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• Jefferson commissioner saystheir planwouldn't solve the problem TODAY'S READERBOARD Blackout —Marsrovers get special orders in preparation for a period during which

the sun will block all radio transmissions.A3

An appreciationHow Roger Ebert

taught one writer

By Dylan J. Darling The Bulletin

Private landowners involved with a possible land swap with the federal government say they have a solution to a problem of road access to a proposed Cathedral Rock Wilderness. But a Jefferson County commissioner says he has seen the plan before and it wouldn't solve the problem. Young Life and the Cherry

Creek Ranch are proposing a

trailheadforoverland access to the wilderness off Muddy Creek Road northeast of Madras nearthe JeffersonWasco county line. They also callfor a series offourgates to closesections ofthe roads seasonally to visitors while locals, as well as state and federal agencies, would have keys allowing them to drive the road except when closed by wintry weather. "Anyone who has a reason

or a need to get through there is going to be able to access it," said Matt Smith, vice president of the Cherry Creek Ranch. Young Life, which operates a Christian youth summer camp at Washington Family Ranch, and Cherry Creek Ranch detailed their proposal in a letter to U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden in late March. Wyden's office released the plan and letter late Thursday.

Oregon enters into strategic


Also, the listing of civil suits that runs in Monday's Local


Craig Kilpatrick, land use consultant for Washington Family Ranch, said in an email that he was too busy for an interview Friday with The Bulletin. He did send a map detailing the proposal. While the design has been updated, the location of the four gates and trailhead on the new map are the same as proposed in August 2011 by Young Life and Cherry Creek, according to Jefferson County records. SeeCathedral Rock/A5

how to love the movies.D1

Babies onplanes — Should we feel guilty about a crying infant annoying other


Pot potential —eusinesses smell an opportunity if marijuana ever becomeslegal nationwide.C6

ln national news —A judge rules that there should be no age restrictions on morning-after pills.A2


Arms race heats up in college


x l

CheSS By MichaelS.Rosenwald

partnership By Andrew Clevenger The Bulletin


year, when Congress instructed the Federal Aviation Administration to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles into American airspace by the end of 2015, it initiated an intense competition to be selected as one of six test sites. After the FAA published its requirements earlier thisyear, 50 groups from 37 statesquickly expressed interest. Oregon has teamed with Alaska and Hawaii to form the Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aerial System Test Range Complex, with Alaska serving asteam leader. "Alaska has over a decade of unmanned aerial vehicle experience, both in termsof research and operational applications," said Eric Simpkins, the chief operating officer of the Pan-Pacific team and Oregon'steam leader. Although remotely piloted aircraft are often called "drones," thanks in large part to the media's use of the term to describe military-style predators, the properterm forthem is unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, Simpkins explained. SeeUAVs/A4

I(idnapped after an act of kindness

The Washington Post

In the cutthroat world of college chess, the University of Maryland Baltimore County was once as dominant as Duke in basketball or Alabama in football. UMBC was the first school to institutionalize scholarships for top players, recruiting grandmasters from Russia, Germany, Israel and beyond. The playbook worked, enabling a school few had heard of outside of Maryland to rack up six Final Four championships and build a reputation as an intellectual powerhouse on the cheap. Now other schools are

By Dan Barry Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Drew Hill, 20, of Bend, lays back on a turn while riding an artificial wave at Mavericks at Sunriver Friday afternOOn. In additiOn tO the F1OWrider, MaVerickS featureS a number Of aCtiVitieS inCluding

a climbing wall, a lap pool, massage rooms and even a game arcade. For more information, visit WWW.SunriVerVaCatianS.COm.

Fears of bubble asdigital currency surges By Anthony Faiola and T.W. Farnam The Washington Post

one-upping the king of college chess, raising the specterofthe arms race that plagues other college sports. Just last year, Webster University in St. Louis recruited Texas Tech's diva coach, whose team of Grandmasters followed along. This weekend in Rockville, Md., at the Final Four of college chess, UMBC will be competing, but its longtime chess director suspects his team will lose — dominant no more in a world it created.

"Anything can happen

because it's a competition," said Alan Sherman, UMBC's chess director. "But I'm predicting Webster will be the clear winner." See Chess/A5

Michael Kemp i The Washington Post

Jonathan Harrison, left, and Amir Taaki hold a copy of Bitcoin magazine outside a dilapidated commune in London where those working with Bitcoin operate and live. Harrison is a former gold trader who left his job to join the group of bitcoin obsessives.

TODAY'S WEATHER Rain showers High 54, Low 38

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LONDON — A currency surging in value at a breathtaking rate this week belongs to no nation and is issued by no central bank. It can be used to buy gold in California, a hamburger in Berlin or a house in Alberta. When desired, it can offer largely untraceable transactions. The coin in question now has a global circulation worth more than $1.4 billion on paper. Yet almost no one, it seems, knows the true identity of its creator. In the United States, this mysterious money

has become the darling of antigovernment libertarians and computer wizards prospecting in the virtual mines of cyber space. In Europe, meanwhile, it has found its niche as the coinage of anarchic youth. The currency is bitcoin, a kind of cyber-money initially traded among hackers and cryptologists, and increasingly traded on websites and exchanged for goods and services. Two years ago, one bitcoin was worth less than $1. Two months ago, the price for one unit surged above $20 on a proliferation of cyber-exchanges from Tokyo to Moscow. SeeBitcoin /A4

LINCOLN, Del. — A steel-haired woman, 89 years old and an inch short of 5 feet, sat on a pillow in the driver's seat of herBuick LeSabre,just thinking. Parked outside a convenience store on one of the last days of winter, she was considering a preEastertreat for herself: an icecream cone. Butter pecan. Two girls, 15 and 14, appeared at the window, calling her "Miss" and offering to pay for a ride to the other side of town. Her inclination was to say no, but her strong belief in offering kindness to strangers won out. She said yes, of course, and no need to

pay her. Uncertainty soon joined the ride, as her passengers directed her to one house, then to another, and another. Then, according to the police, they snatched her keys, causing a tussle between two girls and a small woman three times their combined ages. Youth won out. They locked her in the trunk. SeeKidnapped/A4

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Obama dIldget PrOPOSal —Seeking an elusive middle ground, President BarackObamais proposing a 2014budget that embraces tax increases abhorred byRepublicans as well as reductions, loathed

By Lauran Neergaard

to drugstore shelves — end-

Odama apology —President Barack Obamahas apologized to

ing a decade-plus struggle by

California's Attorney General Kamala Harris after praising her looks during remarks at a fundraiser this week, White House Press Secre-

and Larry Neumeister The Associated Press

WASHINGTON The m orning-after p i l l mi gh t b ecome as easy to buy a s

aspirin. In a scathing rebuke accusing the Obama administration of letting election-year politics trump science, a federal judge ruled Friday that there should be no age restrictions on thesale of emergency contraception without a doctor's prescription. Today, buyers must prove at the pharmacy that they're 17 or older; everyone elsemust see a doctor first. U.S. District Judge Edward Korman of New York blasted the government's deci-

sion on age limits as "arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable," and ordered an end to the restrictions within 30 days. The Justice D epartment was evaluating whether to appeal, and spokeswoman Allison Pricesaid there would be a prompt decision. President Barack Obama had supported the 2011 decision setting age limits, and White House spokesman Jay Carney said Friday the president hasn't changed his position. "He believes it was the right common-sense approach to this issue," Carney said. If the court order stands, Plan B One-Step and its generic versions could move from behind pharmacy counters out

women's groups for easier access to these pills, which can prevent pregnancy if t a ken soon enough after unprotected sex. Saying the sales restrictions can make it hard for women of any age to buy the pills, Korman described the administration's decision, in the year before the 2012 presidential and congressional elections, as "politically motivated, scientifically unjustified and contrary to agency precedent." Half the nation's pregnancies every year are unintended. Doctors' groups say more access to morning-after pills could cut those numbers.

by liberals, in the growth of Social Security and other benefit pro-

grams. The plan, if ever enacted, could touch almost all Americans. The rich would see tax increases, the poor and the elderly would get smaller annual increases in their benefits, and middle income taxpay-

ers would slip into higher tax brackets despite Obama's repeated vows not to add to the tax burden of the middle class.

tary Jay Carneysaid Friday. "Theyare old friends andgood friends, and he did not want in any way to diminish the attorney general's pro-

fessional accomplishments and hercapabilities," Carney said during his daily briefing. At anevent to benefit the Democratic National Committee Thursday, Obama said Harris is "brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough," adding that"she also happens to be, byfar, the

best looking attorney general in the country." NOrth KOrea tenSIOn —The North Korean government on Friday advised Russia andother countries to consider evacuating their embassies in Pyongyangamid rising tension there, Russia's foreign minister said. British officials said they had received a similar com-

munication, but that there were noimmediate plans to evacuate the British Embassy. Analysts in Russia and South Korea suggested that the North's advisory was not an indication that Pyongyang was con-

sidering military action but was instead part of an unrelenting drumbeat of threats calculated to frighten the United States and its Asian

allies, possibly to force concessions including much-neededaid. U.N. aid in GaZa —The U.N.Relief and Works Agency has indefinitely suspended food distribution in the Gaza Strip after protesters

angry over the curtailing of a cash-assistance program for the poor stormedtheagency'smaincompound inGazaCityonThursday,an



official said Friday. "There will be no food tomorrow," said Adnan

Abu-Hasna, aspokesman for the agency. "The food-distribution

centers and the relief offices will be closed in the coming days unless there's a real security being provided to the life of our staff, because


there is a great concern about their safety." ADMINISTRATION

Nanny tO Stand trial —A nanny accused of stabbing to death two children in her carewas declared saneenough to stand trial

Chairwoman Elizabeth C.McCool...........541-383-0374 Publisher Gordon Black ..................... Editor-in-Chief John Costa.........................541-383-0337

Friday for the sensational crime. Yoselyn Ortega, 50, had her hands

cuffed behind her backas sheappeared in court to hear Judge Gregory Carro announcethe findings of psychologists who haveexamined Ortega since the October slayings. No trial date was set.


FAA tlelayS tOWer CIOSIlreS — The Federal Aviation Administra-

Advertising Jay Brandt..........................541-383-0370 Circulation andOperations Keith Foutz .........................541-385-5805 Finance Holly West...........541-383-0321

tion announced Friday that it will delay until June 15 the closure of149 air traffic control towers that were slated to be shut down starting Sun-

Human Resources Traci Donaca ......................

Iran nIIClear talkS —Iranian officials did not directly respond

day. Thegoal is to give communities additional time to decidewhether they will assume the costs of operating the towers, the agency said. Friday to the latest American-backed offer to curb Tehran's disputed nuclear program, raising the possibility that the high-level diplomatic

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effort may besuspended for at least a few months. Iranian and international negotiators meeting in Kazakhstan engaged in a "long •

and substantial discussion" but remained "a longwayapart on the substance," said aWestern official, who asked to remain unidentified


citing sensitive diplomacy. — From wire reports

Rafiq Maqbool /The Assoaated Press

Rescue workers search for trapped peopleafter a building collapsed in Thane, Mumbai, India, on Thursday. The building collapsed as it was being constructed illegally in a suburb, killing at least 41 people and injur-

ing 50.

I I' ,

Rescuers continued Friday to pull bodies from the rubble. The dead included at least11 children, according to The Associated Press, and many



Construction workers and their families often live in crude shacks at construction sites, exposing women and children to significant risks.

"lllegal construction is a major problem in theThanearea," said Sand-

eep Malvi, public relations officer of Thane Municipal Corp. "Each time we demolish a building, someone builds again. We demolish it, and they build." The price of land in many lndian cities has grown so high that contractors routinely build on public property — sometimes after bribing public



. "-""20t 2 CHEVY MALIBU

officials. If enough buildings are built in a particular areaandenough time passes, these makeshift settlements become politically impossible to demolish.

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MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawn Friday night are:

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of the men whowere killed wereconstruction workers.

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China escalatesresponse to outbreak ofavianflu

VIN¹ 277415 STK.¹U6840A

C+'iat' ~>p~+T+e+a+r + '-.~. P +7+a+e+T+ T+T+e+e+e+8

By Andrew Jacobs

killing nearly 800, the deadly influenza outbreak is testing a BEIJING — With confirma- government known for its lack tion that a sixth person has of transparencyand reluctance died from a mysterious avian- to divulge damaging news. borne virus, Chinese officials Although some critics have escalated their response Friday, questioned why it took so long advising people to avoid live for officials to p ublicly anpoultry, dispatching virologists n ounce the outbreak of t h e to chicken farms across the H7N9 virus, public health excountry and slaughtering more perts have so far commended than 20,000 birds at a whole- the governmentforresponsivesale market in Shanghai where ness and transparency in the the virus, known as H7N9, was five days since officials identidetected in a pigeon. fied the first victims. "It wasthe Ministry of Health News of the outbreak dominated China's main Internet and Family Planning that first portals. There were p hoto- came to us and volunteered graphs of workers in white cov- the information," said Gregory eralls carrying out the culling Hartl, a spokesman for the in Shanghai and recommen- World Health Organization in dations that people take ban- Geneva. "Their response has langen,an herbal cold remedy been excellent." that is a mainstay of Chinese Health ONcials around the households. world are nervously monitoring Anxious residents have been the outbreak, which has killed crowding emergency rooms nearly half of the 14 people in at the first sign of respiratory whom the virus has been diagproblems. And at a KFC restau- nosed. What they fear most is rant in Beijing, employees stood that the disease will mutate so idle as mounds of fried chicken that it can spread from human went largely unsold. to human. "They say it's OK t o e at In the United States, federal cooked chicken, but I'd rather health officials Thursday said not take the chance," Zhang they had begun working on a Minyu, 41, a housewife, said vaccine for H7N9. as she coaxed her young son At the U.S. Centers for Disto instead order a soft-serve ice ease Control and Prevention's cream. firstnews conference about the Roughly 10years after Severe H7N9 outbreak, its director, Dr. Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Thomas Frieden said there was or SARS, began here and close cooperation between his spreadacross the globe, infect- organization and its Chinese ing morethan 8,000 people and counterpart. New York Times News Service


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TART • Discoveries, breakthroughs, trends, namesin the news— the things you needto knowto start out your day

It's Saturday, April 6, the 96th day of 2013. There are 269 days left in the year.



Living together is the new norm

Final FOur —March Madness has spilled into April, as the last four teams remaining in the NCAA men's basketball tournament play tonight.C1

By Elizabeth Lopatto

from marriage and its legal complications, she said. Three of four women in A couple that shares an the United States have lived address counts as a " f irst with a partner without be- union," as does a first maring married by age 30, an in- riage, according to the recreasing trend that suggests port. Only 23 percent of first cohabitation is now a regular unions weremarriages in the part of family life, research- study period, compared to 39 ers said. percent in 1995. The survey o f 1 2 , 279 " Cohabitation is a c o mwomen ages 15 through 44 mon part of family formaalso found that 40 percent tion in the United States, and of unmarried partners tran- serves both as a step toward sitioned to marriage within marriage and as an alternathree years,according tothe tive to marriage," the report Centers for Disease Control sa>d. and Prevention report. A The Atlanta-based CDC's third of th e a rrangements report used interviews startstayed intact without mar- ing in 2006 and ending in riage, while 27 percent dis- 2010. About 70 percent of solved, the study found. women without high school More people are putting diplomas lived with a partner off marriage either because as their first union, compared t hey can't afford it or b e- to 47 percent of those with a cause it's financially risky, bachelor's degree, the report said Gail Wyatt, director of found. Women with less than the University of California a high school diploma were Los Angeles's sexual health less likely to marry within program. About 48 percent three years, compared to of th e w o me n s u r veyed peers with more education. lived with a partner as a first The study's takeaway is u nion, compared with 3 4 that there are more statuses percent in 1995. Others may than married and unmarview cohabitation as a way of ried, Joffe said. Some people test-driving a relationship to are truly single, others are see if a marriage will work. cohabitating, and some are "Marriage is for people m arried. The q uestion i s who have money and want how best to support these to spend money just on the different kinds of families, wedding itself," Wyatt said she said. "We have toprepare girls in a telephone interview. She wasn't involved in the study. not to look for white dresses "Some people would rather as the end-all, but to look at buy a house, or just pay the their f i nancial o pportunirent." ties and their careers," said People who are poor or Wyatt. "The same is true for less educated may shy away boys." B(oomberg News

HISTORY Highlights:In1973, Ron

Blomberg of the NewYork Yankees becameMajor League

With the planets on the opposite sides of the sun, radio waves cannot reach

Baseball's first designated

rovers on the surface nor spacecraft orbiting the planet. In preparation,

Tiant of the Boston Red Sox

scientists sent scaled back instructions through May l.

hitter as he facedpitcher Luis at Fenway. (Blomberg was walked with the bases loaded; Boston won the game, 15-5.) In1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was organized by Joseph Smith in Fayette, N.Y. In1862, the Civil War Battle of

Shiloh began inTennesseeas Confederate forces launched a surprise attack against Union troops, who beat backthe Confederates the next day. In1896, the first modern

Olympic gamesformally opened in Athens, Greece. In1909, American explorers Robert E. Peary and Matthew A. Henson and four Inuits be-

came the first men to reach the North Pole.

In1917,Congress approved a declaration of war against

Germany. In1943, "Le Petit Prince" (The

Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery was first published in the U.S. by Reynal &

Hitchcock of NewYork. In1945, during World War II,

theJapanesewarshipYamato and nine other vessels sailed on a suicide mission to attack the U.S. fleet off Okinawa; the fleet was intercepted the next

day. In1963, the United States

signed anagreement to sell the Polaris missile system to Britain. In 1973, NASA launched Pioneer11, which flew by Jupiter

and Saturn. In1988,Tirza Porat, a15-yearold Israeli girl, was killed in a West Bank melee. (Although

Arabs were initially blamed, the army concluded Tirza had been accidentally shot by a

Jewish settler.)

In1998, country singer

Tammy Wynette died at her

By Alicia Chang The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — It's the M artian v ersion o f s p r i ng break: Curiosity and Opportunity, along with their spacecraft friends circling overhead, will take it easy this month because of the sun's interference. For much of April, the sun blocks the line of sight between Earth and Mars. This celestial alignment — called a Mars solar conjunction — makes it difficult for engineers to send instructions or hear from the flotilla in orbit and on the surface. Such communication blackouts occur every two years when the red planet disappears behind the sun. No new commands are sent since flares and charged particles spewing from the sun can scramble transmission signals and put spacecraft in danger. Mission teams prepared by uploading weeks of s caledback activities beforehand. "They're on their own," said Rich Zurek, chief Mars scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The rovers are banned from driving. Instead, they take a "staycation" and study their surroundings. Th e o r b iting Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter continue to listen for the rovers and make their own observations, but for the most part will transmit data once Mars is in view again. Opportunity, Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the European Space Agency's Mars Express have survived previous bouts of r estricted communications. It's the first for Curiosity, which landed last

NASA/JPL-Caltech via The Associated Press

An artist's rendering shows the positions of the sun, Earth end Mars, at left. Radio communications between Earth and Mars are limited during this planetary alignment, which occurs in April. Spacecraft in orbit around Mars and on the surface will not receive new commands during this period. year near the Martian equator to hunt for the chemical building blocks of life. Until May 1, Curiosity can only check the weather every hour, measure radiation and look for signs of water below the desert-like surface. The limitedchores are a departure for the active six-wheeler, which is used to driving, drilling and zapping its laser at rocks. Before the sun got in t he way, Curiosity made its biggest discovery yet: From a drilled piece of rock, it determined that its crater landing site was habitable billions of years ago, possessingsome of the basic ingredientsnecessary to support tiny microbes. Scientists must wait until next month to drill into another rock and start the long-delayed trek to a mountain where Curiosity will search for the elusive organic molecules that are fundamental to life as we know it. The road trip was supposed to

Nashville home at age 55.

Ten years ago:Inthe Iraq War, U.S. forces encircled and began flying into Baghdad's international airport. British forces in the south made their

deepest push into Basra, Iraq's second-largest city.

Five yearsago:President George W.Bushand Russian President Vladimir Putin, meeting at the Black Sea resort of Sochi, failed to overcome

sharp differences over aU.S. missile defense system as they closed their seven-year relationship.

One year ego:Five black people were shot, three fatally, in Tulsa, Okla.; two suspects, Jake England and Alvin Watts,

are accused of targeting the victims on the basis of race. A Navy F18 Hornet jet whose

pilots were forced to eject crashed in aspectacular fireball into a big apartment

complex in Virginia Beach, Va., scattering plane parts and wiping out some 40 units, but

killing no one.

BIRTHDAYS Nobel Prize-winning scientist James D. Watson is 85.

Composer-conductor Andre Previn is 84. Country singer Merle Haggard is 76. Actor

Billy Dee Williams is 76. Movie director Barry Levinson is 71. Actor John Ratzenberger is

66. Rock musician Warren Haynes is 53. Rock singermusician Frank Black is 48.

Author Vince Flynn is 47.

Actress Ari Meyers is 44. Actor Paul Rudd is 44. Actor

Zach Braff is 38. Actress Candace Cameron Bure is 37. Jazz and rhythm-and-blues

musician Robert Glasper is

35. Actress Eliza Coupe is 32. Actor Bret Harrison is 31. Actor Charlie McDermott is 23. — From wire reports


Flushed drugsmay threaten river slime By Erik Stokstad ScienceNOW

Most streams that flow near cities and towns are laced with drugs that escape from sewage treatment plants or pharmaceutical factories. Although often occurring at concentrations of a few parts per trillion, these compounds can nevertheless hurt aquatic life, turning male fish into female fish with hormones or giving them the munchies with anti-anxiety medication. Now comes the first study that shows an effect of drugs on the base of the food web — the nutritious microbial slime that covers the streambed. Experts caution, however, that the work is preliminary. There's a long list of chemicals that go down the drain, pass through sewage treatment plants, and end up in streams: antibiotics, caffeine, and ingredients in soaps and s hampoos, to n ame j ust a few. Emma Rosi-Marshall, a stream ecosystem ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York, and colleagues in Illinois and Indiana, were curious about the impact of common chemicals on photosynthesis and respiration, which are fundamental to the life of an entireecosystem. Measuring these processes is "like taking the pulse of a stream," Rosi-Marshall says. The team examined bio-

films, which are agglomerations of bacteria, algae, fungi

and organic matter that coat rocks onstreambeds. Biofilms matter in part because fish, snails, and insects nibble at them for nourishment. But no one had looked at the impact o f pharmaceuticals on t h e e cological functions of t h i s slippery stuff. The researchers adapted a technique used to study the impact of excess nutrients on stream ecosystems: They took 30 ml cups filled with agar and added one kind of pharmaceutical, then covered them with a filter on which the biofilms could grow. A r e latively constant dose of the drug diffused out of the cups, which they placed in three different streams for 18 days. Control cups did not have drugs. The six drugs they tested — antihistamines, caffeine, an antibiotic, and an anti-diabetic

medicine — dampened algal growth by 4 percent to 22 percent compared with the controls. Respiration was more than cut in half, and in one stream, photosynthesis fell by 99 percent. The results are expected to be published online in Ecological Applications this week. The antihistamine diphenhydramine had a strong impact on a l gae, although other studies have not shown an effect for the crustacean Daphnia or plants at much higher concentrations. "We were surprised by how strong an effect there was," Rosi-Marshall says. "It's still a bit of a mystery."

have started last year, but longer-than-expected science experiments put Curiosity behind schedule.

Odyssey, circling Mars since 2001, has experienced half a dozen blackout episodes with no problem. This time, it will try somethingnew. There are plans to radio Earth every day even if calls are dropped, mostly to keep engineers updated on Curiosity's health. The rover is also programmed to send daily beeps toground controllers. By contrast, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will record and store information onboard its computers and beam it back after the hiatus. Opportunity, which parked itself in a clayrich spot, will use the down time to study a rock and track the amount of dust in the sky. "We've been through this before," Zurek said. "We're not expecting to have any problems during this period. Let's hope it stays that way."

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What Is a Bitcoin? The virtual currency enables direct payment over the lnternet between two individuals by skipping the middle man, such as a bank or credit card company. Bitcoin transactions — with fees that are much lower than what financial institutions charge — rely on cryptography to prevent double spending, counterfeiting or theft. WHAT CAN YOU OOWITH A BITCOIN?


BITCOIN HISTORY In 2008,"Satoshi Nakamoto" (a

• .©-. •

pseudonym for a person or group whose identity is a mystery) wrote a paper outlining Bitcoin's design. The rules state that the number of bitcoins in circulation will grow

1. Before a bitcoin can be purchased, a user must install a virtual "wallet" onto a

personal computer or mobile device. The wallet, which is

similar to personal finance software, keeps track of your bitcoin balance and all transactions.

2. To buy a bitcoin, real money must either be deposited through an online payment company or transferred directly from a bank account into an account on a third-party website that connects bitcoin buyers and sellers.

Sources:;; MIT Technology Review


of capitalism: a version totally unfettered by monetary policy Continued from A1 and politically driven economA sudden burst of new inter- ics.On a recent afternoon, Harest sent its value soaring to a rison constantly checked the record $147 on Wednesday. value of his holdings in bitcoins It has since fallen back after and other c y ber-currencies a series of hacker attacks. Yet, such as litecoin on his glowing as of Thursday, bitcoin was still smartphone. In less than 20 trading above $130. minutes, his portfolio's value Will all that crash and burn had surged by about 7 percent. "Some people say it's antiin a cyber-version of a financial bubble'? Critics say quite possi- capitalist, but it's more nonconbly. Will authorities — already formist," Harrison said. "It can't concerned about the use of be manipulated by g overnbitcoins to buy drugs and laun- ments, changed by monetary der money online — step in to policy. I call it digital gold." regulate it? There are signs that In January 2009, Satoshi may already be happening. Nakamoto unveiled bitcoin to a But for now, its diverse group mailing list of computer superof users ranging from the Free geniuses. He (or she, or themState Project and WikiLeaks to Nakamoto is a pseudonym for a environmentalists and profes- programming whiz or whizzes sional gamblers, call its surge whose identity remains one of a revolution in "financial free the great mysteries of hackerspeech." dom) effectively put a free softFor Jonathan Harrison — a ware program on the Internet former gold trader who ditched and invited the group to form his London flat to join a group a network of bitcoin "miners." of virtual currency obsessives They could excavate bitcoins living in a d i lapidated com- by using computers to solve mune on the wrong side of Wa- complex mathematical puzzles, terloo Station — what matters with units of the cyber-currency most is a sense that bitcoin is seen asa reward fortheelectricmaking him a fortune. ity spent on the algorithms. Some call it the purest form Nakamoto seemingly

Kidnapped Continued from A1 The Buick roared away with its frail owner curled up in the hold'scasketlike darkness. She was tossed about like forgotten

luggage with every bump and turn. She could feel the vibrations pounding from the car radio that drowned out her calls for help. As a woman went missing, so did time, with day turning to night, night to day, day to night ... It remains unknown what these girls were thinking, if they were thinking, when they imprisoned another human being in a car trunk without food, water or medication. What is known is just who they had dismissed, apparently, as just another defenseless little old lady: MargaretSmith, the backbone of a dot in the center of Delaware, in the town of Lincoln, called Slaughter Neck. Her father, Dalton Carroll, worked as an ice man, farmer and factory worker; her mother, Grace, was a domestic until the many children came, though some did not survive infancy. She inscribed their 12 names in a thumbed-through Bible held together now with gray duct tape. There was Leon, then Dalton, then Clarence, then Thomas and then, on March 15, 1924: Margaret.

They grew up in Slaughter Neck, an African-American community so small and tight that all the world was right there on Slaughter Neck Road: their house, their farmland, their elementary school — even their white clapboard Methodist church, where the Carroll children cut boredom by singing in the choir, founded by theirfather. Margaret sang soprano. After a couple of years of high school, she enrolled in the Apex College of Beauty Culture and Hairdressing, in Philadelphia. Then she returned to Delaware to open a beauty shop in a cottage, no larger than a tool shed, on Slaughter Neck Road. The first marriage, to a rake named Gus, "didn't stick," as she'd politely say. The second was to Edward, who died young. The third was to George Smith,an Air Force veteran,an electrician and a good, good man. This marriage stuck — for 42 years, until his death in 2010. "The black Liz Taylor," Smith often called herself, "only with no money." Family members p referred d escriptions l i k e kind, and witty, and, most of all, feisty. If you gave her lip, she liked to say, "I will answer

3. Once the funds are available, a buyer can place an order for a bitcoin, similar to trading stocks, through an exchange such as Bitstamp.

you back." This is the Margaret Smith who, on March 18, a Monday,

decidedto go shopping. Siblings were coming in for Easter, and she wanted to have presents. But first, she thought, maybe an ice cream cone at that convenience store in downtown Milford. Then those two young strangers asked for a favor. "So I said yes," she recalled. "And we started on." Minutes later, Smith was in the trunk, without her heart and blood-pressure medication, without her cellphone. "The doors slammed and then it took off — eeeeeekkk!" she said, imitating a car's getaway screech. "Oh Lord." Trapped in space normally occupied by those large cans of green beans she often donates to her church, Smith tried to stay strong. Whenever thoughts turned to her family or her long life, she said, "I had to push it back. I had to think about getting out of there." She nodded off now a nd then, but whenever conscious,

she prayed. "Lord, am I going to make it?" she asked. "Lord, take care of me." At one point the girls opened the trunk somewhere around West Rehoboth, Smith later guessed. They forced her to hand over the $500 in her pocket, the police say, then locked her in the trunk once more. On that Wednesday morning, the police say, the youths dumped a shoeless Smith in a remote cemetery somewhere outside of Seaford, where a dirt path provides the only access from the main road. It is a cemetery for the poor, all sand and weeds, with many graves marked by pressed metal instead of stone. "I started crawling," Smith recalled. "I'd stop for a f ew minutes, then start crawling

again." She had no idea where she was. The rough ground tore at her hands and bloodied her knees. Still, she said, "I was just glad to have breath." Someone saw the woman crawling through the cemetery. Soon she was telling her story to a state trooper. Soon she was at a local hospital, eating chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. The two girls and their companions wer e a r r ested and charged with carjacking

and kidnapping. Smith went home to h er family Bible, her many photographs, that overfed cat. With hands still bruised and knees still raw, she made her way to Easter services at her church, w here the congregation rose in sustained applause.

4. Bitcoins can also be purchased from third parties such as Bitlnstant, which sends the coins directly into the virtual wallet.

Bill Webster And Todd undeman /The Washington Post

emerged from nowhere a year earlier, uploading a white paper on bitcointo an obscure listserv. The writings suggested political motivations — a response to a global financial crisis that saw Western g o vernments reach into the banking sector as never before. But Nakamoto also showed little interest in promoting bitcoin beyond an inner circle of global geekdom. In the 1990s and 2000s, various visionaries attempted to launch cyber-currencieswith little success. Yet Nakamoto succeeded whereothers failed through the elegance of bitcoin's design. More bitcoins are created all the time. But over time, fewer and fewer will be generated.The finit e number — bitcoins will max out at 21 million by 2140, compared with the roughly 11 million in circulation today — makes them a commodity that increases in value as more and more users fuel demand. To avoid counterfeiting, bitcoins are accounted for on public ledgers. Holders of bitcoins — which are stored using electronic "wallet" software downloaded from the Internet — are kept anonymous unless they

UAVs Continued from A1 Unmanned aerial system, or UAS, describes not just the aircraft but the other elements, such as navigational e quipment an d p i l ot , i n volved in flying the aircraft. T he P a n-Pacific t e a m will not use large aircraft with military applications, but small to medium sized UAVs with wingspans that range from several inches to several yards across, said Simpkins. The FAA's decision to allow states to team up meant that Oregon could find partners to improve its chances of becoming a test site. "We felt that given the requirements,Oregon's application in a n d o f i t s elf might not be as competitive as some of the other states'," Simpkins said. A number of other states in lower latitudes approached Alaska, but it turned down all the other teams, said Rick Spinrad, vice president for research at Oregon State University. Only one state offers arctic conditions, and it is participating only in the Pan-Pacific application. "It's nice to be going with a hot date," he said. With Alaska and Hawaii on board, the Pan-Pacific group could test UAVs in a diverse setof terrains and flying conditions that re-create conditions found throughout most of the world, from tropical heat to extreme cold, over lush forests and p a rched deserts. Within each site, there are multiple test ranges, and the Pan-Pacific group would have seven ranges in Alaska, three in Hawaii, and three or four in Oregon, Simpkins said. The proposed sitesin Oregon are an operations center at Tillamook on the coast, one on tribal land at the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs near Madras with easy access to desert and forest areas, and a third in Pendleton, based at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. While none of the research will involve military UAVs, the National Guard unit based in Pendleton has experience flying UAVs and will be able to provide expertise, he said. Central Oregon could host a fourth test range, possibly associated with the Juniper Military Operations Area, a remote area where the Or-

Bitcoins can be used to buy from online vendors, such as George's FamousBaklavain New Hampshire, which sold a dark chocolate pastry for14 bitcoins in 2011 — worth about $1,900 today. Bitcoins are also being bought and traded as investments.

choose to disclose their identities. Yet there is no centralized authority that regulators could home in on to shut the system down. Though governmentand bank-free, the users pay a certain price for that freedom. U.S. bankdeposits, for instance, are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC. But this week, when hackers struck bitcoin wallet provider Instawallet, the company issued a statement saying it would refund clients holding more than 50 units only on a "case-by-case and best-eff ort basis." Nakamoto seemed to vanish more than a year ago, leaving otherdevelopers to advance the technology. A year later, initial waves of publicity and word of mouth created a surge in value that sent the price of one bitcoin soaring from less than $5 to almost $30. There were now two ways of getting bitcoins — mining them yourself or, more commonly, buying them f r o m c u r rent owners using real-world currency.However, after a seriesof high-profile hacker attacksincluding a hit on the computers at Mt. Gox, the Tokyo-based exchange site that is the cyber-

currency's largest — its value collapsed, falling back below $10 and increasing only modestly until a few months ago. Another wave of attacks hit the exchange house this week but have thus far not caused equal

damage. No one knows what, exactly, is behind the currency's staggering climb that started earlier this year and accelerated in recent weeks. Some cite a change in the network's programming in December that cut the number of bitcoins released each day. Others say new interest from Russians and others looking for safe havens after bank account seizures in Cyprus is behind the climb. Bitcoin promoters credit new interest by venture capitalists. Yet Wall Street analysts who follow bitcoin say there is still no indication that major investors are seriously dabbling in them. Critics say those paying hefty fees for bitcoins are investing in a ghost currency whose value is fictional. "What's behind that billiondollar value? Nothing, except some people would claim a billion dollars worth of burned e lectricity," said B e n L a u -

at a decreasing rate toward a maximum of 21 million coins. The currency is now maintained

by anopen-sourcecommunity that has no centralized authority

that regulators can target. Currently, nearly 11 million bitcoins are in circulation.

rie, a software engineer and visiting fellow at Cambridge University. The marketplace that accepts bitcoins is small but growing. At Room 77 in Berlin, you can use your smartphone to digitally pay for a hamburger in bitcoins. More often, you can shop online for a range of items including, as bitcoin enthusiasts admit, illegal drugs. Once the province ofhobbyists rigging together off-theshelf computer parts, bitcoin

"mining" is also rapidly evolving. The math puzzles that award bitcoins have become harder as more and increasingly powerful computers mine them. It has led cyber-thieves to hijack computers via viruses that help them mine bitcoins. Legal miners such as Bennett Hoffman, a California-based bitcoin enthusiast who once hunted

them on his gaming computer, are joining up with business partners to invest in new professional bitcoin-mining machines costing $30,000 each. "Obviouslythere's always going to be a ton of risk involved," Hoffman said. "I just really like the idea of bitcoin."

egon Air N a tional Guard Clackamas County Sheriff's evaluation of his medical contrains t h a t e n c ompasses Office applied last year for a dition, Phillips said. Or it could parts of Deschutes, Crook, Certificate of A u t horization have dropped some medical Harney and Lake counties. from the FAA that would al- supplies. The FAA is expected to low it to operate UAVs. There are legitimate con"This is simply setting up an cerns about privacy, but it is alannounce its decision on test sites by the end of the year. infrastructure for potential fu- ready legal for private citizens ture use," said Lt. Adam Phil- to operate a small aircraft, he Possible economicbenefits lips, a public information offi- said, so long as they stay away Testing UAVs is only part cer with the department. The from airports. "A Realtor can send up one of the benefit of being select- department has not purchased ed by the FAA, said Spinrad. a UAV, but wants to keep its of these multi-rotor devices In addition to the jobs and options open, he said. and take a picture of a house economic development that The ability to use a UAV any time they want to," he said. come with building the incould result in fewer risks for "That's how Google maps has f rastructure necessary t o law enforcement officers, he a picture of my house and cars host a test range, the oppor- said. For example, several in the driveway." tunity to conduct academic train lines run through the The department has no inresearch using UAVs and de- county, and if a train derailed tention of using UAVs to spy velop commercial uses has in a remote area and spilled a on people, he said. "We do not see it as a covert tremendous potential. One potentially toxic substance, a industry forecast estimates UAV could fly close enough to surveillance technique," he that the global UAS market read themarkings on railcars said. "The device we (would could be worth up to $89 bil- to help determine what had use) is very loud and noticelion over the next decade, been spilled. able," and makes noise similar and the U.S. i s e xpected Last year, a kayaker was to a string trimmer. — Reporter: 202-662-7456, to account for almost twostranded at the foot of a steep thirdsoftheworld'sresearch bank i n t h e S a ndy R i v er aclevengerC< and development investment Gorge, he said. in the field. Officers set up a multi-rope, F R I G I DLI R E "To be named as one of high-angle rescue, but had to the six national test sites, for wait overnight after it got dark. Compact what is clearly going to be a A small UAV could have flown Refrigerator capability that we take for a small radio to the stranded Adjustable Glass granted in the future, would kayaker, or allowed a better Shelves be a real feather in our cap Crisper Drawer should we win it," Spinrad said. UAVs could enable precision agriculture,as farmers could use small aircraft to HOME INTERIORS pinpoint and deliver extra 70 SW Century Dr. Suite145 Bend, OR 97702 t' 541 322 1337 TV.APPLIANCE i rrigation, h e r bicides o r j pesticides in remote areas. Thanks to increasingly sensitive sensors on UAVs, this could soon be a c h eaper option than using a piloted airplane to douse an entire area. UAVs could also moniYou may notsave the world, but you can tor Christmas tree farms to save a lot of money by refinancing your study the effect of storms, and could linger over water home with SELCO Mortgage. to observe wave motion over Give us a call today! an extended period of time. "There really are an enor15-YEAR FIXED mous number of a p plications," he said. It won't be long before UAVs are an accepted part of our culture, much in the way cellphones have quickly become comSE monplace, he said. UAVs are particularly suited for work that is dull, dirty and dangerous, he said. It would be dull for a person to linger in a remote location to record observations, NMLS¹402847 but not for a UAV. Similarly, flying over a smokestack to monitor emissions or flying over a wildfire can be dirty and dangerous. Using a UAV Ir g r could produce better results tb r I r « ee without putting a life at risk.


g $199



Dare to Refit '


3.087'.!'. 3.375'~' 3.563'.;,.


II ' rr I I

Planning for future UAVuse W ith that i n

m i nd, t h e



I '

lr I I I


r I



r r




Cathedral Rock The landowners hoping to swap land with the federal government as part of the creation of the proposed Cathedral Rock Wilderness are

offering a compromisewith Jefferson County in regard to public access. Theplan calls for gates on MuddyCreek Roadand atrailhead off the road, halfway between the Washington Family Ranch and

Gosner Roadthat would provideoverland access to thewilderness. There would also be gates at the trailhead, allowing for the seasonal closure of the north or south section of the road. e

Muddy Rd.

Washington Family Ranch Young LifeCamp

~asco County Gate Jefferson County


Proposed Cathedral Rock Wilderness Area

North route Photo Courtesy Patrick Koltodge U.S. Bureau of Land Management



Q • Bend

gatesand closures is the same proposal from years back that Continued from A1 the county didn't support afT he times o f y e a r s e c- ter hearing from the public, tions of the road or the entire which didn't want limits put road would be c losed also on access along Muddy Creek coincide. Road. "It's nothing new," he said. Wyden and U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, b ot h De m o crats Young Lif e a n d C h e rry representing Oregon, rein- Creek Ranch propose clostroduced a trio of bills in Feb- ing three miles of the road ruary that would designate between the Young Life south 100,000 acres of new wilder- camp and a gate about a halfness around the state. The mile north of the trailhead to plans include the 8,686-acre visitors from the start of April Cathedral Rock and 9,200- until the end of A u gust. A acre Horse Heaven wilder- four-mile stretch of the road nesses. Cathedral Rock would between Gosner Road and a lie p r imarily i n J e f f erson gate about a half-mile south of County, and Horse Heaven the trailhead would be closed entirely in Jefferson County. from the start of September Both would be created priuntil the end of October. The marily by land exchanges be- entire road would be closed tween Young Life and Cherry to outside visitors from the Creek Ranch with the U.S. start of December to the end Bureau of Land Management. of March. C athedral R o c k w ou l d The closures would limit be named after a formation traffic on the road and stop along the John Day River on the east side of the proposed wilderness and not a rock by the same name along Highway 26 between Dayville and Mitchell. The w i l derness p r oposals come with the caveat that the landowners and Jefferson County reach agreement about public access to Muddy Creek Road, which runs eight miles between Gosner Road and the Washington Family Ranch. The Young Life camp is the site of the former commune created by the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in the 1980s before plots to rig votes and poison officials led to his deportation from the country. County o f f i cials p u l l ed their support for the wilderness areas in October 2011 after realizing Young Life and


Cherry Creek Ranch headquarters

0 R E G 0 N

Gosnef Rd


Months whenroutes are open Jan Feb MarchApril May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Road close d

Sou t h route open No r th route open Road

throughCherry CreekRanch throughYoungLife closed Source: Young Life

Greg Cross/The Bulletin

problems created by poachers and trespassers, Smith said. The proposal shows that the closures would coincide with the presence ofthousands of summer campers at Young Life and fall deer hunting near C herry Creek R anch. T h e county would maintain the gates and the trailhead under the proposal. Ahern said the county isn't interested in the maintenance outlined in the proposal. Currently the road is barely maintained, Ahern


said, with a grader scraping about once a year. Wyden is waiting to hear the county response to the Young Life and Cherry Creek plan, s ai d T o m T o w slee, the senator's spokesman in

Oregon. "This is a genuine and generous proposal to solve the access ... issue at the proposed wilderness a t Cat h e dral Rock," he said. — Reporter: 541-617-7812,

I e I



Cherry Creek had changed


• I I



• II I I I

• II ,



• gf~-


Wheeler County MILES

Cathedral Rock

their plan from earlier in the year to keep a buffer of private land between the road and the wilderness, limiting public access to the John Day River on the east side of the wilderness. While glad to see the plan include a trailhead again off Muddy Creek Road, the gates and seasonalclosures of the roads to visitors don't solve the access problem, said Jefferson County Commissioner Mike Ahern. "I think they are missing the point," he said. "The public wants to access that road." He said the proposal for the

Wagner Mountain

Seffth reffte

The John Day River in front of Cathedral Rock, the namesake of a proposed wilderness area. Landowners involved with the potential land swap with the federal government that would lead to the creation of the wilderness are offering a compromise on road access.



straight Final Fours in the mid-2000s, UMBC has won Continued from A1 just two since 2007. His statement is striking The ambitions of UMBC not only because coaches imitators m a d e n a t i onal rarely forecast their oppo- news last year after an unnent's victory but also be- precedented event in college cause of the man making — or even professionalthe prediction. Sherman, a competition. After winning UMBC professor and cryp- two consecutive Final Fours tology expert, single-hand- at Texas Tech, coach Susan edly built the school's pro- Polgar, the first woman to gram from scratch in the earn the men's grandmasearly 1990s, a product, he ter title, resigned from the once wrote, of "serendipity, school and signed on with determination, organization, Webster. Her p l ayers folrecruiting, coaching, coor- lowed — their own decision, dination, vision, persever- she said. ance, teamwork and good Polgar, recently the subfortune." j ect of a l o n g p r o file i n Molding the team in his Wired magazine, is an asspare time, Sherman's domi- sertive, controversial figure nance unfolded over several in chess. In 2010, she settled years. From 1996 to 2002, a long-running legal battle UMBC finished first or tied with the United States Chess for first in six Pan-American Federation, which resulted Intercollegiate Team Chess in her m embership being Championships, the tourna- revoked. ment that produces the top Polgar likes to win, and four U.S. college teams in the she frequently does, with Final Four. UMBC became, four world championships in Sherman's words, "a de- on her resume. So intense clared fixed target, the team is her desire to dominate the to beat." Others offered more chess world that she even scholarships, hired full-time instructs her players to exerstaffs and spent money on cise at the school gym. Physworldwide recruiting trips. ical strength, she said, gives The University of Texas the mind endurance for long at Dallas, also playing this matches. weekend, was the first imiWebster a d m i nistrators tator, then the University of said they viewed landing Texas at Brownsville, then Polgar as a unique opporTexas Tech and now Web- t unity t o s t r engthen t h e s ter University. Tiny L i n - school's academic reputation d enwood U n i v ersity, i n and forge a path, as provost St. Charles, Mo., issued a Julian Schuster put it, "to inbreathless news release last corporatechess as a didactic year saying the school "is tool in the academic mission putting out a call for some of of the university." It's not the finest young chess play- about winning, he added, so ers in America and abroad. much as it is about celebratAnd the university is willing ing an intellectual activity to provide scholarship mon- that brings brilliant, diverse ey to build the nation's top students to campus. "But we prefer winning to collegiate chess program." A fter wi nn i n g fou r other options," he said.







Plans for Muddy Creek Road


' '/ "

r,~, -,~ kN


e g' 'gg g •


Young Life and Cherry



'» ..n „

I r



BoRM. 2


12'a' X rn1 \'

Creek Ranchare proposing


n'4' X11 VAULTED

1S'-\' X 15'4

the following along Muddy

Creek Road, arugged dirt road in far northeast



rr 8HELF

Jefferson County:


• Build a trailhead and parking lot near the Wagner Mountain Jeep trail.



BoAM. 3 11'rnxrnrn

Jefferson County would



maintain the trailhead and lot. • Install four gates along


the roadforseasonal closures. Thecounty would maintain the gates. • Install signs to warn of

hazardous conditions or road closures. Thecounty would maintain the signs. • Supply the materials


HiL thsE


• •

for guardrails on select

• •

sections of the road. The county would install the



guardrails. • Young Life would provide

a phone line for a countyinstalled emergency phone at the Wasco-Jefferson




ll l






county line along the road. Source: Off>ce of U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden

®g '

• •

Find It All Online


ee e


. •



g •

g gg •

g' g g• '

• •

g' g • • •• •n • • • • •






on5e~~ SQP/ay g Ggeat Agctt • ~rn>, Browse, Bid Andguy TheseAndothet I HIIIIL,

k/ / >~ CJklOERA



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Corporate Meeting for 8 with Golf

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1-Year Elementary School Tuition DevelopinG godly leadersthroughChrist-centered education




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MAY 21 ELECTION Events Another spring election is just ahead. The Bulletin will publish a daily calendar of election-related events,

including candidate forums and issue-related town halls.

Are you planning an event? Please submit

your notice to bulletin©, or by conventional mail to P.O. Box6020, Bend OR 97708-6020.

To qualify for publication in The Bulletin

calendar, the event must be open to the general

public by free admission. Fundraising events do not qualify, nor do strictly partisan gather-

ings. Keydates • April 30: Last day to registerto vote • May 3: Ballots will be mailed out • May 21: Election Day

Who's running A complete list of candidates for Crook,

Deschutes andJefferson counties are at

may21candidates Measures andlevies • Deschutes 911 • Madras Aquatic Center


By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

Warm Springs, Madras and Redmond should soon be getting their first electric car charging stations, and the Oregon Department of Transportation is asking for the public's input on the proposed sites. All-electric vehicles are still relatively rare in Central Oregon. According to statistics compiled by ODOT, as of January there were 46 electric vehicles registered in Deschutes County, four in Jefferson County and three in Crook County. Statewide, 2,074 drivers have traded the

gas pump for an electrical cord. Ashley Horvat, manager of ODOT's Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding Transportation Electrification Project, said the state is planning for a future where all-electric

vehicles and plug-in hybrids are a more frequent sight. Using a combination of federal funds provided by the 2009 stimulus bill and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the state has rolled out 27 of 43 planned charging stationsthat can be used free of charge, at least for now.

re on ansnewc ai in stations ta es u un contro Locally, ODOT has identified six potential sites in Warm Springs, Madras and Redmond where the charging stations could be located. Electric vehicle owners or other interested people are encouraged to share their thoughts as to the merits of each site in an online survey ODOT has posted at through April 19. In Warm Springs, the proposed station would be at the Indian Head Casino. In Madras, sites at City Hall, Dairy Queen and Bi-Mart are under consideration. Redmond's station could be at Fred Meyer, or a city-owned parking lot at the corner of Southwest Forest Avenue and Southwest Fifth Street. Horvat said the network of stations began with a push to connect Interstate 5 from Washington to California, and has since begun tying in the coast, the Columbia Gorge and Central Oregon. Bend is unlikely to get an ODOT-funded charging station anytime soon, Horvat said, as the funding the agency is currently using is reserved for smaller communities.

Chargingstationsin Oregon

Clatskanie The WeSt COaSt EleCtriC HighWay Fast-Charging Network has several locations, existing and planned, in Western and Central Oregon. P ) Scappqo'se




Tillamo k

l ~t l and

N e wb


By Lauren Gambino The Associated Press

SALEM — A National Rifle Association representative, relatives of two people killed in a December mall I shooting spree and • others took part in a passionate gun control debate Friday as Oregon's

+® $81em Mill



Veneta eedsport

IN Leg i slature began 5ALEM c onsideringbills

Bridge Grove


• Cott



• ,


ftfoff crogg Grants vlrss


• Aerovironment DC Fastcharger and Level 2 E AeroVironment DCFast charger and Level2 (planned) ~ The EV Project (federally funded without Oregon Department of Transportation role)

I Point


Krl h Falls

• .dkahlee~

See Charging /B2

AndyZeigert/The Bulletin

operating levy • Bend-La Pine School

that would impose new gun restrictions but wouldn't go as far as some lawmakers had hoped. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard four hours of public testimony on a package of four bills that would expand background checks and add new restrictions on carrying firearms. The daughter and husband of a woman shot dead at a suburban Portland shopping mall urged lawmakers to adopt the legislation and asked for additional measures, such as requiring that guns be kept

locked up.

Bond • La Pine Fire District

"The gun that was used to kill my mother was stolen," said Jenna Passalacqua, daughter of Cindy Yuille, one of two people fatally shot by Jacob Roberts as he opened fire inside the Clackamas Town Center on Dec. 11. Roberts, who killed himself after the shooting, had stolen the AR-15 from a friend. See Guns/B3

operation and equipment levies

• Culver school bond

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Panel backs Democratic proposalfor

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PERS cuts

Business ........ 541-383-0360 Education ...... 541-383-0367 Health ..............541-383-0304 Public lands .....541-617-7812 Public safety.....541-383-0387 Projects ..........541-617-7831

By Jonathan J. Cooper The Associated Press e

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Ryan Brennecke /The Bulletin

Members of Bend'N Strings, an acoustic bluegrass band from Bend, play for a small crowd at Dudley's Bookshop Cafe during the Spring Art Hop in downtown Bend on Friday. Dozens of

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businesses participated in the First Friday event.

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Can i ates or Ben ire chie set to meet communi at reception

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By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

Four candidates to be Bend's next fire chief will be in town next week, and the public is invited to meet them at a reception Thursday evening at The Riverhouse. Late last year, Chief Larry Huhn announced his intention to retire at the end of April, and the city began recruiting in January to find his replacement. Spokesman Justin Finestone said the city received 83 applications, which were whittled down to four by City Manager Eric King and

the city's human resources department. The four finalists appearing at the 5:30 p.m. reception are: • Al Gillespie, former chief of the North Las Vegas Fire Department. • Gorden Sletmore, deputy chief at Medford Fire 8 Rescue. • John Staley, fire chief for Thornton, Colo. • Nate Trauernicht, chief of the University of California, Davis Fire Department. Finestone said the candidates will spend the earlier part of the day Thursday in interviews with panels

of city management, fire personnel and members of the community, followed by a tour of Bend Fire Department facilities. The city has not set a date for making an offer to any of the candidates, he said, as Deputy Fire Chief for Operations Doug Koellermeier has agreed to serve as interim chiefif no one has been hired by the time Huhn leaves. "Obviously this is a very important position, so there's not going to be a rush to fill it before Larry Huhn retires," Finestone said. "We obviously want to find and

hire the right person." Huhn, 59, worked as a wildland firefighter in Eastern Oregon before joining the Bend Fire Department in 1983. He was appointed chiefinJune 2008, becoming just the sixth person to hold the position since the department's formation in 1919. According to the city's salary schedule, the next chief will be paid between $7,353, and $10,141 monthly, with the chief's actual compensation to be negotiated after a job offeris made. — Reporter: 541-383-0387

SALEM — The budget committee of the Oregon Legislature approved a Democratic bill curbing pension benefits for public employees in a party-line vote Friday, paving the way for decisions in the full House and Senate as soon as next week. Republicans complained that the bill is a timid approach that won't give tax-

payers enough relief from significant increases in pension costs. Democrats are also feeling heat from the left as public-employee unions say it would illegally violate a contract they have with the state. "I think we've united the entire state, all s>des, in dislike of this proposal," said Rep. Peter Buckley, an Ashland Democrat and an architect of the pension-cutting bill. "But again, we stand by it because we do believe it is balanced and fair." Severe investment losses during the Great Recession erased 27 percent of the pension fund in 2008, requiring steepincreases in taxpayer contributions to make up the difference and limiting money available for state and local government services. The Democratic proposal would reduce cost-of-living increases in retirement checks on a graduated scale and eliminate supplemental tax payments for retirees living outside Oregon. It also would push $350 mllhon worth of payments into future years. See PERS/B3





improvisationaltroupe performs; $5;7:30p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, 148N.W. Greenwood URBANAGRICULTUREIN Ave., Bend;541-389-0803or www. CENTRALOREGON:Learnabout therewardsandchallengesofurban food productioninthearea; includes MOUNTAINCOUNTRY SUPERSTAR:Finals ofthe country lunch; $25-$30, $15-$20students; 8:30a.m.-4:30p.m.; OSU-Cascades battle of thebands;$3-$5;8 p.m.; Timbers North,3315S.U.S. Campus,Cascades Hall,2600N.W. Highway97, Redmond;541-923College Way, Bend;541-322-3100 7604or or www.centraloregonfoodpolicy. Ol'g. THE MCCOYTYLERBAND:The VFWEASTERBUFFET:Abreakfast California-based folkact performs, with Jack Dwyerand The BadLiars; buffet; $8.50;8:30-11 a.m.; VFW $5;8p.m.; The Horned Hand,507 Hall, 1503N.E. Fourth St., Bend; N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend;541541-389-0775. 728-0879or DISCOVERNATUREDAY: Families thehornedhand. can track wildlife, explore Tumalo Creek, meetbirds of prey, plant treesand play games;hostedby SUNDAY the Deschutes Children's Forest; free;9:30a.m.-1:30p.m.; Shevlin NOTABLES SWINGBAND: The big Park, 18920Shevlin Park Road, bandplaysswing mu sic;$5;2-4 Bend;541-383-5592or www. p.m.; Bend Senior Center, 1600S.E. Reed Market Road;541-330-5728 CERNPRESENTATION:Alecture or byastronomer BillLogan about the DAYOF REMEMBRANCE:A European Organization for Nuclear ceremonyhostedby Jewish Researchandthe Large Hadron communitiesin CentralOregonto Collider; free;1p.m.; Sunriver Area honor Holocaustandpersecution Public Library,56855 Venture Lane; victims, titled"Never Again: Heeding 541-312-1080. the Warning Signs"; donations TEDX BEND:Featuring over accepted;6-7p.m.; Greenwood 10people presenting local and Playhouse, 148N.W. Greenwood international perspectives to Ave., Bend;541-385-6421. inspire and sparkconversations; PAPADOSIO: The North Carolinaregistrationrecommended; SOLD based progressive folk-rockband OUT;1p.m., doors openat 12:30 performs, withTheAcornProject; p.m.; Summit High School,2855 $10plus fees inadvance, $15at N.W. Clearwater Drive; www. the door;8p.m.; Domino Room,51 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend;541AUTHOR PRESENTATION:Aaron Nicholson talks abouthisbook, "The State of Determination,"with aslide show; $5;6p.m.; Paulina MONDAY Springs Books,422S.W. Sixth St., Redmond;541-526-1491. NOEVENTSLISTED AVREY WALKERBENEFITDINNER ANDAUCTION:Withlive music by Matt Borden and Leif James; Texas TUESDAY Hold'ematnoon; tickets available at Coyote Ranchand John Tuck BOOK DISCUSSION: Discuss"The Elementary; $45inadvance,$55 Snow Child" by EowynIvey; part at the door;6p.m.; Coyote Ranch, of"ANovelIdea .. ReadTogether"; 1368S.U.S. Highway97, Redmond; free;6p.m.; Paulina Springs Books, 541-548-7700. 252W. Hood Ave., Sisters;541549-0866or www.deschuteslibrary. LUCREZIO:The Chicago-based acousticsoulact performs; free;7 org/calendar. p.m.; Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale BEYONDCOAL:Learnhowexports Cafe, 1740N.W. Pence Lane, Suite of coal to Asiathrough Northwest 1, Bend;541-728-0703or/www. communities wouldjeopardize air, water, snowpackand climate; FALLSTAR:ThePortland-based hostedbythe Sierra Club; free; hardcorebandperforms, with 7p.m.,6:30p.m. gathering;The Capture The Flag and ChaseElliot; Environmental Center, 16N.W. $6;7:30p.m.; The Sound Garden, Kansas Ave., Bend;541-389-0785. 1279N.E. Second St., Bend;541NATURAL HISTORYPUB:Jeff 633-6804. Russelland Lee Reynaud discuss "Sustainable Agricultureand TRIAGE:Thecomedy

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chargers,a fast charger that can supply many cars with a Continuedfrom B1 nearly complete charge in 10 Three stations currently ex- to 25 minutes, and a slower ist in Bend, at the Deschutes charger that does the same National Forest headquarters, over 2 to4hours. Smolich Motors, and GreenHorvat said the contractor Savers, anenergy efficie ncy that is building and maintaincontractor. ing the charging stations for Horvat said th e s tate i s ODOT, Aerovironment, will looking to lo cate its charg- eventually start charging using stations no more than 55 ers to power up, but it's not miles apart, to accommodate clear when. For now, the comt he limited r ange of m o st pany is ab sorbing the lo ss electric vehicles compared of providing free electricity with what's possible with a while they learn more about conventional vehicle and a how dr ivers a re u sing t h e full tank of gas. While luxury stations. "Originally theywere going models produced by T esla Motors of California can trav- to startcharging last summer, el up to 300 miles on a single but they're basically testing charge,lower-end electricve- it out," she said. "Ours is one hicles typically top out at less of the first robust networks they've done." than 100miles. Each of ODOT's charging Shelly Snow,spokeswoman stations includes two actual with ODOT, said Oregonians'





Jeff Crosby & The Refugees perform at7p.m. Wednesdayat McMenamins Old St. Francis Schoolin Bend. Wildlife Conservationon Private Land: ACase Studyin Conservation and Economics; registration requested; free;7p.m., doors open at6p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School,700N.W. Bond St., Bend;541-382-5174or www. TAARKA:The Colorado-based jazzy gypsy-folkband performs; free;7 p.m.; GoodLife Brewing Co.,70S.W. Century Drive, Bend;541-728-0749 or

WEDNESDAY JEFFCROSBY8ITHE REFUGEES: TheAmericanabandperforms; free;7p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School,700N.W. Bond St., Bend;541-382-5174or www. HOTCLUBSANDWICH:The Seattl e-based gypsy-jazzband performs; free;9p.m.; Hideaway Tavern,939S.E. Second St., Bend; 541-312-9898.

THURSDAY GEAR SWAP:Bring climbing or mountaineering gear tosell, orpurchaseitems;aportion ofproceedsbenefits Cascades Mountaineers Club; free;6-8p.m., item check-in4-5:45p.m.;The Environmental Center, 16N.W. Kansas Ave., Bend;541-549-1028 PLATEAUINDIANARTS PRESENTATION:Curator Steven L. Grafeexplores the"Plateau Style: A Historyof Columbia River Beadwork"; registrationrequested; $3, free museummembers;6p.m.;

relative enthusiasm for electric and hybrid vehicles — no other statehasnearly asmany per capita — helped secure the funds to build the charging stations, which come in at close to $100,000 each. The numberof electricvehicles on the road today may seem too small to justify ODOT's push to build c h arging st ations, she said, but it's necessary if electric vehicles are going to catchon. "It's a growing nu m ber, but it's not an overwhelming numberby any means," Snow said. "This is what we're facing as anynewindustry faces, what came first, the chicken or the egg? You can't have electric vehicles unless you have electric vehicle charging stations." — Reporter:541-383-0387,

For The Bulletin's full list, including federal, state, county and city levels, visit

U.S. Senate • Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore. 107RussellSenateOffice Building Washington, D.C.20510 Phone:202-224-3753 Web: Bendoffice: 131 N.W. HawthorneAve., Suite208 Bend,OR97701 Phone:541-318-1298 • Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. 223Dirksen SenateOffice Building Washington, D.C.20510 Phone:202-224-5244 W eb:http: I/ Bendoffice: 131 N.W. HawthorneAve.,Suite107 Bend,OR97701 Phone:541-330-9142

U.S. House ofRepresentatives • Rep. Greg Walden, R-HoodRiver 2182RayburnHouseOffice Building Washington, D.C.20515 Phonei202-225-6730 W eb:http: I/ Bendoffice: 1051 N.W. BondSt.,Suite400 Bend,OR97701 Phone:541-389-4408 Fax:541-389-4452

STATE OF OREGON • Gov. JohnKitzhaber, D 160State Capitol,900Court St. Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-378-4582

Fax:503-378-6872 Web: • Secretaryof StateKate Brown, D 136State Capitol Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-986-1616 Fax:503-986-1616 Email:oregon.sos© • Treasurer Ted Wheeler, D 1590regon State Capitol 900Court St.N.E. Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-378-4329 • Attorney GeneralEllenRosenblum, D 1162Court St.N.E. Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-378-4400 Fax:503-378-4017 • Labor Commissioner BradAvakian 800N.E.Oregon St., Suite 1045 Portland,OR97232 Phone:971-673-0761 Fax:971-673-0762

LEGISLATURE Senate • Sen. TedFerrloll, 6-Distrlct30 (includesJefferson,portionof Deschutes) 900Court St.N.E., S-323 Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-986-1950 • Sen. TimKnopp, R-District27 (includes portionof Deschutes)

FRIDAY LASTCOMIC STANDING:Qualifying round; comedians presentcomic actsandattempt toadvancetothe nextround of competition; $5;5-7 p.m.; The Horned Hand,507N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend;541-728-0879 or www.lastcomicstandingbend. com. BEND SPRINGFESTIVAL: A celebrationofthenewseasonwith

I II /


900Court St.N.E.,S-423 Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-986-1727 Email: • Sen. DougWhitsett, R-District28 (includes Crook, portionof Deschutes) 900Court St.N.E.,8-303 Salem,OR97301 Phonei 503-986-1728 Email:sen.dougwhitsett©

House • Rep. Jason Conger, R-Dlstrlct54 (portionof Deschutes) 900Court St.N.E., H-477 Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-986-1454 Email: • Rep. JohnHuffman, R-District59 (portionof Jefferson) 900Court St.N.E., H-476 Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-986-1459 Email:rep.lohnhuffman© • Rep.Mike McLane, R-District55 (Crook, portionof Deschutes) 900Court St.N.E., H-385 Salem,OR97301 Phonei 503-986-1455 Email: • Rep. Gene Whlsnant, R-District53 (portionof Deschutes County) 900Court St.N.E., H-471 Salem,OR97301 Phone:503-986-1453

/ II

WALKTOCUREDIABETES:A 2.4-mile walkto raiseawareness of diabetes; free, registration required; proceeds benefitdiabetes research; donationsaccepted; 11 a.m., check-in at 10a.m.; Riverbend Park, Southwest Columbia Street and Southwest Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend;503-643-1995orwww. WRITE NOW!: Brainstorm, play wordgamesandmore inacasual setting, to help creativewriting; free;1p.m.; Sunriver Area Public Library,56855Venture Lane;541312-1081 orwww.deschuteslibrary. org/calendar. ANOVEL IDEAKICKOFF: An overviewofevents inthe 2013 A Novelldea ... Read Together program; withpresentationsby Stacey Donohueand Heather McNeil; free;3p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, Brooks Room, 601 N.W. WallSt.;541-312-1032or VFW DINNER: AFrench dip dinner, withkaraoke; $7.50;5p.m.; VFW Hall, 1503N.E. Fourth St., Bend; 54I-389-0775. POSTCARDS:BendDance Project presentsanevening ofdanceand music inspiredbyimages found on postcards, featuring Velocity Dance Theatre, Jazz Dance Collective, South County Hipstersandthe Hokule'a Polynesian Dancers; $10 inadvance, $12at the door;7p.m.; Summit High School,2855N.W. Clearwater Drive, Bend;541-4108451 or www.benddanceproject. OI'g.

"CRAZYABOUTME":Stage Right Productionsand SusanNoyes present the playaboutayoung man straddling theline betweenreal andimagined;$18,$15 students and seniors;7:30p.m.;2nd Street Theater,220N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend;541-312-9626or "THEZ00STORY":Aone-act play by EdwardAlbeeaboutachance encounterbetweenatransient and a bookpublisherin New York City's CentralPark; $10;7:30p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub,70S.W. Century Drive, Bend;541-323-1881, Derek© or HIGHDESERTCHAMBER MUSIC — HIGHLANDQUARTET:String musicians playselections of chamber music; $35, $10children and students;7:30p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend;541-382-8436, info@ or www.highdesertchambermusic. com.

SATURDAY April 13 SPORTSMANJAMBOREE COLLECTIBLESHOW:Ashowof guns, knives, coinsand collectibles; foodavailable;$5, $4withatrade gun, freeages 12and youngerwith an adult; 10a.m.-5p.m.; La Pine Event Center, 16405First St.;541536-2223. BEND SPRINGFESTIVAL: A celebrationofthenewseason withart, live musicandastreet chalkartcompetition; free; 11 a.m.-10p.m.; NorthWest Crossing, Mt. Washingtonand Northwest Crossing drives; www.nwxevents. com.













II j I


I ' el I


'I '



%~%%%%%~IP'W%5~%%% Ag t ~ iiy ar%y Q i u~iQd

2012 dotM-




I '




HighDesertMuseum,59800S.U.S. Highway97, Bend;541-382-4754or "EXHIBITION: MANETPORTRAYINGLIFE": Ascreening ofthedocumentaryshowcasing the Edouard Manetartexhibitat the RoyalAcademyof ArtsinLondon; $12.50 7:30p.m. RegalOld Mill Stadium 168 IMAX,680S.W. Powerhouse Drive,Bend;541-3826347or DAVID JACOBS-STRAIN:The Oregonbluesman performs;$12;8 p.m.; The Belfry,302E. Main Ave., Sisters;541-815-9122. MATTHOPPER:The rock artist performs, with Vandella; $5;8 p.m.; The Horned Hand,507N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend;541-7280879or thehornedhand. THEAUTONOMICS:The Portlandbasedrockbandperforms, with The Hoons; $5;8p.m.;SilverMoon Brewing & Taproom,24N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend;541-388833I. AFROMASSIVE:Funk-rockfrom Northern California; $8plus fees in advance, $12at the door;9p.m.; Liquid Lounge,70N.W. Newport Ave., Bend;541-389-6999.

art, musicandwine samples; free; 6-9p.m.; NorthWest Crossing, Mt. Washingtonand Northwest Crossing drives; www.nwxevents. com. LASAGNABANQUET: Alasagna dinnerrecognizing the 2013Teacher ofthe Year, and Patriots Penand Voiceof Democracycompetition winners; registrationrequested; $10;7p.m.; VFW Hall, 1836S.W. Veterans Way, Redmond;541-5484108. "CRAZYABOUTME":Stage Right Productionsand Susan Noyes present the playaboutayoung man straddling the line betweenreal andimagined; $18, $15students andseniors;7:30p.m.;2nd Street Theater,220N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend;541-312-9626or "LIFEOF Pl":Ascreeningofthe PG-rated2012film; free;7:30p.m.; Jefferson County Library, Rodriguez Annex, 134S.E. E St., Madras;541475-3351 "THEZDOSTORY":A one-actplay by Edward Albeeaboutachance encounterbetweenatransient andabookpublisherin New York City's CentralPark; $10;7:30p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub,70S.W. Century Drive, Bend;541-323-1881, Derek© or THESOLOSPEAKSESSIONS: Professional solo performerstell personalstories; $15plus fees in advance;7:30p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, 148N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend;458-206-4895or www. GETSHOT!:Sleazy punkrockfrom Sacramento, Calif., with No Cash Valueand High Desert Hooligans;8 p.m.; Big T's,413S.W. Glacier Ave., Redmond;541-504-3864.

e I il





'I I



I I '



Find the summer's hottest activities for kids in this guide. Summer is the time of the year kids look forward to most. It is when they are free to explore, play and be who they want to be. The Summer Youth Activity Guide provides parents with information about the youthoriented programs that take place in Central Oregon — from away-from-home camps to daytime activities, sports to arts and crafts. There's no excuse to have bored kids at home. Find what suits them best in The Bulletin's Summer Youth Activity Guide

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One of life's greatest accomplishments, high school graduation, is celedrated in this annual publication. Every Central Oregon high school graduate is listed in this annual publication profiling each of the area's high school graduating classes. Graduates and parents alike look forward to this keepsake publication, which includes the names and photos of Central Oregon's newest graduates. Congratulations Graduates!

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Bill would clear way for chip factory

Coal ruling —A state agency has rejected an appealfrom environmental groups and reaffirmed a permit needed to build a shipping

terminal at CoosBay,where developers haveproposed exporting The Associated Press PORTLAND — Oregon lawmakers say the state is in the running to land an electronics factory worth at least $1 billion employing 1,000 workers, and they're proposing to clear the way for it to be built on a tract in Washington County. The development is known as "Project Azalea." State economic development officials say the unnamed company proposing it has looked at sites in Hillsboro, upstate New York and possibly elsewhere, The Oregonian newspaper reported Friday. Word of the project leaked out late last year with details indicating that it's a computer chip factory, known as a fab.

But specifics remain elusive — especially the identity of the company behind it. Only a handful of corporations build fabs on that scale. Republican Sen. Bruce Starr of Hillsboro andtwo colleagues have introduced legislation to give the governor power to block land-use challenges to sites such as the 330-acre site in Washington County. The Oregon Court of Appeals is expected to rule this month on an appeal brought by the c onservation group 1,000 Friends of Oregon and others challenging the designation of land for future urban expansion in the Portland metro area. If the ruling clears the way for development of the Hills-

boro site, the legislation might die. "It's not clear whether this is going anywhere," said Democratic Rep. Tobias Read of Beaverton. The measure would allow the governor to make agreements barring land-use appeals for a development by a company willing to purchase large-lot industrial land and create at least 500 jobs produc-

state's land use rules. "The bill appears to be an attempt to make an end-run around the region's urban and rural reserve process, which citizens, organizations, and local governments participated in and trusted that their participation would be meaningful," she said. Another backer of the bill, Democratic Sen. Lee Beyer ing goods and services sold of Springfield, said it could be outside the region. appliedbeyond the Azalea deSuch "traded sector" devel- bate to developments proposed opments are prized among for sites under land use appeal, economic development offi- and it has been a top agenda cials, who say they bring new item for leaders making the wealth to the state. state's business plan. "This bill is supportive of a A lawyer for 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Mary Kyle McCurdy, potential large industrial siting says the l e gislation w ould but has potential value elsecreate a huge loophole in the where," he said.

Guns Continued from B1 "Had that gun been locked up properly, she might still be alive today," said Passalacqua, one of more than 100 people who showed up at the hearing to testify. After th e m al l s h ooting, which occurredjust three days before the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., Oregon gun control advocates and state lawmakers called for a toughening of gun restrictions. Amid opposition from gun rights advocates, lawmakers abandoned contentious efforts to pass a ban on military-style rifles and o n h i gh-capacity ammo magazines. The bills lawmakers began considering on Friday would p rohibit gu n o w n ers f r o m openly carrying weapons in public buildings, require criminal background checks for private gun sales or transfers, and require concealed-handgun applicants to take a safety course and pass a proficiency test. A nother bil l w o ul d b a n guns in primary and second-

m-' -

Kobbi R. Blair/Statesman-Journal

People wait outside the Senate after a public hearing concerning four gun legislation bills Friday at the Oregon State Capitol inSalem. ary schools, but local school districts could opt out of the ban. Samuel Lee III, a member of the Winston-Dillard School Board and o f t h e O r egon

School Boards A ssociation, told lawmakers that school districts, especially in rural communities, need to have local control over gun regulation. "In our county, firearms are

as common as pickup trucks ... school safety is and should remain a local issue," Lee said. Gun rights advocates told Oregon lawmakers that new restrictions on guns will not

further cut pension benefits, saving more money, and critiContinued from B1 cized the Democratic plan to "I would hope people would defer pension contributions understandwe're taking these into f uture b u dget c y cles. actions to ensure people will They said only a substantial be receiving their b enefits reform ofthe pension system long into the future," said Sen. will prevent the need for more Richard Devlin, D-Tualatin, cuts in the future. " We can either fi x i t o r the Senate's budget chief and a driving force behind the tweak it," said Sen. Fred GiDemocratic pension plan. rod, R-Stayton. "I favor fixing Republicans offered their it." own plan that w ould have Two Republicans, Reps.

Greg Smith of Heppner and Bob Jenson of Pendleton, opposed the measure for another reason. They said the state had an obligation to keep promises. " Where I c ome f ro m i n Eastern Oregon, when you give your word you keep it," Smith said. "Good or bad, you keep it." Gov. John Kitzhaber has pushed for steepercuts, but his office says he'll sign the

Democratic bill if it r eaches him. Even if t h e b i l l s queaks through the House and Senate in the coming days, the debate over pensionsis far from over. Sharp disagreements remain, even among D emocrats, about how much cutting is sufficient. Urging legislators from both parties to support the pension bill Friday, Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, said the debate isn't over.


American fuels. The World reports the groups had argued the state should have considered the environmental impact of shipping coal

and liquefied natural gas andthe effect on the ocean of building the terminal itself. An administrative law judge for the State Lands

Department said Oregon lawdoesn't require an evaluation of "the appropriateness of potential users of the terminal or the products." Bar fire — A PortlandFireandRescuespokesmansaysarestaurant bartender was burned Thursday night after alcohol fell on a

nearby candle as hemade a drink. Fire spokesman RonRousetells The Oregonian the resulting flames ran up a wall at Bluehour in northwest Portland and activated the sprinkler system. The unidentified bartender was burned on the arm and torso. He was taken to a hospital with first- and second-degree burns.

Angry father —Police say they arrested a Hilsboro homeowner who found his daughter's boyfriend in her bedroom and fired two shots in the air as he yelled at him to leave. Police said the17-year-old boy tripped an alarm when he entered the home Friday, at the invitation of a15-year-old girl. Her father was identified as 50-year-old Ebraimi Jamshid. No one was hurt, and the father was accused of

unlawful use of aweapon, reckless endangering and menacing. — From wire reports

prevent tragedies like the mall shooting. "Those who are bent on c ommitting e vi l w i l l c o n tinue to commit evil regardl ess of l egislation and a d ditional laws," Daniel Reid, an NRA representative, told lawmakers. "The solution is not to infringe on law-abiding citizens." The NRA opposes all four measures before the Oregon Legislature. Gov. John Kitzhaber, along with Portland's mayor and police chief, testified in support of legislation that would expand gun sale background checks and impose new restrictions on carrying guns in elementary and secondary schools. "These two bills represent a reasonable and necessary set of steps that this Legislature can and should take," Kitzhaber said. Gun ownership is part of the culture in parts of Oregon, which has expansive rural and forestedareas where hunting and target shooting are a way of life. Forty percent or more of Oregon households own guns, and nearly 170,000 people have

county-issued licenses to carry concealed handguns, making gun legislation as thorny an issue as in many other parts of the country. Oregon lawmakers began their work on gun bills the same week Connecticut's governor signed into law sweeping new gun restrictions that added more than 100 firearms to the state's assault weapons ban, and made it illegal to sell magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. New York and Colorado, where a gunman opened fire in a m o vie t heater k i lling 12 people in July 2012, also passed gun control measures in the wake of the Newtown shootings. Paul Kemp, brother-in-law of Steve Forsyth, a man killed in the mall shootings, told lawmakers they have the ability to prevent future shooting sprees

by passing the legislation. "The worst moment of my life, was having to tell Steve's son, who was D, that his dad was killed at the mall that day," Kemp said, speaking in support of the bills. "Nobody wants to go through that."

" There's room f o r m o r e m ovement here, but this i s just the first bite at the apple," Bates told the Ways and Means Committee on Friday. "This is not the end of the session." Bates' conclusion is at odds with Democratic speaker Tina Kotek, who has drawn a hard line, saying she has no interest in cutting pensions any more than Democrats have already

If yougo The Legislature's Joint

Ways and Means Committee will hold public hearings around the state

to consider comments on the budget. A hearing in Bend is scheduled at 4:30

p.m. April19 at the William Healy Armory, 875 S.W.

Simpson Ave.


Where Buyers And Sellers Meet NEWS OF RECORD

• • CIRssifiecls

series 2006-8 through its loan POLICE LOG servicing agent JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. v. Brihana Walker, The Bulletin will update items Matthew Walker aka Matthew in the Police Log when such S. Walker, Mortgage Electronic a request is received. Any Registration Systems lnc., new information, such as the SecurityNational Mortgage dismissal of charges or acquittal, Company, Portfolio Recovery must be verifiable. For more Associates, LLC, Advantage information, call 541-383-0358. Assets II lnc., and Capital One Bend Police Department Bank,complaint,$236,000 DUII —Brian M. Short, 42, was plus interest, costs and fees. arrested on suspicion of driving 13CV0419 —Wells Fargo Bank, under the influence of intoxicants N.A. v. Amanda M. Adame, Hope at1:43 p.m. March 31, in the Adame,and occupants ofthe area of Southeast Wilson Avenue premises, complaint, $168,326.56 and Southeast Sixth Street. plus interest, costs and fees. Theft —A theft was reported at 13CV0420 —JPMorgan Chase 11:22 a.m. April 1, in the 19900 Bank, National Association, block of Mahogany Street. successor in interest by purchase from the Federal Deposit Criminal mischief —An act of criminal mischief was reported at Insurance Corporation as receiver 7:29 a.m. April 4, in the 100 block of Washington Mutual Bank v. of Northwest Oregon Avenue. Richard Carr and occupants of the premises, complaint, $132,397.30 Criminal mischief — An act of plus interest, costs and fees. criminal mischief was reported at 10:17 a.m. April 4, in the 500 block 13CV0421 —Federal National of Southwest Forest Grove Drive. Mortgage Association v. Phillip Laughland aka Phillip T. Laughland, Debra Laughland BEND FIRE RUNS aka DebraL.Laughland,Michael J. Bentz, Marry Ellen Ramey, Thursday Robert Laughland, United 12:15 p.m.— Smoke States of America, Cavalry odor reported, 2500 N.W. Portfolio Services, LLC, Capital Awbrey Glen Drive. One Bank (USA), NA, Portfolio 26 —Medical aid calls. Recovery Associates, LLC, Main Street Acquisition Corp, and occupants of the premises, CIVIL SUITS complaint, $255,739.00 plus interest, costs and fees. Filed March 18 13CV0422 —Wells Fargo Bank, 13CV0418 —Citibank, N.A., as NA v. Jason M. Reynolds, trustee for the certificateholders of structured asset mortgage Lisa A. Reynolds, Oregon investments II lnc., and Bear Affordable Housing Assistance Stearns Alt-A Trust, Mortgage Corporation, State of Oregon, pass-through certificates United States of America, and

occupants of the premises, complaint, $202,589.74. 13CV0423 —Valley Credit Service, Inc. v. Kathleen A. Emery, fka Kathleen A. Carmichael, complaint, $11,053.53. Filed March 19

13CV0424 —JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. v. James A. Williams, Catherine A. Miller, Crossroads Property Owners Association, state of Oregon, complaint, $293,554.83. 13CV0426 —Arlene Gibson v. Cottage Partners LLC, a domestic limited liability company doing business as McKay Cottage Restaurant, complaint, $785,628.04. 13CV0427 —Susan Kasting v. Joshua C. Wagenblast and David Michael Wagenblast, complaint, up to $6,142,833.60. 13CV0428 —Jacob Martin, individually, and Steve Martin Construction, Inc. v. Oregon Truss Co. Inc., complaint, $327,190.48. 13CV0429 —Bank of America, N.A. v. Craig M. Howard, and persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, lien or interest in the property described, $92,703.46. 13CV0430 —Bank of America, N.A., v. Richard M. Kagan, Richard M. Kagan, trustee of the Richard M. Kagan Living Trust, complaint $363,527.72. 13CV0432 —Jimmie G. Rogers v. Paul Pennington, complaint, economicdamages notto exceed $75,000 and noneconomic damages not to exceed $175,000, plus costs and disbursements.





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I g•


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kWZSmt, RoGER.

n 2010, voters said no when Deschutes County asked for extra tax revenue to pay for a $44 million bond measure to expand the county jml. Nearly three years later, the county is going forward with a more modest $11 million expansion that will require no additional taxes Taxpayers spoke. Elected offi- repaid jointly from the Sheriff's Ofcials responded. Compromise was fice and the county's general fund. found. County staff also presented the That's a model to encourage. option of selling county-owned The process wasn't quick or property, but the commission desmooth, but it did seem thorough cided to wait for an improvement in the real estate market. and public. The jail expansion delay has Along the way, the County Commission considered a number of been hard on the Sheriff's Office, options, including converting its which has had to carefully manoversized county juvenile deten- age the jail population with limited tion facility into an adult jail annex. space. Although no construction It took time and money (including date has been set, Commissioner a $35,000 consultant's report) to Alan Unger has urged county staff determine that the numbers didn't to try to make up for lost time, and add up, but it was the right idea to he said this week they are "actively pursuing" a construction schedule. explore the option. An improving economy is likely The new plan doesn't require voter approval because existing to increase revenues and ease the revenues will pay for it. The county challenge of paying the yearly debt has $2.6 million from the general service on this bond. If not, comfund, its capital reserve fund and missioners may have to make judimoney set aside for the project. The cious choices about other expenses, balance of $8.4 million will be bor- which is as it should be. Voters told rowed, taking advantage of current commissioners to find a less expenlow interest rates. The payback over sive way to fund this critical gov25 years at a 3.34 percent rate will ernment need, and they've done so. cost about $500,000 a year. It will be It's a good result.

Chip away Great Wallof Oregon regon is apparently in the running to land a $1 billion computer chip plant and as many as 1,000 high-tech jobs. There are never any guarantees in such a race and there is almost always a shroud that makes it hard for the public to know what is going on. But one thing state officials are saying clearly is Oregon's land use laws could derail the state's chance. The "Azalea" factory, as it's code named, may be built in a location near Hillsboro or perhaps in two other states. There has been speculation that it could be connected to Apple's plans to build some products in the United States. Nobody is confirming those details. The potential development site in north Hillsboro has been the subject of legal challenges by 1,000 Friends of Oregon and others who have problems with Portland's growth plans, according to The Oregonian. The specifics are c omplicated. It's fundamentally a debate about whether more industrial development should be concentrated in existing areas or allowed to expand where it has not been before. Those legal challenges may be resolved by the Oregon Court of Appeals this month. If not, State Sen. Bruce


Starr, R-Hillsboro, has introduced Senate Bill 845. It would make a loophole big enough in the state's land use law that you could drive a chip plant through. The bill allows the governor and the director of the Department of Land Conservation and Development to enter into an agreement with a company to exempt it from certain provisions of Oregon's landuse process, if the company plans a large-scale industrial development that would employ at least 500 fulltime people. Mary Kyle McCurdy, an attorney for 1,000 Friends, told The Oregonian the bill would undermine a land use process that Oregonians "participated in and trusted." But we trust that Oregonians also don't want the state's land use laws to be a Great Wall of Oregon, keeping out the very kind of jobs Oregon so desperately needs. Yes, it would be better if Oregonians didn't have to trust the governor and the director of DLCD to negotiate such deals. It would be even better if Oregon's land-use laws didn't create such insurmountable problems to require creation of a loophole to bring in high-tech jobs.

M Nickel's Worth Universal background checks needed

to create more problems than they solve. David Howe Bend

I'm a swim meet judge, required by USA Swimming to have an annual third-party background check. It is not a problem for any of us. On a recent day, there were four AR15s advertised in The Bulletin classifieds. Anyone who can scrape up the bucks can snap those babies up. A popular online sales site does not have a "gun n category, but it is still quite easy to trade for an AR15. No one has to know who they are, where they've been, what they have done,what they might be up to. Why anyone is against universal background checks is beyond me. It makes me question their credibility. A guy broke into our house early one morning. I took him down, my wife called 911, law enforcement arrived within two minutes and the intruder was cuffed on the porch in 20 seconds. No muss, no fuss, no traumatized family, no legal problems, no dad in jail. Studies show that guns in t he house multiply the odds of domestic tragedy, either by homicide or suicide. "The health risks of owning a gun are so established and scientifically non-controvertible that the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement in 2000 recommending that pediatricians urge parents to remove all guns from their homes." ("The Health Risk of Having a Gun inthe Home," Susan Perry, MinnPost, 12/17/2012). Although my gun-owner friends are extra careful and gun-smart, most law enforcement professionals will tell you that more guns tend

Getrid ofdeath penalty It is unequivocally clear that the death penalty does not deter violent crime. So, why do so many states still have and use the death penalty'? Even though great effort is expended in an attempt to avoid making mistakes, the undeniable truth is humans do make mistakes. The juries in the courtrooms in America are made up ofhumans, therefore, we cannot guarantee that no innocent human being has ever been executed by the state, or that no innocent human being will ever be executed in the future. What if the U.S. abolished the death penalty as so many countries around the world have done? Wouldn't that be an extremely kind and humane action to take, whereby we could absolutely, positively guarantee that no innocent human being will ever be executed by any state in the United States of America?

Darrel Mcomber

traffic backed up to the movie theater entrance, and by the time I was entering the roundabout, only two minutes had passed. I would have waited twice this long had I been up Reed Market at the traffic light. I would gladly trade having a bit longer wait during rush "hour" for not having to wait for a green light every other time I encounter the intersection. I used to avoid the intersection of Brookswood Boulevard and Powers Road like Riverside Boulevard during Munch 8 Music, but with the new single lane roundabout I pass through with only the worry of what abstract art may be installed in the future. As for the multiple lane r oundabout newly built on Empire Avenue, I am not a fan.Perhaps itis because I have never had the pleasure of navigating the traffic circles in Europe that the "In My View" author is so enamored with, but I find myself playing chicken with other users while entering side by side; still it is a far sight better than it was before. Gene Hubbard Bend

Fox reports true facts


Roundabouts good, but not multiple-lane ones I must disagree with the opinions of the writer of the multiple lane roundabouts HIn My View" on March 22. I live near the Reed Market Road and Bond Street roundabout and find it to be very efficient. The other day I was approaching from the Old Mill and encountered

Once again your editorial failed to mention that while tuition for soldiers is being cut, our wonderful president created a six figure position for the education department. Thank goodness for Fox News to report the true facts about the audacity of our president and misuse of his presidential powers to circumvent the will of the people. Gale Bianchard Redmond

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Illegal immigrant 'trespassers' cause many societal ills t

By Lynn W. Winchester llegal i m m igration: a e u p h emism, the true label should be trespassers. 11.9 million (Pew Hispanic Center, March, 2010) so-called illegal aliens, hereaftercalled "t-passers," create a burden few of us recognize, let alone are bothered by. I w il l enumerate some of them and hope to get your interest. 1.7.7 million (Pew Hispanic Center, February 2011) are employed illegally in jobs which should be citizens' if only our lazy and self absorbed would accept some of the opportunities presented. Many t-passers are employed because they will work, not slough off the job. The impact is more than the jobs. It is multilayered. Our unemployed draw compensation for not working, often more than they would be paid to work, and it goes on

forever. Incidentally they pay little in taxes.The t-passers are also paying no taxes or a small percent of what citizens and legal immigrants pay. The Center for Immigration Studies of the American Academy of Sci-

ence (1980-1994), found by employing t-passers employers have caused a 44 percent reduction in legal residents' income. Illegals will work for less and "under the table" pay which reduces the employer'stax base. Reduce or stop unemployment assurance (insurance). Require unemployed to takelessdesirable jobs orgo hungry. This and many other areas need attention, for example. 2. Our school spaces are being occupied by t-passers' children, sadly with encouragement by our elected officials and at state or county expense.One ofthe most egregious acts (Oregon) is allowing the children of t-


passers the same tuition as citizens. 3. The unlicensed and uninsured are driving cars,trucks, etc., and have no liability nor responsibility foraccidents or injury they cause, unlessof course,ifthey are driving your nice, insured vehicle. 4. Our emergency rooms are being used as primary care facilities at no cost to the abuser but at great expense to thosewho are insured. Our "free" clinics are overrun and less available to patients who are legal but needy. Why are medicalinsurance fees and medical costs skyrocketing? 5. According to The Center for Immigration Studies (Americans for Legal Immigration), in many areas crime is mostly caused by gangs, t-passers insome instances are a large percent of the members, 40 to

50 percent. In the report,gang members had 80percent serious criminal histories and 40 percent had serious crime convictions. 6. I am sure I have missed many important issues. The biggest is our president and others who are attempting to railroad through a program (hopefully u nconstitutional) granting amnesty or special paths to citizenship to almost 12 million blatant trespassers. In fact, if this program is implemented, it will seriously impact the ability of those wishing to immigrate legally. Most of these people are honest and eager to contribute to, not take from, our economy. This, instead of illegally using our medical facilities, schools, stealing jobs and not paying taxes. In short, t-passers are defeating everything citizens really want. One serious item overlooked is the

foolish way we think our borders can be secured. No fence, barrier, wall nor any number of guards will prevent dedicated criminals from bringing very profitable drugs across our borders or perhaps becoming illegals. The only way we can secure it is to make conditions here as difficult as in their home countries. It is clear we cannot continue to ignore this problem, which is what we are doing,because with the t-passers using and not supporting the country in any way, our next step may be a Third World country. Our infrastructure is suffering, we need more schools, not more illegal students, we need more medical facilities, not overuse. Obviously 12 million people cause increased damage to roads, bridges, and public parks and buildings, etc. — Lynn W. Winchester lives in Bend.




