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March 2012


Boost your PERFORMANCE Eat food for fuel





Meet Jason Lind, Wellness Ambassador and owner of Olympic Cycles

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MIND & BODY Offers valid from Thursday 1 March until Saturday 31 March ‘12. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E.&O.E.

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The highly

acclaimed Beet

It Stamina Shot

Wellness Gluten Free Premix Range

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Having just experienced their 21st Birthday, James White have masses of experience when it comes to knowing exactly what you want from a quality juice. They believe that fresh and natural juice tastes so good, so why mess around with them? Which is why they don’t - you won’t find anything artificial in any of their products, and that’s a promise! • • •

Granted the Royal Warrant Award by Her Majesty The Queen of England in 2002 Accredited by the Soil Association Organic Standard for complying with their stringent Organic requirements Latest Award – 3 Stars Gold Great Taste Award 2011

Many people these days find they are gluten insensitive. Generally speaking gluten is present in all foods containing wheat or wheat-related grains like rye, triticale and kamut. Spelt and barley also contain gluten but in much lower quantities. Research on oats is still under debate, although they don’t contain gluten they are often grown or processed alongside wheat so there might be cross contamination. Gluten is a great stabilizer and thickener and often used in sauces, marinades, spices and even coffee, multi-vitamins or processed foods like veggie burgers. Some people find gluten hard to digest. Symptoms of gluten sensitivity can be hard to pinpoint as they differ from individual to individual. They can include headaches, depression, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. If you prefer a gluten free diet, you can still eat the foods you love and are used to. Wellness has produced a range of delicious gluten free treats to cover all your preferences.



This range is free from gluten, artificial colours, preservatives and flavours.

Just Wholefoods was founded 22 years ago with the vision of providing good quality vegetarian foods free from artificial colourings and flavourings. • • • •

Products adhere to strict rules of the EU organic food production requirements. Over 80% of products available are certified organic 1st place awarded for the Confectionery and Snacks Category of the 2000 Organic Food Awards with VegeBear’s - fruit jellies. Latest Award – Organic VegeBear's were given Best Buy status in the Ethical Magazine’ survey of “Sweets and mints” (MAY/JUNE 2011)

No added preservatives Organic Selection

No artificial colours Vegan Vegetarian

No artificial flavours GMO FREE Convenient Great Tasting

available at selected Health Shops Nationwide

shop online at natural & organic wholesale

publisher's letter This month is the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour and this issue is full of tips to enhance performance. A key part of achieving your best is having the right mindset. As Norman Vincent Peale says: “Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture.” So whatever goal you have set for the month, whether you are riding the Argus or not, focus on it intensely and give it the power to happen. Our Wellness philosophy is all about Living Life Well and that includes achieving your dreams and goals, from fitness and health to lifestyle and career. Contrary to what is happening around us or what the news says, we can tune into a positive and uplifting life. Deepak Chopra expressed it well when he said, “The current perception I get from the evening news is that the world is dominated by human failure, crime, catastrophe, corruption, and tragedy. We are all tuning in to see how the human mind is evolving, but the media keeps hammering home the opposite, that the human mind is mired in darkness and folly.” Because we are so connected to others and influenced by the thoughts around us, it is important to actively pursue positive thoughts. Make your mind the antidote to the news reports we listen to everyday and kick off a different reality. Then of course, there are supplements that keep your brain healthy and boost your mood. There is food that enhances performance and keeps your body energised. Read on for some inspiration on getting the balance right. If you are a cyclist don’t miss Jason Lindt’s tips on maximising cycling performance. We are also excited about the outdoor Yoga and Dance festival on 23rd to 25th March in Stellenbosch, and hope to see you there.


EDITORIAL PANEL Publisher: Dr. Sean Gomes Editor: Robyn Wilkinson Designer: Inge Smit Life Coach: Glenn-Douglas Haig Advertising queries: Janine du Preez cell: 082 891 9379 Health Advisor & Pharmacist: Felicia Rubin Pharmacist: Marnus Jansen van Rensburg Dietician: Melissa Gomes Printer: Cape Premium Print & Finishing


Wellness Warehouse Kloof Lifestyles on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town 021 487 5420 Wellness Warehouse Cavendish Cavendish Square, Cnr. Dreyer & Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town 021 673 7200 Wellness Select Cape Quarter Cape Quarter, Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town 021 425 4707 Wellness Select Palmyra Palmyra Junction, Claremont, Cape Town 021 671 2363 Wellness Select Wembley Square Wembley Square, Gardens, Cape Town 021 461 3775 Wellness Select Seapoint Piazza Da Luz Mall, Seapoint, Cape Town 021 434 0460 Wellness Select Plattekloof Plattekloof Village, Plattekloof, Cape Town 021 558 7106 Wellness Green Living Lifestyles on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town 021 480 9511



Food for fuel - Eat food that boosts your performance and helps with muscle recovery. Follow our tips through each food group and add more power to your work-out.


In your right mind - The right food, good quality air, ample sleep, minerals and vitamins along with some challenging exercises will do the trick.

0860 live life/548 3543

is for love of water

In March we celebrate National Water Week from the 5th to 11th and World Water Day on the 22nd. We love the message of FLOW (for love of water instilling a deeper respect and understanding of water. We all agree water is life and an integral part of who we are and what we do each day. Our story of change: Robyn, our editor reuses the water from her bath to water the garden. For love of water share your story:

The FLOW Promise

I promise to respect water as a source of life, to be mindful of how I use water, and to preserve our water sources. I am for love of water.

Tweet us your best water-saving tip and you could WIN a Brita water jug. Don’t forget to @Wellnews & #Wellness4Water in your Tweet. For a bonus entry share your tip on our Facebook wall


Switch your mindset Switching your mindset to finding joy in living can overhaul your experience of life.



Developing Minds Encourage optimum growth and development in your children with healthy activities; play games that stimulate thinking; add lots of love and introduce them to music.


gluten free premixes

Post your favourite gluten free recipe on our wellness warehouse facebook page and stand a chance to win a hamper full of goodies from our new Wellness Gluten Free Premix range Or submit your recipe on our website at glutenfree


Hair Affair - Take a whole hearted approach and tackle great hair from the inside and out. Celebrate its natural form by enhancing your look and using clever styling methods.


WIN Wellness Gluten free pre mix ranges of delicious baked treats, Lifegain hampers, Water bottles



Super nutrition with a Superfood smoothie

WIN 1 of 3 Lifegain hampers to the value of R300

Get back on track with LIFEGAIN and regain control of your life! Lifegain is a potent nutritional shake to assist people to recover after illness or disease interventions. It supports general physical well-being.

Recovery support Strength maintenance Immune support

Muscle maintenance Diabetic / heart friendly Antioxidant protection

13 GLENN-DOUGLAS HAIG Master your Mind and find Clarity

this mini magazine is printed on Sappi Recycled Paper



Cycle Fever - Up your cycling performance by improving balance and co ordination.

Yours in health Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder


33 ®


Yoga spirit festival, workshops and more

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healthy foodmarket

healthy foodmarket

"Vitamins and minerals are key when training intensely."

LOVE YOUR CARBS Carbohydrate-rich foods offer the best fuel for energy and are a perfect choice for athletes. Carbs convert into blood glucose and provide energy if needed, or they are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle. Note the difference between slow and fast burning carbohydrates.

4 CARBO TIPS: 1. Eat carbs at every meal. 2. Make breakfast important: Eat whole unrefined food like oats, muesli or peanut butter on toast 3. Make lunch your main meal: Experiment with pasta, rice, grains, couscous, polenta, mielie meal, lentils and beans 4. Snack in between: Choose carbohydrate-rich options like bananas, flapjacks, baked beans on toast, popcorn, hummus SLOW-BURNING CARBS (low to medium G.I.) These are carbs that are absorbed gradually into the body and will keep energy levels topped up for longer making them ideal for endurance and training. They include wholegrain breads; wholefood cereals like oats; pasta, pulses, Basmati rice; fruit and veg; nuts and seeds

food for fuel What, when and how much you eat can have a dramatic effect on your stamina, performance and recovery.

did you know? Flaxseed oil provides essential protein for the body and is considered to be a complete amino acid. Complete amino acids are essential for a healthy metabolism and can also help with the absorption of nutrients. 6


at food that boosts your performance and helps with muscle recovery. Follow our tips through each food group and add more power to your work-out.

