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Wedding Showcase 2009

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Wedding Showcase 2009 The other big ‘M’ word to consider before the wedding: money NC - You’re getting married. The big day is coming up and there’s so much to organize. The reception, the wedding party, the guest list, the flowers, the food - the list is endless. You’ve discussed the wedding finances. You have a plan. You have a wedding budget, and you’ve nailed down how much you can spend and who’s paying for what. But more importantly, do you have a financial plan for after the wedding? Have you discussed the other “M” word: money? Do you have a financial plan and an everyday budget? Do you know how much you can spend and who is paying for what in your new life together? An important element of a successful marriage is the ability to handle money together. Money is an important resource, which, when handled well, can give you the choice of living the way you want to, both now, and in the future.

For richer and poorer Its part of most marriage vows, but do you really think about the implications? Having enough to spend on the things you want to accomplish together is important. When a husband and wife are not on the same page as far as family finances go, other difficulties inevitably arise. Money talks Talking about money can be difficult for some, especially when you’re in love. It may not be romantic, but it’s an absolute must for the health of your marriage. Unresolved money issues are a leading cause of divorce. So, don’t wait until you’ve said, “I do” - start talking today. Find out what money means to each of you. Are you the saving kind or the spending kind? Discuss your future goals - like buying a home, career changes, starting a family, etc. Marriage is a blending of lifestyles and, as unromantic as

Many couples get caught up in the romance of the big day, but don’t forget to have “the talk” about money before getting married. it sounds, bank accounts and debts. That’s where the “for richer or for poorer” part comes in. You may think you know everything about your

fiancé, when you really only know what he or she has told you and the answers to any questions you’ve thought to ask. That can leave a lot unsaid, especially when it comes to money. So to get you started, here are 10 topics to consider: 1. What are your short-term and long-term goals? Sharing your dreams and setting your priorities (a home, children, maybe traveling the world) will decide your lifestyle now and in the future. 2. How much are you going to put away each month to reach your goals? 3. How much does your fiancé make and what percentage is contributed to an RRSP? 4. How much debt and savings (including investments and real estate) are you each bringing into your marriage? If there are debts, how will they be repaid? 5. How many credit cards do you have between you? If it’s many, think about consolidating. 6. What employee benefit

packages do you have? What are the options? How much are your contributions? Is it worth upgrading to a single “family” plan, if available? What do you pay for health and disability insurance? 7. Do you want to pool all your resources? Establish a joint chequing account? Divide investing responsibilities? There’s no right or wrong answer; it’s what works for you. 8. Who will balance the cheque book, track expenses, pay the bills and monitor your investments? Who is the best money manager? Did you grow up in a family who watched every dime or where money flowed freely? 9. What level of dollar amount will require a joint decision on a purchase? 10. How much do you need to put away for the unforeseen? A good rule of thumb is to have enough in an emergency account to cover three to six months worth of expenses should one of you lose your job or be temporarily unable to

work through sickness or an accident. Don’t stop at the talking stage. You will need to come to an agreement on the basics. Most couples discover that down the road, a lack of money, out-ofcontrol spending, or a lack of emergency savings will eventually cause major marriage problems. Without a plan for saving and spending, you tend to live and spend day-to-day. An agreed-upon budget will help you avoid misunderstandings about how you spend your money. Develop a written financial plan, complete with goals, individual duties and financial policies. And the plan is just the first step. Even if only one partner manages the bills, it is important for both partners to stay fully abreast of the family’s financial status. Check your progress every month, and adjust your plan accordingly. And remember - unexpected expenses are certain to occur. - News Canada

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Wedding Showcase 2009 Asked to be a maid of honour? Be prepared ARA - The role of the maid of honour can turn into a dress rehearsal for the day when it is your turn to be the bride. The bride’s maid of honour typically has a very close personal relationship with the bride and often serves as confidant and advisor on a variety of issues. Preparations can include selecting wedding colors; choosing the bridesmaid dresses, the caterer and flowers; identifying a location for the wedding and the reception; and hosting a bridal shower. This position of honour can be loaded with a lot of work and responsibility as well as a lot of fun. Typical maid-ofhonour duties often include shopping with the bride, arranging transportation for the bridal party, communicating plans and responsibilities to the bridal party, selecting and sending out wedding invitations, ensuring the bridal party gets to rehearsals on time, helping during the rehearsal dinner and other events and making sure the reception runs smoothly. “Deciding to marry is a big step and preparing for a wedding is an extremely stressful process,” said Dr. Douglas Whiteside, director of the Argosy University Seattle Psychology Center. “The bride needs reliable

