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Dear Wellness Readers


ovement is such an important aspect of our overall wellbeing. Not only from a cardio protective perspective (studies show regular aerobic exercise of 30mins five times a day reduces the risk of heart disease), but from an overall sense of wellbeing. I’ve always found the more I move, the better I function in all aspects of my life…sleep, work, stress, love.

I am a firm believer that one of the best treatments for aches, pains and stiffness is moving and mobilizing more. In so doing, you help lubricate your joints, strengthen your muscles and combat inflammation through the release of your body’s natural antiinflammatories. My strategy for moving more is finding something you love doing and making exercise a habit. I love kitesurfing, so exercise for me is often lots of fun. It’s also good to change things up a bit, especially if you’ve been doing the same exercise routine for some time. It activates new muscles and can be a real challenge. I’ve just started using a surfboard without footstraps for kitesurfing, which makes me feel like a beginner again and is making me work hard on my balance. I love the idea of incorporating balance in exercise. It reminds me of when I see my son play, climbing on what ever he can, balancing, and then jumping down and doing it all again. In our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, we loose the element of play and balance, which wreaks havoc on so many things, joint health and core stability to name a few. I’m also complementing the faster/harder kitesurfing with a softer/slower movement in the form of Tai Chi, the focus being on natural movement and posture. As for a little help along the way, I find supplementing with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM helps with joint protection, lubrication and inflammation.

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Here’s to an active month of March filled with more movement.

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Being present in your body, feeling it move, and getting fit will make you feel alive. It’s a celebration of life and will change the way you feel and the way you look. In this issue we motivate an active lifestyle. We look at how to keep your joints healthy, how to avoid injury, muscle supplements, whey protein, and eating for optimum energy. We cover the different needs your body has and inspire your work-out. In our round up of living life well we look at water babies and the joy of swimming; we feature radiance and happiness as a component of good skin; delicious high energy snacks and easy recipes with simple ingredients focused on taste. Stretching is another important aspect of maintaining a healthy body – there are ways to make it easier and we’ll tell you how. This issue is destined to get even a hardened couch potato up revved up and ready to go. In wellness


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RAW CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Use carefully selected superfoods to make up this incredible truffle recipe that’s filled with energy.


BRAINY BREAKFASTS - Two delicious breakfast options made from Chia are destined to switch your brain on.


HIGH ENERGY MENU - Optimise your menu with food that gives you abundant energy. How you eat, when and what can make a significant difference to your energy levels. We look at what really works.


WORKOUT SNACKS - Whether going on a long hike or running a marathon, eat snacks that feed your muscles and nourish your body.


GRINDING DOWN - Coffee comes in many different forms and brews, we look at the different varieties from instant, organic, roasted, percolated, filtered, and cold brew.


MIRACULOUS CHIA - See how this high energy food can help with your sports training. Find ways to include chia in your diet.




JOINT HEALTH - Looking after your joints is paramount, many people reach their later years faced with arthritis, creaky joints, stiffness or pain. Here’s how to prevent that. ALL THE WHEY - Which whey to go? We look at the different options, recipes and attributes of this muscle growing protein.



MULTIPLY YOUR HABITS - If you start off implementing just one good habit, it’s catchy and will grow into another one. Soon you will have a plethora of good habits and a lifestyle you love. Here’s how to get started.


MOSQUITO PROOF YOUR GARDEN There’s a more natural way to deal with mosquitoes than chemical-ridden bug spray. You can plant a mosquito-repellent garden that’ll do the trick.

RADIANCE – Being happy is one of the best ingredients for a beautiful skin. From sending yourself love, to practicing mindfulness and honoring your body with natural products, we look at cultivating presence.






WORKING YOUR WORK-OUT - Keeping your work-out exciting and motivating might mean adding a bit of variation. Here are some of the trends shared by top fitness pro’s. POSTURE PAIN & PERFORMANCE - ‘Pay more attention to your posture’, says a Certified Rolfing Practitioner, ‘it might just be the source of your pain’. FLEXIBILITY & STRETCH - A flexible body creates a flexible mind, no matter how stiff your body is there’s a stretching programme that’ll help you develop more flexibility.



WATER BABY - Getting your child used to water from birth will instill a love for swimming. We speak to a professional swimming teacher about her work with newborns and toddlers.



Events - Out & about in March Editor’s Choice - looks at favourite


Natural Health Tips - All about using Chia


products for March

for your workout

Read Well - read on from poetry to a healthy kitchen and a safari destination


Journey – head off to an eco getaway in


Classified - llets you know what’s happening


in your wellness community with workshops, retreats, therapies and more.

MODEL: Nicola Giliomee. Find out more on page 8 PHOTOGRAPHER: Stephanie Papini STYLIST: Tatum Cochrane


Out & About In March 2016

It’s the month for celebrating our unique South African culture! Weather is pleasant and wine is plenty so there’s no excuse to bunk the outdoors. While March is action-packed with events for every taste, we’ve listed a few to entice you. JAPAN DAY 5 March 2016 ROOT44 and the Japanese Consulate of South Africa are hosting Japan Day at Audacia Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. You can expect interactive workshops including Ikebana (Japanese art of flower arrangement), Origami, Aikido, (Modern Japanese martial art) karate, bonsai, koi fish exhibits, and even a traditional tea ceremony. The ceremony begins at 10am and entrance is free. Email info@root44. or call on 021 881 3052 for more info. Tanoshimimasu!

STELLENBOSCH STREET SOIREE 9 March 2016 The 2nd oldest settlement in the Western Cape province is hosting a fabulous soiree on Drostdy Street. R70 gets you in and includes an essential wine-tasting glass. Immerse yourself in the inimitable Stellenbosch way of life, through local food, wine and great music. You can find out more at or call on 021 886 4310.

MUSEUM NIGHT 10 March 2016 Well, it’s Cape Town so there’s always an excuse to drink wine and appreciate fine art. On this particular night you can take part in an exquisite cultural experience and walk between museums in and around the central city. The event takes place between 6pm – 10pm at various museums in Cape Town’s City Centre. Entrance free; all you need is a keen eye for great art. Visit for more.

MUSICOLOGY 8 to 19 March 2016 Take a journey through twentieth century pop culture featuring the incendiary vocals of Candice Michelle and directed by Alex Tops. You’ll be treated to the very first recording, chart-breaking songs, the first CD, distinguished guitar riffs, the assassination of John Lennon,

the infamous nineties and legends such as Queen. The show is from 8:30pm – 9:30pm at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Tickets go for R125. Visit www.kalkbaytheatre. to book your tickets.

MARCH FOR MILK 12 March 2016 Take a walk for a great cause – Milk Matters, a breastmilk bank that plays a vital role in many women and children’s lives, is holding a charity 5km walk that’s pram friendly. It starts at Sea Point Pavillion Swimming Pool along the Promenade and ends at Green Point Lighthouse. The cost is R100 per family and all proceeds go towards providing donor milk to premature babies. For more information, call 021 659 5599 / 082 895 8004 or e-mail

We asked our cover model and winning cyclist Nicola Giliomee how she lives life well. I believe balance and moderation is key to a life well lived. That means a balance of exercise, healthy food, a healthy social life and good relationships. My favourite wellness tip is to drink plenty of water and stay active.

CAPE TOWN CARNIVAL 12 March 2016 It’s that time of the year again! Come and celebrate the unique culture and heritage of South Africa and join in the fan walk at Green Point. The two hour parade promises to be a splendid display of colourful, innovative costumes, floats and art. The parade begins at 3pm and there’s no charge to get involved in the fun. Email for more info or contact carnival organisers on 021 406 2947.

FLEUR DU CAP THEATRE AWARDS 20 March 2016 Indulge in tasty delicacies and iconic Fleur du Cap wines as you celebrate local talent at the annual red-carpet Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards. The Awards are presented for distinguished acting, directing, design and technical abilities in theatre. The dress code is formal/ traditional and the event is hosted by Baxter Theatre. Tickets go for R200 and you can book them through Computicket. Visit or call 021 685 7880 for more info.

If you have an event or happening you want to share with our readers email and let her know.


helping you live life well

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Mix up your


In the spirit of being flexible, take the challenge of mixing up your routine, doing something completely different or focusing on a creative endeavour. “Mental flexibility is not arbitrary or whimsical,” Wilma Koutstaal, author of The Agile Mind. “It’s grounded by our goals and aspirations and a balance between control and spontaneity. When we are mentally agile, we do pursue goals, but those goals may sometimes be changed or modified as we learn about a situation and what’s possible.”


Recently African Mango Seed (Irvingia) has been featured on Dr Oz and is widely spoken about as a solution for weight loss. It’s known to restore the body’s leptin sensitivity – this is the satiety hormone that signals your body when you have enough energy stores. If it’s out of whack you may be compelled to eat when it’s not necessary. African Mango Seed is said to be helpful for emotional eaters, for fat loss and controlling appetite. G.i Nutri Lean African Mango Seed R154.99


I love the feel of this iced tea experience. It comes across as a real brew. And when you taste it, it’s exactly that. All the flavour is wonderfully infused into the mixture giving it a truly brewed disposition. They’re made from ‘all natural’ ingredients and you can taste echoes of the seasons, the orchards, and the honeycomb in various layers of delicious taste. Uber Iced Tea R28.99


For me, a face cream has to feel right. The texture is incredibly important, the fragrance is paramount and a natural, no harmful chemicals or ingredients profile is non negotiable. It can’t leave too much oil behind and mustn’t be too thin so it feels like my skin hasn’t been moisturised. Fussy perhaps but there aren’t many creams that fit all my criteria. The Victorian Garden’s Rose and Chamomile formula is definitely one that does. Their new formula has amazing ingredients for moisturising skin. Time tested rose to smooth the skin and chamomile to sooth. Both these ingredients lend a hydrating, moisturising, firming and youthful result that feels wonderfully smooth and fresh. The Victorian Garden Rose & Chamomile Day Cream R115


After reading all about whey protein and the benefits, I’m definitely going to pop this muscle building component into my smoothies. It’s especially useful if you are cutting down or choosing to avoid meats and other proteins. This one from Cipla has various flavours sweetened with Stevia and with the trademarked NzyAm enzymes so your body can digest and absorb the protein a lot more efficiently. It’s a great choice for recreational and professional athletes too. Cipla Whey Powder R269.99


CocoProtein™ has delicious coconut water combined with added protein. It’s the perfect sports drink as it provides rehydration and protein. Whether you’re running, lifting, hiking, on the beach or on the road, it’s a great energy partner and has vitamins, minerals and protein to build lean muscle and increase your endurance. It’s nature’s recovery drink. Coco Protein Assorted R64.99


Bare those toes and paint them with a shade of Morgan Taylor. Their range of lacquers is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP so you don’t need to worry about dangerous chemicals entering your blood stream. They have beautiful blends of neutral colours and if you’re feeling extroverted, you can choose one of their gorgeous bright reds, blue or pink. Morgan Taylor Nails from R139


It’s so nice to pick up a shampoo with no harmful chemicals, no parabens or SLS’s and no synthetic colours. This is an herbal shampoo specially formulated for hair that needs extra moisturizing and nourishment. It uses herbs ingredients like chick pea – a natural source of proteins; Amla and Beach almond to repair and Licorice for hair growth. Expect a lovely clean result that’s soft and extremely natural. Himalaya Herbals Repair And Regeneration Shampoo R39

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healthy foodmarket



By Julia Pietersma

by The Banting Blondes

Exercise and diet go hand in hand - and the better you feed and fuel your body, the easier your workout session will be. A diet of raw, organic food will give you bounds of energy. Here’s a quick and easy recipe full of energyfuelling ingredients.






