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November 2011


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BLISS ISSUE Offers valid from Tuesday 1 November until Wednesday 30 Novemeber ‘11. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E.&O.E.


Wellness Own Brand Nutriceuticals

the juice with stamina

Own brand assurance It was just a matter of time before we couldn’t resist producing our very own brand of nutrIceuticals. You see, we want to give you absolute guarantee and complete quality in an affordable SOLUTION. Here we are with our first two own brand supplement options. Together, both products are designed to contribute to a practical disease prevention protocol.


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Premium quality nutriceuticals made with world class technology Formulae registered with the medicine control council Certificate of good manufacturing practice Suitable for vegetarians

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Cycling Weekl



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publisher's letter If we are talking bliss, for me, it’s all about spending time on the water kitesurfing. Being in the waves, on a board, flying with the wind, is an indescribable thrill. But isn’t it tragic how easily we get stuck living life in a certain comfort zone, sometimes one that isn’t even that comfortable - never finding time to do the things that bring pleasure. Strange as it seems, it can take energy and will to shift into a life lived with more bliss and happiness. Put some effort in to practicing your bliss and the reward will be phenomenal. If you feel too serious, choose to cultivate your light- hearted side. If you are always consumed with work, trust more, work smart and learn how playing can increase your intelligence, creativity, ability to problem solve and your health. Follow our Live Well story on page 16 and do a lifestyle audit to see which parts of your life might need improvement. Up your nutrition, lower your stress, sleep better and you will generate happy-making endorphins. We believe it’s all about living life well. I hope you enjoy this issue and please visit our new Green Living store in the Kloof Lifestyle Centre opening mid November. We have a wonderful offering of green products and are giving away a Spekboom plant to the first 500 Wellness Card holders who spend R1000 or more. Spekboom is an incredible carbon converting plant that we hope to popularise and so do our bit in minimising our carbon footprint.



Lead Me Into Temptation - Go for ingredients your taste buds love, in a form your body loves too.


Trigger Your Pleasure Centre - Pleasure shows up in your brain. Engage in activities or sensations you love and parts of your brain ‘light up’.






Time To Play - More than thirty play ideas!

Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder and Owner

Publisher: Dr. Sean Gomes Editor: Robyn Wilkinson Designer: Inge Smit Life Coach: Glenn-Douglas Haig Advertising queries: Marion Kritzinger cell: 082 733 7800 Health advisor & Pharmacist: Felicia Rubin Pharmacist: Marnus Jansen van Rensburg Dietician: Melissa Gomes Printer: Cape Premium Print & Finishing


Get High - We cannot earn bliss or acquire it – we can only open our hearts and allow ourselves to experience it.


Blissfully yours



Home Spa - Janine Garner sets the scene for a home Spa experience destined to turn on your bliss buttons without blowing your budget.

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Win a week-end retreat with Uniwines, Bio Bust Hampers and Nativa hampers



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UniWines Vineyards produce a selection of top-quality wines from grapes sourced in the Breedekloof where the ancient alluvial soils, crisp mountain air and sun-drenched days produce grapes of astounding quality. The wines in the range, including ranges with enticing names such as Palesa, Meander and Ankerman, are becoming increasingly popular among South African wine lovers, and in various international markets.


UniWines Vineyardsoffers you the chance to win a week-end in our valley. From 10 to 12 February you and a partner will stay at the Dwarsberg Trout Haven. Here you can explore the Valley, fish in the river, taste wine at our cellar or just relax. Oh yes, and your cottage will be stocked with a selection of wines for you to enjoy.

Just answer the following question: In which wine region is the UniWines Vineyards winery? To enter visit and submit your answer


Follow Your Bliss - We quizzed as many people as we could on what makes them feel blissful.


WIN a week-end retreat with Palesa Wines


Workshops, Yoga and More

WIN one of 3 BIOBUST HAMPERS worth R860 each BIOBUST CONTAINS NATURAL INGREDIENTS TO SUPPORT A FULLER FIRMER BUST INGREDIENTS USED ARE: Avena Sativa Powder, Mexican Wild Yam, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Powder, Mothers Wort, Saw Palmetto, Norwegian Kelp, Humulus Lupulus, L-Tyrosine. Each BioBust hampers consist of • 1 x BioBust 90’s Capsule worth R399.95 • 1 x BioBust Creme 50ml worth R199 • 1 x Femolene Daily Multi Vit and Mineral worth R142.50 • 1 x Femolene Ultra Berry worth R119.95


Available to Wellspa clients only. Enter in selected stores following your visit to the wellspa

WIN 1 of 5 Nativa Hampers to the value of R400 each


Have a great time! It is great to let your hair down from time to time. But the morning after, can be quite a challenge. Support the optimal functioning and detoxification of your liver, by taking Nativa Liver Complex when you know you are going to overindulge.

Nativa Liver Complex - your liver will love it! To enter visit




healthy foodmarket

healthy foodmarket

ENERGY BAR BENEFIT: protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre 1 cup cashews, 1 cup almonds, ½ cup pecans, ½ cup sunflower seeds, ½ cup sesame seeds, 1½ cups dates, 1 tablespoon vanilla. Cover dates with water and soak them for 30 minutes or more. Drain the water. In a food processor blend the nuts and seeds first then add and blend the dates and vanilla. Mix up well. Press the mixture in to a dish about 2 cm thick. Leave in the fridge to set. Cut into bars. They will last at least a week.

"Go for

ingredients your taste buds love, in a form your body loves too"


LEAD ME INTO TEMPTATION For good digestion it is essential to enjoy what you are eating. Go for ingredients your taste buds love, in a form your body loves too.

BENEFIT: protein, anti-oxidants, minerals, fibre ½ cup almonds, ½ cup sunflower seeds, ½ cup goji berries, 1 cup dried apricots, 1 cup dried apples, ½ cup dried figs, 1 cup shredded coconut, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 tsp. zest of an orange, pinch salt. Blend all ingredients until roughly chopped. Mould into round cookie shapes. Place in a slightly warmed oven (40-50 degrees Celsius) for a few hours until they are firm.

JAM YOU CAN BENEFIT: energy, fibre, nutrients and vitamins This is a delicious date paste that doubles as jam. Soak pitted dates in water for 1-2 hours. Drain and reserve the water. Blend the dates in a food processor, adding the soak water a bit at a time until your dates turn into a thick jam. Store your mixture in a covered container in the fridge. Use it as jam or add to smoothies.


did you know?

Popcorn is the only food that tastes better inside out 6


ind your way to sweet tooth heaven with healthy varieties of chocolate, confectionary and dessert. Top it up with ‘good’ versions of wine and coffee. We also explore taste favourites like vanilla, sesame seeds, coconut and honey. Eating can be blissful and healthy all at the same time with mouth-watering treats that curb cravings for unhealthy snacks. Everyone craves a bit of instant satisfaction, here are some fabulous alternatives:

everything you need to live life well

HAPPINESS GUARANTEED 4 recipes for a healthy sweet tooth fix >

BENEFIT: Anti-oxidants, protein, selenium & fibre 1 cup date paste (see above), ½ cup cocoa or carob powder, 1 cup any nut butter (peanut, almond or cashew) 1 tablespoon vanilla essence, ½ cup desiccated coconut. Blend all the ingredients together except the coconut. Shape into balls and roll in coconut (or cocoa or carob).

