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WIN Organic Cedarwood Incense from Pure Incense


Offers valid from Thursday 1 May until Saterday 31 May ‘14. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E.&O.E.

baby range

Baby care with confidence Have complete peace of mind when you choose body products for your precious bundle of joy. Every ingredient has been chosen with safety and care in mind. Each formulation includes the best combination of natural products to look after baby’s skin and ensure there are no irritants or allergens that may cause harm. Our products also carry the assurance of not being tested on animals, of being the finest quality we can source and made with love in mind. TIP: When applying body cream, give baby a mini massage making sure you apply gentle pressure all the way up the body from the toes right to the head.

WELLNESS BABY RANGE: 100% Naturally derived ingredients 100% Recyclable packaging No artificial colourants and fragrances No animal testing Earth friendly and biodegradable Made in South Africa

Shop online at 021 487 5420

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Happy Mother’s Day 11 May 2014





utting together a Miracle Issue definitely invited magical energy into the process. All our contributors seemed tuned into the same themes and there was a tremendous amount of synchronicity. To me, it shows clear evidence that what we focus on, comes into being. There were two common themes that kept on coming up; the first was the miracle of frequency. It looks like future medicine is going to include a lot more music and frequency – resonance as a healing tool is revealing miraculous results.

The second theme was happiness. We loved meeting Bill Gee (Mr Happiness, we dubbed him) who did a workshop that had everyone doubled over with laughter for hours. Bill has just launced the University of Happiness and is an incredible man spreading the power of happiness as a healing force (read his story on The case for Happiness). Richard Morris’ lovely energy from Starke Ayres inspired a closer bond to plants and looking more deeply at individual personalities of plants. We met Jayshree Mannie who taught us about the miracle frequency (see The Miracle of Creation). Very importantly, our article on Creating Miracles, shows that anyone can do it. Follow the steps and please let us know the changes you experienced in your life. Midwives also brought us into contact with the miracle of creation. I remember speaking to a midwife years ago who said she was convinced she had the best job in the world -delivering babies allowed her to be witness to miracles everyday. I hope this issue inspires you to see more miracles in everyday life. Living with a miracle mindset will invite miraculous things to happen – it did around the office, so I hope it does for you too. Yours in wellness Dr. Sean Gomes Co-founder

We are delighted to announce that the Wellness magazine is now on sale at Starke Ayres in Rosebank, Cape Town.

magazine helping you live life well


EDITORIAL PUBLISHER: Dr. Sean Gomes EDITOR: Robyn Wilkinson EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTOR: Catherine Hayden DESIGN & ILLUSTRATIONS: Inge Smit, Lizanne Smit, Beth Hirsch HEALTH ADVISOR & PHARMACIST: Felicia Rubin DIETITIAN: Melissa Gomes

ADVERTISING & MARKETING ADVERTISING & DIRECTORY ENQUIRIES: Sue Dall, cell: 084 707 4477 Rouxmia Bougas, cell: 082 381 4439 Monica Rogers, cell: 082 391 0993 MARKETING ENQUIRIES: Anna Guerin PRINTED BY: Paarl Media Paarl

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Jean Claude Hamelin from ‘I am’ casting agency & Dylan Hamelin from Firefly Kids Modeling Agency

Wellness Select Wembley Square & Wellness CafŽ Wembley Wembley Square, Gardens, Cape Town. 021 461 3775, 021 462 1007

Jean Claude Hamelin, featured on our cover with her son Dylan, tells us how she lives life well and gives us a miracle mom and beauty tip.

Wellness Select Seapoint Piazza Da Luz Mall, Seapoint, Cape Town. 021 434 0460 Wellness Select Plattekloof Plattekloof Village, Plattekloof, Cape Town. 021 558 7106

“I love spending time with my son and partner, taking long walks, going to the beach and running. Cooking is also one of my favorite pastimes.
 Miracle mom tip: Be patient and enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast, don’t miss out. Beauty secret: Have ample quality sleep and don’t change your appearance. Wrinkles are beautiful, they are testament to all the smiles in your life.

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WELLNESS magazine takes no responsibility for the content of the advertising material supplied directly by advertisers. We accept advertising in good faith and do not research advertising claims. Kindly consult a professional should you have any doubt as to the efficacy of any claims made.

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contents MAY 2014 EAT WELL 12 16 18 20

THE ALLERGY-FREE LUNCHBOX - Wellness Warehouse consultant dietitian Judith Johnson inspires a selection of food suitable for allergy and intolerant prone children.


RECIPES - Maple Roasted Brussel sprouts, Golden Veg Burgers and Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup delicious enough to get your taste buds dancing. PERFECT PICKLES - An extract from Tim Noake’s ‘Real Meal Revolution’ describes the benefits of eating fermented food and offers an easy recipe for pickles. NUTS ABOUT NUTRITION - Enjoy one of our most miraculous food sources with this comprehensive guide to nuts, soaking methods and making nut butters.



26 28


THE CASE FOR HAPPINESS - As the science of happiness becomes more developed, we see the immense benefits it has. Bring your children up in a way that predisposes them to a mindset of happiness. CELEBRATE THE HEALING BODY - We know the body has an in-built mechanism of self-healing, we look at the importance of recognising that ability. KEEP WARM IN WINTER - Keep colds and flu at bay by boosting your immunity with the right supplements and prevention methods.


36 40 44

9 STEPS TO CREATING A MIRACLE - Miracles happen through natural and normal circumstances, and according to the new science of quantum physics, we are already wired for miracles.


MAKING BEAUTIFUL SPACES - Create spaces that enliven, enrich and uplift by looking at aspects of interior planning like function, flow, colour, texture, lighting and more. PERSONALITY OF PLANTS - Have you ever thought of plants in terms of their personality? Look at plants in this light and create a garden filled with plant personality.



YOGA BABY - Yoga studios offer yoga for moms and their babies as young as six weeks old. Fans say yoga for moms and tots helps with bonding and development.

LOVE WELL 50 52 56 60

INDIGO CHILDREN – What are these knowledgeable yet sensitive children here to teach us? Learn how to recognise, learn from and love Indigo children. MYSTERY OF CREATION – From frequencies that emulate love to noticing the scripts we write for our children, Jayshree Mannie looks at the importance of giving our children the right input. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU – We ask Mom’s what they’d most like to get from themselves on Mother’s Day and put together a list to inspire you, the Wellness mom, to spoil yourself. MIRACULOUS MIDWIVES – May brings us International Midwives Day and we commemorate this occasion by talking to five midwives on birth and the magic of motherhood.

OIL CLEANSING – Rave reports from beauty buffs using oils as a facial cleansing routine can’t be ignored. Rather than detergent or soap based cleansers, oils are said to keep the skins natural balance.

REGULARS 6 10 32 34

Competitions 5 readers stand to


WIN a pack of organic Cedarwood Incense from Pure Incense.

Meet our supplier Secuvie is a new range at Wellness Warehouse with fabulous products designed for sensitive skin. Dr Yesheen looks at time as the miracle healer. Mark Vella looks at the power of belief in shaping your universe.


Journey takes us to a magnificent property


Read Well features books to inspire wonder


Eco Diva Nicole Sherwin shares a recipe for


Classified find out what’s happening in your

along the Baines Kloof pass. and creativity. an oil based make up remover. wellness community with workshops, retreats, therapies and more.




3 - 4 May Head out to the Riebeek Valley Olive Festival, voted one of the best food festivals in the Western Cape featuring olives, wine, cheese, pickles, jams, bread in a memorable feast. Tel 022 448 1545

GREENPOP RE-FOREST FESTIVAL 9 – 11 May & 16-18 May Frolic with forest fairies in the Greenpop Platbos Festival. This reforestation initiative invites you to camp in Africa’s southernmost forest and plant thousands of trees. Expect dancing, live music, yoga classes, forest walks, and more. Log onto Greenpop on facebook or email

LIVING GENTLY YOGA RETREAT 9-11 May This three day retreat is held at the Blue Butterfly in the Welbedacht Nature reserve in Tulbagh. Contact terri@

SOUTHERN AFRICA REGIONAL PLAY CONFERENCE 12 - 15 May Protecting children through play. Terre des hommes, in partnership with Cotlands and members of A Chance to Play is hosting the first ever play conference for Southern Africa. It’s objective is to highlight the protection of children by promoting their right to play. Randburg Towers, Randburg, Johannesburg. Tel: 011 303 7024

GOOD FOOD AND WINE SHOW 29 May – 1 June Some of the best chefs in the world will be present at the Good Food & Wine Show at the CTICC. Experience interactive theatre with food fundi’s showcasing culinary skills. Tel 021 410 5000

1 May – Workers Day 11 May – Mothers Day 14 May – Buddha Purnima (Buddha’s Birthday)

WE TRIED IT Hooking yourself up to an energy machine and measuring your body’s energetic frequencies, then harmonising them, all sounds a bit sci-fi. Yet the SCIO system (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation System) is a computerized biofeedback system that identifies disharmony in endless areas of the body. Sandra Boer, trained SCIO practitioner explains that it picks up imbalances in physical and emotional areas, it looks at stress levels and nutrition, and whether there are any weaknesses or signs of disease development. Once it has scanned the entire body, it sends harmonising frequencies to balance these areas. I was stunned when after hooking me up, Sandra said the word ‘conflict’ came up. I had just arrived from the office where there was a highly intense conflict situation – the biofeedback picked that up. The SCIO analysis accurately pinpointed all my health and my emotional issues. Once it has identified the issues it sends frequencies to the energy field to cleanse, align, balance and normalise them. It balances chakras, performs electro-acupuncture, applies cranio-sacral and spinal therapy. It promotes the absorption of nutrients, works on reflexology points, boosts the immune system and more. I felt highly reassured to know my entire system had been checked out and that there were no impending chronic conditions developing. I felt highly reassured to know my entire system had been checked out, and no major imbalances showed up. You can use the SCIO as a preventative measure to keep your body in optimum harmony, to heal sports injuries, as a health check, to boost immunity, work with depression and a comprehensive range of dis-ease conditions. A session costs about R400 and is such a worthwhile investment, not only to check your body and identify any areas of concern, but to bring healing and balance. For more information contact Sandra Boer based in Fresnaye, Cape Town, on Cell 083 630 7915 or email her on

5 readers stand to WIN a pack of organic Cedarwood Incense from Pure Incense Pure Incense is South Africa’s premier supplier of natural incense. Their incense is organic and locally made. Cedarwood Dreams organic incense cones are made from the sacred Cedar Tree in the Baviaanskloof Mountains in the Eastern Cape. It is sustainably harvested using fallen branches only. Burning Cedarwood is known for enhancing or getting in touch with individual spirituality. The medicinal properties of Cedarwood are well documented, some of them include aiding respiratory and rheumatic conditions. Cedarwood is also excellent as an insecticide, it is particularly effective against fish moths. The fragrance is earthy, grounding and slightly sweet.

Log onto the Pure Incense Facebook page and comment any of the qualities of the Cedarwood Tree. For more information log onto


30 May - Water a Flower Day 31 May – World No Tobacco Day




happiness HEART LOVE Make time to do things that make your soul happy. It’s astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen. Try these two tips for generating happiness: 1. Express gratitude daily. This is the fastest way to amplify happiness. 2. Learn how to select your thoughts, the same way you select your clothes everyday. This is a powerful practice you can cultivate.

Wear your heart on your chest with this iconic pendant. Attract more caring and kindness with symbolism that emanates loving vibrations. This makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Romeo Foxtrot Heart Locket Chain R150.


Septogard is a natural antibiotic that is safe to use on babies right from birth. It is suitable for upper and lower respiratory tract infections; ear, nose and throat infections; skin and soft tissue infections and inflammation. Tibb Septogard syrup 100ml R84,99.

Keep chemicals out of your beauty routine. Use the Human+Kind shampoo and conditioner with gentle ingredients to clean, soften and moisturise hair. Hops extract softens and thickens hair while Oat Kernel extract adds shine and manageability. Human + Kind – Shampoo R124,99.


Our range of earth friendly soaps is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. There are no artificial colourants or fragrances used. Wellness Exfoliating Salt Bar R34,99.



Give your eyes a nourishing daily treatment with Secuvie Repair Cream. Besides moisturizing, it helps with pigmentation problems and builds up skin elasticity. Secuvie – Repair Eye Cream R320.

When I asked the dispensary what they would regard as a miracle product - a product people rave about and come back for, without thinking, they said Green Vibrance. Green Vibrance provides trace nutrients designed to help each cell function at peak efficiency. Expect increased energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, robust immunity, and a general shift in all bodily functions toward the ideal. Green Vibrance – 25 Billion Probiotics 30day supply R635.

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online at



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FACEBOOK Melanie Watson wrote: “I ordered something from your online shop recently which arrived today and just HAD to post to say thank you for the little extra gift that you popped in with my order AND the hand-written note thanking me fr shopping with you - seriously nice touch folks, I am impressed!” Leigh Candic Dorkin wrote: “I want a wellness warehouse on every corner! ” Molly Fabe wrote: “I love shopping at Wellness Warehouse in Cavendish Square. I always find what I need and happy with my purchases.”

_healthyprincess_ The immune booster smoothie from the #wellnesscafe It has fresh banana, pawpaw, mint, vitamin C and a herb called echinacea! ... Was delicious!

Winner for the IQS Competition from our March Issue: TWITTER Emma Jane Menteath Peanut butter oats with cinnamon & goji berries, yum! @wellnews offers the most incredible breakfasts for under R30!

Carla de Villiers Congratulations! To claim your prize, email

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*Offer includes a regular organic Americano or flat white & slice of cake Available at Wembley and Kloof CafĂŠs Valid from 1 May to 31 May While stocks last


this Mother’s Day

R40 Special

Chocolate, Beetroot & Carrot Cake Lemon Meringue Gluten-and Sugar-free Carrot Cake Baked Cheesecake


beauty & wellspa


Many products are filled to the brim with chemicals and we wanted to make a safe product available, one that is natural, scientific and has a high efficacy in a range of sensitive skin areas.

Life to your skin


100% Natural Skin Care with CHD-FA

For sensitive and allergy-prone skin Dermatologically tested



Skin care for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin affects millions of people, it’s not only restricted to teenagers. Although there is no miracle cure, there are some effective ways of working with your skin to repair and restore balance. We spoke to Michael Linell, Founder and CEO of Secuvie International to shed some light on effective treatment and care.


ecuvie is a Swedish company focused on the research and development of a natural skin care system for sensitive skin and problem skin conditions.

did you know? Secuvie works effectively on the following skin conditions: Irritated skin, elasticity, dry and cracked skin, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sunburn and sun damaged skin, under eye rings, wrinkles, dehydration and loss of luminosity.

Dermatologists, pharmacists, natural health practitioners, skin care clinics and skin therapists recommend the products. Secuvie’s products are developed to the highest European standards for this industry and are now marketed worldwide with key focus areas in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and now South Africa. The range is tested, safe, non-toxic and nonallergenic. Secuvie’s skin care range is modern, fresh and naturally therapeutic. “Our pharmaceutical team specialises in creating 100% natural skincare products for problem skin conditions,” says Michael, committed to the dermatology products his chemists and scientific team develop in conjunction with plant extracts and essential oils that protect, repair and enhance the skin. Why use Secuvie? “Many products are filled to the brim with chemicals and we wanted to make a safe product available, one that is natural, scientific and has a high efficacy in a range of sensitive skin areas.”


helping you live life well

Secuvie works effectively on irritated, dry, cracked, reddish skin; on poor elasticity; sunburn and sun damaged skin; under eye rings; wrinkles, dehydration, loss of luminosity and eczema. The product range is dermatologically tested and free from colourants, petrochemicals, alchohols, mineral oils, preservatives and perfumes.

SUPER INGREDIENT CHD-FA™ is a carbohydrate derived fulvic acid, a highly effective plant acid new to the world and the skin care market but with a centuries old proven track record for having therapeutic and curative properties. It is a micro molecule that penetrates the skin working actively on a cellular level to provide energy, harmony and nutrients to the skin. It protects, repairs and strengthens irritated skin. It also assists in the uptake of nutrients from Secuvie’s other natural ingredients and bringing rejuvenation to the cells. In combination, these ingredients have a wellrounded therapeutic effect.


beauty & wellspa

The CHD-FA™ molecule is bioactive and works as an energizer and anti-oxidant. Specialized technologies, ingredients and science equal a product range that boosts the skin, provides energy and repairs skin.