1. In a food processor, blitz together the avocado, xylitol, cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, coconut oil, vanilla extract and chia seeds. 2. Place the mixture in a small mixing bowl and refrigerate until fairly firm (for about 1 hour). 3. Once the mixture has cooled scoop out 10-15 balls and put them on a tray lined with wax paper. Leave them to set in the fridge for another hour. 4. Roll each truffle in the left over cocoa powder. Your truffles are best consumed on the same day, but they can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container until the next day.






helping you live life well

did you know > •

Avocados are high in fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer, as well as being high in monounsaturated fats which is a great source of energy.

Cocoa powder is the richest dietary source of magnesium, which optimises the use of oxygen to boost energy and burn calories.

Cayenne pepper contains Capsaicin which increases heat in the body and boosts the body’s metabolism. It also regulates blood circulation and burns calories.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids which are metabolised differently to other fatty acids and helps increase energy expenditure.

Chia seeds are an all round superfood rich in fiber, omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals which all help to create energy in the body.



sponsored recipe



Chia porridge with almond or hemp milk, cinnamon and honey

CHIA PORRIDGE Makes 1 serving


Chia seeds are rich in omega-3s, making this a perfect brain-food breakfast. 1. Cover the chia seeds in water and allow them to soak up the water for five minutes. 2. From here, it’s time to get creative and dress your chia porridge in any number of ways. 3. Take your soaked chia seeds and cover with almond or hemp milk. 4. Make hemp milk by blending ¼ cup hemp seeds with 1 cup water and ½ teaspoon honey to sweeten. 5. Pour over the soaked chia and top with cinnamon, honey and white mulberries.




Chia Meal is a Superfood Mix that was inspired by the breakfast made for ourselves every morning. Chia Meal contains the power of the following 8 SUPERFOODS: Omega-rich chia seeds and hemp seeds, creamy lucuma, naturally sweet mesquite, adaptogenic maca, energising cacao, delicious white mulberries and vitamin C rich goji superberries. All the ingredients have been combined in perfect ratio to deliver maximum nutrition with delicious flavour, quickly and easily. Combine ingredients together and enjoy a Superfood breakfast of Kings! helping you live life well

TIME-SAVING TIP: Pre-prepare your chia gel. Chia gel keeps well in the fridge for up to a week. Take 1 cup chia and cover with 4 cups water. Allow it to soak and become a gel. Store in a 1 litre glass jar in the fridge and use by the spoonful as required.

DID YOU KNOW? You can feed chia seeds to your pets too. They thrive on it. I feed Chia seeds to my horses. The good oils keep them healthy and make their coats shiny and lavish.

Peter & Beryn Daniel are pioneers of the raw and superfood movements in South Africa. Having trained as raw food chefs abroad they returned home 10 years ago and have been sharing their passion for healthy raw cuisine ever since. Recipes contributed from Peter & Beryn Daniel’s latest book: The Magic of Superfoods

SUPERFOODS FOR ATHLETES Fun, flexible and fit Whether you are a professional, part-time or recreational athlete, Superfoods have the power to boost your performance and improve your recovery time.


The following Superfoods guide for athletes is designed to support fitness and flexibility, build strength and stamina and provide energy to keep you motivated and having fun!

The Superfoods breakfast for peak performance CHIA MEAL or OATY CHIA Packed with Superfoods, either of these 2 breakfast mixes are designed to deliver maximum nutrition with amazing flavour. The perfect way to start the day, quick to prepare and delicious.

Superfoods for energy SUPERSHAKE Superfood Supershakes are an energising way to fuel up before training or events. Available in vanilla or cacao flavours.

The TOP Superfood for strength & endurance MACA

Maca’s dense nutritional profile of proteins and minerals, adaptogenic qualities, hormonal support and its ability to increase blood oxygenation make it an excellent food for athletes, taking ordinary energy, endurance and strength to peak performance status.

TOP Superfoods for flexibility CHIA SEEDS & HEMP SEEDS The combination of high omega-3’s, fibre and protein in both chia and hemp seeds make these seeds an excellent food source for improving endurance and fitness. High antioxidants and EFAs help to maintain flexibility in the joints.

TOP alkalising Superfoods for protein power GREEN SHAKE & SPIRULINA The standard Western lifestyle causes over-acidification in the body. Green foods are the most potent sources of alkalising nutrients. Cleansing the body from built up lactic acid post-training with these top alkalising Superfoods is a miraculous way to speed up recovery time.


SUPERFOODS . 0861 000 976

With a mission to deliver maximum nutrition and great taste, Superfoods imports and distributes the highest quality, nutrient dense, organic and wild-harvested superfoods from around the world.



healthy foodmarket


Choose light foods over heavy: foods high in fat and calories can leave you feeling fatigued, since they require more energy to digest.

High energy MENU by Cheryl Stevens


Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Do you crash every night onto the sofa exhausted and brain dead? If all day energy is wishful thinking, your eating habits and food choices may need a review.

helping you live life well


healthy foodmarket

Choose Clever Carbs (Complex over Simple) A well balanced diet is still the best practice. Crash diets and cutting out whole food groups is no way to lose weight or prolong long term health. Complex carbohydrates are good carbohydrates. They have not been heavily refined and provide a slow steady supply of energy. Complex carbs are generally darker and heavier than simple carbohydrates and can be found in wholegrain breads and pasta, brown and wild rice, oats, pulses, nuts and seeds. Simple carbohydrates are generally refined – that is heavily processed foods like white bread, cakes, biscuits and white sugar. These carbs are quickly digested, releasing sugar rapidly into the bloodstream and causing insulin spikes that lead to energy highs and crashing lows. Natural carbohydrates are found in fruit and vegetables and can provide a natural boost of energy when needed.

to work harder and the more lethargic you will feel, and the less energy you will have. Try eating smaller meals more often, with more veg and salads. Smaller meals help regulate the blood glucose levels and gradually release energy instead of one big hit. Buy smaller plates. Watch what mix of food is on your plate – all simple carbs, or a good mix of complex carbs, protein, veg and salad. Fill your plate with raw salad or if you have to have seconds go for just the veg.

Eat food that suits your body type

Start your day on complex carbs, raw muesli with nuts and seeds, raw oat porridge, or rye toast with poached eggs. This will give you a long sustained flow of energy through the morning. At lunch try a quinoa salad or brown rice and vegetables (leftovers!). Oat cakes with humus is a well balanced complex carb meal.

Nourishing your body with the right food will give you the energy you need to tackle the day. Taking time to understand your body type and nutritional requirements is beneficial in choosing the right foods to eat. If you are a stressed or anxious person instead of drinking coffee try a calming drink like chamomile tea. If you battle to concentrate and your mind is restless, focus on high protein foods that give the brain energy like omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish. If you are not a morning person – start with a glass of hot water, lemon and ginger. The lemon adds electrolytes to water and becomes a natural energy drink. The ginger will kick start your metabolism and research has shown it may lower blood sugar levels.

Always eat breakfast

When you need a quick boost

People miss breakfast for various reasons, but it is still the most important meal of the day. Recent research has proven again that eating breakfast is the best start to the day. Why? Breakfast provides the body and brain with energy to function through the day. As its name explains, it ‘breaks the fast’ of the night before. If you find a solid breakfast difficult to get down first thing, try a smoothie filled with complex carbs – banana, oats, avo, nuts, seeds – and energy foods like cacao, dates or honey. If you have the time and can eat a solid meal; spinach and creamed mushrooms on potato bread, almond butter, banana and maple syrup on wholewheat toast or a bowl of raw unrefined oats with dark berries, banana and nuts.

Eat less more often We’ve all been caught on the couch after a big Sunday lunch – heavy, lethargic and no energy to move. Big meals like Sunday lunch are usually high in carbs, fats and sugars. The brain signals the body to slow down to be able to digest the food. If you eat big portions, the digestive system has

Hit that 3’oclock slump? If you run out of energy half way through the afternoon, don’t reach for the black coffee but rather work out what you had for lunch that got you into the energy slump. It could be that white bread sandwich at lunch time (simple carbs) or even the last cup of coffee. Simple carbs have the bad habit of dropping you quickly after a big sugar energy hit. Remember what goes up must come down. Rather choose a small lunch with slow energy release and at 3’oclock try an apple with almond butter. Or a simple handful of nuts – good carbs. A Wheatgrass or lemon and ginger shot will clear the mind and re-energise you. Make your own energy bars with nuts, seeds, oats, dried fruit and goji berries to keep in your fridge at work. Try an oat bran muffin, but beware of the sugar content and size. An energy slump can be a bad habit. Check you are not dehydrated and are drinking enough water. If you sit at a desk all day, a walk around the block is a good energy boost, fresh air and movement can also re-energise you.

After a Race Eating the right food after a race or event is paramount to recovery. The sooner you can replenish lost energy after a race the better. 30 minutes is the ideal timing but what is the best food to eat? Protein and carbohydrates are both important. Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel source and replace the lost glycogen. The body stores a certain amount of carbohydrates, but when this source has been used up through exercise, it needs to be replaced before you start exercising again. Protein is essential for the repair and growth of muscle and as hard training can deplete the protein levels in the body, it is important to top up these levels as soon after a race as possible. Be organized with your food. After a workout or race, have the right foods on hand so you don’t grab sugary foods and fizzy drinks. Pack a protein bar, a meal replacement shake, banana or berry smoothies or nuts. Make your own date bars. Hydration is as important after a race as nutrition. Fluid and weight is lost through sweat, so start sipping water straight after your race and let your thirst dictate how much your drink. If you are still thirsty 3 -4 hours later, keep drinking. Avoid drinking sports energy drinks through a race or after, the excess sugar and caffeine in these drinks will make you thirstier. A spoonful of honey is nature’s equivalent of an energy drink. With a fairly low glycaemic index, this natural sweetener acts as a time-released muscle fuel during exercise and helps replenish muscles post-workout. Not only will an apple a day keep the doctor away, but apples also give you an energy boost. Apples are high in fibre and take longer to digest and so give you energy for longer. The fibre will also make you feel fuller for longer.

did you know?