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JUNK FOOD AHEAD Professor Kessler, ex-commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cautions people to be aware that food manufacturers have used precise combinations of fat, sugar, salt and texture to make products "hyper-palatable". Heinz tomato ketchup and Starbucks white chocolate mocha Frappuccino are cited as examples of the thousands of modern foods that have been engineered to stimulate feelings of pleasure. "The right combination of tastes triggers a greater number of neurons, getting them to fire more," he reports. "The message to eat becomes stronger, motivating the eater to look for even more food." Many of us have what's called a 'bliss point' – the point at which we get the greatest pleasure from sugar, fat or salt. "As more sugar is added, food becomes more pleasurable until we reach the bliss point, after which it becomes too sweet and the pleasure drops off." Researchers found burgers, chips and sausages programmed a human brain into craving even more sugar, salt and fat laden food. Another problem Kessler identifies is that we have created a world where food is always available and it is food that is designed to make you want to eat more. “For millions of people, modern food is simply impossible to resist." Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida found laboratory rats became addicted on a bad diet just like people who became dependent on cocaine and heroin. Dr Paul Kenny, a neuroscientist who led the research, said the study, which took nearly three years to complete, confirmed the "addictive" properties of junk food

Emotional Eating Food is so closely connected to emotion, if fried food does it for you and you can’t resist that deep fried ‘hug’, make sure you are aware it’s the emotion you are after - not the taste. Hug your friend or pet instead!

CHEERS TO WINE Yes you can tick wine off on your list of healthy. But be aware. With wine, it is all about quantity. A glass a day is said to reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and slow the progression of degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. That’s because of the beneficial phytochemicals (plant compounds). But drink too much and you can cancel out the benefits. Look for organic wine, lower in sulphites and you are less likely to have a headache or hangover symptoms like nausea.


visit us online at for a comprehensive guide to meal planning including recipes, special diets, simple prep tips and recommended pairings with wines, sides, and cheeses.



healthy foodmarket product guide


James White James White Organic vegetable juices are surprisingly tasty and refreshing and are packed with nutrients. Research shows beetroot juice can help regulate blood pressure, boost stamina and tame inflation. James White Vegetable Juice 750ml Tomato Juice 750ml

R3995 R3995

R3995 Beet It 750ml Carrot Juice 750ml R3995

Researchers have found that starting the day with a sweet treat could curb later cravings for calorie-rich foods. Perhaps this is another clue as to why French women don’t get fat. All that Pain au Chocolat, so hard to resist, might have a place after all.

Darrell Lea

Spits Klasse

Darrel Lea Liquorice is 97% fat free, cholesterol free and low in salt. It is the softest and tastiest liquorice ever.

Real licorice extract in this soft chewy treat has numerous health benefits not to mention immune boosting properties. Spits Klasse R2695 Fortisal 150g Salmiak Rocks150g R2695 Katjes Drop 150g R2695

A Little Something Organic Spices not only add flavour to your dishes but help with digestion as well. TRY IT OUT: Tumeric has a peppery, slightly bitter and warm flavour with a mild fragrance almost like orange and ginger combined. A Little Something Organic Ground Tumeric Cayenne Pepper 60g Ground Cumin 60g Black Peppercorns 60g


Cook Me Influenced by the Italian way of life and the love of cooking, these traditional, wholesome, all-in-one meals from COOKME will take away the hassle of shopping for, chopping and preparing ingredients. Cook Me Rice 1-3, 500g each R42.95 Quinoa 1, 250g R47.95 Quinoa 2, 250g R39.95 Himalayan Salt Mix 1-2, 375g each R52.95 African Desert Salt Mix4, 375g R52.95

R1895 R1495 R1895 R1495

Spry mints arewines sugar-free Palesa hail from the and sweetened withvalley, 100%nestled between Breedekloof Xylitol. the Products sweetAtlantic Ocean and the Klein ened with Xylitol anbetween Karoo andcreate seamed unwelcome environment two mountains. This exceptional for bacteria as theyallows are for a unique positioning unable to stick to teeth combination of aincool coastal and a Xylitol-rich environment. continental climate, making up a

Pop in to Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street once a week and collect your organic bag straight from the farm. Take home veggies that are in season, fresh and organically grown. A selection of the juiciest veg will keep your home cooking inspired for the whole week. Wild Organic Food Fresh Bag

Research has suggested that it is possible to eat chocolate and lose weight, as long as it is early in the day.

Darrell Lea Liquorice Twists Traditional 150g R2795 Classic 150g R2795 95 Twists Raspberry 150g R27 Strawberry Crush 150g R2795


Wild Organic Food




distinctive terroir with a diverse range of soils that line its base. Spry 100% Xylitol Mints 95 R23 Peppermint R549595 Palesa Berry Blast 1.5l Shiraz PouchR23


Pure Harvest

Palesa reflects the magnificent balance of qualities that characterise women; the softer virtues of compassion and empathy complimented by the stronger virtues of determination and willpower. It specifically embodies the richness and fullness of South African women: their unbreakable spirit and exceptional durability.

Dairy alternatives made from natural whole ingredients are brought from the farm to the table. Convenient shelf-stable packaging means they can easily be stored in the pantry. Use them if you are on a dairy-free diet or just because they are delicious. Pure Harvest Organic Soy Original 1l R3295 Organic Rice Milk 1l R3395 R3095 Organic Oat Milk 1l R3395 Organic Soy Lite 1l

Palesa Merlot 750ml Sauvignon Blanc 750ml Chenin Blanc 750ml

R3495 R3195 R2795


Caring Candies

Whip up the healthiest and most delicious desserts and treats with superfoods packed with nutrition. TRY IT OUT: Raw Cacao is chocolate in its raw state unheated, NO trans fats, NO sugars, NO dairy. 100% pure, dark chocolate. Cacao is the second highest antioxidant food in the world (second only to bluegreen algae). It contains anti-depressant properties and a great source of well-studied neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine associated with feelings of well being.

Beat sugar spikes and treat kids with candies free from sugar. If you have an incurable sweet tooth this is the perfect complement. Keep a pack in your handbag and avoid sugar laden temptation. Caring Candies Sugar-free Naturals 90g R19.95 Sucrose-free R10.95 Sugar-free Frutz 90g R19.95 Chocolate 50g Dairy-free Chocolate 50g R10.95 Real Milk Chocolate 50g R10.95

Superfoods 500g Chia Seeds R10995 Cacao Beans R199 R199 Cacao Nibs Cacao Butter R219 Maca Powder R199 Hemp Protein R9995 Baobab Powder R17995 everything you need to live life well




HEALTHMAKERS believe Health is for Everyone ... so try this easy and delicious Raw recipe for Mud Pie.

Healthy doesn’t mean you’ll need to cut out the desserts! Mud Pie (Mud Tarts) Ingredients Crust:

1 Cup Almonds, Blanched and Soaked for 12-48 hours 1 Cup Sunflower Seeds, Soaked for 6-8 hours 1 Cup Majool Dates ½ Cup Raisins ½ Cup Raw Carob Powder 1 teaspoon vanilla extract



e Equipm

You will need the following: 23cm Pie Dish (or 16 x 7cm Tart tins) A Vitamix and an Oscar Juicer


Sliced Strawberries Fresh Mint Leaves Optional: Raw Shredded Coconut (to give the dish a Snowy Xmas Look)

Directions Process the almonds, sunflower seeds, dates and raisins through an Oscar Juicer using the Mincing Strainer. Add carob powder and vanilla, mix well and press into a tart pan.