There are four product ranges: SECUVIE FACE Repair Cleansing Gel Repair Day & Night Cream Repair Eye Cream Repair Booster Serum Daily Repair Cream

SECUVIE BODY Repair Body Lotion Repair Hand Cream

SECUVIE SUN After Sun Cooling Lotion After Sun Repair Cream

MEDICAL RANGE RECZEMA especially for the treatment of eczema, irritated skin, dry skin and red skin. RECZEMA has been clinically proven to significantly improve the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema and irritated skin and is completely free from perfumes, preservatives, cortisone and other steroids. An added benefit is the support and advice from skin therapists and professionals in the Wellness Skin area. Kimi Cilliers from the Face to Fresh Skin Tightening Clinic at Kloof street Wellness Warehouse store is a highly specialised, professional skin therapist well trained in the use and direction of Secuvie products. She uses the Secuvie range in innovative and natural anti-aging treatments.

Secuvie’s products are • • • • • • • • • • •

100% Natural Dermatologically tested Suitable for all skin types Especially effective for sensitive and allergic skin Free of colourants Free of petrochemicals, alchohols, and mineral oils Free of preservatives Free of perfume Certified natural essential oils are used Certified natural ingredients are used Includes the patented plant active CHD-FA™

“Sensitivity can be brought on by a variety of factors from skin care products that are too harsh for the skin in terms of fragrances and ingredients; fluctuations in hormone levels; environmental or weather conditons; and lifestyle. By using a gentle product for sensitive skin combined with good lifestyle choices you have the best chance of a healthy glowing skin. Carl von Linné, from Sweden is recognised as one of the fathers of botany. His indepth intelligence and knowledge of how plant ingredients work inform the product development process. Pelargonium Graveolens Leaf oil balances sebum production. Lavendula Angustifolio promotes rapid healing, is anti-septic and reduces inflammation. “We bring all our knowledge of plants, nature, chemistry, science and dermatology in an effective product range with high efficacy to address sensitive skin problems.” Wellness Warehouse is highly excited to launch a range of Secuvie products. Not only are they 100% natural but they are also designed for sensitive and problem skin. Secuvie’s philosophy is to work gently with the skin providing energy and nutrients effectively giving ‘life to your skin’. They are focused on working gently with both humans and the planet. For that reason, only natural products are used. This includes certified natural essential oils and a unique plant acid called CHD-FA ™. All products are free from chemicals and preservatives and produced in Sweden.

Product use & directions Secuvie products are effective for a daily skincare regime. They are suitable for use by children and adults and can be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. SECUVIE FACE The Repair Cleansing Gel provides effective and deep cleansing for morning and evening, skin protection and repair. It can also be used as a make-up remover, toner, mask and exfoliator. The Repair Day & Night cream is used in face, neck and décolletage. This moisturizer returns skin to its normal balance and elasticity. It adds radiance, protection and hydration. The Repair Eye Cream gently moisturises and assists in the repair of dry skin, pigmentation and skin elasticity. The Repair Booster Serum is used as a spot treatment for dry, cracked and irritated skin. It repairs sores, pigmentation spots and discolouration. It also strengthens connective tissue and refreshes skin. Daily Repair Cream can be used on the face, lips and for spot treatments. It repairs dry skin, extra-dry patches, dry lips and cracked skin or for extra nourishment and replenishment. It works to boost hydration and water retention in problem areas. SECUVIE BODY Repair Body Lotion is for use on the body, legs and arms. It moisturizes, prevents and repairs cracked, dry and irritated skin. It provides energy for the skin cells and increases circulation. Repair Hand Cream Provides energy to the skin cells and balances the skin. An easily absorbing cream that moisturizes, prevents and repairs dry, cracked and irritated skin.

For more information visit



healthy foodmarket


Finding healthy snacks for allergy prone kids can be tricky

The allergy-free


Packing an exciting and nutritious lunchbox for your little ones every day can be a challenge at best. But when they have food allergies and intolerances, finding healthy snacks can be a really hard task. Wellness Warehouse’s dietitian Melissa Gomes is on hand to help.


he days of packing peanut butter sarmies are over. Nobody is completely sure why, but more children are facing food allergies than ever before.

the way we grow food crops like wheat, which now has higher levels of gluten. Still others are concerned that due to antibiotics our gut flora is out of balance, which makes it difficult for us to digest certain foods.

Half of children allergic?

According to the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, a child’s environment can also be too ‘clean’, leading to an unhealthy gut. We need exposure to germs to build up our immune systems and excessive cleanliness interrupts this, inhibiting the normal development of the intestinal system.

Melissa, who has worked as a dietitian for10 years, has noticed a major increase in food allergies, intolerance and sensitivity in South Africa. Some put the increase in allergies down to a rise in genetically modified crops like soya and corn, others attribute it to changes in


helping you live life well

‘The increase in food allergies, in children in particular, is likely a combination of all of the above, and there may well be other factors we’re not yet aware of,’ says Melissa. ‘Either way, the most important thing for us to do now as parents is learn to deal with allergies.’


healthy foodmarket

Know your labels

Outside of the box

There are now more foods available to children with special dietary needs than ever before. The trick is to know what they are, where to find them, and, most importantly, how to read labels.

The same rules apply when choosing snacks for all children. Opt for items that are low in added sugar, low in salt, and naturally high in vitamins and minerals. ‘A good rule to follow is: the fewer ingredients in a food, the better. When you serve something with a shorter ingredient list, it’s easier to know what you’re giving your child,’ says Melissa.

‘When it comes to labelling, in the past South African legislation has lagged behind that of many European countries and that of the US,’ says Melissa. ‘Things have improved and we are now more up to speed. The Department of Health passed Food Labelling Regulations in 2012 and it is now compulsory for South African manufacturers to list allergens on their labels, so if you have children with sensitivities and allergies you need to shop carefully.’ There’s more awareness surrounding some allergies than others, too, meaning you have to be more careful if your child had a severe gluten sensitivity than you would if your child was allergic to tree nuts. There is a lot of awareness surrounding tree nut allergies, specifically, as they pose a serious allergic threat, and products containing nuts are usually carefully labelled. Products containing gluten, or which have been ‘cross-contaminated’ by coming into contact with gluten during processing in the factory, may not be labelled (although it is a legal requirement).

ALLERGY/ INTOLERANCE What’s the difference? Judith Johnson, consultant dietitian at Wellness Warehouse on Kloof, unpacks the difference between food intolerances and allergies. A food allergy is an immune response to a food, usually a protein. It happens when the body’s immune system identifies a protein as harmful because it can’t break it down. This triggers an allergic response reflected in skin, digestive or respiratory problems. Nut and shellfish allergies are examples. A food intolerance is a negative response to a food that doesn’t trigger an immune response. Symptoms often come on gradually and they don’t involve the immune system. They can be caused by the absence of enzymes needed to break down food. Lactose intolerance is an example. A food sensitivity is similar to a food intolerance, but without long-term symptoms. It’s usually related to the way your body can digest food at the moment and can vary depending on how much of the food you eat. For example, beans might cause gas but no long-term ill-effect.

Children love eating with their fingers, so encourage them to try new foods by scaling them down. Experiment with carrot sticks dipped in hummus, cottage or cream cheese, or give them slices of apple with peanut butter. Give them dried fruit in moderation (it’s high in sugar!) and experiment with different kinds of fruit and veg. Remember, though, that while you want to limit the amount of processed food your child eats, you don’t want them to feel left out. Give them a treat every now and then.

FOOD LABELLING HELP Food labels can be very daunting. Judith Johnson explains what South African parents need to know.

What’s required: The new labeling laws in South Africa now require all packaged food items to be labelled with the list of all ingredients as well as the macro nutrients, (carbohydrate, fat and protein) if the product makes a claim (like it’s low fat, for example). Labels must clearly list allergens.

Watch out for: If a child has allergies, a concerned parent needs to watch out for foods that appear to be homemade or if the packet is poorly labeled. The ingredients are listed according to quantity of each ingredient with the highest being first. If you have a slight intolerance to something and it is listed as one if the last ingredients, it might be fine to eat.



healthy foodmarket

Everyday Winter Wellness

NEED A TREAT? Nut-free Braw Blackcurrent Bar R1799

Dairy-free Alpro Soya Chocolate Custard R4199



Organix Finger Foods Organic Raspberry & Blueberry Rice Cakes R2999

Diablo Sugar Free Coconut Cookies R5299

IS YOUR CHILD NOT EATING HIS OR HER LUNCH? • Is the lunchbox wrong? Children want to have the same lunchboxes as their friends, so make sure your little one has a lunchbox they can be proud of.

Ask in-store which Good Health immune support product is best for you or your family’s needs.


Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Available at good health shops throughout South Africa For more information contact 021 701 5000 or

• Is the lunch boring? Don’t pack the same thing every day. It’s easy to get in a rut with school lunches, especially when your child has special dietary needs, so plan ahead if you find yourself running out of inspiration. • Is the food fiddly? If you’ve noticed your child doesn’t like getting sticky hands, for example, pack peeled oranges.

oat biscuits a perfect little treat for on the go

Our delicious oat biscuits are bursting with natural indulgent flavours. They are the perfect little treat to accompany a cup of tea or coffee, or help when you need a

No artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives 6g Glycaemic Carbohydrate per biscuit More than 59% wholegrain oats

pick me up. Packed in handy pouch packs, they

Wheat free recipe

are easy to pop in your bag for an on the go snack.

Source of fibre

Available in all Wellness Warehouse stores

Suitable for vegetarians

and online.

No trans / hydrogenated fat Packed in pouches

Distributed by Health Connection Wholefoods Tel (021) 705 5883;

For further information visit


healthy foodmarket

WINTER WARMERS Keep warm this winter with these four delicious recipes.





Brussel sprouts are one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet. Make yours delicious with this caramelized version of this super green wonder.

helping you live life well


healthy foodmarket

MAPLE ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTS Serves 4 Takes 40 minutes including cooking time





Preheat oven to 180°C. Remove any bruised outer leaves from the Brussel sprouts. Cut in half lengthwise. Mix the Brussel sprouts well with the balsamic vinegar, olive oil, maple syrup, salt, and pepper. Spread into a single layer on a baking tray, and roast for 30 to 35 minutes, stirring once or twice, until soft and caramelised.

GOLDEN VEGGIE BURGERS These are delicious, kids love them and they make a substantial meal.


3. 4.


Chopped butter lettuce; Sliced tomato; Avocado; Sprouts; Whole Grain Mustard; Healthy Ketchup (1/2 cup tomato paste, 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/4 Tsp Garlic Powder, 1/4 Tsp Onion Powder, 1½ tsp Stevia, (Salt to taste), Pickles, Onions or any other toppings of your choice

SWEET POTATO & GINGER SOUP This is a filling and warming soup perfect for wintertime. Serves 6 Takes one hour including cooking time

 1 1/2 CUPS WATER 


1. 2.


4. 1.

Preheat oven to 180°C. Roast walnuts and sunflower seeds with Bragg’s seasoning, for 10 minutes or until golden. Set aside.



Peel sweet potatoes and cut into small blocks Juice 1 to 3 tablespoons of fresh ginger (you can use a juicer, a grater, or a garlic press). Set aside. Sauté onions and garlic in olive oil over medium heat until translucent, about 10 minutes. Add sweet potatoes and cook, stirring frequently, for another 10 to 15 minutes. Add broth and water, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes or until sweet potatoes are soft. Purée with an immersion blender, or

transfer in small batches to a blender and purée until smooth. Add coconut milk and warm. Add salt and pepper. Stir in 1 tablespoon ginger juice and taste. Add more as desired.

RAW COCONUT PUMPKIN PIE Gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free and raw

Optional Toppings:

Makes 4 burgers Takes 30 minutes including cooking time


Mash beans with fork or in food processor and mix with baked sweet potato, walnuts, sunflower seeds and egg or egg replacement. Add all spices and baking powder and mix well. Roll mixture into balls and flatten with hands into 4 patties. Use coconut oil to cook the burgers until golden and slightly crispy on each side. Wrap in 2-4 large lettuce leaves (rather than buns) or use whole wheat or gluten free buns.


1. 2.




Make sure you have a pie pan Place crust ingredients into a food processor, and process until you see a crumbly mixture form, about 1 minute. Pour into the pie pan, and gently press into the pan, all the way up the sides of the pan. Put it in the fridge. To make the filling, pour the rest of the ingredients (except the coconut topping) into a blender. Turn it on until a smooth mixture forms, a couple of minutes. Take the pie shell out of the fridge, pour the filling in, sprinkle with shredded coconut, and chill for a few hours in the fridge.



sponsored recipe


In a pickle

Recipe from The Real Meal Revolution Book available at Wellness Warehouse

This recipe was taken from The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, Jonno Proudfoot and David Grier, published by Quivertree Fermented pickles were originally invented to increase the shelf life of food. These days, we just pickle because it tastes good. What we often forget is how good real, home-made natural pickles are for our gut flora. Live bacteria from fermented foods can instantly improve your metabolism and beef up your existing gut flora. Sterilisation is often a necessary step in the pickling process, which kills the bacteria. Although this does kill all the good guys, the fermentation process changes the nature of the nutrients into a state that will encourage your probiotic cultures to multiply. Remember that the only thing you can’t change is the salt/veg/water ratios in these recipes: they’re the scientific parts. You can change all of the flavourings, herbs and spices to your liking. The gherkin is the most popular brined pickle on earth. Before corporates got hold of them and started using vinegar to add fake sourness, all the acidity came from natural fermentation in a brine solution. In the recipe that follows, there is a spice mixture you can use to pickle just about anything. The brine recipe we’ve given you uses a 7% salt content. In colder climates, it is safe to use low salt brine like 4% or 5%. Here in Africa, a slightly higher salt content controls the fermentation. It just keeps everything from going a little too wild in the jar. You can use this brine on absolutely any vegetable you would like to pickle.

FERMENTED PICKLES To make the pickling spice mixture:



Combine all the ingredients and store in a jar

NOTE: in all honesty you can literally use a teaspoon of mustard seeds. The spices are up to you entirely.

FOR A BASIC PICKLE To make brine use 1 litre of water and add 7g of salt (use Himalayan salt; often iodated salt makes the brine go murky)





Clean the veg in fresh water and set aside to dry.

helping you live life well




In a small saucepan, bring the water, salt and spices to the boil. Leave them to cool. Pack the veg as tightly as possible into sterilised jars and cover with brine. Make sure there is a piece of vine leaf in each jar. Leave them at room temperature (18 – 22°C) for three or four days. Bubbles will begin forming. This is normal. Just skim them off and top with more water or brine if you need to. You may need to weigh the veg down with another jar in the beginning to keep them submerged.

Once fermentation gets deep into the flesh, they will start sinking. After three weeks your pickles should be completely finished. You can keep them in the fridge from this point with the lids on. From now on, they will stay edible while they slowly continue fermenting. To keep them fresher for longer, you can drain them and transfer them to new sterilised jars. When they are finished, the veggies should be opaque, crunchy and tart. Slimy, mushy veggies are the result of botched fermentation and are spoilt. Sadly, you’ll have to chuck them. NOTE: The vine leaves are an insurance policy. They help keep the pickles fresh and crunchy. The fermenting brine is hugely nutritious and is said to be an epic hangover cure. Some dried or fresh chilli in the pickling mix also adds a nice kick.


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Nuts can support weight loss and curb hunger. That’s because when your body registers a high intake of nutrition, it switches off its hunger signals. This means, eating a handful of nuts reduces cravings and hunger pangs. Nuts are a natural source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fibre. It’s hard to say which nut is the best for you; it really depends on what your body needs. Get maximum benefit by eating a variety.


