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THE LIFE OF ANNE FRANK HER TRUE STORY OF LIFE IN HIDING Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-511-1 9 January 2020 270 x 216 mm

48 + 16 pp, HB + Slipcase Images throughout 13,500 words £14.99

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Anne Frank’s death in February and the end of the Holocaust in May. International Holocaust Remembrance Day is 27th January – this is the ideal time to introduce Anne to a new generation. This beautiful slipcase format features a hardback book and a folder of additional content, including meaningful facsimilie documents that bring life to Anne’s years in hiding. Additional fill-in content will inspire readers to start their own diary and find their voice. Look out for the magnifying-glass icon throughout the book that will tell you when to find further details in the red-and-whitechecked folder. Produced in association with the Anne Frank House, which received over 1.2 million visitors in 2018. On the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust, discover the inspirational biography of Anne Frank – the girl who refused to give up hope, even in the darkest of times... In 1942, Anne Frank bought a red-and-white-checked diary for her thirteenth birthday. Nearly one month later Anne and her family went into hiding to escape the persecution of the Nazis, and so the diary of her life in hiding began. In this book, children can learn all about what life was like in the secret Annex, set to the background of tense radio news reports and constant fear of the ongoing war, as well as reading about Anne’s thoughts, hopes and dreams of a better future. Packaged in a beautiful slipcase and featuring a red-and-whitechecked folder of additional content to explore and personalise, readers can discover more about Anne, the Holocaust, and be inspired to keep their own diary. Kay Woodward has written over 80 children’s books, including What Would She Do? and the Skate School series. Along with classic fairy tales, her wide-ranging interests include Roald Dahl, Christmas and chocolate, all of which she has written about.




THE WORLD’S GREATEST EXPLORERS IN AMAZING AUGMENTED REALITY Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-510-4 5 March 2020 340 x 260 mm

48pp, HB Images throughout 4,000 words £17.99

Beautifully illustrated maps of different regions of the world, showing the routes of the world’s greatest explorers. Download the free app to see each map come to life. View the map pages in the app and you’ll be able to follow the explorers as they journey across the page, triggering pop-up facts and events at every stop on the way. It’s a never-before-seen way to experience their adventures. Includes profiles of famous explorers with facts, stats and the incredible stories behind their expeditions. Clear text and beautiful illustrations in a large format make this a perfect gift purchase. The Atlas of Great Journeys allows readers to follow in the footsteps of the most daring adventurers as they set out to explore the unknown. Fascinating original map illustrations show the world’s greatest journeys, and lavishly illustrated fact pages tell the stories of each expedition – what dangers they faced, how long they travelled, and much more. As well as amazing illustrated maps and stories, this book has a unique Augmented Reality component that magically brings these journeys to life. Use your tablet or phone on each map spread to trace the routes they took and read about every stage of their journeys. Philip Steele has written many children’s books, including The Incas and Machu Picchu and I Wonder Why the Pyramids were Built.




THE ULTIMATE HUMAN BODY MANUAL Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-527-2 6 February 2020 340 x 260 mm

48pp, HB + Poster Illustrations throughout 13,000 words £16.99

An informative and fun book for children curious how the human body works. Takes the reader through assembling a human body step-by-step from the inside out. Features clear, humorous text, fun facts and beautiful graphic illustrations. Open your ‘human body construction guide’ to reveal the answers to all your puzzling human biology questions! Find out what each body system does and how they fit together to create a living, breathing person, just like you. Styled as a construction guide, readers will explore the ten major body systems from the inside out - from your bones to your nerves! Each spread contains body part checklists and ‘Don’t forget’ notes for key information. The human engineer slant imparts STEM concepts for budding biologists and doctors. Prepare to get under the skin of the human body machine and find out what makes it tick. Tom Jackson has written more than 100 books and contributed to many more, covering everything from axolotls to Zoroastrianism. His specialties are natural history, technology and all things scientific.




THE STORY OF LIFE ON PLANET EARTH Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-529-6 5 March 2020 280 x 216 mm

96pp, HB Photos throughout 20,000 words £12.99

This is a comprehensive overview of planet Earth – from the early struggles of prehistoric life to weather and climate, biomes and habitats, and the amazing animals living within them. Climate change is a hot topic that affects everyone, young people all round the globe are taking an interest and speaking out for the safety of the planet they will inherit, whether by protesting or being more ethically aware. Watch the book come to life as video clips play ‘on the page’ when viewed through your smartphone or tablet. Living Planet explores Nature in all its glory – from the formation of the Earth and prehistoric life to the varied habitats of our world today. Discover what our planet is made of, and how humans have made an impact on Earth’s changing climate. Watch incredible videos play on the page with the free augmented reality app – see a volcano erupt, watch the plants and animals of the rainforest, follow in the footsteps of a storm chaser, and see right to the Earth’s core in this unmissable exploration of the amazing world we live in. Camilla de la Bedoyere has written more than 200 books for children and adults, many of which explore the natural world. She is a freelance journalist and created and edited a children’s page in a British national newspaper. Camilla is also a literacy teacher at a large London high school, working with children and young people who find reading difficult. She is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.



WEIRD WEATHER AND CHANGING CLIMATE WHAT’S HAPPENING TO OUR PLANET AND HOW CAN YOU HELP? Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-505-0 5 March 2020 246 x 189 mm

64pp, HB Photos & illustrations throughout 9,000 words £8.99

An engaging introduction to climate change for young readers, with positive project ideas to enable them to make a difference. Climate change is a huge topic at the moment, especially among young people – the Greta Thunberg generation. In May 2019 more than 1.5 million young people in more than 125 countries walked out of schools, colleges and universities in the biggest day of global climate action ever. The world’s climate is changing as a direct result of human activity. This book looks at what climate change is, the ways in which it is affecting our planet and suggests projects and ideas to encourage everyone to to do what they can to be greener, limit their own carbon footprints and make a difference. Hannah Wilson is an accomplished writer and editor of children’s books who lives in Exeter, UK. She is the author of our natural history Augmented Reality title iExplore Bugs, which won a Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award in 2018.