and trusted people around her to help make decisions and transact business. Therefore, the role of the maid of honour is critical in helping the bride cope with the demands of planning a wedding and preparing for a new life.” She also has official duties such as signing the marriage licence along with the best man and participating in the first dance with the best man, holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, and toasting the newlyweds during the recep-

tion. Then there are the tender tasks of helping to prepare the bride just before her grand march down the aisle by fixing her hair, adjusting the veil and wiping tears to avoid smudging makeup, along with the tedious task of helping to keep track of the wedding gifts and money cards. Lest we forget, the toughest task for the maid of honour is the unofficial duty of keeping the bride calm, being a sounding board for the bride and

offering thoughtful opinions when major decisions are being made. There is also the responsibility of keeping the bride calm the day of the wedding when nerves and anxiety will be at their peak. Screaming at the caterer, banquet hall attendant or church clerk over a forgotten detail can raise the stress level of the bride and those around her prior to the wedding. That can take the mood of the festive occasion in a wrong direction. Assisting the bride through the delicate and stressful process also means looking out for her emotional well-being. The maid of honour often tells jokes to make the bride laugh and help reduce her stress level, and makes sure the bride eats healthy meals to keep her nourished and balanced. On top of all that, the best maid of honour must be a good listener in order to provide the necessary emotional support the bride needs leading up to and the day of the wedding, as she prepares for the start of her new life. Courtesy of ARAcontent

Wedding Show is Feb. 22 at sportsplex FERGUS - Brides, groomsto-be, and family are invited to attend The Wedding Show, which will highlight the many wedding services available in Centre Wellington Township. The 13th annual show will


we started the show 12 years ago to raise dollars for CF, we wondered if this would work” be held at the Centre Wellington community sportsplex on Feb. 22. Exhibitors will share expertise in decorating, fashion, grooming, invitations, gifts, catering, photography, and more, to help make a wedding a truly memorable

occasion. In addition to a wide variety of exhibits, there will be a fashion show, door prizes, and giveaways. The sportsplex is at 550 Belsyde Avenue East. Doors are open from 11 am – 4 pm. Admission is $3. The show is hosted by Fergus and District Kinsmen, with proceeds going to support the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF). “When we started the show 12 years ago to raise dollars for CF we wondered if this would work,” said Kinsmen Bruce Lloyd. “The proof is in the fact that we are here each February and able to provide many specialty businesses an opportunity to meet potential clients in their own back yard.” For more information, or to reserve space as an exhibitor for future shows, contact Ralph Basset Associates at 519-8434852 or

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Wedding Showcase 2009 Setting a wedding schedule to organize the big day The following schedule is meant to help you organize the weeks and months before your wedding. You will find that being organized will not only help to save you money, but will significantly reduce the stress and anxiety surrounding your special occasion. Keep in mind that this schedule is meant as a guide. Not everyone wants or is able to start planning 18 months ahead of time. But timelines aside, this schedule should provide a comprehensive list of the items that must be taken care of prior to the big day. But remember - the professionals and the locations that have the best reputations tend to be booked early, sometimes even more that a year in advance. So the sooner you can make your decisions and commitments, the better. At least a year before the big day Announce your engagement and arrange for both sets of parents to meet, unless they already have. Work out a budget and promise yourself to stick to it. Review the budget with your folks, if they’ll be paying

for any part of the event. Talk to them about an engagement party. Interview and hire an event planner if you are using one. Decide on the style of wedding you want. Make a preliminary guest list. Determine whom you want to have in your wedding party. Make the calls and get their acceptances. Select and book dates for the wedding, engagement party, bridesmaids’ luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and after-wedding breakfast. Select and book a caterer, a location for the ceremony and a reception location. Decide at which local hotel or motel you want to book a block of rooms for your out-oftown guests. Find out on what date the lodging management is willing to set aside your rooms. In most cases they will block no more than 12 months in advance. Make arrangements with the person who will officiate at your wedding. Where necessary, book the church. Interview all your wedding professionals (photographers, florists, musicians) and make