Brazil Nuts

RUMOUR HAS IT: almonds assist weight loss and lower blood pressure when eaten in moderation. Almonds are considered the most nutritionally-dense nut. EXPECT: calcium, iron, fibre, Vitamin E, riboflavin, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese. 28g = 23 nuts = 682 kilojoules

RUMOUR HAS IT: Brazil nuts help fight free radicals, support heart health and boost energy EXPECT: protein, copper, niacin, magnesium, fiber, vitamin E and selenium. 28g = 7 nuts = 858 kilojoules



RUMOUR HAS IT: Cashews help overall energy, building strong bones and teeth, boost skin, hair and nails. A handful of cashews has a store of tryptophan and is the perfect anti-depressant. EXPECT: Minerals like copper, magnesium, zinc, iron and biotin. 28g = 18 nuts = 682 kilojoules

RUMOUR HAS IT: Peanuts are considered a legume and not actually a nut, but we couldn’t resist including them. Peanuts help maintain healthy skin, hair and muscles and may help prevent muscle cramping. EXPECT: Protein, niacin, Vitamin E, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper 28g = 28 nuts = 695 kilojoules

Macadamia Nuts


RUMOUR HAS IT: Macadamia nuts help lower cholesterol and help muscle building and heart function. They also boost energy. EXPECT: Magnesium, potassium, thiamin, manganese 28g = 11 nuts = 854 kilojoules

RUMOUR HAS IT: Hazelnuts might prevent premature ageing and tissue degeneration. They boost red and white blood cells. EXPECT: Magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, Vitamin E, selenium, fibre 28g = 20 nuts = 745 kilojoules


Pine Nuts

RUMOUR HAS IT: Pecans lower cholesterol, guard against infection and are cancer patients favourite nut. EXPECT: Fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, manganese 28g = 19 halves = 833 kilojoules

RUMOUR HAS IT: Pine nuts sharpen vision and boost immunity EXPECT: Vitamin A, B, D, E, P, Magnesium, phosphorus, postassium, zinc, copper, manganese (70% of your body’s required amino acids) 28g = 160 nuts = 694 kilojoules



RUMOUR HAS IT: Pistachios strengthen immunity and heart health, EXPECT: Fibre, thiamin, Vitamin B6, phosphorus, copper, manganese 28g = 49 nuts = 674 kilojoules

RUMOUR HAS IT: Walnuts help prevent arthritis and depression EXPECT: Protein, Vit B6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, selenium 28g = 14 halves = 724 kilojoules

helping you live life well


healthy foodmarket



Use raw organic nuts over fried, salted, flavoured or honeyglazed nuts. Add your own salt (use Himalayan) to make sure it’s good salt. Frying and roasting nuts can convert the fats into an unhealthy form. Rather dry roast your nuts if you want them a bit more toasty. Avoid store bought seasonings, most are made from artificial flavours, chemicals, and preservatives, and some contain MSG, and are high in sodium. Use your own flavouring whether it’s cayenne pepper, coconut oil or a spicy mix.

Look for natural nut butters with non-hydrogenated oil. Nuts have unsaturated fat which is good fat. Bad fat mostly comes from animal based foods which can raise cholesterol, this means a risk of clogging arteries and an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.


Ice Cream

To maximize nut nutrients, soak nuts in distilled or purified water overnight. This helps neutralise enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid, which makes them easier to digest, and is better for nutrient absorption. It can also help reduce the amount of pesticides on them if they are not organically grown.

Pie Crust

NUT BUTTER YUMMINESS Freeze a portion of blended nut butter, cacao and banana


Combine oats and nut butter

Apple Sandwich

Cut a round of apple, spread it with nut butter and top with another round of apple


Put your desired quantity of nuts in a bowl and cover with distilled water. Add a tablespoon of sea or Himalayan salt. This helps neutralize enzyme inhibitors. Different seeds and nuts have different soaking times, but 7 hours is a safe bet for most varieties. Once they have soaked, you can dry them out in a dehydrator or oven for 12-24 hours. If using the oven, keep the temperature low (under 150 degrees) and move the nuts around occasionally. You don’t want to roast them, just dry them. When you compare the flavour of soaked and dried nuts versus non-soaked nuts you will find they taste better.

Spread on bread or crackers, use it as icing, drizzle over popcorn or add a spoon to your smoothie. Trickle onto steamed veggies or salad.

nuts & nut butter

Storehouse of nuts Stock up on a delicious assortment of nuts for your pantry. With healthy snacks readily available you won’t be tempted to eat an unhealthy alternative.

Wellness Raw Hazelnuts 100g R34,99, Raw Macadamias 100g R27,99, Raw Pinenuts 100g R89,99, Smooth Cashew Butter 125g R41,99, Smooth Hazelnut Butter 125g R51,99, Smooth Almond Butter 125g R44,99, Raw Walnuts 500g R215, Roasted & Salted Pistachios 500g R225.



integrative health


New science shows the best life possible for children is based on family happiness.

The case for

HAPPINESS Happiness is a key ingredient in a child’s life.

did you know? Happy children make happy adults and happy adults are more successful in education, careers, and all aspects of life. They are better friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. They enjoy better health and live longer. They earn more money and have greater influence in group decisions.



arents can use happiness to steer their children towards a life with better health, enhanced educational performance, career and relationship success, and up to 20 extra years of life. Twenty-first century science provides a new understanding of child development, and the new science of happiness delivers the tools. Modern science took us to space and brought us smartphones — now it’s creating a new understanding of human life from conception through death. Advances in neuroscience, molecular biology, genomics, developmental psychology, epidemiology, sociology, and economics are converging to explain human development and provide the keys to engineering a good life.

helping you live life well

A HAPPY FUTURE Parents want the best life possible for their child or children. In the past they worked to build this future based on personal priorities. Some encouraged children to academic excellence, others to sport and activities, while some parents worked themselves to an early grave so their kids would be rich. New science shows the best life possible for children is based on family happiness, especially the absence of unhappiness, during the period from pre-conception through puberty and adolescence to a happy and prosperous adulthood.

Let’s explore the effects of happiness and unhappiness and see how they compare >


integrative health

PRE-CONCEPTION The new science of epigenetics shows that stress, trauma and unhappiness significantly change our gene expression in ways that cause physical and mental health problems that can last a lifetime — or even longer. New research indicates that epigenetic changes caused by stress and trauma can persist for two or more generations. Studies in which animal fathers experienced six weeks of stress before conception identified epigenetic changes that significantly reduced their offspring’s ability to cope with stress and caused changes in their brain development. Genetic monitoring showed the changes persisted for two generations (Morgan, 2008). Pre-conception stress in mothers also increased the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring (Howerton 2012). New research from Italy shows that a man’s sperm production depends on his ability to handle stress. Men with high levels of stress ejaculated less semen and had lower sperm concentration and counts. Those with the highest anxiety levels often had deformed or less mobile sperm. Unhappy genes can cause problems while happy genes produce happy offspring,

Happiness 1, Unhappiness 0.

CONCEPTION High stress levels associated with modern life make it more difficult for many couples to conceive. Stress and depression are leading causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Previously age-related, today one in four men seeking erectile dysfunction treatment in the US are under 40, and nearly half the young ones have a severe form. Women with high levels of stress enzymes in their blood have a harder time getting pregnant. Research shows that couples are most successful in conceiving when they report being happy and relaxed rather than tense or anxious.

Happiness 2, Unhappiness 0.

PREGNANCY Happiness and unhappiness are mirrored in blood chemistry by different combinations

of hormones, neuropeptides and chemicals. During pregnancy babies share their mothers’ blood and use it to set the ‘zero point’ for their natural healing system which will strive to recreate these settings for life. If the mother is happy, the baby will create a ‘normal’ state that tends towards happiness. If the mother is stressed or unhappy, or is subject to chemical or physical imbalances, the baby will adopt these unhealthy settings as normal. Babies of stressed, unhappy or traumatised mothers often experience lifelong difficulty coping with stress and may be prone to anxiety and depression. Stress and unhappiness in pregnancy increases the risks of pre-term birth and low birth weight. A study from Norway on more than a million births showed that preemies are more likely to die before adolescence, are significantly less likely to have children, and that those who do became mothers tend to deliver prematurely. They are prone to delays in physical development and learning, may experience relationship and communication problems, and are more likely to experience asthma, behaviour problems including ADHD, dental, hearing, vision, and neurological problems. Low birth weight babies are more prone to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease in later life.

in every 33 children and one in eight adolescents experience depression which affects academic performance, disrupts supportive relationships, and increases the risk of suicide. Children with happy parents are happier, cope better with stress, and are less likely to experience depression

Happiness 4, Unhappiness 0.

ADOLESCENCE Teenagers make a difficult transition from the joys of childhood to the social, intellectual and emotional demands of adulthood while learning to manage and control their powerful new adult brain and body. It is a stressful and difficult period. Happy children are more likely to make a smooth transition, but those who experience developmental unhappiness have more difficulty coping with transitional stress. Unhappy teens are more likely to suffer depression, experience social problems, initiate alcohol and drug abuse, engage in or suffer bullying, participate in risky sexual and other behaviour, join gangs, and fail at school. US figures show that continued unhappiness often leads to unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and becoming single parents.

Happiness 5, Unhappiness 0.

Happy mothers tend to carry healthy babies to term.

Happiness 3, Unhappiness 0.

HAPPINESS & SUCCESS Happy children make happy adults and happy adults are more successful in education, careers, and all aspects of life.

EARLY CHILDHOOD Emotions are contagious. Young children are especially sensitive to their parent’s happiness or unhappiness and sense even small changes in mood. They can be badly affected by parent or caregiver stress or unhappiness. Mothers experiencing stress or post-partum depression, or fathers experiencing stress, depression or unhappiness have a powerful and damaging impact on the child. Severe stress during sensitive developmental stages can disrupt brain circuitry and other organ and metabolic systems. Depression rates are increasing fast in young children, with depression recently confirmed in children just 3 years old. In the US one

They are better friends, colleagues, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. They enjoy better health and live longer. They earn more money and have greater influence in group decisions. Happy people are the first to be employed and promoted, and the last to be fired. Happy salespeople sell more, happy managers are more effective, happy teams outperform the opposition, and happy businesses make more money. Happiness is a good investment. Now that there’s a choice, why be unhappy?

Happiness 6, Unhappiness 0.



integrative health


Happy parents create happy and successful children Happy and unhappy emotions both spread contagiously, so parents who want the best possible future for their children must start by building their own happiness. The new science of happiness provides a toolkit that enables parents to understand and learn to recognise causes and symptoms of unhappiness, and teaches behaviour change skills they can use to change unhappy habits and build happiness. Happiness training can dramatically reduce stress levels and teach you how to counter and prevent worry, depression and burnout. Building your own happiness provides a good foundation for your children, and teaches you the skills to guide and allow their innate happiness to bloom, develop and sustain.


Happiness University Today’s parents can participate in group happiness lifestyle training, private happiness coaching, or even study the science of happiness online. Happiness University in Cape Town offers happiness workshops and courses in Woodstock, Rondebosch, and at Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street. Learn more at IT’S NEVER TOO LATE The science-based happiness revolution arrived very quickly, and many of us are finding we’ve built high-stress lives for ourselves and our families. The good news is that happiness can be learned quickly. The team behind Happiness University has already helped more than 50 thousand South Africans to build happier healthier lives, using short courses that create dramatic measured improvements in happiness and reductions in stress and depression, often in just 2-3 months. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Sign up for the HAPPY CHILD, HAPPY FUTURE

workshops or visit the Happiness University website.

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Keep your family healthy this winter. Naturally.

It is important to protect your family’s immune system throughout the winter months (from May until August), to reduce the chance of infections taking hold. Natural immune boosters and protectors can help keep them healthy, because protection is better than cure.


HoNeY eXtract WITH




effective PrOTECTION






Natural aNtibiotic & aNtiviral/flu formula Contains herbal extracts and vitamins that work in 2 ways to assist: • Olive leaf, elderberry and propolis: herbal and honey extracts with natural antimicrobial effects. • Ginseng, Andrographis herb, vitamin C and zinc: Supports a healthy immune system. Take every day from May until August. For adults and older children, ideally older than 12.

vitamiN D3

Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system. Since vitamin D is usually made by the skin-cells in response to sunlight, vitamin D levels are at their lowest during winter when sunlight is at its most mildest intensity. • SOLAL® Vitamin D3 contains the most effective D3 form of vitamin D, not the less effective D2 form. Take every day from May until August. For adults and children.

Solal WiNter Special Get a free SOLAL® Double Vitamin C (30) with every Natural Antibiotic & Antiviral/Flu Formula purchased.

I T ’ S W H AT ’ S I N S I D E T H AT S E T S u S A PA rT

All nutraceuticals are manufactured in cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) licensed facilities. cGMP is the part of quality assurance that ensures that products are manufactured and controlled according to consistent quality standards that are appropriate for their intended use. Available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Leading Pharmacies, Health Stores, Doctors or from SOLAL®. Collect your free booklet guide instore. For more assistance with products and conditions, call our healthline. Healthline: 086 11 SOLAL or 086 11 76525 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @SolalTech


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Your body’s self-healing takes place all the time, without any conscious involvement on your part.

Celebrate the


Most people have experienced their own body’s ability to heal. We easily see and identify this when we have a cut or wound. After sealing the area from invading microorganisms with a scab, your skin cells divide and grow to fill the wound. Your DNA is replicated in the nucleus of each cell with nanotechnology so incredible, we have yet to come anywhere close to replicating it.


nything that is damaged or needs replacing, the body carries out procedures to heal and repair and all this takes place without any conscious involvement on your part.

did you know? You are a healing miracle. Your body is a miraculous system with neurology that exceeds the capabilities of the most advanced supercomputers in the world. Your sensory systems contain technology so advanced that even the most well-funded laboratories in the world don’t have machines that can match a fraction of what the body can do.

A mistake we often make is to see the body’s healing innovations as ‘sickness’ that needs to be treated. If you are vomiting, it is sure to be your body’s way of purging something from your system. By stopping the vomiting, you are interfering with an important healing process. A firm fact is that many ‘symptoms of disease’ are the result of your body’s attempt to heal itself. Sometimes treating these ‘symptoms’ will make the situation worse. It stops your body from being able to use the best interventions to heal a problem in the most effective way. Look at this situation: most people are super dehydrated from not drinking enough good quality water and from drinking beverages like coffee that act as a diuretic. When the body is dehydrated, it takes action to reduce water loss. Some of our water loss is through breathing out, a bit of water vapour is expelled with each out breath. To conserve water, your body may constrict the bronchial tubes by creating histamines (this constricts breathing). Western medicine could see this as asthma instead of dehydration. Rather than prescribe water, anti-histamines could be prescribed that make the bronchial tubes relax. This doesn’t solve the problem at all but rather makes it worse. High blood pressure can also be seen as a smart intervention by the body to pump more blood. It will do this for a reason. Perhaps too many animal products, not


helping you live life well

enough water and nutrients, has made the blood thicken requiring the body to raise the blood pressure. Rather than blood pressure pills, raw living plant juices and omega-3’s will hydrate the blood and give it more mobility to flow through the system. There are so many interventions we impose on the body that circumvent the body’s own ability to heal. Before blindly stopping something the body might be doing, or interpreting the body’s action as a disease or illness condition, think about what it is your body is telling you and how you can help your body heal rather than interfere with your body’s healing. Simple interventions like making the body alkaline and reducing acid-forming food, thoughts and activities will bring the body to a higher state of health. Mike Adams from Natural News stresses the importance of activating your body’s innate healing potential, by learning to listen to what your body is really asking for and giving it those things instead of intervening with chemical medications, surgeries and toxic therapies like chemotherapy. He believes that, ‘Western medicine misinterprets virtually all expressions of physiology. If you wish to be healthy, you must learn to reinterpret your body’s messages in alignment with the true principles of health. Difficulty in breathing, for example, may simply be a sign of dehydration. High blood pressure may be a sign of dehydration or poor diet.’



The human body constantly bombarded by attacks from a wide range of disease causing micro-organisms such as viruses and harmful bacteria. Fortunately, nature has provided a wide array of agents which support immune health. Beta Glucans Immune Complex from Solgar combines several nutrients shown to have a positive impact on immune system health including, zinc, beta glucans, acai berry and elderberries. Solgar is passionate about detail and passionate about wellness.


Vitamins |


Since 1947

Available from Independent Health stores and Healthcare practitioners For more information email | | Tel 011 462 1652 CAREFULLY MANUFACTURED

in the USA


yourself WINTER


integrative health


Get your circulation going and blood pumping with a 2 minute cardio session. Grab a skipping rope and one or two minutes of skipping will warm you up instantly. Wellness Skipping Rope R80


Simply having a flame burning near you gives you the impression of warmth. Choose one with a warming or uplifting aroma, hibiscus, ginger, vanilla are all great choices. Wellness Aroma Candles from R81.99

AROMA SOCKS Heat these in the microwave, pop them on your feet and you will have a glorious warming and healing sensation. Aroma Soothz Sportz R284.99 FLU FIGHTER I don’t go through winter without a bottle of Echinacea on hand. If you feel any sign of cold coming on, take Echinacea, it sorts my body out so well. As a precaution take Vitamin C as well, your body loves Vitamin C. Wellness Echinacea 50ml Tincture R69.99, Wellness Slow Release Vitamin C 30’s R134.99

KEEP WARM IN WINTER There’s no need to get cold in winter. Being cold makes your system more susceptible to getting sick. Here are some ideas to keep warm.

BOOST CIRCULATION Boosting a sluggish circulation will also help you feel warmer. Cayenne pepper is excellent for boosting circulation. Some say cayenne pepper kills cancer cells, cleans the arteries and normalises blood pressure. Put a bottle on the table and use it instead of salt. Earth Products Cayenne Pepper 50g R19.99 GINGER TEA

Alongside numerous health and digestive benefits, ginger is warming and boosts circulation. Drink ginger tea to warm up the body, especially hands and feet. Ginger root can also be put into your socks if you have a chronic cold feet problem. Eve Ginger Tea 20’s R41.99


Drink a cup of soup to warm up your whole body. The best thing about drinking from a cup is that is warms your hands as well. Just Whole Foods Soup in a mug – Leek & Potato / Carrot & Coriander R35, King Soba Mighty Miso Instant Organic Soup 6’s R74.99


pepper oil is warming and boosts circulation. Before sleeping or going out in the morning massage your legs and arms with a carrier oil spiked with a few drops of black pepper oil.

