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E D I TO R ’S N OT E F I T. F L E X I B L E . FA B U L O U S Bearing in mind that a flexible body facilitates a flexible mind, we’re encouraging movement in all forms. Flexibility isn’t just about being able to touch your toes. You can be flexible in the way you eat, exercise and even run your business. In this month’s issue we look at the health benefits of a flexitarian diet, how to shake up your workout routine with exhilarating new exercise trends and classes, how to keep stylish while on the move, foods to fuel your energy, and herbs, tinctures and tactics to keep injuries down and flexibility up. A peek at reducing food waste reveals a beautiful wave of kindness amongst food retailers. In line with our feel-good theme, we look at teaching kids the practice of gratitude. You’ll also find a full study on how to sort out your digestive issues once and for all, and a motivational guide to planting a special tree in celebration of Arbour Month. September is the perfect time to inspire a call to action on all fronts to improve, celebrate and enjoy life. In celebration,


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FLAX BIRCHER MUESLI A dairy-free version of the traditional breakfast favourite with a mix of healthy seeds for digestion and energy.


FLEXI FOODIES Explore a lifestyle that promotes mindfulness, environmental awareness and optimum health with every bite.


FOOD FOR FITNESS We take a look at the best pre- and post-workout foods for optimum performance and recovery.


FIRED UP AND ON THE GO Enjoy nutritious meals, snacks and drinks on the go with our roundup of convenient transportable products.


D I G E ST I O N D I E T Get to the root of your IBS symptoms by learning about FODMAPS – a group of foods that can trigger bloating, excess gas, pain and more in those who are sensitive to them.


G ROW I N G G R AT I T U D E Studies have linked gratitude to everything from increased optimism and satisfaction to improved immune function. Encourage an attitude of gratitude in your kids with simple games and exercises.


R E TA I L I N G K I N D N E S S Trendsetters around the world are taking the issue of food wastage into their own hands and uplifting their communities through innovative food sharing initiatives. GREEN



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H OT & H A P P E N I N G Look good while working out with our tips, tricks and tools for beauty on the move.


S H RU G I T O FF We explore alternative ways to address a frozen shoulder, the stubborn and mysterious condition that affects so many women in their 50s. SHIN DIG Whether you’re a professional athlete or just starting to run, shin splints can be a painful condition. We look at everyday preventative measures.

E D I TO R ’ S C H O I C E We highlight our favourite products in September.


COV E R Our cover model Gary te Roller shares his tips for plant-powered performance.


TRENDS A plant-based health community and holistic personal trainer are on our radar this month.


READ WELL Improve your digestion and heighten your selfawareness with this month’s recommended titles.


FINDING HEALING We showcase a selection of holistic healers, centres and communities throughout South Africa.


G E TAWAY We indulge in a spa day at the One&Only in Cape Town.


CLASSIFIED Find out what’s happening in your wellness community with workshops, retreats, therapies and more.


5 FAVO U R I T E S U P P L E M E N T S Support joint and bone function with five natural anti-inflammatories.

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G AT H E R I N G G RO U P I E S Exercising with others is great for both your health and your social life. Here are a few of our favourite group fitness activities.


WILD THING Connect with yoga through one of these ten more alternative styles offering fun, laughter and experimentation.


RO C K I N G S O M E A D R E N A L I N We explore the rush, risk, endurance and mind and body problem solving involved in rock climbing.

EVENTS Find interesting workshops, retreats and other wellness events in your area.



TREE TIME Celebrate Arbour Month by planting a tree in your home or office space. | 7

OUT & ABOUT Celebrate the feminine, explore astrology, attend a silent retreat, heal your gut and learn to use crystals for healing at our upcoming events.

L ADY GARDEN EXHIBITION – SOMERSET WEST 3 September to 3 December 2017 What better time than spring to celebrate the bounty of mother nature in all her guises? Participating artists of the Lady Garden exhibition at Cavalli Estate in Somerset West will explore the myth of the ‘eternal feminine’ in this expressive display. Celebrating the feminine within the framework of the natural world, the selection includes figurative, abstract and conceptual works, as well as sculptural, photographic, performative and videographic pieces. The restaurant at Cavalli will launch its spring menu just in time for the opening of the exhibition, welcoming foodies in search of a relaxed ‘everyday gourmet’ experience. For more information visit or contact ASTROLOGY BASICS COURSE - GARDENS 18 September to 4 December 2017 Join astrology teacher and consultant Margarita Celeste for an insightful course on the ancient tradition. The power of self-knowledge is a wonderful and priceless gift on the spiritual path, and astrology can guide and assist you on your way. Come to truly know yourself and learn how to use the language of astrology to benefit yourself, your friends and your family. The 12-week course in the heart of Cape Town will cover a brief history of astrology, how it works, birth chart basics, planets, signs and more.

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For more information visit www. or contact F RO M E M P T I N E S S TO W H O L E N E S S R E T R E AT UNDERBERG 26 September to 1 October 2017 This five-night retreat at the beautiful Dharmagiri Insight Meditation Centre in the Underberg will be held in a nurturing atmosphere of contemplative silence, and will explore the concepts of emptiness and not-self, revealing the profoundly paradoxical nature of the Buddhist path of healing and transformation. Come to understand the transient and insubstantial nature of the sensory experience, and learn to transform your addictive, limited notions of yourself to experience greater wholeness and inner freedom. To enhance the integration of body, heart and mind, the retreat will include daily qigong sessions, walks in the Mvoleni Mountains of the Southern Drakensberg, and delicious vegetarian and vegan food. For more information visit www.dharmagiri. org or contact UPCOMING MINDFUL GUT R E T R E AT - I X O P O 1 to 5 October 2017 This five-day immersion at the picturesque Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo will help you release imbalances,

restore your health and realign yourself with true vibrancy. If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed or as if you’ve just had enough, it promises to relieve stress, restore energy and get you living life with purpose again. The comprehensive experience includes daily movement and mindful meditation facilitation, food demonstrations and wellness workshops, a mindfulness course, mindful walks, delicious food to restore gut health, a take-home Gut Health Guide, individual health coaching sessions and more. For more information visit or contact C R Y S TA L H E A L I N G S H O R T COURSE - PLUMSTEAD 9 October to 20 November 2017 Crystals are one of the most important tools used in energy healing, as they extract and direct energy from one area to another. This course at MetaVarsity in Plumstead covers an overview of the various types of crystals, how to choose, cleanse and programme crystals for healing, the practical application of crystal healing, and more. It runs over six weekly classes on a Monday evening, and is facilitated by senior MetaVarsity facilitator and Zero Point Healing Director Debbie Caknis. For more information visit or contact

New ORIGINE 8™ unlocks the power & purity of green tea like never before.


Anti-oxidants from all 8


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than standard green tea extract.

The revolutionary NEW ORIGINE 8™ complete green tea superfood extract For the first time, a revolutionary, eco-friendly, pure green tea extract of the highest potency provides 12 x greater absorption of all eight green tea catechins in a single capsule. Research shows the incredible health properties of green tea are due to polyphenols, also known as catechins, a potent type of disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant which detoxifies cell-damaging free radicals. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the most biologically active polyphenol in green tea which studies have found has cancer chemoprevention properties. Origine 8™ contains the most potent antioxidants which are clinically proven to help slow down the ageing process and improve overall health. Produced from live green tea within six hours of harvest through a patented extraction process called Phytofare®, and further perfected by a world-first, clinically proven nutraceutical delivery system, Liposome, the bioavailability and stability of the extract is further boosted. Origine 8™ is designed to be more bioactive, have 12 x greater absorption and be more nutrient rich than any other green tea extract. A clinical study found that the catechins from a single dose of Origine 8™ stayed in the bloodstream for 24 hours compared to six hours in the case of regular green tea extract. Origine 8™ is now the benchmark in potent green tea supplementation for great overall health and vitality.

Now available in at leading pharmacies, health stores and healthcare practitioners.

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E D I TO R ’ S C H O I C E A RO M A E N E R G Y Boost your energy levels naturally with uplifting organic oils. Lemon, cypress, lime, juniper, orange and spearmint essential oils improve alertness, hone focus, combat fatigue and elevate mood. The formula has a nifty massage ball so you can simply roll it over your pulse points (neck, temples, wrists, inner elbows or wherever else feels good to you) as and when required. NOW R159 for 10ml

P U R E OX YG E N Oxygen supplementation stems from meditation, pranayama and martial arts traditions, where focus and healing are amplified through the breath. With 93% - 95% pure oxygen (and the balance nitrogen and mint flavouring), Pure O2 encourages efficient use of the body’s energy by providing an inhalation opportunity of four times the amount of oxygen found in the air. Think natural energy, better athletic performance and mental alertness. It’s also great to detox the blood, reduce hangovers and ease jetlag. No calories, sugar, caffeine or stimulants. NOW R210 | SAVE R20 for 500ml MUSCLE FOOD If you speak performance language, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) will be familiar to you. Amino acids are perfect for serious athletes as they build muscle and help combat protein breakdown, especially during intense training. MuscleTech’s Amino Build formula has clinically researched ingredients to drive peak performance – including but not limited to a significant dose of BCAAs, betaine and more. Simply mix two scoops with water or almond milk and drink before or during your workout. NOW R799 for 280g

RO L L O N R E L I E F Your post-workout muscles will love this sports edition roll-on relief, with myriad healing properties. Ginger is known to help ease muscle spasms. Rosemary has pain-relieving properties for aches, pains and arthritis. Peppermint is antiinflammatory, anti-spasmodic, pain and inflammation relieving and calms muscle spasms. Lavender is often used for sore and tense muscles, joint pain, rheumatism and sprains while arnica is famous for soothing bruises, sprains, soreness and swelling. Then there’s menthol, one of nature’s most effective pain relievers. NOW R120 for 50ml

YO G A RO L L E R Enhance yoga poses and increase flexibility with the help of a yoga wheel. Initially created to improve spinal flexibility, yoga wheels are now used in a variety of different poses to release tension in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors, build core and back strength, improve balance, aid transitions and more. While the wheel is not only for back bending, it shines when making challenging backbends – from bridge to full pigeon and everything in between - more accessible. It’s lightweight and portable. We love it. NOW R585

"You wanna know what living life to the fullest actually is? It’s waking up every morning feeling deep gratitude. It’s doing what feels right, no matter what. It’s about being yourself and seeing the value in every experience."


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C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S TO ZO R A H B O O L E Y We love that you're making healthy, tasty treats, and we want to spoil you with R500 in Wellness shopping vouchers! Your food blog is filled with amazing recipes and we can’t wait for you to share more yummy creations with us! Share your wellness moments with us and stand a chance to win R500 in Wellness shopping vouchers.

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R E G U L A R F L AT W H I T E O R AMERICANO FOR R12 UNTIL 10AM LOCATED IN Lifestyle on Kloof, Gardens Centre, V&A Waterfront, Cavendish Square, Menlyn Maine Central Square, Brooklyn Mall, Woodlands Boulevard, Clearwater Mall, Thurpps Illovo, Menlyn Park & Parktown Quarter. | 13


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Wellness Brown Flaxseeds 500g


Wellness - Coconut Blossom Sugar 300g


Good Hope MA Milk 1l

NOW R15 SAVE R5 We love making this healthy take on the traditional favourite in the evening, popping it into the fridge and enjoying a decadent breakfast the next morning.

INGREDIENTS MAKES 2 PORTIONS *50g pumpkin seeds *35g flax /linseeds *10g sunflower seeds *35g fine coconut *10g coconut blossom sugar *1g salt *250ml soy milk

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1. Blend the pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds with the coconut. 2. Add the salt and coconut blossom sugar. 3. Add the soy milk and mix until combined. 4. Allow to stand overnight. R E C I P E P H OTO G R A P H E D B Y S T E P H A N I E PA P I N I Follow her on instagram : stephanie_papini

B U L K . B U Y.



Get more than you bargained for when you buy in bulk . Buying food in bulk has a number of benefits, and we’ve now made it easier than ever before. It’s more economical and environmentally-friendly too.