Bananas give you zing. Because they are composed mostly of sugars and fibre, bananas are a fool proof energy food.



healthy foodmarket

Pre-workout snack ideas • • • • •

Slice up an apple and serve with 2 tablespoons all-natural peanut butter. Have a scoop of chocolate whey protein with 2 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil. Top half a cup of cottage cheese with half a cup of fresh pineapple, berries, or melon. Cook up half a cup of quinoa and cover with almond milk, a few raisons and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Slice up a cup of salad greens with assorted veggies, a hardboiled egg, and a drizzle of olive oil or tahini dressing.

Post work-out After a tough work-out, hike or movement class a postworkout snack can help restore energy and rebuild muscle. If you have good protein within two hours after exercise, it helps rebuild tissue that’s broken down during training.

RECIPES Protein Pancake


INGREDIENTS: 4 egg whites, ½ cup rolled oats, ½ cup low fat cottage cheese, 1/8 teaspoon baking powder, and ½ teaspoon pure vanilla extract.

snacks Smartly timed snacks will optimize your body’s fat-burning and muscle building capabilities. Eat the right things and you’ll make fuel-ready energy to feel at your peak. Rather than any big meals before working out, have a snack at least an hour beforehand. Yogis recommend not eating at least two hours before. It does also depend on how much you eat and whether you are hungry.

" 20

When you work out regularly, your body is continually working at building muscle and recovery. Help it along with some well-timed good fuel.

Take these five ingredients below and whip them together well in a bowl. Preheat a pan or griddle. Spread the mixture onto the pan and let it cook on medium low heat. Once you see a few bubbles, flip it over and cook the other side for about a minute. Eat them with chopped banana and peanut butter, or a bit of yoghurt and fresh berries.

Green Doctor INGREDIENTS: 4 cups spinach, ½ cup plain full cream yogurt, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon peanut butter. Blend all these ingredients together in a mixer. Add ice and blend again. Sip with enthusiasm.

helping you live life well



healthy foodmarket

Grinding down Coffee comes in many different forms and brews, we look at the different varieties from instant, organic, roasted, percolated and filtered to cold brew.

Make sure your coffee brand of choice is cognisant of their effects on the environment


helping you live life well



healthy foodmarket

THE RITUAL Coffee holds a special place in our society. The world over, coffee is the second most popular drink next to water and the second most widely used product next to oil. It isn’t simply a beverage; it’s a morning ritual, a business meeting, a first date, a serious chat, a hobby and a social lubricant. So, when someone asks you to go for coffee, they’re not just asking to share a hot beverage with you, they’re inviting you into a social contract. The same can be said for the people who make your coffee; they’re magicians, they’re artists, they’re baristas. Serving quality coffee is serious business and it’s not about the caffeine, it’s about the experience; which these days is often topped off with delicious and intricate foam art in a variety of branding and imagery. South Africa is a strong contender in the speciality coffee arena. We’ve been recognised for our ability to experiment with new flavours and advanced brewing methods. The epicentre of the country’s coffee revolution is Cape Town, whose population has a reputation for being trendy and aspirational. Coffee is indigenous to Africa and is grown by an estimated 25-million farmers, primarily in Ethiopia, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Kenya. Although we’re not quite a commercial player yet, coffee is successfully grown in places like Crown Coffee in Tzaneen, Limpopo province, Beaver Creek Coffee Estate in Port Edward, KwaZulu-Natal and Sabie Valley Coffee in Mpumalanga. While all coffee beans come from just two species of coffee plants, regional variations and processing methods create dozens of kinds of coffee.

THE ROAST Once coffee fruits are harvested, the pulp of the fruit is removed and seeds are processed and dried. This product is called ‘green coffee’. The next step in making coffee is roasting the seeds. The application of heat to the seed is the next biggest factor in determining its taste.

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Coffea Charrieriana, found in Cameroon, is the only known naturally decaffeinated coffee

Roasts are measured by the colour of the beans as well as by the two temperature thresholds at which the beans emit a cracking sound as they heat up. The first crack occurs when the beans are between 200 to 205 degrees Celsius. The second crack occurs at 220 to 225 degrees Celsius. Coffee should be consumed soon after it is roasted and ground to capitalise on the flavour. That’s why some coffee-lovers prefer to roast green coffee beans at home. While this can be done on your stovetop, the roast can be controlled more carefully with a dedicated coffee roaster.

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“Only one thing is certain about coffee… Wherever it is grown, sold, brewed, and consumed, there will be lively controversy, strong opinions, and good conversation.”

AS SEEN ON DR.OZ 5 Times less Caffeine than Roasted Coffee

Mark Pendergrast

THE BREW A wide variety of beans, mix-ins and machines have recently turned coffee brewing into a delicate art. In fact, depending on how you make your morning cup, you’re toying with the flavour, nutrition and caffeine content. The Chemex method involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds and works like a standard-drip machine. The difference is a Chemex method requires a filter that’s up to three times thicker than normal. As a result, the finished coffee has smoother texture and purer flavour, with fewer fatty oils than you’d get out of a standard-drip brew. The French press method is the best bet for any coffee drinker’s morning brew. Coffee grounds are placed in a pitcher, covered in heated water and left to steep for around 5 minutes before its ready. The longer and more thoroughly your grounds are steeped, the higher the caffeine content in your brew. The extra caffeine comes at a cost, though; French pressed coffee contains higher amounts of Cafestol, the molecule in coffee that can cause cholesterol spikes. Cold brewing has become popular among coffee connoisseurs. The cool water brings out the natural flavours in coffee’s oils that hot water chemically alters or takes away. Cold brewing also removes some of the acid naturally found in coffee beans, which makes this method ideal for those struggling with heart burn or acid reflux. The method

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is similar to a French press technique, only cold water is used in place of hot, and the grounds are steeped up to 12 hours. The finished product is a crisper, sweeter cup of coffee than the coffee-shop-special dark roast. Instant mix coffee is a bit of a misnomer; while it’s surely instant, it’s not technically coffee. The powder is made from coffee extract that’s been freeze, or spray-dried. You miss out on the flavour and caffeine that comes with the real thing. The good news is you’ll have coffee to go in seconds and it’s been found that instant coffee is loaded with antioxidants that can help lower your blood-sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Available at health shops & selected pharmacies

The godfather of all brewing methods is the standard drip brew. The method involves pouring water over ground coffee beans in an automatic machine. It happens to be one of the healthiest methods of brewing the drink. The filter at the top of the machine absorbs most of the beans’ natural oils, which can do a number on your cholesterol over time. Unfortunately, these oils also trap flavonoids, the chemicals that give coffee the bold, earthy flavour we so love. The advent of single serving coffee machines has brought a personal barista into the homes of thousands of South Africans. With this method, coffee is already ground and pre-portioned into little pods ready to be popped into the drip machine. The difference is in the type of pod you choose. Dark roast coffees contain the most cancer-fighting antioxidants, while light roasts tend to have higher caffeine content. Once used only by serious campers and backpackers, the cowboy brewing method has been popularised by the foodie community. The art is in heating coffee beans and water over a small flame or stovetop. Right before the water begins to boil, a handful of cool water is poured into the pot and then straight into mugs. In addition to being affordable and perfect for the great outdoors, this brewing method packs a serious flavour punch, since nothing is strained or filtered. Some find the results a little too bitter; others don’t enjoy scraping up coffee grounds from the bottom of their cups. Because the cowboy method doesn’t involve filtering, mugs fill with all the oils and acids naturally found in coffee beans.


ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE If your coffee is claiming to be fair trade, it’s saying it carries an ethical certification with the main aim of promoting equality and sustainability in the farming sector. Fairtrade practices focus on improving labour and living conditions for farming communities and on promoting a more sustainable way of farming. It’s important that your coffee brand of choice is cognisant of their effects on the environment. Coffee is one of the most widely traded commodities in the world and meeting the demand in the market is no easy task. Conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world, steeped in synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. In the production of organic coffee there are no synthetic fertilisers or chemicals used, which means cleaner beans, air, land, and water. The coffee is grown with only organic fertilisers, like coffee pulp, chicken manure, or compost. This means your health, and the health of the planet, both get a boost.


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Espresso (ess-press-oh) A tot of coffee Espresso Macchiato (ess-press-oh mock-e-ah-toe) Espresso + Milk Foam Espresso con Panna (ess-press-oh con pawn-nah) Espresso + Whipped Cream Caffé Latte (caf-ay lah-tey) Espresso + Steamed Milk + Milk Foam Flat White Espresso + Steamed Milk Café Breve (caf-ay brev-ay) Espresso + Steamed Mixture of Milk & Cream + Milk Foam Cappuccino (kapp-oo-chee-noh) Espresso + Steamed Milk + Milk Foam Caffé Mocha (caf-ay moh-kuh) Espresso + Chocolate syrup + Steamed Milk + Whipped Cream Americano (uh-mer-i-kan-oh) Espresso + Water

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Chia is a high energy food with a slow and sustained energy release. This is beneficial for cardiovascular and resistance training as it raises and maintains energy levels. On top of that, Chia seeds contain twice the potassium content of bananas. Potassium, an important electrolyte, is responsible for regulating the water in the body and is lost through sweat during exercise. Potassium is also involved in controlled and automatic muscle contractions.


health tips supplied by The College of Natural Health

Chia seeds are a complete protein, with 19 amino acids in total, including all the essential ones in the correct ratios. Protein is needed by both strength and endurance athletes to repair muscle damage, maintain the immune system, and repair red blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles. Protein stimulates the secretion of glucagon, the hormone that allows the body to burn fat as fuel, so it’s highly beneficial for long distance or endurance athletes. Chia has the highest profile of Omega-3 ALA fatty acid of any plant source (4g per 2 tbsp serving), it’s even higher than salmon. Omega 3 is known to reduce inflammation in the body, which is useful for athletes. If inflammation remains elevated after exercise, this can have a negative effect on muscle soreness and tissue repair. High in fibre, Chia seeds keep the digestive system healthy and aid detoxification. Their fibre prolongs hydration because they retain 10-12 times their weight in water. This property helps athletes retain hydration and electrolyte balance.

Can Chia Seeds help with Sports Training? Yes, they can! This tiny seed, once a staple of the Aztec diet, offers athletes a premium source of energy, high fibre and complete protein for muscle and tissue regeneration. It is an ideal superfood for any athlete to include in their diets, and here’s why.

You can buy Chia seeds ground or whole. They have a nutty flavour, and can be added to smoothies, cereals or yoghurt.

recipe >> When you don’t have time for a balanced meal within two hours of training, a post exercise recovery smoothie is a quick alternative. Use 250ml of chilled Rooibos tea (high in immuneboosting antioxidants); a handful of green leafy vegetables, a banana, 1 tsp of coconut oil, and a scoop of muscle-repairing chia seeds.

did you know? When soaked in water, Chia seeds become gelatinous. In this form they are easier to digest.


