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September 2012

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Meet Dr Candice Morrison, Wellness Ambassador and Gynaecologist.

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bath and body green tea range


The beauty benefits of green tea


Green tea is full of beauty benefits and is naturally rich in anti-oxidants that protect the body from free radicals. That means protection against accelerated ageing, exposure to pollution, smoking and too much sun. You can use the leaves as an exfoliant, drink it as tea, make a distilled solution and dab it on spots or you can use the Wellness Body range already infused with green tea to give you all the benefits.

Award-winning fruit infused raisins Award-winning fruit infused raisins ideal for kids boxes - big or small! ideal for kids lunch boxes - big lunch or small!

No harmful additives, chemicals or aggravating components are used in these products, rather the best quality pure ingredients to complement your skin. Wellness products are designed to bring you natural goodness with ingredients carefully chosen to work with your body’s natural processes.


Pineapple Raisins 25g25g Orange Pineapple Raisins 25g Orange Raisins CherryRaisins Raisins25g 25g Cherry Raisins 25g

Beet it & CarrotBeet it & Carrot Orange 250ml Orange 250ml

IN RETAILERS SELECTED RETAILERS NOW AVAILABLE! AVAILABLE AVAILABLE IN SELECTED NATIONWIDENATIONWIDE NOW AVAILABLE! customer trade enquiries please contact NOW For customer or For trade enquiriesorplease contact NOW NAKD is available at Wellness Warehouse and selected stores. For customer or trade enquiries please contact NOW

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A trusted brand with earth friendly products made from 100% naturally derived ingredients. There are no artificial colourants or fragrances used and none of them have been tested on animals.


eatwell EAT THIS, NOT THAT - We look at healthy alternatives to familiar foods especially sauces, spreads, pastes and dressings. Add more nutrition and goodness by making your own.

Editor’s Choice IT’S ALL ABOUT CHOICE - Being pro active about your health and wellness has so many rewards. All it means is taking a little time and consideration to care about yourself. Instead of using the first product that comes to mind or Owneveryone Brand else is using, take some time to find healthy alternatives. It’s the product T W ORK APPRYour OVAL all aboutARchoice. body will thank you. Item


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HIPPY HAPPY - Someone said patchouli is the hippie smell of the sixties. Whatever feeling Packaging Size: or sensation it evokes in you, patchouli Packaging Design will add a transformative dimension to your space. incense is a ritual that Wellness Warehouse RooibosBurning & meaning to daily life. Mereville Orange Spice_contributes Carton Version: 001/06-06-2012 Patchouli Incense R21.99 Legislation & Claims:



wellness by learning how to eat, move and think in ways that nature intended. Include 7 smart tips to live closer to nature and create more wellness.



LEAVE STRESS BEHIND - Find ways of preventing stress from living in the moment, curbing your thoughts and meditating to simply having a different attitude towards life.

TEAPOT LUCK - Have fun experimenting with different blends of loose tea: add fresh herbs, ginger, cloves, lemon or flowers and make up a brew to suit your taste. This glass teapot has the perfect filter system for any combination of leaves and additives. An extra bonus is to be able to watch the brew unfold through the glass. Bodum Bistro Nouveau Teapot R249.99

On another note, we are delighted to announce our new Wellness Café in Wembley Square in Gardens is up and running and serving delicious and nutritious food.


insomnia with sound sleep well tips. We cover supplements, melatonin, aromatherapy, breath work and more.

Yours in wellness Dr Sean Gomes, Co-founder


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EASY CLEAN - This is one of my favourite cleaning products, you can use it for just about anything. One tub takes care of floors, tabletops, bath and showers and what’s more, it is earth-friendly. No nasty chemicals means it won’t pollute our waterways nor will it add to chemical build up and potential allergies. Triple Orange Wonder Gel R69.99

BUM'S UP - Get the low-down on nappy

rash with expert advice. A preventative approach is invaluable when keeping your baby irritation free.


Method advocates vision improvement and rejuvenation through eye exercises, lifestyle adaptations and good nutrition. Throw away your glasses and practice a more holistic form of eye restoration.

REGULARS 13 GLENN-DOUGLAS HAIG Practice makes Perfect.


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MOONSEAT - Make this moonseat a reason to meditate. The rounded shape and extra padding will keep your spine lengthened and comfortable. Welllness Moonseat R350 PATCHED UP - Tai foot and body patches clear accumulated toxins while you sleep. This includes water retention, puffiness, swollen ankles and cellulite. It also helps with fatigue, insomnia, poor circulation and joint pain. It is entirely natural with tourmaline as a base ingredient. This releases pyro-electric energy and charges your body with negative ions. Forest sap has powerful drawing properties, the same component used by trees to pull up water from the earth. Tai Foot & Body Patches 12's R169.99


Win an Organic Ocean skincare hamper, some high potency Joint Support and a Naturys Cleanser, Tonic and Protective Cream.


Find out what’s happening in your wellness community with workshops, retreats, therapies and more.

this mini magazine is printed on Sappi Recycled Paper



SPICE DELIGHT - Orange spicy tea has so many applications; I drink it traditionally as a warming tea but also boil up a batch using four teabags. Once it has infused, cool it down, add a spoon of Stevia to sweeten and drink it as iced tea. It also makes a tasty base for a salad dressing or marinade. Wellness Rooibos and Orange Spice Tea 20's R9.99

TASTY TOFU - Who said tofu tasted bland? This smoked variety has a delicious delicate flavour. You can grill or pan fry it and add it to salad, stir fry or sandwiches. Earth Products Smoked Tofu R37.99


I wish you a great month of prevention in all aspects of life,

PERFECT FIT - Fitflops that come in sandal style have a convenient strap across the foot. Kids love the way they feel on their feet and the fitness and health factor is an added extra. Fitflop Kiddies Sandle R250



It is such a cliché but I just had to say it: Prevention is better than cure. All of us have a responsibility to find out the best ways of running our bodies. We pay attention to our businesses, to finances and everything else but often forget to do the necessary when it comes to physicality. At the end of the day, health is wealth and without proper functioning, our lives become severely impaired. It’s not all gloom though, exercising vigorously puts you on such a high; eating foods your body loves means feeling light and energetic; chilling out and keeping stress at bay means gliding calmly through life. It’s all good when you know how. Most of it is easy; include healthy practices as part of your daily routine and the benefits will be so apparent. In our article on page 12 we talk about how, as a human species we have never been more prone to illness than we are now with research showing eighty percent of the adult industrial population suffers from at least one preventable chronic illness. Diseases of the heart, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and strokes are pandemic in our society. Part of it is because of the way we live, the stress we have on a daily basis and food devoid of nutrition. National health services worldwide are focusing much more on a preventative approach and involving patients in self-care. It has become imperative for everyone to play a part in maintaining good health. Wellness Warehouse has a strong culture and commitment to involving our customers in the practice of preventative health and wellness. We hope it rubs off on you.



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healthy foodmarket

healthy foodmarket

REPLACE MAYONNAISE WITH: Plain yoghurt - choose a brand with live cultures. For extra flavour, add some chopped garlic or a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. REPLACE BUTTER WITH: Ghee, olive oil, hummus, coconut oil, tahini paste REPLACE JAM WITH: Puree or simmer dates into a paste (add coconut if desired), or cook chopped up suphite free dried apricots until they form a paste, add stevia or xylitol to sweeten. REPLACE IODISED SALT WITH: Vegetable salt, Himalayan salt or cayenne pepper. Try using lemon juice on veggies instead of salt. REPLACE SOY SAUCE WITH: Bragg Liquid Amino’s – this is a certified NONGMO liquid protein concentrate, made from healthy soybeans with essential and nonessential naturally occurring amino acids

"Making your own sauces, spreads and pastas means you can fill them with nutrition and goodness."

eat this, not that

REPLACE TARTAR SAUCE WITH: Blend 1/2 cup plain yogurt and 1/2 cup nonfat cottage cheese until smooth. Add 1 tbls each of lemon juice, minced red onion, sweet or dill pickle relish and minced, fresh parsley. REPLACE SUGAR WITH: Stevia, Xylitol, Agave syrup or when baking use apple sauce instead

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Being healthy doesn’t mean missing out; it just means better, more calculated choices.

did you know? Most commercially-produced baking powder contains aluminum (sodium aluminum sulfate). Make your own by mixing 1 tsp baking soda, 2 tsp cream of tartar and 1 tsp corn starch (optional). Mix well and use immediately.



y switching to healthy versions your body will recognise the goodness and will automatically want better nutrition and less processing. Soon your choices won’t have to be motivated by you; they will be choices your body prefers. Look out for sauces and spreads, if you read the ingredients you might be surprised at the amounts of salt, sugar or fat they contain. Making your own will ensure you know what you are putting in your body. everything you need to live life well

9 KEY INGREDIENTS, healthier replacements>

REPLACE TOMATO SAUCE WITH: Puree tomatoes, cook down to a paste. For flavour: add onions, garlic or celery. REPLACE SALAD DRESSING WITH: Lemon juice mixed with pulped garlic and olive oil or use flax seed oil.

TIP IF YOUR RECIPE CALLS FOR BUTTERMILK AND YOU DON’T HAVE ANY, USE THIS SUBSTITUTE: All you need is a cup of milk and a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice. First add the vinegar or lemon juice then pour in the milk. Let it stand for 5 minutes and use as you would buttermilk.




