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PUSH YOUR HAPPY BUTTONS Ingredients for happiness


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Happiness October 2013 FREE AT WELLNESS STORES R10 (incl. VAT) OUTSIDE WELLNESS STORES Offers valid from Tuesday 1 October until Thursday 31 October ‘13. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E.&O.E.

range of herbal teas

flowers, leaves & spices We have sourced the best ingredients from nature to bring you tea of the highest quality with great flavours to match. Choose from: Rooibos; Rooibos & Vanilla; Rooibos, Chamomile & Mint; Rooibos & Orange Spice; Rooibos & Chai; Rooibos & Buchu; Ginger & Lemongrass; and Green Tea. All our Rooibos is organically certified, ethically Own Brand Own Brand Own Brand Own Brand Own Brand sourced and locally blended. Each box contains 20 unbleached tea bags easy to brew and ready in minutes. Person Resp.



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Wellness Warehouse Green Tea_Wellness Carton Warehouse Rooibos, Wellness Warehouse Rooibos & Version: 001/06-06-2012 Chamomile & Mint_ Carton Chai_ Carton Version: 001/06-06-2012 Version: 001/06-06-2012

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steep for 3 minutes and enjoy!


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Do you feel your current probiotic

is falling short? Get the targeted

results you need! With Metagenics

UltraFlora! Maintained in the fridge from manufacturer to consumer Potency ranges from 10-60 billion live organisms through date of expiry

Metagenics UltraFlora has 9 distinct formulas for Various Conditions

UltraFlora Balance

UltraFlora Immune Health

UltraFlora Synergy

UltraFlora Advanced

UltraFlora Childrens

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UltraFlora Intensive Care

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With Immunoglobulins

With Prebiotics

With Prebiotics & Immunoglobulins

Chewable grape flavour

Multidimensional for Intestine & Immune

Irritable Bowel – Bloating & Cramping

Bowel distress – Travel, post antibiotic

Recurring GI pain




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Depending on the manufacturing source, probiotics can vary significantly in potency, efficacy, and predicted safety. And specific strains can have very different effects on health. The Metagenics UltraFlora line makes it simple with 9 distinct formulas to meet individual needs. More importantly—the purity, clinical reliability, and predicted safety of our formulas are guaranteed through the scientific identification of strains with established health benefits

E X C L U S I V E D I S T R I B U T O R A N D A F F I L I A T E O F T H E F O L L O W I N G:


Available at your healthcare provider, pharmacy or contact us at Amipro today!

publisher's letter Finally summer has come and with it our Happiness issue. Just being able to step outside into nature is already a great moodlifter. The sun is also going to bed later, which seems to extend the day a bit and add more energy. This edition is filled with information and facts – in Eat Well, we make it easier for you to whip up something wholesome, as long as you have the right basics in your fridge and pantry. We also highlight the food offerings of some of the self proclaimed happiest people in the world – the Hare Krishna’s. In Be Well, we explore the very effective therapy sweeping the nation – Emotional Freedom Technique. So much great feedback has come from this technique with many people feeling more calm and in touch with themselves. We also look at how you can boost your mood-enhancing endorphins. We briefly touch on cancer cures and whether or not you really do have a choice other than chemotherapy. In Live Well, we delve into the World Happiness Report and discover that happiness is subjective, but attainable. We also researched the benefits of communal living and looked at the new trends emerging world-wide of co-housing as a way to build better communities. There’s nothing quite so wonderful as having your faithful dog greet you with frenetic tail wagging when you return from work – we uncover the health benefits of pet ownership and how they can boost your mood. In Move Well, we’ve featured Biodanza – a form of dance movement that makes you feel you can fly. A highly energetic form of dance, it’s definitely one that will increase your joy hugely, boosting all the right brain chemicals to put you on a beautiful, natural high. In Love Well, we give you an overview on fertility and how to naturally raise your levels if you want to become a parent. Finally, in Look Well, we look at the common and consuming issue of teeth – why we dream they’re falling out and how to ensure our smile is always as bright as it can be. We also chatted to a variety of people about their favourite and most relaxing spa treatments.

contents 12 11 18 22 28 38

As you read through these pages and as the sun remains longer and longer in the sky, I hope you can find the happy spaces in your heart and learn to nurture yourself and others with joy.


Yours in happiness Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder

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We belong to HSASA. Members of the HSASA adhere to a Constitution and Code of Practice that ensures that their stores provide responsible information and products to their customers. HSASA is a body that strives to uplift the health shop industry by ensuring responsible and ethical practices to meet the needs of their customers. To encourage trust and confidence in their practices when engaging with their customers.  To ensure that all owners and employees have adequate training and education.


EDITORIAL PANEL PUBLISHER: Dr. Sean Gomes EDITOR: Robyn Wilkinson DESIGN & ILLUSTRATIONS: Inge Smit & Lizanne Smit LIFE COACH: Glenn-Douglas Haig ADVERTISING & DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES: Sue Dall, cell: 084 707 4477 Rouxmia Bougas, cell: 082 381 4439 HEALTH ADVISOR & PHARMACIST: Felicia Rubin DIETITIAN: Melissa Gomes PRINTED BY: Paarl Media Paarl

ON THE COVER: Dr Richard Boxall PHOTOGRAPHER: Sue Dall



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Up, up & away

EAT WELL GROCERIES TO GO – Make weekly shopping easy with this basic list of healthy ingredients that turn into a variety of delicious easy-to-make meals. OSTRICH TRINCHADO - with samp and beans - Roddy Louther waxes lyrical on happiness and ends up with a recipe to spin your taste buds. RECIPES FROM THE TEMPLE - Many Hare Kirshna devotees have joined the religion through the food they serve; we look at what’s on the menu and why it has such huge appeal.

BE WELL CANCER WITHOUT CHEMO - Choosing not to have chemo is a momentous decision; we look at cancer as an epidemic and take an alternative look at preventative and curative interventions. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE - This feature introduces a therapeutic process catching on at a rapid rate because of its incredible results. UP, UP & AWAY - We all have happy making chemicals in our brains, how do we know when to take serotonin uptake inhibitors and what exactly do they do. We also list and explain over the counter natural happy making supplements.

LIVE WELL PUSH YOUR HAPPY BUTTON - Interesting research shows us which demographic brings the most happiness. We also look at the psychographics and the role of attitude in emotional states. LIVING IN COMMUNITY - What you need when setting up a home for communal living. Are hippies happier? PET THERAPY - Having and loving a dog has a surprisingly high feelgood effect, particularly in old age homes.

MOVE WELL DANCE YOURSELF TO HAPPINESS - Have you ever danced until you flew? Danced so hard, so fast, so freely you reach a level of overwhelming, ecstatic joy? If you haven’t you should – it can change your life.

LOVE WELL ROAD TO JOY – Many more women are struggling to fall pregnant, we look at how to increase fertility and boost sperm count.

LOOK WELL PEARLY WHITE WISDOM – We explore dentistry and caring for your teeth and mouth from natural toothpastes to whitening and supplements that strengthen your teeth. PURE BLISS – Undeniably uplifting Spa treatments – what gives the most amount of de-stress in the least amount of time.

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Competitions – Win a full range of V-Life vegetarian biltong products. Meet our supplier, Dr Boxall – read the success story behind the range that does so much for so many.


Ayurveda – get in tune with nature by accepting natural cycles in a


Dr Yesheen – what happens in the body from a chemical perspective

40 49 72

Getaway – follow Sue Parker Smith on a journey to Prince Albert. Eco Diva Nicole Sherwin mixes up a DIY stress relief body cream. Classified – find out what’s happening in your wellness community

woman’s body. when we are happy.

with workshops, retreats, therapies and more.

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well said... YOU CAN LIVE LIFE WELL Wellness Warehouse have partnered with Sleek Geek in their transformational series designed to inspire people to overhaul their lives. “I believe very strongly that ordinary every day people like you and I derive great inspiration from the achievements of people who seem similar to us. If they can do it, damn... so can I! Right?” Elan Lohman, Sleek Geek Founder. Sleek Geek has a growing archive of stories from hundreds of people who have changed their lives. Every story featured will receive R500 to spend online with Wellness Warehouse.

SUBMIT YOUR STORY & WIN Win a R500 voucher for the “YOU CAN live life well” series to be spent on the Wellness Warehouse Online Store. Send your story to with the Subject line “You can live life well”. Use these guidelines: • Your story in your own words covering at least (How you got to a point of change, how you made the change, tips and advice for others) • A selection of before and after photos • As many words as you need to tell your story Log on to to read other people’s stories.


WE TRIED IT Ubuntu Wellness Centre Our resident gym bunny Rouxmia Bougas decided to give training a break for the day and instead opted for an experience in a floatation tank. To begin she was slightly nervous and convinced of becoming extremely claustrophobic. Rouxmia reports: A floatation tank is essentially meant as sensory deprivation with a view to deep relaxation. It happens in an enclosed tub, a kind of privacy chamber filled with Epsom salt saturated water. This means gravity is defied by the extreme buoyancy from the salt water. Word has it that an hour of floating is worth five hours of sleep. It’s a light, happy experience, punctuated by deep calm, and a sense of wholeness. Many say it feels like being back in the womb some claim to have had their best ideas while switching off and floating. Artists also use it to enhance creativity. It’s impossible to sink in a floatation tank, and once I let go of my analytical thinking, I went through many layers of deep relaxation and really enjoyed the benefits. Instead of experiencing a gravitational pull, I felt the water was actually pushing against my body giving it a gentle, comforting support, particularly in my neck, back and hips - areas where I carry the most tension. Progressively, all the aches and pains gave in to the gentle suspension of the water and I found myself floating into sheer bliss. I drifted off for about 40 minutes into my own world. Just before the hour was up I woke up and did feel a bit claustrophobic, but opened the tank door for a minute or two and then felt fine again. I highly recommend this as an efficient way of letting go of tension. I can only imagine that as you float more you learn to go into deeper and deeper states of relaxation.

Try it yourself by calling the Ubuntu Wellness Centre on Tel: 021 426 1156 or Email: michael@ situated at 99 Kloof st, Gardens, Cape Town.

Tell us how you feel, what you like or don’t like, or anything else you would like to say about your experience of Wellness Magazine or Wellness Warehouse. We’d just love to hear from you and you might win a suprise prize. Email, send us a tweet @wellnews or find us on facebook



We are delighted to announce the lucky winners of the Himalayan Salt Lamp competition from the August issue of Wellness magazine. Well done to Natalie Holmes and Tanya Bryndzya.

WIN a full range of V-Life vegetarian biltong products 5 people stand to win a full range of V-Life vegetarian biltong products to a total value of R1200 This includes 2 packets of Honey fusion bilton, 2 packets of Black pepper biltong, 2 packets of Sweet Chilli biltong and 2 packets of Spicy Braised biltong. V-life has just launched their new Vegetarian Biltong to fulfil your need for a savoury, textured snack. With high quality soy protein, low in fat and a good source of fibre, it’s perfectly healthy with all the benefits and none of the guilt. And the best part? You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it. It contains: soy bean fibre, soy sauce, palm oil, wheat, black pepper, red pepper, spice, sugar, salt and Potassium Sorbate (under 0.2%). V-Life Vegetarian Biltong is made from soy beans selected from the finest non-GMO beans. The beans are washed, soaked, ground and heated to get their delicious texture. A unique, MSG free, natural spice formula creates a perfect Vegetarian Biltong destined to pique your taste buds.

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One of the most well recommended practices for happiness is the practice of gratitude. Making a daily list of things you are grateful for is said to greatly elevate your level of happiness. Another practice top of many lists is to meditate. As Zen enthusiast Leo Babauta says, “Meditate for just two minutes a day, and you’ll create a habit that will allow you to notice your thoughts throughout the rest of the day. That will help you be more present (unhappiness comes from not being present), and that will help you notice the source of any anxiety and distraction.” That’s a lot of goodness for just two minutes of practice!

Clean caffeine

‘Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.’ ~Dalai Lama

Beyond relaxation

I’ve just discovered a tea that gives you a buzz without any jitters or sleeping difficulties. South American Yerba Mate is known for its clean ‘caffeine-like’ boost that can keep you up for hours yet allows you to sleep if you choose to. It has an impressive amount of antioxidants and minerals, including B and C Vitamins. Drink it daily or whenever you want to feel alert and awake. Organic Yerba Mate Mate Del Sol Chocolate R51.99. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0013518)

Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than a mustard bath. It somehow seems to seep right into your bones and feels totally therapeutic. This one is from Antjies and includes Namibian sea salt and essential oils. It is hand-made by community groups. Antjies Mustard Bath 1kg R41,99. Available at Kloof & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0018401)

Sip of heaven

Cut the dessert and have a glass of organic Muscat d’Alexandrie instead. This is a dessert wine with a South African twist. Sweet Muscat grapes are sun dried on organic Rooibos tea leaves gently infusing the naturally caffeine and tannin-free tea with the grapes during the drying. This creates a unique wine that tastes like a little sip of heaven on earth. Heaven on Earth Organic Fair Trade Muscat d’Alexandrie R63.99. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0005836)

Circle of joy

There is something about a chocolate chip cookie that is so satisfying. This one from Bag of Bites is one of the best you can get. It’s certainly a wonderful comfort food when you need a happy boost. Bag of Bites Choc Chip Cookies R29,99. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0005664)

Bathtime bliss

After bathing in a SOiL bath oil your skin will feel incredibly well moisturised and nourished. The Coconut bath oil improves the skin’s elasticity and radiance. SOiL Oils are available in Uplifting Coconut, Balancing Baobab and Hibiscus. Soil Uplifting Coconut Bath Oil R219,99. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0007705)

Happy heart

The dried fruit of the Rudraksha tree is regarded as one of the most famous spiritual symbols of Hinduism and said to contain the entire secrets of the cosmic evolution. It is regarded as one of the most auspicious and powerful seeds in this world. Electric and magnetic properties of the seed means it has proven positive effects on the body. Here it is in bracelet form, ready to wear. Billy the Bee Rudraksha Bracelet R75. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0013154)

Patchouli perfume

Patchouli is one of my favourite fragrances. This gorgeous container can be popped into your handbag for a sensory treat any time of the day. Crystal perfumes are very special and make wonderful gifts. Crystal Perfume Eau Patchouli R120. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0004525)

Holy smoke

Burning frankincense automatically creates a sacred space around you. If you decide to add meditation to up your daily happiness quota, burn some incense during your practice. You will associate the smell with peacefulness and if ever your day turns pear shaped, light another stick and the association will keep you balanced. Mayapur Gandharaj King of Fragrances Pure Frankincense R39,99. Available at Kloof & online (Quick Ref Code: 0013120)


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at

Ginger Lovers Why we love ginger... • • • • •

Relief of headaches, coughs, colds & flu Stimulates body & mind Relief of aches & pains Improves blood circulation Relief of nausea & motion sickness

• • • • •

Aphrodisiac Aides digestion Anti- inflammatory Decreases cholesterol Antioxidant


Experience our generous ginger chunky cookies and other delicious ginger products in store


integrative health


Meet Dr. Boxall’s

Dr. Boxall’s is committed to bringing you the highest quality, organically grown plant derived natural medicines, tested for potency and safety, with the goodness captured — as nature intended it!

Meet Dr Boxall Dr. Boxall is one of South Africa’s renowned traditional doctors. He is registered with the traditional doctor’s Union of South Africa, practice number: 044093, where he was personally mentored by the president of the TDUSA, Chief Dr. Richard Kutela. Dr. Boxall has also been nominated to act on the Traditional Doctors Council which operates in collaboration with the South African Department of Health. This collaboration will assist with regulation and protection of aspects within the Traditional Medicine industry.

Traditional African Medicine The term “traditional medicine” refers to ways of protecting and restoring health that existed before the arrival of modern medicine. As the term implies, these approaches to health belong to the traditions of each country and have been handed down from generation to generation. Traditional systems in general have had to meet the needs of the local communities for many centuries. African traditional medicine contains a wealth of information on knowing how to integrate the ancient knowledge that has been handed down to us on how nature can help to improve and maintain our health. Traditional medicine has been around for thousands of years and has developed extensively over the last few centuries in conjunction with modern science.

Dr. Boxall’s have their own organic growing installation where most of the natural ingredients used within the product range are grown in cultivation, within their perfect indigenous habitat ensuring the delivery of products of the highest standard. To ensure the protection of bioviversity, the protection of endangered medicinal plants and the confirmation of authentic unadulterated produce, Dr. Boxall is registered with Cape Nature, under the CITES convention and the protection of endangered pharmacopeia (Medicinal Plants) and has the world’s largest growing facility to support the cultivation of the majority of ingredients contained in their products.


Dr. Boxall’s Participation in Traditional Medicine Dr. Boxall has taken the wealth of knowledge provided by traditional medicine and fused it with modern science. They have been able to produce organic and natural products (containing powerful ingredients) in a safe, quality controlled environment. In the past 7 years Dr. Boxall has experienced phenomenal growth in response to the developing traditional heath sector. Dr. Boxall upholds all aspects of people’s needs and believes the person’s physical, physiological and social well being should be seen as a whole when trying to achieve total vitality.


everything you need to live life well

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integrative health


Studies showed that Raspberry Ketone caused the body to produce more adiponectone, a protein that helpsofregulate Dr. Boxall’s Integrated Natural Remedies compliment the treatment : metabolism and break down stored fat. What does this mean in plain English? Colds & Flu * Immunity * Viral Infections * Diabetes (Supportive) * Cancer Scientists concluded that Raspberry Ketone TRADITIONAL EDUCATION (Supportive) Stress * Anxiety ted Natural Remedies compliment the* treatment of : * Depression * Weight Loss improves and even prevents obesity and fatty liveradded by altering lipidor (fat) metabolism. Products are freeANXIETY from animal & derivatives, yeast, sodium sugar, artificial STRESS, ty * Viral Infections * Diabetes (Supportive) * Cancer flavourants, colourants and preservatives. They are vegan and animal-friendly and * Stress * Anxiety * Depression * Weight Loss DEPRESSION GORDONII grown organically with no use ofHOODIA pesticides or artificial fertilisers. The active ingredient identified in Hoodia is nimal derivatives, yeast, added sodium or sugar, artificial SCELETIUM TORTUOSUM a steroidal glycoside known as “p57”. This Dr. Boxall’s products : Sceletium, Sutherlandia, nd preservatives. They are vegan and animal-friendly and Hoodia, Avena Sativa & Olive Leaf Sceletium Tortuosum is a natural Selective molecule “p57” increases hypothalamic ATP ly with no use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Our range consists of both veg capsules and organ Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor (SSRI) (adenosine tri-phosphate). Increased ATP drops for additional on-the-go support. andForoptimises body’s utilisation product the information visit ourofwebsite — triggers a message to your brain of satiety. celetium, Sutherlandia, Hoodia, Avena Sativa & Olive Leaf serotonin, an important neurochemical. This eliminates the need to consume food range consists of both veg capsulesDr. andBoxall’s organicbelieves tincturea healthy earth Sceletium is known to have a balancing to boost Our glucose levels, therefore balancing support. effect on other neurotransmitters the desire to overeat.drops for additional on-the-go supports a healthy community and it’s on visit our website —feel-good like dopamine, norepinephrine, and on with this in mind that they started the adrenaline. Sceletium is non addictive, “Dr. Boxall’s Earth-Lung Project”. IMMUNITY & SERIOUS not hallucinogenic, and no severe adverse “The air we breathe out, effects have been documented. AILMENTS


5HTP (Griffonia) Griffonia (5HTP) is synthesised to Serotonin. Low Serotonin levels are believed to be the reason for many cases of mild to moderate depression which can lead to symptoms like anxiety, apathy, fear, feelings of worthlessness, insomnia and fatigue. Dr. Boxall’s 5HTP is fortified with VITAMIN B6 which is essential for the conversion of 5HTP into Serotonin.

