful flag stone hearth in wrap-around deck that living room ready for overlooks sweeping wood or gas stove. green lawn. Backs to Kitchen has tile floor, common area. Former counters & back model home. splash plus Whirlpool Susan Sealock, Broker Estate appliances in 541-480-5157 silvertone. Garage Hasson Company has huge bank of Realtors. cabinets. Home completely refurbished. BROKEN TOP Nestled in the trees $399,000 w/easy care natural Spotless & stylish, 3 landscaping & a treebedroom, 3 1/2 bath, house too. Tall 2703 sq. ft. 2 master vaulted ceilings, bdrms & den on main beams, natural wood level, stainless, gran& stone accents. ite, hardwood, tile, Leaded beveled glass stone fireplace. Enin living room & foyer. closed gated patio Newer 30 year roof & w/pergola. More exterior paint. photos: $199,900. MLS#2711853 or visit 3199 Peggy Lee Combs, Bobbie Strome, Broker 541-480-7653 Principal Broker John L. Scott Real John L Scott Real Estate, Bend Estate 541-385-5500




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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

DOWNTOWN BEND CUSTOM HOME! 20 DESCHUTES CHARMING Overlooking Drake Park ACRES WEST RIVER WOODS RETREAT & the Deschutes POWELL BUTTE 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath in LOCATED IN River! This English EST! Cascade Mt. 1329 sq. ft. custom WOODSIDE RANCH cottage brings storyViews, 4bdrm/4bath, home on DRW acre. 2 Bdrm + den (potential book charm to life! 5494 sq. ft., 4-car Great room floor plan 3rd bdrm), 2 bath in Classic appeal highgarage, detached with vaulted ceiling. 1408 sq.ft. on .78 lighted by hardwood shop, bank apAll kitchen appliances acre. Beautiful flag floors, crown molding, proved price. are included. Both restone hearth in living and plantation shut$699,900. cessed & under cabiroom ready for wood ters. Enjoy the culiMLS#201006747 net lighting in kitchen. or gas stove. Kitchen nary kitchen updated Laundry room w/skyhas tile floor, counters Call VIRGINIA, Prinwith granite counters, cipal Broker lite and large pantry. & back splash plus travertine floors, and 541-350-3418 New interior paint. Whirlpool Estate apstainless steel appliRedmond RE/MAX Garage is heated and pliances in silvertone. ances. Tastefully deLand & Homes finished w/work Garage has huge signed with an eye for Real Estate bench. Super fenced bank of cabinets. timeless detail, this yard w/mature PonHome completely reLook at: home also offers derosas, storage furbished. Nestled in marble bathrooms, building, double the trees w/easy care detached two-car gacanopy carport or natural landscaping & for Complete Listings of rage, and manicured storage structure. This a tree house too. Tall Area Real Estate for Sale grounds. Additional home is move-in vaulted ceilings, improvements inready. $259,000. Call beams, natural wood CUSTOM HOME ON Bobbie at clude a newer fur& stone accents. SMALL ACREAGE 541-480-1635 about nace, water heater, Leaded beveled glass Beautiful 4 bed/4.5 bath MLS#2802056. and roof. This is in living room & foyer. home on 6.45 acres Bobbie Strome, Downtown living at its Newer 30 yr roof & ext w/2.5 acres irrigation. Principal Broker finest so don’t miss paint. $199,900. Fireplace in living John L Scott Real out on this rare opMLS#2711853 or visit room, granite portunity to own the counters in kitchen, Estate 541-385-5500 dream! MLS # Bobbie Strome, large master suite on 201205806 $749,000 Principal Broker main, elevator, two David D. Gilmore, BroJohn L Scott Real EsHave an item to double-car garages ker. 541-312-7271 tate 541-385-5500 plus a huge RV gasell quick? Coldwell Banker Morrage. $689,900. CITY VIEWS! If it’s under ris Real Estate. MLS#201204542. CASCADE VIEW $500 you can place it in DOWNTOWN ESTATES! 6039 PENTHOUSE Great room, large ofThe Bulletin Ellen Clough, ABR, Top Corner Floor, Mtn + fice w/French CRS, Broker Classiieds for: City Views, Open doors, spacious 541-480-7180 Floorplan, 1800 sq.ft. master suite. John L. Scott Real $ 10 - 3 lines, 7 days New Price: $695,000 $142,000. Estate, Bend $ Cate Cushman, MLS#201200310 16 - 3 lines, 14 days Principal Broker Call VIRGINIA, Prin(Private Party ads only) CUSTOM HOME ON 541-480-1884 cipal Broker SMALL ACREAGE 541-350-3418 Beautiful 4 bdrm,/4.5 Redmond RE/MAX The Bulletin bath home, w/day- DESCHUTES RIVER Land & Homes To Subscribe call light basement. 6.45 You won’t believe how Real Estate close the Deschutes AC with 2.5 AC irrig., 541-385-5800 or go to River is to your back CLOSE TO SPORTS fireplace in living door! This beautifully COMPLEX! 5.52 room, granite maintained/move-in ACRES! counters in kitchen, Downtown Penthouse, ready townhome with 3 bdrm, 3 bath 3008 large master suite on Top floor, mountain river & Sawyer Park in sq. ft., home. main level, elevator, 2 views, 2 bdrm, New backyard. 4 3200 sq. ft. shop double car garages Price $695,000. MLS bedroom/3 bath inw/office. $208,000. plus a huge RV ga201100839 cludes mother-in-law MLS#201108429 rage. $669,900 Cate Cushman, apartment. Call VIRGINIA, Principal Broker MLS#201203609 Principal Broker 6039 Ellen Clough, 541-480-1884 541-350-3418 Broker, ABR, CRS 4077 Redmond RE/MAX 541-480-7180 Gail Rogers, Broker Land & Homes DOWNTOWN John L. Scott Real 541-604-1649 Real Estate Single level, 3 bedEstate, Bend John L. Scott Real rooms, 2.5 baths on Country living in Bend, Estate, Bend over ¼ acre, fenced. 4 bdrm, 4.5 baths, 17 Cute, turn-key stick built Walking distance to 1270 sq. ft. home. acres. Offered at parks, river and $139,900. $1,295,000. MLS downtown dining. Need help i xing stuff? MLS#201202978 #2101203960 Theresa Ramsay, Call A Service Professional Call Linda Lou Cate Cushman, Broker 541-815-4442 ind the help you need. John L. Scott Real Day-Wright Principal Broker 541-771-2585 541-480-1884 Estate, Bend Crooked River Realty

Powell Butte Ranch! | $979,000

Say “goodbuy” to that unused item by placing it in The Bulletin Classiieds

541-385-5809 FIND YOUR FUTURE HOME IN THE BULLETIN Your future is just a page away. Whether you’re looking for a hat or a place to hang it, The Bulletin Classiied is your best source. Every day thousands of buyers and sellers of goods and services do business in these pages. They know you can’t beat The Bulletin Classiied Section for selection and convenience - every item is just a phone call away. The Classiied Section is easy to use. Every item is categorized and every cartegory is indexed on the section’s front page. Whether you are looking for a home or need a service, your future is in the pages of The Bulletin Classiied.

Gorgeous Awbrey Home | $1,600,000

FANTASTIC SMITH GORGEOUS MOUNROCK VIEWS TAIN VIEWS! Very private property! 3 36+/- ACRES bedrooms, 1.75 baths Irrigated w/small in a 1782 sq. ft. home cabin, 1 bedroom, on 4.97 acres. Po1 bath, possible tential to buy irrigaOWC! $245,000. tion. Potential to subMLS# 201201125 divide. $150,000. Call Charlie, Short Sale! MLS# Designated Broker 201104469 or visit 541-350-3419 Redmond RE/MAX Bobbie Strome, Land & Homes Principal Broker Real Estate John L Scott Real Estate 541-385-5500

FEATURED ON FRONT COVER! Vintage! Restored & updated craftsman bungalow in the heart of downtown Bend. Enjoy mountain views from the front porch swing. Oversized downtown lot. Impeccable craftsmanship & quality throughout this classic home. The finest tile work, custom cabinetry, trim, restored hardware & lighting. Marble counters/gourmet kitchen & appliances. The home dates back to the early mill years & was one of the first homes built on Congress St. Walk to downtown, library, Drake Park & Deschutes River. Rare LOVELY HOME NEAR CN zoning. $539,000. PRIVATE RIVER GREAT Karen Malanga, Broker ACCESS NEIGHBORHOOD The Hasson Company Beautiful home in a 3 bdrm/2 bath w/mas541-390-3326 ter separation on half great neighborhood. acre with private This home features a FRENCH COUNTRY community access to spacious kitchen, tile CHATEAU Little Deschutes! Well countertops, hardCity & Mtn Views, Hillcared for, wood floors, many side Park, 4 Bedpride-of-ownership upgrades. 4 bedrooms, 4 Baths 4152 shows. Traditional rooms, 2.5 baths. sq.ft. Offered at sale, can close Barbara Jackson, $2,395,000 quickly. MLS# Broker 541-306-8186 Cate Cushman, 201106802. John L. Scott Real Principal Broker Estate, Bend 541-480-1884 0815. Faye Phillips, Broker Advertise your car! 541-480-2945 FIND IT! Add A Picture! John L. Scott Real BUY IT! Reach thousands of readers! Estate, Bend SELL IT! Call 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classiieds The Bulletin Classifieds Irreplaceable. Estate French Country Esquality, borders Natate, 4 bdrm, 4 bath, tional Forest. Minutes masterful design, offrom Bend. 6900 sq.ft. fered at $2,395,000. home. $1,499,000. MLS #201200479 Cate Cushman, Cate Cushman, Principal Broker Principal Broker 541-480-1884 541-480-1884


Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokers | 541-419-4553

Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokers | 541-419-4553 Deb Tebbs Group | Like us on and follow us on

This Property Has It All | $879,900

2162 NW Lolo Drive | $789,900

• Just minutes to medical, shopping & schools • Single level, open great room • Great for entertaining • Private setting, borders BLM • Separate entrance for home office • Formal dining/living, chef’s kitchen MLS#201201433

Want to impress the relatives? Remodel your home with the help of a professional from The Bulletin’s “Call A Service Professional” Directory

Tetherow ~ High Desert Casual | $986,900

• Enjoy the lush surrounding • 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths • 4363 SF • Golf course and mountain views • MUST SEE! MLS#201204037

Deb Tebbs Group | Like us on and follow us on

• Magnificent custom home w/granny flat • 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3590 sq. ft. • 27 acres w/15.5 acres irrigation • 40x40 shop, 48x48 barn, 24x36 hay barn • 100x200 outdoor arena & close to BLM • Phenomenal Cascade views MLS #201100670

Juniper Butte in Culver, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1910 sq.ft., 2.39 acres, spectacular mtn views, large rear deck. $200,000. MLS #201203539 Pam Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338

LAKE COUNTY FARM Incredible 703 acre alfalfa farm in Lake County. Owners have pride in producing 2000 tons of dairy quality alfalfa hay yearly. 4 pivots provide 420 acres of irriGOVERNMENT gation. 3 homes inPROPERTY cluded. Candice SEALED BID SALE Anderson, Broker OFF-SITE REMOVAL 541-788-8878 House with attached John L. Scott Real garage 1,560 sq. ft., 3 Estate, Bend bed, 1bath, Rager Ranger Station, 7615 Rageor Rd., Lodge style home on Paulina, OR 97751 Deschutes River, 5 Bid opening: 8/23/12 acre, approx 575 ft. of https://propertydisposal. river front, Cascade views, 5 bdrm, 5 bath, 253-931-7556 4649 sq.ft., 2 master suites, horses OK. $649,000. MLS #201007307 Pam Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338

Custom Broken Top Beauty | $1,390,000

• Beautiful Asian influences throughout • 5 Master Suites, 6118 sq. ft. • Downstairs family room w/kitchen • Large theater room • Stunning Cascade Mountain views MLS#201201150

• 3657 SF, 3 bed/3.5 bath • Earth Advantage home • Quality throughout • Optional bonus or guest room • To be built by Bend Trend Homes • Golf membership included MLS #201104447

Call Ray Bachman, Broker, GRI | 541-408-0696

Single Level Northwest Timbers Style | $625,000 • 5 level acres with 2.67 irrigated • Private location w/mtn. views • 36x40 barn with full office • Master suite w/huge walk-in closet & steam shower • Great room w/Montana rock fireplace • Large open kitchen w/Stainless Dacor appliances MLS#201205540

• One of NW Crossings finest, 3753 SF on oversized corner lot, 3-car garage • 4 bdrms, master on main, chef’s kitchen w/SS appliances, 6-burner gas cook-top • Huge bonus room w/wet bar, paver patio, solid wood windows, hardwoods • Large storage space under deck, laundry chute. Just blocks from Portello’s MLS#201205996


Kelly Horton, Broker/Owner | 541-508-9163

EQUESTRIAN’S DREAM Gorgeous 5180 sq. ft. home with breathtaking mountain views! Arenas, barn, guest house all on 20+ irrigated acres. Rhonda Garrison & Chris Sperry Principal Broker & Broker 541-279-1768 & 541-550-4922 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend

Family Home Extraordinaire! Stunning one-of-a-kind master craftsman remodel by builder and interior designer. Master perennial gardens and huge fenced lawn in beautiful old-tree neighborhood on Awbrey Butte close to Newport Market with play and dog park at end of street. 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath Exquisite master suite with wood windows, French doors opening onto oversized decks with pergola. Room sized walk-in closets with custom library style built-ins. Master spa bath has soaking tub, walk-in glass block shower and separate toilet. Specialty glass, wood doors and windows. Hardwood flooring. Custom copper kitchen counters with Pratt Larson mosaic bar counter. Specialty light fixtures, fully wired for cable. Built-in antique screens and bath cabinet, glass bowl and custom hardware. 2 offices, built-in cabinets and large exercise room w/ woodburning stove. Storage and washer/dryer space. Spacious entertaining areas on 2 levels outside, wood decks and pavers. Fully landscaped with irrigation system. New fireproof steel roofing. Paver circular driveway, stone walls, exterior lighting and garage built-ins. Builder/owner is in the process of replacing kitchen cabinets and putting a few finishing touches on house. This is a very special house in a wonderful neighborhood. Owner has 7 animals. 24 hr. notice. No lock box. $470,000. MLS#201200147 Bobbie Strome, Principal Broker John L Scott Real Estate 541-385-5500

SA T & OP SU EN N 11 -

65890 Pronghorn Estates Dr. • 3 bedrooms (all masters), 4 baths • Elevator, chef quality kitchen • Wine room. Scottsdale outdoor living area, spa & shower. • Over the top quality & design. • Oversized 3-car garage w/shop. MLS #2909234


SA OP T. EN 14

Magnificent Estate Home | Offers Accepted

EAGLE CREST! CUSTOM SINGLE LEVEL! MOUNTAIN VIEWS! 3 bdrm, 3 bath, w/office, gated golf community. $369,900. MLS#201201743 Call VIRGINIA, Principal Broker 541-350-3418 Redmond RE/MAX Land & Homes Real Estate

Call Bruce Lilleston, Broker | 541-815-3842

Call Mary Stratton, Broker | 541-419-6340 •

Call Chris Sulak, Broker | 541-350-6164

Privacy, Mtn. Views, 15 Min. from Bend | $574,900

60468 Snapshot Loop | $549,000

18734 Choctaw Road | $545,000

The Highlands at Broken Top | $479,000 • Build your dream home on homesite in private, gated community of 53 ten acre parcels only minutes from downtown Bend • Unique site offers a 2 acre building envelope providing many design options, irreplaceable Westside location • Level, wooded homesite has visual interests and backs to National Forest MLS#201203949

• River front property • Mountain views • 5 bedrooms, 3 baths • 2985 square feet • Upgraded home • Incredible outdoor living • RV parking MLS #201204920

SA OP T EN 12 -3

• Luxury Townhome in a gated community • Huge walk-in shower in main level master • Extensive use of hardwoods, granite, rock work • Beautiful setting on the 15th fairway of Widgi Creek Golf Course MLS#201200154

• PRICE JUST REDUCED $25,000! • 3636 SF, 3 bed/3.5 bath • Custom built home • Master on the main • 9+ acres, 8 acres irrigation • Close to BLM & National Forest MLS#201206203

Call Carol Osgood, Broker | 541-419-0843

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS | 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker, ABR, SRES 541-480-4186

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker | 541-408-0086 Judy McCombs, Broker | 541-390-1411

2700 NW Whitworth Way | $459,900

Single Level Home In Boones Borough | $439,934

21110 Merritt Court | $430,000

17940 Parkway Lane | $399,000

Call Jordan Haase, Principal Broker | 541-420-1559

64505 Sylvan Loop | $389,000 • Gorgeous mtn views in Boonesborough • 3 bed, 2 bath , blue buggy pine vaulted ceilings & walls, lots of windows • Updated kitchen, oak cabinets & floors, quartz countertops, bay window • Prep sink w/2nd disposal, newer appliances • 2-car attached garage & 4-car detached w/shop area & hobby building, 2 dog runs, RV parking. Beautifully landscaped with sprinkler system. MLS #201205368


quarter/loft • Bath, laundry area, septic, well & pumphouse • RV hookups inside & out, 100 amp breaker in shop • Great location between Sisters & Bend • Build your dream home while you live in loft area or your RV MLS#201105898

Call Joanne McKee, Broker | 541-480-5159

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker | 541-508-9581

Two Cozy Homes on the Deschutes River in the middle of Outdoor Recreation Wonderland Cozy River Front Log Home | $379,500 Cozy River Front Chalet | $375,000 • 3 bedroom + den/office or 4th bedroom, 1.5 bath • 1732 sq. ft. w/great room and river views that fill the picture windows • 3-car garage/shop. Dock. • Yards from trailhead to La Pine St. Park • 16213 Mtn. Sheep Lane MLS#201202339

• Possibly the most beautiful site on the river • Mt. Bachelor view from master bdrm w/ full length balcony • Tastefully rustic wood interior • 3 bed/1.5 bath, nearly 1800 sq. ft. • 54677 Silver Fox Drive MLS#201204195

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker | 541-848-7222 |

Gem in the Rough | Three Rivers South | $165,000

• Secluded setting • 2600 SF., 3 bedroom, 2 bath home • Fireplace, den, great room, huge windows • Outdoor living area too • 3-bay shop and detached garage MLS#201200327

• 55149 Forest Lane • 3 bed, 2 bath, 1224 SF • Very comfortable home for weekend getaways or full time living in the woods • Desirable development • Close to the Big Deschutes MLS# 201206233

Call Laina Ryan, Principal Broker, GRI | 541-419-7540

• Permitted GP Building w/living

• Wonderful home w/4 bedrooms up and office w/full bath on main • Gorgeous entry leads to formal living and dining room • Large kitchen w/big island and pull-out drawers in pantry • Breakfast nook, great rm w/vaulted ceilings, built-ins, gas fireplace • Lg deck, triple garage, .46 acre cul-de-sac lot MLS#201206135

SU OP N EN .1 -4

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker | 541-508-9581

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker | 541-508-9581

Nearly 5 Acres in Powell Butte | $275,000

• Rare opportunity to own a single level home in this beautiful neighborhood on 2.49 acres • 2350 SF, 4 beds/3 baths plus office • Includes attached guest suite with kitchen/living, bed and bath • 3-car garage plus RV & two oversized garages • Room for all your toys! • 21802 Boones Borough Drive

634 NE Olney | $149,900 TO O DA PE Y N 11 -1

• Upgraded 2984 sq. ft. home • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms • Gated community • Bonus room with 2 offices • Main level master suite • Quiet, peaceful setting MLS #201201667

SA OP T. EN 10 -1

Call Kathy Hovermale, Principal Broker, Green, GRI 541-419-6778

• Spacious great room plan • Large kitchen w/tiled countertops • Kitchen island & butler’s pantry • Master suite includes jetted tub • Flexible loft/bonus room • Backs to 6 acre common area • 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1975 SF

MLS#201205814 Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers | 541-312-5151

Fractional Ownership offered at $9,500! • Spring Special Offering! • 1/6th deeded ownership in a beautiful 1 bed/ bath condo overlooking the National Forest • Can be used or traded through RCI • Great rental income • Great investment for friends & family MLS#201200361

• Price Reduced • 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 1866 sq. ft. • Like new inside & out • A total remodel here • Nice large lot on the NE side MLS#201204914

Call Mary Stratton, Broker | 541-419-6340 Call Greg Barnwell, Broker | 541-848-7222

Best West Side Location! | $319,900 •

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS | 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Downtown Bend

The Old Mill



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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

NORTHWEST LISTING!! Metolius riverfront New Construction: De- NEW CHARMER Like-new, lightly lived sirable single level property! Rare 2 in single level home NW Bend home on 1643 sq. ft. home with bdrm, 2 bath cabin in large .2 acre lot with great room floor master separation. 3 Camp Sherman. w/4bedrooms, 2.5 plan, 1296 sq. ft., bed, 2 bath true great Wonderful vacation baths, 2583 sq. ft. 3bed, 2 bath, corner room floor plan with property that has w/great room, main gas fireplace, lamiisland kitchen includnewer septic system, floor master & office. nate flooring, vaulted ing pantry & corner community water, upFamily room upstairs. ceilings. There is a gas fireplace. Alder dated electric, pellet Quality kitchen covered patio off of cabinets, vaults, art stove & more. Camp w/center island, granthe dining area for niches, ceiling fans, Sherman Store & Koite counters, bamboo entertaining, nicely laminate flooring, tiled kanee Cafe nearby. floors, Shows like landscaped lot with tops, sound insulation, Step out your door to new. $369,900. fenced back yard. Exblown-in blanket inhiking, fishing, biking. MLS#201200276. tras include nice extesulation & 90% effiA truly unique propwww.DavidFoster.Biz/ rior detail for wondercient gas forced air erty. Fresca. ful curb appeal, heating, gas cooktop. MLS#201008454. David Foster, Broker gutters, alarm system, Spacious walk-in $495,000. 541-322-9934 welcoming covered closet. Call for comMelody Luelling CRS John L. Scott Real front porch, soaking plete spec list. PC Principal Broker, Estate, Bend tub in master. Conve$200,000. MLS# Hasson Company nient location. 201204849. CompleRealtors, $175,000 MLS# tion date end of July. 541-330-8522 201204678 Melody Luelling CRS NORTHWEST PC Principal Broker, Melody Luelling CRS CROSSING What are you PC Principal Broker, Award-winning Hasson Company New looking for? Hasson Company Realtors, Construction by Sage Realtors, 541-330-8522 Builders! Winner of You’ll ind it in 541-330-8522 two COBA Tour of The Bulletin’s Homes™ Awards, this The Bulletin Classiieds BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Earth Advantage Cer“Call A Service Search the area’s most tified home on a rare Professional” Directory comprehensive listing of corner lot features a 541-385-5809 is all about meeting classiied advertising... ductless HVAC sysyour needs. real estate to automotive, tem, blown-in insulaMOUNTAIN PINE merchandise to sporting tion, and a brilliant 3 bdrm, 1.75 bath in Call on one of the goods. Bulletin Classii eds floor plan. 1518+/sq.ft. on professionals today! appear every day in the Entertainer’s kitchen 7841+/sq.ft. lot. print or on line. includes Chroma Fenced back yard quartz & porcelain tile w/concrete & flag- New Construction: DeCall 541-385-5809 sirable single level counters, bar seating, stone patios, small 1643 sq. ft. home with and stainless steel shop/storage bldg, master separation. 3 appliances. Bamboo raised planting beds bed, 2 bath true great flooring, custom w/dripline. Beautiful room floor plan with built-ins, elegant mature trees on large NEW LISTING!! island kitchen includmaster bath, and lot. RV/Toy parking, Like-new, lightly lived ing pantry & corner fenced yard add the fenced & gated. Very in single level home gas fireplace. Alder finishing touches. nice starter or retirewith great room floor cabinets, vaults, art NorthWest Crossing ment home close to plan, 1296 sq. ft., niches, ceiling fans, is a nationally recogshopping, schools, 3bed, 2 bath, corner laminate flooring, tiled nized model for “New Old Mill District & acgas fireplace, lamitops, sound insulation, Urbanism” on Bend’s cess to Parkway. nate flooring, vaulted blown-in blanket inWestside! Discover it Wonderful pride of ceilings. There is a sulation & 90% effifor yourself! MLS # ownership neighborcovered patio off of cient gas forced air 201203825 $339,900 hood. Great room the dining area for heating, gas cooktop. David D. Gilmore, Brofloorplan w/vaulted entertaining, nicely Spacious walk-in ker. 541-312-7271 ceiling adds to openlandscaped lot with closet. Call for comColdwell Banker Morness as well as corfenced back yard. Explete spec list. ris Real Estate. ner fireplace. Great tras include nice exte$200,000. MLS# windows with quality rior detail for wonder201204849. Compleblinds offer a light & ful curb appeal, Just bought a new boat? tion date end of July. bright atmosphere. gutters, alarm system, Sell your old one in the Melody Luelling CRS $225,000. welcoming covered classiieds! Ask about our PC Principal Broker, MLS#201205203. Super Seller rates! front porch, soaking Hasson Company Bobbie Strome, 541-385-5809 tub in master. ConveRealtors, Principal Broker nient location. 541-330-8522 John L Scott Real $175,000 MLS# NOTICE: Estate 541-385-5500 201204678 All real estate adverMelody Luelling CRS Find It in tised here in is subPC Principal Broker, The Bulletin Classifieds! ject to the Federal Need to get an ad Hasson Company Fair Housing Act, 541-385-5809 Realtors, in ASAP? which makes it illegal 541-330-8522 to advertise any prefNewer Single Story erence, limitation or NORTHWEST Home, 3 bdrm, 2.5 Fax it to 541-322-7253 discrimination based CHARMER bath, office, sunroom, on race, color, reli2260 sq.ft., 60 acres, NW Bend home on The Bulletin Classiieds gion, sex, handicap, large .2 acre lot w/4 mtn & Smith Rock familial status or nabedrooms, 2.5 baths, views. $289,000. MLS tional origin, or inten2583 sq. ft. w/great #201206306 Pam NE Fixer Opportunity. tion to make any such room, main floor Lester, Principal Bro$200,000. 2802 NE preferences, limitamaster & office, famker, Century 21 Gold Ocker Dr., Bend, light tions or discrimination. ily room upstairs. Country Realty, Inc. and bright, open floor We will not knowingly Quality kitchen 541-504-1338 plan, large garage accept any advertisw/center island, granadditional living quaring for real estate ite counters, bamboo ters down. 2632 sq.ft., USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! which is in violation of floors. Shows like 3 bdrm, 3 bath. this law. All persons new. $359,900. #52184 Door-to-door selling with are hereby informed MLS#201200276. Scott McLean, fast results! It’s the easiest that all dwellings adwww.DavidFoster.Biz/ Princ. Broker, way in the world to sell. vertised are available Fresca. David Foster, 541-408-6909 on an equal opportuBroker 541-322-9934 Realty Executives The Bulletin Classiied nity basis. The BulleJohn L. Scott Real International Central tin Classified Estate, Bend 541-385-5809 Oregon.