Tzatziki, this traditional

Tomato sauce is a staple

Greek spread can be eaten with meat, chicken, baked potatoes, on veggies or pita bread. Mix 1 tbls vinegar, 2 garlic cloves, ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp white pepper together and add to a cup of yoghurt. Grate a cucumber, mix together and chill.

and extra delicious when home made. Chop up 10 big ripened tomatoes, 1 onion and a garlic clove and throw into a big pot. Add ½ cup white vinegar, 1 cup water, ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp black pepper and ¼ cup honey. Once it has boiled turn to low and simmer for three hours. Puree and store in a glass bottle.

Hummus is delicious on bread or as a dip for carrots and celery. Mix 2 crushed garlic cloves, ½ tsp salt, 4 tbls lemon juice, 1 ½ tbls tahini together. Blend a cup of chickpeas and mix together. Serve in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

Peanut butter is guaranteed to be fresh and additive free if you make it yourself. Dry roast peanuts beforehand if you want more flavour. Blend one cup of salted peanuts in a processor, add a tbls of vegetable oil (not olive oil) and a tbls of honey.

GOOD PASTES Date paste is yummy as a jam, with yoghurt, on fruit or used in desserts. Blend 1 cup of dates thoroughly, add a cup of soaked walnuts, ½ cup of filtered water, ½ cup agave nectar, ¼ cup coconut oil a pinch of salt and mix until smooth and creamy. This mixture can also be dehydrated and cut or rolled into fruit leather.

Olive paste keeps for five months when refrigerated. Use it on crackers or bread, add to pasta, to salad dressing, use in marinades or on meat or chicken. Blend 1 cup of pitted Kalamata olives with a medium chopped onion, 3 tbls of capers, a tbls of fresh oregano, 3 tbls olive oil, 2 tbls red wine vinegar, two cracks of black pepper and the peel of one grated lemon.

Chilli sauce is addictive. Chop 4 cups of tomatoes, 1 green pepper and 1 cup each of celery and onion sprinkle with 4 tbls of salt and leave in the fridge overnight. Drain and press out the liquid. Put them in a pot with 2 chopped red chillies, ½ cup agave syrup, ¼ cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tbls mustard seeds and ½ tsp cayenne. Boil and simmer for 2 hours and decant into a glass jar.

No cheese cheesy sauce is excellent for pasta dishes and veggies. It makes about 1 ½ cups. Heat ¼ cup water, 1 cup nutritional yeast, 3 tbls chick pea flour, 2 tbls vegetable stock powder, 1 cup soy milk and 3 tbls tahini on low, stirring with each additional ingredient added. Stir for about 5 minutes until everything is blended and sauce is warm. Add salt and/or mustard to taste.


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visit us online at for a comprehensive guide to meal planning including recipes, special diets, simple prep tips and recommended pairings with wines, sides, and cheeses. 7


healthy foodmarket product guide


Make a date

Can do

Liquid gold

Dates are so versatile and can be used as a base for sweet treats, fruit spreads, jam or chutney. Soften them by covering with a little boiling water, blend, puree, chop or eat whole. Try them coated with yoghurt for a heavenly sweet experience.

Line your pantry with staples essential for a multiple of dishes. On low grocery days butter beans or chick peas can be blended into a satisfying dip. Cherry, chopped or whole tomatoes are standard additions to pasta, soup, stews and goulash.

Bragg Liquid Aminos is a non-fermented gluten-free soya sauce with no added salt. Because of it's phenomenal health characteristics and concentrated taste it is an excellent option to perk up restricted candida and allergy diets. Not only that, it is loved by discerning gourmets.

Adding a sauce, dressing or accompaniment can transform simple meals into a taste sensation.

Braggs Liquid Aminos 473ml


Available at all stores and online.

Think of barring high fat, cholesterol forming, heart clogging ingredients and swapping them for ‘just as tasty’ alternatives. Eat a high volume of vegetables but add flavour to make them tasty. Develop a practice of sneaking in some green wherever you can. Whatever you are making, add a handful of chopped parsley or sprouts, shredded spinach, celery or radish. Top that with a delicious dressing or relish for mouth watering appeal.

Well seasoned Wellness Pitted Dates 100g R499 Yoghurt Coated Dates 100g Available at all stores and online.

Dinapoli Butter Beans 400g R999 Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g R999 Chopped Tomatoes 400g R999

Perfect swap

Pressed for health

Rather than using butter, use Ghee. Ghee is clarified butter with nutritional and health benefits that regular butter doesn’t have. Whether you are a dieter, or an athlete, ghee is an ideal alternative. It is also great for cooking as it has a high smoke point.

Cold pressed organic oils are filled with highly beneficial components like essential fatty acids, omegas and polyphenols. Credé Natural Oils pioneered cold pressed oils in South Africa and have built up a trusted reputation for their high quality and fair prices. When cooking with oil, look for varieties with a high smoke point. The fatty acids in any oil heated to the point of smoking will be structurally damaged and will generate DNA-damaging oxygen radicals in the body. As long as oil does not reach its smoke point, no harmful byproducts are created.


Relish that Make good taste so easy with the addition of a few relishes. Set out a ploughman’s platter with cheeses and crackers, jazz up a sandwich or add to your cooking. These relishes use ingredients grown on Wildebraam Berry Estate in the Cape and are filled with homemade goodness.

Marguerite Chilli Relish 375ml R3499 Cucumber Relish 375ml R3499 Ring of Fire 375ml R3399

Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.

Sweet offering Earth Products Ghee Clarified Butter 230g R3399 Ghee Clarified Butter 330g R4699

No tea party would be complete without jam. Now you can choose an organic variety grown in the local farm Tierhoek. Spread this flavourful treat on a scone, some freshly baked bread or cracker.

Available at all stores. Not available online.

Dessert anyone?

Wellness Organic Apricot Jam 280g R2499 Organic Peach Jam 280g R2499 Organic Plum Jam 280g R2499 Available at all stores & online.

Yoghurt is easier to digest than milk and more and more is hitting the top spots of beneficial food lists. Live cultures mean living organisms that provide good bacteria for the digestive tract. Yoghurt makes a delicious dessert, especially when flavoured. It is also a fabulous base for sauces and dressings.

Fired up Homemade Jalapeno Jelly is destined to heat up your meal. Besides all the flavour, chillies boost metabolism and even heat up the body. Jalapenos are perfect for beginners where Habaneros should be used more cautiously.

Marguerite Jalapeno Jelly 375ml


Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.


Hijke Vanilla Yoghurt 150g R850 Rhubarb Yoghurt 150g R850 Bulgarian Yoghurt 150g R850 Available at Kloof and Cavendish. Not available online.

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

Chickpeas 400g R999 Cherry Tomatoes 400g R1499 Available at all stores and online.

Use a natural seasoning made with herbs and natural sea salt to add a body of flavour to salads, vegetables, beans and rice, pasta, meats or pizza. Keep it within easy reach on the table as an alternative to table salt and add some to your spice cupboard for cooking. Fresh herbs are combined with natural sea salt and brewed for up to a year before moisture is removed with a low temperature vacuum. This infuses the full herb and vegetable flavour into the salt crystal.

Crede Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400ml R6999 Organic Olive Oil 500ml R8499

A.Vogel Plantaforce 200g R5499 Trocomare 125g R3699

Available at all stores and online.

Available at all stores and online.

Daily tonic

Stock up

Apple Cider Vinegar has a list of powerful attributes; drink it daily with hot water and honey as a health tonic or use in dressings. These are some of the benefits: beautiful skin, vibrant health, removal of bodily toxins and infections; fighting moulds, bacteria and germs; delaying old age, normalising weight; regulating metabolism, and menstruation; helping with with PMS and UTI; improving digestion, assimilation and pH balance; clearing throat and gum toxins; fighting acne, dandruff, athletes foot; repairing dry hair and itchy scalp; fighting arthritis, and removing crystals and toxins from joints, tissues and organs.

Natural stock powder can be used for soups, stews, casseroles and gravy. It is made from quality ingredients and contains: roasted, onions, carrots, tomato, garlic, spinach, celery, salt, tapoica flour, cornstarch, herbs, potassium chloride, fibre, fructose and spices. Use as stock for soups, stews, casseroles and gravy.

Trocomare 250g R5499

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 473ml R7399

Health Connection Vegetable Stock 250g R2999 Vegetable Stock Yeast Free 200g

Available at all stores and online.

Available at all stores and online.





RAINBOW VIBRANCE - Each scoop provides 4½ servings of fresh RAW fruits & vegetables A full colour spectrum superfood (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) concentrated into each scoop, with massive antioxidant impact & all the phytonutrients (plant based nutrients) so often lacking in our modern day diets. The fibres provided by the plants help remove heavy metals & other toxins which increase free radicals. The fibres also help control blood sugar, regulate hormone levels & blood fats. Rainbow Vibrance boosts your daily nutrient intake, and provides 3,974 ORAC units per serving. KEY BENEFITS: For all who want to achieve optimum health, remain youthful, and receive maximum nutritional benefit. Also invaluable to those who eat too little RAW fruit and vegetables in their daily diets.


organic spice range

Love affair with spices Spices have a long history of romance and allure inspiring great journeys of exploration. People travelled miles along the spice route crossing seas and land to bring precious and rare spices to the world. Rich concentrated flavours and properties have been used to fuel love with perfumes and aphrodisiacs; have been invaluable as medicinal healing potions; have even steadied the mind with incense. Spices provide flavour, relish and piquancy to food. Their consuming aromas and tastes are an essential part of food preparation.

