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Wellspring’s Mission:

To promote the recovery of persons with mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services.


Crisis Stabilization Services Supportive Housing Affordable Housing


EXPANDED HO USING We added two new apartment complexes, adding 20 units of attractive & affordable housing to Wellspring’s portfolio. We now own housing in Old Louisville, the Highlands, Crescent Hill, Hikes Point, Phoenix Hill, Shively and Shelbyville. And, we have clients living in scattered-site rental units in virtually every neighborhood of the city!

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Converted our Journey House program into a scattered-site Housing First program which reflects today’s best practices in the field. Completed the first year of a HUD collaborative grant which provides supportive housing to homeless adults with mental illness. Added a terrific new program that enables mentally ill adults living in institutional settings (personal care homes) to move into their own apartments with support, and Continued our partnership with Phoenix Health Center in a SAMHSA grant providing supportive housing to highly vulnerable homeless adults.

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A Warm Welcome from the CEO and Board Chair

2014 was a year of significant accomplishment at Wellspring, despite major changes to healthcare in Kentucky and across the nation. A record number of clients, 688 in all, found support at Wellspring last year - that’s a 23% increase over 2013! Our Crisis Stabilization Program served 433 men and women, while our Supportive and Affordable Housing Programs served an additional 255 people. Funding shifts, the implementation of Medicaid Managed Care, the Affordable Care Act and the related expansion of Medicaid in Kentucky hit the world of service delivery in a big way. Our team struggled to understand the impact on our clients and services as the system undertook the largest overhaul in its history. On June 30th, we had a waiting list of 132 adults requesting permanent housing; 82% of them were homeless. We were also facing a state funding cut of about $500,000, and a shift to greater reliance on Medicaid reimbursements. We responded to the flux and uncertainty of the situation with a barrage of meetings with state officials, legislators, Seven Counties Services executives, and Managed Care leaders. In the end, the increased communication strengthened these ties and better positioned us to serve even more people in the future. On a celebratory note, in June Wellspring was awarded a three-year accreditation by CARF - The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. We are proud to have received CARF’s highest possible ranking on our first accreditation attempt! CARF is an international accrediting body; this achievement signals to the world that we are in the field’s top tier in terms of clinical and administrative standards. This accreditation will help us compete for funding in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

Chief Executive Officer

Board Chair

Crisis Stabilization Program “They gave me my pride back and made me whole again�

High quality medical services, therapy services, and 24-hour support in warm, residential settings. Samuel B. Todd Center - CSU, 1995 David J. Block Center - CSU, 2007

Client Satisfaction Survey

433 adults served

0-100 %

FY 14 Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

0-100 %



“It can happen to anyone,” assured Tonia, who hobbled into the CSU on crutches, homeless, disoriented and broken. Before depression she was living in a prestigious downtown condominium, but suddenly found herself sleeping in the kitchen of a homeless shelter. “I could smell the spoiled sour mop water on the floor,” her voice cracked as she thought back to that time. “The CSU staff saved my life,” she beamed, her demeanor changing. She needed someone to listen, and they did, without any judgment. At her most vulnerable time, when she felt like a failure, “they gave me my pride back and made me whole again.” Tonia described how she became close to clients and staff alike in the family-type setting and “felt myself getting stronger and more confident every day,” adding that the self-help sessions, art projects, journaling, and group outings in the neighborhood provided great outlets for stress relief. Today Tonia is an advocate for Mental Health awareness and wants others to know that they too can find “peace in the valley.” “I really can’t say enough about the staff,” insisted Tonia. “They saved my life,” she repeated.

Supportive Housing “I’m stronger and I can enjoy my life more”

Attractive, geographically diverse housing with services that foster recovery.