FOOTBALL SUPERSTARS The first two books in a fantastic new series aimed at young football fans everywhere. Each book tells the story of a different football superstar’s rise to glory, and includes all kinds of facts, stats, football jokes, cartoons and more. 5+


MESSI RULES Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-534-0 9 January 2020 198 x 129 mm

128pp, PB Original line art llustrations 3,000 words £5.99

Perfect to engage emerging readers as the narrative text is simple and appropriately levelled with high interest subject matter and light illustration throughout. Information is broken down and paced for easy reading, yet the book feels aspirational and grown-up. Quizzes, stats and little-known facts keep the fun factor high. If Lionel Messi is your favourite football superstar, then this book is for you. Discover how Little Leo left his home in Argentina to lead the strikeforce at Barcelona and earn the label ‘Greatest Of All Time’. Learn how Messi won the Ballon d’Or five times, helped Barcelona win the Treble twice, and became Argentina’s top scorer!

Author: Simon Mugford Illustrator: Dan Green



RONALDO RULES Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-533-3 9 January 2020 198 x 129 mm

128pp, PB Original line art llustrations 3,000 words £5.99

Hilarious and informative original illustrations are paired with simple and fun facts to tell Ronaldo’s story like never before. Perfect for reluctant readers and football fans, this is the ultimate fun, funny and fact-filled read. Trivia, stats and stories to keep any reader hooked.

Author: Simon Mugford Illustrator: Dan Green

If Cristiano Ronaldo is your ultimate football hero, then then you’ll love this book. Discover how he went from kicking bottles in the streets of Madeira to becoming an idol at Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Learn how Ronaldo scored over 700 career goals, won the Champions League five times, and became the most followed person on Instagram!!



FIFA FOOTBALL SKILLS LEARN TO PLAY LIKE THE SUPERSTARS Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-517-3 5 March 2020 246 x 189 mm

112pp, Hardback 300 images 15,000 words £14.99

FIFA Football Skills is the first in an exclusive new series of official FIFA football titles for children. FIFA Football Skills contains dynamic profiles of some of the greatest players in world men’s and women’s football today, demonstrating the skills they are known for. Each skill is broken down into easy to follow photographic stepby-step instructions, so that you can master the basics before moving on to more advanced skills. If you want to control the ball like Mbappe, dribble like Messi and pull off stunning saves like de Gea, then FIFA Football Skills is the book for you. Follow the simple step-by-step breakdowns to master key skills just like the football superstars – from the basics such as controlling the ball and passing, to more advanced techniques such as finding space and bending a freekick. You’ll learn about football managers, winning formations and tactics and what it really takes to be a professional player, like Neymar, Ronaldo or Salah. NOT FINAL ART


© FIFA, FIFA’s Official Licensed Product Logos, and the Emblems, Mascots, Posters and Trophies of the FIFA World Cup™ tournaments are copyrights and/or trademarks of FIFA. MANUFACTURED UNDER LICENCE BY WELBECK PUBLISHING GROUP.

Aidan Radnedge is the Chief Reporter of Metro, Britain’s largest circulation newspaper – including coverage from World Cups, European Championships and Summer Olympics. He has contributed to or appeared on World Soccer, Sports Illustrated and Kickabout magazines, the BBC World Service and various other national newspapers. Aidan is the author/co-author of Fifty Things You Should Know About Football, Football: The Ultimate Guide, Football World Records, Olympic and World Records 2012, and Dream Eleven: England National Team.



FOOTBALL RECORD BREAKERS GOAL SCORERS! TROPHY WINNERS! FOOTBALL LEGENDS! Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-512-8 14 November 2019 285 x 217 mm

128pp, PB 160 images 18,000 words £9.99

The ultimate football facts and records book for kids aged 8+. Includes all the key facts and figures from the 2018-19 season and the 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals. Football is the world’s most-watched sport. According to FIFA’s own statistics, 1.12 billion people watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup final either live on television or through other viewing platforms. Fully illustrated with 160 action-packed colour photographs. All the key football facts presented in bite-size chunks and easyto-read top 10 tables. Comprehensive coverage of world football, with stats from every major football league and cup tournament around the globe. From the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championships to the record-breakers of Serie A, the Bundesliga and the Premier League, football’s record-breaking stars are here. This book is packed with thousands of eye-popping stats about incredible trophy-winning teams and legendary goalscorers from around the globe, and contains all the need-to-know facts and figures from the 2018-19 season and the 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals. Clive Gifford is an award-winning author of over 200 books for children and adults. He won the prestigious Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize in 2014 and the Blue Peter Book Award in 2019. His recent sports titles include The Official Rugby World Cup 2019 Kids’ Handbook and The Ultimate Champions League Fan Guide. He is a life-long supporter of Queens Park Rangers.