NW Bend Newport Landing Incredible NW location Starting the mid $200,000s Pahlisch Homes The Hasson Company Realtors. Karen Malanga, Broker 541-390-3326

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541-385-5809 ONE-OF-A-KIND LOG HOME Custom log home, 4344 sq. ft., 3 bed/2.5 bath, views of Cascades, gourmet kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances. Huge deck for outdoor living. 62775 NW Idanha, Bend. $459,000. aniellesnow Danielle Snow, Broker 541-306-1015 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend

On The Fairway $262,000 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1841 sq.ft. This lovely single level home features a large maintenance free deck for outdoor entertaining w/sweeping views of the fairway. Don’t miss this one! Susan Sealock, Broker 541-480-5157 Hasson Company Realtors. Opportunity is Knocking. This westside home w/a separate 1 bdrm apartment is now available. Over 3 bdrms, private office, living room w/fireplace plus a cherry kitchen w/ss appliances, island and pantry. The master suite has a tile bathroom and gas fireplace. Near corner lot with RV parking. Enjoy outdoor living with a covered porch and rear deck. Short sale bargain...hurry. 2977 NW Wild Meadow Dr. - MLS #201202282. $299,900. Gary Everett, CCIM Principal Broker 541-480-6130 Joan Steelhammer, Broker 541-419-3717 Remax

Own a spacious home READY TO BUILD Riverfront Estate! on a large 1/2 acre lot ACREAGE Two Residences. Two close to shopping & PEEK-A-BOO Triple Garages. Two schools. Well main- CASCADE MOUNTAIN Lots! This amazing tained home w/newer VIEWS. Level acres waterfront estate fearoof, furnace and wajust east of Bend. tures 265 feet of Dester heater. Detached Cistern, septic & chutes River frontage oversized 2 car gaelectricity in place. and river views from rage w/3/4 bath & of$89,000 every room. 4300+ fice/studio behind, not MLS#201204335 sq. ft. main house w/3 included in house sq. bedrooms and 2.5 ft. Reverse living, 5330 baths 900+ sq. ft. great room concept Gail Rogers, Broker guest home with 3 w/wood burning fire541-604-1649 bedrooms and 1 bath. place. Master suite John L. Scott Real Gourmet kitchen with with access to hot tub Estate, Bend waterfall edge granite & decks, kitchen & counters. Office loft living & 1/2 bath on space. Six-car gaRECREATIONAL main level. Downrage, 900 ft. deep HAVEN stairs offers 3 beds, 1 Tranquil views from well, well house, shop bath, family room + to the middle of the condo at Seventh office. Lots of room for river with deeded acMountain Resort. Loeveryone. MLS# cess. Radiant heated cated minutes from 201202932. floors and interior Mt. Bachelor, lakes, $250,000. waterfall. downtown Bend. Melody Luelling CRS MLS#201202209. Many amenities! Call PC Principal Broker, 20015 Chaney Road, for details. Hasson Company Bend, OR MLS#201205410 Realtors, More photos: 541-330-8522 6573. $1,695,000 John R. Gist, 3368 Lisa McCarthy, Panoramic Mountain Broker, SRES Principal Broker. Views. 6800 Sq.ft., Cascadia Properties 541-419-8639 3500 + sq.ft. shop, 541-815-5000 John L. Scott Real 5 bdrm, 7 baths, Estate, Bend River front home. Enjoy 25 acres, $1,299,000. all that river front livCate Cushman, ing has to offer near Principal Broker REDMOND TOWNSITE downtown. Fantastic 541-480-1884 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath in opportunity to 1064+/- sq.ft. on a grade this well built 3 4792+/sq.ft. lot. Peaceful Lifestyle, bdrm home and creSolid 1950’s convacation rental, many ate your own estate in struction has been amenitites. 4 Bdrm, this incredible setting. professionally refur3 bath, 1813 sq.ft., Open floor plan with bished. It is a must $246,000. mostly main level livpreview property. The Cate Cushman, ing space, oak floorowner is in the busiPrincipal Broker ing and loft area. Priness of moving 541-480-1884 vate studio apartment homes, refurbishing over the large garage them & finding a new and extensive decks family to own them. PORTLAND | $359,900 for outdoor living on The home is vacant, Custom built, upthe river. Call today. so a preview of the graded 2694 sq. ft., 4 502 NW Harmon Blvd. home is EASY, anybedroom, 2.5 bath - MLS #201204651. time day or night. home. Remodeled $995,000. There is also a generkitchen with 18 inch Gary Everett, CCIM ous detached, tile flooring, solid Principal Broker double-garage. The cherry cabinets & 541-480-6130 zoning is C2, so an granite counters. Red Joan Steelhammer, in-home business oak solid strip flooring. Broker could be perfect. Beautiful backyard. 541-419-3717 $90,000. MLS#201206213 Remax MLS#201205193. Gary Rose, Broker Bobbie Strome, 541-588-0687 Where can you ind a Principal Broker John L Scott Real helping hand? Estate 541-385-5500 From contractors to REMARKABLE yard care, it’s all here RIVERFRONT HOME in The Bulletin’s Riverfront home with “Call A Service outstanding river views in gated commu- Professional” Directory nity. Beautiful Santa Fe home, 3 masters, RIVER WILD triple garage, huge COMMUNITY People Look for Information shop, 13.46 acres. A 2006 immaculate home About Products and must see! $850,000 with 2049 sq. ft., 3 Services Every Day through MLS#201010467 bdrm/2 bath, in Mt. The Bulletin Classifieds Bachelor Village. 2 2475 Kellie Cook, master suites, kitchen POWELL BUTTE! 10 Broker 541-408-0463 & great room, stainACRES! VIEWS! John L. Scott Real less steel appliances, Custom home, spaEstate, Bend 20 miles of Descious & light, chutes River hiking, gourmet kitchen, ofpool, hot tub and fice & more. Need to get an lodge all at your dis$825,000. posal. Must see! ad in ASAP? MLS#201106428 You can place it Call VIRGINIA, helleytexley. Shelley Principal Broker online at: R. Texley, Principal 541-350-3418 Broker, 541-693-8767 Redmond RE/MAX John L. Scott Real Land & Homes Estate, Bend 541-385-5809 Real Estate

SE Bend Badger Forest Affordable Excellence Starting in the mid $100,000s Pahlisch Homes The Hasson Company Realtors. Rhianna Kunkler, Broker 541-306-0939 SE Bend The Bridges World Class Amenities Starting in the mid $200,000s Pahlisch Homes The Hasson Company Realtors. Edie DeLay, Broker 541-420-2950 Julie Burgoni, Broker 541-306-8927 SKYLINER SUMMIT Hot tub, mountain views, westside! Spacious 3503 sq. ft. 4bed/3.5 ba, office. Two master suites, large upper & lower decks, wood flooring, large open kitchen w/upgrades. Tons of storage! Walking & biking trails nearby. Offered at $349,900. 263 NW Outlook Vista Dr. MLS#201202642. Shelley Arnold, Broker 541-771-9329 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend

SNOWBERRY VILLAGE #120 $119,000 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1674 sq. ft. 2000 Silvercrest. Corian counters, Tile floors, Trex decking, Solar Tubes. Formal living & dining rooms, enormous kitchen with island, bay window breakfast area. Master suite, 2 walk-in closets and huge bath. Den or 3rd bedroom with French doors, 3-car garage, central A/C, 1 year AHS warranty. Marilyn Rohaly, Broker 541-322-9954 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend

SNOWBERRY VILLAGE #38 Enjoy the carefree lifestyle at Snowberry Village, a 55+ community. Close to shopping and medical facilities. Spacious home with gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings, huge master bedroom and bath. Fenced yard with patio. $89,000 Maralin Baidenmann, Broker 541-325-1096 John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend

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4 bdrm, 3 bath home w/ great room, master suite, loft family area. OPEN Sat. & Sun 1-4, 2361 NW Lemhi Pass Dr, $499,000, 541-550-0333.

NEW CONSTRUCFieldstone crossing, 4 NEW CONSTRUCTION Cascade Mountain TION COMING bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2130 $330,000 Views | $588,000 NW REDMOND sq.ft., gas fireplace, Fabulous Westside lo- New 1-level on 12,000 sq. ft. lot. Beautiful 3 1504 sq. ft. 3 bdrm 2 tile countertops, slate cation! 4 bedroom, bedroom, 2 bath, entry, hardwood, huge bath lg lot, RV park2.75 bath, 4040 sq. ft. 2188 sq. ft., great deck, fenced, RV ing, sprinklers, landhome with living room, room plan with bonus/ area. $189,900. MLS scaped 24x24 overkitchen, great room, media room, kitchen #2012059483. Pam sized garage. Pricing dining room, office, with island, stainless Lester, Principal Broin the $155,000 bonus room and storsteel appliances, cenker, Century 21 Gold range. Call JEANNE age galore. All situtral vacuum, A/C. Country Realty, Inc. SCHARLUND, Princiated on a .61 acre lot. MLS#201205757 541-504-1338 pal Broker MLS#201203538 541-420-7978 Deborah Benson, P.C., Minda McKitrick, Broker Great family home in Redmond Re/Max Land Broker, GRI 541-280-6148 Redmond’s only golf & Homes Real Estate 541-480-6448 community. Immaculate 3 bed, 3 bath 1/4 Mi. Deschutes River home with living & frontage. Custom large family room single level 3 bdrm, 3 overlooking the bath, 3962 sq.ft., course and beauti12.72 acre gated fully landscaped community, private backyard with water setting. $997,000. feature, large deck MLS #201205961. with awning, overPam Lester, Principal ORION GREENS sized garage with Broker, Century 21 $349,000 DESCHUTES LANDroom for a shop or Gold Country Realty, This single level home ING river-front towncart. RV gated parkInc. 541-504-1338 with 3-car garage, homes starting in the ing. In new high open great room floor 2 bdrm, 2 bath on 1.12 low $400’s. Contact school Ridgeview disacres. $139,900. plan & desirable finEdie of Julie. Pahltrict. $257,500. MLS#201203821 ishes is ready to be isch Homes MLS#201204230. Call Linda Lou Day-Wright, built on .46 acre Lot offered by The Hasson Tena Grabar for pri#4 Orion greens. Broker, Crooked River Company Realtors vate showing. HighRealty, 541-771-2585 Large lot with Ponde855-385-6762 land Realty rosa trees & room for 32.42 Acres in Urban 541-923-2311 Old Mill District all your toys. Growth Boundary, Gorgeous mountain and $184,500 MLS#201201214 Adjacent to The pasture views. Old Mill District Darrin Kelleher, Broker Greens, kitty corner to $184,900. Charmer! New carThe Kelleher Group new Ridgeview High MLS 201205061 pets, new paint, appli541-788-0029 School. $599,000. Call Melody Curry, ances included and MLS #201203193 Broker, 541-771-1116 move-in ready! Pam Lester, Principal Crooked River Realty Hurry, won't last! Broker, Century 21 MLS#201205776 Gold Country Realty, Kelly Neuman, Broker Say “goodbuy” Inc. 541-504-1338 541-480-2102 to that unused 3360 sq. ft. shop with 3 overheads. Overitem by placing it in sized dbl. garage, 1109 sq. ft. home - 1 The Bulletin Classiieds acre. $125,000. MLS SE BEND | $319,000 #201206048Call 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath on 541-385-5809 Nancy Popp, Broker .46 acre park-like setting among tall pines. 541-815-8000 Great Golf Community! Total remodel. High Crooked River Realty 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1815 end finishes through- 770 NE Quince Ave., sq. ft. on .23 acre lot, out, stainless appliSINGLE LEVEL open floor plan, Redmond, 3 bdrm, 2 ances, 7" long soap$193,000 vaulted, jetted master bath in quiet NE stone kitchen island, Lovely home on 1/2 tub, landscaped, RV neighborhood near porcelain tile floors. acre. 1644 sq. ft. with parking. $163,000. public park. UpMLS#201205779 oversized living room, MLS 201203186. graded tile & wood. Greg Floyd, updated kitchen, and Pam Lester, Principal This home shows P.C., Broker hardwood floors. Broker, Century 21 pride of ownership. 541-390-5349 Quiet street with RV Gold Country Realty, $124,500. parking. Inc. 541-504-1338 MLS#201202761 MLS#201204686 Call Don Chapin, Cathy Del Nero, Broker Broker 541-410-5280 541-350-6777 Redmond RE/MAX Land & Homes Real Estate

THE BRIDGES. World Class amenities. Starting in the mid $200’s. Call Edie or Julie, 541-420-2950, 541-306-8927 Pahlisch Homes offered by The Hasson Company Realtors 855-385-6762

