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May 2012



Healthy alternative sweeteners

JOINT MOBILITY Keep your joints in top form


Exercise you love Hula hoops & dance

Meet Leilah Kirsten Wellness Ambassador & personal trainer at 360 Specialized Training

8 ways to green

your beauty routine



Offers valid from Tuesday 1 May until Thursday 31 May ‘12. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E.&O.E.

range of organic grains

A grain of truth Create new variety in your cooking regime by introducing life-giving grains. Winter is an especially good time to cook up pots of these highly nutritious staples. Not only are they warming and fulfilling but they are your body’s best source of energy. As a key fuel they provide your body, brain and nervous system with a constant supply of energy. Try our challenge of introducing a new grain each week and see how exciting, not to mention healthy you can make your kitchen routine. TRY THIS: SUPER GREEN PEA SOUP Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil; 2 large chopped onions; ½ tsp salt; 2 cups dried split peas; 5 cups water; juice of 1/2 lemon (keep the zest); pinch of paprika or cayenne Medium heat olive oil in a big pot, add onions and salt and cook until soft. Add peas and water. Once it boils, turn down the heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Blend half the soup until pureed then add it back to the pot. Squeeze in the lemon. Add more salt if necessary. Serve drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with lemon zest and a pinch of smoked paprika. Split pea cooking ideas: Cook peas and blend into a hummus type spread, cook it into a soup, use it to make filling veggie burger patties, squish peas into a mash with a bit of coconut milk, the possibilities are endless.

WELLNESS ORGANIC GRAINS RANGE: Wellness Warehouse own brand range of grains are sourced from the best suppliers possible and are all certified organic.

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publisher's letter

There is nothing like the feeling of endorphins rushing through your body, the thrill of feeling your muscles work, pitting your strength against the elements. We have incredible bodies with muscles, ligaments and bones that are meant to be used. Exercise is one of the most underrated high’s that is natural and life-giving. As irony has it, as we celebrate our MOVEMENT issue, I'm recovering from a kitesurfing injury, which has meant I have been in a leg cast for 9 weeks. We appreciate things even more when they are out of reach and right now I would do anything to be able to do some exercise. It does however make me determined never to forgo the opportunities I have to exercise and move my body.

contents 6


moves to safeguard and strengthen your joints. Looking after your joints, muscles and ligaments is a highly worthy pursuit that will keep you in top form for years to come.


Don’t forget to visit our Green Living store adjacent to the Kloof street branch of Wellness Warehouse. It is packed with community made, hand-crafted and eco gifts. We are also bringing out more Wellness branded products. Years of retail experience have given us an excellent idea of what constitutes great quality and good value and we look forward to bringing you an ever increasing range of Wellness branded products.


PUBLISHER: Dr. Sean Gomes EDITOR: Robyn Wilkinson DESIGNER: Inge Smit LIFE COACH: Glenn-Douglas Haig ADVERTISING QUERIES: Janine du Preez cell: 082 891 9379 DIRECTORY ADVERTISING: HEALTH ADVISOR & PHARMACIST: Felicia Rubin PHARMACIST: Marnus Jansen van Rensburg DIETICIAN: Melissa Gomes PRINTER: Cape Premium Print & Finishing

ON THE COVER: MODEL: Leilah Kirsten PHOTOGRAPHER: Ian Mitchinson LOCATION: Gardens, Cape Town this mini magazine is printed on Sappi Recycled Paper



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and exercise more. Getting a realistic take on your life might mean wading through the vices of sugary croissants, morning sleep in’s and a whole bunch of apathy. At the end of it all there is no escaping – becoming healthy means making changes.

DA LOOP - What started off as a children’s fad has now become the latest fitness craze. Hoola hooping is great fun and gets you ultra fit with strong, firm abdominals. Get into the swing by moving your derrière, circling your waist and sashaying those hips.

Wellness Warehouse Kloof Lifestyles on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town. 021 487 5420

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GET A MOVE ON - Face facts: eat less


lovewell WORK IT OUT - By teaching your children how to amuse themselves away from the TV or computer, it is possible to instil a life-long love for activity. Follow our innovative tips for some inspiring ideas.

lookwell GREEN BEAUTY - 8 tips to ‘green’

MIELIE BAGS - Call it recycled or repurposed but waste off-cuts are used to make these colourful bags. Each one is made individually by group members from a talented community of women. Bag R580


Wheat free veggie burger to rival any meat version


0860 live life/548 3543


Moving to Wholeness

Win a 3 night stay at a luxury lodge in Hermanus, one of 6 cooler bags worth R400 each, and one of 2 Beaucience hampers


FRUITY & FESTIVE - Try natural and organic dried fruit covered in chocolate for a sophisticated treat. Both naartjies and apricots are grown on the Tierhoek farm in Western Cape’s Noree Valley. Besides creating organic products,Tierhoek cares for the earth and uses biodegradable packaging made from Biophan. Organic Chocolate Apricots 100g R31.95, Organic Chocolate Naartjies 50g R31.95

NO MORE DIRTY LAUNDRY - Now you can do your washing in an eco-friendly and affordable way. You put three eco balls in your washing machine. Each one has mineral salt pellets that produce ionized oxygen. As the washing moves the ionized oxygen penetrates the deeply lifting dirt and grime away. Rinsing time is less and you can wash at a lower temperature. The kits lasts for 1000 washes. It is a hypoallergenic system and is suitable for sensitive skins, allergies and eczema. Ecoballs softens clothes even in hard water and no fabric conditioner is necessary. Ecoballs 1000 washes R199

your beauty routine that will decrease the size of your carbon footprint; protect your natural beauty and reduce the chemicals your body has to deal with.

Wellness Green Living Lifestyles on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town. 021 480 9511

SOAP SO DISHY - No need to drop the soap with this gorgeous stylized soap dish complete with drainage holes and illustrated bird on a bough. Vanilla Concrete Soapdish R80


Yours in wellness Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder



REAL SMOOTHIE - Soil’s coconut body lotion is loaded with antioxidants protecting skin from freeradicals. Shea Butter makes skin intensely soft while the citrus scents of grapefruit and lemongrass are sure to uplift and revive you. Uplifting Coconut Body Lotion 300ml R140

HEARTIE - These one-of- a- kind pendants are made of Dichroic glass and coloured glass fused together in a kiln. The glass piece is individually ground into shape by hand and then polished. The fused glass is combined with a brushed sterling silver heart shaped hanger and a silver chain to create a unique delicate pendant. For fun it is reversible and can be worn both ways, with the glass showing or the silver heart showing. Flick Glass Heart Necklace R300


Here’s wishing you a happy month of May with renewed inspiration to just ‘keep on moving’.


SWEET BALANCE - Sweet tooth junkies rejoice. We round up a variety of sweet options with nutritional benefits and show you how easy it is to substitute bad sugar for good.

Choose a Mother’s Day gift from a selection of beautiful items, nurturing body treats and a practical green-friendly option. Pick something that shows you remember Mum’s favourite fragrance, flower or colour. A personalised gift is a touching way of showing your appreciation.

12 HAPPY JOINTS - Follow our 5 smart

Our purpose with this issue is to create awareness of how lucky we are to be able to move, how much it benefits us and how, no matter how lethargic or de-motivated you may feel, there is a movement form that will suit you. Use your imagination to find one you love and then, as mentioned in our Live Well feature, ‘Treat exercise as an appointment that’s just as important as everything else’. May also brings Mother’s Day and a chance to honour the person who probably knows you better than anyone else in the world. By nature, Mother’s are self-sacrificing, nurturing and giving.Turn the tables and use this opportunity to spoil special person in your life. A Spa treatment might be just what she needs, a gorgeous body product, a hamper of delicious foodie items or if it’s quality time she loves, bring her to the Wellness Café to share some organic coffee and healthy treats.


Editor’s Choice

BOARD STIFF - Make cutting up your veggies a treat with this gorgeous oak bread block with a personal inscription cut-out. When not in use, hang it somewhere visible to add a natural designer feel to your kitchen. Chic Revolution Bread Board Block Oak R310

Find out what’s happening in your wellness community with workshops, retreats, therapies and more.




healthy foodmarket

healthy foodmarket

spikes in blood sugar levels and also have high levels of nutrition. There are also many healthy sweet treats that can satisfy your taste buds without causing weight gain or cravings for more. Alternatives like Stevia and Xylitol are so easy to use in place of sugar. Honey has loads of curative properties and Molasses and Maple syrup are filled with nutritional benefits.


"Choose a sweetener that doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes. "

Sweet Balance

Although eating something sugary sweet will provide an instant energy boost and seems like a solution, it effects a sudden rise in blood sugar followed by a drop in insulin (necessary to carry blood glucose to the cells that utilise energy). This means it creates a superficial boost as the perk up is brief and followed by a slump in energy and often a craving for more sugar. Kids often get hyperactive on too much sugar. After the energy rise it can create drowsiness and in severe cases like diabetes it creates a black out or coma. Choose a sweetener that doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes.