This article was written by Nutritional Therapist Bernadette Keogh for CNH (College of Natural Health). CNH trains students across South Africa for successful careers in natural health, and offers short courses in a range of natural therapies. www.

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earth family bath & body range

Say hi to happy orange Wellness Warehouse is proud to announce the launch of their brand new Earth Family Happy Orange range. Safe and natural ingredients guarantee a perfect solution for the whole family. Beautiful fragrances and quality ingredients mean a luxurious experience at everyday prices. Earth Family covers a range of products from hand wash and lotion to body wash, buff and moisturiser, room spray and bath foam in natural Happy Orange fragrance. Products are enriched with ingredients like moisture rich yukka and soothing aloe vera. This product range is proudly South African.

WELLNESS EARTH FAMILY RANGE: Great value With yucca & aloe vera Safe, all natural & biodegradeable Reusable & recyclable packaging Proudly South African

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Even if you are sensitive to gluten you can still eat pasta.


PASTA SALAD Many people are allergic or sensitive to gluten. If you are one of them you don’t need to deprive yourself of the foods you love. Here’s a recipe for Broccoli pasta salad with an olive and tomato dressing that’s entirely gluten free. The pasta is made from gluten free grains and quinoa.



Method to make the dressing: 1. Roast tomatoes, garlic, olives in olive oil at 180’C for 30 – 40 minutes until garlic cloves are soft and squishy. 2. Cool down slightly and then blend together with Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper until well combined. You could simply do this by squashing the roasted tomatoes and garlic with a fork and then mixing in the rest of the ingredients. Method to make the pasta salad: 1. Cook the Orgran pasta according to packet instructions. 2. Steam the broccoli florets until just al dente. 3. Cook the bacon bits until crispy. 4. Combine all of the above with the tomato & garlic dressing and sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese and torn fresh basil leaves.

ABOUT ORGRAN Orgran offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of food products developed to help people improve their health and to provide a nutritional alternative for those with special dietary requirements, i.e. gluten, lactose, etc. Orgran utilises blends of alternative grains and all natural ingredients to provide a simple, holistic approach to better health and wellbeing. Supergrains such as Quinoa, Amaranth, Chia, Buckwheat and Millet are utilised. With Orgran’s range of gluten- and allergen free products you don’t have to sacrifice taste. The range includes many family favourites such as pastas, breakfast cereals, snacks, crispbreads, biscuits and baking mixes. You are sure to get all natural products, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives! Try our delicious range of products in your recipes to make healthier versions of all your family favourites. Visit our Facebook page at Orgran Natural Foods or go to for more information on our products.


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range of organic superfoods

Incredible nutritional value The reason we add Superfoods to our diet is for their incredible nutritional value. A diet high in nutrition will give you more energy and vitality. Superfoods added to cereals, fruit salad, snack packs, smoothies or in baking, gives you the assurance of better nutrition. Much of the food available today doesn’t have the nutritional value it could have. Growing methods, processing and transporting can contribute to denaturing food. Adding superfoods to your diet gives you the assurance of better nutrition, anti-oxidant benefits and it can boost energy and immunity.


Various other superfoods in the range

Raw Agave Cacao Paste Goji Berries Raw Cacao Powder Raw Cacoa Nibs

Raw Chia Seeds Raw Hemp Powder Raw Maca Powder Spirulina Powder Turkish Mullberies

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Spirulina is a high protein food with a vast array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Omega 3 and 6 oils highly beneficial for an anti-inflammatory diet.


One of the most debilitating conditions affecting millions of people is osteoarthritis. If, during the course of your day, you engage in multiple repetitive movements – like computer work, painting, hammering nails, or anything similar, or if you are an athlete that uses your body a lot, if you are overweight or have an acidic diet you might be at risk of developing some type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis severely limits people’s enjoyment of life and is well worth guarding against. Here are some lifestyle tips and recommended supplements to make sure you remain fluid and flexible with fully functioning joints.


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n Ayurvedic perspective on osteoarthritis suggests it is largely created by an excess of toxic waste (ama), and lack of digestive fire (agni). Inadequate digestion and a weakened colon are likely to result in an accumulation of undigested food and a build up of waste matter. This allows toxins to reach the joints. Keeping your digestive fire strong and effectively eliminating toxins is a good practice for avoiding joint aggravation or deterioration. Diet and elimination are key factors. It’s a good idea to learn what your body needs in terms of efficient digestion and easy elimination. You may need fibre, or digestive aids like ginger, more water, more greens, fewer carbs, less stress, more sleep or any number of interventions according to your personality and lifestyle. Exercise might be the missing ingredient, or something simple like taking note not to supress your body’s call to eliminate. With a little insight and observation of your body and your habits and tendencies as well as some research and perhaps consultation with a dietician or health practitioner you will find the right solutions for your particular temperament and lifestyle. We’ve researched eight supplements, backed by science and proven to be effective in treating arthritis-related conditions. 1. Curcumin from Tumeric Curcumin is probably the most successful of all the supplements that target inflammation. It noticeably and almost immediately reduces joint pain and swelling and it’s highly effective with all types of arthritis as it blocks the inflammatory response of cytokines and enzymes. It has literally revolutionized the care of people with joint and osteo-arthritic problems.

2. Ashwagandha is available in South Africa and is an Ayurvedic herb with known anti-inflammatory effects. It has a suppressive action on the production of pro-inflammatory molecules (TNFalpha and two interleukin subtypes). In one study, the antiinflammatory effect of ashwagandha compared to taking the steroid hydrocortisone.

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Cruciferous foods like cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli make a highly beneficial menu addition as they have high levels of glucosinolates certain to improve detoxification and help prevent inflammation.



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3. Triphala is a combination of three herbs and in India is a well known treatment for osteoarthritis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. The three herbs are (amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki). 4. Guggul is from a tree resin and has a special ability to inhibit the enzyme that regulates the inflammatory response. 5. Shatavari is believed to be cooling and lubricating with a soothing effect on the joints. It also inhibits chemicals that create inflammation in the body. 6. SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine) serves as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Various studies show that it relieves inflammatory symptoms as effectively as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

USING MEDITATION FOR PAIN Meditation is powerfully effective in helping train the mind to balance and regulate our emotions and to relax the body. This can reframe and decrease our perception of pain and in turn create less pain. Although meditation won’t rid the body of the pain sensation; it develops our ability to have detached observation. This detaches our experience of physical sensations from the emotions, habits and stories that play out when we experience pain. Things like fear, expectation, anxiety, helplessness and self-pity intensify pain. Meditation can take care of all those feelings.

7. Capsaicin Capsaicin, an active component of chilli peppers temporarily reduces a pain transmitter called substance P. It can be used in the form of a topical cream, gel or patch. 8. Fish Oil (Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA) Omega-3s have been studied extensively for their ability to block block inflammatory cytokines and prostaglandins, and are used for inflammatory arthritis. Fish oil is also used when aiming to decrease joint tenderness and stiffness. OTHER USEFUL SUPPLEMENTS: Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA); Avocadosoybean Unsaponifiables (ASU); Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa); Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Boswellia Serrate (Indian frankincense)

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Osteoarthritis is a condition of the joints where the cartilage, a firm rubbery tissue cushioning the ends of the bones, gradually loses its elasticity and wears away. Without the protective cartilage, the bones begin to rub against each other, causing stiffness, inflammation, and loss of movement. It can happen in any of the joints but often develops in the hands and weight-bearing joints, like the knees, hips, and spine.


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DAily AcHeS AND PAiNS? Chronic inflammation is the leading cause of pain experienced by so many of us on a daily basis. Bio-Curcumin offers a natural anti-inflammatory, which Is clinically tested and found to be as effective as leading pharmaceutical drugs without any of the side effects. Trusted by thousands of doctors and millions of people around the world to reduce inflammation fast and effectively. THe fAcTS SPeAk for THeMSelveS BCM-95 is the most researched curcumin extract available with 23 human clinical studies. Proven 700% increased absorption of free curcumin over regular curcumin extracts. Contains no artificial additives, polysorbate 80 or piperine The world’s No.1 selling curcumin extract Starts working within 2 hours

If you purchase Bio-curcumin and after 3 days if you are not satisfied with the results. Please contact us directly so that we can ensure you have been using it correctly. If you are still not satisfied we will have you refunded

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UP THE APP’S Fitness apps are spurring more and more people into achieving their fitness goals. A step counting app has people doing that many more to clock up their targets, heart monitors encourage a sustained burst of energy as part of a workout. There are countless variations offering people the chance to track their workouts, log their diets, and determine health indicators. FREE FROM Exercise that uses your own body weight is so convenient. You don’t need a gym or any props. You can do it anywhere, while travelling in a confined space, or outside. There are some variations you can do while in a queue or a car or even on a plane. Besides sit-ups and push-ups there are all the plank and side plank exercises, crunches, squats, steps and more.

Vary Your

work-out Keeping your work-out exciting and motivating might mean adding a bit of variation. Here are some of the trends shared by top fitness pro’s.

PRO APPOINTMENT Scheduling your workout with a pro like a personal trainer or yoga teacher is very likely to make you show up. Besides that, many people are after individual tailor made advice and personalised fitness plans. Getting professional advice is invaluable for those with injuries. If you need a bit of motivation schedule a few appointments with a personal trainer. YOGA ASIDE Besides hatha, how about acro-yoga, laughter yoga, stand-up paddleboard yoga, aerial yoga, forest or beach yoga. Shake up your yoga practice with a class in a creative surrounding or a challenging expression.

GROUPIE Boot camp collectives, team sports, running clubs or simply getting a few buddies together and working out in a group keeps you motivated and prompts some healthy competition. Even if it’s a weekly hike you organise with a group of friends, or a made up kite regatta, or bat and ball marathon with family members, see what interesting activity you can think of to keep your fitness going.

did you know? Whole body movement is getting more focus as a trend in exercise. Being able to move all parts of your body is practiced through movements associated with childrens games like bear crawls, tree climbing, and carrying logs. These are all functional ways to build strength, stamina, and mobility while making training feel less like work and more like play.


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Whey is arguably the most popular sports nutrition supplement because of its strong amino acid profile and its ease of absorption.

Which Whey to go? We look at the different options and attributes of this muscle growing protein. “If you use a standard called ‘biological value’ to rate protein sources... soy finishes far below eggs, milk, fish, beef and chicken. The food with the highest biological value ever measured is whey protein” Lou Schuler


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THE WHEY ITS MADE Whey is the liquid material created as a by-product of producing cheese. It’s left over when milk is coagulated during this process; but the result has many applications on its own. Dairy companies have recognised the value of whey and have factories to concentrate, purify and hydrolyse or freeze-dry it. The concentrate contains varying amounts of fat and carbs in the form of lactose. The percentage of protein in the mix can vary from around 30 to 80 percent. Whey protein typically comes in four major forms: concentrate, isolate, hydrolysate, and Native Whey. Concentrates generally have a low level of fat and cholesterol but, compared to the other forms of whey protein, have higher levels of protein. It’s this form of whey that makes up sports nutrition supplements. Isolates are processed to remove the fat and lactose, but are usually lower in protein. Hydrolysates are the whey proteins that have been pre-digested and partially hydrolysed for the purpose of easier metabolising. Highly hydrolysed whey may be less allergenic than other forms of whey but are usually more expensive. Native whey protein is the purest form of whey protein. It has been extracted from skim milk and is not a by-product of cheese production.