20 tips to add more power >

FAST-ACTING CARBS (high G.I.) These are rapidly absorbed by the body and provide an instant energy rush. Not recommended for keeping sustained energy levels but can quickly replenish energy if needed. Cereals like cornflakes and rice crispies; white bread; cakes, biscuits, confectionery and sugar; dates and raisons; jelly beans, some energy bars and sports drinks.

INCLUDE FRUIT & VEG Vitamins and minerals are key when you are training a lot. They help you release energy effectively and also keep your immunity boosted. Use colour as a good indicator; choose a variety of brightly coloured fruit and veg to get an ample amount of anti-oxidants and important components like beta-carotene, vitamin C, fibre and folic acid

4 FRESH TIPS 1. Make fruit an integral part of breakfast.

everything you need to live life well

2. Snack on a raw carrot, celery, plums or berries, dried apricots or even a yellow pepper, dip veg snacks into hummus for added taste. 3. Include salad ingredients with every meal, chop up a side salad or make sauces and pesto by blending fresh ingredients. Try fresh tomato and basil, mango and mint or slice cucumber and add yoghurt. 4. Vegetable soups can be eaten cold or warm: try butternut, spinach, pea, carrot or a mixture of everything.

POWER UP WITH PROTEIN Protein helps repair damaged muscles and adds power to the body. Eat skinless chicken, lean meat or fish. If you are vegetarian go for eggs, cheese, nuts or pulses.

4 PROTEIN TIPS 1. Eat chicken, lean meat or fish at least 3 times a week. 2. Make it low fat by grilling. 3. Get enough iron with lean steak, mussels, liver or spinach. 4. Eat a handful of nuts daily or add seeds to salad or cereals.

DAIRY FOR STRENGTHENING Are you getting enough calcium? It doesn’t have to be from dairy products although milk and cheese provide protein alongside Vitamins A and B12, molasses also has a store of calcium and minerals. Lots of soya based products are calcium enriched. If you are lactose intolerant you can fortify your diet with spinach, broccoli, oily fish and almonds.

4 DAIRY TIPS 1. Use lighter cheeses like ricotta or cottage, add them to pasta or salads. 2. Make yoghurt the base of your dressings and sauces. 3. Use cow, soya, or rice milk to mix into smoothies. 4. Avoid cream and butter rather get the same creamy tastes with healthier alternatives.

EAT GOOD FAT There are good fats and bad fats; choose unsaturated fats and avoid saturated fats. Saturated means butter, full cream milk, ice cream, cheese and hydrogenated vegetable oils found in food like pastry, cakes and biscuits. If you have to eat

these foods, keep them to a minimum as they can raise blood cholesterol and are generally not heart-friendly.

GOOD OILS AND FATS These are mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 (found in oily fish, nuts, seeds, cold pressed vegetable oils). These fats reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and many other disease conditions.

3 GOOD FAT TIPS 1. Reduce pastries, ice-creams and food with saturated fats but increase the unsaturated fats. 2. Eat oily fish like tuna and mackerel, make them into fish cakes if that’s easier. 3. Use cold pressed oils to dress salads or vegetable dishes. Flax seed oil, walnut, avocado, rapeseed, olive and sesame are all rich sources of good fats.



visit us online at for a comprehensive guide to meal planning including recipes, special diets, simple prep tips and recommended pairings with wines, sides, and cheeses.



healthy foodmarket product guide

Wellness Superfoods

EAT FOR PERFORMANCE With the upcoming Argus this month, we are focusing on carbs and foods that boost your performance.

Health Connection Wholefoods

Why not enhance your meals with super-powered supplements that not only add flavour but nutritional punch as well. Raw cacao is believed to be a powerful anti-oxidant, hemp powder was used by many ancient cultures to boost the immune system and Chia seeds were a favourite by the ancient Aztecs. Add them to smoothies, salads, sandwiches or whichever medium is taste appropriate. Chia Seeds 200g R4995 Wellness Cacao Powder 200g R7395 Hemp Powder 200g R5995 Cacao Nibs 200g R8995 Maca Powder 200g R8995

buy me onlin e

People often make the mistake of thinking that because they train they can easily afford to eat doughnuts and cheesecake. We love the idea of eating treats but believe the healthy versions taste just as nice. Try it out yourself by experimenting with ingredients like carob, and add some highly beneficial additions to your chocolate brownies like hemp, maca or flax seed.

Wellness Gluten Free Premixes Yes, you can have your cake and eat it. A whole range of gluten-free premixes cook up into treats as delicious as their wheat free counterparts. Eat the treats you want like muffins and chocolate brownies. Wellness Gluten Free Premixes 500g R2995

buy me onlin e

Flax seed powder can be added to cereals or smoothies for extra fibre. They are known to increase a feeling of satiation and may be beneficial in weight loss. Flax may also keep the colon healthy. Health Connection Wholefoods Flaxseed Powder 500g R1995

Thandi Thandi is a Xhosa word meaning nurturing love. In 2003, Thandi became the first brand of wine in the world to receive Fairtrade accreditation. Already synonymous with superb quality, Thandi also advocates ethical trading and social transformation with the community actively involved in the whole production chain. Thandi R5495 Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2010 R4995


Natures Choice

Mestemacher produces international speciality breads using whole grains. All their breads carry organic certification. Breads are developed with high fibre, good digestion and enhanced energy in mind.

Aloe Vera juice is the ultimate tonic. It has a soothing effect on the digestive tract and research has shown may be good for ulcers, constipation, haemorrhoids and colon problems.

Mestermacher Mixed Cereals Bread 500g Fitnessbread 500g Pumpernickel 500g

R3995 R3995 R3995

Wholemeal Rye Bread 500g R3995 Rye Bread with Muesli 500g R4195 Organic Linseed Bread 500g R4195

Natures Choice Aloe Vera Juice 500ml R2795



Nature’s best forms of energy are condensed into this raw, all natural, protein rich whole food bar. These endurance bars are made with a delicious blend of unsweetened fruit, oats, nuts, soya, spices and herbal extracts. Try the mixed berry, peanut or oat variation. Trek Crunchy Flapjacks with soya protein is a is a sweet and sustaining, cereal-based snack. Unlike the other Trek bars, this one has no nuts or fruits. The soya provides the protein content (10g) and the oatflakes supply complex carbohydrates. Ideal for pre and post workout snack.

TREK Wholefood Energy Bar 68g Protein Flapjack 56g


R1995 R1995

Our NEW gluten free bar range. Treat your taste buds with supremely tasty snack bars. Ingredients are natural with raw fruit, oats and nuts using the cold pressed method to keep in goodness. These bars are all natural with no added sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy or GM ingredients.

NAKD Gluten Free Raw Fruit & Nut Bar 35g


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.





Pick up a couple of pure vegetarian meals that taste just like home cooking yet have the convenience of being pre-made and ready to warm. Delicious options like chickpea in tomato and vegetable breyani make a welcome diversion from your weekly menu. They make a vegetarian diet very attractive with flavours that make you forget you haven’t eaten meat.

Oats are filling, have a low glycaemic index and provide sustained energy. What better form to eat your oats than in a scrumptious range from Nairns with oatcakes, muesli and porridge to choose from. Nairns also provide wheat-free goodness. Nairns Gluten Free Oatcakes 160g R42 95 Gluten Free Real Porridge 95 Oats 450g R79 Gluten Free Oat Muesli 450g R79 95

Govinda's Chickpea in Tomato R2695 Vegetable Breyani R3695 Kofta & Basmati Rice R2995 Mung Dhal R2695



w e n


Wellness Superfoods Range The reason we add Superfoods to our diet is for their incredible nutritional value. A diet high in nutrition will give you more energy, increased health and better immunity.

SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE 150ml almond milk 1 ½ banana 3 teaspoons raw cacoa 1 teaspoon hemp protein powder 1 teaspoon maca powder ¼ teaspoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 tablespoon raw agave nectar 1 teaspoon goji berries 2 brazil nuts 4 blocks ice

Much of the food available today doesn’t have the nutritional value it could have. Growing methods, processing and transporting can contribute to denaturing food. Adding superfoods to your diet gives you the assurance of better nutrition, anti-oxidant benefits and it can boost energy and immunity. USE your superfoods added to cereals, fruit salad, snack packs, smoothies or in baking.


Simply blend all ingredients together in a power blender and enjoy!

make it with our

organic raw superfoods

It is our favourite smoothie at the wellness café

shop online at 10




integrative health

integrative health

"A calm mind is


unquestionably superior in terms of focus, attention span and problem solving."

Don't count fat out entirely, fat performs some essential functions in the body, including the brain. An excellent source of fat to use is Ghee. Ghee is clarified butter and has been attributed with numerous benefits from being an anti-inflammatory to loosening up tight ham strings, improving digestion and restoring memory loss. Some call it liquid gold. Even so, any source of fat should be eaten in moderation.

PEPPER POWER Spices are useful additions to a brain enhancing diet. Many spices increase digestion and help clear toxins from the body enhancing all processes and functions, including those involving the brain. Black pepper, in small quantities, is recommended for promoting the free flow of oxygen to the brain.


IN YOUR RIGHT MIND Keep your mind alert and functioning at its best.

did you know? Pine nuts were believed to lengthen your lifespan and were eaten by Taoist priests for this reason. With a long life ahead, you can relax into achieving things that are really important to you. 12


he right food, good quality air, ample sleep, minerals and vitamins along with some challenging exercises will do the trick.


FEED YOUR MIND WITH HERBS Many ancient herbalists claimed to have the secret to enhanced brain and will power. Modern research is finding out this may be possible. Certain herbs have qualities that make the mind relaxed and clear. With the right mindset it is easy to aim for higher realms and develop your full potential. Look for supplements with Ashwagandha, Peony, Polygonatum Sibericum and Gotu Kola for enhanced concentration and clarity of mind. Peony

The brain benefits from challenging mental activity. Things like chess, logic puzzles, memorising poems, Sudoku and crosswords keep the neurons firing and closer to their peak performance. No matter what your age or your occupation; keep your brain busy. Graig Schisler is a Canadian chiropractor specialising in reducing the effects of ageing on the brain. He has been working with a series of brain exercises called neurobics on members of the University of Windsor's cardiac rehabilitation programme. "Neurobics is based on research about the nature of how the brain learns, stores and creates memories," said Schisler. "It's different from the solitary mental exercise such as crosswords, logic puzzles and testing. It's the way the brain actually learns." Schisler believes nerve cells need to keep communicating and an important way to do that is to break routine activities.

"Routine does not engage your brain. We need to do things that trigger new associations in the brain, especially things that are fun."

GET MORE OXYGEN Our brains need a constant supply of oxygen to function. We have approximately one hundred billion cells in the brain. Because it requires so much oxygen

visit for to health ita comprehensive is susceptible toguide oxidative damage.

This means free radicals that build up in your system (from stress, pollution and chemicals) can damage cells and brain function over time. Antioxidants are highly important for long term effective brain function. Take a supplement or eat foods high in anti-oxidants like blueberries.

PICK-ME-UP WITH AROMATHERAPY Try rosemary for mental clarity and alertness or basil oil to help dispel mental fatigue and enhance your mind's innate ability to focus. Peppermint oil and lemon oil are also effective pick-me-ups for the mind.

MANAGE STRESS Stress is known to damage or destroy brain cells. Chronic stress has a remarkably negative impact on our capacity to think clearly. Prescription pills for anxiety can cause further damage with side effects that can erode mental performance. Good planning and a strong ability to adapt and respond to circumstances will minimise stress. A calm mind is unquestionably superior in terms of focus, attention span and problem solving. Calming the mind is an ability that can be learnt. An excellent way to do this is to master meditation. Even a short period of a few minutes meditation can lower stress considerably.

OPTIMISE YOUR HYDRATION LEVELS Besides drinking water, there are many hydrating foods you can eat. Fruit, for example, has very high water content. Watermelon especially, is sweet and easy to eat with a water content of 97%. It has a high G.I. and is a perfect post-workout hydration option. If you are a serious athlete, think of swapping some of your water intake and Sport’s drinks for fruit and vegetable juices. They contain extra calories and vital minerals and vitamins. Kate Percy author of Go Faster Food recommends whipping up this tasty hydrating smoothie with two ingredients: Melon and Ginger. Melon has a higher G.I than most fruit, it is refreshing and has a high water content. Ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities, and is excellent after long training sessions. GINGER & MELON RESCUE REMEDY 1 melon, skinned and seeded (use spanspek, honeydew or green melon). 1 small piece of fresh ginger (1 cm cube), peeled and chopped. 4 crushed ice cubes. Blend and drink immediately.

Master your mind and find clarity By InnerlifeSkills® Master Coach Glenn-Douglas Haig Feed or exercise your mind and you will improve many areas of your life, but what happens when you feed a mind that has become your master? Have you ever wondered what’s really happening when we say things like, “My mind is saying I must do this, but my gut feeling is no.” From early on we are taught that to ‘succeed’ we must study hard and find ‘what we’re good at’ so we can earn and be successful. Is this true? Has it worked for you? What if we’re wrong; if our mind is not our most powerful tool to build a successful life? Einstein, Edison, Branson, Gates and Trump have at least one thing in common: they understood the limitations of the mind and found other parts of themselves to ‘tap into’ when making decisions, building empires, inventing and unlocking mysteries. They knew a secret – that the mind cannot create a new idea or thought; it can only project, analyze, dissect, deconstruct and extrapolate. They understood that new thoughts and ideas come from the imagination, and that imagination is accessed when you leave the mental and enter the dream state. Mindfulness is being aware you are more than just your mind; you have other, deeper, wiser, more powerful parts of you to balance out the chatter in the head. How often have you heard someone say, “I’m driving myself crazy.” My advice is to become mindfully aware of the whole of yourself when seeking clarity on life issues, and not listen exclusively to the mind. The trick is to listen to both your head and your gut, then step back and ask meaningful questions to find deeper insights than the surface mind can provide. Take care of your mind – it is a valuable tool and something you can train to great advantage, but do not let it become your master. You are far wiser, more compassionate and more powerful than your mind alone can ever make you, so be brave, step into the rest of you and you will master your mind.



integrative health product guide

MIND OVER MATTER What does it take to finish a marathon, to run further than you thought you could, to stretch your body past the point you thought possible? Speak to anyone who has done basic army training or completed a hazardous challenge like climbing Everest or the Himalayas and they will tell you the mind can move the body way past your perceived limit. A strong mind comes from setting yourself targets and practicing stretching your limits. It can also be strengthened with herbs and supplements. In addition, putting mettle behind your mental can be developed through meditation and visualisation. Aim for something you really want, put everything behind it and see how much you can achieve. Give yourself the best chance by taking supplements that support mental performance.



Biopure Protein Powder 300g ...

For bookings please phone 021 487 5430 / 021 487 5444




Salmon Oil 90 vegicaps ......................


Flaxseed Oil 90 softgel vegicaps ........

Bio-Strath provides 61 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect 100% natural bio-available form. It feeds the body’s cells and helps repair the body where necessary. Studies show it helps bring order to brain cells and is excellent for mental functioning. There are 61 different nutrients, from 11 vitamins, 18 aminoacids, 19 minerals and trace elements and 13 building substances in the formula that literally build healthy new cells in the body.