AVENA SATIVA Avena Sativa improves concentration and overall cognitive functioning and supports cognitive performance in stressful situations. Avena Sativa has been shown to positively affect the activity of brain enzymes closely related to mental health, making it highly effective for professionals and students who have compromised concentration because of stress.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT Various studies suggest that chlorogenic acid slows absorption of fat from food intake and also activates metabolism of extra fat.

SUTHERLANDIA FRUTESCENS Sutherlandia is one of nature’s most powerful immune boosters, Sutherlandia is Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti Viral, making it very effective when treating several severe ailments and flu. Sutherlandia contains a wide range of molecules which could explain the plant’s efficacy, either individually or in combination with one another. L-Canavanine is a potent non-protein amino acid and a L-arginine antagonist with documented anti-viral activities, (including influenza virus and retroviruses), anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anticancer.

trees breathe in and the breath they exhale, we breathe in. Our survival and that of the trees are one. “ – Hopi Indian Chief

OLIVE LEAF The primary medical constituents in unprocessed olive leaf are the antioxidants Oleuropein & Hydroxytyrosol. It also has several other Polyphenols & flavonoids, including Oleocanthal. Oleuropein is a natural wide-spectrum antibiotic, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal compound. Unlike synthetic antibiotics, it destroys only the bad bacteria and protects the good.

GRAVIOLA Pharmaceutical research shows Graviola to be a potent inhibitor of cancer cells. The active compounds are potentially effective against drug-resistant cancer cells invitro.

For more product information visit us at Email: | Tel: 021 461 3425

Be part of the Dr. Boxall’s Social Community Dr.Boxalls.Online.HealthShop groups/181157335231307/ Twitter handle: @DrBoxallsdotcom News Desk: content/news-desk




sponsored recipe

A steamy cab ride in


Happiness is as easy to pin down as an eel in butter. A walk through any bookshop shows the massive industry built around the elusive nature of happiness. From selfhelp manuals to Swami spirituality – takes on happiness differ from author to author.

by Roddy Louther


riederich Nietsche, the German existentialist offered a bracing new take on personal suffering, misery, anguish, distress, hardships, difficulties, and setbacks. These, he proclaimed, should be embraced by anyone seeking happiness. Much like our body’s intolerance to physical pain serves to protect us from harm; these experiences guide us toward happiness. Nietsche bemoaned biblical responses to hardships. Religious scripture, he said; dulls the pain of suffering and with it, the energy needed to triumph over adversity. If you’re a timid person, the Bible offers; “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” If you’re broke; “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” He also regarded heading to the pub for a pint as a disastrous response to adversity. Silly man. He believed that happiness does not come from escaping troubles, but from cultivating them. Hence he lamented his own loneliness and was tormented by the fact that women found him repulsive. Yet he cultivated the opposite sex’s revulsion by growing a truly hideous moustache. I know how he felt. Not many more things in life make us happier than the reciprocal attentions of the opposite sex. It does wonders for the soul. Some time ago, I attended my cousins wedding in Atlantic City. She married Randall Cunningham, a famous NFL quarterback. Donald Trump, Whitney Houston and Will Smith were all in attendance. I shared a table with Evander Holyfield and Deejay’d with Jazzy Jeff. Later that night I miraculously won $4,000


at the roulette tables. Back in magical New York City, I swaggered through Macy’s, splashing out on DKNY, GAP and Gucci, pimping myself up like Huggy Bear. It was a time of great happiness for me. I was young and single. One night, I went to see the British funksters, Incognito. Nervous and alone, I felt out of place amongst the hip NYC party set. Then from across the floor, I saw a young woman staring at me. When our eyes met she smiled alluringly. She danced alone; every time she flung coils of golden brown hair around her stunning honey coloured face, they’d get caught between her plump red lips, and I would die just for a moment. She came over and introduced herself as Esmerelda. I bought her a drink and we danced, and danced. Later, during a steamy cab ride she told me her life story. She was from the Cape Verde Islands and had just gotten her green card. When finally we said our sad farewells, I couldn’t help feeling I had lost a future most extraordinaire. A day later, on an eight-hour layover in Lisbon, I found myself on the pier where intrepid Portuguese explorers cast themselves adrift upon dark oceans of uncertainty to colonise new territories and discover a route to India around the Cape of Good Hope. I thought about the madness of it all, then realised their apprehensions were no match for the promise of adventure, riches and a sensational Roghan Josh in faraway Calicut. I was grateful, for had they not colonised Cape Verde, I’d not have had that unforgettable night in NYC. Two days later, I was back in my office everything you need to live life well

displaced from my lovely dream back into a familiar loveless, luckless existence. But as so often happens - we decry our own lot as pitiful and wish for better, oblivious to the lessons around us. This realisation struck me when our tea lady Doris, brightened my office with a glowing smile. Doris’s day starts at 4h30am and ends at around 11h30pm, yet she radiates happiness. A warm, humbling hug followed and I felt as if I was being exorcised. Those wretched agents of despair and woe that pave the way to Nietschian Utopia were so soundly defeated by Doris’s genuine, unconditional human kindness and generosity of spirit. This was our very own philosophy of Humanism or Ubuntu doing it’s magic. Desmond Tutu explains it as, “…the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness.” That, my friend, is consolation of the human kind. So, to celebrate happiness and pay homage to those who gave us peri-peri, I made a dish using happy spices and ingredients from far-flung shores, coupled with an underrated local favorite, Samp and Beans. For me it evokes memories of a woman called Doris, and girl called Esmerelda. Here is my Ostrich Trinchado with Samp and Beans.


sponsored recipe


Trinchado with Star Anise, Orange Peel & Chocolate Sauce with Samp & Beans

SERVES: 4 - 6 adults Preparation Time: Overnight Cooking time: 180 min


METHOD For the Trinchado 1. In a bowl, mix together Worcestershire sauce, Balsamic vinegar, orange rind, garlic, wine, salt, pepper, paprika, chilies and bay leaf. 2. Add the meat, stir to coat the beef and then cover with cling film and set aside in the fridge to marinade for at least 2 hours (overnight is better). Sauté the onions in butter over medium heat in a pot, until translucent, then remove from pot and set aside. 3. Remove the meat from the marinade, a dust with flour. Next, seal the meat in a little oil, before adding the onions and the remaining marinade to the pot. Cooking for 5 minutes over high heat, to reduce the mixture. 4. Add the beef stock and dark chocolate. Mix well and simmer for about 20-25 minutes. 5. Check often to keep the right thickness adding water if too thin. For the Samp and Beans 1. Soak samp and beans separately. Leave overnight, changing water 3 times. 2. Cook samp on low heat for 1 hour, check water levels constantly. 3. In a heavy based pot, layer ingredients in order. At the bottom place the bones, followed by the beans, samp and then the grated carrot and onion mixture. 4. Add the tomato paste and pepper to the warm water then pour into the layered pot.



Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200º for 2 1/2 hours, checking intermittently and adding water if needed. When the samp and beans are soft, remove from the oven and stir well, making sure the layers are mixed well.

To serve: Dish the samp and beans onto a plate and top with the Trinchado. Grind some black pepper, and sprinkle with orange rind and parsley.

TIPS When searing the meat, bear in mind it will continue to cook in the sauce. Regulate the meat’s cooking time according to your own taste. Never add salt to beans before or during cooking, as it hardens the husk, prolonging the cooking time. When cooking samp and beans, you might prefer a vegetarian option. In which case, omit the meat and substitute vegetable for water when topping up while the dish is in the oven. Hearty, filling, and delicious on its own, samp and beans is a versatile staple. It goes well with most stews and especially with curries. Samp and beans freeze well, so prepare a large quantity and portion into freezer bags.



healthy foodmarket


Lemon juice, although it seems acidic, actually has an alkaline effect in the body.



It takes a bit of planning to eat healthily on a daily basis – so if you’re always in a rush and never quite know what’s for dinner, pack your trolley with these basics so you can always whip up something wholesome on those too-tired-to-cook nights.

IN THE PANTRY Stock up on some of the following to keep in your pantry for sure-fire nutrition and taste: • Brown or wild rice and quinoa • Herbal or Himalayan salt • Cinnamon (to add sweetness to a dish instead of sugar) • Vanilla (for sweetness and texture in a dessert, a great substitute for sugar)

did you know? Lemon juice, although it seems acidic, actually has an alkaline effect in the body. Use lots of lemon juice during your day, add it to your salads and veggies and drink water with a squeeze of lemon. 12

• • • • • • • •

• • • •

Coconut milk and oil Olive and canola oil Red chilli sauce Masala (just a pinch of Masala in any dish will give it more flavour) Soya sauce (low-sodium) Apple sauce (a great thickener and a good substitute for cream) Chickpeas, black-eyed and butter beans (tinned or raw) Cashew nuts and almonds (chopped or blitzed, both these nuts add a subtle flavour as well as adding thickness and texture) Sesame and sunflower seeds Sweet basil Rosemary Cayenne pepper (full of healthy benefits, should be a standard item for everyone)


• • • •

Ginger (a touch of ginger in just about any dish brings freshness and zest) Tomatoes Lemons (lemon juice is a fantastic substitute for salt) Avocado Spinach, coriander, rocket, everything you need to live life well

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

watercress Butternut Sprouts – bean, onion, beetroot Snap peas Green beans Broccoli Seasonal berries Red apples Lean meat Fish Eggs Plain yoghurt Onion and garlic Green and red peppers

It’s a widely known fact that South Africans eat far too much salt and sugar – not only are these dangerous ingredients wellhidden in processed food, the addictive taste means most people add more to their food when cooking or before eating. There are numerous ways to enrich and enhance the taste of food without using copious amounts of salt and sugar. Get adventurous with your spices to help reduce sodium intake.



healthy foodmarket




7. 8.

some lemon juice over the chicken. Cook for approximately 20 minutes, 10 minutes each side. Leave on a low heat with the lid on while you drain the butternut and quinoa. Fry onions in ½ tsp of coconut oil and place butternut in the same pan, tossing until slightly browned. Add in the yoghurt and stir until the yoghurt changes colour from white to light brown. Add the cooked quinoa to the butternutyoghurt mix and stir in the sunflower seeds. To serve, place the chicken pieces on top of the butternut-quinoa salad and sprinkle with freshly chopped coriander.

Tip: Use any leftover butternut-quinoa salad for a lunchtime snack the next day – add in chopped spinach leaves, watercress and avocado.








Place butternut in a pot of water and bring to the boil before setting on a medium heat to simmer, for 20 minutes. At the same time, place quinoa in a pot of water and bring to a simmer as per packet instructions. While these are on the stove, mix the Masala, red chilli, herbal salt and sweet basil in a small bowl or cup. Lightly brush the chicken pieces with the coconut oil and then sprinkle the spices on both sides before placing in a pan on high heat. Turn them regularly so they are wellbrowned. Keep a lid over the pan inbetween turning. Before each turn, squeeze


METHOD 1. 2.

Lightly brown the onions in coconut oil on medium heat. Beat the eggs vigorously and add in the chopped tomato, green pepper, sweet basil and ginger.


Place the mixture in the pan with the onions and stir while simmering on a low heat until the egg is firm.

Tip: If you feel you need to eat bread with this meal, choose pumpkin seed rye bread or Essene bread. Tip: 3 Tblsp of butterbeans mashed or blitzed make a great substitute for butter.





Lightly fry the chickpeas, black-eyed beans, green beans, broccoli and lemon zest in the coconut oil – for about 3 minutes. Once cooled, mix with the bean sprouts and tomatoes. Top with onion sprouts and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice.

BEGINNING AND END This dish can be served as breakfast porridge or as a dessert. Serves 2



METHOD 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cook the quinoa as per package instructions with the vanilla pod added to the water. Mix the cinnamon, yoghurt and Masala well Once cooked, drain the quinoa and stir into the yoghurt mix. Add the apple, berries and almonds and mix well Leave covered for 20 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse. You can serve it hot or cold (if hot, gently warm the mixture on the stove top).

Tip: Add a drizzle of raw honey if you need extra sweetness



healthy foodmarket product guide

Copious Coconut



SOMAMA coconut products are a great source of protein with a full range of amino acids, fibre, minerals and vitamins (including B6, selenium, iron, magnesium, copper and more). Coconut flour is organic and gluten free.

Somama Organic Coconut Shreds 250g R4999 (Quick Ref Code: 0016651)

Organic Desiccated Coconut 350g R5599 Nature offers a bounty of the most delicious tastes and textures. Think of the taste of honey, the more-ish nature of nuts, the versatility of coconut and the wonders of cacao. Make a point of noticing how much pleasure you get from nature’s generous offerings.

Sweet Honey Honey is a natural antibiotic and a great alternative sweetener that can be used in warm drinks, salad dressings, on muesli, fruit or on bread. This variety is badger Friendly.

Honeywood Farm Pure honey 500g R3999 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0007098)

(Quick Ref Code: 0016650)

Organic Coconut Flour 550g R6999 (Quick Ref Code: 0016649) Available at all stores & online.

Raw Goodness Each bar of Honest chocolate is hand moulded. This pure chocolate contains raw, organic cacao and a bit of agave. Floral notes of jasmine from the single origin Aribba Nacional bean from Ecuador, makes it irresistible.

Honest Chocolate Raw Organic Chocolate 60g R4999 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0007086)

Almond Taste This subtle and delicious almond beverage is noted for its rich calcium, magnesium, protein and fibre content. Drink it daily for vitality and health. TIP: Almond milk is recommended for growing children and for bone and nerve health in adults and seniors.

La Mandorle Almond Milk 1litre R7999 Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0017425)

Puffed Pleasure This sugar free puffed brown rice is a great snack or cereal especially for wheat and gluten free eaters. It can be used as a baking ingredient or in muesli. Serve with rice milk, raisins and sunflower seeds for a long sustaining breakfast.

Whether roasted or raw, walnuts beat the competition. They are loaded with polyphenols believed to reduce heart disease risk by lowering levels of blood cholesterol, improving blood flow, and cooling the type of inflammation that’s linked to heart disease.

Health Connection Puffed Brown Rice 200g R3699

Wellness Raw Walnuts 500g R17999

Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0006737)

Cacao Paste Cacao is chocolate in its raw state - unheated, no trans-fats, no sugars and no dairy, just 100% pure, dark chocolate. This form of cacao can be easily blended into chocolate confectionary, smoothies and desserts adding healthy benefits at the same time.

Wellness Organic Raw Cacao Paste 200g R7999 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0012553)


Wonderful Walnuts

Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0006217)

Sweet Nectar Raw food chefs have been using this ingredient for some time, in a number of dessert recipes and sauces. Many agave products on the market are not raw. Most of them are processed at temperatures much higher than 47°C (the raw temperature threshold).

Health Connection Organic Raw Agave Syrup 250ml R7399 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0006861)

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at


sponsored recipe


Vegetable Green Curry with Superlite Noodles Enjoy a Thai Green curry on a bed of guilt free noodles Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Serves: 4

METHOD 1. Cut up all the vegetables and set aside. 2. Prepare Superlite Noodles by emptying the noodles into a colander and rinsing


them under fresh water. Add them to a wok or pan on high heat and dry fry – no oil needed. The


noodles will release a little bit of water. Remove from heat after 5 mins, or until all water has cooked away. Set aside. 3. Add the coconut oil to a wok or pan over medium heat. Add the green curry paste, mix them together and cook for 1 min. Turn heat to low. 4. Add the coconut milk, fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves. Stir together and let it simmer with a lid on for 5 mins. 5. Add all the vegetables, except the tomatoes. Put the lid back on and


simmer for another 5 mins, or until


vegetables are softened but still firm


Superlite Noodles are a good food choice when watching your weight, and there are many reasons why: they only have 11 calories (/100g); they are high in fiber and can absorb water and enlarge up to 100 times the original size, making you feel full and satisfied for longer; the slow digestion process regulates your blood sugar levels, preventing cravings; and lastly, it is an alkaline food, which is known to create a preferred environment in the body for weight loss. • Shirataki noodles are naturally fat free and sugar free. • Superlite noodles contain no carbs, and have a glycaemic carbohydrate value of 0. This means it is the perfect noodle to eat when on a low GI diet, or carb free diet. • These noodles provide a wheat free and gluten free pasta alternative (not to mention guilt free). Those afflicted with celiac disease, wheat intolerance or wheat allergies can eat shirataki noodles to their hearts’ content. See more at

and colourful. 6 . Turn down the heat and add the tomatoes, some of the basil leaves and stir through. 7. Serve on angel hair Superlite Noodles. Garnish with red chilli, and extra basil.

R2899 Superlite Shirataki Noodles Assorted 320g Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens & online (Quick Ref Code: 0015287)



healthy foodmarket product guide



Research shows smaller bites of food helps people eat in accordance with hunger levels rather than over-eating. It also shows that eating while distracted generally makes people eat more without being aware of it. In a specific study, it was found that people who ate pre-specified small bites of food consumed about 30% less than those that didn’t regulate their bite sizes. So to guard against overeating, take smaller bites.

Cherries & Berries Besides the delightful vivid colours and refreshingly sweet, juicy taste, berries also offer a bounty of health benefits, from helping control weight to helping prevent cancer. Berries can be frozen, freeze-dried, and even dried and powdered without losing their nutritive value. They also have high levels of anti-oxidants.

Hillcrest Frozen Raspberries 350g Hillcrest R3499 (Quick Ref Code: 0017684)

Frozen Assorted Berries 350g Hillcrest R3299 (Quick Ref Code: 0017685)

Frozen Black Cherries 350g (Quick Ref Code: 0017686)

Bean Trail Savour the taste of organically grown coffee beans that deliver an outstanding taste customers keep coming back for. The beans are cultivated with utmost care. Choose from ground coffee or beans.

Wellness Organic Coffee beans 250g R4799 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0007383)

Slow Sipping Mountain Oaks Pinotage won the Bronze category of the Swiss International Airline Awards in 2004. This classic wine is produced from grapes nurtured in mature vineyards surrounded by immense mountain ranges and shaded by ancient oaks. The very intense flavour and colour from these grapes result in superb soft flavours.

Mountain Oaks Pinotage 750ml R8999 Available at Kloof, Cavendish & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0005820)

Soft Ripe Tannins Waverly Hills Organic Cabernet Sauvignon has no added sulphites. It has a ruby red edge with a deep garnet red centre. On the nose vanilla red berry, spices, honey and sweet black cherries come through strongly. On the palate delicious vanilla and lots of fruit follow through with good balance and soft ripe tanins.

Waverly hills Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml R6999 Available at Kloof, Cavendish & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0005830)

Taste The Omegas Salmon is renowned for its amazing Omega-3 benefits but it also has a great protein content and is filled with amino acids. Eat it with eggs in the morning, salad at lunch or make it your high protein dinner meal.