FY 14 Outcomes: 170 total clients served in supportive housing 90% occupancy rate Excluding clients who moved in after December 31, 2014: Average Length of Stay – 3.9 years 82% rated themselves as “mostly satisfied” with their quality of life Ardery House 1982 Journey House 1998 Journey Scattered Site 2014 Apartments Broadway Apartments 1985 Concord Apartments 1986 Murray Avenue Apts. 2001 & McKinney Single Family Homes Crescent Ct. 2003 Baxter Apartments 2004 CH2 Scattered Site Apts. 2006 Prescription Housing 2011 LASH 2013 Guardianship Independence 2013 Pilot Project Briggs-Bloch Apartments 2013

Scott “I woke up in a shelter - then got sent to the hospital for a month and a half. I never want to go through a period like that again. I felt as low as a person can get,” Scott reflects. He adds, “That was it for me – I knew then that I couldn’t do it on my own. It wasn’t easy, asking for help, but I’m so glad I did, because it was my time at Ardery House that got me here today.” Scott just celebrated 6 years in Wellspring’s Supportive Housing Program. When asked how he’s making it work, he responds “I keep working on my treatment plan, participate in group therapy, and I even volunteer when I can. Best of all, though, is being back in the lives of my parents and children. Because of Wellspring, I’m stronger and I can enjoy my life more – and I know my family does, too!”

Affordable Housing “I love it here, it’s convenient, I feel safe, and we all look out for one another. It’s home!”

Safe, attractive, affordable housing that provides a platform for recovery and community membership.

FY 14 Outcomes: 90 tenants served in affordable housing 88% Occupancy Wellspring Apartments 1987 Amity Apartments 1989 Patrick Henry Apartments 1992 Clover Hill Apartments 1993 Youngland Apartments 1995 Shelbyville Apartments 1999 Wellspring Bridge Apartments 2008 Wellspring Tonini Apartments 2013


I’ve done it all,” shares Anita. “Before finding Wellspring, I was in and out of the hospital, and eventually ended up homeless and in a shelter. Then I got to the CSU and things started coming together.” Anita says it was the supportive, recovery-focused programming that helped her open up and really start recovering. “They gave me help, but then also gave me space to figure things out for myself,” she recalls. “And they helped me understand how important my meds are to staying stable. Trust me, I’ll never need to learn that lesson again!” Anita went from the CSU to Ardery House, and then into Supportive Housing – and now look at me here!” Anita is all “settled and cozy” in the Wellspring Bridge Apartments, thanks to the subsidized rent that makes it possible. “I love it here,” she smiles. “It’s convenient, I feel safe, and we all look out for one another. It’s home!”

Highlights of the Year

Journey Program Transition In January, 2014 the Journey Program shifted from a single site, transitional housing program for 8 adult homeless women who have a mental illness diagnosis and substance abuse issue, to a scattered-site, permanent supportive housing program for 18 women who are experiencing the same hurdles. The program continues to use evidence-based practices, but now takes a “housing first” approach. We will help these women settle into their own apartments and provide the supports they need to maintain their housing as they address the illnesses and behaviors that have precipitated their hospitalizations, arrests, and homelessness.

Wellspring Celebrates Accreditation The crowning achievement of 2014 came when CARF, the Council on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities awarded Wellspring’s CSU Program a Three-Year Accreditation. Over our 32 year history, Wellspring’s dedication, commitment and effectiveness have been widely recognized, but CARF’s commendation brings a seal of approval from a preeminent authority. In conferring the award, Wellspring was particularly applauded for the dignity and respect staff provide to clients, the warm therapeutic environment at the CSUs, and the agency’s commitment to program stability and the continuity of quality care. Wellspring was also commended for its extensive collaborative relationships with individuals and groups that enhance our ability to achieve maximum recovery for those we serve.

Meredith Brown Receives Wellspring Volunteer of the Year Award For Wellspring’s first-ever Annual Volunteer of the Year Award, the committee wanted to find the most exemplary award recipient possible. Nominations were sought, and Meredith Brown was quickly and unanimously selected as that person. Beyond being a current, highly engaged board member, Meredith’s commitment to Wellspring is felt throughout the agency, by clients and staff alike. For all the ways she furthers Wellspring’s mission, we salute this very special supporter, Meredith Brown.

iHOP Study Funded The study’s outcomes will demonstrate the impact of Wellspring’s unique approach to permanent supportive housing on the quality of life for adults with severe mental illness, on the traditional health care and criminal justice systems, as well as utilization of other social services, and overall client life satisfaction.