MUSTARD OIL Use this traditional Indian custom of rubbing mustard oil around your ears, inside and out. It has a wonderful warming effect. You may want to add a drop of lavender oil though, to mask the smell. 28

helping you live life well


integrative health

3 4



2 1 7






Sceletium Tortuosum This formula relieves stress and tension, boosts energy and helps with concentration. The mood-elevating action of Sceletium is caused by a number of alkaloids that interact with the brain’s dopamine and serotonin receptors. It is non-addictive and not hallucinogenic. Sceletium Tortuosum with 5 HTP 60’s R223.99

Double Vitamin C™ The first water and fat soluble combination (in a non-acidic buffered formulation) vitamin C in South Africa: for complete body protection. This combination of vitamin C ensures antioxidant protection of the water and fat soluble areas of the body. Unlike conventional vitamin C, Double Vitamin C™ is able to be stored by the body, and better penetrate the cell membrane to provide intracellular antioxidant protection. Solal Double Vitamin C 90’s R147

1. GoodHealth Pro Olive 60’s R199, 2. Wellness 50ml Tinctures R69.99, 3. Vibrant Health Super Natural C 60’s R285, 4. Vibrant Health Krebs Zinc 60’s R95, 5. The Real thing Ester-C Combo 120’s R139.99, 6. Nature’s Plus Immune Booster 90’s R415, 7. Metagenics ImmuCore 90’s R444.99, 8. Linctagon C Junior 12 tablets R75.99, 9. Heel Euphorbium Nasal Spray 20ml R160.99, 10. Heel Euphorbium Oral Drops 30ml R151.99, 11. Natura Gripless Colds & Flu R83.99, 12. A. Vogel Echinaforce Junior 120’s R149.99.



The active ingredients not only nourish the dry flaky outer skin, but penetrate deeply to soothe itching, fight bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Hope & relief for

Eczema Sufferers

If you have suffered from eczema, or know anyone who does, then you know how frustrating it can be for the person who has it, and those looking on helplessly.


alcolm Lynch testifies to that, “As a child my parents said I would just sit there and scratch and scratch to the point of bleeding and they felt totally helpless. They tried, what they felt, was everything available, even a tonic that had traces of arsenic formulated by a local chemist.” Today Malcolm is the CEO of Body and Soul products, a company that sells a range of products offering cortisone-free hope and relief using natural active ingredients. It all started when a naturopath was desperate to help her daughter who had eczema. The daughter was scratching so much, it was hard for her to sleep. She tried a mix of ingredients, and for the first time, she got positive results. Today, the cream is known as Hope’s Relief and used by thousands of


people worldwide, from babies to adults, to ease symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. But what distinguishes Hope’s Relief from other eczema creams? According to the Australian-based manufacturers, Hope’s Relief contains 300mg’s/gm of active ingredients, whereas some products

currently sold for eczema relief contain only 20 - 30 gm’s /gm of actives. This makes Hope’s Relief 10 - 15 times more potent. The active ingredients not only nourish the dry flaky outer skin, but penetrate deeply to soothe itching, fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. They even stimulate and assist the skin cells to regenerate and heal the skin. Surface cells

PENETRATES THROUGH THE SKIN LAYERS Activates, stimulates and repairs the skins barrier helping you live life well




Hope’s Relief contains five natural actives selected for their healing properties and put together in a winning combination:

1 2 3 4


Calendula (40mg) - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal assists in skin repair.


The best part is that Hope’s Relief is effective yet contains no nasties – cortisone, petrochemicals, colourant or perfumes. Treat


Manuka Honey UMF 10 + (100mg) - hospital grade with

Gotu Kola (40mg) - Stimulates various stages of tissue development, Gotu Kola has also been shown to decrease healing time and reduce scar tissue formation. Gotu Kola is one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic Medicine as a topical treatment for eczema and other skin conditions.





Thought to function as an adrenal stimulant and as a natural source of cortin, a hormone similar to cortisone. Studies have shown licorice to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

To avoid eczema flare ups, switch to Itchy Dry Skin green, plant-based and natural cleaners, Eczema Psoriasis Dermatitis washing powders, detergents and any other products that you use in and around the home. The fewer chemicals in your environment, the better. To relieve itchy skin, add 1 to 2 cups of finely ground oatmeal to a warm (not hot) bath.

relief for

high anti-bacterial activity eliminating Staphyloccus Aureus (shown to be prevalent in 90% of eczema sufferers). Also nourishes and promotes tissue regrowth.

Aloe Vera (100mg) - One of the most healing plants, it calms, cools and penetrates deeply to moisturise and soothe the skin. Clinical trials have proven its effectiveness in clearing the scaly plaques associated with psoriasis.

As with any condition, it’s important to get to the root cause and treat holistically. Here are some of Hope’s Relief’s top tips.

Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis

Natural POTENT Eczema Cream available!

I just wanted toAND say ITthank you so much for WORKS! your amazing eczema cream. My daughter was born in March and developed eczema Our all over a couple of weeks after she was born. I spent hundreds of dollars trying nearly every product on the market including creams prescribed by the doctor More than just another cream! and skin specialist, none of which gave More than just itch relief! my poor baby girl any relief. Discovering More than just one active ingredient! along the way she is allergic to oats made it evenHope’s harder as 3most products use oats Relief in 1 Benefits or oatmeal to soothe the skin which of Itch Relief course would make hers worse. Then my local IN pharmacist recommended Heals the skin Hope’s Relief. As soon as I put it on you could Moisturises see the difference and within a couple of weeks the eczema was gone! It is a truly Suitable forand Babies to Adults amazing product I thank you so much for making myFree baby Anti daughter’s bacterial skin soft, Cortisone inflammatory smooth andAnti eczema free.

Developed by a Naturopath for her own Daughter

3 1

Protect your hands by wearing gloves Premium when using any type of household Eczema cleaners andCream detergents. Use light cotton TGA APPROVED .... Aust L 192437 gloves under rubber when immersing your hands in water to minimise sweating and avoid a reaction to the rubber.

er No. 1 Sell

Keep a food diary to help determine foods that may cause an eczema flare up. Common triggers are gluten grains, PROUD SPONSORS OF dairy milk, eggs, citrus fruit, nightshade AUSTRALIAN ECZEMA ASSOCIATION vegetables, nuts, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Be sure to drink at least 2 litres of water WHY RELIEFskin hydrated, every day to HOPE’S keep your WORKS! especially in cold winter months.


mg’s/gm You are more likely to experience a ‘flareup’ of eczemapotent when you are under stress. Reduce stress with techniques like deep active breathing, yoga, meditation and gentle ingredients exercise.

Even though it’s starting to get cold and wintery, don’t be tempted by really hot “You say eczema... we say Hope’s Relief” See post on November 23, 2013 at 10:14am showers. Over-heating can flare up your Developed by Naturopaths We specialise in eczema & dry skin eczema and dehydrate your skin, so stay cool and use a natural moisturiser straight after a shower. Tel - 011 083 6813



integrative health


The approach of applying short-term interventions over longer periods of time provides short-term benefits but long-term harm.

Take time to HEAL

Dr Yesheen stresses the importance of time along the miracle journey of healing.


ealing from an injury is a miracle to see. Watching the body flushing out remnants of toxins or foreign objects with blood and body fluid can sometimes look a bit scary. But this is soon followed by a scab formation that closes up the ‘hole’ while the immune system slowly starts knitting together the tissues. This all happens without us even thinking about it - beyond the curtain of awareness. All that’s consciously needed is patience.

did you know? Sustainable healing means accepting time as a part of the equation. The body took time to grow and mature, and certainly took time to develop a disease. To expect a rapid recovery, be it on a physical, mental or emotional plane, is simply the ego tricking us into sabotaging the healing process, with false expectation.

In our world of immediate gratification, I find people wanting to press the fast-forward button on the healing process and get back to the business of living. This is true for people recovering from acute injuries and those with more chronic imbalances.

fix bug. Anyone in a diseased state will naturally be eager to recover and get back to the way things were. Fears of disease and death, of appearing weak or not strong enough, all come to the surface in the disease experience.

Western medicine works very well in the acute injury or disease setting. We have all sorts of gadgets and drugs to stabilise, reduce risk and correct acute imbalances in the emergency room. But when it comes to long-term benefits, the quick-fix model doesn’t work so well.

These fears muddy our understanding of how the body works. Often, when people in a state of illness come across an intervention that holds hope for healing, they hold it up to the expectation of quick-fix healing and stop the intervention too soon, disappointed at the absence of a cure when in reality the process of healing has barely begun - “What if there is something else out there that will cure me faster?”

Imagine you were a diabetic… You use a tablet or an injection to quickly bring down your blood sugar levels after a rich meal. But this reduction is not sustainable. When you hit the next bump in the road up it goes and another ‘acute intervention’ is required. Eventually the body gets worn down by all this jumping back-and-forth between low and high blood sugar levels, and the interventions that used to work in the past, now lose their impact. You need ever higher doses of medication to get the same reduction in blood sugar. Your body becomes resistant to quick-fix drugs and eventually you run out of options. This approach of applying short-term interventions over longer periods of time provides short-term benefits but long-term harm. It’s not only people following a western medical path who fall victim to the quick-


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Sustainable healing means accepting time as a part of the equation. The body took time to grow and mature, and certainly took time to develop a disease. To expect a rapid recovery, be it on a physical, mental or emotional plane, is simply the ego tricking us into sabotaging the healing process, with false expectation. Pick interventions you trust are appropriate for you and allow yourself time to absorb and integrate the healing information along the journey. Time is the true miracle worker in any healing process. For more about Dr Yesheen Singh log onto

Start HEALING YOURSELF from within... The ONLY system in your body that can GET you well and KEEP you well is your Immune System. The strength of your immune system determines your body’s ability to resist infection and the potential growth of abnormal (cancerous) cells. If it is below its optimum level, we are much more prone to illness. If our immune system is maintained at an optimum level, our incidence of disease is much less. It is therefore imperative to maintain a strong immune system, so that you are able to heal yourself on a daily basis.

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Sutherlandia Frutescens, nature’s super weapon in boosting immunity and treating a myriad of conditions, is one of the world’s most appreciated adaptogenics, being anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Dr. Boxall’s Sutherlandia Frutescens with Olive Leaf is a POWERFUL Immune booster. Taking this supplement will allow you to maintain a strong and healthy immune system, aiding the body’s healing ability significantly.

Sutherlandia Frutescens with Olive Leaf 400mg Power Serving (60 Veggie Capsules) This 2-in-1 product combination contains two of nature’s best immunity boosters. Both Sutherlandia and Olive Leaf are revered as powerful natural antibiotics. Tradional uses:

Boosts immunity

Other products in the Dr. Boxall’s range: Sceletium Severe anxiety & depression Migraines Post traumatic treatment Narcolepsy Irritability & stress due to addiction cravings Insomnia Sceletium has a positive effect on the body’s optimisation of a neuro-chemical, Serotonin. Serotonin is essential to deal with daily stress & trauma or even to combat cravings.

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Dr. Boxall’s Sutherlandia Tincture Drops FAST ACTING · TRAVEL SIZE · ON-THE-GO SUPPORT Fast acting; conveniently sized for travel/carry; perfect on-the-go support; to combat colds & Flu; sore and swollen throats or tonsils. Perfect to gargle with when added to 50mls of water, swallow product after gargle. Can also be used topically to treat minor skin conditions.

With 20 times less caffeine than a cup of coffee, but with all the added benefits of Chlorogenic Acid. Green Coffee Bean Extract is featured on the famous Dr. OZ talk show as the most effective fat burner and energy tonic with proven results.

Graviola Natural antibiotic Antiparasitic Herpes

Tradional uses:

Boosts immunity Colds & flu Bacterial, fungal & viral infections

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Increased metabolism Fat Oxidation Detoxification Increased stamina & energy Improves concentration Appetite suppressant

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Graviola has been used for centuries to treat immunity. In vitro research at Purdue University of Pharmaceutical Sciences found that the active components are potent inhibitors of cancer

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Whether we feel glad, sad, mad, bad, guilt or just plain fear, we make decisions and take actions, arising from these emotions.


Lifestyle Medicine is essentially the medicine of making choices that result in a positive expression of your welling. Your choices come from decisions based on your values, beliefs and meeting your needs.


oday we go into our ‘inner universe’ and look at the power of belief in creating health, wealth and happiness. A belief can be described as a feeling of certainty you have about something. This can be about yourself (for e.g. I am clever) or the external world (for e.g. politicians always lie). To entrench these beliefs and make them valid, we back them up with references and specific experiences that support our beliefs. The belief, ‘I am clever’, for example is referenced by specific examples of where you solved difficult problems. It’s fair to say you do not consciously choose what you’re going to believe. Most of our beliefs are generalisations, based on painful and pleasant past experiences. And in fact, beliefs are often created from misinterpretations of past events. We tend to only question our beliefs when we find their outcome painful or when things happen that contradict our beliefs. Valid or not, beliefs are hugely influential in shaping identity. They give a sense of certainty about yourself and the world. That certainty calibrates your decisions. These decisions determine your actions. From your actions you create the path of your


body, mind and spirit’s development. So we could say ‘belief creates biology’. Furthermore, our emotions, (how we feel about something), are manifestations of our beliefs. We often act out from our emotions. Whether we feel glad, sad, mad, bad, guilt or just plain fear, we make decisions and take actions, arising from these emotions. Most importantly, if subconscious beliefs and emotions are stronger and give a greater pain or pleasure payoff than those held in the conscious mind, the subconscious will dominate and create the results. Any personal change requires a change in beliefs. Identity - how you define yourself is the strongest force in human personality. Beliefs shape your identity. Given that you have a deep and abiding need to remain consistent with your identity, building a new set of empowering beliefs can help you create sustainable change in your health, wealth and happiness. In future articles we will look at how to create new empowering beliefs by starting with the results you want, and working backwards. For now, feel free to contact and engage with me via our Facebook Page or on my email below.

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Look at your life. Take your time, be brutally honest.

When reviewing the results you get, see what beliefs and emotions created those results.

Ask yourself if those beliefs are useful in achieving the future vision of health, wealth and happiness you would like, or do they harm that possibility?

Get in touch with the pain of how some of those beliefs actually hold you back from the kind of life you want.

Ask yourself what beliefs will be more useful in helping to create the life you want. Be open to trying some of these new, more empowering beliefs.

Dr Mark Vella is Director of the School of Lifestyle Medicine mark@

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Every thought you think is sent out like a radio wave. In some mysterious way your thoughts are picked up and turned into reality.

Miracles Creating

Do miracles really exist? Of course they do, everyone has heard of strange events and healing experiences that have no ordinary or scientific explanation. But can we create miracles for ourselves? Apparently it’s all about sending out the right vibrations. Whether your miracle is about creating abundance, finding love, being healed – all you need is the right mindset and a few principles to follow.


helping you live life well

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ne of the core principles is how we think. Every thought you think is sent out like a radio wave. In some mysterious way your thoughts are picked up and turned into reality. To begin the process it’s important to accept the fact you are not victim to a random existence in a world that’s against you. Life wants to be supportive and work for you. You can consciously take control and manifest miracles in your life. Follow these pointers to gear yourself towards miracle thinking.

it. In essence, thoughts become matter. Make sure your miracle is big enough and wonderful enough to match you. Don’t limit what you want. As Donald Trump says, “if you are gong to be thinking, you may as well be thinking big.” Think about what you want as having already happened, rather than why it can’t happen. Banish fears or subdue thoughts about fear. Be conscious and consistent in your thinking. Your thoughts magnetically attract others like themselves. Practice growing positive thoughts, and make that positivity into a habit.





As they say, if you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it. To create a miracle you need to know what you want. You need to be very certain that what you are asking for is really and truly what you want. Think about it in depth, bearing in mind that sometimes prescribed or clichéd dreams are not what they seem in reality.


FAST TRACK TO THE END The idea is to switch off the cerebral or logical brain and zone into the mid brain to bring about the result. Anything we think about in our logical brain brings forth restrictions. It will immediately ask when, where, how and who. By focusing solely on the end result, and not the means, it will more easily bring results. When trying to solve how something is going to happen we inevitably focus on the negatives and obstacles. Western civilization has developed in a way that gives importance to the neo cortex, this part of the brain is restricted to logic, to analytical thinking and largely to negativity. Our tendency is to satisfy the questions that arise from this part of the brain. Dr Pillai believes if you want to manifest something then focusing on how, when and where will kill the miracle.


