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SATURDAY January 5,2013

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Park proect fundraisers eye easing

Food safety —In thewake of deadly outbreaks in melons,

nuts and leafy greens, new FDA rules aim to prevent 3,000 deaths by foodborne illness.A3

By Dylan J. Darling The Bulletin

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Bulletin staff report

As many as 50,000 Deschutes County taxpayers can expect a hike in their property taxes Small-scale solar-

when their bills arrive in the fall, some of them appreciable hikes, according to county Asses-

From rooftop panels to modestsized plants, newtechnology

sor Scot Langton.

is transforming the uses of this

renewable energysource.A3 r


No, the County Commission did not pass a secret tax hike. The roots of the situation lie in Measure 50, the voter-approved change to Oregon's Constitution that pegs property tax increases to maximum assessed value. The assessed value, which may grow only 3 percent per year, does not coincide with the real market value, which may fluctuate over time depending on what someone is willing to pay for the property.

Ill SpertS —With an eyeon re-entering cycling, LanceArmstrong may admit to doping.C1

Odituary —John Sheardown, a Canadian diplomat

who sheltered four American "house guests" until they were shuttled out of lran during the

hostage crisis, has died.B5

"You overlay that with the volatile real estate market that especially Central Oregon has experienced — both up, and now down — and you get some outcomes I don't knowwere necessarily anticipated when we did our last major change to the (tax) system," Langton said Wednesday. "They're now going to start showing themselves, I think, rather significantly."

No more predictability

The story behind the restoration of Thomas Jefferson's tomb-

Tax regulations and housing markets make for complicated topics. But the situation in Central Oregon comes down to a case of wide swings in the housing market. Tax bills remained predictable until the recentrecession and the end ofthe housing boom in Central Oregon. Withthe2008housingbust, market values in some cases fell below assessed values. Because property taxes are pegged to whichever value is lower, tax bills actually fell for some property owners. (The chart at left shows how) On the rebound, however, those same property owners may see their tax bills climb by more than 3 percent, as much as 20 percent. Only when the market value meets or exceeds the assessed value will tax bills return to more predictable levels.

it wound up half a country away from his final resting place.



Predicting vio ence is an inexact science By David Brown The Washington Post

After every act of incomprehensible violence, the world asks whether the killer could have been identified ahead of time. It's as automatic as the call for more gun control and better mental health services.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have been working for decades to try to figure out whether there's a link between mental illness and violence, and if so, which people are likely to act. Using an ever-changing tool kit of theories and questionnaires, they've made some progress. It's now fairly clear, for example, that people with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and some personality disorders, are more likely to commit violent acts than others. But the risk is small. The vast majority of mentally ill people won't commit assault, rape, arson or homicide, although the

risk rises sharply among those who abuse drugs and alcohol. These insights are proving useful to psychologists, judges, educators and otherswho must decide whether someone seems too dangerous to be left alone. But they aren't good enough to identify an Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter. SeeViolence /A4

As the housing market rebounds, many property owners will see their tax bills increase, as the real market value of many homes will exceed thet maximum

assessed value for the first time in years. Thetaxable value of a home is the lower of either the real market value or the maximum assessed value. While real market value fluctuates with the market, the maximum assessed value increases by a

slower and more predictable rate.

AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT COULD HAPPEN IN2013 A home is purchased in 2008 for $375,000. Its maximum

And a Wed exclusivestone — and the mystery ofhow

How achangingmarket affects whatyoupayin taxes

Measure 50

assessed value is $296,117, sothe tax is based onthe lower value. By 2010, the real market value had plunged below the maximum

assessed value, so that lower number becomesthe taxable value.

$375K Real market



assessed value 300K



Maximum $ 314K


$3 1 4 K






programs, leagues and teams for soccer players ages 4 to 18. Shore said much of the money will come from local and regional companies. "Most of these people won't donate any money unless you've got land," Shore said. The soccer club is just one of a handful of user groups in Bend that will be fundraising in coming years to support a project with the park district, but the other agreements won't feature contracts, said Don Horton, park district executive director. "What Rush soccer is looking for is a home," Horton said. They need tohave a place that they can have dependable use, long-term." The club will be using the fields four or five days a week, he said. See Parks/A5



A similar home is purchased in 2008 for $375,000. Its maximum

assessed value is $296,117, sothe tax is based onthe lower value.

ue went up 3 percent, and your tax rate stayed the same, your taxes went up 3 percent annually." He saidthe authors of Measure 50, which passed in May 1997, anticipated nothing but constant appreciation in property values. The 2008 housing bust proved them wrong. The idea of predictable, modest increases, if any, in tax bills was undercut in Deschutes County, where wide fluctuations in property values make for a noticeable effect on tax bills. See Taxes/A5

The Washington Post

plunged, instead keeping with the steady growth associated with


$400K $375K Real market



$350K $340K


$340K ~ 335






O~ '



300K $200K Taxable 250K


va/ue 2008





By Ylan Q. Mui and Jim Tankersley

maximumassessedvalue.This homeowner'staxesnever

something, if your (assessed) val-



BUT WHAT IF YOUR HOME KEPT MORE OF ITS VALUE? But during the recession, the real market value never fell below the

Measure 50 limited taxing districtsto a specific rate rather than a varying levy, Langton explained. "As long as voters didn't vote in any new bonds or local options or


Construction jobs rebound,

+1.9% $270K

Once the lease by Oregon Rush Soccer Clubwith the Bend Park 8 Recreation District is f i nalized, fundraising for the fields will start in earnest, club President Ryan Shore said Friday. The club operates developmental



raxabie va/ue ,3%

be managed.




Before raising the $2 millionplus needed to build four new playing fields — two of which will be artificial — at Pine Nursery Park, a Bend-based soccer club is crafting contracts with park officials to establish a 30-year lease of the land and detail how it will



Source: Deschutes County Assessor Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

After five years of hemorrhaging jobs, the construction industry has become one of the bright spots of the labor market — a hopeful sign that one of the most damaged sectors of the economy may finally be starting to heal. Overall, the monthlyjobs report, released Friday, showed continued modest growth in December. The economy added 155,000 jobs, on par with the monthly average for 2012 and 2011. The unemployment rate remained at 7.8 percent. But a closer look reveals that nearly one-fifth of the jobs created were in construction, marking only the third time since the recessionended in June 2009 that the industry has added 30,000 workers or more. SeeConstruction /A5

Torturing the truth in 'Zero Dark Thi • An ex-CIAofficial offers afirsthand review

ter and then director of the National Clandestine Service, the

campaign against al-Qaida By Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. Special to The Washington Post

It is an odd experience to enter a darkened room and, for more than 2'/~ hours, watch someone tell a story that you experienced intimately in your own life. That is what

TODAY'S WEATHER Snow possible High 34, Low 22 +© 0o+o@+ oo

Page B6

happened recently as I sat in a movie theater near Times Square and watched "Zero Dark Thirty," the new Hollywood blockbuster about the hunt for Osama bin Laden. When I was head of the CIA's Counterterrorism Cen-

was my life and obsession. I must say, I agree with both the film critics who love "Zero Dark Thirty" as entertainment and the administration officials and prominent senators who hate the movie for the message it sends-

although my reasons are entirely opposite theirs. Despite its flaws, inaccuracies and shortcuts, I do believe this film is well worth seeing. But as I watched the story unfold on the screen, I found myself alternating between repulsion — more on that later — and delight. See 'Zero'/A4


The Bulletin

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Columbia Pictures/The Associated Press

Shrouded in its share of intrigue, the Oscar-buzzworthy film presents itself as a near-true story of what really happened in the manhunt for Osama bin Laden.

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NATION 4% ORLD S'tOI'm ald PaSSeS —Under intense pressure from NewYork andNewJersey, Congressadopted

ria, eun eci e s ma ina I e s ca es

legislation Friday that would provide $9.7 billion

to cover insuranceclaims filed by people whose homes weredamagedor destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Themeasure —passed 354-67, andon its way to the president — is the first, and least

controversial, portion of amuch larger aid package sought by the affected states to help homeowners

and local governments recover costs associated with the storm. TheHousehas pledged to take up

By Anne Barnard and Hwaida Saad

Death toll disputed — Anew

New Yorh Times News Service

BEIRUT — At hi s government office in the Syrian capital, Damascus, the civil servant avoids discussing what Syrians call "the situation." But he quietly ponders his own private endgame, toying with defecting to the rebels, yet clinging to his post, increasingly sure there are no fighters worth joining. A multilingual former military officer, he says he is among many friends and colleagues who feel trapped: disenchanted with President Bashar Assad, disgusted by the violence engulfing Syria and equally afraid of the government and the rebels, with both sides, as he puts it, ready to sacrifice "the innocents." Assad remains in power in part because two years into the uprising, a critical bloc of Syrians remains on the fence. Among them are business owners who drive the economy, bankers who finance it, and the security officials and government employees who hold the keys to the mundane but crucial business of maintaining an authoritarian state. If they abandoned the government or embraced therebels en masse, they might change the tide. Instead, their uncertainty contributes to the stalemate. The Egyptian and Tunisian rebellions that inspired Syria's ini-

United Nations-sponsored report that estimates more than 60,000 people have died in Syria's political

violence hastouched offa new dispute that underscores how little is truly known about the toll from a

civil war just weeksfrom beginning its third year. One Syrian activist who provided some of the num-

bers for the study says hebelieves the new numbers are inflated, while another says he believes they

underrepresent thedead. tially peaceful uprising r eached tipping points within weeks, with far lessbloodshed. In those cases, widespread desire for change overwhelmed the fear of the unknown, and governments — or rather,the dictatorial cliques that headed them — fell. But in Syria, each side has bloodied the other while many stay on the sidelines, and a core contingent of supporters feels obligated to stick with the government. That is in part because the government'sruthless crackdown has made protest far more risky than in other uprisings. But it is also because of doubts, among the urban elite and others, about the direction of the revolution and how a rebelruled Syria would look.

"Me and my neighbors, we were the first to go down to the street and scream that we want a country, a real country, not a plantation," said Samar Haddad, who runs a Syrian publishing house. "But this armed revolution, I refuse it as much as I refuse the regime." The fence sitters include government employees, security forces, intellectuals and wealthy Syrians. Some, including members of Assad's minority Alawite sect, say they fear the rule of Islamists, or the calls for vengeancefrom some facti ons ofthe Sunni-dominated uprising. Some are former soldiers who saythey defected onlyto be disappointed by rebels who lack discipline or obsess about religion.One young man, Nour, said he gave up on revolution when he tried to join an Islamist brigade but was rejected for wearing skinny jeans. Fewer and fewer Syrians appear to believethe government can restore order; the fraying of the country has become hard to miss. For those who support neither Assad nor his opponents, life has become a fearful wait. "Both sides have the same mind," said Abu Tony, a shopkeeper in central Damascus who favors a compromise. "This is not life, to spend half of the day without electricity, without heating oil and without even bread just because the two sides refuse to give up some of their demands."

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Ddama wins, officially —congressmadethe obvious official on Friday: President Barack Obama

has been re-elected. In ajoint session, Congress formally certified that ObamaandVice President Joe Biden were the winners in the November election with 332 electoral votes. The electoral count is

constitutionally necessary, though 2013's low-key session was in sharp contrast to the drama in 2001, when Vice President Al Gore, the loser in the dis-

puted election, presidedover thecertification of an electoral count that gave the presidency to his rival.

Sen. Barney Frank? —Thedayafter his 32-year term in the House ended, Frank, D-Mass., said Friday morning that he would like to be ap-

pointed as aninterim senator to fill John Kerry's seat until a special election later this year.He said he would not run for election. It is up to Gov. Deval

Patrick to namesomeone to fill the vacancy created by Kerry's nomination to be secretary of state.

Senator's DUI —Sen. Michael Crapo, R-ldaho, pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of driving while intoxicated outside of D.C. Crapo pleaded guilty to

Pakistani schoolgirl shot in the head three months

ago by theTaliban for advocating the education of girls, has been discharged from a British hospital.

Doctors said shehadmade"excellent progress" and would be staying with her family nearby before returning for further surgery to rebuild her skull in about four weeks. She was shot Oct. 9.



, , fllt l

Gay dishops —The Church of England said Friday that gay clergymen in civil partnerships

couldbecome bishopsaslongastheyvowedto


remain celibate. The issue has caused furious divisions within the worldwide Anglican Communion,

I .1

including the Episcopal Church in the U.S.,which already allows gay clergy members, aswell as female bishops. In the Anglican church, women still

cannot become bishops.


The Associated Press

"Love is repaid with love" — that's the message above a

heart-shaped mural of Venezuela's President HugoChavezembracing a woman inCaracas, Venezuela, on Friday.

smuggled ivory in less than three months, saying they had intercepted 779 elephant tusks weighing

he have to live?Government officials havenot answeredany of

2,900 pounds in acontainer originating from Ke-

those questions, leaving Venezuelans to their own speculations. The Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional criticized what it called

nya. The shipment was valued at around $1.4 million. Demand from an increasingly affluent Asia and

Chavez hasn't spoken publicly or beenseensince his Dec. 11 operation in Cuba,and the latest report from his government

government." The newspaper called the situation reminiscent of


inaugural ceremony. Otherwise, it's all guesswork. He's getting better. He's getting worse. He's already dead. The whole thing is a conspiracy and he was never sick in the first place.

Soviet Unionand Mao Zedong in China. "Everything has been a mystery. Everyone believes what they want about the status of his health," said Ismael Garcia, a leftist lawmaker who belonged to the Chavez movement until a

How should secrecy be treated? increased speculation that he is unlikely to attend his Jan. 10

The obsessive, circular conversations about Chavez's health dominate family dinners, plaza chit-chats and social media sites in this country on edge since its larger-than-life leader

went to Cubafor emergency cancer surgery more than two weeksago.Themanwhoseboomingvoiceoncedominatedthe airwaves for hours at a time hasnot beenseenor heard from since. His lieutenants have consistently assured Venezuelans over the last week that Chavez is slowly on the mend and will be back

at the helm of the country he hasdominated for14 years. But

IVOry SeiZure —Customs officials in Hong Kong announcedFridaytheir third large seizure of

when will he be back? Will he be well enough to govern? What type of cancer does he have? Is it terminal? If so, how long does

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meet-and-greet in 2011, issued no statement.

Hamas battle with Israel in November and Fatah's subsequent recognition bid at the United Nations.

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injury when agunman openedfire at a Tucson

Malala diSCharged —Malala Yousafzai, the


All Bulletin payments areaccepted at the

meeting in Newtown. Giffords, who was left partially blind, with a paralyzed right arm and a brain

Palestinian factions to showunity following afierce



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cut elementary school. Giffords wasaccompanied by her husband,astronaut Mark Kelly, at the private

militants in 2007. The rally, approved by Gaza's Hamas rulers, marks a renewed attempt by the rival

m. q~Q

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Friday met with families of victims in last month's shooting that left 26 people dead inside a Connecti-

routed from power in theterritory by the Islamist


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mer Arizona congresswomanGabrielle Giffords on

Fatah supporters rallied in the Hamas stronghold of Gaza on Friday for the first time since they were

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being critically wounded in a mass shooting, for-

Palestinian rally —Tensof thousandsof


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the rest of the aid package on Jan.15.

an "information vacuum" in aneditorial on Friday, sayingVenezuelans are in thedark because"no onespeaks clearly from the

improved international tradeandtransport links have caused the trade in ivory and other wildlife

products to soar in recentyears.

secrecy that surrounded thedeaths of Josef Stalin in the former

falling-out a fewyears ago. Chavezcould besworn in by the SupremeCourt later on if he's not able to take the oath of office before lawmakers next week,

his vice president said Friday.Opposition groups disagree. State television repeatedly plays video of asong in which rappersencourageVenezuelanstopray,sayingofChavez:"You will live and triumph." A recording of a speech by Chavez ap-

Afghan IletaineeS —Just before atrip to Washington by President Hamid Karzai, the Afghan

government released80detaineesFriday, part of a continuing effort to assert its sovereignty over the contentious issue of handling prisoners. U.S. officials

have longcomplained theAfghans release prisoners too soon, raising the risk that many will return to the battlefield. Afghan officials counter they are not

legally allowed todetain peoplesuspected of being insurgents without enough evidence to prosecute

them, even the if U.S.saysthey aretoo dangerous.

pears during the song, saying: "I will be with you always!"

— From wire reports

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Oregon Lottery results As listed at

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawn Friday night are:

g1O2@ ~@ S@gO The estimated jackpot is now $47 million.

Quanti ing the $16trillion debt figure

Boehner's dedt fight ahead —Inthe first closed-door


re-elected HouseSpeakerJohn Boehner onFriday promised a robust fight with President Barack Obamato cut spending in

By Glenn Kessler The Washington Post

"Our government has built up too much debt," just reelected House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday. "At $16 trillion and r i sing, our national debt is draining free enterprise and weakening the ship of state." With that, and a debt ceiling limit looming in the next two months, Congress and the Obama administration appear set to have another bruising battle over spending priorities. Before embarking on that c ourse, l a w makers m i g h t want to re-read the Standard 8 Poor's report on why it reduced the nation's debt rating after the 2011 deal that ended the last debt ceiling fight. The report off ered two key reasons: • "The downgrade reflects

our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium-term debt dynamics." • "The downgrade reflects our view that the effectiveness, stability, and predictabil-

ity of American policymaking and political institutions have weakened at a time of ongoing fiscal and economic challenges to a degree more than we envisioned when we assigned a negative outlook to the rating on April 18, 2011." As part of its analysis, S&P assumed Republicans in Congress would never agree to raise taxes, but that actually happened as part of the "fis-

cal cliff' negotiations. But S8 P was also worried Congress would not fulfill the second half of promised spending cuts — and those have now been deferred for two months. In any case, S8 P was clearly looking for more signs of cooperation on restraining the debt — not confrontation. As a refresher course, let's look anew at the sources of this $16 trillion in debt. M uch of i t c o mes f r o m promises made to keep paying Social Security and Medicare. The programs annually funded by Congress generally have become a smallershare of the U.S.economy, even with funding two wars. The national debt is made up of publicly held debt and money that the government owes to itself. Boehner's $16

meeting of the Republican majority in the new Congress, newly exchange for raising the nation's debt limit. The Republican leader doubled down on his insistence there must be at least a dollar-

per-dollar match betweenspending reductions and continued borrowing. "With the cliff behind us, the focus turns to spending,"

Boehner said, according to a source in the room. "The president says he isn't going to have a debate with us over the debt ceiling. He also says he's not going to cut spending along with the debt limit hike." Without lifting the debt limit, the federal government

would face acataclysmic default. trillion number is this "gross debt" figure. About $11.5 trillion is public debt and the rest comes from bonds held by Social Security, Medicare and other trust funds. You can have an endless debate about whether these bonds are real or not but u l timately these are obligations that must be paid with either new debt or general government f u nds, thus taking away from other

programs. There is also dispute over whether gross debt is really the best picture of the U.S. debt load, as economists often focus mostly on publicly traded debt. Moreover, an increasingly large portion of the debt is money that the government owes to itself because of borrowing from large entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare.




TART • Discoveries, breakthroughs, trends, namesin the news— the things you needto knowto start out your day

It's Saturday, Jan. 5, the fifth day of 2012. There are 360 days left in the year.





NHL —Mediation resumes to end the hockey lockout that has passed the 100-day mark.


HISTORY Highlight:In1983, President

Ronald Reaganannounced he was nominating Elizabeth Dole

to succeed DrewLewis assecretary of transportation; Dole became the first woman to head a Cabinetdepartment in

Reagan's administration, and the first to head the DOT. In1589, Catherine de Medici of

France died atage69. In1781, a British naval expedition led by Benedict Arnold

burned Richmond, Va. In1895, French Capt. Alfred

Dreyfus, convicted of treason, was publicly stripped of his

rank. (He wasultimately vindicated.) In1896, an Austrian newspaper, Wiener Presse, reported the discovery by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen of a type of radiation that came to

be known asX-rays. In1925, Nellie T. Ross of Wyo-

ming becameAmerica's first female governor. In1933, the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, died in Northamp-

ton, Mass., at age60. Construction began on the Golden

Gate Bridge. (Work wascompleted four years later.) In1943, educator and scientist

George Washington Carver died in Tuskegee, Ala., at age 81. In1949, in his State of the Union address, President

Harry S. Trumanlabeled his administration the Fair Deal. In1957, President Dwight D.

Eisenhower proposedassistance to countries to help them

resist Communist aggression in what became known as the Eisenhower Doctrine. In 1970, Joseph A. Yablonski,

an unsuccessful candidatefor the presidency of the United

Mine Workers ofAmerica, was found murderedwith his wife and daughter at their Clarksville, Pa., home. (UMWA President

Tony Boyleandseven others were convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, the killings.) "All My

Children" premiered onABC-TV. In1972, President Richard Nixon announced that he had ordered development of the

space shuttle. In1993, the state of Wash-

ington executed Westley Allan Dodd, an admitted child sex killer, in America's first legal

hanging since 1965. Ten years ago:Chinese state media reported that an un-

manned Shenzhou IVspace capsule had returned safely to Earth.

Five years ago:In a Democratic faceoff, Sen. Hillary

Clinton accused campaign rival Barack Obama ofchanging his positions on health care and "a

number of issues." One year ago:A U.S. Navy destroyer rescued anIranian fishing boat that had been

commandeered bysuspected pirates.

BIRTHDAYS Former Vice President Walter F. Mondale is 85. Actor Robert Duvall is 82. Pro Football Hall

of Fame coachChuck Noll is 81. King Juan Carlos of Spain is 75. Talk show host Charlie

Government financing may go to the big plants, but modest-sized solar projects, from the street to your backyard, together could provide a much-needed jolt to the power grid — and do so for less cost to consumers and less environmental damage to the land. By Julie Cart Los Angeles Times

NIPTON, Calif. — Gerald Freeman unlocks the gate to the small power plant and goes inside.Three rows of solar collectors, elevated on t roughs that track the sun's arc like sunflowers, afford a glimpse of the West's possible energy future. This facility and a smaller version across the road produce some 70 kilowatts of electricity, about 80 percent of the power required by Nipton's 60 residents, its general store and motel. Freeman, a Caltech-trained geologist and onetime gold mine owner, understood when he bought this former California ghost town near the Nevada border that being off the grid didn't have to mean going without power. He contracted with a Bay Area company to install solar arrays on two plots of land. The town has a 20-year agreement to buy its power at a below-market rate. Projects like these make do with scant financing opportunities and little support from the federal government. The Obama a d m inistration's solar-power i n itiative has fast-tracked large-scale plants, fueled by low-interest, government-guaranteed loans that cover up to 80 percent of construction costs. In all, the feds have paid out more than $16 billion for renewable-en-

ergy projects. Those large-scale projects are financially efficient for developers, but their size creates transmission inefficiencies and highercosts for ratepayers. Smaller alternatives, from rooftop solar to small- and medium-sized plants, can do the

opposite. Collectively, m o dest-sized projects could provide an enormous electricity boost — and do soforless costto consumers and less environmental damage to the desert areas where most are located, say advocates of small-scale solar power. Recent studies project that California could derive a substantial percentage of its energy needsfrom rooftop solar installations, whether on suburban homes or city roofs or atop big-box stores. Janine Blaeloch, director of the nonprofit Western Lands Project, said smaller plants were never on the table when the federal solar policy was conceived early in President Barack Obama's first term. Utilities and solar developers wanted big plants, so that's what's sprouting in Western deserts, she said. "There was a pivot point when they could have gone to the less-damaging alternative," Blaeloch said, referring to both federal officials and environmental groups that have supported large-scale solar projects."There's no question that it was a matter of choice, and it was the wrong choice."

Rose is 71.Actress-director

Cutting out the middleman

Diane Keaton is 67. Actor Ted Lange is 65. Rhythm-

Built in far-flung locations where there is plenty of open land, large-scale plants require utilities to put up extensive transmission lines to connect to the grid. Utilities charge ratepayers for every dollar spent building transmission lines, for which the state of California guarantees utilities an annual return of 11 percent for 40 years. By comparison, small-scale plants can be built near population centers and p r ovide power directlyto consumers, reducing the demand for electricity from the grid. Rooftop solar goes one step further. It not only cuts demand from the grid, but also can allow homeowners and businesses

and-blues musician George "Funky" Brown (Kool and the

Gang) is 64. Rockmusician Chris Stein (Blondie) is 63. Former CIA Director George Tenet is 60. Actress Pamela Sue Martin is 60. Actor Clancy Brown is 54. Singer Iris Dement is 52. Actor Ricky

Paull Goldin is 48. Actor Vinnie Jonesis 48.Rock musician

Kate Schellenbach (Luscious Jackson) is47. Dancerchoreographer Carrie Ann Inaba is 45. Actress Heather

Paige Kent is 44. Rocksinger Marilyn Manson is 44. Actor

Bradley Cooper is 38. Actress January Jones is 35.Actress Brooklyn Sudano is 32. — From wire reports

Small-scalesolar's digpotential Renewable energy companies are building utility-scale solar plants in the desert. But technology

innovations also allow smaller players to produce solar power — andevencarry it in a pack or pocket.


Y CategOrieS OfSOlar POWer Utility scale:Large solar power plants in


provide energy for hundreds of thousands

of homes. Smaller scale: Ground-mounted photovoltaic panels on idle land power homes and businesses.

AThe SOlar City Ofthe future 1. Building facades:Panels incorporated into a building's skin use modules to track the sun and convert it to usable energy. 2. Turdines:Electricity is produced by aturning generator and solar cells encapsulated on the surface of curved wind vanes. 3. Solar windows:Transparent photovoltaic polymer film affixes to window glass and acts as a solar cell, absorbing infrared light to generate electricity.

Street level:Rooftop panels and solar cells are integrated into building materials; portable panels power everyday devices.

Solar panels \

6. Electric vehicle charging stations:Solar energy provides power to stations where drivers can charge their electric vehicles.


7. Portable solar charging panels:Photovoltaic panels in backpacks, briefcases and clothing charge portable devices such asphones, cameras and laptops.

4. Sun shades:Awnings over outdoor cafe tables can generate power to offset the proprietor's costs.

8. Solar roads:Hardened glass panels embeddedwith solar cells and microprocessors may somedayrecharge electric vehicles

5. Solar-powered traffic lights:Small solar panels provide power that's not affected by grid outages.

Sources: U.S. Department of Energy, Helioptix, Tesla Motors lnc., Voltaic Systems Inc., Bluenergy Solarwind lnc., Solar Roadways

to sell back excess power. Falling startup costs also have brought solar power within reach for many homeowners and smallbusinesses. T ake Californians. In t h e last six years, the cost in Los Angeles to install a mediumsized solar system — between 50 kilowatts and I megawatt — has fallen by 55 percent, said J.R. Deshazo, an environmental economist at UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs. E ven though p r ices a r e coming down, Ra y B r ady, manager of the federal Bureau of Land Management'srenewable-energy p r ogram, s a id he has seen little interest in smaller-scale projects. The agency has policies that provide incentives for developers to build smaller solar plants on federal land, including exempting projects from costly and time-consuming environmental reviews. But Brady said that he could think of none in the works. "We can onl y r e s pond where there is an industry interest to do so," he said, citing economies of scale that can make largepower plants more cost-effective fordevelopers.

Large-scale projects Late last year, federal officials approved a plan that sets aside 445 square miles of public land for the development of large-scale solar power plants, cementing a new government approach to renewable energy development in the West after years of delays and false starts. The plan replaced the Interior Department's 2005-era first-come, first-served system of approving solar projects, which let developers choose where they wanted to build util-

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ity-scale solar sites and allowed for land speculation. Instead, the department will direct development to land it has identified as having fewer wildlife and natural-r esource obstacles, according to previous reports. The government is establishing 17 new "solar energy zones" on 285,000 acres in six states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New M exico. More than half of the land is in Southern California.

percentage of households cannot participate in the benefits of a residential rooftop system, primarily because they are renters. The same is true for most businesses,which often lease or rent space. Back in Nipton, Freeman has alreadyseen glimmers of hope. The town is just a few miles f ro m O a k land-based

Brightsource Energy Inc.'s

3,500-acre power plant, visible across Interstate 15. When the $2.2 billion IvanIncentives to go small pah Solar Electric Generating For its part, California has System is completed, it will be been more proactive in en- the largest solar-thermal powcouraging smaller p r ojects. er plant in the world, producGov. Jerry Brown's California ing 370 megawatts of electricSolar Initiative has set a target ity, enough to power roughly of 12,000megawatts ofenergy 140,000 homes. derived from rooftop panels. If things go according to The program offers support plan, Nipton could eventually forhomebuilderswho construct produce as much as I megasuper-energy-efficient homes watt of power, which Freeman with photovoltaic panels. hopes to sell to the Southern Evan Gillespie, who heads California Edison utility, which up the Sierra Club's renew- in turn provides electricity that able-energy programs in Cali- helps run a small portion of the fornia, has worked to bring sprawling Ivanpah facility. It's possible that N i pton more uniformity to fees and permitting for rooftop solar, could provide some power to a statewide effort that he says its giant solar-power neighbor. "That would be something," has reducedthe costofa sm all residential system by $2,500. Freeman said. "We want to make sure that — The Associated Press in the next two to three years, contributed to this report. we are removing as much friction from the marketplace as possible," he said. "There's a lot of work we need to do to get 541-548-2066 out of our own way." Adjustable Even with the streamlining, experts estimate that a sizable

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Bulletin wire reports The Food and Drug Adm inistration o n Fr i d a y proposed tw o s w eeping rules aimed at preventing the contamination of produce and processed foods, which has sickened tens of thousands of A m ericans annually in recent years. • The first rule would

require manufacturers of processed foods sold in the come up with ways

the Mojave Desertfeed into the power grid to

ll(j)/ tl((vrg \h(yy(® ~ff Il + > I) ',I $14% ~ / ///P$: q~ )llly/.IJ J


to reduce the risk of contamination. Food companies would be required to have a plan for correcting problems and for keeping records that government inspectors could audit. An example might be to r equire the roasting of raw peanuts at a temperature guaranteed to kill salmonella, which has been a problem in nut butters in recent years. Roasted nuts would then have to be kept separatefrom raw nuts.

• The second rule would apply to the harvesting and production of fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat bacterial contamination like E.coli.It would address what advocates referto as the "four Ws" — water, waste, workers and wildlife. Farmers would establish separate standardsfor ensuring the purity of water that touches, say, lettuce leaves and the water used to irrigate soil, which reaches plants only through their roots. A farm or plant where vegetables

are packaged might,for example, add lavatories to ensure that workers do not urinate in fields. One in six Americans becomes ill from eating contaminated food each year. The proposed rules, two years in the making, are aimed at reducing the estimated 3,000 deaths a year from foodborne illness and represent a sea change in the way the agency polices food, a process that currently involves taking action after food contamination has been identified. The FDA estimates the rules could prevent almost 2 million illnesses annually, but it could be several years before the rules are actually preventing outbreaks. Whether consumers will ultimately bear some of the expense of the new rules was unclear; the FDA estimated the proposals would cost food producers tens of thousands of dollars a year. The rules go into effect after a 120-day comment period. Other rules are pending, including one that would cover importers' responsibilities for the safety of food products fro m o v erseas. About 15 percent of food eaten by Americans — and an even higher percentage of produce — is imported.

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sity of Massachusetts Medical School. "That's my biggest Continued from A1 fear of what's going to come In f act, L a nza's m other o u t of this." "We can'tgo out and lock — herself one of the victims in last month's shooting in New- u p a l l t h e socially awkward town, Conn. — told friends y o u ng men in the world," said he had Asperger syndrome, J e f frey Swanson, a professor a developmental disorder, but o f p sychiatry and behavioral no evidencehas emerged that sciences at Duke University. Lanza was diagnosed as men- "But we have to try to prevent tally ill. the unpredicted." "There is no instrument that is specifically useful or vali- O"e Of ma"y faCtOrS dated for identifying potential The b e st-known attempt to schoolshooters or mass mur- measure violence in mental derers," said Stephen Hart, a p a t ients found that mental illpsychologist at Simon Fraser n e ss by itself didn't predict an Universityin Vancouver, Brit- a b ove-average risk of being ish Columbia, who is the co- v i o lent. People released from author of a widely used evalu- p s y chiatric wards were more v i o l ent than their neighbors ation tool. "There are many things in life where we have o n l y if they also had drug and an inadequate evidence base, a l cohol problems, according andthisisoneofthem." to the M acArthur V i olence Risk Assessment Study, which Personal history tracked almost 1,000 former Even when someone has p a t ientsintheearly1990s. a history of threatening beOthe r r esearch has found a havior, the killing of innocent l i n k — although not a particupeople can't necessarily b e l a r l y s trong one — between prevented. mental illness and T he wom a n violence. accused of push- "There jS nO In a 2001 study

Snapshotof state gunlaws As in the aftermath of most mass shootings, the convergence of gun control and adequate mental health care is back at the forefront. On the question of firearm restrictions, regardless of one's stance on the issue, the question of changing existing law is in effect 50 different questions: While federal law requires that every state and the District of Columbia perform background checks on prospective firearms buyers, the states

individually determine ownership regulations. Here is asummary of a few state laws: Ban assault weapons Seven states and the District of

Columbia prohibit ownership of assault weapons.

most detainees received no enhanced interrogation techContinued from A1 niques, and the relative few First, my reasons for repul- who did faced harsh measures sion. "Zero Dark Thirty" inac- for only a few days or weeks at curately links torture with intel- the start of their detention. To ligence success and mischarac- give a detainee a single openterizes how America's enemies fingered slap across the face, have been treated in the fight CIA officers had to receive against terrorism. Many others w ritten authorization f r o m object to the film, however, be- Washington. cause they think the depiction The filmmakers stole the of torture by the CIA is accu- d og-collar scenes from t h e rate but that the movie is wrong abuses committed by A r my to imply that our interrogation personnel at Abu Ghraib in techniques worked. They are Iraq. No such thing was ever wrong on both counts. done at CIA "black sites." In the publicity campaign for The CIA d i d w a terboard the movie, the director and the three of the worst terrorists screenwriter have stressed that — Abu Zubaida, Khalid Sheik "Zero Dark Thirty" was care- Mohammed and Abd al-Rafully researched and is fact- him al-Nashiri — in an effort to based. When discussing the get them to cooperate. Instead so-called torture scenes, direc- of a large bucket, small plastic tor Kathryn Bigelow has said: water bottles were used on the "I wish it was not part of our three men, who were on medihistory, but it was." Yet when cal gurneys. The procedure pressed about i n accuracies, was unlike the one seen in the screenwriter Mark Boal has movie but was consistent with been quick to remind everyone: the same tactic used, with"This is not a documentary." out physical or psychological Despite popular fiction, the damage, on tens of thousands so-called enhanced interro- of U.S. military personnel as gation program — a term the part of their training. Bush administration adopted Inspired perhaps more by for waterboarding,sleep depri- past movies than f i rsthand vation, stress positions and oth- accounts, "Zero Dark Thirty" er procedures — was carefully shows detainees being asked monitored and conducted. It a question, tortured a little, bore little resemblance to what asked another question and is shown on the screen. And then torturedsome more. Real while most Americans prob- detainees were instead given ably think waterboarding was the opportunity to cooperate. stopped by President Barack If they resisted and were beObama once he took office in lieved to hold critical informa2009, few know the technique tion, they might receive, with was last used six years earlier. Washington's approval, some of the "enhanced" techniques, The torture scenes such as being grabbed by the The film shows CIA officers collar, deprived of sleep or, in brutalizing detainees — beat- rare cases, waterboarded, a ing them mercilessly, suspend- practice that at the time did ing them from the ceiling with not, in written clearance from chains, leading them around the Justice Department, conin dog collars and, on the spur stitute torture. When the deof the moment, throwing them tainee became compliant, the on the floor, grabbing a large techniquesstopped, forever. bucket and administering a Some of those objecting to vicious ad hoc waterboarding. the movie are doing so not beThe movie implies that such cause ofhowthe interrogations treatment went on for years. are depicted, but because of The truth is that no one was what the movie implies came bloodied or beaten in the en- out of them. The film suggests hancedinterrogationprogram; that waterboarding directly

Require report of mental health Thirty states authorize or require

Allow concealed weapons Forty-nine states and D.C. allow

reporting of prospective buyers'

people to carry concealed

mental health to the FBI's criminal


background check system.

Source: Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

cent). People without any of these problems had just a 0.8 percent rate of violence. Over the years, researchers have made a particular effort to study violence and schizophrenia,a disorder that emerges in young adults and often includes paranoid thoughts. An analysis of 20 studies p ublished three y ears a g o ing a man to his ji I S tf Umef)g t jJElf fu n ded by the ¹ found that schizophrenia ind eath in front of a j S S tional Institutes of creased the risk of acting vioNew York subway j eCjfjC g//) Health, research- lently fourfold in men and even train on Dec. 27 USe f U j - . f 0 1 ers aske d 3 5 ,000 more in women. The risk of had been arrested jd e rf $j fyjilg adults wh e t her schizophrenics committing hoseveralti mes for g g. / they had been di- micidewas 0.3 percent — more assault and treated a gnosed with a than 10 times greater than the in the psychiatric SC hOOI ShOOterS me ntalillnessany- average citizen. wards of two hos- Or mBSS time in their lives The evidence suggests that p itals. The m a n and in the previ- "there's a modest relative risk" who fatally shot murdererS " ous year. T h ey for violent behavior in people two fi r e fighters also asked a long diagnosed with a serious menStephen Hart and hi m self i n psychologist list of q u estions tal illness, said Swanson, the Webster, N.Y., on about the subjects' Duke researcher. Christmas Eve had personal histories killed his 92-year-old grand- a n d b ehaviors. Re-interviews Identifying the dangerous m otherthree decades earlier. were conducted three years latIf some of the mentally ill The task o f i d e n tifying e r , asking about violent events are dangerous, can they be violence-prone individuals is i n t h e i nterveningperiod. found? eventrickierwith youngpeo Peo p l e wh o r eported that Over th e y e ars, s t udies ple,who have shorter histories they'd had both "severe men- have shown t h a t p s ychiaand whose normal develop- t a l il l n ess" an d s u bstance trists' accuracy in identifying ment often includes a period of a b use problems in the year patients who would become antisocial behavior. before the first interview had violent wa s s l ightly b etter The prospect that the most t h e highest rate of violence; 9.4 than chance — "obviously not recent massacre, or the next p e r cent had committed a vio- good enough, given what's at one, could lead to efforts to l e n t a ct. Thenextmostviolent stake for public safety as well find young men contemplat- w e r e people with other types as for civil liberties," said John ing the killing of strangers o f m e ntal illness (mostly an- Monahan, a University of Virworries many people. Among t i s ocial personality disorder) ginia psychologist who helped those expressingconcern are accompanied by substance direct the MacArthur study. some psychologistsand for- abuse — 7.2 percent of them S o Monahan an d m a n y mer patients forcibly swept r e p o rtedviolentbehavior. others came up with a coninto the mental health system Gr ou p s w i t h l o wer r a tes stellation o f " r i s k f a c tors" and treated against their will. of vio l ence included people and "protective factors" for "I think people are going s u f f ering only f r o m s evere violent behavior — analogous toward wanting all their kids m e n tal illness, 2.9 percent of to the riskfactors for heart to be screened in high school w h o m r eported having been disease, such as age, blood for mental illness and violence v i o lent; those only with sub- pressure, smoking and cholesrisk — and that's a bad idea," s t ance abuse problems (2.5 terol — and included them in said Gina Vincent, a forensic p e r cent); and those with other questionnaires. psychologist at th e U n iver- m e n t al illnessesalone(1.4perSome of those instruments


Impose waiting periods Eleven states andD.C.require waiting periods for purchases of some or all firearms.

The Washington Post

rely heavily on adding up scores.Others put more emphasis on th e i n terviewer's clinical judgment. The most popularcurrent strategy combines both approaches; it forces the evaluator to include any pertinent issue. All of the approaches consider the presence of a mental disorder as only a small contributor to risk, outweighed by other factors such as age, previous violent acts, alcohol use, impulsivity, gang membership and lack of family support. There have been numerous efforts to test these violencepredicting tools. For example, Monahan and his colleagues i ncorporated 106 r is k f a c tors into a software interview program and administered it to patients being discharged from psychiatric units in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Of those judged to be lowrisk by this tool, 90 percent committed no violence over the next six months. Of those judged to be high-risk, 49 percent committed violent acts. "From our research, we could quickly distinguish between a patient whose chance of being violent was I-in-10 from one whose was I-in-2," he said. Last summer, a large study published in the British Medical Journal found much the same thing. It analyzed the findings of 68 studies that involved about 25,000 people in psychiatric hospitals, prisons or couN-ordered detention. (The studies used a varietyof assessment tools.) Of the people predicted to "violently offend," 41 percent did. Of those predicted to be nonviolent, 91 percent were. In practical terms, that

"Zero Dark Thirty" inaccurately links torture With intelligenCe SuCCeSS and miSCjIaraCteriZeS

how America's enemies have been treated in the fight against terrorism. Many others object to the film, however, because they think the depiction of torture by the CIAis accurate but that the movie is wrong to imply that our interrogation techniques worked. They are wrong on both counts. contributed to obtaining vital information about bin Laden's courier — a break that eventually led to the al-Qaida leader. O pponents of th e CI A a r e quickto insist that waterboarding played no role in tracking him down. Both the movie and those critics are wrong. The first substantive information about the courier came in 2004from a detainee who receivedsome enhanced interrogation techniques but was not waterboarded. Although we had heard the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, until that time we were unaware of the central role he played in bin Laden's communications. We checked out this information with other detainees. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who had been waterboarded, was by then cooperating to some extent. He denied any knowledge of the courier, but so adamantly that we knew we were on to something. We then intercepted secret messages that Mohammed was sending to other detainees, ordering them to say nothing about al-Kuwaiti. After obtaining this lead on the courier, years of meticulous intelligence work followed. Having the black sites and compliant terrorists allowed us to repeatedly go back to the detainees to check leads, ask follow-up questions and clarify information. Without that, we would have been lost.

What they got right "Zero Dark Thirty" has some minor flaws that will be laughableto CIAveterans. Earlyinthe film, the agency's chief of station in Islamabad walks around with a CIA lapel pin — not the best of

tradecraft. Agency officers talk openly in hotels and restaurants about ongoing operations, and a junior officer threatens to have her boss hauled in front of a congressional oversight committee. But Bigelow and Boal get a lot of things right, too. They portray the hunt for bin Laden as a 10-year marathon rather than a sprint ordered by a new president. The film gives a glimpse of the cooperation between the CIA and the U.S. military, a r elationship that has only deepened in the years since Sept. 11, 2001. And if you pay close attention, "Zero Dark Thirty" also concedes that it was a matrix of intelligence capabilities — including interrogation, other human intelligence, expert analysis, signals intelligence and imagery analysis — that came together to lead the SEALs to bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad — "if you pay close attention," because the intelligence tradecraft is overwhelmed by the intense and, yes, misleading interrogation scenes. I had to smile at one scene in which a White House official demands more i n formation from the CIA, only to be asked how the agency is supposed to obtain it when the detention and interrogation p r ogram has been taken away. The screenwriterseemed to catch the nuance that the administration has made the CIA's job much harder. No doubt, the filmmakers had a difficult task. They had to boil down a decade of grueling work into a few hours — and make it entertaining. It is impossible for even the most skilled filmmakers to

meant that if authorities used the tools for the purposes of public health, they'd have to detain two people to prevent one from becoming violent. The authors of the analysis concluded that "risk assessment tools in their current form can only be used to roughly classify individuals at the group level, and not to safely determine criminal prognosis in an individual case." Most of this research has been conducted on populations already "enriched" with the potential for violence: psychiatric patients, drug users, binge drinkers, people who have been arrested. But some mass shooters don't fall into any ofthose categories. For th e g e neral p u blic, there's no screening tool for violence, and nobody expects that there ever will be.

Incidentsaslessons Is what's known about the relationship between mental illness and violence of any use after events like the mass shooting in Connecticut? People who study and provide mental health treatment generally say, "Yes." However, that's not because people prone to violence can be found and stopped. It's because if psychiatrists, psychologists and judges become more aware of the relationship between social circumstance, behavior and risk factors for violence, then they might be able to exert influence long before a killer's plans are made. At least that's the current thinking. "Most people who are thinking about violence are ambivalent about it," said Hart of Simon Fraser University. "Our

fully capture the context of the times. During the f i r st few years after 9/II, the CIA was under enormous pressure, fearing an imminent and deadlier reprise of the attacks. It is hard to accurately tell a story that spans more than a decade and involves a realworld cast of thousands. So Bigelow and Boal develop their narrative through the eyes of a small number of characters, such as a CIA officer they call Maya. A handful of officers in the Counterterrorism Center, mainly women, deserve a disproportionately large share of the credit for the relentless focus that eventually brought bin Laden down. But, while there are real-world equivalents of Maya and her colleagues in "Zero Dark Thirty," the successes and the failures in this mission were the work of many, not a few.

More than the literal truth According to recent news reports, the S enate I ntelligence Committee is investigating whether the CIA inappropriately cooperated with the filmmakers. In my viewing of "Zero Dark Thirty," I saw nothing that I b elieved to be classified — unless one considers secret the n otion that enhanced interrogation techniques played a role in get-


job is to find people who are ambivalent and convince them that violence is a bad idea." He cited the recent case in Vancouver of a college student who told a friend she was thinking of k i lling a homeless man. The friend notified authorities; the student was detained and evaluated with an assessment tool called the HCR-20. She had a "death kit" of tools in her possession and had killed a cat and dog for pleasure. She was convicted of animal cruelty but will soon be released on probation, with close supervision. But some people warn that a more aggressive mental health system would pose its own

dangers. James Gottstein, a lawyer in Anchorage, Alaska and head of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, has won four cases in his state's Supreme Court supporting p a tients' r i g hts to refuse to take psychiatric medicines, limiting conditions for involuntary commitment and other issues. He learned firsthand what it's like to be forcibly drugged and stigmatized by psychiatric treatment. In June 1982, he had a manic episode that he attributes to sleep deprivation. He was working hard, suffering from jet lag after returning from Europe and living in a place where the sun didn't set at night. He was taken by the police to a mental hospital, where he spent a month. "One of the problems that happens when you become a psychiatric patient is that everything that you do or say can be labeled as a psychiatric symptom," said Gottstein, 59, a graduate of Harvard Law SchooL

ting bin Laden. In my opinion, some senatorsseem towant to punish the agency for telling that truth. I nevitably, films like t h i s come to be seen by the public as a sortof proxy for reality. Even those who should know better get caught up in false arguments, debating, for example, "Can torture (as shown in the film) be justified?" rather than "Are harsh but legal measures (as not shown in the film) sometimes necessary?" Like the real hunt for bin Laden, the movie goes on way too long, but there is value in the end. Theatergoers should understand that "Zero Dark Thirty" is more than a movie and less than the literal truth. This is especially apparent in the final scene, with Maya in tears, drained, not sure where to go or what to do next. Her real-worldcounterparts have no doubt: The fight against al-Qaida is far from over. — The authoris a 31-year veteran of the CIA and headed the Counterterrorism Center from 2002 to 2004 and the National Clandestine Service through 2007.

4' b m e


Bend Memorial Clinic i~

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call 5LI1-382-4900

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Continued from A1 In Redmond, forexample, market valuefor83 percent of the properties on county tax rolls fell below the assessed value, the "blue line," according to Langton. About half of all property owners will be affected by the boom-and-bust tax phenomenon, and notin equitable fashion, he said. "Every account is going to be different, "he added.

Continued from A1

2 neighbors, 2 scenarios For example, the market value of a particular property may fall below the "blue line," in which case the owner saw an actual drop in property tax. Meanwhile, a ne i g hboring property's market value may drop, but not dip below the assessed value. That taxpayer

may see no change or an increase in his or her bill. In other words, one taxpayer might rejoice at an 11 percent drop in property taxes, while the neighbor pays the expected 3 percent increase. Now that property values are rebounding, however, the p r operty owner who experienced the precipitous drop faces a daunting climb. Assessed value is assigned according to a formula applied to market values across the county at the time of construction. For example, a home built one or two years ago may have markedly different assessed v alue, thanks t o "volatile swings" in the housing market, than the same-model home built today, Langton said.

Assessors on edge D eschutes County i s n o t alone on the real estate roller coaster, according to the Oregon Association of Counties in Salem. "I can tell you that Deschutes County isn't unique, but other counties are not experiencing the same situation to the degree you are," said association spokesman Eric Schmidt. "Jackson County, and some of the other counties with churn in the real estate market, but they haven't dropped that far and haven'tcome back that far." The association acts as a voice for county commissioners and county judges, particularly in their relationship with the Oregon Legislature, said policy coordinator Gil Riddell. He said the prospect of wide swings in home values has assessors across Oregon on edge. The wide swings in value have created a situation not previously seen in the wake of Measures 5 and 50, which set limits on the amount local authorities may tax real

Jobs, Bad Jobs." "Now they're coming back." The jobs report follows several other encouraging data sets that show year-end momentum in the economy. Automakers reportedsurprisingly robust sales last month and consumers piled into shopping malls, unfazed by the political wrangling over the "fiscal cliff." But economists say they are p articularly h e artened that the uptick in construction coincides with new strength and stability in the housing market, suggesting the gains are moresustainable. The number of new homes under c onstruction t o pped 800,000 in September for the first time in four years and stayed there through the fall, according to government data. Permits are being sought on more than 900,000 homes. "We underbuilt houses from 2006 until this year. At some

The surge capped one of the largest three-month gains the sector has seen since the recession began in December 2007. The return of construction jobs is an especially critical component of the economic recovery. That's partly because of the sheer number of jobs lost — more than 2 million since 2007 — but also because of fears that many of those workers' skills may not translate to other i ndustries, rendering them permanently unemployable. "These jobs have been the backbone of the middle class for many, many years," said Arne Kalleberg, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of "Good


cilities and they are owned by the park district," Horton said. Continued from A1 The park district will take The lease would be simi- from a $29 million bond aplar to a 30-year lease the dis- proved by Bend voters in Notrict has with the Bend Elks, vember to pay its share of the a semi-pro baseball team, Pine Nursery Park field projforthe use of Vince Genna ect andthe safe passage projStadium. ect at the Colorado Avenue Separately, the park dis- Dam. Earlier this week, park trict is teaming with Prodistrict officials and the board moting Urban Skate Habi- of directors reviewed improvetats (PUSH) to build a new ment projects planned for the skate park at P onderosa next five years and how they Park and the Bend Paddle will be funded. Trail Alliance to build a T here is $ 1.5 m illion i n w hitewater park o n t h e bond money designated to Deschutes River. The skate- build a park entrance, roads board and kayaking groups and parking lots to prepare are Bend-based nonprofits. the north end of Pine Nurs"We are making sure in ery Park for the new playing our agreements (with the fields, which will be available groups) that we are making for other sports but will prithese facilities as public fa- marily be used for soccer. The

point, there is a l o ng-term catch-up where you have to go out and build a lot of new houses," said John Canally, economist an d i n v estment strategist for LPL Financial. That is likely to help address the persistentlyhigh unemployment rateamong young men, one of the most recalcitrant problems ofthe recovery.More than a quarter of 16-to-19-yearolds are out of work, while nearly 14 percent of those ages 20 to 24 do not have a job.

Simonson said job growth in the industry had lagged behind increases in construction spending over the past two years. Some of that discrepancy represented productivity improvements, Simonson said, and some probably came from existing workers putting in overtime. Contractors may have been holding off to see if the housing recovery was durable. But eventually, as housing activity kept growing, the industry was bound to acceler"By and large, those guys ate hiring again. have been left on the sidelines Still, no one is arguing that the last few years," said Ken construction employment will Simonson, chief economist for return t o i t s p r e -recession the Associated General Con- peak of more than 7 million. tractors of America, "and con- The 45,000 jobs added during struction will give them much the fourth quarter last year more of an option in 2013." represented just a fraction of There havebeen falsestarts those losses. And the gains before, however: A similar may not be large enough or jump last winter gave way by come fast enough to offset a spring, when the sector shed shift toward low-paying jobs 53,000 jobs. in the recovery.

park district then expects Oregon Rush Soccer Club to raise $2.5 million to build the fields. There is $6.7 million in bond money set tocreate passage over the Colorado dam and a revamp of the footbridge paralleling the Colorado Avenue bridge. The Oregon Paddle Trail Alliance plans to raise $900,000 for a whitewater park in the river. Leaders with the group were not available Friday for comment. The park d i s trict p l a ns to use $200,000 in taxpayer money, not bond money, to pay most of the cost of the new skate park at Ponderosa Park. Through fundraising, PUSH is expected to come up with $40,000. The nonprofit's share will come from cash contributions,

material donations and volunteer labor, said Topher Laws, treasurer for PUSH. He said the group could break ground as early as June and construction should take two to four months. While the group won't have a contract like the soccer club for the park district land, Laws said the "goal is to keep it as skate-exclusive as possible." In the midst of a legal argument with the park district about its handling of the Bend Senior Center, attorney Bill Buchanan said such g oals should be outlined in an agreement before a project is built. "That is just sound legal planning, both for the district as well as for the park district users and the nonprofits that will be raising funds for these projects," he said.


I •


Joblessness bysector The total unemployment rate

remained unchanged in December, at 7.8 percent Cseasonally adjusted). Agriculture


Construction 13.5%: Leisure and hospitality 10.8% Professional and business services:



Manutacluring ~


Transporiation and utilities ~ 62'/ Education and health services ~ 5.2'/ Financial activities ~ 44% Government workers ~ 4% 0




Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics The Washington Post

Buchanan represents the United Senior Citizens of Bend, which he said raised about $900,000 to build the senior centeron Southeast Reed Market Road more than a decade ago. Now the group, a Bendbased nonprofit advocating for seniors, wants its money back after it says the park district strayed from the goals of having thesenior center serve older, low-income seniors. Horton said the park district will not be giving money back to the group. "We've honored what we've said we'll do with the senior center," he said. The boards for the group and the park district are set to meet Jan. 15 to discuss the senior center, Buchanan said. — Reporter: 541-61 7-7812, ddarli ngC<bendbulfeti

' l l

• I I I I


property. "Deschutes really has had a lot of variability to its housing values," Riddell said. "It will be taxed based on real market value until it exceeds the maximum assessed value. That jump could well be more than 3 percent per year."

) s

Legislative solutions A number of proposals are bubbling in the Oregon Senate Finance Committee to address the situation, said Langton. Riddell said the counties association is not decided on what path topursue, whether incremental or profound changes to Oregon's tax code. State Sen.-elect Tim Knopp, R-Bend, said he's aware of the problem facing Deschutes property taxpayers. "They're


• IS

II I 1 F i 1 mim i il I l

. tI'



going to be seeing higher property tax bills at a time when theirincome hasn't recovered substantially," he said. He expects cooperation on a fix basically due to the potential for the problem reoccurring elsewhere, or spreading. A single-county fix will not go over well in the Legislature, he said. The legislative counsel is at work now on a wider-ranging solution. "I don't think it's on everybody's radar," Knopp said Friday. "I think it's one of those things that's quietly creeping up as value comes back. The impact is not equal among individuals an d p r o perties. There will be big impacts on some people and little impacts on others. It's not going to feel

very good if you've got to pay that additional property tax bill."

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$999 or more. *icomfort beds excluded

Calendar, B3 Obituaries, B5

Weather, B6




Suspects sought in stabbing Bend police are searching for two suspects believed to have

been involved in aNew Year's Day stabbing at

a condo complex on the city's east side. In a news release issued Friday night, police

declined to provide any descriptions of the

suspects or the vehicle believed to havebeen used to flee the scene. According to the

release, police were dispatched to the Reserves at Pilot Butte just before

Tetherow water contract stan s, Ben says By Hillary Borrud The Bulletin

Whether the city of Bend could legally provide water to future development at Tetherow resort, outside the city limits, is unclear after a recent ruling by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals. Now, after legal analysis, city attorneys said this week they believe the city can continue to provide these services to the resort. "We are continuing to serve Tetherow," said City Attorney Mary Winters. "I know the folks out there have

been concerned. We have a contractual obligation (to Tetherow)." The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals, or LUBA, in November ruled that state land-use rules prohibit the city from planning to provide water for future development outside the city, specifically to Tetherow resort southwest of Bend. This appeared to put the city in a tight spot, because offi cials signed an agreement in2005 to provide water and sewer services to the resort. Large sections of Tetherow

remain undeveloped since the initial construction of the golfcourse and restaurant. Deschutes County commissionersgave developers three one-yearextensions of the deadline to build tourist

lodging, then approved a new plan in August 2012 that gave developers until 2017 to build

the lodging. Joe Weston, who owns land at Tetherow and plans to build a hotel there, could not be reachedfor comment on Thursday. LUBA found problems in a city ordinance and a water

facilities plan and sent the documents back to the city to fix the errors, after nonprofit Central Oregon LandWatch appealed the documents to the Land Use Board of Appeals in 2012. Central Oregon LandWatch Executive Director Paul Dewey declined to comment on the city's position Thursday. Assistant City Attorney Gary Firestone said the LUBA decision said the city cannot extend services to new phases of Tetherow. "I think from my point of view and from the city's point of

view, that means things beyond which were approved in the decision that approved Tetherow and required city water," Firestone said. This means the city can plan to provide water to parts of the resortthat were approved but have not been built, Firestone said, but not to new phases which developers might propose in the future. "It doesn't say we can't continue to provide service or to provide service to existing phases," Firestone said of the ruling. SeeTetherow/B5

4:30 a.m. on NewYear's Day. Officers found a woman with injuries to

her arm and amanwith

e s woman

an injury to the back of his head, the release

states, and all injuries were consistent with be-

ing caused by aknife. Both victims were transported to St. Charles Bend, treated,

and released. The victims did not

previously know the suspects, the release states, but the victims provided investigators

with a description of the two suspects.

Burning toclose Whychuspreserve Pile burning on100

acres at Whychus Canyon Preserve near Sisters starting next week will cause the pre-

serve to be closed to the public temporarily, the Deschutes Land Trust sald. The pile burning will start Monday in the pre-

serve, which is located six miles northeast of Sisters. The piles

consist of juniper trees which were thinned in order to improve wildlife habitat in the area.

The burns are dependent on weather condi-

tions. — From staff reports

Well shot! reader photos • We want to see your best photos capturing peaks in winter for

another special version of Well shot! that will run in the Outdoors section. Submit your best work at www. wellshot/winterpeaks, and we'll pickthe best for publication. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you tookit, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phonenumber.Photos m ustbe high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot bealtered.

Have astoryidea or submission? Contactus!

By Ben Botkin The Bulletin

Patricia Russell was in

a jam. Her car's head gasket blew in February, and she couldn't afford the $1,000plus bill to fix it. A home-care provider who lives in La Pine, she relied on the vehicle to help clients with trips to the grocery store and doctor appointments. She had to give up the job as a result. "I lost a lot when that car broke down," she said. "My finances are really limited, so I couldn't afford to buy another car." Without her car, her only work option was a job at a deli within walking distance. She was thankful for that job, but became discouraged without transportation as the year wore on and the cold weather returned. That discouragement ended for Russell in late December, when she discovered she was one of nine recipients selected to receivea free vehicle during the holiday season. The program, called "Words for Wheels," is in its second year. Central Oregon Auto Care Group, an organization of independent auto repair shops in Bend and Redmond, oversees the giveaway. Members from the participating shops repairand refurbish the vehicles and give them away. Typically, they obtain the vehicles when customers opt to get rid of their wheels because of the cost of repairs. The recipients are picked from essays that others submit on their behalf. This year, the program received about 250 submissions, said Wade Bryant, chairman of the organization and owner of Wade Bryant's Auto Repair 8 Service in Bend.

. Xh

Joe KIIne/The Bulletin

Home-care provider Patricia Russell, of LaPine, closes the trunk of her1999 Ford Taurus after helping a client shop for groceries outside Shop Smart in La Pine on Friday evening. Russell was among nine car winners in the Central Oregon Auto Care Words for Wheels contest.

"All of the letters were read," Bryant said, adding the choices were challenging. "I just wish we had more cars." But it's still a growing effort. The group gave away three cars last year. Initially, seven vehicles were tabbed for this holiday season, but two more became available. Russell was picked after a neighbor submitted an essay to the program. The essay earned Russell a 1999 Ford Taurus fourdoorsedan. "When they called me, I just could not believe it," she said. "I've never won anything in my life. It was just the best Christmas present I've ever gotten in my whole life." As businesses — not nonprof-

its — the mechanics cover the labor and cost of parts to get the vehicles running. Combined, it amounted to about $15,000 for the endeavor, Bryant said. This year's mix of vehicles started with a 2002 VW Beetle, a 2004 Kia Spectra sedan, a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer, a 1999 Ford Taurus, a 1994 Ford Taurus, a 1996 Dodge Caravan and a 15-passenger Ford van. A 1979 Chevy pickup truck and a 1989 Plymouth Voyageralso became available. Recipients come from varied backgrounds and include single mothers and a large family in need of a van. They were scattered throughout Bend, La Pine and Redmond. SeeWheels/B5

The story behind an unusual sign

The Bulletin Call a reporter: Bend................541-617-7829 Redmond ........ 541-977-7185 Sisters.............541-977-7185 La Pine ........... 541-383-0348 Sunriver.........541-383-0348

Deschutes ...... 541-617-7837 Crook ..............541-633-2184 Jefferson ........541-633-2184


Salem..............541-554-1162 D.c..................202-662-7456

Business........ 541-383-0360 Education .......541-977-7185 Public lands .....541-617-7812 Public safety.....541-383-0387 Projects .......... 541-617-7831



Though the holiday season of 2013 is nearly ayear away, it's not too soon to think about giving awayvehicles. Any of the participating shops can be contacted to find out more. You can also call 541-389-2465. The participating shops are: • Wade Bryant's Auto Repair 8 Service Center, 324 SE Ninth St., Bend • Road Runner Auto Repair, 186 NE Revere Ave., Bend • Brandy's Automotive Service & Repair, 235 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend • Davis & Clark Auto Repair,156 NE Seward Ave., Bend • Intermountain Truck 8 Auto Repair, 61522American

Loop, Bend • Townsend Auto Repair, 1080 SE Highway 97, Bend •EARPS AutoRepair,340 NW Dogwood Ave.,Redmond • Redmond Auto Service, 1104 SW Lake Road, Redmond

• Marshall's Automotive, 2110 S.Highway 97, Redmond

Center provides activist resources By Ben Botkin The Bulletin

Dean Guernsey/The Bulletin

ver wonder about this sign on your right as you're driving north on U.S. Highway 97? We stopped at McLagan's Taxidermy, asked what it meant and were told that you do indeed get a pair of gloves if you bring in an animal hide. These days, the gloves are from China — not from

• Obituaries, Death Notices:

the hides themselves, as they were years ago. But people do still bring animal

Details Onthe Obituaries page inside. Contact 541-617-7825, obitsC!

skins in, and artisans do make things from them. That's how we met Rainbow Eagle Dreamer. See photo story, Page B2.


Inside the Central Oregon Social Justice Center, a varietyof services are available. The center, which opened in October, has office space at 155 N.W. Irving Ave., Bend, for labor unions, immigration attorneys and nonprofit advocacy groups that strive for varied but interconnected causes like immigrant rights, health care access and collective

bargaining rights. The center, spearheaded by the Central Oregon chapter of Jobs with Justice, had an open house for the public Friday attended by more than 50 people. The concept

is believed to be the first in Oregon, said Uaju Dharmarajah, council representative of the Oregon American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 75. The center benefits its tenants in several ways. For example, it saves nonprofit organizations money by poolingresources together, said Dharmarajah, also chair of the Central Oregon chapter of Jobs with Justice. The monthly lease of $2,400, held by Jobs with Justice, is shared among all the participating organizations, with varying amounts based on the size of office

space. SeeCenter /B5




ff you have an idea for this photographic series about unusual vocations and occupations in Central Oregon, email O» To follow the series, visit www.bendbulletin.comloddjobs.

Photos by Dean Guernsey• The Bulletin




+ %5 I. .1



• II

Rainbow Eagle Dreamer, co-founder of Wildheart Dreams, makes buckskin moccasins. Here he sorts through piles of deer hides at McLagan's Taxidermy in Bend to find the best candidates for tanning, hides with few holes.





Next, he scrapes hair and a thin layer of skin from the deer hide before beginning the tanning process.

5/I »(5$


' ,


Dreamer applies a solution of deer brains and water to the deer hide to add oil and lubricate the fibers.

g T o finish the tanning process, he stretches the deer hide on a frame and works the skin with a beveled staking tool to stretch and soften it.

Dreamer takes his moccasins for a run on the Deschutes River Trail.


He blows on a fire that will be the source of smoke used to tan the hide.

g H e stitches the deer skin moccasins at his home in Bend.

g D r eamer's finished pair of running





Environmentalists try to halt roadwork on public lands inEastern Oregon

AROUND THE STATE GillnetterS file legal Challenge —Commercial fishermen have turned to the Oregon Court of Appeals to challenge a recent

change in the state's gillnet fishing rules. In addition to a Friday petition that asks the appeals court to review the validity of the changes, the fishermen have sent a letter to the Washington state Fish and

Wildlife Commission, asking it to push back agillnet rule change The Associated Press SALEM — An environmental group has asked a judge to block a federal agency from clearing 133 miles of washed out or overgrown roads on public land in Eastern Oregon without doing a n e n v ironmental analysis. The Oregon Natural Desert Association said in its lawsuit that the roads have been naturally reclaimed and are of no use, the agricultural publication Capital Press reported Friday.

Public officials and ranchers counterthat the roads are needed to manage livestock and for other reasons. The l a w suit c h a l lenges what it calls "landscape-scarring m e c hanical b l a d ing, grading, reconstruction and improvement" of the roads. I t said t h e w o r k i n t r o duces invasive weeds, fragm ents habitat, an d h a r m s water quality along stream crossings. The suit also says the work would allow m otorized ac-

cess within the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's 500,000acre Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area. The lawsuit said the agency excludes such maintenance from processes required by federal environmental law but claims it has failed to show the impact of the projects is insignificant. The agency didn't have an immediate comment on the suit, but public officials and ranchers did.

Harney County plans to intervene in the suit, said Steve Grasty, leader of the county commission. The roads are needed for livestock maintenance and fireresponse, he said, adding that the work appears to be normal maintenance. Roads on public lands are critical for ranchers and others inremote areas of Eastern Oregon, said Bob S k inner, chairman of the public lands committee of the Oregon Cattlemen's Association.

decision expected later this month. The Daily Astorian reports that a motion to stay enforcement of the new Oregon rules will be filed next

week. Last month, the OregonFishand Wildlife Commission voted to ban the use of gillnets to catch fish on the main stem of the Columbia River, relegating the primary commercial-fishing tool to side chan-

nels and tributaries. Washington's fish commission is expected to decide next week on similar rules. That could eliminate the centuriesold practice from both sides of the river.

Police ID suspect in Portland cold case —Portland police say a manwho died two years ago hasbeenidentified as the person responsible for a homicide that occurred more than adecadeago. Sgt. Pete Simpson says two sources cameforward last year to say James Edward Follett had confessed to killing 66-year-old Jack Har-

veyJonesin2002.Jones'bodywasfoundatahomeonSoutheast Division Street and he had visible head trauma. Homicide investigators didn't have much information at the time and the case went cold

until the new information was received. Simpson saysdetectives corroborated the new information, and the motive appeared to be rob-

Eugene grouptargets beer pong promotion The Associated Press EUGENE — A Eugene group trying to reduce binge drinking

by young people is calling on stores to stop advertising that appears to promote drinking games such as beer pong or tie alcohol sales to University of Oregon sports. The call comes from the Eugene Prevention Coalition, an effort by Lane County, the university and other groups in a town known for rowdy parties and a hard-drinking culture. Health officials say alcohol-related death rates in the county are twice the national


types of things on this aisle," "High-risk alcohol use is very much tolerated in Carlson said. "That would be a our community. It's something that's considered change that we made here." State and federal grants are a rite of passage for our young people." paying for the coalition's cam— Lindsey Adkisson, Lane County health analyst paign, $180,000 a year over three years. The campaign a ims to counteract what i t "High-risk alcohol use is very Manager M a r c Ca r l son calls community acceptance much tolerated in our commu- showed KVAL-TV a beer dis- of binge drinking, which is asnity," said Lindsey Adkisson, play in advance of the Fiesta sociated with young people a Lane County health analyst. Bowl game on Thursday. and can lead to lifelong alcohol "It's something that's consid"Basically on a display like problems. "This is something I think is ered a rite of passage for our this, you might see some cups young people." or some table tennis balls," a community issue, and we reThe coalition cited a Safeway Carlson said. ally need to emphasize that this store southwest of the campus But the implements of beer is not going to be acceptable," as being one of the first of 20 pong are gone, replaced by said Paul Shang, the universi"snacks and chips and those ty's dean of students. stores to tone down displays.

bery. Follett was aheavy drug user and hadbeenasking neighbors for money before the homicide. Follett died from a drugoverdose.

Cars set off ammo scattered on road — OregonState Police say hundreds of rounds of ammunition were found scattered along State Route 58 south of Eugene and passing traffic set off

some of them. Noone was injured and no damagewas reported Friday morning. KVAL-TVreports that police don't know how the hundreds of.22-caliber shells and a box of.30-caliber rifle ammunition ended up on the roadway about a mile east of lnterstate 5 in the

Pleasant Hill area. Nearby businesses reported hearing the ammunition discharging as vehicles ran over it. Police say transportation department workers picked up the ammunition.

C(ad season disappoiuts —Fishermenalong the Oregon Coast say the Dungenesscrab catch has beendisappointing so far. The quality of the catch is rated high, but numbers arebelow expectations. The Oregonian reports the season was delayed a month to allow the crabs to beef up. It began this week. Astoria fisherman John

Corbin says that compared to last season, it's taking twice asmany pots to fill his boat. Corey Rock, who fishes from Newport, says that the numbers may turn out to be more like a normal year than some of

the banner seasons over thepast eight years. — From wire reports




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TODAY VFW BREAKFAST: Community breakfast with pancakes, eggs, ham or sausage; $8.50; 8:30-10:30 a.m.; VFW Hall,1503 N.E. Fourth St., Bend; 541-389-0775. "THE METROPOLITANOPERA: LES TROYENS":Starring Deborah Voigt, Susan Graham andBryan Hymel in a presentation of Berlioz's masterpiece; opera performance transmitted live in high definition; $24, $22 seniors, $18 children; 9 a.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium168 IMAX, 680 S.W.Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-382-6347. INDOOR SWAP MEET: Featuring 70 local vendors, with new and used items, antique collectibles, crafts and more; free admission; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; 694 S.E. Third St., Bend; 541317-4847. SURVIVOR:ANIMALS ADAPT!: Learn about animal adaptations to dramatic environmental shifts in the High Desert, featuring live animals; $6 plus museum admission, $4 for members plus museum admission; 11 a.m. and1:30 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. POOL PARTY:The San Diego-based hip-hop act performs, with Mosley Wotta; $5 plus fees in advance, $10 at the door; 6:30 p.m.; TheSound Garden,1279 N.E. Second St., Bend; 541-633-6804 or www.bendticket. com.

SUNDAY Jan. 13 SECONDSUNDAY:John Daniel reads from a selection of his work, followed by an open mic; free; 2 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 N.W.Wall St.; 541-3121032 or www.deschuteslibrary. org/calendar.

MONDAY Submitted photo

Susan Graham as Dido In the Metropolltan Opera's "Les Troyens," playing at the Regal Old Mlll theater.


Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www.towertheatre. org.

0116 or

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TUESDAY Jan. 15 "A CORNISHFAMILYIN GEORGETOWN, COLORADO,18751912":Bend Genealogical Society presents a program by Marilyn Burwell on research methods and townspeople; free; 10 a.m.; First Presbyterian Church, 230 N.E. Ninth St., Bend; 541-317-9553 or www. LUNCHANDLECTURE: Learn about forest ecology, conditions and management, bringa sacklunch; included in the price of admission; $12 adults, $10 ages 65and older, $7 ages 5-12, free ages 4and younger; noon-1 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. LOUDONWAINWRIGHTIII: The folk artist performs, with Dar Williams; $35-$45 plus fees; 7:30 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www.towertheatre. org.

WEDNESDAY Jan. 16 "THE METROPOLITANOPERA: AIDA":Starring Liudmyla Monastyrska, Olga Borodina and Roberto Alagna in anencore performance of Verdi's masterpiece; opera performance transmitted in high definition; $18; 6:30 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541382-6347. GIRAFFEDODGERS: The Portlandbased folkand bluegrass act performs; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or


POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log when such a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358. Bend Police Department Theft —A theft was reported at 2:23 p.m. Dec. 29, in the 20100 block of Pinebrook Boulevard. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 8:11 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 3700 block of Northeast Purcell Boulevard. Unlawful entry —A vehicle was reported entered at 8:21 a.m.Dec. 30, in the 20700 block of Snow Peaks Drive. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 8:53 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 20700 block of Nicolette Drive. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 8:58 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 20700 block of Angora Court. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 9:24 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 20900YeomanRoad. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 9:32 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 20600 block of Russell Drive. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 9:41a.m. Dec. 30,inthe63400 blockofRanch Village Drive. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at10:13 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 63500 block of Sierra Court. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at11:28 a.m. Dec. 30, in the 3700 block of Northeast Purcell Boulevard. Theft —A theft was reported at 12:49 p.m. Dec. 30, in the 600 block of Northeast Third Street. Unlawful entry —A vehicle was reported entered at 2:06 p.m. Dec. 30, in the 20600 block of Snow Peaks Drive. Unauthorizeduse —Avehicle was reported stolen at 3:04 p.m. Dec. 30, in the1000 block of Northwest Galveston Avenue. Duu — Lynn Marie Leonard, 39, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at11:09 p.m. Dec. 31, in the area of Southeast Third Street and Southeast Vine Lane. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 6 l1 p.m. Jan.2, inthe800block of Northwest John Fremont Street. Unlawful entry — Avehicle was reported entered at 7:09 p.m. Jan. 2, in the100 block of Southwest Cleveland Avenue. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 2:40a.m.Jan.3,inthe500 block of Northeast Bellevue Drive. Prineville Police Department Theft —A theft was reported and an arrest made at 5:21 p.m. Jan. 3, in the area of Northeast Third Street.