Lifegain is a potent nutritional shake that assists in recovery after illness or disease interventions. It supports general physical well-being and contains a triple protein base, 21 amino acids, 24 vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, prebiotics and soy isoflavones. Nativa



R7495 Bio-Strath Bare Necessities Syrup 100ml......................R4495 Bio-Strath 100 tablets...................................................R9995

Bio-Strath Elixir 200ml...................................................


Lifegain Advanced 1kg ...


pric tional es

Buchu, South Africa's most valuable medicinal plant

Lifegain Advanced 300g ...




The pharmacy offers acute and chronic medication on the government recommended pricing structure of 26/26. This allows a maximum mark up of 26% on Prescription and Schedule Medicine capped at R26.00 excluding VAT (R29.64 inclusive).

Regular health checks are an essential part of caring for yourself. We make it very easy for you at the Wellness Clinic with professional staff, a pharmacy and dispensary on site.

Flaxseed Oil If you prefer a vegetable source of Omega’s, Flaxseed oil is one of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Wellness Pure cold pressed flaxseed oil contains Omega 3-6-9 from vegetable origin. Essential Fatty Acids are important to sustain life and are essential for normal growth and development.

Bio-Strath Herbal Whole Food Supplement

Metagenics formulas are based on nutrigenomics - how nutrition influences genetic expression for good health, or more simply, how food and plant components send signals to cells in the body that ultimately influence our health. They use nutraceuticals and medical foods that help clients reach their ‘genetic potential’ through nutrition. Endura helps with energy and rehydration. Biopure contains bioactive, pure whey protein with natural immunoglobulins and Fibroplex supports energy metabolism and soft-tissue tenderness.

R279 Endura Powder 665g ............. R364

Salmon Oil is known to be highly advantageous to health at any stage of life. It has immense overall health boosting benefits: Promotes cardiovascular health; Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels; Assists hypertension; Reduces inflammation; Supports joint health; Supports brain and nervous function; Boosts memory; Supports immune function.

Calcium Magnesium Citrate 50tabs ...


Fibroplex Plus Powder 273g ...

Calcium provides the building blocks that help keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. Magnesium helps regulate calcium transport and stimulates the secretion of calcitonin, a hormone that aids in the influx of calcium into bone. This formulation contains the highly absorbable citrate form of calcium.


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

buy m e online

Buchu is recognised as South Africa's most valuable medicinal plant, and its use and benefits have been documented for over three hundred years. Buchu is packed with bioflavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins helping the body combat free-radicals and enhancing general wellbeing.

Buchulife First Aid Gel 40g ........ Joint Health 60tabs ...

R55 R99



nutritional supplements

POWER UP YOUR WORKOUT Build a power body and maximum stamina by taking in the right nutritional support with a balance of strength, cardio and rest. A strategy for pre, during and post work-out can be perfectly planned to maximise on results. We select a run down of products to help you reach your goals.




1. HAMMER Endurolyte Fizz - Pre and during workout electrolyte replenishment. Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, Mango. 13 tabs R60

7. USN Recover Max - For during and post workout. Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape, Lemon & Lime, Orange, Tropical. 480g R107.95

2. HAMMER Gel - Pre gel high in amino acids and maltodextron carbs. Apple Cinnamon, Banana, Espresso, Orange, Raspberry, Tropical, Vanilla, Chocolate, Huckleberry. 32.9g R17.50

8. USN Epic Pro All-In-One - For pre, during & post vitargo workout. Tangerine & Passion Fruit. 750g R390

3. HAMMER Recoverite - Pre and during work-out. High in glycogen for muscle recovery and perpeptuem for natural energy. Citrus Sachet, Chocolate, Strawberry. 49g R30 4. HAMMER Perpetuem - A unique carb/protein/fat formula for maximum endurance. 69g R30 5. USN Cramp Block Dynamic Time Release - Before work-out cramp blocker. 30 tabs R46 6. USN Cyto Power - Carbs for pre workout. Grape, Orange & Lime. 1kg R119


9. USN Sprint Pro Race Fuel - For carbo loading. Berryblast. 480g R299 10. GU BREW Recovery - Pre and post work-out electrolytes, maltodextrin carbs, L-Glutamine & whey protein isolate. Orange/Pine, Strawberry tub. 480g R450 11. GU Tabs Tube - During and post workout high in amino acids and electrolytes. Lemon Lime, Orange, Peach Tea. 12 tabs R75 12. GU Roctane - Pre workout high in amino acids and electrolytes. Sachet Blueberry, Vanilla Orange. 32g R31.95 13. GU Chomps - High in amino acids, carbs and electrolytes (pre & during workout). Blueberry Pomegranate,

4 Cranberry Apple, Orange, Strawberry. 60g R31.95 14. SIX STAR Elite No Fury - Pre Workout No Fury is highly Nitric Oxide with Caffeine and maltrodextros sugar carbs for high explosive workouts. It also has high level Bcaas and amino acids for muscle recovery. Punch 531g R345 15. SIX STAR Elite Amino Max - Post workout super concentrated amino blast. To recover muscle protein synthesis faster and eliminating catabolism. Result - leaner harder muscle. Punch 273g R285 16. SIX STAR Elite Casein - Post workout Casein whey protein which is slow release and high in amino acids, perfect before bed to keep the anabolic process going. Choc 658g R295 17. REFLEX The Edge - Pre and during work-out maltodextrose, carbs and electrolytes. Orange burst & Pineapple. 750g R159

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.













1. Reduce body fat without losing muscle by taking in a little less calories, don’t drastically reduce your calorie intake. Add a bit more protein and keep up a training programme that uses all the major muscle groups. 2. Protein is an important support for strength training as it is digested into amino acids and used for repairing and building muscle tissue. You can get protein from a supplement or amino acid source but also from food like fish, poultry, beans and dairy. 3. Muscles take time to develop. They need adequate rest between workouts and proper nutrition. Consistency will bring results; make a schedule you can stick to.







green living

green living

"Those who lived the

longest expressed the most joy about life."



The best way to create space to receive is to give. Start a practice of collecting small gifts and give them to people for no reason. They don’t have to be expensive, keep small candles, notebooks, cards and craft items in your cupboard and find opportunities to give them away.

Get rid of negative feelings, anger, frustration, disappointment or impatience by literally jumping for joy. Jump up and down for 30 seconds and you will immediately feel different. Use a skipping rope if you feel too restricted to do it with abandon.

Green Tip Cities around the world are finding CO2-free alternative modes of transport. We look at what South Africa, specifically Cape Town, is doing to join the revolution.

Green Modes of Transport: 2. CONVINCE SOMEONE TO GO GREEN Do your bit for the environment by introducing someone to green cleaning. Get them interested by presenting them with an all purpose ‘green cleaning’ product. It becomes much easier to convert once you have experienced the results of an environmentally friendly cleaner.

4. RELAX YOUR BODY Put a meditation CD onto your iPod and go for a walk. This will clear out your mind and release tension from your body. Being completely relaxed at least once a day sends important messages to your brain and releases beneficial chemicals into your system. Too much stress adrenaline will deplete you and can result in depression.


did you know? Overuse of antibacterial or antiseptic agents may hamper your body’s own natural defenses against allergies and colds.


Situations might not need to change but your perception of them can make a huge difference to your experience. Finding a different way to view things is a practice that once started gets easier and easier. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed a correlation between longevity and positive feelings. The study used diary entries from a group of nuns. Those who lived the longest expressed the most joy about life. everything you need to live life well

wellness fan tip:

5 ways to experience more joy >

Cape Town’s Integrated Rapid Transport system (IRT) is also rolling out across the city. A key feature being a network of dedicated bicycle and pedestrian pathways around the main bus trunk routes.The bicycle lanes along IRT trunk routes are completely separate from the roadway, and so much safer. Signage at intersections alerts motorists to cyclists, while dedicated security guards, CCTV cameras and 24 hour lighting are additional safety features. Brought to you by Nicole Sherwin Editor of Simply Green Magazine

Switching your mindset to finding joy in living can completely overhaul your experience of life. hen you are happy you feel better, look better and live longer.