CHECK YOUR THOUGHTS We attract what we think about most. If you fear something, you are likely to attract

Being in a space of gratitude creates an energy field around you conducive to attraction. You then live in a positive framework (it’s impossible to be thankful and negative at the same time). Because like attracts like, if your energy is in a positive form, you will attract positive things.


EMBRACE THE UNEXPECTED Let go of thinking how something should happen or wanting something to happen in a specific way. Know that your imagination is limited in terms of all the possibilities. Most miracles come in unexpected ways. ‘How’ is not up to you.


CREATE A MENTAL PICTURE Put your miracle into a visual image. Imagery has a great impact on the mind. If you can’t seem to keep a clear visual picture in your mind, collect photographs of things that illustrate your miracle and embed them in your consciousness. Keep the object and lose the thoughts.



negative energy near your process, as it will dilute the power of your conviction.


PRAY OR MEDITATE Use focused attention to put energy into the unfolding of your miracle. This can be done through prayer or meditation. All it requires is a safe, quiet space. Think or pray with complete belief and expectation. Do this everyday, even if it is only for a few minutes. When you are in prayer or meditation, the brain connects with the ‘soul intelligence’ and leaves behind the restrictive ‘mind intelligence’.


RELAX Relax in the knowledge that it has been done. Have peace and assurance that you don’t have to work hard to manifest. All you need is faith, focus and attention. Imagine increasing the power of the signal you are sending out (your level of energy), avoid sending opposite signals (focus on only one thing) and bring the mind to a high level of conviction.

did you know? International teacher Dr Baskaran Pillai believes specific parts of the ‘midbrain’ control money, relationships and health. If there is a lack of any of these he calls it an anatomical abnormality and says we can, ‘blame it on the brain’. Medical specialists are researching the possibility of activating specific parts of the brain with electrodes to change things like poverty consciousness.

Avoid judgement or negative comments from other people by keeping your wish to yourself. If someone isn’t able to believe as strongly as you are, they might throw doubts on your vision. You don’t want any


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Fynbos surrounds and birdlife pass by a cave with evidence of Khoisan art.

India house Switch off & switch on


here are two ways to get to India house from Cape Town. You can drive through the spectacular Bainskloof (the pass was declared a national monument in 1980) with incredible views, but windy s-bend roads that are a bit scary at times, or you can go through the Du Toitskloof tunnel towards Worcester. Both drives are beautiful, and prepare you for the permeating quietude marked by India house.

did you know?

Bastiaanskloof is in the verdant mountain pass of Bainskloof, an hour and a half from from Cape Town. The 2500ha property is one of eight areas in South Africa designated by Unesco as World Heritage sites. There are more than 800 species of Fynbos trees, shrubs and plants and a wide range of fauna. This includes Leopard, Klipspringer, Black Eagle, Tortoise, Clawless Otters, Giant Musk Shrews, Spectacled Door Mice, Black backed Jackel and Cape Horseshoe bats.


Although there is every gadget you could ever dream of, from uber chic Gaggenau coffee machine to underfloor heating, TV, DSTV, DVD, music system and more; they are all switched off when you arrive and it’s entirely your prerogative to leave them off. Extravagance and luxury is casually present alongside contemporary décor that has a distinct sense of humour and quirk. A vast lounge and enormous fireplace, complete with a forest of firewood, invites serious discussions on selling up and heading for the hills permanently while an oak paneled, state-of-the-art kitchen begs for a Jamie Oliver contender. There is a presiding cooking spirit in the house and a stack of recipe books. From Karoo Venison to Louis Leipoldt’s Food & Wine to Spanish Tapas and Malay spice, the pile is exhaustive with universal recipes that go from hearty home cooking to outdoor picnic ideas and gourmet experimentation, it’s all there. To help you along there is even a stash of fresh herbs in the scullery courtyard, and ‘pick your own’ options in the kitchen garden outside. Cupboards slide open to crockery heaven, and if you happen to do a 5-course wonder, and dirty every dish in the house, there’s a separate scullery where you can hide them all away until they are magically cleaned the next morning. Expect all the blenders, mixers, Le Crueset pots, cutting boards, and silver cutlery you want including two Gagganeau ovens, a microwave, gas hob and even a wine fridge. For braai fundis, there’s a helping you live life well

weber in the outside area surrounded by lanterns, umbrellas and lounge chairs that overlook a pool big enough to lap. India House has two master bedrooms, shuttered for late sleeping. En-suite bathrooms invite a bubble bath with Charlotte Rhys or a power shower either inside or out – the choice is yours. The third bedroom has two separate beds. If you manage to tear yourself away from the fireplace you can wander off on a meandering walking trail, cycle ride or strenuous hike to the top of the mountain. Fynbos surrounds and birdlife pass by a cave with evidence of Khoisan art. You can also trail down to the river for a dip in a private river pool. A croquet set invites a trip to yesteryear and a whole load of fun. From the moment you step through the beautiful turquoise door imported from Gujarat, India House is nothing short of grand. Its mountain setting is guaranteed to restore any amount of stress. Listen to the silence, gaze at the mountains and refresh your spirit in a whole new way.

For more information log onto or contact 076 198 0234

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Beautiful spaces Making

Interior space design is becoming more studied as we realise the extent to which we are influenced by the spaces surrounding us. It’s a fact: your space can significantly change the way you feel and perform. Whether you want to stimulate creativity, encourage conversation, bring serenity, feel grounded or alive, you can manipulate your space to achieve this. All it takes is a bit of design knowledge and some planning.

did you know? Pioneering urbanist William Whyte was contracted by the City of New York to find out why some spaces attract crowds of happy people while others, similar in design don’t. He conducted experiments with stopwatches, time-lapse videography and simple paper charts to chart reactions to space. Whyte’s research programme was a huge success and his findings were implemented in New York’s municipal construction codes.


e spoke to master furnisher Nizar Moosa, owner of DAG Exclusive Furniture in Cape Town for some advice. Nizar has been creating amazing spaces in private homes, restaurants, hotels, Spa’s and businesses for over fifteen years. Part of his winning formula involves intuition and part involves tried and tested design principles. He suggests looking at six different aspects when planning your ultimate space.

1. FUNCTION Make sure your space is developed for the purpose you need it. Working with different spaces, shapes, ceiling heights, window sizes and positioning needs planning. There are many tricks to counter small spaces or make large spaces more intimate.

PLAN YOUR SPACE 1. Ask yourself how your room will be used. A pile of teenagers, dogs and cats will need different elements to a space used for a formal dinner party, or a restaurant that needs to attract people.


helping you live life well

2. Be open to new ideas and mixing styles. It’s okay to mix antiques with modern art. In any space there should be a combination of styles, colours tones, shapes, and textures. Refresh your space from time to time by changing colours and shapes or reupholstering a tired look. 3. Be comfortable. Your home is for you to live in and should be styled in a way that makes you comfortable. It doesn’t have to look identical to a magazine spread. It should reflect you.

LARGE SPACES For large spaces, use grouping, scale, colour and texture to turn a big space into a welcoming, functional area. Create social islands or conversation pits with multiple seating areas. They are more cosy and also practical (rather than having to shout across a room). Rugs can anchor these areas and identify smaller more intimate spaces within the larger space. Add visual balance. Large scale furniture and artwork carries more visual weight in a big room. Keep furniture simple, and avoid overcrowding with too much. Warm the walls. Warmer colours

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bring the space together more intimately. Lower the ceiling with colour. Create the perception of a lower ceiling by painting it a darker tone than the walls.


SMALL SPACES Add versatile furniture pieces like an Ottoman that can triple function as coffee table, storage or extra seating. A pull-out sofa can be a guest bed when needed. Re-invent a cupboard or nook into a handy workstation. Add horizontal patterning on walls to stretch them out. Cool colour paint makes walls recede and appear to enlarge a space. Use the same colour paint on outward leading walls to add a sense of expansion. Don’t overload walls with art. Super dramatic pieces with bright colour draw attention and mask the fact the space is small. Patterning can work the same way by capturing your attention. Too many accents cut up a space. Use furniture with upright simple lines and with legs, rather than boxy chunky forms. Glass coffee tables or long narrow one’s work best. Emphasize vertical lines (floor to ceiling drapes). Maximise light. Arrange furniture to direct traffic around the conversation area rather than through it.

2. FLOW Monitor how the room draws traffic through it. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright often used techniques to influence how people move through rooms. In his Falling Water home, the master bedroom was designed to make people walk straight through it to the balcony. Check positioning of doorways, they tend to pull people towards them. Create the right flow in your space.

3. COLOUR Colour has the most powerful influence on a design plan. It can make a space calming, regal, exciting, cheerful, regal, or relaxing and create pop and energy. Consider both colour temperature and tonal value. The yellow-red-orange region on the colour wheel will bring warmth and intimacy while the blue-green colours project a cooler, airy, open feeling. Large spaces can be made more intimate with warm colour while small spaces can be made more airy with cooler colours. Use nature as a guide: sunshine and fire are natural elements that invoke warmth while the sea or green grass gives a fresh expansive feeling. Beiges and greys are more neutral.

Red BOLD, passion, heat and energy. It can be elegant and add character in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Pink can also add personality. Orange VITAL, activity and adventure. Orange is believed as healing and supportive of the immune system. Use the bright version for contemporary design and muted shades for more traditional styles. Yellow CHEERFUL, sunshine and happiness. Bright yellow needs the most complex visual processing by the eyes. Large areas of yellow can be overwhelming but as an accent colour it can create a high level of pop. Purple OPULENT, tranquil, royal, grand. A purple with blue undertones can have a cool effect while red undertones warm it up. Too much violet can be intense while pastel tones can refresh and uplift. Blue TRUST, calm, sensitivity. More people in the world choose blue as their favourite colour. It works well with many other colours; blue and white is a lasting look for china and fabric ranges. Green RELAXATION, nature, rest. Acidic green can be contemporary while traditional green can be grounding. As in nature, green tends to relax and calm a space.

TONAL VALUE Look at tonal value noting that lighter tones are more reflective - we see them as moving away from us, giving the illusion of more space. Deeper, darker tones reflect less light and appear closer creating a sense of intimacy

4. TEXTURE Too much of the same visual tone will make a space feel flat. A mix of tactile qualities creates visual interest and attraction. Besides curtaining and upholstery, texture can come through lighting and colour and extend to flooring, furniture and accessories. Textured wallpaper, glazing on paint, a subtle two-tone wall colour, even fragrance adds texture to a room.

Most people respond very positively to wood. Research subjects described wood as feeling healthful, warm, comfortable, relaxing, natural and inviting. A simple tip to add texture to a bland room is to change cupboard doorknobs. Look for textured wood, colorful ceramic and brushed stainless steel or try faceted glass or crystal.


5. PLACEMENT Optimum placement looks at three aspects: the traffic pattern of the room; the focal point; and size. Ideally, furniture should be oriented around a specific focal point like a fireplace, entertainment centre, a well placed window, art piece or photo collection. If you don’t have a focal point, then create one. Create functional conversation areas by grouping furniture in ‘L’ or ‘U’ shapes around focal points. Rather than putting everything parallel to the walls, consider angling furniture items to create more visual interest. Experiment with layout. Different configurations can result in a significantly different look for the room. Collectibles or group items can add a striking effect. Avoid buying items impulsively before checking whether there is a space for them.

6. LIGHTING Use different layers of lighting for different times of the day. You might need three layers; overhead lighting; task lighting (for reading and working); and soft tabletop lighting or candlelight for evening. Dimmer switches are an inexpensive solution for unlimited lighting options.

livewell green living

5 Ways to find your personal design expression To know more about what’s going to work in your own personal space, look more closely at your immediate space.

YOUR CLOSET The colours you love can tell a lot about your personality. Look in your closet for inspiration. What style themes are in your wardrobe?

YOUR HOBBIES Your home should be an expression of you. Personality makes a room feel genuine, lived in, and grounded. What are you drawn to and interested in? What makes you happy?

YOUR DREAM DESTINATIONS Remember places and surroundings you have loved when you’ve traveled, visited a restaurant, hotel or museum, or been to someone else’s home. What elements of these places appealed to you?

YOUR HABITS The most beautiful décor in the world is worthless if it doesn’t mesh with your lifestyle demands. What functionality do you need from your furniture? Do you have pets, do you meditate, do yoga, love cooking?

YOUR COLLECTIONS Group a collection of items together to reflect your personality. What do you collect? What pieces of art, photographs, or furniture hold special meaning?

LEADING RESEARCH Architects have long intuited that the places we inhabit can affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We generally know we feel a greater sense of psychological equilibrium in some spaces than we do in others but we don’t always know why. Behavioral scientists are giving these hunches a pragmatic basis and unearthing interesting pointers designing spaces that promote creativity, keep students focused and alert, and lead to relaxation and social intimacy.

GOING GREEN DAG Furnishers carries a strong green ethos and prefers fabrics with a green conscience. This means fabrics certified environmentally safe and not harmful to human health. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a global certification that requires a comprehensive testing routine and ensures fabrics contain no harmful chemicals or prohibited or regulated substances. It also means meeting environmental standards during all processes of production. When choosing your fabric look for the following: •

No allergenic or carcinogenic dyes

Free from formaldehyde, chloroorganic carriers and biologically active finishes

Tested for pesticides and chlorinated substances

Tested against release of heavy metals during perspiration

A skin-friendly pH

ABOUT NIZAR Nizar has always had a love for traditional furniture manufacture…the smell of wood, the texture of fabric and combining colours and styles. His passion is for natural and eco friendly materials. Lately, he has seen an increase in demand for up-cycling and green-friendly materials. He has also seen an upsurge in retro pieces. Throughout the years Nizar has completed high profile commissions for clients like Paranga, The Bungalow, Peppeneros; Café Dijon, Zenzero and Hotels like The Peninsula, Southern Sun and Cape Suites. Many exquisite pieces have been made for Cape Town’s finest homes and Corporations like Media 24. D.A.G’S furniture has been featured on Top Billing and in leading magazines. Despite all the accolades Nizar keeps a watchful eye on every piece of work handcrafted at his factory. D.A.G Exclusive Furniture | 58 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8000 |Phone: 021 447 6219 | Mobile: 083 511 1116 | Email:

100% paraffin free low odour made from recyclable materials, vegetable oils and natural colourants clean handling long burning SABS safety tested

Eco Fire Lighters Your alternative to traditional paraffin based fire lighters that leave a lingering smell on your hands, in your Webber braai and fire place.


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Plants can enhance mood with their innate qualities and bring anything from healing, laughter and reassurance to love, happiness and serenity.

Plants with


Are you a wallflower or the life of the party? How about the plants you keep? Your attraction towards certain plants could be a reflection of aspects of your personality or they could reflect energy you need to balance you.

did you know? Mother-in-law’s cushion is the comical name for a barrel cactus also known as golden barrel cactus, golden ball, or Echinocactus grusonii. It is an attractive plant covered with hooked spines that’s easy to grow. It needs little attention but does prefer full sun. If you are lucky, it will produce yellow cup shaped flowers.



ellow daisies emanate happy energy, while white lilies exude serenity and dignity. Hydrangeas are joyful and sociable. Cacti could represent edgy, ‘push the boundaries’ energy. If you need to feel more grounded and stable you might be attracted to trees and evergreens. Someone who feels hemmed in and constricted may need wildflowers in their life. See which energy you need more of and choose plants to match. Once you start connecting with plants, you will soon pick up on the energy they are sending out. Use them to be sociable with and to add a beautiful dimension to your life. Look closely at their characteristics; a stiff posture, an helping you live life well

alluring fragrance, or bursts of colour are all clues you can use to connect with their personality. Of course different plants can evoke different feelings and sensibilities in different people so feel free to disagree with the suggestions made below and make up your own mind about the personality of plants you love.



do it yourself

1. CHARISMA & ENERGY Charismatic plants are extroverts. They are striking and robust, commanding attention and exuding a hearty zest for life. Their leaf forms and colours may be varied but will always attract the eye. Notice them by their bright blooms or interesting leaf shapes that bring a lively energy to social settings.

TRY THESE Banana plants, Cannas, Tapioca, Red hot Pokers, Dahlias

TRY THESE Agaves, Italian Arum, Cacti, Yuccas 4. HAPPY & SOCIABLE These good natured plants are playful and sometimes comical. Brightly coloured flowers and big blooms show that life is easy and enjoyable. Sociable plants will lift the spirits and inspire joy. Hydrangeas, poppies, tulips, pansies are all good choices. So are your ferns and furry or plants with clusters of small leaves.


2. RELIABILITY & STABILITY Reliable plants provide calm assurance that all is right with the world and that there will be no surprises. They communicate that all is under control and in proper order. Well grounded, they look good all year round. These plants are good for formal or conservative settings.