Blend the almonds, bananas and vanilla with water in the Vitamix Super Blender. Pour the mixture into the tart pan and put into the freezer until firm. Garnish with the sliced strawberries and fresh mint leaves. Or for a different look sprinkle with shredded coconut and garnish with mulberry’s and violets.

that way – the truth is you have to be open to receiving it.

It is truly something worth pondering – your health could benefit! For most of us, it’s become a habit to list the things we don’t enjoy. Our modern lives are hectic, our wallets are pressurized and we seem to be saying, “I’m worried about this,” or “I’m tired of that,” or “What makes me mad is….” This kind of thinking creates a downward spiral that results in a lack of energy, no natural motivation and eventually a lowered immune system. Consciously creating a sense of bliss can remedy this.

Take a sunset for example. Does the sunset send out little vibes of bliss to you, but not to the person standing next to you? No. You choose to receive the bliss a sunset can offer, but if the guy next to you is grumpy about something, he will not feel its beauty the way you do. The difference? Your heart is open and his is not. The secret to true bliss is an open heart, with no defenses in place. When we can embrace the power of being ourselves, we lose the fear of opening our hearts, and allow ourselves to surrender to the bliss of being alive.

In my experience, becoming aware of what makes our hearts sing is the first step. Just thinking about what makes us happy can point us in the right direction, but the second, crucial ingredient is intention. By firmly setting your intention to be open to feeling blissful, you give yourself permission to do so. Bliss is not something that can be imposed on you from the outside – although it often feels





Bliss is not something that happens by accident – you can choose to feel blissful. It is the result of a few ingredients coming together simultaneously. When your physical, mental and emotional bodies enjoy a moment of deep contentment, the result is usually blissful. Great! But how do we achieve that?


By InnerlifeSkills® Master Coach Glenn-Douglas Haig

Aaah bliss! We each have our own version of what that means, or what allows us to feel blissful… for some it’s a glorious bath at the end of a long day, for others it’s a glowing sunset, a job well done, holding a rugby ball, or simply lying in the arms of a loved one. I even have a friend whose bank account makes him feel blissful! hat about you? What makes you feel heavenly?

1 ½ Cups Almonds, Blanched and Soaked for 12-48 hours 2 Medium Ripe Bananas 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ½ Cup Ionised or Filtered Water

This recipe is one by Rose Lee Calabro who has published Recipe Books, ‘Living in the Raw’, ‘Living the Raw – Gourmet’ and ‘Living in the Raw – Desserts’. Books and equipment are available to purchase instore.

Be Blissfully You


COACHING SESSIONS FOR WELLNESS WAREHOUSE CUSTOMERS Looking for new perspectives or purpose? Looking for a way to re-connect with yourself? Curious about Life Coaching and what it could do for you? InnerLifeSkills® coaches will be in residence at Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to support you on your journey.   Send an email to to make an appointment with an InnerLifeSkills® Coach today! InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) developed over 20 years, uses proven processes to empower people to find their inner resources and put them into positive action. For more information go to




integrative health

integrative health

GET YOUR FIX OF ENDORPHINS Dopamine and various endorphins stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain. Various activities encourage the release of endorphins. Choose to include some in your day. MOVE: Physical exertion can release endorphins – think ‘runners high’ or power yoga. This endorphin release is responsible for the addictive nature of vigorous exercise.

"If serotonin levels are low, communication between neurons will falter."

CHECK YOUR LIFESTYLE Bliss is our natural state of being. It is supposed to be. Factors that decrease our level of happiness are often self-induced or lifestyle related and can be changed. Depression, low energy, nagging aches and pains, low libido and sleeping difficulties are unnecessary. You can make a change today and live a much higher quality of life. There are many reports from people who have completely revolutionised their mood just by taking tissue salts or finally being able to sleep properly by taking a magnesium and calcium supplement. How we feel is influenced by so many different factors and calls for some self exploration and analysis. Take a well rounded look at your lifestyle and find areas you need to change or adapt and improve. Your lifestyle has a huge effect on the way you feel. See that the basics are covered and in balance.

These include:

EAT: Chocolate and certain spices like chilli will do the trick.

Trigger your pleasure centre bliss tip Log a bliss image in your mind, when you are feeling stressed call it up and watch how your stress disappears. 12

f you aren’t feeling as amazing and wonderful as you think you should be – make sure everything is firing as it should. If not, it could be a lack of an essential nutrient or perhaps you have depleted your stores of serotonin. Our brains have a network of billions of cells we call neurons. Neurons receive impulses and fire a wave of electrical charge aimed at other neurons to pass the message along. Chemical neurostransmitters are used to transfer this communication. One of these chemical neurotransmitters is serotonin. Once the original cell has passed its message on, it absorbs the everything you need to live life well

chemical it released so it can prepare for the next signal. If serotonin levels are low, communication between neurons will falter. This can affect conditions like mood, sleep, happiness, motivation, energy levels and sexual drive. Certain supplements and tablets counteract the communication breakdown by slowing down the re-uptake of serotonin which helps the body to become more efficient at using low levels of this chemical messenger. Some of the things that lower serotonin levels are high stress levels, inadequate sleep, recreational drugs, a lack of sunshine and drinking coffee and alcohol.


Take a well rounded look at your lifestyle and find areas you need to change or adapt and improve.

Do a daily workout, even if its only for 20 minutes


sound sleep

Drink a litre of water everyday

Create a comfortable, noiseless, uninterupted and dark sleeping space

deep breathing

rest & de-stress

LOVE: Powerful psychoactive chemicals can be released during sex.

Pleasure shows up in your brain. Engage in activities or sensations you love and parts of your brain ‘light up’.


good nutrition

Breathe right into your belly

Invite regular periods of complete calm into your routine

proper digestion & elimination

a framework for emotions

Enhance digestion with spices like ginger

Learn to express your emotions




integrative health product guide

JUST ADD HAPPINESS If life has you burning the candle at both ends, headed for burn out or in need of a boost, the right supplement will do the trick. If it’s more libido you are after, a balanced mood, increased energy or a feel-good overhaul browse through our list of supplements and add more spark to your life.

to increase my libido.

ANSWER Your problem is a very common problem for many women. I would approach it from a couple of angles. Libido is a factor governed by different facets of a person, including both the state of the body (hormones, physical well-being etc.), the emotional and mental status, and environmental factors (marriage, stress etc.). All of these must be carefully considered to approach the case holistically. For proper management I would strongly recommend that you see a Homoeopath. Through homoeopathic treatment these possible imbalances can be identified and treated, as Homoeopathy treat the body, mind and emotions. In terms of support in the form of supplements, Holistix does a Low Libido formula, and I would look at a multivitamin such as Women's Multi Plus by Good Health that will provide additional support. Warm regards, Dr. Megan Jones, Registered Homoeopath

Q&A Dr. Sean Gomes’

To post your question, visit


Metagenics Serenagen 60tabs ... R178

Use this herbal formula to boost sexual arousal, performance and stamina; prevent erectile problems and achieve strong healthy erections; Increase erect penis size; prevent premature ejaculation; raise sexual energy levels; alleviate anxiety caused by problems in sexual performance and achieve stronger and more pleasurable ejaculation.