Sweet whey is the liquid that is produced when making hard cheese like cheddar or most soft cheeses. Sweet whey can also be drained from clabbered raw milk, yogurt, milk kefir, or buttermilk. Acid whey is the liquid produced from making more acidic cultured dairy products such as paneer, feta, chevrè, or whole milk ricotta.

Whey is arguably the most popular sports nutrition supplement because of its strong amino acid profile and its ease of absorption. Whey digests very rapidly. In fewer than 30 minutes it can fast-track a good portion of its amino acids to your muscles; and that rapid delivery to muscle cells has shown to be vital for fiercely encouraging muscle growth. It’s also known to support fat burning, boost the immune system, decrease appetite, and boost production of glutathione - the body’s master antioxidant.

There are countless ways to use this dynamic, protein packed by-product; try them all out and find the best whey for you.

Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey; Along came a spider Who sat down beside her And frightened Miss Muffet away.

YOUR OWN WHEY Whey can be found in ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, dairy, butter, cream, yogurt, and baked goods that use whey protein during preparation. Alternatively, you can make liquid whey yourself. Whey is incredibly easy to extract; it can be done at home in just a few simple steps. You can successfully extract whey from almost all store-bought Greek yoghurt; so you don’t need to make your own yogurt. It’s best to use plain Greek yogurt. Create a ‘bag’ using a filter bag or cheesecloth; you can tie the ends together using elastic bands. Suspend the bag from a cabinet handle or somewhere similar and place a glass jar or jug under the suspended bag. Pour your yogurt into your bag and let the whey drip out overnight. Refrigerated whey can last for months. What do you do with the left-over yogurt? Eat it; it’s still delicious Greek yogurt! WHEYS TO USE IT You can substitute sweet or acid whey in any baking recipe that calls for water, or even milk. • Try it in banana bread, pancakes, waffles, muffins, homemade biscuits, and more. Add sweet whey to homemade fruit smoothies or milkshakes; the sky is the limit when it comes to all the flavour combinations you can make. • Soak grain in acid whey for making breads, or use it on your skin and hair. Some claim that whey has excellent toning qualities for skin and hair.


Try some on a cotton ball and apply to your face as a toning agent or add a few cups to your bathwater. Use sweet whey as cooking liquid for potatoes, rice, pasta, and grains or add it to smoothies and shakes to provide more vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

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did you know? Hippocrates, the Greek physician and founder of medicine, was one of the first to recognise whey protein for its immune systemboosting value? He called it ‘serum’, and his prescription was picked up by Galen, another Greek doctor during the times of the Roman Empire.

The Whey Nature Intended




20g Protein per serving HIGH IN BCAA + LOW FAT

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lookwell Everything in life can be learned. When it comes to a quality such as ‘presence’, the learning involves controlling your mindset and invoking an ‘In with the good, Out with the bad” system of living.

Be more by Esosa E. (also known as ‘Raw Girl’)


Radiance is a quality that can’t really be measured. It’s something you can see or feel emanating from someone who is truly internally happy and confident. You may have heard plenty of discussion about how your outer glow can be achieved through diet or beauty products. While these both play a big factor, true radiance also involves the daily discipline of feeding mind, body, and spirit. Here are a few tips for you to wow those around you with your inner and outer beauty.


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lookwell 1. Practice Mindfulness

3. Protect Your Skin

When we think of radiance we usually imagine someone with gorgeous skin. However, even with gorgeous skin, if someone is unhappy, resentful, or angry; that energy will block their full light from shining through. Mindfulness techniques are practices that can be adopted daily or weekly to calm and quiet the mind and increase presence. When we learn to take a small break from our phones, work and family responsibilities, or social media and tap into silence we teach ourselves to become more present in our daily lives. The more presence we have the more we can truly inhabit and enjoy each moment. The amazing thing about mindfulness practices is that they are scientifically proven over time to change the frontal cortex of the brain and boost our capacity for compassion. Whether it’s deep breathing, meditation, yoga, prayer, or moving meditations like Qigong find something you can practice often and see how your radiance factor goes through the roof. One could say, to have presence, be present.

Take a good look in your makeup and toiletry bags and make sure you are avoiding beauty and skin products with toxic ingredients. Many makeup brands include ingredients that are carcinogenic and otherwise dangerous to your health longterm. The great news is there are brands out there that use natural ingredients. Do your research and find what works for you. Other major components of protecting your skin include regular exfoliation and application of sunscreen. Intense exposure to sun cannot only be dangerous it can accelerate signs of ageing. To make sun protection a no-brainer, find a moisturizer with SPF-30 or lower already included. Exfoliation keeps your skin renewed as it helps remove dead skin cells. There are many ways to exfoliate using scrubs or skin brushes.

2. Eat Clean Diet is a huge component of achieving externally radiant skin. To keep away breakouts and dull looking skin, eat fresh, organic whole foods. Avoid processed and packaged foods as much as possible. The best rule of thumb is to avoid foods that have foreign ingredients with long scientific sounding names. Keep it as simple as possible. We are what we eat and if want to turn heads as you move through your day, eating foods full of life force will give you an unforgettable glow.

4. Schedule Time for Self-Care Everyone needs time alone to recharge and refresh. A major part of what allows us to give to others is to first ensure our personal needs are met. Self-care can include quiet time in nature, journaling, spa treatments, or making your favorite treats. You know best what your mind and body needs to be at peace so make it a priority. Beyond that, taking care of you means you stay on top of your regular check ups and monitor your health. As you learn to show yourself more love, it will radiate from you in your everyday life.

Dr. BOXALL’s SCELETIUM with AVENA SATIVA 260mg/serving 30’S/60’s/120’S VALUE SIZE & Tincture Drops 20ml

RADIANT MOOD Also available in drop form for fast acting on-the-go support. • Boost Serotonin • Combat Anxiety & Depression

• Beat Stress & Tension • Combat Insomnia • Libido Tonic

BOXALL & CARMICHAEL FEMME or HOMME PLUS 750mg/serving Veg Caps 60’s

RADIANT LIVER Healthy Liver, Healthy Body! • Detoxification • Detox Heavy Metals (esp. Eating Fish/Seafood) • Boost Vitality

• Balance Hormones that can cause Cancer • Optimise Fat Mobilisation

Dr. BOXALL’s GRAVIOLA 1000mg/serving Veg Caps 60’s

LYMPHATIC HEALTH Also known as SOURSOP • Cleanses Abnormal Cell • Digestive & Lymphatic Growth Support • Boosts Immunity & Vitality • Liver & Heart Health

BOXALL & CARMICHAEL SLEEP 800mg/serving Veg Caps 60’s

RADIANT SLEEP No Melatonin Added • Non-addictive, yet effective • Boosts Serotonin • Boosts Melatonin Production • Decreases Overactive Mind • Promote Uninterrupted Sleep

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5. Actively Forgive

did you know?

Holding onto resentments is an easy way to diminish your radiance. Openness, true inner happiness, and the ability to be at peace cannot happen while you are holding grudges. Just like mindfulness techniques, learning to actively forgive others immediately increases your compassion, and by default boosts your radiance. If you are having trouble forgiving, you can try loving kindness meditations, or deep breathing where you close your eyes and imagine the person who has offended you. As you breathe, in your imagination send love to the person in question and visualize the best for them. Even if you have to put up boundaries for someone who is toxic, you can release yourself from attachment to them by sending them love and choosing to forgive.

Presence is often considered a rare quality, yet everyone has it and has the potential to cultivate it. Presence can make anyone, no matter what physical features they have, look intriguing and beautiful. When you cultivate presence, you have more attraction energy around you.

ESOSA E. (AKA RAW GIRL) is author of RAW GIRL IN A TOXIC WORLD For ongoing health and beauty tips find her on social media:

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When waking up in the morning all I can think of is going for a forest walk, breathing in fresh air and feeling grass under my bare feet.



If you start off implementing just one good habit, it’s catchy and will grow into another one. Soon you will have a plethora of good habits and a lifestyle you love.

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livewell do it yourself


hen studying Raw Nutrition with David Wolfe, one of the course material chapters deals with the magical, levitating, health boosting benefits of spring water. David speaks of something called the ‘water multiplication phenomenon’. This starts off with a small trickle of water that comes out the ground, and with the help of universal chemistry turns onto a full gushing stream. The negative ions of the earth combine with the positive atoms of the atmosphere to create water in its purest form. This water happens to be completely sterile at 4 degrees, which is the temperature of spring water at its point of origin. From personal experience I find that healthy habits follow the exact same pattern. For me it normally starts with losing my taste for alcohol. Once I change that habit, within a few days, my body starts asking for green juices and lots of water. Then, when waking up in the morning all I can think of is going for a forest walk, breathing in fresh air and feeling grass under my bare feet. A craving for starchy food is the next to go along with my sweet tooth craving. It’s amazing that once you are in this health zone – your senses are heightened and it’s easy to spot any negative energy or unhealthy elements. On opening my fridge door – the preservative laden, sugar filled bottle of processed food looks like a sore thumb between the carrots, apples and ginger waiting to make their trip to the juicer. Over time I have come to realize that this is not how most people’s bodies communicate with them.

did you know? Imagination can be used to promote a more positive mood. Recent evidence using picture–word cues suggests that evoking mental imagery has a more powerful impact on emotion than using verbal language.

That’s why I have listed some natural progress steps to help educate your body towards a naturally healthy detoxed state.

1. Replace any alcoholic, sugary or artificially sweetened drinks with pure spring water. I make an adventure out of loading water bottles into the car and filling them with Newlands spring water every second week. When I am at a restaurant, I ask for my spring water in a wine glass with a slice of lemon. Before going to bed, fill a consul glass container with spring water and lemon slices to go into the fridge. In the morning it will be the first thing you see when you open the door. Putting a decanter on your desk filled with spring water, mint, cucumber and a single slice of lemon means you are likely to choose water all day long.