TRY THESE Boxwoods, Heather, Junipers, Rhododendrons, Spruces 3. EXCITEMENT & EDGINESS Edgy plants will intensify drama. Their leaves may be sharp or they may have thorns and pointy tips. Cacti, venus fly traps, Aloes and Yukkas are provocative and carry an air of unconventional challenge that adds intrigue. You may want to have a collection of them together or mix them up with softer plants.

Daisies, Yarrow, Ferns, Hydrangeas, Ladies Mantle, Black-eyed Susan, Bougainvilla 5. CALMING & MEDITATIVE A calm and meditative garden might be a huge tree with a large canopy overhang, it might be a stretch of long grass, or a dense area of shurbs. A garden of white flower plants is always relaxing. Consider lavender, the oil from lavender is known to be calming and the plant definitely sends out peaceful energy. Determine what evokes serene energy for you.

CREATE A MAGICAL GARDEN WITH CACTI Choose a beautiful pot, try a square ceramic pot for an Eastern feel or a glass one for elegance. Pick out 3 or 4 contrasting cactus with different spikes, shapes, colour variation and size. Fill your vessel with a layer of small stones to facilitate drainage then add your soil. Once you have planted your cacti selection, sprinkle some miniature pebbles on the top of the soil. Use the bonsai pack from Starke Ayres, it has everything you need. You can add a crystal, a piece of driftwood, a mini gnome or fairy to personalize your garden.

TRY THESE Lavender, Peace Lilly, Statice, Evergreen Shrubs


10% discount

Design an ideal garden space by connecting to the personality of different plants. Use this voucher to get 10% discount on all your plants, gardening accessories and gifts.

This offer is exclusive to Starke Ayres Rosebank branch at 21 Liesbeek Parkway, Rosebank, Cape Town. Tel: 021 685 4120 and Starke Ayres West Coast Village branch, Sunningdale. Tel: 021 554 8450

VALID FOR THE MONTH OF MAY (expires 31 May 2014) Terms & conditions apply. This discount is not valid in combination with any other special and non-discountable products like books, magazines, cards etc.




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yoga baby! A happy baby doing the Happy Baby pose? When Hilaria Baldwin (yoga teacher and wife of Alec) posted a picture of herself doing the yoga position with her little one on Instagram this January moms across the world exhaled a collective sigh of ‘#Looooooove’. Yoga for baby and moms has since started exploding in popularity. So what’s behind the craze? And is it safe?


helping you live life well


fitness, sleep & massage


‘New mothers often feel a drop in confidence and struggle to cope with the outside world after spending time at home cocooned with their newborns. New moms also don’t always feel secure about how their babies will react in social situations.

‘Baby yoga gets moms and babies both out into a safe, relaxed space. It reminds the mom that she exists independently to her baby and it allows her to reconnect to her centre and to reclaim her body and core after pregnancy.’

Better for baby

Babies also have a chance to stretch and learn to connect with their own bodies. Baby yoga classes encourage movement and circulation as well as bonding time with mom. Yoga movements, which can mimic the soothing, rocking motion babies feel in the womb, can also relax baby. Many moms find that yoga babies cry less and sleep better and for longer. This means moms sleep better and for longer, too.

parts. It’s not just for moms, either. Dads looking to connect with their new babies are welcome to join in. Baby yoga a great way for new fathers to connect with their babies and feel more involved in caring for their young children.


A mom and baby yoga class is done in a warm, comfortable room, just like any yoga class. Yoga mats are laid out for moms and cushions are usually provided for the babies, who are placed on their backs between mom’s legs. Sometimes teachers (or moms) prefer to have babies on their legs. Gentle stretching exercises are done on babies’ arms and legs. These are believed to help connect a baby’s brain to its limbs and body, helping baby develop healthily. There are various poses that mothers help babies do as they progress in class. These include sitting poses, lying poses, and even standing poses. Rolling movements from front to back are used to strengthen neck muscles.

The right teacher

Baby yoga needs to be done with care so as not to force or manipulate baby’s body in any other way than to teach them to connect and feel their own bodies and develop a sense of their own bodies. Gayle advises choosing a teacher who is qualified, experienced and has trained to be a mom baby yoga teacher.

Where do I find a teacher? The best way to find a good yoga teacher is through word of mouth. If your yoga teacher also offers massage for baby, check that she is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA). The AHPCSA regulates the practice of therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and a number of other alternative treatment modalities. Note that practitioners of yoga alone cannot be registered with the council as yoga isn’t officially considered a ‘health profession’.

did you know? The best way to stimulate baby’s growing brain is through touching, holding, comforting, rocking, singing and talking to her.

Is it for everyone? Baby and mom yoga classes are for babies from three weeks old. They’re usually taught until babies are around 6 months old when they start to crawl and move around. At this age they would need a class of their own.

happy babies!

‘In terms of safety, some babies’ bodies are more contracted than others’, meaning their muscles are a little tighter and they’re a little bit more resistant to some positions. So we teach moms to listen to babies’ responses and when they can push baby a little in a safe and gentle way,’ says yoga teacher Gayle Friedman. Baby yoga helps babies connect with their moms, stretch and become aware of their body

Baby yoga with Gayle Friedman



fitness, sleep & massage

YOGA POSE happy baby pose The Happy Baby pose is well known for making yoginis smile. There’s no surprise, then, that it’s a firm favourite in mom and baby yoga classes. Besides being a feel-good pose, the Happy Baby is also great for gently stretching the inner groin and the spine. While doing so, it calms the brain and relieves stress and fatigue – that’s where the smiles come in!

YOUR BABY YOGA KIT The right mat

The perfect tank

Mat spray

The perfect mat

Yoga mat spray will keep your mat and the space around it clean, fresh and sanitised for you and baby. Choose an uplifting, relaxing, scent to clear your mind before a yoga session, helping to set the tone for a relaxing bonding session with baby. AUM Yoga Mat Cleaner R99

The perfect tank

Mat spray

Choose a yoga mat that’s comfy and well cushioned but sturdy at the same time. It should be easy to roll up and transport. Consider how thick it is (this will affect how comfy it is and how well it rolls up), what it’s made from (you want it to be as eco-friendly and as natural as possible) and don’t forget to pick a mat you like. Asoka Eco Mat R535

Yoga is all about stretching. If you feel constricted in any way, you’re not going to enjoy your class. Make sure your yoga gear is made from comfy fabrics that not only stretch but that also breathe.

Rossi T Shirt R240 Yummy Mummy Ultimate Comfort Maternity Bra R220


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WE ARE PROTEIN FACTORIES Rice protein is just as good as whey Whey protein is regarded as the "gold standard" of protein supplements because it contains all essential amino acids in high quantity. But what about plant proteins? Do they stack up? A recent study published in The Nutrition Journal showed that rice protein performed just as well as whey. The study showed that rice protein consumption after training decreased fat-mass and increased lean body mass, skeletal muscle power and strength comparable to whey protein. You can read more about this study here: Lifematrix Raw Vegan Protein is made from sprouted, wholegrain brown rice. Nothing added.

Lifematrix is a division of Absolute Organix Inquiries (011) 614 5822

Our bodies are protein factories, using amino acids to build and repair the trillions of cells that we are, to catalyse most of the reactions inside our cells and to control virtually all cellular processes. The human body can produce only 10 of the 20 amino acids required for life. The others (known as essential amino acids) must be obtained from food or supplements. Lifematrix understands the power of amino acids and we’ve been at the forefront of serving the vegan community with superior plant protein powders (rice, yellow pea and hemp) for years. We also offer specialist animal proteins such as whey isolate and collagen. You won’t find any sweeteners or flavourings in our protein powders - just hard-working, high-quality amino acids that your body can use effectively.



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Through their sensitivity to chemicals, processed foods, and authority, they are showing us what has to change in our world.

Indigo Children

A growing number of unusual, gifted and headstrong, children noted by parents and pediatricians, has been a point of discussion and observation. Dr Trent Nichols, a gastroenterologist from Pennsylvania has been treating kids for the last forty years for extreme food sensitivities. In the last twenty years, he says, he noticed a number of children that seemed highly advanced for their years.

did you know? The term Indigo comes from Nancy Ann Tappe, author of Understanding Your Life Through Colour. Nancy studied the aura (electromagnetic field around the body) as a way to psychologically profile people. She noticed certain children with a specific set of similar characteristics had an indigo coloured auric field. The name Indigo has since become a universal label for these kids.



hese kids are acutely sensitive, especially to chemicals and preservatives in food and body products. They are also hyper aware of cruelty to animals and environmental injustices. They have other similar characteristics alongside the sensitivities. They are curious, strong-willed, independent, and often perceived by friends and family as being strange. Highly intelligent, they constantly ask questions and are full of demands. Mothers to these kids say they are born with a strong sense of purpose and conviction that they are here to do something significant and special. They are more confident than other kids and automatically feel they are special and should be respected. Unquestioned pride and independence with a sense of entitlement is displayed even if they are constantly asking you for money. They are also markedly intuitive and spiritually aware. They helping you live life well

easily see through inauthenticity and won’t comply with social constructs that don’t make sense to them. Many of them are misunderstood and, because of their differences and frustrations they act out behaviorally. Typically Indigos are diagnosed as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHT (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Much criticism has come about with regard to the use of Ritalin and drugs that alter brain chemistry a treatment for these diagnoses. Dr Peter Breggin, an American psychiatrist who is anti the use of Ritalin, points out that what is defined as ADD or ADHD is just the manifestation of a child that functions at one end of the energy spectrum - the high end. People are questioning a medical system that drugs small children with stimulant drugs to cope with behavior that doesn’t conform to the ‘norm’ of the average child.


eco mom & baby

Doreen Virtue, author of The Care and Feeding of Your Indigo Child says, “Indigo Children who take Ritalin or other psychotropic drugs soon lose touch with their intuition, psychic abilities, and warrior personality. These children were sent to earth with these spiritual gifts for the express purpose of cleaning up our planet, environmentally and socially.” In an environment where Indigo children are understood, they can thrive but where their differences and sensitivities collide with the world, they struggle to fit in and socialise successfully. Often they feel lost and misunderstood. Indigos are right brain oriented and usually attracted to pursuits like art, writing, spirituality and music. They commonly follow spiritual healing practices and practice pursuits like meditation and yoga. In relationships, Indigo’s are passionate and loyal with clear communication and honesty. Dishonesty and manipulation can be very confusing to them. If they don’t find other Indigo’s to relate to, you often find them around older people or on their own. Indigos are highly resistant to any type of authority unless they understand or see value in it. They know everyone is equal, and get enraged when others enforce authority or behave without consultation or consideration. Indigos surprise adults around them when they easily see through masks, victim dramas and social constructs. Not believing in the way society operates they choose alternative lifestyles and ways of living. Indigos often develop phenomenal academic and technical abilities, recognition and success, but sacrifice emotional development, which can be damaging in later life when they seek to create meaningful partnerships. Sandra Weaver, who has done extensive work with Indigo kids and diet believes these kids are here for a very important reason. “An Indigo has an enormous amount of tenacity and willpower. Through their sensitivity to chemicals, processed foods, and authority, they are showing us what has to change in our world. They’re sensitive to so many things. An indigo child will tell you that we should not be using these detrimental chemicals if we truly loved our earth and each other. Every Indigo Child

will undertake this mission of teaching or healing in some way, often merely by being who he or she is.” Doreen Virtue, describes Indigo kids as ‘old souls,’ as if they’re 13 going on 43, with a deep desire to help the world in a big way. They are strong willed, creative, prone to addictions and often have a history of depression. They easily bond with plants or animals and like to spend lots of time in nature.

How to care for an indigo child If you have an Indigo child, it’s important to allow them freedom to make their own choices and be willing to negotiate or explain why things need to be done in a certain way. Non-negotiable discipline or rules create hostility and rebellion. Teachers often do not understand their intelligence and many of these kids end up on Ritalin as boredom at school can make them disruptive and appear unruly. Most Indigos agree that what is taught in school is rarely relevant to real life. It confines them to mental experience, and they want real life experience to teach them. Indigo kids are kinesthetic learners and do better learning in a different environment. Many times they dislike school to such an extent that they refuse to go. The correct diet is paramount. Stimulants in caffeine, refined sugars and food additives, are damaging and negative. Fresh and organic foods balance their energetic and sensitive systems. They may naturally choose vegetarianism, even before they know what it means.

AN INDIGO’S WORLD “Indigos have a job to do on this planet, and they will do it. They are preparing the world for the new values of ‘love, brotherhood, unity and integrity’.” Indigo prophecies talk about how these





forerunners to a dramatic change that’s coming in the world. According to Sandra Weaver, an Indigo’s world would be: 1. Free from all harsh chemicals. 2. Food




grown, locally grown, fresh, with minimal processing and refining. 3. Education would be for all and children would have a much greater say in their educational future and curriculum. 4. Family would mean whom you are with at that time, and be inclusive to a greater circle of people. 5. Our political system would be truly for the greater good of all, much more democratic, even socialist. 6. All countries and all people would work together to better lives on the entire planet.

“Indigo children are “natural children in an unnatural world.”...their immune systems (physically and emotionally) aren’t able to assimilate the earthly toxins in food, water, air, toiletries, cleaning supplies, artificial lighting, and relationships.

7. Nature and her needs would come first including clean air and soil. 8. Children would be treated with respect and consulted on any decisions that would affect them. 9. All people would be equal no matter what their race, colour, sex, or creed.

Doreen Virtue



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The joy of life, to experience its fullness, is a gift we receive in wide-eyed wonder.

The mystery of


By Jayshree Mannie

We live in a world where there is a focus on deficits, dysfunctions and disorders, where the natural genius of our children is being narcotized by psychotropic drugs and where pathology has become endemic. WHAT IS GOING ON? What has happened to our freespirited and exuberant children who taught us how to be in the now and enjoy life?


helping you live life well


eco mom & baby


he joy of life, to experience its fullness, is a gift we receive in wideeyed wonder. As we embark on this exciting adventure in open curiosity, we sometimes encounter challenges which may begin to dull the ‘shine’ on life’s journey. For many, the sparkle of life begins to lose its lustre and life memories add up to deflate your joie de vivre. This cognitive feedback disrupts harmonious cellular communication at subtle energy levels and without the correct resources to resolve and fully understand these challenges, may set you up for future pitfalls.

JUST LET GO… What emotional script have you given your child through your parenting techniques? What is snuffing out the ‘pura vida’ of your child’s life journey? In a world obsessed with performance, results and status it is no wonder mental conditions are beginning to take their toll on our young ones. We need to ease off, to kick back and let go of the ‘trophy-child syndrome’, to steer clear from the world of instant gratification and take the brakes off being a ‘helicopter parent’ who micro-manages their child.

REWIRING YOUR NEUROLOGY Brain scan studies by Mark Robert Waldman & Andrew Newberg, MD, show that daily and regular practices of meditation, self-reflection and healing sounds or frequencies create structural changes in the brain. It changes existing reality to a reality of profound insights, improves cognitive functioning and generates inner peace and confidence. Essentially, it rewires your neuro-biology. This gives your child the power to replace old limiting habits/beliefs with greater self-awareness and a state of joie de vivre. An inner state of contentment will magnetise fulfilment in all areas of life.


The famous scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” This is essentially life. Research shows a dis-eased body emits low frequencies and a healthy vibrant body, optimal high frequencies. The power of healing sounds and harmonious frequencies can shift and change vibrational density. The ancient Solfeggio Frequencies have powerful healing effects: 396Hz- liberates guilt and fear; 417Hz – is used for undoing situations and facilitating change; 528Hz is for transformation and miracles; 639Hz - connecting/ relationships; 741Hz – awakening intuition; 852Hz – returning to Source/Oneness.

The 528Hz frequency is often referred to as the MIRACLE frequency as it comes from the seed sound ‘’Mi’’ in “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning miracle. It has the remarkable capacity to repair and heal DNA within the body and is the exact frequency used by genetic bio-chemists to repair broken DNA. This miracle frequency abounds in natural sounds in daily life and can be used to facilitate cellular change and positively alter one’s state of health. Specific sounds and frequencies can be harnessed to shift old habits/ thoughts/behaviour and elevate your life to a miracle-filled one. Easy. Change your frequency, change your life!

The first three years of life last forever!

A baby’s brain is unique and precious. The way it develops determines who he or she will become. The first three year’s of a baby’s life is critically important. It is a ‘window of opportunity’ for unprecedented growth in brain connections. Brain development is a ‘’dance’’ or interplay between genes and experience. The experiences you offer your child during this incredibly powerful period of billions of neuronal growth connections, lay the foundation for your child’s wellbeing.

Poorly nurtured children especially during this phase, can face lifelong learning, behavioural and social difficulties.