The Franschoek Smoked Trout Company Smoked Salmon Trout 80g FB R3699 Available at Kloof & Cavendish only. (Quick Ref Code: 0017330)


Available at all Kloof & Cavendish only.

Try It Out Yogurt cultures convert lactose into lactic acid, making yogurt easier to digest than milk, while lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus can help to restore normal intestinal flora, especially after antibiotic therapy. Yoghurt is easily digested, and provides beneficial bacteria or probiotics, balancing the levels of good and bad bacteria.

Foxenburg Plain Goat Yoghurt 1l R7999 Available at all Kloof & Cavendish only. (Quick Ref Code: 0017701)

Healing Spice Turmeric has a peppery, warm and bitter flavour with a mild fragrance slightly reminiscent of orange and ginger. Turmeric has long been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in both Chinese and Indian systems of medicine. It has been used throughout history as a condiment, healing remedy and textile dye.

Wellness Organic Ground Tumeric 60g R2099 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0007366)

Veggie Taste V-life is proud to present their new Vegetarian Biltong with immense taste, flavour and texture with high quality soy protein, low in fat and high in fibre. This is a perfectly healthy snack with all the benefits and none of the guilt. Don’t think you have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this delicious Vegetarian Biltong.

V life Vegetarian Biltong Honey Fusion 30g R1999 (Quick Ref Code: 0017373)

Vegetarian Biltong Honey Fusion 70g R3999 (Quick Ref Code: 0017371)

Vegetarian Biltong Black Pepper 30g R1999 (Quick Ref Code: 0017372)

Vegetarian Biltong Black Pepper 70g R3999 (Quick Ref Code: 0017370)

Available at all stores & online.


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at


sponsored recipe


Vegan Carrot Cake Make this gorgeous, moist carrot cake into two layers or one large cake.


erve this delicious vegan carrot cake for afternoon tea with great conversation and tea or coffee.







Mix all ingredients smooth.



Delicious desserts For another mouth-watering vegan treat, try Health Connection Vegan Milk Tart Premix or their range of Wot No Dairy Vegan Desserts, available in a variety of flavours.



METHOD Preheat oven to 180°C (2) To a mixing bowl add “mixture 2”, 1 cup boiling water, the vegetable oil and vanilla essence and mix well. (3) To a second mixing bowl add “mixture 1”, the carrots, apple and pecan nuts and mix together well. (4) Combine the contents of the two mixing bowls. (5) Add 1 cup of cold water and mix until smooth. (6) Place the mixture into the baking tin/s. (7) Bake for 45 minutes at 180°C. (8) Leave cake in the tin/s for 10-15 min to cool down before applying the icing.

Suggestion: Sprinkle the top of the carrot cake with a couple of tablespoons of lightly toasted Health Connection Ultimate Seed Mix.



Mix all ingredients smooth.



TIP: For a lower sugar variation substitute the icing sugar with the same quantity of Health Connection Xylitol crystals which have been ground (can use a coffee grinder).

Health Connection Vegan Milk Tart Premix 280g R2999 Wot No Diary Dessert 145g R1499 Available at Kloof & online



healthy foodmarket

Food from the



All Krishna food is prepared with concentrated love and devotion.

Food is central to most of the world’s cultures and religions, but none more so than the Hare Krishna’s whose legendary means to inviting people into their way of life and belief system has often been through the stomach.

did you know? The word Prasadam means ‘mercy’ and is a term used by devotees to describe pure vegetarian food that’s been offered to Krishna. It’s believed that most food, even vegetarian, contains karma, which binds us to the cycle of birth and death. Vegetables, for example, can contain karma because even their cultivation could cause harm to other life forms, (insects that are killed, even accidentally), or the plants could feel pain when uprooted or cut. But, if the food is prepared for the pleasure of Krishna, the love and devotion present in the offering is accepted and all sins are removed.



he food is vegetarian, bringing to the fore the karmic belief that nothing should be induced to end its life before its time. Although many Krishna dishes are Indian because the religion has its roots there, it’s more about using wholesome ingredients that’s key to the philosophy of the cooking.

THE SPECIAL INGREDIENT All Krishna food is prepared with concentrated love and devotion. Before eaten, the food is offered to the deity Krishna. Because of this, devotees believe people who eat the food will unknowingly have their hearts changed. That’s the simple basis for their practice of offering food. It’s not about trying to convert anyone, nor is the food infused with some secret ingredient (other than love) that may compel your compliance. Chef Andrew Leese, a Krishna devotee says “We would like people to become more spiritually

everything you need to live life well

minded. Becoming a vegetarian is a good first step.”

LEFT OUT One of the distinctions of Krishna food is it contains no onions or garlic – something quite foreign to any gourmand. But, there’s a good reason for this. Ayurvedic medicine groups food into three categories – sattvic (goodness), rajasic (passion) and tamasic (ignorance). Garlic and onions are alliaceous and all those types of plants are categorised as rajasic and tamasic, meaning they increase passion and ignorance. Those types of food root consciousness more firmly in the body, and so are avoided for the most part, especially as they can be detrimental to meditation and devotions.

DEVOTION ON THE MENU Even if you don’t intend becoming a Krishna devotee, there’s a reason their food is so popular, so try the following menu for something a little different:


healthy foodmarket





METHOD 1. 2.

Combine all the ingredients together and divide into eight equal portions. Roll each portion into a cylindrical shape and deep-fry them over a medium flame in hot oil until they are golden brown. Drain and keep aside.









3. 4. 5. 6.

Place the tomatoes in hot water for 10 minutes. Remove and blend into a puree. Heat the butter in a pan, add the cloves, cinnamon and simmer for two minutes. Add the tomato puree and cook for two minutes. Add 1 cup of water and boil for three to four minutes. Pour the mixture into a blender and blend. Put the mixture in a pan on the stove top and add the garam masala, chilli powder and salt and pepper – simmer for five minutes.

To Serve Arrange the koftas in a serving dish and put the gravy generously on top.

METHOD 1. 2.

3. 4.



Peel and dice the potatoes into cubes. Wash and drain. Cut cauliflower neatly into small florets with a firm stem. Wash the florets and drain the water. Mix the dry spices together. Place the oil in a pan on a high heat, hot enough to crack the mustard seeds. Add dry spices to the oil. Add vegetables and sauté briefly. Add salt and turmeric and lower the heat to simmer. Cover the pot and cook until vegetables soften. Stir in chopped fresh coriander leaves a few minutes before serving.



healthy foodmarket

Highly concentrated – Mix with juice, water or food

Dessert This is India’s favourite dessert – it’s also deemed a love offering, so if you want to get into someone’s heart through their stomach, this one’s a must (it’s a real treat, filled to the brim with sweetness, so eat in moderation). GALUB JAMENS Serves 4




South Africa’s Favourite Mineral Supplement Since 1997




• 72 Minerals & Trace Elements • Ionic (Directly Absorbable) • 100% Natural • Low Sodium

4. 5. 6.

• Gluten Free • Kosher/Halal Certified


• GRAS-Affirmed


• Harvested from the Great Salt Lake, USA

Mix the water and sugar in a deep pan and boil until all the sugar is dissolved. Turn off the heat and add the cardamom powder and rose water. Mix well and keep aside. Mix the powdered milk, flour and baking powder well. Add a little coconut cream at a time and knead to make a dough that is medium soft but not sticky. You don’t need to use all the cream. Just add a little at a time until you reach the consistency of dough. Divide the dough into walnut sized balls and roll between slightly greased palms until smooth. Heat the oil for deep frying in a wide pan on a low to medium heat. Fry the dumplings, stirring often to brown on all sides. When cooked, drain (with a slotted spoon), remove the dumplings from the oil and transfer immediately into the sugar syrup. Repeat this until all the dumplings are cooked and added to the syrup Allow the dumplings to soak in the syrup for at least two hours before serving. At this point they can either be removed from the syrup to serve or served with the syrup.

Available from Health Shops, Pharmacies and Health Practitioners in Southern Africa.

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everything you need to live life well


integrative health


What if chemotherapy, with its dreadful side-effects that last long past the cancer has been eradicated, didn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all of cancer treatments?


Cancer without

Receiving a cancer diagnosis slams into you, forging immediate thoughts of death, pain and loss. Although the risk of dying from cancer, if it’s diagnosed early enough, isn’t as high as it was some 30 years ago, there’s still a long journey ahead that conventionally involves aggressive and dangerous treatment.

did you know?

There are numerous natural therapies and treatments available for cancer. However, many people are unaware of the myriad options open to them. One example is Gerson Therapy, developed by Dr Max Gerson in the 1920s which focuses on using detoxification, organic food, juicing and supplements – this therapy was based on the tenet that you can heal yourself and was used successfully to treat a number of diseases, including cancer.


ecause of cancer’s insidious growth pattern, there’s always an urgency attached to diagnosis, pushing sufferers to make quick decisions about complicated treatment options. What if there was another option? What if chemotherapy, with its dreadful sideeffects that last long past the cancer has been eradicated, didn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all of cancer treatments? More and more integrative medical professionals are now saying that’s actually the case. Chemotherapy, while it does have its place in certain circumstances, doesn’t have to be the only course of action to be taken after diagnosis.

CONVENTIONAL CONS It’s not that conventional medicine is a con; it’s just that it generally doesn’t embrace


everything you need to live life well

other options. Most people who have been diagnosed with cancer are given only one option. The long-term side-effects of cancer treatments, such as weakened heart and higher risk of heart attack from radiation are often pushed aside because of the desire for a quick fix. Studies have shown that cancer cells can actually go away on their own – in a study on women who did or didn’t have regular mammograms, researchers found that some women actually had malignant lumps that went away without any treatment at all. That’s not to say you can bury your head in the ground and hope it’ll go away, but it does mean you may not have to undergo the urgent and highly toxic treatment offered by most modern doctors. Get a second opinion. Speak to an integrative doctor who is willing to really examine you as an individual and will walk a journey to wellness with you.


integrative health

YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF Author Dr Janey Little experienced the horror of cancer when her mother died 14 years ago. After trying everything that conventional medicine had to offer, Dr Little embarked on a journey of research and exploration of a wide range of different approaches to cancer treatment. Motivated by the well-known fact that conventional chemotherapy has a true success rate of only 2%, she was encouraged and inspired by the body’s ability and willingness to respond to a healing approach that’s designed to respect and align with the body’s own wisdom, while reversing the primary cause of the disease. Dr Little has designed a 7-Step approach to healing yourself from cancer, briefly outlined here. Sickness and disease are an indication that your body’s immune system has become overwhelmed or overburdened, either from bad lifestyle habits, poor dietary choices or toxic thoughts. Dr Little believes that if you re-awaken and optimise the functioning of your inner doctor, your body can heal from anything – including cancer, at any stage. The process includes building up your immune system from the foundations up, by starting with cleansing protocols. Nutrition is a major key in good health. This step includes tapping in to your body’s unique circadian rhythm to optimise absorption and digestion. Coupled with a dietary plan that includes nutrient-rich food, this will also boost your general health. After boosting your immune system and building up your overall health with a good dietary plan, the detoxification programme steps into high gear, helping you rid your body of all the toxins, pollutants and disease-causing chemicals we pick up from the environment. Also, when your body isn’t working optimally, its ability to eliminate toxins is diminished. Good detoxification, which includes the removal of heavy metals, allows for better flow of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Once detoxification is complete, it’s important to avoid additional toxins – this is an educational step, allowing you to learn about the seemingly innocuous daily habits that actually lead you towards toxic danger. Simple lifestyle changes that include reducing stress levels are easily made, and for the most part, very enjoyable. These are nature’s healing gifts accessible to everyone, at any time. Additionally, numerous supplements have been shown to reduce cancer cell growth and kill off cancer cells. A personalised supplementation protocol should be designed for you, depending on your unique set of circumstances and diagnosis. However, it’s important to note that supplements alone won’t ensure the cancer stays away – lifestyle changes are imperative to keep your health optimised. The power of the mind should never be underestimated. Dr Little proposes that once you are aware of the true nature of cancer, the ins and outs, whys and wherefores, you’ll have a much better handle on how to cope with the diagnosis and most likely will be less fearful of it. That said, emotional states are intricately linked to physical states and so cleansing and healing the mind is also a vital step in gaining good health. Dr Little’s book, You Can Heal Yourself from Cancer Now! offers more in-depth advice and systems on how you can deal with this disease, naturally and effectively.



integrative health product guide


your body

With cancer becoming more and more prevalent it is highly recommended to take supplements that support the prevention of cancer and promotion of healthy cell growth. Green supplements, alkalinising measures and good nutrition all go a long way towards keeping a healthy body.

Berry Red

Metagenics Phytoganix 150g


Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Seapoint Palmyra, Plattekloof & online. (QRC: 0000851)

Phytoganix™ is a convenient, delicious way to get a diverse daily supply of phytonutrients from certified organic sources. This highly nutritious, berry red formula provides: • Superfruits like antioxidant-rich raspberries, blueberries, goji berries, and lingon berries • Superfoods and herbs including spirulina, polyphenol-rich green tea, astragalus, and ginger • Vitamin C-rich acerola extract • Vegetables like green cabbage, beets, carrots, and spinach • Flaxseed powder and inulin.

Green Rejuvenation Organic Greens and freeze dried grass juices feed the body’s cells with this restorative and concentrated super food. This green powder is designed to support cellular rejuvenation, healthy brain function, nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance 363g R635 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0001443)

The Great Defender Shark liver oil is exactly what it says it is. Oil extracted from the liver of specific species of cold-water shark. It’s also a dietary supplement with strong immune-boosting effects.

The Real Thing Shark Liver Oil 60’s R16599

Get it DELIVERED Because we know how busy you are, we have decided to bring your pharmacy goodies right to your doorstep. Who wants to step outside anyway when they’re not feeling too good. Just call us on 021 487 5423, tell us what you need and we will dispatch as soon as we can. Our Wellness Warehouse Kloof street store will deliver anything from the pharmacy to the City Bowl, Camps Bay and Atlantic Seaboard.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY For morning deliveries, call us before 10h00am or if you want it delivered in the afternoon don’t forget to call before 13h00.

POP IN A FEW EXTRAS Visit our online shop product catalogue or reference our wellness magazine for anything extra you may need from our store to complete your basket. *Additional fees may apply.

Cost R30 per delivery Payment for deliveries can be done by cash or by credit card.

To The Root Turmeric Root Extract has beneficial plant based antioxidants called Curcuminoids that help fight celldamaging free radicals in the body. Research attributes a high intake of turmeric as contributing to brain health and optimal brain functioning.

Solgar Turmeric Root Extract 60’s R15399 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0001871)

Healing Spice This blend of turmeric and cayenne supports all body functions, stimulates metabolism and improves vitality, it is a natural anti-oxidant that encourages natural detoxification and cleansing in the body.

Flora Force Turmerynne 90’s R7299 Available at Kloof, Cavendish & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0011582)

Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Palmyra & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0001079)

Beyond Anti-Oxidants Salvestrols are natural compounds in the diet which are converted inside diseased cells, by a specific enzyme, into compounds that can destroy the diseased cell. They are part of a natural rescue mechanism and may be essential to maintain good health. Salvestrol capsules contain a blend of bitter orange, grape, blueberry and blackberry fruit extracts in a vegetarian gelatine-free capsule.

Salvestrol Platinum 2000 60’s R800

Super Alkaline Use this alkaline powder to regulate the body’s acidic/ alkaline balance. Multiforce Alkaline Powder contains a combination of minerals, plant calcium and tissue salts that support the body’s balancing and diseaseprevention mechanisms.

A Vogel Multiforce Alkaline Powder 225g R13399 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code:0000657)

Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Palmyra, Plattekloof, Seapoint, Wembley & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0013832)


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at

Take the guesswork out of what supplements you need 7-ProducTs-in-1 Vitamins + Minerals + Omega 3s + Probiotics + Antioxidants + Phytonutrients + other nutraceuticals, all in a single convenient supplement

soLALWoMAn™ A comprehensive nutraceutical for women • Bioidentical forms of vitamins, as they occur naturally in the body and chelated minerals for health • Breast protective broccoli extract (I3C) • Anti-aging resveratrol • Detoxifying spirulina and chlorella • Heart friendly co-enzyme Q10 , niacin and magnesium glycinate • Immune supportive probiotics and vitamin D3 • Stress reducing Rhodiola rosea herbal extract • Bone supportive and better absorbed calcium glycinate • Superior-form omega 3 fats from concentrated fish oil for the heart and brain.

soLALcHiLd™43 nutrients in a once-daily drinK for children

concentrated fruit and vegetable extracts: Wheatgrass | Broccoli | Spinach Kale | Cabbage | Mangosteen | Red pepper Ginger | Green tea | Acai | Noni | Goji berry | Cranberry Bilberry | Citrus bioflavonoids | Plum | Apricot | Orange Grapefruit | Lemon | Lime | Banana | Kiwifruit | Mango Pineapple | Raspberry | Cherry • Probiotics and omega 3s, calcium and magnesium plus 83% of daily requirement of 12 vitamins per single drink • Less than 1 gram of sugar per serving: 30 times less sugar than an average glass of fruit juice • Free from tartrazine, aspartame and preservatives.

soLALMAn™ A comprehensive nutraceutical for men • Bioidentical vitamins and chelated minerals • Superior-form omega 3 fats from concentrated fish oil for the heart and brain • Co-enzyme Q10, niacin and magnesium glycinate for heart health • Lycopene, zinc and selenium to help protect the prostate • Probiotics and vitamin D3 for immune system support • Rhodiola rosea herbal extract to help protect the heart and brain from the damages caused by stress • Spirulina for detoxification.

soLALTEEn™ A comprehensive nutraceutical for teenagers • Bioidentical vitamins and chelated minerals • Superior-form omega 3 fats from concentrated fish oil for the heart and brain • Detoxifying spirulina and chlorella • Stress reducing and brain boosting Rhodiola rosea herbal extract and vitamin B-complex • Better-absorbed calcium glycinate and magnesium glycinate for healthy bones and muscle function • Immune supportive probiotics, antioxidants and vitamin D3.

soLALWoMAn™, soLALMAn™ and soLALTEEn™

soLALcHiLd™ 43 Nutrients in a delicious DRINK

Each box contains 2 tubs

All nutraceuticals are manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities. GMP is the part of quality assurance that ensures that products are manufactured and controlled according to consistent quality standards that are appropriate for their intended use.

Visit SOLAL Technologies’ website for comprehensive product information. Collect your free booklet guide instore or for more assistance with products, call our healthline.

Healthline: 086 11 SOLAL (76525) Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @SolalTech


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Naturally High

Don’t worry

be happy Believe it or not, there are happy making chemicals in our bodies that can become depleted. This happens through extended periods of stress, grief, an unhealthy lifestyle, addictions and various other conditions. You can balance these happiness making triggers by taking natural supplements.

Solal’s Naturally High contains herbal and nutritional extracts that elevate 3 neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline), all known to improve mood and willpower.

Solal Naturally High 120’s R315 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0002726)

Feel Good 5-HTP is an amino acid extracted from the Griffonia seed. It is a precursor of the brain neurotransmitter known as serotonin – often called the ‘feel good’ supplement.

