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Cannoneer VOLUME 51 NUMBER 4

Published for the Fort Sill Oklahoma community

January 31, 2013


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News briefs Water restriction Fort Sill is under Level 3 water restrictions. That means no outside watering except on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Conserve water whenever possible. Water restrictions for post are determined by the levels of Lake Lawtonka, Lake Ellsworth and Waurika Lake, which serve as reservoirs for Lawton.

Combatives open The Fort Sill Fighthouse is now open and ready for training. It’s located at 1503 Bateman Road.To schedule unit combatives, call 442-8056.

Tax center open The Fort Sill Installation Tax Assistance Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the fourth floor of Building 4700, the Welcome Center. Federal and state returns are prepared and e-filed for free. For more information, call 442-6445.

Estate claims Anyone with debts owed to or by the estate of Pfc. Jamar Mitchell must contact Capt. David Zerzycki, the Summary Court Martial Officer for the Soldier. Mitchell died Jan. 20. Call Zerzycki at 580-442-6912 or email david.t.zerzycki.

RACH clinic moves The Orthopedic/Podiatry/ Brace Shop clinics will close Feb. 14 to move to their newly renovated clinical area. These clinics will reopen Feb. 19 and resume normal hours.

GI Bill benefits NCOs who were considered by the fiscal 2013 CSM/SGM or SFC Qualitative Service Program (QSP) boards convened in October and November (to be released in the next month) who are going to transfer Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to family, need to do so before the QSP list is approved today. Call the Truman Education Center for more information at 442-6009. The act of transferring the benefit comes with an active duty service obligation. After today, by law, those who are identified to retire through QSP can’t begin a transfer to family See BRIEFS, Page 2A

Fort Sill Culinary Arts Team manager Spc. Adam Hermann (right), 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, demonstrates how to flambé potatoes to Pfc. Robert Taylor Jan. 24, at the Staff Sgt. Juan Garcia Dining Facility here. Team Sill consists of food service Soldiers from 75th and 214th Fires Brigades and 31st ADA Brigade.

Artistic chefs prep for Army competition Story, photo By Staff Sgt. Timothy Hughes 75th Fires Brigade PAO The Fort Sill Culinary Arts Team conducted its first week of training Jan. 22-25 at the Staff Sgt. Juan Garcia Dinning Facility. They are preparing for the 38th Annual U.S. Army Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee,Va., in March.

The competition dates back to 1973, and is now the largest of its kind in North America, according to Warrant Officer Arnetra Hughes, 75th Fires Brigade food service technician and Fort Sill Culinary Arts Program manager. Team Sill consists of food service specialists from the 75th Fires Brigade, 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade and 214th Fires Brigade,

Story, photos By Jeff Crawley Fort Sill recognized its noncommissioned officer, Soldier and drill sergeant of the year during a ceremony Jan. 25 at the Patriot Club. Hundreds of fellow Soldiers, civilians, families and friends packed the club to honor Staff Sgt. Matthew Seelig, Sgt. Spencer Black and Drill Sergeant (Staff Sgt.) Victor Marquez. Keynote speaker Command Sgt. Maj. Jerome Wiggins, Air Defense Artillery Regimental CSM, said the three honorees defined excellence. “They believed no matter how common the task, it sould be done uncommonly well,” Wiggins said. “They did not believe in the bare minimum, they chose to follow the path of excellence.” Such a choice is sometimes hard, but always wise, said the CSM. “After all, the path to excellence is never crowded.” Wiggins also said the Soldiers never would have reached the pinnacle without the support of their spouses, families and friends. Fort Sill honored its drill sergeant, noncommissioned officer, and Soldier of the year during a ceremony Jan. 25 Ceremony host Col. Donald at the Patriot Club. Recognized were SoY Sgt. Spencer Black, who competed when he was a specialist; NCOY Fryc, ADA School commandant Staff Sgt. Matthew Seelig, who was represented by his wife, Bethany; and DSoY Staff Sgt. Victor Marquez. and chief of ADA, had the three CSMs from the honorees’brigades MOS. Competing as a specialist, 2009, attending BCT at Fort have been one of the best things I (434th Field Artillery, 31st ADA Black was selected as FCoE Jackson, S.C. At Advanced did in my military career.” and 75th Fires) stand up. Originally from Juarez, Mexico, Soldier of the fourth quarter. Individual Training in September “Thanks so much for enduing a “It’s a high honor. It’s a once-in- 2010, he was the honor graduate in Marquez came to El Paso,Texas, in culture of competition and win- a-lifetime opportunity,”said Black, 1990, where his dad took an elecning spirit in your formations,” on being selected as Soldier of the the 13M course. trical engineering job. Marquez Drill sergeant Fryc said to the leaders.“I appreci- Year. was then 8 and didn’t speak ate you passing on that legacy of Marquez, 30, won the grueling English, but the public schools had Black’s supervisor, Staff Sgt. greatness that was obviously put Frank Borba, 3-13th FA task force 434th FA drill sergeant of the year a good English as a Second into you.” section chief, described him as an competition in April, and went on Language program, he said. Fryc said the young Soldiers outstanding Soldier. Marquez was introduced by 1st to compete in the Training and who were recognized are inspiraSgt. Hector Hernandez, 2nd Doctrine Command DSoY compe“As a young specialist he had tional leaders to everyone. Battalion, 2nd FA. Hernandez was motivation and natural drive,” tition in June. Soldier “It’s been a privilege and an his drill sergeant in BCT here in Borba said. “He really did want to Black, 23, HHB, 3-13th Field be the best in everything that he honor to be the drill sergeant of 2004, and later his platoon serthe year,” Marquez said, reflecting geant at Fort Bliss, where he saw Artillery, holds a Multiple Launch did.” See AWARDS, Page 2A Black joined the Army in April back. “Being a drill sergeant will Rocket System Crewmember


Contacts (580) 442-5150 (580) 357-9545

executive chef for a company called K.C. Hopps, which is in Kansas City, Mo.” Team Sill is preparing for the prestigious competitive event with a monthlong training program. “We will work on basic cuts [of different food items] and how to make different sauces during the first week of training,” said team See ARTS, Page 3A

Ceremony honors Fort Sill’s top enlisted members

Phone: Advertising:

said Hughes.The food service specialists have various culinary arts backgrounds. Team captain Spc. Adam Hermann, 31st ADA Brigade, has 13 years of experience in the culinary field as a civilian and four years experience in the military. “I started as a dishwasher then I worked my way up,” said Hermann. “In 2007, I became an

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2A the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013 lower your cholesterol. The newsletter is available online at sillFrom Page 1A members. Again this is by ASAP/index.htm. law. Soldiers who want to make this change must visit Fort Sill update the Transfer of Education Maj. Gen. Mark Benefits website at McDonald, Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill milconnect to submit trans- commanding general, disfer requests no later than cusses Fort Sill topics today. Regular Army Thursdays at 7:45 a.m. on KSoldiers should also contact LAW 101. Talking to hosts their servicing career coun- Frank Seres and Jeri selor or installation reten- Anderson, McDonald will tion office if they have ques- update listeners about tions. They can also contact [what’s happening on post, the Truman Education and what Soldiers, family Center to receive further members and the communiinformation about the Post ty need to know. The broad9/11 GI Bill. cast is accessible on 101.3 FM or K-LAW.


Reclamation sale

Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade, slip into their Mission Oriented Protective Posture suits during the HHB’s Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear training Jan. 15, here.

ADA Soldiers practice chem warfare skills Story, photo By Staff Sgt. Nathan Akridge 31st ADA Public Affairs “Gas, gas, gas!” These are three words that no Soldier wants to hear on the battlefield, but with more countries possessing chemical weapons, the threat of a chemical agent attack is ever present in combat. Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade Soldiers recently conducted chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) training. For the battery’s

leadership, the purpose of the training was quite clear. “With the threats we face as air defenders in today’s world, our Soldiers have to be up on their life-saving skills,” said 1st Sgt. Robert Bedford, “and, if you feel like I do, donning a protective mask in less than nine seconds is one of those skills.” The Soldiers had to don not only their protective mask, but also their entire Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology, or J-List, in eight minutes, to include the rubber protective boots and gloves. Although the training was

straight forward, many of the Soldiers thought the approach made it very memorable. “Our first sergeant made it a fun challenge by timing us,” said Spc. Tiffany McWilliams. “It made us bond together and compete with each other. It was fun watching each other and our leadership putting their JList gear on.” Some Soldiers learned a great deal about their Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Level IV suit. “It was my first time putting on the MOPP suit. This is my second duty station,

and I never put it on in Korea,” said Pfc. Dacoda Worth. “I’m glad that I learned how to put it on correctly because now I am better prepared for a situation where I have to use it. I feel more comfortable with it.” Staff Sgt. Charles Howard, 31st ADA noncommissioned officer in charge of CBRN, stressed to the Soldiers this is not a onetime training event. “Training for CBRN is a continuous process. It’s not something you react to; it’s something you prepare for,” Howard said.

The next Fort Sill reclamation sale is Feb. 2 from 8 a.m. to noon in Building 2102, Currie Road. Customers may purchase an Army Service Uniform but are limited to one. Sales are cash only, and a military ID card is required to make a purchase. For more information call 442-2712.


The hours for the RACH central appointments line (558-2000) are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. RACH has implemented schedule changes that will allow more access to beneficiaries throughout the day and will make it unnecessary to call first thing in the morning to get appointments. Also, TRICARE Online is available 24 E-9 meeting hours a day to schedule priThe Fort Sill Sergeants mary care appointments. Major Association meets Register at www.tricareonthe first Friday monthly from 5-6 p.m. at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Retreat honors Post 5263, 103 NE 20th St. Gate security guards stop in Lawton. The association inbound and outbound trafis open to all active and fic daily at 5 p.m. at all retired E-9s. For more access control points to information, call Jeanette facilitate the installation’s Clement, association sec- retreat ceremony. The folretary, at 695-9172. lowing traffic control points are also set up at intersecWorkforce pride tions to assist with retreat Check out Fort Sill’s protocol: Sheridan Road at Sill Boulevard; Workforce Pride Newsletter Fort Sheridan at Mow-Way for information about the roads; Tower Two at Mowtop future jobs. Fort Sill drill Way roads; Sheridan at sergeants speak up about Randolph roads; Fort Sill what laws they would enact Boulevard at Mow-Way if they were president, and Road; and Randolph at there’s even tips on how to Currie roads.

Defense secretary rescinds combat rule for women By David Vergun Army News Service WASHINGTON — Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey signed a memo recently paving the way for more women to serve in direct combat roles and in more occupational specialties that are now open only to males. The memo rescinds the 1994 Defense Department “Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule,” which states in part: “Service members are eligible to be assigned to all positions for which they are qualified, except that women shall be excluded from assignment to units below the brigade level whose primary mission is to engage in direct combat on the ground.” The memo does not spell out which military occupational specialties (MOS) will be open to women. Rather, it directs the services to provide their implementation strategies to the DoD by May. Implementation will begin this year and be completed by 2015, Panetta added. The reason some MOSs in

the past were closed was “due to permissible restrictions such as co-location, direct ground combat, privacy and berthing, special operations or long-range reconnaissance,” according to the February 2012 DoD “Report to Congress on the Review of Laws, Policies and Regulations Restricting the Service of Female Members in the U.S. Armed Forces.” “This year we will begin to assign women to previously closed occupations using clear standards of performance in all occupational specialties,”Dempsey said. “The burden of proof used to be ‘why should a woman serve in a particular specialty?’”he added.“Now, it’s ‘why shouldn’t a woman serve in a particular specialty?’” As of September, 418 of the Army’s 438 MOSs were open to women of all ranks, according to an Oct. 31 Army report “Women in the Army.” “Soldiers both men and women want fair and meaningful standards” to be developed for accepting women into previously restricted MOSs, said Gen. Robert Cone, commander, Army Training and Doctrine Command, at a Pentagon

media roundtable following a DoD press conference. “I think that fairness is very important in a values-based organization like our Army,” Cone said. TRADOC has already been studying armies in other countries where women have successfully been integrated into combat MOSs countries like Canada and Israel. The Army will be “looking at knowledge, skills and attributes of Soldiers and get the best match in specialties (now restricted) like infantry, armor, field artillery and engineers,”Cone said, adding that one of the important attributes is physical requirements.“Soldiers don’t want to see (that) degraded.” Objective assessments and validation studies, many of which have already been completed, will look at each requirement by MOS, he said.Tasks include things like “how much does an infantryman have to lift, how much stuff do they have to carry and for what distance.” Once the validations are done, scientists will then develop MOS-specific physical fitness tests, Cone continued. Then those tests will in

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turn be validated with field studies. Besides physical ability, the Army will look at “traditional impediments,” meaning the attitudes regarding the acceptance of women into previously male-only MOSs, he said.“A lot of this is about leadership and the organizational climate.” The Army will take “proactive measures to mitigate resistance to women going into these specialties,” Cone concluded.“We want the right environment for women.” The commander in chief approved the actions of Panetta and Dempsey, as well as the work the Army is taking to open up MOSs for women. President Obama released a statement that reads in part: “By moving to open more military positions — including ground combat units — to women, our armed forces have taken another historic step toward harnessing the talents and skills of all our citizens. “This milestone reflects the courageous and patriotic service of women through more than two centuries of American history and the indispensable role of women in today’s military. “Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, including more than 150 women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan — patriots whose sacrifices show that valor knows no gender.” Like the Cannoneer? Tell us about it by writing an ICE comment.

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File photo

Staff Sgt. Matthew Seelig

Awards From Page 1A Marquez’ potential to be a drill sergeant. “He was a Soldier who led from the front, he was always good in PT, just an outstanding Soldier,” Hernandez said.

NCO Seelig, age 26, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 31st ADA Brigade platoon sergeant, was named the Fires Center of Excellence NCO for the first quarter 2012. During that ceremony March 22, Seelig was also inducted into the prestigious Fort Sill Chapter of the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club. Now deployed, his wife, Bethany, represented him at last week’s event. “I’m so proud of him and honored I could stand in his place,” she said. “I wish he could be here, but

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that’s his job, and sometimes he has to leave.” Seelig’s short-term goals are to volunteer his time helping others, and to earn an associate degree in general studies. His long-term goals are to become a command sergeant major and earn a bachelor’s degree in health administration Enlisting in May 23,2007, he attended Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning, Ga., and Advanced Individual Training at Fort Bliss,Texas. During the ceremony, the awardees received the FCoE commanding general’s, and CSM’s coins of Excellence; Army Commendation medals; Fort Sill Sergeants Major Association plaques; and gifts from local donors. Seelig and Black are eligible to go on to the Forces Command NCO, and Soldier of the Year competitions.