Discover sweet options you many never have considered before, find out which sweeteners have nutritional benefits and see how easy it is to substitute bad sugar for good.

L did you know?

Data from international studies show that the number of people with diabetes worldwide in 2011 has reached 366 million. More and more people are finding it hard to metabolise sugar. Diabetes has become a leading cause of death and of heart disease, strokes, kidney disease and blindness.


ove of sugar is almost universal among humans. You might be a sweet tooth junkie and crave a daily dose of chocolate or ice cream or dose your tea with spoonfuls of sugar while others might enjoy the occasional treat or get enough sweet satisfaction from a ripened fruit. For some, the taste that acts quickly on the taste buds and saliva, is beneficial to the body whereas for others, when consumed in excess creates weight gain and stagnation or congestion in the body. everything you need to live life well

People with weak digestion or not enough insulin production will experience negative effects when consuming too much sugar. The good news is that there are a host of alternatives to sugar that don’t create

TRY THIS sugar free recipe >

Organic, Grade A maple syrup has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and helps with digestion. It has a high manganese content that helps with muscle recovery. Essential nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium and potassium help support reproductive health and protects the body against colds and flu. Apart from drizzling it on your flap jacks and pancakes you can add it to yogurt, oats, fruit salad or combine it with pureed apples for a delicious sauce. It works beautifully in salad dressings, in fish or chicken dishes.

MASSES OF MOLASSES Molasses is packed with goodness and is a great product to make a habit of using. A tablespoon of molasses contains about 20% of your recommended intake for iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. What’s more, a tablespoon means only 45 calories. It also has plenty of vitamin B6. Because of its distinct taste it doesn’t usually work as an alternative to sugar but is excellent to use in baking and for sauces or marinades. Molasses is the by-product left after refining cane sugar. It is the reason white refined sugar is unhealthy - molasses is the goodness that is left over. Molasses can be used in baking especially cookies, is great in meat sauces and is often used in baked beans. Use unsulphered molasses and either sweet molasses or Blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses is the by product of the third boiling of sugar cane and is the most concentrated form.

NO SUGAR CHOCOLATE Ingredients: 1/2 cup raw cacao powder (+ 1 tbsp cacao powder); 4 tbsp unrefined coconut oil (melted); 20 stevia drops; 3 tabsp non-dairy milk; extras of your choice e.g. dessicated coconut, shaven dried apricots, goji berries, broken cashews. If you are adventurous, try adding spices or a bit of chilli. Combine coconut oil with stevia drops. Stir, then add raw cacao powder and non-dairy milk. Stir well. Keep stirring until it thickens. This might take some time. Pour into a suitable flat container or pour onto wax paper or tiny cup cake holders or sweet moulds. Leave to set in the fridge or freezer.




Clever combinations and use of spices can turn food that is difficult to digest into a much more easily digested version. Ice cream is a prime culprit often triggering lactose intolerance and creating gas and bloatedness. Dairy can be hard to digest, when it is frozen and pasteurised, it becomes even more difficult. These negative effects can be balanced by making ice-cream with cardamom, adding ginger and using carrot juice to replace part of the milk or cream. This produces a delicious desert with less mucus forming ability than standard ice cream. Just as water and fire are opposites so the sweet taste and pungent taste neutralize each other. If you are using a lot of sweet, try balancing it with pungent herbs or spices to help the body assimilate it better.

Tweet of the month

Congratulations Janine Garner! Well known Cape Town blogger Being Brazen gave our Gluten-free brownies a bash. She was so pleased with the results that she tweeted us a pic!

“Boyf was pretty impressed with the gluten-free brownies @wellnews” Because we love your Tweet so much we want to give you a box of our Gluten Free Flapjack mix to try on the house! Keep the Tweets coming! follow us on twitter@wellnews


visit us online at for a comprehensive guide to meal planning including recipes, special diets, simple prep tips and recommended pairings with wines, sides, and cheeses.



healthy foodmarket product guide


Raw galore

Honestly delicious

Sugar-free treats

If ever you need an excuse to go all raw, this is it. Wellness own brand muesli bites come in original, cacao and goji berry and promise to fuel you with nutrition and energy of the most delicious kind. Both cacao and goji berries have anti-oxidants and high level nutrients.

Honest chocolate is handmade in Cape Town using raw (unroasted) organic Ecuadorian cacao. No preservatives, artificial flavouring or emulsifiers means chocolate as pure as possible and no dairy or processed sugar makes it a healthier alternative.

Caring Candies sugar-free sweets are designed to be healthy and come in a range of different flavours. Producers have created their range with diabetics, hyperactive children, slimmers & the health conscious in mind. They are free from all ‘nasties’ like sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, preservatives and allergens. They are also tooth-friendly, gluten-free, Kosher, vegan, and unbelievably delicious with no horrible aftertaste.

Oh, the delectable taste of sweet nectar.

Energy giving, satiating and more-ish, there is nothing like the sweet taste to satisfy your fancy. And sweet must have a place in your life. After all it is one of the five tastes of life and if life must be in balance, sweet must be present. Have you ever noticed after eating a meal filled with variety and tastes you often feel like something sweet afterwards? That’s because we feel totally satiated when we have eaten a portion of every taste: bitter, sour, salty, pungent, astringent and sweet. Make the sweet part of your life healthy and nutritious by including sweeteners that are beneficial to your health.

Health boost with molasses Molasses are the by-product of the sugar refining process and are extremely nutritious. They contain B Vitamins, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Pantothenic Acid, Inositol and Vitamin E. Health advisors recommend having a tablespoon of molasses daily as a health booster. It is said to be an alkali-forming food beneficial for maintaining a proper acid-alkali balance in the body. Molasses have a very strong taste and are best used in combination with other ingredients. Add a tablespoon of molassses to baked goods, include a drizzle on cereals, hot milk or use as a source of nutrition. Try a tablespoon dissolved in warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice as an early morning gift to your body. Health Connection Wholefoods High Test Molasses 500g


Honest Raw Chocolate Artisan Chocolate Slab 60g R4495 Organic Chocolate Mint Box 4piece R4795 Organic Chocolate Box 4piece R4795 Organic Chocolate Spread 155g R4995

Available at all stores and online

Stevia to the rescue Sweet-a-Vita makes it so easy to replace sugar with a natural plant based sweetener that keeps blood sugar levels stable, is aspartame-free, has no after taste and almost no calories. Stevia is the magic ingredient, a sweetener that comes from the leaves of a small shrub native to South America. It also has nutrients that benefit the body. Sweet-a-Vita comes in a white, crystalline powder that looks similar to sugar and can be used in the same way.





50 x 1g sachets

Trace the centuries old tea ritual by brewing one of these premium, locally grown flower teas. Each blend includes health giving rooibos as a base with added flowers. This delicious taste need not be restricted to a tea pot but can be used in countless recipes. Think salad dressing, rooibos reduction, a marinade for meat and chicken, dessert coulis – use your imagination. Carmien Flower Tea Vintage Royalty 100g R3795 Oh-So-Dreamy 100g R3795 Whimsical Berries 100g R3795 Amber Royalty 100g R3795

Caring Candies Ginger Bon Bon 90g Liquorice Bon Bon 90g Banana Twist Jar 120g Original Toffee Jar 120g

Available at all stores and online

Available at all stores and online

Taste test

Enjoy grape juice produced with the complexity of wine. This prestigious grape juice is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Blends of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are all alcohol free.

Tokara olive oil and balsamic blends are grown locally and perfectly refined for the most taste discerning customers.


Available at all stores and online

Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

buy me onlin e

buy me onlin e

Pouring pleasure

Whether you are the chocolate chip type, a dark chocolate lover or prefer oatmeal or a preserved ginger flavour, Dunk biscuits are for you. Homemade goodness, freshness and wholesome taste using only quality ingredients is proven in the testing. Try one and see.

This wonderful gift pack is made from an exclusive 'Live Oil' method of harvesting using the latest Alfa Laval pressing machine from Italy. This means Extra Virgin Oil with a unique procedure that combats oxidation and deterioration for as long as the oil stays in the bottle.

Dunk Double Choc Chip Biscuits 275g R4695 Beautiful Butter Biscuits 275g R4495 Macadamia Choc Chip Cookies 275g R4995 Preserved Ginger Biscuits 275g R4495

Ilgadi Special Edition Gift Box R14995 Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only


Tokara Balsamic & Olive Oil Gift Pack R10995 Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml R9995

R2095 R2095 R2595 R2595

Straight to heaven

Available at all stores and online

Grape cheer

Inah Superior Grape Juice Merlot '11 750ml R5495 Shiraz '11 750ml R5495 Cabernet Sauvignon '11 750ml

Tea total

Available at all stores and online

Sweet-a-Vita Blackstrap Molasses 500g R1295

Available at all stores and online

Wellness Raw Cacao Muesli Bites 300g R6995 Raw Goji Berry Muesli Bites 300g R6995 Raw Original Muesli Bites 300g R6995

Available at all stores


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.