Organic Brown Basmati Rice 1kg Chia Seeds 1kg Chickpeas 1Kg Organic Black Kidney Beans 1kg Organic Rolled Oat Flakes 1kg Organic Popcorn 1kg Pumpkin Seeds 1kg Red Split Lentils 1kg Gluten Free Rolled Oats 1kg Rolled Oats 1kg White Quinoa 1kg Whole Brown Lentils 1kg

N OW AVA I L A B L E AT S E L E C T STO R E S & O N L I N E W W W. W E L L N E S S WA R E H O U S E . CO M Cavendish Square, V&A Waterfront, Gardens Centre, Clearwater Mall, Brooklyn Mall, Village View, Menlyn Park, Woodlands, Helderberg Centre, Glengarry & The Paddocks Shopping Centre | 15



lant-based health coach, endurance athlete and our September cover model Gary te Roller is passionate about helping people nourish their bodies and move toward their maximum potential. The picture of health, he certainly walks the talk. We uncover the secrets behind his success. WHAT WAS YO UR IN ITIAL MOTIVATIO N F O R SWITC HIN G TO A P L AN T-B ASE D DIET? This was double-sided. I entered recovery a year before going plant-based, and I wanted to fully turn my life around, making up for all the time I’d lost to addiction. I started studying wholefood, plant-based nutrition and realised there was no better way for me. I couldn’t believe the havoc that animal-based products could cause in the body. I was slightly worried at the beginning, as I hadn’t yet learnt all the facts and I didn’t want to lose my competitive edge as an endurance sportsman. I ended up turning to ten-time Western State champion ultramarathoner Scott Jurek and his book Eat & Run (Mariner Books), which reinforced the potential for athletic success on a plant-based diet. Between studying nutrition and devouring this book, I gave a plant-based diet a go for two weeks, and never looked back.

Shop our cover model wardrobe from Zando


R100 OFF* YOUR Z AND O P U R C H AS E Enter code below at checkout page

TREND07 VI S I T Z A N D O. CO. Z A *Valid 10 Jul 2017 - 30 Nov 2017. Valid on items on sale. R300 minimum purchase value. Cannot be cumulated with another discount code. Can only be used once per customer.

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HOW HAS YO UR P L AN T-B ASE D L IF E STYLE AFF E C TE D YO UR P E RF O RMAN C E AS AN ATHLETE? Both my performance and recovery have improved drastically. After going plant-based I set personal bests in all my distances in running, cycling and swimming. I felt I could push myself at the same speeds, and for much longer. The real miracle came through the increased recovery times. Instead of hitting the post-race pain two days after, I would feel sluggish the next day but then be back on the trails by day two – even after big races like Ironman and Comrades. Being on a plant-based diet lessens the acidity in the body dramatically, allowing one to get rid of lactic acid much faster. WHAT IS YO UR GO -TO DAILY WO RKO UT RE GIME F O R MAIN TAIN IN G P E AK ATHL E TIC P E RF O RMAN C E ? I’m currently running on the trails for two hours a day, followed by 30-minute Crossfit-based high intensity strength sessions and 45-minute yoga classes in the evenings. Twice a week I replace the strength and yoga for a double run, and on the weekends I do my longer four- to six-hour runs.

“One of my most powerful tools is meditation. It keeps me grounded and conscious of everything I do.” W HAT A R E YO UR TO P P R E- A N D P OST-WOR KOU T F O O DS? If I train for fewer than 90 minutes, I do so on an empty stomach. Otherwise, I drink a superfood smoothie similar to my post-workout shake. This can sustain me for three to four hours. Shakes are packed with nutrients, and the fact that they’re blended makes it easier for the body to process and use the nutrients to nourish the body to its maximum capability. W HAT OT H ER W ELLN E S S G U I D E L I N E S D O YOU L IVE BY? One of my most powerful tools is meditation. It keeps me grounded and conscious of everything I do. It helps me to be fully present in the moment, and able to concentrate on the task at hand so I can give it my all. W HAT FIV E T IP S WOU L D YOU G I V E TO ANYO N E W H O LIV E S A N ACT I V E L I F E ST Y L E AND IS CO N S ID ER I N G G OI N G P L A N T- B A S E D ? 1. Go easy on yourself - change just one thing at a time. Be sure to include a nutrient-dense breakfast (like a fruit or veg smoothie), as this will kick-start your day more than cereal and milk ever could. 2. Stay away from sugary supplements laced with caffeine. These spike your blood sugar levels and make you crash hard afterwards. My natural race food is cacao beans in dates, spirulina tablets and lightly salted baby potatoes. 3. Stay away from refined foods. Manmade (versus whole) foods can lead to a range of diseases. 4. Don’t just eat kale. It’s great for you, but you will burn more fuel than that if you’re training every day. Eat a starchy plant-based food like sweet potato, beans or lentils for longer lasting fuel. 5. What you eat directly after a hard training session or race determines your recovery. Replenish your stores with a fresh fruit and veg shake. I like to blend kale, dates, banana, berries, almonds, spirulina and the Superfood green smoothie mix with water.

INSTAGRAM @gary_teroller FACEBOOK @Gary te Roller TWITTER @garyteroller | 17



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s Pure Beginnings celebrates its tenth birthday, we salute the organic baby skincare range that has become a leading brand in South Africa’s natural skincare industry. A decade ago, Pure Beginnings founder Kate Moore-Gordon dreamed of change. She had a stable job in a wellrespected profession, but wanted to do something more meaningful with her time, energy and passion. Fuelled by the support of her husband Bruce, she developed an organic baby skincare range that has since grown to exceed their expectations and imaginations. T H E I N S P I R AT I O N It started in early 2006, when Kate, a chartered accountant, purchased a natural diabetic supplement business. Part of growing the range required developing a natural diabetic foot cream - Recharge Your Feet - and her passion for natural and organic products was born. Recharge Your Feet remains one of the brands Kate and Bruce own, and is an exceptional product used extensively by diabetics. Newly married and anticipating a family, Kate saw a gap for an organic baby care range – something she had not yet seen in South Africa. Wanting a better product for her own children, she envisioned a fun-looking skincare brand which, more importantly, was organic and free of potentially harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients.

P U R E B E G I N N I N G S WA S B O R N The very first Pure Beginnings products – the baby wash, baby lotion and bum cream - were launched. Shortly thereafter, in June 2007, the fourth product – the wet wipes - was launched. But sales were slow. The problem? Price. This original range was very expensive, as organic ingredients and low manufacturing volumes made pricing difficult. Price point and low demand made retail chains hesitant to stock the brand, and sales were limited. P L AC I N G P U R E B E G I N N I N G S I N T H E H A N D S O F CO N S U M E R S After a few years, Kate’s husband Bruce joined the business and together they knocked on doors, attended trade shows and continued to build. During one such show they returned feeling defeated, with their trailer as full as when they left. Despite what felt like enormous challenges, they persevered. “We realised the South African market was not ready for organic skincare, and we had a long road ahead when it came to educating the consumer.” There were periods of financial woes where we nearly gave it all up. “Without the financial and business support of my father Rob Howard, a founding shareholder, we would not be where we are today,” says Kate. He encouraged us to work hard towards our dream. For a long period, the brand supplied independent health stores and Wellness Warehouse. Then the range grew. October 2008 saw the launch of four roll-on deodorants, followed by a full adult range in 2009. In January 2010, a small kids' range was launched.

18 |

By 2012, Pure Beginnings had a full baby, kids and adult range. This led to significant growth. Improved prices on organic ingredients and larger volumes enabled more competitive pricing. Baby City accepted the product line and opened up countrywide retail. Pure Beginnings was finally available in the mainstream retail environment! This was a huge victory (and big relief) for the family-run business. PERFECT TIMING An increase in awareness of the organic movement paired with Pure Beginnings' mainstream distribution spurred a greater demand. This was noticeable in the baby range, with new moms and dads wanting to make the best choices for their babies. In 2015 the brand launched in Toys R Us (Babies R Us), and in Dis-Chem in 2016. Together with Wellness Warehouse, Baby City, independent health stores and numerous online stores, the retail footprint expanded extensively, making organic baby and kids products accessible to millions of families in South Africa.

“We started Pure Beginnings with the vision of providing South African consumers with safer, better choices for their babies and children,” says Bruce Moore-Gordon, co-owner of Pure Beginnings. “We are delighted that our products are now even more readily available in a wider range of stores, allowing parents to choose better, safer options - conveniently.”

GOING GLOBAL In 2016 the brand became compliant for the EU market and established a warehouse in the Netherlands. Pure Beginnings now successfully exports to over ten countries including Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, Taiwan and Singapore. ACC R E D I TAT I O N A N D BUSINESS PRINCIPLES Pure Beginnings values a holistic approach - not just in their product formulation, but also in the way they run their business. They believe in developing relationships with retailers, customers and suppliers, and continue to operate as a small, family-focused business. The brand has always been proudly vegan, committed to Beauty Without Cruelty, free from harmful chemicals and organic. In April 2011 Bruce and Kate included a number of fairtrade ingredients in the baby and kids ranges through Phytotrade Africa. These are core principles upon which the company was built and to which it remains committed. C E RT I F I C AT I O N When Pure Beginnings listed in John Lewis (a high-end department store in the UK), the importance of certification became apparent. While the brand has always been organic, in 2014 it officially certified with Ecocert Greenlife.

Ecocert is an inspection and certification body established in France in 1991 that specialises in the certification of organic products. Ecocert standards ensure that harmful ingredients are excluded, and each raw material complies with the standard’s ecological requirements, guaranteeing its full traceability. It also addresses packaging standards as well as production methods. Ecocert has become a very respected benchmark in cosmetic organic certification worldwide. P RO B I OT I C S K I N C A R E FOR BABIES In 2016, aware of the latest research on the human microbiome and how it affects our skin, Pure Beginnings launched the first probiotic skincare range for babies. Probiotic Baby Sensitive Cream Wash and Probiotic Baby Body Cream combine the best organic baby skincare with breakthrough probiotic technology. “The inclusion of probiotics in the new range is a technological innovation that will assist in shifting the balance of microbes on the skin in favour of good, beneficial species, thereby outcompeting and excluding pathogenic microbes,” states Bruce. REFRESHING THE LOOK Pure Beginnings has evolved greatly since its launch, and while the bottles, tubes and animated characters may have changed over the years,

many of the products remain the same as when they were first launched. Over the years the brand has spent much time reconsidering the packaging and how it functions, while doing its best to embody recycling and sustainable practices. VA L U I N G E D U C AT I O N As pioneers in the organic baby skincare market in South Africa, Pure Beginnings has the platform to educate the public about the importance of organic skincare and how their products differ from conventional skincare brands. They found themselves on a journey of teaching childbirth educators, retailers and customers (often new moms) about the safety of the ingredients found in personal care products. From its conception, there has always been one overriding principle: “Pure Beginnings believes in keeping your skin as pure as the day you were born by providing high quality, effective, organic skincare products that care for you and your family’s skin and are not harmful to the environment, giving peace of mind from the beginning.” And you can rest assured that they will continue to do so for many years to come. Pure Beginnings @purebeginnings | 19




by Kirsten Alexander

"Flexitarianism isn’t just a fad – it’s a life choice that will benefit your own health and the wellbeing of the planet."

D I D YO U K N OW ? Many people experience extensive health benefits when reducing meat intake. Michael Roizen, MD, Chief Wellness Officer at The Cleveland Clinic in the U.S and Co-founder of RealAge says, “Animal products promote inflammation in the body, slow your metabolism, and may even slow your immune system.”