Natural Stress Relief

Solal 5 HTP 60’s R162

Core Sceletium is a natural supplement for anxiety, stress and mood improvement. It helps soothe anxiety and relieve stress and mental tension. It is a safe and non-addictive with calming, relaxing and mood enhancing effects.

Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0002658)

Core Sceletium 60’s R109

Add Some D

Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens, Plattekloof, Palmyra, Wembley & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0002599)

Vitamin D has benefits in immunity and chemoprevention, skeletal health, and, indirectly, for tissue integrity. Vitamin D also has a role in protecting against osteoporosis, cancers, autoimmune diseases, and high blood pressure, while supporting brain and immune function.

Mood Boost This formula relieves stress and tension, boosts energy and helps with concentration. The mood-elevating action of Sceletium is caused by a number of alkaloids that interact with the brain’s dopamine and serotonin receptors. It is non-addictive and not hallucinogenic.

Dr Boxall Sceletium Tortuosum with 5 HTP 60’s R22399 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0014864)

Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 4000iu 100’s R192 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0001478)

Omega King Omega-3 fatty acids are the ‘good fats’ essential to maintain optimum health. Because our bodies don’t produce Omega-3’s it is essential we get them from our diet or from supplementation.

A.Vogel VegOmega3 60’s R11999 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0016850)

Stevia sweet Stevia is a South American herb, 400 times sweeter than sugar. It is a safe and natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Stevia has additional health benefits of stabilising blood sugar levels, boosting energy levels and mental function. Stevia also helps reduce overeating and cravings for alcohol and tobacco. Unlike most sweeteners which use calorie-rich and high-GI maltodextrin (corn starch) or glucose (dextrose) as fillers, Stevia Sweet™ uses a soluble plant fibre, for a healthy gut and overall well-being, which is both low in calories and has a low Gycaemic Index (GI=2). Available in a tub and sachets.


Fibre rich A 100% tasteless and soluble fibre, made from the guar bean. It lowers the Glycaemic Index (GI) of food, balances blood sugar and helps control appetite. Invisible Fibre™ supplies the fibre that is an essential part of a healthy diet, but which modern diets lack, without changing taste or texture. Excellent for kids and diabetics. It dissolves completely in hot and cold drinks, water and in food. Invisible Fibre™ is heat-stable, so it can also be used in baking and cooking. Available in tubs (powder) and sachets.

Solal Stevia Sweet 250g R85

Solal Invisible Fibre 30 Sachets R85

Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens, Palmyra, Seapoint & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0001424)

Available at Kloof, Plattekloof, Wembley & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0002711)

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at

Natural Cold & Cough Syrup Common Cold Cough & Sore Throat Fights Infection Natural Antibiotic

Pelargonium sidoides has been successfully and widely used in South Africa and Europe for more than 30 years.

Fast Asleep



Supports:  Falling asleep  Staying asleep  Quality sleep  Stress management

Available at good Health shops throughout South Africa For more information contact 021 701 5000 or


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Learning to free yourself from tightly held inner beliefs offers you immense emotional freedom to truly live a life filled with unlimited potential.

Emotional FREEDOM

Getting through life unscathed by challenges and trauma is almost impossible. And it’s not about experiencing what may be considered a major trauma like abuse or a catastrophic accident – simple day-to-day living can be charged with emotional challenges.

did you know? Emotional Freedom Technique is something you can learn to do yourself. Once familiar with the steps it becomes a quick and easy process that can be used as often as needed. 28


f you feel like life is a struggle and it’s not turning out how you had hoped in terms of wellness, relationships, work, money or happiness; or you’re plagued by worry, stress, anxiety, fear or phobias, you’re not alone. Most people aren’t aware that many of their current problems are ‘triggered’ by long forgotten memories of an intense, dramatic or traumatic nature from childhood. They also aren’t aware that these memories can be hijacking their happiness now. Traumas are carried along the journey of life and can affect your thought processes, decisions, reactions and your physical wellbeing. But, learning to free yourself from tightly held inner beliefs will allow you everything you need to live life well

the emotional freedom to truly live a life worth living. Experts in a fastgrowing energy psychology therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) say that programmes and beliefs imprinted or set up in early childhood run as much as 95% of your adult life.


towards achieving emotional freedom >


integrative health



“The reason”, says Sharon Johnson, Cape Town EFT trainer and counsellor who has done psychology doctoral research on trauma, stress and burnout in Western Cape schools, “is because an area of the brain referred to as the emotional brain (amygdala) is hard-wired to retain these memories for our survival, to prevent repeating life threatening situations (or perceived ones). The brain stem or reptilian brain and the cognitive thinking brain work with the emotional part to elicit a hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal (HPA) response to stress, trauma or threat.”

Very often, negative emotions are picked up in your early years, before the age of six. Perceptions can easily be skewed at this age because emotional intelligence is still undeveloped. However, these negative emotions, once established, can be built upon – so, every time a situation occurs that has a similar damaging reaction, these negative emotions become multi-layered, further blocking your energy field (much like a build-up of plaque in your arteries can cause heart disease). The basic premise of EFT is to rewire your energy flow by removing the negative emotion blockages. It’s such a simple process; unlike some forms of psychotherapy that may encourage you to relive the distressing memory (possibly causing even further energy disruption), EFT practice identifies the memory, but doesn’t dwell on it – the aim being to unblock the area of your energy flow that has been obstructed by the memory.

Fight, flight or freeze responses are set up in the reptilian brain, and for a child a common option is to freeze. So in adulthood, your reactions to shock, trauma and intense emotions trigger old patterns in your brain and this continuous triggering can sabotage your immune system, affecting your mental and physical health and wellness. EFT helps reduce the levels of stress and emotional charge, forging a positive and powerful new way forward for life.

ALL BLOCKED UP The medical field has long known that emotion can manifest as physical illness. An emotion, once felt, needs to be expressed. If it isn’t expressed and is instead suppressed, it remains in the body. Taking a cue from the ancient belief in meridians, or energy centres, in the body, this suppressed emotion can in turn block energy pathways, leading to dis-ease. Psychology has attempted to tap into past negative thoughts and beliefs to bring about healing – in essence, to re-wire the thought processes by seeking the truth and actuality of what is usually a misperception of events. An example could be a child who, after witnessing his parents arguing, and then sees his father walk away, may feel deeply abandoned. Even though the child wasn’t in fact abandoned, the misperception of the situation can lead to a deep seated fear of being left and can affect his relationships way into the future. Although EFT states negative emotion as a cause, it goes further in saying that negative emotion causes a disruption in the body’s energy system, and this is what manifests physically.

EFT has been likened to an emotional form of acupuncture, where instead of needles to stimulate the meridians, finger tapping is used. By combining this physical stimulation of the meridians with a psychotherapeutic approach, therapy time is greatly reduced and healing can occur after just one session. Caryl Westmore, author and Goals expert in EFT-Matrix Reimprinting says that if your issue is a fear or phobia, for example, a breakthrough can happen in just one hour, or one session. For deeper issues like ME or chronic illness, longer sessions may be required because those conditions usually involve a cluster of different specific memories that need to be cleared. Brain scans have revealed that stimulation of acupressure points sends signals directly to the parts of the brain that activate our fight, flight or freeze responses – words alone don’t have the same effect on those brain regions, which don’t communicate with rational language centres.

ACCEPTANCE EFT is a gentle and loving process – you’ve been traumatised and it has caused a blockage. There’s no judgement involved about the circumstances of your trauma, or even in the way you have perceived a particular situation. In fact, it’s about accepting how you are feeling right now and then moving towards releasing the negative emotion attached to that ‘right now’ feeling.

did you know? According to Caryl Westmore, “EFT is a fantastic tool in maintaining wellness because it energises the meridian system by tapping on the acupressure points. People immediately feel less stressed and peaceful after tapping and dramatic shifts can happen on any current issue that causes anxiety. This could be a parking ticket, a row with a spouse, a difficult boss or challenges with children. Often EFT helps us get clarity on issues we have with people in our present space or triggers something or someone from childhood we have unconsciously chosen to forget.


It’s not often easy to fully identify an issue. Anxiety is a vague term. The more specific you are about the issue, the more you’re likely to unblock the negative emotion. This is where a therapist can be immensely helpful in getting to the core issue and dealing with each negative emotion as it surfaces. As one negative emotion is dealt with, another may emerge and a new direction of unblocking will occur. The practise of mindfulness comes into play here, in that being aware of and listening to your body, your thoughts and your emotions can help you identify the fundamental cause of your particular issue. This allows you to be more specific and effective with the phases of the EFT process.



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Do It Yourself

Create a Healthier, Happier, Richer Life Training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) & Matrix Reimprinting with EFT author Caryl Westmore and Sharon Johnson MA (Psychology) appointed trainers by UK EFT Master Karl Dawson

TRAINING DATES CAPE TOWN 2013 EFT: 1 & 2 Nov 9-11 Matrix Reimprinting: Nov 15-18 JOHANNESBURG 2014 EFT: 1 & 2 Jan 29-31 Matrix Reimprinting: Feb 1-4 BENEFITS • •

Heal past traumas, fears, pain and stress. Boost health, success, relationships and happiness.

WHY TRAIN? • • •

Self-help for you and your loved ones. International accreditation to become an EFT-Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. CPD points for professional therapists/counsellors.

BOOK NOW! Phone Sharon 072 264 4140 Email Caryl FREE EFT talk/demo by Sharon Johnson Saturday 12 October, 11-12pm Wellness Warehouse

It’s not often you get to take home a really practical method of healing from a therapist – usually you’re required to sit through hours of treatment. With EFT, it’s common for therapists to send you away with homework that has a DIY version of the process. This can become a tool you can use for life. BELOW ARE SEVEN STEPS THAT WILL HELP YOU ACHIEVE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM:

On the chest, about 60mm down and 60mm to the left of where your collar bones meet in the middle.

Under the arm, around 60mm under the crease of your arm.

Top of the head, in the middle.

NOTE: this reminder phrase may feel negative; however it’s allowing you to safely express those emotions as they are being transformed by the tapping.

STEP ONE: Identify and define the negative emotions causing your problem, then score the severity of your emotion (with 1 being insignificant and 10 the most severe) – this score will give you a base number to assess the method’s effectiveness.

STEP FIVE: Consider what level (from 1-10) your emotion is now.

STEP TWO: Create what’s called a setup phrase. This is a sentence you will repeat throughout the process and outlines your specific issue. It will be something like… “Even though I feel/am ________, I completely accept myself”. In your blank space you may want to fill in something like depressed/anxious/ craving a cigarette, etc.

STEP SEVEN: Your final reminder phrase will be something like ‘Even though I still feel __________, I choose to let it go as it no longer serves me’.

STEP THREE: Repeat your setup phrase while tapping the ‘karate chop’ point (the soft spot on the side of your hand, either hand, just below your little finger). Tap about seven times while you repeat the phrase. STEP FOUR: Create a reminder phrase – this is a reminder of your setup phrase (it’s really a shortened version of the setup phrase, with a focus on your feelings right now) and will be repeated while you tap the other meridian points, which are: •

Inner eyebrow, just above the corner of your eye closest to your nose, on the bone.

Outer eye, the outer, bottom edge of your eye, on the bone.

Under the eye, below the centre of the eye, on the bone.

Under the nose, between your lip and nose.

On the chin, in the middle where the dent is.

STEP SIX: Repeat the above steps until your level of emotion is two or less.


For more information contact Sharon 072 264 4140

everything you need to live life well

range of herbal tinctures Use herbal medicine to assist in the treatment and prevention of common ailments The Wellness Warehouse own brand herbal tinctures give you absolute guarantee and complete quality in an affordable SOLUTION. Wellness Herbal Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of a single herb or a combination of herbs either from the roots, leaves, seeds or whole plants which are preserved in alcohol. • • • • • •


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Wellness Echinacea – Assists with immune boosting and has antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Wellness Pelargonium – Assists with the treatment of coughs, colds and ear, nose and throat infections. Wellness Cold & Flu Remedy – Assists with the treatment of colds and flu, ear, nose and throat infections and boosts immunity. Wellness Siberian Ginseng – Assists with the treatment of fatigue, lack of concentration and low immune function. Wellness Valerian – Assists with the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders, helps with mild sedation and relaxation. Wellness Sleep Aid – Assists with the treatment of mild insomnia, stress, anxiety and restlessness.

WELLNESS TINCTURE RANGE: No artificial colours or flavours & sugar free Quality manufactured brand

livewell green living

EARTHCHILD Creates eco warriors in Khayelitsha The Earthchild Project is a Non-Profit Organisation operating in disadvantaged primary schools in the Western Cape.


orking with children and teachers, Earth Child’s programmes focus on the environment, health and wellness and life skills. They teach children how to grow their own organic vegetables, yoga, meditation, the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction. They also run hiking clubs to teach them about nature and the environment.Earthchild aims to inspire a new generation of healthy, confident and conscious young leaders.

ECO WARRIORS IN ACTION IN KHAYELITSHA A group of children from Khayelitsha have taken it upon themselves to improve their local environment. Twenty Grade 5 and


6 learners decided to do an audit of their school’s negative effect on the environment. They were shocked at the amount of waste created each day and realised it was up to them to take action. As part of the Eco Warriors club, run by local NGO Earthchild Project, they have an awareness of the environment which gave them impetus to challenge all Grade 4’s and their teachers to reduce their waste.

teachers and even the principal. They will focus on beautifying rubbish bins, campaigning with posters around the grounds, ensuring accessible and visible bins everywhere and inviting the entire school to participate. Champion learners and classes will be awarded a certificate and bracelet to acknowledge their contribution to reducing waste at Sakumlandela Primary School.

The little Eco warriors are hot on the heels of teachers who are being challenged to transform their classrooms into litter-free environments. Their litter levels are being measured weekly. When this phase of the campaign has launched successfully, the club will challenge the entire school,

For more information contact Carla Thiele on email: Cell: 082 4174904 or log on to

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Ayurveda for you IN TUNE WITH NATURE Ashoka (Saraca indica) is a revered herb for gynecological problems and works best at arresting bleeding. It heals the inflamed endometrium and regulates estrogen levels. Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) effectively stops excessive bleeding and relieves pain. It regulates estrogen and progesterone levels and so improves fertility. It soothes the irritable nature of excess pitta in the blood and reduces inflammation in body. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is the most common herb in Ayurveda used for rejuvenation and nourishment. It normalises hormonal secretion and removes weakness. Shatavari is considered to be the most helpful herb for women as it helps balance the female hormonal system, cleanses the blood and the female reproductive organs and enhances endometrial receptivity thereby assisting full-term pregnancy.


MENSTRUAL SPOT TEST As a part of my Ayurveda regimen, I always recommend each woman do this self test at home to check her menstrual health. On all days of bleeding, take a small amount of menstrual blood on a clean white cloth and allow it to dry. After a few minutes, wash it with warm water. In a healthy blood and hormonal profile, the blood should wash away without leaving any stain behind. If a stain is left it indicates a disrupted cycle and hormonal imbalance.

n a modern world where we are inundated by stress, high-demands, pollution and adulterated views of reality, it is crucial that the modern woman regains her Shakti (sacred force) and balance by aligning her mind-body-spirit with the rhythms of Nature. Ayurveda describes in great detail the three doshas (constitutional types) that correspond to the three stages of a woman’s life: Childhood is represented by Kapha; womanhood by Pitta and old age by Vata. Each phase in a woman’s life serves a distinct purpose in her physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. From irregular menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, Ayurveda can help women regain balance.

Abnormal menstrual periods also fall under DUB. This is commonly seen in the beginning and end of the reproductive life of a woman. The symptoms experienced include mood swings, irritability, weakness, variable menstrual cycles (usually less than 28 days between menstrual periods), vaginal tenderness and variable menstrual flow ranging from scanty to profuse. According to Ayurveda, dysfunctional uterine bleeding can be from a number of diseases related to irregular menstrual flow caused from congestion of the pelvis/uterus. The imbalance may involve all three doshas, but the imbalance in rakta (blood system) and pitta primarily cause this disease.

The Ayurvedic way to health and happiness is to re-establish and maintain harmony internally (body, mind and spirit) and externally (between people and surroundings). Ayurvedic recommendations and therapies allow complete re-integration of a whole woman. As personal balance is achieved, natural wellbeing is restored and women can experience their native state of health, peace and joy.

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding or DUB is a common gynecological disorder characterised by abnormal bleeding from the uterus even in the absence of a tumour, pregnancy or infection.

Herbs that are very useful in the treatment of dysfunctional uterine bleeding are Ashoka, Lodhra and Shatavari. These are effectively used in Ayurvedic medicines or as home remedies.

Ayurveda believes emotional health is tied to physical health. Happiness, the sages told us, is our birthright and a by-product of perfect health!

Dr. Harshada Rama Ayurveda Practitioner

Wellness in every home through herbal healthcare

Ensures complete uterine care The Himalaya Drug Company Yellow Wood Place, Woodmead Business Park, 145 Western Services Road, Woodmead, 2191, Sandton Tel: (011) 656 4284 |



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appiness has been lauded as an elusive state of being to be attained and held onto, lest it slip out of your grasp like a wriggly puppy.

But historian Darrin McMahon, after his study into the definition of happiness through the ages of Western civilisation, would argue otherwise. In Ancient Greece happiness was used in the same way we use the word luck - happiness is when the gods of Olympus decide not to jest with you today. Aristotle extolled the virtues of being happy as something one experiences when leading a virtuous life. During medieval times happiness was something you got when you reached heaven, and until then all life was a painful test of faith. Then came the renaissance with its ‘joie de vivre’, where happiness was betrothed to pleasure. Today we expect happiness to be a state of being we should be experiencing all the time, a right to play with puppies all day long. Let’s see if our bodies can provide some insight into what happiness is...

did you know? Over 90% of our serotonin is produced in our gut!

By Dr Yesheen

The feeling of happiness is associated with the release of serotonin (aka the ‘happy hormone’) into our brain and body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a brain messenger that initiates waves of happy thoughts and feelings through our physical body. It is manufactured in our body through the conversion of a protein amino acid called tryptophan which becomes serotonin, and seeks out the 5HT family of receptors to do its thing. These receptor sites, or docking stations, happen to be scattered throughout the body, not just the brain. This is why serotonin imbalances have been tied to a variety of diseases like osteoporosis and blood clotting abnormalities.

of awareness and happiness. The sweet moments of happiness are made more precious by the journey to them. How sad would we be if we lived happily ever after?

Production of serotonin is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. This could be changes in how our 5HT receptors look and function either from genetic variation or from damage to receptors caused by prolonged stress and increased cortisol. Serotonin deficiencies lead to depression, PTSD, sleep problems, autism, learning and memory problems, and a range of anxiety disorders.

3. Avoid the stimulant cycle reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol, both of which interfere with serotonin and cortisol production.

But by far the biggest influence on serotonin balance, and resultant happiness, in our body is the health of our gut. Over 90% of our body’s total serotonin is located in cells lining our gastro-intestinal tract, where it helps the gut wall to contract around the food, digesting it and moving it along. If we experience poor gut health, we find drops in our levels of serotonin. So how does this tie in with our quest for happiness? Think of the gut. It is exposed to waves of nutrition alternating with fasting. This correlates with a natural ebb and flow in the release of serotonin into our systems. In the same way, we should have moments


The sweet moments of happiness are made more precious by the journey to them.

everything you need to live life well

6 TIPS TO BALANCE SEROTONIN 1. Sleep long enough to repair and rejuvenate the body. 2. Make sure your vitamin D levels are topped up, especially through winter time.