- Multi-Antioxidant The perfect combination of 36 vitamins (including A (Beta Carotene), E, C & Coenzyme Q10), 8 minerals, 4 nutritional co-factors (such as Glutathione), and 16 pure botanical extracts (including Astaxanthin, Lycopene & Ellagic acid). Different antioxidants work in different media and locations throughout the human body, and in combination more effectively reduce the damaging effects of free radicals that lead to ageing and degenerative diseases. KEY BENEFITS: Serious Multi-Antioxidant that neutralises free radicals & protects cells in our body from accelerated ageing BENEFITS OF ANTIOXIDANTS & PHYTONUTRIENTS (PLANT BASED NUTRIENTS): • Delays ageing of the body & mind • Protects cell membranes from free radical damage • Helps with blood sugar control† • Strengthens tendons & ligaments • Helps reduce risk of all cancers† • Strengthens immune system • Increases resistance to flu’s, colds & viruses† • Cleansing of heavy metals, chemicals & other toxins • Helps maintain clear vision • Helps reduce risk of cholesterol† build-up • Nourishes probiotics & improves intestinal health

74 3,9 Units ng AC OR servi per

Wellness Warehouse is proud to introduce a range of organic spices sourced from the very best suppliers in India and packed locally. Spices enhance and enrich food with medicinal, digestive and taste enhancing properties.



More than 20 spices in the range

shop online at

Whole and Ground Varieties Organic ingredients Non-irradiated Sourced directly from India and packed locally.

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. DISCLAIMER: The information above is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by a competent health care professional. You should not use this information in diagnosing or treating a health problem. No claim or opinion is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. If you are taking any drugs (prescribed or not), or have a medical condition, please consult a physician or health care professional, who is aware of herb/drug interactions before taking any herbal or natural supplements. Vibrant Health uses 100% certified organic ingredients whenever possible with whole food concentrates for maximum absorbability and efficacy.

Vibrant Health products are available from practitioners, leading health stores nationwide, or directly from Natural Vibrance.


+27 (0)21 852 3021 | |



integrative health

integrative health

The only reason these cells will ever move away from health and towards sickness and disease is if we are toxic in something we do not need or deficient in something we do need. To simplify: if we have too much of something or too little of something. When cells have their required raw materials and are free from toxicity they will naturally be in an expression of health. Symptoms do not represent a genetic error in the cells. Symptoms represent important signals from your body telling you something is wrong. If the oil light comes on in your car, what would you do? Would you provide your car with what it requires (oil) or take the bulb out (masking the symptom).

“To embrace wellness, humans, like every other species, must learn how to eat, move and think in ways that nature intended.”

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PREVENTION IS KEY By Dr. Robert Delgado MChiro(SA), C.C.W.P(USA), M.C.A.S.A

Is our lifestyle making us susceptible to disease?

smart tip Never start a health improvement programme by taking away things you love. Add good things first. Over time, as you become healthier the need for the bad things will naturally fall away. The more healthy choices you make over time, the more you will start to crave additional healthy choices. 12


s a human species we have never been more prone to illness than we are now. Granted we have more access to medication and preventative methods but research shows that eighty percent of the adult industrial population suffers from at least one preventable chronic illness. It’s not getting better either; rates have been rising steadily for the last 50 years. Diseases of the heart, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and strokes are pandemic in our society. So if eighty percent of chronic disease is preventable through lifestyle intervention, how do we put this into action? everything you need to live life well


simple,” says a leading wellness expert. “Health and wellness is our natural state. Imagine a rain forest made up of millions of trees. If every tree is healthy then the rain forest is healthy. In the same way, our bodies comprise of trillions of cells working harmoniously together in a self-healing and self-regulating ecosystem to maintain homeostasis and life. These cells are genetically equipped from birth to express health and vitality. If all our cells are healthy then we are healthy.”

The real question we need to ask is: What lifestyle choices will help reduce toxicity and deficiencies? Fortunately, as a benchmark, we have hunter-gatherer cultures around the world that live long, productive lives and are virtually free from all chronic illness. Their genes are the same but they don’t suffer from many of the diseases we do. We can learn from them by adding more of their lifestyle choices to our modern world. The key to lifelong health is understanding that human beings have to follow natural laws to prevent illness. All other species do this, that’s why animals are healthier than us. Essentially, we are hunter-gatherers that have been plucked from our natural environment and stuck behind a desk eight hours a day. We eat refined toxic food and think stressful thoughts from morning until night. This unnatural environment is the root cause of almost all chronic illness. To embrace wellness, humans, like every other species, must learn how to eat, move and think in ways that nature intended. So what can we do in our everyday lives to replace toxicity with purity and deficiency with suffiency? How can we provide our bodies with what is required?


Take the following supplements: Omega 3 Fish oil; Vitamin D; MultistrainProbiotic; Whole food Vitamin and micronutrient complex (this can be replaced by juicing vegetables daily). These supplements are proven to be genetically required raw materials, yet with denatured soil and processing, it is extremely difficult to get sufficient amounts in our modern diet.


Incorporate as much activity as you can into your daily routine – walk or cycle instead of driving, take the stairs, play with your children. Daily movement is a vital requirement.


Always shop with a full stomach – the food choices you make when you aren’t hungry are noticeably different to what you buy while hungry. Stick to the whole food section of the supermarket.


Judge a lifestyle choice by how you feel afterwards, not during – Have you ever regretted eating a salad or walking in the sunshine?


Start and end everyday with gratitude. Focus on what you have in life rather then what you don’t have.


Reduce your consumption of refined processed foods and sugar – Eat food as nature intended. Being well is not an all or nothing concept. Every choice you make counts. Having a bad day or a bad week is not failure. The body is very fair and as long as you make more positive choices today you will be healthier then you were yesterday.

The 5 Wellness concepts •

Health is our natural state, it is toxicity and deficiency that leads to sickness.

Our genes do not differ from our pre-agricultural and pre-industrial ancestors.

Our ancestors and surviving tribes that model their lifestyles did not die from chronic illness like heart disease, hypertension, cancer and diabetes.

The only difference between our healthy ancestors and us is our lifestyle.

The vast majority of chronic illness is due to lifestyle choices and is therefore preventable.


Increase the amount of raw fruit and vegetables you consume. Make an effort to add a raw fruit or vegetable to every meal. By making this one simple addition to your life, you will already be healthier. visit for a comprehensive guide to health

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT By Glenn-Douglas Haig About 15 years ago I was listing companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and working in an extremely pressurized environment, from 7am to about 9pm. For most weeks of the month I would be holding 3 meetings at once in my office, one at each table, and I’d be moving from one team to the next balancing this ridiculous scenario as best I could. Clearly this was not a sustainable way of working, but being young and eager to prove myself, I carried on… until my body decided it had had enough. My brain hit the freeze button and my eyes started crying uncontrollably… there was nothing I could do to stop them. I ended up on a drip and then going to the St. Francis Health Centre for a week to recover from a nervous breakdown! Some of us, especially mothers, lead our lives with this selfless attitude and put other people’s needs ahead of our own. This works for a while and sometimes it is necessary, but we so easily fall into the trap of “they need me” that we overlook the warning signs: fatigue, insomnia, mild depression and lethargy. The truth is, our minds and our bodies are designed to endure and overcome any prolonged pressure or activity, as long as we take care of them properly. What we really need to give ourselves is the opportunity for a daily practice… of any sort. Be it a 4-minute quiet moment to start your day while drinking your coffee and staring out of the window, or a dedicated meditation practice, or a 15-minute breathing exercise, or half an hour tending to your plants, or a nightly bath before bed, the power of a daily practice cannot be over-emphasized. Consistency is the key: 10 minutes a day is worth far more than 1,5 hours a week. A daily practice prevents the build-up of toxic stress and so empowers you to sustain your energy levels and release negativity. Your mind and your body both thrive on this small amount of loving attention and with practice, you will perfect the balancing act of life in the mad modern world!


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integrative health product guide

MAKE THAT SHIFT It’s actually just an attitude shift, a dose of attention and energy focused on ‘I am a healthy person’. From there you add a healthy practice to your lifestyle wherever you can. A few simple innovations can make a substantial difference. Knowing what illness or disease conditions you might be prone to means being able to take preventative measures. Taking supplements daily can turn into a habit you hardly notice. A brisk walk or cycle everyday will make your body call for more. Deep conscious breathing can be done in traffic or during a drive. The healthier you are the more energy you radiate and the more attraction energy you have.

Thrive on natural energy

Better bones

Life Preserver is a serious anti-oxidant designed to reduce the free radical damage that plays a key part in aging and degenerative diseases. As antioxidants are known to work more effectively together, Life Preserver is the perfect combination of several vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbs, to effectively reduce damaging free radicals.