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here are so many lifestyle and dietary choices to make - how do you know which is best for you? We look at flexitarianism – a plant-based lifestyle with the occasional inclusion of ethically sourced meat. If you’re not a gourmet whizz in the kitchen, getting your daily meal together can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Ask just about any mom and she’ll tell you that figuring out what to make for dinner is one of the biggest questions in her daily life. It’s especially difficult when you’re responsible for cooking for different people with different tastes and needs. Most South Africans are raised on meat and starch, with a couple of veggies thrown into the mix. A typical braai has meat as the main attraction, with a few rolls and some salads on the side. It’s not easy to imagine most South Africans happily dining on carrot sticks and vegetables when meat or inyama is highly revered and one of the national pastimes is firing up the braai. T H E V-WO RD For many years, vegetarianism has been a widely adopted lifestyle for reasons ranging from animal rights to health benefits. As with most lifestyles, there are arguments for and against it, but for the most part, vegetarians have been left out of the spotlight. Vegans, on the other hand, have been given a pretty hard time. Not only is it difficult to source true vegan food, it’s also difficult to live a truly vegan lifestyle. Not using any animal by-products (such as wool) isn’t as easy as you’d think, especially given that many replacement products are essentially bad for the environment (think plastic shoes in place of leather ones). The term ‘vegan’ was coined by Donald Watson, Co-founder of the Vegan Society, in 1944. He intended it to describe non-dairy vegetarianism, but less than ten years later, society came to define it as living without the exploitation of animals. It was only a few years ago that veganism - and with it, better options for food and lifestyle choices – started to become more mainstream.

UPPIN G T H E ST EA K S In 2009, the McCartney family (of Paul and Stella fame) started the Meatfree Monday campaign. This created a greater awareness of the negative impact that meat consumption has on the planet. Huge numbers of people embraced the concept of going meat-free for one day a week. It was a relatively easy achievement for most – it wasn’t as strict as vegetarianism or as judgmental as veganism. Just one day is easy enough for most people. With veganism becoming more and more popular, it’s also a lot easier to find recipes and ingredients for wholly animal-free food that’s also delicious. Even so, although there are many more people eating less meat than there were a few years ago, meat eaters are often concerned they won’t be able to get all the protein they need from a completely meat-free diet. This concern has been alleviated with the widespread range of grains and wholefoods that are more easily available and supply the necessary protein. Quinoa, for example, is a complete protein and contains nine essential amino acids. YOUR C H O IC E The younger generations (millennials and younger) are also far more aware of both the environmental impact of the meat industry and the health and humanitarian implications. This is why 2017’s hottest health trend isn’t just about not eating meat - it’s about a different lifestyle with a lot of mindfulness thrown into the mix. This mindfulness addresses the quality of the meat or fish you’re going to eat. If you’re going to consume something mindfully, you want it to be the best quality, as well as ethically produced. Not just any facsimile will do. This means that meat and fresh produce manufacturers and growers need to up their game in terms of presenting quality, organic and ethically farmed food. It is, after all, the age of the consumer. G ET FLEX IB LE If you’re new to the concept of flexitarianism, here are a few ideas to help you tip the balance in your favour: *For a salad that fills you up, use quinoa or lentils as a base, and add a few greens like spinach, lettuce, kale and rocket, as well as veggies like carrots, beetroot, mielies and broccoli. Top with almonds, pumpkin seeds and a tahini dressing or a few dollops of hummus. *Swap the chicken, beef or pork on a salad or in a rice bowl for a cup of beans or lentils. Lentils are just as filling, and usually cheaper. They have a pacifying effect on the tummy and can easily become a daily staple. *Make your lentils, chickpeas or beans into a veggie patty with some herbs and spices. There are some great recipes you can follow for veggie burgers. *Add nuts and seeds to your meals. Almonds, walnuts and macadamias as well as pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds add delicious flavour. *Keep a good supply of quinoa on hand – you can add variety by interchanging with red and white quinoa. It’s a versatile grain that can take on almost any flavour, from savoury to sweet. *Be prepared by stocking up on foods you know are wholesome and satisfying. We tend to eat what’s in the fridge, so if your only choice is healthy, it stands you in good stead. *Keep herbs and spices handy and use them to heighten flavour. When your taste buds are satisfied, so is your hunger. *If and when you do have the occasional meat or chicken, make sure it is organic, hormone free, free range, pasture reared, veld fed and ethically raised. | 21


FOOD FOR FITNESS by Hayley Cimring


ne of the most common questions for a dietitian is, "What should I eat before and after a workout?" While the answer often depends on the athlete and activity, some common truths apply for pre- and post-workout nutrition whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned veteran. P RE-WO RKO UT N UTRITIO N If you like to fuel up before exercising or are planning to be active for longer than an hour, grab a snack about 45 to 60 minutes in advance of your workout, and keep it small. Think one palmful of carbs, half a palmful of protein and a quarter palmful of fat. If your goal is to stay under 50g of carbs a day, there’s room for one fruit and plenty of veggies. TO P 5 P RE-WO RKO UT SN AC KS 1. Berry smoothie with strawberries, one tablespoon of chia seeds, one cup of coconut milk and one tablespoon of almond butter (Vegan, Paleo, Banting) 2. Banana with one tablespoon of nut butter (Vegan, Paleo) 3. Greek yoghurt with berries and a handful of almonds (Vegetarian, Banting) 4. Fresh fruit salad with one tablespoon of raw chopped nuts (Raw, Vegan) 5. One to two brown rice cakes topped with one tablespoon of nut butter (Gluten-free, Vegan)

D I D YO U K N OW ? Studies have found that coconut water is as effective as sports drinks for rehydration.

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P O ST-WO RKO UT N UTRITIO N Anabolism refers to the rebuilding of muscles that have been broken down during exercise. What you eat in the first 30 to 60 minutes after your workout is crucial in ensuring your body has all the supplies it needs for you to recover, adapt and improve. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. You can’t fully obtain your goals without taking both seriously. Your post-workout snack or meal should be loaded with healthy protein.

"Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. Reach your lifestyle goals by taking both seriously."

TOP 5 P O ST-WO R KOU T S N ACK S A N D M E A L S 1. One cup of almond milk with one tablespoon of coconut oil and two tablespoons of raw cacao powder (Vegan, Paleo, Banting) 2. Green smoothie with one cup of milk, one banana and two teaspoons of spirulina (Vegetarian, Paleo) 3. Wholewheat pita stuffed with grilled veggies and two tablespoons of hummus (Vegan) 4. Baked salmon with baked sweet potato and sautÂŽed spinach (Gluten-free, Paleo, Flexi) 5. Omelette with avocado and veggies (Banting)

W HAT A B O UT S UP E R F O OD S ? Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods beneficial for health and wellbeing. They’re easy to add to a pre- or post-workout smoothie and can help improve your endurance and recovery. TOP 3 WO RKO UT SU P E R F O OD S *Cacao - Theobromine in cacao acts as a mild stimulant to give you energy without the caffeine crash. *Chia Seeds - Chia seeds contain all the essential amino acids. Aztec warriors would consume chia and water to give them stamina during hunting trips. *Spirulina - Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll, so it helps reduce inflammation during exercise. | 23


Fired up

& on the go by Lara Potgieter

D I D YO U K N OW ? Surveys report that one of the main reasons for people eating poorly is a failure to plan their food for the day.

Keep in top form in the midst of a busy lifestyle by using one of these convenient onthe-go products for nutritious meals, snacks and drinks wherever you are.


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SHAKE IT UP If you’re serious about your workout, you might juggle three different bottles for one trip to the gym - one for water, one with amino acid powder for your workout, and one for your post-exercise protein shake. Zippy bags filled with loose powders could be thrown into the mix too. If this is indeed the case, we recommend using the Wellness SmartShaker for the nifty compartments that allow your protein or supplement powders to stay dry until you’re ready to mix them. You can store pills and powders in two separate compartments, and use the third for mixing and drinking. Some even use the bottom compartments for storing locker keys, iPods and the like while training. A convenience a true fitness fundi will appreciate.

NOW R99999

IN THE B OX Now’s your chance to go to work, hit the gym, run your errands, visit your grandma and enjoy healthy meals, snacks and drinks every step of the way. The Box by Fitmark is an impressive organiser complete with seal-tight containers, ice packs, a patented shaker and custom vitamin and protein mix organisers, as well as exterior sleeves for your water bottle and a notebook for your food journal. As if that’s not enough, it has a fancy swivelaction centre divider that pivots for maximum organisation inside the box. It’s somehow still lightweight and portable, making it easy to keep your food fresh and ready to enjoy all day.

"Being healthy isn’t a goal - it’s a lifestyle." RAISE T H E B A R Enjoy all the fuel you need for your workout in one convenient bar. Rush natural, raw training bars are a great source of protein, energy and fibre, and are free from preservatives, gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar. They’re also low GI, and will keep you going throughout your training.


MIX IT UP There are few better on-the-go snacks than trusty dried fruit and nut mixes. Trail mix is ideal for hikes and other activities as it’s lightweight, easy to store and nutritious, offering a quick energy boost from the carbs in the dried fruit as well as sustained energy from the fats in the nuts. You can also add your trail mix to yoghurt or coconut yoghurt for a delicious breakfast, or mix it into a healthy dessert for an extra crunch.

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SUPE R S IP S Get all the superfoods you need for an active lifestyle in one handy powdered blend. The Super Shake Chocolate Boost from Soaring Free Superfoods allows you to easily upgrade your nutrition with a potent blend of lucuma, mesquite, chia, hemp, maca, raw cacao and more. Simply add two tablespoons of the mix to your water bottle for a quick and delicious superfood shake.

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your greens W

hether you’re just starting to experiment with spinach in the blender or are already happily adding hemp, wheatgrass and spirulina to every smoothie, you’re no doubt aware of the myriad benefits of getting as many greens into your morning drink as possible.

RO CK E T F U E L S M O OTHIE INGREDIENTS *1 – 2 bananas, frozen *1 TBSP Superfood Shake *1 TBSP Green Shake *4 – 5 organic dates (optional) *5 – 6 Brazil nuts *1 cup filtered water *Dash of cinnamon METHOD Blend ingredients until smooth and creamy. N OU R I S H I N G A L K A L I S E R S M O OTHIE INGREDIENTS 4 organic dates 1 TBSP hemp seeds 1 TBSP Green Shake 1 tsp coconut nectar (light) 1 frozen banana 1 organic lemon (with zest) 1 tsp pumpkin seeds 1 tsp sunflower seeds 1 tsp organic turmeric Pinch of Oryx salt and organic pepper METHOD Blend ingredients until smooth and creamy.

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Green foods are rich in minerals and some of the most essential nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins B, C, E and K. Your mom told you to eat your greens for good reason – they contain many of the nutrients that help protect the immune system and fight off viruses and bacteria. One of the easiest (and tastiest) ways of getting your daily greens is by adding them to your morning juice or smoothie. We love both the taste and blast of energy we get from these two yummy options.


Simplifying healthy eating with Superfoods by bringing ‘healthy’ & ‘delicious’ together. Far too often healthy eating is associated with starvation dieting, rabbit food and dull taste. As chefs, Peter & Beryn began Soaring Free Superfoods as a means to share how delicious good food can taste as well as how delightful good health feels. Food and health cannot be separated, so it is important to be able to create dishes that inspire the senses as well as the cells.



We start our day with one of our Breakfast options: Super-Oats or Super-Chia, chocolate or vanilla flavoured. Two gluten-free breakfast options loaded with 6 – 8 superfoods.

We have 3 Super Shakes to choose from: The Green Alkaliser, Vanilla Dream & Chocolate Boost These are smoothie blends combining a wide range of superfoods with potent superherbs to bring you an alkalising, energising boost and nutritional sustenance any time of the day.



We have spent many years testing and playing with Superfood recipes in order to bring what we do at home in our own kitchen, easily and conveniently to your home. SUPERFOODS SUPER SNACKS: The aim of this Simply Superfoods Range is to bring the power of most of the superfoods we have available to us RAW CHOCOLATE: Snacking is where most people fall into your daily eating plan. If you enjoy a breakfast, off the wagon. There seems to be smoothie, snack and chocolate bar from this range Of course, life is not complete without a completely different set of rules for you will be ingesting the nutritional potency chocolate. But even eating chocolate can the foods one allows themselves to eat of at least 10 different superfoods, upgrading be done in a healthy, superfoods way. between meals, as well as an insanely your health to the next level. large amount of money spent on these We have spent the past year creating empty-nutrition in between meal snacks! the most delicious range of raw, organic, superfood chocolates Soaring Free Superfoods’ using 100% raw cacao, combined Trail Blaze and Berry Burst take with superfoods and superherbs the guesswork out of snacking. for maximum Combining different, delicious, nutrition. dried superfood berries with 3 other carefully selected NEWURS ingredients, this is the perfect way O to get over that mid-afternoon FLAV energy slump. Previously Oaty Chia & Chia Meal


Soaring Free Superfoods imports the highest quality, organic and wild-harvested superfoods from around the world. With high integrity sourcing from farms and forests, plus concentrated nutritional potency, these Superfoods represent ancient wisdom combined with great taste for your life without limits.