THE FAST AND THE CURIOUS!! No matter how we try and influence our children, girls will play house and dress dollies, and boys will fight imaginary foes, building, destroying and seeking new thrills. It is in our children’s interests that we create an environment to support these natural aspirations. This growth stage sets your child’s brain circuitry and rising hormone levels for the ‘turbulent’ teenage years.




eco mom & baby


WISETOTZ (0-3 YRS) The first 3 years of life last forever. Create a lifetime of incredible success & joy by supporting your baby during this critical juncture of growth.WISETOTZ is a springboard for your baby’s lifepath. Make it the BEST!

Turbulent teens & weapons of mass disruption! Teenage years embody resistance, conflict and aggression in both thought and behaviour. Parents are struck with fear when a once affectionate and loving child morphs into a sullen and moody porcupine. At this stage in life your teen’s body and mind is subject to hormones that create high-end drama in every area in life.

SMARTKIDZ The formative years belong to the ‘’fast & the curious’’. Nurture this natural exuberance & fire the imagination of brimming potential! TOPTEENZ

The wonder years of discovery & independence. Equip them with resources which will shape their successful adult years with balance & harmony. These incredibly powerful workshops will help you guide your child into a space of wholeness, naturally. Using frontierscience technology & vibrational energy medicine, WELLSCAN identifies root causes which may restrain your child’s progress – nutritional deficits, electromagnetic/chemical sensitivities, allergens, emotional issues, energy blocks…over 2000 wellness indicators. Utilising cutting-edge techniques at the forefront of personal transformation including vibrational frequencies, the body/mind matrix is re-calibrated to one of optimal wellbeing. AMAZING RESULTS!

CONSCIOUS PARENTING Becoming aware of personal parenting styles (conscious or unconscious), allows insight into how we effect our children. If we are too perfectionistic we don’t allow children the room to make mistakes. They will view mistakes as an indictment on their intelligence and will either polarise as inflexible, hard-nosed kids or be in a total disarray. These are the ‘unconscious and unhealthy’ coping strategies we unintentionally give our children. When they become core fixations, it drives their behaviour and thoughts repeatedly. Stepping out of this controlling loop and allowing our children the freedom and space to take risks and learn, is a potent parenting style.

About Jayshree Mannie Jayshree Mannie is a CognitiveBehavioural Therapist and Wellness Coach. She runs a company called Kreativity at Work with highly successful programmes for children at all levels and stages of their emotional and physical growth and development. Having trained in a vast number of modules in conventional psychology, education and health, she has combined an incredibly powerful and transformative set of resources which are able to identify and unlock even the deepest of emotional issues, safely and noninvasively. This is at the cusp of emerging technology. Using rhythm, meditation, eurhythmic movement, frequency calibration, toxin chelation to name a few – the feedback speaks for itself. WISETOTZ, SMARTKIDZ and TOPTEENZ Programmes are some of the programmes she runs. For more information or to contact Jayshree email kreativewellbeing@ or log onto www.

PRIVATE CONSULTS (adults & kids) are available – including WELLSCAN & Frequency Re-Calibration. R550 per hour Workshops/Consults in Cape Town from th th 16 May- 26 May 2014. Bookings essential & by appointment ONLY.

Jayshree Mannie 0829980478

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If you’re a mom you’ll know exactly how much time you spend giving – and not necessarily to yourself. We surveyed some of the moms on our support team at Wellness Warehouse about what they’d most like to get from themselves for Mother’s Day and put together this list to help you, the Wellness mom, spoil yourself for a change. 56

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eco mom & baby


Liquid Gold


Olive and argan oils are ‘liquid gold’ says Sue Dall. Wellness magazine media planner, resident creative spirit, and mom to Sarah, 14 and Lucy, 11.

‘From the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close them at night you’re a mom,’ says Roshan Roelof. The creditor’s clerk has two children. Ishmail is 25, and Igsaan is now 22. But just because your kids are grown up, doesn’t mean you stop worrying about them!

Sue’s top Mother’s Day pick... When it comes to olive oil, she says, ‘only the best will do’. That’s why her top Mother’s Day pick for herself is olive oil by Morgenster. Organic argan oil keeps her skin and hair gorgeous and she loves the ‘Tree of Life’ brand for its purity and luxury.

Her advice to moms:

Roshan’s top Mother’s Day pick... Roshan’s Mother’s Day splurge is a set of Wellness Reed Diffusers. Aromatherapy is a great way to relax, and there’s a scent for every occasion.

‘Know you’re worth it.’

All smiles

Treat yourself

Gladys Hlapo is known for her infectious laugh and broad smile. The mom of Tumo, (13yrs), is not only Wellness’ receptionist, but also the person you go to to get just about anything done.

Sharon Hutchinson, mom to Roxanne, 20, and Lauren, 22, is the dynamic force behind the Wellness Warehouse online store’s amazing service.

Gladys’s top Mother’s Day pick...

This Mother’s Day she’d like to treat herself to a mani, pedi and Swedish back and neck massage. ‘I’m fabulous,’ she says (we agree). ‘Seriously, mommies do everything. As a mom, you always see to the kids, your partner, your job, the house, the pets... You never worry about yourself until you have to, and that means you run the risk of burnout.’

Top of Gladys’s Mother’s Day wish list is a tube of Dr Hauschka lipstick in a bold colour to match her personality. ‘I love people, and I love looking good,’ says Gladys. If, like Gladys, you spend your day smiling, invest in the best lipstick to keep your lips lush and in tip top condition.

Sharon’s top Mother’s Day pick...

WellSkin is known for not only their great natural approach to skincare, but also their legendary massages, manis and pedis.

For bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454, Cavendish 021 673 7216 Express Skincare at Gardens 021 461 2661



eco mom & baby

Loving yourself involves:

“Be gentle first with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others.”

Self-care – treating yourself as kindly and thoughtfully as you would anyone else

-Lama Yeshe

Accepting yourself – both your positive and negative points Caring for yourself with as much effort as you care for others – sometimes this will mean putting yourself first and that’s not only fine, it’s great Considering your needs – asking yourself, ‘What do I need?’ Saying no – you don’t have to say yes all the time, especially if it’s at the expense of your own wellbeing

Now you can cleanse & exfoliate your face using ONLY warm water. Instant, natural, reusable mittens that magically smooths your skin as it cleans.

Also available at selected pharmacies, salons and health stores

Like us on Facebook/smittens

For more information and orders email Classified Cosmetics SA on

Life to your skin Naturally

Life to your skin

100% Natural Skin Care with CHD-FA

For sensitive and allergy-prone skin Dermatologically tested


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By allowing women active involvement in decisionmaking and labour, we support a unique opportunity for the miracle of empowerment where a woman becomes a mother.

MIRACULOUS MIDWIVES To celebrate International Midwife Day on 5 May, we celebrate the work midwives do in contributing to the miracle of birth by sharing some of their stories.


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eco mom & baby

Thank you, collective someone I took care of someone today. I took care of many someones, and each day they become ‘the collective someone.’ Some days my collective someone drains me down to 0%. Some days my collective someone is full of beauty and joy and pure midwifery that I come home still feeling 100%. Each and every day, I believe in my work and will continue to strive for the 100%. Thank you, collective someone, for letting me care for you. Thank you for allowing me to give all I have, because it is what I want to do. Thank you for reminding me that as I care for you, I find new ways to care for myself. Thank you for reminding me how much my family needs my care, and to find new ways to care for them. Thank you for recharging me. Thank you for draining me, so that I can dig deeper. Thank you, collective someone, and I’ll see you tomorrow. Stephanie, Certified Nurse-Midwife

Sweet Surrender

Be prepared

As a mother, a doctor, a holistic healer and a birth protector, the most sacred and touching part of birth to me - and the most miraculous - is that moment when the mother realises that she is doing it and there is no way out. At that moment she greets the most profound connection with something far more powerful than her and surrenders to it. In this way she is actually meeting and finding her most inner strength, her innate power, the essence of trusting her body and nature. The challenge of caring for women during pregnancy and birth is to protect and enable this process as well as monitoring a safe and healthy pregnancy. By allowing women active involvement in decisionmaking and labour, we support a unique opportunity for the miracle of empowerment - where a woman becomes a mother.

I once heard a midwife relay the story of a homebirth she attended, where the father in preparation for ‘an almighty’ mess, had lined the walls of their birthing room with newspaper from ceiling to floor! Needless to say, he was over prepared. Midwives and doulas will leave your home in the condition it was in on arrival. At worst, it’ll look like you’ve thrown a birthday party… which indeed you have! It is a good idea to organise a roster of friends or relatives that can help with things like dishes, children, dogs, laundry, etc. the weeks following the birth.

Gauri, trained medical doctor (MBChB at UCT) with a special interest in women’s holistic healthcare,

Ruth, Certified Professional Midwife,

find out more

If you’d like to find out more about midwives and what they do, visit I am a Midwife on Youtube. It’s an online video series about midwives in the US.

did you know? A midwife is a medically trained specialist in natural birth. She’s skilled in monitoring women and their babies through pregnancy and labour into birth and motherhood. Midwives may deliver babies at home but can also deliver babies at hospitals. Midwives are usually chosen by mothers-to-be who want as little medical intervention in their birth as possible. A doula (pronounced ‘doo-la’) is someone who offers emotional and physical support to a women and her partner before, during and after birth. Doulas are also known as ‘birth attendants’ and usually believe in ‘mothering the mother’ and supporting the whole family so that everyone can relax – as much as possible – and enjoy the experience. Many women give birth with the help of a midwife and a doula, who work together.


lovewell charity

EARTHCHILD PROMOTING EDUCATION It’s time to step outside our education box… Cape Town has a growing community of people who are ‘waking up’ and challenging the status quo - people who are becoming more conscious about the holistic health and wellbeing of themselves, their communities and the earth. Organic farming, yoga, alternative healing and the Wellness Warehouse community are all testimony to the ways in which we are exploring alternatives. However, one area in which we seem to have remained in the ‘dark ages’ is education.

Origins of our school system… From the 16th Century until now schools were created by people with very specific agendas. First, the Church wanted children to read so they could study their religious scriptures. Then industry employers saw schools as a way to train punctual, obedient labourers with a high tolerance for boring tedious work. Governments saw schools as a place to create patriotic citizens and future soldiers. Today, schools are where children learn to put in a 6hr day of work, in preparation for an adult career of putting in 8hr days of activity that do not necessarily fulfil or inspire them, or positively contribute to society.


However, for hundreds of thousands of years before this, children educated themselves through self-directed play and exploration.

more than competition and success? Do we want to create communities who take a shared responsibility for the wellbeing of themselves, each other and the planet?

Their natural instinct for freedom made it difficult to adapt to schooling and therefore a range of punishments became an integral part of the school system. Today, rather than being beaten, many children with strong urges to play and explore are simply being medicated.

It’s simple - if your answers to the above questions are ‘yes’, we have to radically rethink the way we are schooling our children. For some inspirational alternatives look up ‘Sudbury Schools’, ‘Unschooling’ and Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk ‘Schools kill creativity’.

Why are we still stuck in this model? There are many exciting, innovative and highly successful alternative education models that have been developed and implemented around the world. However, of the almost two thousand schools in the Western Cape, less than two dozen are offering some type of alternative to the mainstream (although even these are relatively conservative). Do we want to create a society where people feel free to follow their passion, to explore their creative potential and to nurture the unique gifts they can offer the world? Do we want to create a society were cooperation and kindness are valued helping you live life well

Local NGO the Earthchild Project is planting seeds of transformation within our mainstream schools.

For more information about their work visit or contact


Wellness magazine has a special mission for our Miracle Issue. We are raising funds for a community project run by Food Basket for Africa. If you ask some of the world’s most successful people what their secret of success is, they will tell you that giving is the secret of success. It is a law of the universe that what you give out will come back to you multiplied. Food Basket for Africa is doing amazing work setting up organic gardens and micro-farming projects for disadvantaged communities. One of their projects is focused in Oude Molen in Pinelands where they have a food garden for children. Their projects aim to promote and implement organic biodynamic agriculture to improve food security and employment in disadvantaged communities. They have a ‘training garden’ approach where they use successful garden projects as training centres. Each participant is given a ‘garden starter pack’ of compost and a mix of 36 vegetable seedlings, sufficient to start a garden of 1mx2m. This size garden can supplement the nutritional needs of a family of four. Training includes things like soil preparation; companion planting and pest control; seed germination and water saving. If you would like to contribute to supplementing salaries for their trainers income contact Kevin Johansson on

Food Basket for Africa is a registered NPO (NPO. Reg 2001/013130/08. NPO No. 021-481)

Feel good about giving to a community project. You will connect yourself with the flow of giving and receiving and will see the benefits and blessings in your life.

read well book reviews



By Astrid Kille

From cooking to exploring the body’s intelligence, planting for birds and deep meditation, we feature books to captivate your interest and wonder. Sababa by Tal Smith & Nirit Saban (Jacana)

Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food is presented with creativity and zest in this family cookbook. Sababa recipes and dishes can be sampled from the restaurant of the same name in Bree street, Cape Town where taste abounds. Hummus, nutty tasting cauliflower, beans to drool over and an abundance of creative salads, chicken and fish dishes are all rich with flavour. Taste combinations are uncomplicated and refreshingly easy to make yourself. All the ingredients used are easily accessible making cooking from the Sababa recipe book a pleasure.

Gayatri, The Highest Meditation by Sadguru Sant Keshavadas (Motilal Barnarsidass)

This book explains the meditation Gayatri, known as a mystical formula that helps individuals to liberate the self and attain bliss and fulfillment. It takes the reader through explanations on how to practice, the meaning, the results and all the sacred associations and connotations. There are very few books in English written about this meditation practiced by the sages of the Himalayas. These sages are said to live an extended life with perfect health because of their meditative practices.

Body Works by Anna Claybourne (Struik) Explore the human body and tackle over 20 activities relating to the brain and body. This is a fabulous book for kids, full of fun. As the back cover says, ‘Bursting with revolting facts and cool activities’. Inside it answers questions like: How do you see, hear and smell? How do muscles make you move? Why is blood red? They also have experiments like using a marshmallow to show how your pulse twitches or using rulers and elastic bands to measure muscle. This is the perfect book for budding biologists.


helping you live life well

Gardening for Birds by Tracy Hawthorn & Verne (Struik) This is a delightful book with beautiful illustrations presented alongside text. It will inspire you to create and plan your garden, to help with the planning beds and attracting birds. The book caters for all different kind of areas you might want to create. A list of suggested plants, a section on planting for birds and information on the diets you need to attract them. This is a perfect gift for to inspire an aspirant gardener.

1 Start by improving your SLEEP Boxall & Carmichael SLEEP Assists in:

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Initiating asleep.

Returning you to sleep quickly if you wake in the night.

Decreasing an overactive mind in the evening.

2 Next, assist your day-time ENERGY Boxall & Carmichael REBOOT Assists in:

Boxall & Carmichael FEMME PLUS Helps the liver to remove:

Reducing anxiety.

Metals like mercury.

Boosting sustainable energy.

Rebuilding adrenal immune system.

Estrogens that form cancer and cellulite.

Steroids that cause fat.

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beauty & wellspa


The basis of oil cleansing is that oil dissolves oil.


Rave reports from beauty buffs using oils as a facial cleansing routine can’t be ignored. Rather than detergent or soap-based cleansers, oils are said to keep the skins natural balance, dissolve impurities and add fabulous moisturising and nourishing attributes.


he basis of oil cleansing is that oil dissolves oil. The best way to disolve a solvent like sebum or oil, is by using another solvent similar in composition. Contrary to popular belief, oil applied to the face will not create blemishes or blocked pores. Rather, it dissolves oil that has hardened with impurities and become lodged in the pores. Oils extracted from natural botanicals, vegetables and fruit are healing and restorative. They are also gentle. Removing oil with water would need a cleaning solvent with an aggressive action.