Good Health's Supercal Bone Food is a high potency supplement containing highly absorbable forms of Calcium along with cofactors including Magnesium, Manganese, Silica, Boron, Zinc, Vitamin K and D necessary for optimal bone health. As women age bone density decreases often leading to Osteoporosis (thin bones). This in turn can lead to increased hip fractures or bone breakages in later life.

Vibrant Health Life Preserver 90tabs


Good Health Supercal Bonefood 70caps


Available at all stores and online.

Available at all stores and online.

Feed your cells

Early start

Plant protection

Take the right supplements to feed your body and guard against illness. Omegas are extremely important to sustain life and essential for normal growth and development. The benefits of CoQ10 involve energy production and high antioxidant effects. CoQ10s antioxidant effects reduce lipid peroxidation and assist vitamin E in protecting cell membranes and lipids such as cholesterol from oxidation.

Solal Technologies are leaders in anti-ageing, preventative and integrative medicine. Get an early start and give your prostate a great chance with regular supplementation. Prostate protection will protect and will improve symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

RyChol is a botanical compound that helps lower total cholesterol and LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) levels, which means reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. By proactively managing your cholesterol levels, you can dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease and premature death and live a longer, healthier and more productive life.

Wellness CoQ10 100mg 30caps R15999 Flaxseed Oil 90 softgel vegicaps R9999 Salmon Oil 90 softgel vegicaps R11999

Forward vision Solgar Vision Guard Plus is a natural product used for relieving symptoms of eye disorders, varicose veins, arthritis, free radical damage, general cardiovascular, cerebrovascular health, atherosclerosis and hyperglycaemia. Bilberry Horse Chestnut Complex combines the synergy of traditional botanicals with plant extracts to encourage systemic health, of benefit to both mind and body.

CAUTION: Sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits can adversely affect the health and vitality of the heart and circulatory system.

Available at all stores and online.

Solal Prostate Protec Formula 60tabs Available at all stores and online.


Medical Nutritional Institute RyChol 60caps


Available at all stores and online.

Hearty health Metagenics have advanced development products with formulas designed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, support healthy insulin homeostasis, and promote healthy body composition. Vessel Care is a comprehensive formula for healthy homocysteine levels and overall cardiovascular health. MetaGlycemX promotes insulin activity and glucose level support.

Solgar Vision Guard Plus 30 60 vegcaps


Horse Chestnut 60 vegcaps


Available at all stores and online.


Not everyone is aware that bleach and products used in traditional tampons can be harmful. Using organic tampons means a healthier and better environment with much less risk of infection. The Masmi tampon has a 100% pure certified organic cotton absorbent core. It is hypoallergenic to reduce the risks of irritation and allergy; has a special security veil covering the absorbent core to stop the fibres remaining behind during removal. It also has a cardboard applicator with a rounded end tip for comfortable and soft insertion. Organic tampons are 100% biodegradable.

Coratin contains red yeast rice and plant sterols to form a powerful and active combination.


Metagenics Coratin 60tabs R316 50 Vessel Care 60tabs R86 MetaGlycemX 60tabs R276

Masmi Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons 16 regular R5199

Available at all stores and online.

Available at all stores and online.

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.


integrative health

Eech bottle of Beta Glucans Immune Complex contains:

Smile and laugh your way to physical health

BETA 1, 3/1, 6 glucans Beta glucans are derived from yeast cell walls. They are known as biological response modifiers or substances which stimulate the body’s response to infection and disease. Before the world became more hygienic, our bodies were exposed to these beta glucans in much higher quantities. Beta glucan are believed to play a role in immunity by potentially reducing risk of allergies and infections. BERRY BLEND of acai BLUEBERRY and ELDERBERRIES These super fruits are known to be powerful antioxidants and thus free radical scavengers.

By Sharni Quinn

COPPER Copper is a trace mineral and antioxidant believed to be vital in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

A simple smile and great bursts of laughter are powerful prevention mechanisms to heal, boost your energy, strengthen your immune system and support both physical and emotional health.


ccording to Chinese Medicine most illness starts with disharmony within our selves. Emotions such as fear, anger, worries and sadness have an enormous effect on our emotional and physical wellbeing. A smile is a simple way to reduce our feelings of stress, create happiness and experience more peace and harmony within our body and mind. The practitioners of the Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that an ‘inner smile’ to our organs, heart and lungs, for example, is the foundation of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. We asked

wellness ambassador

Dr Candice Morrison how she lives life well?

I specialize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and try to balance 24hour work shifts with plenty of exercise. I aim for 8-9 triathlon training sessions a week. I love spending time outside with loved ones and cooking healthy food. In maintaining a balanced lifestyle, I eat plenty of fish, fruit and vegetables and the occasional glass of wine and my favourite chocolates to wind down!

Zhineng Qigong is a modern Qigong school of teaching that aims to improve health, develop wisdom, remove inner blockages, prevent disease and nurture Qi, or Life force, within in the body. It is a deeply meditative practice using slow, soft movements performed under relaxation and a calm mind. Through movement, visualization, breathing and healing affirmations, Zhineng Qigong teaches the power of the ‘inner smile’. Britta Stalling shares, “When

we practice Zhineng Qigong or any other healing method we often concentrate too much on wanting the ‘right thing to do’. But trying to perform the ‘right’ postures and movements leads us to tense up and at the same time hinders us to let go! 
If we start practicing the inner smile while doing our exercise we start mastering our personal power and well-being on a much higher and more effective level. Our body responds to our inner smile: when we go through our body with the intention of smiling to each cell and organ, to our nervous, blood and lymph systems, to our meridians, bones, muscles and tissues, to literally every part of our body, we immediately relax and our body loosens up, warms up and starts to heal.”

ZINC This nutrient plays a role in almost all aspects of immunity and a deficiency in zinc may severely compromise wellness. Zinc has also been shown to have anti-viral properties. VITAMIN D3 This vitamin is made when our skins are exposed to UV light and helps our bodies manufacture antimicrobial proteins that fight off bacterial, fungal and viral infections. T-cells, a component of the immune system, rely on being activated by vitamin D. Due to the use of sunscreen, the body’s ability to manufacture vitamin D is reduced. SELENIUM Low levels of selenium may lead to a poorly functioning immune system. ESTER-C® This is a non- acidic form of vitamin C and is known to be gentle on the stomach. Vitamin C may be beneficial in reducing the incidence and reoccurrence of colds and ‘flu.


Vitamins |


Since 1947

Available from Independent Health stores and Healthcare practitioners For more information email | | Tel 011 462 1652 CAREFULLY MANUFACTURED

in the USA


Please contact Britta Stalling for upcoming Zhineng Qigong workshops and retreats. or 076 285 32 32


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buy us online For more product info visit or contact us at 021 434 2564

Dr. Boxall’s Integrated Natural Remedies compliment the treatment of : Colds & Flu * Immunity * Viral Infections * Diabetes (Supportive) *

rated Natural Remedies compliment the*treatment of : (Supportive) Stress * Anxiety * Depression * Weight Loss MEDICINAL PLANT



unity * ve) * Stress * Anxiety * Depression * Weight



TRADITIONAL Appetite Suppressant ViralCLASSIFICATION Infections (Supportive) Energyfrom Booster Products* Diabetes are free animal

Stress Relief / Irritability *derivatives, Cancer Anxiety / Antidepressant yeast, added Insomnia Loss

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Alertness Fatigue sodium Libido

Immune Booster Bladder or sugar, artificial Anti-Viral animal-friendly and Detoxification

flavourants, colourants and preservatives. They are vegan and grown organically with no use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

m animal derivatives, yeast, added sodium or sugar, artificial ADDITIONAL - Enhanced Protein Synthesis - Libido Enhancer for Woman & - Concentration Aid - Colds & Flu Remedy & Prevention MODERN - Insomnia (Nervousness) - Natural Antibiotic Men (Couples s and preservatives. They are (L-Glutamine) vegan and animal-friendly and Therapy) RESEARCH / - Enhanced Creatine - Powerful Anti Anxiety Aid - Heart Health - Prevention of Blood Sugar Issues Dr. of Boxall’s products : Sceletium, Sutherlandia, Hoodia, Avena Sativa & Olive Leaf cally with no use pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Metabolisation APPLICATIONS - Anti-Carcinogenic (Cancerbush) (Non addictive) (IN PROGRESS)

Sceletium, Sutherlandia, Hoodia, Avena Sativa &

- Natural Sleep Enhancer - Neurochemical Imbalances Olive LeafCraving Control - Addiction (Smoking / Class A Drugs / Prescription)

For product information visit our website—

tion visit our website— DR BOXALL'S PRODUCT


Dr Boxall's Hoodia 60's vegicaps & 20ml tincture drops

SUTHERLANDIA Anti-Viral Anti-Fungal Anti-Bacterial Antioxidant (Cancerbush) Blood Sugar - Epstein-Barr Disease - Swollen Lymph Nodes - Arthritis & Inflammation - Decreasing LDL (Bad Cholesterol)

Our range consists of both veg capsules and organic tincture drops for additional on-the-go support.