Jan Massey Honored for Peer Support Role Wellspring’s Janet Massey was awarded the Inaugural Peer Excellence Award for this region for her ground-breaking work in Peer Support. “Jan” was in the trenches as an early advocate, and has been a valued member of the Wellspring team for more than a decade. She has worked at both of the CSU sites, and is currently on our SAMHSA-funded program team, working with some of the community’s most challenging and vulnerable clients.

Exceeding our Goals

Number of people with mental illness served by Wellspring in FY14


Avoided hospitalization* Actual 95% GOAL:

Elements of Success


Experienced a reduction in depressive symptoms* Actual 92% GOAL: *CSU outcomes FY14




Statement of Activity

Statement of Financial Position

Year Ended June 30, 2014 (Audited)

Year Ended June 30, 2014 (Audited)

Federal, State & Local Government Grants Apartment Rentals




Residential Services

Cash and Cash Equivalents


Contributions & Special Events

Cash whose use is limited


Grants and Accounts Receivable




Other Assets


Metro United Way Investments & Interest


Federal, State, & Local Grants



Apartment Rentals

13% $591,603

Property & Equipment - Held for Sale

Client Services

5% $238,992

Property & Equipment, Net

Contributions & Special Events



Total Assets

$262,955 $4,289,821 $6,322,866

Metro United Way 2% $102,853 Investments & Interest


Total Revenue

$58,296 $4,487,787

Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts Payable


Accrued Expenses


Other Liabilities


Mortgage Notes Payable


Total Liabilities


Net Assets Unrestricted


Temporarily Restricted


Client Services & Supportive Housing 81% $3,673,744

Permanently Restricted


Total Net Assets


Client Services & Supported Housing Management & General




Management & General






Total Expenses (Includes $163,000 depreciation)


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


Our Donors July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014 LEGACY SOCIETY (We honor donors who have informed us of future gifts.) Ms. Meredith Wilson Brown Ms. Nancy L. Doctor Ms. Cissy Mills Dr. Alexander H. Moore The Ethel H. O’Brien Designated Fund Mr. George Rapp, Jr. Ms. Melissa Routt Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey & ZoeAnn Yussman CORNERSTONE CLUB (Gift Total $10,000 and over) Mr. & Mrs. William O. Alden, Jr. Mr. Bernard F. Block, the David J. Block Foundation Ms. Meredith Wilson Brown The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Gamboa Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Paula Harshaw The Humana Foundation Kosair Charities Mr. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr Ms. Joan H. Todd Mr. & Mrs. Elmore A. Willets, III* INVESTOR COUNCIL (Gift Total $5,000 to $9,999) Mr. & Mrs. Don Battcher Skyshield Roof & Restoration Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Dawn Croft Ms. Sandra A. Frazier Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Harden Lundbeck LLC Mildred V. Horn Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Ralph & Cissy Mills Ms. Nancy L. Neill Todd Asset Management Yum! Brands, Inc. CHAIRMAN’S FOUNDATION (Gift Total $1,000 to $4,999) Dr. Sarah Acland Mr. William O. Alden, III BB&T Atlas Brown, Mr. Brad Glotzbach Atlas Machine & Supply Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Donald MacLean Bell, The MacLean Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Barrett Brown Brown-Forman Corporation Ms. Trinity Campisano Mr. & Mrs. Mark Carter Charles H. Dishman III Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Clark Ms. Mera Corlett Mr. Ross Davison Deming, Malone, Livesay & Ostroff Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Dobbs Ethel H. O’Brien Designated Fund Fifth Third Bank Mrs. Glenda Ford Ms. Jean W. Frazier Mr. & Mrs. Bill Friel Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gallagher Garvin Gate Association, Inc. George Fabe Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gimmel JPMorgan Chase Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Keller Dr. Mary Ann C. Henry & Mr. Brian Moore Ms. Angie Hughes Louisville Psychiatric Foundation Ms. Faith Lyles Mr. & Mrs. Alan K. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCullough Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Mehler Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mershon Middleton Reutlinger The Hon. & Mrs. James C. Nicholson Our Lady of Peace Mr. & Mrs. Joe A. Owen Passport Health Plan Paychex Insurance Agency Dr. & Mrs. Gary & Margaret Pennington PNC Bank Dr. & Mrs. Steve Pollard Mr. George W. Rapp, Jr. ResCare