The Bulletin



Don't shred Oregon's publie meetings law



Goaoott BEAEE



Fditur in-Clnrf Editorof Edttorials


Fl.U s&vMN QghhM„,

hisyear could be the year Oregon's public meetings



law gets poked full of holes. There are at least two


proposed changes in the hopper in Salem that could change the law for the worse. One says that email communication does not constitute a meeting. That change should be relatively harmless, but there is potential for abuse. It would be ridiculous if city councilors or county commissioners had to declare a public meeting each time they emailed each other. Their emails can already be obtained through a public records request and that doesn't change under this proposal. One of the reasons for this legislative concept, though, is some tumult about what the law says. A court found that Lane County Commissioners Pete S orenson and Rob Handy violated the state's public meeting laws in 2009. The court said the commissioners held private, serial one-on-one meetings. It was for the purpose of deciding how to vote on aides for the commissioners. There were never enough comm issioners present during t h e meetings to constitute a quorum. That decision caused some confusion about what is permissible. Emails are not the same thing as a meeting. But emails that get passed

around could also be viewed as private, serial, one-on-one meetings. So it's a good step to clarify the law's intent. At the same time, email sent within a quorum of board members could also be a deliberate attempt to evade the meaning of public meeting laws. Public officials should not use it that way. The second proposed change is a legislative concept that says factgathering activities and on-site inspections of property are not public meetings. This is trouble. Imagine if al l t h e m embers of the Bend City Council went around on fact-gathering activities as the basis for a new $60 million water project for the city. With the proposed change in the law, the council wouldn't have to tell the public what it's doing. The councilors may not ostensibly be making a decision or even deliberating toward a decision. They still would be doing something the public should know about. The Legislature should not allow public meetings to become a sham where decisions have already been made behind closed cloors.

Park district needssolid fundraising agreements t's a detail that may h ave slipped some voters' minds, but the Bend Park 8 Recreation District has said from the beginning that while all property owners will pick up the tab for the basics covered by its bond measure approved last fall, donors will provide the money to bring several projects in the measure to fulfillment. Thus the Bend Paddle Trail Alliance likely will raise money for completion of the proposed whitewater park on the Deschutes at the Colorado Avenue bridge; skateboarders and pickleball players will be expected to add funds for new facilities for their sports, and soccer groups will contribute for more soccer fields. That's not a new approach for the district. Sports groups have long helped shape and pay for facilities that their members want to use,and there is no reason to stop now. What there is reason to do, however, is to spell out as carefully and in as much detail as possible the relationship between private contributors and the public park district itself.


One need only think about the current tensions between the district and the United Senior Citizens of Bend to understand how critical that is. The district and the seniorshave been at odds for months over just who agreed to what when the two came together to build the district's Senior Center on Reed Market Road. The seniors' group contributed money to that project and moved into the center when it opened in 2001. Things worked well for a time, but, dissatisfied with changes in the way the center was being run, the group moved out in 2011. The seniorsbelieve the agreement has been breached; the district argues that changing needs among its patrons have dictated changes in programs at the center, changes it has always had the right to make. Going into a series of new agreements with ne w g r oups, district officials should keep their problems wit h U n i ted S enior Citizens in front of them. A good agreement is one that makes clear the obligations and expectations of all parties to it.

M Nickel's Worth Praise for Wyden ondata

should not impede this innovation and the jobs it creates." William Hardie Bend

Praise to Sen. Ron Wyden for his proposed legislation to set industry standards for ISPs that impose data limits on their customers. While the purported reasons given by ISPs for imposing data caps on their customers is to relieve network congestion and improve network performance for everyone, there is currently no data to support the claim that data caps improve overall network operation. There is, however, substantial data to support the fact that revenue and profit are improved by charging customers for data use over their limit. Cable television companies, which also provide Internet service, are put in the position of having one branch of their business directly competing with another (cable television offerings versus streamingtelevision over the Internet). One strategy for them to protect their business model is to impose data caps on Internet use to discourage streaming (Netflix) and encourage cable television viewing. Local cable monopolies are in a unique position to limit customer choice and thereby increase profit to the detriment of the consumer. Wyden's legislation would appropriately put the Federal Communications Commission in charge of overseeing how ISPs measure data use "to ensure limits on monthly usage are designed to manage network congestion, not just create revenue for business." As Wyden so rightly says, "Internet use is central to our lives and to our economy. Future innovation will undoubtedly require consumers to use more and more data. Data caps

Gun rights not absolute As we begin a national conversation about gun rights after the Newtown slaughter, editorial pages around the country are filling with letters advocating gun ownership. H The Dec. 28 Gun ownership is my right" letter by Jason Burleigh to The Bulletin is an excellent example. Unfortunately the letter also shows gun rights advocates' misunderstanding of the Constitution and subsequent Supreme Court interpretations of the Second Amendment. The right to own guns, like all other rights set forth in the Constitution, is not absolute. The original purpose of the amendment, ensuring that all adult white males had a rifle in their home, is not a current concern — nor may it everbe again.The only significant Supreme Court ruling on this was penned by Justice Antonin

Scalia (a well-known gun advocate) just four years ago. In it he leaves open multiple ways the government can legislate restrictions on the time, manner and place of gun ownership. Semi-automatic assault rifles and high capacity clips certainly can fall under legal regulations based on Scalia's ruling. The weapons used in many recent mass killings are machines our founding fathers could not have ever dreamed of. They are the nightmare of lawenforcement because they are so quick to kill and reload. Keeping them out of the hands of killers, be they in an alternate reality or not,

only makes sense. They may find other means to kill but few, if any, are as accessible, efficient and difficult to defend against. Jim Roberts Bend

Letter on gunsmissespoint The letter from the well-meaning gentleman who wrote in recently claiming he didn't need a large-capacity clip on his rifle to kill a deer totally misses the point on the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment isn't about hunting; it's about the right of a citizen to defend himself from all things, including a tyrannical government. "A militia, when properly formed, is in fact the people themselves."Sen. Richard Henry Lee, 1788 George Washington understood that an armed citizenry is all that stands between us and tyranny. David Chamberlain Terrebonne

Need to withstand pressure from extremists Thank you, The Bulletin, for your thoughtful editorial cartoons and the letters to the editor, which encourage calm, informed discussion of ways to make our schools, colleges, malls, workplaces, theaters, restaurants, civiccenters and streetssafer from assault rifles and large-capacity military magazines. I hope our readers and legislators engage in respectful, fact-based discussion and have the courage towithstand pressure from extremists.

Allan and VerceySmyth Prineville

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Assault rifles are not the same as assault weapons A By Dennis Dietrich recent headline in The Bulletin referred to an "assault rifle ban.n The headline was over a well-written Dec. 20 article by Associated Press writer Steven DuBois. KOIN Local 6, the Salem Statesman Journal and many other news outlets headlined: "Kitzhaber Open to Restrictions on Assault Weapons." The Bulletin, however, changed the headline into "Kitzhaber open to assault rifle ban.n Why is this important'? Although the evolution of many decades of firearms-relatedlaws has generated some confusion on terminology, there remains a significant difference in the common understanding of what "assault weapons" are, which the article was about, and "assault rifles." An assault weapon was defined by the (now expired) federal Assault Weapons Ban in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 as one with a pistol grip, collapsible stock, detachable multi-round

magazine and other mostly cosmetic features. Assault weapons fire single rounds with each pull of the trigger, just as do hunting rifles. After a round is fired, a new one is pushed into the chamber. However, such a ssault weapons are often frowned upon because they are black, have a similar appearance to a r estricted assault rifle, and look dangerous and scary to

some people. Assault ri fles

( a.k.a. "machine

guns") are generally defined as rifles capable of "selective fire." They have a switch that allows them to change from single fire (pull the trigger once, it fires once) to fully automatic (pull the trigger once, it fires repeatedly until the trigger is released or the ammunition is exhausted). Civilian ownership of assault rifles has been heavily restricted in the United States since 1986whenthe Firearms Owners' Protection Act amended the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968 by, among other things, prohibiting "the transfer


or possession of machine guns ..." except by "... government agencies, and those lawfully possessed before ... May 19, 1986." Machine guns, or selective fire rifles, can otherwise only be owned and used by the military and police organizations. Kitzhaber cannot ban them more than federal law already has. The current national discussion regarding firearms is occurring in many places, from the White House to the halls of Congress, from television to the print media, from Web-based news reports to social media. In any one of these forums, you can observe people using terms they clearly do not understand, and making statements about firearms and the laws that are completely wrong. If we are to have an intelligent, meaningful national discussion on this issue, it is incumbent on each of us, especially the media that has vast influence on what people understand and believe, to understand

If we are to have an intelligent, meaningful national discussion on this issue, it ts incumbent on each of us, especially the media, ... to understand the topic and be completely accurate.

the topic and be completely accurate. The Bulletin's use of the term "assault rifle" instead of "assault weapon" was likely an innocent change in terminology. Many others make such mistakes: President Barack Obama has committed similar misspeaks, as has Brian Williams on NBC. Then the wire services pick it up and publish things in print that are simply wrong. Then members of Congress grab hold and opine incorrectly. Beingthus influenced by the correct or false opinions of others is known as an informational cascade, and lately the dissemination of bad information by these cascades has been particularly rampant. I am sure no news organization wants to deliberately mislead their

readers orviewers, especially during the current national crisis and debate. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ( has a wealth of information on their website, and one particular document, which the above quotes were taken from, should be required reading by anyone reporting on or writing headlines on this issue: The National Firearms Act Handbook. In the current difficult times the country is going through, accurate and factual reporting is more important than ever. The Bulletin could focus on being a leader in breaking the false informational cascades, and make sure they do not contribute to them. — Dennis Dietrich livesin Bend.




BITUARIES DEATH NOTICES Charles E. Sanders, of Portland, OR June 4,1922- Dec. 30, 2012 Arrangements: Crown Memorial Center Milwaukie,503-653-7076 Services: No services are planned at this time

George James Larson, Jr., of Redmond April 9,1919- Jan. 3,2013 Arrangements: Autumn FuneralsRedmond (541-504-9485) Services: A private celebration of life will be held at a later date. Contributions may be made to:

Humane Society of Redmond, 1355 NE Hemlock Avenue, Redmond, OR 97756.

DEATHS ELSEWHERE Deaths of note from around theworld: Gerda Lerner, 92:Pioneer in women's history and founder of the first women's studies graduate program; she was a charter member of the National Organization for Women. Died Wednesday in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Ryan Brennectte/The Bulletin

Beth Bagley is sworn in by senior Judge Michael Sullivan, whom she is replacing on the Deschutes County Circuit Court bench, during her investiture ceremony at the Deschutes County Justice Building on Friday.

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Sheardownsheltered Americanescapees from embassyin Iran door, suspicious calls w ere commonplace,theircarwas reWhen m i l i tant ra d i cals peatedly searched. "We were already living in seized the U.S. Embassy in Iran in November 1979, they intend- danger," Sheardown's w i fe, ed to take all its employees hos- Zena, said in a n i n t erview tage. But five were elsewhere Wednesday. "And certainly the in th e e mbassy compound danger was compounded beand escapedcapture.After six cause we were hiding, literally tense days of furtively moving hiding, fugitives." around Tehran, one of them, Sheardown, she said, died Robert Anders, placed a call in Ottawa, Ontario, where he to a Canadian diplomat with lived, after being treated for whom he played tennis, and Alzheimer'sdisease and other asked for help. ailments. "Hell, yes, of course," the S heardown was born o n diplomat, John Sheardovtm, an- Oct. 11, 1924, in Sandwich, Onswered. "Count on us." tario, a small town absorbed by The five employees had by Windsor in the 1930s. At 18, he then been joined by a sixth. joined the Canadian Air Force Four ended up being hidden and flew a bomber in World for nearly three months in the War II, once crash-landingnear home of Sheardotxm, the Cana- an English village after limping dian Embassy's No. 2 official, back from an attack on Gerwho died Sunday at 88. The many. He broke both legs, but other two found refuge with was able to crawl to a pub door the Canadian ambassador, Ken at 3 a.m. and rouse the owner. Taylor. He asked for a glass of Scotch, The episode, which came which the owner gave him. The to be known as the "Canadian owner then asked for payment caper," was a footnote to the while Sheardown waited for an Iranian hostage crisis, in which ambulance — a story Shearyoung Iranian revolutionaries down relished. seized the U.S. Embassy and He joined Canada's immigraheld 52 people hostage for 444 tion service in the early 1960s days to try to force the U.S. to and later transferred to the Forreturn the deposed shah from eign Service, where he specialNew York, where he was be- ized in immigration matters. ing treated forcancer.A fterthe He was busy in Tehran with shah died in July 1980 in Egypt Iranians who wanted to leave and war erupted between Iran the country, as well as with and Iraq, negotiations with the Afghans who had fled their U.S. led to the release of the country after the Soviet Union hostages in January 1981. invaded it in December 1979. The concealment and ex- His houseguestsbecame an oftrication of the U.S. diplomats ficial part of his responsibilities by the Canadian government after the Canadian Parliament and the CIA inspired the recent held its first secret session since movie "Argo." Though Shear- World War II to approve the down is not mentioned in it rescue mission, which included — public recognition always issuing the Americans fake Cagravitated to Taylor, who is nadian passports. portrayed in the film as a hero While in Tehran, the Ameri— his role was nevertheless cans in hi s r ented 20-room consequential. house occupiedthemselves by "Without hi s e n thusiastic listening to news on a shortwelcome, we might have tried wave radio, reading, playing to survive on our own a few Scrabble and cards and, by more days," Mark Lijek, a re- their own admission, drinking tired Foreign Service officer, copiously. They had to leave the wrote in Slate last year. "We house only once, when the ownwould have failed." er hada real estate agent show Sheardown's avu n c ular, it to a potential buyer. The two pipe-puffing manner led his Americans staying with Taylor houseguests to call him Big were spirited to the Sheardown Daddy. He bought groceries at house for Thanksgiving and different stores to disguise his Christmas. household's suddenly l arger T he diplomats posed as appetite. He bribed the garbage members of a film crew who collector with money and beer had supposedly been scoutfor thesame reason. Surveil- ing locations. They had been lance, including tanks at the taught how to speak like Canaend of the street, was constant. dians — for instance, by ending Strangers knocked on the front sentences with "eh?" New Yorh Times News Service

County planning r e-

include contact information in all correspondence.

— From wire reports

By Douglas Martin

Continued from B1 Winters said there are p lanning r e c ords t h a t back up th e city a greement to provide water to all approved phases of Tetherow, including those not yet built. The city neglected to provide these documents in the previous version of the water plan, but will no w ad d t h em, Winters said. "We didn't put it in the record because it happened so long ago," Winters said. "From our perspective, that was done and no one appealed it."

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'yre~S'ttPjPO'R COtrR

Continued from B1 Those org a n izations i ncludes t h e A FS C M E chapter; the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555; Causa, an immigration rights advocacy group; the Human Dignity Coalition; Hect 8 Norman, Immigration Attorneys; and I m m i grant Law Group. There's more than just savings from the arrangement, though. For example, if a union member needs assistance with an immigration-related issue, attorneys and advocates are nearby. As a result, the entities can work together on issues, Dharmarajah said, adding that the work isn't done. "In five years, I h o pe we've outgrown this space," he said. Non-tenants can tap the center's resources too. A conference room with room for 15 people is available for nonprofits without space of their own for events. "By us pooling our resources, we're able to of-

x,.a a,iitmwl


l for .


Rcb Kerr /The Bulletin

Chuck Campbell, 79, middle, and Bill Morris, 75, right, look over health care data during the Social Justice Center open house Friday night in Bend. Dave Stranahan, left, said that the room pictured is an example of what the collaborative center offers — a universal workroom with fax machines and copiers. fer this free to other groups," Dharmarajah said. Steve Williamsen, union representative for the UFCW Local 555, said the center is a good way for his organization to connect with others and be involved in the community. M elissa A d am s G i a n oplus, executive director of the Human D i g nity C o a lition, which advocates for the LG-

BTQ — lesbian, gay, bisex-

ual, transgender and queer — community. " It enables us to be i n a building in a great downtown location, where as a nonprofit we would never be able to afford it," she said. In addition, having all the o rganizations a v ailable i s great for networking with others, she said. — Reporter: 541-977-7185;


Roseburgpair restoring 65-year-old Stinsonplane By Inka Bajandas Roseburg News-Review

"I'm not interested in the 'zoomers.' f like the

ROSEBURG Harry nostalgia of (the Stinson). I'd get there, but it Baumgardner first flew a Stinson Flying Station Wagon as would probably take me an extra day ... but a young man after a chance I'd get there in style." encounter at a Ca l i fornia — Dave Olson, plane's owner airport. He worked for an airplane mechanic in Taft, Calif., and washed and tended a Stinson. thing," Olson said. getting undisturbed time, he One day, the ovtmer, to BaumThe goal is to make the 65- sard. "It's just keeping people gardner'ssurprise, off ered to year-old airplane appear new, let him fly the small passenger he said. out of the hangar so you can "I decided this is a classic work," Olson said. "Everyplane. "He said, 'I don't fly it as aircraft. You don't do some- body that comes in the door often as I ought to,' and I said, thing wild and crazy," Olson has a suggestion." 'Idon't know how to fly one said. "The color is Stinson MaStill, he's tinkered with the of those things,' and he said, roon. It's an original color they Stinson all winter, Olson said. 'Let's go,'" Baumgardner said. put on the Stinson." "Usually, you take the winBaumgardner, who learned Olson said he was attracted ters and not use your flying to fly while in the Navy, quick- to the plane and wanted to re- season, which is spring, sumly got the hang of controlling store it because it's classy and mer and fall," he said. the plane. more refined than a fast plane. Olson said he's not sure "I'm not interested in the when the restoration will be "Right then, I fell in love with that particular airplane, 'zoomers.' I like the nostalgia complete. and I've wanted one ever of (the Stinson)," Olson said. "My only plan is to get it fin"I'd get there, but it would since," he said. ished," he said. "I've got to get In 1999, the Roseburg man probablytake me an extra day it together so we can get it up got his wish when he pur... but I'd get there in style." and we can get Harry up in chased a 1947 Stinson in ColoThe model is called a Flying it again. That's important to rado Springs, Colo. Now, at 86, Station Wagon because, along me." he's helping return the plane with four passengers, it can B aumgardner s ai d h e ' s to its former glory. carry a bit of cargo, Baum- p leased Olson w a nted t o About a year ago, Baum- gardner said. spruce up the Stinson in which gardner sold the plane to his It isn't the first plane on they fle w t o gether m a ny flying buddy Dave Olson, 65, which Olson has worked. Af- times. "Dave and I have had a lot of Roseburg. The two have ter 22 years as an Army helispent the past five months at copter pilot, he built a couple fun with this airplane," Baumthe Roseburg Regional Airof experimental aircraft. But gardner said. "He's a great port restoring the plane to this is his first time restoring guy." near original condition. an older plane. After he took the plane They painted the plane maParts fo r t h e ai r p lane apart, it started to feel a lot roon to cover a garish yellow, haven't been hard to find be- more like the kit planes he recovered the seats, replaced cause he buys them from a built in the past, Olson said. aging wiring and refurbished man in California who colThere was a difference. "I the instrument panel. lects Stinsons, Olson said. got this guy to come with it," "We're redoing the whole The challenging part has been he said.

Fin It All

n l ine

cords show that county officials put a lot of thought into how to provide water and sewer service to Tetherow, Winters said. The practice was allowed under the 1996 Bend Area General Plan, a blueprint f or how th e c it y w o u ld develop, and a 2003 city o rdinance, and n o o n e appealed those decisions, Winters said. Deschutes County planners will participate in the city response to LUBA. The city also met with officials from t h e s t ate land use agency, the Department of Land Conservation and Development. "We will have the county's support, we will have the Tetherow folks' supp ort, hopefully w e w i l l have (the Department of L and Conservation a n d Development's) support," Winters said. Other dev e l opments outside the urban growth boundary where the city provides u t i l i t ie s are Pronghorn, Widgi Creek and Seventh MountainResort. All three are connected to the city sewer system, and the city sells treated wastewater to Pronghorn to water its golf courses. The Tetherow a g reement also guarantees the city will provide sewer services to all approved phases of Tetherow. Winters said the city provides the same guarantee to development approved within the city l i mits. "Because we are obligated to serve (Tetherow), we would treat them like any development in the city." This means that as with other approved developm ent projects, th e c i t y must reserve sewer capacity to serve future buildings at the resort. The city sewer system is at capacity and although city officials have said there is no moratorium, b u sinesses that want to open in certain areas of the city must consult with city workers to figure out a way to connect. After attorneys f i nish a mendments to th e c i t y water facilities plan, the City Council will vote on whether to approve it. Firestone said the issue could come before the council as early as February. — Reporter: 54b617-7829,

Wheels Continued from B1 A client of Saving Grace, a Central Oregon nonprofit that shelters abused women, got a donated vehicle. "Saving G race w a s tremendously ap p r eciative that one of our shelter r esidents received a c a r t hrough th e W o rd s f o r Wheels program," Trish Meyer, assistant executive director said in an email. " The gift o f a c a r h a s brought her one very important step closer to gaining i n dependence a fter having left everything behind to escape an abusive situation. She, and Saving Grace, are very grateful to the automotive shops who came together to develop this program." In Russell's case, she's now back on the job as a h ome-care provider a n d has already gained two clients. She's grateful it gives her a chance to help others. "The car has made so much of a change as far as my s e lf-esteem" she said. "I get to do the work I love, which is helping out our seniors, which is just awesome." — Reporter: 541-977-7185,



W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided by Weather Central LP ©2013. 4•


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30/28 Co1umhus


0 K ansas City


28/15 ton 37/22

38/31 iladelphia

~ + W

ngton, D.(;.

• Louisville



• ortland


Los Angeles,



Honolulutoh, ~ 78/72 >~



Little Roc~


Tijuana 68/49

HAWAI I Chihuahua 46/32

• Miami 81/69



La Paz 68/56

Anchorage 3 0 / 24


35 25

34 23

Juneau 35/30

Monterrey M a z atlan 80/65





SUN AND MOON SCHEDULE Sunrisetoday...... 7:40 a.m Moon phases Sunsettoday...... 4 42 p.m N ew First F ull Sunrise tomorrow .. 7:40 a.m Sunset tomorrow... 4:43 p.m Moonrise today...12:45 a.m Moonset today ...11:41 a.m Jan. I I Jan.18 Jan. 26 Feb. 3

Pi •



Tomorrow Rise Set Mercury....7:22 a.m...... 4:02 p.m. Venus......6:19 a.m...... 3:13 p.m.

Yesterday's weather through 4 p.m. inBend High/Low..............37/16 2 4hoursendmg4pm*. .000" Recordhigh........ 63m 2012 Month to date.......... 0.00" Recordlow........ -12in1974 Average monthtodate... 023"

Mars.......9:02 a.m...... 6:33 p.m. Jupiter......1:51 p m...... 4 53 a.m. Satum......2:20 a.m.....12:46 p.m. Uranus....11:10 a.m.....11:24 p.m.

Average high.............. 40 Year to date............ 0.00" Average low .............. 23 Average year to date..... 0.23" Barometricpressureat 4 p.m30.22 Record 24 hours ...1.57 in1966 *Melted liquid equivalent



Astoria ........49/41/0.15.....49/41/r.....48/41/sh Baker City...... 24/-1/0.00.....27/1 6/c.....32/1 8/pc Brookings......52/39/0.00....55/41/sh.....52/37/sh Burns......... 19/-10/0.00....23/13/pc.....32/11/pc Eugene........53/35/0.00.....45/37/r.....45/39/sh Klamath Falls .. 29/5/0 00 ....36/24/c ...31/1 5/pc Lakeview....... 27/-4/0.00 ...34/20/pc.....34/1 7/pc La Pine........44/14/0.00....31/20/rs......34/18/c Medford.......48/23/0.00.....42/36/c.....42/23/pc Newport....... 52/45/0.04..... 50/40/r.....49/40/sh North Bend...... 54/43/NA..... 51/43/r.....49/38/sh Ontario....... ..16/0/0.00....22/17/pc.....32/20/pc Pendleton......32/22/0.00.....32/28/c..... 35/29/rs Portland .......42/34/0.02.....45/36/r.....44/38/sh Prineville....... 37/1 7/0.00.....31/25/c......36/23/c Redmond........42/8/0.00.....35/24/c......34/23/c

for solar at noon.

Snow accumulation in inches

1 L 0

ROAD CONDITIONS Snow level androadconditions representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday. Key:TT. = Traction Tires. Pass Conditions 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit........ Carry chains or T. Tires 1-84 at Cabbage Hill....... .. . Carry chains or T. Tires

Hwy. 20 at Santiam Pass...... Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Government Camp.. Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Ochoco Divide..... Carry chains or T. Tires

Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes ...... . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .50-52 Hoodoo..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .40-70 Mt. Ashland...... . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . .82-110 Mt. Bachelor..... . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . .87-109 Mt. Hood Meadows..... . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . . 92 Mt. HoodSkiBowl...........0.0......54-57 Timberline..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . . . 108

Warner Canyon....... . . . . . . . 0.0... no report Wigamette Pass ........ . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .41-80 Aspen, Colorado..... . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . .21-24 Mammoth Mtn., California..... 0.0....133-1 50 Park City, Utah ...... . . . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .35-52 Squaw Valley, California..... . .0.0.. . . .63-1 20

Hwy. 58 at Wigamette Pass.... Carry chains or T.Tires



Yesterday's extremes


37 26

poss ible.

Sun Valley, Idaho....... . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .24-51 Taos, New Mexico...... . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .37 45 Salem ........49/38/000 ....45/36/r ...45/38/sh Hwy. 242 at McKenzie Pass........ Closed for season Vail, Colorado...... . . . . . . . . . 0.0... . . .20-22 Sisters..........35/8/0.00.....32/23/r......37/22/c For up-to-minute conditions turn to: For links to the latest ski conditions visit: The Dages...... 33/22/0.00..... 35/30/r.....37/29/sh or call 511 Legend:W-weather, Pcp-precipitation,s-sun, pc-partial clouds,cclouds, h-haze,sh-showers,r-rain, t-thunderstorms,sf-snowflurries, sn-snow,i-ice,rs-rain-snowmix, w-wind,f-fog, dr-drizzle,tr-trace



Cy<, CC

Rosehurg.......53/32/0.00....49/36/sh.....47/36/sh Hwy. 138 at Diamond Lake.... Carry chains or T.Tires

• -1Q'


• Lakeview 3420

alls 36/24 ~

3/32 ~

Yesterday's state extremes

Jordan Valley

Chr i stmas Valley








ouam 1

<' C @


City Precipitationvaluesare24-hour totals through4 p.m.

22n 7 24/1 6




Unit ni y 24/i2


• FortRock 32/22

4 Port'Orford ' 52/40 Zr

• John



More snowfall is

Yesterday Saturday Sunday The higher the UV Index number, the greater Ski report from around the state, representing Hi/Lo/Pcp H i / Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eye and skin protection. Index is conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday:

• Brothers 3U20

o 2m9/uia


Baker Ci 27/16 P

Paulina znz i








Redrnond •

•• 4 44 4 4 4 • Cre s cento,IK 4 44 4 4 4 '4 ' 4 '( ', ' Lake . 8 "5«nt 4 4 o' 2414 Roseburg t CI/hmult

50/39 •

chance for light snow.


EAST Partly to mostly cloudy skies.

26/I 2

• Mjtcheg 33n6

• PnneVllle 3U25





• ~pray36/26


Sis t ers'

2 4 4 (a x s


31n7 Union


CENTRAL Mostly cloudy


La Grande•


nn9 dxd 4 ~ • 4 4 4 rrv • 4 4 4 2 45-OTVarrlS I 4 4 4CampSherman 29/21 Yachats• , 4~ • 4 4 7/35c44~4 44 44 '

Wallowa PendletOn 30/22 • Enterpris 32/28 • Meacham 30/18



I 4 4 4 4 4% 4 ~



CamP 33/28b Lincoln Cityv Sal~m 4 tJ 4 4 445/36• 4 4 4 a 4 4 , 4 4

NeW Ort 4


, 35/3i


V C o <44/35


Biggs •

35/30 •

444 J Government>


peratures, another


, Ast o ria 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Tigamookd, p4 v ' '



A day of snow show-

Snow will become more wide-

36 24



Near average tem-





• ++tQ



4 4 4 4>

* * * * * '* ** * * *

W ar m Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow





Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene TX......40/32/0 06...55/28/s.. 52/30/s GrandRapids....34/26/0 00..33/29/pc. 33/23/sn RapidCity.......40/11/000..36/20/pc.. 43/26/s Savannah.......58/43/0 00...62/44/s. 59/41/sh Akron ..........30/25/000..33/26/pc. 36/22/sn GreenBay.......30/10/0.00..26/17/pc.. 27/14/c Reno...........33/I2/0.00...31/20/c..40/21lrs Seattle..........50/36/0.26...45/39/r. 43/37/sh Alhany..........37/18/0.00...27/20/s. 35/18/sn Greenshoro......49/24/0 00...50/36/s. 50/30/pc Richmoud.......47/25/000...46/34/s. 53/30/pc Sioux Falls........28/7/000...25/7/pc.. 25/18/s Albuquerque.....34/11/000...40/I9/s.. 44/23/s Harusburg.......39/32/000...34/24/s. 37/26/pc Rochester, NY....34/27/000 ..30/24/pc. 35/I9/sn Spokane.........27/8/000... 32/27/c .. 34/27/c Anchorage ......34/28/0 00..30/24/sn. 30/23/sn Hartford,CT.....39/20/0 00...36/20/s.. 37/27/c Sacramento......57/30/000... 57/41/c...54/40/r Springfield, MO ..45/16/000 ..43/24/pc.. 36/22/s Atlanta .........51/30/000..51/40/pc.. 55/32/s Helena..........22/ 3/0 20..25/10/pc..29/21/c St.Louis.........41/24/000..43/26/pc..33/21/s Tampa..........61/55/011..73/61/sh.76/57/sh Atlantic City.....39/28/0.00...39/30/5.46/32/pc Honolulu........78/64/0.00...78/72/s.. 78/72/s Salt Lake City.....20/7/000 ..27/15/pc .. 34/21/c Tucson..........58/40/000...61/33/s .. 66/38/s Austin..........45/37/0I3..53/35/sh.. 59/30/s Houston ........50/43/0 00..56/40/sh.. 61/38/s SanAntonio.....44/38/0.14 .. 53/37/sh.. 62/32/s Tulsa...........50/20/0.00... 49/25/s .. 47/25/s Baltimore .......42/23/000...40/29/s. 44/29/pc Huntsville.......48/28/0.00 ..48/32/pc.. 49/27/s SanDiego.......65/43/000...64/47/s...61/48/r Washington,DC..46/27/000... 42/33/s. 47/31Ipc Billings........38/24/000...37/20/s.. 43/22/s lndianapolis.....29/18/000..34/26/pc.33/18/pc SanFrancisco....55/40/000...57/46/c...55/46/r Wichita.........45/12/000...42/22/s .. 42/25/s Birmingham.....51/26/000 ..50/35/pc. 54/28/s Jackson, MS.....53/29/0.00. 54/36/sh.. 56/28/s SanJose........60/36/000..60/44/pc...55/43/r Yakima.........30/18/000 30/25/sn..31/25/rs Bismarck.........28/5/000... 20/6/pc .. 28/17/s Jacksonvile......55/46/000...63/52/c. 62/45/sh SantaFe........ 28/1/000... 32/17/s .. 36/18/s Yuma...........64/40/000... 65/44/s. 67/45/pc Boise............22/3/000 ..24/17/pc.35/19/sn Juneau..........35/30/0.12.. 35/30/rs..36/31/rs INTERNATIONAL Boston..........38/21/0.00...37/22/s ..38/28/rs KansasCity......40/16/0.00 ..38/19/pc.. 34/21/s Budgeport,CT....38/28/000...38/26/s. 40/29/pc Lansing.........33/25/0.00..31/26/sn. 32/19/sn Amsterdam..,,,,50/46/000.. 48/45/c 46/39/c Mecca..........86/68/000 90/63/s .. 93/64/s Buffalo.........33/27/000 ..31/26/pc. 36/19/sn LasVegas.......51/30/000...53/38/s .. 54/35/c Athens..........58/46/000..55/44/pc. 45/37/sh MexicoCity .....72/46/000 69/45/pc 66/44/pc Burlington,VT....36/16/000...21/10/s.. 29/8/sn Lexington.......38/25/000..38/30/pc.. 38/23/c Auckland........70/59/000... 75/58/s. 71/58/sh Montreal.........32/5/007...16/I0/s .. 14/4/sn Caribou,ME.....25/6/007.... 7/5/5...10/qyc Lincoln...........30/9/000..33/13/pc.. 32/18/s Baghdad........60/39/000... 63/48/s. 64/49/pc Moscow........32/30/002... 23/19/c ..19/11/si Charleston, SC...57/35/000...61/43/s. 59/41/sh Little Rock.......48/26/0.00..48/29/pc .. 49/25/s Bangkok........86/75/0.00... 96/77/s. 96/77/pc Nairohi.........73/57/0.0077/55/pc. .. 79/59/sh Charlotte........51/22/000...53/36/s. 55/30/pc LosAngeles......66/46/000...65/49/s...60/50/r Beiyng...........27/I/000.... 20/5/s .. 21/5/pc Nassau.........82/72/000 ..77/70/pc. 77/72/pc Chattanooga.....49/26/0.00..49/32/pc.. 48/27/s Louisville........41/28/0.00..39/30/pc.37/23/pc Beirut..........66/55/000 .. 58/51/sh. 57/52/sh New Delh/.......55/37/000... 65/44/s .. 65/43/s Cheyenne.......46/18/000...37/16/s.. 44/20/s Madison WJ.....31/11/000..30/18/pc. 27/12/pc Berli0...........50/43/000...46/43/c ..43/40/c Osaka..........41/28/000 ..42/34/pc.45/37/pc Chicago.........36/13/000 ..35/27/sn.32/24/pc Memphis....... 49/26/000. 49/33/pc ..47/28/s Bogota.........70/41/000...67/44/s .. 67/43/s Oslo............39/27/000 ..35/28/pc.. 32/24/c Cincinnati.......39/29/000..38/30/pc.35/22/sn Miami . . . . 83/66/001 81/69/pc 81/68/pc Budapest........50/41/000..44/31/pc.. 33/33/c Ottawa..........30/3/003...17/11/s..15/1/sn Cleveland.......28/24/000 ..33/29/sn. 36/24/sn Milwaukee......30/13/000..32/25/pc. 30/19/pc BuenosAires.....90/68/000 ..87/73/sh.. 93/75/s Paris............50/48/000...43/39/c .. 49/44/c ColoradoSpnngs.50/11/000..42/19/pc.. 48/23/s Miuneapol/s.....30/15/000..24/10/pc. 22/14/pc CaboSanLucas ..73/59/000..75/57/pc. 77/57/pc Riode Janeiro....80/77/000... 83/73/t...89/75/t Columhia,MO...39/16/000 ..40/22/pc. 32/21/pc Nashville........47/21/0.00..45/30/pc .. 45/25/s Cairo...........66/50/000..65/49/pc .. 65/49/s Rome...........57/37/0.00..54/44/pc.. 58/48/s Columhia,SC....56/34/000...56/41/s. 59/35/pc NewOrleans.....56/41/000..59/46/pc.. 61/43/s Calgary.........37/14/000.. 33/25/s 29/19/si Santiago........81/57/000..67/61/pc.. 69/60/s Columbus GA....58/33/000...57/43/c. 59/35/pc New York.......37/30/0 00... 38/31/s. 41/32/pc Cancun........100/73/000 ..82/72/pc .. 81/73/c Sao Paulo.......77/66/000... 79/67/t...78/68/t Columbus OH....32/25/000 ..33/28/sn.. 35/21/c Newark Nl......40/28/0 00... 39/29/s. 42/32/pc Dublin..........52/41/0.00..51/40/sh .. 49/46/c Sapporo ........21/16/0.00.. 28/11/si. 20/11/sn Concord, NH..... 36/3/000...29/I5/s. 34/20/sn Norfolk, VA......46/26/0 00...47/36/s. 53/32/pc Edinburgh.......52/48/000...48/37/c .. 43/43/c Seoul...........18/2/000 .. 24/12/pc.29/I8/pc Corpus Christi....52/47/000 ..52/44/sh.. 61/44/s OklahomaCity...47/22/000...50/27/s .. 46/28/s Geneva.........46/30/000...41/32/c. 40/30/pc Shangha/........37/30/000..42/37/pc. 44/39/pc DallasFtWonh...50/39/000... 50/33/s .. 51/31/s Omaha.........36/12/000..32/14Pc.. 29/19/s Harare..........77/66/015...68/61/r.72/62/sh Singapore.......86/77/018... 87/79/t.88/77/pc Dayton .........29/19/000..34/28/pc.34/20/sn Orlando.........61/55/003..73/61/sh.77/59/sh HongKong......55/50/000..68/59/pc.67/64/pc Stockholm.......41/30/000..32/30/pc.. 32/29/c Denver..........47/12/000..41/13/pc. 46/19/s Palmsprings.... 63/38/000...67/39/s. 65/41/pc Istanhul.........48/34/000 ..44/38/pc. 43/37/sh Sydney..........82/68/000 ..88/65/pc. 81/68/pc DesMoines......35/12/000..34/14/pc. 25/16/pc Peoria..........34/10/0.00..36/22/pc.. 29/16/c lerusalem.......61/45/006..51/45/sh. 53/43/sh Taipei...........63/55/000 ..63/59/sh. 63/61/sh Detroit..........29/22/000..30/28/sn.34/22/sn Philadelphia.....40/30/000...38/29/s.45/29/pc Johanneshurg....84/61/000..78/60/pc.77/63/sh TelAviv.........68/46/000..60/53/sh. 62/51/sh Duluth..........34/14/000..27/12/pc. 2415/pc Phoeuix.........62/41/000...63/42/s.. 66/43/s Lima..........79/66/11 42.. 77/67/pc. 76/67/pc Tokyo...........43/34/000..40/32/pc. 47/34/pc El Paso..........34/28/003...44/24s .. 52/32/s Pittsburgh.......32/26/0 00 ..33/26/pc. 34/23/sn Lisbon..........59/41/000 54/51/c 60/49/pc Toronto.........30/28/000... 30/29/c ..32/13/si Fairhanks........ 1 I/4/000.... 8/7/c...7/7/sn Portland,ME......34/9/0 00... 28/15/s. 31/18/sn London.........50/46/000...49/47/c..47/42/c Vancouver.......43/37/020...42/37/r. 36/35/sh Fargo............26/9/000...19/5/pc.24/16/pc Providence......37/23/0 00... 37/23/s ..38/27/rs Madrid .........54/28/000... 52/32/s.57/42/pc Vienna..........50/45/000...47/36/c .. 37/36/c Flagstaff........37/1/000...38/12/s.41/16/pc Raleigh.........51/26/000...52/37/s. 53/32/pc Manila..........88/75/019..88/75/pc...89/75/t Warsaw.........43/39/002.. 35/32/sf. 32/23/sn

I r









est 'I




arge s t u r m ture






• M ~AT T R E S S G ~alle r y - B e n s l i


I e'

IN THE BACI4: BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NE%S > Scoreboard, C2 Sports briefs, C2



Tee to Green, C4

Prep sports, C4






e s erta o t o urnament ots ot

• Amateur associations are turning Central Oregon into a regional hubfor tourneys By Zack Hall The Bulletin

CentralOregon's 2013 golf calendar is loaded with regionally significant golf tournaments. And some of them

Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel celebrates

a touchdown by Ben Malena in the second half of the Cotton Bowl Friday in Arlington,

are going to look mighty familiar. This season the Oregon Golf Association or its parent Pacific Northwest Golf Association are slated to host five events in Central Oregon. The Ameri-

can Junior Golf Association will also return for the third consecutive year to Sunriver Resort. F our of th e t ournaments — t h e PNGA's men's and women's senior team championships, OGA's Mid-Amateur Championship and the AJGA event — are joining the Oregon Open Invitational as annual staples of the Central Oregon golf calendar.

C hampionship, which w il l b e h e l d June 23-26 at Sunriver Resort's Crosswater Club, figures to be the premier Why'? tournament in Central Oregon this "Central Oregon is a wonderful re- summer. gion for championship golf," says ScotThe Golf Channel is scheduled to ty Crouthamel, the PNGA's director of televise the event, once again shining rules and competition. "Not only is the the bright spotlight of national televigolf vast and diverse, but the area has sion on the region. so many other activities and attracNowhere is Central Oregon's emertions to take part in while attending a gence as a regional tournament hub championship." more apparent than with the PNGA. The PGA P r ofessional National See Tournament/C4



Texas A8I rolls over Oklahoma


ARLINGTON, Texas — Johnny Manziel tiptoed the sideline for a

Fiesta Bow cou el(e 's ast wit t eDuc s

23-yard touchdown on Texas AB M's first drive

of the game. The Heisman Trophy-winning quarter-

back known as Johnny Football and the10th-

ranked Aggies were just getting warmed up in the Cotton Bowl.

There were plenty more

• The Browns,Bils and Eaglesareall looking to land Oregon's coach

highlights after that

nifty run. In his first game since becoming the first

freshman to win the Heisman, Manziel set a Cotton Bowl-record with 516 total yards and accounted for four TDs

By Anne M. Peterson The Associated Press

as the Aggies capped their first SECseason

The Oregon Ducks enter the offseason with uncertainty over coach Chip Kelly's continued tenure and possible NCAA sanctions. But at the same time, the team faces a future with a strong foundation that includes redshirt freshman quarterback Marcus Mariota and speedy sophomore running back De'Anthony Thomas. Fifth-ranked Oregon finished this season 12-1 with a 35-17 victory over No. 7 Kansas State in Thursday night's Fiesta Bowl. It was the Ducks' fourth straight trip to a BCS bowl game and second consecutive bowl win. It is also the third straight season that Oregon has finished with 12 wins. The team's lone loss this season

with a 41-13 win over 12th-ranked Oklahoma

on Friday night. "There is too much talk about how you per-

form after the Heisman and about the layoff and all of that," Manziel said.

"There wasn't anything

holding us back. No rust, there was no noth-

ing. We played as aunit. ... To go out and win

11 gamesand dowhat we've done, is impressive." With first-year coach

Kevin Sumlin and their young star quarterback, the Aggies (11-2) fit right in with the SEC after leaving the Big 12. They broke the SEC record with their 7,261 total yards this season (the first over 7,000

after 633 in Cowboys Stadium). Theyalso averaged more than40 points a game.

— The Associated Press

came to Stanford on Nov. 17. But since a 48-24 victory over Oregon State in the Civil War to end the regular season, much of the focus has been on Kelly and whether he will make the jump to the NFL. At least three pro teams — the Cleveland Browns, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills — appear to have interest in Kelly, who devised Oregon's quickstrike spread offense. And the Ducks would no doubt love to keep him, too. It seems inevitable that Kelly will leave. Last year in the offseason he entertained interest from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but decided to stay at Oregon because of what he called "unfinished business." Ducks fans at the Fiesta Bowl made their feelings clear by chanting "We want Chip!" during the victory celebration. Nike co-founder and Oregon mega-booster Phil Knight proclaimed to a reporter following the game: "I was one of 'em." See Ducks/C2

Joe Kiine /The Bulletin

Crook County's Jessie Maley-Loper, middle, is boxed in by La Pine defenders Makenzie Huddleston, right, and Cheryce Foreman during the second half of Friday night's game at La Pine High School.

® ~~~' Upcoming bowls Today 10 a.m., BBVA

Compass Bowl, Pittsburgh vs. Mississippi, ESPN

Sunday 6 p.m.,

Ross D. Frankim /The Associated Press

Bowl, Kent State vs. Arkansas State, ESPN

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, left, laughs with Marcus Mariota after the Fiesta Bowl Thursday in Glendale, Ariz. Oregon defeated Kansas State 35-17.

Monday 5:30 p.m., BCS National

Championship, Notre Dame vs. Alabama, ESPN


• Crook County senioJessi r eMaley-Loper scores 26points in a roadwin at La Pine Bulletin staff report LA PINE — Showing little rust after a 15-day layoff, Crook County used a strong second half to roll past host La Pine on Friday, besting the Hawks 67-58.

Seniorguard Jessie MaleyLoper played one of the best

games of her career, scoring a season-high 26 points while recording nine steals, six assists and five rebounds. Freshman post Kimmer Severanceadded

17 points and 15 rebounds as the Cowgirls outscored the Hawks 30-23 in the second half to take control of the nonleague girls basketball contest. "She's shooting the ball with confidence and creating a lot of opportunities with her athleticism," Crook County coach Dave Johnson said about Maley-Loper. See Cowgirls/C4


Vikings, Packers set for 'Groundhog Day' By Nancy Armour The Associated Press

CYCLING Portland's Wesley Matthews scored 21 points to lead the

Blazers to a roadvictory over Memphis on Friday

Blazers defeat Grizzlies, 86-84 Missed shot by

Memphis allows Portland to escape with victory, C3

Report: Armstrongmayadmit to doping By Juliet Macur New York Times News Service

Lance Armstrong, who this fall was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping and barred for life from

competing in all Olympic sports, has told associates

and anti-doping officials that he is considering publicly admitting that he used banned

performance-enhancing drugs and blood transfusions during his cycling career, accordingtoseveral people with direct knowledge of the

situation. He would do this, the people said, because he wants to persuade anti-doping officials to restore his eligibility so he can resume his athletic career. See Armstrong /C4

GREEN BAY, Wis. — It's not just wild-card weekend in Minnesota and Green Bay. It's Groundhog Day. Six days after facing off in the regular-season finale, and fiveweeks aftertheir first meeting of the season, the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are at it again tonight. This is no yawner of a sequel, though, not when the stakes are win or winter vacation.

"Like I tell the team, it doesn't matter who comes out of that tunnel, I don't care what color they have on," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. "It's about fundamentals, matchups, and that's what we're focused on We're playing at home, it's going to be a great environment.... The Vikings obviously have done a great job to get into the tournament, and we respect that, but this is a different deal. See Groundhog /C3



ON THE AIR: TELEVISION TODAY BASKETBALL 8 a.m.:Men's college, Pittsburgh at Rutgers, ESPN2.

9 a.m.:Men's college, Wake Forest at Duke, ESPNU.

9:30a.m.:W omen'scollege, NW Missouri State at Pitt State, CBSSN.

10:30 a.m.:Women's college, Oklahoma at Texas,Root

Sports. 11 a.m.:Men's college, Texasat Baylor, ESPNU.

11 a.m.:Women's college, Purdue at Nebraska, CBS. Noon:Men's college, Stanford

1:30p.m.: NFL,playoffs,AFC wild-card game, Cincinnati

Bengals at Houston Texans, NBC. 5 p.m.:NFL, playoffs, NFC wildcard game, Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers, NBC.

GOLF 2:30 p.m.:PGATour, Hyundai Tournament of Champions, firstand second rounds, Golf

Channel. WRESTLING 4:30 p.m.:College, Boise State at Oregon State (taped), Pac-12 Network.



NFL 8:30a.m.:W omen's college,St. John's at Rutgers, ESPNU.

1 p.m.:Men's college, St.

10:30 a.m.:Women's college,

John's at Cincinnati, ESPNU.

1 p.m.:Women's college, Notre

Florida State at Maryland, ESPNU.

Dame at Connecticut, CBS.

11 a.m.:Women's college, Cal

1 p.m.:Men's college, North

at Colorado, Pac-12 Network.

Carolina State at Boston College, ESPN2.

12:30p.m.:Women'scollege, Vanderbilt at Mississippi, ESPNU.

Loyola Marymount at St.

1 p.m.:Women's college, Arizona at Washington, Pac-12

at Virginia Commonwealth, NBCSN. 2 p.m.:Men's college, Utah at Arizona, Pac-12 Network.

1:30 p.m.:Men's college, Temple at Kansas, CBS. 2:30 p.m.:Men's college,

Mary's, Root Sports. 2 p.m.: Men'scollege,Lehigh

3 p.m.:Men's college, Murray State at Southeast Missouri State, ESPNU.

3 p.m.:High school, Montverde (Fla.) vs. Simeon (III.), ESPN2. 5 p.m.:Men's college, Gonzaga at Santa Clara, Root Sports. 5 p.m.:NBA, Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota


Wichita State at Bradley, ESPNU.

2:30 p.m.:Men's college, Florida at Yale, NBCSN.

2:30p.m.:Women'scollege, Oklahoma State at Baylor, Root

Sports. 5p.m.:Men's college, Colorado at Arizona State, Pac-12 Network.

Timberwolves, Comcast

5 p.m.:Men's college, Tulsa at

SportsNet Northwest.

SMU, Root Sports. 5 p.m.: Men's college, North Carolina at Virginia, ESPNU.

6:30p.m.:Men'scollege, Washington at Washington State, ESPNU.

8 p.m.:Men's college, Cal at USC, Root Sports.

SOCCER 9a.m.: FA Cup, third round,

West Ham vs. Manchester United, Fox.

MOTOR SPORTS 10 a.m.:Off-road racing, Lucas Oil Challenge Cup(taped), CBS. FOOTBALL 10a.m.: Highschool,U.S.Army All-American Bowl, NBC. 10 a.m.:College, BBVA Compass Bowl, Mississippi vs. Pittsburgh, ESPN. 10 a.m.:College, NCAA FCS Division I, final, North Dakota State vs. Sam Houston State, ESPN2.

7 p.m.:Men's college, Oregon at Oregon State, Root Sports. FOOTBALL 10 a.m.: NFL,playoffs,AFC wild-card game, Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens, CBS. 1:30p.m.:NFL, playoffs,

NFC wild-card game,Seattle SeahawksatWashington Redskins, Fox.

6 p.m.: College, Bowl, Arkansas State vs. Kent State, ESPN.

GOLF Noon:PGA Tour, Hyundai Tournament of Champions, third round, NBC. 3 p.m.: PGA Tour, Hyundai

Tournament of Champions, third round, Golf Channel.


Timberwolves, KBND-AM 1110, KRCO-AM 690.


Compass Bowl, Mississippi vs. Pittsburgh, KICE-AM 940.

BASKETBALL 5p.m.:NBA, Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota

BASKETBALL 7 p.m.:Men's college, Oregon at Oregon State, KICE-AM 940, KBND-AM 1110.

Listingsare the mostaccurate available. TheBulletinis not resPonsible for late changesmade by TV orradiostations.


association Friday in New York

before stopping for the night.

Reid, ChiefS agree on

The sides remained apart all

deal —Andy Reid officially became the newhead coach of

day, buffered by the presenceof federal mediator Scot Becken-

the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday. The longtime Eagles coach

baugh, who shuttled backand forth between the hotel where

signed a five-year deal, two

the union is working, and the

people familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. The

league office. Similar talks were scheduledtoday.The lockout

people spoke oncondition of

reached its111th day Friday, and

anonymity because they weren't authorized to discuss the terms

thesides have only oneweek to

reach a deal on acollective barof the contract. TheChiefs have gaining agreement that would scheduled an introductory press allow for a 48-gamehockey conference for Monday. season — the minimum the NHL has said it will play.

GOLF FirSt day of PGAOPener WaShed out —The PGATour season now starts today. Wind squalls that howled down off the

mountains aboveMauiwereso severe Friday that tour officials scrapped the first round of the Tournament of Champions. All

scores were erased —only 20

WINTER SPORTS U.S. teen winsWorld Cup SlalOm —Mikaela Shiffrin is living up to her billing as skiing's next big star. The17-

year-old captured a slalom by a massive 1.19-second margin Friday night in Zagreb, Croatia,

becoming the first American

players in the 30-man field even

woman to win two World Cup had scores on their cards — and races before turning 18. Her the round will start over today first career victory came last with 36 holes. m onth in Sweden. She leads the World Cup slalom standings and

HOCKEY Sides meet withmediat0f — A federal mediator held over12 hours of separate talks with the NHL and the players'

Today Boys basketball: Arington atCentral Christian,2 p.m.; TrinityLutheranat Paisley,4:00 p.m.; Culver at Waldport, 4p.m. Girls basketball: Cu verat Waldport, 2:30 p.m.; Trinity Lutheran at Paisley, 5:30p.m. Swimming: Bendat LebanonInvite, TBD,Summit, Ridgeview,Redmond, Madras, MountainViewat Jay RowanInvitational at CascadeAquatic Center, 10a.m. Alpine skiing: OSSA at Mt Bacheor, GiantSlalom, Cliffhanger/1-5,10a.m. Nordic skiing: OISRA jamboree at Diamond Lake, noon Wrestling: Ridgeview,Gilchrist, Sisters at LaPine Invite, 10am.;Culver atJosephHiTournamentin Joseph,11a.m.


Missouri State at Pitt State, CBSSN.

1:30 p.m.:Men's college,



at UCLA, Pac-12 Network.



even overtook Lindsey Vonnas the top American in the overall standings. Frida Hansdotter of

Sweden wassecond and Erin Mielzynski of Canada was 1.76 behind in third. — From wire reports

Playoff Glance Wild-card Playoffs

Today Cincinnatiat Houston,1:30p.m. (NBC) MinnesotaatGreenBay,5 p.m. (NBC) Sunday IndianapoisatBaltimore,10a.m.(CBS) Seattle atWashington,1:30 p.m.(Fox) NFL InjuryReport NEWYORK— The updatedNational Football League injury report, asprovidedbythe league.

IN THE BLEACHERS In the Bleachers tg 2013 Steve oore. is t by Universal Ucick



\ / s-




Women's college


/y / I



'' / /

r //

/ lr






ERS — VIKINGS: OUT: LBTyrone McKenzie (shoulder). QUES TIONABLE: QBChristian Ponder (elbow), CBAntoine Winfield (hand). PRO BABLE. DE Jared Allen (shoulder), CBA.J. Jefferson(ankle), DE George Johnson(quadriceps), PChris Kluwe(left knee), T Phil Loadholt(knee), RBAdrian Peterson (abdomen),DEBrianRobison (shoulder), S Harrison Smith (knee).PACKE RS: DU T: WRJarrett Boykin (ankle), DE Jerei Worthy(knee). QUESTIONABLE. RB JamesStarks(knee). PRDBABLE:WRRandag Cobb (ankle), TE Jermichael Finley(quadriceps), RBAlex Green(knee),CBDavon House(hip), WRJordy Nelson (knee),CBTramonWiliams (igness), SCharles Woodson(cogarbone). CINCINNATIBENGALS atHOUSTON TEXANS — BENG ALS: DOUBTFUL: SChris Crocker

(thigh). QUES TIONABLE: CBJason Allen (hamstring). PRO BABLE: DEWallace Gilberry (igness), RB BenJarvusGreen-Ellis(hamstring), CBLeonHall (not injury related), STaylor Mays(hamstrrng), CB Terence Newman(groin), LBDanSkuta(thigh). TEXANS: DOU BTFUL:GAntoine Caldwell (back). PROBABLE:CBAlanBall (foot), RBJames Casey (knee), RB TylerClutts (abdomen), NTShaun Cody (back), TE Owen Daniels (chest, knee) RBJustin Forsett (knee), Shi S loh Keo(ankle), TDerek Newton (knee), WR DeViePo r sey(foot), LB BrooksReed(groin), DE AntonioSmith(ankle), GWadeSmith (knee), RBBen Tate(foot), QBT.J Yates(right elbow).


"The coachhas decided not to comment on today's humiliating loss in the playoffs.w

Notre Dame (12-0) vs. Alabama(12-1), 5:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Friday At SDATTennis Stadium Chennai, India Purse: S450,000(WT260) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Betting line Singles Quarterfinals NFL Benoit Paire (5), France,def. Marin Cilic (3), (Hometeamsin Caps) Favorite O p e n Current Underdog Croatia, 6 4,1-6, 7-5. Aljaz Bedene,Slovenia, def. StanislasWa wrinka Today TEXANS 5 4. 5 Bengals (4), Switzerland,6-2, 7-6(6). JankoTipsarevic(2), Serbia,det. GoSoeda(8), PACKERS 8 75 Vikings Japan,6-2, 6-4. Sunday RobertoBautista-Agut,Spain,def.TomasBerdych RAVENS 6 5 7 Colts Seahawks 2 5 3 REDSKINS (1), CzechRepublic, 7-5, 2-6, 6-3. College (Hometeamsin Caps) Open Current Underdog Today CompassBowl

ShenzhenOpen Friday At LonggangTennis Center Shenzhen, China Purse: $500,000 (Intl.) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Semifinals KlaraZakopalova(5), CzechRepublic, def.Monica Niculescu,Romania, 6-1, 6-3. Li Na (1),China,def. PengShuai (6), China,6-

2 35 Pittsburgh RAVENS— COLTS: OUT . GJoe Reitz (concus- Mississippi Sunday sion) QUESTIOA NBLE: RBDelone Carter (ankle), Go Bo wl NT Antonio Johnson(ankle), T Winston Justice 4 (shoulder), C AQ. Shipley (knee), STomZbikows- ArkansasSt 2 Monday ki (knee). PROB ABLE: LB Pat Angerer (igness), BCSChampionship LB Jerrell Freeman(thumb), LB Dwight Freeney 8.5 95 Not r e Dame 4, 6-0 (not injury related), DT Kellen Heard (igness), Alabama QB AndrewLuck (knee), LB Robert Mathis (not ASB Classic inlury related), DE Cory Redding(quadriceps), C Friday Samson Satele(ankle), T BradleySoweg(igness), TENNIS At ASB BankTennis Centre CB TeddyWiliams(knee). RAVENS:QUESTIONAuckland, NewZealand ABLE:WRTandon Doss (ankle), S BernardPollard Professional Purse: $236,000 (Intl.) (chest), GJah Reid(toe). PRO BABLE: RBAnthony Surface: Hard-Outdoor HopmanCup Allen (head), TEBilly Bajema(head), WRAnquan Singles Friday Boldrn (shoulder), LB Dannel Egerbe(ankle), CB Semifinals At Perth Arena Chris Johnson (thigh), DEArthurJones(thigh), RB YaninaWickmayer (3), Belgium,def. MonaBarPerth, Australia VontaLeach(knee, ankle), LB RayLewis (triceps), thel (8)tGermany,def.6-4, 1-6, 7 6(3). Purse: $1 million (ITFExhibition) LB Albert Mcclelan(shoulder,thigh), DEPernell AgnieszkaRadwanska (1), Poland, def. Jamie Surface: Hard-Outdoor McPhee (thigh), DTHaloti Ngata(knee), GKelechi Hampton,UnitedStates, 7-6(4), 7-6(3). Round Robin Osemele(knee), RBBernard Pierce (ankle), S Ed Group A Reed(shoulder), CBJimmySmith (abdomen), WR Brisbane International Serbia 3, Germany0 TorreySmith(knee), LBTerreg Suggs(biceps), G Friday NovakDjokowc,Serbia, def.TommyHaas, GerMarshalYanda(shoulder, knee). At QueenslandTennis Centre SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at WASHINGTON many 6-2,6-0. Brisbane, Australia Ana Ivanovic, Serbia,def. TatjanaMalek, GerREDSKINS —SEAHAWKS: PROBABLE: CBJerPurse: Men,$486,000(WT250);Women,$1 emy Lane(knee), RBMarshawnLynch(back). RED- many,6-0,6-1. million (Premier) Novak IvanovicandAnaDjokovic, Serbia,def SKINS: QUESTIONABLE:SDeJonGomes(knee),G Surface: Hard-Outdoor Kory Lichtensteiger(ankle). PRO BABLE: LBLorenzo Thanasi Kokkinakis Australia, and TatjanaMalek, Singles Germany,6-2, 7-5 (scorestandsas6-0, 6-0; Haas Alexander(shoulder), DEStephen Bowen (biceps), Men QB Kirk Cousins (igness), LB London Fletcher withdrewwith aninjury andwasreplacedby KokQuarterfinals (ankle), WR Pierre Garcon(foot), QBRobert Gritfin RI kinakis). MarcosBaghdatis, Cyprus,def.GigesSimon(3), Group B (knee), CB DeAngelo Hall (elbow),LBRyanKerrigan France,6-3, 6-4. South Africa 2, France1 (ankle), CWil Montgomery(knee),WRJoshuaMorKei Nishikori(5),Japan,def.AlexandrDolgopoChanegeScheepers, South Africa, def. Mathilde gan (hand,toot), SJordanPugh(ankle), PSavRocca Johansson, lov (4),Ukraine,6-4, 7-6(3). France,4-6, 6-4, 6-4. (right knee), S Madieu Wiliams (elbow). Grigor Dimitrov,Bulgaria, def.JurgenMelzer(7), Jo-WilfriedTsonga,France,def. KevinAnderson, Austria, 6-3,6-2. SouthAfrica,7-6(4), 7-6(3). AndyMurray(I), Britain, def.DenisIstomin,UzChanegeScheepers and KevinAnderson,South College Africa, def. Mathilde Johanssonand Jo-Wilfried bekistan,6-4, 7-6 (3). Women FBS BowlGlance Tsonga,France,6-3, 1-2, retired. Semifinals Subjectto Change Serena Wi l iams (3), UnitedStates, def. Victoria AH TimesPST Qatar Open Azarenka (1), Belarus,walkover Friday Anast asia Pavlyuchenkova, Russia, det. Lesia Friday, Jan. 4 At The Khalifa International Tennis &Squash Tsurenko,Ukraine,4-6, 6-1, 6-2. Complex Cotton Bowl Doha, Qatar TexasA8M41, Oklahoma13. Purse: $1.11 million (WT250) Today, Jan. 6 BBVACompassBowl Surface: Hard-Outdoor BASKETBALL Singles Pittsburgh (6-6) vs. Mississippi (6-6), 10 a.m. Semifinals (ESPN) Men's college RichardGasquet (2), France,def. Danie Brands, Sunday,Jan.6 Germany,7-5, 7-5. Friday's Games GoDaddy.comBowl NikolayDavydenko,Russia, def. DavidFerrer (1), EAST Kent State(11-2) vs ArkansasState (9-3), 6 p.m. Spain, 6-2,6-3. lona 66,Siena62 (ESPN) Loyola(Md.) 71,Rider65 Monday, Jan. 7 ChennaiOpen Manhattan 55, St.Peter's 53 BCS National Championship


RhodeIsland59, Brown47 Yale61,HolyCross54 SOUTH Alabama A8M 88,JacksonSt.87,20T Alabama St.69,GrambingSt.56 Georgia52,GeorgeWashington 41 Memphis85, Tennessee80 Mississippi95,Fordham68 SouthernU.50, PrairieView45 TexasSouthem57, AlcornSt 48 Tu ane 62,Wofford 48 MIDWEST Saint Louis67,SavannahSt.59 Valparaiso74,ClevelandSt.50 SOUTHWES T SamHoustonSt.61,TexasABM-CC57 FAR WEST Hawai90, i CalSt.-Fugerton88

Friday's Games EAST Canisius65,Siena62 Fairfield64,Loyola(Md.) 54 Fordham 71, AmericanU.50 lona 76,Niagara65 Marist 62,Rider47 SOUTH Alabama A8M66,Jackson St.48 Alabama St.68,Grambling St.60 Howard61,Temple 58 Richmond 65, Navy59 Southern U60 PrairieView55 TexasSouthern61, AlcornSt. 45 YoungstownSt 58,VCU45 MIDWEST RlinoisSt.72, N.Iowa41 IndianaSt 55, Bradley54 UCF59,BowlingGreen56 SOUTHWES T Sam Houston St.65,TexasABM-CC 46 FAR WEST Arizona71, Washington St. 65 California55, Utah50 ColoradoSt.97, S.DakotaTech53 SouthernCal56, OregonSt. 55 Stanford57, Colorado40 UCLA89,Oregon80 Washington77,ArizonaSt.74


American League BALITMOR EORIDLES—ClaimedC Luis Martinez off waiversfromTexas. CLEVELANDINDIANS —Agreed to terms with

RHPBrett Myersonaone-yearcontract.


Canzleroff waiversfromCleveland. TEXASRANGERS—Announced 0 Eli Whiteside clearedwaiversandwasassigned outright to Round Rock(PCL). TORONTOBLUEJAYS— Claimed RHPChadBeck off waiversfromPittsburgh National League PITTSBU RG H PIRATES—Named Carlos Garcia managerof Altoona(EL), FrankKremblas manager ot Bradenton(FSL), MichaelRyanmanager of West Virginia (SAL),DaveTurgeon manager of Jamestown (NYP),Milver Reyesmanager of theGCLPirates and Keoni DeRenneot the Dominican Summer League team. ST.LOUIS CARDINALS NamedBryan Eversgerd pitchingcoachtor Memphis (PCL); ScottEnsell trainer for Springfield(Texas),ArthurAdamspitching coach,RogerLaFrancois hitting coachand Keith Joynt trainerfor PalmBeach(FSL); DannBilardel o managerandMikePetrarca trainerfor Peoria(MWL); Oliver Marmolmanagerand DanMartin trainer for State College(NYP); 0iver Marmol manager and TonyReyestrainer for JohnsonCity (Appalachian) and JobelJimenezhitting coachfor the Cardinals



National Basketball Association NEW ORLEANSHORNETS— Waived F Domrnic McGuire.

FOOTBALL National Football League CHICAGO BEARS—Signed WR Britan Goldento areserve/Iuturecontract. HOUSTONTEXANS— Placed LBTim Dobbinson injuredreserve.SignedLBCameronCollins fromthe practicesquad. KANSAS CITYCHIEFS—NamedAndyRerdcoach. Announcedgeneral manager Scott Pioli andtheteam have"mutually partedways." NEW YOR KGIANTS—Signed OT Matt Mccants, OT Levy Adcock, G StephenGoodwin, TELarry Donnell, DE Matt Broha,CBLaron Scott, QBCurtis Painter, LB JakeMuasau, WRBrandon Collins, CB TrumaineMcBride, WRKevin Hardy,GMichael Jasper DTBobbySkinnerto reserve-future contracts NEW YORKJETS—SignedCBCif Harris andLB DannyLansanahto reserve/tuturecontracts. PHILADELPHIAEAGLES— Named CB Chri s Hawkins. WASHING TON REDSKINS—Restored CBCedric Griffin tothe53-manroster. COLLEGE FIU — Named RonTurnerfootball coach. FLORIDA —AnnouncedTEJordanReedwil enter the NFLdraft. GEORGI— AAnnounced LBJarvis Joneswil enter the NFL drafl. I.SU—Announced SEric Reidwil entertheNFL draft. UTAHSTATE—Named Kevin McGiven offensive coordinatorandquarterbacks coach. WISCON SIN—Announced CTravis Frederickwil enter theNFLdraft.

"To be able to just kind of go through that and to learn from it, you know, it's going Continued from C1 to make me a betterquarterback for fuThe buyout for Kelly's contract with Orture years." egon is $3.5 million. CLEVELAND — Chip Kelly is close to Then there is Thomas, who scored on "I'll listen and we'll see," Kelly said taking his fast-paced offense to the NFL. a 94-yard return of the opening kickoff about his NFL prospects. He also said he Thursday against Kansas State. It was the A person familiar with the negotiations hopes to wrap up a decision quickly. longest all-purpose play in Oregon bowl says the Cleveland Browns are A person close to the team who spoke history. Thomas has a school-record 509 nearing a deal with Oregon's offensive all-purpose yards on just 19 touches in his on the condition of anonymity because mastermind to be their next coach. Kelly's future had not yet been decided two career bowl games. The Browns interviewed Kelly on Friday told The Associated Press that offensive The Fiesta Bowl was the final game for and the Ducks coachwas supposed coordinator Mark Helfrich is considered several notable Oregon players, including to meet with Philadelphia in Arizona. the front-runner to succeed Kelly as head running back Kenjon Barner, who broke However, a person familiar with the coach, but Oregon state law requires the out in his senior season after the deparinterviews says theEaglesare "heading university to interview at least one qualiture of LaMjchael James to the NFL. in another direction" because Kelly is fied minority candidate for the job. Barner finished the season with 1,767 nearing a deal with Cleveland. Whether Kelly o r s omeone else is yards rushing, the second-best total in — The Associated Press coaching the Ducks next season, he will school history to James' 1,805 yards last likely have to deal with the fallout from season. an NCAA investigation into the school's For his career, Barner finished with use of recruiting services. they want to talk to us again, we'll con- 5,848 all-purpose yards, 21 yards shy of The inquiry is the result of reports that tinue to cooperate fully," Kelly said. "I feel James' UO career record. His 42 career surfaced in 2011 concerning payments confident in the situation." touchdowns are also second to James (58) Oregon made totwo such services,includWhile Oregon awaits th e h earing, in the Ducks' record book. ing a $25,000 check sent to Willie Lyles which could be scheduled as early as this The defensive side loses linebacker Miand Houston-based Complete Scouting spring, the Ducks appear solid on the chaelClay,one of the team's leaders. The Services in 2010. Lyles had a relationship field for next season and perhaps beyond senior had nine tackles in the Fiesta Bowl with a player who committed to Oregon. with rising offensive stars Mariota and and was named the defensive player of Last month, Yahoo Sports reported Thomas. the game. "Right now, things are a kxt more surthat Oregon is headed toward a hearing Mariota set the team's single-season with the NCAA committee on infractions record with 38touchdowns (32 passing, real than anything else," Clay said afterbecause the two sides could not come to five rushing, one receiving), surpassing ward. "The last time playing with these an agreement on appropriate sanctions. the previous mark of 36 shared by Darron guys, taking off the pads, the last time in Yahoo cited two unidentified sources. Thomas (2011) and Akili Smith (1998). an Oregon jersey. You're kind of surreal Earlierthis year, Oregon requested a The first freshman named to the Pac- and in a daze right now." 12's all-conference first team in 23 years, summary disposition in the case. The Kelly spoke after the Fiesta Bowl alschool presented a report to the infrac- Mariotapassed for 2,739 yards, complet- most as though he too was saying goodtions committee outlining violations the ing a school-record68.5 percent of his bye, although only time will tell. "It's a special place with special people," school believed occurred and appropriate passes.He had 3,429 yards oftotaloffense, sanctions. But that request was apparent- second only to Smith's 3,947 in 1998. Kelly said of Oregon. "They accepted me ly turned down. The 6-foot-4 dual-threat quarterback six years ago when I was at New HampThe NCAA does not comment on ongo- from Hawaii credited Kelly for the season. shire. Not many people knew about me. "The success, all that's happening with Gave me an opportunity to come here. It ing investigations. "We've cooperated fully with them. If this offense, is from him," Mariota said. really means a lot."

Brownscloseto deal withKelly





ate eense ea s azers Texans, Ben als meet to victor over rizz ies inwil -car gameagain By Kristie Rieken

The Associated Press MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The P ortland Tr a i l Blaz e r s turned up the defense down the stretch to turn back the Grizzlies. Wesley Matthews scored 21 points, J.J. Hickson added 19 points and 11 rebounds, and Portland beat Memphis 86-84 on Friday night. Rudy Gay's jumper from near the top of the key was off the mark as time expired, allowing the Trail Blazers to

p %y g

escape a closely played game that saw nine ties and 21 lead



"I thought we played very good team defense," said LaM arcus Aldridge, who h ad 15 points and 12 rebounds for Portland. "We played their tendencies very well down the stretch. We had talked about it all game, about knowing what

Danny Johnston /The Associated Press

Memphis Grizzlies' Rudy Gay, right, contests a shot by Portland's Wesley Matthews during the first half of Friday night's game in Memphis.

sell Westbrook scored 27 points, Kevin Durant added 26 and Oklahoma City bounced back from a rare home loss to beat Philadelphia. Cavaliers ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Bobcats ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Kyrie Irving scored 33 points, including a pull-up jumper from the foul line with one second left, to l i f t C l eveland over Charlotte. C eltics..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 4 P acers...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 BOSTON — Kevin Garnett scored 18 points before he was ejected for a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter, and Boston

snapped a four-game losing

streak. P istons.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 5 H awks..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 4 A UBURN H I L LS , M i c h . — Austin Daye had a seasonbest 20 points and D etroit guys were going to do, and I the Grizzlies offensively in the earned its fourth consecutive thought down the stretch we third quarter. But it didn't help victory. guarded that." Memphis in the fourth. Kings..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 "We went to Marc and we Nicolas Batum and Damian R aptors..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 6 Lillard added ll points apiece w ent to Rudy down i n t h e TORONTO — D e M arcus for the Trail Blazers with Lil- post, but obviously Z-Bo is Cousins scored a season-high lard also handing out eight as- the guy that we rely on in the 31 points and matched his casists, as Portland won for the post down the stretch," Mem- reer high with 20 rebounds, ninth time in its past 12 games. phis coach Lionel Hollins said. John Salmons scored eight "Anybody who loses one of Marreese Speights had a of his 20 points in the fourth season-high 22 points and 13 their best players is going to quarterand Sacramento beat rebounds for the Grizzlies in feel it, and we felt it at a crucial Toronto. place of Zach Randolph, who part of the game." Rockets ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115 missed the game with flu-like Also on Friday: Bucks.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 symptoms. Gay had 19 points, B ulls... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 M ILWAUKEE — Ja m e s but was eight of 21 from the H eat..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Harden scored 29 points to field. Marc Gasol scored 12 MIAMI — C a rlos Boozer lead Houston to a victory over points and had a career-best scored 27 points and Chicago Milwaukee. eight blocks. Darrell Arthur dominated on the boards to J azz..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 7 contributed 10 points off the become only the third visit- Suns .......... . . . . . . . . . . ..80 Memphis bench. ing team to win in Miami this PHOENIX — Al Jefferson " We didn't play l i k e w e season. scored 21 points and Paul Millwanted to," Gasol said. "We Nets..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115 sap added 19 to lead Utah past let them set their defense and Wizards ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113 slumping Phoenix. shoot their shots. I think it was WASHINGTON Joe Clippers.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 more on us than on them." J ohnson's jumper w it h 0 . 7 Lakers..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Randolph, th e G r i z zlies' seconds left i n t h e s econd LOS ANGELES — Chris leading rebounder and sec- overtime lifted Brooklyn over Paul had 30 points and 13 asond-leading scorer, missed Washington. sists, Blake Griffin added 24 his first game of the season. Thunder.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 points, and the Los Angeles Speights made up the differ- 7 6ers..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 C lippers led all the way i n ence, particularly in carrying OKLAHOMA CITY — Rus- beating the Lakers.