BITUARIES DEATH NOTICES Betty LOu ROyle June 17, 1931 - April 2, 2013

Duane C. Holcomb, of Madras July 16, 1930 - April 2, 2013 Arrangements: Bel-Air Colonial Funeral Home, 541-475-2241 Services: Memorial Services will be held on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 10:30 AM at Bel-Air Colonial Chapel. Reception following at the Madras Elks Lodge. Contributions may be made to:

Jefferson County Boys 8 Girls Club.

Mary "Lynn" Manning, of La Pine April 14, 1946 - Mar. 30, 2013 Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine, 541-536-5104 Services: A private service will be held at a later date. Contributions may be made to:

Heart 'n Home Newberry Hospice, P.O. Box1888, La Pine, OR 97739; (541) 536-7399; or American Cancer Society Resource Center, c/o St. Charles Cancer Center, 2100 NE Wyatt Court, Bend, OR 97701; (541) 706-3716.

Kendall 'Ken' Richard Theobald Nuv. 17, 1950 - April 1, 2013 K endall R i c h a r d "Ken" Theobald of Bend, Oregon, passed away at St. Charles M edical C enter i n B e n d , Oregon, on A p ri l 1 , 2 0 13. He was 62. A Funeral Service w ill be h eld on Monday A pri l 8, 2013, at 11:00 a.m. at Th e Christian L ife C e n Ken Theobald ter lo cated at 21720 U.S. 20, in Bend, Oregon. A reception will immediately follow. Ken was born November 17, 1950, in Chanute, Kansas, t o Ha r r y a nd Ul a (Brown) Th e o b a ld . H e graduated f r om Y ates Center H i g h Sc h o o l i n 1968, and a t t ended Pi ttsb urg St at e U n i v ersity o f Kansas, graduating with a B achelor o f S c i e nce D e gree in Industrial Technolo gy, in 1972. On July 2 4 , 1 976, he m a r r i e d L e s l i e Claiborne in Yates Center, Kansas. Ken worked as a real estate b r o ke r a t Jo h n L . Scott Real Estate in Bend, O regon, and wa s a m e m ber of the Central Oregon Realtors Association. Ken loved t h e o u t d oors a nd enj o y e d fi sh i n g , hunting, and camping. He a lso e n j oyed f l y i n g a i r p lanes, work in g o n c a r s , football, and pl aying softb all. Most of a l l , K e n e n j oyed spending t im e w i t h his family and friends. K en i s s u r v i ved b y h i s spouse, Leslie Theobald of Bend, OR; his four daught ers, Angela T h eobald o f Bend, OR , M e l i ssa ( h u sband, A n d r ew ) M y e r o f B rookings, O R , L in d s ay ( husband, Dan) F arina o f Boston, MA , a n d J e s sica T heobald o f B e n d , O R . Other survivors include his father, H a r r y Th e o b a l d; a nd sisters, N a nc y V a n D ruff, C y n t h i a Bl i s a r d , V anessa Smith a n d J a n e Matile. He was also proud of his five grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his mother, Ula Frances Brown a n d a gr a n d s on, Zeph Taylor Theobald. Memorial co n t r i b utions may be made to th e K e nd all T h e o bal d M e m o r i a l Fund through any Bank of the Cascades Branch. Autumn F u n erals, B e nd i s i n c h a r g e o f t h e ar rangements, 541-318-0842.

B etty L ou Royl e , a Prineville resident, passed away on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, at her home. She was 81. B etty was b or n i n G a n nett, ID, to Henry and Josephine W urst o n J une 1 7 , 1931. She attended and gradua ted fr om Twin Falls High Betty Royle S chooi i n T win F a l ls , I D , a n d a t tended Idaho State University. Betty married the love of her life, Jack H. Royle on July 2, 1950, in Twin Falls, ID. She was a member of the E astern S t a r Car n a t i o n C hapter, L ad y E l k s , T h e A merican L e g io n A u x i l i ary, G a r de n C l u b , a n d w as a Den Mother for t h e Cub Scouts. She enjoyed sewing, knitt ing, crafts, leather w o r k ing and tooling, oil p a inting, cooking, and making c andy t o r iv al See' s Candy! B etty is survived by h e r husband, Jack H. Royle of P rineville; he r s o n , J a c k ( Randa) H . R o y l e J r . o f L edgewood, N J; and g randdaughters, Mc K e n zie R o yl e a n d G a b r i ella Royle-Borovsky. She is preceded in death b y he r p a r e nt s a n d o n e brother. T here w i l l b e a pu b l i c visitation at Pr ineville Funeral Home, 199 NE 10th S t. in P r i n eville, OR , o n S unday, A p r i l 7, 20 1 3 , from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. A fun eral service a t S t . A n d rews E p i scopal C h u r ch , 807 E. 1s t S t . P r i n eville, O R, on M o n d ay, A p ri l 8 , 2013 at 11:00 a.m., and a C elebration of L i f e a t t h e E lk's Lodge, 151 N. M a i n St. Prineville, OR , b e ginning at 2:00 p.m. F inal Committal w i l l b e a t Sunset M emorial P a r k i n T w i n Fa l l s , I D, on Thursday, Ap ri l 1 1 , 2 013, at 2:00 p.m. In B e t t y ' s h o n o r , th e family is asking that in lieu o f f l o w ers, d o n ations b e m ade t o h el p sup p o r t Alzheimer's research. Betty was a member of the Carnation Ch a p t e r of E astern Star and they ar e organizing th e d o n ations. Please make checks p ayable to: Carnation Chapter O ES, 4 0 0 NW Ter r a c e L ane ¹ 75 , P r i n eville, O R 97754. In t he ch eck m emo p l ea s e n ote : "Special ProjectsAlzheimer's Fund" A rrangements are in t h e care of P r ineville Funeral H ome. Plea s e v i sit www.PrinevilleFuneral H t o s h ar e y o u r memories or express your condolences by signing the on-line Guest Book.


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The Rev. Gordon Cosby, 95: Pastor who bucked mainstream Christianity, first by welcoming w omen, p eople of color and the poor as leaders and then by creating a hugely influential church, the Church of the Saviour. Died March 20. — From wire reports

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By Bettina Boxall Los Angeles Times

FRIANT, Calif. — About 10 miles downstream from Friant Dam, two men gently guided their drift boat toward a spot where the riverbed gravel looked as if it had been swept clean. There, in about a foot of water, they spied something that had vanished from the San Joaquin River more than

fa r

60 years ago: a spawning chinook salmon. "How sweet," said M att Bigelow, an e nvironmental scientist wit h t h e C a l ifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife. "I put in a lot of work to get to this point." It was a small victory in a tortuous effort: to revive one of California's most abused r ivers by r estoring a p o r tion of its long-lost water and salmon runs.

Bethany Mollenkof / Los Angeles Times

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation fisheries biologists Charles Hueth, right, and Shaun Root, middle, arrange a net used to trap chinook salmon that migrate up the San Joaquin River to the Hills Ferry Barrier. The trapped salmon were transported in a tank truck to an upper portion of the river, where they were released as part of a restoration program. the federal government and

period of weeks late last year and hauled in tank t r ucks run chinook once numbered ant operation. The 2006 pact down California 99 — around in the hundreds of thousands. called for irrigators to give dry riverbednot yet restored The salmon were so plentiful up some of their supplies to — for release in the upper rivthat farmers fed them to hogs. restore year-round flows, and er at Camp Pashayan on the Settlers were kept awake at with them, part of the river's outskirts of Fresno. night by splashing fish as historic salmon runs. Biologists wanted to know they struggled upstream to But no one thought that re- what the salmon would do their spawning grounds. viving a river as degraded as in a part of the river inaccesThe run dwindled as San the San Joaquin would be a sible to them since Harry TruJoaquin Valley a griculture matter only of adding water man was in the White House. sucked more and more water and fish and stirring. Would they find suitable placfrom the river system and Stretches of the old river- es to spawn, or swim around hydropower dams b locked bed were choked with shrubs in futility? salmon from upstream pas- and trees. In some areas, the On a gray day in early Desage. Then, in the 1940s, the channel was hemmed in by cember, the tw o s cientists U.S. Bureau of Reclamation flood levees.Farmers accus- were scanning the San Joaerected Friant Dam as part of tomed to a h alf-dead river quin for answers. the Central Valley Project, a had for decades grown crops When they spotted the lone massive irrigation system. in the old flood plain. When chinook lingering in shallow Most of the upper river flow the first test flows were re- water, they turned on a porwas sent into two giant canals leased down the dry riverbed table receiver to see if they that fed irrigation ditches up a few years ago, water seeped could pick up a signal from and down the east side of the beneath adjacent fields and one of the acoustic tags that San Joaquin Valley. Sixty damaged crops. had been inserted in some of miles of t h e Sa n J oaquin The problems have pushed the trapped fish. — the state's second-biggest back by years the date when The receiver started clickriver — died, its bed turning salmon will be able to swim ing. The number 7379 popped to a ribbon of dry sand. all the way upriver to spawn- up on the instrument screen. The spring-run c h inook ing grounds below F r iant A check of the trapping log disappeared. Hatchery releas- Dam. the next day r evealed the " Restoration isn't l ik e a fish was a 3-foot-long female, es sustained a small population of fall-run chinook that light switch, where you flick caught in mid-November. spawn in the San Joaquin's it on and flows are flowing Now she was guarding the major tributaries. and fish are coming back gravel bed where she had laid In the late 1980s, environ- and birds are flying overhead several thousand eggs and mentalists went to court to and people are picnicking coveredthem with swishes of get back some of the San Joa- by the riverside," said Monty her tail, leaving behind signs quin's water — and its salmSchmitt of the Natural Re- of her nest, or redd, as salmon on. Their legal arguments sources D efense C o uncil, nests are called. focused on an old provision of which le d t h e r e storation S tudying her, t h e m e n the state Fish and Game Code fight. "It is not something that could see that she was in bad that required dam owners to happens all at once." shape. Her fins were deteriorelease enough water downThe salmon that Bigelow rating. Fungus was growing stream to sustain healthy fish and Rene Henery of Trout on her. Soon she would die, populations. U nlimited saw d i d n't g e t her biological role fulfilled. After a nearly two-decade within 10 miles of the dam on No. 7379 wasn't the only fight, environmental groups its own. It was one of 104 fall- female to find a gravel bed to reached a settlement with run chinook trapped over a her liking. Biologists counted

The San Joaquin's spring- farmers supplied by the Fri-

11 redds upstream of the release point. Their presence proved that after more than a half-century absence, chinook would spawn in the wild in the upper San Joaquin. But because water is still not flowing down the river's longest dry stretch, the hatching salmon have nowhere to go. The juveniles will hang out in the upper river until they become a meal for other fish. "The system isnot ready," said Cannon Michael, vice president of an agricultural company that farms 11,000 acres near the river. "You get

some photo ops by trapping fish." He and other farmers who are not parties to the settlement have nonetheless been drawn into the program because their agricultural operations lie along the 153-mile length of the project, which extends upstream to Friant Dam from the confluence of the San Joaquin and the Merced rivers. They fret that there won't be enough government funding to fully implement all the elements of t h e p r o gram, which is likely to cost more

than $1 billion. They worry that if s p ring-run chinook — protected under the federal Endangered Species Act — are reintroduced and don't survive, they will be blamed. And they don't want to lose cropland to the project. "I don't think it's realistic. It's hard to re-create that," landowner Jim Nickel said of the settlement goals.

Reminiwasprominent biographer,historian By Emily Langer


The Washington Post

Robert Remini, an awardwinning historian who w as considered a pre-eminent biographer of President Andrew Jackson and who also served as official historian of the U.S. House o f Re p resentatives, died March 28 at a hospital in Evanston, Ill. He was 91. His death was announced by the University of Illinois at Chicago, with which Remini had been associated for nearly five decades. He had complications from a stroke, said his son-in-law Dennis Costello. Equal parts scholar and s toryteller, Remini wa s r e garded as one of the finest p olitical biographers of h i s era. Hi s s u bjects i ncluded presidents John Quincy Adams and Martin Van Buren, House speaker Henry Clay, senator and statesman Daniel Webster and Mormon leader Joseph Smith. Remini also wrote a sprawling history of the House ofRepresentatives, where he served as historian from 2005 to 2010. He was most associated with Jackson, the unbridled president who extended settlement into the frontier and was known for his broad populist appeal and bloody relocation of American Indians. In addition to his numerous other publications on the seventh president, Remini penned a three-volume biography,the

result of more than 15 years of labor. The final installment, " Andrew Jackson an d t h e Course of American Democracy, 1833-1845," received the 1984 National Book Award in nonfiction. "There was an electrifying dynamism about Jackson that I found irresistible," Remini once told the Chicago Tribune. He served as presidentfrom 1829 to 1837 and was, in Remini's words, "the embodiment of the new American. "This new man was no longer British," he continued. "He no longer wore the queue and silk pants. He wore trousers,

ciate him as a complex human being," history professor Andrew Cayton wrote in a New York Times book review of "Andrew Jackson and his In-

dian Wars" (2001). The prob-

lem ... is that we see the world only through Jackson's eyes." Remini wrote that he did not wish "to excuse or exonerate" the president for his treatment of the Indians — an era he called "one of the unhappiest chapters in American history." He did endeavor to set the president in his historical and cultural context, including the rampant racism of the time. "Everyone has warts. Lincoln has warts," he told the Tribune. "But in the end you and he had stopped speaking have to ask, 'Does a man bewith a British accent." lieve in some good things?' Critics who admired Remi- He believed in this Union. He ni's work praised his scholarly believed in this country. And exactitude and smooth narra- he was morally surefooted tive style. in believing that government Reviewing the first installshouldn't be for only a small ment i n t h e t h r ee-volume segment of society, but for all biography - "Andrew Jack- of us. And by God, that's what son: The Course of American I want in my president." Empire, 1767-1821" (1977) — a Remini w a s app o i nted Washington Post book critic H ouse historian b y t h e n wrote that the volume "de- Speaker Dennis Hastert, a Reservestobecome a classicbe- publican also from Illinois and cause of the exceptional preci- a former teacher. Remini was sion of the description and the credited with bringing an air perceptive historical analysis." of nonpartisanship to the longT hose wh o f o un d f a u lt vacant post. with Remini argued that he The first House historian, identified too closely with his Ray Smock, had been appointsubject. ed in the 1980s and was dis"Seeing the world through missed by then-Speaker Newt Old Hickory's eyes, we appre- Gingrich of Georgia after Re-

publicans took over in 1994. The next House historian, Christina Jeffrey, was promptly fired after a controversy erupted over comments she had made about teaching the history of the Holocaust and the Ku Klux Klan. Remini came to the office shortly before the publication of his 600-page tome "The House" (2006), a book commissioned by the chamber. He was credited with producing a book that was nonpattisan, readable and stocked w ith memorable characters. One such rogue was George Cassiday, bootlegger to Congress in the era of Prohibition. C assiday "said h e k n e w someone who could consume

in one gulp a whole glass of hard liquor," Remini told the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call. "He doesn't say who it is. I have my guesses." His last works included "A Short History of the United States" (2008), weighing in at about 400 pages, and "At the Edge of the Precipice: Henry Clay and t h e C o mpromise That Saved the Union" (2010). In an interview with Roll C all, Remini spoke o f h i s fascination with t h e c o lorful speeches of 19th-century political leaders such as Clay, Webster and John C. Calhoun. "I always thought it would be wonderful in the afterlife," he said, "if you could listen to them debate."



W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided by Weather Central, LP ©2013. 4 • •

Today: Afternoon and evening t





Tonight: More rainfall through the night.





t 3 3/44 i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i H OOrli i i i i i i i i i i i i i u matlgai i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i t Seasjdev iii i ,i t iiiiii i Li i i i i i i i i ii i i 3i i 63«xi i i i i i i ii i ij ii i i i i i i i 53/46 .CannonBeachiiiiiiiii xii i i i i i i . .t iii « i c i h i i i Rlyettii i~ t h h t t i i xuprggviii • . i i i t< erm i stoixvvr43 i i W a g pwa ' (3/4~ i i ' •i i i i i i i 5

' z<~~ ,q„, Portland • tt5 7/44. '


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~ 493


Ljmpln O' i« 54« '


Pen e on 54p/33



i i o i m i »WB scpi i i i i i i i i i i vvj/ 4 4 i i iu i ~ 1 rj t u k v ic m ii i i i i i i i i i i i ,BMeacham iii ' 5 2/32 i i i i i i i Ruggs i i i i i i sp/32,iq i i i t i i i i i i i i,' i i i i i i i 60/3R i i i i • iii iii i / b(hs ti t uh' ii i i i t i '»i i i i i i i '9ctrande i i i i i i

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t' i i i Camp 3 9/32 .,ii i i xi i i i i c ondon i i i i » SajI ~ i i i . . . . . . , i i i i t t i ll i 9 /36 ..i i i i i i 58/43 • ii i ' i i i i i i i i i i i i" 'h" haaye vv"a'e,i i i i i i i i i i i i « i i . stv24...


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pgandort i 36/4sii

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Yesterday's state extremes

i i ij or dan Valley ii

ii i i i i

5 3/34

• 70'

i i t P a i sley, i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i st / 3 5 i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

ii i M edfol'd ii ae/35 ch 'loq ii u Bp/4x ii i i i i i i i i

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• Beac

rj jm i i ~ i i i i i i i i i 5 2/34, i i i i i i 0 n4 FI0 i ii i i i i %3 / 43


i i i i i i u i i ' ~ ~ i i Christmasyageyii i

i i ~ seborhii' • . i j t heMbjbii t i i i i .ii

i i i i 6~

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i ia i i » i

cpps Bayii

EAST Cloudy skies with a chance of showers.

ii i i 'R alleyvtttv iiii 3 i i i i 56 / 3 5 i i i i i i i i i i i x i S i i s . i i ii i i i i i i

OF l n e y l l k i 53/31 3

i 't

showers likely.

i i x v L B .i i i i i i i i i «Bnj , i iii iici iiii iiii ii.@ 2 9 i t i i i i i i i i i i i ~ iiii i i i i xw spiay62/37 i ciii • , i i i u i i i i i i t . i i i i


Yac ats~ 52/47

CENTRAL Cloudy skies with

5 / 8 t r l ntp& - t 52/34 i i i x i ,i i q+j37~~

i i i i i i i >. «

i i i i i t tx i i ' ' ' ' ' ' i i i i i i t t t tti i i i i 69/Bat '»iiii i i i i 59/35 ii i i h w h a t l i i i i i i ti i i i i i i i i i Bt i i i i i » Mjtc h elj55/3>ii i i i i i , i i i i i " ' a .E, i COFyalliA iiiiiiCamp Sheima+ i i i i 57/ 3 3 i i i i i iii i i i , i i A i 59 / 43. i i i i i i i i i i sj /27~ i i • tti . i i i i i i \ Joh n i

5 2/45

WEST Showers likely, with snow above 4,000 feet.

A sto ll a '.ii i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

si i



• 33'

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i ' 5 4/43ii ii i i 4 a l l s » o s,

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Baker City

i Mco e rmitt'i i i i i 5P/36

o www m t

6 C43'

R v


CBI9ary Saskatoon 41/258~ 28/18 I WinniPB 34/12

Quebec 32/2

Thunder Bay 34/25

Halifax 34/25

405 rtjahi]

49/25 m

SOBi i i

57/44 iiii ii

• 92p El Centro, Calif. •1



(in the 48 contiguous states):

it i i w

i iii i i i i i i i ttuorsei i i i c

i i i

Bi llings


— I

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0 i "

Langdon, N.D.



Kendall, Fla.

i Lakei


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x'48/32 • ii ii ttt



'WOB Omaha i

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2 Denver


' I~m

7 1/43

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51/45 '






8p Chihuahua

94/53 gp



~ ,

Charlotte • 66/43



72' 5 2 •

• Danas

7OB Birmingham 70/50 74/48

jfew Orleans I Houston ( ( 76/61 76/62

lando 8/58


• Miami 79/68

Monterrey 90/63 •

La Paz 89/60



Oklahoma City

5 2 /41

ilade lphia • 5 5 4/4 O W n gton , D.C. 56/39

• piiisvige


Little Rock




St. Lpujsj 74/54 -'



49/38 ew Y ork


Columbus • 60/50 .i j

t L


• Bunalii



'+ •


Albuquerque — 72/50


Honolulu ~ 83/70



: »

Kan s as Cit y


Los Angeles, M 67/56


Toronto ~


City ' i~oes Moines ' ' '/'' ' Cih oi t t • • . Ifi i;CheyenneLaapid • 62/ 4 3 L t 6LV40 Ch. Chicago

San Francisco 62/49

• 1.87 w

More rain and snow mix showers.

mix in is


Juneau 42/33






Drier, warming a little.

ti 4

:6+++ ++++ ++ t

<44 4 t 4 v

W a r m Stationary Showers T-storms




* *

' ** * * * *





Rain F l urries Snow


East Oregonian

"Mother Nature has already lapped us once,

PENDLETON — M o t h er Nature is moving faster than forestmanagers and restoration can keep up in the Blue Mountains. The U.S. Forest Service figures it has a backlog of 1.5 million acres here in need of tree thinning, prescribed b urns and o t her w o r k t o maintain a h ealthy ecosystem. At its current pace, the department r e aches about 50,000 acres per year. That means local foresters have atleast 30 years of work ahead just to catch up. But Bill A ney, newly appointed eastside restoration coordinator for t h e P acific Northwest Region, is assembling a team to help come Up with a plan to substantially increase forest restoration efforts. "Accelerated r estoration," as it is known, would identify and plan projects on a much l arger scale — l o o king a t blocks up to 300,000 acres at a time,instead of 30,000 acres — while working with groups interested in environmental and economic impacts on the forests. A ney took on the job i n February, under th e d i rection of regional forester Kent Connaughton. They will foc us on r estoration i n f o u r national forests in the Blue Mountains i n c l uding t h e OChOCO, Umatilla, Ma lhettr and Wallowa-Whitman. The planning team, which Aney hopes to have in place by June, will gather expertise in everything from fire ecology to hydrology and wildlife. Aney, who a lso c oaches track and field at Pendleton High School and is married

and she's going to lap us again if we don't do something about it. We're getting further behind. Forests are developing faster than we




49 27

48 3 2

53 34

57 37

SUN AND MOON SCHEDULE Sunrisetoday...... 637 a.m Moon phases Sunsettoday...... 7 39 p.m N ew First F ull Sunrise tomorrow .. 6:35 a.m Sunset tomorrow... 7:40 p.m Moonrise today.... 4:32 a.m Moonsettoday .... 4:07 p.m Aprillo April18 Apnl25 May 2

Pi •


day, a few ciouds.



Tomorrow Rise Set Mercury....5:51 a.m...... 5:1 5p.m. Venus......6:48 a.m...... 7:50 p.m. Mars.......6:45 a.m...... 7:49 p.m. Jupiter......912 a.m.....12 24 a.m. Satum......9:16 p.m...... 7:49 a.m. Uranus.....6:21 a.m...... 6:48 p.m.

Yesterday's weather through 4 p.m. inBend High/Low.............. 54/39 24 hours endmg 4 p.m.*. . 0.00" Recordhigh........80m1960 Monthtodate.......... 0.00" Record lpw......... 14 in 1997 Average month tpdate... 0.1 2" Average high.............. 55 Year tp date............ 2.27" Average low .............. 30 Average year to date..... 3.47" Barometricpressureat 4 p.m29.94 Record 24 hours ...0.16in1938 *Melted liquid equivalent



Yesterday Saturday Sunday The higher the UV Index number, the greater Ski report from around the state, representing Hi/Lo/Pcp H i/Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eye and skin protection. Index is conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday:

City Precjpitationvajuesare24-hpur totals through4 p.m.

Astoria ........52/50/0.82....53/44/sh.....51/42/sh Baker City......61/33/0.00....56/35/sh.....53/33/sh Brppkings......52/51/0.26....56/48/sh.....55/46/sh Burns..........57/35/0.11 ....53/32/sh..... 50/30/rs Eugene........58/51/0.05....59/43/sh.....55/41/sh Klamath Falls .. 55/39/0 00 ...52/35/sh ...50/28/sh Lakeview.......55/39/0.00 ...50/35/sh.....49/31/sh La Pine........52/36/0.00....53/26/sh.....52/29/sh Medfprd.......60/48/0.00....60/47/sh.....58/39/sh Newport....... 52/50/0.44.... 52/45/sh..... 51/43/sh North Bend......55/52/NA....56/48/sh.....54/43/sh Ontario........68/49/0.00....63/43/sh.....60/36/sh Pendleton......65/45/0.00....64/44/sh.....57/38/sh Portland ....... 60/53/0.05....57/44/sh...... 54/43/r Prineville.......55/46/0.00....53/31/sh.....57/35/sh Redmond....... 59/41 /0.00.... 57/35/sh..... 51/30/sh Roseburg.......62/49/0.02....60/48/sh.....56/45/sh Salem ....... 59/52/006 ...58/43/sh ...55/41/sh Sisters......... 62/38/0.10....54/29/sh.....53/32/sh The Dages......63/43/0 00....62/43/sh.....55/39/sh

for solar at noon.

Snow accumulation in inches


Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes ...... . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . 60 Hoodoo..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . . . . 59 Mt. Ashland...... . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . .65-111 Mt. Bachelor..... . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . 99-123 Mt. Hood Meadows..... . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . 100 Mt. HoodSkiBowl...........0.0......46-53 Timberline..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . 140







ROAD CONDITIONS Snow level androadconditions representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday. Key:TT. = Traction Tires.

Warner Canyon....... . . . . . . . 0.0... no report Wigamette Pass ........ . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .32-85

Pass Conditions 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit........ Carry chains or T. Tires 1-84 at Cabbage Hill....... .. . Carry chains or T. Tires

Aspen, Colorado..... . . . . . . . . 0 -0 . . . . . .42-48 Mammoth Mtn., California.....0.0. . . . .72-182 Park City, Utah ...... . . . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .53-69 Squaw Valley, California..... . .0.0.. . . . . .5-89

Hwy. 20 at Santiam Pass...... Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Government Camp.. Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Ochoco Divide..... Carry chains or T. Tires

Sun Valley, Idaho....... . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .24-52 Hwy. 58 at Willamette Pass.... Carry chains or T.Tires Hwy. 138 at Diamond Lake.... Carry chains or T.Tires Taos, New Mexico...... . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .53 70 Hwy. 242 at McKenzie Pass........ Closed for season Vail, Colorado...... . . . . . . . . . 0.0... . . . . . 44 For up-to-minute conditions turn to: For links to thelatest ski conditions visit: or call 511 Legend:W-weather, Pcp-precipitatipn,s-sun, pc-partial clouds,c-clpuds, hhaze,shshowers,rrain, t thunderstprms,sf snpwflurries, snsnow, i-ice,rs-rain-snpwmjc w-wind,f-fog, dr-drjzzle,tr-trace

Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/LBIW Hi/LBIW City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lp/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lp/W Abilene TX......75/36/0 00..85/59/pc.. 91/60/s Grandjapids....50/32/0 00...59/41/c.. 49/37/c RapidCity.......60/32/000..62/43/pc. 59/37/sh Savannah.......62/45/0 51...71/51ls.. 74/55/5 Akron ..........51/30/000...56/45/c. 61/47/sh GreenBay.......41/27/0.00..48/32/sh.47/34/pc Reno...........66/42/0 00..64/38/pc...63/37/r Seattle..........57/51/0 49..54/43/sh...54/42/r Albany..........53/36/000...48/36/s. 59/41/sh Greensboro......66/35/001...61/39/s. 69/48/pc Richmpud.......65/3B/0.23... 59/38/s .. 70/49/s Sipux Falls.......60/29/0.00... 60/33/c. 55/38/sh Albuquerque.....76/50/000...72/50/s.. 72/49/s Harusburg.......63/33/000...51/35/s. 57/48/pc Rochester, NY....45/34/000..51/44/pc. 59/40/sh Spokane........58/45/010 ..58/37/sh. 50/34/sh Anchorage ......34/21/0 00..35/24/sn. 31/14/sn Hartford,CT.....61/39/0 00...53/34/s.. 59/41/c Sacramento......68/49/0.00 ..72/50/pc...70/49/r Springfield, MO..69/31/0.00.. 72/52/pc...69/54/t Atlanta .........65/40/0.27...70/50/s. 72/55/pc Helena..........61/42/0.00..58/35/sh. 54/29/sh St.Lpuis.........68/39/000..74/54/pc...70/56/t Tampa..........74/63/055...77/61Is .. 78/63/s Atlantic City.....63/37/0 66...49/39/5. 57/47/pc Honolulu........83/65/0 00...83/70/s.. 83/70/s Salt Lake City....66/47/0.16..59/41/sh...62/41It Tucson..........89/58/0.00...87/56/s .. 86/58/s Austin..........72/36/000..79/60/pc. 80/64/pc Houston ........71/45/0 00..76/62/pc. 80/65/pc SanAntonio.....72/42/000 ..79/60/pc. 83/64/pc Tulsa...........70/37/000 ..75/56/pc...69/59/t Baltimore .......65/37/0.11...54/39/s. 66/51/pc Huntsville .......67/45/0.00...74/48/s. 73/53/pc SanDiego...... 65/59/tiare...65/58/s ..65/57/s Washington,0C..67/39/013... 56/39/s. 67/52/pc Biiings .........60/43/004...63/41/c. 61/31/sh Indianapolis.....59/34/000..67/54/pc...69/54/t SanFrancisco... 64/55/trace..63/48/pc...62/49/r Wichita.........66/34/0.00..76/52/pc...71/55/t Birmingham .. 66/43/0.03...74/48/s. 75/56/pc Jackson, MS.... 67/45/0 00 ..74/52/s. 76/59/pc SanJose........66/55/000 ..68/48/pc 66/48/r Yakima.........68/52/000 62/38/sh. 55/35/sh Bismarck........49/24/000... 49/25/c.48/27/sh Jacksonvile......64/54/049... 72/52/s.. 77/55/s SantaFe........73/38/000..64/41/pc. 64/41/pc Yuma...........89/65/000... 90/62/s.. 90/63/s Boise...........64/46/0.17 ..61/41/sh. 58/35/sh Juneau..........37/25/0.00... 42/33/r...43/36/r INTERNATIONAL Boston..........57/38/000...49/38/s .. 57/43/c Kansas City......70/39/0.00 ..74/49/pc...70/54/t Budgepprt,CT....63/40/0.00... 51/38/s .. 57/42/c Lansing.........48/31/0.00... 55/43/c .. 55/38/c Amsterdam......46/34/000 49/29/pc 46/31/pc Mecca..........97/77/000 .94/69/s..97/73/s Buffalo........ 44/33/000...51/45/c. 49/40/sh LasVegas.......83/61/000... 83/63/s .. 84/Sis Athens..........71/50/000..73/60/pc. 70/53/sh Mexico City .....77/50/1.25..77/53/pc.. 78/52/c Burlingtpn,V1....48/37/000..46/34/pc. 56/37/sh Lexington.......65/32/000..70/52/pc. 70/54/pc Auckland........70/57/000 ..63/56/sh.66/54/sh Montreal........43/34/003 ..39/32/pc...52/41/r Caribou,ME.....44/33/002...35/21/5..42/32/rs Liucpln..........72/31/000 ..71/44/pc...68/45/t Baghdad........77/62/000... 89/70/s .. 95/72/s Moscow........41/32/003 .. 37/29/rs..31/21/sf Charleston,SC...61/45/007...69/48/s..73/54/s Little Rock.......69/36/000..76/54/pc..72/60/c Bangkok.......104/84/0.00 ..104/80/s. 104/81/s Nairpbi.........81/59/0.00... 76/63/t...71/58/t Charlptte........66/37/000...66/43/s. 71/51/pc LosAngeles......67/58/0 00... 67/56/s .. 68/55/s Beiyng..........57/36/007... 58/33/s. 59/33/pc Nassau.........81/70/000 ..77/66/pc. 74/68/pc Chattanpoga.....68/44/002...72/48/s. 74/53/pc Louisville........68/34/0.00..71/54/pc...70/56/t Beirut..........70/61/022...70/63/s ..79/70/s New 0ejhi.......91/63/000...97/72/s. 100/73/s Cheyenne.......66/41/000..59/35/pc...58/34/t Madison Wj.....50/26/000...63/36/t. 60/44/pc Berlin...........37/34/000...38/28/6..36/24/c Osaka..........75/46/000...77/46/r.53/41/sh Chicago.........45/36/000... 66/45/t. 55/48/pc Memphis....... 68/41/000. 73/56/pc .. 75/59/c Bogota.........68/46/0.00... 66/55/t.66/53/sh Oslo............45/28/0.00 .. 39/25/pc. 33/20/pc Cincinnati.......63/27/000 ..69/51/pc. 65/54/sh Miami..........75/66/153...79/68/s .. 81/69/s Budapest........43/34/014 ..50/38/sh .. 48/31/c Ottawa.........39/30/007..39/30/pc. 50/36/sh Cleveland.......45/34/0.00... 54/48/c. 58/40/pc Milwaukee......42/33/0.00... 61/40/t. 49/43/pc BuenosAires.....79/55/000 ..65/47/pc. 71/53/pc Paris............48/37/000...47/30/c. 51/34/pc Colorado Spnngs.74/38/000..61/37/pc. 64/37/pc Miuneapplis.....44/28/0.07..48/32/sh. 50/36/pc CabpSB BLucas ..84/59/0.00... 83/58/s. 85/64/pc Rip deJaneiro....88/77/0.00... 80/69/t .. 78/68/c Cplumbia,MO...68/39/0.00..74/50/pc...70/52/t Nashviie........68/43/0.00 ..72/52/pc .. 73/55/c Cairo...........75/59/000..89/66/pc 96/63/pc Rome...........59/50/000..61/51/pc. 64/43/pc Cplumbia,SC....62/42/0.00... 70/46/s. 74/52/pc New Orleans.....66/50/0.00... 76/61/s. 77/64/pc Calgary.........39/32/000 .. 41/25/rs 27/16/sj Santiago........72/43/000... 78/60/s.82/67/pc Columbus,GA....67/44/013...74/51/s.77/55/pc NewYork.......64/41/000...52/41/s.. 63/47/c Cancun.........79/70/000..80/67/pc. 80/70/pc SBBPaulo.......77/70/010 ..75/61/pc. 73/60/pc Columbus,OH....58/30/0.00...60/50/c. 65/51/sh Newark,Nl......66/41/0.00...53/40/s. 64/46/pc Dublin..........43/27/0.00..47/32/pc .. 46/39/c Sapporo ........47/33/0.00... 40/37/r...48/28/r Concord,NH.....58/34/000...49/23/5 .. 57/36/c Norfolk VA......59/44/048... 58/38/s .. 69/49/s Edinburgh.......45/25/0.00...44/30/6 .. 43/32/c Seoul...........66/43/0.00 .. 45/32/rs ..43/36/vv Corpus Christi....73/47/000 ..79/66/pc. 81/69/pc Oklahoma City...67/33/0.00 ..78/56/pc. 76/58/pc Geneva.........5439/000...50/34/c. 45/33/pc Shanghai........61/55/082..47/45/w.56/49/pc DallasFtWprrh...68/39/000 ..77/58/pc.. 79/59/c Omaha.........69/35/000..71/43/pc...66/45/t Harare..........72/55/000... 73/50/s .. 75/52/s Singappre.......91/79/165... 90/80/t...90/80/t Dayton .........57/32/000..64/51/pc.64/53/sh Orlando.........78/63/002...78/58/s.. 81/61/s Hong Kong......84/70/415..80/67/sh.. 78/67/c Stockholm.......41/25/000..4U27/pc..33/27/rs Denver..........72/44/000 ..65/40/pc. 66/39/pc PalmSprings.... 85/60/0.00. 90/63/s .. 91/61/s Istanbul.........68/50/0.00... 67/56/s ..62/49/c Sydney..........72/61/0.00 .. 73/59/pc. 74/58/pc 0es Moines......63/35/0.00... 68/40/t...66/46/t Peoria ..........60/37/0.00... 70/45/t...65/48/t lerusalem.......56/49/038...74/61/s .. 85/68/s Taipei...........75/68/000..70/52/sh.. 61/65/s Detroit..........51/37/000...53/45/c. 60/40/pc Philadelphia.....65/39/0 09... 54/40/s. 66/48/pc Johannesburg....84/69/0.00... 72/50/s .. 74/53/5 Tel Aviv.........70/59/0.00... 78/60/s .. 92/67/s Duluth..........35/20/000 ..34/27/sn ..39/28/rs Phpeuix.........90/65/0 00... 90/63/s .. 90/63/s Lima...........77/64/000..76/65/pc.75/67/pc Tokyo...........70/55/000... 71/55/t. 66/44/sh El Paso..........86/59/000...88/62/s .. 86/60/s Pitjsburgh.......55/34/0 00 ..57/47/pc. 61/46/sh Lisbon..........55/48/00060/46/pc 57/48/sh Toronto.........41/32/000 37/39/sh57/41/sh Fairbanks.........19/4/000....22/3/c. 24/12/sn Portland,ME.....54/38/000...45/27/s.. 53/38/c London.........46/36/0.00 .. 50/30/pc.. 45/30/c Vancpuver.......55/48/0.99.. 50/43/sh...52/43/r Fargp...........34/1 7/000..38/25/sn..43/28/rs Prpvidence......62/38/000...52/34/s 57/42/c .. Madrid .........50/37/002 ..56/35/pc.. 58/41/c Vienna..........45/37/000...49/34/c. 44/30/pc Flagstaff........64/32/0.00...62/32/5 .. 62/37/s Raleigh.........63/39/0.04...61/39/s .. 71/49/s Manila..........91/79/000 ..96/79/pc. 96/78/pc Warsaw.........36/32/006... 35/30/c. 33/24/pc


".ni t„

are managing them." — Bill Aney, forest restoration coordinator

to East Oregonian senior reporter Kathy A ney, uses a similar analogy for accelerated restoration. " Mother N ature h a s a l ready lapped us once, and

Removing some

o f th e

larger pines could open up

more space and habitat for aspen trees to grow. David Powell, a silviculturist with the Umatilla National Forest, she's going to lap us again if said shade from the big cowe don't do something about nifers can cause aspen nttmit, u Aney said. "We're getting bers to decline and decrease further behind. Forestsare biodiversity. developing faster than we are A recent forest inventory managing them." counted billions of c o nifer Years ago, a fire in ponder- trees, Powell said, and just osa pine forest would burn thousands of broadleaf speeach spot of ground every 10 cies trees. Biodiversity is imto 20 years, Aney said. Now, portant for different types of in some places, there is 100 birds and fauna in the forest, years of growth with enough he added. BWe're COnCerned abOut fuel for high-intensity blazes. Smaller trees and brush the broadleaf species," Powell near largertrees also create Said. «We haVeSO many feWer the potential for "ladder fu- than these dominant conifer els, u where flames climb up- trees." ward into the forest canopy. The forests, where f i r es Aney said those intense fires have often been fought and can have severeeffects,like extinguished, ar e o u t of burning trees hundreds of sync with what's happened years old and damaging soil. through history, Powell said. "Our objective is restora"If we can't continue to action and trying to set up (tree) celerate this, we'll just slip stands for fire, so that when a further behind," he said. "It fire comes through it doesn't doesn't grab most people's attake out the w hole stand," tention until we get these ripAney said. roaring fires, and by then it's In addition, thinning trees too late." could lead to an increase in Aney was excited to jump production fo r t h e t i m b er on board with th e p r oject, industry. he said. Not everything they "I think we can come up try is going to work, he cauwith some projects that do tioned, but said that w on't the restoration, while a l so stop him from trying. "I'm just really intrigued by producing material for the industry," Aney said. the possibilities," Aney said.

Where Buyers And Sellers Meet I II

A nicer

— ~


Forest Service plansmore restoration in E.Oregon By George Plaven




Yesterday's extremes

Mostly rain, some snow






• • Cl a SSifTeEIS wttw.beudhuuetiu.pum

Premier Retlrement L//eaty/ea

1010 NE Purcell Blvd. Bend, OR 97701

Thursday April 11th, 2013

2:00 to 4:00 PM •

One table top item per household, must be placed between 1:30 and 2:00 pm. For Information Call


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Golf, C3 MLB, C4





Tee to Green moves to Monday The Bulletin's Tee to

Green section, which usuallyappears on Saturday, is moving to Mondays. Lookfor

expanded local andprofessional golf coverage starting this Monday.


Rutgers scandal drings downAD NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.— Rutgers' coach-

ing scandal spiraled deeper Friday, bringing down the popular athletic director and a school

vice president while donors threatened to cut off their contributions

to New Jersey's largest public university.

The day of mounting troubles for the school began with Athletic Director Tim Pernetti

resigning over his fail-

Michigan'sBurkehoping to

Michigan's Trey Burke

finish stellar seasonwith title A fter considering a jump to t h e NBA, Burke has made the most of another season in college. On Thursday, he was named national player of the year by T he Associated Press — t h e first Michigan player to win that award since 1966. He also won the Wooden Award for the nation's top player on Friday. Now the focus turns to today's national semifinal against Syracuse, when Burke will try to move the Wolverines to within one win of that NCAA title. "My teammates and coaching staff, you know, they put me in this position," he said. "I wouldn't be able to receive those awards without them. See Final Four/C2

The Associated Press

ATLANTA — A year ago at this time, when Trey Burkedecided to come back to Michigan for his sophomore season, the star point guard immediately started talking about a national championship. It was certainly a possibility — Burke's return put the Wolverines near the top of the preseason rankings — but expectations like that are still hard to live up to. That's why Michigan's run to the Final Four has been so rewarding. "It was just a matter of putting all the piecestogether — everybody understanding their role," Burke said. "Now that we're here, it's definitely surreal. It feels really good to be here. We're having a lot of fun."


The FinalFour National semifinals, today, in Atlanta; times PDT; games televised on CBS • No. 9 seed Wichita

• The Wolverines'star sophomoreisracking upwins andhonors By Noah Trister


State (30-8) vs. No. 1 seedLouisville (33-5), 3:09 p.m. • No. 4 seed Syracuse (30-9) vs. No. 4 seed Michigan

(30-7), 5:49 p.m. Championship game:Semifinal

winners, Monday, 6 p.m., CBS

Inside A breakdown of Carlos Osorio/ The Associated Press file

today's games,C2

ure to immediately fire coach Mike Rice, who

was caught on video hitting, kicking and taunt-

ing players with anti-gay slurs at practice.



The video was shown Tuesday on ESPN,

Madras hands Gladstone first loss

prompting outrage nationwideand on cam-

pus, where the coach's conduct was especially sensitive because of the 2010 suicide of a student who killed himself after his roommate used

a webcam to record him kissing another man. Rice was fired by Pernetti on Wednesday, but the athletic director immediately came under criticism for only

suspending and fining the coach after the video was brought to his at-

tention four months ago. Pernetti said Friday he wanted to fire Rice on the spot butdid not

becausethe consensus among school officials at the time was that it didn't warrant dismissal. — The Associated Press

Rush: Tryingto 'lighten' mood? SAN FRANCISCO-

Former Pac-12Conference coordinator of officials Ed Rush says he

Rob Kerr/The Bulletin

Clockwise from top, Bend High's Federico Puga Summit's Chandler Oliveira and Mountain View's Philip Atkinson compete at the Summit Invitational on Friday at the Athletic Club of Bend.

was just trying to "lightenthe

mood" ina

tense locker

room whenhe "jokingly" made offers

of $5,000 or a trip to Mexico for any referee who disciplined Arizona

coach SeanMiller during the league tournament. In his first interview

since reports surfaced of the incident that forced his resignation,

Rush told The Associated Press onThursday night that the comments

were "absolutely, 100

Bulletin staff report Hosting some of the top boys tennis teams in Class 5A, Summit High went 2-0 on Friday during the first day of the Summit Invitational at the indoor courts at the Athletic Club of Bend. The Storm, the reigning 5A state champions, topped Eugene's Marist 5-3 before defeating Churchill, also of Eugene,6-2.Mountain

View went I-I on the day with a win over Hermiston (9-8 on sets after tying 4-4 in matches) before losing to Crescent Valley 7-1. Bend High was 0-2 with a pair of tight defeats, falling to Ashland 61-59 in games after the two teams tied 4-4 and losing to Churchill 7-6 in sets, again after tying 4-4 in matches. Redmond High lost to Ashland 6-2 and Hermiston 5-3.

"The top kids (in 5A) are getting to play one another for seeding at state," Summit coach Josh Cordell said, explaining the tournament. "And, even though it's a different format than at state, you've got the best teams facing off against one another to see who has the best overall team." The Storm won both their matches Friday despite going

0-4 at No. I singles and No. I doubles. "Our depth is amazing," Cordell said. "The thing that is so awesome and so cool about this team is that our No. Is can lose, but then they're right there cheering on our No. 3s and No. 4s who played so dominant and were able to give us the team victory." The tournament resumes today at 8 a.m.

Bulletin staff report MADRAS — A four-hitter from Jamie Moe and a couple of timely hits by Inez Jones and Caitlin Hulsey helped Madras hand Gladstone its first softball defeat of the season Friday. In a matchup between last year'sTri-Valley Conference co-champions, Moe was masterful, striking out six against just one walk to lead Madras to a 3-0 victory over the Gladiators. "She came ready to play today," White Buffalo coach Shawna McConnell said about her senior ace. "She didn't strike out a ton, but when it rains, it's hard to get movement on the ball. She kept the ball down and our defense stepped it up." Jones gave Madras a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the third inning with a one-out double that scored Sarah Brown from second base. Two innings later, Hulsey knocked in Cirelle Frank and Brown with a two-out single to make the score 3-0. "This makes a statement to the rest of the league," said McConnell, whose team is now 2-0 in league and 10-3 overall. "It's our biggest win of the season so far." Gladstone (12-1 overall, 1-1 TVC) entered the game No. 1 in the Oregon School Activities Association's Class 4A rankings. Madras was No. 2.

percent said in jest." He believes the remarks

were leakedout by officials who wereunhappy


with his overall handling

of the Pac-12program and wanted to tarnish his reputation.

Rush said his remarks were part of an overall "point of em-

phasis" to crack down on coach misconduct on the sideline after

Arizona's 79-69 win over Colorado in the Pac-12 quarterfinal March 14. In the course of that meeting, Rush said he called out officials who worked

the game —Michael Greenstein, Tony Padilla and Brett Nansel — for

not disciplining either Miller or Buffaloes coach Tad Boyle for their be-

havior. — The Associated Press

Beaver receivers strive to replace Wheaton By Cliff Kirkpatrick Corvallis Gazet te-Times

The Oregon State football team's passing game ranked No. 20 in the nation and averaged 307.1 yards a game last season. Many of those yards came from the receiving duo of Markus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks. They combined for 184.2 yards a game, and Wheaton contributed 95.7. Wheaton moved on and is giving the NFL a try as a probable draft pick at the end of the month. That leaves a huge offensive void for the Beavers because he was also a rushing threat on the fly sweep with 10.9 rushing yards a game and two touchdowns.

"There's a lot of production to fill with Markus Wheaton gone,"coach Mike Riley said. "Someone has to emerge, and more likely two receivers." Success for the Beavers came from the proven ability of W h eaton and the advanced upstart skills of Cooks. Whomever opponents double-teamed, the other c ould s hake o ne-on-one coverage. Cooks is now the proven talent going into his junior season, but needs someone to complement him the way he did with Wheaton. Richard Mullaney was a play-maker in practice last season and transferred that into games for a while with 13 receptions for 156 yards and a touchdown in nine games. He briefly played well in

place of Wheaton, who suffered a concussion against Washington. Mullaney, a sophomore, would have been atop the depth chart this spring if healthy. A partially torn rotator cuff kept him out of four games and he's recovering from offseason surgery this spring. He was hurt during a practice when he dovefor a balland landed on his shoulder. For now, Mullaney will watch others battle it out this spring and hopes he recovers enough to train in the summer to stake his claim at the starting split end job in the fall. "He has shown us he can play," receivers coach Brent Brennan said. "Richard Mullaney is someone we think highly of when he gets well. SeeBeavers/C4

Ted S Warren /The Associated Press

Oregon State's Brandin Cooks, right, and Obum Gwacham, left, top the Beavers' depth chart at receiver.



COREBOARD hurdles 1, Delgado,Ontario,15.12;15,Thurman, CrookCounty,19.85 16.22800 —1, Rivera,Crook County,2:07.36.200 — I, Poston, Ontario, 22.91; Today Baseball: HoodRiver Valleyat Bend(DH), noon; 3, Lopez,CrookCounty, 23.47. 300 hurdles — 1, Riversideat Culver (DH),noon; CrookCounty at Reed, LaGrande,40.72, 6, Abrams,Crook County, 47.03 1,600 relay 1, Baker (Maszk,Smith, Mazama (DH),11 a.m. Softball: Bend atHoodRiver Valey(DH), noon;Culver Spenst,Dunn),3:33.48; 2, CrookCounty, 3:40.65. High jump — I, Bachman,Baker,5-10; T7, at Rwerside(DH), noon;CrookCounty at Mazama Barber,CrookCounty, 5-04. Discus — 1, Sutfin, (DH),11a.m. Track: Summit at Sandy Invitational, 10:30 CrookCounty,146-02. Pole vault — 1, Hancock, Culver, Ridgeview,La Pine, Madrasat Redmond La Grande,14-00;5, Thurman,CrookCounty,12-00. Shot — 1,Galoway, Payette (Idaho), 51-00;4, SutSunseeker, 11a.m. Boys tennis: Ridgeview,Sisters, CrookCountyat tin, CrookCounty,44-04. Javelin — 1, Woodworth, MadrasInvite, 9 a.m., Redmond, Mountain View, La Grande,159-00; 3, Sutfin, CrookCounty, 132-08. Triple jump — 1,WiliamsonWeiser(Idaho)n41SummitBend , atSummit Invite, 8a.m. Boys lacrosse:SheldonatSummit, 930 a.mzBend 08; 17,Barber,CrookCounty, 35-06.25 Longjump — 1, Tamez, Vale, 20-04.75; 2, Sey, CrookCounty, vs. MountainViewatSummit, 5:30p.m. Girls lacrosse: Bend Unitedat WestSalem, noon; 19-04. BendUnitedvs. Sheldon atWest Salem,4p.m. Girls Sunday Oregon Trail Invitational Girls lacrosse:BendUnited atSouthSalem,11a.m. At Frank HawleyStadium, Vale Team scores — 1, LaGrande,105; 4, Crook PREP SPORTS County,85. Individual winner, top CC placer 400-meter relay — I, CrookCounty(Zirbel, Softball M. Bernard,A. Bernard, Berlin), 51.99.1,500 — 1, Friday's results Welch, LaGrande,523.60;10, Morgan,CrookCounClass 4A ty,600.62.3,000 1,Welch,LaGrande,12:06.57; Tri-VaUeyConference 6, Morales,CrookCounty 12:54.03.100 — 1, ZirGladstone 000 000 0 0 4 2 bel, CrookCounty, 13.74.400 — I, Miffer-Moylan, Madras 001 020 x 3 5 I La Grande,1:02.26, 6, A. Bernard, CrookCounty, Sky-EmLeague 1:06.37. 100 hurdles — 1, Youngberg,Payette Sisters 200 100 0 3 8 3 (Idaho),16.96;10,Viescas,CrookCounty, 19.32 800 Elmira 000 000 0 0 1 2 —1, Smith,LaGrande,2:39.20; 4, Tarabochia,Crook Sky-EmLeague County,2:43.56.200—1,Lee,Weiser(Idaho); 2, Zir(5 innings) bel, CrookCounty,27.50. 300hurdles — 1, Bates, SweetHome 612 10 108 0 Vale, 49.81; 3,Berlin, CrookCounty,51.20. 1,600 La Pine 000 00 0 1 3 relay — 1,Vale(8 Hawkins, Ka.Hawkins, Johnson, Class 2A/1A Kr. Hawkins),4:23.94;7, CrookCounty, 4:44.98. Special District 3 High jump — 1,Fulk, Vale,5-00; 4, Lindburg, Regis 122 000 1 6 6 1 CrookCounty,4-08 Discus — 1,Hollon, Tri-Vaffey Culver 000 030 0 3 7 3 (Idaho), 109-00; 8, Morgan,CrookCounty, 88-05. Pole vault — 1, Wolery,Payette (Idaho), 9-06; 2, Baseball Michael, CrookCounty,8-00. Shot — I, Hollon, Friday's results Tri-Vaffey(Idaho),36-02;4, Troutman,CrookCounty, Class 4A 34-10.Javelin — 1,Voboril, Baker,125-08,2,TroutSky-EmLeague man,CrookCounty,106-10. Triple jump 1, RanElmira 100 000 0 1 5 3 som, Payette(Idaho), 36-03.50; 9, Troutman,Crook Sisters 101 350 x 1013 4 County,31-00. Long jump — I, Ransom,Payete (5 innings) (Idaho),17-11; 2,Berlin,CrookCounty,16-10.50. La Pine 011 10 3 1 2 SweetHome 432 31 13 11 1 SKIING Nonconference First game EaglePoint 234 100 0 1010 2 Alpine Ridgeview 300 030 2 8 13 4 PNSAMasters Championships Secondgame At Mt. Bachelor, Cliffhanger EaglePoint 001 000 0 1 4 1 Friday's results Ridgeview 000 003 x 3 4 1 Super-G Men 80-84 — 1, Charl e sEvans,1.49.70. Tennis 76-79 — 1, RichRobertson, 1:25.99. 2, Willi Boys Schmidt, 1:2704 70-74 — 1, HowardColeman, I:29.20. 2, Jim Summit Invitational Phillips, I:31.51. 3, David Prochazka, I:43.79. 4, At the Athletic Club ofBend OliverLajoie,1.45.58. Day-onescores 66-69 — 1,MikeUberuaga,1:21.90. Ashlan d4,Bend4(Ashlandwins61-59ongames) 60-64 — 1, JimDoudna,1:18.41. 2, RogerJoSummit 5,Marist3 hanson,1:19.96.3, RandLittle, 1:21.11. 4, Ladislav MountainView4, Hermiston 4 (MountainViewwins Konstacky,1:23.67. 9-8 onsets) 55-59 — 1,DaveKornish, 1:18.49.2 JohnDuffie, Ashland6, Redmond2 1:24.92. 3,MichaelKvietkus,1:35.15. Churchill 4,Bend4 (Churchil wins7-6onsets) 50-54 — 1,MartinGyorgyfalvy,1:15.76. 2, Mike Crescent Valey 7, Mountain View1 Dodds, 1:19.74.3,Ed Ochs,1:20.53.4,Hugh MitchSummit 6, Churchill 2 eff, 1:21.92.5, EricOrt, 1:27.22. Crescent Valley5, Marist 3 45-49 — 1,AndrewVeterlein, 1:14.32.2, TimoHermis ton5,Redmond3 thy Hill,1.1493.3, DonaldWalde, 1:1641. 40-44 — 1,BrianBogatin,1:24.20. 35-39 — I, MatthewLyaff, I:21.13. Golf Women Friday's Results 70-74 — 1,CarolynPhilips,1:37.66. Girls 56-59 — 1,Cheryl Puddy,1:24.17. 50-54 — 1,BethParaskeva,1:41.56 Ridgeview Invitational 40-44 — I, JenniferAspaas,1:30.08. At Ridge Course atEagle Crest Par 72 Skyliner Open Team winner —Summit 330. At Mt. Bachelor, Westrtdge/Cltffhanger Medalist Kalyn Thayer,West Albany 70. Friday's results SUMMIT(330) —Odiome75, Heinly 80,MitchBoys Super-G eff 84,Kerry91, Drgastin94. 1 Michel Macedo,CWSC, 1.15.42. 2, JackBotti, BEND(382) — Heidi Froelich84, Rice87, Holly MBSEF, 1:15.82. 3, Spencer Wright, CMAC,1:17.55. Froe ich98, Mode113,Morse118. 4, WalterLafky, MBSEF,1:1857 5, MinamCravens, CROOKCOUNTY (440) — Dalton 99 Shank MBSEF,1:18.58.6, lanLafky, MBSEF, I:19.38 7,Luke 108, White112,Thompson121,Kaonis152. Musgrave,MHRT1:20.24. 8,TuckerScroggins, MAC, REDMOND (473) — Roundtree 88, Lussier 90, 1:20.65. 9,JonathanWimberly, MBSEF, 1:20.90. 10, Wrffrngham135, Whrte160. Cole Sher-Jan,MBSEF,1:21.62. MADRAS (inc.) — Simmons94. 11, JakeKlonsky,MBSEF,1:21.73 12,, MOUNTAINVIEW (inc.) — Nopp 107,Tiler MBSEF,1:21.87. 13, MorganTren, MBSEF, I:2388. 112 14, Will Stuermer,MBSEF,1:24.68. 15, ConnerNelRIDGEVIEW(inc.) — Brown 105,Lau113, son, MAC, 1:25.83. Lambert127. Girls Super-G TRINITYLUTHERAN(inc.) — Sample 95, Polk 1, MeganOlson,MBSEF, 1:15.62 2, ErinSmith, 105. MBSEF, 117.46. 3, AshleyLodmell, MHA,I:18.03. 4, AddisonBeasley,MBSEF, 1:18.25. 5, Skylar Cooley, Boys CMAC,1:18.97.6, MatBreanne,WPSC, 1:19.51. 7, MeganWurden,CMAC,1:19.93. 8, Sophia Sahm , Panther Invitational MBSEF,1: 1995 9,ZoeSimpson,MAC,1:20.39.10, At Juniper Golf Club DanieffeBracy,MBSEF, I:20.82. Par 71 11, AlysonMat, WPSC, 1.21.02. 12, SophiaBurTeam winner Summit 321 gess, MBSEF , 1:21.87. 13,Caffie Dahlberg, SPAC , Medalis t— MasonRodby,Redmond,77. 1:22.16. 14, Kelsey Olson, MBSEF,1:2315. 15, SUMMIT(321) —TK.Wasserman78,Wats 81, Abigarl Orlord, CMAC,1:24.02. 16, Lili Bouchard, Bahn 81Loberg81 B.Wasserman88. MBSEF,I:24.40. 17, Natalie Waldram,USA, I:24.65. REDMOND (339) —Rodby77,Cron 84,Thom- 18, NatalieHall, MHR T,1:26.60.19, MadisonBrown, ton 86,Messner92,Dixon 95. MBSEF,1 26:.92.20,PagetRathbun,MBSEF,1:27.31. CROOKCOUNTY (374)— Kuk84,Morgan92, 21, AlexandraKaiser, MBSEF, 128.93. 22, Aidan Davis97, Christian101,Goehring104. Wiffett, MRT,1:34.99. RIDGEVIEW(386) — Seeley 80,Roe88,Kinzer 92, Spineffi126,Tucker127. MOUNTAIN VIEW(397) — Kreiger88,Navarra BASKETBALL 99, Smith105,Robertson105,Curtis 108


Track & field Friday's Results Boys

OregonTrail Invitational At Frank HawleyStadium, Vale Team scores — 1, Weiser(Idaho), 105.5; 2, CrookCounty,103.25 Individual winner, top CC placer 400-meter relay — I, CrookCounty(Santiago, Zemp,Woodward, Lopez),45.77.1,500 — 1, Maszk, Baker, 4:29.03; 2, Munn, CrookCounty, 4:31.00. 3,000 — I, Wiggins,Weiser(Idaho), 9:51.33;15, George,CrookCounty, 10:58.10.100—1, Wiliamson, Weiser(Idaho), 11.52;7, Lopez,CrookCounty, 11 97. 400 1, Lopez,CrookCounty,53.02. 110


Eastern Conference z-Miami

x-NewYork x-Indiana x-Brooklyn x-Chicago x Atlanta x-Boston Milwaukee Philadelphia

Toronto Washington

Final Four Continued from C1 "It would be great to get a win on Saturday, to have the opportunity to play on Monday and cut down the nets would definitely be a great feeling." When Burke first arrived at Michigan, he was immediately under pressure. Point guard Darius Morris had left after his sophomore season to go to the NBA, and Burke's performance as the replacement would go a long way toward determining if the Wolverines could take another step forward after reaching the NCAA tournament in 2011. The result: a share of the 2012 Big Ten title — the school's first in 26 years. Burke averaged 14.8 points per game as a freshman, and his perimeter shooting made him a nice fit for Michigan's offense. One of the best compliments a point guard can receive js that he's an extension of hjs coach on the court. That was true right

away. "I think in the first couple months, he was reading me,"Wolverines coach John Beilein said. "He was putting deposits in my trust bank more and more every time. That's really important. The more deposits he made, the more I knew I could trust him." All that success made Burke a candidate to leave Michigan after only one season,

W 59 49 48 43 42 42 39 36 31 29 28

L 16 26 28 32 33 35 37 39 44 47 47

Pct GB .787 .653 10 632 11'/~ 573 16 .560 17 .545 18 513 20'/z 480 23 .413 28 382 30i/z .373 31

Detroit Cleveland

Orlando Charlotte

25 23 19 18

51 52 58 58

Western Conference

329 34'/r

307 36 247 41 237 41'/r

W L Pct GB x-Oklahoma City 56 20 .737 x-SanAntonio 56 20 .737 x-Denver 52 24 .684 4 x-L.A Clippers 50 26 .658 6 x-Memphis 51 25 .671 5 GoldenState 44 32 .579 12 Houston 43 33 .566 13 L.A. Lakers 40 36 .526 16 Utah 40 37 .519 16'/r Dallas 37 39 .487 19 Portland 33 43 .434 23 Minnesota 28 47 .373 27'/r Sacramen to 27 49 .355 29 NewOrleans 26 50 .342 30 Phoenix 23 53 .303 33 x-clinched playoffspot; z-clrnchedconference

Knicks 101, Bucks83 MILWAUKEE (83) Daniels1-50-02, lyasova2-9 2-27, Sanders3-7 3-3 9, Jennings9-203-5 25,Ellis 4-132-411, Udoh 2-30-04, Redick5-103-418,MbahaMoute0-20-0 0, Dunleavy2 60 05, ISmith0-00-00,Hensonl 1 0-0 2. Totals29-7613-18 83. NEWYORK(101) Anthony17-284-441, Shumpert 0-70-00, Chandler 3-7 0-0 6,Prigioni 1-40-0 2, Felton4-9 0-09, J.Smith 11-223-430, Kidd2-40-05, Copeland2-4 0-06, Novak1-40-02,White0-00-00.Totals4189 7-8 101. Milwaukee 19 26 21 17 — 83 New York 19 17 42 23 — 101

8-19 2-218,Teague4-13 2-212, Korver3-74-511, Johnson6-105-817, Jones1-2 3-45, Mack3-5 0-2 6, To liver0-20-0 0, Scott 0-00-0 0. Totals 34-73 17-2790. Philadelphia 40 18 26 18 — 101 Atlanta 26 19 20 25 — 90

Raptors 95, Timberwolves 93

Rockets 116, Blazers 98 HOUSTON (116)

Garcia 4 9 0011, GSmith 5 6 9 1219,Asik 3 7 3-4 9, Lin 8-134-5 22, Harden11-21 7-833, Jones 0-2 0-0 0,Anderson1-20-0 3, Beverley3-3 0-0 7, Motiejunas3-103-410, Robinson1-10-22, Brooks 0-1 0-0 0, Ohlbrecht0-1 0-0 0 Totals 39-76 2635 116.

PORTLAND (98) Claver4-81-1 9,Aldndge12-198-1032, Hickson

5-91-1 11, Lillard 4-122-311, Matthews6-195-6 18, Barton4-91-1 9, Leonard2-62-26, Maynor0-4 0-00, Pavlovicg-10-00, Freeland0-20-00, N.Smith 1-2 0-0 2.Totals 38-91 20-2498. Houston 35 28 29 24 — 116 Portland 31 25 21 21 — 98 3 Point Goals Houston 12-28 (Harden 49, Garcia 3-7, Lin 2-4, Anderson1-1, Beverey 1-1, Motiejunas1-4, Brooks0-1, Asik0-1), Portland2-20 (Liffard1-2, Matthews1-11, Pavlovic 0-1, Claver0 2, Barton0-2, Maynor0-2). Fouled Out—G.Smith. Rebounds —Houston48(Asik11), Portland55(Aldridge 13). Assists Houston24(Lin 8),Portland23(Lilard 7). Total Foul— s Houston 18, Portland21. Technicals — Asik, Matthews.A—20,400(19,980).

Thunder97, Pacers 75 OKLAHOMA CITY(97) Durant13-216-734, Ibaka5-92-212, Perkins2-5 0-0 4, Westbrook10-244-6 24,Sefolosha1-3 0-03, Marti n 3-72-29,Coff ison2-52-26,Jackson 1-40-0 2, Thabeet 0-01-21, Fisher0-02-22, Brewer0-00-0 0, Liggins0-00-00, Orton0-00-00. Totals 37-78 19-2397. INDIANA(75) George 3-11 2-58, West7-143-417, Hibbert 814 6-6 22,Hill 4-121-1 10, Stephenson2-7 0-0 4, THansbrough1-3 22 4, Johnson1-51-2 4, Green 1-32-2 4,Mahinmi0-0 0-0 0,Augustin0-3 2-2 2. Totals 27-7219-24 75. OklahomaCity 26 18 28 25 — 97 Indiana 23 20 24 8 — 75

Heat 89, Bobcats 79 MIAMI (89) Lewis 5-122-214, Haslem1-20-0 2, Bosh6-14 5-618, Chalmers1-44-46, Miller9-151-226, Andersen3-52-28, Battier2-50-04, Cole3-60-08, Jones1-6 0-1 3,Anthony0-00-0 0. Totals 31-69 14-1789. CHARLOTTE (79) Kidd-Gilchrist7-174-418 McRoberts4-120-08, Biyombo2-7 0-04, Walker3-15 6-612, Henderson 2-16 7-811,Gordon0-10-0 0, Wiliams3-61-2 8, Thomas 3-60-06, Pargo 3-62-2 9, Taylor 1-20-03. Totals 28-88 20-22 79. Miami 26 22 18 23 — 89 Charlotte 22 23 8 26 — 79

Bulls87, Magic 86 ORLANDO (86) Harkless0-10-00, Harris5-172-212, Vucevic814 0-016, Udrih10 174-4 27,Nicholson2-4 2-26, Jones3-113-410,Moore1-62-24, Lamb1-51-33, O'Quin n4-50-08.Totals 34-8014-1786. CHICAGO (87) Deng5-18 7-7 19,Boozer6-16 0-0 12,Mohammed1-63-45, Hinrich5-91-113, Butler5-132-212, Robinso n8-170-019,Radmanovic3-30-07.Totals 33-82 13-1487. Orlando 19 24 27 16 — 86 Chicago 14 26 26 21 — 87

TORONTO (95) Gay 12-231-126,A.Johnson1-31-2 3, Valanciunas2-48-1012, Lowry5-110-011, DeRozan12-23 1-1 25,Gray230 24,Anderson1-50 02,Telfair 1-4 0-03, Acy0-00-00, Ross 3-50-07, Fields1-40-02. Totals 40-85 11-1695. MINNESOT A (93) Kirilenko 8 1036 20,Wffiiams1-4 6-68, Pekovic 6-1212-1624,Rubio3-106813,Ridnour3-62-28, Budinger3-61-2 8, Cunningham4-8 0-0 8, Barea0-5 0-00,Shved2-60-04,Stiemsma0-00-00.Totals 30-67 30-4093. Toronto 18 28 25 24 — 95 Minnesota 24 24 25 20 — 93

Lakers 86, Grizzlies 84 MEMPHIS(84) Prince3-80-06, Randolph7-171-1 15,M.Gasol

5-81-2 11,Conley9-192-221,Allen 2-3 0-04, Arthur 0-1 0-0 0,Bayless7-150-014, Daye2-5 0-05, Davis 1-21-2 3,Pondexter1-7 0-0 3, Leuer1-1 0-0 2 Totals 38-86 5-784.

L.A. LAKERS (86) Bryant10-234-4 24,PGasol 8-14 3-419, Howard 3-7369,Blake2 60 06,Meeks1-50-12,Jamison 5-11 1-1 13, Clark5-8 2-2 13 Totals 34-74 1318 86. Memphis L.A. Lakers

Warriors 111, Suns107 GOLDENSTATE(111) Bames4-9 2-211, Lee10-18 2-222, Bogut3-5 0-0 6, Curry6-15 3-318, Thompson10-18 2-3 25, Ezeli1-1 0 0 2,Landry59 3413, Jack5 112 214, Green 0 00-00,Bazemore0-00-00.Totals 44-86 14-16111. PHOENIX (107) Tucker5-80-010, Mark.Morris1-22-2 4, Scola 3-5 0-0 6, Dragic11-137-732, Johnson4-91-2 9, Dudley1-4 3-4 6O'Neal7-121-215, Beasley12-17 0-025, Brown 0-1 0-00, MarcMorris 0-10-00, Marshall 0 00 00 Totals44-7214-17 107. GoldenState 23 3 23 2 24 — 111 Phoenix 37 27 14 29 — 107

Mavericks117, Kings108 DALLAS(117)

Marion 10-174-4 25, Nowitzki 6-143-3 16, Kaman3-70-06,M.James2-32-28,Mayo 5-92-213, Crowder0-30-00, Carter3-110-0 7, Coffison7-10 4-418, Wnght9-142-220,Morrow1-22-24. Totals 46-90 19-19 117. SACRAMENTO (108)

Salmons1-60-03, Paterson3-9 3-410, Thomp-

son6-134-516,Thomas92011-1229,Evans10-15 4-626, Cousins2-52-26, Fredette1-30-02, Thornton 010 00, Douglas6 90 014, Outlaw1-40 02, Johnson0-20-20.Totals 39-87 24-31108. Dallas 18 41 33 25 — 117 Sacramento 27 26 28 27 — 108

Jazz 95, Hornets 83 NEWORLEANS(83)

Aminu4-110-08, Davis10-16 4-524, Lopez5-9 2-2 12,Vasquez9-13 2-321, Gordon2-3 2-2 7,Anderson0104 44, Henry0 53 43, Roberts1-60 0 2, Miller 0-20-00 Amundson 1-10-02, Mason0-1 0-0 0. Totals32-7717-20 83.

CLEVELAND(97) Gee8-170-016,Thompson10-17 9-929,Zeff er 4-91-2 9, Irving4-201-1 11, Ellington5-81-212, Walton 000-00, Livingston 24347, Mrles275-6 9, Speights0-12-22, Casspi0-00-00,Jones 1-60-0 2 Totals 36-8922-2697. Green8-13 6-823, Bass7-140-1 14, Wilcox 1-3 0-0 2, Bradley3-122 4 10,Lee1-5 0-0 2, Wiliams 4-91-2 9, Terry3-10 0-0 8, Randolph6-9 4-516, Crawford3-140-27. TotaIs 36-8913-22 91. Cleveland 26 26 22 23 — 97



At NewOrleansArena New Orleans National Semifinals Sunday, April 7 Louisville (28-8)vs. Calrfornra(32-3), 3:30 NotreDame(35-1) vs. Connecticut (33-4), 5:30p.m.

GOLF PGA Tour TexasOpen

Friday At JW Marriott, TPCSanAntonio, Oaks

Course San Antonio Purse: $6.2 million Yardage: 7,522; Par:72 SecondRound(Leading Scores) Billy Horschel 68-68 — 136 DanrelSummerhays 69-69 — 138 71-67 — 138 CharleyHoffman StevenBowditch 69-69—138 BrendondeJonge 70-69—139 Jim Furyk K.J. Choi RetiefGoosen

BenKohes Rory Mcffroy LeeJanzen Matt Bettencourt PeterTomasulo JasonGore

LPGA Tour Kraft NabiscoChampionship Friday At Mission Hills Country Club, DinahShore TournamentCourse Rancho Mirage, Calif. Purse: $2 million Yardage: 6,738; Par:72

(a-amateur) SecondRound(Leading Scores) 70-67 — 137 InbeePark 70-68 — 138 LizetteSalas CarolineHedwall 71-68 — 139 70-69—139 Giulia Sergas 68-72 — 140 Jodi EwartShadoff 70-70—140 HeeYoungPark 71-69 — 140 Pornanong Phatlum 72-69 141 Haeji Kang 69-72—141 AnnaNordqvist 72-69—141 Se RiPak 70-71 — 141 Jiyai Shin PaulaCreamer 74 68 142 72-70 — 142 KarineIcher 70-72 — 142 MoriyaJutanugarn 71-71 — 142 Cristie Kerr 70-72 —142 JessicaKorda 74-68 — 142 Ai Miyazato 72-70—142 HeeKyungSeo 72-70 — 142 MicheffeWie AmyYang 69-73 — 142

BASEBALL College Pac-12 Standings AU TimesPDT

Conference Oregon OregonState UCLA Stanford Calilornia ArizonaState WashingtonState 3 Arizona SouthemCal Utah Washington

FINAL FOUR Atlanta National Semifinals Saturday, April 6 Louisville(33-5)vs. WrchrtaState(30-8), 3:09p.m. Michigan(30-7) vs.Syracuse(30-9),5.49 p.m.

College Basketball Invitational ChampionshipSeries

(Best-of-3) Monday, April 1

L 2 2 3 3 5 5 4 6 6 7

4 4 3 2


Friday's Games x-Washington 6, Pepperdine 2 Utah 7,Washington State4 Arizona10,California 1 UCLA3,OregonState2 Stanlord 4,USC2 ArizonaState6, Oregon5(11) Today's Games Washington StateatUtah,11 a.m. x-WashingtonatPepperdine, 1p.m. OregonStateatUCLA, 2p.m. StanfordatUSC,2p.m. California atArizona,6p.m. Oregonat ArizonaSt., 6:30 p.m. x=nonconference






23 5 19 7 15 9 16 14 17 8 16 12 19 11 11 18 13 13 8 19

GP W L OT PtsGF GA Chicago 36 2 7 5 4 58 122 80 D etroit 38 19 1 4 5 4 3 99 100 S t. Lours 3 6 2 0 1 4 2 4 2 105 98 C olumbus 3 8 1 6 1 5 7 3 9 91 101 N ashville 3 8 1 5 1 5 8 3 8 93 103 Northwest Division GP W L OT PtsGF GA V ancouver 37 2 0 11 6 4 6 98 93 M innesota 37 2 1 14 2 4 4 100 97 E dmonton 3 7 1 6 1 4 7 3 9 99 102 C algary 36 1 3 1 9 4 3 0 97 128 C oorado 3 7 1 2 2 0 5 2 9 89 117 Pacific Division GP W L OT PtsGF GA Anaheim 3 8 2 5 8 5 55 117 95 S an Jose 3 7 2 0 1 1 6 4 6 94 89 L os Angeles 37 21 13 3 4 5 107 91 P hoenix 37 1 6 1 5 6 3 8 101 104 Dallas 3 7 17 17 3 3 7 99 113

NOTE: Twopoints lor a win, onepoint for overtime loss. Friday's Games Pittsburgh2,N.Y.Rangers I, SO Buffalo 4,Ottawa2 St. Louis3,Columbus1 Detroit 3,Colorado2, OT Dallas 3,Anaheim1 SanJose2,Calgary1 Today'sGames PhiladelphiaatWinnipeg,noon Chicago atNashvile noon Edmonton at LosAngeles, I p.m. Bostonat Montreal, 4p.m. Torontoat NewJersey,4p.m. TampaBay at N.Y. Islanders, 4 p.m. N.Y.RangersatCarolina, 4 p.m. WashingtonatFiorida, 4:30 p.m. Co orado atPhoenix, 6p.m. CalgaryatVancouver,7 p.m.

TENNIS Professional Family Circle Cup Friday At The Family Circle TennisCenter Charleston, S.C. Purse: $795,707(Premier) Surface: GreenClay-Outdoor


Third Round VenusWiliams(5), United States,def. Varvara Lepchenko (12), UnitedStates,6-2, 4-6,6-2. Madison Keys, UnitedStates, def.Bethanie MattekSands,UnitedStates,7-6(4), 6-4. SerenaWiliams(1), UnitedStates,def. Mallory Burdette, UnitedStates,6-4, 6-2. Lucie Safarova (6), CzechRepublic, def.Sorana 0irstea(11), Romania, 6-3, 5-7,6-1. Quarterfinals VenusWiliams(5), UnitedStates,def. Madison Keys,UnitedStates,6-4 6-4. JelenaJankovic(9), Serbia,def.EugenieBouchard, Canada,6-2

Davis Cup World Group Quarterfinals (Best offive matches) UnitedStates1,Serbia 1 Italy 1,Canada1 France1,Argentina1 Czech Republic 2,Kazakhstan0


Friday's Games

SportingKansasCity 1, D.C.United 0

Saturday's Game

FC Dallas at TorontoFC,I p.m. Philadelphiaat Columbus,2p.m. RealSaltLakeat Colorado, 4:30p.m. HoustonatPortland, 7:30p.m. Vancouverat SanJose, 7.30p.m.



Men's college

At The GeorgiaDome

69-70 — 139 72-67 — 139 70-69 139 69-70—139 72-67—139 70-69—139 67-73 140 67-73 — 140 69-71 — 140

W 8 5 7 4 5 4

3 8 94 119 3 4 96 111 3 4 117 106 3 0 91 127

Western Conference Central Division

NCAA Tournament

UTAH (95)


W innipeg 3 9 1 8 1 9 2 C arolina 36 1 6 1 8 2 T ampaBay 36 16 18 2 F lorida 37 12 1 9 6

Wom en's college

Hayward9-180-223, Milsap8-133-520, Jefferson7-110-014,M.Wiff iams3-82-28,Foye3-90-0 8, Favors5-80-010, Carroll 2-51-2 6,Burks1-2 0-0 3, Tinsley1-30-03. Totals 39-776-11 95. Newerleans 24 1 924 16 — 83 ufah 17 28 26 24 — 95


Cavaliers 97, Celtics 91

SantaClara81,GeorgeMason73 Wednesday,April 3 George Mason73,SantaClara66 Friday, April 5 SantaClara80,GeorgeMason 77

76ers101, Hawks 90

ATLANTA (90) Stevenson1-20-0 2, Smith8-13 1-4 19,Hortord

Friday's Summaries

but he decided to stay following what was admittedly a stressful decision-making process. With a weight seemingly lifted from his shoulders, Burke returned thisseason looking a little stronger. His stats improved almost across the board — from 14.8 points per game to 18.8, 5.1 assists to 7.7, 35 percent 3-point shooting to 38 percent. Burke's contributions, of course, extend beyond numbers. Although he's only a sophomore, he's one of the leaders on a team that includes three freshman starters. "I really grew up last year," Burke said. "I played with two great seniors in Zack Novak and Stu Douglass. I was able to learn from them, learn certain leadership skills. Coming in to this year, I tried to be more ofthe voice out there — be the Zack Novak that this team needs. It is my job to stay poised." The Wolverines would not be in the Final Four without major contributions from freshmen Glenn Robinson III, Nik Stauskas and Mitch McGary. Those newcomers have looked comfortable this season, in part because of Burke. "Being on the court with him, he sees a lot of things that other guards don't see and he knows when it's time to score or pass jt and finds easy drop-offs," McGary said. "That's why I've been playing so well in the tournament. It is purely off his play."

28 24 16 23 — 91

PHILADELPHIA (101) Turner9-153-4 24,TYoung6-9 2-4 14, Hawes 8-17 2-2 19, JrHoliday 3-143-6 9, Wilkins 5 84-4 16, Allen 1-22-2 4, Ju.Holiday2-6 0-0 4, Moultrie 0-0 0-0 0,N.Young2-7 2-2 B,lvey 1-20-03. Totals 37-80 18-24 101.

Friday's Games

Cleveland97,Boston 91 NewYork101, Milwaukee83 Philadelphia101,Atlanta90 Chicago 87, Orlando86 Toronto95, Minnesota93 Miami89,Charlotte79 Oklahoma City 97, Indiana75 Utah95,NewOrleans83 GoldenState111,Phoenix107 Daffas117,Sacramento108 L.A. Lakers86,Memphis 84 Houston116,Portland98 Today's Games Indiana atWashington, 4 p.m. Charlotteat Brooklyn,4:30p.m. Philadelphiaat Miami, 4:30p.m. Detroit atMinnesota,5p.m. Atlanta atSanAntonio, 5:30 p.m. TorontoatMilwaukee,5:30 p.m. HoustonatDenver, 6p.m



Pittsburgh N.Y.Rangers N.Y.Islanders NewJersey Philadelphia

Montreal Boston Toronto Dttawa Buffalo Washington

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 39 29 10 37 18 15 38 18 16 37 15 13 37 17 17

0 4 4 9 3

58 127 95 40 89 89 40 109 117 39 89 101 37 105 114

3 7 24 8 3 6 24 8 37 20 13 37 19 12 38 15 17

5 4 4 6 6

53 118 90 52 101 77 44 115 105 44 93 83 36 102 116

Northeast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA

Southeast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 37 18 17 2

38 109 105

Wha haS the edge. Alookat tonjght's gamesjnthe FjnalFour: (91 WICHITA STATE(30-8) VS. (1)LOUISVILLE(33-5)

(4) MICHIGAN (30-7) VS. (41SYRACUSE(30-9)

Offense:There js not a more dynamic backcourt jn the country than Loujsvjlle's Russ Smith and peyton Siva. Sjva's vision and

Offense: Mjchjgan's shooters have the ability to

Smjth's spectacular, gutsy play make them a duo worth paying

to see. Smith averages18.9 points and Siva 5.8 assists. Center Gorguj Djeng's development has been critical. The Shockers

average about five points fewer scoring than Louisville and simply don't have the firepower to keep Up with the quick Cardinals. Advantage: Louisville. Defense:Both teams pride themselves on defense. Wichita State's physical style, dubbed "play angry," and Loujsvjlle's

overcomeSyracuse' szone.AndtheWolverineshave a lot of them. Four players average atleast11 points, led by point guard andnational player of the year Trey Burke's18.8 per game. The Wolverines are shooting 49.4 percent jn tournament play and 40.2 percent of their 3-pojnters, none bigger than Burke's to force

overtime against Kansas. TheWolverines average only 9.4 turnovers per game, fewest jn the nation. Advantage: Michigan.

famous press havehelped get the teams to the Final Four.The Shockers outreboundopponentsbyeightpergame.Nobody

Defense:TheOrange's 2-3 zone hasflustered teams

jn the tournament has survived Loujsvjlle's press, which has

shooting and only 58.6 points per game. On3pointers, opponents hjt only 28.2 percent. Their length produces 6.2 blocks per game.Michigan allows opponents to shoot 42.3 percent andaverage 62.9 points. Advantage: Syracuse.

produced anaverage of19 turnovers per gamethis season and 17.6 jn the tournament. Advantage: Louisville. Coaching:Wichita State's Gregg Marshall deserves credit for being a program builder. He helped make Winthrop into a perennial NCAA tournament team and has the Shockers jn the Final Four for the first time since1965. But Loujsvjlle's Rick pjtjno js a future Hall of Famer and understands competition at this stage. This js hjs seventh Final Four. Advantage: Louisville.

Intangidles:TheShockers obviously are out to make history and will be motivated as underdogs. But theCardinals are

for years. They limit opponents to 36.8 percent

Coaching: Through different paths, Mjchjgan's John Bejlej n and Syracuse'sJjm Boehejm have become tVVOOfthe natjOn'S beSt COaCheS.But BOehejm IS a mastermind. He's looking for hjs second NCAA tournament title after winning jn 2003. Advantage:


playing for a greater cause. WjnForWare, anyone? Not only

Intangibles: Talking trash almost always backfjres.

would a championship cap astellar season, but they are competing for injured teammateKevin Ware,vvhohas returned

Syracuse players sounded alittle overly confident Friday as Michael Carter-Williams suggested the Orange haveaclearadvantage.TheW olverinesseem

home to Atlanta and will be on the sideline. Advantage: Louisville.

The pick:Louisville.

like the looser team. Advantage: Michigan. The pick:Michigan. — Chicago Tribune




TODAY SOCCER Time Premier League,Reading vs. Southampton 4 :30 a.m. MLS, Salt Lake at Colorado MLS, Houston at Portland

4 :30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

TV/radio ESP N 2 NBC S N Root

BASKETBALL Girls prep, National Invitational, final Boys prep, National Invitational, final

8 a.m. 10 a.m.


Prep, Slam Dunk 8 3-Point Championships 11 a.m. Men's college, Wichita State vs. Louisville 3 p.m. NBA, Philadelphia at Miami

Men's college, Michigan vs. Syracuse GOLF PGA Tour,TexasOpen PGA Tour,TexasOpen LPGATour, Kraft Nabisco Championship

4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.

10 a.m. Golf Channel Noon NBC 2 p.m. G o lf Channel

MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR, Trucks, Kroger 250 IndyCar, Grand Prix of Alabama,

10 a.m.


qualifying (taped)

2 p.m.


qualifying (taped) TENNIS

5 p.m.


WTA, Family Circle Cup, semifinal

10 a.m.


NHRA, Nationals,

BASEBALL 10 a.m. 1 p.m.

MLB, Seattle at Chicago White Sox MLB, St. Louis at San Francisco

Root Fox 2 p.m. K ICE-AM 940 4 p.m. MLBN

College, OregonState at UCLA MLB, Kansas City at Philadelphia

SOFTBALL College, Arizona State at Stanford

2, 4:30 p.m.

P a c-12


Wood Memorial, Santa Anita Derby


Listings are themostaccurateavailable. The Bulletinis not responsible for latechangesmade by TVor radio stations.



Ducks fall in extra innings Players comingout soon? — Arizona State freshmen

inning Friday night to give the

— Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker BrendonAyanbadejo says up to four NFLplayers may soon comeout as gay, ac-

Sun Devils a 6-5 victory over Oregon in Tempe, Ariz. Duckthird

cording to a published report. "I think it will happen sooner than

baseman Mitchell Tolmanwent

you think," Ayanbadejo told The

three for six with a triple and an

Baltimore Sun. "We're in talks

R.J. Ybarra hit a game-winning double in the bottom of the11th

RBI to lead Oregon's offense. with a handful of players who The Ducks trailed for most of the are considering it. There are up game before scoring four runs in to four players being talked to the top of the eighth inning to tie

right now and they're trying to

the contest 5-5. Oregon (22-7, 8-2 Pac-12) and ASU(18-8-1, 5-5) play again this evening at 6:30 p.m.

be organized so they cancome out on the same day together. It

wouldmake amajorsplashand take the pressure off one guy. It would be a monumental day

BeaVS lOSe in L.A.— Ryan if a handful or a few guys come Barnes posted two hits and


DylanDavisdoubled home a run in the eighth inning, but

Oregon State's baseball team dropped a 3-2 decision to UCLA Friday night at Jackie Robinson

SOCCER Wamdachscores for U.S.

Stadium in Los Angeles. Davis

— Abby Wambachscored her

doubled home Barnes, who had his second single of the game in the eighth, but was left on second base to end the inning as

155th international goal, moving within three of tying Mia

the tying run. TheBeavers (235, 5-2 Pac-12) and Bruins (19-7, 7-3) play again today at 2 p.m.

Hamm's record, but the United States women wasted a late two-goal lead and tied Germany

3-3 in an exhibition Friday night in Offenbach, Germany.

MOTOR SPORTS Johnsonqualifies first

Gallinari tearS AGL — The

— JimmieJohnson won the

BASKETBALL Denver Nuggets will be without

pole position for Sunday's NAS- versatile forward Danilo GalCAR race at Martinsville (Va.) linari for the rest of the season Speedway with a track record. after tests Friday showed he Johnson made his fastest lap tore his left ACL against Dallas around the 0.526-mile oval at the previous night. The team 98.400 mph Friday. He broke the said an MRI showed no other track record of 98.083 mph held signs of ligament or meniscus

by Tony Stewart. Five other driv- damage, adding Gallinari will ers also eclipsed Stewart's mark have season-ending surgery on a cooling, later afternoon soon and "a prognosis for a surface, led by Marcos Ambrose full recovery is excellent." The at 98.364. He was followed by

Brian Vickers, Joey Logano, Kasey Kahneand Jeff Gordon.

Bend driver takes pole

24-year-old Italian forward averaged16.2 points, 5.2 rebounds

and 2.5 assists in 71 gamesthis season for Denver.