WORSHIP 10:45am


“A FAITHFUL RESPONSE” 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Rev. Dr. Wayne Morris Guest Preacher

1302 SW A Avenue

the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013


FA museum adds foreign artillery pieces Story, photo By Ben Sherman Recently the Cannoneer began a series on World War II self-propelled artillery pieces acquired by the Army Field Artillery Museum at Fort Sill. The first story focused on the German Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär”(Grouch) 155 mm self-propelled howitzer, and the Italian Semovente M90/35 90mm self-propelled gun. In this issue we take a look at two more pieces — the German 138/1 “Grille” selfpropelled heavy infantry gun, and the German L/28 Heuschrecke 10 self-propelled 105 mm field howitzer on a tracked weapons carrier, called the “Grasshopper.” The first one we will look at is the 155 mm “Grille”selfpropelled infantry gun called the “Cricket.” “The Germans were very fond of taking enemy equipment and reusing it, and this is a perfect example of that practice,” said Gordon Blaker, Army Field Artillery museum director and curator. “They took an obsolete Czechoslovakian tank chassis and put a German SiG 33/2 155 mm gun on top of it to create a heavy self-propelled infantry gun.” Blaker said Germany used these guns on all fronts during World War II to provide heavy fire support for the infantry gun companies of the Panzergrenadier units. “[These] units were basically mechanized infantry, and the guns could provide direct or indirect fire as needed,” Blaker added. “This

Arts From Page 1A manager Sgt. David Bernier, 75th FiB. “We will do some of the things over and over again to where it’s just a reaction when we get to the competition.” For some of the Garcia DFAC cooks, the competition marks the first time they will be in a high-level culinary arts event.

particular Grille was captured in Italy and is one of only two known surviving examples.The other one was recently pulled out of an Austrian lake and is likely being restored by an Austrian museum right now.” The Germans produced 282 Grilles from April 1943 to September 1944. The Fort Sill Directorate of Logistics (DoL) paint shop was tasked with restoring these units, and the other pieces previously featured in the Cannoneer. “It takes about 200 manhours to complete each vehicle, depending on how bad they were when we got them,” said Corey Lejeune, paint shop employee. “Sometimes they have vines and limbs in them. We strip them down to bare metal, replace any rusted metal pieces and then prime them. We get it as clean as possible before painting it.” Lejeune said the “Cricket” took about 80 man-hours just for the painting stage. The museum acquired the munitions carrier that goes with the “Cricket” from the armor museum at Fort Knox, Ky., in 2010. “It’s known as the “Munitionsschlepper,” and I believe it is the only remaining one in the world. So now we have a matched set of gun and munitions carrier. The “Cricket” could carry 18 rounds on its own and had to have the “Munitionsschlepper” nearby to resupply it,”Blaker added. The fourth self-propelled artillery piece is one that Blaker called “bizarre.” “I’m nervous and excited,” said Pfc. Myra Montoya, 75th FiB. “I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time.” The West Palm Beach, Fla., native said she wants to expand her level of knowledge as a food service specialist and looks at the training for the competition as one way of accomplishing her goal. Many of the Soldiers also view the competition as a way to break away from

The only remaining German Heuschrecke 10 “Grasshopper” 105 mm self-propelled light field howitzer features a detachable turret that allowed soldiers to position it on the ground like an armored pillbox. “It is a German World War II prototype vehicle called an L/28 Heuschrecke 10 or “Grasshopper.” It is a light field howitzer on a tracked weapons carrier. What made the “Grasshopper” strange was that the crew could remove the turret in the field, lift it off of the chassis and set it on the ground like an armored pillbox to fire shells with its 105 mm gun,” Blaker said. “They were also able to set the turret on a two-wheeled cart and tow it behind the their day-to-day duties and ‘rub elbows’with food service specialist who perform various roles throughout the military. “A lot of times Soldiers think this [cooking in a DFAC] is the only thing there is to do,” said Sgt. Jesse Mitchell, 214 FiB, “You get to meet new people [at the competition] and network. You get to work with people who cook for generals.”

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vehicle. The chassis could then be used as a munitions carrier to carry more ammunition. It has an ammo capacity of 60 rounds, which was pretty large. Eight were produced, and the one we have is the sole surviving example,”he added. “The Germans tried all sorts of new and different vehicles. That’s one of the things that led to their downfall.They were too dispersed and didn’t focus on their better designs and just produce those,”he said. Both the “Cricket” and the “Grasshopper” came to Fort Sill from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and have been

By the numbers German 138/1 Grille selfpropelled heavy infantry gun “Cricket” Weight - 14 tons Crew - 4

restored by the DoL paint shop. Each artillery piece presented its own set of challenges to the DoL paint shop crew. They frequently had one or two reference photos, often black and white, of what the vehicles originally looked like. Blaker provided the color pallets and camouflage patterns so the paint shop could get the look as close as possible when it came time to paint, which helped the painters. “I mainly paint and some body work,” said Robert Baker, a nine-year veteran of the paint shop. “Every piece

had a schedule and we usually met the deadlines and finished on time. But there were always deadlines.” “We’re really delighted to have these rare and unusual pieces. When I came to the museum, we had no examples of German selfpropelled field artillery pieces from World War II,” he said. “Now, we have a nice collection of them. These pieces, along with the “Hummel,” “Brummbär” and Italian Semovente will eventually be displayed in Constitution Park, as soon as I figure out where to put them,”Blaker chuckled.

Ammo capacity – 18 rounds Max. Speed – 22 mph Range – 120 miles; German L/28 Heuschrecke 10 “Grasshopper”

Weight - 25 tons Crew - 5 Ammo capacity - 60-80 rounds Max. Speed – 28 mph Range – 186 miles

4A the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013

ADA temp museum moves to new facility Story, photos By James Brabenec 696th Forward Support Company Soldiers recently helped Army Air Defense Artillery Museum personnel move 23 artifacts, most to the new temporary facility, an old aircraft hangar at Building 4908 Post Road on Fort Sill. Jon Bernstein, museum director and curator, said work will commence to renovate the temporary buildings at 1505 and 1506 Bateman Road. Meanwhile the museum will continue to meet its primary mission. “We are here to train Soldiers, primarily those going through professional development schools,”he said.“Learning about ADA history gives them a sense of where they came from and who served before them.” Their main visitors will be Advanced Individual Training Soldiers and officers in either the Basic Officer Leadership Course or Captains’ Career Course. Bernstein said those visits will happen on a fairly regular basis, but the general public is welcome, too. Though exhibitwork continues, the new temporary facility is open and its hours are Mondays through Fridays from 1-5 p.m. Throughout its display area, ADA equipment will show technology’s advance from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. “A lot of the equipment Soldiers use today are much more user friendly than what Soldiers operated during World War II,” he said. But equipment forms just a backdrop to the museum’s true intent that Bernstein received from Col. Donald Fryc, Army ADA School commandant and chief of ADA. “Colonel Fryc wanted the museum to focus on the people not just the weapons systems, which falls right in line my vision,”said Bernstein.“You don’t have history of stuff, you have history of people and that’s something we’re really going to emphasize.” Mannequins garbed in uniforms specific to the particular war will portray significant Soldiers and their stories. Reaching across time those predecessors may speak to the young enlisted Soldiers and officers who tour the facility. “If visitors can make the connection to somebody in

the Army’s history, we’ve done our job,”he said.

Moving team Much of the moving work required the 696th FSC Soldiers to operate an M88 A1 Recovery Vehicle, itself a product of the Vietnam era. Working smartly and efficiently, they prepared a 29.5-ton M1 120 mm antiaircraft gun for its move from the temporary museum to a nearby garage on Bateman Road. The massive “Stratosphere Gun,”so nicknamed because it fired shells 10 miles into the sky, seemingly shrank next to the leviathan M88 tracked vehicle Spc. MacKenzie Pirnat operated. His “ride” tipped the scales at more than 55 tons, but with the assistance of his two ground guides, Sgts. William Hearn and William Hagg, he drove it with “100percent confidence.” “Usually I go out to the field and get a vehicle, hook it up to a tow bar and bring it back,” he said.“This Spc. MacKenzie Pirnat, an M88 A1 Recovery Vehicle driver and mechanic, pulls a 29.5-ton M1 120 mm anti-aircraft gun happens in big, open spaces out of Building 1505 Jan. 16 at Fort Sill. 696th Forward Support Company Soldiers moved 23 artifacts to the new tempowith plenty of room to turn rary Army Air Defense Artillery Museum at Building 4908 Post Road here. around or pivot.” “If visitors can make the conThe conditions he nection to somebody in the faced defiArmy’s history, we’ve done nitely took our job.” a turn from business as Jon Bernstein usual. Army Air Defense Artillery Museum Pirnat director and curator drove the 11.25-footwide M88 around the other artillery out the temporary museum piece and deftly exited the through a 16-foot-wide way he entered. garage door, into and out of “It’s not just about me a second matching garage, being a good driver, I need then entered a third one good ground guides, and where the field gun would my NCOs did great,”he said.“It was just as much stay until the renovation’s their job as mine to move completion. this equipment and get my “I feel a great sense of vehicle out.” accomplishment to move Hagg said Pirnat began [the anti-aircraft gun] driving the M88 in August, through these confined A bird’s-eye view shows some of the equipment in the new temporary Army Air Defense and quickly developed skills Artillery Museum at Fort Sill. Jon Bernstein, museum director and curator, said the musespaces,”he said. typical of Soldiers who work Adding to the specialists um will operate in Building 4908 Post Road until August or September when renovations at Fort Sill. heavy equipment driving should end. Artifacts and exhibits will return then to the Bateman Road facilities. “I believe the quality of skill, Bernstein said some of Soldiers we have is amazout and do something like on each item moved out of Bateman expects the the ADA equipment had ing,”he said.“Specialist this and help out Fort Sill, the Bateman facility to exhibits will move back to only inches clearance from Pirnat is a great Soldier the door tops and less than it’s a great opportunity,” other temporary locations. the Bateman Road facilities and a quick learner.” a couple feet combined said Hearn.“We got to hook “As a former Soldier, it’s in August or September. Hearn, recovery section from side to side. up to a lot of different great seeing them in action The permanent ADA NCOIC, supervised the Safely inside the third equipment, things we don’t doing their jobs, especially museum, like its FA counbuilding, Pirnat still needed eight Soldiers who comnormally work with. It was when they love what they terpart, requires private pleted the moving that to get his own hulk back very good training for all do,” said Bernstein. “These funding for all construction included loading the artiout of the garage to commy Soldiers and a definite Soldiers were so enthusias- related activity. Once facts onto flatbed trucks plete his task. Because of morale boost.” tic, asking questions about raised and construction for a roughly four-mile another enormous artifact Zane Mohler, an exhibit what each piece was and ended, the ADA facility will haul to the new temporary already parked inside, he facility. There, Soldiers specialist with the Army what it did, I love that.” reside near the FA museum couldn’t just unhook and unloaded the artifacts and Field Artillery Museum He added the museum in a campus with outdoor drive out the opposite door. helped park them in the here, operated a forklift to staff has a plan in place to parks for artifacts too large Instead, with his ground old aircraft hangar. assist the Soldiers. He and duplicate the exhibits being or numerous for indoor support duo, he pivoted on “Any time we can come Bernstein kept a close eye built in Building 4908. display. the sure-footed tracks

Post and Geronimo roads form the nearest major intersection to the new Army Air Defense Artillery Museum temporary facility at Fort Sill. Shown here, the museum is to the right of the sign across Post Road in an old hangar along Henry Post Army Air Field.

Mannequins, dressed in uniforms specific to the air defense artillery piece on display, give visitors a sense of Soldiers’ lives at the Army ADA Museum at Fort Sill. Jon Bernstein, museum director and curator, said the facility is open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Advanced Individual Training Soldiers and officers in the Basic Officer Leadership Course and Captains’ Career Course, the primary visitors, can see artillery pieces, such as this fully equipped M1M-72/M48 Chaparral, at the new temporary Army Air Defense Artillery Museum at Fort Sill. The museum is open Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Vinyl sheets, such as this showing a historical artillery piece, will hang between exhibits at the new temporary facility for the Army Air Defense Artillery Museum at Fort Sill. The sheets will dampen sound and give visitors another view of how certain ADA pieces were used.

the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013

Soldiers soars skies with UAVs Story, photo By Pfc. Andrew Ingram, Fort Carson FORT CARSON, Colo. — Unmanned aerial vehicles soared through the sky under the control of 16 “Raider” Brigade Soldiers during QR-11 Raven training here, Jan. 7-18. During the two-week training certification course, Soldiers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, in a variety of career fields, learned how to launch, maneuver and land the small, unmanned aircraft in a variety of situations, including aerial security during movement operations, terrain reconnaissance and target acquisition during night operations. “The benefit of this training can’t be overstated,” said 2nd Lt. Theresa Ross, intelligence officer, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team. “The Raven is small, lightweight and portable. We use it for everything from site reconnaissance to target acquisition, so having several Soldiers trained and qualified to operate it is a huge combat multiplier.” The hands-on approach to the training helped the Raiders get a feel for the tactical importance of the unmanned aerial vehicle, as well as a solid understanding of its capabilities and limitations, said Ross. “Not a whole lot of intelligence officers get the chance to learn about this hardware first hand,” she said. “Because I have firsthand knowledge of the Raven, I will have reasonable expectations of what we can accomplish with it during a combat deployment.” The Raven is designed for quick assembly and deployment at the lowest levels of the military structure. Weighing only four pounds and operated by remote control, the Raven can gather video or photographic intelligence, or direct forces to a target using an infrared laser. Having Soldiers from both combat arms and support career fields participat-


Artillery allies

Photo by Felix XXX

A Soldier launches a UAV recently at Fort Carson, Colo. ing in the training ensures that no mater what the situation, U.S. forces can always get an “eye in the sky,” said Steve Rocovitch, small unmanned aerial system instructor, Rally Point Management. “The Raven is a great asset to the military, but only if it is used properly,” Rocovitch said.“I have confidence that these Soldiers can take what we’ve practiced these past two weeks and implement them in a complex deployed environment.” While one Soldier flew the Raven via remote control, others viewed the unmanned aerial vehicle’s flight on a laptop, implemented flight patterns and controlled its cameras and other tools. “In addition to learning how to operate the Raven, I gained a better understanding of all the things going on in an operating environment,” said Pfc. Glen Default, infantryman, Company B, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team. “When I fly, I have to be aware of everything going on in my airspace and know what is going on ground side to accomplish my mission. It’s a much bigger picture than I have been exposed to.”

Indian army Maj. Gen. Palepu Ravi Shankar, director general of artillery, gets a briefing on the M777 howitzer during a visit to Fort Sill Jan. 23. Shankar and Dr. Harmeet Singh, Indian ministry of defense, were here to learn about U.S. Army field artillery training.

6A the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013

Employee spotlight shines on drug testing coordinator Story, photo By Marie Berberea

Getting to know Bruce

Editor’s note: The Employee Spotlight is a new monthly column meant to highlight a Fort Sill worker for their daily efforts. Bruce Eckenroth is prepared to tell Soldiers the dangers of using and abusing drugs and alcohol. As Fort Sill’s Army Substance Abuse Program assistant drug testing coordinator, he’s been doing so for more than a decade. He started as a drug tester for his unit in 1998 when he was an active-duty Soldier. He was stationed here and assigned to B Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Field Artillery where he deployed to Iraq in 2003. He eventually retired at Fort Sill. His transition to the Well Being Center was a smooth one as he now trains Unit Prevention Leaders on how to test Soldiers, and, hopefully, deter them from using substances. He said the best part of his job is interacting with service members. “I’m an old Soldier, I’m a retiree and a lot of them I still know in some way shape or form. I still actively

Favorite superhero: Bruce Wayne, Batman Hobbies: “I shoot skeet and trap and help run the range here.” Favorite video game: World of Warcraft Famous person he’s met: “I’ve gotten to shake hands with Bill Clinton when he came to Korea.I was assigned there to [A Battery, 38th Field Artillery], Camp Stanley. It was a great big bus ride to get over there to see him and he busted out his saxophone,” said Eckenroth.