FoodState’s Lots of Libido has a number of herbal aphrodisiacs known to increase sexual desire and improve performance in males and females. It also increases vitality and boosts energy levels as well as promoting circulation, a key factor in erectile dysfunction

Feelgood Health Iqawe for Men 50ml ... R102

QUESTION I'm 31, been with my hubby for 15 years and have 2 beautiful daughters. For the past 2 - 3 years I've had a decrease in sexual lbido. It has actually become so bad that my husband and I argue about it constantly. I really don't know why. I love him to bits and enjoy it when we are active, but I just can't get myself to initiate or feel excited about it. It's become more of a duty than anything else. Please can you let me know if I can drink any medication

products to boost your mood

Serenagen is a classic herbal stress management formula used in traditional Chinese medicine to nourish and quiet the heart.

Foodstate Lots of Libido 60tabs...


G.I. Lean Reduce fat and preserve lean muscle with this high biological value protein content. It has essential amino acids required to build lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle in the body invigorates metabolism, helping to burn excess fat. Low glycaemic carbohydrate helps stabilise blood sugar and insulin levels, promoting greater energy and fat burning . Natural oat and apple fibres support intestinal and cardiovascular health.

G.I. Lean Hunger Buster Tea 40bags .... Fat Burn Kit ........................... Morning Kick Start 60caps......

R4995 R36995 R11995

Feel-Full Nightfibre 60caps............................ R11995 10 Day Weight Loss Booster 30caps............................. R7995

Dr. Boxall's A natural product to combat anxiety, depression and stress, creating emotional balance without sedation. Also shown to boost libido and regulate sleeping patterns. BOOST LIBIDO, IMPROVE MEMORY & MOTIVATION Avena Sativa helps improve overall mental fitness and has been shown to positively affect the activity of brain enzymes related to mental health. Studies confirm that Avena Sativa interacts with brain structures and neurotransmitters used in cognition, memory and motivation. It boasts a dual activity profile on MAO-B and PDE 4 displayed in its ability to mediate a strengthening and balancing effect on the brain and mind. Use it as a preventative or supportive measure. MAO B is known to be responsible for metabolizing dopamine. It is also known to boost libido. Sceletium is known to have a balancing effect on other feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and non adrenaline.

This is a seasonal revival tonic specifically formulated to eliminate toxins from the body. It contains Dandelion and Burdock root, Artichoke, Nettle, Dandelion leaf, Cleavers and Acacia Honey.

New and improved Tribulus Synergy provides premium Ayurvedic herbal support for healthy male sexual function, vitality, and stamina—all in one formula.

Viridian Organic Equinox Elixir 50ml ... R162

Metagenics Tribulus Synergy 60tabs ... R277

Apart from all the other benefits, according to Psychiatry department researchers at the University of Sheffield UK, Omega’s help alleviate the symptoms of depression, bipolar and psychosis.

Patrick Holford’s Mood Food provides nutrients which play synergistic roles in brain function and may support nervous system activity. It includes Tyrosine which is used by the brain to manufacture dopamine; TMG and other methyl donors also support production of neurotransmitters; 5-HTP is a precursor to the vital neurotransmitter serotonin

Omegachoice Oudorless Bulk Tub 240's ... R15995

Emerge from a Spine Align bath feeling like a totally different person. Essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, lavender and palmyrosa assist with painful joints and stiff muscles relieving both body and mind.

Patrick Holford Mood Food 90tabs ...


Spine Align Bath Salts ...


Dr. Boxall's Sceletium Tortuosum with Avena Sativa 30caps... R139 everything you need to live life well


livewell green living







LISTENING TO MUSIC Studies have shown that music can bring the brain into a soaring state of euphoric bliss. Sound has amazing power. We live in a vibrating universe with everything in a continuous state of resonance. Because our bodies are largely comprised of water we are significantly influenced by sound and vibration (sound travels almost 5 time faster through water than air). Every organ, bone and tissue in the body has its own unique frequency that makes up our own personal vibrating rate. Through resonance, a vibration can set another vibration in motion and our organs can actually be soothed by certain vibrations. Filling your world with beautiful sound has a positive impact on your state of bliss. Get hold of some music and just push play.

"Meditation, chanting and

visualisation enable the brain to access an alpha state bringing immense calm."

It’s a chemical thing….. After orgasm, both men and women release the chemicals oxytocin, prolactin, gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), and endorphins that flood the body with a feel-good relaxation effect. The same chemicals are released in a romantic hug or cuddle. Statistics show that people who have regular sex have fewer health issues, are happier and live longer. Keep your libido in top form by loving your body, exercising and getting the right nutrition. If you don’t have a partner in your life, activate oxytocin by hugging your pet.

Part of living life well is enjoying the blissful things in life. We quizzed as many people as we could on what makes them feel blissful.

C did you know? Service and helping others is an excellent way to break out of a state of lethargy or depression. Find a cause and do something positive for your community. 16

hocolate, said one; being barefoot on the grass, said another; a baby chameleon walking over my belly button; running through a field; dancing until I’m dizzy; a head massage; sex (said many); singing at the top of my voice; banking a huge cheque; eating halva ice-cream, Omega-3 fatty acids (yes, someone really said that), bunji jumping; meditating….

more of it? Although so many things were mentioned - like playing with children, dancing, drumming, hot showers, having an intense conversation, good news, Spa treatments, controlled breathing and yoga, here are some of the most mentioned blissful experiences.

Whatever it is – this is our Bliss Issue and we urge you to follow your bliss. It’s all part of living life well. Author Terry Cole-Whittaker says, “Bliss is the intrinsic nature of every soul.” Bliss is heavenly. Who doesn’t want

ways to follow your bliss >

everything you need to live life well


green living

CURLING UP WITH A GOOD BOOK Complete relaxation, lying in a hammock or on the bed with the sun streaming through and escaping in a book is the kind of contented pleasure that sinks into your bones. The same goes for afternoon naps. Part of the effect comes from removing yourself from busyness and entering a state of ‘being’ as opposed to ‘doing’ or achieving. It is also an excellent counter activity to a world that seems to move much too fast and induces stress.



Follow your bliss


WALKING IN NATURE A huge proportion of people get high on nature. Some say the high comes from increased oxygen in the air, others feel harmony in natural order; still others feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of creation. John Muir says, “When one is immersed in nature, the body vanishes and the freed soul goes abroad.” Perhaps expanding our sense of identity beyond our physical body and ego brings on a state of bliss. Saint Teresa of Avila said, “The soul in its ecstatic state grasps in an instant more truth than can be arrived at by months, or even years, of painstaking thought and study.” One moment of deeply entering into Nature can inspire new attitudes and priorities in life that would take years to develop. Hiking in the mountains is a sure way to experience pleasure.