PACKED FULL OF PRO TRICKS, TIPS AND SECRETS FOR THE BEST ROBLOX GAMES Mortimer Children’s Books 978-1-78739-368-4 9 January 2020 270 x 216 mm

64pp, PB Screenshots throughout 7,000 words £8.99

Roblox is the largest user-generated online gaming platform, but with over 15 million games to try, you’ll need this in-depth unofficial guide to find the best ones. Full of all-new game reviews, giving the unvarnished truth about the very best titles – and which ones to avoid. Stuffed with all kinds of pro-level hints, tips and secrets to get readers to the top of every leaderboard. It’s time to go pro! This independent and unofficial new Ultimate Roblox Handbook gives you the advanced skills to take your Roblox play to the next level. Roblox is the no.1 gaming site for kids and teens according to comScore. It’s promoted as a place to come and create adventures, play games, enjoy role play and learn with friends in a family-friendly environment. But even existing Roblox fans need an in-depth, accessible guide. For anyone who’s looking for the next Roblox challenge, or wants to finally get to the top of the leaderboard, this pro-level book is for you. Kevin Pettman is a sports and videogames writer and editor of children’s magazines and annuals, including Match of the Day and Match. His books include We Love Mario and the Fortnite Battle Royale Pro Gamer Guide.


12 8+


MONSTERS Mortimer Children’s Books 978-1-78312-496-1 5 March 2020 270 x 216 mm

80pp, PB Images throughout 4,000 words £8.99

The latest in our smash hit Master Builder series, with over half a million copies in print. Minecraft is the world’s greatest and most influential online game, played by more than 150 million registered users. Simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for 13 constructions that have been specially created by expert Minecrafters for this book. Minecraft Master Builder: Monsters is a step-by-step player’s guide to building griffins, yetis, minotaurs and many more monsters in Minecraft. Featuring everything from heraldic beasts to Norse and Greek mythical monsters, this fun and interactive guide will inspire readers to build amazing monstrous Minecraft models. Each build is rated a Quick, Intermediate, Master or Supreme Master Build, and a list of materials is provided for each project, plus guidance on how long each build will take. There’s even information on all kinds of beasts from legend and folklore, including pictures, facts and mythology.



GOING VIRAL: PART 2 THE CONCLUSION TO THE MINDBENDING GRAPHIC NOVEL ADVENTURE! Mortimer Children’s Books 978-1-78739-378-3 5 March 2020 246 x 189 mm

96pp, PB Images throughout 5,000 words £7.99

Also available:

Based on the Animation Life video from Black Plasma Studios, with over 18 million online views. The second half of the fantastic story, building to a fantastic, action-packed finale. Black The Virus is growing! It’s infected some of the world’s biggest Minecraft servers, and it’s recruited a team of monsters to do its bidding. Worst of all, our hero Steve has been taken over by his dark side and become the monstrous Herobrine. Can his friends help return him to the light... or will the online world of Minecraft be doomed forever? If you like swords and Minecraft madness by the bucketload, this is the story for you!

GOING VIRAL 978-1-78312-495-4 £7.99

David Zoellner, AKA Arbiter 617, is the mastermind behind the mega-popular Black Plasma animation studio. REIGN OF TERROR 978-1-78739-256-4 £7.99





EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR OWN MINECRAFT CITY AND THEME PARK Mortimer Children’s Books 978-1-78739-389-9 9 January 2020 229 x 153 mm

320pp, PB Images throughout 27,000 words £12.99

Played by more than 91 million monthly users, Minecraft is arguably the world’s greatest online game. In-depth guide includes detailed instructions for 13 builds, but readers can expand their city to be as large as they like. Bonus STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) feature explains the science behind the builds in real life. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create an amazing city with skyscrapers, a shopping centre, a sports stadium, apartment blocks, an underground railway and an awesome amusement park complete with Ferris wheel, water ride, haunted house, and bouncy castle. Anne Rooney writes books on engineering, technology, science and the history of science for children and adults.




Carlton Kids 320pp, PB 30,000 words

Carlton Kids 320pp, PB 30,000 words

978-1-78312-439-8 229 x 153 mm Screenshots throughout £14.99

978-1-78312-439-0 270 x 216 mm Screenshots throughout £8.99




AMAZING PROJECTS YOU CAN MAKE TODAY Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-523-4 6 February 2020 246 x 189 mm

112pp, HB Images throughout 7,000 words £12.99

The ‘Maker movement’ of homegrown-gadget creators is exploding in popularity. Step-by-step guides with side-by-side text and full-colour visuals make instructions clear and easy to follow. Full of inspiration for thinking up your own makes. A great way to brings parents and kids together to work on fun creative projects. Create fascinating gizmos from simple electronics and household items, from a gravity-powered car to a light-up backpack to a geodesic mini greenhouse. This highly practical handbook is packed with guidance, tips and inspiration for making simple but clever gadgets that will give kids a real sense of achievement, as well as impressing friends and parents with their skills. Page after page of make-its allow budding engineers and inventors to pick and choose projects that suit their interests and skill level. Each project comes with a short explanation of the science behind it, and every stage is heavily illustrated and photographed to ensure that following the instructions is easy and fun. Parents might learn something, too! Dr Alison Buxton is Director at STEAMWORKS LEARNING, the non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing STEM activities to schoolchildren, and leads the MakerEd UK and Makerspace Developer programme for the University of Sheffield.




Also available:

The bestselling Creativity series is packed with dot-todots, colouring, quizzes, puzzles, cut outs and stickers. Now relaunched with fresh, contemporary new covers and oodles of fun! 6+

THE HOLIDAY CREATIVITY BOOK Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-531-9 5 March 2020 270 x 216 mm

THE DRAGONS CREATIVITY BOOK 978-1-78312-461-9 £9.99

80 + 4pp, PB Wiro Images throughout 3,000 words £9.99

This high-quality activity book contains: over 150 stickers, a sumptuous gatefold cover, and holiday-themed art paper, which can be pulled out and used at home, with ideas for brilliant craft projects.

THE SPACE CREATIVITY BOOK 978-1-78312-464-0 £9.99

Globetrotters get ready for this ultimate activity book all about holidays. Navigate an Egyptian maze, design your own luggage labels and make your own ice cream! Packed with puzzles, colouring, games, and projects to make and try at home, kids will be enthralled by this fabulous activity book. Mandy Archer has devised all kinds of titles for children and teens, ranging from board books to paperbacks and pop-ups.