SoaringFreeSA | 27



by Kirsten Alexander If you’ve ever suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), this useful guide could pinpoint some of the foods that may trigger your symptoms. Although FODMAPs sounds pretty complicated, it’s simply an acronym for the foods that can cause IBS symptoms.


ODMAPS stands for fermentable, oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. Fermentable means food broken down by bacteria in the large bowel. Oligosaccharides describe molecules made up of individual sugars joined together in a chain. Disaccharides are double sugar molecules. Monosaccharides are single sugar molecules, and polyols are sugar alcohols. The bloated, twisted and painful experience of IBS sufferers is widespread. While most people are aware of their trigger foods, not everyone understands exactly why some foods are worse than others. Not all FODMAPs are bad. In fact, many foods containing FODMAPs are beneficial and have nutrient and prebiotic content, yet cause gastrointestinal discomfort in certain people. How do these particular foods impact your body? When they’re consumed in food or drink, they aren’t absorbed properly in the small intestine, so they pass through to the large intestine. This is where two things happen: they ferment (causing gas production), and they attract water into the large bowel, which can change how the bowel moves. This triggers the symptoms well known to IBS sufferers – excess wind, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea or a combination.

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S L OWLY D O E S IT It’s no small task to eliminate all FODMAPs from your diet. It’s also not always necessary. Each person has a different tolerance for different amounts of each, so an experimental elimination diet is necessary. It’s recommended that you do this under the care of a health practitioner so that your body’s responses can be accurately recorded and managed. The first step involves eliminating all foods containing FODMAPs from your diet for a period of about eight weeks. This is meant to be a short-term exercise because it basically eliminates whole food groups, which results in a highly restrictive diet. Once that’s done, and if your symptoms have cleared up, you’ll begin the process of re-introducing the FODMAPs, in small doses and one at a time. This will assist in checking your tolerance. It’s not a quick process, but once complete, it’ll ensure you can comfortably manage IBS knowing exactly what you need to eliminate from your diet. COMMO N C UL P RITS Reading the list here, you’ll understand why it’s not all that easy to eliminate all the FODMAPs. These are the common ones to look out for: *Fructose: sugar found in most fruit and vegetables *Lactose: sugar found in dairy foods like milk *Fructans: very similar to fructose, and found in many vegetables and grains *Galactans: found primarily in legumes *Polyols: sugar alcohols like xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol and mannitol (found mainly in artificial sweeteners and chewing gum)

"Managing irritable bowel syndrome is possible by knowing exactly which foods to avoid and keeping your digestive system in harmony with your diet." For those who can tolerate them, high-FODMAP fruit, vegetables, milk products, legumes and whole grains can be wonderful foods. But people with IBS need to be aware of them, and avoid or limit their portions of these foods. The best-case scenario for those struggling with IBS is a low-FODMAP diet, and that’s an entirely possible feat. In a nutshell, a low-FODMAP diet avoids foods containing the sugars and fibres mentioned above, which are capable of causing diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and abdominal pain. Once you’ve re-introduced FODMAPcontaining foods into your diet without excess symptoms after the initial elimination period, you’ll be able to eat fairly normally again. The list of low-FODMAP foods is extensive. In the examples listed below there are some wheat-based foods, which can also be a trigger for IBS (separate from the FODMAPs issue): *Dairy and dairy substitutes: kefir, almond milk, coconut milk, cottage cheese, ricotta *Fruit: bananas, blueberries, grapes, oranges, strawberries, avocados, kiwi fruit, guavas *Vegetables: carrots, green beans, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes *Grains: rice, rice crackers, popcorn, oats, quinoa, glutenfree bread (check labels for high-FODMAP ingredients) *Legumes and nuts: peanuts, pecans, walnuts, macadamias, chickpeas, lentils, butter beans *Seeds: chai, poppy, pumpkin and sesame seeds *Sweeteners: cane sugar, aspartame, stevia *Beverages: cranberry juice, green tea









FINDIN G A LT ER N AT I V E S If you’ve done your elimination diet and find that garlic and onions are a complete no-no, find alternatives that satisfy your taste buds. Spring onions and chives are great replacements, and a spice called asafoetida or hing is a great replacement for that onion or garlic taste. It’s a traditional Indian spice that’s ideal for soups, marinades and dressings.

D I D YO U K N OW ? FODMAPs refers to a collection of short chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols found naturally in foods or their additives. | 29

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E AT M IN D FULLY Before sitting down to eat, make sure you don’t have any negative emotions like stress or anger. Your digestive system works so much better when your body is calm. Be quiet for a moment and take some time to look at what you have chosen to eat. See the food as nourishment and energy for your body. Take note that the food before you is entering your body for a purpose. Take a deep breath and give thanks or say a little prayer. Chew each mouthful more times than you usually do. Digestion starts in the mouth. Sit down while you are eating. Choose to eat food that is fresh, alive, healthy and tasty. Eating food you don’t like won’t fare as well in your body. Imagine your belly as a cauldron with fire power to digest your food. Notice the effect of food in your body and see how it makes you feel – energised, alive or sluggish? Rest for a moment before getting up and commencing your day. | 31


Hot &

happening Looking and feeling cool and confident during and after exercising is not only possible but will motivate your workout. We share some hair, makeup and wardrobe tips to get you there.

K EEP IT N AT UR A L Many of us ladies know just how mortifying it can be to find a raccoon in place of a woman in the change room mirrors after a decent workout. To prevent mascara and foundation from running down your face as you get your sweat on, either remove your makeup before exercising or go for a fresh-faced look with a tinted moisturiser or mineral foundation, waterproof mascara and some tinted lip balm. An added benefit of going completely bare faced is that makeup can clog pores as you sweat, resulting in blemishes. Mineral makeup is a good alternative for acne-prone skin, as it provides coverage without blocking pores. CO O L IT D OW N Remove excess shine and freshen your face while working out by wetting your towel with water from your bottle and blotting your face with the dampened towel. TO N E IT D OW N Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout to lessen your chances of turning into a tomato mid-lunge. Investing in a refreshing facial mist or a good light mineral face powder can also help. P ULL IT B AC K Use a stylish thick headband to help keep sweat from running down your face. T IE IT UP You can’t go wrong with a sleek low or classic high ponytail as an exercise staple. Cornrows are a fabulous option for keeping hair in place, and a scarf can help tame hair with lots of volume. Apply a good natural gel to the crown of your head to keep flyaway hairs at bay, or update your ponytail by adding texturising spray. The ballerina or messy bun is also a favourite because it really works, keeping hair up and off the face and neck. Short hair can be tamed with a thick headband. S MO OT H IT O U T Wearing a flattering outfit can motivate you to go to the gym or exercise outdoors. Black is a safe option for people of all shapes and sizes. Black tights or shorts and a sports bra can be softened with a looser-fitting brightly coloured top. A short-sleeved top and mid-thigh shorts with a relaxed (but not baggy) fit are a good choice for both men and women, while more heavyset people can wear compression shorts underneath to relieve chafing.

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SKOON. “Looking good while working out increases your motivation and energy.” W RAP IT UP Wearing the wrong bra size or a bra not suited for exercise can not only lead to problems like back, neck and breast pain, but also affect the appearance of the breasts, both short- and long-term. Make sure you wear a well-fitted sports bra to ensure you are getting the support you need. KE EP IT C LEA N Reapply your deodorant just before working out and opt for clothes made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester, nylon and spandex to avoid sweat patches. OUR WO RKO UT WO N D E R S *Mii Skin Loving BB Cream Look naturally radiant all day long with this beauty balm and foundation complete with built-in primer, light diffusing particles and moisturising amino-rich soy extracts. *Badger Lip Tint & Shimmer Enhance colour and then apply shimmer with this 100% natural two-in-one balm for pout perfection.



non-toxic skincare.

*The Victorian Garden Chamomile and Orange Toning Freshener Cool and revitalise the skin with this nutrient-rich floral spritzer. *Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Wet Wipes Blot away the shine and refresh your skin with these organic wipes enriched with bioactive properties formulated to quickly soothe the face and hands. *Enchantrix Nourishing Hair Gel We love this sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly gel that works on wet and dry hair. It also smells like orange and geranium. *Crystal Fresh Natural Body Deodorant Spray This convenient spray-on refresher is effective all day long, and leaves no sticky oils or gels on your clothes.

“A beauty trend P E T R O C H E M I C A L FRAGRANCES C O L O U R APN A TRSA B E N S FRAGRA C O L O U R A health NTS that puts your first.”

D I D YO U K N OW ? The fitter you are, the sooner you may start to sweat during exercise. This is because your body recognises the need to cool you down faster so you can work out for longer.

W W W. S K O O N S K I N . C O . Z A | 33


nyone who’s had a frozen shoulder knows how stubborn and resistant the condition can be. Often lasting for a few years with little relief, it’s a debilitating disorder that’s been described as idiopathic – it appears to arrive from nowhere and no one seems to know why. We look at the alternative approach of treating the physical ailment with emotional healing. Frozen shoulder (or adhesive capsulitis) is an inflammatory condition in the synovial lining of the shoulder joint. In the beginning stages it typically comes with lots of pain and restricted movement. It then literally freezes, restricting movement to such an extent that getting your hand into a sleeve, lifting your arm to wash your hair, getting something from a cupboard or any activity that requires elevating your arm is simply not possible. The difficult part is that it usually lasts for a couple of years. Many people go on a journey of trying different therapies and physical interventions to relieve it - from physio and Lyno to osteopathy, acupuncture and everything in between. Some even end up exploring the cause from within. Acupuncturist, author and avid researcher of alternative therapies Dr. Michael Greenwood maintains that a frozen shoulder may be initiated by a traumatic event that leads to repressed anger. According to him, the synovium (the connective tissue lining the shoulder joint) in a frozen shoulder is ‘angry red’ in colour. Frozen shoulder has been alleviated by emotional therapies like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In one particular case, a woman worked with an EFT practitioner and discovered that she had a huge amount of anger towards her husband. Once she resolved the anger, her shoulder healed almost immediately. Holistic radiologist Dr. Larry Burke experienced something similar. His right shoulder started to hurt, seemingly without reason. It worsened over the next few days, and he began to experience less range of movement. Being a musculoskeletal radiologist, he knew the symptoms pointed to a frozen shoulder. Not wanting to spend years waiting for the condition to heal, Dr. Burke went into emotional therapy to address possible anger issues. He was an avid political activist and had been devastated by the election results of the time. He had felt powerless to do anything about the situation, and this had elicited a huge amount of anger. He used EFT to access the anger and managed to release his shoulder in a few months rather than waiting out the average time of a few years. Many expressions speak about ‘carrying our burdens on our shoulders’, and it makes sense for a condition to manifest in your shoulder if you’re feeling overburdened.

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“Knowing yourself and being able to express uncomfortable feelings is healthy - not only for your mind, but for your body and soul as well."

D I D YO U K N OW ? Frozen shoulder is curiously prevalent amongst women in their fifties. So much so that it’s called ‘the 50’s shoulder’ in some circles.