your choices. Make reservations for vehicles (limo, carriage). Make honeymoon plans. Select your wedding gown, accessories and associated events clothing. Set a schedule with the shop(s) for subsequent fittings and pick up. Remember to select shoes (ballet slippers, sandals) for the reception. Put together directions to be included, as needed, in savethe-date cards and-or in your invitations. Drive the route from lodging to reception and from ceremony location to the reception venue, to double check distances and landmarks. Mail save-the-date cards to your A list guests. Arrange for group, or private dance lessons. Practice dancing to the wedding song for your first dance. Six to nine months before wedding Confirm with the members of your wedding party. Order invitations, announcements, programs, and any other printed materials. Register at several stores, choosing items in a broad range of prices, including china, flatware and other household items. Start a list for gifts received and thank you notes sent. Mail thank you notes as soon after receiving a gift as possible. Have a black and white engagement picture taken and submit it to your local, and-or other newspapers. Go for genetic testing, if


While clearly not the focus of the wedding, attire for the groom and his groomsmen is an important task to address early on. appropriate. Make or purchase any wedding-related items that you will not be borrowing, or have received as a gift, (such as a ring bearer pillow, money bag, flower girl basket, guest book). Create a wedding chart or

schedule for your wedding day. Create schematics (drawings and schedules) for the processional, recessional, at the altar, and for reserved seating. If you are not hiring a wedding consultant, arrange for someone to be in charge of keeping everyone on schedule and coaching the processional. If you so choose, write wedding toasts for the rehearsal dinner and your wedding reception, or make a source for toasts available to those who

will be needing one. Write the bride’s speech. Select guests for honours (such as toasts, speeches, blessings on bread and wine, etc.). Make arrangements for child care at your ceremony and reception. Three to five months Make up your final guest list. Begin to address invitations or take them to your calligrapher. Select a jeweler. Look at a selection of wedding bands. Order your wedding bands and make arrangements for engraving, if any. Select the wedding clothing for your attendants. Set yourself a reminder to check back again for second fittings. Relay clothing information to your attendants and if you wish, set up a schedule to go with them when they try on dresses. Have the groom select and order tuxedos for himself, his groomsmen and the dads. If people are in different locations, get measurements mailed. If you have not already done so, order your wedding gown and accessories. Discuss wedding attire with the mothers of the bride and groom. Call the wedding professionals and anyone from whom you have ordered supplies and reconfirm your bookings. Select gifts for your attendants, ushers, flower girl, ring bearer, and parents. Bride, select your wedding gift for the groom. Groom, select your wedding gift for the bride. Make arrangements to find a place to live, if you will be moving. Get change of address cards from the post office and Continued on next page

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Wedding Showcase 2009 Avoid bankruptcy in wedding planning

Setting a schedule to organize the big day FROM PREVIOUS PAGE get them ready to mail. Shop for and order party favors. Decide who will ride with whom and where people need to be when. Make reservations for guests who are coming from out of town. Find a hairdresser and do a trial run with your veil. Prepare programs for the wedding and assign someone to distribute them. Send a save-the-date card to anyone else on your list that you feel needs one. Meet with the caterer to set the menu. Order a cake if the caterer does not supply it. Order table cameras. Make or buy a receptacle for them. Assign someone the task of collecting the cameras. Arrange your rehearsal and notify those who will participate. Go for a wedding gown fitting and get your attendants together to try on their gowns and see if alterations are necessary. The final months Get marriage license. Make an appointment for hair and nails for as close to the wedding day as possible. Meet or speak with your caterer to confirm the menu. Select the music for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception (first dance, etc.) and discuss your choices with the people who will be providing your entertainment. Distribute schematics, schedule and any other information to your attendants and anyone else who will be participating in your wedding. Meet with the florist to discuss requirements and place the order. Ask the florist if a sample centerpiece can be