Our Recipe -

try this at the wellness café!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 large onion, minced 2 medium carrots, grated 1 courgette, grated 1 tbs cooking oil 1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 cup cooked butter beans 1 cup cooked kidney beans 2 tbsp whole grain mustard 2 tbsp sugar-free tomato sauce 2 tbsp wheat-free tamari 1 1/2 cups Jungle oats 8 cloves garlic, very finely chopped 1 tablespoon honey

• • • • • • • •

makes 5 burgers

Cook onion, garlic, carrot and courgette in a hot pan with a little oil for 5 minutes until soft but not burnt. Add chili powder and cumin and cook for a few more minutes. Turn off the heat. Roughly mash the beans in a large bowl. Add the cooked vegetable mixture, mustard, tomato sauce, tamari, oats and honey. Mix well and shape the mixture into 5 patties. Heat your pan with a little oil and fry burger over medium heat for approximately 8 minutes (4 minutes each side) until golden brown. Top your pattie with some avo, freshly sliced tomato, some greens and tomato sauce and place in a gluten free bun. Yum.










These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

DISCLAIMER: The information above is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by a competent health care professional. You should not use this information in diagnosing or treating a health problem. No claim or opinion is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. If you are taking any drugs (prescribed or not), or have a medical condition, please consult a physician or health care professional, who is aware of herb/drug interactions before taking any herbal or natural supplements. Vibrant Health uses 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible with whole food concentrates for maximum absorbability and efficacy. Vibrant Health products are available from practitioners, leading health stores nationwide, or directly from Natural Vibrance. IMPORTERS OF THE FINEST PRODUCTS NATURE PROVIDES


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integrative health

integrative health

"Looking after your joints, muscles and ligaments is a highly worthy pursuit that will keep you in top form for years to come."

1 4 2 5 3



Keep your weight balanced. If you load anything with too much weight – a trolley, a bakkie, a cart, the axel and wheels are bound to buckle. It’s exactly the same with you. If you are overweight you are putting too much strain on your joints. Most overweight people struggle with their knees and backs. Remember this: for every kilo that you are overweight you are adding four times more stress on your knees.

Go for low impact movement like swimming and cycling rather than exercise that jolts your joints too much. Don’t sit still for too long – long couch sessions or desk and chair situations are bad for joints. Change your sitting position often, walk around whenever you can – pace out your phone calls and stretch frequently. Prepare for exercise properly by warming up the muscles with a brisk walk or cycle, then stretching your muscles. Spend additional time warming up parts of your body that have been previously injured. Avoid overuse. If you get sore joints or muscles, don’t persevere. Stop and rest. Allow for recovery time after exercise.



MOVES FOR HAPPY JOINTS Most people, as they get older, feel a change in the way their body moves.

did you know? Almost every movement made by the body is initiated in the core – think of the abdomen, hips and lower back and how running, weights, swimming, lunges, twists all use core stability and strength. 12


etting out of bed in the morning just seems more difficult, there might be a bit of a groan sitting down and getting up, many complain of feeling creaky. When and if this happens all depends on how much attention you have paid to your joints. Looking after your joints, muscles and ligaments is a highly worthy pursuit that will keep you in top form for years to come. This is especially important if you are an athlete or train regularly or if you know you are prone to arthritis or osteoporosis. A joint is where two bones connect. This joint allows you to bend your knees, move your

everything you need to live life well

hips, arch your back, turn your head and wiggle your fingers. Smooth tissue called cartilage and synovium and a lubricant called synovial fluid cushion the joints so bones aren’t in friction with each other. Age, injuries, too much weight, bad posture, wear and tear can damage the cartilage and lead to degeneration or arthritis. Here’s how to keep your joints healthy.

5 smart moves

for happy joints>

Use deep focused breathing to remind you to stand up straight and develop a good posture. This will protect your joints from your neck down to your ankles, lessening the strain on your hip joints and your back. It also makes you feel much better. Check the way you lift things, don’t be lopsided and remember to lift with your knees. Keep bags and backpacks evenly weighted i.e. use straps over both shoulders not just one.


Strong muscles support your joints but without adequate muscle strength more pressure is felt on the joints. Build muscle and keep surrounding ligaments well used with weight training exercises. Schedule a session with a training instructor so you don’t end up straining the muscles you want to strengthen. Do what’s good for you; some exercises may not be appropriate for your body type. If you feel pain, stop.

EAT NOURISHING FOODS Follow a nutritious diet with calcium-rich foods to maintain bone density. Strong bones keep you balanced and steady and guard against injuries and joint damage. Milk, molasses, yogurt, broccoli and figs are good choices or take a calcium supplement. Vitamin D is also important. Vitamin C and antioxidants are known to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis. Salmon is another good food choice with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that reduce joint pain and arthritic swelling. If you suspect you aren’t getting enough Omega-3’s take a supplement.


visit for a comprehensive guide to health


MOVING TO WHOLENESS By Glenn-Douglas Haig Wellness Warehouse Life Coach I’m in the mountains above Stellenbosch, at my temporary ‘office,’ five minutes from my house, in the middle of a vineyard. The Cape is at her seductive best as I sit in a glass room and watch children and families laughing, playing, running and just ‘being’ in the garden outside. The more they move, the brighter their smiles, the easier they laugh. Fathers join the little ones on the swings, slides and an exquisite handwoven, human-sized “Weaver’s nest” hanging from the tree. Love and joy tangibly fill the air and everyone has one thing in common: they are all playing outside, moving easily and unselfconsciously through their world. How tragic that as we grow up, we tend to move less freely through our lives. We ‘shut down’ inner parts of us that we deem unacceptable, and our bodies - faithful as ever - follow suit. We become slower, more sedentary and develop back aches and knee aches and heartaches and headaches. This is not in any way, natural or to be expected. This is purely because we get so stuck in our mental worlds and worries that we forget to move ourselves to wholeness, to heal the holes created by our own selfjudgement and to consciously leave behind the habits of fear and worry that drain the life-force within us. The antidote is quite simple – move your body more often and your mind will move too. Dance whenever you can, play as much as possible, stretch, yawn, grunt, groan with pleasure and choose to feel alive. Walk up Lion’s Head, on the beach or in the park, or do a yoga class and give your mind a chance to move too. You deserve to feel whole again, just like the kids and dads in the sunshine. Choose to move your body and you will radiate love and joy.


get more online by visiting



integrative health product guide











One of the most important things you can do to safe-guard your joints, is strengthen your core muscles. This is your centre of gravity and the place all your movements originate from. A strong core keeps your power in the centre keeping stress away from the back and neck. It holds you in a better posture, gives you more control and improved performance with all your movements. It helps prevent injury and provides protection and a foundation for your back. Good core stability helps your muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. When your core is weak you can expect lower back pain and a susceptibility to muscle injury. Even if you do nothing else, spend five minutes everyday working your core. It is the base note of all workouts. Core strength can never be over emphasised.


MORE MOVEMENT This is a comprehensive formula using the primary component, Arthred®, which is clinically reported to nutritionally support healthy joint function. It also helps maintain and strengthen cartilage and connective tissue.

Five ingredients have been combined as a highly effective joint care solution. Joint Revolution doesn’t just fight pain, degeneration and damage. It also helps promote regeneration and repair.

This is the antidote to free radicals and inflammation. With 100% pure astaxanthin, the ultimate antioxidant and natural antiinflammatory, anti-X marks the spot.

Stop bone loss and start bone growth with this organic sea-vegetable mix filled with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, Boron and 74 trace minerals.

The Real Thing

The Real Thing

The Real Thing

Joint Revolution 120tabs ................


Available at all stores and online

Anti-X 60caps ....................................


Bone Revolution 120tabs ................

Available at all stores and online

MAGIC REPAIR Whether taken internally or used externally Arnica helps prevent injury or strain, aids the recovery of soft tissue injury and soothes and relaxes tired and aching muscles. This is an essential product for sports people or for anyone leading an active lifestyle.

Vibrant Health Joint Vibrance Powder 344g ... R440 Joint Vibrance Tablets 252's ....R530 Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only



Available at all stores and online



off tional er

Herbaforce Arnica Massage Oil 100ml 95 PLUS Arnica D6 100tabs FREE ...


Spatone is a 100% natural iron food supplement collected from the iron rich mineral water from the mountains of Snowdonia in Northern Wales. It is clinically tested, gentle on the stomach and ideal during pregnancy. Iron forms part of the blood and helps deliver oxygen in the body. A deficiency leads to anaemia and a feeling of lethargy and listlessness.

Available at all stores and online

Spatone 100% Natural Iron Supplement ...R15995 Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

SUGAR CHECK The pharmacy offers acute and chronic medication on the government recommended pricing structure of 26/26. This allows a maximum mark up of 26% on Prescription and Schedule Medicine capped at R26.00 excluding VAT (R29.64 inclusive).

Diabecinn contains a water-based cinnamon extract for high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Ideal for type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Don’t let Diabecinn 30caps ...