There is also research being done on ‘symbolic diseases’, in which the symptoms or an ailment seem to correlate directly to a patient’s life story. Something called a somatic metaphor is used as a useful clue to triggering the healing process in mysterious ailments or maladies. This approach involves honouring symptoms as messengers from the unconscious about an emotional imbalance or block that needs to be healed rather than suppressed with medication. A symbolic ailment is said to originate in a conflict between the person and his or her past. Psychotherapist Roz Carroll explains that it manifests as an energetic pattern in the body, which may over time (especially if the conflict remains unconscious) result in symptoms. This could be a constellation of symptoms (like those experienced in an immune disorder like lupus) or a particular symptom like a frozen shoulder. With the average frozen shoulder lasting for a couple of years and without much success from physical therapies, the best action to follow may be to explore an emotional therapy, looking for evidence of suppressed anger or unexpressed emotion. Emotional Freedom Technique, Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) and BodyTalk are all disciplines that work to unblock emotions. FACT FILE Frozen shoulder affects about three percent of the adult population. It affects women much more than men, and is most common in people between 40 and 65 years old. Professionals don’t really know the reason why a frozen shoulder develops. Treatment is usually targeted at relieving pain and stiffness and trying to keep the range of mobility as much as possible during the time it takes to heal. It can last for an average of 18 months to three years, and generally goes through three phases: 1. PA IN A N D LO S S OF M OB I L I T Y This initial phase lasts between two and nine months, and is accompanied by a lot of pain with increasing stiffness and loss of mobility. Pain may be heightened at night, and can be so severe that it interrupts sleep. 2. FR EEZ IN G This period lasts from four to 12 months, and although the pain eases considerably, the stiffness and limited movement become worse. Lifting the arm forward is generally slightly easier than lifting the arm up sidewards. During this time it becomes impossible to do normal daily actions like taking things off a shelf or putting the arm into a sleeve. 3.TH AW IN G It could take anything between one and three years for the shoulder to release completely. It happens incrementally. Because the shoulder has been out of action for so long, the muscles require strengthening before they are able to function as they did before. TIPS *Use natural anti-inflammatories to help ease the pain, especially in the initial stages. *Be gentle with your body, adjusting your daily activities to accommodate the loss of mobility from your shoulder. *Use treatments like acupuncture, physiotherapy, muscle release, massage and therapeutic exercise to try to maintain maximum mobility in the shoulder. *Speed up the healing by consulting an osteopath to look at the condition from all aspects, including physical, emotional, lifestyle and contextual factors. *Keep up your exercise routine, even if you have to swap your standard tennis, yoga, gym or dance for lower body exercise like hiking. *Find any possible causes of anger or emotional upheavel and work to dissolve them with the help of EFT, BodyTalk or TRE. *Be patient and understand that your body is communicating something important to you. Your subconscious will know what it is, and it’s your job to bring it to conscious attention. | 35


SHIN DIG by Kirsten Alexander

D I D YO U K N OW ? Excessive pronation, weak or inflexible calf muscles and poor biomechanics or running technique are the three major causes of shin splints.


hether it’s a dull ache or a shooting pain up the front of your lower leg, anyone who has experienced shin splints can tell you that it isn’t just about a bit of discomfort. It should be taken seriously, too. Although shin splints is one of the most common running injuries, the condition is also preventable. The medical term for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome, and it occurs along your tibia, which connects to other muscles, tendons and bone tissue to help you move around. RU N B A BY RU N Whether you’re a professional or just starting out, the key is moderation. It’s well known that starting too harshly can get you into all sorts of trouble, and overdoing it won’t do you any favours. There are four muscles involved in shin splints. These are in the heel and calf, and allow your heel to lift and your foot arches to roll upward. If these muscles aren’t working the way they should specifically if your running style isn’t great - your bones and muscles are in conflict instead of working together.

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“It’s normal for your feet to swell when you run. When choosing shoes, you might want to consider one size larger than you normally wear.” If you’ve experienced shin splints before, it may occur more easily again even after you’ve had adequate rest. One of the reasons for this is that any injury results in tiny tears in the muscle, and your body produces scar tissue to fix the problem. This, coupled with muscle memory, can cause shin splints to recur quite easily. This means you may need to change your running style. SWITC H IT UP You may not know what you’re doing wrong – after all, you’ve probably been running the same way since you first began to run. It’s not all that simple to put down an ideal running stance or pace, simply because every person is different. But there are some tips to prevent the danger of injury: *If your goal is to run ten kilometres, start with one and slowly increase the distance. If you over-train, you will be more susceptible to injury. *Land on the middle of your foot, rather than on the heel or on your tiptoes. *Keep your body relatively straight, with your hips under your shoulders. Try not to lean too far forward as you’ll end up on the tips of your toes. *Keep your stride medium to avoid overextending your muscles. *A solid pair of running shoes is helpful in avoiding injury. Invest in a pair that is both comfortable and supportive, and change your shoes fairly frequently (every 500km is a good marker). Shoes are especially important if you are running on an uneven or hard surface. *Warm up before you run and slow down before you’re completely finished. Nurture your muscles. Be mindful of what your muscles feel like when you’re running. If there’s a bit of a twinge near your shin, check where your feet are landing and how wide your stride is. Cross training is a great way to allow your running muscles a break while still keeping up your daily activity. Try swimming as a gentler way to exercise in between running days. Yoga is also a great foil for shin splints – stretching all your muscles and increasing strength and muscle-bone communication is important. A bit of ice and some natural anti-inflammatories will also help with any pain you’re experiencing. Rest is essential. TIP: Alternate walking on your heels for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of regular walking, and repeat this four times. It will help with recovery and prevention. Also, flex and point your toes anytime you’re sitting – this can become an unconscious habit that’ll strengthen the muscles that will help prevent shin splints. D O IT A N YWAY If you’re considering running as a way to get fit or lose weight, it’s one of the easiest exercises to get into. The only equipment required is a good pair of running shoes. But take care to build up to your run slowly – take a power walk first and then ease into a run, finishing off with a walk again. Check your stride and how your foot lands, and keep your arms swinging freely at your sides. If you’re nervous about a long run, interval training is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn calories. All you need to do is sprint and then power walk. Use street lamp poles as your divider – sprint to one and walk to the next. Always stretch before and after a run. | 37



by Kirsten Alexander

D I D YO U K N OW ? You’re less likely to cheat or take a day off if you’ve committed to doing something in a group. If you know someone will notice you’re not there, chances are you’ll turn up - so exercising in a group is great for motivation, too.


veryone knows that exercise is fabulously good for overall health, but did you know that exercising with others has even more benefits? There’s a reason why humans like to join clubs or groups. Even solitary sports like running have their fair share of clubs. Is this because we all need a little competition or a level to measure ourselves against, or is there something deeper to the phenomenon? G R E ATE R GO O D It’s been proven many times that social interaction is a highly important aspect of mental health. Science also says that people who participate in organised recreational activities are more alert and more resilient to the stressors of modern living. Do you need any other reason to join in a group activity? Before you think you have to be a fitness fundi to enjoy the benefits of group exercise, a recent study has shown that thinking about exercise is almost as effective as exercise itself. While this doesn’t give you license to sit around with a bunch of buddies watching yoga videos, it does mean that if you practise mindfulness in any physical activity you’re doing, the benefits are far greater than if you do it without being aware of what your body is doing.

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“If you’re hard-pressed to get any of your friends to join in, make some new ones.” GET G O IN G If you don’t belong to a cycling club or yoga class, what is there for you to do? Well, the possibilities are endless. Here’s just a small list of fun ways to combine socialising and exercise: TAKE A WA LK O N T H E W I L D S I D E Even if you’re not a serious hiker, being outdoors and stretching your muscles with a bunch of friends is highly beneficial. You don’t need to get all the gear and train for Everest; simply head out to an expanse of nature and get walking. Remember to take water along. PUMP UP T H E VO LUM E Who says dancing only has to happen in the dark? Pump up your favourite tunes and get your dancing shoes on. With great music and good friends, you’ll soon find you’ve done a four-hour workout without feeling any strain or resistance. CLEAN UP There are hundreds of open parkways and waterways in and around South Africa’s cities that could do with a good clean up. Organise a group of community members to give your local green space a spruce up. You’ll get to know your neighbours, get some exercise and do a lot of good all in one go. WALK T H E C IT Y We often ignore our own cities, looking instead to find hidden places in foreign lands. Leave your car at home and take a walking trip around your own city, exploring your environment with friends. You’ll find you clock up extensive mileage throughout the day. FRE E ME Many animal shelters are in dire need of assistance. Try volunteering for a day. Whether it means cleaning out cages, sharing out food or taking a few orphans for a walk, you’ll be guaranteed an energetic day with other people and furry friends. FIND TH E OT H ERS If you’re hard-pressed to get your friends to join in, make some new ones. To find groups of likeminded people, visit and plug in your city name. Countless groups of strangers meet up in cities all over the world to go hiking, paddling, head out on photographic expeditions, dance the salsa, cave crawl and more. | 39


Wild thing by Lara Potgieter


ou’ve perfected your discipline at Ashtanga, worked up a sweat at Bikram, harnessed your energy at Kundalini and found your Zen at Yin. What could possibly be next? We round up ten lesser-known yoga styles that may surprise even the most seasoned practitioners. A E R IAL YO GA Combining traditional on-the-mat yoga with poses suspended in hammocks, Aerial yoga allows yogis to playfully explore fun and floating movements in space without putting pressure on the joints and spine. The hammocks (or slings) are made of a soft high-density nylon material that can support over 900kg, and are suspended from the ceiling to about hip height. The poses range from seated stretches to hanging upside down and grabbing your thighs, ankles or feet for balance and support.

“Doing something beyond what you have already mastered creates an excellent opportunity for growth.”

D I D YO U K N OW ? Yoga has been called one of the first and most successful products of globalisation.

A F RO F L OW YO GA Inspired by a fusion of African spirituality, yogic principals and nature, Afro flow combines Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga with African dance movements. Developed by Leslie and Jeff Jones after a transformational journey through Africa and the Caribbean, its main aim is to create joy and vitality through movement and sound. The electrifying dance movements of the African diaspora flow with a meditative yoga sequence of gentle yet powerful stretches for a soulful and energising journey. B RO GA A combination of yoga’s most powerful core strengthening, muscle toning and cardio postures, Broga is a strong, energetic and challenging style of yoga that’s geared specifically towards men. It combines functional fitness exercises with active yoga poses to get guys pumped up and feeling better about the fact that they can’t necessarily touch their toes. D O GA Yes, it’s a thing. Gone are the days of bonding with your pooch during walks in the park. It’s time to get the furry friends onto the mat with you for a bit of dog yoga (Doga). Classes are practised in two forms, depending on the instructor. Human yogis can help their dogs into the poses, building trust and creating a bonding experience that improves everyone’s movement and circulation. In other classes, the dogs just mill around while their humans do the poses. A great way of socialising with other dogs and humans! H I P HO P YO GA Hip hop yoga emphasises strength, creativity and raw self-expression by combining Vinyasa with the art and culture of hip hop for a fun and energetic flow. The music is loud, the poses are strong, and the experience is both challenging and exhilarating. The beats combine with the breath to move the body, with everything from old school classics to the freshest hits inspiring an exciting flow. H OTP O D YO GA Hotpod yoga offers Vinyasa flow sequences in an inflatable, cocoon-like pod that’s heated to 37 degrees and includes dim purple lighting and chilled tunes. Each pod can accommodate up to 20 people, with space to flow. Classes mix active and passive poses that aim to balance the body, mind and heart in equal measure. N A KE D YO GA Naked yoga practitioners see shedding their clothes before stepping onto the mat as a way of freeing themselves, both from within and without. The practice champions acceptance of the self and others, encouraging yogis to move past issues of body image, shame and sexual discomfort.

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Classes follow the structure of any yoga style, and can be womenonly, men-only or open to both men and women (depending on the studio). Naked yoga aims to redefine how we see yoga, placing emphasis on the artistry of each asana paired with the physicality and grace of the human body. RO CKE T YO GA Also known as 'The Rocket', this is the original power yoga as developed by Larry Schultz in San Francisco in the 1980s. It was actually given its name by Bob Weir of iconic rock band The Grateful Dead because ‘It gets you there faster!’ While rooted in Ashtanga tradition, Rocket yoga strips away the structure of the series and opens up a fun and experimental format. It’s dynamic, fast flowing and certainly not for the faint-hearted. Expect to move through a wide range of poses, working up a solid sweat and being physically and mentally challenged at every turn. SL ACKLIN E YO GA Affectionately called slackasana by its fans, Slackline yoga takes place on a slackline – a piece of webbing hung between two trees. For most people, simply standing on a slackline is a major achievement. Slackline yogis push themselves to the limits of balance, activating every stabilising muscle in their bodies for a killer core workout. It’s little wonder slacklining is said to improve everything from focus, breathing and bandhas to confidence and sense of humour. AQUA YO GA This yoga style was specially developed to help soothe pain and stiffness with the support of water. Classes explore standing, suspended and floating poses in a heated pool with props. It’s a gentle remedial practice, and participants needn’t be able to swim or have any yoga experience.