SW BEND | $315,000 Immaculate 4 bedroom home. Easy access to trails, fishing, golf and the athletic club. Nice interior finishes, includes all fur- Very attractive and nishings and applinewly remodeled ances. home in established MLS#201202442 neighborhood!! Large TenBroek - Hilber .49 acre lot in the Group, LLC heart of Bend!! Up541-550-4944 dated from roof to plumbing, this is one you will want to see inside of!! 3 bdrm/2 bath, beautiful kitchen, large living room and a fantastic family room are just the beginning. Fenced backyard, w/fantastic garden area, patio & large garage w/220 SW BEND | $579,000 electric allow lots of 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, outside living space 3035 sq. ft. townas well! $250,000 home nestled in the MLS#201202508. pine trees, close to the Deschutes River John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712 trail. Great room floor plan, vaulted beam 750 ceilings, gourmet Redmond Homes kitchen, paver patio, water feature. Large single story 3 MLS#201203181 bdrm, 2 bath, 2408 Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, sq. ft., hardwood, CRS, GRI, SFR granite counters, .23 541-610-9427 acre lot, mtn. views, low maint. landscaping. $149,000. MLS #201205100. Pam Lester, Principal Broker Century 21 Gold Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338


Northeast Bend Homes Great Location, 4.85 Acres | $419,900 Well maintained 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2128 sq. ft. home, 4.85 acres, irrigated & Mountain views. Nice great room floor plan, updated roof, windows & heat pump. fenced, cross fenced & 6 outbuildings. MLS#201206169 Greg Miller, P.C., Broker, CRS, GRI 541-408-1511

Immaculate Custom For More Ads home! Spectacular The Bulletin panoramic views. Private, fenced 0.44 acre Large Home in NW yard landscaped to Redmond $162,500. perfection. Over 1000 Huge master suite, sq. ft. of decking & huge fenced backwater feature w/3 yard, well maintained ponds. Single level home. MLS home features hard#201103365 wood flooring, granite Call Jim Hinton countertops, eating 541-420-6229. bar, Triple garage with shop area & RV Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC parking. $324,750 MLS#201203630 John L. Scott Real Located in the heart of Redmond. Beautifully Estate 541-548-1712 updated home on .37 Immaculate SW Redacre lot w/upgrades. mond 3 bdrm, 2 bath Brand new master home, 1482 sq. ft., suite. Home is 44 Pergo and tile floors bdrm/2 bath, large throughout. $129,900. living room, formal MLS201204434 MLS# dining, nice kitchen! 201201105. Pam Outside: pull through Lester, Principal Brogarage, extra storage ker, Century 21 Gold bldg. Alley access Country Realty, Inc. makes moving your 541-504-1338 toys around a breeze! Call to see this one of Want to impress the a kind home today! MLS#201202360. relatives? Remodel $225,000 your home with the John L. Scott Real Eshelp of a professional tate 541-548-1712 from The Bulletin’s “Call A Service Main level living... Except for bonus room Professional” Directory upstairs! Granite counters, wood floorImpeccable custom ing, gas range. home. 3 Bdrm, 2.5 Double up/down bath, bonus room, blinds. Den/office. 3 den, 2633 sq.ft., 5+/car garage and RV acres, hardwood, parking behind gate. large rear deck. Fully landscaped with $300,000. MLS sprinkler system. #201201384 Pam Lester, Principal Bro- MLS#201204020 John L. Scott ker, Century 21 Gold Real Estate Country Realty, Inc. 541-548-1712 541-504-1338

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Between Bend and Redmond, 4 bdrm, 2.75 bath, 2485 sq.ft., 2.24 acres, 30x30 shop, w/RV bay, huge rear deck. $369,000. MLS #201103219. Pam Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338

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Clean single level 1590 sq. ft. home with 3 bdrms, , 2 baths, new flooring and paint, central AC, located in Forest Commons. MLS#201204758. $130,000 John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712

Full color ad photos CHEVY BLAZER, 1991 4x4

Cottage-Style Bungalow. $65,000. 2 bdrm, 1 bath, 780 sq. ft. completely remodeled, 9148 sq. ft. lot, park-like landscaping, greenhouse. MLS#201205043. Pam Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Too new for MLS! 2159 Gold Country Realty, sq. ft. home with huge Inc. 541-504-1338 Cascade views, 1 acre, dbl. garage. Call EAGLE CREST Nancy Popp, Broker $359,900 541-815-8000 Custom built home on Crooked River Realty the 13th hole of the Resort Course. Split Affordable Redmond level with 2 master home with numerous suites on the main updates including a level. It's just a quick brand new roof, intejaunt over to the ownrior paint, upgraded ers-only pool & tennis windows. Outfitted courts. Large .63 acre with entry ramps and lot. MLS#201202347 wide doors to accommodate handicap Nicolette Jones, Broker 541-241-0432 access. Extensive concrete decking around the home and in-ground sprinklers complete the yard. Large storage shed shelters your tools and yard equipment from the elements. Must see, traditional sale! $119,900 MLS#201204932 D&D Realty Group LLC 866-346-7868

3 bdrm, 2 bath custom McCALL LANDING. home, huge shop. Our Newest Commu$299,000. MLS# Eagle Crest, on 16th nity starting in the mid 201203307 tee/Ridge GC, FSBO, $100’s. Call Rhianna Call Julie Fahlgren $367,000 3 Bdrm, 3 541-306-0939 Broker, 541-550-0098 bath, large den, 2166 Pahlisch Homes Crooked River Realty sq ft. For details, visit offered by The Hasson UPDATED HOME! | Company Realtors 541-504-7166 $139,900. 1098 sq. ft., 855-385-6762 3 bedrm, 2 bath, Fabulous Canyon Rim. Landscaped. All new 749 Once in a lifetime opcarpet, paint, kitchen Southeast Bend Homes portunity. Breathtakcabinets, SS appliing views of the canances, bathroom NE Bend yon from your reverse cabinets & sink McCall Landing living floor plan. Jim Hinton Our Newest Community Vaulted living room, 541-420-6229 Starting in the Mid pellet stove. The Central Oregon Realty $100,000’s. kitchen has an island Group, LLC Pahlisch Homes & solid oak cabinetry. The Hasson Many upgrades inNEW CONSTRUCCompany Realtors. cluding tiled baths, TION COMING Rhianna Kunkler, huge bonus room on NW REDMOND Broker, 541-306-0939 1602 sq. ft. 3 bdrm 2 lower level, attached garage, landscaping, bath, lg lot, extended circular drive, carport, RV parking, sprinTake care of decks, paver patio, klers, landscaped. your investments garden area & more! 24x24 oversized ga8x10 storage shed & rage. Call JEANNE with the help from partial fencing. SCHARLUND, PrinciCheck out the The Bulletin’s MLS#201206225 pal Broker classiieds online $269,000 541-420-7978 “Call A Service Professional” Directory Redmond Re/Max Land D&D Realty Group LLC Updated daily & Homes Real Estate 866-346-7868

Great neighborhood. LAKESIDE - The views wonderful floor plan don’t get any better with large bonus room than this from your or could be considpatio! 3 bdrm/2 bath, ered another bed1871 sq.ft. Creekside room, fenced back Townhome - partially yard. Master bedfurnished. room is on the main MLS#201202466 floor as well. $239,950 John L. $130,000 Scott Real Estate MLS#201205216 541-548-1712 D&D Realty Group LLC 866-346-7868 TURN THE PAGE

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Beautiful well cared for ranch-style home on .51 acre. 3 bdrms, 2 baths, over 2000 sq.ft., all on one level. Home has 9’ ceilings, triple garage and view of Smith Rock and the Cascades. Tons of upgrades, this is a home you will definitely want to see. $223,500. MLS#201107890 John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712

Tahoe LT, tow, air, tilt, leather interior, custom wheels and trim, loaded, $8,900 OBO.

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DINING TABLE, oak, w/8 chairs $400; 5-piece oak dinette $100; Gold La-Z-Boy sofa sleeper & rocker recliner $200; 4-piece dble. maple bdrm. set $100. All items must go now!

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DINING TABLE, oak, w/8 chairs $400; 5-piece oak dinette $100; Gold La-Z-Boy sofa sleeper & rocker recliner $200; 4-piece dble. maple bdrm. set $100. All items must go now!

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MINI BEAGLE PUPPIES 2 females,$250, 2 males, $350, AKC registered. Cute!

MINI BEAGLE PUPPIES 2 females,$250, 2 males, $350, AKC registered. Cute!

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MINI BEAGLE PUPPIES 2 females,$250, 2 males, $350, AKC registered. Cute!

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SPACIOUS HOME IN True riverfront property Awbrey Butte Great PARK in town. Approx. 100’ Price | $374,500 Only $35,000! Come of low bank access Cozy home on large nicely landscaped lot w/private dock. Home and check out this with views of Pilot offers huge living spacious home with Butte, city lights & room w/gas fireplace, large and private back great southern expospacious formal dindeck and yard in sure. Bright throughing. Both have hardSuntree MHP (55+ out. Designer colors, wood flooring. Kitchen community)! Clubvaulted ceilings, on was remodeled in house in community. one of the nicest 2004. 2nd level has a Close to Senior Censtreets -- a must see!. living area, bedroom, ter, a park and bus MLS#201103293 3/4 bath & sitting area route. 1001 SE 15th w/own entrance. Main Debbie Johnson, Broker St. #17 level master plus MLS#201109851, 541-480-1293 great room off of kitchen. Beautiful 258. grounds abundant Faye Phillips, Broker w/roses, fruit trees, 541-306-4171 shrubs & flowers. John L. Scott Real Deck access from Estate, Bend master, family room & sitting room. Great SPOTLESS & central location. STYLISH IN MLS#201201109 BROKEN TOP $525,000. 3 Bdrm, 3.5 Bath, 2703 Awbrey Glen Fairway sq. ft.., double garage, Melody Luelling CRS PC Principal Broker, Single$435,000 2 master suites & den level faces the Hasson Company on main level! Stain11th fairway. The Realtors, less, hardwood, tile, vaulted great room 541-330-8522 stone, fireplace. Qualwith fireplace gathers ity craftsmanship! TUCKED BACK FOR light from windows Bend’s premier gated facing 3 directions. PRIVACY golf course commu- 3 bdrm, 3.5 baths in Large master suite. nity, close to river trail. Deck is shaded by 3262 sq.ft. on 10.29 $399,000 More phomature evergreens. acres. This property is tos: Private setting. meticulously MLS#201102632 tained & set up for 3199 Peggy Lee Craig Smith, Broker easy care use & enCombs, Broker, 541-322-2417 joyment. 4 acres of ir541-480-7653 rigation with 2 ponds John L. Scott Real & irrigation equipEstate, Bend ment includes self priming pumps. 1400 SUNRIVER sq. ft. barn with tack GETAWAY! room & runs, fenced & Minutes from Sunriver cross fenced with diin a wonderful rect access to BLM park-like setting. Spa(ride out from home). cious floor plan with 3 bedroom suites, full vaulted ceilings, lots mud room/utility room of light. Great place to plus pantry, soaring Beautiful home on Awbrey Butte. Formal vacation or live perriver rock fireplace, living room and formanently. Traditional large farm style mal dining room, Sale. kitchen, 4 car garage kitchen features inBarbara Jackson, with shop area, covclude knotty alder Broker 541-306-8186 ered porch. $539,900 cabinets, porcelain John L. Scott Real MLS# 201203843 or counter tops, stainEstate, Bend visit less steel appliances, hardwood floors, and Bobbie Strome, SUNTREE VILLAGE breakfast nook. FamPrincipal Broker #219 • $35,400 ily room with gas fireJohn L Scott Real 3 bedroom, 2 bath, place, 4 bedrooms, 2000 Marlette. Open Estate 541-385-5500 2.5 baths. Lovely floor plan, vaulted. master bedroom with Large kitchen, oak Just too many cathedral ceilings and cabinets. Attached gacollectibles? views of Pilot Butte, rage. Master suite, jetted tub. Professionwalk-in closet, master ally landscaped with Sell them in bath with garden tub sprinklers, security & shower. Beautifully The Bulletin Classiieds system. $309,950 landscaped. MLS#201205896. Call MLS#201202310. Johnnie Murray for a 541-385-5809 Marilyn Rohaly, Broker private showing. 541-322-9954 Highland Realty TUMALO John L. Scott Real 541-923-0936 Very special Estate, Bend one-of-a-kind GREAT LOCATION erty! Beautiful custom SW Bend $239,900 5180 sq. ft. home fully Deschutes Landing loaded with views of Great Westside locaRiverfront Townhomes tion close to downthe Cascade MounStarting in the low town and The Old Mill tains. Features in$400,000s District. 2 lots with 1 clude: 22 Acres, 5000 Pahlisch Homes bedroom, 1 bath sq. ft.-14 stall barn, The Hasson home. RM zoned in 8600 sq. ft. indoor Company Realtors. the historic district. arena plus round Edie Delay, Broker MLS#201203906 arena. Rhonda Garri541-420-2950, JJ Jones, Broker son & Chris Sperry Julie Burgoni, Broker 541-610-7318 Principal Broker & 541-306-8927 541-788-3678 Broker 541-279-1768 & 541-550-4922 Good classiied ads tell John L. Scott Real the essential facts in an Estate, Bend interesting Manner. Write from the readers view - not Turnkey Ranch W/Casthe seller’s. Convert the cade mtn views, built facts into beneits. Show in 1993, 38+ acres the reader how the item will with 26+ irrigation, help them in some way. barn, shop, hay shed, fenced. $550,000. MLS #201003925 NEWPORT LANDING Pam Lester, Principal Incredible NW location. Starting in the mid Broker, Century 21 $200’s. Call Karen, Gold Country Realty, 541-390-3326. PahlInc. 541-504-1338 The perfect rural home. isch Homes offered Beautiful 4 bdrm VIEW PROPERTY by The Hasson Comhome in rural setting 2.49 acres between pany Realtors yet very close to Bend & Redmond, 855-385-6762 shopping and schools. 1998 home, dbl gaNewly upgraded with NW BEND | $525,000 rage, insulated new carpet, paint, roof Panoramic city views, heated/cooled ofand incredible gourcustom built 3 bedfice/workroom with met kitchen with cook room, 2.5 bath craftsfull bath separate island, quartz man, modern touches. from house, Concounters and deluxe Walnut hardwoods, crete RV pad and ss applicances. 3 Bay concrete counters, alseveral hook-up garage plus 24x40 der cabinets, granite, spots. $180,000. shop w/huge office slate, cork floors, MLS#201205184 and fireplace. Beautiplantation shutters & Call KELLY fully landscaped 2 private backyard. STARBUCK, Broker acres 2/ many trees, MLS#201204489 541-771-7786 private decks and Amy Halligan, Broker Redmond RE/MAX pleanty of RV parking. 541-410-9045 Land & Homes 62508 Quail Ridge Real Estate MLS #201204819. $399,950. VIEWS ON 3.8 ACRES Gary Everett, CCIM Mountain views, 3740 Principal Broker sq. ft. Master on main 541-480-6130 with bonus, office, Joan Steelhammer, sauna, solarium & Broker weight room. RV 541-419-3717 parking with 2 gaRemax rages. 3-stall barn, fenced on 3.8 acres. THE PERFECT NW Bend / Marken Private full studio. SETTING FOR YOUR Heights | $409,900 MLS#201202344. NEW HOME New construction on Theresa Ramsay, Broken Top, 0.53 Acres Bend's Westside. Broker 541-815-4442 Offered at $275,000 2322 sq. ft. home has John L. Scott Real Cate Cushman, 3 bedrooms, den and Estate, Bend Principal Broker bonus room. Quality 541-480-1884 upgrades, fully landWarm & Welcoming. scaped, plus CasStone fireplace, cade Mountain views! This home & property vaulted great room, MLS#201203945 offer it all! Updated, 4 bdrm, 5.5 bath, 6266 Diane Robinson, well maintained 4+ sq.ft., short sale. Broker, ABR beds, 3.5 bath home, $975,000. 541-419-8165 slab granite, hardCate Cushman, wood floors, 3 wood Principal Broker burning fireplaces, 541-480-1884 formal & casual living plus bonus room, office & flex space on WILD RIVER 10+- acres. 7 autoCOMMUNITY matic, underground ir- 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 2160 rigated acres. Fenced sq. ft. custom home in & cross-fenced w/8 Wild River just walkstall barn & tack room, ing distance to Prin110x220 irrigated gle Falls. Whether it’s NW CROSSING arena, 24x24 shop, a full-time residence $423,900 chicken coop, 2 or vacation getaway, Charming two-story ponds, garden area you’ll love escaping to craftsman home. 3 that all adjoins acres the Deschutes Nabedrooms, 2.5 bathof BLM Public Land tional Forest with its rooms, 1964 sq. ft., plus Cascade mounpicturesque Pondeopen floor plan, gas tain views. Adjoining rosa Pines and Desfireplace, covered 10+- acres also availchutes River. A must deck and hard-to-find able. $695,000 to see! $219,000 large fenced yard. MLS#201201941. Close to shops and Melody Luelling CRS aniellesnow Danielle outdoor trail network. PC Principal Broker, Snow, Broker MLS#201206205 Hasson Company 541-306-1015 Jerry Stone, Broker Realtors, John L. Scott Real 541-390-9598 541-330-8522 Estate, Bend












Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Sunriver/La Pine Homes

Sunriver/La Pine Homes

Jefferson County Homes

Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

NEW SINGLE LEVEL HOME | $159,900 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1554 sq. ft. Ranch Style. Landscaped w/sprinkler sys. MLS#201203740 Jim Hinton 541-420-6229 Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC NICE LARGE HOME | $139,000. All remodeled and ready to move into. Downstairs with huge living area, 4 bdrms, 2 baths. Fred Crouch 541-350-1945 Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC Look at: for Complete Listings of Area Real Estate for Sale ON THE 11th FAIRWAY behind the gate at Eagle Crest. 3725 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 3.75 baths, 2 huge bonus rooms, large deck, 3 car garage, alder cabinetry, granite countertops. MLS#201203992. $577,000 John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712 Price reduced! 4 bdrm, 2 bath beautiful home with big shop. $99,900. MLS# 201106461 Call Julie Fahlgren Broker, 541-550-0098 Crooked River Realty Single level on 1 acre, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1716 sq.ft., master separation, office, fenced, flower garden, RV parking. $145,000. MLS #201007848. Pam Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338 SPACIOUS AND IMMACULATE 2250 sq. ft. craftsman style home with 4 bdrms, 3 baths, triple garage on the Dry Canyon in Redmond. $235,000 MLS#201204870. John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712

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Sunriver/La Pine Homes Craftsman style home 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, master on main floor. Hickory floors, tile counter tops, private patio, gas fireplace. Too many extras to list! $185,000 MLS# 201204253 Cascade Realty, Dennis Haniford, Princ. Broker 1-541-536-1731 151719 Wagon Trail, LaPine, $178,000. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1702 sq. ft. home, 3 acres. Oversize 2-car garage with bath. High Lakes Realty & Property Management 541-536-0117 52050 White Fir $340,000. 2360 sf, 3 bdrm, 3 bath, horse set-up, fencing, barn. High Lakes Realty & Property Management, 541-536-0117 14211 Whitewater $359,900. 2947 sf, 4 bdrm 3 bath, custom home in Wildriver. High Lakes Realty & Property Management, 541-536-0117 15676 Twin Dr., $135,900. Spotless 3 bdrm, 2 bath, covered porch, oversized garage, 1 acre. High Lakes Realty & Property Management 541-536-0117 15862 Bristlecone lane. $92,500. Darling 1128 sq. ft. 2 bdrm + bonus room, 2 bath, decks, on 1 acre. High Lakes Realty & Property Management 541-536-0117

16033 Cascade $130,000. 1538 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, over541-385-5809 sized garage, .89 acre on paved road. High UPDATED OLDER Lakes Realty & PropHOME $149,000 erty Management New flooring, paint, ap541-536-0117 pliances & RV parking. MLS#201205102 Need help ixing stuff? Call Jim Hinton Call A Service Professional 541-420-6229. ind the help you need. Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC

1764 Lariat Dr., This 3 bdrm/2 bath $49,900. Well kept 145650 Buckaroo $95,000. 3 bdrm, 2 home has it all vaulted home just off pave$149,900. 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1296 sq. ft. dbl. ceilings, new winment, close to school bath, 1950 sf, 2 story, garage with shop dows, open floor conand easy access to garage, 1.5 acres. area. 1 acre. High cepts, granite counter highway. Move in High Lakes Realty & Lakes Realty & Proptops, slate shower in ready with kitchen apProperty Manageerty Management master. Outside is a pliances and washer ment, 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 back deck that wraps & dryer. Enclosed around with a hot tub carport gives feeling 50760 South Fawn Dr $169,000. Top of the and covered access of garage. Wall A/C in 2532 Cuevas Ct., line 3 Bdrm 2 bath, to the double garage. dining room, 3 bdrms $219,000. Immacu840 sf shop, 1.16 $128,500 MLS and 2 baths. Small late 2786 sq. ft. 4 acres. High Lakes 201206017 fenced backyard. bdrm, 2 bath home on Realty & Property Cascade Realty, MLS#201203697 1.6 acres. High Lakes Management, Realty & Property Dennis Haniford, Princ. D&D Realty Group LLC 541-536-0117 Broker 866-346-7868 Management 1-541-536-1731 541-536-0117 Close to schools. Nice 3 13206 SW Golden bedroom home in Mantel, CRR Custom If You’re About town and close to 2470 sq. ft., 3 bedTick, Tock Nature ... $219,000 schools. Landscaped room, 2.5 bath on 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a fenced yard, Tick, Tock... 1.98 acres. Hexagon home on 2.34 wooded RV parking too! shaped great room ...don’t let time get acres. 3-car garage MLS#201106963 has lots of windows to +2 oversized sheds & $79,900 D&D Realty away. Hire a enjoy the views. 1600 RV parking. Large Group LLC sq. ft. garage/shop professional out kitchen enjoys island/ 866-346-7868 with RV door. Landof The Bulletin’s snack bar. Outdoor scaped, fruit trees and Juniper Butte in Culver. enthusiasts experifenced. $259,000 “Call A Service 3 bdrm., 2.5 bath, ence it all - fly fish, MLS# 201205217. 1910 sq. ft., 2.39 Professional” kayak, snowshoe! Juniper Realty acres, spectacular MLS#201202811 Directory today! 541-504-5393 mtn. views, large rear Bonnie Savickas, deck. $200,000. MLS Broker 145040 Hwy 31 Three Rivers South 201203539. Pam $149,900. 5 acres, 541-408-7537 $239,000 Lester, Principal Bropole barn, green2116 sq. ft., 4 bedker, Century 21 Gold house, 2 Bdrm, 2 room, 2 bath home on Country Realty, Inc. bath, 1120 sf, sun.94 acre in Oregon 541-504-1338 room. High Lakes ReWater Wonderland. alty & Property ManRV garage & shop Very clean, very cute agement, with 2 rolling doors, home in Culver with 541-536-0117 outbuildings & the fully fenced back yard ability to have horses. and RV parking in Fantastic mountain Access BLM land beback. Turn key ready views! Beautiful Powhind the property. and a great buy. Don’t ell Butte log home on MLS#201205728 miss this one! 5.81 acres with 2 bed Nice 2 story home with Jack Johns, MLS#201205983 2 bath, with master on 4 bdrm, 2bath, 2 are Broker, GRI $94,500 D&D Realty the main. Den/loft upmaster bedrooms. 541-480-9300 Group LLC stairs leading out to Upstairs has a family 866-346-7868 porch and fantastic room & full bath, dbl. 757 mountain views. Tragarage and is fully ditional sale. call for fenced. $129,900. Crook County Homes showing! $278,000. MLS 201205524 MLS#201200717 Cascade Realty, RESIDENTIAL/InvestJohn L. Scott Dennis Haniford, Princ. ment | $89,000 Real Estate Broker Recent remodel w/new 541-548-1712 1-541-536-1731 windows, doors, paint, and flooring. The Bulletin MLS#201203189 Very clean home which What are you To Subscribe call Call Fred Crouch, has been newly 541-350-1945 541-385-5800 or go to looking for? painted inside. Has a large shop/garage Central Oregon Realty You’ll ind it in Group LLC with 10’ door and additional storage. Newer Prineville Home! 52916 Old Lake Rd The Bulletin Classiieds $199,000. Two 1848 $104,000 MLS 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1296 sf homes, two 20-acre 201205574 Cascade sq. ft., vaulted, skyparcels, 4 car garage. Realty, Dennis Hani541-385-5809 lights, master bdrm High Lakes Realty & ford, Princ. Broker separation, covered Property Manage1-541-536-1731 deck, RV area. Sunriver Golf ment, 541-536-0117 $105,000. MLS# New Course | $389,000 756 Listing! Pam Lester, 50040 Darlene Way Furnished, Sunriver Principal Broker, golf course home on Jefferson County Homes $179,900. 10 acres, Century 21 Gold large, private, cul-de1112 sf cabin, bunkCountry Realty, Inc. sac. 3 bedroom plus Reduced! Private nice house, shop, garage. area close in at 541-504-1338 den/ 4th bedroom. High Lakes Realty & Crooked River Ranch. Large stone fireplace, Property ManageMETICULOUS HOME! 3 bdrm., 2 bath, very high ceilings, remodment, 541-536-0117 Desirable location, only nice DBL car garage, eled. near the new minutes from town & $99,900, MLS Aquatic and RecrePrineville Reservoir Log home on 2+ acres 201202001. $264,000 | Mtn. views ation center! has breathtaking CasCall Julie Fahlgren with rustic feeling, two MLS#201202873 cade views. Low Broker 541-550-0098 acres irrigation, New Diane Lozito, Broker maintenance yard. Crooked River Realty tile in master bath. 541-548-3598 Open roomy floor New paint & carpet. 246 Jefferson St., Meto- plan, vaulted ceilings, Great small acreage lius. Exc. investment lots of light from the w/privacy, room for or first home. Home large windows, nice animals & your toys. rents for $550 per office, and nook. Two Detached shop, month. Located close treed acres, plenty of MLS#201200600 to the school. Owner room for your toys!!! Fred Crouch, will carry contract. MLS#201204820 541-350-1945 MLS #201205682 Ju$159,900 niper Realty D&D Realty Group LLC Central Oregon Realty Group LLC 541-504-5393 866-346-7868

