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The Magic of Doing the Right Thing

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he most common complaint from kids everywhere is, “That’s not fair!” Following closely is the second most popular complaint, “Everyone is picking on me!” It’s impossible to make it to adulthood without feeling picked on at least once. All kids feel like they are the victim of unfair rules, expectations and just plain old meanness from time to time. It’s just part of being a kid. The solution is simple whenever you feel that way. Just do the right thing. Most kids honestly believe that everyone else is the cause of all the problems in their life. But, sometimes the problem is with you, the kid. Here are a few examples: Does your teacher pick on you? Try doing the right thing by listening in class and turning in your assignments on time. Do your parents like your brother (or sister) better than you? Try doing the right thing by treating your family with respect and kindness. Clean your room and do your chores without being asked. Does your dog dislike you? Try doing the right thing and remember to feed him and take him for a walk.

your every punch and kick? Try Do all the kids seem to doing the right thing and practice ignore you? Try doing the right thing by being the kind of friend on non-class days. You’ll get better you would like to have. Be polite and be closer to earning your blackand nice to everyone. belt. Do the fish in your fish tank It’s simply amazing how many ignore you? Try doing the right problems will disappear from your thing and clean the tank every week. life when you stop imagining yourDoes your little sister (or self as a victim. It’s almost magical. brother) mess with your stuff? Life will go better for you. Adults Trying doing the right thing and will show you respect. Your grades spend some time sharing your will improve. Dogs and fish with like interests. Little kids look up to you. Other kids will want to hang out their older siblings. Try being the with you. Your little brother will leave kind of older brother or sister who your stuff alone. Even bubblegum deserves to be admired. tastes sweeter when you make the Does your martial arts choice to just do the right thing. n instructor constantly correct Inside this Issue: Lucas imagines that everyone is picking on him until Matthew sets him straight.

Martial Arts Fitness for KIDS   |  Issue 4  



Color in the panels the way you want.

Riverview Martial Arts is the story of Paul and Sandra Armstrong, owners of two Martial Arts schools, and their three children, Martial Matthew,Arts Sophia, and Lucas. 2    Fitness  |  Issue 4

ask before you take something, little dude.

Well, i, er, didn’t think you would mind.

Besides, you’ve got to earn this, not borrow it.

No one is picking on you

everyone is picking on me today! My teacher wants me to do homework. mom wants me to clean my room and now you!


I cleaned my room and finished my homework!

if you do what you know is right, you won’t have any problems.

great job, buddy! How ‘bout we do a little sparring?


Martial Arts Fitness for KIDS   |  Issue 4  


Kid Masters of Doing the Right Thing Alex’s Lemonade Stand Alex Scott was diagnosed with cancer right before her first birthday. At four she set up a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure. After her story ran in a local paper, her lemonade stand idea caught on with thousands of kids, schools, and businesses across the country. Alex’s Lemonade Stand has raised over $5 million for pediatric cancer research.

Free the Children Craig Kielburger was 12 years old when he learned that there are 250 million child laborers in the world. Kids as young as 4 can’t go to school because they have to work. He started Free the Children with a group of classmates, which has become the largest organization of children helping other children in the world. Craig is now 31 and works full

time helping children get an education before they have to start jobs.

School Lunches Third-grader Cayden Taipalus noticed his best friend couldn’t get a hot meal at school because of a past due lunch account. So, Craig collected empty bottles and cans to raise $64, which paid off all of the overdue lunch accounts at his school. His story went viral on the Internet and hundreds of people donated to help Craig for a total of $10,800. Craig has paid off all the lunch accounts in his school district so everyone gets a hot meal through the end of the school year.

How You Can Help Your martial arts school may have a special fundraising projects to help people in your community. Ask your instructor how you can help.

Food Jokes

Q: W hat made the tomato blush? A: He saw the salad dressing. Q: W hat did the father tomato say to his children while taking a walk? A: H  urry and ketchup.

Easy Chocolate Fondue for Kids

Q: W  hy did the banana go to the doctor? A: It wasn’t peeling well.

 6 oz. of chocolate chips


(white or dark chocolate) Q: W  hat is a vampire’s favorite fruit? A: A nectarine.

Q: W  hy did the strawberry go out with a prune? A: It couldn’t find a date.

4    Martial Arts Fitness for KIDS  |  Issue 4

  1/2 cup of cream


Microwave ingredients in a PUBLICDOMAINPICTURES.NET

Q: W hich vegetable is the strongest? A: Muscle sprouts


Some kids get so good at doing the right thing, they start charities to help other kids. Here are a few examples:

small bowl for 30 seconds, stir and microwave for another 30 seconds. Serve with strawberries and bite-sized pieces of angel food cake on toothpicks.

Martial Arts Fitness for Kids, Issue #4, May 1014  

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