4. Exercise to encourage endorphin and serotonin release and healthy gut function. 5. Eat healthy protein, e.g. fish, beans, nuts and pea protein isolate - your body absorbs much more tryptophan through whole foods than from a tryptophan supplement. 6. Make Omega-3 fatty acids your best friend - these help support healthy brains that are more receptive to the effects of serotonin.

Olympic cOach - Dr JerOen Swart



training tip 2


Early morning training at low intensity while fasted (no meal for the preceding 8 hours) results in significant improvements in fat oxidation and endurance. More recent research shows that a high intensity session the evening before followed by a high protein and low carbohydrate meal accentuate the effects of the fasted rides (called the sleep low phenomenon).



Therefore: Complete a high intensity training session in the evening, eat a high protein, low carbohydrate meal and then train in a fasted state for 60-90 minutes at low intensity the following morning. Do this session once each week.

Manufacturers could tell you whatever they like about their product. They might even tell you that low GI carbohydrates enhance exercise performance. Whether you believe them or take the time to check the facts is up to you. At Cadence Nutrition we like to be as transparent as possible. Every ingredient is supported by extensive independently conducted research, published in reputable peer reviewed scientific journals. To make life easier, we make all the research available to you at the click of a button. Visit to see for yourself.

CadenCe nutrition Marathon Caden Marathon’s multiple transportable carbohydrates result in 71% higher exogenous carbohydrate oxidation rates, lowering perceived exertion, and improving performance by up to 8% compared to plain maltodextrose or glucose1,2. Product Science • • •

17491 012 460 8545

5:1 Carbohydrate / protein ratio reduces exercise related muscle damage and catabolism and may improve exercise performance3,4. Beta alanine supplementation increases muscle carnosine concentrations and buffers against protons produced during high intensity exercise, improving sprint exercise performance by up to 11.4% after a fatigueing time-trial 5,6. Phosphate supplementation increases 2.3 DPG which increases oxygen delivery to working muscle, increasing time trial performance by up to 8%7. Screened for the presence of prohibited substances by HFL Sports Science Laboratories, UK.

• 1Rowlands DS et al. J Appl Physiol 104: 1709–1719, 2008 • 2Currell K, Jeukendrup AE. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2008 Feb;40(2):275-81 • 3Saunders MJ, Kane MD , Todd MK. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2005 Jan;37(1):166 • 4Valentine RJ, Saunders MJ, Todd MK, St Laurent TG • 5Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2008 Aug;18(4):363-78 • 6Ven Tienen R et al. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2009 Apr;41(4):898-903 • 7Smith AE et al. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2009 Feb 11;6:5.

Available at leading cycle stores and



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Your brain is a veritable storehouse of chemicals, all working towards ensuring your body and mind are in top working order and that you react to situations appropriately.

& up Up, Y

our body is a finely designed machine containing everything you need for total wellbeing. But as with most intricate designs, a degree of balance and care is required for it to remain in good working order. This is difficult, even without the stresses, strains and temptations of the modern world. Psychologist Robert Thayer describes mood as a product of two dimensions: tension and energy, wherein a person can feel at once energetic and tired, or tense and calm. The preferred state of being would be energetic-calm. Different to the concept of emotion, and perhaps contrary to the intensity of mood disorders, our frame of mind is most often described as good or bad, positive or negative, happy, sad or neutral. But what actually dictates your mood? Is it mere circumstance or does biology play a role?

BRAIN POWER Your brain’s communication network is a maze of millions of connections capable of performing trillions of calculations per second – all of this incredible capacity is managed by neurons, which power the messages; neurotransmitters that create the messages; and receptors that receive the messages. And it’s electrifying – a single neuron can produce nearly one tenth of a


AWAY Try our 16 tips for promoting happiness

volt and your brain activity can easily be measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG). The speed at which these messages travel is around 240 km/hour.

WHAT’S IN STORE? Your brain is a veritable storehouse of chemicals, all working towards ensuring your body and mind are in top working order and that you react to situations appropriately. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that kick things into gear – when endorphins attach themselves to a part or parts of your nervous system, that’s the signal to get going – from pain relief to pleasure, and of course, happiness. Your body and brain receives endorphins through opioid receptors, which are located throughout your body. There’s a downside to endorphins, though. If you’re experiencing too much stress and strain that triggers them into action, your body can become flooded with them, triggering the fight or flight response for even small events and leading to anxiety and depression. While endorphins are responsible for getting everything going, there are a few other neurotransmitters that are responsible for your state of mind. Dopamine is the keeper of your brain’s pleasure centres and is the precursor to two other neurotransmitters, adrenaline everything you need to live life well

(for bursts of energy, increased heart rate, constricted blood vessels to minimise bleeding and dilated air passages) and noradrenalin (increases focus and alertness). A lack of dopamine has been associated with Parkinson’s disease and a lack of noradrenalin has been found in children with ADHD. Serotonin is created in the brain, but it travels into your body, with 80% of it ending up in your gut where it regulates your intestinal movements. The chemical tryptophan in conjunction with tryptophanhydrolase builds serotonin. It’s believed that a shortage of tryptophan in your body will lead to a shortage of serotonin. Although serotonin has been linked to depression, science is still unsure if a depletion of serotonin leads to depression or if depression leads to a depletion of serotonin. Nonetheless, increasing serotonin levels does help alleviate depression, even if it’s not clear why. Tryptophan also triggers the production of the hormone melatonin, which is released at night and suppressed during the day – assisting in regulating your sleep-wake cycle. With modern lifestyles that integrate a lot of artificial lighting, its believed that melatonin production isn’t as efficient as its supposed to be, leading to less effective sleep and then to depression.


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GET HAPPY A poor diet, lack of exercise, too little sleep and too much stress all cause your brain’s chemicals to become unbalanced and your neurotransmitters to start firing in the wrong order, too often or too little. Some keys that assist in keeping the balance in check and everything finely tuned are: •

Power boost - Ginseng is a great energy booster and many athletes take it to enhance their endurance – but it also helps balance the release of stress hormones, keeping you calm and focused. Laugh - It’s a well known axiom that laughter is the best medicine and its actually been proven to assist in healing numerous diseases and ailments – just 10 minutes of giggles a day brings about a wonderful feeling of general wellbeing. Under cover - Sex is a fantastic stress buster and mood enhancer. When you’re anxious, stressed or depressed, however, it may be difficult to feel the necessary desire to get going. But, sex is known to release numerous feel-good chemicals, not the least being oxytocin, which has been proven to assist in healing anything from the common cold to severe depression. Chocolate - Most chocolate lovers will know that it’s a proven mood booster. However, you actually only need a small block every two or three days for it to be effective (choose dark, high cocoa organic chocolate), so feeling down isn’t a good excuse for an all out binge – in fact, too much may just have the opposite effect. Tune up - Listening to your favourite music brings your mood up by boosting your endorphins, so put on some tunes and get in some dancercise to increase the boost.

Hot hot hot - Capsicum is known to increase mood – it triggers pain receptors in the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, in turn triggering the release of endorphins that rush to block the pain.

All together now - Any type of exercise is well proven to boost your brains happy chemicals, but recent studies have shown that group exercise may enhance this rush of feel-good endorphins.

Vitamin B3 - Also known as niacin helps your brain produce dopamine. Food rich

in vitamin B3 includes beetroot, peanuts and fish. •

L-Tryptophan - This serotonin precursor is found in numerous foods like milk, soya and turkey Tip: Tryptophan-rich food isn’t always effective in boosting levels of it in your body, so supplementing with 5Htp (5-hydroxytryptophan) is more likely to increase actual serotonin levels.

Sunlight - Even in South Africa, it’s possible to lack sunshine’s moodenhancing vitamin D. Get your daily dose by being outside in natural sunlight for 10 minutes a day, with as much skin exposed as possible – this isn’t enough time for you to burn, but do be careful for periods longer than that and be sure to use a good quality sunscreen and cover up at other times.

Cheers - A small glass of wine each night can assist in boosting endorphins – red wine has been proven to contain antioxidants so the effects are physically health-enhancing too.

Vitamin C - helps increase serotonin production and can protect your brain cells from free radical damage.

Meditate - Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, the benefits of meditation are enormous, from lifting your mood to increasing concentration and focus. Take time out for yourself each day to boost your endorphins

Vitamin B6 - Increases endorphins by acting as a precursor to numerous neurotransmitters like serotonin and noradrenalin. You can supplement with the vitamin or include food like chicken, salmon, tuna, milk and lentils in your diet.

Sniff - Vanilla is known to increase endorphin action, so keep some natural vanilla essence handy. You can put a couple of drops in your brewing coffee or even spritz a bit on your wrists. Lavender is also known to activate happy brain centres and reduce insomnia and depression. An aroma diffuser, candles or a few drops in your bath will help lift a mood.

Tyrosine - Is an amino acid that assists in increasing dopamine production in your brain. You can supplement with tyrosine or find it in food like dairy, protein-rich meat and some grains and seeds.

Try this for HAPPINESS By Glenn-Douglas Haig You would be surprised how many people go for coaching because they are unhappy with some area of their lives. Who isn’t? But what is amazing is that they are so fixated on this one thing that is wrong or painful, that they fail to see all the goodness and joy that fills the rest of their lives. Not only that, but when I ask them the question, “Ok, so if you don’t want this…. Then what would you like instead?” they blink and go blank – at least for a second or two. Then we spend the next 10 to 50 minutes digging for what it is they really want instead. We are so programmed to focus on the problem, to say things like, “I’m sick of being in debt,” or “I don’t want to be unhappy anymore,” or “I’ve had enough of being unfit/fat/stressed or whatever…” that we forget or are unable to turn our attention to what we do want instead. Coaches call this reframing – shifting someone’s focus from what they don’t want, to what they do want. And that’s when the magic starts to happen. The sad thing is, without even realising it, the silent story we tell ourselves daily, is centered around what we don’t like in our lives, giving it even more energy and substance. Coaches know that if you reframe your focus, the chances of creating what you want increase a hundredfold! However, it is helpful to focus on one thing at a time, so that you give it a chance to happen. Otherwise we can dilute our attention and not get the results we seek. So this is my invitation to try an experiment: take a moment to notice where you might be giving energy or habitual thought to the stone in your shoe, then decide what you would rather have in its place, and choose to spend a week focusing on that instead. Give yourself a symbol of that which you seek and put it in a place to remind you, every time you see it, to reframe your focus. You will be amazed at the happy changes within you and the results that manifest. Focus on joy – I dare you.


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Karoo Dreaming Everyone’s been talking about Prince Albert as a fabulous place to spend a weekend. We sent Sue Parker Smith to investigate.


rince Albert is a dusty signpost to the right on the N1, just north of Matjiesfontein, a punctuation mark on the endless Karoo traverse.

convenience of being close to the shops and restaurants, while enjoying the expansive views of the Swartberg and the Karoo plains.

A long main street, with the township and ‘Drankwinkel’ at one end, Gaye’s Dairy at the other and the NG Church halfway between, makes this once colonial ‘dorp’ typical of many small Karoo towns. But it’s the Swartberg mountain range, with its orange cliffs and khaki scrub that forms the spectacular backdrop to Prince Albert, and sets it apart from the rest. The town is also relatively untouched by tourism – there is a charming authenticity to it. When meeting the General Dealer’s basset, joining the locals on their Sunday Hike, or scoffing pancakes at the market, the experience is one of friendly hospitality and down to earth people.

The accommodation includes four private suites in two semi-detached cottages. Each unit has a bathroom en-suite, kitchen, living area with fireplace and patio and braai facilities in the garden.

Where to Stay: We stayed at Karoo View Cottages – Situated on a hill above the town, this fourstar boutique guesthouse has the


The immaculate units are tastefully furnished and well equipped for self-catering. Every home comfort is provided; from the complimentary fresh milk, tea, coffee, cereals and rusks, to the decanter of port and ready-stacked fireplace. Nothing is too much trouble for owners Julie and Richard, who will arrange anything you need from braai packs to excursions. The indigenous garden attracts an array of birdlife, where you can expect Bee-eaters and Guinea Fowl, Chats, Cape Buntings, Sparrows and more. The owners have made every effort to make the facilities ecofriendly. Cottages have waste sorting bins and eco-friendly detergents, the lights are energy efficient and grey water is used to irrigate the garden. Guests also have the option of picking their own fresh herbs and vegetables from an organic vegetable tunnel on the property. For more information visit:

everything you need to live life well

What to do: Prince Albert is worth a few days off the beaten track, just to slow down, breathe the clean Karoo air, watch the stars, have coffee with locals, taste the olives, climb the mountains, or just sit and take in the view. For the curious, the town also offers eccentric art tours and a creepy ghost walk. Every Saturday morning the locals run a market, selling fresh produce, pancakes, pickles and crafts.

Where to eat: For the best carrot cake in town, it’s a hard call between the Lazy Lizard and the Prince Albert General Dealer. If you enjoy great food in an arty setting, the Gallery Café is the place to be.

For personally selected, independent places to stay in South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland, contact the Portfolio Collection. Portfolio handpicks memorable and charming boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and game lodges which meet the needs of discerning independent travellers. Portfolio still print their famous guidebooks, but their collection is also available on app for ipad and at For more information log on to their website:

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Contrary to what Hollywood might want you to believe, there’s no mean score for happiness that the human race needs to strive toward


After centuries of searching for the elusive notion of happiness, the world has finally concluded that not only is it important, it’s also not quite what it seems.

did you know? Dutch children are deemed the happiest in the world. The reason is that Dutch society is set up to fully support children and its common for mom’s to leave their jobs to concentrate on the very important aspects of bringing up their children.



hen was the last time you uttered the words ‘If I died now, I’d die happy’? What set of circumstances, people or things created a moment where you felt happy? And was it happiness or contentment? Was there excitement involved, or peace? In trying to pin down what happiness actually is, science has deduced that it’s subjective. Contrary to what Hollywood might want you to believe, there’s no mean score for happiness that the human race needs to strive toward.

IT’S A HUMAN CONDITION The World Happiness Report was produced by the United Nations in conjunction with the Earth Institute and took the results of various studies conducted all over the world that asked questions like, ‘all things everything you need to live life well

considered, how satisfied are you with your life as a whole currently (where 0 = extremely dissatisfied and 10 = extremely satisfied)’. The report breaks down happiness levels by outlining internal (mental and physical health, education, age, family experience and gender) and external factors (community and governance, values and religion, work and income). Mental and psychical health are important factors in your levels of life satisfaction – there’s a knock-on effect of illness in that long-term or chronic diseases impact your ability to get or hold down a good job, as well as your social abilities, all of which are happiness factors in their own right. But, humans are adaptable, so it’s found a recently disabled person is less

livewell green living

happy than someone who’s been disabled for a period of say three years and has learned to live with it. Education is important in that it allows greater freedom in choosing to live a better life, and better opportunities for securing a good and sustainable job. In some countries, upping the minimum schoolleaving age has increased the nation’s overall happiness levels. Age Your happiness levels fluctuate with your age, and are at their lowest between ages 40-50. After this they rise again until you’re around 80, when other factors may intrude on your quality of life – like poor health. Gender Women are happier than men even though they tend to experience more mental illness and psychological distress. This is only true, however, in countries where gender rights are more equal. Marriage and family In general, married couples are happier than those who aren’t married or are single. They’re also usually physically healthier and live longer. But, a troubled marriage is a sure-fire way to reduce your happiness and the study found that people who divorce experience greater life satisfaction around three years after their divorce than they had three years prior to the divorce. As for children, there’s not a huge difference between childless couples and those who have children – although the age of your children does affect your happiness levels. Children under the age of three and those going through adolescence are more likely to make their parents unhappier. Community & governance Freedom to do what you want within your community is a major happiness factor, as is the level of trust you feel towards not only those close to you, but also your government, people within your community and even strangers. The amount of social capital you have (investment in social interactions) directly correlates to your feeling of happiness. Green spaces in your immediate environment are also a factor – in fact, research indicates that green spaces in hospitals offer faster healing rates and greater feelings of well-being in patients, while schools and universities with green spaces afford students better performance levels.

Religion and values Altruism is seen to create happiness in both the giver and the receiver, but the World Happiness Report states that happiness is contagious, so it’s not clear if altruism creates happiness or if happiness creates altruism. Being part of a religious group tends to give people more access to a supportive group of friends, a greater feeling of being respected and the belief that life has meaning. Work and income A poorly paid job is better than no job at all. This isn’t only because there is an income and a feeling of achievement; it also instils a certain amount of discipline and structure and shared experiences with people outside the family group. Income’s impact on your happiness is relative – it’s not an amount per se, but it’s how well it compares with those people you compare yourself to. So, if you compare yourself to a multi-millionaire and yet only earn a minimum wage, you’re likely to be dissatisfied with your income. But, if you compare yourself to people within your community who have the same or less income than you, your level of satisfaction will increase. Once again it’s all relative – a person earning R2,000 a month will enjoy a greater surge in happiness if they receive a R1,000 bonus than a person who normally earns R10,000 a month.

Myanmar/Burma February 5

14 nights

A truly Sacred and Exotic Destination, the land of a thousand temples. Mandalay, Yangon (formerly Rangoon) and the magnificent golden Shwedagon temple, Inle Lake, hot air ballooning over the temples of Bagan valley, and down the Irrawaddy river. An additional tour to Myanmar will depart November 14th, 2014.

India April 2

did you know? Although it’s universally felt that greater income brings greater happiness, there does need to be a balance. For example, in the US, living standards have increased substantially over the past 50 or so years, whereas overall happiness levels haven’t. Greater income and increased standards of living bring other problems – an increased need for physical security and an increased risk of contracting some sort of lifestyle disease like obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

18 nights

Delhi, Agra and the Taj Mahal, Udaipur, Kashmir, Dharamsala, Haridwar and the Festival of Light, through the Himalayas to McClouganj, home of the Dalai Lama. An optional 5 day extension to Darjeeling.


16 nights

Experience not only the warm weather but the warm and friendly people. Tanah Lot, Uluwatu and Besakih temples. The morning market in Sukawati, and the Aga village of Tenganan. Ride with the dolphins in Lovina. Ubud, the center for art, dance, yoga, and great cooking classes.

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did you know? Harvard psychologist and author Dan Gilbert writes about our psychological immune system – in that humans are able to produce what he calls synthetic happiness. Quite simplistically, his studies and other’s he discusses in his work conclude that humans are able to make the very best out of any situation. The psychological immune system seems to work best when people are stuck, Gilbert says. When we have no choice in the matter – for example, if you’re dating someone who has an irritating habit, you may just break up with them. However, if you’re married to them, you’re more likely to list their positive characteristics to counteract the irritating one. He says that freedom in choice can lead to natural happiness – ostensibly because you’re able to choose a path that you perceive to offer greater happiness. But, sometimes freedom of choice leads to dissatisfaction and not happiness – because you are never quite able to let go of the nagging feeling you may have been happier with the other decision. There may be something to synthetic happiness after all.