Ms. Kathleen Riggs Mr. William Russell Dr. Melissa Barrett & Mr. Mitch Shirrell Mr. & Mrs. Dan Siebert Siebert & Johnson, PLLC Mr. & Mrs. William Skinner Snowy Owl Foundation Spalding University Dr. Gordon Strauss & Dr. Catherine Newton Dr. & Mrs. James L. Sublett Ms. Patti Swope Ms. Margy Taylor The Brook Hospitals Tilford Dobbins Alexander WellCare, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wessel Ms. Diane Wilson Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP Younger Woman’s Club of Louisville Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey & ZoeAnn Yussman Zoeller Company LEADERSHIP CIRCLE (Gift Total $500 to $999) Mrs. Ursula Barber Mrs. Edith S. Bingham Mr. William Bishop & Ms. Julia Ardery Mr. & Mrs. William & Phyllis Block Mr. & Mrs. John Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Ulysses L. Bridgeman Mr. & Mrs. Greg Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Coe Ms. Mera Corlett Ms. Marie E. Dever Mr. & Mrs. Bert Emke GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. Francis Cam Hagan Ms. Josephine Hansen Mr. & Mrs. Tim Hazlett Ms. Freda Hogan The Rev. & Mrs. Richard H. Humke Ms. Frances L. Jasper Ms. Shea Johnson Ms. Lilian Kittower Ms. Diane Laughlin & Mr. Charles Russell Neill Mr. & Dr. Terrence and Martha McCoy

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. McFadden Dr. Alexander Moore Dr. Laura Moore Jackson C. Mullins, II Mutual of America Mr. Paul D. Olberz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Payne Ms. Carmel Person Mr. & Mrs. J. & Lynn Prothero Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon M. Rein Mr. & Mrs. James Reskin Ms. Debbie Rigrish Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Rink Mr. Alan Rosenburg Mr. & Mrs. Ted & Melissa Routt Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sales Mrs. Mary Sanders St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Dr. Sonya Wolter The Women’s Club of Louisville SPONSORS (Gift Total $200 to $499) Mr. Tomas Aguilera Ms. Mary Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Paul Andrews Mrs. Anne S. Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ardery Ms. Mary Florence Barber Mr. & Mrs. Cecil C. Barnett Mr. Rick Barney Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Amy Benovitz Ms. Karen Blair Mr. & Mrs. Bonsutto Drs. Howard & Patricia Bracco Ms. Betty Dabney Brown Ms. Eleanore Brown Mrs. Elizabeth A. Brown Ms. Lucille Caldwell Mr. Tre Campisano Ms. Karen Cassidy Center for Non Profit Excellence Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Chessler Mr. Vernon Patrick Chmielewski Ms. Sameera Chowdhury Ms. Lee Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Coomes Mr. & Dr. Charles W. Dobbins Ms. Nancy Doctor Mr. Brandon Egan

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Eigel Mr. Stephen Fenley First Kentucky Trust Company Mr. & Dr. Lee & Amy Garlove Gateway Health Plan Ms. JoAnn Glotzbach Mr. & Mrs. John Grubesic Dr. & Mrs. John J. Guarnaschelli Ms. Sandal H. Gulick Mr. & Dr. Paul & Margie Hawkins Mr. William Hower Ms. Meredith Hovan Mr. Bennie Jackson Ms. Morel B. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Cheryl King Ms. Joan Kmetz Kroger Dr. & Mrs. Clifford C. Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Amy Lee Ms. Laura Krebs Lewis Mr. Lance Little The Honorable Pierce Lively Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Long Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Loomis Mr. William Loyd Mr. Tim Manning Ms. Beverley Marmion Mr. & Mrs. William & Mary Lou Marzian Mr. & Mrs. Joe McKune Mr. & Mrs. Charles Middleton Ms. Krista A. Mills Mr. & Mrs. Darrell L. Morris Ms. Julie Mudd Ms. Kelly Munson Mr. & Mrs. James A. Nelson Dr. & Mrs. James A. Neurath New Directions Housing Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Mary Oppel Mr. Robert A. Otis Mr. & Mrs. Frank Otte Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. O’Toole Mr. Chris Prentice Mr & Mrs. John & Nancy Reed Mr. T. Patrick Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. James M. Roberts Dr. & Mrs. John F. Rose Mrs. Mary Rucker Ms. Mary S. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schanie Ms. Ellen H. Shapira Mr. & Mrs. Jay Skibinski Mr. & Mrs. B. Jeffrey Speedy