3. Using technology for your health development. We spend such a big part of our day in front of our computers – so why not use this to enhance your health journey? Look for educational health videos or u-tube clips. Join health and wellness forums – look for hiking groups in your area. I also love looking for new vegan, healthy raw recipes when I am in need of a little mental break. You will find with all these action steps in place – your body is going to love what you are doing so much – it is just going to want more of the good stuff. Read more of Carmen’s beautiful stories on raw eating and health tips on or find her on

2. Remove all unhealthy foods from your fridge and grocery cupboard and replace them with healthy alternatives. A healthy lifestyle is never one that makes you feel deprived. On the contrary it is an act of love towards yourself to allow only good things to enter your body. Clean your home by filling a box with all the unhealthy products that have sneaked their way into the house (include all those well meant gifts that arrived over the festive season) and drop it off at a shelter or soup kitchen. A visit to a farmers market or a Wellness Warehouse will leave you amazed at all the lovely organic, gluten free, preservative free, sugar free, raw treats and foods available. My treat is raw honey and raw organic almond butter spread on a raw seed cracker for a ‘late night up in bed with a good book’ treat. I also keep a variety of my favourite teas.

3. Make time in your schedule for outdoor activities. On a Sunday night, I have a look at my upcoming week, I slot in my yoga sessions and then look to see where I have open mornings. This I block as self-development time. You will find the time you spend having a forest or beach walk results in a super productive day. You don’t need to feel guilty about taking this time out for yourself. Put your clothing, water bottle and shoes out the night before, set your alarm clock, and enjoy.



integrative health



Posture plays a major role in your overall health. More so than many of us think. We speak to Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner Andri Hanekom about the bio-mechanics of the body and improving posture.


always say, “If you want to look and feel good, have lots of energy and stay clear of aches, pains and diseases then invest in your body and the way it moves.” Most of us will go through life without ever realizing that many of our aches and pains come from poor alignment rather than illness. In trying to alleviate our symptoms we’ll take medication and treatments for relief, yet this is usually temporary and the problems often return. So, what is the root of the problem? Our bodies are capable of withstanding almost anything we do to them as long as we give them sufficient and proper movement, water and nutrients. But if we put the wrong fuel into them and don’t move them correctly and often enough, they’ll fall apart. Much like a car, or any machine.

did you know? The human body is designed to function in balance and equilibrium. When the musculo-skeletal system is aligned optimally, it serves to prevent damage to the more vulnerable internal systems of the body allowing stress-free functioning.


Our bodies are designed as movement machines. Every system in our body requires movement to help with circulation, energy production and to keep our muscles and bones strong enough to fight the effects of gravity. Without movement, gravity wins. Normal posture is the ideal balanced position your body should assume to counteract the force of gravity whenever you stand, sit, walk, or sleep. Abnormal or poor posture happens when your body isn’t receiving proper support in its struggle against gravity. Health problems frequently reported in association with abnormal postures include tension headaches, overuse syndromes, fatigue, decreased sports performance, and a decreased healing capacity after injury. Discovering and helping relieve postural problems is an important part of an inclusive health analysis and treatment programme.

A balanced posture primarily depends on three factors: 1. your skeleton/joints, 2. your muscles/soft tissues, 3. and the messages your brain sends to your body. If there is an imbalance in the length of one or more of your leg bones, or if any of your support joints (ankles, knees, hips/ pelvis, neck) are not moving properly, there will be unequal pressure resulting in postural problems. Weak muscles or lax connective tissues may limit the body’s ability to maintain proper balance. And

finally, your brain regulates how your body is positioned during the day. You don’t have to consciously remind yourself, “Don’t tip over!” while you’re standing – your brain does that for you. Over time though, your body and brain may make compromises on what’s best for you by favoring short-term positions (slouching, adapting to avoid painful movements, etc.) that feel good, but can lead to increased postural problems later on. The longer inappropriate postural positions are maintained, the more likely they are to become your standard way of sitting, standing, walking, or sleeping. Rolfers practice Rolfing Structural Integration to improve poor posture and facilitate effective and economic body mechanics. A Rolfer will assess the body as a whole unit to see where your body is out of alignment, and then set about re-aligning you with manual therapy and pro-prioceptive movement re-education. The results are usually amazing. Within a few short months many people report reduction or cessation of long-term pain, improved posture and increased energy and muscle tone.

Andri Hanekom Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Movement Practitioner, and CranioSacral Therapist 076 105 4349,,, Twitter @SARolfer Resolving complex soft-tissue, postural and functional patterns. Helping difficult or ‘impossible’ cases make implausible recoveries and upgrading the speed, agility, strength, power and longevity of serious athletes.


livewell grow your own

Several plants with fragrances both strong and pleasant smelling can be used to help mask your own scent and keep mosquitoes at a distance.


Whether it’s an irritating buzz as you’re trying to fall asleep or the sneaky ‘itchy’ bites you get while enjoying sundowners; there’s a more natural way to deal with mosquitoes than chemical-ridden bug spray. You can plant a mosquito-repellent garden. Here’s how.


here are many glorious things about summer; long braai’s, pleasant walks on the beach, the glowing warmth of the summer sun that soaks into your bones, ice-cream cones and clear summer nights. Few things can get you down but one of them is definitely mosquitos! Some of us are more prone to get chomped than others; but even if you’re not the one getting bitten, at night-time the unmistakable buzz of this prehistoric creature is still enough to render you sleepless. Fortunately there are natural ways to curb mosquitos that don’t require harsh chemicals. Mosquitoes, along with many biting insects, are attracted to certain odours in human skin.

did you know? Mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide up to 100 feet away? Since human beings exhale carbon dioxide through the nose and mouth, mosquitoes are attracted to our heads.


Our skin produces more than 340 chemical odours, and some of them smell like dinner to mosquitoes. They are fond of octanol, a chemical released in sweat, as well as cholesterol, folic acid, certain bacteria, skin lotions, and perfume. Fortunately some smells are awful for mosquitos and can hide your scent and dissuade them from getting close enough to bite you. Plants scents can do this for you. The aroma needs to be in the air around you, at the very least, and ideally on your skin for this to work. For maximum effect, crush herb leaves in your hands to release their perfume, and then rub the leaves and their oils over your skin. Here are a few in a long list of herbs that work wonders and can be kept in pots on a porch, near a door, or anywhere else you plan to congregate outside. Citronella Citronella is a beautiful perennial clumping grass that emits a strong aroma - it’s one of the most common ingredients in most mosquito repellents. The aroma masks other scents and keeps mosquitoes from being attracted to things located around it. The citronella plant has a much stronger aroma than mosquito repellents that contain citronella as an ingredient. This herb is incredibly easy to grow, and can get to be as tall as 1.5 – 2 meters. You can grow citronella in pots and place it around your patio, or you can plant it directly in your garden or flower bed. It’s a great choice for repelling mosquitoes naturally.

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Lemon Balm Another mosquito repelling plant is lemon balm. It’s a member of the mint family and also known as horsemint and beebalm. It’s incredibly easy to grow and is hardy, drought resistant and shade tolerant. It has white flowers and a gentle lemony scent. Lemon Balm is fast growing plant but can also be invasive. Grow it in a pot and you can move it wherever you like, so it doesn’t take over your garden. Dry the leaves and you’ll get a delicious herbal tea. Catnip Your feline friends will be happy to know that catnip is a great mosquito deterrent. This fragrant mint cousin contains a chemical called nepetalactone; which is both a feline attractant and a useful insect repellent. It’s easy to grow and has a wonderfully pleasant smell. Be careful not to plant catnip with other flowers, vegetables, or herbs; if you do have cats nearby they’re likely to roll around in the catnip and smash everything nearby. Marigolds Marigolds contain Pyrethrum, an ingredient found in many insect repellents, and they have a unique aroma that most bugs find repulsive. The flowers are beautiful and make a great border or addition to any flower bed. Border them around your home, and mosquitoes won’t want to cross over. They grow in almost any soil, but thrive in moderately fertile, well-drained soil and love lots of sunshine –perfect for our African gardens.

livewell grow your own

Basil Basil is a good culinary herb and also disturbs pests. There are many varieties of basil around, so feel free to experiment and find one that best suits you. Many expert gardeners recommend lemon basil or cinnamon basil to deter insects. Pick leaves regularly to encourage growth. If you can tell the weather is going to get cold, harvest your basil beforehand, as cold weather will destroy your plants. Lavender Lavender is a gorgeous purple flowering plant with a soothing, calming scent. This beautiful, potent and lovely-smelling flower not only repels mosquitoes, but keeps away moths and flies. The flowers perfume is well-known, and while it scents the air, it’s still most effective when rubbed on skin. Grow lavender indoors near a sunny window, or outside to keep the bugs away. While you’re at it, make a delicious herbal tea, or fill your home with this calming aroma. Be aware that bees adore lavender, so if you’re allergic, take care. Peppermint Peppermint is known as ‘the world’s oldest medicine’ according to archaeological fossils dating back ten thousand years ago. In its concentrated form, peppermint is sometimes used as an insect repellent, and its essential oil has been shown to keep away the adults and kill the larvae of several pest species. Most bugs despise the smell and taste of peppermint, so plant around your home to keep them away. If you get bitten, peppermint leaves rubbed directly onto the skin is a great itch relief treatment. Garlic A member of the onion family, garlic is one of the most commonly used flavouring ingredients. Unfortunately for all those who love Italian food, studies have shown that eating garlic does not

Get all your garden essentials from

repel mosquitoes; however, having it around does. Add garlic to your flower bed or vegetable garden for added protection from mosquitoes. Hang onto some of the bulbs, replant them and you’ll have an endless supply. Pennyroyal Members of the mint family, pennyroyal plants make great groundcovers, and they attract a plethora of beautiful butterflies. Some use pennyroyal to flavour fish dishes. While pennyroyal is an excellent insect repellent it is a dangerous plant, especially for women (it was used in ancient times as a contraceptive and large doses can cause a baby to abort). To prevent any problems, always wash your hands after handling. Rosemary Rosemary is effective in several forms on its own and as a mosquito repellent. It grows in garden beds or indoor containers, and likes sun. For repellent purposes, the live plant, cuttings from the plant and rosemary essential oil are all effective. If you’re around a fire, burn a little sage or rosemary. They’ll smell wonderful but will be distasteful to insects and will keep them away. Geranium Geranium extract is known to repel mosquitoes and is popular in many natural over-the-counter insect repellent sprays. In a hanging container, the colourful blooms will cascade over the side, providing visual beauty and bug repellent. For maximum bloom, add 4-6 hours of daily sunlight. Remove spent flowers to neaten and promote more blooms. Many different plants can help keep bugs away. Next time you reach for the chemical bug spray, take a minute and choose something more natural.

10 MOSQUITO BITE HOME REMEDIES 1. Vinegar - when you first notice the itchy bite, directly apply a small amount of vinegar. 2. Aloe - use fresh inner leaf gel directly from an aloe plant or organic aloe juice.They both work well at providing relief. 3. Dry bar of soap - rub a bar of dry soap directly on the bite. 4. Baking soda and water - make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply generously to the affected area. 5. Onion - place a fresh slice on the affected area for several minutes until the itching subsides. 6. Toothpaste - apply a small amount of all-natural peppermint or neem-based toothpaste. 7. Raw honey - take a small amount of honey and apply directly. 8. Lime or lemons - apply directly to the bite. 9. Garlic - Put a piece of raw garlic on the wound. It is possible that you will feel a small amount of mild burning, but you should feel some major relief afterwards. 10. Salt paste - take finely ground salt and mix with a small amount of water until you have a thick paste. Apply this salt paste directly to bite.