— Bend's Jon Fogarty extended his Grand-Am Rolex Sports


Car Series record to 25 poles in Friday's Porsche 250 qualifying

II.S., Serdia tied —Sam

at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Ala. For the sec-

Querrey helped the United States tie Serbia at1 in their

ond straight event this season,

Davis Cup quarterfinal with a

Fogarty waited until the final minute of the15-minute Day-

7-6 (1), 3-6, 4-6, 6-1, 6-4 win over Viktor Troicki on Friday in Boise, Idaho. In the first match, world No. 1 Novak Djokovic took care of 23rd-ranked John Isner

tona Prototype session before clinching the pole. His No. 99 Corvette DP was clocked in a


track-record lap of104.878 mph 7-6 (5), 6-2, 7-5 at the TacoBell (1 minute, 18.949 seconds). Arena in Boise, Idaho. A doubles

ummit irs 0 ro stovicto Bulletin staff report REDMOND — Summit may not have boasted the field's top performer, but t hree Storm golfers placed in the top 10 to lead Summit to a first-place finish as a team at the Ridgeview Invitational girls golf tournament at the Ridge Course at Eagle Crest on Friday. Madison Odiorne led the way for the Storm with a 3over-par 75 t o t ak e f ourth overall in the 58-player field, as Summit topped the nineteam standings with a score of 330.The Storm bested second-place Crescent V a lley

SOFTBALL Sisters 3, Elmira 0:ELMIRA — Cassidy Edwards struck out 14 and allowed just one hit in the Outlaws' Sky-Em League victory over the Falcons. Sisters (8-2 overall, 2-1 Sky-Em) took a 2-0 lead in the first inning after Harley Rowe knocked in a run and Taylor Nieriscored on a passed ball. Maddie Edwards made it 30 in the fourth with an RBI

eight over five innings. Sisters led 2-1 after 3'/2 innings but scored three runs in the bottom of the fourth and added five more in the bottom of the fifth to break open the game. Ben Larson was t h ree for three with an RBI to lead the Outlaw offense. Larson has gone six for six in his past six at-bats. Morgan added a twofor-three performance that included a double, and Jardon single. Weems contributed two hits Sweet Home 10, La Pine and an RBI. 0: LA PINE — Th e i njurySweet Home 13, La Pine 3: plagued Hawks lost in a Sky- SWEET HOME — The host Em League game thatended Huskies scored in every in(352). Sarah Heinly finished after five innings. Freshman ning to claim a rain-soaked sixth with an 80, and Megan Brenna Carpenter pitched well Sky-Em League win viathe Mitchell recorded an 84 to tie in defeat, striking out three 10-run rule. La Pine (2-11 overfor ninth. while allowing eight hits and all, 1-2 Sky-Em) was limited to West Albany's Kalyn Thay- three walks. La Pine (6-8, 0-2 one hit, a fourth-inning single er shot a 2-under 70 to take Sky-Em) managed just one hit, by Lee Ries. medalist honors. a single by Shyann Michael in Ridgeview splits with Eagle Bend High, which finished the first inning. Point: REDMOND — T y ler in fifth place as a team with Regis 6, Culver 3: CULVER Ross was the winning pitcher a mark of 382, saw Heidi FroSara McKinney took the and had two hits for Ridgeview elich snag a spot in the top loss despite striking out 12 (6-3) in the Ravens' 3-1 victory 10 with an 84. Madeline Rice Regis hitters. The Bulldogs in the second game of a nonchipped in by shooting an 87. trailed 5-0 after three innings league home doubleheader. A Caitlyn Dalton's 99 paced and never led in the Special squeeze bunt by GarrettDeCrook County, which t ook District 3 c o n test. A s hley Wolf highlighted a three-run seventh with a score of 440, Wilda shined at the plate for sixth inning that made a winand Emily R o undtree (88) Culver, recording a single, a ner of Ross, who allowed two and Cayla Lussier (90) led the double and one run batted in. hitsand struck out seven over way for Redmond High, which McKinney added two hits as five innings. The Eagles took rounded out the team stand- well, one of which was a dou- the opener 10-8 despite three ings at 473. ble. The Bulldogs (2-11 overall, hits apiece by Mitch SpringOther top performers from 1-2 SD3) scored all three of er, Dakota Schaumburg and Central Oregon high schools their runs in the fifth inning. Kahl Malott. were Madras' Lauren SimBASEBALL BOYS GOLF mons (94), Trinity L u t herSisters 10, Elmira 1: SISRodby claims top honors: an's Victoria S ample (95), TERS — The Outlaws cruised REDMOND Redmond Ridgeview's Tianna B r own again inSky-Em League play High's Mason Rodby shot a (105) and Mountain View's El- and improved to 3-0 in league 37 on the back nine of Junilen Nopp (107). and 10-2 overall. Joey Morgan per Golf Club to finish with a Also on Friday: earned the win, striking out 5-over-par 77, besting Sum-


(3-2). Nase also had two assists for Bend, as did Geoff Mouser.


Trail Blazers nomatchfor Rockets in116-98 defeat The Associated Press PORTLAND — James Harden had 33 points and the short-handed Houston Rockets edged closer to clinching a playoff spot with a 116-98 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night. Jeremy Lin added 22 points to help the Rockets to their fourth straight victory. Houston (43-33) remained in seventh place in the Western Conference — threegames in front ofthe Los Angeles Lakers — for their first playoff appearance since 2008-09. LaMarcus Aldridge returned from an ankle injury with 32 points and D rebounds for the Blazers (33-43), who matched their season-worst slide with a seventh straight loss. Aldridge appeared healthy after missing four games because of a right ankle sprain. The Rockets were without forward Chandler Parsons because of a right calf injury he sustained late in Houston's 112-102 victory over the Sacramento Kings on W ednesday night. Houston was also without Carlos Delfino because of the flu. Harden had 17 points in the first quarter.Hisjumper gave the Rockets a 27-22 lead but the Blazers stayed close, paced by Aldridge's 14 points and six rebounds in the period. Houston took off on an 11-0 run to go up 44-33 on Donatas Motiejunas' layup and extended it to 59-40 on Harden's layup with 3:40 left in the half. Portland responded with a 14-1 run to narrow the gap to 60-54 and wound up trailing by 63-56 at the half. Aldridge led all scorers with 24 points and 10 rebounds at the break. Francisco Garcia's dunk made it 8962 for the Rockets midway through the third quarter.Harden's short jumper pushed the lead to 110-90 with 5:35 left, and Portland fans started streaming for the exits. Rockets rookie Terrence Jones made hisfirstappearance as a pro in his native Portland, playing for 14 minutes. Jones led Jefferson High School to three straight Oregon state titles before going to Kentucky.

mit's T.K. Wasserman by one stroke to finish first overall. The Storm took top team honors, however, with a score of 321. Redmond was second with a 339. Jimi Seeley highlighted the day for Ridgeview by shooting an 80, Kody Kuk paced Crook County with an 84, and Mason Krieger led Mountain View with an 88. TRACK AND FIELD Lopez l e ad s Co w boys to second place: V ALEAlonzo Lopez won the 400meter run and ran the anchor leg of the winning 400-meter relay squad, as Crook County finished second as a team with 103'/4points at the Oregon Trail Invitational at Frank Hawley Stadium. Idaho's Weiser High won with 105'/2 points. Luis Rivera took first in the 800, and Chance Sutfin did the same in the discus. For the girls, it was McKenzie Zirbel leading the way for Crook County with a win in the 100-meter dash while running the first leg of the winning 400 relay team. The Cowgirls finished fourth as a team with 85 points. La Grande won with 105. BOYS LACROSSE Bend 14, Sheldon 1: Cade Hinderlider scored six goals to lead Bend High to the home victory over the I rish from Eugene at Hal Puddy Field. James Rockett scored three goals, Brandon F i tzpatrick scored two, and Daniel Nase, Jake Miller and Eli Pite added one apiece for the Lava Bears

Also on Friday: Knicks 101, Bucks 83: NEW YORK — Carmelo Anthony scored 41 points, tying a franchise record with this third straight 40-point game, and New York beat Milwaukee for its 11th straight victory. Thunder 97, Pacers 75: INDIANAPOLIS — Kevin Durant overcame a bruised left calf to score 34 points and Russell Westbrook added 24 points, leading Oklahoma City over Indiana. Heat 89, Bobcats 79: CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Mike Miller scored a seasonhigh 26 points on seven 3-pointers, and injury-depleted Miami beat Charlotte. Warriors 111, Suns 107: PHOENIX — Stephen Curry scored 18 points and matched his career high with 15 assists, sinking two late free throws to seal Golden State's victory over Phoenix. Lakers 86, Grizzlies 84: LOS ANGELES — Kobe Bryant had 24 points and nine assists, Pau Gasol added 19 points, and Los Angeles stayed in the final playoff position in the Western Conference with a victory over Memphis. Cavaliers 97, Celtics 91: BOSTON — Tristan Thompson had career highs with 29 points and 17 rebounds and Cleveland ended a 10-game skid. Raptors 95, Timberwolves 93: MINNEAPOLIS — Rudy Gay had26 points and five rebounds to lead Toronto to a rare road victory in the Western Conference. Bulls 87, Magic 86:CHICAGO — Nate Robinson scored 12 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter, Luol Deng finished with 19 after a slow start, and Chicago beat Orlando. 76ers 101, Hawks 90: ATLANTA — Evan Turner had 24 points and 11 rebounds, and Philadelphia opened with its highest-scoring quarter of the season to beat Atlanta. Mavericks 117, Kings 108: SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Shawn Marion had 25 points and 12 rebounds, and Dallas snapped a two-game losing streak with a victoryover Sacramento. Jazz 95, Hornets 83: SALT LAKE CITY — Gordon Hayward scored 23 points and Utah beat New Orleans.

Park shoots 67, leads I(raft Nabisco The Associated Press RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. — Inbee Park took the second-round lead Friday in the Kraft Nabisco Championship, making three birdies in a row early on the back nine and rebounding from a wind-blown bogey with four straight pars. Finishing in gusty conditions on another hot afternoon at Mission Hills, the 24-yearold South Korean player shot a 5-under 67 to reach 7 under. "Obviously, putted really good out there, especially on the back nine," Park said. "The wind picked up, so it was tough out there on the back nine. Last four holes, I made all pars. I'm really happy with that." American Lizette Salas was a stroke back after a 68, and Sweden's Carolina Hedwall and Italy's Giulia Sergas followed at 5 under. Hedwall shot 68, and Sergas had a 69. Park is seeking her second major title after winning the 2008 U.S. Women's Open Championship. She won the LPGA Thailand in February for her fourth LPGA Tour victory when 17-year-old Ariya Jutanugarn closed with a triple bogey to blow a two-stroke lead. "I just like to stay a little quiet and just do my own thing," Park said. "If I win a little more, I think I'll get a little bit more attention." Park hit a sand wedge from 70 yards to 2 feet for birdie on the par-5 11th to take the lead at 5 under, then hit 9-iron approaches to 7 feet on the next two holes to set up two more birdies. The wind pushed her tee shot on the par-3 14th into the left bunker, leading to her lone bogey of the day, and she avoided further trouble on the final four holes. "We were playing about a club and a half of a breeze there and it was getting tough," Park said. "I'm just happy that I have a chance on the weekend that I can win." Also on Friday: Mcllroy charges:SAN ANTONIO — Rory McIlroy matched the low round of the day with a 5-under par 67 and moved within three shots of the lead at the Texas Open, continuing his last-minute preparations for next week's Masters. Mcllroy is three shots back of leader Billy Horschel, who birdied his last two holes to post his second straight 4under 68. Three players are two shots back at 6 under. Thursday's co-leaders, Matt Bettencourt and Peter Tomasulo, each shot 1-over 73s and fell four shots off the lead.

match is slated for today before

Sunday's reverse singles.

BASEBALL Wrigley renovation? — Fans of the lovable los-

Williams sisters win

— Top-ranked SerenaWilliams ended a long andsuccessful

Jokinen leads Penguinspast Rangers2-1 in shootout

ers have something to look forward to, after all. The city

day for the Williams family as

she and sister Venus both won

The Associated Press

of Chicago and the Ricketts family that owns the Chicago

twice Friday to reach the Family Circle Cup semifinals and set

Cubs are close to agreement

up their first sibling showdown

on a $500 million overhaul of Wrigley Field, two people with

since 2009. Serena won her 13th straight match by defeating

knowledge of the negotiations

sixth-seeded Lucie Safarova,

said Friday. The agreement is expected to include $300 million

6-4, 6-1. Venus also had double duty, rallying past Varvara

in renovations at Wrigley, more

Lepchenko in three sets before

night games, a parking lot and a $200 million hotel nearby, the

ousting 18-year-old Madison

PITTSBURGH — Newly acquired forward JussiJokinen scored a goal in regulation in his Penguins debut and then a dded the only tally i n t h e shootout as Pittsburgh edged the New York Rangers 2-1 on Friday night. Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 34 shots and then stopped Rick Nash, Mats Zuccarello and Ryan Callahan in the shootout

people said.

Keys. — From wire reports

Stars 3, Ducks 1: A N A HEIM, Calif. — Alex Chiasson scored his first NHL goal and as Pittsburgh snapped a twoLane MacDermid netted his game losing streak following a game to lead suddenly surging second intwo games since be15-game winning run. St. Louis over Columbus. ing promoted from the minors Also on Friday: Red Wings 3, Avalanche 2: for Dallas in a victory over Sabres 4, Senators 2: BUF- DENVER — Pavel Datsyuk Anaheim. FALO, N.Y. — Brian Flynn knocked in a rebound at 4:45 Sharks 2, Flames 1: SAN and Jochen H echt s c ored of overtime, and Detroit beat JOSE, Calif. — Joe Pavelski third-period goals 12 seconds Colorado to hold onto sev- scored on a rebound with 2:06 apart, and Buffalo rallied to enth place in t h e W estern remaining to give San Jose its beat Ottawa. Conference. seventh straight victory.


Blues 3, Blue Jackets 1: ST. LOUIS — Jake Allen made 26 saves, and David Backes scoredfor the second straight



Baltimore Boston TampaBay NewYork Toronto

AMERICANLEAGUE East Division W L 3 1 3 1 2 2 1 3 1 3

Central Division

Chicago Cleveland Detroit Kansas City Minnesota Texas Oakland Seattle Houston

Los Angeles

W 2 2 2

L 2 2 2



2 2 West Division W L 3 1 3 2 3 2 1 3 1 3

Pct GB .750 .750 .500 1 .250 2 .250 2 Pct GB .500 .500 .500 .500 .500 Pct GB .750 600 '/z .600 '/z .250 2 .250 2

Friday's Games Detroit 8,N.Y.Yankees3 Texas 3, L.A.Angels2 Baltimore 9, Minnesota5 Kansas City13, Philadelphia4 Boston 6, Toronto4 Tampa Bay4, Cleveland0 Oakland 8, Houston3 Seattle 8,ChicagoWhite Sox7,10 innings

Today's Games Boston (Lackey 0-0) at Toronto(Happ0-0), 10:07 a.m. Seattle(FHernandez1-0) at ChicagoWhite Sox(Axelrod 0-0),10:10a.m L.A. Ange s(Hanson0-0) at Texas (M.Harrison 0-1), I:05 p.m. N.Y.Yankees(Hughes0-0) at Detroit(Scherzer 0-0), 1:05 p.m. KansasCity (Mendoza0-0) at Philadelphia(Lannan 0-0), 4:05p.m. Minnesota(Worley 0-1) at Baltimore(Tilman0-0), 4.05 p.m. Cleveland (Bauer0-0) atTampaBay(Cobb0-0), 4:10 p.m. Oakland (Colon0-0) at Houston(B.Norris 1-0),4:10 p.m. Sunday's Games N.Y.Yankeesat Detroit, 10:05a.m. Bostonat Toronto,10:07am. KansasCity atPhrladelphia,10:35 a.m. Minnesotaat Baltimore,10:35a.m. ClevelandatTampaBay,10:40 a.m. Oakland atHouston,11:10 a.m. SeattleatChicagoWhite Sox,1110am. L.A. AngelsatTexas,5:05 p.m. NATIONALLEAGUE

East Division

W L 3 I 3 1 2 2 1 3 1 3 Central Division W L Cincinnati 3 1 Chicago 2 2 Milwaukee 1 3 Pittsburgh 1 3 St. Louis 1 3 West Division W L Arizona 3 I Colorado 3 1 SanFrancisco 3 1 Los Angeles 2 2 SanDiego 1 3 Atlanta Washington NewYork Miami Philadelphia

Pct GB .750 .750 .500 1 .250 2 .250 2 Pct GB .750 .500 1 .250 2 .250 2 .250 2

Pct GB .750 .750 .750 .500 1 .250 2

Friday's Games Kansas City13, Philadelphia4 Colorado 5, SanDiego2 SanFrancisco1,St.Louis0 Miami 7,N.Y.Mets5 Cincinnati15,Washington0

Atlanta4, ChicagoCubs1 Arizona3,Milwaukee1 L.A. Dodgers 3, Pittsburgh0 Today's Games Miami (Nolasco 0-1) at N.Y.Mets(Niese1-0), 10:10


Washington(Detwiler0-0) at Cincinnati (Leake0-0), 10:10a.m. St. Louis (Miller 0-0) atSanFrancisco (Vogelsong 0-0), 1:05 p.m. KansasCity (Mendoza0-0) at Philadelphia(Lannan 0-0), 4:05p.m. Arizona (Corbin 0-0) at Milwaukee(Fiers 0-0), 4:10 p.m. ChicagoCubs(Vilanueva0-0) at Atlanta(Teheran00), 410p.m San Diego(TRoss0-0) at Colorado(Garland0-0), 5:10 p.m. Pittsburgh(A.Burnett 0-1) at L.A.Dodgers(Kershaw 1-0), 6:10p.m. Sunday'sGames Miami atN.Y.Mets, 10:10a.m. Washington at Cincinnati,10:10 a.m. Chicago CubsatAtlanta,10:35 a.m. Kansas CityatPhiladelphia,10:35a.m. ArizonaatMilwaukee,11:10p.m. St. LouisatSanFrancisco,1:05 p.m. PittsburghatL.A.Dodgers,1:10 p.m. SanDiegoatColorado,1.10 p.m.

American League

Mariners 8, White Sox7 (10 innings) CHICAGO — Kendrys Morales hit a tiebreaking double in the 10th inning and Jesus Montero tacked

on a run-scoring single, leading Seattle past Chicago. Seattle


ab r hbi ab r hbi FGtrrzcf 5 3 3 3 DeAzacf-It 5 1 2 2 MSndrs rf 2 1 1 1 Kppngr 3b 5 0 0 0 K Morls1b 5 0 2 2 Riosrf 4212 Andino pr 0 1 0 0 A.Dunn dh 5 1 1 0 S moaklb 0 0 0 0 Konerklb 4 0 I I Morsedh 5 0 1 0 Gillaspipr 0 0 0 0 J Montrc 5 0 1 1 Viciedoli 4 0 0 0 S eager3b 4 0 1 0 Wiseci 1 0 1 1 Baylf 4 1 1 0 AIRmrzss 4 1 2 0 A ckley2b 4 I 0 0 Flowrsc 5 I I 0 Ryanss 4 1 2 1 Bckhm2b 3 1 1 1 Totals 3 8 8 128 Totals 4 0 7 107 S eattle 1 0 0 050 000 2 — 8 — 7 Chicago 000 140 100 1 E—Seager (1), Quintana (1). DP—Chicago 2. LOB —Seattle 4, Chicago 7. 28 —FGutierrez (2),

Crain 1 0 0 0 0 N.JonesL,O-I 2 4 2 2 0 Quintanapitched to 7batters inthe5th. Cappspitchedto1batter in the7th. Luetge pitchedto1batter in the7th. WP — Wilhelmsen. T—3.42. A—15,312(40,615).

1 3

2 1

3 3 3 1 0 0 0 0

3 0

5 6 3 3 2 2 SmylyS,1-1 4 0 0 0 0 5 HBP —by Nova (Mi.cabrera), by Fister (Gardner, Nunez) WP —Nova,Fister. T—2:58. A—45,051(41,255). Fister W,1-0

Rays 4, Indians 0

Red Sox 6, BlueJays 4


TORONTO — Mike Napoli hit a two-run homer and drove in the

Moore pitched six sharp innings and Ben Zobrist drove in three runs to leadTampa Baypast

go-ahead run in the eighth inning, and Boston beat the BlueJays in

Cleveland. Cleveland ab r Bourn cf 4 0 Acarer ss 3 0 Kipnis 2b 4 0 Swisher lb 4 0

Kelley D.Robertson Detroit


hbi ab r hbi 2 0 Jnnngs ct 4 I 0 0 0 0 Fuldlf 422 0 0 0 Zobristrf 4 1 2 3 0 0 Longori3b 4 0 I 0 0 0 Joyce dh 3 0 0 0 0 0 YEscorss 3 0 0 1 0 0 Loney 1b 3 0 0 0 0 0 Loaton c 3 0 2 0 0 0 KJhnsn 2b 3 0 0 0 2 0 Totals 3 1 4 7 4 0 00 000 000 — 0 000 220 Ogx — 4 LOB —Cleveland 4, Tampa Bay

manager John Farrell's return to Toronto. Boston


Atlanta ab r hbi ab r hbi Sappel tcf 3 0 0 0 Smmnsss 4 1 0 0 DeJessph 1 0 0 0 Heywrdrf 3 1 0 0 S castross 4 0 0 0 J.Uptonlf 3 I I 2 Rizzo1b 3 0 0 0 Fremn1b 3 0 1 0 ASorinlf 3 0 1 0 BUptoncf 3 1 0 0 H airstnrf 3 I I I Uggla2b 3 0 0 0 Castigoc 3 0 1 0 JFrncs3b 4 0 1 2 L illirdg 3b 2 0 0 0 Gattis c 4 0 3 0 B owdenp 0 0 0 0 Minorp 3 0 0 0 D Navrrph 1 0 1 0 OFlhrtp 0 0 0 0 Rondon p 0 0 0 0 RJhnsn ph 0 0 0 0 A IGnzlz2b 3 0 1 0 Kimrelp 0 0 0 0 Feldmnp 1 0 0 0 Valuen3b 2 0 0 0 T otals 2 9 1 5 1 Totals 3 04 6 4 Chicago 0 00 010 000 — 1 Atlanta 101 020 Ogx — 4 E Feldman(1) DP Atlanta 2. LOB Chicago 1, Atlanta9.28—Alb.Gonzalez(I). HR—Hairston(1),

A.Ellis (3). HR —Ethier (I). CS—Mccutchen(I), E—R.Tejada (3). DP—Miami 1. LOB—Miami 8, (I), CCrawford(2) NewYork12.2B—Stanton (2), Ruggiano(2), Brantly Pittsburgh IP H R E R BB SO 2(2), Nieuwe nhuis (1), R.Tejada (2). HR —Dobbs(1), J.Sanchez L,0-1 5 6 3 3 I 4 Dan.Murphy (1). SB—Ruggiano2 (2), Valdespin (2). J.Gomez 3 1 0 0 0 0 J.Upton(3). SB—Simmons(1), Heyward(1), B.Upton S—Pierre. SF—Dobbs. Los Angeles (1). CS D.Navarro(1). SF J.Upton. Miami IP H R E R BB SO GreinkeW,1-0 61 - 3 2 0 0 0 6 Chicago IP H R E R BB SO SanabiaW1-0 6 6 0 0 3 1 PRodriguezH, I 2- 3 0 0 0 0 I FeldmanL,0-1 4 2 - 3 5 4 4 4 1 Qualls 1-3 2 3 3 1 0 JansenH,1 1 0 0 0 1 2 21-3 0 0 0 0 3 M.DunnH,1 Bowden 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 League S,1-1 1 0 0 0 0 1 Rondon 1 I 0 0 0 2 A.RamosH,l I 0 0 0 2 I J.Sanchez pitchedto 3baters in the6th. Atlanta Cishek 1 2 2 2 1 2 T—2:34. A—40,607(56,000). Minor W,1-0 7 1- 3 5 1 1 0 7 New York O'FlahertyH,1 2 - 3 0 0 0 0 1 HefnerL,O-I 6 5 1 1 2 3 KimbrelS,2-2 1 0 0 0 0 1 1-3 1 4 1 1 1 Burke Interleague HBP —byFeldman(B.Upton),byRondon(R.Johnson). Rice 2-3 2 1 1 0 0 WP — Feldman 2 Atchison 1 0 0 0 0 0 T—2:36. A—33,443(49,586). Hawkins 1 3 1 1 0 1 Royals 13, Phillies 4 HBP —by Sanabia (Duda), by A.Ramos (Valdespin). PB — Brantly, Buck. Rockies 5, Padres 2 PHILADELPHIA — Alex Gordon T—3;31.A—24,935(41,922).

Toronto ab r h bi ab r hbi Egsurycf 5 0 1 1 Reyesss 5 1 4 2 Navadh 4 0 1 0 Bonifac2b 5 0 1 0 Brantly If 2 0 JGomsph-dh 0 1 0 0 Mecarrlf 4 0 1 0 CSantn c 3 0 Pedroia2b 5 I 2 0 Encrncdh 5 0 0 0 MrRynldh 3 0 N apoli1b 5 1 1 3 Arenciic 4 0 1 0 Aviles 3b 2 0 S ltlmchc 4 0 0 0 RDavisrf 4 1 2 0 Stubbsrf 3 0 Mdlrks3b 5 1 2 1 Rasmscf 3 0 1 0 T otals 2 8 0 Victornrf 5 2 2 0 DeRosa1b 1 1 1 2 Cleveland BrdlyJrlf 4 0 I 0 Lindph-lb 2 0 0 0 TampaBay I glesiasss 0 0 0 0 Mlzturs3b 4 I I 0 E—Aviles (1). Ciriaco ph-ss 4 0 2 1 3. 28 — Bourn (2), Zobrist 2 (2), Lobaton(1). STotals 4 1 6 126 Totals 3 7 4 124 A.cabrera. Boston 0 10 120 011 — 6 Cleveland IP H R E R BBSO Toronto 0 10 020 100 — 4 McAllister L,0-1 6 6 4 2 0 3 and Chris Getz each hit basesE—Bonifacio 3 (3). DP —Boston I, Toronto Shaw 2 1 0 0 0 3 1. LOB —Boston 15, Toronto 9. 28—Pedroia (1), DENVER — Wilin Rosario and loaded triples andKansasCity Diamondbacks 3, Brewers1 TampaBay Middlebrooks (1), Ciriaco(1), Reyes2 (2), Arencibia Dexter Fowler homered, helping M.MooreW,1-0 6 2 0 0 2 8 (2), R.Davis(1), Ra rallied to beat Philadelphia, smus (1). 38—Me.cabrera (1). Jeff Francis and Colorado beat McGee 1 0 0 0 0 0 HR Napoli (1),Middlebrooks(1), Reyes(1), DeRosa MILWAUKEE — Wade Miley and spoiling the Phillies' home opener. B.Gomes 1 0 0 0 0 1 (1). SB —Elsbury (1), BradleyJr. (1), Crriaco(1). San Diego in its homeopener. Kyle Lohse were locked into a Jo.Peralta 1 0 0 0 0 2 SF — DeRosa. Kansas City Philadelphia WP — McAgister 2. pitching duel through six innings Boston IP H R E R BB SO San Diego Colorado ab r hbi ab r hbi T—2:21. A—16,019(34,078). Doubront 5 9 3 3 0 6 before Arizona spoiled Lohse's ab r hbi ab r hbi Gordonlf 6 2 3 3 Reverecf 4 0 0 0 UeharaH,2 1 0 0 0 0 2 AEscorss 5 2 2 2 Rollinsss 4 1 1 0 debut with Milwaukee by scoring Tazawa W,1-0 BS,1-1 1 2 1 1 0 1 D enorfirf 4 0 1 0 Fowlercf 4 1 1 1 Orioles 9, Twins 5 H osmer1b 5 2 4 3 Utley2b 4 I 2 0 A.BaileyH,2 I I 0 0 I I two runs on a wild pitch off Evcarrss 4 2 1 0 Rutledg2b 4 1 0 0 S.Perezc 6 1 1 0 Howard1b 4 0 2 2 HanrahanS,2-2 1 0 0 0 1 1 Q uentinlf 3 0 1 1 CGnzzlf 3 1 0 0 reliever Michael Gonzalez in the Mostks3b 5 1 3 0 MYong3b 4 0 1 0 BALTIMORE — Chris Davis Toronto G uzmn1b 4 0 2 I Tlwtzkss 4 0 2 2 L .caincf 4 1 1 2 Brownlf 4 1 1 1 Jo.Johnson 6 9 4 3 2 6 Gyorko2b 4 0 0 0 Cuddyrrf 4 0 2 0 seventh. extended his torrid start with a F rancrrt 4 I I 0 L .Nixrf 4 0 0 0 11-3 1 0 0 1 4 Hundlyc 4 0 0 0 Helton1b 4 0 0 0 Cecil grand slam and five RBls, and G etz2b 5 1 3 3 Kratzc 411 1 E.RogersL,0-1 2 - 3 1 1 1 I I Milwaukee M aybincf 4 0 I 0 Rosarioc 3 I 1 1 Arizona WDavisp 1 0 0 0 Kndrckp 2 0 1 0 Baltimore used a five-run eighth Jeffress I I I I 2 1 Ransm3b 3 0 0 0 Nelson3b 3 1 1 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi M Tej a dph 1 1 1 0 Horstp 0000 Doubrontpitchedto1 batter inthe6th. GParrarf 3 0 I 0 Aokirf 4 0 I 0 B.chenp 0 0 0 0 Durbinp 0 0 0 0 inning to beat Minnesota in its Kotsayph 1 0 1 0 Ottavinp 0 0 0 0 HBP—byJo.Johnson(Iglesias). WP —Doubront. P rado3b 4 1 1 0 Kintzlrp 0 0 0 0 Butler ph 0 1 0 0 Mayrry ph 0 0 0 0 M arqusp 2 0 0 0 RBtncrp 0 0 0 0 home opener. T 3:35. AM5,328(49,282). A .Hill2b 4 0 1 0 Segurass 3 1 I I Amarstph 1 0 0 0 Francisp 1 0 0 0 J Gutrrzp 0 0 0 0 Valdesp 0 0 0 0 Bassp 0 0 0 0 Brignc3b 1 0 0 0 MMntrc 4 0 0 0 Weeks2b 4 0 1 0 EJhnsn ph I 0 0 0 Minnesota Baltimore Gldsch1b 3 1 1 1 ArRmr3b 2 0 1 0 Alonso ph 1 0 0 0 Athletics 8, Astros 3 Collins p 0 0 0 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi K ubellt 4 I I 0 YBtncrlb I 0 I 0 T otals 3 5 2 7 2 Totals 3 15 7 4 Dyson ph 1 0 0 0 H icksct 5 0 0 0 McLothlf 5 2 2 0 S an Diego 100 0 0 0 010 — 2 Pollockcf 3 0 0 0 Lucroyc 4 0 0 0 Hochvr p 0 0 0 0 HOUSTON — Coco Crisp hit a Mauerdh 5 0 0 0 Machd3b 4 0 1 1 Pnngtnss 3 0 1 0 AIGnzlz1b-3b 4 0 0 0 Totals 4 4 13 1913 Totals 3 4 4 9 4 Colorado 003 110 Ogx — 5 W lnghlf 5 1 2 0 Markksrf 4 2 2 0 leadoff homer and added two E—Ev.cabrera (1), Brignac(2). LOB —San Diego M ileyp 1 0 0 0 KDavislf 3 0 0 0 Kansas City 0 0 0 0 2 3 422 — 13 Mornealb 3 1 0 0 A.Jonescf 5 3 3 2 7, Colorado4.28—Quentin (1), Guzman(1), Maybin AMarteph 1 0 0 0 CGomzcf 3 0 1 0 doubles in Oakl a nd' s big fifth 1 2 1 0 0 0 000 — 4 Doumitc 3 I I 0 C.Davis1b 4 I 2 5 Z ieglerp 0 0 0 0 Lohsep 2 0 0 0 P hiladelphia (1), Tul o wi t zki (1). 38 — C ud dye r (1). HR — F ow le r (3), DP — Kansas City2, Phrladelphral. LOB —Kansas Plouff e3b 3 0 2 0 Wietersc 4 0 2 0 inning, and the Athletics beat DHrndzp 0 0 0 0 Badnhpp 0 0 0 0 Rosario(2). SB—Ev.cabrera(2). S—Francis. City 9, Philadelphia 4. 28 A.Escobar(1), Hosmer P armelrf 4 1 1 1 Hardyss 4 0 1 1 San Diego IP H R E R BB SO Putzp 0 0 0 0 McGnzlp 0 0 0 0 Houston (2), Getz(1), Utley(2). 38—Gordon Dozier2b 4 I 2 3 Flahrty2b 3 0 0 0 G rzlnyp 0 0 0 0 (1), Moustakas MarquisL,0-1 6 6 5 2 1 1 (1), Getz (1). HR —A.Escobar(1), Brown(1), Kratz(1). EEscorss 4 0 2 1 Acasig ph-2b 1 0 0 0 LSchfr ph-rf 1 0 1 0 Bass 2 I 0 0 0 0 SB — A E sc oba r (2), Utley(1). SF—L.cain. Oakland Houston Reimld dh 3 1 1 0 T otals 3 0 3 6 I Totals 31 I 7 I Colorado R ER BB SO ab r hbi ab r hbi Totals 3 6 5 105 Totals 3 79 149 0 00 100 200 — 3 KansasCity IP H FrancisW,1-0 6 5 1 1 1 5 Arizona W.Davi s 4 9 4 4 0 2 Crispcf 5 2 3 3 Altuve2b 4 0 2 1 M innesota 000 4 0 1 0 0 0 — 5 Ottavino 2 I I 0 0 1 M ilwaukee 000 1 0 0 000 — 1 — 9 Lowriess 3 1 1 0 Wagac1b 4 0 0 0 B .chen W, 1 -0 1 0 0 0 0 2 B altimore 001 1 2 0 0 5 x DP — Arizona 2, Milwaukee 1. LOB—Arizona R.BetancourtS,2-2 1 1 0 0 0 2 40I 0 J.Gutierrez H,1 1 0 0 0 0 1 E Doumit (1). DP Baltimore 1. LOB Min- Reddckrf 3 1 I 0 Carterlf WP Marquis PB Rosario. 5, Milwaukee 6. 28 G.Parra (4), Prado (3), Gol d Cespdslt 5 I 0 I C.Penadh 3 0 0 0 T—2:45. A—49,077(50,398). Collins 2 0 0 0 1 3 nesota 7, Baltimore 10. 28—Willingham 2 (2), schmidt(I). HR—Segura(I). S—Pollock, Miley. 3 I 2 1 JMrtnzph-dh 1 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 Doumi(2), t AJones(3), Hardy(2). 38—Dozier (1). Jasoc Arizona IP H R E R BB SO Hochevar CYoungdh 4 1 1 0 Maxwllcf 4 1 1 0 Philadelphia HR — C.Davis (4). SB—McLouth (2). S—Machado. MileyW,1-0 6 5 1 I I 8 D nldsn3b 4 1 1 2 Ankielrf 4 0 0 0 Giants1, Cardinals 0 K .Kendrick L,0-1 52-3 8 5 5 2 3 SF C.Davis. ZieglerH,1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1-3 3 3 3 I 0 Minnesota IP H R E R BB SO Sogard2b 4 0 1 0 Jcastroc 4 1 1 0 D.HemandezH,1 1 1 0 0 0 2 Horst BS,1-1 Hendriks 42-3 8 4 4 1 1 Frermn1b 5 0 0 0 Dmngz3b 4 0 2 I 1 1 1 I I I SAN FRANCISCO — Barry Zito Putz S,1-1 I 0 0 0 I 2 Durbin MGnzlss z 4I2 1 Pressly 1 0 0 0 2 1 Valdes 2 7 4 4 0 0 Milwaukee saved SanFrancisco's season by DuensingH,2 1 2 0 0 0 0 T otals 3 6 8 107 Totals 3 6 3 9 3 Horst pitched to 3 ba t ers i n the 7th. Lohse 6 5 1 1 0 5 1 00 070 000 — 8 beating the Cardinals last fall in Fien L,O-I BS,1-1 2-3 3 4 4 1 1 Oakland T — 3:09. A — 45,307 (43, 6 51). BadenhopL,0-1 1- 3 1 2 2 1 0 0 00 001 101 — 3 TRobertson 23 1 1 1 0 1 Houston ic.Go nzalez 2-3 0 0 0 2 2 E—Ma.Gonzalez (I). DP—Houston 2. LOBthe NL championship series, then MGorzel Baltimore anny I 0 0 0 0 I Oakl a nd 11, Houston 7. 28 — C ri s p 2 (3), Maxwel l Arrieta 5 7 5 5 2 5 delivered again with a victory over Kintzler 1 0 0 0 0 0 (1), Ma.Gonzaiez (1). Patton I 1-3 I 0 0 0 2 (1), J.castro (1), Dominguez WP — Mic Gonzalez. St. Louis as the Giants celebrated Crisp (1). SB—Reddick (2). S—Jaso. AyalaW,1-0 12-3 2 0 0 0 1 HR — T—2:47.A—24,623(41,900). IP H R E R BB SO their latest World Series title Strop 1 0 0 0 0 1 Oakland Straily W,1-0 62- 3 5 2 2 0 11 Arrietaprtchedto 2 baters rnthe6th. Neshek 0 2 0 0 1 0 throughout their home opener. HBP—byArrieta (Plouffe). WP—Pressly. Dodgers 3, Pirates 0 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 . Friendy Resop T—3:31. A—46,653(45,971). Fam'I yyatkab ' San Francisco Scribner 2 2 1 1 0 2 St. Louis LOS ANGELES — Zack Grei nke Easity KBar ab r hbi ab r hbi Houston Bnao Rangers 3, Angels 2 4 0 I 0 Paganct 3 0 0 1 Bn Carte PeacockL,0-1 4 1 - 3 3 2 2 3 5 J aycf pitched two-hit ball into the rf 4 0 0 0 Scutaro2b 3 0 0 0 X.cedeno 0 1 6 3 3 0 Behran Ctube seventh inning of his Dodgers I 2-3 3 0 0 1 0 Hollidy If 3 0 0 0 Sandovl3b 3 0 0 0 R.cruz ARLINGTON, Texas — lan Kinsler debut, leading Los Angeles past W.Wright 1 0 0 0 0 0 Crarg1b 4 0 2 0 Poseyc 3 0 I 0 hit a go-ahead single with two Ambriz 1 3 0 0 0 0 YMolin c 3 0 0 0 Pencerf 3 0 1 0 Pittsburgh. 4000 Veras 1 0 0 0 1 0 Mcrpnt 3b 1 0 0 0 8elt1b outs in the eighth inning and Kozmass 3 0 0 0 GBlanclf 3 I 1 0 X.cedeno pi t ched to 7 ba tt e rs i n the 5t h . Par 36 TexasbeatJoshHamiltonand Pittsburgh Los Angeles Descals2b 3 0 0 0 Bcrwfrss 4 0 2 0 Neshek pitchedto3 baters inthe7th. ab r hbi ab r hbi X.cedeno(Sogard). Westrk p 2 0 0 0 Zitop 10 1 0 LosAngelesintheRangers'home HBP—by x S Marteli 4 0 0 0 Crwfrdlf 4 0 0 0 T—3:51. A—18,197(42,060). Choate p 0 0 0 0 Affeldtp 0 0 0 0 opener. W alker2b 4 0 0 0 M.Ellis2b 3 I I 0 Wggntn ph 1 0 0 0 Noonan ph 1 0 0 0 Rosnthl p 0 0 0 0 Romop 0 0 0 0 Los Angeles Texas T otals 2 8 0 3 0 Totals 2 8 1 6 1 ab r h bi ab r h bi St. Louis 0 00 000 000 — 0 Troutlf 4 0 I I K insler2b 5 0 2 I National League San Francisco 000 100 Ogx - 1 Aybarss 4 0 0 0 Andrusss 4 0 0 0 E Y.Molina(1). DP St. Louis1, San Francisco wuonwwara associatrwn~~ Pujols1b 3 0 0 0 Brkmndh 4 0 1 0 2 LOB —St. Louis4, SanFrancisco11 S—Zito 2. H amltn rf 4 0 0 0 Beltre 3b 4 I 2 1 Reds15, Nationals 0 St. Louis IP H R E R BBSO i. T rumodh 3 0 0 0 N.cruzrf 4 I 3 0 WestbrookL,0-1 62-3 6 1 0 6 1 R ominepr 0 0 0 0 DvMrplf 4 0 0 0 Choate 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 CINCINNATI — Todd Frazier H Kndrc2b 4 0 2 0 Przynsc 4 0 3 1 Rosenthal 1 0 0 0 0 2 C alasp3b 3 0 I 0 Gentrycf 3 I I 0 and Zack Cozart each homered San Francisco lannettc 3 2 2 I Morlnd1b 2 0 0 0 twice, and the Reds hit six in all Zito W,1-0 7 3 0 0 3 4 Bourjoscf 3 0 0 0 JeBakrph-1b 1 0 0 0 — including Xavier Paul's pinch Affeldt H,1 1 0 0 0 0 1 Totals 3 1 2 6 2 Totals 3 53 123 RomoS,3-3 1 0 0 0 0 1 L os Angeles 0 0 1 0 1 0 000 — 2 grand slam — while sending T—2;31. A—41581 (41,91 5). Texas 010 000 11x — 3 DP — Texas 1. LOB —Los Angeles 4, Texas11. Washington to its first loss.


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28 — Trout(3), Berkman(2), N.cruz(2). 38—Pierzynski (1). HR —lanneta (2), Beltre(I). SB—H.Kendrick (1), Gentry (1). CS—Callaspo(1). S—Gentry. Los Angeles IP H R ER BB SO Vargas 52-3 8 1 1 2 4 JepsenH,1 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 RichardsBS,1-1 1 SDownsL,0-2 1

1 1 0 1 1 0

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D.Holland 7 6 2 2 1 ScheppersW,1-0 1 0 0 0 0 NathanS,1-1 I 0 0 0 1 T—2:46. A—48,845(48,114).



2 2

1 0

Tigers 8, Yankees3 DETROIT — Prince Fielder hita

go-ahead, three-run homer in the fifth inning and added a soaring, two-run shot in the seventh to lift Detroit over New York in the

Comerica Park opener. New York


Washington Cincinnati ab r hbi ab r hbi S pancf 2 0 I 0 Choocf 3 2 I I

W erthrf 4 0 0 0 Heiseylt 4 0 0 0 Harperlf 4 0 0 0 Paulph-lf 1 1 1 4 Z mrmn3b 3 0 0 0 Votto1b 4 1 3 0 Matthsp 0 0 0 0 Hannhnph-1b1 0 1 0 LaRoch1b 3 0 0 0 Phillips2b 4 2 2 0 TMoorelb I 0 0 0 Clztursph-2b I 0 0 0 D smndss 4 0 1 0 Brucerf 5 2 2 1 Espinos2b 4 0 2 0 Frazier3b 5 3 4 4 KSuzukc 4 0 0 0 Cozartss 4 2 2 5 H arenp 1 0 0 0 Hanignc 3 0 0 0 Berndnph 0 0 0 0 Mesorcph-c 2 I 1 0 D ukep 0 0 0 0 HBailyp 2 0 I 0 HRdrgzp 0 0 0 0 DRonsnph 1 0 0 0 L mrdzzph-3b1 0 1 0 MParrp 2 1 1 0 Hooverp 0 0 0 0 Totals 3 1 0 5 0 Totals 4 2151915 W ashington 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 — 0 C incinnati 023 1 1 0 7 1 x — 15

Continued from C1 "It just depends how he plays against those guys in the fall," Brennan continued. It's who plays well over the next five months." With M u llaney out, t h at leaves Obum Gwacham first on the spring depth chart. He's an athletic junior who hasn't been able to stick at either split end

or slot receiver. Malik Gilmore, a 6-foot-3, 214-pounder, impressedthe coaches on the scout team during his redshirt season and is trying to show he now knows OSU's system. "It's a great time for Malik and a great time for Obum Gwacham to step up and move forward," Riley said. "It's too bad Mullaney is not in the mix. It would be fun to have him out there in the spring but he will

Over 80 Oregon Newspapers, from 36 Counties,

Marlins 7, Mets 5


NEW YORK — Alex Sanabia won for the first time in more than

two years and Miami gaveMike







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Redmond his first victory as a

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major league manager. Miami

New York ab r hbi ab r hbi PierreIf 4 1 1 0 Vldspncf 3 1 2 0 Polanc3b 5 1 3 2 DnMrp2b 4 1 1 3


57 EIRMI K m

E—Desmond (2), K.Suzuki (1). DP—Washington 1, Cincinnati 1. LOB —Washington 8, Cincinnati 6. 28 Desmond(1), Espinosa(1), Lombardozzi (1),

Bruce2(3), H.Barley(1). HR —Choo(2), Paul(I), Frazier 2(3),Cozart 2(2). SB—Frazier (I). SF—Cozart Washington IP H R E R BB SO HarenL,0-1 4 9 6 6 0 5

ab r hbi ab r hbi Gardnrcf 3 1 0 0 AJcksncf 4 1 2 0 22-3 6 6 5 0 3 Duke C ano2b 4 1 1 0 TrHntrrf 4 0 2 0 I-I.Rodriguez 1-3 2 2 2 1 0 Youkils 3b 4 I 2 2 Micarr 3b 2 2 0 1 Mattheus I 2 I I 0 2 Hafnerdh 3 0 1 0 Fielder1b 4 2 2 5 Cincinnati K.Morales(1), Seager(3), Bay (1), Flowers(1). Boeschrf 4 0 1 0 VMrtnzdh 3 0 0 0 H.BaileyW,1-0 6 2 0 0 3 6 3B — MSaunders (1). HR—FGutierrez (2), De Aza Nunezss 1 0 0 0 Dirkslf 3 I 0 0 M.Parra 2 2 0 0 1 1 (1), Rros(1). SB—Ryan (2), Rios(2), A.Dunn(1), J.Nixpr-ss 2 0 0 0 JhPerltss 4 0 0 0 Hoover 1 1 0 0 0 0 AI.Ramirez(1). CS—Seager (1). S—M.Saunders. I Suzukilf 4 0 0 0 Avilac 4 1 1 1 HBP—byHaren(Choo). WP—Mattheus. SF — Beckham. Overay1b 2 0 0 0 Infante2b 4 1 2 1 T—3:08 A—28,102(42,319). Seattle IP H R E R BB SO BFrncs ph I 0 0 0 Beavan 5 6 5 5 0 2 CStwrtc 4 0 1 0 CappsH,l I 2 I I 0 2 Totals 3 2 3 6 2 Totals 3 28 9 8 Braves 4, Cubs1 Luetge 0 1 0 0 0 0 N ew York 000 0 3 0 0 00 — 3 PryorBS,1-1 2 0 0 0 0 0 Detroit 110 031 20x — 8 ATLANTA — Justin Upton hit DP — New York1, Detroit1. LOB—New York6, Loe W,1-0 1 0 0 0 0 0 his third homer in four games WilhelmsenS,2-2 1 1 1 1 3 1 Detroit 5. HR Youkilis (1), Fielder 2 (2), Avila(1) SB — Dirks(I). Chicago and Mike Minor pitched into the Quintana 4 8 6 5 2 3 New York IP H R E R BBSO 21-3 0 0 0 0 2 NovaL,0-1 42-3 5 4 4 2 5 eighth inning to help Atlanta beat Lindstrom 1-3 1 1 1 1 0 Chicago. Veal 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 Logan


M cctchci 3 0 1 0 Kempci 4 1 1 1 PAlvrz3b 3 0 0 0 AdGnzl1b 4 0 2 1 RMartnc 2 0 0 0 L.cruz3b 3 0 0 0 G Jonestb 3 0 1 0 Ethierrf 3 1 1 1 S niderrf 3 0 0 0 A.Ellisc 3 0 1 0 Barmesss 2 0 0 0 Segersss 3 0 0 0 J Hrrsnph-ss I 0 0 0 Greinkp 2 0 1 0 JSnchzp 2 0 0 0 PRdrgzp 0 0 0 0 JGomzp 0 0 0 0 Puntoph 1 0 0 0 Tabataph I 0 0 0 Jansenp 0 0 0 0 League p 0 0 0 0 Totals 2 8 0 2 0 Totals 3 03 7 3 P ittsburgh 000 0 0 0 0 0 0 — 0 Los Angeles 0 1 0 0 0 2 Ogx— 3 E—Walker (1). DP—Pittsburgh 1. LOB—Pittsburgh2,LosAngeles4.28— Kemp(1),Ad.Gonzalez

Stanton rf 5 1 1 0 DWrght 3b 4 0 1 0 D obbslb 4 I I 2 I.Davislb 4 I 0 0 R uggincf 5 1 2 2 Byrdrf 4010 B rantlyc 4 0 2 1 Atchisnp 0 0 0 0 H chvrrss 4 0 1 0 Hwknsp 0 0 0 0 Solano 2b 3 1 0 0 Niwnhs ph 1 1 1 1 Sanaiap 2 0 0 0 Dudalf 30I I K earnsph 0 1 0 0 Buckc 5010 Quallsp 0 0 0 0 RTejadss 3 0 1 0 M Dunnp 0 0 0 0 Turnerph I 0 0 0 O livoph 1 0 0 0 Hefnerp 2 0 0 0 A Ramsp 0 0 0 0 Burkep 0 0 0 0 C ishekp 0 0 0 0 Ricep 0000 Baxter ph-rf 1 1 1 0 Totals 3 7 7 117 Totals 3 5 5 105 Miami 0 10 000 501 — 7 New York 0 00 000 302 — 5

be in the falL" Quarterback Sean Mannion will miss throwing to Wheaton, but he feels comfortable with the players coming up the ranks. "The example he set here on and off the field is really reflected in the guys still here," Mannion said. "They took his work ethic and determination to improve. We have a Iot of

young guys ready to step in."



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C5 © To look upindividual stocks, goto bendbulletin.comn/bueinss. Alsoseearecapin Sunday's Businesssection.







Saturday, Apnl 6, 2013

Stocking the shelves Americans have been spending more lately. Are wholesalers following suit? Solid sales gains typically prompt wholesale companies to increase their stockpiles of goods. That, in turn, drives more factory production, which helps fuel economic growth. Wholesale companies increased their stockpiles in January by the biggest amount since September.The Commerce Department reports February's figures on Tuesday.


S&P 500


Close: 1,553.28

1,520 '

0.8 0.8




15,000 .




14,000 .




13,000 .

1 350

12,500 .




DOW DOW Trans. DOW Util. NYSE Comp. NASDAQ S&P 500 S&P 400 Wilshire 5000 Russell 2000


D J Source: FactSet

ALK 3 1 29 ~ A VA 22.78 ~ BAC 6. 7 2 ~ BBSI 18 88 — BA 6 6 . 82 — C ACB 4.23 ~

Change: -40.86 (-0.3%) 1 0 DAY S




HIGH LOW CLOSE 14606.11 14434.43 14565.25 6044.78 5878.12 6037.36 515.17 508.69 514.73 9006.41 8906.35 9000.25 3206.21 3168.88 3203.86 1559.98 1539.50 1553.28 1125.57 1107.76 1123.97 16436.98 16212.93 16376.39 923.28 923.56 909.90



-40.86 +27.70 +2.69 -27.58 -21.12 -6.70

-1.60 -60.59 -2.38




6455 28.05 1 2.94 5379 86.84 7.18 2352 59,94 107.7 5 8.92 2 7.16 25.40 14.00 29.27 10.19 33.28 6 .60 22. 5 5 25.00 18.11

Tyson Foods(TSN) Friday's close:$24.03


%CHG. WK MO OTR YTD -0.28% L L t11 J5% +0.46% T t13.77% +0.53% L +13.60% -0.31% T L +6.59% -0.65% T L +6.11% -0.43% L +8.91% -0.14% T L +1 0.1 5% -0.37% T L +9.21% -0.26% T L +8.70%






Price-earnings ratio


(trajling 12 months): 15


Total return YTD: 24%

1-Y R :30%

3 -Y R*: 9%

10-Y R *: 13%






J F Source: FactSet

total returns through April 5


FundFocus This fund's strengths include low fees,an experienced management Marketsummary team and a top-tier 10-year Most Active performance record. Morningstar NAME VOL (Ogs) LAST CHG analysts give the foreign large-cap BkofAm 1341979 11.97 +.03 stock fund a gold medal rating. 155.16 -.70 41.61 -.10 38.02 + . 11 10.96 +.06 2 7.39


JPM2x1 OyT Nll Hldg CordiaBc rs

Dataram rs Gastar grs Iridex



LAST 7.02 3.14 56.66 5.48 6.15 2.44 2.39 4.84 17.14 33.55

+.34 +.63 +2.14 +4.07




cC o 63




cC 63

CHG %CHG +1.50 +.67 $-11.73 +.94 +1.05 +.37



t .32

-.06 18.03 20.11 + . 08 20.61 —.43 28.70 + . 11

Gainers NAME InnovSol s

Dodge & CoxIntlStk

Source: FactSet



S&P500ETF 1337864 iShEMkts 854693 AT&T Inc 760785 iShJapn 643036 Facebook 0 628287 SPDR Fncl 590017 BariPVix rs 541341 Cisco 525910 Microsoft 483147

Market value: $8.5 billion *annualized


+ 2 7 .2 + 2 7 .1 «C + 2 6 .1 63 + 2 0 .7 «C + 2 0 .6 $o + 1 7 .9 Morningstar OwnershipZone™ + 1 6.6 + 1 5 .0 O e Fund target represents weighted + 1 4 .3 average of stock holdings + 1 3.8 • Represents 75% offund'8stock holdings


+ . 0068

PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK N AV CHG YTD 1Y R 3 Y R 5YR 1 3 5 21.59 -.05 +6.3 +12.5 +10.8 + 60 A A A 12.96 +.03 +0.6 +5.0 +6.1 + 44 D D E 55.08 -.27 +5.3 +12.8 +8.9 + 32 A A 8 39.09 -.31 +5.5 +14.9 +7.2 +1.4 A C C EurPacGrA m 41.76 -.45 t t.3 t 9 . 2 + 3 . 6 - 01 D C A FulnvA m 43.60 -.19 t7.2 +13.7 +9.9 + 35 8 C D GrthAmA m 36.70 -.20 +6.8 +1 3.3 +9.1 + 34 A D D IucAmerA m 19.02 -.06 +6.2 +13.7 +10.6 + 55 A A 8 InvC0AmA m 32.55 -.16 +8.4 +13.8 +9.2 + 38 8 D C NewPerspA m 32.65 -.30 +4.4 +12.0 +8.1 + 33 C B 8 WAMutlnvA m 33.87 -.09 49.1 +14.6 412.2 + 46 C A 8 Dodge 8 Cox Inco me 13.89 +.02 + 1 .0 + 5 . 9 + 6 .3 +7.0 C C 8 IntlStk 35.51 -.13 + 2 .5 + 13.3 +4.0 0 .0 8 C A Stock 134.08 -.63 + 10.5 +21.2 +10.6 +3.6 A C C Fidelity Contra 82.73 -.52 + 7 .6 + 8 . 5 +11.6 +5.3 8 A 8 GrowC0 99.04 -.58 + 6 .2 + 4 . 0 +12.2 +6.6 D A A LowpriStk d 43. 17 -.28 + 9 .3 + 15.1 +12.1 +7.8 8 B A Fidelity Spartan 50 0ldxAdvtg x55.02 -.51 +9 .5 +13.6 +11.7 +4.8 8 A 8 FrankTemp-Fraukff o lncome A m 2.31 ... +5.2 +14.3 +10.0 +6.1 A A A Income C m 2.3 3 . .. +4. 9 + 1 3.6 +9.5 +5.5 A A B Oppeuheimer RisDivA m 18.8 0 - .11 +8 .4 + 10.2 +10.2 +3.7 D C C RisDivB m 17.0 3 - .10 + 8 .1 +9 . 2 + 9 .2 +2.8 E D D RisDivC m 16.9 5 - .10 + 8 .1 +9 . 4 + 9 .4 +3.0 E D D SmMidValA m 35.94 -.06 + 10.9 +13.1 +7.4 +1.2 D E E SmMidValB m 30.28 -.06 +10.6 +12.1 +6.6 +0.3 E E E T Rowe Price Eq t ylnc 28.97 -.08 + 10.0 +17.4 +10.7 +4.5 A 8 8 GrowStk 39.95 - . 2 0 + 5 . 7 +5 . 1 +11.3 +5.7 D A 8 HealthSci 47.15 - . 23 +14.4 +27.9 +21.0+14.9 A A A Newlncome 9.86 + .02 + 0 .8 + 5 . 6 + 6 .1 +6.2 C D C Vanguard 500Adml 143.19 -.61 49.5 +13.6 411.7 44.9 8 A 8 500lnv 143.18 -.62 49.5 +13.4 +11.6 +4.8 8 A 8 Capap 38.45 -.22 t14.4 +23.6 +9.7 +6.0 A C A Eqlnc 26.58 -.11 +10.8 +17.1 +14.6 +6.3 8 A A GNMAAdml 18.91 +.01 +0.7 t2.5 +5.5 +5.6 C A A STGradeAd 10.81 +0.5 +3.4 +3.6 +4.0 8 8 8 StratgcEq 23.80 -.07 +11.0 +16.4 +13.7 +5.9 8 A C Tgtet2025 14.31 -. 04 +5.3 +10.3 +8.6 +4.3 8 8 8 TotBdAdml 11.08 +.03 +0.7 t4.4 +6.0 +5.6 D D D Totlntl 15.19 -.10 +1.6 +10.1 +3.3 -1.6 C D C TotStlAdm 38.91 -.14 +9.6 +13.9 411.9 t5.5 8 A A TotStldx 38.89 -.15 +9.6 +13.7 +11.8 +5.4 8 A A USGro 22.90 -.12 47.7 +7.8 +10.6 +5.4 C 8 8 Welltn 36.00 -.03 +7.0 +13.0 +9.9 +6.1 A A A FAMILY

FUND American Funds BalA m BondA m CaplncBuA m CpWldGrlA m

CATEGORY Foreign Large Blend NAME LAST CHG %CHG MORNINGSTAR RATING™ * * * * y y -3.03 -40.2 RigelPh 4.50 Radware 29.07 -8.51 -22.6 ASSETS $42,802 million -3.20 -21.1 AccessNt 12.00 EXP RATIO 0.64% F5 Netwks 73.21 -17.21 -19.0 MANAGER Roger Kuo -1.67 -13.8 CSVlnvNG 10.43 SINCE 2006-05-01 RETURNS3-MO +0.8 Foreign Markets YTD +2.5 NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +13.3 Paris -62.68 -1.68 3,663.48 3-YR ANNL +4.0 London 6,249.78 -94.34 -1.49 5-YR-ANNL Frankfurt 7,658.75 -158.64 -2.03 Hong Kong 21,726.90 -610.59 -2.73 TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT Mexico -.74 Naspers Ltd 43,244.25 -322.44 3.99 Milan 15,250.42 + 96.40 + . 64 Sanofi 3.72 Tokyo 12,833.64 +199.10 +1.58 3.64 Stockholm 1,168.79 -14.22 -1.20 Roche Holding AG Fund Footnotes. b - ree covering market costs 1spaid from fund assets. d - Deferred sales charge, or redemption Sydney -20.05 -.41 Lafarge SA 3.37 fse. f - front load (sales charges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually a marketing feeand either asales or 4,899.25 Zurich 7,641.11 -121.54 -1.57 Koninklijke PhilipsE lectronics NV 2 . 95 redemption fee. Source: Morn1ngstar.

J.C. Penney

JCP Close:$15.45L0.37 or 2.5% Shares of the retailer rose after it announced the start of the rollout of its new home shops.

$25 20





F M A 52-week range $47.08





52-week range $14.1• ~


P E: 20 . 2 Vold27.4m (2.0x avg.) P E: . . . Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$3.4 b Yiel d : 5 . 2 %

V0131.7m(1.5x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$4.61 b


Close:$12.81 %0.01 or 0.1%

The airline's key revenue measure

w +378 +64 8 569 14 W +12. 4 +9. 8 636 21 1. 2 2f w +3.1 + 3 0.2134198 46 0.04 w +35. 7 t t 5 5 .5 38 27 0.52 +14.3 +17.8 6089 17 1 . 94f V +4 2 +15 6 2 50 w +188 - 38 4 3 7 1 8 0 4 0f L +10,0 +2 8 ,4 55 20 0,88 w +7.2 +28 . 5 1 649 24 1 .10a w +14. 7 t t .4 15 57 w +1 4 6 +6 2 8 65 1 7 0 2 8 V + 54.2 -1.9 18551 dd 0.58f w -1.3 +28.8 20 9 4 0. 2 4a w +1.6 -21.2 35742 10 0 .90 w +14. 7 +1 9 .7 16482 11 0 . 20 w +23. 1 +3 9 .5 4 1 66 1 2 0. 6 0 w +33 . 3 -11.9 1215 d d V + 7.1 +1 2 1.9 5 411 c c w +12. 6 +9. 2 77 5 0.69 W + 1.6 +18 . 5 1 0 53 1 5 0. 1 8 L +7.5 -5.6 48315 16 0 .92

Dividend:$0.20 Yield: 0.8%

-.56 '


Southwest Airlines

59 37 -.50 -08 w L 27.1 0 +. 0 5 +0 .2 W L 11.9 7 +. 0 3 +0 .3 w w 51 .68 -.09 -0 2 w L 86 .17 +1.22 +1.4 6.52 -.15 -2.2 V L 21 31 + 0 8 +0 4 w L 58 .70 -.38 -0,6 L L 10 5.80 -.56 -0.5 w L 7.43 -.01 -0.1 w L 2 5.5 8 -.32 -1.2 w w 2 1. 9 7 -.33 -1.5 V L 12 .27 +. 20 +1.7 w 2 0. 9 4 -.20 -0.9 v v 9.66 -.05 -0.5 w w 3 2.0 4 -.27 -0.8 w L 5 . 3 2 -.07 - 1.3 w L 20. 70 + . 6 2 +3 .1 V V 23. 9 2 +. 2 4 +1.0 w w 1 7. 3 0 -.20 - 1.1 V L



Close:$46.84L1.72 or 3.8% The maker of Hanes underwear and T-shirts said that it will begin paying a quarterly dividend of 20 cents per share in June. $50


Tyson Foodsagrees to 84M settlement





CascadeBancorp ty Columbia Bukg COLB 1618 Fed close-up — 0 Columbia Sporlswear COLM 45,37 The Federal Reserve on COST 81.98 ~ Wednesday releases the minutes CostcoWholesale of a two-day meeting held by its Craft Brew Alliance BREW 5 .62 ~ FLIR Systems FLIR 17.99 ~ policymakers last month. Hewlett Packard H PQ 11.35 ~ At the meeting, the panel rein- Home Federal ty Bucp ID HOME 8.67 forced their plan to keep shortIntel Corp INTC 19.23 ~ term interest rates at rockKeycorp K EY 6 .80 ~ bottom levels at least until unem- Kroger Co K R 2 0 .98 ~ tyployment falls to 6.5 percent. Lattice Semi LSCC 3. 17 Fed officials also said they're not LA Pacific LPX 7 . 8 1 $$yet convinced that the U.S. MDU Resources MDU 19.59 ~ economy's growth can accelerMentor Graphics MENT 12.85 ~ ate without significant help from Microsoft Corp MSFT 26.26 4732.89 28 . 70 + . 1 1 +0 .4 L L Nike Inc 8 NKE 42,55 — 0 60 25 58 .97 -.37 -0 6 V L V + 14,3 +9,8 30 6 9 2 4 0, 8 4 the central bank. tyNordstrom Iuc JWN 46.27 58.44 55 .46 -.01 . . . L L L +3.7 +1.9 15 1 5 1 6 1 . 20f Nwst Nat Gas NWN 41.01 ty — 50.8 0 44. 24 + . 2 8 +0 .6 L L L +0.1 +0.5 125 20 1.8 2 ty OfficeMax Iuc OMX 4 . 1 0 14.92 11.01 20 -1.8 w w w +12. 8 + 104.9 2626 2 0.0 8 PaccarIuc PCAR 35.21 ~ 51.38 48.19 20 -0.4 V V V +6.6 +8.9 27 0 3 1 5 0 . 80a Planar Systms PLNR 1.12 ~ 2.43 1.89 +.08 + 4.4 L w L +32.2 -21.6 7 dd Plum Creek PCL 35,43 — 0 5264 51.23 -.37 -0.7 V L V +15. 5 +2 8 .4 7 1 7 4 1 1. 6 8 Prec Castparts PCP 1 50.53 ~ 1 96.0 0 182.92 -.42 -0.2 w w w - 3.4 + 6 . 8 6 5 8 2 0 0 . 1 2 Safeway Iuc S WY 14 73 $$- 26 5 4 24.92 34 - 1.3 V L V +37. 8 +2 9 .0 3 9 97 1 0 0. 7 0 Schuitzer Steel SCHN 22.78 ~ 41.55 26.05 -.37 -1.4 w w w -14.1 -28.6 3 9 5 4 0 0. 7 5 Sherwin Wms SHW 107.29 ~ 1 72.4 1 165.82 +20 + 01 w w + 7 8 +5 2 2 5 7 0 2 6 2 0 0 f StauoorpFucl SFG 28.74 ~ 43.02 48.95 1 21 -29 w L w +11 7 +6 4 360 13 0 93 f $7S ), StarbucksCp SBUX 43 04 ~ 62 00 57.80 -.31 -0.5 L V L +7.8 +3.4 44 3 3 3 1 0. 8 4 Triquiut Semi TQNT 4.30 6.92 4 .8 5 -.03 -0 6 w L w +0 4 -20 9 1188 d d UmpquaHoldings UMPQ 11.17 13.88 12 .58 +.11 +0.9 V V V +6.7 -3.5 65 5 1 4 0 .40f US Baucorp USB 28.58 35.46 33 .36 46 -1.4 w w w +4.4 +10 . 5 13983 12 0 . 7 8 WashingtonFedl WAFD 14.30 18.42 16 .82 08 -0.5 V V V -0.3 +4 . 2 25 7 1 3 0 . 36f Retail watch Wells Fargo 8 Co WFC 29.80 38.20 37 .15 27 -0.7 L L L +8.7 +13. 1 2 4233 11 1 . 00f WY 1 8.60 — o 31.74 31 .16 06 - 0.2 V L V + 12. 0 +4 7 .5 3 5 76 4 3 0. 6 8 The Commerce Department will Weyerhaeuser report retail sales for March on Dividend Footnotes: 3 Extra - dividends were paid, hut are not included. 8 - Annual rate plus stock c - Liquidating dividend. e - Amount declared or paid in last12 months. f - Current Friday. annual rate, wh>chwas mcrsased by most recent div>dendannouncement. i - Sum ot dividends pa>dafter stock split, no regular rate. j - Sum of d>vidends pa>dth>syear. Most recent Americans spent at the fastest d>v>dendwas omitted or deferred k - Declared or pa>dth>syear, a cumulative issue with dividends m arrears. m - Current annual rate, which wss decreased by most recent dividend p - Imtial dividend, annual rate not known, y>eld not shown. 7 - Declared or paid in prscsdmg t2 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, apprcx>matecash pace in five months in February, announcement. value on ex-distrihution date.PE Footnotes:q - Stock is a closed-end fund - no PiE ratio shown. cc - P/E exceeds 99. dd - Loss in last t2 months boosting retail spending, excluding autos, by 1 percent compared with January. Consumers kept spending despite higher federal Social Tyson Foods has agreed to pay roughly $4 Company and Nebraska between 2006 and 2010. Security taxes that took effect million in civil penalties to settle alleged As part of the consent decree announced Spotlight this year. violations related to eight accidental Friday, Springdale, Ark.-based Tyson releases of anhydrous ammonia that vowed to conduct pipe-testing and Retail sales, excluding autos happened over a four-year span and third-party audits of its ammonia Percent change, seasonally adiusted caused one death. refrigeration systems to bolster compli1.2% 1.1 The settlement, which resolved a ance with the Clean Air Act's 1.0 federal lawsuit filed in St. Louis by the risk-management program in all of its 23 0 Environmental Protection Agency, sites in the four states. 0.8 involves alleged Clean Air Act violations Tyson Food's stock fell 3 percent at Tyson sites in Missouri, Kansas, lowa Friday to close at $24.03 0.4




Alaska Air Group Avista Corp Bank of America Barrett Business Boeing Co


Stocks fell Friday on worries about the slowing job market. Employers hired 88,000 workers last month, well below the 195,000 that economists expected. It was the weakest job growth since June, and it raised worries about the economy's recovery. The Dow Jones industrial average was down as much as 171 points shortly after the release of the jobs report, but the Dow pared about three quarters of its loss as the day's trading progressed. The Dow fell to its second weeklyloss over the lastseven weeks. Technology and consumer-related stocks had some of the markets' biggest drops, offsetting modest gains for utilities and telecom stocks.

NorthwestStocks 0.1




Close: 14,565.25





14 560 e


Vol. (in mil.) 3,429 1,552 Pvs. Volume 3,252 1,435 Advanced 1 465 9 8 7 Declined 1602 1441 New Highs 98 47 New Lows 36 41



Change: -6.70 (-0.4%)



$1 57540

Dow jones industrials

1 0 DA Y S


Seasonally adjusted percent change

10 YR T NOTE 1.71%



Wholesale inventories 1.2%


S&P 500


was flat in March, another sign that airlines are struggling to sell more high-priced tickets. $14 12

Radware RDWR Close:$29.07%-8.51 or -22.6% The technology company cut its first-quarter earnings and revenue forecasts due to weaker-than-expected sales in certain countnes. $40 35 30

25— J F M A F M A 52-week range 52-week range $7.76~ $13.66 $26.76 ~ $40.83 Volz6.8m (0.9x avg.) PE: 2 2.9 Vol3 3.6m (15.5x avg.) PE: 581.4 Mkt. Cap:$9.33 b Yiel d : 0 .3% Mkt. Cap:$594.8 m Yield: ... J

F5 Networks

FFIV Close:$73.21 V-17.21 or -19.0% The networking equipment company said that its second-quarter net income and revenue will fall short of its expectations. $120

Nll Holdings NIHD Close:$5.48%0.94 or 20.7% The wireless service provider is selling its stake in Nextel del Peru for about $400 million to focus on markets in Mexico and Brazil. $8




F M A 52-week range $71.66 ~ $139.20 V01312.5m (7.4x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$5.75 b




$4.11 ~


PE: 20.9 Vol 39.1m (2.1x avg.) Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$940.67 m

Exide Technologies


Close:$1.57 %0.20 or 14.6% The battery maker announced that it hired a financial advisory firm to help explore options to maximize shareholder value.


52-week range P E: .. . Yield : ...

Rigel Pharma. RIGL Close:$4.50 V-3.03 or -40.2% The drug developer posted mixed results from a late-stage clinical trial of a rheumatoid arthritis drug the company helped develop. $8



F M A 52-week range $1.16~ $3.77 V01317.0m (15.5x avg.) P E: . . Mkt. Cap:$124.55 m Yield :..


F M A 52-week range $4.46 ~ $11.44

V01314.5m (22.3x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$392.13 m

P E: . . . Yield :... AP

SOURCE: Sungard


NET 1YR TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO 3-month T-bill 6-month T-bill 5 2-wk T-bill

The yield on the 10-year Treasury note fell to 1.71 percent Friday. Yields affect interest rates on consumer loans.

. 06 .07 . 0 9 .10 .13 .13

- 0.01 W -0.01 W ... L


2 -year T-note . 23 .23 5-year T-note . 6 9 .70 10-year T-note 1.71 1.76

... V -0.01 V -0.05 W - 0.11 W


30-year T-bond 2.88 2.99


Natural gas rose jumped for a second straight day after a report showed the country burned through some of its glut of supply last week. Crude oil fell on worries about demand.

W ~

.07 .13 .18

T .34 T 1.01 W 2.18 W 3.3 3


Barclay s LongT-Bdldx 2.59 2.70 -0.11 W W BondBuyerMuni Idx 4.07 4.11 -0.04 W W Barclays USAggregate 1.80 1.84 -0.04 W W PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 5.63 5.64 -0.01 W L RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 3.79 3.86 -0.07 W W YEST 3.25 .13 B arclays CompT-Bdldx .97 1.00 -0.03 W W 6 MO AGO 3.25 .13 B arclays US Corp 2.70 2.74 -0.04 w w 1 YR AGO3.25 .13



W 2 .83 W 4 .60 W 2. 2 7 W 7.2 5 W 4. 0 7 W 1 . 21


3. 4 5

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD Crude Oil (bbl) 92.70 93.26 - 0.60 + 1 . 0 Ethanol (gal) 2.42 2.42 -0.04 + 10.3 Heating Oil (gal) 2.91 2.96 -1.82 -4.4 Natural Gas (mm btu) 4.13 3.95 +4.51 +23.1 Unleaded Gas(gal) 2.86 2.90 -1.21 t LB FUELS


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. 1575.40 1551.80 27.20 26.75 1534.40 1516.70 3.34 3.35 722.75 724.30

%CH. %YTD -5.9 41.52 +1.69 -9.9 +1.17 -0.3 -0.16 -8.3 - 0.21 + 2 . 9

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD -3.0 1.26 1.27 -0.97 1.40 1.40 +0.47 -2.5 6.29 -9.9 Corn (bu) 6.30 -0.16 Cotton (Ib) 0.87 0.88 -1.74 + 15.5 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 374.10 379.80 - 1.50 + 0 . 1 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.48 1.41 +4.94 +27.3 Soybeans (bu) 13.62 13.72 -0.75 -4.0 Wheat(bu) 6.94 +0.72 -10.2 6.99 AGRICULTURE

Cattle (Ib) Coffee (Ib)

Foreign Exchange The dollar fell against the euro after a report showed that hiring by U.S.

employers rose at its weakest

pace since June and was well below economists' expectations.

h5N4 QG

1YR. MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5337 +.0099 +.65% 1 .5828 Canadian Dollar 1.01 7 4 + .0054 +.53% . 9 9 38 USD per Euro 1.3007 +.0068 +.52% 1 . 3060 Japanese Yen 97.68 + 1 .55 +1.59% 8 2 . 36 Mexican Peso 12. 1 940 —.1222 -1.00% 12.8790 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.6247 +.0001 +.00% 3.7428 Norwegian Krone 5.7229 —.0580 -1.01% 5.7937 South African Rand 9.0784 —.0642 —.71% 7.8465 6.4428 —.0724 -1.12% 6.7599 Swedish Krona Swiss Franc .9331 —.0067 —.72% .9201 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar .9631 + .0043 +.45% .9 7 15 Chinese Yuan 6.2060 +.0022 +.04% 6 .3099 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7650 +.0016 +.02% 7 .7641 Indian Rupee 54.825 -.065 -.12% 51.040 Singapore Dollar 1.2405 +.0005 +.04% 1 .2598 South Korean Won 1136.76 +10.83 +.95% 1130.35 Taiwan Dollar 29.96 + .01 +.03% 29 . 51




Mt. Bachelor gets final approval Withno appeals filed, Mt. Bachelor ski area can start building new ski

runs, chairlifts, azip line and other elements of its

10-year expansion plan on Monday. Deschutes National

Forest Supervisor John Allen approvedthe plans in February. But the decision was subject to a 45-

day appealperiod, which ended this week.

On Fridayafternoon, Jean Nelson-Dean,public affairs officer for the Deschutes National For-

est, announcedthat no appeals werefiled. While the appeal

period officiallyended Monday, she said, the Forest Service wanted to

e ai cener ans ie i n • Developers say they will pull their proposal, however By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin

Eugene-based Pape Group has looked into developing 120,000 square feet of retail space near the Cascade Village Shopping Center on the north side of Bend, according to documents filed with the city of Bend. But real estate agent Ken Streater, who filed the preapplication document, said Friday morning that there are no immediate plans to develop, and he intended to

withdraw the application. The Pape project would be the second major preliminary retail proposal for the area that's surfaced in the lastthree years. Boise-based White-Leasure Development Co. submitted plans in 2011 to develop 53 acres on Robal Road near U.S. Highway 20. That project hasn't moved forward, although the company still lists the property in an online brochure. A company official didn't return a phone call seeking comment

Friday. Streater, a broker with The Aris Group, filed a pre-application meeting request with the city Thursday to discuss the project on about 12.5

acres of land owned by the Pape family, which also runs a construction and machinery business headquartered in Eugene. The Pape property is on the east side of U.S. Highway 97, north of Robal Road. The family has owned about 10 acres of land there since the early 1990s, and acquired the other 2.5 acres in a property trade in 2000, Deschutes County property records show. Streater's meeting request outlined questions the developers hoped to address related to a "retail development with six different buildings totaling approximately 120,000 square feet," the


Cooley Rd. r

Lowe's H ome > • Depot (Target

g ountry

,r V

RobalRd ~ •


ascade Vill e

Proposed retaii center eEND ~ t'


Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

document states. But Streater, reached Friday morning, said the filing of therequest was premature.

en "We're going to pull the application," he said. "We want to sort of re-circle the wagons." Senior Planner Aaron Henson said late Friday afternoon that developers withdrew the application. Any large retail proposal east of the Cascade Village

Shopping Center would face several planning challenges, Henson said. The Pape land is currently zoned industrial, so it would need a zoning change to commercial use, and developers would have to address traffic congestion issues if they eventually decided to move forward. — Reporter: 541-617-7820 egfucklichC<

be sure nolast-minute appeals hadbeensent by U.S. mail.

Hiring tapers off in March, again

Mt. Bachelor is developing construction plans, with details expected to

be releasedwithin two weeks, according to a news releasefrom the ski area. However, documents previouslyfiled with the

Forest Service showMt. Bachelor plans to build a

new expresschairliftand trails on theski area's east side. It plans to modify existing lifts and

add newsummer features, such as azip-line course, rockclimbing structure anddownhill mountain bike park.

State economy ticks up Oregon's economy improved slightly in

February, according to an index ofeconomic

Toni Fox, owner of the 3-D Denver's Discreet Dispensary, stands in the establishment's

grow room in Denver, Colo. Venture capitalists are trying to figure out how to capitalize on the marijuana market now that it's increasingly legalized. Genaro Moline/ Los Angeles Times file photo

By Catherine Rampell New York Times News Service u'



indicators released by

the University of Oregon this week.

Solid gains in construction employment drove much of the gain,

according to thereport. The OregonMeasureof Economic Activity rose to 0.79 in February. A

rate of "zero" in themeasure representsaverage monthly growth.

The three-month average growth ratewas 0.35, showing evidence

of some sustained recovery. The report noted

upticks in residential building permit activity and a slightdecline inthe

number of initial unemployment claims for Feb-

ruary, though consumer sentiment wasslightly lower than in January. — From staff reports

BEST OF THE BIZ CALENDAR TODAY Community Associations Institute-Central Oregon Regional Council board of directors boot camp: CAI-CORC seminar about board memberduties; CAICORCprovides educational opportunities throughout the yearfor homeowner associations volunteers and managers; registration required, includesbreakfast and lunch; $40,$35 members; 8:15a.m.-3 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel,10 N.W. Minnesota Ave.,Bend; 541-382-8436 or www. MONDAY RedmondDowntown Urban Renewal Advisory Committee: Free;5-7:30 p.m.; RedmondCity Hall, 716 S.W.EvergreenAve.; 54 I -923-7710. TUESDAY Medical billing procedures information meeting: Informational meeting about Central OregonCommunity College's six-weekmedical billing procedurescourse; located atCOCC'sChandler Building, Room301, 1027 N.W.Trenton Ave.; registration recommended; free; 6-7:30 p.m.;COCC, 2600N.W.CollegeWay, Bend; 541-383-7270. For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday's Bulletin or visit bendbulletin.comlbizcal

a r e e sni sou o o r un i i n m ari uana "We can scale this thing v ery, ver y q u i ckly," s a i d BELVIDERE, N.J.— Amid V andeVrede, clad i n b l u e the whir of fans and the glow jeans and a pumpkin-colored of soft white light, workers sweater as he surveyed his tended to bright green seed- indoor fields of produce and l ings sprouting in a g i a nt flowers. "When hemp and greenhouse. cannabis become legal, we're Located about an h our's ready to rock and roll." drive from Manhattan in the To do it, Terra Tech needs hills of n o rthwestern New to raise $2 million. And like Jersey, the facility produces a number ofsmall businesses basil, chives, oregano and in the burgeoning U.S. canother herbs that are sold in nabis industry, it's trying to grocery stores around New enlist Wall Street's help. BusiYork City. ness owners have been pitchBut if Ken VandeVrede has ing their ideas to potential inhis way, the facility will one vestors, coming to New York day be growing a much more in some cases to meet with valuable plant: marijuana. would-be financiers. VandeVrede is chief operWall Street has good reaating officer at Terra Tech, a son to smell potential profits. hydroponic equipment maker Washington, D.C., and 18 based in Irvine, Calif. The states have already legalized small company wants to dou- medical marijuana; there are ble the five-acre New Jersey formal measures pending in greenhouse operation. The 10 additional states, accordaim is one day to supply the ing to the National Cannabis exploding U.S. medical mari- Industry Association. juana trade and to prepare Colorado and Washington in the event that recreational legalized recreational marimarijuana ever becomes le- juana use in November. In gal nationwide. addition, a measure allowing By Andrew Tangel

Los Angeles Times

"adult use" of pot has been proposed in M aryland, according to the association's tally. Various bills to legalize marijuana and hemp have

been proposed in Congress too. A lthough p o t rem a i n s contraband u nder f e deral law, some entrepreneurs see marijuana heading down the same path a s P r ohibition, which banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcohol from 1920 until it was repealed in 1933. "More and m ore people see the i nevitability," said Brendan Kennedy, chief executive of the Seattle private equity firm Privateer Holdings, which targets cannabisfocused startups. Privateer is raising $7 million to acquire small companies that have a hand in the trade but don't grow or distribute marijuana. Its first acquisition: Leafly, a Yelp-style online rating site in Seattle for dispensaries and varying strains of marijuana. With po t s t il l f e d erally

outlawed, others are making similar bets — funding firms that supply equipment or ancillary services while steering clear of marijuana farming and sales. Take Lazarus Investment Partners, a $60 million hedge fund in Denver, for example. One of Lazarus' investments is in AeroGrow International Inc., a maker of hydroponic kitchen appliances geared toward growing herbs, lettuce and tomatoes. L azarus, w h i c h ow n s 15 percent of A e r oGrow's shares, has suggested that the company tweak its products to accommodate taller plants, including m a r ijuana, s a id Justin Borus, the fund's man-

aging partner. "We want to be selling the bluejeans to the gold miners," Borus said. "We don't want to take a bet on which state is going to get legalized and which dispensary is going to succeed, or (which) cannabis

growers are going to be successful. We want to just make a bet on overall legalization."

It looks as if the "spring swoon" is back. U.S. employers increased their payrolls by 88,000 last month,compared with 268,000 in February, according to a Labor Departmentreportreleased Friday. It was the slowest pace of growth since last June, and less than half of what economistshad expected. It also was the start of a third consecutive spring in which employers have tapered off their hiring, even after the Labor Department adjusted the numbers for the usual seasonal changes. Slowdowns in the previous two years could be attributed to flare-ups in the European debt crisis, but this time the cause is unclear. The recent payroll tax increase or political gridlock in Washington could be to blame for the sudden slowdown, but neither seems to be showing up much in other relevant economic data. "I'm at a bit of loss as to how to explain it," said Paul Dales, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics. "Even if this is the start of another springtime-summertime slowdown, we're hoping it'll be a bit more modest than it was in previous years, because the housing market is doing very welL" The unemployment rate, which comes from a different survey, ticked down to 7.6 percentinMarch, from 7.7 percent, but for an unwelcome reason: M ore people dropped out ofthe laborforce,rather than more

gotjobs. The labor force participation rate has not been this low — 63.3 percent — since 1979, a time when women were less likely to be working. Baby boomer retirements may account for part of the slide, but discouragement about job prospectsin a m ediocre economy still seems to be playing a large role, economists say.

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE • Lisa Hartwith John L. Scott Redmondwasthetopsales agent for the month of March • Paul carter with John L. Scott Redmond was the top listing agent for the month of March • Alison Perry has recently joined Central OregonVeterans Outreach asexecutive director. Perry Is a licensed professional counselor, andhasworkedfor the Department of Veterans Affairefor sixyears. Shehas worked threeyears at the Bend VeteransAffairs Clinic. She is the sister, aunt and granddaughter of military veterans. • Attorney Debbie Garcia

has worked in the mortgage industry for 16 years. • Auto Rehab has hired Simon f~ I~ i lI~ Thomas as office manager. Thomas has held similar Hart Carter Perry G arcia Hepburn Slavensky Johnson Bailey H a u n Thomas positions at other automotive facilities In Bend. He currently serves as secretary/treasurer has joined Bryant, Lovlien County Bar Association, property purchase and sale Technologies, of Bend. and Jarvis as the Iirm's and the Association of Legal agreements, construction • Leanne Johnson of Coldwell forthe BNI Cascade Business Alliance chapter. administrator. Garcia was Administrators. agreements, and employment Banker Mayfield Realty was formerly the product litigation • Heather Hepburn has joined agreements. She currently • U.S. Bank haspromoted named top selling agent for manager for Jeld-Wen lnc. serves as a board member Kim Mikkelson to branch Bryant, Lovlien and Jarvis the month of March. She received her law degree for the Bend Chamber manager ofItsCascadeLakes as an attorney. Hepburn is • Larry Bailey of Coldwell from the University ofthe of Commerce and for an experienced attorney who office In Bend. Mikkelson Banker Mayfield Realty was Pacific, McGeorge School Opportunity Knocks. will focus on business, real named top listing agent for the previously served as the sales of Law, and her MBA from and service manager of the estate and employment law. • Dave Slavensky has month of March. Marylhurst University. office. In her new position, She specializes In preparing joined Energy Trust of • Brad Haon has joined Garcia is a member of the and negotiating asset sale Oregon's board of directors. Mikkelson will be responsible Evergreen Home Loans in Oregon State Bar, Cascade for managing daily branch and stock sale agreements, Slavensky is chief operating Bend as a loan officer. Haun Women Lawyers, Deschutes activities and operations. commercial leases, real officer for Structus Building s..

IN THE BACI4: ADVICE 4 ENTERTAINMENT > Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer Search, D4







Fundraiser helps girl with cancer A fundraiser tonight

No right to kid-free existence remember the first time I traveled by plane with an infant. I flewto Montana with a 6-month-old and I was full of worries: Would the descent and changein airpressure hurt the baby's sensitive inner ears? Did I have enough bottles of milk for the journey'? How would I manage a diaper change in the tiny airplane lavatory? It wasn't until four passengers seatednearby asked to be relocated to baby-free areas of the plane that I became aware of what the childaverse seemed to think should have been my primary concern: Would my infant annoy other passengers? As it turns out, the baby slept the entire flight. Didn't make a peep. But if he had, should I have been wracked with guilt over my baby's vocalizations? Should I have been abjectly apologetic that my infant did what all humans did at one point in their lives'? More recently, several friends have planned travel with babies or toddlers and expressed concern not about managing the needs of little kids during long hours of travel, or the potential discomfort of their babies in the pressurized cabin, but about how their fellow passengers would react to havinga baby on the plane.They feared the scorn of other adults exposed to a potentially crying baby. Why? Allow a few Internet comments to shed some light on the subject: A February incident in which an Idaho man was accused of slapping

will support Redmond resident Avrey Walker, a 9-year-old girl battling

leukemia. The Avrey Walker Benefit Dinner & Auction will

take placefrom 6to11 p.m.atthe Coyote Ranch Steakhouse, 1368 S. U.S.

Highway 97,Redmond.


another passenger's crying 19month-old son on a flight to Atlanta generated the following comment on a news website: "I wish I had the backbone to slap a crying kid on a flight. I pay money for my ticket. I expect a pleasant flight." Elsewhere on the Internet, a man's YouTube rant against babies on airplanes generated comments that

suggested a baby-disposal tube for airplanes that would dispatch crying kids to the outside of the plane, or that babies be fitted with gags to prevent them from making any sound at alL In the real, non-hyperbolic world, we'veallheard people who have complained about being forced to endure the presence of infants in airplanes, children in restaurants, kids on buses. And who can forget the squabble several years ago between a Bend restaurant owner and local moms at odds over whether it was appropriate to bring kids into a restaurant? I have friends who are afraid of doing that, too. They fear dirty looks from servers if they dare bring their kids to dine out. They fear eye rolls from other customers. They fear the judgment of everyone should their baby let out a squall, should their toddler make a mess, should their kid throw a fit. I get it. Really, I do. Hearingbabies cry isn't pleasant. Sometimes kids are annoying. And there are appropriate and inappropriate places to bring your young kids. Inappropriate: A romantic fine-dining restaurant after 7 p.m. Appropriate: Red Robin, anytime. There is appropriate and inappropriate behavior by children in restaurants and other public spaces. Good parents know the difference and teach their kids the difference, too (a lesson, might I suggest, that is difficult to teach if parents are expected to never burden the general traveling or dining public with exposure to their children). But even if kids behave less than perfectly in public, or cry on airplanes, the compassionate response (assuming the parents are at least trying to do something about it) is tolerance. Why? Because we are humans. Childhood is a necessary and unavoidable point in the lifespan of a human being, and part of oursocialcompact as a species is to accept and nurture the young (who, incidentally, will eventually be

The evening will feature

dinner, music anddancing, and alive andsilent auction. Atrip to Mexico will also be awarded dur-

ing the evening. Tickets cost $45 in

advance or$55 at the door. Theyareavailable Worthy Brewing brewmaster Chad Kennedy holds some Meridian hops in the brewery's walk-in cooler.

— Julie Johnson is the features editor at The Bulletin. 541-383-0308, jj

in Redmond orthrough the contacts below. Contact:

angjordison© or 541-350-9307.

Concerts return with Ked' Mo' The Sisters Starry Nights benefit concert

series will return May18 with a show by blues-

pop veteran Keb'Mo' at Sisters High School. Mo', a three-time

Grammy winner, will play a solo acoustic set to kick off the15th

season of Starry Nights, whichhas raisedmore than $1 million in net

• Bend's Worthy BrewingCo.gets bold with hops — bygrowing its own


By Mac McLean The Bulietin

crisp, lemon-like aroma filled a large storage refrigerator at Worthy Brewing Co.'s east Bend production facility when brewmaster Chad Kennedy opened a foil bag of Meridian hops and started running his fingers through their light green cones. "Hops aren't a big beer ingredient in terms of their weight," said Kennedy, who compared the types of hops he uses to make Worthy Brewing'ssignature beers to the typesofherbs and spices chefs use when preparing their food. "But in terms of their flavor they can have a pretty big impact." On Friday, Worthy Brewing took a huge leap forward in its relationship with hops — one of the four key ingredients used to make beer — when it dedicated its new quarter-acre hops yard adjacent to its brewery. There, Oregon State University researchers will grow the next generation of hops. Though it won't be ready to be put in craft beers for several years, researchers say these new hop varieties could be tailored to excel in Central Oregon's climate and could fill a much-needed gap in the state's craft brewing industry — organic hops. "My niche is to develop aroma hops that are suitable for Oregon growers," said Sean Townsend, who works with OSU's aroma hops breeding program in Corvallis and will supervise the research done at Worthy's hops yard. "And I'd very much like to lower the environmental footprint in agriculture." See Hops /D5


I met him once. Rather, I ambushed him. It was in the thin air of Telluride, Colo., for the film festival, in 2004. He had just finished a conversation with New Line executive Bob Shaye and came out of the clock tower on West Colorado Avenue. He was small in person, his face gaunt from skirmishes with cancer.

Gallery (541-549-4994) in Sisters and at www.

John Prine tickets on sale now Popular country/folk

singer-songwriter John Prine will perform at the Athletic Club of Bend

on June 26 aspart of the 2013 PeakSummer Nights concert series. Tickets for the show


!' .