Bruce Eckenroth, Army Substance Abuse Program assistant drug testing coordinator, talks with Staff Sgt. Johnathan Moore, 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery, Jan. 24 at the Well Being Center. Eckenroth was double checking to make sure a urine sample was done correctly before sending it off to be tested. Eckenroth has helped make Fort Sill’s drug testing programs one of the most accurate in the Army. “You can’t fix everybody, participate in events with them,”said Eckenroth. you can only fix the ones who are willing to be fixed.” Testing Eckenroth said he takes “I see the prevention, the his days as a non-commisdeterrence portion is helpsioned officer leading safety ing some of the Soldiers,” briefings into his work now said Eckenroth. He said for those coming as he encourages Soldiers to from a background of using do the right thing, especially drugs, he and his coworkers with the Army’s drawdown. “Don’t just sit there and work on re-educating them.

hope somebody comes to help you because you don’t want it that way. A lot of the units are going first time offense — you’re gone, regardless if it’s an alcohol incident or drug offense. “I tell them they need to make adjustments to their life and be ready for the worst. If you caused a prob-

lem then you need to be prepared,”said Eckenroth. He talked about the reallife consequences of bad choices and he cited Dallas Cowboy’s player Josh Brent. Brent was recently charged with intoxication manslaughter after a car accident that killed his Cowboys teammate, Jerry Brown. “We have to be prepared to talk about those things. If you’re not willing to talk to the Soldiers about it and help deter them you’re not

helping them. They have to understand those problems,” said Eckenroth. Because of his efforts, Eckenroth was lauded as a key factor in making Fort Sill one of the best biochemical departments in the Army. “I joined the Army to care about somebody and they taught me to care about Soldiers. I’ve been caring about Soldiers for my whole Army and now my civilian career,”said Eckenroth.

Career counselors Installation Operations noncommissioned officer: Master Sgt. Lisa Billingslea, 442-4707; Command career counselor: Sgt. Maj. Daniel Hilton Jr., 442-4815; U.S. Army Garrison/40th Military Police Detachment/ Fires Center of Excellence: Staff Sgt. Cody Waltman, 442-2822; 434th Detachment: Staff Sgt. David Shamblin, 442-2122; Administrative Assistant: Sgt. Lee Turner, 442-3968; Reserve component career counselor: Master Sgt. Shawn Streussnig, 442-5930;


Reserve component liaison: Sgt. 1st Class Dione Brown, 442-4107; Reserve component liaison: Sgt. 1st Class Lesa Worrell, 442-5931; Medical Command: Staff Sgt. Charles Williams, 458-2082; 428th Field Artillery Brigade: Sgt. 1st Class Jerald Dixon, 442-3910; 2nd Battalion 2nd FA: Staff Sgt. Michael Metty, 442-8737; 434th FA Brigade: Sgt. 1st Class Carida Wannemacher, 442-1274; HHB, 434 FA: Sgt. David Murphy, 442-5786; 1st Battalion, 19th FA: Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Gonzalez, 442-1452;

1st Battalion, 31st FA: Staff Sgt. Brandon Purdeu, 442-0116; 1st Battalion, 40th FA: Staff Sgt. Nicole Carroll, 442-1234; 1st Battalion, 79th FA: Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez, 442-1793; 95th Adjutant General Battalion: Sgt. 1st Class Jason Bates, 4423423; 30th ADA Brigade: Sgt. 1st Class William Schaffhauser, 442-2752; HHB, 30th ADA Brigade: Sgt. Erin Smith, 442-2495; 2nd Battalion, 30th ADA: Staff Sgt. James Marvin, 442-0908;

3rd Battalion, 30th ADA: Sgt. Steven Knopf, 442-4595; 1st Battalion, 30th ADA: Sgt. Erin Smith, 442-2495; 214th Fires Brigade: Master Sgt. Christopher Williams, 442-5240; 1st Battalion, 14th FA: Staff Sgt. Michael Massey, 442-6456; 2nd Battalion, 5th FA: Staff Sgt. Christopher Drinkwater, 442-3442; 2nd Battalion, 4th FA: Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Heffnersimcik, 442-3844. 168 Brigade Support Battalion: Staff Sgt. Shannon Hanks, 442-4952 75th Fires Brigade: Master Sgt. Lorenzo French, 442-9395;


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3rd Battalion, 13th FA: Staff Sgt. Joseph McDonald, 442-9369; 2nd Battalion, 18th FA: Staff Sgt. Jacqualine Fahie, 558-0634; 1st Battalion, 17th FA: Staff Sgt. Brian Cochran, 558-0633; 100th Brigade Support Battalion: Staff Sgt. Fabiola Garcia, 442-0635; 31st ADA Brigade: Staff Sgt. Robert Jones, 442-8171; 3rd Battalion, 2nd ADA: Staff Sgt. Kevin Davis, 442-8171; and 4th Battalion, 3rd ADA: Staff Sgt. Robert Jones, 442-8171.

Government Agencies • City Hall 103 S. 4th, R-8 • Comanche County Court House, 5th & “C” Ave., Q-8 • Federal Building, 5th & “E” Ave., Q-9 • Police Station, 10 S. 4th, R-8 • U.S. Post Office, Substation 53rd & Cache Rd., F-4 • Comanche County Fairgrounds Arena & Coliseum, M-8 • Headstart Program 1305 SW 11th, P-11 • Lawton High School, 11th & Ferris, P-5 • Eisenhower High School, 53rd & Gore, F-7 • MacArthur High School, 4400 E. Gore, U-7 • Oklahoma Department Of Public Safety & Drivers License Bureau, Highway Patrol, T-7 • Taliaferro Mental; Health Center, 603 SW 38th, J-8 • Oklahoma Department Of Human Services, 2609 SW Lee Blvd., L-10 • City County Health Department, 1010 S Sheridan, M-9 • Oklahoma National Guard, Q-4 • Oklahoma Blood Institute, 211 SW A Avenue, R-8 • Motor Licensing Bureau, J-9 • Lawton Municipal Library, 110 SW 4th, Q-8 • Lawton Parks & Recreation Department, 1405 SW 11th, M-5 • Lawton Community Theater, 1316 NW Bell, O-6 Mindy B. • Lawton Chamber Of Commerce & Pritchard Industry, 302 W. Gore Blvd., R-8 Insurance Agency



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the Cannoneer January 31, 2013

Things to do Community theatre The Friends of the Lawton Community Theatre present their annual musical benefit in support of LCT. Don’t miss “Lost and Found at LCT,” a musical revue of songs from Broadway shows that were nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical, but didn’t win. Performances are Feb. 1 and 2 at 8 p.m. and Feb. 3 at 2 p.m. A “meet the cast” reception in the lobby will follow each performance. Tickets are $22, $20 and $14. Call 355-1600 or visit our website for reservations.

Dueling pianos Make plans to attend the Beef and Burgundy night March 15 and enjoy a show with Dueling Pianos at the historic Patriot Club. The Dueling Pianos tour is a high-energy, sing-along, clap-along, rock ‘n roll, comedy piano show. Cocktails are at 5 p.m., dinner begins at 6 p.m. and the cost is $25 per person or $30 with wine. The menu includes prime rib, a baked potato bar, full salad bar, fresh baked rolls, dessert station, wine and beverages. Tickets for the dinner and show are available at either Adventure Travel Office, on post in Bldg. 4700 or in Lawton at Central Mall.

UFC Go to Fort Sill’s Impact Zone Feb. 2 to watch UFC 156 live on pay-per-view. Watch as José Aldo takes on Frankie Edgar in the World Featherweight Championship. Doors open at 6 p.m. with a $3 cover charge.The fight begins at 9 p.m. Enjoy food and beverage specials throughout the evening. For more information, call 442-0355.

Super Bowl Watch the Super Bowl at the Impact Zone Feb. 3. Doors open at 4 p.m.; kicks off is at 5:30 p.m. Be one of the first 50 through the door and receive an official Super Bowl program.The party is open to the public with free appetizers until 6 p.m. Don’t miss out on your chance to win cool door prizes that will be given out each quarter. People’s Cab will be providing complimentary rides home. For more information, call 442-0355.

Gospel tour Fort Sill presents the 2013 “United as One Tour,” a gospel music ensemble starring James Fortune & FIYA, Vashawn Mitchell, Kierra Sheard and Zacardi Cortez Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. at Sheridan Theater. Doors open at 6 p.m. This uplifting musical event will be hosted by Shucky Ducky and is open to the public. Tickets are on sale Feb. 1 for $10 for ages 3 and up at Adventure Travel, Bldg. 4700 Mow-Way Road, or Central Mall in Lawton. For more information, call 442-3113.

Native arts Registration is open for traditional Native American arts and crafts classes through the Native American Cultural Studies Program. All classes are open to the public. The nonprofit program teaches traditional ways to make mocassins, dreamcatchers, intricate beadwork and more to all those interested. Classes are scheduled throughout January at the Tribal Art Center, 423 West C Ave. in Cache.A student discount is offered for all classes. For more information call 429-3430 or 4836864.

Paintball Make plans to play paintball at Arena Paintball Saturdays and Sundays excluding holidays.The price is $27, which includes entry, marker, goggles, HPA tank, unlimited air refills, the paint pack with three pods, barrel sleeve and 500 rounds of paint. Paintball runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Register at the Outdoor Adventure Center and bring the receipt to Arena Paintball, 2607 SE 75th St. in Lawton.

Live music Fans of live music can find plenty of places to jam at More than 45 performance venues from Stillwater and the Oklahoma City area; to Southwest Oklahoma (including the Lawton area) and as far south as Wichita Falls,Texas,are highlighted. The site lists performances and concerts for almost every See TO DO, Page 2B

Off-Duty Music group visits Sheridan Theater

‘United as One’ gospel concert Feb. 26 By Monica Wood, FMWR Marketing Tickets go on sale Feb. 1 for the “United as One” Concert Tour, an uplifting evening of praise presented by Fort Sill Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Feb. 26 at the Sheridan Theater. Doors for the show open at 6 p.m. and the two-hour show begins at 7 p.m. This must-see gospel music ensemble of talent features gospel recording artists James Fortune & FIYA, Vashawn Mitchell, Kierra Sheard and Zacardi Cortez and is hosted by Shucky Ducky. The event is open to the public. Seating is limited and ticket cost is $10 for ages 3 and older. Get your tickets at either Adventure Travel office, the Welcome Center, 4700 Mow-Way Road, or at Central Mall in Lawton. For more information, call the Adventure Travel office at 250-4040.

James Fortune & FIYA James Fortune & FIYA’s highly anticipated debut CD “You Survived” was released in September 2004. Fortune was honored at the 19th Annual ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards for his hit single “You Survived”off the same album. The song also peaked as the second most played gospel song in the country. Fortune received a 2006 ASCAP Writers Award and his FIYA singers have been nominated four consecutive years for the Texas Gospel Youth and Young Adult Choir of theYear. FIYA has opened for artists such as Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Albertina Walker and others. Fortune hails from Texas, where he is the choir director at Higher Dimension Church in Houston. Membership has grown from 29 members in 1999 to more than 12,000 with 10 operative lead ministries and a host of sub-ministries that cater to the needs of children, youth, married couples and single men and women.

Vashawn Mitchell Vashawn Mitchell is a six-time Stellar Award-winner and Grammy Award-nominated recording artist who knows what he was created to do. He soared to the top of the Gospel and Urban Music charts with his single “Nobody Greater,” from his album “Triumphant.” In 2011, Mitchell received numerous award nominations and was named Billboard Magazine’s No. 1 Gospel Radio Artist of the year and had the No. 1 most played gospel song of the year. Mitchell recently released his second album on EMI Gospel, “Created 4 This,” a signature contemporary style of praise and worship with a message to empower, uplift and inspire people with the message of God’s love.

Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard Kierra Sheard released her latest CD, “Free,” on Karew Records. The daughter of Karen Clark Sheard, of the legendary Clark Sisters, and Bishop J. Drew Sheard of Detroit, Mich., Sheard spent her formative years in Detroit, surrounded by family, faith and music. She sang in the choir as a girl in the church where her father preached, and at the age 9 appeared on the single “The Safest Place,” a duet with her mother from the successful album “Finally Karen.” She began her solo career in 2004 at the age of 17 when she released her debut album “I Owe You,” combining the worlds of gospel, hip-hop and soul in contemporary sound that is reverent and forward-thinking. Her previous hits include “You Don’t Know,”“Love Like Crazy,” “Praise Him Now,” and “Invisible.” Standout songs on her latest CD include the first single “Mighty” and “You Are” as well as “Free,” which Sheard said “talks about the mind being a battlefield.” “My hope for this CD is that it

rebrands me as an artist,”she said. “I want people to see from this record that I am a servant of the kingdom and I want it to bless and change lives.”

more than one million views, and made the song one of Cortez’s most requested. When not recording he tours with Fortune and gospel music guru Earnest Pugh.

Zacardi Cortez

Shucky Ducky

Cortez began his career singing with his family, the Cortez Singers, in his native Houston, but he is best known for his strong vocals with James Fortune’s FIYA singers. His solo album “Zacardi Cortez: The Introduction” debuted in May 2012.The single “I Believe,” featuring Cortez, Shawn McLemore and James Fortune & FIYA, remained No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart for 14 weeks.YouTube videos of “The Blood” have racked up

Comedian Cecil Armstrong (Shucky Ducky), a native of Dallas, has appeared on “Def Comedy Jam” and as the ringmaster of UniverSoul Circus. He is known for his catchphrase, “Shucky Ducky, quack, quack,” which he describes as meaning disappointment or excitement. The concert is produced by Army Entertainment and sponsored locally by Perry Broadcasting Company and IHG Army Hotels.

Sill Soldiers attend inauguration ball By Jeff Crawley Two of Fort Sill’s finest represented the installation at the Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball Jan. 21 in Washington, D.C. Sgt. Benny Stetson, third quarter Noncommissioned Officer of the year, and Sgt. Spencer Black, Soldier of the Year, along with other guests of the armed forces took in the festivities at the ball, which recognized military members and their families. “It was an honor, a privilege to represent the NCO corps and Fort Sill at such a distinguished event,” said Stetson, 66th Forward Support Company, 3rd Battalion, 13th Field Artillery. “It was actually our first ball, so it was quite an experience.” Stetson said he received word from Command Sgt. Maj. Dwight Morrisey, Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill CSM, that he was selected to attend the ball about five days before the inauguration. His wife, Melissa, accompanied him on the trip. They stayed at hotel not far from the Washington Convention Center — the site of the ball. It was two weeks before the inauguration, when Black’s commanders told him to pack his bags because he would be going to the ball. “It was a great honor to be selected from the 20,000 Soldiers on post to represent the entire post,” said Black, 3-13th FA. “I thought that was a neat experience.” Performers at the ball included Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Cornell. Black and Stetson described the atmosphere of the ball as exciting. “All the branches were there and

Courtesy photo

Sgt. Benny Stetson and his wife, Melissa, pose for a photo during the Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball Jan. 21, in Washington, D.C. Two elite Fort Sill Soldiers represented the post at the ball. there was time to mingle with everybody,”Black said. Black said he met Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry.