Experts suggest brides pick a gown and bridesmaids dresses at least six months in advance. ordered. Review your needs with your photographer and videographer. Mail the invitations. If you will have an A and B list, then mail your first round of invitations earlier (three months before), so you have time two months before to send out a second round. Review documentation and make changes as needed (such as insurance, lease, will, etc.) Put guest baskets together and assign someone the task of distributing them. Arrange for someone to deposit your check and cash gifts in the bank, while you are away on your honeymoon. Shop for your honeymoon clothes (hers and his). Go for a wedding gown fitting and arrange for your final fitting. Arrange for someone to take your bridal bouquet for preservation. Review the toasts for content and approval Final weeks Reconfirm all the reserva-

tions and accommodations. Check again on clothing for yourself and attendants. Confirm honeymoon plans. Throw attendant parties. Do the seating plan for the reception. Make or buy “reserved for” cards for the church or ceremony. Make sure, if necessary, that your attendants go for a final fitting on their gowns. Pick up your wedding gown. The week of ... Hold your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. Pick up your wedding bands. Give your caterer the final head count. Write out the table cards. Put the fees and tips in envelopes (officiant, soloist, maitre d', etc.) and give it to whomever you put in charge of making the payments (usually the best man). Arrange with someone to bring items to the wedding venue - cake knife, toasting glasses, programs, votive can-

dles, unity candles, ribbons, “reserved for” cards, ring bearer pillow, flower girl baskets, emergency kit for the bride, wedding license, etc. and to take them home. Arrange for someone to return the rentals (tuxedos, chairs, etc.). Get a test manicure or pedicure and other beauty services. Then schedule each service for before, or on your wedding day. Pack for your honeymoon. Design a “day of the wedding” schedule with times and tasks and share it with the key “players” in your wedding, such as your maid of honour and best man. After the wedding Enjoy your honeymoon. Write thank-you notes andor send gifts to the special people who made your wedding “happen.” Pick up your preserved wedding gown or bouquet. Send wedding photo and announcement to the newspapers. Enjoy your life together.

by Sarah Kingdon (NC) - Weddings are expensive - it can take years to escape debt incurred from just one day. According to Statistics Canada, the average Canadian wedding costs $25,800. “To avoid bills piling up that can ruin the big day, the first step is to create a separate savings account; possibly even before you get engaged to that special someone,” said Dennis Tew, chief financial officer of Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. “A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a great option to maximize your savings, since any income earned in the account will be tax-free. You

can withdraw money at anytime to pay for the florist, caterer, or DJ without penalty.” TFSAs are available at major financial institutions, like Franklin Templeton Investments ( You can contribute up to a maximum of $5,000 per year and carry forward any excess room into future years. Other ways to ease the cost of a wedding include making a donation to the charity of your choice in lieu of guest favours and choosing a venue that offers a ceremony site, reception hall and accommodation. Careful financial planning will let you relish in the festivities without worry.

Tips for tanning before your wedding Exposure to sun is a good news-bad news proposition. The good news is that it’s the best source of vitamin D and gives you a healthy glow. The bad news is that too much sun dries out your skin and creates unsightly sunburns. Yet, people tend to equate being tanned with being healthy and want to look healthy as they walk down the aisle (plus, a white or ivory wedding dress looks pretty good offset by a tan). So, if you’re going to do tan before your wedding, here are some things to keep in mind: - before you tan, exfoliate your face and body. Use a very

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gentle exfoliant on your face and something a bit stronger for your body. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows, and feet, which tan darker than less dry parts of your body; - be generous with the sunscreen (the higher the SPF number, the better the protection); and - this is not the time to risk getting sunburned in a tanning bed or trying inexpensive selftanners that may turn your skin an orange colour. Instead, consider airbrush tanning. An expert can create a natural, “just back from the islands” tan without streaks or spots.

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Wedding Showcase 2009 Things to do after saying ‘I Do’ (NC) - If you are planning to change your last name after you get married, don’t forget to make all the necessary name changes on your important documents. Advise your financial institutions (such as banks and insurance companies) that your marital status has changed so they can update your records. It’s important to review all your different types of insurance policies, including life, accident, health benefits, automobile and home to make sure they reflect your changed status.

For example you may wish to update your beneficiary designations on your registered products (RRSPs) and insurance policies and include your spouse as a dependent in various health benefit insurance plans. Further, for added protection, you might want to consider having wills prepared for you and your spouse as you build your wealth and life together. Now that you’re a couple, you may decide to continue to have separate bank accounts, consolidate into a joint ac-

count, or a combination of both. Some husbands and wives, particularly those who both work outside the home, like to keep separate personal accounts for spending and hold a joint chequing account for household bills and a joint savings account for emergencies. It is one way for each of you to retain some spending freedom and still cover your shared monthly expenses, but it isn’t thrifty if your bank charges you a hefty fee to maintain each account. - News Canada

Starting a new tradition: Tips for writing your own wedding vows Writing your own wedding vows may suit your personal wedding style, but it can be a bit of a daunting task to begin with. If you are trying to write your own vows, don’t let the task overwhelm you or intimidate you. Writing your own

vows should begin and end with how you feel, not what others are expecting. If you are creating your own wedding ceremony and style and you want to write your own vows, here are a few questions to consider in creating the vows you want to make.