HAPPILY EVER AFTER The basic tenet then, to live a happy life, is to firstly look after your mental and physical health and your relationships. Get involved with your community as much as possible and find a good balance between work and play. Strive towards regularly learning more about your field of interest and learn to be grateful for what you have rather than comparing yourself to those who have more. Spend time outdoors and create green spaces in your environment. Learn to love your country, the people you are surrounded by and the work you do. Find the positive aspects of all those things and you’ll find your level of overall happiness increases.


everything you need to live life well

DREAMS COME TRUE You’d think that if everything you wanted and dreamed about came to fruition, you’d achieve happiness. But, a study on people’s level of happiness one year after winning the lottery and one year after becoming disabled baffled researchers – there was no difference in their perceived levels of life satisfaction. How can that be? Becoming disabled is no small thing and most people shudder at the thought of it happening to them – the loss of freedom of movement, deep trauma and a complete change of life. It’s a horror story. Whereas winning the lottery brings about visions of becoming debtfree perhaps, or that trip of a lifetime around the world. It may be because happiness is subjective and in going through the journey of life offers an opportunity to learn more about yourself. One school of thought is if you become disabled, you learn where your strengths lie and how much love you have. On the other side of the vision, winning the lottery may highlight your weaknesses and also a feeling of insecurity about whether people truly do love you, or just your newly inflated bank account. Looking at how you feel and what you learn from certain circumstances goes a long way to explaining the subjective nature of happiness. One thing is clear, having a strong sense of purpose and circumstances that activate the sense of survival produces longer living, happier people. Statistics among Trust Fund children where there is no need to work or produce anything show unusually high levels of addiction, suicide, depression and unhappiness.

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It may not be for everyone, but communal living is touted as being a utopian lifestyle, as long as everyone involved works toward a common purpose

Living in


When you think of communal living, most people immediately picture long-haired, barefoot men and women floating around some sort of rural farm setting with naked children scattered all over the place and the smell of incense and other dubious substances billowing into the atmosphere.


ew York Times journalist, Andrew Jacobs wrote that, contrary to popular misconceptions, “most communes in recent times are not free-love refuges for flower children, but well-ordered, financially solvent cooperatives where pragmatics, not psychedelics, rule the day.”


was a huge rise in families splitting up – with children moving out of home way earlier than ever before and women even living on their own. Materialism increased dramatically and people seemed to care more about acquiring ‘things’ than human interaction and family values. Although rebelling against the status quo, hippies actually embraced a greater community and family setting, one that had been rapidly disintegrating from the late 50s onward. The terminology is no longer ‘communal’, but rather ‘intentional communities’ – meaning that people set up communities with social cohesion and teamwork in mind. People within these intentional communities generally share a common belief system, from ecological or green living to religious beliefs.

Professor Stephen Gaskin. Meunier writes about her experiences and interviews many of the residents to try and understand their reasons for making the communal living choice. One resident of the farm interviewed said, “I grew up in the suburbs and it was nice but all the houses were the same with an identical palm tree in the front yard. It was really boring and the people didn’t seem happy.” Predicting resurgence in the growth of intentional communities, Meunier says, “It is my observation that when people are removed from their means to a living and forced to work as a commodity for a big corporation, the mechanical and impersonal conditions result in alienation, personal dissatisfaction, and a loss of dignity and sense of purpose.”

One of the reasons hippies were so keen on communal living was that it defied what was going on in the world at the time – with the World Wars over and the contraceptive pill giving people more sexual freedom, there

Rachel Meunier grew up on one of America’s most well-known communal farms, simply known as The Farm, which was founded in the 1970’s by English


There are so many more reasons than wanting a ‘free-love type lifestyle’ to set up a community-focused living arrangement. For starters, the world economic crisis has made home ownership more difficult and has spurred the trend of buying land and houses jointly.


everything you need to live life well

But, are these people happier than the general population? Well, just about every report on happiness, life satisfaction

livewell green living

and wellness centres on being part of a community setting and your social contacts. It’s all about people. If you look at psychoanalyst Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, communal living ticks off a number of the levels he contended were required for good living: food, clothing and a place to live; safety and security; family love; self esteem, achievement and the respect of others; and then self actualisation in the form of creativity, acceptance, lack of prejudice, spontaneity and problem solving. It’s sometimes easier to look at the opposite of something to fully appreciate what that thing is in the first place. With that in mind, consider a person who lives alone, quite isolated with no real sense of security. If they’re isolated and don’t know their neighbours nor have many friends or close family, the chances of them finding respect from others is diminished. Self esteem will be difficult to gauge without society’s mirror, and spontaneity may prove difficult without someone to share moments with. Certainly prejudice may become a problem due to the fear imbedded by being isolated. So, while you may be able to adequately clothe, feed and shelter yourself, living within a community is required to achieve the other aspects of human needs. People need people, quite simply. It may not be for everyone, but communal living is touted as being a utopian lifestyle, as long as everyone involved works toward a common purpose.

“Community is a sign that love is possible in a materialistic world where people so often either ignore or fight each other. It is a sign that we don’t need a lot of money to be happy – in fact, the opposite.” – Jean Vanier

A COMMUNITY OR A COMMUNE? It may seem obvious that living within a community allows you to know at least some of your neighbours and be aware of, if not involved in, the activities taking place around you. Certainly, wealthy South Africans are being forced into it because of security concerns. But sharing living space with relative strangers does seem like a bit of a leap to most people. Especially to those used to having complete privacy. There are options, however, that won’t see you having to queue for a bathroom in the morning with five of your co-habitants. Cohousing is a growing trend, with families

buying up land or buildings together with the intention of sharing common areas like dining or office space. Western culture has had, for quite some time, an individualistic focus – ‘every man for himself’ type of thinking. However, with communal living, the key concept is collaboration rather than competition. Shared resources or the ability to engage in bulk buying goes a long way to ensuring a more ecologically friendly society and can be a great cost-saving exercise; from shared childcare to even shared transport. Meunier says in, “From a personal experience, the Farm was about justice, sincerity, honesty, humanity, and peace. The Farm taught me to rethink the status quo, question authority, and stand up for what is right. The values of our culture – greed, and other self serving ideologies are less important to me. The Farm not only gave me a whole different set of values to continually strive toward, but made me who I am today.”

did you know? One of the reasons co-housing has come about is the desire to resurrect what life was like in villages many years ago, where everyone knew their neighbours and helped each other in times of trouble. In the late 1960’s, families in Denmark grouped together to create a community, called the Saettedammen project and this was replicated throughout the country. Later, the idea spread to the US and the term ‘co-housing’ was coined by McDamant & Durret Architects who developed a number of these housing schemes. In London, UKs first co-housing scheme was only granted planning permission in April this year, but the trend is taking off. Most schemes contain between 20-40 homes, clustered around a central area. The homes all have similar facilities to an individual home, with a kitchen and bathroom; however, there’s a central eating, play or work area where members of the community gather regularly for meals and community events.

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ECO DIVA NICOLE’S DIY RECIPE Our very own Eco Diva, Nicole Sherwin mixes up a stress relief body cream destined to bring on a soothing and calming disposition.

Stress can be so damaging to the body, nervous system and emotions. If we make a conscious effort to manage our stress well we can bring on a calmer, happier space. Sitting in mindful meditation for 20 minutes each morning and just watching my thoughts, as I become the observer and not the judge always helps me to stay balanced and keeps me happy. Another way is to treat my body with a luxurious stress relief body cream. Here is my recipe:

Stress Relief Body Cream Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • •

1 cup of rosewater (or filtered water, or herbal tea) 1 tsp vegetable glycerine (this isn’t optional) 175 ml (2/3 cup) avocado oil or olive oil 75g (4.5 Tbsp) coconut oil 25g. (1/4 cup) beeswax 20 drops geranium essential oil 20 drops lavender essential oil 10 drops patchouli essential oil Blender, stick-blender or whisk A recycled container to store your finished body cream Label for your finished product

Directions: In a double boiler/bain-marie, or just a bowl over a pan of simmering water – combine the olive/sunflower oil, coconut oil and beeswax until melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Put cooled down ingredients either in a blender or ready to whisk. Whisk the contents while slowly adding the rosewater or filtered water or herbal tea Add in your essential oils and continue to whisk or blend. Pour the cream into your recycled container and add your label. Enjoy your luxurious, stress relief body cream.

Twitter: @ecodivanicole Email: Website: Consulting Editor, Simply Green Magazine,


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As Meunier highlights, there were some communes in the 60s and 70s that were based on anarchy and completely rejected any form of management or rules – these didn’t go well and there were often squabbles about who should do what work. The most successful communes, such as The Farm, were based on a management structure, with a leader and management teams who supervised the work parties involved in production. The Kibbutz system in Israel is also an example of successful community living.

The following tips are important to make your co-housing or commune scheme sustainable: Vision and goals Establish what your co-housing scheme intends to achieve – whether its living a more environmentally friendly life, or simply cost saving, make sure you have clear vision as this will make it much easier to decide on what type of people to target for membership.

Decision making and communication Decide upfront how major and even minor decisions will be made. Set up criteria for membership and a system for conflict resolution.

Money Often a contentious issue, you of course need enough funds to begin and methods of making payments and balancing the books. Setting up a group bank account for expenses is wise, with each member paying a levy based on expenses.

Legalities Spend the right amount of time and money in setting up well constructed agreements so everyone is clear about the structure, goals, vision and workings of the community.

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Use dried fruit and nuts to add to muesli and to enhance your smoothies. With nuts, you can make nut butter, toast them as a snack and add spices, grind them and use them in sauces, salads and stir fry’s. Nuts are incredibly filled with goodness and are completely delicious and satisfying. Although we used to think nuts are fattening, new research shows they can be used as part of a dieting schedule. The high nutritional content makes the brain think it has had enough food and helps with appetite control. Choose from the following varieties all available in bulk.

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Science has endlessly proven that owning a pet is good for you

You could be a sold out animal activist or someone who balks at the thought of muddy paws on your lounge suite. Either way, you may want to visit your local pet store or SPCA when you discover just how important pet ownership is to your health. FOUR LEGGED DOCTOR Many studies have been done on dogs and their ability to sniff out anything from cancer or low blood sugar levels to minute traces of peanuts for those who are allergic. Dogs can be trained to be on the lookout for just about everything it seems. In therapeutic environments animals are used extensively. In hospices or mental institutions research shows that just having access to a pet is seen to lift people’s moods. More than that, stroking a dog or cat can lower blood pressure and reduce stress. People who have a pet tend to recover more quickly from traumatic events than those who only have friends or family to turn to.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France

PET THERAPY There’s nothing quite like a cute puppy to act as a conversation starter. Dogs are

fabulous for social interaction and people with dogs are more likely to get into conversation with others. Other studies reveal that pet owners have greater self-esteem and are quicker to bounce back from rejection than non-pet owners. Also, children who view their pet as their best friend develop more empathy, more quickly. Besides that – you are more likely to get out there and walk if you’re responsible for your dog’s health.


Lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels – owning a pet significantly lowers these levels and this, combined with a reduction in blood pressure (also an advantage of pet ownership), makes you less prone to heart attack. Better recovery – If you do have a heart attack, pet ownership will increase your chance of survival. Children between 11-16yrs that own a pet have better understanding of non-verbal communication.

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The love you feel towards and from your pet increases oxytocin levels, triggering the all important feel good chemical in your brain and helping stave off depression. In some people, pet ownership has been more effective than medication in treating depression. Doctors visits in seniors are reduced by as much as 21% if they own a pet. Pet owners with Alzheimer’s benefit as the pet tends to bring the sufferer back to the present. Germs brought into the home by dogs actually assist in building your immune system and interestingly, children exposed to pets are less likely to develop allergic rhinitis later on in life.

GET UP If you’re feeling down or lonely, a pet can change that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, parrot, goldfish, dog or something inbetween, science has proven over and over again that owning a pet is good for you. Be aware though, if your sole reason for buying a pet is to lower your risk of heart disease, think more deeply before committing – pets are a big responsibility and need care.

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There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance yourself to happiness

By Sharni Quinn

Biodanza is a fusion of music, movement and emotion.

quote Have you ever danced until you flew? Danced so hard, so fast, so freely that you reach a level of overwhelming, ecstatic joy? If you haven’t you should – it can change your life. - Mike Aldridge



t also acts on the major biochemical and neurological systems to rebalance the body and is a scientifically proven method of personal development. It helps improve vitality, confidence and joyful living. What a wonderful way to induce happiness! The purpose of Biodanza, which means to dance with life, is to bring people back to a life-centered principle of living and create positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. everything you need to live life well

It works by opening people’s sense of joy, self-esteem and self-confidence. By using uplifting, stimulating music, this dance form helps you to connect with your natural movement and your capacity for expression.

Benefits of Biodanza >


fitness, sleep & massage

Biodanza is movement full of meaning – it helps you express what is inside – your heart, your emotions. Through this, you are able to connect with others in the group, to share dances and the feelings of enthusiasm and happiness that emerge. It’s simple, direct and immediate. A few minutes into a class, people have already found their sense of inner joy and by the end of the class you leave feeling happy, relaxed and integrated with others. With regular classes, this sense of joy and integration grows and strengthens. Movements become more integrated and powerful transformation begins as the dancers take the positivity experienced in the class into daily life. In Biodanza there are no steps to follow anyone who can move can do Biodanza. The facilitator prepares a journey though movement and flowing music and creates a safe space to express yourself and experience relaxation combined with passion.

Biodanza is essentially the ‘science of a party’. Like most great discoveries, it was uncovered by accident. Rolando Toro Araneda attended a party and realized everyone was happy and having a good time. This simple, basic observation led him to spend forty years exploring how music, simple movements and a ‘party atmosphere’ could generate well-being and health in every category of human being. Would you like to join in the blissfully happy movement? You can. Everyone can benefit from the direct communication from the heart that is the essence of Biodanza. For a class in Cape Town join Shumi Chimomobe at the Ballet Studio St Cyprians Pre-School, on a Thursday from 7-8pm. Contact her on 072 192 2261 or For nationwide studios and more information visit –

“I go every week because I feel more me after a class. I handle life better. I communicate better. I feel better. I am more alive! Things just go better! If I miss it I feel it!” – Biodanza fan

BENEFITS OF BIODANZA INCLUDE: • Reducing stress • Improving the capacity to communicate • Improving the quality of our relationships • Contributing a sense of well-being and joy for life

Move – Create – Express – Connect

Biodanza, meaning dance with life, is a fusion of music, movement and emotion. Awaken your potential to live life fully, with vitality and healthier connections.

Open Biodanza classes in Gardens, Cape Town with Shumi. Contact: | 072 192 2261

Rolando Toro - Founder of Biodanza Rolando Toro Araneda (1924-2010) is the founder and creator of Biodanza now practiced throughout Europe, South America, South Africa and Japan. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with Biodanza. Born in Concepcion, Chile in April 1924, he has followed many careers including school teacher, medical doctor, psychiatrist, medical researcher, poet, artist, African art collector and anthropologist. All have, in various ways, contributed to the development of Biodanza – his life’s work. He has held many academic posts including Chair of Psychology of Expression at the Institute of Aesthetics of the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. He has published books of poetry and psychotherapy and has had exhibitions of his paintings in Brazil, Italy and France. He has lived in many countries including Argentina, Brazil and Italy. In 1998 he returned to his native country of Chile until his death in 2010 – still dancing and travelling the world giving workshops until one week before his passing.

“Biodanza has emerged discreetly in my life. It has gathered strength slowly, awakening people’s interest, causing surprising changes in some participants, and above all creating a feeling of “epiphany” (manifestation of God) and hope in life.”



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Home Run The Y-Fumble Running Armband is the latest sportswear and leisure item to assist a busy lifestyle. It’s made from high-quality fabric and allows you to carry everyday valuables close at hand, wherever life takes you.


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Make movement into a daily routine and you will feel incredible benefits. The most successful way to keep fit is to make your exercise time a non-negotiable part of your day. Make it as important as any other meeting you may have, give it a permanent slot in your diary and you won’t look back.

Grip & Go With its curvy and easy-to-grip sleeve, the Consol grip and go is perfect for everyday and ideal for an active lifestyle. Use the glass bottle to keep your water fresh and cool. Great for juices, milk and any other of your favourite delicious drinks.

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Money Keeper This neat little money keeper will hold your coins while you head off to yoga or gym. Made with a fresh, modern twist using bold colours and beautiful patterns. Each bag is individually hand made, so no two are exactly the same.

Catch A Nap Take this ultra silky soft bean filled neck pillow on any journey. Make sleeping in cars, planes or buses possible with elegant comfort.

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There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching out to help another.

The road to Joy did you know? There are a number of reasons why women who have difficulty falling pregnant may seek an egg donor. It could be they lack spontaneous menstruation because of menopause, premature ovarian failure or removal of both ovaries or after chemo- or radiotherapy. It also applies to women who, despite normal menstruation, cannot use their own oocytes, either because of poor quality or because of hereditary transmittable diseases.



was browsing Pinterest and came across a poster that said:

“You haven’t lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” This sentence stuck with me for months until I discovered what it was I felt compelled to do, something that changed my life. For years, I have battled with depression. It irks me so much when people flippantly say they are depressed. They have no idea what depression is. It is not just waking up on the wrong side of the bed or bumping your toe. It is so much more; it is a dark hole you have to literally fight your way out of. There were weeks I wouldn’t get out of bed. Every night I would go out and party trying to drink myself happy. I would come home, park outside my house, and sit behind my steering wheel, crying like a everything you need to live life well

little baby and begging God to end my life. Then eight months ago my life completely changed. The changes felt devastating, but deep down, I knew they had to happen. From breaking up with whom I thought was the love of my life, moving to Cape Town, starting a new job and juggling my own side business, losing a lot of friends and gaining weight after a modelling career, my life felt like it was one big mess and I was all alone. I had two traumatic events in my life which I can’t bring myself to write about but they were very personal and deeply disturbing. I blamed them for my unhappiness. I found myself sitting in a therapists office after a break down, crying my heart out. She looked at me and said, “you are either severely depressed or very lost.” Life had been a pattern of loss and heartbreak and after another doomed relationship, I finally had a chance to deal with all the demons in my closet. I made a


eco mom & baby

firm choice, to change things around. I put myself on a strict assignment to exercise, meditate everyday and grow in my faith. I felt past mistakes had caught up with me. I admit I was very spoilt and selfish at times and I no longer wanted to live that way. My home business is making jewellery and one day I got a large order for bracelets with the words ‘happiness’ and ‘miracle’ imprinted on them. When the lady came to collect the order I found out that she runs a company called Sunshine Egg Donors. I had never considered donating eggs but that night it struck me. No one can repay me for giving them the gift of life. The next day, I filled out an application and by that afternoon my details and baby photo was on their database. Apparently five minutes after I was on the website, a family fell in love with my baby picture and spotted me as a candidate for them. At this stage I was still only thinking of doing it. I was nervous thinking about it being my child I would be giving away. Then I got a letter from them and I was convinced.