Available at all stores and online

CRANBERRY CARE Regular health checks are an essential part of caring for yourself. We make it very easy for you at the Wellness Clinic with professional staff, a pharmacy and dispensary on site.

For bookings please phone 021 487 5430 / 021 487 5444 14

Nativa’s Bladder Complex is formulated to help with symptoms related to urinary tract and bladder infections like frequent and urgent need for urination; painful or burning urination with lower pelvic pain. Ingredients like Cranberry fruit extracts are both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory; while Quercetin, Bromelain and Papain have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Buchu and Hibiscus extracts are anti-bacterial and help with water retention. Nativa Bladder Complex 30caps ...



Available at all stores


Vitamins |


Available from Independent Health stores and Healthcare practitioners For more information email | | Tel 011 462 1652 CAREFULLY MANUFACTURED

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

Since 1947

in the USA



integrative health product guide



Take control this Keep Oscillococcinum handy!

Despite miraculous advances in the modern medical world, no one has as yet discovered a cure for the flu. Once you get the virus, you’ve got it, and destined for some down time. Bed rest is the best option to give your body a chance to recover while the flu runs its course. Treating the symptoms- the fever, the aches and pains, the cough and pounding head will help tremendously during this time. Chat to your pharmacist about trusted homoeopathic medicines that help your body fight flu and flu-like symptoms.

"Homeopathy can be safely used in conjunction with conventional treatments." Remember that high temperatures are dangerous – treat with analgesics or ibuprofen or naturally with Belladonna, Feverfew or Barberry tea. A cool bath or cold compresses are good options too, and keep well hydrated by sipping iced water or diluted fruit juice with an added electrolyte formula. Never ignore a fever that refuses to subside or is accompanied by a stiff neck, vomiting or


confusion, or symptoms that persist or worsen after 72 hours: consult your health practitioner immediately. Herbal teas, boiling water with sliced lemon, grated ginger or cinnamon and honey are perfect options once your fever has broken, while chicken soup, the good old fashioned ‘Jewish penicillin’ for both asthma and colds,still retains its long-held tradition as a universal cure-all. Whether science is prepared to give its therapeutic properties a nod or not, the steam helps for congestion; pepper is an ancient treatment for respiratory diseases; onion and ginger are both natural antibiotics. Veggie soups and fruit smoothies will also do the trick (include fruit like berries, guavas and kiwis packed with Vitamin C). Oranges, grapefruit, broccoli and sweet potatoes should also form part of an anti-flu eating plan. Shy away from junk food - refined carbohydrates, trans and saturated fats and sugar-no matter how comforting their appeal. Your body needs healthy fuel to fight illness, so stick to wholesome, nourishing meals instead. And don’t forget to sideline all forms of exercise until you’re fully recovered, getting physical when you have the flu will put both your immune system and your heart under pressure.

With healthy living and wellbeing both top priorities, the last thing you need as winter approaches is a setback thanks to the flu.

Chances are that wherever you go, you’ll soon be surrounded by coughers and sneezers, greatly increasing your risk of succumbing to the virus.


off tional er

WELLNESS SALMON OIL is sourced from icy deep sea Norwegian waters. Compared to other fish, Salmon has been found to have one of the highest concentrations of Omega 3’s. It is rich both in EPA and DHA.



If there’s only one healthy thing you do per day, make sure it is a multi-vitamin. Having the right vitamins and minerals will help guard against illness and will strengthen the immune system.




Wellness Salmon Oil + Multi Vitamin Banded Pack...

Wellness Flaxseed Oil + Multi Vitamin Banded Pack...

Available at all stores

Available at all stores




Dr. Boxall's Integrated Natural Remedies compliment the treatment of: Dr. Boxall’s Integrated Natural Remedies compliment the treatment of : Colds & Flu Immunity Viral Infections Diabetes (Supportive) Cancer (Supportive) Stress Anxiety Depression Weight Loss Colds are & Flu Immunity Viral Infections Diabetes (Supportive) Cancer Products free* from animal* derivatives, yeast,* added sodium or sugar, *artificial flavourants, (Supportive) * Stress Anxiety Depression * Weight colourants, and preservatives. They*are vegan*and animal-friendly andLoss grown organically with no use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers. See for more detailed product info. Products are free from animal derivatives, yeast, added sodium or sugar, artificial DR. BOXALL'S PRODUCTS: flavourants, preservatives. They are vegan and animal-friendly Sceletium tincture drops 20ml...R94.95 and Sutherlandia with Olive Leaf VegCaps Sceletium withcolourants Avena Sativaand VegCaps 260mg...R139 400mg...R149 Sutherlandia tincture 20ml...R94.95 Hoodia VegCaps 1000mg...R199 Hoodia tincture drops 20ml...R94.95 grown organically withdrops no use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

Follow Dr. Boxall's

The range consists of both veg capsules and organic tincture drops for additional on-the-go support Available at all stores and online

Dr. Boxall’s products : Sceletium, Sutherlandia, Hoodia, Avena Sativa & Olive Leaf


For product information visit our website—

Our range consists of both veg capsules and organic tincture drops for additional on-the-go support.

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

TG/J12015/Oscillo2 •



WHO CAN TAKE OSCILLOCOCCINUM®? Oscillococcinum® is for everyone! Because it’s a homeopathic medication, it can be safely used by adults, children and the elderly, even when on long-term chronic medication. Oscillococcinum® is not habit-forming, has no drug interaction and does not cause drowsiness.

% of patients whose symptoms have improved / disappeared after 48 hours of treatment.

Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic medication that assists the body to fight flu symptoms and flu-like symptoms such as body aches, pains, chills and fever at their onset5. It is manufactured by BOIRON Laboratories, the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world, with an operating presence in 80 countries worldwide. Oscillococcinum® is trusted by millions of people around the world: it’s the No1 OTC flu medicine in France1, No1 in the Netherlands2 and ®

For a vegetable source of Omega’s, take Flaxseed oil, one of the richest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Wellness Pure cold pressed flaxseed oil contains Omega 3-6-9 from vegetable origin with a principal Omega 3 fatty acid. Fatty acids are important to sustain life and essential for normal growth and development.

Studies have shown that Oscillococcinum® can effectively relieve flu symptoms and flu-like symptoms within 48 hours, and that it has a positive effect when it comes to the duration of the disease5.

Take control by washing your hands regularly as the flu virus is not only transmitted via droplets when someone coughs or sneezes, but also manages to survive on surfaces - door handles, gym equipment, bathroom taps and office desks! - for up to 48 hours. So OSCILLOCOCCINUM® IS CONVENIENT: just one touch followed by a quick rub of eyes, nose or mouth and Oscillococcinum® is available in unit-dose tubes of tiny pleasantyou’re a goner - that’s how contagious it is! tasting pellets that melt in your mouth. Since no water is needed, Remember that feeling tired and run down are 100% it’s easy to take wherever you are! Small often the first symptoms of flu and may not enough to tuck into a hidden pocket in be a sign that you’re overdoing the juggling both gym bag and purse, it can be carried 62.9% act, especially when accompanied by body with you at all times, readily available 50% aches and pains, chills and fever. Flu’s onset is when the first sign of flu symptoms strike. 48.5% sudden, which is why you should always keep Oscillococcinum® handy to assist your body Always remember to consult your to fight flu symptoms and flu-like symptoms health practitioner if symptoms 0% right from the start5. persist and to give yourself downtime Oscillococcinum Placebo when you’re not feeling well!



No3 in Russia3. Oscillococcinum® is also the No1 Cold & Flu product in Natural Supermarkets and Health Stores in the United States.4


Oscillococcinum® is available at leading pharmacies & health shops countrywide. For more information, please visit or e-mail

References: 1SO IMS value MAT 11 2011, 2SO IMS value MAT 11 2011, 3Pharma Expert value MAT 12 2011, 4SPINS can value MAT 12 2011, 5Oscillococcinum in patients with influenza-like syndromes, R Papp et al. British homeopathic journal, April 1998, 87, 69-76. Oscillococcinum Flu Granules, Box of 6 units of doses of pellets. Anas Barbariae Hepatis et Cordis Extr. 200 K, U 2151 (Act 101/1965). Distributed by: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd, Unit 7 & 8 York House, Tybalt Place, 185 Howick Close, Waterfall Park, Bekker Street, Vorna Valley, Midrand, South Africa, Tel: (011) 564 3900.



green living

green living

"Treat exercise as an

appointment that’s just as important as everything else."

Automatically you will find yourself choosing healthier foods, drinking more water and having higher levels of energy. Make exercise your change and see how it influences your overall lifestyle. Here’s how.

neglected. Even if you are simply trying to lose weight, building lean muscle means you will burn more calories even when you are not exercising. Build all three of these elements into a weekly training session and see how quickly you get results.

The goal is to train in moderation - too much can be as bad as too little. To get the most out of your routine, include all three types of training.