THE PIRATE CREATIVITY BOOK Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-532-6 5 March 2020 270 x 216 mm

80 + 4pp, PB Wiro Images throughout 3,000 words £9.99

THE PRINCESS CREATIVITY BOOK 978-1-78312-462-6 £9.99

THE UNICORN CREATIVITY BOOK 978-1-78312-384-1 £9.99

This high-quality activity book contains: over 150 stickers, a sumptuous gatefold cover, and pirate-themed art paper, which can be pulled out and used at home, with ideas for brilliant craft projects. Let your imagination run riot in this ultimate activity book on pirates. Design your own pirate flag, learn to read a treasure map and make a pirate’s cutlass. Packed with puzzles, colouring, games, and projects to make and try at home, kids will be enthralled by this fabulous activity book.

THE STYLE QUEEN CREATIVITY BOOK 978-1-78312-474-9 £9.99

Andrea Pinnington has written and edited all kinds of books for children and is the creative whizz behind a stack of children’s craft and activity books. THE DINOSAUR CREATIVITY BOOK 978-1-78312-473-2 £9.99




A BRILLIANT TROLLS BOOK WHICH FOLDS OUT TO MAKE AN AMAZING DISPLAY! Welbeck Children’s Books 978-1-78312-539-5 5 February 2020 237 x 185 mm

64pp, HB Official Trolls images throughout 2,000 words £12.99

Official film tie-in publication. Based on Trolls World Tour, the sequel to the hit animated movie Trolls, which has made over £350 million worldwide. The movie Trolls World Tour is released worldwide in March 2020. Cool new format lets readers press out and fold the pages to turn their book into an amazing paper art display. The perfect format for scrap-book-loving Trolls fans. Get ready for the tour of your life! Join Poppy and Branch as they attempt to unite all the Troll tribes and save them from Barb, the metal-loving Queen of the Rock Troll tribe. The book is divided into sections devoted to the six Troll tribes of Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop and Rock. Each section has cool, press-out pages which can be folded out of the book. When they’re all folded out, readers will get an amazing display to brighten any bedroom, filled with all their favourite Trolls characters and lots of new friends. It’s a completely unique book and art concept which will delight all Trolls fans. Caroline Rowlands is an experienced children’s author with many published titles to her name.

DreamWorks Trolls © 2019 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.




96pp, PB Images throughout 5,000 words £8.99

Combines two key kids’ trends – craft and sustainability. Funny narrative-style spreads set this book apart from regular craft books. Gorgeously illustrated scenes show off your sock and toilet-roll creations in style To be followed by a second title, The Amazing Recycling Project Book, in April 2020. Minimise your waste and maximise the fun! Turn socks and toilet rolls into fabulous craft makes. Alternating picture-book-style spreads narrated by the quirky ‘makes’ themselves and step-bystep instructions on how to create them, this book will inspire kids and parents to look twice at the humble sock and toilet roll.



TAKE A TRIP TO THE WORLD’S WEIRDEST LOCATIONS Carlton Kids 978-1-78312-503-6 9 January 2020 228 x 262 mm

64pp, PB Images throughout 6,500 words £5.99

Fantastic photos and short, snappy text combine to make this the perfect book for kids who want to dip in and out. The book is split into chapters, looking at terrifying terrain, spinetingling towns, weird water, beastly abodes and fright sites. The ‘Creep-o-meter’ feature gives a spookiness rating to each spread. Prepare to be chilled to the bone! Travel around the world in this fascinating book, which explores some of the strangest and spookiest places on Earth! From an island in Japan that is filled with creepy dolls, to a town that is so overrun with spiders its residents are forced to eat them, via a vast 70-metre-wide crater that is always on fire, you’ll never believe some of the places featured in these pages!


18 5+

UNDERCOVER ANIMALS DISCOVER HIDE-AND-SEEK SUPERSTARS Mortimer Children’s Books 978-1-78312-530-2 5 March 2020 260 x 260 mm

32pp, PB Images throughout 1,500 words £7.99

Make the chameleon change colour with the sparkly two-way sequins on the cover. Then see if you can spot all the real-life undercover animals hiding inside! This book of amazing camouflaged creatures shows off the animal kingdom’s sneakiest tricksters. Test yourself to see if you can find the hidden animal in each photograph, then turn the page to discover more about them. Camilla de la Bedoyere has written more than 200 books for children and adults, many of which explore the natural world. She is a freelance journalist and created and edited a children’s page in a British national newspaper. Camilla is also a literacy teacher at a large London high school, working with children and young people who find reading difficult. She is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London.



TRACK ANIMALS BY THEIR POO, FOOTPRINTS AND MORE! Carlton Kids 978-1-78312-506-7 6 February 2020 246 x 189 mm

32pp, PB Original illustrations & colour photography throughout 3,000 words £5.99

Poo-themed books are a huge current trend with children. Taps into ever-popular natural history topics with a fun, silly and informative new slant. Charming original illustrations and loads of disgusting poo images. Can you tell the difference between the delicate droppings of a deer and the smelly scat of a fox? Did you know which animal’s poo is orange, and which only poos once a week? Find out with the ultimate animal detective guide. Read the clues and guess which animal made what, then turn the page to reveal the answers – you may be surprised at the animals you discover. A mix of fun illustrations, photos and clear, humorous text make this book the perfect choice for curious kids wanting to know more about animals all around the world.