Redmond. 109ý acres with 64 acres COI. Full Cascade Mtn. views. $499,000. MLS#201006080 TRAVIS HANNAN, Principal Broker, 541-788-3480 Redmond RE/MAX Land & Homes Real Estate 16249 South Dr. $595,000. 6.27 acre horse property with gorgeous 2922 sf home, shop. High Lakes Realty & Property Management, 541-536-0117 KOZY KABIN | $265,000 Cozy log home with Cascade views at Crooked River Ranch. Horse barn & tack room, enormous shop with separate room Extra space in the bunk house/storage building. MLS#201203985 Gail Day 541-306-1018 Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC FIND IT! BUY IT! SELL IT! The Bulletin Classiieds

1592 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 Beautiful & peaceful bath, site-built, 2 car setting | $649,000 garage, 24x36 shop 4 bdrm, 2.5 baths, 2275 w/10’ ceilings & 220V sq. ft. on 40 acres power, all on 1.22 treed horse property, acacre lot in CRR. cess to BLM. $195,000. MLS#201204029. Vicci Bowen reo/3069581828.html 541-410-9730 Call 541-633- 9613 Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC 2.4 mtn. view acres, 2288 sq. ft. 2-story Between Bend & Redhome w/dbl. garage, mond, 4 bdrm, 2.75 exc. cond., 1200 sq. bath, 2485 sq.ft., 2.24 ft. shop. $269,000. acres, 30x30 shop w/ MLS#201204852 RV bay, huge rear Call Nancy Popp, deck. $369,000. MLS 541-815-8000, #201103219. Pam Crooked River Realty Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold Country Realty, Inc. 3 bdrm, 2 bath horse 541-504-1338 property w/barn & incredible views. COUNTRY RANCH MLS#201203441. $429,000 $154,000. Beautiful ranch on Call Julie Fahlgren, 15.74 acres. 3 bed541-550-0098, room, 2.5 bath with Crooked River Realty wrap-around covered porch, 115x215 smooth welded pipe 3 bdrm, 2 bath on 1.15 arena, 3 stall 36x48 acres. $105,000. barn. End of road priMLS#201205372 vacy, 2 large ponds Call Linda Lou attract waterfowl & Day-Wright, wildlife. 541-771-2585, MLS#201202834 Crooked River Realty Craig Long, Broker 541-480-7647 3 bdrm, 2 bath on 6.5 acres. Call for details. MLS#201205303 Call Linda Lou Day-Wright, 541-771-2585, Crooked River Realty

16048 Dawn $329,000. Custom home on 4.15 acres, 1699 sf built in 2002. High Lakes Realty & Property Management, 541-536-0117 3 bedroom, 2 bath beautiful home. Barn, 12250 NW Dove Rd. shop, 3-car garage. Custom cedar sided $145,000. home with floor to MLS#201204133 ceiling windows to take in the mtn., Call Julie Fahlgren, views. Immaculate Broker, Crooked River 1841 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 Realty, 541-550-0098 bath home, tongue & groove vaulted ceil- 4.8 ACRES | $311,000 ings, gas free stand- Mountain views, irrigation, nicely fenced, ing stove, and wood paved driveway & 4 accents throughout. bedroom single level Completely fenced home with some up4.81 acres. $385,000 dating. Hay barn, MLS# 201101447 shop & 2 stall horse Juniper Realty, barn. Great location & 541-504-5393 perfect set up for your small farm! 12851 SW Deer MLS#201206165 Crossing. Remodeled Darryl Doser, 3 bdrm 2 bath 1440 Broker, CRS sq. ft. CRR home. 541-383-4334 Granite counters, hickory cabinets, bamboo wood floors, vinyl windows, updated plumbing, new roof, the list goes on. Garage, carport and RV covered parking. Large back deck with hot tub. Home is on 2 tax lots totaling 2.29 acres. $109,000 MLS 5 acres with mountain 201204410 views, 3 bdrm, 2 bath Juniper Realty, 1620 sq. ft., irrigated, 541-504-5393 36x40 shop, fenced, extensive sprinkler 15775 Parkway Dr., system. $279,000. $139,900. 2 bdrm, 2½ MLS2809225. bath 1386 sq. ft. shop Pam Lester Principal /barn, 4.69 acres, Broker Century 21 horse ready! High Gold Country Lakes Realty & PropRealty Inc. erty Management 541-504-1338 541-536-0117

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Custom home and outstanding Cascade Views! $299,450 MLS#201204034 Call Melody Curry, Broker 541-771-1116 Crooked River Realty Fantastic river views from the overlooking trex decking of this expansive home minutes from the heart of Central Oregon. Over 4500 sq. ft. of well-appointed living which includes an open concept kitchen with granite slab countertops, slate flooring, and high end appliances. Cobblestone fireplaces adorn multiple rooms with large windows exposing the Cascade Mountains and Deschutes River Canyon. Large outbuilding for your toys or animals as well as a shop and triple attached garage. 10+ acres waiting for you! MLS#201206326 $530,000 D&D Realty Group LLC 866-346-7868 Advertise your car! Add A Picture!

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Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

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Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Equestrian 5-acres, Build Your Dream GATED ACREAGE SMITH ROCK & Cas36x48 6-stall barn, Home! $52,500 MLS# Very secluded gated 10 cade views with a grooming stall, wash 201105164 fenced acres with very clean cottage on rack, hay barn & more Call Melody Curry, 2000 sq. ft. custom 2 acres of irrigated + 1560 sq.ft. home! Broker, 541-771-1116 home, trex decking, property. $250,000 $310,000. Crooked River Realty Mtn. Views, 60x36 inClose to Smith Rock sulated Shop with atState Park. MLS# MLS#201204782 Call $35,000. 9148 sq. ft. lot tached guest quarters, 201204828. Nancy Popp, on cul-de-sac, util. 2 septic, loafing shed, John L. Scott Real Es541-815-8000 stubbed in PUE, close RV hook-up, private tate 541-548-1712 Crooked River Realty to West Canyon Rim well, plenty of room to Park and access to park toys and have TUMALO | $799,950 WANTED: Ranch, will work trade for finDry Canyon Trail. Lush Tumalo ranch animals. NO CC&R’s ished, Mt./Columbia MLS 201005021. with 19.5 acres, 18.5 or HOA, easy access River View, gated, Pam Lester, Principal irrigated. Custom to Bend, Redmond or residential developBroker. Century 21 home with 4330 sq. Sisters. One-of-a-kind ment in the Columbia Gold Country Realty, ft., 1 acre vineyard, property. $475,000 River Gorge, Inc. 541-504-1338 landscaped, barn, MLS#201203090. 509-767-1539. fenced garden and Call Tena Grabar at orchard, and much Find It in 771 Highland Realty more. Great horse 541-923-2311 The Bulletin Classifieds! Lots property! 541-385-5809 Golf course home, 2363 MLS#201106678 Driveway in and mtn. sq. ft., 3 masters, one Brandon Fairbanks, views. 1.02 acres. 4.38 Acre view lot with sitting room and Broker, SRES, $$46,900 backs to BLM, Caskitchenette, 243 sq. ft. GRI, CDPE MLS#201103466 cade mtn & Smith bonus room, 541-383-4344 Call Melody Curry, Rock views. Corner $299,000. Broker, 541-771-1116 lot, approved for stanMLS#201103975 Crooked River Realty dard septic. $199,000. Call Nancy Popp Broker, 541-815-8000 885 - $125,000 Beauti- MLS #2809381 Pam Lester, Principal BroCrooked River Realty ful lot with Cascade ker, Century 21 Gold Mountain views. Bring Log home on 5 acres Country Realty, Inc. your builder and build has 3 bdrm/2 bath 541-504-1338 your dream home! with remodeled Ownership also en- 9148 Sq.ft. lot, kitchen with stainless joys all of the ameni- cul-de-sac, utilities stove & fridge. 36x40 ties that Eagle Crest stubbed into PUE, barn, 36x40 shop/ga- Turn-key Ranch w/ has to offer. close to West CanCascade mtn. views! rage fenced & cross Eagle Crest yon Rim Park and acBuilt in 1993, 38+ fenced. So much here Properties™ cess to the dry canacres w/ 26+ irrig., for $329,000 MLS 866-722-3370 yon trail. $35,000. barn, shop, hay shed, 201206125 MLS# 201005021 fenced. $550,000. 890 $139,000 Perfect Cascade Realty, Pam Lester, Principal MLS #201003925. Dennis Haniford, location for your Broker, Century 21 Pam Lester, Principal Princ. Broker dream home at Eagle Gold Country Realty, Broker, Century 21 1-541-536-1731 Crest! Located on a Gold Country Realty, beautiful and presti- Inc. 541-504-1338 MOTIVATED SELLER! Inc. 541-504-1338 gious cul-de-sac on Build Your Dream 41 acres with a custom The Ridge. 1/3 acre Home | $59,900 3135 sq. ft. home. Views! Views! Views! lot in coveted Phase. Large .47 acre lot on Open living area with 79.69 acres w/27 Bring your builder or desired Fairway large river rock fireacres of irrigation. meet with one of our Heights Drive. Beauplace, heated bathBarn, shop, & guest many partners to ex- tiful views of the city, room floor, granite quarters w/almost plore the possibilities. Pilot Butte, eastern counters & more. 25 2200ý sq. ft. house. Eagle Crest mountain range, and acres of COI irrig. $400,000. Properties™ a glimpse of the golf Add’l horse & shop MLS#201200048 866-722-3370 course. Nestled in bldgs. RV hookup. Call TRAVIS HANpine trees. Close to $599,000 MLS LOTS NAN, Principal Broriver trail. #201107246 John L. • .5 Acre, nicely treed ker 541-788-3480 MLS#201105195 Scott Real Estate lot $18,000 Redmond ReMax Jackie French, Broker 541-548-1712 AD#3362 Land & Homes Real 541-480-2269 • .6 Acre, septic apEstate NE BEND | $369,000 proved $32,500 Enjoy peace and tranAD#2092 763 quility on 2.85 private • .5 Acre, close to river acres with gorgeous Recreational Homes $34,900 AD#2302 Cascade views. Large & Property • 5 Acres, ready for your master suite. vaulted dream home wood ceilings. Pos- Borders government $69,999 AD#8572 sible mother-in-law lands this 3 bedroom • .63 Acre, Deschutes suite. Borders BLM. home has walk-in River $76,500 Bring your horse and closets in each bedAD#2542 toys. RV area. room & ceiling fans. • 1.24 Acre, NW Bend Canyon Dr., Redmond MLS#201205268 Front deck has been acreage $79,900 1.13 acres with access Jane Strell, Broker, made into a sunroom. AD#2962 from two streets proABR, GRI Oversized 2-car ga- • 20 Acres, fully fenced viding you many 541-948-7998 rage with propane w/security gate building site options. heater plus extra RV $89,000 AD#2822 Owner terms availcover. $89,000 • 1.83 Acre, Deschutes able. $58,500 MLS# MLS#201200073 River lot $124,000 201106385 541-536-1731 AD#2182 Juniper Realty, Cascade Realty • 2+ Acre Riverfront, 541-504-5393 owner financing Beautifully maintained 3 $135,000 AD#3202 Have an item to bdrm/2 bath home on • 26+ Acres, NW Bend 6.5 acres on Cressell quick? home site $279,000 cent Creek. Over 600’ AD#8112 If it’s under creek frontage with • 40+ Acres, Cascade Nice gentle sloping lot $ trails, landscaped. 500 you can place it in on 2+ acres with small Mtn. views 1380 sq ft garage inbarn with two stalls. $385,000 AD#3452 The Bulletin cludes a workshop, • 395.77 Acres, Mtn. & Great horse property, two-car garage, tracClassiieds for: or for those 4-H kids. Butte views tor garage and stor4 bedrooms, 2.5 $399,000 AD#2642 age area with cov- TEAM Birtola Garmyn $ 10 - 3 lines, 7 days baths, recently proered RV parking. Prudential High Desert $ fessionally cleaned. 16 - 3 lines, 14 days New roof, new heat Nice sized deck, maRealty 541-312-9449 pump, new pressure www.BendOregon (Private Party ads only) ture landscaping, plus tank in well. a small greenhouse. $345,000 MLS# Desirable .27 Acre CorMLS#201009070 201104361. Call 870 - $149,000 Prob- ner Lot, $104,000 $149,900 Kerry 541-815-6363 ably the finest golf Nicely treed, level D&D Realty Group LLC Cascade Realty course lot remaining. building site located in 866-346-7868 Located behind a pri- NW Bend. Larger lot vate gate of upscale Park like setting on 2.27 among fine custom homes. Looks east at acres with 322’ of Eagle Crest Income homes lend to the the mountains and property and/or your river frontage. Has uniqueness of this sits on the #17 hole of own vacation get-a1430 sq. ft. with 2 quiet established the golf course. Level way on the fairway. bd/2ba with large ofneighborhood. Easy and easy to build. Completely turn-key fice den. Large 28x32 and flexible building Eagle Crest ready to use. shop/garage & landprocess, bring your Properties™ $194,900. scaped. $124,900 own builder and build 866-722-3370 MLS#201203443 MLS 201205526 your dream home toJohn L. Scott Real Cascade Realty, day! Minutes to Shev908 $85,000 Enjoy Estate 541-548-1712 Dennis Haniford, Princ. lin Park, hiking and views of the Cascade Broker biking trails and Mountain range from RV lot, or build your 1-541-536-1731 downtown Bend. this large home site Tina Roberts, Broker, dream home! $44,900 conveniently located PEACE & SERENITY MLS#201008906 541-419-9022 close to the Lakeside Beautiful 4 bdrm 3 bath, Call Melody Curry, TOTAL Property Sports Center and 4100 sq ft home overBroker Resources, kids spray park. Enlooking Crooked River 541-771-1116 541-330-0588 joy all the resort (Prineville) from private Crooked River hillside 45-acre propamenities that come LOTS AND Realty erty (with approx 10 with ownership at ACREAGE acres in irrigation). Sev- The perfect vacation Eagle Crest Resort. The Reserves at Broeral outbuildings, hay Eagle Crest ken Top Lot, $87,000, home on one acre! A storage, barn, large 3Properties™ .41 Acre Lot The Refully furnished 2 bay shop w/separate 866-722-3370 serve at Broken Top bdrm/1 bath retreat in beautiful 1 Bdrm apt .41 acre lot in a quiet Crescent Lake. Close North Powell Butte above. Landscaped, lrg neighborhood of to numerous lakes, decks, hot tub. One of a Acreage . 2 buildable, higher-end homes. trails and Willamette kind property is fenced rare lots. Cascade This is a premium Ski Pass. Quality con& cross-fenced; too mountain views, quiet west side location with struction, Homes by much to list! $659,000. area. Vicci Bowen nearby walking, bikDavid & David shows Call 206-909-3014 for 541-410-9730 ing and hiking trails throughout the chalet. appt, or email Central Oregon and top notch school Knotty Blue Pine Realty Group district outside your rior, river rock firePRINEVILLE place, upper & lower 963 - $55,000 Seller of- back door. Nice elNew 3 bedroom, 2 evated .41 acre decks, upgraded infering excellent terms bath 1623 sq. ft. 1/2 homesite with mature stallation. to qualified buyer. acre lot park-like $265,000 MLS# Great location on Ju- ponderosa pine trees setting, home just and possible second 201104526 Call niper Glen Circle. Flat recently updated. story views. LOT 296 Linda 541-815-0606 lot next to walking $139,500. MLS does NOT have the Cascade Realty trail. Eagle Crest is a #201205863 Deed Restriction as resort destination with TRAVIS HANNAN, others do. Bring your 764 three sports centers, Principal Broker own builder and start three 18 hole golf Farms & Ranches 541-788-3480 building right away. courses. Redmond ReMax Excellent Opportunity! Eagle Crest 40 acre horse property, Land & Homes Real Tina Roberts, Broker, Properties™ 175’x275’ arena, 60’ Estate 541-419-9022 866-722-3370 round pen, 3 stall barn TOTAL Property with 24’x 100’ pad- 925 - $169,000 ExRECENT PRICE REResources, docks off stalls, DUCTION!! Custom traordinary opportu541-330-0588 225’x375’ turn out home on 7+ acres. nity to own a golf area, heated & insuCascade Mountain course lot at Eagle Nice flat lot in Terreblated 12’x24’ shop, views, 2146 sq. ft., .56 acres, Crest in gated com- onne, 12’x12’ tack room, 3Bdrm/2Bath, living paved street, apmunity. One half acre 12’x12’ storage room, room PLUS a family proved for cap-fill lot on the 12th newer carpet, vinyl, room and separate septic, utilities are at green/Resort Course. paint, too much to list. office. Tile, granite One block to Des- the lot line. $42,000. $179,900. MLS and hickory. 2016 MLS 32012001172 chutes River hiking #201204056 Cassq.ft. shop. $379,900 Pam Lester, Principal trail. cade Realty, Dennis MLS#201106497 Broker, Century 21 Eagle Crest Haniford, Princ. BroJohn L. Scott Real Gold Country Realty, Properties™ ker 1-541-536-1731. Estate 541-548-1712 Inc. 541-504-1338 866-722-3370