Cycling is better for your health and the environment. No CO2 emissions and great exercise for a healthy heart. By cycling to work you contribute to a green friendly city. Cape Town has dedicated cycle paths that make it easier like the one from city centre to Tableview, approximately 16 kilometres and 3 metres wide running parallel to the R27.

Junita Franco De Sousa wellness warehouse facebook page fan

Carry my new wellness shopping bag with me everywhere I go…to cut down on plastic bags.

5. SET UP A FEAST Invite your favourite people over but get them to create their own meal. All the activity and discussion around meal preparation is guaranteed to create a buzz and stimulate conversation.

Thank you for your tip. Please collect a gift from us to you at our Kloof store. Keep the feeds and tweets coming!

Simply Green is South Africa's premier bimonthly green lifestyle magazine, providing positive and practical steps to cleaner living for people who want to make a difference but don't want to compromise on lifestyle.

For more tips and eco lifestyle trends get Simply GreenMagazine



green living product guide

THINGS YOU LOVE Surround yourself with things you love and your home will quickly turn into a haven you love to spend time in. Handcrafted and individual items bring energy into a room and create a heartfelt atmosphere. Start with little details and see how quickly you transform your surroundings. Add some responsibility by turning your home into a chemical free sanctuary.

WELLNESS Green cleaning is now available in the Wellness own brand version. This means the best quality of sustainable, biodegradable ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils. Get the job done without exposing yourself or the environment to toxic substances. When using chemicals in the house we can breathe in toxic fumes or absorb them through the skin. Many reports show that household cleaners contribute to allergies developing and over time create greater intolerance in the body. Use the multi surface cleaner as a basis for any surface cleaner, having a ‘no nasties’ cleaner means you will not pick up or absorb harmful chemicals from your environment.



Keep things tidy with these practical hooks designed to neatly hold bags and jackets or anything with a tag attached. Kids will love hanging up their accessories with these whimsical monkey and squirrel designs.

Make your tea parties magical with this irresistible tin cut out cake stand. Place your gluten free carrot cake flush on the stand, pour some peppermint tea and chat about the latest greenfriendly innovations and the perfect world.

Tintown Hooks each R70


Tintown Cake Stand R470



Get crafty, thread a needle and sew your own felt cup cake. Layers of coloured felt and quirky decorations make a delightful pattern. Give your masterpiece away to someone who inspires you.

Give your children endless fun with these hilarious animal characters made from authentic Shwe Shwe fabrics and plumped up with 100% recycled stuffing. Production adheres to Fair Trade principles.

buy me online

Orange & Mint Bath & Shower Cleaner 500ml R49.95 Lemon & Lime Multi Surface Cleaner 500ml R49.95 Lemongrass & Lime Dishwashing Liquid 1l R59.95 Grapefruit Air Freshener 250ml R29.95 Citrus Auto Dishwashing Gel 500ml R49.95



buy me onlin e

Hooligans Shwe Shwe Ellie Small R205 i

Cupcake Country Make Up Cupcake R87



Who can resist these little cacti beautifully placed in a simple pot. Very little watering means its easier to keep alive, especially when you are away for long periods of time. Combine a few together and make your own interesting garden.

Sparkling dishes, cleaner clothes and beautiful homes with this range of fruity cleansers that are 100% biodegradable. Cleaning with these products means effective cleaning using the power of nature. Fresh perfume and active cleaning agents come from plant based ingredients. You can expect no residue of unnecessary chemicals. Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner R59.95 Hand Soap 250ml R69.95 Ecological Automatic Dishwasher Tablets 500g R99.95 Ecological Dishwashing Liquid 473ml R39.95 Ecological Dishwashing Liquid 946ml R69.95 Ecological Non Chlorine Bleach Ultra 1.89l R94.95 All Purpose Cleaner 500ml R76.95 Toilet Cleaner 739ml R64.95

TINTOWN & URBAN GARDEN Create points of interest and delight in your garden with this beautiful cacti in a tea cup. Add a LOVE tin cut out and you have a heart warming pocket of energy sending out good vibrations. Urban Garden Cacti in Teacup R92 Tintown Small Garden Stick Love R49.95


Selected items only available at our Green Living Store and not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.



Cacti Ufo R69.95 Cacti Decorative R199 Cacti Retro R79.95 i





fitness, sleep & massage

fitness, sleep & massage

Using meditation and visualizations help tremendously especially with long rides. Keeping disciplined and staying focused on the end goal is key to being a successful cyclist. Remember riding is and should be fun, however there is plenty of science to add to the mix.


To make sure you are training efficiently, be tested and have a program written for yourself. This gives you a benchmark and helps you with an overall strategy to follow in order to ensure you are doing the correct training. Spending more time on the bike doesn’t necessarily make you stronger or faster!

"Your mind is a big part of what gets you through even the toughest events. "


If you are new to cycling, and about to complete your first Argus, then remember that tens of thousands have done it before, so it is more than achievable. The tough days of getting up early and making sure you get the training session done will stand you in good stead on the day.”

Powercore Balance Air Cushion 35cm R16995 Balance Pad Square


is an extremely versatile, compact and portable training tool. It is effective for a wide variety of balance, strengthening and rehabilitation exercises. Increase the level of difficulty by decreasing the amount of air in the cushion. An exercise chart will take you through knee, ankle, foot, shoulder and core stability.

Read more from sharni on the


For information on ‘Yoga for Cyclists’ join one of our Wellness Yoga sessions at Kloof street or contact Sharni Quinn on or 071 954 2816.

share your top #argustraining tip @wellnews

We asked wellness ambassador Jason Lind his recipe for living life well?

CYCLE FEVER What better way to build strength and concentration than getting outdoors and onto your bike?

try it


"I was a swimmer and cyclist before I found yoga. What yoga did was allow me to dive into myself and explore my limitations. So now, here's this enormous hill, my legs are burning. How am I going to get up? Oh, I remember, it's just like in Savasana: release, calm, and focus yourself. I'm going to relax my feet, drop my shoulders, take a breath, and then just go with it." Brandie Callachan


To find out more about your bike set up, cycling gear, nutrition and supplements for cyclists or to read interesting blogs visit or contact Jason Lind directly on or 27 (21) 6715008.

hether a road bike or a mountain bike; staying focused, balanced and co-ordinated is key to being a successful cyclist. Jason Lind from Olympic cycles shares some insight on how improving attention, concentration and synchronized movement can make all the difference on your ride.


tips to improve your ride>

by Sharni Quinn

wellness ambassador


Firstly, make sure your bike fitment is correct. Cycling is repetition and it is essential to ensure you are sitting correctly and that your legs and knees are moving in the desired path. This ensures minimal injury, maximum power and does not distract you from your ride.

Wellness Shaker




This durable plastic 750ml shaker is ideal for shaking up your meal replacements and tonics. It also provides a convenient holder for your smoothies. The sealable lid is tight fitting to prevent spillage.

Nature's Gate Aqua Block SPF50

R9995 118ml

Nature’s Gate sun care offers efficient, safe protection with added soothing benefits of natural botanicals, skin-nourishing oils and antioxidant vitamins to keep skin healthy-looking and protected against the damaging rays of the sun.

Nothing can beat a well balanced life and diet. It is necessary to have short term goals, be they work or sporting related, that require the scales to tilt in favour of that endeavor at that moment. Something I always remind myself is that it is the long term balance that is important. A dash of work, which is most times a dash too much, but my work is fun and just part of life, a dash of friends and fun times, and a dash of outdoor living! If I see any aspect getting the upper hand I tilt the scales to try level off for long term balance.

Pretzel 3/4 pants

R350 each

Pretzel three quarter pants make training, running, climbing or simply getting comfortable so easy to do. Stylish, comfortable and well fitting – what more could you want?

Pretzel Ladies Crow T

R260 each

Beautifully styled ladies t-shirt is fitted for easy movement. Wear it for any of your sporting or movement activities for maximum comfort and stretchability.