“He’s a really great guy, really down to earth,” said Black. “That was quite an honor and I got my picture with him, too.” There was time for sightseeing

Inauguration festivities rich with tradition The tradition of presidential inaugural balls in the United States has evolved over time. The first occurred May 7, 1789 in New York City, one week after the inauguration of George Washington. In 1809, organizers sold more than 400 tickets for James

Madison’s first inauguration. Tickets went for $4 a piece. In 1865, a ball was held for Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration in the Model Room at the United States Patent Office, the first in a government building. Other presidents canceled balls including Franklin Pierce who

was mourning the recent death of his son in 1853. Private parties known as “charity balls,” were held during the Depression and World War II era inaugurations. Official inaugural balls were not reinstated until the second inauguration of Harry Truman in

and the Soldiers took in the monuments surrounding the National Mall. “I really liked the Washington See BALL, Page 2B

1949. John Kennedy’s inauguration featured five balls in 1961. Reflecting the mood of previous presidents in the early 20th century, Jimmy Carter charged no more than $25 per ticket. By 1997, the number of inaugural balls reached a peak of 14 during the second inauguration of Bill Clinton. Source: Wikipedia.

2B the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013

HHB, 14th FA wins overtime thriller, 55-53 Story, photo By James Brabenec HHB, 1st Battalion 14th Field Artillery rode a quartet of scorers Jan. 24 to outlast HHB, 31st Air Defense Artillery, 55-53 in an intramural basketball overtime thriller. Tyler Stacy, 12 points, and Tyler Gatlin, 11 points, each hit three 3-pointers including one each during the decisive extra period. “Terry Sanders shot well for us, too, and the big guys down low kept us in the game,”said Thomas Crocket, 1-14th FA coach.“I also credit the team for the job they did breaking the 31st ADA press.” Dustin Umberger scored at will from outside and with drives to the basket to lead the ADA team with 18 points. Anthony Thompson contributed 17, and Stanley Atkins chipped in eight points. The 31st ADA opened the scoring on a rebound put back from Atkins and a deep 3-pointer by Umberger. Though the 31st ADA had the taller rebounders, the 14th FA big men battled down low keeping an opportunity alive that set up Stacy for his first trey from the left corner. On an ensuing trip down the floor, Thompson bulled his way inside but a referee

whistled him for charging. That foul foreshadowed ADA troubles, specifically against the team’s center, James Davis. Despite this, the 31st ADA kept the lead early on at 1310, and momentum seemed securely in their hands even though they fouled Stacy on a 3-point attempt. Thanks to an illegal substitution, the referees whistled a two-shot technical against the 14th FA. “We called a technical foul because a 31st ADA player who entered the game was wearing a different number than what the scorebook said,” said referee Ken Fairley. “That resulted in an administrative two-shot technical foul.” Thompson hit both technicals then watched as Stacy only hit one of his three free throws. But Ben Logsdon bailed out his teammate as he made two smart plays. First, he drove on Davis and drew a foul. The next time down court, Logsdon ball faked Davis into the air drawing a second foul. Though he only hit two of the four free throws and the 13th ADA maintained a fivepoint lead, the fouls later proved key to the game’s outcome. Adding to Davis’ dilemma, Sanders drove inside

Stanley Atkins, HHB 31st Air Defense Artillery defender, tries to block a 3-point attempt by Tyler Stacy, HHB, 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery. Stacy nailed the trey leading his team to a 55-53 overtime victory Jan. 24 at Rinehart Fitness Center at Fort Sill. against Davis who was again whistled for a foul on the 14th FA guard. Davis then took a seat for a few minutes. Seizing the opportunity, the 14th FA went on an 8-0 run for a 21-18 lead. With 30 seconds left until halftime, Davis re-entered the game and held the ball outside the 3-point arc as the 31st ADA looked for the last shot of the half. However, the offense stalled with the lack of ball movement and

26 seconds faded from the clock. Davis then launched an improbable 3-pointer which swished through the net knotting the score, 21-21, at the break. In the second half, sharpshooters kept the score tight. Stacy hit his second trey, and a couple minutes later Gatlin answered an Umberger 3-pointer to tie the score at 31-all. Although the 14th FA kept the pressure on the 31st ADA and built a couple

small leads, the air defenders countered keeping the score tied at 41-41 with 2:25 left in the game. Sanders then drove strong on Davis who blocked a shot attempt. However, the referee whistled him for a blocking foul which ended the Davis’ night with five fouls. However, his 31st ADA teammates overcame the key loss. Aggressive play against the 14th FA resulted in trips to the foul line with less than 15 seconds. But,

they only hit one of four free throws for a 47-45 lead. With six seconds remaining, Logsdon saved the field artillerymen as he worked his way inside and tossed up a spinning shot.The ball rattled the rim then hung for a moment, still spinning, before settling into the net to force overtime. In the extra period, Thompson and Umberger offset the 14th FA shooters as the 31st ADA took a 53-52 lead with 25 seconds left. The 14th FA whittled away most of that time before Gatlin hit a rainbow 3-pointer for a 55-53 lead. The 31st ADA gamely called time out with one second left on the clock. To their credit, Thompson received a fullcourt pass and instantly tossed up a wild shot, but didn’t hit the mark. Frankie Paulino, 31st ADA coach, said his team put up a good fight though he had a short roster. “Some players we don’t count on normally really came through and gave us a chance,”he said. He then credited Umberger’s shooting skills and hustle. “Tonight he showed he could hit from outside, take it to the hole and make his foul shots,” said Paulino. “It was a tough game to lose, but we’ll learn from our mistakes and build from this.”

Sports beat

Ball Super Bowl party

From Page 1B Monument,” Black said. “I really admire George Washington and what he did for our nation.” Stetson said it was his first trip to Washington, D.C. “We were able to see the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,”he said.“It was very emotional.”

The Impact Zone, at 3265 Crane Road next to Sheridan Theater, is having a Super Bowl party Feb. 3 at 4 p.m. Free appetizers are served until 6 p.m. with drink and food specials. Prize giveaways happen every quarter. For more information, call 442-0335.

Fort Sill rugby The Fort Sill Gunners rugby team is a post varsity sport that seeks to bring together military rugby players, both young and old, from the Lawton-Fort Sill area. The team welcomes men interested in joining them, and they practice Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. at Prichard Field. No experience is necessary. For more information, call coach Jason Posey at 678-4597.

Courtesy photo

Sgt. Spencer Black visits the Lincoln Memorial during the presidential inauguration festivities in Washington, D.C.

groups and home schooled students. They are also looking for dedicated, qualified soccer passionate coaches. Sign up at or write to for information. Registration ends Feb 15. Predators Soccer is also now offering boys soccer U8-U12 teams. For more information please call Donna Brown, Program Director at (580) 5148813.

Bike/tri club The Fort Sill Bike & Tri Club meets at the RecPlex, Bldg. 2502 to plan group rides and family events. For more information, call 442-3575. This is a club to bring common cyclists together for friendly rides, socializing and sportsmanship no matter the abilities. Fun and fitness is the goal.

hockey pickup games are seeking others to join them Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the outdoor hockey rink between the Patriot Club and Butner Field. Call David Rhoads at 410-533-6777 for more information.

Oklahoma running Log on to www. and click on Oklahoma for a list of running races statewide.

Skeet shooting

The Comanche Skeet and Trap Club operates a skeet and trap shooting range here Thursdays from 4-6 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6 p.m. Shotguns are for rent, and targets are for sale at the club. For more inforYouth soccer Inline hockey mation about skeet and trap shooting Predators Soccer Club is holding A group of people who play inline here, call 353-2540. spring season registrations for all age


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To do From Page 1B night of the week.You can also check out profiles and performance videos for some of the musicians. For more information go to the website, or email to

Free park access Active-duty military personnel and their family members can enter every national park for free. The national parks and federal recreation lands annual pass ordinarily costs $80 and provides access to 2,000 national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands. For more information, visit w w w. n p s . g o v / f i n d a park/passes.htm.

LETRA cabins Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area has lakeside rustic, wooden cabins available for reservation in three sizes. The small cabins accommodate up to four people; the medium cabins, six people; and large cabins, seven people. Prices are $60, $70 and $80 for small, medium and large cabins. They are available for reservation to all, but there is an additional $10 cost for civilians. The cabins come with all the amenities including furnish-

ings; heat and air; a TV and DVD player; fully-stocked kitchens with dishes and silverware; and linens and towels. Reservations should be made up to two months in advance. For details, call the Country Store at 442-5854.

Outdoor rental The Outdoor Adventure Center has all the equipment you need to make the most of your outdoor time from flying discs to fishing boats. The center also reserves the five on-post picnic areas and parks. Medicine Creek, Ambrosia Springs, Quinette, Rucker and the Co-Op parks are available to reserve for family outings or unit functions at no charge.The center is in the RecPlex, 2502 Sheridan Road. Call 355-8270 for more information.

Bowling deals Twin Oaks Bowling Center offers specials throughout the week. Monday is bowl for $1.75 all day long. Tuesday and Thursday are the Bowlopolis family special, starting at 2 p.m.; the last session starts at 8 p.m. Get a lane for up to six people with two-hour shoe rental, one large onetopping pizza and two pitchers of soda for $30. For more information, call 442-2882.

Singing Valentines

by Eisenhower High School We will sing for Valentines, Banquets & Gatherings

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• Conceal • Carry Classes • Guns • Accessories 580-248-0828

1014 SW D Ave. • Tue.-Fri. 10-5 Sat. 10:30-3:00

Now Everyone Can Join! Insured 353-2124 Federally by NCUA

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Singing Valentines to be delivered Thursday, February 14th. Your Valentine will also receive a beautiful long-stem rose from Scott’s House of Flowers.

order by Tuesday, February 12th call 355-9144 ext. 108 Online ordering available, Credit Cards Accepted

the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013


Deer seasons past can indicate future harvests Now that all the deer seasons are over let’s look at the results. Last week I discussed how our harvest compared to goals we set back in September. This week let’s look at how our recent harvest compared to some past. We have pretty good records dating back to 1954. On any given year many factors can affect the total harvest, and these can cause some variation from year to year. Some of these factors include hunting pressure, weather, season length, weapons used, and even military training. Most of the time the main factor is the number of deer available. Let’s look at the deer harvest with a broad view since looking at all the variables

would take more time than I have here. We’ll look at the results by the decade they happened in. From 1954 through 1959, there were three years out of six that the overall harvest was above 200. In the 1960s that trend continued with six of the 10 years having a harvest over 200. In the 1970s, harvest rates went downhill considerably as only one year managed to get above 200. That trend continued in the 1980s until the latter years for a total of three out of 10 years above 200. Starting in the 1990s, the harvest improved and 23 out of the last 23 years the harvest has remained above 200. Although down a bit this year, we still took 209 deer to keep the trend going even during a couple years of drought.


Most deer hunters like to shoot a buck if given the chance, and many of them really like to chase trophies. With this in mind let’s look at the buck harvest in those same groups of years. In ‘54-’59, more than 100 bucks were harvested three of the six years. In the 1960s, seven of the 10 years over 100 bucks were taken. Once again the seventies had a major drop as no year had a buck harvest over 100. The rebound started in the 1980s, and there were five years with over 100 bucks. All through the 1990s and

Worship opportunities Collective Protestant


Sunday, 9 a.m. Protestant spiritual fitness, Bldg. 5955, (Bible study for Initial Entry Trainees); 9 a.m. New Life Service, AG Battalion (Reception), Graham Resiliency Training Campus, Bldg. 2934 (for Initial Entry Trainees); 9:45 a.m. Traditional Protestant service, Quarry Hill Chapel (for Initial Entry Trainees); 9:30 a.m. Gospel Adult Bible Study, Frontier Chapel; 9:30 and 11 a.m. Collective Protestant service, New Post Chapel; 10:30 a.m. Collective Protestant service, Sheridan Theater (for Initial Entry Trainees); 11 a.m. Gospel Protestant service, Frontier Chapel; 11 a.m. LifePoint Contemporary service, GRTC, Bldg. 2934; and 6:30 p.m. Protestant Bible study, New Post Chapel. Monday, 9 a.m. Flower Ministry, New Post Chapel. Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. Protestant Women of the Chapel, Frontier Chapel; and 7 p.m. Gospel Bible study, Frontier Chapel. Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. Collective Protestant Bible study, Reynolds Army Community Hospital; 6 p.m.Youth of the Chapel, GRTC; and Thursday, 6:15 p.m. Warrior Bible study, GRTC.

Sunday, 10 a.m. service, Old Post Chapel.

able to keep quality habitat that should sustain deer numbers unless we go into a 1930s-type drought. What has the rule of allowing only one buck if the first buck taken is a 1½ year old? Ask some of the folks with the smiling faces on our wall of honor at the check station. Can we still improve deer hunting on Fort Sill? Probably and we’ll continue to work on it, but thanks to hunters who are willing to work with us I think some great strides have been made. The next chance for anyone to take the Fort Sill Sportsmen Safety Class is Feb 2 at 9 a.m. in the Natural Resources classroom in Building 1465. We will also have a class Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. for those people who prefer evenings.

Ball raises relief $$

Islamic Friday, 1:45 p.m. Khutbah; Monday through Thurs., 6:30-7:30 p.m. Arabic class for adults, Islamic Center of Lawton, 913 SW F. Ave., Lawton (for information call 284-1021).

Jewish Friday, 6 p.m. service, Saturday, 9 a.m. Sisters Quarry Hill Chapel. Abiding in Christ, Frontier Latter-Day Saints Chapel (every second Sunday, 8:30 a.m. service, Saturday); Field Artillery 9 a.m. New Post Chapel 1-19th Men’s Fellowship, (Call Classroom 1 (Bldg. 5970), NCOIC for location), (every (for Initial Entry Trainees). second Saturday); Wicca 9 a.m. Conquerors for Sunday, Noon to 2 p.m. Christ, Frontier Chapel (every service, GRTC, Bldg. 2934. third Saturday); For contact information Roman Catholic about services, visit the Fort Sunday, 8 a.m. Confessions, Sill Intranet, click the Frontier Chapel, (for Initial “Chaplains” quick link, then Entry Trainees); go to “Religious Services 8:30 a.m. Mass (for Initial Schedule.” Entry Trainees), Frontier Musicians wanted Chapel; 10:30 a.m. Community LifePoint Contemporary Mass, Grierson Hill Chapel; service is looking for a musi5 p.m. Community Vigil cian. Services are Sundays Mass, Grierson Hill Chapel. at 11 a.m. at the GRTC. Call Tuesday through Friday, Chaplain Christopher 11:45 a.m. Weekday Mass, Bennett at 442-4706 for more Frontier Chapel. information, Grierson Hill Chapel is lookChurch of Christ Sunday, 11 a.m. service, ing for musicians. Call Quarry Hill Chapel, (for Chaplain Charles Banks at Initial Entry Trainees). 442-1330 for more information.

Leave sharing The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program allows civilian employees to donate annual leave to other civilian employees. Submit completed forms to Juana Stoll at the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, Bldg. 4700 Mow-Way Road, fifth floor. For more information, call CPAC staff members at 4425134. The following employees are approved for the program: Laurie Sweetser from the 434th Field Artillery Brigade. Daniel Medina from the 95th Adjutant General Battalion. Jeffery Humphries from the Network Enterprise Center. Tommye Bookman-Acker, Shelly Wells, Roselyn Holmes, Karina Barrett, Ella Lewis, Denise DeJesus, Robert Shields, Maria McGee, Linda Tyer, Jacqueline Turner, Robin Russell, Christopher Bereza, JoAnn Sorenson, LaShonda Tarry, Tammy Gaskin, Dorothy McCoy, Monroe Willoughby, Sharee Caplinger, Natalie Wallace,

on till now we have managed to keep above 100 bucks per year. This year we took 114 bucks. I won’t go through all the doe harvest records as they follow the same basic directions as shown in the other harvest. Although in the early years they seem to have had years of no doe hunting followed by years of high doe harvest as in 0 taken in 1962, and more than 150 in 1963. Since the 1990s, the harvest has been more consistently near 100 or a little lower.This year we took 66.