5 acres adjoins public SW River Rd. Exc.view River Front Lot in land over Deschutes from top of property. Tumalo | $389,000 Come and build your River. Short distance 2.79 acres walking dream house on this to river. $79,900. distance to the Desrare 1.47 acre river MLS#201102328 chutes River & Steelfront property in TuCall Linda Lou head Falls. Hike, bike, malo. Close to town. Day-Wright, ride horses, fly fish. Bring your horses and 541-771-2585, Quiet & natural setenjoy your own priCrooked River Realty ting is ideal for vacavate island on the Detions or year round AJAX GOLD MINE & schutes. Great fishing living. $49,000 MLS# 1.6MMBF timber. 320 spot. 201009429 Ac. Fee Land. Grants MLS#201204776 Juniper Realty, Pass, Oregon Area. Carolyn Priborsky, P.C., 541-504-5393 Off site milling availBroker, ABR, CRS able. $449,900.00 Waterhole Pl. Unique 541-383-4350 markminnis@budget. properties with sevnet 503-740-6217. eral possible building Detailed Package sites. Natural setting available. (PNDC) for pond or daylight basement. Nicely READY TO BUILD! treed & private at end 5.07 acres, flat lot, of cul-de-sac. Lot 5 mature trees, paved 3.2 acres $60,000 • road, 1/3 interest in MLS 201201076; Lot well, applied for stan4 4.78 acres dard septic. $99,900. $70,000 • MLS MLS# 201204695 Shevlin Ridge Lots 201201074 Pam Lester, Principal Find a homesite that fits Juniper Realty, Broker, Century 21 your vision within this 541-504-5393 Gold Country Realty, family friendly neighInc. 541-504-1338 borhood. Large flat 775 lots range from .25 to *** Manufactured/ .50 acre with privacy CHECK YOUR AD Mobile Homes and mature Ponde- Please check your ad rosa trees. Near parks on the first day it runs Snowberry Village #120 and trails. www.shevto make sure it is cor$119,000 Starting rect. Sometimes in- • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, at $104,000 structions over the 1674 sq. ft. 2000 SilTina Roberts, Broker, phone are misundervercrest 541-419-9022 stood and an error • Corian counters, Tile TOTAL Property can occur in your ad. floors Resources, If this happens to your • Trex decking, Solar 541-330-0588 ad, please contact us Tubes the first day your ad • Formal living & dining The Highlands at Broappears and we will rooms ken top, 10 acres, be happy to fix it as • Enormous kitchen with gated, private well, soon as we can. island and bay winutilities at lot, app for Deadlines are: Weekdow breakfast area cap-fill septic. days 11:00 noon for • Master suite 2 $535,000. MLS next day, Sat. 11:00 walk-in closets and #201200937. Pam a.m. for Sunday and huge bath Lester, Principal BroMonday. • Den or 3rd bedroom ker, Century 21 Gold 541-385-5809 with French doors Country Realty, Inc. Thank you! • 3-Car Garage 541-504-1338 The Bulletin Classified • Central A/C, 1 year *** Three Rivers South AHS warranty $14,900 Call Marilyn Rohaly, Chinook Dr., Crooked 1/2 Acre RV lot across Broker, 541-322-9954 River, Smith Rock & the street from the John L. Scott Real mtn. views. Owner Deschutes River and Estate, Bend terms avail. 6.9 acres at the end of a quiet with all utilities & lane. Site built homes custom home plans. around this lot. Con$189,000 MLS# Snowberry Village #127 $90,425 venient location be201008671 • 5.68 tween Sunriver and acres has many NEW LISTING! • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths La Pine. building sites. MLS#201203942 $225,000 MLS# • 1404 sq. ft., 2000 Silvercrest Rookie Dickens, Broker, 201106408 • Large great room, bay GRI, CRS, ABR Juniper Realty, window dining area 541-815-0436 541-504-5393 • Front & back decks Chipmunk Rd., CRR. • Laundry room + 2 car garage Level 5.19 acres with mtn. views. Well treed • Sold tastefully furnished with several possible building sites. Comm. Call Marilyn Rohaly, Broker, 541-322-9954 water & power avail. at street. Owner John L. Scott Real Bend terms. $69,000 MLS# Estate, 20110609 Juniper Realty, Three Rivers South Snowberry Village #46 541-504-5393 $69,500 $89,150. Flat .48 of an acre Elkhorn Lane. Amazing 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1600+ mountain views. Level building lot on corner sq.ft., 1994 Silver6.18 acres, well treed, with canal along 1 crest, living room, good possible buildside, which flows diseparate dining room ing sites. Close to the rectly into the Big Deand large kitchen with entrance of CRR. schutes River. Area eating area, huge $74,750 MLS# has boat launch & covered BBQ deck, 201106579. Juniper dock, clubhouse and nice views, pellet Realty, 541-504-5393 road maintenance. stove, large laundry MLS#201105237 room and 2 car atGolden Mantel Rd., Don Kelleher, Broker tached garage. CRR. 5 acre lot 541-480-1911 Call Marilyn Rohaly, ready to build. There Broker, 541-322-9954 is an old rock building John L. Scott Real adding to the charm of Estate, Bend the property with standing views of the Cascades and plenty Suntree Village #219 of privacy. $155,000 $35,400. MLS# 201200629 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Juniper Realty, 2000 Marlette, Open 541-504-5393 floor plan - vaulted, Large kitchen - oak Nice mtn. views, 3.09 773 cabinets, Attached gaacres, $95,950 rage, Master suite Acreages MLS#201101554. Call walk-in closet, Master Linda Lou Day-Wright, bath w/garden tub & 20 ACRES Broker, 541-771-2585 shower, Beautifully - TERREBONNE Crooked River landscaped. Incredible Cascade Realty Call Marilyn Rohaly, Mountain, Smith Rock Broker, 541-322-9954 and valley views! Two NW Dove Rd., Terrebonne. Mtn. views from John L. Scott Real 10-acre parcels with these 5.12 acres near Estate, Bend well & septic apentrance of CRR. proved. Great area to cated in a desirable build! Bank Owned. area. Save time & Suntree Village #72 $139,900. $25,000 money with septic, well & power already • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths 964 installed. $98,500 • 1989 Guerdon Lisa McCarthy, Broker, • Very open floor plan MLS# 20120135 SRES 541-419-8639 • Upgraded – 1296 sq. Juniper Realty, John L. Scott Real ft. 541-504-5393 Estate, Bend • Newer roof, windows, Powell Butte 6 acres, appliances and more 32.42 acres in urban 360 views, great horse • Walk to Senior Center property, 10223 Housgrowth boundary adCall Marilyn Rohaly, jacent to The Greens, ton Lake Rd. $99,900. Broker, 541-322-9954 541-350-4684 kitty-corner to new John L. Scott Real Ridgeview High Just bought a new boat? Estate, Bend School. $599,000. Sell your old one in the MLS# 201203198 classiieds! Ask about our Suntree Village #72. Super Seller rates! Pam Lester, Principal $25,000. 541-385-5809 Broker, Century 21 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths, Gold Country Realty, Shop and septic in1989 Guerdon, very Inc. 541-504-1338 stalled! $108,430 open floor plan, upMLS#2802042 graded – 1296 sq. ft. 4.38 acre view lot, Melody Curry, Newer roof, windows, backs to BLM, CasBroker appliances and more. cade mtn and Smith 541-771-1116 Walk to Senior Center. Rock view, corner lot, Crooked River Marilyn Rohaly, Broker approved for stanRealty 541-322-9954 dard septic. $199,000. John L. Scott Real MLS #2809381. Pam SW DOVE RD. Mt. Estate, Bend Lester, Principal BroWashington & Three ker, Century 21 Gold Sisters views from this Country Realty, Inc. 6.1 acre property with Suntree Village #93 541-504-1338 power installed. Close $37,800. to the Deschutes 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1876 5.64 acres, Mt. Views. River and Steelhead sq.ft., 1982 Fleet$99,900. Falls. $99,500 MLS# wood, vaulted living MLS#2609088 too new! Juniper Reand formal dining, Call Linda Lou alty, 541-504-5393 huge kitchen/family Day-Wright, room with fireplace, 541-771-2585, SW Geneva View Rd. , two carports plus front Crooked River Realty Terrebonne. Level deck and back patio. 1.14 acres that will be 5-acre corner lot, flat $2500 carpet credit easy to build on. Well & fully treed. $49,900 1 year AHS warranty treed with an abunMLS#201109114 included. dance of wildlife Call Nancy Popp, Call Marilyn Rohaly, passing through. Principal Broker Broker, 541-322-9954 $41,500 MLS# 541-815-8000 John L. Scott Real 201102002 Crooked River Estate, Bend Juniper Realty, Realty 541-504-5393