When and where did you first meet? What was the state of your life before the two of you met? At what point did you realize you were in love? Describe the feeling. What inspires you about your loved one? What life goals and dreams do you share? What

have you learned from each other? What qualities make your love unique? What qualities will keep it strong? How has your view of the world changed since you fell in love? What do you most look forward to about life with this person? What are some special

moments in your relationship? Use them all, even the sad times as well as the happy, moving, or profound. What happened the day you asked her to marry you? Reading the vows you have written yourself during your wedding ceremony can be one

of the most romantic things you’ve ever done. It’s the kind of thing that really helps you create your own personal wedding style. Writing your own vows is a kind of personal touch that cannot be replicated by any other style of vow.

Important details to keep in mind when considering invitations When you’re planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Among those decisions will be the location, the date, and the type of service, who will be in the bridal party and who is to be invited to the wedding. Most couples struggle when it comes to deciding how many people to invite, but it is extremely typical to send an invitation to a guest you know will not be able to come to the wedding. If you order your wedding invitations to be printed, your printer will often require a minimum number of invitations to place the order to begin with. So you should always order more wedding invitations and

envelopes than number of guests you are planning to invite. There are multiple reasons for doing this, but the best reason is that it’s always better to have a few extra invitations on hand than to come up short. Invitations reflect the couple, not the wedding The definition of unique is that it is not common nor like another. In and of themselves, wedding invitations are unique because they are individual to the couple issuing the invitations. But in general, when thinking of unique wedding invitations, one often thinks about wedding invitations that are different and that stand out

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from what is the norm. So, what would make your wedding invitations unique with regard to your wedding? Unique wedding invitations may or may not include your wedding theme, whether it’s an under the sea wedding, a Disney wedding or other venue wedding. Unique wedding invitations may have altered wording, sending the invitation directly from the bride and groom rather than their parents. Unique wedding invitations may be used for second marriages or senior weddings or even the blending of two families. For a couple electing to marry in the later years of their life, after their children have grown and perhaps their previous spouses have died, their wedding invitations may be the most unique of all. Are they inviting the guests, are their children inviting the guests or are they simply sending an invitation to guests to share with them the sunset cruise they are embarking on

together? The definition of unique is that it is personalized to the couple that is choosing to issue the invitation. Don’t be bound by tradition if you don’t want to be. The details Wedding invitations provide the date, time and location of the wedding. They also alert the guest to the type of apparel that may expected from the formal to the informal. A wedding invitation to a beach wedding will indicate a different type of clothing than one might wear to a formal Catholic wedding ceremony in a grand old cathedral. Because the wedding invitation provides so much information and the couple needs the RSVPs returned from the guests to confirm how many are coming, you might say the wedding invitation is the lynch pin that makes the wedding possible. Wording does matter Weddings are about creating the perfect opening to the next chapter in the lives of the

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two people joining together. The wedding invitation wording reflects how they want to begin that chapter. Think of it as the preface to the story you are creating together. Tradition is a great thing; in fact it’s more than a great thing. Tradition is a tradition for a reason - it’s like beginning a fairytale with once upon a time, you know that it will have a happy ending. But every tradition has a beginning and you and your soon to be spouse are perfectly welcome to create your own tradition because this is about the two of you and your big day. So do what makes you both happy. Mailing the invitations It’s always best to mail all of your wedding invitations at the same time. Because people talk, the last thing you want is for one guest to receive an invitation two weeks before another. The person who receives her invitation last might wonder if she was invited as an after thought or because someone else couldn’t make it. Your post office is less like-

ly to lose an invitation if they’re received together in a group rather than bits and pieces. Timing is everything and nowhere is that truer than when you are planning a wedding. Wedding invitations are critical to wedding planning not just for the bride and groom but also for the wedding guests. The wedding invitation itself serves a dual purpose. It’s first purpose is to announce the wedding plans of the couple sending it out. The second purpose is to provide the guests with a wedding planning tool of their own. With that in mind, you should send out the wedding invitations no later than 12 weeks prior to the wedding. If your wedding invitations are ready, you should send them out 16 weeks prior to the wedding. Eight weeks prior to the wedding, contact the guests from whom you have not received RSVPs. Most vendors will require a final count four to six weeks prior to the wedding, so this gives you and your guests the perfect window to coordinate their schedules with your plans.