ConferenceGlance AllTimesPST EASTE RN CON FERENCE tN L Pc t G B 22 9 . 710 '/~ 22 10 .688 20 u . 645 2 d-Chicago 18 13 .581 4 Indiana 19 14 .576 4 Brooklyn 18 15 .545 5 Milwaukee 16 1 5 .516 6 Boston 15 17 .469 7 '/i Philadelphia 15 19 , 441 8 '/z Orando 12 20 .375 10'/~ Detroit 13 2 2 .371 1 1 Toronto 12 2 1 .364 1 1 Charlotte 24 .250 14'/~ Cleveland 4 8 26 .235 15'/~ Washington 2 7 .129 1 8 WEST ERN CON FERENCE tN L Pc t G B d-Oklahoma City 25 7 . 781 d-LA. Clippers 26 8 . 765 d-SanAntonio 26 9 7 4 3 I/2 GoldenState 22 10 .688 3 Memphis 20 10 .667 4 Houston 19 14 , 576 6 ' /z Portland 17 15 .531 8 Denver 18 16 .529 8 Minnesota 15 14 .51 7 8'/~ Utah 17 1 7 .500 9 L.A. Lakers 15 1 7 .469 1 0 Dallas 13 20 .394 12'/z Sacramen to 13 20 .394 12'/z Phoenix 12 2 2 .353 1 4 NewOrleans 7 2 5 .219 1 8 d-divisionleader d-Miami d-New York Atlanta

Friday's Games Cleveland106,Charlotte104 Sacramento105Toronto96 Brooklyn115,washington03,20T Detroit85,Atlanta84 Portland86,Memphis 84 Oklahoma City109, Philadelphia85 Boston94,Indiana75 Chicago 96, Miami89 Houston115,Milwaukee101 Utah87,Phoenix80 LA. CI ppe rs107, LA. Lakers102 Today's Games Bostonat Atlanta,4 p.m. Milwaukee atIndiana, 4p.m. NewYorkatOrlando,4 p.m. Houston at Cleveland,4:30 p.m. Sacramento atBrooklyn, 4.30p.m. Port andat Minnesota, 5p.m. NewOrleansatDalas, 5:30 p.m. Philadelphiaat SanAntonio, 5:30 p.m. Utah atDenver,6 p.m. GoldenStateat L.A.Clippers, 7:30p.m.

Sunday'sGames Oklahoma Cityat Toronto,10am. Washington at Miami,3 p.m. Charlotte at Detroit, 4:30p.m. MemphisatPhoenix, 5p.m. Denver at LA. Lakers,6:30p.m.

Summaries Friday's Games

Blazers 86, Grizzlies 84 PORTLAND (86)

Batum4-110-011, Aldridge5-15 5-715, Hickson 7-13 5-819, Lillard5-140-011, Matthews8-14 0-0 2h Fteeland0-40-0 0, Barton 2-30-0 4, Price0-0 0-0 0, Babbit2-6 t 0-05, Pavlovic 0-10-0 0. Totals 33-81 10-1586.


Gays-212-219,Speights7-158822,Gasol511 2-212, Conley2-82-26, Allen2-90 04, Arthur5-10 0-010, Bayless 0-1 0-00, Ellington2-54-4 9, Haddadi 1-10-02.Totals 32-81 18-1884. Portland 24 23 25 14 — 86 Memphis 25 25 22 12 — 84 3-Point Goal— s Portland 10-27 (Matthews58, Batum3-8, Lillard 1-4, Babbitt 1 5, Barton 0-1, Pavlovic0-1), Memphis2-5 (Gay1-2, Ellington1-2,

Conley 0-1). FouledOut—None.Rebounds—Portland 50 IAldridge12), Mem phis 52 (Speights 13). Assists Portland 22 (Lilard 8), Memphis13 (Conley, Gasol 3). TotaFous —Portland14, Memphis18. A— 15,823(18,119).

323, Vesely1-21-43. Totals 43-91 18-31113. Brooklyn 20 3 2 26 151111 — 115 Washington 30 25 24 1411 9 — 113

Pistons 85, Hawks 84

Rockets 115, Bucks101 HovsT0NI115)

Parsons 2-81-2 5, Morns0-70-00, Asik6-71-4 13, Harden0-185-729, Lin 3-82-28, Douglas8-14 0-018, Patterson6-7 3-418, Delfino 8-11 0-022, Smith 0-00-00, Anderson0-10-00, Motiejunas0-0 0-00, Aldrich0-10-00, Machado1-10-02. Totals 45-83 12-19 115.

MILwAUKEE I101) Udoh3-44-410, MbahaMoute3-9 2-2 8,Sanders2-30-24, Ellis5-192-212,Jennings6-152-216, Henson5-101-311, llyasova4-61-1 u, Udrih 4-5 3-511, Duneavy4-82-212, Haais3-60-06, Daniels 0-2 0-0 0.Totals 39-87 17-23 101. Houston 23 24 30 38 — 115 Milwaukee 21 37 14 29 — 101

Bulls 96, Heat 89 CHICAGO (96)

Deng2-92-2 6,Boozer12-17 3-527, Noah5-0 3-413, Hinrich3-82-210, Hamilton3-60-07, Belinelli 3-8 0-0 7,Gibson1-63-4 5 Robinson5-9 2-2 13,Butler2-6458 Totals36-80192496. MIAMI (89) James81413-1630, Haslem23004, Bosh512 4-4 14,Chalmers2-60-0 5, Wade7-11 7-922, Battier1-6 0-0 3, Anthony0-1 0-0 0, Allen2-3 0-0 5, Cole 3-80-26, Miller 0-1 0-00 Totals 30-65 24-31 89. Chicago Miami

ATLANTA (84) Korver 3 91-110,Smith 8-173 520, Horford913 0-3 18,Teague2-9 0-0 5, Wiliams6-15 0-017, Jenkins0-20-0 0, Pachulia3-5 3-5 9,Johnson 0-3 5 65, Tolliver0-20-00. Totals 31-7512-20 84.

DETROIT (85) Prince 2-121-2 6, Max< el 4-6 2-5 10,Monroe 5-14 8-1018,Knight4-0 0-0 8, Singler 1-3 0-02, Stuckey5-110-1 10,Drummond3-5 0-0 6, Daye911 0-1 20,Villanueva0-4 0-0 0, Bynum2-8 1-2 5. Totals 35-8512-21 85. Atlanta 20 16 26 22 — 84 Detroit 25 26 23 11 — 85

Kings105, Raptors 96 SACRAMENTO (105) Salmons7-14 5-7 20, Thompson7-11 0-0 14, Cousins11-189-12 31, Thomas4-63-411, Garcia 1-7 0-0 3, J.Johnson 3-82-2 8, Fredette1-3 1-24, Hayes1-1 0 02, Brooks34007, Robinson231-3 5,Honeycutt0-10-00.Totals 40-76 21-30105. T0R0NT0I96) Pietrus1-1 0-0 3, Davis4-10 3-611, Gray0-2 0-2 0, Calderon 5-0 0-013, DeRozan3 0 8-1014, A.Johnson 0-0 0-2 0, Anderson7-174-4 20, Fields 3-50-1 6, Lowry5-1010-1224,Ross1-70-03, Acy 0-2 0-0 0, Lucas1-3 0-0 2. Totals 30-79 25-37 96. Sacramento Toronto

Cavaliers106, Bobcats104

Celtics 94, Pacers75 INDIANA(75) George4-18 1-39, West 4-18 2-2 10, Hibbert 361-2 7, Augustin2-41-1 6, Stephenson1-6 2-45, T.Hansbrough7-115-8 19, G.Green1-81-2 3, Mahinmi 2-5 0-2 4,B.Hansbrough1-4 2-25, Johnson 2-3 2-2 7, Pendergraph0-2 0-0 0. Totals 27-85 17-28 75. BOSTON (94) Pierce5101-313, Bass1-522 4, Game t 816 2-218, Rondo9-140-218, Bradley 3-110-06, Collins 0-01-21, Sullinger2-73-6 7,JGreen1-40-02, Terry 2-81-1 6,Lee6-90-0 13, Barbosa3-4 0-06, Vatnado0-10-00. Totals 40-8910-1894. Indiana 16 19 16 24 — 75 Boston 15 32 22 25 — 94

CLEVELAND(106) Gee3 7 2-48,Thompson810 3-419,Zeller38 3-6 9, Irving10-21 10-1033, Miles7-140-0 18, Wa ton 2-6 0-04, Wa iters 3-6 3-5 9, Livingston3-6 0-06. Totals39-7821-29106. CHARLOTTE (104) Taylor 5-100-011, Warrick1-4 2-2 4,Biyombo 1-20-02, Walker4-82-411,Henderson6-111-217, Kidd-Gilchrist 3-101-2 7,Sessions4-11 12-1220, Haywood 0-01-21, Thomas2-60-0 4, Gordon0203-427,Adrien0-0 0-00,Diop0-0 0-0 0.Totals 37-82 22-28 104. Cleveland 29 33 24 20 — 106 Charlotte 23 25 26 30 — 104

Jazz 87, Suns80 UTAH(87)

Thunder 109, 76ers 85 PHILADELPHIA(85) TYosng5-100-010, Turner2-7 0-05, Allen4-10 0-0 8, Holiday7-130-015, Richardson4-10 0-09, Hawes3-110-0 6, Wright4-80-011, N Young5-12 6-821, Wayns 0-20-00, Wilk>ns0-1 0-00. Totals 34-84 6-8 85. OKLAHOMA CITY(109) Durant8-159-10 26, Ibaka6-10 3-415, Perkins 2-7 0-04,Westbrook10 173-4 27,Sefolosha2-4 2-2 7, Co lison3-50-06, Martin 5-92-216, Thabeet1-3 1-3 3, Jackson2-41-2 5, Liggins0-0 0-00, Maynor 0-1 0-0 0.Totals 39-75 21-27109. Philadelphia 21 2 124 19 — 85 OklahomaCity 2 22 4 32 31 — 109

Nets115, Wizards113 (2 OT) BROOKLYN (115) Wallace2-5 3-4 7, Evans1-21-2 3, Lopez8-15 11 14 27,Wiliams9-233-3 24, Johnson 7-142-4 18, Blatche6-0 1-1 13, Bogans3-9 1-1 8, Stackhouse 0-23-33,Taylor0-00-20,Teletovic2-40-06, Brooks3-40-26. Totals 41-89 25-36115. WASHINGTON (113) Webster4 12 4-4 14, Nene8 124-5 20, Okafor 6-101-713, Temple3-101-2 8, Beal10-192-2 24, Seraphin1-94-46,Mack1-40-02, Crawford9-131-

Ma.WIIIams0-3 0-00, Milsap9-161-219, Jefterson8-175-521, Tinsley1-2 0-0 2, Foye6-10 0-0 13, Favors5-11 0-010, Watson 0-3 0-00, Hayward 7-15 0-014,Carroll 2-50-04,Burks2-70-2 4, Evans 0-0 0-0 0.Totals 40-89 6-9 87.


Tucker0-10-00,Scola 7-171-215, Gortat7-94-6 18, Dragic 8 16 0017, Dudley6-10 3-316, Brown 0 40-00, Beasley0-00-00,Morris1-70-02,O'Neal 0-1 0-00,Telfair4-70-010,Johnson1-30-02,Marshall 0-00-00.Totals34-75 8-11 80. Utah 25 17 29 16 — 87 Phoenix 31 9 22 18 — 80

Clippers 107, Lakers 102 LA. tAKERS(102) WorldPeace1-6 0-0 2, Gasoi 1-60-02, Howa rd 8-145-11 21,Nash3-4 3-312, Bryant15-257-838, Jamison0-00-00, Meeks3-13 6-614, J.Hill 4-6 5-8 13,Morris0-2 0-00 Totals 35-76 26-36102. LA. CLIPPERS I107) Butler 1-4 3-4 5,Griffin 9-165-724, Jordan4-6 0-1 8, paul11-25r-7 30, Green4-61-1 10,Odom 4-60-09,Turiaf2-21-35, Barnes2-92-28, Bledsoe 4-80-08,Hollins0-0 0-0 0.Totals 41-82 19-25 107. LA.Lakers 22 29 20 31 — 102 L.A. Clippers 29 3 2 2 6 20 — 107

a guy on each side of him and a guy in front of him, we've HOUSTON — The Houston got a good opportunity." Texans were looking forward Then Lewis got serious. "He's been an incredible to enjoying a bye this week Time:Today, 1:30 p.m. before beginning their work PST (NBC). player and he's fun to watch if you're not preparing to play in the playoffs as the AFC's Line:Texans by 4/2. top seed. the Texans," Lewis said. "He's Adout the Bengals(10-6): Instead, a terrible month in a great model for young playHave earned back-to-back which they lost three of four ers to look at and be like. He playoff berths for first games dropped the Texans to really is something." time since 1981-82. Last the third seed. It has them in Houston defensive coorplayoff win wasagainst the exactsame spotas a year dinator Wade Phillips, who Houston in January 1991. ago, hosting the Cincinnati h as been coaching in t h e ... A.J. Green had1,350 Bengals in a wild-card playNFL since 1976, couldn't say receiving yards andtied off game today. enough about Watt's perforfor fourth in NFL with 11 The Texans wasted little mance this season. TD receptions.... Defense "This is the best defensive time this w eek l a menting ranked third in sacks with their missed opportunities, line play of anybody since I've 51 and third in AFC overall, though, instead focusing on been in football," Phillips said. allowing 319.7 ypg. "He isby far the best defentheir next task. About the Texans(12-4): "Would we like to be in a sive player. He should obviWon last year's wild-card different situation? Yeah, but ously be the defensive player matchup against Bengals at the same time, it's the playof the year in the league." 31-10. And that was with offs. It's the start of the playThe AFC South champion T.J. Yates filling in at offs. Everything you've done Texans are also in the playquarterback for Houston. up to this point, it doesn't offs for the second straight ... Lost three of past four really matter," Houston's Anyear, the only two times in to fall from No. 1 seed to dre Johnson said. "It only franchise history. Houston No. 3. Matt Schaub had matters what you do now ... lost to the Ravens in the secone TD pass and three we just have to take advanond round after beating the INTs in those four games. tage of the opportunity we Bengals last January. ... DE J.J. Watt led NFL have now." The Texans believe that exwith 20/~ sacks,two shy They'll face a Cincinnati perience will help them this ofleague record. team that enters today having time. Prediction:Bengals, "I feel like we've come a won three in a row and seven 20-17. Cincy improved of its past eight games. The long ways," Watt said. "Obenough in the course of Bengals are in the playoffs for viously, this isn't new to us. the season to be Up to the consecutive seasons for the This is something we've been challenge against fading first time since 1981-82. Their through before. We're excitTexans. last playoff win came Jan. 6, ed. We can'twait. We had a — McClatchy-Tribune 1991 against the Oilers, the taste of the playoffs last year News Service team the Texans replaced in and we're really excited to get Houston. back in it this year and to go Cincinnati offensive tackle to work." he's grown since that game Andrew Whitworth said he Third-string q u arterback isn't worried about the more and learned from the mis- T.J. Yates was behind centhan 20-year streak of playoff takes he made. ter last year after injuries "I definitely feel like I'm a knocked outMatt Schaub and futility. He wants to focus on the improvement this young better quarterback this year," Matt Leinart. Now, Schaub, a team has made. he said. "I've got more con- nine-year veteran, will get his "Last year, we did what it trolof the offense. There's a first postseason start. He's lookingto bounce back took to get into the playoffs lot more stuff that I'm doing when a lot of people predict- at the line of scrimmage, and from a tough month in which ed us to be 0-16," Whitworth making checks and doing dif- he threw three interceptions said. "This year, we got back ferent things this year than I with just one touchdown pass. in to the playoffs when a lot of was doing last year. But that's He'll try to do it with two big people didn't think we could. helped me become a better w eapons in J o hnson a n d We're here. The next step player." Arian Foster. Johnson led the is winning a playoff game. Another player who has AFC with a career-high 1,598 Hopefully, we can let that be a certainly improved in Year 2 yards receiving, and Foster chip on our shoulder." is Watt. The defensive end led finished second in the AFC in Bengals quarterback Andy the NFL with 20 t/z sacks this rushing with 1,424 yards. "They have three or four Dalton was sacked four times season, has 107 tackles, inand threw three interceptions cluding 39 for losses, 16 pass- guys who have been playmakin last year's 31-10 postseason es defended and has forced ers in this league for a while," loss to the Texans. Houston de- four fumbles. Bengals cornerback Leon Hall fensive end J.J. Watt returned B engals c oach M a r v i n said of the Texans. "It starts one of those interceptions 29 Lewis got creative this week with Foster. Obviously, they yards for a touchdown that when asked how he planned have Johnson outside. It starts gave the Texans a lead they to stop Watt. with knowing that we have to "I wrote a letter to the com- stop the run. If you don't stop wouldn't relinquish. D alton, who grew up i n missioner to petition for 13," the run, you're on your heels suburban Houston, believes Lewis joked. "I figure if we put for the rest of the game." The Associated Press

Bengals at Texans

Groundhog Continued from C1 "This is what everybody's been fighting for, and this is what we're excited about."

Minnesota (10-6) and Green Bay (11-5) split their first two meetings, with the Vikings' victory last Sunday in Minneapolis giving them the last wild-card spot. It also dropped the Packers from the No. 2 to the No. 3 seed, and forced the NFC North champs to work a weekend they were hoping to have off. At least neither team had to scramble to dig up film or scouting reports. As division rivals, the Packers and Vikings already know plenty about each other. After playing twice in December, they know each other so well they could probably call each other'splays.There won't be any big surprises, no new wrinklesto the offense or defense that the other hasn't already seen. "So much familiarity with the team that we are playingbecause of the number oftimes we have played them in the last month and a half," Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said. "So not a whole lot that needs to be discussed as far as getting motivated to play this game." The Vikings game plan will be simple: Give the ball to Adrian Peterson and get out of the way. That's the plan pretty much every week, but particularly against Green Bay. He's rushed for 409 yards in their two games, more than some running backs manage in 16, and is av-

eraging a whopping 7.4 yards per carry. He had thelongest run of his career,82 yards for a touchdown, inthe Dec. 2 game, and a careerhigh 34 carries on Sunday. Peterson has gained more yards against Green Bay (1,442 in 12 games) than any other team, and he chews up the Lambeau Field grass as easily as the Metrodome turf. "It's just the rivalry," he said. "There's more emphasis on that game because we know that's a team that we have to beat in order to accomplishour goals we've setforth." Yeah, but the Packers had a goal last weekend, too, and that didn't help against Peterson. "We had the right calls, we just need to be a little smarter as far as where we fit and then a little more accountable and reliable as far as what we do," Packers linebacker Clay Matthews said. "There were a couple of times where, perhaps playing somebody else, we could fall inside somebody else's gap. With

Vikingsat Packers Time:5 p.m. PSTtoday (NBC). Line:Packers by 7/~. About the Vikings(10-6):Adrian Peterson has rushed for at least175 yards four times

against the Packers, including both meetings this season (210and199).... Reached playoffs by beating Packers 37-34 last week.

... Finished the seasonwith four straight wins after 6-6 start. About the Packers (11-5):Have won five of past six vs. Vikings.... In past five vs. Vikes, Aaron Rodgers has16TDs vs. one INT and has completed 74.7 percent of his passes for132.5 rating.... Safety Charles Woodson

expected backafternine-game absence (collarbonej. Prediction:Packers, 27-17. Memories of last year's home collapse vs. NewYork Giants are too fresh for Rodgers to let it happen

again. — McClatchy-Tribune NewsService

this team, they'll make you pay and that's exactly what happened. "It was a good test and obviously we'll come back here ready." Now, having the Vikings come to Lambeau for the playoffs would seem to be an advantage for the Packers. Minnesota hasn't won in Green Bay since 2009, the last year the Vikings made the playoffs, and the Packers have won 20 of their past 22 games at home. But the Packers have lost their past two home playoff games, including last year to the Giants when they were the NFC's No. I seed. "It's not something we've thought about or really talked about since probably April," Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "We want to be playing the right way obviously. We had a good stretch there. We won nine out of 11 games and played a lot of really good

opponents, tough opponents, tough games on the road. "I like the way we're playing," he added. "I think we have the right mindset, a good group of leaders in this locker room and a lot of guys who've won a lot of regular season, a lot of postseason games. We're excited about our team and excited about our opportunity in front of us."





Continued from C1 Holli Glenn paced the Hawks (3-9 overall) with 19 points, Katie M i ckel added 14, and McKenna B oen c o n tributed f o u r points and 12 r ebounds i n the l osing effort. L a Pine trailed 37-35 at halftime before foul t r ouble llNN|tlr sent severalof the Hawk Qyc 'lOtRI starters to the bench in • I the third quarter. Crook lflt i 1iTcI County (4-5) took advanQ ibPI4 tage of La Pine's lack of Aqe: experience on the floor and extended its lead to 52-43 by the start of the fourth period. M aley-Loper gave L a Pine fits all night, especially in th e t h ir d quarter. The Cowgirls' leading scorer hit two of her four three-pointers in the third. Crook County resumes I ntermountain Hyb ri d play on Tuesday when it hosts Bend High. La Pine finishes out its nonleague Joe Khne /The Bulletin schedule the same day at Crook Counfy's Kimmer Severance (12) and La Pine's McKenna Boen (4) battle for a rebound during the Madras. second half of Friday night's game at La Pine High School.

Continued from C1 The W a s hington-based PNGA paid little attention to Central Oregon before the 2008 PNGA Cup — a Ryder Cup-style event between the associations (Oregon, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, and Washington) that make up the PNGA. Since then, the organization has brought the 2010 Men's Mid-Amateur (Juniper), the 2011 Junior Boys'

Bulletin staff report PRINEVILLE Dillon Dees posted a double-double with 16points and 15 rebounds and Crook County snapped a three-game losing streak Friday as the Cowboys played especially well after halftime to knock off La Pine 57-39 in nonleague boys b a sketball action. Chance Sutfin and Preston Washechek added 11 points apiece, and Jacob Mahurin contributed nine for C r ook County, which improved to 6-4 with the victory. The Cowboys had won five of their first sixgames ofthe season before dropping three in a row between Dec. 15 and 20. Crook County, which was tied with the Hawks 22-22 at halftime, outscored La Pine 35-17 after the break. C ameron K r af t l e d t h e Hawks (6-7) with 13 points and three steals, but La Pine struggled shooting the b all against the C owboys. The Hawks went just 16 of 52 from the field, including two of 17 from behind the three-point line. Both teams resume play on Tuesday. Crook County continues Intermountain Hybrid play at Bend High, and La Pine hosts Madras in its final nonleague game of the season. In other Friday action: BOYS BASKETBALL

Cascade.......... . . . . . . . ..76 M adras.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 4 TURNER — The host Cougars shot almost 60 percent

Butte Falls..... . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Trinity Lutheran ...... . . . . . . 31 Nate Carpenter f i n ished f rom the f i eld against t he with 11 points, five rebounds White Buffaloes — they end- and five blocks, but the host ed the night 32 of 55 from the Saints fell behind 18-5 after field — in the nonleague rout. the first quarter en route to Madras senior Steele Hau- a Class IA Mountain Valley gen scored 25 points, but the League loss to the Loggers. Buffs could not stop Cascade. Luke Phillis, Gabe Phillis and Cougars senior forward Orion Tyler Dunn scored six points Wright led all scorers with apiece for Trinity L utheran 31 points. Jhaylen Yeahquo (0-3 MVL, 1-9 overall), which added eight points for Madras, visits Paisley today for a conwhich fell to 8-5 overall. The ference contest. W hite Buffaloes play at L a GIRLS BASKETBALL Pine on Tuesday in another Sisters ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 nonleague matchup. Molalla ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 M olalla ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 9 MOLALLA — Taylor Nieri S isters .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1 r ecorded a g a m e-high 2 2 MOLALLA — The Outlaws points and hit 13 of her 15 free claimed a 10-5 lead at the end throws as the Outlaws picked of the first quarter in their up their second straight win nonleague matchup against to improve to 9-2 overall, their the Indians, but after being best 11-game start since Sisoutscored 34-11 the rest of the ters opened the year 7-4 durway Sisterssuffered its second ing the 2003-04 season. "We're straight loss. Ryan Pollard not an underdog this year," paced Sisters with seven points Sisters coach Julianne Horner and Cole Moore added six, but said. "They're doing r eally the Outlaws hit just under 26 well and playing strong. We're percent of their shots before ready for league play because falling to Molalla. Sisters (3-7) these girls are really starting hosts Stayton on Tuesday. to kick into stride." Savannah H orizon Christian..... . . . . . . 56 Spear scored 11 points, CasC entral Christian ..... . . . . . . 11 sidy Edwards finished with REDMOND — The Tigers nine, and the Outlaws shot 30 found themselves in a 31-4 hole of 43 from the line en route to at the half before dropping the nonconference victory. Sisa Class IA Big Sky League ters hosts Stayton on Tuesday matchup to th e H a wks, of before opening up S k y-Em Hood River. Isaac Bryant and League action against La Pine Bryson Eells each scored four on Friday. points for Central Christian Cascade............ . . . . ... 46 (0-4 BSL, 1-6 overall), which Madras ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 hosts Arlington today at 2 p.m. TURNER — The White Bufin a league matchup. faloes dropped theirsecond


straight game, this one at the hands of the Cougars, the No. 6 team in the OSAA Class 4A rankings. Madras led 22-20 at halftime. The Buffs (5-8) entertain La Pine on Tuesday before

beginning Tri-Valley Conference play on Jan. 15 against North Marion. Horizon Christian...... . . . . . 25 Central Christian.... . . . . . . . . 9 R EDMOND — W it h t w o players unable to get to the game and after an injury sidelined another, the Tigers played most of the third quarter and all of the fourth with four players, during which time the Hawks, of Hood River, outscored the Tigers 17-0 to pick up a Class 1A Big Sky League win. Desi Duke finished with five points for Central Christian (0-4 BSL, 2-8 overall), which led 9-8 before losing Kelsey Stealey to a knee injury. Central Christian is off until Tuesday, when the Tigers travel to Mitchell for a league contest. Butte Falls..... . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Trinity Lutheran..... . . . . . . . 25 Erin Cowan scored a teamhigh seven points, Abbey Carpenter finished with six points and six rebounds, but the host Saints, who led 15-14 at the half, were outscored 18-5 in the third quarter and 31-10 in the second half before falling to the Loggers in a Class 1A Mountain Valley League matchup. Megan Clift pulled down nine boards and dished out four assists for Trinity Lutheran (0-3 MVL, 4-6 overall), which continues conference action today at Paisley.

PREP SCOREBOARD Boys basketball Friday's results Class 4A Nonconference

SISTERS (21) Ryan Pollard 7,Moore6,Lewis 4, Adams 2, Schaab1, Kerenen1, Jackson,Luloff, Stadeli, KreminskiLarson, , Gil. Totals 92-7 21. MOLALLA(39) — RyanPoter 12, Hagaman12, Ramos8,Green 5,Burke 2,Marquardt,Lushenko, Munsori,Hull. Totals 1310-16 39. Sisters 10 2 7 2 — 21 Molalla 5 1115 8 — 3 9 Three-point goals — Sisters: Pollard; Molaila: Ramos 2, Potter.

LA plNE (39) — cameron Kraft13, parsons9, Turnsplenty 5,Wieber4 Boen4, Siauw2, Syres 2, Smith,Gacke.Totals 16 5-8 39. CROOK COUNTY(57) —Dilon Dees16, Sutfin u, washechek11,Mahurin9, Benton 4, Dean4, Ritz Class1A 2, Lee,Cooper, Tavernia, EgbeIt. Totals 229-24 57. Big SkyLeague LaPine 6 16 11 6 — 39 Crookcounty 9 13 1 6 19 — 57 HORIZONCHRISTIAN, HOOD RIVER(56) Three-pointgoals— LaPine: Parsons,Turnsplen- —MattTotaro14,Davis12,Bryan11,Andersen6,Alty; Crook County: NA. drich 6,BloomsteI4, Requa3,Johnston, Engel, Walker. Totals 22 8-1156. MADRAs(54I — steeleHaugen25,Yeahquo 8, CENTRALCHRISTIAN(11) — Isaac Bryant4, PicheNe 7, Mitchell 6, Phillips 5, Wolfe 3,Spino,J. Eells 4,Roberts 3, Sibley, Pooe,Koo, Kruse,Stewart, Smith, T.Smith,Fine,Sullivan, Lindgren.Totals 21 Davis Totals41-611. 6-10 54. Horizonohrisnan 12 19 9 16 — 56 CASCADE (76) —Orion Wright 31, P.Vettrus14, Central Christian 4 0 2 5 — 11 Delamarter9, Clark6,Kruse6, Towery3,J Vettrus3, Three-pointgoals—HorizonChristian,HoodRiver: Schrimer 2, Soto2, Moan,Everetts, Farr.Totals 32 Bryan 2,Davis2; Central Christian.Bryant, Roberts. 8-1576. Madras 14 10 20 10 — 54 Mountain Valley League Cascade 19 13 26 18 — 76 Three-pointgoals—Madras:Haugen3,Mitchell 2, BUTTEFALLS(59) Even Givens15, E BatePicheNe. Cascade: Clark 2,P.Vetrus, J.VeNriis. maii13, Marley1Q,Ramirez7, McGonagle 6,W.Bateman 6,Cool-HW2,Sutton. Totals 273-659.


ers of Livestrong, the charity he founded after surviving tesContinued from C1 ticularcancer, have been tryFor more than a d ecade, ing to persuade him to come Armstrong has v ehemently forward so hecould clear his denied doping, even after anti- conscience and save the orgadoping officials laid out their nization from further damage, case against him in October one person with knowledge of in hundreds of pages of eye- the situation said. witness testimony from teamSeveral legal cases stand in mates, emailcorrespondence, the way of a confession, the financial records and labora- people familiar with the situatory analyses. tion said. Among the obstacles When asked if Armstrong is a f e deral w h istle-blower might admit to doping, Tim case in which Armstrong and Herman, Armstrong's long- several officials from his U.S. time lawyer, said, "Lance has Postal Service cycling team to speak for himself on that." are accused ofdefrauding the Armstrong has been under government by allowing doppressure from various fronts ing on the squad when the to confess. Wealthy support- team's contract with the Postal

TRINITYLUTHERAN (31) Nate Carpenter u, L. Phillis 6, G.Philis 6, Dunn6, Nihei 2, Atnip, Law,

MOLALLA (32) Katie Hagler13, Skilliiigs10, Heiidrickson4, Partlow2, Rieskamp1, Petitta 1, A. Kruger,C.Knauss, D.Knauss, olano,Akiyama.Totals Larsen1,Dunn,Satyna. Totals1011-2232. 13 3-1 031. Sisters 10 17 10 14 — 51 Butte Falls 18 15 16 10 — 59 Molalla 6 7 12 7 — 3 2 T rinity Lutheran 5 8 10 8 — 3 1 Three-pointgoals— Sisters: Nieri; Molala: HenThree-point goals — Butte Falls: E. Bateman, drickson. Ramirez; Trinity l.utherari:G.Philis. Class1A Big SkyLeague

Girls basketball Friday's results Class 4A Nonconference

CROOKCU ONTY(67) — JessieMaley-Loper26, Severarice17,Ovens9, Smith 6,Benton 4,l.indburg 3, Malott 2,Apperson,Wood Totals 27 9-1867. LA PINE(58) —Holli Glenn19,Mickel14, Foremari 10, Huddlestori 9, Boen4, Haigler 2, Conklin. Totals 23 7-1658. Crook County 20 17 15 15 — 67 La Pine 18 17 10 13 — 58 Three-poingoal t s—Crook County: Maley-Loper 4; La pine: Mickel 3, Glennz SISTERS (51) — Taylor Nieri 22, Spear11, Edwards9, Petterson3, Henson3, Knoop2, Mann 1, Rowe,Rickei, Hudson,Cornis, Moore.Totals 10 30-43 51.

Service clearly stated that any doping would constitute default of their agreement. Herman said th e o p tion to confess to anti-doping officials was not on the table. However, the people familiar with the situation said Armstrong, 41, was in fact moving toward confessing and had even been in discussions with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Armstrong had met with Travis Tygart, the agency's chief executive, in an effort to mitigate the lifetime ban he received for playing a lead role in doping on his Tour-winning teams, according to one person briefed on the situation. Armstrong was also seek-

HORIZONCHRISTIAN, HOOD RIVER(25) — Katie Tolbert 6,Bloomster5, H< cks 5, N<elsen5, Bryan 4,Ryan,tiiigel, Kempf Totals10 5-10 25. CENTRALCHRISTIAN (9) Desi Duke 5, McAfee 2, Allen2, Stealey,Hannay Totals 41-11 9. H orizonChrisnan 5 1 1 2 7 — 2 5 Central Christian 4 3 2 0 — 9 Three-poingoal t s—None.

Mountain Valley League BUTTEFALLS(45) — Tamika Funk20, Weaver 7, Kirkpatrick 6,Hobbs6, Creech 6. Totals 20 5-15 45. TRINITY LUTHERAN(25) — Erin cowan 7, Carpenter6, Murphy4, E>dler 4, Sample 2, Spencer2, Clift, Dehm,Martin, Ho.Totals 10 5-15 25. ButteFalls 8 6 18 13 — 45 Trinity Lutheran 8 7 5 5 — 25

Three-poingoal t s—None.

ing to meet with David Howman, director general of the World Anti-Doping Agency, that person said. H e rman denied that Armstrong was talking to Tygart and said he was not looking to speak with Howman, either. Those with knowledge o f A r m s trong's situation did not want their names published because it would jeopardize their access to information on the matter. Armstrong hopes to compete in triathlons and running events, but those competitions are often sanctioned by organizations that adhere to the World Anti-Doping Code under which Armstrong received his lifetime ban.



the 2011 Men's A m ateur ( Tetherow) and t h e 2 0 11 Senior and S uper Senior Men's Amateur (Black Butte Ranch) to Central Oregon. With three tournaments booked in the region for 2013, including the M en's Master-40 Amateur at Brasada Ranch in May, the PNGA has already slated the 2014 Senior and Super Senior Men's Amateur for Brasada. And the PNGA is planning to turn the senior team championships — played at Sunriver Resort in 2012 — into a Central Oregon fixture. Those tournaments spent the previous26 years atthree Washington courses, including the eight years prior to 2012 at Gold Mountain Golf Club in Bremerton, Wash. "The last few years we were at Gold Mountain there w ere torrential rains a nd cold temperatures, which made for tough playing conditions, and sometimes unplayable conditions," says Crouthamel. "I was at Sunriver Resort in 2011 for the PNGA Junior Boys' Championship and it just struck me that Sunriver would be the perfect place for the Senior Team Championship. The

lodging options, dining, activities, fun and challenging golf, friendly staff, warmer t emperatures, near g u a r antee of no rain, and other things were the real selling point." The OGA certainly knows these attributes well with its long history of hosting tournaments here. This year will mark the fourth time in five years that the OGA has hosted its MidAm in Central Oregon, moving from Black Butte Ranch's Glaze Meadow course last year to Eagle Crest Resort this year. The Oregon Senior Amateur Championship is scheduled forSeptember at Brasada. Such events with o l der golfers, rather than the college-ageamateurs who dominate the Oregon Amateur, tend to be good fits for Central Oregon, says Brent Whittaker, the OGA's director of tournament operations. "The d emographics o f both of these tournaments tend to be players with the means and reasons to travel and play," Whittaker says. "It is a win-win for both us and them. We get a quality course to host a tournament on a weekend during the peak part ofthe season, and they get to advertise to a group ofprospective repeat vacationers or second-home buyers." For its part, Sunriver wants to attract those regional tournaments as long as they meet certain criteria, says Scott Ellender, Sunriver's director of resortoperations. Those standards, according to Ellender, would limit t he acceptable events t o tournaments that are played during slower times of the golf season and on midweek days, and that would have a relatively small impact on Sunriver's membership, add

What's ontap in 2013 A look at some of the golf

tournaments planned for Central Oregon in 2013, highlighted by the return to Crosswater Club in June of the PGA Professional National Championship, which will attract many of the best

club pros from around the country and will be televised live on The Golf Channel. April 26-28 — Central

Oregon Shootoutat Aspen Lakes, Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest May13-17 —PNGA Men's Master-40 Amateur at Brasada Ranch

June 10-12 — Bend Ladies Invitational at Bend Golf and Country Club June 11-13 — Oregon Open lnvitational at Juniper Golf Club June 21-23 — Mirror Pond lnvitational at Bend

Golf and Country Club June 23-26 —PGA Professional National Championship at

Sunriver's Crosswater Club and Meadows course Aug. 24-25 — Oregon Mid-Amateur

Championship at Eagle Crest's Resort and Ridge


Aug. 26-29 —AJGA

Sunriver Junior Open at Sunriver's Meadows

course Sept. 9-13 — Oregon Senior Amateur Championship at Brasada Ranch Sept. 16-18 —PNGA Men's Senior Team at

Sunriver's Meadowsand Woodlands courses Sept. 18-20 — PNGA W omen's SeniorTeam at

Sunriver's Meadowsand Woodlands courses Sept. 21-26 —Golf World Pacific Amateur

Golf Classic at various Central Oregon courses room nights to the resort, provide ancillary business such as food and beverage, expose potential new customers to the resort and add to the resort's brand awareness, particularly as a golf destination. "We look at each one of them as a business fit using all those criteria," Ellender says. "Those two t o urnaments (the AJGA event and senior team championships) meet all that criteria that we're looking for. "Through those two tournaments, we're e x posing golfers and t heir f a milies to our resort who might not otherwise know us." And Central Oregon's golf facilities are more receptive to such tournaments now than in the region's boom yearsbefore 2007, Whittaker

says. Factor in a desirable location for competitors to travel to, and Whittaker says that golfers should not e xpect such tournaments to disappear from Central Oregon's calendar anytime soon. "Right now golf courses in the area want us to come," Whittaker says. "It's easier to get them (tournaments) booked there than anywhere else right now because it benefits us and them to host these events." — Reporter: 541-617-7868, zhall@bendbulletirLcom.

GOLF SCOREBOARD The Bulletin welcomes contributions fo its weekly local golf results listings and events calendar. Clearly legible items should be faxed to the sports department, 541-385-0831,emailed to, or mailed to P.O. Box6020; Bend, OR97708.


W inter LeagueWeekFive,Jan.1-3 at Bay Hill Simulation Back NineNefBest Ball 1, Tom Mccleery/Mick Keeiiey/Dan Mccleery,30 KP — Ty Freeborn, No.14.

Calendar The Bulletin welcomes contributions to its weekly local golf events calendar. Items shouldbe mailed to P.O.Box 6020,Bend, OR 97708; faxed fo the sports department at 541-385-0831; or emailed to sponsO TOURNAMENTS Jan. 18 —Central DregonWinterSeriesevent at Kah-Nee-Ta High Desert Resort nearWarmSprings. Better-ball tournam ent beginswith an11a.m.shotgun.Two-personteamswith nomorethanoneprofessionalallowedperteam. Cost is$30for professionals,

$50 foramateurs. Costincludes grossaiid netskins competitions.Cartcostsextra.All p ayers must sign up bynoonoritheThursdaybeforetheevent.Toregister orformoreinformation, call PatHuffer, headproat Crooked Riier Ranch, at541-923-6343 or email him at crrpatOcrookedriverranch com Feb. 1 — CentralOregonWinter Seriesevent at Meadow LakesGolf Clubin Priieville. Tiiple-six tournament begins with an u a m shotgun Twopersonteamswith nomorethan oneprofessionai allowedperteam. Cost is $30for professionals, $50 foramateurs. costincludesgrossandnetskins competitions.Cartcostsextra. All playersmustsign up bynoonontheThursdaybeforetheeventTo register or for moreinformation, call Pat Huffer, headproat CrookedRiverRanch, at 541-923-6343 oi emaihi l mat Feb. 2 —SuperBowl Scrambleat MeadowLakes Golf Courseiri Prineville is atour-personscramble. Eventteesoffwith a10a.m.shotgun. Cost is$15plus greenfee.Formoreinformation orto register, callthe Meadow Lakespro shopat541-447-703. Feb. 22 —CentralOregonWinter Series event at Crooked River Ranch Aggregateshamble begins with an 0 a.m. shotgun. Two-personteamswith no morethanoneprofessional allowedperteam. Cost is $30 for protessionals$50 , tor amateurs. Cost includesgross arid netskinscompetitions Cart costsextra.All playersmust sign upbynoononthe Thursdaybeforethe event Toregister or for more intormation,call Pat Huffer, headpro at Crooked River Ranch, at 541-923-6343 or email him at crrpat@crookedriverranch com

C5 © To look upindividual stocks, goto Alsoseearecapin Sunday's Businesssection.





36 5




Saturday, January 5, 2013

Consumer credit

1 420

Economists expect that new credit data from the Federal Reserve will show Americans' appetite for debt eased in November. The Fed's report, due out Tuesday, covers how much credit

U .S.consumers took on, excluding mortgages and other loans secured by real estate. Consumer credit surged to about $14.2 billion in October. Economists forecast that it fell 26 percent in November from the previous month.

Consumer credit Seasonally adjusted monthly change in billions of dollars 15

"'"' + 1,466.47

> QQ

1,360 '

11 10



S&P 500 .



1 3 1 eo .

1 0 DA Y S

12,840 '




Close: 1 3,435.21

Change: 43.85 (0.3%)

1 0 DA Y S

13,800 13,500


13,200 1,400 12,900 1,360


1,320 . "J " ' " A.



StocksRecap Vol. (In mil.) 3,365 1,705 Pvs. Volume 3,730 1,743 Advanced 2333 1597 Declined 7 15 8 5 9 New Highs 2 91 137 New Lows 2 5

DOW DOW Trans. DOW Util. NYSE Comp. NASDAQ S&P 500 S&P 400 Wilshire 5000 Russell 2000


12,300 . "J

HIGH LOW CLOSE 13447.11 13376.23 13435.21 5539.00 5468.90 5534.06 464.81 461.53 464.62 8674.48 8606.55 8667.68 3108.44 3090.81 3101.66 1467.94 1458.99 1466.47 1056.76 1048.00 1056.07 15465.88 15361.85 15450.18 873.19 879.15 880.47



CHG. +43.85 +64.13 +3.05 +59.89 +1.09 +7.10 +7.86 +87.59 +6.55


%CHG. WK +0.33% +1.17% +0.66% +0.70% +0.04% +0.49% +0.75% +0.57% +0.75%





+2.53% +4.28% +2.54% +2.65% +2.72% +2.82% +3.49% +3.03% +3.51%





Alaska Air Group Source: FactSet Avista Corp Bank of America Barrett Business Helen of Troy's 3Q Boeing Co Investors will be listening Wednes- CascadeBancorp day for Helen of Troy's latest sales CascadeCp outlook. Columbia Sporlswear The personal care products CostcoWholesale maker, which is scheduled to report Craft Brew Alliance FLIR Systems fiscal third-quarter results, lowered Hewlett Packard its full-year earnings forecast in Home Federal BucpID October, saying the retail sales Intel Corp environment was likely to remain Keycorp challenging. The maker of Revlon, Kroger Co Vidal Sassoon hair products and Lattice Semi other items saw its earnings fall in LA Pacific the June-to-August quarter amid MDU Resources

higher spending on advertising and other costs.





' $7



StoryStocks The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose Friday to its highest level since December 2007, the beginning of the Great Recession. The Labor Department said that employers added 155,000 jobs in December, which investors found encouraging. The job growth was equal to economists' expectations, and it kept the unemployment rate steady at 7.8 percent. Friday's gain capped the best week for the S&P 500 since December 2011. Much of the gain came from relief that the economy was able to skirt the dreaded fiscal cliff. Politicians agreed to prevent tax rates from increasing for most Americans and to delay sharp cuts in government spending. LLY Finish Line FINL Close:$51.56 L1.84 or 3.7% Close: $17.46V-1.58 or -8.3% The Indianapolis based drugmaker The athletic footwear and clothing said that it expects its 2013 earncompany reported a loss for its fisings will grow more than Wall Street cal third quarter and it cut its fullanalysts have expected. year earnings forecast. $55$22

ALK 31.29 — 0 45.15 45 . 38 + . 6 2 t 1 . 4 L L A VA 22.78 ~ 28.05 24.6 7 +. 1 2 +0 .5 L L BAC 5 . 62 — 0 12.15 12 .11 +.15 +1.3 L L BBSI 15.68 — 0 39.49 39 .83 + 94 +24 L L BA 66. 8 2 — 0 77.98 77 .69 +.22 +0.3 L L CACB 4.12 7.00 6 .6 9 + 17 +2 6 L L CASC 42.86 — 0 65.45 64 .53 +.07 + 0.1 L w COLM 43.26 58.47 53 .40 -.05 -0.1 L V COST 78.81 105.97 102.16 33 -0.3 L L BREW 5.62 8.92 6 .8 2 08 - 1 2 L L FLIR 17.99 27.06 23 .62 24 -10 L L HPQ 11.35 30.00 15 .14 L HOME 8.67 — 0 13.59 13 .61 +.40 +3.0 L L INTC 19.23 29.27 21 .16 -.16 -0.8 L L K EY 6 . 80 — 0 9.12 8.9 5 +.1 1 + 1.2 L L K R 2 0 .9 8 ~ 27.11 26.4 6 +.0 7 +0 .3 L V LSCC 3. 17 ~ 7.12 4.17 +.06 t 1. 5 L L L PX 7 , 66 — 0 20,30 20 .45 + . 3 8 +1,9 L L ty MDU 19 . 59 23.21 21 .77 +. 1 1 +0.5 L L





N D 52-wcek range $$$.3$~ $$$$ $

L t 5.3 +21. 1 604 11 L +2.3 +0.5 183 17 1.1 6 L +4.3 +10 6.9125057 32 0 . 0 4 L +4 6 +86 7 1 14 36 0 52 f L +3.1 +6.8 33 5 0 1 4 1 . 94f L + 69 + 47 2 12 dd L +0.4 + 35. 4 45 1 4 1.40 L +0.1 +18. 4 17 0 19 0.8 8 L + 3.5 +30. 7 1 9 66 2 5 1 .10a L +5 2 +8 8 16 52 L +5 8 - 53 8 5 4 1 7 02 8 L +6.2 -41.2 21871 dd 0 .53 L +9.5 +27. 0 31 68 0.2 4 a L +2.6 - 9.6 29582 9 0 . 90 L +6.3 +16. 1 20817 10 0 . 2 0 L +1.7 +9.6 35 2 6 2 2 0. 6 0f L t 4.5 - 33.1 82 1 1 5 L +5,8 +14 3,6 1 916 d d L +2.5 +3.8 722 34 0. 6 9f


N 52-week range

$17,0$ ~



Vold13.6m (1.6x avg.) P E: 1 4 .0 Vol36.9m (8.4x avg.) P E: 10 . 7 Mkt. Cap:$59.83 b Yiel d : 3. 8% Mkt. Cap:$887.56 m Yi e ld: 1.4%








Eli Lilly

NorthwestStocks J


Dow Jones industrials

Close : 1,466.47 Change: 7.10 (0.5%)



+ -.01 '

+7 io

CSTR Close:$50.10 V-1.95 or -3.7%

The company, which operates Redbox DVD rental kiosks and coincounting machines, said its CEO Paul Davis will retire March 31. $55

Lululemon LULU Close:$71.95 V-3.14 or -4.2% Citing slowing momentum, a Credit Suisse analyst downgraded the yoga retailer's stock and lowered its price target $6, to $80. $80






N 52-week range

$40.5$ ~ Vol33.5m (3.2x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$1.51 b



N 52-wcek range

$71.82 $5024 ~ P E: 10 . 2 Vol3 6.1m (3.2x avg.) Yield:... Mkt. Cap:$8.04 b


SCTY Close:$14.40 %1.38 or 10.6% The San Mateo, Calif.-based solar company said that it expects rooftop solar installations to climb 60 percent in fiscal 2013. $16

D $$1.09 PE: 44.7

Yield: ...


ARAY Close:$5.41 V-1.37 or -20.2% The radiation oncology equipment company announcedplans to cut13 percent of its staff and it also report-

ed weak sales. $8

Mentor Graphics ME N T 12.85 ~ 17.50 16 . 9 2 ... ... L L v - 0.6 +24.7 5 4 0 1 4 14 Microsoft Corp MSFT 26.26 32.95 26 .74 -.51 -1.9 L L L +0.1 +4.9 5 1 117 1 4 0. 9 2 12 Nike Iuc 8 NKE 42.55 57.41 52 .88 +.51 +1.0 L L L +2.5 +9.7 33 6 2 2 2 0. 8 4f Nordstrom Iuc JWN 46.27 58.44 54 .73 54 -1.0 L L + 2 3 +13 3 2 7 60 1 7 1 0 8 0 N D 0 N D Nwst Nat Gas NWN 41.01 50.80 45 .45 +.71 $-1.6 +2.8 -2.9 15 8 2 0 1 .82f 52-week range 52-week range OfficeMax Iuc OMX 4.10 10.62 10 .02 +.42 +4.4 L L L + 2.7 +97. 1 1 2 65 2 0.08 $1$.u ~ $1$.2$ $4.$0~ $$.07 PaccarIuc PCAR 35.21 48.22 46 .80 +.47 +1.0 L L L + 3.5 +23. 5 1 8 28 1 4 0 .80a Vold1.5m (11.4x avg.) PE: 1 7 . 6 Vold11.4m (17.2x avg.) P E: . . . Planar Systms PLNR 1.12 2.60 1 .4 9 +.03 +2.0 L L L +4.1 -26.3 2 0 dd Mkt. Cap:$1.05 b Yield: ... Mkt. Cap:$390.9 m Yield: ... Plum Creek PCL 35.43 45.73 45 .99 +.48 +1.1 L L L + 3.7 +28. 0 53 6 4 0 1.6 8 Prec Castparts PCP 150.53 193.95 191.52 47 -0.2 L L L +1.1 +13. 8 7 07 21 0.1 2 Silicon Image SIMG Progress Software PRGS Safeway Iuc SWY 14.73 23.16 18 .30 04 -0.2 L L L +1.2 - 11.6 5595 9 0. 7 0 Close: $4.60 V-O.56 or -10.9% Close:$22.02 %1.13 or 5.4% Schuitzer Steel SCHN 22.78 rr— 47. 4 5 31 . 68 + . 4 3 +1 .4 L L L +4.5 - 28.6 232 3 2 0 . 75 The maker of parts for high-definiThe maker of software that simpliSherwin Wms SHW 90,21 — 0 15 9 ,80158.80 +3.66 +2,4 L L L +3,2 +72, 2 1 0 92 2 9 1, 5 6 tion displays for gadgets cut its fies management of cloud-based typlafforms forecast flat revenue for Staucorp Fucl SFG 28.74 41.99 38 . 19 + . 3 0 +0 .8 L L L +4.1 +3.9 114 12 0. 9 3 f fourth-quarter revenue forecast to its fiscal first quarter. StarbucksCp SBUX 43.04 ~ 62.00 55. 6 9 +. 3 2 +0.6 L L L +3.8 +23 . 9 5 4 34 3 1 0 .84f below Wall Street expectations. Wholesale inventories $5.5 $25 Triquiut Semi TQNT 4.30 7.26 5 . 2 2 + . 0 3 +0.6 L L L +8.1 + 2.8 22 2 8 d d Wholesalecompanies have been Umpqua Holdings UM P Q 11.17 13.88 12 .57 +. 1 1 +0.9 L L L +6.6 +0.9 432 15 0.3 6 5.0 20 increasing their stockpiles in recent US Baucorp USB 27.21 35.46 33 .22 + . 7 1 +2.2 L L L +4.0 +20. 7 11326 12 0 . 7 8 4.5 months in response to solid sales Washington Fedl W A F D 14.22 18.42 17 .05 + . 03 +0.2 L L L +1.1 +19. 9 36 4 13 0.3 2 WellsFargo& Co WF C 2 7.94 36.60 34 . 94 + . 1 8 +0 .5 L L L +2.2 + 25. 4 3 0782 11 0 . 8 8 gains. 0 N D 0 N D 52-week range 52-week range West CoastBcpOR WCBO 15,33 — o 23.00 22 .89 +. 2 0 +0.9 L L L +3.3 +42. 5 92 14 0.20 When businesses order more $$.53~ $$.2$ $17,$0~ $24,7$ Weyerhaeuser WY 1 8 .50 — o 29.38 29 .39 + . 24 +0.8 L L L + 5.6 +55. 9 3 5 95 5 1 0 . 68f goods, it generally leads to more DividendFootnotes: a -Extra dividends werepaid, but are not included. b - Annual rate plus stock c - Liquidating dividend. e - Amountdeclared or paid in last t2 months. f - Current Vold4.5m (5.5x avg.) PE: . Vold1.3m (2.2x avg.) P E: 56 . 5 factory production, which helps annual rate, wtt>chwas mcreased by most recent diudend announcement. i - Sum ot dividends pud after stock split, no regular rate. l - Sum of duidends pud tus year. Most recent Mkt. Cap:$378.43 m Ye i ld: . Mkt. Cap:$1.41 b Yield:... economic growth. Wholesale duuend was omitted or deferred k - Declared or pud tus year, a cumulative issue with dividends marrears. m - Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p - imtiai dividend, annual rate not known, yuld not shown. r - Declared or paid in precedmg t2 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, apprcumate cash companies increased their AP SOURCE: Sungard value on ex-distribution date.PE Footnotes:q - Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc - P/E exceeds 99. dd - Loss in last t2 months stockpiles in September by the most in nine months. They followed that Gap is adding a luxury division to Intermix merchandising team. InterestRates NET 1YR up with a modest increase in its brand lineup with the purchase Jaffe maintained a "Buy" rating TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO OTR AGO October. The Commerce Departof women's clothing boutique and $40 price target. ment reports November figures on Intermix. Jefferies analyst Randal Konik 3-month T-bill . 06 .07 -0.01 L W W .02 Thursday. also likes the lntermix deal, calling 6-month T-bill . 11 .11 ... L W W .04 COmpnny The retailer the company a "fashion leader." 52-wk T-bill .13 .13 ... ~ W V .09 Wholesale inventories $ totlight S i yht bo gi t million tl e ci on ain The analyst said that Intermix's for u $130 2 -year T-note . 2 7 .27 ... L L L .26 Seasonally adjusted monthly Monday. Intermix runs 32 stores in relationships with top designers The yield on the 5-year T-note . 8 1 .82 -0.01 L L L .88 percentage change the U.S. and Canada and a like Herve Leger and Yves Saint 10-year 10-year T-itote 1.90 1.91 -0.01 L L L 2.00 website. Laurent can help Gap and its Treasury note 30-year T-bond 3.10 3.11 -0.01 L L L 3.06 1.0'o In a client note, Richard Jaffe of existing brands. fell to 1.90 percent Friday. Stifel Nicolaus said that the buyout Konik said that Gap is still one est. Yields affect NET 1YR will give Gap access to high-end of his top picks, and he reaffirmed 4.1 BONDS YEST PVS CHG WK Mo OTR AGO a "Etuy" rating and $50 price target interest rates on fashion brands as well as the

Gap goes u scale

consumer loans.



Friday's close: $32.10

Price-earnings ratio (Based on past 12 months' results):16 *: 17% 5 -Y R*: 11% 3-YR


T otal return this year: 3%






Source. FactSet

Facebook n FordM Microsoft iShEMkts SprintNex AlcatelLuc Citigroup

981138 897371 717781 539556 511166 488798 478987 468998 450775

146.37 + . 64 3.10 + . 02 28.76 + . 99 13.57 + . 11 26.74 -.51 44.99 + . 09 5.92 + . 10 1.64 + .18 42.43 +1.04

Gainers NAME LAST JPM2x1 OyT 30.01 EagleBu rs 2.26 DryShips 2.17 UitiPixel 16.95 Gevo 2.18 ParagSh rs 3.00 GoodTme 2.82 DblEgl 4.58 Phazar 2.09 ChinaBio 17.49

CHG %CHG +10.10 +.46 +.44 +2.85 +.36 +.44 +.40 t .59 +.26 +2.10

+ 5 0 .7 + 2 5.6 + 2 5 .4 + 2 0 .2 + 1 9 .8 + 1 7 .2 + 1 6 .5 +1 4 . 8 + 1 4 .2 + 1 3.6

Losers NAME

Accuray EmmisC pf Silicolmg MGC Diag iShEMEgy

LAST 5.41 11.99 4.60 5.80 44.83

CHG %CHG -1.37 -20.2 -1.93 -13.8 —.56 -10.9 -.66 -10.2 -5.09 -10.2

Foreign Markets LAST CHG %CHG + 8.85 + . 2 4 3,730.02 London 6,089.84 + 42.50 + . 7 0 Frankfurt + 19.93 + . 2 6 7,776.37 Hong Kong 23,331.09 -67.51 -.29 Mexico 44,561.61 + 190.97 + . 4 3 Milan 16,959.78 + 49.95 + . 30 Tokyo 10,688.11 +292.93 +2.82 Stockholm 1,136.77 + 6.37 + . 5 6 Sydney -18.55 -.39 4,742.87 Zurich 7,058.92 + 38.46 + . 55 NAME Paris

Total returns through Jan. 3


PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK N AV CHG YTD 1Y R 3 Y R 5YR 1 3 5 American Funds BalA m 20.78 +.08 +1.9 +14.7 +10.5 +47 A A A BoitdA m 12.91 -0.3 + 5.7 + 6.4 + 39 D C E CaplitcBuA m 53 .47 +.16 +1.3 +13.0 +7.7 + 1.6 8 8 C CpWldGrlA m 37.87 +.13 +1.8 +1 9.5 +5.8 + 01 8 D C EurPacGrA m 41.71 +.01 +1.2 +1 8.4 +3.6 - 07 8 C A FitlnvA m 41.8 4 + .20 +2.6 +1 8.0 +9.7 + 21 8 C C Matthews Asian India d MINDX GrthAmA m 35. 26 +.16 t2.6 +21.2 +9.1 + 22 A C C IitcAmerA m 18 . 33 +.05 +1.5 +13.0 +10.0 + 40 C A B VALUE BL EN D GR OWTH IttvCoAmA m 30 .98 +.14 +2.7 +16.7 +8.4 + 20 C D C NewPerspA m 31.91 +.16 +2.1 +21.1 +8.0 + 23 A 8 A WAMutlnvA m 32.02 +.17 +2.6 +13.8 +11.4 + 29 D A B Dodge 8 Cox Inco me 13.85 +.01 -0.1 + 7 .9 + 6.5 +6.9 8 C 8 ItttlStk 35.22 +.08 + 1 .7 + 20.6 +4.6 -0.9 A 8 A Stock 125.82 +.85 + 3 .2 + 23.3 +10.4 +1.2 A 8 D Fidelity Contra 79.60 +.28 + 2 .6 + 17.6 +11.2 +3.2 B 8 8 GrowCo 95.95 +.29 + 2 .8 + 20.0 +13.3 +5.0 A A A LowPriStk d 40 . 21 +.18 + 1 .8 + 19.0 +12.7 +6.2 C 8 A FrankTemp-Fraukliulncome A m 2.2 7 +.01 +1 .9 +14.6 +10.0 +5.1 A A 8 «C $$ RisDivA m 17.9 2 +.12 +3 .0 + 14.1 +9.8 +2.5 D C C Oppeuheimer RisDivB m 16.2 5 +.11 + 3 .0 + 13.1 +8.8 +1.6 E D D «C RisDivC m 16.1 7 +.11 + 3 .0 + 13.3 +9.0 +1.8 E D C $o SmMidValA m 33.46 +.37 +3.2 +11.9 +7.3 -0.8 E E E Mornlrtgstar OwnershipZone™ SmMidVal8 m 28.26 +.31 + 3 .3 + 11.0 +6.4 -1.6 E E E e Fund target represents weighted O PIMCO TotRetA m 1 1.2 0 . .. -0.3 + 9 .6 + 7.1 +7.5 A 8 A average of stock holdings Eq t ylnc 27.24 +.19 + 3 .0 + 18.9 +10.8 +3.0 A 8 8 • Represents 75% of futtd's stock holdings T Rowe Price GrowStk 38.78 + .10 + 2 .6 + 20.1 +11.7 +4.0 A A 8 CATEGORY India Equity HealthSci 42.6 5 + .26 +3 .5 + 35.8 +20.2+11.0 A A A MORNINGSTAR Vanguard 500Adml 135.11 +.65 +2.8 +17.4 t11.3 t3.1 8 A 8 RATING™ * ** * f r 500lnv 135.11 +.65 +2.8 +17.3 t11.2 $2.9 8 A B ASSETS $607 million CapOp 34.56 +.21 +2.8 +20.1 +7.9 +3.8 A D 8 Eqlnc 24.76 +.11 t2.5 +14.9 t13.4 t4.3 D A A EXP RATIO 1.18% GNMAAdml 10.91 0.0 t2.4 +5.7 +5.8 C A A MANAGER Sharat Shroff MulntAdml 14.36 -.01 -0.1 +5.6 +5.8 +5.3 8 8 8 SINCE 2006-06-26 STGradeAd 10.83 +.01 0.0 +4.6 +3.9 +4.0 8 8 8 RETURNS3-MO -2.6 StratgcEq 22.11 +.17 +3.1 +21.5 +13.9 +4.2 A A C YTD -0.1 Tgtet2025 13.83 +.06 +1.8 +13.9 +8.8 +3.3 C 8 8 1-YR +27.6 -0.4 +4.0 +5.9 +5.6 E D C TotBdAdml 11.04 3-YR ANNL +2.6 Totlntl 15.23 +.08 $-1.7 +17.2 +3.6 -2.2 C C 8 5-YR-ANNL -3.9 TotStlAdm 36.71 +.20 +3.0 +18.1 +11.8 +3.7 8 A A TotStldx 36.70 +.20 +3.0 +18.0 +11.7 +3.6 8 A A TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT USGro 21.85 +.09 +2.8 +20.2 +9.9 t3.3 A C B Exide Industries Ltd. 5.39 Welltn 34.45 +.17 +1.8 +13.3 +9.3 t4.9 8 A A Emami Ltd. 4.74 WelltnAdm 59.51 +.30 +1.8 +13.4 +9.4 +5.0 8 A A Asian Paints Ltd. 4.3 Fund Footnotes. b - ree covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d - Deferred sales charge, or redemption Dabur India Ltd. 3.96 fee. f - front load (saies charges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually a marketing feeand either asales or Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 3.96 redemption fee. Source: Morningstar.

Indian stock funds were the top-performing international fund category of 2012, and this fund Most Active posted a strong return. It also VOL (Ogs) LAST CHG possesses the top 3- and 5-year 12.11 + . 15 records in this small category. 1250574

Marketsummary NAME BkofAm S&P500ETF SiriusXM


Barclays LoogT-Bdldx 2.70 2.69 +0.01 L L Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.10 4.10 . . . L $18 ~ ~ ~ ~ 38 Barclays USAggregate 1.82 1.79 +0.03 L L PRIME FED B arclays US High Yield 5.90 5.96 -0.06 w w 10- Y R*: 9% D ivid e n d: $0.50 D i v. yield: 1.5% RATE FUNDS Moodys AAACorp Idx 3.81 3.77 $0.04 L L *Annuallzed SOURCES: Morningstar; FactSet YEST 3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.09 1.07 +0.02 L L 6 MO AGO 3.25 .13 Barclays USCorp 2 .76 2.74 +0.02 L L 1 YR AGO3.25 .13 SelectedMutualFunds 52-WEEK RANGE



Commodities The wholesale price of gasoline fell after the government said the amount of supplies in inventory is well above average. When a commodity's supply is high, its price tends to fall.

Foreign Exchange The dollar rose to its highest level against the Japanese yen since July 2010. Investors expect Japan's new prime minister to push policies that will weaken the yen.

h5N4 QG

L W L w L L -

2.58 4.84 2.28 8.1 0 3.89 1.08 3.80

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD Crude Oil (bbl) 93.09 92.92 + 0.18 + 1 . 4 -0.9 Ethanol (gal) 2.17 2.18 Heating Oil (gal) 3.02 3.03 -0.24 -0.9 -1.9 Natural Gas (mm btu) 3.29 3.20 +2.78 Unleaded Gas(gal) 2.76 2.80 -1.19 -1.7 FUELS


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. 1648.10 1673.70 29.90 30.67 1555.20 1576.70 3.68 3.70 687.80 696.45

%CH. %YTD -1.53 -1.6 -2.53 -0.9 - 1.36 + 1.1 - 0.62 + 1 . 0 -1.24 -2.1

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.33 1.34 - 0.67 + 2 . 4 1.47 1.47 + 0.58 + 2 . 5 -2.6 Corn (bu) 6.80 6.89 -1.31 -0.1 Cotton (Ib) 0.75 0.75 -0.45 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 369.40 370.40 -0.27 -1.2 -3.0 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.13 1.11 +1.35 -2.1 Soybeans (bu) 13.89 14.03 -1.00 Wheat(bu) 7.47 -4.0 7.56 -1.09 AGRICULTURE

Cattle (Ib) Coffee (Ib)

1YR. MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.6064 —.0043 —.27% 1.5612 Canadian Dollar .9869 —.0005 —.05% 1.0133 USD per Euro 1.3072 +.0010 +.08% 1 .2938 Japanese Yen 8 8.13 + . 9 5+1.08% 7 6 . 75 Mexican Peso 12. 7 515 —.0211 -.17% 13.6729 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.7795 +.0205 +.54% 3.8518 Norwegian Krone 5.6148 +.0347 +.62% 5.9438 South African Rand 8.5552 —.0203 —.24% 8.1350 6.5445 +.0182 +.28% 6.8335 Swedish Krona Swiss Franc .9250 —.0010 —.11% .9420 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar .9546 + .0002 +.02% .9 6 47 Chinese Yuan 6.2316 -.0019 -.03% 6.2990 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7507 -.0002 -.00% 7.7677 Indian Rupee 54.975 +.490 +.89% 5 2.978 Singapore Dollar 1.2276 +.0028 +.23% 1 .2875 South Korean Won 1063.07 -.80 -.08% 1147.60 Taiwan Dollar 29.03 + .02 +.07% 30 . 32




ro er inoaccessma c an e

Bend educational toy store to close Kids World, the Bend store that sells educa-

tional toys and supplies, will be closing, its owners said.

By Rachael Rees The Bulletin

with her husband, Tim, for five years. But the Hewitts will likely shut the doors when they complete their store-

Deschutes County commissionersare scheduled to discuss on Wednesday whether to create a two-tiered system for the public to access propertyrelated information through the county's website. For the past decade, the county has offered several programs for accessing property information, each operated by different departments. But now, officials want to consolidate them into one comprehensive application, which led to

closing sale, which began Wednesday,she

The proposal would create a

The store, located

near Shopko at Northeast Bend River Mall Drive and Northeast

Third Street, has noofficial closing date, said Lori Hewitt, who has

owned the store along

the proposed policy.

public-access version open to anyone that would not allow searchesofindividual properties by the owners' names, accordingtoa memo tocommissioners. The public version also would not allow online searches of property sales deeds and related information recorded by the Deschutes County Clerk's Office. A professional version for registered users would allow searches by name and provide more information than would be available through the public version, according to the memo, dated Wednesday. To access the professional version,

usersmust complete a free online registration process. Currently, most of the information is available without a registration. The new policy would achieve "an appropriate balance betweenthe requirements for access to property related information with the privacy needs for individual citizens," according to the memo. Bob Hass, GIS program developer and coordinator for Deschutes County, said DIAL, which providesproperty sales, tax and valuation information, has been enhanced over time to include additional content.

If yougo What:Deschutes County

Commission work session When:1:30 p.m.

Wednesday Where:Deschutes Services Center, 1300 N.W. Wall St., Bend Contact:541-388-6572 He also noted that land information tools beyond DIAL exist that offer access to customizable maps and aerial

photography. There's essentially never

been a policy on the content, he said. The concept behind a new policy is to help create a framework for the new application, which could launch as early as the end of the month. Scot Langton, Deschutes County Assessor, said when the application launches, it will createa need fora framework to address citizens' wishes or legislative changes. "There's no problem we're trying to address. We're trying to look to the future so there's consistency," he said. "This is more proactive than reactive." — Reporter:541-617-7818,


"We have otherjobs,

and we have a family and something had to


give," she said.

ium s ora ein

New restaurants to opendowntown Three newrestaurants are expected to move into vacant spacesin downtown Bend,accord-

Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram

ing to a real estate broker and a downtown official.

Francey Freeman has seen the cost of doing business go

Local investors who created the Bend Diner

Company havesigned a lease for the former El Jimador Mexican Restaurant at Northwest Wall Street and Northwest Franklin Avenue, said Darren Powderly,

president of Compass Commercial Real Estate Services. While the

restaurant doesnot have a name, it's expected

to combine upscale diner fare with menu items found in a French

brasserie, according to a news release. It's expected to open in the

spring. Operators of another restaurant are in final

negotiations to openin the first quarter in the former Wall Street location that housed Amalia's

Mexican Restaurant, which closed, said Chuck Arnold, executive director of the Downtown

Bend BusinessAssociation. He said he could not

release thename. Powderly also saidhe expects to have adeal completed next week for a new restaurant in the Firehall Building at

Northwest Minnesota Avenue and Northwest Lava Road. — From staff reports

By Anna M. Tinsley

e air next trick? Francey Freeman stands in her shop, Balloons Fantastique, in Fort Worth, Texas. The increase in the price of helium has affected her business. In addition to filling balloons, the gas has medical and industrial



Prices for buying helium to fill balloons and rental tanks at her Balloons Fantastique in Fort Worth have dramatically increased in the past year, because of a worldwide shortage of the lighter-than-

air gas. "Prices have quadrupled," said Freeman, who owns Balloons Fantastique. "And the price just went up again a couple of weeks ago. "The more prices go up, the less people are able to get it. Thank goodness I can still get it," she said. "I don't know what I would do if they told me one day I couldn't get any more." Freeman is among the many florists and balloonists nationwide finding it harder to do business because the supply of helium — a tasteless, odorless, colorless gas that inflates balloons and cools MRI machines — is not just getting more costly, but also harder to find. Texas is home to the country's only Federal Helium Reserve, a site outside Amarillo where more than one-third of the world's helium supply isproduced, and the federal government has worked for years to deplete that supply. Congress more than 15 years ago created a law requiring reserve officials to sell off their helium — there-

4I;«~, =

uses. Khampha

Bouaphanh/ Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram

fore privatizing the helium industry — by 2015. Now a handful of congressional leaders are trying to prevent the reserve from depleting its helium supply and closing its doors. But at a time when congressional leaders are more focused on things like avoiding the "fiscal cliff" and preventing Bush-era tax cuts from expiring, preventing the helium shortage from getting worse may not be a top priority. "We cannot let our national helium supply float away," said U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. Although it's the secondmost abundant element in the universe, helium is run-

ning out. The bulk of the world's helium supply — which also is used in medical scanners, LCD screens, welding, electronics, metals, fiber optics, high-tech computer chips, aerospace and researchis created through natural radioactive decay and can't be artificially created. Federal officials created a federal helium program in 1925 to make sure they had adequate supplies of the

gas for medicinal purposes, research and defense. Although various sites throughout the state supplied helium through the years, the remaining site-

an underground geological formation that stores crude

helium — is about 15 miles northwest of Amarillo. Workers thereretrieve helium and pump it to customersconnected to a nearly 450-mile pipeline that stretches from the Texas Panhandle through Oklahoma and to Kansas. "Helium is the secondmost abundant element in the universe, but here on Earth, it's rather rare," said Dr. Peter Wothers, a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a University of Cambridge chemist, who recently warned that the end of helium may be near. "Most people guess that we extract helium from the air, but actually, we dig it out of the ground."

Wearable computers By Salvador Rodriguez Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — Apple's next big venture could be wearable technology, starting with a "smart watch." In anote released Wednesday, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said he expects Apple to jump into the wearable tech market sometime in 2014 or beyond. "We believe that wearable computers will ultimately be a major future trend," the note said. "Longer term (over the next 10-plus years), wearable computers could eventually replace the iPhone and smartphones in general." Munster's predictions come after rumors last week that the Cupertino, Calif., tech giant is working with Intel on a Bluetooth watch that would work with the iPhone. Besides wearable tech, Munster also had other Apple predictions. He said he expects Apple to start selling a TV in time for the next holiday shopping season, priced between $1,500 and $2,000. The model would have a screen measuring between 42 and 55 inches and include Apple's Siri and FaceTime features and a TV app store.

BEST OF THE BIZ CALENDAR SUNDAY • Know Money, RealLife Buried Treasure: Gold prospecting talk including metal detector and gold panning instruction; 2 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 N.W. Wall St.; 541-617-7080. • Know Money, Stretching Your Food Dollars: Learn howto work within yourfood budgetto create healthy meals; 2 p.m.; Sisters Public Library, 110 N.Cedar Sl.; 541-3 l2-1070. MONDAY • Oregon alcohol server permit training: Meets the minimum requirements by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to obtain an alcohol server permit; registration required; $35; 9 a.m.; RoundTable Pizza, 1552 N.E. Third St., Bend; 541-447-6384 or www. TUESDAY • Worried about making house payments?: Workshop provided by HomeSource of Neighborlmpact helps you learn about options for house payments; reservations required; 5:30-7:30 p.m.; Redmond Area Parkand Recreation District, Activity Center, 2441 S.W.Canal Street; 541-323-6567 or www.

For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday's Bulletin or visit bendbulletin.comlbizoal

Actor buys Nll s Coffee chain New York Times News Service He only plays a doctor on TV. But Patrick Dempsey is about to become a real-life coffee magnate. The actor, best known for playing Dr. Derek Shepherd, the heartthrob nicknamed "McDreamy" on "Grey's Anatomy," said Friday that he had prevailed in an auction of Tully's Coffee, a bankrupt coffee chain based in Seattle. His company, Global Baristas, agreed to pay $9.15 million for the small coffee shop

chain. The total consideration, including noncash adjustments is closer to $10 million, Tully's chief executive, Scott Pearson, said in an interview Friday. Dempsey topped a number of competitors, including the 800-pound gorilla in the coffee world, Starbucks. The 46-year-old actor was only too happy to crow about that in a Twitter post late Thursday. The bid is a bit of a sidestep for Dempsey, whose "Grey's Anatomy" character is a top

surgeon at a fictional Seattle

hospital. (The show is largely filmed on a studio lot in the Los Angeles area.) While a race car enthusiast, the coffee bid appears to be his first major entrepreneurial undertaking. And Tully's makes for an unusual target. Founded in 1992, the company filed for Chapter 11 protection in October,suffering from a number of expensive leases that it has been otherwise unable to shed.

Mike Siegel I The Seattle Times

Actor Patrick Dempsey meets the staff at a Tully's Coffee in Seattle on Friday. Dempsey's investment group has won the bid to purchase Tully's Coffee.