- Urinary Tract Health - Digestive Health - Powerful Immune Booster - S.T.D. & Retroviral Applications

Our range consists of both veg capsules and organic tincture drops forSceletium additional support. Dr Boxall's Sutherlandia with Dr Boxall's with on-the-go Dr Boxall's Sutharlandia

Dr Boxall's Sceletium 30's, 60's & 90's vegicaps & 20ml tincture drops

Avena Sativa 30's & 90's vegicaps

Olive Leaf 60's vegicaps

60's vegicaps & 20ml tincture drops

Burgess & Finch aromatherapy products undergo rigorous quality testing so you know that their healing properties are as powerful as they were in nature.



green living

green living

"Notice your thoughts, whatever they are, just watch them come in and go out. Keep watching until all of them have left."

Curb your thoughts Psychologists speak about the concept of ‘awful-ising’ where we take the facts presented around us and let our thoughts create disastrous outcomes from them. Knowing that sometimes there is nothing you can do about a situation and accepting what is creates automatic relief. Certain things are out of our control and that’s just the way it is. You can dump a whole lot of heaviness, stress and worry purely by acceptance.


Live in the moment

LEAVE STRESS BEHIND Most people’s daily lives have a higher level of stress than they are genetically wired to cope with.


esearchers have proven the amount of input we get from traffic, billboards, newscasts, television and media plus constant interruption from beeping phones and multi media messaging, not to mention social and appearance pressure is contributing to burn out, nervous disorders and depression. Stress is cited as a contributing factor to many illnesses and chronic diseases. Finding normality in the midst of a life that


comes at you from all directions means actively limiting some of the input. Things like switching off your cell phone for a couple of hours everyday or practicing meditation, following a spiritual practise or a vigorous walk are all beneficial practices to bring peacefulness and calm into life. Another way which is becoming more popular is the use of healing stones, talisman’s and plant essences to protect the energy around you. Spend at least ten minutes a day in the pursuit of peace. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this. everything you need to live life well

Share with us your #Stressless tip @wellnews

5 ways to persuit peace in your life >

If you examine what you worry about most of time, you will find it relates to something in the past or something that hasn’t even happened yet. If you live in the present moment, those worries will have no place. As you stand, right now, no matter what the situation you will be able to find joy in being alive. Even seemingly grievous circumstances have a positive aspect attached to them.

Then notice your thoughts, whatever they are just watch them come in and go out. Keep watching them until all of them have left. Be in the emptiness and feel the peace surround you.


Let Nature do it Whether it’s a single tree, a river, a field of flowers or a stretch of sea, nature has deep healing energy that neutralises stress almost immediately. Spend time walking in nature, reading a book next to a tree, lying in the grass, feeding birds, picking flowers or hiking up a mountain. This is an extremely effective way to chill out completely.



Know that, this too shall pass


No situation ever stays the same. If you are in the middle of something dire, be assured that even if you are convinced you are jinxed, the laws of nature support cycles of change. It is impossible to have endless bad luck.

Meditate So many people have found deep peace through meditation. This is an extremely efficient way to empty out all the thoughts that don’t serve you. Try it yourself, join a meditation group or get a guided visualisation DVD. If trying it for the first time, start off by noticing your breath, follow your breathing, watch the air come in and go out.


Green Tips Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention is a major global concern with escalating harmful effects on both human and environmental health. Environmental pollution comes in various forms: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution. Eco Diva and editor of Simply Green Magazine reports. It all starts with us. If we all take personal responsibility in our respective communities by cooperating and actively participating in making the atmosphere pollution free, it will help stop pollution today. Here are some easy tips: - Use unleaded gasoline in your car. - Keep your car properly maintained and in good running condition to avoid smoke emissions. - Share a ride or engage in car-pooling. - Instead of using the car, choose to walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible. - Never use open fires to dispose of wastes. - Adopt the 3Rs of solid waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. - In summer, hang laundry to dry, this will minimize the use of gas or electricity from dryers. - Use eco-friendly or biodegradable materials. - Create your green space. Value your garden. Plant more trees and put indoor plants in your homes.


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Follow Nicole: Brought to you by Nicole Sherwin Editor of Simply Green Magazine Simply Green is South Africa's premier bi-monthly green lifestyle magazine, providing positive and practical steps to cleaner living for people who want to make a difference but don't want to compromise on lifestyle.

For more tips and eco lifestyle trends get Simply GreenMagazine



green living product guide




International model Dune Kossatz has a jewellery range inspired by a love of nature. Raw materials taken from the earth are fashioned into unique designs that are also practical. Each hair band doubles as an elegant bracelet and carries a semi precious stone with a different healing attribute. A proportion of funds from Dune’s products are donated to the Tomorrow Trust Fund.

Q-Link makes special pendants easily attachable to your pet’s collar and set with a technology called Sympathetic resonance. This is tuned to optimise the energy system. As it interacts with the surrounding biofield it rebalances and restores energy. People who use the Q-Link on pets find they are more relaxed, less hyperactive, and seemingly more able to cope with the effects of various ailments.

Many people feel a protective and strengthening energy from crystals and gemstones. Some feel they are grounding or energy-giving, others use them for courage or to resonate with more love. Somehow people are drawn to them to promote the well-being and health of their mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Most people are drawn to a certain crystal more than another, this often says something about the person; perhaps the crystal has qualities beneficial for that particular individual. Stones and crystals can have strong healing powers that bring positive changes to the mind and body. Some experts use them therapeutically to cure illness and disorders.



Tumbled and natural gemstones and crystals come in beautiful mobiles to uplift the body, mind and spirit through their healing energies. Agate is for protection and grounding, Fluorite helps to cleanse and energise the energy in your environment while Sugalite sets up a shield of protection.

Wellspace is a mixture of 100% pure essential oils with a fragrance that creates a feeling of belonging. It has an energising and refreshing aura that serves to uplift the environment and relax the body and mind. It can be used in a burner, in the bath or on bed linen.

Dune Arm & Hair Band Assorted each R130

Q-Link Pets each R299 Titanium each R2490 White each R1990

Available at Kloof, Green Living and online only.

Available at Kloof and online only.


did you know?

Stop all kinds of disorder by investing in an organiser that will keep you from searching for things. Handy compartments segment all the different cosmetic categories and make it so easy to find and store your items.

A study conducted on the nature of people who live in peaceful societies found similarities in that very few people in these societies glorified individualism, ego-satisfaction or material self-interest, rather they tend towards gentleness, non-aggression and interpersonal harmony.

MY Polkadot Organiser R17999 Available at KLoof and online only.

Wellness Wellspace Essential Oil



Available at all stores and online.

Feel safely covered when you have a good first aid kit on-hand and ready to spring into action. Burns, bandages, disinfectant, emergency supplies and more make this kit the perfect first aid kit you can travel with or keep at home.


Rock Chic White Light Mobile R36999 Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only

Create an aromatic atmosphere by adding your favourite oil to the aromatherapy ‘scentstation’. This is a plug in, fuss-free aroma diffuser that is economical, aesthetic, functional and effective. Use vanilla if you are entertaining guests; jasmine, sandalwood or rose if you want to get sexy; geranium, lavender or patchouli for relaxation or simply burn one you love.

MIND YOURSELF In this book, Paul Brunton shows the reader how to find personal guidance by connecting with your higher self. Guidance from this source is unerring, constructive, and enduring. This is a great book to keep on hand and read time and again.

Billy the Bee Meditations for People in Charge



Aromatic Apothecary Scenstation R29499

Levtrade First Aid Domestic and Motor Kit No5 R19999

Available at Kloof and online only.

Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.

Available at all stores and online.

Selected items only available at our Green Living Store and not available at all stores.




fitness, sleep & massage

"Controlled breathing will induce a relaxed state and encourage drowsiness."

ENCOURAGE MELATONIN: Darkness signals melatonin production in the brain which tells the body to start winding down and get ready for sleep. By keeping the lights on bright until late in the night your natural processes do not prepare the body for sleep. Keep lights soft, use candle light or lamps for at least an hour before you retire. Make sure there are no lights shining in on your bedroom. LEARN TO DE-STRESS: With stress as one of the major factors that add to insomnia, it is wise to find some way of calming the body. Meditation, conscious breathing or guided visualisation are all highly effective techniques for calming the mind. The Art of Living runs courses on breathing and techniques to de-stress (; look out for online guided visualisation, is a subscriber based site with amazing visualisations and yoga classes, some of which are specifically for helping prepare the body for sleep. Look for a DVD with relaxation music or nature sounds. TAKE SUPPLEMENTS: Sleep Boost from Bioharmony has Passion Flower, Hops, Lavender, Valerian and Gammaamino-butyric acid, with tranquillising and calming properties. Good Night Tea and Passiflora also work. Melatonin has also become a very popular sleep supplement. USE AROMATHERAPY: Burn ‘sleep inducing’ aromatherapy oils in a burner, sprinkle on your bed linen and pillows or add to a night time bath. Use the following formula for an extra sleepy effect. Mix 4 drops of chamomile oil, 2 drops of lavender, 4 of neroli and 2 of marjoram and use in the bath or pillows. Lavender works well for worry induced sleeplessness.