This is probably the most important of the three and includes fast paced activities that get your heart pumping like running, cycling and swimming. The great thing about cardio is that you don’t need to spend money on health equipment or gym fees. It’s free to go running outside. Do a bout of cardio three times a week.

Get a Move On Face facts: eat less and exercise more.


he alarm goes off. Is it morning already? You’ve barely had much sleep and it’s going to be a long day. So you might as well skip the gym (just like you did yesterday and the day before) to get a little more rest. That extra hour makes you feel even groggier and guilty about missing your gym session. But there’s no time for that. You’ve got to get ready for work and the kids ready for school. There’s no time for breakfast so you’ll simply get a sugary croissant at the corner coffee bar, the plan being to eat it when you get to work. That doesn’t work out because the phone is already ringing and emails are popping in every few seconds. By mid-morning you still haven’t had anything to eat. Your head hurts and you’re exhausted. So you make yourself a third


cup of coffee and throw in an extra spoon of sugar. The croissant becomes your lunch - no time to drive out and look for food. And of course you’ll eat it at your desk, staving off sticky computer keys. The only time you spend outside is probably for a quick cigarette even though you promised yourself you would quit months ago. After work you are drained and the kids need help with their homework so you opt for takeaways. You zone out in front of the TV probably with a glass of wine or beer, check email in bed until your eyes hurt, and then struggle to sleep. The alarm goes off and you have to repeat the cycle all over again. Does any of this sound familiar? I’m sure at least some of it does. That scenario is an all too common picture of our lives. Five days a week. Fifty weeks a year. Forty years of your life. Barring sick days and early everything you need to live life well


The best time for you to exercise obviously depends on your schedule. Some people are better at mornings while others are better after work. Choose whatever works for you. If you can’t manage a halfhour session all at once, break it up into three ten-minute workouts throughout the day, e.g. taking a quick walk after lunch or when you get home from work. Whatever times you choose, stick to them. Treat exercise as an appointment that’s just as important as everything else.


Even though there are dozens of diets and more workout routines than there are people in the gym, the simplest solution to losing weight or getting in shape is to eat less and exercise more. In making one change like exercising regularly, you will find a whole lot of other lifestyle habits fall into place.

This includes exercises like yoga and Pilates. Yoga has the added dimension of mind calming, which is perfect for reducing stress. Certain practices can even build up quite a sweat, which means they can count as your cardio workout too. Pilates has an amazing focus on the core which improves posture and can prevent back injuries later in life.


5 ways to get a move on >

Green-friendly eating with a Vegan Lifestyle

Some of the retro food trends making a comeback are grass fed meat and raw milk, but the strongest health trend these days is back-to-basics with a primarily vegan diet. Eating a plantbased diet will not only help reduce carbon emissions but dramatically increase your health and wellbeing. Nicole Sherwin, editor of Simply Green magazine and founder The Green Lounge Experience reports. Last year the world's leading authority on climate change, Dr Rajendra Pachauri told the Observer that going meat-free once a week was the ‘most attractive’ way for individuals to reduce carbon emissions. Hospitals are even taking meat off menus in the U.K as part of a strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions, while the Belgian town of Ghent announced plans to make every Thursday a meatfree day. The links between meat and climate change have been well known for several years. A UN study in 2006 showed that the livestock industry was responsible for a staggering 18% of man's global greenhouse gas emissions, partly because of deforestation in the Amazon. Instead of eating animal-based products, vegans choose great-tasting, cholesterolfree, fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and some soy-based foods. (See by actress Alicia Silverstone for great vegan recipes)

By Eugene Yiga

retirement, that’s ten thousand days of rat race. Without consciously stopping the cycle, it won’t change. Health is the single most important area of life. Unless we’re living with energy and strength, it’s hard to accomplish anything.

Green Tip

Strength training is important for many reasons and yet it is an area often

Keeping up a routine can be tough. Using a personal trainer keeps you accountable and gives you a customised routine. Working out with friends also helps. When I first started training, the only way I got to the gym at 06h00, five mornings a week, was by training with my two best friends. It also added fun to the equation. There is one caution though, make sure you avoid the temptation to chat instead of exercise. It defeats the purpose.

Tweet us your favourite exercise routine and you could WIN a Wellness yoga mat. Don’t forget to @WellNews and #MovementIssue Eugene Yiga is a writer and coach based in Cape Town. Email for information on The Monumental Life.


get more online by visiting

Follow Nicole: Brought to you by Nicole Sherwin Editor of Simply Green Magazine Simply Green is South Africa's premier bimonthly green lifestyle magazine, providing positive and practical steps to cleaner living for people who want to make a difference but don't want to compromise on lifestyle.

For more tips and eco lifestyle trends get Simply GreenMagazine



green living product guide

Make Memories

Store up a powerhouse of special memories with the people you love. Mother's Day is the perfect time to create bonding opportunities. Sometimes a tea set, marked by endless cups of tea accompanied by discussions, laughter and serious issues will forever remind you of good times. A special vase might carry memories of a trademark flower, a cozy cushion, the nostalgia of lazy family days spend lounging around together. Choose a Mother's Day gift that will leave a lasting impression.

TEA FOR TWO Tea pots, sugar bowl and milk jugs to rival any Mad Hatter tea party. Gorgeous designs and motifs bring joy and delight to your tea setting. Just add a blend of tea and some decorative cup cakes.

SITTING PRETTY Bright and fun hand crocheted floor cushions add a touch of bold, colourful individuality to any space. They are as comfortable on the floor as on anything else. Global Village Floor Cushion R1100 Available at Green Living and online only


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Vanilla Concrete Aladin Sugar Bowl R125, Aladin Teapot R300, Aladin Milk Jug R125

Make an impression with these striking silk bracelets with added charms. Pick a colour to suit your personality.

Adorable footwear hand-made from natural materials, are so snug and comfy you might find yourself wanting to wear them out.

Kiki Silk Bracelet with charms 179.95

Toffels R400

Available at Green Living, Cavendish and online only

Available at Green Living and online only

Available at Green Living, Cavendish and online only



CERAMIC SO DEAR Put some personality into your kitchen with these whimsical ceramics. Bunnies, deer and birds adorn your bowls and dishes in an entertaining and endearing gesture.

Instead of the usual printed picture these wooden frames are filled with living plants. Succulents and carefully chosen varieties need little upkeep. Each one is original and put together with creative flair. Garden Canvas Living Frame 10 x 10 R456 Garden Canvas Living Frame 40 x 40 R1255 Available at Green Living and online only

Handcrafted individual products from tintown use community innovation to produce lovingly crafted items destined to add character to any home environment. Tintown Photo Frame R167

Lovebird Clock R414

Available at Green Living, Cavendish and online only

free gift Purchase to the value of R500 and receive one

Vanilla Concrete Bullet Vase R128, Floppy Bowl Large R299.95, Large Sloop Bowl R255, Soapdish R80, Twisted Cylinder Vase R285, Round Bowl with Lid R152, Baby Milk Jug R114, Breakfast Bowl R83, Teapot R300 Available at Green Living, Cavendish and online only


Selected items only available at our Green Living Store and not available at all stores.


Garden Canvas succulent *Green Living store only. While stocks last



fitness, sleep & massage



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fitness, sleep & massage

Get your own hoop Make sure you have an adult size, weighted hoop (36inch or bigger). Using a children’s size hoop does not make things easier. The bigger the hoop the easier it is to keep around your waist and the more time you have to co-ordinate your movements. Start spinning The classic move: Basic waist rotation. Step inside the hoop. Holding the hoop at waist level, Grip the hoop firmly with two hands, stand with your knees bent and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. With your hands, push the hoop off a hip so it begins to rotate and send your hoop in a spin. As it spins, sway your hips in a side-to-side motion. Keeping your eyes closed helps you focus in order to get yourself coordinated.

"Start with basic moves until you feel comfortable. "

HOOP DA LOOP In 500BC Egyptian children played with hoops made out of dried grapevines, rolling them with sticks or whirling them around their waist. 22

Hoopers get a full body workout with moves like the 360’ spin, the jump through, the bump and v-sit. Start with basic moves until you feel comfortable, then step up to more advanced ones, mixing and matching for your own personal workout. Do any

Hula Hoop Large Small

R280 R250

Dance and be fit Brazilian Body DVD

R9995 each

Wrap this hoop around your hips and start sashaying for a worked out core, waist, butt, legs and more.

Use Latin beats and a boogie as the ultimate way to get fit, pump up your sex appeal and have great fun all at the same time. Easy instructions make it a cinch to follow.

Available at Kloof and online only

Available at Kloof only and online only

"I ensure I get enough sleep and try to exercise for at least 1hour, three times a week. I do my best to remain present and surround myself with positive people. I love to observe life." To contact Leilah see page 38 for details.

What started off as a children’s fad in the 1950’s has now become the latest fitness craze! Hoola hooping is not only great fun but gets you ultra fit with strong, firm abdominals. Get into the swing by moving your derrière, circling your waist and sashaying those hips. ooping improves hand-eye coordination, balance, rhythm, core strength and motor skills. Feel like a child again, increase your patience and focus, believe in yourself, burn off calories with a simple hoop.