PEOPLE • Rena Ben-

j oined B end P remier Re a l Estate. H o vermale is a principal broker and Bennetholds a GRI and Dellwo rical Company. a Green RealBennett-Dellwo tor Des i g n ais the owner of tion. Stoner is a R BD Ins t r u broker and has ments and has owned two busibeen i n v olved n esses i n t h e with CTC since Sunriver area. • Kris Rees of Hovermale 2005. Rees • Kathy HoverColdwell Banker male and Marilyn Stoner have Mayfield Realty in Redmond ~j

nett-Dellwo has been ele c ted to the board of governors of Cascades Theat- Stoner

tives within the • Peggy Kimcompany. Conball of John L . nelly has more Scott Real Es• Cec Declerck t han 3 0 y e a r s tate in Redmond of Cold w e l l of e x p e rience was t h e top DeClerck B anker M ay - Connelly i n th e I T f i e l d Strome sales agent for f ield Realty i n and was previDecember. • Redmond was the top listing ously senior vice president of Christine agent for December. Visa Corporation. Connelly Browning h as • John Connellyhas joined was also responsible for the opened the first The Gold Card Network Inc., launch of the Interlink debit H om e S m a r t h eadquartered in B end, as card. Central R ealty chief technology officer. He • Bobbie Strome of John L. Kimball brokerage firm will be responsible for all asScott Real Estate in Redmond in Oregon. It's pects of developing and im- was the top listing agent for l ocated at 5 5 0 plementing technology initia- December. S.W. Industrial Way in Bend. was the top selli ng a gent f o r December.

IN THE BACI4: ADVICE E.ENTERTAINMENT > Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer Search, D2 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2013



Bend event fetes Robert Burns A celebration in honor of the man widely known

as Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, is

coming up onJan.12, filled with poetry, music

and evenhaggis. The Robert Burns Supper is set for 4:30 p.m. at the Bend Elks Lodge, 63120 Boyd

Acres Road. The event will include music by the band A Scottish Heart, bag-

pipes, singing, dancing, poetry readings and a silent auction. Dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. and festivities will

go from 6 to 9 p.m. The High Desert Celtic Society is putting

on the event in honor of the 254th anniversary of Burns' birth.

Tickets are $29 per person and the deadline to register is 7 tonight.

Dinner options are prime rib or chicken breast. Contact:, high or 541-322-6981.

Photos by Joe Kline /The Bulletin

Youth Pastor Bryon Mengle welcomes the congregation to start a service at Foundry Church in Bend last Sunday.

Health care is topic in Redmond Health Carefor All Oregon will present "Sick 8 Tired of Being Sick 8 Tired" from 5:50 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Redmond Public Library, 827 S.W. Deschutes Ave. The event is a discus-

sion about"the ills of our health care system, how you can help to heal it,

and what drives the current campaign to bring health care justice to all

• Although it dropped 'Baptist' from its name,Bend's FoundryChurchkeepswelcoming worshippers

Oregonians," according to a press release

By Alandra Johnson • The Bulletin

from Health Care for

astor Bryon Mengle has noticed a few new

All Oregon, anonprofit group working to bring single-payer, universal health care to Oregon

faces in the pews of his church in the past few months. He credits the small influx to the

and beyond. It hopes to see a bill addressing the

church's name change.

issue in the 2013Oregon Legislature. Contact: Mary Clark, 541-923-9738, www.

In October, First Baptist Church in downtown Bend be-

came Foundry Church.

Food preservation class comingup

Mengle thinks a simple thing like eliminating a the word Baptist "took down a perceived barrier" that changed people's minds about the 108-year-old church. People may find the name Foundry appealing, as it is the name of a place where metal is melted and formed into something new. People have told Mengle they were intrigued by the name or had heard about the name change and wanted to check it out. "There's excitement about it," said Mengle. Lead teaching elder Syd Brestel, who has been the leader of the church for more than 20 years, had been thinking about changing

Oregon State University Extension Service

will offer an online food-preservation class beginning Jan. 17. The

six-week course, titled Preserve©Home, will teach individuals how to

safely preserve avariety of food products. Each lesson includes downloadable text, an online bulletin board to promote participant

discussion, and a weekly online chat to interact with classmates

and instructors. Topics include canning basics, freezing and drying, as well as foodborne illness and spoilage. A hands-on lab segment of the class will be March 2atthe OSU Extension office in

Redmond, andwill cover how to can and dehydrate food.

The course is $50 plus supplemental material fees. The deadline

to register is Thursday. Class size is limited. Contact: www.exten deschutes/food-preser vation or 541-548-6088.

Contact us • Community events: Email event information to events©bend or click on "Submit an Event" at Allow at least10 days

before the desired date of publication. Contact: 541-383-0351. — From staff reports

the church's name since the early 1990s. He and some of the church elders felt the name Baptist could be holding some people back from visiting the church. Many young people, he pointed out, are also not loyal to a denomination. The change didn't remove anything elemental to the church, he said. The church was — and still is — associated with the Northwest Conservative Baptist Association and its leadership structure and doctrine remain unchanged. "You can't remove Jesus and the cross," said Brestel. "The name is not essential. We want to be known as followers of Christ, not Baptist." See Foundry/D5

Irt '

-' gl

Mildred Denny, 94, of Bend, and Ariana Begay, 14, of Redmond, open the doors and greet churchgoers at Foundry Church in Bend.

DeWolf returns with new book Runner JohannaOlson succumbsto brain tumor

By David Jasper The Bulletin

Four yearsafter hisfirstbook, Bend writer Thomas Norman DeWolf has co-authored a second: "Gather at the Table: The Healing Journey ofa Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade," with Sharon Leslie Morgan, a marketing consultant and genealogist from New York. The two will read from their book at both Paulina Springs Books locations later this

week (see "If you go"). Locals may better recall him from his political days as Tom DeWolf. He served on the Bend City Council from 1993 to 1996 and the Deschutes County Commission from 1998 to 2005. DeWolf resigned from the commission after he was accused of touching two women without their consent. The authorities did not pursue criminal charges against him, but DeWolf would later call the period, "the most

difficult, shaming, embarrassing, challenging time of my life." However, it also gave him time to reflect on the past — his own and his family's. SeeBook/D5

Johanna Olson, 33, a seventime All-American cross country runner who twice competed in the Olympic trials, died Thursday in Bend surrounded by family and friends. The Bend resident Submitted photo

Sharon Lesli e Morgan and Thomas Norman DeWolf have co-written "Gather at the Table.

If yougo What:Sharon Leslie M organ and Thomas Norman DeWolf discuss "Gather at the Table"

Details: • 6:30 p.m. Friday at Paulina Springs Books Redmond,422 S.W. Sixth St. • 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Paulina Springs Books Sisters, 252 W. Hood Ave.


had long grappled

Strang said. "It's Johanna with this incredible spirit and this incredible love for life." The Minnesota native moved to Bend in 2010, taking a job in Central Oregon Community College's

Exercise Physiology

with a brain tumor. Lab. As recently as She was diagnosed at October, she completed 18 with a mixed grade the Medtronic Twin 2 oligodendroglioma/ Os l on Cities Marathon and plemorphic xanthoasreceived word that a trocytoma. While surgeries drug had succeeded in keepand treatments kept it at bay ing her tumor in check. for years, it eventually proThe Bulletin published a gressed to a grade IV glioma. profile of Olson on Sept. 22. Family and friends described Memorial contributions for Olson in August and September Olson can be made at Footas an exuberant woman who Zone, 845 N.W. Wall St. in keptherfocus on the present. Bend. A celebration of life is "She's not 'Johanna, the expected to take place in Bend woman with cancer,'" good at a later date. — Heidi HagemeiecThe Bulletin friendand Bend resident Kari



Trend:Buildingchurchesaround secular shrines New York Times News Service According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of Americans who are not affiliated with any religion is on the rise, including a third of Americans under 30. Even so, nearly 80 percent of unaffiliated Americans say they believe in God, and close to half say they pray at least once a month. The "spiritual but not religious" category is an important audience that evangelical leadershope to reach in a culture that many believers call "post-Christian." So they arrange meetings in movie theaters, schools,warehouses and downtown enter-

tainment districts. They house exercise studios and coffee shops to draw more traffic. Many have even cast aside the words "church" and "church service" in favor of terms like "spiritual communities" and "gatherings," w it h s e r vices that do not stick to any script. "It's unsettling for a movement that's lasted 2,000 years to now find that, 'Oh, some of the things we always assumed would connect with the community aren't connecting with everyone,'" said Warren Bird, the directorofresearch forthe L eadership Network, a fi r m that tracks church trends. Ideal locations — u r ban,

multipurpose and with plenty of foottraffic — are favored in partbecause they are relatively inexpensive to operate. Coffee shops, for example, can also help generate revenue. It is a trend that even established megachurches, like Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas, are studying.

After paying off $5 million in debt on its 135,000-square-foot facility last year, the church is again seeking to expand. But instead of building another huge campus,church officials are looking at smaller satellite spaces that can operate seven days a week, with services like childcare, shared office spac-

es and a community theater. "That's a significant difference for us," said Paul Miller, the pastor of m i nistries for Bent Tree. "We're really building a community center more than we are a worship center." For those seeking traditional churches, there's still hope. Though the number of evangelical churches in the U.S. declined for many years, the trend reversed in 2006, with more new churches opening each year since, according to the Leadership Network's most recent surveys. This wave of "church planting" has been highest among nondenominational pastors.

VOLUNTEER SEARCH Volunteer Search is compiled by the Department of HumanServices Volunteer Services. The organizations listed are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. To see full a list, and for additional information on the types of help needed, go online to Changes, additions or deletions should be sent to 1300 N.W.Wall St., Suite103, Bend 97701, email Lind or call 541-693-8988.


CHILDREN, YOUTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES ADULTBASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT (COCC):Margie Gregory, mgregory© or 541-318-3788. ALYCE HATCHCENTER:Andy Kizans, 541-383-1980. BENDPARK& RECREATION DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. BIGBROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF CENTRAL OREGON:541-312-6047 (Bend), 541-447-3851, ext. 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 (Madras). BOY SCOUTSOFAMERICA: Paul Abbott, or 54 I -382-4647. BOYS &GIRLS CLUBS OF CENTRAL OREGON:, info@ or 541-617-2877. CAMP FIREUSA CENTRAL OREGON: campfire© or 541-382-4682. CHILDREN'SVISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLEOFFRIENDS:Beth, beth@ or 541-588-6445. DESCHUTES COUNTY SHERIFF'8 OFFICE— CENTRAL OREGON PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPY© or 541-388-665'I. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS PROGRAM: Steve Guzanskis, 541-678-5483. GIRL SCOUTS: 541-389-8146. GIRLSON THE RUN OF DESCHUTES COUNTY: www.deschutescountygotr. org or info© GRANDMA'SHOUSE:541-383-3515. HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:www.myhb. org or 541-383-6357. HIGH DESERT TEENSVOLUNTEER PROGRAM: www.highdesertmuseum. org or 541-382-4757. IEP PARTNERS: Carmelle Campbell at the Oregon Parent Training and Information Center, 888-505-2673. JUNIPERSWIM & FITNESS CENTER: Kim,541-706-6127. KIDS CENTER: Rachel Kane, 541-3835958, ext. 274. LA PINEHIGHSCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, or 54 I -355-850 I. MEADOWLARK MANOR:Peggy Kastberg, 541-382-7025. MOUNTAINSTARFAMILY RELIEF NURSERY:541-322-6820. NEIGHBORIMPACT: 541-548-2380, ext. 115. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE: 541-548-6088, 541-447-6228 or541-475-3808. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTER GARDENERVOLUNTEER PROGRAM: deschutes or 541-548-6088. READ TOGETHER: 541-388-7746. REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 541-923-4807. REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER:Zach Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNGLIFE: 54 I -923-8530. SCHOOL-TO-CAREERPARTNERSHIP: Kent Child, 541-322-3261. SMART (STARTMAKING A READER TODAY) or 54 I-355-5600. TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES:

503-205-0194. VIMA LUPWA HOMES:www. or 541-420-6775. YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL OREGON: 54I-385-0470.




BENDSPAY& NEUTERPROJECT: 541-617-1010. CAT RESCUE,ADOPTION A FOSTER TEAM(CRAFT):, 541-389-8420 or541-598-5488. CHIMPS, or 54 I -410-4122. DESCHUTES LANDTRUST: or 541-330-0017. DESCHUTES NATIONALFOREST:Jean Nelson-Dean, 541-383-5576. EASTCASCADESAUDUBONSOCIETY: or541-241-2190. THE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER: 54 I-385-6908. EOUINEOUTREACH HORSE RESCUE OF BEND: www.equineoutreach. com or joan@equineoutreach.comor 54 I-419-37 I7. HEALINGREINSTHERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER:Oarcy Justice, 541-382-9410. HUMANE SOCIETYOF CENTRAL OREGON: Jen, jennifer© or 54 I-382-3537. HUMANE SOCIETYOFTHEOCHOCOS: 541-447-7178. HUMANE SOCIETYOF REDMOND: volunteer© or 54 I-923-0882. JUNIPERGROUP SIERRA CLUB: 54 I-389-9 I I5. SUNRIVERNATURECENTER& OBSERVATORY: Susan, 541-593-4442. VOLUNTEERCAMPGROUND HOST POSITIONS: Tom Mottl, 541-4 l6-6859.

ABILITREE: 541-6 I7-5878. AMNESTYINTERNATIONAL:Philip Randall, 541-388-1793. ASSISTANCELEAGUEOFBEND: 541-389-2075. BEND COMMUNITYCENTER: Sherry Fisher, volunteer© or 541-312-2084. BETHLEHEM INN: www.bethleheminn. org or 541-322-8768. CENTERFOR COMPASSIONATE LIVING(PREVIOUSLY PEACE CENTER OF CENTRALOREGON):ww w. or Beth Hansen,541-923-6677. CENTRALOREGONVETERANS OUTREACH: or 541-383-2793. DEPARTMENTOF HUMAN SERVICES/ VOLUNTEER SERVICES: Lin Gardner, 541-693-8988. DEPARTMENTOF HUMAN SERVICES/ VOLUNTEERSERVICES CROOK COUNTY: Valerie Dean, 541-447-3851, ext. 427. DISABLEDAMERICANVETERANS (DAV):Don Lang, 541-647-1002. FAMILY KITCHEN: Cindy Tidball, cindyt© or 541-610-6511. FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER: 541-389-5468. HUMAN DIGNITYCOALITION: 541-385-3320. HUNGERPREVENTION COALITION:Marie, info@ or 541-385-9227. LA PINECOMMUNITY KITCHEN: AMERICAN CANCERSOCIETY: Charlie 541-536-1312. Johnson, 541-434-3114. NEIGHBORIMPACT: chrisq@ AMERICAN REDCROSS: 541-749-4111. or 541-548-2380, ext. 106. DESCHUTES COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Tuesday Johnson, PEACE BRIDGES, INC., BEND:www. Tuesday or JohnC. or 541-322-7425. Schwechten at 541-383-2646. FRIENDSWITH FLOWERS PFLAG CENTRALOREGON: OF OREGON: www. or or 541-317-2334. 541-480-8700. RONALD MCDONALDHOUSE:Teresa, HOSPICEOFREDMOND-SISTERS: 541-318-4950. orVolunteer SAVINGGRACE:541-382-9227 or Coordinator at 541-548-7483. 541-504-2550. MOUNTAIN VIEW HOSPITAL:JoOee SOROPTIMISTINTERNATIONAL OF Tittle, 541-475-3882, ext. 5097., presidentO MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL HOSPICE: or 541-728-0820. 541-460-4030 or Tori Schultz, ST. VINCENTDEPAUL SOCIAL tschultz© or 541-475-3882, SERVICES: 541-389-6643. ext. 5327. VOLUNTEERSINACTION: NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL 541-548-7018. ILLNESS— CENTRAL OREGON: Eileen CONNECT:www. White, namicentraloregon© VOLUNTEER or NEWBERRY HOSPICE:541-536-7399. 541-385-8977. PARTNERS IN CARE:www. WINNINGOVER ANGER & or SarahPeterson at VIOLENCE: or 54 l-382-5882. 541-382-1 943. RELAY FORLIFE: Stefan Myers, WOMEN'SRESOURCE CENTER OF 54 I-504-4920. CENTRALOREGON:541-385-0750. ST. CHARLESIN BENDAND ST. CHARLESIN REDMOND: HABITAT FOR 541-706-6354. VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE: Kristi, 541-585-9008.




HERITAGE 88.9KPOV, BEND'S COMMUNITY or 541-322-0863. ART COMMITTEEOFTHE REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY: Linda Barker,541-312-1064. ARTS CENTRALSTATION: 541-6 l7-1317. CASCADES THEATRICAL COMPANY: 541-389-0803. CENTRAL OREGONSYMPHONY ASSOCIATION:Julie, 541-383-7779. DES CHUTESHISTORICAL MUSEUM: 541-389-1813, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. DESCHUTESPUBLICLIBRARY SYSTEM:541-312-1032. FRIENDSOF THE BEND LIBRARIES: or Meredith Shadrach at 541-617-7047. HIGH DESERT CHAMBER MUSIC:Isabelle Senger, www., info@ or 541-306-3988. HIGHDESERT MUSEUM: 541-382-4754. LA PINEPUBLICLIBRARY: Cindylu, 541-317-1097. LATINOCOMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Brad, or 541-382-4366. THE NATUREOFWORDS: or 541-330-4381.



MISCELLANY CENTRAL OREGONLOCAVORE:www. or Niki at info© or 541-633-0674. HIGHDESERT SPECIAL OLYMPICS: 541-749-65 I7. OREGON ADAPTIVESPORTS: www. or Kendall Cook at 541-848-9390. SACRED ARTOF LIVING CENTER: 541-383-4 I79. TUMALO LANGLAUFCLUB:Tom Carroll, 541-385-7981.

To submit service information or announcementsfor religious organizations,email or call 541-383-0358. ANTIOCHCHURCH:Senior Pastor Ken Wytsma; "Mars Hill: A Biography"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; Redux Q-and-Aafter the service; BendHighSchool,230 N.E.Sixth St., Bend. BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Pastor Dave Miller; Sundayat 10 a.m.; 4twelve youth group: Wednesday at 7p.m.; 19831 Rocking Horse Road, Bend. BENDCHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE: Pastor Virgil Askren; "Fasting and Obedience"; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 1270 N.E 27th St., Bend. EASTMONT CHURCH: Pastor John Lodwick; "The Vision andCore Values of Eastmont Church, Part1"; Sunday at 9 and10:45 a.m.; 62425 Eagle Road, Bend. FATHER'SHOUSE CHURCH OF GOD: Pastor Randy Wills; "Are WeFans or Followers"; Sundayat10 a.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend. The youthgroup meetsW ednesdayat 7 p.m. THE FELLOWSHIPAT BEND:Pastor Loren Anderson; " Preaching Jesus," based on1 Corinthians 2:1-5; Sunday at10 a.m.; Summit High School, 2855 N.W.Clearwater Drive, Bend. FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: Pastor JennyWarner; "Human Trafficking," as part of the series "New Resolve for aNewYear"; Sundayatthe9a.m.and 10:45a.m. services; Taizeworship Sunday at the 5:01 p.m. service; 230 N.E.Ninth St., Bend. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH: TheRev.Thom Larson; "WheretoLook,"based on Matthew 21-12; Sunday at 9and11 am.; 680 N.W. BondSt., Bend. FOUNDRYCHURCH(FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH): Pastor Bryon Mengle; "Paul's Call for Unity in the Church," as part of the series "1 Mind: AJourney Through Philippians"; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 60 N.W. OregonAve., Bend. GRACEFIRST LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "The Wise Men and theDarkSide"and"This Little Light"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 2265 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend. JOURNEYCHURCH:Pastor Keith Kirkpatrick; "Bigger, Better, Greater," based on Psalm63; Sundayat 9 a.m. and10:30 a.m; 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. NATIVITY LUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor Craig Jorgensen; "People of the Empire," based onMatthew 2:1-12; Sunday at 9a.m. and11 a.m.; Sunday at 6 p.m.; 60850 Brosterhous Road,Bend. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITY OF THE CASCADES: Guest speaker Jim Pasmore; "Change YourBeliefs, ChangeYour

Life"; Sunday at 9 a.m.; held at The Old Stone Church,157 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend. SPRINGS OF LIFEMINISTRIES: Evangelist and Bible teacher Eddie Cienda; Wednesdaysat7 p.m .;The Sound Garden Studio,1279 N.E. Second St., Bend. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH:The Rev. DavidCarnahan;"Wh yOidThey Come? Why OoWeCome?," based on Matthew 2:1-12; Sunday at10 a.m. (one service, with communion); 2550 N.E. Butler Market Road,Bend. UNITARIANUNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIPOF CENTRAL OREGON:The Rev.AlexHolt;"Roots and Wings"; Sundayat11 a.m.; at the Old StoneChurch,157 N.W. Franklin Ave., Bend. COMMUNITYPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: The Rev. Dr. Mike Jacobs; "A Journey WeMust Make," based on Matthew 2:1-12; Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.; 529 N.W.19th St., Redmond. EMMAUSLUTHERANCHURCH:The Rev. David Poovey;"A MostUnusual King," based on Matthew 2:1-12; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 2175 S.W. Salmon Ave., Redmond. GRACELUTHERANCHURCHAT EAGLECREST:Pastor Randy VanMehren; "The Visible Church Has Both the WiseWhoTruly Worship the Christ in Faith and Those WhoPretend to Worship Yet Are Truly Herods"; Sundayat 10:30 a.m.; EagleCrest Banquet and Conference Facility, 1522 Cline Falls Road, Redmond. ST. PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "TheThree Seekers," based onMatthew 2:1-12; communion service; Sundayat10 a.m.; Southwest12th Avenueand Forest Avenue,Redmond. ZIONLUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Gary Koutsopoulos; "HopeHasa Name"; Sunday at8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.; 1113Black Butte Blvd., Redmond. AGAPE HARVESTFELLOWSHIP: Youthgroup Wednesday at7 p.m.; 52460 Skidgel Road, La Pine. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel; "Jesus Seeking the Religious," based on John 3:1-16, as part of the series "Jesus on a Mission"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver. CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev. Willis Jenson; "Christ Appeared to the MagiBecause He is the Savior of All Men, Jew and Gentile," based onMatthew 2:11; Sunday at11 a.m.; held at Terrebonne GrangeHall 828611th St., Terrebonne. ALPHA MARRIAGECOURSE: 7-week dinner course; Mondays at 6:30 p.m. starting January 14; Desert Song Community Church, 640 S.W.Evergreen Ave., Redmond; contact 541-504-0402, or www.

shom off your little bundle of joy for all the ceorld to see in our special edition of...


Do you know a beautiful baby born between

January 1, 2012 S. December 31, 2012? S end us a photo to i n clude in o u r

Baby Book, which will be published Wednesday, February 6 , The Bulletin.

20 1 2 i n

Just bring in o r m a i l y o u r b a b y ' s photo along with the i n formation

requested below and a $20, $30 or $40 fee to cover the cost of the baby photo size you choose

by We dnesday, January 2 3 r d . Photos will be r e t urned only i f accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


sed either hor>zontally or vertrca y



Please do not add additional relatives.

/ Baby's Name:

I Date of Birth: I Parents' Names:


~ Grandparents:

I I Phone ¹: (pleaseprint baby's nameclearly on backof photo)

COMMUNITY THE CITIZENREVIEW BOARD(CRB): crb.volunteer.resources©ojd.state. or 888-530-8999. CITYOF BEND: Cheryl Howard, or 541-388-5505. COURT APPOINTEDSPECIAL ADVOCATE (CASA):www.


Mail to: Bulletin Baby Book Attention: Stacie Oberson

Samples shown are actual sixe

P.O. Box6020, Bend, OR97708 or deliver to 1777 SW Chandler Ave., Bend

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2013 • T HE BULLETIN D 3 "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism

"Star of David" Judaism

0 0


CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974 Sunday Worship 9:00 am F 10:30 am 0


Christmas Eve Service Times 5;30 pm and 7:00 pm


You AreTheMost Important Part of OurServices

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo • Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor POW E LL BUTTE CHRISTIAN CHURCH

Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays Potluck 6 pm Music and the Word 7 pm Sunday Worship Services 8:30 am-10:15 am-11 am

"Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

"Star 8

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucianism


Nursery F Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy Osborne and Glenn Bartnik 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541 -548-3066 •


FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1049 NE 11th Si:. • 541-382-8274 SUNDAYS:

9:30 am SundayEducationalClasses 10:30 am Morning Worship This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, special guest, Pastor Tom Bachman will be sharing the Sunday service message,beginning at 10:30 AM.

Childcare is provided in our Sunday morning service. On Wednesdays "Restored Youth" service begins at 7:00 pm A number of Faith Journey Groups meet throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street.


20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (541) 383-5097 Web site: Sundays: 8;30 S 10:30 am Wednesday Night Study: 7 pm Youth Group:Wednesday 7 pm Child Care provided Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are available, call for days and times. "Teaching the Word of God,


Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish Office: 541-536-3571 HOLY REDEEMER, LA PINE 16137 Burgess Rd


Tuesday, Wednesday 0 Friday Mass 9:00 am

Pastor Duane Pippitt



NE Neff Rd., I/2 mi. E. of St. Charles Medical Center

Sunday Mass — 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays — 3:00-4:00 pm

18143 Cottonwood Rd.

Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm

Sundays 6:00 p.m. Hispanic Worship Service

Sunday Mass — 12:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 12;00 -12:15 pm

Weekly Bible Studies and Ministries for all ages


Contact: 541 -382-5822

near Christmas Valley


9:00 AM Sunday School for everyone 10:15 AM Worship Service This Sunday, Foundry Church will begin a new series, "I MIND: A Journey Through Philippians." Bryon Mengle will be preaching from the first chapter and set the course for Paul's call for unity in the church. For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541 -382-3862

57255 Fort Rock Rd Sunday Mass — 3:30 pm

Confessions: Sundays 3;00-3:15 pm ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI


Pastor Rev. James A. Radloff Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti 541-382-3631 NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street

Masses Saturday — Vigil 5;00 PM Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM F 7:00 PM

HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH, SBC 3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond • 541-548-4161

Sunday Worship Services: 8 00 am, 9 30 am, II:00 am Sunday Bible Fellowship Groups 9;30 am S 11:00 am Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor For complete calender:

EASTMONT COMMUNITY SCHOOL "Educating and Developing the Whole Child for the Glory of God" Pre K- 5th Grade 62425 Eagle Road, Bend • 541-382-2049 Principal Lonna Carnahan

Domingo 12:30PM Misa en Espanol Jueves7:00 PM- Misa en Espanol Monday, December 24th Christmas Vigil 4:30 PM Children'sMass 7;00 PM


FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service S Sunday School: 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided.


Religion of the Light and Sound of God Experience an Eckankar Community HU

January's Community HU will be announced soon. Happy Holidays! Learn how to sing HU, a love song to God: a loving, uplifting, Spiritual Exercise. HU, pronounced like the word hue, is sung for about 20 minutes and is followed by a brief period of sacred contemplation. Followed by a discussion. Regardless of your beliefs or religion, singing HU can bring you greater happiness, love, and understanding. Singing HU can draw us closer in our state of consciousness to the Divine Being. It has helped people of many different faiths open their hearts more fully to the uplifting presence and security of God's love. Singing HU can help you experience: • Comfort, peace, joy • Expanded awareness • Inner light and/or sound • A subtle sense of Divine Love • The healing of a broken heart • Solace during times of grief • A release of fears • Answers to your questions For more information please visit or or call 541-728-6476. For a FREE info packet:

Near Highland and 23rd Ave. 2378 SW Glacier Pl. Redmond, OR 97756 We preach thegood newsoflesus Christ, sing greathgmns of faith, and searchthe Scriptures together. Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am Bible Study- Thursday, 10:30 am Teaching from the KJV and NKJV Bible Pastor Ed Nelson 541-777-0784

I • COM M U N I TY BIBLE CHURCH A ND CHRISTIAN PRESCH O O L 541 -593-8341 Beaver at Theater Drive, PO Box 4278, Sunriver, OR 97707

"Transforming Lives Through the Truth of the Word" All are Welcome! SUNDAY WORSHIP AND THE WORD - 9:30 Am.

Coffee Fellowship - 10:45 am Bible Education Hour - li:15 am Nursery Care available Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel of the Community Bible Church will preach a special New Year's message entitled, "Let Us - Resolutions for the People of God" at the 9:30 service tomorrow.

Reconciliation / Reconciliacion Saturday 3:00 PM — 4:45 PM - English Thursday 6:00 PM — 7:00 PM

- English o Espanol Domingo 11;15 AM — 12:15 PM

— Espanol

Sunday 4:30 PM


7:00 AM 6 12:15 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM Monday, December 24th

Christmas Vigil 9:00 PM —Misa en Espanol Tuesday, December 25th - Christmas 12:00 AM - Midnight Mass

541-389-8888 541 NE Dekalb Sunday School 9:45 am Children 8 Adult Classes Worship Service - 11;00 am Major's Robert F Miriam Keene NEW HOP E EVA N G E LICAL 20080 Pinebrook Blvd. • 541-389-3436 Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church! Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am,

Pastor Randy Myers


English o Espanol

A Foursquare Fellowship Senior Pastors Steve S Ginny McPherson


Preschool for 3 6 4 year olds Call for information

Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5;30 pm

Senior Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Associate Pastor: Jake Schwarze visit our Web site

First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English)

Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390

Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday)

12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessionson Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

For the complete schedule of Services F Events go to: We are currently enrolling students in grades K-7 for Sunday School and Hebrew School.

• Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes • Home groups • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy Visit us on the web at or contact us at 541-385-5439 L IVING TORAH FELLOW S H IP Cw Celebration Church 63830 Clausen Rd Ste 102, Bend

Saturday 10;30 am - 2 pm Worship/Dance - StudyFood/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshipping in Spirit and Truth 541-410-5337 Children's Program

For more information about our education programs, please call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826.

BEND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 St. • 541-382-5496 Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

All services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541-388-8826

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service

Nursery Care 8 Children's Church ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM The missionof theChurch is to forgive sins 8:30 am Sunday Ihrough the Gospel and iherehg grani eternal life (St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg WEDNESDAY Confession XXVIII.8, 10) 6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study 10 am Sunday School THURSDAY ll am Divine Service 10:00 am 50+ Bible Study DEC. 16 - Advent Vespers Service - I PM Life Groups DEC. 24 - Christmas Eve Divine Service - 7 PM Please visit our website for a complete DEC. 25 - Christmas Divine Service - II AM listing of activities for all ages. The Rev. Willis C. Ienson, Pastor. • • I 8286 11th St (Grange Hall), SOVEREIGN GRACE CHURCH Terrebonne, OR Meeting at the Golden Age Club 40 SE 5th St., Bend Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School condordialutheranmission Sunday Worship 10:00 am Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated Phone: 541-325-6773 to worshipping God and teaching the Bible truths recovered through the GRACE FIRST LUTHERAN Reformation. Call for information CHURCH about other meetings 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 541 -420- 1667 541 -382-6862

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Sunday School 10:20 a.m. Education Hour 10:45 a.m.

• •

549 SW 8thSt.,P.O. Box 475, Redmond, OR 97756 • 541-548-7128

Sunday Worship Services: Daybreak Cafe Service 7:30 am Celebration Services 9:00 am and 10:45 am Wednesday Service UTurn - Middle School 7:00 pm Thursdays High School (Connection) 6:30 pm Home Bible Studies throughout the week City Care Clinic also available. Kidz Center School, Preschool "Livin' the Incredible Mission"

I •

Sunday Morning Worship 8:45am 6 10:45am

Men's Bible Study Wednesday 7;30 a.m.

Wednesday Mid-Week Services Children 6 Youth Programs 7:00pm Nursery Care provided for all services.

NATIVITY LUTHERAN CHURCH 60850 Brosterhous Road at Knott, 541-388-0765 Come worship with us. Sermon title "People of the Empire" from Matt; 2 1-12 by Interim Pastor Craig Jorgensen

9 am Informal Service 9:15 Jumor Church II am Formal Service

Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 54i.389.8241 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH S SCHOOL LCMS 2550 NE Butler Market Road Bend, OR 97701 541 -382-1832

Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367

9:00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children S Youth Sunday School 10:30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship 12:00 Reception for Pastor Heidi Bolt

Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer

Church Website: School Website: Pastors: Rev. David Carnahan Rev. Patrick Rooney Principal: Mrs. Hanne Krause ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH ELCA Worship in the Heart of Redmond

Sunday Worship Service 8;30am Contemporary 11:00am Liturgical Sunday School for all ages at 10:00am

Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee,snacks andfellowship after each service M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service

Meeting place: THE OLD STONE 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR 97709 (541 ) 385-3908


UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST With faith, hopeand an open heart, gou are invited Io siari the gear with progressive

Christianswho welcome all. Worship with us Sunday, January 6th at 11 a.m in the Community Room of Redmond's Ray's Market, 900 SW 23rd Street, just off of Hwy 126. Or, come early at 10 a.m. for adult study and discussion.

All Peoples meets on the first and third Sundays of each month. On January 20th, we meet again in the Community Room of Redmond'sRay's Market. For details, directions and possible help with car-pooling, email:, or call: 541-390-6864


Join the Unity Community Sunday 10:00 am with Rev. Jane Meyers Youth Program Provided The Unity Community meets at 62855 Powell Butte Hwy (near Bend Airportl Learn more about the Unity Community of Central Oregon at or by calling 541-388-1569 •


CHURCH In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW Bond St. / 541-382-1672 EvergoneisWelcome!

Sermon Title: "Where to Look" Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12 Communion Sunday 9:00am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9am Service Il:00am - Traditional Service Childcare provided on Sunday 'During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music S Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson

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'Hobbit' should rule box office — again

e in

e o m e ess e xam e

By Kate Santich • Orlando Sentinel ORLANDO, Fla.-

Take equal parts Dr. Phil and Mother Teresa, stir in a youth tainted by dysfunction, drugs and living on the streets, and you have the man behind one of the fastest-growing, most successful homeless programs in Central Florida.

By Amy Kaufman Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES — There w on't be much buzz at the box office on the first weekend of the new year, as only one new movie - "Texas Chainsaw 3D" — hits theaters nationwide. The horror flick about the serial killer made famous in 1974's "The Texas C hainsaw M assacre" i s expected to open with a respectable sum of about $16 million, according to people who have seen prerelease audience surveys. The movie was to premiere in a h andful of t heaters T hursday night an d e x panded Friday to 2,654 locations nationwide. Its take won't be enough to unseat "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" from the top p o sition, where t he Peter J ackson f i l m has resided forthe three weekends since its release. The prequel to "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy will probably take in an additional $20 million during its fourth weekend in theaters, raising its domestic total to more than $260 million by Sunday. "Texas Chainsaw 3D" will have to fight for the runner-up spot against "Django Unchained" and "Les M iserables," t h e Christmas releases that have been benefiting from strong word of mouth. Meanwhile, the environmental drama "Promised Land" will expand to 1,500 locations t hi s w e ekend. The film co-written by and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski is expected to take in about $6 million after opening in only 25 theaters last weekend. "Texas Chainsaw 3D" was financed by Avi Lerner's Millennium F i lms for about $20 million but is being distributed in North America b y Li o n sgate, which is spending about $20 million on marketing. Lionsgate did not screen the movie for critics, typically an indication that a studio feels its film will not be embraced by reviewers. Since the original film featuring the chain saww ielding villain wa s r e leased nearly four decades ago, there have been five other films starring Leatherface. The biggest boxoffice success was "The Texas Chainsaw M assacre," which starred Jessica Biel and took in $80.6 million in 2003. The most recent "Chainsaw" film, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning," grossed only $39.5 million in 2006. The sixth " C hainsaw" movie was initially slated t o open Oct. 26, but i t s release date was pushed back in the aftermath of S uperstorm Sandy. T h e film follows a woman who inherits a home inhabited by Leatherface. " Promised L a nd," f i nanced by Focus Features for about $15 million, has received middling reviews. The movie stars Damon

as an energy company salesman who travels to a small town in an effort to persuade locals to allow h ydraulic f r acturing, o r fracking, to extract underground natural gas on their land. Focus launched the picture, directed by Damon's "Good Will Hunting" collaborator Gus Van Sant, in limited release in an effort to build buzz. An educated, older crowd turned up to see the movie. On opening weekend, Focus said 52 percent of those who saw the movie were age 50 and older, and 77 percent had a college degree. A lso e x p anding t h i s weekend is "The Impossible," Summit Entertainment's tear-jerker about a family struggling to survive in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in South Asia. The $40 million production has been in only 16 theaters since its Dec. 21 release and has grossed only about $600,000.

Pastor Scott Billue — a highspeed, tough-love 50-year-old with a boy-band haircut — is founder of t h e 2~/z-year-old Matthew's Hope program in Winter Garden, Fla., run with the support of 50 churches, hundreds of volunteers and scoresof localbusinesses. Sprawledbehindthe Church of Christ of West Orange, the operation began as a freeze shelter where those who lived in thewoods could seek refuge from the nighttime cold. Now it's a full-time operation with 1,500 clients. At M a tthew's Hope, the homeless can get groceries, clothing, medical and mental-health care and eye exams. They also can tend

Pastor Scott Billue shows some of the many supplies on hand for clients at Matthew's Hope In Winter Garden, Fla. Three years ago, BII-


Iue opened a freeze shelter for the homeless near hIs church and the project

has grown into a nonprofIt agency


an organic garden and get help finding jobs.

by more than 50 churches, cIvIc organIzations and local busI-

Most unusual, though, is the ministry's detailed accountability system that allows those who do work there to earn "pastor bucks" that are exchanged for supplies. A sleeping bag, for instance, is 20 pastor bucks. A new bicycle with a lock and a bike light? Two hundred. Lunch with the pastor himself at a nice restaurant'? Forty — and, buyers say, a bargain. After a ll , B i l lue h i mself earns no salary. "I spent nights crying and

nesses. Photos by Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda Orlando Sentinel

open for drop-in visits, the

place is packed. Yet it operates with surprising precision.There's an intake system for first-timers, where they're queried about where and how they currently live, what they need immediately and what they need to get back to an i ndependent life. They're also asked about drug and alcohol use. If they want more than a hot meal, shower and laundry, Billue has expectations. " If you h ave m oney f o r


crying and wondering why people turned their back on me," recalled Michael Russ, a 51-year-old Army veteran who worked for the city of Apopka, Fla., before losing his job, his wife and his home. "Then I found this place. I love coming here. I love working here. Pastor Scott really cares about you. They all care about you. And working gives you the feeling that you have a job again, you know? It makes you feel like somebody."


drugs, why am I feeding you or helping you get food stamps'?"


Life-changing help Tina White, now 52 and living in Alabama with her husband, Drew, agrees. The couple came to Matthew's Hope soon after it opened, when they were staying in a halffinished home without functional plumbing or electricity. At the time, Drew, who had worked in construction, couldn't find odd jobs to keep them afloat. "They paid for my husband to get his identification card, got him work boots and even gave him a bicycle so he could get back and forth to a jobbecause that was the only way he had," Tina said. "They don't just toss a few crumbs at you and say, 'See you next week.'

Travis Love, 15, volunteers doing laundry for guests at Matthew's Hope. The ministry helps homeless people learn to better manage theIr lives and regaIn theIr Independence. But Pastor Scott BIllue, once homeless and drug-addicted himself, expects that In return for help, the mInIstry's clients stay off drugs and alcohol.

Find outmore


To learn more about Matthew's Hope, go online to



He knows what he's asking of people to quit drugs and work their way out of homelessness because he has done it. They help you get off your beG rowing u p i n Ind i a na hind and get your life back." the product of parents with Today, Drew is working full nine divorces between them, time in a grocery-store meat he was molested more than department, and Tina is study- once, including by one of his ing to be a paralegal. stepfathers. Joe Gick, a pilot for SouthAs a kid, he often lived on west Airlines, will tell you it's the streets to escape home life, more than the accountability and he started doing drugs at system that makes Matthew's age 9. By the time the family Hope work, although he's a had moved to Florida in 1975, big fan of accountability. Billue found himself bouncing When he learned about the from motel to motel with his ministry t hrough hi s sons' dysfunctional mom. Christian s c hool, F o undaBut by his 20s, he'd discovtion Academy, he decided ered his ticket to success in to see what it was about for sales, and with a s ix-figure himself. income, his tastes upgraded to "Once I met Pastor Scott, my cocaine. life was changed," said Gick, He sold s o f tware, t h en who spent a week's vacation sporting goods, then toilets. volunteering there r ecently. Fast-talking, likable and ambi"Everything he does is on the tious, he could sell pretty much premisesofthe Gospel of Mat- anything. "I thought of myself as a thew, and even though I had read the Bible before, it made higherform of addict because me really study those verses. I was functional," he said. "I It's not that Jesus said you could do a n e i ght-ball (3.5 should help the less fortunate, grams) by myself and go for he said you must help. a couple of days nonstop, run"At the end of the week, I ning seminars and making said to Scott, 'Damn you for huge money. I knew people shining a light on all this.' And who died from doing a whole he started laughing. Because lot less." once you know, you can't turn Turning it around a way. You see a man w h o has been homeless himself, Meeting his future wife at who has been a drug addict, a softballgame — where she and now he has rolled up his first struck him out, then hit a sleeves and is living the Bible line drive to his groin — saved in the trenches." him. She was the divorced mom Firsthand experience of an infant daughter, and he Billue's own background is knew enough about his own one reason the tough-love ap- parenting role models to realproach works. ize he didn't want to duplicate

their example. He quit drugs cold turkey. But it was a chance venture to a church sermon that left him feeling unexpectedly disoriented — and then invigorated. Soon it was all he could think about. "God turned my life inside out," he said. "I was having c onversations with h i m a t night in my sleep. It got to the point where I couldn't help but listen." A h i g h -school d r o pout, he worked his way through seminary schoolbefore being hired — and fired — by three churches for his habit of chal-

lenging congregants to walk the walk. Six years ago, he started the nondenominational Next Community Church, w hich has about 100 members. He earns no salary there, either. On a recent Tuesday, Billue's on the phone with a mom living in a r e nt-by-the-week efficiency with her children and complaining she needs groceries. Her food stamps for the month have run out, and she won't get more for another week. "OK, we need to make an appointment for you to come in, and you need to bring your receipts so I can take a look at how you're spending your money," he tells her. "Because we can teach you budgeting and couponing so that you will be able to stretch the assistance you already get to cover an entire month."

'Extraordinary' couple His wife, Pam, feeds their own family this way and helps


he explains. "But we won't cut someone off immediately, especially if they have children. "If they fail, we say: 'We'll continue your benefits for 90 days, and in that time, you will attend a program — 90 meetings in 90 days, just like any other addiction program. We're going to drug-test you randomly during that t ime,

and as long as you pass, we'll continue to get you your benefits. And at the end, you're going to sign a d eclaration that says we can drug-test you anytime we want.'" That way, they are not only freed of addiction, they're also in a better position to be a responsibleparent or employee.

A client's story

"God turned my life inside out. I was

having conversations with him at nightin mysleep. It got to the point where I couldn't help but listen." — Pastor Scott Blllue

teach the couponing classes. It's a necessity when your husband works two full-time jobs yet has no income. "Pam feels her job is to provide for our family so I can do what God has called me to do," Billue said. "She's an extraordinary woman." Many call her husband extraordinary as well. "He has a b r i l liant business mind," said Cathy Jackson, executive director of the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida, the agency that secures grant funding for charities and helps coordinate their efforts. "If I won the lottery tomorrow, one of the first donations I'd make is to Matthew's Hope because I know their work is outstanding. His view is that they need to consider the whole person for the long term." On Tuesdays and Thursd ays, when the ministry i s

It worked with Butch Preston. Billue found him living in the woods in 2010 after two divorces and alienation from v irtually everyone h e h a d once loved. When Billue learned Preston was a talented musician and mastercarpenter,the pastor brought him a used guitar and found him odd jobs. But at night, Preston was still sleeping in the woods, still drinking and still using drugs. " Scott k ep t t e l l in g m e , 'Butch, I want to sit down with you sometime, and I want you to tell me your story.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, right.' But as I got to know his story, I could see we had more in common than I thought," Preston said. "I'd been anti-religion all my life, and I d idn't like it shoved down my throat. But Scott showed me how to have a personal relationship with God. It's just a v er y g o od guideline of how to be decent to people." Billue also got him into a rehab program at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission, where he quit smoking, drinking and doing drugs all at once. When he got out,he found full-time work remodeling a church in Ocoee. Now he lives in a house and, after a decade's absence, has reunited with his sons. "I wasn't used to people being nice to me," Preston said of his time at Matthew's Hope. "They changed my life. I have a job, I'm paying rent, I have a debit card. "And I just bought Christmas presents for the first time in 10 years."

"Yousee a man who has been homeless himself,who has been a drug addict, and now he has rolled up hissleeves and is living the Bible in the trenches." — Joe Gick, airline pilot and part-time volunteer at Matthew's Hope



LEFT: Youth Pastor Bryon Mengle gives asermon during a service at Foundry Church in Bend last Sunday. BELOW: Members of the Foundry Church congregation in Bend greet

one another at the beginning of a Sunday service. Photos by Joe Kline The Bulletin

Foundry Continued from D1

Why change? Brestel felt s ome p eople identified a Baptist church as too liberal or too conservative (or affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church, whose members make the news for holding hateful signs at the funerals of soldiers and others). Or, people had the preconception that Baptists "were shouting and yelling," said Brestel — or that they tend to "split and fight a lot." He wanted people to know the church was "friendly, welcoming, safe" and people "will be accepted as they are." B restel pointed ou t t h a t many churches are shedding their d e nominational t i t l e. Central Oregon is filled with churches with no signifying denomination — W estside Church, Journey Church, New Hope Church, Cascade Praise, City Center Church, Desert Song Community Church, Impact Church, Word of Victory, and so on. B ut t ha t d o e sn't m e a n changingthe name of a church — especially one with such a long history — would prove


Thename B restel wanted to t r y t o change the church's name before he retires sometime in the next year or so. (Mengle, the director of youth ministries, is expected to take his place; the ultimate decision remains with the elders.) "I would rather do it now, under my watch than throwing it on a new pastor," said Brestel. Brestel knew some people would be c oncerned about tradition and "disenfranchising some older members" of the congregation. A majority of the elders, who govern the church, wanted to p r oceed with the change. Mengle says most people felt it would offer the church a fresh start. But once the decision was made to change the name, came another difficult step: settling on a new name. After deliberation, the eld ers came u p w i t h t h r e e potential names. Then they settled on one that everyone "got all excited about," said Mengle. But after a few days, the excitement wore off the name — Foundation Church. It felt traditional. That's when Brestel offered a suggestion — what about Foundry'? Mengle began searching the word on the Internet and after learning what a foundry was,

states, visiting old p lantations, cemeteries, Civil War Continued from D1 reenactments, civil r i g hts DeWolf resurfacedin2008 museum s, various historic with "Inheriting the Trade: A sites, aswell as visiting each Northern Family Confronts o t h er'sfamilies. Its Legacy as the Largest I n their book, they discuss S lave-Trading Dynasty i n i n fr a nk terms the wounds U.S. History." left by slavery and racism in I n it, he traveled with fam- A m e r i ca. "Raci sm is enshrined as ily members to Cuba, Ghana a nd Rhode Island, histori- p a r t o f the American way," cal points in the "Triangle M o r g ansays. "The takeaway Trade," where their ancestors ( f rom th e book) is confrontpracticed the slave trade. i ng that past productively Since writing into the future." "I don't expect and p r omoting I dOnt eXpeCt ftrst book a nybody to d o 58, anybody to do what we did over h » ~ P ~nt h i s the past t h r ee What We time writing at years. That's part h ome in B e n d PVer the Past of the reason for or speaking at three years, the book: Here's colleges, confer- That S part pf w hat Sha r o n ences or leading and Tom d i d ," the reaSOn workshops and DeWolf says. teacher t r ain- fp r t h e b p p k . . H e hopes i t ings, he said. inspires its readHel'eS Wha C o- a u t h o r ers to take a perMorgan told The Sharon and sonal journey of Bulletin she was Tpm did," r eflection a n d familiar with Deask themselves, Wolf's first book — Tom DeWoIf " What don ' t w hen she m e t I k no w a b o ut him at Eastern myself and the Mennonite Uniother?" he says. versity in Virginia in 2008. "The 'other' can be a variThe two were there as par- e t y of things. We're focused ticipants in "Coming to the s p e cific ally on slavery and Table," a project that brings r a c i sm,the big u n healed t ogether th e d e scendants w o u n din our country, but it of slaves and slaveholders, appliesto religious intoleraimed at healing and build- a n c e, idscrimination based ing relationships. on age or class, what have " It created a m o del o f you . " working together i n r e a l M or gan hints that she and deep, accountable, authentic D e W olfcould team up on a w ays," DeWolf says. The two f u t u r e writing project. He had little to do with one an- s a ys th is first collaboration "went remarkably smooth other at first, he added, but " a year later, we started talk- f o r t w o pretty strong-willed ing about what if two people p e ople.' were to live this model of Eit her way, it looks like healing" they'd been learn- D e W olfw ill stick with writing about. ing. In a follow-up email to Morgan grew up in Chica- T h e Bulletin, he added, "I've go's South Side, confessing w a n tedto be a writer since in the book that she finds I w a s afreshman in college. w hite people scary. NevI t t o okme longer than most e rtheless, she and DeWolf f o l k s t ofinally do what I truwould embark on a book ly lovein life. It's gratifying project together. Over three t o finall y be here." Reporter: 541-383-0349, years, they visited Tobago a nd traveled t hrough 2 7

Find Your Dream Home In Real Estate •

• •

TheBu l l etin

"A foundry takes raw material and scrap metal and makes something beautiful and useful." — Syd Brestel, lead teaching elder, Foundry Church (formerly First Baptist), on the church's name change it really grew on them. "A foundry takes raw material and scrap metal and makes something beautiful and useful," said Brestel. It's a metaphor that applies to the work of the church. "We are broken people," said Brestel. The image of transformation also held resonance. When the new name was announced, n o t ev e r yone loved it. Brestel says the reaction was mixed. Some people said a foundry reminded them of unions or of being dirty. Slowly, the congregation of about 350 people is coming around. The church hired a national logo company to design new signs for the church, but again the options didn't feel right. So members came up with ideas and ultimately settled on a logo with a flame in the center. The new name went up on the church door in late December.The sign helps people know that the name change "is permanent; we aren't going back," said Brestel. T he church i s w o r k i n g with the city on sign requirements for the rest of the building, which is on the corner of Northwest Oregon and North-

west Irving avenues downtown, not far from Deschutes Brewery Public House.




Going forward Brestel knew the change was the right thing to do on the first Sunday after the new name. A woman came up to him and told him "I believe my husband and I can come now," referring to the new name. While the change may attract new people, Brestel insists that was not the intention. Although by removing a perceived barrier, the church may end up w it h a l a r ger




Win and Iise it for: skis, TREK &Santa Cruzbikes, clothing, shoes, sunglasses, outerwear, split boards 8 more!

congregation. And the intention was certainly not to try to be hip or cool. Mengle says it's a "tricky situation" because it is not a new building, or a new staff. It's just "a new name on the place where we gather." The intention is not "to be fancy or super hipster," said Mengle. But it is also a signal of some change. "We are at a pivotal moment of defining who we are and where we want to go," said Mengle. "When people see the sign on the door, it's a reminder we are moving forward."

One WinterWinner One SpringWinner One Summer Winner


One Fall Winner Giltcard willbeactivated at the beginning of its season.Thewinter gift card willbeactivated on January31, 2013.

k.j Og MORE IgORMrglCQ ORJP SUBSCRIBE, CALL T~BULLETI~ 5g - 3 85-580 Additional entryforms are available m newspapers for sale throughout Central Oregon and in the lobby of The Bulletin. Last dayto enter e noon. January i8, 2013. All tour wmners will be drawn andannounced at noon on January 31, 2013 at PmeMounten Sports.

— Reporter: 541-617-7860;

The Bulletin FOUR SEASONS OF 2013 SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY FORM. SIGN ME UPTO WIN! Official newsprint entryforms only. All entries must be droppedoff in person at Pine Mountain Sports. or www for official rules and regulations. Winners will be notified by email only.

For visitors to theVatican, it's cashonly The Associated Press VATICAN C I T Y — It ' s "cash only" now for tourists at the Vatican wanting to pay for museum tickets, souvenirs and other services after Italy's central bank decided to block electronic payments, including credit cards, at the tiny city-state. Deutsche Bank Italia, which for some 15 years had provided the Vatican with electronic payment services, said Thursday that the Bank of Italy had pulled its authorization after Dec. 31. The Corriere della Sera newspaper reportedthat the

I talian c entral b a n k t o o k the action because the Holy See has not yet fully complied with European Union safeguards against m o ney laundering. That means Italian banks are not authorized to operate within the Vatican, which is in the process of improving its mechanisms to c o mbat laundering. The Vatican s ays i t i s scrambling to solve the problem for thousands of visitors who flock to its very popular Vatican museums, which include highlights like the Sistine Chapel. The Holy See had

no immediate comment on the Bank of Italy's reported reasons. Tourists in the long lines that snaked around Vatican City walls were not happy about the inconvenience. "It's certainly a disadvantage," said Giuseppe Amoruso, an Italian. "Credit cards provide a useful service, which needs to be accessible to everybody, everywhere." "A lot of tourists don't have cash on them, so they have to get euros and don't know where to get them," said Fluger William Hunter, an American tourist.




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formidable, and entertaining, symbol of a class system colBy Mary McNamara lapsing under the weight of its Los Angeles Times own absurdity. There are now many reaLike A n g el a L a n sbury, sons towatch surprise megawhom the multitudes will also hit "Downton Abbey," which watch in anything, Smith is begins its third season on PBS one of those women who has on Sunday. But before the first looked essentially the same episode aired, there was really since she was 20, whom age only one: Maggie Smith. has burnished rather than diSome critics an d p u blic minished. In a face softened broadcasting aficionados may and unapologetically l i ned, have claimed allegiance to crethose prominent blue eyes, that ator Julian Fellowes, the actor expressiveslice ofa m outh are turned writer who had worked even more arresting. with Robert Altman to give When she chooses, Maggie us "Gosford Park," or even a Smith remains one of an evernostalgic delight at the return diminishingnumber of women of Elizabeth McGovern. But if McClatchy News Service to whom the term "commanding" can accurately be applied. we are truly honest with ourMaggie Smith, left, as Violet, dowager countess of Granthem, selves, the main reason for all givesMichege Dockery,as Lady Mary, some advice during a scene Americans have always been the early anticipation and adu- from Season 3 of "Downton Abbey," which premieres Sunday on soft, but the modern relaxation PBS' Masterpiece Theater. lation was Smith, a performer of social strait-lacinghas made of such consistent, elastic and its way to Britain, where "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher was unique fabulousness that, well into her eighth decade, she's specialized in sharp-tongued, a chronically dissatisfied for- replaced by People's Princess practically become her own perpetually appraising wommer domestic worker with- Diana and now beloved comgenre. en whoseimplacable gaze and out, initially, a kind word for moner Kate Middleton. Querulous c l ass-sensitive scathingly insightful r etorts anyone; in the newly released As middle ag e e x pands "Quartet," she is an opera diva to encompass pretty much companion? Autocratic aunt? shield, one suspects, a heart Snobby but possibly sensible broken young. Even before who brings her outsized sense any number between 40 and duchess/countess/queen?Over she began playing the re- of self to rest among a group death, the ramrod stiffness the years, Smith has played doubtable Professor McGona- of friends at a retirement com- of spine and expectation that the dithering and the wither- gall in the Harry Potter series, munity.She's already received once marked theelderly maing, the brilliant and the mun- she couldfreeze a room with a six nominations this awards triarch or dowager are quickly dane. She has Oscars for her look, orate in a perfectly timed season —fourfrom the Screen becoming antique, the rigors unconventional schoolteacher silence, break your heart by Actors Guild and two Golden of posture no longer neces("The Prime of Miss Jean Bro- simply squaring her shoulders Globe nods. sary in a world supported by die"), wry and brittle movie or settling her shawl. In "Downton Abbey," she Spanx. star ( cCalifornia Suite") and It was a big year for Smith, is the dowager countess of S mith, and a few o f h e r more Emmy and British acad- even by her perpetually proGrantham, a woman who says peers, still have enough muscle emy awards than is possibly lific and wide-ranging stan- whatever she thinks to whom- memory to evoke these female seemly. dards. In " The Best Exotic ever she pleases. In Season I pillars of Freudian nightmare In recent years, she has Marigold Hotel," she played especially, she was the most and great literature, women

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of principle and control, who may actually understand the tyranny and contradiction of their particular social order but who believe that the chaotic alternative will be, in the end, much worse. For better and worse, they are disappearing. These women ruled families without raising their voices; they ungently tried to prevent the follies of youth and considered snobbery not just a necessary sorting of the world but a sign of intelligence. With h e r do u b le-edged smiles, quicksilver timing and easy service ofbackhand compliments, Smith not only keeps them vivid but also offers a master class to a younger generationof performers. There comes a point in a truly great actor's career when he or she is both utterly immersed in character and instantly recognizable as personal presence. Watching Maggie Smith do just about anything — and she is also one of the more prolific and varied performersaround — one iscompelled to sit up a little straighter; to speak a bit more clearly; to calculate, without appearing to, the melody of the conversation, the mood of the room. She makes it look so effortless, she always has — the lift of an eyebrow, the tilt of her chin, and the world cracks open in her hand. Who doesn't want to watch something like that'?

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Dear Abby: I'm the youngest of three children and I'll be graduating from high school in the spring. My parents always seemed happy with each other. They were obviously in love, and they told my brothers and me they would never get divorced. Although they had • EAR arguments, they always made up, and it never seemed to be serious. For the last few months, my dad has been acting weird. He spends a lot of time talking to and texting "a friend" on the phone. The problem is, although the friend has a male name ("George") in his contacts, the person has a female voice. I didn't think anything about it until recently, when I turned on Dad's phone to play a game and it was open toa seriesoftextmessages between him and this "friend." What I saw made it clear that something is up. Mom knows nothing about it. I love my father, but I don't think I can handle this. I can't believe he'd do this to our family, especially since all of us are going through a really hard time lately. I don't know what to do. I don't want to tell anyone because I don't

I'm afraid for him. Should I tell his probation officer or just watch him self-destruct'? — Scared and Confused in Michigan Dear Scared: The reason you can't get your husband's attention is because of the alcohol. He isn't thinking straight. As I am sure you realize, one of the hallmarks of adare going through diction is denial. No one helps an a really tough time, alcoholic by enabling the person to they do things they continue drinking, and your huswouldn't ordinarily do. Your moth- band definitely needs help. er may — ormay not— have an inWhile it may not be easy, talk to kling that something is going on. the probation officer so your husAsk your father if the text means band can be incarcerated, dry out he plans to leave the family. Then and become rational again. I know it give him a deadline to come clean is a painful choice, but watching him w ith your mother, and let h i m die of liver disease would be worse. know that if he doesn't, you will. Dear Abby: Can you a n swer You have my sympathy. something for me? If the abbreviaDear Abby:My husband was so- tion for "mister" is "Mr.," then why ber for 14 years. He started drink- isthere an R in "Mrs." when there's ing again two years ago. He's on no R in the word it's short for? — Inquisitive In California probation and drinking is a clear violation of his probation. His liver Dear Inquisitive:According to my enzymes are elevated, and I can't America Heritage Dictionary (4th seem to find the right words to get Edition), "'Mrs.' is the abbreviation his attention. I have thought about of the word 'mistress'" — an anticontacting his probation officer, quated term for a married or widbut then he will be incarcerated. owed woman. — Write to Dear Abby at Abby, I am watching the man I love drink himself to death and orP0. Box 69440,Los Angeles, CA 90069 want our family to fall apart. But I can't stay quiet. What should I do? — Blindsided in Jersey Dear Blindsided:I agree that you can't keep quiet about this. What you saw was, of course, shocking — and the person you should talk to about it is your father. Sometimes when people


HAPPY BIRTHDAYFOR SATURDAY, JAN. 5, 2013:This year youfocuson yourgoals.Updatethem as you do your friendships. Be aware that they might be changing as a result of your recent transformation. You might have to endure some harsh Stars showthe kind conditions in order of dayyou'll have to achieve a certain ** * * * D ynamic goal, but you will. ** * * P ositive Y o ur well-known ** * A verage det e rmination ** So-so emerges. If you are * Difficult single, a friendship could become even more. If you are attached, make sure to tend to the friendship that exists under the romance. When your bond encounters a hardship, which it will at times, your friendship will make all the difference in the outcome. SCORPIO is rigid but loyal. ARIES (March 21-April 19) ** * O t hers insist on having their way. You could prevent that from happening, or you could decide to go with the flow. Know that others are coming from a good place. Decide whatyou want before you head in a certain direction. Tonight: Togetherness works.

Tonight: Nap, then decide.

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

demandri ghtnow,youalso haveto make sure that you're happy. If a situation is out of sync for you, let others know or just walk away. You do not need to put up with any problems. Tonight: Say "yes" to an offer.

CANCER (June21-July 22) ** * * Get some extra R and R. Go to a movie or veg at home, if you so choose. You might need to be a little more assertive and a lot less "at others' service." You will be much happier and get more of what you need as aresult. Tonight: Enjoy this newfound freedom.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21) ** * T he less available you are, the better it is for you and also for others. Make yourself unable to be found while you gooffand do whatyou want.W hen you finally decide to resurface later on, you will be most appreciated. Tonight: You perk up late in the night.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Oec.21) ** * * You could be into doing something different. You seem secretive or withdrawn to many people. Let your instincts guide you in a situation involving an important loved one. You don't want this person to give you flakfor going on an adventure. Tonight: Still unavailable.

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan. 19)

** * * * E v en if you have notyet made plans to join your friends, you will. Others ** * * Take care of last-minute errands, enjoy the restoration of the tried and true finish sending out thank-you notes and patterns that all of you have fallen into. A stay on top of what you need to do. special friend will be delighted to have you Someone wants to demonstrate his or around. Tonight: To the wee hours. her caring in a meaningful way. Spend AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) the later part of the afternoon at home. ** * * O thers admire you, as long as Tonight: Order in. you make yourself vulnerable enough to VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) listen to their feedback. Responsibilities ** * Spend some time by yourself. You still demand your attention. Call and TAURUS (April 20-May20) might need to get some personal errands check in with an older family member. ** * You finally feel as if you have done done. Others are delighted to find you Tonight: Invite key friends over. enough in the afternoon. Do not insist close to home. A child or loved one shares PISCES (Feb.19-March20) on inviting others over. It might be nice his or her feelings. Tonight: Allowyourself ** * * You might want to understand a if they would take over the party and to be indulged. friend's true message. If you detach from get-together hosting for a while. Enjoy LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) all of the interpersonal interactions and the change of pace! Get into a favorite ** * * Y our spontaneity puts you in the distance yourself, you will be a lot clearer pastime. Tonight: The later it gets, the right place at the right time. Someone you as to where this person is coming from. better it gets. run into frequently might be an admirer. Go within yourself before responding. GEMINI (May 21-June20) You do not want to hurt this person's Tonight: In the moment. ** * * You have a style that attracts feelings if the feelings are not reciprocal. many people .Though you mightbe in © 2013 by King Features Syndicate

LEO (July23-Aug.22)



Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX,680 S.W.Powerhouse Drive, 541-382-6347 • CIRQUEOU SOLEIL:W ORLDS AWAY 3-O (PG)6:40,9:15 • DJANGOUNCHAINED (R)10:55a.m.,12:30,2:30,4:05, 6:05, 7:50, 9:40 • THE GUILTTRIP(PG-13) 11 a.m.,1:25, 4:25, 7, 9:25 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (PG-13)10:35 a.m., 2:15, 6:15, 9:55 •THE HOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY IMAX (PG-13) 10:45 a.m., 2:25, 6:25,10:05 • JACK REACHER (PG-13) 12:55, 4:20, 7:20, 10:20 • LES MISERABLES (PG- l3) 12:35, 4:10, 6, 7:40, 9:30 • LIFE OF Pl (PG)10:40 a.m. • LIFE OF PI3-D (PG) 1:35, 4:30, 7:25, 10:25 • LINCOLN (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3:30, 6:45, 10 • THEMETROPOLITAN OPERA: LES TROYENS (no MPAA rating) 9 a.m. • MONSTERS,INC.3-O(G) 10:50 a.m., 1:20, 3:45 • NOT FADE AWAY(R) 1005 a.m., 1:50, 4:35, 7:35, 10:20 • PARENTAL GUIDANCE(PG) 10:30 a.m., 1:10, 3:50, 6:55, 9:35 • RISE OF THEGUARDIANS (PG)1:05, 3:35 • SKYFALL(PG-13) 6:35, 9:50 • TEXAS CHAINSAW3-D(R) 11:15a.m., 1:45, 4:40, 7:05, 9:45 • THIS IS 40(R) 12:45, 3:55, 7:10, 10:15 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies. f




TV TODAY Saturday, 1/5/13 1:30 p.m. on H A , "NFL Football" — The 16-week regular season concluded, the NFLmoves into its postseason starting today and tomorrow with the Wild Card games. The winners here advance to the divisional round next weekend. NBCairs two gamestoday, followed by Foxand CBStomorrow. 5 p.m. on TCM, Movie: "To Have and Have Not" — William Faulkner co-wrote the screenplay for this 1944 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel.A sea captain (Humphrey Bogart) warily agrees to help the Resistance movement in1940 Martinique while wooing a sultry young singer (Lauren Bacall, whose real romance with Bogart began on the set of this film). Walter Brennan, Dolores Moran, Hoagy Carmichael and Sheldon Leonard co-star. 8 p.m. on H C), "Once Upon a Time" — There's good and bad news for the fairy-tale characters in this episode, which opens a tripleheader of the series. The Evil Queen's (Lana Parrilla) curse has been broken,andthey now remember who they are. Unfortunately, they're unable to return to the fairytale realm. To further complicate things, Mr. Gold — aka Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) — has introduced magic to Storybrooke, where it doesn't belong, in "Broken." Jennifer Morrison also stars. 8 p.m. on HBO, Movie:"The Three Stooges" — Any actors who tackle playing the comedic trio of Moe, Larry and Curly automatically have the originals' image to work against — and given that, Chris Diamantopoulos, SeanHayes ("Will & Grace") and Will Sasso ("MADtv") fare pretty well in the Farrelly brothers' ("There's Something About Mary") 2012 homage. The fellows meet in an orphanage, then havemany misadventures. Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Sofia Vergara and Larry David also appear. 9 p.m. on ANPL, "Pit Boss"The newseasonbegins with Shorty Rossi taking his trusty canine sidekick, Hercules, on the road to meet and greet fans across the country, educating them about pit bulls. As the season continues, the drama grows when Ashley considers opportunities outside Shortywood Productions, and Shorty adds a new assistant to the fold: Christian, a shy little person who has to learn to meld with the rest of the team. ©Zap2it

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Hear Ceoter


Regal Pilot Butte 6, 2717N.E.U.S. Highway 20, 541-382-6347 • ARGO (R) 12:15, 3, 6, 9:05 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (PG-13)12:30, 5:45, 9:10 • HYDE PARK ONHUDSON(R) 1,4: I5, 6:30, 9 • LES MISERABLES (PG-13) Noon, 3:30, 7:30 • PROMISED LAND(R) 12:45, 4, 7, 9:25 • SILVER LININGSPLAYBOOK(R) 1:15, 3:45, 6:45, 9:15 I


In-Home Care Services Care for loved ones. Comfort for aii.



McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • CELESTEAND JESSEFOREVER(R) 9 • HERECOMES THE BOOM (PG)6 • WRECK-IT RALPH(PG) Noon, 3 • After7 p.m., showsare27ando/der only. Younger than27 may attend screenings before 7 pm. if accompanied by a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin Pan Alley, 541-241-2271 • HOLY MOTORS (no MPAArating) 6 • CHASING ICE(PG- l3) 8:30 • GREGORYCREWDSON: BRIEFENCOUNTERS (noM PAA ratings) 1:30 • SAMSARA (PG-13) 3:30 I




Redmond Cinemas,1535 S.W.OdemMedo Road, 54 I-548-8777 • DJANGO UNCHAINED(R) 11:30 a.m., 2:45, 6:15, 9:30 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (PG-13)11 a.m., 2:30, 6:05, 9:30 • JACK REACHER (PG-13) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:15 • THIS IS 40(R) 11:45 a.m., 2:45, 5:45, 8:45

Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt,541-549-8800 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (PG-13)Noon, 3:30, 7 • LES MISERABLES (PG- l3) 12:15, 3:45, 7:15 • LIFE OF Pl (PG)5, 7:45 • LINCOLN (PG-13) I2:30, 3:45, 7 • PARENTAL GUIDANCE(PG) Noon, 2:30 rf• r

Madras Cinema 5,1101 S.W.U.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • DJANGOUNCHAINED (R) I: 30,4:50,8:20 • THEHOBBIT:AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY3-D (PG-13) I2:50, 4:30, 8:10 • JACK REACHER (PG-13) 1:20, 4, 6:40, 9:20 • PARENTAL GUIDANCE(PG) 12:35, 2:50, 5:05, 7:20, 9:40 • PROMISEDLAND(R) 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:15 •


Pine Theater, 214 N.Main St., 541-416-1014 • LIFEOFPI(PG)I,4,7 • PARENTAL GUIDANCE(UPSTAIRS — PG)1:10, 4:10, 7:10 • Theupstairs screening roomhaslimitedaccessibility.



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Chihuahua Pups, assorted colors, teacup, 1st shots, w ormed, $250, 541-977-0035

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541-788-7799 Golden Retriever AKC born 12/5/12, Border Collie/Lab 5 mo. puppies ready to go end of Januf emale a l l sho t s , ary. Call 605-999-9089 or $195. 541-546-3801. go to

Dining s et : e l e gant pedestal table and 6 chairs, faux marble in DON'IMISSTHIS beiges & cream. Cost $1600, asking $399. DO YOU HAVE MASTIFF PU P P IES 541-410-8636 SOMETHING TO AKC, 4 large males HELP YOUR AD SELL available, great family stand out from the FOR $500 OR pet, for more pics/info rest! Have the top line LESS? Ac osgD,ctgcc'c p in bold print for only Non-commercial or call 541-820-4546. $2.00 extra. Visit our HUGE advertisers may home decor place an ad The Bulletin consignment store. with our New items 541-385-5809 "QUICK CASH arrive daily! SPECIAL" Private collector buying 930 SE Textron, 1 week3lines 12 p ostage stamp a l Bend 541-318-1501 Mixed breed "Foxy Lady" oi' bums & c o llections, born 7/1 6/2006, $50. k 20i ~k world-wide and U.S. Closing kennel: 1 AKC Ad must (local, Maltese female & small GENERATE SOME ex- 573-286-4343 include price of cell ¹) mixed breeds. No ship- citement i n you r !i f k50 0 p ing o r AM cal l s. neighborhood! Plan a 240 or less, or multiple 541-350-5106 for appt. garage sale and don't items whose total Crafts & Hobbies forget to advertise in does not exceed Norwich Terriers, AKC. $500. Rare! Only 2 females left. classified! 8th Street Artisans 541-385-5809. Delivery available. Saturday Market Call Classifieds at $2000. 541-487-4511 or Kenmore dryer, good 10 a.m. -4 p.m. 541-385-5809 cond, $175. 1036 NE 8th St., Bend 541-948-441 3 behind 7-11 store. Pet Carrier, Large, Support local $50. Kenmore refrigerator/ craftsmen! Need help fixing stuff? 541-447-031 7 freezer, good cond, 541-977-1737 Call A Service Professional $199. 541-948-4413 POODLE PUPS, AKC Rockhound Equipment find the help you need. toys. Small, friendly, & - Saw, grind, sand & loving! 541-475-3889 Need to get an ad p olish. L o rtone & H & H FIREARMS Highland Park Bend. POODLE, Toy, 4 mo. in ASAP? Buy, Sell, Trade, Info 541 280-5574 old male. Very social! Consign. Across From 541-520-7259 241 Pilot Butte Drive-In Fax it to 541-322-7253 541-382-9352 Queensland Heelers Bicycles & standard & mini,$150 & The Bulletin Classifieds Accessories up. 541-280-1537 rightwayranch.wordMtn Bike, 2011 Giant, Kenmore washer, good brand new off-road tires, cond, $175. must sell, great cond., Rodent control special541-948-4413 $200. 541-480-2652. ists (barn cats) seek work in exchange for Memory foam mattress 242 safe shelter, food. We from Costco only 2yrs old paid, $900 have Exercise Equipment deliver! 541-389-8420. receipt sacrifice at $400. 541-548-3604 Body Riderelipitcal trainer Save/donate your de541-508-6859. brand new! Was $160; posit bottles/cans to sell $60. 541-504-5863 local al l v o l unteer, NEED TO CANCEL Iron Gym Set, YOUR AD? non- profit animal resNew in box, $29. The Bulletin cue, to help with cat 541-948-4413 Classifieds has an spay/neuter costs 8 "After Hours" Line o ther vet bills. S e e The Bulletin's Call 541-383-2371 C RAFT's Cans f o r "Call A Service 24 hrs. to cancel Cats trailer at Petco, your ad! by Applebee's, Bend, Professional" Directory 1/1-1/14. Eagle Crest is all about meeting Sturdy wood r o cking @ p r ivate c l u bs, chair, excellent cond, yourneeds. 1/15-1/28. Donate @ $29. 541-948-4413 Smith Sign, 2nd/OlCall on one of the ney, M-F, or Tumalo Washer/dryer HD front professionals today! sanctuary a n y time. load stackable option,, or $200. 541-410-4112. Sit-down abdomen Facebook. 389-8420. chair, $15. Washer/dryer Whirlpool 541-948-4413 stack, Irg. cap., many options, works great! Wavemaster punch 8 $350. 541-416-0296 kick bag, adult size,

Rc, actsc

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OREGON'S LARGEST GUN & KNIFE SHOW Jan.5&6, Sat. 9-6 • Sun. 9-4 ADM: $10.00 Portland Expo Center 1-5 Exit 306B For Info: 503-363-9564 Wanted: Collector seeks high quality fishing items.