Fawn harvest wasn’t recorded separately during the early years so it is hard to compare. Harvest of fawns is affected greatly by the survival of fawns which is affected greatly by such things as predation and weather conditions. It can also be affected by the availability of older deer to be taken. During the last four years we have had very low fawn harvests which is probably because of a combination of all the above. This year’s fawn harvest was 29. What does this say for your hunting? Basically, I think it says you are here during a good time for deer hunting. Could the drought affect our deer numbers if it continues? Sure, but with the herd numbers at the level they are now, we should be

Christina Hurst, Charity Snell, Alice McDonald, Kimberly Singletary and George Tanifum from Reynolds Army Community Hospital. Delisa Cliatt from the Directorate of Logistics. Phillip Holman and Janelle Cato from the Directorate of Resource Management. Samuel Love from TACOM. Robert York, Renee Splittstoesser, and Tina

LEGAL NOTICE Local non-profit organizations wishing to participate in the 2013 Fort Sill-Lawton Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) should contact Cheryl Foster, Campaign Coordinator, Fort Sill, Oklahoma at (580) 442-3113 or email for CFC application or information. Completed 2013 applications must be received in the campaign office located at 4700 Mow-Way Road, Room 150N, Fort Sill, OK not later than 4:00 pm on March 15, 2013.

Have You Been Divorced? Want to participate in a Research Study? Are you between the ages of 40-64, been legally married, and legally divorce for a minimum of 2 years? Are currently experiencing post-divorce adjustment or have experienced post-divorce adjustment? If you are, you may be eligible to volunteer to participate in a research study aimed to gain knowledge and an understanding about how adults in midlife experience post-divorce adjustment. This research study is being conducted as part of the thesis requirement of the Masters of Science in Behavioral Science program at Cameron University, Lawton, OK. This study is being conducted under the supervision of the Oklahoma University Institutional Review Board (#1673) and Dr. Joanni Sailor, PhD., LMFT. If you would like more information regarding this study, please contact Griselda Lloyd at (925) 788-6961 The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.

Photo by Cannoneer staff

Retired Lt. Gen. Stan Green presents a symbolic oversized check to Maj. Gen. Mark McDonald, Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill commanding general, Jan. 29 at McNair Hall here. The check for $5,000 was raised as part of the proceeds from the Dallas Military Ball, which donated funds to all the armed services. This money was earmarked for the Fort Sill Army Emergency Relief fund. The annual ball has raised more than $1 million for the armed forces during the last few years. Green was a former commander of the Air Defense Artillery School at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Job vacancies

To apply for NAF vacancies, visit External and follow the application Open to any U.S. citizen: process online. The Application Manager Clinical psychologist,GS-0180-13,closes today. Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the Physician (medical evaluation board), GP0602-14, closes today. application process and is most helpful. Social worker, GS-0185-11 (term), closes today. NAF vacancies Security specialist, GG-0080-11, closes Feb. 4. Animal health technician, NF-0704-02. Licensed practical nurse (vocational),GS-0620Cook, NA-7404-04. 05/06, closes Sept. 30. Pharmacist, GS-0660-09/13, closes Sept. 30. Recreation aide (lifeguard), NF-0189-01. Physician, GP-0602-13/15, closes Sept. 30. Internal For more information on DoD appropriated Baker from the Department Open to current Fort Sill employees or fund/civil service positions, visit armycivilianserof Human Resources. other individuals with competitive status:, visit CPAC in Building 4700 or call 442Williams Vazauez and None. 5050.Hours are weekdays from 7:30 4 p.m. LaGayla McGahee from Fires Center of Sell unwanted items. Quick Made in Excellence. cash. Minimum effort. Oklahoma Yolanda Baez-Nunez from Products Fires Center of Excellence Call Classified 357-9545 CDID. Gourmet 1105 or 1-800-364-3636. Ferris Gadgetre Gregory Brewer from the 248-1837 To find us: Type “The Lawton Directorate of Plans, Constitution” in the search bar Training, Mobilization and on your Facebook page. Security.

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Chele’s Club 609 SW Sheridan Rd.

4B the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013

West Point woman cadet wins on skates in the National Collegiate Roller Story, photo By Cadet Jeff Lesmeister, USMA Hockey Association. The team gained momentum each year WEST POINT, N.Y. — As she culminating in a Division I took to the ice in the opening Central Conference champiminutes of West Point Inline onship in 2011-12. This year, due to scheduling Hockey Club’s recent win against the Merchant Marine and availability changes, the Academy, Class of 2014 Cadet club branched out to include a Jenna Vercollone became the few ice hockey games as an affilfirst female to represent the U.S. iate member of the American Military Academy in any capaci- Collegiate Hockey Association, and Vercollone jumped at the ty in the sport of hockey. Vercollone is a member of the opportunity to return to the West Point Inline Hockey Club, a sport she loved growing up. “Hockey has always been my hobby club within the Directorate of Cadet Activities. Although the favorite thing in the world,” club was originally founded in Vercollone said.“(This team) has 2000, it took off in earnest under made my time here at West Point the leadership of Pat Toffler, who a lot better.” Vercollone, who is also a memis currently an infantry captain, ber of Women’s Army Rugby, from the Class of 2009. The team is an affiliate mem- had not even considered that she ber of the Eastern Collegiate was the first female to represent Roller Hockey Association with- West Point in this manner.

“I hadn’t thought about it,” Vercollone said. “I was a little worried, being the only girl on the team, but (the other players) have been great about helping me out and making me feel at home.” Although she may not be the biggest player on the team, she is no slacker on the ice. “She goes into the corners just like anyone else, and she’s one of the most committed and driven players on the team,” senior defenseman and captain Brett Kroll said. Her dedication paid off against Merchant Marine Academy, as Vercollone helped the team to a 6-1 victory by adding an assist of her own. “I feel pretty comfortable out there,” she said. “It’s a faster game and I have to move the puck a bit quicker, but we have a

Family briefs OKC art

kids active this summer, make plans to attend the Youth Summertime Activities and Job Expo March 2 from 1-4 p.m. at Rinehart Fitness Center. The free event is open to the public and a wide variety of fun and productive options for kids this summer will be available. There will be information on educational programs, sports camps, job opportunities, college help and more for toddlers, teens and inbetweens. For more information, call 442-4916.

In Oklahoma City’s Plaza District, every second Friday is LIVE on the Plaza, an art walk featuring local artists, live music, film screenings, local retail shopping and more. LIVE on the Plaza is known for promoting emerging artistic talent in Oklahoma City. During the art walk, Plaza District businesses open their doors to the public to feature monthly visual artists, performing artists and live musicians. The event happens on NW 16th Street between Classen Boulevard Resiliency training and Pennsylvania Avenue. Army Community Service Call 405-367-9403 for more certified instructors are offerinformation. ing a class to teach family members skills to be happier, Marriage workshop healthier and more resilient. “Forever. For Real”is a free The class includes how to“Hunt one-day workshop that focus- the Good Stuff,”“AvoidThinking es on the needs of a couple Traps,” “Manage our Energy,” and teaches skills to strength- “Problem Solve,” “Put it in en a relationship. Those who Perspective” and more. Free are engaged and attend the childcare is available for those class can save $45 on an registered at Oklahoma marriage license. by today. For more information The next class is Feb. 9 from call 442-6458. 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Oklahoma City, Midwest City Explorers Club or Tulsa. For more informaMilitary children ages 3-5 tion visit and their favorite adult are or call 877-435-8033. invited to join Army

MILITARY DISCOUNT T hank you for your service

Photo by Cannoneer staff

This healthy 10-month old, spayed female cat with a gray tabby coat is looking for a good home. Familyfriendly cats and dogs are available for adoption at the Fort Sill Stray Facility Mondays through Fridays from 8-11 a.m. and noon-3 p.m. (animals may be viewed until 4 p.m.); and Saturdays from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Pets adopted will be vaccinated, microchipped, fecal checked and heartworm or feline leukemia tested. All adoptions are open to the public, and fees are nominal and vary according to the needs of the pet. The stray facility is in Building 832 Macomb Road (at Condon Road) across the street from the Veterinary Treatment Facility. For more information, call Andy Anderson, animal care taker, at 442-3340. Pets available for adoption are also listed on The website may not list all pets currently available for adoption at Fort Sill, so check with the facility. The facility is currently in need off dry dog food donations.

Financial help The Army Community Service financial readiness program personal financial counseling helps individuals and families manage their finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as buying a home and planning for retirement. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 442-3080.

Help with school Parents with questions about school information, should call the school liaison officer at 442-4266 or visit

Commissary cards

Job seekers The Employment Readiness Program has resumé writing and career planning workshops to help military spouses enhance their job search skills. The ERP staff provides an overview of employment

Class of 2014 Cadet Jenna Vercollone became the first female to represent the U.S. Military Academy in any capacity in the sport of hockey recently as she took to the ice in the opening minutes of West Point Inline Hockey Club’s recent win against the Merchant Marine Academy.

Pet of the Week

sion based on a theme. Parents and children will hear a story, sing, dance, play educational games and do a craft. Explorers Club is on a first come first served basis and space is limited. Call 442-4916 for more information.

The Defense Commissary Agency is making progress in its rollout of the Commissary Rewards Card that will soon allow customers to access and redeem digital coupons at all of its Community Services stores. Cards can only be Summer expo Explorers Club for a weekly, used at commissaries where If you want to keep your guided, educational play ses- the card has been deployed, but officials expect the rollout to include all stores by Hamra Plaza early fall. Customers should check with their local com2504-A NW Cache Road missary to see if the card is Lawton, OK 73505 available at their store. For Phone: 580-699-8800 more information, visit Fax: 580-699-8801 Order Onlinbe: Qs and select “Commissary Rewards Card.”

group of really skilled players who have been helpful in getting me used to the higher speed and intensity.” She hopes that other cadets, both male and female, will follow her example in the future. “I love this sport, and any chance to play is awesome,” Vercollone said. “I think there is a large pool of people here (at the academy), male and female, who have a lot of experience playing hockey and would love to have a club hockey program as a viable opportunity.” She hopes to see the club gain momentum during her time here and wants to show other female cadets that they can come out and play for this team. “Our club is really something great, and I am very excited to see where it goes from here,”she said.

opportunities in the local community, assistance with federal employment applications, assistance in career planning and goal setting. In addition, job seekers will have access to computers for resumés and applications, and a collection of professional career books for reference. To make a one-onone appointment with an ERP staff member or to sign up for the workshops, call 442-4359/4681.

Sill Scouting The Fort Sill Girl Scouts is for girls in kindergarten to seventh grade. For more information, call Becky Clark at 351-1435. High School age girls should call Princess Behrens, Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma community development executive, at 800-698-0022.

Fort Sill Boy Scouts Troop 173 offers boys ages 11-17 opportunities for outdoor fun. Call Brett Lewis, scoutmaster, at 284-1538 for

more information on getting into scouting.

Personal finance The Army Community Service and FMWR financial readiness team reminds service members and their spouses to check their financial wellness. For more information call 4424916.

Spouse tuition

Funding is available to military spouses who have recently relocated to Fort Sill with their service members, and were employed elsewhere. It covers tuition, fees and books for up to $5,000 for technical certification pro-

Lawton’s Original

Monday thru Saturday 10AM to 9PM


SPORTS GRILLE with the “CHEERS” Atmosphere UFC15h6 t fight

Feather weig




Pay Per View0pm 8:0 Sat., Feb 2,



1 1⁄4 oz per drink

Hail & Farewells FAMILY DINING

Follow us on the web at and TWITTER

The Alice Grierson Child Development Center offers hourly care for children 6 weeks to age 5 and a parttime preschool and toddler program. The center’s hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for hourly care and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the parttime programs. Grierson also offers before and after school care for the Lawton Public Schools program and full day toddler care. The services are offered from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Parents must register with Child, Youth and School Services to use the center. Call 442-3927 for more information.

Newcomer orientation is Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m. at the Graham Resiliency Training Campus auditorium and is open to all newly assigned Soldiers and family members. For more information, call 442-2360.

Story time Preschoolers and their parents are invited to story time and craft outings Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and Thursdays at 2 p.m. at Nye Library. For more information, call 442-2048.

Calling volunteers The American Red Cross at Reynolds Army Community Hospital seeks volunteers able to commit three to four hours per week. Orientations are held the fourth Monday monthly at 9 a.m. For more information, call 558-3052.

Help with kids

3 Well Drinks


Hourly child care

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• Join our email list for tastings and special events! • LARGEST beer selection in the state! • LARGEST wine selection in the state! • LARGEST spirit selection in the state! • Best prices in Southwest Oklahoma! 2002 NW Cache Road • 355-7451

grams, $7,000 for associate degrees and $10,000 for bachelor’s or master’s degrees. For more information, call 442-4256.

 HAPPY HOUR FOOD $4.00 Appetizers  25 - 30 Bottled Beers 517 E. Gore 357-3080 Next to Cracker Barrel

The youth center is open Fridays until 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 2-10 p.m. For information, call Parent Central Services at 4423927.

Nye Library club Adults interested in reading and discussing literature with others can join the Nye Library Book Club the first Sunday of every month from See FAMILY, Page 5B

the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013

TRICARE pharmacy Family sets new co-pays Courtesy of TRICARE Communications FALLS CHURCH, Va. – New co-payments for prescription drugs covered by TRICARE will go into effect soon. The fiscal 2013 National Defense Authorization Act requires TRICARE to increase co-pays on brand name and non-formulary medications that are not filled at military clinics or hospitals. Generic medication copays will not increase. Increases will be effective sometime in February, depending on when system changes can be made, and the publication of a required federal notice. TRICARE Pharmacy copays vary based on the class of drug and where beneficiaries choose to fill their prescriptions.The copay for generic medications stays at $5 when a prescription is filled at a network pharmacy. There is no co-pay when generic prescriptions are filled through TRICARE Home Delivery. The new co-pay for a 30-day supply of a brand name medication purchased at a retail net-

work pharmacy will be $17, up from the current $12. Beneficiaries using the home delivery mode will pay $13 for brand name drugs, up from $9; however, the home delivery price is for a 90-day supply. The greatest change in co-pays applies to non-formulary medications. The $25 co-pay for these drugs increases to $44 at retail pharmacies and $43 through home delivery. The TRICARE Uniform Formulary is a list of all the medications TRICARE covers. For fiscal 2014 and beyond, the new law directs that co-pays increase annually by the same percentage as retiree cost-of-living adjustments. In years when a cost of living allowance increase would total less than a dollar, it will be delayed a year and combined with the next adjustment so increases will always be $1 or more. Pharmacies at military hospitals and clinics will continue to provide medications with no co-pays. Visit for more information.

From Page 4B tions and friends. Snacks and drinks will be provided by book club members at each club meeting.

Youth mentors Child, Youth and School Services is starting a youth sponsorship program, which will allow youths to be mentored by youths trained in the mentoring program. The mentoring will cover academics, knowledge of CYS services and more. Youths can sign up for mentoring and sponsorship at Youth Services.

Recycle bins The recycle bins in front of the recycle center are for recycle material only. Trash should not be put in these bins. The recyclable bins are available 24 hours and material put in the bins are not eligible for unit “ Cashfor-Trash” credit. For more information, call 442-5712 center.