A D U LT N O N - F I C T I O N




SPITFIRE SUMMER THE STORY OF THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN Welbeck 978-0-23300-615-4 5 March 2020 234 x 153 mm

240pp, PB 26 images 84,000 words £9.99

Described by Dame Vera Lynn as, ‘A unique history for future generations’. Published to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Endorsed by the Imperial War Museums. In the summer 1940 Britain stood alone as Nazi Germany was swiftly tightening its grip on Europe. Hitler’s forces appeared to be invincible, having swept through Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Spitfire Summer is the story of that extraordinary time. It tells of the men and women who won the Battle of Britain in that fateful summer, at home and in the air. Malcolm Brown (1937–2018) was a distinguished historian at the Imperial War Museums.


VICTORY IN EUROPE FROM D-DAY TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE THIRD REICH Welbeck 978-0-23300-614-7 5 March 2020 250 x 216 mm

160pp, HB Images throughout 20,000 words £20.00

Endorsed by the Imperial War Museums. Written by a senior military commander and leading historian. Includes rare and fascinating documents and diagrams, especially researched for this book. Published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day - the last to be commemorated by significant numbers of surviving veterans -is a graphic account of the storming and taking of Hitler’s Festung Europa (‘Fortress Europe’) by the Allies during the final eleven months of the Second World War. Major General Julian Thompson is a leading military historian.




FROM THE MUNICH CRISIS TO THE BATTLE OF KURSK Welbeck 978-0-23300-620-8 5 March 2020 250 x 216 mm

160pp, HB 130 images 40,000 words £20.00

Endorsed by the Imperial War Museums. Published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (May 2020) and Victory in Japan Day (August 2020), this is an outstanding concise history of the Second World War written by one of Britain’s foremost historians. In the first of two volumes, Richard Overy begins by charting the period when the Axis powers reigned supreme and ends as the Allies finally began to stop the enemy advance in its tracks and win significant ground. It ends with the extraordinary dramas of the Battle of the Bulge, D-Day and the race to Berlin still to come.



160pp, HB 130 images 40,000 words £20.00

Endorsed by the Imperial War Museums. The second in a two-part history examines the Allies’ long struggle for victory against Axis powers which had once seemed unbeatable. Starting with the Allied invasion of mainland Europe in the west and ending with the explosion of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the east we are taken page by page through the gripping events which eventually saw the end of six long years of war. Richard Overy, Professor of History, University of Exeter, is a world-renowned historian and an expert on the history of the Second World War.




THE COMPACT GUIDE This superb new series combines a small, convenient format with some of the biggest subjects and authors across history, biography and popular science.

CHARLES DARWIN Welbeck 978-0-23300-618-5 9 January 2020 198 x 129 mm

128pp, B PB 10 images 30,000 words £8.99

Charles Darwin revolutionized our understanding of life on earth and our place within it. His theory of evolution by natural selection, though shocking and controversial at the time, has remained the bedrock of the life sciences for 150 years. The Compact Guide: Charles Darwin reveals the famous scientist’s life. From his expedition aboard the Beagle and his legendary research in the Galapagos Islands, to his marriage and illness and the publication of his groundbreaking works, this book sheds fascinating light on the most remarkable aspects of Darwin’s life. John van Wyhe is an historian of science at the Department of Biological Sciences and a Fellow of Tembusu College, National University of Singapore.

NELSON MANDELA Welbeck 978-0-23300-619-2 9 January 2020 198 x 129 mm

128pp, B PB 10 images 30,000 words £8.99

Published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Mandela’s release from prison. The Compact Guide: Nelson Mandela is the definitive short chronicle of perhaps the most iconic statesman and activist in history. Starting from the very beginning of Mandela’s life in the tribal Thembu clan, read how this unassuming young man became a figure that led the people of South Africa into a new world, away from the apartheid regime and into a multiracial democracy. Packed with narrative colour, this is the essential life of one of the world’s most revered leaders. Christina Scott was an award-winning journalist for radio, television, print and the Internet. She was often persecuted in apartheid South Africa for her activism.


128pp, B PB 204 x 135 mm 25,000 - 60,000 words £7.99




FROM THE BIRTH OF A NATION TO THE PRESENT DAY Welbeck 978-1-78739-407-0 6 February 2020 237 x 185 mm

160pp, HB 150 images 28,000 words £20.00

Sir Martin Gilbert was one of the world’s leading historians, the official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill and an expert on Jewish history. Israel’s tourist industry is growing. In 2018, it received 4.1 million visitors, 20% of which were from the US, 14% from Russia and 10% from France. In 2016, tourism to Israel was up 3.6%, with the main growth from China and Croatia. Images of important historical documents are inlcuded, all of which chronical important moments in the establishment of the State of Israel. Published to coincide with Jewish Book Week 2020. The Story of Israel is an illuminating book that explores the nation’s history. Over seventy years after Israel declared independence on 14 May 1948, the dramatic events before and since this point form an extraordinary period of history. From Theodor Herzl’s efforts to establish a sovereign Jewish nation in Palestine to the 21st-century roadmap for peace and beyond, The Story of Israel brings the period to life as never before. Sir Martin Gilbert’s authoritative text is supplemented by more than 150 photographs and maps, as well as rare documents, including pages from Herzl’s diary, identification papers of an Exodus refugee and David Ben-Gurion’s copy of his Declaration of Independence speech – all of which shed light on fascinating history of the country. This is the ultimate guide to the turbulent history of a proud and powerful nation. Sir Martin Gilbert was one of the world’s most respected historians and a leading expert on Jewish history. He wrote over 20 books on the subject, including The Atlas of the Arab–Israeli Conflict (now in its tenth edition) and a Israel: A History. He was in Israel during the October War of 1973 and came under Syrian shellfire on the Golan Heights. In 1995, he was awarded a knighthood for services to British history and international relations.