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Sport-Brella, never used!$49. Call 541-948-4413 255

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Shih-Mas and Dachshund babies, beautiBoxer/English Bulldog ful puppies, $350 8 (Valley Bulldog) puppies, 'd, k i dl & HAVANESE p u p pies $300. delivered part ~iKC • fawns, 1st shots. $900. AKC, Hypoallergenic way 541-530-9490 8 N o n-Shed, U T D 541-325-3376 shots/wormer, $850. CANARIES ~ OO Call 541-460-1277. Hatched 2012 More P ixa tBendijjletij).com OO 3 female Waterslagers, 1 ~ female, 1 male crested MorePixatBendbulletin,com Shih-Tzu puppies, 8 wks Stafford, 2 female Red meds, 2 O $250 ea Labradoodles - Mini & all Factors, $45 ea. Terre- med 541-420-4403 size, several colors bonne, 541-420-2149. 541-504-2662 Will care for your pet in Cats 8 s ome kittens m y home while you're on avail. t h r u r e s c ue vacation. Great alternaMaltese purebred puppy, group. Tame, shots, 1 tiny female left! $300 tive to kennel! $25/day. altered, ID chip, more. cash. 541-546-7909 541-647-7308 Sat/Sun 1-5; call re: other days. 541-598- Maremma Guard Dog Wolf-Husky pups, $325; 5488, 389-8420. Map, pups, purebred, great pure Siberian Husky pup, photos & other info at dogs, $30 0 e a c h,$400. 541-977-7019 541-546-6171. Yorkie AKC pups, small, BEND'S HOMELESS NEED OUR HELP! ready now! Health guar., The cold weather is upon us and sadly there are shots, potty training, pixs still over 2,000 folks in our community without avail,$650. 541-777-7743 permanent shelter, living in cars, makeshift 210 camps, getting by as best they can. The following items are badly needed to Furniture & Appliances help them get through the winter: @ CAMPING GEARof any sort: @ A1 Washers&Dryers New or used tents, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets. $150 ea. Full ware WARM CLOTHING: Rain Gear, Boots, Gloves. ranty. Free Del. Also wanted, used W/D's PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR DONATIONS AT 541-280-7355 THE BEND COMMUNITY CENTER 1036 NE 5thSt.,Bend, Mon.-Sat.9 a.m.-5 p.m.



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1923 Chickering 5'6" Baby Grand, beautiful tone & action, $3000.




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$50 Verizon phone card, sell for $45.



Bend's Indoor Swap Meet - A Mini-Mall full of Unique Treasures! 3rd St. & Wilson Ave. 10-5 Thurs-Fri-Sat.

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ampton Ba y fr e e Buying Diamonds Hstanding 3-speed fan, /Gold for Cash $99. 541-948-4413 Saxon's Fine Jewelers 541-389-6655 Highspeed Internet EV-

ERYWHERE By Satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up.) Starting 541-408-2191. at $49.95/mo. CALL BUYING & SE L LING NOW & G O F AST! All gold jewelry, silver 1-888-718-2162. and gold coins, bars, (PNDC) rounds, wedding sets, class rings, sterling sil- Mangle/Ironer, 30" W x ver, coin collect, vin- 36" H, new wiring, $200 tage watches, dental obo. 541-385-3180 gold. Bill Fl e ming, 541-382-9419. Snowblower: Cr a ftsman, 9HP w/electric Cemetery p l o t Dechutes Memorial Gar- start, 29" clearance, cond., $400. dens. Any reasonable exc. 541-318-8797 offer. 541-408-1477 BUYING Lionel/American Flyer trains, accessories.


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In The Bulletin's print and online Classifieds.

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LTheBkktleting A ntiques & Collectibles

CASH!! For Guns, Ammo & Reloading Supplies. 541-408-6900.

GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES. We are three adorable, loving puppies looking for a caring home. Please call right away. $500.

QUAINT CABINON10 ACRES! Modern amenities and all the quiet you will need. Room to grow in your own little paradise! Call now.

FORD F150 XL 2005.This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4x4, and a tough V8 engine Will get the job dOne on the ranch!

lfalic and Bold headlines For on addifional ,50C up to

$2.00 per ad

BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Search the area's most listing of Comm. plates (6) Wil- comprehensive classified advertising... liamsport F o u ndry, real estate to automotive, $85. 541-617-5771 merchandise to sporting Early 1900s K e llogggoods. Bulletin Classifieds wood w al l p h o ne, appear every day in the $195. 541-548-2578. print or on line. Call 541-385-5809 The Bulletin reserves the right to publish all ads from The Bulletin The Bulletin Sen«ntCenlkklOregOn k nke rttk newspaper onto The Bulletin Internet webColt SP1 AR15, manuf'd Couch, Stanton tan, 84" site. 1968, low ser no's $2500 wide, g reat c o n d. The Bulletin obo.Other Mil. rifles; call Serving Centrat Oregon since l903 for list. 541-410-2225 $200. 541-389-7968

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To place your ad, visit or 541-385-5809 Hours: Monday—Friday7:30am to5:00pm Telephone Hours:Monday—Friday 7:30am — 5:00pm • Saturday8:00am -12:30pm 24 Hour MessageLine: 383-2371: Place, cancel, or extend an ad after hours. 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702


5 41.385.580 9

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** FREE ** Garage Sale Kit Place an ad in The Bulletin for your garage sale and receive a Garage Sale Kit FREE!

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Place a photoin your private party ad for only $15.00 perweek.

"UNDER '500in total merchandise

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Garage Sale Special

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d rums, Violin, more.



and Call

2100 N.E. 3rd Street, Bend, OR 97701. Robberson Ford is a

drug-free workplace. EOE. http://www.robberson. com/employment/ index.htm

Have an item to sell quick? Sales Other Areas If it's under NOTICE '500 you can place it in Where can you find a Remember to remove helping hand? The Bulletin your Garage Sale signs (nails, staples, etc.) From contractors to Classifieds for: after your Sale event yard care, it's all here is over! THANKS! '10 - 3 lines, 7 days in The Bulletin's From The Bulletin '16 - 3 lines, 14 days and your local utility "Call A Service companies. (Private Party ads only) Professional" Directory 292

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:::::":;::.;. KO~O rj

for experienced Robberson Ford is ex- Yard Engineer 410 panding service de- and logging crew. partments at both Bend Private Instruction and Prineville locations. Opportunity for KIT INCLUDES: year-round full-time • 4 Garage Sale Signs Music Lessons for All Accepting applications employment. • $2.00 Off Coupon To Ages! Find a music now for a n e x peri- • Top wages Use Toward Your teacher! Tak e Les- enced full time Next Ad sons offers affordable, Service Technician • Benefits. • 10 Tips For "Garage safe, guaranteed mu- Top pay and full ben- For application call Sale Success!" 541-997-8212 s ic l e s sons wi t h efits are offered. Email resume to: teachers in your area. service R&R KING O Our pre s c reened or apply PICK UP YOUR in person at LOGGING, INC. teachers specialize in GARAGE SALE KIT at Robberson Ford, ask singing, guitar, piano, Florence, Oregon 1777 SW Chandler for Duane

Thursday • • •••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • N oon Wed. Fr i d ay . . . . . . • • • • • . • • • • • • • • . • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri. Saturday • • • •. . . . 3 : 00 pm Fri. Ave., Bend, OR 97702 •. . . . 5 : 00 pm Fri. The Bulletin Sunday. • • • •


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Hear Ceriter Cardiology

Front Office positions Details at:


Loans & Mortgages WARNING The Bulletin recom-

mends you use caution when you provide personal information to companies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for advance loan fees or companies from out of state. If you have concerns or questions, we suggest you consult your attorney or call CONSUMER HOTLINE, 1-877-877-9392.


will loan on real estate equity Credit no problem, good equity is all you need. Call now. Oregon Land Mortgage 388-4200.

Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years old? CHIEF JUDGE Schools & Training Stay in your home & Klamath Tribal Court RECEPTIONIST The K lamath T r ibes Full-time, needed for our increase cash flow! A IRLINES ARE H I R- seeks a part-time conSafe & Effective! Call Redmond location. ING Train for hands Tick, Tock tract position for Chief Now for your FREE Competitive pay and on Aviation Mainte- Judge of the Klamath DVD! C a l l Now benefits. nance Career. FAA Tribal Court. This is an TiCk, TOCk... 888-785-5938. approved p r ogram. elected 3 year term po- Please send resume to (PNDC) is located at: ...don't let time get Financial aid if quali- sition. Requirements: 1) bcrvhire@ or fied - Housing avail- Enrolled member of a apply 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. away. Hire a in person at 63500 LOCAL MONEY:Webuy able. Call Aviation In- federally re c ognized N. Hwy 97, Bend, OR. secured trustdeeds & Bend, Oregon 97702 professional out stitute of Tribe; 2) 30+ years of note,some hard money of The Bulletin's Maintenance. loans. Call Pat Kellev age; 3) never convicted Remember.... 1-877-804-5293. of a felony, or within the A dd your we b a d - 541-382-3099 ext.13. "Call A Service PLEASE NOTE:Check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is (PNDC) last 12 months of a mis- dress to your ad and needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or Professional" 573 demeanor, nor dishon- readers on The The Bulletin reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher orably discharged from Bulletin' s web site Business Opportunities Directory today! shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or more days To Subscribe call US Military; 4) J uris will be able to click will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. 541-385-5800 or go to Doctor degree OR mini- through automatically A Classified ad is an mum one year experi- to your site. EASY W AY TO ence as a judge. Contact ATTEND CO L LEGE HR for Requests for RV Techs! Looking for REACH over 3 million Misc. Items Medical Equipment • Heating & Stoves • Gardening Supplies Pacific NorthwesternONLINE 1 00%. Certification Form which a warmer cli m a te ers. $5 2 5 /25-word & Equipment • *Medical, *Business, must be received by The Bulletin Offers Medical Alert for Se- Bionaire indoor low pro*Criminal J us t i ce, 1/08/13. Application and during winter months? c lassified ad i n 3 0 C all RV Mast e r daily newspapers for Free Private Party Ads niors - 24/7 monitor- file heaters (2), $45 ea, SUPER TOP SOIL *Hospitality, *Web. required documentation • 3 lines - 3 days Goodyear, AZ 3-days. Call the Paing. FREE Equipment. $80 both. 541-948-4413 www.hershe must be received by Techs, Job placement assis877-788-3247 • Private Party Only FREE Shipping. NaScreened, soil & comcific Northwest Daily tance. Comp u ter 1/15/13. Certified Candi• Total of items advertionwide Serv i ce. Good classified ads tell post m i x ed , no Connection (916) available. F i n ancial dates may be placed on the essential facts in an Sales Manager tised must equal $200 $ 29.95/Month C A L L rocks/clods. High huAid if qual i fied. the T r ibe's G e neral Growing d e alership 2 88-6019 o r e m a il 308 or Less Medical Guardian To- interesting Manner. Write mus level, exc. f or SCHEV a u thorized. Election Ballot. For more seeking Sales Man- for more info (PNDC) FOR DETAILS or to day 88 8 - 842-0760. from the readers view - not flower beds, lawns, Farm Equipment Call 86 6 - 688-7078 information contact: PLACE AN AD, (PNDC) the seller's. Convert the gardens, straight ager who is looking The Klamath Tribes & Machinery www.CenturaOnline.c Call 541-385-5809 s creened to p s o i l . facts into benefits. Show Attn: Human Resources for a p e r formance- Say ngoodbuyn om (PNDC) 262 Fax 541-385-5802 — Sarah or Lia the reader how the item will Bark. Clean fill. Debased pay plan. BenOregon Medical Trainliver/you haul. lia.barne -thomsen O to that unused 2005 John Deere help them in someway. efits include: RetireWanted- paying cash Commercial/Office ing PCS — Phlebotomy 541-548-3949. 790 tractor w/box This ment Plan, Paid Vaitem by placing it in for Hi-fi audio & stu- Equipment & Fixtures classes begin Jan. 7, blade, loader, or sarah.batesO advertising tip cation, and a dio equip. Mclntosh, 2013. Registration now quick-connect forks, brought to youby competitive medical The Bulletin Classifieds J BL, Marantz, D y - Angled computer desk & P ":~ Tele: 541-783-2219 only 143 hrs, Lost & Found • medicaltrainin .com benefit package. Must naco, Heathkit, San- chair, you take apart & Fax: 541-783-2836 $12,500. The Bulletin 541-343-3100 sui, Carver, NAD, etc. haul, $99. 541-948-4413 be a team player with 5 41 -385-58 0 9 LOST Jewelry - Reward! Call 541-261-1808 a p ositive a ttitude; Office Chair, fully ad541-350-3921 TRUCK SCHOOL NOTICE TO Placed inside bear when DO YOU NEED operate with energy, Advertise V A CATION justable, good cond, ADVERTISER moving; bear given to USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! $49. 541-948-4413 A GREAT and be customer ser- SPECIALS to 3 milRedmond Campus Since September 29, Redmond Humane SociEMPLOYEE vice oriented. Send lion P acific N o rthStudent Loans/Job ety Thrift store in August, Door-to-door selling with 1991, advertising for 263 RIGHT NOW? resume to: Waiting Toll Free westerners! 30 daily 2012. Call 541-516-8681 used woodstoves has fast results! It's the easiest Call The Bulletin 1-888-387-9252 bcrvhire© Tools newspapers, six been limited to modbefore 11 a.m. and way in the world to sell. states. 25-word clasels which have been 470 Service Technicians sified $525 for a 3-day Bill-Jax 5-ft & 3-ft scafget an ad in to pubertified by th e O r - Garage Sales C entral Oregon R V a d. Domestic & lish the next day! 1 he Bulletin Classified fold sets, 10-ft aluminum cegon Cal l (916) Maschio 7-ft rotary tiller, Department of dealership seeks ser- 2 88-6019 o r 8 p l y wood s c a ffold Environmental Qual- Garage Sales virtually new, less than 5 In-Home Positions 541-385-5809. vis i t 541-385-5809 vice technicians. Must boards, casters, levelers ity (DEQ) and the fedVIEW the hrs. $7500 new; asking be customer service ori8 braces, nice set, paid Garage Sales WHEN YOU SEE THIS $5000. 541-421-3222 Classifieds at: ising pndc.cfm for the Wanted: lady to spend E n v ironmental ented and have RV & $3600, asking $2000. eral Pacific Nor t hwest nights with older lady in Protection A g e ncy Camper e x perience. 541-350-3921 Find them OO 325 Con n ection. ~ exchange for room. Call (EPA) as having met C ompetitive pay a n d Daily 541-382-0824 for info. (PNDC) in Hay, Grain & Feed 3hp m itre smoke emission stanMOre PiXatBelldbijletin,COm Craftsman Licensed Tax Preparer benefits. Please send saw; Thakita drill set, dards. A cer t ified On a classified ad The Bulletin (LTC preferred) for resume to Need to get an Wanted: Irrigated farm w oodstove may b e bcrvhire@ $75 all. 541-948-4413 Take care of BUSY La Pine office. go to Classifieds ground, under pivot iridentified by its certifiad in ASAP? We are s eeking a or apply in person at your investments New Accuset 2" brad rigation, i n C e n tral cation label, which is 63500 N. Hwy 97, Bend, t eam-player for u p to view additional You can place it nailer. $50. OR. 541-419-2713 Oregon. permanently attached 541-385-5809 with the help from coming tax season. photos of the item. online at: 541-447-0317 to the stove. The BulSalary DOE. Please The Bulletin's letin will no t k n owJust too many • • I I Looking for your send resume & cover 265 "Call A Service ingly accept advertisletter to: i n fo@cennext employee? collectibles? Building Materials ing for the sale of 541-385-5809 Place a Bulletin Professional" Directory uncertified Meet singles right now! help wanted ad Sell them in Habitat woodstoves. No paid o perators, REDMOND today and RESTORE Vice President The Bulletin Classifieds Extreme Value Adverjust real people like Building reach over tising! 30 Daily newsSupply Resale LOST little black female you. Browse greet60,000 readers Quality at papers $525/25-word dog (Schipperke), went Oregon State Universityings, exchange meseach week. 541-385-5809 classified, 3- d a ys. LOW PRICES missing Mon 12/31 @ Cascades in Bend, Oregon sages and connect 1242 S. Hwy 97 Reach 3 million Pa9pm near NW Portland & Your classified ad live. Try it free. Call Associate Vice President 541-548-1406 cific Northwesterners. WHEN BUYING Awbrey Rd 707-292-2335 will also Service Writer now: 8 7 7 -955-5505. Open to the public. appear on needed for a growing RV For more information FIREWOOD... (PNDC) Oregon State University-Cascades in Bend is Lost tan male Chihua- Competitive call (916) 288-6019 or To avoid fraud, recruiting for an Associate Vice President company. email: pay and benefits. hua since 12/27, off which currently The Bulletin (AVP) for Finance and Strategic Planning. Please send resume to Dustin/Burgess in receives over recommends payfor the Pacific NorthbcrvhireO or L aPine $ 1 0 0 0 r e 1.5 million page ment for Firewood The Associate Vice President (AVP) for apply in person at 63500 west Daily Connecward. 541-410-8295 views every only upon delivery Finance and Strategic Planning provides and N. Hwy 97, Bend, OR. tion. (PNDC) month at no and inspection. analyzes information to guide the expansion of extra cost. • A cord is 128 cu. ft. the campus from an upper division campus Independent Contractor Call 54 I -385-5809 4' x 4' x 8' Bulletin with 750 students to a 4-year campus with to r omote our service • Receipts should Classifieds 3,000 to5,000 students by 2025. The AVP is include name, Get Results! entrepreneurial in seeking diversified funding * Supplement Your Income* price and Call 541-385-5809 IBuilding/Contracting H o me lmprovement phone, sources, developing strategic partnerships, kind of wood puror place your ad MISSING Chiand ensuring the campus' short and long-term chased. on-line at NOTICE: Oregon state Kelly Kerfoot Const. huahua puppy!!! financial viability. Aspects o f s t r ategic Firewood ads law req u ires any- 28 yrs exp in Central OR! •MUST $1,500 Reward planning include real estate, facilities, staffing, include speone who c o n tractsQuality & honesty, from Tan/male, named Kl and forecasts of revenue and costs. The AVP cies and cost per for construction work carpentry & handyman Kl, 8" tall, last seen 358 reports directly to the Vice President for to be licensed with the jobs, to expert wall cov- cord to better serve La Pine,OR ++++++++++++++++++ our customers. OSU-Cascades (CEO of the campus). Farmers Column C onstruction Con - ering install / removal. 541-306-8248 tractors Board (CCB). Sr. discounts CCB¹47120 The Bulletin Minimum requirements include a Masters or 10X20 STORAGE A n active lice n se Licensed/bonded/insured Sen ng Cent al0 egnnrnrn elB BUILDINGS terminal degree and relevant experience in means the contractor 541-389-1413/ 410-2422 R EMEMBER: If you for protecting hay, higher education or equivalent experience i s bonded and i n have lost an animal, 1 cord dry, split Juniper, firewood, livestock within the discipline. Progressive finance and s ured. Ver if y t h e Autumnridge Const. don't forget to check $190/cord. Multi-cord etc. $1496 Installed. contractor's CCB strategic planning responsibility and experiThe Humane Society Quality custom home discounts, & t/a cords 541-617-1133. c ense through t h e ence in a complex organization. Minimum of 5 in Bend 541-382-3537 No job available. Immediate CCB ¹173684. CCB Cons u mertooimprovements. Redmond, years senior m a nagement experience. We are looking for independent conbig orsmall. Vet8 Sr. delivery! 541-408-6193 Website tractors to service home delivery 541-923-0882 Demonstrated ability to complete quantitative Discounts! CCB/I 1 98284 www.mreahcensedcontractor. Prineville, routes in: and qualitative analysis and financial models. Call541-300-0042 com Wanted: Irrigated farm 541-447-7178; Call a Pro A demonstrable commitment to promoting and or call 503-378-4621. ground, under pivot irOR Craft Cats, Whether you need a The Bulletin recomriqation, i n C e n tral enhancing diversity. 541-389-8420. OR. 541-419-2713 Must be available 7 days a week, early mornmends checking with LandscapingNard Care fence fixed, hedges ing hours. Must have reliable, insured vehicle. For a complete position description view the CCB prior to contrimmed or a house N OTICE: O R E G O N tracting with anyone. and use posting AmbulatorySurgery Center built, you'll find Some other t r ades Landscape Contracnumber 0010018 to apply on-line. The closing Please call 541.385.5800 or Clinical Director also req u ire addi- tors Law (ORS 671) date is 01/1 1/2013. professional help in 800.503.3933 Mon.-Fri., 8-4 or tional licenses and r equires a l l bus i - The Bulletin's "Call a BENDSURGERY apply via email at nesses that advertise certifications. C •s • N • T •s • R For information regarding this position please to p e rform L a n d- Service Professional" online O hkn Cnn ' IInrneturCrrnarn contact: Shawn Taylor, Executive Assistant Debris Removal scape C o nstruction Directory Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, where the to the Vice President, OSU-Cascades which inclu d es: 541-385-5809 environment provides a year round playat Shawn. JUNK BE GONE p lanting, decks , ground and a community that supports the orJohannah Goodwin, Human Resources, fences, arbors, I Haul Away FREE hub of Central Oregon. Bend is a great place OSU-Cascades at w ater-features, a n d All Year Dependable For Salvage. Also installation, repair of Firewood: Sp lit, Del. to live and work the Central Oregon lifestyle. Cleanups & Cleanouts Bend. Lod g epole, OSU is an AA/EOE. Press Supervisor irrigation systems to Mel, 541-389-8107 The Bulletin is seeking a night time press suPine: 1 for $180 or 2 Bend Surgery Center is a multispecialty, fast be licensed with the paced, high volume, physi ci an owned surgery for $350. Cash, Check pervisor. We are part of Western CommunicaLandscape ContracNurses Registered Handyman center which performs over 10,000 cases which is a small, family-owned group t ors B o a rd . Th i s or Credit Card OK. Community Counseling Solutions is recruit- tions, Inc., of annually. seven newspapers, five in Oregon 4-digit number is to be 541-420-3484. ing for Registered Nurses to work at Juniper consisting I DO THAT! two in California. Our ideal candidate will included in all adver- Well seasoned Juniper We are looking for a dynamic leader to fill the Home/Rental repairs Ridge Acute Care Center located in John Day, and a small crew of three and must be able tisements which indi- hardwood, $ 1 85/cord Clinical Director role. This position requires a OR. Juniper Ridge is a Secure Residential manage Small jobs to remodels to learn our equipment/processes quickly. A cate the business has split & del. 2 cord min, leader capable of providing clinical oversight Honest, guaranteed Treatment Facility providing services to indihands-on is a requirement for our 3 t/e a bond, insurance and Bend, Sunriver LaPine viduals with severe mental illness. These posi- tower KBAstyle work. CCB¹151573 the facility and will work closely with two press. Prior management/leaderworkers compensa- 541-410-6792 / 382-6099 of tions provide mental health nursing care includDennis 541-317-9768 Clinical Managers as well as the Administraexperience preferred. In addition to our tion for their employing medication oversight, medication related ship tive Team. The position reports directly to the 7-day a week newspaper, we have numerous ERIC REEVE HANDY ees. For your protectreatment, follow physician's prescriptions and Administrator, and will support two direct reprint clients as well. In addition to a SERVICES. Home 8 tion call 503-378-5909 procedures, measure and record patient's gen- commercial and 60 FTE's. The position will directly competitive wage and benefit program, we also Commercial Repairs, or use our website: Gardening Suppliesg ports eral physical condition such as pulse, temperaoversee Operating Rooms, Central Processprovide potential opportunity for advancement. Carpentry-Painting, & E q uipment • to • ture and respiration to provide daily information, ing and Receiving. Position will be responIf you provide dependability combined with a Pressure-washing, check license status educate and train staff on medication adminissible for daily staffing of the clinical departpositive attitude, are able to manage people and Honey Do's. On-time before con t racting5-shelf plastic stand, 1 tration, and ensure documentation is kept acschedules and are a team player, we would like and directing two Clinical Managers who promise. Senior with th e b u s iness. @ $49; 2 f o r $ 8 9. ment cording to policies. This position works with the to hear from you. If you seek a stable work enlead the Pre/Post-op and Endoscopy units. Discount. Work guar- Persons doing land- 541-948-4413 treatment team to promote recovery from menvironment that provides a great place to live and This position is also a member of multiple anteed. 541-389-3361 scape m a intenance tal illness. This position includes telephone con- raise a family, let us hear from you. Contact eicommittees. or 541-771-4463 do not require a LCB sultation and crisis intervention in the facility. ther; Keith Foutz, Corporate Circulation & OpFor newspaper Bonded 8 Insured license. Qualified applicants must have a valid Oregon erations Director at delivery, call the Qualified candidates must be able to demonCCB¹181595 Registered Professional Nurse's license at the or with your Circulation Dept. at strate strong leadership and communication Margo Construction time of hire, hold a valid Oregon driver's license complete resume, references and salary 541-385-5800 skills. Must be a licensed RN in the state of LLC Since 1992 and pass a criminal history background check. history/requirements. Prior press room experiPainting/Wall Covering To place an ad, call Oregon with 3-5 years of management, pref• Pavers• Carpentry Annual wage$48,000-$72,000 DOE, plus sign- ence required. No phone calls please. Drug 541-385-5809 erably in an ASC setting. Full-time exempt po• Remodeling • Decks Now is an excellent time ing bonus. Please visit the Oregon Employment test is required prior to employment. EOE or email sition. Competitive salary, benefit package, • Window/Door for interior painting! Department, our website at retirement and bonus plan. Replacement • Int/Ext Jeff A. Miller Painting communit counselin solutions.or The Bulletin Paint • CCB 176121 541-404-2826 or contact Nina Bisson at 541-676-9161, P.O. SerrrngCentral Oregon rrnrn etB Email resume to 541-480-3179 CCB¹194196 Box 469, Heppner, OR 97836.

A Payment Drop Box is available at Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN ( *) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-ol-area ads. The Bulletin reserves the right to reject any ad at any time.

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C L U B s a t urday, January 5,2013

Safety play


3o Italian almond cookies 3s Put more layers on 36 Tremendously expresses 39 Where 1o Part of a blackbirds may Spanish forest be baked? 19 1997 voice role for Meg Ryan 39 Poses a bomb threat? 16 It's in front of a benched player 4o Emulated Tiresias 12 It may be replaced by a 42 Realize dash 43 Texter's "bye 1s Corny fare? now" 19 Second-largest 44 All (store moon in the sign) solar system 46 "Every saint 2o Month before has a 1ishri Oscar Wilde 22 Astronomer's so Magic, on calculation: scoreboards Abbr. 23 Lab directive? s1 Subject of King Deioces 24 Desert gullies s2 Eponymous 26 Letter after container Oscar 53 National Voting 22 The dark side Rights Museum zs Happens to locale 1What many a character in "The Iceman Cometh"

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Media Services

If you assess the United States' four-IMP quarterfinal loss to Sweden (the gold medalists) in the 2012 World Open Teams, you can find many deals in which the U.S. could have won with sounder bidding or luckier play. In today's deal, both Souths played at four hearts. The U.S. declarer got a spade lead.He won and led a trump t o dummy's j ack. East go t h i s singleton queen, and West got two trump tricks and a diamond. Down one.

opens three clubs. Your p artner doubles, and the next player passes. What do you say? ANSWER: At a dif fer e nt vulnerability, you might pass. You have fourpossible defensive tricks, and your partner has a good hand. At this vulnerability, bid four hearts. You can expect to make it easily, and the penalty against three clubs doubled might be inadequate. South dealer N-S vulnerable

(vf AJ7

In the replay, the U.S. West led the ace of diamonds and then a club. Declarer had only the trump suit to worry about, so he led to dummy's ace in a questionable attempt to play safe. If East-West had played low, South would have led a second trump hopefully. As it was, the defense got only two trumps, and Sweden gained 12 IMPs. The U.S. declarer's play could have been right: West could have had K-Q-9-4 in trumps. I would call it u nfortunate, though i n a wo r l d championship, declarers are expected to find a winning play every time.


OKJ A KQJ 6 5 2 WEST 4Q43 9 K984 O A Q7 4 3

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Youhold: 4 A K 9 Q 1 0 6 53 2 Opening lead — 4 3 0 10 4 A 8 7 3. Only your side is vulnerable. The dealer, at your left, (C) 2013 Tribune Media Services, lnc.

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91 1999 Best

1Accords 2 Certain harpooner 3 First section 4 Locke work s Decahedronshaped die,to a gamer 6 Still green, or still red z That, in Toledo 3 Ran 9 Fill-in-the-blank story 1o Washer, e.g.: Abbr. 11 2014 World Cup locale, for short ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 12 India's so-called "Garden City" RO S E C H I N A P C B S 0P E L R EN A L A L I T 13 It's beside the point BA C KWAR D M E S S A G E ER R E V E R A S I A N 14 Got older and slower S T E V I E I S A D O R T E R N B A T A N E Y E 21 Paywall charges AP H I D I S N O M E A 24 Effortlessly P I A N O P L A Y I N G C A T zs Like con men? S O N L E N O T E C H S 26 Betrayed anxiety, say O N D E MA N D L E N A S L A T E D A S A S E T 22 Beasts of the East A R H A T R E N T K EA B E A T A S T A N D S T I L L 29 '1234" singer, 2007 CA K E A R B0 R A L E E S LE D M E S S Y 0 L D S 3o Seemingly expressing



ss Virginia v. Sebelius sub)ect, ln headlines ss Accord s9 Prominently demonstrated so Binary, in a way

No. 1201




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Puzzle by JOON PAHK

31 Egg-laying

49 "I finally got around to reading the dictionary. Turns out the did it": Steven Wright 46 Tough nut to


32 Belladonna lily 33 What like

charges do

49 They may be

clear-cut s1 Bread spread s2 Lowland

94 High point: 34 Dutch financial Abbr. giant crack se Direct 3T No longer to be found 47 Court sy "Hill Street determination 41 wa l k (old Blues" house feature) 4s Certain noncom production co. For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5554.

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DENNIS THE MENACE zel ztueretu44/59 69n4



go u dan be Bnythin g

Complete the grid so that

1/I ou Want to be

every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from1 to 9 inclusively.

when TIou grow up. 0





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SAFE HAVENS /I4(712 I4ITHC'VT' 58Le~T /A N)4ID oF JIC DI5APPc7IAT)(4i' /I loT oF Pa(7FLE cLO&e 'f/2 If'Dt/?


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4 201 2 by King Features Syndicate, I//0 World 49hts reserved

E-maif: 0//ofbrookf

http://wwweafehavenscomu com

SIX CHIX /a,4>. Y4eA6. $42d /LI'e.t. )135+ a.s I 5 051 ec+e( .

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9/NAzl. WHATS'(C%E

ACROSS 1 Style associated with Prince Valiant 8 It may hold old

7 New Haven matricuiator 8 Dozen in a box 9 Sorbonne one 10 Tots' coolers recorcls 11 First name in 15 Oakland's county vioiinists 16 Duds on a field 12 Good time 17 Layered German 13 Not quite on the dessert dot 18 Bouquet item 14 Group that 19 Covers, as a battles Magneto bare spot 21 Dippy : o riginal 20 Substantial, name of Disney's sumwise Goofy 22 Overly 24 Took an informal survey poSSeSSive type? 23 Get on 25 Journalist 24 Not berthed Stewart or 25 Point Joseph 26 Long runs 27 Soldier's 28 Fabric ridge chapeau 30 "Listen, ewe!" 29 Court legend 33 2010 film about 30 Showing one's

George Vl





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37 "If ail goes well" 38 Tops with tops 39 Not related 41 Field fare, briefly 42 Surface statistic 43 Sanctioned 45 Heat source? 46 Shiloh battlers 49 One of two teams to join the NCAA Big 12 in 201 2 50 Dance

popularized by //5


1/ y A . l i t l 1a U t 1lb tu tU JV y i c


THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by David L. Hoyt end Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles one letter io each square, fo form four ordinary words.

AAe, @

79/o down, twenty more toeo.



Perez Prado 53 Emanating heat 54 Result of excessive heat 55 Jungle movie

02013 Tnbune Media 8ervces, Inc Aff Rights Reserved.


svpport 31 Main

component of vinegar 32 Patient replies 34 France's GrenobleAirport 35 Eminence 1





36 Sedgwick portrayed in "Factory Girl" 37 Company with an Extreme Slue internship







18 20


Tl-e eLBCT(zfclAN Wc>U( c/ &ET' c /ONe IF HE KEPT —-


7I0 Yesterday'8

Now arrange the circled letters 10 farm the surprise answer, 88 suggested by the above cartoon.

J umbles: WOOZY


(A08we(8 Monday) RA DI U S ICO N I C

I Answer: The 88f/ofoge('8 new billboard waeA ZODIAC SIGN



N Y E T S 01/05/13

















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8 16


47 Better than close 48 Without a doubt 50 Boundary showers 51 Not collectively 52 Prefix with fiction 53 "Paradise Lost" river 54 Tub trouble 56 Rocks 58 Holiywood's st.

40 March 44 Flop 45"When We Dead Awaken" was his last play


costume 57 "Argo" director 59 Strength 60 Heat measure 61 Singlet synthetic 62 Work that ends badly


"How d'you expect me to remember your birthday? I was only a year old."

1 ' all ttVlb L c w t b

94 /.:.


~4AIYIAI)fHA, Hcf/) ARE Vcfu (sola)fs To+,

DIFFICULTY RATING: '4'4 'ww"ww'4+ 'w'

DOWN 50 5 1 52 1 Jetta relative 2 Utterly 3 Filler of 10-Down 55 4 Runners with 59 striped chicks 5 Dream world? 61 6 "Golden Boy" playwright By Doug Peterson

46 4 7



53 56

(0)2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

54 57


60 62

01/05/1 3


Boats & Accessories •



Tra v el Trailers • e i

Used out-drive parts - Mercury OMC rebuilt marine motors: 151 $1595; 3.0 $1895; 4.3 (1993), $1995.

oQll (

541-389-0435 Snowmobiles

2007 Ski-Doo Renegade 600 w/513 mi, like new, very fast! Reduced to $6295. 541-221-5221

Arctic Cat (2) 2005 F7 Firecats: EFI Snowpro 8 EFI EXT, excellent cond, $2800 ea;


2007 SeaDoo 2004 Waverunner, excellent condition, LOW hours. Double trailer, lots of extras.


Springdale 29' 2 0 07, slide,Bunkhouse style, sleeps 7-8, excellent condition, $1 6 ,900,



Sport Utility Vehicles

Aircraft, Parts •

Class 870. 541-385-5809

The Bulletin SerMDg Central Oregonsince 1903




Ford Explorer XLT Chevy Lumina 1 9 95

7 -pass. v a n wit h p ower c h a i r lif t , $1500; 1989 Dodge Turbo Va n 7 - pass. has new motor and t rans., $1500. I f i n- Porsche 911 1974, low terested c a l l Ja y mi., complete motor/ S UB A R U . 503-269-1057. trans. rebuild, tuned suspension, int. & ext. 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend Chrysler T & C 2005, refurb., oi l c o oling, 877-266-3821 Auto, Mini-Van! shows new in & out, Dlr ¹0354 Vin ¹90105A erf. m ech. c o n d. $5995 uch more! • ~ » $28,000 541-420-2715 2006, Pow e r w i ndows, power locks, tilt cruise, running b oards, r oo f r a c k , Was $12,999. Now $7788. Vin ¹A18448.

Ford 250 XLT 1990, 6 yd. dump bed, Auto, $5500 too m a ny extras to list, 139k, 541-410-9997 $8 5 00 obo. Serious buyers only. 541-536-0123




Sprinter 272RLS, 2009 29', weatherized, like n ew, f u rnished 8 ready to go, incl Wineard S a tellite dish,

" - ' .


Call 541-647-3718

CST /an options, orig. owner, $22,000, 541-923-6049 . I~

R ei


Weekend Warrior Toy Hauler 28' 2007,Gen, fuel station, exc cond. sleeps 8, black/gray i nterior, u se d 3X , $24,999. 541-389-9188

1 /3 interest i n w e llequipped IFR Beech Bonanza A36, new 10-550/ Chevy Wagon 1957, prop, located K BDN. 4-dr., complete, $65,000. 541-419-9510 $7,000 OBO, trades

please call


(Bend Municipal Airport)


PORSCHE 914 1974,

541-647-2822 HertzBenckcom

-' 'A

1/3 interest in Columbia 400, located at 1969, an orig. Turbo 44 fully loaded, $32,000. 541-480-0027 Sunriver. $ 1 38,500. auto 4-spd, 396, model

26,995. 541-420-9964

it-m "+


Ford F350 2008 Crew l. Cab, diesel, 55K miles, Chevy C-20 Pickup i

"boats" please see


Antique & Classic Autos


Ads published in Watercraft" include: Kayaks, rafts and motorIzed personal watercrafts. For

Snowmobile trailer 2002, 25-ft Interstate & 3 sleds, $10,900. 541-480-8009



' lj jI



$10,000 541-719-8444



Roller (no engine), lowered, full roll cage, 5-pt harnesses, racing seats, 911 dash & instruments, d e cent shape, v e r y c ool! $1699. 541-678-3249


GMC Envoy 2002 4WD $6,450. Loaded, F ord F 3 5 0 Kin g 975 Leather, Heated Ranch Super Cab Automobiles seats, Bose sound 2004, l eather, t o w system. Ext. roof rack pkg., bed liner, much (218) 478-4469 more. MUST SEE!! Was $25,999. Now Jeep Liberty 4x4, 2005, Need to get an ad $23,788. Vin ¹A34788 V6, low miles, tow pkg, $9500. 541-389-1135 in ASAP? ) SU B A R U . BMW 740 IL 1998 orig. Jeep Liberty Limited 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend wner, e xc . c o n d. Fax it to 541-322-7253 2007, auto, l eather, o 877-266-3821 101k miles, new tires, moon roof, roof rack, Dlr ¹0354 The Bulletin Classifieds alloys, Was. $13,999. loaded, sunroof. FIND IT! N ow $10,988. V i n $9500. 541-706-1897 Be!Y IT! ¹646827 ~00



NOW OPEN under Chrysler 30 0 C o u pe SELL IT! new management! MorePjxatjje t n!jj) 1967, 44 0 e n g ine,The Bulletin Classifieds Toyota Camrysl S UB A R U . Come & see us! Looking for your auto. trans, ps, air, 1984, $1200 obo; Open Monday-Friday 8-3 CRAMPED FOR ~ next employee? frame on rebuild, re- FORD RANGER XLT 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 1985 SOLD; Call 541-318-8989 i CASH? Place a Bulletin help painted original blue, 1995 Ext. cab 2WD 5 877-266-3821 1986 parts car, Use classified to sell wanted ad today and original blue interior, speed, with car alarm, Dlr ¹0354 Executive Hangar $500. those items you no reach over 60,000 original hub caps, exc. CD player, extra tires at Bend Airport longer need. Call for details, readers each week. chrome, asking $9000 on rims. Runs good. Jeep Wrangler 4x4, (KBDN) BMW Z4 Roadster Call 541-385-5809 Country Coach Intrigue Your classified ad or make offer. Clean. 92,000 miles 541-548-6592 60' wide x 50' deep, 6-cyl, soft top, 2002, 40' Tag axle. 541-385-9350 2005, 62K miles, exwill also appear on o n m o tor. $ 2 6 00 1997 w/55' wide x 17' high roll bar, front tow cenent cond. $14,000. 400hp Cummins OBO. 541-771-6511. bi-fold door. Natural bar, new tires, 541-604-9064 Toyota Corolla 2004, sel. two slide-outs. which currently regas heat, office, bathGMC 1978 4x4 Heavy chrome rims, 103K auto., loaded, 2 04k Harley Davidson Soft41,000 miles, new ceives over 1.5 milroom. Parking for 6 Duty Camper Special miles, gd cond, Buick Lucerne CXL miles. orig. owner, non Tail De l uxe 2 0 0 7 , tires & batteries. Most lion page views evc ars. A d jacent t o Chrysler SD 4-Door 2500, 3 5 0 e n gine, $5700 obo. 2009, $12,500, low smoker, exc. c o nd. white/cobalt, w / pas- options.$95,000 OBO ery month at no Frontage Rd; g reat 1930, CD S R oyal auto., 40k miles on 541-504-3253 or low miles; 2000 Buick $6500 Prin e ville senger kit, Vance & 541-678-5712 extra cost. Bulletin visibility for a viation Standard, 8-cylinder, 503-504-2764 new eng., brakes & Century $2900. You'll 503-358-8241 Hines muffler system Classifieds Get Rebus. tires good. $ 2 495. not find nicer Buicks body is good, needs 8 kit, 1045 mi., exc. ~OO sults! Call 385-5809 541-948-2126 One look's worth a some r e s toration, 541-504-3833 Jeep Wrangler Unc ond, $19,9 9 9 , More or place your ad VW Beetle, 2002 words. Call P i x a t B e n d b j l e ti l t .com P iper A r cher 1 9 8 0, runs, taking bids, l imited X 200 8 , thousand 541-389-9188. on-line at Honda Rid g e line 5-spd, silver-gray, black Bob, 541-318-9999. 541-383-3888, ~ ~ eat based in Madras, alSport Utility, 6 speed, RTL 2006, 4 D o or, for an appt. and take a leather, moonroof, CD, Harley Heritage ways hangared since 541 -815-331 8 loaded, 115K miles, V6, a u to , l e a ther, hard top, p r emium drive in a 30 mpg car! Softail, 2003 new. Ne w a n n ual, wheels, running well-maintained moon roof, running $5,000+ in extras, auto pilot, IFR, one Want to impress the (have records) boards, tow pkg., very boards, lo w m i les. Buick Le Sabre $2000 paint job, piece win d s hield. extremely clean, clean. Was. $18,999. Was $26,999. Now relatives? Remodel Limited 2005, 30K mi. 1 owner, Fastest Archer $4650 obo. N ow $ 15,450. V i n $23,988. Vin ¹572535 auto, very clean, one For more information Econoline Rt/ 1 9 89, your home with the around. 1750 t o t al 541-546-6920 ¹512698 owner, V-6, leather, please call S UBA R U . help of a professional fully loaded, exc. cond, t ime. $68,5 0 0 . Vin ¹140803 541-385-8090 35K m i. , R e duced from The Bunetin's 541-325-3556 ) SUBA R U . 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend WHEN YOU SEE THIS or 209-605-5537 $9,995 FIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, $16,950. 541-546-6133 "Call A Service 877-266-3821 T-Hangar for rent 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend door panels w/flowers HD Screaming Eagle Dlr ¹0354 ~OO Professional" Directory at Bend airport. 877-266-3821 & hummingbirds, Electra Glide 2005, OF BEND CAN'T BEAT THIS! N Call 541-382-8998. Dlr ¹0354 white soft top & hard 103 motor, two tone Jeep Wran g l er 541-647-2822 Look before you 882 top. Just reduced to On a classified ad candy teal, new tires, Unlimited X 2007, buy, below market HertzBenckcom go to $3,750. 541-317-9319 23K miles, CD player, varue! Size & mileFifth Wheels Sport Utility, 6 speed, Trucks & DLR4821 or 541-647-8483 hydraulic clutch, exrunning boards, preaqe DOES matter! Heavy Equipment to view additional cenent condition. mium wheels, off road Chevy Cobalt 2010, I nternational Fla t Crass A 32' Hurriphotos of the item. Highest offer takes it. Bed Pickup 1963, 1 tires, tow pkg. Low 4 dr., auto, pl, pw, CD. cane by Four Winds, 541-480-8080. miles. Was $25,999. 2007. 12,500 mi, all t on dually, 4 s p d. Vin ¹224786 amenities, Ford V10, trans., great MPG, N ow $ 22,788. V i n Only $11,995 Ithr, cherry, slides, could be exc. wood ¹147938 0 Softail Deluxe like new! New low hauler, runs great, ) S UBAR U . 2010, 805 miles, 4@ Carri-Lite Luxury 2009 j)JI!ift(see price, $54,900. new brakes, $1950. BUBARUOBBI!ND OOM Ford Galaxie500 1963, OF BEND Black Chameleon. by Carriage, 4 slide541-548-5216 541-419-5480. 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend Reo Dump 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, 541-647-2822 $17,000 outs, inverter, satel- Diamond 390 v8,auto, pwr. steer & 877-266-3821 Truck 19 7 4, 12 -14 HertzBenckcom lite sys, fireplace, 2 Call Don @ Dlr ¹0354 G ul!stream Sce n i c yard box, runs good, radio (orig),541-419-4989 DLR4821 flat screen TVs. 541-410-3823 Cruiser 36 !t. 1999, $6900, 541-548-6812 Ford Mustang Coupe $60,000. Mazda 2010 MAZDA3 Advertise your car! Cummins 330 hp die541-480-3923 1966, original owner, Touring, silver, 32,814 Add A Prcture! sel, 42K, 1 owner, 13 G K E A T V8, automatic, great mi., ¹206911 $14,995 Reach thousands of readers! 1000 in. kitchen slide out, CHECK YOURAD shape, $9000 OBO. BBoats & Accessories Call 541-385-5809 new tires,under cover, Legal Notices 530-515-8199 RAM 2500 2003, 5.7L The Bulletin Classifieds hwy. miles only,4 door Hyster H25E, runs hemi V8, hd, auto, cruise, 13' Smokercraft '85, fridge/freezer iceOregon PUBLIC AUCTION well, 2982 Hours, What are you am/fm/cd. $8400 obro. good cond., 15Hp maker, W/D combo, AutnSegrce The following units will 541-420-3634 /390-1285 $3500,call Interbath t ub & be sold at Public Auclooking for? gas Evinrude + 541-598-3750 541-749-0724 935 shower, 50 amp protion on January 16, Minnkota 44 elec. Please check your ad You'n find it in pane gen & m o re! 2013, at 11:00 a.m. Sport Utility Vehicles motor, fish finder, 2 on the first day it runs Nissan Armada SE .i $55,000. Boone, Shirley, Unit The Bulletin Classifieds to make sure it is corextra seats, trailer, 541-948-2310 Sport Utility 2007, Chrysler Sebring 2006 ¹36; Yoder, Tina, Unit rect. Sometimes inextra equip. $2900. auto, power windows, Funy loaded, exc.cond, ¹ 255. $ 1 0 .00 E n structions over theI 541-388-9270 power locks, leather, trance fee per person. very low miles (38k), 541-385-5809 phone are mis- • fully loaded, very nice. always garaged, T he auction will b e understood and an error Peterbilt 359 p o table aljjt 17' 1984 Chris Craft Was $16,999. Now held at Hwy. 97 Mini transferable warranty can occurin youradI water t r uck, 1 9 9 0, Ford Ranchero - Scorpion, 140 HP $13,988. Vin ¹700432 incl. $8100 obo S torage, 16 0 0 N . If this happens to your 3200 gal. tank, 5hp 1979 Buick Enclave 2008 CXL H ighway 97 , R e d inboard/outboard, 2 U 541-848-9180 ad, please contact us p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, depth finders, tron- Jayco Seneca 2 007, with 351 Cleveland AWD, V-6, black, clean, 4 j+ S U B A R U . mond, Oregon. CASH the first day your ad camlocks, $ 2 5 ,000. modified engine. mechanicall y sound, 82k ONLY. NO CHECKS, ing motor, full cover, 17K mi., 35ft., Chevy appears and we will 541-820-3724 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend Honda Civic LX miles. $20,995. EZ - L oad t railer, Body is in DEBIT OR C REDIT be happy to fix it 5500 d i e sel, to y 877-266-3821 2008, like new, Call 541-815-1216 excellent condition, CARDS. $3500 OBO. 925 hauler $130 , 000. as soon as we can. Dlr ¹0354 always garaged, 541-382-3728. $2500 obo. 541-389-2636. If we can assist you Utility Trailers Chevy Sub u rban loaded. 27k mi., 541-420-4677 HertZGarOFSal es please call us: 1 500 LT Z7 1 P k g 'BB one owner. BEND 541 -385-5809 2004, t o w pkg. , $13,500. The Bulletin Classified leather, running 541-550-0994. boards, 3rd row seat, Big Tex LandscapWas $13,999. Now Get your ing/ ATI/Trailer, $9988. Vin ¹212758 Optima EX 2 0 04 Porsche Cayenne 2004, Kia Chrysler T&C business dual axle flatbed, 2.7L V6, all power op- 2005 18.5' '05 Reinen 185, V-6 86k, immac, dealer 7'x16', 7000 lb. AT, Mieivan S UB A R U . Immaculate! tions, moonroof, Volvo Penta, 270HP, GMC 333 tan 1971, Only maint'd, loaded, now ............$5,995 GVW, an steel, leather, Infin- ¹590105A Beaver Coach Marquis a ROW I N G low hrs., must see, 40' 2000 Ford Expedition $19,700! Original low 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend $17000. 503-459-1580 spoiler, $1400. 1987. New cover, ity A M / FM/CD/casEddie Bauer,loaded $15,000, 541-330-3939 mile, exceptional, 3rd 877-266-3821 541-382-4115, or new paint (2004), new Subaru Baja Turbo sette, alloys, studded ¹812704..............$6,995 owner. 951-699-7171 Dlr ¹0354 541-280-7024. inverter (2007). Onan with an ad in 110K miles, me- 2005 Buick LeSabre 2006, Spo rt u tility, tires, 6300 watt gen, 111K mi, Chevy Tahoe LS 2001 The Bulletin's fully loaded, tow pkg., ticulously maintained, Limited AT,Very Clean, 1 parked covered $35,000 4x4. 120K mi, Power moon roof, l eather. $8950. 760-715-9123 Owner, Leather,ve "Call A Service Walton 14' dump 20.5' 2004 Bayliner obo. 541-419-9859 or (in Bend) seats, Tow Pkg, 3rd Was $17,999. Now ¹140803 ..............$98995 trailer, power 205 Run About, 220 541-280-2014 Professional" row seating, e xtra $13,788. Vin ¹103218 2010 FordFocus 4-Dr up/power down, Mitsubishi 3 00 0 GT HP, V8, open bow, tires, CD, pnvacy tintSedan SEAT,Ac, Loaded Directory 7,000 Ib tandem ax1 999, a u to., p e a rl ing, upgraded rims. exc. cond., very fast ¹272861...........$11,995 tllnamb les, used very little, / SUBARU. w hite, very low m i . Fantastic cond. $7995 w/very low hours, B a r racuda 2010 ChevyCobalt tLx new $11,900; mine, Plymouth $9500. 541-788-8218. lots of extras incl. Contact Timm at 1966, original car! 300 541-408-2393 for info 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 4-Or Sedan, AT, PL, PW, CO, $7200. tower, Bimini & Skip the Pumps hp, 360 V8, center- or to view vehicle. 877-266-3821 541-350-3921 custom trailer, ¹224786........... $11,995 lines, (Original 273 Dlr ¹0354 $19,500. eng & wheels incl.) C hevy T ahoe L S 2011 Kia Rio LX Monaco Dynasty 2004, 541-389-1413 4-Or Sedan, AT,Super Fuel 541-593-2597 loaded, 3 slides, dieSport Utility 2004, Saver andPRICED TONOVEt Automotive Parts, sel, Reduced - now Fleetwood Wilderness 4x4, power windows, Vans PROJECT CARS: Chevy ¹960522 ............ $12,777 $119,000, 5 4 1-923- 36', 2005, 4 s l ides, Service & AccessorieF 2-dr FB 1949-(SOLD) & power locks, cruise, 2011 Hyendai AccentGLS rear bdrm, fireplace, 8572 or 541-749-0037 tilt, al l o ys , Was Coupe 1950 "MyLittle Red Corvette" 4-DrSedan,AT,SuperFuelSaver AC, W/D hkup beau- 1930's Ford truck head- Chevy $12,999. Now $9799. rolling chassis's $1750 1996 coupe. 132K, ¹615414............$128777 tiful u n it ! $ 3 0 ,500. lamps, (4) for $149 an. 20.5' Seaswirl Spyea., Chevy 4-dr 1949, Vin ¹ 216330 26-34 mpg. 350 auto. 2009 ChevyHHR 541-815-2380 541-948-4413 der 1989 H.O. 302, complete car, $ 1949; $12,500 541-923-1781 4-Dr, AT,VeryLowMiles 285 hrs., exc. cond., Cadillac Series 61 1950, 4@ i SU B A R U . ¹517726 ............. $1 38995 1953 Chevy Pickup stored indoors for 2 dr. hard top, complete 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 2012 Nissan Versa 4-Dr hood, $75 obo. Chevrolet G20 Sportslife $11,900 OBO. w /spare f r on t cl i p ., Sedan 877-266-3821 541-389-0232 ~~i man, 1993, exlnt cond, Vehicle? 541-379-3530 $3950, 541-382-7391 AT w/cvt,Ac, pw,pL Dlr ¹0354 Southwind 35.5' Triton $4750. 541-362-5559 or Call The Bulletin 1963 Chevy P i c kup ¹816523 ............. $14,259 2008,V10, 2 slides, Du t 541-663-6046 and place an ad tohood, yellow, $100. Ford Expedition 2012 Chevy Impala LT Ads published in the pont UV coat, 7500 mi K omfort 25' 2 0 06, 1 DONl IHISSTHIS dayi AT, V-6, Roof, Loaded "Boats" classification slide, AC, TV, awning. 541-389-0232 Bauer Edition 2000, Bought new at Ask about our ¹115742 ............. $1 5,777 NEW: tires, converter, ChevyAstro include: Speed, fishVW Karman G hia Loaded. Vin ¹812704 $132,913; 1965 Ford Custom auto "Whee/ Deal"! 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 batteries. Hardly used. h ood, w h ite, $ 8 5 . 1970, good cond., Cargo Van 2001, ing, drift, canoe, $6,995 asking $93,500. for private party crewcab sLT $15,500. 541-923-2595 house and sail boats. new upholstery and pw, pdl, great cond., Call 541-419-4212 541-389-0232 advertisers ¹1 57572.................$16,995 business car, well For all other types of convertible top. 2010 Sebare Forester 1975 Ford Pickup hood, $10,000. OF BENC maint'd, regular oil watercraft, please see 2.5x, AT, AWO red, $75. 541-389-2636 changes, $4500. Class 875. 541-647-2822 ¹795497.................$1 9,259 541-389-0232 541-385-5809 Please call 2007 ChevyTahoe LS 541-633-5149 DLR4821 Haul-Master steel cargo 1500 Nicely equipped carrier, fits 2" receiver, ¹1 52582.................$19,777 MONTANA 3585 2008, $40 obo. 541-678-5575 Ford Explorer 4x4, Chev 1994 G20 c us2010 Nissan Maxima W innebago Ita s c a exc. cond., 3 slides, Studded snow t i r es, 1991 - 154K miles, tomized van, 1 2 8k, AT, Leather, 3.5 LtrVe, Sundancer 26' 1987, king bed, Irg LR, Arcrare 5-speed tranny 3 50 motor, HD t o w cvT Transmission 51K mi., exc. cond. 2 50/60R16 on L e s tic insulation, all ope quipped, seats 7 , & manual hubs, ¹809343............. .$218995 $8000. 541-419-9251 S chwab whee l s . VW Thing 1974, good tions $37,500. sleeps 2. comfort, utilwith ou r spe c i al clean, straight, ev2010 Nissan Maxima $100. 541-447-0317 541-420-3250 cond. Extremely Rare! ity road ready, nice Nissan Sentra, 2012rates for selling your I eryday driver. Was AT, Leather Only built in 1973 & cond. $4000?Trade for 12,610 mi, full warranty, We Buy Junk $2200; now $1900! ¹809347.. .$21,995 ( boat or watercraft! NuWa 29 7LK Hi t ch1 974. $8,000. mini van. Call Bob, PS, PB, AC, & more! 2007 ToyotaF-J Cruiser Cars & Trucks! Bob, 541-318-9999 Hiker 2007, 3 slides, 541-318-9999 541-389-2636 $16,000. 541-788-0427 AT, 4WO, 45K Lew Miles, Cash paid for junk f Place an ad in The 32' touring coach, left Nicely Equipped B ulletin w i t h ou r batteries & kitchen, rear lounge, vehicles, ¹085836.. .$23,995 catalytic converters. / 3-month package Winnebago Suncruiser34' many extras, beautiful 2012 Hyeodai Tucson 2004, only 34K, loaded, cond. inside & o ut, Serving an of C.O.! ~ which includes: Limited Awo, AT, with Call 541-408-1090 • too much to list, ext'd $32,900 OBO, PrinevFactory Warranty ( *5 lines of text and ~ warr. thru 2014, $54,900 ine. 541-447-5502 days ¹454193.................$24,995 "4O a photo or up to 10 Dennis, 541-589-3243 & 541-447-1641 eves. CtEFI/I 2n12 ChevyEquinoxSLT Antique & +6 (ye/. t/~ J lines with no photo. AWD, AT,V-6, Back-upCamera 881 'areS *Free online ad at t3<y Classic Autos ¹107907.................$248995 Call C /&e/ I Travel Trailers 80l(O h er/, 2012 Subare Outback2.5 esa o Qg *Free pick up into '55 Chevy 2 dr . w gn Fe/tee/ ERSB PremiumAT,AWD The Central Oregon ~ PROJECT car, 3 50 8O e Fee +/Oe,/D ¹217592 .............. $26,259 COACHMEN small block w/Weiand [ Nickel ads. 2008 Mercedes-Benz 1979 23' trailer dual quad tunnel ram M-Class 3.5 uter, Loaded, 4!a4 Pilgrim 27', 2007 5th Fully equipped. e~o . r/lve with 450 Holleys. T-10 I Rates start at $46. I Low Miles wheel, 1 s lide, AC, e/eo oie $2000. 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, Oce ¹435853A ............ $27,777 Call for details! TV,full awning, excel- Weld Prostar whls, at/or e ' otrire l e er 541-312-8879 2011 Nissan Armada 541-385-5809 lent shape, $23,900. extra rolling chassis + OA q ih or 541-350-4622. Nicely Equipped,AT 541-350-8629 Motorcycles & Accessories






The Bulletin




More PixatBendbuletijt,com




















~ The Bulletin ~

L'"" '" "


The Bulletin


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Cleapance.Cleapance. Cleapance.

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extras. $6000 for an.

LThe Bulleting

AWD f/L607645......$35,995


Through t/t0/13 Aiivehiclessubjectio prior sale, does BOtinCludetaX, liCenSeOr title andreg-


citement in your neigborhood. Plan a ga1921 Model T rage sale and don't Pilgrim In t e rnational Delivery Truck forget to advertise in 2005, 36' 5th Wheel, Restored & Runs 2005 27', 4' classified! 385-5809. Springdale slide in dining/living area, Model¹M-349 RLDS-5 $9000. sleeps 6, low mi,$15,000 Fall price $ 2 1,865. 541-389-8963 ServingCentral Oregon since 1903 obo. 541-408-3811 541-312-4466 8

The Bulletin


ieration processinfee g of $100. vinrs posled at dealership. SeeHertz Car Sales oiBendiol details. Oeaier¹4821

HertZGarSales OF SEND



535 NESavannahDr,Bend


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

With Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and 27 MPG4, the 2013 Subaru Forester turns routine trips into uncommon adventures.





QjP B U BA RU. C onf i d e n c e i n M o t i o n

'xe Gs

Le .



Subaru, Outback, Forester, Legacy and lmpreza are registered trademarks. '2012 Top Safety Picks include the 2013 Subaru Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca. 'EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Forester 2.5X models. Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 Subaru lmpreza 2.0 CVT models. Actual mileage may vary.

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i L imited CV T

Power Moonroof, Navigation System, NavTraffic - both with 4-month free. EyeSight Driver-Assist System, Splash Guards, Puddle Lights, Floor Mats/All Weather/4

2013 Subaru Forester 2.5X 5MT

2013 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium 5MT

2013 Subaru Forester 2.5XT Premium 4AT

Popular package ¹1, Auto Dimming Mirror/Compass, Splash Guard Kit, Rear BumperCover, Cargo Tray

Turbo, Popular Package ¹2, Auto Dim Mirror/Compass w/Homelink. Splash Guard Kit. Rear Bumper Cover. Cargo Tray. Luggage Compartment Cover. Puddle Light Kit.

16-inch Alloy Wheels, Roof Rails - Black Finish. Standard Destination Charge

Automatic Automatic







MSRP $34,923. VIN: D3251033. DDF-20

MSRP $22,990. VIN: DG441733. DFA-21

MSRP $25,768. VIN: DG410322. DFE-Qf

MSRP $29,067. VIN: DH408047, DH407964, DH407591. DFM-Ol

SUBARU the new vehicle of Mt. Bachelor..

Get 2 season ski passes with a purchase or lease of a new Subaru. D ec. 1st to Jan. 12th, 20 13 . 2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i P remium C V T

2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i P remium C V T

All Weather Package: Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors. Popular Package ¹2: Auto Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink. Floor Mats/All Weather/4. Cargo Tray. Splash Guards. Rear Bumper Applique. Standard Destination Charge.

All Weather Package: Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors. Cargo Tray. Rear Bumper Applique. Standard Destination Charge.



Power Moonroof, Auto-Dimming Mirror, Rear Vision Camera, Roof Rails, Front Bumper Underguard, Rear Bumper Cover, Floor Mats, All Weather 7-Passenger, Splash Guard Kit, Puddle Lights



2013 S ub a r u Outb a c k 2 . 5 i C VT

2013 Subaru Tribeca 3.6R Limited 5AT



• •

g) g % * :A!P.RT

Q~RIE IQM 11u~u~


MSRP $24,730 VIN: D3009424. DAD-02

Subaru Certified Pre-Owned

MSRP $24,588 VIN: D3013408 DAD-02

MSRP $35,729 VIN: D4400115 DTD-04

NEW!! 7-YEAR,100,000-MILE POWERTRAIN WARRANTY Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers: • 7-year/100,000-mile Powertrain Coverage • $0 deductible

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i L i m i t e d

2 012 S u b a r u F oreste r 2 . 5 X T Turbo

CVT Transmission, Leather, Moonroof, Premium Sound, Low Miles

Automatic, Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, Low, Low Miles!


• Factory-backed coverage • 152-point safety inspection

• CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i L i m i t e d

Leather, Moonroof, Multi Disc

VIN: A3386217


VINICH437255 •

2 010 S u b a r u O uttback W a g o n 2 .5i Li m i t e d C V T

VTTransmission, Leather, Heated Seats, Premium Sound, Low Miles!

• •

MSRP $25,764 VIN: D3263250 DDQ-01

C3 D


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For homes online WWW b e n d h O m e S . COm




Beautiful New Redmond Home

Delight on the Deschutes

Located in McKenzie Rim Estates, which is situated along the edge of Redmond's scenic Dry Canyon, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is a spacious 1800 square feet. This Hayden Home offers stainless steel appliances, tile kitchen countertops, birch cabinets, fireplace with f l a t s c reen w i r ing a b ove, t w o-tone interior paint, a covered patio and much more. Priced to sell at $199,990 — Call Char today at 541-410-3662 for more information or visit

JQ ~

I k'IUr-- Q Nf:


D rift off t o s l eep with th e sounds of t h e Deschutes River rolling below your window. Wake up to a walk along the river trail. Come back later with y our fl y r o d o r m o untain bike. It's all in a d ay's play at PointsWest Townhomes, whe r e mai n t e nance-free living makes countless adventures possible. PointsWest is located at the Seventh Mountain Resort right next to Widgi Creek Golf Course. One- and two-story floor plans start in the low $400,000s. Call Judy at 541-390-1411 or Shelly at 541-408-0086.



Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement

Messy closets and clutter throughout home may be indicative of a storage deficit, but there are simple ways to increase storage space. •


' ll'I

o n ain e •

The next step is to maximize the space of your existing closets.Many closetsare equipped What homeowner has not with just a shelf and a clothing lamented that they have many rack, greatly limiting the stormore belongings than they age potential. Investing in a have storage space? In some closet organization system is homes, particularly in older one way to transform a poorly homes, closetspace and other utilized space. These systems areas to store items may be can be purchased, often inlacking. Apartment dwellers expensively, from a home imoften find they're lacking in provement center.Comprised storagespace as well.Butsav- of modular racks and shelvvy homeowners can find both ing, the arrangement can be permanent and temporary so- customized depending on the lutions to their home storage size of the closet. Oftentimes, the addition of shelving or anproblems. O ne of the easiestways to cre- other rack for hanging clothes ate storage space is to simply can solve some storage issues. remove some belongings from These closet systems are ideal theresidence.Go through clos- for renters because they can ets around the house and pick be installed w it h m i n i mal through the attic and garage to damage and be removed when see if there are any items that a lease expires. can be discarded or donated. Homeowners may have to Items that are broken can be think vertically to solve stordiscarded, while those things age solutions. Wal l s p ace that still have utility can be do- may be abundant ina home nated or sold. where closets are not. There-

fore, shelving a n d cabinets can be places to keep items neatlyoffthe fl oor. A series of shelves can be installed next to a washing machine to keep laundry supplies organized. In children's rooms, build bookcases atlower heights so children can store frequently used reading material and toys without the temptation to climb. Hang hooks to hold hats, jackets, backpacks and robes. Whenever p o ssible, look to store items on the walls where they will keep clutter off the floor. Storagecan be created in the bathroom by using wall space as well. Use space over the toilet to hang a cabinet to store hand towels and other toiletries if the space under the sink has already been claimed. Many apartment dwellers recognize the advantage of having items that serve double-duty in their living spaces. For example, a c onvertible

3 beds 2 baths. Beautiful1862 SF.home in NorthWest Crossing. Fully applianced kitchen with granite counter tops & oak cabinets. Hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings, fireplace, large master suite. Finished $ 9~ 0 . b asement. Pets ok.



1633 NE Lotus ¹2

L •

3 beds, 2 baths. Spacious townhomew/open floor plan, fully applianced kitchen, private master suite, W/D hook-ups, single I' , car garage.Water/ '. ;~ 8+ 0 sew e r/yard care paid. Pleasenopets. :





805 NW Saginaw ¹3 2 beds, 2baths.FULLY FURNISHE Dcondoperfect for a winterget-away!Shortdistanceto downtown,Newport Market and about25minutes to Mt. Bachelor!Complete ' i' , with W/D&doublecar :~ :-- ' ' ; : g $50 gar age. All utilities 8 ' yardcarspaid.











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Plt •



980 Hidden Valley Drive



15 NW Portland Ave ¹111 Beautiful 2 bd, 2bath condo onthe river, just two blocks from downtown! Fully applianced,stainless steel kitchen w/built-in wine cooler. Hardwoodfloors & gas fireplace in the living room.Roomymaster bath with oversizedtub. W/Dincluded. 550 Spacious deckoverlooking the river! Gated

• aae 4


sofa can be used for sitting and then turned into a bed for overnight guests. Ottomans that have a storage compartment can house anything from throw blankets to magazines. An armoire may house the television but also have a pullout shelf that can hold a laptop computer. In the kitchen, move food items out of cabinetry and into a "pantry" you create elsewhere in the house, such as a laundry room or garage. This frees up more room forpots and pans. Cabinets that have pull-out shelving help maximize tight recesses of cabinets and keep things organized and in sight. For those with limited cabinets, pots and pans can be hung from a pot rack suspended in the kitchen. Even when there is a small amount of storage space, individuals can find clever ways to neatly store items.

2312 NW Lemhi Pass Dr., Bend

• •

by CMS, for The Bulletin Advertising Department

2 beds,2.5baths. Cozytri-level towahome tuckedia aNEBend neighborhood!Full kitchenwith closetsized pantryaadslider leading onto the plushmaturelandscapedyard. Sunkenliving room,W/Dhookups ia utility room.Singlecar garage.Water/SewerPaid.

e ','


• •/• I

I '





~ •




IP p






I pledge to strongly represent your management interests and surpass your expectations ... Always. You have my w ord onit . Proudly serving Bend, Redmond, Sisters & Prineville

• •






TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 5 41-385-580 9 730

RENTALS 603 - RentalAlternatives 604 - Storage Rentals 605 - Roommate Wanted 616- Want To Rent 627 Vacation Rentals & Exchanges 630 - Rooms for Rent 631 - Condominiums & Townhomes for Rent 632 - Apt./Multiplex General 634- Apt./Multiplex NE Bend 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend 638 - Apt./Multiplex SE Bend 640 - Apt./Multiplex SW Bend 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 648- Houses for Rent General 650 - Houses for Rent NEBend 652 - Houses for Rent NWBend 654- Houses for Rent SE Bend 656 - Houses for Rent SWBend 658 - Houses for Rent Redmond 659 - Houses for Rent Sunriver 660 - Houses for Rent La Pine 661 - Houses for Rent Prineville 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters 663 - Houses for Rent Madras 664- Houses for Rent Furnished 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent 675 - RV Parking 676 -Mobile/Mfd.Space 682 - Farms, Ranches and Acreage 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent REAL ESTATE 705- Real Estate Services 713 - Real Estate Wanted 719 - Real Estate Trades 726 - Timeshares for Sale 730 - New Listings 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale 738- Multiplexes for Sale 740 -Condominiums & Townhomes forSale 744 - Open Houses 745- Homes for Sale 746- Northwest Bend Homes 747 - Southwest Bend Homes 748- Northeast Bend Homes 749- Southeast Bend Homes 750 - Redmond Homes 753 - Sisters Homes 755- Sunriver/La Pine Homes 756 - Jefferson County Homes 757 - Crook County Homes 762 - Homes with Acreage 763 - Recreational Homes and Property 764- Farms and Ranches 771 - Lots 773 - Acreages 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homes with Land 634

Apt./Multiplex NE Bend px GREAT WINTER 8



2 bdrm, 1 bath, $530 & $540 w/lease. Carports included! FOX HOLLOW APTS.

(541) 383-31 52


Cascade Rental Management. Co.

Roommate Wanted

Sharecozy mobile home in Terrebonne, $275+ y/p Call for Specia/s! Limited numbers avail. utils. 503-679-7496 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. Just bought a new boat? W/D hookups, patios Sell your old one in the or decks. classifieds! Ask about our MOUNTAIN GLEN, Super Seller rates! 541 -383-931 3 541-385-5809 Professionally 630 managed by Norris & Stevens, Inc. Rooms for Rent Studios & Kitchenettes p eople Look for Information Furnished room, TV w/ About products and cable, micro & fridge. Utiis & Iinens. New Services Every Day through owners. $145-$165/wk The BulletinC/assifieds 541-382-1885


Property Management,Inc.