Mr. Douglas Stahl & Ms. S. Prano Mr. & Mrs. Franklin F. Starks Mr. Jack Trawick & Ms. Patti Clare Mr. S. Gwathmey Tyler The Village Anchor Mr. and Mrs. Greg Walkiewicz Mrs. Louise R. Wall Ms. Debbie Weiss Ms. Madeleine Willets The Honorable Barry Willett Dr. John C. Wright Mrs. Cornelia Yankovich Mr. H. Leonard Yates Dr. & Mrs. Steve Zeh SUSTAINERS (Gift Total $100 to $199) Dr. & Mrs. Garrett Adams Dr. & Mrs. Joe F. Arteberry Dr. S.P. Auerbach Ms. Julie Beam Mr. & Mrs. John T. Bondurant Mrs. Elain Borstein Mr. Bill Bossier Ms. Sandra Britt Ms. Theresa A. Burks Mr. & Mrs. Scott Calvert Ms. Barbara Castleman Ms. Leigh Clark Ms. Beth Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Royce & Betty Cruce Mr. & Mrs. James P. Dailey Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dailey Ms. Jane A. Disney Ms. Katharine Dobbins Ms. Janet Dryden Dr. & Mrs. Rif S. El-Mallakh Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Anne Fenzel Ms. Emily Gimmel Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goeing Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Goetz Mr. & Mrs. Craig Grant Ms. Mindy Heck Mr. & Mrs. David Heintzman Ms. Teresa Hemm Ms. Mary Ann Hoskins Dr. Haojiang Huang Dr. Sarah Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E Johnson Just Creations Ms. Sally L. Kamps Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Beth Klein

Ms. Dora Klinstiver Dr. Thomas Kratzer Mr. & Mrs. Olan & Helga Landon Ms. Joanie M. Lerman Ms. Laura Krebs Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Knox Lewis Ms. Joanne Lynch Mr. Keith McHolan Ms. Susan Moremen Ms. Debbie Neichter Ms. Nancy L. Neill Mr. & Mrs. Gouverneur H Nixon Mr. & Mrs. Mark O’Brien Ms. Patti Ogden Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Perkins Ms. Anne L. Pope Ratterman & Sons Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Curt & Leatrice Richards Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Jane Roehrig Mr. Thomas Sams Sheila A. Schuster Ms. Karen Scott Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scott Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Dawn Shrebtienko Mr. Nicholas X. Simon Mrs. Barbara Sinai Mr. Alfred Spotts St. Thomas Episcopal Church Ms. Julia H. Stanton Dr. & Mrs. William B. Stodghill Ms. Joan E. Tonini Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Wall Mr. Alan S. Wallace Mr. Lowry R. Watkins Ms. Deborah Wayne State Rep. & Mrs. Jim Wayne Ms. Judy Wells Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Welsh Mr. Alan K. Whitworth Kathleen Wright Mr. Stephen G Yards GIFTS IN MEMORY OF: Philip P. Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ardery Dr. & Mrs. Joe F. Arteberry Rob Bordogna Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bordogna Elaine Brodnax Klein

Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Jack M. Combs, III Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Marcille Dobbins Ms. Jean Lyverse Steve Gilpin Mr. & Mrs. Mark Goeing Barbara Girdler Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs David Greathouse Ms. Elsie Wright Cecil Grumbles Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Donald Guss Mr. & Mrs. Jefferey M. Yussman John Patrick Hagan Mr. Francis Cam Hagan Ms. Linda Martin Betty Hudson Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. Mrs. Anne S. Ardery Mr. W. Don Brown Mr. & Mrs. Scott Calvert Ms. Nancy L. Doctor Ms. Rosemary Drybrough Mr. & Mrs. David & Kathy Hahn Harmony Place II Condominiums Ms. Lynne Kelly Dr. & Mrs. Forrest S. Kuhn Mr. Frank Mathews Ms. Nancy L. Neill Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Nesmith Mr. George W. Rapp Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Spalding Mr. & Mrs. Aidan M. Stone Dr. Jackie Swigart Ms. Joan H. Todd