ABOVE: Worthy Brewing brewmaster Chad Kennedy stands next to a poster showing the different types of hops used to make beer at his brewery's production facility. The brewery has installed a quarter-acre hops yard adjacent to its building, where Oregon State University researchers will grow the next generation.

are on salenow. General admission costs $38at Newport Market (541-

382-3940) in Bendand tickets for dinner and the

concert are available for $78 at the athletic club


Americanaartist Carrie

Rodriguezwill open the outdoor show. Start time will be 6:30 p.m., with

doors opening at 6p.m. Contact:

LEFT: Dustin Keller, Worthy Brewing's head brewer, works in the Bend facility.

Photos by

emergency services

Rob Kerr

managerforthe Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, will discuss the potential for a large earthquake off the Dr-

Earthquake effect subject of talk Don Webber, the

The Bulletin

egon Coast. The event, "Cascadia: The Earthquakein Your

Future?," is sponsored

by Dsher Lifelong Learning lnstitute of the University of Oregon and will take place at

2 p.m. Tuesday,April 30 at the Bend Senior Center. Webber will talk about how an earthquake might affect Central Oregon and how

E erttau tusto ovemovies, ie The Washington Post

ters schools since 1997. Reserved tickets start at $35 and will be available beginning Monday at Clearwater

541-549-8521, ext. 4007.


By Dan Zak

proceeds for programs and equipment at Sis- To learn more, phone

paying for your Social Security).

You, airplane complainer, restaurant eye-roller, don't have the right to a child-free existence. Even if you choose not to have children, you can't expect to live a life free from exposure to kids. The job of a parent is hard enough without having to feel bad for the mere existence of their children in public places.

at Coyote Ranch, John Tuck Elementary School

I approached him, joined him in his quarter-mile walk to his lodgings, and spilled it. I love movies because of you, Roger. Or, rather, I understand the movies and myself well enough to call it love. Because of you. What has been your favorite of the festival'? Where are you off to next? Toronto?

(Can I come too?)

I don't remember a single answer. Probably because I did all the talking. We parted ways after a few minutes — me embarrassed, he to file a dispatch to Chicago. Looking back now, after his death at 70, I'm relieved that I had achance to thank him. A critic's noblest and most generous act is to inspire passion in others. Roger Ebert taught me to love the movies. See Ebert/D5

to prepare for it. Contact: or 541-617-4663. — From staff reports

Correction In a story headlined "I loved every bit of it," which appeared

Saturday, March 30, on page D1, Heather Tilert-

Kazmark's namewas misspelled.

The Bulletin regrets the error.



ra in ea er or e sou By Caroline McMillan The Charlotte Observer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Scott Hofert's career is a m arriage of automated and manual, spiritual and tangible — a veritable workshop of internal growth and external product. I n s h o rt : c h u rc h an d cowhide. Hofert,42, is a co-pastor of the church Watershed in the NoDa neighborhood of Charlotte, N.C. and the founder and owner of ColsenKeane, a custom-leather goods shop located just four doors down from his church office. Hofert didn't always juggle the two. But four years ago, after a career of desk jobs, academia and then pastorship, he longed for the satisfaction of working with his hands again. Hofert isn't alone. He's one of a growing number of 21stcenturyprofessionals who, after spending countless hours a week at a computer, long to produce something that can't be stored on a server. The New York Times-bestselling book, "Shop Class as S oulcraft: A n I n q u ir y i n t o the Value of Work," by Matthew Crawford, has become a mouthpiece for the movement. Following a d o ctorate in p olitical philosophy an d a job as an executive director of a Washington think tank, Crawford quit his job to open a motorcyclerepair shop. He argues that, though the scope ofthe economic crisis is yet uncertain, the crisis of confidence professionals now feel in "our most prestigious institutions and professions" is strong. " The question of w hat a good job looks like — of what sort of work is both secure and worthy o f b e ing h o nored — is m ore open now than it has been for a long time," Crawford writes in the introduction. And after reassessing his work values, Crawford says he's never been so fulfilled. Hofert readthe book after he'd already started his leather shop and felt instant kinship with Crawford. "Had I read that prior to working at t h i s," h e s a i d, pointing a calloused hand toward the tool sets and 9,000 square feet of rolled cowhide stacked on metal shelves, "I would have just thought, 'Oh, that guy just doesn't like his


But now, he says, "When I read that book, I felt as though it were speaking to my soul." Hofert's gr ea t -grandfather opened a repair shop for watches and clocks in Kenmore, N.Y. that was passed along to Hofett's grandfather and then Hofert's father. Hofert started his Charlotte business four years ago, naming it after his two sons, Colsen, 8, and Keane, 5, who he hopes will one day take over the family business as well. He'd long been drawn to high-quality l eather g oods, so one day, Hofert decided to make some himself. He spent a couple hundred dollars on a piece of leather and $50 on tools. His first project was an iPad



ti( I~t, IN/iJIII


Photos by Todd Sumltn / Charlotte Observer

After a career of desk jobs in academia and the ministry, Scott Hofert yearned to work with his hands again and founded ColsenKeane Custom Leather Goods in Charlotte, N.C., just four doors down from Watershed church, where Hofert is pastor.





m IIm

Jeremy Snyder stitches a leather bag together at ColsenKeane Custom Leather Goods. "I find that, as a thinker, I'm more productive with hard work than when I'm sitting at a cafe with other thinkers,"Snyder said.He has worked atColsenKeane since December.

case, which he made by wrapping leather around it. Pleased with the final product,he made a few more cases and posted photos of them on Etsy, a website for selling handmade crafts. The requests rolled in: leather belts, wallets and bags. Hofert's b ackyard s h ed, where he made his goods, grew increasingly crowded, and the U.S. Postal Service made regular visits for shipments. "It snowballed," he said. H ofert's wares r ange i n price from $50 for a b a sic wallet to about $800 for large leather bags. His most expensive project was a $2,000 bag, made from rarecowhide. After he'd saved a little money from his new enterprise, Hofert began to advertise.

He says he spent $1,000 on business-card-sized ads in Rolling Stone magazine, bought ads in Delta and U.S. Airways in-flight magazines and took out ads in MacLife because of his leather iPad and MacBook cases. Since starting the business in 2009, Hofert says he has served about 2,000 people, and the business has grown 300 percent each year. Cols enKeane c ustomers n o w hail from the U.S. and Canada, as well as Mexico, South A merica, M a l aysia, H o n g Kong, Australia and all across Europe. Two weeks a go, H o fert opened a new workspace and storefront on Central Avenue, just steps from his church office. You see, he says, his two

jobs aren't mutually exclusive. Hofert says that creating works of art from leather actually h elps h i m o r g anize h is thoughts, making h i m more productive and effective as a pastor. He's even in a church group with fellow entrepreneurs. "It's really fascinating," Hofert said. "I can sit down . and talk about how to better a marriage and then next minute talk about business." Right now, he spends more than 40 hours a week as a pastor and more than 20 hours in the shop. He employs three other full-time leathersmiths and two church members who handle the books and shipping part-time. J eremy Snyder, 29, w h o h as spent 15 years i n t h e music industry, met H ofert through Hofert's wife, Taryn, a musician. Snyder started at ColsenKeane in December 2012, and for now, stitches, trims and evensthe edges ofthe leather. "I am i nterested in i ntellectual stimulation, but I find that, as a thinker, I'm more p roductive with h ard w o rk than when I'm sitting at a cafe with other thinkers," Snyder said. "The iconic visual of Aristotle and his buddies sitting

around, making things up, seems a lot more difficult than you'd think." Hofert says he's content to grow ColsenKeane slowly. He says he never wants the need for mass production and hightech machinery to outweigh the value — and intimacy — of handiwork. After all, he said, "We're getting back to what I surmise we were created to do. For some, it's basketball on the weekend. For some, it's taking the car apart on the driveway, or "The guy who works construction, the plumber who knows how t o t a k e p i p es apart, there's a real quality of life to that. Because at the end of the day, you can step back and say, 'I did that.' "

Why do pilgrimageshold a place in religion? continent, from the high Himalayan ranges on the north Religious devotion to the southernmost tip, where is the motive of pilgrimage the two seas, the Bay of BenA.M. Bhattacharyya,Hindu gal and the Arabian Sea, meet faithadviser ofthe G reater the Indian Ocean. Kansas City Interfaith In Kumbh Mela this year, Council: tens of millions of pilgrims Pilgrimage is a journey, es- congregatedat the confluence pecially a long one, to a sacred of three sacred rivers,Ganplace or shrine as an act of ges, Yamuna and now extinct religious devotion. The tradiSaraswati, and took a holy dip tion of pilgrimage is ancient at certain auspicious moments and universal. People of faith to sanctify themselves. go on pilgrimages out of pure Some of t h e p i l g rimage devotion and inner spiritual sites are in gorgeous natural urge. surroundings. Some are in reIn the Hindu faith tradition, mote, hard-to-reach terrains. the pilgrimage is not obliga- Yet the inner urge is so powtory. Nevertheless, millions of erful that p i lgrims journey Hindu faithfuls go on pilgrim- to those sacred sites ignoring ages every year to numerous physical hardships. sacred sites. Pilgrimages hold a place in Hinduism is an ancient re- religion, as the pilgrim's moligion founded in India about tive is religious, devoutness 5,000 years ago. It has a my- and spiritual quest. thology that is as old as human history. Almost all sacred The Hajj is older sites, many of them having than Muhammad mythological importance, are Syed E. Hasan, Ph.o.,Midlocated throughout the length land Islamic Council: and breadth of the Indian subIn most religions, worship

and prayers comprise two sets of rituals: those performed individually, and the ones offered collectively. Individual acts of worship are essential because they enable the individual to get closer to the Creator, but these deeds are carried out i n i solation with little or no opportunity for social interaction. Pilgrimage, on th e o t her hand, is offered along with a group of devotees and represents social manifestation of worship.

The Hajj includes a number of rituals and activities that are completed in f ive days during the second week of the 12th month of the Hijri (lunar) calendar. Hajj is a great expression of solidarity that brings millions of people from each c ontinent, drawn f r o m a l l imaginable cultures, races, economic and social status together, for the sole purpose of seeking Allah's pleasure and mercy. Although Hajj became manUsually, pilgrimage involves datory for all Muslims in the travel to a specific location, of- earlyseventh century during ten involving many physical the time of Prophet Muhamhardships that serve as a test mad, the actual beginning of one's unflinching commit- dates back to about 2000 B.C., ment to God. during the time of P rophet In Islam, Hajj is one of the Abraham. five pillars that requires all Hajj was and still remains Muslims who are physically the most cherished goal of all and economically capable to believing Muslims. — Send questions for our religion visit Mecca.

The Quran (3:97) says: "... Performance of Hajj (pilgrimage) to this House is the duty to Allah for all who can afford the journey."

ANTIOCH CHURCH:Sr. Pastor Ken Wystma; "What doC.S. Lewis, the GrandCanyonandMaryMagdalene haveinCommon?";Sundayat 9:30 a.m.; Redux0-and-Aafter the service; BendHighSchool,230 N.E. Sixth St., Bend.

Church,157 N.W.Franklin Ave.,Bend.

BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Pastor DaveMiller; Sunday at 10 a.m.; 4twelve youth group; W ednesday at7p.m.;19831 Rocking Horse Road, Bend.

TRINITYEPISCOPAL CHURCH: Sundayat9a m St Francis Church 2450 N.E. 27th St., Bend.

SPRINGSOFLIFEMINISTRIES: Evangelist and BibleteacherEddie Cienda; Wednesdaysat7 p.m.; ongoing; TheSound GardenStudio, 1279 N.E.Second St., Bend.

UNITARIANUNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIPOF CENTRAL OREGON: YoungAdults Group of UUFCO;"Facing Downthe Future: Keeping Positive in Uncertain Times; Sunday at11 a.m.; atthe OldStone Church,157 N.W.Franklin Ave.,Bend.

CENTRALOREGON BAPTIST CHURCH:Pastor John Tittle; "It Is WESTSIDECHURCH: PastorSteve Finished," basedonJohn19:16-30, Mickel; "Parental GuidancePart One: as part of theseries onthe Gospel of John; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; 500 S.W. The ThreeDials"; today at6:30 p.m. and Sundayat 8, 9and1045 a.m.; Bond St., Bend. 2051 N.W.Shevlin Park Road, Bend. COMMUNITY OFCHRIST: WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Seventy Craig Perryman; "Weare Steve Mickel "Parental Guidance Witnesses," based onJohn 20:19Part One:TheThree Dials"; Sunday 31; Sunday at11 a.m., following at 9 and10:30 a.m.; 1245 S.E.Third 10:45 a.m. praise singing; 20380 St., Bend. Cooley Road,Bend.

CROSSCHURCH:Pastor Ed Byrnes; "I Am the Bread of Life," based on John 6:35; Today at6:30 p.m.; Neighborhood Center, 2640 Jones Road, Bend.

WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Parental GuidancePartOne: TheThree Dials"; todayat6:30p.m.andSundayat8,9 and 10:45a.m.;

DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Dave Drullinger; "The Bible," based on John20:24-31 and 21:2425; Sundayat10a.m.; 334 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend.

COMMUNITYPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Cyndi Wunder; "Life Abundant," based onJohn 20:19-31; Sunday at 9and11 a.m.; 529 N.W. 19th St., Redmond.

EASTMONTCHURCH:Pastor JohnLodwick;"Foundation:God's Purpose For aFamily," based on Genesis1:27-31 and 2:24, as part of the new series "INVEST:Building a Home With Grace";Sundayat 9and 10:45 a.m.; 62425Eagle Road, Bend.

EMMAUSLUTHERANCHURCH: The Rev.DavidPoovey;"Thomas for Today," based onJohn 20:19-31; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 2175S.W. Salmon Ave.,Redmond.

FATHER'SHOUSECHURCHOF GOD:Pastor RandyWils; "Fan or Follower," as part of the newseries, "Fan or Follower"; Sundayat10 a.m.; Youth Group; Wednesdays; 7 p.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road,Bend. THE FELLOWSHIPAT BEND: Pastor Loren Anderson; "Sex, Lies, and Video, Part Three" basedon 1 Corinthians 6:12-20; Sundayat 10 a.m.; Summit High School, 2855 N.W. Clearwater Drive, Bend. FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: The Rev. JayDeeConrad;"Encore"; Sunday atthe9a.m.,10:45a.m.and 5:01 p.m. services; 230N.E.Ninth St., Bend. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH: TheRev.Thom Larson and The Rev.Emmett Shortreed; "Lost," based onRomans1:18-25; Sunday at9and11 a.m.; 680 N.W.Bond St., Bend.

FOUNDRY CHURCH:Pastor Syd Brestel; begin the series, "Abraham: Faith in the Fog"; Sundayat10:15 a.m.; 60 N.W.OregonAve., Bend. GRACEFIRSTLUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "God's Peace" and "Looking for Signs"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 2265 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend.

GRACE REFORMEDPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor DanDilard; "ChristFormed Culture," based onGenesis 1:26-28; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 62162 Hamby Road,Bend. JOURNEYCHURCH:PastorKeith Kirkpatrick; "Faith — It PleasesGod"; Sunday at 9and10:30 a.m.; 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Chris Kramer;Sundayat 9 and 11 a.m.; Biblestudy; Wednesdays;10 a.m.; 60850 Brosterhous Road,Bend. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITYOFTHECASCADES: Guest speakerMasterChen;Sunday at9a.m.; held atThe OldStone

GRACELUTHERAN CHURCH AT EAGLE CREST:Pastor Randy VanMehren; "TheRisenChrist Gives His Churchthe Powerto Give His Forgivenessto theRepentant, but to Withhold it FromThoseWho Don't Repent of TheirSins"; Sundayat 10:30a.m.; EagleCrest Banquetand ConferenceFacility,1522 Cline Falls Road, Redmond. ST. PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father JohnPennington; "Sacred Shalom"; Sundayat10 a.m.; Southwest12th Avenueand Forest Avenue, Redmond. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor Eric Burtness; "WhatYouNeedto Know AboutYourLife's Calling!," as part of the series, "LiveYourCalling"; Sunday at8:30a.m.and11 a.m.;1113 Black Butte Blvd., Redmond. SHEPHERD'SVALLEYCOWBOY CHURCH: Pastor Jordan Weaver; Sunday at 9 a.m.and10:30 a.m.; in the cafe of TheRim Rock Riders Equestrian Facility, BrasadaRanch, 17037 S.W. Alfalfa Road, Powell Butte. AGAPE HARVESTFELLOWSHIP: Pastor JeremySeibert; youth and family service; Wednesdayat 6p.m.; 52460 Skidgel Road, LaPine. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel; "ThreeKey Imperative," basedon1 Corinthians 15:59, as part of the series, "Growing Up God' sWay";Sundayat9:30 a.m.; 1 Theater Drive,Sunriver. CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev.Willis C. Jenson; "The Mission of theChurch isto Forgive SinsThroughtheGospel,"basedon John 20:22-23; Sundayat11 a.m.; held at TerrebonneGrangeHall, 8286 11th St., Terrebonne.

DIVORCE CARECLASS:13-week class; $15;starts April16; 6:30-8 p.m.; free childcare provided; contact New Hope Church at 541-389-3436 to sign up andfor more information.



The Kansas City Star

To submit service information or announcementsfor religious organizations, email or call 541-383-0358.

BENDCHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE: Pastor Virgil Askren; "Reasons to Celebrate"; Sundayat10:15 a.m.; 1270 N.E. 27th St., Bend.

''jjt-Iltllllll I


columnists to Darryl Levings at The Kansas City Star, 1 729Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 64108 or by email to

Pope visits St.Peter's tomb The Associated Press VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis took an emotional, close-up look at the tomb of Peter, the church's first pontiff, buried beneath St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican said. Bydoingso, Francisbecame the first pontiff to visit the ne-

cropolis, where pagans and early Christians were buried, since extensive archaeological excavations were conducted at the ancient site decades ago, the Vatican said. The 45-minute "visit of devotion to the tomb of St. Peter" on Monday was private, the Vatican said, but it later released a video of it.

The basilica wa s b u i lt over the location where early Christians would gather in secret, at a time of persecution in ancient Rome, to pray at an unmarked tomb believed to be that of Peter, the apostle Jesus chose to lead his church. T he Vatican f i rs t s a i d Francis would pray at Peter's tomb, but later said he prayed instead in the basilica. The new p ope "paused in silent prayer, in profound and emotional meditation" in the Clementine Chapel in the vast basilica that is "the closest place (in the basilica) to the tomb of the Prince of the Apostles," it said.

Mountain Medical Immediate Care 541-3SS-7799 1302 NE 3rd St. Bend


In-Home Care Services Care for loved ones. Comfort for all. 541-389-OOOG

e • I'

SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2013 • T HE BULLETIN D 3 "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism

"Star of David"

Judaism CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541 -548-2974 Sunday Worship9:00 am F 10:30 am








0 0

You Are TheMost Important Part of Our Services "Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

"Star 8 Crescent"Islam

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucfanism

FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1049 NE 11th St. i 541-382-8274 SUNDAYS:

9:30am Sunday Educational Classes 10:30 am Morning Worship

COMM U N ITY BIBLE CHURCH AND CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL 541-593-8341 Beaver at Theater Drive, PO Box 4278, Sunriver, OR 97707

This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, Pastor Mike Johnson will share his message titled "The Five Words" Part V in the Sunday service, beginning at 10:30 am.

"Transforming Lives Through the Truth of the Word" All are Welcome!

Childcare is provided in our Sunday morning service. On Wednesdays "Restored Youth" service begins at 7:00 pm A number of Faith Journey Groups meet throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street.


REDMOND ASSKMBI.Y OF GOD 1865 W Antler • Redmond 541-548-4555 SUNDAYS

Morning Worship 8:30 am & 10:30 am Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7 PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery W ednesday NITE Live Kids Youth Group

Coffee Fellowship - 10:45 am Bible Education Hour - 11: 15am Nursery Care available

CENTRAL OREGON BAPTIST CHURCH Currently meeting ai 500 SWBondS!. (541) 617-2814

God-Centered Worship Expository Bible Teaching Rich Hymns 8 Songs Family Oriented Ministries Christ-Focused Living Meaningful Loving Relationships Compassionate Gospel Witness Sunday 9:15 AM - Prayer Meeting 9:30 AM — Adult Bible Fellowship 9:30AM - Children'sSunday School 10:30 AM - Worship Service 6:00 PM - Growth Groups (call for locationsl Wednesday 7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting 8 Adult 13ible Study 7:00 PM - Kids 4 Truth EASTMONT CHURCH

"DisplayingIfre Reality ojChrist in Undeniable WaH" 62425 Eagle Road, Bend 541-382-5822


Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays Potluck 6 pm M usicand the Word 7 pm Sunday Worship Services 8:30am- 10:15 am-!l am Nursery 8 Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy Osborne and Glenn Bartnik 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541-548-3066 REAL LIFK CHRISTIAN CHURCH Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th

Sunday Services 8 am Traditional Service (No child care for 8 am service) 9:30 am Contemporary Service with full child care 11 am Service (Full child care) For information, please call ... Minister - Mike Yunker - 541-312-8844 Associate Pastors Don Henderson 8 Mike Sweeney "Loving people one at a time." 4•

The church is located at Beaver and Theater Drives in Sunriver Everyone is welcome. •Women'sBibleStudy -Tuesdays,10 am • Awana Kids Club (4 yrs - 6th gr.) Sept. - May • Youth Mmistry (gr 7-12) Wednesdays 6: 15 pm • Men'sBibleStudy -Thursdays9 am • Home Bible Studies are also available Preschool for 3 F 4 year olds Call for information Senior Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Associate Pastor: Jake Schwarze visit our Web site

EASTMONT COMMUNITY SCHOOL "Educating and Developing the Whole Child for the Glory of God" Pre K - 5th Grade 62425 Eagle Road, Bend• 541-382-2049 Principal Lonna Carnahan

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIKNTIST 1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am W ed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided.

Listen to KNLR 97.5 FM

Reading Room:

at 9:00 am each Sunday to hear "Transforming Truth" with Pastor Glen.

115 NW Minnesota Ave. Mon. through Friz li am-4 pm Sat. 12 noon-2 pm

Pastor Duane Pippitt •

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo • Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor


20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (541) 383-5097 Web site:


CONGREGATION SHALOM BAYIT (JEWISH COMMUNITY OF CENTRAL OREGON) Serving Central Oregon for 20 Years, We Are a Non-Denominational Egalitarian Jewish Community Our Synagogue is located at 21555 Modoc Lane, Bend, Oregon 541-385-6421 Resident Rabbi Jay Shupack Rebbetzin Judy Shupack

Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994 We provide a congregational setting

for Jews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at:

Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701

Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday Shabbat and High Holiday Services Religious Education Program Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training Weekly Torah StudyEvery Sat © 10 am Adult Education

include: • Davidic dance and worship Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes

*Torah Study meets every Saturday at 10:00 am that there is not a service*

• Home groups • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit


Hadashah (New Testament)

Temple Beth Tikvah is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by choice. Our monthly activities include social functions, services, religious education, Hebrew school, Torah study, and adult education

FOUNDRY CHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Syd Brestel

Syd Brestel will be starting a new series, "Abraham: Faith in the Fog" Join us for worship at 10:15 am to hear how Abraham's faith in uncertain situations can be a guide for us today. For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541-382-3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH, SBC 3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond • 541-548-4161

Sunday Worship Services: 8 00 am, 9 30 am, 11:00 am Sunday Bible Fellowship Groups 930 am 8 11:00 am Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor For complete calender: •

BERKAN BIBLE CHURCH In Partnership with

AmericanMissionary Fellowship Near Highland and 23rd Ave. 2378 SW Glacier Pl. Redmond, OR 97756 Wepreach the goodnewsof IesusChris(, singgreatftymrtsof faitfr, and searchIfre Scripturestogeiher. Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am Bible Study - Thursday, 10:30 am Teaching from the KJV and NKJV Bible Pastor Ed Nelson 541-777-0784

Masses Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM 8 7:00 PM Domingo 12:30PM -M isa en Espanol Reconciliation / Reconciliacion Saturday3:00 PM -4:45 PM -English. HISTORIC DOWNTOWN CHURCH

Corner of NW Franklin & Lava Masses Sunday 4:30 PM M onday-Friday7:00AM F 12:15 PM Saturday 8:00 AM Exposition F Benediction Monday after 7:00 AM Mass - 6:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Wednesday after 7:00 AM Mass - 6:00 PM Thursdayafter 7:00 AM Mass -6:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Reconciliation Tuesday7:30AM -8;00 A M -English o Espanol ST. THOMAS CATHOLIC CHURCH 1720 NW 19th Street Redmond, Oregon 97756 541 -923-3390 Father Todd Unger, Pastor Mass Schedule: Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Ash Wednesday Services: 10:00 am, 12:10 pm and 6:00 pm Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am IEnglish) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English) 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessions on Wednesdays from 5;00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm or call 541-728-6476. •

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH 469 NW Wall St.• 541-382-5542

Sundtr 9Schedule One service at 9:00 am Historic St. Francis Church, 494 NW Lava St. at Franklin, Bend, OR We are grateful to the community for the outpouring of help

or contact us at 541-385-5439 LIVING TORAH FKLLOWSHIP

0 Celebration Church Rabbi Glenn Ettman

Saturday 10:30 am-2 pm

Friday, April 19 at 6:30 pm Shabbat Family Celebration



Food/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshipping in

Friday, May 3 at 6:00 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, May 4 at9:00 am Torah Study Saturday, May 4 at 10:30 am Torah Service Sunday,May 5-Adulteducation (call for information)

Spirit and Truth

April 7, 2013 at 11.00 am:

Children's Program


For the complete schedule of Services F Events go to:

1270 NE 27 St. • 541-382-5496

Senior Pastor Virgil Askren

For more information about our education programs, please call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826. All services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541 -388-8826

9;00 am Hispanic Worship Service

10:15 am Worship Service Nursery Care 8 Children's Church

ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM



9:00 am Informal Service 9:15 am Junior Church 11:00 am Formal Service

21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241

This Sunday's Sermon is given by Pastor Chris Kramer


BibleStudy at 10:00 am on Wednesdays

529 NW 19th Street

(3/4 mile north of High School) ELCA

Redmond, OR 97756

(541) 548-3367


Sunday Worship Service 8:30 am Contemporary 11:00 am Liturgical Sunday School for all ages at 10:00 am

9:00 am Contemporary Worship

Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee,snacksand fellowship

9;30 am Adult Education

Major's Robert 8 Miriam Keene NEW HOPK EVANGELICAL

20080 Pinebrook Blvd. 541-389-3436 Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church!

Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am, Pastor Randy Myers

9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children 8 Youth

Sunday School (541 ) 385-3908


Practice serving Christ in a warm, friendly congregation. Welcomingall colors, sexual orierriaiions andJaiih backgrounds. Shareour progressive fourney. Worship with us Sunday, April 7th at 11:00 am in the Community room of Redmond'sRay's Market 900 SW 23rd Street, just off of Hwy 126 Or, come early at 10:00 am for Bible study and discussion group. All Peoples meets on the first and third Sundays of each month. On April 14th, All Peoples meets again in the Community Room of Redmond'sRay's Mar ket. For details, directions and possible help with car-pooling, email: a(lpeolessucc@gmal(.com or call: 541-390-6864 •

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW Bond St. / 541-382-1672

Everyone isWelrorrre! Rev. Thom Larson Guest Speaker: Rev. Emmett Shortreed Sermon Title: "Lost" Scripture: Romans I: 18-25 9.00 am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9 am Service 11:00 am - Traditional Service

Childcare provided on Sunday *During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson


Youth Groups High School — Sunday 11:00am- 12:30pm

EVery Saturday On the ChurCh

11:00 am Traditional Worship

MiddleSchool - Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm

page. $22 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday


M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

6:30 pm Centering Prayer

CO Marketplace: The FirSt TueSday Of eaCh

Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service

month. $22 Copy Changes: by Monday t Week PriOr to PubliCatiOn

Small Groups Meet Regularly

listing of activities for all ages.

Call Pat Lynch 541-383-0396


(Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete

Meeting place: THE OLD STONE 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR 97709

4 Saturdays and TMC: $110 5 Saturdays and TMC: $132 The Bulletin:

afier eachservice

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 — 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness

See our website for more information

Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur

(child care provided)

Religious Education for Pre-K through Grade 5 and childcare for young children are available.

All are welcome through our red doors

541 NE Dekalb Sunday School 9:45 am Children 8 Adult Classes Worship Service - 11:00 am

"Facing Down the Future: Keeping Positive in Uncertain Times": Lay-led service featuring the the Young Adults Group of UUFCO. Join us for music, younger adult insight, and what growing up as "a millennial" means. We will have three speakers share their insights about being part of the millennialgeneration,which spans three decades.


9:00 am Sunday School for all ages

Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor


"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation


Worship in the Heart of Redmond

541 -389-8888

230 NE Ninth Street, Bend 541-382-4401

63830 Clausen Rd Ste 102, Bend

The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector

THE SALVATION ARMY 755 NE 2nd Street, Bend

Wednesday Noon Silence F Supper Worship 12:30 pm Contemplative Prayer

Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week

Visit us on the web at

NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street

Modern Family Sermon Series A three-week series beginning April 14 and concluding April 28. This series explores three different aspects of our own Modern Families: conflict, context and community.

Youth Events

MISSION (LCMSJ WEDNESDAY Sundays: 8:30 8 10:30 am Experience an Eckankar The rxissionofIkeCkarrk is!o forgivesinsthrough the Wednesday Night Study: 7 pm 6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study Community HU Gos)re(and tkereby grant eternal Iife YouthGroup:Wednesday 7 pm THURSDAY Child Care provided (St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg Community HU Sing, April 6 2:00-3:30 pm 10:00 am50+ Bible Study Confession XXVI11.8, 10) East Bend Public library WEEKLY Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are 10 am Sunday School 60280 Dean Swift Rd.,f)170, Bend, OR available, call for days and times. Life Groups 11 am Divine Service Saturday, April 13th at 2:00 pm Please visit our website for a complete "Teaching the Word of God, We invite you to watch a video presentation The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor. listing of activities for all ages. Book by Book" of Sri Harold Klemp's talk 8286 11th St (Grange Hall), that was given March 30th. Terrebonne, OR (During the 2013 ECK Springtime Seminar) HOLY REDKKMER CATHOLIC PARISH Join us at O.S.U.- Cascades, Room 103 Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor 2600 College Way, Bend condordialutheranmission SOVEREIGN GRACE CHURCH across from the library. Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Parish Office: 541-536-3571 Meeting at the Golden Age Club Phone: 541-325-6773 40 SE 5th St., Bend Learnhow tosing HU, a love song to God: HOLY REDKKMER, LA PINE Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School a loving, uplifting, Spiritual Exercise. HU, GRACK FIRST LUTHKRAN CHURCH 16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday, Wednesday 8 Friday Mass pronounced like the word hue, is sung for 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend Sunday Worship 10:00 am 9:00 am about 20 minutes and is followed by a brief 382-6862 Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated to Sunday Mass — 10:00 am period of sacred contemplation. worshipping God and teaching the Bible Confessions: Saturdays — 3:00-4:00pm Followed by a discussion. Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. truths recovered through the Reformation. Regardless of your beliefs or religion, (Child Care Available) HOLY TRINITY, SUNRIVER singing HU can bring you greater Call for information about other meetings Sunday School 10:20 a.m. 18143 Cottonwood Rd. happiness, love, and understanding. Education Hour 10:45 a.m. 541 -420- 1667 Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Singing HU can draw us closer in our state Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm of consciousness to the Divine Being. It Sunday mass 8:00 am LentenService Wednesday 6:30 p.m. has helped people of many different faiths Confessions: Thurs. 9:00 - 9: 15am open their hearts more fully to the uplifting W omen's Bible Study Tuesday 9:15 a.m . OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS, Gilchrist presence and security of God's love. CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER M en'sBible Study Wednesday 7:30 a.m. 120 Mississippi Dr 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241 Sunday Mass — 12:30 pm Singing HU can help you experience: Confessions: Sundays 12:00 - 12;15 pm Pastor Joel LiaBraaten • Comfort, peace, joy Evangelical Lutheran Church in America • Expanded awareness Sunday Morning Worship HOLY FAMILY, • Inner light and/or sound near Christmas Valley 8:45 am 8 10:45 am • A subtle sense of Divine Love 57255 Fort Rock Rd NATIVITY LUTHERAN CHURCH • The healing of a broken heart Sunday Mass — 3:30 pm 60850 Brosterhous Road at Knott WednesdayMid-Week Services • Solace during times of grief Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm 541-388-0765 • A release of fears Children 6 Youth Programs ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI • Answers to your questions 7:00 pm CATHOLIC CHURCH "Called by the grace of God Pastor Rev. James A. Radloff we reach out to all people For more information please visit Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti Nursery Care provided for all services. with the love of Jesus Christ" or 541-382-3631

SUNDAY 9:00 AM Sunday School for everyone 10:15 AM Worship Service

Rev. Jay Dee Conrad Preaching "Encore" 9:00 am contemporary 10:45 am traditional 5:01 pm relaxed Sunday School: 3 yrs to 6th grade Nursery care provided

See Youth Blog:

For more information about weekly ministries for the whole family, contact 541-382-5822 or email Info©

Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

• Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy

Sunday Services Classic (Blended) Service 9:00am Contemporary Service 10:45am H ispanic Service 6:00p m

(Across Ninth St, from Bend High) All Are Welcome, Always!

mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries


Religion of the Light andSound of God




• g •



VOLUNTEER SEARCH Volunteer Search is compiled by theDepartment of HumanServices Volunteer Services. Theorganizations listed are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. Tosee a full list, and for additional information on the types of help needed, go online to Changes,additions or deletions should besent to1300 N.W. Wall St., Suite103, Bend 97701, email Therese.M.Helton© or call 541-693-8988.


CHILDREN, YOUTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES ADULTBASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT (COCC): Margie Gregory, or 541-3 I8-3788. or Caitlin Krutsinger, 503-419-9514. ALYCEHATCHCENTER: Andy Kizans, 541-383-1980. BEND PARK& RECREATION DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. BIGBROTHERS BIGSISTERS OF CENTRALOREGON:541-3126047 (Bend), 541-447-3851, ext. 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 (Madras). BOY SCOUTSOF AMERICA: Paul Abbott, paulabbott© or 54 I -382-4647. BOYS &GIRLS CLUBS OF CENTRAL OREGON:, info© or 541-617-2877. CAMP FIREUSACENTRAL OREGON: or 541-382-4682. CHILDREN'SVISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Beth, beth@ or 54 I-588-6445. DESCHUTES COUNTYSHERIFF'S OFFICE— CENTRAL OREGON PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPYO or 541-388-6651. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS PROGRAM:Steve Guzanskis, 54 I -678-5483. GIRL SCOUTS:541-389-8146. GIRLS ONTHE RUN OF DESCHUTES COUNTY:www. or info© GRANDMA'SHOUSE:541-383-3515. HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:ww w.myhb. org or 541-383-6357. HIGH DESERTTEENS VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: www. or 54 I -382-4757. IEP PARTNERS: Carmelle Campbell at the OregonParent Training and Information Center, 888-505-2673. J BAR JLEARNINGCENTER: Rick Buening, or 54 I-389- I409. JUNIPERSWIM & FITNESS CENTER:Kim, 541-706-6127. KIDS CENTER: Rachel Kane, 541383-5958, ext. 274. LA PINE HIGHSCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, jeff.bockert@bend.k12. or 541-355-8501. MEADOWLARK MANOR:Peggy Kastberg, 541-382-7025. MOUNTAINSTARFAMILY RELIEF NURSERY:541-322-6820. NEIGHBORIMPACT: 541-548-2380, ext. 115. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY EXTENSIONSERVICE:541548-6088, 541-447-6228 or 541 -475-3808. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTERGARDENERVOLUNTEER PROGRAM:http://extension. or 541-548-6088. READ TOGETHER: 541-388-7746. REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 54 I -923-4807. REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER: Zach Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNG LIFE: 54 I -923-8530. SCHOOL-TO-CAREER PARTNERSHIP:Kent Child, 541-322-3261. SMART (STARTMAKING A READER TODAY) or541-355-5600. TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES: 503-205-0I94. VIMA LUPWA HOMES: www. or 541-420-9634. YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL OREGON: 541-385-0470.


541-389-8420 or541-598-5488. CHIMPS, or 541-410-4122. DESCHUTESLANDTRUST: or 541-330-0017. DESCHUTESNATIONALFOREST: Jean Nelson-Dean, 541-383-5576. EAST CASCADES AUDUBON or 541-241-2190. THE ENVIRONMENTALCENTER: 541-385-6908. EGUINEOUTREACH HORSE RESCUE OF BEND:www.equineoutreach. com or joan© or 541-41 9-3717. HEALINGREINS THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER: Darcy Justice, 541-382-9410. HUMANE SOCIETYOF CENTRAL OREGON:Jen, jennifer© or 541-382-3537. HUMANE SOCIETYOF THE OCHOCOS: 541-447-7178. HUMANE SOCIETYOFREDMOND: or 541-923-0882. JUNIPERGROUP SIERRA CLUB: 541-389-9 I15. STEWARDSHIPFOR SUSTAINABLE BAGGING:LexaMcAllister, or 541-914-6676. SUNRIVERNATURECENTER& OBSERVATORY:541-593-4442. VOLUNTEERCAMPGROUND HOST POSITIONS: Tom Mottl, 541-41 6-6859.

HEALTH AMERICANCANCER SOCIETY: Charlie Johnson, 541-434-3114. AMERICANREDCROSS: 541-749-4111. DESCHUTESCOUNTYHEALTH DEPARTMENT: Tuesday Johnson, Tuesday Johnson©co.deschutes. or 541-322-7425. FRIENDSWITH FLOWERS OF OREGON: www. or 541-480-8700. HOSPICEOF REDMONDSISTERS:www.redmondhospice. org or Volunteer Coordinator at 541-548-7483. MOUNTAIN VIEW HOSPITAL:JoDee Tittle, 541-475-3882, ext. 5097. MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL HOSPICE: 541-460-4030 or Tori Schultz, or 541475-3882, ext. 5327. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS— CENTRAL OREGON: Eileen White, namicentraloregonO NEWBERRYHOSPICE: 541-536-7399. PARTNERS IN CARE:www. or SarahPeterson at 541-382-5882. RELAYFORLIFE:Stefan Myers, 541-504-4920. ST. CHARLESIN BENDAND ST. CHARLESIN REDMOND: 541-706-6354. VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE: Kristi, 541-585-9008.

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ggMgm SKgy)gKS

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GROUP:namicentraloregon@gmail. com.



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GAMBLINGHOT LINE:800-233-8479. GLUCOSE CONTROLLOW CARB DIET SUPPORTGROUP: kjdnrcd©yahoo. com or 541-504-0726. GLUTENINTOLERANCEGROUP (CELIAC):541-389-1731. GRANDMA'SHOUSE:Supportfor pregnant teensandteenmoms; 541-383-3515.






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Hops Continued from 01

ln the field Featured in Worthy Brewing's Worthy India Pale Ale, East Side Pale Ale and Imperial India Pale Ale, Meridian hops are one of about 15 varieties Kennedy uses to give his beers a fresh and slightly bitter taste. Indie Hops founder Jim Solberg said Meridian, the most recent variety to hit Oregon's craft beer scene, is the result of a failed attempt to regrow another style of hops, Columbia, which someone planted on a hillside for an experimental trial and then abandoned. "What we ended up with was an unknown hop t hat had taken over those hills," said Solberg, whose company sells hops to Worthy Brewing and several other well-known breweries, including New Belgium, Bend Brewing Co. and Stone Brewing. But while Meridian has taken thecraftbrewing industry by storm since its discovery two years ago, Solberg said the way his company came across Meridian is the exact opposite of how it normally finds a new type of hops. The process usually involves a considerable amount of work, time and financial risk, he said. Solberg said th e p r ocess starts when growers crossbreed two different styles of hops, collect seeds from the resulting plant and germinate them in agreenhouse. Ifthese plants germinate successfully, they spend three years undergoing tests at an experimental hop yard like the one being built at Worthy Brewing, then another three years in farm trials — where the crop is grown under the same conditions it would face in a commercialfield. Solberg said the time allotted to these field trials is necessary because hops varieties are susceptible to w e ather changes, two types of mildew, pests and any number of other problems that can wipe out the entire crop.

In the brewery But even if a variety of hops can make it past all of these potential threats, he said, it doesn't mean it will taste good when it's added to beer. Though brewmasters of-



r ne'."'

Photos by Rob Kerr /The Bulletin

Worthy Brewing's location in east Bend features an experimental hops yard and a greenhouse that will grow new hops varieties.

i~ //yjP


Worthy Brewing brewmaster Chad Kennedy looks inside a machine at the brewery's east Bend production facility. ten harvest hops during this trial period and use them in small batches of beer, it isn't until a strain's sixth year of development that a developer has enough product to conduct a pilot trial at a commercial brewery. That's when the b rewer learns whether t he strain can be used in a comm ercial e n v i ronment a n d whether it's been worth the investment. "It's possible to get (to the pilot brewery trial) and then realize, 'Well, it's not that special,' " Solberg said. "We could get that far and say, 'Ehhh ... this just isn't going to work.' " The development process is especiallyrisky because hops have no alternative use, Kennedy said. If a barley crop fails,

it can be used to make animal feed. But if a hops crop fails, it fails, he said. Once a hops variety has made it through all the tests, it takes an additional two years before itsdevelopers have a large enough sample to fully release it to the commercial market.


ln the yard By hosting an experimental hop yard and greenhouse, Worthy Brewing workers will be able to watch the first two stages of the hops development process take place by walking out into the brewery's p arking lot — much in t h e same way a winemaker can walk out into his field and look at his grapes.

Ebert Continued from 01 R oger Ebert t a ught t h e world to love the movies. Look how many movie lovers are publishing their gratitude in tribute, in p e rsonal t erms. Look how some refer to "the movies," with its definite article — his populist, intimate, Midwestern way of referring to his life's passion. He became most k nown for his thumbs, but this upor-down brand was oddly out of sync with his ecumenical, nuanced grasp of cinema and life. This man was a mensch. This analyst was a humanist. This was a wit among twits. Everyone is a critic now, but how many of us possess the required authority, humanity and dexterity with words? The first writing I did for newspapers was f il m c r i t icism, and Ebert's annual compendia of starred reviews were my inspiration. During high school I tacked above my desk one of his enduring quotations: "A movie is not what it is about but how it is about it." The simple, elegant authority of this maxim transfixed and guided me, not least because one might substitute "story" — or anything else really — for "movie." It guides how I write today, about anything. The smallest, most insignificant subject can make for a great story if you inquire with verve and execute with care. By mastering the parametersof a medium and rendering his judgment and appreciation into words, Ebert taught me that. A writer must be both skeptical a n d bi g -hearted, intractable on some matters and flexible on others. Ebert taught me that too. "We must try to contribute joy to the world," he wrote in May 2009, in a blog post on mortality. "The cinema is the greatest art form ever conceived for generating emotions in its audience," he wrote in 1991 in a preface to his top 10 list. Roger Ebert c o n tributed

"It's going to help put the big picture together for us," Kennedy s a id , e x p l aining that brewmasters are usually disconnected from the agriculturalprocess because they use so much hops and barley with each batch that it's ext remely difficult to g row i t themselves. "It's going to be neat to crossbreed two differentcrops and see what happens," he said. The new hops yard will give a team of students and volunteers f ro m O S U -Cascades' campus a chance to learn the ins and outs of the hops development process asthey tend and test the hops varieties that are growing there. It will also give craft beer drinkers a chance to learn about Alfred Haunold — the namesake of Worthy Brewing's hops yard — and t he work he di d d eveloping 16 varieties of hops while working for OSU's hops breeding



"The work he did had a huge impact on the global hops and beer i n dustry," T o w nsend said, adding Haunold's portfolio incudes the Cascade, Willamette, Sterling, Liberty, Mt. Hood and Santiam varieties thatgive Oregon's craft beers their signature taste. "His contribution was huge." Townsend said he plans to hang a few of Haunold's most

I am over the moon for "The Producers." I prize the work of Billy Wilder and the delight it brings to my life. Because of Roger Ebert I have seen "Tokyo Story." Because of Roger Ebert's splendid audio commentary on the DVDs of "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca," I not only understand bu t a p p r eciate why the first is the greatest movie and the second is the most beloved. He dissected his passion by conducting shot-by-shot workshops. He democratized it by creating an "overlooked" film festival. When cancer and surgery robbed him of a voice several

years ago, his writing muse

Disney-ABC viaThe Associated Press

Although he was the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize and authored many books about movies, Roger Ebert, right, was perhaps best known for his partnership with fellow critic Gene Siskel, left, on a series of television programs reviewing current movies. The pair trademarked the phrase "Two thumbs up." Siskei died in1999.

worked overtime. His blog, like his wife Chaz, was a salvation. In between his vigorous reviews, he tapped out long essays seemingly out of nowhere. Each was a review of the action of living. He once spent a couple thousand words recounting his lust for a 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk, though he was really delivering a treatise on nostal-

gia and loss.

He once wrote about the rudimentary matters of trave ling and walking, but t h e way he wrote it made it read like a tracking shot by Carlo joy by sharing his joy. And by around us. It gives us the im- di Palma, made it move as if sharing his outrage. After all, pression of having touched life jump-cut by Godard, made if we are going to pay money itself." it resonate like a sequence of "Life Itself" is the title of his Altman's. to withdraw into darkness for two hours, it better be worth graceful memoir, published A piece of writing is not it. in 2011, and its opening line what it is about but how it is "We a re all a l l otted an captures how he (and we) are about it. u nknown bu t f i n it e n u m - wedded to cinema: "I was born He beat alcoholism. ber of h ours o f c o nscious- inside the movie of my life." He didn't beat cancer. ness," he wrote on his blog We all are. Our lives unSo it goes, he might have in 2008. "Maybe a critic can s pool behind u s i n T e c h- said. help you spend them more nicolor, in Cinemascope, in In a career of great lines, his meaningfully." dissolves and montages and best was this:"We live in abox One of his most memorable swish-pans and close-ups. He of space and time. Movies are digs: "'Pearl Harbor' is a two- was the celebrant of modern windows in its walls." hour movie s queezed into America's intimate union with E bert was the man w h o three hours, about how on De- the medium. He chronicled pulled back the curtains on cember 7, 1941, the Japanese how we retreat into the temple those windows, who beckoned staged a surprise attack on an of movie theaters, how we us totheir panes. Come, see. American love triangle." step outside ourselves, how Look at the million lifetimes One of his most resonant after the credits we emerge you can live while consigned compliments: " A f il m l i k e into the world wider-eyed and to your own. Outside those 'Hoop Dreams' is what the clearer-headed. windows floated Orson Welles movies are for. It takes us, Because of Roger Ebert, I in a dark Viennese doorway, a shakes us, and make us think am enraptured by "The Third helmeted Klaus Kinski on his Man" and "Bonnie and Clyde." raft in the Amazon, Frances in new ways about the world

popular hops varieties along the wiresthat run across Worthy's experimental hops yard to see how they'd perform in Central Oregon's climate, which is considerably drier than the Willamette Valley, where most of the state's hops are grown. T ownsend said h e a l s o w ants to grow a few of h i s own hops varieties in the hops yard. These experimental hops varieties, which haven't been named yet, are being developed so they have a strong aroma and a strong resistance to diseases and pests. Brewmasters are a l w ays looking for new ways they can flavor their products and come out with new types and styles of beer, he said. And disease and pest resistance would let farmers grow e xperimental hops varieties with little or no chemical pesticides, something that would reduce their environmental footprint and could lead t o t h e m b e i ng grown organically. Kennedy said developing a variety of hops that could be grown organically would have a huge impact on the craft beer industry. That's because on Jan. 1. the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Standards Board officially removed hops from its list of ingredients that could be grown using non-organic methods but still included in products that were labelled as being organic. Kennedy said the decision, which was announced about two years ago, could have a huge impact on the craft beer industry. Growing hops on a commercial scalerequires a lot of pesticides and fertilizers because of their vulnerability to pests and disease. "There'ssome places that are totally based on growing organic beer," Kennedy said, adding these businesses must now find an organically grown hops variety if they want to continue labelling their product as such. Only time will tell whether the experimental v a r ieties of hops planted in Worthy's hops yard on Friday can fill this niche and meet the emerging demand for an all-organic beer. A considerable amount of time. — Reporter: 541-617-7816, mmclean®

McDormand barfing on the side of a Minnesota highway. Roger Ebert taught me to love the movies, and therefore life itself, and I will have this love for the rest of my life. So w ill others.There are scores of thankful apprentices out there today, humming w it h g r i ef and gratitude in newsrooms, in the blogosphere, on Twitter, in darkening movie theaters. Darkening, darkening, darkening and then: the drums and blaring brass as 20th Century Fox spins its searchlights, and we are again enraptured by lives and worlds beyond our own. Our guide to these worlds is gone, but because of him we know the terrain.



'Evil Dead' could scare 'G.l. Joe' off No. 1 By Amy Kaufman Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" could be demonized by "EvilDead" at the box office this weekend as the horror film aims to possess No. 1. A fter d e b uting w i t h $40.5 million, the action sequel will likely take in an additional $20 million during its second weekend in theaters, according to those who have seen pre-release audience surveys. That will put the film in a tight race for the top spot against "Evil Dead," which is poised to start off with a solid sum of between $20 million and $25 mi llion. The weekend's other new release, a 3-D version of the 2-decade-old "Jurassic Park," will likely open with a r e s pectable $15 million. "Evil Dead" is the fourth installment in the horror f ranchise o r iginated b y filmmaker Sam Raimi in 1983. The new film is the first not to be directed by R aimi, who h elmed t h e series' third entry, "Army of Darkness," two decades ago. Raimi di d p r oduce "Evil Dead," but the movie was written and directed by Uruguay native and Hollywood newcomer Fede Alvarez. T he sequel, which i s generating the most interest among young males, has received particularly strong reviews for a horror film: On Thursday, the picture had notched a 76 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Initially released in 1993, Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park" was a blockbuster, grossing $914 million worldwide and spawning a franchise. Next summer, "Jurassic Park 4" is set to hittheaters 13 years after the release of the series' third installment. Based on Michael Crichton's novel, "Jurassic Park"

follows a group of people dealing with the dangers of an amusement park full of cloned dinosaurs. Universal Pictures spent about $10 million to convert the 20-year-old classic to 3-D — a nine-month-long process that involved more than 700 artists. But a number of 3-D rereleases have had trouble at the box office in recent years. Walt Disney Studios saw its reformatted "The Lion King" gross almost $100 million two years ago, but other 3-D versions of the studio's animated films failed to become box-office hits.


2 0 1 3

On May 12, The Bulletin will drive headlong into the Central Oregon golf seasonwith Tee to Green, our annual spring golf preview! This highly anticipated product will be packed with informationonthe courses that make thisoneof the finest golf destinations in the nation. Tee to Greenwill reach over 70,000 Bulletin print readers and thousands more online, making it the premier locals guide lo golf in Central Oregon — and the best way to reach the local golfer with your marketing message!

FEATURES INCLUDE: • What's new in 2013 • Central Oregon course index • Comprehensive tournament schedule • Central Oregon junior Golf Association coverage ...and much more! A 2,500 copy over-run will be included with additional copies being distributed to all local coursesand advertisers in the preview.




'Da Vinci's Demons'mixes anta, isto TV SPOTLIGHT

Medici (Elliot Cowan); Count Girolamo Riario (Blake Ritson), a nephew of Pope Sixtus IV (James Faulkner, in a scenery-chewing portrayal) transformed here into the pontiff's pious, secret son; Clarice Orsini (Lara Pulver), Lorenzo's devoted and devout wife; thief and grave robber Zoroaster

"Da Vinci's Demons" 10 p.m. Friday, Starz

By Kate O'Hare © Zap2it

Born in the middle of the 15th century, during the Renaissance, artist and visionary Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most brilliant and restless minds of a glittering and restive age. One would think that sticking 100 percent of the time to the facts of the life of a man described by contemporary Giorgio Vasari as having a "beauty of body never sufficiently extolled," an "infinite grace" and "great bodily strength," with a "spirit and courage ever royal and magnanimous" wouldbe enough for a dramatic cable series. And that's not even mentioning the major works of art he's known best for: the enigmatic portrait "Mona Lisa," the reverent and yet dynamic "The Last Supper," and one of the most famous pen-and-ink drawings of all time, depicting the beauty of proper proportions, called "Vitruvian Man." On Friday,Starz premieres "Da Vinci's Demons," a creation of writer David S. Goyer ("Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight," "The Dark K n ight Rises"), that uses the life of Leonardo da Vinci (Tom Ri-

ley) as a jumping-off point for an extravagantly p r oduced historical fantasy that reimag-

model Vanessa (Hera Hilmar); teenage apprentice Nico Machiavelli (Eros Vlahos); bon vivant Giuliano Medici (Tom Bateman); and painter, sculptor and architect Andrea Verrocchio (Allan Corduner). What is true is that Leonardo da Vinci was a bit of an intelStarz lectual hummingbird, landing Lara Pulver stars in "Da Vinci's Demons," an unusual mix of hison different pursuits just long tory and fantasy that takes place in Italy during the Renaissance. enough to get a taste but not often sticking around to become an accomplished master. It's a testament to his native ines him as a w o manizing somethinghappened ina cave. swashbuckler searching for We don't know exactly what genius, then, that the things he the mythical "Book of Leaves" happened. He sketched it, and actually finished — aside from with the help of a p ossibly he said that, sort of, something reams of journal entries and — or probably — imaginary horrific happened to him in a sketches of ingenious invenfigure called The Turk (Alex- cave. And that's something we tions and the intricacies of the ander Siddig). explore in this show. body and the natural world "I also thought it was in— are deathless works of art. In Goyer's mind, the comic "He was so mercurial," says book parallels are obvious. teresting that Bob Kane, the "There are some parallels to creator of Batman, originally Riley, "and so much was writBatman," he says. "He had big based da Vinci's — I'm sorry ten about how his mind flitted fatherissues,you know, miss- — Batman's cape on da Vinci's from one thing to the next, and ing parent. Obviously, both glider. So there are sort of two how frustrated he got, how obsessed with flight. Both had figures that have always been charming he could be when these formative horrific inci- kind of inextricably linked." necessary, and then how andents where they were trapped Among G oyer's c olorful gry he would get. "To get to play all these difin caves — or, in Batman's cast of figures in decadent case, a well. Florence, Italy (some based ferent things in one role, in "There was one that da Vin- loosely on history), are Luone job, that's a gift." ci wrote about in his own jour- crezia Donati (Laura H adAs to what he might think nals when he was 13 where dock),the mistress of Lorenzo of this version of Leonardo if

Dear Abby: I'm a member of a c lose-knit theater company f o r teens, and I auditioned for the musical "Fame." The director wants to give me a role as one of the teachers. Show after show, I get matronly roles with n o m e m oraDEAR ble lines or f u n ny ABBY scenes. I don't know if I should accept the part. If I do, I'll get to be with my friends. If I don't, there will still be another show coming up that I can audition for. What should I do? — Young Actress In Michigan Dear Young Actress: Grab all the time you can get on stage. If you didn't have the depth it takes to portray a mature role, your director wouldn't want to assign it to you. This is a compliment about your abilities. Audition for the next show as well. The more varied the rolesyou play,the more you can develop your craft. Dear Abby: My husband and I decided to take some classes at a local community college. We both have collegedegrees, but there was a class we were interested in. We

are the oldest students in the class by 10 to 20 years. I am irritated by our classmates' disrespect and rudeness to the instructor. It takes the form of talking with each other when the instructor is speaking, t hen asking her t o explain what she just discussed while they were talking. They s ometimes ge t s o loud that I can't hear what the teacher is saying. Is there anything I can do as a fellow student to get them to stop'? Because of the age difference, I'm afraid most of them would think I

was being bossy. — Anonymous In California Dear Anonymous: The teacher you describe does not appear to be a particularly effective one or she would have better control of the classroom. Because the noise level is so high you can't hear the lecture, I have two suggestions: The first is to speak privately with the teacher. And if that doesn't do the trick, when the students around you become disruptive, ask them to pipe down so you can hear what the



year you assume an unusually low profile. By Jacqueline Bigar You often might be found thinking, reading and/or researching. You might decide not to share much with those need to check in with an older relative. around you. If Others will have to take care of different Stars showthe kind you are single, responsibilities. Tonight: Honor a change of day you'll have y ou'll want to be of plans. Do not get uptight. ** * * * D ynamic reserved when CANCER (June21-July22) ** * * P ositive m e eting new S tay enthusiastic about plans, ** * A verage peo p le. They might ** * * but understand that they could change. ** So-so not be everything Sometimes you push so hard thatyou * Difficult that they make push away a good opportunity. Touch themselves out to base with an older relative who you care a be. If you are attached, as a couple you'll lot about. Recognize your limits, but also benefit from several weekends away from trust in your desirability. Tonight: Off to your hectic lives. You will reconnect in a movie. a deeper way as a result. PISCESreads LEO (July23-Aug. 22) you cold. ** * * A partner or dear loved one ARIES (March 21-April19) pushes to get feedback. Know that it ** * You suddenly might run out of might be better to share your feelings steam. Considering everything that you and strengthen your bond. A domestic do, are you really that surprised that you matter feeds into the current mood. What needtoslow down? Choose to doonly is agreed to likely will be honored in the what you have committed to do. You come from a more secure place than you near future. Tonight: Togetherness isthe theme. have in a while. Tonight: Don't push.

TAURUS (April 20-May20) ** * * * L i sten to news, and see what is going on behind the scenes; understanding will evolve as a result. Make plans accordingly. Meet a dear loved one for a fun day of visiting a museum or driving to the beach. Whatever you choose to do will work. Tonight: Let the fun begin.

GEMINI (May 21-June20) ** * * T ake news with a grain of salt. No matter howyou sort the facts, you'll need to take action. Some of you might

instructor is saying. That is not being bossy. You paid for the class and you should get your money's worth. Dear Abby: My husband and I often go out to eat at local ethnic restaurants with a small group of friends. When we're at a Mexican restaurant, I often throw a couple of "arribas!" into our conversation. When we're at an Italian restaurant, I will sometimes use an Italian accent to say "pizza pie-a!" My husband tells me it's offensive. I don't mean to insult anyone. My comments are made in the spirit of fun. Furthermore, the owners and servers atthese restaurants are hardly ethnic Mexicans or Italians. I would never wish to hurt someone or be derogatory, so I told my husband I'd consult you. What do you think? — Muy Cafiente In Iowa Dear Muy Caliente: Whenyouvisit a Jewish deli do you tell the server, "Oy vey,I'llhave the corned beef"? Your husband is right — cool it. Not becauseyou'lloffend the servers in the restaurant, but because stereotyping makes you look like a fool. — Write to Dear Abby at or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles,CA 90069

produce better-quality work. You need a change and some distance from a project. Tonight: Let the good times roll.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21) ** * * * S hare some of your fun, imaginative ideas, as your creativity is high. Choose to be with a friend who would delight in you adding to his or her day with some wild plans. Tonight: Tap into your imagination.

SAGITTARIUS(Nov.22-Oec.21) ** * T ension builds on the personal front. You might want to express your creativity. As much as you might like a roommate to be on your side, he or she might not be as supportive as you'd like. Use your intuition to diffuse a difficult interaction. Tonight: Order in.

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan. 19) ** * * F ollow through on your desire for some space. Think about planning a picnic at a lake if the beach is not an option. In a different setting, a loved will open up to you. Tonight: Enjoy a dinner out.

AauARIuS(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

** * * You might feel as if a lot is on your plate. You could be involved with ** * * O t hers share so much with you a yard sale or a new hobby. Allow more that you could be overwhelmed. Listen experimental ideas to frequentyour plans. to someone share more of what is going Tonight: Do whatever you want — as long on with him or her. You might undermine as you are not following your routine. yourself by not being open. Silence could PISCES (Feb. 19-March20) be a defense. Tonight: Decide what would ** * * * E xplore different options. You be the most fun to do. will find that more emerge as soon as you LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) get past some judgments. Express your ** * Pace yourself, but get as much caring by buying a token of appreciation done as possible.Bytaking a breakand for someone else. Tonight: Just be enjoying the company of a loved one or yourself. making plans with your pals, you will

8 p.m.onANPL,"My Cat From Hell" — In the season premiere, "Deaf, Blind andBiting," cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy works with Michelle and Lyndi, a mother and daughter whose aging cat, Burberry, has become hostile and violent toward their new kitten. He alsomeets David and Rebecca, who want to start a family but worry about bringing a baby into the household with Leo the cat, who picks fights with the dog up to 15 times a day. 8 p.m. onHBO, Movie: "Prometheus" — Director Ridley Scott's return to the space-thriller genre led tomuchspeculation that it would be an"Alien" prequel, and at the very least, some of the themes are the same inthe challenging and visually striking 2012 saga. Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba and Logan Marshall-Green play members of an intergalactic crew in search of ancient predecessors, with Michael Fassbender as anandroid who's also aboard (yes, a link to "Alien"). 9 p.m. onH C), "20/20" — In the new episode "General Hospital: The Real Soap Dish," Katie Couric takes viewers on an armchair tour behind the scenes in the fictional town of Port Charles. Shetalks with current and former stars of "GH" and reflects on the careers the show launched, the songs it sent to the top of the charts and the issues it brought to the forefront. Interviewees include Anthony Geary, Genie Francis, Maurice Benardand executive producer FrankValentini.

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may beanadditional fee for3-D andIMAXmovies. • Movie times are subject tochange after press time. t




Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8, IMAX,680 S W.Powerhouse Drive, 541-382-6347 • ADMISSION(PG-13) 12:50, 3:50, 6:35, 9:30 • THE CALL(R) 1:45, 4:45, 7:55, 10:20 • THE CROODS (PG) 12:05, 3:05, 6:05, 9:05 • THECROODS 3-D (PG) l2:20,3:20,6:20,9:20 • EVIL DEAD (R) 12:45, 3:45, 7:20, 10:05 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-13) 1:25, 4:25, 7:35, 10:20 • G.I. JOE:RETALIATION3-O(PG-13) 1:30, 4:30, 7:40, IO:25 • THE HOST (PG-13) I2:35, 3:35, 6:30, 9:25 • IDENTITY THIEF(R) 1:40, 4:20, 6:55, 9:40 • THEINCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE (PG-I3)1:35, 4:40, 7:50, 10:30 • JACK THE GIANT SLAYER(PG-13) 4:15, 10:15 • JACK THE GIANTSLAYER3-O (PG-13) 1:15, 7:30 • JURASSICPARK(PG- I3) 3:30 • JURASSICPARK3-D(PG- I3) 12:30, 6:45, 9:45 • JURASSICPARKIMAX(PG-13) 1,4,7, IO • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 1:10, 4:10, 7:10, 9:55 • OZTHE GREAT AND POWERFUL (PG)Noon,3,6,9 • OZTHEGREATAND POWERFUL3-D (PG)12:IO,3:15, 6:15, 9:15 • Accessibility devicesareavailable forsome movies. '



Regal Pilot Butte 6, 2717N.E.U.S. Highway 20, 54 I-382-6347 • EMPEROR iPG-13) 1:15, 4:15, 6:45, 9:10 • THE GATEKEEPERS (Ri 12:30, 3:45, 6:05, 8:30 • QUARTET(PG-13) 1, 4, 6:20, 8:45 • SIDE EFFECTS (R) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:20 • SILVER LININGSPLAYBOOK(R) 12:45, 3:30, 6:30, 9: I5 • WEST OF MEMPHIS (R)Noon,3,6,9 I

9p.m.onSHO, Movie:"Manon a Ledge" — This 2012 melodrama stays true to its title, though there's a bit more to it. Sam Worthington plays the man perched on a New York ledge, an ex-cop who's the prime suspect in a diamond theft. As his precarious position draws the attention of the media and a police negotiator (Elizabeth Banks), his brother (Jamie Bell) works across the street on a plan to clear his name and expose the true culprits. Kyra Sedgwick, EdHarris and Edward Burns also star. ©Zap2rt

E LEVATIO N Klevation Capital Strategies 400 sw Bluff Drive suite 101 Bend Main: 541-728-0321


McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • DJANGOUNCHAINED(R) 9 • ESCAPE FROMPLANET EARTH(PG) Noon • THE IMPOSSIBLE iPG-13) 6 • WARM BODIES (PG-13) 3 • After 7 p.m., shows are2f and older only. Younger than 2f mayattend screenings before7 pm.ifaccompanied by a legalguardian.

g ttre &arf.k r" o.

rdU a~ B~ Bend Redmond

John Day

Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin Pan Alley, 541-241-2271 • APLACEATTHETABLE(PG)8 • HAPPY PEOPLE: AYEARIN THETAIGA (no MPAArating) 4,6 I


Burns Lakeview

I )

Redmond Cinemas,1535 S.W.OdemMedo Road, 54 I -548-8777 • THE CROODS (PGi 11:15a.m., 1:30, 3:45, 6:15, 8:30 • EVIL DEAD (Rl 11:15a.m., 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30 • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 11a.m., 1:30, 4, 6:30, 9

Sisters Movie House,720 Desperado Court, 541-549-8800 • ADMISSION(PG-13) 3, 5:30, 7:45 • THE CROODS (PG) 2:45, 4:45, 6:45 • THE HOST (PG-l3) 5, 7:30 • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 2:30, 5, 7:30 • SILVERLININGSPLAYBOOKlR) 2:30 r/• r

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22)

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3 p.m. onE3, "2013 NCAABasketball Tournament" — The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is down to its Final Four, with two games tonight at theGeorgia Dome in Atlanta determining which teams will meet in the national championshipgame on Monday.Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg have the call for CBS.

he met him in life, Riley says, "How you would feel when you met him is like a hundred different people at once — depends on whatday you met him." Vasari describes the aging and ill Leonardo as desiring to learn about Catholicism and struggling to his feet to receive communion. So it seems the hedonistic humanist eventually found his way to faith. By contrast, Pulver's character stands firm in her beliefs right from the beginning. "She was of noble birth," says Pulver, "so she entered into an a r r anged marriage with Lorenzo Medici, controversially, really, because she was very much a woman of the church. "She was entering this very freethinking, Bohemian world of Florence at that time. Many p eople ha d o p i nions a n d looked down on her strong beliefs." According to Pulver, that doesn't faze Clarice Orsini. "She'sthe firstpersonI'veever played," she says,"who knows exactly who she is, and she's so OK with who she is. Therefore other people's opinions, criticisms, slightly wash over her, because she knows who she is, she knows what she stands for, and she's able to keep her cards very close to her chest. "She's a very clever, shrewd businesswoman an d p o l itician. She delivers that knowledge or that trump card whenever her husband or Leonardo da Vinci needs her to."

(Gregg Chillin); b armaid/

oun actresswea o it arts


Madras Cinema 5,1101 S.W. U.S. Highway97, 541-475-3505 • THECROOOS iPGi1:50,4:10,6:30,8:50 • EVIL DEAD (Rl 1:15, 3:20, 5:20, 7:20, 9:20 • G.I. JOE:RETALIATION3-D (PG-I3) 4:35, 7:05 • G.I. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-13) 2:05, 9:35 • THE HOST (PG-13) 1:35, 4:10, 6:45, 9:30 • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 1:20, 4, 6:40, 9:15 •

Pine Theater, 214 N.Main St., 541-416-1014 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATION(UPSTAIRS — PG-13) 1, 4, 7 • QUARTET(PG-13) 12:30, 2:40, 5, 7:10 • Theupstairs screening roomhaslimited accessibility.

)) ) l

WILSONSof Redmond 541-548-2066 Adjustable Beds

MM'TRESS G allery- B e n d 541-330-5084 See us for retractable

awnings, exterior solar screens, shade structures. Sun ehen you eantit, shade ehen you needit.





For homes online WW W be n d h O m e S . C Om





NewHomes Starting at $129,990! Hayden Homes newest community, North Village. Available new homes are under construction now. Conveniently located in NE Bend with mountain views & easy access to highway 97, North Village continues the Hayden Homes tradition of offering signature quality homes at an exceptional value. With six well-appointed home plans available, you are certain to find the one to call your own. Homes will be similar to photo shown. Directions: From HWY 97: E. on Cooley Rd, N. on Hunters Circle. Call 541-516-1530 or find us on the web at

0 J g g g E R aa S





D rift off t o s l eep with th e sounds of t h e D eschutes River rolling below y ou r w i n dow. Wake up to a walk along the river trail. Come back later with your fly rod or mountain bike. It's all in a day's play at PointsWest T ownhomes, where m aintenance-free l i v ing makes countless adventures possible. PointsWest is located at the Seventh Mountain Resort right next to Widgi Creek Golf Course. One- and two-story floor plans start in the low $400,000s. Call Judy at 541-390-1411 or Shelly at 541-408-0086.


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.c))ICIOQ " gattt , ~u3

Delight on the Deschutes

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II I'i 0

A collection of Pionite sample chips become a colorful mosaic on a table restored by volunteers at ReStore.

"Starting with broken, repeatedlt j discounted or overlooked ReStore merchandise, our CUP volunteers add some paint or f abric or other scrounged materials and produce fun and f u n k g home furnishings and decor for sale in the store."

by Christopher L. Ingersoll, The Bulletin Advertising Department

Bend Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore's CUP Program strives to inspire and educate the community on the fine art of upcycling.


III f lg '











$ 239 , 9 0 0

Starwood Neighborhood! Enjoy the park like setting, lots

Partially furnished:

$425,000 Unfurnished:


$419,000 Price Reduced Sunriver Gem! South 97 to Cottonwood exit Left on S. Imnaha, left on Modoc. DAVE LEWIS, BROKER

541-390-6123 or 541-389-791 0


f aaR' g lUIILTJtiQ

$ 109,0 0 0 Traditional Sale!

nior. "Plus I get to hang out with my friends while I am doing it." Volunteers get inspiration for the projects from different sources, including similar organizations in Portland as well as links on Pinterest. "I take a number of ideas off of Pinterest and modify them to the materials we have here," said Karen McMahon, volunteer and CUP coordinator. "There area lot of ideas floating around on the Internet for ways to re-use old things in a way that is fun and not tacky." " The greenhouse plans come f rom a company in Roseburg called Heartwood Resources," said Paez. "You can purchase the design for $15 and build as many greenhouses as you want." The startup funds for the projects came from the Clabough Foundation. In addition to the startup funds, Pak-it Liquidators donated some shower doors, Chazz Muffin, LLC donated materials for shower doortopped cold frames, and Parr Lumber donated lumber for one of the greenhouses. "We are excited to sell the projects off and earn more money to use for needy families locally," said Paez. "These projects also go a long way toward keeping materials out of the landfill and helping out the planet." BAHFH provides assistance to repair and build affordable homes for families that could not otherwise afford them. CUP is one of many ways the organization continues to strive for more programs which benefit the community and have a positive impact on the environment. For more information on how to volunteer at ReStore or BAHFH, or to find other projects to do at home, go to www.facebook. com/bend.habitat, or call them at 541-3855387 ext. 104.

(Top left) Karen McMahon assembles a vintage table refurbished by reusing laminate sample chips as decorative elements. (Bottom left) In the process of being built, the ReStore CUP

Greenhouse features donated and recycled materials. (Bottom right) Summit High School Volunteer Leyry Ramos puts a fresh coat of paint to

a table leg during a class volunteer project for ReStore CUP. Photos by Christopher L. Ingersoll

$1 79,500

Light and Bright Home

Country living bnt iust minutes to Bend... New carpet, new stove, 8 vaulted ceilings. Relax on your deck overlooking your very private acre lot...

This home features upgraded kitchen with center island, skylight & like new appliances. Large bonus room with built-ins tt wet bar.



541-279-3674 or 541-389-7910

541-977-5345 or 541 -389-791 0

541-390-0098 or 541 -389-791 0

$ 419 , 5 0 0

$1 79,900

Spacious Townhome on 17th Fairway Two story in Widgi Creek! 2 master suites, i upper level, i on main; Alder cabinets, island kitchen, oil rubbed hardwood &

Back On The Market Park-like setting w/2.39acres.

$ 99,90 0

of commonarea &walking trails. This well maintained homelives larger than its sq. footage. Large deck & Exquisite Mountain views make for great entertaining. •

A little bit of creativity, some fresh paint, a hammer and nails and some elbow grease can go a long way toward upcycling used housing materials and decor. Not everyone has the do-it-yourself bug in them, but volunteers at The Bend Area Habitat for Humanity (BAHFH) ReStore do. Recently,ReStore launched a series of projects to exhibit how donated materials can be upcycled into attractive and functional products. The added benefit of the program is that it generates additional revenue for the nonprofit organization to help build and repair homes for low-income families. Upcycling is the practice of finding new uses for old things without grinding them up to make something else — as with recycling glass or aluminum. The new product line, named Creative Upcycled Projects (CUP), is run by volunteers and makes use of items frequently overlooked at ReStore. "Starting with b r oken, repeatedly discounted or overlooked ReStore merchandise, our CUP volunteers add some paint, or fabricor other scrounged materials and produce fun and funky home furnishings and decor for sale in the store," said Sophie Paez, director of retail operations at ReStore. "The re-use revolution starts here." In addition to repurposing furniture, ReStore haslaunched a Facebook campaign that focuses on upcycling projects that feature materials donated to ReStore. Recently, a group of students from Summit High School volunteered to help build a greenhouse and garden planter boxes with donated and repurposed lumber and shower doors. "We have never been able to take shower doors in the past at the ReStore because it is too difficult to match old shower doors to existing spaces," Paez said. "With this new greenhouse project, we can take the tempered glass and fit it to a greenhouse which is something a lot of people in Bend need and use because of our weather here." The high school students were excited to help with the project and get to work with their hands. "Measuring, cutting and building — it's fun to work with my hands and see a project come together," said one high school se-


Smart Investment This condo will make for a great getaway. Close to downtown

much more.

Home fully remodeled.Ig. wrap around deck!30x40garage/ shop... fully insulated 8 32x36 RV/boat shed. Abeautiful gazebo surroundedby mature landscaping.




541-390-0098 or 541-389-7910

541-410-8084 or 541-389-7910

541-633-0255 or 541-389-7910

and the ever popular Old Mill District. Amenities include pool, tennis courts & trails accessing the Deschutes River.



Apt./Multiplex NW Bend

Small studios close to library, all util. paid. $550 mo.w/ $525 dep. $495 mo.w/$470 dep No pets/ no smoking. 541-330- 9769 or 541-480-7870



New Listings

New Listings

Multiplexes for Sale

• MLS 201302083

Sydne Anderson, Broker, CRS, WCR, CDPE, GREEN 541-420-1111


Houses for Rent General PUBLISHER'S


such pre f erence, limitation or discrimination." Familial staMORRIS tus includes children REAL ESTATE under the age of 18 l& p d ly O d dOp living with parents or legal cust o dians, Ridge at Eagle Crest I pregnant women, and $250,000 people securing cus- • 1419 sq.ft. townhome tody of children under • 2 bedroom, 2 bath 18. This newspaper • On the creek will not knowingly ac- • MLS 201302108 cept any advertising Diane Lozito, Broker for real estate which is 541-548-3598 in violation of the law. 541-306-9646 O ur r e aders a r e hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on MORRIS an equal opportunity REAL ESTATE basis. To complain of discrimination cal l l&p d l y O d dOp HUD t o l l-free at Skyliner Summit I 1-800-877-0246. The $625,000 toll f re e t e l ephone number for the hear- • 3585 sq.ft. ing im p aired is • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath • .60 acre landscaped 1-800-927-9275.


lot Rented your • MLS 201302009 Property? John Snippen, Broker, The Bulletin Classifieds MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI has an 541-312-7273 "After Hours" Line. 541-948-9090 Call 541-383-2371 24 Hours to l




Houses for Rent NW Bend

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Avail. Now! Charming Sunriver I $619,500 one bedroom west • 2680 sq.ft. s ide c o ttage, g a s • 3 bedroom, 3 bath heat, w / d , fe n ced • 1st Fairway Woodyard, new paint & car- lands G.C. pet, $850 mo., $750 • MLS 201302081 dep. 215 NW BroadSusan Agli, Broker, way, 541-389-9062 or ABR, ALHS & SRES 541-419-1161 541-383-4338 632 541-408-3773 659 Apt./Multiplex General Houses for Rent Sunriver Redmond Rental Assistance Available! VILLAGE PROPERTIES MORRIS Sunriver, Three Rivers, REAL ESTATE Ridgemonf La Pine. Great I d p d ly O d dOp Apartments Selection. Prices range 2210 SW 19th Street, $425 - $2000/mo. Sunriver I $650,000 R edmond, is n o w View our full • 2970 sq.ft. 630 accepting a p plicainventory online at bedroom, 3.5 bath Rooms for Rent tions for their waiting •• 3 Sun Forest remodeled l ist of 1 8 2 B d r m 1-866-931-1061 • MLS 201302188 apts. Rent based on Studios & Kitchenettes Diane Lozito, Broker I n come Furnished room, TV w/ income. 541-548-3598 cable, micro & fridge. restrictions apply. 541-306-9646 Utils & linens. New Call 541.548.7282 TDD 1.800.735.2900 owners. $145-$165/wk 541-382-1885 Just bought a new boat? Wonderful 2-story home Sell your old one in the near Sunriver. 2 bed, 2 MORRIS classifieds! Ask about our bath, wood stove. ~/~ REAL ESTATE Super Seller rates! acre with fenced yard in I d p d ly O d dOp« d 541-385-5809 reat ne i g hborhood. 634 795 + d e posit; pets 631 Apt./Multiplex NE Bend negotiable with a ddi- USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! tional deposit. L inda Condo/Townhomes Call for Specials! Johnston, 541-536-7930 Door-to-door selling with for Rent Limited numbers avail. or cell 541-280-7480. fast results! It's the easiest 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. 2 bdrm, 1 bath furn. or way in the world to sell. W/D hookups, patios unfurn. small condo or decks. $650 + elect. in NE The Bulletin Classified MOUNTAIN GLEN, B end. Call Mike a t 541-383-931 3 541-385-5809 760-831-8291. Professionally by Norris & SW Bend I $251,000 BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS managed Stevens, Inc. • 2080 sq.ft. Search the area's most • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath comprehensive listing of • .77 acre on canal classified advertising... Jump Into Spring! • MLS 201301822 real estate to automotive, 705 2 bdrm, 1 bath, Debbie Hershey, merchandise to sporting $530 Real Estate Services 8 $540 w/lease. Broker, CRS, GRI goods. Bulletin Classifieds Carports 541-420-5170 included! appear every day in the Boise, ID Real Estate print or on line. FOX HOLLOW APTS. For relocation info, Call 541-385-5809 (541) 383-31 52 call Mike Conklin, Cascade Rental 208-941-8458 Management. Co. Silvercreek Realty MORRIS 730 REAL ESTATE New Listings l&p d l y O d dOp Crest Butte Apartments 1695 Purceff Blvd., Bend, Oregon SW Redmond I Awbrey Butte I Now accepting applications for the wait list of a $87,500 $625,000 federally s u bsidized A f f ordable F a m ily • 2681 sq.ft. • .21 acre flat lot Housing project. Crest Butte is a beautiful • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Cascade Mountain property, less t han 3 y e a r s r e modeled, • .69 acre landscaped views offering 1 and 2 bedroom units to those who • Possible owner terms lot income qualify. Close to St. Charles and • MLS 201302200 • MLS 201302049 medical/dental providers, as well as daycare Michelle Tisdel, Lynne Connelley, Ecoand schools. On-site laundry facilities and new ABR, P.C., Broker Broker, ABR, CRS playground available. 541-390-3490 541-408-6720 Please contact site manager for further detail. Project phone ¹: (541) 389-9107 TTY. 1(800)735-2900 •


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The Bulletin

"This institute is an equal opportunity provider." J




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Brand new 2328 vq. It. P ahliach home i o T h e B ridges! G r eat r o o m with c o z y f i r e p l a c e, kitchen w i t h s t a i n l ess appliances. Large master suite with walk-in closet 61167 SE Ambassador and mountain views. Big Drive, Bend guest rooms and honus Directions: From the Par¹viay, room. Two oar garage, eas/on Reed Market, sordh on /5ih fenced yard. Just down the le(easr). street from the amazing 5rreet, to community ou ft community amenities.


Quality Hendrickson home - 2296 sq. ft., 3 bed + o f f i ce/den a nd b o n u s r o o m ! H ardwoo d f l o o r s , m aste r


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60820 Scotts Bluff Pl.

granite, and bcautifully Directions: Brookswood Blvd. landscaped. Shops, south, right on AmberMeadow parks &

r e s taurants or, left on sco¹s Bluff

only a block away!

Hosred byr ED GREEN


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Princi a/Broker, ABR




Principal Broker



3 bedroom, 2 bath, big living room & separate family room. M any u p g r a d e s i nside i n c l u d i ng hardwood floors, tile, 1660NECanyon Park Dr. ceiling fans, stainless appliances and a Direcdons: Bi¹ler,tfarket ioWeilsJcres, righr cozy gas stove in the on WellsAcres,righr oaCanyonParkDr, family room. Must see inside!


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Homes for Sale


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Homes for Sale

Upscale Duplex. Now is 52361 P onderosa 67170 Gist, Bend. Al3.68 Acres I the time to purchase Cute cabin on fenced most 10 acre horse $1,350,000 i ncome property t o 1.2 acres, s e curity property w/v i ews.• 4760 sq.ft. take advantage of in- gate. $84,000 $419,900 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath TEAM Birtola Garmyn • On Deschutes River creasing rental rates TEAM Birtola Garmyn • MLS 201302080 and historically low Prudential High Desert High Desert Realty • MLS 201202960 541-312-9449 Virginia Ross, Broker, i nterest rates. T h is Realty 541-312-9449 Brandon Fairbanks, ABR, CRS, GRI townhome styled duwww. BendOregon www. BendOregon Broker, SRES, 541-480-7501 plex is located in GRI, CDPE p ire Village and i s 26720 Horsell - 120 Pri 541-383-4344 close to three schools, vate Acres of Central 2 3475 Hwy 20 East 36+ Acre Bend Cas e parks and shopping. O regon Beau t y . cade Nursery. e Each unit features 3 $420,000 $749,000 bdrm, 2.5 baths, open TEAM Birtola Garmyn MORRIS TEAM Birtola Garmyn kitchen with i s land, MORRIS REAL ESTATE High Desert Realty High Desert Realty g as f ireplace a n d REAL ESTATE 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 single garage. Lowww. BendOregon www. BendOregon cated on a nice Call a Pro 39+ Acre RanchI ner lot with fenced $695,000 back yards and land- 51863 Fordham - Gor Whether you need a 12445 NW Rainbow • 3731 sq.ft. scaping. 20830 Nova geous Craftsman 3 fence fixed, hedges Private Setting on 5 • 3 bedroom, bath Loop. $299,947. bdrm + Office Loft. Acres Backing Public • 5 minutes to3Costco trimmed or a house Gary Everett, CCIM $189,900 Land. $348,000 • MLS 201204031 Principal Broker built, you'll find TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Rachel Lemas, Broker 541-480-6130 High Desert Realty professional help in High Desert Realty 541-383-4359 Joan Steelhammer, 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 The Bulletin's "Call a 541-896-1263 Broker www. BendOregon www. BendOregon 541-41 9-371 7 Service Professional" Remax Directory 16010 Green Forest Wonderful Duplex on R emodeled 4 B d rm 1 7075 Oxnard - W o n 541-385-5809 the SW side of town, Home, Owner Financ d erful 2 0 0 2 Bui l t MORRIS home on ~/~ Acre. close t o s h o pping, ing. $159,000 732 REAL ESTATE $209,900 nice large lot, each TEAM Birtola Garmyn Commercial/Investment unit is 2 bedroom, 1 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty High Desert Realty Properties for Sale b ath each w it h a 541-312-9449 Good classified ads tell 541-312-9449 single ca r g a rage, www. BendOregon the essential facts in an www. BendOregon Commercial b u i l ding new roof. Great interesting Manner. Write pote n t ial. 109320 Hwy 97 No., vestor from the readers view - not 14 Golden Eagle, Bend. MLS¹201301089 Chemult $35 , 0 00. High-end resort rental, 533 N E Sh o s hone- the seller's. Convert the High Lakes Realty & $149,500 facts into benefits. Show Property Man a ge D 8 D R e alty Group river 8 m t n v i ews. 4bedroom Home on 2 the $899,000 Lots, L a n dscaped. reader how the item will LLC 541-923-8664 ment 541-536-0117 TEAM Birtola Garmyn help them in someway. $199,000. 1.27 acres zoned for 740 High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn This multi-houses $46,900. Condo/Townhomes 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty advertising tip 16545 Finley Butte. www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 brought to youby for Sale La Pine. High Lakes www. BendOregon Realty & Pr o perty The Bulletin Inn at the Seventh Mt. 2 2463 NW High LakesManagement bedroom, 2.5 b a t h, Across from park & 19717 Mt. Bachelor 541-536-0117 3bd/2bath, 1999 Mfd. 1136 Sq. Ft. condo. school in NW Cross Recently Updated Mt. home i n C r e scent. 16623 Dillon Way ing. $469,900 Remodeled inside & B achelor Vill a g e Fenced, front 8 back $23,000. Light indus out, V ie w of Mt. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Condo. $169,000 deck. Detached gatrial l ot s a v a ilable. Bachelor f ro m High Desert Realty al l TEAM Birtola Garmyn rage with partial sec541-312-9449 High Lakes Realty & rooms! Th e e n t ire High Desert Realty tion of the garage finProperty Man a ge condo can be rented www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 i shed. Sold a s i s . ment 541-536-0117 or the master suite www. BendOregon MLS $64,900 can be closed off 8 201209344 Historic Gilchrist T he 19558 Greatwood rented separately in Cascade Realty, atre available! Origi creasing rental oppor Bend Westside River Gl a s sow, Home on Corner 1751 N W Dennis Haniford, nal seating, projec tunity. Positive Rim Bend, OR. You'll fall Princ. Broker tors, lighting, movie Lot. $245,000 m onthly cash f l o w i n l ov e w i t h th i s 541-536-1731 screen and speakers. thus-out the summer TEAM Birtola Garmyn one-of-a-kind beautiPossibilities endless! of 201 2. 1 0% HOA High Desert Realty ful family home ma- 60674 Rocking Horse 541-312-9449 200+ s eats. B r i ng Reduction! $185,000 Tra d i tional jestically situated on Court. back original theatre, Home-ID 984 www. BendOregon Awbrey Butte in Bend, Sale! Nestled in the Dinner theatre? Play Eagle Crest Properties pines this home ofOR. It feat u r es house? Concert hall? 866-722-3370 fers a great open floor 17225 Indio Cabin in amazing c raftsmanVacant lot across the Woods on ~/~ Acre ship and unique qual- plan 3 bdrm & 2 bath, street also available to Wow! Creekside Town the 1639 sq.ft. with 12 ft. Lot. $131,000 ity throughout with create a parking lot. H ome with a l l t h e Birtola Garmyn rich wood ceiling ac- ceilings, newer vinyl Ask for a s h owing! available upgrades 8 TEAM Desert Realty cents, granite, hard- windows 8 Trane heat $124,000 MLS¹ Cascade M o u ntain High 541-312-9449 wood, surround sound pump. Spacious .34 201207316. Call Kerry views Professionally www. BendOregon and more. Nestled on acre lot with plenty of 541-815-6363 furnished and ready approx. 1 private acre room for RV parking 8 Cascade Realty, for you! Three bed all your toys. A defi541-433-5678 room, 3.5 bath, 1871 1645 NE Cackler, Bend. this serene, park like nite mu s t see! s etting f eatu r e s square feet. $263,000 R emodeled 4 b d r m amazing outdoor liv- La P i n e bu s iness. Home-ID 991 Tamarack Park ing w it h $349,900. Profitable, Eagle Crest Properties m u l tilevel 7053 Maralin B aidcharmer. $199,900 Brok e r includes building and decks, beautiful pine e nmann, 866-722-3370 TEAM Birtola Garmyn inventory. High Lakes trees and sweeping 541-325-1096 High Desert Realty John L. Scott Realty & Pr o perty 745 city views. 4 Bdrms 541-312-9449 Real Estate, Bend Management and 3 b a t hs. T h is Homes for Sale www. BendOregon 541-536-0117 home has almost 4000 sq.ft. of l iving $99,900 Price ReducCommercial Lot s I n 61250 King Solomon- 61681 Woodriver - 2 lovingly uption! This condo will Crooked River Ranch. Updated Kings Forest Lots Total .77 Acres space, dated throughout - Its make for a great get3 b edroom Home. Great opportunity to unique and timeless. Adj 2 Lots For Sale a way or s m art i n $285,000 start a b usiness or Ken 54 1 788-3314 Too! $449,500 v estment. Close t o relocate an e xisting TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Linda 541-350-5111 d owntown and t h e High Desert Realty business. Near resHigh Desert Realty ever popular Old Mill 541-312-9449 t aurants, hotel a n d $179,500 New on the 541-312-9449 District. Amenities inwww. BendOregon golf course. Owner M arket! L ight a n d clude pool, t e nnis www. BendOregon terms available. Busibright home that courts and trails acness Circle, Lot 82- 17360 Brandt. Large tures upgraded c essing t h e De s 1.05 acres - $25,000. 1/2 Acre Lot near Big $265 000 Home w ith kitchen with a center chutes River. Grant Commercial Loop, Lot Deschutes. $239,900 H uge 72x60 S h o p island, skylight 8 like L udwick, Brok e r 49 - 1.26 acres, Lot TEAM Birtola Garmyn MLS¹201209007 new appliances. or 50 - 1.30 acres. Lot Prudential High Desert Linda Lou Day-Wright, Large bonus r o om 541-633-0255 541-389-7910 51 - 1.23 acres. Broker, 541-771-2585 Realty 541-312-9449 with built-ins and wet Hunter Properties LLC $35,000 each or purCrooked River Realty www. BendOregon b ar. $179,500 M i ke chase a l l 3 for E veridge, Bro k e rAffordable housing, 2 59774 Cheyenne - Re $90,000 b edroom, 2 bath . 541-390-0098 or modeled 4 Bedroom 3546 SW 3 5 th-Large Juniper Re a lty, Great Location. MLS¹ Bend . 541-389-7910 541-504-5393 4 000+Sq.ft. Hom e H ome in 201209551 $67,449. Hunter Properties LLC w/Wine Cellar. $164,900 John L. Scott Real General Store & Gas $477,000 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 20375 Marsh Rd. - 9.93 Estate 541-548-1712 Pumps. Be your own TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Acres! Country home Boss! General store A lovely home that sits 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty on Tumalo acreage s ecluded o n establishment 8 fuel 4.2 8 www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 w/full Cascade acres in Madras Ranpumps, inventory & www. BendOregon Mountain views! 2908 equipment i n cluded chos. It f eatures a 1623 Rector - Up sq.ft., 3 bdrm & 3 .5 with the land 8 buildwonderful living and bath w / sp a c ious graded single level 16354 Big Buck Priings. 2 Bdrm, 1 bath d ining r o o m wi t h w heelchair acc e s kitchen, pond, under- beautiful wood floormanufactured home v ate cottage in t h e ground irrigation & included in the sale. pines near the river. sible home. $74,900 ing. The b e drooms s tudio/office a b o v e are TEAM Birtola Garmyn Candice A n d erson, $80,000 large, the utility g arage. Quality i n High Desert Realty Broker 541-788-8878 TEAM Birtola Garmyn room over sized, and each room! $599,000 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty John L. Scott the kitchen is nicely www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 Real Estate, Bend laid out with stunning 6309 Ken Theobold, www. BendOregon views from it's winBroker & Kathy Caba, dows. A cozy family 60235 Ridge v iew P rincipal Brok e r room, complete with 738 Ran c h 541-419-0550 NW Cas c ade - Woodside & Multiplexes for Sale 2083 bookshelf and s torView - 3050 sq.ft. ce Home, 2. 3 A c r es, 541-771-1761 age, is right off the Shop. $340,000 dar chalet w/views. John L. Scott Investment Opportunity! $449,000 k itchen. The h o me Birtola Garmyn Real Estate, Bend Duplex! $166,000. NE TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM has an attached two High Desert Realty Redmond dup l e x, High Desert Realty car garage with great 541-312-9449 single level 1250 sq. storage, as well as a www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 People Look for Information detached shop that is ft., 2 b d r m, 2 b ath www. BendOregon About Products and over 650 square feet each, gas fireplace. Single car g a rage, 1491 NW Promontory- Services Every Daythrough according to c ounty landscaped,fenced Awbrey Butte TheBulletin Classifieds records. $2 4 9 ,900. 835-837 3rd St. - In Paula Mellon come Inv e s tment Charmer on 1.05 Acre MLS¹201300777 541-977-4009 Property in High Traf lot, Owner T e rms. 20.39 Acres I $525,000 D 8 D R e alty Group Central Oregon fic Area. $300,000 $625,000 • 2334 sq.ft. home LLC 541-923-8664 Realty Group, LLC TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Mountain views High Desert Realty High Desert Realty • 900+/- sq.ft. river Get your Terrific Investment. 541-312-9449 frontage 541-312-9449 Tri-Plex, SW Redbusiness www. BendOregon www. BendOregon • MLS 201207288 mond, Great location Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, 1-3 bdrm, 1550 SF/3 CRS, GRI, SFR bdrm, 1270 SF/2 63055 C a r nelian 1501 NW Ice, Bend - 5 a ROW I N G 541-610-9427 bdrm, 1131 SF/1 Beautiful River Home- acres o f s w eeping bdrm. Garages, Patio, site in Bend including v iews a t b a s e o f with an ad in blueprints $425,000 Smith Rock. $150,000 $225,900 e The Bulletin's MLS¹ 201209269 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Jim Hinton High Desert Realty High Desert Realty "Call A Service MORRIS 541-420-6229 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Professional" REAL ESTATE Central Oregon Realty www. BendOregon www. BendOregon Directory I dp d lyO d d Op d Group, LLC •

NOTICE All real estate adverMORRIS tising in this newspaREAL ESTATE per is subject to the I dp d lyO d d Op d F air H o using A c t which makes it illegal NE Bend I $12,393,000 to a d v ertise "any • 23.71 acres preference, limitation • RH & RM zoning or disc r imination• Medical overlay based on race, color, • MLS 201302117 religion, sex, handi- Darrin Kelleher, Broker cap, familial status, The Kelleher Group marital status or na541-788-0029 tional origin, or an intention to make any


Homes for Sale

Eagle Crest I $387,500 Wyndemere Lot I • 2354 sq.ft. $175,000 • .55 acre lot • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • .45 acre on 10th fair- • Pine trees for privacy • Near park & river trail way

RENTALS 603 - RentalAlternatives 604 - Storage Rentals 605 - RoommateWanted 616- Want To Rent 627 Vacation Rentals & Exchanges 630 - Roomsfor Rent 631 - Condominiums &Townhomes for Rent 632 - Apt./Multiplex General 634- Apt./Multiplex NEBend 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend 638 - Apt./Multiplex SEBend 640 - Apt./Multiplex SW Bend 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 648- Houses for RentGeneral 650 - Housesfor Rent NEBend 652 - Housesfor Rent NWBend 654- Houses for Rent SEBend 656 - Housesfor Rent SW Bend 658 - Housesfor Rent Redmond 659 - Housesfor Rent Sunriver 660 - Housesfor Rent La Pine 661 - Housesfor Rent Prineville 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters 663 - Housesfor Rent Madras 664- Houses for RentFurnished 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent 675 - RV Parking 676 -Mobile/Mfd.Space 682 - Farms, Ranches andAcreage 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent REAL ESTATE 705- Real Estate Services 713 - Real Estate Wanted 719 - Real Estate Trades 726 - Timeshares for Sale 730 - New Listings 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale 738- Multiplexes for Sale 740 -Condominiums & Townhomes forSale 744 - Open Houses 745- Homes for Sale 746- Northwest BendHomes 747 - SouthwestBendHomes 748- Northeast BendHomes 749- Southeast BendHomes 750 - RedmondHomes 753 - Sisters Homes 755- Sunriver/La Pine Homes 756 - JeffersonCountyHomes 757 - CrookCountyHomes 762 - Homeswith Acreage 763 - Recreational Homesand Property 764- Farms andRanches 771 - Lots 773 - Acreages 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homeswith Land


B eautiful 4


3 bath , 3 3 6 6 s q . f t.