Staying focused and positive is crucial. A friend of mine once told me before a downhill event, dream about riding fast and confidently and make sure you don’t dream about falling. No matter what type of riding, knowing how you want to ride, helps you ride that way. Your mind is a big part of what gets you through even the toughest events.

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

Dance & Be Fit Hip Hop Cardio DVD

R99 each

Love your fitness routine with this invigorating hip hop dance DVD. Turn it on anytime at home and have fun while getting fit and toned.

Dance & Be Fit Latin Groove DVD

R99 each

Learn some invigorating dance moves with an easy to follow instructional DVD. Great music and an inspirational work-out will also leave you feeling on top of the world.



lovewell movewell

eco mom & baby

Nurturing when kids are young has a huge impact on later development

mom & baby fitness,eco sleep & massage

EAT INTELLIGENT FOOD Pure, natural and whole foods can add to accelerated brain performance. According to Ayurveda (the science of life), it is essential for the body to have natural foods for their full benefit to be absorbed by the body. When foods are as close to their state in nature as possible, they deliver the most potent nutrition. Foods that have been genetically altered, processed or refined have much of their natural intelligence stripped from them. Preservatives, processing, artificial flavours and colourants apparently disturb the intellect. Also not recommended is canned food. Although shopping and cooking with fresh, organic ingredients may take more time; the benefits to your brain and body are substantial.

BEMA Baby Sweet Bath Shampoo R219 Perfumed Body Water R18850

Sweet Caress Oil Protective Barrier Cream

R167 R18850

Bema baby products are absolutely safe and natural for even the most sensitive skin. They complement the natural balance of a newborn skin and contain organic ingredients. The Tender Caress Oil is our favourite. It contains organically grown olive oil, Neem and sweet almond that is rapidly and completely absorbed. Used after the bath, it helps the skin regain tone and freshness preventing the formation of unpleasant odours. It moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth and elastic without altering its physiological pH. It is also ideal for baby massage. 





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Encourage optimum growth and development in your children with healthy activities; play games that stimulate thinking; add lots of love and introduce them to music.

did you know?

Pregnant women who eat eggs regularly could have brainier babies. Researchers say choline, a nutrient found in the yolks, appears to "supercharge" the infant brain. 24


ll these practices have been scientifically proven to boost brain power and communication skills later in life.


brain are traceable to how well their mother’s cared for them. Nurturing when kids are young has a huge impact on later development and researchers are pointing out the need to place greater emphasis on motherly behaviour towards children.

We all know there is nothing like a mother’s love to stabilise and ground a child. But now scientists have proven that school age kids who had nurturing care when they were young have a larger hippocampus – the key to a child’s learning ability, memory and stress response. The Washington University School of Medicine claim their research is the first to show that changes to a child’s

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

Childhood is a critical time for building the physical, mental and emotional foundations that will support us for the rest of our lives. One of the many things a parent can do is to introduce music into their child’s life. Encourage children as early as possible to listen to and make music. Let them listen to songs they like and play along with homemade drums. Besides improving creativity music enhances concentration, co ordination, relaxation and patience. Encourage kids to learn an instrument. This will build self confidence. Besides that, kids who can self express through an art form and explore creativity become more adept at communicating later in life. As Dr.Nicola Pitchford, Lecturer of Developmental Psychology at Nottingham University explains:

“Play facilitates the development of the basic building blocks of cognitive processing that are crucial for later acquired scholastic skills. Through play children learn to represent things symbolically and start to understand the relations between objects and events. Symbolic representations are the basis of many scholastic skills, such as literacy, writing, spelling and mathematics. Pretend play also helps children develop story-telling skills, supporting their development of imagination and grammar, both of which are necessary for understanding and creating literature.”

Tolo Bert The Ladybird

R12995 each

The Tolo Ladybird is beautifully soft and provides a comforting play friend. Bright primary colours are invigorating offering plenty of opportunities for curious children to explore and play.

Alex Fold 'n Fly

R70 each

Make 18 paper airplanes with cool designs and stickers. Includes 18 two-sided printed papers, stickers, folding tool, and easy instruction book packed in a printed storage folder. Excellent origami paper folding fun for kids – suitable for age 6.

Tolo Rolling Ball Shape Box

R14995 each

doubles as a ball and shape sorter. Twist opening / locking allows for both quick access and closing. Six shapes all have separate rattle sounds. Children benefit from colour recognition along with shape sorting, sound and movement, coupled with dexterity skills

Alex Water Flutes

R12995 each

Experiment with music and learn to play songs during bath time. Discover different sounds and tones with this real musical flute that can be tuned with water to create a variety of sounds. Includes easy-tofollow songs. Suitable for 3 years and up.

Wellness Warehouse supports:

Help The Rural Child 1% of all Wellness Card purchases are donated to Help The Rural Child, a charity dedicated to supporting programmes that work with children in rural communities. Their purpose is to turn otherwise invisible rural children into happy secure citizens. 021 689 8392

Boikido 12pcs Musical Blocks

R14995 each

Twelve musical Boikido blocks include a mirror, bell, rattles and beads. Kids will have lots of fun shaking the blocks and hearing them rattle while playing building games.

Boikido R4995 Eco-Friendly Lacing Numbers each Develop fine motor skills and learn how to count numbers by lacing this colourful board. Kids will spend hours playing with this board, lacing and unlacing the thread.




beauty & wellspa

beauty & wellspa


ame your tresses, fend off frizz and sun damage with expert tips from Janine Garner. Take a whole hearted approach and tackle great hair from the inside and out. Celebrate its natural form by enhancing your look and using clever styling methods. Use kitchen savvy to add more lustre and shine with inexpensive foodie products.

Work from the inside

against your natural hair, find ways to enhance and work with it. Find a style that best suits your hair texture and personality and is easy to maintain at home. Ask a stylist to help you develop a good style. If you have very curly hair, you are lucky to have countless plaiting options. If you dye your hair, choose a colour close to your natural shade to save you from frequent colour treating and chemical damage. Look for natural colour treatments, there are a few on the market that don’t use harsh chemicals.

Wash wisely What we put into our bodies has a far reaching impact on the way we look and how our body functions. If your hair is falling out more than usual or is dull and lifeless, look at your eating habits. Add more Biotin - a B Vitamin found in liver, rice, milk, and whole grains to promote healthier hair. Add more Vitamin E, A and Omega-3 to improve the health of your scalp. Add more Silica, Iron and Calcium to reduce or prevent hair loss.

Minimise heat exposure

Hair Affair by Janine Garner

The best way to protect your hair from heat damage is to style it less and let it air dry more often. It’s tempting to reach for the blow dryer or flat iron, but constant heat treatments will cause hair to become dry and brittle. Avoid this by using a good thermal protector spray or serum before styling. This will reduce breakage and damage. Whenever you heat style, make sure you use good quality tools and hair products. Don’t under estimate the drying effect of the sun, get protection from harmful UV rays, with a wide-brimmed hat or head scarf when outdoors for extended periods.

Love your locks

There is this strange thing about hair, if its curly you want it straight, if it’s straight you wish it was curly. Rather than fighting


everything you need to live life well

Everyone’s hair is different and therefore everyone’s hair washing technique, products and routine should be too. As a general guideline, let how oily your scalp is determine how often you wash your hair. Washing hair too often can strip the hair of important oils beneficial to scalp health. People with dry hair can go up to four days without washing, while those with oily hair may need to wash daily. No matter what type of hair you have, it’s a good idea to use both shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo should be used primarily on the scalp and should be washed out completely. Conditioner restores moisture to the hair and should only be applied from the midlengths to the ends of your hair. Left-over product can dull hair, so rinse your hair well. If you do have product build up cut a lemon in half and run strands of hair through the lemon. This will remove left over residue from shampoos and conditioners.