Ms. Betty Triplett Ms. Patricia Wardell Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP Edward John E. J. O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Whitney Overcash Ms. Katharine R. Dobbins Mr. & Mrs. Allee B. Harmon Mr. & Mrs. Olan & Helga Landon Mr. & Mrs. John & Kimberly Lawless New Goshen Presbyterian Church Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Cynthia Sullivan Mr. Pete Wonn George Partlow Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Kathleen Partlow Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Harry Rivera Ms. Carolyn Wheatley Lambert David Alexander Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Geraine Schuchard Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Amy Benovitz Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Marilyn Brewer Ms. Katharine R. Dobbins Louise T. Schulman Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Cornelia A. Serpell Ms. Cornelia Yankovich Dr. George Shpilberg Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathy Sachs Christopher Sparks Dr. & Mrs. Thomas & Margo O’Toole Louise Steinbock Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathy Sachs Samuel Bosworth Todd Mrs. Anne S. Ardery Elmore & Cleona Tonini

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Tonini

Ms. Joan H. Todd

Deming, Malone, Livesay & Ostroff Jenny Dobbins Al Spotts Marshall Bulitt Watkins Nancy Doctor Ms. Sarah Spotts Mr. Lowry R. Watkins Stephen Durham Edenside Gallery Jackie Swigart Luke Whittaker Eiderdown Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Loomis Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hopkins Elements Therapeutic Massage Jo Folsom Joan Todd Milan Robert Yankovich Arnold Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Bell Ms. Cornelia Yankovich Fusion Photography Mrs. Lona Crockett Peter Foulds Mr. & Mrs. Norbert O. Grohmann Frank Yates Joe & Cathy Gilbert Ms. Julia H. Stanton Mr. H. Leonard Yates, Jr. GlitteringPhotos GRACESHIP Karen Vertrees GIFTS IN HONOR OF: Graeter’s Amy McClain Paul & Margie Hawkins Julie Ardery Heine Brothers’ Coffee Yussman Family Mr. & Mrs. Phillip P. Ardery, Jr. Harbour House of Louisville, Inc Mr. & Mrs. Phillip & Isabel Hatchett Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Amy Lee J. Harrod’s Restaurant & Bar James Hicks IN-KIND DONORS Anne Ardery Michael Hieatt Friends of Wellspring Ms. Joan H. Todd Hillerich & Bradsby Aesthetics in Jewelry Jack Fry’s Jose C. Albovias, Jr. Kathy Dobbins Chef Jeff Jarfi Apex Theatres Ms. Mary S. Sachs Breck Jones Auction Shake Up Keeneland Balfour Company Dr/ Rif S. El-Mallakh Kentucky Derby Museum Bernheim Arboretum & Research Kentucky for Kentucky Mr. William Russell Forest Kentucky Horse Park Bernie Block Bart Gootee Kentucky State Fair Board Robert Bordogna Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Gootee Kelly Kirk Meredith Wilson Brown Glenn & Pam Kleier Bistro 1860 Rev. Richard Humke Nancy Laird Bistro 42 St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Jennifer Lawrence Bluebirdheaven Joanie M. Lerman Bluegrass Brewing Company Mark Linton Donna Lilly Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Carrie Schanie Bluegrass Indoor Karting Louisville Metro Police DepartBlush Boutique ment Donna Bowling Ruth Marlatt Louisville School of Massage Bradford Renaissance Portraits Ms. Any Marlatt Louisville Magazine BRAVO! Cucina Italiana Louisville Stoneware Business First George Rapp & Lynne Meena Love the Hat! Carmichael’s Bookstore Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Wall Alan K. MacDonald CenterStage Maker’s Mark Distillery, Inc. Charity Fundraising Packages George Rapp Marriott Louisville East Churchill Downs Mr. & Mrs. Craig Grant Massage Envy Spa St. Matthews Clay & Cotton Mrs. Louise R. Wall Masterson’s Catering Clodhoppers Frankie Mathews Liz Coomes Martin & Patricia Scheller Mayan Café Consider Boutique Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Welsh Robert B. McFadden Creative Type Designs Paul McQuillen Dan Dry / Power Creative Lanier Siewertsen Medical News, Ben Keeton