541-3S2-0053 AVAILABLE BEND AREA RENTALS • 2 Bdrm/1 Bath Apt. - Cheerful upper unit w/balcony. Close to downtown & Pioneer Park. Laundry on site. Off-street parking. No pets. $500.00 INST

•2 Bdrm/1 Bath Apt. Near Downtown - Spacious lower unit has fireplace. On-site laundry. Off-street parking. No pets. $550 M/ST • Furnished 1 Bdrm/1 Bath Condo - Mt. Bachelor Village. Murphy bed, too! Great place to transition or relax. Access to pool 8 Jacuzzi. Free Wi-Fi. No pets. $650.00 H/ST •Open cheerful 3 Bdrm/2 Bath SW Home on huge corner lot. Fenced back yard. Patio. Large laundry room. Gas FP. Dbl. garage. 1321 sq. ft., GFA. A/C. Pets? $1 1 50.00 month •Nice 3 Bdrm/2Bath SW Home - Cozy setting. Fenced back yard. Great room. Separated Master bdrm. Jenn-Air range. GFA, AC, gas FP. 1250 s . ft. Pets??? $1150.00 Mo. AVAILABLE REDMOND AREA RENTALS

•Large Single Level 4 Bdrm/2 Bath Home on Corner Lot not far from the New Wal-Mart. Formal living room w/ bay window seat. Formal dining room. Family room with GFP. 2330 sq. ft. Fenced back yard. Pets?? $1100.00 *** FOR ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES *** CALL 541-382-0053 &/or Stop By the Office at 587 NE Greenwood, Bend



Apt./Multiplex NW Bend New Listings New Listings Commercial/Investment Homes for Sale Homes for Sale Homes for Sale Properties for Sale Nice, quiet, upper level 2 Awbrey Glen j NW Bend Land j 17360 Brandt. Large 67375 Rab b itbrush. 61250 King Solomon Bdrm, oak cabinets, DW, Updated Kings Forest $599,000 $495,000 land 1 acre 1/2 Acre Lot near Big B end Home o n 5 W/S/G/cable pd, laundry Quality-built home by Tumalo Creek Gem! 40 Commercial Deschutes. $242,900 Acres w/C a scade 3 Bedroom Home. lot on SE corner of facils. $650mo $500 dep. Dave Ha s enoehrl. acres bordering naViews. $330,000 $289,900 Finley Butte & Rus- TEAM Birtola Garmyn No smkg. 541-383-2430 One level, 3 bedroom, tional forest. Creek sell Rd. Sewer and Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2.5 bath with o pen meanders th r o ugh water hooked up on Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert Prudential High Desert Small studio close to liroom floor plan property. T i mbered lot. Fenced, owner www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 Realty 541-312-9449 brary, all util. pd. $550, great & v a ulted c e i ling. and private retreat. www. BendOregon www. BendOregon $525 dep. No pets/ terms are p o ssibly Solid granite counters, MLS¹201209443 smoking. 541-330available. $94,900 1045 Golden Pheasant Craig Long, Broker 9769 or 541-480-7870 SS appliances, hardMLS¹ 2704740 Eagle Cr e s t Gol f 19717 Mt. Bachelor Rector. Upgraded wood flooring, wide 541-480-7647 Cascade Realty, Course T o wnhome. Recently Updated Mt. 1623 Single Level Wheel trims & molding. We never stop moving: 642 Dennis Haniford, $115,000 Bachelor Village chair Acce s sible MLS¹201209414 Princ. Broker Apt./Multiplex Redmond TEAM Birtola Garmyn Condo, $169,900 Home. $74,900 Diane Robinson, 541-536-1731 Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Broker, ABR 2 bdrm, 1 bath duplex Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert Prudential High Desert 541-419-8165 Lots In Crooked River unit, $550 mo.+ $635 www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 Realty 541-312-9449 Ranch. Great opporWe never stop moving: d ep. 1326 SW O www. BendOregon www. BendOregon MORRIS tunity to start a busisidian, Avail Feb. 1. ness or relocate an 61681 Woodriver. 2 541-728-6421. REAL ESTATE existing bus i ness. Lots - Total .77 AC 903 NW Newport. Great I d pc dc dyO d d Op c c cd $1,200,000 Near restaurants, ho- Adj. 2 Lots For Sale Bend Westside Loca 648 Estate In Gated Golf Too. $450,000 tion on L arge Lot. tel and golf course. Houses for Redmond j $125,000 Community terms a vail. TEAM Birtola Garmyn $180,000 MORRIS Light and bright 4 bed- Owner Rent General Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn Cascade views with 2.5 Business Circle, Lot REAL ESTATE room home on almost 82 - 1 . 0 5 a c res acres, 4bdrm, w i th Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert a 1/4 acre. 2 stories, $25,000; Lot 50 - 1.30 PUBLISHER'S Ccdcpcndcpdy&mcd ccd Opcccccd his/hers master suites www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 with fenced backyard, NOTICE on main level. 3 gas Lot 51 - 1.23 www. BendOregon landscaping, sprinkler acres. All real estate adverCheck out the fireplaces, roomy $35,000 each 1148 NW Constellation system, and RV area. acres. tising in this newspaclassifieds online kitchen, wrap around or purchase all 3 for Custom Built Awbrey 51863 Fordham Gor- windows, wood floors, per is subject to the A ll a p pliances r e - $90,000. Juniper ReNW Bend Home, placed within the last alty, 541-504-5393 geous Craftsman, 3 F air H o using A c t & 3 car garage. Golf Updated daily 7 years. $469,000 bdrm + o f f ice l oft, cart bay w/ 1560 s/f which makes it illegal Prudential High Desert MLS¹201209276 $179,900 to a d v ertise "any Mountain View Ranch M otel with H wy . 9 7 coach house c o mTenBroek - Hilber Realty 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn preference, limitation frontage in the city of p lete w i t h sho p . $1,200,000 www. BendOregon Prudential High Desert Group, LLC or disc r imination 158 Acres of Privacy & La Pine. 9 units plus S pectacular lan d 541-550-4944 Realty 541-312-9449 based on race, color, M ountain Views. 2 owner's living quarscaping, pond, www. BendOregon religion, sex, handi- custom log homes, ir- We never stop moving: ters. Mountain and 1 2445 R a inbow. P r i streams & waterfall all set w i t hi n f e n c ed cap, familial status, meadow views. rigation, hay producv ate Setting o n 5 marital status or na$1,250,000 tion & backs to NaAcres Backing Public 3546 SW 35th. Large area. cs tional origin, or an in- tional Grasslands for MLS¹ 2712469 Land.$349,900 4000+ S F Home Ryan Whitcomb, Brotention to make any ker 541-639-1151 Cascade Realty, lots of open space & TEAM Birtola Garmyn w/Wine Cellar. such pre f e rence, t he n e a rb y De s Dennis Haniford, Aaron Boehm, Broker Prudential High Desert $481,703 limitation or discrimi- chutes River. Great MORRIS Princ. Broker 541-647-8851 Realty 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn nation." Familial sta541-536-1731 Hunter Properties horse & view property! REAL ESTATE www. BendOregon Prudential High Desert tus includes children MLS¹201209411 Realty 541-312-9449 Indcpccdcndy (hmcd ccd Opcccccd under the age of 18 $129,900 Diane Lozito, Broker TURN THE PAGE www. BendOregon 1 6206 H a wk s La i r . New On living with parents or 541-548-3598 Call The Bulletin At For More Ads Builders Own Custom The Market! legal cus t o dians, 541-306-9646 541-385-5809 Home w/Garage + 26295 Willard. 10 Acre Beautiful Townhome in pregnant women, and We never stop moving: The Bulletin Property w i t h 2 the Fairhaven neighPlace Your Ad Or E-Mail Shop. $399,000 people securing cusTEAM Birtola Garmyn Homes, Barn & Shop. borhood. Tile tody of children under At: Prime Hwy 97 commer18. This newspaper $375,000 counters, Hic k o ry cial updated in 2006, Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn c abinets, ga s f i r ewill not knowingly acRedmond j $211,647 850 sq.ft., plenty of www. BendOregon Prudential High Desert cept any advertising place, & vaulted ceilNew 4 bedroom, 2.5 parking in rear, cenRealty 541-312-9449 ings. Near commufor real estate which is bath home with mastral a i r . $ 1 0 9,900. MORRIS www. BendOregon in violation of the law. n ity park, close t o ter on the main level! MLS ¹ 201 0 030346 0818 W indsor. S E Our r e a ders ar e REAL ESTATE 2-car garage, hard- Pam Lester, Principal Bend Home on 1/2 schools & centrally lohereby informed that ccdcpc d«pdyO cdccdOpcnccd c ated n ea r N o l an wood e ntry, g r e at B roker, Century 2 1 Acre. $160,000 80 NW 17th NW Bend 5 Town Center. all dwellings adverroom with fireplace & Gold Country Realty, TEAM Birtola Garmyn Bdrm, Family Home NE Bend Lots j a 21'x16' bonus room! Aaron Boehm, tised in this newspaInc. 541-504-1338 Prudential High Desert wNIews, $599,900 Broker per are available on $3,485,000 Front yard landscapRealty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert an equal opportunity 41 residential lots in 541-647-8851 ing & a 2-10 Home738 www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 Ryan Whitcomb, Broker basis. To complain of Holliday Park. Estab- buyer's Warranty! www. BendOregon Multiplexes for Sale 541-639-1151 discrimination cal l lished area close to MLS¹201209069 Hunter Properties HUD t o l l-free at the hospital & medi- Darrin Kelleher, Broker Clean 2 0355 Murphy. B e n com mercially 1-800-877-0246. The cal centers, Costco, efits of Lrg Country 16800 Ponderosa Cas The Kelleher Group zoned duplex next to Look at: toll f ree t e lephone schools, restaurants & 541-788-0029 Lot w/City Amenities. c ade 4 0 + Acr e s C hase B a nk. T h e shopping. Lots vary in number for the hearWe never stop moving: $134,900 w/Cascade Mountain units have been reing im p aired is size from just over Birtola Garmyn Views. $275,000 for Complete Listings of cently updated 8 are TEAM 1-800-927-9275. 4000 sq. ft. to over Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn Area Real Estate for Sale close to turn-key. Unit 11,000 sq.ft. Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert cs ¹ 563 i s r e n ted I Rented your propMLS¹201209424 www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 $ 430/month with a $158,000 erty? The Bulletin Darrin Kelleher, Broker www. BendOregon Earth Advantage Home! great long term tenClassifieds The Kelleher Group MORRIS ant. The future poten- 17174 Blue Heron. Re Main floor living with has an "After Hours" 541-788-0029 REAL ESTATE tial for this commer- m odeled i n 20 1 2 .¹9 Hickory. Lakefront extensive upgrades. Line. Call We never stop moving: I d p d dy O d d apc « d cially zoned duplex is Owner Terms Avail home on Woodland An open floor plan 541-383-2371 24 endless. $95 , 0 00 able. $129,900 Golf hours to Course! with large entry, slate, MLS¹201206972 red oa k h a rdwood TEAM Birtola Garmyn $549,000 l d! Sunriver j $499,000 ~ floors. breakfast bar, Enjoy b reathtaking John L. Scott Real Es- Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn concrete counters and views of Mt. Bachelor tate 541-548-1712 Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert Find exactly what Birch cabinets. Rear www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 from n early e v ery you are looking for in the MORRIS Investors 4-plex j entry garage. window of this www. BendOregon $425,000 CLASSIFIEDS REAL ESTATE Mike Wilson, Broker tiful, fu l ly-furnished Rab b itbrush. Each unit has 3 bed- 67375 541-977-5345 or I dcpc dc dyO c d dO p c ccd Sunriver Retreat! 4 B end Home o n 5 225 NE Lafayette 2500 rooms, 2. 5 b a t h s, 541-389-7910 bedroom, 3.5 b a th, 658 w/C a scade Sq.ft. CL Zoned 1416 sq.ft., garage & Acres Hunter Properties New Construction j vaulted ceilings, & Houses for Rent Views. $330,000 Commercial Bldg, $219,900 stone fireplace. Built parking. Prime NE lo- TEAM Birtola Garmyn $150,000 cation near hospital. Redmond 1638 NW Wild Rye • Visit Millbrook Estates, by Sun Forest. Fully rented, excel- Prudential High Desert TEAM Birtola Garmyn $850,000 the gateway into The MLS¹201209451 Realty 541-312-9449 Prudential High Desert lent rental history, exNewer 2326 sq.ft. deluxe Old Mill District, just Matt Robinson, Broker Bend, Oregon www. BendOregon Realty 541-312-9449 cess of $36K annual home, 3/3, gas fire- down the road from MLS¹201203502 The Kelleher Group www. BendOregon g ross rents & l o w place, 7500' lot, fenced the Deschutes River 3 Bdrm, 3 bath, Cus541-977-5811 maintenance. yard, 1655 SW Sara- Trail. 3 bedroom, 2.5 We never stop moving: tom Gregg Lockridge 26720 Horsell. 120 Pri soda Ct. $ 1195/mo. bath, large kitchen & MLS¹201208263 home i n d e s irable vate Acres of Central 2633 NW Champion 541-350-2206 Dana Miller, Broker master suite. Choose O regon Beau t y . Circle Gorgeous 3200 North Rim C ommu541-408-1468 nity. your colors & finishes. Cg SQ.FT. Awbrey Glen $420,000 659 We never stop moving: TEAM Birtola Garmyn TenBroek-Hilber Group, MLS¹201209384 Home, $575,000 Houses for Rent LLC Darrin Kelleher, Broker Prudential High Desert Prudential High Desert Sunriver The Kelleher Group MORRIS Realty 541-312-9449 Realty 541-312-9449 Coldwell Banker Morris Real Estate 541-788-0029 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon REAL ESTATE 541-550-4944 VILLAGE PROPERTIES We never stop moving: Ind p d pdy (hm d ccd Op ccc d Sunriver, Three Rivers, MORRIS La Pine. Great 732 Selection. Prices range REAL ESTATE $425 - $2000/mo. Commercial/Investment I dcpc dc dy(hmcdc dopcwccd View our full Properties for Sale inventory online at MORRIS NW Redmond Duplex, t/ REAL ESTATE 16461 William Foss, La 3 bd/2'/p ba, 1305 sq, 1-866-931-1061 I d P dcpdy~ d c d e p n c cd Pine, OR. $379,900. ft attached single ga Formerly We s t ern rage, la n dscaped, 687 NW Bend j $239,900 Title b l dg . Q u a lity fenced. $15 9 ,000 Commercial for 2264 sq. ft., 4 b e d- c ommercial off i c e MLS 201208215 room, 2.5 bath near High Lakes Realty & Pam Lester Princ Bro Rent/Lease Sawyer Park, close to Property M a n age- ker, Century 21 Gold Spectrum professional the river and recre- ment 541-536-0117 Country Realty, Inc. ation trails. K itchen building, 3 5 0 ' -500', 541-504-1338 with maple cabinets, 5 1847 Hwy 9 7 . 1 . 6 4 $1.00 per ft. total. No N NN. C a l l An d y , living room with stone acre commercial on Redmond j $379,500 La Pin e . Sparkling clean tri-plex 541-385-6732. fireplace, vaulted H wy i n ceilings, and Milgard $675,000. High Lakes with new paint in all 3 Realty & Pr o perty u nits. N e w w~ndows. ap p l iMLS¹201209444 Management ances and new win541-536-0117 Gary Rose, Broker dow coverings. Ga541-588-0687 rage with each unit. We never stop moving: Business Opportunity Great location and $159,000 rental history. Great small business MLS¹2904198 opportunity. Own the 30-YEAR FIXED Sydne Anderson, only tanning salon on Broker, CRS, WCR, the west side, with 7 CDPE, GREEN years of strong inLa Pine j $54,900 MORRIS 541-420-1111 come. Immaculate fa- We never stop moving: 3 bedroom, 1 b ath, 1328 sq. ft . h o me, REAL ESTATE c ility l o cated n e a r C dp d d y O d de p c d Central Oregon Comsold as-is. 4.22 acres Bank owned. munity College, esBULLETINCLASSIFIEOS tablished clientele. MLS¹201209494 Call us today! Mark Valceschini, P.C., Search the area's most MLS¹201205145 NMLS ¹402847 Paula Vanvleck, Broker Broker, CRS, GRI comprehensive listing of MORRIS 541-383-4364 541-280-7774 classified advertising... REAL ESTATE We never stop moving: real estate to automotive, We never stop moving: I dcpc dc dyO c d d o p c ccd I merchandise to sporting goods. Bulletin Classifieds Triplex: 3 rental units appear every day in the cs cs with g reat h i story. print or on line. • c cc • c c I Pdd • c c • 5 6811 Besson, L a I' c ddc Call 541-385-5809 I c cc c cc Pine. $234,900. High MORRIS cc I cc 'cc I c •I c • I c • c c I I c MORRIS Lakes Realty & Prop. c c I REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE erty Man a gement The Bulletin

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Large 1980 SF home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Has spacious living area with gas fireplace. Open kitchen has NEW stainless steel appliances including refrigerator. Separate utility room. Fenced backyard with alley access. Home is ready to go! $1857000

New home to be completed by the end of Jan. Large 1918 SF, 3 br, 3 bath, office or 4th br. Living rm with gas fireplace, open dining and kitchen area. Eating bar, pantry, numerous cabinets, new Whirlpool stainless steel appliances. 2 bdr; 2 fujl baths and master suite upstairs. Double car garage, alj this on a corner lot. $188y900

BruCe DunlaP, P incrPal Sro/rer

BruCe Dunlap, Principal Broker

Beautiful new home in a great location. Across from Umaiilla Park, home has 3 bedrooms, 2,5 baths, great room with gas fireplace, open kitchen with nook area. Master suite w/expanded master bath, double sinks and large walk-in closet. Separate utility, double car garage. Front and back are landscaped w/sprinkler system. Home similar to photo.$159y900

BruCe Dunlap, PrinCfpal BrOker

BruCe DunlaP, PrinciPal Broker

541-604-4200 or text

541-604-4200 or text

5 41-604-4200 or text

5 41-604-4200 ortcxy

www.centraloregonrealt ' '

2522 SW 35th CL, Redmond. Single level home in great condition. Look ai this 1792 SF, 3 hr, 2 bath home with double car garage. Big kitchen with NEW stainless steel appliances, dining area, separate office with french doors. New blinds, new carpet in most of the home. This home is ready to go!$184y500

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www.centraloregont "






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THE FALLS at This is a T w o S t ory 1 Block From Drake Drake Park & River Broken Top $374,900 Extraordinary 10 Peak Cascade Craftsman style single NOTICE Park j $696,000 Views i $649,000 Townhome j $220,000 view of Mt Jefferson Eagle Crest Resort Views! $292,900 level 3 bdrm, 2 bath, All real estate adver- Frame Home, 3 BedTurn-key townhome room, 2.5 Bath with Large, corner, 9000 3 bedroom, 2 b ath, centered thru wall to Central Oregon's B reathtaking vie w s ! 1271 sq. ft., knotty altised here in is subCeil i ngs, s q.ft. Iot o n S t a t e 2119 sq. ft., English has 2 units with comwall windows. This Premier 55and Older 2450 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 der cabinets/SS apject to t h e F e deral Vaulted Flo o ring Street in the Drake cottage. D e schutes mon entry, laundry & 4bd 2079 sq ft home Resort Community. bath. Large multi-purpliances, gas fireF air H o using A c t , Laminate the Park Historic District. River & Drake Park garage. Primary/upfeatures knotty pine, Live the Central Orpose shop/pole barn, place, dbl. car garage. which makes it illegal throughout rock fireplace, cusegon lifestyle you've deck, hot tub. $149,900. Call Jim to advertise any pref- Kitchen and D i ning Newer great r oom, views, heart of down- stairs unit with great R oom, a n d Hea t gourmet kitchen, uptown Bend's historic room floor plan, mastom cabinets, double always dreamed of at MLS¹201207579 Hinton 541-420-6229 erence, limitation or THE FALLS at Eagle Pump. L a ndscaped stairs master s uite district. Meticulously ter suite & pa t i o. oven! Home-ID 974. Gail Day 541-306-1018 Central Oregon Realty discrimination based Eagle Crest ProperCrest. Residents of Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC on race, color, reli- for easy maintenance, and maintains the old updated home, per- Downstairs is a stusystem, charm of d owntown fect combination of dio unit. Both units ties THE FALLS enjoy exGroup, LLC gion, sex, handicap, sprinkler elegance & comfort. being sold furnished. 866-722-3370 clusive use of their 2 -Story home in N W familial status or na- fenced backyard, and Bend Find It in MLS¹201206543 MLS¹201205806 MLS¹201209307 own clubhouse, actional origin, or inten- has many trees. Redmond. Large 1705 The Bulletin Classlfleds! $79,900 Scott Huggin, Becky Brunoe, Broker John Snippen, Broker, cess to three golf tion to make any such Tick, Tock sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath. MLS¹ 201208976 Broker, GRI 541-350-4772 MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI courses, and all the Knotty 541-385-5809 preferences, l i mitaalder cabinets Cascade Realty, 541-322-1500 We never stop moving: 541-312-7273 rest of Eagle Crest's tions or discrimination. Tick, Tock... SS appli a nces, Dennis Haniford, We never stop moving: 541-948-9090 amenities. Homesites We will not knowingly front/back land- Eagle Crest Beautiful Princ. Broker We never stop moving: start at just $47,500 ...don't let time get city views from this accept any advertisscaped with irrigation 541-536-1731 and lots on the Chaling for r eal e state away. Hire a $181,900. C al l Jim 2600 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, lenge Course are 2.5 bath home. Huge which is in violation of Tollgate Getaway! Hinton 541-420-6229 professional out ca available. Stop by our Central this law. All persons price reduction! Close to Sisters Oregon Realty office located next to MORRIS of The Bulletin's are hereby informed This charming cabin is $449,000. MLS Group, LLC the Ridge Prop Shop MORRIS that all dwellings ad2 01206886 John L . ready for new owners. REAL ESTATE "Call A Service or call 866-722-3370 MORRIS Affordable R e d mond Scott R e a l E s t a te vertised are available Situated on a nice .50 REAL ESTATE I dcpc dcmlyO cd d O pc u d Professional" for a personal tour. h ome updates i n - 541-548-1712 on an equal opportu- acre lot. Conveniently REAL ESTATE 1 dcpc dc ayo cd d opc rcd Eagle Crest clude a b rand new New Riverfront Homei nity basis. The Bulle- l ocated close to a l l Indcpendcnay <hmcd andOpenrcd Directory today! Properties™ roof, interior p aint, Fieldstone crossing, 4 tin Classified $1,195,000 Central Oregon has to Awbrey Butte j 866-722-3370 upgraded w i ndows. bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2130 Beautiful home on the $315,000 This h o me offer. Community of$469,000 Elkai Woods i Open Country Views! H ome h a s ent r y sq.ft., gas fireplace, features great room Deschutes River near fers p o ol , te n n is View, Views & More $499,000 $589,000 ramps & wide doors to tile countertops, slate and rec. center. Views. Located down D owntown Bend & Townhome overlook- with views, garage is $204,000 B e a utifully Nearly 6 acres on dead courts accommodate handi- entry, hardwood, huge The Old Mill. Well-ap- ing the 18th fairway & extra long, fireplace situate, this 3br/2ba Jackson, a private lane. City end r o ad . P o w e ll Barbara cap access. Exten- d eck, f e nced, R V Broker l ights at n i ght a r e pointed entry, great large pond at Widgi and expansive deck 1328 sf Sun Forest Butte. Immaculate, 3 Smi t h built Chalet is ready sive concrete decking area. $179,900. MLS gourmet Creek Golf Course. o verlooking 541-306-8186 amazing. 2938 sq. ft., room, b edroom, 2. 5 b a t h h o m e & ¹ 2012059483. P a m kitchen, main l e vel A DA e quipped, 2 Rock. This 1738 sf Candice Anderson, 4 bedroom, 3 b ath, for y ou ! T a stefully around custom home. 4 acres m aster s u i te . El - master suites, Hickory home is move in decorated, f u rniture in-ground sprinklers Lester, Principal BroBroker large bonus r oom, irrigation, barn, coryard. Large ker, Century 21 Gold 541-788-8878 large deck, 3 car ga- evated deck down to floors, slab g r anite ready and is just like package is negotiable complete rals, large shop plus storage shed. Must Country Realty, Inc. brand new!!! Home-ID and outside deck is dock with boat ramp. counters, Tom Roth, Broker rage, rough sq. ft. you sec u rity additional 24x30 stutoday. Traditional 541-504-1338 Call today! E a gle C r e st H ot T ub 541-771-6549 can finish. system, wired for sur- 816. read y ! see dio, shop or h obby S ale! $125, 0 0 0 Properties MLS¹201207905 John L. Scott MLS¹201209345 round sound & more! Home-ID 831 building. Fa b u lous Real MLS¹201204932 $449,900 2680 sf with 866-722-3370 Estate, Bend Rookie Dickens, Broker, Lisa Campbell, Broker MLS¹201208996 Eagle Crest Properties D&D mountain and Smith Realty Group LLC Gourmet kitchen, new 541-419-8900 GRI, CRS, ABR Rosemary Goodwin, $550,000 One of Sage 866-722-3370 rock views. 866-346-7868 granite counter tops, We never stop moving: 541-815-0436 Broker, Certified B uilders award w i n MLS¹201200336 Unobstructed Mountain master suite+ 2 guest We never stop moving: Negotiator n ing h o mes. M i n t Beautiful 2-Story 3 Laina Ryan, Principal Views! $265,000 b edrooms & b a t h $ 220,000 JUST R E 541-706-1897 bdrms, 3 baths, 1918 condition and a truly Broker, GRI 5+/- a c r es . Po w e ll rooms on the main DUCED! Very private We never stop moving: magnificent s e tting. sq. ft., stainless appliCascade/Sotheby's Butte. 2600+ sq. ft., 3 with, huge loft ca ances, gas fireplace. floor 3376 sf with master setting, Creekside Vil Int'n Realty bedroom, 2 bat h age 1871 s f t o w n Landscaped with irn- overlooking the great b edroom o n m a i n lhome 541-419-7540 home features expanroom, and an expans it s b e s ide gation MORRIS Cg $18 8 ,900. sive f loor with tw o b e d sive windows, f iretrex deck, ideal pond & creek, in im MLS¹201208280 PRICE REDUCTION MORRIS rooms and baths up REAL ESTATE p lace, den. 3 ba y for entertaining. maculate c o ndition, Immaculate home with shop with RV parking Jim Hinton, Ind p ndendy~ d a n dOpewied stairs f o r gue s ts. REAL ESTATE Home-ID 718 and shows true pride extensive upgrades in and 2 car detached 541-420-6229 Home-ID 941 MORRIS 1 dcpc dc ilyo cda dopc <cd Eagle Crest Properties Snowberry V i l lage, garage. Priced to sell NW Bend j $649,900 Eagle Crest Properties o f o wnership. P r e Central Oregon Realty 866-722-3370 REAL ESTATE mium upgrade pack one of Bend's finest at 3450 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 866-722-3370 Group, LLC $265,000 Ind p d ndy~ da n d Operarcd age. Home-ID 877 Awbrey Butte j 55+ parks. This home MLS¹201200327 2.5 bath with inviting $264,500 This 2074 sq. Eagle Crest Properties Beautiful custom home $220,000 Arguably the offers 1512 sq. ft., 2 Laina Ryan, Principal $625,000 warm French country is bright, all on 1 level. Large best value in Creek 5 bedroom, 3 b ath, 866-722-3370 b edroom, 2 b t h + decor. Newly updated, Hillside Grand Chateau ft. townhome Broker, GRI open "great room" windows for side V illage, g reat 4288 sq. ft. home. Flat City & M t n V i ews, den/office with cathelarge vaulted, open Cascade/Sotheby's light/bright c o m fort. price and an outstand .82 a cr e l o t on Hillside Park, 4 Bedplan w/ floor to ceiling dral ceiling. All new beamed family room. Int'n Realty i ng location on t h e Huge master s uite cul-de-sac. V a u lted Beautiful kitchen a p pliances, Ca s c ade rooms, 4 Baths, 4152 w indows, ga s fi r e Stick built home with a 541-419-7540 creek. Granite counter w/vaulted ceilings & living/dining room, pri- Mountain views, .7 sq. ft., O ffered at place, & built-in buffet view and double galighting, ceiling fans $125 , 000. skylights. Cozy family t ops, k n otty a l d er opens to a large deck rage. $2,395,000. and much much more. Walk to the river! 2002 vate master on main acre lot backing to MLS¹2905473 room w/gas fireplace cabinets. T a stefully level. Kitchen opens Wyndemere Park. Cate Cushman, overlooking the first This home is move-in MH .98 acres w/gaCall Linda Lou Principal Broker g reen of t h e C h a l open t o kit c hen. furnished 1 41 9 s f rage/shop, water fea- to family room. Built-in ready. MLS¹201206583 townhome. Home-ID Day-Wright, wet bar. Shop with 541-480-1884 lenge Course. Home$209,900 ture, fire pit, g reen Sherry Perrigan, Broker 844 MLS¹201208542 house. New concrete floor. ID 951. Eagle Crest Broker, 541-771-2585 6989 541-410-4938 Crooked River Realty John L. Scott Real Eagle Crest Properties MLS¹201206297 Properties flooring — travertine, We never stop moving: Maralin Baidenmann, Pronghorn Lake Site, 866-722-3370 866-722-3370 Estate 541-548-1712 tile, d o ors, l i g hts, Virginia Ross, Broker, Broker 541-385-1096 Includes $115,000 sinks, paint & MORE! ABR, CRS, GRI John L. Scott Premier Membership Call f or deta i ls. 541-480-7501 Real Estate, Bend ca & large lot All for • g a $136,900. We never stop moving: $97,500 Cate Cushman, Rare One! $775,000 235 MORRIS Principal Broker Flood irrigated mead- Lisa McCarthy, Broker, 541-480-1884 REAL ESTATE o ws, t i mber, y e a r SRES 541-419-8639 I dcpc dctlyO cda dOpc ud r ound creeks. 4 8 0 John L. Scott acres abuts national Bend j $549,000 Real Estate, Bend MORRIS Tumalo 3 bd r m, 2 4SW forest. Harney county. bedroom, 4.5 bath, bath, 1100 sq. ft., pri- 3035 REAL ESTATE Trophy hunting in Silf t . t o w nvacy deck w/hot tub home sq. I dcpc dcwlyo cda dopcm<cd Good classified ads tell vies Valley. Two tax nestled in the off master, dbl galots with potential for 4 the essential facts in an trees, close to rage, 3 outbldgs, RV pine Awbrey Butte j LOP tags. Log cabin interesting Manner. Write the Deschutes River hook-up, fenced back, $750,000 sits above the mead- from the readers view - not 1/3 acre w ith i rrig. trail. Great room floor Stunning C ascade ows. 70 acres irriga- the seller's. Convert the Offe r s ? plan, vaulted beam Mountain views from $ 199,500. tion. Fenced & gated. facts into benefits. Show gour m et Photos on r equest. ceilings, Very good road. Pos- the reader how the item will t his 3524 sq. f t., 4 kitchen, paver patio, b edroom, 3. 5 b a t h 541-41 9-6408. sible owner t e rms. help them in someway. waterfeature. home on .84 acre lot. $775,000 MLS¹20120318 This Main f l oo r m a s ter Garage Sales MLS¹201208822 Karin Johnson, Broker advertising tip suite, open k itchen Laina Ryan, Principal 541-639-6140 brought to youby with granite counters, Garage Sales Broker, GRI We never stop moving: wood floors throughCascade/Sotheby's The Bulletin Garage Sales out the main level. Int'n Realty MLS¹201208795 541-419-7540 ca Find them West Hills Home Sue Conrad, COSt Of Single level on 1 acre, 3 MLS: 201203939. Light Broker, CRS in and bright solid wood bdrm, 2 b ath, 1716 541-480-6621 The Bulletin MORRIS sq.ft., master separa- interior doors, hard- We never stop moving: REAL ESTATE tion, office, fenced, wood floors, stainless Classifieds steel appliances, upf lower garden, R V Idp d wO d d o pc «d d ated k itchen w i t h parking. $ 1 3 5,000. 541-385-5809 granite, large lot, ex748 MLS ¹ 201 0 07848. Pam Lester, Principal tra parking, fenced 747 Northeast Bend Homes dog area. $375,000. B roker, Century 2 1 MORRIS Southwest Bend Homes Gold Country Realty, NE Bend i $165,000 REAL ESTATE 9786 Inc. 541-504-1338 Light and bright single 2-Story house, h u ge 1 dcpc dcwo cd d opc <cd Jim Brennan, Broker home located in shop. $215,000. Nice story The Bulletin 541-480-7296 the gated community Advertise your car! h ouse w it h H U G E John L. Scott To Subscribe call o f M o untain V i e w Add APrcfure! 1120 sq. ft. shop on Real Estate, Bend 541-385-5800 or go to Reach thousands of readers! almost an acre. Slate Park. Newly painted Call 541-385-5809 tile foyer, tile counters exterior and interior. The Bulletin Classlffeds in the k i tchen, re- Vaulted ceilings, skyWest Hills Home Snowberry Village ¹98 attached MLS: 201203939. verse floor plan, wood lights, Awbrey Butte j $79,500 Beautiful 3 Light and bright solid stove in t h e l i v ing double car g arage, bedroom, 2 bath $899,000 private backyard. wood interior doors, room, wood flooring, Stunning home with single level home in MLS¹201209338 hardwood floors, in baths, bonus Snowberry V i l lage. stainless steel appliviews from Jefferson tile Pat Palazzi, Broker room & office downto Mt. Hood and twinVaulted ceilings, gas 541-771-6996 ances, updated treed lot, extra heat/A/C, 2-car gak ling city l i ghts a t stairs, We never stop moving: kitchen with granite, asphalt, detached ganight. Black w alnut rage w/shop a rea, large lot, extra park+ det a ched front deck and cozy blue ey e d rage ing, fenced dog area. fgloors, hobby ro o m/office. ranite, 2 mas t e r rear patio, elevated ca $375,000. yet close to corner lot. A good buy suites & wine cellar. 4 Private town. bedroom, 3.5 b a th, in a wonderful neigh9786 MLS¹201205655 borhood! 3811 sq.ft. Jim Brennan, Broker MORRIS D&D Realty Group LLC MLS¹201204524 Marilyn Rohaly, Broker 541-480-7296 866-346-7868 REAL ESTATE 541-322-9954 Margo Degray, Broker, John L. Scott lnd p d ndy~ d*n d Operarcd ABR, CRS John L. Scott Artistry in Broken Top, Real Estate, Bend Real Estate, Bend 541-480-7355 Fabulous woodwork, Squeaky clean large 3 We never stop moving: mtn and golf views. bdrm, 2~/2 bath, 1980 Westside Bend, bdrm suites, bonus. sq. ft., spacious living SW REDMOND, Wyndemere 4100 sq. ft. New Price room w/gas fireplace SINGLE LEVEL 4144 Sq. Ft. - $108/Sq. ca $ 1,299,000. MLS ¹ $186,900 3 bdrm/ 2 bath - 1731 Ft. 4 bdrm/3 bath - 3 201109001. MLS¹201280332 sq.ft., Fabulous NE car garage, .81 acre Cate Cushman, Jim Hinton views! Custom quality w ith n a t ural l a n d Principal Broker MORRIS 541 -420-6229 built in 2004. Large scaping, family room 541-480-1 884 Central Oregon Realty REAL ESTATE 2 -car garage w i t h plus bonus room, Group, LLC I dcpc dcnayo cda dopcm<cd workshop area. Huge great condition - ready S torage Area. Of - f or y o u r cus t o m Broken Topj Sweetest 4 bdrm, 2 bath Awbrey Glen i fered a t $2 2 0 ,000 touches $1,185,000 in Bend! 1635 sq ft, great MLS ¹201208354 $659,000 The Pinehurst at Bro- neighborhood, lovingly Offered at $450,000 Exquisite single level ken Top by Steven upgraded for 7 years. Sue Price, Broker MLS ¹201208736 home. Open f l o or Van Cascade/Sotheby's Sa n t /PacwestO pen f l oorplan, R V Sue Price, Broker Int'n Realty plan, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 Homes! Unmatched parking, garden, hot tub, Cascade/Sotheby's bathrooms, 3096 sq. 541-408-7742 Int'n Realty quality & craftsman- & so much more. For ft., formal dining, den/ ship! Sin g le-level,details & photos go to 541-408-7742 Thank you Shelley for office, quality finishes. 3-car garage, custom making our DREAMS Expansive deck , cabinetry & trim. 0.55 COME TRUE! FOR SALE paver stone patio, fire acre golf course view Incredible! Professional! pit, beautiful .51-acre lot. N o exp e nse Redmond Homes K nowledgeable! A l - When buying a home, If i I rI l • aki lot. MLS¹201209423 spared! '71 i • • • ' x ll¹w 83% of Central ways listening to All Shelly Hummel, Broker, $ 199,900 E njoy t h i s MLS¹201204424 our needs and high Oregonians turn to CRS, GRI, CHMS b eautiful view f r om David Gilmore, Broker JP demands. She l ley 541-383-4361 the Sisters to Smith 541-312-7271 m ade i t t h e m o s t ServingCentral Oregon smce19tB Rock. Features: 1419 We never stop moving: We never stop moving: wonderful Home sf, wall to wall win Buying Experience! Call 541-385-5809 to dows, built in e nter JD Platt & The K9 Kings place your tainment center, pro ca Shelley Texley, PrinciReal Estate ad. pane fireplace and pal Broker FIND IT! large great room for 530-227-4836 entertaining. Home-ID MORRIS I MORRIS ggg /T John L. Scott 7 96. E a gl e C r e s t REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE R eal Est a te , B e n d SELL IT! Properties I dcpc dcnayo cda dopcm<cd Indcpendenay &mcd and opcnted 866-722-3370 The Bulletin Classifieds •

The Bulletin's Service Directory reaches over 60,000 people each day, for a fraction of the

advertising in the Yellow Pages, Call 54'I -385-5809

The Bulletin



a ' ll

SAT R SUN NOON — 4PM Brand new 2162 aq. ft. • aa Eaa aaa IIa P ahlisch home i n T h e Sridges! Great room with cozy fireplace, kitchen with stainless appliances. Large master suite wuh huge watk-in closet. Big 61168 Lot 75 Sydney g uest rooms a B o n u s Harbor Dr, Bend Room lo!t area. Two-car Directions: From the Parkway, garage, fenced yard. Just easton Reed Market ,south on /5/h d own th e s t r eet f r o m ft (easi). the amazing community Street, to comrimnity on le amenities.


Hosted 6 Listed by EDIE DELAY Principal Broker



L T 0 R s



To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809


y •


.very ho'rnefis a r'nasterpiece. '4

Three 2-Acre Flat Buildable Lots / $45,000/lot

Seventh Mountain Resort ~ $28,000

v ) ' I~s

. -.

• Septic & well installed • Lots are side-by-side Bc can be purchased together or +;r', " „4 ' separately • Horses allowed a~ ' w:~:=:.',';:.':„'. , MLS¹201204934, ,~ 201204943, 201204945

• Sleeps 6 • Full sized kitchen


• Excellent rental income


I v

budget " MLS¹201209343

+Qh ur.,Q"

Tetherow Homesitef Offered at 1/2 Price!

Golf Course Living ~ Starting at $79,900

Beautiful Deschutes River Lot ~ $99,900


M L S¹201208806

Call Greg Yeakel, Principal Brokerl 541-408-7733

• Build your dream homein desirable River's EdgeVillage • Lots with expansive views

Southwestern Style in Prinevillef $139,000 • 3 bed, 2 bath, 1500 SF home • 2000 sq. ft, shop

• Three RiversSouth • Approx. 1,60acres • Bonus Mt.Bacheor view • Well andSeptic • Well maintainedgravel road ,.- • 54653 SilverFoxDr.

e (,'

• Close to River's Edge18-hole championship golf course • Lots range from 10,000 to 21,500 SF • Close to Deschutes River, trails

• Call for additional details

. ¹uff/z¹w installed • Seller terms available

• 56856 Enterprise Dr. ¹D5

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

• Level homesite — almost1/2 acre! • Overlooking Tetherow ¹13th fairway! • Mountain views!

•Unobstru cted Cascade Mountain views • Private well, septic tank, power

• Great getaway place on a


Rhonda Garrison, Principal Brokerl 541-279-1768 Chris Sperry, Principal Brokerl 541-550-4922


• 5 acre homesite •Offe rs357'ofhighbank Deschutes River waterfront

'/ • Very well maintained and



Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

• Special Price - offered thru

5 Acre Deschutes Waterfront Homesite

• Sunriver • 1 bedroom, 1 bath

• Only minutes to town

f r a c tion


Powder Village Creampuff ) $74,900

• On paved road in a cul-de-sac

• 8 weeks/year or trade with RCI! • 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath Loft

• New cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances,granite countertops, marble floors • M astersuite w/Jacuzzitub MLS ¹201206455


parks, amenities

• Call us for details!

Call Judy McCombs,Broker l 541-390-1411

Call The Norma DuBois and Julle Moe Team,

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

Call Rod Hatchell, Brokerl 541-728-8812

Brokers l 541-312-5151 www

61531 Aaron Way ~ $192,000

On the Hillside in SWRedmond ( $215,000

Rivers Edge - Golf View ( $369,000!

Gem in theRough/ Three Rivers South/ $165,000

• 1780 SF, 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath • Corner cul-de-saclot • Bedrooms¹i laundry up •Spaci ouskitchenopento great room features: • Tiled granite counters,stainless appliances • Wood look laminate floors, gas firep ace,large eating area MLS¹201209243

• 55149 Forest Lane • 3 bed, 2 bath, 1224 SF • Very comfortable home for weekend getaways or full time living in the woods • Desirable development • Close to the Big Deschutes MLS¹201206233

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222 l

„tQ 0


•Opengreatroom w/exposedbeams, hand textured wa s&gourmet kitchen II

• Near river trail Biacrossfrom Rivers


Edge Go f Course • Exceptionalopportunity &valueon Bend W s estside MLS¹201208404

Call Sue Price, Owner/Broker l 541-408-7742

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

17940 Parkway Lane ) $399,000

2910 NW Underhill Place ( $425,000

Woodside Ranch ) $435,000

• Permitted GP Building w/llvlng quarter/loft ' Bath, laundry area, septic, well & pumpbouse • RV hookups inside& out,100amp breakerln shop

• With Fairway, mountain and


• Desirablefoor planw/main leve

Call Myra Girod, Principal Brokerl 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Brokerl 541-788-6767

Luxury Townhomes( Offered from $397,900 • Q~

• Brand new construction inRivers Edge

• 3 Bd, 2 Ba, quality custom home • Gorgeous NEVIEW! • Flooded w/natural!ight • Beautiful kitchen w/SS appliances and big pantry • Spacious masterw/big closet • Trex deck,large2-car garage w/shop area &huge spaceunder the housefor??? MLS¹201208354

rive r views.

g • T wo distinct Westside communities

I • Offering one & two story ,I fl o or plans • 2-4 bedroom, 2.5-4.5 baths • 1960-2956 SF

• Contemporary home inAwbrey Glen


live in loft area or your RV MLS¹201105898

Call Joanne McKee, Brokerl 541-480-5159

www joanne©


Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Acreage Close To Town ~ $495,000

• West Hills contemporary home in the pines " • 3180 SF on a double lot • Contemporary floor plan and finishes •Waterfeatures,inside and out • Mature old growth pine trees, beautiful landscaping. Must see!


w' 1

MLS¹ 201208424

Judy McCombs8<ShellySw anson,Brokers l 888-274-2317

1700 NW lowa ~ $460,000

',1 'A"'

• 5 bedrooms, master on main level • Oversized 5-cargarage • Stunning kitchen, stainless, granite, Europeancabinetry • Motivated se ler

• Great location between Sisters & Bend I Build your dream home while you

• 23+ acres • Gorgeous Cascade Mtn. views • Well maintained ranch home in Gosney Meadows • Studio/shop • Irrigated, pastoral setting

Call Jordan Haase, Principal Brokerl 541-420-1559

Sunriver - 27 Cypress Lane ~ $528,900 '


• 4 bed, 3 bath, 2936 SF • Vaulted ceilings & fireplace • 2.54 acres in quiet cul-de-sac • 3-car garage • Large wrap-around deck • Landscaped yard w/ sprinkler system MLS ¹201209278


63235 Peterman Lane ( $539,900

• 5 bedrooms, 4 baths • 8 skylights, 2 family areas


• Stainless appliances • Great rental history


• 2 decks & hot tub • Fully furnished upscale home MLS¹201207789


• 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • 4-car garage+ shop area • Quality open great room • 2.1 acres, w/1 acre irrig. • Property is fully fenced • Master on the main floor • Quality & pride of ownership! MLS¹ 201208385

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Bryan Hilts, Brokerl 541-771-3200 cloudnine©bendcable. com

Call C.J. Neumann, Broker, CRSl 541-410-3710 Lisa Lamberto, Brokerl 541-610- 9697

maryselhms©• maryselhms©

In the Heart of the Old Mill ( $534,925

363 SW Bluff Dr. ( $549,000

Horse/Hay Ranch ) $550,000

Heart of NorthWest Crossing ~ $569,000

•3bedrooms,3fullbaths,2290SF • Kitchen w/slab granite & stainless steel appliances • Wood wrappedwindows &solid wood doors • Private balconyon all 3 levels • Mtn.!k river views from 3rd ffoor balconyPri - vate elevator MLS¹201208744



• 159 acres, two 35 acre pivot irrigators • Large indoor arena-barn, 80'x144' arena, 24 ft. shed rows each side • 3000 SF, 3 BD, 3 BA home • Large kitchen, huge great room, spacious master suite • Partially finished daylight basement MLS¹201207170

• Two master suites, tiled floors & granite counters ¹

• Balcony off living room has a view of the Cascade Mtns. MLS¹201201370

Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokersl 541-419-4553

Call KorrenBower orCarol Osgood, Brokersl 541-504-3839

PointsWest Rare Offering ~ $629,000 • 2956 SF luxurytownhome 'r • 4 suites, beautifully appointed u • Master on the main level • Extens ive hardwoods,granite, rockwork • Situated on 15th fairway of Widgi Creek MLS¹201201307 '

• The Plaza in the Old Mill • 2 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1698 SF • Main level unit with open floor plan


MLS ¹201209457

Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker, GRIl 541-480-3096

Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

Perfect Location ~ $657,000

26 NW Skyliner Summit Loop ~ $664,900

New Tetherow Home ( $675,000

• Perfect location between Bend &Redmond

Mtn. views!

• 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3443SF •Open ffo orplan w/vaulted ceilings

• 4bdrm, 3bath, 3458SF w/main level living • Gorgeousnewquartz counter tops & .


SS appiancesin large kitchen '.::„z,'g'~,,p vNew carpet, lovelylandscapedyard, decks,hottub, waterfeature • Dutbuildings & RVparking

NW Contemporary w/Mountain Viewsin Tetherow f$749,000

• Master suite on the main level • Large den/office off entry MLS¹201203332


MLS¹201209160 Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581•

Contemporary City Living ( $820,000

This Property Has It All f $849,900

baths, currently underconstruction

• Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space,openfloor p an • Private courtyard andcovered back patio w/mountainviews • Energy efficient Earth Advantage • A f ex room &study allow for maximumversatility

• 4 bed, 3 bath, 3722SF MLS¹201108984

Call Brian Ladd, Brokerl 541-408-3912

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO 541-480-4186

• Brand new single level 3bdm,3.5

• Striking home in prestigious Hillside Park • Great room floor plan • Dream kitchen w/all amenities • Luxurious master suite • Beautiful outdoor courtyard, water feature

• December2012completion • 3 bed, bonus,loft, 3-car garage • Main level living & mastesui r te • Three outdoor terraces and indoor/outdoor living • Large lot (16,915 sq. ft.) • Full golf membership MLS¹201206848

• Westside homew/Cascade

64885 McGrath Road

Spectacular Views ( $692,000


• 3bed/2.5 bathlocated onCompass Park inheart of NWX • Charming 2734SFbuilt byGregWelch • Den/office onmainfloor off formalentry • 3bedrooms upalong w/open bonus area & laundryroom • Master bathw/soakingtub, wak-in shower & large closet • Front porch overlooks CompassPark

DebTebbs Group i Like us onR andfollowuson©


Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340

• 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 3200 SF

Just minutes to medical,

• Immaculate interior

shopping, & schools Single level, open great room Great for entertaining Private setting, borders BLM Separate entrance for home

• Heated parking • Cascade Mountain views

• Walk to Old Mill/Downtown MLS¹201207761

office Formal dining/living, chef's kitchen

Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

MLS¹201208865 Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Bobby Lockrem, Broker l 541-480-2356

Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340

Brokers l 541-312-5151


maryselhms© •

Broken Top Beauty! ( $889,000

1451 NW Remarkable Dr. ~ $945,000

family living ': • 4623 SF, 4(or 5)bdrms, 4 baths • Open great room, fantastic kitchen • Theatre room, den, family room • Huge deck, hot tub,3-car garage • Lg. treed homesite on 4th teebox

Call Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker, CRSl 541-408-4309

Call Ken Renner, Principal Brokerl 541-280-5352

Luxury Single Level in BrokenTop ( $1,150,000

Prime Development Land ~ $1,250,000

• 5 bedroom, 4 baths, 5116 sq. ft. • Overlooking Broken Top's 12th air way and green • One level with upstairs guest

,,I f

• Bonus & exercise room

Call Kelly Horton, Brokerl 541-508-9163





• I



¹ •


x• •


' -




65710 Mariposa Lane ~ $1,599,000 • StunningCascade Mtn.views from 10 acre estate • 5 bdrm, 6 bath, 6147 SF • Master suite w/gas FP, cedar walk-in closet Bi jacuzzi tub • Floor to ceiling windows for maximum views

• Brasada Ranch • 5400 SF onflat.75 acre! • 5 fireplaces! • Green built, efficient solar system • Finely crafted GaryNormanbuilt custom

• Stunning finishes

• Large family room downstairs

• Unobstructed mountain views

w/wine & theater room


Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

15631 SW Mecate Lane ~ $1,545,000

MLS¹ 201 207169

• 3 car garage w/shop area

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086 i

• 18.3 acres of prime development property • Ready for annexation into Redmond • Partially located on the Canyon Rim • Terms

suite and private office • Privacy with southern exposure

• Overlooking 10th fairway & green • Custom home completely remodeled in 2004-05 by Melrose Construction • Kathy Bi Karol Niemi interior plan/ design with quality & detail - 4476 SF • 5 bed, 5.5 bath, main level master • Great room design. Wonderful indoor and outdoor living spacious, quiet cul-de-sac location

• 4bds, 4 baths,4200SF,0.46acres MLS¹201206396


a' <


• Huge Cascade Views • Magnificent great room w/sliding window paneldoors, dry-stack rock fireplace • Gourmetkitchenw/SSappiances • Master bedroom Ikoffice/2nd bdrm on main floor • Media/bonus rm, wine cellar

• Perfect for entertaining & casual



Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokersl 541-419-4553

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

¹I I

a ¹

• I


DebTebbsGroup i Like us onR andfollowusonQ

¹II •



• •




Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage






Farms & Ranches





B ETWEEN B EN D & Nearly 2-acres, Mt view, Horse property - 7085 Downtown Bend Lot j 5'/p acre RV lot. grandREDMOND great location in CRR, Ken Lane, Culver. 39 fathered-in $119,000. $650,000 Terrific location - 4 with v e r y li v eable acres w/37 acres of Downtown Bend locaMLS¹201104846 bdrm, 1 ba th in home. $64, 9 00. NUID w a te r r i g ht. tion. 0.43 acre, RH Call Linda Lou Day-Wright, Broker, 2,888y sq.ft. home on MLS¹201208697 Flood irrigated from a zoning with much po5.75y acres. A C all N a nc y Pop p Ig. pond w/gated pipe. tential an d l o c ated 541-771-2585 Country feel but close 541-815-8000 1 782 SF manu f . outside th e h i storic Crooked River Realty



Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

SW Ch i n oo k Dr. Crooked R i ve r 8 Snowberry Village ¹70 Snowberry Village ¹119 CHECK YOUR AD Please check your ad mountain views from $69,500 • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 on the first day it runs these 5.68 acres lo- • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, baths, 1920 sq. ft. p a v ed attached 2-car garage • 2000 Silvercrest - Trito make sure it is cor- cated on a Num e rous• 1248 sq. ft. 1993 Sil- plewide rect. Sometimes in- street. s tructions over t h e trees 8 many building vercrest • Living room, family to t ow n a m enities.Crooked River Realty h ome. 4 b d / 2 b a . districts. Bring your Nice mountain views, sites. $225,000 MLS¹ • Large living room, phone are misunderroom, dining room Super fireplace w/rock Shop, barn & 4-stall ideas! 201106408 stood and a n e r ror 3.09-acres. $95,950. dining area • Remodeled kitchen, surround for a m b i- Rare Find j $695,000 barn. Outside arena MLS¹201208031 Juniper Realty, • can occurin your ad. MLS¹201101554 Vaulted c e i lings, w/breakfast bar 541-504-5393 a nce, plus a L o p i 39+ acre ranch min- w /attached pens . Judy Meyers, Broker, If this happens to your Sunny windows • Private master suite Call Linda Lou utes to Costco. Close Mountain & c anyon Woodstove that can GRI, CRS ad, please contact us • FA heat & heat pump w/walk-in closet Day-Wright, Broker, 541-480-1922 heat the whole house. to shops and BLM yet views. $360 , 0 00 SW Ch i n oo k Dr. (A/C) the first day your ad 541-771-2585 • Master bath w/garden Great room floor plan enjoy country l i fe. MLS¹201207831. We never stop moving: Crooked River, Smith • Front porch and large tub 8 double shower appears and we will Crooked River Realty Gorgeous 3731 sq. ft. w/living room 8 John L. Scott Real Esbe happy to fix it as Rock & mou n tain back deck • Gas FA heat PLUS R EADY T O BUI L D ! s oon as w e c a n . views. Owner terms kitchen having f armhouse, 3 b e d - tate 541-548-1712 Call Marilyn R ohaly, AC 8 fireplace r oom, 3 b a t h , f u l l wide-plank floors of 5.07 acres, flat l ot, available. 6.9 acres Deadlines are: WeekBroker, 541-322-9954 • Immaculate - too Mountain Springs basement, barn, mature trees, paved days 11:00 noon for with septic, power & John reclaimed pine. DisL. Scott Real many upgrades to list! fenced, irri g ated, Ranch j $11,722,500 road, 1/3 interest in tressed maple cabiw ell i n stalled. I n next day, Sat. 11:00 Estate, Bend $129,900 acre ranch great area of large 61,416 well, applied for stan nets in Kitchen with 1 MORRIS cludes custom home a.m. for Sunday and 8988 deeded (1830 irCall Marilyn Rohaly, dard septic. $99,900. Monday. 1 /2 t hi c k slat e acreages. plans. $189,000 Broker, 541-322-9954 r igated) 8 52, 4 28 REAL ESTATE MLS¹201204031 MLS¹ 20 12 0 4695 counters. If you like a MLS¹ 201008671 541-385-5809 BLM. 60 miles east of John L. Scott Real tndcpcndcntlyO cd andOperated Lynne Connelley, EcoPam Lester, Principal Take care of cozy country f e el. Juniper Realty, Thank you! Estate, Bend Bend. Spri n g-fed Broker, ABR, CRS You've got it!! BeauB roker, Century 2 1 541-504-5393 your investments owner's home, 9 state Driveway in place. 7981 Gold Country Realty, The Bulletin Classified 541-408-6720 tiful Cascade MounSW High Cone. of the art pivots, 90 ft. with the help from Inc. 541-504-1338 tain Views. 2 corrals, We never stop moving: n $29,900. SW Chipmunk Rd. truck scales, 20 ton Say ngoodbuy pond, shared lake, 3 MLS¹201003931 to Past u r e Level 5.19 acres with The Bulletin's G randfathered-in R V C lose livestock scales, and acres of irrigation, 2 to that unused Call Melody Curry l ot, come camp o r w /views. 8589 S W mountain views. Well 5 LOP tags. "Call A Service Cy stall barn. $375,000 541-771-1116 b uild y o u r dr e a m Panorama. $ 44,500 treed w it h s e v eral MLS¹201208910 item by placing it in MLS ¹201205878 Crooked River Realty home. Septic/Power/ MLS¹201105165 possible buil d ing Professional" Directory Steve Payer, The Bulletin Classifieds Bobbie Strome, C all M e lody C u r ry W ater. $57,9 0 0 sites. Com m unity Broker, GRI $139,000 The perfect MLS¹201207367 Principal Broker MORRIS 541-771-1116 water 8 power avail541-480-2966 Snowberry Village l ocation f o r you r John L Scott Real REAL ESTATE Linda Lou Day- Wright, Crooked River Realty able at t h e s t reet. We never stop moving: ¹46. 5 41 -385-58 0 9 dream home at Eagle Estate 541-385-5500 Ind p d ntly ~ d a d Op ratcd Broker, 541-771-2585 Owner terms availCrest! Located on a $88,900. 3 b d r ms, Investment Opportunity! River able. $69,000 MLS¹ Casa Mariposa j 2 baths, 1600y sq. ft. Snowberry Village ¹16 beautiful and p resti Crooked SE Bend-Woodside j 4 city tax lots totalling 201106095 1994 Silv e rcrest. Enjoy the carefree lif$3,990,000 gious cul-de-sac on Realty 14.07 acres. Zoned Realty, $795,000 Juniper Magnificent prairie Living room, separate estyle at Bend's preThe Ridge. 1/3 Acre 139716 Dorothy Lane You CAN have it all...a R1. It's possible to di541-504-5393 s tyle 8 6 7 6 sq. f t . dining room & large Lot in coveted Phase. Beautiful vacation remier 55+ community the lots further. home. 6 be d r oom beautiful home, huge MORRIS Home-ID 890 kitchen with e a ting n ear m edical a n d treat. The adorable 2 vide Power, city water 8 S W D O V E R D . M t. suites. Mt. Bachelor to barn, & room for your area. Pellet s tove, Eagle Crest Properties bed/1 bath home sits shopping. ImmacuREAL ESTATE at the paved Washington 8 Three Mt. Jefferson views. horse & animals. Be866-722-3370 Huge covered BBQ right on t h e c r eek. sewer late 3 b e d room, 2 I d p d d) O d dOp t d street. Mtn. & valley Sisters views from this deck. Large laundry bath features sepa4000 sq.ft. C a sita/ low replacement cost. Remodeled i n terior. $ 78,000 Peek a b o o Perfect condition. Ac- views. Many possible 6.1 acre property with room and 2-car 3389 sq. ft . q uality Shop. Garages for 8 at r ate d i ning r o o m, Find exactly what golf course and Cline cess from both Dor- building sites. In the power installed. Close tached garage. cars & 2 R Vs. 9.78 home on 4.2 acres. huge kitchen with is3-car attached gaButtes views. Level lot city limits of Canyon you are looking for in the acres between Bend othy Lane and Pine City near John Day. to t h e Des c hutes Call Marilyn Rohaly, land, master suite with in Eagle Crest Resort. rage + R V b a rn/4+ River and Steelhead 8 S i s ters. G r a nd Broker, Creek Loop. Wood CLASSIFIEDS g arden t u b , sta l l Home-ID 958 (Sellers are licensed car/shop/guest room. Falls. $99,500 MLS¹ 541-322-9954 Ridge Estates. stove makes for cozy Ore. Real Estate broshower, Vaulted ceilEagle Crest Properties MLS¹201207123 201205646 MLS¹201106412 John L. Scott Real winter nights. A covNewer S ingle S t o ry ings, wood laminate 866-722-3370 kers). $99,900 Juniper Re a l ty, Megan Power, Broker, Michelle Tisdel, ABR, Estate, Bend h ome, 3 b d rm, 2 5 ered porch overlooks floors, FA heat 8 AC. Juniper Realty, PC, Broker 541-504-5393 GRI, CDPE the creek. A covered C overed dec ks . bath, office, sunroom, Check out the 541-504-5393 541-390-3490 541-610-7318 2260 sq.ft, 60 acre, R V carport sits a t $94,500. Call Manlyn classifieds online We never stop moving: SW Geneva View Rd. Snowberry Village ¹127 We never stop moving: Rohaly, Broker, mtn & S m ith R o ck back of property. Lovely horse property T errebonne. Le v e l $90,425 views. $279,000. MLS $275,000 541-322-9954 Updated daily was used for horses • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths 1.14 acres that will be MLS¹ 201207074 John L. Scott RE ¹ 201206306 Pam before. Just under 3 easy to build on. Well • 1404 sq. ft., 2000 SilLester, Principal Bro- Nice flat lot in TerrebCall Linda at acres. Nice view of vercrest treed with an abun541-815-0606 ker, Century 21 Gold onne, .56 a c res, P aulina Peak f r o m dance o f wil d l ife• Large great room, bay Want to impress the Country Realty, Inc. Cascade Realty, p aved s t reet, a p relatives? Remodel end of Property. Lots MORRIS 541-504-1338 Dennis Haniford, passing thro u gh. window dining area MORRIS proved f o r ca p -fill of pine trees and very $41,500 your home with the • Front & back decks MLS¹ Princ. Broker REAL ESTATE septic, utilities are at REAL ESTATE Ranch in Powell Butte secluded. $42,900 • Laundry room + 2 car help of a professional 201102002 541-536-1731 I dcpc dc ttyO c d d O p c t cd the lot line. $42,000. Ind p dcntty~ d an d Opented $925,000. Pride of MLS¹ 201206397 Juniper Realty, garage from The Bulletin's MLS 3 2 0 1200117232.42 Acres in Urban ownership/Borders Cascade Realty, • So ld t a stefully fur541-504-5393 "Call A Service Pam Lester, Principal Serenity and Privacy on Cascade Mou n tain BLM. Feed Lot, hay Growth Bou n dary, Dennis Haniford, nished B roker, Century 2 1 Views - Imagine the 4.62 acres. ComfortProfessional" Directory Adjacent t o The Barn, Equip. Shed Princ. Broker Call Marilyn R ohaly, Gold Country Realty, Greens, kitty corner to SW River Rd. Exc. view delight upon entering able 3 b e droom, 2 MLS¹201206082 541-536-1731 from top of property. Broker, 541-322-9954 Inc. 541-504-1338 y our n e w hom e ! b ath home a n d a new Ridgeview High Vicci Bowen 780 acres w alking John L. Scott Real Vaulted ceilings, open 30x40 shop with over541-410-9730 School. $5 9 9 ,000. The Highlands at BroNW Dove Rd. Private 2.79 Bend Mfd./Mobile Homes distance to the Des- Estate, floor plan. K itchen, sized RV door. Build Central Oregon Realty MLS ¹ 20 1 2 0 3193 well, power 8 septic ken top, 1 0 a c res, chutes River 8 Steel- dining an d fa m i ly your custom h o me with Land Group, LLC gated, private well, Pam Lester, Principal installed! Level 5.12 head Falls. Hike, bike, brea t htaking rooms with wood deck with B roker, Century 2 1 acres with s e veral utilities at lot, app for Snowberry Village ¹98 5 ACRES with mounTurn-key ranch. Casviews of the Cascade ride horses, fly fish. access. Formal living cap-fill septic. Gold Country Realty, building sites with Mtn Quiet & natural set- $79,500 tain views. 3 bdrm, 2 with views. M aster mtns. or enjoy as is. cade mtn views, built views. All it needs is ting is ideal for vaca- • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. $535,000. MLS Inc. 541-504-1338 in 1993, 38+ acres suite, jette d -tub, $249,000 • 1 404 sq. f t . 1 9 9 9 b ath, 1 62 0 h o m e , ¹ 201200937. Pam your dream home. 4 .38 Acre v i e w l o t with 26 + i r r igation, tions or year round MLS¹201205440 36x40 shop, fenced, walk-in shower, dbl Principal Bro- backs BLM, Cascade $96,500 MLS¹ living. $49,000 MLS¹ • Silvercrest sink va n it y and D&D Realty Group LLC barn, shop, hay shed, Lester, irigated, ext. sprinkler 201201035 ker, Century 21 Gold Vaulted ceilings mtn & S m ith R o ck fenced. $5 5 0 ,000. 201009429 system. $27 9 ,000. walk-in closet. Ready 866-346-7868 Juniper Realty, Country Realty, Inc. designer colors views. Corner lot, apMLS ¹ 201 0 03925 Juniper Realty, for your i m mediate 2809225. Pam 541-504-5393 541-504-1338 • Gas heat and A/C. MLS proved for standard Sisters j $549,000 Pam Lester, Principal 541-504-5393 Lester, 541-504-1338 enjoyment. 4.80 acres Elevated corner lotseptic. $199,000. MLS with 4 .6 0 i r r igated. Great Cascade Moun- B roker, Century 2 1 THE PERFECT C entury 2 1 , Go l d tain views from this Gold Country Realty, SETTING FOR YOUR ¹2809381 Pam Call The Bulletin At SW Shad Rd. Located nice views County Realty MLS¹201205610. • Attached 2-car gaLester, Principal Bro541-385-5809 New pri c e at 3,000 sq. ft. home on Inc. 541-504-1338 NEW HOME on a p aved street. rage + shop area 6 .75 acres. 3 b e d Broken Top, 0.53 Acres ker, Century 21 Gold Place Your Ad Or E-Mail This 2.7 acre parcel $189,750! 771 Front deck and rear TURN THE PAGE Country Realty, Inc. rooms, bonus room 8 John L. Scott Offered at $275,000 At: has Mt. Jefferson & • patio For More Ads 541-504-1338 o ffice. 4 a c re s o f Lots Real Estate Cate Cushman, Smith Rock v i ews. Call Marilyn R ohaly, Three Sisters irrigaThe Bulletin 541-548-1712 Principal Broker The lot is level with SW Canyon Dr. 1.13 Have an item to Broker, 541-322-9954 Owner will carry, fantion. 40x40 barn, 5 541-480-1884 acres with a c cess many building sites. John L. Scott Real tastic 1/2 acre lot Close-in 4.78 Acres j loafing sheds, 3 car Gigantic views! sell quick? Crooked River Ranch Estate, from two streets proBend $129,000. Quality Fuw/views. $59,900. $410,000 garage with shop. water and power is v iding y o u man y If it's under Three 9148 Sq.ft. Iots, 2428 sq. ft., 4 bedMLS¹201008725 MLS¹201205094 qua home, 3 bdrm, 2 building site options. available at the street. cul-de-sac, ut i l ities '500 you can place it in room, 2 bath on 4.78 Mark Valceschini, P.C., Call Julie Fahlgren, bath, 1572 sq. ft., Owner terms availSeptic was previously Mobile home for sale by acres with 2 acres irBroker, 541-550-0098 s tubbed i nt o P U E , Broker, CRS, GRI Shop + greenhouse approved. $78,500 able. $58,500 The Bulletin owner, in a park, $6000. close to West Canrigation and a pond. 541-383-4364 Crooked River Realty MLS¹ 201200450 MLS¹ 201208266 MLS¹ 201106385 Terms available. Huge shop and barn. We never stop moving: $59,000 O u t standing yon Rim Park and acGail Day 541-306-1018 Classifieds for: Juniper Realty, Juniper Realty, 541-279-0109 or cess to the dry canDirections: Neff east Central Oregon Realty 541-504-5393 541-504-5393 builders dream lot in a yon trail. $35,000, to 541-617-2834 to Deer Trail Road, Group, LLC '10 - 3 lines, 7 days quiet n e ighborhood $50,000. MLS¹ r ight to end o f t h e cs and backs u p to '16 3 lines, 14 days 2012077694 and road. common area. This 7687 Pa m L e s ter, (Private Party ads only) MLS¹201206420 property is priced to Susan Agli, P rincipal Brok e r , MORRIS sell and w on't l ast C entury 2 1 Gol d 5-acre corner lot, flat Broker, SRES REAL ESTATE long! Home-ID 968 541-383-4338 Country Realty, Inc. 8 fully treed. $49,900. Eagle Crest Properties I dcpc dc tlyO cd d O p c tcd 541-504-1338 541-408-3773 MLS¹201109114 866-722-3370 We never stop moving: all N a nc y Po p p , Spectacular views of N orth P o w el l B u t t e Two-acre mt. view lot C541-815-8000 with septic, pwr lines, the Cascade Mtns & Acreage 3 LOTS! lines installed to Crooked River Realty D eschutes Riv e r . rare, North water building site. $68,000 6.5 acres of great horse Custom home s itu- 3 buildable, P owell B utte C a s MLS ¹20100858 ated on 2 . 3 a c res cade Mountain views. property. Fe n ced, Call Nancy Popp w/300' of river front- Quiet area. Call cross fenced, padMORRIS 541-815-8000 docks, 8 l arge hay a ge. 2937 s q . f t . Vicci Bowen REAL ESTATE Crooked River Realty w/hardwood, c r o wn barn. Has a nice 2 541-410-9730 Indcpendently&mcd and Opctnted moulding, wainscot- Central Oregon Realty bdrm, 2 bath single 773 ing & m uch m ore! wide also. $179,000 Group, LLC Acreages MLS 201108032 MLS¹201208388 Country living in Bend, 1.01 acre lot that is well Cascade Realty, $699,000 J o h n L. Spectacular Mtn. Dennis Haniford, Scott R ea l E s t ate t reed. Lot 14 1 S W Three acres flat prop views. 4 bdrm, 4.5 541-548-1 71 2 C rater Loop CR R . erty perfect to build Princ. Broker baths, 17 acres. Ofon. $59,900. 541-536-1731 $40,900. fered at $1,295,000. Where b a l d ea g l es MLS¹201105162 MLS¹201205386 MLS ¹2101203960 Views in Tersoar! Beautiful cus- C all M e l od y Cu r r y Call J u lie F a h lgren,Cascade Cate Cushman, rebonne. $192,500 tom home. B reath541-771-1116 Broker, 541-550-0098 Principal Broker views, Detaking views from ev- Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty Breathtaking 541-480-1884 schutes River ery window! Lg. open 1.46-acre lot adjoins 5 acres adjoins public yon, and farming valkitchen, fantastic livcommunity greenbelt. land over Deschutes ley below, 5 usable Custom built home with ing room w/rock fplc, River. Short walk to Flat bldg. site, with acres with well. Ideal hardwood floors, upfamily room w/huge water/power at road. river. $74,900. building site with ungraded lighting and built-in bar, attached MLS¹201102328 $39,900 o bstructed view s appliances. Recently apt. w/own entrance, Call Nancy Popp at Call Linda Lou MLS¹201205208 painted and n i cely formal dining room, 2 541-815-8000 about Day-Wright, Broker, Gail Day 541-306-1018 maintained home on master suites. Com541-771-2585 MLS¹201207930 Central Oregon Realty 2+ acres. Watch the plete w i t h hug e Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty Group, LLC sunset an d w i ldlife walk-thru closet and f rom y o u r dec k ! rotating bed so you MLS¹201208145 c an pi c k view . $480,000 $237,000 D&D Realty Group LLC MLS¹201201550 MOTORCYCLE:Custom Harley 866-346-7868 John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712 Davidson 1997 Sportster 1200 XL. FABULOUS CANYON 5000 Miles. Lots of chrome. $10,000. RIM. Once in a life763 Great ride, but noroomfor the softball time opportunity. Recreational Homes team. Contact Cheryl at 000-0000. Breathtaking views of & Property the canyon from your reverse living f l oor YCLE:Gently s plan. Vaulted living 141980 Emerald Meadroom, pellet s tove. ows Way - Beautiful Purchaseprice$350,000,20% down, Loan amount $280,000,30yrfixed. custom built 3 bd/ 2 The kitchen has an island and solid oak b ath home on o ne Cre s cent cabinetry. Many up- acre i n grades including tiled Lake. This p r istine baths, huge b o nus property has everyroom on lower level, thing. Paved circular attached gar a ge, drive, 2 ca r h eated landscaping, circular garage, small shed, Jumbo purchase price /value $800,000— 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. drive, carport, decks, newly painted extepaver patio, garden rior with wood floors, Offer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. area & more! 8x10 pellet stove and tons On Approved Credit. storage shed & par- of storage. C omes tial fencing. $249,900 equipped with a generator for those cold MLS¹201206225 D&D Realty Group LLC n ights M u s t see ! Owners determined to 866-346-7868 sell. One o f t h ose Home/shop/1.41 acres special homes you 3 bdrm, 1 bath, 1228 want to see. $299,000 data source — Cnrclngtc Market Trac sq. ft. home. Has 3 MLS¹ 201203768 wells: irrigation, house Call Linda at and shop. $105,000. 541-815-0606 MLS¹201202939 Cascade Realty, DenMike Jones nis Haniford, Broker ,

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$159,900 D&D Realty Group LLC 866-346-7868



Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC 764 Meticulous home in deFarms & Ranches sirable location, only minutes from town & Gentlemen farm & rePrineville Reservoir. t irement. Cust o m Home has breathtak- home ove r looking ing Cascade views. Willow Creek w/CasLow mai n tenance cade Mtn. views. 2892 yard. Open r o omy SF 1-level home w/infloor plan, v a ulted door pool, 3360 SF ceilings, lots of light shop, 2nd home & from the large win- o ther b l dgs. 6 9 . 8 dows, nice office, and acres w/62 acres of n ook. T w o tre e d irrig. Home has too acres, plenty of room many features to list. f or yo u r toys ! ! ! Adjoins BLM. MLS¹201206931

$795,000 J oh n L. Scott R ea l E s t ate 541-548-1712

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Casey NMLS 189449



Jennifer NMLS 288550 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR97702 CORPORLIC.¹ML-2421






i ¹



MORRIS REAL ESTATE Independently Owned and Operated






• •


I •

NE BENDI $165,000

LA PINEI $89,900

NE BENDI $80,000 "' t ¹LQ~PP~

' i, " ' , " h








::~ Ag, >

Exquisite single level home.Openfloor plan, 3 bedrooms,2.5 bathrooms,3096 sq. ft., formal dining, den/office, quality finishes.Expansivedeck, paver stone patio, fire pit, beautiful .51<cre lot.

View, Views 8 More Views. Located down a private lane. City lights at night are amazing. 2938 sq, ft.,

MLS¹201209423 (730)


'.)L'-'(/gi -:-1I

4 bedroom, 3 bath, large bonusroom, large deck, 3-car garage, rough sq. ft. you can finish.

Light and bright single story homelocated in the gated community of Mountain View Park. Newly painted exterior and interior. Vaulted ceilings, skylights, attached doublecargarage, private backyard.

This little jewel hasunique featureswhich include 2 skylights, copper 8 corrugated tin, and reclaimed wood from thesurrounding area. Located on I acre in a great community close to lakesand rivers.

MLS¹201209345 (730)

MLS¹201209338 (730)

MLS¹201209421 (730)






REDMONDI $2,500,000


IT'5 A LIFEST YLEi $824,000



Established car wash business located on main Central

158 Acres of Privacy 8 Mountain Views. 2 custom log buildings, irrigation, hay production 8 backsto National Grasslandsfor lots of open space 8 thenearby DeschutesRiver. Great horse 8 view property!

Timber FramedConstruction using 100 year old reclaimed timbers,beams8 flooring, this homewill warm your heart with character 8 charm.Main home, guest home, shop, 20 secludedacresminutes fromSisters.

on cul-de-sac. Vaulted living/dining room, private master on main level. Kitchenopens tofamily room. Built-in wet bar. Shop with concrete floor.

MLS¹201206492 (732)

MLS¹201209411 (762)

MLS¹201200880 (762)

MLS¹201206297 (746)



Great opportunity to own a large, .21-acre lot in an established area of town close to shopping, restaurants, schools, and medical facilities. All utilities are to the lot.

MLS¹201209425 (730)


Oregon state highway. Center of Redmondretail business district. Includes real estate, fixtures, equipment and inventory. Call for details.


541-548-3598, 541-306-9646



SW BENDi $549,000

REDMONDi $535,000


5 bedroom, 3 bath, 4288 sq, ft, home,Flat.82 acre lot



New construction. Single level home on 40 of an acre lot. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, plus a den. Quality upgrades throughout! 3<ar garage. Summercompletion.

MLS¹201209414 (746)




CUSTOMHOMEi $525,000

NW BEND LAND i $495,000






Sl'UNNING Mountain 8 City views! 3743 sq, ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Open floor plan, gourmetkitchen, marble, tile, slab granite, walnut floors, woodendoors, master on main, 3 decksfor outdoor living.

MLS¹201208296 (746)

4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 3035 sq. ft, townhomenestled in the pine trees, close to the Deschutes River trail. Great room floor plan, vaulted beamceilings, gourmet kitchen, paver patio, water feature.

MLS ¹: 201203181 (747)








'1 n

4+ fenced acres with Cascade Mountain views.

4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3356 sq. ft. remodeledhome with quality finishes. 4+ car garage with a guestsuite above 8 a 5-bayshopwith 220v wiring & RVdoors.

MLS¹201209260 (750)



Live in paradise on 20 private acres with river frontage and Cascade Mountain views! Quality single level

home, 2334 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom.Energy efficient with geothermal groundsourceheating.

MLS¹201209443 (773)

MLS¹201207288 (762)



NE BENDI $349,000

EDGECLIFF I $347,500


Tumalo CreekGem! 40 acres bordering national forest. Creek meanders through property. Timbered and private retreat.


CRAIG LONG, BROKER 541-480-7647

NW BENDI $335,000

• III -



S!¹r g

I Custombuilt 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 3163 sq. ft. home.

2000 Remodel. New cabinets, appliances, carpet. Furnace and central A/C 2 years old, roof 5 years old. View through Ponderosas. Large lot. Main floor master, 2 fireplaces and rec room. Large deckand patio.

Gorgeous Cascade views. Large mastersuite. Vaulted wood ceilings. Possible mother-in-law suite. Borders 8LM. Bring your horse and toys. RVarea.

Panoramic Northeasterly views. 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 4020 sq. ft. perched on theedge of rimrock. Spacious kitchen, 3 separate living spaces, 8 wood accents throughout. Large decks for outdoor living.

Well maintained, cozy home,nestled among mature

Walnut wood floor, custom alder cabinets, 9 ft. 8 11 ft. ceilings, crown molding 8 surround sound. Private paver patio with water feature.

MLS¹201209333 (746)

MLS¹201208464 (748)

MLS¹201205268 (762)

MLS¹201206019 (748)

MLS¹201207650 (746)






SUNDANCE i $329,000


NW BENDI $239,900


Ponderosas in a quiet west side neighborhood. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, shop, greenhouse, RVparking, 2.3 acres, hot tub, large fenced backyard.




:-¹ U~RIi

$g 4



Clean, bright4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 story homeon 2.96 flat acres. Open floor plan, large kitchen with tons of storage, roomy master with walk-in closet. Recently painted and newerappliances.