Imagine, a slither of delicious dark chocolate right now about to enter your mouth…does that make your mouth water? The sight, the smell—even the sound of the word chocolate can stimulate the reward-and-pleasure circuits of the brain, activating memory centers and salivary glands as well. Scientists are using sophisticated brain-imaging technology to understand how the temptation of delicious food can overwhelm the body's built-in mechanism to regulate hunger and fullness. Simply seeing pictures of tempting food can light up the pleasure-seeking areas of the brain. Eat the treats you love in a healthy form or eat a small amount of something decadent using an enhanced savouring experience to limit the amount.

PRAYING OR MEDITATING Research shows prayer, visualisation and meditation has a remarkable effect in changing the biological activity of physical organisms. A connection to a higher source enables an experience of one’s true blissful nature. Some experience a deep intrinsic connection with the world or union with God. An awareness of the sacred induces feelings of calm, elation or bliss. Meditation, chanting and visualisation enable the brain to access an alpha state bringing immense calm.



green living product guide

Live Intimately with life Go barefoot and when you walk, feel the ground beneath your feet, when you breathe, feel the air rushing into your lungs. When you look, see the minute detail in nature’s miracle. How much euphoria you are able to experience will come from your ability to be absorbed by the moment. Take a moment to let your dreams linger when you wake up, feel the drops of water on your skin when you shower. Consistent awareness of your surroundings brings you into the present moment and gives your life the rich quality of being lived in.

We asked Wellness Warehouse Dietician and Consultant, Melissa Gomes how she lives life blissfully? Melissa: I make time to do my favourite things. Talking and laughing with my special people. Sitting on the beach in the late afternoon, enjoying the last few rays. Getting into bed early and losing myself in a good book.


Do as the title says and cook up a feast. Full of ideas on how to serve party food from bites and starters, to special main courses, buffets and bowl parties, Italian food, summer in the garden, desserts and tea when there is a crowd. It also includes a wealth of information on preparing, planning and serving a feast, setting the scene and shortcuts and cheats.

Here we have the ultimate cheat. Montezuma chocolate contains a high cacao content that not only tastes amazing but adds anti-oxidant activity as well. Try it out: Dark chocolate with chilli. What could be more blissful? Chilli combined with natural raw cacao is sure to trigger your endorphins.

Mary Berry & Lucy Young Cook Up A Feast R300

Montezuma's R44.95 Assorted Slabs 100g



Breathe in some fresh air and go for a walk with muscle toning Fitflops. This is a new version of leather sandal with buckle.

Incense has been used throughout the world for 6 000 years. One of the original intents was to transfer the life energy of the tree to the recipient. Burn Maroma incense and you will feel this has been achieved. Herbs, balsamic resins and fragrances are all combined to give you an uplifting and blissful experience. For a real treat watch and see how incense is made. Kalki Incense Sticks each R38

Fitflops Hooper Toffee Tan R749

Maroma Cedarwood Reed Diffuser each R325

Yes Feel much more sexy.Yes Lubricants combine all the power of a high performance premium lubricant with all the security of a certified organic product. Enhance intimacy with a velvety glide which intensifies sensation. This lubricant is created from reassuringly pure, natural and organic ingredients. Yes Organic Lubricants Water-Based Lubricant 25ml R7995 Oil-Based Lubricant 25ml R7995 Water-Based Lubricant 75ml R16295 Oil-Based Lubricant 75ml R16295

Amipro By this stage we know that taking an Omega 3 should be part of your daily routine. This ultra Omega 3 from Amipro is of the highest quality. Amipro R228.50 Ultra Omega 60's


Cook Up A Feast

everything you need to live life well

Seventh Generation Onaka & Bloom Onaka & Bloom's exclusive range of body care products has an amazing men's range. Products are earth friendly, locally designed and manufactured and include natural and organic ingredients. The effect is irrisistable. Onaka & Bloom South African Earthly Essentials Man Body Lotion R75 Conditioner R97.95 Shampoo R97.95

Badger We love this Badger product, what a good idea to have an anti-bug and sunscreen in one tube. While protecting your face you automatically repel bugs. It is perfect for picnics, camping, braais and on the beach.

Monitor your environment by eliminating all potential toxins. Now is the perfect time to make the switch to a biodegradable cleaning range without damaging chemicals. Seventh Generation is doing their bit to safeguard the environment up to the seventh generation and uses fruit acids as the effective ingredient in their cleaning agents. Seventh Generation Kitchen Bags Tall R59.95 Glass & Surface Cleaner R35 Natural Kitchen Cleaner R49.95 Carpet Cleaner R49.95




Badger SPF30 Anti-Bug Sunscreen R200 SPF30+ Sunscreen R200 SPF15 Sunscreen R200



Jogging - jogging can be done anywhere. No need for expensive equipment. As long as weather permits, you can jog along the promenade, on the beach, in the vineyards, even through your street close to home. Looking after your own safety is essential, jog in a group if need be.

manifestation of bliss try exercising outdoors"

exercise can make you high

by Sharni Quinn wellness ambassador

‘Bliss’ is not something that can be bought or possessed. We cannot earn bliss or acquire it – we can only open our hearts and allow ourselves to experience it.

Begin every morning with a positive intention and set the tone for your day. Award yourself focus and inspiration with good vibrations to carry you through. 20

fitness, sleep & massage

Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD R99

Core Fusion Bootcamp DVD


Core Fusion creators Fred DeVito and Elisabeth Halfpapp are responsible for getting thousands of people into shape. Using your own body weight as resistance, five 10-minute workouts build a strong core, develop washboard abs, give you better posture, and shape a tighter, firmer backside.

Cycling - Life doesn’t get better then when you are catapulting down a hill with a gorgeous view in the distance. Swap your spinning sessions for a mountain or road bike. Get out there and experience some exhilaration.

"For a perfect

set an intention


Hiking - Hiking gets a big thumbs up. Being entirely engrossed in beautiful surroundings makes you forget you are exercising. Aim for long hikes through the mountains with a half way picnic stop and natural spring skinny dip. Alternatively take a power walk through the forest – make sure you are prepared and preferably not alone.

fitness, sleep & massage


or a perfect manifestation of bliss try exercising outdoors; choose a beautiful surrounding and bask in the beauty. Feel the sun softly kiss your skin as you walk along the promenade, experience a gentle breeze through your hair as you cycle through the forest or take deep breaths as you flow through a yoga routine on the beach. Whatever your exercise of choice, shed your winter perspective and take your training outside. Research shows enormous benefits to mental and physical well-being from activity conducted out in the open. Training in nature improves everything you need to live life well

your mood and boosts self-esteem, often gets faster results from varied terrain and boosts your oxygen levels. It frees you from costly gym contracts and varies your visual surroundings offering diversity – a great motivator.

Swimming - Swimming accelerates your heart rate, tones your legs and arms and relieves stress. Not only that, but it is non-weight bearing and easy on your joints. A swim in the sea is complete ecstasy. If this is not an option, find a dam, lake or outdoor pool and mark those lengths.

Wellness Speed Skipping Rope

R4995 each

Get fit fast with a high energy skipping session. This rope is designed for speed and has easy moving rotation from the handles.

Wellness Skipping Rope with foam handles

R6995 each

If you prefer foam handles this is the rope for you.