Finance seminars Fort Sill Federal Credit Union offers free seminars monthly. Attendees can get tips on negotiating with sales people, deciphering financing options, negotiating prices and understanding warranty prices and

usage. For more informa- commissary. Refill requests tion, call 353-2124. made before 7 a.m. will be ready after 11 a.m. that Family Readiness morning. Refill requests received after 7 a.m. will be Group training Army Community Service ready after 11 a.m. the next offers Operation Ready duty day. The Pharmissary classes for Family Readiness offers same day walk-in Groups and families. refill service. Contact the Mobilization and Deployment section to Educational tools register at 442-4916/0653. The Truman Education Center now has access to Oklahoma Career Employment help The Family Member Information System, an Employment Readiness online program that proProgram is looking for vides ACT and SAT prep military spouses relocat- exams for college-bound ed to Fort Sill because of students and adults. OKCIS Base Realignment and also offers ASVAB (Armed Closure. Those impacted Services Vocational Aptitude by a BRAC relocation Battery) prep, financial aid should call the program information, career assessfor assistance with ments and other important employment or related educational tools. Soldiers, training at 442-4681. family members, DA civilMilitary spouses new to ians, contract personnel and the Fort Sill community their family members can interested in employment access OKCIS at the center or career preparation for free. For more informamay also contact employ- tion, call 442-4681. ment readiness for assistance. Scrapbooking club The Nye Library Medication refills Scrapbooking Club meets Reynolds Army Saturdays from 10 a.m.-4 Community Hospital p.m., and techniques will patients can refill prescrip- be taught by a scrapbooker tions by calling 458- from 1-4 p.m. For more 2442/2443, or going online information, call 442-3806. at: The call-in refill service is avail- Play date The Caravan Club meets able at the Main Pharmacy in the hospital and the monthly to take field trips Pharmissary next to the and exchange ideas for


stay-at-home parents and home-schoolers. For more information, call 442-6801.

Free registration Child, Youth and School Services no longer charges a registration fee. CYSS offers expanded benefits, including respite care hours, reduced fees for child, youth and instructional programs, and hourly care rate reduction. Benefit eligibility depends on mission category. Mission Level I includes deployed Soldiers or Department of the Army civilians, including 30 days before and 60 days after return and families of wounded or fallen Soldiers. Mission Level II includes unaccompanied permanent or temporary change of station. Mission Level III includes rear detachment cadre. To find out if a family is eligible, call 4424266/4179.

ACAP express The Army Career and Alumni Program Express is now available at and allows Soldiers to schedule attendance at ACAP-sponsored events. Soldiers can also print appointment slips. For information, call 4422222/6428.

the Cannoneer Classifieds 357-9545 Houses For Sale Feed & Seed 222 Apartment/Duplexes Bedrooms Lawton 110 Unfurnished 255 CHRISTIAN HAY - 4x5 bales

Real Estate Wanted


DISTRESSED HOUSES! Serious Inquiries Only! 580-341-0156.

HOUSE in Field’s & Sunning. By owner. Low Price. 355-1303. BY OWNER: West Lawton, nice 3 bdrms., 2 ba., FP, kitchen in the round, 2 car gar., security system, immaculate, appraised at $128K, asking $124K obo. 580-483-6575.

Clover & winter grasses. $55. NE Texas. 903-268-7565.

GRAY WARR APTS., 2 bdrm., $500/$300 $300 off first mo. rent. Located NW 82nd & Quannah Parker Trailway. 583-5991.

1800 Sq. Ft. TOWNHOUSE

2733 NE Euclid. 3 bdrm., 2 ba., fenced, backyard, carport, washer/dryer hookups. $900. Call 1 BDRM., water & elec. 284-1452. pd, $500/ $275. $30 NEW 2012, app. Call Terry, 5801 or 2 Bdrm. duplex, 704-3414. elec., water, gas, QUIET, clean, furn. 1 & cable pd., bdrm. apt., $240/$150, washer/dryer included. water paid. No pets, ref$175-$210 weekly. erences required. 580Options available. 252-1033. (580)830-0603 2 BDRM., close to Ft. Sill, SANDERS HEIGHTS APTS $495 unfurnished, $550 Now accepting applicafurnished. Washer, dryer, tions for 2, 3 & 4 bedstove, refrig. included. rooms. Rents are based Water paid. 704-6955. on annual income. Apply BILLS PAID (Limit), 1 at 2403 SW Jesse L. bdrm. duplex, $375/ Davenport or call for $200. 37 NW 25th. more information, 580580-280-2855/ 580- 357-8625 or 919-9719. 280-2697. Woodland Arms Apt REMODELED 2 bdrm. Quite courtyard style duplex, 1528 NW complex. NO Pets. SecuBessie, $550, water pd., rity camera coverage. CHA, fenced, 580-280- On-site Laundry. Large 2855/ 580-280-2697. Apartments. Rates $460 -$650. No Application in Jan. 580-353EXTENDED STAY fee 9535 or 580-574-5305.

Houses For Sale Apartment/Duplexes Houses For Sale 115 Furnished 250 Lawton 110 Cache 1903 OAK, really nice completely remodeled home near Liberty Lake. $87,900. 678-5566. 2708 NW 26TH, new paint & carpet, CHA, $550, rent to own, owner carry. 713-1973. 418 SW 71ST., completely remodeled, 3 bdrm., 2 ba. Must see! 695-4511 or 510-0264. BY OWNER: newly upgraded 3 bdrm., 7815 NW Lawton Ave. Priced to sell. 483-1256. 2705 NW 24TH., 3 bdrm., new paint, new carpet, owner carry, $2,500 down, $555 mo. Call 713-1973. 2806 SE 60TH: 3 bdrm., 2 ba., 2 car gar., 1800 sq. ft., CHA, new paint, 1/2 acre, $136k. Owner finance. 713-1973. CACHE SCHOOLS! 3 bdrm. 1¾ ba., by Goodyear, view of mtns., $126K. 574-3309. REDUCED to $71,500 cozy clean fresh 3 bdrm., 2 ba. CHA. Fenced, shady yard. Eisenhower schools. 580-350-0584. 2307 NW AUSTIN DR., 3 bdrm., 2 ba., single family, 1062 sq. ft., fixer upper. Owner financing or cash discount. $500 down, $403 per mo. 803-978-1540. BRAND NEW 30 yr. roof, 3 bdrm., 1¾ ba., CHA, 2 liv. areas. New paint inside/out. New stove. DW, disposal, water heater, carpet. New ceramic tile floor in entry, kit., & ba. All new mini blinds throughout. Wood burning FP. Huge fenced backyard. 580-3551506. NO REALTORS. THIS IS THE ONE YOUR LOOKING FOR. 3324 sq. ft. 3 or 4 extra large bdrms., 3 ba., 2 liv. areas each with stunning fireplaces, formal dining with wet bar, high ceilings throughout, sun room leading to back yard oasis, laundry room and bonus room, 2 car gar. with shop area, more storage than you will ever need. 5009 Country Club Dr. Call 580-5951610 to see! Realtors Welcome!

THE LAWTON Constitution Auto Bargain

3 Lines, One Month ONLY $29- Each Additional Line $7.67. Ad copy must include price. If your vehicle has not sold within the first month, you may request another month FREE! Prepayment required before FREE month is given. Price may be changed TWICE within the two month period! Visa, Mastercard Discover, and American Express Gladly Accepted.

CALL AMY AT 585-5094

Buy It… Sell It… Find It…


BY OWNER, 103 Elk Drive. 3 blk. from Cache Schools. 3 bdrm., 2 ba., brick, 1494 sq. ft., well maintained. 512-0924.

Houses For Sale Elgin 130 HOMES for Sale in Elgin and Fletcher School Districts. Homes range from $159,900 to $249,900 on 1-3 acre lots or Cindy 580-678-7949.

Houses For Sale Geronimo 140 3.5 ACRE, 12 min. out of Lawton. 3 bdrm., 2 full ba., 2 car gar., $80,000. Call 580-583-4506.

Houses For Sale Walters 155 10 HOUSES FOR SALE in Walters- payoff. Call 580-215-8815. LUXURY HOME 1108 Holly WALTERS, OK 3800+ sq. ft., 4 bdrm., 3 ba., 2 liv., built in 72, updated 2003. See pics at #DJT3121 $300,000 obo. 405-348-6262, 405-317-3500.


Furnished & Unfurnished. Full kitchens, Free cable & internet. Call 580-250-1131

ALL BILLS PAID, month to month, studio & 1 bdrm., furnished or unfurnished. $375- $550. No pets, can not and will not rent to smokers, all ages, next to Mall, free laundry, 40 station satellite TV, & background check. Commercial For Lawtonian Apts., Call Sale or Lease 180 9am-6pm. 581-3000 for appt, or see at GREAT GORE Location , www. office space, all bills pd., $200. 353-5876. Apartment/Duplexes SALON, Office or Retail, Unfurnished 255 1400 or 1900 sq. ft., 1803 Gore. 512-3020. 1 OR 2 BDRM. duplex, $350-$440, $300 dep., 2416 SW I AVE. 6,000 water paid, 512-5135. sq. ft. building sits on 4 lots. $60,000. 580-585- REMODELED 1 bdrm., clean, $550/$200, all 2562. bills pd. 704-0644. PROFESSIONAL Office space for lease, west- 1212 NW Bell, Apt. A & side, approx. 1500 sq. B, 1 bdrm., 1 ba., $525/ ft. 536-0575 $400. Sundance Rentals, 353-3533. No Pets. WOLF CREEK, 4417 NW Gore Ste. 9. Medical, 1 BDRM. upstairs, across 1200 sq. ft., $1700, all from Liberty Lake, 1108 bils paid! Burton Realtors, NW Pershing, $375/ 355-1160, 284-8534. $200. 580-641-1126. SHERIDAN SHOPPES: 4808 B Motif Manor, 2 great retail and fur- bdrm., 2 ba., 1 car gar., nished restaurant spaces FP, appls., $600/$300. avail. now. 1st. mo. free. No Pets. Call 248-1372. Sundance Rentals, 353$99 MOVE IN SPECIAL, 3533. spacious 1 & 2 bdrm. avail., no military appliManufactured Housing 190 cation fee. 248-6358. ARBOR APTS. ‘03 CLAYTON Saratoga, 2 bdrm., 2 ba., $595; 76’X16’, in Mobile Park, CHA, DW, laundry 4 bdrm., 2 ba., with facility. 248-2322 whirlpool. $14,900. bdrm. handicap ramp. 583- BRAND NEW 2 duplex, washer/dryer 9632 or 583-9626. hookups, $595. Call 580-830-0603 CRYSTAL POINTE APTS. 1 bdrm., 1 ba., $495; full size washer, dryer, CHA, DW. 248-2322 2618 “D” Ave., 2 bdrm., $450/$450. 2619 “E” 1 bdrm., $350/ Land For Sale 205 Ave., $350. Cameron Campus Misinstry 357-7226. 2-5 ACRE home sites. Owner Fin. N, S, E, W of 2 BDRM., close to Ft. Sill, Lawton. 580-569-2679. $495 unfurnished, $550 Washer, dryer, Machinery 220 furnished. stove, refrig. included. Water paid. 704-6955. FARM & RANCH EQUIP. AUCTION $99 MOVE IN SPECIAL, For consignment NO application fee for call now! military. Close to Post. All Bridges Auction bills paid. apts. New & Sales Co. Owners. 580-357-6655. 492-5260 WILLOW PARK APTS., 6701 NW Maple Dr. Feed & Seed 222 580-215-0962. Now leasing 1 bdrm. apts. FERTILIZED Blue Stem, Pick your free month. round bales. Delivery Application fee waivedexpires Jan. 31, 2013. avail. 585-7776.

2 BDRM, LARGE APTS. Exceptionally clean, burglar alarm, stove, refrig., dishwasher, washer dryer hookups, good neighborhood, 580-351-2255, 1106 NW Columbia.

Apartment/Duplexes Unfurnished 255

260 Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Unfurnished Houses 275 Houses 275 Houses 275 Houses 275 roommate

needed. Nice clean ELGIN SCHOOLS, 3 home, $400/$300. 536- bdrm., 2 ba., CHA, 3638 or 704-3878. $850/$800. 492-6868. 1/2 OFF FIRST months Unfurnished 1804 NW OZMUN, Houses 275 rent. 2 bdrm., 1 ba., $500/ 1421 OZMUN, 3 bdrm., $500. 580-695-0448. 1 ba., $550/$550. 580- 2/3 bdrm., newly remod695-0448. eled, 30 days free rent, no deposit. Section 8 1 BDRM., water paid, perferred, 483-1356. $400/$300. 2016 C. 2322 NW DUNSTAN Ave. 580-678-1045. LN., 3 bdrm., 2 full ba., 2 & 3 BDRM FP, hot tub, $1100/ Homes and Condos, $1100. 580-695-0448. west side. 585-7214. 2708 NW 26TH, new 2 & 3 BDRM RENTALS, paint & carpet, CHA, with CHA, avail. now. $550, rent to own, owner Call 351-7787. carry. 713-1973. 2 & 3 BDRM. mobile 3 BDRM., 1 ba., newly homes; plus other homes remodeled, single car for rent. 580-917-2467. gar., CHA, big back yard, $650. 704-5404. 2518 SW G, 3 bdrm., 1 ba., $550/$550. No 3 ROOM house with 1 ba., 610 G Ave., $450, Section 8. 695-0448. all bills pd. Contact 618 2606 NW 19th St. 3 G Ave., 353-4475. bdrm., CHA, new carpet, $650/ $500. 536-2361. 429 NW 53RD, 3 bdrm., 1 ba., den, $695/$400. 2804 NE BELL, 3 bdrm., Call 536-2098, 5911.5 ba., 2 car gar., 1345, 248-9999. $795/$650. 917-2759. 4513 SE AVALON, 3 3805 NW Bell: 3 bdrm., bdrm., 1.75 ba., new 1.75 ba., $700 plus paint and carpet, 2 car deposit. 405-550-2145. gar. 580-585-1080. 6208 NW ELM AVE., 6119 SW PARK Ave., 4 $600/ $400. 3 bdrm., 1 bdrm., 2 lg. liv. area, kitchen, dining, 1.75 ba., ba. 580-678-7572. CHA, $950. 353-6839. CLEAN 3 BDRM., 1 ba., CHA, fenced. No pets. 704 & 706 S. 7TH., 1 $575/$575. 512-2401. bdrm. & 2 bdrm., water paid. Call 580-353CLEAN 3 BDRM., refrig., 4669 or 580-353-7957. CHA, fenced yard, 1804 EXTRA NICE 3 bdrm., Baldwin. 585-2071. CHA, range, carpet. 1/2 OFF FIRST months 248-4987/284-5300. Available NOW! rent. 1416 Bell, 4 bdrm., 2 ba., $700/$700, no NICE 3 BDRM., 1 ba., Section 8. 695-0448. nice 4 BDRM., 1 ba. Apartment/Duplexes Avail. now. Call 580Unfurnished 255 704-6919, 585-5979. REMODELED 2 bdrm., 815 SW Washington, $500/ $250. 580-2802855/ 580-280-2697. WYATT ACRES- lg. 3 bdrm. Call for amenities, $1300 a mo. 357-8829. White Glove, 355-0571.