INSTANT SERIES The quickest, most enjoyable way to learn about key subjects across the sciences and humanities. Hundreds of vital concepts and discoveries are explained in 20–30 words each, accompanied by informative and engaging infographics. Become an ‘instant expert’ with this outstanding new series.


KEY THINKERS, THEORIES AND INVENTIONS EXPLAINED ON A SINGLE PAGE Welbeck 978-1-78739-323-3 5 March 2020 237 x 185 mm

176pp, PB 200 images 25,000 words £14.99

Instant Engineering pulls together all the pivotal engineering theories and discoveries into one concise volume. Each page contains a discrete ‘cheat sheet’, which tells you the most important facts in bite-sized chunks, meaning you can become an expert in an instant. From Archimedes to Elon Musk, from screws and pulleys to the steam engine, and from the canal boat to the space rocket, every key figure, theory or term is expressed in succinct and lively text and graphics. Joel Levy is a writer and journalist specialising in science, nature and technology.


176pp, PB 200 images 25,000 words £14.99

Also available:

Instant Mathematics pulls together all the pivotal mathematical theories and discoveries into one concise volume. Each page contains a discrete ‘cheat sheet’, which tells you the most important facts in bite-sized chunks, meaning you can become an expert in an instant. From zero to the Riemann hypothesis, from primes to irrational numbers, and from Pythagoras to John Nash and Roger Penrose, every key figure, theory and term is expressed in succinct and lively text and graphics.

INSTANT SCIENCE 978-1-78739-338-7 £14.99

Dr Paul Parsons studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Gail Dixon is an award-winning journalist. INSTANT HISTORY 978-1-78739-329-5 £14.99



MAKER SERIES ‘Maker’ is the word for someone who creates with their hands. The act of making can result in something useful, beautiful, or both – while the process instils a sense of the value of the objects in our environment, and the peaceful satisfaction brought about by crafting something by hand.

Includes 15 step-by-step projects appealing to any aspiring maker or lover of fine craft.



15 STEP-BY-STEP PROJECTS TO TRANSFORM YOUR HOME Welbeck 978-1-78739-251-9 5 March 2020 237 x 185 mm

160pp, HB 150 images 16,000 words £16.99

Self-made, high-quality products made from sustainable or upcycled materials are more in demand than ever (craft is the fastest-growing UK creative industry). Open-access workshops are opening across the world – it’s easier than ever to get hands on with making. Maker. Home features projects ranging from utterly simple to technically advanced, facilitating the creation of practical yet impressive accessories for the modern home. Tobias George is a designer-maker based in Gloucestershire, UK. His design philosophy is to make beautiful, useful objects that last.



15 STEP-BY-STEP PROJECTS FOR OUTDOOR LIVING Welbeck 978-1-78739-269-4 5 March 2020 237 x 185 mm

160pp, HB 150 images 16,000 words £16.99

Getting outside, in the garden or great outdoors, has surged in popularity among millennials – who are embracing wellness and all things nature-related. Retailers in the UK have seen their sales of plants as much as quadrupling over the last three years, proving that the desire to reconnect with nature continues to grow. Maker. Garden features 15 projects that will transform and make the most of your outdoor space – whether that’s a window box or acres of land – and introduce you to new skills, tools and materials. Kerry Allen is a self-taught DIYer whose blog Kezzabeth was shortlisted for the Interior Blog Awards 2018.




OVER 100 OF THE WORLD’S DEADLIEST MURDERERS Welbeck 978-1-78739-369-1 6 February 2020 237 x 185 mm

192pp, HB 120 images 30,000 words £16.99

True crime and crime fiction are more popular than ever: Netflix shows such as Making a Murderer (over 15 million viewers per episode) and podcasts such as My Favorite Murder (19 million monthly downloads) are driving interest in the genre. Serial Killer profiles over 100 of the world’s most deadly serial murderers. Each profile details the means, motive and opportunity of those who kill and kill again, and asks, what, if anything, drives these killers? What was done to obtain justice for their victims, and how did they pay for their crimes? And, most importantly, what can be done to enable the prevention of these appalling crimes in future, and the capture of those who would commit them? Ben Biggs is a journalist and former editor of Real Crime magazine, who has a fascination with the minds of serial killers that could be construed as unhealthy to anyone outside the true crime community.

SORT YOUR SH*T OUT EASY STEPS TO A TIDY HOME, MIND AND LIFE Welbeck 978-1-78739-349-3 9 January 2020

210 x 150 mm 208pp, PB 25,000 words £11.99

Written by an accredited life coach, Sort Your Sh*t Out is your step-by-step guide to eradicating clutter from your life. Harnesses journalling and life-coaching techniques, enabling you to practically, methodically and easily live a clutter-free life, and become less wasteful and more content in the process. Sort Your Sh*t Out is the no-nonsense, practical guide to getting rid of the unnecessary physical and psychological clutter that is holding you back. Part interactive journal and part step-by-step guide, Sort Your Sh*t Out uses journalling and life-coaching techniques to guide you through the liberating process of sorting out your mess.