I m m ac u l at e

i nside & o u t s i d e w it h t r a v e rt i n e , 21222 Darby Court t ile and th e w o r k s . Kitchen is awesome. Directions: Turn off of 27th on G reat h o me f o r Darnel (ri¹hi next io Eauside entertaining.


Hosted 6 Listed by


JUDY MEYERS PrinciPal Broker, CRS, CNHS, GR/


Gardens),then on Oar/a, then right on Darby, just watch for the openhousesigns.


with an assumable VAloan



TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Amazing Golf Views! Cascade Mou n tainDo you love to p lay Fantastic single level Great Value on 4 Bdrm In the Heart of Bend on Situated perfectly beViews. Start building g olf? H o w abo u t home. Views of the Home. Get ready to Drake Park. Excephind Broken Top's first your dream home in walking out your back valley floor and par- pack and move in this tional Investment opgreen with approach beautiful north rim on d oor o n t h e 1 0 t h tial Cascade views. spacious 4 bdr m portunity. Own a trishot a n d fai rway Awbrey Butte. This lot g reen of Glaz e This home is move-in home at an afford- plex at the South end views from the Mas- has brea t htaking M eadow a t Bl a c k ready and has lots of a ble price. It i s l o - of Drake Park with ter Bedroom, Living, views, and the ease of B utte Ranch? T h is storage space. cated at the end of a river/Mirror Pond and Dining r ooms. building. immaculate 3738 F reshly painted i n dead-end street and views in the heart of Well worth your time Teresa Brown, Broker sq.ft. h ome o f f ers side and out, n ew features a main level all that Bend has to to view t hi s B r and 541-788-8661 many amenities, a range, dishwasher in- master suite plus de- o ffer. $595, 0 0 0 New remodel with ExJohn L. Scott gas fireplace in the cluded. $16 9 ,000. luxe kitchen with ss c ellent Attention t o Real Estate, Bend living room, wonder- MLS ¹201301275 appliances, cook is- 6 311 J oh n S t e m D etail. Updates i n ful ambient lighting in John L. Scott Real land 8 pantry. There bridge, Broker clude a com p lete every room, built-in Estate 541-548-1712 is a neat parlor with 541-601-8881 C omfortable home t o functional master bath speaker system, in- Gated Community cozy a fireplace and John L. Scott restructure, new make your own. Here tercom & se c urity are 3 bdrms, Real Estate, Bend & well upstairs flooring t h roughout, i t is . . . 1 9 50s e ra systems, a b u ndant Charming huge family room and new granite counters, original wood floors storage, wo n derful cared for home. Light large lau n dry/craft La Pine j $75,000 the ca r p et. views of the beautiful & Bright, vaulted ceil- room. The owner just new stainless energy under Formal living r o om i ngs, skylights, a i r efficient a ppliances, P onderosas & s u r installed new carpet • 1152 sq.ft. manufacfire p lace. rounding landscape. conditioning & l arge and all n e w p a int. tured finely refinished cabi- w/gas deck. Amenities inbedroom, 2 bath netry, interior/exterior Kitchen & dining area $998,000 There is a fenced yard •• 3 clude front yard & 1.42 acres paint, hybrid gas as- open to large family John L. Scott Real p lus this is on e o f • MLS 201209044 common area mainte- several homes that sist/wood bur n i ng room, southern expo- Estate 541-548-1712 nance, pool, s ports will be available on Christy Hartmanfireplaces in the living sure privacy glass, c ourt, & s n o w r e - this street. 21179 SE DeCourcey, Broker Drake Park Historic room a n d ma s t er access spacious covmoval. $180,000 Su- Philly A ve., B e n d. 541-312-7263 District bedroom, and an out- e red d e ck , hu g e Pitarro, Broker $239,950. standing 500+ bottle backyard and storage Capture the charm and san 541-410-8084 or B a t hroom character of y esterwine cellar. Make this building. Gary Everett, CCIM 541-389-791 0 unique home a prior- remodel 2004, new 30 year while enjoying Hunter Principal Broker Properties LLC year roof 2008. Oh, the best of the Bend 541-480-6130 ity to view today. REyou want RV parking lifestyle! Lush grounds MORRIS DUCED $649,000. Joan Steelhammer, Check out the g ot it ! M L S and vibrant gardens REAL ESTATE Neil McDaniel, Broker Broker classifieds online 201300897 $89,900. embellish the classic 541-350-9579 541-419-3717 d p d « l y t ) A d t)p d John L. Scott Real architecture featuring www.bendbnlletin.ccm Fred Real Estate Group Estate Remax 541-548-1712 Madras j $54,100 an inviting front porch, Updated daily Awbrey Village j b rick accents, a n d H ager Mountain E s - • 2 units two-car garage. A to- Good i n vestment $444,000 Need to get an tates - 4 lots, $30,000 • 2 bedroom, 1 bath Home is in the 100 • 2818 sq.ft. tal of 5 bedrooms plus each located in Silver each ad in ASAP? year flood plain. It • 4 bedroom, 2 bath o ffice/bonus roo m Lake. U n derground• Close to downtown You can place it needs some TLC but • Earth Advantage creates flexible living and conduit for • MLS 201301386 sits on a wonderful lot power Darryl Doser, • MLS 201300043 online at: options and room for phone and i nternet. Broker, CRS Margo Degray, Broker, all. Enjoy a secluded and could make a V iews o f Hage r 541-383-4334 ABR, CRS master suite perched good investment or Mountain. Septic feafirst home. Possible sibility for s t andard 541-480-7355 on the second floor owner terms. system. The area is a 541-385-5809 with a tiled bath and sportsman's paradise. private balc o ny. MLS¹201209476 Convenient Cou n try Striking kitchen with $40,000 Bobbie Strome, Living. Quiet, close to professional-style D & D R ealty Group Principal Broker MORRIS LLC 541-923-8664 Bend... Acreage with range adjoins a spaJohn L Scott Real MORRIS REAL ESTATE large pond, gated, all c ious family r o o m Estate 541-385-5500 REAL ESTATE Family H ome. fenced & cross adorned with custom Great Great open floor plan lyO d dOp «d f enced. Home a n d built-ins and beamed with spacious kitchen Where can you find a Mountain River Estates Beautiful custom home. l arge shop all o n e ceiling that leads to a 19748 Dry Canyon. 3/3, & lots o f w i ndows, helping hand? Gran i t e storybook patio! This All on 1 level. Lg. win- b uilding. 2735 sq.ft., Jess AlLarge master suite From contractors to kitchen, insu l ated dows for l ight/bright way Custom Homeis an incredible op- with 2 closets & genshop... Many extras. comfort. Huge master Must See ! MLS p ortunity to o w n a e rous s i ze d be d - yard care, it's all here suite w/vaulted ceil- ¹201207933 sizeable home in an in The Bulletin's Sharo n exemplary neighbor- rooms. Huge backings & skylights. Cozy h arona John Furrow, Broker yard. Move in ready. 4 "Call A Service Pri n cipal hood just a s tone's family room w / gas Abrams, 541-647-0910 bdrm & 2.5 bath. Call CRS, throw to Drake Park fireplace ope n t o Broker, Professional" Directory Fred Real Estate Group for more information. 541-280-9309 kitchen. and vibrant D ownBarbara Jac k son, John L. Scott MLS¹201208542 town Bend ! MLS Have an item to Broker 541-306-8186 Horse Property - 7085 Real Estate, Bend Kent Lane, Culver. 39 $199,900 ¹201206543 John L. Scott sell quick? John L. Scott Real Acres w/37 acres of $696,000 Real Estate, Bend Estate 541-548-1712 NUID w a te r r i g ht. If it's under David D. Gilmore, Country Living Close to Broker. 541-312-7271 Flood irrigated from a '500 you can place it in Between bend & Red- Town Open floor plan Ig. pond w/gated pipe. HColdwelBanker mond Terrific location lends itself to casual Morris Real Estate. Tick, Tock 1782 s q . ft . MFD The Bulletin living. Formal living - 4 bdrm, 1 bath in home. 4 bdrm/2 bath, Classifieds for: 2 888y sf h ome o n room and spacious Eagle C rest b e h ind Tick, Tock... shop, barn & 4-stall 5.75y a c res . A family room. Access gates 8 on 11th fairbarn. Outside arena Country feel but close from Knott road to the way. Great room open ...don't let time get w /attached pen s . '10 - 3 lines, 7 days to t ow n a m e nities. back of yard for RV to dining w/covered away. Hire a Mountain & c anyon '16 - 3 lines, 14 days parking. $15 9 ,500 Super fireplace w/rock deck access & cook's views. Debbie Tallman, Broprofessional out (Pr!vate Party ads only) surround for a m bikitchen w/alder cabinMLS¹201207831. a nce, plus a L o p i ker 541-390-0934 or etry, granite counter of The Bulletin's $360,000 541-389-7910 Mt Bachelor Village j Woodstove that can tops & tile floor, overJohn L. Scott Real "Call A Service heat the whole house. Hunter Properties LLC $419,900 looking golf course & Estate 541-548-1712 • 1194 sq.ft. condo, Professional" Great room floor plan Crooked River Ranch m tn. vistas . S p a ¹509 w/living r o o m & 6031 SW Tarpon, 3/2, cious master suite & Immaculate Home Directory today! • 2 bedroom, 2 bath kitchen having 1 620 s q . f t. , 5 .1 4 luxury bath w/see-thru This home lives larger • Incredible Deschutes wide-plank floors of fireplace & deck acthan sq. f o o tage. Great home with workshop/gareclaimed pine. Dis- acres, 28x30 to hot tub. Inable floor plan, in an Open floor plan, spa- River view w e ll . MLS cess 201301597 tressed maple cabi- rage, door/outdoor speakolder, w e l l es t a b- cious great r o om,• MLS ¹201204594 Bonnie Savickas, nets in Kitchen with 1 Teri Cravens, Broker ers, intercom, central lished neighborhood vaulted ceilings, gas Broker 1 /2 t hi c k slat e vac & solar hot water at the end of a dead fireplace, master bdrm 541-408-7537 counters. If you like a Fred541-647-0910 systems. Fi n i shed end s t reet. M a ture has separation, cenReal Estate Group cozy country f e el. b asement, bonu s landscaping and RV tral AC & recent upYou've got it!! Beau- Cute Upgraded Home. r oom a bove 1 0 6 0 parking too. D o n't g rades m ak e t h i s tiful Cascade Moun- Beautiful single level sq.ft., triple garage. miss th i s one! home warm & inviting. tain Views. 2 corrals, home on over 1 acre. MLS¹201203992 MLS¹201209288 $199,999 Hea t her pond, shared lake, 3 3 bdrm & 2 bath, up- $529,900 C hesbro, Brok e r MORRIS $51,900 acres of irrigation, 2 503-807-3874 D & D R ealty Group REAL ESTATE graded granite John L. Scott Real stall barn. $ 375,000 kitchen. Detached of- Estate 541-548-1712 Hunter Properties LLC LLC 541-923-8664 MLS¹201205878 fice/studio. 2 car gaBobbie Strome, rage, lan d scaped, Principal Broker freshly painted, sparJohn L Scott Real kling c l e a n and Estate 541-385-5500 move-in ready. Room to build a shop. CanB lack Butte Ranch j dice Anderson, Bro$574,900 ker 541-788-8878 • 2470 sq.ft. John L. Scott • 3 bedroom, 3 bath Real Estate, Bend • .46acre lot • MLS 201300725



:< 0~> i-"' -~/IIHHI. g.


• MLS 201106138

ly O

d da p


Broken Topj $1,150,000 • 3300 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • On 17th fairway • MLS 201301411 Jackie French, Broker 541-480-2269 •



Jane Strell, Broker, ABR, GRI 541-948-7998 •


places & separation of master bed r oom. I&o d l yO d dd p d Kitchen has like new a ppliances & ne w Broken Top Golf Estate counter tops, hardSweeping so u t herly wood floors, bonus views of the 17th Tee, room & l a rge T rex 17th Lake, and 16th deck for entertaining. Hole! The Pinehurst at $338,900. Susan PiBroken Top r e pre- tarro, Broker sents an unmatched 541-410-8084 or benchmark for quality 541-389-7910 and luxury. Hunter Properties LLC Single-level living by Steven Van Sant cre- D esirable Quail R u n ated b y Pac w est Neighborhood. B u ilt Homes in 2006 with 2007, Open floor plan masonry wood burn- w/loft, 1839 sq. ft., 3 ing fireplace, br, 2.5 bath, gas firehand-textured w a l ls place, fenced back and ceilings, elegant yard. Includes applis tone b a t h s wit h ances 8 washer/dryer, heated floors, exten- & centrally located. sive custom wood- Priced to s e ll. Call work and trim, clad Today! Gail Rogers, wood windows, and Broker 541-604-1649 dynamic s h owcase John L. Scott kitchen equipped with Real Estate, Bend Wolf r a n g e and built-in r e f rigerator. Sta r wood Oversized 3-car ga- Desirable rage, den, wine cellar, with Incredible Views of Mt. Jefferson. Very M ontana stone a c cents, entry courtyard, private, i m maculate h ome, with gre a t and private hot tub enhance this timeless room, gas fireplace, m aster b dr m has estate designed for great separation, and those seeking nothing less than the best! large dining area w/ w~ndows. Classic Eur o pean bay touches lend an air of $235,000. Susan PiBroker refinement! MLS tarro, ¹201204424 $1,175,000

David D. Gilmore, Broker. 541-312-7271 HColdwelBanker Morris Real Estate.

541-410-8084 541-389-7910


John Furrow, Broker 541 -647-091 0

Fred Real Estate Group


d pp t d

2446 NW Dorion Wy.

I 'jQ~ LI• =,-, .

)" tpo

' '

$579,900 OPENSAT&SUN 12-3 • LEED Platinum certified • Open and bright • Master on main level

(j d

Directions:West on Shevlin Park Rd, left on NW Crossing Dr., right on NW Dorion Way.

•o •

' •


20532 Gloucester Ln. More homesscheduled for construction priced at$174,950-$194,950. • Two-story living room • Green building features • Upstairs laundry



llf »

Directions:From Bend Parkway, east on Empire Are., left on Boyd Acres Rd., left on Gloucester Ln


- PA R R -

60978 Snowbrush Dr. • River Canyon Estates $349 IIIIII • Near parks 8 school • Attractive finishes Directions:South on Brookswood Blvd., right on SW Sweetbrier Way, left on SW Snowbrush 0r.

• Vaulted ceilings • Great room plan

$205 , ! IOII •

• Attractive finishes Directions:From Highway 20 East, north on NE 27th St., right on NEFaith 0r., right on NE Pikes PeakRd., left on NE Hope 0r. d


d 4od

26 Klamath Ln. sUNRIVER • Quiet 8 close to river $387 IIII!I • Wraparound deck • Vaulted great room

OI1 OCc3


Directions:From main Sunriver entrance (S. Century 0r.), stay on Abbott 0r. past Circle 4, right on Klamath Ln.

ome oans.

preview online



Purchase ~ First-time Home Buyer Investment Loans ~ Refinance

IRRRE3 6900 NE 1st St. REDMQN D • 5 acres, guest cottage $700,000 • Breathtaking mountain views • 6 garage spaces + RVshelter • Preview




18615 Pinehurst Rd. TIIMAl.o • 4.5 acres, Cascadeview $799,000

Kevin Pangle Linda Fisher-Berlanga NMLS¹ 89521

NMLS¹ 210118


M a r k Long NMLS¹ 208965

B e nd/Redmond Be n d/Redmond

call us at541-31 8-5500

• Detached studio, RV garage • 2-story LR w/ rock fireplace • Preview

Brad Haun NMLS¹ 221546 Bend/Redmond

17482 Canoe CamP Dr. sUNRlvER • Serene Crosswater location $615,000

or apply online

• Mt. Bachelor view • 3 master suites on 2 levels • Preview

Qa~ iPa


Hunter Properties LLC

Downtown Bend j $749,000 • 2593 sq.ft. • 2 bedroom, 3 bath Find exactly what • Historic characteryou are looking for in the renovated • MLS 201301793 CLASSIFIEDS Diane Robinson, Broker, ABR Canyon Rim Village 541-419-8165 1 050 NW 1 5th S t . 4/2.5 + bonus room, 1/3 acre, corner lot in R edmond. ML S ¹


3004 NE Hope Dr.


Desirable L i ving in Starwood! A m azing views of the Cascade Mountains!!! This home features 2 fire-


e're so e ocuse

Desert Skles j $269,000 • 3110 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath • .13 acre lot






t> «j,


• Wa

NMLS 3182

PcoP6 ~


qg th e g arnergrouP

Pc o Pk8~) AAM/I,5'dfdcr,1987'"

Real Estate LLC •

685 SE Third Street ( Bend, OR 97702

Visit our Sales Office at

54q 383 436p

NOrthWeSt CrOSSing.

NMLS ¹89511 ML-3213-10 © 2013EvergreenHomeLoansisaregisteredtrade nameof EvergreenMoneysourceMortgage CompanyNMLSID3182. Trade/service marksarethe property of EvergreenHome Loans.All rightsreserved.Licensedunder: OregonMortgageLending LicenseML-3213

Q W kd 95 Saturday & Sunday 12-4

2762 NW Crossing Drive o

p ppp





/ p



r r p


• • •



/ •



• ' •

• •


• Views from Bachelor to Mt. Jefferson on one of the few remaining custom home sites on Awbrey Butte • Gentle slope with large old growth pines • Open and spacious • Westerly views - beautiful sunsets • Offering includes complete set of custom home plans. A must see! MLS¹201301017

kPtlr5".Nl +maaa

master & den

• Close to schools, medical facilities and shopping • Featuring a great room concept, wood floors, designer carpet 8< tile and quality stainless appliances • Flexibility with design & Finishes depending on stage of construction.

CalI Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS [ 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist


s •

Silvia Kmg t, Bro erABR, FR, REEN 541-7 -4 61 bendluxuryhomes@gmail. com


I p•




I •



-4 -1

• To be built by RD. Building & Design • Quality1862 SF home features a main level

• 6.96 acresin Plainview I, Subdivision • Live on the property while you build • Large 36x50shop - w/RV hookupsinside &outside the 3bayshop • Well is in, septic in, power 81 other utilities installed at shop 81well • Finished bayhaslaundry area& 3/4 bath w/loft. Wood & electric heat.

• West Hills contemporary home in the pines • 3180 SF on a double lot • Contemporary floor plan and finishes • Water features, inside and out

• Mature old growth pine trees, beautiful landscaping. Must see!

• Area of larger parcels with stellar mountain views MLS¹201301490 Call Joanne McKee, Broker j 541-4 -515


Call Robin Yeakel, Brrocer, CRS [ 541%08-040W Resort Properties Specialist

' I






• !' II I

= %'e 5 $L';ld

• 19321 SW Brookside Way • NW chaletstyle nestled into the hillside with spectacular mountainviews • Priv atebackyardwith sunny southern exposure • Beautifully maintained and loaded w/upgrades

• 4 bedroom, 3 baths plus den/office • Oversized double car garage w/shop area & ample storage • Near Natio nalforest,on the way to Mt.Bacheloryetso close to d 0 8 d MLS¹201301399

Callykally5 a ao, 5 oka i541.408.0086

• 159 acres with two 35 acre pivot irrigators • Large indoor arenabarn • 3000 SF, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with large country kitchen, huge great room, spacious master suite and partially finished daylight basement MLS¹201207170 Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker j 541-480-3096



I •






• 3 bedrooms/3 bath Mt. Bachelor Village • Perfect primary home, vacation home or vacation rental • Close to historic downtown and Old Mill District

• Enjoy tennis, pool, hot tubs, hiking and biking trails MLS¹201301803

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS j 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist



• 2860 SF, 3 bdrm, den, loft • Main floor master suite with patio • Huge lot w/gas firepit backing to common space • Call for a private showing anytime • For a full video walkthrough please visit htt:// MLS¹201209235 Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker j 541-408-3912




I • • •

• • /



a ' 4 o8yyyyasi -'

zp C

I '1,,


• Bui t by Timberline Construction

and designedbyChristian Gladu DesignGroup •Sit uatedtotakeadvantage ','¹tsr."",6 @' of western views &maximize outdoor living areaandto take advantage ofpassivesolar gains &wonderful CascadeMtn.views • Interior organizedaroundcentral living areathat visually connects the living, diningandkitchen whie creating tertiary exterior living spaces • Currently underconstruction andslated to be complete in June2013 • Backs upto commonarea MLS¹201301884

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086



r •

• Brand new single level 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths, built by Timberline Construction

& designed by JimTebbs Design Group •Seamlessintegrationofindoorand outdoorspace,open floor plan • Private courtyard and covered back patio w/mountain views • Energy efficient Earth Advantage • A flex room & study allow for maximum versatility MLS¹201208865 Call Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086




• Great room living opens to f solarium • Exquisite finishes throughout this beautiful home • Luxury master suite on main level adjacent to cozy sunroom • Super energy efficient home • 5+ car garage plus storage • 4 bed, 3.5 bath, den + bonus, 4495 SF MLS¹201302460

• Sunny artist studio with French doors to the terrace

Call Laura Blossey, Broker j 541-323-4809

Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers j 541-312-5151 www

56936 Dancing Rock Loop - Lot 32

9 Trophy — Sunriver Resort





• 5712 SF, 0.82 acres with full CascadeMtnviews • 5 en suite bedrooms + addl 2 . half baths (2 beds upstairs, 3 down) • 5-car garage,gear roomw/lockers, vault, dog bath, deluxe mudroom



• Brasada Ranch

• 5400 SF on flat .75 acre! • 5 fireplaces! • Green built, efficient solar system • Finely crafted Gary Norman built custom • Stunning finishes • Unobstructed mountain views


• Beautiful 9682 SF home features massive timbers, tall ceilings, impressive stonework • Landscaped, water feature, pond & Cascade Mtn. views • Chef's kitchen, butler's pantry, formal dining, master suite w/sitting room • Large guest/family wing w/2 bdrms & family room • 33 acres, 28 acres irrigated, 2 barns, bunkhouse/ caretakers quarters MLS¹201206936

• .35acre lot in Caldera Springs • Par 3 golf course adjacent • Short distance from the Lake House, Zeppa Bistro & Quarry Pool • Residents enjoy biking 8< walking paths & Caldera Links • Canoe, kayak & fish in the multiple lakes 8 streams MLS 201302378

• Timeless Elegance • Expansive golf course view • Custom built in 1992 • Well appointed features • Spacious outdoor living, hot tub • Abundant windows, light & bright • Quiet cul-de-sac, 1/3 acre lot

MLS 201302016

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS j 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Desert Valley Group j 541-923-1376

Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokers j 541-419-4553

Deb Tebbs Group l Like us on R

Call Myra Girod, Principal Broker j 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker j 541-788-6767

Ponderosa Pines, La Pine ( $48,000

Gem in the Rough fThree Rivers South/ $165,000

Powder Village Creampuff ~ $74,900

7 Muskrat Lane, Sunriver ~ $229,000

• Wonderfully treed1.28acrelot • Perfect spot to build yourdream home rr just hangcut in yourRV • Enjoy tranquil setting & proximity to


all of C.O.'5recreation opportunities

• Water, electric, septic areadyonsite • One lot from pavedN. Ponderosa Way for easyin/out access • 14812 N.SugarPineWay MLS¹201208377

• 55149 Forest Lane '


' - ' . ,

• 3 bed, 2 bath, 1224 SF • Very comfortable home for weekend getaways or full time living in the woods • Desirable development • Close to the Big Deschutes MLS¹201206233

• Sunriver • 1 bedroom, 1 bath '7 • Very well maintained and '"y charming • Great getaway place on a budget • 56856 Enterprise Dr. ¹D5 ': MLS¹201209343

• Cute Sunriver cabin '"*' czi

'I il




i .

• 2 BD/2 BA, 1090 SF • New furnace, windows & roof • Excellently located near ' SHARC • 2 decks, carport MLS¹201209274 ,

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker j 541-280-5352

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker j 541-848-7222

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker j 541-848-7222

Call Kelly Winch, Broker j 541-390-0398

6 Whistling Swan - Sunriver ~ $389,500

28 Fremont Crossing ( $439,000

16 Nine lron Lane- Sunriver ( $535,000

Everyone's Invited! ( $829,000

• 3 BD/2.5 BA, 1653 SF • Great location close to


" '


the river • Large deck with hot tub • Perfectly maintained • Open floor plan MLS¹201208294

• Exceptional location, very shortdistance to SHARC and Sunriver Village • Built in 2004, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths (2 masters) • Open floor plan, 2215 SF • Deckwith hottub • Excellent furniture pkg. avail. MLS¹201203762

• 3 BD/3 BA, 2228 SF • Located on the 15th hole

of the Woodlands Golf Course • Single level • Open great room • Granite countertops • Two master suites


• • • • •

Caldera Springs — Sunriver 5 bdrms/5 5 baths 3572 SF Kids bunk room 81 play area Patio with views of lake 2 master bdrms downstairs 2up • 3-car garage with lock off MLS¹201300041

Call Dan Cook PC, Broker j 541-280-5303

Call Kelly Winch, Broker j 541-390-0398

Call Keith Petersen PC, Broker j 541-815-0906

Call Mike Sullivan, Principal Broker j 541-350-8616 Dan©

kwlnch©• mike©


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

Possible Business Opportunity

' •

" •



PTION I. 99999 O~ • Fully renovated condo offer • B weeks/year or trade with RCI! quality • 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath Loft fraction ETravertine floors, rock fireplace • Sleeps 6 •I • All new appliances • Full sized kitchen • Murphy bed offers additional • Excellent rental SEVENTH sleeping room MOUNTAIN income EISOAT • Very comfortable w/balcony MLS¹201200552 views of forest & river MLS¹ 201107707 Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

," • This is your chance to pick Up one ofthese rarely- available building sites in apopular NW neighborhood on W.CampbellRd. • Over 1/2 acre w/water & power in the street B close to the Athletic

'i'.' jgIVMV¹. '

¹ I Ao


Call Sue Price, Broker l 541-408-7742

Call Sue Price, Broker l 541-408-7742


2653 SW 50th St., Redmond l $235,000

19777 Astro Place l $249,900

I~g „' I I'i

Desert Valley Group l 541-923-1376

Call Rhonda Garrison, Principal Brokerl 541-279-1768


Exceptional inEstablished NENeighborhood l $169,990

3120 YellowRibbon Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Myra Girod, Principal Broker l 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker l 541-788-6767

Spectacular FairwaySetting in BrokenTopl $250,000

Deschutes River Front Building Sitel $299,900

• On beautiful 12th green with fairway views • In Bend's premier gated golf

• Grubstake Rd. -" • 21 acres - building site



course community

• Utilities to property line • Borders nver & public land

• Levelhome site -.34 ofanacre • Build your dream homehere! • Golf BI social memberships available MLS¹201302501

• Septic approval for standard system

Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

Desert Valley Group l 541-923-1376

Brokers l 541-312-5151 www

62906 Bilyeu Way l$308,000

21140 Keyte Lane l $310,000 • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2071 SF • Outdoor living at its BEST • One le velhom e • 1.11 acres

• 2600 SF



l $185,000

•Showslikea modelhome • Large great room • Abundant hardwood floors • 3 BR,2 BA, large double garage w/extra storage • Locatedclose toshopping,Old Mill & BendCC " • Quiet - private fenced backyard w/charming patio MLS 201302179

• 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths IC

• Great home w/master on main





• Loft plus huge bonus room • Large.23 acre lot • Greenhouse • Raised beds MLS¹201302640

• Two water features • Large paver patio

• Gorgeous landscaping • Irrigation • Call me for questions


Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO

541-480-4186 l

541-480-4186 l

One-of-a-Kind Tetherow Homesitel $375,000

Vlntage Bungalow In theheart of Sistersl $389,000

Luxury Townhomesl Offered from $424,750

• Expansive,one acre homesite • Elevated, overlooking ¹3, ¹4, ¹5 & ¹6 fairways • Fabulous mountain, water, and

•4 bedrooms,2 fullbaths,2564SF • Inviting living room w/gas fireplace

terrain views • Unique site offering

• Dining areaw/Frenchdoors

exceptional privacy • Gated area - end of cul-de-sac • Original price $710,000.

• Large fencedyard

Call Sean Barton, Broker l 541-306-7664 l

Delightful in NW Bendl $310,000

A dorable SE Cottage

• Desirable singlelevel homein the Views of OakTree • SPaCiauS OPen deSignSituated Ona generoussizeloi • Backyardis landscaped&fuly fenced • Some mountainviews • Freshly Iepaintedandmove-in ready

• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2744 SF • Master on main • Beautifully landscaped .17 acre lot • Desirable open concept floor plan •Peek-a-boo mountainviews • Oversized 2-car garage w/shop area MLS¹201302401


Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

• Desirab e SW area, near Old MiI, River Trail, on quiet cul-de-sac •4 bed/2.5 bath,4thbdrm ishuge &would makeaperFect bonusrm • 2124 SF w/separate living & family rooms • Master bath w/soaking tub Ik walk-in shower • Kitchen w/wood floors lk tile counters MLS¹201300594

• Exquisite NW Style home • 190B SF, 3bed, 3 bath w/large loft • Vaulted ceilings andwood floors ' Tile counters and pull-out shelving • Large backyard with patio Ik mountain views • Large master w/double sinks and walk-in closet MLS¹201302157

• Approx. 1.60 acres • Bonus Mt. Bachelor view • Well and Septic • Well maintained gravel road • 54653 Silver Fox Dr. MLS¹201209514

Call Kelly Horton, Broker l 541-508-9163

• Includes half interest in private well

' Ml S¹20I301090

• Three Rivers South

..' Kelly Horton 541-508-9163

• Located between Redmond & Eagle Crest on 67th St. • Perched on the bluff with I III I I 9 C d

• Don't wait - call for more details! P„','„99:PN


River & Mtn, View Small Acreagel $159,000

1st on the Hillsites l $150,000

Beautiful Deschutes River Lot l $99,900

Highly successful barl restaurant together with strip mall on Hwy 97. Please call for details

• Great room + living/dining rooms • Rustic maple hardwood floors - • Spacious kitchen w/island • Beautiful master suite • Fully fenced, large backyard

• 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 2322SF MLS¹201301694


• .

• Kitchen w/marble countertops

• With Fairway, mountain and

Og~ ~ river views. „N®g '® y 9Two distinct Westside

Ig '•communities Offering one & two story


to patio ~


floor plans • 2 4 bedroom 2 5 4 5 baths • 1960-2956 SF


• Detached 1-car garage


Call Carol Osgood & Korren Bower, Brokerl 541-504-3839

Brokers l 541-312-5151 www.

Call Judy McCombs, Broker l 541-390-1411

Custom Log Home l $425,000

Joseph, Oregon l $439,000

2486 NW Hem mingway St. l $439,900

C ustom Home 5t h Fairway l $447,700

Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

• Located in the Wild Rivercommunity w/private access to the Deschutes River and forest serviceland • 2759SF,3+car garage&shop • Hand scribed log home by Treehouse • Main floor masterwith en-suite bath • Large wood burning fireplacewith real stone • Priced well below replacement cost! for video andadditional info.

• 2560 SF, 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths • Bonus room BI office • Desirable NW Bend location • 3-car garage • Fenced yard w/sprinkler system • Easterly Mtn, City & Old Mill Views MLS ¹201302526

• Panoramic views of the Wallowa Mountains • Build er'sown custom home • 1B52 SF,.34 acre • Granite counters, custom cabinets • Solid wood doors, Western Birch hardwood floors • Central location - 6 blocks from downtown MLS¹201100699

Call Brian Ladd, Broker l 541-408-3912

Call 8 Sandy Sandy Kohlmoos, Brokers l 541-408.4309

Call Jordan Haase, Principal Broker l 541-420-1559•


West Side Park-like Setting l $479,000

High Desert LandscapeFrommany areas in the home, • Recently updated with beautiful hard wood floors, high end Europeanpellet stove & energy efficient watei heater

Call Bryan Hilts, Broker l 541-771-3200

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086 Call Judy McCombs, Broker l 541-390-1411

Deschutes River Frontage! $520,000

Westside Charmer l $550,000

I You'll be onperma a nent vacation the minuteyoUgo throughthe doors,four





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Perfect Location l $650,000

Superior Design for Privacyl $749,900

64885 McGrath Road • Perfect location between Bend &Redmond • 4bdrm, 3bath, 345BSF w/main levelliving • Gorgeousnewquartz counter tops & SS appliances in large kitchen • New carpet,lovelylandscapedyard, decks, hot tub,waterfeature • Outbuildings!k RV parking


Call Mary Stratton, Broker l 541-419-6340

Call Natalle Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581

Equestrian Meadows l $785,000

Contemporary City Living l $820,000

This Property Has It All l $849,900

• 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 3200 SF

• 3 beds, 4 baths, 4302 SF


• Wrap-around porch • Mountain views • 15.5 acres w/8.6 ac irrigation • 50x60 Moniter style barn • 40x50 heated shop w/auto lift • Turn key in and out

• Just minutes to medical shopping, & schools • Single level, open great room • Great for entertaining • Private setting, borders BLM • Separate entrance for home office • Formal dining/living, chef's kitchen

. • Immaculate interior '

• No H.O.A/s • Heated parking • Cascade Mountainviews

• Walk to Old Mill/Downtown MLS¹201207761


MLS ¹201302301

Call Bobby Lockrem, Broker l 541-480-2356

Call Mary Stratton, Broker l 541-419-6340

Deschutes Riverview Propertyl $997,000

• •


4 •

Broken Top Classic l $945,000 • Overlooking10thfairway &green • Custom home completely remodeled in 2004-05byMelrose Construction • Kathy & KarolNiemiinterior plan/design with quality &detail -4476SF • 5 bed, 5.5 bath,maHlevel master

• Great roomdesign. Wonderful indoor and outdoor ivingspacious,quiet cul-desac location


Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086



Call Jodi Kearney, Broker l 541-693-4019

suite and private office • Privacy with southern exposure • Bonus & exercise room • 3 car garage w/shop area MLS¹ 201202864

lh •

• One level with upstairs guest



' II

• 3106 SF SINGLE LEVEL , • 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • 994 SF enclosed courtyard • Wonderful natural light • 1200+ SF garage • .5 acre lot on the 13th fairway -Rivers Edge GC • Call for your private tour!

• 5 bedroom, 4 baths, 5116 sq. ft. • Overlooking Broken Top s 12th fairway and green

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker l 541-280-5352


Luxury Single Level in Broken Topl $1,150,000

• River views from nearly everyroom • • Rich-toned oakhardwood floors • Custom distressed kitchen cabinetry • 5ab granitecounters • Pro-quality SS appliances • Montanastonefireplace ,N4 ., F l = . - ' • • Mainhouse-3bds,2.5ba,24505F jlli • Guestquarters-2bds,1bath,7BBSF MLS¹201301B56


Call Sue Price, Broker l 541-408-7742


Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

• Open floor plan for entertaining


• 3400 SF, 3-car garage • Hugebonus/famiyroom • Formal living & dining, 3 fireplaces • Oneownerhomew/lotsofextras • Wonderful decking, private backyardw/water feature • Very popular ocation! 1684 NW City View

bedroom,3bath, 2985SFhome ' " , tpi¹' • Gaze outbackatamazingrockformations jg oi LavaISandFalls • Gourmetkitchen,granite, doubleoven stainless appliances • RiverrockwoodburningFIrepace, vaulted entry,3-cargarage w/hottuboverlooking the .~cM-" "'-'.-'-'~g~- @-':+~i • Huge deck mightyDeschuies River- Majesticbeauty!

• 8


Call C.J. Neumann, Broker, CRSl 541-410-3710 Llsa Lamberto, Broker l 541-610-9697

• Prepare to be wowed! • 3700 IMMACULATE SFloaded with upgrades • 3 bedrooms, 4 full baths, office, hobby/playroom off kitchen • 20x20ft.bonus room & beautifulmastersuite • Large custom kitchen is a chef's delight • Common areasurrounds home on 2 sides • 1800 SF of storage under the house • Beautifully landscaped with 50' water feature • Call Sue for list of all exceptional features


• Beautiful 3/4 acre pine treed lot


• Custom wood cabinets & built-ins • Covered deck, expansive views • One level, great room, oak floors • Oversized 2-car garage • Enjoy abundant wildlife

• Situated on.86 acres on one UF the largest homesites in Awbicy Glen • Home offers privacy & a convenient location within the community • Large view windows embrace the

Rimrock West • Community access to the Deschutes River • 1904 SF lodge style home • Upstairs loft can be studio or 3rd bedroom • Wrap-around deck to enjoy the sound ofthe river MLS¹201300623

Rod Hatchell, Broker l 541-728-8812

• 3 BR/2.5 BA, 2036 SF

Awb r ey Glen Champion Circle l $489,900

• Desirable community of


Judy McCombs & Shelly Swanson, Brokers l 888-274-2317

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• • e •


E6 SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2013 • THE BULLETIN Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


Homes for Sale




Northwest Bend Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Sunriver/La Pine Homes Crook County Homes H omes with Acreage

River Canyon Estates This is not a drive by. NW Crossing - Lovely 4 $550,000 One of Sage New Construction - 3 Cute studio cabin on Large craftsman style 1 6751 SW Dove R d . Call for details. There Bdrm, 3 bath, 2800 sq ft Builders award winbdrm, 2 b ath, 1548 1.28 acre. $55,000. Prineville home. 2703 B eautiful cust o m I $349,000 • 2452 sq.ft. is much more to this home with great room, ning homes. Facing s q.ft., vaulted, g a s 15956 Jaco b s en sq. ft. 4 bedrooms, 3 2,500 sq.ft. Iog home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath property than meets master suite, loft family east and on the ¹17 furnace-range-water Road. Hig h L a k es baths. $159,000 on 4.9 acres. Gour• Near Deschutes River t he eye. Land e x- area. $497,400. fairway of the Chalheater, fenced, land- Realty & Pr o perty MLS¹201203228 met kitchen w/cherry Open Sat & Sun, 1-4, Trail tends from Hwy 97 l enge Course. L o scaped. $16 2 ,900 Management Call Don Chapin, Broc abinets, gran i t e 2361 NW Lemhi Pass • MLS 201302055 541-536-0117 back beyond the MH cated behind the priMLS ¹ 2 01 2 08875 ker, 541-350-6777 counters, 8 f armer's 541-550-0333 Minda McKitrick, on property; MH to be vate security gate as Pam Lester, Principal Redmond RE/MAX sink. Great room has South Fawn Broker, GRI removed upon sale. you enter the Ridge. B roker, Century 2 1 50760 Land & Homes floor to ceiling win747 541-280-6148 Almost 3 a cres, all Offers 3 bedrooms, Gold Country Realty, Top-of-the-line 3 bdrm Real Estate dows w/mtn v iews. h ome w i t h sh o p , utilities in & ready for Southwest Bend Homes 3.5 baths, 3376 sq. ft. Inc. 541-504-1338 Hickory hardwood & T wo homes o n t w o $169,000. High Lakes your build. $125,000 Home-ID 941 tile f loors. R a diant NEW Construction! 3 commercial lots sold Realty & Pr o perty Near Old Mill District 3 Eagle Crest Properties bdrm, 2 b ath, 1700 heating. MORRIS as one. Owner terms floor Management 6677 Faye P hillips, bdrm, 2~/~ bath, 2398 866-722-3370 $499,999 MLS REAL ESTATE avable. $124,900 sq.ft, 23 acre lot, tile 541-536-0117 Broker 541-480-2945 s q. ft ., coun t r y Stick built Dutch barn. floors, tile backsplash, 201208751. J u niper MORRIS t& p d l y O d da p« d MLS¹201300807 John L. Scott kitchen, maple cabiRealty, 541-504-5393 REAL ESTATE Call J u li e F a h lgren home. $110,000 landscaped, fenced. 51350 Anchor Way Real Estate, Bend nets. 6970 sq. ft. Iot. style NE BendI $192,000 Cabin on 1.25 acre 541-550-0098 MLS¹201300648 $169,900 $238,500 Cr a f tsman • 1206 sq.ft. $180,000. MLS¹ w/city water, $59,900 Crooked River Realty MLS201209125 style 4 bedroom, 3 Call Linda Lou SE Bend I $825,000 201208231 • 2 bedroom, 2 bath Day-Wright, Pam Lester, Principal High Lakes Realty & Two rental homes on bath home w/views. Three Pines I $585,000 Pam Lester, Principal • 4072 sq.ft. • Turn key property P roperty Man a g e B roker, Century 2 1 Broker, 541-771-2585 • 3488 sq.ft. • 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath the same property, R elax in s w ing o n B roker Century 2 1 • MLS 201204680 ment 541-536-0117 Gold Country Realty, front porch! 2 • 3 bedroom, 4.5 bath Gold Country Realty, Crooked River Realty both currently rented. covered Amy Halligan, Broker • 20 acres with views Inc. 541-504-1338 b edrooms on m a i n • Top of the line finishes Inc. 541-504-1338 • MLS 201301102 5 3610 Brookie, C u s Don't miss this one. 541-410-9045 $120,000 Open floor level/open floor plan/ • MLS 201300652 Sue Conrad, t om 2500 sq. ft. + Owner terms avail3 bdrm/2 bath. cozy fireplace /great Virginia Ross, Broker, Traditional Sale! Coun- plan. Broker, CRS able. $ 5 3 ,500 guest suite. $380,000 Large .21 acre fenced Need to get an ad kitchen. Bonus space ABR, CRS, GRI try living but just min- lot/patio. Double at541-480-6621 High Lakes Realty & MLS¹201300810 upstairs/ triple car ga541-480-7501 in ASAP? utes to Bend. New Property Man a ge Call Julie Fahlgren tached garage. rage/ large back deck/ carpet, ne w s t ove, ment 541-536-0117 541-550-0098 Call VIRGINIA, PrinciMORRIS p atio/fenced yar d . and vaulted ceilings. Crooked River Realty pal Broker, Fax it to 541-322-7253 51340 Anchor Way REAL ESTATE MLS¹ 201300385 Call Relax on your deck 541-350-3418 VIRGINIA, P r incipal I dp d lyO d d Op d $39,900. 1.25 a c re overlooking your very MORRIS Redmond RE/MAX The Bulletin Classifieds with city water and Homes with Acreage Broker, 541-350-3418 s ecluded acr e l o t ! MORRIS Land 8 Homes REAL ESTATE Redmond RE/MAX sewer. High L a kes Just too many $109,000 REAL ESTATE Real Estate Land 8 Homes Realty & Pr o perty Mike Wilson, Broker Views, Views, Views in I dp d lyO d d O p d New construction! NE collectibles? Real Estate Management Shevlin Ridge Beauty. 541-977-5345 or 2 bdrm, 2 bath on 1.12 Redmond $165,900 Powell Butte! Custom Traditional Sale. West Tumalo Acreage 541-389-7910 acres. $129,000 MLS 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1466 541-536-0117 3479 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 298.45 acre small ranch Sell them in side custom - Skyline 6 4474 Coyote R u n . Hunter Properties LLC ¹201203821 2y2 bath, b e autiful 153053 ft. 2-story home, 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1092 H w y 97. Call Linda Lou D ay- sq. The Bulletin Classifieds R anch Rd. 4 B d r m 4/2.5+ Bonus room, 5 fireplace in great sq. ft. frame home in cook's dream kitchen, $649,000. High Lakes Wright, Broker. gas bath, 2 90 0 S q . ft., acres, o u t buildings, 748 6.81 acres w/2 large room. L a ndscaped Wheeler Ranch, built Realty 8 Pro p erty stainless steel, gran- amazing kitchen. MLS Northeast Bend Homes 541-771-2585 with sprinkler system in 2004, has vaulted separate s hops/ga- Management 541-385-5809 ite, cherry cabinets, ¹201209378 Crooked River Realty rages. $475,000. MLS 541-536-0117 MLS¹201209172 ceilings, gas fireplace, 201207007. courtyard off master, Holly Garner, Broker S QUEAKY Ca ll Jim Hinton CLEA N 2 -Story home in N W tile and appliances. Jeanne S c h arlund, NE Bend I $264,900 huge bonus r oom. 541-480-4208 Large 1980 sq. ft. NE 541-420-6229 Redmond. Large 1705 Double attached ga• 1451 sq.ft. More at www.central- Fred Real Estate Group B end home. S p a- sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath. Central Oregon Realty 541 -420-7978. r age, front yard i s Central • 2 bedroom, 2 bath Realty c ious l i ving r o o m Knotty alder cabinets, Group, LLC landscaped & decora- Group Oregon • .59 acre lot Walk to River. LLC w/gas FP, 3 bdrm, 2.5 SS appli a nces, Newer Single S t ory tive fence, very clean, • MLS 201300499 Remodeled! 5743 Ed Green, Brofront/back landmust see. $93,000 Equestrian Del i g ht! 2002 MH .98 acres with bath $185,900. MLS¹ Greg Miller, P.C., ker 541-598-5666 201280332. Call Jim scaped with irrigation. h ome, 3 b d rm, 2 5 MLS¹ 201209339 2-acre lot boasts 576 360 View / Top of Butte garage/shop, w a ter Broker, CRS, GRI John L. Scott bath, office, sunroom, Hinton 541-420-6229 Cascade Realty, sq. ft., 2-stall barn, in Terrebonne. Home, $189,900. Jim Hinton 2260 sq.ft, 60 acre, 541-408-1511 f eature, fire p it , 8 Central Real Estate, Bend Oregon Realty 541-420-6229 541-536-1731 w/2-runs, hay s t r g, shop, mansion building green house. N ew mtn & S m ith R o ck Group, LLC Central Oregon Realty views. $269,000. MLS matted a i s les/stalls,site. 2% to broker. See: flooring - Travertine, The Bulletin's wash rack/tack bldg, tile, d o ors, l i g hts,T wo homes o n t h e Group, LLC ¹ 201206306 Pam Take care of Lg turnout area 8 Irg reo/3723860691.html "Call A Service sinks paint & MORE! banks of a large ca- 3 b edroom, 2 b a t h , Lester, Principal Brolevel arena. 1/4 mile your investments Call f o r deta i ls! ker, Century 21 Gold Professional" Directory MORRIS nal. Unique s etting 1730 sq ft home, gas to public land. Frame 3 b edroom, 2 b a t h , $136,900! Country Realty, Inc. with the help from fireplace, huge is all about meeting REAL ESTATE with two quality single 3 bdrm, 2 bath home. 1716 sq ft home on 541-504-1338 story homes nestled kitchen, fenced. 4.45 acres. P rivate your needs. I d~ d t yO d da p «d The Bulletin's $354,900 3235 Lisa McCarthy, MLS¹201300635. o n the banks of a well 8 l a rge s hop. Newly renovated home MLS¹201203418 Call Broker, SRES "Call A Service Call on one of the Nice home i n B e nd. large irrigation canal $154,999. Pam in the heart of downNancy Popp, Broker, MLS¹201300092. 541-419-8639 Lester, Principal BroOak cabinets, island Professional" Directory in NE Bend. Both are $299,999. Pam town Redmond, close professionals today! 541-815-8000 John L. Scott in kitchen, extra insulocated on over one ker, Century 21 Gold Lester, Principal Broto dry canyon trails, Crooked River Realty Real Estate, Bend Country Realty, Inc. l ation a dded, n e w Sisters I $169,000 a cre w it h a par k ker, Century 21 Gold C entennial Park & 3 bedroom, 2 bath mfd. $309,900 Powell Butte 541-504-1338 laminate f l oo r in • 1682 sq.ft. townhome across the canal for downtown amenities. h ome on o v e r a n 5 .58 acres w it h 3 Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338 kitchen and d i ning• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath One 4 bedacre. well maintained Welcome to Paradise. privacy. b edroom, 2 b a t h , Features refurbished 2 b ath, 2391 room, large open liv- • Convenient location room home (2,424 sq. 3 1822 Secluded and gated pine hardwood floor- and has a rental. Also bdrm, sq ft home on ft. home. Cas- 7432 SW Onyx Road. ing area, cozy wood • MLS 201300538 ft.) with triple garage ing, laminate flooring has a detached dbl. sq. custom home nestled one acre, fenced, and H orse set-up a n d Mountain and stove, heat pump A/C Kelly Neuman, Broker in the kitchen & din- garage. $84,900. MLS cade against soaring 150 ft. plus a 3 be d room 2 shops! MLS¹ t oo mountain views! Smith Rock views. All & electric forced air home (1,840 sq. ft.) ¹ 201004467 541-480-2102 rim rocks and unobing room, new paint new...$191,900 Pam $84,900 MLS stainless appliances heat. Home has gutwith double garage. Cascade Realty, inside & out, master structed mountain and Lester, Principal BroCall in kitchen. Beautiful ¹ 201300988 ters and carport, large Perfect for two fami541-536-1731 s eparation, din i n g city views. Reclaimed lies or a cash flow in- ker, Century 21 Gold Curry master suite with walk Melody covered deck, chain fg area and formal dinwood throughout with home 8 property is in closet, jetted tub in 541-771-1116. l ink f e nced y a r d. with good Country Realty, Inc. ing room, a b o nusThis tuscan style high end vestment set-up to l ive. Low bath, double vanity Crooked River Realty MLS tenants. Quality con- 541-504-1338 $55,000 chef's r oom/solarium, n e w kitchen. MORRIS maint. yard w / very with marble and trav- 8996 SW Panorama Rd ¹201208196 structed homes near 821 NE Nickernut Ave, landscaping, fenced REAL ESTATE lan d scaping, ertine thr o ughout. John L. Scott Real Esschools and p a rks Redmond. Well maint. back yard, RV park- nice 2034 sq ft, 4 maramckie T a mara grass in front 8 Tack room, hay stor- Custom tate 541-548-1712 b edroom, 2.5 b a t h McKie, Broker with all city services. 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1350 ing, alley access, de- some ge, f e nced a n d h ome built i n 2 0 06 Call Gary for more Small acreage. Hard to 541-460-9072 sq. ft. h ome. Spa- tached garage w/shop b ack, fenced d o g a for w ith Mtn v iews o n details. 6 3 1 9 2 & NOTICE cious great room area area 8 storage along area, covered rear cross-fenced find small a creage John L. Scott 63198 Wa t e rcress with a gas fireplace. w/ central heat/AC. deck. 14x20 screened horses. Home-ID 988 All real estate adver- with ma n u factured Real Estate, Bend 1.53 acres. Many up$598,000 tised here in is subLandscaped front and Call Today! $189,900 party room with BBQ, Eagle Crest Properties graded features inhome on it, includes 3 15x20 work or craft 866-722-3370 Gary Everett, CCIM ject to t h e F e deral acres o f ir r igation, back yard with plenty MLS¹201208379 clude: hickory cabi(unfinished), 3 bdrm, 2 bath, custom Principal Broker F air H o using A c t , mountain views & is of room for outdoor John L. Scott Real Es- shop nets, granite counter Want to impress the 2 4x50 3-bay s h o p 541-480-6130 which makes it illegal fenced for your horse. activities. The garage tate 541-548-1712 t ops, alder t rim & home, huge shop, with upper storage. relatives? Remodel Joan Steelhammer, to advertise any pref- Land i s is insulated and sheet doors, hardwood & tile cur r ently $299,000 Broker erence, limitation or leased on month to your home with the r ocked with a w o rk Nice quiet street in Ter- Home has 4 bdrm, 3 floors. Th e m a ster MLS¹201203307 541-419-3717 rebonne. 2 bd, 1 bath bath, large open liv Julie Fahlgren, Broker, discrimination based month basis. Prop- help of a professional bench and 220 AMP bath has a garden tub ing area, office or den Remax on race, color, reli- erty is close to airport, service. $14 9 ,900 home. $ 8 4 ,900 541-550-0098 with tile surround & from The Bulletin's off living room. All MLS¹201301067 MLS 201301310 separate tile shower gion, sex, handicap, town & public land as "Call A Service Call J u li e F a h lgren buildings have metal Crooked River Realty 750 familial status or na- well. Don't miss this Juniper Realty, $250,000 541-550-0098 roofs. Horse property, Professional" Directory Horse property w i th tional origin, or inten- rare find. $199,900. 541-504-5393 MLS¹ 201208347 Redmond Homes Crooked River Realty o n p a v e d roa d . barn, over 5 a cres. tion to make any such MLS¹201004860 Juniper Realty, 2-Story 3 $269,900. MLS F enced an d c r o ss 541-504-5393 preferences, l i mita- D 8 D R e alty GroupWell maintained 3 bed- $599,900 It's all about Beautiful NW REDMOND - 3 bdrms, 3 baths, 1918 201207419. Cascade fenced. $119,900 tions or discrimination. LLC 541-923-8664 room, 2 bath, 1538 SF the views! Stunning sq. ft., stainless applibedroom, 2.5 bath. Realty, 541-536-1731 MLS ¹201300986 Call We will not knowingly TURN THE PAGE home, fenced yard, Smith Rock and city ances, gas fireplace. Built-ins, tile kitchen 541-550-0098. J u l ie accept any advertis- Sun Meadows! T h is l arge c o r ne r lot , v iews from this i ncounters, gas fire- Very spacious 1994, For More Ads quality craf t sman Landscaped with irriFahlgren ing for r eal e state credibly built 3 bdrm, vaulted ceilings. Oak place in the living 4bdrm/2bath 1755 sq. Crooked River Realty $194 , 900. The Bulletin which is in violation of home boasts of cul- cabinets, soaking tub, 3.5 bath, 3250 sq. ft. gation room. $126,500 ft. mfd. home on 1.27 this law. All persons tured stone accents. s torage an d s h o p home! Enjoy the cov- MLS¹201208280 MLS¹201209508 acres. Living rm, fam- 5 2916 Old L ake R d 9.33 acres in P owell kitchen w i th Jim Hinton, are hereby informed Large ered patio with those Call TRAVIS HANNAN, ily rm, dining area & $199,000. Two 1848 walk-in pantry, t ile, area. All on a corner 541-420-6229 Butte - 4 bdrm, 2.5 that all dwellings adviews back- Central Oregon Realty Principal Broker, utility rm Large 2 car sq.ft. h o m es , 40 floors & gas lot. MLS ¹201301298 easterly b ath, 1928 s q . f t . , vertised are available hardwood ing to common area acres. High L a k es $42,000 541-788-3480 a rage. Sold as i s . fireplace. Sun MeadGroup, LLC on an equal opportuand short distance to John L. Scott Real Redmond RE/MAX Pr o perty 3-car garage, barn, 69,900. MLS Realty & o ws ha s i t s ow n shop, with RV door. Irnity basis. The Bullesports center, swim- Beautiful home in Great Land 8 Homes ¹ 201300535. Ca s - Management, community pool, park Estate 541-548-1712 rigated. $35 9 , 000 tin Classified ming pools, s pray condition $184,900 Real Estate cade Realty, 541-536-0117 a nd 1/2 cour t . MLS ¹ 20 1 2 037129 park. Home-ID 989 Single level, 3 bdrms, 2 541-536-1731 $259,500. Tony Levi12250 NW Dove Rd Pam Lester, Principal Old world charm with FOR SALE Eagle Crest Properties baths, office, 1792 sq. Looking for your next Broker Custom cedar s ided B roker, Century 2 1 4 015 sq . f t . m a i n son, 866-722-3370 756 ft. N E W st a i nless 541-977-1852 or When buying a home, emp/oyee? h ome with f loor t o Gold Country Realty, house & 1040 sq. ft. steel appliances, large Jefferson County Homes c eiling windows t o a Bulletin help shop/wine room situ- 541-389-7910 Inc. 541-504-1338 83% of Central $599,900 Outstanding kitchen with e a t ing Place wanted ad today and take in the mtn. views. ated ato p A w breyHunter Properties LLC Oregonians turn to detail in design and bar. New blinds, fresh Close to schools! Nice 3 Amazing Views. Counreach over 60,000 Immaculate 1841 sq. Butte on 1.07 acres, Call The Bulletin At c onstruction of t h i s paint in & out. bdrm home in town readers each week. The Bulletin f t., 3 b d rm, 2 b a t h try living at its best, this home is an "enbeautiful 4 bedroom, Jim Hinton Sen q Cent al 0 ego v ce 19IB 541-385-5809 L andscaped with a Your classified ad with tongue & groove u nbelievable u n o btertainers delight" with 3.5 bath, 3717 sq. ft. 541-420-6229 fenced y a rd , RV vaulted ceilings, gas structed Cascade Mt. will also appear on 4 bd & 35 ba. Appt Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Call 541-385-5809 to Sage Builders home. Central Oregon Realty parking too! $79,900 free-standing stove, Views! Unique, only wit h D a nielle.At: place your Located on the 18th Group, LLC MLS¹201106963 which currently ret om 1908 s q .ft., 3 wood accents. New Sunriver Gem! ExtenReal Estate ad. hole of the Challenge D8D Realty Group LLC h ardwood floors & bdrm & 2.5 bath home ceives over aniellesnow Danielle sive Remodel... on a Course at Eagle Crest FANTASTIC VIEWS of 866-346-7868 1.5 million page larg e new swimming pool. n estled in Snow, Broker large corner lot. Par- Widgi Creek Fairway I Resort. Floor to ceil- city and Smith Rock. views every month On completely fenced 72'X60' barn/shop on 541-306-1015 $685,000 ing windows bring the L arge h o m e wi t h Priced to Sell! Affordtially furnished priced • 2930 sq.ft., 2.5 bath at no extra cost. 9.6 acres w/8.3 acres acres. $385,000 John L. Scott outside in for bright huge g reat r o o m. a ble l i v ing, g r e at 4.81 at $433,000; Unfur- • 2 suites, 1 on main irrigation. Bulletin Classifieds MLS¹ 201101447 Real Estate, Bend and o p e n liv i ng. Easy access to Bend starter or investment. nished p r i ce d at • On 5th green & 6th Get Results! Juniper Realty, Home-ID 352 & Sisters. $180,000. $48,400. $425,000. Call today fairway elliecook. Kellie Cook, Call 385-5809 or 541-504-5393 Eagle Crest Properties MLS¹201201489 MLS¹201208170 for more details. Su- • MLS 201301021 place your ad on-line Broker 541-322-9925 PointswestI $529,000 866-722-3370 Call Travis Hannan, D&D Realty Group LLC 14198 SW Nine Peaks san Pitarro, Broker John L. Scott at • 3035 sq.ft. townhome Craig Smith, Broker Principal Broker, 866-346-7868 Pl Mtn views from 541-410-8084 or Real Estate, Bend • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath 541-322-2417 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 541-788-3480 this 1960 sq. ft., 3 541-389-7910 • Close to the River trail .29 acres with the View of Mt. Jefferson Redmond RE/MAX bedroom, 2 bath Hunter Properties LLC • MLS 201203181 backyard bordering Land & Homes 755 Wonderfully loc a ted home on 1.16 acre. Gorgeous mountain e Deborah Benson, PC, the canal in RedReal Estate SW BendI $170,000 Sunriver/La Pine Homes h ome with a c o m - U pdated with n e w views! 36y acres IrriBroker, GRI mond. Recently upmanding view of Mt. • 1440 sq.ft. manufac& vinyl flooring gated w/small cabin, 1 541-480-6448 dated with warm col- Gentlemen Farm & Re- 40 acre horse property. Jefferson and the sur- carpet tured MORRIS and interior has been bedroom, 1 bath, post irement. Cust o m ors, new flooring & rounding area. Beau• .35 acre lot sible OWC! $225,000. REAL ESTATE freshly painted. 936 home ove r looking $149,900. 87479 N. fixtures throughout. tiful well kept home • Close to Farewell MLS ¹201201125. I d p d 1 |O H d Op «d Willow Creek w/Cas- Star Ln. High Lakes with spacious rooms. sq. ft. garage has a MLS¹201301070 Bend Park Call Charlie, DesigPr o perty MLS¹201206924 shop area, 2 bays 8 cade Mtn. views. 2892 Realty & Kelly Starbuck, Prin• MLS 201301627 Year-Round V acation nated Broker, 50 amp power for an SF 1-level home w/in- Management cipal Broker, $239,000 D&D Realty MORRIS Scott Huggin, Home. Cozy Tollgate 541-350-3419 541-536-0117 R V. S e parate R V door pool, 3360 SF 541-923-0855 Group LLC REAL ESTATE Broker, GRI home on half an acre Redmond RE/MAX covered storage and shop, 2nd home & Nice double wide MFH 866-346-7868 541-322-1500 with room for y o ur Redmond RE/MAX Land & Homes I& p d I ly O d dOp « d carport. $139,500 o ther b l dgs. 6 9 . 8 Land 8 Homes horse. Live an active on just over 1.5 acre Real Estate MLS¹ 201208272 acres w/62 acs of irWOW! Look at these Real Estate on cul-de-sac. Close Powell Butte Estate lifestyle, c l ubhouse, Juniper Realty, r ig. Home has t o o views! Cascade mtns Great Country home t o BLM. C ould b e swimming pool, bik1 0888 P o well B u t te 541-504-5393 Gour m et many features to list. has fenced property Nice horse property. from your living room. H wy. 4 / 4 .5 , 4 7 0 0 ing, horseshoes & $449,900 Adjoins BLM. Home has been up1620 SF home adjoins for animals. Wondersq.ft., on large acretennis courts nearby. kitchen, new granite Newer septic. Fenced MORRIS for pe t s . Shop dated with newer heat 90-acre pasture with ful location and a nice age, hayfields, huge Mary Johnston, Bro- counter tops, master MLS¹201206931 REAL ESTATE $795,000 p ump and al l n e w 2-mile walking trail. shop area. Ready for suite + 2 guest bedw/raised wood floor, mountain views. ker, 541-420-0891 I d p d I ly 0 d dl lp d rooms & bathrooms John L. Scott Real Es- power, lights, work floors as well. Great Heat pump, propane a family wanting to Teri Cravens, Broker John L. Scott ranch-style home with stove, dbl gar + bolive on acreage and on the main floor with tate 541-548-1712 541-647-0910 SW Bend - 61131 KeReal Estate, Bend benches. mud room lots of room to play. nus rm . $ 1 39,900. have room to spread a huge loft overlook- Great Home - Terrific sq. ft. not included in Fred Real Estate Group pler St. 5/2.5+ huge ing the great room, Condition! $167,500. home sq.ft. Owner will $172,000 out. MLS¹201209328 MLS¹20120766 bonus room. Enjoy and an expansive trex Corner Lot, 2016 sq. consider carrying con MLS¹201208213 Call Nancy Popp $249,900 Private in L a P i ne the Bend River Trail! 746 D8D Realty Group LLC 541 -815-8000 D&D Realty Group LLC ideal for enter- ft., 3 bdrm, 2.5 baths, tract with large down. 5 2222 Lechner L n . MLS¹ 201301015 Northwest Bend Homes deck, 866-346-7868 866-346-7868 taining. 3 bedroom, 3 open floor plan, fam- $79,500 Crooked River Realty MLS¹ Builder's custom John Furrow, Broker ath. 2680 s q . f t . ily room, living room, 201300765 Cascade h ome, s hop, o u t 541-647-0910 Northwest b u n galow. b Home-ID 718 buildings, bonus over Fred Real Estate Group LOOK ... the perfect la n dscaped, Realty, 541-536-1731 Eagle Crest Properties patio, shop. ¹201300397 fenced RV area. 152232 Long PrairieTerrango Glen - 3 bed- NW Bend bungalow in 866-722-3370 home len Holly Garner, Broker need of your personal Jim Hinton r oom, 2.5 baths i n Home, 4-car s hop, 541-480-4208 541-420-6229 touches. Cute 3 bedstorage, $ 1 4 9,900. a Enjoy t h i s Fred Real Estate Group 2276ysq.ft. o n room home with full $ 199,900 Oregon Realty High Lakes Realty & 13,500ysq.ft. Iot . b eautiful view f r om Central UMPQUA Group, LLC basement, rear alley P roperty Man a g e Tiered landscape 8 the Sisters to Smith Quail Crossing I B A N K access and p r ivate Rock on the deck of stairs to Canal level ment 541-536-0117 $289,000 Investment Opportunity fenced yard with magathering area w/firethis townhome. This 2 • 1745 sq.ft. ure trees a n d a bdrm, 2 b ath, 1419 3 b d rm , c h a rming52970 Walker Way pit & p i cnic g rove. t10x12 • 3 bedroom, 2 bath structure. The sq. ft. townhome fea- Bungalow style home, $184,000. 3 bd, 2 ba, Open 2 s t ory f loor • New construction in d owntown R e dgarage. High plan with great room upgraded kitchen has tures, wal l - to-wall mond. Detached ga- attached • MLS 201208685 Lakes Realty & Prop a garden window, plus living space that is windows, built- in en- rage, lot of off street erty Greg Floyd, Man a gement l ight & b r i ght w i t h vinyl windows, gas tertainment c e n ter, p arking. Zoned f o r P.C., Broker m any w indows 8 heat & bathroom with propane fireplace and home office, residen- 541-536-0117 541-390-5349 custom lights. Granite claw foot tub. There large great room for tial, could be c o n- 52375 Ammon Road. tile countertops, may be room to add a entertaining. verted to commercial Modified A - F rame, garage with an apartstainless steel appliHome-ID 796 u se. $99,9 0 0 . huge shop. $269,900. ances & porcelain ce- ment. Call Gary for Eagle Crest Properties MLS¹201206148 High Lakes Realty 8 ramic tile. Gas ?re- more details. 1 1 07 866-722-3370 P roperty Man a g e Call Kelly Starbuck, MORRIS NW Federal $250,000 place with s t acked Principal Broker, ment 541-536-0117 REAL ESTATE Gary Everett, CCIM rock surround, wood $220,000 This is not a 541-350-3419 Principal Broker lyO d d ap «d m antle 8 buil t - in short sale. Very priRedmond RE/MAX What are you 541-480-6130 bookcases 8 c a b ivate setting, CreekLand & Homes Redmond I $194,995 Joan Steelhammer, nets on either side. side V i llage t o w nlooking for? Real Estate • 1946 sq.ft. Broker L arge m a i n fl o o r home s it s be s i de You'll find it in • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 541 -41 9-371 7 master bedroom 8 pond 8 creek, in im- Lots o f pos s ibilities • Extensive remodel Remax bath. Formal dining maculate c o ndition, h ere! 0.26 L ot , 3 The Bulletin Classifieds • MLS 201301603 room 8 guest powder a nd s h ow s tru e Bdrm, 1 Bath, freshly Nicolette Jones, Broker room too. Loft family pride-of-ownership. painted interior, wood Say "goodbuy" 541-241-0432 room w i t h bu i l t-in Premium up g rade floors, R5. $99,000 541-385-5809 to that unused computer/desk unit. MLS¹201208899 package, 3 bdrms, 2.5 • - th $315,000 MLS b aths, 1871 sq . f t . Call Virginia, 11728 S u n Fo r e st, item by placing it in I • I II s s . s • • . • ¹201209150 Paver deck w/wrought Principal Broker 2 Bdrm, 1104 sq.ft., The Bulletin Classifieds iron railing. Home-ID I• I I • I 541-350-3418 Bobbie Strome, Bunkhouse. $108,000 MORRIS Principal Broker 877 Redmond RE/MAX High Lakes Realty & ••I I• REAL ESTATE John L Scott Real Eagle Crest Properties Land & Homes Property Man a ge • • II I 'I • • 541 -385-5809 Estate 541-385-5500 866-722-3370 Real Estate ment 541-536-0117 IlyO d d Op I d Mtn. Views I $650,000 • 2992 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • 5.1 acres • MLS 201206500 Diane Lozito, Broker 541-548-3598 541-306-9646 •








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Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Hand-hewn, prow front 1.62 acre flat lot with Nice mountain views. NW Bend j $495,000 SW Shad Rd. Located log home on 1.5 acre A Huge Price Reduc- some improvements 3.09 acres. $95,950- • 40 acres on a p a ved street. Snowberry Village ¹70 Snowberry Village ¹98 63737 Cascade Village • Tumalo Creek flows rim lot! Stunning Cas- tion!! A h ouse with for RV use. Perfect, MLS¹2609088 This 2.7 acre parcel Dr., $64,900 Enjoy $69,500 $79,500 cade & D e s chutes everything! Located in flat building site. AdCall Linda Lou Daythrough property has Mt. Jefferson & • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. mtn. views from large • Borders National ForRiver Canyon views. 3 Diamond Peaks on a joins gree n belts. Wright, Broker, Smith Rock v i ews. attached 2-car garage • 1404 sq. ft. 1999 Sil covered front deck, bdrm, 2.5 bath + ga- quiet cul-de-sac. at $59,900 541-771-2585 est The lot is level with • 1248 sq. ft. 1993 Sil vercrest very open living area r age. $239, 9 00 1 41980 Crooked River Realty • MLS 201209443 many building sites. vercrest Emer a l d MLS¹201205397 • Vaulted ceilings - de with updated carpet & MLS¹201301080. C all N a nc y Po p p , Craig Long, Broker Crooked River Ranch • Large living room, din signer colors M eadows Way. 3 window coverings. 2 5 acres adjoins public 541-480-7647 C all N a nc y Po p p , bdrm, 2 bath. Hard- 541-815-8000 water and power is ing area • Gas heat and A/C. El bdrm, 2 bath turn-key, land over Deschutes 541-815-8000 Crooked River Realty available at the street. • move-in co n d ition. wood flooring, carpet Vaulted c e i lings, evated corner lot River. Short walk to Crooked River Realty Septic was previously Sunny windows & tile, pellet stove, 3 $39,900 - Lot 141 SW nice views BONUS: New Electric river. $ 7 4 ,900 Cg approved. $78,500 • • FA heat & heat pump Lift. c overed decks , C rater Loop. W e l l MLS¹201102328 Call Attached 2-car ga MLS¹ 201208266 Garage Sales heated double car ga- T reed Lot ! rage + shop area Cascade Village (A/C) MLS ¹ Linda Lou Day-Wright Juniper Realty, MORRIS • Front porch and large • Front deck and rear rage,separate shop. 201105162 Homes. Bend, Broker, 541-771-2585 541-504-5393 Garage Sales Beautifully land- C all M e lody C u r ryCrooked River Realty REAL ESTATE back deck patio 541-388-0000 scaped w/ paved cir- 541-771-1116 Call Marilyn R ohaly, Call Marilyn R ohaly, y dp d l yO d d Op d Garage Sales Westerly Cascade view cular drive. This prop- Crooked River Realty $48,900, 1-acre. 541-322-9954 Broker, 541-322-9954 FACTORYSPECIAL NW Dove Rd., Terreb- 1 a c r e l ot wit h Broker, Mountain views. erty is in exc. cond., John L. Scott Real John L. Scott Real New Home, 3 bdrm, onne. Private w ell, Find them 8589 S W P a norama water/power available inside & out. Worth a MLS¹201206664 Estate, Bend Estate, Bend $46,500 finished p ower & septic i n Road. 1.169 a c r e, at r o ad . S t a ndard Call Linda Lou on your site. in peek! $299 , 000. stalled! L e v e l 5 . 12 septic close to pasture and approval. Day-Wright, Broker, J and M Homes MLS¹ 201203768 The Bulletin acres with s e veral mtn. views! $40,500$58,000. Snowberry Village ¹16 20737 Livingood Way. 541-548-5511 541-771-2585 Call Linda at building sites with Mtn MLS¹201105165 Call Crooked River Realty MLS¹201205389 $94,500 Newer 2003 3 Bdrm, Classifieds 541-815-0606 views. All it needs is Melody Curry Call Nancy Popp, • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths 2 bath turnkey home. Cascade Realty LOT MODEL 1.46 acre, flat building your dream h ome. 541-771-1116. 541-815-8000 541-385-5809 • 1580 sq. ft. 1997 Sil New appliances, lots LIQUIDATION lot adjoins greenbelt. $96,500 MLS¹ Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty vercrest of upgrades, custom Prices Slashed Huge Water/ power avail- 20120135 Great Potential. Cute Horse property with a • Vaulted ceilings, lots window c o v erings, Savings! 10 Year Be creative! Build to fit able at road. Juniper Realty, mobile home with spectacular mountain of windows front and back decks. conditional warranty. 775 your new business. 541-504-5393 $39,900 covered decks. Re• FA heat & heat pump Pristine fenced court- Finished on your site. view. Surrounded by Lot adjoins 18-hole MLS¹201207930 Manufactured/ model started. Paved large farms and sets Powell Butte j (A/C) yard entry. Very open ONLY 3 LEFT! golf course. G reat Mobile Homes Call Nancy Popp, Street. Near Prinevatop a knoll in Ma• A t tached 2 -car f i n concept with close to $169,000 541-548-5511 visibility! Wel l t r a v541-815-8000 ille Reservoir. Pridras area. You can ished garage 1500 sq.ft. $74,300 • 19.62 acres eled paved road, in Crooked River Realty Snowberry Village ¹119 vacy with views. Idlesee forever! Shop has • Beautiful Cascade • Wood laminate, solar Cascade Village business a r e a at $129,900 stalls 8 plenty of room way Acres. $55,000tube & more Homes N.W. LLC 32.42 Acres in Urban Mountain views Snowberry Village ¹16. CCR. $39,900 • 3 b e drooms, 2 . 5 MLS¹201300335 f or hay & t a ck. Or • Gently sloped property • Covered front deck 541-388-0000 MLS¹201207332 Growth Bo u n dary, 3 bdrm & 2 bath, 1580 b aths, 1920 sq . f t . • Concrete back patio Call Virginia, bring your toys that • MLS 201205095 Call Nancy Popp, Adjacent t o The sq.ft., 1 99 7 S i l ver2000 Silvercrest tri don't require f ood! Principal Broker and covered deck Carolyn Priborsky, P.C., 541-815-8000 Need to get an Greens, kitty corner to crest, vaulted ceilings, plewide 541-350-3418 W ith over 6 a c r es Call Marilyn R ohaly, Broker, ABR, CRS Crooked River Realty new Ridgeview High lots of windows, FA & • Living room, family Broker, 541-322-9954 ad in ASAP? Redmond RE/MAX there's plenty of room. 541-383-4350 $5 9 9 ,000. heat pump (A/C), Atroom, dining room. Land & Homes This custom b right B uildable Lot o n t h e School. John L. Scott Real You can place it MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 tached 2 car finished Immaculate Real Estate Canal. Desirable lot in Pam Lester, Principal home has many upEstate, Bend online at: garage, wood lami• Remodeled kitchen R idgewater 11. L o grades, great f loor roker, Century 2 1 764 nate, solar tube, & w/breakfast bar cated on irrigation ca- B plan, large r o oms, Country Realty, more. Covered front 8 • Private master suite Snowberry Village ¹46 Farms & Ranches fireplace & so much nal. Nice flat .18 acre Gold MORRIS back deck, concrete w/walk-in closet lot with mature juni- Inc. 541-504-1338 $88,900 more. $210 , 0 00 541-385-5809 REAL ESTATE back patio. $94,500. • Master bath w/garden • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths Ranch in Powell Butte MLS¹201105983 per trees & located in 4 38 Acre v i e w l o t y dp & lyO d dOp d t ub a nd doub l e • 1600y sq. ft. 1994 Sil 2 0748 V a lentine S t . Marilyn Rohaly, Bro$925,000. Pride of neighborhood of backs BLM, Cascade D&D Realty Group LLC ker 541-322-9954 shower ownership/Borders vercrest 866-346-7868 higher end homes in mtn & S m ith R o ck Prtnewlle j $69,000 John L. Scott • Gas FA heat PLUS • Living room, separate $54,900 Cute 3 bdrm, BLM. Feed Lot, hay SE B e n d . Mar c i views. Corner lot, ap- • 1.48 acres 2 ba t h , upd a ted New Construction - 3 Real Estate, Bend A/C & fireplace. Too Barn, Equip. Shed • On Crooked River dining room & large Schoenberg, Realtor proved for standard kitchen & bath, new bdrm, 2 b ath, 1748 MLS¹201206082 many options to list! 541-610-7803 kitchen with e a ting carpet & t i le , n i ce septic. $199,000. MLS Canyon Rim sq.ft., on 1.49 acres, Call Marilyn R ohaly, area Vicci Bowen • Cascade Mountain John L. Scott ¹2809381 Pam covered front deck & Suntree Village ¹127 granite counters, SS 541-41 0-9730 Broker, 541-322-9954 • Pellet stove Real Estate, Bend Lester, Principal Bro- views back yard with appliances, fireplace Central Oregon Realty Priced to sell $32,900 John L. Scott Real • MLS 201205258 • Huge covered BBQ large ker, Century 21 Gold deck. Spotless and Charming exc. cond. with custom mantel. Estate, Bend Group, LLC Nicolette Jones, Broker deck Country Realty, Inc. like new. MLS Nice flat lot in Terreb- 541-504-1338 3B/2B, 1322 sf, new $329,000 • Nice views 541-241-0432 Cascade Village ¹ 201209128 Pam 771 onne, .56 a c res, ext/int paint, Pergo in • Large laundry room Homes N.W. LLC Lester, Principal Brokitchen, Irg. front yard p aved street, a p Lots Suntree Village ¹159 • 2-car attached fin 541-388-0000 ker, Century 21 Gold proved fo r c a p -fill (440) Dryland Acres w/deck. A must see! $34,200 ished garage 5 miles east of AshCountry Realty, Inc. 1 3740 S W Call Lynda W a lsh, • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths • Immaculate! Can y o n septic, utilities are at 20774 LivingWay. Like 541-504-1338 t he lo t l i ne . M L S wood on G r osner broker, 541-410-1359 Drive. 1.22- acre lot. • 1598 sq. ft., 1985 Fu Call Marilyn R ohaly, New 3 Bdrm, 2 bath d. S p ring a n d MORRIS Prudential NW Properdr e a m ¹ 2012001172 P a m R qua Broker, 541-322-9954 Powell Butte! 10 Acre! B uild y o u r home is loaded with REAL ESTATE Lester, Principal Bro- pond. Good for seaties Iwalsh prunw com home! $ 4 7,500 • Living room 8 dining & Views! $815,900. John L. Scott Real upgrades, i n cluding ker, Century 21 Gold sonal grazing, huntMLS¹201105164 family room Estate, Bend Spacious 3863 sq. ft. c ustom paint, n e w ing/recreation. Country Realty, Inc. Call Melody Curry custom home, g orPrineville j $99,000 • All vaulted and open lighting, skylight and BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS 541-504-1338 $330,000 firm. As is. • 2.04 541-771-1116 acres living geous kitchen, 560 custom deck i ng. Search the area's most No agents. • Newer appliances, wa USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Oversized 2 car ga- comprehensive listing of sq. ft. office, RV bldg., Crooked River Realty One acre. Driveway in • Cascade Mountain 541-205-3788, views ter heater, heat pump shop, & more. Ask for $ 79,000 place. 7981 SW High rage with storage and classified advertising... Bu i l d y o u r 541-823-2397, • Crooked River views • 1 ye a r AHS Door-to-door selling with Extensive Fe a t ure Dream home workshop area. real estate to automotive, on this Cone. $29,900. dobales© • MLS 2704850 Warranty — a must see! Sheet $ 8 15,900. MLS¹201003931 merchandise to sporting .41 acre flat lot. PerCall Marilyn Rohaly, fast results! It's the easiest $84,700. MLS¹201106428 JJ Jones, Broker Call Melody Curry goods. Bulletin Classifieds Cascade Village fect building site with way in the world to sell. 5 Acre corner lot. Near 541-610-7318 Broker, 541-322-9954 Call Virginia, 541-771-1116 Homes N.W. LLC appear every day in the t he b ac k o f yo u r public land & r i ver. John L. Scott Real Principal Broker 541-788-3678 541-388-0000 print or on line. house overlooking the Crooked River Realty The Bulletin Classified Level fo r b u i lding. Estate, Bend 541-350-3418 b abbling creek , River Frontage on Little Neighboring well. Pwr Call 541-385-5809 Redmond RE/MAX 541-385-5809 20780 Livingood Way. morning sun and peek Deschutes River. 6+ to property. $49,900Land & Homes $94,500 Brand new -a-boo mtn views from acres with 300 ft. of MLS¹201109114 Real Estate Snowberry Village ¹55 2013 home. 3 bdrm, 2 the front. All utilities riverfront on the little Call Nancy Popp, SeyytdgCentral Oydpdd S~dydy903 Suntree Village ¹210 MORRIS $52,500 bath. Features great Price Reduction!!! Pan- on the property line. D eschutes Riv e r . 541-815-8000 $48,900 • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths room design with very REAL ESTATE This is the perfect lot!! oramic Views! Great Views of Mt. Bachelor, Crooked River Realty • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, • 1296 sq. ft., 1994 Sil large open kitchen. 780 location 3 miles NW of Home-ID 973 South Sister & Bro1848 sq. ft. vercrest Walk-in pantry, lots of Mfd./Mobile Homes Redmond. Views of Eagle Crest Properties ken Top. Nadine Ash, 7825 SW River Road. Redmond - 2.59 acres • 1994 Fleetwood, large • Lots of w i ndows & tile, Corian center is866-722-3370 5.030 acres, canyon Smith Rock 8 Broker 541-390-4017 with Land close to town. Owner garage & shop vaulted ceilings land, stainless appliO chocos. Cus t o m 1 4738 Birds Eye, L a views, septic & power John L. Scott will carry. $97,000 • Living room & family • All appliances are in ances, large master o n l ot . $84, 9 0 0 built 2478 sq. ft. home P ine, 1 a c r e w i t h Real Estate, Bend MLS¹201100751 room cluded bath with soaking tub 5 ACRES with mounon 4.74 acres. 1800 power/water. $39,900. MLS¹201300989 Call Call Travis Hannan, • Open floor plan, lots of • FA h e at a n d h e a t and walk-in all t i le tain views. 3 bdrm, 2 Melody Curry sq. ft. shop w/RV bay. High Lakes Realty & Principal Broker, windows shower. Designer col- b ath, 1 62 0 h o m e , Rivers Edge Village j pump/A/C 541-771-1116. 4 .74 a c r es . ML S 541-788-3480 • 1 year AHS Warranty • Nicely landscaped, ors and window cov- 36x40 shop, fenced, Property $80,000 Crooked River Realty ¹201202726 Redmond RE/MAX Management included erings. L a ndscaped irigated, ext. sprinkler • .47 acre lot great rear yard! $397,000! Land & Homes $2 7 9 ,000. 541-536-0117 Call Marilyn R ohaly, Call Marilyn R ohaly, and fenced with large system. • Golf Course & eastB are r a n g e lan d . John L. Scott Real EsReal Estate MLS 2809225. Pam Broker, 541-322-9954 Fenced and only 18 Broker, 541-322-9954 attached garage. ern views tate 541-548-1712 Lot 1 7 L a n ewood Lester, 541-504-1338 John L. Scott Real miles from Madras. FIND IT! John L. Scott Real Cascade Village Be a u tiful,• Easy access to Hwy C entury 2 1 , Go l d Remodeled 3 bedroom, $25,000. Estate, Bend T here are 2 w a t er Estate, Bend Homes N.W. LLC 97 treed, 1 .7 5 a c r es. SUY IT! County Realty 2 bath, 1440 sq. ft. 541-388-0000 • MLS 201204299 wells - neither of High Lakes Realty & SELL IT! home on 2.29 acres. P roperty Man a ge Sherry Perrigan, Broker which are being used. The Bulletin Classifieds Granite counters, 541-410-4938 Electricity is to one of ment 541-536-0117 hickory cabinets, them. Mostly gentle SE Bend Acreage j bamboo wood floors, Great Mountain View s lope w i t h be t t er $249,000 vinyl windows, the list home site, short dis grass on the steeper • 9.06 acres goes on. Garage, car- tance to the Lakeside land. Possible owner • Cascade Mountain port and RV covered S ports Center a n d terms. MLS¹ views MORRIS parking. 12851 SW Spray Park, come and 201301211 $200,000. • Borders BLM land REAL ESTATE Deer Crossing. enjoy listening to the John L. Scott Real Es- • MLS 201205047 I dp d lyO d d Op d $109,000 MLS quiet. Avoid bank clos tate 541-548-1712 Sherry Perrigan, Broker 201204401 ing costs; the seller is Shevlins Commons 541-410-4938 Cascade Views in TerJuniper Realty, offering exc e l lent Lot j $239,000 rebonne. $192,500 541-504-5393 terms to a q ualified • .25 acre lot Breathtaking views, Deon this .44 acre • Cascade Mountain Serenity and Privacy on buyer schutes River Canview 4.62 acres. Comfort- lot. $83,500 Home-ID • Close yon, and farming valto Shevlin Park 619 able 3 b e droom, 2 Eagle MORRIS ley below, 5 usable Crest Properties • MLS 201301093 b ath home a n d a REAL ESTATE acres with well Ideal 866-722-3370 Don Kelleher, Broker 30x40 shop with overbuilding site with un541-480-1911 sized RV door. Build Two individual acres, o bstructed v iew s The Bulletin your custom h ome fenced, gated. MLS¹201205208 with brea t htaking $89,900. 51535 Rus To Subscribe call Gail Day 541-306-1018 views of the Cascade sell Road, La Pine. Central Oregon Realty 541-385-5800 or go to mtns. or enjoy as is. High Lakes Realty & Group, LLC MORRIS $246,000. P roperty Man a ge SW Canyon Dr. 1.13 MLS¹201205440 REAL ESTATE ment 541-536-0117 acres w it h a c c ess D8 D Realty Group LLC I d p d 1 y O A d Op CHECK YOUR AD 208 2nd Ave, Culverfrom two streets pro866-346-7868 Please check your ad The Highlands at BroL evel city lot in t h e v iding y o u man y Single level on 1 acre, 3 heart of Culver. All ken top, 10 a cres, on the first day it runs building site options. to make sure it is corbdrm, 2 b ath, 1716 gated, private well, u tilities are a t t h e Views of Mt. Jeffersq.ft., master separa- street ready to be in- utilities at lot, applica- rect. Sometimes inson. O wner t e r ms tion, office, fenced, stalled. This lot just tion for cap-fill septic. s tructions over t h e available. $5 8 ,500 f lower garden, R V needs y o u r MLS phone are misunder- MLS¹201106385 new $535,000. parking. $ 1 4 5,000. home. $38,200 ¹ 201200937. Pam stood and a n e r ror Juniper Realty, MLS ¹ 201 0 07848. MLS¹ 201203505. Lester, Principal Bro- can occur in your ad. 541-504-5393 Pam Lester, Principal ker, Century 21 Gold If this happens to your Juniper Realty ad, please contact us SW Chinook Dr. B roker, Century 2 1 Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-5393 the first day your ad Crooked River, Smith Gold Country Realty, 541-504-1338 appears and we will One acre corner lot with Rock & mou n tain Inc. 541-504-1338 be happy to fix it as trees. $36,900. 16010 Three Rivers South j views. Owner terms Look at: $19,950 s oon as w e c a n . available. 6.9 acres Alpine Drive, La Pine. Deadlines are: Week- with septic, power & High Lakes Realty 8 • 1 acre, level lot days 11:00 noon for w ell i n stalled. I n P roperty Man a ge • Build your dream refor Complete Listings of treat next day, Sat. 11:00 cludes custom home Area Real Estate for Sale ment 541-536-0117 • Deschutes River & a.m. for Sunday and plans. $189,000 1 6261 Pine D r op National Forest Uniquecustom home, 3 Monday. MLS¹ 201008671 N icely c l e ared & • MLS 201208695 541 -385-5809 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2464 Juniper Realty, JackJohns, sq.ft. Sunroom with fenced acre. $35,000 Thank you! 541-504-5393 Broker, GRI The Bulletin Classified aggregate floor, for- High Lakes Realty & Man a ge 541-480-9300 mal living room, wide Property Find It in Purchaseprice$350,000,20% down, Loan amount $280,000,30yrfixed. hallways. S p acious ment 541-536-0117 Looking for a getaway The Bulletin Classifieds! indoor spa off master $59,000 O u t standing p lace? Bring y o u r 541-385-5809 bedroom, bath. Large builders dream lot in a builder and set your shop with office. Pic- quiet n e ighborhood imagination free! MinSW Chipmunk Rd. nic area, horse shoes, and backs u p to MORRIS utes to Prineville ResLevel 21 5.16 acres p rivacy 8 vie w s . common area. This REAL ESTATE ervoir, Public Lands with community water $ 365,000. Call V i r- property is priced to I d p d ly O d dyy p for hiking 8 h o rseinstalled. Mt. view ginia, Principal Brosell and w on't l ast back riding, d ownfrom back of property. 773 ker 541-350-3418 long! Home-ID 968 Jumbo purchase price /value $800,000— 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. town Prineville, Two nice-sized storRedmond RE/MAX Acreages Eagle Crest Properties Meadow Lakes Golf age buildings inOffer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. Land & Homes 866-722-3370 Course & even fishReal Estate On Approved Credit. R EADY T O BU I L D! ing the Crooked River. cluded. $74,700. MLS 201300800 15194 Ponderosa Lp. 5.07 acres, flat lot, Very nice recently up- 1.41 acres ready for Views from rock out Juniper Realty, dated & remodeled 2800 you! $55,000. High mature trees, paved croppings, to the val541-504-5393 road, 1/3 interest in sq ft. farm home on 40 Lakes Realty & Prop below with Ochoco well, applied for stan- ley acres with Cascade Mtn erty SW D O V E R D . M t. M tns & beyo n d . Man a gement dard septic. $99,900. views. Flood irrigated, 541-536-0117 Washington & Three MLS¹201301312 MLS¹ 2 012 0 4695 landscaped, 2 ponds, setSisters views from this $39,475 up for horses &/or cattle. N orth P o w el l B u t t e Pam Lester, Principal John L. Scott Real Es- 6.1 acre property with data source — Coyelogyc Market Tydc Greenhouse, horse barn, Acreage 3 buildable, B roker, Century 2 1 power installed. Close tate 541-548-1712 hay barn & shop. Powell rare lots. C ascade Gold Country Realty, to t h e Des c hutes Butte area. By owner, Mountain views. Quiet Inc. 541-504-1338 Lot 22 SW Chipmunk River and Steelhead $569,000. 541-416-0941 area. Call Vicci BoFalls. $99,500 MLS¹ Rd. Level 5.19 acres 9.89 acres possibly di mountain views. 201205646 wen 541-410-9730 763 vidable. $89, 9 00. with Well treed with sevJuniper Re a l ty, Oregon Realty 1300 Circle Bar, La Recreational Homes Central eral possible building 541-504-5393 Group, LLC Pine. High Lakes Re & Property sites. Community Advertise your car! Nice mtn. views. 5.64 alty & Property water & power availAdd A Prcfure! Management G et-away acre w i t h acres. Located in a able at the street. Reach thousands of readers! 541-536-0117 FOUR RV hookups!. cul-de-sac. $75,000Owner terms availCall 541-385-5809 $65,000. 15675 MLS¹2609088 RV lot grandfathered-in, able. $69,000 MLS¹ The Bulletin Ciassifieds Call Linda Lou K asserman Dr., L a 201106095 come camp or build SW River Rd. Walking Day-Wright, Pine. High Lakes Re Juniper Realty, your dream h ome. distance to the Desalty & Property Man Broker, 541-771-2585 541-504-5393 Septic/Power/ Water. chutes River and exCrooked River Realty agement $57,900 Mountain Views! 3.39 cellent fishing. Amaz541-536-0117 MLS¹201207367 14238 W h itewater acres with crazy ing view from top of Linda Lou Day- Wright, $59,900. One of few 1bd/1ba frame home in mountan views! the 2.79 acres lot. Broker, 541-771-2585 G ilchrist. Make t h is lots in W i l d R i ver. Crooked River Realty Owner will carry. Hike, bi k e , rid e Casey NMLS 189449 Jennifer NML5 288550 your home or a get- High Lakes Realty & $103,000 horses, fly fish. Quiet P roperty Man a ge Over 7 acres of private away cabin for t he MLS¹201100748 & natural setting is Central Oregon recre- ment 541-536-0117 property with views. Call Travis Hannan, ideal for vacations or ations.$39,999 MLS Principal Broker, year-round liv i n g. $106,500 Need help fixing stuff? 541-788-3480 201206628 - Dennis MLS¹201106739 $49,000 Call A Service Professional Haniford, P r i ncipal Call Julie Fahlgren, Redmond RE/MAX MLS¹201009429 Broker, 541-536-1731 find the help you need. Broker, 541-550-0098 Land 8 Homes Juniper Realty, CORPORLIC.¹ML-2421 CORPNMLSf3113 Crooked River Realty Cascade Realty Real Estate 541-504-5393 •




The Bulletin

Finding the right home is hard.