TRY S O ME THIN G N E W IN YO UR HO O D AE RIAL YO GA *Avirodha Hout Bay | *Lighten Up and Move Tokai | *Samira Yoga Pretoria | BRO GA *Dave Gardner Yoga Illovo, Craighall & Kyalami *Wild Thing Sea Point | HIP HO P YO GA *Wild Thing Sea Point | HOTP O D YO GA *Hotpod Yoga Johannesburg Randburg | *Hotpod Yoga Pretoria Menlopark | N AKE D YO GA *Valentina Leo Cape Town | *Cape Men’s Yoga Cape Town Southern Suburbs | 41


Growing gratitude by Lara Potgieter


rateful adults are happier, more optimistic, have better social connections, and are more satisfied in all areas of their lives. The same applies to children, who can be inspired to make gratitude a way of life through a number of conscious parenting attitudes and activities. Teaching your kids to say ‘thank you’ is very different from instilling a true sense of gratitude in them. While good manners are of course important, gratitude is a mindset, attitude and lifestyle rather than a rote response. Try some of these simple practices to fill your home with gratitude. GRATIT UD E P R AYER Take a moment before dinner for everyone at the table to share three things that they’re grateful for. Make these as specific as possible to the day that’s just passed. You want the little ones to come up with new and delightful ideas each day. GRATIT UD E H OT P OTATO Sit in a circle with a ball you call a ‘hot potato’. Throw this ball around between everyone in the circle, with each person who catches it saying what he or she is grateful for. As it is a ‘hot potato’, it can’t be held for very long - so you’ll have to be quick at coming up with things to be grateful for. If somebody repeats something that has already been said or holds the ball for too long, that person is out of the game. GRATIT UD E J O URN A L Get the kids to decorate the cover of a beautiful journal or notebook with pictures of things that make them happy. This will become their special gratitude journal, and you can encourage them to write down three things they’re grateful for before they go to sleep each night. If they’re not yet old enough to write or are more visually inspired, they can tear pictures out of old magazines or newspapers and paste them in the journal.

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meet mina a small rubber cup that’ll change your life!

My name is Mina, and I’m a clever little cup that you insert into your vagina during your period to collect your menstrual fluid. You can use me instead of tampons or sanitary pads, and I will keep you 100% protected all day. Easy to use, completely pain free and very convenient, I’m the perfect companion to your monthly period.

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easy to use in Four simple steps 1. Fold me Flatten the cup and fold it in half.

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3. Free me Be free with your cup for up to 6 hours. Gently pull the tab to remove.

6 hours

4. clean me Remember to freshen up after 6 hours. Empty cup into toilet, then rinse, boil if possible, and reuse. 5 mins

sms ‘mina’ to 34694 for more information (smss charged at r2.00 each) or visit | 43


D I D YO U K N OW ? A study conducted by the University of California revealed that cultivating gratitude can increase happiness levels by around 25%. Testing this finding on children, psychologists Nansook Park and Christopher Peterson found that grateful kids were indeed more satisfied with their school, family, friends and themselves. They were also more compassionate and supportive of others.

44 |

"Studies have even linked gratitude and optimism to better immune function." GRATIT UD E P IN G- P O N G While sitting in the car on the way to work, start a game of gratitude pingpong by saying one thing you’re grateful for and prompting your child to then take a turn to do the same. Continue back and forth in this way, making sure that you don’t repeat each other’s answers. GRATIT UD E B OA RD Hang a blackboard up in your living room, kitchen or child’s room. Take some time each day to write or draw everything you’re grateful for. When the board is full, make a ritual of reminiscing over everything that’s been written or drawn, and clear it for the next items. If you’d like to have keepsakes of these special moments, you can always use a blank piece of cardboard and keep a collection of gratitude posters to enjoy on a day when you need reminding of all the good in your life. You could also photograph the board and keep it for reference. GRATIT UD E JA R Put a beautiful jar on the kitchen counter and leave a pad of brightly coloured paper and a pen next to it. Let anyone in the family who feels grateful or inspired write or draw something on the paper, fold it up and pop it into the jar at any time. Once the jar is full, have fun reading the notes and guessing who contributed each of them. GRATIT UD E N OT ES Leave sticky notes and a pen in an accessible spot in the house. Encourage the little ones to use them to thank anyone in the family who has done or said something that they appreciate, and leave them around the house as little surprise messages. G RAT IT UD E P RO M P T S F OR K I D S *Someone you love *Someone who helps you *Someone you hang out with *Something you love to do *Something that makes you laugh *Something that tastes yum *Somewhere you like to go *Something you are good at *Something you are proud of *Something you learnt *Something you liked about today *Something you look forward to | 45


ROCKING SOME ADRENALIN D I D YO U K N OW ? The current world record holder for the fastest climb up Mount Everest is Pemba Dorje Sherpa, with a time of eight hours and ten minutes.

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Feeling tired and rundown?

"If it’s both terrifying and amazing, you should definitely pursue it. When you are scared but you do it anyway - that’s bravery." “It’s not the rock we conquer, but ourselves. Imagine feeling unstoppable and exhilarated beyond anything you have ever known. Having the drive, enthusiasm and resilience to overcome extreme fear and achieve whatever you want,” says an avid rock climber who admits to being addicted to the adrenalin-fuelled sport.

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People who start rock climbing seem to get totally hooked. It’s something to do with walking a tightrope between risk and security, and the extreme endurance and problem solving that involves both the body and mind. Getting started requires some equipment. A good pair of climbing shoes with grip, a harness, a belay device (to attach a rope to), some fastening devices and a rope are standard. South Africa has some amazing climbing spots. From the Cape Peninsula and the Cederberg to the Drakensburg and beyond, climbers are continuing to pioneer new routes. Besides building muscle and getting a good cardio fix, climbing involves problem-solving skills. Alex Johnson - North Face team climber with multiple first-female ascents under her belt - says, "Climbing up a route often demands body awareness and problem solving. More often than not, the way to the top is not as direct as you might assume, and it takes laser focus to work through which holds to grab and where exactly to place your foot before shifting your body weight." There are a number of different props you can use to assist your climb. Traditional rock climbers wear harnesses and are connected by rope to assist in scaling rock faces. Sport climbing uses protective grips bolted into rocks to help climbers. Free solo climbing is done without ropes and is more dangerous – if climbers fall, they’re likely to die. Indoor climbing is done on cement or plywood structures. Climbing up buildings, chimneys and urban settings is another trend that’s catching on. The views may be different, but the thrill remains. If you are interested in pursuing climbing as a sport, try one of the indoor climbing walls in your area to see if you have what it takes. You’ll find a nationwide list at

Please note complimentary health products do not replace a healthy lifestyle or claim to cure or treat any disease(s). Add these products to your overall healthy lifestyle for optimal benefits.

Products exclusive to Wellness Warehouse, health stores and pharmacies. For more information contact: 021 701 5000 or | 47


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[ P E R S O N A L T R A I N E R M A RT I N L E W I S ] Highly accredited personal trainer Martin Lewis is a well-known figure at the gym at Cape Quarter in Cape Town. Previously a competitive bodybuilder and multicompetition winner, Martin has accumulated an immense amount of knowledge and experience on everything from anatomy, function and performance to mindfulness, supplements and diet.

[ P L A N T B A S E D H E A LT H S A ]


haring a passion for healthy living and the power of whole food, plant-based nutrition, health coaches CornŽ Jooste and Marina Evans founded Plant Based Health SA (PBHSA) in support and promotion of the diet and lifestyle in South Africa. A whole food, plant-based diet (WFPBD) includes meals based on unrefined, whole food starches including whole grains, beans, legumes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, corn and rice with the addition of non-starchy vegetables, leafy greens and fruit. It excludes or minimises animal-based foods like meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products and eggs as well as highly processed foods like flours, refined sugar and oils. While the PBHSA team acknowledges the importance of the ethical, environmental and food sustainability advantages of a plant-based diet, their main focus is on the restoration and maintenance of health and wellbeing through improved nutrition. They offer practical advice supported by evidence-based information for those interested in following a WFPBD to prevent, halt and in many cases even reverse chronic lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and the like. The PBHSA Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer wellness workshops at the charming Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park in Elgin cover everything from learning how your food choices influence your wellbeing to experimenting with a host of new recipes and menu ideas. The WFPBD meals prepared by the Old Mac Daddy kitchen are delicious, and the experience is both an enlightening and enjoyable getaway. For more information on Plant Based Health SA and their wellness workshops, visit or contact

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Participating in highly competitive events and competitions has given Martin an edge that only comes from extreme dedication. Years of taking supplements in all forms left him with severe health issues, which he successfully overcame using natural therapies and diet. Along his journey of healing, he studied everything he could about how the muscles, nerves and organs work, how they detox and what strengthens, lengthens and makes bodies supple. Knowing how dangerous extremism in any form can be, Martin is now a firm advocate of a healthy balance. Although he still has a strong competitive streak, his training, albeit intense, includes a healthy balanced programme that’s kind to the body and acknowledges best practice for sustainable energy as well as sculpted muscles. Besides personal training, an added benefit for anyone who trains with him is an excellent myofascial release and muscle activation. Having studied manual activation, Martin is able to unblock neurolymphatic reflexes for improved communication to the muscles and greater muscle fibre firing. That’s why he is the perfect trainer to work with if you have any type of injury. Oh, and another thing - he’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and an amazing trainer to work with. Martin Lewis works in the Cape Town area and can be contacted through Facebook as Martin Lewis. Cell: 083 424 0136. | 49


R E TA I L I N G KINDNESS by Kirsten Alexander

D I D YO U K N OW ? 31,4% of all the food produced in South Africa in a year goes to waste. This is a staggering 9,4 million tons of food! Add the imported food, and we waste 10,2 million tons of food annually. The value of this is R61,5 billion, or 2,1% of our GDP. Of this, 27% is wasted during processing and packaging, followed by agricultural production (26%), post-handling and storage (26%), distribution (17%) and consumers (4%).


ow much of the food on supermarket shelves actually goes to waste? Retailers around the world are finding ways to feed the world on what you don’t want.

We’re all used to seeing ‘sell by’ and ‘best before’ dates on food purchased at most supermarkets. A number of retailers have been giving food that’s reached its ‘sell by’ but not ‘best before’ date to charities for years. It’s a great initiative that supports many people in need, but is it enough? WA ST E N OT WAN T N OT A 2013 CSIR study on ‘The magnitude and cost of food waste in South Africa’ found the costs of food waste to the economy to be estimated at R61,5 billion a year (2,1% of our GDP). It cited that, at the same time, 70% of poor urban households in South Africa live in conditions of food insecurity. Have a quick look in your fridge and count how many items are likely to be thrown away before they can be eaten or used. It’s generally quite shocking to see how much food is wasted on a daily basis. There’s not much we can do about it…or is there? Being consumer-aware is one way to stop food waste. Buying only what’s needed for a day or week is something more and more people are doing. This does stop you from over-buying, but it can be a slightly more expensive way to shop. Bulk items are usually advertised as being marginally cheaper, and then there’s the convenience of doing one big shop as opposed to visiting many little shops over the month. The reality is that there will most likely be a few tired carrots or a couple of chops that need to be thrown away by even the savviest shopper. Of course, you could ensure that food that’s not going to be eaten but will go off in a couple of days is given to someone in need – but how? Restaurants across the world are starting to install fridges outside their premises so staff and patrons can place leftovers in easy-to-access places for those in need. We’re not talking half-eaten chips and just a bite of a burger, but specially packaged food that’s already been paid for and would normally be thrown out. One man in Saudi Arabia wanted to find a way to help the myriad homeless children in his area, so he installed a fridge in the street where he lived and asked neighbours to help in keeping it stocked. Children were free to help themselves to whatever they needed – from water and fresh produce to nutritious meals. Another charitable organisation in Belgium did a similar thing by installing a fridge on the street that’s kept stocked by the kindness of strangers. The fridge is open 24/7 and is for anyone in need. Skeptics in South Africa might feel that a fridge wouldn’t last long unattended. Are there any other ways to ensure that those in real need can benefit from consumer excess, without the admin?