Military Special RENTALS


Our Tenants

$100 Off 1st Month’s Rent

353-3533 & Signed 1 year Lease

1/2 OFF FIRST months rent. 4 BDRM., 2228 NW Denver, 1 ba., $725/ $725, no Section 8. 580-695-0448. 1/2 OFF FIRST months rent. 2612 SW H, 3 bdrm., 1¾ ba., $675/ $675. No Section 8. 695-0448. 1/2 OFF FIRST months rent. 2725 SW G, 3 bdrm., 1 ba., $550/ $550. No Section 8. Call 580-695-0448. 1/2 OFF FIRST months rent. 506 S. 13th St. 3 brdm., 1 ba., 1 car garage, $625/$625. No Section 8. 695-0448. 1200 SQ. FT., very nice 3 bdrm., 2 ba., $510 or 2 bdrm., 1 ba., $410 Rent to own. 10 yr. term. 580-704-8010. 1719 NW 50TH, 3 bdrm., ba. & 1/2, FP, 2 car garage, $850/ $850. No Section 8. 580-695-0448. 2705 NW 24TH., 3 bdrm., new paint, new carpet, owner carry, $2,500 down, $555 mo. Call 713-1973. 2806 SE 60TH: 3 bdrm., 2 ba., 2 car gar., 1800 sq. ft., CHA, new paint, 1/2 acre, $136k. Owner finance. 713-1973. 3 BDRM., 1 ba. CHA, newly remodeled, fenced backyard, washer dryer hookup, $600/$600. 580-514-9134. 3 BDRM., 1½ ba., garage, CHA, extra nice, clean,. See to appreciate. 2248 NW 40th. $650. Call 591-2603. 3 BDRM., 1½ ba., garage, CHA, nicest rental in town, MUST SEE, 2604 NW 46th PL. $700. 591-2603. 3 BDRM., 336 NW 62nd St. CHA, 1.5 ba., carpet, newly remodeled, very clean, $700/$700. Call 580-704-8602.

3 BDRM. townhouse, 1120 NW 52nd Cir. 2 full ba., CHA, fenced back yard, $700/$700, 12 mo. lease. 514-0711. 3 BDRM./ 1½ ba., SW Cody. Rent/Own. Brick Ranch. Basketball/tennis/ park. $2,000 dep., $550/mo. 458-8482. 6730 SW Embassy Cir., 2 story, 4 bdrm., 2 full ba., liv., dining, 1 car gar., fenced yard, $950. 353-6839, 574-4344. EXTRA NICE 3 bdrm., 1 ba, new paint & carpet, refrig., stove, $850/ $800. 1 yr. lease. 808 NW 36th. 695-1788. FOR RENT OR SALE, 3 bdrm., storm cellar, fenced front and back, washer, dryer, $550, no pets. 248-1980.


Extra nice remodeled 2 bdrm., CHA, fenced, $700/ $400. 583-7787 or 713-9953.


Duplex, Near Ft. Sill, Fenced, Hook-Ups, Gar., Extras! $450/$300. 512-4100, 529-2409. 1206 NW Ozmun, 2 bdrm., living, kitchen, CHA. This unit beats the competition hands down, check it out. $475. 3536839, 574-4344. 1916 NW Oak: Central local near lake. Whittier school. 3 bed, 1 bath, carport. $600.00 Capuccio Dream Homes Realty 580-353-7326. 2109 SW Edinburough: New neighborhood. 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car $1,200. Capuccio Dream Homes Realty 580-3537326. 5318 LIBERTY AVE -3 bed, 1 bath, open concept, fresh paint, new carpet, big fenced yard, $645/month plus deposit call 355-8302.

1 TO 5 BDRM houses avail. Call 248-7099 (motel office), 284-1000, Mike. 1701 NW Great Plains Spacious 2300+ sq.ft. executive home with 3 bed, 2 bath, den, 2 car $1,175.00: Capuccio Dream Homes Realty 580-353-7326. 3 BDRM., 1½ ba., full carpet, refrig., stove, DW, CHA, 1 car, fenced yard. 5317 NW Euclid. NO Section 8. NO Pets. $700/ $700. 580-3557243 or 580-695-4222. 4012 OR 4034 NW Ozmun townhouses: Roomy 2 bed, 2 bath, carport. Downstairs unit $575. Near Sill. Capuccio Dream Homes Realty 580-353-7326.



Johnny Owens Rentals 580-353-7941 Green Terrace Condo’s 3 bdrm., 2.5 ba., 1600 sq. ft., $920 a month All utilities paid! LUXURY CONDO/ DUPLEX 2 BDRM., 2 BA, $1500 water paid, 1600 sq. ft., 2 car gar., Gourmet kitchen/Granite/ Stainless Steel, Laundry Room, Handicap Accessible, private patio/fenced landscaped yard, one story, incredible storage. Call 580280-0917.

Out of Town Rentals


2 BDRM., 1 ba. triplex, Cache, tile floors, $500/ $500. 580-569-2679. 4 BDRM. in the country, 10 min. from Lawton, fenced yard, room for horse. Call 591-6714. ELGIN, 2 bdrm. duplex. all appls. with washer and dryer, great neighborhood and schools, no pets, 585-0551.

Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted General 350 General 350 General 350 General 350


REGENCY APARTMENTS First Month RENT FREE Now leasing one and two bedroom apartments! Furnished and unfurnished units • Total electric • Centrally located • Just minutes away from Ft. Sill



NO APPLICATION FEES FOR MILITARY Don t Delay Call Today 580-248-5800

20 NW Mission Blvd. • 580-248-5800

Opportunities Available

We have the perfect home for you! Pay $100 for your first month’s rent (With qualifying 12 month lease)

We pay water, sewer, and trash Washer and Dryer Hookups 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance Just 10 Minutes from Ft. Sill

Pets Welcome

580-531-4552 7301 SW Lee Blvd

Correctional Officer* Computer Instructor Cook Supervisor starting $11 per hour Certified Librarian 2 hours per week

Medical Health Services Administrator Director of Nurses RN LPN Certified Medication Aide starting $11/hour

P/T Psychiatrist Licensed Counselor Nurse Practitioner/Physician Lawton Correctional Facility 8607 SE Flower Mound Rd., Lawton, OK Apply online: *Former Military with VA Education Benefits may now be eligible for additional funding with Correctional Officer positions. Must have a valid drivers license, be at least 20 years of age, and have no felony convictions.


6B the Cannoneer, January 31, 2013 285

Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted 73505 455 Miscellaneous 575 Recreational Automobiles 720 General 350 General 350 General 350 Professional 365 Vehicles 635 1999 FORD CROWN 2 AND 4 DRAWER metal STORK’S NEST.

PART TIME CASHIER. Non NOW HIRING exp. smoker. Apply at Conve- Diesel Mechanic. Send nience Store, 134 SE Lee. resume to: Standridge of Call 580-483-2780 Duncan, 1920 W. Bois afternoons only. D’Arc, Duncan, OK 73533. AUTOMOTIVE TECH needed, full time posiManufactured tion. Exp. a plus, pay MEERS STORE & Homes/Rent 295 commensurate with expeRESTAURANT, rience, $18- $28 per NOW HIRING 2 BDRM., 2 ba., trailer, flag hour. Apply in percooks, no experience 16’ wide, appls., 7502 son at Car Doc, 2118 necessary. NW Tinney. 355-9063. NW Cache Rd. We will train you. No Phone Calls. SIDEWINDERS Apply in person. is now reopening the (Closed on Tuesdays). Snake Pit. Hiring dancers. THE MEERS STORE & Take all your money RESTAURANT home every night. Come 1½ MILES NORTH OF see Sidewinders with a THE WILDLIFE REFUGE new attitude. 529-3723 ON HWY 115 IN or 483-4588. MEERS, OK. Personals 310 HEAT AND AIR COMPANY THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE hiring HVAC Technicians BEST WESTERN Call for appointment PLUS HOTEL for service 483-3534. and installation. AND Must have valid license. Instruction 330 Robinson Air, CONVENTION 4404 NW Cache Rd. WHAT a glorious time to CENTER Suite 4, Lawton, OK. learn to fly. Call Tim @ 580-699-5761 1125 E. GORE 580-678-9999. NOW HIRING MAINTENANCE Coordi“CAN YOU DIG IT?” nator for large property EXPERIENCED KITCHEN Heavy Equipment Oper- management company MANAGER. ator Training! 3 wk. needed. Must have Apply in person, Hands On Training. Bull- excellent customer ser9am-5pm, Mon.-Fri. dozers, Backhoes, Exca- vice and communication NO PHONE CALLS! vators. Lifetime Job skills. Email cover letter EOE Placement Assistance with and resume’ to National Certifications. POOL SERVICE propmaint123@ VA Benefits Eligible. TECHNICIAN”. 866-362-6497. If you like a fast-paced EXP. WAITSTAFF need- and challenging work ed. Must be able to environment and like to work flexible shifts. work outside, Pool Pros is Must have reliable trans- looking for a self-motiportation. Applications vated service technician. will ONLY be accepted Service and repair in the from 9 AM- 3 PM, pool industry or similar Mon.-Fri. at Lawton exp. a plus. Mechanical Country Club, aptitude is a must. Com4601 W. Gore Blvd. pensation based on Help Wanted No phone calls. proven exp. Valid driGeneral 350 APPLIANCE REPAIR ver’s lic. required. If interested call 357-0634 AVON EARN $$. $10 TECH for an appointment. start fee. Products to buy Local business needs a or sell. Mary, 536-2020. person with mechanical NOW ACCEPTING applielectrical skills for cations for a full time AVON- Earn extra $$$ and technician. repair. Must veterinary Only $10 to start. Call appliance be a permanent resident Must have superior comVickie, 595-9185. munication skills and a of the area with a valid BARTENDER: Apply in driver’s license. Call for strong desire to offer the person, Wanda’s Club, interview. Rains Furniture, highest quality veterinary TV & Appliance, 355- care to both owners and 4403 Cache Rd. patients. Exp. preferred. 5395, EOE. Send resumes with cover EXPERIENCED PLUMBER MATTRESS KING letter to Hergenrether NEEDED. Call Rare Opportunity Animal Hospital attention 580-353-2863. Looking for a friendly hiring manager at ICE CREAM truck drivers face that is ready to or needed. Must pass back- work. Seeking a Wareapply in person at ground. 580-917-3443. house Delivery person. 6229 W. Gore Blvd Lawton Ok. NEED Receptionist- some Great Pay. Must have computer experience. Ok drivers license with Apply in person, 3410 clean driving record. Must be able to pass ATTENTION SW 11th. drug test. Please apply STUDENTS GENERAL property main- in person at Mattress Lawton Constitution tenance and lawn care. King, 2136 SW Lee The several part time Must have transportation Blvd., corner of Lee & has positions available. If you and clean driving record. Sheridan. are friendly, outgoing Call 695-1788. enjoy the outdoors MATTRESS KING and then this may be the job GET PAID TO WAVE. Rare Opportunity for YOU! must be at Must be outgoing and Looking for a friendly least 14 You years old and energetic. Auditions Sat. face that is ready to be available to work & Mon. at 11 a.m. Liber- work. Seeking a Sales evenings and Saturdays. ty Tax Service, 60 NW Rep/Customer Service This is a great job for Sheridan Rd. person. Great Pay. Must high school and college have Ok drivers license students because it doesWAITSTAFF with clean driving record. n’t interfere with school. POSITIONS AVAIL. Must be able to pass Training will be provided. SHORT HOURS, EXC. drug test. Please apply We will be accepting TIPS. Fishermen’s Cove in person at Mattress applications at the CircuRestaurant, Hwy 49. King, 2136 SW Lee lation Department, 207 “B” Ave., 9 AM-5 PM, Interviews Wed.-Sun., Blvd., corner of Lee & SW Monday through Friday. 2pm-4pm. Sheridan. HARLAND PROPERTIES 1-3 bedroom apartments House for rent 3 bdrm., 2 bath, 2 car garage in Elgin School District 580678-7949.

BUSINESS AND SERVICE DIRECTORY 357-9545 Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 5:00 pm 3 Lines - $4.50 once per week. Each additional line is $1.50

Appliance Repair Discount Vacuum Repair Janitorial Supply 916 SW D Ave 353-8800

Guttering A QUALITY JOB! Mike’s Seamless Gutters 6yrs. exp. Free est. Call 580-678-8898. 580-583-0605.

Carpet Cleaning

GOLDEN RULE: Seamless Gutter 5” 6” in. Free est. 31 colors. 512-2966.




Expert Cleaning of •Carpet •Upholstery •Ceramic Tile & Grout. Call about our $99 New Year Special! Call 580588-3717.

Cleaning Service

HANDYMAN’S Handyman. One call does it all! Screens, Windows, Doors, Cabinets, Painting, Roofing, Drywall, Tile, Fencing, Hauling, Lawn care. Free est. Call Dave 3559686. NEED A HANDYMAN? Call 591-1371. Painting, fencing, hauling, carpentry, roofing

KIM’S HOUSE CLEANING: have references. 248-9324 or 483-7624. NO JOB to big or small, free est. Credit/Debt cards accepted. Call Concrete Tommy 580-695-5403.


Foundations, safe rooms driveways, all types. Insured. 492-4234, 580284-6102.

PAINTING, minor home repair, odd jobs. 5834946, 699-8049.

Home Improvement

Roofing DC ROOFING Patch jobs for as little as $50. 704-5055. IS YOUR ROOF DOG GONE? YOU JINGLE, WE SHINGLE ALL PRO ROOFING Keith Lavender. 30 yrs. exp. Free Est. 353-6581. Lic.# 80001451. JACKSON ROOFING Shingles, flat roofs. FREE est. Roofers have over 40 years exp. Keith Jackson, 357-8386 State reg. #0907

Trailer Repair

DRAKE CONSTRUCTION LLC: Bath & Kitchen Remodeling, ReplaceCHIZUMS FENCING Wood, chainlink, barbed ment Windows, Hardwire & repair Free est. wood Floores, Etc. Lic. / Lic./bonded. 512-6144. Insured. Free Est. 30 Yrs. Exp. 580-248-8085, JONES FENCING LLC, 580-704-5004. build, repair, chainlink & GRUENWALD Remodwood. Free estimates. ling. All phases of conCall 284-4494. struction & Renovations. Kitchens & baths, windows, decks, barns, gar. Firewood conversions. 529-3215. SEASONED firewood, $65, delivered & Lawn Care stacked, $85. 695-6871. LAWN AND TREE SEASONED, mixed, SPLIT SERVICE: hedge hardwood, $65 per rick trimming, flower beds. you haul. 678-3837 or 14 yrs. exp. Esteban 351-8905. Ramirez, 581-0274.

Foundation Repair GOLDSTARR Construction. Lifting, leveling of all houses & buildings. Local licensed generalcontractor, free est. 5364466, 917-4418.


CHILDCARE COOK: The Armed Services YMCA has an opening for an experienced full time cook for our childcare program. Hours are 6:30 AM2:30 PM Mon.-Fri. Starting hourly wage is $8.50-$9.50 based on experience. Experience with the US Food Program requirements is a plus. Please apply in person at the ASYMCA, 201 SW 4th St., Lawton. The ASYMCA provides a safe Christian workplace and is an EOE. Lot Attendant- Keeps lot and vehicles clean, presentable, and ready to sell. Park and arranges vehicles for display, details, minor repairs, mows and trims grass areas as well as performing gereral shop clean up. Sales Associate- Uses creativity, presentation, and customer service to create a positive sales experience. Ability to meet sales goals at the dealership. Office Clerk- Assists the Office Manager and General Manager with the completion of the general office activities of a car dealership. Account Rep.- Provides financial counseling to customer to secure deliquent payments. Apply in person at 612 N Hwy 81 Duncan Ok 73533.

Help Wanted Sales 355 SALES ASSOCIATE

If you are an outgoing, self motivated people person who is up to learning new skills while working in a fun, fast paced environment, then we have a position for you. If interested call 357-0634 for an appointment.