Get quality zzzz Avoid insomnia with sound sleep well tips. Learn how to de-stress, invest in a good mattress and take natural supplements.

did you know? The longest scientifically documented period a human has intentionally stayed awake without using stimulants is 264 hours (eleven days). Seventeen year old Randy Gardner, high school student from San Diego took the challenge while researchers studied the effects. 22


leeping is highly therapeutic and has more benefits than most people are aware of. Lose out on quality sleep and you could end up grumpy and moody with difficulty concentrating and making decisions. Go for long periods without any sleep at all and you will experience serious cognitive and behavioural changes paranoia and hallucinations included. Britain is addicted to sleeping pills, ran a 2012 headline in The Mail newspaper claiming that the National Health spends 50 million pounds a year on sleeping pills. This has become such a phenomenon that press refer to it as a Zombie Epidemic. Reports of escalating insomnia quote

stress as a leading factor. Forty millions Americans take sleeping tablets and while accurate statistics in South Africa are not readily available, prescription figures show the problem is equally severe. Sleep problems vary, there may be difficulty falling asleep, interrupted sleep , waking up too early or a combination of all three. Give yourself the best chance of quality sleep by following some guidelines:

Guidelines for quality sleep >

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

CHECK YOUR MATTRESS: Get a new mattress at least every ten years. Turn your mattress, air it and vacuum it regularly. Replace it if it sags, is uncomfortable or you can feel ridges beneath the surface. Make sure your room is the right temperature and has proper ventilation.

Visco Pedic Matress King R9995 Matress Queen R9195 Matress Single R5995 Revolutionise the way you sleep. Nothing is more comfortable than memory foam. This new generation mattress has four layers - a dual layer of plush high density memory foam supported by a dual layer of high density reflex support foam. A luxuriously soft quilted ticking with anti acaria and aloe vera treatments is the final cover. Available at Kloof only.

BodyPillow BodyPillow

R479 each

Cuddle up to a comforting body pillow that is as long as you are. With support for the whole length of your body, no part of you need feel uncomfortable. It can be used to support the legs, spine, neck and head and will mould to fit your body. Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Cape Quarter and online only.

Soil Lavender Oil

R7999 10ml

Lavender is renowned for its relaxing and calming properties and its ability to relieve headaches and insomnia. Drop some in your bath, add to a carrier oil like almond and smother your body before retiring or put a few drops on your pillow. Available at all stores and online.

TRY THIS: BREATHE: Controlled breathing will induce a relaxed state and encourage drowsiness. Lie on your back or side, eyes closed, and begin with a few very deep inhalations, fill your lungs as much as possible. Exhale fully, drawing in your abdomen to expel as much air as you can. Repeat this three times, and at the end of the third exhalation hold your breath as long as you are able. Repeat this procedure two or three times, or until you feel drowsy. Or as an alternative try the following repeated four or more times. Exhale completely through your mouth. Inhale through your nose to a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Exhale through your mouth for a count of eight.

fitness, sleep & massage

Solgar Valerian Root

R12250 60caps

Valerian works in harmony with your natural cycle to help promote relaxation, so you can leave your busy day behind and get the tranquil rest you deserve.Valerian is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. It has been used as a sleeping aid for hundreds of years and is especially good when sleep is difficult due to excitement or nervousness. Available at Kloof and online only.

The Natural Company Bamboo Ecru Throw

R650 each

Wrap up in a cosy and warm throw and it’s bound to make you sleepy. These extra soft woven throws are made from bamboo. Although they feel lightweight, they are wonderfully warm. Available at Green Living and online only.

Solal Tryptophan (+B6)

R165 60caps

Tryptophan is an amino acid precursor for serotonin, melatonin, 5-HTP. Tryptophan is useful for alleviating insomnia, depression and anxiety. Added vitamin B6 makes it more effective. Available at Kloof and online only.

Paradise Music Natural Sleep Music

R190 each

Natural Sleep is an hour long continuous piece of music specially created to relax and induce a good night’s sleep. By subtly mixing in natural sounds of gentle sea waves, the album has a dream-like quality that soothes and calms the listener. The album was produced by established ambient recording artist Jeff Woodall. Available at Kloof only. Not available online.



lovewell movewell

eco mom & baby

mom & baby fitness,eco sleep & massage

Air it out: As much as you can, let your baby be nappy free. Put a cloth or absorbent pad under your baby and let her naked bottom enjoy some fresh air for as long as you can.

A preventative approach is invaluable when keeping your baby irritation free.

Let it breathe: Leave some room for breathing in the nappy. Seal it tight enough to stop leakage but loose enough to prevent chaffing. Bath wise: Once a day is enough to bath your child. Make sure whatever you use is pH neutral.


Suckling is instinctive. Scientists in Norway observed babies who were delivered onto their mothers’ tummies, and found to their astonishment that if unaided babies will use their limbs in a slow but coordinated way to crawl up and reach the breast where they then latch on and feed without help.

Just ten minutes after being born a baby has already orientated him or herself and can work out where a sound is coming from.

Psychologists have found that babies as young as just 2 days old can recognise their mothers from a tape recording of only one syllable.

Let your baby help tell you if he or she is too hot or too cold. Even though they can’t physically move blankets or clothing away from them they do signal their temperature comfort in other ways. When a baby is cool he or she will move around more. When she is warm she will lie as if sunbathing, with her arms and legs flung out to the side.

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby Skin Care Gift Set R11999 Pure Beginnings is an organic range with unrivalled purity and effectiveness that uses no harmful ingredients.This gift pack makes the perfect gift set for mums-to-be. The Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is ideal for anyone suffering from eczema, cradle cap and any skin conditions while the Bum Cream is an effective barrier cream, which is also used to treat nappy rash. It has very good ant-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and can also be applied to stings and bites. Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens, Wembley and online only.

Earth Zen Baba Detox

R6799 12's

Add a sachet of Earth Zen baba detox to baby’s bath and stir well. Activated clay (Sodium Bentonite) is infused with Cape Chamomile essential oil and acts as a gentle cleanse to be used once a week. For removal of contact toxins, hydrated sachets can be rubbed on baby’s skin or generally used as a poultice. Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Gardens and online only.

Pure Beginnings Baby Bum Cream

R70 125ml

Pure Beginnings Baby Bum Cream is an effective barrier cream used to treat nappy rash. It has very good antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and can also be applied to stings and bites. It is ideal for anyone suffering from eczema or any skin conditions. Available at all stores and online.

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE: Baby will have red and inflamed skin (dry or moist) around the nappy area and also on the genitals, thighs and bottom. The skin could be shiny looking or pimply.


Get the low-down on nappy rash with expert advice

did you know?

Newborns have a much stronger sense of smell than their parents. They use this sense of smell to recognise their caretakers during their early weeks. Strong perfumes and household cleaning products can be uncomfortable and overpowering for them. Avoid baby’s exposure to strong fragrances or scents.



preventative approach is invaluable when keeping your baby irritation free. Obviously a combination of wet bum, skin and sealed nappy is already a recipe for nappy rash, but add chemical irritants from soaps, creams or wipes and you could aggravate the situation even further. Change regularly: this is probably the most important piece of advice. As soon as you sense there is any kind of activity going on, whether it’s just a wee or a poo, change the nappy immediately. Most mothers know when their baby’s are making a poo by the

smell or the way their little faces screw up. Keep it dry: After bathing or cleaning, make sure his or her little bum is completely dry. Pat it dry and then fan it to make sure. Even a small amount of damp can trap moisture which is the main source of diaper rash. Make it natural: Perfumed products might smell good but chemicals will dry out and irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. Always use unscented, chemical free and natural products or use warm water and a soft wash cloth or cotton wool.

Selected items not available at all stores. Items not listed at a particular store can be ordered for you or bought online.

If the nappy rash continues beyond 48 to 72 hours, if there are blisters, boils or if your baby has a fever, temperature or other symptoms, pay a visit to your paediatrician. If nappy rash isn’t treated it could develop into a yeast infection like thrush or candida especially if baby is taking antibiotics. Thrush looks like red spots that multiply into a solid red patch. If baby has a bacterial infection it could cause pus filled pimples that look like nappy rash. Rashes can also be caused by an allergic reaction to a product used on the skin.

Clevamama Oven Door Lock

R3499 each

This is an essential kit that offers full protection for little one’s from handle knocks and finger pinches. Available at Kloof and online only.


Wellness Warehouse supports:

Still Pure Baby Wash

Please help by donating excess clothing, bric a brac and books to the charity shops. You can drop them at the Wellness Kloof street store or they will collect. 021 689 8392

Still Pure baby wash is a liquid soap made with 100% natural ingredients - a blend of botanical cold pressed oils and essential oils to gently cleanse and soften the skin. Completely chemical and preservative free. Available at all stores and online.

Help The Rural Child


Clevamama ClevaDoor Kit

R5999 each

The Door Stop fits high up on the door so kids can’t reach and prevents doors slamming and catching little fingers. Available at Kloof and online only.