Trim regularly A regular trim will eliminate split ends and make your hair look healthier. This should be done every 6 to 8 weeks. Even if growing your hair, the amount you trim will still allow for growth and just means you will have healthier long hair. If you have coloured or chemically processed hair, trimming is extra important. Schedule this in at the same time as your treatment.

Read more from Janine on the Wellness blog. Follow her on twitter@beingbrazen

HOME HAIR REMEDIES Olive oil or coconut oil

Use these oils to strengthen, replenish and condition hair. Both can also assist in preventing dry scalp. Massage either oil into your hair, leave it on for up to 30 minutes and shampoo out.


A great natural remedy to restore shine to dry, dull hair. Just add 6 tablespoons beer to a cup of water and pour it over your hair during your final rinse.

Baking soda

If your hair is prone to buildup due to residue from styling products, mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with your shampoo once a week. Wash and dry hair as usual.

Apple cider vinegar

To reduce dandruff or an itching scalp, add one part vinegar to three parts warm water and gently massage or spray onto scalp. Leave on for about 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual.

for bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454 Cavendish 021 673 7223 Plattekloof 021 558 7106 for information on wellspa offerings please visit 27


beauty & wellspa

your 'must have' product guide

MAKE STYLE WORK How you style and wear your hair can say so much about you. Some believe it is a sensual extension of the self, some believe hair originates from holy sources and projects positive spiritual energy. Whatever the case,

beautiful healthy hair is achievable with proper care and styling savvy. Work out the best way to care for your hair, spend some time on styling options and ward off any potential for a ‘bad hair day’.


For a completely tingly and refreshing experience, try the Giovanni Tea Tree range. This is a shampoo that will make you look forward to your next wash. The shampoo makes your hair and scalp feel so clean, and the conditioner creates a silky and soft finish. There are no nasties in this range, it is totally natural and will not harm your hair or skin in any way. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo 250ml R154, Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner 250ml R154, Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner 150ml R154


Miöja skincare products are created from pure natural source ingredients that nourish the skin and the self without disrupting the body’s balance. The simplicity of Mioja ingredients, and their use by natural healers throughout the ages result in products that can be trusted to work in harmony with your body. The rejuvenating tissue oil smooths away fine lines and gives skin an intensive nourishing treatment. Frankincense and Palmarosa Essential oils are powerful balancers of both dry and oily skin conditions. This, combined with a deeply penetrative, non- greasy, pure plant oil base makes the Renewal Oil ideal for all skin types. Mioja Frankincense Renewal Oil 50ml R235, Mioja Rosehip and Aloe Repair Cream 60ml R285, Mioja Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser 120ml R255


The Esse philosophy is simple – they do everything they can to get their client’s skin healthy and resistant to the aging process. They take a long-term view on skin health and don’t make sacrifices for short-term results. Esse is certified organic and support Fair Trade using only plant-based ingredients. Esse Body Oil 100ml R290, Rich Body Moisturiser 100ml R150, Light Body Moisturiser 100ml R130



A steam-infused hydrating face, body & hand cream for the ultimate natural moisture injection. Steamcream is handmade in the UK with fresh natural ingredients, fused together with a shot of steam. The unique method means that Steamcream gives your face instant refreshment the moment you use it. It's super-moisturising, sinks deep down and revives your skin straight away. Steam Cream Original R195


SOiL organic aromatherapy oils are made from the best quality ingredients. Use Rosemary as an excellent solution for hair and scalp problems. It is considered a tonic for the central nervous system, and said to improve memory, stimulate the brain and relieve headaches. Use Sweet basil as an enlivening, comforting aid for clarity and strength of mind as well as to strengthen body systems. Or try the hydrosol version. This is a floral water created when plant material is steam-distilled to collect its innate essential oils. Hydrosols contain a concentration of essential oil, as well as the water-soluble nature of plant matter. In general, they have similar scents and beneficial properties to the oils.

buy me online

Soil Organic Rosemary Oil 10ml R35 Soil Basil Oil 10ml R55 Soil Organic Rosemary Hydrosol 100ml R35

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

available at Wellness Warehouse

WellSpa Promotions

for the month of March 2012

Visit the Wellspa at Wellness Warehouse for our

March Microzone Madness Book a Microzone Treatment and receive the

second treatment

FREE to the value of R210

First line protection and care for beautiful hair. Bema Bio has a variety of professional hair products to address all your individual hair concerns. All products use natural ingredients, are clinically tested and have targeted components to protect against pollution and smog.

Shampoo with Tricobema Growth, based complex Glycogen Marino, Rosemary, and Indian Kino Tree Moringa.

Hair Loss Lotion with Tricobema Growth, based complex Glycogen Marino, Rosemary, and Indian Kino Tree Moringa

Stimulates and strengthens the connective tissue of the hair to help counteract hair loss. Protects epithelial tissues. Strengthens the hair roots favouring growth. Gives body and volume to hair. Combine with Bio Lotion Fall for visible results from the first application. Tested against smog.

This product offers protection from smog and from hair loss. It stimulates and strengthens hair from the root stimulating growth and nourishing hair creating a more robust and full bodied result. Combine with Bio Shampoo Fall it offers visible results from the first application.

Sebum-balancing Shampoo with Tricobema Sebo complex based on Moringa, Rosemary, Thyme and Sage.

Dandruff Lotion with Tricobema Dandruff, complex based on Moringa, Wild Thyme and Barley.

Bio Shampoo sebum-balancing is designed to regulate and reduce the high production of sebum. It balances greasy hair, adds shine to dull hair and increases volume and density. Tested against smog.

Frequent washing Shampoo with Tricobema Rivital, complex based on Moringa, Cassia, Chamomile and Lavender. Bio Shampoo Frequent washing is gentle and ideal for everyday use. Suitable for brittle, dry, coloured and damaged hair with a highly restorative effect. Gives shine, hydration and elasticity offering hair new strength and vitality. Neutralizes electrostatic charges. It helps eliminate split ends. Tested against smog.

Eliminates excessive flaking and stops itching. Helps eliminate dandruff. After use, hair will be soft and shiny. Combine with Bio-dandruff Shampoo for visible results from the first application.

Softening Hair Conditioner Ideal for problem hair especially dry hair devitalised by chemical treatments with split ends. Counteracts the effects of sun, rain and smog. Use as a barrier before coming in contact with pool water (anti-chlorine) and seawater (anti-salt). Leaves hair manageable and easy to comb. It also reduces static electricity. Expect hair to be shiny with a smooth gloss.

Dandruff Shampoo with Tricobema Dandruff, complex based on Moringa, Wild Thyme and Barley. Dandruff is an unpleasant disorder that can cause embarrassing discomfort. Bio Dandruff Shampoo eliminates excessive flaking and stops itching. Suitable for dry or oily dandruff. It provides volume and body. Combine it with Bio-dandruff lotion for visible results from the first application. Tested against smog.

for bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454

Cavendish 021 673 7223

Express Skincare at Wellness Plattekloof 021 558 7106 (facials only) Gift vouchers available on request for information on wellspa offerings please visit

BEMA BIO is Quality Certified and organically certified. This certification supports the healthy sustainability of mankind and the protection of the environment thanks to the use of natural raw material and the reduction of environmental impact.

available at Wellness Warehouse

Products made in Italy


Naturally Flea Free Dog by Paul Jacobson


ave you ever thought about what is in the shampoos and remedies you give to your pets? Most of them are full of chemicals and harsh agents that can be damaging not only to your pet, but to your household and children. Paul from Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition gives us some alternative natural options for fleas, ticks and skin allergies.


Alternative Options for Fleas, Ticks and Skin Allergies:

Aloe bitters

During March and April long grass and dust mites are creating allergens and there is always a flea infestation. This is a difficult time for pets who have their immune systems tested to the limits. Most of the time we automatically buy whatever is on the shelf to get rid of fleas or ticks without thinking about the toxic chemical content. There are natural remedies that are highly effective and can be used without damaging the long term health of the animal or having an impact on the environment or chemical load in the house. Flea and Tick drops we commonly use are poisonous and may be putting our pets and children in danger. Anything you put on the skin will be absorbed into the tissues and organs of the animal, accumulating over time, with an impact on the well-being of the pet. There are alternative solutions.