WHICH OILS TO USE If you can’t find an oil cleansing product on the shelf, make up your own. Every advocate of oil cleansing seems to have their own recipe they swear by. It also depends on your skin type, as some oils are more drying than others. Whichever oils you choose, make sure they are natural, cold-pressed vegetable oils. These have nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids that mineral oil and other refined oils don’t. Citrus oils should be avoided if you are going straight into the sun. Finding your perfect combination may need some experimenting. One of the most popular recipes is


helping you live life well

castor oilOne mixed withmost sunflower. of the popular recipes is castor oil mixed with sunflower. Castor oil is anti-inflammatry, cleansing and has a drawing action that purges the skin of pollutants. Sunflower oil has a luxurious feel and is easily absorbed. It helps the castor oil penetrate the pores. It also provides moisture and nutrients. Sunflower has essential fatty acids beneficial for cell membranes. These acids help restore the skins natural moisture balance and prevent drying. Castor oil has a slightly drying effect so the more dry your skin is, the less you need in your formula. It should never be used undiluted on the skin, and should be the less dominant oil in your blend.


beauty & wellspa

Here are some guidelines: OILY SKIN: 30% castor oil to 70% sunflower seed oil BALANCED SKIN: 20% castor oil to 80% sunflower seed oil DRY SKIN: 10% castor oil to 90% sunflower seed oil


INDIVIDUAL SOLUTION OILY TO NORMAL SKIN grapeseed, sweet almond, argan, coconut

NORMAL TO DRY SKIN jojoba, grapeseed, or apricot kernel oil, olive oil

DRY SKIN avocado, apricot kernel oil, olive oil

PRONE TO BREAKOUTS hemp seed oil, turmeric, hazelnut

If you want to add a natural fragrance, include a few drops of essential oil like Ylang-ylang, thyme, peppermint, geranium, rose, frankincense, or chamomile.

Start your cleansing routine It’s essential to do your oil cleansing routine at night but you may find you don’t need to do it again in the morning. If so, simply wash your face with a warm cloth. Avoid overcleansing; this will cause irritation and more oil production. 1. Begin with dry skin. 2. Use organic cotton wool with oil to remove all make-up. 3. Pour a circle (about the size of a five rand coin) into your hand. Rub your hands together to warm the oil. 4. Apply gently to your skin with smooth circular massage movements. Massage for at least a minute (two minutes is better) until you feel satisfied the oil has saturated your skin. You want the oil to work into pores so blackheads and blemishes can be removed. Focus on problem areas. For a really deep cleanse, you can leave the oil on for up to 10 minutes. 5. Take a clean washcloth or microfiber cloth and run it under very hot water. Wring it out and place over your face. Don’t make it so hot that your face burns but hot enough to open the pores in the skin. 6. Leave the cloth on for a minute or so. Rinse it, warm it and repeat with the other side of the cloth. You will feel your pores releasing impurities. Scrubbing is not necessary. 7. Wipe away any additional oil on the skin. Impurities, dead skin cells, and bacteria will be gently swept away. You will notice a thin layer of oil is left behind. This should remain on the skin. Moisturiser is not generally needed after oil cleansing, but if you want, use a small drop of your oil formula and pat over damp skin.


Eco Diva Nicole’s

NATURAL OIL MAKE UP REMOVER Ditch the chemical-laden make up removers you have been using as they may be damaging your skin in the long run. The great news is, that bottle of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil in your kitchen never looked so good and will certainly become your best friends. Washing your face with oil sounds like an oxymoron, but it will gradually dissolve the dirty oils of your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Not only is this method simpler, more affordable and better for your skin, it’s the best make up remover I’ve ever used, plus it’s eco-friendly.

Recipe 1 COCONUT OIL Gently rub a small amount of coconut oil over your eyes. Remove with damp cotton wool or rose water toner on cotton wool.

Recipe 2 4 TBSP. OLIVE OIL 3 TBSP. ALMOND OIL Pour oil together through a funnel. Apply to eye area with damp cotton wool or tissue. Remove with rose water toner on cotton wool.

Rose Water Toner 1 CUP ROSE PETALS (RINSED) 1 CUP BOILING WATER Put the rose petals in a pot. Pour over with boiling water and soak for 1-2 hours. Use a strainer to pour water through into a recycled spray bottle or jar. Keep refrigerated. Twitter@ecodivanicole


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beauty & wellspa





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USE CLEAN WASH CLOTHS A natural fibre cloth is essential. You will find your cloths begin to accumulate oil residue that might be tricky to clean. Put them in the washing machine but make sure you use a chemical free, biodegradable detergent. For a thorough cleanse, add half a cup of baking soda and rinse in vinegar. Refrain from using fabric softener and avoid residue and synthetic substances.


.w e




.c se llne sswarehou




STORING YOUR OIL A darkened glass container is best. Mix a bit at a time and make sure the oil doesn’t go off. Keep away from direct sunlight and in a cool area. When cleaning your oil storage bottle, do it thoroughly with very hot water and natural cleaning products. Dry it well to prevent bacteria entering the bottle.



1. Soil Essential Oil from R89.99 each. 2. Wellness Olive Oil R89.99, Crede Sunflower Oil R81.99. 3. Spalogic Pure Essential Oil Rose Blend R42.99, Burgess & Finch Pure Essential Oil R114.99, 4. Still Pure Rose Geranium Essential Oil 10ml R49.99, Still Pure Cold Pressed Almond Oil 50ml R64.99. 5. Soil Apricot Kernel R119.99. 6. Soil Avocado Oil R54.99. 7. Human+kind Deep Cleansing Cloths R79.99, Smittens Wash Cloth R120. 8. Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Balls R34.99.

BENEFITS When done properly and consistently, oil cleaning can balance oily, dry, or sensitive skin, or skin with acne, blackheads or whiteheads. It also leaves your skin healthy, balanced and properly moisturized with no signs of redness or irritation.



BE PREPARED Give your skin a few days to adjust and adapt; it may initially produce more oil but will soon balance out. Resist the urge to resort back to harsh soaps or facial cleansers during the adjustment period. Some people experience a slight worsening of the skin before it improves, this is a sign the skin is detoxing residue from other cleansers. It takes a few massages to detox properly but you should notice a huge difference after the first deep cleansing massage.

8 7

OUR FAVOURITE A creamy, solid oil highly adaptable with many applications. Melt the oil by placing the jar in a bowl of warm water. Wellness Organic Coconut Oil R109.99


helping you live life well

Super Fruit Super Power W

e celebrate the incredible properties of baobab oil and get to know the tree that can survive and thrive in harsh desert conditions for well over a thousand years. Baobab has extravagant flowers that blossom dramatically, but die after only 24 hours. It takes up to 200 years before it produces the green-brown, velvety, pod-shaped fruit from which the oil derives. Inside the fruit pods are small hard seeds clumped in a pale apricot-tinted dry fibrous powder. After being separated from the powder, the seeds are cold-pressed to produce the rich oil prized by cosmetic companies for its skin-nourishing qualities.

Baobab for Beauty Locals refer to the tree as the ‘Tree of Life’. It’s easy to understand why when you look at its incredible properties. The rich goldenamber oil has impressive moisturizing qualities used for both skin and hair and highly sought after by major cosmetic houses. Baobab oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vital for maintaining a healthy glowing skin. Because it’s plant-based, baobab oil absorbs easily and quickly, improving skin elasticity and encouraging the regeneration of cells. It works beautifully on the skin without clogging pores and is excellent for treating extremely dry skin conditions. It is also highly effective on dry and brittle hair. Baobab oil helps itchy and dryness associated with: Eczema; Dry psoriasis; Skin Cancer (squamous cell carcinoma); Acne; Sun burn; Bed sores; Scaly Skin Disorder (Ichthyyosis) and Actinic keratosis

A SUSTAINABLE PRACTICE, A SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT EcoProducts is a Baobab products company based in the Limpopo. They supply Baobab oil that is certified organic. They are one of only a handful of South African companies to be awarded a Bioprospecting permit in recognition of its compliance with legislation. The company has a research and monitoring programme gathering information about the state of baobab populations in the harvesting area. A nursery is being established to grow and plant baobab trees to boost the natural population and sustainability. EcoProducts play an important role in the conservation of baobab trees. Baobab fruit is sourced directly from communities who live in the poorest and most underdeveloped parts of southern Africa and Venda bringing about much needed economic benefits. Visit www. for a wealth of fascinating information on all things Baobab. EcoProducts only harvest the fruit once it’s fallen to the ground making sure trees are not damaged in any way during the harvesting process.

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Oscillococcinum® benefits

Oscillococcinum® is not habit-forming, has no interaction with any other drugs you may be taking and is both stimulant- and sedativefree. It can be safely used by adults, children and the elderly.

Oscillococcinum® is convenient Oscillococcinum® is available in unit-dose tubes of tiny pleasanttasting pellets that melt in the mouth and can be easily stashed in the smallest of pockets. Since no water is needed, you can effortlessly administer whenever or wherever you choose. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist!


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CHIROPRACTORS Dr. Garth Roberts - Chiropractor 021 439 8898, 021 683 2996, Claremont, Sea Point Dr. Robert Delgado - Chiropractor 021 439 8898, Sea Point Dr. Eckard Köhne - Chiropractor at Cape Health Centre 021 433 1116, Sea Point Dr. Vinesh Vaghmaria - Chiropractor at Sports Performance & Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC) 021 425 2298, Green Point,

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Dr. Yesheen Singh - Functional Medicine 076 229 4662, Claremont Dr. Megan Jones - Homeopath 021 556 2382, Bloubergrand Dr. Robyn Langenhoven - Registered Naturopathic doctor 082 853 9571., Plumstead

MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS Dr. Mark Johnston - Ophthalmic Surgeon, 021 424 2949 Dr. Mahendran Moodley - Dermatologist Based at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital 021 424 4352, Cape Town City Centre Dr. Jens Pieper - MbChB General Practice 021 424 4257, Tamboerskloof Dr. Jacqui Davies - Integrated Medical Practitioner at The Wellbeing Way 082 778 2277,, Cape Town

PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Despina Learmonth - Psychologist 021 650 3420, Rondebosch/Green Point Ms. Nicola Revington - Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist 082 604 1492, Oranjezicht Tania Mackenzie - Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist 083 553 6540, Rosebank/Vredehoek Siobhán Sweeney - MA Couns Psych 084 799 0901; 021 671 1257,, Claremont Ms. Jodie Mackay - Clinical Psychologist 082 890 0510, Wynberg Mrs. Michelle Veit - Registered Counsellor 084 791 4274, Gardens

COMPLEMENTARY PRACTITIONERS Andri Hanekom - Certified Rolfer TM Optimize POSTURE and ALIGNMENT as well as effective Body Stress relief. 076 105 4349, Tamboerskloof & Plumstead Ms Natalie Wittwen - Neuromuscular Kinetic Bodywork 021 551 6229, 072 400 4329, Milnerton Ridge Nicole Angelika Panzer - Certified Dorn & Breuss Practitioner, Yoga Therapy for remedial purposes and Group classes for adults & children 083 377 9248, Cape Town CBD, Charmaine Haig - Reiki Master - Energy Healing - CBD Relieve Stress & Anxiety, Re-energise your Vitality, Heal Emotions 021 418 4080, De Waterkant,

OTHER Bernice Griffiths - Foodie; artist and visionary; photographer Diane Hawardin - The Allergy Clinic 021 406 6889

Elan Lohmann - Founder of Sleekgeek - 084 333 1313 Chris Walsh - Personal Trainer at 360 Specialized Training Andrew Hirst - Personal Training - Fit2 074 111 9507, Sea Point Vikki Perreira - Tai Chi Tai Chi for seniors. 082 342 3240 Paul de Kock - Life Coach Through Life Coaching I found my Purpose and the tools to be equal to life's many challenges. O82 393 2888, Cape Town Bonnita Connolly - Personal Trainer 084 077 8100, Edgemead Britta Stalling - Zhineng Qigong Teacher & Results & Leadership Coach Calm movements, visualisations and affirmations promote physical, emotional and mental strength. 076 285 3232, Lagoon Beach Mr Jarryd Roos - Personal Trainer & Conditioning coach If your goals are fat loss, increasing muscle mass or taking your sports performance to the next level then EVO fitness is perfect for you. 082 734 6484, Claremont Ms Natalie Wittwen - Registered Teacher of Forum of Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Traditional Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan group & private classes. Strength, stretch & Fitness classes. On-site sessions for senior citizens offered. 072 400-4329, Gardens, Cape Town, Milnerton. WATER FINANCIAL Water Financial is a project to establish a sustainable bank that offers complete transparency and values orientation., Renate - Tai Chi Yang style Tai Chin Chuan, including Qi Gong and sword. 021 976 0003, Northern Suburbs My Urban Retreat Consulting & Workshop Spaces for Well Being & Self Development 021 418 4080, Cape Town CBD, Merle Lifson-Dettori Imago Relationship Coach & Registered Counsellor 083 709 0467, Cape Town, Constantia Meadows,

Hi5! 5

with nurture


1 It is as safe as having any elective procedure  - we only deal with top doctors and clinics so you will be in safe hands. 2 It doesn’t affect your fertility – the eggs donated would have been flushed away each month as part of your normal menstrual cycle. 3 It is rewarding – besides the good feeling of helping others, you will get compensated R6,000 for your time and effort if you donate. 4  It won’t cost you anything – you won’t need to pay for any medical bills. 5  It is very necessary – there is a big demand for egg donors from all ethnicities.



1 That you have a healthy BMI (body mass index). 2 That you’re between 20 and 33. 3 That you’re responsible. 4 That you have integrity. 5 That you’re in good health & have a regular menstrual cycle.



1 It will make you feel powerful in your ability to make positive social change. 2 Many women and men desperately need eggs to make their families, and you could help them do that. 3 The entire egg donation process only takes 2-3 months, and only 2 weeks of that is active participation. 4 You’ll be able to look back on the experience with pride. 5 You’ll be paid R6 000 for your time and effort.



1 Website: 2 Email: 3 Phone: 0766 84 84 89 4 Facebook: 5 Twitter: @NurtureEggDonor


Health Directory

Treating the cause of the disease and not just the symptom

Let plants be your medicine PHYTOTHERAPY OFFERS:

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: BioSafe® Dentistry, Aesthetic (previously Cosmetic) Dentistry (see our website for ‘Before’ and ‘After’ cases), Safe removal of toxic mercury fillings, Safe alternative to rubber filled root canal treatment, Safe alternative to titanium tooth implants and procedures under conscious sedation.


SOUTHERN SUBURBS BRANCH: PineCare Centre, 4 Mountbatten Avenue, Pinelands Dr Letitia Versveld Tel: 021 531 8321 Email:


Professional health care using herbal medicine Eco friendly and safe medicine Treatment for acute and chronic conditions Holistic treatment

In practice for 20 years

Dr Connie Meyer

AHPCSA Registered Phytotherapist (Dip. Phyt. UK)

Tel: 021 9765200

Nikki Branca

Registered Counselor Phone: 072 688 8128 | Fax: 086 607 4130 |


DIPLOMA IN THERAPEUTIC REFLEXOLOGY compiled by world-renowned author, Inge Dougans, with a unique approach using Chinese Meridian Therapy and the Five Elements

Registered by the Department of Higher Education & Training (Registration certificate no. 2000/HE07/014)

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  

“I facilitate Change and Transformation on a Personal and Professional level to become one with Satisfaction at the Highest personal level. Find Self Respect, Self-love and your own Inner Wisdom so that you can benefit in your Personal and Professional Life!”” _______________

Should you experience Change of Direction or be in Need of a Change or experience any difficulties in Your life, please contact me to assist you.

For Appointments Cellphone: 0828800227 or email


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Ordained Metaphysical Minister Doctorate in Metaphysical Science Reiki 1 Pranic Healing Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Advanced Pranic Healing and Psychotherapy Munay Ki, 9 Rites 20 Years in the Corporate Field Six Sensory Training by Sonia Choquette _______________




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Changing thethe world one Changing world one breath at a time breath at a time Changing the world one Hot and yogayoga for all including Hot non-heated and non-heated forlevels all levels including breath atVinyasa, aBikram, time Vinyasa, Power & Sculpt Bikram, Power & Sculpt

Hot and non-heated yoga for all levels including Vinyasa,Offering Bikram, Power & Sculpt one free of yoga new to Offering oneweek free week of for yoga forstudents new students to

YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with YogaLife. Cape Town residents only,valid with ID valid ID Offering one free week of yoga for new students toR250 Yoga special for travellers to for week Yoga special for travellers to CT, CT, R299 for one one week Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with valid ID Located at 127atWaterkant Street,Street, right next theto Old Located 127 Waterkant rightto next theCape Old Quarter Cape Quarter

Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week Tel: 021 021 418 418 2884 Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter Tel: 2884

Jing-an The Asian Wellness Experience - 7a Hof Street, Oranjezicht Contact: Andreas Beernaert | 073 964 3167 | (021) 422 5608

Tel: 021 418 2884

Cupping Therapy

• Chronic pain • Joint pain • Muscular tension

Dr Maroula Lambis

BSc CHS, BCM UTM (UWC) Cert. Integrative Medicine 1 (Stel)

• Sports injuries

Blue Route Medical Suites Tokai Rd, Tokai, Cape Town

• Colds, flu, sinusitis

082 656 1010

• Digestive complaints

• Headache, migraine • Assists in detoxification

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wellness warehouse




The Miracle Issue  
The Miracle Issue  

Putting together a Miracle Issue definitely invited magical energy into the process. All our contributors seemed tuned into the same themes...