Oh-Lief Natural Olive Bum Balm

R77 125g

Oh-lief uses ingredients that are100% natural and organic and as simple as cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and lavender. The aqueous cream contains no petroleum jellies, paraffin or mineral oils and is perfect for newborn babies. Available at Kloof and online only.




beauty & wellspa

beauty & wellspa


earn how to exercise your eyes, keep your vision in top form and you might never need to wear glasses. We look at lifestyle habits, nutrition, eye exercises and a holistic approach to vision according to The Bates Method. Even if you lived with 20/20 vision most of your life, between the age of 45 and 48 most people inevitably start moving their book or menu further away to focus. Eyesight deterioration seems to be the norm whether it happens early on in life or much later. Before I met Chrisopher Lane I had never thought of an alternative to glasses nor had I thought of taking steps to preserve or rejuvenate my eyesight. Christopher is an advocate of the Bates Method, (a method of preserving and correcting eyesight without using glasses) is past 60 and doesn’t wear glasses. In his opinion there is an alternative to a quick fix optical prescription. “The cause of common dysfunctional eyesight is not hereditary but rather from lifestyle,” he says. Firsthand experience convinced him to become a teacher of the Bates Method (at age 22 he discarded his glasses after nine years of prescription dependency).

REDUCE SUGAR & CHECK IMPROVE 3D VISION & MEDICATION REDUCE LAZY EYES Sugar and food with a high glycaemic index can directly affect vision within minutes. What’s more, as cited by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating lots of sugary, starchy food can make eyes vulnerable to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Research shows that diets rich in antioxidants might help prevent AMD. Avoid diet drinks with aspartame TIP: Check the precautions on any medication you choose - there are more than twenty known over-the-counter drugs that directly affect vision.

EXERCISE & DRINK MORE CHECK YOUR STESS WATER LEVELS Exercise makes us more likely to choose the right balance of energy and protein foods instead of comfort food. It also improves breathing and sends more oxygen to the blood, digestive system and eyes. Handicrafts done in good light and team ball sports like squash are excellent activities for exercising the eyes. Quality water with chlorine removed will offer optimal hydration which means the pupils function better. Air conditioning, combined with fixed stare gazing tend to dry the pupils.

“The Bates Method is not ALLOW VITAMIN D rocket science; it’s all about re- Research shows excessive use of educating ourselves with eye sunglasses makes us vitamin D deficient, care principles and learning new which reduces our ability to focus in various light extremes. Our irises are photosensitive habits to see clearly”, he says. muscles that need daily exercise.

"Habits and practises that restore vision can be learnt."

Exercise your eyes DID YOU KNOW? Blinking provides a continual momentum of automatic refocusing. We should blink about 12 times every minute. Practise deliberately blinking after every line of text you read and soon it will become a habit.


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W. H. Bates wrote ‘Better sight without glasses’ in 1918 where he prescribed simple eye exercises suitable for common weakening eyesight conditions. Although there are many recorded cases of radical sight improvement, The Bates Method has not been recognised by mainstream professionals and remains an alternative therapy. Bates case studies showed correctional glasses make the eyes deteriorate even further and strain the eyes, reducing peripheral vision when our natural field of vision is meant to include peripheral. The Bates Method is suitable for children and adults with nearsighted (shortsighted or myopia), farsighted (hyperopia) or old sight (presbyopia), astigmatism, and lazy eye (or strabismus) and other common dysfunctional vision. Use the following tips and exercises from The Bates Method to improve and rejuvenate vision:

Essential oils for beauty:

Use eye exercises: move the eyes into extreme positions (gaze upwards), then down as far as they go; to the far right and to the far left. Follow your thumb. Move it diagonally upwards to the left, then diagonally downwards to the right. Do this once a day, seven times in each axis. Focus on something close e.g. put your thumb half a metre in front of you, focus, then move your gaze point far into the distance and focus there. Finally roll your eyes around the perimeter of your vision in a circle, first one way then the other.

COMPENSATE FOR SCREEN TIME Avoid working for prolonged periods consuming caffeine drinks and low nutrition snacks in front of a computer screen or TV screen. At best screens are at 1000 pixels. Our eyes are designed to see moving objects at 1.5 million pixels and about 40 images a second with focus from 10cm to 25metres and frequent additional far away focus on the horizon. Many lifestyle habits are ‘fixed-distance’ with monotonous lighting. TIP: Break long viewing periods by splashing the eyes vigorously with warm then cold water a number of times. Rub hands together and palm the eyes. This will encourage the iris to maximize its diameter. Do this for 2 minutes, 8 times a day. Look up often from your screen and focus far in the distance.

Bates believed the eye returns to perfect vision only when absolutely relaxed. He points out that the optic nerve, the retina and the visual centres of the brain are passive. When effort is employed to engage them, their efficiency is always impaired. Mental strain of any kind always produces conscious or unconscious eyestrain. If the strain takes the form of an effort to see, it produces an error of refraction.

Christopher Lane gives private and group consultations as well as weekend workshops on the Bates Method. 083 691 7101


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WINDOWS TO THE SOUL Our eyes are probably the most intriguing and compelling part of us: we communicate with them; they express our emotions revealing our joys, heartaches and longings. Give energy and thanks to your eyes by treating them with care. Rest them often, warm

the hands and cup them over the eyes a few times during the day, make sure you have the right light when working and don’t overuse or strain them. Keep them beautiful by acknowledging the sensitive skin around them and applying natural products.


Non toxic, biodegradable and naturederived products are formulated and tested by micro-biologists. Pure simple ingredients include coconut, palm, citrus and pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrances are used in the Earthsap products which are safe for the whole family and for the environment. They are completely biodegradable and do not harm aquatic life or affect marine plant growth. Earth Sap Shampoo R36.99, Conditioner R36.99. Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.

Both the regenerating eye cream and eye contour day balm from Dr Hauschka help smooth wrinkles and firm mature skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. Plant oils and extracts help maintain moisture balance leaving skin invigorated and refreshed. Dr Hauschka Eye Contour Day Balm 10ml R469.99, Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream 12.5ml R516.99. Available at Kloof, Cavendish, Palmyra, Cape Quarter, Gardens and Plattekloof and online only.


This is an eye gel with a unique blend of natural oils and botanicals that repair, hydrate and protect the delicate skin around the eyes and lips. A breakthrough botanical called Proteasyl TP is the active ingredient with natural bio-protective properties to promote regeneration and healing and to treat fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet. It also firms skin and creates an even skin tone. Free from chemical contaminants (paraben free, toxin free and synthetic oil free). Beaucience Eye Resque Gel R84.99. Available at all stores and online.


Organic Ocean is proud to introduce an innovative line of organic certified products. One of the active ingredients comes from algae grown in the depth of the ocean in extreme environmental conditions. Conditions like: UV exposure, temperature variations and pressure changes, the algae developed unique survival mechanisms. Researchers discovered that both human skin and algae cell membranes have isolation similarities in their function, and as a result, the algae can be used to protect, nourish and improve skin protection and appearance. Organic Ocean Anti Ageing Day Cream R204.99, Anti Ageing Night Cream R204.99, Anti Ageing Eye Cream R204.99, Anti Ageing Face Serum R259.99, Anti Ageing Eye Lifting Serum R259.99, Aloe Vera Freshener R114.99, Relaxing Beauty Mask R144.99, Exfoliating Peeling Mask R144.99, Body Lotion R119.99, Cleanser R159.99, Gift Set R549.99. Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.

Use this eye gel mask to soothe puffy, strained eyes after working or partying too hard. Use it cool or warm, either store in the fridge or warm with hand hot water. Place it on your eyes and let the beads of gel work on relaxing and rejuvenating your eyes. MY Beaded Eye Gel Mask R49.99. Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.


This is an entirely organic range with active vegetal components and isolated vitamins. Ingredients include those like Clary Sage with Omega 3 and Omega 6, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Squalene and Vitamin E, all of which are meant to improve the texture of the skin and give it a healthy, young and fresh appearance. Absolute Organic Moisturising Day Cream 50ml R204.99, Moisturising Night Cream 50ml R204.99, Eye and Neck Cream 50ml R204.99, Protective Face Serum 50ml R259.99, Eye Lifting Serum 30ml R259.99, Aloe Vera Cleanser R159.99, Exfoliating Peeling Mask R109.99, Gift Set R549.99. Available at Kloof, Cavendish and online only.


Think of eight hours sleep in 60 seconds with this multipurpose do-it-all solution for all your eye needs - 24 hour moisture, de-puffing, dark shadow zapping, wrinkle-fighting and brightening. Fourteen mega concentrated high protein ingredients hydrate, de-puff and un-wrinkle. Multiple peptide, antioxidant and grape stem cell technologies include firming proteins and algae extracts. Mama Mio Eye Know R509.99. Available at Kloof, Cavendish only and not online.


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Environ’s C-Quence Eye Gel is a light gel formula containing a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to help improve the appearance of fine lines and assist in moisturising the skin around the eye area. Environ C-Quence Eye Gel R299.99. Available at Gardens, Plattekloof, Cavendish and Kloof only and not online.


Balm Balm is a family run business started with the dream of creating an affordable 100% organic skincare range. This consists of face and body balms and oils made with the finest aromatherapy products. As the owner says, “We manage to achieve 100% organic status by not using water in our products. Once water is added, an emulsifier & preservatives have to be added and these are the ingredients that are not available organically.” Balm Balm Hand & Foot Balm R139.99, Face Balm R135, Lip Balm R, Recovery Bath & Body Oil R280, Multi Purpose Lip Balm R79.99, Face Balm R135, Baby Bath & Body Oil R280, Baby Balm Hand, Lip, Foot R139.99, Lip, Face, Hand, Foot Balm R139.99. Available at all stores and online.


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Certified organic using pure extracts from natural origin; no colourants, no solvents, dermatologically and microbiologically tested, allergy tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt, non GMO, not tested on animals.