Garlic has been used for centuries as a natural anti-biotic and to repel parasites, mosquitoes and fleas.

Aloe bitters is also very effective. Diatomaceous Earth is a new inclusion into the South African market and has some fantastic success stories.


Khakibos has always proven to be a great flea and tick repellent and should be regarded as a must for every household. It can be used on dogs and cats in spray or powder form and should be applied to pet’s linen as well.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is bathing our pets regularly and using harsh chemically based shampoos, especially in summer when our pets spend time outdoors or swim in the sea. A better alternative is to soak and rinse your dog in a solution of Rooibos tea. If you do insist on washing your pet, make sure your shampoo is totally natural and contains no parabens or chemicals. We recommend using a Buchu, Khakibos or Neem based Shampoo. Skin allergies and conditions can be cured. Flea and ticks can be repelled. Both of these can be done using holistic natural treatment and care.


Jenny Morris (SA’s own Celebrity Chef) and Vondis have launched a range of health biscuits for pets. The Rooibos and Mint range is fantastic for itchy skin. The others are: Rosehip and Devils Claw for Arthritis, Spirulina for Immunity and Diatomaceous Earth for De-worming.



WORKSHOPS, EVENTS & DIRECTORY Welcome to our new Wellness Classified section where like-minded people sharing Wellness services and products can swap information and news. If you are offering a wellness service like: massage or healing have a wellness product running a workshop or event need someone to work out with looking for a therapy room wanting to share accommodation with a like minded person any similar service

this is the perfect place for you to tell others. For further information about advertising or listing here email: or phone Janine du Preez on Tel 021 919 1648 or 082 891 9379 Please note, this section contains advertising from companies and individuals outside of Wellness Warehouse which we accept in good faith, we ask that you research the efficacy and validity of these products and services in your own capacity.

WORKSHOP by Glenn Douglas Haig The 3 most common challenges we face in 2012 • • •

Being the best parent in a time of diminishing social support Being an inspiring and innovative manager in a culturally diverse workplace Maintaining personal momentum under increasing pressure

"Our world is changing faster than ever and we often feel ill-equipped to manage our responsibilities. To find clarity, motivation and meaningful action, parents, business managers and ordinary guys on the street are turning to coaches." Imagine learning world-class InnerLifeSkills® coaching tools to coach yourself, your family or your colleagues and empower them to empower themselves.

In this 2-day seminar you will learn the 3 skills of:

WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Full range available at Wellness Warehouse


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

Rapport building, holding Coach Position and asking Powerful Questions. …and the 3 steps of Clear Goal Setting, Finding Solutions and Motivating Actions GDH Coaching and Training is hosting this ICF accredited coaching seminar in April.

Date: Friday and Saturday 13th and 14th April 2012 Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Cost: R2450 Venue: 543 Hiddingh Village, Hiddingh Ave, Corner Mill street, Gardens, Cape Town To book your seat, kindly email or call 021-801 3778

Read Glenn's montly column on our blog



Regular Yoga Sessions Wellness Warehouse is now offering regular Hatha Yoga classes to our customers! Classes will be running from the 1st of February at the following times…

• Monday – 5:45-6:45pm • Wednesday – 5:30-6:30pm Cost: For one regular class a week, the fee is R70 per session, two classes per week R50 per session and a drop-in class is R90 per session. Sessions must be pre-booked before hand as space is limited. Venue: Wellness Warehouse Events Space, Kloof Street Please contact Sharni Quinn from ‘Follow the Sun’ Yoga to make a booking – or 071 954 2816

Wellness Warehouse presents


31 March - 1 April 2012

Second and third workshops are 12-13 May and 15-16 September 2012

“This professional workshop series will develop the business confidence, acumen and sustainability of emerging wellness entrepreneurs and practitioners. It will shift thinking from working in a business to working on a business, from being self-employed to being a business owner.”


A 2-day intensive business workshop valued at R2195 Book by 16 March and get R1400 value free, including:

- Pre-reading notes and pre- assessment worth R500 - CD with Extra notes and assessments worth R900

Who this is for: Practitioners, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners. All students in wellness professions. Your presenter: Dr Mark Vella ND - AHPCSA Registered Naturopath with more than 20 years qualification, skills and experience in medicine, wellness, education and social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2011 To reserve your place contact: or call 082 485 6145 Venue: Wellness Warehouse Kloof Street, Cape Town


FOR WELLNESS WAREHOUSE CUSTOMERS Searching for ways to overcome your inner wars? To quieten the noise in your mind and identify what is really important to you? Curious about Life Coaching and how it could benefit you? InnerLifeSkills® coaches will be in residence at the Wellness Warehouse to support you in finding clarity.   Send an email to to make an appointment with an InnerLifeSkills® Coach - FIRST SESSION FREE OF CHARGE InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) - developed over 20 years, uses proven processes to empower people to find their inner resources and put them into positive action. For more information go to



Dr. Robyn Phillips Counsellor Angel Therapy PractitionerÂŽ Metaphysician Holistic Life Coach Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist

Areas of treatment include: - Fears & Phobias - Past Life Regression - Angel Healing Therapy - Abuse Trauma - Stop Smoking & Weight Loss Programs

- Depression & Anxiety - Angelic Hypnotherapy - Angel Readings - Psychic Development Courses & Workshops

082 322 3687

wellness cafĂŠ

Health doesn't get more delicious

Visit our new studio @ 89 Kloofnek Road, Tamboerskloof! Join up for the month of March to receive a complimentary Orientation session. 021 424 8915


Relaxation is a necessity more than a luxury

A La Carte Menu and Confectionery Offering Daily Breakfast & Lunch Buffet

Signature Skincare Treatments, Body Treatments, Massages, Packages and Hands & Feet Treatments

50 Kloof Street, Lifestyles on Kloof Centre, 021 487 5460

50 Kloof Street, Lifestyles on Kloof Centre, 021 487 5454

wellness warehouse kloof street Everything you need to live life well

Storm Rodger Private health chef & Consultant 076 788 5509

Healthy Foodmarket, Intergrative Health, Natural Skincare, Eco Mom & Baby, Fitness and Green Living 50 Kloof Street, Lifestyles on Kloof Centre, 021 487 5420

NOW (Natural Organic Wholesale) Natural Organic Wholesale For more information contact or call 021 461 2321



Wellness Scented Soy Candles Beautifully scented soy candles that double as a healing skin balm are now available in the Wellness Warehouse own brand. Presented in attractive boxes, the heavenly scented candles are a ‘green friendly’ absolutely natural product with more than just ambient appeal. Soy is a longer burning alternative to standard wax that excludes paraffin oil and harmful chemicals. As a byproduct of soybean agriculture it also has renewable and green-friendly qualities. These candles can be used as a nourishing moisturiser by massaging the melted wax into the skin. As soybean burns at a lower temperature than normal wax you can pour the wax onto your hand and massage it onto your skin.

• • • •

FRAGRANCE FREE for those who prefer LAVENDER for a calming relaxing chilled atmosphere ROSE GERANIUM for a romantic intoxicating effect LEMONGRASS for an uplifting and energising experience

shop online at 3




The UK's favourite natural protein bar ♯flapjack, 1 Natural and Pnow r o tavailable e i n B in a rSA s &

Flapjacks Tr e k b a r u k . c o m


A satisfying eat for sustained energy Ideal for pre and post exercise or as a nourishing, delicious and filling snack.


Call Emma Grant T: 07733 467 725 E:

Trekbar is available at Wellness Warehouse and selected stores. For customer or trade enquiries please contact NOW

Call Matt Long T: 07900 900 363 E:

Wellness Warehouse Feed Your Mind & Body  

Feed Your Mind & Body

Wellness Warehouse Feed Your Mind & Body  

Feed Your Mind & Body