I've been living and working right in Sunriver for over 25 years. Call me with your Sunriver, Crosswater and Caldera Springs RealEstate needs!



MLS¹201209541 (749)

2264 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath near Sawyer Park, close to the river and recreation trails. Kitchen with maple cabinets, living room with stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, and Milgard windows,

Living quarters included with this businessand property. Located on Hwy 97. Business ismainly from the Hwy traffic. Owner will carry.






REDMONDI $199 900


MLS¹201209444 (746)




MLS ¹201203037 (732)

New construction in SEBend. Single level, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1641 sq. ft. home on large lot on the edge of town backing to COI canal. Completion 3/I/13.

MLS¹201208267 (749)

8 2/10 Homebuyer'sWarranty. MLS¹201206008 (748)

1366 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath homelocated on a quiet cul-de-sac in NE Bend. Great condition inside and out,

fully landscaped, fencedand sprinkler system. Great open floor plan!

MLS¹201208902 (748)







SW BENDi $179,900


fenced backyard8 patio. MLS¹201207629 (749)


• •




New Construction in NE Bend. 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1708 sq. Ft.Great roomfloor plan, open kitchen, and main level master. Professional landscaping

New construction, 1500 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, great room, kitchen with island, fireplace & large master suite. Front yard landscaping & sprinkler system, large

Single story homeon .26 of an acre in gated community. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2498 sq, ft. Granite counters 8 hardwoods. Detachedoffice space. 3-car garage, nice deck in theback.

home, great midtown location, lots of character. Oversized lot, nicely landscaped, finished basement, arched doorways, wide trim 8 hardwood floors.

MLS¹201206831 (750)

MLS¹201207022 (748)







=~~"- qr t

1704 sq, ft., 3 bedroom, 2bath homeon .62 acre in DeschutesRiverWoods, New interior 8 exterior paint, new carpet, window treatmentsand p umbing fixtures. Veryclean home,and onthe canal.

VIEWS! VIEWS!VIEWS! Beautiful Cascade Viewsfrom this 19.62 acre vacant land homesite in Powell Butte, Gently sloped parcel, perfect to build your dreamhome. Might have natural springs on property.

MLS¹201209538 (748)

MLS¹201208852 (747)

MLS¹201205095 (773)







REDMONDI $125,000


PRINEVILLE i $99,000



Extensive remodel - 12'x20' great roomwith wood & bamboo floor, master bath with tile 8 granite. Private wooded lot with large outdoor deck. Newer appliances. Circular drive offers extra parking.

= j"



l l




-I — i-I —r

MLS¹201209276 (750)



Convenient to schools, river and Old Mill.

MLS¹201201353 (771)



Nice and secluded setting in the pine trees. Close to DeschutesRiver. Plenty of roomfor all your toys & RV. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1353 sq. ft. Home is inmove-in ready condition. Bankowned.

MLS¹201207296 (755)



Great location on the way to Mt. Bachelor.

Establishedneighborhood, .56 acre, easybuild lot.



-~~I:I Light and bright 4 bedroom home on almost a I/4 of an acre. 2 stories, with fenced backyard, landscaping, sprinkler system, and RVarea.

Inventory is low, which is anadvantage to sellers. Coldwell Bankerranks ¹I for selling themosthousesin Bend. Call me toget your housesold.

Over 2 acres with Cascade Mountain and Crooked RiverCanyon views onthe canyon rim. Bordered by 3000 acres of8LMproperty for endless recreation.

MLS¹2704850 (757)


541-610-7318 • 541-788-3678

Build your custom home onthis .47-acre lot on a short street with only a few homes.Enjoy views of the River's Edge golf course and the buttes to the east.

Easy access toHighway 97 and theParkway.

River, Trails, Public Lands! 8ig DeschutesRiver beach access right acrossthe road..45 acre cul-de-sac lot to build your DreamHome. BacksDeschutes National Forest.

MLS¹201209006 (771)

MLS¹201204299 (771)






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refuge 43. Wears away 44. "Parks and Recreation" star: 2 wcls. 48. Promise to pay 49. One of the

Bridges 50. Associate of Captain Picard 54. Silent 55. Author Bagnold 56. Battery fluid 57. Bardem film, "The — Inside" 58. Bone-dry 59. 2003 movie, "Finding —"

DOWN 1. 2011 movie,

"— Teacher"

2. Mr. Roth 3. C.S.A. state 4. "Prison Break" actor Wentworth 5. Love affair 6. Hudson on "Rules of

Engagement" 7. Infant's illness 8. Bana and Roberts 9. Pine10. Face-to-face exam 11. Tennis'

30. Small fry


character, Tracy41. Coverups 42. New Hampshire town 44. Intentions 45. Grimace 46. Western, d 3:10 to —" 47. "Aquarius" musical 51. Pitching star 52. Burton or Curry 53. Hubbub

19. Discharge 20. Cary Grant's "— Girl Friday" 21. Uttered 22. Old Dodge model 23. Ms. Headey 26. Electric guitar hookup 28. " Three Lives" 29. Griffith's "A — in the Crowd"












33. Meg Ryan's "— to a Kiss" 34. Irritated 37. Use an insecticide,

perhaps d

39. 30 Rock"





17 18

















37 40 44






43 47





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Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty DuckDynastyThefamilygearsupfor ShippingWars ShippingWars (11:01)Shipping (11:31)Shipping 3 28 1 8 32 Beyond Straight Dynasty 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Wars 'PG' cc W a rs 'PG' cc homa liveScared thegang life. '14'Teens inOkla- Duck Samurai Si 'PG' Christmas. 'PG' « ** "Hannibal"(2001)Anthony Hopkins. A disfigured victim of (4:30) *** "ThePatriot" (2000,War)Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger. Amanand his *** "Signs"(2002, Suspense)MelGibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Cherry Jones.Premiere. A widower 'AMC son fight side byside in the Revolutionary War. « investigateshugecircles in hiscrop fields. cannibalistic Dr.Lecterseeksrevenge. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 PitBoss TheRoastn'PG'« Too Cute! PuppyLove n 'G' « Too Cute! n 'G' cc Pit Boss (N) n 'PG' cc Pit Bulls and Parolees(N) n 'PG' Pit Boss n 'PG' cc BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta ** "HowfoLoseaGuyin10Days"(2003)KateHudson,Matthew McConaughey ** "Howfo Lose aGuyin 10Days" (2003) CMT 190 32 42 53 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Redneck Island (N) n 'PG Redneck Island(N) n 'PG Redneck Island n 'PG CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheSuzeOrmanShow(N) « Princess « Princess « Ulti mate Factories Budwei'P ser G' The Suze OrmanShow « Princess cc Princess « Qui t Your Job! Save-CarMD CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers Morgan Tonight Piers MorganTonight CNN Presents 'PG' « Piers MorganTonight CNN Newsroom CNN Presents 'PG' « ***"HotTubTimeMachine"(2010,Comedy)JohnCusack.« ** "Dinner for Schmucks" (2010,Comedy)SteveCarell, Paul Rudd. « COM 13 53 135 47 (5:30) **"TommyBoy" (1995)Chris Farley. cc COTV 11 Talk of the Town Local issues. Des e rt Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Talk of the TownLocal issues Iran's Nuclear Ambitions CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Iran's Nuclear (6:40) Media's History & Influence(N) (9:40) Media's History & Influence News Politics and Public Affairs *** "Bolt"(2008) Voicesof JohnTravolta. n « 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin&Ally'G' ShakeltUp!'G Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie Phineas, Ferb Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « *DISC 15 21 16 37 AmishMafian'14'cc Amish Mafia Fall From Grace'14' Gold RushRoadto Gold n 'PG Gold Rush UpSmith Creekn 'PG' GoldRush LeprechaunGold'PG' Gold Rush UpSmithCreek n 'PG' *E! Mail" (1998)TomHanks, MegRyan, Parker Posey 13 25 Tak e Miami Tak e Miami Take Miami Ta k e Miami Take Miami Take Miami Take Miami Ta k e Miami ** "You've Gof ESPN 21 23 22 23 StrongestMan StrongestMan Strongest Man Strongest Man SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc NFL PrimeTime(N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 30for30cc 30 for 30 cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) m NBA Tonight (N) SportsCenter (N) Sport Science NBA Tonight ESPNC 23 25 123 25 SEC Storied cc Roll Tide/WarEagle cc SEC Storied cc Roll Tide/WarEagle cc SEC Storied « Year of the Quarterback cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. Hig h light Express(Li (N) ve) ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "TheNotebook" (2004, Romance)RyanGosling. A man tells a story to a womanabout two lovers ** "The Time Traveler's Wi/e" FAM 67 29 19 41 (5:30) ** "TheLast Song" (2010, Drama)Miley Cyrus, GregKinnear FNC 57 61 36 50 JuetiCeWithJudgeJeanine(N) Ge r aldOatLargen'PG'cc Journal Editorial FOX News Jus t ice With Judge Jeanine Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Red Eye *FOOD 17 62 98 44Rachaelvs.GuyCook-Off Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off Rachael vs.GuyCook-Off Rachael vs.GuyCook-Off Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off Iron Chef America *** "Taken" (2008,Action) LiamNeeson, MaggieGrace *** "Taken" (2008, Action) LiamNeeson, MaggieGrace. FX 131 (5:30) **"DeathRace"(2008, Action) JasonStatham,Tyrese Gibson. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I H ou s e Hunters Renovation 'G Love It or List It Maharishi 'G' Love It or List It 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 AmericanPickers'PG' cc American Pickers TrainWreck'PG' Pawn Stars P a wn Stars Pa w n Stars Pa w n Stars 'PG'Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' LIFE 13 39 20 31 "Killer AmongUs" (2012)TessAtkins, TomCavanagh. 'PG' « 'WilledloKill" (2012) SarahJane Morris. Premiere. 'PG' « "TheEleventhVictim" (2012,Suspense)Jennie Garth. 'PG' « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Lockup Lockup: RawAin't No Hotel Lockup OrangeCounty Lockup OrangeCounty Lockup Tampa Life After Lockup ** "ScaryMovie3" (2003)n MTV 192 22 38 57 (5:00) *** "Catfish" (2010) n TeenMom 2BuildingBlocks'PG Underemployed TheMessage '14 Catfi sh:TheTVShow Kya& Alyx BUCKWILD n '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob Victorious (N)'G' Marvin Marvin SupahNinjas'G' Supah Ninjas'G The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n '14' Friends n 'PG' Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Six McGhees Golden Sisters Golden Sisters Six McGhees Six McGhees OWN 161 103 31 103 Disappeared n 'PG' cc ROOT 20 45 28* 26 College Basketball Seahawks Be n singer College Basketball California atUSC(N)(Live) College Basketball Gonzaga at Santa Clara *** "Indiana Jonesand the LastCrusade" (1989,Adventure) Harrison Ford,SeanConnery. Premiere. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:10) *** "Indiana Jones andthe Temple ofDoom"(1984)n (11:02) ** "Payback"(1999) n * "ResidentEvil" (2002, Horror) Mila Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez * "ResidentEvil: Afterlife" (2010, Horror) Mila Jovovich, Ali Larter * "ResidentEvil" (2002, Horror) SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) ** "Daybreakers" (2009) TBN 205 60 130 Hourof Power n'G' cc Billy GrahamClassic Crusades Not a Fan Travel the Road "A Vow foCherish" (1999,Drama)Barbara Babcock. D r iv e History Live at OakTree Virtual Memory The King of The King of The King of The King of The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang W edding Band 99ProblemsTheband W edding Band 99ProblemsTheband 'TBS Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' plays at a divorceparty. 'MA' plays at a divorceparty. 'MA' *** "The Whistle(1944, r" Mystery) (5:00) *** "To Have snd HsveNot (8:15) ** "Libel"(1959, Drama)Dirk Bogarde, Olivia de Haviland, PaulMassie *** "A Fistful olDollars"(1964, Western)Clint Eastwood, (11:45) **** "M TCM 101 44 101 29 Richard Dix, J.Carrol Naish. British noblesues Canadianwhocalls himimpostor. « MarianneKoch,Josef Egger. « (1 944)HumphreyBogart. (1931) *TLC 17 34 32 34 Dateline: Real Life Mysteries '14 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence '(N) 14 48 Hours: Hard Evidence (N)'14' 4 8 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14 ** "LethalWeapon4" (1998,Action) MelGibson, DannyGlover, JoePesci. Detectives RiggsandMur- *** "G.l. Jane" (1997, Drama)DemiMoore, Viggo Mortensen,AnneBancroft. A female NavySEALs (4:30) ** "Con Air"(1997)Nicolas *TNT Cage, JohnCusack. « taugh battle Chinesemercenaries. «(DVS) recruit completesrigorous training. « *TOON 84 Regular Show * * "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: TheLightning Thief" (2010)LoganLerman Venture Bros. Family Guy '14 Family Guy'14' Clevel and Show Black Dynamite The Boondocks *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Ghost Adventures 'PG' « Ghost Adventures '14' « Ghost Adventures '14' « Ghost Adventures 'PG'« TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit VH1 191 48 37 54 100 Greatest Songs of the '00s n 1 00 Greatest Songs of the '00s n 1 00 Greatest Songs of the '00s n * * " Austin Powersin Goldmember"(2002,Comedy)Mike Myers. n 40 Funniest Fails 2 '14 *A&E


** "Sudden Impact"1983, CrimeDramaClint Eastwood. n 'R' « ** "TheDead Pool"1988 Clint Eastwood. 'R' « 106401 306401TheGauntlet'R' (6:20) **"The Enforcer"1976Clint Eastwood.'R' ***"The Score" 2001,CrimeDramaRobert DeNiro, EdwardNorton. 'R' acc ** "PineappleExpress"2008SethRogen. Astoner fleesafter witnessing amurder. 'R 104 204104120(4:30) ** "PineappleExpress" 34


U F C: In the Moment TheRiseof JonJones '14

UFC Tonight '14' UFC Tonight '14' UFC Bad Blood ChuckLiddell and Tito Ortiz. '14'


UFC Roundtable UFC Roundtable Training Day'14'

28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf HyundaiTournamentof Champions, SecondRound ** "E/evalorGirl" (2010)LaceyChabert, Ryan Merriman. 'PG' « ** "TheNannyExpress" 'PG' HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00) *** "Class" (2010) 'PG' TheSevenYearHitch" (2012)Natalie Hall, Darin Brooks.'G' « *** "Bridesmaids" 2011, ComedyKristen Wiig. n 'R' « HBO 425 501 425501 (5:15) *** "Harry Poller andthe Sorcerer's Stone" 2001'PG' « ** "The Three Stooges" 2012SeanHayes. 'PG ThreeSlooges *** "BadLieutenant: Port ol CallNewOrleans" 2009 Nicolas Cage. Premiere. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "EscapeFromL.A (7:15) ** "Rambo"2008,Action Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz.'R Escape-L.A * "Showgirls"1995 'NC-17' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:20) *** "Crazy, Stupid, Love." 2011 n 'PG-13' (7:20) ** "Life"1999Eddie Murphy. n 'R' cc (9:15) ** "HorribleBosses" 2011Jason Bateman.n 'NR' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 GameOn! Buc k s TecomateElk Fever 'PG' Whitetail Rev. High School Football U.S. ArmyAll-American BowlFromthe Alamodomein SanAntonio The Whistle 'G' The Dakar Rally Alaska StateTroopers'14' Alaska StateTroopers '14 NGC 157 157 D o omsday Preppers'14' DoomsdayPreppers'14' DoomsdayPreppers '14 DoomsdayPreppers '14 NTOON 89 115189115 Legend-Korra L egend-Korra Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n Robot, Monster Odd Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob Legend-Korra Legend-Korra Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 30743 307 Wild Skies Trophy Quest Best of West E xpedition Saf. Heartland Bow Speargun Hunter Ted Nugent A m erican Archer Furtakers Tracks, Africa MagnumTV Best ofWest SHO 500 50 0 U n told History of the United StatesHouse of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies House of Lies SPEED 35 303125 303 ArenaX AMA Supercross RacingAnaheimFromAngels Stadium inAnaheim, California. (N) (Live) Superbike Fam Unique Whips '14' **"TheHauntedMansion"2003EddieMurphy ** "Think Like a Man" 2012Michael Ealy. Premiere. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 * "My Boss'sDaughter"2003 Ashton Kutcher.« (11:05) **"The Vow" 2012 « * "Apo//o 18" 2011Lloyd Owen.'PG-13' cc *** "DogSoldiers"2002Sean Peitwee.'R'« TMC 525 525 (5:45) * "Salvation Boulevard" 2011Pierce Brosnan (10:45) ** "Hard Ride loHell" 2010Miguel Ferrer *WE

14 41174118Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne'PG' Roseannen 'G' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG'

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Fit Celeb Secrets Criminal Minds HauntedMurders at a Criminal Minds Omnivore Notorious Criminal Minds Amplification Deadly Criminal Minds A serial killer keepshis Barter Kings Barter Kings 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc pharmacy. n '14' cc New Englandserial killer. '14' cc virus is released. n '14' cc victims' eyes. n '14' cc Mad MenTheoffice scrambles without Mad Men Outof TownChangesat Ster- The Killing Pilot SarahLinden is drawn **"Hidalgo" (2004,Adventure)ViggoMoitensen, OmarSharif, Louise Lombard. AWesterner races ahorse across the 'AMC Don.'PG' « ling Cooper. '14' « into a newcase. n « Arabian desert. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Most Extreme Most Extreme Weird, True We i rd, True Un t amed and Uncut n '14' cc Gator Boys AlligatorFace-Ofi 'PG' Gator Boys n 'PG' cc Gator Boys: Xtra Bites 'PG' cc BRAVO 137 4 4 Ma t chmaker Th e Kandi Factory The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Paid Program Save-CarMD TRIA Cindy Crawford Weight Loss E a syMeals Paid Program WEN Hair Care Zumba Fit Ins a nity! EZ Guitar P90X Revolution! CNN 55 38 35 48 StateoftheUnion Fareed ZakariaGPS(N) Reliable Sources(N) « State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS The Next List C NN Newsroom COM 135 53 135 47 The Asylum W e i ght Loss Insane Bodies! Cindy Crawford (8:15) ** "LegallyBlonde"(2001, Comedy)ReeseWitherspoon. cc (10:15) *** "C/ue/ess" (1995)Alicia Silverstone, StaceyDash. cc COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Newsmakers W ashington ThisW eek W ashington ThisW eek ***"Bolt" (2008) n cc 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Little Einsteins Octonautsn'Y' Mickey Mouse Doc McStuffins Mickey Mouse Never Land Ph i neas, Ferb P hineas, Ferb Good-Charhe J e ssie G « *DISC 156 21 16 37 WeightLoss Ke y of David Paid Program n Michael Youssef Joel Osteen 'PG' (8:27) In Touch Dual Survival Desertsurvival. '14 Bering SeaGold n 14 cc Gold Rush UpSmith Creek n 'PG' *E! 136 2 5 Ins anity! Paid Program 25 Most Sensational Hollywood Meltdowns 'PG True Hollywood E! Special '14 The Soup '14' E! News Special E! News(N) ESPN 21 23 22 23 SportsCenter(N) (Live) cc Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (Live) « PBA Bowling BCS Countdown ESPN2 22 24 21 24 ProFILE:60 ProFILE: 60 Outside Lines Sports Reporters SportsCenter (N)(Live) « Billiards Billiards ESPNC 23 25 123 25 30for30 « 30for30 cc Year of the Quarterback cc SEC Storied cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex ESPNN 24 63 124203 H-Lite Ex. NBA Tonight S p ortsCenter « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "The TimeTraveler's Wife" FAM 67 29 19 41 Joseph Prince Sunday Mass Boy Meet World Boy Meet World Boy MeetWorld ** "Where the Heart ls" (2000,Comedy-Drama) Natalie Poitman,Ashley Judd. FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00)FOXandFriendsSunday(N) NewsHQ Housecaff(N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17762 98 44 Dancer's Body New Keurig R a chael Ray's Week Day in a(N) Giada at Home Trisha's Sou. P i oneer Wo. B e s t Dishes Not My Mama Guy's Big Bite Guy's Big Bite Sandwich King ** "VantagePoint" (2008, Suspense) DennisQuaid, MatthewFox ** "Death Race" (2008,Action) JasonStatham,TyreseGibson FX 131 Say No to Botox! Say No to Pain Smarter Smarter HGTV 176 49 33 43 WENHairCare Cindy Crawford House Hunters Renovation 'G' House Hunters Renovation 'G Behind the Build: 2013 House Hunters Renovation 'G Property Brothers'G' cc *HIST 155 42 41 36 Save-CarMD Superfood The States 'PG' cc The States 'PG' cc How the StatesGot Their Shapes How the StatesGotTheir Shapes How the StatesGotTheir Shapes LIFE 138 39 20 31 Look Younger Muffin Top? 'G' In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Hour of Power David Jeremiah Joel Osteen 'PG' Zumba Fit Old Christine O l d Christine "Seventeenand Missing"'14' « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N) Mel i ssa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press cc *** "Catfish" (2010,Documentary) n MTV 192 22 38 57 MadeAsalsadancer. n 'PG' MadeFi tnessModel:Brooke'PG TeenMom 2BuildingBlocks'PG' BUCKWILD n '14' NICK 82 46 2440 T.U.F.F.Puppy Kung Fu Panda Odd Parents Odd Parents Power Rangers SpongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob TeenageMut. SpongeBob Dr. Phil n 'PG' « Dr. Phil Parentingquestions. 'PG' Dr. Phil ri 'PG' cc OWN 161103 31 103 Dr. Philn'PG' cc Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' cc Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' « ROOT 20 45 28* 26 NewYou! Derm Exclusive! Men's Health Paid Program Paid Program Say No to Pain Hawg Quest(N) Joy of Fishing Back Pain Relief Workout Planet X Square SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Men's Health Say NotoPain EasyMeal s SuperFood Weight Loss Insane Bodies! Xtreme 4x4'G' Horsepower TV Trucks! 'G' « M u s cleCar 'G' Worst Tenants Worst Tenants SYFY 133 35 133 45 Paid Program Octaspring Ma. Paid Program Save-CarMD Fit Celeb Paid Program ** "Childreno/ the Corn" (2009)DavidAnders, KandyseMcClure Wolvesbayne"(2009, Horror) TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn David Jeremiah Kenneth Hagin Winning Walk Miracle For You Redemption 'G Love/Finding I n Touch 'PG' P owerPoint It I s Written 'G Bayless Conley Best of Praise Married... With Married... With Home Improve Home Improve Wedding Band99ProblemsTheband Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n '14' cc Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n '14' cc Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n 'PG' cc 'TBS o 'PQ Children n 'PG' ment 'G' « ment 'G' « plays at adivorce party. 'MA' *** "Dark Victory" (1939,Drama)Bette Davis, GeorgeBrent, HumphreyBogart *** "Boys' Night Oul" (1962,Comedy)KimNovak, James Garner. Businessmen *** "lvanhoe" (1952)RobertTaylor, (5:00) **"Ringside Maisie"(1941, TCM Comedy)AnnSothern. « A dying heiressembarksona social whirl. «(DVS) Elizabeth Taylor. « prove eagersubjects for asociology student. « *TLC 178 34 32 34 Octaspring Ma. Paid Program n Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Fat Loss Jiffian Michaels Four Weddings n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Law & Order BodiesThe detectives Law & Order Bounty Famousfugitive Law & Order Patient Zero Preventingan Law & Order ShrunkSongwriter sus Law & Order BlazeFire kills 23people Law & Order Identity Anexecutive is *TNT investigate a murder. /i '14' eludes capture. /i '14' outbreak. '14' «(DVS) pected. ri '14' «(DVS) at a concert. rr '14' gunneddown.'14' «(DVS) *TOON 84 Looney Tunes LooneyTunes Dragons:Riders Ninj aGo: Mstrs Beywheelz'Y7' Pokemon BW Ben 10 Star Wars: Clone Green Lantern Young Justice TomandJerry: ShiverMe *TRAV 179 51 45 42 CelebHair Save-CarMD W h en Vacations Attack 'PG' « Myst eries at the Museum 'PG Off Limits Arizona 'PG' « Dangerous Grounds 'PG' « Mysteries at the Museum'PG TVLND 65 47 29 35 Roseanne'PG' (6:36) Roseanne (7:12) RoseanneLikea Virgin 'PG' (7:48) Roseanne (8:24) Roseanne Roseanne 'PG' ** * "The PrincessBride" (1987,Adventure) CaryElwes, RobinWright. cc USA 15 30 23 30 PaidProgram CarMD Paid Program David Jeremiah Atmosphere J o e l Osteen 'PGOver/Under"(2013, Drama)Steven Pasquale, Caroline Dhavernas NCIS TheWeakLink n 'PG' « VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG Jump Start n 'PG Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG Saturday Night Live n '14' cc 40 Greatest Pranks 3 'PG' *A&E 130 28 18 32 HolidayFat Buster!


106401 306401(5:20) ** "StephenKing's Desperation" 2006 'R Snow Queen n (Part1 of 2) 'PG'cc Snow Queen (7:35) ** "Van Helsing"2004,FantasyHughJackman,KateBeckinsale.ri'PG-13'« ** "Fat so"1980,ComedyDom DeLuise.'PG' ©c 104 204104120(5:00) ** "Golden Girl"1951 (8:45) * "MovingViolations" 1985,ComedyJohn Murray. 'PG-13' « (10:20) ** "Bad Medicine"1985SteveGuttenberg. 34 AMA Supercross RacingDallas2012 AMA Supercross RacingDaytona AMA SupercrossRacingToronto

28 301 27 301 Golf Central

Golf Central

G o l f Central PGA TourGolf Hyundai Tournamentof Champions, SecondRound

HALL 66 33 175 33 I Love Lucy'G' ILoveLucy'PG' ILoveLucy'G I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls *** "TheWish List"'PG' cc HBO 425501 425501(4:35)WinWin * "BlackSheep"1996 Chris Farley. n 'PG-13' cc ** "HappyFeetTrro"2011 Voicesof Elijah Wood Broad Street Bullies n 'PG' cc (10:45) *** "Rise oltheP/anetol the Apes" 2011 IFC 105 10 5 W h itest Kids Dilbert 'PG' Dilbert 'PG Dilbert n 'PG' D i lbert n 'PG' D i lbert n 'PG' A r rested Dev. A rrested Dev. A rrested Dev. ArrestedDev. WhiskerWars W hiskerWars ** "Mn Popper'sPenguins"2011JimCarrey. 'PG' ** "Water for E/ephants" 2011 n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:15) "Kiss Kiss,BangBang" 'R (8:35) ** "Kingpin"1996, ComedyWoodyHarrelson. n 'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30209DobbsAlive Ha n k Parker3-DHank Parker 3-D North to Alaska Outdoor Secrets NA Hunter Optik Quests B u ck Stops FL W Outdoors 'G Biff Dance Fis h ing/Martin NGC 157 157 D r ugged HighAlcon ohol '14' Drugs, Inc. MotorCityRush'14' Alaska State Troopers '14' Taboo Nontraditionalweddings.'14' Taboo ExtremeBodies '14 Taboo BodyModification '14 NTOON 89 115189115 NFL Rush Zone Dragonbaff GT Power Rangers Power Rangers Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn Monsuno n 'Y7' Dragonbaff GT Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air.

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Fishing the Edge L.L. Bean Guide Spanish Fly B i ff Dance SaltFacts of Fishing American Archer * "SpyKids: Allthe Timein theWorld" 2011 'PG SHO 500 500 Th r ee Musk Inside the NFL n 'PG' « SPEED 35 303125303 Guys Garage My Classic Car My Classic Car Chop-Rebuild Drag Boats Te s t Drive STARZ 300 408 300408 (5:40) ** "Just GoWith It" 2011 AdamSandler. n (7:40) ** "The Haunted Mansion"2003 'PG'« ** "The Tempest" 2010, Drama Helen Mirren. rr 'PG-13' « TMC 525 525 (5:30) ** "Bottle Shock" 2008Alan Rickman.ri *WE

143 41 174118 WEN Hair Care Zumba Dance Mary Mary Boyiriend Drama

Mary Mary All NlghtWrong

The Choice W a rdens Operation OHV Buckmaster Clsc * "Legendary" 2010,DramaPatricia Clarkson, JohnCena. 'PG-13 Road Champ GermanTouring Cars (N) (9:10) *** "Underthe TuscanSun"2003 DianeLane. 'PG-13' e«s ** "Agent CodyBanks"2003FrankieMuniz.'PG Mary Mary Braxton Family Values 'PG

Trophy Hunt M agnum TV Untold History of the United States AMA Super cross RacingAnaheim (11:10) ** "Think Likea Man (11:15) "HarlemHostel" 2010 'NR Braxton Family Values '14



600 0 c







TV • PAGE 7 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD Bend/Redmond/SIsters/Bjack Butte (Djgjtal) PM Prjnevjge/Madras SR SunrjveC L LaPjne







Pre-Auction Real Recipe.TV n Nutriguffet - Add Cash Cab 'G' cc Extreme Makeover: HomeEdition Estate Riches! 'PG' cc Friday Family, Pait1'PG' « (ABC) years! KTVZ O O O O PGA Tour Golf Hyundai Tournamentof Champions,Third RoundFromPlantation CourseatKapalua in Maui. (N) n cc KATU

Extreme Makeover: HomeEdition Friday Family, Part 2 'PG' « Men's Health: H ometime 'G' cc Prostate Health (10:00) NFLFootball AFCWild-Card Game—Indianapolis College Basketball Templeat Kansas(N)(Live) « Exploration W/ Colts at BaltimoreRavens(N) (Live) xri Jarod Miller Paid Program Judge Judy n Judge Joe Brown Extreme Makeover: HomeEdition Extreme Makeover: HomeEdition O O O O Holiday Fat 'PQ' cc n 'PG' Buster! Friday Family, Pait1'PG' « Friday Family, Part 2 'PG' « Itg IE) @ IEI PaidProgram PaidProgram FOXNFLSunday NFL Football NFCWild-Card Game—Seattle Seahawksat Washington Redskins (N) n (Live) cc

II Cash Cab 'G' «


Cash Cab 'G' cc KATU Newsat 5 ABC World News

(N)n cc Castle Fool MeOnceAn Arctic explorer man'G' (NBC) dies. n 'PG' « Explore the North-Paid Program Paid Program CBS Evening KBNZ (CBS) west News (N) cc Inside Edition The Insider (N) KEZI9Newsat5 ABC World News KOHD Weekend 'PG' cc (ABC) (N) cc FOX NFLPostCSE Miami EricDelko returns asan KFXO (N) 'PG' (FOX) game (N)cc expert witness. n '14' « KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Great Performances Paul Simon'sGraceland JourneyThe 25th anniversaryof Great Performances Broadway Musicals: A JewishLegacy European Journal Religion & Ethics To the Contrary Moyers & CompanyAnthonyLeiserow"Graceland." n 'PG' « cc Newsweekly With Bonnie itz on climate change.'G' cc (PBS) Jewish artists excel onBroadway.'PG' cc PGA Tour Golf HyundaiTournamentof Champions,Third RoundFromPlantation Courseat Kapalua in Maui. (N) n « N u t riBuffet - Add Paid Program Private Practice TheWayWeWere A NewsChannel 8 at5PM(N) cc KGW (NBC) years! man is stabbed byhiswife. '14' KTVZDT2 @ ~ g) Gcj Live Lifeand Win! Made in Holly. Made in Hollywood***"The Hours" (2002,Drama)Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore,Nicole Kidman.Threewomenin differ- ** "Austin Powersin Goldmember" (2002)Mike Myers, BeyonceKnowles. Austin 'Q' cc 'PG' cc wood: Teen ent eras sufferemotional crises. cc goes back to 1975 torescue hiscaptive father. « (CW) OPBPL 175 173 (11:00)MasterpieceClassicn'14 NOVA Riddles ofthe Sphinx n 'G Growing Bolder My Generation Burt Wolf Steves' Europe Globe TrekkerWestTexasn 'G ' C o ok's Country Test Kitchen *A&E 130 28 18 32 'PQ' Barter cc Kings

Barter Kings 'PQ' cc

Barter Kings 'PQ' cc

Barter Kings 'PQ' cc

Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Trout TV 'G'

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

The Outdoors-

Shipping Wars Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Shipping Wars 'PQ' cc

***"TrainingDay" (2001,CrimeDrama)Denzel Washington, EthanHawke,Scott Glenn. Arookie cop ** "Hannibal"(2001, Suspense)Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore, GaryOldman. Adisfigured victim of cannibalistic Dr. *** "Signs" (2002, meets acorruptLosAngelesnarcotics officer. « Lecterseeks revenge.« Suspense) *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Gator Boys:Xtra Bites'14' cc Gator Boys: Xtra Bites 'PG' cc Gator Boys MudGator Attacks 'PG' Gator Boys n 'PG' cc Gator Boys Loveat First Bite'PG' Gator Boys GatorsGoneWild '14' BRAVO 137 4 4 Th e Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot20Countdownn'PG' cc Nashville Pilot n 'PG' cc Nashville n 'PG' cc Nashville n 'PG' cc Nashville n 14 cc CNBC 54 36 40 52 Fat Buster! Sup erFood Insane Bodies! Paid Program WEN Hair Care Tone Abs Johnny Cash Carol Burnett Princess cc O nthe Money Surviving a CarCrash CNN 55 38 35 48 YourMoney(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) The ComingStorm(N) COM 135 53 135 47 (12:15) *"The HotChick" (2002)RobSchneider, Anna Faris. cc (2:15) ** "Year One"(2009, Comedy)Jack Black, MichaelCera. cc (4:15) ** "Dinner for Schmucks"(2010)SteveCarell, Paul Rudd. cc COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Adv Journal G e t Outdoors Visions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (11:00) Washington ThisWeek Newsmakers Washington ThisWeek Q&A 'DIS 87 43 14 39 (11:00)Bcltn Ph i neas,Ferb J e ssie'G' « Aus t i n&Ally'G'Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'Y7' Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Sha ke It Up! 'G' Good-Charlie G o od-Charlie *DISC 156 21 16 37 GOld RuSh LepreChaun GOld'PG' A m iSh Mafia n '14' cc Amish Mafia n '14' cc Amish Mafia Fall FromGrace'14' P r operty Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars *E! 136 25 Ice Loves Coco Ice LovesCoco Ice LovesCoco Ice LovesCoco Ice Loves Coco Keeping Up With the Kardashians Keeping Up With the Kardashians Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kardashian ESPN 21 23 22 23 BCS Countdown The Experts From Miami. (N ) Inte r ruption Road to the BCS Road to the BCS ESPNUFilm Room(N) NFL PrimeTime(N) (Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Billiards 2012 World Series of Poker 2012 World Series of Poker 2012 World Series of Poker FinalTableFromLasVegas. BCS Countdown(N) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 SEC Storied cc Year of the Quarterback cc 30 for 30 30 for 30 cc Roll Tide/WarEagle cc ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live)D cc SportsCenter SportsCenter ©c ** "AWalklo Remember" (2002)ShaneWest, MandyMoore ** "TheLast Song"(2010, Drama)Miley Cyrus, GregKinnear, LiamHemswoith FAM 67 29 19 41 (11:00) ** "The Time Traveler's Wi/e" (2009) FNC 57 61 36 50 Journal Editorial FOX News Ame rica's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday FOX Report(N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17762 98 44 ChoppedThirstyfor Victory Restaurant: Impossible 'G Rachael vs.GuyCook-Off Rachael vs.GuyCook-Off Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off ** "You Don'Mess t With theZohan" (2008,Comedy) AdamSandler, JohnTurturro ** "Whil eChicks"(2004,Comedy)ShawnW ayans,MarlonWayans,JaimeKing. FX 131 Death Race Forget Sarah HGTV 176 49 33 43 Love lt or Listlt'G' « Property Brothers'G' cc Property Brothers'G' cc Property Brothers'G' cc Property Brothers 'G' cc Property Brothers'G' « *HIST 155 42 41 36 How the States GotTheir Shapes How the States Got Their Shapes How the States Got Their Shapes How the StatesGot Their Shapes How the States GotTheir Shapes How the StatesGotTheir Shapes *** "Accused at 17" (2009,Suspense)Cynthia Gibb. « LIFE 138 39 20 31 (11:00) "Seventeen "Betrayed al 17" (2011,Drama)Alexandra Paul, KatieGill. '14' « "Fugitive at 17" (2012) '14' « andMissing" MSNBC 59 59 128 51 MSNBCLive(N) Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera MTV 192 2238 57 Catfi sh:TheTVShowKya8 Alyx BUCKWILDn'14 Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki NICK 82 46 24 40 Odd Parents O d d Parents W i n x Club 'Y7' * *"Barbiein a Mermaid Tale"(2010) n cc Marvin Marvin Victorious n 'G' House of Anubis n 'G' cc The Fairly OddParents 'Y' cc Oprah's Next Chapter '14' « Oprah's Next Chapter 'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 TheBest of the Oprah Show'PG' The Best of the Oprah Show'PG' Extraordinary O prah's Next Chapter n 'PG' ROOT 20 45 28* 26 Seahawks College Basketball Gonzaga at SantaClara Women's CollegeBasketball OklahomaState at Baylor (N) (Live) Seahawks College Basketball ** "Poseidon" (2006)JoshLucas, Kurt Russell. Premiere. n "Indiana Jones-LastCrusade" SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Worst Tenants ** "Payback" (1999, Action) MelGibson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello. n ** "Daybreakers" (2009,Horror) EthanHawke,Wilem Dafoe SYFY 133 35 133 45 (11:00) "Wolvesbayne" (2009) Slake Land" (2010)Nick Damici * * * " A n American Werewolfin London" (1981) DavidNaughton TBN 205 60130 King IsComing Kingdom Conn. John Hagee MarriageToday Joseph Pri Jakes'G' Joyce Meyer Leading theWay TheBlessed Life Joel Osteen 'PG' Kerry Shook nce Gregory Dickow T.D. Friendsn'PG'«CougarTownnCougarTown C ougarTown C o ugarTownn Cougar Town My CougarTown Your**"!7Again"(2009,Comedy)ZacEfron,LeslieMann,ThomasLennon.A 37 'TBS 627 11 28 Friendsn'14' 'PQ' cc Down South'PG' Square One 'PG' 'PG' « Life 'PG' « Wor l d 'PG' yea r -old man miraculotransforms usly into ateenager. « *** "She Wore aYellowRibbon" (1949,Western) JohnWayne,Joanne Dru. A ** "Mn Hobbs Takesa Vacation (11:00) *** "Ivanhoe" (1952,Adven- *** "TheWrongMan" (1956,CrimeDrama) HenryFonda, Vera Miles. Fact TCM based account of aninnocentmusician's robbery trial. cavalry captain takes on one last mission. «(DVS) ture) RobertTaylor. « (1962) JamesStewart, Fabian. *TLC 178 34 32 34 Four Weddingsn'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' cc Totally T-Boz n 'PG' « The Sisterhood n '14' cc Here Comes Here Comes Here Comes Here Comes Law & Order Floater Abodyis found in *** "G.l. Jane" (1997,Drama)DemiMoore, ViggoMortensen, AnneBancroft. A female NavySEALs ** "Lethal Weapon4" (1998,Action) MelGibson, DannyGlover, JoePesci. DetectivesRiggsand Mur*TNT the river. n '14' recruit completesrigoroustraining. « taugh battle Chinesemercenaries. «(DVS) *TOON 84 TomandJerry Johnny Test'Y7' JohnnyTest'Y7' Wrld,Gumbaff Wrld, Gumbaff Annoying Annoying Reg u lar Show Regular Show Adventure Time Adventure Time Percy Jackson *TRAV 179 51 45 42 The Layover with Bourdain Hotel Impossible 'PG' « Jaw-Dropping Rentals I 'G' « Luxurious Log Homes'PG' « Luxury Yachts 'G' « ExtremeHouseboats 'G'« TVLND 65 47 29 35 Hot in Cleveland Hot in Cleveland Happily Divorced Happily Divorced The CosbyShow The Cosby Show The CosbyShow The CosbyShow The Cosby Show The Cosby Show Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' USA 15 30 23 30 NCISDrivenn'PG'« NCIS Chimera'14' «(DVS) NCIS Recoil n '14' cc NCIS AboutFace n '14' cc NCIS Nine Lives n 'PG' cc NCIS Murder2.0 n '14' cc ** "Austin Powers in Goldmember" (2002, Comedy)MikeMyers. n VHI 191 48 37 54 40GreatestPranks3'PG' Mob Wives Takingthe Rapn '14' M o b Wives Of Dogs and Men'14' Mob Wives Omerta n '14' cc 'AMC


** "Spaceba//s"1987 MelBrooks. n 'PG' « (2:40) ** "A Nightmare on ElmStreet 3: DreamWarriors"1987 'R' FXM Presents * * * "The Score" 2001,CrimeDramaRobert DeNiro, EdwardNorton. 'R' « 104 204104120 *** "The DevilWearsPrada" 2006 Meryl Streep. 'PG-13' « 106401 306401(11:30) Snow Queen 'PG' cc

34 AMA Supercross RacingSeattle FromQwest Field, Seattle, Wash. AMA SupercrossRacingLasVegas ** "TheGreatest GameEver Played" (2005, Drama)Shia LaBeouf, StephenDilane. 28 301 27 301 Top10 'G'

(4:20) *"The ModSquad"1999 ClaireDanes. 'R ** "Mn& Mrs.Smith" 2005 «

AMA SupercrossRacingAnaheim PGA TourGolf HyundaiTournamentof Champions,Third Round(N)(Live) ** "ElevatorGirl" (2010) LaceyChabert, RyanMerriman. 'PG' « ** "TheNannyExpress" 'PG' HALL 66 33 175 33 (11:00)"TheWishList" (2010) 'PG' ** * " C/ass" (2010) Jodi LynO'Keefe, Justin Bruening. 'PG' « *** "The New World" 2005 Colin Farrell. n 'PG-13' cc HBO 425 501 425501 Rise ol Apes * * * " Project Nim"2011 n 'PG-13' « (2:15) *** "Big Miracle"2012 JohnKrasinski. n 'PG' « *** "The Thing"1982, HorrorKurt Russell, A. Wilford Brimley. 'R' IFC 105 10 5 * * " The Woods" 2005, Horror Patricia Clarkson, Bruce Campbell. 'R (4:15) ***"Open Water"2003,SuspenseBlanchardRyan.'R' "Beach Kings"2008 DavidCharvet. 'PG-13' cc *** "Tombstone" 1993,Western Kurt Russell. n 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 Water-Eleph. (2:10) *"TheSitter" 2011 JonahHil. n 'R' cc Hangoverll NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Hunting TV Da n gerous RacerTV 'G ' R a c erTV 'G' Game On! Col l ege Basketball Florida Yalate(N) (Live) Territories Wild Outdoor Secrets Bucks Tecomate NGC 157 157 T a boo Devils Demons and '14 Taboo StrangeSyndromes'14' Taboo OldEnough'?'14 Taboo FreakyRemedies Taboo StrangeBehavior '14' Taboo StrangeSyndromes '14' NTOON 89 115 189 115 Avatar: Air. Ava t ar: Air. T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Wild Grinders n Planet Sheen n T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Odd Parents O d d Parents OUTD 37 307 43 307 Buccaneers S p eargun Hunter Bottom Feeders Major LeagueFishing The Bass Pros Tracks, Africa Mathew's Dom Mathews The Crush Hal & Len Wil d game Nation SHO 500 500 S hamelessSummertimen'MA' Shameless Summer Loving 'MA' S h ameless n 'MA' « Shameless ABeautiful Mess'MA' Shameless Father'sDay n 'MA' Shameless n 'MA' « SPEED 35 303125303(11:00) AMA Supercross Racing AnaheimFromAngels Stadium in Anaheim,California FIA GTI World Champ.Highlights SPEED Center Superbike Fam Barrett-Jackson Special Edition STARZ 300408300408 (11:10) ** "Think Likea Man" (I:15) ** "Carnage" 2011Jodie Foster. n 'R' « (2:40) *** "JurassicPark"1993,ScienceFiction SamNeil. n 'PG-13' « (4:50) ** "Just GoWith I" 2011 TMC 525 52 5 H a rlem Hostel (12:40) *** "TheLottery"2010 Joel Klein. n 'NR' (2:05) *** "TheItalian Job"2003 MarkWahlberg. n 'PG-13' « NobelSon" 2007,SuspenseAlan Rickman, BryanGreenberg. n 'R *WE 143 41 174118 Braxton Family Values 'PG' Braxton Family Values 'PG Braxton Family Values 'PG Braxton Family Values '14 Braxton Family Values 'PG Braxton Family Values 'PG

THE BULLETIN « JANUARY 5 — 11, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine




o II


















RevengePowerVictoria starts planning (10:01) Happy The B-- in Apart KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Castle rr 'PQ' cc Endings (N) '14' ment 23 (ABC) a new scheme.(N)'PG' « (N)o cc The Biggest Loser We'reBack... AndSo IsJilian Adults andteenstry to lose NewsChannel 21 Everybody Loves KTVZ (NBC) weight. (N) n 'PG' cc at11 (N) cc R a ymond The GoodWife DianeandWil face off The Mentalist A modeldies in ahigh KOIN Local6at11 (11:35) Cold Case KBNZ '14' cc with Clarke. (N) n '14' cc (CBS) end rehabcenter. (N) n '14' (N) cc Revenge PowerVictoria starts planning (10:01) Happy The B-- in Apart KEZI 9 Newsat Derm Exclusive KOHD Endings (N) '14' ment 23 (ABC) a new scheme.(N)'PG' « 11pm (N) « Fo r get Surgery! Family GuySpace American Dad(N) News Channel 21 Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang KFXO 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc rr '14' « (FOX) cover. n '14' cc n (PA) 'PG' Cadet '14' First on FOX M en '14' cc Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' Antiques RoadshowAerial photograph Secrets of Highclere Castle (N)n Masterpiece Classic Downton Abbey Season 3 Wedding guests arrive. (N) n 'PG Ingrid BergmanFilmclips andinter KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field rr 'G' cc 'PQ' cc of Walt DisneyWorld. 'G' cc(DVS) views profile theactress. n 'PG' (PBS) Guide 'G' cc NBC Nightly NewsThe Chris Mat- Dateline NBC Dr. MehmetOz; singer Usher.(N) rr « The Biggest Loser We'reBack ... AndSo IsJilian Adults andteenstry to lose NewsChannel 8 at (11:35)Sports KGW thews Show 'G' weight. (N) n 'PG' « (NBC) (N) cc 11 (N) cc Sunday cc T h e King of Ru l es of Engage. Rules of Engage Seinfeld TheWait Seinfeld The Invita- 'Til Death That's 'Til Death I Heart * "WishfulThinking" (1999)DrewBar KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q AreWeThere Yet?Are WeThereYet? The King of 'PG' 'PG' ment '14' Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG' ment 'PG' Out rv 'PG' tions rr 'PG' Ri d iculous 'PG' Woodcocks 'PG'rymore, Jennifer Beals. « (CW) OPBPL 175 173 D o c Martin Louisa has arival. 'PG' Relentless Ore g on Exper S chools That Change Communities Moyers & Company n 'G' cc God in America n 'PG' cc(DVS) KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

OnceUpon aTimeA raceforthecom- Once UponaTimeReginaisaccused of murder. (N) n 'PG' « pass. n 'PG' « Dr. MehmetOz; singer Usher. (N) n cc O O O O NewsChannel 21NBC Nightly News Dateline NBC at 6 (N) cc (N) cc Burn Notice TurnandBurn Awomanis 60 Minutes The future of newspapers Person of Interest ReeseandFinch stalked by asoldier. '14' David Kelley. (N) n cc face a challengingcase. '14' cc O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Once Upon aTime A racefor the com OnceUpon aTimeReginaisaccused 6pm(N) « 6:30 (N) « pass. n 'PG' cc of murder. (N) n 'PG' « I I IEI IEI IEI BonesBoothand Brennango under TheSimpsons n TheSimpsonsn The Simpsons(N) Bob's Burgers (N)

Shipping Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars (11:01) Bethe Boss Security franchise 3 28 1 8 32 Shipping 'PQ' cc Wars 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc up for grabs.(N)'PG' cc ** "Bring It On" (2000, Comedy) Ki r sten **"Bring It On" (2000, Comedy) Ki r sten Dunst, Eliza Dushku,Jesse Bradford Dunst, Eliza Dushku. Premi e re. Hi g h (5:30) *** "Signs" (2002,Suspense)MelGibson, Joaquin Phoenix,Cherry 'AMC High-schoolcheerleadersvie for acoveted national title. « Jones. Awidowerinvestigates hugecircles in his crop fields. school cheerleadersvie for acoveted national title. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 GatorBoysWarriorGatorrr 'PG Gator Boys: Xtra Bites (N) n 'PG' Gator Boys: Xtra Bites (N) n 'PG Gator Boys(N) n 'PG' Finding Bigfoot SquatchSpies 'PG Gator Boys n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta Shahs of Sunset (N)'14 The Real Housewives of Atlanta What Happens Housewives/Atl. Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Redneck Island n 'PG' CMT 190 32 42 53 Nashville Lovesick Blues r1'PG' Nashvil leW hereHeLeadsMe'PG' Reba 'PG' «Reba 'PG' « CNBC 54 36 40 52 BMW:ADrivingObsession American GreedArthur Nadel 60 Minutes on CNBC Big Mac: Inside McDonald's American GreedArthur Nadel TRIA CarMD CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers Morgan Tonight CNN Newsroom(N) The ComingStorm Piers MorganTonight CNN Newsroom The Coming Storm i ***"I Love you,Msn"(2009,Comedy)PaulRudd.Premiere.« 2010,Comedy)JohnCusack,RobCorddry.« Tosh.O '14' Tos h.g '14' COM 13 53 135 47 Dinner-Schm (6:45) *** HotTub TimeMachine"( COTV 11 Talk of the Town Local issues. Des e rt Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show Talk of the TownLocal issues. CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Prime Minister RoadtotheWhiteHouse Q&A Prime Minister Road to the White House W ashington ThisW eek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin &Affy'G' ShakeItUp!'G' Jessie'G' « Jes s ie'G' « Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Goo d-Charlie Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Moonshinersn'14' cc Moonshiners n '14' cc Moonshiners ProphecyFulfilled '14' Moonshiners (N) n cc Moonshiners (N) n cc Moonshiners n cc *E! 13 25 Kar dashian Keeping UpWiththeKardashians ** "You'veGofMail"(1998,Romance-Comedy)Tom Hanks,MegRyan,ParkerPosey Ice Loves Coco The Soup'14' Chelsea Lately Love You ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeFootbaff GoDaddy.comBowl-ArkansasStatevs. KentStateFromMobile, Ala. (N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc NFL PrimeTime cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 SportsCenter Special (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) « BCS Countdown SportsNation (N) SportsCenter (N) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 SEC Storied cc Roll Tide/WarEagle cc SEC Storied cc College Football FromDec.31, 1973. cc College Football cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter « ESPNFCPress Pass ** "Letters Io Juliet" (2010,Drama)AmandaSeyfried. Premiere FAM 67 29 19 41 **"TheNotebook"(2004,Romance)RyanGosling.Amantellsastorytoawomanabouttwolovers. Bunheads n '14' « FNC 57 61 36 50 FoxNewsSunday Geraldo at Large(N) n 'PG' cc Huckabee Stossel Geraldo at Large n 'PG' cc Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17 62 98 44Rachaelvs.GuyCook-Off Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off Chopped LeftoversOverload (N) Rachael vs.GuyCook-Off Iron Chef America Flayvs. Pham Restaurant Stakeout * "Grown Ups"(2010,Comedy)AdamSandler, KevinJames. * "GrownUps" (2010,Comedy)AdamSandler, KevinJames. FX 131 (5:30) *** "Forgetting SarahMarshall" (2008) JasonSegel. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I Extreme Homes'G' « Property Brothers 'G' cc House Hunters Renovation 'G House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 AmericanPickers'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc Ax Men Put Upor ShutUp'14' Ax Men CageMatch (N) '14' cc Bamazon DividedWeFall (N)'14' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' LIFE 13 39 20 31 (5:00)"Fugitiveal 17"(2012) '14 "Stalked al 17" (2012) Taylor Spreitler, Chuck Hittinger. '14' « "AnAmishMurder" (2013, Mystery) NeveCampbell. Premiere. '14' « (11:02) "Stalked at 17" (2012)'14' MSNBC 59 59 128 51 To Catch a Predator LongBeach2 Predator Raw:TheUnseenTapes Lockup Tampa Lockup Tampa Lockup Tampa Meet the Press cc MTV 192 22 38 57 Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki BUCKWILD n '14 Catfish: The TV Show n '14 Catfi sh:TheTV Show Kya8Alyx BUCKWILD n '14' f NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob S ee Dad Run rr ** * Rugratsin Paris:TheMovie"(2000) rr « The Nanny'PG' The Nanny'PG Friends n '14' Friends n '14' Oprah's Next Chapter 'PG' « Oprah's Next Chapter '14' « Oprah's Next Chapter (N) n 'PG' My Life Is aJoke (N) n 'PG Oprah's Next Chapter '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Oprah's Next Chapter 'PG' « ROOT 20 45 28* 26 College Basketball College Basketball Oregonat OregonState (N)(Live) TennisChampionsSeries:BostonSamprasvs.McEnroe World PokerTour: Season10'PG' ** "Indiana Jonesand the Kingdomof the Crystal Skull" (2008,Adventure) Harrison Ford. Premiere. n ** "Poseidon" (2006)n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:00) *** "Indiana Jones andthe Last Crusade" (1 989)n ** "TheDead" (2010,Horror) RobFreeman,Prince David Osei, DavidDontoh SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) "StakeLand" (2010, Horror) * " Resident Evil: After/ife" (2010, Horror) Mila Jovovich, Ali Larter *** Primal TBN 205 60 130 Believeryoice Creflo Dollar 'G' Joseph Thebiblical son of Jacobescapes fromtreachery andslavery to deliver his people fromfamine Secrets of Bible The Well cc Story of AmyCarmichael ** "Ghosts o/Girlfriends Past" (2009)MatthewMcConaughey. Spirits of ex-lovers ** "TheWeddingDate" (2005)DebraMessing. A woman ** "TheWeddingDate" (2005)DebraMessing. Awoman W edding Band 99ProblemsTheband 'TBS show a cadhis failed relationships. «(DVS) brings a maleescort to hersister's wedding. brings amaleescort to her sister's wedding. plays at a divorceparty. 'MA' *** "Lifeo/Oharu" (1952,Drama) (5:00)**"McHobbsTakessyacation"**"TakeHer,She'sMine"(1963)JamesStewart,SandraDee.Premiere.Acon- ***"TheCheat"(1915,Drama)Fannie***"TheDragonPainfer"(1919 TCM 014410129 cerned fatherchases after his free-spirited daughter. Drama)SessueHayakawa. Kinuyo Tanaka.Premiere. (1962) JamesStewart. Ward, JackDean. *TLC 17 34 32 34HereComes Here Comes Here Comes Here Comes Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'PG' Here Comes Honey BooBoo' PG' Best FuneralEver(N)'PG'e«s Here ComesHoney Boo Boo'PG * "Rush Hour 3" (2007,Action) Jackie Chan,Chris Tucker, Hiroyuki Sanada ** "Shooter" (2007,Suspense) MarkWahlberg, Michael Pena, DannyGlover. A woundedsniper plots ** "Shooter" (2007) MarkWahlberg. Awounded sniper plots *TNT Carter andLeebattle Chinesegangsters in Paris. « revengeagainst those whobetrayedhim. «(DVS) revengeagainstthose whobetrayed him. *TOON 84 (5:30) ** "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: TheLightning Thief Looney Tunes Dragons: Riders The Oblongs '14' King of the Hill King of the Hill Cleveland Show Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 RV Crazy! 'G' « Killer RV Upgrades 'G' « Mega RVCountdown (N)'G' « Extreme Rys 'G' « Extreme Rys 'G' « Extreme Rys G cc PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens TVLND 65 47 2935 Roseanne ' USA 15 30 23 30 NCIS Legend'14' « NCIS Legend'14' « NCIS SemperFidelis n '14' cc NCIS AliyahTense reunion. n '14' N C IS Jet Lag n '14' « Over/Under" (2013,Drama) VH1 191 48 37 54 Mob Wives Reunion'14' cc Mob Wives Reunion'14' cc Mob Wives (N) n '14' cc Making Mr. Right (N) n 'PG' Mob Wives n '14' cc Making Mr. Right n 'PG *A&E


** "Van He/sing"2004,FantasyHughJackman,KateBeckinsale.rr'PG-13'« 106401 306401 ** "TheGreen Hornet" 2011, Action Seth Rogen. O 'PG-13' « FXM Presents * * "M r.&Mrs. Smith"2005,Action Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie. 'PG-13' « 104 204104120(5:00) ** "Mr.&Mrs. Smith" 2005Brad Pitt. «

(10:20) *** "The FiilhElement" 1997BruceWilis FXM Presents * * "Sugar & Spice" 2001 « 34 (4:00) AMASupercross RacingAnaheim UFC Ultimate Knockouts 9 '14 UFC: Hendersonvs. Diaz 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf HyundaiTournamentof Champions, Third Round Golf Central *** "The WisLihst" (2010,Romance)Jennifer Esposito. 'PG' « HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00)"TheNannyExpress" 'PG' TheSevenyear Hitch" (2012)Natalie Hall, Darin Brooks.'G' « Frasier'G' « Fr a sier rr'PG *** "Rise oithe Planet o/the Apes" 2011James Franco. 'PG-13 HBO 425 501 425501 TheNew World Girls 'MA' « Gir l s 'MA' cc En l ightened 'MA' Enlightened 'MA' (6:25) ** "The ThreeStooges" 2012SeanHayes. *** "The Thing"1982 'R IFC 10 1 0 5 * " H ouse of 1000 Corpses" 2003, Horror Sid Haig, Bill Moseley. 'R Portlandia '14' Portlandia '14' * "House of /000 Corpses"2003,Horror SidHaig, Bill Moseley. 'R' *** "Harry Potter andthe Prisonerof Azkaban" 2004 Daniel Radcliffe. n 'PG' cc * "TheSitter" 2011, ComedyJonah Hil. n 'R' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:45) ** "TheHangoverPart II" 2011 n 'R' cc Sexual Questn **** "Brian's Song" (1971)JamesCaan. 'PG NBCSN 27 58 30 209 RealHunting G u n l tw/Spies Eye of Hunter NA Hunter G ame On! * * * * "B rian's Song" (1971)JamesCaan. 'PG The Dakar Rally Alaska State Troopers'14 NGC 157 157 D r ugs, Inc. (N) '14 Alaska StateTroopers (N)'14 Drugs, Inc. '14 Taboo StrangeSyndromes'14 Taboo StrangeBehavior'14 NTOON 89 115189115 Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn Robot, Monster Odd Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob Legend-Korra Legend-Korra Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 307 43 307 Realtree Outdoor Truth Hunting Friends of NRA Bone Collector Spring Expedition Saf Hal & Len Realtree Outdoor WildgameNation Steve's Outdoor Mathews West. Extremes SHO 500 500 Shamelesslani gnoresLip.'MA Shameless Parenthood'MA' eccs Shameless Monicareturns. 'MA Shameless AGreatCausen 'MA' Shameless n 'MA'ec cs Shameless FionaInterrupted'MA' SPEED 35 303125303 Barrett-Jackson Special Edition My Classic Car Car Crazy 'G' British Touring CarChampionships GermanTouring Cars FIA GT1World Champ.Highlights Unique Whips '14' *** "UndertheTuscanSun" 2003 DianeLane. n 'PG-13' « "TheGirl With theDragonTattoo" STARZ 300 408 300408 (4:50) ** "Just Go With If" 2011 (6:50) **"ThinkLikea Man"2012Michael Ealy. n 'PG-13' « * "I Don'tKnowHowShe DoesIf" 2011O 'PG-13' ** "Dummy" 2003Adrien Brody. rr 'R' « TMC 525 52 5 * * * " Fright Night" 2011, Horror AntonYelchin. rr 'R' « (11:05) *** "TheItalian Job" *WE 14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values '14' Braxton Family Values 'PG' Mary Mary Mary Mary All NlghtWrong Mary MaryRoadTest Mary MaryBacheloretteParty











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Din osaur Train Sesame Street Daniel Ti er Sid the Science WordWorld Ba r ne, Friends KOAB NewsChannel 8 atSunrise Toda The Jeff Probst Show KGW The Dail Buzz HouseofPa ne HouseofPa ne TheSteveW ilkosShow The Jerem K le Show The Wend Williams Show TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 Heartland Gre ener World Newsline Sit and Be Fit Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 Varied Pro rams Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams CSI: Miami Varied Pro rams Wei ht Loss Cooktop Battle Hair Loss Nopalea with Cind Crawford Sa No to Pain ThreeStoo es Three Stoo es ** The Yards2000MarkWahlber,JoaquinPhoenix Battle Hair Loss Sa No to Pain Paid Pro ram No alea with Tota!G m Cind Crawford *** Brubaker 1980Robert Redford. Areform-minded rison wardenuncoversvast corru tion. « Silent Victims Teeter Han U s No alea with Battle Hair Loss Paid Pro ram Debb Boone Three Stoo es Three Stoo es * * * Keepin the Faith 2000BenStiler, Edward Norton. cc AMC 10240 39 Cooktop Look Youn er No.1Kitchen Cind Crawford Tota!G m Behind Enem Lines II: Axis of Evil 2006, ActionMatt Bushell. « ** Code of Silence 1985 Th New Keuri Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Ck 3x Faster Tota!G m Paid Pro ram Debb Boone ***Scar Movie2000ShawnWaans, Marlon Waans. « *** The Perfect Storm 2000 *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Oran utan Isle Chimp Eden Bi CatDia Bi Cat Diar The Crocodile Hunter Wild Recon I Shouldn t BeAhve Animal CopsHouston The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker BRAVO 137 44 CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT 19032 42 53 Squawk onthe Street Fast Mone Halftime Report Power Lunch Street Si ns CNBC 54 36 40 52 CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN 55 38 35 48 Varied Pro rams Entoura e Com ed CentralDail Show Col bert Re ort Scrubs Scrubs COM 13553 35 47 The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Desert Cookin Ore on The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Bod Workout Bod Workout Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Varied Pro rams Public Affairs Varied Pro rams CSPAN 61 20 12 (4:00) Washin ton Journal 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Chu inton Micke Mouse Never Land Micke Mouse Varied Pro rams Doc McStuffins Never Land Micke Mouse Varied Pro rams Gas ard & Lisa Varied Pro rams *DISC 156 21 16 37 Varied Pro rams Creflo Dollar Varied Pro rams James Robison Jo ce Me er V a ried Pro rams I Almost) Got Awa With It Fatal Encounters I(Almost) Got Awa With It *El Varied Pro rams E! News Varied Pro rams 136 25 S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter ESPN 21 23 22 23 Mike and Mike in the Mornin First Take First Take Numbers Never Best/First Take ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams Tennis Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 23 25 (4:00) Tennis NB A Toni ht Mike and Mike in the Mornin SVP & Russillo ESPNN 24 63 24203 Interru tion Jo ce Me er V a ried Pro rams Bo Meet World Bo Meet World Bo Meet World Bo Meet World Bo Meet World 700/Interactive The700Club Gilmore Girls FAM 67 29 19 41 America's Newsroom Happenin Now America Live FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Good Eats Unw r a ed Varied Pro rams Smarter Smarter Smarter Movie Varied Pro rams FX 131 Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Balancin Act Varied Pro rams Will & Grace W ill & Grace F r asier Frasier Frasier Frasier Old Christine O ld Christine LIFE 138 39 20 31 The Dail Rundown Jansin and Co MSNBCLive NOWWith Alex Wa ner Andrea Mitchell Reports News Nation MSNBC 59 59 128 51 AMTV: Mornin Hot Mix AMTV: 10 on To Countdown AMTV: 10 on To Countdown Tru e Life Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 Full House Fu l l House S on eBob S o n eBob S on eBob Go, Dieo,Go! Team Umizoomi Dora Ex lorer Dora Ex lorer Bubble Gu ies Bubble Gu ies NICK 82 46 24 40 Rachael Ra The Best of the OprahShow The Best of the OprahShow Dr. Phil Dr. Phil OWN 16110331 103 The Nate Berkus Show Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram The Dan Patrick Show ROOT 20 45 28* 26 Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams SYFY 13335 133 45 Creflo Dollar J o hn Ha ee Jo s e h Prince This Is Your Da Believeryoice Varied Pro rams Behind Scenes Varied Pro rams James Robison Toda TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 Married... With Married... With M Name Is Earl M Name Is Earl Fresh Prince House of Pa ne House of Pa ne Meet, Browns We There Yet2 Fresh Prince F r esh Prince A merican Dad 28 Blossoms-Dust *** Gasli ht1944 Charles Bo er, In rid Ber man. «(DVS ***The Seaof Grass1947, WesternSpencerTrac . « (:45) ** Little Women1949JuneAll son Kissin' Cousins:45 ** Tickle Me1965ElvisPresle, Julie Adams.o« ** Live a Little, Love a Little1968 « 15 ** Viva Las Ve as 1964Elvis Presle Jailhouse Rock 15) ** The Devil's Mask1946Jim Bannon Storm Ovr.Nile TCM 101 44 10129 W ** Personal Maid's Secret 1935 : 1 5 ) ** Call It a Da 1937 Olivia deHaviland (:45) ** Dan erous Blondes1943All n Josl n. *** Che enne Autumn 1964,Western Richard Widmark,Carroll Baker, JamesStewart. « ** The Gene Krupa Sto 1959 Sal Mineo Youn -Cr Th Dan erous Da of K. Jones ***The Driveb Ni ht1940Geor eRaft. « 45 ** Man ower 1941,DramaEdward G. Robinson. « ** Back round to Dan er1943Geor e Raft ** Johnn An el 1945 « *TLC 17834 32 34 Varied Pro rams Bab 's First Da Rm-Multiples A Bab Sto A B a b Stor A B a b St o A Ba b Stor Know.Pre nant Know-Pre nant FourWeddin s *TNT 17 26 15 27 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural *TOON 84 Loone Tunes Almost Naked Ben 10: Alien B e blade-Metl Pokemon BW Movie Johnn Test S c o ob Scoob Loone Tunes *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams 1000 Ultimate 1000 Ultimate Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Murder, SheWrote Dick Van D ke Dick Van D ke I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc And G riffith An d Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams USA 15 30 23 30 Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 5:50 Movie V a ried Pro rams :05 Movie Varied Pro rams ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 5:30 Movie :40 Movie Va r iedPro rams Movie Movie Varied Pro rams FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 Mornin Drive HALL 66 33 175 33 ILoveLuc I Love Luc I Love Luc I Love Luc H o me & Famil Home & Famil (4:55) Gossip rr ** A Kid in Kin Arthur's Court1995 rr « ** The Da After Tomorrow 2004,Action DennisQuaid. rr « (:15) ** Elvis and Anabelle 2007, DramaMaxMin hella. rr « *** Puss in Boots 2011,SalmaHa ek n « ***TheCom an 2003,DramaNeveCam bell.n « ** In & Out1997 KevinKline. n « ***Sommersb 1993n « HBO 25501425501 W 4:40 Greenber ** The Road to El Dorado2000 n cc Jim McKa: M World/M Words * * The Grud e 2004 SarahMichelle Gellar. n *** Pro'ect Nim 2011,Documenta n es Th Bad Wei ht, Nation * UpClose8 Personal1996, Romance RobertRedford.n « Lovewrecked 2006 rr « (:15) *** The Rundown2003, AdventureThe Rock. rr « 5:20*** Touch ofPink2004 6:55 ** FierceCreatures 1997JohnCleese. ** Clean Slate1994, Comed DanaCarve, Valeria Golino. n « *** Hanna 2011,ActionSaoirse Ronan. n « IFC 105 105 4:30 Movie V a ried Pro rams (:10) ** Space Jam1996Michael Jordan. o « (:40) ** Pee-wee's Bi Adventure 1985n (:15) *** Cedar Rapids 2011 Ed Helms. rr « (:45)*Brid eof Dra ons1999,Actionn cc SweetDreams:35 ** Loone Tunes:BackinAction2003 10 *** The Terminal 2004TomHanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones. n « 20 ** Wanderlust 2012 PaulRudd. n « MAX 00508 508 W Frida 13th 2 * ** New York, New York1977, Musical RobertNi De ro, Liza Minnelli. cc 15 ** Arthur 2011 Russell Brand,HelenMirren. n cc 05 ** Vam ire in Brookl n n (5:35) *** Purple Rain 1984Prince. n « ** Flubber1997, Comed RobinWilliams. n « (:05) ** The Matrix Revolutions 2003KeanuReeves. n « (:15) *** The DreamTeamn 5:45 * Moment b Moment1978 Lil Tomlin. n ** Johnn Enlish2003 RowanAtkinson.n e«s ** JohnsonFamil Vacation 2004 n « 40 **TheRite2011Anthon Ho kins.n « NBCSN 27 58 30 209 The DanPatrick Show The Box Score Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Alaska State Troopers Border Wars Taboo NGC 157 157 I n vader ZIM Ad v en./Jimm A d ven./Jimm A d ven./Jimm P l anet Sheen Invader ZIM I n vader ZIM Ba ck, Barn ard Back, Barn ard Planet Sheen T.U.F.F. Pu NTOON 89 115189115 Invader ZIM OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams In M Sleep 2009, Drama Philip Winchester, TimDraxl. /r « A Ba of Hammers2011Jason Ritter, Jake Sandvi . F r eakonomics (:15) *** Toast 2010Helena BonhamCarter, KenStott. rr « ** Griff the Invisible 2010 R anKwanten. n 45 Last Ni ht 2010Keira Kni htle, SamWorthin ton. n se ** The Golden Bowl 2000,DramaUmaThurman. n « Turner & Hooch 5:30 Vanishin on 7th Street n : 05 * * New York Stories1989Nick Nolte. Premiere. n cc 15 *** Jack & Sarah1995 Richard E.Grant, Judi Dench. n cc 15 ***Cam 2003rr cc SHO 00 500 Camp Hell 2010 Bruce Davison. Premiere. /r « (:10) ** The Final Cut 2004RobinWiliams. rr (:45) ** Ground Control 1998,DramaKiefer Sutherland. rr « (:15) ** The Missin Person 5:00 WhatDreamsMa Come **Mi h Joe Youn 1998Charlize Theron,BillPaxton.n « 8:55 * S Kids: All the Time in theWorld n 25 **Peace,Love& Misunderstandin n SPEED 35 303125303 Pim M Ride Pi m M Ride P ass Time Pas s Time Pai d Pro ram V ariedPro rams NASCARS rintCu Re la Varied Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (:05) Movie Movie Varied Pro rams V a r ied Pro rams * It's Pat1994 JuliaSweene, Dave Fole . n « 20 *TheSixWivesofHenrLefa 2008n « ** Hidden in America1996 BeauBrid es. n 35 *** A Better Life 2011DemianBichir. o« 5:30 ** Cutthroat Island 1995GeenaDavis. n 35 * The Bi Green1995 SteveGuttenber 15 *** Rare Birds 2001, Comed William Hurt. Premiere. n cc *** Inside 1996Eric Stoltz. n TMC 25 (5:15) *** Inside1996 rr « (6:50) The River Wh 2010AmberHeard. rr « 525 (:35)**Unstrun Heroes1995AndieMacDowell (:15) Lebanon, Pa.2010Josh Hopkins, RachelKitson. o « 15 ** Smile 2005,DramaMika Boorem, Luo on Wan . n « 05 * The Bi Green 1995Steve Guttenber 45 Blind Terror Th Twili ht-Golds : 3 5 * * The Ascent1994 Vincent S ano. n « *** Charlotte's Web 2006,Drama n cc 40 ** Union S uare 2011MiraSorvino, cc 15 ***M Week With Maril n 2011Michelle Williams. n cc I Don't KnowHowSheDoesIt n *WE 143 41 174118 Varied Pro rams Roseanne Ros eanne Ros e anne Ros e anne 20/ 2 0 on WE 20/20 on WE The Locator T h e Locator