Finding the right mortgage is easy!

3 0 year fixed AP R

15 year fixed A P R

3.500% 3.677% 2.750% 2.991%

Jumbo 30 year fixed

3.875% APR 4.052%

Academy Mortgage Achieves ¹1 Independent Lender Ranking for Purchase Business in the United States!


You're never alone when are're doing your loan . .


541-323-21$1 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR97702








IndependentlyOwned and Operated

l l I I ' I




rR B

'. Iil- It

Ii j . 4'Vh'




I 0505N010554000

541-408-1511 g ' MLS 201302441


NE BENDl $425,00Q MARGODE GRAY, g ' "63 sq"

SUNRIVER l $570,000

GREGMBLER PC • 3 bedroom, 1500 sq.h. home BROKER, CRS, GRf 39.48 acr i.s, 32 i«igated • • 6 outbuildings

2802 sq.ft. DIANELOZITO, • 4 bedroorn, 4.5 bath BROKER 541.548.3598 • Furnished - sleeps10 541.3p6.9646 • MLS 201302323

• • 2.3 acres

541.480-7355 g ' MLS 201302287


• 2266 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath

RACHEL LEMAS BROKER 541.383 4359 541-896-1263

BROKER, ABRCRS • 3 bedroorn, 2.5 bath

• .17 acre cul-de-sac lot


• MLS 201302270


• 1846 sq.ft. townhome • 3 bedroom suites 3 5 bath ' 61771 Metolius Dr, • MLS 2013024514

0• /


—: ®ir NE BENDl $299,000

• • • 541-588-0687 •

DARRINKEL LEHER, • 1801 sq ft single Level • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER llhm htt~sg+ • .13acre lot 0 MLS 201302322



Imllt hfIK 001~ • Designer kitchen

541-788.0029 ' MLS 201302452

REDMOND l $2,500,0PP

LA PINEl $199,900



DARRINKE LELHERI ' 2259 qh '• • 3 bedroorn, 2.5 bath BROKER


1008 sq.ft, 2 bedroom, I bath 1.12 acres MLS 201302425

• • • 541-480-2966 •


BROKEN TOPl $1,175,000

Established car wash Central location Consistent sales & profit MLS 201206492

• 3814 sq.ff. • 3 bedroom pluden, s 3 bath


• Golf course views

541-312-7271 • MLS 201204424

0',x'-:M+'. i' Bt D



NI f N RIVERF RONTHOMEl $1,149,000 • New 2800 sq.ff.


' 3 bed«ir», 3.5 bath

• Elevated deck to dock 541 419.89QQ • MLS 201207905



SISTERS l $824,000 • 3216 sq.ft. JUUABUCKIAHD, • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath BROKER,ABR, • 20 acres ALHS,CRS,GRI 541-719-8444 • MLS 201200880

AWBREYVILLAGE l $849,900 • 4043 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath BROKER 541-815-4786 • 2007 COBA TourHome™ 541-383-4362 • MLS 201300838


SUNRIVER l $619,500

541-4p8.3773 g ' MLS 201302081


• Across from Drake Park

541 312,7273 $ • Panoramic river 8 city views

541 33Q 8491 • MLS 201205806

541.g48 gpgpi • MLS 201203099

MEGANPOWER, BROKFRGB CDPF • 3 bedroom,4,5 bath B • Top of the line finishes 541.61p.7318$ •MLS 201300652 havj0'hnhse ~

BlACK BUlTERANCH l $489,900 • 2034 sq.ft. PATPALAZZI, • 4 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER • Furniture included 541.771-6996 I • MLS 201208783

SISTERS l $549,000

THREE PINES l $585,000

TUMALO l $600,000 VIRGINIAROSS, • Beautifutly updated BROKER ABR ' • 6.18 acres, 3 irrigat~d CRS,GRI 541'.48p.75p1 • MLS 201 300079

HISTORICDISTRICT l $624,900 • 2 I I 9 sq.ft. English cottage LESTE RFRIEDMAN • 3 bedroom, 2 bath P.Cv BROKER



SUSAN AGl, BR OKER, ABR,ALHS& SRES 3 bedroom 3 bath 541' 383.4338 • • 1st Fairway Woodlands G.C.



bedroorn, 2 bath f •' 36.75 acres, barn


541-383-4364/ • MLS 201205094


I •


• ae IIII'


~I~~~ ~~~~~C

~ I ~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~ !~~~

~ !~I!~ ~ I


% ha


~~ ~ ~


II •



,+~~~®~= f~lllffffflff


~~ ~

1~~ ~ • ~


• 4 bedroom, 2 bath


• Earth Advantage


VILlAGE WIESTORIA l $425,000 KARINJOHNSON • 3 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER

DEBORAH BENSON, ' • 3 bedroom, 2 bath PC, • 1.78 acres, I irrigated BROKER , GRI 541.480-6448 • MLS 201300939

• Custom Built

541-410.528Q • MLS 201300043

541-639-6140 • MLS 201208464


CROSSWATERl$3g5,0QQ BRAHDP NFAIRBANKS, • On the 4th hole BROKERSRES • Vie~s of the Paulinas GRI, CDPE 541.383-4344 • MLS 201300149 '

' fltI

GOLDEN BUTTEl $409,000

• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath ROSEMAR YGQQDWIH, • Cascade Mountain wews BROKER , CERTIFIED ' 1999 SW I'roon Ave. NEGOTITAOR 541-706.1897 • MLS 201300768



.,! *i' '








rjs4th'0"" 0'jg


EAGLE CRESTl $387,500 YDHE AHDERSOH,~ • 2354 ' 3 bedroom,'2 5 bath


541'42p.1111 g 'MLS20I 302083


NE BEND l $349,000

L'lij lB

• Two Duplexes • Excellent rental history • Close to hospital

MICHELL ETISDEL, • 3 bed«>i», 2.5 bath ABR,PC,BROKER

RIVER CANYONESTATESf $349,000 • Near Deschutes River Trail

541-390-3490 • MLS 201302055

541-322-1500 • MLS 201300512


RIVER CA NYONES TATESl $335,000 • 2719 sq.ft. JIM 8 ROX ANNE • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath CHENEY,BROKERS 541-390-4050 • Near Deschutes River Trail 541-390-4030 • MLS 201300617



• I bedroom, I bath • 1.26 acres 517 • MLS 2012046


5 ~ 2 2 -2 ~


I' ~

I '-'

W - == ' SE BEND l $265,000


• 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Culcie-sac location 541.480-6621 • MLS 201300386 hv


attjtt= ..

SWBENDl $251,000

NE BEND l $264,000 • 1824 sq.ft. JUDY MEYERS, BROKER, GRI, CRS • 3 bedroom, 2 bath


541-480-1922 • MLS 201301888

541 42p 517p • MLS 201301822

• .21 acre on canal

• .77acre on canal

NE BEND l $175,000

RIDGE ATEAGLECREST l $219,900 • 1345 sq.ft. • 2 bedroom, 2 bath



'0 • Power & water

• Sun Forestbuilt

541.4p8.672p/ • MLS 201300243

541-408-1468 • MLS 201300668






• Wooded, private

541-383-4361 • MLS 201300606


•,42acrehomesite • On the 17th green • Home plans included

541-977-5811 • MLS 201209583

• IliJ

' BI! .-



SWBEND l $154,5QQ 1306 sq.ft. manufactured ROONEplCKENS '' Updated, 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKERGM '

CRS,ABR 541-815-0436 • MLS 201301544







MADRAS$14g,000 l

'I ft. DAWNUlRICKSON, • 4 b~droom, 2.5 bath BROKER,CRS • .15 acre lot GRI SFR 541-610-9427 • MLS 201301684 '



• Tropical Beach Tanning • Establjshed clientele

541 280 7774 • MLS 201205145



I I MT. BAC HELORVILLAGEl $111,500 616 sq ft condo BONNIESAVICKAS, • I bedr«rn, I bath BROKER I • Perfect ski house or rental -408-75 +J ' MLS 201301582 '

LA PINEl $85,000


• 3 bi.droorn, 2 bath • Move-in condition 541-383-4334 • MLS 201301677



• 680 sq.ft, manufactured ' 4 bedroom, 2 bath • .85 acre lot

541-948-5880 • MLS 201300356



SHERR YPERRIGAN,~ • I block from BiDeschut g esRiver BROKFR '

• Near La Pine State Park

541-410-4938 • MLS 201207525

T r hhhhhhvhh550050i 65000

• .50acre lot ' Bring your RV • Close to lakes 541-350-4772 • MLS 201206354


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Too many newspapers, six • Total of items adver$600; males $550. extras to list. $2000 obo. states. 25-word clas- tised must equal $200 541-420-5253 Serving Central Oregon ente 1903 541-419-6054 sified $525 for a 3-day or Less 541-385-5809 a d. Cal l (916) FOR DETAILS or to Bend local pays CASH!! Estate Sales Sales Northwest Bend Sales Northeast Bend S a l es Other Areasg PLACE AN AD, 2 88-6019 o r vis i t Labradoodles - Mini 8 Private collector buying for all firearms & Call 541-385-5809 med size, several colors 25-ton wood splitter, Estate / Garage Sale Estate Sale, Fri-Sat 9-6; o stage stamp a l - ammo. 541-526-0617 Fax 541-385-5802 ising pndc.cfm for the 541-504-2662 Furniture, lamps, beds, S un 10-5, 62645 N E mower, snow blower, ums & c ollections, Nort h west Wanted- paying cash world-wide and U.S. Beretta AL391 Urika, 20 Pacific hutch, children's clothes Dodds Rd. 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Call 541-261-1808 Labradors: AKC yellow lab SALE cal. + Red Dot scope Buying Diamonds NOTICE s tand, j erseys, m u - View High School, CH lines, parents Crafters/quilters: asst'd $1,499. Brand new in Small dining set, new settes, banners, postWHEN YOU SEE THIS Remember to remove pups, fabric remnants, apprx 15 box. 541-279-1843 /Gold for Cash trundle bed, several ers 8 more. Some an- People Look for Information your Garage Sale signs on site. 541-420-9474 Ibs, free! 541-389-2395 Saxon's Fine Jewelers dressers, small furni- tiques 8 decor as well. ~Oo (nails, staples, etc.) POM-CHls 9 wks old About Products and CASH!! 541-389-6655 t ure, lamps, o ff i c e Doors open 7:30 am, after your Sale event 1 M, 1F • $200 each. BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS For Guns, Ammo & Services Every Daythrough items, artwork & supSaturday only, is over! THANKS! 541-280-7474 BUYING Search the area's most Reloading Supplies. On a classified ad The Bulletin Classifieds plies, f u l l ki t chen, 2443 NW Awbrey Rd. 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Rockhound Equipment Router full size table C emetery plot at T u with our tools 8 garage items, Rain or Shine! 60872 collectables Saturday, & supplies. Saw, grind, l ike n ew $150 . 210 malo Cemetery, $450. 541-977-9677 "QUICK CASH much more! F r i. & Onyx St., Fri-Sat, 8-5. 9-2, 61343 Wecoma The Bulletin Classified sand 8 p olish. Lor541-848-7436 SPECIAL" Antiques n' collectibles, Ct., Bend Furniture & Appliances tone & Highland Park Sat., 9-4, 541-385-5809 h oliday, gu n r a c k, numbers Fri. 8 a.m. Bend.541 280-5574 Dehumidifier, good cond, OI' Amish heater, automo36" round maple table & Mt. Washington to Gary & Merrily Nelson Building Materials $25. (was $200 new). 241 ~g e eka g a l 3036 NW Clubhouse tive, clothes (Chico's 3 chairs, $40 o bo. 541-588-6070 in Sisters brand & more), StetMOVING SALE Ad must 541-408-1116 Drive Bicycles 8 Bend Habitat sons & much more! include price of Attic Estates & DISH Network. Starting RESTORE 62237 Wallace Road Accessories g. le te otgaoo ~ at $19.99/month (for Building Supply Resale Appraisals A1 Washers&Dryers 286 Friday, April 5 • Saturday, April 6 or less, or multiple 1 2 mos.) & Hi g h Quality at LOW www.atticestates $150 ea. Full warSales Northeast Bend (Directions- Hwy 20 East to Powell Butte/Alfalfa items whose total Speed Internet startPRICES ranty. Free Del. Also does not exceed Market Rd, take Alfalfa Market Rd., turn right ing at $14.95/month 740 NE 1st wanted, used W/D's 541-350-6822 Antiques, new toys, A/C, $500. 541-312-6709 (east) and go to Wallace road about 1/2 mile) 541-280-7355 (where av a i lable.) stuff to hunt/camp/fish, S AVE! A s k Ab o u t Open to the public. Just bought a new boat? ammo, tools, g u itar, SHOP OPENS AT 8:45 •HOUSE OPENS AT 9:00 Call Classifieds at SAME DAY InstallaSell your old one in the amps, new Tupperware, NO Crowd Control numbers GENERATE SOME ex541-385-5809 t ion! C A L L Now ! Cedar fence pickets, classifieds! Ask about our lamps, Cannondale bike, Cyclists' Dream Sale! 1x6x6', used, 400 pcs, citement i n your 1-866-947-7995. Super Seller rates! flat TV, tent trailer. 1965 Brunswick Victrola; Antique Baby carriage; Antique neighborhood! Plan a Pro-level bikes, frames, $50. 541-548-5935 small buffet; Leather loveseat and recliner; Green wheel sets, Park truing (PNDC) 541-385-5809 NE Jackson, Sat-Sun 8-6 sale and don't tand, jerseys, m u - Federal ¹210 large rifle sofa; Two green recliners; Whirlpool Washer and garage to advertise in s primers, $ 6 0 /1 000. FAST TREES, Potted settes, banners, postDryer; Wood Trundle bed; Oak Computer desk; forget Heating & Stoves Grow 6-10 feet yearly! The Children's Vision Foundation Paintings and Prints; Painted folding screen; classified! ers & more. Some an- H541-408-7826 541-385-5809. $16-$22 delwered. tiques 8 decor as well. painted chair and mirror; Several rugs; Dining Is now accepting new and gently H & H FIREARMS NOTICE TO table and four chairs; Teak bookcase hutch unit; La-Z-Boy oversized re- Doors open 7:30 am, Buy, Sell, Trade, used items for their annual ADVERTISER or 509-447-41 81 Saturday only, Sofa/entry table; Nice blond china cabinet; Hun- cliner, light tan u ltraConsign. Across From Since September 29, Step Above Your Average dreds of car magazines and car manuals; Hun- suede, GREAT shape! 2443 NW Awbrey Rd. Pilot Butte Drive-In GENERATE SOME 1991, advertising for (garage access off dreds of quarts and gallons of motor oil; Bamboo $150/obo. 541-306-3662 Garage Sale! 541-382-9352 EXCITEMENT used woodstoves has rear alley). bird cage; Printers; small microwave; Epic May17, 18, &31 IN YOUR been limited to modTreadmill; Antique dresser; cd's; vcr's; 12 cu.ft. Loveseat, plum color, Don't miss this one!! New .30-06 Weatherby June1 &2 NEIGBORHOOD. els which have been Vanguard w/3x9 Nikon, freezer; Pots and plants; Bolens tractor with tiller exc. cond., only 6 mo. 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. KHS Aero Turbo 52cm $580 obo. 541-350-2166 Plan a garage sale and c ertified by the O r and mower; Murray riding lawn mower; Ariens pd. $ 4 00 , as k i ng women's at the Bend Factory Stores bike, yeldon't forget to adveregon Department of new snow blower; Mercury small outboard; Two $325. 541-382-2046, low, greatroad cond, $195. New in box, Bushmaster (61334 S. Hwy 97, Bend) tise in classified! Environmental QualHuffy Bikes mens and womens, and mans MurAR-15 rifle w /access, 541-382-5345 541-385-5809. ity (DEQ) and the fedray bike; 2 gas weed eaters; 2 chain saws-small; NEED TO CANCEL $1275. 541-647-8931 Items Wanted: eral E n v ironmental Lawn swing; umbrellas and stands; Over 350 YOUR AD? 244 Furniture, decor, household and kitchen Rare Guns: Calico M100 BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Protection A g e n cy quarts of oil and more lube items than one guy The Bulletin items, sports equipment, tools, jewelry, Snowboards .22LR w/100-rnd helical Search the area's most (EPA) as having met can use; Hubcaps and tires and more tires; fence Classifieds has an collectibles, plants, garden items drum, $750 obo. S8W comprehensive listing of smoke emission stanposts; Christmas items; barbecue; linens and "After Hours" Line and office items. Boots, Forum Fit Dynam- Model 624 .44 cal stain- classified advertising... dards. A cer t ified dishes; lawn mower and rototiller; garden tools Call 541-383-2371 ics, men's 12, brand new, less w/original box, $700 and chemicals; Misc. motors and motor parts; real estate to automotive, w oodstove may b e 24 hrs. to cancel $60 obo. 541-350-1555 obo. Ruger Super Blackidentified by its certifiYour donations will go directly Oxy & acetylene tanks, gauges and tips; Gazelle merchandise to sporting your ad! hawk nless, goods. walker - new in box; lots of light bulbs; Ladies and cation label, which is towards supporting n .44mag stai Bulletin Classifieds 245 10yg barrel w/scope, appear every day in the mens clothingand shoes; Lamps 8 lamp shades; Small drop-leaf desk, permanently attached Central Oregon's Children Vision $850 obo. 541-848-8602 luggage & bookcases; and more and more!!!!!! Golf Equipment to the stove. The Bul39" H x19 n L x12 n W, Screenings. print or on line. letin will not k n owYour donations are tax deductible. $35. 541-388-9223 Wanted: Collector Call 541-385-5809 Handled by... Golf Membership ingly accept advertisseeks high quality Deedy's Estate Sales Co. Twin oak h e adboard Brasada Ranch,long ing for the sale of fishing items. For more information, 541-419-4742 days • 541-382-5950 eves w ith sh e lf , $50 . term lease. Call 541-678-5753, or uncertified please call 541-330-3907 541-388-9223 541-408-0014 503-351-2746 Sewing Centrai Oregon knre fg03 woodstoves.


Adopt a nice CRAFT cat Dachs. AKC mini pups The Bulletin recom- from Tumalo sanctuary, DO YOU HAVE mends extra caution PetSmart, o r SOMETHING TO Pe t c o!All colors. 541-508-4558 when purc h as- Fixed, shots, ID chip, SELL ing products or ser- tested, more! Sanctuary USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! FOR $500 OR vices from out of the open Sat/Sun 1-5, other LESS? Non-commercial area. Sending cash, days by appt. 65480 Door-to-door selling with checks, or credit in- 78th, Bend. advertisers may Ph o tos,fast results! It's the easiest f ormation may b e map, more at place an ad with way in the world to sell. subjected to fraud. or oui For more i nforma541-389-8420. "QUICK CASH Like us on Facebook. The Bulletin Classified tion about an adverSPECIAL" tiser, you may call A pet sitter in NE Bend, 541-385-5809 1 week 3 lines 12 the O r egon State warm and loving home g k gal ~ Attorney General's with no cages, $25 day. Donate deposit bottles/ Ad must include Office C o n sumer Linda at 541-647-7308 price of single item cans to local all volProtection hotline at unteer, non-profit resof $500 or less, or B order C o llie p u p s cue, to h elp w /cat 1-877-877-9392. multiple items w orking parents, 4 spay/neuter vet bills. whosetotal does males, $150 e a ch. Cans for Cats trailer not exceed $500. gen ng CentralOregon onre tg03 541-382-2300. at Ray's Food, Sisthru 4/29, then Call Classifieds at Boxer X English Bulldog ters Redmond (near 541-385-5809 pups, CK C re g 'd. Petco Wal-Mart) until 5/20. Just bought a new boat? $800. 541-325-3376 D onate Mon-Fri O Sell your old one in the Chi-Pom puppies, 2 Smith Signs, 1515 NE classifieds! Ask about our males 8 1 f e m ale. 2nd; or a t C R AFT, Super Seller rates! Weaned and ready for T umalo an y t i m e . 541-385-5809 541-389-8420; I n f o: homes.. $150 cash each. 541-480-2824

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Employment Opportunities CAUTION READERS:

Ads published in "Employment Opportunit ies" i n c lude e m 421 ployee and i ndependent pos i Schools 8 Training tions. Ads for posiA IRLINES ARE H I R- tions that require a fee ING - Train for hands or upfront investment must be stated. With on Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA any independent job approved p r ogram. opportunity, p l e ase investigate thor Financial aid if qualified - Housing avail- oughly. able CALL A viation Institute o f M a i nte-Use extra caution when nance 877-804-5293 applying for jobs online and never pro(PNDC) vide personal information to any source USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! you may not have researched and deemed Door-to-door selling with to be reputable. Use fast results! It's the easiest extreme caution when way in the world to sell. r esponding to A N Y online e m p loyment The Bulletin Classified ad from out-of-state. 541-385-5809 We suggest you call State of Oregon Attend College Online the *Medical, Consumer Hotline at 100%. *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality,


Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Aggregate Quality Food Service-Server W hispering W i n d s Sales Control Technician Territory Sales Retirement is hiring a Manager full time server for our dining room. Position includes evenings & weekends. B e nefits after 90 days. Must be friendly 8 enjoy se-

niors. Please apply in person at 2920 NE Conners Ave., Bend. Pre-employment drug test required.

Harbor W h o lesale Foods, the leading convenience store wholesale distribut or in th e NW , i s seeking a dynamic,

experienced sales p erson t o gro w

Requires CAgT CertiHarbor's business in fication, QCT certifithe greater Bend, cation is a plus. Will Oregon area. A drive perform lab testing as BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS to help customers well as field-testing of Search the area's most succeed and build aggregates. Suc- comprehensive listing of relationships for the cessful candidate will future must be a priclassified advertising... have basic k n owl- real estate to automotive, ority with this peredge of Word Excel merchandise to sporting son. Fo r d e tailed and Access and will goods. Bulletin Classifieds i nformation and t o have out s t anding appear every day in the apply: www.harbormath skills. ODL and print or on line. acceptable DMV EEOC Call 541-385-5809 record required along with ability to lift 80 pounds. Essential to Sales t ake d irection a n d We are looking for work i n dependently experienced Sales while maintaining a Hairstylists, Barbers & professional to Join quality, p rofessional Nail Techs needed for La Central O r e gon's service oriented atti- Pine salon. 1st 2 months l argest ne w ca r Choose own t ude. R e quired t o rent-free. d ealer Subaru of work in a fast, safe, d ays/hours. Must b e Bend. O ffering consistent. Call J ohn, e fficient man n e r.503-449-5135. 401k, profit sharing, B enefits incl u d e medical plan s plit medical, dental, 401k, Medical / Endoscopy s hifts, a n d pai d p aid v a cation a n d Nurse training. Please apholidays.Wage DOE ply at 2060 NE Hwy EOE/AAP. Please fax BE'NDSURGERY 20, Bend. resume to C • F. • N • T • is • rt

The Bulletin

Equal Opportunity *Web. Jo b Pl a c e- Foraws: Oregon B u ment Ass i stance. L reau of Labor & InA Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Computer and Finan- dustry, cial Aid If Qualified. Division,C i vil Rights Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Schev Au t h orized. 971-673-0764 * BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN ( ) Call 86 6 - 688-7078 Www.Centuraonline.C 5 41-749-2024 or REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well hbrorre Ikcaekrcankn If you have any quesom (pndc) Special Education email to Full-Time, 4 - 1 0 hr. tions, concerns or as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin Teacher cmcginleyOhooker shifts, Mon.-Fri. Applicomments, contact: Oregon Medical Trainreserves the right to reject any ad at cant must have EndoClassified Department ing PCS - Phlebotomy County ESD is scopy exp e rienceL ake The Bulletin any time. is located at: classes begin May 6, now accepting appliAuto 541-385-5809 preferably in an ASC cations 2013. Registration now for a Special 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. F&l Manager. Experi- setting. Propofol seP ":~ Education T e acher. enced with p r oven dation a plus, but not Bend, Oregon 97702 medicaltrainin .com Applicants must have The Bulletin track record manda- required. Job offers 541-343-31 00 tory. Great pay plan e xcellent bene f i t or qualify for Oregon as a and benefits. Call for PLEASE NOTE:Check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is package. Interested licensure Need to get an confidential interview. persons should email Teacher with Handineeded. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or Get your 541-420-9670. capped Learner Enad in ASAP? resume to: reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher dorsement. This is a business jobs© shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or more days You can place it part-time (.5 FTE) powill publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. Need to get an online at: Nursery seeks seasonal sition with a s a lary ad in ASAP? help: Cashier, with good range $ 1 6,565 plant knowledge; and $29,716 DOE, partial You can place it Watering & Plant Care benefits. Posi t i on Fuel & Wood Gardening Supplies • 541-385-5809 online at: Person. Good customer closes 4/30/1 3. & Equipment • With an ad in service skills essential for Submit application both p o s itions. N o WHEN BUYING 470 online at SUPER TOP SOIL The Bulletin's smoking during work hrs. FIREWOOD... www.hershe 541-385-5809 Domestic & Apply in person: C all 54 i-385-58 0 9 include application, Screened, soil 8 comIn-Home Positions To avoid fraud, " Call A Se r v i c e 1515 NW Galveston Ave. resume & cover letter to r o m ot e o u r service post m i x ed , no The Bulletin rocks/clods. High hu- Housework + yard work Dental Insurance Remember.... P ro f e s s i o n a l " recommends payTRUCK DRIVER mus level, exc. f or help needed; mowing, A dd your we b a d & Collections IBuilding/Contracting Landscaping/Yard Care ment for Firewood wanted must have flower beds, lawns, dress to your ad and weeding, trimming, etc. Directory Full-time position only upon delivery doubles endorsement, gardens, straight $9.90/hr. 541-389-0034. NOTICE: Oregon state N OTICE: ORE G O N readers on The and inspection. with attractive local run, call s creened to p s o i l . law req u ires any- Landscape Contrac- • A cord is 128 cu. ft. Bulletin' s web site 541-475-4221 benefits package. Bark. Clean fill. Deone who c o n tracts tors Law (ORS 671) 4' x 4' x 8' will be able to click liver/you haul. N si g Fun, family-like for construction work r equires a l l bu s i - • Receipts should through automatically 486 541-548-3949. team. Musthave to be licensed with the nesses that advertise include name, to your site. Independent Positions dental experience C onstruction Con - to p e r form L a n d- phone, price and Resort tractors Board (CCB). scape C o n struction kind of wood purwith work referActivities person Lost 8 Found • A n active lice n se which includes: chased. HEALTH PLANS ences to apply; Delivery needed at means the contractor p lanting, deck s , • Firewood ads Earn extra m oney Dentrix helpful. The Pines at Sunriver. FOUND: Valuable item Senior Nurse Case Manager i s bonded an d i n - fences, arbors, MUST include sped elivering the D ex 541-593-21 60. in l o ca l h o t e l in w ater-features, a n d Directory i n the s ured. Ver if y t h e cies and cost per Fax resume to d owntown Bend o n PacificSource Health Plans has an contractor's CCB installation, repair of Bend/Redmond area. cord to better serve SALES Thursday, March 21st. opening fora Senior Nurse Care Manager 541-475-6159 c ense through t h e irrigation systems to over the age of our customers. Growing dealership Must Please call Chris at to lead our Case Management team. 18 years, have a CCB Cons u m er be licensed with the (Madras). seeking s alespeople 541-549-2302. Landscape Contracdriver's license, Website looking for a perfor- valid position would b e r e s ponsible for www.hireaticensedcontractor. t ors B o a rd . Th i s Found Volkswagen key- This mance-based pay plan, your own vehicle and com oversight of defined Health Services programs, 4-digit number is to be potential commissions proof of i nsurance. DO YOU NEED or call 503-378-4621. included in all adver- 1 cord dry, split Juniper, less fob in NW Crossing services, or functions which may include, but pay per book, alley. Call 425-749-1059; not b e of up to 35% equaling We The Bulletin recom- tisements which indiA GREAT lim i te d t o, con d ition/disease per stop, b lended $190/cord. Multi-cord must have car to claim. $100,000+, Retirement mends checking with cate the business has discounts, & ya cords EMPLOYEE management program, behavioral health serr ate. Please c a l l Plan, Paid Vacation, 425-736-7927 the CCB prior to con- a bond, insurance and RIGHT NOW? available. Immediate Lost: silver lighter case vices, complex case management, UM/CM, and a com p etitive tracting with anyone. workers c ompensa- delivery! 541-408-6193 off back of Harley btwn grievance and appeals, claim review, and/or Call The Bulletin medical benefit packSome other t r ades tion for their employBend/Sisters. Sentimen- policy/procedure writing. If you are an RN with before 11 a.m. and age. Looking for team also req u ire addi- ees. For your protec- All Year Dependable tal value. 541-549-8903 5 years of varied clinical experience seeking a get an ad in to pubplayer with a positive Firewood: Seasoned tional licenses and new challenge, this may be the opportunity for lish the next day! VRimzc© tion call 503-378-5909 attitude to operate with Lost wallet in Redmond you! Leadership experience is preferred. Lodgepole, Split, Del. certifications. 541-385-5809. energy and to be cusor use our website: 3/28 I Wal-M a rt 8 DEHEcs@ Bend: 1 for $175 or 2 VIEW the tomer service oriented. to for $335. Cash, Check poss. Pink, chain with Debris Removal To apply, please visit us online at Classifieds at: Will provide training. check license status or Credit Card OK. heart pendant. has Send resume' to: before co n t racting 541-420-3484. IDs. 541-280-0192. JUNK BE GONE bcrvhire@ with t h e bu s iness. EOE I Haul Away FREE Persons doing land- Seasoned Juniper$150/ REMEMBER: Ifyou For Salvage. Also cord rounds; $170/ have lost an animal, scape maintenance NUB g Cleanups & Cleanouts don't forget to check do not require a LCB cord split. Delivered in Nurse Manager: Central OR, since Mel, 541-389-8107 The Humane Society 514 license. 1970! Call eves, Endoscopy and Pain in Bend 541-382-3537 Insurance 541-420-4379 Excavating Redmond, BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS HEALTH PLANS BENnSURGERY 541-923-0882 268 Search the area's most SAVE $$$ on AUTO C • It • N • T • It • R Levi's Concrete & Dirt comprehensive Prineville, Help us change healthcare! listing of INSURANCE from the hkr cae ' Ikcac ar caakn Trees, Plants 8 Flowers Works - for all your dirt & 541-447-7178; PacilicSource Health Plansis has several classified advertising... m ajor names y o u Job Summary: We are looking for a strong excavation needs. ConOR Craft Cats, RN openings in our Bendoffices. know and trust. No crete, Driveway Grading, real estate to automotive, 7 0% Off Tree leader to fill the Nurse Manager role for the 541-389-8420. merchandise to sporting forms. No hassle. No Augering.ccb¹ 194077 Endoscopy and Pain departments. This posiIf you have a broad clinical background and obligation. Call goods. Bulletin Classifieds Blow Out Sale 541-639-5282 tion requires an individual capable of providon locally g rown would like to enhance patients' quality of life appear every day in the READY F O R MY ing direct oversight of Endoscopy and Pain and maximize health plan b enefits, this trees; Canada Red QUOTE nowl CALL print or on line. Handyman while managing 14-18 FTE's. The position reChoke Che r ries, position may be the opportunity for you! The 1-888-706-8256. Call 541-385-5809 ports directly to the Clinical Director. Duties Colorado Blue ideal candidate will have a current RN license (PNDC) I DO THAT! will include, but not be limited to, performance Spruce, Engelman and five years nursing experience with varied Home/Rental repairs evaluations and performance management as medical exposure and experience. Case Spruce, Au s t rian 528 Small jobs to remodels well as new staff orientation. This position is a enmgce ralomgo sm«e se Pines, P o nderosa management, utilization, and/or health plan Honest, guaranteed member of multiple committees. Loans & Mortgages experience preferred. Pine, Aspens, etc., work. CCB¹151573 Nelson all sizes. 4/1 3 & Dennis 541-317-9768 WARNING Qualifications: Must be able to demonstrate Landscaping & Apply online at 4/14, 8 am - 4 pm. The Bulletin recomstrong leadership and communication skills. ERIC REEVE HANDY 6 4655 Ol d B end Maintenance mends you use cauMust be a licensed RN in the state of Oregon, SERVICES. Home 8 Serving Central / Redmond Hw y . Hay, Grain 8 Feedg tion when you proor able to obtain licensure upon hire. 3-5 years Commercial Repairs, Follow signs. Call EOE Oregon Since 2003 vide personal of Endoscopy experience, preferably in an Carpentry-Painting, Residental/Commercial for info at 1st quality grass hay, information to compaASC setting. The ideal candidate will have Pressure-washing, 541-934-2423. 70-lb. bales, barn stored, management experience within an ASC setnies offering loans or Honey Do's. On-time Sprinkler $250/ton. Also big bales! ting. A CUSTOMER SERVICE A credit, especially promise. Senior Activation/Repair Patterson Ranch, those asking for adDiscount. Work guar- Back Flow Testing REPRESENTATIVE Sisters, 541-549-3831 vance loan fees or Position details: This is a full time exempt poanteed. 541-389-3361 Immediate o pening i n the Cir c ulation companies from out of sition; Monday through Friday. Competitive Maintenance or 541-771-4463 department for a full time entry level Customer state. If you have Looking for your salary, benefit package, retirement and bonus Bonded 8 Insured eThatch & Aerate Service Representative. Looking for someone concerns or quesnext employee? plan. Position closesApril 17, 2013. • Spring Clean up CCB¹181595 to assist our subscribers and delivery carriers 6hp PTO Troy-bilt tions, we suggest you •Weekly Mowing Place a Bulletin with s u bscription t r ansactions, a c count Rototiller, $500. consult your attorney Email resume to I Janitorial Services & Edging help wanted ad questions and delivery concerns. Essential: 541-815-8069 or call CONSUMER •Bi-Monthly & Monthly today and Positive a t t itude, s t r on g se r v ice/team HOTLINE, Integrity Office Cleaning Maintenance People Look for Information reach over orientation, and problem solving skills. Must 1-877-877-9392. Honest services tailored to •Bark, Rock, Etc. About Products and 60,000 readers have accurate t y ping, c o mputer e ntry your needs! Licensed & each week. experience and phone skills. Most work is Services Every Day through BANK TURNED YOU Insured, Free Estimates. ~Landsca in Your classified ad done via telephone so strong professional DOWN? Private party The Bulletin Classitieds Call Nikki, 541-419-6601 •Landscape Advertising Account Executive communication skills and the ability to multi will also will loan on real esConstruction task in a fast paced environment is a must. appear on tate equity. Credit, no Landscaping/Yard Care •Water Feature The Bulletin is looking for a professional and Work shift hours are Tuesday thru Friday 8:00 problem, good equity Installation/Maint. driven Sales and Marketing person to help our a.m. to5:00 p.m., and Saturday 6:00 a.m. to is all you need. Call which currently •Pavers PROMPT D E LIVERY customers grow their businesses with an noon with an occasional Sunday shift and Oregon Land Mortreceives over •Renovations 542-389-9663 expanding list of broad-reach and targeted holidays required. gage 541-388-4200. •Irrigations Installation 1.5 million page Send resume to: PO Box 6020, Bend OR, Zcrrt'I,'4 Quadr|I products. This full time position requires a views every Free aged garden ma97708, attn: Circulation Customer Service Mgr. First mortgage real esSenior Discounts background in consultative sales, territory Zaurr grtr e /',, month at no or e-mail to ahusted© tate contract, 12 yrs I Bonded & Insured nure, we load you haul, management and aggressive prospecting skills. extra cost. More Than Service Sat-Sun, 4/6-7, Redmond. EOE/Drug free workplace 6%, approx $43,000 bal541-815-4458 1wo years of media sales experience is Bulletin Peace Ot Mind 541-526-5708 /279-7147 ance. Impeccable pmt LCB¹8759 preferable, but we will train the right candidate. Classifieds record. 541-410-3218 Have Gravel, will Travel! Independent Contractor Get Results! Spring Clean Up Just bought a new boat? Cinders, topsoil, fill mateThe position includes a competitive Sell your old one in the LOCAL MONEY:We buy •Leaves Call 541-385-5809 rial, etc. Excavation & compensation package including benefits, and classifieds! Ask about our septic secured trustdeeds & •Cones or place your ad systems. Abbas Super Seller rates! rewards an aggressive, customer focused note,some hard money * Supplement Your Income* •Needles Construction CC6/trSS4O on-line at 541-385-5809 loans. Call Pat Kelley salesperson with unlimited earning potential. •Debris Hauling Cal8541-548-6812 541-382-3099 ext.13. SPRING CLEAN-UP! Weed free Bark Email your resume, cover letter and salary For newspaper Aeration/Dethatching 573 345 8 flower beds history to: delivery, call the Weekly/one-time service Business Opportunities Circulation Dept. at Livestock & Equipment Jay Brandt, Advertising Director avail. Bonded, insured. Lawn Renovation 541-385-5800 Free Estimates! A Classified ad is an Aeration - Dethatching COLLINS Lawn Maint. To place an ad, call Fancy purebred yearEASY W A Y TO ling Angus heifers Overseed 541-385-5809 Ca//541-480-9714 or drop off your resume in person at REACH over 3 million Compost or email (20). Final An s wer 1777 SW Chandler, Bend, OR 97702; classified Pacific Northwesternand Danny B oy Top Dressing ALLEN REINSCH Or mail to PD Box 6020, Bend, DR 97708; ers. $52 5 /25-word bloodlines. Good disYard maintenance & No phone inquines please. c lassified ad i n 3 0 p osition. Raised i n Landscape clean-up, thatching, servingcentral oregon since 19ar daily newspapers for long-established herd. plugging & much more! Maintenance EOE / Drug Free Workplace 3-days. Call the Pa$1000 ea. Del. avail. Call 541-536-1 294 Full or Partial Service Pond pump 1/10 hp, 50 541-480-8096 cific Northwest Daily Madras •Mowing ~Edging We are looking for independent conamp, 5500 gph, $100. Connection (916) • Pruning ~Weeding 503-860-8974 tractors to service home delivery USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! ACCOUNTANT 2 88-6019 o r e m a il Sprinkler Adjustments Established CPA firm in Klamath Falls, OR is routes in: Pond/waterfall 40 amp, Farmers Column Door-to-door selling with seeking a CPA with 3-8 years' experience in pubfor more info (PNDC) pump 1/8 hp, Bk gph, Fertilizer included fast results! It's the easiest $200 503-860-8974 lic accounting. The successful candidate shall 10X20 STORAGE with monthly program way in the world to sell. have a strong technical background in tax and fiExtreme Value AdverBUILDINGS Must be available 7 days a week, early mornnancial accounting, as well as excellent commutising! 30 Daily newsing hours. Must have reliable, insured vehicle. for protecting hay, Weekly, monthly nication skills. The applicant should be able to The Bulletin Classified papers $525/25-word firewood, livestock or one timeservice. work both independently and as a team player. classified 3-d a y s. 541-385-5809 etc. $1496 Installed. Please call 541.385.5800 or Candidate should have experience preparing & Meet singles right now! Reach 3 million Pa541-617-1133. reviewing complex individual, corporate, and 800.503.3933 Mon.-Fri., 8-4 or EXPERIENCED No paid o p erators, cific Northwesterners. CCB ¹173684. partnership returns. Responsibilities will also inCommercial Painting/Wall Covering just real people like apply via email at For more information clude tax planning, business consulting and ac8 Residential you. Browse greetcall (916) 288-6019 or online I counting services. We a r e a pr o fessional • Interior/Exterior Painting email: ings, exchange mesRafter L F Ranch & family-like team and offer a competitive salary • Deck Refinishing sages and c o nnect Farm Svcs.- Custom and a complete fringe benefit package. • Handvman Services Senior Discounts live. Try it free. Call for the Pacific NorthHaying & Field Work CCB¹t 63914 Please send cover letter and resume to: 541-390-1466 Call Lee Fischer, west Daily ConnecSage Home Maintenance now: 8 7 7-955-5505. Same Day Response Call 541-506-0673 541-410-4495 tion. (PNDC) (PNDC)

The Bulletin




The Bulletin




The Bulletin

The Bulletin


Operate Your Own Business ++++++++++++++++++ Newspaper Delivery

The Bulletin

Independent Contractor

© Call Today ® * Terrebonne *

The Bulletin











CaMFY-IN'I/. 0

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N.W.+. p






u+ 4 6 - 4 6 0 V- a












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©2013 John 0 I-lart P(P


IohnHar(3(ndios.(om l















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0 3

gi'M PAVYS 4.6






f/ t,ter • ,((g )'7' ,




y = /~i

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P( 2 /6/BI FEBT

6'IC&!R LIA6








SuT WE'RE f Uu o




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CUPOLA' (pp(466(0(0










66 ID'/3 wI(sv Ivh, Ivc,


Ilan E(arvhpEPod(IUvp • 08$



DAILY B RIDG E CLU B sa~urday, AprH6,2o13


End-played in trumps

2 White-

ACROSS whiskered sort to Symbol of Einstein's gravitational constant zs Eager zs Tons 27 Time of one's life as Youngest of five famous brothers zo Ernst associate 2o Things worth waiting for? 22 What head shots are used in 22 People pick pockets in it 23 Eddie's partner in musical comedy 24 Burial option 2s Cut out for it 2s Intenttonally flooded field 3o Short order? 31 One working with magnetite

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Media Services

opens one spade. What do you say? ANSWER: In t heory, the hand meets the requirements for a m inimum takeout double. It h a s opening values and support for the unbid suits. But the hand also has plenty of losers, and the queen of spades may be worthless for offense. Vulnerable, and because partner would have to respond at the level of two, I would choose a discreet pass. South dealer N-S vulnerable

In a team event at the Fall NABC, one North-South was pleased when they stopped at three hearts and found an adverse lie of the trump suit that held them to nine tricks. Had they known the other NorthSouth would reach game, they would have expected a gain. But against four hearts (North's bid of three clubs was an artificial heart raise), West led thejack of clubs,and declarer,Roger L ee, took the queen and led a diamond. West grabbed his ace but next led another diamond.

South threw a spade on dummy's king and led a trump, recoiling when East discarded. South's king lost to the ace, and West led another club. Lee won, ruffeda club in dummy, ruffed a diamond, took the K-A of spades and ruffed dummy's last diamond. With three tricks to go, Lee was down to the Q-10 of trumps and a spade. He led the spade, and when West had to ruff, he was end-played. Making four. If at Trick Three West had led a second club, South w o uld h a ve needed even more inspired play to succeed.


EAST 4 J 1074 Q None


9 AJ9 5 O AJ6 3 4 J109

<> Q 1098

AK863 2 SOUTH 4K932 9 KQ 108 7 0 '7 AAQ5

South 10 40


We s t Nor th Pass 34 A ll Pa s s


East Pass

Youhold: 4 Q 6 Q A J 9 5 Opening lead — aeaJ 0 A J 6 3 A J 10 9. Bo t h s ides vulnerable. The dealer, at your right, (C) 20! 3 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO

ss Off-roading option s7 Fire ss Grocery product with green leaves in its logo
















24 Garnish 23 Arch 22 Marker maker 23 It features a statue of a Scottie next to his master 2s Title slave of the stage 26 First cut on the album "Sticky Fingers" 27 Home of the Ducks of baseball's Atlantic League







15 17








22 25




2400-pound calf, perhaps 2 Player of a big scaredy-cat? name 3No Mr. 42 Julia Child Personality worked for it 4 Drug czar during W.W. II: Kerlikowske Abbr. s Put an 43 Lav 6 Where the Blue 44 Escalator Nile rises pioneer 7 Jellyfish and 46 Fox on Fox krill s Some are 4s Blast alternative? fragile 9 Bygone means 49 Traffic court of corporal letters punishment s2 Facilitators of cultural growth to Buzz generator tz "I'll Be Around" s3 Toxicodendron songwriter diversilobum Wilder ss Yogi Bear t2 TV Guide co-creator crossword focus ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE t3 Something that shouldn't scare C A T S C R A D L E I G O R yOU

NORTH 45 A85 Q6432 O K 54 2 474


33 Minor, legally 3s "Ha! Good one!" 37 "Bummer" 3e Word below a signature on a bill 39 Zero, in 21-Across 4o They often have good rhythm 41 Mr. T's real last

No. 0302















38 39




















29 Handle on farm 4o One of nine equipment? numbers on a card 3o Humdingers 42 Clarkson 32 Fr. address College locale 33 Texting 43 Alpo alternative counterpart of t TY 4s " y o u!" 34 Sno(winter 47 1958 spy novel blower brand) set in Jamaica 4s "Cannery Row" 36 Orwellian superstate brothel owner

49 "Get busy!"

so Boat trailer? sa Pottery Barn competitor


53 54-Down tally: Abbr.

s4 See 53-Down: Abbr.

For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5554. Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past

puzzles, (S39.95 a year). Share tips:

Crosswords for young solvers;


RIZNIIOCol/IICI.COIA facebookzam/Rizarrocami8I



SUDOKU Complete the grid so that

every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from1 to 9 inclusively.



lll 4l 4I







IL 4:






C0 Ct Ol







DIFFICULTY RATING: '4 '4 ')ww")ww' 4+ 'iww'

LOS ANGELES TIMESCROSSWORD Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis ACROSS 1 Fashionable heelless footwear 12 "The Sixth Sense"

SAFE HAVENS ~THE!4E. MAKfIJf'OAIb HIT76 fH6 1)AfA +T!2.IPe. (773 yot/Ia eoT' uoH!t/ P ACF. V IDA' < I f

(I' SBh3(5' I'I Z I)/Ac(' I..Ae OVT Nb <I(E. NE<~ rfAgg 6 BTTII4&5 IAAY cz7 fHE Lo/ak' Ih! Qg!YIAII OF' TAIL5...

(AJAIf . QollbTPI)hb(2 If'ov @AIP PRIzLIE!2


gt)OI.VTIOh) 2

(st7 A!73A$72? 4~

I„, © 2013 by King FeatureS SyndiCate, InC. WOrld 09 ts reServed

E-mall bhO(brOOk1%9mall COm

httP /1WWW safehaVensCOml0.00m


I'd b5e, t/ta.pI5 ae4'aseLOe hact a. baeeu'.h haose am5L could 4©ILar 4!ae. C C.eaIA'

yov'<e r;~h4! I CAb)hem4'

I Ilo4 yooALa'5 slaetlso 4341

fltc, 44ld I 4 ' 5 S~tvag I S o43430( a.LoT

Iea,st- vtou> Yoo cAvt

bte4Lc+aae,oceaaa I

46+4e<:va 441e Babut/akzS!

0 3


8 49

3 68

4 0



IIII 8 4II44l A e WUM 4 ~

+4|06WVW II44IlalkA l lANWM l (749(4Il474 ~ ~ ~>tM4 4


( kl4A~


IIY(N(58I(7/A(74(I a(759tw6PI




/') )


539454D(4' '


3>L ~ u ~ X

THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles One letter 10 eaCh Square, to fOrm faur Ordinary WOrdS.

CRAHN 02013 Tnbune Media Services, Inc. „ All Rights Reserved.






The ' Arewe good to 947 j udge JUSt / slgned il



rhe p~ c e 5BA(zCHet2


THE eL(l( PING eECA(25e IT WA5 —-

N0W arrange the CirCled letterS

to farm the SurPriSe anSWer, as suggested by the above cartoon. 0 Laughng8tock Intemational Inc. Dist W Unuersal UClck for UFS, 2013

"I found another one of these in his toolbox."

Prlnt your answer here: YeSterday'8

color a Bloody Smurf cocktail 16 It's at the top o many a round

(A08Wer6 MOnday) Jumbles: ONION TH E M E MU T AT E RE F U SE AnSWer: The POlygraPh teSt W88theMOMENT OF TRUTH


33 Like many a movie genius 3 7 Note from abroad 40 Crawled, say 41 Xylophone relative 43 Listless 44 Short operatic

51 Fi e sta fare 52 H e b rew winter mon t h 53 Ci t y captured in the Six-Day War 55 Brief "Don't ask

so many


questions!" 6 Syllable of 46 Post-bender dose 56 Turn in the fridge disapproval 49 Pear-shaped 59 whim face 7 Czech composer fiddle 60 Hagen of the 17 Pejorative Rudolf 50 Surrounded by stage nickname for o 8 Hot rock supporting a 9 Biting ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: cause via 10 Police weapons unproductive fe 11 'What'd I tell W B A I S R A E L B A A S good measure yOU? H U R S T E R N C) L I MA 18 Place for a 12 Drive nuts I CK Y P E T E R S A S O F gondola 13 Dredger's target S K I E S N O T A C L U E 19 Pub.'s client 14 Hanger in a rack K O N A P I T N I C K E R S 20 Showed some 21 Likeness words hustle S E E N T E T 23 Punic Wars victor 22 Peerage mem E A R L A D E S O B I T 25 A heap 24 Legal defenda S L I C K S U P T H E P A C K 26 "High Fidelity" Abbr. T E C H S H O O K G E O actress Lisa 25 Chain that mak 27 Road trip O S S L A G S a lot of dough listening S T I C K U P P I X U P D O 28 Only British pri ish 28 Saturn satellite M U L T I P L E A C H E S minister of Jew 29 Signs birth A L I A P E R R Y C H I C K 30 University of New 32 "I'm with you!" C L A W L A M E S T L O A Mexico team 34 Infamous 2001 K E D S E D S E L S E R R 31 Slower than 43shredders 04/06/1 3 xwordeditor( Down 35 So-so connection? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 3 14 36 Conjure up 38 Teddy's Mount 15 16 Rushmore neighbor 17 18 39 Voltaire's worldview 19 20 21 42 Glass, vis-a-vis 22 23 24 electricity 45 Like carry-ons 25 2 6 27 28 29 30 31 47 Most unusual 48 Adriatic port 32 34 49 Pastasuff ix,




sense 15 Liqueur used to

DOWN 1 Small magazine art i c les? 2 p a r migiana 3 Island blast 4 Speaking point? 5 Aaron of "Love



50 It was spawned 40 41 42 by the Manhattan 39 Project 46 54 Precious ones 57 Statesman in a 48 Warhol series 58 Sitcom about the 5 0 5 1 52 Buchmans 58 61 Word of repulsion 67 62 Stand firm in the 61 62 face of defeat 63 Buns, e.g. 63 64 64 "Prepare to be amazed!" By Brad Wi!ber and Doug Peterson (c)2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.


38 43





53 69

ss 56 60





Boats & Accessories •

cQ00 OOO Snowmobiles

20.5' Seaswirl Spyder 1989 H.O. 302, 285 hrs., exc. cond., stored indoors for life $11,900 OBO. 541-379-3530

Tra v el Trailers •

THE BULLETIN• SATURDAY, APRIL 6 2013 F5 Fifth Wheels •

NuM/a 29 7LK H i t chHiker 2007,3 slides, 32' touring coach, left kitchen, rear lounge, many extras, beautiful c ond. inside & o u t , Flagstaff 30' 2006, with $32,900 OBO, Prinevslide, custom interior, ille. 541-447-5502 days like new, S a crifice, & 541-447-1641 eves. $17,500. 541-598-7546



Antique & Classic Autos

Antique & Classic Autos

ANTIQUE 1921 Model T Delivery Truck Restored 8 Runs $9000. 541-389-8963



Sport Utility Vehicles

Automo b iles

Wouldn't you really IIi ttitrr:st like to drive a Buick? Bob has two 75,000 ne mile Buicks, priced I 4 9 th ANNUAL fair, $2,000-$6000. April 5, 6 & 7, 2013 ~ Hyundai Sonata 2007 7a.m. -7p.m. Fri. & Ford Expedition XLT Remember, t h e se GLS, 64,700 mi, excelcars get 30mpg hwy! 7a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. lent cond, good tires, 2005, 4x 4, tow pkg, 541-318-9999 non-smoker, new tags, 1000s Of Vendors! 3rd row seat. $9500. 541-280-7352 Vin ¹A48440 ) Collector cars and parts for sale $10,488 Lexus IS 250 2011 se$1000sin door dan. 28k mi. white prizes by: S UBA R U . ¹045285 $31,995 SUBBBUOPBBNDCOM I J O HNNY LAW I 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Buick Invicta1959! MOTORS 877-266-3821 2 door hardtop, 99.9% 503-678-1823 Dlr ¹0354 complete in & out. Oregort AutnSottree $16,000. Tickets avail. at 541-504-3253 541-598-3750 the gate See: The 'TREIT8 DAVENPORT"I. Buick LeSabre 1996 BONNEVILLE Good condition, STREAMLINER121,000 miles. Non-smoker GMC Yu kon D e nali $2600 OBO. 2003, Pre m i um 541-954-5193. wheels, loaded. Vin ¹222168. Nissan Sentra 2012 Full warranty, 35mpg, PROJECT CARS: Chevy $11,988 520 per tank, all power. 2-dr FB 1949-(SOLD) & $13,500. 541-788-0427 Chevy Coupe 1950 S UBUBBBUOPSBND BA RCOM U. rolling chassis's $1750 © j Chevy Malibu 2009 Pontiac Bonneville, 2005, ea., Chevy 4-dr 1949, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend 43k miles, loaded, white with black leather complete car, $ 1949; 877-266-3821 studs on nms/ interior, new tires, $4500. Cadillac Series 61 1950, Dlr ¹0354 Asking $12,900, 541-941-1249 2 dr. hard top, complete 541-610-6834. w /spare f r on t cl i p ., $3950, 541-382-7391 Porsche Carrera 911 2003 convertible with 933 hardtop. 50K miles, new factory Porsche Pickups motor 6 mos ago with Honda CRV 2004, 18 mo factory warChrysler Sebring 2004 ranty remaining. $8,995. $37,500. Call 541-610-6150 or see 84k, beautiful dark gray/ 541-322-6928 brown, tan leather int., /cto/3723855028.html $5995 541-350-5373 r PORTLAND SWAP MEET


(2) 2000 A rctic C at 21' Crownline 215 hp Z L580's EFI with n e w i in/outboard e n g ine covers, electric start w/ 310 hrs, Cuddy Cabin . j reverse, low miles, both sleeps 2/3 p eople, excellent; with new 2009 portable toilet, exc. 1921 Model T Trac-Pac 2-place trailer, cond. Asking $8,000. E Pilgrim 27', 2007 5th Delivery Truck drive off/on w/double tilt, OBO. 541-388-8339 Fleetwood 31' Wilder- wheel, 1 s lide, AC, Restored & Runs lots of accys. Selling due n ess Gl 1 9 99, 1 2 ' TV,full awning, excel$9000. to m edical r e asons. slide, 2 4 ' aw n ing, lent shape, $23,900. 541-389-8963 $8000 all. 541-536-8130 queen bed, FSC, out- 541-350-8629 side shower, E-Z lift • Yamaha 750 1999 s tabilizer hitch, l i ke Mountain Max, $1400. new, been stored. • 1994 Arctic Cat 580 $10,950. 541-419-5060 EXT, $1000. Boat loader, elec. for • Zieman 4-place 19 0 F Q pickup canopy, extras, P ioneer 23 ' trailer, SOLD! 2006, EZ Lift, $9750. 'sl $450, 541-548-3711 I All in good condition. 541-548-1096 Pilgrim In t e rnational Chevy C-20 Pickup Located in La Pine. GENERATE SOME ex2005, 36' 5th Wheel, 1969, all orig. Turbo 44; Call 541-408-6149. citement in your neigModel¹M-349 RLDS-5 auto 4-spd, 396, model borhood. Plan a gaFall price $ 2 1,865. CST /all options, orig. rage sale and don't 541-312-4466 Find exactly what owner, $19,950, forget to advertise in 541-923-6049 you are looking for in the classified! 385-5809. RV CLASSIFIEDS Chevy 1955 PROJECT CONSIGNMENTS car. 2 door wgn, 350 Prowler 2009 Extreme WANTED Serving Central Oregon smre t903 small block w/Weiand E dition. Model 2 7 0 860 We Do The Work ... dual quad tunnel ram RL, 2 slides, oppos- You Motorcycles & Accessories Keep The Cash! with 450 Holleys. T-10 ing in living area, ent. On-site credit 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, center, sep. bedroom, B MW K100 L T 1 9 8 7 approval team, ~ i Weld Prostar wheels, 2 ne w e x tra t i res, web site presence. 52k miles, b r onze, extra rolling chassis + hitch, bars, sway bar extra wind s hield, We Take Trade-Ins! extras. $6500 for all. included. P r o-Pack, trailer hitch, battery Free Advertising. 541-389-7669. Good cond, charger, full luggage Larson Classic 18' Tri- anti-theft. BIG COUNTRY RV 'til Req . hard bags, manuals hull w/ 1 6 5 C h e v/ c lean. Bend: 541-330-2495 5. $19 , 900. and paperwork. Al- M ercruiser, 4.5 H P 4/20/1 Redmond: ways garaged. $3200. OB. D i nette/sleeper 541-390-1122 541-548-5254 Don, 541-504-5989 plus standup canvas Ford F-150 XL 2007, for camping. Eagle very clean, low miles. CRAMPED FOR RV F ishfinder. $29 0 0 Vin ¹B50639 CASH? Chevy Wagon 1957, CONSIGNMENTS 541-382-7515. $13,588 Use classified to sell 4-dr., complete, WANTED 00 • I those items you no $7,000 OBO, trades. 875 We Do The Work ... longer need. Please call +© SUBARU. You Keep The Cash! Watercraft 541-389-6998 Call 541-385-5809 On-site credit 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend N approval team, Ads published in WaChrysler 300 C o upe 877-266-3821 web site presence. tercraft" include: Kay1967, 44 0 e n g ine, Dlr ¹0354 We Take Trade-Ins! aks, rafts and motorauto. trans, ps, air, Harley Oyna 2000conv. Ized Free Advertising. personal frame on rebuild, re29k, harlaquin paint, BIG COUNTRY RV FORD F150 XLT For painted original blue, new tires, many chrome watercrafts. Bend: 541-330-2495 2001, V-8 Triton, "boats" please see Aircraft, Parts original blue interior, parts, very good cond. Class 870. Redmond: runs fantastic. original hub caps, exc. A Bargain & Service $10,500 209-770-0903 541-548-5254 at $4000 541-385-5809 chrome, asking $9000 obo. Call Peter at Harley Heritage or make offer. 562-659-4691, in RV Solar Sale! 100 watt Softail, 2003 541-385-9350 Bermng Central Oregon Mnce 1903 Prineville. panel k i t in s t alled $5,000+ in extras, $749. Mobile Solar $2000 paint job, 880 Pros, 541-977-5366 30K mi. 1 owner, Motorhomes G MC Sierra S L T For more information RV space avail. $400 1/3 interest in Columbia 2006 - 1500 Crew please call mo. includes. 30 amp Cab 4x4, Z71, exc. 541-385-8090 400, $150,000 located + w/s/g. Tumalo area. cond., 82 k m i les, or 209-605-5537 O Sunriver. H o u rlyFIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, 541-419-5060 rental rate (based upon door panels w/flowers $19,900. 541-408-0763 approval) $775. Also: & hummingbirds, S21 hangar avail. for white soft top & hard s ale, or l e ase © top. Just reduced to 2003 Fleetwood Dis$15/day or $325/mo. $3,750. 541-317-9319 541-948-2963 covery 40' diesel moor 541-647-8483 torhome w/all I nternational Fla t Harley Limited 103 2011, Bed Pickup 1963, 1 many extras, stage 1 & air options-3 slide outs, Springdale 2005 27', 4' I A a cushion seat. 18,123 mi, satellite, 2 TV's,W/D, slide in dining/living area, - ~ ton dually, 4 s pd. etc. 3 2 ,000 m i l es. sleeps 6, low mi,$15,000 trans., great MPG, $21,990. 541-306-0289 Wintered i n h e a ted obo. 541-408-3811 could be exc. wood shop. $89,900 0 B O. hauler, runs great, 541-447-8664 new brakes, $1950. 1 /3 interest i n w e l lFord Galaxie 500 1963, 541-419-5480. equipped IFR Beech Bonanza A36, new 10-550/ 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, 390 vs,auto, pwr. steer & prop, located KBDN. radio (orig),541-419-4989 TURN THE PAGE 32' Fleetwood Fiesta Weekend Warrior Toy $65,000. 541-419-9510 HD Fat Boy 1996 Hauler 28' 2007, Gen, For More Ads Completely customized 2003, no slide-out, fuel station, exc cond. Must see and hear to Triton engine, all The Bulletin sleeps 8, black/gray amenities, 1 owner, appreciate. 2012 perfect, only 17K miles, i nterior, u se d 3X , Award Winner. $19,999 firm. $22,000 firm! 17,000 obo. •

Autom o biles •







,I-1I'it/ S

The Bulletin

L '"" : J


The Bulletin

The Bulletin




HD Screaming Eagle Electra Glide 2005, 103 U motor, two tone candy teal, new tires, 23K miles, CD player, hydraulic clutch, excellent condition. Highest offer takes it. 541-480-8080.


Yamaha Banshee 2001, custom built 350 motor, race-ready, lots of extras, $4999/obo 541-647-8931


Four Winds Class A 3 2 ' Hurricane 2007. CAN'T BEAT THIS! Look before you buy, b e low market value! Size & mileage DOES matter! 12,500 mi, all amenities, Ford V10, Ithr, c h erry, slides, like new! New low price, $54,900. 541-548-5216 RV Tow car 2004 Honda Civic Si set up for flat towing with base plate and tow brake, 35k mi, new tires, great cond. $12,000. 541-288-1808

IBoats & Accessories

14' 1982 Valco River Jayco Seneca 34', 2007. Sled, 70 h.p., Fish- 28K miles, 2 slides, DuFinder. Older boat but ramax diesel, 1 owner, price includes trailer, excellent cond, $94,500; 3 wheels and tires. All Trade? 541-546-6920 for $ 1500! Ca l l 541-416-8811 15' Smokercraft 2001 trailer, $2500. 541-549-4243.



Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at

Fifth Wheels

1/5th interest in 1973

Cessna 150 LLC

150hp conversion, low time on air frame and engine, hangared in Bend. Excellent performance g affordable flying! $6,500.

Ford Model A 1930, Sports Coupe. Rumble seat, Hg H rebuilt engine. W i ll cruise at 55mph. Must see to believe. Absolutely stunning condition! $17,500

Ford Mustang Coupe 1966, original owner, Check out the V8, automatic, great classifieds online $9000 OBO. shape, 530-515-8199 Updated daily

Executive Hangar at Bend Airport (KBDN) 60' wide x 50' d eep, w/55' wide x 17' high bifold dr. Natural gas heat, offc, bathroom. Adjacent to Frontage Rd; great visibility for aviation business. Financing available. 541-948-2126 or email

Piper A rcher 1 9 8 0, based in Madras, always hangared since new. New annual, auto Carri-Lite Luxury 2009 by Carriage, 4 slides, pilot, IFR, one piece windshield. Fastest Arinverter, satellite sys, fireplace, 2 flat screen cher around. 1750 total t i me . $6 8 ,500. TVs. $54,950 541-475-6947, ask for 541-480-3923 Rob Berg. CHECK YOUR AD

Ford Ranchero 1979 with 351 Cleveland modified engine. Body is in excellent condition, $2500 obo. 541-420-4677


Toyota Camryst 1984, SOLD; 1985 SOLD; 1986 parts car only one left! $500 Honda Pilot EX-L2004, Little Red Corvette1996 Call for details, 4x4, leather, loaded. conv. 350 auto. 541-548-6592 132K, 26-34 mpg. $12,50 0 5 4 1-923-1781

Vin ¹539379 $14,988

Toyota Corolla 2004, auto., loaded, 204k BUBBBUCBBBNDcoM Call A Service Professional miles orig owner non smoker, exc. c ond. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. find the help you need. $6500 Prin e ville 877-266-3821 503-358-8241 Dlr ¹0354 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5, 2006, great shape, silver, 65K miles, asking $9100.



Honda Ridgeline RTL 2008, 4x4, moonroof, leather, tow pkg.




Off-Road, beautiful inside and out, metallic black/charcoal leather, loaded, 69k mi., $19,995 obo.




engine, power everything, new paint, 54K original m i les, runs great, excellent condition in & out. Asking $8,500. 541-480-3179 ~1


R U V !



More On a classified ad go to to view additional photos of the item.





Jeep Wr a ngler 4 . 0 Sport 1999, Hard top, running boards, premium sound. Vin ¹432663.



S UB A R U .

Legal Notices


Toyota 4Ru n n er 1 993, blue, 4 d r . , 4WD, V6, 5 speed, t ow pkg., plus 4 studs tires on rims, r uns great. W a s $ 5500, no w o n l y $4000.541-659-1416



PERSONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN 541-410-6183. that the undersigned has been appointed personal representative. All persons having claims against the Toyota F J C r uiser estate are required to 2007, 6 speed, 4x4, p resent them, w i th low low miles, very vouchers attached, to clean. the undersigned perVin ¹074880 T oyota Tundra D b l sonal representative Cab 2006, matching $27,888 at 404 NW F ranklin shell, tow Pkg, 4x4. Ave., B e n d , OR Vin ¹511451. © 3 S U B A R U. 9 7701, w i thin f o u r $19,988 months after the date 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. of first publication of 877-266-3821 t his notice, o r t h e +© SUBARU. Dlr ¹0354 claims may be barred. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. All persons whose 877-266-3821 r ights may b e a f Dlr ¹0354 • Vans f ected by t h e p r o ceedings may obtain 935 additional information 96 Ford Windstar & Sport Utility Vehicles from the records of 2000 Nissan Quest, the Court, the p e rboth 7-passenger sonal representative, vans, 160K miles, or the attorney for the low prices, $1200 & personal representa$2900, and worth tive. Dated and first ta every cent! published on March 541-318-9999 23, 2013. Maureen L. Chevrolet Blazer LT Stapp, Pers o n al 2000 -130k miles, Call Representative. AT Chevy Astro for info. $3800 OBO TORNEY FOR PERSUBBBUOl BSND COM

Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. The Bulletin 877-266-3821 Ford Taurus wagon 2004, To Subscribe call Dlr ¹0354 very nice, pwr everything, 541-385-5800 or go to 120K, FWD, good tires, $4900 obo. 541-815-9939


Trucks & Heavy Equipment Monaco Dynasty 2004, loaded, 3 slides, dieGMC 1966, too many sel, Reduced - now Please check your ad $119,000, 5 4 1-923extras to list, reduced to on the first day it runs 8572 or 541-749-0037 $7500 obo. Serious buyto make sure it is corers only. 541-536-0123 18.5' '05 Reinell 185, V-6 RV CONSIGNMENTS rect. Sometimes inCargo Van2001, structions over the I 541-480-0781 Volvo Penta, 270HP, WANTED! pw, pdl, great cond., low hrs., must see, All Makes g Models! phone are mis- • Diamond Reo Dump business car, well understood and an error Truck 1 974, 12 -14 $15,000, 541-330-3939 Free Appraisals. yard box, runs good, maint'd, regular oil can occurin youradI Sales, Service & Parts. $6900, 541-548-6812 changes, $4500. If this happens to your 18.5' Sea Ray 2000, Randy's Kampers Please call ad, please contact us Forklift, Hyster H 30E GIHCPrIton 7977, Only 4.3L Mercruiser, 190 & Kars, 2910 S. Hwy. 541-633-5149 the first day your ad hp Bowrider w/depth 97, Redmond LPG, good condition, $19 7PPi Originai iow appears and we will 541-923-1 655 finder, radio/CD player, 607 'hrs $2000 OBO mile, exceptional, 3rd Chevy Tahoe 1999, 4x4, Dodge van 1978 handibe happy to fix it rod holders, full can541 389'7596 most options, new tires, owner 951 699 7171 as soon as we can. vas, EZ Loader trailer, 159K miles, $3750. Call cap equipped with RV If we can assist you exclnt cond, $13,000. wheelchair ramp and 541-233-8944 CONSIGNMENTS 707-484-3518 (Bend) please call us: G K E A T hand controls. In great WANTED 541 -385-5809 condition. $3,000 obo. We Do The Work ... The Bulletin Classified Call 541-420-3696 or You Keep The Cash! Hyster H25E, runs 541-526-5887 On-site credit Good used 5th wheel well, 2982 Hours, Jeep Comanche, 1990, approval team, hitch, $199. $3500,call Look at: original owner, 167K, 541-447-4446 web site presence. 541-749-0724 4WD, 5-spd, tags good We Take Trade-Ins! till 9/2015, $3900 obo. D odge Dura n g o for Complete Listings cf Heartland Bighorn 36' Free Advertising. 18'Maxum skiboat,2000, 541-633-7761 Limited 20 04, 4x 4 , 4000 miles, 3 slide-outs, BIG COUNTRY RV inboard motor, g reat Loaded, leather, 3rd Area Real Estate for Sale many extras, in great Call The Bulletin At cond, well maintained, Bend: 541-330-2495 condition; stored inside. row seat. Ford 1-ton extended van, Redmond: $9995 obo. 541-350-7755 541-385-5809 Vin ¹142655. $32,000. 541-233-6819 1995, 460 engine, set-up 541-548-5254 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail $9,988 f or c o n tractor wi t h -BP' shelves & bins, fold-down Peterbilt 359 p o table At: www.bendbulletin.ccm rack, tow hitch, water t ruck, 1 9 90, 4@ S U B A R U. ladder 180K miles, new tranny g I).jI 3200 gal. tank, 5hp B brakes; needs catalytic r 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, converter & new wind877-266-3821 camlocks, $ 2 5,000. shield. $2200. 541-820-3724 Dlr ¹0354 1996 Seaswirl 20.1 Laredo 2009 30' with 2 541-220-7808 Cuddy, 5.0 Volvo, exc Southwind 35.5' Triton, slides, TV, A/C, table 925 cond., full canvas, one 2008,V10, 2 slides, Du- g c h airs, s a tellite, Mercedes 450SL, 1977, owner, $6500 OBO. pont UV coat, 7500 mi. Utility Trailers Arctic pkg., p o wer 113K, 2nd owner, ga• Au t o mobiles 541-410-0755 Bought new at awning, Exc. cond! r aged, b o t h top s . $132,913; Light equipment trailer, $28,000. 541-419-3301 $11,900. 541-389-7596 s s l sf s l sl asking $91,000. 3 axle, 8'x21' tilt bed. Call 503-982-4745 $3500. 541-489-6150. Ford Expedition XLT 20.5' 2004 Bayliner 2004, 4x4, low miles, 205 Run About, 220 clean. Automotive Parts, • HP, V8, open bow, Vin ¹B41370 BMW 740 IL 1998 orig. exc. cond with very Service & Accessories $9,988 owner, exc. c o n d. low hours, lots of MONTANA 3585 2008, Oldsmobile Alero 2004, 101k miles, new tires, exc. cond., 3 slides, TIRES set of 4 mounted classic 4-dr in showroom © 1S UBARU . extras incl. tower, Winnebago Suncruiser34' loaded, sunroof. SUBBBUOPSSNDCOM Bimini 3 custom king bed, Irg LR, on rims + extra rim. condition, leather, chrome 2004, only 34K, loaded, $8,300. 541-706-1897 Arctic insulation, all trailer, $17,950. too much to list, ext'd 4 5% h wy t rea d , wheels, 1 owner, low 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 541-389-1413 warr. thru 2014, $54,900 options $35,000. 225/60R16, $400 obo miles. $7500. ~ Oo Dennis, 541-589-3243 541-420-3250 541-489-6150 541-382-2452 Dlr ¹0354 MOrePiXatBe!ldblleti!I,CO m '

Ford Focus 2012 SE Excellent cond. 12k mi., silver, $16,500 obo 541-306-3662.

Vin ¹534426.

877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

Ram 2500HD 2003 hemi, 2WD, 135K, auto, CC, am/fm/cd. $7000 obo. 541-680-9965 /390-1285

Need help fixing stuff?


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend.





T ATIVE: Kristen S . Edwards, OSB¹ 093397, 2 2 5 NW Franklin St., Suite 2, Bend, Oregon 97701, Ph: (541) 318-0061, Fax: (541) 318-0062, kristen I bendlawfirm. com. PER S ONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Maureen L. S t app, 404 NE Franklin Ave., Bend, Oregon 97701, (541) 385-8906. LEGAL NOTICE






Legal Notices zona on N o vember 24, 2012. Estate proceedings i n the decedent's est a t e, bearing the clerk's file number 1 3 P B0022, h ave b e e n co m menced and are now pending in the aboveentitled court wherein the decedent's will has been admitted to probate. On M a rch 12, 2013, the undersigned was duly app ointed and is n ow serving as personal representative of the estate. Your r i ghts may be affected by this proceeding; additional information may be obtained from the records of the court, the undersigned personal representative, or the attorney for the personal representative. The names and addresses of the personal representative and the attorney for the personal representative are: Leonard C. Macy, 14950 Ironbark, La Pine, OR 97739. Jennifer S. Wells, PO Box 913, La Pine, OR 97739. O RS 1 13.075 p r ovides that, when a will has been admitted to probate, any i n terested person may, at any time within four months after the date of delivery or mailing of the information described in ORS 113.145 or four months after the first publication of notice to interested p e r sons, whichever i s l a t e r, contest the probate of the will or the validity of the will. Respectfully, Leonard Macy, Personal Representative. LEGAL NOTICE The undersigned has been appointed personal representative of the Estate of Keith D . S ampson, D e ceased, by the Deschutes County Circuit Court of the State of O regon, prob a te number 1 3 P B0023. All persons having c laims against t h e estate are required to present the same with vouchers proper within four (4) months after the date of first publication to the undersigned or they may be barred. Additional i nformation may b e o btained f ro m t h e court records, the undersigned or the attorney. Date first publ ished: M a rc h 23 , 2013. Les Yoder, Personal Representative, c/o Edward P. Fitch, Attorney at Law, Bryant Emerson & Fitch,

TRATION UNIT. TO: HEIRS AND D E VISEES of the abovenamed decedent: Leonard C. Macy14950 Ironbark, La Pine, OR 9 7739. Oregon D e partment of H uman Services - Estate Administration Unit, Po Box 14021, Salem, OR 9 7 3095024. The f o llowing information is given to you as an heir or devisee of the abovenamed decedent who L LP, PO B o x 4 5 7 , died at Phoenix, AriRedmond OR 97756.


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

Fill Up your schedule. Not your tank.


With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and 36 MPG,' you can do a lot more in the 2013 Subaru lmpreza while making fewer trips to the pump. N-

-= .

A ll New 2 0 1 3 S ubar u X V C ro s s t r e k 2 .0i Pre m iu m C V T Seat Back Protector, Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/ Homelink, Rear Bumper Cover, Splash Guard, All Weather Floor Mats

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i 6MT

201 3 Sub a r u Im p r e z a 2 .0 i 5MT

Standard Model. Rear Seat Back Protector. Rear Bumper Cover.

Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink, Bumper Applique 5 Door, Cargo Tray 5D, All Weather Floor Mats, Seat Back Protector


pw 'pw

I •


MSRP $24,764. VIN: D1262653. Title, lic. 8. doc, and dealer installed options not included.

Sale Price



MSRP $19,747. VIN: 3DG837007. Title, lic. 8. doc, and dealer installed options not included. DLA-01

Sale Price 0









M o t io n



1 at this Price









2013 S u b a r u % ibec a 3 .6 R L imited 5A T

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X P remium 4 A T

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T

Power Moonroof. Auto-Dimming Mirror, Rear Vision Camera, Roof Rails. Front Bumper Underguard. Rear Bumper Cover. 7 Passenger

Auto Dim Mirror/Compass w/Homelink

All-Weather Package: Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors, Fog Lights. Display Audio Unit w/HD Radio, Luggage Compartment Cover, Floor Mats, All Weather. Cargo Tray, Rear Bumper Cover. Auto-Dimming Mirror/Compass

Standard Model. Rugged Package ¹1. Aero Cross Bars. Rear Bumper Cover. Luggage Compartment Cover.

Automatic MSRP $35,729. VIN: D4400115. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. This vehicle has an additional charge of $599 for DuraShield that is not included in the sale price. DTD-04

Automatic MSRP $29,067. VIN: DH407964, DH407591 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. DFM-01

1 at this Price •




Subaru Certified Pre-Owned





Automatic MSRP $26,793. VIN: C8DH444165. Title, lic, & doc, and dealer installed options not included. DFF-24

2 at this Price 0


Qa 'Pa

Automatic MSRP $24,447. VIN: 9D2849156. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included.


C onf i d e n c e i n

MSRP $28,942. VIN: DH408392. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. DFM-01

1 at this Price 0



Sale Price •






7-YEAR, 100,000-MILEPOWERTRAIN WARRANTY Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers: • 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Coverage • $0 deductible

• Factory-backed coverage • 152-point safety inspection

• CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i L i m i t e d

2 012 S u b a r u F oreste r 2 . 5 X T Turbo

2 012 S u b a r u I mpreza 5 - D o o r S port L i m i t e d

2 013 S u b a r u O utbac k 2 . 5 i Premiu m

CVT Transmission, Leather, Moonroof, Premium Sound, Low Miles

Automatic, Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, Low, Low Miles!

Moonroof, Leather, Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Multi-Disc

Keyless Entry. Low Low Miles





VIN: CH239954



VIN: 03234829







'48th AnnuaI

Academy of Country Music Awards' Luke Bryan (leftj and Blake Shelton host the 48th An-

nual Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Toi m Riilley stars iini

"Dia Viiici's Diemens," ,premier~ingF~riday at 10 p.m. on Stariz.

'Ready for Love' Tim Lopez stars in "Ready for Love" Tuesday at 9:01 p.m. on NBC.



'HannibaI' Laurence Fishburne stars in "Hannibal" Thursdays at 1001 p m. on NBC.

• •





ames S ttdoktt Htgh Ft+eS

Howtoettw:Sudokuiedh Fivesconsistsottive reduiarSudokuoridssharindonesetots bv 3boxes. Eachrowcolumnandsetots bv3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 8 without repetition. The numbers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.


7 2 4 3 5 6 8 9 1



G CR0 P U R A S S T A B U C 0 S L N E A DN


E V A N S E N T 0 T 0 C C L U E H A R A R Y A N D I N G S E E K E T 0 I S L L N O O A E N 0

1. In the sack 5. "The — Squad" 8. "Dance Moms" taskmaster 12. Do roadwork 13. Singer DiFranco 14. Region 15. Talent show featuring CeeLo Green: 2 wds. 17. MTV's "The — World" 18. Small key 19. Laura Linney's wYou Can Count Il

20. Nick or Brawley 23. Mr. Moss of "The Bold and the Beautiful" 25. Table spread

26. Actor Dean 28. Baseball Hallof-Famer Roush 31. Take a chair 32. Numbskull 33. Dairy sound 34. Rob Schneider's "The — Chick" 35. 2007 film, "In the Valley of —" 36. "Heavenly" instrument 37. — out, supplemented 39. Singer West 40 2012 film, "— Dark Thirty" 42. Composer Bernstein 45. Actress — P. Hall 46. He's "The

J 0 G A V I N E N P E R A E R I S 0 S A D A T O A U R V C R A D O N A W S Y E


Guide to the

TV grids

TV Ratings: 'G': Generalaudience 'Y': Young children '7': Childrenover7 '14': Childrenover14 'PG': Parentalguidance 'M': Matureaudience only


Solution to last week's puzzle.