In essence…. nothing compares to moving your body in amongst sounds of waves crashing, birds singing, trees rustling and smells of crisp clean air. … absolute pure bliss!

yoga Experiencing Yoga in nature is somewhat more challenging than practicing in a studio. You no longer have the strength of a wooden floor but have fresh grass or uneven beach sand underneath you which is tricky when it comes to balancing postures. Think of nature as the ‘natural floorboards’ providing

Vibram Five Fingers Speed

R1399 each

For an extra special connection to the earth wear these snug fitting barefoot shoes. Five Fingers allow feet to be protected and stimulated at the same time.

Powercore Exercise Ball 45cm

R11995 each

Make your workout effective and exciting with a powercore exercise ball that develops balance and core strength.

the perfect support to inspire difficult postures. Especially those like the headstand or handstand.

Enhance your training routine, find your bliss and have some fun with our outdoor training suggestions.


Desi Yoga For Beginners

R109 each

This DVD is a fabulous start to yoga with well described movements. Dessi Bartlett is an excellent guide with perfect alignment and presentation.

Polly & Sophies' An Introduction to Gym

R119 each

A beautifully presented workout by twins Polly and Sophie, showing enthusiasm and expert moves bound to inspire the most reluctant exercise participant.



lovewell movewell

eco mom & baby

eco mom & baby fitness, sleep & massage

WHEN WE PLAY Research shows our greatest most joyous moments are those when we are immersed in what psychologists refer to as a state of flow. We experience flow when we are doing things that utterly absorb us; things that we love. Psychiatrist and writer Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has identified some of the feelings we experience in the flow state:

Playing connects us to others and to sources of energy and excitement within ourselves

Involvement: Complete focus and concentration, from innate curiosity or as the result of training. Delight: A sense of bliss and positive detachment from everyday reality. Clarity: Great inner clarity and a built-in understanding about the activity we are involved in. Confidence: An innate sense that the activity is doable and you have the skills required Serenity: A sense of peace and absence of worry Timeliness: Thorough focus on the present and a lack of attention to the passing of time. Motivation: Intrinsic understanding about what needs to be done and a desire to keep the moment moving. "What do most Nobel Laureates, innovative entrepreneurs, artists and performers, well-adjusted children, happy couples and families, and the most successfully adapted mammals have in common? They play enthusiastically throughout their lives." Stuart Brown, Institute of Play

Plum Organic Superfoods for Babies Stage1 & Up Puree R15.95 Stage 2 Meal R22.95 Spelt Fingers R29.95 Plum baby food is always certified organic, made with care, always nutrient rich, no icky stuff, BPA-free packaging and friendly to the earth

Badger Baby Oil

R180 118ml

Care for your offspring with 100% natural, safe and soothing Badger Baby Oil formulated with moisturizing oils and calming herbs to nurture and protect delicate baby skin.

Tolo Bert The Ladybird

R12995 each

Colour, texture and shape help children develop sensory skills. It also stimulates imagination and encourages story telling.

play ideas Swing in a hammock, make a short movie with your cell phone, have pillow fights, write a combined story,

Big belly laughs alternate with shrieks of pleasure – the kids are smearing mulberries all over each other, on their clothes, in their hair, ears, legs, toes, belly buttons…nothing seems to escape the dark purple tattoo. They are outside for hours and hours. They are playing.

one person writes a line and each successive person contributes a sentence that follows on, use body paint, play soccer, create a fort in the living room, put up a tent in the garden, build sand castles, have a scavenger hunt, make puzzles or mazes to solve, create a scrapbook or blog, play music using makeshift instruments (kitchen utensils work well), make

did you know? Play is an antidote to loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression. Vigorous play triggers a mix of endorphins that lift the spirit. It distracts us from the burdens of life and from pain and fear. 22


n the bittersweet journey that makes up parenting: the love, the heartache, the joy, the worry and everything else in between, children teach us many valuable lessons. Besides patience (the biggie that everyone mentions) they teach us to be present and to play. Playing connects us to others and to sources of energy and excitement within ourselves. It is creative and instinctive simultaneously stimulating the brain and body. We become more inventive, flexible, resilient, solution oriented and very importantly – happy.

everything you need to live life well

Financial worries often make it difficult to relax and trust the flow of abundance, we feel guilty about engaging in an activity that seems indulgent yet… play is fundamental to creativity, joy, and many genius moments, brainwaves and revelations are released during the state of relaxation that play offers.

30+ play ideas >

play dough, set up a foefie slide into the pool, press

Spry Baby Banana Brush & Tooth Gel




Baby banana brush is a soft and flexible training brush. Use this brush with the banana flavoured Tooth Gel, sweetened exclusively with 100% xylitol.

Spry R12995 Pacifier with Gel & Spray 60ml If you struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth, the Spry Pacifier with Tooth Gel and Spray will change everything. This is a delicious all-natural gel for application on the gums and teeth.

flowers, learn magic tricks, make a scrap book with family pictures, fly kites, write letters and post them, roast marshmallows, have a water pistol fight, collect insects, take photographs of nature, make up your own board game or crossword, make up a trivia game using facts about family members, make decorations and stick them up around the house, play with shadow puppets, make a comic book, blow bubbles, tell ghost stories in the dark, play dress up, learn to juggle, build paper airplanes and race them. Revive some of the old favourites like Hide-&-Seek, Cops & Robbers, Cowboys & Indians, Three legged Races & Obstacle Courses.

Happy Baby Organic Puffs

R4295 each

This unique range of feeding products work together to make life easier for families on the go. Each product within this feeding range is specifically designed to promote babies development to independent feeding.


PURE & NATURAL SUN PROTECTION When it comes to your skin, ask for maximum protection in a formula that is natural and harm-free YES • 100% ingredients from natural origin • Extracts from organic agriculture • Dermatologically and microbiologically tested at the University of Ferrara in Italy • Nickel, chromium and cobalt tested to avoid any risk of skin allergies

NO • Preservatives and colouring agents • Foaming aggressive agents (SLS/SLES) • Animal testing (ingredients and final product) • GMO or synthetic additives or colourants • Dioxin or Polar solvents (propylene glycol, alcohol etc) • Rather than using chemical or synthetic filters  natur&sun products use the power of seaweed for filtering harmful sun rays

Natur&Sun High Protection Baby 150ml SPF 50+ R254

Natur&Sun High Protection 150ml SPF 30 R254

Natur&Sun Medium Protection 150ml SPF 20 R254

Natur&Sun After Sun Emulsion 150ml

Suitable for children’s sensitive skin and delicate areas, this cream is the ideal protection against harmful effects of the sun. It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays while maintaining the hydrolipidic balance of the skin.

Ideal protection during prolonged sunbathing protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays and slowing down the ageing effects of exposure. While nourishing and moisturising, it gives your skin brightness and luminosity.

For a prolonged, smooth tan suitable for all skin types. While moisturising and revitalising your skin it provides relief from the heat thanks to active ingredients Aloe, Blackcurrant and Pot Marigold.