THE BULLETIN 0 JANUARY 5 — 11, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 Varied Pro rams Tavis Smile Journal Ni htl Business PBS NewsHour Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 CSI: Miami Va r ied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams The First 48 Varied Pro rams The First 48 V a ried Pro rams The First 48 V a ried Pro rams The Yards 2000 ** Hackers 1995Jonn Lee Miler. Premiere. Teencomputer freaks vs. embezzler *** Enter the Dra on 1973Bruce Lee,JohnSaxon, Jim Kell . « Behind Enem *** Faro1996 FrancesMcDormand,SteveBuscemi.« ** Christine1983, Horror KeithGordon,JohnStockwell. « *** TheGreen Mile 1999 Tom Hanks,David Morse.« 'AMC 10240 39 CSI: MiamiResurrection n sa CSI : Miami Killin for as, sa (10:00) *** Keepin the Faith * * * J err Ma uire1996Tom Cruise.attackofconscience An chan es anL.A. s orts a ent's life h (11:00) ** Code of Silence (:15) *** Crimson Tide1995,SuspenseDenzelWashin ton, GeneHackman. « (:45) *** The TrumanShow1998, Comed-DramaJimCarre, Laura Linne . « 11:00 *** The Perfect Storm 2000Geor e Cloone . « ** Kin Arthur 2004, Historical Drama Clive Owen,Keira Kni htle . « *** The Patriot 2000, WarMelGibson. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Animal CopsHouston Animal CopsHouston Animal CopsHouston Pit Bulls and Parolees The Haunted Confessions: AnimalHoardin The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker The Millionaire Matchmaker Matchmaker V a ried Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 Varied Pro rams Roseanne Roseanne CMT 19032 42 53 Roseanne Roseanne Closin Bell Closin Bell With Maria Bartiromo Fast Mone Va r ied Pro rams Mad Mone The Kudlow Report Varied Pro rams CNBC 54 36 40 52 The Situation Room Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper360 CNN 55 38 35 48 (11:00) CNN Newsroom Varied Pro rams Movie Comed Central:22 Futurama 4:53 Futurama Alwa s Sunn COM 13553 13547 Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram J o of Fishin A d v Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW Cit Edition Pa i d Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Capitol Hill Hearin s CSPAN 61 20 12 (9:00) Public Affairs 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Little Einsteins Movie Phineas, Ferb Varied Pro rams Austin & All V a r ied Pro rams *DISC 156 21 16 37 FBI: Criminal Pursuit Auction Kin s Auction Kin s M hBusters Varied Pro rams *El E! News Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Cit Sex and the Ci Varied Pro rams Take Miami Take Miami T a k e Miami 136 25 Outside Lines Football Live NFL Live Around the Horn Interru tion S ortsCenter Varied Pro rams ESPN 21 23 22 23 Varied Pro rams Numbers Never Dan Le Batard NFL32 SportsNation Varied Pro rams Colle e Basketball Varied Pro rams ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (1:00) Tennis S ortsCenter S ortsCenter Around the Horn Interru tion S ortsCenter V aried Pro rams S ortsCenter ESPNN 24 63 124203 S ortsCenter Full House Fu l l House Full House Fu l l House Var i ed Pro rams That '70s Show That '70s Show That'70s Show That'70s Show FAM 67 29 19 41 Studio B With ShepardSmith Your World With Neil Cavuto The Five Special Report With Bret Baier F O X Report With Shepard Smith The O'Reill Factor FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Best Dishes B'foot Contessa Varied Pro rams Dollar Dinners Secrets 30-Minute Meals Giada at Home Giada at Home B'foot Contessa B'foot Contessa Best Dishes V a ried Pro rams 10:30) Movie Varied Pro rams How I Met Varied Pro rams FX 131 House Hunters Hunters Int'I Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Old Christine O l d Christine H ow I Met How I Met Fras i er Frasier Frasier Frasier Wife Swap Varied Pro rams LIFE 138 39 20 31 TheC cle Martin Bashir Hardball With Chris Matthews Pol i ticsNation Hardball With Chris Matthews The Ed Show MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 TeamUmizoomi Max&Rub D o raEx lorer Go,Die o,Go! S on eBob S on eBob O d dParents OddParents OddParents S on eBob S on eBob S on eBob NICK 82 46 24 40 Dr. Phil Varied Pro rams OWN 16110331 103 Dr. Phil 11:00 The DanPatrick Show Varied Pro rams Dan Patrick Varied Pro rams ROOT 20 45 28* 26 Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 Varied Pro rams SYFY 13335 133 45 The 700Club John Ha ee V a ried Pro rams Praise the Lord Varied Pro rams Potter's Touch Behind Scenes Varied Pro rams TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 American Dad Accordin -Jim Love.Ra mond Love-Ra mond En a ement En a ement Love.Ra mond Friends Friends Friends Friends Kin of Queens 28 *** The Bad and the Beautiful1952 LanaTurner. «(DVS) *** Somebod UpThereLikesMe1956PaulNewman.«( DVS) *** Juhet of the Spints 1965 (10:45) ** Little Women 11:45 ** Jailhouse Rock1957Elvis Presle **It Ha ened at the World'sFair1963ElvisPresle . « ** Love Me Tender1956 Elvis Presle *** Ocean's Eleven 1960Aa ** The Iron Petticoat1956 BobHope 15) ** The Face of FuManchu1965, HorrorChristopher Lee *** Emplo ees' Entrance1933 TCM 101 44 10129 W (11:30) ** Storm Over the Nile1955 *** Rebel Without a Cause1955 JamesDean, Natalie Wood. « Demetrius and the Gladiators h (11:45) ** The Youn Don't Cr (:15) * Crime in the Streets1956 John Cassavetes, Sal Mineo. « Johnn An el * * * Nocturne 1946 Geor e Raft, L nnBari ** Race Street 1948Geor e Raft, Wiliam Bendix. ** A Dan erous Profession 1949Geor e Raft It's a Mad,Mad,Mad, MadWorld *TLC 17834 32 34 What Not to Wear A Bab Sto A B a b Stor Cake Boss Ca ke Boss What Not/Wear Varied Pro rams Four Weddin s Varied Pro rams Four Weddin s Varied Pro rams *TNT 17 26 15 27 Bones Bones Bones Bones Varied Pro rams *TOON 84 Loone Tunes Loone Tunes Tom 8 Jerr Tom and Jerr Scoob -Doo Johnn Test Jo h nn Test MAD Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Adventure Time *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams Bourdain: NoReservations Carnivore Carnivore Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food Man v. Food And Griffith A n dGriffith Gu n smoke Gunsmoke Bonanza And Griffith A n dGriffith An d Griffith An d Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams NCIS USA 15 30 23 30 Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 11:05 Movie Varied Pro rams :20 Movie ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 Movie Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams Movie FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 Varied Pro rams HALL 66 33 175 33 Marie Marie Varied Pro rams Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Gold en Girls G o lden Girls G o lden Girls G o lden Girls **Jo fulNoise2012QueenLatifah, Doll Parton. n « ** First Dau hter 2004Katie Holmes. n « Safe House ** Journe 2: The M sterious Island 2012n Lovewreckedn 11:00 *** Sommersb 1993 * * T h e Three Stoo es 2012 SeanHa es. n * Su ercross: The Movie2005 SteveHowe *** Hanna 2011,ActionSaoirse Ronan, Eric Bana.n « HBO 25501425501 W 15 *** Har Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001, Fantas Daniel Radcliffe, Ru ert Grint. n cc *** Jane E re 2011Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender. n cc * New Year's Eve2011n h Lovewreckedn * * * B i Miracle2012JohnKrasinski, DrewBar more.n « *** Paradise Lost 3: Pur ato 2011, Documenta n « Hemin wa & Gellhorn 2012 Clive Owen. n ss 10:30 Hanna * * Breakin' All the Rules 2004Jamie Foxx.n ** Ha Feet Two 2011Voicesof Eli'ah Wood Promised Land *** Rise of the Planetof the A es 2011n « The NewWorld IFC 105 105 Movie Varied Pro rams Malcolm, Middle Malcolm, Middle Varied Pro rams Movie Brid e-Dra ons (:20)**TowerHeist2011BenStiller.n « (:10) ** A Simple Plan 1998 Bill Paxton. Premiere. n « (:15) ** Ricochet1991, ActionDenzelWashin ton. n « **** The Silence of the Lambs 1991Jodie Foster. n « *** William Shakes eare's Romeo &Juliet1996 n s«a Pavement 2002,Susense RobertPatrick. n « 35 Wanderlust MAX 00508 508 W 11:05 **Vam irein Brookl n 12: 5 0 **Cadillac Man1990Robin Williams ** Pro'ect X 2012ThomasMann. n cc ** Stuck on You2003 MattDamon, Gre Kinnear. n cc h (11:15) *** The DreamTeam Beach Kin s 2008, Drama David Charvet. n ss (:10) ** Sucker Punch2011Emil Brownin, Abbie Cornish. n « (:40) ** Final Destination 5 2011 n « 10:40 The Rite:35 ** Love & Other Dru s 2010Jake G lenhaal. n « ** Mars Attacks! 1996Jack Nicholson. n 15 ** Sanctum 2011Richard Roxbur h, loan Gruffudd.n « NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Varied Pro rams The DanPatrick Show Pro Football Talk NBC S orts Talk Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams NGC 157 157 Avatar: Air. Wo l verine-XMn Iron Man: Armor Voltron Force Dra onball GT Avatar: Air. Avatar: Air. Pla net Sheen P l anet Sheen NTOON 89 115189115 Fanbo -Chum Fanbo -Chum Avatar: Air. OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams (11:30) ** Freakonomics 2010 *Serious Moonli ht2009Me R an. nm ** Peace, Love &Misunderstandin 2011 n (:15) ** Realit Bites1994 Winona Rder, Ethan Hawke. n « 11:45 ** Turner & Hooch1989TomHanks **Mi ht Joe Youn 1998CharlizeTheron,BillPaxton.n « *** Bill Elliot 2000, DramaJulie Walters, JamieBell. Premiere The Pianist 2002 11:15 ***Cam 2003n cc :15 ** Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star 2003David S ade. n *** So hie's Choice1982, Drama Me I Stree, Kevin Kline, Peter MacNicol. Aa School of Rock SHO 00 500 h (11:15) ** The Missin Person *** 50/50 2011JosephGordon-Levitt. n « (:45) The Prankster 2010Matt An el, Geor es Corraface. n « (:45) FewOptions2011Kenn Johnson. n « ** Meet Joe Black1998 BradPitt. The GrimRea er assumestheform of a recentl deceasedman *** Source Code2011Jake G lenhaal. n « 35 *The Three Musketeers2011n « SPEED 35 303125303 Monster Jam On the Ed e V a ried Pro rams Cho -Rebuild Gearz NASCAR Hub Pinks Pass Time P a ss Time Var ied Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (11:05) Movie Varied Pro rams (:45) Movie V a r ied Pro rams 15 * Hoodwinked Too! Hoodvs. Evil2011 n :45 *** Primar Colors 1998JohnTravolta, EmmaThom son. n « :10 *** Little Fish 2005, Drama CateBlanchett, Sam Neill. n « 11:00 Inside n:35 *** The Last Rites of Joe Ma 2011DennisFarina. n va ** Southie 1998DonnieWahlber 15 ** The Dan erous Lives of Altar Bo s 2002Kieran Culkin TMC 25 *** The Saddest Music in the World 2003 n 525 (:45) ** Water Dama e1999Daniel Baldwin. n (:15) On the Inside 2011,DramaNickStahl. n « (:45) ** The Real Blonde1997Premiere. n h 11:45 ** Blind Terror 1999Nastass'a Kinski. n ** Into Tem tation 2009 Jerem Sisto.n « 15 Hurt 2009MeloraWalters. Adark secret threatens afamil 's lives ** Under the Mountain 2009 I Don't Know * * A live1993, Docudrama Ethan Hawke,Vincent S ano. n cc 45 ** The Tem est 2010HelenMirren, Felici Jones. n sa :45 ** Red 2010, Action BruceWilis. n cc *WE 143 41 174118 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Gho st Whisperer Charmed Charmed Varied Pro rams KATU


TV • PAGE 11 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II


Jeopardy! (N)n












(10:01) Castle Significant Others A KATU News at11 (11:35) Nightline 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' divorce attorney ismurdered. 'PG' (ABC) (N) n « (N) cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune The Biggest LoserGetMovingContestants arepushedto newlimits. (N) n 'PG' Deception Pilot Joanna investigates a NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' cc (NBC) friend's death.(N) n '14' « at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access Hollywood NewAdventures How I Met Your 30 Rock n '14' «How I Met Your 2 Broke Girls n 2 Broke Girls n Mike & Molly n Hawaii Five-0 UaHopuMcGarrettfinally KOIN Local6at11 Late Show With KBNZ '14' cc '14' cc '14' cc (N) 'PG' Mother n '14' David Letterman (CBS) of Old Christine Mother n '14' gets to WoFat. n '14' « (N) cc omg! Insider (N) n The Bachelor Seanmeetsthewomen. (N) n '14' « (10:01) Castle SignificantOthers A KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Nightline KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9News(N) «Entertainment 'PQ' cc Tonight (N) 'PG divorce attorney imurdered. s 'PG' 1 1 pm (N) « (ABC) 6pm (N) « (N) « The Big Bang Bones Feudingfamilies arelinkedto a (9:01) The MobDoctor Graceresorts to News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc The Simpsons n Family Guy n KFXO gi) g) @ g) TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang 'PQ' cc '14' cc Men 'PG' cc M e n '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n 'PG' corpse. n (PA)'14' « (FOX) desperatemeasures.'14' First on FOX Antiques RoadshowCorpusChristi History Detectives Civil War-erapistols; POV ReporteroReporters inTijuana Faubourg Treme:TheUntold Story of KOAB ~ gy ~ gy This Old House n Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n acc 'Q' cc Diego Riveraoil painting. (N) 'G' Mexico. (N) n 'PG' cc Black New Orleans 'PG' cc (PBS) Report (N) n 'G' old 78 rpm. n 'PG' cc NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) The Biggest LoserGetMovingContestants arepushedto newlimits. (N) n 'PG' Deception Pilot Joanna investigates a NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc cc friend's death. (N) n '14' « (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) 11 (N) « With Jay Leno 'Til Death Sugar The King of Ru l es of Engage. Rules of Engage. Hart of Dixie Lemon andLavon competeBeauty and the BeastCatherinethinks Seinfeld The Foun- Seinfeld The Heart 'Til Death n KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ The King of 'PG' « ment '14' Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG' ment '14' with a rival. n 'PG' « Vincent stoodher up.'PG' dation 'PG' Att a ck 'PG' Dougie n 'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 M y Family Tim e Goes By A fterglow n 'G' 2011 Blues Music Awards n 'G' « World News T a vis Smiley n Charlie Rose (N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc



Wheel of Fortune The Bachelor Seanmeets thewomen. (N) n '14' «

CelebrityGhost StoriesTheghost of aTheHauntingOf...EricMabiusEricandTheHauntingOf...RegisPhilbinRegisTheHauntingOf...FairuzaBalkGhosts(11:01)TheHauntingOf...Chazzhada 328 18 32CelebrityGhost StoriesTheghost of httlegirl. PG cc an evil child predator. 'PG' cc Kim exploreAllaire Village. 'PG' returns to theWhaley House. live in anactress' studio. paranormalencounter. 'PG' (5:30) ** "BehindEnemyLines" (2001)OwenWilson, GeneHackman. An Ameri- *** "TheGreenMile" (1999,Drama)TomHanks, David Morse, Michael Clarke Duncan. Aguard thinks aninmatehas a supernatural power to heal. « 'AMC can flight navigator is stranded in war-torn Bosnia. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 GatorBoysn'PG' « Finding Bigfoot SquatchSpies 'PG' Finding Bigfoot Australian YowieAustralia's bigfoot-like creature. 'PG Gator Boys n 'PG Finding Bigfoot n 'PG' cc BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly The RealHousewives of Beverly Hills VanderpumpRules (N) '14' What Happens Vanderpump R e ba 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Redneck Island n 'PG CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc Redneck Island n 'PG Redneck Island n 'PG' CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheAmerican TaxCheat American Greed MarkWeinberger Mad Money The American TaxCheat American GreedMarkWeinberger Teeter HangUps Save-CarMD CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront S o uth Park 'MA' Daily Show C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 Always Sunny (6:26) Tosh.0 '14' Colbert Report Daily Show (7:57) Futurama (8:28) Futurama (8:58) South Park (9:29) South Park Brickleberry COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm n S hake It Up! 'G' ** "Tinker Bell and theGreat Fairy Rescue"n Austin & Ally 'G Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 MOOnShinera TraubledWaterS'14' A miSh Mafia n '14' cc Amish Mafia n '14' cc Amish Mafia n '14' cc Amish Mafia Fall From Grace '14' A m ish Mafia n '14' cc *E! 13 25 Ice Loves Coco Ice Loves Coco E! News (N) Studio E! (N) E ! Special '14' Ice Loves Coco Ice Loves Coco IceLovesCoco Ice LovesCoco Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 (5:30)2013DiscoverBCSNationa!ChampionshipAlabamavs. NotreDameFromSunLifeStadiuminMiami (9:08) SportsCenter(N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter ESPN2 22 24 21 24 (5:30) NFLLive ProFILE: 60 NFL Live cc NBA Tonight (N) NFL Presents SportsNation « P r o file: 60 Pro F ILE: 60 SportsCenter (N)(Live) « I'BA Bowling cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Network Stars Boxing Heavyweighttitle bout, fromNov.6, 1993 Tennis AustralianOpenfinal. « Tenms cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-l. i te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. FAM 67 29 19 41 Switched at Birth The Trial n '14' Switched at Birth n '14' cc Switched at Birth (N) n '14' « Bunheads (N) n '14' cc Switched at Birth n '14' cc The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Mystery Diners Mystery Diners ** "Hancock" (2008,Action) Will Smith,Charlize Theron,JasonBateman. ** "Hancock" (2008)Will Smith, CharlizeTheron. FX 131 How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men HGTV 17 49 33 43 Property Virgins Property Virgins Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It (N) 'Q' cc House Hunters Hunters Int'I Love It or List It 'G' cc *HIST 15 42 41 36 AmericanPickers'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc Pawn Stars Pa w n Stars 'PG' American Pickers 'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' (11:02) AmericanPickers 'PG' LIFE 13 39 20 31 **"TheKillingSecret" (1997) Ari Meyers Tess Harper. '14' « "AnAmishMurder" (2013) NeveCampbell, Christian Campbell. '14' « Movie MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 (3:40)Bandslam Friendzone 'PG BUCKWILD n '14' Catfi sh:TheTV Show Kya&Alyx TeenMom 2BuildingBlocks'PG' Teen Mom 2 n 'PG' Catfish: The TVShow n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Drake &Josh n Drake & Josh n Full House'G' Full House'G Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends n '14' « Shocking Family Secrets n '14' Trouble Next Door(N)n Dateline on OWN n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Married-Mobster Dateline on OWN ROOT 20 45 28* 26 (5:30) CollegeBasketball Oregonat OregonState Mariners Mondays(N) World PokerTour: Season10 The DanPatrick Show *** "Scarlace"(1983)Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer. A Cubanimmigrant fights to thetop of Miami's drug trade. n cc SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:00) ** "Indiana Jones andthe Kingdomol theCrystal Skull" n *** Scarlace *** "Dawn oltheDead" (2004,Horror) Sarah Polley, VingRhames,Jake Weber SYFY 13 35 133 45 Being HumanDon't Fear the Scott B e ing Human Being Human Apoca/ypse TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn. Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord 'Y' cc Li v e-Holy Land Creflo Dollar 'G' Praise the Lord 'Y' cc JoelOsteen'PG Perry Stone The King of S e i nfeld The Out- SeinfeldClThe ip Seinfeld TheSui- Family Guy n Family Guy Ger- The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan CourteneyCox;Chris D'Elia, Dan 'TBS '14' cc Queens n 'PG' ing n 'PG' Sho w 'PG' « cide 'PG' « man Guy n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Sode. (N) '14' « (5:00)***"JulietoltheSpirits"(1965,Fantasy)Giulietta ***"SpiritoltheBeehive"(1973,Drama)FernandoFernanGomez.1940sSpan*** "CaliforniaSplit" (1974, Comedy)George Segal, Elliott Gould, AnnPrentiss. *** "TheLast TCM 014410129 Masina, SandraMilo, Sylva Koscina. ish girl seeksmonster fromthe 1931"Frankenstein." Gamblers betand brawl their wayirom L.A. to Reno, Nev. Detail" « *TLC 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium Cake Boss: Next Great Baker 'PG' Cake Boss: Next Great Baker 'PG CakeBoss:NextGreatBaker'PG CakeBoss'PG' Cake Boss(N) Cake Boss:NextGreatBaker'PG The Mentalist Cho gounder coveras a The Mentalist Scarlett Fever A poison- The Mentalist Ball of Fire Jane is kid The Mentalist RedMoonAtriple homi The Mentalist Jolly RedElf ASanta is CSE NY Right NextDoorAfire in Stella's *TNT ladies man. n '14' cc ing death at acountry club. '14' napped. n '14' « cide involvingtwo cops. '14' murdered. n '14' « apartment. n '14' « *TOON 84 Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show Adventure Time Regular Show MAD 'PG King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food Man v. Food The Layover withBourdain The Layover with Bourdain Hotel Impossible (N) 'PG' « Bourdain: No Reservations M*A*S*H 'PG' M*A*S*H 'PG' M*A*S*H 'PG' TVLND 6 5 47 29 35 Andy Griffith The CosbyShow The Cosby Show Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 2330 NCISUntouchablen'PG' « NCIS Bloodbath n '14' cc WWE MondayNight RAWThe Rock returns to RAW!(N) n « (11:05) NCIS:Los Angeles n '14 VHI 191 48 37 54 Love&HipHop:Atlantan'14' L ove& H ipHopAtlanta:Dirty Love & HipHop(N) n '14' Black Ink Crew(N) n '14' Love & Hip Hop n '14' Black Ink Crew n '14' *A&E

** "Va//eyGirl"1983Nicolas Cage. n 'R' « View FromTop (9:45) ** "Can't Hardly Waif" 1998Jennifer Love Hewitt. 'PG-13' « ** "TheDa VinciCode"2006 TomHanks. Areligious mysterycould rockfoundations ofChristianity. « * "Domestic Disturbance" 2001 34 (5:00) UFCEvans vs. Davis Prelims UFC ReloadedUFC92: Evansvs. Griffin Forrest Griffin against RashadEvans. Road Champ AMA Super cross RacingAnaheim 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf HyundaiTournament of Champions, Final Round Golf Central PGA Tour Golf HALL 66 33175 33 Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Happy Days ' PG' HappyDays'G' Happy Days'G' Happy Days'G' Frasiern 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 (5:45) "Lovewrecked"2006'PG ** "Joyful Noise" 2012QueenLatifah, Dolly Parton. n 'PG-13' cc ** "TheDay After Tomorrow" (7:15) *** "TheRundown"2003The Rock. n 'PG-13' « *** "SuicideKings" 1997, CrimeDramaChristopher Walken. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (500) ***"Suicide Kings"1997 (7 1 5) **"Bound"1996, Suspense Jennifer Tilly, GinaGershon,JoePantoliano. 'R Whitest Kids *** "TheDescendants" 2011,DramaGeorgeClooney. 'R' cc ** "VarsityBlues"1999JamesVanDer Beek. 'R' MAX 400508 508** "I, Robot"2004, ScienceFiction WillSmith.n'PG-13' « Co-Ed Confid ***"The Natural" (1984)RobertRedford, Robert Duvall. A flawedbaseball herogets anewchance NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (4:00) *** "TheNatural" (1984) Undefeated: Notre DameReview The Dakar Rally Adventure Alaska StateTroopers'14 Alaska State Troopers'14' NGC 157 157 A l aska State Troopers'14 Alaska StateTroopers '14 Drugs, Inc. Hash '14' Drugs, Inc. Marijuana'14 NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn SpongeBob S p ongeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 307 43 307 Heartland Bow Fisher's ATV SnowTrax cc B o t tom FeedersOutdoorsman Best of West Elite Tactical Unit TheCrucible Fisher's ATV B o ttom Feeders SnowTrax cc W a rdens *** "Goon" 2011 n 'R' « SHO 500 500 Untold History of the United States ** "Lara Croft TombRaider: TheCradle ol Life" 2003AngelinaJolie (6:15) *** "50/50" 2011 JosephGordon-Levitt. n 'R' « SPEED 35 303125303HotRod TV '14' HotRod TV 'G' Truck U 'G' Truck U 'G' Gearz 'PG' Ge a rz 'PG' HotRodTV'14' HotRodTV'G' TruckU'G' T ruckU'G Unique Whips '14' ** "Darling Companion"2012DianeKeaton. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 Laws-Attraction (6:20) ***"Ali"2001, Biography Wil Smith,JamieFoxx,JonVoight. n 'R' « TheLostWorld: Jurassic Park" ** "It's About you" 2011 n 'NR' « TMC 525 525 (6:15) *** "A BetterLife" 2011, DramaDemian Bichir. 'PG-13' « BrooklynBoheme" 2011 n 'NR' (10:45) ** "TheWomaninthe Fifth" 2011 'R *WE 14 41174118Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(6:10) ** "Cars 2"2011,ComedyVoices ofOwenWilson. n 'G' « 104204104120(5:00) **"TheDa Vi nciCode"2006Tom Hanks.'PG-13'«

THE BULLETIN « JANUARY 5 — 11, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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II Jeopardy! (N)n














(9:01) HappyEnd- The B-- in Apart- Private Practice Ameliagoesona KATU Newsat 11 (11:35) Jimmy ment 23 series of blinddates. (N) '14' « Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) ings (N) '14' (N) n cc Go On Win atAll The New Normal n Parenthood DrewandAmy receive life NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ (NBC) C ostasn PG 1 4« changingnews. (N)'14' ss at11 (N) sa W i t h Jay Leno NCIS: Los Angeles Drive Aformer Vegas PaiutesSheriff Lambis abducted. KOINLocal6at11 Late Show With KBNZ (N) n '14' cc David Letterman (CBS) defendant istargeted. (N) n '14' (N) cc (9:01) HappyEnd- The B-- in Apart- Private Practice Ameliagoesona KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD ment 23 Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) ings (N) '14' series of blinddates. (N) '14' « 11pm (N) « New Girl Cabin(N) The Mindy Project News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc The Simpsons n Family Guy n KFXO n '14' cc 'pQ' cc 'PQ' cc Men 'PG' cc Men '14' cc (N) n '14' (FOX) Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Squad(N) 'PG' n 14 First on FOX Nightly Business PBS NewsHour(N) na« History Detectives Powderhorn; hand The Abolitionists: American Experi Frontline Michelle Rhee,former school "Mr.Cao Goeslo Washington" (2012) KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Ask This Old written score.() N 'PG' cc Premiere.(DVS) (PBS) House 'G' c~ Report (N) n 'G' ence Abolitionist movment.(N)'PG' chancellor. (N) n cc NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) Betty White's Off Betty White's Off Go On Win at All The New Normal n Parenthood DrewandAmy receive life NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'pQ' cc 6:30PM(N) Their Rockers Their Rockers changing news.(N)'14' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « C ostasn PG 14 « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno 'Til Death TheEx The King of R u l es of Engage. Rules of Engage Hart of Dixie LemonbecomesLavon's Emily Owens,M.D.Emilyagreesto a Seinfeld TheSoul Seinfeld The Re Til Death n KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q The King of pQ' cc ment '14' Mate 'PG' venge 'PG' « Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' ment '14' campaignmanager. n 'PG' bknddate. (N)n PG « Factor 'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 N ew Tricks Riverboat disaster. n Morristown POV Seniorcitizensgreet Americantroops. n 'PG' World News Tavis Smiley n Charlie Rose (N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

Wheel of Fortune Modern Family Ar- (8:31)TheMiddle 'Q' cc 'PG' es (N) n 'G' rested n 'PG' Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Betty White's Off Betty White's Off O O O O NewsChannel21 at6(N) e«s 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' Their Rockers Their Rockers Access HollywoodNew Adventures How I Met Your 30 Rock TheFight NCIS ShabbatShalomZiva's father (N) 'PG' ing Irish '14' visits. (N) n '14' ss(DVS) of Old Christine Mother n '14' omg! Insider (N) Modern Family Ar (8:31) TheMiddle O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News(N) «Entertainment 'pQ' cc Tonight (N) n cc 6pm (N) « rested n 'PG' ID< IEI (9 IE! Two and aHalf Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Raising Hope(N) Ben and Kate B KATU Newsat6(N) n &4

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage WarsNewStorage Wars New(11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage York 'PG' York 'PG' Texas(N) cc Texas(N) ~c Wars NewYork Wars New York (4:00) *** "TheGreenMile" (1999, Drama)TomHanks, David Morse. Aguard *** "Jerry Maguire" (1996, Romance-Comedy) TomCruise, Cuba GoodingJr., Renee Zellweger. An attack of conscience (11:01) *** "Jerry Maguire"(1996) 'AMC thinks aninmate hasa supernatural powerto heal. « changes an L.A. sports agent's life. « Tom Cruise. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Gator Boys:Xtra Bites'14' cc Frozen Planet n 'PG' cc Frozen PlanetSpring'PG' sa Frozen Planet Summer'PG' cc River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' Frozen Planet Spring 'PG' cc BRAVO 13 44 Van derpump T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta R e al Housewives/Beverly Housewives The Real Housewives of Miami '14' Million Dollar Decorators (N) '14' What Happens Housewives R e ba Pilot 'PG'Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc ** "BlueCollar ComedyTour: Onefor theRoad" (2006, Comedy)n '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG'es R e b a'PG'ss Reba 'PG' cc BlueCol/ar CNBC 54 36 40 52 60MinutesonCNBC(N) American Greed Mad Money 60 Minutes on CNBC American Greed Get Slim Hair Free CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Workaholics '14' Tosh.0 '14' Tosh.O '14' Tos h .O '14' Tosh.0 '14' The Burn-Jeff Daily Show C o l bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'14' Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Redmond City Council Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « A.N . T. Farm'G' Dog With a Blog*** "TheLion King" (1994,Musical) n « A.N.T. Farm'G' Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' (10:05) Jessie n Good-Charlie *DISC 15 21 16 37 Dual SurViVal n '14' cc Dual Survival Unbraided '14' cc Dual Survival Mars onEarth '14 Dual Survival OntheMenu(N) n A f rica Kalahari (N) n 'G' cc Dual Survival Onthe Menucc *E! 13 25 You 've Got Mail E! Special '14' E! News (N) Kardashian Ka r dashian Kardashian Ke e ping Up With the Kardashians Kardashian Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketbal!QhioStateatPurdue(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 NBACoasttoCoast(N)(Live) « NFL Lwe (N)cc SportsNation cc NBA Tonight (N) Basketball NFL Live « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 (4:00) Tennis From Jan. 26,2005. Tennis AustralianOpenfinal, played 1/28/95, cc Tennis AustralianOpenFinal. FromJan. 30,2011. « Tenms ss H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-l. i te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPNFCPress H Lrte Fx FAM 67 29 19 41 PrettyLittleLiarsn'14' « Pretty Little Liars n '14' « Pretty Little Liars (N) n 'PG' « The Lying Game (N) n '14' « Pretty Little Liars n 'PG' « The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor c~ Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44ChoppedThelcin gontheSteak Chopped 'G' Chopped BellyUp ChoppedGreenAppsandLamb Chopped LeftoversOverload Chopped OwnIt! 'G ** "lron Man 2" (2010, Action)RobertDowneyJr., GwynethPaltrow. Premiere FX 131 (4:30) *** "Iron Man"(2008)Robert Downey Jr. Justified Hole in theWall (N) 'MA' Justified Hole in theWall 'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Love It or List It McPherson'G Property Virgins Property Virgins House Hunters Hunters Int'I Scoring the Deal Scoring the Deal *HIST 15 42 41 36 AncientA!iens'PG'r«j Ancient Aliens 'PG' cc Ancient Aliens 'PG' cc Ancient Aliens 'PG' cc Ancient Ahens PG cc (11:02) Ancient Aliens '14' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 WifeSwapn'PG' « Wife SwapMothersswap. n 'PG' Dance Moms'PG' « Dance Moms(N)'PG' « America's Supernanny(N)'PG' To Be Announced MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki Snooki & JWOWW (N) n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Drake &Josh n Drake & Josh n Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' In the BedroomWith Dr. Laura Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14 OWN 161 103 31 103Solved Grandparentsslain. n '14 Solved Truth in Shadows'14' « Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14' ROOT 20 45 28* 26 Mark FewShow UFC Reloaded UFC141Lesnarvs. OvereemRelive UFC141 Brawl Call World PokerTour: Season10 The DanPatrick Show SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Repo Games n Repo Games n Repo Games n Repo Games n *** "Dodgeball: A TrueUnderdog Story"(2004) VinceVaughn The Joe SchmoShow(N) n '14' The Joe SchmoShow(N) n '14' ** "Shutter ls/and" (2010,Suspense)Leonardo DiCaprio. A1950slawmanhunts anescapedmurderess ** "The AmilyvilleHorror" SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:30) *** "Dawn o/the Dead" (2004)SarahPolley, Ving Rhames. TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince Rod Parsley ACLJThisWeek FullFlamec~ S ecrets-Clement CrefloDollar'G' Praise the Lord 'Y' « Pr a ise the Lord 'Y' c~ Seinfeld TheBook- Seinfeld TheShoesSeinfeld The Sub- Seinfeld TheClip The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Cougar Town(N) The Big Bang ConanKaleyCuoco;AnthonyMackie. 'TBS n 'PG' store 'PG' way n 'PG' Sh o w 'PG' « The ory n 'PG' T heory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' n 'PG' c~ Theory n '14' (N) '14' « ** "Kaleidoscope" (1966)Warren Be (5:00)***"Ocean'sE/even"(1960) (7:15)***"SevenThieves"(1960,Suspense)EdwardG.Robinson.Premiere.A (9:15) ***"BobleFlambeur" (1955)RogerDuchesne.Premiere. A dapper TCM 014410129 Frank Sinatra. « strange assortment ofthieves plans adaring robbery. French gamblepl r ans to retire on acasino safe's contents. atty, SusannahYork. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium Totally T-Boz n 'PG' « Totally T-Boz (N) n 'PG' « The Sisterhood (N) n '14' cc Best Funeral Ever n 'PG' « The Sisterhood n '14' e«s Castle High-endhomeinvasions endin Castle Ghosts Womanis drownedin Castle Theownerof a magicshopis Castle Knockdown Castle andBeckett Castle Lucky Stiff A murderedlottery CSE NYAdmissions Deathof a guidance *TNT murders. n 'PG' « motor oil. n 'PG' « founddead.n PG « grow closer. n '14' « winner. n 'PG' « counselor. n '14' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Adventure Time Wrld, Gumball Looney Tunes LevelUp'PG' A d venture TimeKing of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14' *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Extreme Yachts 'G' « Extreme Yachts 'G' « Dangerous Grounds(N)'PG' « M * A*S*H 'PG' T h e Cosby Show The Cosby Show The Cosby Show Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond King TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' M * A*S*H 'PG' ofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit VH1 191 48 37 54 BehindtheMusicn'14'cc Love & Hip Hop n '14' Black Ink Crew n '14' MobWrvesn 14 cc Making Mr. Right n 'PG Love & Hip Hop n '14' *A&E


3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'pQ' cc Wars

Storage Wars 'pQ' cc

Storage Wars 'pQ' cc

Storage Wars Storage Wars «Storage Wars 'pQ' cc

'pQ' cc

** "Are We There Yet?"2005 Ice Cube.'PG'« 106401 306401(6:15) *"TheSmur/s"2011 HankAzaria. Premiere. n 'PG' « ** TheJerk (9:35) ** "Jumping the Broom"2011Angela Bassett. n 'PG-13' « *** "Thelnsider" 1999Al Pacino. Aformer executive exposesacigarette company's lies. 'R' « * "Deception" 2008, SuspenseHughJackman. 'R' a« 104 204104120(5:00) * "Deception" 2008 'R 34 UFC101 UFCTonight'14' UFCTonight'14' UFCRoundtable UFC: Hendersonvs. Diaz UFC Unleashed UFC Tonight '14' UFC Tonight '14' 28 301 27 301(5:00) PGA Tour Golf SonyOpenin Hawaii, Final RoundFromHonolulu Golf Academy Golf Central P G A Tour Golf Open Sonyin Hawaii, Final RoundFromHonolulu

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch HappyDays ' G' HappyDays'G' HappyDays'G' HappyDays'G' Frasi ern 'PG' Frasiern 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' *** "Pussin Boots" 2011 n 'PG' cc HBO 425 501 425501 ** "Green Lantern" 2011, Action RyanReynolds. n 'PG-13' x«s ** "The Three Slooges" 2012SeanHayes. 'PG' Promised Land George Lopez *** "Little Miss Sunshine" 2006, Comedy-DramaGreg Kinnear. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00)"Little MissSunshine" 2006 (7:15) ** "Big TopPee-wee" 1988, ComedyPaul Reubens.'PG (11:15) ** "Big TopPee-wee ** "Fast Five" 2011,Action VinDiesel, Paul Walker. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:35) ** "Wanderlust" 2012 'R (7:15) *** "Troy" 2004,Adventure Brad Pitt. Achilles leadsGreekforces in the TrojanWar. n 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 HighSchoolFootball Star-SpangledSundays (N)'G Boxing TomaszAdamekvs. SteveCunningham Star-Spangled Sundays 'G The Dakar Rally Adventure Diggers (N)'PG' Diggers (N) 'PG DoomsdayPreppers '14 Diggers 'PG' NGC 157 157 D oomsday Preppers(N)'14' Diggers 'PG' DoomsdayPreppers '14 DoomsdayPreppers NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn SpongeBob SpongeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Hunting, Country Most Wanted Hunting TV Sp r i ng West. Extremes Hunt Adventure Truth Hunting Hunting, Country D riven TV Spr i n g Bow Madness Grateful Nation * "Brake" 2012,Action StephenDorff. n 'R' « SHO 500 500 (5:30) *** "ThePianist" 2002,Historical DramaAdrien Brody. 'R (9:35) *"The Samaritan"2012SamuelL. Jackson (11:10) **"TheBlack Dahlia" SPEED 35 303125 303Hard Parts Har d Parts My Ride Rules My Ride Rules Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Hard Parts Hard Parts My Ride Rules My Ride Rules Unique Whips '14 ** "SpyKids 3:GameOver" 2003 n 'PG' « ** "Think Like a Man" 2012Michael Ealy. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 (5:50) ** "Priest"2011 PaulBettany. 'PG-13' « (11:10) *** "Analyze This"'R' *** "Serenity" 2005, ScienceFiction NathanFillion. 'PG-13 * "U-Turn"1997, CrimeDramaSean Penn. Premiere. n 'R TMC 525 52 5 * " Meet WallySparks"1997, ComedyRodney Dangerfield. 'R' « *WE 14 41 174118 CSE Miami AbOutFaCe'14' cc CSE MiamiCaged n '14' cc CSE Miami Paint It Black '14' ss CS E Miami G.O. n '14' cc CSE Miami AboutFace'14' « CSEMiami Cagedn '14' cc


TV • PAGE 13 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II



II Jeopardy! (N)n















The Neighbors (N)Modern Family (N) (9:31)Suburgatory Nashville Juliette andSeanelope. (N) KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc n 'PG' cc (N) n 'G' (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) Skills (N) n 'PG' 'PQ' cc (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Whitney (N) n Guys With Kids Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Fire Underthe Knife Casey NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' 14 cc (N) 'PG' « (NBC) Beautiful Frame(N) n '14' « deals with family issues. '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access Hollywood NewAdventures How I Met Your 30RockFireworks IGetThataLot(N) n « People's Choice Awards 2013Fromthe Nokia Theater in LosAngeles, festivities KOIN Local6at11 Late Show With KBNZ '14' cc (N) 'PG' honor fans' favorites inmovies,musicandTV. (N)'PG' cc David Letterman (CBS) of Old Christine Mother n '14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) The Middle Life The Neighbors (N)Modern Family (N) (9:31)Suburgatory Nashville Juliette andSeanelope. (N) KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9News(N) «Entertainment 'PG' « 'PQ' cc n 'PG' cc Tonight (N) 'PG cc (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6pm (N) « Skills (N) n 'PG' 11pm (N) « The Big Bang Stars in Danger: TheHigh DiveCelebrities competein a series of Olympic-style News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc The Simpsons n Family Guy n KFXO I(i} g} (K} g) TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf The Big Bang 'PQ' cc '14' cc Men 'PG' « Men ' 14' cc (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' dives. (N) n 'PG' « First on FOX Nature Cuba:The Accidental Eden NOVA DecodingNeandeithals Analysis Life on Fire VolcanoDoctors Volcanolo- The Story of India After 500B.C—the KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Equitrekking Ad- Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n m Cuba's biodiversity. n 'G' of the Neanderthalgenome.'G ' gis t s predict eruptions. 'PG' Age of theBuddha. n 'PG' (PBS) ventures n 'G' Report (N) n 'G' NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) Whitney (N) n Guys With Kids Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Fire Under the Knife Casey NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc '14' cc '14' (N) 'PG' « (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) Beautiful Frame(N) n '14' « deals withfamily issues. 11(N) cc With Jay Leno The King of R u l es of Engage. Rules of Engage. Arrow Year' EndOl s iver throwsa family Supernatural HeartacheSamand Dean Seinfeld TheBi- Seinfeld The Deal 'Til Death Summer 'Til Death Snore KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of ment '14' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' ment '14' Christmas party. '14' « investigate murders. n '14' zarro Jerry PG PG « of Love PG Lo s er PG « (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 Ou t numbered n LaSt Of the Wine SherlOCk HOlmeS'G' cc Doc Martin Louisahas arival. 'PG' World News T a vis Smiley n Charlie Rose (N) n 'G' « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

Wheel of Fortune The Middle Life

Shipping W ars Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynast y Shipping Wars Shipping Wars Barter Kings Steveconfronts his biggest (11:01) Barter (11:31) Barter 3 28 1 8 32 Shipping 'PQ' cc Wars 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Kings 'PG' cc Kings '14' cc (N) cc DamagedGoods fear. (N) 'PG' cc CSU Mi a mi Therapi s t' s daughter is murCSE Mi a mi Raging Canni b al Murder in ** "Bring i t On" (2000, Comedy) Ki r stsn Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford (10:01) *** "TheTrumanShow"(1998, Comedy-Drama)Jim Carrey, LauraLin 'AMC High-schoolcheerleadersvie for acovetednational title cc dered. n '14' « the Everglades. n '14' cc ney. Camerasbroadcast anunwitting man's life. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Gator Boys:Xtra Bites'PG' cc River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG Fighting TunaCapeCodBay '14' F i ghting Tuna George's Bank'14 River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Shahs of Sunset '14' The Real Housewives of Atlanta Top Chef: Seattle (N) '14 What Happens Top Chef Top Chef: Seattle '14 CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc R e b a'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc ExtremeMakeover: HomeEdition Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ExtremeMakeover: HomeEdition CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreed: TheFugitives American Greed Mad Money American Greed:TheFugitives Am e rican Greed Quit Your Job! Supersmile CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers Morgan Tonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 South Park '14' Tosh.0 '14' Col b ert Report Daily Show Ch a ppelle Show Chappelle Show South Park 'MA' South Park 'MA' Workaholics '14' South Park 'MA' Daily Show COTV 11 Bend City Council Work Session B end City Council Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' Jessie 'G' « *** "A Bug'sLife" (1998)Voices of DaveFoley Phineas, Ferb Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 AmishMafian'14'cc Amish Mafia n '14' cc Amish MafiaTheDevil's Cut (N) n Amish Mafia Holy War(N) n '14' MoonshinersAdios, Mr.Still (N) n Amish Mafia HolyWar'14' cc *E! 13 25 Tak e Miami Tak e Miami E! News(N) Take Miami Take Miami Ice Loves Coco Ice Loves Coco The Soup(N) Love You Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 NBABasketball:LakersatSpurs NBA Basketball DallasMavericks atLosAngeles Clippers(N) (Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball WestVirginia at Texas(N) (Live) College Basketball Washingtonat California (N)(Live) s« s Basketball NBA Tonight (N)NFL Live (N) cc ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Long Way Down cc White Shadow Needlecc Bay City Blues cc Tennis From1/27/05 « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) ss ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. ** "Cheaper bythe Dozen2" (2005) SteveMartin, Bonnie Hunt * "Wild Hogs" (2007,Comedy)TimAllen, JohnTravolta. FAM 67 29 19 41 PrettyLittleLiarsn'PG'« The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant: Impossible 'G' Restaurant Stakeout Restaurant: Impossible FX 131 How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men * * " Iron Man2" (2010, Action) Robert DowneyJr., Gwyneth Paltrow, DonCheadle American Horror Story: Asylum (N) American Horror Story: Asylum HGTV 17 49 33 43 Property Brothers'G' « Property Brothers'G' « Cousins on Call Cousins on Call Property Brothers Kristi & Jay'G' House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Renovation 'G' *HIST 15 42 41 36 American Restoration'PG' « Restoration R e s toration Restoration Restoration Restoration R e s toration Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration LIFE 13 39 20 31 WifeSwapCameron/Dragon'PG' Wife SwapSchults/Smith n 'PG' Wife SwapBrowne/Robinson 'PG' Wife Swap n 'PG' « Wife SwapParker/Robinson'PG' (11:01) Project RunwayAll Stars MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 BUCKWILDn'14' Catfish: The TVShow n '14' Caffish: The TVShown Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Washington Heights (N) n '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Drake &Josh n Drake & Josh n Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends OWN 161103 31 103 Sins & Secrets Lexingtonn '14' Sins & Secrets Ocean City n '14' Super Saver Showdown'G' « Super SaverShowdown(N) n 'G' Super SaverShowdown(N)n 'G' Super Saver Showdown'G' « ROOT 20 45 28* 26 TheGame365 MarkFewShow College Basketball BoiseState atWyoming(N) World PokerTour: Season10 Heartland Poker Tour '14' cc The DanPatrick Show *** "Dodgebs/I: A TrueUnderdog Story" (2004)VinceVaughn. n ** "Without a Paddle" (2004) n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:00) ** "Wilhout aPadd/e" n The Joe SchmoShow '14' cc The Joe SchmoShow '14' cc SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) ** "Shutter Island" (2010)Leonardo DiCaprio, MarkRuffalo Ghost Hunters O.K.Corral n 'PG' Ghost Hunters Irish Ruins n 'PG' GhostHuntersTwotoTango'PG' Ghost Hunters n 'PG' « TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince End of the Age Praise the Lord: Hallelujah Hollywood AlwaysGood Jesse Duplantis Easter Exper Creflo Dollar 'G' Praise the Lord Y « The King of Seinfeld TheOld Seinfeld The Pez Seinfeld The Finale Family Guy n Family GuyTrad Family Guyn Family Guyn The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan RickyGervais; DeepakChopra. 'TBS 'PQ' cc '14' cc '14' cc Queens n 'PG Man 'PG' « Dis p enser 'PG' 'PG' « ing Places '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' (N) '14' « (5:00) "Emp/oyees *** "Heroes forSa/e" (1933,Drama) Richard Barthelmess, ** "Born to BeBad" (1934,Drama) (9:15) **"MidnightMary" (1933)Loretta Young.A woman (10:45) *"TheyCall it Sin"(1932)Loretta Young.Adoctor TCM 01 44 1 01 29 Entrance" Loretta Young,Aline MacMahon. Loretta Young,Cary Grant. on trial for murderrecalls themenin her life. helps anaspiring chorus singerfind stardom. *TLC 17 34 32 34 IslandMedium Island Medium Toddlers & Tiaras n 'PG' cc Here ComesHoney Boo Boo'PG Toddlers & Tiaras (N)'PG' « Cheer Perfection (N) n 'PG' « Todd lers & Tiaras n 'PG' « Castle TheDoubleDownCastle bets Castle The Final Nail Investigating a Castle SetupFederal agenttakes over a Castle CountdownPreventing acity- CSE NY Taxi TheCabbie Kiler. n '14' cc *TNT 17 26 15 27 CastleDeepin DeathAdeadmanis tangled in tree limbs. 'PG' cc with Esposito n 'PG' cc friend of Castle's. n '14' cc murder case. 'PG' « wide catastrophe PG cc *A&E

*TOON 84 Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern M*A *S*H'PG' TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H'PG'

Wrld, Gumball NinjaGo: Mstrs Dragons: Riders Johnny Test'Y7 Man v. Food Man v. Food'G' BaggageBattles BaggageBattles M*A*S*H 'PG' The CosbyShow The Cosby Show The Cosby Show USA 15 30 23 30 NCISSandblastn'14'cc NCIS Once aHero n 'PG' « NCIS Spider andthe Fly 'PG' cc VH1 191 48 37 54 Love&HipHop BlacklnkCrewn'14' T.l. and Tiny T.l. and Tiny T . l . and Tiny


KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 Baggage Battles Baggage Battles Fast Foods GoneGlobal Asia 'PG' Hot Dog Paradise 2 (N) 'PG' « Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Hot in Cleveland Happil y Divorced KingofQueens King ofQueens NCIS Agirl is kidnapped. n 'PG' NC I S Short Fuse n 'PG' « NCISRoyalsandLoyals'PG'« T. l . and Tiny T. l . and Tiny T.l. and Tiny T. l . and Tiny M o b Wives n '14' cc

** "Slargale"1994, ScienceFiction Kurt Russell. n 'PG-13' « 106401 306401(5:50) ** "TheRookie"1990, Action Clint Eastwood. n 'R' « (10:10) ** "Straw Dogs"2011,DramaJamesMarsden. n 'R' « ** "ic eAge:TheMeltdown"2006VoicesofRayRomano.'PG'« ** "AcrosstheUniverse" 2007,Musical EvanRachelWood,Jim Sturgess. 'PG-13' « FXM Presents 104204104120(5:00) "/cs Age:TheMeltdown" 34 (5:00) UFCReloaded Highlights of UFC147in Brazil UFC Best of 2012:TheYear in ReviewRelivethe thrilling action ofthe best bouts. (N) UFC Tonight EPL Soccer 28 301 27 301 Feherty On the Range Inside PGATour Golf Central Feherty On the Range School of Golf Inside PGATour

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch Brady Bunch B rady Bunch H appy Days 'G' Happy Days 'PG' Happy Days'G' Happy Days 'G' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' *** "Rise ofthePlanetof theApes" 2011James Franco. 'PG-13' HBO 425501 425501(5:00) *"New Year'sEve"2011 ** "Unknown" 2011,SuspenseLiamNeeson. n 'PG-13' cc * "New Year's Eve" 2011'PG-13' * "Fridaythe 13th, Part Vi: JasonLives"1986 ThomMathews. 'R * "Fridaythe13th — A NewBeginning"1985 John Shepard. 'R IFC 1 0 10 5 "Fridaythe 13th-New Fridaythe 13th, Part Vi" **"Projec tX"2012Thomas Mann. n 'R CC MAX 400508 508** * "Seven"1995, SuspenseBradPitt.n'R' cc (8:10) *** "Grosse PointeBlank"1997JohnCusack. n 'R' cc Erotic Karman NBCSN 27 58 30 209 College Hockey NFL Turning Point (N) 'PG NFL Turning Point 'PG Star-Spangled Sundays 'G The Dakar Rally NFL Turning Point 'PG The Dakar Rally Adventure Hell on the Highway '14 NGC 157 157 B o rder Wars Smuggler's Stash '14' Hell on the Highway (N) '14' Border WarsSmuggler's Stash'14 Border Wars '14 Border Wars 'PG NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Av a tar: Air. Ava t ar: Air. Pla net Sheen n Planet Sheen n SpongeBob S p ongeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Elite Tactical Unit The Crucible Ame r . Rifleman Shooting Gallery Best Defense Elite Tactical Unit TheCrucible Shooting USA cc Gun Stories S h ooting Gallery SHO 500 500 Untold History of the United States Inside the NFL(N) n 'PG' « 60 Minutes Sports (N)'14' Inside the NFL n 'PG' « (5:45) *** "TheSchoolof Rock" 2003JackBlack. n 'PG-13 SPEED 35 303125 303Drag RaceHigh Drag Race High Barrett-Jackson Special Edition Pi n ks - All Out 'PG Drag RaceHigh Drag Race High Barrett-Jackson Special Edition Unique Whips '14' * "GhostRider: Spirit of Vengeance"2012'PG-13' STARZ 300 408300408 (5:30) *** "Junior"1994 ArnoldSchwarzenegger (7:20) *** "ThePirates! Band ciMisfits" 2012 n (10:40) *** "Open Range"2003 RobertDuvall. 'R ** "Grid/ock'd"1997 TimRoth. TMC 525 525 Th Real e Blonde (6:35) "HannahTakesthe Stairs" 2007Greta Gerwig. * Ngef Jam'sHowfoBea Player" 1997 'R (9:40) "SomethingLikea Business" 2010KevinHart. *WE 14 41 174118ToBeAnnounced High School Confidential (N) High School Confidential (N) To Be Announced My Fair Wedding

THE BULLETIN « JANUARY 5 — 11, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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v II
















Grey's Anatomy Baileytriesto save (10:02) ScandalMelliefaces acompro- KATUNewsat11 (11:35) Jimmy Jeopardy!(N)fc Wheel of Fortune Last Resort DamntheTorpedoes A 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' Adele's life. (N) n '14' « mising situation. (N) '14' cc Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) coup forcesalliances.(N)'14' « (N) fc cc Jeopardy! (N)n WheelofFortune 30RockGame 1600 Penn n The Office Lice(N) (9:31) 1600Penn (10:01) Rock Center With Brian Wil- NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc 'PG' « (N) n 'G' rr '14' cc (N) 'PG' cc lia ms (N) n cc (NBC) Over (N) n '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access Hollywood NewAdventures How I Met Your 30 Rock Corporate The Big Bang (8:31) Twoand a (9:01) Person of Interest Fuscomust (10:01) Elementary M.Joan isunsure KOIN Local 6 at 11 Late Show With KBNZ (N) 'PG' Theory (N)'PG Half Men (N)'14' protect KarolinaKurkova. 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) of Old Christine Mother n '14' Crush '14' about leavingSherlock. '14' (N) cc Grey's Anatomy Baileytries to save (10:02) ScandalMelliefaces acompro- KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy omg! Insider (N) Last Resort DamntheTorpedoes A KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News (N) «Entertainment Tonight (N) 'PG cc mising situation. (N) '14' « (ABC) 6pm (N) « coup forcesalliances. (N)'14' « Adele's life. (N) n '14' « 11pm (N) « Kim mel Live '14 Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang Mobbed You'reFired Abossplans a Glee MichaelRivalry intensifies. n News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc The Simpsons n Family Guy n KFXO I I IE} IEI IEI Twoanda Half '14' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n 'PG' surprise for anemployee, fc 'PG' (FOX) First on FOX Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field Doc Martin Martin gets achanceto Sherlock HolmesSuddendeaths. n History Detectives Powder horn; hand KOAB ~ gy gy gy Passport to Ad- Nightly Business PBS NewsHour(N)n m rr 'G' cc written score. n 'PG' cc (PBS) venture n 'G' Report (N) n 'G' Guide 'G' cc redeem himself. n 'PG' « (Part 1 of 2) 'G' cc NewsChannel 8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) cc Inside Edition (N) 30 RockGame 1600 Penn n The Office Lice(N) (9:31) 1600Penn (10:01) Rock Center With Brian Wil NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 'PG' « rr '14' cc (N) 'PG' « lia m s (N) n « (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) Over (N) n '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno 'Til Death n 'Til Death n The King of Ru l es of Engage. Rules of Engage. The18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards Honoring excellence infilm. (N) Seinfeld The Little Seinfeld The KTVZDT2 IEIQ Q Q The King of n 'PG' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' ment '14' Kicks n 'G' Ma n go n 'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 Time GoesBy My Family T he Reagan Presi dency'G'cc The Reagan Presidency'G'« World News T a vis Smiley C h arlie Rose (N) n 'PG' cc PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc

TheFirst 48Slayings inClevelandandTheFirst 48Shootingdeaths inMiami BeyondScaredStraight A teenspends(11:01)BeyondScaredStraight Oneida 328 18 32TheFirst 48Adeadbody isburied inaTheFirst 48Twomenarebeatenand basement. '14' cc shot in Miami. '14' cc Miami. cc and Dallas. cc time in a Georgia lail 14 County, N.Y. '14' cc ** "Bring il On" (2000,Comedy)Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku,JesseBradford. *** "Signs" (2002, Suspense) MelGibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Cherry Jones. Awidower investigates (10:31) *** "Signs" (2002,Suspense)Mel Gibson. Awid 'AMC High-schoolcheerleaders viefor a covetednational title. « huge circles inhis crop fields. ower investigateshugecircles in his cropfields. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Gator Boys:Xtra Bites'PG' cc Rattlesnake Republic 'PG' cc Alaska Wildlife Troopers n 'PG North WoodsLaw: Onthe Hunt(N) Law on the Border (N) n '14 North WoodsLaw: Onthe Hunt n BRAVO 13 44 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' T h e Millionaire Matchmaker '14 The Millionaire Matchmaker'14' K a t hy (N) (Live) WhatHappens Matchmaker R e ba 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc World's Strictest Parents n '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc W o r ld's Strictest Parents n '14' World's Strictest Parents n '14' *** "The Pixar Story" (2007)Narrated byStacy Keach. CNBC 54 36 40 52 (5:00) *** "The PixarStory" American Greed Mad Money Paid Program Hair Restoration CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront ** "OfficeSpace" (1999)RonLivingston, Jennifer Aniston. cc Tosh.O '14' Tos h .O '14' Daily Show C o l bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'14' Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « A.N . T. Farm'G' Dog With a Blog*** "Tangled" (2010)Voices of MandyMoore. n « Austin I Ally 'G' Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Amish Mafia HolyWar'14' cc Property Wars Property Wars Moonshiners Adios,Mr. Still cc Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Moonshiners Adios, Mr.Still cc *E! ** "You' veGofMail"(1998,Romance-Comedy)Tom Hanks,MegRyan,ParkerPosey 13 25 Tak e Miami Tak e Miami E !News (N) The Soup Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketballKentuckyatVanderbilt(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball Arizona atOregon(N)(Live) College Basketball St. Mary's atGonzaga(N) (Live) Basketball NFL Live (N) « Profile: 60 ESPNC 23 25 123 25 FridayNightLightsn'PG' cc Friday Night Lights n 'PG' cc Car Auctions Car Auctions Tennis Secondsemifinal, fromJan.30, 2009. cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. * "Wild Hogs" (2007,Comedy)TimAllen John Travolta ** "RV" (2006,Comedy)RobinWiliams, Jeff Daniels. Premiere. FAM 67 29 19 41 Bunheads n q4' cc The 700 Club n 'PG' cc FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Chopped Belly Up Cupcake WarsCowboyCupcakes Chopped'G Chopped Unsung Heroes 'G' Sweet GeniusSci-Fi Genius(N) Rachael vs. GuyCook-Off ** "ironMan2" (2010, Action) Robert Downey Jr., GwynethPaltrow, DonCheadle *** "TheIncredib/eHulk" (2008)EdwardNorton. FX 131 Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men HGTV 17 49 33 43 Selling NY S ell i ng NY Hunters Int'I House Hunters Salvage Dawgs Salvage Dawgs Rehab Addict 'G' Rehab Addict 'G House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 Jesse James'Hidden Treasure Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG Cajun Pawn C a jun Pawn Cajun Pawn Cajun Pawn (11:02) AxMenCageMatch '14' LIFE 13 39 20 31 ToBeAnnounced To Be Announced Project RunwayAll Stars 'PG' Project RunwayAll Stars (N) 'PG' Double Divas (N) Double Divas (N) Double Divas D ouble Divas MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word The Ed Show The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Washington Heights n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' BUCKWILD n '14' BUCKWILD(N) n '14' BUCKWILD n '14' NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Drake &Josh n Drake & Josh n House of Anubis (N) n 'G' cc Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n '14' (11:33) Friends Dateline on OWN n '14' « Dateline on OWN n '14' « Lost and Found(N) n 'PG' Dateline on OWN n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 1031(Almost) Got AwayWith It n '14' I (Almost) Got AwayWith It n '14' ROOT 20 45 28* 26 UFA College Basketball NewMexicoState at Seattle (N)(Live) College Basketball CentralWashingtonat Western Washington (N)(Live) The DanPatrick Show SPIKE 132 31 34 46 The JoeSchmoShow'14' cc The Joe SchmoShow '14' « iMPACTWrestling (N) n '14' « Bellator 360(N) n '14' Bellator 360(N) n '14' ** "TheMist" (2007, Horror) ThomasJane. Adeadly fog engulfs terrified townspeople SYFY 13 35 133 45 Face Off "Ghost Storm" (2012,Suspense)Crystal Allen,CarlosBernard. * Ghost Town TBN 205 60130 JosephPrince Hillsong TV Praise the Lord 'Y' « Live-Holy Land The Evidence B i ble Prophecy Creflo Dollar 'G' Praise the Lord 'Y' cc The King of Seinfeld TheIm Seinfeld TheBoy- Seinfeld The Finale Family Guy n Family Guy For The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan RyanGosling; KevinHart;ZZ 'TBS 'PG' cc '14' cc Queens o 'PG plant 'PG' « friend 'PG' eign Affairs '14' Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Ward. (N) '14' « ) *** "Oemelrius andfheGfadfa *** "Roughly Speaking" (1945)Rosalind Russell, JackCarson. Acareer-minded *** "Old Acquaintance" (1943,Drama)Bette Davis, MiriamHopkins. Anauthor's *** "TheHurricane" (1937,Adventure) TCM 101 44 101 29 rors" 5i00 (1954)Victor Mature. womanfaces hardshipraising twofamilies. « return to herhometownspurs ajealous rivalry. « Dorothy Lamour,JonHall. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Island Medium Island Medium Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Four Weddings ...and a Giraffe 'PG' What Not to Wear Nicole(N) 'PG Four Weddings ...and aGiraffe 'PG (5:00) NBABasketball NewYork Knicks at IndianaPacers NBA Basketball MiamiHeat at PortlandTrail Blazers Fromthe Rose Gardenin Portland, Ore. (N) Inside the NBA(N)(Live) cc The Mentalist Carnelian IncMurders at *TNT From ConsecoFieldhousein Indianapolis. (N) (Live) « company retreat. '14' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Annoying MAD' PG Regular Show KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G Man v. Food Mysteries attheMuseum 'PG Mysteries at the Museum (N) 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum 'PG' The Dead Files 'PG' « M* A *S*H 'PG' M* A *S*H 'PG' The CosbyShow The Cosby Show The Cosby Show Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens TVLND 65 47 29 35 M*A*S*H 'PG' USA 15 30 23 30 NCISSharifReturnsn'PG' « NCIS Blowback n 'PG' « NCIS FriendsandLovers n 'PG NCIS DeadManWalking 'PG' « NCI S Skeletons n 'PG' « CSE CrimeSceneInvestigation n VH1 191 48 37 54 BehindtheMusicNe-Yo.n'PG' B ehi n dtheMusicT.I. T.l.n'14' BehindtheMusicNasNas.n '14' Love & HipHopn '14' Black Ink Crew n '14' 40 Greatest R&BSongs of the 90s *A&E

*** "The Fifth E/emenf"1997 BruceWilis, fc 'PG-13' « (10:10) ** "Blown Away"1994 Jeff Bridges. Premiere. 'R' « FXM Presents * * * "The Curious Caseof Benjamin Button" 2008, Fantasy BradPitt, Cate Blanchett. 'PG-13' « FXM Presents UFC Unleashed UFC Roundtable UFC Tonight '14' UFC Tonight '14' Answers Best of PRIDEFighting 28 301 27 301 PGATour Golf SonyOpenin Hawaii, First Round(N) G o l f Central (N) PGA Tour Golf Sony Openin Hawaii, First RoundFromHonolulu Golf Central HALL 66 33175 33 Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Happy Days ' G' Happy Days 'G' Happy Days'PG' HappyDays'G' Frasierrr'PG' Frasier rr'PG' Frasier rr'PG' Frasier n 'PG' *** "BigMiracle" 2012, Adventure JohnKrasinski. n 'PG' cc HBO 425 501 425501 (4:30) "Hemingway 8 Ge/ihorn" n (7:15) ** "BruceAlmighty" 2003JimCarrey. n 'PG-13' cc Cathouse: Cat Cathouse: Come ** "TheLast Legion" 2007, Action Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley. 'PG-13 IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "TheLastLegion (7:15) ** "Escape From LA." 1996, Action Kurt Russell, StacyKeach.'R Escape-L.A ** "TheHangoverPart ii"2011 Bradley Cooper MAX 400508 508 (6:15) ** "PatchAdams"1999 RobinWiliams. n 'PG-13' cc (8:15) ** "AmericanWedding" 2003Jason Biggs. n 'NR' cc Erotic Traveler NBCSN 27 58 30209 NFLTurningPoint'PG Star-Spangled Sundays 'G' World Series of Fighting 1 NFL Turning Point 'PG The Dakar Rally Adventure Diggers 'PG' A b andoned 'PG RocketCity Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up'14' NGC 157 15 7 R o cket City Roc ket City Ro c ketCity Dig gers'PG' Abandoned'PG Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up'14' NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air Planet Sheen n Planet Sheenn SpongeBob SpongeBob Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air Dragon Ball Z I ron Man: Armor OUTD 37 30743 307 MajorLeague Fishing Bow Madness Ult. Adventures Bottom Feeders Cuddeback's T he Crush Bone Collector Cuddeback's U l t . AdventuresAlaska Outdoors Trophy Quest *** "Our Idiot Brother" 2011Paul Rudd.'R' « *** "50/50" 2011JosephGordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen. n 'R' « SHO 500 500 F e w Options n (6:25) ** "TheFinal Cuf" 2004RobinWiliams. n SuicideGirls (N) SPEED 35 303125303(4:00) NASCAR Racing DaytonaWinter Testing; Drafting NASCARRacing DaytonaWinter Testing: DraftingWinter testing beginsfor the 2013Sprint Cupracing season ** "Underworld: Awakening" 2012 n 'R' « STARZ 300408300408(545)"T heHaunted Mansion"'PG' (715) * "Zookeeper" 2011,ComedyKevin James. n 'PG' « TheLordof theRings: TheReturn ofthe King" n one"2009,Documentaryrr'NR'« ** "Piranha"2010 Elisabeth Shue.rr 'R' « ** "Faster" 2010DwayneJohnson. rr 'R' « TMC 525 52 5 U n derMount "HeartofSt (11:15) ** "DieAnotherDay"fr *WE 14 41 174118 MaryMary TheShowdown(N) Mar y Mary The Showdown Mary Mary Mary MaryTheShowdown Mary MaryBachelorette Party Mary MaryBoyiriend Drama ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(550) ** "BatmanForever"1995, Action ValKilmer. n 'PG13' « 104204104120(5:00) *** "TheCuriousCaseof Benjamin Bulfon" 2008Brad Pitt. 34 UFC Tonight '14' Answers UFC Unleashed(N)


TV • PAGE 15 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



v II



II Jeopardy! (N)n













KATU Newsat 11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) (N) n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheelof Fortune 1600Pennn NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc 'PG' « 'PQ' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access HollywoodNew Adventures How I Met Your 30 RockCleveland UndercoverBossKampgroundsof CSE NYCivilized Lies Apopular police Blue Bloods FrontPageNewsErin KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ '14' cc (N) 'PG' AmericaCEOJim Rogers. (N)n officer is killed. (N) '14' cc David Letterman (CBS) of Old Christine Mother n '14' questionsMayorPoole. (N) n '14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Last Man Standing (8:31)Malibu Shark Tank Acapsule that keepsbever (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' cc KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 News(N) «Entertainment Tonight (N) 'PG cc (N) n 'PG' Co u ntry (N) 'PG Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6pm (N) « ages hot. (N) n 'PG' « 11pm (N) « The Big Bang The Big Bang Kitchen NightmaresMamaMaria's NewFringe Windmarkembarksona reveal News Channel 21 TMZ (N) n 'PG' cc TheSimpsons n Famil yGuyRoad KFXO iD< Q (EI Q) TwoandaHalf Two and aHalf 'PQ' cc Men 'PG' cc Men '14' cc (FOX) Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' York's MamaMaria's. '14' ing mission. (N)'14' « First on FOX to Europe 'PG' Washington Week BBC Newsnight DCI Banks Pilot — Aftermath Policeman's murder. n 'PG' «Masterpiece Classic Downton AbbeySeason 3Wedding KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Trave!WithKids Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) nacc 'G' cc (DVS) n 'G' (PBS) Report (N) « guests arrive. n 'PG' cc(DVS) NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) 1600Pennn 1600 Pennn Dateline NBC(N) n 'PG' cc NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) (NBC) 6PM (N) « 11 (N) cc With Jay Leno 'Til Death Come 'Til Death Ally The King of R u l es of Engage. Rules of Engage. Nikita Sideswipe Alexbegins tounravel Arrow Year's EndOliver throws afamily Seinfeld The Pack- Seinfeld The KTVZDT2 (EIQ Q Q The King of n '14' cc ment 'PG' age n 'PG' Gla sses n 'PG' Out & Play 'PG' Abroad n 'PG' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' ment '14' Christmas party. '14' « (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 In grid Bergman n 'PG' cc Masterpiece Mystery! Wallander:Sidetracked'14' On Story n 'G' World News T a vis Smiley Charlie Rose(N) n cc PBS NewsHour n « KATU Newsat 6(N) n cc


Shark Tank Acapsule that keepsbever- (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' « Cou ntry (N) 'PGages hot. (N) n PG « 1600 Penn n Datehne NBC (N) n 'PG' cc

Duck Dynasty FrogDuck Dynasty PlanDuckDynasty Storage Wars Storage Wars (11:01)Storage (11:31) Storage 'PQ' cc 'PG' cc 'PQ' cc Bee 'PG' Wars 'PG' cc W a rs 'PG' cc in One 'PG' rrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sel a Ward. An i n nocent man must evade the law *** "True Lies" (1994, Action) Arnold (4:30) *** "ThePatriot" (2000,War)Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger. Amanand his *** "TheFugitive" (1993,Suspense) Ha 'AMC son fight side byside in the Revolutionary War. « as he pursues akiler. « Schwarzenegger. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 MonstersInside Men'PG' cc Infested! n 'PG' cc Infested! MidnightTerror n 'PG Infested! Surrounded(N) n 'PG' M o nsters Inside Me ncc'PG' Infested! Surrounded n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Hou sewives/Atl. The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta H o usewives/Atl*** "Scream 3"(2000, Horror)DavidArquette, NeveCampbell. Premiere. Scream (2000) 3 R e ba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc ** "RumorHasIt..." (2005)Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner. n « CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc (11:15) ** "RumorHasIt..." n CNBC 54 36 40 52 Crime Inc. HollywoodRobbery American Greed Mad Money Crime Inc. HollywoodRobbery American Greed No Defrosting Supersmile CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganTonight(N) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganTonight Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront COM 13 53 135 47 (5:55) South Park (6:26) Tosh.0'14 Colbert Report Daily Show (7:57) Tosh.0 '14' (8:28) Tosh.0 '14' (8:58) Jeff Dunham:Spark of Insanity '14' cc Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy '14' Kevin Hart COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller (6:50) High School Basketball Bend at Summit (N) Jou r nal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The Yoga Show The Yoga Show Morning Oregon City Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' Jessie (N) n 'G' Phineas, Ferb Gravity Falls 'Y7'Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 GOld RuahROadtOGOld n 'PG' GO l d Rueh Up Smith Creek n 'PG' GOld Ruah (N) n cc Gold RushDozerWars(N) n 'PG Bering SeaGold(N) n '14' cc Gold Rush DozerWars'PG' cc *E! 13 25 Lov e You The Soup E! News(N) Sex and the City Sex and the City Sex and the City E! Special '14' Fashion Police (N) Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 NBABasketballChicagoBullsatNew YorkKnicks(N) N B A BasketballOklahomaCityThunderatLosAngelesLakers(N)(Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Boxing FridayNightFights(N) To Be Announced SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) ss NBA Tonight (N) NFL Live (N) « NBA Tonight ** "Skiing Everest" (2009,Documentary) « ** "Skiing Everest" (2009,Documentary) « ** "Sleep" (2007) Ahistory of extremeskiing. « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 FridayNightLights'PG' cc IntotheCo/d H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. 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PAGE 16 • TV






I !



Pet e!!I tjt,c, 'Ijjfu,jZ. Sherlock

Humane Societ


~ ] central o r e g o n ',4(+,4


Taadaptapet,cal 541-3$2-3537• www .hsco.or 61170 SE27th, Bend, OR97702

Meet Sherlock! He is an outgoing and energetic 3 year old Australian Cattle Dog looking for a family with plenty of time to go on adventures and have tons of fun. This happy boy loves to meet new peopleand issure to make a great addition to your home. All he needs is some toys, a home and lots of love from a new family. Come by the shelter today to take Sherlock on a walk!




Pepper isa very sTiy 8 month old short haired kitty looking for her fur-ever home. She was adopted and returned shortly after due to allergies in her new family. She will need a patient family that will give her the time to adjust and the love and attention she deserves. If you think you have what it takes to be this adorable kitten's happy ending, come down to HSCO and meet her today!

Meet Patty! She is a happy girl looking for that one special home to call her own. She is around 3 years old and loves to be near people. She may take a little time getting used to her new surrounding

Meet Dutch, a large and gorgeous Russian Blue about 7 year old male. Dutch is a really friendly guy who would make anyone awonderful and unique companion. He was surrendered to


but once comfortable she will show

us because his owner was an o lder

you her true loving personality. Patty is readyfora forever home. Could thatbe with you? If so come by the shelter and adopt Patty today!

gentleman that could no longer do the work of caring for him. If you are ready to be his other half, just come by the shelter and get ready to take him home!

Miss Romeo


Miss Romeo here. I am a sweet quiet 6 year old female cat that was brought to the shelter by my family because had to move and sadly could not take me with them. I have lived with cats and dogs and prefer a quiet home to spend my time. I am easy going so if you are looking for a sweetheart of a cat with big heart then come down to the shelter today and adopt me!

Cocoa is a very loving and sweet cat looking for a forever place to call her home. She does not tend to like other cats but has lived with small dogs and doesn't seem to mind so much. She would be a great addition to any family looking for an outgoing cat that enjoys both snuggle time and alone time. If you think Cocoa could be the one for your family then come by the shelter and adopt her today!

,$r kg CL -



H i t h e r e! My name is Weland and I Do you hear what I hear? I hope it's ~c ame to the shelter after someone found t he sound of my new h ome! I w a s me roaming the streets. I am a 2 year rescued from an overcrowded shelterin old strikingly handsome man, don't you California where I didn't have much of agree? I think the perfect family would a chance being adopted. There are a lot be one that will love me unconditionally. of dogs like me where I'm from and I'm If you think that is you, then come by the told that I'll be much more popular in shelter today so we can meet. How can Central Oregon. Ifyou think that you can you say no to this fine-looking face? give methe loving home Ideserve,come down to HSCO and meet me today!



Kelly is the sweetest one year old doggie around! She was brought to HSCO after having a litter of unwanted and unplanned puppies. Kelly has

Lizzy is a very sweet girl searching for her perfect forever home. She has a wonderful personality and lots of love to give. Lizzy will need a home that can provide for her the time and energy it takes raising a puppy and guide her to grow up to be a fantastic canine citizen. If you truly are ready for a puppy then this great girl is ready for you!

Zulu Greetings from the dog kennels! My name is Zulu and I am the doggie for you! I was brought to HSCO with my sister Molly, after our owner was no longer able to care for us. I am a Pit Bull Terrier and Whippet mix around 8 months old. Pit Bulls as well as Whippets are known for their good looks and athletic figures. If you think I sound like the character you have beenlooking to add to your home, come down andadopt me today!

never been shown what this wonderful

world has to offer and as a result can be timid in new situations. She would do best in an active home with plenty of time for training and exercise. If you are a homeowner that thinks she is the one for you, come down and adopt her today!

We needyourhelp! m$. Pleaseacceptmygiftof$

Mimi's Trivia:

Clip andMail To:

Did you know

HUMANE SOCIETY OF CENTRAL OREGON 61170 SE 27th St. Bend, Oregon 97702

that specially trained Search and Rescue "Avalanche Dogs" can detect human scent up to 15 feet under snow?



to help the animals. months for animal care,

per month for

for a total of $




I C; l


Humane Societ i " " " " " ' : CI g centra! o r e g o n

Acct. ¹




«« «

M Exp. Date


Check ¹


Money Order ¹

Frankie Frankie is a Flemish Giant mix rabbit, about 2years old and as cute as they come! Bunnies make great companions but do requiremore care than most people realize. Make sure you do your research to make sure you are ready for the commitment of adoption. He is very tame and loves to be handled. If you think you have what it takes tobe Frankie's forever home, come down and adopt him today!

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The Bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday January 5, 2013