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"Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change." - Bob Kerry Maybe it’s time for some creative thinking. Although South Africa does have a food bank that sorts and distributes food to numerous charities, it must of course be strictly controlled in terms of food safety. There’s a time limit involved – giving food away isn’t quite as easy as donating a pair of shoes or some clothes. But people can get together to create fresh produce growth areas that can feed the community and those in need in their immediate area – no cold chain necessary. FIL LIN G UP The dramatic waste of food isn’t the only problem with throwing away foodstuff that’s past its ‘use by’ date. Food packaging makes a major contribution to landfills, and this is a worldwide issue. Instead of shopping for a bag of onions, rather buy one or two at a time. This way you won’t also be purchasing the plastic packaging that a whole bag is housed in. Most consumers are used to taking their own bags to the supermarket to assist in reducing plastic bag waste. It’s now becoming possible to take your own containers as well. Stores allowing you to bring your own containers are popping up all around South Africa, so you can fill up your own milk or olive oil bottle and the like.

Restore harmony & balance Say goodbye to: Abdominal discomfort Breast tenderness Mood swings Irritability Bloating

While not every grocery store is geared up for this, we are now in ‘the age of the consumer’, and what consumers demand will begin to happen. The term ‘age of the consumer’ was coined by Forrester Research, and refers primarily to how technology, social media and efficient information exchange will affect product development and marketing – in short, how companies and businesses will transition to become more adaptable and customer-centric than ever before. G IV E IT B AC K While the streets of SA aren’t dotted with charitable fridges at the moment, you can at least be part of reducing food waste by shopping mindfully (always shop with a recipe in mind), freezing food that won’t be eaten straight away (freeze half the loaf of bread), composting vegetables, tea, coffee grounds, egg shells and other compostable items to reduce landfill, using your own packaging in supermarkets and finding a nearby charity or person who may appreciate your food on a regular basis, or growing your own and making the excess available to those in need. The future is in our hands, and it’s up to each of us to take a conscious stand against unnecessary waste.

Hormonal & premenstrual support Please note complimentary health products do not replace a healthy lifestyle or claim to cure or treat any disease(s). Add these products to your overall healthy lifestyle for optimal benefits.

Products exclusive to Wellness Warehouse, health stores and pharmacies. For more information contact: 021 701 5000 or | 51



e all know that trees provide oxygen, clean the air and combat climate change. We’re grateful for their wood and food, and value their importance as home to an array of animals. What we don’t always think of is that they also conserve energy, save water, help prevent soil erosion, increase property value and heal in ways both subtle and profound. Three trees placed strategically around a home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50%. Shade from trees slows water evaporation from thirsty lawns.

TREE TIME “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Darrell Putman

52 |

by Lara Potgieter

D I D YO U K N OW ? September is Arbour Month in South Africa, and a time when people of all ages are encouraged to celebrate the beauty and importance of trees.

T R EE P L A N T IN G T I P S *Never underestimate the importance of establishing a solid foundation for your tree. *Dig a deep hole. *Use well-rotted, weed-free compost. *Add a good organic root stimulant like bone meal. *If you’re planting in a very dry area, add water-saving granules. *Give your baby tree some support with a stake for the first six months to a year.

Trees prevent storm water from carrying pollutants to the ocean by breaking rainfall and allowing the water to flow down their trunks and into the earth below. They reduce UVB exposure by about 50%. The aesthetic appeal of a well-planted property and its surrounding street and neighbourhood can raise the property value by as much as 15%. Studies have even shown that the more trees and landscaping a business district has, the more business will flow in. Research has revealed that patients with views of trees out their windows heal faster and with fewer complications. Children with ADHD show fewer symptoms when they have access to trees and nature, and neighbourhoods and homes that are barren have shown a greater incidence of violence than their greener counterparts. Starke Ayres Garden Centre Rosebank Manager Richard Morris suggests planting the following popular trees in your garden: *White stinkwood / Celtis africana (a great deciduous tree for suburban gardens) *Coral tree / Erythrina lysistemon (produces beautiful orange flowers) *Lemon / Citrus limon (a classic favourite for gardens or containers) *Cape flame / Spathodea campanulata (produces large burnt orange flowers) *Silver oak / Brachylaena discolor (good for windy or coastal areas) *Camphor / Cinnamomum camphora (smells great when the wind blows) *Avocado / Persea americana (grows wonderfully in moderately protected areas in the Western Cape) *Holly oak / Quercus ilex (an evergreen that can be planted almost anywhere – from the coast to a sunny garden and even in clay soil) *Other fun options like pomegranate, custard apple, apple, almond and peach trees If you don’t have a garden, you can still plant a tree. Try one of these container options for a balcony or patio: *Kumquat (miniature orange) *Chinotto (myrtle-leaved orange) *West Indian lime (the chef’s choice) *Olive Happy tree hugging!

Innovative Gardening Solutions Starke Ayres Garden Centres supply plants, gardening products and landscaping services. They offer a range of flowers and seeds, as well as expert advice to help you grow your new plants.

L U C K Y D R AW – W I N A R 2 5 0 G I FT VO U C H E R

Stand a chance to win one of two gift vouchers to spend at the Rosebank or West Coast Starke Ayres. All you need to do is spend R250 or more at Starke Ayres, put your name and address on the back of the till slip and pop it into the competition box at either branch. We will do the draw on the last day of September and notify you by phone or email.

G E T A L L YO U R G A R D E N E S S E N T I A L S Starke Ayres Rosebank, 21 Liesbeek Parkway, Rosebank, Cape Town Tel: 021 685 4120 Starke Ayres West Coast Garden Centre, West Coast Village Shopping Centre, Sunningdale, Cape Town Tel: 021 554 8450 | 53

B O OK REVIEW S I MPROVE YOUR DIGESTION Patrick Holford | Piatkus Gut health is recognised as being highly important in overall wellbeing. Gut issues can be caused by poor digestion, absorption, protection and elimination – four problems that renowned nutrition guru Patrick Holford addresses in his latest book. Packed with fascinating information as well as practical advice, Improve Your Digestion will help you discover the root of many of your health concerns and get your gut in good shape once and for all.

THE FIVE INVITATIONS Frank Ostaseski | Pan Macmillan Zen Hospice Project CoFounder Frank Ostaseski suggests that maintaining an ever-present consciousness of death is one of the most effective ways of fully waking up to our lives. After giving compassionate care to over 1000 people on the brink of death, he’s learnt some valuable lessons on radical transformation. These are distilled into The Five Invitations: Don’t Wait; Welcome Everything, Push Nothing Away; Bring Your Whole Self to the Experience; Find a Place of Rest in the Middle of Things; and Cultivate Don’t Know Mind. These are put forward as best practices not only for those of us facing death, loss, grief or uncertainty, but for anyone interested in the meaning of life and how to live it more fully. Let the wisdom of the dying inspire you in this beautiful manifesto on living.


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by Lara Potgieter

SC IEN C E IN T H E S O U L Richard Dawkins | Penguin Random House A self-described ‘passionate rationalist’, Richard Dawkins offers a strong argument for the power of science in his latest collection of essays, journalism, lectures and letters. Science in the Soul offers over 40 pieces of his most thought-provoking writings, ranging from subjects like natural selection and the oddities of earthly life to the probability of alien life and the role of the scientist as prophet. His personal reflections are both witty and insightful, albeit at times scathing of those with whom he disagrees. Readers who find themselves lost in the mire of what he calls the ‘post-truth world’ may find great revelation and even comfort in the vigorous arguments of the fascinating book.

ASYLU M Marcus Low | Pan Macmillan How would you feel sitting on a train en route to an unknown destination with a group of unknown people? Barry James has cut all ties with life as he knew it, is growing sicker by the day, and has given up all hope. Sent off to a quarantine facility in the Karoo, he lives an unforgiving daily reality of medication and isolation. Yet he is somehow able to hold onto the limitless landscapes of his dreams, imagining life beyond the fence and surviving on moments of surprising human grace in the face of great difficulty. Marcus Low’s debut novel, Asylum is a moving account of desperation, hope and humanity with a mysterious ending that will leave you pondering long after you’ve turned the final page.

IN SIG H T: T H E P OWER O F SELF- AWAR EN ESS IN A SELF- DELU DED WO R LD Tasha Eurich | Pan Macmillan In this enlightening yet slightly unnerving book, organisational psychologist, researcher and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Tasha Eurich exposes us to how little we really know about ourselves and the way we are seen in the world. While she cites self-awareness as ‘the meta-skill of the 21st century’, she argues that most of us don’t have the ability to see ourselves clearly - to understand who we are, how others see us, and how we fit into the world around us. Insight explores our inner blocks to true selfawareness, and offers hope in the form of self-awareness tools that, in the author’s opinion and experience, really work. | 55

Finding Healing T H E A RT OF LIVING Founded in 1981 by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living is an educational and humanitarian movement engaged in stress management and service initiatives. The organisation operates in 155 countries globally, and has touched the lives of over 370 million people. To help people experience inner peace, The Art of Living offers stress-elimination programmes that include breathing techniques, meditation and yoga. The Art of Living Happiness Programme introduces people to powerful breathing techniques, tools and insights to master the mind, as well as guided yoga and meditation. The scientifically indicated benefits of the practices include higher levels of optimism, greater levels of antioxidant enzymes, stronger immunity, improved emotional regulation and more. The Art of Living meditation course teaches a technique that alleviates stress-related problems, deeply relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the system. Regular practice of the technique can transform the quality of life by training the system to maintain peace, energy and expanded awareness throughout the day. The Sri Sri Yoga course offers yoga essentials including breathing techniques, stretching, yoga postures, meditation, relaxation and yogic knowledge. All Art of Living participants become part of supportive groups and communities that meet for weekly follow-up sessions at Art of Living centres around the world. Find the South African centres at numerous locations throughout the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. Nationwide 082 229 5565

MANDY JOHNSON & TO N I S H A K E D T H E MIN D FUL R E COV E RY CEN TRE The Mindful Recovery Centre was formed in order to offer people dealing with addiction and codependency an innovative and well-researched programme to assist them in learning new skills to better navigate the challenges that can arise in early recovery. Our training and programmes are designed to activate integral mindfulness principles to assist individuals and families in developing a balanced and compassionate approach to recovery. Our intention is to redirect the focus of recovery from abstinence and sobriety whether from substances or behaviours - to supporting and developing optimal health, resilience and continuous growth in individuals and families. Our Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention Programme is an eightweek aftercare offering for addicts and alcoholics. It combines mindfulness meditation with other practical tools and techniques to activate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our Mindfulness-based Family Programme is for family members of addicts and alcoholics, as well as any other people dealing with feelings of co-dependency or responsibility for those struggling with anxiety, depression and other challenges. We also have a Mindful Recovery Five Month Programme for graduates of our mindfulness experience, which includes weekly group meetings that encourage ongoing self-evaluation in a safe and supportive environment. We offer recovery coaching, individual and couples therapy, biofeedback and stress resilience sessions, addiction screening and referrals, crisis intervention and mindfulness retreats in addition to the above programmes. Sea Point 082 568 4806

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P A L L AV I S H A R M A HEAL IN G BY PAL L AVI I am a Doreen Virtue-certified angel card reader as well as a psychic, tarot card reader, astrologer, numerologist, crystal therapist, magnified healer and reiki channel. Each of us is blessed with two angels by our side, as well as a host of archangels looking over us from the eighth order of angels. It has been said that every time God thinks of love, an angel is born. Since God thinks of nothing but love, there are an infinite number of angels. It is my joy and passion to help you become attuned to your angelic friends. Angels serve as messengers or bridges between God and humans, and they’re just a call away at any moment. I came to understand the power of angels while going through a difficult time in my own life. I simply asked, believed and received. These powerful beings of light can be a true blessing to us all, and will assist when called upon. Angel card reading and angel therapy can help you to receive assistance from your own cosmic friends, for any purpose that is for the highest good. After seeing the profound difference that enlisting the help of the angels has made in many people’s lives, I have become a passionate educator on all things angels. My angel workshop has been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. I will be bringing it to South Africa with a two-day immersion in Johannesburg on 30 September and 1 October. The experience will explore the concept of angels, how to ask for angelic help, connecting to ascended masters and spirit guides, angel therapy, boosting your connection to higher realms, automatic writing, angelic rituals and much more. Johannesburg 071 610 7549

Join a global happiness movement, become more mindful, connect to the angels and heal all aspects of your being with this month’s selection of holistic healers, centres and communities. If you’d like to be listed as a natural health practitioner on Holistica contact




I offer Akashic record profile and clearing sessions. The Akashic records are the energetic records of all souls regarding their past, present and possible future lives. They can be likened to a series of books in a library, with each representing one lifetime.