Main Active ingredients: Porphyria Umbilicalis, Coralline Alga, Alga Litotamnio, Cranberry, Rice Oil, Cockscomb Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

Main Active Ingredients: Porphyria Umbilicalis, Coralline Alga, Cranberry, Cockscomb, PlantO3

Suitable for normal and sun-resistant skins and ideal for long exposure to the sun. While your skin is gently tanned, this cream protects from UVA and UVB rays. It also provides moisture and nourishment, prevents wrinkle formation, and offers a healthy glow. Main Active ingredients: Porphyria Umbilicalis, Coralline Alga, Cockscomb, Red, White and Green Tea Oil, PlantO3

Products made in Italy

Main Active Ingredients: Red, White and Green Tea, Blackcurrant, Pot Marigold, Aloe, Jojoba, PlantO3



beauty & wellspa

beauty & wellspa


anine Garner sets the scene for a home Spa experience destined to turn on your bliss buttons without blowing your budget. All you need is a few basic tools.

SPA = RELAXATION + WELLBEING + GOOD HEALTH Spa rituals and body treatments indulge all the senses and can send you into a state of euphoric bliss. Feeling blissful immediately mops up stress, it kick-starts all sorts of important endorphins and provides an allover health boost.



A relaxed mind brings about a relaxed body. To maximise your home Spa experience, create a soothing atmosphere and keep your mind clear of negative thoughts. Burning scented candles and aromatherapy oils will calm you and candlelight improves room ambience. While silence can be a great way to ease the mind, music has the power to change your mood completely and switch your mind to relaxation mode. The right melodies can help melt away stresses and drown out distracting sounds.


everything you need to live life well

One of the best ways to de-stress or ease tired muscles is to relax in a warm bath. Amp up your standard bath ritual by transforming it into a luxury pampering session. For an extra steamy start, run the water with the door closed. Add rose petals and aromatic oils or bath salt. Pour a glass of lemon and mint water or make some herbal tea to drink while you soak. Put on a face mask and hair mask. Support your



FACE VALUE Salt Therapy

Facials are an instant pick-me-up for radiant and revitalised result. A Spainspired home facial is simple and can be quick. First cleanse your face with your favourite cleanser, use upward circular movements to cover the whole area. Follow with a gentle exfoliator (oats are a good natural option). Next soak a soft towel in warm chamomile tea, wring it out and leave it covering your face and neck until it cools. Apply a hydrating facial mask (include your neck). Soothe tired eyes with a slice of cucumber over each eye. Relax for at least 10 minutes. Remove the mask with a dampened cloth or cotton wool, splash your face with cold water or use a toner to close the pores. Finish off with a quality moisturiser.


Salt is undergoing a revival with salt rooms and caves becoming the latest addition to trendy Spas. The benefit: Medical studies reveal that salt inhalation is beneficial for people with certain respiratory illnesses and skin conditions like acne.


Oxygen Bars

This trend first originated in Japan and involves inhaling unscented or aromatic oxygen. High oxygen content is believed to rejuvenate, increase energy levels and reduce stress.

Alcohol Infused Treatments Spas have more alcohol on offer, but not to drink Champagne, wine and beer are used to smooth skin, stimulate blood flow and control the effects of ageing.


by Janine Garner

Home Spa

neck with a rolled up face cloth or hand towel and drift away. After allowing yourself time to soak and relax, use a loofah or body scrub to gently exfoliate your skin. Dry off, moisturise using scented oils or cream and wrap up in a plush bathrobe.

Since it’s the start of the summer season, your feet are going to be exposed a lot more and a pedicure is definitely in order. Fill a small tub with warm water, sea salt, and a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil. Place both your feet into the water and soak for about 15 – 20 minutes. After soaking, use a foot scrub to cleanse and exfoliate. For stubborn areas, use a pumice stone on dry heels. Rinse, dry off and use massage movements to moisturise with a scented cream. Cut your nails straight across using sharp clippers, separate your toes with balls of cotton wool and paint your toenails a happy summer colour.

for bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454 Cavendish 021 673 7223 Plattekloof 021 558 7106 for information on wellspa offerings please visit 27


Aromatic Apothecary

beauty & wellspa

your 'must have' product guide Essie



Cleanliness is next to Godliness, or so they say. Try it out with beautiful soap bars infused with cool mint to feel refreshed or lavender and vanilla to feel nurtured.

Give someone you love a surprise massage with this special blend of aromatherapy oils. Aphrodisia contains heavenly fragrances sure to put you in a state of bliss. Set the scene with the Silent Moments room spray.

Be More You Be courageous enough to express who you really are. In the process learn to love yourself more. Live a life you feel good about, one that upholds your values; identifies your needs and expresses your unique attributes. Spending time with yourself and practicing self care is a way to honour yourself.

MY Manicure

Essie Ejuvenate Show off beautiful manicured hands after using Essie Natural hand products. No need to visit a Salon, you can do all this at home. Clip, trim and shape. Everything you need for shaping beautiful nails. Suitable for manicure and pedicures. Essie Ejuvenate Hydro-Therapy Hand Revitalizer 113g R203 Essie Ejuvenate Advanced Radiance Hand Treatment 54g R213 Eclips 3 Way Nail Shaper R31.95

MY Manicure Set Pink R69.95 MY Manicure Set White R150


MY Manicure Having a manicure set will inspire you to pay attention to your hands. Nail damage like splitting, tearing and chipping can be prevented with regular care. It is also important to push back cuticles and trim around the nail bed. While you are at it, give your hands a massage to encourage blood circulation, suppleness and flexibility of hands and wrist.

Soil Soy Wax Melts Lavender R40 Ylang Ylang R40


Maroma Spa

Do your Christmas shopping now. Everybody loves Antjies. This combination of bath products sends a message of nurturing care for someone special and is the perfect gift to have on hand. Antjies products are hand crafted and made with love.

Adding fragrance to your environment can change your mood and enhance your memories. Burning a fragranced candle, using a diffuser or lighting incense are three excellent ways to stimulate your olfactory sense. Incense in particular creates a contemplative mindset and sets the scene for the kind of introspection and meditation that result in bliss. Maroma’s Happy Heart incense has been blended with resins and fragrances from India.

Antjies Footbath Salts 1kg R39.95 Bath Milk Bottle R79.95 Bath Milk Tin R59.95

O.P.I Research shows a surprising number of people regard feet as highly important when sizing up a potential mate. Besides that, feet do so much for us and should be given top priority in the nurturing department. Soak them well and file off all dead skin and calluses. O.P.I. Callous File R247 O.P.I. Double Coverage Lotion R231

Soil Citrus Essential Oils


Bergamot is uplifting, refreshing and restoring, Bergamot is also helpful for colds, flu, PMS and nervous digestive complains. Grapefruit has a postitive, uplifting effect and is a great addition to anti cellulite blends because of its toning and astringent effects. Lime is uplifting and energising. It banishes fatigue and refreshes a tired mind. Lemon oil is cleansing and energising. It is excellent for clearing cigarette smoke or unpleasant smells from a room. Mandarin is gentle and refreshing oil great for stretch marks, gastric complaints and has a calming soothing effect on children helping relieve tummy upsets. Sweet Orange is refreshing and rejuvenating, helping to clear the mind and increase well-being.

Esse is a range of skincare products committed to ensuring that all inputs are at least 99.5 % natural with a uncommonly large portion of that being organic. None of their products contain any harsh synthetic chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde-based preservatives, neither do they contain petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or phthalates.