Share the hoopiness Why not hoop your way to health with family and friends? By Hula Hooping together you can share your giggles, creative techniques and expressive body moves with others.

We asked wellness ambassador Leilah Kirsten how she lives life well?

wellness ambassador



Great value gives you everything you need to pursue a serious yoga discipline in this set that includes a sticky yoga mat, 2 blocks and strap. This set will help you ease into postures safely in both seated and standing work. Available at Kloof and online only

Add some moves and tricks Learn some hooping tricks by watching Youtube videos (search for hoopilates, hoopnotica, hoopgirl or radianthoops).

Read more from Sharni on

by Sharni Quinn

did you know?

Wellness Yoga Set

Powercore Pilates Soft Ball 19cm


Powercore Pilates Ring

R16995 each

Spice up your routine with this soft ball companion. Use it for core stability training, strengthening of abdomen muscles and pelvic floor exercises.

The Pilates ring provides gentle to moderate resistance and offer the body feedback as to where it is in space and which muscles are being used. Use it to up your personal goals and challenges by increasing your resistance at every work-out.

Available at Kloof and online only

Available at Kloof and online only


combination of moves for 30 minutes, 3 times per week and feel your body tone up and your mind become increasingly focused.

HOOPING tips >

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

The Mind, Body, Soul Body Control Pilates

R190 each

A comprehensive Pilates work-out that strengthens the core and is guaranteed to make your body feel strong and energized. Available at Kloof and online only

Brita Fill & Go

R109 each

Get your water quota by filling up the Brita fill and go bottle. Take it on your travels and use traffic time to increase your hydration. Available at Kloof. Cavendish, Wembley, Palmyra and online only.



eco mom & baby

Getting your kids more active is a great motivation to up your own level of fitness.

share your #playidea with us @wellnews

1 2 3 4

work it out Installing kids in front of a television might seem a sweet break for a harassed parent but too much time on the couch has many negative implications.


HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Children age 6 and older need at least an hour a day of physical activity. This can be moderate or vigorous activity with a muscle and bone strengthening component. Things like sport, playground equipment, swimming and skipping will cover both. Remember, exercise does more than support a healthy weight. It also provides a foundation for a lifetime habit of fitness and health.


hirty years of teaching kids movement at a school in Cape Town has given a Eurythmy teacher expert insights into how extensive these negative effects are.

“There is a distinct difference in the way kids are now compared to pre-television days. Kids used to move much more, their posture was different, spatial awareness more pronounced, levels of creativity greater, self-confidence better, weight, body shape and size more balanced. All these things have degenerated.”

Parents are highly influential in getting their kids to live a more active life. By teaching your child how to amuse themselves away from the TV or computer, it is possible to instil a life-long love for activity. Kids learn almost everything through example. If you incorporate fitness in your life, it will become a feature in theirs. Besides, getting your kids more active is a great motivation to up your own level of fitness. We list 7ways to bring more movement into your household.

7 ways to bring

more movement into your house>

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

5 6 7

lovewell movewell

mom & baby fitness,eco sleep & massage

EXERCISE TOGETHER Make it a family affair, go to gym or go cycling together. Introduce a habit of a family walk after dinner every evening. Even 20 or 30 minutes daily will make a difference in your child's level of fitness. Many yoga classes are suitable for kids as well. If children grow up with exercise as a normal part of life, they are more likely to incorporate exercise into their lives permanently.

ENCOURAGE ACTIVE CHORES Kids often mimic grown-up’s by doing chores. Things like washing the car, watering the garden, even vacuuming, sweeping or raking up leaves can be pleasurable activities for them. Add a pocket money value to them to make it even more worthwhile.

ADD A PUPPY Hours of running up and down with a puppy, is a great way to inspire pleasurable outdoor time. A Frisbee is also an excellent dog friendly tool that requires movement.

Pollywiggles Allergen Free Spotted Elephant


Choose an allergen free cuddly toy for your child and reduce the danger of allergies and asthma. Be assured there is no fabric or filling used that will trigger symptoms of asthma. Available at Kloof and online only

UNPLUG What happened to all those games before TV came around. Things like hopscotch, jumping rope, swing ball and tag or flying kites. There were other ball games like ‘Sevens’ where you threw a ball against the wall with different bounces each time. Sometimes all kids need is a bit of guidance. If you teach these games to them they will invariably go outside and play them.

GET WHEELS Skateboards, go-carts and rollerblades are sure ways to promote movement. See that you have somewhere close by that kids can practice, even if it means you have to bring your laptop and catch up on emails. Even better, get a pair of roller blades yourself and join in. Remember knee pads and helmets.

Pollywiggles Allergen Free Developmental Giraffe

R13995 each

This cute and cuddly giraffe is certified asthma and allergy friendly making it an ideal choice for moms wanting to reduce the level of allergens around children. Available at Kloof and online only

Cargo Kids Assorted Stickers



Help The Rural Child



sav rice eR 10

has an interest in and support it. It could be tennis, karate, cricket, water polo, ballet or any of the traditional sports. Help them set up regular training sessions with their friends. Show interest and encouragement by going along to watch them play.

Wellness Warehouse supports:


Add some fun by choosing these alternative 'baby on board' stickers for your car. We love the cute 'yoga baby on board'. Available Kloof and online only

SUPPORT A SPORT Find out what activity your child

LIMIT SCREEN GAMES If necessary, make rules that restrict screen time. Most kids spend 20 hours or more in front of a screen. If space is limited and you don’t have a garden or live in a neighbourhood where walks are difficult, consider video games that require movement.


4 a Kid Child Safety Harness

R125 each

Happy Melts Organic Yogurt Snacks


R3995 28g

A Child Safety Harness is a way to keep a child from wandering too far when you're out and about and keeping them safe by your side! Available at Kloof,

This is a truly healthy snack easy for baby to pick up and swallow. It has pre and pro-biotics with billions of live and active cultures with high protein and low sugar supplemented with calcium and vitamin D.

Cavendish and online only

Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

1% of all Wellness Card purchases are donated to Help The Rural Child, a charity dedicated to supporting programmes that work with children in rural communities. Their purpose is to turn otherwise invisible rural children into happy secure citizens. Please help by donating excess clothing, bric a brac and books to the charity shops. You can drop them at the Wellness Kloof street store or they will collect.


get more online by visiting

021 689 8392

Green Toys Dump Truck


Green Toys Bocks Set

R340 per set

Made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, this really is the most energy efficient vehicle on this or any planet. The super cool eco-design has a workable dumper and no metal axels.

This unique block set includes a variety of shapes for building castles, towers, or any imaginative structure budding architects can dream up. Most importantly, Green Toys Blocks are safe. No BPA, PVC, phthalates or external coatings, but plenty of Good Green Fun™.

Available at Kloof & Cavendish

Available at Kloof & Cavendish




treat cupboard

eco mom & baby

B_WET_WIPE_210X148.5.fh11 4/17/12 10:19 AM Page 1

Invite good eating habits by changing the contents of your treat cupboard.


nstead of packing it with sugar laden sweets, stock up with a variety of fruit and nut based treats. When there are no nasty treats in the house your choices automatically become healthier. Keep tiny bowls nearby and dish out a handful of sunflower seeds, raisons, dried mango, dates, almonds, coconut or raw cacao. Spark added interest by getting kids to help with making their own sweet recipes. Try different blends of soaked dates, coconut,

crushed nuts whipped together with a bit of tahini paste, roll into balls and cover with sesame seeds. Use any variation of dried fruit and nuts to make it interesting. You can also cover balls with coconut. Children will soon develop a taste for these satisfying alternatives and you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to deal with hyperactivity caused by too much sugar. When sending them off to parties, give them a variety of home-made sweets to take with them. Sunflower seeds are especially good for staving off cravings.

new handmade soap range

Soft, pure and cleansing Why should a cleaning ritual be boring when you can use one of the Wellness Warehouse own brand soaps and melt into a delicious journey of fragrance and soft indulgence. Our brand new range of earth friendly soaps is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. There are no artificial colourants or fragrances used. Rather than test on animals we tested them on humans. After astounding feedback we went as fast as we could to bring them into store. You will find our soaps keep their shape without getting mushy yet they are soft and beautifully textured. We have purposefully developed the range for a number of uses from energising to soothing, cleansing, exfoliating, detoxing and stimulating. Use them in the shower or bath and because they are earth friendly you can even use them in a rock pool or waterfall. All packaging used is 100% biodegradable.

WELLNESS HANDMADE SOAP RANGE: Soft, pure, cleansing and bio-degradable soaps made from 100% naturally derived ingredients.

shop online at

Suitable for vegans Printed on recycled paper Handmade



beauty & wellspa

beauty & wellspa


ollow our 8 tips to ‘green’ your beauty routine.