Starke Ayres Garden Centre supply plants, gardening products and landscaping services. They have a range of flowers and seed, and expert advice to help you with growing.


Both the Rosebank and West Coast branch of Starke Ayres Garden Centre will be issuing a prize consisting of a ‘ready to use’ planted-up pot with Rosemary, Basil & Lemon Balm to each winner. All you have to do is attach your purchase slip with your name, phone number and email address into the in-store competition box. Note that this applies to all purchases over R150 and is valid for the month of March 2016. Starke Ayres Garden Centre will contact the winner telephonically end of March 2016. Starke Ayres Rosebank, 21 Liesbeek Parkway, Rosebank, Cape Town Tel: 021 685 4120 Starke Ayres West Coast Garden Centre, West Coast Village Shopping Centre, Sunningdale, Cape Town Tel: 021 554 8450

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fitness, sleep & massage


by Cheryl Stevens

Lack of flexibility for most of us today is a reality with the lifestyles we lead. With the amount of sitting we do in our cars, sitting in front of the TV and the lack of exercise – this all contributes to shortened stiffer muscles. Tight hamstrings pull the pelvis out of alignment and create pressure on the lower back. Tight muscles reduce the range of motion in the body and make the body feel stressed and heavy. Tension in the muscles also effects circulation of blood to the whole body. Flexibility is one of the first things to go as our bodies enter adulthood and we continue to age.

" 50

Breathing into the stiff area in your body while you are stretching helps you go deeper into the stretch without forcing or feeling pain.

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fitness, sleep & massage


s a yoga teacher, I have heard the remark ‘Oh I can’t do yoga because I am not flexible’ many times and every time it astounds me that people don’t realise the importance of flexibility. There are varying degrees of flexibility and it is not about being able to do the splits, or lift your leg over your head, it’s about finding a level of flexibility that works for you. Flexibility is as important as cardio and strength training because tight muscles can create problems through the body. Generally cardio and strength exercises like running and weight training, shorten our muscles, so stretching is a great way to balance things out. Make stretching a part of your exercise routine, or just your daily routine. Stretch when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed at night. Stretch before and after every run and find ways to include it into your gym schedule. Even better is to include a stretching class like yoga, or Pilates once or twice a week. Think of it as enhancing your running, cycling or golf round. It will definitely improve your golf swing and will safeguard your hamstrings on your next 15km run. Even if you don’t do much exercise stretching will improve your blood circulation and make you feel lighter and more clear headed. It will also help you reach up to the top shelf of your cupboard, or bend down to the bottom draw.

did you know?

Flexibility helps posture by balancing the tension placed across the joints by the muscles that cross it. Proper posture minimises stress and maximizes the strength of all joint movements.

Here are a few key stretches to help you get started: Before bed every night, take 10 minutes to stretch out your back and the major muscles attached to the back. It will give you a more peaceful and refreshed night’s sleep 1. Rest the spine

2. Bend forward Swap leg



3. Bend knees & get length on the spine. Straighten legs

Adho Mukha Svanasana

4. Hands to knees, shin or floor


5. Hand to knees, shin or feet


6. Rest legs against wall

Viparita Karani

7. Lie still


If you sit at a desk, find a few stretches to do through the day to relieve hamstrings that are ‘activated’ while sitting and hunched shoulders that lean into your computer all day. 1. Reach arms up

2. Interlink hands behind back and open chest & shoulders

3. Bend forward with hands interlinked behind back. Take overhead.

4. Stand with palm against wall and face away from wall

5. Stretch left and right

6. Lean against a wall with hands and walk feet backward. stretch spine


Shoulder opener

Shoulder opener

Wrist opener

Side stretch

Ardha Uttanasana

Before or after a run get some length on the leg muscles and flexibility to the pelvis. 1. Stand with one foot in front of the other and reach hands to a wall. Stretch spine.

2. Place foot on a chair. Square opposite hip to chair. L&R

3. Place foot on a chair, and turn opposite hip away from chair. L&R

4. Bend knee and take foot to buttock. Keep knees together. L&R

5. Interlink hands behind back & open chest & shoulders


Utthita hasta padangusthasana

Utthita hasta padangusthasana

Quad Stretch

Chest/shoulder opener

If you have a painful lower back. Lower back pain can be a result of stiff muscles attached to the spine and bad posture. If you have had any kind of injury to your back, consult your doctor before doing any exercise. 1. Press spine to ceiling


2. Drop abdomen to floor


3. Bend knees and get length in spine

Adho mukha svanasana

4. Bend knees to touch feet. Straighten legs if possible.

Paschimottanasana Jamu Svasana

5. Bend right leg & place foot next to left knee. Stretch spine forward. L&R

Janu sirsasana

6. Twist right knee over left leg and face right.

Side Stretch


“the quality of bending easily without breaking”


read well book reviews


by Kirsten Alexander

Cook something amazing, juice a healthy beverage, go on safari, read poetry and be fabulous. Our collection of books this month covers all these topics and more.

RELENTLESSLY RELEVANT: 50 WAYS TO INNOVATE Douglas Kruger Penguin Born in Johannesburg, Douglas Kruger is a professional keynote speaker on the business circuit, whose topics all address the theme of becoming iconic. He speaks all over the world and is the only speaker on the African continent to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking five times. In his latest book he explores the field of innovation, reducing its subject matter to the simple starting points you need to become an industry trendsetter. The book is easy reading and broken into short sections you can enjoy a little bit at a time, if time isn’t always on your side. Using examples from local and international brands, this book shows you don’t have to be a tech giant to innovate, but you do need to know how to think in the right patterns. It’s a must for anyone in business; big or small. Kruger’s book is published by Portfolio Penguin and available on Amazon for purchase.

to the littlest detail make for stunning observations and imagery. Head was born in Cape Town and studied architecture, winning national and international awards for design and creative thinking. Author of the critically acclaimed bestseller The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World, Head brings to life his experiences in his first collection of poems. The Laughing Dove is published by Jacana Media and is available for purchase online.

MORE LIFE’S A BEACH COTTAGE Neil Roake Jacana This is Neil Roake’s third book in a series featuring a collection of best holiday feasting recipes. The book includes some inspiringly easy recipes and some rather challenging ones. Roake adds “don’t stress about following every recipe to the letter. This cookbook is just your springboard for culinary creativity.” Each delectable recipe is accompanied by exquisite photography sourced from Roake’s travels abroad. The recipes include Baked Chicken Pâté with Gooseberries, Thyme and Crushed Hazelnuts, Chocolate Éclairs with Pomegranate Jewels and Badass Bacon Jam to name just a few. Published by Jacana Media, More Life’s A Beach Cottage is available on Amazon for purchase.

THE LAUGHING DOVE AND OTHER POEMS Vernon RL Head Jacana This delightful book is a collection of poems that celebrate the beautiful and delicate natural world in which Vernon RL Head finds himself. His keen eye and attention


developer, and enthusiastic cook with more than 40 years of culinary experience. She is the author of the popular Sellers Publishing cookbooks, 500 Breakfast & Brunch Dishes, 500 Gluten-Free Dishes, and The Halogen Oven Cookbook. In 500 Green & Detox Juices, Beckerman unpacks all the delicious flavour combinations you need for enjoyable detox, snack, or meal replacement drinks. Beckerman is passionate about bringing together flavours from all over the world into creative and exciting combinations. The recipes are very easy to follow and the beautiful accompanying images will have you salivating. 500 Green & Detox Juices was published by Sellers Publishing Inc and can be found for purchase on Amazon.

500 GREEN & DETOX JUICES Carol Beckerman Sellers Carol Beckerman is a food writer, recipe helping you live life well

FODOR’S SOUTH AFRICA: WITH THE BEST SAFARI DESTINATIONS Fodor A collection of research by local experts, Fodor’s South Africa takes readers on a sublime journey highlighting the best of South Africa, including vibrant Cape Town and Johannesburg, the beautiful Cape Winelands, and Kruger National Park. The book is a brilliant travel guide packed with useful tips on when to go and ways to save, perfect hotels for every budget and where to grab the best chow. The photographs are something to behold; capturing the vibrant, beautiful and innovative nature of our people, as well as some dreamy scenic routes around the exquisite country. The book will inspire readers to venture a little further out into their own back yard and fall in love with South Africa all over again. Fodor’s South Africa is available on Amazon for purchase and is published by Fodor’s.

dried fruit & nuts

Storehouse of fruit & nuts Stock up on a delicious assortment of fruit and nuts for your pantry. With healthy snacks readily available you won’t be tempted to eat an unhealthy alternative. Use dried fruit and nuts to add to muesli and to enhance your smoothies. With nuts, you can make nut butter, toast them as a snack and add spices, grind them and use them in sauces, salads and stir fry’s. Nuts are incredibly filled with goodness and are completely delicious and satisfying. Although we used to think nuts are fattening, new research shows they can be used as part of a dieting schedule. The high nutritional content makes the brain think it has had enough food and helps with appetite control. Choose from the following varieties all available in bulk.

WELLNESS DRIED FRUIT & NUTS RANGE: Raw or roasted Almonds 1kg Raw or roasted Cashews 1kg Dried Cranberries 1 kg Fruit and nut trail mix 1kg Goji berries 800g Dried mangos 600g

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eco mom & baby


If your children are treated with modesty, grace, forgiveness, and joy, what are they likely to learn? There is nothing more important than the integrity of your own life. You cannot teach, impose, control, coerce, or force any virtue. You can only demonstrate. Put your best effort forth on your own actions, not those of your child. William Martin, The parents Tao Te Ching

Water baby

by Nicola Joubert

Before birth, babies are in the womb surrounded by water, they’re swimming for nine months and have a natural affinity for water. Swimming with your child from birth has many special benefits. Besides making them feel relaxed and one in the water it’s also a lovely way for parents to learn how to handle their little one’s with confidence.


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eco mom & baby


wimming with your baby is a wonderful bonding experience. The gift of swimming from an early age, offers hours and hours of healthy fun play and opens up the world of water to them from surfing, diving, sailing or simply floating in the ocean. Even before going to a pool, you can float and bond together in the bath. From day one, you can bath together, and even feed surrounded by warm water. When they’re in water with the sound of your heartbeat, the gentle rise and fall of your chest, they can rest in a space they feel safe and held. It’s a good practice to gently pour water over your baby’s head. As their love of water grows, you can become more and more playful. When they’re bigger they can pour water over your head and play in the shower. After bath is a beautiful time to massage your baby and snuggle together with warm towels. Swimming in a pool can be a way to nurture the bond you created at home. Swimming together is such a gift, most of us feel very peaceful and happy in the water as it heals us, and connects us. As your child watches and sees your enjoyment and sense of fun in the water, it becomes natural for them to foster the same feelings. Remember that your fear or love of the water will easily transfer onto your baby or child. If you are anxious about water, learn to let that go before you pass that onto your child. Breathe deeply and smile if you have anxiety in the water. This will centre you and help you relax.