Dear Jane* This feels good, like writing to a friend after a long and arduous journey down pregnancy avenue, so I am grateful at this possibility and smiling as I write to you. Particularly so, because in seeing your photo as a child it reminded me of myself. Along with the fact I have also modelled and make jewellery. I am Spanish on my father’s side, Norwegian on my mother’s. I modelled in fun places like Japan, even South Africa living mostly a nomadic life working the world to see what I could make of it – experiences I cherish to this day - but they came at a cost. In many ways I waited too late in trying to have children or it took too long to meet a man I wanted a family with. I met my husband, a tall half English, half German filmmaker born and raised in Kenya while on a shoot in Saudi Arabia of all places – so together we lived there for 4 years and that’s where we first got pregnant through an

IVF – but sadly we lost our baby at almost 5 months, a traumatic event we will never forget. Since then we’ve had a string of misses with 6 IVF’s and although I managed to get pregnant three times, I wasn’t able to keep the pregnancy beyond eight weeks and finally a clinic in Spain suggested I pursue a donor program with younger eggs. So here I am! We live on a game conservancy in Kenya with a rescued German shepherd basenji mix dog called Poa, which means “cool” in Swahili, a recued cat from Saudi Arabia called Niko, and a host of wild game around us – the perfect place for a little one to grow up free and wild. We are healthy, drink moderately, exercise, love to travel, ride, swim in the Indian Ocean and enjoy the little things in life. Our outlook on life is to wake up every day and be grateful for everything we have and to enjoy every minute in the healthiest of ways and do positive things that give back in some way. We help maintain a basic animal shelter/clinic on the Indian Ocean town of Lamu where last year almost 5,000 animals were spayed, neutered, operated, helped and vaccinated. While I focus on running the conservancy mostly, I also make jewellery which recycles money back to the animal clinic while my husband makes films. We would love to have a child or two and share our lives with them and build a family and we feel the time must be now or we will lose our window. We would show them Africa and the world, travel to my family in Spain and follow my husband around while he is filming. When we saw the photo of you as a child we instantly fell for your sparkle and spirit; my husband said you looked a lot like me and he always says I have that sparkle too. We can’t express how grateful we would be to have the opportunity to try again with your participation. You can rest

assured that this little one would come into a beautiful world in Africa, into a loving house full of animals and laughter and light. I can promise I would carry your egg with honour and hope and nurture every minute if all went well and give that child nothing but unconditional love and friendship. A giant hug from Kenya. *pseudonym

A lot of my loved ones tried to talk me out of it, but deep in my heart, I know how much I would love my own child and if I had to go through what the couple in the letter went through and have to have someone do that for me, I would never know how to repay them. During the egg donor process I have learned to love myself once again and appreciate the things I have. I feel I have finally grown up and got my life back on track. I have so much to be thankful for, I am healthy, have my dream job, amazing family and friends, I am independent and couldn’t ask for more. It felt like a switch came on and erased all the bad. It is now 5 days before I go in for the egg donation procedure and I feel so sure about what I am doing. Doing something this big for someone, has made me feel that I had a purpose and make me feel worthy again. It was one of the biggest decisions I have had to make. Reaching out to others is what filled the empty gap in my life, put warmth back into my heart and that little sparkle back into my eye.



eco mom & baby

PROCESS OF DONATING EGGS Before candidates are accepted as suitable egg donors, a professional consultation is used to assess their emotional capacity to undergo the process. Then they go through various physical testing and screening. This includes a physical examination, psychological testing and blood tests. Once complete, donors are treated with fertility medication to stimulate the development of egg follicles. Donors have the option of injecting the medications themselves or having a nurse do it for them. There are temporary side effects that include tenderness in the breasts or ovaries, fluid retention, and moodiness. These can take up to two weeks after the egg collection to disappear completely. The cycle takes between 3 and 5 weeks during which time there are blood tests and ultrasound examinations. Follicle monitoring allows the gynaecologist to know the right time to retrieve the eggs and complete the cycle. Egg retrieval is performed with intravenous sedation (not a full anaesthetic). This means the donor will be asleep and won’t feel any pain. It takes about 30 minutes and uses vaginal ultrasound to help locate the eggs. There may be slight discomfort, similar to how a normal period feels. Psychological counseling is available at all times. Although there are risks to this procedure, complications are extremely rare.

Unconventional Baby Making By Kathy Brüggemann, editor of

As a cancer survivor, I’m often reminded of the reality that I will not be able to experience the miracle of life growing inside me again. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 3B shortly after the arrival of my son, and a rather uncomfortable pregnancy. I was advised not to take hormonal treatment to harvest any eggs before starting chemotherapy and radiation. We were worried about the disease spreading further and there wasn’t time. I started an intensive year-long battle to reach remission, but the fact remained, that even if my body allowed me to fall pregnant again, my Haematologist advised against it, for the fear of a relapse. Although fully aware I have been blessed with a beautifully healthy child, I never thought I wouldn’t ever be able to experience giving life again. Through my Mommy Matters journey, I’m privileged to meet all kinds of mothers. Some have carried three children naturally, others have adopted their little angels, and some, unable to naturally conceive, have chosen egg donation and surrogacy as a route to become parents. The journeys have all been different, but the desire the same. The desire is like an urgency that fills your being. I’ve experienced it many times over the last couple of years, the desire to nurture and love and feel that comfort and anxiety all at the same time.

Infertility is a heart breaking reality for so many women. Would you like to help? Become an egg donor and you can! We are looking for women between the age of 21 and 29 who would like to donate eggs. By doing this you lose nothing and gain so much. Compensation is offered to cover your time and trouble. For more info or to apply, please contact Nicola on 079 892 8192 or


I would like to encourage potential mother’s that if your parenting journey isn’t a straightforward “pill-in-the-bin-bunin-the-oven” experience, that you review other options and don’t despair. Should you choose an ‘unconventional’ route to parenthood, it is highly supporting and useful to find a community and connect with other mothers online or through social media. There are many who freely talk about their story and experiences. As I realised, even conventional pregnancy sometimes throws you curveballs, and it can only benefit you knowing that the feelings you are experiencing are universal among other woman who have felt the urgency to become mothers and walked the road before us. Here are some websites I recommend visiting: Egg Donations - Surrogacy - Adoptions - Until Next Month, Kathy

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Male Fertility Support


babies If you have decided to procreate, give yourself the best chance by taking all the vitamins and supplements necessary to support a new life. Products like the ovulation tester is a great way to speed up the process.

ProCreation Male Fertility Support is a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement designed to support maximum reproductive health. It provides comprehensive nutritional support with highly bio-available zinc and vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E with L-arginine and L-carnitine, crucial amino acids known to promote healthy reproductive function.

DreamQuest Pro Creation Male Fertility Support 60’s R375 Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0016656)

Maybe Baby

Get Your Omegas

Maybe Baby Easy Ovulation Tester is a reusable mini-microscope that helps you identify your most fertile days and the ideal time to conceive.

The American Heart Association recommends 2 3 fatty fish meals a week or a fish-oil supplement with Omega-3’s to prevent heart disease. Pregnant women should get 400mg of DHA per day for healthier and stronger babies.

Maybe Mom Saliva Ovulation Tester R599 Available at all Kloof, Cavendish & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0017106)

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Premenstrual Support

Healthy Sperm

Femzone™ is a unique combination of key herbal extracts and vitamin B6 specifically designed to support hormonal balance, menstrual and reproductive health. It provides premenstrual support for women experiencing mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

The natural ingredients in Speman promote sperm formation by improving testosterone levels in men affected by oligospermia (semen with low concentration of sperm). It improves sperm count and the quality of semen as well as improving sexual performance.

Goodhealth Femzone 60’s R439 Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0000599)

Have complete peace of mind when you choose body products for your precious bundle of joy. Every ingredient has been chosen with safety and care in mind.

Himalaya Speman 100’s R14999 Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Cape Quarter, Gardens, Plattekloof & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0016664)

baby range Each formulation includes the best combination of natural products to look after baby’s skin and ensure there are no irritants or allergens that may cause harm. Our products also carry the assurance of not being tested on animals, of being the finest quality we can source and made with love in mind. TIP: When applying body cream, give baby a mini massage making sure you apply gentle pressure all the way up the body from the toes right to the head.


Wellness Natural Baby Bum Balm R7699 Natural Baby Massage Balm R7699 Natural Baby Shampoo R7799 Natural Baby Body Lotion R7999 Natural Insect Balm R6699Available at all stores & online.


100% Naturally derived ingredients 100% Recyclable packaging No artificial colourants and fragrances No animal testing Earth friendly and biodegradable Made in South Africa

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at


Through extensive research and testing, Olgani has developed a brand new approach to oral care: Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste with NutrireB. NutrireB is our proprietary base, an innovative combination of rice flour, sesame oil and sea salt. Rice flour is rich in minerals and vitamins and acts as a gentle abrasive while sesame oil, also rich in minerals and vitamins, moisturises and nourishes your gums and teeth. Sea salt is a natural preservative, regulating the pH and stimulating production of saliva. It’s revolutionizing oral health care beyond anything else that you may have come across because not only does it help prevent oral problems, it also actively helps to heal preexisting conditions, safely and effectively. At Olgani we believe that oral care should nourish, not stress the body. We have formulated toothpaste that works for both adults and children and is absolutely safe to swallow. NutrireB is the base for a unique blend of 7 carefully selected medicinal herbal extracts and essential oils all of which have a track record of delivering exceptional oral care health benefits. Green Tea for example, prevents dental plaque build-up and combats bacteria responsible for cavities, Propolis protects against periodontal diseases and with regular use reverses receding gums.

What you won’t find in Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste is glycerin, fluoride, foaming agents, abrasives, sweeteners, parabens, titanium dioxide and dyes. Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste contains only natural active ingredients and has a naturally salty taste, which you may need to adapt to after the artificial sweetness of commercial toothpastes. However, customers have all remarked how they love the way this toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling exceptionally clean with a long-lasting minty freshness. What you put on your toothbrush may be a surprising place to start a revolution but with the results we’ve seen we believe Olgani is going to change the way people think about oral care. For more information, testimonials and stockists see Available at all leading health shops at a retail price of R55.00


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Your teeth play a large role in smiling – it’s difficult to grin widely without flashing your pearly whites

Pearly white Wisdom

Everyone has the ability to smile and flash their teeth, whether straight, skew, white or slightly yellowed, in an expression of glee, happiness, delight, love and laughter – a smile is one of the myriad facial expression that crosses all language, cultural and age boundaries.

did you know? A person who displays a genuine smile is considered more trustworthy and attractive. This not only makes people who are recipients of the smile like them more, but also makes them feel more accepted and loved. To increase your social capital, practise smiling in the mirror to access your most genuine grin.

WHAT’S IN A SMILE? In the late 1850s, French anatomist Guillaume Duchenne studied the anatomy of smiles by stimulating various facial muscles with electrical currents and concluded that there is a difference between a genuine and a false smile – he contended that only a smile inspired by ‘the sweet emotions of the soul’ could yield genuineness, and that an ungenuine smile can be detected and would ‘unmask a false friend’.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. - Thích Nhat Hanh


everything you need to live life well

Science has since discovered that smiles begin in our sensory corridors – hearing a sweet sound or word; feeling a pleasant touch; seeing a loved one and so on. As this emotional data enters the brain, the left anterior temporal region of the brain is excited and this translates to the surface of the face, where two muscles are roused into action. These two are the zygomatic major, which is in the cheeks and tugs the lips upwards; and the orbicularis oculi, which circles the eye socket and squeezes the corners of the eye into ‘crows feet’. The process lasts only between two-thirds of a second to four seconds, but those who witness it often mirror the action and smile back. This is called a Duchenne smile.

up the health of your gums >


beauty & wellspa

In the 1970s, two psychologists, Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen developed their Facial Action Coding System (FACS), still used today to detect emotion (and particularly used by law-enforcement to detect lying) and for facial recognition technology – FACS captured the precise muscular coordinates behind 3,000 facial expressions and resurrected Duchenne’s distinction between genuine smiles that are linked to positive emotion and other types of smiles.

Natural dentist Dr Ray Behm offers the following recipe for upping the health of your gums:



Use one of the following recipes to keep your smile bright and your breath sweet:


Mix a teaspoon each of peppermint, rosemary and lavender herbs – then put 1 teaspoon of the mixture in a cup of boiling water and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Strain and let cool before using as a mouthwash.

Pour two cups of boiling water over three tablespoons of angelica seeds. Mix in caraway, rosemary, peppermint and lemon verbena. Cover and steep until cooled. Strain and store in a tightly closed container.


did you know? Emoticons have given psychology an insight into genuine smiles. The typical ‘smiley face’ focuses on mouth movement [:-) happy, :-( sad]; whereas Japanese emoticons focus on the eyes [^_^ joyful and ;_; tearful] – according to the Duchenne theory, focussing on the eyes is a better way to establish a genuine smile because the mouth can be manipulated more easily than the eyes.

PUT YOUR TEETH INTO IT Your teeth play a large role in smiling – it’s difficult to grin widely without flashing your pearly whites, but movies and models have caused many people with less than perfect teeth to hide their smiles. As a child, your first visit to the dentist was probably quite pleasant, albeit filled with stern admonitions to look after your teeth properly. Children are notoriously resistant to brushing their teeth and dental isn’t always something people are most concerned with.

You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth. - Chuck Palahniuk But, it’s not just about presenting a sparkling smile – studies have revealed your dental health has a huge role to play in your overall health and well being. Gum disease in particular is fraught with danger, and pregnant woman are told to be particularly careful about ensuring their dental health for the sake of their unborn child’s health. Gum health has also been linked to erectile dysfunction, among myriad other maladies.

1. 2.





Combine the dry ingredients – three parts baking soda to one part salt. Pour a heaped teaspoon of the dry mix into the palm of your hand and add a drop of the liquid to create a thick paste. Load the toothbrush with the mixture and angle the brush to 45 degree, placing it where the tooth meets the gum. Push the brush as far as you can go without pain into this area and use a small wiggling motion with the brush to force the mixture into this gum area. Repeat this until you’ve covered the upper and lower gum lines. Whenever necessary, spit out the mixture and saliva. There’s no need to rinse afterwards, unless you want to. This is a gentle process that will lead to healing the gum – start with once a day and then do it twice daily. When you’re able to do it twice a day for two weeks, your gums will have become a lot stronger and should have a healthy pink-white colour.



It seems that people with crooked smiles end up being good leaders – this is because they work harder at developing positive social skills to overcome what’s perceived as a shortcoming. This is also evidenced when you look at the other side of the coin – people with symmetrical smiles are more likely to be elected to public offices because they are perceived to be more commanding and trustworthy.

A smile that pulls more to the left indicates a person who is better at connecting with others, while the reverse (pulling to the right) shows insincerity.

Research in the UK has indicated that 93% of women use smiles to appear friendly, while 50% of men use their grins to attract the opposite sex.

OUCH! While a toothache indicates a trip to the dentist is necessary, to stave off pain in the meantime, use one of these natural cures: •

Clove oil is a natural topical anaesthetic – soak a cotton ball with oil of cloves and apply it to the affected tooth

Cayenne pepper will hurt a little when you rub it on, but once the initial sting abates, you’ll feel a lot better

A ripe fig, cut open and rubbed on the tooth is an ancient Hindu remedy. Repeat the rubbings every 15 minutes until the pain abates.



beauty & wellspa

Bamboo Brush

Mouth to


The Environmental Toothbrush is made from bamboo, a natural cellulose fibre and is 100% biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and does not pollute the environment. The amazing growth and self-renewing ability of bamboo means an environmentally friendly solution. Even the packaging is biodegradable and can be disposed of in a compost heap or straight into the garden.

Harmless Home Environmental Tooth Brush Medium R35 Available at Kloof, Cavendish & online (Quick Ref Code: 0014625)

Keeping your teeth in good order is incredibly important. Daily flossing, rinsing and brushing is paramount. Choose natural ingredients as whatever you put in your mouth is absorbed into the blood stream. There are many natural products on the market so take advantage and choose one’s that suit your needs.

Brush With Trust Olgani toothpaste contains only natural, edible ingredients and specially selected medicinal plants. It is free of glycerin, fluoride, parabens, foaming agents, titanium dioxide, abrasive agents, sweeteners and dyes commonly found in commercial toothpastes.

Olgani Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste 75ml R5499 Available at all Kloof, Cavendish & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0013122)

Fresh Breath Spry Dental Defense System is sweetened with 100% all-natural xylitol. Clinical studies have shown that 8 to 10 grams of xylitol, found in these xylitol-packed products, as a daily routine may help reduce the risk of tooth decay and improve overall oral health. Non-GMO, Gluten-free and Sugar-free.

Spry Oral Rinse 473ml R80 (Quick Ref Code: 0003503) Spearmint Chewing Gum 10’s R1299 (Quick Ref Code: 0007048) Dental Floss 40m R4999 (Quick Ref Code: 0003638) Available at all stores & online.

Gum Support Olgani Original Brushing Salts use a powerful and unique natural blend of propolis and cinnamon extracts renowned for antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal qualities, to fight gum disease. By combating the bacteria responsible for inflammation of the gum tissue Olgani Original Brushing Salts help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of periodontal disease including: inflammation, bleeding, sensitivity and receding of the gums.

Olgani Aloe Brushing Salts 40g R6999 Available at all Kloof, Cavendish & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0008721)

Super Lips Badger’s super-moisturizing Cocoa Butter Lip Balm provides allweather protection with a subtle shine. These creamy lip balms feature rich, certified organic and Fair Trade certified cocoa butter

Badger Cool Mint – Cocoa Butter Lip Balm 7g R5999 Available at Kloof & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0008477)

Add Xylitol This fluoride free toothpaste contains xylitol, which has been shown to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Pure Beginnings Toothpaste 100ml R4099

Natural Tooth Powder Neutralise mouth acids, lower abrasion effects and keep teeth clean and breath fresh without fluoride. This cinnamon tooth powder has baking soda and gives a natural effervescence.

Eco Dent Cinnamon Baking Soda Tooth Powder 56g


Available at Kloof & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0014620)

Available at all stores & online. (Quick Ref Code: 0008726)


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at

HIMALAYA HERBALS 100% Vegetarian | Fre e from Parabe ns Complete Care Herbal Toothpaste

An advanced herbal formulation that provides 12-hour protection from harmful germs, removes surface stains and plaque buildup on teeth.

Sparkly White Herbal Toothpaste

A breakthrough herbal formulation based on Plant Enzyme Technology from Papaya and Pineapple, genly removes surface stains on teeth in 2 weeks, leaving teeth whiter and sparkling.

Miswak Helps prevent gum inflammation and reduces gum bleeding.

Miswak Helps prevent gum inflammation and reduces gum bleeding.

Pomegranate Natural astringent, tightens gums.

Papaya Enzymes present in Papaya safely whiten teeth.

Sensi-Relief Herbal Toothpaste

A breakthrough herbal formulation based on Advanced Phyto Protection that gives you rapid and lasting relief from sensitivity.

Mint Fresh Herbal Toothpaste

Mint Fresh Herbal Toothpaste is power packed with refreshing Mint and Indian Dil which help prevent mouth odour, ensuring long lasting fresh breath.

Miswak Helps prevent gum inflammation and reduces gum bleeding.

Miswak Helps prevent gum inflammation and reduces gum bleeding.

Spinach Helps fight sensitivity

Mint Natural refreshing agent gives long lasting fresh breath.



beauty & wellspa


It stands to reason that a regular visit to the spa will greatly enhance your happiness levels while at the same time as bringing about a better self image.