TV Crossword ACROSS

3 9 1 6 5 8 9 4 7 1 8 2 4 3 2 5 6 7

Bachelor": 2 wds. 50. Medicine bottle 51. Actress MacGraw 52. Do as directed 53. Mrs. John Bates on wDownton Abbey" 54. Soup container 55. 1993's "Sargasso Sea"

DOWN 1. To the point 2. "What nonsense!" 3. Ms. Plumb of "The Brady Bunch" 4. Actor Danny 5. Meg Ryan's "You've Got —" 6. A single time

7. Actress Marlene 8. Script writer Sorkin 9. "Private Practice" actress Amy 10. "— me up, Scotty! w 11. Ivy League member 16. Sugar suffix 20. Snack 21. Medley 22. Comedian David 24. Individual 26. Like Wisteria Lane, e.g.: hyph. 27. Ms. Gasteyer 29. Small boat 30. Foolish person 32. Actor Billy — Williams

36. 1930s actress Jean 38. Aussie animal 39. Actor Watanabe 40. Israeli/ American agent w on uNCIS

41. Fox sportscaster Andrews 43. Ms. Rochon 44. Primary 47. Part of a geisha's attire 48. Tie the knot 49. Shia LeBeouf's "Eagle —"





















39 42


































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THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013


c II





Good Morning America (N) «


Today Spring shoppiweek ng; in review. (N)n cc







(5:00) CBSThis Morning: Saturday Doodlebops (El) Doodlebops (El) Busytown Myster Busytown Myster 'Y' cc (CBS) C icadas; the NCAAFinal Four.(N) Y cc ies n (El) 'Y' ies n (El) 'Y' Jack Hanna's WildOcean Mysteries KOHD O O O O Derm Exclusive-Animal Adven- Good Morning America (N) « Forget Surgery! tures With Jeff Corwin (ABC) Countdown Paid Program Awesome Adven. Wild About Ani- Jack Hanna's Into Eco Companyn KFXO IIg IEI @ IEI Paid Program mals 'G' cc (El) 'G' cc (FOX) tures'G' the Wild 'G' Curious George 'Y' Cat in the Hat Super Why! n (El) SciGirls n 'G' cc KOAB ~ gy ~ @ SesameStreetn'Y' «(DVS) 'Y' cc cc(DVS) (PBS) Kno w s a Lot NewsChannel 8 atSunrise at 6:00 NewsChannel 8 at Sunrise at 7:00 AM(N) « LazyTown n (El) KGW 'Y' cc (NBC) AM(N) « High Definition Adventures of Adventures of Sonic X n 'Y7' cc Sonic X n 'Y7' cc KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q No. 1 Selling Kitchen System! Skin in Seconds! Nanoboy Nanoboy (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 B B C Newsnight Washington Asia Insight n Great Decisions Scuffy: World I n side Wash'ton KBNZ

The Celebrity

*A&E 13 28 18 32 Grow Bigger Tomatoes Bucket List










Jack Hanna's Wild OceanMysteries Born to Explore Recipe Rehab (N) Foodfor Thought Sea Rescue(N) 'G' Countdown Wi t h Jeff Corwin The Wild Life 'G' n (El) 'G' «(DVS) The Chica Show Pajanimals (El) 'Y Poppy Cat(N) Justin Time (El) 'Y' LazyTown n (El) Noodle and Portable Cook- Paid Program

KATU News This Morning - Sat (N) n «

(EI) 'Y'

'Y' cc

Doodle (El) 'Y'

top 'G'

Liberty's Kids n Liberty's Kids n The Best of College Basketball 2013 High School Basketball (El) 'Y7' (El) 'Y7' (N) cc Born to Explore Sea Rescue (N)'G' Recipe Rehab(N) Food for Thought Steel Dreams Cars.TV n 'PG' « 'G' cc The Wild Life 'G' «(DVS) n (El ) 'G' Teen Kids News Paid Program Cook with No Shaun T's Insan. Shark Vacuums Cindy Crawford's ity 'G' (N) 'G' cc Flame 'G' Cyberchase n 'Y' Fetch! With Ruff The Victory Gar P. Allen Smith's Sewing With Sew It Aff n 'G' « cc(DVS) Ruff man 'Y' den Edible 'G' Garden Home Nancy 'G' « Poppy Cat (N) Justin Time (El) 'Y' National Heads-UpPoker Championship FromLasVegas. n «

(EI) 'Y' Transformers Prime 'Y7' McLaughlin

Justice League Dragon Ball Z Kai WWESaturday Yu.Gi-Oh! n Yu.Gi-Oh! Zexal 'Y7' cc (N) n 'Y7' cc Unlimited 'Y7' Morning Slamn 'Y7' cc Tru th-Money W e althTrack B i z Kid$ n 'G' A merica Beyond the Color Line

Criminal Minds Akidnapper captures Criminal Minds LuckyCannibalistic se Criminal MindsPenelopeSerial killer Flip This House Petermakesanoffer Flipping Boston Hidden chimneyin a

the wrong twin. n 'PG' cc rialkiller. n 14 cc may targetGarcia. 'PG' cc on a house PG cc single-family home.'PG' cc The Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman 'G' «*** "Chisum"(1970, Western) JohnWayne,Geoffrey Deuel, ForrestTucker. Arancher battles anevil *** "TheCowboys" (1972,Western) 'AMC 10 40 39 land baronin 1870sNew Mexico. « John Wayne. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Big Cat Diary 'G' Big Cat Diary 'G' Last Chance Highway n 'PG' Must Love Cats n 'PG' cc My Cat FromHell Pissed Off! 'PG My Cat FromHell n 'PG' cc My Cat FromHell Cat Fight! 'PG BRAVO 13 4 4 F a shion Queens The KandiFactory The Real Housewives of Atlanta Tabatha TakesOver'14 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' T h e Millionaire Matchmaker '14 CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Social Hour n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Get Sub D Cin d y CrawfordNew Keurig To t al Gym Pai d Program L i tlGiant ShaunT's O ctaspringMa. Kitchen Insanity Workout Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN 55 38 35 48 Sat. Morning Y o u r Bottom CNN SaturdayMorning (N) CNN Newsroom(N) Your Money(N) CNN Newsroom(N) Henry Rifles Insanity Workout Cindy Crawford * "Superstar" (1999,Comedy)MollyShannon,Wil Ferrell. cc *** ngct Fuzz" (2007,Comedy)SimonPegg, Nick Frost. cc COM 13 53135 47 EasyMeals COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Why I Left GoldmanSachs(N) He n ry Paulson-Secretary (9:05) NewsPolitics and Public Affairs 'DIS 87 43 1439 Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Sofia the First Sofia the First M ickey Mouse Sofia the First Phineas, Ferb Gravity Falls 'Y7 Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie J e ssie n 'G' A.N .T. Farm 'G *DISC 15 21 16 37 HipHopAbsn G e tSubD Paid Program n Say No to Botox! Patient Ed n 'PG' cc Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Overhaulin' MeanAnemul'G' cc O v e rhaulin' A1966 LeMans. n 'G' *E! 13 25 Sup ersmile Cin dy Crawford** "Mean Girls 2" (2011)MeaghanMartin, MaiaraWalsh. '14 Fashion Police '14' E! News(N) Playing With Fire '14 ESPN 21 23 22 23 SportsCenter cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « High School Basketball National Invitational, Final (N) S p ortsCenter ESPN2 22 24 21 24 EnglishPremierLeagueSoccer NFL Live « Girls High School Basketball SportsCenter WTA Tennis FamilyCircle Cup,Semifinal FromCharleston, S.C. (N) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:30)30for30 cc 30 for 30 cc 30for30 cc The Fab Five cc 30 for 30 H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Li t e Ex. Spor t sCenter « ESPNN 24 63 124203 Interruption NB A Tonight H-Lite Ex. SportsCenter ©c ** "Legend oftheGuardians: TheOwlsof Ga'Hoo/e" (2010) *** "TheMummy"(1999) BrendanFraser FAM 67 29 19 41 Insanity! Cindy Crawford ** "Garfield: ATailof TwoKitties" (2006 FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00)FOXandFriendsSaturday Buffs andBears Cavuto/Business Forbes on FOX Cashin'In (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Journal Editorial FOX News *FOOD 17 62 98 44 PaidProgram Say No to Botox! Barbecue Addi. Guy's Big Bite Best- Made B'foot Contessa Giada at Home Best Thing Ate Best Dishes Best Dishes Pioneer Wo Trisha's Sou FX 131 TRIA Insanity Workout How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men HGTV 17 49 33 43 Cindy Crawford Sexy Abs 'G' Disaster DIY 'G' Leave-Bryan Property Bro Property Bro Elbow Room'G' Elbow Room'G' Bath Crashers Yard Crashers Yard Crashers Kitchen Crash. *HIST 15 42 41 36 HealthForum Fat Loss Modern Marvels Dynamite'PG' Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration LIFE 13 39 20 31 Supersmile Hip Hop Abs Montel Williams Total Gym Muffin Top? 'G' Paid Program Dancer's Body Dr. 0 says Yes! Zumba Fit WEN Hair Care Army Wives HearthandHome'PG' MSNBC 59 59128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) MSNBCLive (N) MTV 192 22 38 57 TrueLifen Teen Mom 2 n 'PG' Teen Mom 2Don't BeCruel 'PG' Awkward. '14' A wkward. '14' A w kward. '14' A w kward. '14 Awkward. '14' A wkward. '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 Peter Rabbit'Y' Peter Rabbit'Y' Odd Par ents Odd Parents SpongeBob SpongeBob Spongegob S p ongeBob Sp ongeBob Sp ongeBob TeenageMut. Monsters, Alien Dr. Phil n 'PG' « Dr. Phil Liars andconartists. 'PG' Home MadeSimple (N) 'G' cc Solved Poisonedby Loven '14 Solved LostDecades n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Dr. Phil n 'PG' cc PAC12 47 310310310 College Basketball: Pac-12Tournament College Basketball: Pac-12Tournament College Basketball: Pac-12Tournament Women's Soccer 12 Best: Socc. Wm. Lacrosse SPIKE 132 31 34 46 TapouT XT Say No to Pain Paid Programn CleanHome Hip Hop Absn WEN Hair Care Xtreme 4x4 'G Horsepower TV Trucks! (N) 'G MuscleCar 'G' Ways to Die Fir sBlood t n * "The HillsHaveEyes2" (2007) Michael McMilian SYFY 13 35133 45 No Defrosting Montel Williams Paid Program Shaun T's Paid Program Paid Program Total Blackout Robot Combat LeagueKicking Bot TBN 205 60 130 The Lads TV (El) Auto B. Good 'G Come onOver Mary.Hopkins Lassie 'G' cc V e ggieTales 'Y' 3-2.1 Penguins! God Rocks! 'Y Monstertruck Davey 8 Goliath Ishine Knect 'G Insp. Station ** "Head of State Married... With Married... With MyNamels Earln My Name Is Earl n Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry's MeetAre WeThereYet? According to Jim Rules of Engage The King of The King of 'TBS 'PG' n 'PG Children n 'PG '14' cc '14' cc House of Payne the Browns The Truck 'PG' ment '14' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG (2003) *** "TheLittle Shopoi Horrors" (1960) (7:45) ** "TheCaseof the Black Cat" (1936, Mystery) Ri- *** "Beneaththe Planetoithe Apes"(1970) JamesFranciscus, KimHunter An *** "TheWesterner" (1940)GaryCooTCM 101 44 101 29 of Annabel" JonathanHaze. cardo Cortez,JuneTravis, Jane Bryan. astronaut finds asociety that worshipstheatomic bomb. per, Walter Brennan. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 MontelWiffiams CleanHome F a t Loss TRIA Insanity Workout Pretty Women Property Ladder n 'G' e«s Property Ladder n 'G' « Property Ladder n 'G' « Law & Order CanIGet a Witness? A Law & Order HandsFree Bodyparts in Law & Order Evil Breeds Victim testifies Law & OrderNowhereManA prosecu Dallas Let MeIn A conspiracy emerges. Monday Mornings SungandTina dis*TNT 17 26 15 27 witness to murder is '14' cc tor's death. '14' «(DVS) killed. '14' trash piles. n '14' against a warcriminal. n '14' agree. '14' « *TOON 84 Looney Tunes LooneyTunes Scan2Go (N)'Y7' Johnny Test'Y7' Beyblade:Metal Pokemon:BW Ben 10 NinjaGo: Mstrs Green Lantern Young Justice Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Gardening Hair Restoration When Vacations Attack 'PG' « Mys t eries at the Museum 'PG Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Bourdain: No Reservations Bourdain: No Reservations TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheGoldenGirls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Forever Young 'PG' cc The CosbyShow The Cosby Show ** "Quantum ofSolace" (2008) USA 15 30 23 30 FatLoss Paid Program Paid Program Shaun T's Fat Loss Say No to Botox! * "Resident Evil: After/ife" (2010) Milla Jovovich, Ali Laiter. « VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG Jump Start n 'PG Live FromDaryl's House n 'PG' T o p 20 Video Countdown (N)'PG' Top 20 Video Countdown (N) 'PG' Wicked Single Pahty Hahdah'14 ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

*** "Moneyba/I"2011, DramaBradPitt, Jonah Hill. n 'PG-13' « Scent-Woman (9:45) ** "XXX:State o/the Union" 2005Ice Cube. n 'PG-13' « 104204104120 ** "The Barbarian and the Geisha"1956 John Wayne.'NR'« (7:50) ** "Satan NeverSleeps" 1962Wiliam Holden. 'NR' « (9:58) ** "TheB/ack Rose"1950, AdventureTyronePower. 'NR' « 106 401 306401(5:40) ** "Cars 2"2011Voices of OwenWilson. 'G

34 (4:00) UFC:Baraovs. McDonald U FC: Silva vs. StannWanderlei Silvavs. BrianStann; Mark Huntvs. StefanStruve. FromSaitama, Japan UFC Prefight Show(N)(Live) UFC: Latifi vs. Mousasi (N)(Live) 28 301 27 301 Morning Drive PGA TourGolf ValeroTexasOpen,SecondRound Golf Central PGA TourGolf ValeroTexas Open,Third Round(N)(Live) HALL 66 33 175 33 I Love Lucy'G ILoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy'G I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls "Accidentallyin Love" (2010)'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 Saving Private ** "Gleethe 3DConcert Movie" 2011 'PG' cc ** "Rock oiAges" 2012,MusicalJulianneHough. n 'PG-13' cc Fall lo Grace" 2013 n 'NR' cc ** "MeettheFockers" 2004 n IFC 10 1 0 5 Th ree Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Out There '14 (10:15) **"TheCableGuy"1996, ComedyJim Carrey. 'PG-13 ** "TheOut-oi-Towners" 1999Steve Martin. cc ** "Spawn"1997 John Leguizamo.'PG-13' cc MAX 400508 508 (6:15) **"TheBig Year"2011, ComedySteve Martin. n'PG' cc (11:10) "What's YourNumber?"'R' NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Bill Dance Bass 2 Bifffish Saltwater Fish Hunt/Big Fish Saltwater Exp. Into the Blue 'G Charlie Moore North to Alaska Good Fishing S k iing FS Nationals Red Buff Series Wicked Tuna '14 NGC 157 157 A l aska State Troopers '14' Wicked TunaMeltdown'14' Mudcats MidnightMonsters'14' Mudcats LooseCannon'14 Mudcats CannibalCatfish '14' NTOON 89 115189115 Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy OUTD 37 307 43 307 Zona's Show P e nn's Big Buccaneers Velvick's Eyes Spanish Fly H o o k.N-Look Gold Fever Alaskan Alaska Outdoors Major LeagueFishing ** "Elizabeth:TheGolden Age" 2007 Cate Blanchett. 'PG-13' SHO 500 500 (6:05) *** «Source Code"2011JakeGyllenhaal (7:45) ** "Valkyrie" 2008,Historical DramaTomCruise, Bill Nighy. n 'PG-13' « SPEED 35 303125 303 Gearz Hot Rod TV'PG' Hot Rod TV (N) Guys Garage Barrett-JacksonAutomobile Auction (N)(Live)'PG NCWTS Setup NASCAR Racing ***"The AmazingSpider-Man"2012, ActionAndrewGarfield. n 'PG-13' ss STARZ 300 408 300408 (5 30) ** "John Carter" 2012Taylor Kitsch. 'PG13 (7:45) *** "HopeSprings" 2012Meryl Streep. n 'PG-13' « ** "Good" 2008ViggoMortensen. n 'R' « ** "WildTarget"2010 'PG-13' TMC 525 525 (5:30) ** "TheManWhoWasn'tThere"2001'R (9:10) * "Legendary" 2010,DramaPatricia Clarkson. n 'PG-13' « *WE 14 41 174118 Muffin Top? 'G' Tummy Tuck *** "Working Girl" 1988,Romance-ComedyMelanie Griffith, Harrison Ford. 'R * * * "S ig"1988, Fantasy Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia. 'PG'


THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine










Food Lovers 'G' Transform into a ESPN Sports Saturday (N) Dancer's Body (ABC) KTVZ @ @ ~ @ PGA Tour Golf ValeroTexasOpen,Third RoundFromSanAntonio. (N) n (Live) cc




l l





Splash Celebrities pair upfor partner Cash Cab n

C a sh Cab n KA T U News at 5 ABC World News 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc dives n PG « (N)n cc National Heads-UpPoker Championship FromLasVegas. n cc Extra(N) n PG cc


2013 NCAABasketball Tournament WichitaState vs. Louisville First semifinal. FromAtlanta. (N) (Live) 2013NCAATourCC nament Today's Hom- KEZI 9 Newsat ABC World News Splash Celebrities pair upfor partner Sports Stars of KOHD dives n PG « Tomorrow 'Y7' eowner (ABC) 5:00 (N) « (N) MLB Baseball St. LouisCardinals at SanFrancisco Giants FromAT&T Park in San Francisco.(N) n (Live) cc Portable Cook- Free MoneyNow CSE Miami SimpleManInnocent man KFXO Ijg IEI @ IEI MLB PlayerPoll n MLB Pregame 'Q' cc top 'G' (FOX) (El) cc stands trial for murder. 'PG' Rough CutHometime (N) Ask This Old This Old House n The Lawrence KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Fons & Porter's Quilting Arts n Simply Ming n America's Test Sara's Weeknight MotorWeek(N) n Woodwright's 'Q' cc 'Q' cc 'Q' cc 'Q' cc 'Q' cc Kitchen Shop n 'G' Welk Show 'G' (PBS) Love of Quilting Meals 'G' Woodworking House 'G' cc PGA TourGolf ValeroTexasOpen,Third RoundFromSanAntonio. (N) n (Live) « Paid Program Noodle and T h e Chica Show Pajanimals (El) 'Y NewsChannel 8at NewsChannel8at KGW Doodle (El) 'Y' (N) (El) 'Y' (NBC) 5PM (N) « 5:3 0 PM (N) Tyler Perry's T y ler Perry's Tyler Perry's Meet Tyler Perry's Meet * "Beverly HillsNinja" (1997,Comedy)Chris Farley, Nicollette Sheridan.Anun KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q ChatRoomn(El) OntheSPotn(El) Star Wars: TheClone Wars'PG' 'Q' cc 'Q' cc House of Payne House of Payne the Browns the Browns ga i nly martial artist follows counterfei a ter's trail. « (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 A m eriCa BeyOnd the COIOrLine W i l d! n 'G' cc (DVS) Battle for the Elephants 'PG' « Inside Nature's Giants Camel '14' R i chard Essential Pepin Cooking Class KBNZ


NCAA Fandemo Human Highlight The Final Four Show Apreview of the NCAAbasketball tournament semifinals, nium from Atlanta. (N) « Reel (N) cc gy g) Best Sex Ever'PG Paid Program ESPNSports Saturday (N)


OutofTi me"(2003,Suspense)DenzelWashington,EvaMendes,Sanaa


(3:15) *** "Signs" (2002,Suspense)Mel Gibson,Joaquin Phoenix, CherryJones. Premiere. Awid- Storage Wars New

3 28 1 8 32 Flipping Helcc pful Daveputs ahot ** York 'PG' listing onBoston hold. 'PG' Lathan. Apolice chief is accusedof setting a deadly arson. cc ower investigateshugecircles in his crop fields. cc (11:00) *** "TheCowboys" (1972, Western)JohnWayne, RoscoeLeeBrowne *** NRio Bravo"(1959,Western) JohnWayne, DeanMartin, Ricky Nelson.Sheriff anddeputies try tc hold rancher's brother ***"The ShawshankRedemption 'AMC Bruce Dern.Ranchertakesschoolboys oncattle drive. « in jail. Oc (1994) TimRobbins. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 MyCatFromHeff Bitten'PG'cc My Cat FromHell n 'PG' cc My Cat FromHell n 'PG' cc My Cat FromHell Cat Fight! 'PG My Cat FromHell CatEscape!'PG' My Cat From Hell Kitty Jail n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14 LA Shrinks Under MySkin '14 Real Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Housewives/OC Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' « ** "MissCongeniality" (2000)SandraBullock. n CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot 20Countdown (N) n 'PG' cc CNBC 54 36 40 52 Paid Program Insanity Workout Get Sub D Co o ktop WEN Hair Care Paid Program Paid Program Insanity Workout The CarChasers Treasure Detectives CNN 55 38 35 48 CNNAI Access CNN Newsroom Sanjay Gupta CNN Newsroom(N) The Situation Room CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Presents 'PG' « ** "TheGirl Next Door" (2004, RomanceComedy)EmileHirsch, ElishaCuthbert. cc There's-Mary COM 13 53135 47 Futurama'PG' Futurama n '14 ** "ScaryMovie4" (2006,Comedy)AnnaFaris, Craig Bierko. « COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 NewsPolitics EBay CEO John Donahoe (N) (1:35) Electronic PrivacyAct (N) Communicators First Ladies: Influence &Image Women 'DIS 87 43 14 39 A.N.T.Farm'G A.N.T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Gravity Falls 'Y7' Gravity Falls 'Y7 Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie G o od-Charlie D o g With a Blog *DISC 15 21 16 37 The DeVilSRide WarCrimeS'14' T h e DeVilS Ride Enemy Within '14' Weed COuntry n '14' cc Weed Country n '14' cc Weed Country HarvestHell n '14' P o t Cops Cartel Threat '14' cc *E! 13 25 The Soup Soup Awards '14 Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim TakeMiami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeGameDayFrcmAtlanta. (N) (Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « NBA Basketball Philadelphia76ers atMiami Heat(N) ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball State FarmSlamDunk &3-Point Championship High School Basketball Cheerleading From Orlando, Fla . C h eerleading FromOrlando, Fla NHRADrag Racing ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (11:00)30for30 30 for 30 Push: MadisonVersusMadison" (2010, Documentary) « Gunnin' forThatNo. 1 Spot" « ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N) SportsNation S portsCenter S portsCenter (N) SportsCenter (N)(Live) « N ** "Batman Forever" (1995,Action) Val Kilmer,TommyLeeJones, Jim Carrey * "Batman &Robin" (1997, Action) Arnold Schwarzenegger,GeorgeClconey FAM 67 29 19 41 (10:30) *** The Mummy FNC 57 61 36 50 Stossel America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) FOX Report (N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Chopped'G' Cupcake Wars Restaurant: Impossible Rebel Eats 'G Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Worst Cooks in America ** "Tron: Legacy" (2010,ScienceFiction) JeffBridges, Garrett Hedlund,OliviaWilde *** "TheOther Guys" (2010,Comedy)Wil Ferrell, MarkWahlberg, Eva Mendes FX 131 Knight andDay HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Crashers House Crashers Love It or List It 'G' « IWantThat G « Outrageous Backyards'G' « Outrageous Rys 'G' « Outrageous Rooms 'Q' cc *HIST 15 42 41 36 Restoration Co u nting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars *** "TakeninBroadDaylight" (2009)JamesVanDer Beek. '14 *** "Criesinthe Dark"(2006, Suspense)EvaLa Rue. '14' « LIFE 13 39 20 31 ** "Still Small Voices" (2007, Suspense)Catherine Bell. '14' « N

MSNBC 59 59 128 51 (11:00) MSNBC Live (N) Caught on CameraHoarding Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera MTV 192 22 38 57 TeenMom2n'PG Teen Mom 2Don't BeCruel 'PG' The Real World n '14' « Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob R o cket Monkeys Power Rangers SpongeBob Odd Parents O d d Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents Victorious n 'G' cc iCarly n G « Solved Truth in Shadows'14' « Solved Life andDeath '14' cc SolvedNo WayOutn '14'« Solved Betrayal n '14' cc OWN 161 103 31 103Solved GonebutNct Forgotten '14' Solved Grandparents slain. n '14 PAC12 47 310310310(11:30) Women'sCollegeLacrosseUSCat Oregon Th e 12 Best College Softball ArizonaState at Stanford Game1of doubleheader. (N) The12 Best C o l lege Softball zona Ari State atStanford(N)(Live) ** "TheExpendables" (2010,Action) Sylvester Stallone, JasonStatham,Jet Li. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (11:21) *** "First Blood" (1982,Action) n Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters *** "Dawno/ theDead" (2004, Horror) SarahPolley, Ving Rhames,JakeWeber SYFY 13 35133 45 Hi//s-Eyes2 30 Days o/Night:DarkDays" (2010)Kiele Sanchez,DioraBaird. « Underworld:Riseo/ the Lycans TBN 205 60130 Paws & Tal Chr. World News Praise the Lord 'Y' « In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley es Heroes &LegendsofBible Gaither: Precious Memories 'TBS




(11:30) ** "Head o/State"(2003) ChrisRock. Analderman ** "Paul B/arf: Mall Cop"(2009,Comedy)Kevin James. Asecurityofficercon- Everybody Loves Friends n'PG' cc Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n (Part1 Friends n (Part 2 becomes apresidential candidate. « fronts badguys at a suburbanNewJersey mall. «(DVS) Raymond of 2) '14' cc of 2) '14' cc N (11:00) *** "The (12:45) ** Big Jake"(1971,Western)JohnWayne, Richard Boone. Anestranged (2:45) *** "For a FewDollars More"(1965, Western)Clint Eastwood,LeeVanCleef, GianMaria Volo **** "Lawrence o/Arabia" (1962) Westerner" fat her returns tohis findkidnappedgrandson. « nte. Twogunmenform an uneasyalliance tc huntdownan outlaw. « Peter O'Toole. « 17 34 32 34 My First Home My First Home Lottery Changed My Life n 'PG' L o t tery ChangedLife Myn 'PG' L o t tery Changed Life Myn 'PG' L o t tery Changed Life Myn 'PG Lottery Changed MyLife n 'PG' Sout a d ydia andRubeninvestigate Boston's Finest An officerworks with *** "TheLord cftheRings:TheFellowship o/the Ring" (2001,Fantasy)Elijah Wood, lan McKellen, LivTyler. Creatures unite to destroy a pow- (545) "Clasho/the Tifans" a murder. n '14' « the SWATteam. '14' « erful ring anddefeat a lord. «(DVS) 84 Johnny Test 'Y7' Johnny Test 'Y7 JohnnyTest'Y7' Wrld,Gumbaff Wrld,Gumbaff Wrld,Gumbaff MAD 'PG' Incredible Crew Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time Regular Show 17 51 45 42Manv.Food'G' Manv.Food'G Man vFood Man v Food Feed the Beast Feed theBeast Vegas Strip Ma g ic Man 'PG' Amazing Waterfront Homes 'G ' Ov e rboard Boats 'G' « 65 47 29 35 TheCosbyShow TheCosbyShow The CosbyShow The Cosby Show Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' 15 30 23 30 (11:00) **"Quantumo/So/ace NCIS JackKnife n 'PG' cc NCIS Guilty Pleasure n '14' « NCIS Obsession n 'PG' « NCIS n '14' cc NCIS Defiance n 'PG' cc N * B/ack Sheep" 191 48 37 54 ** "Austin Powersin Go/dmember" (2002,Comedy) Mike Myers. n (1996, Comedy)Chris Farley, DavidSpade. n SNL RemembersChris Farley Sat u rday Night Live n '14' cc

N Al Pacino. n 'R' « (2:10) *"TheSonof NoOne" 2011Channing Tatum.'R' « (3:50) *** Sea o/Love"1989, Suspense * "The One" 2001, Acti o n Jet Li, Carla Gugi n o. ' P G-13' « ** "Kiss ofthe Dragon"2001, Action JetLi, Bridget Fonda.'R' « 104204104120 **"Twin Dragons"1991, Comedy Jackie Chan.'PG-13' « 34 (11:00) UFC:Latifi vs. Mousasi (N) (Live) UFC Post Fight Show(N)(Live) U F C Prefight Show UFC: Latifi vs. Mousasi 28 301 27 301 TheHaneyProject Golf Central Pregame (N) (Live) L P GA Tour Golf Kraft Nabi Champi sco onship, Third RoundFromRancho Mirage, Calif. (N) (Live) ** "A Kiss afMidnight" (2008) Faith Ford, CameronOaddo. 'PG' « *** "Wild Hearts" (2006,Drama) Richard Thomas. 'PG' « HALL 66 33 175 33 (11:00) "Accidentallyin Love" 'PG' AlwaysandForever" (2009)'PG' HBO 425501 425501(11:00) ** "MeettheFockers" Patti LuPone * ** "T he Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" 2011 JudiDench. n 'PG-13 (3:45) ** "Rockoi Ages" 2012,Musical Julianne Hough,Diego Boneta. n 'PG-13' « IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (12:15) ** "Clashofthe Tifans"1981, FantasyHarryHamlin. Premiere. 'PG (2:45) ** "Transporter 3" 2008,ActionJasonStatham,Natalya Rudakova. 'PG-13 0 Brother, Where Aif Thou? "Stash House" 2012DolphLundgren. 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 (11:10) "What's YourNumber?" 'R' (2:40) ** "TheEagle" 2011,Action ChanningTatum. n 'PG-13' cc (4:35) *** "Chronicle" 201Dane 2 DeHaan. cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (11:30) RedBuff Signature Series 'PG The Grid 'G IndyCar Racing Horse RacingWoodMemorial 8 SantaAnita Derby MLS Soccer Real Salt Lake at ColoradoRapids (N) Alaska StateTroopers '14 Alaska StateTroopers '14 NGC 157 15 7 M u dcats Turf War '14 Mudcats '14' Mudcats DeadMan's Cover'14' Mudcats GutsandGlory '14 NTOON 89 115189115 NFLRushZone NFL Rush Zone Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Alien Dawn 'PG' Alien Dawn 'PG' Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Power Rangers Avatar: Air. OUTD 37 30743 307FishingUniv. Lindners Fi sh. Hook-N-Look Trevor Gowdy The Bassmasters ClassicOay1 Outdoors Flyrod Buccaneers H u nter Journal Outdoors Steve's Outdoor N N SHO 500 500 InsideComedy *** "Eternal Sunshine c/the Spotless Mind"2004Jim Carrey. 'R *** 50/50 'R' (11:55)* Bio-Doms 1996PaulyShore.n'PG-13' (3:55) *** "Source Code"2011Jake Gyllenhaal SPEED 35 303125303 NASCARRacing Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction From the SouthFlorida ExpoCenter in PalmBeach, Florida. (N)(Live) 'PG AMA Supercross N N STARZ 300 408 300408 (11:50) *** "KillBill: Voi. 1 2003, ActionUmaThurman. n 'R' « (1:50) ** "John Carter" 2012Taylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' « (4:10) ** Spy Kids 3:GameOver" 2003'PG' sc s HopeSpringsn N N N TMC 525 52 5 * * Wi/d Target (12:40) Summer's Moon"2009Ashley Greene. 'R' (2:15) "Saint John ofLasVegas" 2009 n 'R' « (3:40) ** Sy/via 2003 GwynethPaltrow. Premiere. n 'R' « ** Fighfviiie *WE 14 41 174118 Brideziffas WhereAre They Now? Brideziffas Where Are The Best of Brideziffas 2 The Best of Brideziffas 3 '14 Bridezillas Attack of the Momziffas Brideziffas BiggestMeltdowns'14


106401 306401(11:30) *** "Scent of aWoman"1992, DramaAl Pacino. n 'R' «

TV • PAGE 5 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Biack Butte (Digital); PM-Prineviiie/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013



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KATU Newsat 6 Paid Program Jeopardy! 'G' «WheelofFortune The Middle'PG' «HowtoLiveWith 20/20"General Hospital" cast interviews. 20/20WeddingConfidential Wedding KATU Newsat11 Castle The Dead 'Q' cc Your Parents trends; weddingmishaps. n Pool 'PG' « (ABC) (N) n cc (DVS) (N) n cc (N)n cc BlindAuditions, Part4 Smash TheSurprise Party Tomplans a Saturday Night Live Bruno Mars hosts NewsChannel 21 (11:29) Saturday KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel21NBCNightly News Jeopardy! 'G' cc Wheelof Fortune The Voice The 'Q' cc (NBC) at 6 (N) cc (N) cc Aud>tionscontmue. n PG « surprise forIvy. (N) n '14' and performs. n 14 « at11 (N) « Nig h t Live '14' (5:30) 2013NCAABasketball Tournament Michigan vs. SyracuseSecondsemifi- Burn Notice A mysteriouswoman's New Adventures New Adventures Baggage '14' «Baggage '14' « KOIN Local 6at11 (11:35) Baggagen KBNZ '14' cc nal. FromAtlanta. (N)(Live) cc kidnappedson. 'PG' cc (CBS) of Old Christine of Old Christine (N) cc The Middle 'PG' «How to Live With 20/20"GeneralHospital" cast interviews. 20/20WeddingConfidential Wedding KEZI 9 Newsat Paid Program KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment Tonight TheMichael Your Parents (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Jacksondeath trial. (N) n « (DVS) (N) n cc trends; weddingmishaps. n 11:00 cc Hell's Kitchen A slotmachinedeter The Following Claire adjusts to life at News Channel 21 Two and aHalf KFXO III IE} IEI IE) BonesPlayerUnderPressureAcollege Criminal MindsMasterpieceSolving a Cops Street Patrol Cops n (PA) 'PQ' cc No. 3 'PG' (FOX) basketball playerdies. '14' murder in reverse. n '14' « the mansion. '14' «(DVS) First on FOX M en '14' cc mines ingredients. '14' KOAB ~ gy ~ gy (5:30)TheLaw- LastoftheSum Art Wolfe's Trav- Rick Steves' Eu- Globe Trekker EasternCanada n 'PG As Time Goes By As Time Goes By New Tricks Tiger, TigerCaseof a zoo Masterpiece Mystery! A reunionends 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc cc(DVS) with a student's murder. 'PG' (PBS) rence WelkShow mer Wine n 'G' els to the Edge rope 'G' cc keeper who wasfound dead. NBC Nightly News Straight Talk Inside Edition Grants Getaways The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 4 Smash TheSurprise Party Tomplans a Saturday Night Live Bruno Mars hosts NewsChannel 8 at (11:29)Saturday KGW 'PG' Weekend 'PG' Night Live '14' (NBC) (N) cc Auditions continue. n 'PG' « surprise forIvy. (N) n '14' and performs. n 14 « 11(N) cc KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ ** "Kickboxer" (1989,Adventure)Jean-ClaudeVanDamme,Dennis Alexio. A Cheaters Josh's wife's childlike behav Cops n '14' cc Cops Coast to That '70s Show n That '70s Show n TheJeremy KyleShow Sistersaccuse '14' « '14' cc kickbcxer swearsvengeanceafter his brother is crippled. « ior. n '14' cc Coast '14' « mother of child abuse.'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 A u drey Hepburn Remembered 'PG' Music Makers Underground X e rox Rochester Intl. Jazz FestivalAustin City Limits BonIver n 'PG' * * * "Kansas City Confidential" (1952) JohnPayne, Coleen Gray. KATU

Storage Wars «Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars (11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage 3 28 1 8 32 Storage Storage Wars New 'PG' Storage cc Wars York 'PG'WarsNew York 'PG' Texas 'PG' Tex as 'PG' Texas'PG' Texas 'PG' T exas 'PG' T exas 'PG' W a rs Texas 'PG' WarsTexas'PG' 4, Dr ama) Ti m Ro b b i n s , Mo r g a n F r e e man , B ob Gu n t on . An i n n o c e n t man g o e s t o a (11:06)*** "TheShawshankRedemp (5:00) *** "TheShawshankRedemption" (1994,Drama)Tim Robbins. Aninno- *** "TheShawshankRedemption" (199 'AMC lion" (1994)Tim Robbins. cent mangoesto aMainepenitentiary for life in 1947. « Maine penitentiary for life in 1947. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 MyCatFromHelln'PG'cc My Cat FromHell n 'PG My Cat FromHell (N) n 'PG My Cat FromHell: Scratch Tracks My Cat FromHell n 'PG' My Cat FromHell: Scratch Tracks *** "BadBoys" (1995,Action) BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta ** "Ace Ventura:Pel Detective" (1994, Comedy)Jim Carrey. n « CMT 190 32 42 53 (4:30) ** "MissCongeniality" n My Big RedneckVacation (N) 'PG' After Show S w amp Pawn Crawmageddon 'PG' Swamp Pawn n CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheSuzeOrmanShow(N) « The CarChasers Treasure Detectives The SuzeOrmanShow « The CarChasers Insanity Workout Battle Hair Loss CNN 55 38 3548 MichaelJackson-The FinalDays CNN Newsroom CNN Presents 'PG' « Michael Jackson-The FinalDays CNN Newsroom CNN Presents 'PG' « * "Mr. Deeds" (2002, Comedy)AdamSandler, WinonaRyder. cc Jeff Dunham:Controlled Chaos '14' cc COM 13 53 135 47 (5:30) ** "There'sSomethingAbout Mary" (1998)CameronDiaz Gabriel Iglesias COTV 11 Talk of the Town Local issues. Des e rt Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW TheYoga Show The Yoga Show Talk oftheTownLocalissues. CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Women (6:45) RefugeeEmergencies(N) Weekly Ad Women in Politics (10:15) RefugeeEmergencies i 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin&Ally'G' AustinlAllyn A.N.T. Farm 'G' Jessie 'G' « Wizards Return:A/ex Gravity Falls 'Y7' Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G *DISC 15 21 16 37 FastN'Loudn'14'cc Fast N' Loud Far-OutFairlane '14' F ast N' Loud n '14' cc Fast N' Loud Trials of aT-Bird '14' Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Fast N' LoudTrials of aT-Bird '14' *E! *** "Pride& Prejudice" (2005, Drama)Keira Knightley, MatthewMacFadyen. 13 25 Kou r tney and Kim Take Miami'14' E! News Fashion Police '14' The Soup '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 NBABasketball:76ersatHeat SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 NHRADragRacing Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « QB Camp QBCamp Base ball Tonight (N) (Livsc se) c NBA Tonight (N) College Basketball **** "Hoop Dreams"(1994)Wiliam Gates. Profiles twoChicago NBAhopefuls fromage14 to18. « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 "Gunnin' forThat No. 1 Spot" « 30 for 30 H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « ** "Batman Returns" (1992)Michael Keaton.The Catwomanand thePenguin join forces against Batman. FAM 67 29 19 41 ***"Batman"(1989,Action) JackNicholson. TheCapedCrusadervowstoridGothamCityoftheJoker FNC 57 61 36 50 JuetiCeWithJudgeJeanine(N) Ge r aldOatLargen'PG'cc Journal Editorial FOX News Justice With JudgeJeanine Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Red Eye *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Chopped'G Chopped 'G Chopped'G' Chopped'G' Chopped 'G Iron Chef America **"TheProposal"(2009,Romance-Comedy)SandraBullock,RyanReynolds. ** "The Proposal(2009) " SandraBullock. FX 131 (5:30) ** "Knight andDay"(2010, Action) TomCruise, CameronDiaz. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I H ou s e Hunters Renovation 'G' Love It or List It Jim &Connie 'G ' L o ve It or List It 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 Counting Cars Counting Cars Vikings Rites of Passage'14' cc Vikings Wrath ofthe Northmen'14' Vikings Dispossessed '14' « Vikings Trial'14' cc (11:02) Vikings Raid '14' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 "A Mother'sNightmare"(2012, Suspense)Annabeth Gish. '14' « "AMother'sRags" (2013)Lori Loughlin, Kristen Dalton. Premiere. « Taken Back:FindingHa/sy" (2012)Moira Kelly, DavidCubitt. « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Lockup Inside KernValley Lockup(N) Lockup Lockup InsideAlaska Lockup Inside Indiana LockupInsideHolman CrimeDrama) MarkWahlberg, TyreseGibson. Premiere.n kass:TheMovie"(2002,Comedy)JohnnyKnoxville.n « MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness ** "Four Brothers" (2005, Jackass n 'MA ** "Jac NICK 82 46 2440 Monsters,Ali en SpongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob M a rvin Marvin Wendell-VinnieSupah Ninjas 'G' Wendell-Vinnie TheNanny'PG' TheNanny'PG' Fri endsn 'PG' (11:33) Friends Solved A darksecret. n '14' « Solv ed Written in Bl'o 1od 4' « Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14 Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' S olved Written in Blood '14'acc OWN 161 103 31 103 Solved Sin n '14' cc PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball Women's College G ymnastics Pac-12ChampionshipSession 1. Women's CollegeGymnastics Pac-12ChampionshipSession2 College Softball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Savage Family Savage Family SavageDiggers Savage Diggers ** "Underworld: Evolution" (2006,Horror)KateBeckinsale. « ** "Blade/I" (2002, Horror) SYFY 13 35 133 45 "Underworld:Riseo/ theLycans" Baflledogs" (2013,Horror) DennisHaysbert, Craig Sheffer.Premiere. TBN 205 60 130 Hour of Power cc Billy GrahamClassic Crusades N o t a Fan cc T r avel the RoadThe Trial"(2010, Drama)MatthewModine, Robert Forster Live at OakTree Virtual Memory The King of The King of The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Men atWork'14' Cougar Townn 'TBS 'PQ' cc Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' *** "Sahara"(1943,War)HumphreyBogart, Bruce Bennett, Dan Duryea. Nazi **** "Spine Tingler! The Wiliam Castle (5:00) **** "Lawrence o/Arabia" (1962, Adventure) Peter O' T oole, Alec Gui n ness, Anthony Qui n n. A controversial British TCM 01 44 101 29 officer unites Arabtribes against theTurks. « troops harass anAllied tank crewin the Sahara. « Story" (2007) « *TLC 17 34 32 34 Lottery Changed MyLife n 'PG' D a t e line: Real Life Mysteries '14' D a t eline: Real Life Mysteries '14 Dateline: Real Life Mysteries '14' D a teline: Real Life Mysteries '14 Dateline: Real Life Mysteries '14 (5:45) ** "Clashol theTitans" (2010) SamWorthington, Liam Neeson. Perseus, *** "300" (2007,Action) GerardButler, Lena Headey,DavidWenham.Badly outnumberedSpartan *** "I Am Legend" (2007) Will Smith. Bloodthirsty plague *TNT son of Zeus,embarksona dangerous journey. «(DVS) warriors battle thePersian army. «(DVS) victims surround alonesurvivor. «(DVS) *TOON 84 Regular Show Regular Show * * * "Madagascar" (2005)Voices of BenStiler, Chris Rock Venture Bros. Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14' Cleveland Show Black Dynamite The Boondocks *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Hotellmpossible'PG' « Hotel Impossible 'PG' « Mysteries at the Museum'PG' Mysteries at the Museum'PG' Gho s t Adventures 'PG' « Ghost Adventures 'PG'« Golden Girls 'PG' cc T he Golden GirlsLove-Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland TVLND 65 47 29 35 Roseanne n 'G' The Golden Girls The Golden Girls (7:43) The * "Gonein Sixty Seconds" (2000) USA 15 30 23 30 NCIS KillScreenn'PG' cc NCIS Out ofthe FryingPan... 'PG' NCIS Tell-All n 'PG' «(DVS) NCIS Two-Facedn 'PG' NCIS Sins ofthe Father n 'PG' VH1 191 48 37 54 SaturdayNightLiven'14'cc Mob Wives CrazyLove'14' cc Love & HipHop n '14' Love & HipHop n '14' The Gossip Gamen '14' T.l. and Tiny T . l . and Tiny *A&E

*** "Heat" 1995 AlPacino. Ahomicide detective matcheswits with a cunningadversary. n 'R' « *** "Car/ifo's Way" 1993'R' * "TheOne"2001,Action Jet Li, Carla Gugino.'PG-13' « **"Twin Dragons"1991,ComedyJackieChan.'PG-13'« 104204104120 **"Kisso/the Dragon" 2001, Action Jet Li, Bridget Fonda.'R' « 34 (4:00) UFC:Latifi vs. Mousasi UFC Post Fight Show UFC Prefight Show UFC: Latifi vs. Mousasi Fromthe EricssonGlobeArena in Stockholm, Sweden 28 301 27 301 Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf ValeroTexasOpen, Third Round Golf Central LP GATour Golf Kraft NabiChampi sco onship, Third Round f HALL 66 33175 33 (5:00) "A/waysand Forever"'PG' Howto Fallin Love" (2012)Eric Mabius,BrookeD'Orsay.'G' « "Accidentallyin Love" (2010)Jennie Garth, Ethan Erickson. 'PG' « Straight FromtheHeart" 'G' « *** "Prometheus" 2012 NoomiRapace. Premiere. n 'R' cc HBO 425 501 425501 (5:55) ** "TheChronicles ofRiddick" 2004 Vin Diesel. 'PG-13' cc (10:15) Game of Thrones n 'MA' (11:15) *** "Prometheus" 2012 Arl Thou?" ***"The Perfect Storm"2000, SuspenseGeorgeClooney. 'PG-13 IFC 1 0 10 5 "0 Brother, Where (7:15) *** "ThePerfect Storm"2000GeorgeClooney. Afishing boat sails into the stormof thecentury ** "Kiss the Girls"1997, MysteryMorganFreeman. n 'R' cc ** "DarkShadows"2012 JohnnyDepp. Premiere. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 ** "U-571" 2000MatthewMcConaughey.Premiere. n 'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 MLSSoccer World Series of Fighting 2 Arlovskivs. Johnson. FromAtlantic City, N.J World Series of Fighting 2 Arlovskivs. Johnson. FromAtlantic City, N.J Red Bull Signature Series (N)'PG' Wicked TunaCaptain Carnage '14' Wicked Tuna Meltdown '14 Wicked TunaCaptainCarnage'14' Alaska State Troopers '14 Alaska StateTroopers '14 NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna Meltdown '14' NTOON 89 115189115 Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster NFL Rush Zone NFL Rush Zone Legend-Korra Legend-Korra OUTD 37 307 43 307 Outdoors Trophy Quest Best of West W i ld Skies Hea r tland Bow Your Weapon Ted Nugent Am e rican Archer Ivan Carter Sav age Wild West. Extremes Best of West ** "Man on a Ledge" 2012 SamWorthington. cc SHO 500 500 All Access '14' lan Bagg: Getting to F... KnowYou (5:30) *** "50/50" 2011 n'R (7:15) ** "Faster" 2010,Action DwayneJohnson. n 'R' « SPEED 35 303125303(5:30) AMASupercross Racing HoustonFromReliant Stadium,Houston, Texas. (N)(Live) NASCARRacing Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction 'PG' ** "TotalReca/I" 2012Colin Farrell. Premiere. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300 408300408 (5:35) *** "HopeSprings" 2012Meryl Streep. n (7:20) *** "El/" 2003 Will Ferrell. n 'PG' « (11:05) ***"Kill Bill: Vol. 1" 'R * "Legendary" 2010,DramaPatricia Clarkson. n 'PG-13' « ** "Saw" 2004CaryElwes. Premiere. n 'R' TMC 525 525 (5:30) ** "Fightville"2011 'NR' (10:45) * "Sleepsfa/ker" 1995Jay Underwood. 'R *WE 14 41 174118 Joan & Melissa: Joan Joan 8 Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan My Fair Wedding W edding. Dav.:Unveiled ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106 401 306401(5:50) *** "Donnie Brasco" 1997 Al Pacino. n 'R' «


THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine












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Your Voice, Your NBA Countdown NBA Basketball NewYork Knicks atOklahomaCity Thunder FromChesapeake Vote (N) (Live) Ene rgy Arena OklinahomaCity. (N) (Live) The Chris Mat- NHL Hockey St. LouisBluesat Detroit RedWings FromJoe Louis Arenain Detroit. (N) n (Live) cc O O O O Paid Program Paid Program Today Interpretingmusic beyondthe Meet the Press (N)'G' cc sound.(N) n « thews Show'G' Gary Lewis' Ad- CBS NewsSunday Morning (N) n « Face the Nation (N) n « Portable Cook- Paid Program B ull Riding PBRMakeSomething Great College Basketball 2013 Reese'sAll top 'G' venture Journal Invitational « Star GameFromAtlanta cc This WeekWith GeorgeStephanopou Today's Hom NBA Countdown NBA Basketball NewYork Knicks atOklahomaCity Thunder FromChesapeake O O Portable Cook- Paid Program Good Morning America (N) « top 'G' eowner los (N) 'G' « (N) (Live) Ene rgy Arena OklinahomaCity. (N) (Live) NewsSunday With Chris Wallace Paid Program NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup:STPGasBooster 500FromMartinsville Speedway in Maitinsville, Va. (N) I(g IE} @ @ FreeMoneyNow Beat Anxiety & Animal Rescue n The RealWinning FOX n 'PG' cc Edge 'G' Depression 'G' (El) 'G' cc n (Live) cc IB gy ~ gy BetsysKmder Angelina Ballerina: Mister Rogers' Daniel Tiger's Thomas & FriendsBob the Builder 'Y Rick Steves' Eu- Art Wolfe's Trav- Nature WhatPlantsTalkAbout A study NOVA Ancient ComputerThe world's Neighborhood Neighborhood nv cc(DVS) rope 'G' cc first computer. n 'G' garten Next els to the Edge of how plantsbehave. n 'G' NewsChannel 8 atSunrise (N) « NewsChannel 8 atSunrise at 7:00 AM(N) « Meet the Press(N)'G' « NHL Hockey St. LouisBluesat Detroit RedWings FromJoe Louis Arenain Detroit. (N) n (Live) «

Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Giv- Key of David Montel Williams Hip Hop Abs KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q SleeP Like A 'PG' cc 'PG' Baby! 'G' ing to Godandothers. (N) 'G' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 o r ganic-michele Changing SeasTheAviators'G' Saving-Ocean Between, Lines The BackPage Just Seen It 'PG' *** "My ManGodfrey" (1936) Wiliam Powell.

Animal Science n Elizabeth's Great (El) 'G' cc Big World (11:03) MasterpieceClassic n '14'

Criminal Minds Lucky Cannibalistic se- Criminal Minds PenelopeSerial killer Criminal Minds Scared toDeath Mur- Criminal Minds Retaliation A manbe- Criminal Minds Hotch hasa hardtime rialkiller. n 14 cc may targetGarcia. 'PG' cc derous psychiatrist. 'PG' cc gins a killing spree. n '14' cc returning to work. '14' cc Mad Men TheOtherWoman Don'schal-Mad Men Donfollowsanunexpected Mad Men ThePhantom Thereareop The Killing Ogi JunThemystery man (9:58) *** "Fargo" (1996,Comedy)Frances McDormand, SteveBuscemi. An 'AMC lenged by apitch. '14' « lead. '14' « portunities foreveryone. '14' with the tattoo n 14 « overextended salesmanhires goonsto kidnaphis wife. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 MostExtreme MostExtreme Weird, True W e i rd, True Un t amed and Uncut n '14' cc River Monsters: UnhookedThewildernessof theEssequiboRiver. 'PG River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG BRAVO 13 4 4 Wh at Happens What Happens10ThingsHappy Fashio nQueens Fashion Queens FashionQueens The Real Housewives of Atlanta Married to Medicine '14 Married to Medicine '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Paid Program I nsanity! TRIA Insanity! Battle Hair Loss Kitchen Paid Program Paid Program HealthFood In s anity! Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN 55 38 35 48 StateoftheUnion Fareed ZakariaGPS(N) Reliable Sources(N) « State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS CNN Newsroom The Next List (N) Paid Program WENHairCare ChappelleShow ChappelleShow ** "Beverly Hills Ccp ill" (1994) EddieMurphy,Judge Reinhold. cc ** "ScaryMovie4" (2006) cc COM 13 53 135 47 Sexy Abs 'G' I n s anity! COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Newsmakers W ashington ThisW eek W ashington ThisW eek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 "Mickey's Adventures Sofia the First Mickey Mouse SofiatheFirst S o fiatheFirst P h ineas,Ferb P h ineas,Ferb Good-Charhe J e ssie G « Jessie n 'G' « *DISC 15 21 16 37 FatLoss Key of David Paid Programn Cindy Crawford Joel Osteen 'PG' (8:27) In Touch Bering Sea Gold n '14' cc Bering SeaGold n 14 cc YukonMen EelingandDealing'PG' *E! 13 25 Ins anity Workout Cindy Crawford E! News(N) The Soup SoupAwards '14' Playing With Fire '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 Outside Lines Sports Reporters SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc Baseball Tonight Bowling PBATour League: EliasCup Finals FromIndianapolis. cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 NASCARNow(N) (Live) « Outside Lines Sports Reporters Cheerleading Cheerleading Cheerleading From Orlando, Fla WTA Tennis FamilyCircle Cup,Final FromCharleston, S.C. (N) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:00) Women'sCollege Basketball Women's CollegeBasketball FromApril 3, 2011 Women's CollegeBasketball FromApril1, 2012 Women's CollegeBasketball (N) H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. Spo r tsCenter (N) (Live) « ESPNN 24 63 124203 H-Lite Ex. SportsCenter (N)(Live) « *** "TheSpiderwickChronicles" (2008, Fantasy) FreddieHighmore ** "Batman Forever" (1995,Action) Val Kilmer, TommyLeeJones, JimCarrey. FAM 67 29 19 41 Joseph Prince Sunday Mass Batman &Robin FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00)FOXandFriendsSunday(N) News HQ Housecall (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17 62 98 44 TopKitchen! Say No to Pain Rachael Ray'sW eekinaDay'G' Giada atHome Trisha'sSou Pioneer Wo. B e st Dishes Not My Mama Guy's Big Bite Sandwich King Best- Made * "The Ccmebacks"(2007, Comedy)DavidKoechner, Carl Weathers,MeloraHardin * "OldDogs" (2009,Comedy)JohnTravolta, Robin Wiliams FX 131 Say No to Pain Total Gym Smarter HGTV 17 49 33 43 WENHairCare Cindy Crawford Curb/Block Cur b/Block Cur b/Block Cur b/Block Cur b Appeal 'G' Curb Appeal 'G Curb Appeal 'G' Curb Appeal 'G Property Brothers'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 Knife Live Longer! Modern Marvels 'G' « You Don't Know Dixie 'PG' cc Ax Men All or Nothing 'PG' cc Ax Men We'reNotAlone'PG *** "Abducted"(2007) '14' LIFE 13 39 20 31 PaidProgram Bra Secrets In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Get Sub D Dav i d Jeremiah Joel Osteen 'PG' Cindy Crawford Preachers' Daughters '14' « MSNBC 59 59128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press cc ** "She's theMan" (2006) MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness The Real World n '14' « Teen Mom 2 n 'PG' Teen Mom 2Don't BeCruel 'PG' NICK 82 46 24 40 Rugratsn'Y' R u gratsn'Y' Hero Factory n Odd Parents Power Rangers SpongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob TeenageMut. Monsters, Alien Dr. Phil n 'PG' « Dr. Phil n 'PG' cc Dr. Philn'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Dr. Phil n 'PG' cc Super Soul SundayPresents 'PG' Super Soul SundayPresents 'PG' PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball ArizonaState at Stanford Game1of doubleheader College Softball ArizonaState at StanfordGame 2ofdoubleheader W omen's College LacrosseUSCatOregon SPIKE 13231 34 46 HipHopAbsn Total Gym EasyMeals Dr. 0 says Yes! Sexy Abs n 'G Insanity! Xtreme 4x4'G' HorsepowerTV Trucks! 'G' «MuscleCar 'G' Bar RescueShabbyAbbeyn 'PG' SYFY 13 35133 45 PaidProgram EasyMeals No Defrosting New Keurig No Defrosting Paid Program Total Blackout Red: WerewolHunter"(2010, f Horror) Felicia Day,KavanSmith. « ** Bladeli TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn David Jeremiah Kenneth Hagin Winning Walk Miracle For You Redemption 'G' Love/Finding In Touch 'PG' PowerPoint It I s Written 'G' Bayless Conley Time-Change Married... With Married... With Home Improve- Home Improve- Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n PG cc Cougar Townn Men at Work '14' MLB Baseball New YorkYankees at Detroit TigersFromCcmerica Parkin Detroit 'TBS n 'PG' Children n 'PG' ment G cc 'PG' cc ment 'G' « (N) (Live) « (5:30) *** "I'llBe Seei g Yo "(1944, ** "The Bache/orParty" (1957, Drama)DcnMurray, E.G.Marshall. Accountants ** "The Guilty Generation" (1931)LeoCarrillo. Lovers from *** "Cover Girl" (1944) Rita Haywoith. Chorusgirl wins TCM 101 44 101 29 Drama)Ginger Rogers. « throw aneye-opening bashfor their colleague. « rival gangsterfamilies secretly wed. contest, leavesboyfriend for Broadway. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 PaidProgramn FatLoss Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Paid Program n Insanity Workout I Found-Gown I Found-Gown I Found-Gown I Found-Gown I Found-Gown I Found-Gown Law & OrderNewYork MinuteSmug Law & Order CriminalLawDetectives Law & Order Acid VanBuren searches Law & Order BibleStory Religioustem- Law & Order Bitch Amakeupmogul is Law & Order SuicideBoxTeen is ac*TNT gler of illegal aliens. n '14' probe randommurders. '14' for a killer. n '14' pers flare. '14' «(DVS) embroiled inscandal. n '14' cused of shooting acop. n '14' *TOON 84 Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Dragons:Riders JohnnyTest' Y7' Beyblade:Metal Pokemon:BW Ben 10 NinjaGo: Mstrs Green Lantern Young Justice Tom andJerry Tom and Jerry *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Insanity Workout Hair Restoration When Vacations Attack 'PG' « Mys t eries at the Museum 'PG Off Limits Shootingthe rapids. 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum'PG Mysteries at the Museum'PG' TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheCosbyShow The CosbyShow (7:12) TheCosby Show'PG' cc T h e Cosby Show The Cosby Show Forever Young 'PG' cc Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' *** "Bridgelo Tsrabilhia" (2007)JoshHutcherson. Premiere. « USA 15 30 23 30 PaidProgram DeepClean Paid Program David Jeremiah Pastor Chris J o e l Osteen 'PG Psych A trip to thecircus. 'PG' VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG' Jump Start n 'PG Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG Master of the Mix n 'PG Love & Hip Hop n '14 *A&E 13 28 18 32 Cindy Crawford on Total Gymfor ageless skin $ 1 4.95 'G'

Merlin's Apprentice n (Part1 of 2) 'PG'cc Merlin Apprent (8:10) ** "Click"2006, ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG-13' « (8:15) ** "Kiss Them for Me"1957, ComedyCary Grant. 'NR' « (10:15) ** "Do NotDisturb" 1965,ComedyDoris Day.'NR' acc Boxing Alvarezvs. Hatton. FromMarch5, 2011in Anaheim,Calif. UFC: Hendersonvs. Diaz 28 301 27 301 Morning Drive PGA Tour Golf ValeroTexasOpen, Third Round Golf Central P G A Tour Golf Val Texas ero Open,Final Round(N) (Live) HALL 66 33 175 33 I Love Lucy'G' I Love Lucy'G ILoveLucy'G' I LoveLucy 'G' I Love Lucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls "The SweeterSide ol Life" (2013) HBO 425501 425501 Taking Lives 'R (6:20) "BeachKings" 2008David Charvet. n 'PG-13' (8:15)"Phil Spector" 2013Al Pacino. n ncc (9:45) *** "Shrek 2" 2004Voicesof MikeMyers. n 'PG' cc Real/Bill Maher IFC 10 1 0 5 Cl ash-Titans Dilbert 'PG Dilbert n 'PG' D i lbert n 'PG' O u t There '14' Out There '14 Arrested Dev Arrested Dev. Arrested Dev. A rrested Dev. A rrested Dev. A rrested Dev. MAX 400 508 508 (5:20) *** "Garden State" 2004 (7:05) ** "Jungle 2 Jungle" 1997,ComedyTimAllen. n 'PG' cc (8:50) ** "DarkShadoivs"2012 (10:45) *** "X-Men:First Class"2011 n 'PG-13' NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (5:00) Cycling Paris-RoubaixRoadracefrom northern France. (N) (Live) FLW Outdoors 'G Hank Parker Pirelli World ChallengeAuto Racing(N) IndyCar Racing Wicked TunaCaptainCarnage'14 Diggers 'PG' D i ggers 'PG' D i ggers 'PG' Diggers 'PG NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna: Hooked Up '14 Mudcats Gutsand Glory '14' Diggers 'PG' Diggers 'PG' NTOON 89 115189115 Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Speed Racer Speed Racer OUTD 37 307 43 307 Lindners Fish. Trevor Gowdy Spanish Fly Bi l l Dance Salt Facts of Fishing American Archer Archer's Choice Wardens OperationGrizzly Bear B u ckmaster Clsc Trophy Hunt Magnum TV * "Mallrafs"1995ShannenDoherty. n 'R' « SHO 500 50 0 * * " Beaches" 1988, Drama Bette Midler. n 'PG-13' « Losl-Translaln (8:05) ** "What DreamsMay Come"1998 RobinWiliams. n 'PG-13 SPEED 35 303125303Guys Garage My ClassicCar SPEED Center NASCAR RaceDay (N)(Live) Ultimate Street CarInvitational Fa s ter Than Du mbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff ** "The Notebook"2004, Romance RyanGosling. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 (4:50) ** "Stepmom"1998« (9:05) * "GhostRider: Spirit oi Vengeance"2012 (10:45) ** "Total Recall" 2012ColinFarrell. « ** "Shadow IslandMysteries: Weddingfor One" *** "The King's Speech"2010Colin Firth. n 'R TMC 525 525 (5:20) ** "WildTarget" 2010 n (8:35) ** "AgainsttheRopes"2004MegRyan.n 'PG-13'« *WE 14 41 174118 WENHair Care Paid Program My Fair Wedding Joan & Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(5:50) ** "StephenKing's Desperation" 2006TcmSkerritt. 'R' « 104 204104120(5:00)Claudia (6:45) ** "MotherDidn't TeilMs" 1950'NR 34 AMA Supercross RacingToronto Fromthe Rogers Center inToronto, Ontario.

TV • PAGE 7 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013







NBA Basketball NBA Basketball LosAngeles Lakersat LosAngeles Clippers FromStaples Center in LosAngeles. (N) Fat Lossfor Food Cash Cabn This WeekWith George Stephanopou KATU Newsat 5 ABC World News 'PQ' cc Lovers'G' (ABC) (Live) los (N) 'G' « (N)n cc Paid Program Hometime 'G' « Trout TV 'G' Outdoorsman/ Castle Boom!Theserial killer remains at KTVZ O O O O PGA Tour Golf Valero Texas Open,Final RoundFromSan Antonio. (N) n (Live) cc (NBC) Buck McNeely large. n 'PG' cc (11:00) College Basketball 201 3 College Basketball NCAA Division II Tournament, Final: Druryvs. MetroState Exploration W/ Explore the North-Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CBS Evening KBNZ From Atlanta.(N) (Live) « (CBS) Reese's All-Star Gamecc Jarod Miller west News (N) cc Judge Joe Brown Inside Edition omg! Insider (N) KEZI 9 Newsat ABC World News KOHD O O O O NBA Basketball NBA Basketball LosAngeles Lakersat LosAngeles Clippers FromStaples Center in LosAngeles. (N) JudgeJudy n 'PQ' cc n 'PG' Weekend 'PG' n cc (ABC) (Live) 5:00 (N) « Dr. 0 weight loss Beat Anxiety & *** "TheLast KingofScotland" (2006, Biography) ForestWhitaker, JamesMcA CSE MiamiDispoDayInternal Affairs KFXO I(g IE) @ IEI (9:30) NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup:STPGasBooster 500FromMartinsville (FOX) Speedway inMartinsville, Va. (N) n (Live) « secret! Depression 'G' voy. Thedoctor of Ugandandictator Idi Aminsees atrocities. investigates theteam. n '14' KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Michael Feinstein's American Song Michael Feinstein's American Song- Sound Tracks: Music Without BordersBBC Newsnight European Journal Religion & Ethics To the Contrary Moyers & CompanyHistorianTaylor n 'G' cc n'G' cc 2 n 'PG' cc Newsweekly W i t h Bonnie Branch; JamesCone.'G' cc (PBS) book (N) n 'PG' cc book (N) n 'PG' cc PGA TourGolf ValeroTexasOpen,Final RoundFromSanAntonio. (N) n (Live) « Mom Is 57, Looks 10 Minute Workout Private Practice In orOut Violet tries to NewsChannel 8 at Trail Blazers Home KGW 'PG' 27! 'G' help a parolee 14 cc (NBC) 5 PM (N) « Cour t KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q LiveLifeand Win! Madein Holly. Made in Hollywood ** "Acrossthe Universe" (2007,Musical) EvanRachel Wood,JimSturgess, JoeAnderson. Twolovers "Lifted" (2010, Drama)Trace Adkins, Nicki Aycox,JamesHandy. Henry finds 'Q' cc (N) 'PG' wood: Teen becomeentangled in1960s counterculture. « refuge fromhis troubled life in music. « (CW) Cook's Country Test Kitchen OPBPL 175 17 3 Ma SterpieCe ClaSSiC n 'PG' cc NOVA n 'PG' « Growing Bolder My Generation Burt Wolf Stev es' Europe Globe Trekker n 'G' cc (DVS) KATU

***"Si gns"(2002,Suspense)MelGibson,JoaquinPhoenix,CherryJones.A American Hoggers AmericanHoggers American Hoggers American Hoggers American Hoggers American Hoggers 3 28 1 8 32 Bates '14' cc Motel Dylanbegins his newjob. widower investigateshugecircles in hiscrop fields. cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc on"(1994,Drama)Tim Robbins,MorganFreeman,BobGunton.Aninnocentmangoestoa (12:04) *** "Thelma & Louise" (1991, Drama)Susan Sarandon, GeenaDavis, Harvey Keitel. A near-rapeabruptly turns two ***"TheShawshankRedempti 'AMC friends into huntedoutlaws. « Maine penitentiary for life in 1947.©c *ANPL 68 50 2638 RiverMonster s:Unhookedn'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters:Unhooked n 'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Housewives/OC The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta *** "SteelMagnolias" (1989)Sally Field Six iron-willedwomengather at a Louisiana beauty parlor. n Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot20Countdownn'PG' cc CNBC 54 36 40 52 Insanity! DeepClean Insanity Workout Octaspring Ma. WEN Hair Care Hip Hop Abs Roy Orbison I n sanity Workout Princess n On theMoney Treasure Detectives CNN 55 38 35 48 YourMoney(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Presents 'PG' cc *"Mr.Deeds"(2002,Comedy)Adam Sandler,WinonaRyder.« Tosh.g '14' Tosh.O '14' Tosh.O '14' Tos h .O '14' Tosh.O '14' Tos h.g '14' COM 13 53 135 47 (11:00) ** "Scary Movie4" cc COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW City Club of CentraI Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (11:00) Washington ThisWeek Newsmakers Washington ThisWeek Q&A 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin & Ally 'G' Austin I Ally 'G' Austin I Ally 'G' Shake lt Up! 'G' Shake It Up! 'G' Shake It Up! 'G' A.N.T. Farm'G' Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Sha ke It Up! 'G'Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie *DISC 15 21 16 37 RawAlaskan'14'cc Alaska: Most Extreme'PG' cc Alaska Marshals n 'PG' cc Monsters andMysteries in Alaska Alaskan Monster Hunt America's DoomsdayPlan n 'PG' *E! 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 College Softball BayloratOklahoma(N) (Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc NCAA Women's Women's College Basketball: NCAATournament Wm. Basketball ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball State FarmSlamDunk &3-Point Championship MLS SoccerNewYork RedBulls at Chicago Fire (N)(Live) « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « MLB Baseball: Angels atRangers ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Women'sCollegeBasketball (N) W omen's College Basketball FromMarch4, 2013. (N) The Fab Five cc 30 for 30 ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N) SportsNation S portsCenter (N) (Live)©c SportsCenter « SportsCenter acc *** "Batman" (1989,Action) Jack Nicholson.TheCapedCrusader vowsto rid GothamCity of the Joker. ** "BatmanReturns" (1992) FAM 67 29 19 41 (11:30) * "Batman 8Robin" (1997,Action) Arnold Schwarzenegger. FNC 57 61 36 50 Journal Editorial FOX News Ame rica's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday FOX Report(N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17 62 98 44 ChefWantedWithAnneBurrell Restaurant: Impossible Restaurant: Impossible 'G' Restaurant Stakeout Mystery Diners Mystery Diners Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive *** "TheOther Guys"(2010, Comedy)Wil Ferrell, MarkWahlberg, Eva Mendes. ** "Knight and Day" (2010,Action) TomCruise, CameronDiaz, Peter Sarsgaard. FX 131 TheFighter HGTV 17 49 33 43 LoveltorListltSmyth'G'« Love It or List It 'G' cc Love Itor Listlt'G' « Love It or List It 'G' cc Love Itor List It'G' cc Love It or List It 'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 Ax Men Sabotage '14' cc Ax Men Put UporShut Up'14' Ax Men CageMatch '14' cc Ax Men Flipping Logzilla '14' cc Ax Men RockSlide '14' cc Ax Men Shelby's NewToy'14' *** "Abandoned" (2010)Brittany Murphy, DeanCain. « LIFE 13 39 20 31 (11:00) ***"Abducted" '14' A Mother's Rage" (2013,Suspense) Lori Loughlin, Kristen Dalton. « The Client List '14' « MSNBC 59 59128 51 MSNBCLive(N) Caught on Camera Caught on CameraCombat Caught on CameraInvasion! Caught onCameraOutofBounds *** "TheSisterhoodo/the Traveling Pants" (2005) AmberTamblyn. Premiere.n *** "FreedomWriters" (2007)Hilary Swank, PatrickDempsey.n MTV 192 22 38 57 (11:00) ** "She'sthe Man"(2006) AmandaBynes *** "FreeWily" (1993)JasonJames Richter. Premiere. n « NICK 82 46 2440 Odd Parents Odd Parents Winx Club ' Y7' SpongeBob "FairlyOdd Movie SpongeBobSquarepants n 'Y7' lyanla, Fix My Life n '14' « lyanla Fix My Life n 'PG lyanla, Fix My Life n '14' acc lyanla, Fix My Life n 'PG'ac c OWN 161 103 31 103 Super Soul Sunday '14'acc Super Soul Sunday '14' cc PAC12 47 310310310 College Basketball Oregon atUSC College Volleyball LongBeachState at USC College Softball OregonState at Washington (N)(Live) College Basketball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 BarRescuen'PG' BarRescue FallenAngelsn 'PG' Bar RescueWeber's of Lies'PG' BarRescue EmptyPocketsn 'PG Bar RescueShabbyAbbey n 'PG' Bar Rescue n 'PG' ** "Underworld: Riso/ e theLycans" (2009)Michael Sheen. « ** "Underworld: Evolution"(2006,Horror) KateBeckinsale. « SYFY 13 35 133 45 (11:30) **"Blade I/" (2002,Horror)WesleySnipes, KrisKristofferson TBN 205 60130 King IsComing Kingdom Conn. John Hagee MarriageToday JosephPrince Gregory Dickow T.D. Jakes'G' Joyce Meyer Leading theWay The Blessed Life Joel Osteen 'PG' Kerry Shook (1 0 00)MLBBaseball Newyork yan- Friends n 'PG' Friends Joey has ** "you,Me andDupree" (2006,Comedy)OwenWilson, KateHudson, MattDil ** "RoadTrip" (2000,Comedy)SeannWiliam Scott, Breckin Meyer. Fourcollege 'TBS 'PG' kees at Detroit Tigers(N) « flashbacks. lon. A joblessbuddymovesin with two newlyweds. « pals set out to retrieve an incriminating tape. « (1959,Drama)Paul Newman,Barbara Rush,Alexis Smith. Ambitious *** "Spellbound"(1945)Ingrid Berg (10:30) *** "Cove **** "Double Indemnity"(1944)FredMacMurray, BarbaraStanwyck.Aninsur- *** "The young Philadelphians" TCM Girl" ancesalesman becomes involvedinadeadlygame.« lawyer swims incold social waters. « man, GregoryPeck. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 I Found-Gown I Found-Gown Undercover Boss Belfor 'PG' acc Undercover Boss n 'PG' « Undercover Boss n 'PG' cc Undercover Boss Subway n 'PG' U ndercover Boss n 'PG' « f * * * War oitheWorlds" (2005,Science Fiction) TomCruise, DakotaFanning, MirandaOtto. A man ** Law & OrderGeniusDetectives suspect Law &Order Maritime Missingfootball Law & Order SeerPsychicvision. n "DeepImpact" *TNT '14' «(DVS) a gifted writer. n '14' player. n '14' «(DVS) and his childrentry to survive analien invasion. «(DVS) (1998) *TOON 84 ** "Scooby-Dooi PiratesAhoy!" (2006,Comedy ) * * "Sc ooby-Doo! andtheSamurai Sword" (2009) Regular Show Regular Show Incredible Crew Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods America 'PG' « Bizarre Foods America 'PG' cc Bourdain: No Reservations Bourdain: No Reservations Pizza Paradise 2 'G' cc Hot Dog Paradise 2 'PG' cc PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' The GoldenGirls TheGoldenGirls TVLND 65 47 2935 Roseanne' ** "NationalTreasure:Booko/ Secrets" (2007, Action) NicolasCage, JonVoight. « * "Gonein Sixty Seconds"(2000)NicolasCage USA 15 30 23 30 **"Fast&Furious"(2009,Action)VinDiesel, PaulWalker. « VH1 191 48 37 54 Love & Hip Hop n '14' The Gossip Gamen '14' Mob Wives n '14' cc Mob Wives HurricaneSandy. '14' M o b Wives No Lost Loven '14' Mo b Wives n '14' cc *A&E


** "View Fromthe Top"2003 GwynethPaltrow. *** "Gremlins"1984 Zach Galligan. n 'PG' « (1:10) ** "PracticalMagic"1998 SandraBullock. n 'PG-13' « ** "America's Swssthearis"2001 Julia Roberts. 'PG-13' « ** "BabyMama"2008, ComedyTina Fey, AmyPoehler. 'PG-13' « 104204104120** "Mumiord"1999,ComedyLoren Dean,Hope Davis.'R' « 106401 306401(11:35)Merlin's Apprentice 'PG'


(11:00) UFC:Henderson vs. Diaz UFC Tonight (N) UFC Champion's AMA Supercross Racing

AMA Supercross RacingHoustonFromReliant Stadium,Houston, Texas.

28 301 27 301 Feherty Golf Central Pregame (N) (Live) L P GA Tour Golf Kraft Nabi Champi sco onship, Final RoundFromRancho Mirage, Calif. (N) (Live) 66 33 175 33 (11:00)"TheSweeter Sideoi Life" "AlwaysandForever" (2009) DeanMcDermott, RenaSofer. 'PG' « HowfoFallin Love"(2012) Eric Mabius,BrookeD'Orsay. 'G' « Be MyValenline (2013) G « PhilSpector" 2013, DocudramaAl Pacino. n « 425501 425501 Real09!ll Maher (1245) ** "SnowWhite andthe Huntsman" 2012Kristen Stewart. n 'PG13' « (4:45) ** "RedTails"2012CubaGooding Jr. « *** "0 Brother, WhereArt Thou?" 2000GeorgeClooney. 'PG-13 King-Newyork 10 1 0 5 * * "M iracle af St.Anna" 2008,WarDerek Luke, Michael Ealy. Four blacksoldiers get trappedbehindenemylines in Italy. 'R * i Endoi Days"1999 ArnoldSchwarzenegger.'R 400508 508 (1045)"X Men:First C/ass"2011 * * "L ast Man Standing"1996BruceWilis. 'R' cc (2:45) ** "The Thing"2011MaryElizabeth Winstead. n 'R' «

HALL HBO IFC MAX NBCSN 27 58 30 209 IndyCar Racing Honda Grand Prix of Alabama FromBarber Motorspoits Park in Birmingham,Ala. (N)(Live) Motorsports Hour '14 NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey New Jersey Devils at BuffaloSabres (N) D i ggers 'PG' Diggers 'PG' D i ggers 'PG' NGC 157 157 D i ggers 'PG' D i g gers 'PG' D i g gers 'PG Diggers 'PG' D i ggers 'PG' Supercarrier: USSRonald Reagan Wicked Tuna:Hooked Up(N) NTOON 89 115189115 NFLRushZone NFL Rush Zone Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Alien Dawn 'PG' Alien Dawn 'PG Vu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Vu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7 Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air.

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Timbersports S h ark Series Bottom Feeders Major LeagueFishing The Bass Pros Tracks, Africa Mathew's Dom Mathews The Crush Hal & Len WildgameNation ** "TheIronLady" 2011Meryl Streep. n 'PG-13 * "The Three Musketeers" 2011 SHO 500 500 (11:35) *** "LostinTranslation"2003 Bill Murray (3:15) *** "MyWeekWith Marilyn" 2011Michelle Wiliams. 'R' « SPEED 35 303125 303 MotoGP Racing The10 '14 The10 'PG' N A SCAR V.L. Rolex SportsSeries Car Racing Barber(N) SPEEDCenter (N)(Live) ** "TheNotebook"2004,RomanceRyanGosling.n 'PG-13'« STARZ 300 408 300408 (10:45) ** "Total Recall"2012 (12:50) *** "El/"2003 Will Ferrell. n 'PG' cc (4 40) *** "Kill Bill Vol 2" 2004 Uma Thurman TMC 525 525 Ki n g's Speech * * * " Serenity" 2005, Science Fiction Nathan Filion. n 'PG-13' « A/I GoodThings"2010RyanGosling. n 'R' « (4:15) *"Nola" 2003EmmyRossum, MaryMcDonnell. n 'PG-13' « *WE 14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values CSE Miami Fallen n '14' cc CSE Miami SuddenDeath n '14' CS E Miami SeeEvi No l '14' cc CSE Miami Manhunt n '14' cc CSE Miami Reality Kills '14' cc


THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



' ' ll I I I c I I KATU Newsat 6(N) rr « America' sFunniestHomeVideosn Once Upon aTimeDarkmagi ctempts RevengeUnionAmandaandJack's (10:01) RedWidow Pilot Marta's hus KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Castle r1 KATU 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Mary Margaret. 'PG' « wedding. n 'PG' « band is brutally murdered.'PG' (ABC) (N) r1 cc All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Creating All-Star Celebrity Apprentice How Do NewsChannel 21 Everybody Loves KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel21NBCNightly NewsThe Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 3Morevocalists audition. n 'PG' cc (NBC) at 6 (N) cc (N) cc three-dimensionalartwork. 'PG' YouSpell Melania (N) l1 'PG' at11 (N) cc R a ymond Burn Notice Guilty asCharged Fiona 60 Minutes Jeremy Lin. (N) n « The 48th Annual Academy ofCountry Music Awards Theannual ceremonyhonoring achievement in country musicat KOIN Local6at11 (11:35) Cold Case KBNZ '14' cc tries to findJesse. 'PG' MGMGrandGardenArena in LasVegas. (N) n 'PG' cc (CBS) (N) cc Videos rr Once Upon aTime Darkmagic tempts RevengeUnionAmandaandJack's (10:01) RedWidow Pilot Marta's hus KEZI 9 Newsat Paid Program KOHD Q Q Q Q KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat America's Funniest Home 'PQ' cc wedding. n 'PG' « band is brutally murdered.'PG' 11:00 (N) cc (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Mary Margaret. 'PG' « The Simpsons Bob's Burgers Family Guy '14' cc The Cleveland News Channel 21 Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang KFXO IIIg) @ g) BonesBrennanbecomesasuspectina Bob's Burgers The Cleveland n 'PG' n'PG' (FOX) case. n '14' cc Show r1 '14' n14 (DVS) Show (N) rr '14' First on FOX Men '14' « Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Antiques Roadshow Baseballbatused Call the Midwife Cynthiaquestions her Masterpiece Classic Harryputscosmet- MidsomerMurders Aman's bodyis (10:49) Midsomer (11:36) North Pole KOAB Q Q Q Q Oregon Art BeatOregon Field n'G' cc by Mickey Mantle. 'G' cc abilities. (N) n '14' « (PBS) Guide 'G' cc ics at front oi store.(N) 'PG' found in acrop circle. 'PG' « Murders 'PG' P romise 'G' NBA Basketball DallasMavericks at PortlandTrail Blazers Fromthe RoseGardenin Portland, Ore. (N) All-Star Celebrity All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Creating All-Star Celebrity Apprentice How Do NewsChannel 8 at (11:35)Sports KGW Apprentice 'PG' three-dimensionalartwork. 'PG' (NBC) (Live) You SpelMel l ania(N) n 'PG' 11(N) cc Sunday The King of * "D ouble Team" (1997, Adventure) Jean-ClaudeVanDamme,Dennis Rodman.A Seinfeld The Deal Seinfeld The Rules ofEngage. RulesofEngage. KTVZDT2 Q Q Q @ Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? The King of 'PG' 'PG' 'PQ' cc ment '14' Queens rr 'PG' Queens rr 'PG' spy and a flamboyantarmsdealer take ona terrorist. « Mango n 'PG' ment '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 D o c Martinn'PG' cc For the Rights of Alh Ending 1962 World's Fair-Seattle-Future Moyers & Company n 'G' « America: Beyond theColor Line With Henry Louis Gates Jr. 'PG' « I

c II





Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty (11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy3 28 8 1 32 'PQ' Amercc icanHoggers 'PQ' Amercc icanHoggers 'PQ' Duckcc Dynasty 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc nasty 'PG' « n a s ty « *** "Erin Brockovich" (2000,Drama)Julia Roberts, Albert Finney,AaronEckhart. Premiere. A womanprobes apower Mad MenTheDoorwayDonspearheads a newcampaign. (N)'14' « (11:08) MadMenThe Doorway Don 'AMC companycover-up over poisonedwater. spearheads anewcampaign. '14' *ANPL 68 50 2638 RiverMonster s:Unhookedn'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters FaceRipperDeadlypredator in a Bolivian river. (N) 'PG' River Monsters FaceRipper'PG BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta Married to Medicine (N)'14' The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta R e ba 'PG' cc (8:02) *** "Steel Magnolias" (1 CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc 989) Sally Field. Six iron-willedwomengather at a Louisiana beautyparlor (11:02) SwampPawn'PG' CNBC 54 36 40 52 Treasure Detectives 'PG' Treasure Detectives Violin; Warhol Treasure Detectives 'PG' Treasure Detectives American GreedWildWest Rip-Off TRIA Octaspring Ma. CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Presents 'PG' « Piers MorganLive CNN Newsroom CNN Presents 'PG' « Tosh.0 '14' Jef f Dunham: Contr Tosh.0 '14' Sou t h Park 'MA' Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy COM 13 53 135 47 Tosh.o'14' T osh . o'14' olled Chaos '14' cc Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy (N) COTV 11 Talk of the TownLocal issues Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW TheYoga Show The Yoga Show Talk oftheTownLocalissues. CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Prime Minister RoadtotheWhiteHouse Q&A Prime Minister Road to the White House W ashington ThisW eek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin & Ally 'G' Austin 8 Ally n "Wizards Return:Alex" Dog With a Blog Austin & Ally 'G' Shake It Up! 'G' Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' Austin 8 Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Zombie Apocalypse n '14' cc Doomsday Bunkers n '14' cc Doomsday Bunkers n '14' cc Doomsday Bunkers n '14' cc Doomsday Cults n 'PG' cc Doomsday Bunkers n '14' cc *E! 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami (N) Kourtney and Kim Take Miami The Soup Soup Awards'14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 Women'sCollege Basketball: NCAATournament SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter cc SportsCenter cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (5:00) MLBBaseball LosAngelesAngels of Anaheimat TexasRangers NHRADrag Racing SummitRacing.comNationals FromLas Vegas. (N) « MLB Baseball: Angels atRangers ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (5:00)30for30 30 for 30 30 for 30 SEC Storied cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter « ESPNFCPress Pass *** "Batman Begins" (2005)Christian Bale. Premiere. BruceWaynebecomes GothamCity's DarkKnight FAM 67 29 19 41 (5:00) ** "BatmanReturns" (1992) Michael Keaton, DannyDeVito America's Funniest HomeVideos FNC 57 61 36 50 FoxNewsSunday Geraldo at Large(N) n 'PG' cc Huckabee Stossel Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17 62 98 44 ChoppedLeftoversExtravaganza! Wo rstCooksinAmerica CupcakeWars(N) Chopped(N) Iron Chef America (N) Restaurant: Impossible 'G ** "Transformers:Revengeolthe Fallen" (2009, Science Fiction)Shia LaBeouf, MeganFox. FX 131 (5:30) *** "TheFighter" (2010)MarkWahlberg, Christian Bale. Transformers:Revenge HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I You Live in What'?(N) 'G' « Hawaii Life 'G' Hawaii Life 'G House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 AxMen'14'cc Ax Men Goldmine'14' cc Ax Men TheHurricane Hits '14 Ax Men Calling It Quits (N) '14' Vikings Burial ofthe Dead(N)'14' (11:01) Vikings '14' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 TheClientList'14' « The Client List '14' « Army WivesDisarmament(N) 'PG' The Client List Hell onHeels'14' The Client List CowboyUp'14' (11:01) Preachers' Daughters '14' MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Trafficked: Slavery in America Sex Slaves The - Windy City (N) Lockup InsideBrushyMountain Lockup: Corcoran Lockup Raw:Survival101 Meet the Press cc MTV 192 22 38 57 FreedomWriters Baby Talk 2 Teen Mom 2 n 'PG' Teen Mom 2Don't BeCruel 'PG' True Life n Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob See DadRun(N) See Dad Runn *** "FreeWily"(1993, Drama)Jason James Richter, Lori Petty. n cc (11:33) Friends lyanla, Fix My Life n '14' cc Oprah's Next Chapter '14' « Oprah's Next Chapter (N) n 'PG' O p rah: Where AreTheyNow?'PG' Oprah's Next Chapter '14' « OWN 161103 31 103 lyanla, Fix MyLifen'PG' « PAC12 47 310310310 Basketball Col l ege Basketball Oregon Washi at ngton College Softball OregonState at Washington College Softball ArizonaState at Stanford Game1 ofdoubleheader SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Bar Rescue FallenAngels n'PG' Bar RescueWeber's of Lies'PG' BarRescueEmpt yPocketsn 'PG' Bar Rescuen 'PG Bar Rescue Awesternbar. (N)'PG' Bar Rescue Murphy's Mess'PG * "G.l. Joe:TheRise ol Cobra" (2009,Action) ChanningTatum,Dennis Quaid. « SYFY 13 35 133 45 ** "Pirates oltheCaribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (2006, Action) JohnnyDepp,Orlando Bloom. « Pirates-Dead TBN 205 60 130 Believeryoice C reflo Dollar 'G' Jesus Secrets of Bible The Well « Beh i nd Scenes Indestructible * "Killers"(2010,Action) Ashton Kutcher, KatherineHeigl. A womanlearns the ** "Due Date" (2010)RobertDowneyJr., ZachGalifianakis. A high-strung man ** "DueDate" (2010)Robert DowneyJr., ZachGalifianakis. A high-strung man 'TBS hard waythat hsr husbandis a hit man. cc(DVS) takes a roadtrip with anannoying stranger. «(DVS) takes a roadtrip with anannoyingstranger. «(DVS) *** "Blackmai(1929) l" AnnyOndra. Awomanattempts to Aventure Mal (5:00) *** "Spellbound" (1945) Ingrid **** "Diabolique" (1955, Suspense) SimoneSignoret, Vera Clouzot, Paul (11:15) ** "TheMurderer Lives at Num TCM Bergman,GregoryPeck. « Meurisse. Atyrant's wife andmistress plothis murder. conceal her involvement in amurder. ber21" (1942)Premiere. gache *TLC 17 34 32 34 Undercover Boss Roto-Rooter 'PG' Welcome to Myrtle Manor n '14' A m e rican Gypsy Wedding American GypsyWedding Welcome toMyrtle Manor (N) '14' American Gypsy Wedding (5:30) ** "Deep Impact" (1998,Drama)Robert Duvall, TeaLeoni, Elijah Wood. A ** "National Treasure" (2004,Adventure) NicolasCage, Hunter Gomez,Diane Kruger. Amantries to ** "Deep Impact" (1998)Robert Duvall, TeaLeoni. Alarge *TNT large comet is on acollision coursewith Earth. « steal the Declaration of Independence. «(DVS) comet is on acollision course with Earth. « *TOON 84 *** "Madagascar" (2005)Voices of BenStiler, Chris Rock Incredible Crew Looney Tunes The Oblongs '14' King of the Hill King of the Hill Cleveland Show Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14' *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Sandwich Paradise 'G' cc Waterparks W a t erparks Tri p Flip (N) 'PG' Trip Flip 'PG Waterparks Wa t erparks Wa t erparks Waterparks Me x ican Food Paradise 'G' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The GoldenGirls Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland USA 15 30 23 30 (4:30) * "Gonein Sixty Seconds" L a w & Order: Special Victims Unit Law 8 Order: Special Victims UnitLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "National Treasure:Book VH1 191 48 37 54 MobWivesMamaDraman'14' M obWi vesDesertStormn'14 Mob Wives Winging It '14' cc Mob Wives CrazyLove'14' cc Mob WivesLoveHurts (N) n '14' W i cked Single (N) n '14 *A&E

** "PracticalMagic"1998 SandraBullock. 'PG-13' ** Spaceballs (9:45) ** "Click"2006, ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG-13' « ** "America's Sweelhearts" 2001Julia Roberts. 'PG-13' « ** "Mum/ord "1999,ComedyLorenDean,HopeDavis.'R' « 34 The Ultimate Fighter n '14' The Ultimate Fighter n UFC: Latifi vs. Mousasi Fromthe EricssonGlobeArena in Stockholm,Sweden. The Ultimate Fighter n '14' 28 301 27 301 Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf ValeroTexasOpen,Final Round Golf Central (N) LPGA Tour Golf Kraft NabiscoChampionship, Final Round HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00)"Be MyValentine" (2013)'G' ** * " Straight From the Heart" (2003, Romance)Teri Polo. 'G' « TheSweeterSideol Life" (2013) Kathryn Morris, JamesBest. « Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 (4:45) ** "RedTails" 2012 cc (6:50) *** "Prometheus"2012NoomiRapace. n 'R' cc Game of Thrones (N)'MA' cc Game of Thrones n 'MA' cc Game of Thrones n 'MA' « IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:45) ** "King olNewyork"1990 Christopher Walken. 'R Out There '14' A r rested Dev. * * " Saw lll" 2006, Horror Tobin Bell, ShawneeSmith. 'R (11:15) ** "King olNewYork" ** "DarkShadows"2012, ComedyJohnny Depp. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 * Endol Days * '% rath ol the Titans" 2012SamWorthington. n (8:15) *** "Edward Scissorhands" 1990JohnnyDepp. 'PG-13' « NBCSN 27 58 30 209 NHL Hockey: Devils at Sabres NHL Live (N) B oxing Cycling Paris-RoubaixRoadracefromnorthern France Heads-UpPoker 'PG Wicked Tuna: HookedUp NGC 157 157 W i cked Tuna(N)'14 CocaineWars(N)'14 Wicked Tuna'14 Cocaine Wars'14 Supercarrier: USSRonald Reagan Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7 NTOON 89 115189115 Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Legend-Korra Legend-Korra OUTD 37 307 43 307 Realtree Outdoor Truth Hunting Friends of NRA Bone Collector Wild Skies Hal 8 Len Hal & Len Realtree Outdoor WildgameNation Steve's Outdoor Mathews Hunter Journal SHO 500 500 Shameless n 'MA' « House of Lies Californication Shameless (N) n 'MA' « House of Lies Californication Shameless n 'MA' cc (5:00)*"The ThreeMuskeleers SPEED 35 303125 303WindTunnel N A SCAR V.L My Classic Car Hot Rod TV n MotoGPRaci ng Wind Tunnel N A SCAR V.L SPEED Center Unique Whips '14' ** "Total Recall"2012, ScienceFiction Colin Farrell. n 'PG-13' « * "GhostRider: Spirit ol Vengeance" 2012 'PG-13' STARZ 300 408 300 408 (4:40) *** "Kill Bill:Vol. 2" 'R Spartacus: War of the Damnedn Spartacus: War *** "Your Sister's Sister" 2011Emily Blunt. 'R ** "LiberalArts" 2012 JoshRadnor. 'PG-13' « TMC 5 25 52 5 * * * "T he King's Speech" 2010Colin Firth. r1 'R' « (11:10) * vWhy Stop Now?" 2012 *WE 14 41 174118 CSEMiami Sleepless in Miami '14' C SE Miami Blood Sugar'14' cc CSE Mram> Fallen n '14' cc CSE Miami SuddenDeath n '14' CS E Miami SeeEvi No l '14' cc CSI. Mram> Manhuntn 14 cc ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(4:30) Gremlins

(6:20) ** "Cursed"2005 Christina Ricci. r1 'PG-13 104204104120 ** "BabyMama"2008,ComedyTina Fey,AmyPoehler.'PG-13'«

