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Tree of Light

My light is designed to install around the column under the traintrack at Circular Quay. The concept is based on shadow and reflection of light and the sense of movement to break the dullness of that area. It has given a futurustic and artist atmosphere as a sense of “welcome� to motivate the viewers especially the tourist. On the other hand, the crystal like tree sybomlized Circular Quay as a precious and significant place in Sydney. The structure of the light is inspired by the tree grain. there are only 2 materials (LED and acrylic) used in this design, all fins are slot into the discs, no glue or any additional fixtures is required.

Light of Unity


Webbed Chair

Felted Table

Felted Scarf

Queen Anne Lace

My concept is based on a story of Queen Anne Lace flower. The idea is to bring the beautiful elements of Queen Anne Lace to indoor, in order to grace the interior enviornment. The Piece that I have designed is a wall hanging decoration. It an also use as a curtain to cast a lacy shadow in the day time. The red diamond beads symbolized the blood of Queen Anne. All materials are sourced from the Reverse Garbage.

Textiles Pattern for Fashion

Repeat Patterns

The Royal Mint FINALIST for the Rug Up Project 2009 Rug Up Project Rug Up is an exhibition of contemporary rugs by emerging and established artists in collabortion with College of Fine Arts(COFA) at the University of New South Wales, the company Designer Rugs, Sydney Design Wee and the Historic House Trust.


Concept for my Studio Space

Vector Works

Vector Works

Macquarie Place



Fairy Floss


Soft Clay Macaroon

Needle Felt Cakes



Wendy Leung Portfolio  

I was born in HK and currently studying my final year in College of Fine Art(COFA). I believes that our environment has a strong influence o...