Also available:

Caroline Jones is a freelance writer specializing in health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle subjects, and is the author of How to Go Plastic Free. She lives in London. GET SH*T DONE 978-1-78739-0-522 £14.99



THE LITTLE BOOK OF DIOR Welbeck 978-1-78739-377-6 5 March 2020 180 x 125 mm

160pp, HB 100 images 15,000 words £12.99

Dior: Designer of Dreams at London’s V&A was the museum’s most-visited exhibition of all time with nearly 500k visitors. It sold out 19 days after opening. 2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior. Little Book of Dior is the beautifully illustrated story of Christian Dior’s early life, the brand’s inception, the triumphs of the couture collections on the catwalk and the red carpet, the brand’s journey after the death of its founder, and the breathtaking designs of the house today. Christian Dior’s spectacular rise to the upper echelons of the Parisian fashion world is one of the most compelling stories of twentieth-century fashion. An art gallerist with a contemporary vision steeped in the traditions of French haute couture, Dior’s debut collection in 1947 invented the New Look silhouette and revolutionized the way women dressed, shopped and saw themselves. An exquisitely curated selection of illustrations accompanied by fashion writer Karen Homer’s authoritative text presents the journey of a brand known today as the last word in opulence, drama and femininity. Karen Homer is an author and fashion journalist who has written for Vogue and The Times. Her books include Things a Woman Should Know About Style and Dressing Marilyn. She lives in London.


Hardback 160pp 12,000 words

180 x 125 mm 120 -150 images


M U S I C & E N T E R TA I N M E N T


THE LIT TLE BOOK OF... SERIES Featuring dozens of quotations into a small, beautifully designed package, The Little Book of... series is perfect for anyone in need of a quick powerful dose of inspiration, amusement or profound wisdom from some of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Welbeck 5 March 2020 137 x 113 mm

192pp, HB 6,000 words £5.99

Each volume contains over 170 amusing and inspiring soundbites, making them the perfect gift for the music lover in your life and a brilliant impulse purchase.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF BEYONCÉ 978-1-78739-375-2

THE LITTLE BOOK OF DAVID BOWIE 978-1-78739-293-9 £5.99

THE LITTLE BOOK OF ELVIS PRESLEY 978-1-78739-294-6 £5.99

THE LITTLE BOOK OF PRINCE 978-1-78739-374-5

THE LITTLE BOOK OF THE BEATLES 978-1-78739-255-7 £5.99



M U S I C & E N T E R TA I N M E N T

K-POP: THE ULTIMATE FAN BOOK YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THE HOTTEST K-POP BANDS Welbeck 978-1-78739-391-2 14 November 2019 280 x 216 mm

64pp, HB 80 images 10,000 words £7.99

This vibrantly illustrated fan book is an all-out celebration of the hottest musical phenomenon of the moment: K-Pop. It features profiles of the genre’s biggest and most popular boyand girl-bands, with insightful info and stunning photos for each. BTS is the first-ever Korean pop group to top the UK album charts. Their album, Map of Soul: Persona hit Number 1 in the UK charts in April 2019. Other artists including BLACKPINK and EXO have also hit the Billboard charts, with more to come. K-Pop: The Ultimate Fan Book is your essential guide to all the bands, songs and styles behind the most diverse and exciting genre in pop music today. 2018 was a breakout year for K-Pop (Korean Pop) on the global stage, with boy-band BTS reaching Number 1 in the UK album chart and selling out live shows around the world including Wembley in June 2019. But there’s so much more to this cultural movement. Featuring all the hottest K-Pop bands, from BTS and Red Velvet to TWICE and EXO, K-Pop: The Ultimate Fan Book is packed with dozens of vibrant photos and a colourful, eyecatching design. Malcolm Croft is a celebrated author and music journalist. He has worked with many of the world’s most important bands, including the Flaming Lips, Coldplay, The Verve and many others. He is the author of over 15 books on popular culture and music, including BTS: The Ultimate Fan Book.

Also available:

BTS: K-POP POWER 978-1-78312-463-3 £7.99

BTS: THE ULTIMATE FAN BOOK 978-1-78739-250-2 £7.99

M U S I C & E N T E R TA I N M E N T


THE WEXELL ESCAPE ROOM PUZZLE KIT Welbeck 978-1-78739-370-7 5 March 2020 210 x 150 mm

112pp, PB + Box 100 images 15,000 words £16.99

This kit contains a 112 page story and instruction book and 51 puzzle cards to create 5 different rooms. Enter the world of the Wexell Escape Room Puzzle Kit, but beware ... once you enter, you only have a limited time to solve the puzzles before time runs out and you are locked in forever! Perfect for playing as a group with friends and family – and written by an experienced escape room creator – the kit contains five rooms for you to unravel. You must help Adam Parkinson, a young investigative journalist, and his conspiracy-theorist friend Henry Fielding as they take on the diabolical Wexell Corporation. As you decipher the puzzles in each room, an escape route will be revealed and a new location uncovered for you to explore. First created in Japan in 2007, physical escape rooms are increasingly popular in major cities around the world. On TripAdvisor, they are the number-one local activity for many cities around the world. Bringing the fun to your home, the kit includes five full rooms to break out of with multiple puzzles in each that can be played again and again. Each room is linked by a narrative story to create a fantastic role-playing experience. The rooms are perfect for a group activity with family and friends. Play either as one of the puzzle-solvers or as the escape-room puzzle master, and watch your friends flounder! James Hamer-Morton is the co-founder of Deadlocked Rooms and author of the successful Escape Room Puzzles. He has created a number of physical escape rooms in the United Kingdom.



THE ULTIMATE FAN BOOK SERIES The Ultimate Fan Book series has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide, and features stars from the worlds of sport, entertainment and beyond. These biographies are filled with fantastic photos and are for fans of all ages.

Welbeck 280 x 216 mm 64pp, HB 80 images 10,000 words £7.99


CRISTIANO RONALDO 978-1-78739-365-3

Author: Iain Spragg

5 March 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Ultimate Fan Book gives a unique insight into the life and career of the five-times FIFA World Footballer of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo. His outstanding skill, devastating pace, fantastic ball control and incredible power shooting with either foot have made him a record-breaking goalscorer and all-time football great. Fully revised and updated to include his 2018-19 Serie A title with Juventus, and filled with facts, stats, enlightening quotes and 80 super photos, this autobiography, written in a lively, buzzing style, covers his life from a boy in Funchal to a legend in Turin.