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Wedding Showcase 2009 How to save money while planning the wedding of your dreams Negotiate In general the initially quoted price for wedding services will be high. Keep this in mind and don’t be afraid to dicker. Tell them outright that you don’t intend to spend that much and you will be surprised at the accommodations they can make rather than lose a sale. Don’t go overboard It’s not a good idea to go over your budget or go into debt in order to pay off your wedding. Beginning a married life together is a difficult transition as it is, and having a debt because of your wedding only adds to the financial problems. Changing the day If you’re on a tight budget, consider having your wedding anytime but on a Saturday evening. Saturday nights are generally the most expensive when it comes to banquet halls, catering, etc. You’ll save a lot by having the wedding on another evening or even during the morning or afternoon. Dress cost-cutters If you don’t have a big dress budget, consider renting a dress from stores that also carry rental tuxedos, etc. This is a good, practical option if you’re not sentimental and don’t mind not keeping the

dress you’re married in. Attire savings To save money for the guys’ attire, have them wear their own dress shoes instead of renting them from the tuxedo store. It will cost less and they’ll be more comfortable. If you want to save money all around on attire, have the groom and groomsmen wear their own clothing - dark suits work well for both informal and more formal weddings. Cheap months The rate of couples getting

married goes way down in the winter. With the exception of December (all those holiday weddings), November thru March aren´t big wedding months, and you’ll spend less money if you get married during the off-season. Foregoing flowers If you’re strapped for cash, try cutting out all but the most

important flowers (such as the bride’s bouquet) and using candles instead. They cost less and give weddings an incredibly romantic atmosphere. Think green To save money on your flowers, try using more greenery than blooms in your church arrangements or garlands on archways, trellises, etc.

Ferns and vines are both inexpensive and easy to obtain - sometimes for free. Instead of using costly flower arrangements for reception centerpieces, substitute potted flowers or flowers grown in baskets lined with moss. If you plan in advance, you can even grow them yourself. Cutting the cake costs If your cake budget is tight, consider eliminating some or all of the following, which usually add to the expense of the cake: fruit fillings, fondant icing, handmade sugar flowers, deep (rather than pastel) colors, unique shapes. Bridesmaids on a budget If you really want those designer bridesmaids’ dresses that cost $300-plus, see if you can get a seamstress to copy the design. Often the cost will be just half of the designer gowns. Guest list Looking for places to cut costs? A good place to start is the guest list. You may need to face up to the reality of having a so-so wedding with everyone and his brother invited, or the wedding you really want with fewer guests.

The Vines Collection Candle Shoppe Specializing in Custom Made Wedding Cake Candles and Candle Favors

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Close friends and family are usually shoo-ins, but do you really need to invite all of your dad’s fraternity brothers from college? Unless your parents are footing the entire bill, try to keep guests to the “musthaves.” Food Try changing the reception from dinner to a brunch, an evening cocktail party or dessert reception - it can take a sizeable chunk off of your reception total. Limit the maids If you’re on a tight budget, try to limit the number of attendants. It will reduce your flower bill (bridesmaid’s bouquets can be very expensive), the number of attendant gifts that you’ll have to purchase and the the cost of a bridesmaid luncheon and the rehearsal dinner. Vendor budgets To stick tight to your budget, before you meet with a vendor, get a rough idea of their price range and don’t meet with that vendor if you know that they’re out of your price range. When you do meet with the vendor, tell them your budget up front so they can help you pick from options that will stay within your budget.