Be a label junkie Most of us would never just eat anything given to us without knowing what it is, but yet we use beauty products without knowing what ingredients they contain. Ignore the claims on the front of the package and read the list of product ingredients. It may be hard to stop using beauty products with synthetic chemicals in them all together, but you can make a more informed decision about the ones you do choose to use. Use products with fewer ingredients and less, or no, synthetic chemicals. If you do not recognise or cannot pronounce the ingredients on the label, you may want to rethink using it.

Choose green brands As consumers we all have a lot more power than we think. By shopping differently we start to influence what products get sold and even how those products are made. Support beauty brands that promote green practices, try to encourage people to be more eco-conscious and strive to use only natural ingredients. Also, only buy brands that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Avoid disposable


by Janine Garner

Switching to a green beauty routine will not only decrease the size of your carbon footprint, but will protect your natural beauty and reduce the amount of chemicals your body has to deal with.

o 28

get more online by visiting

everything you need to live life well

Nowadays so much we use comes in disposable form. While disposable items (like plastic razors and face wipes) may be very handy, these items often cannot be recycled and add to our landfill problem. Rather buy items that will last for longer. Wax, invest in a good electric razor or buy razors that allow you to change the blade. Instead of using facial wipes, get a reusable face cloth (micro fibre ones are great). When you do need to buy disposable items, make sure they are recyclable or made from biodegradable materials.

Don’t be wasteful Being "green" is not just about changing the way you shop, it also about not wasting the products you have. Look for ways to extend the life of your favourite beauty products. Cutting open plastic cream

containers will extend your product for a couple of days. Use an ear-bud to get lipstick out of an almost finished tube and clean your makeup brushes regularly.

Turn it off One really simple thing you can do to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly is to use less water and power. Reduce energy consumption by occasionally giving your hairdryer or flat iron a rest and let your hair dry naturally. Also remember to save water by not leaving the tap running when you are washing your face or shaving and by showering instead of bathing.

Less is better How many beauty products have you used today? Deodorant, moisturiser, shampoo, soap, lipstick and the list goes on. Before using any product on your body, ask yourself if you really need it. When it comes to synthetic chemical exposure, less is better than more. Just cutting down on the amount of products you use will minimise clutter, save you money and greatly reduce the amount of chemicals fed to your body.

Say bye to dye Most hair dyes and relaxers are loaded with toxic chemicals, which are bad for you and the environment. While there are more natural hair dyes and straighteners starting to be offered at some salons, they are still not widely available and tend to be rather expensive. The best way to keep your hair chemical-free and save money is to embrace your real hair colour and join the Go Natural movement. Most of the time the hair you were born with, suits you the best.




More than 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. So using more organic and chemical-free products is much healthier for you.

IT IS KINDER TO THE PLANET Natural beauty products are biodegradable, won't contaminate water systems and are made using eco-friendly processes.


Greening your beauty routine does not mean giving up looking glamorous. There are plenty of all-natural beauty product alternatives.

Cut down on packaging While attractive packaging is great to look at, the truth is most of it ends up in the bin. Look for products with minimal, biodegradable and recycled packaging.

share your #greenbeauty tips with us @wellnews

for bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454 Cavendish 021 673 7216 Plattekloof 021 558 7106 for information on wellspa offerings please visit 29



beauty & wellspa

Express heartfelt appreciation with a loving gift. From hearts to angels, flowers and birds, surprise mom with a token of your gratitude. Any one of these items will remind mom how much you love her.

your 'must have' product guide

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Within Mint Flower R60, Within Pink Flower R60, Within Bamboo Angel R40, Within Bamboo Bird R40, Within Bamboo Coasters 5'S R130, Within Bamboo Peace Sign R40, Within Small Bright Heart R100 Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

You deserve so much credit. Thank you for everything you have done for me, for all your understanding and love and the hugs and concern. No matter what’s happening around you, you always find time to cook and care for me. You are always there. Happy Mother’s Day!



Pick up the perfect gift in one of these gorgeous products from JuMe. Not only is the packaging something to covet but everything in the range feel luxurious and nurturing. Opt for Rose, a fragrance everyone loves. Jume Rosy Me Travel Light Candle R120, Jume Rosehip Balm R140, Rose Body Lotion R150, Jume Rosy Me Soy Candle R220

Divine hand crafted gift boxes and single products give you a wide choice of gifts you can’t go wrong with. Antjies products are fabulous in all aspects. Natural ingredients and fragrances add to the appeal.

Available at all stores and online


Over the decades Dr Hauschka have developed an in-depth understanding of the way certain plants mirror specific skin functions and the way each plant interacts with the skin to result in a toned, balanced and radiant complexion. This extremely well-loved range of products is steeped in ecologically and socially responsible business practices using biodynamic and organic ingredients. In addition, a special rhythmic process infuses the products with nature’s vital life forces maintaining the integrity and healing nature of the plants.


The discovery of a unique combination of plant extracts is the key 'hidden secret' to being able to substitute these 'botanicals' for the harmful chemical filters normally used in sunscreens. Sunumbra offers a natural product that safeguards your skin as well as protecting it from the sun. DR HAUSCHKA Rose Day Cream 30ml R395 Rejuvenating Mask 30ml R467 Facial Toner 100ml R380 Cleansing Milk 145ml R395 Cleansing Cream 50ml R242 Skin Kit Normal-Dry R269 Sunumbra Natural Sunscreen R197

Slippers R140, Antjies Lavender Range Bath Salt Gift Box R99.95, Lavender Range Soap/Bath Tea Gift Box R140, Fleur De Cape Soap Bar R35, Fleur De Cape Salt Soap Bar R39.95, Fleur De Cape Cotton Facecloth R55, Fleur De Cape Bathsalt Tin R55, Antjies Fleur De Cape Bath Tea Set R39.95 Available at all stores and online

Available at all stores except Seapoint. Available online


Aptly themed love, this is a body range where you pick up the vibrations. Produced by a small dedicated team means each product is well checked and cared for. Soak, soap, moisturise and end up feeling soft, smooth and fragranced. Bella Blossom Love Soap R79.95, Love Bath Soak R79.95, Bella Blossom Love Hand & Body Lotion R89.95 Available at all stores and online


Part of good grooming means taking care of hands and feet. What better way than with a nifty mani or pedi set with everything you need for cutting and buffing. These sets are small enough to carry with you in a handbag or to tuck away neatly in your vanity case. MY Manicure Set R69.95, MY Pedicure Set R99.95 Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

Purchase to the value of R650 and receive a FREE

Mother’s Day Gift A hamper filled with Wellness bath and body products *Products may vary. Available at all stores and only while stocks last


Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.


Mother's day promotion for the month of May 2012

Spoil your mom with a 30minute back, neck and shoulder massage and a hand & foot treatment


Start off with a pedicure:

Bowls of warm water with a drop of refreshing lemongrass oil, a squeezed lemon and a floating flower or leaf will do the trick. Soap thoroughly and use a pumice or scraper to get rid of dry skin. Exfoliate with a good product like a salt based exfoliant to make sure dead skin is softened. Once feet are nicely soft takes turns doing foot massages on each other. Use a deep moisturizer or foot balm and rub in thoroughly. Add a drop of peppermint oil to moisturizer for an extra fresh fragrance. Trim toenails, push back cuticles and step out with gorgeous looking feet with a whole new sense of purpose.

Next time:

Try a facial with a cleanse, mask and moisturise. Trim errant ear and nose hairs while you are at it. On another night try a head massage after which work oil into the hair and leave it on for half an hour before washing. Coconut or sesame oil are both good choices.


wellspa is based on the wisdom of nature & time honoured practices


for bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454 - Cavendish 021 673 7216 for information on wellspa offerings please visit

Engage the family in an evening of Spa treatments Happy Heart With the purchase of any 3 Kalki products, Kalki would like to invite you to spoil yourself or someone you love with a complimentary Happy Heart treatment ritual to the value of R250. Be enveloped in aromatherapeutic candle light, lotions and oils of geranium, gingergrass, lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, sandalwood, rosewood, cedarwood, myrrh, clove and rose absolute. Be swept away by a tide of nurturing relaxation.

100% Natural PerfectiNg MiNerals care for nature and nature will care for You Perfecting Minerals with coffeeBerry® extract help to brighten the skin, fight free radicals and protect against the visible signs of premature aging. • 100% natural Minerals • eco-friendly packaging made from biodegradable plant plastics • earth conscious, eco friendly, environmentally safe • anti-aging • Highest, natural free-radical protection with coffeeBerry® extract • Broad Spectrum uV Protection: SPf 25, uVa 10, Pa+++

Offers valid for May 2012

For bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454

Cavendish 021 673 7216

Express Skincare at Wellness Plattekloof 021 558 7106 Gift vouchers available on request For information on wellspa offerings please visit


• Skin cancer foundation Seal of recommendation • Highest known orac of any fruit or vegetable • Paraben free • clinically tested • no animal testing • no animal derived ingredients • eco-friendly, cruelty free brushes • non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic

cOffeeBerry®* Natureceuticals™ Nature’s MOst POteNt aNti-agiNg BOtaNical a&i importers (a member of a&i HoldinGS group of companies) exclusive distributors of Priori® | 011 486 4904 | now aVailaBle at wellneSS wareHouSe lifeStYle on Kloof

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

Perfecting Minerals split-face photos

*Protected by US and International pending patents. The CoffeeBerry® trademark and related pending patents are exclusively licensed by J&J Technologies, LC.