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Interested in making a planned gift? You might be surprised to learn there are many ways you can help Wellspring while minimizing your taxes and leaving an inheritance for your loved ones. Planned giving opportunities include anything from estate intentions, to gift annuities, bequests and IRAs. To learn more visit

“To err is human; to forgive, divine” - Alexander Pope Every effort was made to correctly acknowledge the thoughtful individuals, groups, foundations, and corporations who supported Wellspring’s work through gifts given between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2013. If a name has been omitted or misspelled, we would appreciate hearing of any needed corrections. Please contact the Development department at (502) 753-1453.

Wellspring - Founded in 1982 Wellspring promotes recovery from mental illness through leadership in the development of quality housing and rehabilitation services. Each year, we serve more than 600 clients who have a variety of psychiatric illnesses. We offer Crisis Stabilization Programs, an extensive Supportive Housing Program, and an Affordable Housing Program with over 100 units of deeply subsidized rental housing.

Our Service Values Assure:

Recovery-oriented programming, with the focus on client-centered, individualized care, and a multi-disciplinary approach to support our clients along their individual paths to recovery.

Our Housing Values Include:

Facilitating our clients’ community integration by strengthening neighborhood connections and offering high-quality housing with person-centered supportive services.

Our Community Values Require:

Accountability through excellence in financial management, program practices and outcomes, and business and employment practices - all overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, mental health professionals, and concerned family members.

Our Collaborative Agreements Include:

Seven Counties Services, New Directions Housing Corporation, the Family Health Centers’ Phoenix Health Center, the Coalition for the Homeless, Louisville Metro Continuum of Care, Louisville Metro Department of Community Services & Revitalization, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, the Kentucky Mental Health Coalition, Bridgehaven, and NAMI Louisville. We are also proud to be a participating member of the Metro United Way and a Seven Counties Services affiliate agency.

Volunteer Opportunities • minor repair, painting, and landscaping at our housing sites • deliver a meal, dessert, pizza, or treats for client gatherings • do a drive to collect household supplies, personal care items, or even furniture for clients who are moving into their new apartments • collect small-denomination gift cards for our clients’ basic necessities • throw a party for a program • sponsor a program or an individual for the holidays • serve on the Derby Preview Party Committee or any of the many other volunteer committees that help make Wellspring a better place Have an idea that’s not listed? We’d love to hear from you! Call us to get started: (502) 753-1453

Officers and Directors

Paul A. Coomes, Chair Dawn Franklin Croft, Vice Chair Phillip J. Keller, Treasurer Meredith Brown, Secretary Robert P. Bordogna Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD Rich Freeman William Friel Alan MacDonald Cissy Mills Nancy Neill George W. Rapp, Jr., Jack Trawick Jefferey M. Yussman

Annual Report Team

Production Coordinator: Nancy Doctor Design, Layout, & Content Development: Joanne Lloyd-Triplett Photography: Scott Gilbertson Printing: Mr. Nicholas X. Simon and the team at Publishers Printing Co. Additional thanks to the many Wellspring Board members, staff, and clients who contributed time and talent to this project.

Honorary Lifetime Members

Philip P. Ardery (1914 - 2012) Founding Board Chair Nancy B. Bell Barry Bingham, Sr. (1906 - 1988) Roberta Fischer Rev. Richard H. Humke Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D. Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. (1922 - 2013) Cornelia A. Serpell (1917 - 2011) Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr.

About the Art

Art Therapy is part of our CSU & supportive services programming. Expressive Therapist Stephanie Clemmons provides instruction and encouragement to the program participants. The artwork featured throughout this report was created by Wellspring program participants. Cover art by Chris, Ardery House

Wellspring Administrative Center 225 W. Breckinridge Street Telephone: (502) 637-4361 Fax: (502) 637-4490

Wellspring Mailing Address P.O. Box 1927 Louisville, KY 40201-1927

Management Team

Katharine R. Dobbins, LCSW Chief Executive Officer Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs Nancy L. Doctor Development Director

Wellspring Annual Report 2014  
Wellspring Annual Report 2014