Newborn babies are already well adapted to being underwater and will automatically hold their breath when submerged. This is known as the diving reflex. They rapidly become confident in water, especially if the primary instructor is a parent or familiar caregiver. Holding them close to you in the water is vital. Once you are both at ease in your swimming environment, you can begin to play. They can take a dolphin ride on your back, you can meet each other under the water, you can jump together in the water, you will naturally find a lot of game playing and bonding movement together. Many people expect their babies should be swimming unaided sooner than they do, and regularly enquire about when they, (the parent) can be out of the pool leaving the child to learn with a qualified instructor. When a child is ‘ready’ to swim without their primary caregiver is an impossible question to answer. It depends on so many factors. Ultimately very few children swim unaided before their second year and most are not ready for any real stroke development before the age of 6/7. Even then, fun is still their biggest priority. Things like standing on one leg, doing handstands, rolls, jumps and back flips come into play at this age. So I guess the question is why rush a process that does not need rushing? At young ages we accomplish much more when we feel confident. Having Mum or Dad near by is usually the best way to boost that confidence. No-one is ever drown proof, the strongest and most accomplished of swimmers can drown. The best thing to nurture is a deep love and respect for water.

That will lead to many days spent enjoying water together and an ability to make good choices if faced with a challenging situation. Focusing on enjoying your time in the water with your baby rather than achievements will allow both of you to have fun swimming together. It is important to be led by your child rather than having expectations for him or her. If you belong to a baby swimming group with different levels, avoid comparing your baby with others or forcing the next level, before they are ready. Being child led builds confidence. Most babies are happy to go underwater, particularly if you are in sight and underwater with them. Once basic skills have been learnt, there might be a long period when your baby seems ready to swim and yet is reluctant to take off. Ultimately it’s your baby’s decision, and it’s good to realize that each baby’s progression is unique. Nicola Joubert is a swimming and yoga instructor. Contact Nicola on nix@lana. or

did you know? Your body is 80% water. What we think and say can affect the vibration of the water in our bodies. Children with an early introduction to water, usually experience great love and respect for water and swimming.

kloof street clinic

We believe in empowering you to make the best decisions for your health. We’re always getting better so that you can, too. We don’t only believe in getting better, though. We believe in being and staying well. With this in mind, WellClinic is proud to offer you some new services. Check your Wellness status within minutes.


Thyroid rapid test


Prostate rapid test


Uric acid test


pH test


Blood group



What does it check: The level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH) Method: Using a drop of blood determines if there is an elevated level of TSH

For whom: All men 40-45 years and older Method: Drop of blood to detect Prostate Specific Antigen

Main Signs and Symptoms: OVERACTIVE THYROID all body functions tend to speed up: • Heat intolerance • Insomnia • Elevated or irregular heartbeat • Increased appetite • Sudden weight loss • Fine trembling in hands and fingers

Signs to be aware of: • • • •

Urinating frequently Weak or interrupted urine stream Pain or burning during urination Pus or blood in urine or semen

High Risk Patients: • • •

Patients with family history Obesity High fat diets

UNDERACTIVE THYROID all body functions slow down: • Cold Intolerance • Puffy face, hands and feet • Weight gain • Constipation • Fatigue • Dry, rough skin & brittle hair or hair loss

Ask our clinic sister for more information or call 021 487 5430 to make an appointment. Available at Wellness Warehouse Kloof, Lifestyle on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town.


livewell journey

REDSTONE RELAXATION In the foothills of the Cederberg on the banks of the Doring River is an eco escape with an off-the-grid getaway that’s a true departure from the city. My advice, if you really want to relax, go somewhere that your cell phone doesn’t have signal and you can’t get internet either. It’s pure bliss.

Star-gazing, soul searching, deep relaxation or vigorous hiking, the choice is all yours.


helping you live life well

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e travelled along a dirt road and through a number of farm gates, each of which had to be opened and then closed again. When we arrived at Oudrif, It felt great to shut off the city behind us and be presented with the five straw bale cottages that nestle on a rocky shelf hanging over the river. Bill and Paddy are responsible for this off the grid wonder. Jeanine arrived two years later for the weekend and never left. I don’t blame her. Bill has lived here for over 19 years and you can see evidence of his passion in each carefully created nook and cranny. Both of them have a sincerity and down-to-earth sensibility to match the environment. We felt extremely welcome and throughout our stay they looked after us and paid attention to us without intruding on us. Each straw bale cottage is free standing, they have spacious open bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms and adjoining lounge and balcony. The accommodation offers comfort and style above what you would expect in such a remote setting. It’s tranquil. You can rest and heal and relax in that deep way that nature allows. Each unit is solar powered and offers a raw beauty.

If the peacefulness doesn’t immobilize you into a stupor, the dramatic redstone terrain is a perfect backdrop for a hike. Jeanine and her coterie of cats and dogs took us on a hike where she showed us some of the best and most well preserved examples of rock art I have ever seen. The river is ideal for swimming or wallowing, and you can also follow its meandering flow through the beauty of the Cederberg with a kayak. There’s a grassy shaded area on the riverbank with several large inviting hammocks perfect for an afternoon snooze. If you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of an African wild cat, an aardwolf, porcupine, Caracal Duiker or one of a variety of small game and there’s even been a leopard spotting. The dining area is in a separate building a short walk from the sleeping units. It has a stunning view of the river. All meals are prepared for the guests and consist of homemade fresh organic ingredients accompanied by Bill’s yummy freshly baked bread or muffins. For jaded executives, sleep deprived moms or anyone needing some genuine rest and recuperation Oudrif is an ideal choice.

The rugged beauty, pure cuisine, quiet luxury and deep peace make it the perfect antidote to stress.

did you know? The idea of a remote getaway with accommodation for discerning guests who would appreciate the heritage of an untainted environment, germinated over a resplendent dinner table twenty years ago. This was the beginning of Oudrif.

For more information or to make a booking contact Bill or Jeanine Mitchell on (027) 482 2397 or e-mail or log on to


EatP layYoga

You are experiencing challenges or changes in your professional or private life?

•With Sharni Qu inn•


Bali Journey

Leilla Kopff +27 76 901 9138 French and English

Mom & Daughter Yoga Holiday in Bali

Dates: Monday 20th - Thursday 30th June 2016

083 709 0467

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Become a Natural Health Practitioner

ilable a v a s e s r u o C t Shor nings Free Open Eve

with an International Diploma in Natural Health


Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban


* Free 30-minute session before engaging in a coaching relationship


If the idea of bonding with your mom or daughter over cocktails in tropical Bali after an invigorating Yoga session sounds fabulous, don’t miss our ‘Eat, Play, Yoga’ Journey to Bali this year. Our trip promises a combination of Yoga, meditation, fun in the sun, spa time, shopping, & adventure making for an unforgettable mother-daughter holiday.


You need: • Support, • A new perspective on a situation, • Or just a safe listening space


We Bring Fitness To You

Bowen Therapy Mobile Fitness gives you the chance to save money and gym in the comfort of your own home! Why choose Mobile Fitness: - No more gym fees - No more travelling to gym - Gym in the privacy of your own home - We bring the equipment! Pricing starts from R100 per session Contact us for a free trial! Contact Number: 071 037 6464 Email:

Bowen Technique is a unique, non-invasive soft tissue therapy using a series of light, safe, yet dynamic moves on the muscles, ligaments and nerve bundles in specific areas. These moves stimulate energy in the body which allows the body‛s natural capacity to self-regulate and heal.

Some of the conditions that can be helped • • • • • • • • •

Back pain and sciatica Hip, knee, ankle and foot problems Neck and shoulder problems Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length Carpal tunnel syndrome Sporting Injuries and performance enhancement TMJ problems Paediatric problems Stress and fatigue

• • • • •

Digestive and bowel problems Migraines and headaches Menstrual, hormonal problems Respiratory problems Fertility and pregnancy problems

Melissa 079 895 9662

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Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer Training with Master Lenore Cairncross, Worldwide Representative of Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Divine Healing Hands are helping people around the world experience relief from chronic conditions, boost energy and stamina, increase mobility and agility. When: 8-10 April 2016 Time: 09h30 - 17h00 Venue: Tamboerskloof, Cape Town Honour Fee: R 1,500 Contact: Lenore Cairncross at | 082 469 4549

Changing thethe world one Changing world one breath at a time at a time Changing thebreath world one Hot and yogayoga for all including Hot non-heated and non-heated forlevels all levels including breath at a time Vinyasa, Bikram, Power & Sculpt Vinyasa, Bikram, Power & Sculpt

Hot and non-heated yoga for all levels including Vinyasa,Offering Bikram, Power & Sculpt one free of yoga new to Offering oneweek free week of for yoga forstudents new students to

YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with YogaLife. Cape Town residents only,valid with ID valid ID Offering one free week of yoga for new students toR250 Yoga special for travellers to for week Yoga special for travellers to CT, CT, R299 for one one week R350 Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with valid ID Located at 127atWaterkant Street,Street, right next theto Old Located 127 Waterkant rightto next theCape Old Quarter Cape Quarter

Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week Tel: 021 021 418 418 2884 Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter Tel: 2884

Tel: 021 418 2884 |


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facts about electrolytes How do you lose Electrolytes?

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge. The body needs electrolytes to regulate nerve and muscle function, hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and to rebuild damaged tissue.

When you exercise you sweat and lose electrolytes, mainly sodium and potassium. An electrolyte imbalance, whether too much or too little, can be detrimental to your health.

Most common Electrolytes

Calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and chloride are the most common electrolytes.

Sources of Electrolytes

A well balanced diet should supply you with all the electrolytes you need. Calcium and phosphorus are found in milk (cow or soy), yoghurt and collard greens. Potassium in fresh fruit and vegetables. Sodium and Chloride are found in everyday salt while magnesium is in green leafy veg, nuts, bananas and lentils.

Low on Electrolytes

Too much sodium can cause high blood pressure. Too little magnesium and potassium can contribute to muscle cramping or muscle weakness. Osteoporosis causes bones to become week and brittle and is caused by a lack of calcium in the body.



herbal teas We have created a selection of Wellness herbal teas made from only the purest herbs. The teas can be used for their calming properties to digestive aid, body cleansing or as a diuretic. All the herbs are natural or organic, ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

High potency herbal tea range Natural and organic ingredients

Caffeine free Unbleached tea bags

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Fit & Flexible  

Being present in your body, feeling it move, and getting fit will make you feel alive. It’s a celebration of life and will change the way yo...

Fit & Flexible  

Being present in your body, feeling it move, and getting fit will make you feel alive. It’s a celebration of life and will change the way yo...