As a lightworker, facilitator of the flow of healing energy and student of psychology, I offer a holistic approach to healing. Through energetic bodywork, reiki treatments, aura healing and chakra healing and balancing we can raise our frequency and heal the physical, emotional and mental blocks that stop us from reaching our full potential. I also incorporate sound and crystals into my healing sessions.

I am a doctor of naturopathic medicine with a passion for equipping people to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Naturopathy is a holistic style of medicine that encourages the inherent healing capacity of the body through the use of natural therapies. These therapies are drawn from the best of traditional healing methods as well as modern medical science.

Sometimes, the Akashic records contain information in the form of vows that were initially useful to our soul growth but that could now be detrimental to our lives. We have gotten the gist of the lesson, and we no longer need to continue to live with the vows in place, creating the same circumstances repeatedly as we subconsciously tap into the records for information on our commitments. Akashic record clearing is a psychicspiritual modality that assists in removing negative energetic blocks and restrictions from the past that may be limiting you from creating the life you want. An Akashic record profile and clearing session can bring you to greater understanding and clarity about the life you were meant to lead (this time round) and connect you to your soul’s true purpose in this lifetime. In addition to my Akashic record readings, I am a Life Alignment and Home Alignment practitioner. Life Alignment identifies the energetic and emotional root cause of imbalance in the body, helping to release this blockage and restore the natural flow of life energy so that deep healing can occur. Just as the body holds memories of all that has happened to us, so to do our homes. Home Alignment is a comprehensive system for clearing and balancing your home, office or land to harmonise the energy dynamics of the space and improve the health and wellbeing of its occupants. My experience and knowledge also extend to the areas of Body Code, Emotion Code, tissue salts, homeopathy and chakra teas. Rondebosch East 084 800 0920

I focus on facilitating the healing and balancing of the energetic body (the aura) by identifying possible energetic blocks at all levels of being. These can come in the form of negative attachments, negative thought forms and emotional traumas. Dissolving these can help prevent the onset of the physical dis-eases that can occur when these blocks are not identified and cleared out of the energetic body. Working on clearing the chakras and aura of any of these negative influences and channeling healing energy into the energetic body system allows us to develop higher consciousness and reach a place of connection, integrity, compassion, mercy, peace and wisdom. I also offer reiki treatments that support the body's natural ability to heal itself on an energetic and physical level. I am internationally certified as an energy healer through the School of Intuition and Healing, which is accredited with the British Alliance of Healing Associations. I am also a teacher and facilitator of training courses on the subject of energy healing. My intention is to create a space for you to feel safe enough to process and receive guidance and healing for your highest good. Camps Bay 083 764 2177

Naturopathy aims to identify and remove root causes, establish healthy regimens, stimulate self-healing, strengthen weakened systems, correct structural integrity, restore and regenerate, and more. Its goal is not only the resolution of unpleasant symptoms, but rather the establishment of optimal health. Naturopathy is built on the premise that organisms have inherent healing capacity, that it is important to treat the whole person and resolve the root cause of disease, that the physician is a teacher and that prevention is better than cure. I am an advocate for a holistic approach to life and healthcare, and place special emphasis on optimising the metabolism so the body can heal itself. I use a variety of natural approaches in my practice, including applied kinesiology, acupuncture, bodywork, botanical medicine, nutrition, cupping, hydrotherapy, iridology, light therapy, movement, mind-body medicine, supplementation and vibrational medicine. I have an insatiable curiosity about life, and nothing makes me happier than learning new things. I was previously an electronic engineer, but my growing passion for wellness prompted me to pursue a career as a holistic healthcare practitioner. I decided to study naturopathy and graduated summa cum laude from the five-year course. Vredehoek 082 490 0807 | 57


D I D YO U K N OW ? One&Only Resorts Ltd is a subsidiary of Access Industries Inc., and operates award-winning luxury resorts and hotels in the Bahamas, Dubai, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico and South Africa.


rriving at the One&Only Spa adjacent to the Waterfront in Cape Town is like walking into a warm embrace. You feel so welcome and attended to. More than likely, a tailored chaperone will gallantly escort you wherever you need to go. My destination was the spa, which is accessed through a lounge area, over a footbridge and onto a tiny little island resplendent with trees, foliage and the heady fragrance of flowers and aromatherapy oils. There’s a grandeur that envelops you and makes you feel highly comforted. Across from the reception, giant lilies float on a water-filled, stone-carved feature while a range of fruit and herb teas with honey await their guests. The best thing to know about the spa at the One&Only is the incredible facilities available when you book a treatment. Make sure you arrive an hour early so you can experience the vitality pool with jet-stream water, the aroma-steam room and the sauna. In between your sauna and steam, there’s an ice-crusher fountain perfect for a circulation blast of alternative hot and cold. Slinking around in a bespoke One&Only Spa gown is a pamper-worthy experience in itself. ‘Unwind, restore and elevate’ are the guiding principals around which the One&Only Spa therapies and treatments are created. The menu has everything you can imagine, including individually tailored spa journeys. I opted for the One&Only African Journey, which promised to relax tired muscles and bring about total body radiance and glow. After a sensory test involving choosing the fragrance I loved the most, I had a full-body scrub with an essential oil combined with rooibos and rock salt. The spa uses ESPA products that contain pure extracts from natural ingredients and are devoid of any chemical nasties. The scrub is meant to make your body ready for resort life, while the massage deeply relaxes both body and soul. I’m a total massage junkie, and always feel like I’m astral travelling when I get into deep relaxation. This one came with amazing techniques using upper body strength and deep muscle connection.

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"Imagine the whole of your body weight sinking down, then spreading out like a puddle of oil. You become so relaxed that you feel like liquid." Each massage room has warm, soft lighting and luxurious showers. After 90 minutes of bliss, I was grateful to have a ‘recovery room’ to bring my body back from its liquid state. In true One&Only style, an array of culinary delights awaited. ‘Indulge’ was the sign on one side, and ‘Detox’ on the other. Chocolate Lindt balls, brownies and decadence lined the left while fruit sticks, gluten-free muffins and salad were on the right. The choice is left to you. My verdict: a spa treatment should be a mandatory regular ritual. Aah, and preferably at the beautifully luxurious One&Only. The One&Only is on Dock Road at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. Tel: 0 21 431 5888

THE R EL A X AT ION R E S P ON S E When the body encounters danger or perceived danger, it goes into a ‘fight or flight’ mode of heightened physiological arousal that includes increased heart rate and blood pressure, slowed digestive functioning and decreased blood flow to the extremities. Hormones like cortisol are released into the bloodstream, preparing the body to react. When there is no more perceived danger, the body returns to normal in what’s known as the relaxation response. Living in a city amongst traffic, crowds and newscasts, the body can be triggered multiple times throughout the day, with the relaxation response often not having enough time to finish its course before the next trigger. This can decrease the immune system and create anxiety and stress. That’s why relaxation practices are key. Relaxing both body and mind at the same time is a highly effective way of making sure you run your relaxation response properly and thoroughly. Practices like conscious breathing, massage, meditation and yoga are highly important for boosting immunity and creating a calm and measured disposition. | 59



Changing thethe world one Changing world one breath at a time at a time Changing thebreath world one Hot and yogayoga for all including Hot non-heated and non-heated forlevels all levels including breathVinyasa, atVinyasa, aBikram, time Power & Sculpt Bikram, Power & Sculpt

Hot and non-heated yoga for all levels including Vinyasa,Offering Bikram, Power & Sculpt one free of yoga new to Offering oneweek free week of for yoga forstudents new students to

The HiddenMind Programme has proven to be most beneficial in treating special needs and persistent conditions like dyslexia, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, asthma, arthritis, back ache, chronic pain, insomnia, migraines, schizophrenia and many others. Experience the amazing healing power for yourself. Contact Diana 082 309 9798

YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with YogaLife. Cape Town residents only,valid with ID valid ID Offering one free week of yoga for new students to Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week Yoga special for to R400 for week Yoga special fortravellers travellers toCT, CT, R299 for one one week Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with valid ID Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter

Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week Tel: 021 021 418 418 2884 Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter Tel: 2884

Tel: 021 418 2884

[ F O O D TA L K S T O Y O U R B O D Y, S O L E T ’ S L I S T E N ] Consult with our registered Dietician and Nutrigenetic specialist, Judith Johnson for your specialised health and wellness needs. S E RV I C E S O FF E R E D : *Dietary assessments *Stress assessments *Anthropometry *Translation and analysis of nutrigenetic tests *Nutritional program

Make your appointment through any Wellness Warehouse Consultations take place at Wellness Warehouse, Kloof Street, Cape Town

A L L F E E S C L A I M A B L E F RO M M E D I C A L A I D Judith Johnson | Consulting Dietician and Nutrigenetic specialist B.Sc. Hons.Ther Diet (UCT) | Practice Number: 8406278

For further information about advertising or listing here email or contact Sue Dall 084 707 4477

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N AT U R A L ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES When preventing or reducing inflammation, it’s helpful to listen to your body. In addition to healthy lifestyle habits, natural supplements will help support joint and bone function and reduce the inflammatory response. Here are five of our favourites…

1 . S P E C I A L I S E D P R O - R E S O LV I N G M E D I ATO R S Specialised Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs) are natural compounds the body produces and uses to resolve tissue challenges and support healthy tissue recovery. The body has a natural and active process for resolving the negative effects of tissue stress from a range of factors including lifestyle choices, the ageing process, exercise or overexertion, and an unhealthy diet. Developed from omega-3 fatty acids, Metagenics OmegaGenics SPM Active supports this process by boosting the body’s natural SPM levels.

2. TURMERIC Turmeric has been known for its medicinal powers for hundreds of years. The golden spice contains beneficial compounds called curcuminoids, which have been found to reduce pain and inflammation as well as fight free radicals, boost the immune system and support heart and brain health, amongst other things. Taka Turmeric’s vegecaps add a black pepper extract called BioPerine to the turmeric to improve its bioavailability so your body can take full advantage of its many benefits.

3 . M U LT I -S T R A I N J O I N T S U P P O RT Active lifestyles can be hard on the muscles and joints. Cardio activities like running, hiking and even biking can add pressure that could trigger the body to release the enzymes that break down collagen and cause healthy joints to lose their own natural cushioning. While traditional joint health formulas focus on cartilage support, Solgar 7 targets multiple pathways to balance joint stressors, structurally support collagen building blocks and sensitive joints and support the body’s natural range of motion and flexibility.

4. HERBAL ACTIVES Himalaya’s Rumalaya Forte is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic with immunesupporting properties that can be used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis, inflammation from trauma, gout, sciatica, frozen shoulder and more. It contains a range of herbal actives that are completely safe with no contraindications.

5 . A S TA X A N T H I N The Real Thing Anti-X is a pure astaxanthin supplement that acts as an antioxidant and antiinflammatory for bones and joints. Extracted from a pure, potent algae, astaxanthin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. It has been found to reduce pain and inflammation and help with joint mobility and inflammation while also increasing strength and endurance and accelerating muscle recovery.

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Fit. Flexible. Fabulous  
Fit. Flexible. Fabulous  

Bearing in mind that a flexible body facilitates a flexible mind, we’re encouraging movement in all forms. Flexibility isn’t just about bein...