For bookings contact: Kloof 021 487 5454, Cavendish 021 673 7216 Express Skincare at Plattekloof 021 558 7106 Express Skincare at Gardens 021 461 2661





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With the purchase of 2 Organic Ocean products, receive a complimentary Organic Antiageing facial to the value of R150




Naturys is absolutely safe for sensitive and allergy prone skin, it maintains the pH value of the skin and has no contaminants. Base ingredients like Coconut oil, Palm oil, Beeswax and Karitè butter carry active components from Chestnut, Chamomile, Blackcurrant, Licorice, Sandalwood, Jojoba to Indian Pennywort, Aloe, Olive, Calendula and more. A


Emerge from winter feeling tanned and gorgeous. Have a St. Tropez spray tan treatment and receive a free body scrub for R250. St Tropez uses natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals. (Available at Kloof Street only)

to the value of R1000





Come to the Wellspa for a range of treatments with quality products suited to each individual. Expect expert treatments and professional practitioners dedicated to your wellbeing. Whether it’s grooming you need or a rejuvenating, relaxing or uplifting result, we promise to make it memorable.

Naturys Cleanser, Tonic & Protective Cream


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Twelve people stand to win a pack of OsteoEze Lubricant capsules & Osteofreeze Gel (valued at R150 per 2 pack)


The OsteoEze Range offers different forms of supplementation for joints and cartilage. It also assists the joint with mobility, stiffness and pain management. Active ingredients include important components like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM or Hyaluronic Acid. Take it in capsule form or apply the Rub/Gel directly.

Answer this question to stand a chance to win: Name two of the active ingredients in the OsteoEze formula?


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t last, a make-up brand that is not harmful to your skin, has ECOCERT certification and uses up to date technology with the clearest, most transparent use of raw material nature has to offer. This effective beautiful, quality make up range uses organically grown plant based active ingredients where possible. A micronisation process means products with professional quality pigment content resulting in bright colours with a light smooth texture that are easy to apply.


This range is perfect for women who seek quality, values, authenticity and choice. More than just a product, it offers an accessible and alternative consumer choice that will protect our future. Couleur Caramel enables people to purchase high quality products that respect Nature, Men and Animals. Couleur Caramel is innovative and natural, with natural vegetable and mineral ingredients that not only look good but also treat the skin.

Organically Certified Skincare with anti-ageing products using organic marine bio-technology.


A revolutionary approach to organic and anti-ageing facial care.


Mineral oil-free




Couleur Caramel supports sustainable development with Fair Trade ingredients. It has transparent information: all ingredients and expiry dates are visible on the packaging. Not tested on animals.

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Welcome to our Wellness Classified section where like-minded people sharing Wellness services and products can swap information and news.

If you are offering:

this is the perfect place for you to tell others. For further information about advertising or listing here email: or phone Sue Dall on cell: 084 707 4477 This section contains advertising from companies and individuals outside of Wellness Warehouse which we accept in good faith, we ask that you research the efficacy and validity of these products and services in your own capacity.

Spring Special

First class FREE for new clients during September

Yoga at Wellness Warehouse Monday – 5:45-6:45pm Tuesday – 5:45-6:45pm Wednesday – 5:30-6:30pm Sessions must be booked before hand as space is limited. Please contact Sharni Quinn from ‘Follow the Sun’ Yoga for more details – or 071 954 2816

Quantum physics has proved that you and I are actually part of a unified field of existence, and that the “order” which we see around us in the Universe is a result of this field. Our family structures also form part of this natural order, and when we understand that we each have a natural place and that we each belong, then our families can become the healthy, loving units of the larger human family that they were meant to be.

Are you in need of a weekend of sunshine, nurturing, open hearts and finding your flow? Join Sharni Quinn for a ‘Follow the Sun’ Yoga Retreat and get lost in the fusion of meditation, breathing techniques and various Hatha Yoga styles. During this weekend Sharni will take you through heart warming sequences set to specific life themes - such as, Letting go, Coming back to balance, Nurturing me, Be flexible and flowing, and Opening ones heart to happiness, love and gratitude.

Date: 5th – 7th October 2012 Cost: From R1 530 depending on the accommodation of your choice Please contact Sharni Quinn to book – 071 954 2816 or or visit for more details

QUANTUM PHYSICS PART TWO: ONE FAMILY Did you know that just as there are natural laws that govern the subatomic world of Quantum Physics, so too are there natural laws that govern the dynamics of families?

Weekend Yoga Retreat

The retreat takes place at Koudeberg Retreat Centre on Farm 215, a beautiful, sustainable destination in the Uilkraal Valley between Stanford and Cape Agulhas in the Western Cape's unspoiled Southern Overberg.

by Glenn Douglas Haig

Join Glenn-Douglas Haig for a 2-hour workshop hosted by Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street, and learn how to hand back the burdens and receive the gifts of family.

22-24 september align & shine yoga retreat with hylton jaggard 5-7 october follow the sun yoga retreat with sharni quinn 19-21 october journey through dance creative movement with leigh goodman

Date: Saturday 29th Sept '12 Time: 11am to 1pm Cost: R50 Venue: Wellness Warehouse, Kloof Street, Events Area To book your seat, kindly email or call 021-801 3778

For the first time in South Africa, exclusive to Wellness Warehouse. Space is limited



by Dr Robert Delgado

8 Steps to a pain free back

Do you remember a time when your back did not hurt? Why are there cultures all over the World that enjoy pain free lives while we suffer everyday? Discover how to live your life free from back pain without the need of drugs or surgery. Forget everything you thought you knew about posture and learn the latest techniques of sitting, standing, walking, sleeping and bending that not only prevent injury but also improve your spine's healing potential. These techniques will: • take pressure off your discs • increase vital blood circulation • relax muscle spasm • improve healing while carrying on with your normal daily routine.


Can you spare a few hours of learning for a lifetime of spinal health? Join Dr Robert Delgado, DC for a one-day workshop hosted at Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street.

Date: Saturday 6 October 2012 Time: 9am - 1pm Cost: R395 Venue: Wellness Warehouse Events Area (50 Kloof street, Lifestyles on Kloof) Spaces are limited. Please contact Dr Robert Delgado at or 082 057 9848 to book your place.

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, 2nd course starts 8th Sept, BOOK NOW

Learn Bodywork and massotherapy from a master practitioner 2 MONTH PROGRAM STARTING 8TH SEPT'12 VENUE: Wellness Warehouse, Kloof Street WHO IS THIS FOR: Anyone wanting to learn massage, wellness professionals wanting to add to their skillset Presented By Dr Mark Vella ND • • • •

AHPCSA Registered Naturopath 20 Year experience in therapeutic bodywork, exercise science and wellness Director of MASSAGE ON THE BEACH since 2002 Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2011

For further enquiries and to register please contact: or call 0829407465

“A course that delivers far more than it promises” Bernard, attendee 2012


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Newlands’s Pilates & Exercise Classes


Cupping eliminates pain, inflammation, congestion and toxicity from the body.


Yoga classes designed especially for Children, Pre Teens & Teenagers Pre & Postnatal Adult & Senior beginners Private Remedial Yoga for all

Pilates based exercise classes offered by an experienced Ballet Teacher and holder of an internationally recognized Pilates qualiication. Individual Tuition or Classes offered

Group Classes are small and personal, held in our Studio - 201 Bree Street, Cape Town. Children’s classes also available in Hout Bay Contac Nicole: 0833779248 /

Get your body into the best shape it's ever been!

   

Classes designed to focus on tness at any age

Contact: 


        Tel: 021 671 6172 or 083 338 4717           



         

   

  

DIRECTORY For further information about advertising or listing here email:

Contact Andre: 021 424 0286

083 527 5305

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Changing thethe world one Changing world one breath at a time breath at a time Changing the world one Hot and yogayoga for all including Hot non-heated and non-heated forlevels all levels including breath atVinyasa, aBikram, time Vinyasa, Power & Sculpt Bikram, Power & Sculpt

Hot and non-heated yoga for all levels including Vinyasa,Offering Bikram, Power & Sculpt one free of yoga new to Offering oneweek free week of for yoga forstudents new students to

YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with YogaLife. Cape Town residents only,valid with ID valid ID Offering one free week of yoga for new students toR250 for one week Yoga special for travellers to CT, Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week YogaLife. Cape Town residents only, with valid ID Located at 127atWaterkant Street,Street, right next theto Old Located 127 Waterkant rightto next theCape Old Quarter Cape Quarter

Yoga special for travellers to CT, R250 for one week Tel: 021 021 418 418 2884 Located at 127 Waterkant Street, right next to the Old Cape Quarter Tel: 2884

Tel: 021 418 2884

compiled by world-renowned author, Inge Dougans, with a unique approach using Chinese Meridian Therapy and the Five Elements

Registered by the Department of Higher Education & Training (Registration certificate no. 2000/HE07/014)

Accredited by the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa Face-to-Face classes or Distance E-Learning available


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The Power of Natural Movement Get the most out of your body Fun and challenging adventure type classes in/outdoors/retreats

Gym Bunny

Available at Wellness CafĂŠ Kloof Street & Wembley Square Kloof: 086 100 3131 | Wembley: 021 487 5448

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