KYLIAN MBAPPÉ 978-1-78739-402-5

5 March 2020

Kylian Mbappé: The Ultimate Fan Book takes you into the young French superstar’s world like no other book. A look at the records Kylian has broken, equalled or nearly matched, reveals just what a special talent he is. When the FIFA World Cup 2018 ended, he was still five months short of his 20th birthday but he already had a resumé coveted by successful players in their 30s. This book, filled with lively text and great photographs, celebrates his greatest moments and most famous goals, all showing why he is one of world football’s most watchable stars. Author: Iain Spragg

ALSO AVAILABLE: LIONEL MESSI [NEW EDITION - MARCH 2020] 978-1-78739-401-8 £7.99 NEYMAR 978-1-78739-141-3 £7.99 HARRY KANE 978-1-78739-343-1 £7.99 GARETH BALE 978-1-78097-994-6 £7.99 MOHAMED SALAH: 978-1-78739-210-6 £7.99




THE WORLD’S BESTSELLING GRAND PRIX HANDBOOK Welbeck 978-1-78739-373-8 6 February 2020 246 x 189 mm

128pp, PB 90 colour photographs, 22 maps & 90 colour artworks 50,000 words £14.99

It is estimated the global television (and electronic device) audience for the 21 Grands Prix in 2019 will touch 600 million per race. Formula One celebrated a landmark in 2019 with the Chinese GP in Shanghai being the 1,000th in the Drivers World Championship. Author Bruce Jones is one of the world’s most highly respected Formula One journalists and commentators. Formula One motor racing is one of the most spectacular and talked about sports in the world and Formula One 2020 is the essential resource for the season ahead. Formula One fans will be kept fully up to speed with detailed examinations of the 10 teams racing in 2020 (from Mercedes and Red Bull to Ferrari and Toro Rosso), 20 drivers (from title rivals Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to newcomers Alex Albon and George Russell), and 22 tracks (including newcomer Hanoi, the ever-popular Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, the iconic Silverstone and Interlagos in Brazil). It also reviews the 2019 season with race-by-race reports and statistics; highlights changes to the rules and regulations for 2020, and discusses major talking points in Formula One. As well as the drivers’ and constructors’ world championship tables from 2019, there is a fill-in guide for 2020, so each book can become a personalized record of the Formula One season. Complementing Bruce Jones’s insightful text are 90 colour photographs, detailed circuit maps and a statistics section containing the major records in the 70 years of the world’s most thrilling and glamorous motor sport. Bruce Jones, a former editor of Autosport magazine, is one of the most respected commentators and reporters on the motor racing scene around the world. As an author, he has written countless books on Formula 1, including The Illustrated History of Formula One, Ayrton Senna: Portrait of a Racing Legend, The Treasures of Formula One, World Formula One Records and Formula One Circuits from Above.



MENSA Our biggest full-colour Mensa puzzle books yet, each has over Welbeck 350 aesthetically and mentally pleasing challenges presented 237 x 185 mm across a series of tests. Your abilities will be tested through logic, 9 January 2020 maths, visual puzzles and more as the questions progress from easy, to medium, to hard.


TEST YOUR MIND 978-1-78739-318-9

288pp, PB 30,000 words £12.99


TEST YOUR BRAINPOWER 978-1-78739-317-2

MENSA The mightiest collection of puzzles from the big brains behind Mensa yet, each book contains over 500 black-and-white classic puzzles to test and train your brain. Featuring number, spatial, visual, logic and word challenges to entertain puzzlers of all abilities.


MIGHTY BRAIN TEASERS 978-1-78739-386-8

Welbeck 234 x 153 mm 9 January 2020


400pp, HB 30,000 words £12.99

BIG BRAIN WORK OUT 978-1-78739-387-5

B E S T- S E L L I N G M E N S A T I T L E S

MENSA: BRAIN TEASERS 978-1-78097-916-8 £9.99 MENSA: MIND WORKOUT 978-1-78097-918-2 £9.99 MENSA: ASSESS YOUR IQ 978-1-78097-919-9 £7.99 MENSA: LOGIC CHALLENGES 978-1-78097-917-5 £7.99 MENSA: THE ALL-NEW PUZZLE BOOK 978-1-78097-514-6 £7.99 MENSA: LOGIC TESTS 978-1-78097-516-0 £7.99 MENSA: IQ TESTS 978-1-78097-515-3 £7.99 144pp Paperback

237 x 185 mm 8,000+ words

THE MENSA PUZZLE BOOK 978-1-78739-185-7 £12.99 THE MENSA QUIZ BOOK 978-1-78739-021-8 £12.99 THE MENSA NUMBER PUZZLE BOOK 978-1-78739-152-9 £12.99 320pp Paperback

220 x 150 mm 15,000+ words




OVERWORKED & UNDERPUZZLED A puzzle series designed to fit in perfectly with modern lives. Each book is created to suit a range of puzzle fans’ abilities: from simple classics to help busy workers unwind to short but stimulating problems to fit in when you need a midday boost, Overworked & Underpuzzled has a book for every busy brain.

CALMING CROSSWORDS 978-1-78739-382-0

January 2020


COMMUTER PUZZLES 978-1-78739-217-5 £7.99

COFFEE BREAK PUZZLES 978-1-78739-207-6 £7.99

224pp 5,000 words £7.99



January 2020



Also available:


Welbeck 198 x 129 mm B PB

PUZZLES TO UNWIND 978-1-78739-208-3 £7.99

MINDFUL PUZZLES 978-1-78739-218-2 £7.99

February 2020


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