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013


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TV • PAGE 9 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine ' I I I I II I I II I

4:30 KATUNewsThis Mornin Good Mornin America AM Northwest The View Live! With Kell and Michael KATU NewsChannel 21 atSunrise Toda Toda Toda Live! With Kell and Michael KTVZ Let's Make aDeal KOIN Local 6 at6am CBS This Mornin The Price Is Ri ht The Youn and the Restless KBNZ KEZI 9 NewsThis Mornin Good Mornin America Rachael Ra The View Katie KOHD First Business A Da NewsChannel 21 atSunrise The Jeff Probst Show The Dr.OzShow Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram KFXO I Varied Pro rams Wild Kratts Curious Geor e Cat in the Hat Super Wh ! Din osaur Train Sesame Street Daniel Ti er Sid the Science WordWorld Ba r ne, Friends KOAB NewsChannel 8 atSunrise Toda The Jeff Probst Show KGW The Dail Buzz HouseofPa ne HouseofPa ne TheSteveW ilkosShow The Jerem K le Show The Wend Williams Show TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 America's Hrtl Greener World Newsline Sit and Be Fit Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 Varied Pro rams Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams CSI: Miami Varied Pro rams Hair Restoration Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Nopalea with Sa No to Pain Cind Crawford *** Thelma & Louise1991, DramaSusanSarandon, GeenaDavis, Harve Keitel. « Hair Restoration Sa No to Pain Dancer's Bod No alea with TotalG m Cind Crawford ** Basic 2003,Sus enseJohnTravolta,ConnieNielsen,SamuelL.Jackson.« Esca e-N.Y. Hair Restoration Paid Pro ram Nopalea with No.1Kitchen Sa NotoPain DeepClean Three Stoo es Three Stoo es * * * Jerr Ma uire1996TomCruise, CubaGoodin Jr. 86 AMC 10240 39 Montel Williams Dancer's Bod DeepClean Cind Crawford Debb Boone **Swin Vote2008, Comed Kevin Costner, MadelineCarroll, Paula Patton. « The Bod uard Th Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram No alea with Paid Pro ram Cind Crawford Paid Pro ram ThreeStoo es ** The PoseidonAdventure1972 GeneHackman,ErnestBornine.« *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Frontier Earth Bi CatDia Bi Cat Diar Cats101 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT 19032 42 53 Squawk onthe Street Fast Mone Halftime Report Power Lunch Street Si ns CNBC 54 36 40 52 CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Around the World CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN 55 38 35 48 Varied Pro rams Dail Show Col bert Re ort Alwa s Sunn South Park Varied Pro rams COM 13553 35 47 The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Desert Cookin Ore on The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Workout: Yo a Workout: Ball Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Varied Pro rams Public Affairs Varied Pro rams CSPAN 61 20 12 (4:00) Washin ton Journal 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin & All Gas ard & Lisa Little Einsteins Chu in ton O c tonauts Doc McStuffins Never Land Micke Mouse Sofia the First Micke Mouse Doc McStuffins Jessie *DISC 156 21 16 37 Varied Pro rams Creflo Dollar P a id Pro ram J ames Robison Jo ce Me er V a ried Pro rams I(Almost) Got Awa With It FBI: Criminal Pursuit Fatal Encounters *El Varied Pro rams 136 25 S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter V aried Pro rams ESPN 21 23 22 23 Mike and Mike in the Mornin First Take First Take Numbers Never Best/First Take ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 23 25 Mike and Mike in the Mornin SVP & Russillo Varied Pro rams ESPNN 24 63 24203 Varied Pro rams Jo ce Me er V a riedPro rams Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld 700/Interactive The700Club Gilmore Girls FAM 67 29 19 41 America's Newsroom Happenin Now America Live FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Varied Pro rams Good Eats Unw r a ed Varied Pro rams WEN Hair Care Movie Varied Pro rams FX 131 Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Balancin Act Varied Pro rams Old Christine F rasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Will & Grace W i ll & Grace LIFE 138 39 20 31 The Dail Rundown Jansin and Co MSNBCLive NOWWith Alex Wa ner Andrea Mitchell Reports News Nation MSNBC 59 59 128 51 AMTV: Mornin Hot Mix AMTV: 10 on To Countdown AMTV: 10 on To Countdown Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 Full House Fu l l House Teena e Mut. S on eBob S on eBob M a x & Rub Team Umizoomi Team Umizoomi Dora Ex lorer Dora Ex lorer Bubble Gu ies Bubble Gu ies NICK 82 46 24 40 Rachael Ra Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil OWN 16110331 103 The Nate Berkus Show PAC12 47 310310310 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 Varied Pro rams SYFY 13335 133 45 Creflo Dollar J o hn Ha ee Jo s e h Prince This Is Your Da Believeryoice Varied Pro rams Behind Scenes Varied Pro rams James Robison Toda TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 Married... With Married... With M Name Is Earl M Name Is Earl Fresh Prince F r esh Prince H o use of Pa ne Meet, Browns Fresh Prince F r esh Prince E n a ement En a ement 28 Kin -Undrwrld * * Bad Men of Missouri 1941 * Bullets for O'Hara 1941 ** The Penalt 1941 EdwardArnold (:45) ** Bill the Kid 1941Robert Ta lor, BrianDonle 5:15 Dr. Co elius 1966 ** Three1969, DramaCharlotte Ramlin, Sam Waterston. ** Cork 1972, DramaRobert Blake. **** Who's Afra>d of Vrr rnra Woolf? 1966 « ** Berlin Express 1948Merle Oberon. 84 ** Return of the BadMen1948,Western sa 15) ** Act of Violence 1949VanHeflin. 84 45 The Set-Up TCM 101 44 10129 W 5:45) Woman onthe Beach1947 ** Deep Valle 1947, DramaIda Lupino, DaneClark. « ** Nobod Lives Forever1946 JohnGarfield Johnn Belinda Th ** Jessica1962 An ie Dickinson,MauriceChevalier, Noel-Noel 5:45 *** The Secret Garden 1949 «DVS ** Jack and the Beanstalk 45 *** The5,000 Fin ers of Dr. T.1953 « 15 ***Tom Thumb1958, Fantas Russ Tambl n.«DVS *TLC 17834 32 34 19 Kids-Count 19 Kids.Count Bab 's First Da Rm-Multiples A Bab Sto A B a b Stor A Bab Sto A B a b Stor Know.Pre nant Know-Pre nant FourWeddin s *TNT 17 26 15 27 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural *TOON 84 L oone Tunes Hero:108 Ben1 0 Be blade-Metl Pokemon BW Nin'aGo: Mstrs Nin'aGo: Mstrs Johnn Test Tom andJerr Tom & Jer Loone Tunes *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams ExtremeHomes Extreme Homes Tastiest Places Tastiest Places Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Murder, SheWrote Dick Van D ke Dick Van D ke I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc And G riffith An d Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams USA 15 30 23 30 Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Bi Mornin BuzzLive Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 4:50 Movie V a ried Pro rams ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 5:15 Movie Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams 7:00 Live From theMasters Var i ed Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 HALL 66 33 175 33 I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc I Lo v e Luc I Love Luc Gol den Girls G o l den Girls G o lden Girls G o l den Girls H o me & Famil (:05) *** Shrek 2 2004 Voices of Mike Mers. rr (:40) ** Fat Albert 2004KenanThompson.rr (:15) *** Craz, Stupid, Love. 2011 SteveCarell. rr « (:15) **We Bou htaZoo ** Anastasia 1997Voices of Me R an. n 35 Anchorman: The Le end of RonBur und n Roa d to Donaire ** Elektra 2005, Action Jennifer Garner. n « 15 ** Alien vs. Predator 2004 HBO 25501425501 W 5:15TheSha eofThin s2003 TheMusicinMe ** Meet the Fockers 2004Robert DeNiro, BenStiller. n sa Patti LuPone * * G lee the 3D Concert Movie 2011 n cc PhilS ectorn Th (:05) Beach Kin s 2008DavidCharvet. r1 « (:45) *** Another Earth 2011Brit Marlin . rr (:15) *** Intolerable Cruelt 2003 Geor e Cloone . n « (:15) *** Craz, Stupid, Love. 5:25 Shadowoftheyam iren Th e Wei htoftheNation « 15 ** The Chronicles of Riddick 2004Vin Diesel. n « 15 ** Snow White and theHuntsman 2012Kristen Stewart. n IFC 105 105 5:45 Movie Varied Pro rams:15 Movie Varied Pro rams 45 Movie (3:45) Patton n (:35) * The Flintstones in VivaRockVe as 2000 (:10) **** Almost Famous2000Bill Crudup. rr « (:15) ** Fast Five 2011,ActionVin Diesel, PaulWalker. rr « 5:45 **** Lenn 1974 Dustin Hoffman. « 35 *** Antz 1998Voices ofWood Allen. n *Annaand the Kin 1999, Historical Drama Jodie Foster, ChowYun-Fat. n « The Sitter 2011 MAX 00508 508 W 10 ** Beethoven1992CharlesGrodin. n sa 40 *** Cr Freedom 1987Kevin Kline. Thesto of South Africa's Ste henBiko andDonald Woods 20 *** Born on the Fourth of Jul 1989 n (5:40) **** Hannah and Her Sisters 1986 « ** A Kid in Kin Arthur's Court1995 rr sa ** Water for Elephants 2011ReeseWitherspoon. n « ** U-571 2000 rr « 5:10 *** The Front Pa e « ** Brewster's Millions1985 Richard P or. n MAX on Set N ** What's Your Number?2011 AnnaFaris, Chris Evans. n « 10:50 **The Thin 2011n NBCSN 27 58 30 209 The DanPatrick Show The Box Score Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Alaska State Troopers Border Wars Wild Justice NGC 157 157 T he Mi ht B! R a ndom! Cart. Random! Cart. Wild Grinders Wild Grinders Adven./Jimm A dven./Jimm F anbo -Chum Fanbo -Chum Wild Grinders Wild Grinders NTOON 89 115189115 The Mi ht B! OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams (4:52) Sleepover (:25) *** Charlotte's Web2006, Dramar1 « Realit Bites n (:05) ** Geor e of the Jun le 2 2003 rr « (:35) ** The Twili ht Sa a: Breakin Dawn Part 1 2011 rr « 5:15 Da dreamNation 2010 n * * * Meek's Cutoff 2010 Michelle Wiliams. n 45 *** Northfork 2003, DramaJamesWoods, Nick Nolte. n *** Exit Throu h the Gift Sho 2010 n « 5:35 *** Citizen Ruth 1996Laura Dern. « * Pa erMan2009JeffDaniels,EmmaStone.n sa * Multi le Sarcasms2010Timoth Hutton. n 15 **Mr ht JoeYoun SHO 00 500 *** Tabl oid 2010,Documenta n « Princess and the Pon 2011 Fiona Per . n ss * The Secret A ent Club 1996Hulk Ho an. rr (:35) ** Skateland 2010 Ashle Greene. rr 5:25 *Free Mone 1998n *Mallrats1995Shannen Dohe .n « 35 Le all Blonde 2: Red,White & Blonde200 3 : 15 * * Elizabeth: The Golden A e 2007 Cate Blanchett. SPEED 35 303125303 Pim M Ride Pi m M Ride P ass Time Pa s s Time Pai d Pro ram V aried Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (4:45) Movie V a ried Pro rams (6:50) Movie Movie Varied Pro rams Movie The LeendofTillamook' sGold2006SuzanneMarieDo on.n « ** The ManWhoWasn't There 2001 Bill Bob Thornton. n *** A Better Life 2011DemianBichir. n « 40 Monsters Shadow Island M steries: The Last Christmas 2010 35 ** Newsies1992, MusicalChristian Bale.Premiere. n ss 40 Saint Misbehavin'. TheWav Grav Movien :10 An UnreasonableMan2006 TMC 25 ** Run the Wild Fields 2000JoanneWhalle The Deco Bride 525 (:45) *** Skin 2008, Drama Sophie Okonedo, SamNeill. o « (:35) *** October S 1999 Jake G llenhaal. rr « DeGeneres. n « 45 ***Once Around1991 RichardDre fuss. n « 40 **An ie1994GeenaDavis,Ste henRea.n « Die Another Da Th 05 ** Mr. Wron 1996 Ellen ** Shadow Island M steries: Weddin for One 35 ** Shakes eare Hi h 2011Premiere. n ***WishMeAwa 2011,Documenta nss :40 *** Paul Williams Still Alive 2011 « *WE 143 41 174118 Varied Pro rams Roseanne Roseanne Ros eanne Ros e anne 20/ 2 0 on WE 20/20 on WE The Locator T h e Locator

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THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine


i i g g gi~i ~ ~ « ~ gg~ The Chew General Hos ital

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The Ricki Lake Show The Dr. OzShow KATU NewsFirst at Four KATU Newsat 5 World News Anderson Live Da sofourLives Dr. Phil The Dr. OzShow The Ellen DeGeneresShow News Ni htl News KTVZ Kristi Miller Bol d/Beautiful The Talk Little House on the Prairie And Griffith A n d Griffith I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc News Evenin News KBNZ The Chew General Hos ital Jud e J. Brown Jud e J. Brown Katie Jud e Jud Jud e Jud KEZI 9 News World News KOHD TMZ Extra America's Funniest HomeVideos The Doctors The Ricki Lake Show The People's Court Friends Friends KFXO Varied Pro rams Charlie Rose Clifford-Do Bo b the BuilderMartha Speaks Cat in the Hat Arthur WordGirl Wild Kratts Electric Comp KOAB NewsChannel 8 Be a Millionaire Da sofourLives Katie The Ellen DeGeneresShow Your Four O'Clock News NewsChannel8 Ni htl News KGW Varied Pro rams TheSteveW ilkosShow The Bill Cunnin ham Show Meet, Browns Meet, Browns We ThereYet? We ThereYet? TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 Varied Pro rams Tavis Smile Journal Ni htl Business PBS NewsHour Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 CSI: Miami Va r ied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams The First 48 Varied Pro rams The First 48 V a ried Pro rams The First 48 V a ried Pro rams *** Erin Brockovich 2000, DramaJulia Roberts, Albert Finne, Aaron Eckhart ** Hidal o 2004 Vi o Mortensen. AWesterner races a horseacross the Arabian desert. « 11:30 *** Esca e From NewYork1981 « ** Once U onaTimeinMexico2003AntonioBanderas.« ** Swordfish 2001JohnTravolta, Hu h Jackman.e Gone in Six *** A Few GoodMen1992Tom Cruise. A Nav law erdefends twoMarines in a comrade's death CSI: Miami Fallen n sa CSI: Miami SuddenDeathsa AMC 10240 39 (10:00) *** Jerr Ma uire *** CrimsonTide1995,Suspense DenzelWashin ton,Gene Hackman.« ** Hulk 2003 EncBana h (11:30) ** The Bod uard1992, DramaKevin Costner, Whitne Houston. « ** Hulk 2003, Fantas Eric Bana.Scientist BruceBanner transformsinto a owerful brute. « ** The Kin dom 2007,ActionJamieFoxx, Chris Coo er, Jennifer Garner. « Usual Sus ects *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Animal Precinct Animal Precinct Animal Precinct Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Swam Wars Varied Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 Varied Pro rams Reba CMT 19032 42 53 Reba Closin Bell Closin Bell With Maria Bartiromo Fast Mone Va r ied Pro rams Mad Mone The Kudlow Report Varied Pro rams CNBC 54 36 40 52 The LeadWith JakeTapper The Situation Room Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper360 CNN 55 38 35 48 (11:00) CNN Newsroom Varied Pro rams Movie VariedPro rams:22 Futurama 4:53 Futurama Alwa s Sunn COM 13553 35 47 Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram J o of Fishin A d v Journal G e t Outdoors V isions of NWCit Edition Pa i d Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Capitol Hill Hearin s CSPAN 61 20 12 (9:00) Public Affairs 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Varied Pro rams Phineas, Ferb Varied Pro rams Gravit Falls Varied Pro rams *DISC 156 21 16 37 Auction Kin s Auction Kin s M hBusters Varied Pro rams l(Almost GotAwa Withlt *El E! News Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Varied Pro rams Kourtne -Kim Varied Pro rams 136 25 Varied Pro rams S ortsCenter Varied Pro rams ESPN 21 23 22 23 Outside Lines Football Live N FL Live Varied Pro rams NFL32 Varied Pro rams ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams Boxin Boxin Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 23 25 S ortsCenter S ortsCenter Varied Pro rams S ortsCenter V aried Pro rams S ortsCenter ESPNN 24 63 24203 S ortsCenter F ull House Fu l l House Ful l House Ful l House Reb a Reba Reba Reba That '70s Show That '70s Show That'70s Show That'70s Show FAM 67 29 19 41 Studio B With Shepard Smith You r World With Neil Cavuto The Five Special Report With Bret Baier FOX Report With ShepardSmith The O'Reill Factor FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Best Dishes B'foot Contessa Varied Pro rams Dollar Dinners Secrets 30-Minute Meals Giada at Home Giada at Home B'foot Contessa B'foot Contessa Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams How I Met Var ied Pro rams FX 131 House Hunters Hunters Int'I Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Will & Grace W i ll & Grace H o w I Met How I Met Gre 's Anatom Gre 's Anatom Varied Pro rams LIFE 138 39 20 31 TheC cle Martin Bashir Hardball With Chris Matthews Pol i ticsNation Hardball With Chris Matthews All In With Chris Ha es MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 PeterRabbit Max&Rub Do raEx lorer Lalaloo s S on eBob S on eBob S on eBob R ocketMonke s OddParents OddParents S on eBob S on eBob NICK 82 46 24 40 Dr. Phil Varied Pro rams OWN 16110331 103 Dr. Phil PAC12 47 310310310 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 SYFY 13335 133 45 (11:30) Movie Varied Pro rams The 700Club John Ha ee V a ried Pro rams Praise the Lord Varied Pro rams Potter's Touch Behind Scenes Varied Pro rams TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 Accordin -Jim Love-Ra mond American Dad American Dad Wipeout Cou ar Town Friends Friends Friends Friends Kin of Queens 28 ** The Outlaw 1943,Western JaneRussell, Jack Buetel. « ** This Side of the Law1950 VivecaLindfors ** The Law and JakeWade1958 « ** Roxre Hart1942, Comed Who's Afraid : 4 5 * * U the Down Staircase 1967, DramaSand Dennis, Patrick Bedford. « **SweetNovember1968Sand Dennis,Anthon Newle. « *** M Gal Sal1942 ** The MGM Stor 1951 *** Sleuth 1972 sa TCM 101 44 10129 W (11:45) *** The Set-Up1949 * * Bo rn to Be Bad1950 JoanFontaine. Aa (:45) ** Woman onPier131950 Laraine Da . « *** Three Coins in the Fountain 1954,Romance ** Love Me Tender 1956 h (11:45) *** Johnn Belinda 1948 «(DVS) (:15) *** Titanic1953, Docudrama Clifton Webb,Barbara Stanw ck. ** Zotz! 1962TomPoston, Julia Meade *** The Phantom Tollbooth 1969,Mel Blanc « 15 ** The Land That TimeFor ot1975 Dou McClure. « ***SoProudl We Hail *TLC 17834 32 34 What Not to Wear A Bab Sto A B a b Stor Extreme Cou Extreme Cou What Not/Wear Varied Pro rams Four Weddin s Varied Pro rams Island Medium Island Medium *TNT 17 26 15 27 Bones Bones Bones Bones Castle Varied Pro rams *TOON 84 Loone Tunes Scoob Scoob Almost Naked Scared S uirrel Loone Tunes Johnn Test Jo h nn Test MAD Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Adventure Time *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams Bourdain: NoReservations Food Wars F o o d Wars Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food Man v. Food M*A*S*H M*A*S*H And Griffith Bonanza And Griffith A n dGriffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 (:38) Gunsmoke Varied Pro rams 1:49) Gunsmoke Varied Pro rams NCIS Varied Pro rams USA 15 30 23 30 Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 10:50 Movie : 2 0 Movie Varied Pro rams :45 Movie VariedPro rams:20 Movie ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 Movie Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams Masters Varied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 Varied Pro rams HALL 66 33 175 33 Marie Varied Pro rams Mad Hun r Ma d Hun Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Brad Bunch B r ad Bunch (11:15) ** We Bou hta Zoo 2011n « Hemin wa & Gellhorn 2012,DocudramaClive Owen,Nicole Kidman. n « (:15) ** Anacondas: TheHunt for the Blood Orchid 2004 n aa 11:15 ** Alien vs. Predator n * * * R io 2011 Voices Anne of Hathawa . n « Oblivion: First * * The Chronicles of Riddick 2004 Vin Diesel, ColmFeore. n « ** Johnn En lish Reborn 2011 HBO 25501425501 W 11:30 Phil S ector 2013 n sa * Somethin Borrowed 2011Ginnifer Goodwin. n cc Fall to Grace n:45 ** Snow White and theHuntsman2012, Fantas Kristen Stewart. n cc h (11:15) Craz, Stupid, Love. 2011 Conchords ** RockofA es 2012Julianne Hou h,Die o Boneta.n « (:45) ** We Bou ht a Zoo2011 MattDamon, Scarlett Johansson. n « SnowWhite * Th e A rtofGettin B 2011n cc *** The Best Exotic Mari old Hotel 2011Judi Dench. n « Oblivion: First 50 Children: RescueMission Red Tails 2012 IFC 105 105 11:45 Movie Varied Pro rams 15 Movie Varied Pro rams Movie (10:15) Fast Five ** Mar aret 2011AnnaPaquin. A teen feels responsiblefor afatal traffic accident *** Conta ion 2011Marion Cotillard. n « (:45) *** The Terminator 1984 n « 11:30 * The Sitter 2011 n 12:50 ** Horrible Bosses 2011Jason Bateman. n s« a 2:50 * Chernob I Diaries 2012,Horror n « :20 *** Extremel Loud & Incredibl Close n MAX 00508 508 W Born.4th Ju l :45 * * D arkShadows2012,Comed Johnn De .n cc 40 **Antitrust2001,Sus enseR anPhilli e.n cc 45 * Dream House2011Daniel Crai . n h (11:00) ** U-571 2000n * Simpl Irresistible 1999 n cc (:40) ** Kiss the Girls1997Mor an Freeman, Ashle Judd. n « (:35) * This MeansWar2012, Action n « ** The Thin :35 *Ma'or Lea ue111994,Comed Charlie Sheen. n « 20 **TheEa le2011Channin Tatum.n 15 ** The Out-of-Towners1999 n « 45 Chronicle NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Varied Pro rams The DanPatrick Show Pro Football Talk The Crossover The Crossover Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams NGC 157 157 Ava tar: Air. Yu- Gi-Oh! Yu- G i-Oh! Dra o n Ball Z D r a on Ball Z A vatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Yu- Gi-Oh! Yu- G i-Oh! NTOON 89 115189115 Dra on Ball Z Dra on Ball Z A vatar: Air. OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams (11:35) ** Reali Bites1994 n (:15) ** Meet Joe Black1998, Fantas Brad Pitt. TheGrimReaper assumestheform of a recentl deceased man. n « (:25) * The Darkest Hour 2011Emile Hirsch. n * A Gu Thin 2003 JasonLee, Julia Stiles, SelmaBlair. n « I:50 ** Chalet Girl 2011 Felici Jones. « *** Source Code 2011Jake G llenhaal. n « 15 *** Meek's Cutoff 2010 11:15 ** Mi ht Joe Youn 15 ** House of D 2004AntonYelchin, RobinWiliams. n *** Lost in Translation 2003Bill Murra . n 42 *** Eternal Sunshine of the S otless Mind SHO 00 500 h (:15) * The Scenesters 2009Sheril n Fenn, Blaise Miler. n « ** Kin Boots 2005 Joel Ed erton, Chiwetel Ejiofor. Premiere (3:50) ** What Dreams Ma Come1996 n « M Week-Mar. 15 **ThelronLad 2011,Bio ra h Me IStree .n « *** Source Code2011Jake G lenhaal. n « 45 ***50/502011 Jose h Gordon-Levitt, Seth Ro en. n « **Redn SPEED 35 303125303 Monster Jam On the Ed e V a ried Pro rams Cho -Rebuild Gearz NASCARHub Varied Pro rams Pass Time Pa s s Time Var ied Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (11:30) Movie Varied Pro rams (:15) Movie (:20) Movie V a r ied Pro rams (:35) Movie 11:40 *** Monsters 2010 n 15 **AndNow... LadiesandGentlemen2002,Sus enseJerem Irons.n « ***Simon Birch1998 lanMichael Smith, Jose h Mazzello. n « Die Another Da 11:10 An UnreasonableMann 15 ***Buck2011, Documenta n cc 45 ** Dan erous Kiss1995, Sus enseKevin Dilon. n sa ** S Ivia 2003 Gwneth Paltrow.n cc TMC 25 (11:30) ** The Deco Bride n Thanks 2011Paul Doole, Rita Rudner. n sa * Wrecka e 2010,HorrorAaronPaul. n « Summer's Moon2009, Horror Ashle Greene Melancholia n 525 h 11:30 **DieAnotherDa 2002PierceBrosnan. :45 *WishfulThinkin 1999DrewBar more 15 *** Cam 2003 Daniel Letterle, Joanna Chilcoat. n « 05 ** Fi htville 2011n 10 *** A Better Life 2011DemianBichir, Jose Julian. n cc I:50 ** The D Land 2010 R anO'Nan. n cc :25 All Good Thin s 2010 R anGoslin . n cc 05 The Woman in the Fifth 2011 *WE 143 41 174118 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Gho st Whisperer Charmed Charmed Varied Pro rams KATU

TV • PAGE 11 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013



c II















(10:01) Castle Amurderoccursduring a KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy convent>on n PG cc Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) (N)n cc (10:01) Revolution Rachelembarks on NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'G'cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) a dangerousjourney. (N) n '14' at11 (N) « Wit h Jay Leno 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Final: TeamsTBA FromAtlanta. (N) (Live) « 2 Broke Girls n The Big Bang Access Hollywood NewAdventures 30 Rock n '14' « KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ '14' cc Theory n 'PG' (N) 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) of Old Christine (N) cc (10:01) Castle Amurderoccursduring a KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News at Entertainment omg! Insider (N) n Dancing With theStars (N) n 'PG' « 'PG' « convent>on n PG cc Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG' 11:00 (N) cc Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Bones A powerfuldivorce lawyer is The Following TheCurseAgentWeston NewsChannel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family GuyTrad- Family Guy n KFXO I I IEI IEI IEI Twoanda Half '14' cc Men '14' « Men ' 14' cc (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' murdered. '14' «(DVS) returns.(N) n (PA)'14' First on FOX ing Places '14' Antiques Roadshow Asuit that be History Detectives Cane;woodentele- Independent Lens TheHouse ILive In; As I AmThewar on drugs in the U.S.(N) KOAB ~ gy ~ gy This Old House n Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n acc 'Q' cc n '14' cc (DVS) (PBS) Report (N) n 'G' longed toColonel Sanders. (N)'G' scope. n 'PG' cc NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 5 Morevocalists audition. (N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Revolution Rachelembarks on NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) a dangerous journey. (N) n '14' 11 (N) « With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld The Rules of Engage The Carrie Diaries CarrieandWalt Hart of Dixie Zoegetsoverly protective Cops n '14' cc Seinfel dTheYada RulesofEngage. That'70sShow n KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q The King of '14' cc Yada 'PG' ment 'PG' Queens 'PG' Misfire '14' « G l a sses n 'PG'ment '14' receive anoffer. (N) n '14' « of Rose. n 'PG' « (CW) OPBPL 175 173 M y Family 'PG' Time Goes By Sun Studio "DefiantRequiem:Voicesof Resistance" (2012) n World News Tavis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n «


Jeopardy! (N) n Wheel of Fortune Dancing With theStars (N) n 'PG' « 'G' « (N) n 'G' Jeopardy! (N) n Wheel of Fortune The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 5 Morevocalists audition. (N) n 'PG' cc

DuckDynasty Duck Dynast y «Duck Dynasty «Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty «Bates Motel Trust MeRising suspicions (11:01) Bates Motel Risingsuspicions 3 28 1 8 32 The First 48'1A4'man Dynasty 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc truck's cab. cc is found dead in his Duck about townresidents. (N) '14' about townresidents. '14' ** "Once Upon aTimein Mexico" (2003)Antonio Banderas, SalmaHaysk. A CIA * "Gonein SixtySeconds" (2000,Action) Nicolas Cage,Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi. A retired thief (10:31) ** "Swordfish" (2001)JohnTravolta. An ex-con 'AMC agent recruits agunmanto stop anassassination. « must steal 50cars tosave his brother. « computerhacker ispulled into a high-techheist. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 River Monsters: TheLostReelsn River Monsters: Unhooked n '14' River Monsters: Unhooked n 'PG' River Monsters FaceRipperDeadlypredator in a Bolivian river. n 'PG River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Hou sewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Real Housewives/Beverly LA Shrinks FamilyAffairs (N) '14 Housewives/OC Re b a 'PG' « ** "Ace Ventura:PetDetective" (1994, Comedy)JimCarrey. n « CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' « Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 Treasure Detectives The CarChasers Mad Money Treasure Detectives The CarChasers Paid Program Battle Hair Loss CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 Always Sunny (6:26) Tosh.0 '14' Colbert Report DailyShow (7:57)Futurama (8:28)Futurama (8:58) Futurama (9:29) Futurama (9:59) South Park South Park 'MA' Daily Show COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 FirstLadies: Influence& lmage(N) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today ** "Hannah Montana:TheMovie" (2009)Miley Cyrus. n « 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e s sie'G' « Austin 8 Ally 'G Shake It Up! 'G' Jessie 'G' « Jessie 'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7' *DISC 15 21 16 37 TheDevilsRideFightClubn'14' The Devils RideWar Is Now'14' The Devils Ride Enemy Within '14' The Devils Ride Blood in &Out '14' The Devils Ride War Crimes '14 The Devils Ride Enemy Within '14 *E! 13 25 The Soup Soup Awards '14' E!News(N) After Lately '14 Kourtney and KimTake Miami Burning Love(N) After Lately '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 MLBBaseball: MetsatPhillies Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 QBCamp QB Camp NFL Live « SportsNation « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)sc s NASCARNow NFL Live « SportsNation (N) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Network Stars AWA Wrestling cc UWFWrestling PBA Bowling FromMay6, 2009 Women's College Basketball NCAA Tournament, final. cc Women's College Basketball cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Home Alone" (1990,Comedy) MacaulayCulkin, JoePesci. FAM 67 29 19 41 America'sFunniestHomeVideos Secret Life of American Teen Secret Life of American Teen The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive ** "Shrek ForeverAfter" (2010, Comedy)Voices of Mike Myers, EddieMurphy. ** "Shrek ForeverAfter" (2010), EddieMurphy FX 131 How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men HGTV 17 49 33 43 CurbAppeal'G' Curb Appeal 'G' Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It Mark &Desta 'G ' L o ve It or List It (N) 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I Lo v e It or List It Cira Bagnato 'G' *HIST 15 42 41 36 PawnStars'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG LIFE 13 39 20 31 ***"FriendsWithMoney"(2006) JenniferAniston. « ** "The Switch"(2010)Jennifer Aniston, JasonBateman. « ** "MissCongeniality 2:Armedand Fabulous" (2005,Comedy)« MSNBC 59 59128 51 TheRachelMaddow Show (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 16 and Pregnant 16 and Pregnant Alex Anaspiring dancer. 'PG' « Teen Mom 2 n 'PG' Teen Mom 2Don't BeCruel 'PG' Teen Mom 2Sweet Dreams'PG' World of Jenks (N) n '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p ongeBob Sp o ngeBob Dr a ke & Josh nFull House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Unusual Suspects n '14' « Dateline onOWN(N) n '14' Dateline on OWN n '14' « Datehneon OWNn 14 « Dateline on OWN n '14' OWN 161 103 31 103 Unusual Suspects n '14' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball OregonState at Washington College Softball ArizonaState at Stanford Game1of doubleheader College Softball ArizonaState at Stanford Game2 of doubleheader. ** "Fantastic Four" (2005,Action) loanGruffudd, JessicaAlba, Chris Evans. n ** "Fantastic Four" (2005) loanGruffudd.n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (4:30) ** "TheGuardian" (2006)KevinCostner, Ashton Kutcher. n * "G.i. Joe:TheRise o/Cobra" (2009, Action) ChanningTatum,Dennis Quaid. « SYFY 13 35133 45 Being Human Being HumanRuhRoh(N) Lost Girl Hail, Hale(N) n « TheDefiance Being Human TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord 'Y' cc Live-Holy Land Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord Joel Osteen 'PG' Perry Stone The King of Seinfeld TheDeal- Seinfeld The S einfeld The Gym- Family Guy Epi- Family Guy Stew- Family GuyGetting Family GuyThree Family Guy n Family Guyn ConanAdam Sandler;MollyShannon 'TBS '14' cc '14' cc Queens n 'PG ership 'PG' Sme lly Car 'PG' nast n 'PG' sode 420 n '14' Roids '14' married. '14' Ki n gs '14' (N) cc *** "Knock onAny Door" (1949,CrimeDrama)Humphrey (8:15) *** "Compulsion" (1959, CrimeDrama)OrsonWelles, DeanStockwell ' » ** (10:15) *** "Anatomy oi s Murder" (1959)JamesStewart, LeeRemick. Acount TCM 101 44 101 29 Hart" Bogart, JohnDerek. « Basedonthe Loeb-Leopoldmurdercaseof1920sChicago. lawyer defends an Armyofficer accusedof murder. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 IslandMedium Island Medium Worst Tattoos Worst Tattoos W orst Tattoos W orst Tattoos Amish Mafia n '14' « Amish Mafia n '14' « Amish Mafia n '14' « Castle SetupFederal agenttakes over a Castle CountdownPreventing acity- Dallas A Call to ArmsTheEwings use Dallas LoveandFamily Christopher is Monday Mornings FamilyTies Hooten (11:01) Dallas ACall to ArmsThe Ew *TNT J.R.'s masterplan. (N) '14' murder case. 'PG' « wide catastrophe. 'PG' « suspicious ofPamela.(N)'14' and Buckheadto court.(N)'14' ings use J.R.'smasterplan. '14' *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Adventure Time Regular Show MAD (N) 'PG King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food Bizarre FoodsAmerica'PG'« Bizarre Foods America 'PG' « The Layover with Bourdain Bourdain: No Reservations TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in Cleveland King of Queens King ofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 NCISGracePeriodn'14' « NCIS CoverStory n 'PG' « WWE MondayNight RAWWrestleMania results. IsTheRock still WWEChampion? (N) n « (11:05) TheMoment 'PG' « VH1 191 48 37 54 T.l.andTiny T .l. a ndTiny L ove & H ipHopn'14' Love & HipHop(N) n '14' The GossipGame(N) n '14' T.l. and Tiny Love & Hip Hop n '14' T.l. and Tiny *A&E


** "Waterworid" 1995KevinCostner. A loner navigates a future world. n 'PG-13' « 106 401 306401(6:05) ** "GungHo"1986,ComedyMichaelKeaton.n 'PG-13'« (10:20) ** "MeninBlack ii" 2002 'PG-13' « * "WhatHappensin Vegas"2008CameronDiaz.'PG 13'« * "A/I About Steve"2009 SandraBullock. 'PG-13' « * "A/I About Sleve" 2009'PG-13' 104204104120(500) "WhatHappensin Vegas" 34 UFC: Latifi vs. Mousasi Fromthe EricssonGlobeArena in Stockholm, Sweden. UFC ReloadedUFC141 Lesnarvs. OvereemRelive UFC141 28 301 27 301 Live From the Masters


Inside PGATour Learning Center

Live From theMasters

Live From theMasters

Inside PGATour Learning Center

HALL 66 33175 33 Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Frasier n ' PG' Frasier 'PG' Frasier 'PG' F r a sier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 *** "Crazy, Stupid, Love." 2011 Steve Carell. n 'PG-13' cc Real Time With Bill Maher n 'MA 50Children:RescueMission (10:05) ** "Safe House"2012, Action DenzelWashington. n 'R' cc *** "Angel Heart" 1987,SuspenseMickeyRourke, Robert DeNiro, Lisa Bonet. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "Transporter 3" 2008 (7:15) ** "Transporter 3" 2008,Action JasonStatham, Natalya Rudakova.'PG-13 ** "The Three Slooges" 2012SeanHayes. 'PG *** "CapeFear"1991,SuspenseRobert DeNiro. n 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 TheTerminator (6:35) ** "inTime"2011 Justin Timberlake. n 'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (4:30)CyclingParis-Roubaix The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Skiing FS Nationals IndyCar Racing HondaGrand Prix of Alabama Inside 9/11: Zero Hour 'PG NGC 157 15 7 In s ide 9/11: Zero Hour 'PG Inside 9/11: War onAmerica 'PG NTOON 89 115189 115 SpongeBob S p ongeBob Sp o ngeBob Sp o ngeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Heartland Bow Fisher's ATV S a vage Wild Bo t tom FeedersIvan Carter Be s t of West Elite Tactical Unit TheCrucible SHO 500 500 Californication House of Lies (5:55) ** "The TwilightSaga: BreakingDawnPart 1" 2011'PG-13' (7:55) HomelandTheChoice 'MA' SPEED 35 303125303 Faster Than F a s ter Than Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Pinks - All Out'14 Faster Than F a ster Than STARZ 300408300408 (535) *** "TheLord oi the Rings:TheReturn oi the King"2003, Fantasy Elijah Wood. n 'PG13' « Spartacus: War of the Damnedn f *** "Traffic" 2000, CrimeDramaMichael Douglas, DonCheadle. n 'R TMC 525 525 (5:30) ** Die AnotherDay"2002 Pierce Brosnan. n 'PG-13' « *WE

Your Weapon Bottom Feeders Fisher's ATV S avage Wild Shameless n 'MA'ec cs Inside Comedy House of Lies Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Unique Whips '14' Spartacus: War of the Damnedn (11:05) **"Menin Black3" « *** "Fair Game" 2010Naomi Watts. 'PG-13' « 14 41174118Roseannen 'G' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseannen 'G' Roseanne'PG'

PAGE 12 • TV

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II



KATU Newsat 6(N) n «

II Jeopardy! (N)n















Wheel of Fortune Splash The remainingcelebrities com Dancing With theStars (N) n 'PG' «(10:01) Body of Proof Tommybecomes KATUNewsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' a murdersuspect. (N)'14' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) pete. (N) n 'PG' cc (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 6 (9:01) Readyfor Love A Rockstar Searchfor LoveWomenvie for TimLopez's NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) Vocalists audition. (N) 'PG' « heart.(N) n 14 « at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access HollywoodWho Wants toBe New Adventures 30 Rock n '14' «NCIS A Navyreservist's husbandgoes NCIS: Los Angeles PurityCyanide kils (10:01) Golden BoyArroyoandOwen KOIN Local 6 at11 Late Show With KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine missing. (N)'14' cc (DVS) David Letterman (CBS) a lieutenant. (N) n '14' get competitive.(N) n '14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Splash Theremainingcelebrities com Dancing With theStars (N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Body of Proof Tommy becomes KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI 9 Newsat Entertainment (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Ton i ght (N) n cc pete. (N) n 'PG' « amurdersuspect. (N)'14' 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14' sKitchen Ramsaymakesagame New Girl Bachelor- The Mindy Project News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Hell' Family Guy n KFXO ID< IEI (9 IEI Two and aHalf '14' cc '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc (N) n '14' (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' changingdecision. (N)'14' ette Party '14' First on FOX Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) nacc Oregon Experi American Masters C arol Burnett A Womanof Character Frontline Syria Behindthe LinesReli Eat Fast and Live Longer With Mi KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Ask This Old (PBS) House 'G' cc Report (N) n 'G' ence Carol Burnett's TVvarietyshow n PG cc giousfeudinSyria. (N) « chael Mosley n 'PQ' cc NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) « Inside Edition (N) The VoiceTheBlind Auditions, Part 6 (9:01) Readyfor Love A Rockstar Searchfor LoveWomenvie for TimLopez's NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) (NBC) 6PM (N) « Vocalists audition. (N) 'PG' « heart (N) n 14 « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld ThePuffy Rules of Engage. Hart of Dixie Georgebecomesjealous America's Next TopModelTheGirl Cops n '14' cc Seinfeld The Mil- Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of 'PQ' cc ment '14' (N) n 'PG' « Queens 'PG' Long Away'14' Shirt 'PG' Who Makesthe Grade PG « lennium n 'PG' ment '14' (CW) *** "Bitter Seeds" (2011)n OPBPL 175 17 3 N e WTriCkSTiger, Tigern cc GreenFire: Aldc Leopold World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

Storage Wars Storage WarsBuy Storage Wars «Storage Wars Dr. Storage Wars Storage Wars «(11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage 'PQ' cc Buy Birdie Strangebid Jur assic Bark Wars cc Wars cc (5:30) *"Gonein Sixty Seconds" (2000,Action) NicolasCage, AngelinaJolie. A *** "A FewGoodMen"(1992, Drama) TomCruise, Jack Nicholson, DemiMoore. ANavylawyerdefendstwo Marines in a (11:01) ***"Jerry Maguire"(1996) 'AMC retired thief muststeal 50cars to save his brother. « comrade's death. « Tom c *ANPL 68 50 26 38 River Monsters: TheLostReelsn Wild West Alaska n 'PG' cc Madagascar n 'PG' cc Wild Appalachia n 'PG' cc Madagascar n 'PG' cc BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' T h e Kandi Factory (N) '14' The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' R e ba 'PG' cc R o n White: They CallTater Me Salad n '14' cc CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc Ron White's ComedySalute to the Troops 2011'14' C o ps Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 Treasure Detectives (N) The CarChasers (N) Mad Money Treasure Detectives The CarChasers Insanity Workout Octaspring Ma. CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Tosh.0 '14' Tos h.0 (N) '14' The Jeselnik Off Daily Show Co l bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'MA' Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show Th e Jeselnik Off Tosh.0 '14' Tos h.0 '14' COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Redmond City Council Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « Aus t i n l Ally'G' ShakeltUp! 'G *** "TheLionKing" (1994)Voicesof RowanAtkinson. n « Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Deadliest Catch Theopilio season comesto a close. n 'PG' cc Deadliest Catch (N) n 'PG' cc Deadliest Catch AnEpicSeasonAdaring searescue. (N) n '14' cc Deadliest Catch n 14 cc *E! ** "Stick lf" (2006,Comedy-Drama)Jeff Bridges, MissyPeregrym 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami E! N ews (N) Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 Women'sCollege BasketballNCAATournament,Final: Teams TBA(N) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (5:00) NBA NFL Live « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)sc s c NBA Tonight (N) NASCARNow NFL Live « Coast to Coast(N) Bas eball Tonight (N) (Live) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (6:09) Golf cc (7:01) Golf cc (7:52) Golf cc (8:44) Golf cc (9 34) Golf cc (10:31) Golf cc (11:22) Golf H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. ** "HomeAlone2:Lostin NewYork" (1992,Comedy) Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci. FAM 67 29 19 41 FreshPrince * * * " HomeAlone"(1990,Comedy)MacaulayCulkin,JoePesci The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Chopped Chopped Prickly Situation 'G Chopped 'G Chopped ForSake's Sake'G' Chopped Viewers'ChoiceBaskets Chopped Oysterscauseproblems. ** "Machete" (2010,Action) DannyTrejo Robert DeNiro FX 131 Two/Half Men * * "T he Green Hornet" (2011,Action) Seth Rogen,Jay Chou, CameronDiaz The Ultimate Fighter (N) n '14' HGTV 17 49 33 43 My First Place My First Place Hunters Int'I House Hunters Buying and Selling 'G' « Income Property (N) n 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I Income Property n 'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Counting Cars Counting Cars Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration LIFE 13 39 20 31 Dance Moms'PG'acc Dance MomsShe's a Maniac 'PG' Dance Moms'PG' cc Dance Moms(N)'PG' « Preachers' Daughters (N)'14' (11:01) Preachers' Daughters '14' MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 16and Pregnant Jamie'14' « 16 and Pregnant Katie 'PG' « Teen Mom 2SweetDreams 'PG' Ladies Man: AMadeMovie" (2013) Dave Davis. Premiere. n '14 Nikki & Sara T e en Mom 2 n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob D r ake & Josh n Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House'G' Full House'G The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends Oprah: WhereAre They Now? 'PG Oprah: WhereAre They Now?'PG Oprah: WhereAre They Now?'PG Oprah: WhereAre They Now?'PG OWN 161 103 31 103 Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal 'PG Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 Pac-12 Football in 60 PAC12 47 310310310 College Baseball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 WorstTenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Urban Tarzan (N) Worst Tenants Urban Tarzan n SYFY 13 35 133 45 (4:00) Outlander The Defiance Balffedogs"(2013, Horror)DennisHaysbert, Craig Sheffer. « Robot Combat LeagueKicking Bot Robot CombatLeague (N) Total Blackout The Defiance TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince Praise the Lord 'Y' « ACLJ This Week Full Flame cc Rod Parsley Secrets-Clement Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord The King of Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Seinfeld ThePilot, Seinfeld n 'PG' cc The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang CougarTown(N) Cougar Town(N) Conan MatthewPerry; Nikolaj Coster 'TBS '14' cc Queens n 'PG Part I 'PG' Theory n '14' T heory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG '14' cc Waldau. (N) « ** "Orchestra Wives" (1942,Musical) GeorgeMontgomery,AnnRutherford. A *** "CarnegieHall" (1947,Musical) MarshaHunt, Wiliam Prince, FrankMcHugh.A concert organizer *** "Three Strang (5:00) *** "My Gal Sal"(1942) Ri t a TCM 101 44 101 29 Hayworth, VictorMature. erS" cc bride adapts to life ontheroad with her spouse's band. promotesher pianist scn. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium My Big FatGypsyWedding'PG' 19 Kids andCountingn 'G'« 19 Kids-Count 19 Kids-Count Six McGhees S i x McGhees 1 9 Kids-Count 19 Kids-Count Castle A manis found deadinside a Castle The Dead PoolA swimmerturns Castle Beckett's ex-partner ismurdered. Castle Pretty DeadBeauty pageant Southland LydiaandRubeninvestigate *TNT 17 26 15 27 CastleLawl Murder Jurordiesduringa n 'PG' cc high-profile trial. n 'PG' pizza oven. n 'PG' « updeadin a pool. 'PG' « contestant is strangled. 'PG' « a murder. n '14' « *A&E

3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'PQ' cc Wars

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

*TOON 84 Regular Show Regular Show *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern

JohnnyTest'Y7' Wrld,Gumbaff Looney Tunes Adventure Time Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food Bizarre FoodsAmerica'PG'« TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheGoldenGirls TheGoldenGirls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls USA 15 30 23 30 Law&Order: Specialyictims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit VH1 191 48 37 54 Behind/Music B e h indtheMusicUsher'PG'« T .l. an dTiny The Gossip Game n '14' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401 *** "Holes" 2003, AdventureSigourneyWeaver. n 'PG' « 104204104120 * "Are We Done Yef?"2007,ComedyIce Cube,Nia Long.'PG' acc 34

AMA Supercross RacingHouston UFC Tonight (N) UFC Insider

KingoftheHiff KingoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14' Tricked Out Trailers 'G' « Mud People 'PG' « Beach-n-Rys 'PG' « Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in Cleveland KingofQueens King ofQueens King ofQueens Law & Order: Special Victims Unit WWE Hall of FameInduction Cere CSE Crime Scene Investigation n Love & HipHop n '14 Mob Wives LoveHurts '14' cc T.l. andTiny Gossip Game

*** "TheBourne Supremacy" 2004Matt Damon.n 'PG-13' « (9:50) ** "The Jackal"1997, Suspense BruceWilis. n 'R' « * "EpicMovie"2007 KalPenn.'PG-13'« FXM Presents * * "Post Grad"2009,ComedyAlexis Bledel. 'PG-13' «

U F C Unleashed


Str angers

UFC Unleashed

UFC Tonight U FC Insider

28 301 27 301 Live From the Masters Live From theMasters Live From theMasters HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch F r asier n 'PG' F rasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' F rasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' *** "Prometheus"2012, ScienceFiction NccmiRapace. n 'R' cc HBO 425 501 425501 Johnny English (6:45) ** "Alienvs.Predator" 2004SanaaLathan. n 'PG-13' cc Road to Donaire Game of Thrones n 'MA' cc *** "District9" 2009, ScienceFiction Sharlto Copley. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "ThePrestige" 2006 HughJackman (7:45) *** "District9" 2009, ScienceFiction Sharlto Copley, JasonCope. 'R * "TheSitter" 2011, ComedyJonah Hil. n 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 ExtremelyLoud ** "Horrible Bosses" 2011 JasonBateman.'NR (8:15) *** "Shaun oftheDead" 2004SimonPegg. n 'R' cc The Jump Off NBCSN 27 58 30209 NHL HockeyChi cagoBlackhawksatMinnesotaWild NHL Live (N) Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime World Series of Fighting 2 Arlovskivs. Johnson. FromAtlantic City, N.J. Red Buff Signature Series 'PG Inside CocaineSubmarines '14 NGC 157 157 C o caine Wars Drug Mules (N)'14 Cocaine Wars'14 Cocaine WarsDrugMules '14' Cocaine Wars'14 Cocaine SubHunt '14 NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn OUTD 37 307 43 307 Hunting, Country Most Wanted Hunting TV Sp r i ng West. Extremes Hunt Adv Truth Hunting Hunting, Country Driven TV Spring TecomateWhi West. Extremes ** "JustLikeUs"2010Premiere. n 'R' « SHO 500 500 House of Lies Californication Shameless n 'MA' « (5:15)***"Meek'sCutof/"'PG' (8:25) ** "The Mechanic"2011JasonStatham. 'R' SPEED 35 303125 303 Dreams Dreams Translogic (N) The List (N) G e arz Gearz 'G' Dreams Dreams Translogic The List Unique Whips '14' ** "Underworld: Awakening"2012 n 'R' « ** "TotalReca//" 2012,ScienceFiction Colin Farrell. n 'PG-13' « ***"Kill Bill:Vol. I"2003'R' STARZ 300408300408 (5 40) ** "Menin Black 3"2012Wil Smith. 'PG 13' * "Aut umninNew york"2000,RomanceRichardGere.n 'PG-13 ** "peace, Love &Misunderstanding" 2011 n 'R' / Don'tKnow TMC 525 525 (4:30) Sylvia 'R' * * " The Womaninthe Fifth"2011EthanHawke *WE 14 41 174118 CSEMiami Dead Air n '14' cc CSE Miami Shock n '14' cc CSE MiamiOpenWater '14' cc CSh Miami Gang members. n '14' C SE Miami Free Fall n '14' cc CSE Miami DeadAir n '14' cc

TV • PAGE 13 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013



c II

KATU Newsat 6(N) rr «



II Jeopardy! (N)o















Wheel of Fortune The Middle Dollar Suburgatory Go Modern Family Flip Howto Live With Nashville Acrisis bringsRaynabackto KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) Days(N) 'PG' Gamblers! 'PG' Flop (N) 'PG' Y o ur Parents N ashville. (N) n 'PG' (N)o cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBC(N) n 'PG' cc Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Fire Dawsonis helped by agirl NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) DreamsDeferred'14' «(DVS) she saved.'14' «(DVS) at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock LiveShow Survivor: Caramoan —Fans vs. Favor Criminal Minds A timecapsule holds CSE CrimeScene Investigation Back- KOIN Local 6 at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine David Letterman (CBS) ites(N) n cc somethinggruesome.(N) '14' fire (N) rr '14' cc(DVS) (N) cc KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News at Entertainment omg! Insider (N) The Middle Dollar Suburgatory Go Modern Family Flip How to LiveWith Nashville A crisis bringsRaynabackto KEZI 9 News at (11:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG cc Days (N)'PG' Gamblers! 'PG' Flop (N) 'PG' Y o ur Parents N ashville. (N) n 'PG' 11:00 (N) cc The Big Bang American Idol Finalists CompeteThefinalists perform for the judges. (N) n '14' cc News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family GuyFor- Family Guy BusiKFXO III IE! @IEI TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' (FOX) First on FOX eign Affairs '14' ness Guy rr '14' Nature Grizzly andthewolf. n 'PG' « NOVA Themysteries of Earlh's birth. (N) TheTruth About Exercise With MiDangerous Edge: A Life of Graham KOAB ~ gy gy gy Burt Wolf: Travels Nightly Business PBS NewsHour(N) n acc rr 'PG' cc (PBS) & Traditions R e port (N) n 'G' (DVS) chael Mosley (N) n 'PG' cc Greene n 'PG' cc NewsChannel8at TrailBlazersHomeNBABasketballLosAngelesLakersatPortlandTrailBlazersFromtheRoseGardeninPortland,0rs. Law&Order:SVU ChicagoFireDawsonishelpedbyagirl NewsChannel8at TonightShow KGW (NBC) 6 PM (N) « Cou r t (N) (Live) she saved. '14' «(DVS) 11 (N) « With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Rules of Engage. Arrow Dodger Thea's purseisstolen. Supernatural Torn andFrayedCastiel Cops Las Vegas, Seinfeld TheMuffin Rules of Engage. That '70s Shown KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ The King of n '14' cc '14' cc ment '14' ment 'PG' Queens r1 'PG' Fun It '14' « must rescueanangel. rr '14' Nevada r1 '14' Tops 'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 O u tnumbered n Last of the Wine Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doc Martin n 'PG' « World News Tavis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'G' « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty(N) Duck Dynasty (11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy 3 28 1 8 32 The First 48'1A is shot andthen Duck 'PQ' Dynasty cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc immolated. 4'woman « Samurai Si cc Drag Me to Glory 'PQ' cc nasty cc nasty cc CSE Mi a mi Sse No Evi l A bl i nd man CSE Miami Manhunt Horati o ' s wi f e's ** "P S. / Love You" (2007, Romance) Hi l a ry Swank, Gerard Butl e r, Lisa Kudrow. Premi e re. A wi d ow gets messages l e ft by (11 01) ** "The Bodyguard" (1992 'AMC hears a girl's abduction.'14' « killer escapes. n '14' « her husbandto helpher cope. Drama)KevinCostner. « *ANPL 68 50 2638 RiverMonster s:Unhooked n 'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters:Unhooked n 'PG' North Woods Law Uncuffed'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Housewives/OC The Rachel ZoeProject '14' « The Rachel Zoe Project (N) '14' BradWorld Duk esofMel Ho usewives/OC CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « *** "Steel Magnolias" (1989)Sally Field. Six iron-willed womengather at aLouisiana beauty parlor. 4r Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 Aff-Star Celebrity Apprentice 'PG' Treasure Detectives Violin; Warhol Mad Money Aff-Star Celebrity Apprentice 'PG' Treasure Detectives Violin; Warhol Insanity Workout 21st Century CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live ) Ande r son Cooper 360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Live Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront COM 13 53 135 47 South Park 'MA' Tosh.0 '14' Col b ert Report Daily Show Ch a ppelle Show Chappelle Show South Park 'MA' South Park 'MA' Workaholics '14' South Park 'MA' Daily Show Colbert Report COTV 11 Bend City Council Work Session B end City Council Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « Aus t in I Ally n S hake It Up! 'G' Jessie 'G' « Dog With a Blog A.N.T. Farm 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7 Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7 *DISC 15 21 16 37 Weed Country n '14' cc Weed Country Rippers'14' cc Weed Country n '14' cc Weed Country: TheChronicles '14 Pot CopsBuried inWeed(N)'14' Weed Country: TheChronicles '14 *E! 13 2 5 (5:00) ** "Stick /t" (2006) E! News(N) Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami The Soup '14' B urning Love Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 NBABasketbaff BrooklynNetsatBostonCeltics(N) NBA B asketballSanAntonioSpursatDenverNuggetsFromthePepsiCenterinDenver SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (4:00) MLBBaseball TeamsTBA Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) s« s NBA Tonight (N) Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NASCARNow ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (6:13) Golf cc (7:04) Golf cc (7:56) Golf cc (8:48) Golf « (9:40) Golf cc (10:32) Golf cc (11:24) Golf H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Rememberthe Tilans" (2000, Drama)Denzel Washington, Will Patton. FAM 67 29 19 41 ***"Secretariat"(2010) DianeLane. Thestoryofthe1973TripleCrownwinner. The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive D i n ers, Drive R e s taurant: Impossible 'G' Restaurant: Impossible 'G' Restaurant: Impossible 'G' Restaurant Stakeout Restaurant: Impossible 'G ** "Baff/e:LosAngeles" (2011) AaronEckhart, Michelle Rodriguez. Premiere FX 131 (5:00) **"TheGreenHornet" (2011)Seth Rogen. The AmericansOnlyYou(N)'MA' The Americans OnlyYou'MA HGTV 17 49 33 43 LoveltorListlt'G'« Love It or List It 'G' cc Cousins on Call Cousins on Call Property Brothers April 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I Property Brothers Amber'Q' cc *HIST 15 42 41 36 SwampPeople'PG'cc Swamp People 'PG' cc SwampPeopl eFloatingDead'PG' Swamp PeopleBadMojo'PG SwampPeopleBloodLines pQ (11:02) Vikings '14' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 ToBeAnnounced To Be Announced To Be Announced MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 TrueL!fen True Life n True Life n MTV Specia ln 'PG' The Real World (N) n '14' « True Life n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob D r ake & Josh n Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Hardcover Mysteries n '14' cc Undercover Boss n 'PG' « Undercover Boss n 'PG' cc Undercover Boss n PG « Undercover Boss n 'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Hardcover Mysteries n '14' « Pac-12 Playbook PAC12 47 310310310 The12 Best Th e 12 Best Pac-12 Playbook(N) College Basketball: Pac-12Tournament Women's CollegeBasketball: Pac-12Tournament *** "Brsvehearl" (1995,Historical Drama) MelGibson, Sophie Marceau. AScottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England. n « SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (4:30) **** "GoodFellas" (1990)Robert DeNiro, RayLiotta. n SYFY 13 35133 45 BestInk Biggerand Badder'PG' Hau nted Collector Haunted Collector Haunted Collector (N) Deep South Paranormal (N ) Haun ted Collector TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince End of the Age Esther Best of Praise Always Good Jesse Duplantis Easter Exper. Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord SeinfeldTheCar- SeinfeldThePilot Seinfeld TheSoup Family Guy Family The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang ConanJeremyPiven;JeremyWade 'TBS 16 27 11 28 TheKingof 'PQ' cc Queens n 'PG' toon n 'PG' Pa r t I 'PG' Goy n '14' The ory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' (N) cc *** "A LittleRomance"(1979, Romance-Comedy)LaurenceOlivier, DianeLane ** "Clash o/the Tilans" (1981,Fantasy)Harry Hamlin, LaurenceOlivier. Perseus "TheShoeso/the (1972,Mystery)LaurenceOlivier, Mi TCM 101 44 101 29chael 5 00 Caine. *** "Sleuth" « An elderly conmanhelps outtwo love-struck teenagers. battles mythic beasts towinthehand of Andromeda. « Fisherman" *TLC 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium My Obsession My Obsession Hoarding: Buried Alive 'PG' « Hoarding: Buried Alive (N) n 'PG' My Obsession My Obsession Hoarding: Buried Alive 'PG' « (5:30) *** "lnglourious Basterds" (2009,War)Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, ChristophWaltz. Soldiers seekNazi scalpsin Boston's Finest Preparingfor the fit Southland ChaosCooperandLucero Boston's Finest Preparing for the fit *TNT German-occupiedFrance. «(DVS) ness challenge.(N)'14' « are kidnapped.(N)zr « ness challenge. '14' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Lego Star Wars Lego Star Wars Incredible Crew KingoftheHiff KingoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food'G' BaggageBattles BaggageBattles Toy Hunter 'PG' Toy Hunter 'PG' Seafood Paradise (N) 'PG' « Steak Paradise: A SecondHelping Young King ofQueens King ofQueens King ofQueens TVLND 65 47 29 35 The GoldenGirls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Forever USA 15 30 23 30 NCIS Familyn'14' « NCIS Ex-File n 'PG' «(DVS) NCIS DeadAir n '14' « NCIS Nature ofthe Beast n '14' Psych DeezNups(N)'PG' (11:01) NCIS:Los Angeles n '14 VH1 191 48 37 54 100SexiestArtistsHour5n'14' W ick edSinglen'14' Mob Wives LoveHurts '14' cc The Gossip Gamen '14' The Gossip Gamen '14' 40 Greatest R&BSongs of the 90s *A&E

** "Click"2006,ComedyAdamSandler. rr 'PG-13' « BadTeacher'R' (9:50) *"TheBenchwarmers" 2006David Spade. FXM Presents * * "Drop Dead Gorgeous"1999, Comedy Kirsten Dunst. 'PG-13' « * "TheBachelor"1999, Comedy-DramaChris O'Donnell. 'PG-13' « 34 (5:00) UFCReloaded JoseAldoversus ChadMendes. UFC: Latifi vs. Mousasi Fromthe EricssonGlobeArena in Stockholm,Sweden. English PremierLeagueSoccer 28 301 27 301 Live From the Masters Live From theMasters 19th Hole Live From theMasters HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch F r asier 4r 'PG' Frasier rr 'PG' Frasier o 'PG' F rasier rr 'PG' Frasier 'PG' Fr a sier 'PG' Frasier 'PG' Fr a sier 4r 'PG' HBO 425501 425501 2012Rock and Roll Hall of FameInduction Ceremony n '14' « PhilSpector" 2013, DocudramaAl Pacino. n cc Real Time With Bill Maher n 'MA' Game of Thrones n 'MA' cc ** "Hostel Part ll" 2007, Horror LaurenGerman, Roger Bart. 'R' ** "Hostel" 2006,Horror JayHernandez, Derek Richardson. 'NR ** "Hostel Parr ll" 2007 'R' IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "Hostel" 2006 'NR' ** "Dark Shadows"2012, ComedyJohnny Depp. n 'PG-13' cc ***"TheLong Kiss Goodnight"1996Geena Davis. n 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 * Dream House (6:20) "StashHouse"2012 DolphLundgren. 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30209 NHL Hockey:BruinsatDevils NHL Live (N) The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Heads-Up Poker 'PG Heads-Up Poker 'PG Heads-UpPoker 'PG' Miami Drug Cartel '14 Miami Drug Cartel '14 Manhatta nMob Rampage '14' NGC 157 15 7 T i j uanaDrugLords'14 Tijuana Drug Lords '14' Vegas Mafia '14' (DVS) NTOON 89 115189115 Planet Sheen n Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn OUTD 37 307 43 307 Elite Tactical Unit ManDown Amer. Rifleman Shooting Gallery Best Defense Elite Tactical Unit ManDown Shooting USA cc Your Weapon Shooting Gallery SHO 500 50 0 E t ernal Sunshine "The * Darkest Hour" 2011 EmileHirsch. 'PG-13 Shameless n 'MA' « Jim Rome onShowtime (N)'MA' Aff Access'14' House ofLies Jim Rome onShowtime 'MA' SPEED 35 303125 303 Drag RaceHigh Drag Race High Am. Trucker A m . Trucker St u ntbusters S t u ntbusters Drag RaceHigh Drag Race High Am. Trucker A m . Trucker Unique Whips '14' **"TheNotebook"2004,Romance RyanGosling.n 'PG-13'« STARZ 300408300408 (5 35) "ADangerousMethod" 2011 (715) ** "The Vow"2012RachelMcAdams.n 'PG 13'« (11:05) ** "Spark/e" 201 2« ** "Saw" 2004,HorrorCary Elwes,DannyGlover. /r 'R * "Apo//o!8"2011 LloydOwen. /r 'PG-13' « TMC 525 525 (5:35) *** "Me/ancho/ia" 2011,DramaKirsten Dunst. rr 'R' « Suspect Zero 'R' *WE 14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values '14' Braxton Family Values 'PG ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(6:15) ** "Dragonhearr"1996, FantasyDennisQuaid. 4r 'PG-13' «

104204104120 ** "Sugar & Spice" 2001Marla Sokoloff. 'PG-13

PAGE 14 • TV

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II


KATU Newsat 6(N) rr «





Jeopardy! (N)o 'Q' cc





Wheel of Fortune Wife SwapAvery-Lamb/Martin (N)n

(N) n 'G'

'14' cc

Jeopardy! (N)n

Wheel of Fortune Community (N) n Parks andRecre 'Q' cc 'PG' « (N) n 'G' (NBC) ation (N) 'PG' AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock ReaganingTheBig Bang (8:31) Twoand a KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine rr '14' cc Theory n 'PG' Half Men n '14' (CBS) omg! Insider (N) Wife SwapAvery-Lamb/Martin (N)/r KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment '14' cc (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Toni ght (N) 'PG cc Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang American Idol Elimination; KellyClark KFXO I I IE) @ IEI Twoanda Half Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n 'PG Theory n 'PG son performs.(N)'14' « (FOX) Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Rudy Maxa's N i g htly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n acc rr 'G' cc World 'G' cc R e port (N) n 'G' (PBS) Guide 'G' cc NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) Community (N) n Parks andRecre KGW 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc ation (N) 'PG' (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) That '70s Show n Seinfeld TheBris Rules of Engage. The Vampire Diaries Into theWildTyler KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ The King of '14' cc 'PQ' cc ment '14' Queens n 'PG' confronts Klaus. '14' cc (CW) "Seeds ofResiliency" (2012)n OPBPL 175 173 T i me Goes By My Family 'PG' Wright's Boynton House KTVZ O O O O

NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc









Grey's AnatomyNewmanagement (10:02) Scandal Fitz is facedwith a KATU News at11 (11:35) Jimmy hostage situation. n '14' « Kimmel Live '14 causes chaos n 14 « (N)o cc The Office Stairma- (9:31) GoOn Urn- (10:01) Hannibal A killer who buries his NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show geddon '14' ed Run 'PG' victims alive. (N) rr '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno (9:01) Person of Interest Reesemust (10:01) Elementary Sherlockinvesti KOINLocal6at11 Masters H'lights protect a reporter. '14' « gates aexplosion.n 'PG'« (N) cc Grey's AnatomyNewmanagement (10:02) Scandal Fitz is facedwith a KEZI 9 News at (11:35) Jimmy hostage situation. n '14' « causes chaos. n '14' « 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14' Glee ShootingStarTheclub prepares fo News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn Family Guy n '14' cc '14' cc regionals. (N) n '14' First on FOX Doc Martin Ellingham'scareer plansare The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes History Detectives Cane; woodentele on hold. n 'PG' cc The CopperBeeches'G' scope. n 'PG' cc TheOfficeStairma-(9:31)GoOnUrn- (10:01)HannibalAkillerwhoburieshis NewsChannel8at TonightShow victims alive. (N) n '14' geddon '14' ed Run 'PG' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno Beauty and the Beast J.T. investigates Cops n '14' cc Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n 14 cc Vincent's blackouts. rr '14' ment PG World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'PG' cc PBS NewsHour n «

The First 48 Convenience-storeclerk The First 48 Missing A20-year-old The First 48 Ayoungfather is shotin The Killer SpeaksConvictedkiller Levi (11:01) The Killer Speaks Convicted shottodeath. PG cc single motherdisappears. '14' the back.(N) cc Kingspeaks (N) 14 cc killer Levi Kingspeaks. '14' Immortalized (5:00) **"Hulk" (2003, Fantasy)EricBana,Jennifer Connelly, SamElliott. Scien- Freakshow'14' «Freakshow'14' « Freakshow'14' «Freakshow'14' «Comic Book Men Comic Book Men Immortalized 'AMC 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc tist BruceBannertransformsinto a powerful brute. « *ANPL 68 50 2638 RiverMonster s:Unhookedn'PG Wild West Alaska n '14' cc Wild West Alaska n '14' cc North WoodsLaw: Onthe Hunt(N) Swamp Wars n 'PG' North WoodsLaw: Onthe Hunt n BRAVO 13 44 Hou sewives/OC Tabatha TakesOver '14' The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta T a batha Takes Over VIPNight '14' Tabatha Takes Over VIPNight '14' Re b a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « ** "Miss Congeniaily" l (2000, Comedy)Sandra Bullock, MichaelCaine. O « CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' « Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreed: TheFugitives American Greed(N) Mad Money American Greed:TheFugitives American Greed Insanity! Montel Williams CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Tos h .O '14' The Ben Show Nathan for You Daily Show Col bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'MA' Tosh.0'14 Colbert Report Daily Show Al w ays Sunny Always Sunny Tosh.O '14' COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « Aust i n I Ally'G' ShakeltUp!'G' ** "TheGamePlan" (2007)Dwayne"The Rock"Johnson. n « Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Fast N' Loud: Revved Up(N) cc Auction Kings Auction Kings *E! 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' E! News (N) The Soup '14' E ! Special '14' K ourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 (5:00)2013Masters TournamentFirst Roundcc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 2124 College Hockey:NCAATournament Baseball Tonight College Softball California atUCLA(N) (Live) « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NASCARNow SportsNation ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Friday Night Lights n 'PG' cc Friday Night Lights n '14' cc Long WayDown cc Boxing FromJan. 14, 1995. cc Boxing FromJuly 28, 1996. « Boxing FromJuly 9, 2010. « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Coach Carter"(2005)SamuelL.Jackson.Ahigh-schoolbasketballcoachpushes his team FAM 67 29 19 41 (5:30) *** "RemembertheTilans" (2000) DenzelWashington. to excel. The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44ChoppedOhMyGoshi,Umeboshi Sweet Genius GenieGenius Chopped 'G' Chopped A"heady" ingredient. Chef WantedWith Anne Burrell (N) Chopped ** "Battle: LosAngeles" (2011, Science Fiction) AaronEckhart, Michelle Rodriguez FX 131 Two/Half Men Anger Anger Archer (N) 'MA' Legit (N) 'MA' BrandX With Russell Brand 'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43 Selling NY S ell i ng NY Hunters Int'I House Hunters Income Property n 'G' « Rehab Addict 'G' Rehab Addict 'G' House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 Swamp People RisingWaters'PG' Swamp PeopleDeadlyChill'PG' SwampPeople NoSurrender'PG' SwampPeople BreakingPoint'PG' Chasing Tail (N) Chasing Tail (N) Counting Cars Counting Cars LIFE 13 39 20 31 Dance Moms'PG'acc Dance Moms'PG' cc Project Runway 'PG' « Project RunwayThedesigners travel to Europe. (N) 'PG' cc To Be Announced MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Failosophy '14' Ridiculousness Ridiculousness NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob D r ake & Josh n Marvin Marvin Wendell-Vinnie Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends n '14' « Dateline on OWN n '14' « Datehneon OWNn 14 « Dateline on OWN n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Dateline on OWN Pac-12 Playbook PAC12 47 310310310 Pac-12 Playbook College Baseball Oregonat OregonState College Basketball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (3:30) *** "Bravehearl" (1995)Mel Gibson, SophieMarceau. n « iMPACTWrestling (N) n '14' « Worst Tenants Urban Tarzan n Worst Tenants Worst Tenants * "Red Planet" (2000)Val Kilmer. Astronauts try to colonize Marsto save mankind SYFY 13 35 133 45 *** "Contact" (1997, ScienceFiction) Jodie Foster, MatthewMcConaughey. Ascientist seeks alien life in deepspace. « TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince Hillsong TV Pr a ise the Lord 'Y' cc Live-Holy Land Turning Point n 'G' « Creflo Dollar 'G' Behind Scenes Praise the Lord The King of Seinfeld The Seinfeld TheEn- Seinfeld TheSec- Family Guy n FamilyGuyHan- TheBig Bang TheBigBang Men at Work The Big Bang Conan Charlie Sheen;Tony Hale. (N) cc 'TBS '14' cc Queens o 'PG Strong Box'PG gagement'PG' retary 'PG' nah Banana'14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' (N) '14' Theory n '14' ** "Fromthe Earthto the Moon"(1958, Science Fiction) (' (6:45) *** "LesMisdrables" (1952,Drama)Michael Rennie, DebraPaget. An (8:45) *** "Demetrius andtheGladiators" (1954) Victor Mature. Thegladiator TCM 101 44 101 29 Tender"(1956) inspector pursues an ex-con trying to go straight. « vies with EmperorCaligula for Christ's robe. « Joseph Cotten,GeorgeSanders. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 IslandMedium Island Medium Worst Tattoos Worst Tattoos Casino Casino Worst Tattoos Worst Tattoos NYlnk(N) n'PG' cc Worst Tattoos Worst Tattoos (5:00) NBABasketball NewYork Knicks at Chicago Bulls NBA Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder at GoldenState Warriors FromOracle Arena in Oakland, Calif Inside the NBA(N)(Live) cc Castle RiseDetective Beckett struggles *TNT From theUnited Center in Chicago. (N) « (N) (Live) « to survive. vr 'PG' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show Incredible Crew Regular Show King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14' *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v.Food Man v. Food Mysteries attheMuseum 'PG Mysteries at the Museum(N) 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum'PG' Mys t eries at the Museum 'PG TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 NCISAdistraughtnavalofficer.'14' N C ISBloodbathn'14'« NCIS DogTags n '14' « NCIS Vanished n 'PG' « The Moment(N)'PG' « (11:01) PsychDeezNups'PG *** "Menace ll Society" (1993)Tyrin Turner, Jada Pinkett. n VH1 191 48 37 54 T.l.andTiny T .l. a ndTiny L ove & H ipHopn'14 Love & HipHop n '14' Master of the Mix ShakeIt Up 'PG *A&E


3 28 1 8 32 The 48 Bldeadl oodAlyle.y;'PBad drugFirst dealturns G' Deal A

*** "Si/verado" 1985,Western Kevin Kline. o 'PG-13' « 106401 306401(6:10) *** "Running Scared" 1986Gregory Hines. rr 'R' « (10:15) ** "VanHelsing" 2004HughJackman. rr 'PG-13' « FXM Presents * * * "B lack Hawk Down"2001,WarJosh Hartnett. 'R' « 104 204104120(5:00) ** "30 Days olNight" 'R' F XMPresents ** "30 Days o/Night" 2007, Horror JoshHartnett. 'R' « 34 The Ultimate Fighter n '14 The Ultimate Fighter n The Ultimate Fighter n '14 UFC Roundtable UFC Roundtable UFC Tonight U FC Insider Be s t of PRIDE Fighting 28 301 27 301 Masters Live From theMasters Live From theMasters Live From theMasters

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch F r asier vr 'PG' Frasier vr 'PG' Frasier o 'PG' F rasier rr 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 ** "Ethel"2012, Documentary n 'NR' « Oblivion: First Katie Morgan Katie Morgan's Road to Donaire ** "TheHangoverPart ll"2011 BradleyCooper Game of Thrones n 'MA' « IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "ThePerfect Storm" 2000'PG-13 (7:45) *** "Lethal Weapon"1987,Action MelGibson, DannyGlover, GaryBusey. 'R (10:15) *** "ThePerfect Storm" 2000GeorgeClooney. 'PG-13 ** "U-571" 2000,SuspenseMatthewMcConaughey. n 'PG-13' cc * "Wrathol the Tilans" 2012 SamWorthington. n MAX 400508 508 (6:15) ** "Rambo lll"1988, Action Sylvester Stallone. n'R' cc Sweet Prudence NBCSN 27 58 30209 NHL Hockey:Penguins atLightning NHL Live (N) The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Pirelli World Challenge Auto Racing The Grid 'G Formula OneRacing Inside the GreenBerets '14' NGC 157 157 I n side Combat Rescue '14 Inside CombatRescue'14 Inside CombatRescue'14' Inside CombatRescue'14 Supercarrier: USSRonald Reagan NTOON 89 115189115 T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn

OUTD 37 30743 307 MajorLeague Fishing Bow Madness Ult. Adventures Bottom Feeders Cuddeback's The Crush Bone Collector Hunt Masters A l aska Outdoors Trophy Hunt W i ld Skies ** "Payche ck"2003,Science FictionBenAff leck.n 'PG-13'« SHO 500 500 TheTortured" 2010Erika Christensen. n 'R' « Gigolos n 'MA' Gigolos n 'MA' (5:45) *** "My Week WithMarilyn" 2011 'R' « SPEED 35 303125 303 Wrecked 'PG' Wrecked '14' Pinks 'PG Pinks '14' Car Warriors Challenger '14' Wrecked 'PG' Wrecked '14' P i nks 'PG' Pin k s '14' Unique Whips '14' ** "ScaryMovie 3" 2003AnnaFaris. 'PG-13' « STARZ 300 408 300408 (5 45) *** "Underthe TuscanSun" 2003'PG-13 (7:45) *** "Hope Springs" 2012Meryl Streep. n 'PG-13' « Spartacus: War of the Damnedn Johno/LasVegas"2009SteveBuscemi.'R' **"DieAnotherDay"2002,ActionPierceBrosnan.rr'PG-13'« TMC 525 525 (5:05)Fighlville "Saint (10:15) ** "Drive Angry" 2011,Action Nicolas Cage. vr 'R' « *WE

14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values (N)

Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

TV • PAGE 15 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

THE BULLETIN • APRIL 6 — 12, 2013



c II















Wheel of Fortune Happy Endings (N)HappyEndings (N) (9:01) Shark TankSethMacFarlane (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' cc KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc n'PG' n 'PG' (N) n 'G' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) supports aninvention. n 'PG' (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Fashion Star Thebuyersconsult with Grimm Angelinacomesto town withbad (10:01) RockCenter With Brian Wil NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) the designers.(N)'PG' news. '14' «(DVS) liams (N) n cc at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access HollywoodWho Wants toBe New Adventures 30 Rockn '14'«Undercover BossADTTonyWellsof Vegas Phonetapsgatherevidence on Blue Bloods EndsandMeansTwo Wall KOIN Local6at11 Masters H'lights KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine ADT goesundercover. (N) 'PG' Sorvino. (N) n '14' cc (CBS) Steet brokersare killed. '14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Happy Endings(N) HappyEndings (N) (9:01) SharkTankSethMacFarlane (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' « KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 Newsat Entertainment n 'PG' n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Ton i ght (N) n cc supports aninvention. n 'PG' 11:00 (N) cc Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Kitchen Nightmares LaGalleria 33, PartsOneandTwoRamsaygoestoBoston's NewsChannel21 TMZ n 'PG'cc Family Guyn Family Guy n KFXO ID< IEI (9 IEI Two and aHalf '14' cc '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' La Galleria 33. n (PA)'14' «(DVS) First on FOX Washington Week BBC Newsnight Scott & Bailey Onlyonevictim is pre- Masterpiece Classic Harry putscosmet- American Masters Carol Burnett's TV KOAB ~ gy gy gy Trave!WithKids Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) nacc 'G' cc (DVS) n 'G' variety show. n 'PG' cc (PBS) Report (N) « pared to testify. n 'PG' cc ics atfront of store.'PG' NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) « Inside Edition (N) Fashion Star Thebuyersconsult with Grimm Angelinacomesto town withbad (10:01) RockCenter With Brian Wil NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) (NBC) 6PM (N) « the designers.(N)'PG' news. '14' «(DVS) hams(N) n « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld The Lip Rules of Engage. Nikita MasksOwenlearns about his Cult The DevilYouKnowSearching for Cops n '14' cc Seinfeld TheNote Rules of Engage. That '70s Show KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q The King of 'PQ' cc '14' cc ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG Sweet Lady '14' Reader n 'PG' ment '14' past. (N) n '14' « evidenceagainst Sakelik. '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 M i dsomer Murders 'PG' « Masterpiece Contemporary Endgame Theendof apartheid. n 'PG' World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n «

II Jeopardy! (N)n

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage WarsSan StorageWars «Storage Wars A Storage Wars «Storage Wars «Storage Wars Storage Wars «(11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage 'PQ' cc Trouble theOil Burrito Civil Accordion Wars cc Wars cc (5:30) *** "TheUsualSuspects" (1995) StephenBaldwin, Gabriel Byrne. Five ** "HighCrimes" (2002,Suspense)Ashley Judd, MorganFreeman, JimCaviezel. Premiere. A lawyer Mad Men The Doorway Donspearheads a newcampaign. 'AMC '14' cc small-time criminalsbegin anil-fated association. « must defendher husbandin a military courtroom. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Call-Wildman Call-Wildman Call-Wildman Call-Wildman Swamp'd! 'PG' Swamp'd! 'PG' Tanked (N) n 'PG Tanked n 'PG' cc Tanked n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Med i cine The Real Housewives of Atlanta H o usewives/OC Housewives/OC Housewives/OC *** "Blood Diamond"(2006) (6:45) TheKandi Factory '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc J eff Dunham: Spark of Insanity n '14' cc Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself n '14' cc Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheCarChasers American Greed Mad Money Treasure Detectives The CarChasers WEN HairCare Supersmile CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront COM 13 53 135 47 (5:55) South Park (6:26) Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show (7:57) Tosh.0 '14' (8:28) Tosh.0 '14' Workaholics '14' (9:29) Tosh.0 '14' (9:59) Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy Ace Ventura:WhenNature Calls COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Po licy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « Gra v ity Falls 'Y7'Gravity Falls 'Y7 **** "ToyStory" (1995)Voices of TomHanks Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « *DISC 15 21 16 37 YukonMenFreshBlood'PG'cc Alaska: TheLast Frontier n '14' Yukon MenDeadof Winter n 'PG' Yuk onMenPrayForSnown'PG' Yukon Men:Revealed (N) n cc Yu k on Men Dead of Winter (N)'PG *E! 13 25 Aft e r Lately '14' The Soup '14' E ! News (N) Playing With Fire (N)'14 Fashion Police '14 Fashion Police (N)'14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 (5:00) 2013Masters TournamentSecondRound cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (5:30) NASCAR Boxing FridayNightFights (N)(Live) « NBA Tonight (N) Baseball Tonight (N Futbol Mexicano Racing NationwideSeries: O'Reilly AutoParts 300(N) ) (Live) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 FridayNightLights'14' cc TheLost Sonoi Havana" (2009)Carlton Fisk, Peter Gammons. « TheLost Sonoi Havana" (2009) Carlton Fisk, PeterGammons. « The Zen of Bobby V cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H -Lite Ex. Box i n g ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "Overboard"(1987,Comedy)Goldie Hawn,Kurt Russell, EdwardHerrmann. FAM 67 29 19 41 ** "TheGoonies" (1985, Adventure) SeanAstin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Impossible 'G' Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive t * "Gulliver's Trave/s"(2010)Jack Black,JasonSegel. Premiere * "Gulliver's Trave/s" (2010,Comedy)Jack Black, JasonSegel. *** FX 131 How I Met How I Met Meno/ Honor" (2000) HGTV 17 49 33 43 Hunters Int'I H un t ers Int'I HGTVSmart Home2013(N) 'G Outrageous Kitchens 'G' « Flea Market Flip Flea Market Flip House Hunters Hunters Int'I Hunters Int'I Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 ModernMarvelsLoggingTech'G' American Pickers TradingUp'PG' American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc (11:02) AmericanPickers 'PG LIFE 13 39 20 31 Hoarders'PG' « Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc (11:01) Project Runway'PG' cc MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) Lockup Lockup Lockup Lockup Lockup MTV 192 22 38 57 TrueLifen The Real World n '14' « Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness *** "8 Mi/e" (2002,Drama)Eminem,KimBasinger. n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny'PG' The Nanny'PG Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Police Women of Dallas '14' cc Police Womenof Dallas (N) n '14 Police Women of Dallas '14'accs Police Women of Dallas '14' cc Police Women ofDallas n '14 OWN 161 103 31 103 Police Women of Memphis n 'PG' PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball The12 Best C o l lege Volleyball USC at UCLA(N) (Live) College Softball Utah atOregonState College Softball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Bar RescueInaPinchn'PG' Bar RescueRock'N Roaches'PG' Bar Rescue Tears for Beers'PG' BarRescue Turt leonItsBack'PG' Bar RescueEmpt yPocketsn 'PG' Bar Rescue n 'PG' SYFY 13 35 133 45 (4:30) * f Red Planet" (2000) Robot Combat LeagueKicking Bot WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) n « Deep SouthParanormal Being HumanRuhRoh TBN 205 60 130 The Harvest Ever Increasing Israel: Journey of Light « Creflo Dollar 'G Behind Scenes Best of Praise Pe r ry Stone Praise the Lord 'Y' « ** "Ty/er Perry'sWhyDid / GetMarried Too7"(2010, Comedy-Drama)Tyler Perry, SharonLeal. Four Are We ThereYet? The King of Seinfeld TheWiz Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Seinfeld The Family Guyn Family Guyn 'TBS 'PG' '14' cc '14' cc Queens n 'PG ardn 'PG' Switch n 'PG couples strugglewiththe challenges of married life. «(DVS) (5:00) *** "So Proudly IVe Hai l " (1943 (7:15) *** "Since You Went Away" (1944, Drama) Cl a udette Col b ert, Jenni f er Jones, Joseph Cotten. A famil y faces life on (10:15) *** "The Whi l e Cl i f /s oi Dover" (1944) Irene Dunne. An aristocrat's Ameri TCM the homefront during World WarII. « can wife raises ason betweenthe WorldWars. cc War) ClaudetteColbert. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Borrowed, New Borrowed, New Say Yes: ATL Say Yes: ATL FourWeddings:Unveiled(N)'PG' Say Yes:ATL Say Yes: ATL Borrowed, New Borrowed, New Say Yes:ATL Say Yes: ATL The Mentalist CheapBurgundyJane *** "American Gangster" (2007,CrimeDrama) Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe,Chiwetel Ejiofor. Achauffeur becomes Dallas A Call to ArmsThe Ewings use *TNT 17 26 15 27 27 nemesis, The Mentalist n '14'Janeencountersaformer cc J.R.'s master plan. '14' « helps AgentSusanDarcy. '14' Harlem's most-powerful crimeboss. «(DVS) *A&E

3 28 1 8 32 Storage Wars «

Regular Show Regular Show Cartoon Planet 'G KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food'G Ghost Adventures 'PG' « GhostAdventures 'PG'« The DeadFiles (N) 'PG' « The Dead Files 'PG' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheGoldenGirls TheGoldenGirls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 Law&Order: Specialyictims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law 8 Order: Special Victims Unit * "Little Fockers" (2010)Robert DeNiro. Premiere. «(DVS) The Moment 'PG' « ** "Footloose" (1984,Drama) Kevin Bacon,Lori Singer,JohnLithgow. n cc VH1 191 48 37 54 MobWives'14' MobWivesLoveHurts'14'cc BestWeek Ever Jenny McCarthy Best Week Ever Jenny McCarthy *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern


*** "Frndkng Nemo" 2003, Comedyn 'G' « 106 401 306401(6:10) *** "Ghostbuslers"1984, Comedy Catch .44 2011 Bill Murray. n 'PG' « (9:45) *** "Freaky Friday"2003 JamieLeeCurtis. n 'PG' « ** "Planet oitheApes"2001,Science Fiction MarkWahlberg, TimRoth. 'PG-13' « * "Jumper"2008,ScienceFiction HaydenChristensen. 'PG-13' « 104 204104120(5:00) ** "Planet o/theApes" 2001'PG-13' « X-Fight ers U FC Tonight UFC Reloaded UFC Rio:Aldovs.MendesJoseAldoversusChadMendes. 34 UFC Weigh-in for Ultimate Fighter UFC Unleashed 28 301 27 301 Masters Live From theMasters Live From theMasters Live From theMasters

** "Hachi:A Dog's Ta/e" (2009)RichardGere,JoanAllen. « HALL 66 33 175 33 "ComeDance al My Wedding" (2009) JohnSchneider. 'PG' « Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425501 425501(5:30) ** i RedTails" 2012CubaGoodingJr. « Real TimeWith Bill Maher (N)'MA' (7:45) ** "SnowWhite andthe Huntsman" 2012Kristen Stewart. n 'PG-13' cc IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (3:45) *** "BoogieNights"'R' O ut T here '14' A r r ested Dev. * * * " B/azing Sadd/es"1974, Comedy CleavonLittle. 'R Out There '14' Arrested Dev. f MAX 400508 508 (545) *** "Chronicle"2012 n (9:15) ** "Spawn"1997, FantasyJohnLeguizamo. n 'PG-13' cc (710) * Endoi Days"1999 ArnoldSchwarzenegger. n 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Heads-Up Poker Heads-Up Poker 'PG The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime F1 36 'PG' For m ula One Racing Mammoth: Back Fromthe Dead Mammoth: Back Fromthe Dead NGC 157 157 W a king the Baby Mammoth 'G ' Ma mmoth: Back From the Dead W a king the Baby Mammoth 'G' Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Alien Dawn 'PG' Robot, Monster NTOON 89 115189115 Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Alien Dawn 'PG Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Ava t ar: Air.

Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' VICE (N) n 'MA' Real/Bill Maher *** "BoogieNights" 1997 'R' The JumpOff Sex Games Can. Formula OneRacing Into the Lost Crystal Caves'G' Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn OUTD 37 307 43 307 Arrow Affliction Your Weapon B est Defense Elite Tactical Unit ManDown Midway USA's Wardens OperationWater Rescue Impossible Eli t e Tactical Unit Man Down Shooting USA f SHO 500 500 ** Man on aLedge"2012Sam W orthington.« (5:30) ** "Red"2010 Bruce Wilis. n 'PG-13' e« s (9:12) All Access All Access '14 Boxing AngeloSantanavs. Carlos Cardenas(N) SPEED 35 303125303 Faster Than F a s ter Than Faster Than Faster Than T r ackside At NASCARRacing Sprint Cup:Texas, Qualifying The10 'PG Unique Whips '14' STARZ 300 408300408 (4:50) ** "Touchhack" 2011n (6:55) ** "Total Reca/I" 2012Colin Farrell. n 'PG-13' « Spartacus: War of theDamned(N) Da Vinci's Demons (N) 'MA' ss Spartacus: War of the Damnedn * "TheSamari tan"2012 SamuelL.Jackson.'R TMC 525 52 5 W oman-Fifth * * * " y our Sister's Sister" 2011 Emily Blunt. 'R (9:35) "Before / Se//Destruct" 2009 50Cent. 'R' « A/I American Orgy" 2009'R' cc *WE 14 41 174118(5:00) ** "Bringlt On" 2000 ** "Bringlt On" 2000, ComedyKirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku. 'PG-13' Joan & Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan Joan 8 Melissa: Joan

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6-Mo.SingleGym Membership

$225 Powder Coating Certificate

Lot 27 at Yarrow in

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Elite FitnessBoot CampCertificate

EuropeanRiver Cruise forTwo

One Roundof Golf with Cart















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4-NightsinOceanfront Double Queen

4-CourseDinner for Six

Kayak Package

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