Snowberry Village #119 Very nice 1900 sq. ft. home, lots of up$144,500. grades including ex3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, tra large center island 1920 sq.ft., 2000 Silcook’s kitchen. Comvercrest - triplewide. pletely fenced private Living room, family backyard with patio room, dining room, for entertaining. 3 remodeled kitchen bdrm, 2 bath, living w/breakfast bar, priroom & large family vate master suite room with fireplace. A w/walk in closet, must see! 20754 Valmaster bath w/garden entine, Bend. tub & double shower, $55,750. Cascade gas FA heat plus air Village Homes. conditioning, im541-388-0000 maculate - too many upgrades to list! 780 Call Marilyn Rohaly, Mfd./Mobile Homes Broker, 541-322-9954 John L. Scott Real with Land Estate, Bend Palm Harbor mfd. home with 4 bdrm, 3 full 1998 2 bdrm, 2 bath + baths. Open floor office/den. Very open plan, all appliances, floor plan. Attached lots of storage space double garage. Turnand block perimeter key and immaculate foundation. All this on move-in condition. 9.52 acres. $223,000 20784 Valentine MLS#201105757 $45,000 Cascade Cascade Realty Village Homes. Bend, 541-536-1731 541-388-0000 15875 SW Minnow Ct. 2350 NW 36TH ST., Mtn and Smith Rock REDMOND views from this 1970 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 1840 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath sq. ft., newer on 3.6 acres. Interior manufactured and exterior freshly home. Large 1+/painted. New carpet acre corner lot, and tile. Possible 4th many upgrades. bdrm or bonus room. $115,000. Enclosed back porch MLS#201205016 with tile floor, 864 sq. Call Don Chapin, ft. garage, crossBroker fenced and loafing 541-350-6777 shed. $149,999. MLS Redmond RE/MAX #201206393. Juniper Land & Homes Realty 541-504-5393 Real Estate Need to get an ad New 3 bdrm, 2 bath home is loaded with in ASAP? upgrades including custom paint, new lighting, skylight, and Fax it to 541-322-7253 custom decking. Oversized 2-car ga- The Bulletin Classiieds rage with storage and workshop area. 20774 Livingood Way, Bend. 1904 sq. ft. home on 1+ acre, 3-car garage, $78,600. Cascade covered RV/auto park, Village Dr. Outstanding Cascade 541-388-0000 views. $148,900. MLS#201106356 New 3 bed homes start at $34,160 delivered Call Nancy Popp Broker 541-815-8000 and set up J&M Homes 541-548-5511 Crooked River Realty The Bulletin’s In mfd. section. “Call A Service People Look for Information Professional” Directory About Products and is all about meeting Services Every Day through your needs. The Bulletin Classifieds Call on one of the Newer 2003 3 bdrm/2 professionals today! bath turn -key home. New appliances, lots 1976 sq. ft. 3-wide mfd. of upgrades, custom home with Cascade window coverings, views, dbl. garage, front & back decks. family & living rooms Pristine fenced court+ formal dining. yard entry. Very open $179,900. concept with close to MLS#201203416 1500 sq. ft. 20737 Call Nancy Popp, broLivingood Way, Bend. ker, Crooked River $72,500 Cascade Realty 541-815-8000 Village Dr. GIGANTIC VIEWS 541-388-0000 $136,900 Spacious quality Fuqua home. Newer Goldenwest Enjoy gigantic moun1568 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 tain views. MLS# bath, very open big 201200450 Gail Day spaces, vaults 541-306-1018 throughout, oversized Central Oregon single attached gaRealty Group rage with lots of storage. New paint Rental or build your throughout & ready to dream home! enjoy. 20776 Valen$56,230 tine, Bend $53,700. MLS#201201421 Cascade Village Melody Curry, Homes. 541-388-0000 Broker 541-771-1116 Possible owner terms. 3 Crooked River Bdrm, 2 bath, 1107 Realty sq.ft., laminated wood flooring, carport w/ USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! storage, fenced, landscaped, sprinkler Door-to-door selling with system. $33,000. MLS #201205972 Pam fast results! It’s the easiest way in the world to sell. Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold The Bulletin Classiied Country Realty, Inc. 541-385-5809 541-504-1338



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541-382-4123 REALTOR

Thousands of listings at This Week’s New Listings AWBREY BUTTE | $700,000

NW CROSSING | $423,900

GREAT LOCATION, 4.85 ACRES | $419,900

PRINEVILLE | $349,900

EDGECLIFF | $347,500

5 bedroom, 3 bath, 4288 sq. ft. home. Flat .82 acre lot on cul-de-sac. Vaulted living/dining room, private master on main level. Kitchen opens to family room. Built-in wet bar. Shop with concrete floor. MLS#201206297 (730)

Charming two-story Craftsman home. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1964 sq. ft., open floor plan, gas fireplace, covered deck and hard-to-find large fenced yard. Close to shops and outdoor trail network. MLS#201206205 (730)

Well maintained 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2128 sq. ft. home, 4.85 acres, irrigated & Mountain views. Nice great room floor plan, updated roof, windows & heat pump. Fenced, cross fenced & 6 outbuildings. MLS#201206169 (730)

High quality finishes including built-in fridge, SS appliances, JennAir stove & warming drawer. Counters finished with marble & granite. Propane gas fireplace with rock hearth. Views of the reservoir. MLS#201206030 (730)

Panoramic Northeasterly views. 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 4020 sq. ft. perched on the edge of rimrock. Spacious kitchen, 3 separate living spaces, & wood accents throughout. Large decks for outdoor living. MLS#201206019 (730)


JERRY STONE, BROKER 541-390-9598

GREG MILLER, P.C., BROKER, CRS, GRI 541-408-1511


JOHN SNIPPEN, BROKER, MBA, ABR, GRI 541-312-7273 • 541-948-9090

SE BEND | $319,000

SE BEND | $249,950

NE BEND | $189,000



3 bedroom, 2.5 bath on .46 acre park-like setting among tall pines. Total remodel. High-end finishes throughout, stainless appliances, 7’ long soapstone kitchen island, porcelain tile floors. MLS#201205779 (730)

Like-new 2 story home, main level master suite, formal living room with fireplace, open maple kitchen with cook island, SS appliances & pantry. 3 bedrooms upstairs + family room, laundry & craft room. MLS#201205944 (730)

Open great room concept, 4 bedroom, lots of natural light, kitchen with island & tile counters, private backyard, family room with vaulted ceilings, master suite with shower & separate soaking tub. MLS#201205923 (730)

OLD MILL DISTRICT Charmer! New carpets, new paint, appliances included and MOVE IN READY! Hurry, won’t last! MLS#201205776 (730)

Beautiful, river front, commercial development property in downtown Bend. 2 adjacent lots available. MLS#201206153 - $1,500,000 and MLS#201206150 - $2,000,000. (730)





GREG FLOYD, P.C., BROKER 541-390-5349

Visit our office conveniently located at 486 SW Bluff Dr. in the Old Mill District, Bend. Visit us online or call 541-382-4123 | Visit us at: BROKEN TOP | $1,269,000

SE BEND | $1,080,000


SW BEND | $749,000


The Pinehurst at Broken Top by Steven Van Sant/Pacwest Homes! Unmatched quality & craftsmanship! Single-level, 3-car garage, custom cabinetry & trim, 0.55 acre golf course view lot. No expense spared! MLS#201204424 (747)

24 shovel-ready lots located on South Reed Market Rd & 4th St. with shops & restaurants right around the corner. Lots can be packaged in groups of 4. Great opportunity for an entry level development project. MLS#201200549 (737)

Xeriscaped yard & captivating views. 3797 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath with Maple floors, Makore kitchen cabinets, slab granite, Rainforest Marble buffet. Large timber tech deck up, covered porch down. MLS#201203502 (746)

Broken Top 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath located on the 17th fairway with views of Mt. Bachelor. Master and junior master on main level. Two bedrooms upstairs both ensuite. Extra-large 3 car garage. MLS#201104488 (747)

Fabulous Westisde Location! 4 bedroom, 2.75 bath, 4040 sq. ft. home with living room, kitchen, great room, dining room, office, bonus room and storage galore. All situated on a .61 acre lot. MLS#201203538 (747)




SUSAN AGLI, BROKER, SRES 541-383-4338 • 541-408-3773


SISTERS | $579,900


SW BEND | $539,000

NW BEND/3 UNITS | $500,000

NW BEND | $499,900

Great Cascade Mountain views from this 3,000 sq. ft. home on 6.75 acres with 4 acres of Three Sisters irrigation. 40x40 barn, 5 loafing sheds, 3 car garage with shop. 2 bedrooms, bonus room & office. MLS#201205094 (762)

This 4950 sq. ft. 2 story building fronts Greenwood Avenue. Perfect for the owner/user & move-in ready. Light & bright main floor retail space. Upstairs has an open space with 2 or 3 additional built out offices. MLS#201203206 (732)

Treasure of a home in River Rim! Warm & inviting single level built by Schumacher. Extensive use of woods & custom window coverings. A must see to appreciate the extensive amenities! MLS#201108147 (747)

Fantastic Investment Opportunity! Three beautifully remodeled rental units in Bend’s NW Historic District with two units in nightly rental with great history. Close to downtown & the Old Mill District. MLS#201108450 (746)

Overlooking the Deschutes River from the back and River’s Edge golf course from the front. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2612 sq. ft. Master suite sitting area opens to river view. MLS#201204300 (746)



JIM & ROXANNE CHENEY, BROKERS 541-390-4050 • 541-390-4030



BROKEN TOP | $495,000

DOWNTOWN BEND | $465,000


CLOSE-IN 4.78 ACRES | $410,000

SE BEND - 9.06 ACRES | $349,900 W NE ICE PR


Turn-key Painted Ridge townhome on the 10th fairway. 2146 sq. ft., 2 master suites, additional en-suite bedroom or office. Gas fireplace, hardwood flooring, and new carpet. MLS#201206244 (747)

Recently updated 4 bedroom, 2.75 bathroom, 2200 sq. ft. home across the street from the Deschutes River. Large two car garage and shop area. Near Drake Park and Downtown. MLS#201201264 (746)

Over 3000 sq. ft. home on 4.42 acres! 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, downstairs master, den, media room, formal dining and living room. 1600 sq. ft. shop with 12’ and 14’ doors. MLS#201202244 (762)

2428 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 2 bath on 4.78 acres with 2 acres irrigation and a pond. Huge shop and barn. Directions: Neff east to Deer Trail Road, right to end of the road. MLS#201206420 (762)

Beautifully treed 9.06 acre parcel offers elevated vistas with mountain views to build your dream home. Borders BLM land. All utilities are to the property. Quiet setting minutes from town. MLS#201205047 (773)







EAGLE CREST | $340,000


LAVA RIDGES | $325,000

NW BEND | $315,000

EN OP T 3-6 A S


Former model with upgraded finishes, draperies & perfect location across from park. Classic great room, large upscale eat-in kitchen, dining room. 2 built-in offices, luxury master suite with fireplace. MLS#201204528 (747)

3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2558 sq. ft. vacation home, rental or permanent home. Tennis courts, 3 golf courses, spa, recreational trails & swimming. Nice deck overlooking the 13th fairway. MLS#201201972 (750)

New 1-level on 12,000 sq. ft. lot. Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2188 sq. ft., great room plan with bonus/media room, kitchen with island, stainless steel appliances, central vacuum, A/C. MLS#201205757 (749)

5 bedroom, 3 bath Pahlisch EuroCraftsman with generous private back yard. Big kitchen, large rooms, bedroom suite on main. Blocks from the new Pine Nursery park, elementary school & Lava Ridges pool. MLS#201203625 (748)

Beautifully maintained home just a short distance from the river trail. Wood floors, gas fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, large master suite. Gorgeous fenced yard, paver patio, wrap around decks. MLS#201203962 (746)




SUE CONRAD, BROKER, CRS 541-480-6621


COPPER CANYON | $295,000

NE BEND LAND | $225,000

NW CROSSING | $170,000

SE BEND | $167,500


SW Bend minutes from The Old Mill District & Downtown. Immaculate 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3000 sq. ft. Great room, formal dining, rec room, coffered ceilings. Covered porch, landscaped, fenced, storage shed. MLS#201204143 (747)

19.68 acres with good views of Mt. Jefferson and partial Three Sisters. Very private building site in extreme SW corner of property. Great opportunity for mini-ranch close to town. MLS#201001946 (773)

Affordable housing with some restrictions including income limitations and land lease. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1301 sq. ft. home with open great room. Close to schools, trails and shops. MLS#201204044 (746)

Well maintained 2200 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath Fuqua home on almost half an acre. 3 decks, landscaped yard & new roof over sunroom. Newer furnace, heat pump, double pain windows & electrical panel. MLS#201204000 (749)

Gorgeous, .86 acre lot on Awbrey Butte in an area of luxury homes. Views of the Ochoco Range, Pilot Butte & Bend city lights. Located on a cul-de-sac with all utilities at the street. MLS#201102919 (771)

PAT PALAZZI, BROKER 541-771-6996


JOHN SNIPPEN, BROKER, MBA, ABR, GRI 541-312-7273 • 541-948-9090



SW BEND | $105,000

PRINEVILLE | $99,000


FOR LEASE | $0.50/SQ. FT.


Located on a large lot, this home sits close to the front entrance of Deschutes River Woods. With rental rates at 3% vacancy this is a great investment! 60455 Iroquois Circle. MLS#201206464 (747)

Over 2 acres with Cascade Mountain and Crooked River Canyon views on the canyon rim. Bordered by 3000 acres of BLM property for endless recreation. MLS#2704850 (757)

Large .47 acre lot on desired Fairway Heights Drive. Beautiful views of the city, Pilot Butte, eastern mountain range, and a glimpse of the golf course. Nestled in pine trees. Close to river trail. MLS#201105195 (771)

Beautiful, open, second floor space of 3100 sq. ft., 2 restrooms, full mountain views, operable windows. MLS#201203060 (732)

A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT IN TWO RIVERS NORTH. Beautiful 1.26, 1.45, & 1.84 acre river front parcels. Owner will consider carrying. Priced from $124,900. Multi-lot discount possibilities. Fish on! MLS#201104945 (771)


JJ JONES, BROKER 541-610-7318 • 541-788-3678



DANA MILLER, BROKER 541-408-1468

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