Pure Bliss 68

People visit spas for many different reasons – for some it’s an essential part of life, while for others it’s only for very special occasions. However Spa visits fit into your routine, there’s an undeniable happiness effect that surrounds every visit.

everything you need to live life well


beauty & wellspa


umans are all about touch – we need it to survive. Physical touch stimulates the release of the cuddle hormone oxytocin that in turn triggers our happy brain chemicals. Putting value on yourself and ensuring enough nurture and ‘me’ time in your life goes a long way to maintaining a good sense of positive self-esteem. So, it stands to reason that a regular visit to the spa will enhance your happiness levels as well as engender a better self image.

did you know? Missionaries working in an orphanage in Sudan, where conditions were less than optimal, found that babies having been deprived of touch, were listless and unresponsive. After just one hour of being cuddled and held, babies began to respond with more energy and vibrancy. They also seemed to enjoy their feeding time the next day far more.

DO IT FOR YOU We chatted to a few people about their favourite mood-lifting spa experiences.

Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, the feeling of being beautiful exists solely in the mind of the beheld. - Martha Beck For 60 year old Julia, it’s all about giving herself a pat on the back. “For most of my life, I believed that only bored, rich housewives went to Spas. I thought it was a waste of time and money to spend time being pampered. But, I’ve learned to value myself more now and I regularly go for Spa treatments as a way to treat myself for being me. One of my favourite treatments is an hour-long pedicure. I think women put all their effort into their faces but ignore their feet. As a busy entrepreneur, I’m on my feet often and with South Africa’s glorious climate, I usually wear open-toed shoes.

Keeping my feet looking beautiful gives me greater confidence in business and the foot massage that goes with the pedicure is pure heaven.” Sophie’s mom wasn’t a traditional beauty, but she knew how to make the very best of herself and people always commented on how attractive she was. Her secret, she says, “is regular visits to the beauty salon. I believe good grooming is vital for everybody.” Every Friday she went for a treatment, whether a manicure or facial, she chose various different treatments each time. So, going to the spa has been ingrained in me as part of everyday beauty. I always make sure I have at least an hour every week for a Spa visit.” Sophie’s favourite quick treatment is a mini facial, but when she has more time, she opts for a full body massage, specifically the Hot Stone treatment. “I feel more beautiful when I’ve spent time being pampered.” James has unabashedly become a Spa junkie after his partner insisted on taking him along on a day Spa experience she’d won. “I was completely sceptical about the whole thing – I really didn’t want to sit around in an oversized dressing gown all day with people poking and prodding my body.” But, after being treated to everything from a pedicure to a full body massage, as well as a mud wrap, James was hooked. “I was actually a bit irritated that nobody had ever told me about this before. Since that day, I can’t wait to book time in my favourite spa. My absolute best is a full body exfoliation treatment. It’s completely relaxing and my skin feels totally energised for days afterwards.” New mom Sarah says her best friend booked her in for a ‘mommy massage’ a few weeks before she was due to give birth. “The last few weeks of my pregnancy really exhausted me and my feet and legs were so swollen. I felt fat, ugly, depressed and didn’t want to get off the couch.” Just one massage session completely revived Sarah and she felt it was a life-changing experience. “With a new baby in the house, it became difficult for me to find time out for myself and trying to get enough sleep and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight took its toll. But, after that first luxurious massage, I was determined to make some kind of Spa treatment a regular part of my life. Now I go at least twice a month, even if I only have half an hour to spare for a quick head massage. It’s more than just the

therapy, it’s a moment of peace in a frenetic day and I find I have so much more physical and emotional energy afterwards.”

did you know? The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon of people feeling better or being cured of a malady with no actual intervention bar a sugar pill or something similar. Booking a massage or another treatment actually has the same effect – the anticipation of the session is mood lifting and stress reducing. feel better

Senamile first experienced a ‘day of beauty’ when her best friend was getting married. “I’d never considered going to a Spa before, it was just so far out of my range of experience that it never crossed my mind. But, when my best friend was getting married, I thought a whole day of pampering would be a great way for us (including her mom and mother-in-law to be) to spend some quality time. We were pampered beyond our wildest dreams and when I was looking through the Spa menu, I discovered that I could actually have a head, neck and shoulder massage and a facial in the period of an hour. That day I decided I would treat myself at least once a month. Now, whenever I’m feeling a little down or need a stress-busting moment of peace, I run straight to my Spa. It’s certainly less expensive than retail therapy and it quite simply makes me happy.” Even if you only have enough time for a half-hour massage, the benefits of being completely cut off from technology, noise, chaos and stress are worth it. Learn to truly appreciate yourself and enhance your natural beauty by taking more than just a moment for yourself.


promotions for the month of October 2013 GARDENS WELLSPA Purchase a hand cream & book a Buff & Polish hand treatment & get a FREE hand & arm massage & wrap.


Eye lash extensions R490.




Buy one & get one FREE!

SAVE R200 JUICE BEAUTY For bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454, Cavendish 021 673 7216 Express Skincare at Gardens 021 461 2661

With every Juice Beauty facial get a complimentary foot massage.


With every 2 Juice Beauty products purchased,

10% off

get your facial treatment & stand a chance to win a luxury skin hamper!





Clinically proven to reduce dark marks for EVEN and BRIGHTER skin

Conventional formulas treat dark spots, dark patches and age spots only superficially.


NEW EUCERIN® EVEN BRIGHTER works deeper within your skin to reduce dark marks at the source. With highly effective B-Resorcinol, this new generation of EUCERIN® skin brighteners achieve a visibly more even and brighter skin tone within 4 weeks – and continuously improves over time. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and CLINICALLY PROVEN. MEDICAL SKIN SCIENCE THAT SHOWS

Available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem and pharmacies Consumer Services 0860 102 091


SLIDES inspiration to live life well

Date: 3 October 2013 Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm Cost: Free Bookings: No booking required For details email or Call 082 940 7465

Ocotober dates to diarise: 24 Slides - Inspiration to Live Life Well Dates: 3 October 2013 Lovewell Baby Essentials workshop series with Meg Faure Dates: Tuesdays starting 8 October 2013 FREE Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT) talk/demo by Sharon Johnson Date: 12 October 2013 Mommy Matters presents “A Day for Mom” Full Day Workshop Date: 19 October 2013 Sharni Quinn Light up your Life Yoga Workshop Date: 26th October 2013 Baby Massage Workshop with Certified Infant Massage Instructor Sureida Pienaar Date: 31 October (5 Sessions) Lovewell Baby Essentials Workshop Series Date: Tuesdays starting 5 November 2013 24 Slides - Inspiration to Live Life Well Date: 7 November 2013

Light up your life Yoga Workshop Would you like to follow your sunshine each and every day? Would you like to let go, release, be inspired, be free, be you? Open your heart and mind and discover ways to light up your life, through the wisdom and knowledge of yoga. This beautiful workshop, facilitated by Sharni Quinn, includes a one hour Hatha yoga session, followed by a two hour workshop based on


Understanding Your Feelings by Nicola Revington Date: 16 November 2013 Wellbeing from withing - Experiential evening with Wisdom Qi Gong Master Liu from China Date: Thursdays starting 14 November 2013 For more information on events visit

yoga lifestyle techniques, basic meditation and breathing exercises designed to bring harmony and lightness into one’s life.

Date: Saturday 26th October 2013 Time: 9-12pm Cost: R295 Venue: Wellness Warehouse, Kloof Street, CT For bookings please contact Sharni Quinn on or 0719542816

Baby Massage Workshop

with CertiďŹ ed Infant Massage Instructor Sureida Pienaar Date: 31 October (5 Sessions) Time: 10-11:30am

Cost: 5 Week course fee is R950 (R190 X 5 sessions) More info: or 081 885 5825

A Day for Mom Full Day Workshop by Mommy Matters Date: 19 October 2013 Time: 9am-5pm Cost: tbc Booking Info: or call 084 558 2412




Health Directory CHIROPRACTORS Dr. Garth Roberts - Chiropractor 021 439 8898 | 021 683 2996, Claremont | Sea Point Dr. Robert Delgado - Chiropractor 021 439 8898, Sea Point Dr. Eckard Köhne - Chiropractor at Cape Health Centre 021 433 1116, Sea Point

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Dr. Yesheen Singh - Functional Medicine 076 229 4662, Claremont Dr. Megan Jones - Homeopath 021 556 2382, Bloubergrand Dr. Robyn Langenhoven - Registered Naturopathic doctor 082 853 9571., Plumstead

MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS Dr. Mark Johnston - Ophthalmic Surgeon, 021 424 2949

Vikki Perreira - Tai Chi Tai Chi for seniors. 082 342 3240 Paul de Kock - Life Coach Through Life Coaching I found my Purpose and the tools to be equal to life's many challenges. O82 393 2888, Cape Town Bonnita Connolly - Personal Trainer 084 077 8100, Edgemead Britta Stalling - Zhineng Qigong Teacher & Results & Leadership Coach Calm movements, visualisations and affirmations promote physical, emotional and mental strength. 076 285 3232, Lagoon Beach Mr Jarryd Roos - Personal Trainer & Conditioning coach If your goals are fat loss, increasing muscle mass or taking your sports performance to the next level then EVO fitness is perfect for you. 082 734 6484, Claremont Ms Natalie Wittwen - Registered Teacher of Forum of Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan group & private classes. Strength, stretch & Fitness classes. On-site sessions for senior citizens offered. 072 400-4329, Gardens, Cape Town, Milnerton. WATER FINANCIAL Water Financial is a project to establish a sustainable bank that offers complete transparency and values orientation.,

Dr. Mahendran Moodley - Dermatologist Based at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital 021 424 4352, Cape Town City Centre Dr. Jens Pieper - MbChB General Practice 021 424 4257, Tamboerskloof Dr. Jacqui Davies - Integrated Medical Practitioner at The Wellbeing Way 082 778 2277,, Cape Town

PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Despina Learmonth - Psychologist 021 650 3420, Rondebosch/Green Point Ms. Nicola Revington - Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist 082 604 1492, Oranjezicht Tania Mackenzie - Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist 083 553 6540, Rosebank/Vredehoek

Intimate Group Yoga Classes Monday & Tuesday - 5:45-6:45pm Wednesday - 5:30-6:30pm Contact Sharni Quinn on or visit

Siobhán Sweeney - MA Couns Psych 084 799 0901; 021 671 1257,, Claremont Ms. Jodie Mackay - Clinical Psychologist 082 890 0510, Wynberg Mrs. Michelle Veit - Registered Counsellor 084 791 4274, Gardens

COMPLEMENTARY PRACTITIONERS Andri Hanekom - Certified Rolfer TM Optimize POSTURE and ALIGNMENT as well as effective Body Stress relief. 076 105 4349, Tamboerskloof & Plumstead Ms Natalie Wittwen - Massage Therapist Over 10years experience 021 551-6229, Milnerton Ridge

OTHER Bernice Griffiths - Foodie; artist and visionary; photographer


Diane Hawardin - The Allergy Clinic 021 406 6889 Elan Lohmann - Founder of Sleekgeek - 084 333 1313 Chris Walsh - Personal Trainer at 360 Specialized Training Andrew Hirst - Personal Training - Fit2 074 111 9507, Sea Point Renate - Tai Chi Yang style Tai Chin Chuan, including Qi Gong and sword. 021 976 0003, Northern Suburbs

Infertility is a heart breaking reality for so many women. Would you like to help? Become an egg donor and you can! We are looking for women between the age of 21 and 29 who would like to donate eggs. By doing this you lose nothing and gain so much. Compensation is offered to cover your time and trouble. For more info or to apply, please contact Nicola on 079 892 8192 or

Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner SPRINGTIME HEALTH ASSESSMENTS & DETOX PROGRAMMES: “Detox your Body Detox your Life” First find peace within yourself – then you can bring peace to others. HEAL and TRANSFORM yourself through deep body-mind-soul cleansing. Programmes designed for your needs with a phase approach to CHANGE.

Summer Fitness & Nutrition Workshop

Kim Tempest 082 642 9518


“Children LEARN what they LIVE” FAMILY Lifestyle Change Consultations: Detox your home environment to succeed at home first!


12 October & 9 November If you are serious about getting fit – losing weight – toning up – decreasing your stress levels – increasing your energy levels – exercising again after an injury – or simply want to have a fun workout with your friends at a place that suits you... then please contact us! Wellness days also on offer.

Claire 072 755 8595

Changing thethe world one Changing world one breath at a time breath at a time Changing the world one Hot and yogayoga for all including Hot non-heated and non-heated forlevels all levels including breath atVinyasa, aBikram, time Vinyasa, Power & Sculpt Bikram, Power & Sculpt

Hot and non-heated yoga for all levels including Vinyasa,Offering Bikram, Power & Sculpt one free of yoga new to Offering oneweek free week of for yoga forstudents new students to

YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with YogaLife. Cape Town residents only,valid with ID valid ID Offering one free week of yoga for new students toR250 for one week Yoga special for travellers to CT, Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with valid ID Located at 127atWaterkant Street,Street, right next theto Old Located 127 Waterkant rightto next theCape Old Quarter Cape Quarter

Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week Tel: 021 021 418 418 2884 Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter Tel: 2884

Tel: 021 418 2884

Health & Wellness Reboot Need to get the balance back into your life? Our body, mind and soul reboot program is the answer. Join our professional team in the beautiful seaside village of Simon’s Town for a unique health and wellness program.



DIPLOMA IN THERAPEUTIC REFLEXOLOGY compiled by world-renowned author, Inge Dougans, with a unique approach using Chinese Meridian Therapy and the Five Elements (Registration certificate no. 2000/HE07/014)

Accredited by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa Face-to-Face classes or Distance E-Learning available


WE OFFER: • • • •

A full medical assessment - by a medical doctor. Informative health and wellness talks - by psychologist + nutritionist. Pampering treatments including reflexology and massage. Relaxing guided and music mediations - with authentic music and many more tools to help you balance your life.

For more information or to book your place please contact Anita on 082 929 0192 or visit


Registered by the Department of Higher Education & Training

Become a

Feeling exhausted, helpless, overwhelmed, irritable most of the time? Are you close to Burnout?

Divine Healing Hands are helping people around the world experience relief from chronic conditions, boost energy and stamina, increase mobility and agility.

Martha Beck certified life coach Kerstin Waddell is offering a FIRST AID for Burnout Prevention full day seminar on 22 June 2013 in Cape Town for R750 per person.

Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer When: 25 - 27 Oct. 2013 Time: 09h30 - 17h00 Venue: My Urban Retreat, 17 Loader Street De Waterkant, Cape Town Honour Fee: R 1,500 Contact: Lenore Cairncross at | 082 469 4549

Pack your first aid box full of practical tools to help you make new choices and pull up your emergency handbrake to stop burnout. Contact Kerstin on 082 370 2553 or for more information and to book your space. Learn to Listen to Your Heart Song

Cupping Therapy • Chronic pain • Joint pain Dr Maroula Lambis

• Muscular tension

(BSc CHS, BCM Unani Tibb)

• Sports injuries

The Wellness Centre at Draper Square Claremont Boulevard Claremont, Cape Town 082 656 1010

• Colds, flu, sinusitis • Headache, migraine • Digestive complaints • Assists in detoxification


Shop 19 A | Cape Quarter Dixon Street | Green Point 8005 Tel 021 418 3040 For further information about advertising or listing here email:

This section contains advertising from companies and individuals outside of Wellness Warehouse which we accept in good faith, we ask that you research the efficacy and validity of these products and services in your own capacity.

BabyCalm workshops offer new parents gentle tips and advice to help you to parent confidently and enjoy your baby. We discuss newborn parenting issues like night waking, crying and colic, calming techniques and why you are the best expert for your baby.

Contact Lauren on 0794506779. Classes in Green Point

IMAGO Relationship Coach & Counsellor Merle Lifson-Dettori (Reg. No. IR 0469)


IMAGO Relationship Therapy including Marital/Relationship Conflict, Pre-marital Counselling, Newlyweds, Conscious Marriage and Divorce Family Intervention Bereavement, Grief and Loss 083 709 0467

Living with CANCER Counselling Emotional Distress and Stress and Anxiety Management Personal Growth and Development Moms with their Babies Death of a Pet Spiritual Issues


MASSAGE TRAINING WORKSHOP Join us for a weekend of hands-on massage training in Mellow’s signature massage, a unique combination between Swedish, Sports, Lomi Lomi, Thai foot reflexology & Indian head massage.

Contact: Michelle 081 584 1633


Think! Shoes V&A Waterfront Level 1 next to Woolworths PH: 021-421 9253 SALES OUTLET Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village Somerset Rd. Cape Town Phone: 021 418 4503 For wholesale enquiries please conatct

Non-slip shoulder strap

D ring for accessories

Two pockets for passport, wallet or mobile phone

Outer gusset pocket for water bottle, mini umbrella or sunglasses

2 pen slots Key hook Exterior pockets zipped & Velcro

Interior pocket for plane ticket, notepad, etc. Velcro flap pocket Large pocket for book








Visit us online and stand a chance to win a limited edition HBB

A Healthy Back Bag® is the perfect combination of fashion and function, making style effortless.

Designed to mould to the shape of your back, minimising the strain on your spine, neck and shoulders.

Our unique shape keeps weight evenly distributed across your back.

The silver lining and cleverly designed pockets inside and out mean your stuff is easily accessible how and when you want it.

All bags come with a fully adjustable, non-slip strap – wear cross-body either way or on either shoulder.

With the zip always against your back your stuff is safe and accessible without even taking your bag off.

A vast range of fabrics, styles, colours and sizes make your Healthy Back Bag the perfect companion whoever you are, wherever you go.


We all know it’s difficult to eat well. That’s why we’re excited about our new range of delicious, all natural, raw pressed, wholefood bars from fruits and gluten free oats. Our bars are low GI, high in fibre and even give you one of your five a day. Visit us online to stand a chance to win a case of Braw. Just launched in South Africa. Available at Wellness Warehouse.

Start your day

the wellness way R10 DRINKS|R20 MEALS

Kloof CafĂŠ: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri from 08:00-10:00, Wed from 09:00am-10:00am Wembley CafĂŠ: Mon - Fri from 07:00-09:00. Excludes Weekends & Public Holidays.

Regular Americano/ Flat White/ Tea*/ Breakfast Size Breakfast Smoothie/ Freshly Squeezed Breakfast Size Juice

each for

Peanut Butter Oats

each for

Oats, peanut butter, banana, honey, cinnamon & low fat milk topped with goji berries

Seasonal Fruit Salad

Selection of seasonal fruit in mango juice

Breakfast Bowl Special

Home made wheat free muesli, yoghurt, seasonal fruit & honey

Half Portion Banana French Toast

Gluten Free banana bread, ricotta cheese, honey, almonds & cinnamon

Gluten Free Flapjacks

2 gluten free flapjacks, honey, seasonal berries & cinnamon

The Mini Classic Breakfast

Free range egg, free range ostrich sausage, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms & 2 slices of wholewheat toast**

Standard Omelette/Egg White Omelette

With 2 slices of wholewheat toast** & filled with mixed peppers & onions

Whole Wheat Toast** & Free Range Scramble Eggs & Bacon *Excludes Chai Teas **Bread: Ask for wheat-free rye (extra R3.95) or gluten-free (extra R 5.95) Limited time only. Restrictions may apply.

R10 R20


Finally summer has come and with it our Happiness issue. Just being able to step outside into nature is already a great mood lifter. The sun...