WIN a luxurious three night stay at Abalone Lodge Hermanus

WORKSHOPS, EVENTS & DIRECTORY Welcome to our new Wellness Classified section where like-minded people sharing Wellness services and products can swap information and news.

Mothers’ Day Promotion Purchase two Dr. Hauschka products* and receive a mini facial voucher and trial size Lavender Bath Oil

If you are offering:

*one must be a new body moisturiser and offer does not include purchase of lip care products

wellness products and services yoga and pilates weekend wellness retreats wellness workshops and events any similar service

Take part in this exciting promotion and you will be entered into a lucky draw to win a luxurious three night stay at Abalone Lodge Hermanus Stay valid 15 May - 30 June 2012

Offer available at all Wellspa’s

this is the perfect place for you to tell others.

Stand a chance to win one of 6 coolerbags each worth R400


For further information about advertising or listing here email: or phone Janine du Preez on cell: 082 891 9379 Please note, this section contains advertising from companies and individuals outside of Wellness Warehouse which we accept in good faith, we ask that you research the efficacy and validity of these products and services in your own capacity.

Enter online at

• Linctagon is a natural antibiotic • It reduces severity of colds and flu’s • Use preventative as well as during your flu

Support for colds, flu and respiratory tract infections.

WORKSHOP by Glenn Douglas Haig

Inner Life Skills

To book your seat, kindly email or call 021-801 3778 Read Glenn's montly column on our blog



Date: Saturday 26 May 2012 Time: 11am to 1pm Cost: R50 Venue: Wellness Warehouse, Kloof Street, Events Area

COACHING SESSIONS FOR WELLNESS WAREHOUSE CUSTOMERS Searching for ways to move to wholeness? To identify areas in your life that could do with some forward-motion? Curious about how Life Coaching can support you? Email to make an appointment with an InnerLifeSkills® Coach at the Wellness Warehouse and begin your journey. InnerLifeSkills® (ILS) - developed over 20 years, uses proven processes to empower people to find their inner resources and put them into positive action.

For more information go to Wellness Warehouse presents


19 - 20 May 2012

‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ Workshop This workshop, for pregnant woman, is designed to promote wellness for both Mom and baby. It incorporates a gentle and safe Yoga class, breathing exercises to create focus and calmness, as well as relaxation techniques to release tension. Learn more about how Yoga can help encourage a peaceful and calm pregnancy.

Date: Saturday 5th May 2012 Venue: Wellness Warehouse Event Space – 50, Kloof Street Cape Town Time: 9am-12pm Cost: R295 Spaces are limited. Please contact Sharni Quinn to book – 071 954 2816 or

Yoga at Wellness Warehouse Monday – 5:45-6:45pm, Tuesday – 5:45-6:45pm (NEW SESSION from 3rd April!) Wednesday – 5:30-6:30pm Sessions must be booked before hand as space is limited. Please contact Sharni Quinn from ‘Follow the Sun’ Yoga for more details – or 071 954 2816

third workshop 8 - 9 September 2012

“This professional workshop series will develop the business confidence, acumen and sustainability of emerging wellness entrepreneurs and practitioners. It will shift thinking from working in a business to working on a business, from being self-employed to being a business owner.”


A 2-day intensive business workshop valued at R2195 Book by 10 May, pay only R795 and get R1400 value free:

- Pre-reading notes and pre- assessment worth R500 - CD with Extra notes and assessments worth R900

Who this is for: Practitioners, wellness professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners. All students in wellness professions.

To reserve your place contact: or call 082 940 7465 Venue: Wellness Warehouse Kloof Street, Cape Town DIRECTORY


Your presenter: Dr Mark Vella ND - AHPCSA Registered Naturopath with more than 20 years qualification, skills and experience in medicine, wellness, education and social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2011

NOW (Natural Organic Wholesale) Natural Organic Wholesale For more information contact or call 021 461 2321

Storm Rodger Private health chef & Consultant 076 788 5509

liquid iron supplement


Cupping eliminates pain, inflammation, congestion and toxicity from the body.


FREE IRON & GLUCOSE TESTING will be offered at the following Wellness Warehouse branches: 4 & 5 May - Lifestyle on Kloof, Gardens 11 & 12 May - Cavendish 18 & 19 May - Cape Quarter 25 & 26 May - Palmyra Junction


Relaxation is a necessity more than a luxury


advert for leihla to go here - waiting for info


Did you know? 9 out of 10 women do not get sufficient amounts of iron from their diets

To train with Leilah Kirsten contact: 021 461 0360 Follow 360 Specialized Training: twitter: @360Trainingcoza

Signature Skincare Treatments, Body Treatments, Massages, Packages and Hands & Feet Treatments


50 Kloof Street, Lifestyles on Kloof Centre, 021 487 5454

Spatone,™ iron-rich spa water from the mountains of Snowdonia, Wales.

Coach yourself. Any time. Anywhere.

Health and Wellbeing Finances and Abundance Family and Relationships Education and Career Spirituality and Emotions To get a special discount exclusively for readers of Wellness, just find the golden key at

We make people smarter


Iron absorption from Spatone is found 

to be higher than from conventional iron tablets or from some vegetables3,4,5

Suitable during pregnancy6 

Packed into individual sachets, ideal to use on-the-go! 


Ideal for…

Spatone is available at all Wellness Warehouse branches. For more information, please visit or call 0861 998 880

Iron supplementation may be beneficial for women of childbearing age, pregnant women, children*, teenagers, athletes, vegetarians and the elderly. 1



An exclusive trip for 2 people to the heart of Snowdonia, Wales The home of Spatone


For further information about advertising or listing here email:

causes fewer side effects than conventional iron tablets5

For details, terms and conditions visit Entries close 31 August 2012

The National Diet & Nutrition Survey: adults aged 16-64 years (2003). Carried out in Great Britain on behalf of the Food Standards Agency and the Departments of Health by the Social Survey Division


IRI HBA outlets, 52 w/e 27th Oct 2010


M. Worwood (University of Wales College of Medicine) et al. ‘iron absorption from a natural mineral water’ in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 1996, 18 23-27


Webster-Gandy J, Madden A, Holdsworth M Ed’s (2006) Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics. Oxford University Press, Oxford.


D. McKenna (Royal Victoria Hospital) et al. ‘a randomised trial investigating and iron-rich natural mineral water as a prophylaxis against iron deficiency in pregnancy’ in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 2003, 25 99-103


G. Halksworth (Royal Glamorgan Hospital) et al. ‘iron absorption from Spatone for prevention of iron deficiency in pregnancy’ in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 2003, 25 227-231

Please note: the above sources refer to Spatone, 100% natural supplement.

*Spatone is suitable for children from the age of 2. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

SA ver.01

• • • • •

Gentle on the stomach, Spatone 

The UK’s best-selling iron supplement 2 


Now you can discover the timeless principles of better living whenever and wherever the mood grabs you. Cognician’s new virtual coaching programme, The Monumental Life, will help you set great goals and take action every step of the way. Specifically, we’ll give you the tools to succeed in all the areas that matter most:

NOW AVAILABLE! Beet it & Orange Carrot 250ml The Highly Acclaimed Beet it Shot now available in SA. Discover the secret of the sporting elite


find out more at

Having just experienced their 21st Birthday, James White have masses of experience when it comes to

 knowing exactly what you want from a quality juice. They believe that fresh and natural juice tastes so good, so why mess around with them? Which is why they don’t - you won’t find anything artificial in any of  their products, and that’s a promise! • • •

Granted the Royal Warrant Award by Her Majesty The Queen of England in 2002 Accredited by the Soil Association Organic Standard for complying with their stringent Organic requirements Latest Award – 3 Stars Gold Great Taste Award 2011


World’s 1st Preservative Free Olive Snack Pack 

Founded in 1995 upon the realisation that Greek agricultural food products despite their inherent high quality and good taste, were absent from the international markets. • •

1st olive snack (not packed in any liquid) in the world without preservatives and very low salinity, 12 months shelf life without refrigeration Awards – Progressive Grocer Editors Pick Award, USA “Progressive Grocer Awards 2010” for Kalamata & Sundried Olives Snack Pack 1 Star Gold Award, UK “Great Taste Awards2010” for Kalamata Olives Snack Pack

Latest Innovation Award Winning Taste

No Preservatives No heat treatment

Liquid free Resealable

Reduced Carbon Footprint Ambient Product

Available at Wellness Warehouse and selected retailers nationwide For customer or trade enquiries please contact NOW


There is nothing like the feeling of endorphins rushing through your body, the thrill of feeling your muscles work, pitting your strength ag...

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