Soil Organic Bergamot 10ml R90 Soil Grapefruit 10ml R60 Soil Organic Lime 10ml R70 Soil Organic Lemon 10ml R40 Soil Mandarin 10ml R55 Soil Organic Sweet Orange 10ml R35


Spray & Spritzer R60 Aphrodisia Bath & Massage Oil 60ml R67

SOiL soy wax melts are made using the finest quality soy wax and SOiL organic essential oils. They make the perfect all natural room aroma. Pure soy wax melts are healthier for you and the environment and so easy to use too!

everything you need to live life well

Giovanni Bathe Bar Soap Cool Mint R116 Bathe Bar Soap Lavender Vanilla R116

Maroma Spa Happy Heart Votive Candle R125 Happy Heart Incense R45 Jasmine Diffuser R325

Esse Eye & Lip Cream R210 Esse Serum R230 Esse Deep Moisturiser R290 Esse Body Oil R290 Esse Cream Cleanser from R150 Esse Repair Oil R210 Esse Gel Cleanser from R130



green living product guide



Visit our brand new Green Living shop for total inspiration on living with the earth in mind. Recycling, upcycling, re-using, reducing energy use and wastage and raising awareness by giving a green gift are some of the ways you can engage. Eco-friendly home improvements and supporting sustainable materials are displayed in a range of beautiful products. Come and see for yourself.




Enhance your living space at the same time as supporting community and upcoming entrepreneurs

A beautifully fragranced, chemical free home

Teach your loved ones the basics of

• • • • • •

A selection of hand crafted products using reclaimed and upcycled materials Beautiful local woven pillows and throws Energy saving and solar powered gadgets Trendy enviro friendly carrier bags Local hand- made crockery 100% recycled stationery

• •

Green cleaning products-non-toxic and biodegradable. Environmentally safer cleaning products used for household cleaning Water purification and energy saving appliances

Beading kits and ‘make your own’ jewellery Plush hand- made toys from sustainable forestry and non-toxic paint Environmentally friendly and safe toys-using recycled milk containers



Grow a conscious garden, make it edible and carbon converting)

Wear what Mother Nature intended

Give someone special the ultimate

• • • • •

Gorgeous living décor that is low maintenance and long living Plant your own Spekboom and contribute to a carbon neutral footprint Worm farms Seeds and sprouters Garden accessories

Feel natural fibres next to your body with a selection of hemp and bamboo clothing

Klone Crockery

green living from an early age



The Garden Canvas

Design Africa

The Natural Company

Quiver Designs

guilt-free gift • • •

Eco friendly jewellery Hand-made ceramics and china 100% woollen slippers

new green living concept store

Opening November

Wellness Green Living

at Lifestyles on Kloof Centre opposite Wellness Warehouse Green Toys

green living 30

everything you need to live life well

is dedicated to offering

natural & eco-conscious products for an earth-friendly lifestyle 31


It all starts with an action! It all starts with YOU!


CTICC 18 - 20 November 2011

events & workshops

Free Yoga Class


Sharni Quinn, one of our Wellness Ambassadors, will be sharing ancient Yogic wisdom on how to create a strong, toned, flexible body as well as a de-stressed, calm and peaceful mind.

Two Ways To Open Your Heart

Join Sharni Quinn for a morning Yoga Workshop focusing on de-stressing techniques and how to manage stress in a healthy, holistic and positive way.

Date: Saturday, 12th November 2011

We all know how our life experience has taught us to be cautious – especially with our feelings. If we build a wall around our hearts to protect them, we also keep out all the good things that come our way.

Place: Wellness Warehouse Events Space

If you could choose to feel blissful again, would you really? Might you not be a bit afraid that something painful might also pop in to spoil the party?

Places are limited so please contact Sharni Quinn to book – 071 954 2816 or

50 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Time: 9-10:30am

Our minds and bodies remember the past and try to avoid the same feelings in the future, but we tend to shut parts of ourselves down to do this. When parts of us are shut down, we can’t feel everything we’re supposed to, including true bliss. By identifying the parts of us we shut down, by listening to what they’re trying to tell us, and by loving them back to life, one by one, we will become open enough to experience bliss again.

Yoga for Stress Relief Workshop

Come join us for a Free ‘Introduction to Yoga’ session at Wellness Warehouse.

Read Glenn's montly column on our blog

Cost: FREE

The workshop includes a Hatha Yoga class, breathing and meditation techniques and Yogic tools to relieve stress and anxiety.

Date: Saturday 26th November 2011 Venue: Wellness Warehouse Events Space

50 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Time: 9am-12pm Cost: R295 Please contact Sharni Quinn to book – 071 954 2816 or

Join Glenn-Douglas Haig for a 2-hour workshop hosted by Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, and empower yourself with tools for a more peaceful life. Date Time Cost Venue

Saturday 19th November 2011 11h00 to 13h00 R50 per person Wellness Warehouse Events Space

1st floor, Lifestyle Centre, Kloof street, Gardens

For bookings & enquiries, kindly email Tel. 021 801 3778

Join our studio classes or teacher training programme to embark on an empowering physical journey. We cater for all ages, levels & genders. 021 4248915 ADVERTISE HERE

Wellness directory is a community notice board for you to post your ad If you are offering a wellness service like massage or healing, need someone to work out with, looking for a therapy room, wanting to share accommodation with a like minded person, or any similar service this is the perfect place for you to tell others.

workshops classes healing therapies green services Spas Products Practitioners For advertising queries email

HOST YOUR EVENTS at the events area at Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street. Use this convenient location for your talks, workshops and demonstrations. For enquiries contact Candice on Tel: 021 418 1222

green living new concept store

Opening November at Lifestyles on Kloof Centre opposite Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Green Living is dedicated to offering

natural & eco-conscious products

SPEKBOOM is an incredible carbon converting plant. We're givining away a Spekboom to the first 500 Wellness Card holders who spend R1000 or more.

for an earth-friendly lifestyle STORE LOCATIONS Wellness Warehouse Kloof

Wellness Select Wembley Square

Lifestyles on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town 021 487 5420 Warehouse Kloof Wellness

021 461Warehouse 3775 Wellness Cavendish

Wellness Select Cape Quarter Wellness Select Cape Quarter

Wellness Select Tygervalley Wellness Select Plattekloof

Cape Quarter, Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town Cape Quarter, Somerset Road, De Waterkant, Cape Town 021 425 4707 021 425 4707

Tygervalley Centre, Belville, Cape Town Plattekloof Village, Plattekloof, Cape Town 021 914 0212881 558 7106

Wellness Select Palmyra Wellness Select Palmyra Palmyra Junction, Claremont, Cape Town

0860 life/548 3543 0860 live live life/548 3543

this mini magazine is printed on Sappi Recycled Paper

Wembley Square, Gardens, Cape Town

Cavendish Square, Cnr. Dreyer & Main Rd, Claremont, Lifestyles on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town Wellness Select Seapoint Wellness Cape Town 021 480 9500 Warehouse Cavendish Cavendish Square, Cnr. Dreyer & Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town021 673Piazza 7229 Da Luz Mall, Seapoint, Cape Town 021 434 0460 021 673 7200

Palmyra Junction, Claremont, Cape Town 021 671 2363 021 671 2363


Product Promotions


Product Promotions