Help Wanted Office/Clerical 360 BOOKKEEPING position avail. EXPERIENCE necessary. Salary nego. with benefits. Send resume to: Personnel Dept., P.O. Box 3646, Lawton, 73502. City of Cache is accepting applications for a part time office clerk. Apply at 404 W C Cache, OK between 8:30a to 12a, 1p to 5 p.m. No phone calls.


Entry job at busy dealership. Communicating with customers. Great customer service, valid DL, & clean driving record req. We offer competitive pay, benefits & friendly workplace. Apply online or visit us today. CAR-MART 202 SW Sheridan Rd Lawton, OK 73505 EEO Employer.

Dental Front Desk Coordinator

needed for busy office. Must possess exceptional computer, communication, and organizational skills. Responsibilities include Painting managing appointments and multiple dental insurHONEST, affordable, ance plans via computer, professional workman- answering multiple phone ship since 1974. Steve lines, and checking Biby 574-0015. patients in and out. Those without experience must The Deutsche Paint Shop Color in Style with a be able to learn dental European Flair. Free esti- terminology and insurmates and professional ance coding. Will be part of a front desk team work. so must work well with others. 24-35k/yr 580-353-1602, depending on skill level 580-713-9303. and experience. Benefits include health insurance Plumbing and 401k. Send confidential resume to lawtonROY’S PLUMBING, along Heat & Air. 588-3390 with a description of your or 591-1738. interest in the position.

MEDRANO CONCRETE, floors, drives, walkways, ALL phases remodeling, patios. Free est. 704- interior, exterior, kitchen, bath, painting. Rodney Sewing 4299 or 357-9445. Gyring 574-3750. ORTIZ & Sons Concrete ALTERATIONS-Hemming. 12yrs. exp. All types of B&B REMODELING, int/ Tailoring-Zippers ext., all your needs conConcrete work. Free Est. 248-7390 or 574-7429. crete to roofing. CIB Fencing, 351-4536. 80001635. 284-7758


POOL PROS has positions available for pool cleaning technician, must have valid driver’s lic., and be reliable. If interested call 357-0634 for an appointment.

ALL PHASES OF TRAILER REPAIR & PARTS, 30 years experience. 3558890 or 591-6208.

Tree Service All work from A to Z. BOB WILLS TREES PLUS. Please call, we can do it all. INSURED. Free Est. 595-1550. F & W TREE SER. 353-2993 FREE EST 60’ BUCKET TRUCK, STUMP GRINDER, CHIPPER. INSURED. EST LAWTON 1985 HAYES BUSH & Tree Service: Professional job. The works. Free est. 580-458-7860.

BEST PAINTING. Quality service, price, free est. Phil Clark 695-7558.


GIFFORD Paint & remodel, int/ext paint, drywall, home repair, 512-3855.

Sylvan Learning Center 580-351-9100

HOPE FAMILY CLINIC needs a Secretary. Computer skills a must. 580357-3857. Fax 580357-3867. Office manager wanted. Associated degree or 2 yrs managerial experience required. Email resume:

Help Wanted Medical 370 NOW HIRING for LPNs, all shifts. Apply in person, The Village on Lee, 6920 W. Lee. Clinical Director Must have license as LPC LMFT or LCSW needed in Lawton Salary plus benefits. Send resume to Montevista Rehabilitation & Skilled Care is accepting applications for LPN’s/CMA’s and CNA’s. We offer a competitive wage scale, benefits and a variety of shifts. Interested applicants need to apply in person at 7604 Quanah Parker Trailway. No phone calls please. EOE.

Dental Front Desk Coordinator

needed for busy office. Must possess exceptional computer, communication, and organizational skills. Responsibilities include managing appointments and multiple dental insurance plans via computer, answering multiple phone lines, and checking patients in and out. Those without experience must be able to learn dental terminology and insurance coding. Will be part of a front desk team so must work well with others. 24-35k/yr depending on skill level and experience. Benefits include health insurance and 401k. Send confidential resume to along with a description of your interest in the position. MEDICAL INSURANCE COORDINATOR Fast paced medical office seeking a selfstarter and team player. Basic computer skills a requirement. Previous medical insurance experience not required, but prererred. Duties include: patient registration, charge input, payment input, filing insurance, preparing electronic reports at end of day and monthly. Also, general office work that includes answering the telphone, making appointments, filing charts, etc. Five day work week. Salary is based upon experience. Must be able to start immediately. If interested, send resume and a handwritten note on why you think you qualify along with 3 references to A55, P.O. Box 2129, Lawton, OK 73502.


Needed immediately for busy office. Team worker and 2 years experience required. Come join our fun, pleasant and outgoing staff while earning great wages. Apply at Lutz Family Dentistry, 60 N. Sheridan, Ste. 7. All applications held as strictly confidential. Account Manager Must have exc. client servicing ability, computer skills, including MS Office, and Life and/or Health insurance background. Position is in a professional environment. Competitive compensation including benefits. Send cover letter and resume to: Human Resources at A54, P.O. Box 2129, Lawton, OK 73502. GOODWILL INDUSTRIES is accepting applications/ resumes for Vice President of Program Services. Must have knowledge of CARF, DDSD, DRS, Adult Daycare/ Youth services, and other regulations. Educational requirements: Bachelor’s Degree Masters preferred) with 5 years of management and 6 years of documented work experience within the developmentally disabled population. Licensed in a professional field a plus. To apply go to or forward your Resume to vferrand@ Drug Free Workplace/EOE

Fort Sill


Thrift Shop Ft. Sill

When shopping garage sales remember us. Open to the public. 1713 Gruber Rd. Open 9-1 Tues.- Fri., 9-2, Sat. 355-8731. No Checks.



GENUINE leather sofa, $400 or best offer. Call 512-1980, leave message. LEATHER reclining couch and rocker, excellent condition, $800 OBO. Call 580-678-8989. LEGACY FURNITURE & CONSIGNMENT Big Pre-Market Clearance Sale Tues.-Sat., 10-5:30 216 Ferris 580-248-3802

Pets - Lawton 550 ALBINO Ferret for sale, with cage, $150. Call 580-595-9773. NOTICE:The City of Lawton requires a Breeding/ Advertising/ Transfer (BAT) permit number included in unaltered pet advertisements distributed within the Lawton city limit. For information call the Animal Welfare Division, 581-3219.

Pets/ Out of Town 555 AKC German Shepherd pups, $400. 580-917-2323.

Pet Services/ Supplies 560 TLC PET grooming by Patty. 30 yrs. quality svc. 585-7484, 429-8084. PET CREMATION AT RAINBOW BRIDGE . 1386 SE 1st. St., Lawton, OK 73501. 580-3518280. PAWS WITH LOVE Dog Training Classes (puppy, beginners, therapy dog). Start Feb. 11, 7:15 PM. Limited Class size. Preenrollment required. Register at 580-695-4978 or 580-699-7007.

Miscellaneous 575 CASH PAID for gift cards or certificates. Action Pawn, 905 SW 11th. 12X25 STORAGE UNITS for rent. North of Goodyear. $60/mo. 580-284-0388

filing cabinets, priced to sell. Call 355-8847 or 583-0833. CASH Paid for salvage vehicles, any size. Bill of sale OK. FREE towing. 483-5985, 583-3235. MASON’S PECANS now cracking and shelling pecans for the public. 580-353-0762. MCCLUNG Construction House & trailer Moving and leveling- trailer skirting, concrete work, much more. Jim, 512-0981. PARACORD, all colors, flags, knives, Ghillie suit, ammo boxes. Carl’s Military Surplus, 2615 NW Sheridan. 353-3100. Curvy Girls Plus Size Consignment Boutique Now Open 1604 W Gore Size 14 and up Tue-Fri 10-5 and Sat 103. 580-699-5556. DOG’S BEST FRIEND. We don’t have pack mentality, individualized appts for your baby, 16 yrs. exp. in grooming. 580695-0822. NOW OPEN! Discount vacuum & Janitorial supply! We carry new, preowned, factory re-conditioned, & close-out vacuum cleaners! 916 SW “D” Ave., Lawton. 580353-8800.


I BUY RVs and Trailers Call 405-620-5760 JET SKI 2001 Kawasaki Ultra Jetski with wet slip and lift located on Lake Lawtonka. Low hours, excellent condition. $4200.00 OBO. HONDA RANCHER ATV 2009 Honda Rancher TRX 4 Wheeler, low hours, excellent condition. $3500.00 OBO.

Boats/Motors/ Marine 640 I BUY BOATS Call 405-620-5760

Motorcycles & Accessories 700 ‘11 REAL HD 3 wheeler, black, less than 5K mi., $30,000. 492-5392. ‘95 HD FXD, 30k mi., blue, Corbin seat, Porker pipes, new tires, 2 windshields, bags, $4999 obo. 580-284-7624.

Vehicles Wanted


WANT TO buy non running cars, trucks, vans. 4 Lines, One Week Call 585-2226. ONLY $15- Each Additional Line $3.30. Ad Automobiles 720 copy must include price. If your item has not sold BIG $$ FOR JUNK CARS within the first week, you 580-512-7191 may request another W E BUY JUNKED CARS week FREE! Prepayment 580-280-9363 required before FREE week is given. Price may ‘07 FORD Fusion SE, be changed TWICE with- loaded, leather, 78k, in the two week period! $9500. 704-4400. Visa, Mastercard and Discover Gladly Accept- ‘07 TOYOTA Camry XLE, loaded, leather, 71K mi, ed. 357-9545. $14,000, 704-8555. Food 585 ‘08 BUICK LUCERNE, CXL, owner, 38k, $15,500. PAPER SHELL PECANS in 1 the shell, $1 per pound. Call 365-4429. 580-335-1533. $$ BIG CASH $$ 4 running or not Cars, Trucks, etc. 353-9843. ‘04 DODGE RAM 1500 Sport, 5.7 Hemi, single cab, looks & runs great, $8,950. 695-5227. ‘05 CHRSYLER Sebring, 96k mi., runs great, 4 dr., Guns 620 PL, PW, $4000. Call 583-9607 after 4 PM. RC GUNS & ‘08 LEXUS IS250, black, GUNSMITHING gar. kept, 25,300 mi., Call 580-647-7183 asking $24,500. Call 580-585-7439. Recreational Vehicles 635 ‘10 CADILLAC CTS, luxury package, immaculate, ‘93 Class C, runs great, low miles, black new refrig., good tires, $26,500. 704-9431. $7,000. 580-471-3017. ‘08 PONTIAC Solstice FOR RENT: RV LOTS- Full convert., turbo, red, exc. hookups. Boat Stalls, cond., gar. kept, less than Lake Lawtonka, 580- 21k mi., asking $18,000 OBO. 585-1292. 529-2425.

VICTORIA, 130K mi., good cond., asking $2,600. Call 365-4467. 2009 CTS Cadillac, 21k, rims, body kit, with dual twin exhaust, chrome grill covers & Cadillac spoiler, XM radio, OnStar, black, heated seats, $23,000 make offer. 355-1303.

Pickups/Vans/ Sport Utilities 725 ‘07 CHEVY pickup, with power lift, low miles, $9000. 357-5339. ‘68 FORD stepside, runs great, needs paint, $2500. 580-530-0509. ‘02 NISSAN XTERRA, 1 owner, runs good, $5000, good AC. Call 536-4165. ‘08 FORD F-350 diesel, flat bed, great truck, $13,500 OBO. Call 58726-5284. ‘84 GMC, short wide bed, 350 motor 4 bolt main, $3000 OBO. Call 580-704-4375. ‘97 SILVERADO, 3 door, 147K miles, 5.7 litter, 350 vortec, $4500. 580695-6226. ‘06 BLACK Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD., 4WD, fully loaded, new tires, 68k, $16,995 OBO. Call 580-483-6271. 206 EXPLORER, moon dust color, looks great, drive anywhere. Warr. 2015. 355-1303.


3 Lines, One Month ONLY $29- Each Additional Line $7.67. Ad copy must include price. If your vehicle has not sold within the first month, you may request another month FREE! Prepayment required before FREE month is given. Price may be changed TWICE within the two month period! Visa, Mastercard and Discover Gladly Accepted.


3 Lines, One Month ONLY $29- Each Additional Line $7.67. Ad copy must include price. If your vehicle has not sold within the first month, you may request another month FREE! Prepayment required before FREE month is given. Price may be changed TWICE within the two month period! Visa, Mastercard and Discover Gladly Accepted.


Automobiles 720 Automobiles 720 Automobiles 720 Automobiles 720

Jobs Wanted 380 20 YRS EXP., mature lady looking for full time caregiver/ sitter job. Excellent references. Call 580-585-1543.



OTR DRIVERS needed. 2 yrs. exp. with step deck & flat bed. Please call 580-252-2277, Duncan. CO DRIVER wanted. Must be able to get HAZ MAT and passport. No DUI’s or felonies. Great pay and working cond. Please call 580-9195718, 580-919-5716. SOUTHWEST DEDICATED TRANSPORT is now accepting applications for a Truck driver position. Apply in person at 601 Eastside Drive, Altus, OK or call 580379-4882. Must be able to work days or nights and weekends 12 hour shifts. 2 yrs. experience, 23 yrs. of age or older. Must have a valid CDL and be able to pass a DOT drug screen and physical.

Ronnie Henson Sales Manager

Mike Shaw Sales Consultant

Wayne Chambers Monique Mckinney Elizer Rodriguez Robert Gibbs Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Sales Consultant Se Halba Espanol

FULLY EQUIPPED BAR FOR LEASE, $650 MO. 580-704-0745.



23,105 2.9%% 60

ONLY and




Paco The Parrot

Stk# K1643

Stk# K2483

Help Wanted Professional 365 Business NOW HIRING OK. LIC. Opportunities 415 HVAC journeyman. GREAT PAY. J & S Services, 248-7249.

Maternity Clothes. Cribs, Baby items. 2610 NW Lee. Call 248-9999.

2013 KIA RIO LX 5DR and


16,540 0.9%% 60







3 Lines, One Month ONLY $29- Each Additional Line $7.67. Ad copy must include price. If your vehicle has not sold within the first month, you may request another month FREE! Prepayment required before FREE month is given. Price may be changed TWICE within the two month period! Visa, Mastercard and Discover Gladly Accepted.


3 Lines, One Month ONLY $29- Each Additional Line $7.67. Ad copy must include price. If your vehicle has not sold within the first month, you may request another month FREE! Prepayment required before FREE month is given. Price may be changed TWICE within the two month period! Visa, Mastercard and Discover Gladly Accepted.

CALL JO ANN AT 585-5041

Stk# K1933

Stk# K2353



23,300 % 0 % 60 Y ou Pick Your Vehicle 17,230 1.9%% 60













All Credit Applications Accepted. Dealer Sale Ends Jan. 31, 2013 *ALL MANUFACTURERS REBATES AND DEALER DISCOUNTS APPLIED.

• 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty • 5-year/60,000-mile limited basic warranty • 5-year/100,000-mile limited anti-perforation warranty • 5-year/60,000-mile 24-hour roadside assistance



Out of Town Rentals

100,000 MILE


Plus addtional $500 Discount* for Military (active duty or retired) and $1000 Loyalty on selective models if you own a KIA x


5002 NW Cache Road • 580-355-2464 • TOLL FREE 1-866-355-2464

Employee Spotlight  

Army Substance Abuse got the Employee Spotlight in the Cannoeer for the month of January!

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