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PAGE TWENTY SIX The Wellington Advertiser, Friday, February 13, 2009

Wedding Showcase 2009 Getting ready for the wedding: how to make your day run smoothly Practice makes perfect Practice your hairstyle with your headpiece, your weddingday make-up, and get a professional manicure. During this manicure you should choose your nail polish color and treat yourself to a paraffin wax treatment. Plan a simple wedding Purchase dress, headpiece, shoes and accessories. By the six month mark, you should have purchased the major components of your bridal ensemble. Purchase your going away outfit. You should also pur-

chase your wedding day lingerie as you are going to want to wear it at all of your future dress fittings. Fitness schedule Start your weight maintenance program - after all, now that you’ve bought the dress, you have to fit into it. A regular “maintenance” program will also work wonders to relieve the stress of your wedding planning tips. Buy and use yoga tapes, walk your pet, take an aqua-fit class or any other fitness routine that you find relaxing. Try to do this for 20 minutes a day

Add elegance to your occasion with the

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We’re open to serve all your cake and pastry needs. Custom orders are gladly accepted. ~Come in and see what a difference a red seal pastry chef makes~

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at least every other day. Set reasonable goals. Maybe try walking or biking for 20 minutes every other day. You can increase gradually as you feel more fit. Always start each workout session with a warm up and end with a cool down period. Stretch slowly and don’t forget to breathe. Workout with a buddy. Exercising with a friend will keep you motivated and on the right track. Your routine should be fun, not a chore. Maybe add music to your routine too. Don’t let your exercise patterns become obsessive. Exercise is meant to enhance your life not rule it. If your Monday, Wednesday, Friday pattern changes to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, treat it as a new routine. Go with the flow and let your life situations rule your routine. Never let the exercising rule your life. Fitness can be a way of life for you and your new husband; something you can enjoy together. Remember - always keep your fittest foot forward. Readying your shoes Be sure that you break in your shoes before your wedding by wearing them around your house for a few hours. You’ll also want to make sure you “scuff up” the bottoms on the driveway or on a cement

step so you don’t slip. Beauty timeline 4-6 months prior Remember to take into account the cut of your dress and how many hours you will have to spend in the lingerie. Not a good time to start wearing something with “boning” if your not used to torture devices. Now is the time to start experimenting with your hair. How do you see yourself on your wedding day? Should you be growing your hair, or getting it cut into a specific style? Schedule an appointment with your stylist, take your headpiece and magazine clippings of hair styles. Work with your stylist to get the right look for you. Beauty timeline 3 months prior Start shopping for your trousseau and honeymoon clothes. Get a manicure and pedicure. Your hands are going to be well photographed on wedding day so start getting them in shape. Establish a skin care routine. You don’t want to start with a new product just prior to your big day and find out that it gives you hives, or worse, blemishes. If you are one of those women with perfect skin and

Honeymoons & Destination Weddings We make it easy to plan the most romantic trip of your life! We will take care of all the details!

Opening in March at

Noecker Travel Ltd.

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The Bride’s Dream of Harriston

have never used a moisturizer, now would be a good time to start. One day you will have to use these products so this is a good time to start the practice. Beauty timeline 1-2 months prior Have a make-up artist do a trial run. It’s wise to start this early and plan it on a day when you have another special function to attend. Not only will you look great for the event, but you will also be able to test drive the products that they applied. Many department store cosmetic counters offer this service free with the hope that you will buy

DM Music & Sound Professional DJ for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events Massive Selection, Pristine Sound Dave Mattar (519) 833-0129

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some of their products. If you plan on doing your own make-up on your wedding day, it’s suggested that you take your maid-of-honor with you for your makeover so that she can help you recreate the look. With one month left, you should schedule your final fittings for your dress. Beauty timeline 1 month prior Practice your hairstyle with your headpiece, practice your make-up, get another professional manicure. During this manicure you should choose your nail polish color and treat yourself to a paraffin wax treatment. Beauty timeline 2 weeks prior Have your final dress fitting. Take along your headpiece, shoes, lingerie, jewelry and accessories so that you can get the full picture. Break in your wedding shoes at home. Give yourself a facial. If you can afford it, have a mini spa day and let a professional pamper you. If you color your hair, now is the time to refresh your color. Beauty timeline On the wedding day months prior Have a massage in the morning. This will give you time to relax and reflect before your big event. Take a long bath. Eat at least one small meal, you don’t want to pass out at the altar. Have your hair and makeup done a few hours before the ceremony. If at all possible, have your stylist and make-up artist come to you. This will prevent any weather damage. Start dressing one to two hours before the ceremony and do any necessary make-up touches. Take deep breaths and enjoy the moment. All of the planning is over, it’s time to enjoy the blessed event.

WA Wedding Showcase 2009  

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